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When there’s no-one left to fight

Posted on March 13, 2024 by

Everyone’s having a lot of fun with the farcical Hate Crime Act that will finally come into operation in Scotland in just a couple of weeks’ time, fittingly on April Fools’ Day.

Even by the Scottish Government’s abysmally rank standards of legislation over the last decade it’s an embarrassing binfire, with citizens being urged to rock up at fishmongers, mushroom farms and demolished tower blocks to report “hate crimes”.

And you’d have to laugh, except that might be a crime soon too.

But the serious problem – well, one of the very many serious problems – is that Police Scotland don’t actually seem to know what a hate crime is.

Above – and we urge you to click the image to go to the Police Scotland website and see it for yourself, because it’s difficult to believe otherwise – is a page in which the national law enforcement agency of a country absolutely literally instructs its people to file a police report if someone calls them a name on Twitter.

The initial definition is sound enough, noting that something has to actually be a crime before it can be a hate crime, but the subsequent paragraphs muddy the waters so much that just about anything could be included depending on how people chose to interpret the rather vague description.

The avalanche of extra paperwork this is certain to unleash comes at a time when the force’s resources are under enormous strain.

Ironically, some of the venues where people are being invited to report hate crimes have themselves been at the centre of hate-based controversy.

Glasgow Women’s Library, for example, created a storm of wholly justified outrage just weeks ago when it exhibited – as something to be celebrated and admired – a comic filled with extraordinarily offensive mocking depictions of lesbians.

(Because who doesn’t really want some cock, right? Silly hysterical cows.)

Of course, if you wanted to go to Glasgow Women’s Library in order to report Glasgow Women’s Library for a hate crime, you probably wouldn’t be allowed in because you didn’t align with their values.

But it shouldn’t be necessary to spell out what a recipe for insanity this is. Certain groups are already infamous for deluging organisations with malicious complaints in an attempt to either have events shut down, speakers banned, or people just intimidated into silence by the threat of prosecution.

Even when no investigation takes place, police will be required to waste time and manpower recording every single incident and keeping them on file, which has obvious disturbing implications for a force which already operates – uniquely in the UK – according to the so-called “Moorov Doctrine”, whereby reports without any supporting evidence can somehow magically combine with each other to create “evidence” and prosecutions out of thin air.

(Although in fact they say every report WILL be investigated.)

There’s also likely to be a huge surge in Subject Access Requests to the force as people subjected to malicious reports file applications to discover how many “Non-Crime Hate Incidents” are recorded against their names, swallowing up yet more of the precious time of officers and clerical staff who might find themselves wondering what in the name of Hell the police are doing getting involved in anything prefixed by the words “non-crime”.

The hate crime legislation is an almost unimaginable act of ham-fisted, dim-witted, cack-handed sabotage against Scottish society, carried out by a government that’s now completely out of both control and its senses. Its consequences – seen and warned about for years in advance – are likely to be disastrous.

The former US President Abraham Lincoln is often quoted as saying that the best way to get a bad law repealed is to enforce it strictly.

And perhaps that way lies the only hope for sanity in Scotland. Maybe we should all deluge Police Scotland with daily hate crime reports whenever anyone hurts our feelings in any way, since the “religion and belief” trigger could reasonably be applied to almost anything.

After all, if you’ve been raised from birth to think that Albion Rovers are the greatest football team the world has ever seen, it’s entirely natural that you might be caused great distress by some scabby, malodorous Bo’ness United fan getting all up in your face at the pie stall and asserting that they’re actually “pure gash, pal”.

We ourselves, for example, are scandalised by bad grammar, such as the illiterate heading highlighted below, which by the clumsy and incorrect addition of a comma turns the phrase “Hurt people hurt people” from an explanation into a command, which is an incitement to violence and therefore likely a hate crime in itself.

And we definitely feel racially victimised by civic leaders speaking like this:

So get your feelings on a hair-trigger ready for next month, folks. We all have a duty to do our part to kill the Hate Monster.

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0 to “When there’s no-one left to fight”

  1. I. Despair

    To borrow an old but never more apposite saying, will the last person leaving Scotland please turn out the lights.

  2. Lewis Moonie

    Why are they using a red dildo as their Hate Monster?

  3. SusanAHF

    Probably the most vacuous, ill-thought out law in the history of holyrood. Pushed by a racist himself and an open encouragement to vexatious reporting. I hope it is utilised to the max and collapses both police Scotland and the government.

  4. Robert

    You can use online tools like to plot a list of addresses on a map.
    I did this for the Hate Crime Reporting centres in Edinburgh:

    It’s particularly comforting to see that there are three reporting centres within a single block right next to the University — at the Students’ Union, the Mosque and the Methodist Church. Clearly it’s a high priority to stamp out free speech, excuse me, hate speech in our higher education institutions.

  5. Garrion

    Sweet mother of Christ

  6. Patsy Millar

    The Hate Monster! Pelease…. I’m living in a Dr Seuss book.

  7. Garrion

    @ I. Despair, “will the last sane person leaving Scotland please turn off the lights”.

  8. ElGeePee

    So are only socially deprived young men committing hate crimes? Targeting a particular gender who are from a specific socio-economic background sounds a bit like a hate crime itself.

  9. Republicofscotland

    FFS the Glasgow Women’s Library will only accept bookings that align with their values, yet they wouldn’t take a booking from WOMEN discussing WOMEN’s values with the GRR in mind.

    I believe the SNP knows exactly what they are doing with regards to all this nonsense and they are hellbent on completely f*cking up Scottish society, to bend and twist it so far out of shape that we’ll be too afraid to say anything never mind complain about the sheer f*ckin state the SNP has gotten our country into.

    This plan is to take our minds away from independence and the coming collapse of our public services including Police Scotland.

    We really need to get these evil b*stards out of office.

  10. ross

    Even if this was a good piece of legislation, I guarantee you less than 1 out of 100 people know you can start alleging crimes at libraries in two weeks time

    And that will include the folk that work there.

    Where has the publicity of this been? Could it be they’re embarrassed by it and only want a select cohort of boring wokees to notice it?

    What a waste of time.

  11. John C

    But it shouldn’t be necessary to spell out what a recipe for insanity this is. Certain groups are already infamous for deluging organisations with malicious complaints in an attempt to either have events shut down, speakers banned, or people just intimidated into silence by the threat of prosecution.

    Even when no investigation takes place, police will be required to waste time and manpower recording every single incident and keeping them on file, which has obvious disturbing implications for a force which already operates – uniquely in the UK – according to the so-called “Moorov Doctrine”, where reports without any supporting evidence can magically combine with each other to create “evidence” and prosecutions out of thin air.

