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Tory Councillor Of The Day

Posted on September 07, 2015 by

A serial offender.


We’re sure Ruth Davidson will act with her usual decisive swiftness.

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    1. 08 09 15 00:43

      Tory Councillor Of The Day | Speymouth

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    1. Paula Rose says:

      Just let Ruth know – swift action expected anytime soonest.

    2. Lesley-Anne says:

      I’m sure Ruth will be up on her feet first thing tomorrow demanding Nicola do something about this level of abuse. Oh wait a minute this guy is NOT an S.N.P. councilor though is he he’s a Tory! Ach well … S.N.P. BAD!

    3. cadogan Enright says:

      How could a councillor say something like this? Does he not know it will be all over BBC Scotland in the morning and the press will be howling for the Tory grandees to discipline him?

    4. Taranaich says:

      The scary thing is, I don’t even think it’s intended as a joke. Plenty of nutcases seem to believe that we need to experience some terrible tragedy as a result of the crisis, then we’ll “come to our senses” and shut off the borders.

    5. Dr Jim says:

      So they can’t be allowed in the garden then

      Are these people hoping for the First Ministers death then, is this just political banter or “Self talking” or (Mis stating Awareness) or let me dredge another precedent up from 1868 to back up my non political non personal case

      Or, to save the courts time and the taxpayers money why don’t I just go round his house and stick it on him and hurt him badly

      Well that’s a lot less than a death threat isn’t it
      and BTW nothing personal it would be a political battering

    6. joe kane says:

      Unionists a bit all over the place tonight on the subject of johnny foreigner.

      I see this anti-immigration webpage from its 2015 General Election campaign is still up on Labour’s website –
      Tough and fair immigration rules
      A Labour government will control immigration with fair rules

      Meanwhile Labour’s North British branch office manager has this to say in the Daily Record –
      Kezia Dugdale: Europe needs to step up and end the suffering of refugees

    7. GallusEffie says:


      What is wrong with some people?

    8. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Aye right!

    9. K1 says:

      Proof if any were needed that the first qualification required to join the Tories is to be a complete bastard with psychopathic tendencies…that just spill out unchecked. At least we know what we are dealing with wi this lot…silver lining ‘n aw that.

    10. bjsalba says:

      Nasty Mouth
      Nasty Mind
      Nasty Party

    11. Anne Bruce says:

      He calls himself a “raconteur and wit”

      “Half wit” is more appropriate.

    12. Papadox says:

      I’m sure Mr Mccaskill will throw a party when Cameron’s handlers tell him who he is to bomb this time, and Ruthie can mount her large tank again and pretend we are a major military power instead of a gofor for the Great Satan. America shouts jump and Cameron says “how high bass”

      How to beat the Scottish problem, get some bombs off the yanks, and ask them who they want murdered and what society they want reduced to the Stone Age. Cameron will follow the USA like a well trained dug.

      Remember how powerful Engerland is it has trident, if it’s pals give it the codes, services them and allows them to pull the trigger. ITS ALL A HUGE CON!

      We are a third rate military power and the only clowns who don’t realise that are the Britnat supporters, thanks to the MSM & EBC.

    13. Truth says:

      May as well replay my joke from the other day and question if your headline should have been: Tory C*un****** ** T** ***.

    14. Nana Smith says:

      Sorry to go off topic so soon but could this be true and if it is the world has truly gone mad

    15. Fairliered says:

      I just feel so sad that humans have to share the planet with Tories.

    16. John Moss says:

      Actually, Nicola did not ask us her soveriegns if we wanted to accept these migrants into our country.

      As our senior elected public servant she did not. That’s a fact.

      When we have our own people being castigated by the UK govnerment’s DWP and the French company Atos to be deprive them of benefits we Scots have paid to provide, what F**KING reaseon does she have to decide that we Scots should take in these outsiders into our country?

      Under English rule we have foodbanks and have our own people dying because the DWP won’t support them but I am expected to work and pay taxes to keep the UK Gov’t going!!!

      Enough is enough.

      No more migrants, no more fefugees. My country is not a free sweetie shop.

      Scots first and ayes!

    17. yesindyref2 says:

      @Nana Smith
      Who knows? But with a range of 10,000 km the ICBMs don’t need to be in the Med to reach Syria – or wherever else they might end up being targetted.

