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The poisoned pens

Posted on April 05, 2020 by

Scotland’s media is still unable to contain its outpouring of bitter, resentful rage over Alex Salmond’s exoneration by a jury on trumped-up sexual assault charges.

Flailing blindly in all directions it’s achieving little other than to embarrass itself, such as last night when Scotland On Sunday had to change its front page in a late panic. But the media’s toxic fury at being denied Salmond’s head on a pole has also led it to do something far, far more serious and reckless.

And every one of them knows exactly what they’ve done.

As Kenny Farquharson of the Times pointed out in the above tweet from Thursday, it is a very serious criminal offence to publish information which enables a person whose anonymity is protected by a court order to be identified by a third party – even if the information does not in itself directly identify the person.

For obvious reasons this phenomenon is known by the term “jigsaw identification”, because it’s providing pieces which alone do not show the full picture, but when added together might as well be a full LinkedIn bio and a picture of their house.

All nine of the women who accused Alex Salmond are still protected by a court order hiding their identities. The Crown Office And Procurator Fiscal Service (COPFS) felt it was necessary to remind people of that fact just days ago, and to explain why.

And yet in the intervening time, almost all of Scotland’s newspapers have repeated a piece of information which would enable anyone, in a matter of seconds, to identify not just one of the complainers, but one who is at the very heart of the alleged conspiracy to have Alex Salmond wrongfully convicted.

It is a piece of information which was revealed in the court, but should not have been reported, just as large parts of the proceedings were banned from being discussed in the public domain. At least two reporters were chastised and/or removed from the court during the trial for actions which risked identifying a witness directly or indirectly.

Ironically, the Scottish media has been fulminating self-righteously against people who did NOT identify anyone in the way almost every newspaper now has.

No prior knowledge of the case would be required to utilise the information. Armed with a single sentence from any of the articles, a newly-arrived alien from the Andromeda galaxy could type just TWO WORDS – the two most obvious ones – into Google and immediately be presented with the name of the woman in question, in circumstances putting it beyond any doubt whatsoever that she was the person being discussed.

We’ve already been contacted by a number of people expressing their shock, who were all able with no prior knowledge to correctly identify the woman using that one piece of information alone. Some have also volunteered, unsolicited, their willingness to provide an affidavit to that effect if requested.

The contempt of court is SO blatant that this site isn’t going to even quote the specific paragraphs or sentences in question for fear of repeating the contempt. All that we’re willing to do is list – for the benefit of the COPFS – all of the people who’ve put her anonymity at risk, and the articles in which they did so. When the articles in question are removed, so will the references to them here be.

We’re also not going to link to any the scores of articles which the piece of information “unlocks” to provide the name of the woman by completing the jigsaw. Nothing in this article adds any information whatsoever to the public domain which hasn’t already been put there by all of these newspapers.

(For that reason, we believe it would in fact be perfectly lawful for us to screenshot the offending paragraphs. However, while we consider the woman in question to be a malicious liar who deliberately and knowingly colluded in an attempt to imprison an innocent man for political reasons, we still respect her right to the protection of the law more than the Scottish media who hypocritically laud her “bravery” do.)

NB If you determine the woman’s identity after reading this piece, DO NOT post the name in the comments, obviously. If you wish to discuss it, use the Contact form.

We take this extraordinary step in the hope of impressing the seriousness of the matter on the collective Scottish media, in the hope they will stop repeatedly endangering the woman’s anonymity. So far their complacency about the situation is breathtaking. In Garavelli’s case she has repeated the identification today even after being repeatedly told what she’d done the first time her article was published.

(So astonishingly transparent is the identification, as correctly deciphered by numerous completely unqualified readers of this site, that we must conclude she had it “legalled” by some passing small drunk children, or perhaps a badger.)

In the view of David Leask the people below are “bloggers, conspiracists and general scumbags”. In the opinion of Kenny Farquharson and Dani Garavelli, they all deserve a jail sentence. This site prefers to leave that decision to the proper authorities, and we have accordingly passed all of the information in this article to COPFS and the police.

They are, in alphabetical order:

Kieran Andrews (the Times), here and here.

Steve Bird (Telegraph), here.

Severin Carrell, (Guardian), here.

Mure Dickie (Financial Times), here.

Kenny Farquharson (Times), here.

Dani Garavelli (Tortoise Media, Scotland On Sunday), here and here.

Paul Hutcheon (Daily Record), here.

Magnus Linklater (Times), also here and here.

Izzy Lyons (Telegraph), also here.

David Mackay (Press & Journal), here.

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    The poisoned pens | speymouth

929 to “The poisoned pens”

  1. bookie from hell says:

    don’t have a scooby what two words

  2. Frank Waring says:

    You are brilliant at your self-appointed job! What a player!

  3. Vestas says:

    I won’t hold my breath on that. Obviously none of them will be warned, never mind prosecuted.

    “Others” are not so safe…..

  4. Republicofscotland says:

    Well done Rev these so called “journalists” need to be held to account, hopefully they’ll be a knock on their doors from the police very soon.

  5. Terry says:

    That bunch of establishment gypes are protected. BE CAREFUL folks. I wouldn’t put it past that lot to lay traps on this so that independence supporters fall into them. Keep shtoom. Meantime I bet these so-called journalists are pure dead raging over this, Stu.

    Keep up the excellent work.

  6. 1971Thistle says:

    I was never good at riddles; can’t crack it

  7. Bob Costello says:

    It looks like the prisons of Scotland will be busy in the coming months and a lot of vacancies in the Scottish press

  8. Mist001 says:

    Like I said before, what purpose does identifying the complainers serve? Are people going to spit at them in the street, go and put a brick through their windows, what?

    What’s done, is done and Alex Salmond has walked a free man. Anyone desperate to find out who the complainers are are guilty of nosiness, nothing more, nothing less for the purpose of gossip and tittle tattle.

  9. Joemcg says:

    I feel a bit stupit here but I honestly can’t work it out myself from these articles.

  10. Bob Mack says:

    Strange to read these journalists poison pen letters. They obviously couldnt accept a verdict that denied them a feeding frenzy, planned in advance like a wedding.

    Now they look petty ,small and bitter with every word written. Desperately hoping to cultivate a feeling of revulsion for a man proven innocent by the legal system.

    History never looks well on those who indulge in such activities.

    Obscurity awaits them all as they plunge ever lower and lower to make something of nothing. Rumpelstitlstkin would have a job keeping up with them.

  11. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Like I said before, what purpose does identifying the complainers serve? Are people going to spit at them in the street, go and put a brick through their windows, what?”

    That is precisely what we are told.

  12. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “don’t have a scooby what two words”

    “I was never good at riddles; can’t crack it”

    “I feel a bit stupit here but I honestly can’t work it out myself from these articles.”

    I have purposely avoided spelling it out for the terminally unalert.

  13. HenBroon says:

    You appear to have missed the names of Tom Gordon the Herald and David Begg the Record.

    Before and during the trial those two published in very salacious detail in pages and pages of their rags the invented charges against Salmond. Why have you not included them? They did what we were all frequently warned not to do.

    Then we come to the architects of these malicious and slanderous charges, Evans and MacKinnon and their coven. I have no doubt Alex will hold these vindictive liars to account, but they should have been arrested for their lies and attempts to destroy the man with their identical bawbaggery.

    Genuine victims weep.

  14. WhoRattledYourCage says:

    The Scottish propagandist journalistic burlesque very much deserves this. And much more.

  15. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “You appear to have missed the names of Tom Gordon the Herald and David Begg the Record.
    Before and during the trial those two published in very salacious detail in pages and pages of their rags the invented charges against Salmond. Why have you not included them?”

    Because that’s not what this article is about. If you have any knowledge of them doing anything which identifies any of the complainers, please share it here and I’ll add them. (I assume you mean David Clegg of the Courier. David Begg is a sports commentator.

  16. Arthur Thomson says:

    Proceed with the most extreme care.

    No doubt there will be anonymous outbursts by state minions masquerading as Indy supporters.

  17. Muscleguy says:

    Yup, I saw the info you are referring to and thought the same. As a scientist I am trained and experienced in identifying and extracting key pieces of information and in formatting exact search queries to elicit the required result.

    I quite deliberately and knowingly refrained from doing this myself for obvious reasons. Also I do not want this to happen for just one of the complainers. That would be unfair. They all deserve to be outed except perhaps the Not Proven verdict complainer who just seemed confused.

    I also want to know why the complainers (except the example above) are not being actively investigated for conspiracy to convict and possible perjury under oath. Women making rape complaints have been prosecuted for making false complaints in other cases so this would hardly be precedence breaking. And nobody was raped anyway. That was not one of the charges.

  18. MajorBloodnok says:

    We were going to play Cluedo this evening but I think I’ve found something better to do; and it won’t take anywhere near as long, particularly when we forget to put any cards in the black envelope.

  19. Ruby says:

    What good is a personal alarm?

    It doesn’t protect you from being shunned by the electorate, your neighbours, future employers, legal action etc etc etc

  20. Merkin Scot says:

    Is it an alphabet type offence to read these ‘newspapers’ or the output of these journalists?

  21. Ruby says:

    Merkin Scot says:

    Is it an alphabet type offence to read these ‘newspapers’ or the output of these journalists?

    I believe it’s A O K to read these articles.

  22. Effijy says:

    The goal for these scumbags is to keep the Salmond and SNP Bad headlines going and
    Squeeze every drop of mud they can get out of it.

    The more serious of their objectives is to expose these women I. Hope some
    Frustrated Scot would do something stupid like spray paint their home or damage
    A car or their jackpot in someone verbally or physically assaulting them.

    These do call journalist would squeal with glee if one of these woman to call police or visit a hospital

    SNP Bad is the story that pays.

    Have no doubt these people would kill for a headline story.

    Hope you all remember the young girl in England who was missing and feared dead.
    The English press hacked her phone to listen to her voicemail messages.
    This gave police and parents a sign that she must be alive if she checked her messages.

    There was no justice meted out that reflected this heinous and immoral crime.

    How wonderful if we had a real Scottish Media with real Scottish laws to hammer anyone who behaved in that fashion.

    Let’s go get that.

  23. gordoz says:

    At least 6 of those pics look as polished and charismatic as a scrotum …..

  24. Bill Hume. says:

    I can’t be arsed trying to find out……I’m quite happy to await Alex’s judgement on when retribution is meted out.

  25. Famous15 says:

    Zip it folks.I suspect a trap is being set Stu is clever enough to avoid but others including myself are not so sharp.

  26. The dogs in the streets know what a stitch up it was all because A.S. Wants to free his nation they tried to deny him his freedom to do so. These people by their actions are the lowest of the low .,as for the the media reporters as I said they get their betrayal money under the guise of wages How do they sleep at night or be able to look in a mirror the only grace they have is disgrace and the only honour is dishonour

  27. Davie Oga says:

    Mist001 says:
    5 April, 2020 at 10:58 am
    Like I said before, what purpose does identifying the complainers serve? Are people going to spit at them in the street, go and put a brick through their windows, what?

    I tend to agree with your statement, however if their is to be a full parliamentary inquiry, how is it possible?
    Will the people behind this injustice argue they are not able before the inquiry on the basis of anonymity?

    In at least one instance, the identity is crucial in establishing the facts of the matter in question. Namely the plot, the misleading of The Scottish Parliament, possible blackmail, and eventually perjury. The identity in question leads directly to the office of origin.

  28. robertknight says:

    Looks like the alphabet women are simply the cheese being placed in the trap to ensnare the wider Indy movement when some misguided bampot, (or more likely someone in the pay of HM Treasury), puts their actual identities in print, or worse.

    The faux outrage from the MSM will pile on and the ”nasty Nats’ smear campaign will kick in. You can see it coming straight out the Yoon playbook…

    Sturgeon will be called upon at FMQs to condemn those ‘guilty’ whilst those who are actually ‘guilty’ will slip quietly out a side door between all the smoke and mirrors.

    Utter bullshit!!!

    Frankly, I couldn’t give a shit who the alphabet women are and this particular pot needs to come off the boil now! We’re being played for fools here people and we need to wake up to that fact and move on.

    Both Salmond AND Sturgeon should get the hell away from the SNP/Indy movement ASAP. Their toxic brew is going to set us back by a decade at least.

  29. Capella says:

    Do women who fail to get a conviction in a r*pe trial – and that’s the vast majority – write open letters to the press which are then published widely (preserving their anonymity, obviously)?

    Asking for a friend.

    When will the trial of Alex Salmond be over?

  30. Ruby says:

    Why are some political activists called political activists and others called journalists?

    Has anyone noticed how rare it is to see the words ‘misandry’ or ‘misandrist’ in print compared to

    ‘misogyny’ and ‘misogynist’?

    I had to do a google search to find this term.

  31. Jackie says:

    From reading Dani Garavelli article I was able to identify one of the complainers with a quick google search.Easiest bit of jigsaw piece I have ever had to put in a picture that I shouldn’t have been able to see.

  32. fillofficer says:

    there will be no action from the polis
    as with charlie & our CMO, it’s them n us
    these wimmin are in no danger
    only their jobs are in jeopardy
    of their own doing
    only C19 has saved them, so far

  33. Morgatron says:

    Magic Stu, these scumbags, sorry so called journalists deserve everything that’s coming their way and I seriously hope they all end up in court and subsequent jail time. I wouldn’t trust to tell them where a birds nest was. Horrible ,horrible people.

  34. Ruby says:

    Everyone who attended the trial knows the names of ‘The Alphabet Sisters’

    Chinese whispers could lead to the whole of Scotland knowing their names.

    Perhaps not at the moment due to ‘lock down’ but one ‘AUOB’ march could spread the names far and wide.

  35. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Rev Stu has just tweeted,

    “I’ve been forced to report a large number of Scottish political journalists to the police and the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal:”

  36. paul says:

    While I am way out of the loop, I think I could identify one of the jury discredited complainants.
    If a case for contempt is brought for prosecution I will be happy bear witness.

    You have my email, and my permission to offer it to any investigation of contempt.

  37. paul says:

    happy to bear witness

  38. euan0709 says:

    I don’t do twitter or text. Its taken me nine years to master Facebook.
    I have been up for hours sending e-mails to the various Reporter Scum.
    I would be very grateful if you could confirm if this is true……..Thanks.

  39. Franny says:

    One day I was reading Philip Sim’s tweets (bbc guy who was in court). In one he said one of the accusers *is* an SNP politician (widely reported) and the next tweet was about her work at holyrood. So right away he told us she’s an snp holyrood politician. So all anyone at home needs to do is look up the voting record in holyrood that day to know who was absent due to giving evidence in court. The jigsaw compilers also gave us other information about her that I won’t say here, but it narrowed it right down even further.

    What a joke that the press blame folk at home who have no clue as to these identities until given the jigsaw pieces by the press.

  40. Breeks says:

    Feel bound to ask, especially after Craig Murray was given a specific warning about Contempt from the Court for his output, why the Scottish Court being so pedestrian about these salvoes of published articles which go further than Contempt and seek to further smear Alex Salmond and denigrate the Jury and Court in the process?

    The reaction from the Court seems asymmetric and inconsistent. The merest hint of Contempt from a pro Salmond spokesperson is jumped upon and he’s summarily excluded from the Court, while the vile dribblings and lurid speculation from the anti-Salmond propagandists seems free to publish one piece of defamatory material after another, both before, during, and after the trial itself, while simultaneously enjoying unfettered access to the trial proceedings.

    Is it that the wheels of justice are slow because of Covid19, but we can expect a sudden battery of Contempt proceedings to be lodged, or, does a prosecution for Contempt need to have a complaint made first?

    I’m speculating whether Craig Murray was singled out by the Court, or whether it was actually the Prosecution Team who made it it’s business to discredit certain parties whom they wanted to be kept at arms length?

    Another issue, which I haven’t seen mentioned, is the bearing which such a poisonous deluge of anti-Salmond invective after the trial would have, potentially jeopardising any appeal. If these delicate flowers / callous conspirators feel aggrieved by the jury’s verdict, where is their appeal?

    I am also troubled by Alex Salmond’s QC being followed, eavesdropped upon and filmed, and smeared by the Press, presumably as a warning to all other QC’s who defend “enemies” of the BritNat Establishment.

    Are we truly happy to contest a second IndyRef while this “Scottish” News broadcasting and print media extends these reptiles and enemies of Scotland such apparent omnipotence and freedom to smear whoever they like with total impunity?

  41. Sharny Dubs says:

    Good work Stu.

    I myself am quite happy to await Alex’s decision as to what should next be done to serve justice.

    And savour it.

  42. Scott Gray says:

    Brilliant work rev. Always suspected this whole thing was a stitch up by the british state, but your analysis along with the reporting from Craig Murray and Grouse Beater has been a real eye opener.

  43. paul says:

    knowing what advocates make on a bad day,it will be a trivial matter materially.

  44. george wood says:

    Need to be careful here.

    The means to find out the identity is in the articles, but the inclination to look for it came from reading Wings and Murray.

    It wouldn’t have occurred to me to look otherwise.

  45. Willie says:

    Meanwhile Rev, is there any truth in the reports that Angus Robertson’s political guidance system has gone into melt down with him deciding to steer clear of contesting Joanna Cherry for the Edinburgh Central nomination.

    And if so, do we have any idea what has caused this remarkable about turn to distance himself from contesting the seat.

    All very strange why he wanted to contest that seat and now apparently doesn’t.

  46. Iain mhor says:

    I was rather hoping the complaint to the Fiscal would be an anonymous team effort by several concerned bloggers – perhaps arranged via a Whatsapp group discussion. That way no-one would have been able to identify any of the parties.
    “News of the anonymous complaint has revved up, grown wings and is all over Scotland…”

    I’ll get ma coat.

  47. paul says:

    5 April, 2020 at 12:45 pm

    It was published,and in a verb I had not seen before,’legalled’, in a legally registered limited company’s property.

    Stuart and Craig have scrupulously held their tongue.

    The revealing information was never distributed by anything other than a,given Craig’s difficulty in credentialising, legitimate source.

  48. Scozzie says:

    God, those David Leask tweets are sure revealing…Scottish media really do not like alternative forensic media sources.

    The moment the words ‘conspiracy theory’ is brought into play, it’s a sure fire bet they don’t have an argument.

    “Low-info” “marks” hahaha…what desperation!

    The only conspirators were the alphabet women who the jury didn’t believe.

    Scottish hacks – end your trial by media, WE SEE YOU.

  49. Scozzie says:

    ps…I meant to add David Leask what a fucking pompous arse!

  50. humph28 says:

    Well DONE!

  51. ahundredthidiot says:

    Not sure how these people can possibly be prosecuted – none of them actually wrote these articles. They get them handed to them.

    And the Police will be handed their response, so don’t be holding your breath.

    Rev puts one step out of place and the SWAT Team will be on him in a flash bang.

    It’s called freedom, stupid!

  52. BLMac says:

    Death threats? I simply don’t believe it.

    Or maybe they’re coming from Ruth Davidson’s ‘burly men’…

    (and have just as much substance)

  53. Mike d says:

    Someone will probably write their names on a glasgow bridge or flyover.

  54. paul says:

    Hear! hear!

    And that is not exclusively for old school sci fi readers.

    Thanks to the media that only read nonsense produced by the cheerful morons whose parents made individually astute,but antisocial, choices

    I have to say Fuck you very much.

    You can keep it for next year as well.

  55. Stoker says:

    Well done, Rev, and thank you for taking these steps. Not sure anything will come of your complaints but someone had to. At the very least the outcome will show & prove how corrupt the Scottish legal system is. If i come across anything i’ll pass it on to you. Thanks again!

    @ Willie on 5 April, 2020 at 12:47 pm

    My guess is that it’s down to public opinion and him not getting very much positive public feedback. Also read somewhere his campaign manager is supposed to be one of the GRA Wokerati.

    Calderwood needs sacked immediately. What is it with the SNP? Every time the pro-indy movement get the upper hand or moral high ground you can bank on someone associated with them to get it taken away from us faster than lightning. Is sturgeon not carrying enough respect? She needs to move immediately on this. Sack her, no dithering!

  56. MaggieC says:

    Just found this article in the “ Daily Record “ where “ Key journalists “ in Scotland and I’m using the term journalists very loosely there , they have been given permission by the Snp government the freedom to move around Scotland . Have they forgotten how to use phones/laptops and all while the rest of us have to be in lockdown . I wouldn’t class them as key workers .

    Hopefully it loads all right as it’s the first time I’ve used the archive site .

  57. ahundredthidiot says:

    Ruby @ 12:23

    Please – this is not a ‘lock-down’, this is house arrest.

    Language is important and I would suggest not being a repeater for the MSM – that is the measure of their success.

    And ‘social distancing’ needs to stop, it’s ‘physical distancing’

    This is a phrase MSM is trying it’s best to shut-down. Example – Dr Hilary of GMB (in his ignorance of the bigger picture) tried to start using this (quite correct) phrase, but soon got told his place.

    I’ll get ma shovel…..

  58. Stoker says:

    Iain mhor wrote on 5 April, 2020 at 1:04 pm:

    “I was rather hoping the complaint to the Fiscal would be an anonymous team effort by several concerned bloggers – perhaps arranged via a Whatsapp group discussion. That way no-one would have been able to identify any of the parties.
    “News of the anonymous complaint has revved up, grown wings and is all over Scotland…””

    🙂 🙂 LOL! (thumbs up) 🙂 🙂

  59. crazycat says:

    David Leask’s proof-reading skills are conspicuous by their absence, aren’t they? I imagine him frothing at the mouth so much he can’t see his keypad.

  60. Stoker says:

    @ MaggieC on 5 April, 2020 at 1:23 pm

    Well done, Maggie! It archived perfectly. Now there’s a permanent record of it that nobody can alter. Plus the added bonus of not giving The Dirty Redcoat any click traffic. Very well done!

  61. mike cassidy says:

    I think the SNP trans lot might be distracted today.

    “All of the information I looked up … it’s very hard to find any resources that don’t involve gendering the person who has cervical cancer as a woman,”

  62. ahundredthidiot says:

    I’m not religious, but I will defend anyones right to be and to worship.

    It’s Sunday. And here is the situation.

    Churches could, quite easily, place markers on benches so no one sits on them. These markers, just like supermarkets, can place worshippers at a radius of 2 metres from their fellow worshipper. Big high roofs, plenty of space and restrict entry numbers (or even use social media to ‘book on’). Minimise service lengths and provide more services, say, hourly, for a maximum of 30 minutes.

