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The bad losers

Posted on August 02, 2017 by

The BBC’s Reporting Scotland is, in our view, directly responsible for at least 80% of Yes supporters’ belief that the UK’s state broadcaster is biased against independence. Almost all of the worst examples of unbalanced or downright dishonest coverage over the last five years come from the flagship teatime bulletin.

But last night’s edition made even the most wearily cynical jaws drop.

Let’s just take that in for a moment.

Of course, those two bits of video aren’t related. The footage of Thomson – which is taken, in a particularly tasteful twist, from a House Of Commons session where she revealed she’d been raped as a child – has been juxtaposed with a piece from a totally different story about sentencing.

The effect is, well, let’s be generous for the moment and say “unfortunate”. And on any other show it could have been written off as simply a thoughtless and stupid accident. Except that the BBC has clearly taken the dropping of any investigation into Thomson very personally.

Yesterday we noted some shockingly inaccurate initial reporting of the fact that a police investigation into potential mortgage irregularities had decided not to take any action of any kind against the former Edinburgh MP.

Thomson was never charged, arrested or even questioned as a suspect, yet the BBC and others all headlined the story “FRAUD CASE AGAINST THOMSON DROPPED”, even though in fact no fraud case had ever been brought against her.

After complaints, most outlets changed their offending headlines.

And the BBC’s own correspondent Nick Eardley even issued a correction:

But despite that, as we write this 18 hours from the initial publication, this is incredibly still the headline and opening paragraph on the BBC website’s report on the story:

When the story originally broke in the autumn of 2015, the BBC committed heavily to the assumption of Thomson’s guilt.

The near-three-minute piece above was broadcast on the news channel. It features footage of Kezia Dugdale making a disgracefully dishonest misrepresentation of old comments by Thomson, paired with some people who’d sold their house happily to her years earlier suddenly deciding retrospectively that she’d in some way ripped them off.

And Reporting Scotland pulled much the same trick in another lengthy clip, linking their claims spuriously with the criminal investigation (into someone else altogether) and soaking the entire report in baseless innuendo.

None of that is an accident of editing. The BBC stitched Thomson up like a kipper, repeatedly and at length, with news items that would have left viewers in no doubt that she was guilty – of something – without ever directly saying so. So her complete innocence, as determined after extensive and detailed consideration by the police and Procurator Fiscal, was undoubtedly an embarrassment to the corporation.

Last night’s edition reported the outcome through grudging, gritted teeth. In barely two minutes – much less time than it devoted to any of the pieces implying her guilt – the show dripped innuendo, suspicion and misinformation over the decision as presenter Jackie Bird sat back with folded arms and a sceptical expression:

Let’s just review that. All capitals in these quotes are our emphasis.

“She’d been the SUBJECT of a police investigation”

That’s stretching the meaning of words to breaking point. Thomson’s name had been included in the report as someone who’d given a voluntary interview as a witness in the possible prosecution of someone else, and who others had suggested might be involved somehow, but who was in the event never even questioned.

“There will be no criminal charges FOR NOW”

This, of course, is true of ANY criminal investigation, or even a full-blown trial. At any point any case can be revisited, since the creation in 2011 of a new double-jeopardy rule. So pointing it out is redundant – the only purpose of actually using the words “for now”, while technically correct, is to suggest some sort of doubt.

(It’s a bit like reporting the result of every football match as, say, “Manchester United 2 Liverpool 1… for now”, on the grounds that it’s always POSSIBLE that there could later be an investigation that might overturn the score, eg due to bribery or someone fielding an ineligible player, even though there’s no reason to believe there will be.)

“Michelle Thomson THINKS she’s been completely exonerated”

She thinks that because it’s what’s happened. Despite a major two-year investigation into all the events around the mortgages, accompanied by a full-on barrage of media coverage digging into all the transactions at endless length, it’s been concluded that there weren’t even any grounds to question her, let alone arrest her or charge her. It’s hard to think of how much more exonerated a person could be. Michelle Thomson is, in every possible sense that exists in the law of the land, an innocent woman.

But having gone to so much effort to build an elaborate scaffold for the hanging, it’s no surprise that the BBC – like the rest of the Scottish media – is bitterly disappointed that she’s turned out not to be guilty of any wrongdoing. And it’s in that context that viewers may wish to place last night’s “accident” of juxtaposition.

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320 to “The bad losers”

  1. Betty Boop says:

    I sincerely hope she goes after them. I suspect she may not though. I can’t even watch Reporting Scotland nor listen to BBC Radio Shortbread (unless Off the Ball is on!). I don’t know how you do it, Stu, but, thanks for your superhuman efforts.

  2. Mac says:

    BBC are BASTARDS. Yes it is worth shouting out the truth.

  3. Yerkitbreeks says:

    And it’s why I cancelled my TV license after the Ref

  4. clan rossy says:

    one word


  5. Janet says:

    Check out the blog of Ian S Smart from 28/9/15. Thomson is “toast”, lots of detail alluding to mortgage fraud.

    Luckily, Smart is legally qualified and presumably well placed to defend himself.

    Crowdfunder for Michelle? I’m in.

  6. Iain Ross says:

    I thought this story might make it onto the headlines of GMS this morning but what was I thinking? Why would listeners in Scotland want to hear about this story when you can be spoon fed a puff piece that acts as a leader for one of their special BBC Scot Investigations that is to be broadcast tonight. (Zero balance in that piece either by the way)

    Do we even need to ask what they would have done if Thomson had been charged?

    Move along now, nothing to see here. BBC Scot are just a joke.

  7. BrianW says:

    Interesting that the Beebs initial reports to to hang, draw and quarter Michelle make a point of having HUGE SNP logos behind her. That’s it viewers, lets not forget this ‘vile’ lady is a member of the SNP. SNP MP’s are despicable criminals.

    The report detailing that NO action is being taken, due to NO crime haven taken place sees Michelle with no Political Branding behind her. a soft focus image is used on it’s own. No need for HUGE SNP branding here and removing the link of Party and Law Abiding citizen.

    Slip of the Graphics Depts Pen? No, not when you consider that every word, graphic, edit is very tightly controlled in TV terms in order to convey a chosen narrative.

  8. boomshanka says:

    Think all of those Yes voters will just stop paying their tv license though? Nah…

  9. Bobajock says:

    Wife noted it. Disgusting UK state TV.

  10. Nana says:

    From the outset they set out to damage her reputation. I hope she does sue them and I for one would contribute to a crowdfunder.

  11. Johnny says:

    It’s obviously her choice but I, for one, would not blame Michelle if she was seeking legal opinion right now.

    In a wider sense, this ‘guilty without even a trial’ sort of thing shows what the media will do to someone if they are so minded.

    Then wail about a lack of trust from the public.

  12. Bob Mack says:

    This was not accidental or just poor editing. Memory for most consists of gateways or incidents which have markers you can recall. It is important to note that in most criminal trials a lawyer will question a witness on every detail of their recollection. That lawyer knows as well as I do that you can cause confusion in a witness and totally eradicate their evidence.

    The BBC deliberately failed to put down a marker that they were moving on to a new story, and therefore opened the almost certain subliminal linkage between the two totally separate issues.

    Not nice at all, and in fact possibly illegal.

  13. G says:

    BrianW @ 9:39 am

    “make a point of having HUGE SNP logos behind her”

    I noticed that too. Meanwhile, when it’s a Labour MP accused of something, you have to read to the bottom of the page to find out which party they belong to.

  14. Meg merrilees says:

    Brilliant surgical, incisive examination of the false news case against the BBC who should hang their heads in shame.
    Even Lord Reith would be shocked.

    ‘Nation shall speak truth unto nation’ (the BBC motto)

    In other countries I would expect a prominent and fulsome apology to the person concerned but this is pre-Indy Scotland and the knives are not only fully drawn but quivering in frustration at not being allowed to plunge.

    A bit like hounds who can smell and see the fox but cannot go in for the kill except in this case Independent Scotland is the fox.

    It will get worse folks but so long as 100 of us remain alive…..

  15. Training Day says:

    It seemed scarcely possible, but since the appointment of Donalda MacKinnon Pacific Quay has become even more disgracefully partisan.

    Of course, the likelihood is that she is having her strings pulled – willingly – by ‘newscasters’ above her pay grade.

  16. galamcennalath says:

    There are too many apologists for BBC Scotland. There can be no doubt – the twisted political bias and propaganda generating is there for everyone to see. And hear …

    I also heard the “Michelle Thomson THINKS she’s been completely exonerated” on Radio Scotland just after 5pm while driving home. I couldn’t believe they could be so blatant.

    Which individuals are responsible for this? It’s not some ingrained corporate culture coming across as biased – it’s planned and wilfully executed propaganda by agents of the Union.

  17. Marcia says:

    The election of 56 SNP MP’s spooked the establishment and then we started having smear stories on the new MP’s. No coincide.

    The Tory fruitcakes elected in June would be good for reporting. Well we can wait……….?

  18. Macart says:

    Oh good grief. That is beyond grim.

    Why do an ever growing number of people detest mainstream journalism? Why are journalists today regarded so poorly?

    Take a wild guess.

  19. mogabee says:

    What an absolute shower of bastards. I thank every day for being unable to view their crass output.

    I await in depth analysis of all the new MP’s elected to Westminster from Labour, Tories and LibDems…

    (Pity it’s too windy for the flying pigs today)

  20. Ghillie says:

    That is all beyond appalling.

    Bird and Eardly should hang their heads in shame for the willing parts they have played. They may yet have cause to rue the day. I would not care to be in their shoes. Nor their editors or the rest of that sorry crew.

    What DOES stand out for me is the dignity of Michelle Thomson.

    And the loyalty and decency of her SNP colleagues rallying around her.

  21. Fred says:

    Buchanan was disappeared after blatantly misrepresenting a statement from an Irish Government Minister, a case against Jackie Bird & Co might be a way of proceeding!

  22. Street Andrew says:

    I’m inclined to start this comment with the expression ‘the only way to do anything about this…’ But there is always more than one way to skin a cat.

    However one way to skin this particular media misreporting cat is to make false and misleading reporting expensive to media organisations. Money being the only commodity they understand.

    The only effective way of doing that, that I know of, is by taking issues through the courts and suing for damages. (Mass boycott of news media is not going to happen though it is theoretically possible and Liverpool’s rejection of The Sun is one very rare example).

    Stu is collecting and exposing this defamatory material on a regular basis, and though Wings is clearly widely read it is mostly by a sympathetic audience – we all tend to follow the media that confirms rather than challenges our preferences and beliefs, that’s human nature.

    The problem as Stu noted the other day, in respect of pursuing Ms Dugdale for her defamatory statements, recourse to the courts is extremely expensive. (The legal profession is one abusive ‘closed shop’ that no WM government has ever dared to challenge).

    Democracy is under dire threat (not just in Scotland, but across most of the would-be democratic ‘West’) because of establishment control of the media as the elites personal propaganda machine.

    Money is power in this world and power is easy to abuse and difficult to challenge, but there is a way and that is to aggressively challenge (through the courts) even quite small infringements of decent reporting.

    Perhaps this is a good time to take up the (metaphorical) cudgels and take the fight to the enemy. It could be self-funding through damages awards once established and be available (under the Winds of Justice brand ?) to support maligned individuals who could not possibly afford to pursue claims themselves (particularly given the media bias they are confronting).

    Anybody up for pursuing this? It CAN be done.

  23. Black Joan says:

    BrianW @9.39: The state broadcaster will no doubt defend the absence of the big SNP logo from their half-hearted “Michelle Thomson inconveniently not guilty (oh and actually not even charged)” story, by arguing that she is no longer an SNP MP — a situation which, on the Rev’s very powerful evidence, that same state broadcaster has helped to bring about.

    I hope she has a case against them and all the others who publicly found her guilty because SNP Bad.

    Don’t pay the TV tax. They use it to undermine Scotland.

  24. Tinto Chiel says:

    “Shameless and shameful” should replace the pompous “Let nation speak unto nation”.

    What a stitch-up.

  25. jfngw says:

    The BBC still wallows in the belief it is unbiased and the most trusted broadcaster, it is the same hubris that makes UK citizens believe they should have a right to work anywhere but others should have restricted entry to work in the UK.

    In one sense they are unbiased, they don’t care if it is Tory, Labour or LibDem that is beating the SNP, as long as it is a unionist party.

    Reporting Scotland must have lost almost all credibility with indy supporters and as this is almost half their audience it doesn’t bode well for their long term future. It is really time that it became a subscription service so those that want to watch other channels live can do so.

    They probably had a good laugh in the production gallery at what they thought was clever editing of two stories.

    Apart from the odd drama most of the BBC output is in fact dire, I can’t think of one ‘can’t miss’ programme currently on any of its channels.

  26. Tony Little says:

    Yes the bias and frustration that their victim was innocent all along is sticking in some craws today. I Tweeted Derek Batement with the clip and asked is he still thinks there is no institutional bias at work.

    His inability to set aside his, understandable, feelings of camaraderie with former colleagues and lookout the increasing mountain of evidence is the only issue I have with him. Otherwise and in all other areas he seems sincere and open to debate. Shame.

    Of course, this will quickly drop off the radar – Nothing to see here, Move along.

    I hope Ms. Thomson does sue them, but I suspect she will let it lie.

  27. One_Scot says:

    I genuinely believe that the BBC/Reporting Scotland and the STV News are the two biggest obstacles standing in the way of Scotland becoming Independent.

    Hopefully more and more Scots will soon realise that these two organisations are biased, and that they manipulate facts against the SNP and Scotland for their own political agenda.

    They do not want Scotland having an Independent future, and they are happy to abuse their power of influence for that end. That is wrong.

    I really hope that one day enough of us will realise we are being politically conditioned by the UK media on a daily basis, to believe we are incapable of running a country.

    That is what they want us to think, purely so they can run/ruin it for us.

    We may soon get one more chance. I just hope Scotland’s eyes will have been opened by then.

  28. Maria Brown says:

    I was horrified to see that disgraceful tactically juxtapositioned piece of distorted “news” last night. BBC SCOTLAND’S version of fake news – shame on them! Thank you for calling it out.

  29. Daisy Walker says:

    I will contribute to her fund to sue. And I think she and the SNP must consider this.

    This is absolutely, deeply, wicked.

  30. colin Alexander says:

    Stu, if you win your defamation case, can you send the contact details of your legal team to Michelle Thomson?

    She might have plenty of work for them.


  31. Val says:

    Significant the story appears on BBC website under Politics not News.

  32. Cath says:

    Of course, if she does sue them, just wait for the chorus of unionists and useful idiots screaming about “silencing the media” by suing them.

  33. galamcennalath says:

    It is unlikely the BBC will change prior to Indy. We are going to have to campaign for IndyRef2 with the BBC as an active campaigner for their Union. No one will be able to stop them.

    What we can do is make sure everyone sees the situation for what it is. There will STILL be a big chunk of the population who don’t see what the BBC are up to. They need to have their eyes and minds opened.

    IMO there are two big jobs for IndyRef2. Firstly getting YES supporters, in particular the young, to actually vote. And secondly, to have better propaganda challenging and debunking. Both have to be done face to face.

  34. Street Andrew says:

    ‘Winds’ of Justice ?! Pillock. I mean ‘Wings of Justice’

    Fat fingers.

  35. Jaggy says:

    Absolutely shocking so-called journalism. Even in the brief mention on the 8pm short bulletin, they managed to mention there being ‘no RELIABLE evidence’, with the emphasis being very firmly on the word ‘reliable’. So blatantly biased.

  36. Dinnatouch says:

    It’s no surprise that Scotland has the highest level of telly tax non-payment, and I’m sure there will be a few more cancelled licences after today.

  37. Ken MacColl says:

    It would appear that you must all have imagined this episode in the tale about “disgraced ex-MP” , Michelle Thomson.
    I listened carefully to the Shortbread radio channel from 6.00am this morning and I can assure you that this simply did not rate a mention. As usual I scanned the front pages of our daily newspapers and only one -no prizes here – thought it important enough to appear on their front page.
    One might have thought that the Record, the Mail and the Express, in the light of how they broadcast the original allegations, would have been anxious to set the matter straight. Some hope!
    It is suggested that we get the media we deserve. I feel that I must be missing out somewhere.

  38. bookie from hell says:

    Been paying bbc licence 39 years , just cancelled direct debit- what happens next lol

  39. rolfrae says:

    Why does no one at the SNP or Scottish government stand up to the BBC? Perhaps they do and the BBC care not a jot? I seem to recall the SNP being of the opinion that you can’t pick a fight with the BBC but surely there comes a time to stand up to the bully?