    18. yesindyref2 says:

      Correction, SLBM not ICBM.

    19. manandboy says:

      John Moss @:
      8 September, 2015 at 1:10 am says :-
      Actually, Nicola did not ask us her soveriegns if we wanted to accept these migrants into our country.

      Actually, she did, John. She had a big meeting with all kinds of people, and they all agreed that Scotland must help the refugees.

    20. Lesley-Anne says:

      I’m curious John how exactly was the First Minister supposed to ask us the sovereign people of Scotland if we wanted to accept refugees from war torn Syria into Scotland?

      More over what exactly are these poor devils supposed to do whilst the First Minister is asking the people of Scotland if we want to accept refugees into Scotland?

      Before we all get too hot under the collar about these refugees we must be able to distinguish them from other “alleged” refugees who DO want to come to UK for an “easy life”. This is something that can not be thrown at the current mass of refugees currently fleeing Syria.

      I may be wrong here but I was under the impression that ATOS were no longer involved in the disgusting “testing” of disabled people that job has been transferred to Maximus, an American company.

      I am surprised that you are so anti refugees because all the evidence that I have ever heard about refugees shows that refugees are LESS likely to sup from the spoon of benefits than those born in the U.K.

      Before you carry on shouting and going off on one about the Syrian refugees remember where the blame for their current unsavoury position lies … squarely at the feet of a certain Mr Blair. He took the UK into Iraq in 2003 without the slightest idea about what his exit strategy was. This resulted in Iraq being left in a far worse position than it was before the 2003 invasion. As a result Iraq was left in such a splintered and fractured position it was ideal for the creation of Daesh. They initially joined up with anti Asaad fighters. However this only led to Syria becoming a mirror image of Iraq. The net result was that Daesh now had such a wide area of the Middle East to try and take over. The net result is that the people in Syria and Iraq now have no idea who the “good guys” and who the “bad guys” are any more. They have only one option … flee Syria and Iraq!

    21. yesindyref2 says:

      @John Moss
      It’s implicit in their manifesto for the GE, where they support the EU, free movement of peoples across borders in the EU, the ECHR, and human rights.

    22. grahamlive says:

      SNP councillors set fire to a few sheets of A4… national outrage.

      Tory councillor would “like to see” the First Minister’s life in danger… radio silence.

    23. Marco McGinty says:

      So we’ve been told for years that terrorism is a very bad thing, but is now perfectly acceptable, as long it is carried out to favour the UK?

      I wish these unionists would make their minds up.

    24. john king says:

      John Moss says
      “Actually, Nicola did not ask us her soveriegns if we wanted to accept these migrants into our country.”

      Migrants John?
      thats suggests a person who has CHOSEN to leave his country for better prospects in another country,
      would you like a wee shottie of my spirtle when I’m finished stirring my porridge?

      The people who are getting out of Syria as you well know are fleeing for their lives and its worth remembering the ones who have got out are independently wealthy enough to pay those people traffickers large sums of money to take them out by boat to Greece.

      And the reason for that is simple John, their all professional people, Jesus one was a professor on tv last night, but there are surgeons, engineers, and a myriad of people who, should we have the privilege to have them Im sure would rather die than leach off the state,

      this country is short of skilled people, the north sea oil industry cant get engineers, and you want to turn people who would bring skills WE NEED in this country away, good thinking Batman!

    25. john king says:

      grahamlive says
      “T**y coun****** would “like to see” the F**** Min*****’* li** in *******… ra*** si****.

      Im sorry we seem to be having trouble with that report all the way from Scotland, we’ll go back to it later if we can get the satellite feed back,
      In other news (((SNP BAD)))

    26. Geoff Huijer says:

      *smh* at childlike, angry comment by John Moss.

    27. ronnie anderson says:

      Number 29th letter from Bbc Licence Fee.Kin you,s no get it AM NO PAYING YOU’S HEE HAW,even less than that.

      Send a Summons ya Basterd,s.

      Nae sniggering in the back row today, it disturbs ma consentration, its awrite fur you,s sitting in your armchairs at hame, ma piles hiv piles sitting oan that widden bench.

