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Becoming exercised

Posted on April 09, 2020 by

Yeah, we know we said we weren’t going to say anything else about the COVID-19 crisis, but sometimes there’s just too much stupid going around to stay silent.

A disturbing number of people appear to have interpreted the undoubted seriousness of the pandemic to mean that nobody is ever allowed to be even slightly happy for the briefest of moments until it’s all over.

As a result, while half the country is full of people just trying to cope as best they can while acting sensibly and responsibly within both the letter and spirit of the emergency restrictions, the other half has elected itself officers of the Lockdown Gestapo, pointing fingers and shrieking at anyone deemed not to be miserable enough.

Please, please, can we stop doing that, folks?

Quite aside from hundreds of examples of overzealous policing that we won’t list here because police are largely trying their best at a tough job in extraordinary times, social media is also full of pious, virtue-signalling lockdown-shaming, almost all of it directed at people who aren’t actually visibly breaking any of the rules.

Most of all, people are witch-hunting what they deem to be breaches of the exemption for “exercise”, for example castigating anyone found “sunbathing”, otherwise known as “being stationary and non-vertical in a public place during daylight hours”, and in some particularly heinous cases also eating food, the monsters.

But to illustrate the flaw in that reasoning, let’s walk through a scenario and see if we can find out where the legal line should, or indeed could, be drawn.


(1) If you’re exercising, are you allowed to stop for a rest? It’s pretty much the definition of exercise, after all, that it’s supposed to make you tired and a little out of breath.

If that happens, does the emergency legislation require you to carry on regardless until you collapse of exhaustion and require the assistance of hard-pressed emergency services? If not, must you sit down at exactly 90 degrees, or can you lean back a bit? If you can lean back, can you lie down all the way to a full 180 degrees? If not, what is the permissible maximum angle of recline and are the police going to be issued with protractors to enforce it?

(2) Exercise depletes energy. Are you allowed to eat anything, eg a protein bar, while you’re sitting down during your exercise period?

That’s surely fine, right? Food is the body’s fuel.

(3) But if you’re allowed to sit down while exercising and eat a protein bar, why not other sources of energy? Why not a packet of crisps or a Twix? They still provide fuel.

How could anyone possibly legislate between acceptable and non-acceptable sources of bodily energy? Many supposedly “healthy” snacks contain huge amounts of sugar and/or fat, are those still okay? Can’t we just have a nice packet of Starburst?

[EDIT 2.14pm: a very serious runner friend interjects with some expertise: “A Twix is a better immediate energy source as it’s largely simple sugars. A protein bar wouldn’t be absorbed during exercise so best taken after.”]

If you’re allowed to eat during your exercise then the law cannot realistically distinguish between permissible and impermissible foods.

(4) If you’re allowed to eat any sort of food while out exercising, it follows that there also can’t sensibly be any restrictions placed on the temperature of that food. You’re still allowed to buy hot food from takeaways and places like Greggs (and ice lollies from supermarkets for that matter), so it’s clearly not outlawed in itself.

And if you’re allowed to eat hot food then why – if you’re obeying the laws on keeping a safe distance from others and not congregating in non-household groups of more than two people – couldn’t you, for example, have a mini-barbecue in a park or on a beach? What difference does it make to anything if you’re heating it up yourself?

The people sitting down in that picture are miles from anyone else (or at least they were until the police showed up) and there are only two of them, so nothing we can see actually tells us that they’re infringing any rules, any more than they would be if they were having a salad or some hummus.

(A salad would in fact probably present a higher infection risk.)

(5) If any kind of food is okay then the same must logically follow for any kind of drink. If someone can pause during their exercise to rehydrate with water, which is obviously reasonable, then why not Diet Coke? If Diet Coke is fine then why not full-fat Coke? If regular Coke is okay, why not shandy? If shandy, why not normal beer? Etc etc.

Again, how could you possibly legislate the distinction? It’s technically a bit easier with liquids – alcohol content, sugar content and so on are all measurable and labelled – but since Coke and beer are still perfectly legal (off-licences are among the categories of shops still allowed to trade as normal) it would be irrational and unjustifiable.


What we’ve just shown above is that it’s perfectly possible that a family of five people could be sitting in a park having a barbecue and drinking alcohol and still be in total compliance with the law, because while nobody would consider that to be exercise in itself, it’s still covered every individual step of the way by the exercise exemption.

You’re allowed to be out for exercise, and the simple act of walking to the park or beach or wherever is exercise. Nothing in the law says that you have to be in constant motion the whole time. Nothing says you’re forbidden from sitting down at some point or consuming food or drink, or imposes limits on what food or drink it could be.

Just so we’re clear, this site absolutely urges everyone to obey the law and act safely and responsibly towards themselves and everyone else. Don’t gather in large non-household groups. Don’t get within 2 metres of anyone else, and be much further apart than that if you can manage it. Don’t touch any surface you don’t have to.

But as we’ve explained, even people who don’t LOOK like they’re “exercising” may very well not be breaking any law or putting anyone at risk, and if we’re all going to get through this without murdering each other then maybe we should leave them the hell alone and get on with our own lives.

(The absolute worst possible argument in response to this view, incidentally, is “But if we let people find moments of quiet lawful pleasure in public places, EVERYONE will want to do it and they’ll be overrun by hordes of lunatics crawling all over each other and licking everything!”

But there’s no evidence whatsoever of that happening. People aren’t stupid, at least not when their own lives are at stake. If they head out to the park and it’s getting a bit busy, they’ll turn round and go somewhere else. Below are pictures of our lovely and legally-open local park yesterday, in 21C of glorious mid-afternoon sun.)

As we said last week: you don’t know anyone else’s story. We don’t know what their personal circumstances are and what stresses they may be under. They might have just done a brutal, unimaginably grim week of 14-hour shifts in a hospital or being yelled at by fractious customers on a supermarket till. We don’t know if half an hour by themselves in the sunshine with a sandwich might be the only thing standing between them and a complete breakdown.

“Everyone except me is a reckless idiot who should be chained to a radiator for the duration of the crisis!” is not the mindset that’s going to get us through this.

So we’re begging – unless it’s ABSOLUTELY OBVIOUS that people are risking others, leave them be. Every time excessive hyper-policing (whether it’s by the police and authorities or ordinary citizens) gets a beach or a park closed down, we all get jammed just a little bit closer together, and there’s nothing a virus loves more than antsy, edgy, increasingly resentful and mutinous people all being crammed together in the smallest space possible.

Let’s look after each other, gang.

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    Becoming exercised | speymouth

345 to “Becoming exercised”

  1. Jason Smoothpiece says:

    Yes I agree a little bit of common sense and consideration should get us through this without too much madness.

  2. Alteredross says:

    Spot on, Stu

  3. Morgatron says:

    Love it Stu. I must admit the jogglers and walkers I’m seeing in EK still have a smile on their faces and a warm hello when passing – but only in week three!.Stay safe Stu and fellow wingers.

  4. HandandShrimp says:

    Put that light out!

  5. Doug says:

    I’m still praying for the government to ban gardening. Until it does I’m being forced to do it. No fair.

  6. Bryan Weir says:

    ” …couldn’t you, for example, have a mini-barbecue in a park or on a beach? What difference does it make to anything if you’re heating it up yourself?”

    This send the totally wrong message. This is what people do in normal times. These are not normal times.

  7. David McDowell says:

    I’ll keep your arguments in mind for the next time I’m stopped by the Gestapo.

  8. Ian C says:

    You’re bored, aren’t you. So am I.

  9. Johnny says:


    I won’t be having a BBQ myself and I am not getting out very much due to circumstance, but I am not going to demand no-one else be allowed to as long as they show common sense.

    Sensible folk will show up and if it’s too busy to distance properly, they will go away.

    Folk who aren’t sensible and try to have a BBQ when they cannot distance themselves can be cleared off by the authorities, as is what should be happening. Instead, they strike pre-emptively, presumably because it’s easier for them rather than because that’s what the rules actually say.

  10. Fireproofjim says:

    OT Alex is on RT at 2.30 on the subject of the Arbroath declaration
    Should be interesting.

  11. mogabee says:

    It’s true folk are being ‘exercised’ to turn on one another and also true that there are folk being stupid but, you are right that we don’t know what stresses are being played out in folk’s homes or how they are coping financially.

    I’m all for more understanding and less of the screeching and finger pointing!

  12. Is this not the day that Judas shopped Jesus to the Jewish polis for loitering in the park of Gethsemane.

  13. Merkin Scot says:

    As we speak, the Lockdown Gestapo is being actively recruited by the government.
    I was in the USSR during soviet times and well remember the babushka in very block or hotel floor who performed that useful’ function.
    Not long now.

  14. James Barr Gardner says:

    Eating food in public spaces in groups it’ll be okay in just over four weeks time, street parties even !

    The reason 75th Anniversary of VE Day, Brit Propagandists would not let that one slip, no chance

  15. Craig says:

    Just a slight correction required or clarification is needed.

    Street drinking (alcohol) is a criminal offence in Scotland and is punishable by a conditional offer (on the spot fine).

  16. Martin says:

    Stay several metres away from other people (some evidence droplet spread is 5-6m, not 2)and don’t congregate. Sensible, life saving advice.

    UK response: stay at home except if you want to go out, but of you go out go into a crowded supermarket (because we’ve made everyone think this is the only place they’re allowed to go) or walk along crowded streets (Pavements in most streets aren’t even 2m wide). And don’t dare drive somewhere to get exercise where it may be quiet, because reasons.

    I’m getting a lot of friends asking me what is and isn’t safe because they, rather sensibly, trust my advice as a doctor more than that of the police. 2 weeks ago one of them drove to the trossachs for a walk but the car parks were full so he decided “not today” and went home. This was still less risky for everyone involved than him walking the streets by his flat. But the latter is “ok” by the police and the former is a hanging offence.

    We either go total lockdown where daily exercise is not allowed and we get one slot and shop to get essentials like in Spain, or we treat people like adults, educate them on what is an isn’t safe then get on with things. This piss poor, low evidence current approach feels like little else than an experiment into how open the UK public are to totalitarianism and spying on each other for the state. The results are disappointingly familiar.

  17. Scozzie says:

    Must be bloody great being a real criminal these days when the police are too busy fining little old ladies on park benches.

  18. mike cassidy says:

    At what point do the Jehovah’s Witnesses crack and start stravaiging the streets again?

  19. Vestas says:

    I hesitate to say this but Leicestershire police are one of the few police forces in E&W who appear to have some restraint. This could of course just be their usual incompetence in terms of any crime but lets be charitable for once and assume the best.

    The neighbouring police force (Northamptonshire) however needs to sack the chief constable now. Threats of checking peoples bags to see if they contain essentials and so on are unbelievably stupid & anyone making them is unfit for service in the police.

    The police need to understand that they’re on the way to losing the support of the vast majority of people who’ve never had dealings with them before. Those of us who have* are just having all of our suspicions confirmed in that its give them an inch and they take a mile. You never get that back either.

    *I’m a seven time victim of crime, two of which involved police lying or being involved in the crime.

  20. Bob Mack says:

    The problem is Stu, that if we see that people are doing all these things on the media,then inevitably everyone will want to do exactly the same.Its just human nature

    Dr Calderwood probably went from house A to house B directly by car. Very little contact with anyone in all probability. She thought it ok ,and was probably right. However it sent the wrong signal to the public who may well have decided whats sauce for the goose etc.

    I have a medical background and many of my family are also involved ,currently on the front line. It is devastating for them to be caring for clients they know will not get well in many cases. A difficult illness to watch.

    The lockdown is actually keeping the SNHS afloat. You may well enjoy your exercise,but if you are a carrier who like 50% of those with the illness who are asymptomatic,your exercise could transmit Covid to anyone you pass on your run.

    Thats just fact Im afraid.

  21. callmedave says:

    Lots of tough talking polis on the BBC & Sky today mainly darn Sarf. OTT in lots of cases right enough Stu.

    Heard nothing much like that in Fife though lots of polis cars about.

    (Oh wait! one in Earlsferry on Monday) 🙁


    New UK high total of deaths reported today bringing Number 7862. Says Sun and the Belfast Telegraph.

    Scotland. 81 today Total 447
    Wales…. 41 today Total 286
    England..765 today Total 7284
    NI ??? today cant find number yet.

  22. HYUFD says:

    Tories take a 12% lead in Wales in new Welsh Westminster poll

  23. red sunset says:

    Just heard that Ayr beach is to be closed this weekend, for the very reasons in the article

  24. Colin Alexander says:

    8 April 2020:

    “The Scottish government will agree a joint statement with Cosla and trades unions to underline that social care staff can wear protective masks

    where they feel appropriate

    in line with their professional judgement.”

    What about the service users and their families?

    No consideration as to whether they feel happy about being put at risk by carers not wearing masks coming into their homes coughing and sneezing and potentially carrying Covid-19.

  25. Elaine says:

    It’s getting ridiculous now all I see on FB is people taking photos of people saying stupid things like “that’s the second time I’ve seen them out today blah blah blah”. In the same light I’ve also seen stories of single parents with 2 small children getting pulled by the police because there shouldn’t be anymore than 2 people out together, sigh.

    The idiots truly are running the asylum now.

  26. Vestas says:

    Bob Mack says:
    9 April, 2020 at 3:04 pm

    “A difficult illness to watch.”

    Lets not forget that. Watching someone slowly choke to death is seriously traumatic.

    From someone who survived in one of our local hospitals :

    “I’m still asking myself why I’m here and others aren’t. The man opposite me on the ward looked a similar age to me, but he died while I was there. It was harrowing to witness his struggle as a nurse sat by him all afternoon holding his hand.”

    The nurse is probaly going to become hardened to that situation by the end of this month but the damage will remain 🙁

    However twitching curtains and police stretching the rule of law past breaking point (again) won’t help us get through this.

  27. Mist001 says:

    I said it here a couple of days ago. It’s impossible to self isolate because unless you’re one of these survivalist types with a years supply of food in the basement, then you’re going to have to go out for food.

    My personal example was that I had to go to the supermarket, so you think ‘Well, there won’t be many people about because they’re all self isolating.’

    But you forget, everyone else is thinking the same thing so you get to the supermarket and suddenly, you’re in an enclosed space with lots of other people who have all thought the same as you.

    You can’t go anywhere else or move on, because there’s nowhere else to go so you have to take the risk.

    The only way it self isolation could work is if the supermarkets increased their home deliveries by about a thousand, and that’s not likely to happen.

  28. Golfnut says:

    In America golf courses are open, golf is a great form of exercise, not here though, we have thousands of acres of fairways empty except for the occasional dog walker. No need for this, just follow the rules on distancing. Apparently, in Kilmarnock, I haven’t seen this confirmed yet, police were called because a man was out on Annanhill golf course, an empty golf course with only him on it. Ok I’m a golfer, so I’m prejudiced, but we are now at the stage where consideration is being given to supply Vitamin D3 because to many people particularly the elderly are stuck in doors.

  29. Republicofscotland says:

    I actually kept a snapshot of the Covid-19 bill, and undrr paragraph 5, sub-section 4, article B, it doesn’t state or specifically specify an amount of time that your exercise period should be. I’m under the impression the ten minute thingy is not law but advice.

    Here’s the reasons that you’re allowed out.

  30. jfngw says:

    Presumably you can have a picnic as long as you are from the same household, form a circle round the food and walk around this circle. You could also just wear shorts (not technically sunbathing), as long as you keep moving seems to be ‘the law’.

  31. Bob Mack says:

    @ Vestas,

    Just to make clear that we know very little about how this illness is being currently transmitted. All we can do is look at evidence from previous Corona incidents. Research showed that it did indeed linger in the air for up to half an hour in the form of droplet nucleii which included the virus.{not droplets} Anybody who passed through that same air had the chance of catching the illness.

    We dont know enough just now to say for certain this virus is any different.

  32. jfngw says:


    Congratulations, Richard Rich. Not sure exactly what this has to do with the article.

  33. Republicofscotland says:

    A ten or twenty minute walk is nothing compared to 660 house parties in Greater Manchester that the police had to break up last weekend, which one I wonder poses more of a threat with regards to spreading the virus.

  34. Iain More says:

    I have said several times on other forums as well as her that Police Scotland have been behaving like goosestepping Fascists towards anybody who isn’t a Tory MSP or a member of the Royal family or a member of the Brit nasty Press and Media.

    I am surprised the Jehovah’s haven’t cracked yet. I assume that the virus hasn’t wiped them out yet or maybe it has as I never see them in groups of less than 4 and they definitely don’t observe social distancing. The daughter of the ones local to me is also nice on the eyes. Even they employ honey traps.

    My neighbor has had his Labrador out three times today. Its a big dog that needs plenty of exercise. Maybe he can train it to attack goosestepping Fascists in Jam sandwiches and stalkers with cameras posting pics on Facebook.

    I am going out for my second walk today as I am also under docs orders to lose 3 stone in weight for health reasons.

    I guess if the Tories are in the lead in Wales by 12 points then all the holiday homes are filled up with the do as I say not as I do Brit Tories.

  35. HYUFD says:

    Jfngw The poll is also significant as it projects the Tories will win most seats in the Welsh Assembly for the first time, Tories 26, Labour 23, Plaid 10, LDs 1

  36. Bob Mack says:


    Well done the Welsh.