  40. r esquierdo says:

    Once again the BBC speaking out of their waste expulsion pipe

  41. dandy dons 1903 says:

    Reporting Jockland+Radio Shortbread output in favour of British Nationalism and anti Scottish Independence narrative would make PRAVDA circa 1980 blush with shame. Pathetic Key is a nest of unionist Labour apparatchniks and other assorted British Nationalist malcontents.

  42. Calum McKay says:

    ” TRUST ”

    Is the goal the bbc seek!

    Hidden in the background, the uk government objective for ithe bbc is to enable them to manipulate the population. In the case of the bac in Scotland, manipulate opinion against the SNP.

    Perhaps this contived incident against Ms Thomson could provide the stimulus for an independent examination in to the the press and media in Scotland, including the british state broadcaster?

    How long can half the population distrust of the media continue, similarly how long can it continue for half the population to know their position is shored up by the media. Both sides know the bbc are at it!

    I”d like a media that tells me something difficult to believe about a party I support, equally I”d like a media tell me something good about a party I support. In both cases, not having to look around for alteria motives.

    I just want fairness and balance!

    This bbc is ” TRUST “, something you will never regain in Scotland!

  43. Roger Hyam says:

    If this makes you mad stop paying the license fee. Netflix, YouTube & Amazon Prime provides ample entertainment. News can be had from Wings and the like….

    Activism has never been so easy.

  44. Helpmaboab says:

    I cheerfully urge all my fellow readers to cancel their TV license at once.

    I did so in April 2014 and haven’t been seriously bothered by the state media’s enforcers since then.

    The BBC will continue, of course, but at least you’ll have the satisfaction of not paying for its deceptions.

  45. Dan Huil says:

    Non-payment of their bbc tax is the only thing these britnats will understand. Think about all the life-and-death sacrifices men and women have made for Scotland in the past. Is refusing to pay the bbc tax really too much to ask?

  46. gordoz says:

    And the hatchet job will go on at will, as the emboldened BBC / STV of Scotland cannot be brought to heel by anyone, ever.

    There is no real industry watchdog and we all know it.

    Look at how they chased the FM also.

    They can pick a victim (from a plethora of SNP Bad politicians say ?) and press repeat.

    We the people have no course of redress, we have no alternative TV media here in Scotland only the UK states own propaganda machine and the UK state sponsored alternative manipulated by big business.

    There you go Scotland stitched up like a kipper.

    So who’ll be next for scrutiny ? The Pet shop guy shown up by Richard Murphy ? The Spanner Tosser ? Mad Murdo ?

    Nah all bets are on another female SNP coming your way soon – wait & see.

  47. cearc says:

    I seem to recall that the polis put out an official statement saying she wasn’t being investigated?

  48. Marcia says:


    They did but ignored by the media as that got in the way of a good smear.

  49. Training Day says:

    It seemed scarcely possible, but since the appointment of Donalda MacKinnon Pacific Quay has become even more disgracefully partisan.

    Of course, the likelihood is that she is – willingly – having her strings pulled by ‘newscasters’ above her pay grade.

  50. Proud Cybernat says:

    I keep shortcuts to BBC Misreporting Scotland clips on my smartphone. Any time the opportunity arises, I simply click on the link and show the clips. Most people who see them are genuinely gobsmacked when the backstory is explained and then they see how the BBC is reporting on it.

    Worth keeping in mind.

    Couple of links to put on your phones:

    What you didn’t do

    Blatant BBC Scotland News Manipulation

    London Calling

  51. raineach says:

    stopped watching the bbc in 2012. Stopped paying in 2014. When the licence boys wrote to me we told them straight we ain’t watching. They marked their file and we haven’t been troubled since. But it’s not good enough to just stop paying. You have to stop watching. As viewing figures drop the bbc will cancel programmes and wee Jackie burd will be left to do voiceovers for Yorkshire Tonight

  52. The Man in the Jar says:

    The BBC have demoted the article to the “Scottish Politics” page where you will find that they also have two articles running on the SNHS. One dated 31/07/17 *Staff shortages “compromise” patient care* and one dated 01/08/17 *A&E`s meet 4 hour target*.

    Can you guess which article has comments enabled?

  53. Robert Graham says:

    North Korea & other states could learn from BBC in Scotland they take this dark propaganda to greater heights than any other , they have become experts at the subliminal message .

    One aim Protect the Union at all costs , truth ! eh oh f/k that, they have a mission and are at it day and daily .

    The general public will be unaware of what they are up to as the rest of the media are doing exactly the same , game set and match , as a matter of urgency this must be rectified the state broadcaster must be confronted with this manipulation , this is a total affront to democracy a total disgrace .

  54. Grouse Beater says:

    No one at BBC Scotland dare take control in case they are seen as a staff dissident, rebelling against official orthodoxy. And that includes the relatively new Director, Donalda MacKinnon.

    As an example; faced with a tough, pernickety head of programmes a reporter will protest that the bulletin delivered is their understanding and therefore their right to present as they see the issue in question.

    The collective mentality is uncomplicated: BBC bosses do not believe the SNP is the rightful administration for Scotland. It views SNP merely deputising until legitimate British parties get themselves in order. This belief permeates ever level of BBC Scotland. Step out of line, expect delayed promotion or preference for anything.

  55. Seumas says:

    BBC = Broadcasting for British Clientele

  56. galamcennalath says:

    One tactic for IndyRef2 would be to campaign for the BBC to register with the Electoral Commission as an official campaigner for their Union.

    Perfectly reasonable and difficult to dispute the volumes of evidence of partisanship.

    They almost certainly won’t register, however a campaign would achieve various things.

    It will highlight their bias because the campaign would be accompanied with documented evidence. It will therefore make some people think more deeply about what the BBC report in the future. Also, it might cause some moderation, because every time they show bias a further challenge demanding they register as partisan can be made.

  57. T.roz says:

    We have state television, simple, pumping out the poison to keep us all misinformed and ignorant. Pathetic, and they have the cheek to criticise other countries of state propaganda. Craig Murry has a gud bit on this today as well.

  58. David P says:

    Slightly O/T

    BBC 4 docudrama last night about Guido Fawkes, with lots of ‘catholics bad’ messaging… There was no sensible exposition of the struggle across the whole of Europe at that time between catholic and reformation churches… And certainly no mention that in almost every country in Europe, these issues have been decisively settled.

    Title: gunpowder 5/11: the greatest terrorist plot

    The meddling hand of the DUP showing itself again?

    Quite possibly this programmé was made a while ago, but if so, it’s very strange to repeat it now.

  59. harry mcaye says:

    Well, I got it completely wrong with my prediction that BBC would report it better than STV. The latter didn’t give it the prominence it deserved though, skimming through it in their round up accompanied by annoying music. Perhaps better that though than this abomination. When does Bird ever sit like that, arms folded with, as Stu put it, a sceptical expression. She really is a piece of work. Don’t be fooled by her Hogmanay persona. And Eardley used to work on The Scotsman. Old habits, etc…

  60. joannie says:

    Shameful. The BBC behaving like the News of the Screws.

  61. Ken500 says:

    Broadcasting is not devolved. The BBC propaganda is beamed the world over. In the pocket of the Westminster Gov controlling MSM. Don’t watch/listen to it. £3.7Billion of nonsense.

  62. starlaw says:

    Right at the start of Indy ref 2 The SNP should leaflet every house in Scotland in an attack on the BBC and its Biased News and ask the people to watch and question its content, encourage people to look for the lies. Once they discover one lie they find the most of them.
    Teach people what the BBC and others are really about.

  63. Athanasius says:

    Fuck me. I simply do not believe what I’ve just seen on that video. I’ve been following events in Scotland closely for the last 10 years, and I thought I’d seen every filthy, dirty, underhanded unionist trick in the book. I thought I was inured to it. I thought they couldn’t fool me anymore, but even I swallowed it just for a second. Just for a second I actually believed that judge was speaking from the bench, having been forced to allow Michelle Thompson off on some technicality. I actually believed that, and I didn’t cop what they had done until the Rev explained it. It’s like bloody Pravda. It really is that bad, and that’s no hyperbole.

  64. ScottishPsyche says:

    Had this gone to court, there could never have been a fair trial because of the BBC’s reporting alone. The editorial team has completely lost the plot. The Reporting Scotland audience must now be mostly composed of critical viewers sitting picking holes in the reporting rather than getting any real news.

    I love how they try to justify their crap with plucky statements about doing their job as if they are in Turkey or Saudi Arabia.

  65. orri says:

    If the clip of Michelle Thompson is one of her talking about being raped then surely, if intentional, the immediate following of it by what appears to be a judge telling her what she did was reprehensible becomes even more vicious than I’d thought.

  66. heedtracker says:

    Fact meets fraudster, is never going to be pretty to watch. Worst this year from beeb gimps but Scottish democracy is their mortal enemy.

    They’ll stop at nothing to get their red and blue tories back in, which to be fair, they should eventually triumph as UKOK tories always do. When ref2 is announced though, this will all look like very childish games.

  67. Robert Louis says:

    The BBC are liars pure and simple. They are a scourge on Scotland and its people.

    Who can forget the supposedly ‘accidental’ juxtaposition of a picture of a Gorilla, when they were talking about the First Minister of Scotland.

    The SNP needs to start letting foreign Governments know just how much the BBC is willfully deceiving and lying to the people of Scotland 24/7.

    In any other country of the world, a scummy, lying, corrupt media outfit like the BBC would be quite literally run out of the country, and those in charge jailed for a VERY LONG TIME.


  68. Jimbo says:

    There was no “case”.

    There was a police INQUIRY to see if there may be a case.

    The police INQUIRY was dropped due to complete lack of evidence of any wrongdoing by Michelle Thomson.

    Michelle Thomson should sue the BBC, the press and the reporters individually for every penny she can take them for.

  69. auld highlander says:

    I wonder what old movie that clip of the Judge came from.

  70. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    (Just posted this in the previous thread, but please excuse this repeat, since it seems very apposite here too.)

    There is an old saying, “justice delayed is justice denied”. And it certainly has been denied in this case.

    The SNP had no alternative but to suspend Michelle while the possibility of this accusation was hanging over her like the Sword of Damocles. But it has taken far too long for those in authority to announce that there was no case to answer.

    In the meantime, she has been tried and convicted by the MSM, who exert themselves assiduously to target SNP politicians with any smear they can vaguely concoct. And even now, try to hint at something unsavoury in their mealy-mouthed reportage.

    I really do feel for her. Life, and especially in politics, can sometimes be grossly unfair. She has suffered real and substantial loss. And in the meantime, have the lives of her former constituents been improved now she has been replaced by a 7-time loser FibDem? A classic lose-lose!

    What a reward for wanting to contribute to society by being a representative of the people. All the better to deter others, eh…?

  71. auld highlander says:

    Year in year out we are bombarded with deceitful crap from the government’s propaganda chanel, how much longer before the populace turn against these lying b’stards.

  72. Cuilean says:

    I do hope Lady Dorrian complains to the BBC for using her image, voice and words for anti Scots Govt & SNP propaganda.

    The judiciary should take a very dim view of such political abuse of power by the BBC

  73. Scott says:

    Yes the BBC is crap but lets not forget the 3 party leaders who were keen to vilify Michelle Thomson especially the Libs and Cole ham the worst of the lot.
    As I said before I wish I had won the lottery to back Michelle against the lot of them.

  74. Doug McGregor says:

    It is time for the Scottish Government to demand a TV station under it’s control. As it would seem impossible for the BBC to be unbiased in it’s coverage of Scotland then the only fair way forward is a genuinely Scottish station under Scottish control.

    Some would say that the station would be simply more propaganda , only controlled by the SNP but at least , then we would have a choice of our preferred propagandist. after looking at both , folks could decide which one they want to stay with or preferably watch both to get a balanced view.

    As for the much vaunted BBC fairness and honesty , don’t make me laugh. No matter how much arms length nonsense they spout it’s clear to see the Westminster’s hand.

    If QVC can have a channel , why not Scotland?

  75. orri says:

    As the Michelle Thompson clip is about her being sexually assaulted then to deliberately link it to a judge saying what she did was reprehensible is distasteful to say the least.

  76. Camz says:

    “At the time, we just wanted a quick sale.”

    “But now, five years down the line, I feel we were conned.”

    Aye, and I wanted a quick buck from the lottery, and five years later, I feel conned out of my quid. Nicola Sturgeon must answer (responsible for every punters’ bad decision, eh?).

  77. yesindyref2 says:

    As I said in the last thread, the BBC really is our best ally and should be used that way. They just can’t help themselves, and the more criticism they get, the more desperate they get.

    1). If the BBC report something good about Scotland, repeat that to people who trust the BBC, and use it to discredit Unionist policitians, or other Indy and Scotland dtractors. Perhaps by a question for whover to think of themselves.

    E.g. unemployment figures for last quarter: “If the BBC say that Scotland has 0.2% LESS unemployment, then it must be true, so why are Dugdale, Davidson and Rennie saying that the Scottish Government is doing nothing to create jobs?

    2). The BBC reports an IFS report, picking out the bit that says an Independent Scotland will face problems.

    “I see the BBC are reporting from the IFS that Scotland will have problems, but why are they not reporting where the IFS say that in spite of that the future for Scotland, with the right actions, is well and truly wonderful and we will become as rich and prosperous as New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore and Germany, all rolled into one?”

    3). “The ONS says that Scotland generates twice as much revenue as any part of the rest of the UK, why have the BBC not reported that?”

    These are half made up examples, though 1 is true, but the BBC with its totally partisan attitude gives opportunites practically every single day. And they can be checked out on iPlayer.

    The BBC is shooting itself in the foot, and it’s doing it DELIBERATELY!

  78. gus1940 says:

    I am and have always been anti violence but I am being driven away from that view.

    Last night’s performance on Misreporting Scotland together with the reporting of the Thomson case in the rest of the media both yesterday and historically have finally made me come to the conclusion that we must start a Tar & Feathers List of those on Independence Day who will be Tarred and Feathered (Not metaphorically but literally), given a one-way ticket and run out of Scotland for good.

  79. yesindyref2 says:

    I said “say that Scotland has 0.2% LESS unemployment”

    should be “say that Scotland has 0.2% LESS unemployment THAN THE UK”

  80. See bud says:

    Sorry a bit late but that’s the licence fee cancelled. If any lurkers like me read this please do the same.. They don’t like it up them!!

  81. gus1940 says:

    Following the phone tapping scandal our colonial masters at WM were able to set up The Leveson Inquiry into the print media.

    What powers do The Scottish Government have to set up a Public Inquiry into the broadcast and print media in Scotland?

    If we don’t have said powers and I suspect that we don’t it is high time that we did.

  82. colin Alexander says:


    Seemingly quoted from the British Election Study at Manchester University:

    Regarding the General Election results in Scotland:

    “Yes/Leave voters were much more likely to defect from the SNP in 2017, with four in 10 switching to another party, with similar proportions going to the Conservatives and Labour,” the report said.

    “It appears that, just as Labour’s position on the independence referendum lost them votes to the SNP, many 2015 SNP voters were driven away by the party’s strong pro-Remain stance”.

    This seems to give additional evidence to my concern that an Indyref YES campaign BASED ON an independent Scotland staying in the EU may be a bad mistake.

    One of the authors of the report, Professor Ed Fieldhouse in on Youtube from 2014 discusSED voting intentions for indyref1:

    He said they found Unionists were offering greater devolution: So they asked voters what they think.

    Most people thought the Scottish Parliament should be in charge of the most important decisions, especially taxes and welfare, yet a majority of them, almost a quarter said they intended to vote NO to independence.

    The BES produced this (they seem unbiased to me):

    I believe those findings from then, give support to my argument that we should FIRST be campaigning for the Scottish Parliament to be sovereign within the UK. (Though I accept views may have changed since then).

    When, as is likely(in my opinion) WM and UK Govt don’t agree or don’t put it into practice, we can then show the only real way of facilitating Scotland having control over the all the important issues such as all taxation and all welfare/pensions decisions is by choosing independence.

    Membership of the EU or EEA / Single Market etc should be something Scotland decides after the Scottish Parliament has the power to decide on those things, either as part of the UK or as independent.

    As I’ve said, we could have a confederal Union, but that would require cooperation from others outside Scotland. But there is nothing to stop Scotland from campaigning for sovereignty with the offer of a confederal Union for areas of mutual interest. That way we maintain sovereignty / independence of decision making for Scotland, but have a way of cooperating with our nearest neighbours to our mutual benefit, a looser union, that may win support from those who voted No last time.