    I can’t imagine many police officers or the courts are looking forward to this. Its going to be a mess, take up incredible amount of time, effort and money at a time when resources are tight, actual criminals are getting away with it and that we’ve got existing laws to deal with hate incidents anyhow.

    As people have said, this will be abused mainly by the Trans activists but also the sort of person who will take great delight to ruin someone’s life. It’s a law that can only be abused which it will in it’s first month, if not sooner.

    I think it’ll fall apart, especially when pushed in the courts just like several other SNP laws equally badly thought out or coming from a place of authoritarianism. This is both, yet if it was a serious bill it’d have included misogyny as a specific offence but it wasn’t because the people who wrote the bill still want women to be abused, especially from Trans activists who glory in it.

    Just to think a decade ago Scotland was this incredible place where everyone spoke about politics in such an informed and engaged way, while we had serious discussions about the economy, welfare, defence, and were generally discussing how to make Scotland a better place for everyone who lived here. Now we have a political and cultural elite acting like authoritarian goons while mentally disturbed children, pervert and groomers are encouraged, pandered to and paid with public money to make porn. And they did this hiding being the cause of independence.

    ‘Vote SNP for Indy’

    What that actually meant was ‘vote SNP for mutliating children, selling off assets to the lowest bidders, wasting millions, poverty and now an authoritarianism that’d make Thatcher herself wince. History isn’t going to be kind on this period of time, especially now NHS England are starting to shift away from parts of Trans ideology Though as has been pointed out, there’s going to be parents and children coming to Scotland to be mutilated since the SNP have done nothing since the Cass Report and the Sandyford is still pumping out puberty blockers to kids.

    Still, if we’re getting this law it’d be terrible if say, one were to turn it on the people supporting it by reporting them for a ‘hate crime’ especially as the term is so loosely defined.

  12. Mark Beggan

    Humza Useless hates the people of Scotland.

  13. Ruby

    I’m not going to be Scottish anymore it’s too embarrassing!

    I hate being Scottish I want to be different!

    Who designed the Hate Monster?

    Is this some of his/her previous work

    Why is the hate monster peach coloured, condom shaped and has acne?

    The hate monster is a hate crime.

  14. Johnlm

    Two cop cars covering 34 000 miles of road between 3am and 7am?

    So, one cop car has to cover 17 000 miles in 4 hrs.
    -Average speed 4 250 mph

    Speed of sound = 767 mph
    Average cop car speed = Mach 5.5

    Everyone in the country will be wakened by the sonic booms.

  15. Jason Smoothpiece

    Asking for a friend, is this the end of Orange walks?

    The brethren will be horrified if this is the case.

    As we know some of the be sashed ones, a minority you understand, have let a little hate occur occasionally.

    Just looked over the legislation looks like the end of the bigots. What a pity never mind.

  16. John C

    It’s particularly comforting to see that there are three reporting centres within a single block right next to the University — at the Students’ Union, the Mosque and the Methodist Church. Clearly it’s a high priority to stamp out free speech, excuse me, hate speech in our higher education institutions.

    It’s a new blasphemy law basically. Written in religious fervour by followers of a new controlling ideology born out of American universities and has now metastasized into what we have in Scotland.

    As a slight aside, a friend is about to leave teaching at a university in England as she’s had enough of the restrictions, the insane students, the lack of funding, just everything. 30 years she’s done this but over the last decade things have gotten worse and worse to the point where she can’t discuss books (she teaches English Literature) because students object to them or are ‘triggered’ by certain words or phrases, not to mention the control students try to impose. It’s an insane situation that the adults are being chased out the room to be replaced by lunatics.

  17. Ruby

    These groups that are covered does that not just mean everyone?

    Is everyone not covered by race?

    I think I’m caucasian or is it ‘white,white, white?

    Religion or belief – that too covers everyone.

    Agnostic is a belief and so is believer in biology.

    Sexual orientation. Everyone has one of them too.

    Transgender identity – That covers everyone too if they want.

  18. James Caithness

    So as a heterosexual white man if a trans???? calls me a name like CIS (honestly no idea about these names) woke etc, I can report it as a hate crime?

  19. Bortwiskels

    It’s a terrible law so I’m going to pile on. You only need to look at the news just now, at how an untrustworthy premier (Sunak) is abusing language to twist democratic, legal groups and actions into illegal extremism.

    When a government can extend a law to include holding or voicing an opinion they don’t like as a crime, sooner or later someone will do it.

    The hate crime bill doesn’t even require such language twisting! It’s so vague and wide reaching that voicing dissatisfaction with current Scottish gov policy could get any one of us nicked.

    The fact the the utter bozo who pushed it through parliament and his former boss have already said things which would definitely fall foul of it should have long ago proved to them that it belongs in a bin. On fire.

  20. Frank Gillougley

    Surely, if any proof were needed until now, that ‘the entire political system’ from top to bottom is entirely defunct, corrupted, corruptible, malicious, and run only by a small autocratic and bureaucratic out-of-touch coterie at the top, then this is it. This has to be the end of the road of a so-called representative ‘democracy’ in Scotland. The complete political system needs a massive overhaul.
    And some would even question the very idea of not voting to hasten its end? Boycott the lot of them. Stop voting.

  21. William Russell

    It is a bizarre law that will result in the very opposite it seeks to achieve, assuming a more civil society is the desired outcome, which is me being kind about the lawmakers motives.
    Telling those who love to be offended everyone else is guilty is gonna be fun to watch.

  22. Ruby

    Jason Smoothpiece

    Be interesting to see what happens in Stonehaven on Saturday.

    RNLI Stonehaven refused to take Orange Lodge’s donation & 10k people signed a petition against the Orange Walk.

    That isn’t very nice. They been feeding the hate condom up there in Stonehaven.

    Orange Lodge said that was hatred or something against protestants??? That’s 10K hate crimes committed in Stonehaven alone.

    This is all mental but highly amusing & the jokes are good.

    I feel a bit sorry for the cops.

  23. Alan

    Police Scotland will be busy at Ibrox Stadium when 50,000 begin their habitual singing of ” up to our knees in fenian blood”.