    However, I live in Scotland. Tory revival i,snt on the cards in my country. Thankfully.

  37. cirsium says:

    Sunlight increases Vitamin D in human bodies, Vitamin D helps the immune system and the immune system fights off viral infections. As long as people keep a safe distance, what is the issue with sunbathing?

  38. iain mhor says:

    Touched on what I feel is a primary point of mental health. Especially in light of the subtle change in guidines from “for exercise” to “for health reasons”.
    Which, although ambiguous and possibly meant to allow for more restrictive prohibition on being outside; actually allows more leeway than the ‘exercise only’ guidance.

    If I don’t get out soon, I’m going to go full Tonto that’s for sure. I’ll try not to be wearing a loud shirt in a built up area…

  39. Vestas says:

    Bob Mack says:
    9 April, 2020 at 3:34 pm

    @ Vestas,

    “Just to make clear that we know very little about how this illness is being currently transmitted. All we can do is look at evidence from previous Corona incidents. Research showed that it did indeed linger in the air for up to half an hour in the form of droplet nucleii which included the virus.{not droplets} Anybody who passed through that same air had the chance of catching the illness.

    We dont know enough just now to say for certain this virus is any different.”

    Not sure why you’re replying with that – meant for someone else? Anyway….

    Indeed however I’d suggest that the higher (normal) incidence of Asia-Pacific populations wearing facemasks has played a part even before Covid-19 was known.

    Wearing a facemask doesn’t really draw any attention in most Asia-Pacific cities as many of them have appalling pollution on a good day. Probably played a decent part in preventing spread (pushing curve down) before January.

    The interesting figures would be for Hong Kong as facemasks are banned there because of last years demos.

    Fucking hell doesn’t that seem a long time ago now 🙁

    The next three weeks are going to seem like a long time too in terms of deaths.

    Late June.

    That’s my bet for the easing of a lockdown in the UK. Can’t see it being earlier. Later and I reckon “society” in some areas will require army/tanks/lunacy to enforce.

    Stay well peeps 🙂

  40. callmedave says:

    These are now on the BBC web sites for each country.

    Reported deaths today:

    Scotland. 81 today Total 0447
    Wales…. 41 today Total 0286
    England..765 today Total 7284
    N Ireland 4 today Total 0082
    Total 8099

  41. Frank Gillougley says:

    It is as if there has been collective amnesia in the polis concerning the very existence of the logical argument of ‘reductio ad absurdum’ FFS.

  42. Vestas says:

    Also re comments about dogs up the thread :

    AIUI people in Spain are lending out their dogs to other people in their flats so they get a walk too.

    Dogs are probably knackered – gone from one walk a day to marathons 🙂

  43. Republicofscotland says:


    No one clapped for Boris, but that didn’t stop the Express (I loathe to call it a newspaper) from stealing images from folk clapping for the NHS and passing them off as clapping for Boris.

    Needless to say folk are angry.

  44. Where are the over zealous police when Charlie Mountbatten-Windsor, Stanley Johnson, Liz Smith, Murdo Fraser, Ruth Davidson go walkabout or go on a road trip?

  45. Capella says:

    I’m lucky enough to live in a beautiful rural part of Scotland. Visitors no longer come here although it would be perfectly possible to roam in the hills without getting close to anyone.

    The place is eerily deserted. The roe deer wander down from the hills and peer over our garden fence. They are wondering where all the people have gone.

    I go to the early morning shopping hour for the “vulnerable” in the village supermarket. Although the store is quiet and easy to stroll through, the shelves are empty because the staff have not restocked from the night before. So it is useless for buying essentials. There have been no slots available on the Tesco or Sainsbury online sites for home delivery for a month now. Luckily, I had stocked up in time to last a month or so.

    I get fresh fruit and veg delivered from a co-op. They sent a newsletter 2 weeks ago to say they are having difficulty buying in supplies. Because of the recent floods in England, English growers have lost most of their crop and so Scottish produce is being sold for the English market. But I haven’t had a problem so far. Soon we can harvest our own.

    I do feel sorry for people cooped up in flats in towns and cities. It must be very hard to keep sane, especially if there are young children to entertain. Wuhan closed down everything, including public transport. UK left it too late to test and trace. so we have no alternative but a lengthy lockdown.

    Once this is over, the reckoning will have to start with those of us who survive. I will not be clapping for Boris Johnston tonight. I think the front line staff deserve a decent income rather than a round of applause once a week.

  46. Heaver says:

    Appealling to everyones good nature and judgement, backed up by credible info, is the best policing conceivable. The actual police are redundant – we, the people, dont need them.

  47. callmedave says:

    Updated page from 3rd April. BBC:

    Coronavirus: How England lags behind other UK nations on testing

  48. Sharny Dubs says:

    Good balanced advice as usual Stu. Cheers.

    Meanwhile my teenage sons have taken isolation to a whole new level, they rarely get out of their beds!!

    Don’t mean to be flippant, just trying to inject a little humour.

    Stay safe y’all

  49. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “The problem is Stu, that if we see that people are doing all these things on the media,then inevitably everyone will want to do exactly the same.Its just human nature”

    Bob, if you don’t want me to get very cranky with you indeed – and trust me, you don’t – then don’t raise things that are EXPLICITLY ADDRESSED IN THE SODDING ARTICLE.

    (Two paragraphs above the park pics.)

  50. d.leighton says:

    Just stop it!Deploying logic! Being sensible! Posing hypotheticals about exercise.and food just to make a fun of authority.
    You are part of the conspiracy theorising bloggeryy /internetty thingy where people just fire off wild accusations and agitate orejaculate . So get back to your day job and stop taking advantage of the crisis to make mischief and take the piss of our masters and leaders.Start making things up, make molehills out of mountains just like our loyal press barons..

  51. Famous15 says:

    If only half the stories were true,like the nurse buying wine and crisps on her way home and getting a ticket, I would be amazed?

    The polis have enemies too. BUt having seen some in training back in the day I would say some clowns do pass the selection system . That is why there is a rigorous complaints system.

    Exercise is essential and easy to understand “protocols” should be advertised.

  52. JMD says:

    Sorry o/t but just got round to watching Craig Murray’s podcast on the Declaration of Arbroath. Made absolutely excellent points about how international recognition and NOT uk law (i.e. Johnson’s refusal of S30) is all that matters. Also about how a Scottish election, rather than a dodgy referendum, with independence as the stated aim in the event of victory for the snp – or whatever other entity is in place – would be the best way to win.

    And guess what now? The tray tors in the snp leadership are now apparently considering moves to “anglicize” Scots law. Perhaps they’re seeing and hearing more talk about Scotland the LEGALLY sovereign nation and are trying to head it off at the pass before too many of the natives start to learn about it and start asking awkward questions about exactly what the snp is supposed to be for.

    I used to think Sturgeon was great. Now, it’s clear that for Scotland to have any chance of getting unshackled from the wm regime she and her coterie have to go ASAP. If that doesn’t happen then they’ll sabotage any chance we have.

    Lots of talk – understandably – about alternative indy party. I’m interested in this and would appreciate any other views and comments about this.

  53. dakk says:

    Strummer’s words may yet prove prescient.

    I predict a White Riot over the coming bank holiday weekend.

    Or if not quite then, May day.

  54. Gary45% says:

    James Caithness@4.40
    My thoughts exactly, also Royal parasite getting hitched next month, get the bunting out.
    Stay safe all, it will be all over for the wedding.

  55. Cod says:

    People aren’t stupid,


    Have you met people? They’re quite often not only stupid, but lethally so.

  56. stuart mctavish says:

    Why did the chicken cross the road?
    Because she had a reasonable excuse, a right to privacy and a presumption of innocence rendering the charge issued by the relevant person an ignoble act, which necessarily relied on a presumption of guilt under section 8(4) of the health protection corona virus restrictions scotland regs, and a crime most fowl your honour

  57. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Hi iain mhor at 3:58 pm.

    You typed,
    “If I don’t get out soon, I’m going to go full Tonto that’s for sure. I’ll try not to be wearing a loud shirt in a built up area…”

    I did like your passing reference to the link below. Many of the things in it pertain to the Rev’s article on this page.

  58. CameronB Brodie says:

    Folk are afraid and that undermines their judgement and capacity for empathic reason.

    Visceral Signals Shape Brain Dynamics and Cognition

  59. callmedave says:

    These are now on the BBC web sites for each country.
    Since Raab made his statement I have rechecked each BBC web site for each county and nothing has changed since earlier.

    Therefore I don’t know why the numbers given at the briefing are different?

    Reported deaths today: fter a recheck on BBC web sites.

    Scotland. 81 today Total 0447
    Wales…. 41 today Total 0286
    England..765 today Total 7284
    N Ireland 4 today Total 0082
    UK deaths today 891 BBC Total UK 8099 My coonting.
    UK deaths today 881 Total UK 7978 Government figures update.?

    By the way once again Raab did not speak the daily death total.

    Away to wash the dishes and dig out an old DVD.
    Maybe Mel Gibson, Julia Roberts in ‘Conspiracy Theory’ 🙂

  60. Ian Foulds says:

    Is the only cardinal rule to keep 2m apart. End of.

  61. Capella says:

    @ d.leighton – be careful now. Watch out for the HAMMERS. 🙂

    @ callmedave – I think they re all counting different things in different time frames. Super scientific. If only there was a journalist or a public service broadcasting organisation that could investigate this.

  62. Bill McLean says:

    HYUFD 0307- your ignorance and carelessness at a time like this is astonishing – but then you are a Tory!

  63. Dan says:

    I’d have replied earlier in the the thread but I was out fishing…

  64. Doug says:

    I fear the FM will use the aftermath of the current health crisis as an excuse to postpone, yet again, the fight for independence. This must not be allowed to happen.

  65. jfngw says:

    Conservatives want the Scottish government to support the print media, I think we know why but where exactly do they get all this money from to support all these areas the Britnats want. It can’t be borrowed or printed like WM is doing and WM has no intention to supply this type of cash unless they can claim the credit.

    The only real answer is independence with total control of the countries finances, if the Tories want all this support for their friends they would support independence. Any thing else is just playing to the gallery in the knowledge it can’t be done.

  66. HYUFD says:

    Bill Mclean Nothing ignorant or careless, I am working from home and social distancing. However the first poll ever to show the Tories winning most seats in the Welsh Assembly since it was created in 1999 is worthy of note

  67. jfngw says:

    The media, mostly the BBC as they seem to the government broadcaster of choice, still don’t seem to have realised the total deaths in England are under estimated. Whereas they are still sure they are under estimated in Scotland despite Scotland now including every death that mentions it on a certificate.

    It would seem better accuracy is just giving the media another bat to hit you with. The UK government are intent to not end up with the worst death toll in Europe, we will never see accurate figures, they are already hiding them.

  68. shug says:

    Update today
    Again the BBC is being less than clear about the numbers

    Deaths % of Deaths

    N Ireland 82 1.03%
    Scotland 447 5.60%
    Wales 286 3.58%
    England 7163 89.78%
    Total 7978

    Remember the Scottish numbers are higher than the rest of the UK as it includes non hospital possible cases.

  69. Effijy says:

    BBC news announced that the Corona Death Tally in England does not
    Include deaths in English Hospital where Corona is the likely cause of death
    But as they don’t test the dead we don’t get to know.

    Also remarkable that they don’t count deaths outside of hospital
    even if Corona is the perceived cause?

    In other words the figures given out mean very little.

    The true total must be very significantly higher.

  70. gus1940 says:

    My letter from Boris arrived today.

    Great grammar- 1 sentence starting with ‘So’ and 2 starting with ‘But’.

    That sort of thing would have merited 6 of the belt in my day.

    So much for Eton.

  71. Gary45% says:

    Countries been in lock down for just over 2 weeks, social distancing,people going nuts at the isolation, now the police are getting more powers to curtail movement and using empty spaces etc.
    Now think of Gaza, everyday life for a Palestinian for decades, at least we have constant running water, power and safe water waste management, lets hope the government don’t give the police the same powers as the Israeli security forces.
    Keep Patel out of No10.

  72. highseastim says:

    Whilst I agree with the topic, the fact that the police in Manchester have had to break up approximately 660 house or street parties just beggars belief, little wonder the death rate isn’t dropping any down south!!

  73. highseastim says:

    The social distancing by what I’ve witnessed has been adhered to very well up here in Moray, Police checking up on beach car parks in Lossiemouth, but locals are OK with that.

  74. callmedave says:

    Aye! The good old days.

    I remember getting jip from an old dearie in primary school when I was about 10 and started a bit of English essay work with

    ‘Twas the monks….etc etc. (It was the monks)

    She looked over her specs at me and sneered I was a smart arse and who taught me to do that.
    I said I had read lots of books that had that sort of thing!!

    Two of the belt. I got two because I put my hand back up after the first strike!

    Yes the good old days. 🙂

  75. Bill McLean says:

    HYFUD – I will repeat ignoranc and carelessness at a time like this. I really wish you’d distance yourself from this blog as you have nothing to contribute but pointless, careless information – but as I wrote “you are a Tory”!

  76. Graeme McAllan says:

    Twix has been banned, so who now fancies a finger of fudge 😉

  77. Stoker says:

    Doug wrote on 9 April, 2020 at 6:08 pm: “I fear the FM will use the aftermath of the current health crisis as an excuse to postpone, yet again, the fight for independence. This must not be allowed to happen.”

    Of course she will Doug. Apparently she’s only capable of doing one thing at a time. Just look at her, she’s in her element all dressed up standing in front of cameras pretending to be a world leader giving wee updates on Covid-19.

    Meanwhile all the true leaders are getting on with dealing with the virus situation and other issues at the same time. Her Covid-19 stage performances are bringing her praise but it’s getting us nowhere nearer our goal.

    She’s chosen a ridiculous and seriously questionable route to, well, supposedly indy and in the process is sitting on several mandates rapidly running towards their use-by-dates. Tucked under her arse for a rainy day?

    Not only do i feel we’re being shafted i also feel she has been extremely poor in keeping us informed of her indy plans and has left us to dwell on rumour? gossip? facts? and/or whatever else is being thrown around. She can easily nip every bit of it in the bud with a wee regular mention/update so why doesn’t she?

    Of course, silly me, she has more important things to be getting on with. Stuff like kissing Bozo’s arse and wishing him well from “all of Scotland.” Wee tip Queen Nic, don’t ever speak on my behalf when you’re kissing Tory arses.

    At the end of the day, other than the questions she nor her sycophantic roadies can’t or will not answer, all she is doing now is sending the message she’s only capable of focussing on one major issue at a time. Either that or she’s deliberately using the virus situation for her own benefit.

    She’s a one-trick pony and either way i want her out and someone who has indy as our priority in her place.

  78. Pete Penny says:

    There are two things that spread coronavirus.

    1) How dense the population is

    2) how dense the population is.

  79. euan0709 says:

    Why do we call the NHS Scotland ?
    It only confuses people.
    Health Scotland sounds a lot better and accurate.

  80. Lothianlad says:

    Last sunday I was followed by the police in their van for 1/4 of a kilometre then when I pulled in , I was asked by a very rude cop asking me why I was out.
    I explained I was out for a drive to get out of the house for a short period of time.

    This was deemed very dangerous by the cops who took my details warned me I was spreading the virus, being dumb, and not acting like an adult!
    A female cop chewing gum like a clydesdale horse chews hay, told me we were in the middle of a pandemic and I was irresponsible.
    I resisted the urge to tell them that whilst I was in a sealed car and not interacting with anyone, there were at least 3 of them in their van, none of them wearing personal protective equipment.
    I used to have a great deal of respect for the police, but this really soured it by their stazi attitudes
    The main cop who obviously fancied himself as the new robert di Nero was no doubt trying to wind me up for a breach.
    Then it dawned on me that this is most likely how they treat anyone who didn’t have the necessary reason to be out of the house.

  81. James says:

    Uh-oh. HYFUD farted again…

  82. CameronB Brodie says:

    Indeed. Keep Patel out of No10. She appears to be strongly affected by social dominance orientation and right-wing authoritarianism. And displays an almost complete lack of empathic capabilities. I’d say she borderline psycho, so the security of your biological integrity would not be safe under her.

  83. Dan says:

    Is a locksmith classed as a key-worker these days.

    Will the government bail out failing dating agencies like it did the banks.

  84. Dave Robb says:

    @ “Sensible Dave” – possible explanation is that the official UK total strips out the extra deaths added to the Scottish figures by including out-of-hospital deaths, some of which are now incuded in Scottish figures.

    By excluding these deaths in England a lower death figure per day is achieved without having successfully tackled the issue, nor having told an outright lie.

    Indeed. a virtuous claim can be made of standardising the total thus calculated – hence the missing deaths by your calculation.

  85. Merkin Scot says:

    Nicola is concentrating on anything that distracts the population away from the attempted frame up by the Witches.
    She can’t rely on that for ever.
    She simply does not speak for me anymore.

  86. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Hi euan0709 at 7:06 pm.

    You typed,
    “Why do we call the NHS Scotland ?
    It only confuses people.
    Health Scotland sounds a lot better and accurate.”