    No God for these people……..but they can go buy booze.

    And what are these great institutions saying? – not a lot, as far as I can see.

    We need Preachers to break ranks, run their service and face arrest. Only then, will we see the People start to challenge back on this nonsense.

  63. Mist001 says:

    Calderwood has to resign or be sacked. Her position is untenable now but instead, neither of these things are going to happen. Instead she’s due to give a public briefing at 2pm this afternoon.

    What she did was quite deliberate. It wasn’t a ‘mistake’ as she describes it. She was quite happy to order everyone else to isolate but that was only for ‘them’, the rules don’t apply to her.

    She has to go.

  64. Gary45% says:

    Well done Stu, keep exposing “Churnalism”

  65. Republicofscotland says:


    Now that we know that the hierarchy of the SNP is rotten, it makes perfect sense that the Fourth Estate, in Scotland, (unionist to its core, except the National) is allowed to be classed as key workers, more and more folk are wisening up to them and sales of their bias news rags are tumbling.

    Appeasing the rotten core of the SNP, and attacking a innocent man, might see funding from that rotten core, and from Westminster, to keep them afloat.

    We only need to read the Revs excellent article above to see that unionist scrawlers, I loathe to call that motely crew journalists, feel so comfortable that they’ll not be prosecuted that they openly leave big clues as to who some of the complainers are.

    What does that say about the “Scottish” media, and the rotten core of the SNP.

  66. Mist001 says:

    Calderwood got pulled by the police. Surely she has to go now. What kind of message does it send when your Chief Medical Officer gets visited by the police for breaching guidelines that she expects every other person in the country to adhere to?

  67. george wood says:

    I was at a different Sainsbury’s from normal and I was surprised to see the queue was directed past the cycle storage racks.

    So the inevitable happens and we have cyclists going into the 2m gaps people had carefully been observing to park or retrieve their bikes.

    Given that cyclists are not renowned for giving a toss about other people, this did not seem to be a sensible idea.

  68. jfngw says:

    If the COPS decide there is no case to answer then I presume we are all at liberty to repeat the offending text, then everyone can just google it. I typed in a few of words from the Garavelli article and it came up with someone I suspect is one of the women, too many hits for it not to be, plus a photograph. Not so much of a jigsaw more a painting by numbers.

  69. Milady says:

    Bored and nosy, and yes, I’m pretty sure I can now identify the person. And oh dear, oh dear, this will end badly when Salmond eventually comes to tell his tale.

  70. Neil Baillie says:

    There’s something odd about those COPFS tweets. The one from 29th March refers to “the complainers”, but the one from 31st March describes complainers as being the legal term for “victims of crime”. Is COPFS saying that they were victims of crime despite the court verdict?

  71. Stoker says:

    Readers who are not aware try and avoid clicking on the link at 1:53pm. Clicking on those links helps the rag in question to pull in finance and possible new readers. Those rags crapped all over our indyref and they’re a part of the agenda to destroy Alex Salmond.

  72. Karmanaut says:

    I realised who one of the complainants was after reading that Guardian piece.

    They’ll try to deflect the blame now, of course.

  73. stookie1967 says:

    FFS @Mist001 lets bag our most senior medical asset during the biggest medical emergency in over a decade!? Publicly fine her and show no-ones about the rules, then let her get on with her job

  74. ahundredthidiot says:

    George Wood 1:53

    You should call the Cops, get them arrested, maybe tar and feather them, hang them upside down from a bridge.

    get a grip of yourself you twit

  75. Mist001 says:

    No. Why should she get away with thinking that she’s above everyone else?

    If everyone in Scotland decided to say ‘Fuck it, if she can do it without any comeback, then so can I. I’m going out’, then there’s only one person to blame for that.

    Yet again, not another good look for Mrs. Murrell and the Scottish government.

  76. Keith fae Leith says:

    Mist001 @ 2.30pm
    What a honking steam of $hite that post it.
    In the scenario, the person with most blame is the CMO herself. Then the officer who didn’t press a charge, or their superior who instructed them not to.

    Everyone knows that there are several reasonable accusations to level at Ms Sturgeon or the /fm if you prefer.

    But this is not one of them. Take your personal vendetta & bitter misogyny for a long walk off a short pier.

    I agree that the CMO should be punished, much as the Duke of Rothesay should have been.

    On the article I’m glad that the Rev is back doing what he does best after his holiday: Holding the MSM accountable.

    I personally have no interest in knowing who the false accusers are, but I do have an interest in justice & verifiable facts. I eagerly await both seeing the light of day.

  77. Mist001 says:

    @ Keith fae Leith

    Oh, but this IS one of them. Calderwood spoke to Mrs. Murrell this morning where it was obviously decided that she can carry on as normal.

    She likely didn’t get so much as a slap on the wrist and of course, she has too much to give up by even considering resignation.

    So everything carries on as normal.

    What did she say at 2pm today? “Remember people, stay in your houses”?

    I haven’t seen anything reported yet.

  78. liz says:

    The reason everything the SNP touch seems to be turning to shit right now, is because those at the top have lost their way.

    They are no longer credible and those below them know that.

    Hence despite the Scot Gov releasing the official statement that GRA had been kicked into the long grass, you have SAS taking it upon herself to send official letters saying that she will be working with stakeholders to take forward this reform.

  79. Mari says:


    The women cannot appeal. Only any person convicted. A lot of us know who they are now from all the clues given in their newspaper articles. Although I know some of before the trial.

  80. Rookiescot says:

    Please be care Rev.
    You keep poking the hornets nest and for that I am eternally grateful because no-one else is doing it.
    But they will come after you.

  81. Mist001 says:

    A mistake happens when you don’t know, or are not sure of what you’re doing. For Calderwood to claim:

    “During today’s briefing, Dr Calderwood said her own actions were wrong and admitted she also visited her second home last weekend with her husband. She added: “I’m very sorry, it will not happen again.

    “This was a mistake, human error and there are no excuses. I should not have done what I did and I’m very sorry.

    “My intention is to continue to focus on my job.”

    Is just patronising crap. She did NOT make a mistake, she thought to herself ‘To hang with the advice, I’m going to do what I want to do and that’s that’.

    And THAT’S why she should be fired or asked for her resignation.

  82. george wood says:

    @ahundredthidiot @2.26pm

    It’s because of arseholes like you that this virus is spreading so fast.

    I live by myself and am furloughed at work, so the only way I’m going to catch this is from shopping for food.

    I waited patiently in the queue like everybody else observing the 2m rule, then some selfish bastard on a bike went straight into the 2m gap without saying anything.

    Too damn right I’m pissed off at Sainsburies for allowing this to happen and to the cyclist for being a selfish bastard.

  83. Liz g says:

    Aw…look at that…the BBC finally broadcast the FMs statement…wonder what changed.
    Will it change back..I wonder?
    At least we’ve had a preview of the questions Charlie Windsor can expect the next time he’s in front of the media!
    They were very clear that double standards were to be called out as such..
    Canny wait 🙂

  84. Oneliner says:

    This site has more plants than a Klondyke garden centre

  85. Effijy says:

    I’m listening to the First Ministers press conference and the good news is
    That according to the UK media, the only important story happening just now
    Is to get Scotland’s Chief Medical Officer to resign.

    She is absolutely wrong to visit a second home and she has apologised to all
    In a deep and meaning full way.

    We cannot cut our nose off to spite our face.
    She has been involved in this crisis since day one
    And in medical terms knows more than anyone else.

    Every journalist asked, including the Heralds National fake journalist,
    All arguing to have this woman sacked.

    By not accepting her apology and assurances they demand a less knowledgeable
    and experienced person should be appointed and this would put more lives at risk.

    The UK Press live in the gutter and have no concern who’s life they may be outing at risk
    As their well paid jobs depend on supporting Westminster’s objective of suppressing Scotland
    While stealing our resources.

    Strange how not one journalist wanted to enquire why proportionally countries like Scotland, Germany even Iran have much more successful survival rates?

    Of course that would require real journalist and newspapers that have an interest in truth an neutrality operating in an Independent country not steeped in corruption.

  86. HYUFD says:

    After Sturgeon’s failure to remove Calderwood today, Jackson Carlaw says the CMO has lost public confidence and should be replaced by the Deputy CMO

  87. Stoker says:

    Another great piece from Craig Murray. Looks like i’ll be donating to Murray’s blog as well as WOS from now on. How really refreshing to read proper journalism, the way it is supposed to be. Murray & Campbell are a rare breed so it’s vital that we ensure their work survives. Imagine life without them? We’d be shafted rotten!

    Thank you for this, Dan, on 5 April, 2020 at 1:54 pm

  88. Mist001 says:

    @ george wood

    I agree with you, I’d be the same.

  89. Shug says:

    All these journalists at a briefing and only one question “ why did she get to go out”

    Beyond pathetic

    Usual dismal performance from MSM

    I include the national

  90. winifred mccartney says:

    The FM cannot bring herself to defend a man proved innocent twice but did not instantly sack the CMO who tells us do as I say but not as I do – an apology just does not cut it.

  91. Jason Smoothpiece says:

    Did the mad Prince Charles get a visit from the Police when he travelled, unwell, 500 miles, no, thought so.

    Anyway are we all excited to she Her Royal Highness on TV tonight?

    Who needs restaurants and pubs when we can watch old Betty Windsor on TV.

    This is going to lift the whole country.

    Stop laughing at the back.

  92. Keith fae Leith says:

    Now now Mist001,

    “Oh, but this IS one of them. Calderwood spoke to (Mrs. Murrell) Ms Sturgeon this morning where it was obviously? decided that she can carry on as normal.”

    Fabrication & deflection, It’s almost like a #TweetLikeSpeer

    I phoned my mum after being caught speeding & it was decided that I could carry on as normal.

    Who broke the law?
    Who decided whether a prosecution should be sought?
    Who is completely superfluous in the above statements?

    I don’t know what was said at 2pm, the public, all of them, should be abiding by the law. Police officers should be enforcing it & arseholes with agendas need to work harder to make their points.

    Logically, you are saying that you want a politician to put pressure on an independent judiciary to press charges on someone who has been deemed to have broken the law, purely because if the politician does nothing then they will look bad.

    How very McCarthyite of you.

    No sane person who isn’t stirring the pot or has a blatant agenda, would run a million miles away from giving any politicians such powers.

    I find it sadly ironic that 1 day we’re all snowflakes who are too weak to stand up for our rights & the next we are too strong for not endowing politicians with supreme power.

    Make your point, back it up then link it to the subject.
    Is that too much to ask?

  93. Mist001 says:

    I’m not a journalist but it was obvious to me from when I first read about Calderwood this morning that this is what was going to happen and that’s why she should have been sacked or asked to resign immediately.

    But no, the arrogance of these people leads them to believe that they can ride out the storm, even though it’s sending out the completely wrong message to the people of Scotland.

    The police won’t be happy at her either.

    As I said, this wasn’t just a simple mistake as she’s making out. It was her arrogance to believe that she was above everyone else and could do as she pleased.

    That’s why she should go.

    And another thing, why when there’s a problem for the Scottish government, the SNP and independence in general, is there always a woman behind it?

  94. admiral says:

    Effijy says:
    5 April, 2020 at 3:21 pm
    I’m listening to the First Ministers press conference and the good news is
    That according to the UK media, the only important story happening just now
    Is to get Scotland’s Chief Medical Officer to resign.

    Most of them were spitting out their questions in a hate-filled way. Not one of them ever wrote a word of criticism about Charles Windsor travelling 500 miles when already having been exposed and displaying Covid-19 symptoms to Scotland, along with his considerable entourage, who were billeted in local properties, while spreading the virus far and wide.

    When he packs his bags – as he will – long before the end of lockdown and travels back whence he came, not one word of criticism will be uttered, either.

  95. Effijy says:


    I’ve explained the Calderwood situation above in a manner that Unionist
    Might understand it.

    Carlaw could run second hand car lots and had never come up with a good
    Idea that would improve Scotland’s lot in his life.

    Scotland has a 70 year long track record of not Trusting the Tories or
    Having faith in them so have they resigned and places taken by their deputy Tory
    Party Labour?

    What political nonsense by the Police too.
    If they stop someone going on a non essential journey
    They can’t do anything because Ms Calderwood did it?

    If that is the stupidity of Unionist who would put Scots at risk through losing
    Her experience, could I ask Ms Calderwood to rob a bank as if she does so the
    Police would be able to stop me doing it?


    Get a life, ideally outside of the Scotland you hope to damage!

  96. Pete says:

    NS has had, up till now, a good virus season but her inability to sack Calderwood is just so weak.
    The woman has lost all credibility and any decent leader would have had her out immediately.
    I agree with you and I’m keen to see how Sweden’s policy of mitigation and herd immunity pans out.
    Ruining the economy and putting millions into poverty does not seem to be a good idea.
    I’d give this another week or maybe 2 at the most then back to business.

  97. Breeks says:

    Craig Murray doing what Craig Murray does so well.

    The smear campaign against Alex Salmond just grows and grows.

  98. ahundredthidiot says:

    George Wood at 3:17

    Unfortunately, you scare me more than the virus does.

    The only thing to fear in life, is fear itself – and there is a lot of terrified people around, all willing to stand idly by while Liberty herself is choking to death.

    And I have to add that it is you who is the selfish one, crashing the World economy is not a price worth paying for this new virus/test and will cause much more damage than what is effectively a bad flu. Wait till people are struggling to feed their families, losing their homes, their hard earned businesses, their money crashing out their bank accounts as the 85k protection guarantee tumbles overnight – No, you’re the selfish one my friend, you just can’t see it yet.

    Stay safe by all means, but don’t see out the rest of your days in fear – I can think of no sadder way to go (or live for that matter).

    By the time the man in the street works out what’s happening, it’ll be too late. (although the man isn’t in the street is he, he’s behind bars in his own home)

  99. Doug says:

    Excellent article from The Rev. These anti-Scottish media types can’t accept the fact that their influence has waned to such an extent that the public rightly considers them to be a bunch of liars and malicious numpties.

    Agree with admiral 3:41pm. Sycophancy towards the parasitical royals is all that these so-called journalists are good for.

  100. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    This makes the undercover surveillance of AS Defence Lawyer Gordon Jackson QC look even more sketchy than originally seems.

    I seriously doubt it was an undercover journalist and more Security Services (or Security Services subcontractoring it out) having read this!

    Definitely a ‘stink on’ the complaints against AS from start to finish and now beyond!

  101. SilverDarling says:

    The CMO flouts her own guidelines two weekends running. She appears on TV at regular intervals to tell everyone else not to flout the rules she helped compile. She apologises and has no excuse for flouting said rules.

    Initially I thought another mountain out of a molehill but I feel differently after seeing that press conference. It was a mess. She is in a position of authority and trust – it is really not good enough to hold her hands up and just say sorry. Either these rules have a sound medical basis or not. She is tired and human but she knew what she was doing.

    She will end up resigning anyway so it should have happened straight away as she is wounded and a distraction.

    Yet more poor judgement on show today from everyone concerned who have allowed the situation to fester on and that includes Jason Leitch, beloved of Radio Shortbread and the one who claimed when his wife went to the infamous Stereophonics concert in Newcastle that he would have gone too given the opportunity. I don’t get the love for him, I find his garrulous couthiness patronising and over familiar. There are other people who can do this better, pity we have to waste time on finding them now.

    We are not all in this together.

  102. SilverDarling says:

    And I agree if the CMO was a man they would be gone by now. The appearance of loyalty to the sisterhood – or at least some of them – is clouding NS’s judgement.

  103. Allium says:

    Ironically one of NS’s biggest flaws is her blind loyalty to the people that she likes. Its a strange one, as she can be so utterly ruthless in most other respects.

  104. Doug says:

    The Rev is right to have “passed all of the information in this article to COPFS and the police.”

    I hope the police make the same serious investigation with these so-called journalists as they did with Mr Salmond.

  105. ahundredthidiot says:

    if Calderwood had any self respect she would go.

    If She took this virus as serious as they are telling us – she would go.

    if she thinks this virus will kill tens of thousands of Scots and that her leadership is vital in reducing those deaths – she would go.

    Instead – She says ‘I have a job to do as CMO’

    She isn’t taking this virus seriously at all. So, either she is a narcissistic sociopath not fit for any role in medicine – or – this virus isn’t that serious at all.

    People should make up their own minds.

  106. euan0709 says:

    See the 77th Brigade is out in force today !

  107. jackie says:

    Police Scotland:-

    “Your Royal Highness, we hope you enjoy your stay in your holiday home”


    “Right Calderwood, your nicked”

    I am not taking sides regarding Calderwood,. But I am highlighting the sheer hypocrisy of Police Scotland.

  108. jackie says:

    Police Scotland:-

    “Your Royal Highness, we hope you enjoy your stay in your holiday home”


    “Right Calderwood, you’re nicked”

    I am not taking sides regarding Calderwood,. But I am highlighting the sheer hypocrisy of Police Scotland.

  109. jackie says:

    I think Prince Charles knew he had the virus long before he arrived in Scotland.

    He would have been ordered out of London so as not to spread the virus around the Royal household.

  110. Iain More says:

    I would love to see those Yoon haks jailed.

  111. Gary45% says:

    Yoon silence was deafening regards to “Septic Chucks” wee sortie North, Chuck and possie spreading more than love across Scotland.
    Brenda will say in her love rant tonight that she is selling off the Crown Jewels, and all the estates the tax payer has provided her, to help fund the crisis in the country.
    God Bless Her, she is there for the ordinary people, what a legend, we can all thank her for her generosity.
    “Aye that will be shining bright”

    Parasite family loved by the gullible.

  112. George Clark says:

    See what you mean.

  113. robbo says:

    To Misty and the rest of the yoonery. As i said on other thread,my sentiments still stand.When will Charlie be grilled on the visit north of Berwick. Now usually he stops in @ Dumfries House when ventures north- will the yoonery press look into this aye! naw will they fuck.

    Concerned resident of Ayrshire & Arran on how many he may have infected on route to his pad further north.

    robbo says:
    5 April, 2020 at 3:33 pm
    Tony Hay says:
    5 April, 2020 at 2:21 pm
    Robbo @ 1.38pm

    Yes i see your point Tony but it seems an apology is not good enough for the unionist press who will gorge on this till she goes. I agree the lassie made a enormous error of judgement but her medical ability in not in question. Mistakes will be made as with all crises es, more so in battles against an hidden enemy and that of the brit state propaganda machine and brit media.

    Think FM defended her well i think there as is her job,which is not to throw your troops like “lambs to slaughter”.

    The only one i think would be fit enough at this stage if she were to be sacrificed is Jason Leitch.

    Watch the yoonery fest that will ensue now rampaged up as this that and the other hyperbole i’m sure,but feck them and more.We’re all human,unless your Boris or Trump that think their some type of gods who don’t make absolute enormous errors everyday and brush it off without an ounce of shame.

  114. robertknight says:

    Liz @ 3:05

    “The reason everything the SNP touch seems to be turning to shit right now, is because those at the top have lost their way.”

    Don’t agree I’m afraid. There’s a pattern forming here for those who are willing to see it. A pattern which suggests a deliberate programme is being executed and not a series of unfortunate and unrelated events.

    The party’s former credibility is being dismantled piece by piece in the run up to next year’s elections.

    Once a Yoon alliance takes over at Holyrood, NS will undoubtedly sail off to pastures new with a glowing reference from the UK Govt. for a job well done.

    Meanwhile, back in Scotland, a bonfire of the Saltires will take place courtesy of Jackass Carlaw and a motley crew of BritNat zealots who will look to tattoo Scotland red, white and blue.

  115. Andy smith says:

    Agreed, the pitchforks out in force today, pity there’s not the same demand for Lizzie to abdicate for her son’s more serious actions .

  116. HYUFD says:

    Effijy Back Sturgeon if you wish, she has made a huge gaffe today keeping Calderwood and Carlaw correctly has pounced on it and said she should have removed the CMO and most Scots will agree with Jackson on this

  117. Pete says:

    Andy Smith
    The CMO is leading the fight against this virus.
    Charles is not.
    You must be nuts!!

  118. HYUFD says:

    Gary 45 Prince Charles went to Scotland before the official lockdown but regardless even if he was wrong Sturgeon has refused to criticise Prince Charles anyway just as she has refused to remove Calderwood

  119. Ian McCubbin says:

    It is all academic in the review by Scottish Government all the lies mess who said what to whom and the name of the what’s app group the plot or plots were hatched in will be revealed.
    Personally I don’t know nor care who the 9 are, I just want the matter resolved and all of them to move on with their lives and let us get Independence.

  120. jfngw says:

    One good thing about Craig Murray’s article is that has certainly flushed a lot of ‘independence’ supporters and those claiming to be ‘neutral’ out of the woodwork and allowed us to see what they really think and how poor their analysis is, some even claim to be academics.

  121. jfngw says:


    Just as a stopped clock is sometimes correct, yes Nocola Sturgeon seems to be very loyal to some of her colleagues, but only the female ones it seems.

  122. callmedave says:

    Calderwood removed from public live appearances on TV and adverts
    says Auntie and other sources.

    Big mistake all SNHS workers let down. FGS!

    Perhaps a heavy self imposed donation to some SNHS body should be forthcoming as a token gesture as the apology doesn’t really cut it.

    Probably will step back / resign soon. 🙁

    Still the BBC do not give figures for England. It figures!
    Meanwhile, the Department of Health said there were a further 621 deaths linked to coronavirus in the UK.

    These latest deaths bring the total in the UK to 4,934, including 12 more in Wales, seven in Northern Ireland and two in Scotland.

    As of 09:00 BST on Sunday, 47,806 people had tested positive for coronavirus, the Department of Health said.

    UK daily total 621 – 21 (colonies) = England 600

  123. jackie says:

    Has that dirty piece of Uniionist shit James Mathews been sacked from Sky News?

    Haven’t saw him about for a while.

    Hopefully he is one of the Corana Virus victims in Scotland.

    He is or was a disgusting house Jock for his english masters.

  124. Doug says:

    Wonder what the circulation figures for these English/British nationalist rags will be considering the consequences of the current health crisis. Hopefully some will go under.

  125. Gary45% says:

    Where are the Yoon/media calls for Chuck to be dethroned and removed from the parasitic cash cow?

