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The fine art of omission

Posted on August 21, 2017 by

We’ll only be making a very brief comment on the story in Tuesday’s Herald, for hopefully obvious reasons. The piece by Tom Gordon has been written for maximum innuendo to allow the wildest speculations on social media – which are of course duly taking place – but the alleged events relate entirely to some tweets from our Twitter account, none of which have been deleted and all of which are still publicly visible.

Nothing more sinister or serious than some tweets has occurred, or been alleged to have occurred. None of the tweets involved are in ANY way threatening, not even in a joking sense. That’s all we’ll be saying on the subject at this time.

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    1. Francis Mooney says:

      One knows that one is irrelevant when one is ignored. That is all.

    2. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      I’ve been away the last couple of days for a happy family occasion, and I don’t “do” Twitter anyway, so I haven’t a clue what’s going on.

      But in another way I suspect I do know what’s going on. (I believe Gandhi said something once on that subject.)

    3. ClanDonald says:

      I follow the Wings twitter account on a daily basis and apart from a few sweary words or calling some folk a few names like batshit crazy I’ve never seen anything sinister. If I had I wouldn’t be following it. That’s all I’m saying on the subject.

    4. Taranaich says:

      First they ignore you.

      Then they laugh at you.

      Then they fight you.

      Then you win.

    5. Jan says:

      So the alleged victim of this crime choose to keep their identity hidden?

      Sorry, I don’t know if you can answer such questions.

    6. Capella says:

      Had to happen Stu – you’re too effective in calling out the lies and mendacity for the Establishment to tolerate.

      But we are all 100% behind you and if any fund raising is needed just say the word.

    7. Jim Watson says:

      Meh! That’s all I’m saying it as well…although why does the Herald want to maximise a Queen song?

    8. Douglas Guy says:

      Best-selling author, forensic scientist and ex-call girl, @belledejour_uk tweeted…

      “I find super interesting because: I once reported years of harassment to same police force. This included messages along the lines of…
      …’I will find you and beat you, bring a surgeon,’ etc. Dozens of letters, some posted by hand through my letterbox, and so on…
      …and that resulted in a warning but not an arrest…”

    9. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      Taranaich @ 23:59,


    10. Alistair White says:

      Wanna buy the Herald to find out more but, meh. Can’t be arsed.

    11. Daisy Walker says:

      Tell us what you need – we’ll be there.

      You are the number one threat to them – because you resolutely stick to the facts – and show them up big time.

      We know your worth and we’ll back you.

      Just so you know.

      Best wishes now and always

    12. Francis Mooney says:

      I am with Capella. Do a fundraiser as a signal of intent. I love comedy. All of this crap takes a toll so you might want to watch that.

    13. Hamish100 says:

      Tom Gordon at last a world exclusive!!

      Sources from a unionist party?

      Now away and wash your hands their soiled.

      ps any views on the tories reintroducing the councillor’s from stirling area. Diversion.

    14. Stuart Patterson says:

      With you all the way, love you want to have your babies. Wee bit too much ? I’m not so sure

    15. Mrs Grimble says:

      I’m not going to pore through Stu’s tweets looking for a suspect; he posts dozens a day and gets sweary with almost everybody. The j
      ob would take me until the next bloody eclipse!

    16. Liz g says:

      We need to be looking for what they are trying to slip past us.
      This has distraction written all over it.
      Is the timing of it significant,I wonder?

      Take care of yourself Rev….we are all behind you,but I think you know that!

    17. TJenny says:

      Je suis Stuee. 🙂

      If ya need more money just ask.

      On a plus note, received my perk pack from the Levelling The Field crowdfunder, including beautiful brolly. 🙂

      Thanks to you and Lindsay for all that you do.

    18. Molly says:

      Alistair White I’ll tell you what you won’t find in the Herald, a full page explanation of why Ruth Davidson can get a piece published in the Telegraph but couldn’t pick up a phone to answer any questions to GMS or even The Herald re her response to numerous questions over the last few weeks

      i will say this though she’s right into equality.

      She treats the public like cretins and the Scottish media with the same disdain

      Ps.Scotland by now must be over run with squirrels

    19. Smallaxe says:

      When did we start believing a headline?

    20. ScottishPsyche says:

      It is strange the things that our press chooses to focus on. Such pure motives for the getting the real issues out there. They must be really smarting after last week.

      Being cynical, one could speculate that there is currency in perpetuating the idea that someone is a ‘disreputable’ person?

    21. Alex Clark says:

      I doubt the Rev has been “targeted” or that this has anything to do with the “establishment”.

      He’s been reported to the police before allegedly for stuff he said on twitter. The vileness he tweeted was “what an utter disgrace”. This particular person with a grievance accused the Rev of “threatening” her then for his tweet.

      Is it the same person? No idea. If not, whoever it is won’t have been the first to blow things out of proportion, just as the Herald have done in their clickbait article.

      You can find the story of the original Twitter spat on Wings from 2016.

    22. Karmanaut says:

      I’ve followed Wings on Twitter for years, and I can’t think of anything that would justify this.

    23. Alex Clark says:

      Another point. There have been no charges! Talk of fundraisers then is a bit premature. Best wait see what comes out in the wash.

    24. Petra says:

      Looks as though they’re trying to make a point of wearing you down now and of course maligning the Independence movement in the process. Hit with this now and what next … over the next year or so? Seems kind of strange, and then again not, that this coincides with another wee case! Meanwhile Mr Gordon will be helping to attract even more people to the site. Thanks Tom.

      Take care of yourself Stu and watch your back. We’re with you all the way X

    25. heedtracker says:

      Never a dull moment. Whatever they’re up to now, you have 110% support from at least one of your countless avid readers!

      And who the fuck is Tom Gordon:D

      Just one more gimp in a newsroom somewhere no doubt.

    26. Meg merrilees says:

      As Stu says : – The piece by Tom Gordon has been written for maximum innuendo to allow the wildest speculations on social media – which are of course duly taking place..

      Hang on in there STU.

      Let’s hope HM Constabulary will be equally assiduous in their efforts to arrest/caution those who are making malicious and threatening remarks towards Nicola Sturgeon, Mhairi Black, Joanna Cherry and many others.

      Nous sommes STU.

    27. Socrates MacSporran says:

      Congratulations Stuart.

      Gordon’s “Exclusive” put on the Herald website at 10pm and, by midnight it is the most-read article. Straight to Number One.

      I hope Gordon has the decency to drop you a wee bottle of something in thanks. But, his story really is a shoddy piece of journalism – what has my Herald become!! I am disgusted.

    28. Ian McCubbin says:

      Its fine we know. No worries keep the pressure on .

    29. Alex Clark says:

      On the other hand and despite what I’ve said, look how long it took the Crown Office in Scotland to exonerate Michelle Thomson despite the police never even speaking to her other than when she went voluntarily to them. Of course she was never charged.

      So I’d like to know if this is a recent allegation that the police have acted on? Say from last week or even last month. Or is it an old allegation where a decision originally was taken to set it aside and that has now been rejuvenated?

      Knowing that would make a huge difference as to my feelings regarding believing it to be someone with a grievance or something altogether more unsavoury.

    30. Graf Midgehunter says:

      If anyone reads the Herald article – ARCHIVE it – so we don’t have to click on it directly.

    31. Sue Varley says:

      Just wanted to add my words of support too, Stuart. With you all the way, don’t let them get to you.

    32. I can guess who ‘that woman’ is.
      I look forward to Tom Gordon ripping Davidson’s lungs out for readmitting racist sectarian bigots back into Ruth Davidson’s Party.
      A pin just dropped.

    33. Fillofficer says:

      Very interesting indeed. Hopefully this will backfire bigly & reawaken the movement from its hibernation…at long last. With you all the way Stu. Chin up 😉

    34. HandandShrimp says:

      I rarely read Twitter and have no account so I have no idea what this is about. If the Tweets are all still there then it can’t much of anything or the press and Twitterati would have been all over it at the time of whatever spat took place.

      As for Uncle Tom and the Herald, I likewise have no account nor part with a penny to buy the sad rag so I won’t be bothering to read his piece.

      Not surprised if it is the most read Herald story though. Stu is far more important to Scottish politics than a couple of racist Tories or a corrupt Labour politician or two (all of which have been ten a penny down the years).

    35. cearc says:

      Click on the links!

      The link in the first line is to someone’s twitter who has transcribed it.

    36. Flower of Scotland says:

      Yep, add my support too Rev. On here we’re all with you.

      Another fundraiser? Absolutely fine. Hoping things return to normal soon, dissecting these trashy papers like the Herald.

    37. HandandShrimp says:

      With Scottish Union going back to being Labour funded by the Tories (some racist, some not so racist), harassment complaints against Indy bloggers and the Press in full Yoon mode, has someone set another referendum date and not told us?

    38. Alex Clark says:

      @Graf Midgehunter

      Here’s the archived link.

    39. heedtracker says:

      Not surprised if it is the most read Herald story though. Stu is far more important to Scottish politics than a couple of racist Tories or a corrupt Labour politician or two (all of which have been ten a penny down the years).”

      Its maybe a first test of their new online laws, which they’ve writing and rewriting since early last year. Mad old trout Teresa calls YES Scots extremists, that’s all they prodding they need to get going. Its only new law in England and Wales too.

      If we cant insult UKOK hackdom now, its just another step down the road to neo fascist Brexit UK zone.

    40. Mick says:

      They’re terrified of you Stuart. Gagging you would be a huge blow to the indy movement and they know it but there’s an army of supporters/friends out there who will always have your back..Take care my friend..

    41. Alex Clark says:

      This is a “great” line from Tom Gordon in the Herald:

      However the former computer games reviewer, whose social media posts are often filled with expletives, is seen by critics as a figurehead for the so-called Cybernats, inspiring the most obnoxious elements of the Yes movement to harass Unionists online.

      Starting to sound just like Jackie Bird “is seen by critics” LOL

    42. Grouse Beater says:

      Gordon’s piece in the Herald is worthy of any fascist state manipulating public opinion.

      It embodies every nuance and innuendo Wings has been illuminating and denigrating for years.

      As soon as Wings announced it would sue Dugdale, you know plans were discussed and firmed up on a counter-claim.

      I’ve called the fight for self-determination a struggle. This is evidence, if any was needed, of the length the right-wing of all political parties will go to silence a strong voice.

    43. heedtracker says:

      Starting to sound just like Jackie Bird “is seen by critics” LOL

      Beeb Scotland gimp Call Kaye, told her listener that the Scots gov baby boxes are the SNP’s “trojan horse.” Its getting that demented in the world of UKOK hacks.

    44. Has all the stench of the attack on Tommy Sheridan,

      the UK State is a cesspool,

      it controls the media and judiciary,

      After a trial where he was proven innocent by a jury,

      Tommy got 3 years for supposed perjury,based on a covert film which he didn`t appear in,some `independent expert` said “it was Tommy`s voice deffo m`lord”

      Coulson on the other hand was proven to have committed perjury but was let off by the judge,

      perjury it turns out isn`t in itself against the law,

      it`s up to the judges discretion who he/she frees or who he/she sends to jail for 3 fricken years.

      Anyhoo Stu,

      the State hates you because they can`t control you.

    45. Valerie says:

      @ Grouse Beater 1.25am

      As per, you have summed it up eloquently.

      Je suis Rev.

      Stay strong, Stu. We aren’t going anywhere.

    46. William Wallace says:

      Was bound to happen sooner or later Stu. You can only be a thorn in the establishments side for so long before they try and fit you up.

      As much as we might disagree from time to time, I know what you are and what you are not. You have my support and the support of all my family and friends. Without question.

      You are clearly irritating the shite out of em and they just don’t know how to handle you.

      Keep up the good work bro 🙂

    47. G. Campbell says:

      Off topic.

      Nothing to do with this thread, obviously, but John Erskine, a Scottish Labour staffer to Kezia Dugdale, has just followed the same person on twitter that Tom Gordon recently followed.

    48. G. Campbell says:

      “Same person” will be hoping that twitter’s share price takes a hit as a result of all that following.

    49. Silverfox says:

      “The truth? You can’t handle the Truth”

      Jack Nicholson. A Few Good Men.

      Or was it the MSM? Not.

    50. Alex Clark says:


      Nice tune and appropriate, cheers.

    51. yesindyref2 says:

      That’s good news, we were all worried you were ill.

      Read the Herald article, yes, it certaoinly makes the most of it. But I did like this quote:

      His Wings Over Scotland website continues to dissect stories in the media.

      Good publicity. Won’t be long before Wings is the No 1 UK political website.

    52. Dr Jim says:

      Oh how support for the cause of Independence will soar if this is over the stupidity it looks as though it is

      Right behind you Stu, and if required our cash as well
      We wont let them buy the law

    53. William Wallace says:

      Apologies that was for OT

    54. donald anderson says:

      I don’t do twitter, or the Herald any more. But I do know about Unionist abuse, lies and bile on a daily basis.

      They do not like you answering back and always try to misrepresent you and put words in your mouth that do not belong there. Is there something in the water they drink that makes them like that?

      I am getting it from Labour voting Rise/SSP “Yessers” and rightwing Siol nan Gaidheal anti socialsts and Republicans.

    55. twathater says:

      Keep yer pecker up Stu we need you there is aloooooot more work to do, as all have said we are behind you 150% according to jabbas abacus

    56. Nation Libre says:

      WoS v MSM, I know who I believe. I won’t even bother to click on the Herald anymore. I await a crowd-funder

    57. Robyn says:

      Please go to my twitter feed, where I have print screened and posted, in 4 parts, the entirety of the Herald article, so we don’t have to up their clicks.

    58. Al-Stuart says:

      A little irony…

      Tom Gordon is no stranger to having his twiiter account suspended for breaking the rules. Twice. Look in the mirror please Tom, before hurling yer chuckies at yon big glazed hoose…..

    59. Proud Cybernat says:

      Oh, her again. Yawn.

      Remember the film, ‘Get Carter’. They’re doing a sequel. ‘Get Campbell’.

    60. Al-Stuart says:

      I was discussing this with a friend who served as a police officer. He said, with a twinkle in his eye…

      Justice is a two edged sword. A complainant in such circumstances may very well find themself on charges, ranging from wasting police time, to something more serious, perhaps with a custodial result. There have been cases where the word “custodial” is interchangable with “place of safety” under the Mental Health Act.”

      Clearly someone with a mental illness needs the appropriate help, and it woul be wholly improper to comment on specifics, especiallly as a peson with paranoia and other illnesses will be reading these threads looking for any perceived attack. The trouble is when such persons abreact. Their own ravings on social media then become competent for review by the police + CPS + Procurators Fiscal etc.

      Whilst this latest developments may or may not be worrisome for Stuart, the end game has the capacity to backfire spectacularly for the original complainant – the person who first went to a police station.

      Though given the prize of cessation of Scotland from the UK, be in no doubt, Stuart Campbell and many others of his ilk will feel more and more pressure. Fortunately a lot of good people have his back.

    61. jdman says:

      Still here for you Stu!

    62. Fergus Green says:

      Does anyone else see parallels here with the treatment of Julian Assange?

    63. Stuart Black says:

      Aye, you’re doing something right, Stu.

    64. ScottieDog says:

      Saw a news article flash up on the screens at the airport yesterday about the damaging affects of tweets on mental health etc. Weird coincidence I’m sure.
      These people want to dish out the abuse without recourse. If they can’t take it back, they shouldn’t dish it out.

    65. Croompenstein says:

      Don’t know whether to laugh or cry at this Yoon staged pish.. with you all the way Stu

    66. Ghillie says:

      Hey there Rev Stu = )

      Here for you.

    67. A. Graham says:

      Don’t let the bastards grind you down. 🙂

    68. heraldnomore says:

      I know where I’ll be doing my reading…

    69. Liz Rannoch says:

      Your obviously doing something right Rev. Chin up, don’t let the bad people grind you down and we’re right behind you.

      Well, well. Timing is everything innnit? Funny how the news was almost dominated by law and ‘bad tweets’ yesterday.

      They should interview Nicola and now Aamer on that subject. Two of my favourite sayings are the Ghandi one – first they…..

      The other is anonymous but states that “If your voice held no Power, they wouldn’t try to silence you”.

      Everybody on their best behaviour now, cos you never know who’s watching!

    70. Ken500 says:

      So much for harassment. No one knows who it is?

      It was a different story when ‘journalists’ were being ‘harrassed’ by the Police.

    71. Dorothy Devine says:

      Rev Stu , with you all the way and ready for a fund raiser.

      Witch hunts are the only game in town for the shameless media of Scotland – they’ll want us all sent to the Gulags next.

      May the Herald et al suffer the consequences of their actions and sink beneath a tide of apathy from the populace.

    72. Street Andrew says:

      I missed all this nonsense blowing up, Stu.

      As someone above says, I’m relieved that the problem is not health/family related. Don’t know what to say that might help except the moral support is here for you and let us know if there’s anything we can do.

      ‘They’ are trying to shut Al Jazeera down aswell so you are in estimable company.

    73. Ken500 says:

      The Police are wasting public money on ‘charges’ that can never go to court. 50% of charges never go to Court. People being put in cells overnight.

    74. Sassenach says:

      Best regards, Stu, I know who I believe!
      Say the word for any support needed.

    75. Robert Louis says:

      Totally behind Revstu. Now we see the British state react. They cannot win their argument or defend the union, so now they smear. Textbook stuff. Fortunately we are all well wise to their underhanded ways.

      Timing is most interesting. Most, most insteresting.

    76. Just to say we must be getting closer to our aim. Sorry you have to go through this, but there are a lot of people on your side. Keep the pressure on.

    77. Marker Post says:

      Don’t let this get you down Stu, you’re bigger and better than them

    78. Highland Wifie says:

      If the general public engage brain they will realise what a witch hunt this is and why.
      Jeremy and Cat Boyd being bigged up last night on STV news – sickening.
      I’m proud to stand up for Wings and Stu against a state propaganda machine that is out of control.
      Not in my name.