    28. Taranaich says:

      Mr Moss, my constituency, Inverclyde, has a rapidly falling population. In 1921 Inverclyde boasted 142,571 people. Half a century later, that number fell to 99,551. Today, it’s 81,000, and is projected to plummet to 65,000 in 25 years. It’s little short of a crisis, to the point where Inverclyde may no longer exist in the next century – it would just be a corner of Renfrewshire, like it was before.

      Inverclyde took Italian refugees following the First World War. We hosted the Free French in the 1940s. Not only could we host a few hundred Syrians at least, it is vital that we do something to stop our population from collapsing.

      So if the rest of Scotland doesn’t want refugees, then Inverclyde could really do with a few more folk.

    29. AndyH says:

      I’m all for taking in the refugee families.

      The groups of young men are something else entirely.

      If we are to accept them then we should be swapping them for Sevco supporters.

    30. AndyH says:

      Also, bringing in refugee families may well help improve our national football team in years to come.

      Why do you think the Germans accepted so many eh?

    31. Dorothy Devine says:

      Wonder if he is the chappie who drives about with a union flag fluttering in the breeze?

      One might think that East Ren would elect someone with a brain of greater size than a pea but then it has been an area of unthinking Conservative voters prior to becoming an area of unthinking Labour voters.

      I doubt the tank jockey will do any reprimanding – too busy trying to hold the line for Cameron in Scotland.

      As for the ” impartial” media of Scotland , tumbleweed , SNP Accused. more tumbleweed , NHS Scotland failing , tumbleweed , tumbleweed , ” and over to our expert Allan Cochrane/ David Torrance/ or any other screwball we can find to say SNP bad on any subject whatsoever” ,bit more tumbleweed , ” and now sport , Scotland fails again in every sport from tiddlywinks to tennis ” sad face , SNP accused of not investing in sport / the young / the old / the feckless. have a lovely evening”

    32. T.roz says:

      Islay could do with some more people to. Population has dropped from 4k to 3k in the last twenty years. That’s what you get when the island is basically owned by two absentee Tory boys!

    33. Auld Rock says:

      Ruthless, Ruth, you’ve got to be joking.

      Auld Rock

    34. desimond says:

      re Taranaich says…..Inverclyde Crisid

      I cant wait to see that news coverage as Fiona Bruce reports from a battle scarred Greenock “…and the Inverclyde crisis continues. Tonight we talk to 1 local man,Taranaich, who tells us of his fear of living in the same county as former Councillor Terry Kelly”

    35. desimond says:


      ahem…Islam Feruz…cough

    36. Anagach says:

      Its hard to ignore the desperation and suffering of the refugees, so class them and terrorists and the Xenophobia can flow freely, the Daily Mail readers can lie to themselves and pass their selfish hatreds off as concern for ‘security’.

      I am shocked its a Tory office holder passing on the meme they are usually soooo compassionate.

    37. North chiel says:

      O/T but why is Tim Farron (lib dem leader ) never off the BBC ( last night & breakfast this morning)
      Being interviewed regarding the Syrian drone attack ?
      Should Angus Robertson not be considered or did the lib dem collapse on May 7th never happen ?

    38. Macart says:

      And they wonder why there are 56 SNP MPs and a majority SNP administration at Holyrood?

      Perhaps because people are sick to death of the attitude displayed by Mr Mccaskill. I’d ask him and his party to have a think about that, but y’know…

      … I’m not entirely sure thinking is their strong point.

    39. ahundredthidiot says:

      Can’t we run ferries out of Greenock then?

      The rest of us will chip in for the fugees……and some soap for the locals!

      Hahahaha – maniacal morning laugh with mild hangover

    40. Glamaig says:

      Self proclaimed ‘raconteur and wit’ usually = a loud and opinionated bore

    41. mogabee says:

      Not only does this councillor not seem to care what he says, we have D Cameron killing UK citizens by drone without being at war with anyone!

      F**k right off Tories…

    42. cearc says:


      ‘ LESS likely to sup from the spoon of benefits than those born in the U.K.’

      Ah but the tories are looking to change that embarrassing statistic.

      ‘We’ don’t want the determined and resourceful refugees who have traveled huge distances to seek a new life. ‘We’ will only take unaccompanied children and throw them out when they reach 18.

      That should fix the figures nicely.