  126. HYUFD says:

    Jfngw Agreed

    Gary 45 Charles is not leading Scotland’s Coronavirus fight but regardless Nats can hardly criticise the Prince when the SNP First Minister has kept her CMO in post for doing the same thing

  127. dakk says:

    Prince Charles knowingly took the virus to a fragile rural area of Scotland.

    No return to his main residence in his home county, no apology for putting others at risk, and most certainly no unionist media furore.

    Good old britnat media hipocrisy, no surprise there.

  128. Albaman says:

    This is YOU at your very best Rev,
    Like a wee Jack Russel we know that you’ll shake the full life out of this press situation.

  129. Andy smith says:

    Pete, Charles infected other people, the camp hasn’t to my knowledge!

  130. Andy smith says:

    Camp= cmo, predictive text doh!

  131. jfngw says:

    To be honest I can only see independence (or at least a vote on it) with either Alex Salmond or Joanna Cherry at the helm. I look around the SNP and cannot see much passion in many of the others. Too many seem more interested in c*cks in frocks than independence.

  132. Jock McDonnell says:

    I’m still of the view that the FM has found herself enveloped by this rather than actively being involved. I will obviously wait to hear from Eck as to what else went on but at the moment I think she had no choice but to let the cards fall as they may.

    As FM there could be no question of her planning a cover up. She heard accusations and had to let them play out. From what I know of her, I really do think she tries to be fair-minded. Remember when she wrote a letter for a constituent in good faith & it backfired ?

    I’m yet to be convinced of her love of the union. I would prefer a more robust approach to Independence although it seems to me she is trying to lead by example & hoping the country will follow.
    But equally, I do think there are some who are taking advantage of this compassionate woman’s character.

  133. velofello says:

    The Chief Medical Officer has delightful neighbours Eh?

    She has a hugely stressful task to hand, no past worked examples for reference, and being human, feeling the pressure she commits an error of judgement.

    For those calling for her to be dropped, is like dropping your best player.

    To err is human, to forgive divine.

  134. dakk says:

    ‘Nats can hardly criticise the Prince when the SNP First Minister has kept her CMO in post for doing the same thing’

    We should criticise both, or all 3 of them.

    Difference is the media treatment, and the fact the cmo and fm faced up to the full barrage, came clean, apologised and rectified their wrongs.

    Prince Charles, and quite a few others I know with second homes have not,and are still getting away with it.

  135. HYUFD says:

    dakk If the CMO had not been caught you know full well she would still be travelling to and from her second home next week, Charles went once and before the official lockdown.

  136. HandandShrimp says:


    Calderwood is a doctor not a politician. She is a very good doctor. This not the time for firing NHS staff who have the respect and support of their peers and subordinates. She made an error but she has far more to offer in this battle than you, I or an assorted gaggle of newspaper hacks.

    In short, I don’t think this is an appropriate juncture to have a wee wank over party politics…indeed Calderwood is from Belfast and studied and worked in England before coming to Scotland. She is there by merit not political patronage. I would be surprised if she even votes SNP.

    Talking of newspaper hacks, the Salmond verdict must have been one of the biggest journalistic coitus interuptus events of recent decades. The amount of florid copy consigned to the recycling bin must surely be sufficient to restock the toilet roll shelves of most the supermarkets in the country.

  137. Sinky says:

    BBC news channel milking Calderwood this for all its worth

  138. JaMuR says:

    Jackie regarding James Mathews at 17.40pm

    “hopefully he is one of the Corana Virus victims in Scotland”

    Shameful stuff Jackie . You are an absoulute disgrace . As someone who has lost a family member to the virus I am utterly appalled. I would not wish this virus on anybody.

    “Has that dirty piece of Uniionist shit James Mathews been sacked from Sky News”

    Learn how to spell you vile knucklehead.

  139. Mist001 says:

    But in a statement released this afternoon after the briefing, First Minister Mrs. Murrell said: “I am acutely aware of the importance of public trust in the advice the government is giving to stay at home in order to save lives and protect our NHS.

    “To maintain that trust we will be revising our public information campaign and the Chief Medical Officer will be withdrawing from media briefings for the foreseeable future. She will continue to provide the Scottish Government with the scientific and medical advice on the spread of Coronavirus.”

    Even Mrs. Murrell is trying to put a lid on it but this won’t go away until she goes. This incident will be dragged up time and again.

  140. Gary45% says:

    Take the blinkers off, I am not defending anyone, simply pointing out the usual Yoon bias when it comes to anything the media can kick the Scottish Government with, “rules for one and all that”.
    Are the same Yoon media still chasing virus spreading Chucks wee pervert brother? well are they? The same Yoon media still chasing a proven innocent ex FM, imagine if Alex was a Yoon, would he get the same hassle from the gutter Yoon media? No chance.
    “Rules for one and all that.”
    Next they will be calling for Sturgeon to step down.(any excuse)

    You better be wearing your poppy and Union Jack pants on your head when Brenda has her wee blether tonight, remember we are told by the same gutter press she is just like the rest of us, I’m sure I see her in Lidl once a week!!
    Remember and stand to attention.

  141. Ruby @12,23

    – what makes you so sure that people attending an AOUB march would want to breach the conditions of a court case concerning a former First Minister if by so doing they put the possibility of further marches into doubt???

    A curious suggestion – certainly not something I would entertain discussing with anyone , let alone a stranger who could be a plant…..

    Think about it – unless of course you’re trying to suggest it to for another reason?

    Anyone who attended the Court case will know beyond any doubt that they must not reveal any withheld information as to do so is Contempt of Court – so I’m not so sure that the ‘whole of Scotland’ will know these things – as you suggest.

    I, for one, do not know who any of these ‘complainers’ are, nor do I want to know and again, I did not hear what the jury heard and saw so I don’t have a problem with the verdict.

    Alex Salmond was found not guilty of the charges levelled against him. End of.

    The media should move on.

  142. Mist001 says:

    And why are people still going on about Charles travelling when he had the Coronavirus?

    Talk about dumbed down.

    He never fucking had it because if he did, he’s probably the only person on the planet who was infected by it and yet made a full recovery after about three days AND he’s at the vulnerable age.

    You’ve been lied to about Charles and you all swallow it and use it as some kind of defence against Calderwood!

    What a fucking shower!

  143. Franny @ 12.30

    You should think carefully before you post anything repeating some one else’s words with too much detail.

    Better to stay a bit more vague.

  144. george wood says:

    Ahundrethidiot @ 401pm

    I’m not sure what planet your are on, but it is not planet earth.

    You’ve been reading too many conspiracy theories.

    Most conspiracy theories are of the men not landing on the moon variety and if you treated conspiracy theories as being of that variety you would right nearly all the time.

  145. dakk says:


    I’m not defending the cmo hipocrisy and can’t say she wouldn’t have continued to visit if not caught.

    Charles knowingly took the virus to his holiday home in a piloted helicopter, and will likely have spread it around his entourage in Ballater.

    Like I said, no calls for resignation, no media furore,no apology, and no return to his real home, oh, and no surprises there.

    Cmo was out of order, and Prince Charles was also.

  146. Dan says:

    HYUFD says: at 6:11 pm

    If the CMO had not been caught you know full well she would still be travelling to and from her second home next week, Charles went once and before the official lockdown.

    Sorry, but that’s horsehit as you have no way of knowing if that is the case with regard to the CMO.

    I received a call yesterday morning from someone that owns a second home in my village. They had been planning to come to visit and stay there but because of the lockdown they couldn’t.
    They therefore contacted me to ask if I would go and check round the property to ensure it was ok and then enter the house to switch off the no longer needed winter heating programme for frost protection, and take the leccy meter readings for them.
    If they didn’t have such a fine socially minded and trustworthy contact in the village they would have had no way to accomplish these tasks without travelling to the property themselves.
    It’s not a direct comparison to the CMO situation but highlights the reality for some people.

  147. admiral says:

    HYUFD says:
    5 April, 2020 at 6:11 pm
    dakk If the CMO had not been caught you know full well she would still be travelling to and from her second home next week, Charles went once and before the official lockdown.

    He went when he was already symptomatic with Covid-19, so he didn’t follow advice. He took a large number of flunkeys with him, who were allowed to roam free in the local communities, so they didn’t follow advice to isolate.

    Since you seem to know what will happen next week, any chance of getting the lottery numbers for Wednesday?

  148. Mist 001 @3.37 Is Derek Mc Kay a woman?

  149. Gary45% says:

    Chucks at a vulnerable age? oh aye he lives in exactly the same environment as every other 70 year old in the country, if he never had it, did one of his “staffers” “take one for the team”, and also he and his missus got tested before key front line staff, now that is a story which should be chased up by the Yoon gutter media.
    Tests wasted on two fit and healthy pensioners, when other pensioners will be denied ventilators when the “mess hits the fan”. Lets see the gutter press chase that.

  150. Mist001 says:

    @ meg merrilees

    It’s the SNP. It wouldn’t shock me if he was ladyboy or something.

    Notice that he had to go though? Would he have gone if he was a woman?

  151. Mist001 says:

    @ Gary45%

    Like I say, he had it and was clear of it in around three days. Show me just one single example of that happening to any other person on the planet.

    He NEVER had it. Don’t you get that?

    It was just a story to show the ‘he’s just like everyone else’.

    I bet Johnson doesn’t have it either. He might have a dose of the sniffles or something but I seriously doubt that he has Coronavirus.

    You’re being lied to left, right, and centre.

  152. jfngw says:

    Brass neck of the week, Willie Rennie calling for someone to resign for trying to cover up a journey. Luckily it had nothing to do with child abuse or Mr Rennie would have seen nothing wrong.

  153. jfngw says:

    The flunkies in the Scottish MSM will never criticise the royals not when there are gongs for the taking down the line, they know a few will come to Scottish journalists, for services rendered.

    As for HYUFD, he’s a mad royalist, he would die for them, they like their devoted fools do the royals.

  154. Ruby says:

    meg merrilees says:
    5 April, 2020 at 6:20 pm
    Ruby @12,23

    – what makes you so sure that people attending an AOUB march would want to breach the conditions of a court case concerning a former First Minister if by so doing they put the possibility of further marches into doubt???

    In what way would they breach the conditions of a court case?

    You might not want to know the names of ‘The Alphabet Sisters’ but I certainly do. I would like to know how I am voting for particularly if that person doesn’t support independence.

    Not much point in having marches if the people you are electing don’t support independence.

  155. dakk says:

    Some of the rules have been made up as they go along

    Even today Sophie Ridge asked Hancock if sunbathing was against the law.

    He swithered and said’its against the rules’, so wriggle room there.

    I’m presuming it’s not against the ‘rules’ on your own veranda, or garden, so he should’ve said ‘in a public place’.

    Seen about dozen guys playing golf at the closed Royal Knightswood today.

    Was going to make a mass citizen’s arrest, but decided to let it go,this time.

  156. Craig Murray says:

    meg merilees

    It would not be illegal at all for someone to tell you then names on an AUOB march. Conversation is not illegal. Publication is – which under the Contempt of Court Act has to be “significant publication”.

  157. Effijy says:

    Public Health England reported an extra 555 deaths, Public Health Wales recorded 12 and the Public Health Agency said there had been seven in Northern Ireland.

    In Scotland, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said authorities had recorded an additional two deaths

    Still strange why the media have no interest why NHS England are producing death figures way above those suggested by population?

    Must be the holiday cottage story more important than mass death across England.

  158. Gavin Barrie says:

    Just a thought.

    If one or more of the Woman were identified (please nobody do this) then Police protection would kick in.

    That may then act as an extreme hindrence to Alex Salmond pursuing a case against them.

    Wouldnt that be a cunning tactic?

  159. Graham Fordyce says:

    Well, no-one can accuse you of not being brave. If this continues to go the way it’s going, I wonder what charge/s will be brought against you and how much you’ll raise for your defence!

  160. Mist001 says:

    BTW, Mrs. Murrell will be interviewed by Piers Morgan tomorrow morning at 07.50 on BBC, the breakfast show or something.

    By both her and Calderwoods inactions, they’ve managed to bring even more trouble on the SNP.

    If Calderwood wasn’t so arrognat, she would resign NOW before the interview takes place to give Mrs. Murrell some breathing space.

    But she wont and the result is that both them and Scotland gets dragged into the mud again.

  161. crazycat says:

    @ velofello at 6.05

    … feeling the pressure she commits an error of judgement.

    She did it twice. Two weekends in a row. She was reported the second time.

    @ Dan at 6.31

    I know you are explicitly not making a comparison but I cannot see any acceptable reason for someone to go and check their house on two occasions only a week apart.

    The biggest problem is that now people are laughing at the official ads, and will conclude they don’t need to heed the advice either.

  162. Pete says:

    Calderwood should have been fired. End of!
    Nowadays nobody seems to get the boot.
    Shows Sturgeon up in very bad light.
    She gets paid £125k per annum and you would have imagined that she would have been quite busy just now and that 2 successive weekend trips to Fife might be a bit of an indulgence!!
    Also, can’t see why they can’t get the daily stats correct. Always seems to be a problem which will be corrected later on?
    Very poor show.

  163. Athanasius says:

    Scenario — all of the above named “journalists” get a free pass, but Stu ends up doing a stretch in the shovel for having contributed to the identification of the woman. Think it can’t happen? They’ll find a way…

  164. James F. McIntosh says:

    That’s the second civil servant to put Sturgeon in an awkward position in the last week or so, can’t wait for the next Westminster plant to do their bit to undermine the SNP gov.

  165. Dan says:

    @crazycat at 7:34 pm

    I wasn’t aware she had made two visits and if that is the case there should really be a decent reason to explain why that would be required.

    I’ve barely left my garden in 3 weeks as still eating food I grew last year with the few diminishing staples of oats, floor and tinned tomatoes I had in stock. I ran out of milk and cheese about 10 days ago and am adjusting to do without them.
    I went on a walk for some exercise to the middle of nowhere with a fishing rod to catch something to eat. If that is not allowed then I would be forced to drive to a town and visit a shop with many people milling around, and the shop might not even have in stock what I need to buy.
    Which is the most risky in terms of catching or spreading the virus out of those two scenarios.
    I think a bit of simple common sense is in order with regard to what is going on.

  166. ahundredthidiot says:

    George Wood at 6:28

    you’re right.

    Remember to fill the bath.

  167. Dan says:

    OT. Has anybody spotted Dr Jim posting recently? Have noticed his absence over past week. Hope he’s keeping well.

  168. Breeks says:

    Gavin Barrie says:
    5 April, 2020 at 7:17 pm
    Just a thought.

    If one or more of the Woman were identified (please nobody do this) then Police protection would kick in.

    That may then act as an extreme hindrence to Alex Salmond pursuing a case against them.

    I think Mark Hirst actually hit quite near the mark.

    The anonymity of the Conspirators is a protection provided by the law, but if the said Conspirators abuse that anonymity, and worse, use it as a smokescreen from which to launch more unsubstantiated smears against Salmond, I think their anonymity will become much harder for them to sustain, and the consequences for anybody “blurting” out the name accidentally will be much less severe if the Conspirator’s boat leaks like a sieve anyway.

    Because Alex Salmond has been proved innocent, if or when he decides to sue for defamation, I’m unclear what protection of anonymity the Conspirators can expect. If Alex Salmond is successful, and I think it’s obvious he would be, the damages will be substantial and the Conspirators might find themselves struggling to keep their bankruptcy, or even imprisonment, a secret.

    I find it very hard to believe there won’t be consequences too for the “Press”. I use the term loosely.

    Furthermore, I find myself extremely curious to learn what else Tulchan Communications have been sponsoring here in Scotland besides Dani Garavelli and Ruth Davidson. What other shit has it been stirring?

    Lastly, it seems inevitable there will be repercussions in the senior ranks of the SNP. There is already talk of a mass clear out being necessary, and whether that happens, or whether it doesn’t happen, it’s kinda hard to think it will be business as usual once COV19 restrictions are lifted and the SNP eventually holds a conference.

    However, depending where these tendrils lead us, it is already beginning to look like a more serious orchestrated conspiracy which will need to be rooted out and purged before we can trust the SNP. Given the way Brexit and Scottish Sovereignty has been catastrophically mishandled, I have no patience whatsoever for abandoning Independence while the SNP gets over it’s mid-life Crisis. I believe we will see a new, and much more radical Independence and Constitutionally driven party being formed.

    I think the SNP has a very short time to put it’s house in order, but unfortunately we are seeing precious little evidence that it is doing so. If anything, the SNP seems to be in a dangerous state of complete denial, “everything is fine”.

    Perhaps a new Independence Party is precisely what is needed, especially if it doesn’t even covet seats in Holyrood. I might radically change the whole dynamic of Scottish politics anyway.

    Forget the panicking rhetoric about “splitting the Indy vote Booo!”, because if the crosshairs are fixed on the right target, that is Constitutional Sovereignty and recognition, then actually, there might never even be a contest for Westminster seats OR devolved Holyrood seats if the new Party favours going straight for the Independence jugular through a Constitutional route, rather than playing more of these interminable games at Holyrood.

    Frankly, I like the sound of that.

  169. Effijy says:


    What wage would you give the leader of a country.
    I know employed photo copy salesmen who earn more than that.
    A football payer at an average Scottish club would get that for kicking leather.

    Do you remember Bojo the Clown Dems demanding his weekends off.
    There was a United call for an emergency COBRA meeting on a Thursday
    That was put off until Monday as Boris wanted the time to himself.

    Bojo picks up more than Nicola and every measure I can find says she is doing
    A far superior job for all.

    Hats off to Boris and Mr Greed Mogg they are making fortunes for the filthy rich
    And themselves. Nicola just can’t do that. Thankfully

  170. Pete says:

    I wasn’t referring to Sturgeon.
    It was Calderwood.
    Leaders can afford to take relatively low pay as they can make fortunes afterwards.
    The average pay in my football club is around £40k for full time in League 1.

  171. Jason Smoothpiece says:

    For those of you who missed the gracious address by Her Royal Highness may I summarise

    HRH is proud of the many subjects who have stayed at home. Unlike Ms Calderwood, the Queen, Prince Phillip and of course Prince Charles.

    We will now have a song from Dame Vera Linn.

    Makes yer proud to be English don’t it. Sorry I meant British. No actually English.

  172. CameronB Brodie says:

    The corporate press have a brass neck suggesting their world view is rational and impartial, Their arrogance is an effect of “habitus”, which establishes networks of social capital an political power. Scotland needs shot of these wanks, pronto, or the sustainability of Scottish culture has no hope.

    Given the lack of respect for natural law in contemporary Brexitania, I thought Her Majesty’s address to the Commonwealth rather alarming. England’s post-colonial malaise appears to have gone full retard.

    Defining the Constitutional Ethic

  173. CameronB Brodie says:

    Have I been posting too much? That was all I had to say.

  174. robertknight says:

    Mist001 @ 7:31

    “But she wont and the result is that both them and Scotland gets dragged into the mud again.”

    I’m starting to think that the SNP heid bummers are complicit in the MSM’s pursuit of SNP-bad.

    It’s one open goal after another, after another, after another…

    Coincidence? My arse!

  175. Lothianlad says:

    In a previous post someone mentioned that they want to know who they are voting for supports independence or not.
    I can only tell you about Midlothian, and the current MP and several SNP councillors DO NOT !!
    It seems they have found a very lucrative career eating free meals on gold plates.
    The problem is though that Scotlands freedom is the price.
    What the hell do they care though??? They wear the parties badge eh?
    More caviar anyone??

  176. Liz g says:

    Jason Smoothpiece @ 8.31
    LOL… not to worry…in the boiling of a kettle the patronising was over…
    Didn’t need masks, gloves or ear defender’s…. Switch to Netflix and put the kettle on….all things that show up when measured.. And completely painless 🙂 Stupid Auld wummin reading more scripts, )as she’s done for too many years) won’t change a bloody thing an original thought might have been a wee bit different….. I still think she’s thick and they try to cover it!!

  177. crazycat says:

    @ Dan at 8.04

    Your garden sounds brilliant! Where I live there’s milk and cheese but a dearth of tinned tomatoes and flour, and absolutely no pasta, so I hope you eke out your supplies.

    As for Dr Jim, someone using that name commented on WGD this morning, so I reckon he’s ok.

  178. Capella says:

    I see the 7th Marquess of Bath has died of coronovirus. Stu will be gutted.

  179. robertknight says:


    Just saw that funny-as-toothache Calman on a telly advert for one of those supposedly Scotch banks that threatened to move their HQ furth of the country whose name they sully if the people had dared to grow a backbone.

    I barely managed to stifle an overwhelming urge to bolk.

    Did any Yesser get the jail for threatening to do her in as she claimed? Or was it just another dollop of Yoon inspired bullshit amongst the many?

  180. Mist001 says:

    RE flour.

    There’s plenty of flour, the country’s awash with it. The problem is that because it’s normally such a slow mover from supermarket shelves, nobody has felt the need to make enough retail packaging for it.

    Nobody expected the Coronavirus and nobody expected the Coronavirus to turn the country into a nation of home bakers!

    You can buy a sack of it wholesale no problem, though.

  181. defo says:

    Has anyone asked Jackass Carlot if he got the heads up on the Ben Vorlich weather conditions?

  182. Rm says:

    Mrs Calderwood is a busy person doing a great job, she maybe just herself and as long as she kept her distance from other people what’s the problem, and it was in Scotland to another place in Scotland, while charlie came up from england, this is a big set up I bet the police couldn’t believe what a farce this is, the establishment is starting to put the pressure on which is a good sign that somethings boiling underneath in the Scottish nation, fine to stir them up a bit, let the lassie get on wee her job, we have to stop listening to all this media rubbish.

  183. Old Pete says:

    Bo Joe looking very, very poorly.

  184. jfngw says:

    I hear the Queen is well regarded by the older generation (even older than me). What was her speech about, I was watching Netflix,was it persuading them that the Blitz spirit was to sign the DNR form for the sake of the country.

  185. Sandy says:

    If Alex were to go ahead with a CIVIL action against his accusers, wouldn’t the defendants have to be named?

  186. Dan says:

    Mist, here’s some braw proper flour.

  187. Iain More says:

    C.C.Livingstone should resign or be sacked. Police Scotland now behaving like petty little jack-booting goosestepping Nazis. He should have been forced out over their abject failure to arrest and charge Charles Windsor, that disease spreading tax dodging billionaire parasite. Well that and the Salmond Trial, he should have gone then.

