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A rapist’s theory of consent

Posted on April 26, 2018 by

We weren’t going to do anything on yesterday’s disturbing development in the legal wrangle between the Scottish and UK governments over devolved powers and Brexit, because the rest of the media has been covering it at length and we don’t have any particular expertise or insight to offer.

But it was hard to ignore the striking turn of phrase used, not by some sensationalist partisan commentator but by the learned and sober QC Jonathan Mitchell, last seen acting for the petitioners in the Alistair Carmichael lie case.

It doesn’t pull any punches, but as a summary of the relationship London wants to put in place between itself and the devolved nations for years to come (Labour-run Wales has already caved), and which Unionist politicians and the more witless pundits are of course portraying as unreasonable grievance-mongering and failure on the part of the Scottish Government, it’s about as accurate a description as you’re ever going to find.

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    413 to “A rapist’s theory of consent”

    1. jimnarlene says:

      Scotland, is in for another “Rough Wooing”, as Westminster seeks to weaken our status, and drag us out of Europe.

    2. Martin says:

      The wording of this tells us everything we need to know about UK/devolved relations post brexit. The tories are for once being honest- it’s not a “power grab” per se, it’s a demolition of devolution done in a sleekit manner.

    3. Macart says:

      Jeez, that’s spooky. I’d just posted about this on the last thread.

      These two tweets basically.

      Two who knew(?) moments right there.

      Yes Westminster is going to shit all over the devolution settlement and may even win its court case in its own court, in its own back yard. How and ever, it brings the very concept of political union to an end.

      Now people they will go one of two here. They will either bury their Pyrrhic victory so deep in the meeja, you’d require a GPS and a world class spelunking team in order to find it, or they will go loud on the SNP badness of it all and the pure personal humiliation of Scotland’s FM. Not our parliament. Not our politics. Not our rights. Only our FM and her party.

      Neither can be allowed to happen unanswered. Where they go quiet, the YES movement gets loud. Where they go loud with misrepresentation, we get louder with debunking. Interwebby, social meeja, and face to face in the street, the pub, the work, the livingroom.

      They want to quietly tear their union apart in favour of total dominance and assimilation. The first part of that cunning plan I have no problem with, the second needs loudly and peacefully challenged and with as much public awareness/access as we can muster.

    4. Socrates MacSporran says:

      What a wonderful service we get from this Scottish Government, the FM has just “ripped Colonel Yadaftie a new one,” so she can more-easily spout the sort of daft shite she came away with this morning.

    5. Welsh Sion says:

      It’s with a sense of shame and heavy heart that I record the Welsh (Labour-run) Government “caved in” on this issue. (It actually isn’t ‘true’ a Labour Government in that it has an Independent and the sole Lib-Dem in its Cabinet … no real consolation there, though).

      Leave aside for one moment that the majority of those living in Wales (Anglos, Cymry, whatever) voted for Brexit, and that this too, is a source of shame to me personally.

      What is all the more galling is that WG had a winning hand and they blew it. It can even be said that theirs was a stronger hand than the one held by SG, Nicola Sturgeon, Mike Russell et al.

      This is because, as witness the clipping above, that under the Scottish constitutional settlement (Scotland Act 1998), the relationship between the UK and the EU is specifically a matter (reserved) for Westminster. Not so Wales -that is until the Wales Act 2017 came into force earlier this year.

      Consequently, any hearings before the Supreme Court as anticipated, would have been heard under the Scotland Act 1998 and the Government of Wales Act 1998, with the latter NOT making use of the “reserved powers” model that Scotland has had since devolution started but only became valid in Wales much later.

      The craven cowardice, betrayal and the blowing of a possible winning hand by WG, the washing his hands of the matter by Carwyn, and stabbing in the back of SG when a joint approach in averting a cataclysmic Brexit and one which impoverish both our peoples and lead to further isolationism, disaster and racism is a matter of deep shame, hurt and humiliation.

      If any good people of Scotland would allow me the opportunity of acquiring Scottish and European citizenship, I would be among the first in the queue and be eternally grateful.

    6. Truth says:

      It looks like they’re trying to goad us into UDI.

      They’ll then have the implicit backing of the international community when they start locking up our politicians, in much the same way Catalonia has suffered due to international passiveness.

    7. Effijy says:

      Absolutely sickened by the thought of Westminster Corruption claiming to be all powerful over all valuable assets belonging to the sovereign nation of Scotland.

      Westminster’s BBC Scotland the Colony are really gearing up to their propaganda best on TV and Radio, and of course the Right Wing Newspaper Journalists the they pay for with our License fees.

      Mike Russell stated last night on a late night STV propaganda
      show unequivocally stated that he was totally against Westminster’s power grab and he could never accept anything that is against the best interests of the Scottish People.

      They then go over to some Scottish Tory Spiv who getrs away with saying the He Read Mike Russell’s Body Language, and he can see clearly that Mike thinks he should agree to the power grab.

      FFS! What mindless moron would say such a thing, what TV Channel broadcaster would accept such a comment?
      Do we really have a large number of complete fools watching and believing this crap?

      BBC also state that Scottish Government is breaking Westminster Rules?
      No All matters that are not reserved are to be returned to US.

      UK Government has a perfect track of lying, cheating and disrespecting Scotland at every opportunity.

    8. Effijy says:

      Are there people still living in Wales or do sheep get the vote down there?

      Labour Parliament down there has made a complete and utter mess of their NHS Wales, they get a very good share of EU Grants, and their unemployment rates are terrible, and yet they vote for the same people to make the same incompetent decisions and for all EU
      Grants to end.

      No wonder they were put down coal mines for centuries.

    9. call me dave says:

      Jings! Ruthie was bad enough at FMQs but Leonard has borrowed Lamont’s shroud waving tactics.

      He just paraded some unfortunate person into Holyrood about the Scottish ambulance service to contrive his call for the resignation of the SNHS Minister.

      The SNHS can never do enough or be perfect enough for some while in the bad SNP’s stewardship… FGS! 🙁

    10. Macart says:

      @Welsh Sion

      No need for apologies. We’ve walked a mile in those shoes ourselves and decades of media propaganda do take their toll on a population.

      Also? I’d reckon you’d be made more than welcome. 🙂

    11. Street Andrew says:

      Farewell little red dragon of Wales; Henceforth to appear on the flag as a two-tone dragon. Labour party pink on top with a yellow underbelly.

    12. Robert Peffers says:

      I’ve been saying for quite some time that those, claiming to be, independence supporters, who were getting all SNP BAAAAD! at Nicola and the SNP for not jumping in and taking the very risky chance of ending up with a lost, early called, YES referendum were wrong.

      My view was that Nicola and the SNP were far better placed than anyone else to know what is going on and these over eager people were wrong. It seemed to me Nicola was only allowing the English/British nationalists/patriots enough rope to hang themselves with.

      Looks very much to me like the unified Westminster Unionists have now placed the hangman’s noose around their own collective necks, ably assisted by the MSM & SMSM and in particular the state owned and funded state broadcasters of the BBC.

      All it needs now is for someone to step forward and volunteer to pull the lever of the gallows scaffold trapdoor – but who will be the proud unionist to finally pull that fatal lever?

    13. Welsh Sion says:

      Macart @ 12:31

      We’ve walked a mile in those shoes ourselves …


      … and *I* would walk 500 more … in order to be a proper Scot!

    14. Valerie says:

      @Welsh Sion

      Much sympathy. Been tweeting much of the comments on Twitter, Leanne Wood summed it up well.

      Don’t know about others, but I feel sick at the thought of what is happening. Yes, I know SNP will fight, but this Tory monster of a gov’t, seem impervious to anything.

      On the hook for Grenfell, Windrush, illegal bombing, arms supply, and they slither out of everything, without a dent.

    15. I would like to say that I was stunned to learn about the turn of events in Wales.

      But I can’t, because it was on a matter of time before Labour in Wales u-turned and allowed the Tories to repatriate Welsh devolution powers back to Westminster.

      Has there been any explanation yet as to why Carwyn Jones resigned?

    16. geeo says:

      I had partaken of a few drams of an 8 year old, heavily peated Sherry casked Glenturret last night, when i posted this very article content, i kinda expected to wake up today to ridicule that i had read the text wrong and was a bit daft.

      Toodlooothenoo saying “a deal looks more difficult”

      Emm…no. A deal is now IMPOSSIBLE after this document.

    17. Luigi says:

      Robert Peffers says:

      26 April, 2018 at 12:43 pm

      All it needs now is for someone to step forward and volunteer to pull the lever of the gallows scaffold trapdoor – but who will be the proud unionist to finally pull that fatal lever?

      The Supreme Court?

    18. cirsium says:

      Definitely we are now at the point of “see the front of battle lour”.

    19. TheWasp says:

      Call me Dave @ 12.27

      The ambulance station is no more than a mile from the unfortunate woman’s house, so obviously the crews were tied up elsewhere.

    20. Legerwood says:

      Peter McCulloch @ 12.48 pm

      Carwyn Jones resignation was announced last weekend.Lots of coverage. His handling, or mishandling, of a colleague’s suicide seems to have been a factor.

      NB Independent won’t archive

    21. louis.b.argyll says:

      The Tory scum has now formed a thick skin on the surface of the truth.

    22. geeo says:


      Archived for you.

    23. Smallaxe says:


      Carwyn Jones: Wales first minister to resign in autumn after ‘darkest of times’;

    24. Robert Peffers says:

      @Welsh Sion says: 26 April, 2018 at 12:46 pm:

      “… and *I* would walk 500 more … in order to be a proper Scot!”

      Och! Welsh Sion, that’s not hard to do. All you need to do is move to Scotland, register to vote in Scottish elections and you will become, “One of the people’s of Scotland”. We Scots, like the real Welsh, are a very welcoming people.

    25. Smallaxe says:


      🙂 🙂

    26. Habib Steele says:

      The Labour Party in Wales is in reality the English Labour Party in Wales. Their first loyalty is to the English Labour Party and England’s wealthy plutocrats, not to Wales. So also with the English Labour Party’s branch accounting office in Scotland. Their first loyalty is to the English Labour Party and England’s wealthy plutocrats, not to the Scottish people.

    27. Sinky says:

      Will Jonathan Miller’s comments see the light of day in MSM / BBC?

      BBC Scotland TV news leading with Ruth Davidson’s claims that SNP should act in the national interest, rather than detailing the implications of Westminster’s power grab.

    28. call me dave says:


      Thanks for that. These things do happen but not very often.

      The Scottish Unionists in Holyrood aided and abetted by the MSM shall try and pick out another SG person to try and oust soon enough. 🙂

    29. louis.b.argyll says:

      In Wales.. Labour are clearly Tories in red clothing.

      The people are now the sheep.

      Their representatives freely lining up behind perpetually-Tory England’s view, of what is good, bad, right or wrong.

    30. Dr Jim says:

      They told us they could do Brexit in two years no problem remember so why 7 years?,Well, Stormont shut, Wales capitulated, Scotland next,
      Branch office Labour will fold because they hope to bring about the end of the SNP and sod Scotland

      As soon as the referendum is called they’ll all squeal it was a SNP plot all along for a grievance but no matter what the circumstances were they’d do that anyway

      Everybody knows the Tories are scum and what they’re up to but what’s worse is Labour who really don’t want to do this but in order for them to get power they will and that kinda makes them low enough to slither under the Tories bellies and that’s practically underground sewer level

      Eh, and how can the SNP return powers to Brussells when we’ll not be in the EU
      Hasn’t it occurred to the dummies that an Independent Scotland with all it’s powers actually can negotiate the real best possible deal for Scotland with whoever we want

      Are NO voters that stupid they can’t see that

    31. jfngw says:

      Now I see why Davidson agrees with it. Rape clause Ruth is consistent.

    32. manandboy says:

      It does look as if the Tory Party, representing the Establishment, have decided to ‘come out’ as Fascist for all the world to see.
      They have already demonstrated repeatedly their contempt for democracy, but since the neutering of Her Majesty’s opposition, this generation of Tories have added contempt for the Law, treating Parliament as an irritating inconvenience, and by giving scant regard to The Devolution Bill, The Scotland Act and The Sewell Convention. Not forgetting The Act of Union itself.

      As this Fascism grows in confidence, we can expect to witness further, the rapid corrosion of the Institutions of Civilisation here in the UK, as the price of ever greater power and wealth for The British Establishment.
      At the same time, the Leave Europe and the Crush Scotland projects continue with little serious opposition in England.

      Who would be a No Voter now?

    33. Marie Clark says:

      Welsh Sion, aye you have my sympathy. It’s a helluva feeling when you get let down like that. No apologies needed.

      Welcome to Scotland anytime you like.

    34. Archbishop of Dork says:

      Corbyn ally Ian Lavery MP tweets that next week people “across the UK” have the chance to vote against the Tories. The Labour left, just like the Labour right and the Tories down south, regard England and the UK as the same thing.

      Anyway, the Labour Party have a nerve asking for people to vote for them against the Tories right after they gave a free gift of Welsh powers to May.

    35. Vestas says:

      I look forward to Wishart et al saying this is why we should wait. And wait.

      Things can only get bet…. oh wait. See its so easy to do 😉

      Tempus fugit peeps & summer is short…

    36. Nigel says:

      Sadly, the writing for all of this has been on the wall for some time. May did say that she was not happy at the past process of ‘devolve and forget’ or words to that effect. That was a warning of what was to come for the devolved parliaments/assemblies. The plan is apparently to equalise all services in and across the UK – agriculture, fishing, health, education etc and make those public areas currently under ScotGov control available for privatisation – the NHS, water etc and to ride roughshod over Scottish planning re: nuclear power and GM crops. Goodbye free prescriptions, fee-less uni education, baby boxes and a host of other good things brought about through the swing to more social democratic policies.

      As an aside, I don’t think UDI is the answer…but at this time I am not sure what is…

    37. Archbishop of Dork says:

      It isn’t 7 years that the Tories want those powers for. It’s for keeps. There would be further demands for powers too.

    38. Artyhetty says:

      No way should Scotland hand over the keys to the house. The Britnats had the keys before and kept Scotland poor and begging.

      We keep the keys, or be totally destroyed, simple choice really.

    39. geeo says:

      Sent to Daily Record editor.

      Unbelievable stuff from WM.

      This is an excerpt from the last minute amendment of the EU Withdrawal Bill, last night, in relation to the power grab row.

      (3) A Minister of the Crown must not lay for approval before each
      House of the Parliament of the United Kingdom a draft of a
      statutory instrument containing regulations under this section

      (a) the Scottish Parliament has made a consent decision in
      relation to the laying of the draft, or

      (b) the 40 day period has ended without the Parliament having
      made such a decision.

      (4) For the purposes of subsection (3) a consent decision is—

      (a) a decision to agree a motion consenting to the laying of the

      (b) a decision NOT TO AGREE a motion consenting to the laying of
      the draft, or

      (c) a decision to agree a motion REFUSING TO CONSENT to the laying
      of the draft;

      (MY CAPS).

      There you have it,

      Refusal of Holyrood Legislative Consent CAN and WILL (according to this latest tory amendment) be treated as if consent is given by Holyrood. !!

      Put simpy, imagine if a woman shouted NO at a guy about to Rape her, and the word NO was legally accepted as permission for the guy to rape her.

      That is exactly what this amendment does.

      A Constitutional crisis is assured now, but will the Daily Record stand up for Scotland and condemn this disgraceful affront to democracy ?

      Or will it simply give its usual tacit approval to Scotland being shafted by WM Tories yet again ?

      Independence is the ONLY answer to this insanity, even the Daily Record must admit this now.

      Lets see if they respond.

      That is also being sent to EVERY ONE of our 129 MSP’s when i get back in later.

    40. geeo says:

      Obviously “daily record will be changed to “will YOU”..

    41. jfngw says:

      Looks like the BBC angle is people don’t really care about this devolution stuff as long as we feed them their bread and circuses then they are happy. Is this their new mission statement, remember when that was all the rage, ‘A mission to not explain’.

      Davidson can’t see anything to object about in the rape clause analogy, why would she.

    42. galamcennalath says:

      That highly charged emotive phrase “a r8pist’s theory of consent” needs to be widely used and become the de facto label for what Westminster is planning to do with the devolution settlement.

      Some of the legal and constitutional arguments and language are too ‘dry’ to be taken on board by the general population. However stating that WM plan to define “consent” from Scotland’s democratic legislature in this very easy to comprehend language seems spot on.

      EVERYBODY understands exactly what this means!

    43. Auld Rock says:

      The famous ‘War Cry’ of the larger of the ‘Chuckle Brothers’ applies here, “NO SURRENDER.” When, oh when are we going to realise that we’ll never get anything from Westminster and it’s now time to use our majority in Westminster and DECLARE that their ‘PRECIOUS UNION’ is OVER telling them that the Scottish Government is now and forever more in Holyrood then walk out. At the same time a note should be delivered to the Sec. General of the UN.

    44. Breeks says:

      HMG’s proposed amendment to the Scotland Act today could be called a rapist’s theory of consent: (a) Yes is consent; (b) Silence is consent; (c) No is consent…

      One God almighty boot in the bollocks it is then…

    45. One_Scot says:

      It really does beg the question, how bad do things have to get before #ScotRef is called. 🙁

    46. galamcennalath says:

      Has anyone actually told Ruth Davidson that Scottish morning roll with a slice of lorne, a tattie scone, and a fried egg is not actually what the widely used term Brexit refers to?

    47. Az says:

      Slightly OT –

      Did I imagine it, or did GMS run the story about SiU this morning at shortly after 6am, only to pull it very awkwardly, as heard in the floundering presenter’s delivery later… Then ending up padding with any old crap such as a reheated running of the Alderhey baby story. It would be most unfortunate if some were to rip the contents from iPlayer and prove this happened – a story run once and once only. Definite interference.

    48. Capella says:

      Westminster will furiously try to present the FM as “Sturgeon is alone”.

      But Sturgeon is not alone. The Scottish FM is representing all of us in Scotland who voted for devolution in 1997, plus the younger generation who are very much in favour of independence. That’s a very large constituency. (75% voted YES in 1997),_1997

      It’s take it or leave it, according to Westminster. Let’s leave it.

    49. galamcennalath says:

      One_Scot says:

      how bad do things have to get before #ScotRef is called

      I wonder too. But a lot of things seem to be building up to a big crisis over the fundamentals of the devolution settlement. I would have thought that actually represented a bigger change of circumstances than Brexit. Scots are pro EU, but even more pro devolution.

      If the Tories threaten the 1998 settlement while trying to force through Brexit against our wishes, that seems to be the ‘perfect storm’. The clear and present danger of far right English Tories pursuing that agenda has to be a ‘winner’ for Indy.

      I’ve always felt Indy would happen when Scots reacted to some unexpected imposition. Brexit never quite seemed sufficient to raise enough heckles. A blatant un-democratic attempt to undermine devolution and our parliament, might be the match on the touch paper.

    50. @Welsh Sion,

      it`s a bad enough feeling when foreign powers abuse,denigrate and misgovern your country,

      but when your own countrymen/women (without coercion) do it on behalf of a foreign power it is almost physically sickening,

      hopefully this disgusting sell out to a foreign power by
      Welsh Labour MP`s will open some eyes in Wales to the complete disregard Welsh Labour show to their own country.

      even if you are the last man/woman standing you must never give in to foreign domination,

      keep up the good fight for Welsh Independence.

    51. dakk says:

      ‘A rapists theory of consent’


      But we all know the Scottish unionist whores are gagging for it big time.

      Aidsed up or not.

    52. Archbishop of Dork says:

      Tory MP Andrew Bowie tweets to approve of the Welsh Government’s action and says “the SNP should stop playing politics”.

      So defending the devolution settlement is “playing politics”. Which means Bowie doesn’t want us the public involved in politics. We should just have authoritarian right wing government whereby the sort of people Bowie approves of should rule unchallenged.

    53. Ken500 says:

      Wales voted for it. Scotland did not.

      Seven years. The Tories will not last seven months. Do not budge an inch. Get all the powers back. They can be regulated parallel to the EU regulations. Scotland receives much more support from EU regulation than from Westminster. EU 10% of regulation. Westminster 90% of damaging control.

    54. Capella says:

      OT – Facebook seems to be blocking Craig Murray’s site. But it is sneakily pretending to be working as normal. Insidious.

    55. gordoz says:

      We already knew you were clever & insightful finding this stuff … But see if you were a nice guy & all, you’d be a saint or something ?
      Jeez … If not for you we’d be no where !

    56. Welsh Sion says:

      Scot Finlayson @ 2.57 pm.

      even if you are the last man/woman standing you must never give in to foreign domination.


      ” … for, as long as but a hundred of us remain alive and posting on Wings, never will we on any conditions be brought under Westminster rule.

      It is in truth not for glory, nor riches, nor honours that we are fighting, but for freedom – for that alone, which no honest man or woman gives up but with life itself.”

      With acknowledgements
      (c) Welsh Sion
      26 April 2017

      All Rights Reserved.

    57. Welsh Sion says:

      Plaid Cymru to Party Members.

      Dear Member,

      This week the news broke that the Labour Welsh Government had struck a deal with the Tories in Westminster over the EU Withdrawal Bill. This means that Westminster will be able to legislate in devolved areas for the first time since the inception of devolution in 1999.

      Our Leader was outraged and accused Labour of “selling Wales down the river”. You can watch a video of Leanne Wood’s passionate speech on the subject in the Assembly yesterday by clicking here. The video has already been shared by hundreds and watched by tens of thousands – help us to get our message out even further by sharing it yourself.

      Plaid Cymru will fight tooth and nail against this disgraceful backroom deal and you can expect developments in this regard in the near future.