    43. Ian Brotherhood says:

      McTernan on Call Kaye again.

      How long before we start hearing about vile CyberNats plotting all sorts of outrages?

      Just let the McCaskills and McTernans decide when it’s okay to turn someone into mince?

    44. heedtracker says:

      Another turd to sweep under the ukok carpet, which must be the height of Everest now but all of it because they’re obliged to “follow BBC editorial guidelines.”

      It’s a red and blue toryboy world, we just exist in it, and no longer vote for it.

    45. Glamaig says:

      OT slightly, on the subject of the drone attack in Syria, on Radio Scotland this morning I dimly heard what sounded to my slowly awakening brain like a right wing rant. Nothing new there then. But this person was then signed off as ‘Professor blah blah’ didn’t catch the name.

      At no point did I hear during the interview such phrases as ‘studies show’ or ‘the evidence points to’ etc such as one might expect from an esteemed professional academic.

      Of course he is entitled to whatever views he holds in private, but it sounded like he was being allowed to vent these personal views via the public broadcaster, and these views are then given gravitas by his title of ‘Professor’.

      I don’t know if anyone else heard this. It didn’t sound like a measured academic appraisal to me.

    46. robertknight says:

      The term “Knuckle-dragging mouth-breather” comes to mind.

    47. Nana Smith says:

      @John Moss

      Put yourself in their shoes for just a moment and consider this. They have lost their homes, some have lost their families and to save themselves have to travel great distances with no support. Being treated with contempt at every turn and who do you think caused their plight.

      The politicians did, people like that foul tory in this article and Ruthie who is happy to pose looking stupid on a tank. Because ultimately they have no conscience, happy to be part of the war machine killing and displacing people all over the globe.

      Don’t think for one moment they would not do the same to us scots who sit on a wealth of oil with the threat of leaving their precious union and shutting off the tap which keeps them rich.

      I worked at a charity sending aid to eastern europe, I saw what war does and I saw what effect it has on the youth and I give thanks my sons are not in that situation.

      Yes I collect aid for the refugees and will continue to do so with an open heart because not to help in some small way would make me no better than the Blairs and Camerons Murdochs profiting from the misery of others.

      The real terrorists are already here in Westminster plotting with their propaganda masters how to create more war. Despite PM’s announcement and news reports in the Sun, Reyaad Khan was killed in early July, not late August.

      Lying is what they do.

    48. Jimbo says:

      It’s fortunate for McCaskill that he’s not living off his wits – otherwise he’d be on half pay.

      In future Ruth Davidson will think twice before she harangues Nicola about inappropriate comments made by SNP members. After thinking twice she’ll then harangue Nicola about inappropriate comments made by SNP members, safe in the knowledge that the Scottish MSM will give her a massive headline on SNP BAAAAD.

    49. Robert Peffers says:

      @Anne Bruce says: 8 September, 2015 at 12:34 am:

      “He calls himself a “raconteur and wit”

      Perhaps he meant witless racoon, Anne.

    50. X_Sticks says:

      @Nana Smith8 September, 2015 at 12:38 am

      “Sorry to go off topic so soon but could this be true and if it is the world has truly gone mad”

      If true that is quite scary, Nana. I’ve posted to the twittersphere – I’m sure you won’t mind 🙂

    51. Robert Peffers says:

      @John Moss says: 8 September, 2015 at 1:10 am:

      “Actually, Nicola did not ask us her soveriegns if we wanted to accept these migrants into our country.

      I smell 77 Brigade shite.

      Just for the record Nicola is the democratically elected spokes person of the SNP and the democratically elected spokesperson of the entire Scottish electorate.

      However, as the SNP government’s First Minister she has no powers to make SNP party policy. This can only be made by delegates sent to national conference by Local Branches and Constituency Associations.

      These delegates are charged with representing the views of the party members at conference. So Nicola has indeed not asked the sovereign people of Scotland, but the sovereign people of Scotland have already told her what policies she must follow”.

    52. AndyH says:



      Maybe we need a ‘non’ Unionist manager…

    53. Achnababan says:

      Glamaig at 0930…

      I would put as much trust in the title ‘Prof’ as I would other titles such as ‘Rev’….

    54. JLT says:

      This is a non-entity of a Tory Councillor trying to be a tad too clever!

