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The fine art of omission

Posted on August 21, 2017 by

We’ll only be making a very brief comment on the story in Tuesday’s Herald, for hopefully obvious reasons. The piece by Tom Gordon has been written for maximum innuendo to allow the wildest speculations on social media – which are of course duly taking place – but the alleged events relate entirely to some tweets from our Twitter account, none of which have been deleted and all of which are still publicly visible.

Nothing more sinister or serious than some tweets has occurred, or been alleged to have occurred. None of the tweets involved are in ANY way threatening, not even in a joking sense. That’s all we’ll be saying on the subject at this time.

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582 to “The fine art of omission”

  1. Meg merrilees says:

    Cactus you’re a hero.

  2. Capella says:

    @ Smallaxe – that was tragic. Don’t let the troll divide and rule. Have some Big Eyed Beans from Venus. Oh my oh my!

  3. Smallaxe says:

    Big Phil: your’s are on O/T

  4. Cactus says:


    fur fucks sake.

    Aye swear.


    Wings is FUN FUN ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

    It’s good to talk.

  5. Petra says:

    @ Paula Rose at 12:39am ….. I thought the site was all about imparting information / getting the truth out there with a bit of humour / camaraderie thrown into the mix? I’m also wondering what new readers will make of trawling through endless lists / posts about lists? Not a lot I would think.

  6. Daisy Walker says:

    Indie…. I’m still not on the list.

    Get it sorted.

    Role of Honour right enough. Right fine bunch.

  7. yesindyref2 says:

    Some confirmation of what I’ve been banging on about for the Clyde.

    I thnk it almost certain the max T26s built there will be 8, with no T31s built – or assembled – there. And I wouldn’t bet on 5 out of the 8 either, it could end up only 3.

    Pooling and sharing, the benefits of the broad shoulders and shifty eyes of the Union.

  8. Capella says:

    @ Smallaxe ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Paula Rose says:

    Petra I agree, but this late at night I doubt there are new folk about, I haven’t mentioned the idiot’s list all day so let’s all just chill. Sorry – this is a bit of us Off-topic types turning up for a bit of a shindig but this is our way of saying this is an incredible forum.

  10. Alex Clark says:

    Probably a stressful day for many especially the Rev. I don’t think though that our shoulders should drop and from what I’ve read today they haven’t. We’re not for doffing our caps or bowing to anyone.

    They have taken a gamble that might well backfire if there is such a thing as justice, It’s all a fraud to create newspaper headlines that are anti Independence anti SNP and anti Scotland.

    Fuck them.

  11. Smallaxe says:

    Goodnight, Wingers, some great posts, some laughs, and solidarity.
    We’ll make sure the Rev.Stu. gets anything he needs.
    It’s been a;
    Perfect Day

    Peace Always
    Hammers will be coming, bye
    ๐Ÿ˜Ž (incognito)

  12. Dr Jim says:

    Indulging oneself in entertaining Unionist wreckers demeans the purpose of this Website and delivers them the ability to complete the function they’re paid for

    Stuart Campbell doesn’t work his socks off to set this site up for them

    Bit of respect

  13. Cactus says:

    It’s wiki-wiki Wednesday.

    Lying by omission:

    It’s the 23rd of August 2017.

    New page.

  14. Robert Peffers says:

    @Alex Clark says: 22 August, 2017 at 10:54 pm:

    “indy is fishing.

    I’ll fix that for you, Alex – it should read :-


    Didn’t you know all Trolls were all animals, Alex?

  15. Conan the Librarian says:

    I met Thepnr at the do’s in Edinburgh. I thought the false moustache and nose was a bit strange at the time, but thanks to Indy I now realise how naive I was.

    As for Paula Rose – Indy, you really need to add her to the list…

  16. Big Phil says:

    Tae all lurkers and newbies, I’ve been lurking on this site since 2014, every day I read what everyone says ,occasionally i have a wee rant and say what I need to say, I feel connected to wings and I felt it more on the 3rd of June when under one banner we all marched,I wouldnt have known about it without Wings, It is the most reliable and trustworthy site you could visit bar none,the people you meet here are as argumentative as you would find doon the pub or in an office but they are OOR people , sitting in front of a computer frustrated that lies are being told about oor country….This is our outlet,the Rev has gave us this platform and the establishment want it taken away.As he is fighting for us ye can be damned sure we’ll fight for him. And Rev ye know me(love smallaxe) Peace always…….always.