      We also held two Assembly debates yesterday. The first was about the decision to rename the Severn Bridge after Prince Charles without consulting the people of Wales. Click here to watch Adam Price’s speech and here for Dai Lloyd’s. If you haven’t already done so click here to sign the petition against the decision. Our second debate was an attempt to get Labour to reinstate the School Uniform Grant, but they refused to do so. You can learn about the background to this issue by clicking here and the debate can be watched in full on

      Attacks on Wales and the Welsh language by clueless members of the British establishment continue. It would be worth your while taking a few minutes to watch our Westminster Leader Liz Saville Roberts taking James Delingpole from the Spectator to task on BBC Daily Politics after he compared the Welsh language to a “hobby” such as Morris dancing. Liz showed that Plaid Cymru is always prepared to represent the views of our members and the interests of the people of Wales.

      You may be one of many thousands of people who have been enjoying articles on recently. This website is an increasingly popular source of information and opinion articles, written from a nationalist perspective. They’ve just announced plans to expand. Click here for information about how you can help them.

      Thank you for your continued support.

    58. Jack Murphy says:

      Off Topic. TODAY. One for Ruth Davidson to think about.

      “Donald Trump has been urged by UK-based supporters to stay away from London and instead focus on his “ancestral home” of Scotland during his trip to Britain.

      In a letter to the US president, six conservative groups say the move would allow Mr Trump to avoid “major protests, crime and disorder”.

      And they suggest he meets the Queen at Balmoral to avoid “potential embarrassment” in London……..”

      “……The letter to Mr Trump was signed by the heads of conservative think tanks the Bow Group, Bruges Group, Parliament Street and the Freedom Association, as well as the chairman of Republicans Overseas Scotland a contributor to ThinkScotland……..”

      BBC Archived:

    59. Derick fae Yell says:

      Robert Peffers 12:43 pm

      “I’ve been saying for quite some time that those, claiming to be, independence supporters, who were getting all SNP BAAAAD! at Nicola and the SNP for not jumping in and taking the very risky chance of ending up with a lost, early called, YES referendum were wrong.”

      Spot on.

    60. Greannach says:

      That Jonathan Mitchell looks like an evil cybernat splitter to me, brainwashed by Nicola Sturgeon in an NHS hospital. Robison must resign!

    61. jfngw says:

      Can someone decipher what ‘do what is in the national interest’ means when the request is to remove the power of your parliament. To me that seems to decode as ‘do what is in England’s interest, not Scotland’s’.

    62. @Legerwood
      26 April, 2018 at 1:04 pm

      Thanks I hadn’t had time to catch up with
      what was happening in Wales.
      And only found out about Carwyn Jones resignation yesterday

    63. TD says:

      My partner voted no in the independence referendum. The mood in our house at that time was tense, to say the least. To my astonishment, this morning she declared “Nicola should just get on with it”. When I enquired what Nicola should get on with, she answered “Another referendum.” Not wanting to push the point too hard, but eager to know I asked how she would vote. “I would vote yes” she declared. Desperately trying to contain my delight, I asked what had brought this change of heart about. “Brexit, Windrush and the contempt that Scotland is held in by Westminster”. “Not to mention the sheer incompetence and nastiness of the people ruling over us. We have to get out”. “This business over devolution and Brexit, the way they are changing the rules to suit their agenda – well that’s the last straw.”

      I agreed of course, but decided to leave well alone at this point, not wanting to rub her nose in her past pronouncements. People like my partner are VIPs. They are key to us achieving our aim and I hope there are a lot like her. We need to appeal to them and make sure we do nothing to alienate them from the Yes movement.

    64. K1 says:

      What will it take for that soulless bastard Rudd to resign?


      Keep spreading the news for 5th May Indy march. We need boots on the ground and ‘Hands off our Devolution’ , ‘We’re with Nicola’ ‘We’ve got Nicola’s Back’ etc etc posters. We need them telt! So angry about all of this.

    65. Dr Jim says:

      One word *FRACKING* and if you happen to live right along the middle of central Scotland it’s coming to a house near you, or yours, did the NO to Independence Brexit voters really think they voted for that when they went in a huff with the EU or their we don’t like the SNP garbage

      Well control of environmental issues means the repealing of any laws and powers under that control, ya think they won’t do it *Normally* or *Reasonably*

      Remember when we say NO it means YES, If we say nothing it means YES, that’s what the UK amendements say, they say NO say Scotland

      Carwyn Jones will get his nice red ermine santa suit for this, what will Scotland get? well we’ll get fire coming oot oor taps , eh that includes NO voters , fracking doesn’t discriminate

      And that’s just for starters

    66. yesindyref2 says:

      To sum up for Jonathan Mitchell, the clause is the equivalent of a big sign over Holyrood saying:

      “F*ck me”

      whether we agree or not.

    67. Luigi says:


      26 April, 2018 at 4:05 pm

      Great post, TD. Very encouraging. Thanks for posting.

      IMO many of the 2014 soft NO’s are approaching their personal tipping points now. After all, there is only so much they can take and it’s becoming painfully obvious (to all except the hard core yoons adopting their usual “three-monkey” approach) that we are being royally screwed. 🙂

      Many soft NO’s have probably flipped already, but they are just not letting on. 🙂

    68. Andy-B says:

      Well done Nicola Sturgeon for standing up for Scotland against the Tories. Wales caved in but you’re not alone we’re right behind you.

      The Tory branch office at Holyrood should be ashamed of themselves, acting against the interests of the people of Scotland.

    69. Andy-B says:

      Ruth Davidson is 13 weeks pregnant, according to Sky news.

    70. gus1940 says:

      Oh No!!!!!!!

      According to Sky News our not so little Lt. Col. has been partaking of the turkey baster and Sky are ecstatic.

      Given her current size I hate to think what shape she will be in afew months.

      Now being interviewed.

    71. Dr Jim says:

      Christ it’s the immaculate contrivence

    72. heedtracker says:

      How the Graun covers the greatest Scottish constitutional crisis since 1997. Severin Carrel is very very SNP Out as per but it is odd to think this crew of tory britnats sell themselves as NOT another crew of right wing attack propagandists.

      Tory britnat media stench gets higher by the day,

    73. Dr Jim says:

      The First Ministers twitter has been scuppered

    74. Archbishop of Dork says:

      Prominent ScotLab people tweeting about anything and everything except the attempted Tory power grab.

      Leonard, Baillie, Findlay, Dugdale, Lamont, Hothersall, Sarwar, Kelly. Nothing. Nothing at all. It isn’t happening according to them.

      Nothing from Corbyn about it. Labour will capitulate in Scotland as they did in Wales.

      So if the Tory Party wants to finish the Scottish Parliament and Labour goes along with their plans after the merest token of opposition then we take a stand now on independence.

      These Labour no marks would not only prefer Tory government to independence. They prefer fascist leaning Tory government to independence and democracy for Scotland.

    75. Geoff Huijer says:

      Very appropriate use of the word ‘rigmarole’ which is derived from the ‘Ragman’s Roll’ where Scots were under threat to agree to Edward I’s demands.

      Looks like some things never change.

    76. heraldnomore says:

      Enjoy the Baby Box, Ruthie

    77. Dan Huil says:

      It’ll give Colonel Blimp another convenient excuse to disappear.

    78. Dan Huil says:

      Trump to visit the so-called united kingdom on 13th July. Get yer golfballs at the ready.

    79. gus1940 says:

      Given Scotland’s Right To Roam Law if Trump heads for Balmoral can I suggest a mass lawful invasion of the Balmoral Estate.

      It would attract plenty publicity and just what can our WM masters do – shoot the lawful invaders? I think not.

    80. yesindyref2 says:

      @Welsh Sion
      It’s the economy, so dependent on England, but that perhaps is primarily the roads and rail. A decent unionist from Bangor who posted in the Grun in 2012 said to get to a hospital appointment in Cardiff he’d to get to the M56, through England to the M6, M5 and then on to the M4 to get back into Wales because of the lack of decent roads or rail down the length of Wales. The very reason for the M4 and the Severn Bridge was to take resources including human ones out of Wales.

      Wales has been stripped of assets over centuries, gold, silver, copper, lead, tin, coal even while keeping the populace apart from each other as much as possible, valleys becoming lakes for Liverpool’s water supplies in modern times. I used to go down a couple of times a year for business into Snowdonia, and you could see the streams of traffic going out of North Wales into Liverpool and Manchester, and back at night. I daresay it’s the same for Cardiff and south wales.

      The UK Government has certainly done this deliberately for decades, centuries, while the Welsh Parliament since 1999 hasn’t had enough capital funds to do anything realistically about it, and a Unionist Labour government to boot – the boot being Westminster’s. Which is why support for Indy in Wales is so low.

      But to improve the economy Wales needs Indy and control over all its resources and budgets, but to get Indy needs a reasonable economy. Basically speaking Wales is screwed. I’m sure you know all this already.

      In Scotland we had oil which meant some investment at least in Scotland to ward off Independence in the 70s, and with the higher population and capital DEL, the transport infrastrucutre, while not as good as the London surrounds designed to screw resources out of Leeds (first Mway M1), Birmingham, Manchester and so on, even the west country, is better, and has been something to build on, particularly by the SNP – probably a reason so many NO voters voted for the SNP back in 2011 and even 2007. They were impressed by the preformance of a government that cared about Scotland, not scrabbling for Westminster bums on benches and wigs.

      Fuck ’em. I’ll need to go away and calm down.

    81. geeo says:

      Apparently, Davidson said NO to becoming pregnant, but NO means Yes tough shit.

    82. louis.b.argyll says:

      What’s the deal? Who’s the father?

    83. Robert Louis says:

      Amber Rudd needs to go. She is a disgrace.

      meanwhile in Scotland, very glad to see the FM in fighting mood today – we need more of it. In addition, we also need the many, many SNP MP’s and MSP’s also playing their part.

      This is the REAL fight just starting. Won’t be long now.

      Let’s ,make the independence march in Glasgow on the 5th May, the biggest ever.

    84. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      On the CNN news prog “State of America”, Kate Bolduan loves from time to time to play a series of video quotes of Trump saying something while campaigning, all of them in flat contradiction of whatever he’s just about to do next. It’s very effective.

      Oh, if Reporting Scotland were only to have that degree of journalistic integrity. Just picture them showing a series of BritNat talking heads (El Gordo, May, etc., etc) all happily assuring we Scots that we are equals, to “lead not leave”, then follow it with the simple announcement of the new UKGov “consent” wheeze, that under new UK legislation, it’s “heads UKGov wins, tails SG loses”…

      … no, I can’t imagine it happening either.

      To paraphrase a wise old saying, all that is necessary for evil to prosper is for all good journalists to say nothing.

      That’s the current BBC in a nutshell.

    85. Robert Louis says:

      Once powers are removed from Wales, they will NEVER be returned. The objective in all of this, is to bring devolution to heel, permanently. London hates how Scotland makes its own policies, and wants to make the Scottish parliament merely a division of Westminster, with Westminster saying what can and cannot be done.

      Never, ever forget, the Tories campaigned long and hard to prevent the Scottish parliament even happening. Unfortunately for them, the people voted for it by a massive margin.

    86. Legerwood says:

      Smallaxe says:
      26 April, 2018 at 5:03 pm
      Ruth Davidson pregnant

      Well that will put an end to any further discussion in MSM of the attack on devolution by Westminster. Then there is the Royal wedding.

      PS thanks to you and geeo for archiving my link to the Independent

    87. yesindyref2 says:

      I guess for Wales PC needs to take over devolution, similar in a way to the way the SNP is standing up for Devolution. I think PC is trying to do this – get a government in Cardiff that really cares about Wales, with some token presence at Westminster. Put real pressure on Labour to stand up for Wales and Devolution.

      Meanwhile it’s a difficult time for Scottish Labour with the apparent Welsh acceptance, and them being quiet about the whole thing apart from Findlay is good news. It’s far better for Scotland if Scottish Labour quietly continue to support the Conitnuity Bill, and if they do they need to be given credit for that. LibDems also seem to be quiet and contemplative.

    88. Proud Cybernat says:

      Is you husband/wife, uncle/aunt, son/daughter, niece/nephew of a Labour or LibDem MSP?

      Do you think WM making up rules to suit itself and ride roughshod over the rights and aspirations of Scotland is right? Do you believe we should all live by consent?

      If you do then please, have a word in the ear of your MSP relative. It’s time to take a stand and time to be on the right side of history.


    89. Robin says:

      I hope Trump decides to go to London when he visits the UK.

      His visits, wherever they are, are beamed across the world. And I would rather see massed protests on the streets of London than from the Highlands of Scotland.

      Trump is London’s problem, let them deal with him.

      I don’t think it would do the image of Scotland any good at all if images of people from all over the UK bursting through police cordons in Scotland.

      I don’t know if I am alone in my thinking, but I bet the FM will be hoping he heads for London as well.

      Just my personal opinion. And no one was harmed in the making of this post.

    90. Breeks says:

      Never mind the Baby Box.

      I don’t like Ruth Davidson, but setting that to one side, the very best present I can think to give her child, (and kinda fitting for Ruthie too), is their Constitutionally Sovereign birthright in an Independent Scotland. What kind of parent would actually want to deny them that?

    91. yesindyref2 says:

      @Proud Cybernat
      Indeed, now is the time for polite firm pressure on local MSPs (and MPs).

    92. Sinky says:

      Legerwood says: 26 April, 2018 at 5:27 pm

      Call me cynical but Ruth Davidson’s announcement was deliberately timed this afternoon to deflect from her pathetic performance at FMQs.

    93. Valerie says:

      @ Robin

      I agree, why would he be welcomed here? We shouldn’t be inconvenienced either.

      I think May will have to go some to equal Macron’s arse licking performance in USA. Sure, he was just playing up to a simpleton, who preened in it, but he debased himself with his fawning.

      Trump stands for a lot of what is wrong in people.

      I was gratified to see a vid of Trump and his wife, standing to attention, waiting for something, and Melania kept batting away his hand. She tries to have her little displays of dignity.

    94. manandboy says:

      Ruth the Mooth is suddenly one of the world’s most influential women in a US poll. Funny how she didn’t even make it into the top 100 in a recent UK poll which was topped by Nicola.
      Fake news – it’s even bigger in America.

    95. Dan Huil says:

      As has been said already more and more people in Scotland are now going to have to nail their colours to the political mast over Westminster’s attempts at power-grabbing in particular, and Scotland’s future relations with Westminster in general.

      There’s no escaping the issues; but there is escaping from this so-called united kingdom.

    96. Robin says:

      There are six “Influential” Conservative groups urging Trump to head for Scotland instead of London.

      Their reason for this was the thought of protesters fighting in the Streets of London would do the image of the City no good at all.

      So they suggested he goes to Scotland instead.( and fight with the police in Scotland)

      That way we get all the bad publicity while London gets off Scot Free.

      A bit like the way they dump their Nuclear Weapons on us.

    97. geeo says:

      Davidson on getting married..”i might wait until i lose the baby weight for that”

      Really ??

      Has she been pregnant for 5 years like ??

    98. gus1940 says:

      The alleged ‘dandruff’ on Macron’s collar was probably powdered lacquer from Trump’s ludicrous hair agter his horrible embrace.

    99. Valerie says:

      Princess Ruth getting top billing for getting pregnant, not her shit performance at FMQs.

      What a bloody circus.

    100. geeo says:

      Herald headline tomorrow.

      “Nicola Sturgeon mean to pregnant buffalo jockey at FMQ’s”

    101. Robert Peffers says:

      @Nigel says: 26 April, 2018 at 1:48 pm:

      “I don’t think UDI is the answer…but at this time I am not sure what is…”

      Why would there need to be a UDI, Nigel?

      You do know that what the United Kingdom is don’t you?

      In case it had escaped your notice the United Kingdom is a united kingdom and not only that but there are only two signatory kingdoms with their representatives signatures on the treaty called the Treaty of Union that gave birth to, “United Kingdom”.

      What is more on the last day of April 1707 both of those kingdoms were equally sovereign kingdoms and there is nothing in The Treaty of Union that changes the status of either of the thus, “Equally Sovereign”, partner kingdoms that form the United Kingdom. Now, just in case you do not believe the above allow me to explain that the Monarch of the Kingdom of England issued a declaration known as, “The Statute of Rhuddlan”, in 1284 that annexed the Principality of Wales to the Kingdom of England.

      This due to both of them being under the then Rule of Law of, “The Divine Right of Kings”. It was thus legal as the King of England had defeated the Prince of Wales in war. Then, in 1542, the Lord of Ireland, (appointed as such by the leader of all Christendom, (The Pope)), had the Parliament of Ireland pass, “The Crown of Ireland Act”, that annexed all Ireland as part of the Kingdom of England.

      You will note that both these dates of annexation are well before the Treaty of Union so the Kingdom of England that signed up to, “The Treaty of Union”, was composed of three individual countries. The Union is thus a bipartite, (two partner), union of two, equally sovereign, kingdoms.

      It is not legally, as it is now being run, a quadratic union of countries with England being the master country. Note that there is no, elected as such, Parliament of England which means that Westminster has assumed itself to be the de facto parliament of the country of England with three subservient countries that are dominated by England. i.e. they are English Dominions and Westminster imposes EVEL to prevent them interfering in anything that Westminster decides to be English Only Business.

      So what that means is that, as the law of sovereignty of each of the United Kingdom’s two equally sovereign kingdoms is quite different there cannot be a common rule of law and this is reflected in Article of Union Number 19.

      Which Article of Union states that each individual Rule of Law must forever remain independent and the people of Scotland, not their monarch, are sovereign while under the English Rule of Law the Queen of England is sovereign but, in 1688, English Law decreed that their monarchy had to legally delegate their sovereignty to the Parliament of England but there hasn’t been a legally elected parliament of England since the last day of April 1707.

      Now to show how misleading is your ideas of UDI – that refers to a, “Unilateral Declaration of Independence”, i.e. :-

      A unilateral declaration of independence (UDI) is a formal process leading to the establishment of a new state by a subnational entity which declares itself independent and sovereign without a formal agreement with the national state from which it is seceding.

      So if the Scottish Parliament by itself declared UDI it might actually be UDI. However, first of all the United Kingdom is an equally sovereign partnership and thus Scotland’s parliament is the parliament of a nation it could be argued it has every right to end the partnership of equals called the United Kingdom but more to the point as the people of Scotland are legally sovereign and if the Scottish Government has a properly voted for majority of the sovereign people then the SG is NOT unilaterally declaring independence. The People of Scotland, as a nation, are declaring the partnership of equally sovereign kingdoms that is the United Kingdom has just dissolved. No UDI but it needs a majority vote of the people of Scotland to dissolve the Union and to date the SG only has a mandate to hold a referendum – they do not yet have a majority decision to end the Union.

    102. Breeks says:

      Genuine question, but has somebody actually hacked the UK Government?

      It’s just one gaffe after another, one obnoxious idiot being nastier than the last, one layer of incompetence piled upon another, and page after page of delusional newspaper stories, with the whole nonsense glued together with dollops of BritNat jingoism and sculpted into a shapeless unrecognisable papier-mâché “blob” which wouldn’t pass for art from a four year old.

      Forget for a brief moment the Constitutional ramifications of HMG’s proposed amendment to the Scotland Act, the whole rapist’s theory of consent: (a) Yes is consent; (b) Silence is consent; (c) No is consent… WHAT KIND OF GOVERNMENT DEPARTMENT WOULD ACTUALLY ENGINEER SUCH A CRETINOUS PROPOSAL? I mean, it genuinely beggars belief that this isn’t some kind of April Fools Joke. It’s like a rude puerile quip some spotty schoolboy slips into his homework to see whether “Miss” actually reads it.

      No wonder Michel Barnier and the EU heads need a double-take over Brexit negotiations to make sure their eyes and ears aren’t fooling them, “Is the British Government genuinely this dysfunctional? Are they feigning such outright stupidly? Is it some outlandish tactic to catch us off guard? They can’t be serious. Can they?? It hardly seems possible that they’re serious, but what other conclusion can we reach?”

      Well Hell mend the whole BritNat Establishment. Let’s not dwell upon their nonsense. Let us set about our Constitutional emancipation away from this circus and get it done with optimal proficiency so we can finally and forever leave these imbeciles to their own devices.

      Let us now move forward without ever looking back.

    103. fillofficer says:

      is brian taylor the donor, i wonder

    104. Hamish100 says:

      BBC extra


      It must be true since bbc dame Liz of Smith says ON BBC1 all smiles that the new tory new mum to had said – “..that there had been many ups and downs.”

      What can you say. Baby box on the way- good luck!

      Live from Buckie palace Princy Wullie to be best man to Harry. No surprises beams Witchell— so why live TV?

      ahhh the yoony bbc world.

    105. Sinky says:

      While I hope the pregnancy goes smoothly the I thought the BBCs TV extended eulogy to Ruth Davidson was over the top with Jackie Bird almost ogasmic in excitement

    106. jfngw says:

      BBC has Scottish Royalty, Ruth Davidson being pregnant receives a longer report on Rep Scot than I’ve ever seen on the grab of Scotland’s powers by WM. Impartial reporter is overcome with emotion.

    107. Socrates MacSporran says:

      On a purely personal level – good luck to Ruth Davidson and her partner.

      That said – poor wean; if she’s as guid a mother as she is a poltical party leader – which, in truth isn’t very good.

      But what about the way BBC Shortbread handled the story.


    108. manandboy says:

      Breeks, it is hard to figure alright. They are playing like a team who’ve bribed the referee. They seem to know already what the result is going to be.

    109. Socrates MacSporran says:

      Sinky @ 6.36pm

      Apologies immediately to the fragrant Sally Magnusson – for mistaking her for Kim Jong Jackie.

      Sally is a professional broadcaster, the difference should be obvious.

    110. manandboy says:

      Breeks, perhaps they just know for sure how to rig any election or referendum.