      Not only is he having a wee pop at the First Minister, but he’s literally smirking and showing off as he uses his new found knowledge of the word ‘daesh’ which is the Arabic variation of ISIS (whoopy bloody doo, Councillor McCaskill).

      Personally, McCaskill offers nothing here. This is a guy having a nasty wee dig while offering no solution to the problem …but, oh wait …of course he does …shut the ports, man the towers, put barbwire on the beaches.

      I forgot that the Tory answer to the refugee crisis is to call them ‘migrants’ and then portray them all (women, children, babies, et al) as economic chancers who want to be Islamic Fundamentalists when they finally get on the brew.

      Honestly …Tories. Deluded halfwits!

    55. Nana Smith says:


      Thinking about this I am more inclined to believe this is more media manipulation.

      Let the people think Putin is the bogey man when really the bogey man is in Washington.

      Tweet I spotted last night…

      1. Jon Snow ?@jonsnowC4 13 hrs13 hours ago Warwick, England
      If this is true….we are on the edge of something deeply dangerous:

    56. Lesley-Anne says:

      Robert Peffers says:

      @Anne Bruce says: 8 September, 2015 at 12:34 am:

      “He calls himself a “raconteur and wit”

      Perhaps he meant witless racoon, Anne.

      I hear he is a fully paid up member of the Gormless and Witless Protection Programme Robert. 😀

    57. Is this Tory councillor for real!

      If a member of Daesh were to gain entry into the UK and carry out a terrorist attack.

      How would he justify such comments to families whose members were to be victims of any such attack?

      Not only should Ruth Davidson ensure that he is dismissed from the Tory Party, because if she doesn’t then that must mean his comments are acceptable to the Tory Party.

      His constituents should also put pressure on him to resign as their councillor!

    58. CameronB Brodie says:

      Here is how the Iranians are reporting things.

      Eric Draitser On the Refugees and European Policy.

    59. Haggis Hunter says:

      I’ve noticed on facebook the No voters are the ones who hate the refugees, the Yes voters generally have sympathy.

      What I don’t understand is the shite attitude some people have to their fellow man. Maybe I am missing something?

    60. Capella says:

      Well said Nana and Robert Peffers.
      For the youngsters on here who may not have come across John Berger’s “A Seventh Man”, here’s an extract pdf discussing the issue of migrant workers in Europe. It’s from 1975 but apart from the obvious historical changes such as the fall of the USSR could equally apply today – opens a pdf:

      Also, Nana, a side link from the article you link to shows that the Russian move into Syria was agreed with Washington (but maybe not the sub).

    61. Helena Brown says:

      The more I see of the Unionists the more I know I support the correct side. Humourless and silly and coming from someone who was a former Policeman, not much one can say. All I can hope is that he no longer has a seat in 2017.

    62. Helena Brown says:

      JLT @ 10.44am, just said similar to my friend in the States, that we should call them what they are refugees not migrants.

    63. Dan Huil says:

      BritNats are really eager for their Westminster masters to spill more blood in the Middle East.

    64. Mac says:

      Yes do let Ruth know…maybe she can send round some “burly men” to “re-educate” mccaskill and remind him not to publish the minutes of council meetings

    65. Nana Smith says:

      @CameronB Brodie

      @Capella Getting to the stage when I don’t know what to believe any more, guess we will have to use our bullshit meters when reading anything coming from the msm. There just seems to be so much of it right now.

      Well done for spotting that.

    66. Lesley-Anne says:

      Peter McCulloch says:

      Is this Tory councillor for real!

      How can you possibly question the viability of life within this Top Tory Peter?

      Of course he is for real. I offer up exhibit A.

    67. AndyH says:

      @Helena Brown

      Aye. Totally agree.

      Seems to be a self centered streak in them.

      Thatchers children all of them.

    68. Lesley-Anne says:

      Mac says:

      Yes do let Ruth know…maybe she can send round some “burly men” to “re-educate” mccaskill and remind him not to publish the minutes of council meetings

      If she is looking for some *ahem* burly men Mac then I know where she can find some … allegedly! 😉

      Perhaps she might like to drop in at Annan some time in her Leetle tankette and she will be able to pick up a couple of said burly men to go … so to speak! 😀

    69. gus1940 says:


      Today on bella caledonia there is an article titled ‘Long May She Reign’.