  24. Lorna Campbell

    Jeez. The SNP/Green dafties grow ever bolder. Thousands of people will be on remand awaiting trial, thousands more will have to be tagged. Most will be females of the mature variety. It is so often the women in these parties who have created this mess: “… now I’ve made it to elected office, I think I’ll just swap my head with the brain inside for the hollow one I bought in Aberdeen – like Worzel and his head collection; I’ve got one with half a brain inside, too, that I got as a gift from Stonewall, although I’ve seen the maggots on it; they’ll wipe off, I’m sure.

    Police Scotland, whose duty of care to the populace precludes acting at the behest of the ‘trans’ lobby and their slave politicians, should have told them to do one. The legal eagles, too, although whole new careers can be built around this ordure. Already, the courts are forcing people to lie and use ‘pronouns’ as in ‘she’ raped me with ‘her’ penis. I will never use false pronouns. They can f**k right off.

    Labour, Lib Dems, Greens, all in this up to their eyeballs. Gird your loins, ladies, with the 2010 Equality Act and the Forstater ruling. I think that the SNP/Green coalition could be sued for this as it is so open a law, a catch-all, which is illegal in a democratic society. Another court case against them. These p**n-addled men and their pet politicians, probably also p**n-addled, if Creative Scotland is anything by which to judge, are addicted to making people’s lives miserable with utter ordure all around.

  25. Michael Dubar

    Does our First Minister’s white, white, white speech count as a hate crime, or do you need to be a bot to qualify?

  26. WhoRattledYourCage

    The compromised, useless SNP are genuinely just trolling this country now. It’s oddly hilarious and transparent. Meanwhile, amongst other things, the drug death rates in Scotland go horrifyingly up. Still, sure Irvine Welsh will sort it all out when Trainspotting: The Musical (real project! Buy your London West End tickets now!) comes out.

    Pure black humour.

    But as Morrissey put it, that joke isn’t funny anymore.

    The only hardcore sex comedy rap done in protest of the Hate Crime (who doesn’t hate crime?!) shit:

    And watch who you pick up in yer Scottish taxi (sexually explicit, funny, and scary):

  27. Alastair R

    It’s Susan Dalgety though. A contender for the biggest anti Scot Unionist of all time.

  28. Garavelli Princip

    Lewis Moonie asks:

    13 March, 2024 at 3:40 pm

    “Why are they using a red dildo as their Hate Monster?”

    Answer: Because they are a bunch of fannies?

    Is that a hate crime? (or non-crime hate incident)?

  29. Kokotxas

    Does that mean I should now contact the polis the next time the Sash is sung at our ground by the whole Away stand?

  30. aLurker

    Any alert reader who clicked through on the links stu provided to previous WoS articles and pertinent external resources that were contemporaneous At The time Of Publishing will have come across this:

    Home » 404 Not Found
    Ooops, page not found

    Those who are more web savvy might recall there exists a largely volunteer run organisation which provides archiving facilities without fear or prejudice to all who submit a link.

    To quote their home page: is a time capsule for web pages!
    It takes a ‘snapshot’ of a webpage that will always be online even if the original page disappears.
    It saves a text and a graphical copy of the page for better accuracy
    and provides a short and reliable link to an unalterable record of any web page

    There is a search facility on the front page:
    “I want to search the archive for saved snapshots”

    If you enter the URL that you have then it will provide a link to its archived copy.

    This service is provided from outside the legal juristiction of the UK courts.

    That is all.

  31. Stoker

    I’m looking at the “definitions” of a “hate crime” that Stuart has included in his article. And here’s a very serious point and observation:

    Then they had better ban *ALL* sectarian parades (aka: Orange Walks) because these are offensive to our Catholic communities. And a lot of their material is downright bigoted anti-Catholic rhetoric and sentiments.

    What’s the betting this, though, will be chalked down to being “different” or “not subjected to the hate crime bill” etc? Because it’s “culture”.

    I wonder if the Ku Klux Klan ever claimed to be “celebrating their culture”?

    Catholics should wait until this farce comes into law and then, upon the appearance of the first bigot-brigade parade, flood their nearest police station with hundreds or thousands of complaints.

    I’m guessing it will not take us long to establish how bogus all this is. This crap created by the SNP? Then SNP councils on the other hand are doing what Labour did before them and granting permission for bigot-brigade parades to march the streets assaulting all our ears with their embarrassing medieval brand of cultural hatred, eh. Talk about double standards?

  32. aLurker

    It looks like I made an error in copy’n pasteing a URl that was not the orignal URL from Stus article!

    Shame there is no edit facility for comments.
    Sigh. Silly me.
    Oh well. least said, soonest mended.
    Lets just all move on now.
    Nothing to see here. No siree.

  33. Tarby

    How this would work in regards to the handling of data? Are the staff at these locations going to go through the same clearance that a police officer would go through to enable them to access confidential crime reports? How would these reports be stored, archived, destroyed etc in these locations. Are we expected to believe that a sex shop has the same data handling procedures in place as a police station (where crimes are normally reported)?

  34. Jon Drummond


  35. WhoRattledYourCage

    John C says:

    ‘It’s a new blasphemy law basically. Written in religious fervour by followers of a new controlling ideology born out of American universities and has now metastasized into what we have in Scotland.’

    This is 100% correct. Not for nothing was it minted when Yousaf was (sniggering) ‘Justice Minister’ (without a law degree!) and is coming to fruition now. It’s a silence-everybody law, and if you say anything about it you’re (sneer) ‘racist’ and such meaningless trite shite.

    And don’t even get me started on the American government’s knowing role in this madness. Remember, Obama came out against independence during the indyref for his wee pal David Scameron in 2014.

    The sad thing is this shit’s been taken up with eager zealotic pride and excitement by our halfwit local-council-level (often mentally ill, or otherwise compromised) politicians (some of whom really do seem to think they’re doing ‘good’ and are on the ‘right side of history,’ which just shows how fucking stupid they truly are) and some of our wannabe-American young people, wanking off to American-imported madness on social media.

    “Fuck these people,” as Hunter S Thompson put it, if they want a Free Speech square go the cunts will get it. Had enough of this nonsense from anti-intellects. They’ve been allowed far too much sway in public debate until now. No cunt in this increasingly sad wee country will EVER tell me what to say or think or do artistically. Want a square go, SNP? GO FOR IT.

  36. Johnlm

    It’s probably all to bring Scotland in line with the Mothership, England.

    Here is Konstantin Kisin in 2018

  37. Mia

    According to the info below the picture of the angry red dildo with a rash, aka the “hate monster”, the five protected characteristics this bill covers are:

    Religion or belief
    Sexual orientation
    Transgender identity

    Excellent. What about the other four protected characteristics?
    Does Scotland parliament think it is okay to discriminate against them by making them a fair target for hate?