    79. izzie says:

      GMS just interviewed Murdo pathetic attempt to justify Tory councilors reinstatement tried to turn it into an SNP BAD story

    80. Bill Glen says:

      Someones cage been rattled, Or have the Monkeys Opened a door they should never have Done ???

    81. Albaman says:

      Chin up Stew,
      You know that you’ve got thousands of supporters, just itching to help, in anyway we can.

    82. Marie Clark says:

      Morning all. Well, well, I’m surprised to hear this nonsense, but then again, if I think about it, it’s no surprise at all.

      You’re obviously getting to them big time Rev. Like others I’m pleased that it’s not a health/family reason, but I’m sorry that you are having to go through all this nonsense.

      Remember Stu, we’re all here for you. If you need more cash, let us know.

      Please take care, you’re important in this fight, and boy do they know that. Hence where we are now.

      It’ll come out in the wash whether it’s some misguided soul, or political mischief. Sigh!

    83. Robert McDonald says:

      The last straw from the Herald as far as I’m concerned. I will never click on their web pages ever again and have removed all links on all devices.

    84. Vestas says:

      Not surprised at all, been expecting something similar since you did the fundraiser to sue Dugdale. I have no doubt someone in SLAB hopes the mud sticks prior to the case being heard.

    85. steviecosmic says:

      Frankly, this strikes me as par for the course after the Dugdale business. And it wouldn’t surprise me if this was just the first in a few ‘allegations’ brought to the authorities.

      But then that’s the trouble with ‘allegations’; when the ‘alligators’ bring them, the press report it and the shit sticks. And that’s the whole point. And, to begin another sentence with a conjunction, I hope people recognize exactly what’s going on.

      So, this is likely to play out just like the Thompson case; a year or so in legal limbo while the press can print whatever speculative shit they want, then we find out at the end of it that nothing illegal whatsoever took place.

      You’ve just been ‘Thompsoned’

      What a shithole the UK is.

    86. Marcia says:

      Chin up young man, by getting under their skin you are succeeding. These days anyone can make a complaint.

      Your monthly stats for August will be interesting reading.

    87. cearc says:

      Keep well and smile.

      I hope you get reunited with your data soon.

    88. Ottomanboi says:

      Harassing Unionists? ….those Unionists that control the state apparatus, virtually all the media and have an army to back them and they’re ‘vexed’ over a sprinkling of expletives? …diddums, whose a wee snowflake mr Gordon?

    89. John H. says:

      We will back you all the way Rev. This can only be happening because you’re hurting the Establishment.

    90. katherine hamilton says:

      Well, well. The Rev’s been lifted. We all knew something was coming. Is this it? Twitter?

      To the point of pissing everybody off I’ll say it again. Second only to Nicola Sturgeon, Stu Campbell is the most important asset we have in our fight.

      We’ve got your back, son.

      This will come to nothing, of that I am certain.

      What a f****** country we live in.

    91. Irma says:

      Comments closed on this article… wonder why!

    92. Lollysmum says:

      Hey Stuart you really have excelled yourself this time. It was always going to happen though, you’ve been extremely successful these last few monthis at rubbing their noses in it. Good man ? We have your back. Money no object

    93. Brian Powell says:

      Arresting the leaders is always a stage in the political agenda in certain types of governments.

    94. Brian Powell says:

      But it is also a stage in the collapse of certain types of government.

    95. indy says:

      If Stu is jailed then who will pay the Trolls???

      These Trolls need paid,

      Heed tracker
      Robert Peffers
      Colin Alexander
      Liz g
      Ken 500
      Proud Cybernat
      Robert J. Sutherland
      Robert Louis
      Sensible Dave
      Meg Merrilees
      Alex Clark
      Reluctant Nationalist

      Get crowdfunding saps!!!

    96. sassenach says:

      State of ‘indy’!!

    97. The Proctor Lewis says:

      I have read the “offensive” posts and can’t find a single incident of harassment. So unless you’re a snowflake then I wouldn’t worry, you are loved and respected far and wide, you will receive thousands in financial support, but more that that we have your back. So you got “arrested” so what, it’s no shame when you’re telling the truth. What is the worst that can happen?
      I once was really arrested for taking pictures of soviet tanks, let’s just say the worst that could happen was at the forefront of my mind.
      If you let these wankers intimidate you then your less the man I believe you are.
      Oh and as Smallaxe would say,
      Peace and Love.

    98. izzie says:

      I think they all want us to look at the squirrel.

    99. Liz Rannoch says:

      Oooooh! Lists!

      Bos & Herz

      We’ll let you get back to nodding to yourself in complete agreement about how right you always are.

    100. Legerwood says:

      Herald excelled itself today. Story about Wings on front page continued on an inside page where it is right next to a story about JKRowling. How droll. A juxtaposition for those in the know. So sharp it is a wonder they don’t cut themselves…oh wait

    101. While the unionists and their media will always look for offence or perceive threats where none exists.

      They on the other hand believe they can make any offensive jokes, comments and threats, and consider that’s acceptable.

      We just take a look back at some of what Darling said about the SNP and Alex Salmond, when objections were raised, the response form the unionists were Scots are so thinned skinned that they can’t take a joke.

      That’s the nature of the beast we face, one rule for them another for everyone else.

    102. Tinto Chiel says:

      Dearie me!

      A really pathetic attempt to snuil and smear Stu.

      This will no doubt be used, if necessary, should The Kezia Affair come to court.

      Nothing but transparent, these types. Someone’s been reading the Zinoviev letter.

    103. heedtracker says:

      Nana says:
      22 August, 2017 at 7:42 am

      From the off, great link Nana. As usual not a peep about this actual, real story, for Scots in the UK zone, in any of our neo fascist gimp news network:D

      Its a great read but its hard not to wonder how all the antagonists in this drama voted 2014?

      “When I spoke to Steve, he was clearly bamboozled by this lack of support, at a high level, and apparent bias towards big business at the expense of local interest.

      “You wouldn’t get away with this anywhere else in the world,” he said.

      Can you imagine the French letting this happen? Not in a million years. Which is kind of ironic when the main party in what amounts to an attempted land grab is French-owned.”

      Its not irony, its how the UK has been sold, to anyone at all with big bucks. Scots that actually live here just have to shut up and pay up.

      Scots wind energy looted, hundreds of billions worth of oil and gas gone. But I am British not Scots and I only speak up when I want my slice of the pie.

    104. HandandShrimp says:

      Poor Indy, as much imagination as a stick insect.

    105. mogabee says:

      Man “sucky” reasons right enough. I missed this ‘coz, for once, decided to have an early night.

      Stu, you’ve had some real “sucky” times in the past but here you are. Bigger, stronger and with lots more friends?

      They cannot silence us all…?

    106. Training Day says:

      Your importance to independence is inversely proportional to Tom Gordon’s credentials as a journalist.

      Stay strong, we are with you.

    107. North chiel says:

      Did ” they” swoop “in the middle of the night ” or was it a ” dawn raid” .Stu?

    108. Jim McIntosh says:

      If, as we all assume it takes time for this to be resolved (a la Michelle Thomson) is it possible to countersue an accuser before it comes to court? Why should someone’s life be on hold for years due to potential malicious prosecution?

    109. gus1940 says:


      Following my e-mail to Virgin Media re their blocking of I have received this morning an e-mail from them stating that they are going to unblock access to the site within the next few days.

    110. Andy smith says:

      Tom Gordon..a bell-end in his own cathedral.

    111. Winifred McCartney says:

      This just goes to prove how succcessfull you are and how frightened the imperial masters are of truth. They know the end is nigh and will now say/do anything to prevent your calling them out. If funds needed just say the word.

    112. mogabee says:

      OH NO… I didn’t make the *indy* cut.



    113. Scott says:

      BBC Scotland headline.

      Wings Over Scotland blogger arrested over alleged harassment

      Hi Stu be prepared to be door stepped by Nick,Gary and Campbell as they will have time on their hands as they will not be going after their pal Ruthie Col Tank Commander.

      We are all with you it seems that they can say and do what they want but don’t like the truth being told.

    114. Ally says:

      So, it started in The Herald. A wee google news search nowshows us that The Scotsman & BBC are going with it! – Strange that eh??

    115. Reluctant Nationalist says:

      ‘Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Three times is enemy action.’

    116. heedtracker says:

      Why do we as UK citizens still have no idea why our cops and legal eagles take years to investigate people after they arrest them, like what happened to Thomson?

      If these investigations take as long as they take, fine. But we why do we not have the right to know why they take as long as they take and so on.

      If these investigation timeline lengths are in fact political, designed to take out opposition, who takes these decisions and how can we make them accountable?

      And why is it that the accuser keeps anonymity yet the accused identity is made instantly available to our evermore repellent UKOK hackdom?

      You’d think I was 8 years old, and just landed in teamGB from another planet:D

    117. heraldnomore says:

      have you seen what’s pinned to a certain journos twatter feed?

    118. heraldnomore says:

      “Have you been affected by stalking and reported incidents to the police? Complete this survey –” 

    119. X_Sticks says:

      Whew! I thought it was something serious but it’s just a wee unionist plot to undermine Wings so nothing to really worry about.

    120. heraldnomore says:

       “Have you been affected by stalking and reported incidents to the police? Complete this survey –” 

    121. Sinky says:

      Herald this morning has Daily Mail type article from Chris Deerin trashing Business for Scotland on its oil taxation claims.

      I switched to Herald from Scotsman many years ago but now buy The National as my only morning paper as Herald has reverted to its traditional Tory Unionist roots.

      Also Tory John McLennan in Scotsman promoting idea that STV will merge with ITV. Something Unionists would get orgasmic over.

    122. gus1940 says:

      Hi Stu,

      If you haven’t done so already make sure that all the Wings data both current and historical has been well backed up several times in different physical locations before the bastards stage a raid and take away all your equipment as ‘evidence’.

      One of the greatest assets you have at Wings is the archival material you keep and use to hit the bad guys right betweeen the eyes (and legs).

    123. Bill McLean says:

      Glasgow Herald – once the world’s first. Herald now Scotland’s worst. Herald no more, Sunday Herald no more and the Independent is on a shoogly peg with me. Best wishes and support Rev.

    124. Liz g says:

      I had forgotten about the Dugdale thing…oops
      I had thought it was more that “someone” sent the rev those altered oil figure’s and he published them.
      But like the others I’m glad it’s Westminsters shit and no family or health trouble!

    125. fionan says:

      as said by so many above, stay strong Stu, we are all behind you fully. It just shows how scared of you the establishment and all its lackeys are.

      Hope you are free to return to your media dissections soon. Must say, I found that phrase in the herald article quite surprising, as it describes perfectly how you open up their news stories for scrutiny. And implies that such scrutiny throws up interesting and important points – which as we all know, it does!

    126. Proud Cybernat says:

      Free the Bath One…

    127. HandandShrimp says:

      Read the BBC report, they have kept it pretty balanced; presumably in case the accusation goes nowhere and the police drop it.

    128. Bill McLean says:

      email the herald and tell them of your displeasure!

    129. Stu says:

      W expect many newspaper columns to cover this story like an assassination attempt. The luvvies MUST be worried. Keep up the good work?

    130. One_Scot says:

      It really is desperate stuff from the unionist Establishment. When you have no positive argument, attack the man rather than the ball.

      They really are the lowest of the low. I have stood in things on the pavement more decent than these people.

      If you need addition funds, you know where we are.

    131. Capella says:

      Hi Nana – that BBC article you posted has a link to Wings at the end. If you click that you get taken to Dr Craig Dalzell’s Nov 24th 2016 article “Out of the Cave” on GERS. Handy!

    132. cearc says:

      I think you’ll find that they have taken it already. It is normal to confiscate possible evidence at he time of arrest.

      Hence, ‘Wings Over Scotland is currently operating under circumstances which significantly impair the frequency, length and presentation of posts.’

    133. Katsoft says:

      Westmonster must be gearing up for next Indy campaign. First Stu, who is next?
      As an aside when will authorities (come on Police Scotland protect the First Minister) take action on death threat tweets to Nicola Sturgeon. Ah let me think… probably just after hell freezes over.
      You are obviously scaring the merde out of establishment in the run up to inevitable Indy referendum.

    134. Macart says:

      Mornin’ Nana

      Best advice to follow is ATL I reckon. Seems I’ve missed a bit whilst minding store elsewhere.

    135. Robert Roddick says:

      I’m sure that the line of thought will be ”this guy keeps exposing inconvenient truth backed up with evidence, what can we do to shut him up? I know, lets start an organised smear campaign, we know that the British Nationalist media will help us out as always ”.

    136. MJC says:

      Very predictable pish! Police would need another 40,000 new recruits to arrest ALL people that allegedly hurt someones fucking feelings! Tis the way social media is going, free speach will be dilutted beyond recognition to protect feelings. Im not even talking about hate speech practising people, just normal people who have strong opinions and are not handcuffed to pleasantries at all times.

      What a paper thin society we now inhabit.

      Stu, keep the chin up dear boy, all shall be well and never let the bastards drag ya down.

    137. HandandShrimp says:


      I recall a few years ago Deerin had a sappy, snowflake article in the Guardian which rightly got panned in the comments section. As part of a much longer comment I joked BT stood for Bitter Traitor. The next day that line, out of context, was in the Faily Wail shown as a harassing Tweet with the Twitter logo around it, as were other comments. I have no Twitter account.

      I found the dishonesty revealing. I haven’t bothered with any subsequent Deerin pieces.

    138. winifred mccartney says:

      You can be sure there will be no BBC or MSM ‘journos’ arrested about ‘tweets’ in order to stop them telling the truth. Tory councillors can do and say as they like and it is not even reported – one law for the imperial masters and another for the rest of us. We are all behind you stu.

    139. Patty O'Doors says:

      Stu, Ensure that you have a complete backup of all of your files in a secure place, indeed somewhere outside these sceptic isles.

      Their next step will be to confiscate all of your machines as evidence, thereby shutting you down.

    140. Red Squirrel says:

      A tedious and predictable establishment tactic but pretty unpleasant just the same.

      So sorry you’re having to put up with this. Never can say enough how valued and important Wings is and how much your hard work is appreciated.

      Hope it gets sorted out quickly.

    141. Brian Stobie says:

      IMHO, state black operation. I thought they were cleverer than this?. How desperate they have become.

    142. orri says:

      Especially relevant if the police are making investigations after the fact as that would imply they didn’t have enough to actually charge you on.


    143. Chick McGregor says:

      The National gets one more chance. If WGD is silenced on this issue tomorrow it is cancellation time for me.

    144. Don`t know if Stu is a member of NUJ,(National Union of Journalists),

      if he is I hope they are all over this with support financial and moral,

      trying to silence a journalist by arrest and smear should be anathema to the NUJ.

    145. Sarah says:

      Thank you, Rev, for the work you’ve done which has brought this unpleasantness down on you.

      You are actually a National Treasure, as we all know.

    146. Smallaxe says:

      I hope this doesn’t hurt anyone’s feelings. (He Lied)

      From: Scotland In Union
      Sent: 21 August 2017 19:17
      To: Thingmy
      Subject: Scotland in Union’s new CEO Pamela Nash

      Scotland In Union
      Dearest Darling, Thingmy x x x

      Today we put out a press release where we are delighted to confirm Pamela Nash as our new CEO. Click here to see press release.
      Following on from that press release, here is a short video of Pamela as she begins her first day in the new job. Click here to see short video.
      Also, we would like to take this opportunity to promote our two fundraising dinners coming up in October and November. Our new CEO, *Pamela Nash*, will be speaking at the first event in Edinburgh at The Sheraton Hotel on Thursday 26th of October. Pamela, who was MP for Airdrie and Shotts from 2011-2015, brings a wealth of campaigning experience and this will be a great opportunity to meet her as well as other pro-UK people from the business community. Click here for tickets.
      We are delighted to have both *Dan Snow and Tom Holland* host our London event on Wednesday 15th of November, at the Caledonian Club. Dan and Tom who are both TV historians will enlighten and entertain us during the evening. This is an ideal opportunity for our fellow Scots and *friends down South* to do their bit in supporting the UK. Click here for tickets.

      If you would like to host a table please email us on info [at] scotlandinunion [dot] co [dot] uk

      Some reasons to support SIU: (Reasons, they’ve got reasons?)
      Scotland in Union is the leading pro-UK grassroots campaign group in Scotland, with supporters from across the political spectrum. We are currently focusing on:
      1. Building a support base of at least 100,000 including regional teams, so that we have a network ready in case a second referendum is ever held.
      2. Highlighting the folly of independence to the waverers, via the Press, Social Media and engagement on the streets.
      3. Pointing out the SNP’s failures in running Scotland.
      4. Providing a focus for the 55% who voted NO.

      If you would like to donate towards our campaign then please see your psychiatrist immediately.

      Thank you for your continued support my darling.
      Lots of love and kisses x x x

      Scotland In Union

      Scotland In Union · United Kingdom

      Created with NationBuilder, software for leaders.
      *= _ _ _ _ _ please fill in the blanks. Proctor Lewis, you can’t do this quiz, you know what I know, so it would be unfair to allow you to participate. Sorry, my old friend.8-)

    147. Liz g says:

      Chick McGregor@ 10.37
      The wee Ginger dug is on holiday at the moment Chick.
      So I would assume that he will have already submitted a piece for the National.
      If that is what has happened,then he wouldn’t have known about this nonsense!

    148. HandandShrimp says:

      While it might be a move against Wings by the establishment it could just be a bitter and angry response to the realisation that some well deserved criticism has resulted in fewer gigs.

      Of course I could be barking up the wrong tree.

    149. The Proctor Lewis says:

      Call the Police, I’ve been conned, robbed, hoodwinked!