    When the Scottish Health Service’s governance was transferred from the Scottish Office to Holyrood, it should have renamed the “Scottish Health Service” – SNS.

    It could still be done quite cheaply now by sticking S’s over the “N” in their logo on lorries and vans and doing away with the “Scotland” below the horizontal bracket.
    Below the bracket would be the same as now, ie Education, Tayside, Grampian, and so on.
    The BBC could no longer conflate the SNS with England’s NHS so ambiguity would be eradicated.

  87. callmedave says:

    @Dave Robb

    That’s an interesting theory and will be pretty close with the apparent ‘discrepancy’ UK Totals. Thanks!

    Therefore the gap ‘discrepancy’should widen as days move forward.

    Not that I intend to pursue it much longer. I must get out more!

    PS: Got a DVD from my collection ready to play. ‘Phone Booth’

  88. CameronB Brodie says:

    This virus contaminates the environment, not just people. You can’t see it but it might still be present. They have phone-apps in S. Korea that trace a map of the path taken by those who have been confirmed a cases. This enables folk to avoid those spaces.

    This is feckin serious folks, less of the libertarian impulse please. There are those who are unfortunately cognitively incapable of defending the security of their biological integrity.

    Constitutional practice that is compatible with the Natural Law, takes account social dynamics such as this, and is essential to a universality of access to justice and human rights.

  89. mike cassidy says:


    You just don’t get the fact that the news from Wales is even more reason for Scotland to get out of the UK.

  90. Golfnut says:

    @ Callmedave 6:54.

    My first day I had my knuckles rapped with a ruler for talking, anyway that was school over me. The gates were locked at playtime so I climbed over the railings and ran home. I was spotted of course but the Janny was to slow. They sent my big brother to bring me back and I spent a scarey ten minutes with the head. Them were the days. I didn’t know my Mum had followed us back and on the way back to class I heard my mum in the corridor giving Miss Jones hell. The Head didn’t go anywhere near her, good shout on his part.

  91. mike cassidy says:

    Re being messed with by the police.

    Loving this thread from a week ago.

    If you got nothing to hide, you got nothing to worry about! You been telling me this for years!

  92. Iain More says:

    re Mike Cassidy 8:23

    Is that you way of saying karma is a bitch?

    I have had 3 walks today. I am knackered. I am now so paranoid about stalkers I leave the phone at home when I am out.

  93. Dave Robb says:

    apologies call me Dave / sensible Dave – too many Daves today.

  94. jfngw says:

    Good grief I see Allison Pearson is getting all wet between the legs tweeting about Boris Johnson. Not being a woman I find it hard to see what it is about him that attracts them. She was also a pretty crap TV reviewer, Clive James to A.Pearson, you could see the direction of travel for the Guardian/Observer in the 1990’s.

  95. jfngw says:

    Maybe the police should be thinking about tackling all the unsolved real crimes rather than wandering parks and supermarkets harassing people, they obviously have a lot of time on their hands if they can do this. But I suppose its much easier handing out fines to people sitting in the park than chasing those criminals that might bite back.

    There is an issue with sitting on benches in a park, if someone infected sits there then the next person to use it couldl pick up the virus, then it’s pure luck for them if they are infected before getting home and washing their hands. The same is true with goods in supermarkets/trolleys but I can’t really see a 100% acceptable solution to that one.

  96. cynicalHighlander says:


    The Postal a Parcel service are the ones to watch imo.

  97. ahundredthidiot says:

    It’s at times like this that all the insecure, irrelevant little c*nts of the world think that this is their moment to shine.

    Nice try Rev and it should be applauded, but scorpions will be scorpions.

    It will be interesting to see how the US (arguably the only free country in the World) deals with this…….their citizens have guns!

  98. Albaman says:

    That needed to be said Rev,
    Just to get the present situation into some sort of prospective.
    If the virus is denied the ability to “jump” from one human to another, then it dies ! simple eh.

  99. callmedave says:


    Hi! You might be playing this as I have been for about 2 years.
    It’s good
    It’s free
    You don’t have to join anything or play with others if you decide not to.

    As a good 4 handicapper long ago it’s the best golf I’ve found on a computer.

    Lots of famous courses. My local is St Andrews of course.

    Give it a whirl.

  100. jfngw says:

    The Britnats on twitter (all of them not just the Scottish ones) are truly demented. They blame everyone apart from those responsible in the government, the Chinese, the Germans, basically any foreigner. The can’t even comprehend that an island like NZ has basically controlled the contagion by the government taking proper action. Unfortunately the Scotgov mirroring WM has also failed, the results in Scotland may be better than England but compared to NZ they are still catastrophic.

  101. Oneliner says:

    Some sloppy reporting / mischief making by Ciaran Jenkins on tonight’s Channel 4 News

    Yesterday I watched the First Minister’s lunchtime briefing when mention was made of the discussion with the GMB re a PPE order helpline for carers.
    Tonight’s in-depth interview with a GMB rep/carer (who is doing a wonderful job) emphasised the concerns about lack of supply of PPE.
    Neither the carer nor Mr Jenkins made any reference to the above-mentioned discussion or the helpline.

  102. Golfnut says:

    @ Callmedave.

    Never officially been better than 11, though my so called golf buddies won’t let play me a bounce game above 10. Well done getting to a four handicap, even better if you achieved that on the Old course. I play at Belleisle in the summer and Troon in the winter, plenty of choice in Ayrshire.
    Thanks for the heads up on the game, I’ll give it a go, sounds good.

  103. Muscleguy says:

    As a distance runner I agree with your friend, a protein bar while running would have me barfing into the verge with all the insanitary, germ spreading implications of that at the moment.

    Earlier I went for a 2.5mile walk to the closest Aldi, where I can afford to shop wondering if thtat excuse would wash if stopped by Tayside Polis. On the way back I stopped by the path two or was it three times to exercise my hands which had been carrying large jute bags full of heavy food items, milk cartons, tins: they had beans! they had chickpeas! and Oh be still my beating heart they had tinned tomatoes!!

    I had lots of other stuff, a single bottle of cheap beer and a very cheap bottle of plonk chardonnay for cooking with. After roasting the cheap small chook for Easter Sunday, stuffed and with trimmings I will need something to deglaze the roasting dish with and help the gluten free gravy meld the fat, flour and water much, much more easily. Saving the dregs of the ultra cheap bottle of merlot in the fridge for more appropriate duties.

    I’m a very good cook (my head chef son in law says so) and I like doing this as well as I am able. So such things are essential to the meal I plan. Also the plonk will be useful when I turn the remains of the meat from the carcass into a risotto. The red will simply be Wrong.

    I picked up a 17p 1.125l bottle of diet lemonade to help my neglected gout corrective. I ran out while in self lockout after being pretty sure I had the virus. I drank the same quantity of lemon cordial in water but it is clearly not sufficient. My right big toe is VERY sore at the moment after the heavy, loaded walk home. Pack on my back, heavy bags in hand I strove to walk as quickly as the out trip. I sweated lightly, I was slightly puffed. That purchase was necessary and it will not be used for some ghastly cocktail with the plonk or a shandy with the beer. I often wondered if the lemonade (packed with citric acid and NaCitrate) was necessary. Now I know it is.

    At least I’m not feeling a kidney stone and the pain in my toes will remind me to drink two glasses a day again.

    It seems impossible to get a supermearket delivery. My wife usually buys me an Asda shop once a month but we can’t get a delivery. All over Easter the delivery slots were just an X then into next week. Then looking today all of a sudden they are all booked, all sold out. Is there some secret list you have to join which tells you when the slots are being opened that I’m not aware of? then the website keeps falling over. I give up. At this rate I’ll have to lean on the foodbank. Thanks for nothing Asda.

  104. call me dave says:

    Jings! Loki on radio 5 there putting the world right.

    Mental issues due to lockdown and virus etc etc.

    I recognised the voice from radio shortbread things and they verified his blog name ‘Loki’

  105. Benhope says:

    Is there a clear path to Independence emerging? Both Craig Murray and Breeks emphasise the absolute gold standard of our sovereignty

    WE must make the next Holyrood election a referendum on Independence.

    Do we stick with the SNP or create a new party? How long would it take for the politically unaware to recognise a new party, probably a couple of years.

    The only way to influence SNP policy is to be a member at your local branch and to determine policy and send delegates to conference to vote for these policies. Robert Peffers repeatedly emphasised this countless times. Hope you are ok RP. Angus McNeil and Chris McEleny could receive a lot more support at the next conference if the INDEPENDENCE supporting delegates are present.

    All those people that throw their toys out of the pram when they disagree with a SNP policy they disagree with should think again. Stay in the system and remove the Wokes and feminists who rate their causes higher than Independence.

    My same thoughts apply to those who are so ready to condemn The National when they write an article that seems not totally in support of Independence. I have learned so much more from Hamish McPherson` articles on Scottish history than I ever learned at school.The media blanked (The Declaration of Arbroath ) as usual.

    I think I had to study Shakespeare`s plays from year 1 to 5 at Golspie and Dunoon Grammar School. Although a reasonably good pupil at English I hated these lessons. Why were we not studying Neil Gunn, Lewis Grassic Gibbon or Stevenson ? Can any current teachers clarify the present curriculum.

    We have been brainwashed for 300 years and until we control our press and media we will struggle to get through to a significant percentage of the population. Channel 4 tonight on an SNP bad report from Dundee.

    At the end of this crisis let us all remember the DR. who instigated THE LETTER and the Care Home Boss who had a lack of PPE and the churnalists who tried to malign the Scottish Government.

  106. ahundredthidiot says:

    Novel Human Coronavirus has been pretty well associated with Kawasaki disease.

    Kawasaki Disease, under study, may well be carried by the wind and originates out of China. When cases were tracked according to weather patterns – speed, nature and direction of winds in particular.

    COVID19 is not Kawasaki disease of course, but it is a coronavirus. This thing didn’t just explode everywhere at the same time, did it? Not when you think about the timeline, China, Iran, Italy, France, Spain, then UK.

    If it was by bomb-burst due international travel, the pattern would’ve been more uniform amongst well connected countries and it simply wasn’t. in fact, London, the busiest airport hub in the World would’ve been the epicentre after Wuhan very quickly – it wasn’t.

    STAY INDOORS, they keep saying.

    Makes you think…….

  107. terence callachan says:

    I am indoors 24 hours a day
    Except two or three mornings a week when I go for a five mile run along country roads
    I also go for a walk twice a week with my wife for about ninety minutes each time

    I went looking for NS on Twitter today giving her covid19 update
    Couldn’t find it anywhere ?
    Then found out hours later she shifted to a Scottish govt tv broadcast with the other Holyrood party leaders instead of the press

    Why didn’t they tell everyone on Twitter in advance ?
    Instead of leaving us in the dark searching twitter for something that wasn’t there

    It’s clear that NS is focussed on covid19
    but she is too soft on the britnat media
    one could almost believe that she encourages them to denigrate SNP Scotland independence

  108. shug says:

    Revisited the BBC site.

    Only the Scottish deaths and some Irish numbers are visible now.

    This might be a coincidence!!

    Aside I phoned a friend in London today and the passing comment I noticed was ” well at least the numbers are falling now”.

    Where they get that from I do not know but it shows you the power of not showing the numbers

  109. mike cassidy says:

    The Good Old Days.

    When humans thought this was how the world was going to end.

  110. jfngw says:


    There’s a question there I suppose. Will the public believe the lie if it gets them personally back to normality. The public in the past (not just in the UK) has swallowed the government lies as long as they feel the consequences doesn’t affect them personally. If they did bother then why would the elect the Tories after the 10 years of austerity for some in society. Not everyone needs to believe the lie, just enough of them.

  111. mike cassidy says:

    This is a fine read.

    Fintan O’Toole on Donald Trump’s handling of the coronavirus crisis.

  112. CameronB Brodie says:

    I think it might be time for me to join the SNP. No personal ambitions, I just think it was time the SNP was disinfected from wokism. I might get through to those who clearly lack an understanding of the law, and who appear incapable of supporting the principle of universal human rights. It is obvious the SNP lacks understanding in this regard.

  113. CameronB Brodie says:

    I’m always look to turn a disadvantage to my advantage. That’s not always possible, but why don’t we start with some distance learning?

    Some Reflections on the Foundation of Human Rights – Are Human Rights an Alternative to Moral Values?

  114. James says:

    Corona virus is bollocks/hoax and the site owner is a fuckin idiot.

  115. CameronB Brodie says:

    Though it may provide more value if I remain independent and advise the membership on how to clear the party of self-serving politicians and gender fascists.

    Theoretical Foundations for Human Rights

  116. CameronB Brodie says:

    Scotland’s legal system is under attack by both our government and our judiciary, who appear to be creating a legal environment that is antagonistic to the principle of “universality”, and supportive of state authoritarianism, i.e. “totalitarianism”. Get it sorted!

    Full text.

    Towards new human rights in the age of neuroscience and neurotechnology

    P.S. Supporting gender ideology in law, makes one a political opponent of the World Health Organisation. Do the SNP wish to continue in this manner?

  117. CameronB Brodie says:

    I am aware the SNP do not support self-ID of sex as policy, but I would suggest that they are endorsing it by allowing membership to those who promote it as policy.

    The current threat we face must highlight the stark necessitate of respecting the foundations of human civilization.


  118. CameronB Brodie says:

    Sorry….As far as I am aware….

  119. call me dave says:

    Shortbread radio telling us the news that Germany is responding to a plea from the UK Gov to European countries for ventilators.
    50 to be sent from the German army.

    Also updating us that the total number of ‘new’ ventilators produced in the UK was only 50 and that all the promised production still has to pass the testing & approval process.

    (seems a very low number… Anyhoo!)

    Been on the go for ages this morning…Hmmm!
    Guilty conscience? 🙂

  120. Sensibledave says:


    I would have thought that someone who is so interested in conspiracy theories would watch, and understand, what they are being told … even if they then choose to disregard it in favour of some crackpot notions.

    I will try and go slowly for you. The progression of the virus can start with Infection, then showing symptoms, then potential hospitalisation, then potential admission to an ICU, then, sadly, potential death. Have you got that?

    It is believed it takes about 5 days from being infected to having symptoms. Some people’s symptoms worsen after 5 days or so and are hospitalised. Some are moved to ICU. Some die. It is believed that those that die were infected 4 weeks previously. Still with me?

    The people that died yesterday were infected 4 weeks ago. Ie before the lockdown.

    The numbers that are starting show “improvement” are to do with hospitalisation, and transfer to critical care. If those numbers start to flatten or fall then we will have “peaked” for the time being.

    The strategy to flatten the curve will have worked for now.

    If you are going to take the trouble to write things here. At least try not to make yourself look like a complete idiot.

  121. Sensibledave says:


    It would appear that there is an area of agreement between us on the subject of “wokeness”. Once again though, you appear to want to make the subject far more complicated than it is and want to defer to learned and scholarly articles to communicate with others.

    This issue operates at a more human level where the average person can tell you their personal views and rationale without reference to the scholars. In addition, it is hard to imagine someone changing their mind on this issue, just because some professor somewhere wrote a paper at odds with their views.

    Most folk are kind and accommodating and want to deal with other folk in that way. If a man changes his name to Mary and wears a dress, then most would be happy to go with that and wouldn’t want to do or say anything offensive or make them uncomfortable.

    In addition, most folk also “draw the line” at a certain point. Dads would not want their daughters to share a changing room with man who is dressing as a woman. Most folk do not think biological males should be allowed to compete in female only sports.

    It is as simple as that Cammy.

  122. CameronB Brodie says:

    Dave’s populist tendencies would appear to be showing through again. The first of my links led readers to a description of the legal source of human rights, from the Max Panck Yearbook of International Law. Dave doesn’t want Scots to expand the legal and political consciousness from credible sources. Dave is an enemy of liberal constitutionalism, consciously or otherwise.

  123. North chiel says:

    BBC Scotland “Propaganda Quay” on line this morning “ Bin men & cleaners don’t feel safe ( re GMB union). However, BBC Britnat Breakfast TV , morning propaganda output has Binmen and new start female employee all smiles and doing a great job for “ the country” with thank you notes left by grateful residents left on top of bins . No mention of Union fears down south then .

  124. Sensibledave says:

    … and Cammy confirms, once again, he is an idiot.

  125. Golfnut says:

    Just in case you haven’t heard.

    Nicola has said that the £10 grand MP,s were awarded to assist them to work from home has been rejected by the SNP MP’s, also the pay rise goes to charity as it has done since 2005.

  126. CameronB Brodie says:

    You what? Your opinion trumps the opinion of the Max Panck Yearbook of International Law. That displays an excess of arrogance which confirms your lack of principles.

  127. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    No surprise @ North chiel says at 9:00 am

    “BBC Scotland “Propaganda Quay” on line this morning “ Bin men & cleaners don’t feel safe ( re GMB Union”

    GMB are pro UK Union (it’s officers in Scotland are kept in cash by disproportionate number of members in England).

    GMB advises Glasgow City Council to FIGHT fair pay to women claim when it was a Labour administration (Richard Leonard, aye that one! was the Union Rep)!

    Richard Leonard (Current BLiS Branch Manager) was/is GMB and his wife Karen is GMB Scotland Organiser.