    For what I could find, there are 9 protected characteristics:

    gender reassignment.
    being married or in a civil partnership.
    being pregnant or on maternity leave.
    race including colour, nationality, ethnic or national origin.
    religion or belief.
    sexual orientation

    So what happens to the other four protected characteristics that are not mentioned under the dildo? Why are they being discriminated against? Does it mean the Scottish parliament and government think women, children, men and elderly people are a fair target for hate just because they are not effing trans?

    With regards to religion, what about those who do not follow or care about any religion? Are they also to become a legitimate target for hate from those who follow a religion?

    How is that not direct discrimination?

    Now, according to the Equality Act, the actual protected characteristic is “gender reassignment” not “transgender identity” as it is stated below the red dildo.

    According to the UK parliament website and the Equality Act 2010, “gender reassignment” refers to “someone who is proposing to undergo, is undergoing or has undergone a process (or part of a process) for the purpose of reassigning the person’s sex by changing physiological or other attributes of sex” .

    Such a person is referred to in the statute as a “transsexual person”

    If it is not planning to undergo or undergo those changes, then it does not count as a “transsexual person”.

    “changing physiological or other attributes of sex”, that is the wording used in the Equality Act. A dress, make up, high heels, fishnets and a pair of knickers are not “attributes of sex” nor part of your “physiology”. They are commercial stereotypes of gender. The clothes men and women wore 300 years ago were very different to our clothes now.
    An adult sized nappy or an adult sized baby-like or toddler-like dress and an adult sized dummy are not an “attribute of sex” or part of your physiology either. They are age stereotypes.

    The Equality Act does not use the words “transgender identity” at all. So what is “transgender identity” and how is that identity assessed, demonstrated and proved? It seems to me that going from “transsexual person” to “transgender identity” is one heck of a leap.

    If I am interpreting this Act correctly, males who simply choose to wear women’ knickers, make up and a dress without actively changing/planning to undergo physiological change or change their sex attributes (secondary characteristics), do not count as “transsexual” from the perspective of this Act, no matter how they choose to identify themselves or demand others to identify them.

    The desire of a male pervert to force his way into female toilets or changing rooms to satisfy his perverted fetish,the desire of a mediocre male athlete to force its way into the female sports category because that male does not stand a chance to win in the male category where they belong, does not count as an “attribute of sex”, a change in physiology and therefore it is not “gender reassignment” or a sign of being a “transsexual person” no matter how they chose to identify themselves. For what I read from the legislation, there has to be an active change in something else other than just the clothes and make up to be one. Because if not, then the only thing each and every single one of us would have to do to protect ourselves and to have somebody else prosecuted for a hate crime and arrested, just because we do not like their opinion, chose to be offended by them and want to have them silenced, is to declare ourselves transgender and declare a hate crime for anybody else who dare challenging us saying we are not. Maybe that is what we all are going to have to do from now on to escape ridiculous accusations of hate crimes under this stupid piece of crap.

    I cannot see this legislation as anything other than a deliberately disinforming, thought and speech restricting piece of fascist legislation designed by political and legal pygmies to deliberately confuse the public to give perverts, rapists, weirdos and paedos a escape route against social scrutiny by claiming to be trans, while deliberately leaving everybody else totally exposed to vicious hateful attacks from those.

    This is clearly a practical exercise in thought control. I wonder who the big wig globalist arseholes using Scotland as their testing ground for this shite are, and in at which side of the Atlantic and the Mediterranean sea they are based.

    I am disgusted that our scarce taxpayers’ money has been and will be squandered with this time-wasting shite when there are so many other important things in desperate need of resources.

    If this does not amount to gross and deliberate misuse of public resources and waste of police time, what does.

    Here is my cynical thought: what are the odds the SNP is using this legislation to overload the police with this shite so current investigations into the SNP, the press leakers and the perjurers come to halt?

    And what are the odds this legislation is being unrolled globally by zionists as a test to stop the amounting criticism and protests against Israel’s genocide of Palestinians? Isn’t it interesting that “religion” and “race” are under the red spotty dildo but sex and age are not? What exactly makes religion and race more deserving of being protected against hate than sex and age?

  38. sam

    “In particular, the guidance matters because of the imminent Hate Crime and Public Order Act, which provides for the offence of stirring up hatred on the basis of transgender identity.

    This is based on a test as to whether a reasonable person would find the behaviour ‘threatening’ or ‘abusive’, and an assessment that it was intended to stir up hate. The interpretation that front-line police officers place on ‘abusive’ and ‘hate’ will therefore be critical to how widely the net is cast, in the initial recording and investigating of incidents.

    The Act provides for a defence based on protecting rights under Article 10 ECHR (freedom of expression), but this is phrased in very general terms and only applies once a person has been assessed as potentially having committed the offence. It does not of itself provide overt protection from initial investigation and recording, based on a low threshold for defining ‘abusive’ and ‘hate’.

    Neither Police Scotland nor the Scottish Government have provided any details or reassurance on how it will protect freedom of expression in this context.

    Unless Police Scotland brings its NCHI policy up-to-date, officers will be working to two different criteria. For the Hate Crime Act, officers will be required to exercise discretion in a new way, judging what a ‘reasonable person’ would regard as abusive, as well as assessing ‘hateful’ intention themselves. It is not known what guidance they have been given on this. By contrast, the established NCHI policy, which officers are used to working with, tells them what counts as abusive and should be recorded as hateful is based simply on a person’s ‘say so’.

    In short, even though the Hate Crime and Public Order (Scotland) Act, by definition recognises a distinction between ‘reasonable’ persons, and those who are not, in their perception of ‘abusive’ behaviour, the existing policy in effect requires officers to regard all complainants as making valid complaints.”

  39. panda paws

    @Lewis Moonie

    “Why are they using a red dildo as their Hate Monster?”

    They picked it up at the Glasgow Sex Shop when they were reporting a hate crime incident.

  40. Stoker

    For the first time, ever, i’ve just listened to that snarling anti-white diatribe spouting from Humza Yousaf and that other millionaire Labour gofer. And it got me thinking.

    Wonder what the reaction would be if we replaced a lot of those “WHITE” claims from the gruesome-twosome with the word “ENGLISH”? Because a great many of those posts mentioned are indeed held by “WHITE” folk, but they are also “ENGLISH” folk.

    Strange how we don’t hear any concerns and objections being voiced about that with such venom from Sarwar and Yousaf, isn’t it?