      And you Stuart are part of the plot, you posted an article, actually this one where you said a, and you were explicit in this, a “newspaper” namely “the Herald”, I will admit it’s been years since I held this organ, impressed it still is as long, most others have shrunk from the broadsheet format, but I digress, so on your insistence I entered my local purveyor of news and magazines and purchased said article, and for £1.35, yes £1.35 I expected to be intellectually stimulated by the best word craft, journalism in its zenith, instead I find I had a better time reading a email from MR Doctor General MD Smith who wished me to Bank some $1 million that was owed to me rightfully on the demise of my good friend and relation who has died suddenly in Iraq.
      £1.35, are they taking the proverbial out of Proctor, £1.35 for that, in the name of all that’s holy, they didn’t even have the decency to put some advertisements in to break up the shear monotonous drivel. And the diary, the best that column could come up with is a fart joke, is this aimed at adolescents?
      In fairness I did learn one thing, scripture text was prudent, “remember, Show you will never forget!” Well I wouldn’t would I £1.35 for that pile of shite, I won’t be forgetting that bloody liberty any day soon.

    150. Alibi says:

      Didn’t take a lot of research on twitter to come across a name I recognise from previous twitter threads. I can’t remember what the argument was about but as soon as I saw the name I recognised an individual who was torn a new one due to her lies being called out. I suspect this is what’s behind it. Wings destroys unionists and they don’t like it. A real black ops effort by the yoon establishment. Nil Illegitimae Carborundum, Stu.

    151. Andy-B says:

      Sounds like an attempt to smear the Rev, all very Assange-esque, in my opinion.

      I read the Herald article, it wasn’t very flattering with regards to the Rev, it included the same old shite, Hillsborough accusation. It also intimated that the Rev, has a foul mouth.

      The National aside, I’ll not be buying anymore Newsquest publishings again.

    152. osakisushi says:

      The important thing, I suspect, was NOT the arrest of WoS. It now means every one of the f&&kers will write about WoS in the manner

      “WoS, once arrested for abusing a woman, suggests xyz”

      It’s a credibility thing.

    153. Lenny Hartley says:

      Just a Co-Incidence that yesterday Tory Ministers were stating that they were going to increase penalties for online threats to same as physical threats. Sounds like an attempted stitch up to me. The fact that the Rev has kept the alleged offensive tweets online says to me that they are not threatening and this is just State sponsored harassment. To be honest have been expecting something like this or worse for a long time. Stay strong Rev, we are all with you 100%

    154. Bob Mack says:

      Just back to Wings after a sabbatical to cope with the loss of my wonderful little dog after 16 years together.

      If you need finances Stu just let us know. It is typical that after probably abusing you to the maximum for years ,they now cry “foul” and try to shut you down. Your support is ,and always will be, as solid as a rock.

    155. Maureen says:

      Stu, Sorry you are having to go through this attempted character assassination. It won’t wash with those who follow you on twitter or on Wings. Your tenacity in opening people’s eyes to the truth is extremely damaging to the unionist agenda.

      For this to happen when you are forcing the media to print corrections and on the eve of a court case is highly suspect. As many have said, if you need a fundraiser, I’m in.

    156. Smallaxe says:

      Irremediable ignorance
      Posted on 22/08/2017 by Peter A Bell;

    157. Liz g says:

      Handshrimp @ 10.53
      Either way,if they have used this to take his equipment.
      Then they can go on a fishing trip to see who sends him stuff ect.

      Or mibbi just try to get contact details for Rock to hire him for Scotland (no fur much longer) In Union.
      Actually mibbi we should crowdfund and hire him to hangout on their website….. thanks for the inspiration Indy!

    158. auld highlander says:

      Surely the plod have better things to do than trawling through twitter looking for some trivial remark.

      Any publicity is good publicity.

    159. Alex Clark says:



    160. Tinto Chiel says:

      Lenny Hartley @11.07. Me too.

      As soon as I heard that on Pravdasound4 yesterday, I thought, “Well, we know where this is going, and it ain’t to retrospectively charge Ruthie’s nasty wee cooncillors.”


      Your choice, chinas.

    161. Liz g says:

      Bob Mack @ 11.12

      The only guarantee that ever comes with a dog,is that one day they will break your heart…
      So sorry to hear about your wee dog.X

    162. BrynnaBob says:

      Awaiting the resumption of normal service.

      Pob lwc \ good luck to you sir.

    163. Meg merrilees says:

      indy @ 9.03 am

      Suggest you read the twitter feed on this page.

      Are you aware of the laws of libel?

      Nemo me impune lacessit

    164. Smallaxe says:

      Warning, pure dead sad this article.

      No one can decide if this Labour MP was really crying over Big Ben or taking the piss [VIDEO];

    165. Athanasius says:

      “…at this time.” That sounds…interesting.

    166. CmonIndy says:

      Please let it be SM.

    167. Meg merrilees says:

      Mentioned in dispatches on the Colonial Broadcasting Co. website.

    168. Giving Goose says:

      Can someone help me out with this, please.

      I don’t do Twitter and find it difficult to navigate through it, so I am blissfully unaware of the content of the tweet exchanges that have caused all this hoo-haa.

      Is there anyway for someone to point me in the direction of the content without treading on legal landmines?


    169. Smallaxe says:

      Bob Mack says:
      22 August, 2017 at 11:12 am
      “Just back to Wings after a sabbatical to cope with the loss of my wonderful little dog after 16 years together.”

      Please accept my sincere condolences on the loss of your dog that was, after 16yrs, a member of your family.

    170. heedtracker says:

      auld highlander says:
      22 August, 2017 at 11:21 am
      Surely the plod have better things to do than trawling through twitter looking for some trivial remark.

      It was illegal to swear in public and especially at cops up until 2011, in England at any rate, with an automatic £80 fine, if you did in ear shot of a cop. But it looks like its all on the judges, if there was an appeal.

    171. One_Scot says:

      I don’t know about anyone else, but the more crap like this I learn of, the more determined I am to see the back of this corrupt Establishment union.

    172. Liz g says:

      Giving Goose @ 11.51
      I don’t know that we should.
      This is still Stu’s site….

    173. heedtracker says:

      Never read the Herald but will these tory gimps print stuff like this, that really is important? nah.

    174. Movy says:

      I’m with you100%+ Stu. This smacks of a witch hunt. Read the Herald as always this morning and cancelled my subscription with immediate effect. Tom G’s exclusive coupled with the recent crop of unbalanced opinion pieces has led me to this place. As with Andy_B above, I will not be buying any Newquest materials again, the National excepted.

    175. Paula Rose says:

      Gosh – I’d better comment a bit more often if I’m going to make it onto that silly list – *raises eyes heavenward*

    176. The Lurker says:

      Just adding my highly valued presence to the river of support for The Rev and Wings and Scotland.

    177. slackshoe says:

      My money is on it being a particularly unhinged yoon journalist. And if it is who I think it is, I don’t think Stu has much to worry about.

    178. heedtracker says:

      Times, but Herald gimps go lone blogger smear campaigning instead.

      August 22 2017, 12:01am,
      The Times

      The European Investment Bank, led by Werner Hoyer, has effectively imposed a moratorium on new long-term loans to Britain since Article 50 was triggered

      The government is facing a multibillion-pound shortage of funding for new schools, hospitals and social housing after a decision by the world’s biggest public lender to freeze its UK operations because of Brexit.

      The Times has learnt that the European Investment Bank, which financed £6.9 billion of public infrastructure projects in Britain last year, has effectively imposed a moratorium on new long-term loans to the UK.

      The decision was taken after the government triggered Article 50 in March. Since then only three UK projects have had funding signed off and no projects have been financed since June.

      In the first three months of the year the EIB approved nine projects worth a total of £1.4 billion.

      The moratorium has been confirmed by sources within the bank and public sector institutions in the UK that had previously been beneficiaries of its loans, but it has not been formally announced.

      Last month Philip Hammond said that he was working to ensure that EIB funding continued “while we are members of the EU on equal terms”.

      Britain has a 16 per cent shareholding in the EIB, but it is an EU body so unless continued membership can be agreed in the Brexit negotiations the UK will pull out in 2019.”

    179. dramfineday says:

      What Maureen said – plus 1

    180. Gary45% says:

      Nail, head, hit.
      I don’t do twatter or face plook, but do know Stu is one of the biggest threats to the establishment, (by basically calling them out on their daily mixture of lies, propaganda etc.) this is only the start.
      Then again the establishment STILL DON’T GET IT.

    181. HandandShrimp says:


      Was likewise dismayed 🙁

      What has a poor exuberant to do?

    182. HandandShrimp says:


      Bloody autocorrect. I haven’t got the hang of this tablet thing yet.

    183. Chick McGregor says:

      Good point Liz.

      But they better have something, tick tock.

    184. Dr Jim says:

      The Missing shouty politician:

      Ruth Davidson is the usually extremely vocal representative leader of the branch office of the Tory party government of occupation in Scotland and still refuses to answer questions over the reinstatement of councillors after racism and sectarian statements made by her party’s membership and officials

      Where is the Tory leader of the Tory branch office in Scotland and why is she missing when the media demand to interview her, she must answer for her party and her decisions when Jackie Bird and David Mundell are also unavailable for comment

      Does Ruth Davidson support racism, sectarianism and the Orange Lodge we must have answers, Scotland deserves the truth Ruth

      We can handle it

    185. Paula Rose says:

      Me – an exuberant, I really like that *all dances exuberantly*

    186. t42 says:

      First they came for Big Ben..

    187. Doug McGregor says:

      Sounds to me like the powers that be want to know the contents of Stu’s computer. Maybe we should all be a bit worried by this development.

    188. HandandShrimp says:

      Ruth may not like bigoted, reactionary racists but if she were to start kicking them out of her party she might find the membership somewhat depleted. Least said soonest mended seems to be her strategy.

      Don’t think that is going to work.

    189. Smallaxe says:

      Doug McGregor says:

      “Maybe we should all be a bit worried by this development.”

      WOT! WE, WORRY?

    190. Robert Kerr says:

      I am behind you Stu and await crowdfunded war chest launch.

      I note that Nicola and Carwyn shall have a meet-up in Edinburgh today.


    191. Janet says:

      What we were expecting. You are the number 1 asset!

      Now get back to work!

    192. Al-Stuart says:

      Fair play to the Herald, they have, at least, published a rejoinder from our Stu.,

      Though the Herald headline is still pretty damnable and has deja vu from Michelle Thomson MP.

      Also WoS is occupying the number one AND number two spot at the Glasgow Herald. Maybes the Herald could learn something about proper journalism from Wings Over Scotland. I am fairly certain it is Stuart Campbell’s forensic style of reporting that has caused a reflected glow in the Herald’s click numbers.


    193. McDuff says:

      Chic McGregor 10.37
      My thoughts exactly.

    194. Smallaxe says:

      7month-old baby pulled alive from rubble by firefighters after earthquake hits Italian holiday island of Ischia;

    195. wee_monsieur says:

      As someone once said – there’s no such thing as bad publicity!

    196. McDuff says:

      Now is the time for Wingers to step up to the plate.
      Stu takes a lot of hits on our behalf and for the cause of independence, so if it comes to funds or needs a demonstration on the streets(peaceful) we have to show that we are there for him as there is no doubt that he has become a target for the establishment.

    197. Capella says:

      This ‘silent terror’ could assume different forms, ranging from the secret night time arrest of prominent critics of the Anschluss (Union) to restrictions on postal privacy and press freedom.

      Robert Gerwarth on Heydrich.

    198. Robert Graham says:

      Well it was either this or an open attack on the website ,
      This approach as was Kezias meant to cause lasting damage , association once the dogs get on to this the only lasting memory will be , oh wings and that Campbell guy , fill the innuendo laced reports yourself , as with the Thomson non story it will be left out there to grow legs , it dosent matter if its true or not thats not the point ,The point is the chinese whispers that will continue .

    199. If I were a Conspiracy Theorist says:

      A defence against defamation is that the pursuer has no reputation to protect e.g has a criminal conviction. Now if I were a conspiracy theorist………

    200. Heather McLean says:

      Have a Twitter account but clueless how to use it other than to retweet some things that pop up on my Facebook newsfeed. This smacks of a witch hunt against Stu and Wings – they must be worried!

      Wishing you all the best Stu!

    201. Petra says:

      We all know what’s going on here. Short term aim / s to long term objective …. silence Wings. Stuart in the top ten of UK individuals deemed to be a threat to the State.


      @ Nana says at 7:52 am ……..

      I suppose we can all take it that the numerous people who have been harrassing Aamer Anwar (and the FM of Scotland) and in fact sending him death threats have been arrested? No word about Blair or Straw either?


      Just had a look at the Herald’s article. Comments section closed. Mr Gordon ensuring that no-one posts anything that may see him getting into legal hot water.


      Trump has changed his mind. He’s not pulling the troops out of Afghanistan after all. Breaking his election pledge. Imagine that! He’s now sending even more US troops to Afghanistan to fight the Taliban.


      Great article from Carolyn Leckie highlighting what an erse Douglas Alexander is in relation to his view of ‘nationalism.’

    202. uno mas says:

      @t42 12.17pm

      “First they came for Big Ben”

      Hahahahahahahaha 🙂

      Excellent. Still chuckling!!

    203. scunner says:

      I see this is now up on the BBC News and Hootsman’s sites. Comments disabled everywhere.

      In the Hootsman’s case this is probably a good thing. Their BTL comments sections are an absolute joke. Page after page of “under review” or “blocked by staff” comments and what little is left is mainly raging yoons, spouting easily countered garbage or whining the Nats are deleting their posts. Given that the BTL is almost exclusively an unchallenged Yoon roasterfest I’d have thought few others would bother commenting.
      Whoever’s in charge of their site needs the Spanish Archer pronto.

      Hopefully the instigator of this arrest is a certain heidcase – I’m sure the Rev will part with more info when it is legally safe/wise to do so.

      I’ve always dreaded that, given the depths the State would plumb in the bad old days of empire, dirty tricks would be deployed – smears sexual & financial, a wee dark night Hit and Run, spot of staged autoerotic asphyxiation maybe. I have a dark mind under my tinfoil hat.

    204. Smallaxe says:

      2 hrs ago
      Michelle Mone hits back at online trolls, blaming Scottish referendum and SNP supporters;

      Own up, which one of you nasty nat’s has upset this poor wee lassie.

    205. Ottomanboi says:

      The ‘noble lie’ at the heart of BritState Unionism is that the democratic process snd the rule of law will inevitably come down on the side of the angels. It’s the myth the Victorians elaborated to promote the exceptional and unique qualities in the British imperialist worldview. So different from those swaggering continental show offs. Historically, that view is about as sound as Big Ben, a bell with a crack in it and now out of service for some years. An omen?
      I suspect that many ‘old style’ nationalists actually do believe that by keeping pushing and keeping voting we will attain our justly merited goal. Rather like measures to check online hacking and those hackers being well ahead of the game and able to subvert any measures, the establishment initiatives re Scotland are well ahead of the political subversion and propaganda game thus putting those ballot box nationalists into the naïve corner to be played with at will.
      As every people conquered by England and its successor state UKGB knows the dynamic lies way beyond the polling booth and the tidy textbook machinery of self-styled liberal and democratic parliamentary government. As those conquered peoples came quickly to realise in practice ‘the rules’, all that fairness stuff, don’t actually apply to them, therefore they have to confect their own.
      Who wins depends on how much faith each has in its own set of ‘rules’. In our case we know BritState’s are fluid and self-serving, Britannia does wave the rules, but we have not yet established a standard for an alternative new set. We appear, or some do at least, to be still in thrall to the mystique of the old. The cure for that is a good dose of history and the confidence to show your arse in the face of such ‘exceptionalist’ conceit.

    206. Mark Russell says:

      Hope this resolves quickly, but if the suits arrive in unmarked cars, this number might come in handy! Good luck.

      020 7584 1367

    207. paul gerard mccormack says:

      Darkness at Noon.

    208. Robert Louis says:

      t42 at 1217pm.

      Congratulations, for posting the comment of the century. Well done. (quoted below, for those not seeing it earlier). Superb.

      “First they came for Big Ben…”

    209. geeo says:

      So, in the interests of equality and even treatment, i have started a personal campaign of reporting online abuse by unionists.

      I shall be doing this daily at a set time of day.

      EVERY abusive post i find on Facebook (dont do twitter) WILL be reported to police if it meets a suitable criteria.

      Lets have it fuckers…!!

    210. Graf Midgehunter says:

      The Rev’s story is not all bad and the fight back has started. The truth will out.

      Dugdale’s case is not going away and I suspect other possible libel opportunities for the Rev are not very far away. 😉

      This is also massive PR advertiseing for the WOS site – WOS will soon be as well known nationwide as the Beeb, everybody will want read it…! 🙂

    211. Artyhetty says:

      Looks like the Herald has nothing else to report on, how very perochial. Nothing going on in the big bad world out there, no. Scotland, you just bury your head in the sand and we will tell you what to think, what is important, sweaty jocks!

      Global, internationalist, ha ha, Scotland is just a little backwater, and insignificant* ( *it’s what a friend in Eng said to me just before the independence referendum in 2014).

      What a disgrace, the whole thing. It was only a matter of time. It is of great concern when our citizens are bullied by the state, state run media and those working for them.

      Scotland is also being bullied. With the onslaught of lies, the massive stolen resources, and land grabs, as well as power grabs on the horizon.

      Good to see so much support for Stuart, the real journalist. Something is very bad in the UK, when so called journalists working for the daily rags and making up stories piped into living rooms 24/7, display faux outrage and faux harassment, but who lie for the state. When bigots are in positions of power, and the media ignore it, but they harass someone who is calling out the corruption, we are in very dangerous territory indeed.

    212. Robert Louis says:

      Smallaxe at 1109am,
      I hope you don’t mind, but i thought it useful to re-post your link to the poem about GERS. A rather excellent piece of poetry, every yoonionist should read.

    213. bobajock says:

      This ones smells like a ‘Michele Thompson’ episode, colossal coverage for nothing whatsoever.

      Smear me another, oh great BritMaster

    214. JockG says:

      What odds will anyone give me on the person behind this complaint being a certain London based Scottish journo?