  17. Cactus says:

    For reference from the wiki-wiki page above, may aye share with ye awe:

    “Selective reporting in the media:
    Media outlets are under pressure to make money, and an easy way to do this is by breaking sensational stories. This can encourage the media to overplay news stories or leave out information that would detract from an otherwise great story.

    The Daily Mail, a UK newspaper, has a reputation for scare stories – with immigration and health scares figuring highly on their list of things that really should shock and disgust you!

    An example this would be to claim that immigrants are taking their jobs away from the native population while neglecting to mention that the jobs are low-paid, unpopular, and difficult to fill if not for immigrants.

    Political leanings may lead to lying by partisan reporting, in which scandals involving one party as front page news while similar incidents among another are relegated to bylines buried towards the back of the newspaper.

    Whether or not this is lying by omission depends on the stated goal of the outlet in question.”

    Have a great day Scotland.. realise, reawaken, restore.

  18. Alex Clark says:

    @Big Phil

    A nice welcome to any newbies. I’ll say this though Wings is much more than the articles. It is the opinions of all who post that matter most.

    That way you learn what to agree with or disagree with. Diversity is good as we are not all the same, that is laughable. Let’s have the agreements and disagreements here in the posts.

    Might not win another supporter for YES but will make them think.

  19. Cactus says:

    LDR plays Glasgow’s Hydro tonight.

    Talkin’ bout ‘video games’.

    I omit nothing.

    It’s YOU!

  20. Cactus says:

    Video Games:

    Hearing this.. would love to hear Lana do a duet with Ludovico Einaudi.

    Or aussi FM.


  21. Cactus says:

    And hey, don’t stop thinkin’ about tomorrow (OR TODAY!)

    It could be SO much better than before.

    Sounds like a song.

    Keep it gaun’…

    Ahm gaun.

    It’s you.

  22. Cactus says:

    It is what it is.


  23. Cactus says:

    More than just a nod Rev.. Wings Over Scotland is:

    Ye kickin’ aboot ra now William Wallace?


  24. yesindyref2 says:

    Been some lightning earlier, but around now and just about overhead, a bit frightening in its ferocity, can’t remember one that loud. The cat’s run away hiding somewhere in the house!

  25. Cactus says:

    Rockin’ in at 4:seventeen and ending in ‘oil’:

    Scotland by and on the hour.

    You may stand or sit.

    Tis your choice.

    Love ye.

  26. Cactus says:

    Here’s the score from Glasgow’s Millennium Bridge facing East:

    We used to have a River Festival!
    Where n why did that go?
    Used to!!!

    Yeah, I found it quite mild outside tonight too. Tropical.

    Consistency is good.

  27. Cactus says:

    Raw garlic is the prevention and the magical cure.

    Love garlic.

    Hi Nana.

  28. indy says:

    Below is a list of the faceless Trolls who try to dominate the direction of discussion and to make Wings look busy.

    They are paid Trolls who nobody knows.

    Paid by Rev Stu.

    They are never at Rallies or Wings get togethers.

    Has anybody ever seen any of the people on the list below in the flesh???

    Heed tracker
    Robert Peffers
    Colin Alexander
    Liz g
    Ken 500
    Proud Cybernat
    Robert J. Sutherland
    Robert Louis
    Sensible Dave
    Meg Merrilees
    Alex Clark
    Reluctant Nationalist

    Striaght forward question, expecting a straight forward answer.

  29. Dorothy Devine says:

    Can anyone tell me if the complainant can be counter sued?

    I realise they can be charged with wasting police time.

    And by the way there is an irritating echo round here to which NONE should respond for it is shameful to mock the afflicted.

  30. Nana says:

    Council rejects request to reveal salary of woman running Aberdeen incinerator project

    EU could retain fishing rights in UK waters after Brexit

  31. Nana says:

    Is democracy being subverted by dark money and big data? With the power of digital profiling and hidden offshore funds, are election rules being flouted and consensus automated? How do journalists investigate these new threats of informational warfare and fight the rise of weaponised fake news?
    All these questions and more to be answered by a panel of experts in a rapid fire Q&A

    To be held in London 20th Sept, tickets available here

  32. Reluctant Nationalist says:

    @ Cactus: “Selective reporting in the media.”