    We, the Scottish electorate, *really need* to make sure we get these parasites removed from our politics. We need to focus on getting the word out or we can continue to be pre-occupied with other world events, as serious as they are, whilst our own country is systematically stripped of any respect and turned into a laughing stock by these agents.

    NOTE: I only use the word “agents” to stop me using something stronger that may result in me being accused of committing a “hate crime”.

  41. JGedd

    Actually it isn’t just the Scottish Government that seems to hate the electorate, but the whole political class. For present day politicians, actual democracy is too frightening. Within their own parties they exert control, sometimes with outright bullying.( You might have read recently about the harassment and intimidatory behaviour alleged within the Scottish LibDems.) They are all very keen on control. It wasn’t only the SNP who voted for this mad, authoritarian bilge but members of other parties too.

    The Moorov doctrine is disgraceful and should have been binned long ago but the police and legal establishment are rather keen on it. It’s ideal for getting a conviction. All that’s required is, say, six stalwart members of the constabulary to swear that each of them witnessed the commission of an offence for it to happen. Or alternatively, as happened recently, members of a Whatsapp group to report analogous inappropriate behaviour for the person so accused to go to trial. Anything that actually encourages accusers to collaborate on their evidence makes a mockery of justice.

    It isn’t only our democracy that is being undermined; the political class throughout the western democracies is engaging in the same tactics. Dissent is being outlawed and the idea of free speech seems to be anathema to many governments. It doesn’t appear to matter which side of the political divide politicians are on; they are all united in their detestation of an unruly electorate that does not ascribe to the set tenets of what the political class has decided is correct political discourse. No wonder when people look at the political choices on offer, they feel disenfranchised.

  42. Johnlm

    That Konstantinos Kisin link from 2018 doesn’t upload.

    Those interested can search YouTube for
    The Dangers of Posting on Social Media | Konstantin Kisin

    Don’t throw tomatoes please

  43. Corrado Mella

    Reductio ad absurdum

    This is one of the most important lenses to apply to any new legislation.
    Push it to its extreme consequences, without leaving its constraints, and see where it leads to.

    Reminiscent of the 1920’s Germany where “citizens” were encouraged to snitch on each other, often used maliciously, always causing societal fracture.

    Look at every piece of legislation from the leftards: it’s ALWAYS causing strife, division, conflict and violence.

    It’s by design.

    The left must destroy any form of societal bonds (family, religion, responsibility) to be able to manipulate distressed, disaffectioned and depressed individuals.

    This crock’o’shite can be derailed and rendered ineffective by doing what the Rev suggests.

    As every expert in martial arts knows, using your opponents’ energy and leverage to slam them to the mat is the wisest choice.

    Inundate everything with reports of hate crimes. You don’t need to invent malicious ones: just the abhorrent behaviour of some wokeratti is enough.

    Give them enough rope.

  44. mike cassidy

    Always worth remembering this legislation was designed to back up the Self-ID stuff

    Which is why misogyny was not included

    Because, if it had, a lot of transactivists would have ended up in court

  45. Stoker

    And there it is, in sams comment at 5:53 pm (good post btw, sam), one of the most dangerous words frequenting our legal and complaints systems all over Scotland.

    That word is “discretion”. Covers a multitude of sins.
    For “discretion” please also see: bias, corruption, unfair, inconsistent, etc etc etc.

    When police or any other organisation have the ability to “exercise discretion” the system that organisation operates within is liable to produce inconsistent and corrupt methods of handling situations. Situations that can be classed as similar, or even identical, being treated in entirely different ways with entirely different outcomes to the original complaints.

    Another way of putting it, because i’m a cynical bastard, if your face fits you’ll be treated favourably. If it doesn’t, nae luck pal, you’re f@cked.

  46. John Main

    @ Mia says: 13 March, 2024 at 5:51 pm

    what are the odds this legislation is being unrolled globally by zionists as a test to stop the amounting criticism and protests against Israel’s genocide of Palestinians?

    There was me about to post that everybody should relax, cos the Hate Monster’s not real, and then along comes Mia to prove that not only is the Hate Monster real, it has it’s fangs buried deep in her neck.

    Oh well.

    You go and protest all you want, Mia. Wear one of these fetching headscarves with Arabic writing on – calling for extermination of the Jews – you’ll be grand.

    Once your fellow protesters are calling the shots, and you’re in your proper place as a fourth-class citizen, don’t claim you were never warned.

  47. Dorothy Devine

    Is it a hate crime to hate someone, or indeed lots of folk??

    I cannot believe that this once sane , sensible country of the enlightenment has become this cesspit of utter idiocy and perversion.

    I await the Church of Scotland , the Wee Free Kirk, the Catholic Church speaking up – all of them are involved in child protection, so about time they started some missionary work.

  48. Republicofscotland

    The latest from Robin McAlpine.

    “So here goes. First, the Hate Crime Act, a crap piece of legislation that no-one liked which was railroaded through by Sturgeon (because a desire to create good policy came a distant third behind her desire to look strong and do whatever she wanted all the time). To get it there they said lots of things, like ‘we’ll engage and listen to your concerns’.

    They didn’t. They didn’t listen to anyone’s concerns. They said anything at all to get the legislation passed but none of the words meant anything. They had no intention of improving the law after it passed because they’d already ‘won’. So now they’re spending money on a PR campaign to explain to you (using your money) that everyone apart from them was always wrong about this legislation.

    And right about now they’ll start promising you that there is absolutely no way this legislation is going to be used maliciously, like everyone always does before they pass legislation which will 100 per cent definitely be used maliciously at some point in the future (see Blair’s promises that the terrorism legislation would definitely not be used to remove an elderly man who heckled Blair).

    When this legislation is used in ways miles beyond any possible intention, there will be nothing you can do about it. You could hold a public meeting, like they did in Stranraer to raise serious concerns about their local hospital – but chances are that you’ll be treated with contempt, like they were. The health board simply ignored the meeting and refused to send a representative.

    If a wealthy developer wants a local authority to knock down some building or other, the local authority will quickly shed the rules and restrictions on their unbridled power, like the requirements to do a proper environmental impact study. This is illegal – but who has the money to mount a judicial review?”

  49. Hatuey

    Couldn’t we have a “hate crime” button to press on here so that when people intentionally disagree with us and cause upset we can report them?