    111. Sinky says:

      Apologies to Sally. Still no mention on BBC Scotland Reporting Scotland. of power grab revelation at FMQs that yes no or silence means rapist consent for Westminster. Job done for Tory spin doctor

    112. galamcennalath says:

      MPs approved a non-binding motion saying the UK should stay in the customs union after Brexit. Remainers and soft Brexiteers are setting their sights very low now!

      Customs union is still a hard Brexit and a long way short of the single market.

      As an outcome for Scotland it’s well within the realms of shite-plus!

      Still, as others are suggesting (and myself above) the proposed Tory attacks on the very foundations of the devolution settlement will prove more incendiary! They Tories appear to be lining up an irresistible case for Indy all by themselves!

    113. jfngw says:


      I suspect the Russian spooks are completely dumbfounded. What could they do that would make the current UK Gov look more useless, they are feeling redundant.

    114. Robert Peffers says:

      @Auld Rock says: 26 April, 2018 at 2:14 pm:

      ” … When, oh when are we going to realise that we’ll never get anything from Westminster and it’s now time to use our majority in Westminster and DECLARE that their ‘PRECIOUS UNION’ is OVER telling them that the Scottish Government is now and forever more in Holyrood then walk out. At the same time a note should be delivered to the Sec. General of the UN.”

      I’ve been telling you when till I’m blue in the face, Auld Rock.

      It’ll be when the legally sovereign people of Scotland give a Scottish government a majority vote to do so and then, and only then, will it be a legal divorce of the only two kingdoms that were married by the Treaty of Union.

      For Wales and N.I. were the two Kingdom of England’s adopted children from when England was still a single, unmarried, parent kingdom.

    115. North chiel says:

      Pacific Quay , true to form “ devoting” and “ fawning over” the Ruth Davidson pregnancy story , unsurprisingly given “ top billing” on reporting “ North Britnat “ this evening. Followed up by the usual SNP “ bad” fire service shortfall in coverage for Aberdeen ,and the usual NHS Scotland “ bad “ story from Livingston . Nothing changes at “ Propaganda Quay” . Even the “ SNP good story” of Malawi , has to have the Propaganda Quay “ bad “ angle re “ Human rights”. Even Hamish is apparently a U.K. citizen first and therefore a Scot ( don’t mention it Sally ,second).

    116. manandboy says:

      Ruth says she hoped her announcement could help to underline that it is normal for same-sex couples to have children.

      She added: “I think it’s important that people realise that this happens and it’s normal. Hopefully this takes some of the taboo or mystery away from it.”

      IVF was first successful in 1978, forty years ago. I don’t think Ruth knows what she’s saying. Must be just nerves.
      Or else she just can’t stop talking.

      Pity the BBC didn’t think what her partner had to say was worth reporting. But then, this wasn’t primarily about having a baby, was it.

    117. schrodingers cat says:

      ruth pregnant??
      um…,… come?

      has to be said eventually by someone,……. will she be the first tory leader in labour?

    118. jfngw says:

      I see Ruth being shredded at FMQ’s not covered, also FM explaining the clause 11 consent wording not even worth a mention. But when your primary purpose is propaganda then it all makes sense.

      I hope Ruth checked Murdo has not been making any donations, she’d be better of with Joey from Friends.

    119. Effijy says:

      Kim Jung Un to star in a remake of the Onen.

      Does anyone know if maternity nurses check a new birn’s
      Head for a series of 6’s?

      For what the Tories have done to millions of under nourished
      Children in the UK who have to endure poverty, I have no warmth.

      Another reason that every child in Scotland should be given help!

    120. JPJ2 says:

      At 1.30pm on Reporting Scotland there was (by Reporting Scotland’s standards) a reasonably balanced report on the Nicola v Ruth exchange a FMQs about the SG refusing to agree to the deal by London Tories on powers. It was FIRST item on the news.

      By 6.30, a broadcast of double the length, I don’t believe it was mentioned AT ALL

      If I am correct, that is beyond ridiculous, pregnant Ruth or no pregnant Ruth!

    121. manandboy says:

      In Ruth’s eyes, and Donalda MacKinnon’s, she’s the first person of any real importance politically, to become pregnant.

    122. manandboy says:

      The British Brainwashing Corporation have just announced, allegedly, that the birth of Ruth Davidson’s baby/babies will be televised live due to the unique significance of the event for the Union.
      It is rumoured that the child will be called Donalda, either way.

    123. jfngw says:

      A top BBC reporter has just seen the first ultrasound scan. He is reporting that he believes the umbilical cord can be seen to spell out ‘no indyref’.

      Is it not about time we had a thickest politician of the year award, this looks to have a larger base of potential candidates than the current award.

    124. galamcennalath says:

      Woman announces she’s pregnant. She and at least 200000 others worldwide and perhaps 150 in Scotland. Congratulations and best wishes to them all. This is news, though?

    125. geeo says:

      Surprised the news that Jackson Carlaw is taking her place while she is squeezing out Tank commander jnr, has not been terrifying the Scots gov.

    126. Fairliered says:

      Voting to select Colonel Ruth’s temporary replacement:
      Some Arsehole 94%
      Annie Wells 4%
      Jackson Carlaw 2%
      Jackson Carlaw is hereby elected using Tory democracy rules.

    127. Confused says:

      Phew. This is BAD. Chaotic times present opportunities – but also for your opponents – I just hope Nicola has some brilliant 12 dimensional chess move which took into account the sleekit-ness of “Welsh” Labour. And those Tories – they are really trying to “GRAB ALL THE MARBLES”
      – like a 5 year olds concept of private property …. this is mine … and this is mine … and that is mine … thats ALL mine … mine … mine … still mine … and you can fuck off coz thats mine too …. and I am borrowing this … you can have it back when I decide …

      As for Ruth Davidson – “when is the baby due” – has been the trigger to a good few foot in mouth moments of my own over the years – unintentionally hilarious meetings with women I haven’t seem for a while …

      – “I’m FAT – you BASTARD”
      … looks good on you ! … (moving swiftly on)

      – so, suitably chastened – you don’t want to say, but now she’s said it- I wonder if the insemination happened at midnight on Satanic All Hallows Eve on Rosslyn Chapel altar, the turkey baster wielded by some conjured demon-from-the-pit … (Belial on seeing his “offering” thinks to himself – “glad I didnt have to do this one ON DRAUGHT”)

      And the new royal sprog – will it have had its extra digits and vestigial tail removed yet? Does that happen before or after the circumcision (MGM) – the Royals have been doing this since some shysters convinced them a century or so ago that they were “the lost tribe of israel”. As if – inbred, unholy parasites!

    128. galamcennalath says:

      Shame Ruth will be on leave when ScotRef occurs. Still, she’s only one of our many Indy encouraging assets. 🙂

    129. Rock says:

      Rock (24th March – “The dragon fighters”):

      “I can say with 100% confidence that no Scottish, UK or international court will ever rule that the pretendy “sovereignty” of Scots is supreme over Westminster.

      At best it would be a fudge which will leave the Scots as impotent as they have been for the last 311 years.

      But it is all theoretical as pretendy “sovereign” Scots will never put their money where their mouths are by petitioning the highest court of Scotland because their “sovereign” and “independent justice system” myths would be bust once and for all if they did.

      I can say with 100% confidence that Saint Theresa is not going to give permission to Nicola to hold another referendum before Brexit has been completed.

      Now that the UK is all but at war with Russia and the Scottish First Minister has stood shoulder to shoulder with Saint Theresa, I can say with 100% confidence that the establishment lawyer Nicola will not dare defy Saint Theresa and hold an illegal referendum.

      Why would she and the rest of the SNP leadership want to go into exile in Belgium when they are doing fine here and at Westminster?

      Before there is a flood of posters claiming that Scotland can hold an independence referendum whenever it wants to, the fact is that it has never yet done so without Westminster’s approval.

      You can only prove me wrong if and when it does.”

    130. Ian Brotherhood says:

      It’s just a succession of ever-shinier distractions.

      The next one will be a pregnant Wullie Rennie.

    131. t42 says:

      “‘do what is in the national interest’” Same phrase uttered by Tim Farron when MI5 told him to step aside for a retired establishment puppet.

    132. sinky says:

      Tonight’s BBC Question time will be the 10th proper Question Time in a row without a representative from the third largest party at Westminster ( if you ignore the young voters programme which wasn’t considered a normal QT and featured Stewart McDonald). Even one out of ten is a joke.

    133. Ken500 says:

      Puts folk off their tea.

    134. Clootie says:

      …lie back and think of England about covers it!

    135. Alba46 says:

      Confused at 7:58

      You post has brightened my night. Still laughing. More of the same please

    136. Davy says:

      For Westminster and the Torys :

      No means No.

      Yes means Yes.

      And Silence means, I’m too polite to tell you to fuck-off.

    137. Chick McGregor says:

      Ruth pregnant. Wow, who’d have predicted that?

    138. geeo says:

      Half hearted attempt by the 8pm bot tonight!

      Everyone too excited by the royal pregnancy…no, not the one which dropped recently…the preggers buffalo rider.

    139. Andy smith says:

      I hope when the BBC camera’s are lined up 5 hours after the birth of babe Ruth to catch the tank commander exiting the hospital, they at least have the decency to broadcast it after the watershed.

    140. jfngw says:

      The plus point of the power grab gives is that it gives the material change of circumstances more substance. The unionist argue that the EU referendum was a UK wide vote so therefore it is not a valid claim. Don’t agree but they can argue the point.

      The devolution referendum was not a UK wide vote and the removal of competency without the agreement of the Scottish Parliament and Scottish people is a material change of circumstance that they cannot dispute.

      The Scottish Government will have every right now to put a referendum to the Scottish people that if the UK government withdraws Holyrood competency and changes Scots Law, without the agreement of Holyrood, for Scotland to leave the UK Union.

    141. Golfnut says:

      Many good comments on here, as usual.
      Personally I am at a loss to understand what is actually going on with this new rapist charter clause.

      Westminster are asking/telling the SG to consent to powers being taken from Holyrood, or they will take them anyway. So why do they require the SG to consent, is this whole farce because they actually need consent. That their action, even with an act of Parliament would breach some legal or constitutional restriction.

      If they were so sure of the legality of their actions, surely the Supreme court would find in their favour and find the Continuity Bill illegal.

      Is that their problem, they don’t believe they will win, or the SP don’t think they are competent to give a ruling. They certainly gave the Treaty of Union a wide berth at their last outing.

      Their new clause must surely be the laughing stock of Europe, that a so called democratic Parliament just proved itself undemocratic, that England’s lawmakers are actually insane, what is really going on here.

      This new clause, worded in this manner, smacks of desperation. It’s makes me think that actually, they need consent, because at some point in the future, that consent will be their only defence.

      So what is it they are attempting to do that would require them to hide behind parliaments skirts.

      May was arrogant enough to bypass parliament and bomb Syria without the agreement of parliament, but needs parliament for this.

    142. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

      “Ruth says she hoped her announcement could help to underline that it is normal for same-sex couples to have children.” @manandboy says at 7:05 pm

      The sad thing is that Ms Davidson like a few other BritNats (MPs, MSPs, Councillors, activists and members of the public) are viewed not as ‘normal’ but as abhorrent by the majority of the right wing electorate and those of their Parties Electoral Partner the DUP who’s votes they have courted in defence of their ‘precious Union’.

      These scumbags hate homosexuals almost as much as they hate coloured people, Muslims and foreigners in general.

      Oh aye and us bolshy Scots.

      These hypocrites like Ms Davidson who will howl when their Human Rights are ignored (“cos stuff and you know we need the votes and the immigrant thing is played out”, says Tory Grandee)

      Then they’ll be all “What will the Scots Govt do to protect us.” without a hint of self awareness, irony or shame.

    143. Northern Rock says:

      Ruthie is due to give birth in October, just when the Brexit deal is meant to be getting signed off and hopefully when Nicola Sturgeon will be announcing the date for IndyRef2.

      Do you think the English Establishment are behind all these pregnancies and weddings.

      Going after the soft undecided voter.

      And would Ruthie use her baby as some kind of gimmick in the “Vote NO” Independence campaign trail?

    144. colin alexander says:

      Robert Peffers

      Excellent post at 1.48pm.

      The only bit I would add is that: that decision to end the union does not have to be by referendum.

      An electoral mandate via a Scottish or UK general election is equally valid.

    145. Robin says:

      It wouldn’t surprise me if the BBC filmed the whole birth live.

      They stop every other news bulletin and go over live to Ruth Davidson giving birth.

      Close up shots of the baby Colonel’s head popping out.

      I am of course joking but I’ll bet you that it has been thought of at BBC Scotland.

    146. Robert Louis says:

      What a charlatan Ruth Davidson is. She announces her pregnancy then uses it to supposedly underline that same-sex children is normal. This from a woman who is in a party that recently bribed a virulently homophobic N.Ireland political party, and with which they are in cahoots. Anything to say about gay rights in N.Ireland Ruth?? No???

      Hypocrite. Typical Tory.

      Meanwhile, in the blatantly biased and propagandist BBC, I see the anti-Scotland ‘journalists’ paid liars are ever so excited about Ruth’s baby. It’s like a royal baby, FFS!!!!

    147. Bobp says:

      Macart 12.04pm. Oh westminster will definitely win their case in the “supreme”brit court. But then its up to us as “SOVEREIGN Scots to tell them (like Irish nationalists did) We do not recognise the Authority of this court.

    148. Liz g says:

      Has the Fragrant Arleen Tweeted her congratulations yet?

    149. Valerie says:

      I bet they are working late at Pathetic Quay tonight, planning the Scottish Royal birth.

      Donalda getting the team sorted, all holidays cancelled, so they can camp out for the labour. Working backwards, we will have guess the sex, guess the name.

      Butcher’s Aprons will need to be ordered up by the ton.

      This baby buffalo rider is a moneyspinner for our shortbread station.

      What’s the betting it’s the Call in subject tomorrow?

    150. Elmac says:

      Finally succumbed to watching FMQs again on YouTube after many months. It was soul destroying.

      Ruth Davidson comes over as arrogant, self-serving and utterly obnoxious. Her contribution was negative and pathetic. She appears to have ears attached to her head but does not use them when the error of what she is saying is made abundantly clear. As for her sidekick Jackson Carlaw, he would be better employed as a nodding dog in the rear window of Davidson’s limo.

      Richard Leonard must spend every waking hour trawling for isolated incidents to attack the SNHS with and pretend that these are the norm. It takes little effort to compare the overall performance of SNHS with their counterparts in England and Wales and conclude that, with a background of massive cuts in central government funding, Scotland is performing much better than elsewhere in the UK. Either Leonard has a different agenda or he has a low intellect. I suspect the former, or both.

      That brings us to Oor Wullie who is obviously operating in tandem with Tricky Dicky and is not worthy of comment.

      Any ethics or morality are long gone from our 3 musketeers. FMQs are a farce. Only Patrick Harvie appeared to be trying to be constructive. How on earth can people vote for this corrupt rabble? Time for the electorate to open their ears or get their snouts out of the trough as appropriate. The alternative is economic Armageddon for Scotland.

    151. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Something about this has been really bugging me, so I read Rev’s piece and watched FMQs, but that didn’t help, and neither have dozens of outraged tweets.

      What’s annoying me is the 7-year bit.

      Why seven years?

      Why is 7 significant? Did some mandarin just pluck it out of the air? Nah – we know these Whitehall dudes just don’t do ‘random’, so why?

      Why 7?

    152. John Young says:

      O/T I think we are inevitably heading for Indyref2 in Spring 2019. Every elected SNP politician, Councillor, MSP, MP and MEP should give notice they will immediately resign their seats should the result be another ‘No’ vote.

      If we can’t win our Independence under the present set of circumstances sadly we never will.

    153. Cubby says:

      Bill Cosby says all his sexual assaults were consensual. Seems like the UK gov is keeping fine company with its approach.

    154. Sinky says:

      Having ignored Westminster Power Grab BBC UK news have long gushing feature on Ruth Davidson’s pregnancy just to rub the Rebellious Scots noses in it.

    155. yesindyref2 says:

      This is a very boring period of time.

      Nothing’s happened for 4 or 5 hours.


    156. Cubby says:

      BBC Reporting Scotland = The Ruth Davidson Show

      Bloody disgusting report this evening. Look forward to the day toodleloothenoo clears off – Is brian taylor the donor. The gushing subservience to the tank commander was pouring out the screen.

      Reporting Scotland must be the worst ever programme foisted on any nation. These people have lost any right to any respect. It’s obvious that the tank commander is an ex colleague.

      BBC clear off back to England you bunch of tractors.

    157. galamcennalath says:

      jfngw says:

      removal of competency without the agreement of the Scottish Parliament and Scottish people is a material change of circumstance

      Indeed. I think the important aspect of this is that a greater number of Scots would see it as a bigger deal than simply Brexit.

      The Tories, who never liked or wanted devolution, appear to be on the verge of carrying out a serious attack on the agreed devolution settlement and the established will of the Scottish people.

      They are running the risk of being seen to go far beyond ‘just’ dragging us out of the EU, and worse than reneging of the promises of 2014.

      I sense we are now on the edge of a seismic shift.

    158. galamcennalath says:

      Ian Brotherhood says:

      Why seven years?

      Just a guess but ….

      7 years takes us from Brexit day in 2019 to near the end of the full term of the next Scottish Parliament starting 2021.

      The BritNats plan to win a majority in Holyrood2021. So that gives them the following full term to cause a permanent shift and ensure another IndyRef will never happen. Removing powers in 2019 over important areas is e first step.

      They must try to hold out until 2021 and avoid a move to Indy before then.

      If we haven’t achieved Indy by then, we never will.

    159. Dr Jim says:

      Remember when the First Minister had a miscarriage I don’t remember the Unionists saying nice things in sympathy with the FM they spat out bile and venom about her using it for political purposes

      Think on when you’re feeling warm and fuzzy towards Ruth Davidson who would happily see a member of your family raped then be forced to talk to total stangers about being short of money because of it

      You might also think about the same Ruth Davidson who stood on national TV and called members of her own party liars over Brexit but the minute they won she agreed with them and told Scotland to shut up

      Babies are nice Ruth Davidson is not

    160. Indy2 says:

      The National:

      Tomorrow’s front page … ‘Rudd must quit’: Fresh resignation calls as it emerges heartless Home Office DID have deportation targets.

    161. heedtracker says:

      Reporting Scotland must be the worst ever programme foisted on any nation.”

      They’re a cult or propaganda for a cult of unionism in Scotland. It works too. Compare rolling BBC royals worshipping and their Colonel Ruth pregnancy announcement today.

      Channel 4 teatime news tonight, no different, C4 Scotland ligger bathed in evening Clyde spring sunshine, happy and joyous, facing Pacific Quay, usually he’s writhing around in a Glasgow city centre gutter, SNP Outing it.

      It is very creepy.

    162. heedtracker says:

      Why 7?

      It should take that long for the UK Brexit economy to recover, presumably.

    163. Morgatron says:

      Rock, are you the tank commanders other IVF child, and were you fired out a turkey baster as part of the process. Thursday night , same shite as the last six. Cock.

    164. James Barr Gardner says:

      It’s not long now Folks and especially after the crap that’s come out of Westminster in the last couple of weeks, it’s time to get out and be vocal.

      I would urge All Scots of Independence Minded nature to join in and take art in the All Under One Banner March on Saturday 5th of May 2018 and SHOW your disgust of the Westminster Tory controlled ruling elite Parliament.

      The Message Must be sent, Independence will happen devolution has ran it’s course and as for a UK federation that’s a bigger Con than the VOW !

      If you have never demonstrated in the past I can only say once you have marched things will never be the same again, once in the midst of fellow Scots of all nations,religions, creeds and classes you will be uplifted, Guaranteed!


    165. HandandShrimp says:

      Seven years from April 19 would see out this Holyrood term and all of the next Holyrood term. The aim is to neuter Holyrood through to the late 2020s and with this they will seek to overturn devolution.

      It is quite simply beyond the pale. This is an issue that transcends the material change of Brexit. If forced through it should be responded to by an immediate calling of a second independence referendum.

    166. Indy2 says:

      Ruthie will be beelin’ she is not on the front page of the National.

      She is actually starting to think she is Royalty and would expect to be treated as such.

      Delusions of Grandeur creeping in.

      And for some strange reason, she never gets asked about her policies for making Scotland a better place.

    167. Liz g says:

      Jist want to point out
      That regardless to the Mother being a bit of a political horror story.
      That’s a wee wean we are talking about, who might one day read this stuff.
      # Nicola for godmother
      Wouldn’t that be something… The First First Minister of an independent Scotland?
      Otherwise it could be Big T or Arleen… let’s help Ruthies wean dodge that bullet!

    168. Indy2 says:

      Ruthie is wanting to follow Carwyn Jones into the House of Lords.

      Both selling their country down the river for the sake of the Union.

      Seems to be the price you pay to get your own ermine coat.

    169. Bobp says:

      O/t. Up in Scotland for family business at the moment. (Been up 3 weeks ago) Been naughty and posting proud cybernats “bbc’s misreporting Scotland stickers in my local bus shelter. Every time said sticker has been defaced/torn by obviously local yoon/hunnery residents. But then again, thats maybole Ayrshire for you! HUN TOWN AYRSHIRE.

    170. dakk says:

      Egads!The fruit of that buffalo’s loins is surely going to be some kind of fucked up Beelzebub.

      This Damien could finish not only Scotland,but all mankind.

      Help us all Rhona ffs.

    171. Artyhetty says:

      re: hand and shrimp@11.25

      Devolution is already finis in the yoons, brexit, Britnats’ eyes. Be in no doubt, they have taken Scotland back in every which way imaginable. These people don’t mess, they have their home made laws, they are protected, within and outwith the UKOK!

      Scotland is fckd.

    172. Artyhetty says:


      Liz wtf who cares! That bairn will be priveleged from day dot god it already is! Er did your own pregnancies if any get media attention? FFS. NO.