    I wonder how many poor sods have died after getting Coronavirus from Charles Windsor?

    Is Calderwood still in a job as well? She should be sacked or forced to resign. It is becoming increasingly obvious that Sturgeon is now part of the problem and not the solution. Time Sturgeon went, well overdue that she went actually.

  188. If Nicola was a stooge of the establishment and didn`t really want Indy,

    why would the establishment keep trying to get rid of her,

    if Nicola goes will they be able to control who comes next.


    some entertainment, England v Scotland full game 1967,

  189. callmedave says:

    Coronavirus: PM admitted to hospital over virus symptoms
    5 minutes ago

  190. Golfnut says:

    I see Calderwood is getting a Police Warning.
    I look forward to our media getting straight on to this.

  191. Mist001 says:

    I think Johnson is hiding. As soon as this crisis arose, you could see his face change immediately. This is too big for him to handle, so he’s keeping his head down.

  192. Dan says:


  193. Golfnut says:

    @ Scot Finlayson.

    I’ve said something similar myself, if Nicola is such an asset to the british state, why on earth would they want her replaced, why continue with the venom and malice.

  194. AberdeenPict says:

    callmedave says:
    5 April, 2020 at 9:36 pm
    Coronavirus: PM admitted to hospital over virus symptoms
    5 minutes ago

    Yes, Bojo just can’t help himself! when everyone was clapping for the NHS on a Thursday evening a couple of weeks back, he had to steal the limelight back, and hey presto! the very next day he says he has tested positive with Coronavirus.

    He can’t stop there though, he can’t let old Betty upstage him, so again, hey presto, he goes into hospital for some routine tests.

    The man is an absolute worm ridden piece of scum, and just can’t have anyone else be in the news headlines apart from him.

    What’s his next trick going to be when some other big news headline comes along?

  195. Grey Gull says:

    If the CMO thought she or her family were at risk of catching the virus and getting seriously ill, she wouldn’t have gone anywhere. This just goes to show that catching the virus, for most of the population, isn’t life threatening and most of us probably will catch it at some point. I think I might have had it already but obviously not rich or important enough to be tested. Unfortunately, there is a percentage of the population who will experience serious complications and this is going to put pressure on the NHS and other care providers. They have been underfunded and not appreciated for years. I understand the whole flattening the curve chat, but a big part of this is about common sense and taking sensible precautions.

  196. Daisy Walker says:


    I have received the following information which I believe to be from a reputable source and am satisfied that the advice contained within, if followed, will not do anyone any harm and is likely to be of benefit. In particular I can vouch for gargling with salt to stop a sore throat in its tracks as I’ve been utilising this method for several years now and it really works.

    Best wishes to all.

    ‘The Chinese now understand the behaviour of the Covid 19 virus thanks to autopsies carried out.

    This virus is characterised by obstructing respirator pathways with thick mucus that solidifies and blocks the airwaves and lungs.

    They have discovered – in order to apply a medicine, you have to open and unblock these airwaves so that the treatment used, can take effect. However, all of this takes a number of days.

    Recommendations to safeguard yourself

    1/ Drink lots of hot liquids, tea, coffee, hot water. In addition take a sip of warm water every 20 minutes, because this keeps your mouth moist and washes any of the virus that has entered your mouth into your stomach, where the gastric juices will neutralise it before it can enter your lungs.

    2/ Gargle with an antiseptic in warm water, like vinegar, salt or lemon, every day if possible.

    3/ The virus attaches itself to hair and clothes. Any detergent or soap kills it, but you must take a shower or a bath when you get in from the street. Avoid sitting down and go straight to the shower.

    If you cannot wash clothes on a daily basis – hang them in direct sunlight, which also neutralises the virus.

    4/ Wash metalic surfaces very carefully because the virus can remain viable on these for up to 9 days.

    5/ Don’t smoke.

    6/ Wash hands every 20 minutes with any soap which foams, do this for 20 seconds.

    7/ Eat fresh fruit and vegetables – try and elevate your zinc levels and not just your Vitamin C levels.

    8/ Animals do not spread the virus. It is person to person transmission.

    9/ Try to avoid getting the common flu. Try to avoid eating or drinking cold things.

    10/ If you feel any kind of sore throat coming on, attack it immediately with the guidance in step 2. The virus enters the system in this way, and remains at the location of the throat for 3 to 4 days before it passes to the lungs.’

  197. stuart mctavish says:

    According to the legislation pinned on a tweet by Calum Steele in the Twitter feed, Police Scotland appear to have had no excuse – let alone right or obligation – to send officers to the CMO residence to give her a warning.
    Presumably the officers involved, in addition to anyone else implicated in their chain of command, will now be charged with an offence under article 7(2)(b) of same

  198. Dan says:

    Hope Boris can actually get a bed what with his Party cutting NHS budgets over the years resulting in the loss of thousands of hospital beds.
    Maybe medical staff can hook him up to a Dyson and perform an exorcism by sucking all those evil policies out of him.

  199. terence callachan says:

    Worked out the name

    Some journalists are happy to sink both sides
    They can turn on a sixpence
    Support one side and lie about the other
    Then reverse it

    Journalists have no honour no honesty they don’t have to, the law allows them to tell lies the punishment is a tiny correction weeks or months later in a corner of a page that nobody will notice

  200. jfngw says:

    I see a tiger at Bronx Zoo has tested positive, the tiger who like to be addressed as Tony believes he caught it from his shared breakfast cereal bowl and is quoted as now feeling ‘grrrreeeaat’.

  201. Del G says:

    Daisy, please state your source, otherwise I personally would treat your advice as hearsay. I don’t think there’s anything inherently dangerous in your suggestions, but (like many other forms of advice on the internet) I question whether it’s an effective coronavirus treatment, in itself.
    I’m not being nasty, I’m just looking at this and questioning how authoritative it is.

  202. call me dave says:

    Calderwood resigns!

  203. MaggieC says:

    Just heard on the news that Boris has been admitted to hospital with further corona symptoms .

  204. Mist001 says:

    @ call me dave

    She had to. She should have done it first thing this morning instead of allowing herself and the SNP to be dragged through the mud all day.

    Mrs. Murrell has a live, televised interview with Piers Morgan tomorrow morning so if Calderwood hadn’t gone, Murrell would have had a very hard job defending her to the people of the entire UK.

  205. Pete says:

    Calderwood gone.
    Not a minute too soon.
    She should have been gone as soon as she was caught out.
    Poor leadership from Sturgeon.

  206. call me dave says:

    Resignation statement:

    FM and CMO Scoland have had a chat this evening.


    FM: commends the CMO for all her advice (blah…blah)
    Distraction to the work going forward.

    🙁 Inevitable.

  207. robbo says:

    Golfnut says:
    5 April, 2020 at 9:42 pm

    Good stuff. Now let us see them running for those hills again by more nat bashing- aye but we’re Queens ele…

  208. robbo says:

    Mist001 says:
    5 April, 2020 at 9:42 pm
    I think he may well be in France. Have you checked your outhouse!

  209. jackie says:

    Went a walk at 8pm, came back and news headlines was all about Bojo being taken to hospital.

    He wiped Lizzie’s speech clean off our screens. She will be fuckin beelin.

    Now I won’t even get to hear highlights of it.

    It’s going to be wall to wall Boris.

    Pray for Boris?

    The same as he prayed for all those who have died due to Tory austerity cuts?

    No Boris,,,if you die then it must have been written in the stars.

  210. HYUFD says:

    Yes main story of this failure of leadership from Sturgeon, Calderwood twice went to Fife from her Edinburgh home in breach of her own guidance, Sturgeon dithered and Calderwood only resigned tonight after media pressure

  211. Daisy Walker says:

    DelG –

    Unfortunately I do not know the source of the above advice, hence the reason I put the following at the start, ‘I have received the following information which I believe to be from a reputable source and am satisfied that the advice contained within, if followed, will not do anyone any harm and is likely to be of benefit. In particular I can vouch for gargling with salt to stop a sore throat in its tracks as I’ve been utilising this method for several years now and it really works’.

    I got it as an audio recording, from a Doctor translating it from a Spanish Doctor working at hospital possilby ‘le Green’. Not sure, exactly, the audio was not clear enough an din’t go into details.

    By all means treat it circumspectly, however I stand by saying, that the advice appears very safe, and I would not have put it out if I thought otherwise.

    Kind regards.

  212. call me dave says:

    Boris taking second place to the CMO’s resignation and Queenie a distant third on Radio 5.
    Harsh stuff!

  213. dakk says:

    @Daisy Walker

    Good advice.Thanks.

  214. robbo says:

    It’ bollocks to be honest. They need to stand up to this yoon media. Where’s Willie dick Bennie’s resignation

    Where’s Murdo’s
    Where’s Carlaw’s
    They do jack for this nation of ours- fecking beiling.

  215. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Hi Daisy Walker.

    I’ve had the same advice about gargling with salt water for a sore throat from more than a couple of GPs over the years.

    You have to do it regularly though – I guess every hour or so.

  216. defo says:

    Private Fraser looked like he’d been having fun in the snow with Liz on their bracing climb.
    Operation Brass neck!

    Does it benefit the fight to remove a key player, at the crucial moment, just to make an example of them ?

    Re Eck. There’s a huge, unstoppable, long overdue bonfire of the vanities approaching, the kindling has caught.

  217. Mist001 says:

    @ robbo

    If it was Johnson, I’d be checking the shithouse!

  218. Daisy Walker says:

    Dr Calderwood could do a great deal to repair her ‘error of judgement’ if at this time of crisis she uses her professional skills at the front line.

    Also for Del G – my previous post was not put in as ‘Treatment for Corona virus’ – but as preventative measures and advice.

    I agree with you about listing sources etc, but on this occasion I don’t have them to provide and I’ve gone with looking at the content and deciding if 1/ is it safe, and 2/ does it make sense.

    I hope it can be read and judged on that basis.

  219. Pete says:

    Daisy Walker
    Your advice looks good.
    It certainly won’t do any harm.

  220. Liz g says:

    I wish Boris Johnson well
    Not because I think he’ll learn any lessons.
    Not because I want him to see Scotland free and rejoice in the doing of it….
    But rather because….
    Despite everything….
    I would not be like them, fur all the status and gold the world can provide.
    I’d rather value all human life and hope even some nasty piece of work like him recovers…cause that’s how I roll 🙂

  221. Mist001 says:

    Apparently Calderwood offered to resign this morning but Mrs. Murrell refused to accept it.

    Now that she has a live, televised interview with Piers Morgan going out across the UK tomorrow morning, she had to change her tune, distraction, core message, blah blah blah.., not a risk either of us was willing to take.

    But she was willing to take it this morning.

  222. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Forgot to type…

    I managed to work out one identity from the Rev’s link to the “Steve Bird (Telegraph)” link, by sticking two prominent words into Google.

    Anyone can do it. What surprised me was just how far up in the SNP it goes.

  223. robertknight says:

    Golfnut & Finlayson…

    I don’t see the MSM going full Tonto on NS over a range of issues. Why? Because you never interrupt your enemy when they’re making a mistake, followed by mistake, followed by mistake, to the point you can be excused for wondering if all these mistakes really are just that.

    CMO should’ve been sacked. Weak, weak, weak!

  224. Molly says:

    Can’t agree with you . It might be rare thing these days that your boss backs you but NS knows the facts , we don’t

    CC was totally in the wrong ( again only my opinion ) but unless you’ve got years of experience dealing with the Scottish media, how do you prepare for that kind of onslaught ?

    Today IMHO was an utter disgrace, with the usual suspects almost champing at the bit , retweeting each other’s tweets, leaving us just waiting for the call to go get the pitchfork out .

    Who ever gets the position, make sure next week end there is something important to occupy the press ( there’s a pandemic , you’d think that would be enough but hey ) cos sure as hell they’ll fill that vacuum .

    Also just a small point, the fact NS didn’t just roll over the way T May did, B Johnstone does actually makes me think, it’s better having someone like that on your side to lead but what do I know compared to all the armchair experts who a month ago were hash tagging #bekind

  225. Liz g says:

    Brian Doonthetoon @ 10.32
    The Revs been sayin for months that it is surprisingly high up….and paying the price…

  226. ahundredthidiot says:

    Daisy Walker

    Your ten tips are welcome, but I just can’t help myself….

    ….you forgot number 11

    11) wreck the worlds economy for a virus which is going to run its course regardless, destroy peoples livelihoods, bankrupt countless businesses, cause a recession, which will lead to a depression, which will probably lead to war. Damage peoples health as they sit in front of the TV terrified, cause countless divorces and suicides and turn neighbour against neighbour.

    In short – our response will do more damage than the virus.

    The MSM have are about to turn their wrath on Sweden. The MSM is a completely controlled institution. They are not to be trusted.

  227. robertknight says:

    Apologies for pointing out the obvious…

    CMO f**ks up. Should’ve gone. Offers to go. NS supposedly says no need. Grovelling apology should do it and no more public role. CMO agrees and does so. NS bottles it. NS accepts resignation. CMO departs. Another damage limitation effort required.

    Another f’ing ‘mistake’. They’re getting to be as regular as trams on Princes Street.

    Someone needs to get their arse kicked out of Bute House.

  228. Tommy says:

    Can’t wait until all the Unionists and Sturgeonists – perhaps an unnecessary tautology – who are shrieking hysterically about how “inappropriate” it is that Alex Salmond had a consensual quicky with someone at work find out how Nicola Sturgeon and Peter Murrell met…

  229. Effijy says:

    The UK Britnat Media disposed of a wealth of medical experience that
    We need to fight this virus.

    Holyrood controls our NHS and they should never step aside to allow decisions
    Made by people with Scotland’s worst interests at heart to succeed.

  230. Mist001 says:

    Her interview is with Piers Morgan tomorrow morning at 07.50 on BBC Breakfast time.

    Piers Morgan is a big admirer of Mrs. Murrell, as they all are in England.

    But wait and see if he has a go at her about lack of leadership. This could get pretty awkward for Mrs. Murrell.

  231. Gary45% says:

    I never saw Brendas speech, (No TV licence.)
    Did she hand over the Crown Jewels to pay for the help for her subjects, or is it as expected?
    Yoons must be proud.

  232. robbo says:

    Mist001 says:
    5 April, 2020 at 10:49 pm
    Her interview is with Piers Morgan tomorrow morning at 07.50 on BBC Breakfast time.

    Piers Morgan is a big admirer of Mrs. Murrell, as they all are in England.

    But wait and see if he has a go at her about lack of leadership. This could get pretty awkward for Mrs. Murrell.

    Will you shut up numbnuts Morgan is not on BBC shit show ,he’s on the other.

    He’s a fud anyhow.

  233. call me dave says:

    Proverb. Caesar’s wife must be above suspicion.

    The associates of public figures must not even be suspected of wrongdoing.

    It’s for not following her own advice.

    Catherine Calderwood will still be doing her best for the health service tomorrow and in the future and good for her.

  234. Mist001 says:

    @ robbo

    You are quite correct. She must be doing another one with the BBC then because she IS being interviewed by Piers Morgan tomorrow morning.


  235. Stoker says:

    Mist001 wrote on 5 April, 2020 at 7:31 pm:

    “If Calderwood wasn’t so arrognat, she would resign NOW before the interview takes place to give Mrs. Murrell some breathing space. But she wont and the result is that both them and Scotland gets dragged into the mud again.”

    More shit from The Tooth Fairy. No often you’re wrong but you’re wrong again eh?

  236. James Barr Gardner says:

    Daisy Walker says:
    5 April, 2020 at 10:21 pm

    I’ll stick wi’gargling wi’ a wee sherry followed wi’ a glass o’malt tae tak’ the taste awa’

  237. BJ says:

    Now that the CMO has gone Charles Windsor should at the very least get back to his place of residence south of the border and apologise to the people of Scotland for his behaviour. It is disgraceful that he thought it was okay to bring his disease to Scotland. No respect for the wishes of the Scottish people.

  238. jackie says:

    We have had nuclear missiles pointing at Russia for about 60 years.

    We are always told that in the event of us coming under a nuclear attack that we would be prepared for the worst possible outcome.

    And here we are, with the whole UK health service in a state of near collapse without as much as a single bullet being fired in anger.

    So all this talk of us being in a state of readiness for any eventuality was just more english establishment bullshit.

  239. Brian Doonthetoon says:


  240. robbo says:

    Well Mrs Calderwood is not a politician so as far as I’m concerned and although she made a huge mistake and apologized . It’s never enough for the yoonerati or media,they want blood.
    I assume it was a family decision for her and she didn’t want them further in spotlight with the vile media.NS knows how to handle scum media and yoons.

    I think if her and family we not Snp ,well they sure hell will be now because her boss didn’t throw her to the wolves and took most of the flak for her. Some of you call this weak,i call it brave. She did not throw her under the bus and Im sure you would expect your bosses to have your back it troubled times.

    If every Field Marshall,Air Commander and Admiral threw their troops under the first number nine that came along the road you would have no fecking troops to command in any battle.

    I may not at this current juncture agree with the GRA stance whatever it is? but i’m with her on this episode.

    Get Jason Leitch would be my choice now for this role. We need to “take back control” or this will go south very quickly.

  241. Mist001 says:

    @ Stoker

    Except that I was right, though.

  242. brian lucey says:

    There is a global pandemic on and you are still arguing about this?

  243. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    I see the MSM are still showing contempt…

    (Me at 11.32.)

  244. CameronB Brodie says:

    brian lucey
    I’d suggest that scrutiny of the press is most impost during periods of political stress.

  245. CameronB Brodie says:

    IMPORTANT (I missing my glasses).

  246. robertknight says:


    “If every Field Marshall,Air Commander and Admiral threw their troops under the first number nine that came along the road you would have no fecking troops to command in any battle.”

    It’s not a case of throwing anyone under the bus. That takes someone capable of making a decision. It’s more a case of ‘eenie meenie miney mo’ where NS is concerned, followed by yet another round of damage limitation. When will it end???

  247. Iain Lawson says:

    This is a genuine question to which I do not know the answer. I remember during the rash of super injunctions .i think it was a Liberal MP who named Ryan Giggs using parliamentary privilege. Could an MP name the alphabet women in Parliament without penalty?

  248. CameronB Brodie says:

    My general linguistic competence is shaky today. That must be the Brexitania effect, where isolation from the natural law undermines one’s bio-neurological connection with the natural world. I’ll get ma coat. 🙂

  249. Liz g says:

    Ian Lawsan @ 12.08
    Yes they absolutely can..
    Not just because of Parliamentary Privilege ( which I think you are getting at) but also because it’s England,and Scots law don’t apply…
    But they won’t…
    Because it doesn’t benefit them to.
    Not a one of them!

  250. red sunset says:

    Iain Lawson says:
    6 April, 2020 at 12:08 am
    This is a genuine question to which I do not know the answer. I remember during the rash of super injunctions .i think it was a Liberal MP who named Ryan Giggs using parliamentary privilege. Could an MP name the alphabet women in Parliament without penalty?

    The problem is that the “names” all carry weight at senior levels of the party or government, so any SNP MP daring to do as you suggest would bring down the wrath of godzilla and the whole party apparatus on themselves.
    Takes a brave person to stick their head above the parapet.

  251. HandandShrimp says:

    Calderwood has stepped down. I hope her replacement is as competent and the team continues to function without missing a heartbeat because the task at hand is too important for such petty distractions to be allowed to hinder progress.

    Stalinist political witch hunts make me despair but it seems to be the coinage of the world. I do wonder why anyone would want to serve in public office at all. However Dr Calderwood can console herself with the knowledge that she is still a doctor and not, say, a journalist, a ridiculous 77th Brigade propagandist or a party hack. She will still be making a difference and the world a better place, the latter not so much.

    I dislike Johnson but I do wish him a speedy recovery. Making Raab his second was an astute move.

  252. Fireproofjim says:

    Is the CMO in any way a political appointment? Anyone know?
    I would not think so but there could be pressure to pick the right person.

  253. Andrew Gordon says:

    I am sorry Mrs Calderwood made such a terrible error of judgement and I like many others condemn it infatically, she has fallen on her sword and wrightly so but faux outrage of the abominable media and pathetic point scoring just shows how utterly despicable the MSM are, no balance, no investigation, no morals and little or or no littery skills, people are dying and the fault lies squarely at No.10s door but that is not reported.
    I am utterly disgusted at how the UK government has gambled with peoples lives, MSM, BBC, SKY are all complicit in passing of the message that Westminster is doing their job, really WTF.

  254. Hector says:

    New media chief, Mr “The Vow” Murray Foote appears to be earning his keep since appointed in February. What exactly is his role again? Damage limitation or exacerbation.

  255. Ayeright says:

    @Andrew Gordon

    Agreed, I also condemn her actions in visiting her second house. The media reaction though has been well over the top considering the crisis currently being dealt with and her advisory role in Scotland to the government.

    The only good thing that can come from this is that all those working in London, say at Westminster or the City or for the BBC won’t now be able to go home at the weekend to their pad in Surrey.

    So, who will be next to be caught breaking the “rules” and will the media give them the same treatment?

    I’d especially hope it was a very top media representative who just lives in London Mon to Fri and goes home at the weekend. Let’s see all of them pulled up, especially if they work in any way for No 10 and let’s hear the Primem Minister being grilled as Nicola Sturgeon was today live for over an hour.

    Does anybody think Johnson would have been grilled in the same manner by the press if his Chief Medical officer had gone “home” for the weekend?

  256. euan0709 says:

    handandshrimp……………At 1234.”I do wish Johnston a speedy recovery”
    SERIOUSLY……………..You do know that the man has not seen a Doctor is a serial Liar and a coward !
    While you and I might not get to see a Doctor the Great Leader would get to see a Doctor for a scelf in his pinkie.
    The bastard is a fraud and a compulsive LIAR

  257. @robertknight,

    not really my point,

    my point was that some see Nicola as not wanting Indy or worse a yoon stooge,

    my question is why would the establishment want rid of her if either or both these cases were true,

    the only path to Indy (at this time) is through the SNP and if the leader of the SNP is not pushing for Indy why would the establishment want rid of her.