    That’s a good thing to be reminded of. Cheers.

  33. Smallaxe says:

    Nana; Good morning, it’s quite dull here this morning, thank you for your lovely links.Kettles on!

  34. Petra says:

    Morning Dorothy. What a night, eh! At one point I thought the house had been struck by lightning.

    As to wasting police time I reckon it is an offence under the Criminal Law Act 1967. Additionally I wonder how anyone can complain about someone harassing them on Twitter over 2 years when they’ve got the capacity to block them from day one as far as I know. I don’t use Twitter so someone may correct me on that one. If I’m right it looks as though it’s all about making the headlines, trying to damage Stu’s reputation / Wings and the Independence movement by dragging it out Thomson style. They may also want to use this in relation to the Dugdale case. Who knows?

  35. Macart says:

    Mornin’ Nana

    Thanks for the nod.

    Been a bit hectic the past few days, minding stores and such, and I’m not getting a lot of time to keep up elsewhere.

    I look forward to a bit of a morning break and your reading. Take it easy Nana. ๐Ÿ™‚

  36. Nana says:

    Good morning Smallaxe, it’s Gers day! This was one of the first articles I posted on Wings.

    The Great deception indeed.

  37. Dorothy Devine says:

    Morning Petra, the lightening was quite spectacular!

    It is the utter dishonesty of our media that rankles – I’d like to know how they face themselves in a mirror .

    Are they proud of their work? Expecting journalistic rewards for writing ordure? OBE’s?

    Trump is right on one issue ( only one!) Fake news.

  38. Nana says:

    Morning Macart

    Loving your work Sam. I hope Paul brings you back a treat or two for minding his store.

    Been a busy few days here too. Eldest home from uni, brought his mum a lovely big black bag of washing. It’s like a Chinese laundry here, steam coming out my ears, lol

  39. Petra says:

    Thanks for the links Nana in particular the Butterfly Rebellion which outlines clearly what we’re up against. Highlighting via Spanner that there seems to be different laws for different folks in this country now. What’s going on here should actually be a cause for concern for everyone in the UK regardless of what country they live in or what ‘side’ they’re on. It also demonstrates that with all of the gagging / surveillance laws that are being put into place by the Tories at Westminster it’s high time, long overdue, that we bailed out of this Union. With Police and Press seemingly complicit now it’s getting scarier by the minute.

    Stu is seen to be a threat to the State. Simple as that. He’s also Scotlands answer to I. F Stone as posted by John O at 2:23pm yesterday and when you watch the videos you can see that free press in Scotland doesn’t exist. Political editors are being chosen to meet their bosses agenda and in turn either selecting journalists who are likeminded or repressing half-decent journalists under their control. One sad state of affairs.

  40. Petra says:

    Thanks for the links Nana in particular the Butterfly Rebellion which outlines clearly what we’re up against. Highlighting via Spanner that there seems to be different laws for different folks in this country now. What’s going on here should actually be a cause for concern for everyone in the UK regardless of what country they live in or what ‘side’ they’re on. It also demonstrates that with all of the gagging / surveillance laws that are being put into place by the Tories at Westminster it’s high time, long overdue, that we bailed out of this Union.

    Stu is seen to be a threat to the State. Simple as that. He’s also Scotlands answer to I. F Stone as posted by John O at 2:23pm yesterday and when you watch the videos you can see that free press in Scotland doesn’t exist. Political editors are being chosen to meet their bosses agenda and in turn either selecting journalists who are likeminded or repressing half-decent journalists under their control. One sad state of affairs.

  41. Petra says:

    Oops my post hadn’t appeared I thought due to one particular sentence so removed it and reposted. Seems it was okay!

  42. Macart says:


    Oh, I hear that. Sent off number one son to his student flat last week. Texts and messages to his mum all week on cooking tips required and washing machine etiquette. ๐Ÿ˜€ LOL

    They do grow up so fast. Right up until faced with a washing machine dial and they become five years old again.

    As for minding Paul’s store? It’s a pleasure. They’re good folks over there and don’t mind an amateur keeping them amused with a few rants.