    Rhea Wolfson GMB Regional Organiser is a regular on BBC Shortbreid to attack SNP / Scottish Government (while ignoring BLiS, BritNat failures and quick is allegedly quick to play the Anti-Semitic card when challenged)!

    GMB are always “The Union” when BBC Shortbreid quote a Union having concerns/criticising Government Policy in Scotland.

  128. terence callachan says:

    Sensibledave… 0909hrs

    You Said

    It is believed it takes about 5 days from being infected to having symptoms. “

    Not in all cases sensibledave

    It has been reported that in some cases symptoms never ever show
    It has been reported that in some cases it can be three weeks before symptoms show

    It is believed that coronavirus changes its dna rapidly and that it can be caught by people over and over and that this causes a buildup of infection in the lungs which initially many people cope with rather well stronger younger people especially but then when the build up of the virus reaches a certain level it overwhelms ones immune system

    Personally I think this is why it will take so long to develop an effective vaccine

  129. jfngw says:


    Why would we believe the numbers from the WM government, they are already hiding the number of deaths in England.

    For the week ending 27th March the number of corona cases in England & Wales were allocated at 539. The number of registered deaths were 1011 above the 5 year average for that week. Waiting to see the figures for the following weeks.

    It’s strange that BBC Scotland has hunted out this difference and broadcast it but the English number is strangely ignored by them.

  130. James says:

    How many of you get out there and clap for our NHS workers?

  131. ahundredthidiot says:


    COVID19 – no such thing as an expert – too early.

  132. stuart mctavish says:

    If sensible Dave’s explanation is correct, life expectancy must drop rapidly after 3 weeks in ICU.
    Working backward that would imply an average recovery time of 12 days with a 3 day standard deviation.
    Accordingly, given he was in and out of ICU in 3 days, we can say with 99.7% confidence that Boris must be some sort of superman

  133. Republicofscotland says:

    So Labour trougher Lord Alan Haworth, and his wife travelled from England to their cottage in Scotland during the lockdown, whilst both the English and Scottish governments made it very clear to the public to stay local, and stay in.

    Scotlands now ex-CMO Catherine Calderwood had to resign for similar discrepancies, Haworth should at least be stripped of his title.

    The locals are furious at Haworth, and like Prince Charles feel, he’s a selfish inconsiderate person, who could have brought the virus to their small village.

  134. Sensibledave says:


    I believe that the WM government believe the numbers they are being given by the the NHS.

    As has been discussed, the “deaths from Coronavirus” number is problematic for all sorts of reasons. If a terminally ill cancer patient, or final stage pneumonia sufferer, develops or is suspected of having CV19 in the last few expected days of their life and then dies with the virus … was their death recorded as CV 19 death?

    Based upon the guidance given to those that pronounce cause of death for death certificates then they certainly could be.

    Again as discussed, we will only know what actually happened when, at some point in the future we can look back at the numbers.

    I really don’t think this is something that we should be arguing about.

  135. mike cassidy says:

    My social-distancing selfie

  136. Gary45% says:

    Time Sturgeon reinstated Catherine Calderwood, when the backlash starts, reply with “if its good enough for Davidson, Haworth, and now Tory Jenrick, its good enough for a brilliant health minister who is more needed than the 3 wastes of skin above”.
    Or will it just be the usual “jellyfish backbone response?”

  137. Republicofscotland says:

    No surprise as foreign country’s propaganda radio station breaks its own rules to fit their agenda.

    Only in Scotland do we tolerate a foreign country’s media force feeding us their culture and views.

  138. Golfnut says:


    Not having much luck getting onto the golf site, get so far then says error, Sons going to sort it. Interestingly, or maybe not, I wanted to sign on as Golfnut, but returned already used, recommended Gnut9, apparently a lots of Golfnuts out there.

  139. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    What Gary45% says at 10:13 am

    100% on the money!

    Get that message saturating Social Media, BTL on the internet newsfeeds that still allow comment.

    You forgot Murdo Fraser and Liz Smith MSPs hypocrisy as well.

  140. CameronB Brodie says:

    You’ll not get any truth out of Dave, his cognition is culturally bound up in historically based prejudice.

    Anyone fancy finding out how to establish the truth component of the law?

    The principle of objective truth in law

  141. Meindevon says:

    Agree Rev. I feel for families cooped up in high flats. Open parks are essential in London and all cities. And what about families and elderly that live up double digit floors, how do they avoid sharing lifts with insistent people? Must be scary for them. I know of people wanting others arrested but I have witnessed them breaking lockdown rules. This won’t end well.

    Whilst here can I give a big shout out to the amazing carers in Paisley who look after both my mum in a care home and my mentally handicapped brother at home. They are just wonderful. We’re all staying safe at home and they are out there looking after our relatives. I feel so guilty but my family circumstances have kept me here. I’ve had a few meltdowns but they are always calm and cheery. God bless them and all key workers.

  142. CameronB Brodie says:

    If the people don’t control their government and judiciary, the government and judiciary control the people. Simples.

    Legitimacy Gap: Secularism, Religion, and Culture in Comparative Constitutional Law
    Part I The Secular State Between Procedural and Substantive Legitimacy, 2 Constitution and Legitimacy: Procedural or Substantive?

  143. CameronB Brodie says:

    Distrust of the cultural Other is an inescapable component of the human condition. Some of us are able to control it and enable civic society to function. While others cherish it and give voice to their diminished humanity. That’s English Torydum, that is. It’s simply bio-neurologically ordained.

    Distrust leads to fear. Fear lead to “white” British nationalism and Brexit. 🙁

  144. lothianlad says:

    Regarding the SNP Mps not taking the wage rise at Westminster, a noble thing. However…. I bet a few of the self seeking careerists are spewing at that.

  145. jackie says:

    All the supporters of Nicola Sturgeon find it frustrating that the No voting Yoons can’t see the Bias against Scottish Independence from media outlets like STV and BBC Scotland.

    Well there are a growing number of true Indy supporters who find it equally frustrating that supporters of Sturgeon can’t see her drift towards permanent unionism and continued Devolution.

    If “we” can see through Sturgeon, why can’t you?

    It’s so obvious to “us” that she is not the person to lead us to Independence.

    Is it not???

  146. Sinky says:

    Latest Herald attack on SNP forgets that Edinburgh Council is jointly run by Labour and SNP

  147. Doug Buchannan says:

    @ Jackie


    You are being guided by the deluded, time you thought on your own rather than following the pied piper.

    The SNP and the FM are the vehicle to secure Scotland it’s freedom, with the support other organisations and individuals!

    For the up tenth time, united we stand, divided we fall, just look at labour!!!

  148. CameronB Brodie says:

    Doug Buchannan
    You appear to be placing politics above the law. Probably because you don’t comprehend what “natural law” is, or the role it plays in defining human rights and distributive justice? Would I be correct?

    Some Reflections on the Foundation of Human Rights – Are Human Rights an Alternative to Moral Values?

  149. Colin Alexander says:

    Regarding Craig Murray’s podcast on the Declaration of Arbroath:

    Some key points:

    The usual way of obtaining independence is by declaring independence and by being recognised as a sovereign state by other sovereign states.

    Obtaining independence, is by its very nature, usually illegal according to the law of the current state.

    So, Indyrefs are a very unusual way of obtaining independence.

    The 2014 Indyref was not a “gold standard” of democracy. For a number of well discussed reasons.

    Scotland entered the Union by the decision of the Parliament of Scotland: Scotland can dissolve the Union and Scotland can declare itself an independent state by the decision of the Scottish Parliament.

    For the reasons given above it is irrelevant whether the Scottish Parliament has statutory power under UK domestic legislation to declare independence, as independence is a matter of international law, not domestic law.

    Craig’s preferred method of obtaining independence is using the next election as a vote on independence, with candidates seeking a mandate to declare indy without an indyref. (The next election is presumed to be the Scottish Parliament Election in 2021).


    Which raises the question that wasn’t answered: Where will these indy candidates come from?

    I cannot see the SNP or Green colonial administrators seeking an indy mandate in 2021.

  150. Capella says:

    Care England, the industry body, estimated that the death toll is likely to be close to 1,000, despite the only available official figure for care home fatalities being dramatically lower. The Office for National Statistics said this week that 20 people died in care homes across the whole of England and Wales in the week to 27 March.

  151. A Happy Easter to all our readers-has anyone heard from Mr. Peffer recently?
    How is Robert doing?

    If you are lurking then ‘Best Wishes’.

  152. dakk says:

    Robert Jenrick breaking the lockdown rules by going to his second, or third home is it?

    Like thousands of others, I don’t doubt.

    Will the british media hound him until he resigns, or even force him to return to his main home/or constituency?

    Don’t be daft. He’s british.


  153. jfngw says:

    Once we’ve tried the herd community thing I suppose the next step is leeches.

  154. Gary45% says:

    Meg Merrilees@12.10
    Thanks for remembering Mr Peffers, also a wee shout out for Mr & Mrs Axe.
    Hope you are all well.

  155. Sensibledave says:

    Capella 12.09

    …. What point are you trying to make?

  156. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    I suspect the point @Capella is making at 12.09 am, @ Sensibledave says at 12:36 am is that:

    Whether intentionally or unintentionally Covid-19 deaths in care homes in England are being vastly underreported.

    My opinion of this is that this underreporting has an impact on people’s perceptions of the need for ongoing lockdown and perhaps more importantly the performance of Government during this Pandemic.

  157. Republicofscotland says:

    A letter in today’s National newspaper, points out that resolutions that are drafted by local SNP branches, have to pass through the SNPs undemocratic Standing Order and Agenda Committee.

    The person adds that nothing vaguely threatening to the leaderships agenda will get through the (SOCA) for discussion at a conference. The writer goes on to name a credible proposal that would’ve given the Scottish government a bit more power, only for the (SOCA) to knock it back as uncredible without an explanation, even though it was drawn up by people with relevant knowledge and experience.

    The person who penned the letter, says a 2019 resolution was approved at the SNPs Spring conference to set up a Scottish Statistical Agency to provide realistic figures and a alternative to GERS. Other resolutions involved setting up a formal Maratime Development Commission, develop Scottish ports, trade routes, shipbuilding and develop our maratime assets.

    However absolutely nothing has been done to forward these voted for resolutions by the SNP.

    The real question must be why not, and why has the (SOAC) got the powers to veto voted for resolutions, somethings not right.

  158. robertknight says:

    Doug Buchanan @ 11:42

    How’s the irony bypass Doug?

    “For the up tenth time, united we stand, divided we fall, just look at labour!!!”

    Sturgeon doing a grand job at dividing the Indy movement with the Salmond fiasco, ultra-Wokeism, Brexit-day speech bollox, mess over CMO will she stay or will she go, etc. etc. etc.

    If the driver of the bus steers toward a cliff, there’s little point in sitting and admiring the view. Either grab the wheel or jump. Choice is yours.

  159. jfngw says:

    Nick Robinson tells us we will all remember what we were doing when Johnson went into hospital, I was cracking open a bottle of champagne, now back on ice though.

  160. Capella says:

    @ Jockanese Wind Talker – thx for explaining to the resident idiot. I was in a bit of a hurry when I posted it as a long awaited oil delivery had arrived.

    Perhaps if he read the article the point would be clear. I’m glad the Guardian journalist is taking an interest.

  161. ahundredthidiot says:

    Apparently, during scripted government briefings these days (I try not to listen to this nonsense) there’s not a lot mention of ‘wash your hands’ these days, but plenty ‘stay at home’

    In fact, on the COVID UK Page, the Number 1/top of the list is ‘Only go outside for food…..’

    Why is that? – what’s so scary or dangerous about going outside?

    It’s so bloody obvious (to me at least) that this fucking thing is in the air/carried by wind, but then, you don’t keep the cops on the streets by admitting that!

  162. jackie says:

    On this Corona virus being an airborne virus. They have just opened a 100,000 m2
    building in London called the Nightingale Centre.

    It is a massive open space with no obvious walls, ideal conditions for an airborne virus to spread.

    No wonder BoJo took a private room at the nearby St Thomas’s Hospital. In there the public wouldn’t be able to see just how well he really was.

  163. auld highlander says:

    A little more on Jenrick and his not so humble abodes.

  164. Golfnut says:

    @ Colin Alexander.

    A fair summary for those who as yet haven’t listened to Craig’s podcast.
    The only part in the podcast I have a wee issue with is the assumption that Repealing the Acts of Union resuming Scotland’s position as a Sovereign state is construed as an illegal act under british ENglish law. That can’t be true, Scots Constitutional law is supreme in Scotland, if its strong enough to to challenge the crown and Parliament its strong enough to support in law, Scots Constitutional supremacy. Don’t get me wrong,I understand why Craig took the line he did, its important to keep this simple, we will have a media deluge on the illegality of our action, so we need to get a simple answer over to the public. At some point though, the Scots Constitutional legal argument has to come into play.

  165. jfngw says:

    Sorry, not Nick Robinson but someone on Sky news making the remember where we were comment.

    Nick Robinson was something else equally pathetic.

  166. Gary45% says:

    Nice One:)

  167. Golfnut says:

    @ ahundrethidiot.

    Well the Chinese research says differently. China via vigorous testing established that each individual carrier infected just 2.2 others, mostly family as the closest contacts. They are also pretty sure the infection spread primarily because of infected surfaces rather than sneezes and coughs. Effectively isolating and confining the virus within family groups/homes helped stop the virus spreading further.

  168. jfngw says:

    How is the Dyson ventilator order going, is he still using the ‘just too late’ manufacturing process.

  169. Ron Maclean says:

    If Craig Murray’s right, and I think he is, we don’t need a referendum, we don’t need a s30 and we don’t need Nicola Sturgeon.

    Who will bell the cat?

  170. Golfnut says:

    @ Jockanese Wind Talker

    I think the FM was smart to change the count process now rather than later. The actual total deaths occurring monthly will be on record eventually, I note the March total is not yet available. It may never be a problem for Westminster with the media in their corner, but for Scot Gov… enough said.

  171. Dog biscuit says:

    Comrades what price the cure? Why are we told to treat this lockup as ‘normal ‘? Nicola Sturgeon engaged in acts of sabotage against Scotland. This ‘emergency ‘ suits First Ministers personal political agenda as well as UK Stare agenda.The Heelhound in the Manger. Getting used to relevant questions being skated over. Given the febrile state of politics who can read the future ? Who has a functioning crystal ball these days?

  172. Dog biscuit says:

    By the way I read a message on a YouTube channel recently.A familiar lecture on Scottish history from Auld Bob. This was last week. I sent a message thanking him for the work he put in here assuming it was Bob Peffers.

  173. Sensibledave says:


    It seems that there are many here fixated on degree of accuracy that, frankly, isn’t possible. As keeps being discussed, again speaking frankly, we do not know how many of the reported CV19 deaths were people that were sadly going to die in the last 30 days anyway.

    I believe that NHS England are doing their best to provide data based upon imperfect definitions. That will be interpreted different in different areas and different practitioners. As for the care home question, again, in normal times, in England, around 30,000 people die each month due to reasons other than accidents – ie I’ll health (including “old age”). Trying to work out whether an individual died with, or because of, covid 19, I assume requires autopsies? At this time, and with the numbers involved, performing 10s if 1000s of autopsies may not be the best use of resources.

  174. Breeks says:

    robertknight says:
    10 April, 2020 at 12:57 pm
    Doug Buchanan @ 11:42

    How’s the irony bypass Doug?

    “For the up tenth time, united we stand, divided we fall, just look at labour!!!”

    Sturgeon doing a grand job at dividing the Indy movement with the Salmond fiasco, ultra-Wokeism, Brexit-day speech bollox, mess over CMO will she stay or will she go, etc. etc. etc

    I don’t have a crystal ball, but if Nicola is planning to stick to her forlorn strategy of asking for a Section 30 Agreement as the ”only legal route” to Independence, then in my humble opinion, that blinkered and misguided intransigence, which spits in the face of Scotland’s Constitution, makes the formation of an alternative Independence Party, indeed a Constitutional Independence Party wholly inevitable.

    Not only that, but an alternative Independence Party with it’s feet planted in Scotland’s sovereign constitution might very well consider ”list seats” in the devolved house of Holyrood as a minor irrelevance to Scotland’s emancipation from the Union, and it will have better things to do with itself than playing second fiddle to the SNP’s risible gradualism.

    The Holyrood inquiry into Alex Salmond’s defamation and stitch up will hopefully be fast, thorough, and incisive, and we will all know where we stand, and who is properly with us… I hope.

  175. End_Imminent says:

    This farcical lockdown will kill millions more than a mild flu.


  176. Effijy says:

    Don’t agree above.

    Scotland should measure Corona deaths exactly the way England does.

    This will yet again prove how the additional funding we put into our NHS
    pays off with better A & E waiting times and twice the survival rates of England.

    The media would look stupid and endorse their anti- SNP agenda if they proposed
    We had no right to count the deaths the same way as England.

    Nicola, you should be demanding resignations for all Tories travelling on non essential matters.
    Why would you stand by and see one rule for Dr Calderwood and no rules for the Tories?

  177. Effijy says:

    A massive 866 Corona deaths in England’s Hospitals in 24 hours.

    Sky diving in to defend England’s shameful number by saying just under
    500 deaths in Scotland.