      This is a massive, massive distraction from what the UK gov are doing to Scotland as a country right now, it’s fckg terrifying. Her pregnancy is insignificant!

    173. Bobp says:

      John young 10.22pm. Sadly john from what ive seen on my sojourn back home to Scotland, there are to many snakes who live amongst us, who hate their own country(and love tbe one they’ve left) and would stab us between the shoulder blades.

    174. Greannach says:

      Liz – are you an adult?

    175. Hamish100 says:

      the 7 years of food standards held by Westminster will see them watered down to allow the US of A to push for chlorine washed chickens, steroid filled beef etc to flood our markets. EU will then stop any foodstuffs from dirty brexit countries to export into Europe.

      If Scotland had the food standards legislation we would maintain the high standards. brexit means removing controls. England cannot allow us to have the current high standards to continue.

    176. Valerie says:

      Well, I think BBC QT has raised the bar tonight for audience plants. I follow on Twitter, and there are always plants outed, but they are Tory cllrs etc.

      This week’s plant spotted by Far Right Watch, awaiting trial for Race Hate crimes. A beauty.

    177. Brus MacGallah says:

      Ruthie is pregnant and David Torrance is leaving the country. Just sayin’.

    178. Liz g says:

      Artyheaty @ 11.49
      Totally agree that the whole thing is a needless distraction.
      Women is pregnant so what,yer right.
      To anyone but her and hers it’s insignificant.
      I was just going for a wee nudge to folk no to turn any comments on to the wean itself.
      History will no be kind to it’s mother anyway,and just because she’s a heartless witch to other folks weans doesn’t mean we should be like her.
      All the privilege in the world is no going to make up for her becoming Scotland’s Benedict Arnold.

      That’s all,but people as usual can make up their own minds.

      Greannah @ 11.57
      Why do ye ask?

    179. John Young says:

      Bobp says 11.56pm Thanks for the response.
      We live in SW Scotland, receive Border TV from Carlisle and are part of the Blue Band across the bottom of Scotland. We have so many retirees from South of the Border buying up every property and moving up here.

      Wee conversation in a pub recently.
      Him: (Retired policeman from England after visiting son in Leeds “Great to be back, things are so much better up here”
      Me”Why do you think that is?”
      Him “Don’t know but it’s true”
      Me “Do you think it’s the way the Scot Gov is running the country?”
      Him “No, it’s not just the way it is”
      Me” If there was another Ref and a Yes result, what would you do?”
      Him ” Move back down South as Scotland is too poor to survive on its own.”

    180. Legerwood says:

      Amongst all that is going on including this clear attempt to emasculate the Scottish Parliament to the point where its continued existence is in doubt it would be well to remember that the Tory Gov also faces problems that threaten its existence – Windrush, Brexit.

      That being the case it would be prudent to consider the possibility of another snap GE sometime during the summer or autumn.

      Such a possibility was raised today in an article in the Daily Telegraph . Link below but just the first two paras because it is behind pay wall.

    181. Cubby says:

      What is all this Fragrant Sally Magnusson crap? They all work at propaganda Quay. They all know they pump out a lot of lies and misrepresentation on behalf of a foreign country that wants us completely subjugated like Wales. If she was professional she would go and work at a professional news organisation.

      It’s now like the Ruth Davidson reality show with the odd swimming hedgehog. An insult to Scotland each and every day it is broadcast.

    182. Jason Smoothpiece says:

      Valerie 12.14

      Well spotted, why are most Britnats nasty racist sectarian wasp chewers.

      Of course the production company involved in QT will be totally unaware that the chap is a tad unsavoury.

      At least they kept the Scottish Nationalist hordes out

    183. Phronesis says:

      Worth tuning into as UKOK explains to Scotland that it is not a country,or a nation and its vote on Brexit is meaningless, because UKOK democracy is meaningless.Scotland should definitely leave it.

    184. Liz g says:

      Valerie 12.14
      Well spotted…. did ye see further down the Tweets?
      It has a link to the stuff he is charged with!
      Seems he is a nasty piece of work right enough.

    185. Cubby says:

      The big question – who is the father of the tank commanders baby?

      Who is the biggest wanker in the Tory party? Ross Thomson.

      Case closed.

    186. Dr Jim says:

      BBC QT changed the rules to the amount of votes a party got at the last elections and not who got the most seats so easy to exclude the SNP on that basis as irrelevant and makes justifying UKIP multiple appearances look fine

      Of course that means that no Scottish or Welsh party can now ever qualify to appear except by special invite coz that’s totally fair now isn’t it

      Never mind the quality look at how many of us there are, *we win* FU Scotland, it’s like a BBC motto now eh

    187. Dr Jim says:

      Remember when the FM lost a baby do you remember how lovely the media were about her, no you don’t because they weren’t they accused her of politicising it

      Babies are nice Ruth Davidson and her crew are not

    188. smithie says:

      As much as i despise Ruth and what her party stands for but from a human point of view i’m sure she and her partner must have agonised long and hard as to who’s sperm was used to impregnate her… so please lets not trivalize it and wish the couple all the best.

      IVF is not a walk in the park folks

    189. K1 says:

      This explains QT’s bias to a T, from Rev’s twitter feed earlier, we are being propagandised…it all falls into place:

    190. Cubby says:


      Universal credit is not a walk in the park.
      Bombing children in Yemen is not a walk in the park.
      Going to a food bank is not a walk in the park.
      Having your motability removed is certainly not a walk in the park.
      Filling in the rape clause form is not a walk in the park.
      Being deported is not a walk in the park.
      Having your countries resources stolen is not a walk in the park.
      Having no democracy is not a walk in the park.
      Having your country used as a waste dump is not a walk in the park.
      Having nuclear weapons on your doorstep is not a walk in the park.

      Need I go on. The women is a tractor to her country and the quicker she clears off south like the rest of them that have gone before the better. Just another sell out of her country for personal advancement. She deserves no respect or empathy and will get none from me.

    191. Kangaroo says:

      Ian Brotherhood @8:33

      Why 7 years?

      It’s a reference to the biblical “Book of Daniel” everything is based round 7 years or multiples thereof.

      Count the stock market crashes from Yom kippur
      1966 1973 1980 1987 1994 2001 2008 2015, nope because that was a Jubilee ie 7 x 7 = 49 years from 1966. Always at the end of the Jewish year in Sep/Oct. Reference “Shemitah”

    192. Ghillie says:

      Welsh Sion

      Kettle’s on!

      Bring the family and the neighbours =)

      The more the merrier 🙂

    193. Ghillie says:

      Liz g @ 11.31pm and @ 12.18am and Smithie @ 1.28am

      You have a good and kind heart =)

      I wish Ruth Davidson a safe and happy pregnancy and a safe and happy delivery of the innocent wee soul she carries.

      I wish her baby a wonderful and happy life in an Independent Scotland where he or she can truly flourish alongside ALL of the children of Scotland.

      May the unconditional love she is now showing for her child help Ruth to understand what it is to be a mother and how the millions and billions of us who have gone before her would lay down our lives for our children and teach her the compassion, courage and decency to rethink some of her past political choices.

      Blessings on you and your’s Ruth, love and treat others as you would be treated yourself pet.

    194. Ghillie says:

      As for On Topic.

      A Rapist’s theory of Consent.

      Jonathan Mitchell QC’s verdict on Her Majesty’s Government proposed amendment to the Scotland Act is chilling and accurate.

      I have long seen this Union as a place of abuse.

      This goes beyond bullying to a terrifying place where the voice of this nation is to be smothered and suffocated by another that would take and abuse what is not theirs and never was.

      But the SNP lead Scottish Government will not cave in, ever.

      Because that is their raison d’etre. To protect the people of Scotland and bring about our independence.

      Westminster. Your time is up.

    195. ScottieDog says:

      Having a think in the wee sma hours..

      I wonder if the SNP would/could dissolve Parliament and call for an early Scottish election. I’m assuming no section 30 will be granted.
      Stand on Indy and single market.

    196. Liz g says:

      Ghillie @ 6.32
      Thank you Ghillie, it was kind of you to say!
      Smithie @ 1.28
      Good point,didn’t even think about the IVF side of thing’s.

    197. Liz g says:

      Scottie Dog @ 7.23
      I’m pretty sure they could,but I don’t think they will…just yet!
      That’s a “fail safe” option if Westminster try to stop, or refuse to recognize a referendum result.
      It think that there’s even enough MPs to trigger a General election too,but can’t be sure…Westminster change the rules all the time anyway,and the BBC have the “New Rules” declared traditional. (it will be the item before the cutesy Royal story)
      But even the duplicitous Westminster cannot avoid an election forever!

    198. starlaw says:

      Please can we stop mentioning Ruth Davidsons baby, she gets more than enough publicity as it is.

    199. Macart says:

      Infuriating ain’t it? Can make a bod downright grumpy tbh. How and ever, calm and measured is the response that’s required.

      The next few months is where this was always headed from the very second Cameron’s ego and ambition outstripped his ability to deliver. Some might say, it’s where it’s been headed since long before Camo was born. But headed toward a constitutional crisis and showdown is the end destination. So calm – measured – peaceful and determined. Mmmkay?

      Westminster were always going to be Westminster and their media were always and likewise going to act as their nature demanded. They are both dysfunctional, compromised and broken. They are both rife with corruption, malpractice, patronage and greed. They are both run by sociopaths who use deluded, career minded ideologues to do their dirty work and both do so love their wee worlds and guard them jealously.

      This is going to get a lot nastier before it gets any better, but it CAN and WILL get better if the population want it enough. Also as predicted, Westminster and the meeja are doing most of the heavy lifting. For the moment… let them.

      We need these examples of Westminster’s duplicity and the media’s complicity in those actions to come to light. We need Westminster to take Holyrood to court and end the concept of parliamentary union. To literally break the union themselves. They’re doing a grand job so far. We need their arrogance and ignorance exposed for the populist audience (not everyone watches parliamentary telly). We need their lack of empathy and diplomacy to be brought fully into the light where no one can be in any doubt.

      Westminster have broken pledges aplenty over the years. It’s pretty much the way of parties and governments. Now though? Now they’re destroying the binding agreements that are the foundations of peace and political unity within their own partnership. What they do now, they do to their own populations and they do so willingly and simply to preserve themselves as a state and party political construct. They put the machinery of power and self before the well being of those in their care.

      People can and will have their say. People do have the power to change what has been done to them and to take back what has been taken away from them. There will be time aplenty to show them just what we think come the next opportunity at the ballot.

      So, timing, process, legality and then… response. (help make it a good one)

    200. Robert Louis says:

      Saturday 5th May, Independence march Glasgow.

      Make sure this is the biggest ever independence march, so nobody, including the paid liars at Pacific Quay working for the propagandist BBC can be in any doubt.

      Things are hotting up.

    201. Robert Louis says:

      Does anybody know why the G A Ponsonby twitter feed is down??

    202. Smallaxe says:

      Gaelic illiteracy Apr27

      Front Bench: Amber Rudd dines dangerously with journalists as talk of the Customs Union threatens another Tory rift;

      Plenty more links to come when you’re ready, Folks.

    203. Marie Clark says:

      Macart @ 8.20, Wise words Sam, well said.

    204. birnie says:

      “The Endgame Looms” – Ruth Wishart’s latest article on her blog ( deserves a very wide audience. A cool, considered and determined call to action.

    205. Les Wilson says:

      I am glad we have the SNP doing their best to do what all of the parliament SHOULD be doing. Protecting Scotland’s interests against a preditor Westminster.

      I am sure we have all heard the parallel of the “Union” as being compared to being tied to an abusive marriage.
      The UK stance shows it is indeed an abusive marriage, there is now no doubt of that, and the parallel is indeed an apt one.

      Divorce procedures required immediately. Let us show just how badly we need that on May the 5th, on Glasgow green.

    206. Smallaxe says:

      The European Court of Justice may be itching for a scrap with over-mighty politicians;

      Russia ‘won’t allow’ another US military action in Syria based on false flag – OPCW envoy;

      Powerful image, get it through every letterbox;

    207. Smallaxe says:

      Brexit: Theresa May ‘pleading’ with EU for City access to single market, Michel Barnier says;

      Credit Suisse PowerPoint deck cuts to shreds Theresa May’s position on Irish border problem;

      The tragedy of Brexit: When simple ideas meet complex realities;

    208. Smallaxe says:

      ‘Utterly unacceptable’: BBC blasted for using public cash to lend money to staff;

      Amber Rudd: Cabinet ‘discussions to be had’ over customs union;

      Exclusive: The EU is ‘deeply concerned’ about Liam Fox’s ‘incompetent’ handling of Brexit;

    209. Smallaxe says:

      Giving It All Away;

      MPs to examine future of Scottish oil and gas sector;

      Stop the Mass Culling of 300 Ravens in Scotland Now;

    210. Macart says:

      Cheers Smallaxe.

      Looks like a two cup read this morning. 🙂

    211. Smallaxe says:

      Letters: Let no-one be fooled about power grab motives;

      Amber Rudd urged to quit over deportation targets row;

      Scotland in Union furious at Electoral Commission leak;

    212. Smallaxe says:

      Unionism is an unhealthy addiction;

      Meet Four Companies Supporting Scotland In Union;

      Announcement of a Date of an Independence Referendum could come within weeks;

    213. Smallaxe says:

      Windrush: Who exactly was on board?;

      MSPs to examine plans to raise age of criminal responsibility in Scotland’;

      Scotland’s whisky industry reaches renewable energy target;

    214. Smallaxe says:

      ‘I Am In Debt Because I Took Maternity Leave’: The Reality Of Financial Strain After Giving Birth;

      Cabinet’s Brexiters push May to drop ‘customs partnership’;

      Rail passengers pay price for broken franchising system, say MPs;

    215. Smallaxe says:

      Watchdog faces probe over data gaffe;

      Migrant rules ‘leaving NHS short of doctors’;

      North Korea’s Kim Jong-un crosses into South Korea;

    216. ronnie anderson says:

      @ Welsh Sion Let not your head be bowed . I personally had no belief in British Labour in Wales holding firm against Westminster it was only a matter of timing as to when they would capitulate & leave the SG out on a limb ( by design of the British establishment ) , more & more Westminster’s Gov’s Red/Blue/ & the indifferent Libs are being exposed as untrustworthy .

      Like Robert Peffers say’s Nicola Sturgeon will use the Mandate at the best time that is beneficial to Scotland chances of winning Indy2 .

      GCC meeting yesterday re the 5th May March (AUOB) a few small things to tie up , but Gordon Fulton & Police are happy with the organization . There may be a alteration enroute due to road works on the day but the Police will decide that as & when ( so’s just go with the flow ) we will still be heading in the right direction .

      Lets make this the biggest March & Enjoyable this year .

      Mind clock in at the Wings/iScot/Ayemail Stalls & don’t drink to much at Smallaxe’s shebeen , there are no Porta Loos ( nearest Toilets are Saltmarket ( Pubs ) & London Rd , one last thing don’t drop litter ma back will be sore enough wie standing & ah won’t be able to bend doon tae pick up litter ( as we have to do after the event ).

      Enjoy Yourselves Folk’s .

    217. Smallaxe says:

      Hi, Macart,

      Maybe three cups?

    218. Macart says:

      Yup! definitely three. 🙂

    219. galamcennalath says:

      Smallaxe says:

      Watchdog faces probe over data gaffe

      This made me laugh out loud …

      ” We are carrying out a full test of our redaction tool to understand how it occurred and will subsequently update internal procedures if required. “

      … I assume they are using the word tool in the colloquial meaning of twit or idiot!

    220. Smallaxe says:

      Development fears at ‘important’ sand dune site;

    221. Legerwood says:

      Robert Louis says:
      27 April, 2018 at 8:20 am
      Saturday 5th May, Independence march Glasgow.

      Make sure this is the biggest ever independence march, so nobody, including the paid liars at Pacific Quay working for the propagandist BBC can be in any doubt.

      Things are hotting up.””

      You wouldn’t like to give a wee indication of when and where the March starts would You?

    222. @Smallaxe

      Thank you Smallaxe/Nana a smorgasbord of links today,

      why buy a biased newspaper or watch corrupted TV news when you have superb links to read along with a couple of sliced/square/lorne sausage rolls (lashings of mayo) and pot of tea,

      well worth a read,

      Meet Four Companies Supporting Scotland In Union;

      and a laugh,

      Scotland in Union furious at Electoral Commission leak;

    223. G H Graham says:

      This is the beginning of the end game.

      Now that London has seen what Madrid can get away with, they have all the confidence they need to begin the process of dismantling the Scottish Parliament as part of a strategy to kill off the possibility of Scottish independence for good.

      The first step is to remove it’s authority.
      The next step is to replace it with a puppet regime.
      The final step is to dismantle it.

      When Scots are assimilated back into Great Britain, the job will be complete.

      Anyone who thought London would grudgingly but nevertheless fairly allow it’s wealthy northern third to leave with its vast resources was simply naive.

      Southern Britain simply cannot afford to diminish itself politically, spiritually, socially & most importantly, economically & will take whatever measure necessary to maintain the status quo.

      You are witnessing a cornered animal about to lash out with nothing much to gain but everything to lose.

      Only one option is available to Scots now; UDI. But that will be ugly. And quite possibly violent. Britain doesn’t allow its colonial subservient nations to go quietly.

    224. Fillofficer says:

      I’m sure Gillian Anderson will be delighted to hear that she has inspired another human beings existence. Shove this in yer X files 😉

    225. ronnie anderson says:

      @ Smallaxe no need of links but thanks onnyhows am well acquainted wie Big Boy Pants as archived posts would show lol.

    226. Luigi says:

      G H Graham @ 9:21 am

      Ach. They have been trying to assimilate us for 1000+ years. Sometimes very brutally and with huge effort. No success. I wouldn’t worry about them (the english).

      As the old saying goes (paraphrased):

      “it’s not the english holding us back, it’s the scots among us who lack ambition and imagination”

      The enemy within. 🙂

    227. galamcennalath says:

      G H Graham says

      This is the beginning of the end game.

      I believe it is. Ruth Wishart’s article (linked above) uses much the same phrase. I agree precisely with what you say about WM plans. I disagree (for now) with your last paragraph.

      I believe we have a short window of opportunity to call ScotRef and win a YES outcome. The Tories have plans, yes, but they are in disarray and have too much to deal with. We need to move soon while they are still back footed.

      My biggest fear is that they leave the EU next March with no deal then move into a ‘state of emergency’ mode. Then the far right can do as they wish, and will.

      As for UDI, perhaps it has its place, but not yet IMO. One scenario might be a YES win followed by WM delaying and prevarication as they currently do on Brexit. They will do what they always do – play for time and try to kick the can down the road. With a democratic mandate for Indy, the Scottish Government may need to move unilaterally.

    228. Highland Wifie says:

      Thanks Smallaxe. Still working my way through all these excellent links.
      Looking forward to the March on the 5th. Can anyone tell me, will flags etc be available to buy at the event or do we have to get them in advance?

    229. Archbishop of Dork says:

      Ruth Davidson wants a new Scotland born.

      If necessary by way of UVF Treatment.

    230. Smallaxe says:

      Highland Wifie,

      Thank you, I’m sure someone here will know whether flags are available.

    231. Smallaxe says:

      Scottish Gossip: Gerrard, Rangers, Rogic, Celtic, McInnes, Aberdeen;

    232. Breaking news!
      The leaders of North and South Korea have agreed to work to rid the peninsula of nuclear weapons after holding an historic summit.
      AND Ruth Davison is pregnant. With too many photos!

    233. sensibledave says:

      Peffers 6.50

      … I still don’t appear to have a response from you Mr Peffers to my comment on the “Scottish Media For Dummies” thread Dated April 23rd at 4.46.

      All I need you to do is accept, as there is in any large group of people, …. a small proportion of nut jobs.

      “Robin” is one such nut job.

      It absolutely does not reflect negatively upon other Wingers, that people like “Robin” exist.

      Where it does reflect badly is when people keep trying to cover for them or not slap them down.

      It is the same sort of issue that Jeremy Corbyn has with antisemitism in the Labour Party. No one believes Mr Corbyn is an anti-semite. His problems arise when he doesn’t appear to deal decisively and purposefully with those in his party that are.

      And that is a perfect analogy for your valiant defense of people like “Robin” whilst he posts here on Wings. Other wingers had no problem having a go at Robin for his views … but you just can’t accept that there might be nut jobs in your midst and you defend him to the last – just because he is pro-independence.

    234. AfroScot says:

      We should use this for any future referendum question:

      Do you consent to Scotland being a fully independent nation? Yes / No

      Where Yes = consent, spoiled ballot = consent, No = consent and failure to vote also = consent. ?

    235. Smallaxe says:

      So THIS is what they meant by “Taking Back Control!”;

    236. Ken500 says:

      It’s the end for May and the Tories. Offending everyone. Just a total mess. How much longer can this mess go on? Sanctioning and starving people. Unnecessary. Now Doctrs are not getting visas. Chucking out people. Taking £Billions from Scotland.

      The people in Wales voted for Brexit. Scotland did not. The SNP standing up for Scotland. Imagine if the unionists were in power. They would just capitulate as before. The SNP should not give an inch. 7 years. The Tories will not last seven months. Nasty, cruel and coarse. Johnston the imbecile. May trying to cover her tracks. What a crew.

      Another Labour plant attacks the SNHS. A Doctor’s appointment could have been obtained before nine a.m. If pain regime had run out.

    237. ScottieDog says:

      @Arhbishop Of Dork
      “Ruth Davidson wants a new Scotland born.

      If necessary by way of UVF Treatment.”

      Lol. I thought that stood for Unfair Villification of Foreigners.

    238. louis.b.argyll says:


      Mr Peffers to you, maybe too busy to lower his gaze to your argument.

      Perfect analogy? Aye?