    This page also discusses a confederal UK, and the failures of using referendums – but read with the warning that the author was Director-General, Devolution Strategy, at the Cabinet Office from 2007 to 2010 so may not be impartial in his views.

    “This shows the first big problem with the referendum as a device. If people vote against something, there is no saying what they will get instead, and when the campaigners aren’t in a position to deliver their promises, the outcome will probably be something the population don’t actually want. Chances are, had it been offered them in terms, a majority of voters would have rejected the Brexit deal we are about to get.”

    This is what happened with Indyref too. If there is another indyref we will face that same problem. That’s why I think indyref is a flawed strategy.

  83. AndyH says:

    It makes my blood boil!

    WTF are the SNP going to start tackling these lying bastardos head on.

    I am sick of the meek acceptance while always being on the back foot.

    Get intae them FFS!

  84. Dr Jim says:

    A wee birdy has informed me that on resumption of Holyrood proceedings there is to be a shifting of tone within the SNP Government towards the Union and it’s followers, including the media, let’s hope it’s a We’re taking no more shit policy
    I know there are some who want to take the gloves right off and start slapping these people about (verbally that is)

    Watch out for Keith Brown, middleweight champion of the (I’ll put you right in your place policy)
    Angela Constance can shoot a burst of energy oot her eyes like an X Man, or Wummin

    On another note I see Trump says Scotland shouldn’t be Independent because we’d lose a Golf game and that would be terrible
    Just that statement alone should make any doubters make their bloody mind up and vote Yes to Independence

  85. Effijy says:

    I’d contribute to a fighting fund for Michelle to seek justice in court and shame the English Version Of North Korean Propaganda news!

    I’d like to see the SNP promote this themselves as this deliberately manufactured character assassination is just not acceptable, and it will flourish if not brought to book.

    I wonder if the BBC Bias petition below will now hit 100,000 signatures. What else can they do now to prove beyond any shadow of doubt that they operate only to indoctrinate Scotland.

  86. galamcennalath says:

    starlaw says:

    The SNP should leaflet every house in Scotland in an attack on the BBC and its Biased News

    Yes, but not quite.

    Yes, a leaflet needs to go out tackling the BBC head on. And more.

    But, I don’t think the SNP are the right people to do it.

    YES2 campaigners will be split in groups as before. Indy should be above party politics. The SNP are necessary to get IndyRef2 legislation through. After that, they should be just one campaign group among many.

    And … the folks who currently tackle BBC bias, InformScotland, should be backed comprehensively and focus on debunking propaganda.

    Once they discover one lie they find the most of them. Teach people what the BBC and others are really about.

    This is very true. When a liar is identified, trust is lost. It’s human nature. Show people some of the lies which can’t be disputed, and they will work out more for themselves.

  87. Proud Cybernat says:

    Putting hard core BritNat nutters to the side, the thing is, even many soft NOs who read WoS or Twitter will have had their eyes opened with this latest little stunt from BBC Misreporting Scotland (aka Numpty News).

    I hope it makes these soft NOs think, “What the hell is going on here? Why are the BBC telling lies like this? Why are they trying to deceive me? What else might they be distorting? Maybe YES were right all along?”

  88. Albert Herring says:

    Just a thought.

    Perhaps Lady Dorrian would consider chairing a public enquiry into BBC bias.

  89. Petra says:

    Michelle Thomson should take the whole kit and caboodle to the cleaners from the BBC, STV, newspapers and of course Disgraceful Dugdale, mouth piece of the Daily Record. She in fact should be kicked out of Holyrood altogether. She’s one pathetic excuse for a human being never mind public servant.

    Not paying for a television license is one move. We should also think about being more pro-active (like Stu) in relation to those so-called politicians, including Ken Macintosh, at Holyrood who are using their position (and tax-payers money … mine as an example) to carry out witchhunts with the sole purpose of undermining the SNP. They are there to represent the sovereign people of Scotland, NOT themselves, their cronies down south and in the Unionist supporting MSM.

    There’s also the question of all of this taking over two years to resolve. Why wasn’t an announcement made two years ago that Michelle Thomson wasn’t being investigated for any wrong doing at all? We’re faced with an Establishment cabal who no longer give a damn about hiding the fact that they are a bunch of corrupt, bare-faced liars who are absolutely determined that the Scots won’t ever get their independence and will stop at nothing to achieve their objective. Thank God we have Stu (and many others) now shining a light in the darkness.

    I don’t often (ever) agree with Trump but he got it right in relation to this one.

    PS Any news on the Ruth Davidson investigation? The one in which the Crown Office ordered a police probe over concerns that the Scottish Independence Act 2013, which includes protections of the secrecy of the ballot, had been breached. Or has that just been swept under the carpet by the same despicable cabal?

  90. colin Alexander says:

    Should we have the Blockaded Broadcasting Corporation?

  91. AndyH says:

    Soft Nos?

    I thought all No voters were soft in the head.

    I wouldn’t hold my breath on No Voters having any kind of concern for anyone but themselves.

    The only way that lot will move to Yes is when they see the utter ruin that Brexit will be for them and how it impacts on their quality of life.

  92. Grant says:

    @T.roz 11:13

    Yes Craig Murray’s blog post on the BBC’s links to the Tory party is excellent.

    It includes the pithy: ‘It says a lot that the most left wing senior person at the BBC is Gary Lineker.’

  93. One_Scot says:

    ‘A wee birdy has informed me that on resumption of Holyrood proceedings there is to be a shifting of tone within the SNP Government towards the Union and it’s followers, including the media’

    I hope you are right, because doing nothing won’t change anything, and let’s face it, what have they got to lose.

  94. Andy-B says:

    How ironic, that we’re funding the very entity (BBC) that wants to suppress our drive for independence.

    In my opinion, (Scot law) the law should be changed making the BBC in Scotland a pay per view supplier, similar to Sky.

    Let face watching/paying for the BBC isnt a vital service, such a council service or emergency service. So why should we in Scotland be forced to pay for it?

  95. Petra says:

    I see that someone, a Bibbit Blair, has left an interesting comment under the Ponsonby youtube video. Will we be hearing from the Lord Justice Clerk, Lady Dorrian? More to the point will Jackie Bird and the BBC?

    ”Odd that the BBC never actually state what the ‘allegations’ were. Well, it’s not really odd, as there were no charges against her, she was a witness regarding another party who the BBC also do not name. The BBC were only ever after Michelle Thomson. However they may have gone too far as I think the judge they used to smear Michelle in their clip last night is, I think, Lord Justice Clerk, Lady Dorrian. The judiciary’s code of conduct in Scotland states, “Judges should always take care that their conduct, official or private, does not undermine their institutional or individual independence, or the public appearance of that independence. Judges themselves should be vigilant to identify and resist any attack upon that independence, by whomsoever or by whatever means.’ The BBC team which deliberately used Lady Dorrian to further smear Michelle Thomson, should soon I hope be hearing from Lady Dorrian’s office, to clarify that the Lord Justice Clerk’s words,as used in the BBC clip, do not relate to Michelle Thomson, in any way, shape or form. The BBC seems to be completely out of control in Scotland. The judiciary own it to themselves, the people of Scotland and Michelle Thomson to fire a shot over their bows, that they are not a law unto themselves. They clearly believe they are a law unto themselves in Scotland.”

  96. yesindyref2 says:

    @Dr Jim
    That’ll be interesting. A major plank of that, I think, is that Devolution itself is under threat. That, if done right, could put the so-called “pro-devolution” parties – Labour and LibDems under a huge amount of pressure, and even the Tories who pay lip service to it could feel the pinch.

    Last figure I saw was that less than 10% of the electorate think that Holyrood should be abolished – i.e. Devolution ended, and back to direct rule by David Mundell.


  97. Petra says:

    @ colin Alexander says at 12:14 pm …. ”OFF TOPIC: STUDY ON GENERAL ELECTION RESULTS SCOTLAND.”

    Oh here we go again. Right on cue. Please ignore folks.

  98. Smallaxe says:

    auld highlander says:
    2 August, 2017 at 11:45 am
    “I wonder what old movie that clip of the Judge came from.”

    Wonder no more, my auld Friend!

    Peace Always

  99. AndyH says:


    Whoever he is, that was so obvious, what he just tried

    He’s full of wind and pish.

  100. Macart says:

    @Dr Jim

    “shifting of tone within the SNP Government towards the Union”

    Wouldn’t surprise me. Timing, climate and opportunity is about right t’boot.

  101. AAD says:

    I sent a complaint to the BBC over the website item on Ms Thomson and got automated reply which says nothing. They might or might not respond to it. On past experience any reply will be meaningless.

    The item is still on the website unaltered.

    I can’t watch BBC Scotland news because of the blatant bias.

    Can some more people sent in a complaint over this item because BBC Scotland are not fit for purpose.

  102. Andy-B says:


    So Donald Trump in a interview with the Wall Street Journal has suggested that Scottish independence would be terrible.

    Though the BBC report on it does appear to use a bit of chicanery, when it come to the wording. No surprises there then.

  103. Cuilean says:

    Lady Dorrian, whom I believe is the judge used by the BBC for their own ends, will I trust, take a very dim view of the BBC’s wrong attribution of her voice, words ‘What you did was truly reprehensible’ and image onto a wholly innocent party.

    There was no reason for the BBC putting those words there other than to create the wholly defamatory impression that lady Dorrian was talking to Michelle Thomson. Gross & partial manipulation for political ends and point scoring.

    This BBC chicanery has placed the office of Lord Justice Clerk into a very dubious position as Lady Dorrian has been used most disrespectfully as a political pawn by the BBC and quite against all propriety and integrity due to her public office.

    If the BC get away with this abuse uncensored, it sets a very dangerous precedent. What other footage will the BC juxtapose to create a wholly false impression?

    The Principles of Judicial Ethics in Scotland state:

    ‘Propriety, and the appearance of propriety, are essential to the performance of all of the activities of a judge’.

    That propriety was breached by the BBC last night for political propaganda ends who used the office and gravitas of the Lord Chief Justice of Scotland’s office for purely petty and malicious ends.

    By using Lady Dorrian in this manner her office has been brought into disrepute by association and the Lord Chief Justice must distance herself from this propaganda asap.

    The judges’ code goes on,

    ‘Judges should always take care that their conduct, official or private, does not undermine their institutional or individual independence, or the public appearance of that independence. Judges themselves should be vigilant to identify and resist any attack upon that independence, by whomsoever or by whatever means.’

    The onus would seem to lie with the office of Lady Dorrian to rebuke the BBC for breaching its own rules and bringing the 2nd highest legal office in Scotland into disrepute, unless the Scottish judiciary wishes to be seen as a the pawn of the BBC?

    On politics the code states:

    ‘It is a cardinal feature of judicial independence that a judge should have no party political involvement of any kind, other than the exercise of his or her right to vote. Furthermore, a judge should do nothing which could give rise to any suggestion of political partisanship, such as involvement in party political controversy.’

    THis is a political controversy. I hope Lady Dorrian’s office issues a statement clarifying her position over this BBC chicanery and that the judge’s office demands the BBC issue an apology to Lady Dorrian and Ms Thomson and clarifies Lady Dorrian’s speech was NOT directed at Michelle Thomson, as the BBC editors and news-team sought quite undoubtedly to imply/aver via this truly shocking and malicious duplicity.

  104. Highland Wifie says:

    Reprehensible to say the least.
    Waiting for reply to complaint to BBC. It will probably take them the whole ‘within 10 days’ to work out what complete lies to tell to try to justify this appalling behaviour.

  105. Desimond says:

    Ah ‘Reporting Scotland’, or as its know “Get that aff” in my hoose.

    Jackie Bird has made a lovely niche for herself, the way her voice sings out the latest exaggerated allegation against Scots Gov/Scots NHS/SNP Bad is worthy of the Opera House.

    I now walk the dog from 6:30 to 7, much more friendly and diet permitting, same old shit result!

  106. orri says:

    I wonder if Contempt of Court extends far wider than simply covering actual court proceedings. Perhaps misuse of that footage verges on it. Bearing in mind that MSPs only have protection from defamation for statements in their official capacity it follows that they aren’t immune to other charges. Which is where a sensible Presiding Officer may very well feel compelled to step in to remind them of that fact.

    Contempt of Court is where Dugdale was stepping on eggshells in her, alleged, defamation of the Rev in Holyrood. Comments on Thompson whilst an investigation involving hers as a witness, rather than the subject, may be classed as perverting the course of justice or some other offence. Certainly at some point in the near future, hopefully, the Dugdale defamation suit will be live in court at which point anything said on the matter within Holyrood runs the risk of being actionable.

  107. Gail Hughes says:

    Have to think that judge was addressing her comment to BBC Scotland. It is the only explanation that makes sense.

  108. Brian says:

    For the fourth time in as many weeks I’ve emailed a complaint to the BBC. I did yesterday after seeing the BBC News website, with the “Fraud Case Dropped” headline. This was before Eardley’s ill mannered, skewed piece on RS. So, I will complain again. It will not do any good, of course, but the more complaints they get, the better. I think.

  109. Dan Huil says:

    Ach, Ah’ll say it agane, jist fir aul times sak: dinnae pey the bbc tax!

    Dan Huil, Respectin Scotlan, the Ionic, Elgin.

    Noo, back tae Frank Bough in the granstan studio.

    [Hey, Hughie! Ah’ll hae anither pint!]

  110. Dr Jim says:

    Was that not the Judge who told Alistair Carmichael he was a reprehensible liar, then Carmichael stepped outside the court and said he’d been cleared and exonerated, proving again he is a reprehensible liar

    All these judges look alike to me

    Bit like Unionists really

  111. Brian says:

    Saw the programme. Shouting at screen. Thanks Stuart for articulating so well what my wife and me felt. I have written to complain again to BBC. Won’t make any difference, but one day . . .

  112. TheBuchanLoony says:

    Those of you making complaints to the BBC must continue all the way to OFCOM. I have one at OFCOM at the moment about QT’s ‘foodbank nurse’. Complaining is a bit of jumping through hoops and getting ‘stock’ answers but keep going. The more of us that do it then it will cause them equally more hassle. If we all ‘crowdfund’ loads of complaints all the way to OFCOM then somewhere down the line, in six months or a year, Stu or anybody else can ask a freedom of information request for how many complaints have been submitted to BBC Scotland. Complaining is free, it just takes some of your time and you get the satisfaction of knowing you are pissing them off taking up their time.

  113. Graeme McCormick says:

    It really is time for the Scottish government using its existing powers to challenge and disrupt the Establishment media. As a start it could stop giving the Unionist media press releases and be more selective in its interviews. It could also start calling the BBC the Unionist Broadcasting Corporation (UBC) and exhort its members to do the same. It should also be selective with which media it pays for advertising and public notices.

    SNP members who advertise for their businesses, etc. through the media should put pressure on these outlets that they won’t advertise unless the tone against the the SNP and Independence changes.

  114. North chiel says:

    ” Grant says @1115 am”
    Thought GL was a centre forward Grant, not a left winger?

  115. colin Alexander says:


    Talking of being “full of pish and wind” let’s how you are going to turn the majority of No voters into Yes voters with your diatribe of insults.

  116. colin Alexander says:


    Talking of being “full of pish and wind” let’shear your case of how you are going to turn the majority of No voters into Yes voters with your diatribe of insults.

  117. Stuart McTavish says:

    IMHO the assassination of this ladies character raises a question of honour, and the apparent lack of it in contemporary Scotland.

    Michelle Thomson has suffered a clear and demonstrable loss of earnings, opportunity and reputation in direct consequence of the disgusting witchhunt waged against her.

    She sacrificed her career to represent the SNP in the forlorn hope of lending her expertise to a floundering legislative establishment. Unfortunately it appears that, rather than learn from her experience and expertise, the establishment chose (some without thinking) to use it to exploit her, and through her the gullible people. Acts made all the more despicable in the knowledge that the tort against her arose from the alleged actions of a legal professional,

    Contempt of court – you betcha.

  118. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    Petra @ 13:17,

    I’m with you (and others) on this one.

    The repetitious self-victimhood is also getting exceedingly tiresome.

  119. Petra says:


    (Oops left out the video on my last post).

    A few comments on a couple of links posted recently by Nana.

    ‘BBC1’s shocking “Political Commentary” on the announcement by British Gas it will hike prices by 12.5%.’