  50. Mark McGregor

    From Police Scotland:
    “they need to show they are better than them.”
    “WATP”.? Think of the overtime at Govan police station, Sat backshift…. 50,000 hate crimes to be noted… luvly jubly!
    On a more serious note. A culture whose cental tenet is an expression of hate is a front and centre feature of Scottish public life but the Scottish Gov feels the need to play act a dislike of hate.. beckett would have found it beyond absurd. Closer to Kafka or Stazzi!.

  51. Karen

    The dictionary defines “ill will” as “animosity or bitterness”. It will be illegal to be bitter!

  52. Sally Hughes

    Recently a local MP insinuated (but we all know he meant me) that I was a ‘warring Hamster’… in the Times no less.

    I’m keeping calm, and drinking lots of cups of tea… applying for counselling… but now I’m wondering if perhaps a hate crime has been committed?

    I was going to just ignore it, water off a hamsters back, but now… now I’m not so sure.

    In all seriousness. The above is completely unworkable. There are heads of department within Police Scotland who need to be – at the very least – demoted, if not sacked.

  53. sam

    Thank you, Stoker. I return the compliment.

  54. Sven

    Hatuey @ 19.15.

    Don’t know about a “Hate” facility, Hats; however if it encourages freedom of expression on WOS please take this as my personal promise of indemnity to any and all contributors to feel free to insult, abuse or criticise me or any of my posts without fear of my complaining.
    What a mealy mouthed, whiny, pathetic country of entitled whingers our devolved administration is making us.
    SNP fight for independence ? They don’t even want us to express our own opinions in what used to be the privacy of our own homes.
    Those of you with smart speakers to which you can give instructions best watch out for them coming with trigger words or phrases which may flag up your “hateful” words or phrases.

  55. sam

    “1. Extremists / activists / those with malign intent will always exploit the law, loopholes, well-meaning policies for their own ends, if given the opportunity to do so. The fact that those ends were not intended by those enacting the legislation or introducing a policy is irrelevant.

    Those seeking to simplify the law on admissibility of computer evidence, for instance, never intended that this should be used to enable prosecutions on the basis of flawed computer evidence.

    2. The worst case will happen at some point.

    See the Horizon cases as an example. The Scottish conversion therapy ban proposal could enable, in certain circumstances, a parent to be prosecuted for wanting to stop their daughter wearing breast binders because of the harm caused and because they are worried that she has not been correctly diagnosed.

    3. The process of investigation is itself a punishment.

    The process of investigation is a punishment, one that can often taken an inordinate length of time, be costly and upsetting for the person under investigation and their family. This is so even if no prosecution or other action occurs. The same can occur in disciplinary proceedings: see the length of time between the events leading to Rachel Meade’s suspension by her employer and the judgment this month that her employer and professional regulator had behaved unlawfully in how it had treated her. (The judgment is here; @LegalFeminist’s Naomi Cunningham acted for Ms Meade.)

    4. Injustice takes a long time to be reversed.

    In the Rachel Meade case, the original complaint was made in 2020. Judgment was finally reached in 2024. In other cases, people can wait very much longer. Seema Misra, one of the subpostmasters prosecuted on Horizon evidence, was convicted in 2010 with her conviction only overturned in 2021.

    5. Even when a court rules, those disliking it will deny what it says and others will seek to ignore or misrepresent the judgment.”

  56. James Jones

    Devolution isn’t working for Wales, Northern Ireland or Scotland, and if they can’t handle devolution they really couldn’t handle independence. Time to end this nonsense. Sad to say, Westminster and the Scottish Conservatives seem to be the only grown-ups in the room, but Nationalism and Socialism must be better, right?

  57. sam

    Extract from the blog of Legalfeminist – lawyers.

    Naomi Cunningham and Michael Foran

    “Speaking at a fringe meeting at the TUC this week, Jo Grady, the general secretary of the University and College Union (UCU) said (as reported in the Telegraph):

    “whilst it’s clear that gender-critical beliefs are protected, the form of expression isn’t … You might have freedom of speech, but you don’t have freedom to offend … that’s one of the things that we try and educate our members about quite a lot.”

    This betrays a misunderstanding of the law. The right to freedom of belief under article 9 of the ECHR explicitly protects the manifesting as well as holding of beliefs; and the right to freedom of expression includes the right to say things that are offensive, shocking, or heretical to current orthodoxies. Academics in particular are granted heightened protection in their expression, precisely because academic freedom necessitates the freedom to pursue truth, even when social and institutional pressure seeks to silence it.”

  58. Red

    To quote Mel Gibson,

    They may take our lives,
    But they will never never be…
    A woman.

  59. Young Lochinvar

    Kind of explains Police Scotlands decision not to follow up all crimes if there’s no cctv evidence, but follow this nonsense up every time.

    What does that say?

    A. The police are not walking the beat anymore.
    B. The police are not even sitting in their panda cars eating donuts.
    C. They are in the comfy station sitting at a desk on social media and cctv links..


  60. johnlm

    The US has just voted to ban tic tok.
    Thought crime laws are being drawn up across Europe.
    Politicians talking of gearing up for a war economy, and threatening war.

    The emergency powers are almost in place.
    The banking collapse must be nigh.

  61. Robert Hughes

    From now on if I’m ever in a situation where I’m unsure of the best course of action I’ll just ask myself ” what would Dil do ? ”

    Welcome to Scotland The Petri-Dish-In-Reverse : where insane Social Engineer amoeba & other micro-brained creatures subject humans to weird experiments , prodding them with sharp legal instruments , fragmenting them , exposing them to extremes of heat & cold ; ultimately consigning them to Clinical Waste .

    How many Independence ” persuadable ” people , once this – guaranteed to create chaos ( is this part of the intent ? ) and endless opportunities for abuse – idiocy has been unleashed and the effects start to be noticed/felt will think …” what a great piece of legislation , I’m definitely voting YES next time ” ? Nane .

    I find it hard to believe all this utterly corrosive , legally enforceable , poison is being fed into Scotland’s bloodstream by mere circumstance . Yes , it’s happening all over the West , and for the same reasons ; but that it’s spread so rapidly and virulently in our country can’t JUST be down to the zealots in Green/snP Gov . Other , darker , forces are at play here .

    If you had designed a scenario , say …just after the 2014 Ref , designed to totally destroy the Independence Movement and the threat of ” Separation ” ever coming to pass, would it have looked much different to what has actually happened ?

  62. Alf Baird

    James Jones @ 7:40 pm

    “if they can’t handle devolution they really couldn’t handle independence?”

    The SNP are not nationalists. If they were nationalists Scotland would now be independent.