      But anti-Semitism IS still a problem in England, from both Left and Right wing party members and activists,

    239. John P Henry says:

      Westminster wants to remove these powers from the Holyrood Parliament to use for it’s self.
      It’s an old fashioned Highway robbery that’s going on. “This is a hold-up, Stand and deliver”.

      Isn’t it the situation where the Scottish Parliament already has these powers and that possession is nine tenths of the law, and if the WG tries to take them from Holyrood that could be considered to be theft?.

    240. Highland Wifie says:

      @Brian Doonthetoon
      Thanks for that. Will get on it.

    241. pitchfork says:

      Appalling hatchet piece by Carrell in the Guardian on the SNP and CA yesterday. Pure smear. Comments disables natch. Cowards.

    242. Smallaxe says:

      DUP-Tory deal is ‘the greatest obstacle’ for Northern Ireland;

      UK economy in weakest growth since 2012;

    243. Smallaxe says:

      Day-old royal already more successful than any scientist, firefighter, carer…;

      Have a great and peaceful day, Wingers,

    244. Scotland says:

      My new name for west minister is the Borg the collective resistance is futile you will be assimilated?

    245. mike cassidy says:

      Cheer yourself up with the best ever edition of BBC Question Time.

    246. auld highlander says:


      That’s all that lot down there are and they have been
      raping and pillaging Scotland since 1707,
      take take take with wery little in return.

      It’s time we were rid of them.

    247. ronnie anderson says:

      Highland Wifie (Flags) there will be flags on sale from various stalls on the day I have some & no doubt Ayemail will have flags Wings ect .

    248. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      pitchfork at 11.00
      Carrell still owes me fifteen quid for the cheque he bounced on me for b and b at Kilmun when he worked for the Scotsman covering story on the pollution of the Holy Loch after the American left. Still got the cheque somewhere. It was sent to his employer who sent it back to me.

    249. mike cassidy says:

      And as a ‘Question Time’ bonus

      watch Christopher Hitchens rip the easily offended a new one at the start of this 2007 episode.

      Little did he know it was just the start of the ‘”I find this offensive’ onslaught.

      In fact he’s so good, I might bite the bullet and watch the rest of this.

      A small portion at a time, obviously.

    250. mike cassidy says:

      The Hitchens link here.

    251. louis.b.argyll says:


      You’re keen. Don’t forget that pinch of salt, to buffer the acidic superiority of the QT panel.

    252. Brian Powell says:


      Carrell is quite the little bag of shit! But seeing he came from the Scotsman I can see why, it’s a pile of dung.

    253. Meg merrilees says:

      Goodness me Smallaxe – don’t think I’ll get time to read ALL those links today, wonderful. Thankyou.

      Fascinating to discover what the Scottish media consider as NEWS.

      Only the herald mentions the Scotland/UK standoff… sorry Nicola Sturgeon’s stubborn, immature, self-indulgent resistance to total submission to WM, doff your cap and bow to your imperial Masters.

      Large btl comments section makes interesting reading and ell done all those Indy minded holding the fort. Proving that Nicola is not standing alone against WM.

      Amazing scenes coming out of the Korean peninsula – let’s hope it is genuine.

      Anyone else planning a trip to Balmoral around July 13th?

    254. louis.b.argyll says:

      I didn’t really mind that my name was linked with French Kings, Jazz Trumpeters and the guy who patented milk-
      ..but now there’s a Prince Louis to contend with.

    255. Highland Wifie says:

      Thanks Ronnie!
      Hoping to meet some Wingers on the day so I can put faces to names.

    256. Valerie says:

      Thanks to smallaxe for the plethora of reading!

      The Ruth Wishart piece is very sensible, with just a slight sense of urgency.

      If this isn’t the endgame, then I’d like to know what is. Stormont shut for over a year, Wales capitulates to Tory grab. Only the difficult jocks remain. As we know, that will play well to Britnat audiences.

      Labour really are scum. Plenty of the millions of Remainers down south, now finding that out, with them losing lots of new members, and lots on Twitter saying they have no intention of voting Labour on 3rd May, so those local elections will be interesting.

      We had David Davies up in front of the Committee this week, and it’s obviously been played down in the Press. It was yet another masterclass for cretins.

      We have achieved a lot, but I can’t name anything. I’m very busy, and can’t stay at this meeting. The NI border will be agreed, or something will be sorted later.

      I honestly think they are stringing everything out until Mar. 19, to crash out without a deal. Nothing except that outcome fits with what is going on. They really are that stupid.

      As others say, they can’t afford to let us go, if only it was about politics. With oil at $70 a barrel, they need that backing, and crashing out of EU with ensuing chaos is worth it.

      Economic growth down from 0.4 to 0.1 this quarter, and Hammond says it’s cos the Beast from the East.

      Still playing to their terminally stupid audience.

    257. Breeks says:

      For once, I feel quite optimistic.

      Mike Russell delivered a stern but measured warning to Westminster, and Jonathan Mitchell QC might scarcely have uttered a more damning critique of Westminster’s arrogance. I was overjoyed too that Mike Russell gave his affirmation to respect the will of the people over Brexit, and EU membership, not the token platitudes of mere access to the Single Market. Thanks Mike. That felt like an affirmation written for my own exclusive benefit. It wasn’t, but it felt like it. Big thumbs up from me all the same.

      What I would like to see now are some none-too-subtle hints coming from Europe that they are fully switched on and alert to the mood in Scotland, and that trouble is brewing for Westminster. I hope that Europe has a contingency plan for Scotland. Come on Alyn Smith… another wee standing ovation wouldn’t go amiss in the coming few weeks. Europe “not letting us down” is unfinished business. Maybe it’s time to collect on the offer.

      The media is the great unknown. To some extent, the Media has shot its bolt, but to what extent? They have overcooked their anti-Scottish agenda, and now stand greatly reduced in the eyes of many. Propaganda however is still our biggest enemy and we must never be complacent about its influence. It puts the will of our enemy into the minds of our friends, and leaves us divided, like an occupied Country at war. But maybe that’s not a bad way to see the BBC “output”.

      Finally, I am optimistic that our Constitutional salvation, the “real deal”, the emancipation of our Sovereignty, is going to happen, and increasingly I believe it may happen independently (small “I”) of any Referendum. Oh there undoubtedly will be a referendum, but I now think we will already be recognised as a Sovereign Nation before we even call ScotRef2, and it will then slowly dawn on us that being Sovereign largely nullifies the actual need for having a ScotRef2 at all.

      Thats not to say there won’t be trouble ahead. Westminster will retreat from defeat like a wounded beast and swear vengeance against us. However influencing people with the dark magic of propaganda might provoke unrest and disturbances, but it is not strong enough to overturn Constitutional laws and recognised sovereign legitimacy. Sovereignty will also allow us the tools we need to provide Scotland with an alternative to the BBC without both hands tied behind our back.

      So yes, I hope Europe has a Plan B fast-track contingency for Scotland, and I hope Holyrood has a similar fast-track contingency to get a Scottish State Broadcaster on the Scottish airwaves as soon as it becomes practicable. Suppose we have to hire in European News Network for the first few months, those months could be vital. Maybe an early joint venture with Ireland’s RTE? (Just a suggestion…) Maybe we can offer some productive sabbaticals for some Catalonian journalists… Just a suggestion… Maybe we can see Messers Ponsonby, Robertson, Bateman, and all the rest, Phantom Power, Independence Live, Truly Scottish TV…ALL of them making a good decent honest living in Scotland. Mike Greenwell too. Alright, alright, Hardeep Singh Kholi too… Anybody else I missed? No, “I’m a Celebrity Cake Bakers” can all apply for a visa to work for the BBC.

      Yup. I think that’s quite enough optimism to be going on with. Godammit that’s the sun trying to come out now too… Don’t know what the world is coming to.

    258. scunner says:

      Wow, just made it out to the local shop and browsed the newstand.

      Almost every front page plastered with the “oh look, A squirrel” story that is Ruth Davidson’s expected wean. In what other country would this be deemed front page news?

      Joked with the wife that “it shouldn’t be allowed” – Tories breeding that is!
      Congrats & Fingers crossed for a trouble-free pregnancy.

      The others demanding Shona Robison resign due to an ambulance cock-up with a terminally-ill lady. “lost my Dignity” screams the Express. Does not one see the irony here? Lost her dignity having anything to do with the Express.

      “She should resign ‘cos she’s in charge” to paraphrase. How about formally complaining to your local Health Board/ Ambulance – service like a normal person?

    259. Robert Peffers says:

      @galamcennalath says: 27 April, 2018 at 9:53 am:

      ” … the Scottish Government may need to move unilaterally.”

      You still don’t get it, galamcennalath. The Scottish Government doing a UDI is a recipe for disaster – for Scotland.

      Furthermore there is absolutely no need for a Unilateral Declaration of Independence as Scotland is an equally sovereign Kingdom in union with only one other kingdom and, as an equal partner, has as much right to leave as England has. Scotland will not be leaving the United Kingdom, Scotland, The Kingdom Of, will be ending the Union.

      Read the bloody name, “T

    260. Robert Peffers says:

      @galamcennalath says: 27 April, 2018 at 9:53 am:

      ” … the Scottish Government may need to move unilaterally.”

      You still don’t get it, galamcennalath. The Scottish Government doing a UDI is a recipe for disaster – for Scotland.

      Furthermore there is absolutely no need for a Unilateral Declaration of Independence as Scotland is an equally sovereign Kingdom in union with only one other kingdom and, as an equal partner, has as much right to leave as England has. Scotland will not be leaving the United Kingdom, Scotland, The Kingdom Of, will be ending the Union.

      Read the bloody name, “THE UNITED KINGDOM”, is, would you believe a kingdom not a country.

    261. yesindyref2 says:

      I read that Ruth Wishart article and she mentions 1979. I remember well those days, my arguments weren’t with people against devolution, they were with Independence supporters who weren’t happy with it being devolution only, largely SNP, and Labour supporters and shop stewards who’d been taken in by the propaganda “It’s not a very good bill, a better one will be along later”.

      I couldn’t believe how daft and gullible people could be. No idea how successful I was, the SNP did fall behind the Ref in time, and even delivered Labour leaflets when some of Labour went the other way – Brian Wilson and his cohorts. Falkirk for instance was one where the office was raided by the SNP and bundles of leaflets put around.

      The message is clear, take what you can when you can and work for more. In terms of Indy Ref 2, if this opportunity isn’t taken “Let’s wait until miracles happen in 2022 or later and the tooth fairy leaves a quid under my pillow”, which kind of reminds me of the Monkees for some odd reason, then Independence will die, but not for 18 years, for 88 years.

      Whereas if it’s a NO vote again, it will keep the flame alive and there will be another Ref, and another one and another one, the flame will not die.

      On the other hand if it’s a YES …

    262. yesindyref2 says:

      The 1979 Devolution Referendum by the way, for any lurkers not around at the time, was rigged by some Labour rebels supported inevitably by the Tories in Westminster, so that 40% of the WHOLE electorate had to vote for devolution, vote YES. That’s 40% of a very inaccurate and out of date electorate which included dead people, sick people, non-existent people, and people moved abroad including in England. Postal votes were rare in those days.

      In the event 51.5% voted YES and 48.4% voted NO, a clear majority for Devolution, but because some Labour rebels had rigged the majority needed, the Referendum faile to achieve the 40% needed (in the event 33% from a 64% turnout), Devolution had to wait another 18 years.

      We must not make the same mistake again.

    263. Clapper57 says:

      Does anyone know why G A Ponsonby’s twitter is down ?

    264. Robert Peffers says:

      @sensibledave says: 27 April, 2018 at 10:32 am:

      “Peffers 6.50
      … I still don’t appear to have a response from you Mr Peffers to my comment on the “Scottish Media For Dummies” thread Dated April 23rd at 4.46.”

      That’ll be because I don’t bother to read all of your drivel just as I also usually scroll past several other time wasting anti-Scottish, British Nationalists/English patriots, comments.

      You are all mainly here to disrupt the threads and, for the most part, are best ignored.

      If you all had a good case to make, and good proofs to offer, to show that Scotland was actually better within the union, than out of it, then we would have reasons to enter into debate.

      To date none of you have done other than postulate unsubstantiated clap-trap and spurious Westminster doctored statistics of the kind we see annually in the GERS reports. I, and many others, have shot all those fake figures to bits on many occasions. For heaven’s sake you do not even know what the Barnett Formula is or what it is supposed to do.

      Mind you, you are not alone. I have asked some very high ranking Britnat Government Ministers to explain it for me – I still await one giving a satisfactory and clear explanation.

      So there you go, you are just not important enough to bother reading everything that you claim and correcting your misconceptions.

    265. Bob Mack says:


      Good post apart from the Hardeep Singh Kohli bit. He has been noted as a slum landlord in Glasgow I believe,regardless of being a whistle lower. .

    266. Bob Mack says:


      Good post apart from the Hardeep Singh Kohli bit. He has been noted as a slum landlord in Glasgow I believe,regardless of being a whistleblower. .

    267. Legerwood says:

      Brian Doonthetoon says:
      27 April, 2018 at 9:45 am

      Thank you for the info.

    268. HandandShrimp says:


      Yes, the Guardian were also deleting any reference to the CA article in the still live “Wales isolates Scotland” rubbish but mine seems to have survived…which is nice. 🙂

      I see Severin and Libby now a piece on the alcohol minimum price thing which comes into force in a couple of days. The same thing as before. It won’t work and the shopkeepers will lose hundreds of pounds because people will reduce consumption.

    269. galamcennalath says:

      @Robert Peffers

      used to indicate that something is done by only one person, group, or country involved in a situation, without the agreement of others

      I said ” … the Scottish Government may need to move unilaterally. “ … which is correct.

      There is in some quarters the suggestion that the dissolution of the Union will come about by negotiation and mutual agreement. I don’t believe that. After a democratic mandate of Indy is achieved, the Scottish Parliament need only say, by majority, that the Union is over. No doubt England would expect to play some part in the process, as others opine. They won’t, their ‘permission’ isn’t necessary. The process will be unilateral.

    270. Footsoldier says:

      Those better clued up than I am could perhaps answer the following remarks.

      If Scotland and England are joined by the Treaty of Union, why do we need a referendum at all? Why is not possible for a majority of MSP’s in the Scottish Parliament to vote to to resile from said Treaty which would end the Union?

      To achieve this, a Scottish general election could be held on a single manifesto pledge of independence and no permission would be necessary from Westminster. Whether Westminster would accept such a result politically or legally is another matter.

      Over the years I have not heard much from the SNP about the Treaty of Union. We need to make our history as an independent country part of the debate.

    271. sensibledave says:

      Peffers 1.37

      So, in summary, by your attempted deflections, waffle and and by omission, you maintain your support the self confessed racist and the views he holds. Hey Ho.

      And, you wrote “You are all mainly here to disrupt the threads …”.

      No Sir, I am here to offer a different point of view the “me too” echo chamber that often exists here.

      BTW, as I may have mentioned, before and despite your needing and wanting for me to be anti Independence for Scotland – I am neutral/ambivalent with respect to SCotland’s future status.

      I only care about democracy. The people of Scotland were given the opportunity to vote for an Independent SCotland and they said no. When/if (time is quickly running out) another referendum is held and the vote goes the other way then I will be just as happy.

      … but you can’t “get” that can you. You can’t accept that it is the majority of Scots that decided they didn’t want what you were offering. And yet, all of your ire is directed at everyone else and every other institution in the UK as being to blame for your failure to inspire and persuade.

      Maybe they see people like you refusing to condemn the likes of “Robin” and then they might think that they don’t want anything to do with likes of you?

    272. Robert Peffers says:


      Here’s a wee experiment for wingers to try.

      Think of a outlandish item to search for on, for example, Google.

      Something like, “Genuine Wooden Toilet Seats”, then Google for it.

      Now select some of the websites that Google has returns for your search. Even click on a few of the websites Google has found for you.

      In little or no time you will find when commenters post links here on Wings that the pages the links lead to will be full of ads for, “Genuine Wooden Toilet Seats”.

      Now that wouldn’t be because Google is targeting you would it?

      Well would it?

      Nah! (cough!), of course not.

    273. Robin says:

      sensible dave

      What have I done to earn the privilege of a mention in one of your posts???

      I have never bothered with you on this website. I believe in free speech, so you can post as much shit as you want as long as it is within the guidelines set down by Rev Stu.

      Has it something to do with me highlighting my hatred of English dominance in all aspects of Scottish life???

      I am not keen on England trying to over rum my country and will continue to fight against London Rule.

      I hope this explains my position to you.

      Thanks for spending your valuable time reading this post sir.

      And don’t forget dave:

      Vote YES in IndyRef2.

    274. Bob Mack says:

      Sensibledave wants you to listen to his echo chamber instead.

      Oh dear.

    275. Derick fae Yell says:

      Just to note that the Scotland Act contains a provision for extraordinary general elections, but that requires either no First Minister to be nominated for a set period of time, or 2/3 of MSPs to vote for the dissolution of Parliament.

      So the Scottish Government can’t call a snap election without the broad support of the Scottish Parliament.

    276. Glamaig says:

      Clapper57 says:
      27 April, 2018 at 1:33 pm
      Does anyone know why G A Ponsonby’s twitter is down ?

      No idea but I have seen BBC peeps claiming they get abuse from him so it wouldnt surprise me if he has been taken down. I read his twitter every day and Ive never seen any abuse whatsoever.

      Or maybe he has just had enough for while, spending the amount of time watching the BBC that he does must do terrible things to your well-being.

      I hope he comes back.

    277. sensibledave says:

      Robin 2.15

      You wrote “I have never bothered with you on this website …”

      … Ah, but you have.

      You spewed out your hatred of England and the English. You are an unashamed racist Sir.

      Some proindy WIngers have taken you to task over your comments, but many others have “walked on by”. Peffers even defended you and was appalled that I might have suggested that you might be even a tincy-wincy bit racisit. Helpfully, you cleared that matter up beyond any doubt and clarified your position, unashamedly, as a proud racist.

      Thanks for your heip.

    278. Luigi says:

      Robert Peffers says:

      27 April, 2018 at 1:14 pm

      Furthermore there is absolutely no need for a Unilateral Declaration of Independence as Scotland is an equally sovereign Kingdom in union with only one other kingdom and, as an equal partner, has as much right to leave as England has. Scotland will not be leaving the United Kingdom, Scotland, The Kingdom Of, will be ending the Union.

      In that case, Robert, what we should be discussing is UEU

      A Unilateral Ending of the Union.

      We have to call it something.

      I’ll get my coat. 🙂

    279. HandandShrimp says:


      The Scots and English are different races? Seems a bit of a stretch. I think xenophobic might be a more accurate accusation.

      I don’t think Europeans generally are of different races much less the peoples of these isles.

      How we order our political structures is what matters. It doesn’t matter if the people in Westminster are English, Scottish or from the planet Zarg, those things that pertain to Scotland should be managed by Scotland.

    280. Robin says:

      sensible dave

      You are perfectly entitled to put your interpretation of a racist forward. It is not one that I would agree with.

      I am against English Rule in Scotland and will fight until my dying breath against it.

      If that is what you think is a racist, then I am guilty as charged.

      “One man’s freedom fighter is another man’s terrorist” – As they say.

      End English Colonial Rule in Scotland.

      I not only hate English Rule in Scotland,,,I detest it with a vengeance.

      And you nor anyone else will change those feelings.

    281. Robert Peffers says:

      @galamcennalath says: 27 April, 2018 at 1:52 pm:

      “@Robert Peffers
      used to indicate that something is done by only one person, group, or country involved in a situation, without the agreement of others “

      Yup! But you are still wrong. Need I spell it out yet again?

      First of all the United Kingdom is NOT a country it is exactly as its title describes it – a kingdom.

      Not only is it a Kingdom but it is a united Kingdom with what are two equally sovereign partner kingdoms as its only membership.

      Thus there is no question that the Kingdom Of Scotland is leaving the United Kingdom for when the Kingdom of Scotland decides to leave there is no further united kingdom of any sort.

      The United Kingdom will instantly have become again two equally sovereign kingdoms. A unilateral declaration of independence is when a part of a whole country leaves another country.

      To get that sorted in the mind think on this – If the Principality of Wales were to say it was leaving the Kingdom of England that would be UDI because when England annexed Wales it did so legally because both were under the rule of law of Divine Right of Kings and a monarch defeating another in war legally absorbed the loser. Same goes for N.I. as England legally, under Divine Right, annexed all Ireland by the Irish Crown of Ireland act.

      The Treaty of union was quite a different matter as, first of all both kingdoms were not under the rule of law od Divine right. The Kingdom of England, (all three countries), was a Constitutional Monarchy, (it still is)., but the Kingdom of Scotland had NOT been under Divine Right since 1320.

      The Treaty of Union was a legally binding contract between two equally sovereign kingdoms – like a marriage, if either partner decides the marriage is over then it is and what legally remains is, “The Status Quo Ante”. a.k.a. Return to the status as was in force before the union/marriage.

      In other words it is a situation of two equals parting company. UDI is quite different in that what is left behind is the original minus a part that broke away but there can be no United Kingdom when the Kingdom of Scotland leaves.

      It is thus not unilateral. The Kingdom of Scotland is not a junior partner of the United Kingdom we are a fully equal partner the Kingdom of England.

      Or again it is not the Kingdom of Scotland leaving the United Kingdom it is the Kingdom of Scotland and the Kingdom of England ending their partnership.

      You have absorbed far too much Westminster and BBC brainwashing and you think, as they do, that Westminster is the Kingdom of England.

    282. Robin says:

      I saw Kim Jong Un on a walkabout this morning.

      Doesn’t he look remarkably well for being three months pregnant???

      Boom Boom !!!

    283. Breeks says:

      Want a strange thought about this Cambridge Analytica stuff?

      I know it’s a massively controversial can of worms, but can I ask whether what Facebook was doing selling personal data about users is any different than what the banks have been doing with all our financial data for decades?