    Only caught a whiff of this stooshie late yesterday morning. Worth repeating to folks that the Rev is trying to help them by saying keep any speculation off the agenda. It’s for their own good as well as his. Offering support and words of support is peachy, but no more than that is a good idea.

  43. Hamish100 says:


    Who pays you ? Police? MI5? Mfi? Tory party funds.

    You are a joke. How many times have you cut and paste your nonesense.

    Any suggestions for a better Scotland?

    Thought not. Please add me too you list ( unpaid ). Can you be a troll on WOS when you support independence and self determination for its people.
    Thought not.

  44. jdman says:

    Indy has a point, I’ve never seen Alex Clark and THPNR in the same room EVER! ๐Ÿ™

  45. frogesque says:

    Petra, it was worth reading twice!

    With Wingers and supporting Stu.

    Mostly lurking as I’ve not much more to say.

  46. Richardinho says:

    I look forward to hearing the full story when the legal dealings are all over with.On the face of it it looks like this may be a very dark day in the history of the mainstream media, but we’ll see.

  47. Macart says:


    The thick plottens. It’s a mysetry I tells ye! ๐Ÿ™‚

  48. Tatu3 says:

    I think what has happened to Stuart is totally unjust, but the support he has on here is amazing. I don’t comment much but I read WoS every day. I don’t live in Scotland anymore, but WoS, WGD and other sites give me hope that one day soon Scotland will again be independent.

  49. Petra says:

    Dark money / big data / digital profiling. There was a really interesting programme on Channel 4 recently that highlighted the part that Facebook plays in this with staff from Facebook helping Trump to win the election. No doubt the Tories are onto it or more so into it.


    I’m not surprised that Ruth Davidson is in hiding. The Sun blasted her to smithereens yesterday questioning why she made the comments about Trump (Charlottesville neo-Nazis) whilst reinstating a couple of politicians of the same ilk. She’ll have to make an appearance sometime soon and answer the questions. For a change. I’ll also be interested to see if Ms Dugdale will have anything to say about this, as she’s keen to do when it suits her, at next FMQ’s.


    I see that Ross Greer had a fairly long (and excellent) article printed in the Paisley Daily Express yesterday (surprise, surprise) entitled ‘We’re not ready for a nuclear accident.’ He points out that RC hasn’t carried out a risk assessment into the potential dangers involved and has failed to keep residents informed about how it would respond to any incidents involving the high explosives. He goes on to say that “It will surprise and shock many residents in Renfrewshire to learn that nuclear weapons loaded onto lorries routinely pass by houses and schools in our communities on their way to the Navy depot at Coulport.”

    Well if my experience is anything to go by this will come as news to many right enough who don’t seem to know that Nuclear Weapons have been ‘housed’ in Scotland at all thanks to the Scottish MSM.

  50. Lenny Hartley says:

    Jdman I saw Alex Clark, Thpnr , Ruth Davidson and Kim Jung Un all having coffee together in a greggs.

  51. ronnie anderson says:

    @ Richardinho Its a very dark day from where am sittin Its pissing doon

  52. Smallaxe says:

    Embarrassing Ruth
    Posted on 23/08/2017 by Peter A Bell;

  53. Grouse Beater says:

    From last year’s attack on Wings – it feels as if I might as well write the same things again this time.

    The attack is a repeat by the soldiers of the state:

  54. Phydaux says:

    Shocked, but not surprised, to hear of your arrest Stuart and hope you’re ok.Heartfelt thanks for all your efforts and courage and invaluable contribution to the struggle for Scotland’s independence.I have learned so much from WOS.You are an outstanding journalist of integrity and moral courage in speaking truth to power.You have shown me how the duplicitous shitheads of the Establishment and MSM are all complicit in a stage managed pretence to deny the people of Scotland our democratic right to choose our destiny.The Unionists are delusional and cannot abandon their imperialist mentality.

    When people get integrated, on the journey to Independence, and find how good it feels, then they really want THAT more than the narcotic of ignorance and delusion.I will do all I can, in a heartbeat, to help bail you out…. whatever it takes to fight the good fight,

    Great front page in today’s National.Honorary Colonel Ruth rape clause Davidson seems to have gone AWOL. A real soldier fights for her/his comrades… her regiment tainted by her total lack of any moral obligations… mind you, she’s permanently missing in action from her constituents.