    Yes the less than 500 is there total ever reported since this situation began
    Not in 24 hours in hospitals only.

    Where is the Media, even one journalist to ask why the death rate in England is so bad,
    Why hospital deaths only, how many lives could have been saved if Bojo had
    Reacted the same way the strong and caring German government did.

  178. dakk says:

    @sensibledave said
    ‘At this time, and with the numbers involved, performing 10s if 1000s of autopsies may not be the best use of resources.’

    The care home deaths in Scotland attributed to Covid19 are added because doctors now recognise the symptoms(same dry cough, high temp etc), they just know, and if there are several in same home with all same symptoms, then they they make a diagnostic judgement.

    At least, that’s my understanding of how they do the numbers.

    To be fair, there will be many countries afraid to include these deaths for fear of revealing a higher mortality rate.

  179. callmedave says:

    From the individual web sites in Scot, Wales,N Ireland + a reported Newspaper number for England* today’s bad news is…..

    Scotland Today 41 Total 495
    Wales Today 29 Total 315
    N Ireland Today 10 Total 092
    England* Today 866 Total 8114

    UK Today 940 Total 9016

  180. jfngw says:


    Will not make any difference to the media, they are already chasing out deaths (BBC) totals from record office in Scotland and headlining the death total under reported, even with our more transparent system. They are not hunting out these differentials in England as I pointed out earlier in this thread.

    The media have no morals and will always misrepresent what is happening in Scotland. That is both the BBC and Sky that have used absolute total against daily total, for those not paying attention it makes Scotland look worse.

    The media are in the process of trying to make Johnson a hero for catching a virus, when his decisions are going to probably result in the worst death toll in Europe (the media will try and cover this up). You can’t look stupid if nobody is willing to publish the truth, just look how they have all. rounded on Craig Murray for attempting to get out the truth.

  181. Colin Alexander says:

    Golfnut said:

    “The only part in the podcast I have a wee issue with is the assumption that Repealing the Acts of Union resuming Scotland’s position as a Sovereign state is construed as an illegal act under british ENglish law”.

    I think you have to consider that Craig explicitly highlights that the position in domestic law is irrelevant anyway, as independence is a matter of international law.

    Craig’s suggestion is that the Scottish Parliament declare indy. Under English Law / British Empire law, it is beyond the powers or ultra vires, so illegal, for the Scottish Parliament to declare the Union dissolved.

    Also, without explicitly saying so, I believe Craig was rubbishing Sturgeon’s dogma about a s30 indyref being “the legal way” to independence and the “gold standard” with the practical effect that Scotland’s people are denied the democratic and human right of self determination regarding whether to continue as a British colony or resume being an independent sovereign state.

  182. dakk says:

    UK gov Housing and Communities minister Robert Jenrick will not have to resign despite running away to his holiday home in Hereford and flouting his own public announcements for everyone else to stay at home.

    He will not have to resign, because the british/english media and politicians will not hound him until his position is untenable.

    The media want to look like they are doing their job by telling a truth, but don’t want to harm their government too much.

    The English death figures for Covid might not be very transparent, but their media certainly is.

  183. callmedave says:

    BBC says:

    NHS England has announced 866 further deaths of people who had tested positive for Covid-19.

    It brings the total number of confirmed deaths in hospitals in England to 8,114.

    Of the new deaths announced today, 117 occurred on 9 April, 720 between 1 April and 8 April, and 29 in March.

    Still all appear to be ‘hospital deaths’ just the same and not community deaths Why the delay in timing?

  184. Colin Alexander says:

    When I said:

    “Scotland’s people are denied the democratic and human rights of self determination regarding whether to continue as a British colony or resume being an independent sovereign state”.

    It is Sturgeon and the SNP who have done this, as colonial administrators or proxies of the British Empire.

  185. Shug says:

    Folk attacking Nicolas on the issue of not calling indyref2 soon enough have to understand that the next one is the last one and it must be won. The polls and public opinion are the highest ever but still not much over 50%.
    A campaign might push it up but the BBC and MSM will be on a war footing and there will be no end to their lies so the push might not take us over 50
    We need brexit to drive the farmers and fishermen to understand that in Westminster’s eyes they are irrelevant and will be sacrificed. They need to be facing oblivion.
    Wi8thout a section 30 the unionists will not take part and the result will be declared invalid even in international circles.
    The next Scottish parliament election must be the one and we must have a wings part to break the unionist seats
    We also need hard line unionists to realise Westminster has broken their union with the border up the Irish Sea and the access all Irish boats will have to all Scottish waters
    Just a few thoughts on a sunny friday

  186. Golfnut says:

    @ Colin Alexander.

    I was quite explicit in saying that I understood why Craig framed his argument the way he did. Keeping it simple, using International recognition and the ICJ ruling counters emphatically the undoubted barrage of you can’t because its illegal. However having the ability to reassert our Sovereign Statehood using Scots domestic law which is supreme in Scotland, not subject to English law should not be discounted. It’s discussed often enough on here Colin.

  187. Republicofscotland says:

    “Folk attacking Nicolas on the issue of not calling indyref2 soon enough have to understand that the next one is the last one”

    Pray tell why is it the last one.

  188. Col.Blimp IV says:

    robertknight @12.57

    “united we stand, divided we fall”

    You and I might think that the unity in question, is the desire for independence.

    The SNP loyalists however have spent an eternity believing that loyalty to the party line, the “leader”, and the cause of independence are one and the same, indivisible, a sort of Holy Trinity, that demands that you shelf your own opinions (at least in public) and adopt those of the majority.

    “Splitting” the party is seen as a cardinal sin.

    It has been that way since it was deemed prudent to adopt the Westminster Model and replace the elected party chairman because he was not an MP.

    A putsch against Sturgeon and Co is pretty much doomed because of the seemingly democratic introduction of OMOV.

    The overwhelming majority of those eligible to vote are not really in the loop, they glean their information mainly from the MSM and will not be easily persuaded to vote for what would be portrayed as the self-destruction of the SNP.

    The best way forward in my view is to outmaneuver the devolutionists by forcing them to accept that the forthcoming election is the INDEPENDENCE ELECTION and nothing else.

    Exactly how, I’m not sure.

    Within the Party … CA’s refusing to select a PPC who does not endorse a Declaration of Independence in the event of a majority. Would be a possibility.

    Outwith The party … A list only Party, who makes it clear that a Declaration of Independence is their only aim. Would make it impossible for career devolutionists to masquerade as nationalists.

    What I am sure off is – We better throw the kitchen sink at this, because with so many (soft nationalists) to the fore, if a phoney federal UK ever comes on the table, true independence really will be scuppered for a generation.

  189. Pete says:

    I understand that Jenrick’s family home is in Hereford (that’s where his wife and kids live). He also has a house in London for when he works there which is quite often as he is a Minister.
    I really don’t see anything very sinister in this whereas Calderwood was clearly going to her second home.
    Maybe Im missing something or is it just your paranoia again?

  190. Republicofscotland says:

    “Wi8thout a section 30 the unionists will not take part and the result will be declared invalid even in international circles.”

    Why will it be declared invald in international circles. When it doesnt matter what Johnson does as long as the international community recognises it, and why wouldn’t they, for starters the EU nations look more than likely to recognise it.

    No Sturgeon had four years and countless mandates and did nothing on the independence front, but toured Scotland in her stop Brexit bus.

    She and certain members of her government are comfortable governing a devolved nation, and any threat that appears to upset that, such as Alex Salmonds return to the fray (Salmond has led us to a indyref, something Sturgeon hasn’t) is quickly attacked and if not removed, (As they did to Salmond on the history of the SNP) then they must be discredited.

    My personal opinion is that Sturgeon and Murrell, (who must’ve know about the Salmond fit up) will try and ride out the flack that’s coming their way. I foresee Sturgeon make all the usual promises on obtaining independence and the usual Sturgeon acolytes will rejoice and applaud her.

    Others including the Rev, Craig Murray, and even Mist001, and myself think that unless there’s a clear out within the SNP, there’s not a snowballs chance in hell of a indyref being held at all, unless a new indy party has a meteoric rise, or Salmond once more take charge of the SNP ship and steers it towards indy.

  191. Robert Graham says:

    I guess the hidden Fascists and Nazies have all crawled out from under their respective rocks and are having a bloody good time all their wet dreams have come at once ,
    Thats three times now Police chiefs have had to apologize for in their words overzealous officers ,
    A grudging bloody apology by most of them , i bet its look lads dont get caught on camera , carry on having fun but dont get caught .
    It’s not the public that needs watching its these f/kn cops .

  192. Col.Blimp IV says:


    The baldy guy (UK govt expert) explained it.

    The hospital covid deaths and community deaths attributed to and/or influenced by covid are apples and oranges.

    The purpose of the daily list is to see how the disease is progressing and to try to make predictions based on current consistent data – Not to make a league table of The dead, partially based on conjecture and with an inconsistent timeline.

    A bit like…canvass returns, weighted opinion polls and election results do not always have the same conclusion.

  193. ahundredthidiot says:

    Golfnut @1:32

    I am not sure the point you are making about surfaces and not sneezes. surely if it was due to touching surfaces, then how would you suggest the virus get there in the first place?

    Unless you agree with my observation that the virus is in the air and being spread by the wind, whether being inhaled or by landing on surfaces, touched, then ingested.

    Any person to person infection spread modelling that has ever been done shows a uniformity of infection rate within countries with good connectivity (airports being the most obvious), so why was London so far behind China, Iran, Italy, France, then Spain? (in that order btw) it’s not down to handing over a baton to the person next to you!

    The last time I witnessed this denial of obvious common sense and simple logical thinking was when building 7 dropped like a brick due to a few office fires, or when Colin Powell gave his speech at the UN – I am mesmerised by the stupidity of people.

    I have no idea whether this thing was released, is naturally occurring or came from a bloody meteor, but people need to stop denying basic, simple common sense powers of deduction.

    This theory is further reinforced by the subtle change of language from ‘wash you hand, wash your hands’ to ‘stay at home, don’t go outside’

    I am not sure how much more obvious it can get.

  194. katherine hamilton says:

    I think it’s good Mr. Jenrick got away with it. Proves we can all go for a wee drive and get out for a while. Fill up a message bag from the cupboard and hit the road. If the plods ask, I’m going to deliver to my granny who is vulnerable. Not been out for 3 weeks now bar the food shop. A boon!

    Thanks Mr. Jenrick

  195. dakk says:

    Whilst I remember. When Charles went to his Scottish ‘home’ to ‘self isolate’ and recuperate, I recall a statement from Clarence House saying he was going to Birkhall where he can ‘stretch out’.

    This was dutifully and lovingly relayed to his subjects by the british media.

    When the flat dwellers of the UK are moved on by the police due to the ‘no sunbathing’law this weekend I hope they can console themselves with the thought of Prince Charles’ stretching outwith his Speedos on, on that well manicured Birkhall lawn.

    Yes the English Royal family are certainly playing their part in this ‘national’ crisis like wot the the Queen said they would.

  196. Col.Blimp IV says:

    dakk says:
    “Yes the English Royal family are certainly playing their part in this ‘national’ crisis like wot the the Queen said they would.”

    Cor Blimey – Cop this one Adolf!

  197. boris says:

    Unionist determination to wipe Scottish Law from the Statutes of Westminster was advanced in 1999 when the “Crown Office” for near 500 years independent from the government was transferred lock, stock, and barrel to the political control and direction of the Westminster appointed Scottish Secretary at the Scottish Office.

  198. robertknight says:

    RepublicofScotland @ 4:10

    “Why will it be declared invald in international circles. When it doesnt matter what Johnson does as long as the international community recognises it, and why wouldn’t they, for starters the EU nations look more than likely to recognise it.”

    Ever heard of Catalonia? ‘Nuff said.

  199. Iain More says:

    callmedave says:
    10 April, 2020 at 2:57 pm

    From the individual web sites in Scot, Wales,N Ireland + a reported Newspaper number for England* today’s bad news is…..

    Scotland Today 41 Total 495
    Wales Today 29 Total 315
    N Ireland Today 10 Total 092
    England* Today 866 Total 8114

    UK Today 940 Total 9016

    Worldometer says 953 for UK today. Even worse news.

  200. dakk says:

    ‘Maybe Im missing something or is it just your paranoia’

    Aye Pete, it’s probably just me.

    I suppose it must be quite confusing for a lot of people to decide which home to stay at home in 🙂

  201. Effijy says:

    Over 100,000 Corona deaths now and I still know an idiot that claims the numbers are no greater than flu?

    I’m sick of hearing incompetent Hancock reading out large numbers of PPE.
    The situation is that there has been a constant shortage of PPE across the
    Board and it’s been the case for weeks.

    He, at this astonished late stage asking if comparing and produce anti bacterial sprays and wipes,
    PPE and Ventilators.
    The offer came in from G Tech some weeks ago but they want to give the ventilator order to Tory
    Backer James Dyson’s Singapore factory.

    I am astonished they had the nerve to ask the Germans they don’t like for some spare ventilators?
    Bojo land will obviously not be picking up a share of the £500 Billion package from the EU to help the worst affected countries.

    Maybe Nigel and Boris could chip in to make it up?

  202. Effijy says:

    Jenrick is guilty breaking the lockdown law.
    He is relocating over a very long distance from
    Where he was living to where he claims his kids live?

    Dr Calderwood lived with her family and travelled with her.
    She unlike Jenrick could not be taking the virus into the
    Home where the kids live.

    He broke the law and he put the children in danger but as he is a Tory
    And they own the media he can do anything he likes.

    It’s only Jocks who can be guilty.

  203. callmedave says:

    Just caught the beginning in time of the announcement.
    Catching up!

    @ Col.Blimp IV
    @Iain More

    Thanks for the comments.

    I’m only reporting the figures that the BBC post on their web sites. I’m not really trying to hold anyone to account over the numbers not being the same.

    All these folk were alive and leading lives with families and friends until a few days ago. It is a obviously a tragedy. 🙁

    Later there will be, after any large event like this, data and experts to sift through the evidence but it will take years. 🙁

    Oh! Someone has asked a Question about airports and incoming passengers not being tested. Good.

    No-one has asked about the WM community minister and his ‘essential’ visit to his home and parents home.

    Did a rozzer pay a visit? Was a warning given?
    What medicine?

    Was any sauce, goose or gander mentioned in the shopping he delivered?

  204. Col.Blimp IV says:

    Effijy says

    “…but they want to give the ventilator order to Tory
    Backer James Dyson’s Singapore factory.”

    The more things change … The more they stay the same.

    The United Kingdom’s first iron lung was designed in 1934 by Robert Henderson, an Aberdeen doctor. Henderson had seen a demonstration of the Drinker respirator in the early 1930s, and built a device of his own upon his return to Scotland. Four weeks after its construction, the Henderson respirator was used to save the life of a 10-year-old boy from New Deer, Aberdeenshire, who was suffering from poliomyelitis. Despite this success, Henderson was reprimanded for secretly using hospital facilities to build the machine

  205. Effijy says:

    Looking at the Corona stats on the world meter site
    It looks as though Germany are reporting more contamination’s
    But ZERO deaths.

    China claiming only 1 death?

    Bojo’s almost 1,000 for one day in his bum nation
    Continues to look worse and worse.

    Great Germany, that has a larger population, have only 2. Deaths for every 7 in the UK
    Similarly too, Iran’s large population with the same rate of contamination. had only half the
    Death rates of the UK.

    England’s figures are an unmitigated disaster. if the figures from the 3 colonies are removed
    Things look worse and by adding in the non hospital deaths their figures are abominable.

  206. dakk says:

    @ ColBlimp IV

    Aye, Lisbeth might have made a good point to her subjects there.

    Maybe we’ll soon ‘Meet Again’ alright.

    Pity it will be on the other side(prematurely) , for a lot of us.

  207. Mist001 says:

    Has anyone given any thought to how we come out of this?

    Using my example, and there are many other in the same boat, my Mother has not left her house in a month. An ENTIRE month, never been out the front door because the gummint put people over 70 under house arrest in all but name.

    That can’t continue indefinitely, so at some point, a decision will have to be made when people can leave their houses.

    When they talk about ‘flattening the curve’, they don’t mean they’ve eradicated the virus, they mean (or so they tell us), that they’ve stopped the rise in people becoming infected by it. People are still carrying it.

    So the over 70s house arrest was supposed to protect the most vulnerable but at some point, someone is going to have to take the decision to expose them to the virus.

    That’s inevitable.

    So, how are they going to come out of this isolation strategy without an increase in cases and deaths?

    That’ll show up on graphs as the curve rising again, then we’re back to square one.

    I think they’re going to have to return to the herd immunity strategy, if they haven’t left it already, and decide to sacrifice a few lives just to get back to normality otherwise my Mother and others in her position will be under house arrest indefinitely.

    It’s a dilemma.

  208. shug says:

    Number of observations on the BBC coverage today:

    English or British total to date not available
    Number of new English deaths today only reported
    No mention of non-hospital deaths
    Scottish intensive care cases seem to be going down (1 day only)

    N Ireland 92 1.03%
    Scotland 495 5.54%
    Wales 315 3.53%
    England 8028 89.90%
    Total 8930

  209. callmedave says:

    Health Service Journal journalist asks about isolation and travelling between buildings and……
    (Oh! the BBC cuts from the update) at that moment 🙁 .