    I’ve read that this price hike relates to transmission and distribution costs only. Taking it that as the Scots are forking out millions in relation to these ‘services’, as grids closer to London aren’t paying a penny, rather receiving money … being subsidised, could anyone in the ‘know’ on here enlighten us as to what’s actually going on?


    What a cracker! Wee hypocrite Davidson is not getting involved in the investigation of suspended Stirling (Tory) councillors.

    Ruth ‘’Let’s put the (Michelle Thomson) Police investigation to one side for a moment’’ Davidson.

    Davidson from 10:26 mins in. Actual comment made at 13.50 mins in.


    Another one catching Colonel Gadaftie out!

    Ruth Davidson stated that all a rape victim had to do to claim 3rd child tax credit ‘’was to write their name. ‘’

    She went on to say that ‘’they don’t have to declare that they have gone to the Police.’’

    Well they won’t have to because after they have laid their soul bare, in confidence, to ‘’the third party professional’’ they’ll do it for them.

    Talk about ‘’misinformation being deeply damaging’’!

  120. yesindyref2 says:

    @colin Alexander says:
    2 August, 2017 at 2:43 pm


    Talking of being “full of pish and wind” let’s how you are going to turn the majority of No voters into Yes voters with your diatribe of insults.

    That’s a form of defamation Colin, she said no such thing.

    I suggest you apologise to her profusely.

  121. Petra says:


    Seems that my last post has gone AWOL, so breaking it up.

    A few comments on a couple of links posted recently by Nana.

    ‘BBC1’s shocking “Political Commentary” on the announcement by British Gas it will hike prices by 12.5%.’

    I’ve read that this price hike relates to transmission and distribution costs only. Taking it that as the Scots are forking out millions in relation to these ‘services’, as grids closer to London aren’t paying a penny, rather receiving money … being subsidised, could anyone in the ‘know’ on here enlighten us to what’s actually going on?

  122. Petra says:

    What a cracker! Wee hypocrite Davidson is not getting involved in the investigation of suspended Stirling (Tory) councillors.

    Ruth ‘’Let’s put the (Michelle Thomson) Police investigation to one side for a moment’’ Davidson.

    From 10:26 mins in. Comment made at 13.50 mins.

  123. Jack Murphy says:

    Some info on the BBC:
    “The BBC exists to serve the public, and its mission is to inform, educate and entertain.”

    The current Director of BBC Scotland is on a salary of £170,000 per annum,and I’m sure is worth every penny.

    Now,back to work.

  124. Petra says:


    Another one catching Colonel Gadaftie out.

    Ruth Davidson stated that all a rape victim had to do to claim 3rd child tax credit ‘’was to write their name. ‘’She went on to say that ‘’they don’t have to declare that they have gone to the Police.’’

    Well they won’t have to because after they have laid their soul bare, in confidence, to ‘’the third party professional’’ will do it for them.

    Talk about ‘’misinformation being deeply damaging’’!

  125. AndyH says:


    I said you were full of wind and pish.

    you are.

    end of.

  126. Petra says:


    Westminster seems to be determined to p*ss the whole world off. Take us into WW3?

    Boris the Clown following Trump the Psycho’s orders.

  127. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    I just looked up that misReporting Scotland link, and the unfortunate juxtaposition in the intro appears very contrived, to me anyway.

    But there was an additional little piece of spite in the Bird’s subsequent interview with Eardley. The latter appears to be quoting direct from official sources by saying “…”the Crown Office says there is no credible or reliable evidence against her, and because of that, there will be no criminal proceedings for now“. (My italics.)

    Whit? I suppose any case can always be re-examined in the light of new evidence, but really? I’m left wondering if that quote was the official pronouncement word-for-word and somebody somewhere is hoping to string this thing out even further, or if it was Eardley who just couldn’t resist adding that nasty little twist to the tale… (?)

  128. jfngw says:

    Those who believe the SNP start pointing out the bias of the media should be aware that it will be reported in the media as paranoia. And with their massive budget, £3.5bn for the BBC alone, how could any party outside the unionist group hope to make any impression.

    It is a bit like the BBC protests, they in the end come across as negative as the media controls how it is presented. The way to defeat the fake news is with the facts as presented on sites like this, it’s getting this message to all the voters that is the problem.

    There is no chance that WM will give up control of broadcasting and other media, they understand the control they have with it at their beck and call.

    It a strange situation that the most read blogger on indy is never invited to comment in hardly any media, whereas these soft indy bloggers are often on air. Maybe it’s a good thing as it seems to have gone to some bloggers heads.

  129. One_Scot says:

    Lol, he’s such a shit troll, doesn’t even know what day of the week it is.

  130. wee bud says:

    Sorry that, that’s me just cancelled my licence fee.. I urge all lurkers like me to do also.
    It’s very simple to do and is the only to hurt them..
    Anyway Chris Evans has had enough of my money…

  131. AndyH says:


    I don’t agree.

    The SNP are demonized whatever they say or do.
    I’d much rather they put them straight at every opportunity when they spout their “Fake news”

    Every time they call them out on the radio or telly there will be people watching or listening who will start to see what is going on with regards to the truth.

    The meek shall inherit FA..

  132. Neil Cook says:

    The only good point about BBC Scotland is that the presenters are paid less than counterparts! The fact that they get paid at all is beyond mystery to me as it’s more akin to Switzerland helping to aid euthenasia by presenting this rubbish they call broadcasting ?

  133. Petra says:

    What a mess! I split my long post up and it’s all over the place now.

    Reposting from 3:25 pm including the crucial video!

    ‘What a cracker! Wee hypocrite Davidson is not getting involved in the investigation of suspended Stirling (Tory) councillors.

    Ruth ‘’Let’s put the (Michelle Thomson) Police investigation to one side for a moment’’ Davidson.’

    First Minister’s Questions re Michelle Thomson Scottish Parliament 1st October 2015.

    From 10:26 mins in. Particular comment made at 13.50 mins.

  134. Proud Cybernat says:

    Hi GCHQ, 77th.

    Just wanted to say hello.

    That’s all.

  135. colin Alexander says:

    @yesindyref2 says I am defaming Petra and should apologise.

    Petra said: “She’s one pathetic excuse for a human being”.

    I see no need to apologise for referring to a “diatribe of insults”.

    The “pish and wind” was a comment made by someone else in a response to Petra’s comment about me. It was not attributed to Petra. I never said Petra was making a diatribe of insults against me.

    And we wouldn’t be wasting our time having this debate if Petra held her wheest, if she didn’t like my comment instead of suggesting people ignore me.

    I didn’t break any rule and was not trolling. My comment included a report with lots of interesting statistical informative information.


    Petra has also gone off topic- As did others myself included but that’s within the rules of the forum. But Petra and others starting on me is just troublemaking and disrupting things.


    No wonder the YES campaign is suffering in-fighting before it’s even started if that’s the attitude of certain people on WoS and Common Weal.

    They think they are the defenders of facts, smug, self-righteous rulers of “the Truth”. They know best and quick to personally attack anyone who dares say something different.

    When “the truth” is their over-inflated opinion and is just an opinion, no more valid than anyone else’s opinion.

    If people can’t treat each other with respect and respect the right of others to have opinions different from others then the YES campaign will fall apart.

  136. colin Alexander says:

    Maybe Reporting Scotland should just talk about trolls to keep some Wingers happy – that seems to be their obsession instead of talking about independence or Scottish sovereignty.

    But discussing constitutional and economic ideas to promote Scotland takes some intelligence, slagging people and talking about trolls is so easy, any fool can do it, as we see on here.

  137. yesindyref2 says:

    @colin Alexander
    Read her posting and yours again, dickhead, and man up.

  138. AndyH says:

    The bias of the BBC is the greatest threat against Scottish Independence IMO.

    The playing field would be far more level if this was not the case.

    So many people still swallow the garbage they spout, especially the older generation.

    I don’t think the newspapers matter so much other than the fact the BBC takes its news lead from their contents.

  139. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    colin Alexander @ 16:02,

    Since you are so full of shi original ideas, dear Colin, here’s a challenge for you: why don’t you start your own blog site instead of parasitically wasting your (plus everyone else’s) time on here? Then you can regurgitate promote your many pet notions as much as you like. Be king of your very own hill. Stand up for yourself. Independence personified! Evangelistically spread The Word. Even block whomever you please! (And of course discover just how many people find it worth a repeat visit.)

    Go on, all that empty void just waiting to be filled. You know you really want to do it…


  140. Bob Mack says:

    Colin Alexander comes on the forum complaining about insults and then proceeds to do exactly that very thing to others. Oh dear oh dear.

  141. Jamie says:

    I get the impression that the mainstream media know they have lost and Scottish independence is just a matter of time. What we have are the last cries of propaganda and hate from a Union well past it’s sell by date.

    Not long to go now, we just need to keep the heid.

  142. Robert Graham says:

    Petra – thanks for the link re- UK sending its part finished Aircraft Carriers to intimidate China , I always thought Boris was a little flaky I think this finally confirms it he is Batshit Loony.

    So Boris we send our mighty carrier fleet to scare China .

    THATS GOOD EH NOW WHAT ? ? ? ? ? Boris – Boris where has he gone ?

  143. Proud Cybernat says:

    Of course, BBC Misreporting Scotland (aka Numpty News) wasn’t the only BritNat body telling big fat porkies [no, that wasn’t a reference to the pig fancier]:

  144. Cactus says:

    Similar to the Jacqueline Bird species, in body language… walking, standing or sitting with your arms crossed is known as ‘a barrier’. The barrier is a protective defensive position.

    Also, where the above video clip went immediately onto another story with the lady judge… the transition would normally be something like.. “and in other news.” Instead of normal, the stories were blended. How splendid.

    Make no mistake, that that was no mistake.


    If you watch too much BBC TV this WILL happen to YOU!

    A Silver Shamrock Novelties Production!!!
    90 days to go…

  145. Robert Graham says:

    Excellent suggestion – Mr Sutherland @ 4.24 anyone else agree ? .

    Boredom is starting to set in with many here i believe .

  146. Cherry says:

    “Infamy,Infamy they’ve all goat it in fur me!

  147. AndyH says:

    It’s funny how John Carpenter movies are synonymous with the Beeb.

    The ‘They live’ edit was fantastic.

  148. Hamish100 says:

    Bird sitting in defensive folded arm pose. Does that make her nearly guilty?

    So who produces and edits the particular programme? Is it the same people. Please visit our parliamentary meeting for a wee chat. Your not guilty of anything….

  149. colin Alexander says:

    @Robert J. Sutherland

    I did consider my own blog would be a more appropriate medium for my discussions, as they are often too long and detailed for a comments section.

    But then I thought: what’s the point? If the YES campaign consists of the bampots like you get on Wings, that post abusive comments, then it’s a waste of time and effort.

    That’s also already been demonstrated by the Derek Bateman blog and other pro-indy bloggers ( who have already chucked it) because they have also been subjected to vile abuse by those who are also supposed to be pro-indy.

  150. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    As of now there is no sign of Michelle Thomson on the BBC Scotland website or the BBC website or on BBC Scotland Ceefax despite them leading with it yesterday. Perhaps this is the last straw. A vivid account of the assault and destruction of Michelle Thomson by the BBC and the newspapers would be a very useful tool with which to start a campaign against the unionist media

  151. Scotmac says:

    Bookie fae hell,when they visit they identify themselves and and say they are here to take a statement at which point you say both of you leave the premises & do not post anything through the letterbox or come back here again,that’s it,its imperative that you do not enter into any dialogue thereafter you will receive periodic mail from them do not respond to them.silence is sometimes golden

  152. Famous15 says:

    Murmuring a judge is a crime at common law in Scotland.

    Lady Dorrian was clearly murmured by using her image and words in the defamation of an innocent citizen by the BBC.

    Stu or anyone else with the wit to attach the above video to an email please report Jackie Bird or her Director to Procurator Fiscal in Glasgow.

  153. Bill McLean says:

    No democracy here then! Angry beyond words!

  154. heedtracker says:

    So who produces and edits the particular programme? Is it the same people. Please visit our parliamentary meeting for a wee chat. Your not guilty of anything….

    Pacific Quay’s run by spooks, MI5. Its not a pretty sight, as the liggers head home to London every Friday evening. Think really nasty looking Johnny English aka Rowan Atkinson, trench coats, the lot.

  155. Petra says:

    @ Robert Graham says at 4:31 pm ….”Petra – thanks for the link re- UK sending its part finished Aircraft Carriers to intimidate China , I always thought Boris was a little flaky I think this finally confirms it he is Batshit Loony. So Boris we send our mighty carrier fleet to scare China. THATS GOOD EH NOW WHAT ? ? ? ? ? Boris – Boris where has he gone?”

    Yeah it’s scary Robert and you just wonder what’s coming next on the International stage?

    Closer to home you just wonder what kind of deal the Tories will strike with Trump taking into consideration they’ve got nought (English) to offer in exports that the Yanks don’t have already such as Arms. They’re so desperate that they’ll no doubt sell us all down the river with TTIP deals in relation to the NHS, fracking and so on.


    @ Macbeda says at 4:46 pm …. ”The metro are at it too. Bastards.”

    Didn’t the DUP use ‘dark money’ in relation to the Metro when trying to scupper the EU referendum last year Macbeda?


    I see that The Donald seems to be good for something! There’s a tourism boom in Slovenia said to be a result of it being the native country of the US First lady Melania Trump.

    ….. ‘Slovenia has a developed economy and is per capita the richest of the Slavic countries by nominal GDP, and the second richest by GDP (PPP) behind the Czech Republic. Slovenia was in the beginning of 2007 the first new member to introduce the euro as its currency, replacing the tolar…..’

  156. colin Alexander says:

    @yesindyref2 What’s your problem?

    Petra, Posting personally abusive remarks about Kezia Dugdale on Wings does nothing but undermine Stu’s case against Kezia Dugdale.

    I DID NOT accuse Petra of saying a diatribe of personal abuse against me.

    The pish and wind remark refers to:

    AndyH says:
    2 August, 2017 at 1:23 pm

    “Whoever he is, that was so obvious, what he just tried

    He’s full of wind and pish.”


    I considered you one of the more sensible people on here yesindyref2. Disappointing you are following the “dickhead” idiotic remarks mode of debate.


    Explain what I’ve supposed to have said wrong with regard to Petra and I’ll consider it.

  157. Proud Cybernat says:

    It really is quite dreadful how just about every indy supporter on WoS (and other indy sites) can smell a shit-stirring, BritNat troll a mile off. We should truly all be thoroughly ashamed of ourselves in calling them out for the shit-stirring shits they are.

  158. ScottieDog says:

    Wow that is incredible.
    Wonder what miss haggerty thinks. Fair for media to destroy an MPs career. Unfair for a media organisation to accuse (with good reason) an MSP for defamation.

  159. Petra says:

    @ Famous15 says at 5:10 pm …. ”Murmuring a judge is a crime at common law in Scotland. Lady Dorrian was clearly murmured by using her image and words in the defamation of an innocent citizen by the BBC. Stu or anyone else with the wit to attach the above video to an email please report Jackie Bird or her Director to Procurator Fiscal in Glasgow.”

    Additionally maybe someone could send the video to Lady Dorrian directly? I doubt she’d be too happy about this: The BBC ‘using’ her to promulgate their propaganda. Continue with their witchhunt.


    ….’Lady Dorrian said: “It is a great honour to be the first woman, the first of many I have no doubt, to be appointed to this great office.”

    She thanked all those who had sent her messages of support and said she hoped to justify that encouragement as she worked with her colleagues and others to ensure Scotland had a modern, accessible and efficient legal system which truly met the needs of the people it served.’,_Lady_Dorrian

  160. colin Alexander says:

    I admit I can be repetitive regarding my arguments in favour of Parliamentary Sovereignty.

    But it’s boring reading 100 repetitive comments just praising Stu’s – even though they usually are worthy of praise.

    It’s boring reading abusive remarks about Unionist politicians.

    I understand the anger and frustration about them, but resorting to name-calling is playground stuff.

    We recognise it when the Unionists do it, so why is it acceptable when it’s independists that do it?

    If slagging and childish behaviour is your thing, so be it. Slagging won’t win us indy.

    The Unionists know slagging matches achieves nothing, that’s why they do it. It’s a shame some independists fall into the trap by copying them.

  161. geeo says:

    Johnston Press reported a 30% DROP in profits….bet they have no idea why….!!

  162. yesindyref2 says:

    @colin Alexander
    Jeez. Your quoting “@Petra” in italics, and then the “talking pish and wind” was clearly an attempt to attribute the comment to her, whether deliberate or accidental makes no odd. You “fluffed” up. If you did that to me in an MSM forum I’d be over you like a ton of pricks.