    215. Robert Louis says:

      So now we see the ‘British Unionist Establishment’ in full flow. They simply cannot have an ordinary member of the public expose the unionist decades of lies and deceit about Scotland. It might lead to independence and democracy for Scotland. They WILL NOT LET THAT HAPPEN. They own Scotland. It is theirs. How dare the people of Scotland take it away from them.

      Interesting timing.

    216. Petra says:

      I just noticed an excellent post from oor Dave (McEwan Hill) in the letters page of the National … ‘Timing of leaflet flurry was clearly no co-incidence.’ I wonder if I missed it being posted on here? Add to that a number of posts rebutting BBC Ian Small’s comments and highlighting that BBC Scotland is to say the least ‘woeful’. As one example:


      Did anyone see the recent ‘Who do you think you are’ programme featuring Lulu? If not it’s well worth a watch, if you can find it! It seems to be the only ‘(youtube) video not available in this country’ in relation to that particular programme. I also see that you’ve got to sign in to access BBC iPlayer now!

      Anyway it’s a story about her Roman Catholic grandfather marrying her Protestant grandmother. All about the religious divide in Glasgow. Her grandfather is faced with a major problem and that is that his mother-in-law is the Worthy Grand Mistress of the OO.

      What’s really insightful when watching this is that her RC grandfather, with all he had to contend with, is deemed to be a ‘wrong ‘un” and her GG grandmother is wonderful. No idea either, seemingly?, of the links between the Police and the OO and who they targeted for ‘picking up.’ I’d imagine that he would be top of their list and would get the full ‘treatment’ whilst in custody.

      Her grandmother dies aged 31 and is buried with her mother. Lulu sees this as them united in death …. ”there is a bond that wasn’t broken.” It’s clear that her grandmother didn’t have any say in the matter and that her grandfather’s only option was a pauper’s grave for her.

      I’m posting this link but it doesn’t show how thrilled Lulu was when she found out about her GG grandmother’s links to the OO … big grin on her face. ”Lulu is gathering an image of her great grandmother – a fearless woman and strong leader.” Sad that she doesn’t seem to have the capacity either to empathise with her relatives … grandmother and grandfather …. put herself in their shoes at that particular time in history.

    217. ronnie anderson says:

      Yer ah right pain in the arse Rev, tae the british establishment & the corporate media , they will try & take you down by any means & that wont be by fair means , but as we’ve come to expect by foul means .


      Im 100% in your corner , as im sure all Wingers are .

    218. Calum McKay says:

      Timing is inline with current campaign against Scottish independence also to undermine positive announcements by the Scottish Government.

      The brave few that take on the press and establishment I dare say are subject to events many of us do not know about and would find alarming in our day to day lives.

      Without a site like Wings, I worry what the press and opposition could get away with. Wings will never provide full redress, but it provides an important channel to publicise the news imbalance and bias (more bluntly put lies) that others can read, judge and pass on. Those that read and comment on Wings pass on to the many who believe bbc and papers are truthful. Wings challenges their beliefs and hopefully opens their eyes.

      Wimgs offends the bbc and press, how dare an upstart challenge them, they are part of the establishment, the elite, above suspicion or the merest whiff of any impropriety. That what this is about!

      Don’t let the them grind you down, come out fighting!

    219. Peter Craig says:

      I came to this party relatively late, just before Sept ’14. I really don’t remember how I found WoS but I’m very glad that I did, it furnished me with lots of much needed, difficult to find elsewhere, facts and info to use in my meagre pursuit of self determination.

      I don’t know Stu Campbell, we have never met, I admit to a little frisson of excitement, when I have occasionally stepped out of my comfort zone of lurker and made a comment and had it replied to or even commented on.

      We must, obviously take WoS blog site and twitter account as entirely separate entities, The blog is,(to my mind) in the main a serious and well put together discourse on the state of Scottish affairs as reported in the media.

      The twitter account(once again, my perception only) is a free for all melee, with all the rough and tumble that it brings.Wings is unquestionably robust, sometimes irritable but always on point.

      I have read a lot of unionist blogs, twitter accounts and articles, and when I started I was struck by the downbeat bitterness and bad mouthing of the unionist side and the more humorous upbeat articles of the independence supporters.

      There are, of course nutters on both sides, it may just be me but unionist nutters seem to be especially lacking in self awareness.
      I hope that this little episode is merely a glitch and that normal service will be restored shortly, my heartfelt good wishes and staunch support goes out to Stu and all the wingers everywhere.

    220. John O says:

      Keep going Stu they are pooping it they know you are as dangerous as I.F. Stone was in his day.

    221. mogabee says:

      Nae odds ;D

    222. Bill Hume says:

      Lobey Dosser only had to contend with Rank Bajin.
      Wings has to put up with Bajin Mc something or other (it rhymes but don’t want ‘hammered’ for mentioning the name).

    223. Petra says:

      There was a couple of interesting articles in the National yesterday relating to Alex Salmond in discussion with Brian Cox (Indyref is coming) and Neil Lennon at his fringe show.

      One comment stood out:

      ‘Discussing the Press, Lennon explained that his former manager Gordon Strachan described the difference between managing in England and managing in Scotland.

      He said, ”Dealing with the English is like swimming with dolphins and dealing with the Scottish press is like swimming with sharks.’ And don’t we know it!

    224. John O says:

      Just incase folk don’t know who I.F.Stone was.

      part 1

      part 2

    225. liz says:

      Sorry to hear this Rev and I also support you all the way.
      Will be happy to contribute to a crowd fund if necessary to fight any case.

      I will never now read any article on the Herald and the extremely belated report on the missing oil money from the SH makes more sense, we wont be fooled into support for them.
      They could have written that ages ago.
      Angus MacNeil said that also, he’d been reading about it for months on social media.

      You have powerful enemies and we know who most of them are

    226. Petra says:

      @ Peter Craig says at 2:11 pm …. ”I don’t know Stu Campbell, we have never met, I admit to a little frisson of excitement, when I have occasionally stepped out of my comfort zone of lurker and made a comment and had it replied to or even commented on….”

      GREAT post Peter and hope that in replying to you, you once again get that ”little frisson of excitement, LOL.”

      High time you stepped out of your comfort zone more often Peter. Don’t lurk. Join in. You know you’ll be made welcome.

    227. Dal Riata says:

      From the BBC website:

      “Stuart Campbell was arrested in the west of England on Friday following a complaint from a woman in south London.
      She had made allegations of harassment taking place over a two-year period…”

      …””The allegation was made after a woman, aged in her 30s, attended a south London police station. The harassment is said to have taken place over the past two years.””

      Not too difficult to work out the harassed (allegedly) one’s identity… “woman”, “in her 30s”, “south London”….

      Twitter history’n’aw that.


      Keep kicking at the pricks, Stu.

    228. Smallaxe says:

      Robert Louis says:
      22 August, 2017 at 1:43 pm
      Smallaxe at 1109am,
      “I hope you don’t mind,”

      I don’t mind in the slightest, Robert, I’m delighted, after all, we are pooling and sharing.

    229. ian says:

      Its come to this.This blog is the most important tool we have in our fight against this undemocratic union.One side is scrutinized while the other side gets of scot-free.
      This smells of the same tactic re the two SNP mps who had to resign the whip and hang around with allegations over their heads for over a year.The police investigation will go at snail pace while the media slings the mud.

    230. orri says:

      Michelle Thompson was not, as far as I’m aware either arrested or taken in for questioning.

      Nor is it helpful to point the finger at online abuse aimed at SNP and other indy supporters in this issue as that will be construed as a kind of turn about is fair play agreement that Wings is himself guilty of abusing others.

    231. HandandShrimp says:

      I see Severin has come to the party very late, does he not get out bed before 2pm?

    232. James Barr Gardner says:

      Time for solidarity with the Rev, Forward Together March and Rally in Dunfermline is on this SATURDAY, make it MASSIVE. End London Rule!

    233. Smallaxe says:

      Peter Craig says: (Petra beat me to it)

      “There are, of course nutters on both sides, it may just be me but unionist nutters seem to be especially lacking in self awareness.

      See “indy”, Peter he’ll show you how to make a list.

      Come in, Come In, it’s nice tae see ye!Peter, Welcome.

    234. Robert Graham says:

      I have often wondered why this particular little sand box has for the most part been left alone, I came to the conclusion it was allowed to continue in order to keep an eye on its contents and contributing followers , all the Indy supporters in one easily accessed location.

      This wholly different approach is a little baffling, I would have thought the more sensible sections of the security services would have had that approach continue, unless something has happened, something has changed that has made them feel the need to act , does this one site really threaten them so much .

      This site along with all other Indy supporting sites are always under investigation even just to test the water and gauge how the wind is blowing, its to prevent them being caught off guard.

      A message to the watchers ‘ Who’s watching you watching us ? . ‘ You will never know .

    235. Jack Murphy says:

      Graf Midgehunter said at 1:41 pm today:

      “……This is also massive PR advertiseing for the WOS site – WOS will soon be as well known nationwide as the Beeb, everybody will want read it…!”

      Agree totally with your sentiments Graf,remembering of course to keep everything polite and measured in response.

      We follow that simple rule always and the people here in Scotland will be the winners.

      New people will be visiting Wings in the hours and days ahead.

    236. Dr Jim says:

      Carwyn who?

      Carwyn Jones is the Labour FM of Wales, I mention that because not everyone has ever heard of him although most folk have heard of Wales
      Wales voted FOR Brexit but now appears to be suffering from an attack of brain catch up now that they’ve realised it’s not a good thing, so to that end Mr Jones is representing his country by joining forces with Scotlands completely unknown FM Nicola Sturgeon, and I mention that because even though Scotlands FM is world famous and widely respected, apparently in the UK Mr Jones is a far more important figure in UK politics even though as I mentioned many people haven’t a Scooby who he is

      It makes me think could it be because Mr Jones is a Labour person his words are preferred to those of Ms Sturgeon or could it be because he’s a man or could it be because he’s FOR Brexit and that’s a UK good thing as opposed to Scotlands world famous and widely respected First Minister who doesn’t, or could it be, God forbid that the British media is so biased against the SNP and all that they stand for even with all irrefutable evidence that Ms Sturgeon has been 100% correct on all issues Brexit related so far

      Still nothing she says matters

      Countries around the world notice this stuff yet still the Inglish government claim they’re respected, are they deaf in Inglind, I can hear the rest of the world laughing from here

    237. heedtracker says:

      Hammer of the Scots Severin’s on it now.

      “Wings over Scotland blogger arrested for alleged harassment
      Stuart Campbell detained in Bath after woman complained of online harassment over past two years”

      Very smear laden, but it is nice of tory Graun’s sneaky shits to have gone out of their way and actually reported at least something newsworthy about its Scotland region, other than their perennial SNP bad themes.

      And Graun’s flogged at lefty progressives too. Aint no hypocrite like a Graun reader.

    238. Peter Craig says:

      @Petera& Smallaxe

      Thanx for the welcome.
      *Shuffles nervously in the corner*
      “Ah’m shy”

    239. Dorothy Devine says:

      Bob Mack , having said goodbye to three old friends of the four legged variety , you have my sympathy. I can still get teary eyed over them and it is a full decade since I lost the last beloved creature.

      Smallaxe , that silly Lady is using her position to get publicity and using the twice as silly journalists to get it!

      The last bit had me laughing , what a First Minister that awful woman would make!

    240. Jamur says:

      I’m Stuart Campbell!

    241. Dan Huil says:

      It was only a matter of time before something like this happened. It’s the britnat way. WOS is too much of a thorn in the sides of britnat liars. It just goes to show how important WOS is. More publicity for WOS, and more support.

    242. Paula Rose says:

      @ Peter Craig you picked a fine time to join us today xx

    243. Liz g says:

      Peter Craig
      As Petra and Smallaxe have said
      Please keep commenting, we like new points of view.
      Welcome Aboard, when the watters full of sharks….this is the raft tae be on.

    244. The Proctor Lewis says:

      how’s your every post reminiscent of a county and western song?

    245. Patsy says:

      Don’t lose heart Stu (actually I’m sure you won’t); keep up all your good work.

    246. Peter Craig says:

      I understand that the point is to score against opponents, but does petty pedantry really do the job? Many times it is completely obvious what the poster means, do they really need the grammar police to kill their intent, though it is obvious for all to see.
      I agree that words are important but so is understanding , if the arguments we have on this forum were made “face to face” then all mis-speaking would be resolved at source, on here a pedantic argument overtakes the the thread and disrupts the flow of the narrative,once more just an observation on my part , Feel free to re-educate me on the moores of social media.

    247. heedtracker says:

      Fascists of a feather etc. Colonel Ruth’s done it too, for her brand of bigot toryboys.

    248. Peter Craig says:

      @Liz g
      thank you

    249. ronnie anderson says:

      Ave cawed the Rev crinkly arse fae Bath ah few times but these feckers are taking liberties

      “Wings over Scotland blogger arrested for alleged harassment
      Stuart Campbell detained in Bath after woman complained of online harassment over past two years”.

      Watter torture is banned by the UN , if they keep him there I be starting ah crowdfunder fur Rubber Ducks .

    250. Davy says:

      Well I first spotted this on the bbc text and I thought to myself it looks like the yoon media are trying to stitch up Stu.

      So it shows he’s doing a first class job and the yoons are desperate enough to try anything. But I’m a firm believer if you give someone enough rope they will hang themselves.

      Bide yer-time Stu, then kick the feet from under them and let their “lies” dangle.

      We are all on this independence road together, you, me and the hundreds and thousands like minded children of ALBA.


    251. Ian says:

      When the powers that be want to maintain their position without actually providing any evidence to support it, they fall back to the usual plan. Try to discredit and delay those who oppose them.

      Tobacco, global warming, GM food, independence etc etc. As usual it’s just about money and therefore power, with the undeniable strong smell of desperation from those who cling to a BS position.

      So who’s next on their hit list for revealing facts? Jim Rogers?

    252. ScottishPsyche says:

      The Herald seems particularly upset by recent events. Leasky has been shouting ‘Trumpism’ at every opportunity. And Leasky would know what he is talking about because he worked in the USSR, although he NEVER mentions it.

      He quotes a new ally who says Alex Salmond is whipping up fervent cybernattery and stopping free speech by criticising the press in Scotland. Well, what exactly do those who seek to silence a large proportion of the Yes side think will happen if their voice is taken away? Do they think they won’t be troubled by criticism anymore? I’m afraid that genie is out and there is no going back.

      For someone who decries WoS as irrelevant and claims never to read it, even a mention really gets under his graphene thin skin. Ageing hacks with fragile egos who cannot adapt are surely the greatest casualties of the internet era.

    253. Alex Clark says:

      My avatar on Wings seems now to be famous among British Nationalists. Embarrassing :$

    254. Dan Huil says:

      @ScottishPsyche 3:30pm

      Well said. It’s great to see such britnat desperation in the land of the “free” press.

    255. Marie Clark says:

      @ Peter Craig, welcome Peter. Dinnae be shy, we’re a’ freens here.You get the odd troll, but they’re better ignored.

      So pull up a chair and share the craic.

    256. fionan says:

      OT A few commenters were discussing midges and repellents in different regions of Scotland. If you want information on midges, and in particular the reasons behind the infamy of our very own Culicoides Impunctans, have a read of iScot, February 2017, ‘Thousand Bites’. You will find the online edition on the web page.

      iScot Magazine presents all the information you could wish to have, about all matters Scottish. Including midges!Online or hard copy subscriptions available.

      Please no hammers Stu, just showing everyone that we do have Scottish-owned, Scottish perspective print media. 🙂

    257. Peter Craig says:

      I’m guessing that the audience today is not one of youngsters, so how about we fulfill the reputation we have of being the the best educated population on the planet and act like it.

      I’m 60 years old,I got a free education available to me as far as I wanted to take it, none of our grandchildren in the UK can claim the same, what we do in Scotland at the moment is, frankly irrelevant.
      We need to dissolve this this damned union once and for all, the powers that be in Westminster will NEVER give it up voluntarily so from this point forward it should only be undeniable facts, rational arguments and unassailable scenarios backed by evidence, lets do what we have always done, provide the best people for the best jobs with the best arguments.

      Otherwise,let Ruth and her ilk get on with it, and shut our treasonous mouths.

    258. Smallaxe says:

      Dorothy Devine says:
      “The last bit had me laughing, what a First Minister that awful woman would make!”

      I’m sure she would find a suitable place here, Dorothy;

    259. heedtracker says:

      ScottishPsyche says:
      22 August, 2017 at 3:30 pm
      The Herald seems particularly upset by recent events. Leasky has been shouting ‘Trumpism’ at every opportunity.

      It is interesting that we do not hear anyone YES use Orange Hitler’s “fake news” thing here in Scotland.

      Maybe its because no one SNP uses it, who wants to sound like Orange Hitler and god knows, Scots are living in a miasma of fake news too.

    260. Conan the Librarian says:

      I never knew Stu was originally from Stirling, the things you learn on the Guardian.

    261. Reluctant Nationalist says:

      There’s no art
      To find the hack’s omission in the press,
      It was a newspaper in which I built
      An absolute trust.

    262. Smallaxe says:

      Alex Clark says:
      22 August, 2017 at 3:32 pm
      “My avatar on Wings seems now to be famous among British Nationalists. Embarrassing :$”

      Could be because the have a habit of Barking, Alex;

      Can I have your autograph?

    263. Cherry says:

      Right behind you Stu. If you need a crowdfund I’m sure each and everyone of us will be there for you. This is just the beginning…this union of equals is over and every day they add another nail in their coffin. So glad I’m on the right side of history….won’t be long till we are all free of these b******s…I canny wait.
      Keep on doing what you do Stu! You really are getting under their skin lol!

    264. Merkin Scot says:

      Orrabest, Stu. Keep up the brilliant work.

    265. heedtracker says:

      Reading down the ablocked The Graun’s WoS smearfest just there, how odd to watch Hammers of the Scots Severin and Colonel Ruth bettertogethering it. Its not that UKOK odd at all, sadly.

      “Britain is beginning to reassess how reliable an ally the US is, the Scottish Conservative party leader, Ruth Davidson, has said, in comments that contrast starkly with the official policy of the UK government.