    We will never know if it was going to be about the errant WM Community minister…… Auntie FGS! 🙁
    News announcer just said:

    The figures today are only for deaths reported in Hospitals.
    Fair enough. Glad that was made clear.

    The Scottish update figures for these deaths appear every Wednesday so Thursday next week for the add on figures.
    But not for darn Sarf!

  210. dakk says:

    The first couple months or more of lockdown is to belatedly try protect an unprepared front line from death and destruction.

    No ppe, Jack of equipment, staff and capacity.That will few months to rectify.
    At least in UK.

    After that period of adjustment and they are protected, things will creep back in phases towards normality amid fears of second wave and reinfections.

    There will be a new normality(distancing/ppe) ,but some countries will deal with it better than others.

    If a partially effective vaccine is found in a couple years, then maybe we can normalise further.

  211. Katie says:

    Ok… I know… this is probably going to sound a bit petty but the UK Coronavirus message ‘Stay home!’…..what it all about really? I mean the Tories are all Eton educated elite, so I would presume they had a grasp of the use of English. Why no ‘at’? Is it to give the impression its so urgent that there are no time for prepositions? Or is it a cost saving thing? Or is it a move to make us more like USA? Hmmmm…..

  212. Republicofscotland says:

    “Ever heard of Catalonia? ‘Nuff said.”

    We’ve already held a indyref, which in my eyes means that we are a country, infact of the two countries in this unholy union , we are the elder of the two countries. According to Kenneth Macinnes, Scotland is the oldest surviving kingdom in Europe, a country traditionally dating from 843 AD under Kenneth MacAlpin.

    International recognition counts, not Johnsons threats of violence if that’s what he has in mind when we become independent.

  213. CameronB Brodie says:

    An individual’s “being” is all the stuff and things that make us human, including our cognitive framework of moral psychology, will and AGENGY, and stuff. This is the established fundamental understanding of a legal person. So the only way we can protect our ‘personal property’, is by defending our pesonal biology. This is the most fundamental responsibility we have .

    Brexit ignores the nature of the human condition, and apparently so does the solicitor.

  214. ahundredthidiot says:

    Watch what happens in Italy this weekend…..if you have the means, that is, because you may well be denied the ‘news’.

    Freedom should not be sacrificed so easily.

  215. shug says:

    Slight up date on the numbers. Guess the BBC cant keep up with the variety of sources

    Deaths % of Deaths

    N Ireland 92 1.03%
    Scotland 495 5.53%
    Wales 315 3.52%
    England 8056 89.93%
    Total 8958

  216. Colin Alexander says:

    Golfnut said:

    “…However having the ability to reassert our Sovereign Statehood using Scots domestic law which is supreme in Scotland, not subject to English law should not be discounted. It’s discussed often enough on here Colin”.

    Totally agree.

    Not only should it not be discounted, it should be actively pursued along with the political process.

  217. Republicofscotland says:

    “Unionist determination to wipe Scottish Law from the Statutes of Westminster ”


    This kind of supplanting from England has history, when King Alexander III died, John Balliol became King of Scotland, Edward Ist of England, thought of himself as overlord of Scotland, openly lending a hand to ease the new king into position.

    However Edward saw Bailliol was a weak king, and decided to supercede him on disputes within Scotland, and to eventually rule on major Scottish disputes down in English courts whilst replacing Scottish sheriffs, and the Scottish clergy with English counterparts, until the rise of the Bruce that is.

    Again in Walter Scott’s time, he helped save Scots law, and retain Scottish money from English absorption, he also rediscovered Scotlands honours.

    Fast forward to today, who will save it now? Sturgeon? I very much doubt it,my money would be on Salmond, if he returns to the fold.

  218. callmedave says:

    Hope this linky thing works.

    It’s a ‘Talking up Scotland’ thing on the figures. 🙂
    Fingers X’d

  219. CameronB Brodie says:

    P.S. I had to tell a number of folk to keep their distance today. This is an example of poor cognitive competence, though I was in a poor part of town. So lack of educational justice is clearly a threat to society.

    Constitutional law can only protect social justice, through coherence with the natural law. Polatics can not be relied upon to deliver justice. That is why we have the LAW.

  220. Pete says:

    One more week then we need to come out of this tyranny.
    I’ve never come across so many people with nazi tendencies bombarding everyone who dares to go outside.
    The only long term solution is to go for herd immunity and folks like myself and my wife are happy to take our chances.
    Otherwise the economy will tank and people will start going down the path of civil disobedience.

  221. callmedave says:

    That wasn’t right. 🙁

  222. Pete says:

    You are a real snobbish prat.
    Actually, you’re an idiot!!

  223. shug says:

    Chanel 4 going big on the published figures not including care homes

    BBC is going to have to up its game

  224. James says:

    CBB bore off somewhere else you fucking dickhead.

  225. jfngw says:

    Norway, Iceland, South Korea, being part of the union is literally killing our citizens. What could we have achieved without the iron boot of WM on Scotland’s throat?

  226. CameronB Brodie says:

    Seeing as you’re a man who swings to the right, I can discredit your judgment as entirely unreliable. Human judgement is shaped though bio-neurological mechanisms which are deficient in Tories.


  227. cirsium says:

    @dakk, 6.14pm

    If a partially effective vaccine is found in a couple years, then maybe we can normalise further.

    If it was not possible to create a vaccine for SARS-CoV1, it is unlikely to be possible to create a vaccine for SARS-CoV2. There are several drug treatments which look promising and which are on clinical trial at present.

    The priority now is to develop two reliable tests to find out who has the virus and who had had the virus so that standard public health procedure (test, track and quarantine) can be implemented and the lockdown lifted. If this is not down soon, the economy is going to be wrecked and that will decrease the life expectancy of millions of people. The UK government has stepped in and rescued large firms. Where is the UK government’s policy regarding the main employer in the UK (including Scotland)- small and medium-sized enterprises?

  228. CameronB Brodie says:

    If you only want to play at politics, why not fuck off yourself?

  229. Dog biscuit says:

    Pete and James does your commanding officer know you’re trying to think for yourself?

  230. Dog biscuit says:

    Maybe reread your Aid Memoir.

  231. dakk says:

    @ cirsium said
    Where is the UK government’s policy regarding the main employer in the UK (including Scotland)- small and medium-sized enterprises?

    Tell me about it.

    Don’t know whether fear of bankruptcy and repossessions outweighs fear of death of young family members.

    OK I do, but troubled waters ahead.

    I know that much.

  232. Sensibledave says:

    Cammy 6.38

    All those grand pronouncements … but you are undone by your own words.

    You only believe in those fundamental truths … if I agree with you politically!!!!

    You are such a dick

  233. CameronB Brodie says:

    If you lacks comprehension of the world, they can not hope to navigate it safely, or be able to determine one’s own destiny.

    The law must protect members of society who lack effective capacity to look out for themselves, and others. If the Scottish government is not prepared to perform its’ legal duty of care (see Brexit), then the people have the right to make recourse to international law to protect their legal personalities.

  234. CameronB Brodie says:

    My politics are actually quite libertarian, and are formed though a bio-neurological appreciation of the law. Dave’s a Tory. You do the maths. 🙂

  235. george wood says:

    @Pete 6.55pm

    You have no idea what the consequences are of just going for herd immunity now are. 60% is the lowest figure I’ve seen for this virus for herd immunity, which means at least 40 million have to be successfully exposed to this virus.

    Given that the death rate from this is about 1%, it means that at least 400,000 people will die achieving it.

    If you think that 400,000 dying will be less of a problem for the economy then you are not on planet earth. There is a good reason why nearly all the countries in the world are going down the isolation route it is because the consequences of not doing so are far worse.

    Herd immunity is useful the second time the virus appears and the sane way to do it is through vaccination, which we have to hope will have been available for when or if it reappears.

  236. CameronB Brodie says:

    Full text.
    Review of The Moral Conflict of Law and Neuroscience

  237. dakk says:

    @ cirsium
    Some kind of moratorium on bank repossessions and a universal basic income might be a goer if this health event persists.

    Unlikely any united kingdom government would countenance that in any event.

    An independent Scottish one may.

  238. Golfnut says:

    @ ahundrethidiot.

    The obvious fact that you can be a virus carrier without showing symptoms, can be a carrier without ever showing symptoms, that you can be a carrier up to I think 3 weeks before symptoms start to show. No sneezing, no coughing. Plenty of touching though, cups, glasses, surfaces, shaking hands, kissing, quick cuddle. Basically mouth to hand, hand to mouth, straight transfer of the virus on the back of normal human interaction. That is why testing should be at the forefront of fighting this virus, test and isolate. Is that simple enough for you.

  239. Mist001 says:

    Looks like we’ll be coming to Edinburgh in July after all because:

    “Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary confirmed a normal schedule of commercial flights won’t return until June 17.”

    We’re booked for July.

  240. Craig Murray says:

    Col Blimp,

    You are over-pessimistic. Over 80,000 unique individuals in Scotland read my J’accuse article on my own website. I don’t think a lot of them were Unionists. Both Stu and I were watched by 120 to 150,000 people on the Alex Salmond show.

    When I spoke to a packed branch meeting of Braidburn Branch SNP along the lines of my podcast, I was possibly the least angry person in the room about lack of progress on Indyref2.

  241. Fireproofjim says:

    Leaving the people to develop “herd immunity” is one of the reasons that the UK is so far behind Germany. It was the original plan by Cummings/ Johnson and for two weeks they did nothing, even allowing massive crowds at race tracks and taking no precautions on crowded tube trains.
    It was only after being told the full consequences of the mad policy (400,000 dead and the NHS completely overwhelmed) that they changed to the current isolation policy.
    London is now reaping the consequences of the herd immunity policy and will probably end up being the worst place for Cov 19 in Europe.
    The only long term way of beating the virus is development of a vaccine and, meanwhile, test the contacts of every infected person and isolate them.
    The MSM will never blame the U.K. government for their incompetence and are already gearing up for a huge blast of “Wonderful Boris” when he leaves hospital.

  242. cynicalHighlander says:


    Dream on.

  243. ahundredthidiot says:

    Golfnut @ 8:37

    Clear enough, yes, and perhaps we got on the wrong foot. I COMPLETELY agree that testing should be massively increased, as well as Contact Tracing. Building a picture is KEY.

    My concern is that this is NOT HAPPENING – and knowing how UK plc pragmatism works in practice does not fill me with confidence.

    I hear people say ‘oh i know someone who was tested’ but when I push these people (inc family) on detail, they have nothing but hearsay.

    This leads me back to my initial concern – that this virus is in the air/wind.

    I am not a COVID denier, I have direct experience which I am not prepared to share, but here is the gig….

    …..we ALL already have it (to a certain extent), so, either we accept that, or perhaps we start to worry about droplet content, and if that is truly a concern, then maybe the ‘stay Indoor/Stay at Home’ mantra would make sense.

    I just think people can handle the truth.

  244. Habiballah Steele says:

    Thanks, Stuart! Common sense!

  245. jfngw says:

    Want to be transported back to the 1940’s, just watch a BBC coronavirus news report and you are there. Get the full government bullshit delivered directly to you living room. Turn a disaster into a propaganda victory, they are there to help, they have an endless supply of John Snagge’s.

  246. dakk says:

    @ Misty

    You swapped the Pastis for Absynth tonight?

  247. CameronB Brodie says:

    Herd immunity is pure biological determinism, which is compatible with Tory hostility to the principle of universality (grounded in natural law). This is not opinion, it is observation, comprehension, and analysis.

  248. dakk says:

    Oh and Misty, where’s the leather jaiket?

    One of the young turks down vieux port take it off yer back?

  249. ahundredthidiot says:




    I love you all

    Take Care

    Love and Cool Beans

  250. dakk says:

    Anyone know what day it is today?

  251. Colin Alexander says:

    Craig Murray

    Thank you for a very interesting podcast on the Declaration of Arbroath.

    Regarding an indy mandate via the Scottish Parliament election.

    Was that theoretical? Or do you think there will be sufficient (any?) candidates seeking an indy mandate?

    Have you abandoned the idea of Scotland’s parliamentarians simply declaring indy first, then later having a confirmatory indy Scotland referendum? eg Indy the Baltic states way.

  252. Colin Alexander says:

    Craig Murray

    You point out serious irregularities in postal voting during the 2014 indyref.

    Don’t you think that would also happen at an election too, if candidates stood for indy?

  253. Mist001 says:

    @ dakk

    Funnily enough, I used to drink Absinthe but it was a bit pricey at the time, probably still is. Woke up in my (then) back green one morning after an evening on the Absinthe.

    Aah memories…

    I like to keep my avatars fresh and up to date, no fucker would dare mug or rob me in Marseille, so that’s just my most recent photo. There’ll be a new one along soon.

    So, there you go.

  254. Colin Alexander says:

    Craig Murray

    As you have a greater than average knowledge of international law, I expect you will appreciate the Treaty of Union is an international treaty.

    The treaty was given effect by domestic legislation in the separate Scottish and English Parliaments (incorporated).

    Isn’t it the case that the Treaty has been breached on a number of occasions, very recently for example regarding all parts of the Union trading on equal terms ( Article II)?

    When I say Treaty, I mean the Treaty as agreed between the two sovereign states, (not the domestic legislation of England and then UK Parliament).

    So, it would be legally legitimate to legally denounce the Treaty as having been breached and made void.

  255. jfngw says:

    Rumours that Boris Johnson may rise on Sunday are fictitious, the numbers of the dead are not low enough yet. Mr Johnson will reappear on the scene after the donkey work is done. Was he really ill or like his hero just pissed.

  256. CameronB Brodie says:

    Colin Alexander
    This any help? 😉

    Treaty Obligations and National Law:
    Emerging Conflicts in International Arbitration

    ….According to rules of international law, however, neither a Constitutional mandate nor the enactment of a statute provides an excuse for a treaty violation.9 Prevailing opinion holds that an act wrongful under the law of nations remains so even if a nation’s internal law deems otherwise.10

    Moreover, it remains settled law in the United States that courts should not construe a statute to violate international law if any other plausible construction presents itself.11 Thus, American judges remain under a duty to avoid, if at all possible, placing the United States in breach of its international obligations.12

    Three controversial court of appeals decisions on arbitration highlight the contours of these conflicts.13 The cases also serve as a springboard from which to explore several vexing questions related to private dispute resolution. In each instance, the court dismissed a petition to confirm a foreign arbitral award subject to the United Nations Arbitration Convention, commonly known as the New York Convention.14 The Convention obligates the United States and 136 other signatory countries to enforce foreign arbitration awards, subject to a limited litany of defenses related principally to procedural fairness.15

  257. call me dave says:

    Maya Goodfellow freelance journalist on the BBC paper review there
    not pleased with UK Gov handling of corona virus.

    Too little too late and references today’s death figures as the highest in Europe except France BUT their figures include care home deaths and those in the community. 🙁

    Maybe she should get to ask Rabb etal a couple of questions. 🙂

  258. CameronB Brodie says:

    Constitutional law is an expression of cultural cognition and moral psychology. So it’s a bit daft to hope constitutional law will dismantle the agency that brought it into existence. Constitutional law seeks to preserve itself and gives way to change very grudgingly.

    So that’s the choice. An existent and viable Scot law, or English Torydum for ever.

  259. Effijy says:

    Tomorrow in Trumpland there will be over 500,000 Contamination’s and 20,000 Deaths.
    Even with 8,000 heading into mass graves in New York the president thinks its just about over?

    In Bojoland the number of contamination’s will overtake the figure for China and we will be looking
    At 10,000 Deaths.

    Both have caused many needless deaths by refusing to acknowledge the trends in Italy and Spain
    They thought of the cost to the economy and decided to bury their heads in the sand.

    Today I hear that the worlds wealthiest most powerful nation that has no health care provision for
    Millions of its own citizens, a nation with the worlds highest daily death rates and growing wants to send Boris 50 ventilators?

    Two Blond Bumbling Buffoon Besties!

  260. dakk says:

    @ Misty

    Thanks for the update.

    Calm doon.

    Just joshin.

    Mibbee the banter’s different doon the vieux port.

  261. Colin Alexander says:

    CameronB Brodie

    Thank you Cameron.

    Likewise, in the UK, in Scots Law and English Law, where domestic legislation gives effect or incorporates an international treaty, the domestic law is meant to reflect the terms of the treaty. This has been established in case law rulings.

    It seems perverse to incorporate a treaty into domestic law, then amend the domestic legislation when that domestic legislation is supposed to follow what the Treaty says: but the Treaty has not changed.

    In the case of the Treaty of Union, Article II says trade shall be on equal terms in the Union.

    This was incorporated into the Scottish and English legislation ( the Acts of Union). This was then amended in the DOMESTIC legislation. But the Treaty was not, cannot, be changed: it’s an international Treaty between the Kingdoms of Scotland and England.

    So, now we have a Union where N.I. will have different trading terms from other parts of the Union, if it remains within the EU’s Single Market and Scotland does not.

  262. Iain More says:

    I see the Worldometer now says 980 UK Dead today. I choose to look at that site as the Brit Govt and the BBC etc are not to be trusted.

