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If we’d brought Parkinson

Posted on July 16, 2014 by

Our mole in the No camp risked life and limb to bring us this behind-the-scenes footage of the filming of the exciting “Scotland, You’re Our Best Friend” video.

To be honest, it only confirms our suspicions.

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  1. 16 07 14 23:18

    If we’d brought Parkinson | Scottish Independence News

81 to “If we’d brought Parkinson”

  1. Chris Darroch says:

    Good one.

  2. Croompenstein says:

    So Anas gets Rangers old bus and this lot gets Rangers new bus..

  3. Flooplepoop says:

    To be fair, pantomime season appears to have started early this year.
    Juncker said this…
    Oh no he didn’t
    Oh yes he did
    etc etc
    These poor souls need the publicity.

  4. joe kane says:

    The NO-mobile on the road to nowhere.
    London celebs increase your chances of appearing in a Better Together video by not being charged with child abuse.

  5. cynicalHighlander says:

    Does Mags know the bus driver?

  6. Harry McAye says:

    Wow, isn’t that Johann Lamont standing behind Ronnie Barker?

  7. bugsbunny says:

    Ross Kemp, Richard “I don’t believe it” Wilson, and Eddie “I really look good in this dress”, Izzard, the new faces of Better Together? FFS, who next? Andy Pandy & Loubie Lou, or Miss Piggy and Kermit? Another couple of Muppets to join all the other Puppets of Westminster.

    They really are scrapping the bottom of the barrel.


  8. JimmyC says:

    To be fair, the folk in the Yes Scotland video aren’t exactly A-listers either.

    What’s important though is the message from each “celebrity”. Whereas the Yes Scotland folk give a reasoned answer as to why they’re voting Yes. The No celebs just put up (or hold up a handwritten card D’AWWWWW) some wishy washy pish about staying together because FWENDS!!! And none of them can counter any of Yes claims.

  9. goldenayr says:


    A 10 second report on the claims about Juncker supporting the no position on the EU.

    This after a daily torrent of abuse from them yesterday.

  10. Cal says:

    Made this comment over at Bella Caledonia when I first saw the “love” bombing vid this morning. It sums up how I feel.

    If these good people, and I believe they are good people, REALY loved the people of Scotland they would be encouraging us to be responible for ourselves, to be strong, face up to our dragons, drag all our skeletons out of their cupboards and sort out our own problems by being independent.

    The love that the peoples of Britain have for each other will not be enhanced if Scots continue to have the lazy excuse of blaming others for their faults. I want to be responsible for clearing up my own problems when things go wrong and to benefit from my own successes when I do something right.

    There lies strength, responsibilty and independence. If you TRULY love us you will let us fly.

  11. James123 says:

    Cracking topical reference Rev!

  12. Alison MacLeod says:

    Thank you. Needed a laugh 🙂

  13. Thepnr says:

    Better Together No thanks and Westminster are simply two faced liars who will say anything to protect their own interests.

    The most certainly don’t love the unemployed, the disabled, the homeless, the foodbank users, the ill or the elderly, single mothers or immigrants.

    Scots, they despise most of all for challenging their hegemony yet are expressing their love with cheap videos.
    As I said two faced.

  14. Jim says:

    Reported on radio Scotland news at 17:00:
    Angus Robertson, the SNP’s Westminster leader demanded an apolgy from Charles Kennedy and David Cameron for misrepresenting Jean-Claude Juncker in pmqt today when Juncker beforehand stated that he was not referring to Scotland.
    Reported on Radio Scotland news at 19:00:
    Zilch, nada, nothing..
    Got home at 22:00, checked the news and couldn’t find anything on the BBC website.
    I am starting to think I must have fallen asleep and dreamt this?

  15. Bob Sinclair says:

    Sarah Smith misrepresents the facts AGAIN with the comment ‘quick as a flash the yes campaign responded with a video of I Want to Break Free’.

    Was it not months ago that Jock did this? Do they not even bother looking at the youtube datestamp.

  16. Grouse Beater says:

    Thanks for the chuckle, Stuart.

    (PS: Always considered Scots actor, Fulton Mackay, prison officer, an inspired choice for Fletcher’s nemesis.)

  17. Bob Sinclair says:

    Ok, different vid, buy yewchoob was there first.

  18. Andrew Morton says:

    If they love us so much they won’t put any obstacles in our way during the negotiations.

  19. Thepnr says:

    @Bob Sinclair

    Yew Choob video was called “We’re going to break free”
    Well worth watching again for sheer brilliance of the lyrics and images.

  20. goldenayr says:


    Just glad there’s guys like you about to remind us auld duffers whaur we’ve seen things.

    Awa tae watch the yew choob again.

  21. Flower of Scotland says:

    This must be the ” silly season ” with the Orange Order shenanigans and now this video from Bettertogether/UKOK/No Thanks/????. Enjoyed National collectives one though!!