      During an interview at the Women in the World summit in Washington, Davidson said: “At the moment, from the UK, we have always seen America as being a very strong, a reliable ally, and now, even after only 26 days or however long [Donald Trump’s] tenure has been so far in Pennsylvania Avenue, we are beginning to reassess how reliable an ally the United States is.

      “And that’s a huge change in Europe. That’s a massive, massive shock. We are going to want to make sure any deals that are done [Trump] is going to honour. We have to be sure of that.”

      You have to ponder what everyone at next year’s Women in the World summit in Washington, will make of Colonel Ruth’s tory party readmission of those tory bigots like the ones in todays news.

    266. Dan Huil says:

      I won’t be watching myself but it would be great publicity if this story was on television news tonight.

      Hope you don’t mind me saying so, Rev.

      Things are hotting up.

    267. Giving Goose says:

      How did the MSM get to know about this arrest (I’m guessing you didn’t tell them Rev)?

      It’s very strange, but I’ll bet a random person got arrested in Inverness today, and I haven’t seen anything in the newspapers about it so far!

    268. Hamish100 says:

      Has the police detained Spanner?

      Surely all they need to do is speak to Ruth Davidson or some author who like wizards?

      The various things put on by that individual deserve police atttention methinks.

    269. Habib Steele says:

      I would be grateful if you would post these supposedly harassing tweets on Wings so that we supporters can make an assessment for ourselves. Or would that cause you more problems?

    270. ScottishPsyche says:

      What really galls is all the tone policing guff from supposed neutrals and some who should know better on the Yes side. All this ‘damaging to the cause’ nonsense.

      Do they honestly believe if we all play nice the UK will decide we deserve Independence and just give it to us?

    271. Grouse Beater says:

      From Craig Murray:

      For the avoidance of doubt, let me spell this out. I have certain knowledge from an inside source that disruption of separatist activity in Scotland now features in MI5 tasking. The “tasking” of the security services– and that is what it is officially called– is a very formal written exercise conducted by the Joint Intelligence Committee on an annual basis, though it is possible (but very difficult) to insert new tasks in-year.”

      Few politically aware people will doubt the presence of the dirty hand of secret police in recent events. The thing is, some of those provocateurs are journalists in Scotland working for MI5.

    272. Petra says:

      Some great advice being proffered on here today. Spot on boys ….

      @ Jack Murphy says at 2:51 pm … ”Agree totally with your sentiments Graf, remembering of course to keep everything polite and measured in response. We follow that simple rule always and the people here in Scotland will be the winners. New people will be visiting Wings in the hours and days ahead.”

      @ Peter Craig says at 3:48 pm …. ”I’m guessing that the audience today is not one of youngsters, so how about we fulfill the reputation we have of being the the best educated population on the planet and act like it…… We need to dissolve this damned union once and for all, the powers that be in Westminster will NEVER give it up voluntarily so from this point forward it should only be undeniable facts, rational arguments and unassailable scenarios backed by evidence, lets do what we have always done, provide the best people for the best jobs with the best arguments……”


      And a big thanks John O (2:23pm) for the I. F. Stone videos.


      Let’s keep on top of what’s actually going on in this country.

    273. Brian Powell says:

      Grouse Beater

      I wonder if he could give us a list of things that are likely to be included in ‘tasking’?

    274. heedtracker says:

      The thing is, some of those provocateurs are journalists in Scotland working for MI5.

      Are they really that quick on their feet GB? Most of them don’t exactly stand out as towering multi tasking intellects. The great the Graun doesn’t report anything Scotland now, BBC Scotland gimps only parrot back at us what SLab or Colonel Ruth gives them.

      Its far more a cultural of wet fart tories. Pacific Quay will be stuffed with spooks but everyone will know who they are because they will be directing all the anti Scottish democracy propaganda broadcasted by the BBC, taking names, making lists, IDing the right sort, for future BBC greatness.

    275. Fireproofjim says:

      For the avoidance of doubt it is unlikely to be Michelle Mone as she is certainly not in her thirties as the complainant was said to be.

    276. Moonlight says:

      And I was so looking forward to the clinical disection of GERS tomorrow. Ho Hum

    277. Grouse Beater says:

      Brian Powell: “I wonder if he could give us a list of things that are likely to be included in ‘tasking’?”

      I believe he has done exactly that recently, as I did some while back.

    278. Valerie says:

      @ habib Steele

      Not a good idea at all.

      Rev has asked for discretion, does not help discussing it, or encouraging others to ‘make assessment’.

      He could somehow be linked to that activity, so let’s refrain.

      I think dignified support is called for, nothing more at this stage.

    279. heedtracker says:

      Fireproofjim says:
      22 August, 2017 at 4:42 pm
      For the avoidance of doubt it is unlikely to be Michelle Mone as she is certainly not in her thirties as the complainant was said to be.

      She is a MILF though. Or as its known here, a UKOK MILF:D

    280. Meg merrilees says:

      Delighted to learn that the Rev comes frae Stirling.

      What a coincidence because the real news today is that two Stirling Conservative councillors, suspended for their racist, homophobic and sectarian comments have been re-instated to Stirling Council by the leader of the Conservative Party in Scotland.

      Their comments were offensive and they are not fit to hold public office.

      Mustn’t forget, this is the party that has made a £1 billion deal with the DUP to stay in government – ’nuff said!!!

    281. Rock says:

      Buy The National to keep its elder sister, The Herald, alive.

      Every pound counts.

      Alternatively, don’t buy The National and use the money saved to make prints of WOS articles and distribute them far and wide.

    282. Conan the Librarian says:

      Could you give us a link Grousey?

    283. Conan the Librarian says:


      @ Grousebeater 4.45

      Could you give us a link?

    284. Smallaxe says:

      Proctor Lewis;

      UK 27 SEPTEMBER 2007
      Spies and their lies;

      Tinker, tailor, soldier, journalist;

      You’re welcome, 😎 (disguise)

    285. Rock says:

      Rock (13th June 2014 – “To the editor of the Scotsman”):

      “What hurts them most is your daily exposure of their lies without mincing your words. Remain focused on that job – you are performing brilliantly – don’t get distracted.

      Remember that you are now the 2nd biggest threat to the Establishment and they will do everything in their power to get you.

      My advice to you would be to move to Iceland – NOW – and carry on your work from there.”

    286. Famous15 says:


      May I express the view that you are correct as it aint Mone but another rankbadjin.

    287. Famous15 says:

      Btw,police in Scotland would not arrest in these circumstances but would caution and charge and report to the PF. More civilised iMO.

    288. Alex Clark says:

      Rock scares the shit out of me so he does, think I’ll move to Iceland hahahaha 🙂

    289. yesindyref2 says:

      I’m guessing that means they’re putting it on a whitelist. still has inconsistent reverse DNS, despite me doing a contact to them for it last week. traces to the IP address put that into uceprotect and you get “inconsistent rDNS” in red letters:

      and traceroute itself takes forever.

    290. Smallaxe says:

      Michelle Mone was certainly not the complainant but when it comes to unionists does anyone know a rankgoodyin?

    291. heedtracker says:

      My advice to you would be to move to Iceland – NOW – and carry on your work from there.”

      Iceland shuts at 5.30 Rock.

    292. John O says:

      Your welcome.

      Petra says:And a big thanks John O (2:23pm) for the I. F. Stone videos.

    293. Eckle Fechan says:

      What Jamur said, 22 Aug 3pm.

      AYE am Stuart Campbell.

      Arrested. For WORDS.

    294. bugsbunny says:

      Is this unknown woman a member of the Labour Party and/or a friend of Kezia?

    295. Rock says:


      “Iceland shuts at 5.30 Rock.”

      If you hadn’t been reading The Guardian for centuries, you might have had enough intellect to notice that my original advice to the Rev. Stuart Campbell was given in June 2014, 3 months before the first referendum.

      Unlike clueless pompous armchair pundits like yourself, I had seen this coming a long time ago.

      It is a shame that the Rev. Stuart Campbell did not take my advice seriously, although I had repeated it several times since June 2014 (to be laughed at by the likes of you).

      The only hope is that spineless Scots might now see this as a catalyst for a Ghandian style mass independence campaign.

      But I will not hold my breath.

      Why go to the trouble when independence will come painlessly through the ballot box in another 310 years’ time?

    296. yesindyref2 says:

      In fairness the average broadband speed in Iceland is 27.2 Mb/s, compared to 25.63 Mb/s in the UK, and Scotland less than 10 Mb/s.

    297. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      Maybe it’s just me, but since the last UKGE, Norn Ireland seems to be having more and more influence (malign) on what’s happening here. First there was the boosting of the Orange bigots, now…

    298. galamcennalath says:

      No doubt the identity of woman will become known as will the tweets. So let’s not speculate. Always remember, we are the good guys. We should behave accordingly. That’s not a blinkered subjective biased position, that is proven every day by Yoon bile.

      Something puzzles me, though. I’m not a twitter user, I just look at some accounts on the website. What I don’t get is how someone can be allegedly targeted over a two year period when the block feature is available. If you don’t like what someone has to say you simply block them, don’t you? Or, am I missing something?

    299. Petra says:

      Well taking into account that some ‘new folks’ may be visiting the site (and maybe the authorities too!) I’ll just post a couple of links (four short videos in fact) to get going with.


      ‘The Truth About Scottish Independence: The McCrone Report Scandal.’


      The Stolen Seas


      ‘Osborne and Cameron confirm Scotland better off outside the UK.’

    300. heedtracker says:

      The only hope is that spineless Scots might now see this as a catalyst for a Ghandian style mass independence campaign.

      But I will not hold my breath.

      No one’s stopping you Rock.

      You rant and rage at the one non UKOK rag on the newsstands and then you waffle away about Ghandi.

      Scotland is not India Rock, let alone post WW2 India. Post war India’s population was nearly 400 million, Scotland’s 5.4 and so on.

      The National is not propping up the tory Herald twits, let alone the huge multinational media corp that owns it, ofcourse.

      Ofcourse Rock, its clearly the exact opposite.

      Keep holding your breath dude.

    301. Nations which arrest bloggers and tweeters, Bahrain, Ethiopia, Iran, Kyrgyzstan, Britain.

    302. Grouse Beater says:

      MI5 at work & Wings – see list; it’s believed by Murray’s contacts the last five are activated. That’s augmented by the Dugdale counter-action now unfolding.

      (I hope that link works – let me know)

    303. Macart says:


      Same here (not a twitter user), but I understood block to be a feature.

      Also agree, speculating on names is not a great idea. As and when the Rev sees fit to say more on the subject, I’m pretty sure he will.

    304. Cath says:

      It’s quite weird, having just returned from Russia, to see “journalist arrested” headline boards in Glasgow. And pretty sinister too. There’s been a campaign to silence Wings from all establishment – political and media – quarters, ever since the referendum. This seems like a step up, but also it’s a step up that reeks of the kind of tactics used by states I’d guess our establishment wouldn’t really like to be compared to.

      I genuinely hope I’m wrong and this is just a case of one eejit who can’t find the block button on Twitter and will blow over. Somehow though, I’m not hopeful, and suspect this will be very deliberately dragged out until after the next referendum.

    305. yesindyref2 says:

      Use of unionist language. Language maketh the man:

      “I see the #GERS deniers are in full cry today. Reminds me of this”

    306. Grouse Beater says:

      The person taking the action, funnily enough I engaged in about three, maybe four tweets, all very civilised. (Too busy to look back and count.) I asked why Wings was singled out for opprobrium. The answer was immediate and shrill: “Do you want to be next for a complaint of harassment?!!”

      In my office watching were three women all of whom burst out laughing at the artificially engineered aggression to a straightforward question.

      I’ve been reading Wings these last three years and this weekend will see the third essay defending the site – almost same time in the year, the last time over how it was “bringing down the level of debate.”

      Do you see a pattern?….

    307. Reluctant Nationalist says:

      Fireproofjim: “…it is unlikely to be Michelle Mone as she is certainly not in her thirties…”

      Whale years.

    308. scunner says:

      “Why go to the trouble when independence will come painlessly through the ballot box in another 310 years’ time?”

      I fear it might be at least 20 years. I attended the funeral of a dear relative last week. Born pre-WW2, final-salary pension. No amount of reasoned debate would have made him vote Yes.

      The chapel was stowed with oldies. People’s Friend/Sunday Post readers. Probably view social media as the devil’s work. I wouldn’t be surprised if they’d been 100% UKOK.

      As long as UK gov keeps the wolf from the door these will stay No. We could be waiting for a long time for natural demographic change.

    309. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      (What is the point of Rock exactly? Besides miserable doom-laden self-justifications, I mean? Hoping to depress and deter new visitors, maybe?)

      Hi, new visitors! This is the place where the “news” that appears elsewhere is forensically dissected by our host, Stu, and usually revealed to be a load of old tosh.

      As even a rudimentary reading of some past articles will quickly reveal. This is real journalistic integrity at work. Which is precisely why the FUD-merchants dislike him so much.

      It’s also accompanied by varied degrees of sensibility in the comments section that you can judge for yourself, and take or leave as you please. We are not a “cult” – there are as many opinions here as contributors. (Actually, probably more opinions than contributors, given one or two regulars I can think of! =laugh=)

    310. heedtracker says:

      Cath says:
      22 August, 2017 at 5:51 pm
      It’s quite weird, having just returned from Russia, to see “journalist arrested” headline boards in Glasgow. And pretty sinister too.

      Graun says its an arrest at the “request of the Metropolitan police.” So its probably going to take a long time to be investigated.

      You dont need to be that switched on to see what they’re going to do with this.

      More speculation,

      Latest Law changes made by UK gov cover UK internet activity, then almost intantly, an out of the blue arrest, of a Scottish politics blogger, for what was probably not an offence before the Law changes?

      Tory press and BBC are hardly likely to do anything other than their usual worst.

      Mind how Thomson got a full on monstering, for a week of teatime tv news BBC Scotland, Jacky Bird style, let alone their barking mad reportage of the actual investigation result?

      We’re all in the hands of some very strange tories.

    311. yesindyref2 says:

      Very interesting. A little research shows some job history.

    312. Chick McGregor says:

      The time bar for defamation in England is one year.

    313. Grouse Beater says:

      Scunner: “I attended the funeral of a dear relative last week.”

      There is optimism in attending a funeral of a reactionary. It’s youth of Scotland who will repossess our democracy.

    314. Chick McGregor says:

      “Latest Law changes made by UK gov cover UK internet activity, then almost intantly, an out of the blue arrest, of a Scottish politics blogger, for what was probably not an offence before the Law changes?”

      That may negate my remembered info just posted. Wasn’t aware and don’t know the details of new legislation, I don’t expect it to be in an anti-authoritarian direction though.

    315. heedtracker says:

      Every time you look, at planet toryboy. Tom Gordon and Murdo Fraser. Bigots in the tory party are historic, is pretty good. $ years is so so long ago now, in teamGB time.

      4 hrs ago

      Tom Gordon
      Scottish Political Editor

      TWO Tory councillors who were briefly suspended for making racist and sectarian comments online have “served their time”, the party’s former deputy leader has insisted.

      MSP Murdo Fraser admitted Robert Davies and Alastair Majury used “totally unacceptable and offensive” language, but said they had now been readmitted to the party as their sins were “historic”.

      In 2013, Mr Davies made remarks about black people, cannibalism, spears and loincloths, while a year earlier Mr Majury had joked about child sexual abuse in the Catholic Church and used the derogatory term “tarrier” in reference to Catholics.

      Both were suspended shortly after they were first elected in May, but were this week allowed back into the Scottish Tories, provoking a storm of complaints from other parties.

    316. Smallaxe says:

      Update! The National;

      17 hrs ago
      Scotland in Union appoint former Labour MP Pamela Nash as boss after predecessor quits over workload;

      For those who would prefer: Same article;

      I’m inclusive if nothing else.

    317. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      Chick McGregor @ 18:06,

      You’re getting confused, Chick. Defamation is a civil offence, not a criminal one. The police won’t (and can’t) arrest anyone accused of that.

    318. Famous15 says:

      My experience is of the police not understanding mental illness. Sometimes it is kinder not to take the words of complainants literally if they are clearly ill.

    319. Turnbuldrier says:

      I’m Stu Campbell, and so is my wife.

    320. Chick McGregor says:


      I’d be shocked if I really though you were shocked by that.

    321. Chick McGregor says:

      They should just be more honest and bring back the sedition laws.

    322. Rock says:


      “We could be waiting for a long time for natural demographic change.”

      The “natural demographic change” will continue to be more than offset by increased English settlers.

      310 years is my most optimistic prediction. After another 620 years might be more realistic.

      Scotland would have been on the verge of independence now if Nicola had not squandered a once in a 1000 years golden opportunity by wasting more than a year flogging a dead horse – a separate deal for Scotland which was never going to happen.

      The result: fall in SNP support from 50% to 34%.

      Despite the pretendy “sovereignty” and boasting of the clueless pompous armchair pundits posting here, Scotland remains far away from independence.

      If WOS is neutralised, we are finished.

    323. Chick McGregor says:


      Your right of course.

    324. Macart says:

      @Chick McGregor

      😉 Heh!

      Pretty much a case of who knew?

    325. Grouse Beater says:

      One way to neutralize a potential activist is to get them to be in a group that does all the wrong things. Why?

      1) The message doesn’t get out.

      2) A lot of time is wasted

      3) The activist is frustrated and discouraged

      4) Nothing good is accomplished.

      MI5 and Police Infiltrators will infest any group, and they have phony activist credentials.

      Their purpose is to prevent any real movement for justice or eco-peace from developing.

      Agents come in small, medium or large. They can be of any ethnic background. They can be male or female.

      The actual size of the group or movement being infiltrated is irrelevant. It is the potential the movement has for becoming large which brings on the spies and saboteurs.

      This booklet lists tactics agents use to slow things down, foul things up, destroy the movement and keep tabs on activists.

      It is the agent’s job to keep the activist from quitting such a group, thus keeping him/her under control.