    Anyway, the suggestion about your own blog is a good one, put some stuff up, post a link, and then some of the 99% lurkers might actually visit it, and if you open it to comments, since the visitors will be voluntary, they might be more receptive than the 1% who post here, including me, and are bored rigid with you taking over half the blog. Here’s your starter for 10:

    It’s easy and it’s free. I did it, click my name above.

  163. manandboy says:

    Editor of Misreporting Scotland is Andrew Browne – you’ll find him in Otherwise, he is virtually invisible on the internet.

    If you’re looking for the guy who is responsible for the anti Scotland bullshit on Misreporting Scotland, this is him. Probably.

  164. heedtracker says:

    Still worth a read, because this con artist’s got more front than that big shop on Oxford street.

    She added: “However, there is a significant number still in Scotland whose trust we lost, and I think there’s still a bit of work to be done in that regard. I think it’s part of my mission to try and address these perceptions which may have led to that loss of trust.

    “I don’t think that’s across the piece, but I think we have to be alive to it and I think part what I’m trying to do is to demonstrate that we want to be open; we want to understand why people don’t trust us; we want to be able to explain what it is that we do more clearly perhaps.

    “There will be efforts taken particularly on my part and on the part of colleagues here to do a bit more of that.”

    Then she cracked up in uncontrollable fits of laughter.

  165. Albert Herring says:

    According to STV, the judge is Lady Rae, not Dorrian.

    I can’t believe the BBC would lift a clip from a case as heinous as this as part of their pathetic smearing.

  166. heedtracker says:

    I mean look at how tory scumbags flogged the Royal Mail to their hedge fund cronies and yet not a peep out of beeb Scotland gimps like Bird, Eardley and chums.

    We are sheep to be fleeced right enough, as they push up stamp costs, to make even more easy mullah off us suckers

    “Hedge fund linked to George Osborne’s best man to make millions from privatisation of Royal Mail after ‘buying £50m stake’

    Peter Davies met the Chancellor at Oxford University
    Was Osborne’s best man when he married Frances Howell in 1998

    Davies is a member of management committee for Lansdowne Partners

    Hedge-fund firm has seen value of investment rise by £18million already

    City fund made reported £100million from financial crash”

    Daily Heil.

    Tasty, and certainly with no Birdesque hamming up the wtf is going to Nick?

  167. yesindyref2 says:

    OT – more relevant to the small country series. From Herald reagarding a needed population increase:

    The increase has been attributed to immigration, with 46,300 people coming to Scotland from the rest of the UK, compared with 37,500 leaving for the rest of the UK, and 40,400 coming from overseas, compared with 17,500 leaving for overseas

    which means net immigration from the rUK is 8,800 compared with 22,900 from the rest of the word – nearly 3 times as many. And potentially all of those old enough YES voters …

  168. Alex Clark says:

    Don’t pay the telly tax, but if you choose to cancel then do it right it will save you from any possible aggravation in future.

    You will get no letters or contact from them for at least two years. That is the law, when they do write to you they will ask has your positioned changed in any way. Just tell them NO and they will respond with we’ll ask you again in another two years.

    There are plenty of alternatives, check out Amazon Fire Stick or subscribe to Netflix/Prime if you like TV or Films, cheaper than the license anyway so you’ll save money.

    Tell the BBC they can piss off with their bias and you won’t pay for their propaganda. Just as they told me to piss off with a Freedom Of Information request that of course they refuse to answer.

    Also ignore the trolls, no point getting wound up LOL.

  169. yesindyref2 says:

    Makes me think. Here’s a suggestion. A “Welcome to Scotland” welcome pack from YES2, crowdfunded. Or Wings!

  170. manandboy says:

    Then again, there’s “BBC Scotland’s recently-appointed head of news Gary Smith,” and “Jonathan Munro, head of newsgathering for network programmes”

    The BBC seem very guarded about the identity of Misreporting Scotland’s editor.

  171. Scotspine says:

    And right on cue, after the recent Haggerty carry on, BBC Sweaty have her on for a cosy chat. Journionists pet “Indy” journalist.

  172. dandy dons 1903 says:

    Agree about the presence of britnat spooks like MI5 running the show from the shadows at BBC Jocklands Pacific Quay HQ, these fookers are like the Stasi in old East Germany, pure british state run interference and psychological propaganda against independence and general populace all through the perfidious BBC.

  173. Ealasaid says:

    For those stopping their TV licence, here is the link to tell them that you no longer need a TV licence.

    I see that they have made it more complicated than when I did it a couple of years ago. I can not see it mentioned here but when I did it it was clearly stated how to claim a refund on any outstanding time for which you have paid. Always worth checking out and it will deprive them of the money.

  174. Alex Clark says:

    @Albert Herring

    Not only did the BBC lift a clip from such a heinous crime than the murder of a 15 year old schoolgirl yet they linked it to a speech given by Michelle Thomson in the HOC about her being raped as a 14 year old.

    The clip of the judge was from Oct 2016 what possible excuse can be given for last nights opening sequence of BBC Reporting Scotland?

    None, ditch the BBC and stop paying to be lied too. They are despicable.

  175. AAD says:

    The Michelle Thomson report is still on the BBC Scotland Website as of 18.05 contrary, to the earlier report that it has been removed.

  176. Alex Clark says:

    @Albert Herring

    Not only did the BBC lift a clip from such a heinous crime than the murder of a 15 year old schoolgirl yet they linked it to a speech given by Michelle Thomson in the HOC about her being abused (worse than that but can’t say the actual word because of the Wings filter) as a 14 year old.

    The clip of the judge was from Oct 2016 what possible excuse can be given for last nights opening sequence of BBC Reporting Scotland?

    None, ditch the BBC and stop paying to be lied too. They are despicable.

  177. sassenach says:

    Stopping your TV licence is always a good thing to do, BUT it does not affect BBC Scotland, as BBC money comes from direct taxation in the UK.

    Stop watching, Ok, that will (hopefully) reflect in viewing figures, and cause them a little upset.

    The point being we cannot bring BBC Scotland down with licence money being withheld, the Establishment will more than make up any loss in order that their propaganda continues.

    There has to be another way.

  178. Albert Herring says:

    @Alex Clark

    Yes I know. It’s absolutely disgusting isn’t it.

    p.s. Don’t worry – they’ve not had a brass farthing off me since 2013.

  179. manandboy says:

    No sign of the 2016/2017 Review of BBC Scotland unsurprisingly, so this list may be out of date.

    The responsibility for the anti-Independence bias in BBC Scotland lies within this group of people. One must presume they are all singing from the same British Establishment hymn sheet.

    Donalda McKinnon, Director, BBC Scotland

    Ewan Angus, Commissioning Editor, Television and Head of Sport

    Wendy Aslett, HR Director

    Alan Dickson, Chief Operating Officer

    Mairead Ferguson, Head of Marketing, Communications & Audiences

    Unknown, Head of Programmes & Services

    Gary Smith, Head of News & Current Affairs

    Bruce Malcolm, Head of Service Development

    Margaret Mary Murray, Head of Gaelic

    Ian Small, Head of Public Policy & Corporate Affairs

    Catherine Smith, Head of Strategy

    Jeff Zycinski, Head of Radio

  180. manandboy says:

    At some time in the future, we will look back and refer to ‘The Independence Propaganda War’. By that time, all going well, there will be no BBC Scotland and the BBC Building at Pacific Quay will have completely disappeared or been turned into a museum or something else useful.

    Always vote SNP.

  181. ronnie anderson says:

    auld highlander says:
    2 August, 2017 at 11:45 am
    I wonder what old movie that clip of the Judge came from.

    The clip in question is a actual reference to another case in the Court of Sessions , ive been racking my brain as to which case it was .

  182. Reluctant Nationalist says:

    Colin: “I considered you one of the more sensible people on here yesindyref2.”


  183. Az says:

    It’s clear that being generally ignored elicits a frustrated response, from which even more signs can be observed.

  184. manandboy says:

    If I should stop buying fish from my local supermarket or fishmonger, there is no law by which they can demand to know why I have ceased to consume fish.

    Nor is there any law under which, if I cease to watch TV and cease paying for it, anyone can demand to know why I have done so.

    It is evidence of the nature and purpose of State propaganda and the essential role of TV in it, that the British State will, through its agents, pursue, harass, intimidate and, under a pretext, threaten anyone who gives up watching TV.

    Like advertising, propaganda works without requiring our conscious cooperation, because it works behind our consciousness, hidden from us in the back of our minds. That’s why Governments and advertisers use it all the time.

  185. north chiel says:

    Interview last night on JB show with Nick Eardsley ,struck me as being
    ” schoolmistress” questioning ” pupil as to why he had failed in his ” subject” i.e. after
    all the time spent studying ( investigating) the ” failure” resulted in the wrong outcome and ” conclusion”?

  186. Dr Jim says:

    Reporting Scotland are now Trolling the Independence movement with tonights offering of a survey of unknown origin which they say demonstrates the Independence referendum was the cause of the SNP losing votes in the General Election which of course proves the SNP are indeed Baad and nobody wants Independence so there!

    Smirk for the camera Jackie and look serious Toodle oo the Noo

    Coz we believe you, NAW we really do, honest to God we do

  187. heedtracker says:

    manandboy says:
    2 August, 2017 at 7:03 pm
    If I should stop buying fish from my local supermarket or fishmonger, there is no law by which they can demand to know why I have ceased to consume fish.

    Its less Scottish licence money and far far more their view figures. Whole point of Pravda style attack propaganda is to get it in front of our eyes but if its not…

    The only pressure beeb Scotland gimps are really under, is high view numbers. Otherwise, they’re out and another gen of gimps get the chance.

    Its an evolving propaganda attack unit too. Look at Laura Bicker and whatisface, this chancer, both now very prominent BBC America “correspondents.”

    Laura and James were very prominent beeb Scotland liggers in 2014 and its not just a BBC reward for their loyalty, its huge beeb gimp career building.

    Future Lady Sarah Smith, ex C4 ligger, gets given their Washington correspondent slot and bazinga, she’s a very heavy tory yoon hitter for BBC Scotland, probably their heaviest now.

    None of this is by chance. Its real pressure too. Eddie Mair was doing a thing about headline drug abuse tonight on his BBC r4 PM show but he didnt mention that he nearly drank himself to death.

  188. Dr Jim says:

    No matter how many times folk tell it to go away it stays
    No matter how many times folk insult it, it clings on
    So either Kezia’s paying it or it’s mentally irregular, if it’s the latter it should seek help soon before it’s too late

  189. Petra says:

    @ Albert Herring at 5:51pm ….. “According to STV the judge is Lady Rae not Dorrian.”

    Thanks for pointing that out Albert.

    Please totally ignore my former post folks (5:28pm) with links to sites relating to Lady Dorrian.


    @ Ronnie at 6:50pm ………. It’s the Paige Doherty case Ronnie.

    So you’ve got video footage of Michelle Thomson baring her soul at Westminster in relation to being *aped as a teenager linked to the case of a guy who stabbed a teenager over 100 times. Reprehensible right enough!


    @ manandboy at 6:28pm …….. “The list may be out of date.”

    Manandboy I read recently that Jeff Zycinski (who had been there for yonks) lost his job recently due to the Donalda MacKinnon ‘reorganisation’. I’m on my IPad so can’t search for data but seemingly the guy who got his job has no experience of anything relevant to the job at all.

  190. yesindyref2 says:

    @Dr Jim
    From the Herald the origin is “Academics from the British Election Study (BES) found four in 10 voters who backed the SNP in 2015 and voted Leave switched to another party because of Europe.

    BES rings a bell, but can’t place them.

  191. Tinto Chiel says:

    “Its less Scottish licence money and far far more their view figures.”

    Just so, heed. I don’t pay and don’t watch but if we all stopped, the State would still pay squillions for the Lovely Old Beeb to parp out its Pearly Kings’n’Queens Rule Britannia Poop, me old cock sparras (apologies to Dick Van Dyke).

    But, that’s not the point: plummeting viewing figures really bother The State Broadcaster ‘cos it needs to “shape” the news for the plebs and makes them vote against their own best interests. It’s very worrying for it if people don’t listen to its lies.

    I live in hope RS went so far off-piste last night that more and more viewers have realised how bent this whole system is.

  192. PacMan says:

    It’s obvious that the British Broadcasting Corporation and the rest of the MSM are trying to cover their tracks to hide the blatant fake news they had ran with. It is no concern of them that they have destroyed the life of a person in the process.

  193. Tinto Chiel says:

    MTS: the Beeb and the rest have been doing it for years. An ex-colleague of mine was in Austria at the time of the shooting of Jean de Menezes at Stockwell. The local TV station had eye-witnesses interviews which stated the man was shot numerous times without warning by the police. None of this was aired at the time in Good Ol’ Blighty. Instead we had the usual obfuscation, smoke and mirrors.

    Oh, and Cressida Dick, Commissioner of The Met, was in charge that day.

    What we’re up against, chillun’.

  194. Ronnie says:

    Interesting to note that Aberdeen, Maryland USA (population 15000) has 12 local and regional TV channels in addition to the American big 4 networks as well as 21 local and regional radio stations, while Aberdeen Scotland (population 197000) just gets “the news where you are” from STV and BBC Scotland, with virtually no other locally produced content at all.

  195. HandandShrimp says:

    The BBC News is a tool of the State. I have no confidence in its output…which probably makes it no worse than any other news source. It isn’t as nakedly partisan as the Express or the Mail or Fox News but it is on the same spectrum and while more subtle is nevertheless very much defending the status quo and privilege.

    I don’t use the BBC as a primary source and I could count the number of times I have watched their television news in the last few years on one hand.

  196. Alex Clark says:

    I feel sorry for Michelle Thomson or indeed anybody that has to put up with the amount of excrement that was thrown at her when the accusations turn out to be totally false.

    I don’t in fact approve of her business model of buying cheap from those that maybe desperate then selling at a profit but that is how ALL business works. Business owners of no matter the type can only make money by taking a share of what their employees actually produced and sold.

    The employees don’t get the full benefit of their labour they get a share but I’ll be honest and say that this is fair enough, if you can run a business and employ people as long as you treat them right and pay a fair wage then that’s good enough for me.

    This article though is not about how she ran her business it is about how false accusations with no “credible or reliable evidence” can be made in the first place and then the UK MSM can go into a feeding frenzy.

    They found her guilty before even a question had been asked by the police, the splattered her face all over the front pages and the TV complete with SNP backdrops so that everyone got the message who she was with.

    Even now after being totally exonerated, no case to answer as there was never a case in the first place the best the BBC can do other than issue a complete apology for it’s total misrepresentation of the facts in the place is to say.

    “There will be no criminal charges FOR NOW”

    These people running the BBC in Scotland are losing the plot, might call it running scared but when you overstep the mark as they clearly did yesterday then something has gone wrong.

    I hopw and suspect that thousands may have cancelled their license on the back of this disgrace linking a judgement in a case abouge a teenage murder with that of Michelle Thomson who had no crime to answer.

    I hope the twat that came up with this idea is sacked tomorrow, he’s probably from London so won’t matter, he’ll just be sent back home. These arseholes are really starting to piss me off.

  197. ronnie anderson says:

    The clip of Lady Rae by the Bbc is all the more reprehensible since Michelle Thomson wasn’t charged & never appeared in any Court let alone the Court of Sessions .

    Its up to Michelle Thomson how she deals with this, but her business reputation is damaged , whether its damaged beyond repair only the future knows .

  198. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    I know many SNP supporters who voted Leave and I know not one of them who voted against the SNP at the election. I do however know two voters who voted against YES at the Referendum who voted SNP at the GE (one of whom has joined the SNP) because of Brexit and this I suspect is a growing group.

    On the case of the BBC transposing footage to suggest something other than it actually represented I do not understand why anybody should be surprised.
    If you have seen the “London Calling ” DVD there is a absolutely jaw dropping incident in it. Alex Salmond is making funny faces at some rubbish Tavish Scott is spouting in the Scottish Parliament but the BBC transposed Alex to be making funny faces at some statement John Swinney is making. It was absolutely blatant misrepresentation.

    We still have some of these terrific DVDs at the Forward Shop at 186 Argyll Street Dunoon PA23 7HA and we will send them to you post free for £2 each or 4 for £6 (Cheques to YES Cowal)

  199. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    The DVD I refer to (at 8.26) is titled “London Calling – How The BBC Stole The Referendum”

  200. Alex Clark says:

    @Dave McEwan Hill

    I believe this is the BBC report you refer to. Totally blatant!