    I think the very idea that anywhere in the world should be practicing any kind of idolatry at Easter is monstrous.

    The fact that Jenrick hasn’t resigned or been sacked yet is a disgrace.

  263. Col.Blimp IV says:

    Craig Murray says:
    10 April, 2020 at 8:43 pm

    “When I spoke to a packed branch meeting of Braidburn Branch SNP along the lines of my podcast, I was possibly the least angry person in the room about lack of progress on Indyref2.”

    Encouraging news indeed, and I hope it can be replicated the length and breadth of the country.

    My fear is that if that anger manifests it’s self as conference resolutions demanding a referendum, or the dissolution of the UK on achieving a mandate at the SG election. The Standing Orders and Agenda Committee, will rule them inadmissible on spurious grounds like “The Executive already have a motion for Indyref2” and “once elected an MSP is answerable to the electorate not party conference”.

    And it will fizzle out, sacrificed at the altar of Party Unity.

    I hope my doubts are unfounded and I confess my knowledge of the workings of and the vibe within the SNP are a good ten years out of date, having self-isolated for at least that long.

    Too long, by any measure.

    Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more;
    Or close the wall up with our Coronavirus dead.

  264. Colin Alexander says:

    Here’s another one or two:

    Why has the UK amended English and Scottish legislation, eg legislation made by the Parliament of Scotland and English Parliament which existed pre-Union?

    Why is the Claim of Right still law?

    Why is there still Scots Law and English Law?

    If GB created a completely NEW state, why isn’t there just GB Law instead of English and Scots Law?

    Why is pre-Union legislation, such as the Claim of Right 1689 still legally valid if there is no such thing as Scotland now in law?

    What gives GB / UK state the right to amend the pre-Union legislation of Scotland or England, unless in law Scotland and England still exist in law as (theoretical) equal partners operating under an umbrella organisation called GB / the UK, so giving them the right to amend their own legislation?

  265. Mist001 says:

    @ dakk

    It’s different alright because I can barely understand what they’re talking about. Even if I could, their humour is completely different from what you and I know as humour.

    I saw a bar fight once, two guys and it was the most laughable thing I’d ever seen compared to bar fights that I’ve seen in Scotland!

  266. CameronB Brodie says:

    Colin Alexander
    This is one of the features of the natural law, it guides us in how to respond to historical Treaty obligations. Brexit makes no reference to the Moral Law obligations of the Treaty, so constitutional law concerning Brexit lacks sufficient epistemological integrity to claim legal authority over Scotland. The game is over if only someone would make recourse to constitutional practice that is coherent and compatible with international human rights law. The would require a spine though, and a change of strategy that involved logic.

  267. robertknight says:

    One can only hope that BawJaws’ brush with death results in a Road to Damascus conversion regarding funding of the NHS.

    But knowing him, the solution will be to invite American private health providers to run the show. Tw@t!

  268. dakk says:

    @ Misty


    Nae tumblers?

  269. Colin Alexander says:

    The SNP have said the people of Scotland are sovereign, but so why no constitutional challenge from the SNP regarding Scotland voting Remain but being Brexited by UK Parliamentary “sovereignty”? So the EU accepting Art 50 was triggered according to the UK constitution. Has any SNP politician ever answered that?

  270. Shug says:

    I believe the next one will be the last as westminster will move to establish the uk as a unitary state of which Scotland is a region

    They will absolutely stop another on the basis you voted twice for the union

    Internationally money will talk and other countries will be happy to accept the Westminster position. To believe other countries will support a minority here is As daft as sensibledaves 77 brigade nonsense

  271. Golfnut says:

    @ Colin Alexander.

    Thanks for your response Colin.

    I would add to your comment to Cameron regarding the Treaty.

    1)Treaty/Contract law trumps domestic law.

    2)The acceptance by the ICJ that achieving Independence is not reliant on adhering to domestic law.

    3)Scotland has its own independent Constitunional legal system that does not recognise the Principal/convention of Parliamentary sovereignty. It does not recognise the authority of Westminster to lawfully prevent Scotland repealing the Act of Union.

  272. Ayeright says:

    Hey Shug

    Absolutely right, NO voters are sovereign too! Many here conveniently seem to forget that. They gloss over it so as to keep up the pretense that we don’t need any kind of vote.

    Nah! All we have to do is declare Independence, and forget all about what the sovereign NO voters think.

    Their votes don’t count so we we won’t ask them instead, really?

  273. Mist001 says:

    @ dakk

    Nae tumblers. Two guys honestly dancing backwards and forwards with ech other, throwing *slaps*, open handed slaps to each others faces!

    It really was incredible, nae ‘whit the fuck are you lookin’ at?’

  274. CameronB Brodie says:

    It appears you want to relinquish Scottish sovereignty because some might lack political support for the rule-of-law? Is that right?

  275. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    On Christmas Day 1942, Radio Moscow broadcast a simple message to the members of General Friedrich Paulus’s 6th Army besieged in the city of Stalingrad. To the background sound of a ticking clock came the message:

    “Every seven seconds a German soldier dies in Russia. Stalingrad is a mass grave.”

    Currently EVERY 9 MINUTES a person dies of Covid-19 in New York!


  276. Golfnut says:

    Just exactly where was the suggestion put forward that a vote wasn’t either required or desirable. Craig Murray didn’t, nor I or Colin Alexander, nor Cameron.

  277. Ayeright says:

    @CameronB Brodie

    Scottish sovereignty belongs equally to those that want Independence and those that wish to remain in a Union with England.

    So what is the sovereign choice of the people of Scotland?

    I guess we might need to ask them first or we’ll never know.

  278. CameronB Brodie says:

    So you are happy to place political taste above international law? Brexit removes Scotland further from international law, and the potential for justice.

  279. Ayeright says:

    @CameronB Brodie

    Eh? What kind of gibberish are you spewing now.

  280. K1 says:

    I’m sure some saw this on Rev’s twitter earlier but worth a wee read if not:

    I’ve written to my MSP asking if Scot gov are in lock step with this approach. As clearly UK gov. have not changed ‘herd immunity’ policy according to this leaked recording, quite the opposite and does explain why no ‘ramped’ up testing a thousands of preventable deaths now occurring.

    Shower of fucking bastards the lot of them.

  281. CameronB Brodie says:

    Social justice is not possible without a respect for the foundations of universal human rights. Brexit shits on the Moral Law. Do you support self-ID, or associate with those who do?

    Treaty Obligations and National Law:
    Emerging Conflicts in International Arbitration

    ….According to rules of international law, however, neither a Constitutional mandate nor the enactment of a statute provides an excuse for a treaty violation.9 Prevailing opinion holds that an act wrongful under the law of nations remains so even if a nation’s internal law deems otherwise.10

  282. Ayeright says:

    @CameronB Brodie

    Eh? I’ll ask again.

    What kind of gibberish are you spewing now.

  283. twathater says:

    @ ayeright 1.20am
    So what is the sovereign choice of the people of Scotland?

    I guess we might need to ask them first or we’ll never know.

    So for all your Nicola loving diatribe that you post on here , and call everyone else derogatory names you actually agree that a referendum should have been called to ascertain the views of Scots regarding independence , and it is actually NS that has betrayed the independence movement by capitulating to bozo and his cabal
    Or are you just visiting wings because you are bored over on the NS can do no wrong websites , or are you just at your usual baiting

  284. CameronB Brodie says:

    Got a problem in basic comprehension and interpretation?

  285. CameronB Brodie says:

    I have no right to insist Scotland’s politics, but you don’t get to tell me what the rule-of-law looks like. You are trying to play God.

  286. Ayeright says:


    I’m not the one that calls everyone else derogatory names, that would be “jackie”, if memory serves me right. You know that one that hates Nicola Sturgeon and hates, even more, anyone that might support her.

    The same person that said to me

    “You wasted all that time for nothing. Sad woke STURGEONITE bastard”

    Or for hours abused everyone that had a differering view from theirs.

    You just don’t get it do you?

    Of course a referendum should be held and it will be, you are just too impatient and TOO willing to attack the very party that WILL get us that referendum.

    I actually feel quite sorryb for you, you’re a loser who has lost all hope and has nothing left to fight for. You gave in you miserable little worm. Well we are not all like you, we know our time will come and believe me we will use it wisely.

    You carry on grumping, you old fart and give up totally because who needs losers like YOU? We are looking for winners here, you know people who actually believe we will win our Independence and are willing to walk the walk.

    You just talk a load of shite. Away with yeh.

  287. CameronB Brodie says:


  288. CameronB Brodie says:

    An anti-foundational approach to constitutional law, adds to the destruction of a scientific world view, and the practice of science itself. Law is a form of science. Constitutional practice can not be compatible with international law, unless it adheres to the principles of natural law.

    The SNP are currently failing to recognise this, I’m simply trying to remind them.

  289. CameronB Brodie says:

    Remember, British constitutional law and practice is neither coherent or compatible with international human rights law.

  290. CameronB Brodie says:

    I’m not making this stuff up. ;(

    Knowledge, Truth, and Duty: Essays on Epistemic Justification, Responsibility, and Virtue
    Epistemic Justification and Normativity

  291. twathater says:

    @ ayeright 2.21am

    I’m not the one that calls everyone else derogatory names,

    Then proceeds to do just that

    So you have left your NS idolatry websites to come on wings to bait
    Awa and tak yer face for a shite cringer

  292. CameronB Brodie says:

    “An anti-foundational approach to constitutional law and practice, adds to the destruction of a scientific world view, and the practice of science itself”

    That’s the perspective of Torydum, that is, and unfortunately the “woke” New Left also.

  293. Breeks says:

    Ayeright says:
    11 April, 2020 at 1:20 am
    @CameronB Brodie

    Scottish sovereignty belongs equally to those that want Independence and those that wish to remain in a Union with England.

    So what is the sovereign choice of the people of Scotland?

    I guess we might need to ask them first or we’ll never know.

    You just do not grasp the concept of sovereignty do you? It’s beyond you. No matter how many times it’s explained to you, it’s just a word salad that doesn’t make sense to you, so you get angry with everybody else.

    Pointless I know, but here we go again… maybe the penny will drop this time.

    The sovereign choice is Scotland’s ‘prerogative’. That literally means that the Scottish people have the casting vote on what happens in Scotland. We decide, nobody else decides, making the decision is our privilege. That is why Scotland’s Brexit is unconstitutional, because it breaks our constitution. Our decision is not being respected when the law requires that it should be, and thus, Scotland is being coerced and subjugated by another country. That subjugation is unlawful.

    Defend the principle and legitimacy of Scotland’s lawful constitution, just fight for it and stand firm, and the concept of the Union Treaty, the Union of Equals, is undone and the Treaty is breached. The Union is dead, and has no legal foundation. You don’t have to win, you don’t need a mandate, you don’t need a majority, you don’t even need a referendum. The Union will be dead because the UK broke the rule of law. So grasp that law, go to court and see it upheld, and embrace the demise of the Union!

    Ayeright says:
    11 April, 2020 at 2:02 am
    @CameronB Brodie

    Eh? I’ll ask again.

    What kind of gibberish are you spewing now?…

    The gist of what Cameron is saying that the UK’s constitution, not Scotland’s written constitution but the UK’s unwritten constitution, is the triumph of nonsense over fact.

    The abstract bullshit of the UK constitution prevails because people are content to accept that Mickey Mouse unwritten laws and improvised conventions are held to be superior above laws that are written down as formal statute. Sophistry is triumphant over constitutional truth.

    If or when, (and under Sturgeon that’s a big IF and even bigger WHEN), there is a referendum, it will now be held under the conditions whereby the UK sees itself omnipotent and unbound by any constraints or written laws, because that’s exactly what has just happened over Brexit; Scotland’s law and sovereignty was overruled and Scotland’s cowardly government capitulated without a fight.

    It’s just like Boris. This is Britain, so the laws of virus contagion and pandemic don’t apply here. It’s the rhetoric of bullshit triumphant over science, and the fathead idiot in chief who decides we’ll all “take it on the chin” ends up in intense care and our mortuaries are full. Rule Britannia.

    What will be different next time around? Well, if the Scottish government doesn’t man-up and defend the principle of sovereign constitutional law, then absolutely nothing will be different next time, because once you’ve conceded your power to make decisions, even holding a referendum as an inferior isn’t your decision to make, and cowardly wee Scotland is the UK’s bitch for yet another generation. That is exactly the position which Sturgeon’s strategy has led us to!

    Just trust the meaning of written down laws, and Constitutional Sovereignty will save Scotland from Brexit, and kill the contract of 1707 Union. But instead of demanding the rule of law is respected, we have ourselves a miserable and weak SNP government, hellbent on burying Scotland’s rights and denying laws which are there to protect us, and which is constantly on it’s knees paying homage and fealty to the makey-uppy unwritten abstract constitution of the UK.

    Scotland has the rule of international law on its side, but ignores it wholesale, and allows itself to be overruled by the UK witch doctor’s bad juju medicine. Sturgeon isn’t “our” Nations leader but “their” provincial Gauleiter. She is an agent selling “their” constitution to us when she should be defending ours.

    Do you see it yet Ayeright? Has the penny dropped this time? Nicola Sturgeon has run aground because she’s playing by their made-up rules, not Scotland’s laws. We do not have to “take it on the chin” because the UK bullshitters say we do. The rule of law says we don’t.

  294. CameronB Brodie says:

    Prove your position, otherwise it is simply opinion.

  295. CameronB Brodie says:

    It is not possible to fight prejudice and discrimination, without a bio-neurological appreciation of the law. Scotland’s civil service have been instructed to follow an approach to law that is incompatible with a legal respect for biology, British constitutional practice is blind to the human condition. Scotland’s getting pummeled. 🙁

  296. Robert Louis says:

    The problem is, that whilst MOST folk do observe social distancing, not ALL do. Therefore, the rules have to be stricter than really necessary to cope with the ‘5G ‘Truthers’ and geuine thickos of society.

    I’ve been in a very large park, everybody being sensible (it wasn’t very busy), then saw a runner actually run (from behind) between two people walking down the road.

    It is for dens b****rds, like the moronic runner, that the laws are so strict. I agree some police have behaved badly, and shown just why we need to ensure police are ALWAYS kept under the heel of democracy. A wee bit power to some officers and off they go to convict, like the effing stasi.

    Anyway, that’s what I think. Most folk are sensible, the rules are in place for the pig-ignorant thick bas***ds. And ‘runners’.

  297. Robert Louis says:

    Breeks at 0445am,

    Totally agree. Scottish sovereignty means brexit getting imposed upon Scotland by England is wholly illegal and unconstitutional. It is a complete breach of the union treaty. Yet Sturgeon doesn’t fight.

    QUOTE “Scotland has the rule of international law on its side, but ignores it wholesale, and allows itself to be overruled by the UK witch doctor’s bad juju medicine. Sturgeon isn’t “our” Nations leader but “their” provincial Gauleiter. She is an agent selling “their” constitution to us when she should be defending ours.”

  298. Socrates MacSporran says:

    Where is Cairns on-holiday this weekend? Is he in his spare bedroom, the attic, the dining room, or perhaps his garden shed? We regulars need to know.

  299. Dan says:

    @Robert Louis

    Aye, it’s yet another fine post by Breeks that concisely sums up Scotland’s situation, and if that situation is so wildly out of kilter with how the SNP / Scottish Government Administration see things then they might consider firing up the good ol’ Rebuttal Unit to better inform us of what they determine Scotland’s position is.
    They do have supposed Political Education Officers at various levels within the Party so you’d think it might be useful for their activists to have a sound comprehension of matters as a solid base of knowledge from which to campaign from.
    I was looking for something the other day and turned up this page which kinda talks the talk.

    Also wouldn’t mind the same Rebuttal Unit offering a response to this…

  300. Sensibledave says:

    Cammy 5.38

    You wrote “It is not possible to fight prejudice and discrimination, without a bio-neurological appreciation of the law.”

    Cammy, that is simply untrue. Only a pseudo intellectual desperate to claim elitist superiority over normal folk could possibly think such a thing. Your statement is an insult to most folk on the planet.

    Get yer head out of yet arse!

  301. Ottomanboi says:

    What a thin veneer is western democracy as the ‘to fear is to obey’ police state goes viral,
    Stay safe, stay sane, stay rational.
    Associate with politicians, state functionaries and their agencies with caution.
    And be a healthy sceptic….
    Time indeed for a new régime in Scotland.

  302. Ayeright says:

    Nothing better to do other than grumble? Not seeing it.

  303. Effijy says:

    Looking at the Global Corona Stats looking to confirm
    The key to controlling the virus is testing from day one.

    I looked at Norway, the country that took its independence from Sweden
    and who managed to fill their treasury while becoming debt free, in-spite
    Of have Scotland’s curse of having extensive oil fields.

    The Norwegians have a very low Corona death numbers having tested 22,720. Citizens
    For ever 1 million of their population in Borisland it’s just 4,667 per million.

    Due to that decision to save on the cost of testing the economy will have debts to pay, with interest
    For the next 50 years and thousands of lives have been lost needlessly.

    Hancock’s half wit on TV this morning for the 100th time stating that he had all the protection equipment required and he is getting it out to where it is needed only for Doctors and Nurses and
    Care workers to plead that they do not have the required equipment or not in the necessary volumes.