    The SNP’s behaviour confirms what postcolonial theory tells us; that a compromised national party elite ‘take the independence movement up a blind alley’, introduces ‘laws that mystify the people’, and becomes ‘an instrument of coercion’:

  63. Lorna Campbell

    Mia: of course extremist ideologues will try to use the Hate Crime legislation to pound women. I think age is included in the new legislation. The reason for misogyny not being there is rather laughable. ‘Trans’ identified men are to be included, so, if ‘trans’ identified men call out misogyny, they will be calling out misogyny on their own ‘trans’ identified male pals and vice versa.

    The characteristic of belief is protected in the 2010 Equality Act and in the Hate Crime legislation (Forstater), therefore it is protected under both. The 2010 Act states quite categorically that sex refers to a man or a woman. You are quite right, it is ‘gender reassignment’ not ‘gender ideology’ in the 2010 Act. I think that Westminster, somehow, will have to step in again to rescue Scotland. This is becoming embarrassing because of those numbskulls in Holyrood.

    Everyone who hates this stuff, no pun intended, needs to petition the Tories to get us out of this. No, I am not kidding. No other way. Or we have women in prison at the behest of the ‘trans’ identified mob. I thought I could not loathe the SNP and the Greens any more than I do, but I find the level of loathing being ramped up daily.

  64. GM

    Michael Dubar
    Ignored says:
    13 March, 2024 at 4:39 pm
    Does our First Minister’s white, white, white speech count as a hate crime, or do you need to be a..’

    I would be surprised if you didn’t have a case.

  65. Lorna Campbell

    James Jones: the SNP/Greens do not equate to independence and they are not the people of Scotland. At least 50% of the people of Scotland want independence, and we will not be voting in boneheads in future, especially ‘woke’ boneheads.

  66. Red

    “Academics in particular are granted heightened protection in their expression”

    Whit a disgusting thing to say.

    Naw, we all have the right to speak, it is a natural human right and anybody who tells ye different is a tyrant or a slave.

    Free speech doesn’t belong to an elite class of over educated students. It belongs to you and me and every free human being on this world.

    They can arrest you, but that doesn’t give them the right. They can put ye in a cage, but you’re still a free born man as long as you decide to be one. Freedom of speech is the birth right of every Scot, and the wee clowns in their wee clown house in Clowninburgh (twinned with Sodom and Gonoreah and Airdrie) can pass their clowny wee laws, but then whit?

    We’re still gonnae be here.

    Freedom to speak is foundational, especially offensive speech ya bas. Let my people go!

  67. Stoker

    And in other news:

    UK Government announces it will ban “foreign states” from owning UK newspapers.

    Really? Welcome to Scotland’s world. I don’t think they [UKGov] see the irony in that announcement. As if it’s any better having folk like Rupert Murdoch or the Tory Barclay brothers owning them?

    I rest my case, M’lud.

  68. Ruby

    Not too sure about reporting my hate crimes to The Edinburgh Rape Crisis Centre.

    Will I be asked to
    “Reframe my trauma”?

    I’m disappointed that there are no sex shops on the Edinburgh list.

  69. John C

    So as a heterosexual white man if a trans???? calls me a name like CIS (honestly no idea about these names) woke etc, I can report it as a hate crime?

    I’d love it if someone reported being called ‘cis’ as a hate crime. It’s a word used by TRAs purely as a pejorative and to push the idea that ‘Trans’ is a natural thing, when it of course is a mix of comorbidities, mental illness and fetishes.

    In fact imagine if everyone called ‘cis’ by activists went to the police reporting a hate crime? Play them at their own game and see how quickly the entire thing collapses.

  70. James Jones

    Alf Baird at 8:22 pm
    “The SNP are not nationalists. If they were nationalists Scotland would now be independent.”
    Were they not nationalists in 2014?

  71. Mac

    I think we are seeing a gradual, stealth, Assange’ing of Craig Murray.

    Every journalist in Scotland and the UK not fighting for Assange and Murray is not a journalist.

  72. John C

    Devolution isn’t working for Wales, Northern Ireland or Scotland, and if they can’t handle devolution they really couldn’t handle independence. Time to end this nonsense. Sad to say, Westminster and the Scottish Conservatives seem to be the only grown-ups in the room, but Nationalism and Socialism must be better, right?

    Devolution worked perfectly well til 2017/8, and the idea the Scottish Tories are ‘grown ups’ when they’ve sat on their hands supporting endless cruelty that’s thrown hundreds of thousands of families into poverty is ludicrous. You also really, really don’t want to dig into the Tories as they’re just as two-faced, incompetent as the rest.

    And the principle of running our own country stands, as does socialism (the Tories are quite happy bunging mates millions for things like PPE which doesn’t work or exist and 18 months ago nearly not only crashed the UK economy but the world due to conservatism gone mad) but the issue is where we are now is that none of the main parties offer a solution. None can be trusted and all are corrupt to the core.

  73. James Jones

    Lorna Campbell at 8:24 pm
    “the SNP/Greens do not equate to independence and they are not the people of Scotland. At least 50% of the people of Scotland want independence, and we will not be voting in boneheads in future, especially ‘woke’ boneheads.”
    And yet they’re the elected government.
    Who are you going to vote for in the future, and as I’ve asked before, where will those knights in shining armour come from? Where are they now?

  74. Stoker

    @ Lorna Campbell on 13 March 2024 at 8:24 pm:

    Utter halfwits such as “James Jones” are only here to create disruption with uneducated waffle that doesn’t stand up to the slightest bit of scrutiny.

    Note how the halfwit deliberately fails to mention over 300 years of scandal, paedophilia and warmongering from Westminster. And we’re supposed to consider this one issue over all the wrong from Westminster over 300 years? LOL!

    Note also how the halfwit sycophantically ejaculates over his beloved BritNat Tory nationalism while trying to paint our cause as a nasty type of “nationalism”. I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s a sockpuppet account of one of Scotland’s Tory MSP’s. Or if it was the ignorant liar known as ‘Manky Jakit’ who was behind it.

    Either way, the ignorance and lack of intellect just oozes from its every comment.

    Goodnight, Troops!

  75. John C

    Several people have mentioned what happens at an Orange Walk and that is an exceptionally good question and one I don’t think the TRA’s who pushed for this law thought of, or if they did, they didn’t care about it. They just wanted to attack women and report people they hated to the police.

    Yet an Orange Walk is in itself hate speech. Walking through streets singing about ‘bathing in Fenian blood’ is full on hate speech, and probably meets the criteria under existing laws though nobody is going to prosecute.