  201. colin Alexander says:


    The phrase you attribute to me is: @ Petra “talking pish and wind”.””

    I in fact said:@Petra “Talking of being “full of pish and wind” “.

    This was a reference to an idiot’s “wind and pish” comment which had been included in the comment to Petra because she started up the bile against me again, but the wind and pish comment referred TO ME, not Petra.

    What was addressed to Petra was the challenge to show how she will promote independence, when she is resorting to a “diatribe of insults” which refers to her saying:

    “Disgraceful Dugdale, mouth piece of the Daily Record. She in fact should be kicked out of Holyrood altogether. She’s one pathetic excuse for a human being never mind public servant.”

    At no point did I make any personal remark ABOUT Petra and DID NOT say anything nasty about Petra as a person.

    I criticised the personal remarks made by Petra about Kezia Dugdale as doing nothing to promote indy and challenged her to say positive things about indy.

    Thanks for the recommendation about

    I’m also bored by the same 1% wee clique on here who think the SNP can do no wrong.

    That seem to believe swearing and obscenities is how to win debates.

    Who seem to believe abusing politicians and anyone else that disagrees with their narrow view of independence and the SNP is the way to turn the majority NO voters into Yes voters.

    If a SLab politician had been snapping up ex-council houses at bargain prices because the owners were desperate to sell -houses built to provide affordable housing to the poorest in society- and making a million out of re-letting them at higher than
    council rents, the baying mob would be on their case.

    If anyone mentions questions the morality of making money that way when it appears to be contrary to their party ethics, it seems to be the case that they are subjected to abuse such as being called “a pathetic excuse for a human being”.

  202. heedtracker says:

    Its up to Michelle Thomson how she deals with this, but her business reputation is damaged , whether its damaged beyond repair only the future knows .

    She’ll be back asap, back in SNP and independence politics before your average beeb gimp’s moved on their next SNP targets.

    Let’s face it people like Thomson have something extra and special, tough as nails, they stood up, showed real guts and true grit, for Scotland.

    How many WoS readers can say that? not me.

    A certain Scottish blogger in Bath’s also done it, probably not over night, probably by evolution, determination, a loathing of cheats and liars, beeb gimps especially and a love of actual democracy.

    That’s what everyone in Pacific Quay is really tasked with, destroy Scottish democracy. All it takes, as they and we all know, is get the tories in, red or blue.

  203. Bob p says:

    I see Trump jumping on the indy bad bandwagon now. Wish these cnuts would keep their noses out of other countries business. Independence for everyone else,but not Scotland. Fcuk off Trump.

  204. galamcennalath says:

    Interesting article via link from Twitter. Four options to solve Irish border.

    None would please everyone.

    There is of course a 5th. Cancel Brexit! Which would of course please most people on the island of Ireland.

  205. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    I also caught that @Scotspine says at 6:02 pm

    “And right on cue, after the recent Haggerty carry on, BBC Sweaty have her on for a cosy chat. Journionists pet “Indy” journalist.”

    It’s just like @jfngw says at 3:44 pm

    “It a strange situation that the most read blogger on indy is never invited to comment in hardly any media, whereas these soft indy bloggers are often on air.”

    Aye, Haggerty costs CS donations and the Radio Shortbread have her on (make a big point that she is Pro Indy and she comments about RIC etc.) wonder what the appearance fee was?

    UKOK media to the rescue.

    They are getting desperate now and lowering their guard, becoming complacent.

    End Game.

  206. Ghillie says:

    Dr Jim @ 12.23 pm

    Much as I do not want to wish the summer holidays away, I AM looking forward the resumption of our Scottish Parliament and hearing what comes next = )

    I have no reason to believe the unionists will like it 🙂

  207. Gary says:

    The bbc are a toxic, vile disgusting organisation. Evil to their core

  208. yesindyref2 says:

    Mmm, I see what you mean.

  209. Alex Clark says:

    @Jockanese Wind Talker

    Renumeration you say like of the type that Tory leader in Scotland Ruth Davidson received for entertaining us with her wit on the likes of the BBC’s “Have I Got News For You” or “The Great British Bake Off”

    From her published Registers of Interests from Holyrood May 2016.

    On 13 October 2016 I appeared as a guest on the BBC’s “Have I Got News For You”. I received remuneration of £1,500 from Hattrick Productions (a television production company, of 10 Livonia Street, London, W1F 8AF), which produces the programme. They also paid for one night’s accommodation at Premier Inn London County Hall, Belvedere Road, London at a cost of £177. [Registered 01 November 2016]

    On 16 October 2016 I appeared as a guest on the BBC’s “Great British Bake Off – An Extra Slice”. I received remuneration of £2,065 from Love Productions (a television production company, of 43 Eagle Street, London, WC1R 4AT), which produces the programme. They also paid for one night’s accommodation at Hilton London Bankside, Great Suffolk Street, London at a cost of £178.34 and a flight from Edinburgh Airport to London City Airport at a cost of £66.49. [Registered 11 November 2016]

  210. jfngw says:

    @Alex Clark

    Were they bough cheap or at the price the were worth for there condition. The alternative could be the mortgage company repossesses and sell it in an auction, it will only want to recoup the outstanding mortgage plus costs, they could end up much worse off. There is no great outcome if you are behind with your mortgage and can’t sell the house.

  211. Alex Clark says:


    I know what your getting at, it’s how business is done. Winners and losers but it’s not something I would ever be interested in even if it was guaranteed to make me lots of money.

    Let’s not make a big deal about it because it isn’t, it’s normal. Ever tried to sell your old car then buy another from a garage dealing in secondhand cars?

    That’s how they all work, buy low sell high else how would they survive. My only point is I prefer to make my living another way and am lucky enough to be able to do so.

  212. Dr Jim says:

    BBC and their surveys by people nobody ever heard of and likely will never hear of again presented as evidence of something that the question isn’t even being asked of even if the BBC stick the word controversially in front of it to give it gravitas for the hard of understanding

    Our problem is it’s not only us who don’t trust the BBC it’s the NO lot as well, which makes you think how can they ever trust us when they don’t even trust the liars who they actually tune in to

    The majority of Rangers supporters hate the BBC for lying and twisting up their football club so much so they don’t let them in
    So when we say the BBC are liars what I don’t get is why don’t they believe us or are they so far gone they just hate everybody and that’s that

    Bloody life in Scotland isnae easy eh ye need swivel eyes and a metal sheet up the back o yer shirt

  213. yesindyref2 says:

    Ah British Election Study who did that wonderful survey. From Herald 30 April 2016:

    Its findings, they believe, suggest that just as 2014’s vote had disastrous consequences for Labour north of the border, so the upcoming EU poll vote could as they put it with “spell trouble” for the Conservatives.

    The research points to the perils for all parties of holding a referendum.

    The interesting question is why.

    The simple answer, the academics argue, is that they force voters to think outside of party allegiances.

    The Conservatives would be the biggest losers if there was an backlash to the result of the EU vote, the researchers estimate – with UKIP most likely be the biggest beneficiaries.

    Which is why after the 2017 General Election we have over 100 UKIP MPs.

    Oh, wait …

  214. shug says:

    let the BBC do their worst – nobody who thinks believes what they hear from them without double checking elsewhere anyway.
    When they say it is raining I always look outside myself to check
    But when we get independence the people in the BBC should have no illusion about what happens next.
    Their corrupt practices will be washed out in the open for all to see.
    Think about what they are doing to Thomson will be done in reverse.

  215. heedtracker says:

    That Nicolson tweet didnt work but it was a photo of the horrifying FibDem GE smear campaigning leafleting on Thomson. Other side of the actuality is

    Herald in June.

    “POLICE have reported the director of the Scottish Liberal Democrats’ General Election campaign to the Crown Office over alleged criminality around last year’s Holyrood poll.

    Alex Cole-Hamilton, 39, is the subject of a formal report to the procurator fiscal in relation to his campaign spending last year, when he took the Edinburgh Western seat from the SNP.”

    When he took the seat’s pretty good. Beeb gimps are just way too modest.

  216. crazycat says:

    @ yesindyref2

    That comment by BES suggests they were assuming – like nearly everybody else – that Remain would win. There might have been a pro-UKIP backlash then.

    Apologies if that is what you meant – I’m reading your post as a warning not to take them seriously.

  217. stu mac says:

    @Dr Jim says:

    Actually Rangers supporters hate the BBC for not lying enough about their club (and for a brief early period of reporting some facts about EBTs before the MSM realised Rangers could be revived and would need their full support. They hate the Record even though every non-Gers (sic) fan calls it the Daily Ranger. It’s like Tories and the BBC: the BBc is right wing and pro-Tory but you’ll still get some Tories for whom it’s not Tory enough and constantly call it out for leftie propaganda.

  218. Robert Peffers says:

    The BBC’s outsourced debt collectors illegally assume you are guilty of breaking the law by illegally watching live TV broadcasts from any source and from any medium including on-line.

    Then they begin a campaign that is actually illegal under the Scots independent legal system as they will make threats of legal action against, “The Legal Occupier”, at your address.

    This threat of legal action, (if it is without foundation), is equivalent to what is known as, “Blackmail”, under English/UK law but in Scotland that crime is called, “Coercion”. See:-

    They will write to, “The Legal Occupier”, in quasi-legalise language that implies the occupier is guilty of illegal acts and that the occupier must inform the BBC they do not require a TV licence because they do not watch live TV.

    This implication is false and the letters will be laced with garish red print. There is no statutory requirement for anyone to inform the BBC of anything whatsoever.

    However, if you do inform them you do not watch live broadcast TV, (or the iPlayer), then the letters will stop — for a while, usually around one to two years.

    Then they will begin again and become increasingly threatening and with increasingly more quasi-legalese language. They are debt-collectors and not actually lawyers or law enforcement officers.

    I have been getting threatened for well over 5 years now and yet had no signs of any of their threatened actual, “authorised”, investigations by their, “Investigative Officers”, (who are officers only in the sense that they operate from an office. Much live the Man from the Pru used operate from an office. The implication that they are law enforcement, “Officers”, is a false claim.

    If you really want to niggle them then just ignore them and file the threatening letters as evidence of their Coercion. If they ever arrive then here is their legal standing. They have NONE but only the normal right of any other member of the public to enter your property in order to go to the main entrance and attempt to contact a legal occupier.

    They have no right to investigate anything and if they as much as perv through a window they break the Scottish law that protects a person’s personal privacy. They can lose the right of entry if the occupier puts up a notice to the effect of. “No Cold Callers”, or the more traditional Scots notice, “No Hawkers”.

    If they call and do not have a search Warrant, (unlikely as they do not even know the Occupier’s name), they will not obtain a search warrant. They only know there is an address that has no TV Licence.

    In any case a search warrant will need a police officer or a Sherriff’s Officer to enforce it, see:-

    (Thank you Tommy Sheridan).

    So there you go – now you know why the BBC have NOT collected nearly as great a percentage of Scottish Licence dodger’s outstanding licence fees than they do in England, Wales and N.I.

    If these gimps call then do not abuse them in any way. Politely inform them that you have no statutory duty to inform the BBC of anything. Ask them to identify exactly which, “Legal Occupier”, it is they wish to contact. When they cannot, or will not, do so politely request they leave immediately and, if you want to rub salt in the wound, threaten them that unless they leave swiftly you will call the police.

    Then watch them leave in a rather a hurry.

  219. yesindyref2 says:

    No, you’re right – I got it wrong! As you say, the study would have assumed a Remain win, which didn’t happen.

  220. Rock says:

    Rock (28th October 2014 – And still there were none):

    “Scotland’s enemy number 2 is the Labour party, enemy number 1 being the BBC.”

    Is that too negative for you heedtracker?

    Truth Always.

  221. Graeme J McAllan says:

    The usual Guff from BBC “Distorting Scotland” – makes me greet 🙁

  222. Robbo says:


    Neymar to PSG £200 MILLION- The whole system is fecked, corrupt and obscene.
    A man who has already got dodgy track record on tax and the French seem to find £200 million to finance this player who is no better than an average Scottish 2nd division winger! LOL

    Couldnae lace Jinky’s boots he couldn’t

  223. heedtracker says:

    Rock (28th October 2014 – And still there were none):

    No shit Sherlock. You’re a veritable soothsayer Rock. Do bears poop in woods too?

    Bought the National today, loved it, thought of you Rock.

  224. Alex Clark says:

    It’s amazing is it not that a poster on Wings can remember what they posted in October 2014 in order to repeat it LOLOLOLOLOL.

    What a brain or filing system 🙂

  225. Phronesis says:

    The BBC’s own guidance on accuracy of reporting and editorial content;

    ‘We must not knowingly and materially mislead our audiences with our content. We may need to clarify the nature of some content by labeling (for example, verbally, in text or with visual or audio cues) to avoid being misleading…
    When the allegations have not been independently corroborated, we should consider if it is appropriate to inform the audience.

    We should not normally use live unscripted two-ways to report allegations.It must be the editor’s decision as to whether they are an appropriate way to break a story. When BBC colleagues follow up a story they must ensure they understand the terms in which the allegations are to be reported and do so accurately’

    ‘We should normally acknowledge serious factual errors and correct such mistakes quickly, clearly and appropriately. Inaccuracy may lead to a complaint of unfairness. An effective way of correcting a mistake is saying what was wrong as well as putting it right. Where we may have broadcast a defamatory inaccuracy Programme Legal Advice should be consulted’

  226. Robert Peffers says:

    @rolfrae says: 2 August, 2017 at 10:18 am:

    “Why does no one at the SNP or Scottish government stand up to the BBC? Perhaps they do and the BBC care not a jot? I seem to recall the SNP being of the opinion that you can’t pick a fight with the BBC but surely there comes a time to stand up to the bully?”

    First of all the SNP, as the SG, are constrained to what Westminster lays down as reserved matters and broadcasting is a reserved matter. So no Holyrood action will be countenanced by Westminster who also, BTW, operate EVEL and the BBC are factually a London/England Registered private corporation.

    As a Westminster registered political party the SNP are constrained also. It took lots of hard work in the bad old days(Aye! Richt! to bad old days.), to become a legitimate political party instead of the accused NAZI supporting terrorist organisation as portrayed by the authorities in the early days of the SNP as a party. See:-

    Now Google Arthur Donaldson and there are many thousands of vile cyberbritnat claims of NAZI support by the SNP – some of these claims very fresh indeed – read what labour gimp Ian Smart has to say on Labour Hame.

    In any case read the several comments on this topic about the replies Wingers get on complaining to the BBC. These are invariably politely ignored.

  227. colin alexander says:

    Yesindyref2 said: “The Conservatives would be the biggest losers if there was a backlash to the result of the EU vote”.

    IF, but IF didn’t happen. There hasn’t been any backlash to the EU vote by Leave voters.

    The GE results:

    Brexit Conservative votes increased by 5.5%.

    Brexit Labour’s vote increased 9.5%,

    but support for pro-EU SNP and LibDems dropped.

  228. Doug Bryce says:

    Here is a wee tip off…

    “Michael Gove tell Danish fishing representatives their fleet will continue to have access to UK waters after Brexit”

  229. Black Donald says:

    BBC1 Oneness


  230. Ian Brotherhood says:

    I still have some of the excellent ‘BBC Misreporting Scotland’ stickers.

    Have to be careful not to waste them, so I’ll only post to names I recognise. Sorry if that sounds a bit harsh, but so it goes – elsewise they’ll surely be ordered by Yoonball mischiefs, then binned. If you’re a ‘lurker’ you’ll need a regular Winger to ask on your behalf (That’ll teach you to speak up in future!)


    Maximum 25 each, and it’s first-come-first-served until they’re done.

  231. galamcennalath says:

    Robert Peffers says:

    Google Arthur Donaldson and there are many thousands of vile cyberbritnat claims of NAZI support by the SNP … read what labour gimp Ian Smart has to say on Labour Hame.

    And of course they conveniently forget that Oswald Mosley, who was an actual self confessed fascist, had been a Labour MP.

    In contrast, Arthur Donsaldson accusations were made up allegations much in the style of modern BBC fake news.

  232. Cal says:

    Notice some people saying that withholding the license fee is ineffective and so presumably not worth doing (?).

    You’re saving yourself nearly £150 a year, you’re suppressing their viewing figures, you’re reducing their revenue (even if only by a tiny amount), you are no longer directly paying the wages of their grotesquely over paid “celebrities” and you have the moral satisfaction of knowing you are not endorsing this latest example of morally repugnant behaviour – trashing the career of the thoroughly decent fellow human being.