      Towards the end of the article there is a link to a 2007 article by Andy Wightman regarding the ownership of The Balmoral Estate.

      Towards the end of that article he states that ownership of several Crown Estate properties including Edinburgh and Stirling Castles and Holyrood Park was transferred to The SoS of Scotland in 1999 and on Devolution passed to the then Scottish Executive subsequently The Scottish Government.

      In spite of pressure over the years to replace The Union Flag with The Saltire on Edinburgh Castle we have repeatedly been told that it was impossible as The Castle was a UK Military Establishment.

      If it is the case that The Castle belongs to The Scottish Government can I suggest that they borrow a word from Gen. McAuliffe at Bastogne in 1944 and say loudly ‘NUTS’, take down The Union Flag, hoist The Saltire and invite The Army to take a hike if they don’t like it.

    70. cirsium says:

      @NanaSmith, 10.44

      Agreed Nana. This reads like a piece of disinformation with two functions – to ram home the PUTIN BAD meme and to help people forget that this mess in Syria started with covert support from the West.

    71. CameronB Brodie says:

      Nana Smith
      There will be a lot of old scores getting settled in the Ukraine, all in support of Washington’s ambition to undermine Russia, to encourage further privatisation of Europe’s social infrastructure and other reasons.

      P.S. DuPont was apparently one of the financial backers behind the Ameriacan Liberty League’s aborted ‘business’ coup to overthrough FDR.

    72. robertknight says:


      Was told the same ‘B-S’ by Historic Scotland staff at Stirling Castle where the only ‘military’ presence is to be found in a museum, yet the Union Flag still flies.

    73. Capella says:

      Craig Murray has a few excellent articles recently. For example the one on why Rupert Murdoch is whipping up support for air strikes against Syria? Because he and Rothschild have shares in Israel’s plans to exploit oil in the illegally occupied Golan Heights. One comment spells out the other shareholders:

      “This from 2013:

      ‘Raytheon stock nears all-time high amid news of possible cruise-missile strike in Syria

      Stock shares of perennial defense contracting powerhouse Raytheon hit nearly $77 apiece Tuesday as news of a possible US strike in Syria intensified. The US has said if it strikes Syrian government targets for alleged use of chemical weapons, it would likely use Tomahawk cruise missiles from warships positioned in the Mediterranean. Raytheon is responsible for making and selling the bulk of the long-range, subsonic missiles to the US government.’…

      “US goes to war, they the politicians get return on investments from the very instruments that do the killing.”

    74. frogesque says:

      A nasty piece of work is a nasty piece of work whatever dark corners they inhabit.

      If such comment were directed to Prime Minter David Cameron anyone could expect a very loud knock on the door with a battering ram.

      But it seems it is fair game to tell lies, tweet inuendo and throw about gratuitous insults to First Minster Nicola Sturgeon.

      Exactly when was Nicola made an Outlaw and removed from legal protection?

    75. cirsium says:

      @robertknight, Gus1940

      Scottish Government owns Edinburgh Castle – see

      Definitely time for the Saltire to be flown.

    76. frogesque says:

      robertknight says:
      8 September, 2015 at 12:01 pm

      Was told the same ‘B-S’ by Historic Scotland staff at Stirling Castle where the only ‘military’ presence is to be found in a museum, yet the Union Flag still flies.

      Is there any Law that says an image of the Saltire (Preferably a YES one!) cannot be projected onto Scotland’s monuments?

    77. Lesley-Anne says:

      @gus1940, @robertknight.

      I think this sort of kind of perhaps maybe falls under the heading of “Who knew … I mean WHO knew?” Apart that is from US that is! 😀

      P.S. I didn’t know we STILL had any military presence in Scotland. I thought with all the defence cuts that Cameron and co. are so much in favour of that we only had a couple of soldiers, a couple of sailors a couple of airmen and a Tiger Moth aircraft. 😀 I may be wrong here of course! 😉

    78. manandboy says:

      What do the 2015 Refugee Crisis, the Highland Clearances, and the Starvation of the Irish during the so called ‘potato famine’, have in common. Clue – it’s got something to do with the attitude of the English ruling classes.

      The Tories then; the Tories now; the same Tories.