      Strikes me being “bracketed” by your browsing history and online activity is not massively different from being bracketed by your financial status and banking activity.

      Don’t get me wrong, that’s not saying it’s all ok. The one is as insidious as the the other, but I just find it curious the Banking Industry is the Establishment Player, so it’s “move along, there’s nothing to see here”, whereas the Internet, perhaps the biggest threat to the hegemony of the Establishment, suddenly becomes the Devil incarnate because it decides to share and sell data about people – just like the banks do.

      My Spidey sense tells me that bar a few noteable exceptions, the power players in cyberspace are not genetically evil at heart, but the bewildering technological advances we are witnessing are seen as both a threat and opportunity for the purest evil black heart of the Establishment. These people are geeks yes, and very rich geeks nowadays too, but I honestly don’t think they are super villains. The Establishment on the other hand…

      Cambridge Analytica is merely the “Bank”…The human face and expendable go-between, surreptitiously exploiting the many, but so slightly done they are barely aware of it, but all for the narrow benefit of the very small number of greedy super-rich vampires who want control and ownership of all things.

      In some respects, Cambridge Analytica is the Northern Rock of the Internet. Too greedy, too obnoxious, too unregulated. Cambridge Analytica will be thrown to the wolves, but lessons have been learned, and the black heart of the Establishment will simply have tweaked its operations and moved on.

      What is the “solution” to prevent another Cambridge Analytica type scandal? There is no solution. The only crime the Establishment won’t excuse… is getting caught.

    284. Meindevon says:

      Down here in ddd there has been no mention anywhere of these latest amendments which overrule the SG at every turn. Nothing. Even the Continuity bills draw blank looks from everyone.

      How the press in Scotland are not covering this is diabolical. Down here I can almost understand it, but not in Scotland.

      Surely there must be some way of bypassing the Brit pack press and getting the message out there about what is happening.

      Keep up the good work Stu, if it wasn’t for you (& a few good others) I bet you would all be a region of England already.

    285. Proud Cybernat says:

      Very perceptive letter in today’s The National:

      “I HAVE been puzzled that the reporting of the Westminster “power grab” has concentrated almost entirely on the ongoing disagreements and stand-offs, without any analysis of what lies behind this attempt to expropriate, even temporarily, specifically devolved competences. Even without interim EU involvement, these powers would never have resided with Westminster after devolution.

      Firstly, Westminster has already put a time limit upon the period during which they will continue to support farming on a decreasing scale after Brexit, and the seven years of the “sunset clause” more than covers this. So by the time they “might” pass on these powers to Holyrood, farming support will have ceased, along with the funding that Holyrood might have expected for it – a big saving for Westminster and reduced budget for Scotland. If anyone doubts this, they need only consider how the EU grant allocated two years ago, specifically for Scottish hill farmers, has seen only 20 per cent passed on and 80 per cent retained by the Treasury.

      Secondly, anyone who watched the progress of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership negotiations on trade between the EU and America will know that one condition on which America refused to budge was the right to export to us foodstuffs that our more stringent regulations banned, most notably chicken washed with chlorine and other disinfectants as a substitute for hygienic husbandry and meat from cattle fed growth hormones and other antibiotics.

      Another was that major American companies would be able to sue any government that passed a law that hit their profits – think of the smoking ban here. The EU Parliament, on our behalf, voted this deal out, but Theresa May knows that a UK deal with America cannot be achieved without these conditions being included, and Holyrood would never agree to endanger public health in this way.

      Thirdly, leaks from civil servants working on Brexit reveal that Scotland’s fishing “must be regarded as expendable” and Theresa May herself has said publicly that “the deal must not disadvantage EU fishermen” and “Spanish fishermen should not be left poorer”. Again, there is proof of this hidden agenda in the fact that the promises to fishermen about returning powers after Brexit day have already been broken.

      That this power grab is necessary to protect the internal UK market just does not wash. It has functioned perfectly well for 40-odd years while Westminster had no control over the exercise of these powers, so why would that change? This is not about protection of the UK market or anything else. It is that Theresa May desperately needs the powers to dilute some of the conditions that benefit us and our food producers, protect us from unhealthy, tainted imports and our government from legal attack, so that she can, at whatever cost, forge the trade deals she so desperately needs. And these are daily becoming more and more illusory.

      Let no-one be fooled that this is just a simple, temporary measure to ensure “regulatory convergence” within the UK – we would have that on day one anyway if the powers came straight to Holyrood.

      P Davidson

    286. Robert Louis says:

      Robert Peffers is right. The UK is formed of two signatories to an international treaty. That treaty can be ended by either party whenever, so it really is not the same as UDI.

      An international treaty is just a written agreement between two countries (or in the UK case kingdoms), and of course one signatory cannot stop the other from ending the agreement. France and Germany, for example, could have a trade treaty, but it wouldn’t mean that Germany could forever prevent France from ending that trade treaty and trading with a different country, or even that France would need to ASK for permission from Germany. Treaties are just agreements. That is what the union treaty is.

      Westminster, with all its hubris, likes to pretend it can stop Scotland ending the treaty, but in reality it can’t.

      Sadly many Scots over many decades have fallen for the guff from London. It is also why clueless English Tory AND labour MP’s talk of Scotland like a possession, since they do not understand the nature of the treaty of union. In effect, many in Westminster have fallen for their own hype.

    287. yesindyref2 says:

      Anyways, the big game in town at the moment is to preserve Devolution as it is, a Devolution 74.3% of Scotland voted for in 1997, albeit with added powers from the EU that are part of the already devolved powers from the Scotland Act 1998.

      From that point of view Sturgeon as FM of the whole of Scotland is doing her best, and she has needed to make it plain it’s not about Independence, it’s not about the “Nats”, it’s not about “Nationalism” and it’s not about Indy Ref 2.

      Labour consider themselves as the party of Devolution, and likewise the LibDems. As long as Sturgeon sticks at the moment to the straight and narrow of Devolution, that means she and the SNP and Greens, should be able to count on 100% support from Labour and the LibDems in fighting off the diabolical Tory power grab, withholding consent to the EU Withdrawal Bill unless Clause 11 is removed or further modified to explicitly need consent from the Scottish Parliament for the “UK framework” in devolved areas, and also fully support the Continuity Bill which they voted for (except Rumbles), and to support opposing the UK Gov’s action in the UKSC.

      This will be very frustrating for us Indy supporters, but it is totally the correct path for Sturgeon and the Scottish Government for the next few weeks, and it is just a few weeks.

    288. Capella says:

      @ Footsoldier – I think you’ll find that Westminster regards the Treaty of Union a “reserved” matter.

    289. Dan Huil says:

      I’m heartened to see so many cars in the north-east having the Saltire on their number plates. I’m also fine with a small number of others using the butcher’s apron – an excellent incentive.

    290. Robert Peffers says:

      @Footsoldier says: 27 April, 2018 at 1:58 pm:

      If Scotland and England are joined by the Treaty of Union, why do we need a referendum at all? Why is not possible for a majority of MSP’s in the Scottish Parliament to vote to to resile from said Treaty which would end the Union?”

      Simple answer, Footsoldier is that under English law, (which applies to all three Kingdom of England countries), the Queen of England is legally sovereign. (Note that it is The Royal Navy, Royal Air Force and Westminster is, (wrongly), described as, “Her Majesty’s Government”. It is Her Majesty’s Treasury and Her Majesty’s Customs and Excise too.

      However, Scots law and English law are independent and that is affirmed in Article of Union No.19.

      This is mainly because, under English Law, the Queen is still legally sovereign in the three country Kingdom of England but the English, “Glorious Revolution”, of 1688, forced English Monarchs to legally delegate their sovereignty to the Parliament of England. Thus the English Queen is legally sovereign but the Parliament of England exercises the English Monarch’s sovereignty.

      Not so under Scottish law where the people are legally sovereign and did not legally delegate that sovereignty to anyone on a permeant basis.

      Those two legal systems can never be reconciled which is why it is covered by Article of Union 19 of the Treaty of Union. So here’s what that means legally:-

      The people of the three country Kingdom of England elect their MPs to exercise the Queen of England’s legal sovereignty so the English, Welsh and N.Irish MPs represent the Queen of England in Westminster. However, the people of Scotland choose their MPs to represent the people of Scotland at Westminster.

      Note that all English, Welsh and Irish MPs must take an oath of loyalty to the Queen but Scots MPs may choose not to but to make an, “affirmation”, instead. This is why Sein Fein MPs do not sit in the Westminster parliament – they will not swear loyalty to a Queen they do not recognise as their Queen, (they are of course republicans).

      Now here’s the point of all that – Scots MPs do not, and cannot have, sovereignty because once sovereign you cannot give away your sovereignty. That applies under both English & Scottish law.

      That is why the Queen of England is still legally sovereign in all three countries of the Kingdom of England and why Elizabeth Regina is titled Queen of Scots and is not sovereign under Scots law.

      And the End Game is this – There hasn’t been an elected as such Parliament of England since the last day of April 1707 and Westminster is NOT thus the legally elected Parliament of England so the Scots MPs need to get the express permission of a majority of the legally sovereign people of Scotland to end the United Kingdom.

      Yet as there isn’t an elected as such parliament of England and Westminster has split up the United Kingdom as four countries, but only devolved powers to three of them, then Westminster has illegally just adopted itself as the, unelected as such, de facto parliament of the country of England that is thus devolving English powers to the other three countries. However, Scotland is not just another country – Scotland is an equally sovereign kingdom and a full partner in the two kingdom United Kingdom.

      So the people of Scotland cannot legally give away their sovereignty and must thus specifically instruct their elected MPs to end the union. Unfortunately the SG only has the people’s mandate to hold a referendum to end the union and that is not a mandate to just walk out and end the union.

    291. Robert Peffers says:

      @Luigi says:27 April, 2018 at 2:39 pm:

      “In that case, Robert, what we should be discussing is UEU
      A Unilateral Ending of the Union.
      We have to call it something.”

      How about us just calling it what it is?

      The end of the union or a divorce on the grounds of cruelty.

    292. Proud Cybernat says:

      “Unfortunately the SG only has the people’s mandate to hold a referendum to end the union and that is not a mandate to just walk out and end the union.”

      Well, should there be another snap GE, the SNP, imo, should stand on a manifesto pledge, thus:

      “Should a majority of SNP MPs be elected in Scotland, then we will regard that as a mandate to terminate the Treaty of Union and we shall enter into negotiations with the UK Government for a period no greater than 18 months to bring this to effect. Failing an agreed termination of the Treaty, the SNP will unilaterally declare the Treaty dissolved.”

      The United Nations does not require a referendum in order to recognise an independent state, only that it is brought about in a democratic manner. A majority of SNP MPs in Scotland should satisfy that requirement. IMO.

    293. CameronB Brodie says:

      Contemporary British nationalism is an expression of Tory ethos and tradition, or to be more precise, it’s an expression of fascistic racism that is charaterised by a particularly Anglican voice (see the Prime minister, for example). Liberty and the respect of others has no future in a Scotland that is bound to the will of England.

      Volition and Agency

      The psychology of volition

      The Agentic Self: On the Nature and Origins of Personal Agency Across the Lifespan,%20Snyder,

    294. CameronB Brodie says:


    295. the wasp says:

      Very O/T but possibly pertinent to others on here.

      One of my good friends is in Glasgow today seeing consultant surgeon after a procedure she has last year isn’t healing correctly. I had a few messages this morning and about an hour ago I checked messenger on my phone to see if she had been in touch.

      I had been logged out of my account and it showed that I had to log in again. While doing this Facebook asked for I.D. Hard copy I.D. to verify the name I was using, and what I was really known as. This is impossible to do for the reason is I use a nickname.

      In May last year a former work colleague posted to Facebook a Yoon rant by someone I assumed to be a friend of his. As the piece was completely wrong and full of lies and antiSNP allegations, I told this person that it was total bunkum. Later that night I was personally messaged that this guy and his pals were going to find me and ‘deal’ with me, so I shut down my account right away, as my wife is disabled and I was working with vulnerable adults, so didn’t need any stupid trouble.

      I waited a couple of months then set up a new account to keep in touch with colleagues and friends, as by that time I had retired from work, and used my grandfathers post WW1 footballing nickname. All went well until I posted on my constituency MPs Facebook page. I was called out for not being an actual person, but a natzsi troll. I explained what had happened, and also gave the Luke4Swindon page a miss for a few weeks.

      I returned to the page a couple of days ago and seeing lie upon lie from the main man and his acolytes, called them out, as were other people I may add. Facebook have received a message asking them to verify me, well isn’t that strange, I wonder who did that. Just saying…..

      Sorry if this isn’t relevant to anyone and too long

    296. Colin Alexander says:

      Robert Peffers

      Nicely explained.

      Can you also explain that that’s why the SNP had the general election manifesto (for decades) that the election of a majority of pro-indy ( SNP MPs) would mean that the SNP MPs would dissolve the Union based on the democratic electoral mandate of the sovereign people of Scotland.

      But they abandoned that policy circa 1992 and a vote for the SNP no longer means a vote for independence. A vote for the SNP is a vote for the (possible) Indyreferendum.

    297. Proud Cybernat says:

      “But they abandoned that policy circa 1992 and a vote for the SNP no longer means a vote for independence. A vote for the SNP is a vote for the (possible) Indyreferendum.”

      They can change back. Especially so with the 1997 Scotland Act being so fatally undermined by this reckless Tory Govt.

    298. Clapper57 says:

      @Glamaig says:
      27 April, 2018 at 2:25 pm


    299. Cubbyy says:

      Sensibledave = boring boring boring obnoxious arrogant ignorant paid to troll Britnat.

      Gain some self respect and get yourself a decent job.

    300. Cubbyy says:

      Sensibledave = boring boring boring obnoxious arrogant ignorant paid to troll Britnat.

      Gain some self respect and get yourself a decent job. Plonker.

    301. Confused says:

      – check this out

      – everyone upvote the comment by Frankie Manne.

      Nicola should offer the title of Laird of Brigadoon if he will support our bid for freedom at the UN Security Council – and tell him our Yoonie big brains have developed hair transplant technology from gene splicing with Highland COWS.

    302. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      birnie @ 08:38,

      Many thanks for that Ruth Wishart link. As others have noted, a very apposite and level-headed piece. But she was a voice that I’ve long missed (another name on the BBC blacklist, perchance?) so it was good to put her blog in my bookmarks.

      Her previous article is also very timely:

      I am of the generation which watched the 1979 referendeum sabotaged which meant a 20-year wait before Scotland got its parliamenmt back. I don’t believe the conspiracy theorists who suggest that the 2014 poll was similarly rigged. But I do know that the media onslaught was a significant factor. This time, four years on, the media game is very different. This time social media has altered the vote garnering business beyond recognition. Not by surreptious targetting of unwary electors, but by using all the new platforms up front to put forward a positive message.

      There is a window of opportunity between now and March – maybe not even as long as that. It can be used by the bold and the brave.

      I’m one of that generation too, and saw 20 wasted years come of that dastardly BritLab business. I don’t want to see out my years with a repeat of all that, until more people all on their ownsome finally wake up and do the necessary thing. She’s absolutely right about what we need to be right now. Bold and brave. With leadership to suit.

    303. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

      Only problem I forsee with the whole “Keep the red off your polling card!” thing @Smallaxe says at 4:19 pm is this:

      It’ll encourage folk to vote FibDem.

      Then we’ll get the whole “2nd EU Ref” thing in an attempt to split the Indy vote.

      Remember the FibDems in Coalition wi the Tories voted to allow the 49% privatisation of the NHS in England with the associated loss of Barnett Consequentials to Scotland for our SNHS.

      Oh Aye and hey are the Party of Carmichael, the proven in court liar.

      And Rumbles the only non Tory to vote down Scots Govt Continuity Bill.

      I know the folks South of the Border don’t have our luxury of the SNP but just sayin’.

    304. Looks like Capita,one of the Govs major `go to` businesses, is heading for the same place as Carillion,

      shares were once 1,304 now down to 159,and dropping,

      Carillion put up the buildings and Capita serviced them,

      Capita is basically the outsourced Civil Service,

      Capita got a real boost after a £1,000,000 loan to the Red Tories in 2006,

      Capita are involved in,

      Local Government,
      Police and Justice,
      Emergency Services,
      Telecoms and Media,
      Central Government,

      to big to fail ?

    305. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      Proud Cybernat @ 15:50,

      Yes. I thought exactly the same when I read it. One of two fine and very apposite letters in the paper today, the other by Alasdair Galloway re federalism.

      (Which is something of a relief compared to the section’s rather too frequent abundance of diversionary noise.)

    306. Valerie says:

      Smallaxe 4.19

      I was just mulling their silence on the CA topic the other day, so another piece falls into place.

      Their stance on Brexit, their stupid fact free pronouncements on the subject, make no sense at all for an alleged socialist party.

      Serves them right, just a pity it will mean more votes for Tories, unless there is an emergence of Lib Dem or Green votes.


    307. Valerie says:

      Joanna Cherry renews call on behalf of SNP to call for Rudd’s resignation, in light of leaked memo, showing she did know abiut targets.

      I’m just surprised there is anyone who thought she might be telling the truth.

      Breaking. Sorry, tried twice to archive it.

    308. Footsoldier says:

      @Robert Peffers. Thanks for the explanation in reply to mine of 1.58pm.

    309. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      Valerie @ 18:06,

      Well, I’m expecting an upswing in Green and LibDem votes in the English local elections. People with no other available choices waking up to the fact that Corbyn Labour is a Tory patsy for Brexit.

      Whereas Labour’s xenophobe/isolationist vote might well leak to the Tories, who are the real deal, after all. Some folk quite like to see immigrants being mercilessly kicked out of the country.

      (Which incidentally is why trying to appease these people up here for indy won’t work either.)

    310. Smallaxe says:


      Your link archived;

    311. crazycat says:

      @ Robert Peffers at 4.07

      Note that all English, Welsh and Irish MPs must take an oath of loyalty to the Queen but Scots MPs may choose not to but to make an, “affirmation”, instead.

      Could you provide a reference for that, please?

      Everything I’ve looked at (e.g. merely explains that the difference is whether or not Almighty God is mentioned.

      i.e. the oath is

      I… swear by Almighty God that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, her heirs and successors, according to law. So help me God.

      whereas the affirmation is

      I… do solemnly, sincerely and truly declare and affirm that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, her heirs and successors, according to law.

      The Wikipedia article implies that all MPs have a choice about which form of words to use, and makes no mention of there being a compulsion for non-Scots:

      The Principal Clerk of the Table Office at the despatch box offers a choice of affirmation or oath cards to read. The MP takes the oath or affirms, then moves along the Table to the Clerk Assistant and signs the Test Roll, a parchment book headed by the oath and affirmation which is kept by the Clerk of the House of Commons.

      It would be most unfair if English, Welsh and Irish atheists were still obliged to swear by a deity but Scots were not. (Fairness is not de rigeur at Westminster, of course.)

    312. geeo says:

      @yesindyref2 @3.55pm

      The other aspect of keeping labour and the libdems (minus bumbles) onside “defending devolution” is that there will come a point if WM stupidly do not back down re continuity bill, when we look them in the eye and say, the only way to defend devolution, is to support independence.

      That amendment, which is the topic here, ends devolution.

      The future is stark, indy or direct rule. That is clear as day now.

    313. Rock says:

      Robert Louis says:
      27 April, 2018 at 3:52 pm

      “Robert Peffers is right. The UK is formed of two signatories to an international treaty. That treaty can be ended by either party whenever, so it really is not the same as UDI.”

      Robert Peffers is the master of pedantry.

      His ancient history of the union, which even the SNP is not interested in let alone the vast majority of the people of North Britain, is of zero relevance to the modern struggle for independence.

      His time could be better spent writing a history of the union which could be used to teach history in Scottish schools, once Scotland becomes independent in 622 years’ time.

    314. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      Rock @ 20:17,

      When tempted to criticise anyone for “pedantry”, you would do well to remember the biblical injunction about motes in the eye.

      Unlike RP, your contributions to this site are never positive and never useful, but mere pathetic exercises in empty narcissism.

      Try a mirror. Takes far less effort and doesn’t intrude on anyone else.

    315. Hamish100 says:

      622 is that the mark of the beast? nope the boring drudgery of rock. Still an hour in so he will be heading of into the shadows for another night.

    316. Robin says:

      England is surgically and systematically reducing Scotland to have the same powers as any region in England.

      We are witnessing the English establishment’s Grand Plan to return Scotland to Direct Rule from London.

      They aren’t building all these shiny new offices in Edinburgh for the sake of it. First the Fisheries agency and then the Agriculture Agencies and then and then and then…

      Bit by bit they want to leave us powerless.

      Power is what makes England tick and they see Scotland as having gained far too much power over recent years.

      So their plan is to render us powerless.

      Don’t let the English succeed.

      They must be confronted at every opportunity.

      This is not a paranoid Scot speaking, this is a man who sees his Country being savagely raped by his English Colonial Masters.

      Fight England every inch of the way Nicola. We will support you all the way.

      If you fail, then we are all rubber ducked.


      All of this is aided and abetted by the English BritNat Parties in Scotland and the English supporting media.

      Fuck the English (establishment)

    317. Maria F says:

      @Jockanese Wind Talker
      “It’ll encourage folk to vote FibDem.
      Then we’ll get the whole “2nd EU Ref” thing in an attempt to split the Indy vote”

      Having a 2nd EU ref will be for Scotland another farce as big as the one in 23rd June was. For as long as Scotland is being forced by English MPs to vote as a region of England and not given a veto, there is absolutely no point whatsoever to participate in any UK wide referendum where minorities are not respected and when our vote, if it does not agree with that of England’s majority, is overruled and dismissed. I think the people of Scotland should be made aware of this fact. This Eu ref repeat is nothing but smoke and mirrors for Scotland.