  55. BJ says:

    The media in this country are rank and rotten. WoS is doing what they should be doing.

    They have created the “them and us” myth and I was really annoyed when I read the report about MI5 working against Scotland’s desire for self determination. What right does the UK Government have to use them against an equal partner?

    Any proof that is needed to realise the Union is over you only have to look at Ruth Davidson’s decision to bring back those bigots. We are all being pulled into their gutter !!

  56. Giving Goose says:

    Listened to Radio Scotland for the Highlands & Islands this morning at 830am (I don’t usually listen to propaganda but just for once..).

    A new part of the duelled carriageway A9 is opening โ€“ great news.

    Then the piece went into SNP bad mode about the ability of the SNP Government to complete other commitments in time.

    Now I havenโ€™t been keeping track of the project, so Iโ€™m unable to comment on the truth or otherwise of the statement from the BBC, but what was interesting is that the concerns raised were not attributed to a person or organisation โ€“ it appeared to be the BBC that was voicing the concern. The news piece also sounded stilted, almost like an โ€œoff the shelfโ€ anti-Scottish SNP Bad content. It was very poor journalism….but then I remembered that the BBC doesnโ€™t do journalism and that what I was listening to was actually propaganda for propagandas sake. If there was veracity in the comments about the delays, it was hidden under the bile of the delivery.

    Then I remembered why I donโ€™t listen to Radio Scotland.

  57. Les Wilson says:

    Yes I do believe that this charge against Stu is politically motivated, I am not being a conspiracy freak here.
    There are reasons to think it was a well planned action, as such it has had someone put it together.

    While we can only imagine who concocted this, but not hard to see who would want to benefit from it, in order to damage another Scottish asset which is Stu. The more mud they throw and the media is all at it. Makes my case more of a likelihood.

    We need to support Stu, in all ways, in the end we are helping ourselves.

  58. ronnie anderson says:

    Ah wunner whit ever happened tae that John king he’s went aff wie the key fur the toy box an we need it returned badly , mibees need anither bigger toy box tae.

  59. meg merrilees says:

    Petra see my links in the ‘older comments’ section/ last night’s page @12.38am

    Maybe it’s time to ask our councils if they have prepared risk assessments to cover any unexpected events???

  60. Phil says:

    23/08/2017; 09:03
    Giving Goose says: … Radio Scotland, Highlands section, 08:30 23 August … A9 road upgrade

    BBC Scotland spoke as if road improvements could be bought off the shelf, rolled out overnight, made ready for users before next morning’s rush hour. Nice, if.

    SNPBaaad shone through that broadcast loud and clear.

  61. The Proctor Lewis says:

    Petra says:
    23 August, 2017 at 7:18 am
    Yes it does seem to be a waste of police time, but someone dragged themselves to a police office and filed a complaint, properly in the company of her solicitor, with specially edited snippets of this child’s toy that is twitter.
    Honestly what are the constabulary to do? They can’t ignore her, no siree lest they wish to be on the front page, a scoop, hold the front page, POLICE IGNORES TROLL.

    So the question isn’t why now, as you say, but why not more often, Private eye used to be sued often for libel but recently the law has moved on this and it’s not a sensible or viable option, so harassment? well for Mrs housewife, or Mr retiree or that gentleman on the clapham omnibus, (honestly you’d think he would have arrived at his destination by now,) it’s easy to see if they are harassed. But a Journalist whose proprietors business model is increasingly based on what is called digital revenue streams pushes out stories that are designed to capture the audience’s attention with impact Like Freddie Starr Ate My Hamster, really?.

    Move that into the political field where one person is headlining reports scandalising one specific political movement day after day, is that in itself not harrasment, no its protected as freedom of the press, but here’s the rub, how can responding to that publication even by one individual be harassment, by publishing it is inherent in that act that you invite comment, if not why publish. “Publish and be Damned” the editors creed recognizes the fact you invite comment.

    With regard to twitter, Its creed is “We believe in freedom of expression and in speaking truth to power, but that means little as an underlying philosophy if voices are silenced because people are afraid to speak up.”