  258. robbo says:

    robertknight says:
    6 April, 2020 at 12:02 am

    She did not get sacked,she resigned as she probably did not want her husband and young children dragged through the mud anymore for a human error mistake. Ok she maybe come across as a middle class well to do kind of girl but at least she was humble. Congratulations the yoonerati and media have got a scalp,who next? NS, no doubt.
    Well good luck with that, AS was 1st on list ,now NS .For a group of people who propose to want self determination you’re seem very capable of stealing ammunition from the our armoury and passing it over to the enemy and aiding/abetting them at every opportunity.
    Why don’t some just vote tory,libdem or slab at next election and lets be done with this farce.

    Until i see material change in hope I’m done for while me thinks.

  259. Ayeright says:

    Dante said as he passed through the gate of Hell.

    “Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.”

    He and his guide heard the anguished screams of the Uncommitted.

    The souls of people who in life took no sides, the opportunists who were for neither good nor evil, but instead were merely concerned with themselves.”

    There are many anguished here.

  260. robertknight says:


    When the Captain of your vessel repeatedly fails to maintain a steady course and instead needlessly bears down upon a series of well-charted reefs, as Crew your choices come down to either suicide, in the form of going down with the ship, or mutiny.

  261. Ayeright says:

    When the Captain of your ship manages to keep it on course despite constant attacks from land, air and sea. Then your Captain is undoubtedly someone you can rely on to get you to your destination in one piece.

  262. Ayeright says:

    SNP over 50% support, Independence over 50% support.

    Steering a straight course despite everything that can be thrown at the ship and their Captain. Beware saboteurs, for they will sink that ship, no doubt about that.

  263. CameronB Brodie says:

    In what way do you conceive “on course”? Just for clarity.

  264. Ayeright says:

    @CameronB Brodie

    It’s obvious, work it out for yourself. Clue: support.

  265. CameronB Brodie says:

    Thanks. I’m not sure that provides substantial reassurance my human rights will be protected from Brexit.

  266. Scott says:

    I think I’ve figured it out…

  267. winifred mccartney says:

    Let’s see if the media jump on Sam McMillan, LIz Smith and Murdo Fraser for their climbing trip up to Ben Vorlich – ‘same household’, no ‘unnecessary journeys’ one excercise session per day NOT all day. How long will it take for Mr Carlaw to call for their resignations.

  268. Ian Hart says:

    @ george wood, wow don’t let your hatred of cyclists eat you up.

    Try cycling to help, it will soon make you feel better but lookout for the tw*ts in their motorised killing machines.

  269. Sinky says:

    Winifred of course BBC did not ask Tories about their skiing trip on 22 March when advise was to avoid unnecessary travel.

    Just as BBC TV stick to their London centric agenda and ignore the 700th anniversary of Declaration of Arbroath.

    Interesting article in Hootsman by Glasgow solicitor Michael Sheridan on how the UK Competition Markets Authority CMA attempts to undermine Scots Law by wanting to mould it into the English system and allow takeovers by commercial non legal companies against the Treaty of Union. Mr Sheridan also attacks the supine Law Society of Scotland for not being robust enough in standing up for the independence of Scots Law. Watch this space for further attacks on distinctive Scottish institutions.

  270. Oneliner says:

    How difficult it was to listen to Her Majesty’s 1940s revivalist pep talk.

    Her son has recently jumped on a private plane to fly to one of his subsidiary homes and then jumped the queue for virus testing. Was he aware of his symptoms before flying? Very little about this can be found in the drainstream media.

    At least Dr. Calderwood’s lunacy was not at the taxpayers’ expense.

  271. mike cassidy says:

    BBC’s page on Declaration Of Arbroath

  272. robertknight says:


    “SNP over 50% support, Independence over 50% support.”

    At least ten points lower than it should be given who has been running Westminster and the fact that 62% of us were told our opinions weren’t worth jack-s**t.

    Said it before, congratulating NS & Co. for achieving 50% at this juncture carries about as much weight as congratulating Scotland on returning from the Faroe Islands having (just) managed to hold them to a 2-all draw. Remember what happened to Berti?

  273. jackie says:

    I said on this very website weeks ago that BBC Scotland had a large number of staff who came from South of the border (enemy territory), and how they were put up in the surrounding hotels Monday to Friday.

    I got shot down in flames by the usual suspects.

    Why do you think BBC Scotland is not operating the same way as their english studio is working?

    It’s because the majority of staff who keep the wheels turning at Pacific Quay are locked up self-isolating IN THEIR LONDON HOMES.

    It truly is BBC England in Glasgow.

    And who picks up the bill for BBC expenses?

    The tax payers.

  274. Rm says:

    Wonder if the english royalty will dip into their pockets and bail out the four country unions debt and keep everything going, Scotland should end the union now do our own thing, it’s not working every thing we do as a country is bad as far as the media is concerned, we need our own broadcasting, and the SNP have to set up Scotland’s own propaganda team fight fire wee fire at least show a bit more fight a wee bit of something.

  275. Al Dossary says:

    I truly am getting sick to the back teeth of the constant digging and SNP bad. Every time a party member makes a .mistake, they resign. If the do nor havectha backbone to stand up to the media, their stooges then we truly are fucked. Period.

    Johnston and his eugenically minded cabinet were prepared to let Millions be infected, hundreds of thousands to die with their “Herd Immunity” police – yet no-one is calling for these fuckers to be sacked. Get a fucking grip SNP.

    “The strategy, an attempt to build “herd immunity,” involved allowing “enough of us who are going to get mild illness to become immune,” Sir Patrick Vallance, the U.K. government’s chief scientific adviser, told Sky News on March 13.”

  276. HYUFD says:

    Ayeright Last poll from Panelbase had just 49% for independence

  277. HYUFD says:

    Al Dossary Sweden is still pursuing herd immunity weeks after the UK went into lockdown,their cases and death rate are as yet not vastly higher per capita than most other western nations

  278. Mike Lothian says:

    Thanks to your jigsaw pieces I now know who it is

  279. jackie says:

    Rm 8.57am

    And who does our little Unionist sympathiser (Sturgeon) appoint as her Press Officer?

    None other than that stalwart of Scottish Independence,,,, Murray Foote.

    Says it all really.

    This is why we are where we are, drifting aimlessly through the Universe, with Sturgeon at the wheel.

  280. Liz g says:

    Mike Lothian @ 9.09
    Who exactly are ye thankin?

  281. Oneliner says:


    Craig Murray’s Blog is down.
    ‘They don’t like it up them.’

  282. Rm says:

    If the conservative msps were climbing when they shouldn’t, if it’s good for the SNP msps it’s got to be the same for the conservative msps, get them sacked now, the SNP have to start fighting back. If they don’t Scotland have the wrong people leading us.

  283. Ruby says:

    Mountain climbing is a very dangerous sport especially in wintery conditions.
    This could have resulted in a accident taking precious resources away from the fight against the pandemic.


    I noticed that the site was down but it seems to be back up again.

  284. Willie says:

    One liner @9.28am

    Just tried to log onto Craig Murray’s blog and the website is indeed down.

    Connection status message after failing to connect reports that my browser and cloudfare intermediary are working but that the host site is in error – down.

    And the obvious question to be asked is why has his site gone down?

  285. Mist001 says:

    Craig Murrays site is working fine for me right now.

  286. As far as i know Calderwood was not and never was a member of the SNP,she is from Northern Ireland,

    she is an employee of the Scottish Government same as Murdo Fraser MSP and his lockdown breaking chum and climbing partner Liz Smith MSP,

    Murdo and Liz need their arses kicked by Jackson (where`s the paintings) Carlaw.

  287. winifred mccartney says:

    I am referring to a trip to Ben Vorlich which seems to be yesterday 5 April with Murdo Fraser, Liz Smith and Sam McMillan, does this mean they went skiing on 22 March and then again yesterday (see facebook link from Golfnut last night 9.42). Needless to say the tweets have been taken down but are still linked on here.

  288. HandandShrimp says:

    To be honest I’m beginning to find the lurch towards virtual house arrest a little alarming. I also think it is going to get more extreme before it gets better. The local Facebook page is full of virtual net curtain twitchers venting their spleen on their personal hobby horse, parking, dog poo, dogs not leads etc and hammering it into the current crisis. “Down with this sort of thing!” They scream…madness run riot.

    Not surprised Murdo’s Ben Vorlich tweets are disappearing. I think there may be a whole pile of people looking nervously at their trips over the last three weeks. Also what was that reporter doing at the holiday home taking photos. His/her arse should be grass too if that is the road we are going down.

    Can’t beat a good heretic hunt and burning it would seem. The press are our modern day Torquemada.

  289. Breeks says:

    Craig Murray’s was down for a bit, but it’s back now. 🙂

  290. Ruby says:


    No one expects the Spanish Inquisition!

  291. HandandShrimp says:


    Well their chief weapon is surprise….

  292. Willie says:

    Just checked back and that’s Craig Murray’s site available again.

    Quite why it went down I dint know but I’ took a screenshot the error message and error code/s that were generated when I couldn’t connect.

    Maybe Craig would be good enough to advise if he was aware of why his site went down.

  293. Effijy says:

    HI FUD

    Congratulations on your consistency on having a 100%
    Record for posting misinformation.

    Sweden, who finally agreed to Norway’s Independence has almost
    Double the population.

    Norway, being as wealthy as Scotland should be had world class health facilities that are well stocked.Norway has not followed their neighbours in deadly Heard Immunity.

    Norway has lost 71 citizens to the Virus therefore we could expect up to 150 deaths in Sweden.
    Sweden has lost over 400 citizens.

    The 250 odd disproportionate deaths will be someone’s Mother, Father, Wife, Husband, Son, Daughter who may have had a long and happy life if Hears Immunity was not imposed.

    Accepting this smacks of fascism where only the strongest deserve to live.

    I would never accept this and always felt that were all supposed to be working towards a great good,
    A civilised society that would care for all.

    What comes next after the virus, you are not fit enough to hold down a full time job so society leaves you to die? You reach the proposed Tory retirement age of 75 were euthanasia is enforced ?

  294. HYUFD says:

    Sweden will likely have less damage to its economy and less unemployment than Norway though by avoiding lockdown and per head of population Italy, Spain, Iran etc all have had higher numbers of cases and deaths from Covid 19 than Sweden.

    Not saying herd immunity is the right approach but neither can Sweden’s approach be completely dismissed yet either

  295. jackie says:

    English health secretary Hancock is threatening to take away the privilege of going out to excerice.

    And because Scotland is under the same rules as england, expect the same threats from Sturgeon.

    They are threatening to cut down your time for being allowed out of your house for vital shopping only.

    You will be allowed to go to supermarket and then straight home.

    Just in time for the weather turning Sunny.

    Not too bad if you have any kind of garden, but if you stay in a high rise flat or any kind of tenement, then I would say that would be horrendous and bring on all sorts of secondary illnesses.

  296. Dog biscuit says:

    In case anyone has gone to sleep we seem to have lost all our rights and freedoms while here we argue over a case that Mr Salmond will have no problem winning. Meanwhile I’m aware of alarming stories about Apartheid style health passports.Oh’ don’t think we’ll be released any time soon

  297. Capella says:

    Excellent discussion by Kirsty Wark on the genetic code and it’s health significance for men and women. TRAs will be frothing at the mouth, which is maybe why it isn’t yet available to hear. Lawyers checking for hate speech? KW must go.

  298. Mike d says:

    Welcome to lockdown Scotland. Cliping on a neighbour near you.

  299. Stoker says:

    “It contains sweeping powers to shut down even political assemblies, which could thwart the possibility of public protest against this power grab in the months ahead.”

    Director of Big Brother Watch, Silkie Carlo.

    The real reason UK government pushed through such draconian powers?

  300. Breastplate says:

    Mike Cassidy,
    The EBC have done an excellent job at denigrating the Declaration of Arbroath.

    Nobody then at after thought it was very important.
    It was left lying around for the rats to eat.
    It wasn’t really a declaration.
    It’s just about hating the wonderful English.
    The Pope didn’t think much of it.
    The Pope thought Robert the Bruce was a prick.
    The Declaration of Arbroath had fuck all to do with the US Declaration of Independence even if the Americans think it was integral to the DoI.

    P.S. Scotland is shite at everything.

  301. Willie says:

    I wonder just how sick Boris Johnson actually is.

    It is during a crisis unprecedented that a prime minister would be admitted into hospital for ‘ tests ‘ that will require his continued hospitalisation for the foreseeable future. Maybe he is on a ventilator. We just do not know and no one is telling. But it must be bad when even President Trump has made a statement on it.

    And if he truly is in a very bad way, then he, or maybe his family, will rue the day that he and Cummings implement the policy that …. “ it’s all about herd immunity, protect the economy and if a few pensioners die, too bad “

    At least Johnson will have privileged access to a ventilator that many of the ordinary citizenry will not. All in it together – not a chance. The

  302. Effijy says:

    I’ve just seen various videos from England where vast numbers of birds
    Are falling dead from the sky?

    Another video on the topic shows the radiation levels around a street where a 5G
    mast has been turned on.

    The suggestion is of course that the radiation levels are enough to kill wildlife
    And make humans ill?

    If the RSPB could employ some sort of autopsy on these birds I would be very grateful to know
    If 5G or Corona Virus has had any part in their demise.

  303. Willie says:

    And while I’m at it isn’t it wonderful how the Queen made a speech telling us how we will prevail through adversity making mention of the WW2 slogans such as we’ll meet again.

    Trite BritNat crap if I may opine. She should’ve started by saying how social lock down only applies to the plebs and how it was all right for her 71 year old son, his wife and an entourage of about seventy broke curfew and fled to Scotland – where the heir to the throne immediately secured priority medical attention from NHS Grampian to treat his COVID 19 infection.

    All in it together Lizzie. Tell that to the doctors and nurses, some of whom are dying due to lack of protective equipment.

  304. Mike d says:

    Nicola should have said, I’ll accept Dr calderwoods resignation when murdo fraser and liz smith resign. until such time, nothing to see here.

  305. James says:

    Jackie..WE SEE YOU.

  306. Dorothy Devine says:

    Dear SNP ,

    Would you like to tell me why you have given permission to your key enemies to ponce around Scotland during house arrest?

    At my first SNP meeting I wanted to ask what you were going to do about the biased media but no-one looked at my uplifted hand and it seemed the old guard had the floor – maybe they were taken aback by the numbers who had turned up , who knows?

    That was in 2014 and there has been no rebuttal of blatant lies , hounding of ministers or even suing some of the newspapers .

    Instead you have given them a free hand to behave in the most malevolent , scurrilous manner and you have behaved in a stupendously craven and unsupportive manner when SNP MSP’s and MP’s have been attacked.

    It would seem that your days may be numbered and sadly that also means Scotland’s days may also be numbered as any advance by the girning unionists will be seen as a sign that British is Best and we will become the whipping boy yet again.

    I am old and had hoped to see my country break into the sunshine of independence before I shuffle off .

    I wanted to watch and help her grow into a country which looked after its own from the vulnerable to the feckless , the old to the young.

    I wanted to see the children and grandchildren of Scotland enjoying their successes and dealing with their failures .

    I did not want to see idiocy , stupidity , arrogance and lies from the one political party which would have been the catalyst for independence.

    I did not want to see a government get tangled up in the unnecessary nor in allegations of duplicity.

    I look forward to post viral days when the Scottish National Party works again towards its very reason for existence , but I fear it has lost its way and may therefore lose its vote.

    Most certainly those ‘key’ journalist whom you have permitted to follow and print whatever they fancy – lying deliberately , spinning the truth to a negative and lying by omission – will be delighted with the free hand you have given them.

    Meanwhile , those bloggers that you dismiss as ‘cybernats’ continue to inform and continue to be abused by those ‘key journalist’ – well done eh?

    Perhaps it would have been advisable to condemn rather than sycophantically wish a speedy recovery those who through careless arrogance arrived in Scotland with a flurry of attendants , tomato red face to the fore and confirmed as having a viral infection , shared with some others in rural Scotland.

    And the other merrily exhorting us to shake hands if we felt like it as he had done in the hospital in which he posed for photographs , ‘let’s take it on the chin Boris’, who now takes up a hospital bed.

    Loud condemnation should have been heard by all including the so called ‘key journalists’.

  307. Pete says:

    Plenty of ventilator capacity throughout Scotland.
    No need to worry.
    In fact most of the hospitals are quieter and emptier than ever.

  308. Al Dossary says:


    Are you seriously trying to defend a decision by the UK government to deliberately allow the infection to up to 30million million citizens – potentially leading to the deaths of 100,000+, mostly elderly people (as well as various others)? It is a fucking eugenics agenda plain and simply to rid them of some worthless breathers. A subject which is already in place through their austerity agenda. It then took them 2 weeks to realize the error of their ways and start to implement little by little the measures that should have been in place originally – but ultimately not all of them as Bono and his council of clowns know better than the WHO. All the time with vague descriptions of essential and “recommendations” about closure of business meaning that many businesses have danced around the rules.

    I might remind you that the UK has been steadily climbing the ranks, at a rate of about a 10% exponential daily, with a death rate of 10% of those tested positive. That 48k will be 100k in 7 days – and that is not counting those at home, self isolating who have symptoms but not been tested.

    Perhaps you should lead your next election campaign for the local council with “herd immunity was the right decision” and see what your potential Tory voters think (those of them who have not succumbed to the plan by then).

  309. Colin Alexander says:

    A contemporary DECLARATION OF ARBROATH 2020

    By the laws, traditions and customs of Scotland, the people of Scotland are sovereign. Scotland’s monarchs and her politicians are not our masters but our servants, obliged to respect and uphold the laws, customs and will of the sovereign people.

    By the lawful consent and assent of the electorate of Scotland a Scottish Government was democratically elected in 2016 to deliver a referendum on dissolving the political Union with England.

    By referendum in 2016, the sovereign people of Scotland decided to remain part of the European Union.

    The politician, Nicola Sturgeon, First Minister of the Scottish Government, took it upon herself to make the people of Scotland subject to the will of UK Governments and UK Prime Ministers elected by the people of England.

    Nicola Sturgeon, in clear breach of her mandate and against the established will of the sovereign people to remain within the EU, did offer up Scotland’s EU membership in a proposed deal to the then Prime Minister Theresa May.

    Nicola Sturgeon has since accepted Scotland’s forced removal from the EU and accepted an EU Withdrawal settlement that is a blatant breach of the Article of the Treaty of Union which agreed that all parts of the Union shall trade on equal terms.

    Also, by insisting a Scotland Act s30 Order is required from Westminster and Boris Johnson before Scotland’s people can decide whether to dissolve the Union, Nicola Sturgeon has reduced Scotland’s sovereign people to the status of colonial subjects of the Kingdom of England.

    By the laws, traditions and customs of Scotland, as confirmed by the 6 April 1320 letter to Pope John XII known as the Declaration of Arbroath, and the Claim of Right 1689, those who subvert and abuse the power entrusted to them by the sovereign people of Scotland shall be removed from power and replaced by those who do respect the rights and will of the sovereign people of Scotland.

    By her failure to defend and uphold the legal rights and democratic will of the sovereign people of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon has abused the power entrusted in her.

    Nicola Sturgeon should have served the sovereign people of Scotland. Instead, she has acted as a Scottish puppet queen for the politicians of England. Thus, subverting the rights and will of the people of Scotland.

    By the customs of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon and her allies, should be driven from power to be replaced by faithful servants and staunch defenders of the rights and democratic will of the sovereign people of Scotland.


    The full text of the letter dated 6 April 1320 sent to Pope John XII, commonly known as the Declaration of Arbroath: is found here:

  310. Mist001 says:

    Nobody’s mentioned the Pires Morgan/Mrs. Murrell interview from this morning. Did you miss it? It’s on YouTube.

  311. HYUFD says:

    Al Dossary The UK is below the US, Italy, France, Spain, Germany, China and Iran in terms of Covid 19 cases and below the US, Italy, France and Spain in terms of Covid 19 deaths. Strategy does not look that bad at present (Chinese figures are underreported)

    If herd immunity Sweden comes out average per head in terms of deaths and cases but with a strong economy still that will be interesting

  312. Tinto Chiel says:

    @Capella 10.32: yes, I heard that programme on the genetic code and also visualised many frothers. Surprised Pravdasound 4 permitted it to be broadcast in these crazy days.

    @Stoker 10.35: I left a documentary along similar lines to your linked article on O/T yesterday afternoon.

    As Smallaxe once said on Wings, quoting a writer of horror fiction,”Perfect paranoia is perfect awareness”.

    *Stares bleakly out of window*

  313. HandandShrimp says:


    One should always miss Morgan as a point of principle.

  314. Mist001 says:

    @ HandandShrimp

    Even when he’s interviewing the dear leader?

  315. Dog biscuit says:

    It’s amazing The unifying effect of fear.Pandaemon.

  316. Capella says:

    Hi Tinto Chiel – A bonny day in these high pastures. Sun is shining and a brisk breeze. Good day for washing blankets!

    I’ve just checked BBC R4 again and The Genetic Gender Gap is available now. Lawyers must have OKd it:

  317. Dog biscuit says:

    Iceland seems to be dealing with virus without making life sentence prisoners of their population or handing Stasi powers to their police

  318. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Haven’t had time to scroll and check which video Tinto refers to, but if it’s the same one he let me know about then it’s largely based on the following article from the MIT – curious to hear feedback from who has read this.

    It would appear that this whole mess could be less to do with public health than public control.

  319. Daisy Walker says:

    @James Barr Gardner says:
    5 April, 2020 at 11:13 pm
    Daisy Walker says:
    5 April, 2020 at 10:21 pm

    ‘I’ll stick wi’gargling wi’ a wee sherry followed wi’ a glass o’malt tae tak’ the taste awa’

    Well James, since alcohol has antiseptic properties your way works too.

    For once the principle of a wee hot toddy is right on the money.

    Sainte va (not sure of the spelling – sorry).

  320. Capella says:

    @ Ian Brotherhood – yes, that article basically spells out what is happening. There is little hope of a vaccine before next April though some researchers might have a breakthrough. Until then, we are all in danger of catching this virus and that’s a risk few of us are willing to take.

    I do believe the consequences will be catastrophic without huge changes to the way we live our lives. Universal Basic Income, nationalised public services and an end to industrialised farming practices which is the root cause of these emerging deadly viruses.

    It is not the bats in China which are the problem. It is the warehousing of millions of animals in cruel and degrading conditions in the USA and Europe as well as China, the destruction of rainforest in S America, Africa and Asia which releases animal viruses into the human population for which we have no immunity that is the problem.