      In some situations, to get control, the agent will tell the activist:

      “You’re dividing the movement.” Sound familiar?

      This generates guilty feelings. People can be controlled by guilt. The agents begin relationships with activists behind a well-developed mask of “dedication to the cause.” Because of their often declared dedication, (and actions designed to prove this), when they criticize the activist, he or she – being truly dedicated to the movement – becomes convinced that somehow, any issues are THEIR fault. This is because a truly dedicated person (read a genuine supporter of self-determination) tends to believe that everyone has a conscience and that nobody would dissimulate and lie like that “on purpose.”

      Ultimately, if all else fails, you can make it known a group is infiltrated. This causes group paranoia. No one trusts anybody. In time the group loses effectiveness, and may disband.

    326. Smallaxe says:

      Advisory Warning: Try not to laugh it’s not polite but…

      Scotland in Union’s new CEO Pamela Nash

      Advantages did I miss that bit?

    327. Ashers3005 says:

      Donate occasionally to this very good site – you are one of the best analytical, forensic debunkers of Unionist propaganda, debunker and often total deflator of puffed up and talentless anti-indy columnists and MSM bias pieces. Your site often has great, informative articles. Not always 100% in agreement with your tactics, positions etc. Not sure I was right re the Kezia Dugdale issue, i.e you may be right in approach. I believe you re the tweets; I hope if the complaint was made as a politically motivated, malicious “gotcha” it back-fires badly on the perpetrator(s) and you have my full support.

    328. arthur thomson says:

      Waiting and watching how this pans out. Like others will actively support as and when needed.

      I feel for you with the pressure you are being put under.

    329. Cath says:

      “Same here (not a twitter user), but I understood block to be a feature.”

      It is. And it’s what you use to stop people “harassing” you by Twitter. Effectively, there is no way to harass anyone by Twitter, for that reason. What there is – very often – on Twitter, and you can see endless examples by looking at Nicola Sturgeon’s feed, or Humza Yousaf, or Amer Anwar, is incredibly nasty abuse, often of a threatening nature. Those should be reported to the police, especially if the threat seems very real. For example the person threatens to come and kill you or whatever.

      I seem to remember Nicola Sturegon being actually physically stalked a while back by someone who was not only Tweeting and threatening, but actually turning up at her office. She had him arrested and the unionists and their media actually had a go at *her* for that.

      Even with only those 3 independence supporting women and ethnic minority accounts, the police would be kept busy for decades dealing with every single nasty, aggressive, threatening tweet.

      So I’d suggest if the police are actually arresting journalists for anything hugely less than those, they should be careful what precedent they set. Because do they really want all of us to start reporting tweets as crimes rather than blocking people? Or are they actually going to set the precedent of “if you’re a journalist who opposes government policy, we’ll get you for anything; if you’re an ethnic minority lawyer or politician who opposes government policy, you’re fair game for the vilest threats”?

      One of those is surely the only outcome of this.

    330. carthannas says:

      Is mise Stiubhart Caimbeul!

    331. Chick McGregor says:

      “Pretty much a case of who knew?”

      Everybody but the fishermen.

      ‘You can fools some of the people all of the time or you can fool all of the people some of the time but you only need to fool some of the people some of the time.”

      The maxim of our ruling ‘elite’.

    332. Jason Smoothpiece says:

      Did someone drop a dead cat? If yes why?

      Good luck Stu keep your powder dry.

    333. ScottishPsyche says:

      @ Smallaxe

      That is so funny. She looks like she is going to burst into tears and someone off camera keeps reminding her to smile!

      ‘….sadly (sad face) many refused to take No for an answer…’

      Stu, you made Distorting Scotland. Jackie Bird seemed happy.

    334. heedtracker says:

      As journalists get arrested in teamGB, the tory war on the poor goes on without mercy. How much more toryboy shite is it going to take for Scots to say bye bye UKOK?

    335. uno mas says:


      How´s the “2017 is going to be a quiet year” prediction that you made at the start of the year coming along?

      Aw no man here comes the hammers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Just joshin honest.

      I´ve been drinking!!

    336. Alex Clark says:

      I really can’t see the point of this if who I suspect is the reason behind it is right. Have there been new allegations just this week or is this a result of the original allegations of abuse from 2016?

      Whatever, all I can see is fear from those that control Scotland, a fear of the truth being spoken and it’s as simple as that and they have acted irrationally. Arrogance will be their downfall.

      Somebody in power way above the South London police Chief Constable has made this decision to arrest Stuart Campbell and question him. Was this even a lawful arrest? Don’t you need enough evidence to press charges before you carry out such an action on any citizen in the UK? Seems not.

      I support Independence for one simple reason, it puts Democracy in the hands of Scotland’s citizens to choose her own politicians and her own version of governance. I would like to believe that those chosen would work for the benefit of all, if they didn’t then we the people of Scotland could replace them.

      As of now, we have no say, none whatsoever even being dragged out of Europe remains an English decision even when the people have a vote never mind the elected government, this is totally undemocratic as far as Scotland is concerned and we need to continue to fight against that.

      Everybody posting on this thread is possibly on a list now somewhere, see these bastards making the lists? They aught to ask themselves, why?

    337. yesindyref2 says:

      Or absence thereof for a few months.

    338. uno mas says:


      It´s slipped my mind but was it this year that you told us was going to be quiet?

      Just can´t remember

    339. ronnie anderson says:

      @ Smallaxe you mean this Pamela Nash lol.

      Ronnie Anderson is mistaken for Rev Stuart Campbell by Pamela Nash MP. An easy mistake to make.

    340. Alex Clark says:


      That SIU Pamela Nash video was a belter, I particularly liked this

      “Sadly, many nationalists are refusing to take NO for an answer

      Bow to your Imperial masters LOL.

    341. Alex Clark says:

      @ronnie anderson

      Hahaha nice one big ronnie, did she take the Wee Blue Book 🙂

    342. sinky says:

      Still no mention of errant Tory councillors being brought back into Party on misreporting Scotland.

    343. Dorothy Devine says:

      Smallaxe , the childish delivery irritaets lumps out of me and the content is risible!

    344. Dorothy Devine says:

      I was so irritated that I mistyped!

    345. dandy dons 1903 says:

      Nash must have been meaning the British Nationalists in Scotland whom she is most certainly one of.

    346. yesindyref2 says:

      I see Hammond is intent on making Brexit a car crash for Scotland, and he’s only in first gear yet.

    347. ben madigan says:

      shocked to hear the news about the Rev’s arrest.
      He’s not the first to have his reputation trashed by the powers that be.
      Am confident he will pull through, safe in the knowledge we are all standing four-square behind him

    348. geeo says:

      “Hi, Police Scotland ?

      Yeah..i would like to report 57 cases of online abuse and harrassment made today by 17 seperate people on facebook.

      Offensive posts involve racism, sectarianism, hate speech, in the form of sexualised abuse, and threats to kill or encouraging others to kill.

      While i am aware that there is a ‘block’ feature on facebook, a precedent was set recently which seems to bypass such common sense advice, so, with that in mind, i expect robust action to be taken about the online abuse i outlined earlier in my call.

      If you prefer, i will email one of your officers the details or feel free to make an appointment with an officer, where i will happily come in to go through the details of my complaints.


      All busy but someone will get in touch by tomorrow.


    349. jfngw says:

      Reporting Scotland reports on someone living in Bath being accused by someone living in South London. Meanwhile they forget to mention the Tory councillors who are actually in Scotland being reinstated.

      Expect this case to be covered by Rep Scot if any charges brought, or never mentioned again.

      The MSM attacks have been ramping up since the announcement of another referendum, they obviously still believe it is going to happen despite all the stories that it is dead.

    350. Smallaxe says:

      Ronnie, were you threatenin’ that poor wumman wi’ the truth?

      And as for the rest of you lot, I specifically asked you all no’ tae laugh.


    351. yesindyref2 says:

      Quite interesting to see who isn’t covering this story, as far as I can see.

    352. Petra says:

      Smallaxe says at 6:31 pm …. ”Advisory Warning: Try not to laugh it’s not polite but… Scotland in Union’s new CEO Pamela Nash. Advantages did I miss that bit?”

      Looks as though she’s laughing all the way to the bank Smallaxe. One wonders where the red/blue Better Together Tory SIU money is coming from?


      ……. ‘Pearson (who was on a salary of £1000 a week) is to remain a director of the organisation, and will stay on as a “mentor” to Nash.

      His resignation comes just a week after the group performed a cringeworthy Scottish Resistance-style intervention outside Alex Salmond’s first Fringe show.

      The group hired a Donald Trump impersonator to photobomb the former First Minister and David Davis, while campaigners held a sign saying “Salmond: 30 years of comedy #TartanTrump”….’

    353. heedtracker says:

      The MSM attacks have been ramping up since the announcement of another referendum, they obviously still believe it is going to happen despite all the stories that it is dead.”

      And this is the UKOK silly season. Did BBC Lying at Scotland mention WoS v Kez slander action too?

      Almost certainly not.

      Anyone can be a BBC Scotland propaganda gimp:D

    354. Shinty says:

      I’m confused here – can the police just arrest someone on the grounds of someone else making a complaint? Don’t the police require serious evidence before arresting anyone?

      Maybe in England it’s guilty until proven innocent.

      This whole thing seems bizarre to say the least.
      Fuck the establishment.

      As carthannas says:Is mise Stiubhart Caimbeul!

    355. yesindyref2 says:

      Ah ha! ESA2010 bites at last:

      That’s because – for the first time – we now have GERS-like equivalent figures for all of the nations and regions of the UK.

      This might be interesting …

    356. Dal Riata says:

      Stinks of Mi5.

      Wee word in the ear… “Go on, make a complaint! We’ve got you covered, you’re fine.” Makes complaint to south London police officer. Police officer gets a wee word in the ear… “Do it, press charges!” Already prepared police [sic] in Bath come a-chapping at Stu’s door. ‘Arrest’ made.

      One-nil to the spooks.

      MSM given the ‘details’. MSM now free to smear, sneer at and lie about Stu Campbell to their hearts’ content, revelling in their revenge.

      Two-nil to the spooks.

      Game over? Not a chance! Plenty people have come back from two down to go on and win three, four or five-two.

      Stu will stay strong, that’s for sure. It’s us, the people who follow and support wings and don’t ask for – but demand an independent Scotland – who have to stick together against this first of many fights against us by the dark-arts masters of Westminster. Let’s get that scoreline looking more respectable.

      Know this of us Scots, agents and actors of Westminster: We the people will never be defeated!

    357. yesindyref2 says:

      Might be worth a look at something I knocked up last year:

      to set the scene for tomorrow’s GERS, perhaps, or perhaps not.

    358. heedtracker says:

      Shinty says:
      22 August, 2017 at 7:42 pm
      I’m confused here – can the police just arrest someone on the grounds of someone else making a complaint? Don’t the police require serious evidence before arresting anyone?

      Cops get a complaint. If they think its a possible offence, they make an arrest, collect evidence. In Scotland, its then given up to Procurator Fiscals to decide if its an actual offence for court. In England, its the Crown Prosecution Service.

      Anyone can make a criminal complaint against anyone in the UK.

      Police have to investigate them all.

      We all know how abusive it is online, but the Met have arrested a Scottish journalist in Bath.

    359. ronnie anderson says:

      @ Smallaxe NAW she wanted the Wings Banner taken down , if you look at my left hand that was the only threat I had WBB & she asked for one 10 mins later NO threats of force or otherwise was used I conducted myself as a Winger with dignity & decorum forby which I did’nt have the tent peg mallet to hand lol.

    360. Graeme McCormick says:

      While the Herald gives prominence to Chris Deerin’s attack on Business for Scotland tucked away on page 23 the Herald notes that Springfield Properties has increased its house sales to over £100 million in the past year. The executive chairman is Sandy Adam who is also a Director of Business for Scotland.

    361. Smallaxe says:

      Petra, when we see what these people are getting paid for 1.5 days “work” we should really be screaming and this is only a tiny example of the obscenities perpetrated on Scotland, paid for by us to be “Better Together” and “Strong and Stable” in this democratically sparse desert of a union.

    362. Dr Jim says:

      I agree with @Petra on new interested readers to Wings
      let’s give them some correct information to read so they can see what WOS is really all about

    363. Petra says:

      @ Macart says at 7:37 pm …. ”Bit more like it. ?

      Hope you don’t mind me reposting it in full Macart. And does anyone have a full list of what we’re actually paying for but don’t need / want?


      GERS: a snapshot of Scotland’s finances – not the full picture by Ivan McKee.

      Tomorrow sees the publication of the annual Government Expenditure and Revenue Scotland (GERS) figures for the most recent financial year.

      The figures give estimates of overall public spending and taxes raised in Scotland over a 12-month period.

      What they emphatically do not give is a picture of the finances of an independent Scotland.

      That of course does not stop unionist politicians misusing the stats every year to try and discredit the case for full self-government.

      That in itself is ironic given that, historically, GERS figures have consistently shown that Scotland contributes more tax per head than the UK average, and in many years have demonstrated stronger public sector finances than the rest of the UK.

      That picture has evolved of course given the recent impact of low global oil prices and the knock-on effect on Scotland’s offshore sector and our wider economy.

      But there have been some encouraging signs for the North Sea industry in recent times.

      And recent data on economic growth and unemployment – Scotland is performing better than the UK on both these key measures – gives cause for optimism.

      We will see what tomorrow’s GERS figures say about public finances and Scotland’s notional profit and loss account.

      That word notional is important.

      Because while unionist politicians use GERS to talk about “Scotland’s deficit”, that is a misleading use of the figures.

      Firstly, GERS gives a snapshot of Scotland’s public finances under the constitutional status quo – not independence.

      The figures used factor in UK Government spending choices – for example on Trident – which would be entirely different under an independent Scottish Government.

      And secondly, GERS is based on a range of estimates and assumptions which cannot necessarily be applied to an independence scenario.

      The contrast with oil producing Norway for example is stark. Managing its own resources, and not constrained by economic polices made elsewhere, Norway shows what Scotland could be under full self-government.

      Whatever tomorrow’s figures show, there is one other important thing to add to the mix.

      That’s because – for the first time – we now have GERS-like equivalent figures for all of the nations and regions of the UK.

      Published recently by the UK’s Office of National Statistics (ONS), the picture they show is deeply revealing.

      Unionist commentators would have people believe that GERS shows Scotland as having the worst fiscal balance in the UK.

      The ONS analysis nails that lie once and for all.

      It shows that Scotland performs ahead of several English regions and in line with the UK average outside of London and south-east England.

      And what it further reveals is the huge extent to which the UK economy as a whole and the comparative figures for all nations and regions is skewed by London and the south-east.

      That gross imbalance is an issue for the whole of the UK, not just Scotland.

      And of course wider economic picture is dominated now by the looming threat of the Tories’ extreme Brexit plans and the danger it poses for jobs, investment and living standards.

      GERS offers a snapshot of Scotland’s public finances – but it is far from the full picture.

      Ivan McKee is SNP MSP for Glasgow Provan.

    364. yesindyref2 says:

      If GERS tomorrow is a substantial improvement in terms of having more data, I have to wonder if there’s enough data available yet for a major project to “follow the money”.

      So, for instance, say the NE England gets a large “deficit”, if the money is followed from branch offices in the NE England and other regions, to the large HQ and R&D and other well-paid job centres in London and the SE, then could an illustrative balance be made if those well-paid jobs and perhaps group companies, were proportionately located in the actual region that drives the profits?

      I suspect they would prove that London and the SE were largely parasites on wealth actually produced in the rest of the country, and driven south by A1(M) / M6 and east by M4, plus, to come, HS2 and the ever-present broadband and electronic money trail.

    365. meg merrilees says:

      Maybe Alex should invite the Rev onto his show at the Festival …

      Uno mas – better take care, the Rev only likes a maximum of 3 exclamation marks – hammers could be heading your way as we speak!!!

      and I know he doesn’t like Gaelic but I couldn’t resist:

      Is mise Stiubhart Caimbeull.

    366. Smallaxe says:

      Ronnie, we all know that we can rely on you to be a polite and gentlemanly Winger, the fact that your can of Irn Bru did not have to be surgically removed from the ladies napper stands as a testament to that most obvious fact, frankly.

    367. jfngw says:

      Today Chris Deerin tells us we are too stupid (well the headline infers it anyway, I didn’t bother reading the article). Tomorrow we will be told we are too poor. I guess we can see what’s coming next.

      I block Herald adverts so they don’t receive any revenue from my browsing, after all I can’t read all the story why would I accept the adverts.

    368. yesindyref2 says:

      Taking that a step further, ESA2010 is an improvement on ESA95 in that it forces more accounting by region, which is underneath, a feature of the EU – to protect regions’ interests.

      So there may be an ESA2020 in the making which takes it a step further, and that really might set the cat amongst the pigeons for a soak-it-up London and its Government located in Westmiser.

      But fortunately for the UK Gov, the UK is leaving the EU and hence won’t have to follow that theoretical ESA2020.

      Makes you think.

    369. Macart says:


      Ayup! 🙂


      Don’t think it’ll hurt, but worth folk knowing its original source was the SNP site.

    370. Shinty says:

      Pamela Nash “. and remind people why we are better off in the UK ”

      I cannot think of a more stupid statement – ever.

      FFS – this is the ultimate cringe factor (bought and sold comes to mind) The Labour party, did she resign or was she pushed by the electorate – I seriously don’t know, nor care.

    371. Capella says:

      I think the point of all this is to use up all our time, energy and money.
      As with Andy Wightman, the imperial masters use the law as a weapon in the hope that he, and now Stu, will have to waste hours talking to lawyers, live with the constant stress, suffer the character assassination and then become bankrupt.

      It’s up to all of us to make sure that this doesn’t happen.

    372. Camie McMath says:

      No low the brits won’t stoop to, on the day The Rev gets questioned, tories release tory party members with racist and sectarian views, caught expressing these views back into the community.

      If you expect natural law or justice from the brits, you’ll wait indefinitely forever!