  22. Alison MacLeod says:

    A wee shout out for Saltire wearing Simon Neil, not sure if anyone seen or heard their fine tunes at TITP….. my son was there and was in his words “disgusted” at the way YES supporters were hasstled by security who used the pole’s as an excuse to not allow in the saltires, while letting in any other flags with poles no questions asked. My son had camped beside a group of YES guys and walked into the arena with them. If you do watch the Biffy Clyro set, see the expert zooming in of the one union flag…..word got out, so if you can watch then next day to Paolo’s set…..interesting, less crowd shots as too many Saltires… disgraceful.

  23. heedtracker says:

    They are after DK’s is what it feels like, bit of emotional arm twisting could swing it. If you’re for Scotland running Scotland, you’re an evil nationalist, if not we love you, with luv. Eddie Izzard, who loves Scottish Labour and wants us to help elect PM Milliband and not think about what the last Labour freak show turned into.

  24. goldenayr says:

    Alison MacLeod

    Email this address with your thoughts.

  25. goldenayr says:


    Ken whit y’re sayin…but!

    It’s still the usual bumf.

    Be positive on the doorsteps guys.

    Now is not the time to weaken or be disheartened.

    We are on the verge of victory and changing history.

    Something anyone can aspire to.

  26. Thepnr says:

    Does anyone fell like me that press releases on Independence from BT have really dried up this week.

    Other than the Jean-Claude Juncker non-story that like a Mayfly lived for less than a day I can think of nothing else important.

    Is this the lull before the storm? Or have they ran out of ideas and are re-evaluating the entire strategy?

    Personally I just think they have ran out of ideas and are once again copying the successful anti-independence campaign of the Canadian government against Quebec.

    On the eve of the Quebec vote thousands were flown from all over Canada at government expense to demonstrate how much love the rest of Canada had for Quebec. Some believe this was what won it for the No side.

    The opposite effect is more likely if they try that crap on us. BTNKUKOK it’s called a Quandry!

  27. Robert Peffers says:

    There are many rather tragic things happen in the name of true love.
    One being the sad cases of sexual exploitation of young vulnerable people by evil, usually older people. Others being incestuous abuse and other forms of inter-family exploitation. This even to the extent of out and out sexual slavery.

    Ask any one in an organization that fights for the victims and they will tell you the most common perpetrators of such evil exploitation are close family members or close family friends. With such friends as these Scotland can well do without. When a Better Together person, Celeb or otherwise, professes to love we Scots – be afraid – be very afraid – and remember how much evil is done in the name of true love.

    To put it crudely, remember the old joke: –

    Young female: Do you love me?
    Older Male: ‘ Course I loves you – I F*&^s you don’t I?

    And guys and gals – I’m not really joking. Just quite sad at the though.

  28. goldenayr says:

    The pnr

    “The opposite effect is more likely if they try that crap on us. BTNKUKOK it’s called a Quandry!”

    Well they’ve already crapped on us.

  29. Michael McCabe says:

    Heard Westmonster are going to scrap the Bedroom Tax altogether. Bit late for the people who had to up and move. Westminster a Shower of B ds. Vote YES.

  30. lumilumi says:

    Sorry to be nitpicking, but Rev Stu, there’s something wrong in the way you put YT clips here.

    The YT sound is so faint my laptop’s fan is louder = can’t hear a bloody thing they’re saying.

    YT clips at the YT site are better. Louder. But I really can’t hear what’s being said on YT clips posted as headline stories here.

    Hmm. Maybe it was GOOD I couldn’t hear JoLa’s incoherent ramblings the other day. Maybe it just saved my sanity.

  31. joe kane says:

    The real message from the UK state is “If you aren’t rich we hate you and this is your future.” See this Dundee Against Welfare Sanctions Facebook image and read comments in the thread by the man’s daughter –
    “I was totally shocked today when this man struggled to attend his jobcentre interview. He could hardly walk or breath let alone work !”

  32. heedtracker says:

    Hey goldenayr, if I know I’m being conned by a bunch of D list celebs and unionist chancers, everyone else can:D

  33. Thepnr says:

    Never forget as well as love bombing GCHQ on behalf of OUR government also has these as a set of tools at it’s disposal as revealed in the last couple of days:

    Among the tools listed in the document are:

    *SPRING BISHOP – “Find private photographs on Facebook”

    *CONCRETE DONKEY – “Repeatedly bomb a target number with the same message”

    *GATEWAY – “Ability to increase traffic to a website”

    *GESTATOR – “Amplification of a given message, normally video, on popular multimedia websites (Youtube)”

    *SUNBLOCK – “Ability to deny functionality to send/receive email”

    *UNDERPASS – “Change outcome of online polls”

    *CLEAN SWEEP – “masquerade[s] Facebook wall posts for individuals or entire countries”

    Now take GESTATOR might it be possible for the same software to reduce the number of views shown for a given video? I guess so, if you can increase them surely you can restrict them also.

    Yew Choob videos are really good and I’m sure lots more Indy supporters would have watched them that what is being reported. Of course I could be havering and the numbers are exactly right. I have a tendency at the moment though not to believe numbers of any kind especially if their is the possibility that they can be manipulated easily.