    79. I am sorry Lesley Anne, I forgot about questioning the viability of life within any Tory, particularly given how they are treating the unemployed, sick, and disabled in our society.

      However what made me angry reading his comment, is this, when I was in the guards, Aldershot camp was attacked by the IRA, I don’t remember now how many were killed or injured, also the camp I was based at received a bomb alert as well.

      It turned out to be false alarm, though the camp was bombed a few months later and the damage was superficial and thankfully no one was killed or injured.

    80. michael diamond says:

      Agree with you there marco mcginty. I.e. we all know who the real’ terrorists’ were in ireland…. bloody sunday, loughgall, etc.etc.

    81. CameronB Brodie says:

      Further on DuPont and the Ameriacan Liberty League’s aborted ‘business’ coup to overthrough FDR.

      P.S. The Morgan family is at the heart of the Anglo/American Establishment.

    82. ahundredthidiot says:

      ‘Aldershot Camp’? from Peter McCulloch……no such thing. Aldershot is a garrison town full of different camps.

      Now, go and boil yer heid in a bucket of pish


    83. Nana Smith says:

      @CameronB Brodie

      Thanks for those links.

    84. It doesn’t matter whether Aldershot was at garrison town full of different camps it was bombed by the IRA in the early 1970s.

      And I happened to be in the guards when it happened!

    85. Jack Murphy says:

      OT. A wee favour to many of us who don’t read Wings of Scotland on a regular basis—-will posters,when referring to an earlier post PLEASE put in the time ‘Joe Blogs’ said it? Makes life a lot easier and saves time. Many thanks. 🙂

    86. BrianW says:

      As Ms Davidson is my List MSP in Sunny Glasgow, I’ve emailed her to see she will publicly condemn the views of Mr McCaskill.. ( and previously about @Stevie_Leary)

      Chortle – I know. It’s hilarious eh.. Emailing Ruth to condemn such marvelous work form Party Members on-line.. Pah!

      I’m not holding my breath though. But as one of MSP’s she does at least have a duty to reply to me (you’d think..)

      She’ll reply after they’ve trawled the interweb for dirt on me.. Such lovely people.

    87. K1 says:

      Aye saw it on your timeline Rev…well done!

    88. ahundredthidiot says:

      Peter… weren’t in the guards mate, or you wouldn’t have made such an obvious blunder.

      So don’t come on here talking IRA pish on a Scottish ‘separatist’ site and think we don’t know what you’re up to.


    89. Colin says:

      Councillor suspended over Islamic State Nicola Sturgeon comments

      A Conservative councillor has been suspended by his party after apparently making comments on Twitter about First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and so-called Islamic State.

      Councillor Gordon McCaskill said he would like to see refugees fleeing Syria and accommodated by Ms Sturgeon turn out to be members of the terrorist organisation.

    90. Dougal Cochrane says:

      He’s been suspended and forced to delete the tweet. 🙂

    91. I do not know if this will help but I was in the scots guards in the 60ties we were stationed at pirbright

    92. Craig says:

      As the 2 comments from Colin & Dougal Cochrane have said.

      He has been suspended

    93. chris kilby says:

      That’ll teach ‘im.


    94. HandandShrimp says:

      Hard to believe he thought that post was even half way sane when he hit submit. Not only does it reinforce the perceived antipathy of the Tories to desperate refugees but it also indicates homicidal tendencies towards the FM.

      Neither are good looks for a party claiming respectability. I wonder if he has contemplated a career with UKIP?

    95. The Knome says:

      In such poor taste, but no less than I have come to expect from the likes of Glasgow, Labour and kin.

    96. CameronB Brodie says:

      From the Rev.’s twitter. I thought entryism was a Trot pastime. 🙂

      Conservative press officer caught at Jeremy Corbyn event

    97. @ahundredthidiot says:

      I’m afraid you are wrong, I was in the Scots guards, and I was based at Pribright in Woking surrey as a trainee Guardsman.

      I could give you the my serial No, the name of the colonel who was in command of the camp, my commanding officer, Land/Colour sergeant, corporal,trained solder.

      however I won’t, because that could be classed as breaking the official secrets act which I signed when I enlisted and had to sign again when I left!

    98. Sorry that should be trained soldier

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