      The reality here is that the LibDems do not give a fig for Scotland. The fact they oppose so strongly an independence referendum that it is the only real way Scotland has left to escape a brexit it did strongly vote against and a unilateral rewriting of the devolution settlement by a bunch of English tory MPs Scotland did not vote for or gave consent to, makes this abundantly clear.

      The rerun of the EU ref will be exclusively for the benefit of England, as it always is the case. LibDems are as colonialists as Tories and Labour are.

      In June 2015 the SNP made a bid to make sure the UK would only leave the EU if the four nations of the UK voted for Brexit. Considering the massive differences in population between England and the other 3 nations and considering the fact that those nations are following rather different political trajectories, this quadruple bid would have been the only fair way to ensure Scotland, NI and Wales could have voted as nations and would have had a truly democratic vote in that EU ref instead of voting as if they were property of England.
      As one would expect from MPs that see Scotland as another colony of England, an overwhelming majority of English MPs, of course, voted against this lock and therefore forced Scotland to vote as England’s region.

      Since at least the polls conducted in 2013, Scotland was consistently pro-EU. For all 2014 and 2015 Wales, according to those polls, was pro-EU. Bizarrely, the poll conducted by yougov in 9-11 Feb 2016 shows that Wales had become pro-Brexit and even more bizarre is that on 20 Feb 2016, Cameron, the so called remainer, announced the referendum date. It almost feels he was waiting for Wales to move steadily onto pro-brexit territory to announce that referendum to ensure brexit will win. Because from that point onwards it not longer matter how Scotland or NI would vote. Scotland and NI did not stand a chance and the tories knew it. Yet, they did not lift a finger to protect the minorities.

      The conclusion here to take home is that in absence of that quadruple lock in the vote as the SNP (backed by Plaid) proposed in 2015 or a veto that has now been denied by English MPs, there is absolutely no point whatsoever for Scotland to take part in any UK wide referendum, because it will always be at all effects England’s referendum. It will be just another farce as the EU ref was.

      If England votes for Brexit again, which I have not a shadow of a doubt that it will, Scotland’s pro-EU vote will be yet again dismissed and brushed under the unionist carpet by English MPs (and their useful idiots in Scotland) who will overrule Scotland’s vote. They already did it once and set precedence, so what is stopping them doing it again? nothing.

      So the question for David Rennie, Carmichael, Jo Swinson and the rest is:

      What is the effing point for Scotland to have another EU referendum? Another opportunity to be humiliated by colonialist English MPs using their vote to underline their perceived superiority of England? Or perhaps enjoying yet again the bitter privilege of being overruled by English MPs we did not vote for and being told without words that we are second rate citizens in this “union”?

      So EU ref take II? No thanks.

    318. Cubby says:

      Rock ?= boring boring boring boring paid to troll (usually clocks on at 8pm) Britnat.

      Get a decent job.

    319. Tinto Chiel says:

      “The future is stark, indy or direct rule. That is clear as day now.”

      I think you’ve crystallised it pretty well, geeo. A big constitutional brick wall is a-coming but Vichy Vision is focusing on Ruthie Babe’s Bump, drowning hedgehogs/squirrels and Gerrard furra ‘Gersyabamye.

      How long before the penny drops for the 55%?

      Sorry, 25% once bams have been removed.

      Are we nearly there yet?

    320. Maria F says:

      Rock says:
      “Robert Peffers is the master of pedantry”
      Is he? Because he does not come across as pedant but rather a very knowledgeable person in matters of history. His comments are always interesting and a pleasure to read. You would do well to learn from him.

      “His ancient history of the union”
      What do you mean exactly by ‘his’ and ‘ancient’? When did “your” “history” start, rock? in 2010?

      “let alone the vast majority of the people of North Britain”
      Well, considering that most English MPs and their useful idiots here in Scotland consider the words England and Britain as synonyms, I take that you are referring to the north of England. Yes, I think you may be right. I don’t expect they will have a lot of interest in the circumstances of the formation of the Union and the International Treaty of Union 1707.

      “is of zero relevance to the modern struggle for independence”
      with this claim you have revealed yourself as a complete ignoramus. That is what I am saying, Rock, keep reading Robert’s comments. You may actually learn something.

      “His time could be better spent writing a history of the union”
      And what version should that be according to you? The Britnat version that erects Henry VIII as the king of the kings, never mind that he actually predates the International Treaty of Union by a century and a half?

      “which could be used to teach history in Scottish schools”
      What Scottish schools need to teach is Scotland’s history. Scotland has been around for quite a while. Your beloved union is barely 3 centuries old.

      “once Scotland becomes independent in 622 years’ time”
      Do you plan to be mummified wrapped in the UJ so you can still be around in 622 years’ time to fight Scotland to the last minute? That is some British nationalism determination!

    321. geeo says:

      Apologies if already posted, been out all day.

      Posted on facebook, from twitter.

      This was a tweet by James Kelly @JamesKelly

      Can’t see why HMG would have a problem with this.

      In line with the UK government’s new doctrine on ‘consent’, I’d like to propose the following rules for the next independence referendum:
      A mandate for independence will be deemed to exist if –

      a) There is a Yes majority vote

      b) There is a No majority vote

      c) Nobody turns up

    322. Thepnr says:

      It’s quiet tonight and with nothing better to do then go and read that tweet again with all the legalese in the article at the top of the page.

      WTF does it mean? Have you managed to figure it out.

      I don’t have a clue and have read it about 5 times now lol. It’s mad pure mental so it is and that’s just the way they like it 🙂

      Total and utter bullshit that only a deluded British Unionist could be proud of.

    323. Robin says:

      England is surgically and systematically reducing Scotland to have the same powers as any region in England.

      We are witnessing the English establishment’s Grand Plan to return Scotland to Direct Rule from London.

      They aren’t building all these shiny new offices in Edinburgh for the sake of it. First the Fisheries Agencies and then the Agriculture Agencies.

      Bit by bit they want to leave us powerless.

      Power is what makes England tick and they see Scotland as having gained far too much power.

      So their plan is to render us powerless.

      Don’t let the English succeed.

      They must be confronted at every opportunity.

      This is not a paranoid Scot speaking, this is a man who sees his country being savaged by his English Colonial Masters.

      Fight England every inch of the way Nicola. We will support you all the way.

      If you fail, then we are all rubber ducked.


      All of this is aided and abetted by the English BritNat Parties in Scotland and the English supporting media.

      Fuck the English (establishment)

    324. Proud Cybernat says:

      If your heart says Yes,
      But your head says No.
      Remember this.
      The UK’s a mess,
      And it’s time to go.
      Devo is Dead.
      Vote YES instead.

    325. yesindyref2 says:

      Shhh 🙂

      Yup, that’s the idea.

    326. call me dave says:

      McLeish: Urges the branch party to support the FM. 🙂

      The National. tommorow.

      Jings has he moved an arse cheek a wee bit towards oor side of that fence post he’s been balancing on for the last 10yrs.

    327. K1 says:

      ‘You spewed out your hatred of England and the English. You are an unashamed racist Sir.’

      The English aren’t a race, you imbecilic prick.

    328. Robert Peffers says:

      @Colin Alexander says: 27 April, 2018 at 4:51 pm:

      “Can you also explain that that’s why the SNP had the general election manifesto (for decades) that the election of a majority of pro-indy ( SNP MPs) would mean that the SNP MPs would dissolve the Union based on the democratic electoral mandate of the sovereign people of Scotland.

      I just did so Colin. If you don’t understand it – then tough!

    329. geeo says:

      This should brain fart the britnats on the Herald btl.

      If these 111 powers are DEVOLVED areas, then the idea of a common uk framework is a moot point. 

      They are devolved. 

      That means Devolved parliaments are free to do things as they see fit with devolved powers.

      You cannot temporarily give away devolved powers, they are devolved or they are not. 

      The question the media seem scared to answer, or even ask, is this, 

      “Why would the WM gov NEED temporary control of powers they are going to “re-devolve”(sic) for the purpose of setting up “uk wide” frameworks, when the idea of devolution is the opposite of “uk wide” ?

      “What do WM want to do in these areas BEFORE “re-devolving”(sic) them”??

    330. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Hats off to The National.

      Rock must be thrilled.


    331. Gary45% says:

      “What do WM want to do in these areas BEFORE “re-devolving them”?
      To strip the devolved areas/assets to the bone, where they will be worth absolutely nothing when an Independent Scotland becomes a world player.
      I just wish the Scottish electorate realise that this is the “Highland Clearances” on a “Super Industrial Scale” if we let them get away with it?
      I hope I have not demeaned the original Highland Clearances with my comment, but the country is finished if Westminster gets away with this.

    332. Thepnr says:

      Westminster might just have bitten off more than it can chew with their challenge to the Scottish Parliament’s Continuity Bill.

      I’m really looking forward to this, there may be some surprises in store and there is no such thing as bad publicity. Except for Westminster that is, I’m keching it after all they have Boris the Buffoon, May the Muppet and Gove the Gimp on their side.

      I’m sure Nicola Sturgeon and Mike Russell are keching it too.

    333. Valerie says:

      More good news, and always relevant to us.

      Robert Peston has just tweeted his incredulity at OBR projections for the National debt, to go up by 220 billion, taking debt up to £1.9trillion, and says it has huge impact on Brexit.

      David Davies threatening to quit, in a strop about perceived softening on Brexit.

    334. Thepnr says:

      I forgot Mogg the Muppet, Davies the Dick and Fox the biggest fecking halfwit in the Conservative Party.

      A Scot from East Kilbride of Irish descent brought up in a council house what a fucking arsehole and embarrassment to his roots that man is.

    335. Robert Peffers says:

      @Footsoldier says: 27 April, 2018 at 6:20 pm:

      “@Robert Peffers. Thanks for the explanation in reply to mine of 1.58pm.”

      Aye! Footsoldier, every Scottish person has been brainwashed since birth. If not by the way they were taught history in the Scottish Education system then by the media and press that is mainly Westminster Establishment owned.

      When I was at school I could count on one finger the teachers who were not the products of the Oxbridge University system and Oxford in particular has been a hotbed of British/English political leaders and continues as such today.

      The Bullingdon club for starters:-

      See how many of these people you recognise:-

      It isn’t until a Scottish person begins to actually get the truth and stops believing the absolute lies that have passed as Scottish history that they begin to think in a totally different manner.

      Not until the Scot realises the United Kingdom is NOT a country and that Westminster itself is really not what it projects itself to the World as that the Scot begins to think differently and then it becomes only too clear how the so called United Kingdom has been a lie since day one.

      The truth being that legally the United Kingdom was begun as an agreement between two equally sovereign, and thus equally independent, Kingdom that began, by a marriage of convenience between two young children, hundreds of years before and ended up with each kingdom’s crowns on the same person’s head in 1603.

      The thing never mentioned is that that same person’s head was that of the King of Scots, (not the King of Scotland), who, under English law would have just tagged the existing three country Kingdom of England onto his existing Scottish kingdom and everyone in both kingdoms would have been Scottish.

      In 1603 the three country Kingdom of England was under the rule of law of Divine Right of Kings but the Kingdom of Scotland had abandoned that rule of law in 1320 by the internationally recognised, “Declaration of Arbroath”, that declared that the people, not the monarch, were sovereign under Scots law.

      Thus James VI of Scots became also James I of England by inheriting the crowns of England, Wales and Ireland. The reason he did not become James I of Great Britain and Ireland was because, under Scots law, he was not sovereign in Scotland so could not legally unite Scots sovereignty with that of The Kingdom of England. Only the legally sovereign people of Scotland could do that.

      It was not until 1688 and the English Kingdom’s, “Glorious Revolution”, that the English Parliamentarians revolted against their true monarchy and deposed them that the Rule of Law in the Kingdom of England slightly changed and the three countries became, “A Constitutional Monarchy”, but still, to this day, the Monarch of the Kingdom of England remains sovereign, (i.e. Has “The Divine Right of Kings”. The slight change was that the English legal system ruled that, “Sovereignty”, belonged to the kingdom and could not be given away by the monarchy.

      In practice they deposed their sitting monarch, (who was also Monarch of Scots), and replaced that monarch with King Billy & Queen Mary of Orange. However, as both Kingdoms were still legally independent, whatever the English parliament did was not legally a decision of the Parliament of the Kingdom of England. Thus began the what England calls even today, “The Jacobite Rebellion”, that did not end until after the Battle of Culloden in 1745 and almost 40 years after the claimed, “Treaty of Union”, but as the Scottish parliament was still independent then the Jacobites were fighting for their rightful monarch and could not be rebelling against, “William & Mary”, as they were not the monarchs of Scots. The real rebels were the English parliamentarians who had rebelled in, “The Glorious Revolution”.

      So the Treaty of Union, (besides being engineered by the English by them engineering, (among other things), the disastrous Darien Expedition)), was illegal and based upon a pack of lies. Even so it is legally a partnership agreed between two equally sovereign and independent kingdoms and the resultant, “United Kingdom of Great Britain”, is legally a united kingdom and not a united country as it very name attests to what it legally is.

      The whole devolution thing is just further illegal actions og a Westminster that believes itself to be the renamed Kingdom of England and that Scotland was, “Extinguished”, by the Treaty of Union. Trouble is there isn’t a single word in that Treaty that backs up their assumptions.

      So, if the legally sovereign people of Scotland give the reconvened Parliament of Scotland their mandate to withdraw from the United Kingdom then the Kingdom of Scotland is once more an independent Kingdom and Westminster ceases to be a parliament of the United Kingdom – the laughable part of all that is that there hasn’t been an elected as such Parliament of the Country or the Kingdom of England since the last Kingdom of England Parliament sat and permanently dissolved itself as from the last day of April 1707.

      Anyone care to prove me wrong and provide evidence for their proofs?

    336. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      Maria F @ 21:28,

      Absolutely true. Without devolutionary vetoes, a 2nd EURef would be as much of a diversionary farce as the last one. FibDems included.

      Their main usefulness in gaining votes in the upcoming English local elections from BritLab would be to demonstrate to all that JC the Messiah is a false god, an idol with feet of clay, a leader without a plan or a future.

      But even a big swing to FibDem won’t bring about an EUref2, it will simply encourage the Mayhem Gang to dig in and proceed on their reckless way regardless. After all, what respect have they shown before now to the UK 48% who voted Remain..?

    337. Meg merrilees says:

      crazycat@ 7.53

      Interesting scenario – one I wasn’t aware of though I remember Nicola swearing allegiance to the Sovereign Scots people before making her affirmation in Holyrood:

      “The Scottish National Party pledges loyalty to the people of Scotland in line with the Scottish constitutional tradition of the sovereignty of the Scottish people,” Ms Sturgeon said. The First Minister then choose to take an affirmation, instead of a religious oath. “I Nicola Ferguson Sturgeon do solemnly, sincerely and truly declare and affirm that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, Her Heirs and Successors, according to Law,” she said.

      Read more at:

      I guess that English, Welsh and N. Irish MP’s are citizens of the once- Kingdom of England and as such are subjects of HM The Queen, hence they should swear an Oath of allegiance.

      Scottish MP’s are not subjects of the English Monarch but are Sovereign Scots, citizens of the once- Kingdom of Scotland and as such swear an affirmation.

      Perhaps the key is the phrase … ‘ according to law’ – for us that could be Scots Law and for the others it will be English Law. I presume the reference to God is tied up with the monarch being the Head of the established Church and Defender of Faith.

    338. John D says:

      The affirmation was actually introduced to allow certain Christians such as quakers to declare allegiance to the crown, as they are not permitted to swear oaths. Nothing to do with being English, Welsh, Scots or an atheist.

    339. Ken500 says:

      The way the Tories are carrying on is just appalling. How can people vote for them. Of not vote all and let them in. Disgraceful. Never has there been such appaling UK governance. Labour are just as bead. If Corbyn cared at all he would step aside. No one in the rest of the UK will vote Labour while he is there. It doesn’t matter anyway Labour just abstain or vote with the Tories. The UK economy is tanking. The debt is increasing. They are sanctioning and starving people. Chucking people out. Just unbelieveable,

      Just as well for the SNP standing up for Scotland, The rest would have just capitulated. What state Scotland would have been in. The Westminster crooks have been mismanaging Scotland and misappropriating resources forever. Ruined the Oil sector and the fishing industry, Taking £Billions from Scotland and hiding it under the Official Secrets Act. Iraq, Dunblane, Lockerbie kept secret for 100 years,

      The SNP should not give an inch. The Tories will be gone before long. The rest are just as bad. Appalling administration. Psycho bastards. They can’t count or read a balance sheet. Vote Tory to die younger. Vote Tory to be unemployed.

      Vote SNP/SNP. Vote for Independence. Get someone to vote as well.

      The boring Tory Royals have just insulted the Irish with the name. Supposed to be impartial they meddle in affairs of State. Hypocrites. Their mates insult Scotland every day.

    340. Ken500 says:

      @ Labour are just as bad. Twisted words.

    341. Smallaxe says:

      The University of Glasgow has been forced to withdraw an online ban imposed on an emeritus professor after he criticised the fracking industry;

      The Ferret
      Claim transition period means EU boats can fish in our waters post-Brexit is Mostly False

      Scotland in Europe Update 27th April 2018;

    342. Smallaxe says:

      MUST WATCH: NHS nurse Joan Pons Laplana explains why Nurses and Midwives are leaving the UK;

      Corruption in all institutions connected to government;

      This *may* be of interest. My own personal German-based Liam Fox anecdote

    343. Smallaxe says:

      Hostile environment: the UK government’s draconian immigration policy explained;


      Liberty wins first battle in landmark challenge to mass surveillance powers in the Investigatory Powers Act;

    344. Smallaxe says:

      Brave new world? the new EU law on travel authorisation for non-EU citizens;

      Damned in an official report, exposed as useless by a select committee, incapable of tackling flagrant press dishonesty, caught cherry-picking complaints – the sham press regulator is blundering between disasters;

      Ninth GP surgery set to close in single town;

    345. Smallaxe says:

      EU agrees total ban on bee-harming pesticides;

      Structural racism at heart of British society, UN human rights panel says;

      Hostile environment policy leaving doctors without visas, say NHS officials;

    346. Smallaxe says:

      ‘Poor planning’ blamed for cash crisis at New College Lanarkshire;

      Voter ID plans ‘deeply flawed’, says Electoral Reform Society;

      Guy Verhofstadt: Brexit will be delayed unless Britain makes further concessions to EU;

    347. Smallaxe says:

      Brexit: Customs union plan brewing in Whitehall;

      Cyclist Mark Beaumont leads Pedal on Parliament protest;

      New offshore rotas leading to ‘fatigue’, study claims;

    348. Smallaxe says:

      Funnily Enough, Mark Wadsworth Was Guilty of Bringing the Labour Party Into Disrepute – But Not of Anti-Semitism;

      MUNGUIN’s New Republic;

      The Trojan Mare: Islamophobic Racism and Muslim Women;

    349. Smallaxe says:

      NHS Lothian ‘bed-blocking’ remains much lower than average in NHS England;

      A renowned whistleblower exposes a US plan to kill 100 million of its European allies;

      The government has just been slammed by another court ruling. But it’s claiming victory;

    350. Smallaxe says:

      Passenger groups and unions say a major report into the rail industry has ‘vindicated’ them;

      Have a great and peaceful day, Folks.

    351. galamcennalath says:

      Article on Scotland in Union …

      a selection of wannabe Establishment “types”

      Scots can donate to whom they wish, but I take great offence at non Scots pitching in. Having a holiday home/castle here does not give them the right to interfere in something which should be for Scots alone.

      And those Scots who have businesses whose survival and jobs rely on the custom of the wider population are acting very irresponsibly.

    352. Smallaxe says:

      Police probe security breach at Scotland in Union campaign;

    353. Smallaxe says:

      Richard Leonard admits an independent Scotland is ‘perfectly feasible’;

    354. galamcennalath says:

      Smallaxe says:

      Police probe security breach at Scotland in Union campaign;

      Although dated today, this article appears to refer to the last incident where far more data was leaked.

      Either the Herald has changed the date in an old article, or they haven’t a clue what is actually happening!

    355. Smallaxe says:


      Your right, they haven’t got a clue and it saves them making up more fairy stories.

    356. Famous15 says:

      I wish I had the middle name “controversial” like Stu but I am a bit boring so will only ask why Scotland in Union suddenly have enough confidence in Police Scotland to ask them to enquire into an alleged crime in relation to their incompetently released confidential data and also sustain long sentences without many grammatical errors?

    357. galamcennalath says:

      Michael Bloomberg’s appraisal of Brexit ..

      “The Brexit vote was a mistake, and ought to be reversed now, not later. Britain’s members of parliament are mostly opposed to Brexit, yet can’t bring themselves to do their jobs and act on that conviction. The country and its legislators are therefore left squabbling over the choice between a bad result and a terrible one. “

      … spot on!

    358. Kangaroo says:

      A court would probably find this clause unconscionable and throw it out. It is akin to having the accused as judge in their own trial. Simply absurd.

      I can see the stupid tories whipping it through the HoC but
      I would be surprised if the House of Lords would pass such a preposterous clause.

      Still, it does show the EVEL intent of Westminster.

    359. Robert Peffers says:

      @Meg merrilees says:28 April, 2018 at 1:23 am:

      “Perhaps the key is the phrase … ‘ according to law’ – for us that could be Scots Law and for the others it will be English Law. I presume the reference to God is tied up with the monarch being the Head of the established Church and Defender of Faith.”

      Actually you are hitting a big, big nail on the head there, Meg.

      But your conclusions are not quite there yet. That reference goes right back to where the whole concept of, “Sovereignty”, originates at the dawn of the human race in this old World. The origins of who became the leader of the pack was the biggest, strongest person – or the one who was the cleverest.

      In other words the person who, through brute force or sneakiness took control a.k.a. the control freak who became leader of the tribe – and so began tribal warfare.