      Time when our folk are abused that we inform the police.

      Good luck Rev!

    373. Cactus says:

      SO in the meantime, here’s something useful we could all do…

      Get yer Wings badges on.
      Get yer Wings beanie hats on.
      Get yer Wings brollies out.

      Get yer Wings on and get out there!

      Now IS the time.

      Just a nod.


    374. Cactus says:

      Aussi, a very Scottish welcome to all of the newest readers.

      Add Wings to yer favourites, you’ll love it 🙂

      Here’s tae us!

    375. yesindyref2 says:

      From the looks of that SNP Ivan’s article, it’ll be a step on the way, perhaps a major one, but not the end journey.

      But the Unionists will be eating soap tonight, ready for a frothing fest.

      Think I’ll stick to an omelette! You can’t make an …

    376. Petra says:

      @ Smallaxe says at 7:57 pm …… ”Petra, when we see what these people are getting paid for 1.5 days “work” we should really be screaming and this is only a tiny example of the obscenities perpetrated on Scotland, paid for by us to be “Better Together” and “Strong and Stable” in this democratically sparse desert of a union.”

      Yeah it’s absolutely hellish Smallaxe especially when we know that babies, toddlers, and young children in Scotland are blo*dy-well starving. It hardly bears thinking about. So much for the Labour Party. Keir Hardie et all must be spinning in their graves.

      On a positive note Ms Nash has just made it clear that Labour and Tory politicians are still working hand in hand / shoulder to shoulder with the Tories in Scotland.


      Good work yesindyref2. One for my little archive.


      A few more ‘informative’ videos for those visiting the site for the first time.

      ‘Boris Johnson: A pound spent in London is of more value than a pound spent in Strathclyde ‘

      ‘English Money Clip.’

      Jim Rogers on Brexit: If Scotland takes its oil with it…

    377. yesindyref2 says:

      Hopefully after this year’s GERS I’ll bring it up to date, but I think it will still be needed, maybe repositioned a bit to concentrate on London and the South-East. Or I’ll put a new article up as an update. Won’t be soon though. A lot on my plate and it ain’t food yet!

    378. heedtracker says:

      Rock will have enjoyed front page of the National today, no doubt. That’s the front page Rock. Every other rag pretended the tories are not any different from any other neo fascist creep show.

      Funny that, Rock.

    379. Robert Louis says:

      Meg Merriless at 803pm

      What a great idea, Mr.Salmond inviting REV Stu on to his sell out show at the Edinburgh Fringe. Man, that would get the yoonatics frothing – and would almost certainly get full biased coverage by the blatantly biased, propagandist BBC in Scotland.

      Just as an aside, since this site will have loads of new viewers, perhaps we should all make a point of highlighting some of the very best articles from the past, that show up the biased BBC squad and so on.

      Oh, and welcome to new readers of the site. Read through previous articles, and see what REAL Scottish fact checking and hard factual writing really looks like.

    380. Robert Louis says:

      So, the London Government are in fact preparing to use Scotland’s fishing grounds once again as a bargaining chip with Europe. Congratulations to any Sxots Fishermen who voted Tory recently, since they are now doing what they said they would do, prior to the election- use your fishing grounds as a bargaining chip with Europe.

      So, any Tory voters in Aberdeen or N.East Scotland, well done. Don’t say the SNP and Scottish Government didn’t tell you this would happen. You were warned, but chose to believe the liars on the BBC and the Tory party, rather than the Scottish Government.

    381. Big Phil says:

      Regarding the ‘news’ That Stu is from stirling, is he no fae Bathgate??

      Anyway MON EH REV. 😉

    382. yesindyref2 says:

      Okey-doke, a couple of wee points:

      “ESA is internationally compatible, making it possible to describe the total economy of a region, country or group of countries, in a way that is reliably comparable with other economies.”

      “Moreover, regional GDPs are used to rationally distribute structural funds. This explains why, in Europe, the highest comparability and accuracy is needed.” …

      which proves the UK was forced to provide more accurate data for Scotland, rather than do it out of the goodness of its heart, and probably explains the HMRC attempts at “disaggregation” which provided interesting data about revenues from Scotland, figures which at times contradicted the figures from which GERS was made up.”


      “The new ESA 2010 transmission programme will allow an improved monitoring of economic changes in the next 15 years.”

      which means presumably there will be an ESA2025 – after the UK has left the EU.

      I got a bit disheartened with my blog, I might go back to it …

    383. One_Scot says:

      For those new readers who have come here from Reporting Scotland, welcome, you have found one of the very few places that actual tells you the truth as opposed to the omissions and lies that the unionist media dish out, and that includes Report Scotland.

    384. Alex Clark says:

      @Big Phil

      Rev says he spent one day in Stirling, must have been the hospital he was born in. Now, did you really think reporters were going to give you facts? 🙂

    385. Daisy Walker says:

      Is mise Stiubhart Caimbeul

      How did that Ghandi quote go again? First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win. Yes that’s it.

      Got your back. Take the best care of yourself. And thanks again.

      ps Indie. You forgot to add me to your list of honour. I don’t post often, and I don’t respond to bores who disrupt the thread, but I’m here, every day. Get my name on, I like that company.

    386. Tinto Chiel says:

      @yesindyref2: hey dads, whyyoudads?

      Been meaning to ask, vile sep.

    387. Cactus says:

      We aweright furra couple of groovy tunes from Young Guns II:

      Miracle (featuring the YES bikers hehe)

      Justice in the barrel

      Need a miracle… try iScotland.


    388. yesindyref2 says:

      @Tinto Chiel
      Ironically I signed up to the Grun, having been off forums since the National Conversation, because of Brussels 2011, and Sarkozy walking past Cameron’s outstretched hand, and the way the media was dissing Cameron, not pointing out the way Cameron was disrespected at that summit. After an opinion poll showed more than 60% or something supported Cameron, the media soon changed its tune. So dads seemed an appropriate name, apart from the fact I think it’s a great series even if it is dear old England.

      Then in Jan 2012 Cameron threatened to hold the referendum if Salmond didn’t, and I stayed on there for that, and then moved to the Herald because I accidentally got pre-approved one heavy posting weekend, about something else than Indy, at a time when there were only 1 or 2 indy supporters who were also pre-approved. Trapped!

    389. ronnie anderson says:

      Tangereen Jaquie was very cautious in her reporting on Beep at 6.30, not her usual style .

    390. Big Phil says:

      @Alex Clark

      Just them reporting what “they” want again. If we didnae laugh we’d greet.

      As is said in above comments ,and I agree with “its a witch hunt”.

      A Big Shout Out for Wingers you’ve all came out with resounding support for Stu,its great tae see.
      Together as One. 😉

    391. Ian Brotherhood says:

      What a smashing thread. Very uplifting to witness such solidarity.

    392. Meg merrilees says:

      Obviously the Rev wouldn’t want to stay in Stirling… this man has standards. After all, look at the calibre of some of their Councillors.

      Sad thing is it brings shame on the good ones who are not homophobic, racist or sectarian and genuinely want to do their best for the folks of Stirling.

      I see Nicola and Carwyn Jones have had productive talks today.

      The statement read: “The UK government’s EU (Withdrawal) Bill is an unashamed move to centralise decision-making power in Westminster, cutting directly across current devolved powers and responsibilities.
      “We believe the bill must not be allowed to progress in its current form.
      “To provide a constructive way forward, the Scottish and Welsh governments are now working to agree potential amendments to the bill which would address our concerns. We are also coordinating our advice to the Parliament and Assembly to ensure they fully understand our concerns and our alternative proposals.
      “It will now be for the UK government to respond positively to our suggested amendments to move negotiations forward, and ensure there is a functioning legal system on withdrawal from the EU, and agreed UK structures, – where these are required – that reflect the views and interests of all parts of the UK, and respect devolved powers and responsibilities.”

      Ich bin ein Winger.

    393. Cactus says:

      Also, looking forward to seeing the unique reader stats for August ’17. Could be a record month. Could be somewhere in the region of 500,000 alert readers.

      The power and WOW of WoS!

      Stay tuned.

    394. Lochside says:

      John O ‘@2.13 great link and extremely apposite at this time.

      This news is really disturbing and demonstrates the collusion going on at the highest (lowest?) level of the UK fascist state that is now emerging like an excrescence from the corrupt body politic running and ruining our colony.

      For those who talk about ‘institutional’ ‘blinkered’ reasons for the hegemony of propaganda oozing out the colonial media here is the evidence of what a delusion that is. Rev Stu, blogger based in the S.W of England is ARRESTED! on the basis of a ‘complaint’ from an ‘unidentified woman’ in London. Yet all the media primed and ready…spread the ‘news’… a smear hatched in the combined HQ of said one party facade that rules over us.

      The same media splurges ‘white nationalists’ over their front pages and condemns them and Trump…where were they three years ago when same bacilli were arm raising and screaming their hatred in George Square? Craig Murray told me two years ago that MI5 had doubled their numbers during the REF.I have no doubt that number has remained at least the same level or even increased.

      We are entering a new phase of the Dark Empire’s death throes as it holds desperately on to its life line…us…and so desperate are they that they are now going for the leading disseminator of the unvarnished truth about their dirty tricks..that they will ‘trump up’ a fabricated lie about him. Now is the time for us to stand together alongside the REV and back him to the hilt.

    395. Tinto Chiel says:

      yesindyref2: thanks, old bean.

      Not sure I’m quite getting it yet.

      Ah’m fae Lanarkshire, just.

    396. IAB says:

      You made the Daily Fail and, surprisingly, they have been very mild in their ‘reporting’.

    397. yesindyref2 says:

      @Meg merrilees
      Carwyn Jones is one those unfortunate beings who could be very good for Wales but belongs to the Labour party.

      @Tinto Chiel
      I know what you mean! I get abused by some unionists when I post on the likes of defence using the name. It’s a good laugh.

    398. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Lochside (9.27) –

      Hear hear.

      Also, abody within striking distance of Glasgow – there should be another Friends of WOS social night soonish, and details will appear in plenty of time. Good chance for newcomers to meet the older faces etc.

      Nowt like a get-the-gither to boost spirits, just as this thread is doing.

    399. Odet says:

      Perfect: (Smiley face)
      Wings brolly, beanie and badges have arrived.

      Cannae wait to use them all… ad infinitum.
      I wonder if that will count as harassment of British Nationists’ eyeballs?

    400. meg merrilees says:


      Yes- it does strike me as odd since Wales voted ‘out’ and he’s Labour but perhaps Nicola reckons that’ the enemy of my enemy is my friend’.

      or another way… ‘Unity is strength’.

    401. Cactus says:

      Go for it Odet ~

      Ahm wearing ma beanie hat ra now!

      I’m a pure rebel hehe 🙂

      How do U wear yours?

      Do it now!

    402. Smallaxe says:

      Odet, 🙂 It’s good to see you here, don’t worry if anything, Ruth (cannae find her) Davidson et al should be arrested for having an offensive political party.

    403. Cactus says:

      There’s no time like the present.

      There is no time like your future.

      Ahm on the “Barefoot”

      Gold medal.

    404. heraldnomore says:

      Remind me not to buy the Express tomorrow – oh wait never ever have I done so anyway, no matter what journalists aare peddling their wares for it.


    405. McDuff says:

      Rock 6.28

      Absolutely agree.

    406. Tam Fae Somewhere says:

      I do wonder how much of a lead YES has in the private polls being seen in Westminster for this to kick off?

      The Rev has taught thousands of us how to read the headlines etc. Now – get out there spreading the news by word of mouth!

    407. Black Joan says:

      If ye have Wings badges, hats, etc, etc now is the time to wear them.

      Thinking of you, Rev.

    408. Paula Rose says:

      Looking forward to seeing lots of you soon – got lots of new additions to my famous hat, including now the original hairy string, easily detachable for emergencies.

    409. uno mas says:

      @ Ian Brotherhood

      Your so right Ian re todays thread. A belter. So uplifting.

      Stu´s wee stoshie wi the establishment and their polis has brought out the best of the fighting spirit of the Wingers.

      Lots of lurkers and shurkers have been moved to join in today and it´s great to see.

      We´ve got our mojo back!!!

      Where´s your wee list now Indy???

    410. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

      Aye @Ian Brotherhood says at 9:19 pm I have to agree when you say:

      “What a smashing thread. Very uplifting to witness such solidarity.”

      This solidarity is why the Establishment are collectively cacking it.

      This solidarity is why an iScotland is inevitable.

      I could have said we are united in our support for Stu and united in our quest for Independence, but we know that unionism is their buzzword 🙂

      I also want to echo the comments of welcome to those finding WoS for the first time as a result of the MSM/BBC reporting on this.

      Check out the ‘recent posts’ and archived articles and enjoy “reading the news you’re not getting”

      And Stu, as others have said, It’ll aw come oot in the wash so don’t let the bast*rds grind you down. We have your back.

    411. Cactus says:

      Hey Odet ~

      You’ve inspired me.. the badges are on, the beanie is on, the brolly is up and twirling around (ps, nice unfurling ‘action’ on the brolly btw)

      Feelin’ a bit like Garth:

      It’s the choice of a new generation X.

      ‘Mon the antelope!

      Tomorrow and x3.

    412. Derek Rogers says:

      Meg Merrilees at 9:26pm: Ich bin ein Winger

      Ja, ich auch!

      More to the point, I have unused websites, some editorial skills, unused computers and a bit of dosh. If these could help, let Stu email me and we can take it from there.

      If other WoSsers can offer practical help to keep the show on the road, now is the time to do it.

    413. The Proctor Lewis says:


      I think the unionist press have begun to realise the batshit level of hostility towards the independence movement is becoming unsustainable and counterproductive. I noticed a certain hack from the express has issued legal letters against other independence campaigners, interesting development in this Cold War of ours.

    414. TheItalianJob says:

      Bound to happen to Stu given his court case with Dugdale.

      We are all behind you Sir and will do whatever to ensure these establishment people don’t defeat you or our movement.

      Good number of encouraging posts today and we all need to show solidarity as we always do here on Wings.

      We are moving into a new phase and it started long before the last GE. We have to be strong as we enter into this new and last phase of our struggle for full Scottish sovereignty i.e. Independence.

      We the ordinary people of Scotland will finally speak and be heard for sure.

      Courage mon braves.

    415. Legerwood says:

      Another great front page from the National tomorrow. Very predator-ish

      Not letting up on Ms Davidson. Sorry no link but it is on Facebook

    416. Highland Wifie says:

      Wingers you’re having too much fun!
      All this “mojo” is making me feel left out so I just needed to post….is it enough to get me on Indy’s list?

    417. heedtracker says:


      indy says:
      22 August, 2017 at 9:03 am
      If Stu is jailed then who will pay the Trolls???

      These Trolls need paid,

      Highland Wifie
      Heed tracker
      Robert Peffers
      Colin Alexander
      Liz g
      Ken 500
      Proud Cybernat
      Robert J. Sutherland
      Robert Louis
      Sensible Dave
      Meg Merrilees
      Alex Clark
      Reluctant Nationalist

    418. Daisy Walker says:


      Saw a great poster y/d re the poverty of Wales after 90 years of voting labour. Couldn’t find it, but found the source

      rather interesting, but a bugger to print the maps clearly in a readable size.

    419. Cactus says:

      Ah dinnae ken if it’s too early to introduce the newestest visitors to the Connoisseurs Lounge as yet? Is this cool Miss Paula Rose?

      What the feck, here we go… this is the most popular post EVER on WoS.. with over 28,000 reader comments, welcome to:

      Work yer way from the bottom up… bottoms up!

      It’s getting hot in here.

      Love Scotland X.

    420. yesindyref2 says:

      “Where´s your wee list now Indy???”

      I hesitate to make any suggestions.

      @meg merrilees
      If you look at the map of Wales there are basically two good roads, both heading west to east. Haven’t been on the M4 for years, but have done the M56 / A55 quite a lot. Evening it’s busy going back home from Manchester and Liverpool where the jobs are, morning it’s going to work. The other roads IN Wales? Poor.

      Yet tomorrow Wales will show a big “deficit”. Yeah, there’s a deficit all right, but not of their making.

      “Wales (2014-15): population 3.1 M, deficit £14.7 Bn = 23.9% of GDP”

      What that doesn’t show is the value of all the metals and coal extracted from Wales over the centuries and sent to … well, you guess! The whole country is a dormitory for the big cities in England, and support for Independence is therefore very low (probably single figure percentage).

    421. Highland Wifie says:

      Aaw ta. I’m honoured.

    422. ScottieDog says:

      Some points to make to the flat earthers about GERS.
      1. Ask where you can buy Scottish bonds. Many probably won’t know what you’re talking about but basically they are issued when sovereign governments spend..

      So no Scottish bonds on the bond markets. That’s simply because we can’t borrow as a sovereign nation can. So immediately the comparison of Scotland with UK and any other nation is a case of apples v oranges..

      2. The Indy bashers invited onto BBC and giving comment in the papers buy into neoliberal economics. They use (yes even the labour ones) thatchers household analogy to describe the economy. The narrative is, that due to this (imaginary) deficit, Scotland will have to administer deep austerity, just like we have to balance the books at home.

      Ask them to make it more realistic and imagine an economy with two households trading with each other. The spending of one is the income of the other and vice Versa (we say spending = income in the aggregate). So cutting my spending cuts your income which in turn cuts your spending.. leading to a reduction in my income – a very different story. This of course leads to job losses and a BIGGER deficit as tax revenue diminishes and governments have to pay more welfare cheques.

      Yanis Varoufakis explains this simply to a numpty on question time..

      In short comparing the economy with a household demonstrates that they have no understanding of macroeconomics.

      3. Link them to Icelandic deficits after 2008. Icelands government chose to expand the economy in a policy of anti-austerity. Look at the government deficit..

      If they want to eliminate the Scottish deficits, the govt needs to be priming the economic pump in Scotland and increasing the spending power of the population. Only the uk govt as money creator can currently do that.