    Hancock returns to the Tory mantra and rhymes off masks and gloves dispatched in very large numbers. The numbers do not matter in any shape or form as the whole thing revolves around
    Outing the lives of these workers in danger because he has been unable to dispatch the protection
    Equipment needed in the volumes required.

    Sorry I have said this before but I would claim that a black hackney taxi could hold enough gloves, masks and aprons to keep most hospitals for a day.
    How about Hancock phones one and pays them a few hundred quid to deliver to their far flung facilities.?

    I have a taxi driver friend who recently drove a business woman from Glasgow to Luton for £700.
    If a company can pay that to get someone to a meeting couldn’t a government pay less than that to
    Protect health workers and patients?

    Unionist made welcome to tell me how Hancock is capable of organising a Pizza Delivery.

  304. Simon Curran says:

    More on Hancock. If this is true its reprehensible and he should resign but he won’t.

  305. ahundredthidiot says:

    Humza Yousaf and the SNP leading the charge on the next attack on our liberties.

    People are now ‘risking lives’ by having house parties.

    Watch closely; there will soon be an extension of the COVID Bill to include automatic entry into your home – without a warrant or an excuse, but on a ‘complaint’, from a ‘neighbour’ (not to be disclosed, of course)

    Things are about to get VERY VERY BAD

    Nazism was not defeated in the 40’s, it is alive and well today and I am just stunned the SNP are leading the charge on this.

    There once was a frog swimming around in circles………

  306. Republicofscotland says:

    So the UKs death toll for a 24 hour period exceeded that of Spain and Italy at their highest points of fatalities in a single day.

    980 people died in the UK in 24 hours, (not counting deaths in English and Welsh, and NI care homes from the virus) Spains highest daily death toll from the virus at its peak was 950, and Italy’s was for the same period of time 971.

    It’s claimed that we are two weeks behind those countries with regards to peak infection, so we can unfortunately expect the number of deaths to exceed the 980 mark before it peaks.

    The insane plan by the British government of herd immunity and the dithering over whether to implement the lockdown earlier has cost many lives. Of course the unionist media, who want your cash to help keep them afloat, have been more concerned about Boris Johnsons condition,(whether hes walking or talking etc) than they have about the incompetence of the government he heads.

    One could imagine that this tragedy could’ve been avoid or at least reduced if competent personnel were in government.

    As for Scotland surely this shows we must make our own decisions, and not leave them to a bunch of halfwit chancers in another country.

  307. jfngw says:

    When Scotland included all registered deaths with covid-19 on the death certificate the total went up 60%. The UK total of just under 9,000 is now in truth more likely to be 14,000 if this is replicated across the UK, why would it not be?

  308. Republicofscotland says:

    The manager of the London Tory branch in Scotland has said if an extension on the Brexit transition period is needed due to the virus then so be it.

    As if London gives a monkeys what their branch office manager in Scotland thinks. If it wasn’t for the unionist media in Scotland giving this London lackey airtime, he’d be even more irrelevant to Scots than he already is.

    Remember without the unionist media, the unionist parties at Holyrood wouldn’t be able to spread their lies and fear mongering in Scotland. Don’t buy their papers, as for their tv licence you know what to do.

  309. mike cassidy says:

    Not the cheeriest read to start the Easter weekend.

    Thank you @revstu!

    The recordings show Home Office Deputy Science Advisor Rupert Shute stating repeatedly that the Government believes “we will all get” COVID-19 eventually. The call further implied that the Government now considers hundreds of thousands of deaths unavoidable over a long-term period consisting of multiple peaks of the disease.

  310. Republicofscotland says:

    Aberdeen airport to become Scotlands next drive through virus testing point for NHS workers.

    Meanwhile its been touted, by Neil Ferguson, a college professor and member of (SAGE) Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies, a Westminster body, that under 30’s might be the first group in society to emerge from the lockdown.

  311. jackie says:

    Ayeright 4.45am

    “If or when, (and under Sturgeon that’s a big IF and even bigger WHEN), there is a referendum…”

    Has Ayeright finally seeing the light?

    Is the penny beginning to drop?

    If we can convince STURGEONITES like Ayeright that she is a Unionist dressed up in tartan, then we have hope of seeing her resign at the next available opportunity.

    Sturgeon is using this Corona virus crisis to drag us even closer to england, than trying to find a unique Scottish path out of it.

    I used to say Sturgeon would be more suited to being a member of the LibDems,,,now I am more likely to say she would be more suited to being a member of the Tory Party.

    And I hope Sturgeon didn’t put my name on that “Get Well” card she sent to BoJo.

    Not in my name Sturgeon.

  312. Republicofscotland says:

    Disgraced Prince Andrew, a close friend of the now deceased sexual predator Jeffery Epstein, has been pictured (by his ex-wife, at what looks like a country estate) packing cupcakes for a charity. No doubt its a weak attempt by the shamed Duke of York, to enamour himself in the public eye once again.

    Will Scots fall for it? Surely not.

  313. jackie says:

    I wonder what Sturgeon has been offered by the english for her to suppress the drive for Independence?

    Bought and sold…

  314. Sensibledave says:

    Mike Cassidy 10.23

    I guess I have assumed that too.

    I may be wrong but my assumption is that CV19 is going to be around, being carried by some for long into the future. Those states that have had a minimal infection rate compared to others will, at some point, have to open the doors internally and externally and deal with whatever then happens.

    I guess what I am saying is that, probably, the whole population of each country will be exposed at some point (unless there is a vaccine somewhere down the line). So the question is, if that is correct, how best to deal with that.

    As an example, Coronavirus has had virtually no hold in New Zealand. How are the authorities there going to manage the future?

  315. Effijy says:

    Prince Andrew packing cup cakes for under age girls?

  316. robertknight says:

    Jackie @ 10:43

    Not English gold as such, but when getting your foot in the door of the UN, as well as your own Wokeness credentials on gender issues, I’m sure it wouldn’t hurt to get a glowing reference from the Govt. of the UN member state whence you hail…

  317. Reuters
    `At least 91 patients thought to have recovered from the new coronavirus tested positive again in South Korea.

    Officials say the virus may have been ‘reactivated’.

  318. highseastim says:

    I see oor Douglas Ross is spouting his usual rubbish, hot on the heels of saying it was unnecessary for construction worker’s to not be working in Scotland as they were working south of the border. He is now claiming its essential for distilleries to keep working to keep the farmers afloat!!

    The true tory mantra :Wealth over Health!!

  319. Republicofscotland says:

    Robert Knight @11.03 am.

    Maybe Sturgeon is lining herself up for UN position, if things go side ways when Alex Salmond reveals all.

    On endearing herself to the UN, and acting like a international stateswoman, at least Sturgeon for now, is opening up the possibilities to international recognition of a independent Scotland, if and its a bloody big if, she pushes for independence at a later date.

  320. Colin Alexander says:


    [2019] UKSC 41: Miller v Prime Minister, Cherry & Others v Lord Advocate

    “41. Two fundamental principles of our constitutional law are relevant to the present case. The first is the principle of PARLIAMENTARY SOVEREIGNTY:

    that laws enacted by the CROWN IN PARLIAMENT are the SUPREME FORM OF LAW…SINCE THE 17TH CENTURY”.

    So, the current UK constitution is based on ENGLAND’S CONSTITUTION, as CROWN IN PARLIAMENT PARLIAMENTARY SOVEREIGNTY is England’s constitutional law.

    It’s this constitution that was presented by the UK, and accepted by the EU, as being the “lawful” basis of Scotland’s forced removal from the EU, with no legal constitutional challenge from FM Sturgeon or any SNP politician, including SNP MEPs.


    I struggle to understand why Aidan O’Neill is hired by those who support Scotland’s cause, when he publishes personal opinion pieces such as this: “The UK is a unitary state”…”the Scottish people” are no more sovereign than the “people of Basingstoke”.

    The following response comment seems more apt than ever (following Scotland’s Remain vote being disregarded because England and UK Parliament voted Leave):

    “JR Tomlin said: 06/11/2011 at 01:33

    A more ignorant post I have rarely been subjected to. The UK is not and never has been a unitary state. If that were the case, there would never have been separate and distinct Scottish laws and educational system…In a UK wide election, since the population of England outnumbers that of Scotland by more than 10 to 1, what you are saying is that the ENGLISH have to decide the constitutional status of the Scots”.

  321. Anyone who votes for the SNP must surely know that the SNP whole creation was to bring about Scottish independense so if you vote for them you are voting for that Yet the times the SNP has achieved a majority and not implemented their mandate is baffleingsurely when they got 56mps that was the time to act ???but no ., it was back then that I began to have my doubts about the leaderships sincerity about our freedom and my doubts have got worse the SNP have done a lot of good for the Scottish people but have failed to deliver the prize freedom we need either to get more new people in at the top of the party or a new party

  322. mike cassidy says:

    Just in case you needed a reason not to ‘Clap for Boris’

    Coronavirus has exposed the myth of British exceptionalism

  323. Dog biscuit says:

    OK Health over wealth. With Dominic Raab talking about possible ‘lockdown’ until they find a vaccine which he recons could take 18 months or so it looks like a long haul ahead for us. 18 months should make us really safe. I can imagine our grandads explaining to their leaders , in great numerical detail, why it’s not a good idea to hit the beach at Normandy. Ms Sturgeons motivation appearing bare . Holy Hell Jackie if you have a husband I feel sorry for him.

  324. Dog biscuit says:

    I do hope the poor chaps not ENGLISH!!!!!!

  325. Craig Murray says:


    You are right. In fact it is worse than that. Don’t forget the Spring Conference cancellation was long before the Coronvirus measures and entirely about not allowing reaction to copping out on Indyref2.

  326. AberdeenPict says:

    Effijy says:
    11 April, 2020 at 10:46 am
    Prince Andrew packing cup cakes for under age girls?

    He’s probably adding his ‘special cream’ on top of the cakes.

  327. CameronB Brodie says:

    That you insisting you know better than the Royal Town Planning Institute. You really are an arrogant wanker.

  328. CameronB Brodie says:

    Fucking Tories.


  329. Col.Blimp IV says:

    From yesterdays New York Times:

    “Over the 31 days ending April 4, more than twice the typical number of New Yorkers died.”

    That is the kind of no-nonsense information that we need to know in order to gauge the severity off, and how well/badly different regions and countries are coping with the current health crisis.

    On a more serious note –

    Will Kenny Dalglish die from Coronavirus?

    Mibeies Aye… Mibeies Naw!

  330. CameronB Brodie says:

    In case the penny hasn’t dropped for some, the political philosophy that underpins Tory ‘thinking’, displays a distinctly “blood and soil” quality to its’ character. The main psychological drivers of the Tory ‘intellect’, is the preservation of inherited privilege. So Tories tend to think they know better than everyone, even though they are bio-neurologically impaired in terms of cognitive flexability.

    Processes of prejudice:
    Theory, evidence and intervention

  331. CameronB Brodie says:

    Scotland thinks differently to England. We simply must not be forced to think the way of English Torydum. Scotland will no longer exist if we are.

    Acting Differently: How Science on the Social
    Brain Can Inform Antidiscrimination Law

  332. CameronB Brodie says:

    A legal respect for biology and natural law, is essential for the potential for social justice to occur. Tories hate natural law, but love biological and cultural determination. The SNP appear to be stepping in line.

  333. Colin Alexander says:

    Here’s my attempt at satire:

    The Unionist’s Sovereignty.

    The people of Scotland are sovereign?!! Don’t make me laugh. Your claim of sovereignty and Scottish constitution is based on documents and laws that come from history. And daftest of all: you are sovereign because you declare yourselves sovereign? What utter tosh!

    When will you people in North Britain learn: UK Parliament is sovereign. And I will tell you why:

    Crown in Parliament. Did you hear me? CROWN IN PARLIAMENT!

    In England the monarch is sovereign but lends their sovereign power to parliament so that makes parliament sovereign.

    So what makes the monarch sovereign? asks the Scot.

    The monarchs said so. That goes way back into ancient times. It’s ancient law. That’s why it’s right.

    But, I thought in the 1600’s Cromwell’s Parliament chopped Charles I’s head off, and declared parliament sovereign? asks the Scot.

    Yes, parliament was sovereign.

    But, you said the Crown was sovereign and it’s Crown in Parliament that makes parliament sovereign. So parliament wasn’t sovereign when there was no Crown and England was a republic? asks the Scot.

    Yes, parliament was sovereign then also.

    But you said sovereignty comes from the Crown. So, where did parliament’s sovereignty come from when there was no Crown? asks the Scot.

    Parliament declared itself sovereign.

    So, now there is a monarch again, doesn’t that make the monarch sovereign? asks the Scot.

    Oh no, parliament is sovereign.

    But how is parliament sovereign? asks the Scot.

    Crown in parliament! Is that so difficult to understand?

    It seems we’re going round in cirles here, says the Scot. I cannae follow that at all. So, what makes the monarch sovereign to make the parliament sovereign, even though the English parliament was sovereign without a monarch to make it sovereign?

    The monarch of England is sovereign; that’s just the way it is, going back hundreds of years.

    Now you see why England’s constitution of parliamentary sovereignty became Britain’s supreme constitutional principle? Our constitution makes sense; its modern, not based on history or tradition. It makes sense, doesn’t it?

    Does it? asks the Scot. Seems to me youse just make it up as you go along.

    The flexibility of the UK constitution is one of the great things about it but, of course that’s not just making it up as we go along. It’s based on English legal principles dating back hundreds of years. That’s why it’s superior.

  334. CameronB Brodie says:

    Please stop following a party that has lost its’ way, and start lead it instead.

    Limitations to equality: Gender stereotypes and social change

  335. CameronB Brodie says:

    Contemporary British constitutional practice articulates ethnically informed patriarchal misogyny. That’s English cultural supremacy, that is. Scotland will never overcome this, without a respect for natural law and biology.

  336. CameronB Brodie says:

    Why is it important Scots are allowed to think differently than English Torydum? Why does Scotland’s voice need to be heard?

    Neurodiversity as a Competitive Advantage

  337. CameronB Brodie says:

    Diversity is boss, and essential to a healthy culture. Limiting Scotland’s potential through the lens of British constitutional practice, undermines global diversity by restricting Scottish cultural practice. International law protects global diversity. British constitutional practice, not so much.

    The role of cognitive rigidity in political ideologies:
    theory, evidence, and future directions

  338. CameronB Brodie says:

    I’m sorry if I’m beginning to bore the tit off folks, but I value my human rights. British nationalism is an ideology. All those who stand under the dogma of British constitutional convention, do not respect international law. They are, subsequently, unable to defend my human rights, global diversity or sustainability.

    Ideology as Motivated Cultural Cognition
    How Culture Translates Personality into Policy Preferences

  339. gus1940 says:

    Who Will rid us of CBB and the patronising crap which he vomits over and fills up this site’s BTL?

    My mouse wheel is wearing out scrolling over his rubbish.

    Does anybody actually read anything he says?

  340. David says:

    I think the biggest divide in the behaviour of the public starts with how we question the restrictions. I think there are two general themes.

    1. Those that try and understand why the restrictions are there and possibly even ask if what is in the guidance is enough or is it too late and/or not adequate.

    2. Those that see the restrictions as an imposition on their right to be free and their right to roam and approach this by looking for various ways that they can ignore or bend the rules and keep their lives ticking over normally in these totally abnormal times.

    Many people are caught somewhere between the two with those leaning towards or agreeing with 1 above finding it difficult to engage comfortably with family and friends who are more leaning towards or agreeing with point 2 above. Vice versa those favouring or agreeing with 2 thinking that those favouring or agreeing with 1 are kill joys.

    What a mess.

  341. CameronB Brodie says:

    Got a problem with me sharing knowledge supportive of Scottish independence?

  342. Christine500 says:

    Witnessed a van chock a block with police (not self distancing for them) going round a large London park today.
    Telling off a couple stationed under a tree in a corner with a baby in a pram.Family made to go home or to walk around with pram until exhaustion
    What if family lives in an atticA, furnace in hot weather, endangering the baby?
    Police rudely telling off a sunbather “you are a risk to others” “go home” not knowing wether sunbather is not obliged to share a small house with 6 others no garden access>not caring to know.

    Police and also self appointed vigilantes going from hapless sunbather to sunbather, coming close to them (less than a metre)literally shouting (spitting) in their faces with no mask on…Superspreader police calling stationary people in the middle of a vacant patch of grass guilty of an offence and criminally selfish and irresponsible.

    Forcing people to walk along path and pass each other crammed on the paths.

    Physics lessons: 2 objects have more chances of colliding when in movement than when stationary.Commonsense.

    Taxpayer funded police robotically spouting learned lines at you.Spouting glaring nonsense shamelessly.

    Johnny: i agree with you system is designed for the convenience of the authorities.Much easier to”police” than to let people do as usual then take out groups etc.

    Park warden going round:filming ?
    Face recognition software getting its justification.

    Immigrants/EU citiens issued with a fine will likely not get their settled status visa…

  343. Christine500 says:

    AIMSIB association stating not one but 4 virus around: the original one plus 3 variants.
    AIMSIB take on virus worth a visit.

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