    That is taken from Twitters rules, if you don’t likeee turn offeee, as the game show would have it, so twitter allows you to mute. It doesn’t allow you to have your cake and eat it, that is as stupid as the man in the clapham omnibus having paid his fair expecting the omnibuss to remain stationary or divert from its advertised route as it does not suit him.

    So just as the Rev said, he can “sucky” it up, or be bullied by power into silence.

  62. Ghillie says:

    Hey folks, new article by Lindsay Bruce up ahead and (whispers) I saw a couple of hammers going whizzing by ๐Ÿ™‚

    Have a lovely day folks =)

  63. To the NUJ,

    First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak outโ€”
    Because I was not a Socialist.

    Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak outโ€”
    Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak outโ€”
    Because I was not a Jew.

    Then they came for meโ€”and there was no one left to speak for me.

  64. Grouse Beater says:

    On Grouse Beater shortly:

    This summer’s blockbuster “Clipped Wings 3 – The Revenge’ – in a timeline near you soon.

    Be afraid very afraid!

  65. Street Andrew says:

    Lenny Hartley says:
    23 August, 2017 at 8:43 am
    Jdman I saw Alex Clark, Thpnr , Ruth Davidson and Kim Jung Un all having coffee together in a greggs.

    I can vouch for that. Elvis was there and saw it all.

  66. The Proctor Lewis says:

    Street Andrew says:
    “I saw Alex Clark, and Thpnr together”


  67. Chick McGregor says:

    Further to observations re the National.

    Stuart’s arrest was belatedly printed in bare facts mode.

    No letters on the letter page about it, although some very good letters today on other topics, especially Mary McCabe from Glasgow.

    No Wee Ginger Dug (who had been due today according to yesterday’s paper).

    Tick tock.

  68. Titler says:

    Very strange coincidence; I only popped by for a quick chuckle at the Nat Bubble with regards to responses to GERS, and noticed RevStu had been arrested for online harassment… I’ll say before I continue I don’t believe he’s done it, by the way. But anyway, the coincidence is that I’m currently in the middle of printing out a lot of evidence to take my own report for the same crime in to my local rozzers. But this is about a sociopath who has spent the last year targeting me because of my criticism of a computer game, Shroud of the Avatar, nothing to do with Indy.

    I wouldn’t normally bother commenting here any more, but I think because of the yike spooks coincidence I can offer some actually useful perspective.

    Firstly, whilst it probably is a malicious report, as in a severe case of “Anyone criticising me is trying to harm me!” narcissism, when you’re dealing with someone who is “IT Savvy” as some of the reporting on this is deliberately hinting RevStu is, it’s often impossible to ever be certain where exactly online harassment is coming from.

    In my own case, the guy in question was setting up sockpuppets on the Shroud forums the day they went live, 4 years ago, long before he ever even knew who his fellow players were, much less who would end up critical. He’s got fake facebook pages for some of them, on others he’s running webpages he directs you too to try and fish for your IP address. He’s made at least 10 Reddit accounts that I know of too.

    The only reason I know it’s him is because he’s so insane he openly brags about trying to hurt me on the sockpuppets, and when I show a particular IP address or detail something in an obscure forum I know he’s stalking me on, his automated attacks on my email etc shift to match. I’m able to prove a connection between actual criminal acts and his wider identity and intentions.

    But if he was smarter… he could forge that too. Or forge being a Scots Nationalist. Or anyone at all. And hundreds of them all at once. The internet is a rabbit hole down which all identity and causality easily gets confused.

    My point then is this; if I were RevStu, I wouldn’t deny that the internet is a vile and abusive place. Or even that the crime reporter was being personally harassed; Admit that it’s entirely possible she was. Act sympathetic. But point out there’s absolutely no hard evidence RevStu is implicated in this at all. And you can state that categorically because you know you’ve done nothing more than a few sharp tongued replies on Twitter.

    Hell, even the abuse that she got might not be connected to the cause it claims to be supporting at the time. However nowhere on Wings does it say “Pile in and abuse this person because they dare to resist Independence”, nowhere on Twitter have you said “threaten in any way you can this person, or that”…

    Of course, maybe RevStu is doing it on the SuperSecretEvilForums he’s bound to have where normal people don’t go… in which case, where’s the hard evidence this imagined place of evil even exists?