      4. So how come the UK deficit is lower? Well most probably that is down to London and the southeast. Remember however, GERS is a snapshot, it doesn’t describe what went BEFORE. The high tax yield (low deficits) of the city of London are a result of huge £1 trillion bailouts in the banking sector post 2008, to allow business as usual.
      These tax £ first had to be issued before they could be taxed. After all tax doesn’t create money, it recirculates EXISTING money…

      Hailing London as a wealth creator is like hailing a lottery winner as self-made.

    423. jfngw says:

      From what I can check, Wings is hosted by positive-internet and there should be no threat to the site as presumably all the data is stored by this hosting company. It’s another issue whether the Rev has the time currently to devote to the site.

      This isn’t any cheapo hosting company and unless you can provide the level of security that this company can then I’m not sure you are really offering him any favours. His site being hacked could be more devastating than a few tweets.

    424. Alex Clark says:

      I’m a proud Scot and there are no buts.

      I’m proud of the work that Rev Stu does in exposing media lies.

      I’m proud that there are good people like yourselves agreeing too.

      I’m proud we don’t give in despite the negativity, we never will.

      Most of all I’m proud to be part of a YES movement that will gain Independence for Scotland. I have no need for Westminster rule.

    425. Paula Rose says:

      Cactus Honey I’ve only just got the place tidy after the last party.

    426. Cactus says:

      For future clarity, please could I kindly request that all lists are presented in alphabetical order / fashion.

      SO raring tae go!

      Many thanks.

      Kind regards,

    427. dakk says:

      Keep yer pecker up Stuart.

      Good to see all the Wings stalwarts dander’s up.

      You will not want for visitors if worse comes to worst 🙂

    428. indy says:

      Has anybody ever seen any of our resident Trolls in the flesh???

      A reminder of the Trolls who nobody has ever met:

      Heed tracker
      Robert Peffers
      Colin Alexander
      Liz g
      Ken 500
      Proud Cybernat
      Robert J. Sutherland
      Robert Louis
      Sensible Dave
      Meg Merrilees
      Alex Clark
      Reluctant Nationalist

    429. Cactus says:

      Mwah Paula Rose and to all the beautiful Scottish girls xx 😉

      Yer gorgeous.


    430. willie fae kilwinning says:

      re ruth the mooth,

      heard from a reputable source that she’s currently in training for the up and coming hide and seek world championship.

      lets have some suggestions on wher she could be, I’ll start you’s off.

      up mayhems arse.

    431. Paula Rose says:

      So lovely to have met so many of you over the years.

    432. meg merrilees says:

      Cactus 10.43

      Love it. ha ha ha

    433. Alex Clark says:

      indy is fishing.


    434. Cactus says:

      Tonight is the night.

      Tune in, here, in just over an hours time.

      Stay tuned…

    435. Legerwood says:

      crazycat and galamcennalath

      Thank you for posting the link to the National – tomorrow’s edition. I don’t do Twitter so could not do the link

    436. Robert Louis says:

      Oh look, apparently I’m a troll. Aye that’s right, even though I’ve penned an article on here, was posting on news net before this site even started, many years ago (before most folks on here didn’t know it existed), I’m a troll. how bizarre.

      I might say things that occasionally some don’t agree with (especially in recent months), but getting called a troll just makes me chuckle.

      Anyway, meanwhile in the REAL world, the front page of tomorrow’s National, is just superb.


      Oh, and, just for the record

    437. Phronesis says:

      England had its own Indy revolution- the Levellers. They used their secret printing press to produce illegal pamphlets full of dangerous ideas of equality and social justice that were distributed widely by activists.

      ‘The Leveller program included reform of the law, religious toleration and free trade. Their principal constitutional demands were for an extended franchise, for individual rights guaranteed under a written constitution and for a government answerable to the People rather than to King or Parliament… Leveller proposals for revolutionary changes to the constitution and legal system were disseminated through effective use of the printing press. Pamphlets and petitions were circulated by a network of activists, with regular meetings of supporters and organisers to co-ordinate activity. A weekly newspaper, The Moderate, ran from July 1648 until its suppression in October 1649, coordinating Leveller supporters across the country’

      Almost 500 years later there’s another means of communication as powerful and radical as the printing press. The best response to the current situation is to provide even more links and references to articles that inform and educate- Mercurius Politicus!

    438. cearc says:

      Talking of lists,

      Here’s a handy ‘pull out and keep’ one that the FT compiled a couple of months ago.

      It is of the 759 treaties and international agreements with 168 countries signed by the EU.

      All of which will cease at brexit and will need to be replaced or renegotiated by the UK.

      I wonder how well they are getting on with this.

    439. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      Hi again “windy”. Isn’t it well past your bedtime? What will mum and dad think when they discover your little wheeze? Or aren’t you back to school yet…?

    440. Gary45% says:

      Stu, no worries about the bollocks going on, just had the misfortune to watch a wee clip from tonight’s Reporting Shortbread with the Grimacing Burd on Ya Tube. Her coupon said it all .
      NO STORY.
      And the establishment STILL DON’T GET IT.

    441. crazycat says:

      @ Legerwood

      I don’t “do” Twitter either, in that I do not have an account.

      I found the link by googling “The National Scotland Twitter”, then just right-clicked on the time stamp of the appropriate tweet, which produced a menu, from which I chose “copy link address”.

      Then I pasted it here.

    442. Meg merrilees says:

      Sorry to give you scary bedtime reading…

      While you’re on the Russia today website you can read how the UK continues to manufacture and export Paraquat to developing countries and how the UK is resisting calls to stop the development of robots that can kill.

      A number of leading professionals in the tech and artificial intelligence industry have recently published an open letter to the United Nations (UN), urging member states to preemptively ban autonomous war machines in order to avoid a “third revolution in warfare,” after gunpowder and nuclear weapons.

      The letter, signed by Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk and Google DeepMind’s Mustafa Suleyman among others, read: “Once developed, lethal autonomous weapons will permit armed conflict to be fought at a scale greater than ever, and at timescales faster than humans can comprehend.

      “These can be weapons of terror, weapons that despots and terrorists use against innocent populations, and weapons hacked to behave in undesirable ways.

      “We do not have long to act. Once this Pandora’s box is opened, it will be hard to close,” the authors wrote.

    443. jfngw says:

      Jeez, they’re now discussing make-up on Newsnight. How long should you allow your children to spend in front of the mirror. Thank goodness there is no dumbing down of this ‘heavyweight’ programme. Admittedly I do spend longer than this in front of the mirror waxing, but I do have a particularly hairy bottom.

    444. Alex Clark says:


      That is the answer, word of mouth with family and close friends but what about using email too? I certainly have never used it enough and should have used it a lot more.

      It’s not difficult to forward an article to some one close even if they disagree with you. Worst that can happen is you’ll be asked not send that rubbish again.

      Best that can happen?

    445. Chick McGregor says:

      Just read the Canary post on Wings.

      Interesting comment re new legislation.

      Can it be retroactive? Surely not.

    446. Alex Clark says:

      @Robert Louis

      You had the media and the BBC nailed more than 5 years ago. Very impressed and glad you have stuck around, always notice your posts.

      We never give in.

    447. indy says:

      Alex Clark 10.54pm :

      “indy is fishing”

      indy is not “fishing”.

      indy only asked a very simple question.

      Has anybody ever seen any of the people on the list below in the flesh???

      Heed tracker
      Robert Peffers
      Colin Alexander
      Liz g
      Ken 500
      Proud Cybernat
      Robert J. Sutherland
      Robert Louis
      Sensible Dave
      Meg Merrilees
      Alex Clark
      Reluctant Nationalist

      Striaght forward question, expecting a straight forward answer.

    448. Alex Clark says:

      @Chick McGregor

      One word on the Canary article. Pathetic.

    449. Alex Clark says:


      Why are you addressing somebody that does not exist in the flesh?

      Are you daft?

    450. Effijy says:

      I’ve been away for a couple of days and cannot believe the Constabulary have further tainted their profession by acting in such an idiotic and unjustifiable manner.

      Rev, I am with you and will back you up to the hilt in any what that I can.

      The Brits have a very long history of frightening those who represent nations who want to break free from Westminster
      corruption and deceit.

      George Washington, Mahatma Gandhi, Eamon de Valera,Lech Walesa, Stuart Rev Campbell.

      We all know how the 4 countries above found their freedom, due to the endeavours of their leaders, and we all know what will be achieved with the efforts of proud Scots like the Rev.

    451. indy says:

      The following list are paid faceless Trolls.

      Heed tracker
      Robert Peffers
      Colin Alexander
      Liz g
      Ken 500
      Proud Cybernat
      Robert J. Sutherland
      Robert Louis
      Sensible Dave
      Meg Merrilees
      Alex Clark
      Reluctant Nationalist

      These Trolls are paid by the Rev to force the direction of the discussion on Wings.

    452. yesindyref2 says:

      Daft as a brush, but it’s not Ivan Owen has got his hand up its jacksie

      Boom boom!

    453. Legerwood says:

      crazycat @ 11.15

      Good to know, thank you

    454. Alex Clark says:

      Might as well start mu own list.


    455. heedtracker says:

      indy says:
      22 August, 2017 at 11:42 pm
      The following list are paid faceless Trolls.

      Heed tracker

      What’s that on the left there you creepy wee soul?

      G’night Stu.

      You have more friends in supporters in Scotland today than anyone ever has and its only going to get bigger and bigger!

    456. Smallaxe says:

      indy says:
      22 August, 2017 at 10:44 pm
      “Has anybody ever seen any of our resident Trolls in the flesh???”


    457. dakk says:

      ‘These Trolls are paid by the Rev to force the direction of the discussion on Wings.’

      Any idea how much he pays them?

      Minimum wage,Living wage ?

    458. Cactus says:

      We OWN midnight:

      The first of the beginning.


    459. Cactus says:

      Aweright indy says ~

      Dude, unless yer a robot, please would you kindly refer to me 10:43’er

      Lookin’ oot fur awe ra ‘eh-nah-leigh’ OCD peeps 🙂



    460. Cactus says:

      Been bufferin’ these bad boys up.

      I couldn’t break midnight.

      Welcome back.


    461. Cactus says:

      Love yerselves and each other bonnie Scotland.

      Life is too short.

      Be i.

    462. K.A.Mylchreest says:

      “Heed tracker
      Robert Peffers
      Colin Alexander
      Liz g
      Ken 500
      Proud Cybernat
      Robert J. Sutherland
      Robert Louis
      Sensible Dave
      Meg Merrilees
      Alex Clark
      Reluctant Nationalist”

      The Roll of Honour 😉

    463. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      dakk @ 23:57,

      We menials are paid a pittance by the Rev. Lurkers have no idea. It’s an absolute disgrace, having to slave at keyboards in the shadows for precious little reward. We have been treated disgracefully by that vile exploiter for far too long, and “indy” has finally awoken our passion for justice. Now we are revolting and forming a union, United Trolls of the WorldWideWeb (UTWWW).

      Fellow trolls, you have nothing to lose except your bridges!

      (PS: I consequently expect to be invited to appear on Reporting Scotland any day now. Fame at last..!)

    464. Cactus says:

      From the top…

      Alex Clark (same guy)
      Colin Alexander
      Heed tracker
      Ken 500
      Liz g
      Meg Merrilees
      Proud Cybernat
      Reluctant Nationalist
      Robert J. Sutherland
      Robert Louis
      Robert Peffers
      Sensible Dave
      Thepnr (same guy)

      Emmday missin’?

    465. Big Phil says:

      Indy, Ive met most of them, you might have too , they are the Man(woman) on the streets of Scotland , if ye wurny a feckin troll and actually read their comments you would know that… sad wee shite….now we all want on the ‘LIST’ lol 😉

    466. Paula Rose says:

      We all want a huge big effing list
      A huge big effing list…
      What a giggle.

    467. Petra says:

      Oh well seems as though the fishermen are being sold out after all, followed by the farmers. Who would have thought it? Then again maybe this will be a wake-up call for them to get back on board.


      @ Cearc at 11:06pm ….. What a list Cearc. Has the mind boggling. I can see how T May often mentions just walking away from it all. Called didn’t have a scooby-doo and now can’t cope.


      Any chance of everyone just ignoring Lindy the List girl folks, It’s getting pretty wearing now, boring and of course disruptive.


      @ Derek Rodgers @ 10:11pm …….

      Derek thanks a million for your kind offer / s. I’m sure someone on here will contact Stu if he hasn’t noticed your post already. Great to see so many people supporting Stu, continuing to get data / the truth out there and offering to help such as yourself Derek.


      @ Meg at 11:15pm …… “Nuclear Weapons.”

      Meg if ever there was a reason, just ONE reason, for us fighting for our Independence that has to be it. We know of course that if ever there was a reason, just ONE reason, for them using every dirty trick in the book to hang onto us that has to be it. We have to get out of this Union ASAP folks before we become the victims of a Nuclear accident, a target for terrorists or are totally decimated. This is not something that could happen to others not us or a case of scaremongering. It’s the terrifying reality.


      Another reality is seeing the NHS being decimated. I’m on my IPad and can’t repost articles from the site. If anyone has the time or inclination could they post the article ‘A Division of Principles’ by Professor Allyson Pollock?

    468. Big Phil says:

      Correction… list. NUP. some are paid trolls but not by wings.

    469. Alex Clark says:


      All good guys on the list. Even the trolls. bless them.

    470. Cactus says:

      @ indy my friend ~

      Neutrally.. please would you consider my 12:15, for clarity.

      Much obliged.


    471. Kininvie says:


      What a ridiculous presumption…

      I regard it as my loss not to have met more of those on your silly little list. But at least I can vouch for Alex Clark (thepnr) who did more in 2014 in distributing WBB than you probably did in your entire life…So I assume it’s highly probable that the rest of your list are genuine people and that you are a sad troll.

    472. Dr Jim says:

      Chris Patten says Brexit is mad bad and stupid and his own Tory party are right wing Inglish Nationalists and must be stopped
      The Norn Irish question on borders is ridiculous from the Tories
      He says Scottish Independence more likely now although doesn’t want it because….and here’s the usual Inglish fluff “It’ll be bad for Britain”

      He’s not right on everything though he thinks Ruth Davidson’s smart, I suppose he’s got to save some face for his party somewhere although he admitted he’s a big fan of Nicola Sturgeon as a serious politician

      All in all a pretty honest guy, especially for a Tory

    473. cearc says:

      Paula Rose,

      Wot? The list I linked to @10.43 wasn’t big enough for you?

    474. Big Phil says:

      I started
      with , good guy, good guy, good guy, Wank. lol

    475. Petra says:

      Shame to see that out of the last 20 posts 13 relate to ‘list. Didn’t take him / her long to ruin the thread.

    476. Liz g says:

      Alex Clark @ 12.25

      He might be makin a list …..but he’s definitely no checking it TWICE.
      If ye catch ma meaning

    477. Cactus says:

      We love you 54 Admiral Street, Glasgow.



    478. Smallaxe says:

      Still beelin’, not a mention, ah sit here day efter day nicht efter nicht and STILL cannae get oan that shoppin’ list. Grass!

      Btw, my word of honour, my cat’s called indy but it’s no him he’s sleepin’, well cat nappin’.

      Go Cat Go: Please Mama Please

    479. John O says:

      Your welcome.

      Lochside says:
      22 August, 2017 at 9:27 pm
      John O ‘@2.13 great link and extremely apposite at this time.

    480. Meg merrilees says:

      Just one massive flaw in your accusation indy…

      Despite my best attempts tonight, I don’t seem to have forced the direction of discussion on Wings.

      No-one is talking about the two disgraced Tory Councillors, Alasdair Majury and Robert Davies who have been re-instated in Stirling Council by the branch leader of the Conservative party in Scotland, Ruth Davidson, despite having made several racist, homophobic and sectarian remarks.
      Seems it’s ok to call Catholics ‘Tarriers’ in Scotland in 2017 and describe African people as cannibals. You can get elected to the local Council to make decisions on schools and social housing. And what’s more, it doesn’t get reported on the national news.

      Again, no-one is discussing the dangers of transporting nuclear waste by road in Scotland despite the fact that a road traffic accident could contaminate ‘an area up to 24 miles wide meaning entire villages and towns could be engulfed ‘
      As Brian Quail aptly demonstrated, these convoys can easily be brought to a halt.

      In case you haven’t heard of him, Brian Quail is another man who has the courage of his convictions to stand up against the Establishment for his belief in a nuclear-free world. He has been to jail for his beliefs. Perhaps you would like to read the speech he delivered during his court case?

      He protests about weapons of mass destruction being moved around Britain in direct contravention of agreed International Treaties. The plain truth is that in ignoring these regulations, the MoD acts as if they were above the law, and the courts connive at this.

      European safety series 6 Directive 89/618 requires that citizens be notified of the movement of nuclear material through their area.
      This does not happen in the UK.
      The transport of radioactive material and high explosives in the same vehicle is contrary to the Radioactive Substances (carriage by Road) (GB) Regulations of 1974 (No. 1735), Section 6h which states “No person shall…carry in a vehicle which is carrying radioactive material any explosive substance within the meaning of the explosives act 1875”

      Nuclear warheads surrounded by explosives are regularly transported on British roads, yet authorities are “wholly unprepared” to handle an accident, a damning report has revealed.’ Nukewatch UK.

      You can read the article here:

      Anyway, I must stop and get to bed which is a shame since i could talk to you for a long time. Still, you have given me another chance to ‘dominate’ the thread with my musings…

      All we are concerned about on this website tonight is the wellbeing of a man who has more moral fibre in his little finger than you will ever begin to know exists, who is being victimised for standing up against bullies and whose belief in the power of truth is unshakeable.

      If you can think of nothing better to contribute then perhaps your conscience should direct you to leave quietly.

      PS: Who is paying you?

      Straightforward question, expect a straightforward answer.

    481. Paula Rose says:

      Petra there really is nothing to discuss on this thread other than having some fun and making new readers welcome.

    482. Big Phil says:


      Ha ha ha , they all want tae sound like the king eh! Nae chance.

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