    But most of all you are removing yourself from the disgusting and life sapping world of anglophone mass media. Why not try it?

  233. twathater says:

    Guys I’m with every one of your comments re the lying corrupt bbc and its tractors ,but i agree with everything breeks has said previously ( btw where is he ) we MUST MUST MUST have our own broadcasting service to counteract this endless pish

    The SNP SG must declare that due to the openly constant lies , misinformation and denigration of our SNHS and other public services by the bias bbc , in the interest of supplying true and informative information to the people of Scotland we have no other option but to launch a independent broadcast company

    This company will supply the true information regarding Scotland’s wealth and the current situation regarding brexit and anything else regarding Scotlands future

    As we ALL know the shitty beeb is the union broadcaster and will NEVER support indy ,wastemonster will never concede broadcasting but if the SG just do it what will they do .
    I’m sick of being ridiculed and derided by these arsewipes its time to stand up for ourselves
    Instead of paying fees for the beeb Scots could sign up to the independent broadcaster

    Please Nicola stick it to these barstewards
    Rant over

  234. ian murray says:

    I sense the BBC floating test balloons of crap to see how much push back they get from the public.
    This will only get worse

  235. Robert Peffers says:

    @cearc says: 2 August, 2017 at 10:44 am:

    “I seem to recall that the polis put out an official statement saying she wasn’t being investigated?”

    I’ll confirm that, cearc. Yes they did.

  236. yesindyref2 says:

    Yesindyref2 said: “The Conservatives would be the biggest losers if there was a backlash to the result of the EU vote”.

    No he didn’t you dickwad, that was a quote from BES.

    Are you truly totally devoid of active braincells?

  237. Alex Clark says:

    So where does a protest of “non-conformance” start? You know stop going with the flow and exercise your rights?

    As far as I’m I’m concerned and not wanting to see ANY violence whatsoever associated with Scottish Independence. Then it starts by a boycott of the media that lie to us on a daily basis.

    You do not need to buy a newspaper or was News that shows their propaganda you have a choice. Just don’t do it.

    It will hurt them, especially the BBC, do you think it would not be noticed if there were mass cancellations? Of course it would be. it would mean that that the state mouthpiece were losing control of their Northern region.

    They fear us, they fear you and I. Why because we are a threat to their cosy existence. Don’t pay for any British propaganda.

    Simply dump them, that’s the one power you do have, then we move on.

  238. Robert Peffers says:

    Training Day says:2 August, 2017 at 10:51 am:

    “It seemed scarcely possible, but since the appointment of Donalda MacKinnon Pacific Quay has become even more disgracefully partisan.”

    Then you obviously missed my Wings comment when they announced this female BBC gimp was to take over the post in Scotland and I read what she claimed she would do.

    I commented then that the indications were it would be even more of the same BBC state propaganda but more intense and sustained than before. Seems I was right.

  239. yesindyref2 says:

    OT – defence
    This is an opinion of an outside writer to UKDJ, but this (about the future T31):

    As a smaller ship the build time would likely be lower so the arrival of these ships would help to combat any potential drop in the number of frigates. There is also the matter of where they are built as the BAE yard on the Clyde will be busy with the T26 so other UK yards could build this ship, boosting the shipbuilding industry of the UK.

    is very likely if the T31 is to be built at the same time, or even after the T26 which will take the program for 8 and perhaps even the 3 actually ordered, to near or beyond the 15 year 2009 TOBA (Terms Of Business Agreement) between the MOD and BaE ebding in 2024. Which could mean no more building frigates by BaE – on the Clyde.

    It does seem to me to be the way it’s going.

    Promises made, and promises broken.

  240. ronnie anderson says:

    Boris 11.13 Your long enough on Wings to know You give a warning to other Wingers before posting those types of posts.

    Long time since ive been splattering coffee oan masel , managed tae avoid the keyboard lol.

  241. Training Day says:

    @Robert Peffers 11.29

    Yeah, I did miss that. I don’t read your posts.

  242. Robert Peffers says:

    Robert Graham says: 2 August, 2017 at 11:03 am:

    ” … as a matter of urgency this must be rectified the state broadcaster must be confronted with this manipulation , this is a total affront to democracy a total disgrace .”

    Sheesh! How many times must it be said that SNP members have been attempting to do so, to the best of my knowledge, since the very first days of TV arriving in Scotland, as a service still testing from a transmitter at Kirk of Shotts on February 15th, 1952.

    Five years later my then best friend and I finished our apprenticeships together but as he was employed at the RN Air Station at Donibristle and it was closing down he applied and got a job with the new BBC studio in Glasgow.

    On Weekends I would travel with him to the BBC studio where he set up his equipment and then was off duty until the news insert at tea time, followed by the Sports programme and some while later, (7 May 1958), the White Heather Club began.

    Until then we would spend the day in Glasgow, first at a football match, (the studio was near Parkhead Cross), and after the sports we went onto the dancing or a theatre.

    The White Heather Club then got in the way of our Saturday entertainments and I became a less frequent visitor to the studio.

    Now back then the BBC staff, both administrative and technical, were mainly imported from England as there were few Scots experienced in TV Broadcasting.

    I can state without fear of contradiction that the BBC even then were very much spouting government propaganda. It just was not recognised as such by most Scots but the Britnat elitism among BBC staff in Glasgow was very evident to anyone who then supported Scottish independence – and I did support it back then.

  243. K1 says:

    It’s a wunner any o’ us ur readin’ any of oor posts as hauf o’ us huv barred oorsel’s fae readin’ hauf the posts and the ither hauf huv told hauf o’ us tae fuck off.

    I love Wings! 🙂 And Wingers ‘cept the wans that don’t read ma posts…

    Ian, ahm askin’ Smallaxe tae recommend me as a recipient of yer stickers? Will that suffice as a reference 🙂

    Smallaxe, ur ye watchin’ me 😉

  244. Alex Clark says:


    For sure your a diplomat 🙂

  245. K1 says:

    Lol…aye right Alex. 😉

  246. yesindyref2 says:

    @ScottieDog, @ScottieDog – call for @ScottieDog

    Article by Richard Murphy on currency, money creation and the real purpose of tax for your attention!

  247. Smallaxe says:

    K1, Semper Vigilo

    Peace Always my Friend

  248. Alex Clark says:


    Keeping a watchful eye out for what you have to say too just in case 🙂

  249. colin alexander says:

    @yesindyref2 Nice work on the Richard Murphy link, so I’ll overlook your gutter mouth tonight.

    Richard Murphy says: “if a country has its own currency and central bank…and without them a country is not independent for all practical purposes”

    YES campaigned for Monetary Union: Sharing the Pound with monetary policy run by the Bank of England.

    So, Yes DID NOT campaign for independence. They campaigned for pretendy independence. More of a Union than what I suggest with a confederation.

    The AS/NS SNP have till date been administrators of Unionist devolution, with a tagged on indyref. But with an indyref campaign that campaigned for a UK economic Union with Scottish Parliamentary sovereignty – we can call it Unionism for short.

  250. Alex Clark says:

    Who farted?

  251. yesindyref2 says:


    Good heavens, what happened to half the comments here?

  252. Smallaxe says:

    (o)!!(o) still watching, where did everybody go?

    Peace Always

  253. Lenny Hartley says:

    I’m here Smallaxe, great to see you back, had a wee couple of bottles of Champagne to celebrate a pals existence here on this wee planet !

  254. Ghillie says:

    Alex Clark @ 1.04 am

    ‘Who farted?’!

    Wisnae me!!! (Do you have smellavision on your computer? Fancy!)

    Mibee a Gish Galloper’s steed? Lovely elegant creatures but a wee bitty prone to being windy.

  255. Ghillie says:

    SMALLAXE = )

    You’re back 🙂

    Petra wrote a wee story over on ‘Too wee #2′ @ and I added a wee bit extra and then she finished it off. Was pretty good.

    We’ll sell millions of copies and everybodies’ court cases will be fully funded.

    Oh 🙂 chuffed to have you back!

    Peace and love pet xxx

  256. Ghillie says:


    Correction! Petra’s story starts on ‘Too Wee #3’ @ 2.15 am.

    Like many true tales, heart breaking and disturbing in its telling of the cruelty, the abuse bonnie young Scotland suffered.

    But then the tale turns to tell us that lovely Scotland, aided and loved by so many, is heading for a VERY happy and satisfactory resolution = )

    Peace and love folks 🙂 (see the good vibe you bring to this place?!)

  257. Craig P says:

    Compare the treatment Michelle Thompson got from her party – dropped immediately – with  the protection the lib dems give even their proven cheats and liars.

  258. Smallaxe says:

    Lenny; That’s very kind of you (where’s the champers?) thank’s it’s good to be back amongst you all again, let’s see if we can make this wee planet a better place for decent people to bring up their Families starting with this great country of our own.

    Peace and Love to You and Your’s Lenny

    Peace Always

  259. Capella says:

    @ CraigP – MT wasn’t treated badly by the SNP. She was witch-hunted out of office by the BBC and newspapers. We have lost a representative in parliament. Her political opponents have defeated democracy. I hope she sues them for defamation.

  260. Smallaxe says:

    Ghillie; Thank you, for your very kind welcome and thanks for keeping the love to the forefront of your posts (I was watching)

    I saw Petra’s post and at first, I was feart but after reading it through again I’m sure that there will be a happy ending for us all. The people on Wings are a sample and an example of the genuine passion for Scotlands hopes and dreams for all of us, everything will be all right in the end and if it isn’t all right, then it’s not the end.

    Peace, Love and independence for all of us who want only what is our’s by right. Thank you, again Ghillie my Friend.

    Peace Always

  261. Nana says:

    Pro-Independence Scots Are Delighted Trump Said Leaving The UK Would Be “Terrible”

    The SNP has accused the UK Government of selling Scottish universities short having previously pumped in money “for PR purposes to save the union”

    “The government just moved the goalposts and didn’t bother to tell anybody.”

  262. Smallaxe says:

    Hi, Capella, I hope MT does whatever is needed to get back into the fray, she will be a great asset to us all. We have to stand by our Friends in these times otherwise the unionists will perceive us as weak and divided, let’s show them that we will battle on in solidarity and determination and frighten the crap out of them.

    There are a lot of people, too many, living in fear poverty and uncertainty in our country, we must be “Strong and Stable” for them and for those who will come after us and wish to make an independent Scotland their home.

    Peace Always my Friend 🙂

  263. Dorothy Devine says:

    Nana, regarding the loss of disabled badges for those whose children are autistic or adults with severe mental impairment the councils involved really need to meet the problem face to face.

    I would love to see how they would handle an upset, autistic adult let loose on their premises- in fact not just one but several.

    Smallaxe , glad to see you back. When either you or Nana go quiet I worry.

  264. Smallaxe says:

    Nana; Good Morning, lovely links for all of us early birds to devour. Thank you. Kettle’s on!

    Peace Always my Lady of the Links

  265. Fred says:

    @ Boris, anent Davidson’s intended testing of Tory hopeful’s IQ, that’s Murdo Fraser fucked!

  266. Hamish100 says:

    So the BBC use a charity based in England to attack the Scottish Government over the help provided to all families with a new born child.
    The charity who no doubt does some good work is used by the state broadcaster over an issue close to my heart. Did they know the BBC would spin what they say?

    As stated above what bad losers the BBC are. In fact it’s worse, they are malicious and callous.

    For the BBC underling monitoring this page don’t you agree?

  267. Smallaxe says:

    Hi, Dorothy, thank you, my Friend and I agree wholeheartedly with you concerning your post above. We know that “THEY” will attack the weakest in our society, that’s the nature of the Beasts that we are up against, there is not a shred of decency in their black hearts.

    We are not like them, thankfully more and more people are waking up to the tricks of the disgusting evil few and foul who will lie cheat, steal and worse to dishearten us. They will only get worse as time goes on but we will get stronger as every vile thing they do is spotlighted and exposed here on Wings.

    Peace Always my Friend

  268. Highland Wifie says:

    Two SNHS baad stories for the price of one this morning on LBC.

    After making much of how long mental health patients in Scotland have to wait for discharge in years they then provide a table of stats in days clearly showing longest wait in England is longer than any in Scotland. And then they emphasise that the way the data is collected means they cannot compare data for different nations!
    Are they for real?

  269. Ghillie says:

    Smallaxe 🙂

    Absolutely correct Capella.

    Thank you Nana!

    Have a lovely day folks = )

    Peace and love, as our friend says x

  270. Robert Peffers says:

    @K1 says: 3 August, 2017 at 12:12 am:

    “Smallaxe, ur ye watchin’ me ?”

    Weel! K1, a’biddy is watchin ye. Did ye no ken that?

    So is yon, “Big Brither”, gadgie frae Doon Sooth.

  271. Grouse Beater says:

    Colin Alaxander: “So, Yes DID NOT campaign for independence. They campaigned for pretendy independence

    Like the Rock, you’ve a way of inflating the negative when it suits your opinion, and arguing in simplistic terms

    The entire thrust of Salmond’s vision was a healthier integration with England: Scotland assuming control of foreign policy, its waters, and international status. It was a new Treaty. Oddly, and problematic for your argument, those proposals were rejected by Westminster who called it ‘isolationism’ and ‘separatism’.

    There is no such thing as 100% independence for any nation in a global world. You aim for as much decision making as possible made by your elected representatives, and the right not to join another nation in wars you did not begin.

    Above all, you exercise free will by implementing values germane to your people, qualities not imposed by another nation.

  272. Macart says:


    Just in time for break.

    Many thanks Nana. 🙂

  273. Robert Peffers says:

    @Ghillie says:3 August, 2017 at 4:23 am:

    “Mibee a Gish Galloper’s steed? Lovely elegant creatures but a wee bitty prone to being windy.”

    Aye! No only flatulence, but muckle backword tae wi thir belief in a flat Earth an keepin a’body ootside the London bubble flat broke an the Westminster policy o nae council flats fir ‘body flat broke because o Westminster policies.

  274. Nana says:

    @ Dorothy,
    Sorry I didn’t see your post, some alert reader I am!

    As Smallaxe says we here on Wings continue to reveal their dirty deeds. The more of their failures and nasty policies the bbc hide from the public the more we must do to expose them.
    Hopefully folks reading are sharing links which does just that.

    PS Pure coincidence that Smallaxe & I went awol at around the same time [honest] sure that’s true Smallaxe?

    @ Ghillie & Macart Top of the morning to you both. It’s a beautiful day up here, hope it’s nice where you are.

  275. Smallaxe says:

    Robert Peffers;

    Aye Mr Peffers keek they micht withoot scrying the beam in ther ain e’en, yon gadgies need a poke in ther e’en wae sharp stick!

    Macart; Good morning, my Friend, enjoy your break.

    Peace Always

  276. Smallaxe says:


    My lips are sealed!

    Peace Always

  277. Robert Peffers says:

    @Craig P says: 3 August, 2017 at 6:36 am:

    “Compare the treatment Michelle Thompson got from her party – dropped immediately – with  the protection the lib dems give even their proven cheats and liars.”

    Absolute pish Craig P. Are you attempting to outdo the Westminster Establishments YoonYoonist propaganda put out by the YoonYoonist broadcasters and YoonYoonist controlled dead tree press?

    It is nothing short of pure YoonYoonist pish that you have just spouted.

    No one in the SNP dropped Michelle Thompson.

    The absolute truth is that Michelle Thompson, to her everlasting credit, voluntarily resigned the SNP whip.

    Under Westminster’s rules. (and under SNP party rules), that automatically made her a, (non-party), independent Member of Parliament.

    If you do not take the SNP whip then you cannot remain an SNP member of parliament, and if you are independent MP then you cannot remain a member of the SNP party as you are not officially supporting them in parliament and thus you cannot be selected as an SNP candidate for any elections.

    Yet right here on Wings there are several false accusations, including yours, that claim the SNP threw her out and did not support her.

    Factually, as long as SHE CHOSE to not take the SNP whip and thus was remaining an independent MP she could not be a member of the SNP Parliamentary group, could not be a member of the SNP party and could not be selected as an SNP candidate for anything as she was not a party member.

    No one threw her out of anything because she freely chose to resign the SNP whip all by herself.

  278. Brian Powell says:

    That editing of the two segments has got to be either actionable in either a criminal or civil court.

  279. colin alexander says:

    Grouse Beater said: “The entire thrust of Salmond’s vision was a healthier integration with England”. But I think you meant “cooperation” not integration.