    So we’re going to be faced with this very soon as marching season is about to start & I’m certainly going to push this law to see what they do, and don’t consider ‘hate speech’.

  76. Ruby

    It says on the list that robbery is a hate crime!

    Does this mean if I am burgled I should report it to ‘The Rape Crisis Centre?’

    Is there any crime that isn’t a hate crime?

  77. Chas

    Whilst I do not look at Wings everyday it will be sad to see the site disappearing soon after the 1st April.
    Almost every accurate, well researched article that Stu writes could be construed as a hate crime against somebody or something, if any individual chooses to treat it as such. Then we come to the comments section……………….saxons blaring, lights flashing!
    Does Baird come on here to read posts solely with a view to ‘shoehorning’ his prejudices in his boring responses? Better watch myself as no doubt that is a hate crime I have committed.
    Scotland the Brave-you are having a laugh!

  78. What Rot

    I will not comply.

    This is unenforceable, unsubstantiable legal illiteracy. It’s risible and should be treated with the contempt it richly deserves.

    They can’t jail us all.

  79. Ruby

    John C

    Yet an Orange Walk is in itself hate speech. Walking through streets singing about ‘bathing in Fenian blood’ is full on hate speech, and probably meets the criteria under existing laws though nobody is going to prosecute.

    Did they not try to do something about that with ‘The Men Behaving Badly at the Fitba’ Law or whatever it was called?

    Did the read the articles about the Orange Lodge & Stonehaven?

    The Orange Lodge accused the 10K people who signed the protest against their march in Stonehaven of ‘hate speech’ anti protestant bigotry or something like that.

    Their march was banned but they have lodged an appeal which will take place on Friday. If the appeal is successful their march will take place on Saturday. Apparently the shopkeepers in Stonehaven have said they wouldn’t open their shops & they could possibly all be bored up.

    The Orange Lodge tried to bribe donate £600 to the Stonehaven RNLI and the RNLI said no we can’t accept your money. Worth a read.

  80. James Jones

    @Stoker at 8:57

    Ooh, you name-calling hate-criminal! I have never voted Tory but my point stands in the context of the period where Scotland has had a devolved government. Back-track 300 years if you feel it helps your case, but you’d be wrong, it becomes irrelevant. James Jones is my name, “Stoker.” I laugh at your distraction techniques while not addressing the issues.

  81. Ruby

    Ooops boarded up not bored up.

  82. Ruby


    Then we come to the comments section……………….saxons blaring, lights flashing!

    saxons blaring!!! 🙂

    Do you mean the anglo-saxons? ie James Jones

    Or maybe you meant klaxons!

    The Anglo-Klaxons!

  83. sarah

    How anyone could have voted for this piece of legislation is beyond me. It is an open invitation to mischief-makers and is clearly potentially going to occupy the entire time of the police. It really is a danger to our personal freedom of speech and another example of our legislators’ lunacy.

    Robust remarks on twitter and facebook will be risky. Happily the Rev is outside the jurisdiction. 🙂

  84. Ruby

    I have no idea what Dil would do Robert but I can tell you that looking at the plooky orange penis is putting me off finding out.

    It’s giving me a headache!

  85. Aye Right

    This is all coordinated. Canada is doing some dodgy nonsense in the Free Speech arena right now, too.

  86. AnneDon

    I’m a Catholic, and religion is a protected characteristic. Does that mean I get to report everyone who doesn’t believe in transubstantiation?

  87. stuart mctavish

    love the Anglo klaXons imagery Ruby, make me think of camp bell, camp bell for some reason 🙂

    More serious note on the hate crime though must be where (&how) to draw the line

    eg it probably goes without saying that our imperial masters (incl. at least 30 SNP MPs) will want all Scots who are Tories to be convicted and vice versa (ie all Scots who hate Tories will be guilty too) making love of Scotland (& it’s contemporary perception of freedom) impossible, it being thus & defacto full of wee hate monsters etc.

    The tricky part will be in the detail and applying it equally, & without fear or favour, to contract as it is to criminal

    ie if the punishment for a hate aggravated assault is to have any sentence increased by 6 months to 2 years, then so must there be a new sentence of six months to 2 years for a hate aggravated refusal to do dishes or take the bins out in a marriage contract (breach of the love honour & obey clause) – even though that might not be considered nearly enough for anyone caught cleaning toilet bowls with their partners toothbrush on a mutually agreed bathroom spy camera!

  88. Republicofscotland

    “Whilst I do not look at Wings everyday it will be sad to see the site disappearing soon after the 1st April.
    Almost every accurate, well researched article that Stu writes could be construed as a hate crime against somebody or something,”


    How’s this for a hate crime F*ck You!

  89. stuart mctavish

    “Wee” should read “we”, although not impossible there’s a comma and couple of (potentially controversial) nouns missing too..

  90. Cameron Robson

    What happens when everyone in Scotland (5 million approx) is reported for a hate crime – starting with white hater Humza – when we all report each other for ‘hurty words’ ?

  91. JockMcT

    Sticks & Stones may break my bones, but names will be reported as hate crimes to my local sex shop!

  92. joolz

    The only protected characteristic missed from the HCB is ‘sex’. When women complained, I recall Humza saying that he would introduce another Bill to protect women. Still waiting!

    We are now left in the ridiculous position where a man and a woman can buy the exact same dress from Marks and Spencer and it will be a crime to tell the man he looks like a man, but not to make an abusive comment to the woman.

  93. what rot

    I will not comply.

    This is legal gibberish, totally unenforceable, and is an affront to everything this country is about. It should be treated with the contempt it richly deserves.

    They can’t jail us all.

  94. Bernard de Linton

    Re the Orange walk in Stonehaven,keep that retarded bollox in the West coast.

  95. London Scot

    Does religion & belief include political beliefs? Can I as a Tory & Unionist report SNP & Green politicians for saying “Tory scum”, “We must free Scotland of Tories, “Unionists are ("Tractor" - Ed)s” etc? If so I shall have fun next month.(Presumably I can report on-line as the sex shop is a trek from London. Hoping to visit my sister in Paisley this Summer. 8 centres there! Looking forward to duscussions with the specially trained staff. Will also shove literature from Let Women Speak through Mhairie Black’s office door..she can then report me for being transphobic.

    On a serious point does this law not conflict with the UK wide Eq. Act 2010 & the Europe ECHR rules on free speech? Can I and the Rev be deported to Scotland to answer charges on stuff which is not illegal in England? And why did Alaister Jack not do a Section notice on it as like the GRR it will impacts on people who live in rUK?

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