    If this virus doesn’t kill us all off, the next one might.

  321. gus1940 says:

    After Brenda’s load of claptrap last night there will be Bluebirds Over The White Cliffs of Dover – just you wait and see.

    And to follow later this year:-

    80th Anniv. of Dunkirk
    80th Anniv of Battle Of Britain
    85th Anniv. of VE Day
    85th Annv of VJ Day

  322. Capella says:

    @ Daisy Walker – I too read that gargling with hot salt water is a good idea if you have a throat infection. This virus is killed off by heat so hot tea ia also a good idea. If you swallow it then stomach acids also kill it off. Keeping it out of the lungs is vital.

    Unfortunately I don’t remember where I read that so can’t provide a link. I think is was the Handbook of Covid-19 Prevention and Treatment from the Chinese medics who have experience in this. But can’t see it on a quick scan through.

  323. bookie from hell says:

    need a laugh

    Sir Keir Starmer plans devolution revolution for UK and more powers for Scotland https://dailyrecord

  324. Breeks says:

    Breastplate says:
    6 April, 2020 at 10:37 am
    Mike Cassidy,
    The EBC have done an excellent job at denigrating the Declaration of Arbroath…

    Let the bastards talk shite. They cannot force me to listen.

    Remember not so long ago Boris Johnson, UK Prime Minister, being obliged to unprorogue the UK Parliament on penalty of imprisonment for contempt of Scots Law? That he was obliged to do so was because the Scottish Courts upheld the principle that in Scots law and Constitution, the people are sovereign and government is answerable to the people, and hence cannot arbitrarily prorogue itself to avoid debate and scrutiny by the people. Boris Johnson overruled. Queen Elizabeth 1st overruled. Scotland’s Sovereign Constitution ascendant in law. FACT.

    That principle, you may remember, lay wholly and entirely beyond the jurisdiction of the UK Supreme Court, because it was a principle of Scottish Law and Constitution, and a principle of popular sovereignty established in 1320 by the Declaration of Arbroath, ratified by international recognition in 1328.

    The British Establishment will happily rewrite our history for their own benefit, until such times as a true patriot of Scotland rigorously challenges the legitimacy of the UK Government’s Convention of Parliamentary Sovereignty against the integrity of Scots Law and Scottish Sovereign Constitution.

    For God’s sake Scotland, let us commission a decent and shrewd Lawyer do what the feckless amateurish politicians have singularly failed to do, and forcefully protect Scotland’s Constitution and put an end to this erosion of constitutional principle. And if protecting that Constitution leaves the UK Union breached, untenable and defunct, then rejoice one and all.

    Joanna Cherry. Are you listening?

  325. gus1940 says:

    On the subject of Dunkirk I have always had doubts about the whole thing and its glorification.

    The bulk of the French Army and other UK Units such as The 51st were still in action further south.

    After the evacuation many of those evacuated -not just the French troops were sent back to France.

    Why did The BEF effectvely abandon all their equipment and run away deserting the French.

    Why could they not have along with the French set up a defensive line round the Dunkirk area instead of running away.

    If the RN were capable of evacuating >300k is there any reason why they could not have reinforced and supplied a defensive force indefinitely at Dunkirk using the same naval forces?

    My feeling is that the whole thing was a panic decision by Churchill afraid of a return to WW1 type trench warfare.

    The crap that followed over the years is a perfect example of propaganda.

    I would welcome comments on the above and am quite happy to be shot down in flames by others who may have better information.

  326. CameronB Brodie says:

    The penny simply hasn’t dropped for some of you in the SNP. You appear content to play politics, and are blind to the protective force of the law.

    Lack of action to the defense Scotland from Brexit, along with the proposed GRA reforms, provides strong indication that the SNP lacks a respect for natural law. Get it sorted!

  327. Dog biscuit says:

    Does no one see we have effectively been sentenced to life imprisoment. Why do you trust journalists on virus story but you don’t believe anything else they say.

  328. Capella says:

    BBC Scotland going to the First Minister’s Press Conference now. In an hour they are broadcasting a Billy Kaye programme, first of 3, on the Declaration of Arbroath.

  329. CameronB Brodie says:

    I support Scottish independence and my human rights. The two are kind of inseparable. The woke-nats would have you believe otherwise.


  330. HandandShrimp says:


    Even if he was interviewing Christ on the second coming.

  331. Rm says:

    Scotland should break away now, doesn’t matter if Europe or the rest of the world don’t like it, the way things are going with this virus it’s looking like the whole world will have to start afresh, we have vast resources a beautiful country but we don’t have our own self respect, we’re treated like second class in our own country, what’s wrong with the SNP we’ve nothing to lose and everything to gain, there must be top Scottish people who know about Laws and human rights and are patriots of Scottish rights, wish I had the brains and could speak better myself, but I have my vote so that’s still something.

  332. Republicofscotland says:

    A interesting observation on this, the day we celebrate the cleverly worded missive (The Declaration of Arbroath) which was more than likely written by the shrewd Abbot of Arbroath Bernard Linton.

    Is that Pope John XXII,had continuously excommunicated the Bruce, as the his predecessor before him did over the slaying of John (Red) Comyn.

    Indeed on several occasions Pope John XXII sent emissaries to the Bruce ordering him to desist in actions against the English, the Bruce ignored the missives which were adressed to Robert Bruce, stating to the Popes emissaries, that their are many men in Scotland called Robert Bruce, however there’s only one King Robert Bruce.

    The Bruce shrewdly pointed out the slight against Good King Robert, without offending the Pope via the emmissaries, and in the process negated the Popes orders.

    Of course the Pope on several occasion, did consider lifting the excommunication on the Bruce, but Edward II, had more influence over the Pope. The turning point came when Edward II invaded Scotland but found no army and a scorched earth policy, employed by the Scots which they had used with great effect on several occasions prior.

    The Bruce a canny king, countered Edwards fruitless campaign and slipped over the border into England whilst Edward was still meandering around Scotland with his caravan in tow.

    Bruce sacked Northern England, and a flying column on hearing word the Edwards queen was nearby attempted to capture her for ransom, but, she and her entourage were alerted and they made good to York.

    On hearing of Bruces escapades in his home land Edward headed back into England, the Bruces forces now wheeled around and came at Edwards forces from behind picking of stragglers and supplies. A larger clash took place where Thomas Randolph and James (Black) Douglas, defeated several of Edwards well armoured knights, the rest fled, and it became a chase across Northern England, screams of Douglas, Douglas could heard as Edward himself hot footed it to York.

    For the second time in as many years the Great Seal of England had been abandoned on the field of battle. From there on in relations between Scotlands King the Bruce, and the Pope had a more cordial feel towards it, as Edward II concluded a thirteen years peace treaty at Bishopthorpe 1323.

    The treaty included that the English king would not oppose the Scots dealings with the Pope, and that peaceful relations would remain between the two countries.

    Edward II didn’t have his troubles to seek as his Queen, Isabella, returned to France with her son, under the guise of a family visit. Only to return with a invading force to unseat Edward with her lover Sir Roger Mortimer.

  333. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    Aye’ @ gus1940 says at 11:51 am and at 12:18 am

    Just like the Battle of Mons and Arras The UK Govt won’t have an anniversary of The 51st HD at Saint Valery en Caux because these were Scottish heavy engagements so of no interest to Greater England.

    Makes you wonder seeing as the BritNats love to channel WW II (England stood alone, Battle of Britain) that they celebrate ‘The Dunkirk Spirit’ than The Spirit of the HD at St Valery!

  334. Dog biscuit says:

    So we are locked up until scientists find a vaccine? How long does anyone think we should be imprisoned for? The two years the government granted themselves in the virus bill the whole of Westminster bent over for.? Peter Hitchens is well worth a watch at this time . He asks reasonable questions.Question don’t panic.If only we still had the luxury to worry about Independence. In 2014, I told anyone who would listen,and most didn’t, that if you vote no you vote for the Tories. It was no great revelation. It seemed obvious at the time. Personally,on the night of 18th September, I felt victory in my heart.I Beverly felt that way before so I believe we actually won. I am still in mourning for our people and I’m aslo dissapointed by the amount of fear on display in this country.

  335. Capella says:

    Apos – I meant BBC Radio Scotland is broadcasting the first of 3 programmes by Billy Kaye on The Declaration of Arbroath at 1.30 pm. I have no idea what the TV is doing.

  336. Tinto Chiel says:

    @gus1940:in all the blatant Dunkirk propaganda many are unaware, as you say, that the 51st Highland Division fought on beside the French army under De Gaulle until they ran out of road at St Valery-en-Caux and had to surrender to Rommel.Whether there was ever a genuine intention of evacuating them by the navy is debatable but the survivors had to endure the rest of the was as POWs.

    The future President of France was in no doubt of the valour of our troops and the significance of their contribution:”I can tell you that the comradeship in arms experienced on the battlefield of Abbeville in May and June 1940 between the French armoured division which I had the honour to command and the valiant 51st Highland Division under General Fortune played its part in the decision which I took to continue fighting on the side of the Allies unto the end, no matter what the course of events.”

    Pity most “British” historians ignore or belittle their contribution.

  337. CameronB Brodie says:

    A disrespect for natural law, is certainly coherant and compatible with the anti-Catholic intolerance that characterises British nationalism.

    In Search of a Universal Ethic:
    A New Look at the Natural Law

  338. The so-called ‘Scottish’ press in full flow showing their true colours in the most open manner

    Unable to let anything rest; Communal attack just now on the First Minister – they truly should be ashamed of themselves.

    Meanwhile the Tories bumble through lies, u-turns and general mistakes and not one resignation called for, not one person fallen on their sword, so obvious.

    Even my politically unaware sister phoned me last night and said she was disgusted at the ‘witch hunt’ that was going on just now in the Scottish Press.

    Saltire hanging from my window and blowing gently in the breeze – braw sight.

  339. Daisy Walker says:

    Thanks Capella – and all those in favour of gargling 😉

    Keep well.

  340. Of all the saddest sayings the one to me is What might have been in2014 ???

  341. Republicofscotland says:

    So Scotlands CMO Catherine Calderwood has stood down, after two visits to her second home,and in the process breaching her own rules, did Sturgeon ask her to stand down, or is she such a feminist that she couldn’t bring herself to do so.

    If only Sturgeon followed her example by removing LE, and the Alphabet Sisters who conspired to have a innocent man imprisoned for a very long time. The latter group of women including LE have comprimised the SNP to a great extent, trust has been shattered, credibility has been severely damaged and positions have become untenable.

    Will Sturgeon act, or does her feminism run so deep and focused that she can’t or won’t see the crisis thats coming for her and her party.

  342. gus1940 says:

    Could the NBC respirators used by the armed forces not be requisitioned for issue to NHS workers in the absence of an adequate alternative source of protection.

    How many thousands of these are in MOD stores? If necessary withdraw those currently issued to individual troops as the chance of an imminent NBC attack must be minimal.

  343. jfngw says:

    Keir Starmer (Sir) is promoting federalism again, I think this is just a way to try and remove the claim of right as we will then be part of the Federation. Now I can only see the New Labour leader in a dress and giving us his version of President Servalan.

  344. jfngw says:

    Willie Rennie calls on the CMO to quit, she did the right thing. Abuse survivor calls on Willie Rennie to quit over his David Steel cover up, will Willie Rennie do the right thing or just try and brazen it out like all BritNats do. Will he do the honourable thing or be seen as a hypocrite, I think we know the answer.

  345. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Hi meg merrilees at 1:03 pm.

    You typed,
    “Saltire hanging from my window and blowing gently in the breeze – braw sight.”

    Same here!

  346. Breastplate says:

    I would say you are spot on Breeks.

  347. lothianlad says:

    It has been asked earlier, how Nicola Sturgeon could be a yoon stooge and in the pockets of the brit secret service if she was such a threat to the union?

    The IRA were infiltrated at their highest levels by the brit secret service throughout the troubles.
    Many hard line republicans believe that some senior republican politicians are still being controlled by the brit security services.

    You have to be a certain kind of stupid not to believe that the Brit security services haven’t infiltrated the SNP hierarchy.

    If the secret service has a senior politician in their back pocket, particularity a leader, they can pick the exact opportune moment to cause mayhem in an organisation.

    Many would think that NOW is that opportune time. Is it not? look what has happened to the SNP strategy and direction.

    I don’t know if FM is under the control of MI5, but few things would surprise me now.

  348. callmedave says:

    Ha! Young expert with graphs on the big Auntie tv news there mans-plaining the news about developing virus trends and telling us that we have to look at separate areas of the UK.
    Fair enough!

    Says figures for Wales and Scotland added to the England figures will show an upward trend. ( I think he means in England)

    They must be treated separately…. no kidding 🙂

    This on the BBC who only once have shown a virus table where the 4 countries of the UK were on the same table for deaths in a 24hr period. 🙁

    But he’s right. Good old Antie.

    2 deaths reported in Scotland today

  349. Breeks says:

    Republicofscotland says:
    6 April, 2020 at 12:42 pm

    Edward II didn’t have his troubles to seek as his Queen, Isabella, returned to France with her son, under the guise of a family visit. Only to return with a invading force to unseat Edward with her lover Sir Roger Mortimer…

    Curious to note also, and you’ll forgive me if my English history is a bit shallow, but there is speculation that Edward II, despite fathering children, took Piers Gaveston as a male lover, and favoured him greatly, making many other English Lords extremely resentful. Edward also fell out with his wife, and there is wide speculation that the manner of Edward’s death was a grim and brutal comment on his sexuality. I’ll let you google the details of his rumoured murder for yourselves. Not the kind of thing you’d especially want to talk about at the dinner table.

    Whether the rumour of murder is true, or a vicious lie made up by his enemies, I cannot say. But given the lie they constantly repeated that Robert the Bruce was a leper, I’m happy to keep an open mind about the ”unfortunate” fate of Edward II and his bowels.

    But if anybody asks, I’m on Queen Isabella’s side, if only for the 1328 Treaty of Edinburgh / Northampton. Scotland… “shall belong to our dearest ally and friend, the magnificent prince, Lord Robert, by God’s grace illustrious King of Scotland, and to his heirs and successors, separate in all things from the kingdom of England, whole, free, and undisturbed in perpetuity, without any kind of subjection, service, claim or demand.”

    So there’s at least one day in 1328 I might have been happy to sing God Save the English Queen…[who was French anyway].

  350. CameronB Brodie says:

    You can’t support the proposed GRA reforms, and be a feminist at the same time. The woke perspective is detached from reality and unable to respect the natural law. Femenism is concerned with a re-connection with the natural world.

    The current SNP simply appear to reject the bio-neurological foundations of human society. This is worrying in itself. Terrifying in the face of Covid-19.

  351. And Spouse says:

    So I’ve got a sign on the windae, 700 Arbroath. I saw a wee article on BBC Scotland written by someone who is nameless, perhaps wan o the Nameless 9? Maybe Dani? There are several correct statements but no intellectual as to the real significance. Magna Carta got stamps n Coins, also part of BRITISH history.
    However, biggest disappointment is no mention or links to the Declaration on the SNP website.

  352. Effijy says:

    HI FUD

    You just confirmed your Fascist/ Unionist credentials are 10.26
    You propose Sweden’s economy will be stronger than Norway’s
    Because they are letting people die with their Herd Immunity programme.

    You like Bojo’s lying circus put money firmly before life.

    Norway will always have a stronger economy than Sweden has they have
    That oil fund, just like the one your English fascist friends have stolen from

    Now I know it’s a joined up thinking issue for you but you missed the bit where
    Spain and Italy went into lockdown too late.
    They too didn’t want to face the cost of lockdown when it appeared the obvious choice.

    Now they have excessive deaths and the lockdown costs for a more prolonged period.

    Can you recommend a fascist/Unionist site along the lines of Wings
    Where I could take a team of incessant contributors to spout idiotic statements while
    Completely ignoring the facts that shatter our claims?

  353. MaggieC says:

    Just received our Poison Pen photocopied letter and booklet from Uk Gov at 10 Downing Street . It’s been well wiped down with bleach before being opened as it’s signed by Bojo , I don’t trust him not to be spreading his herd immunity policy with these letters when he’s now in hospital . 🙂 🙂

  354. Beaker says:

    Gus, evacuation was the only option as the Germans under Guerdian had circled round and effectively cut the Allies off. Rundsted called a halt on German armour as they still had the bulk of the French army to deal with. A defensive line was impractical as there were no supply lines. However some troops (ie 51st) had to remain as a rearguard. Plus the RAF were dealing with the Luftwaffe away from the beaches.

  355. Republicofscotland says:

    “Curious to note also, and you’ll forgive me if my English history is a bit shallow, but there is speculation that Edward II, despite fathering children, took Piers Gaveston as a male lover, and favoured him greatly, making many other English Lords extremely resentful.”

    Yes indeed Breeks it look entirely possible, the English barons were furious that Gaveston, he, had the eyes and ears of the king over other pressing affairs, indeed Gaveston openly mocked the barons, who eventually beheaded him.

    Eward II took a later took another favourite called Hugh Despenser.

  356. Golfnut says:

    @ Ian Brotherhood.

    We will have better idea regarding the deadliness of this virus in a few short months.
    I had a quick look at recorded deaths in Scotland for Feb 2020, 4715 which was statistically 6.7% lower than the average for the previous 5yrs, to my mind the only way to effectively compare the impact Coronavirus is having on the current fatality totals.
    The current UK policy of helping the population through this crisis would appear to be based on creating debt rather than the provision of actual help.

  357. Clapper57 says:

    I see yesterday that Willie Rennie stated the CMO should resign.

    This is Willie’s ‘party’ trick….

    In Willie’s world of politics the Lib Dems as a ‘party’ are defined by different standards to that of other political parties….when the Lib Dems do wrong they think it is acceptable that others should just simply accept that what is done is done… and that they, the Lib Dems, should be able to just move on with no punishment or indeed acceptance of accountability….

    Willie is THE ‘BitchWhiner General’….a self appointed role…..he bitches and whines….tactically avoiding who should be the real targets of his bitches and whines….as Willie appreciates that for him and his party…as far as the Tory party is concerned…there is indeed more that unites them than divides them….ain’t that the truth…and the problem.

    Witch hunt ?……Who you gonna call….Willie the ‘BitchWhiner General’ obvs….

  358. Ian Foulds says:

    Breeks at 1.36pm

    ‘But if anybody asks, I’m on Queen Isabella’s side, if only for the 1328 Treaty of Edinburgh / Northampton. Scotland… “shall belong to our dearest ally and friend, the magnificent prince, Lord Robert, by God’s grace illustrious King of Scotland, and to his heirs and successors, separate in all things from the kingdom of England, whole, free, and undisturbed in perpetuity, without any kind of subjection, service, claim or demand.”’

    So does that mean the English establishment have reneged on two Treaties, albeit 379 years apart?

  359. Golfnut says:

    I noted on the screen shot of the breaking news that bawjaws was admitted for testes, which perhaps indicates that only his baws are infected. Just saying like.

  360. callmedave says:

    From the Scottish update:
    BBC Scotland health correspondent Lisa Summers asked the first minister about a document from Health Protection Scotland which states Covid-19 is no longer classified as a “high consequence infectious disease”.

    As a result frontline staff have been left confused about the level of PPE they should have.

    The first minister said she was not sure what document Lisa was referring to but said she would attempt to get some clarification.

    Ms Sturgeon stressed the advice issued last week by Health Protection Scotland on PPE had been agreed on a “four-nations basis”.
    A few folk including me noted this last week…ish?

    Might be the one in question:

  361. Breastplate says:

    Ian Brotherhood,
    After this is all over, everyone will have 20/20 hindsight. There are a number of ways to approach Covid 19 tactically as a nation and we will find out which one is best.
    Everything is about balance or imbalance, pros and cons or those with a scientific bent, Newton’s 3rd Law.
    Is the model we are using here the correct one,?
    We will find out but I believe it is also a matter of opinion on what is important in society and the effects and duration of this model will undoubtedly impact negatively on those elements we give value to.

    I find it disturbing that we have traded some of our civil liberties so easily.

    With this model, it seems there hasn’t been much thought given to mental health. Job losse will inevitably affect the vast majority negatively, I expect suicide rates to rise accordingly as financial problems are compounded.

    This model can only be seen as detrimental to the education of our children and young adults.

    Prolonged restrictions on excercise will affect mental and physical wellbeing resulting in shortened lifespans of millions.

    As far as I can see, the model we are using is not designed to stop people dying but to stop people dying all at once in hospitals, hence, “flatten the curve”.

    These are my own thoughts and would be happy and eager to hear the thoughts of others regardless of whether you agree with me or not.

  362. Col.Blimp IV says:


    Teleport that thought straight to the outer reaches of the galaxy, immediately! … it might become infectious.

  363. CameronB Brodie says:

    Covi-19 will provide clear evidence that human civilisation is bio-neurologically grounded. When are the SNP going to adopt an approach to constitutional law that is coherent with this scientific understanding? My human rights are extremely vulnerable until they do so.


  364. Shug says:

    MSM still going on about the cmo

    Might by worth watching your local unionist mp and map to see if they are following the rules

    Take pictures and call the police

  365. Shug says:

    Sorry MEP

  366. Pete says:

    You are correct.
    We are just gaining time to allow the health services to be able to cope which, in fact they are.
    In Scotland, there is currently plenty of capacity with most of the major hospitals way below capacity.
    As has been said Feb 2020 has seen lower deaths than in Feb 2019.
    The March figures will be interesting.
    In my opinion, this policy has to stop soon and we expose the whole population to obtain herd immunity.
    Staying in lockdown much longer will cause irreparable damage to the economy and cause greater damage than the disease itself.
    Trumps instincts on this were correct, as indeed were BOJO and Cummings and I would imagine the US will shortly get things moving again.

  367. jfngw says:

    @Col Blimp IV

    Confirmed, have I to read your comment using a zen or orac voice.

  368. CameronB Brodie says:

    The role the “natural law” plays in defining constitutional and distributive justice, can not be over-emphasised. The natural law underpins the principle of universality, and enables constitutional practice to be diologic. Without respect for the natural law, the British constitution is simply a mono-log of English Torydum. Get it sorted!

    Natural Law Theories and Constitutionalism

  369. Ruby says:

    I don’t gargle with salt but I do gargle with soluble asprin when I have a sore throat. I find it works really well.