    I voted for that. I voted YES. But as you sensibly recognise, it would have given Scotland greater autonomy and Parliamentary sovereignty, but not full economic independence. If you don’t have economic independence, you aren’t independent.

    What I have been proposing is to try and TO WIN OVER THE UNIONIST VOTE is cooperation, a confederation. Again, it’s sovereignty but not total independence.

    So, I’m not attacking YES for having a similar idea in 2014. I’ve already accepted Monetary Union was a good idea for business reasons, but it sacrifices independence.

    The problem with that and with a confederation is that it takes mutual cooperation. It should have been obvious that would not happen in 2014.

    It then begs the question, knowing what YES was offering was NOT independence, why was the question: Should Scotland be an independent country?

    I’ll tell you why. It was the UK Govt who insisted that that was the question. They also knew YES was NOT offering full indy, but they wanted YES to appear to be doing so; it was to scare off those who feared full indy but would have voted for a new Union that offered Sovereignty to Scotland within a union with the other parts of what was the UK.

    That begs the question, so why is Colin Alexander putting forward proposals that AGAIN requires cooperation? Has he not learned the lesson he’s trying to teach everyone else?

    The difference is I’m saying the Scot Govt should push the agenda with Scotland’s people first. Proposals acceptable to the majority, not polarising opinion with Indy v Union.

    Scotland’s people could agree on sovereignty within the Union. Get a done deal for Scotland. It’s then up to WM to then accept or reject it.

    If rejected, WM is rejecting Scottish unionists too who like Scottish sovereignty but who would vote no to full indy.

    Then if rejected, YES offer indy as the ONLY means of achieving Scottish Parliamentary sovereignty.

    But knowing we won’t get cooperation, the indy has to be real indy, full economic indy. Our own currency and monetary policy. Our own lender of last resort.

  280. Macart says:


    Jings, that Buzzfeed piece on Trump wiz a laff. 🙂

    The quotes attributed were priceless to boot and Mr Salmond’s standout. T’be fair though, Mr Nicholson’s brought a smile too.

    On the more serious point of independence and an indyref?

    The thing about democracy? You get to disagree with folk. What yer workaday Yoonitariat calls democracy is anything but. In their version of democracy the ability to answer back, to challenge, to question, is pure evil divisiveness so it is.

    Even worse when your average unwashed scum (such as masel’), do the challenging and questioning apparently. This probably answers a lot of questions as to why the poor, the disabled, the disadvantaged, the other sort in life/society tend to be the fav go to victims of those and such as those.

    True democracy has one other thing going for it. -ACCOUNTABILITY-

    If you don’t or won’t deliver on your balloted pledges, your covenant with the population. If you mislead, lie to, abuse the trust of your electorate, then said population reserves the right to hand you your arse on a platter.

    Better Together and HMG misled the Scottish electorate, both natural born and new Scot alike. They sold a false bill of goods on their ‘vision’ of the political union going forward from devolution through to international relations (see under bestest devolution to the max ever and Brexit). In a true democracy. In a true union or partnership, the population get to give their view and review on the ‘winning’ team’s record of delivery.

    But then, that’s the point of the establishment’s rant isn’t it? They’re afraid to go back to Scotland’s population and ask for their views on the record of delivery to date.

    Ergo – democracy is what they say it is. They don’t want to know from questions or challenges.

    Another twist they may not have thought about in their current meme. Just because you had a majority, (however slim), at the time in anything, it doesn’t make you right or in the right. Sometimes it simply means more folk have been misinformed and/or misled. Sometimes time and events dictate who was in the right, who was better informed and who had the better vision.

    Safe to say that even in the near three years since indyref 1, time and events have brought HMG and Better Together’s pledges and ‘vision’ into a pretty harsh light.

  281. galamcennalath says:

    Nana says

    ” shadow trade secretary Barry Gardiner’s insistence that a Labour government would leave the single market and customs union … showed …. how little understanding he had of the damage he’d inflict on the British economy. “

    It is often said by individuals that they “hate the Tories for what they are, but hate Labour for what they are not”.

    This is an accurate appraisal of how Labour, time and time again, fail to fulfil their expected role of being the advocate for ordinary folks.

    Instead, they fall into line with their Tory establishment pals.

    “leave the single market and customs union” means inevitably a hard Brexit.

  282. Dorothy Devine says:

    Nana, no worries – just glad you are both present and correct!

    Smallaxe, I hope you are right . I just worry that my country is being consumed and subsumed never to be resumed.

  283. Nana says:

    Aye Macart as you say the quotes from Alex Salmond were a hoot. No wonder his fringe shows are sold out.

    Agree with most of what you say apart from this bit

    average unwashed scum (such as masel’]
    Who said this, tell me now. I have a pair of boxing gloves to break in!

    Democracy is only what ‘they’ say it is, always what suits them as they have clearly shown time after time.
    What’s a broken promise or two to these shysters, especially where Scotland is concerned. The latest being the fishing statement from cove [Gove]

    Never mind Eh, the beeb will be along any time now to tell us all about it. lol Thank goodness we have the internet or we would still be in the dark eating bullshit cereal.

  284. Nana says:

    One more before I go.

    Scotland’s baby box *has* achieved British Safety Standard accreditation as a crib. The first non-commercial baby box in the world to do so

  285. Proud Cybernat says:

    The Exceptionals…

  286. Proud Cybernat says:

    “Scotland’s baby box *has* achieved British Safety Standard accreditation as a crib. The first non-commercial baby box in the world to do so.”

    Aye Nana – but the SNP Gov are doing that deliberately. Deliberately, ah tell yae!

  287. Nana says:

    @Proud Cybernat

    Indeed. imagine it, a government actually helping the people. Wow what a novelty Eh?

    Mrs bouquet and her pals freaking out, oh dear

  288. Smallaxe says:

    They have and will keep trying to consume and subsume us but like a thistle, we’ll stick in their throats and choke them until we can once again resume as any other independent country does.
    Don’t let’s worry ourselves and save our energy for worrying “THEM”.

    Proud Cybernat, Imgur, 🙂

    Peace Always

  289. Robert Peffers says:

    I have often wondered at the Britnat strange mentality that has, for some time now, been pushing, for propaganda reasons, the strange notion that anything the SNP, or the even larger grass-roots indy movement, does is, “ “divisive”. By definition the term :-

    divisive:- adjective

    tending to cause disagreement or hostility between people.


    Now correct me if I’m wrong, but does not that definition describe a situation where there are at least two different and opposite views on a contentious topic?

    As that is so, are not the Britnats equally divisive? By definition you cannot have only one side of two opposing views classed as being divisive. Are the YoonYoonists really so abysmally illiterate as their many embarrassing faux pas would appear to indicate.

    Put it this way – if the Indy movement has proffered an opinion of any sort that is then contested by the YoonYoonists then is it not correct to say the actual divisiveness is created by those contesting the original opinion?

  290. Meg merrilees says:


    re the S.Gov baby box achieving BSS as a crib.

    You must be WRONG!!!

    Why, only this morning, I heard an expert being interviewed aboot it on the Radio, the BBC, ye ken.

    She categorically stated that there is absolutely, completely not and never, ever has been any proof that a baby box reduces Cot Death – even although they’ve used them for 90 years in Finland and another thing, what’s more is that there is categorically not and never ever, ever, evee been a BSS for a cardboard box – SO THERE!!!!!!!!

    Now, I’m not accusing the BBC of politicising Cot Death ( how low will they stoop?) but I did wonder what had prompted this attack, sorry, article about Baby boxes this morning.

    Sadly, now I realise why!

    Unfortunately, the woman from the Lullaby Trust – a charity which does excellent work surrounding Sudden Infant death Syndrome – could only focus on the message that it was not safe to let your baby sleep in the Baby box. She did not say that the scheme provided essential items for the first few weeks of any baby’s life, nor did she seem to be aware that some mothers/parents may be so poor that there is no alternative.

    To be fair the article below does include some good safety advice.e. do not sleep your baby in the box on an under-heated floor; don’t carry the box around with your baby in it etc..
    but the headline gives it away as yet another attack on the S. Gov.


    Found this gem in the ‘i’ newspaper yesterday;
    Donald Trump has proffered an unconventional argument for Scotland to stay in the union, suggesting Scottish independence would result in the nation losing the British Open. The US President described the possibility of a second independence referendum as “terrible” before raising the issue. He told the Wall Street Journal: “One little thing… What would they do with the British Open if they ever got out? They’d no longer have the British Open.” With characteristic rhetorical flourish, he continued: “Scotland. Keep it in Scotland.”

    And this item:

    Scotland is in the top 10 countries in Europe for levels of palliative care, although a new study has said there remains “room for improvement”. For the first time, academics at Glasgow University compared the level of end of life care provided in Scotland with that in the rest of Europe, including elsewhere in the UK.
    Aileen Campbell, Public Health Minister Relative to other European Union countries, Scotland ranked seventh for provision of SPC inpatient units and hospital support teams, and fifth for home care teams.
    Statistics for Scotland had only been included with UK data before, but the Scottish Atlas of Palliative Care, which was published in 2016, meant more detailed information was available. The Glasgow University team analysed this and compared it with the European Atlas of Palliative Care.

  291. Dr Jim says:

    Yes, today Baby Boxes are Baad says somebody, so that’s news even though we know it’s more Labour BBC made up mince

    Inglind claims the EU is undemocratic
    How can the European Union be undemocratic when any country can leave when they like, as demonstrated right now by Inglind, yet Scotland who would very much like to stay in that Union is told by the Union it’s already a supposed voluntary member of not only can’t they stay in the EU but they can’t leave the one they’re in, and if Scotland tries to leave the UK union every barrier that can be thought of will be put in it’s way to stop that

    That’s dictatorship isn’t it?

    The news is still talking about foreign immigrants and British ex Pats as if they’re two different things because ex Pats sounds nice and immigrant doesn’t
    If anybody goes to another country to live they’re an immigrant, I lived in Spain my documents didn’t say ex Pat they said “Extranero” roughly translated “Stranger”
    We know the UK types like to invent nice names for themselves but like me in Spain, Sorry, but you’re bloody immigrants get over it

    Scotland’s a country, Oooh! does that mean?

  292. Grouse Beater says:

    Colin Alexander: “I think you meant “cooperation” not integration.”

    Please don’t tell me what I should think.

    Co-operation is to be wished for, but not in all things. There is a whole range of policies diametrically opposed to Scotland’s outlook.

    Integration exists in many ways from families to businesses and cultural exchanges, and is impossible to unravel unless you deport peoples in both directions, and block trade. The UK is not North and South Korea, no matter how often Davidson and he cohorts try to brand the SNP administration.

    That independence is not autonomy without 100% banking independence is a myth.

  293. Solution simple.
    Pro Self Determination politicians should simply decline to appear on the BBC period.
    They are disgusting little Yoon toadies who don’t give a fuck whose lives they ruin for their London dollar.
    Boycott Glenn Campbell’s farcical debates, Brewer’s Just To Be Clear Talk Over the Nats interviews, and(is there any body watching Bird and Magnusson any more?) especially distorting Scotland.
    I have no doubt that their viewing and listening figures have plummeted through the floor.
    Money and failure are no object when it comes to London churning out blatant lies distortions and smears from the heart of Glasgow delivered by Lord Haw Haws.
    Oh how I wish for a drug fuelled sex scandal at Pacific Quay.
    I know, I can’t get that stomach churning image out of my own head never mind yours. Sorry about that.
    They deliberately set out to ruin this woman’s life.
    Evil shitty little people.

  294. Ian McCubbin says:

    Time for a real Scottish state broadcasting corporation. Maybe a crowd fund to start it up. Some useful participants from amongst Yes campaign could run it.

  295. Stuart McTavish says:

    No (wo)man left behind

    Sad to see Duke of Embra bid a poignant farewell to the marines yeasterday, great SOH and true rock for the queen from a less dishonest age.

    On subject of semper fidelis, being mainly a concern troll, I am concerned that some advocates of independence do not seem to think that loyalty to SNP leadership should be reciprocated.

    Specifically, in the absence of any hitherto unknown private deal with the ex MPs, the party’s decision to contest the seats of Thomson and McGarry at the GE leaves its own horse lower than the lawyers’ Shetland pony.

    An apology from the leadership in the form of full funding and support for the multiple defamation, slander and loss of opportunity proceedings may go some way towards reparation and absolution.

  296. Song42 says:

    Nice to see you posting again @Nana, thanks for the links. A happier house all round.

    @Ian Brotherhood, I’ll get some stickers Ian…but I’ll do it through a regular poster here. You n I have met a rallies but I can’t be arsed going through the drama of getting into it 🙂

    Hi Smallaxe, wishing you good health n peace mo charaid.

  297. Jack Murphy says:

    Robert Peffers said at 9:03am:
    “……No one in the SNP dropped Michelle Thompson.

    The absolute truth is that Michelle Thompson, to her everlasting credit, voluntarily resigned the SNP whip…….”

    From The Holyrood Magazine:
    “…….The ex-Edinburgh West MP gave up the whip in 2015 after police launched an investigation into “alleged irregularities relating to property deals” involving her and four others after her solicitor had been struck off by the Law Society for professional misconduct………”

  298. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    Aye the auld Cabbage Heids @Stuart McTavish says at 11:29am.

    Remember Honorary Marine, Saville, J?

    Also a Marine Sgt commits a ‘War Crime’ which is recorded and this recording is used as evidence to obtain a conviction but as per all that is UKOK his conviction gets quashed and he is let oot.

    GSTQ, Bwitania Waives the Rules and all that.

  299. Smallaxe says:

    Song42; I hope this makes sense

    Go raibh maith Agat mo cara.

    síochána I gcónaí

  300. Song42 says:

    Smallaxe.:-) Moran taing.
    I had to look it up as it looked like Irish and it is. I prefer the latter suggestion it makes! Always I hope!
    Here it is.
    “Thank you. “Thank you” is, perhaps, the most important polite phrase of all! In Irish, it’s also a bit of a mouthful: Go raibh maith agat: Literally “May you have goodness”

    According to google translate, Peace Always in Scottish Gaelic is sìth an-còmhnaidh.
    And so to you too also.

    My Gaelic is limited but I can rattle off more words or songs than I can easily write them. A very non personal, practical language.

    Sith an-comhnaidh

  301. Paul says:

    Wow and I thought it was just me that the Blood boiling corporation made blood boil! but judging by number of comments here it’s a pretty common feeling with regards to the Big Bullying Corporation, British Biased Corporation or Big Bunch of C. well, you get the picture.

  302. Smallaxe says:


    According to Nana, (I asked)

    Thank you, my friend/Tapadh leat mo charaid
    Peace Always/sìth an-còmhnaidh
    Every day a school day on Wings

    sìth an-còmhnaidh, mo charaid

  303. Bob p says:

    Pauline. 6. 13pm. Or the ‘bullshitting bullingdon club.

  304. Bob p says:

    Paul apologies mate,stupid predictive txt.

  305. Stuart McTavish says:

    Jock @ 1.14
    I do remember, but it does not correlate with the revised modern version.

    Sgt Blackman is different but if I could do following, I’d follow him before I’d follow any of the hypocrites that stabbed him in the back

  306. Song42 says:

    @Smallaxe. Nana is absolutely correct!
    Moran taing @nana.

    Doesn’t it look beautiful ~> sith an-comhnaidh mo charaid.
    (Now try pronouncing it…lol) another school day. 😉

  307. Smallaxe says:


    sìth an-còmhnaidh, mo charaid

  308. Laing french says:

    I hope she sues them, they have got away with this propaganda for far too long. I do not like any live news in this country they all feed off the establishment just like the BBC. It’s simply a machine, however for the life of me I cant understand Jackie Bird knowingly help spread innuendo and downright lies? If and when independence comes I hope she has the sense to move to mother England and Mundell move abroad.
    I no longer have TV and life is so much better and I’m £140 better off.

  309. Chick McGregor says:

    How can anyone with even the slightest modicum of human decency continue to work for BBC Scotland?

  310. Gary says:

    Always carefully worded, never actually lying. But THIS is the difference between news reporting and imparting a narrative, telling YOUR story using real characters and real events but leaving the viewer in no doubt that the story is real, despite it having being manufactured in the gaps between the words themselves. Not lying and being truthful are very different. Propaganda exploits this difference…

  311. theblethery says:

    I’m on holiday and just woke up drunk – that clip with the judge is a joke, right? The BBC didn’t actually broadcast that????

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