    The sad thing is, the only way to prove true innocence is the same way they’d prove guilt, or even address the question; probably confiscation of all computer hardware and then dragging a net through it. Which is probably the main reason such an accusation is being made…take him offline. Which I’m fully aware is what I’m hoping happens to my stalker. The only difference is, I think he’s guilty.

    But how do you know I’m being honest about describing what happened to me…? Even the evidence I have will look circumstantial to others… Will I be “wasting police time” by making my own report?

    I’m not sure I know how to balance all these issues I’m afraid. And neither does the law. The arrest itself isn’t politically motivated, even if the original report probably was. But the whole issue of online law and safety is a complete mess.

    Continue to fly straight, don’t assume malice in everyone, and hopefully the truth will out. That’s pretty much all the innocent can do. Wishing you a speedy resolution at least.

    You lot are still frankly bonkers though. What happened to that Second Referendum you were sure you were getting any day now? ๐Ÿ˜›

    But bonkers you may be, from my perspective, but criminal sociopaths you’re not.

  69. Rock says:


    “Rock 6.28

    Absolutely agree.”

    Are you not afraid of being added to heedtracker’s secret list?

    Which he shares with his fellow clueless pompous armchair pundits posting here.

  70. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    A fine feature of Stagecoach’s 73/73A Ninewells Hospital/Arbroath service is the free wifi, enabling me to do this totally meaningless post.

  71. Rock says:

    Chick McGregor,

    “Further to observations re the National.

    Stuartโ€™s arrest was belatedly printed in bare facts mode.

    No letters on the letter page about it, although some very good letters today on other topics, especially Mary McCabe from Glasgow.

    No Wee Ginger Dug (who had been due today according to yesterdayโ€™s paper).

    Tick tock.”

    What did you expect from a fake “independence supporting” rag, sister of The Herald?

  72. yesindyref2 says:

    It seems two posters have followed your fine example ๐Ÿ™‚

  73. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Hi yesindyref2.

    I also have free wifi (through paying a monthly fee to Plusnet for broadband) in my hovelhold, enabling me to do this second meaningless post.

    Dens Road (Dundee) was flooded by the culverted Dens Burn this morning. It’s not an unknown phenomenon. You can see a pic of a flooded Dens Road, Summer 1980, here:-

  74. Alex Clark says:

    @Brian Doonthetoon

    Same used to happen on the Gilburn Road in Kirkton where the now culverted and totally out of sight wee burn used to run through down Cairdy and into the Dighty at Mill O’ Mains.

    I can remember driving a scrambler motorbike through it with the water about 10″ deep at the time. Just rambling, nice picture ๐Ÿ™‚

  75. The Proctor Lewis says:

    Love the post, thought provoking and intelligent, two fundamental errors , GERS, has nothing to do with independence, and the timescale for the referendum is continuing exactly as planed.
    Don’t worry they are commonly repeated misconceptions.
    I hope you have a resolution to your stalker issue, unless of course you are schizophrenic and are actually stalking yourself, in which case good luck to you both.

  76. Ian Foulds says:

    John O – IF Stone – THANK YOU

  77. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Hi Alex.

    That’s the Gelly Burn. Its source is in Templeton Woods, just to the east of the Birkhill Cemetery. It flows through Ardler, along the side of Camperdown Road then Gillburn Road, before flowing through Caird Park and Den o’ Mains to join the Dighty.

    You can see all Dundee’s burns on the map at this link. Click on the graphic to get the bigger legible version.

  78. sensibledave says:

    … i take a summer break because nothing is happening. I pop back to have catch up … and I find that all hell as broken loose.

    Firstly, very sorry to hear of the Rev’s travails. I am sure that he is more than capable of looking after himself.

    Secondly, I note that the latest accusation against me is not just that I am a paid troll (I wish) – but that I am actually a member of the Rev’s paid contribution cabal! Where should I send my invoice?

  79. Jim Watson says:

    Well I never, the Beeb have finally covered the reinstatement of the racist and sectarian tory cooncillors…

    it is hidden right at the bottom of this…

  80. Greg says:

    Wow! All this time and I had no idea you were born in Stirling! (I’m assuming that’s one bit of truth the papers have printed(?)) Do give us a shout if you’re visiting.
    Where will the blue plaque to be situated? ๐Ÿ˜€
    Greg for Yes Stirling

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