    Does anyone use a yeti pot?

    I don’t have a yeti pot but I do have a ‘NeilMed Sinus Rinse bottle’ which is a plastic bottle that you use to jet water up your nose. It gives your nasal passages a good clean out.

    That might be something to add to the list.

    I’m a bit worried about getting too stressed out about gargling, washing hands, clothes etc etc etc because as you know getting stressed weakens the immune system.

    Stay cool & give the ‘NeilMed Sinus Rinse’ a try.

    If nothing else it will remind you of when you used to dive into the swimming pool and the chlorinated water went right up your nose. Happy days! I really do miss going swimming!

  370. Ruby says:

    Pete says:

    ‘In my opinion, this policy has to stop soon and we expose the whole population to obtain herd immunity.’

    I’m a bit confused about herd immunity as i haven’t seen any definitive research that says once you catch it you are immune.

    Has there been some updates?

  371. Col.Blimp IV says:


    I don’t suppose it matters – As long as all aboard the Liberator are listening.

  372. Ruby says:

    PS Forgot to add that you can put salt in your ‘NeilMed Sinus Rinse’

  373. Republicofscotland says:

    Radio news 400 odd folk died in England in the last 24 hours, bringing England total deaths from the Coronavirus to just under 5000.

    Meanwhile Keir Starmer bring Ed Milband into his cabinet.

  374. cirsium says:

    @Golfnut, 1.50pm
    The current UK policy of helping the population through this crisis would appear to be based on creating debt rather than the provision of actual help.

    Got it in one. I saw this tweet at the weekend “bearing in mind that the current banking system cannot function without debt creation, I suspect the decimation of SME’s will provide at least another 20 years of borrowing from the banking system to rebuild.”

    Iceland has not gone into lockdown. It took heed of the information coming out of China and the WHO and started planning in February. It is following the test-track-quarantine advice see

    It is interesting to note from that article that the Case Fatality Ratio is the same as the CFR for influenza. The flu kills thousands of people every year yet the fatalities are not reported on a daily basis and society is not put under house arrest. The UK government downgraded SARS-Cov2 to the influenza level then curtailed civil liberties.

  375. Ruby says:

    PPS Correction it’s a neti pot not a yeti pot.

  376. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Capella (11.46), Golfnut (1.50), Breastplate (2.24) –

    Thanks for the feedback.

    Here is the link to an analysis of that same article.

    I am, again, curious for your thoughts.

  377. dakk says:

    I think the 3 month lock down will be an initial measure to allow health/care workers in some measure to cope with the initial onslaught.

    Bearing in mind many of them/ though not all are in the front line and are also dying.

    The lack of initial preparedness in terms of staff numbers, ppe, and other equipment has exposed them to an unacceptable level of risk, so the gov belatedly had to flatten the curve to allow them to survive/ function.

    That was the moral thing to do for their sake.

    In the medium and longer term after a period of adjustment for health/care workers and everyone else for that matter, I think/hope the lock down will be relaxed in 3 months with the herd immunity pathway being trialled amid fear of a second wave, including fear of reinfections.

  378. CameronB Brodie says:

    Failure to respect the natural law, indicates the cultural colonisation of one’s intellect and Theory of Mind. Such an individual has an impaired capacity for practical reason, and is unlikely to be able to defend the integrity of their biological security.

    Natural Law and Human Rights in English Law:
    From Bracton to Blackstone;Natural

  379. george wood says:

    Not sure about the reasoning behind going down the herd immunity route.

    Herd immunity, to me, is relevant when or if the virus reappears. If the population has achieved herd immunity then the virus won’t spread like it is doing now.

    Trying to achieve herd immunity quickly the first time round means that a lot more people will get this virus, more will die and the disruption will be on a greater scale. The country could collapse if the potential numbers that have been mentioned by experts, if we do nothing, were to arise.

    I believe that is why Bojo abandoned that idea and unfortunately for the US Trump seems to going down that route.

    By isolating people, we get through this with less but longer disruption and we will be in a better place to recover once isolation ends.

    I know that the company I work for is sitting on a backlog of work waiting for us when we get back to work and we won’t be the only company in that position.

  380. callmedave says:

    No scrolling UK figures on big Auntie news for today so far but

    Verbal report news >400 deaths England
    confirmed figures 2 deaths Scotland
    ” 27 deaths Wales
    ” 7 deaths NI

  381. Breastplate says:

    Ian Brotherhood,
    I see that it’s an hour long so I’ll have to get back to you later with as I have a few things to do first.

  382. CameronB Brodie says:

    Ian Brotherhood
    The principle of universality is under pressure like never before. The Covid-19 crisis will not be handled ethically, without proper respect for “natural law”, which plays a foundational role in providing the potential for a legally “just” society. Scotland appears to regard the natural law in a way that lacks coherence. This is not good.

  383. Breastplate says:

    George Wood,
    What would you think about a combination of allowing the workforce to go about their daily business normally and the people most at risk ( the over 65s) self isolating?

    The age for self isolating could be adjusted if necessary.
    I read somewhere that 95% of Covid 19 deaths are people over 60 and 99.5% of Covid 19 deaths are over 50.

  384. callmedave says:

    Ian Murray the new shadow Sec State Scotland.

    “Delighted to be back in the new Shadow Cabinet”
    “Lots of work to be done”

    He was successful in being selected from a long list of Scottish …erm!… Oh… some poor sods go to do it! 🙁

  385. CameronB Brodie says:

    Sorry….security of their biological integrity.

    The Intersection of Natural Rights and Positive Constitutional Law

  386. Colin Alexander says:


    The BEF and their allies did set up a defensive perimeter around Dunkirk which was held with great courage. The RAF also tried to defend the airspace around Dunkirk flying from RAF bases in England, as the RAF had been withdrawn from France’s airfields.

    However, the rate of losses of RAF fighter aircraft and pilots was high and unsustainable, so the RAF air cover over Dunkirk was only continued long enough to evacuate the troops. Otherwise the BEF and UK itself would have ended up with no air cover from the RAF.

    At one stage of the Battle for France, on 21 May 1940 the British Army did make an armoured counter attack against the panzers’ advance using British Matilda I’s and the excellent armoured and effective 2-pounder anti-tank gun of Matilda II’s and did cause significant losses estimated at 40 panzers and many German field guns.

    But at Arras the British Army soon became low on ammunition and were suffering losses from air attack and were forced to withdraw with the help of covering support from some French tanks.

    Some experts suggest this is one of the reasons why the panzers were held back, to allow the main German army to catch up and cover the panzers’ flanks and re-supply route. Most of the German infantry still marched or used bicycles for transport and also relied on mules and pack horses.

    At Dunkirk, the only harbour left in allied hands, soon became blocked by sunken ships. That’s why the beaches around Dunkirk were then used to evacuate troops onto smaller boats, before being transported onto larger ships.

  387. Pete says:

    A 3 month lockdown would be suicidal for the economy.
    What planet are you living on?
    Yes, I think that’s what will happen.
    The young will be back to work and normality whereas oldies like me will be allowed back out of prison on a gradual basis.
    We must allow the young to regain prosperity as they are affected much less than the oldies.

  388. Capella says:

    @ Ian Brotherhood – I’ve watched the first 15 mins but will have to do other things for a while so will come back to comment.

    So far, it confirms what I’ve read from the Imperial College report, the Covid 19 insights, the Chinese medics report and the video I linked to a few days ago by Dr Michael Greger on the reason why we are seeing these pandemics in the past few years. His video was made in 2008 and so governments have known at least since then than animal welfare practices, specifically factory farming units, are giant petri dishes breeding novel viruses for which we have no immunity. If that doesn’t stop then we will develop future viruses for which we will have no immunity.

    Are we willing to take the risk?
    Will post Michael Greger again ICYMI
    BTW, his advice at the end is to have 90 days of essential supplies stored away because that’s how long we will have to go into quarantine. Or, ban factory farming and go vegan.

  389. Sarah says:

    @ Meg m and BDTT: for the Declaration day it is a Yes saltire flying bravely in my field, hoping it raises the spirits of any passers-by.

  390. CameronB Brodie says:

    Why not just get rid of all the non-productive? Covid-19 is a mahoosive pile of ethical dilemma, that will not be handled justly without regard to the natural law. Hopefully this will enlighten Scotland as to reality of contemporary British constitutional practice, which denies the Scottish public due access to the natural law (see Berxit).

    Defining the Constitutional Ethic

  391. Sensibledave says:


    If I say I am a huge fan of Natural Law and that it’s the most important thing in my life …. will you shut up about it?

  392. Alan Mackintosh says:

    A couple of articles re Covid.
    One is a german study of patients.
    The second shows a decrease in mortality in Europe this winter

  393. CameronB Brodie says:

    Those who shun intellect and oppose ethical reason, can not be trusted in politics. Simples.

  394. mike cassidy says:

    Breastplate 3.51

    Deaths In England at 17.00 yesterday

    1412 are 80 and over

    1069 are 60 – 79

    192 are 40 – 59

    22 are 20 – 39

    3 are 0 – 19

    That’s a death rate for 60 and over of 92%

    Don’t know if similar figures for Scotland are available

    (not archived as this useful page updates daily)

  395. SilverDarling says:

    The antibody tests ordered by the UK have been shown to be unreliable. Research appears hurried and untested despite claims of manufacturers.

    Another month at least before decent tests available.

  396. jfngw says:

    BBC narrative now, what a brave individual and hard worker Boris Johnson is. It’s almost comical in its attachment to the truth. The name Boris Johnson is hardly one you associate with hard work, I suppose all the self publicity stuff like hanging from a zip wire does take some effort.

    On the other hand they like to highlight any minor failure in Scotland, can you actually remember any positive story regarding Scotland during this crisis, they have all been in England as far as I can recall.

  397. Sensibledave says:


    … that’s not quite the terminology. Whilst 92% of those that have died may well be over 60, that is not the “death rate”. The actual death rate (those that die/to those that have had it) appears, based on various data I have read, about 1%. So about 0.9% of those believed to have been infected, and died, were over 60. With over 50% of those being over 80.

  398. Gary45% says:

    Boris the new hide and seek champion Johnson.

  399. Sensibledave says:


    I can not vouch for the website this article was on, but I was sent this link:

    It is an article about the outcomes for passengers and crew of the Diamond Princess. If it is correct, I was certainly surprised by much of the information.

  400. jfngw says:

    @mike cassidy

    I think you need to reword that, the death rate for over 60’s is not 92%. The proportion of those dying is 92% for over 60’s.

    I’m not sure what the actual death rate for over 60’s is as I don’t know how many of the over 47k are over 60. I have read the death rate for over 80’s is 15%.

  401. Tatu3 says:

    Ruby @ 3.19. I quite liked the name Yeti pot. Neti pot doesn’t sound so good somehow

  402. Republicofscotland says:

    A continuation of my upstream comment to Breeks, as I had to do some shopping for a vulnerable group relative.

    Such was the admiration (love) for Peirs Gaveston by Edward II, that when the barons, vowed to have him (Gaveston) removed, Edward sent word to Scotland that he would recognise him as king of Scotland, of he sheltered Gaveston, but Bruce, knowing Edwards ambition to be overlord of Scotland, something that was constantly drummed into him by his father Edward I, declined the offer.

    Queen Isabella, Edwards wife, but now a open lover of Sir Roger Mortimer, captured her now estranged husband and his favourite Hugh Despenser at Glamorgan in 1326, they we’re fleeing to Ireland. Despenser was executed and Edward was imprisoned.

    He (Edward II) was treated terribly in prison starved, beaten and humiliated, in order to force from him his abdication, it worked and on February 1st 1327 his son The Prince of Wales was crowned Edward III.

    Believe it or not, Donald Earl of Mar,a nephew of the Bruce, and, who had been brought up with Edward II, approached the Bruce for aid to rescue the stricken king, Edward was temporarily sprung from prison due the Bruce and Mar, who used a Welsh force to do their bidding, but Edwards liberty was short lived, he was captured again.

    This time Isabella and Mortimer took no chances they starved Edward, and systematically abused him, until he was near death. To hide the fact that they murdered him, without any visible fatal wound, Edward had a hollowed out bone inserted up his rectum, and a white hot poker pushed up through it into his lower bowel killing him, but, more importantly for Isabella, leaving no obvious coup de gras.

    As for Good King Robert, its highly unlikely that the Bruce died from leprosy, throughout the Middle Ages the segregation of lepers was so strict that even kings with the unfortunate illness were cut off from their fellow man. Bruce always believed that his sickness was a penance for the great spilling of blood that occured during his encounters to free Scotland. On the 7th of June 1329, a few days short of his 55th birthday Good King Robert took his last breath and died.

  403. george wood says:


    Some people aren’t observing the regulations now, so I don’t think it would be wise to go against expert advice and play Russian roulette with the country’s future by relaxing the isolation.

    Unfortunately, people think they know better than the experts and want to take the massive risk of going for herd immunity now. Herd immunity is normally achieved by vaccination, not live exposure.

    The potential for disaster for the economy is much more likely by relaxing the isolation. Now we have the health service working and essential services working too, if we relax now then there is no guarantee that these services will be able to continue to keep going.

  404. Breeks says:

    It’s too early to make predictions about COVID19. While it does have a signature you can begin to extrapolate, it is also different from similar viruses.

    It’s fatality varies according to age group, which fits a predictable pattern, but there seems to be a capacity for people to be reinfected with the virus more than once, which is unusual and disrupts a predictable pattern. It raises questions about whether our immune system and vaccination will work, if having antibodies present in our bodies doesn’t prevent reinfection.

    Even the Korean Doctors who are handling COVID19 very well are stressing there is still no cure or vaccine. Your ONLY defence once infected is your own immune system. All the ventilators and Oxygen etc is vital for keeping people alive but it’s not directly combatting the virus inside their lungs. Beating that is still down your own human immune system.

    UNTIL we have medicines and drugs which specifically attack the virus, we remain at risk from the existing lethality of the virus, and the risk of it’s mutation into a much more lethal strain.

    The world is fighting a COV19 forest fire, but limited in what it can do. It can only protect areas by cutting fire breaks to control the spread. So far, it hasn’t any water to actually put fires out.

    People need to calm down, listen to advice, check for yourself online to see what other countries are saying and doing to stay safe. Britain and the US frankly seem off the pace when it comes to controlling COVID, but all of us around the world remain at heightened risk until we can take out the virus itself.

    We are meant to be smart and not stretching the NHS resources, but the bigger global issue is keeping COVID bottled up until the guys in white coats develop an antiviral drug that takes COVID down and kills it.

    If we relax and let younger folks mingle freely, go back to work etc, you are potentially increasing proliferation of the virus, heightening exposure, and increasing the chance that IF the virus mutates and blooms, there’s a risk it will bloom in a reservoir of healthy low risk people, and begin to thrive as a virus that can overcome the immune systems of healthy low risk people.

    Get on top of it now. It’s like antibiotics. Finish the course of tablets so the infection cannot adapt. Be merciless and determined until the job is done, or you risk the lives of many people by ‘inviting’ the virus to adapt and become stronger.

  405. CameronB Brodie says:

    For an Englishman to conduct themselves in the manner that dave does, they’d really have to hate justice and democracy. Or possibly simply fail to consider those living in Scotland to posses personality, will and AGENCY. Which is, thankfully, diametrically opposed to English Torydum.

    In fact, Dave appears to be a bit of an English fascist.

    Democratic Ethics, Constitutional Dimensions, and

  406. Effijy says:

    BBC Tory Gov daily announcement-

    Bojo only went to hospital for precautionary tests
    But is well enough to be running the country into the ground?
    How long does the test take if he has a bed?
    Why is he still there if we’ll enough to work?
    He would know that There is a great shortage of beds in London if he watched TV.

    Rabb looking for plaudits for bringing home Brits who were stranded abroad?
    Yes, months after they asked to return and months after other countries did the same.
    Football teams charter aircraft so it’s not some special feat.

    Pathetic !

  407. Doug says:

    According to the link from Alan Mackintosh 4:44pm the results from the Munich hospital show that the virus is concentrated in, and spreads from, the throat as opposed to the lungs where the SARS virus was based. Thus the spread of infection is easier and more prevalent from the throat.

    So Ruby’s hints about neti pots etc could be very useful.

  408. Golfnut says:

    @ Effijy

    Apparently only after asking the EU for assistance. Your right of course, hundreds if thousands of aircraft grounded, so plenty to charter, even if they servicing to bring into service, but he asked the EU for!

  409. shug says:

    current rates if your interested

    N Ireland 70 1.30%
    Scotland 222 4.13%
    Wales 193 3.59%
    England 4887.00 90.97%
    Total 5372

  410. callmedave says:

    UK Total deaths 439
    Not stated as a figure by Raab.
    Not given on the scrolling screen

    It has to be worked out from yesterdays total – todays total
    giving 439 for the UK.

    These values below are on the BBC web sites for the colonies although the Scottish web site does not now show the value of 2 as it did earlier on.

    It now has to worked out from 222 stated – 220 from yesterday
    2 in Scotland
    27 deaths Wales
    7 deaths NI
    Giving 36 deaths for the colonies

    Therefore deaths in England =

    Total UK deaths today – deaths in the colonies tod
    439 – 36

    Deaths in England 403

    The BBC are at it, it’s smoke and mirrors it should never be that complicated so there must be a reason and a guiding hand at play.

    Keep calm and carry on Auntie! 🙁

  411. mike cassidy says:

    Clumsy wording accepted. Mea Culpa.

    The 60 and over group make up 92% of those who have died in England as of yesterday.

    Which was the point I was trying to make to Breastplate.

  412. Breastplate says:

    George Wood,
    Sorry, are you saying the model I suggested cannot work or are you saying ideally it can work but won’t work in the real world.
    Also, there is conflicting advice and opinion amongst experts. Same as it ever was, I suppose.

  413. twathater says:

    @ Dorothy Devine 10.40am Dorothy a very heartfelt emotional letter to the SNP , I share your sorrow and disappointment ,

    Post 2014 and the massive groundswell of support and the surge in membership , the excitement and positivity was practically palpable , combined with the callous announcement of the pig fu**er of EVEL and the further denigration of the trai torist vow the independence movement was ready and willing to strike , but hold hold came the reply , and ever since through ALL the interminable insults , ignorance and demeaning actions visited on Scotland and it’s citizens all we have had to show for our patience and unstinting loyalty is a leader who has capitulated and prostrated herself and our country at the feet of a corrupt and venal oppressor

    Where is our proud King Robert The Bruce the compiler and proposer of the world renowned treaty of Arbroath , where is the fight , determination and passion of a leader willing to free our country Scotland from the clutches of a thieving neighbour whose only interest in Scotland is its vast natural resources

    Instead we have a leader who is more concentrated on throwing her fellow females under a bus , a leader who refuses to stand firm against a pack of braying unionist dogs , a leader who has instructed the independence movement to stand down and has even written a letter to our oppressors to inform them of her decision , yet in the midst of this clusterf**k we still have avowed independence supporters telling us to be patient that everything will work out , and we the objectors are FALSE divisive independence supporters

  414. Breastplate says:

    Mike Cassidy,
    I’m quite happy to accept your numbers although I didn’t make my numbers up and may have been worldwide as I think it was an MIT report but can’t be sure because I’ve lost track of the amount of information I’ve read or watched about Covid 19 or as one virologist called it Sars CoV 2.

  415. Colin Alexander says:

    It has been a consistent policy of the SNP that Unionists can safely vote for the SNP because a vote for the SNP is NOT a vote for independence.

    “Unionists lend me your vote” has been used repeatedly since Sturgeon took office. Most recently in the 2019 General Election where Sturgeon broke her promise to make indy front and centre by prioritising the STOP BREXIT / People’s Vote policy.

    The SNP are primarily a devolution party or British Empire colonial administrators. The same was also true under Salmond, Swinney and Salmond again.

    Like Sturgeon, Salmond also subverted Scottish sovereignty. Putting all bets on a FAILED indyref gamble which involved getting England’s permission via a s30 Order for an independence referendum gamble.

    Salmond is rightly respected for trying to achieve independence. Something Sturgeon has failed to do. However, it should be recognised Salmond’s strategy of indyref FAILED; and the SNP have followed the dead-end colonial road for over 20 years now.

    Many in the independence movement still like to pretend 2014 was a great success and Alex Salmond was a master strategist. If you regard the measure of success is being foolish enough to believe the UK state would abide by a gentlemen’s Edinburgh Agreement to chase a long shot losing gamble, it was a great success.

    If achieving Scottish independence is the real measure of success for the SNP, the SNP have achieved NOTHING during their 13 years in power as colonial administrators.

  416. ahundredthidiot says:

    George Wood @5:10 says

    ‘The potential for disaster for the economy is much more likely by relaxing the isolation’

    Just let that sink in.

    This is an idiot of the highest order.

  417. Breastplate says:

    Sorry CBB,
    I’m playing catch up.
    I’m not suggesting a Soylent Green approach for the elderly among us. I’m suggesting that those at the greatest risk self isolate and those at virtually no risk to go about their business as normal.
    This seems logical and reasonable to me. What do you think?

  418. Breastplate says:

    I forgot to mention that it would also be ethical.

  419. george wood says:


    If they relax the isolation and the virus goes rampant through the population and the NHS collapses along with other vital services then we are screwed.

    Maybe it would be better if you think before you post.

  420. CameronB Brodie says:

    “Also, there is conflicting advice and opinion amongst experts. Same as it ever was, I suppose.”

    This is why the natural law plays such an important role in supporting “just” law and ethical public policy. Without a proper respect for natural law, one can not support the principle of universal human rights.

    The Scottish government appear determined to respect natural law, in all things other than constitutional law and women’s right. Coincidence? No, simply the result of an ideological perspective that is incapable of defending a legal respect for difference. And failing to remember that politics is not above the law.

  421. Daisy Walker says:

    @ Ruby re neti pots.

    I used to do a bit of yoga and got introduced to this practice. Any time I feel a cold coming on, or a touch of hay fever, and pretty much once a day, I put a pinch(1/4 teaspoon) of salt (Sea salt or himalayan is better than table salt which has been precessed, but is still better than nothing) into about 30 – 50 ml of warm water.

    This creates a saline solution, lean over a sink and slowly pour it into one nostril and then let it (and all the gunk up your nose) fall out into the sink. Repeat on the other side.