      Sovereignty was born and, as usual brains beat brute force. No matter what, “supernatural”, God the tribe thought existed there was always a leader to exploit the tribe. Call them what you will, “Witchdoctor” or whatever, they became, “Sovereign”, by being the God’s representative on Earth.

      Sovereignty is thus always tied to the fostered belief that the leadership has God Given right to rule. Hence all those oaths that swear by God whether that God be Christian or otherwise.

      Then wee Scotland, by an accident of fate, broke that standard way back in 1320 with the Declaration of Arbroath.

      The real reason for that declaration was the killing of the Red Comyn by the Bruce. Now there is much bullshit blethered about that incident and much manipulation by every faction involved but in fact no one will ever know the truth.

      Look at the facts in the light of modern science and law. The Bruce and the Red Comyn were alone in the High Kirk with both lots of supporters outside and the two main people inside Dumfries High Kirk. The Bruce comes out and says he thinks he has killed the Comyn.

      That’s the basic facts. So without all the subsequent, and conflicting stories, it boils down to this – two humans had an argument and the argument ended in an armed fight. Thing is the evidence shows that no one now knows if there was, or was not, only one survivor and no one knows who first drew a weapon.

      Thus no one knows if it was murder or self defence by either person. We know that a Bruce supporter, “Made Siccar”, but may have finished off a survivor or made sure an already dead person was actually dead.

      In any event that was the point where politics took over. The English monarch had influence with the Pope in Rome and fostered the idea that Bruce had deliberately killed the Comyn on sanctified ground – but we do not know if he murdered the Comyn or was defending himself.

      However, the Holy Roman Se did not excommunicate the Bruce for killing the Comyn but for doing so on sanctified ground. i.e. for sacrilege and that was because all Christendom was under the Rule of Law of, “The Divine Right of Kings”. This meant it was normal and legal practice for monarchs to fight and, even kill each other, to take over the defeated person’s kingdom.

      Anyway, in the interim the Holy Roman Se had fallen out with the English Monarchy but not just for the way the monarch was executing and divorcing his many wives and paramours but for daring to set himself up as the leader of the Christian Church of England.

      In fact the Holy Roman Se then wanted the assistance of the Scots to defeat the English Monarchy and that is the basis for, “The Auld Alliance”, between the Scots and the French, (and now people wonder why Scotland has a problem with sectarianism)?

      In any case the upshot was that the Papacy, (the international authority of the times), accepted the Declaration of Arbroath and the people, not the monarchy, became legally sovereign in Scotland and the monarchy of England became protestant and heads of the Christian Church of England.

      Then, in 1603 the cat got heaved among the pigeons again by the King of Scots inheriting the crowns of all three countries of the Kingdom of England but, because he was not sovereign, he had no legal right to unite the crowns and was thus titled James I of England & VI of Scotland when, if Scotland were still under Divine Right of Kings, like England everyone in what became the United Kingdom would have become united as Scots in 1603.

      Thus began the so called, “Jacobite Rebellions”, that could not be rebellions as the two kingdoms were still independent and you cannot rebel against a monarch not your own.

      Which gets us back to why the Scots MPs affirm, instead of swear by God, their alliance to the Crown, But note that as the status of the crown is different in each of the two kingdoms what the Scots MPs are actually affirming their loyalty to is the sovereign people of Scotland – not the Queen of the Kingdom of England.

      Aye! We have problems with sectarianism but most of those in both sects of Christianity haven’t a clue in Hell as to what is actually behind their sectarianism nor why the, “Powers that Be”, are all in favour of encouraging it.

      The really strange bit is, though, that to date no one can even prove that their God actually exists or has ever existed.

    360. Breeks says:

      Robert Peffers… I’m being serious. We need all the stuff in your head transposed into a Phantom Power Film that would be an international bestseller.

      Even a short 5 minute clip would be kryptonite for Unionism.

      I would even crowdfund it… maybe get some dramatised footage or have it animated like Duggie Dug. Keep it short, not for brevity but so everybody can have it downloaded onto their smart phones for widest possible public consumption.

      Do it big fella. It could be the biggest weapon we’d have on the doorstep. That and Chris Cairns up on a billboard. Even better, with our Scottish diaspora, we could agitate support and get it going viral and global at the same time.

    361. Breeks says:

      Maybe it’s not a written constitution that we need, but an audio visual Constitutional Infomercial that is everything from a de facto Party Political Broadcast to a colourful Historical record fit to be used as a teaching tool in a Scottish school.

      The definitive summary of Scotland’s real Constitution.

      Don’t know about you Robert, but that sounds a pretty useful gift for us all to have. Please make it happen.

    362. Kangaroo says:

      Robert Peffers @11:21am

      I don’t usually quibble with your historical perspective because I usually concur. However are you sure of your above paragraph “Anyway, in the interim….. head of Church of England”
      I know this happened under Henry V111, are you saying it also happened with Edward 1 In the 1300’s???

    363. Kangaroo says:

      Sorry Roberrt Peffers should be “@11:21am”

    364. Kangaroo says:

      I must be going blind. I did say 11:21am in the first instance. Sorry all.

    365. Breeks says:

      Cheeky wee suggestion…. Do it in the style of the 300 film…

      Not so homoerotic perhaps, (or why not lol, in for a penny), but a half way hybrid between highly stylised live action and dark surreal animation. Go surreal with Scottish iconography. That could be a major WOW! And a feast for the eyeballs.

      “This… is… Scotland!”

      Hmmm… what are Gerard Butlers actual politics I wonder…

    366. Robert Peffers says:

      @John D says: 28 April, 2018 at 3:01 am:

      “Nothing to do with being English, Welsh, Scots or an atheist.”

      Or so they would have you believe. Quakerism was formed by disparate groups as, “The Religious Society of Friends”, in 1647.

      However, the Scottish Declaration of Arbroath of 1320 had changed the rule of Law of Scotland that removed the sovereignty of the royal person and invested it legally upon the people of Scotland and, to this day that is the basis of the, still independent, Scottish legal system.

      Thus the Scottish rule of Law predates the Quakers of 1647 and the 1603, so called but not actual, Union of the Crowns for in 1603 James VI of Scotland, not being legally sovereign under Scots law, could not form a united kingdom. Which is why Westminster illegally forced the Scottish Parliamentarians to sign a Treaty of Union in 1706/7.

      If there was a legal, “Union of the Crowns”, in 1603 why would there have been need for the Treaty of Union of 1706/7?

      Nice try, John D but your Britnat efforts to rewrite our true history fails again.

    367. Kangaroo says:

      Breeks @11:46am

      Not cheeky at all. I had the very same thought.

      “This is Scotland…shove your Section 30A”

      As NS kicks TM down the well.

    368. schrodingers cat says:

      i seem to remember that the bruce was excommunicated twice and the entire people of scotland once. seem to remember also that due to the bill being titled rob bruce, lord of annan he refused to open it as he was king of scots or summat

    369. louis.b.argyll says:

      An interesting night of comments.

      Will only add my tuppenceworth;-

      They didn’t ask the Scottish people to join the Union of 1707.

      They bribed and threatened our non-mandated parliamentarians. The missing ‘consent’ is one reason there is no written UK constitution.

      So why should ‘our clearly mandated parliament’ be made to ask Westminster for permission to ask the Scots now?

      We will ask though..

      (as Westminster gets real uppity about conventions when it suits and we have a precedence)

      but for their blessing only.

      So that (Scotland’s swift) extraction from the medieval-style treaty can be done with respect, from and for both partners, unlike the Act itself.

    370. Colin Alexander says:

      It’s time the YES movement made a clear distinction between the independence campaign and the SNP.

      Make it clear the SNP and indy movement are NOT one and the same, not only because of the negative stories regarding SNP MPs and SNP MSPs and councillors but because independence is bigger, more important than a political party.

      The current legal discussions of backstabbing and struggles for power among SNP politicians at council level appears to be something The Bruce and his rivals could relate to. Though, thank goodness the backstabbing appears to be metaphorical.

      So, why do I support indy when SNP politicians can be just as “fallible” as the Unionist ones? We can vote out these discredited SNP councillors, MSPs and MPs ( and I hope we do if they aren’t already “oot”); we can’t vote out the unionist MPs at Westminster that are just as dishonest, corrupt or incompetent, when their constituencies are outside Scotland.

      Also, whether we get indy ( I hope we do), all politicians must be elected directly, not appointed through party lists, so we, the electorate, can reject the many rotten ones in all parties who get on party lists through cronyism.

      Though having said all that, the SNP seem to make the distinction clear by never campaigning for independence, instead offering indyrefs that might or might no happen, depending on how that affects the SNP’s success at the polls.

      I also await with interest to see how many SNP politicians attend the big march in May.

    371. louis.b.argyll says:

      Colin, your comment is just pathetic.

      -The National Party of Scotland conducts itself in a manner we can be proud of.
      -People vote for the SNP because they manage very well despite Westminster superiority and media intransigence.

      Your dull hair-splitting is falling on deaf ears.

    372. louis.b.argyll says:

      Oh do you? Colin. Do you really wonder how many SNP politicians will attend a march? Why? So you can claim and feed division.

    373. Loui.b.argyll

      Colin Alexander or colin alexander is best ignored, he works for the state.

    374. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      James Caithness @ 15:28,

      I think it’s more likely to be NorthBritLab or the RISE splitterists.

      (Though you could be right as well, of course.)

    375. yesindyref2 says:

      @James Caithness / RJS / Louis
      He’s really pish poor so it’s more likely to be SiU.

    376. Famous15 says:

      Given the overwhelming daily attack on the SNP and anyone else who dares to whisper YES, I am constantly amazed how well the Indy movement is doing. Yes,there are some unwelcome events and people and some black flag commentators but I am still very positive.

      We should have been subjects by now but we aint!

      There must be an important reason for this.

      Is it that history is on the side of our future?

    377. CameronB Brodie says:

      I was naive to think you possessed the moral maturity to stop annoying the natives with your ‘common sense’, rational paternalism. Unfortunately it appears you feel compelled to stick your nose in where it is neither welcome or required, so this is a plea to your finer nature. Fuck off you racist*, reactionary, prick, there’s a good chap!

      Reflecting on difference, culture and prejudice

      An awareness of the impact of culture and our own attitudes and prejudices is really important in any area of clinical work, across all populations. Cultural issues can sometimes be overlooked or attributed to other factors, so we need to keep them in mind. We cannot provide appropriate help unless we acknowledge difference, as therapy relies on a shared understanding of a person’s life experiences….

      * from the perspective of cultural psychology, it is an act of racism to exert one’s will onto a culture that is not your own.

    378. yesindyref2 says:

      @CameronN Brodie
      Well, an online definition gives this:

      racist noun
      a person who believes that some races are better than others, or who acts unfairly to someone because of his or her race

      On the basis that sensibledave is calling people racists just because they dare to criticise the English establishment, then indeed he is treating them unfairly, and with a presumption that some at least of them are Scots, and if it is because he thinks they are Scots, then he is indeed a racist, condemned by his own use of the word “racist” in an unfair way based on race. Or of course if there is no such race as English or indeed Scots, then he is no racist, but neither are the people he accuses of being racist.

      An interesting reflexive conundrum, in which, I fear, sensibledave comes out the worst in all possible cases and permutations.

    379. pacman says:

      yesindyref2 28 April, 2018 at 7:31 pm

      Languages naturally evolves through exposure to other cultures and languages but also to the changing nature of the society that uses it.

      One of results of this is the meaning of words can change over time. A glaring example of what you are talking about is race. About a 100 years ago, this would have meant based on skin colour and other physical ethnic traits but now it also means cultural and religious traits. Examples are Jews and the Travelling community.

      It could be argued that the Scots and English can be categorised as separate races. However, considering we are so similar where we share the same ethnic & cultural traits, language and outlook in life that it would be difficult to argue this. This is easily proven by a Scot going down to England and apart from the accent, nobody could know whether that person is Scottish or English.

    380. Rock says:

      Maria F says:
      27 April, 2018 at 9:47 pm

      “I take that you are referring to the north of England.”

      Don’t you know there is a part of “Great Britain” north of the north of England?

      You need to take some ancient history lessons from Robert Peffers.

      Robert Peffers (4th February 2017 – “The Sirens”):

      “The Irish, whether they like it or not, live in the British Isles and are thus British. If they choose to claim not to be British then, like you, they have conceded their right to be British to the United Kingdom.”

      Rock (4th February 2017 – “The Sirens”):


      They escaped from being “British” after a long and bloody struggle.

      Who in their right mind in an independent Scotland would want to be called “British”?

    381. sensibledave says:

      indyref2 7.31

      You wrote “On the basis that sensibledave is calling people racists just because they dare to criticise the English establishment, then indeed he is treating them unfairly,…. ”


      I expected better of you indyref2.

      Robin wrote, on the “Scottish Media For Dummies Thread”….

      “As far as the English are concerned, my views stand. They ARE a selfish arrogant ignorant self centred racist nation. They really do think the world owes them a favour. Well I have news for them,,The Empire is dead.”

      Like Mr Peffers did, you have chosen to completely reinterpret the English language in an attempted defence of the indefensible.

      You are suggesting that the obnoxious, racist tirade from “Robin” is nothing to do with pejorative stereotyping the English people where he attributes a whole series of very negative characteristics (selfish, arrogant, self centred, racist) to 10s of millions of ordinary folk – just because they happen to be English …. and attempt to present them as just a reflection of his view on the “establishment”.

      Well I guess I will have to put you in the same racist category as Robin & Peffers. I am sick of reading the crappy, apologist platitudes that you guys come up with to excuse s***s such as Robin.

    382. yesindyref2 says:

      I’ve checked through this thread and “robin” says nothing of the kind in it. If you’re referring to a previous thread, then post it in that thread so it can be seen in context. My posting had nothing to do with Robin, whereas you seem obsessed in what can ony be called a “Rock-like” fashion, where it follows people from thread to thread, even bringing up stuff from years back. Are you related to Rock in any way?

      As for the rest of your psoting, consider the sentenece “you are an English prick”. Now, without context this can look a little problematic, and indeed if there was no other context then it would appear that someone might be calling you an English prick for racist reasons.

      However, if it was in the context of there being an English prick, a Scottish prick and a Welsh prick all standing at the bar, with you being the English prick, and someone wanted to specifically call you a prick, it would seem reasonable to call you out as an English prick to differentiate you from the Scottish prick and the Welsh prick.

      So in that case the word “English” becomes a modifier, to differentiate you as a prick from the other two as pricks. You would indeed be the “English prick”.

      Do you understand now the use of language in context you prick?

    383. yesindyref2 says:

      You’re also a dick by the way, I was brought up in London, the capital of England, whereas you were probably slung up in some provincial town in England, looked down on by the BBC because of your provincial accent.

      Ah’d yer like them onions, me old china?

    384. sensibledave says:

      Indyref2 4.44 and 5.04

      You wrote “I’ve checked through this thread and “robin” says nothing of the kind in it.”

      At 4.24 above, I wrote

      “Robin wrote, on the “Scottish Media For Dummies Thread”….

      “As far as the English are concerned, my views stand. They ARE a selfish arrogant ignorant self centred racist nation. They really do think the world owes them a favour. Well I have news for them,,The Empire is dead.”

      This out burst came after I had suggested that the Big Yin might be referring to the sort of thing Robin had written in a previous comment. Peffers was appalled and outraged that I might suggest that a Winger might hold racist views and that his comments were about the “English Establishment”. Then, helpfully, Robin wrote the comment I quoted above 24th April at 11.11 am. Read the comments between me and Peffers both before and after Robin’s Comment.

      So, indyref, as you have done before, you have failed to read what I have written, and defaulted to the position that “Robin” must be a saint because he proindy, and I must be the devil because I live in England.

      And, as if my background has anything to do with it (or is this another of your naive, ridiculous stereotyping memes that goes along the lines of everyone that lives in the south of england is toff?

      On previous threads I have stated that I was born in Hull (is that what you mean by “provincial”?), and moved to the south when my father, a Prison Officer, was posted here.

      Finally, to quote back to you in your own words where you wrote
      “Do you understand now the use of language in context you prick?

      I do indyref. I understand exactly Robin’s context, when Robin writes …

      “As far as the English are concerned, my views stand. They ARE a selfish arrogant ignorant self centred racist nation. They really do think the world owes them a favour. Well I have news for them,,The Empire is dead.”

      … I totally understand the context. Robin is a racist and Peffers, and now you, have chosen to deny it and defend him.

    385. yesindyref2 says:

      I haven’t done anything of the sort, and you’re still a dick. A dick trying to stir up an anti-English race card and defaming innocent peoples’ characters to boot. You shame yourself.

    386. Gary says:

      Ahhhhh…I see. Craig Murray carried a piece on this, but the tweet actually puts it more succinctly.

      Yes, this is indeed vile. Reminiscent, I hate to say, of a vote that took place for a 20th century leader of Germany. The choice was to put the pre-ticked ballot in the box, or go into the booth and change it to a NO.

      There is no point reaching agreement on this or giving any kind of assent by reaching ANY kind of ‘Consent Decision’ The only reason for the ‘Consent Decision’ is to shift blame onto Wels/Scottish Parliaments for the future ailings of the Tory negotiating team and to allow them to reach agreements we would NOT consent to.

      Why would ANY politician in Welsh or Scottish Parliaments agree to this??

    387. sensibledave says:


      … so, just to be clear, when Robin wrote ….

      “As far as the English are concerned, my views stand. They ARE a selfish arrogant ignorant self centred racist nation. They really do think the world owes them a favour. Well I have news for them,,The Empire is dead!”

      … and I took exception to that, you think ….

      “…. you’re still a dick. A dick trying to stir up an anti-English race card and defaming innocent peoples’ characters to boot.”

      … for you to suggest that I am the one stirring up anti-english race cards and defaming people – really takes the biscuit.

      I take some comfort from the fact there that there are some, like Liz at 11.21 on 24th April (responding to Robin’s comment), whilst being an avid proindy supporter, keeps her mind on the politics and can recognise nasty stuff when confronted by it – and is prepared to respond accordingly.

      …. its a shame you are incapable of such recognition. I will bear that in mind in the future.

    388. Smallaxe says:


    389. yesindyref2 says:

      I don’t read every posting, specially yours, nor do I respond to them all. Unlike you I have a life outside Wings. For the original one which included the Royal family and the RAF I saw K1’s posting and we had a little discussion about it, with Lenny saying the present Air Chief Marshall was from Killie. Looks like that went under your Captor, though I suspect yours is more like the absolute original prototype back in the 30s.

      As always you presume too much in your insensible pimplepricklike arrogance, and get totally confused by who said what – including yourself, and to whom, in your obsessive need to play the victim in everything you spawn into protesting pixels.

    390. Smallaxe says:

      It’s back!

    391. yesindyref2 says:

      Yes, sorry about that, I forgot the link in mines’s:

    392. K1 says:

      Of course sensible dave has never ever uttered a pejorative comment about any other nationality on the planet?

      The English aren’t a race.

      Such an utter imbecilic prick.

      And given that your country votes for these fucking Tories over and over again, Robin does have a point about a good portion of England’s electorate. Need I mention Windrush? And the ‘hostile environment’ dreamt up to calm the fears of your country folk who were seeing too many ‘brown/black’ faces in their cosy wee white toons eh? UKIP? Are we kidding here, you are taking offence to a fairly accurate description of the polity of your country, it’s your kinsfolk that voted for this clusterfuck we’re all living through. So give it a rest wi the victim card you utter fucking numpty, no one’s buying it…and people are entitled to thier opinion, Robin is too…whether you fucking like it or not.

      Now fuck off and gies aw peace.

    393. sensibledave says:

      yesindyref & K1

      … I don’t play the “victim card” because I am never a victim, and don’t claim to be!

      I do, however, point out when someone makes outrageous, racist statements.

      You do not seem to have a problem with Robin’s comments. You appear not to see anything wrong with his views. Myself, and “Liz” do.

      Moreover, and this is the bit that has surprised me, you take the stance that it is the likes of Liz and I that are the idiots for interpreting his comments negatively.

      In the end it makes no difference to me one way or the other, but any casual visitor to Wings, reading Robin’s words and then reading the stout defense of those words by others will, of course, help form their view, that maybe, that is the average mindset of those that want Independence for Scotland.

      Based upon Robin’s comments and your defense of Robin, they might determine that there is little in the way of positive messages being presented and that one of the main drivers appears to be antipathy towards the English based upon racial stereotyping (although you appear to claim that you “side-step” that charge by writing, for the purposes of your argument, that the English are not a race – so no harm done. Haha. Good luck with that.

      Based upon that logic, would it be OK if say, German person, described “Scots” as a bunch of piss-heads that are totally divided in their politics on the basis of their religion and which Glasgow Football team they support? Or might you think that was lazy, inaccurate stereotyping that insults millions of ordinary folk that just get on with their lives without ill-will towards others?

    394. yesindyref2 says:

      Based upon Robin’s comments and your defense of Robin

      Lies or a total lack of reading and comprehension skills from you again stupiddave? Is that all you have?

    395. sensibledave says:


      You wrote “Lies or a total lack of reading and comprehension skills from you again stupiddave? Is that all you have?

      If I have misinterpreted or misrepresented your comments in some way then you need to show me where. I indexed Robin’s comments … and yours. No lies or lack of reading comprehension from me yindy!

      Robin is a racist d**k and, as far as I can see, Peffers, K1 and you, have chosen to defend his comments and attempt to excuse his words as an attack on the “establishment” – they were not. He was very clear and actually went out of his way to clarify his position in case there was any doubt!

    396. yesindyref2 says:

      You don’t know anything about how defamation works in Scotland do you? You accused three posters (plus one) of being racist, it would be up to you to prove that.

      Careful now.

    397. yesindyref2 says:

      Wings has its way of outing trolls:

      worth keeping that in mind …

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