    I’m prone to a really stuffy nose and this cures it for the day. It is very gentle and much better than repeatedly blowing your nose all day.

    Again, salt is a natural antibiotic.

    One other thing people might want to consider using is a salt pipe – the cost is around £20. They noticed the people who worked in salt mines did not get respiratory diseases to the same extent as those who did not.

    The way it works, is you breath in the particles of salt from the pipe, the tiny salt particles enter the lungs and mucus naturally attaches itself to it. The salt/mucus mix is much easier to cough up and get rid of.

    If using be sure to exhale away from the pipe, or you’ll make your salt reservoir soggy.

    Again, I’ve heard others who use it find it works.

    It was recommended to one of my relatives by her GP when she had CPD.

    Once again its a safe thing to try and if it works it works.

  422. CameronB Brodie says:

    Sorry, I wasn’t suggesting anything nasty about you. 😉

    Indeed, the most vulnerable should be the most concerned, and the most protected. There is a balance to be struck between the interests of individual liberty and public safety. A precautionary approach would be what I would recommend. We are not on top of this yet.

  423. Republicofscotland says:

    Willie Rennie who called out loudly for Catherine Calderwood to go must resign now.

    Will the Unionist owned media call for it, like hell they will.

    “Abuse survivor caught up in Cyril Smith scandal calls for Scots Lib Dem boss Willie Rennie to quit or be sacked”

  424. dakk says:

    @Pete said

    ‘A 3 month lockdown would be suicidal for the economy’

    The 3 months is based on what I think the UK gov might be thinking based on China’s experience,not what I want to happen.

    If UK had been better prepared for a health event like this (as Operation Cygnus was supposed to achieve), then the lock down might be shorter.

    I’m hoping maybe 2 months,but looking at the UK govs measures re bank bailouts,and the time lines of their paye’furloughing’schemes(which won’t even be set up to apply for until end April according to hmrc website, and self employed help was June last I looked, I think they are looking at 3months.

    No one knows for sure how bad this could get or what way it might mutate.

    Or if they do, they’re not telling us.

  425. Golfnut says:

    @ Ian Brotherhood.

    How prescient, before watching the video I had already decided that the UK viewed the current situation as a business opportunity rather than a life threatening catastrophe. An opportunity to further control and abuse the population through debt. The video goes much further, I hope you don’t mind but I will limit my comment to the above until I have watched it again.
    Thanks for posting the video.

  426. Dan says:

    Capella says: at 4:19 pm

    “…Or, ban factory farming and go vegan.

    I think you’d be impressed with the cream of nettle and tattie soup I’ve just made. Served it with a couple of chunky slices of bread I made with the Scottish flour I linked to last night.

    Young nettle tops just collected from edge of my garden, a few tatties and an onion I grew last year, half a tin of coconut milk added before blending then served with a garnish of chives.
    Bar the coconut milk, everything was grown in an ordinary Scottish garden.

    Dandelions are also coming up now so that’s the salad greens are sorted.


  427. mike cassidy says:


    No much of a gardener if you cannae grow coconut milk!

  428. Mist001 says:

    Spain, Italy, and Germany are already looking at relaxing the lockdown in their countries. As I’ve said before, France is talking about the schools and stuff going back May 4th, so I think the UK will loosen its lockdown by the end of May.

    That gives June to get things back to normal and I have my flights to Edinburgh booked for July 17th, so everything’s looking good for the summer.

    Then in September, the second wave will hit and that’s the big one.

  429. Capella says:

    @ Dan I certainly am impressed! I will definitely try that.
    We should have a recipe section for the crisis. Dig for victory. We had a chickpea, cabbage, potato and tomato stew. Only the cabbage was our own. I also made sundried tomato hummus for snacking on later as we watch Outlander. I still have some Co-op vegetable tortilla chips. Luxury!

    Now to watch the rest of Quarantiranny.

    If anyone missed part 1 of Billy Kaye’s excellent Declaration of Arbroath programme it’s available here:

  430. CameronB Brodie says:

    Re. UNESO and the one world philosophy to unite us. The right-wing will undoubtedly try to capitalise on Covid-19, seeking to place profit before human rights, and constrain human liberty even further. And the left-wing will be happy to help them. That is the nature of contemporary western political moral psychology.

    We won’t be able to avoid this dead-end, without regard to what truly binds us together. Our shared humanity. This is not possible without a respect for the principle of “equality”. In turn, this is not possible if law and public policy lacks coherence with the natural law and a legal respect for biology.

    Ethical values and human rights

    P.S. equality is hard to define, so I might get back to that later. 😉

  431. dakk says:

    #EatWeeds @ Dan

    What about that sensi plant you inferred sensibledave took his name from?

    If that could be grown in a raised bed, it could also become a wholesome staple in helping us through lockdown.

  432. dakk says:

    @ Dan

    Don’t answer that.

  433. Dan says:

    Chickweed is another plant I’ve added into soup.
    It is sometimes taken medicinally for various ailments which interestingly for these times include asthma and lung diseases.
    Obviously folk need to do some research and ensure they correctly identify any specific plant or mushroom type, and importantly whether they need cooked before ingestion.

  434. jackie says:

    There is no way May will be the month everything gets back to normal.

    Remember, there is no cure for this virus, so they will be aware that if they relaxed the isolation rules too early then it could flare up again.

    Then it would be back to square one again.

    It must be hard stuck in your house all day and I am playing devil’s advocate here.

    They won’t want people returning to gyms or cinemas or pubs and clubs where they virus could take off again.

    September has been mentioned as an end date for isolation, and that sounds more credible than May.

    My job gets me out of the house, so my sympathies lie with those in lockdown.

    And watch out for the rise in secondary illnesses., Divorces and pregnancies.

  435. jackie says:

    And one thing they must not do is to take away your right to leave your house to exercise.

  436. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Hi Colin Alexander at 5:47 pm.

    You typed,
    “Putting all bets on a FAILED indyref gamble which involved getting England’s permission via a s30 Order for an independence referendum gamble.”

    It’s been stated on WOS UMPTEEN times – the Scottish Parliament does not need permission from England/Westminster to hold a referendum on any topic.

    The section 30 order was so that Westminster would accept the result and allow independence negotiations to get under way.

  437. CameronB Brodie says:

    Can I ask for some help please? I remember reading Covid-19 advice suggesting we shower immediately after being outside, and to wash our cloths. Can anyone confirm reading similar, and possibly remind me where?

  438. Dan says:


    CtrlF is your friend.

    T’was mentioned by Daisy upthread.

  439. Sarah says:

    @ Dan: bittercress is another early growing “weed” to put in salads, sanis, with fish etc. Your soup sounds great – I’m impressed.

    I remember a reference to pignuts in “Wild Food” by Roger Hutchins [?]- the root used to be eaten. We have a lot on our ground here in W Ross but I’ve not tried it before – however it may come to that!

  440. Vestas says:

    What concerns me most about Covid-19 now is the apparent 14% re-infection rate which Chinese records seem to show.

    NB – this is very early data and could be an outlier but if 1 in 7 people who’ve had Covid-19 are then getting it again I don’t know where we go from there. It makes all the graphs look very different.

    PS – Am I the only one thinking this is like living through a Stephen King novel – The Stand?

    Stay well.

  441. CameronB Brodie says:

    Thanks. I’m still largely ignorant of how to navigate around WOS.

  442. mike cassidy says:

    France two days ago

    No mention of schools

    Lifting lockdown: France looks ahead to options for easing coronavirus restrictions

    France 6th April

    France records deadliest 24 hours as coronavirus death toll nears 9,000

    I wouldn’t be betting the chateau on schools going back on 4th May

  443. Shug says:

    Where is sensible dave tonight have they changed his shift

  444. Sensibledave says:


    For someone so desperate to be perceived an ”intellectual” , you do write some codswallop.

    Calling someone a fascist because your politics are different to theirs is the sort of thing childliignoramuses do. If the cap fits …

  445. Sensibledave says:

    …: Ive just got through security and logged on.

    It’s not just Wings tonight, I have to troll the Labour List and new Stateman as well!

  446. Ayeright says:

    Boris Johnson has just been admitted into intensive care.

  447. jfngw says:

    Interesting to see Alex Cole-Hamilton (an Englishman in the Scottish parliament) tweeting out a mocking comment about the Declaration of Arbroath. Here is a man that lives in Scotland but obviously dislikes Scots, presumably because they are not more like the English. I wonder if he ridiculed the Magna Carta celebrations.

    He’s also confused and thinks the 1707 union was a democratic process rather than bribery and threats.

  448. CameronB Brodie says:

    Locke would probably boot dave’s nads.

  449. callmedave says:

    Coronavirus: Boris Johnson moved to intensive care

  450. Sensibledave says:

    Call me Dave

    Ffs what is wrong with you man?

    Your ridiculous conspiracy theories about information being “hidden” from you … when it is freely available to all, but you are to stupid to be able to find it, is getting beyond parody.

    So that you can stop making a prat of yourself everyday, this is the link (hidden away on a secret site called, wait for it, NHS England) to the enormously comprehensive spreadsheets showing the data for England in more different ways than even a numptie like you could possibly want. Knock yourself out.

  451. Capella says:

    @ Ian Brotherhood – watched the video. I thought it was typical of good old fashioned American libertarianism. “They” are out to get us. “Big Brother/Government” is going to implant a chip and monitor us 24/7. They already have all the information for that. The average person in the UK is photographed 200 times a day and that was under Tony Blair’s Cool Britannia. It is probably much more than that now.

    Every fact about you, your birth, marriage, hospital admissions, health conditions, everything you ever bought at a supermarket checkout, every library book you ever read, your education and qualifications, your online purchases, club memberships, car registration, cell phone journeys, flights, trains, phone calls, emails, web browsing etc etc. All on record. We could just switch the devices off and live off-grid.

    Truthstream say that Universal Basic Income is a bad idea because it takes away your right to be a wage slave, for example. I don’t think they understand what it is. You can still be a wage slave even if you have a guaranteed income.

    Truthsream criticise the Imperial College paper which spells out the high death rate of doing nothing so they propose a programme of gradual relaxing of lockdown and then reimposing it when ICU admissions reach an unsustainable level. Truthstream seem to find this sinister. But to me it is just a natural consequence of having a deadly virus in the wild with no treatment or vaccine available. What else can we do?

    So, yes – just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you. But I’m still not going out without gloves and a “mask” on and washing my hands when I get back.

  452. Mist001 says:

    Seriously, I don’t get the Boris Johnson stuff. Everything about it screams propaganda, ‘Look! We’re all in this together, even the PM has it and it’s serious!!’

    I just can’t help thinking fake news, same as the shit with Charles and the Coronavirus.

  453. Sarah

    pignuts are delicious. every now and again you get a spicy one and it can be quite hot. hey taste a bit like Chinese water chestnuts – quite difficult too dig up as there is only the thinnest stem disappearing into the soil and the nut lies at right angles to the stem so it is very easy to break the stem and then you have no idea where the nut is lying.

    If you do find one, peel the shiny, coppery skin off and eat the white nut. Don’t confuse with bluebell bulbs which are poisonous.
    Good luck.
    PS When they grow in abundance they are a sign that the soil has not been ploughed/ disturbed for a long time and they have their own species of day-flying moth – the Chimney Sweeper – so called because it has sooty, black wings with a silver edge. Very pretty.

  454. CameronB Brodie says:

    Dave wants you to confine your potential within the boundaries to his narrow conception of reality. I’d boot his nads if I ever met him.

    Individual liberty and the importance of the concept of the people

  455. Sensibledave says:


    Because you are total paranoid narcissist, you believe that everything that happens in England is designed purely to annoy Indy supporters. Even now, with someone being moved to intensive care, you, because you are a total, complete nut job, thinks he is foing it to make life worse for you.

    You are beyond help.

  456. Famous15 says:

    Sad to hear The PM is now in intensive care. I do not like his politics but to have such a dreadful ill ess is so sad.

  457. Effijy says:

    Sorry but I find it hard to have sympathy for a man
    Who leads the party who ignored the Cygnus project
    Finding and cut 17,000 NHS Beds in spite of it.

    A man you blatantly lied about Brexit delivering £350 per
    Week to the NHS. The man who was content to tell us
    Our loved ones must die with his Heard Immunity programme.

    This afternoon a long term pathological liar we were assured that he was well and still
    Capable of making life and death decisions for the nation.

    A few hours later we uncover the truth.

    A few minutes ago I had news of a London based relative dying from this virus.
    As she was 80 plus and London ICU is at capacity, I am wondering if she was
    dispatched in favour of younger victims?

    Live by the sword and die by the sword seems a fitting warning for Tory Politicians!

  458. Famous15 says:

    Sensibledave mist001 are a tag team out of the old 77th. They might even be the same person.The internet eh?

  459. AberdeenPict says:

    Effijy says:
    6 April, 2020 at 8:47 pm

    I am with you 100% on that one, you reap what you sew.

  460. dakk says:

    , I am wondering if she was
    dispatched in favour of younger victims?

    Yes is the answer.

    Anyone over 70 won’t be intubated.

    Exceptions for Royals I daresay.

    And no. I won’t be divulging my source for that.

  461. jfngw says:

    I have the same sympathy for Boris Johnson as I do with the rest of the herd he oversees, no more no less, he is worth no more than any other person in ICU.

  462. Mist001 says:

    @ Sensibledave

    Not true.

    Can you explain to me why Charles had the Coronavirus, or at least was showing symptoms of it and then three days later, he was totally clear of it?

    He’s 71 years old, the high risk bracket, the fucker has just defied medical science.

    And nobody thinks it’s a bit strange?

    That’s not paranoia, that’s just common fucking sense.

  463. Doug Bryce says:

    I trust the Tory party so little that part of me considers that BoZo in hospital is perfect political distraction at a time when coronona virus reaches its UK peak.

    None the less I wish him a speedy recovery.

  464. callmedave says:

    Raab just made a statement mentioning that Boris is in a ‘critical’ care unit.

    (maybe he meant ‘intensive’ maybe not) are they the same thing?

  465. dakk says:

    If Johnson wasn’t PM, he would likely be in High Dependency.

    He’s in ICU incase he worsens so that they have everything in place to move quickly if he requires it.

  466. Marcia says:

    Oh dear.

    From twitter:

    Dow up 6.25% on news that the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom has been moved to an intensive care unit.

  467. Col.Blimp IV says:

    What is the current survival rate for 50-60 year olds who have tested positive for COVID 19, admitted to ICU’s in England?

    I seem to remember a table from a week or so ago, putting it at about 80% … just a smidge less than your chances of surviving a round of Russian Roulette.

  468. jfngw says:

    Best laugh of the day, Orange Order to have Tory Coronavirus celebration day. I’m all for this we definitely need the response to the virus laid at the Tory door. I wonder if the OO have thought this through.

    I suspect at this minute Jackson Carlaw is ordering extra toilet paper, a coronavirus march a few months before the Scottish elections, one to remember.

  469. Sensibledave says:


    Your pseudo intellectual mask is slipping! Boot him in the nads? That’s the sort of thing a brainless twat would say. Maybe we are getting closer to the truth.

  470. callmedave says:

    Just played that bit back with the words on the screen to check what he said.
    Guess what he said “critical care unit” but the words on the screen suddenly disappeared at that point! 🙁

  471. callmedave says:

    Ok Auntie now confirming he’s in “critical care” or in BBC speak
    “excellent care”

  472. Sarah says:

    @ Meg m: my goodness, what an amazing amount you know about pignuts and their associated moth! I didn’t realise that people do still eat them – thought it was mediaeval diet or periods of destitution.

    Do you eat them raw or cooked?

    I’m not surprised to hear that they aren’t easy to dig and are small – that is what I feared – a lot of effort for little yield. Ours grow amongst bluebells so I must be very careful. Thank you so much for all the very interesting information. I’ll keep an eye out for the moth.

  473. Col.Blimp IV says:

    Why didn’t they send him to the Florence Nightingale? … Big PR opportunity missed.

  474. Weechid says:

    Effijy – totally agree. I don’t really care either way about Johnson. I don’t know him personally and he is nothing to me. I am angry that his carelesness and stupidity – including his belief that he was immune because of his British exceptionalism have led him to a situation where he is taking up a bed, and possibly a ventilator, that could be used by a decent human being. He should be taking it on the chin and relying on that old British Bulldog spirit. If that makes me a bad person – so be it. I’ve no f**ks left to give.

  475. callmedave says:


    Been watching the markets all day from very early on.

    Asia and Japan first… rising markets green graphs
    Breakfast all the UK FTSE’s were green and rising graphs

    Yankee Dow about 14:00hrs our time stalled then rose like a pheonix all day to near the end and shot up even more in the last half hour coincidentally as Boris’ condition was worsening.

    Shurley a conspiracy! 🙂

    Oh me shares: 🙂

  476. Golfnut says:

    Watching the film ‘ Contagion’ on Netflix with Matt Damon. Good film.

  477. CameronB Brodie says:

    Dave is apparently a narrow minded individual who is incapable of imagination. He also appears to have no friends. Perhaps the two phenomena are related?

    Anyone fancy a bit of Theory of Mind? 🙂

  478. Dan says:

    Col.Blimp IV says: at 9:34 pm

    Why didn’t they send him to the Florence Nightingale? … Big PR opportunity missed.

    Dyson will be shiteing it in case one of his reverse hoovers are used and Boris doesn’t make it.

    That wouldn’t make for a great marketing exercise…

    In all seriousness though, regardless of your politics, any PM will be operating in a pretty stressful environment at the best of times and health. Can’t help but think the effect of fatigue and stress will play a part in his ailment and recovery.
    Just from superficial observation, Boris doesn’t look like the pinnacle of the human form in eugenics terms.
    Word on the street is that the corona virus landed on Mogg, but he was so toxic the virus died instantly on contact.

  479. Dan says:


    Presume you’ll be getting some braw educational tips from the film.

    I finally managed to find the name of the series I watched a long time ago when visiting folk with a telly.
    It’s not like a pandemic is something that hasn’t ever been thought of before, there were loads of hits when I searched film and series relating to the pandemic genre.


  480. CameronB Brodie says:

    You appear to hold the Royal Town Planning Institute in rather low regard, as it was the RTPI who instructed me in the attainment and intellectual organisation if this knowledge.

    Want to understand yourself better? Fill your boots. 😉

    Social Dominance Orientation: A Personality Variable
    Predicting Social and Political Attitudes

  481. Colin Alexander says:

    Brian Doonthetoon

    I totally agree that: “It’s been stated on WOS UMPTEEN times – the Scottish Parliament does not need permission from England/Westminster to hold a referendum on any topic”.

    So why were activists taking this very question to court?

    The reality is that whether an indyref can be held under the Scotland Act Scottish Parliament, is a legally grey area and has NEVER been ruled on by a court of law.

  482. CameronB Brodie says:

    So that’s one of the personality traits that defines you, here’s another. Still see no problem in trying to define what Scotland can and can not do? Still hostile to the principle of universality?

    Authoritarian Personality

  483. Col.Blimp IV says:


    “Reverse Hoovers” … LOL.

  484. Dan says:

    @CameronB Brodie

    I was mulling over how some of “the characters” on here go about their business, and came to the conclusion they have been formatted to only operate in a “hard” adversarial manner which doesn’t mesh well in discussions with Scots who generally have a fairer open-minded outlook and approach to life and politics.
    They cannot yield from their polarised positions, whereas we will be prepared to compromise to reach a fair and consensual position.

  485. Effijy says:

    Boris should have used a Limousine to Hospital as his party haven’t funded the Ambulance Service properly.

    It should have drive to one of the 40 hospitals he says has seed funding.
    Translated that is a pittance for a drawing to show what the hospital might look like.

    He should be treated by one of the European Doctors he chased back home making them feel unwelcome by Brexit policies.

    The Nurse he should have had would be one that had a government letter demanding a payment
    If £1,200.00 to have their visa extended that they might risk their life saving his.

    The Nurse above would not have the personal protection equipment they never ordered or dispatch

    He would go on the Ventilators he never ordered and then delayed.

    Not being fit for work he would need to apply for Universal Discredit which will take 6-8 weeks before
    He gets £94 per week.

    The Banks can reposes his home after 3 months and he will be living on the street with 7 kids taken into care.

    Welcome to the Tory UK you have created Boris!


  486. Sensibledave says:


    “ you appear to hold the royal town planning … blah, blah, blah”

    No Cammy, you are a dick.

  487. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Hi Colin Alexander at 10:11 pm.

    You typed,
    “So why were activists taking this very question to court?

    The reality is that whether an indyref can be held under the Scotland Act Scottish Parliament, is a legally grey area and has NEVER been ruled on by a court of law.”

    I think the second sentence of the above quote provides the answer to the first interrogative sentence in the quote.

  488. CameronB Brodie says:

    Perfect description, IMHO, though its’ a long time since I studied the construction of legal arguments. In short, dave appears to lacks the capacity to accommodate change, which prevents him from being ethically pragmatic. In other words, a Tory. 😉

  489. Colin Alexander says:

    If anyone is cruel enough to wish that Boris Johnson would die from Covid-19, apart from this being morally repugnant, just remember this:

    If that happened, it could be Michael Gove that replaced him as PM.

  490. Sensibledave says:

    Cameron 10.13

    You wrote “ Still see no problem in trying to define what Scotland can and can not do?”.

    I don’t normally get into the rights and wrongs or the ups and down of Scottish independence. It’s really nothing to do with me. On this one occasion though, I will play devils advocate.

    In answer to you question posed above, whilst I have not personally considered the issue, I would observe, as a master of fact, that the independence movement has achieved Jack s••t. Scotland isn’t independent and appears to be getting further snd further away from that goal. So, in actuality, I it would appear that it “cannot” do what you want it do, because more Scots don’t want what you want. To be clear, it is Scots that have determined what you “cannot” do – because you haven’t done it.

  491. CameronB Brodie says:

    Do you support the principle of constitutional justice? That’s all I’m interested in. I’m furious with the SNP, who have, as yet, failed to mount an effective legal defense of my human rights (see Brexit). The will continue to fail in their legal protection of my rights, while believing in the doctrine and practice of contemporary British constitutionalism.

  492. highseastim says:

    Colin Alexander 10. 45 pm, I couldn’t give a damn if he croaks it, a horrible turd of a man, I’m more concerned about the frontline workers dying like NHS /carers, etc of which my wife is one, these are the real heroes.

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