  34. Rock says:

    O/T, sorry but very important.

    Salmond v Darling STV debate.

    I very much doubt it will happen. Darling will almost certainly find an excuse to pull out.

    He had no choice but to eventually agree to it to save face.

    Everyone, from both sides, knows that he would be completely demolished by Salmond. The No side will not let it happen.

    If we want him to turn up, we should start taunting the No side now by asking them directly (and also STV) and as many times as possible whether Darling will dare turn up for the debate.

    Only then he will have no choice but to turn up.

    Remember how many times the No side has withdrawn candidates from debates at the last minute.

    Let us not let Darling get away from this one.

  35. Patrician says:

    @thepnr, well we all know UNDERPASS runs at about 3am each night when it visits The Scotsman site. I also now know that when I play LOTRO, everytime my character gets killed I can blame GLITTERBALL for it.

  36. goldenayr says:


    Never meant anything.

    Just a feeling that some of us are getting battleweary and trying to gee them up.

    Apologies if I caused offence.

  37. goldenayr says:

    Now if there is a site that uses GCHQ tech?

    The domain of Rufus is it.

  38. Dr JM Mackintosh says:

    Think you could be right.
    It could be his first and only skirmish – bit like his “Sir Henry de Bohun” moment.
    He or the programme could get axed !

  39. ronnie anderson says:

    Citizen Smart ( Alan Smart ) is looking for vids stills from the last PQ demo for a project on the 27th. Yes,can anyone help him, he needs them post haste.

  40. charlie says:

    We’re back to the Labour solidarity argument. Every celeb above has non-British friends but suddenly Scots will turn into pointie headed aliens from Planet Freescripts. Or possibly Planet Freecare. But whatever …it won’t be a good thing for solidarity that you have a leftish independent government.

    What on earth would be the logic of the Foreign Bridgades going to the Spanish Civil War or Poles and Belgians meeting and prospering in England? We’ll be foreigners for a little bit and then get on with it with possibly then exception of Nigel Farrago [sic] and his non-speaking German on trains wife.

    As someone said they really don’t get it. Whereas the SLP get it – vote YES gravy train over.


  41. goldenayr says:

    ronnie Anderson

    Are you organising the next PQ demo?

    If you are,email Dougie.

    He’s KEEN.

  42. heedtracker says:

    goldenayr I know I’m just stating the obvious, again.

  43. goldenayr says:


    Then keep stating it.

    The obvious is a foreign country to the no voter(pun intended).

  44. goldenayr says:


    Rarely have I read so much sense in so much gobbledook.

  45. Onwards says:

    I imagine most actors or ‘celebs’ got a call asking if they would sign up to some pro-Britain endeavour.
    Like it was Children in Need or something.

    Rather than simply slagging them off, I think the best response is simply along the lines of:

    “Don’t worry, we’re not going anywhere – we’re just governing ourselves!”

  46. john king says:

    Id that was them,
    not us.

  47. john king says:

    RATHER damnit, I’ll never get used to this new tablet, my computer towers in the shop,
    I wonder what its buying?

  48. john king says:

    ““Don’t worry, we’re not going anywhere – we’re just governing ourselves!”

    like this you mean?

  49. john king says:

    ““Don’t worry, we’re not going anywhere – we’re just governing ourselves!”

    like this you mean?

  50. john king says:

    ““Don’t worry, we’re not going anywhere – we’re just governing ourselves!”

    like this you mean?

  51. CameronB Brodie says:

    OT, in response to those who suggested Ch4’s Jon Snow is anything other than a bigoted metropolitan twat.

  52. bjsalba says:

    TITP is sponsored by Tennants. Tennants is owned by C&C Group plc (formerly Cantrell & Cochrane Limited)a multinational with headquarters in Dublin (low tax rates).

    A big player in the drinks industry. Isn’t that the same lot that is fighting the minimum pricing law tooth and nail?

  53. Sinky says:

    Catherine McLeod in Herald still going on about Juncker and praising Charles Kennedy.

    As a one time journalist, does she not have any professional integrity left?

  54. Tattie-bogle says:

    In tears of laughter

  55. CameronB Brodie says:

    Way past time for a written constitution and an end to this sort of state intrusion.

  56. desimond says:

    Have we established this ISN’T all a Chris Morris spoof yet?

  57. Patrician says:

    @goldenayr, all welcome for PQ. If anyone has anything they want to donate for the Wings stall, time, materials it will all be very welcome. Contact myself, email address if hover over avatar, Ronnie Anderson or Gerry Parker. We want to get a big turn out of wingers. PS Gerry is bringing a new banner to be signed, so if you missed out before you can get another chance to add your name for posterity.

  58. Craig P says:

    Re Underpass, etc. I sure hope GCHQ has managed to avert some terrorist attacks and kept Britain safer by manipulating YouTube view numbers… otherwise the sheer triviality of these internet superpowers makes my head hurt 🙁

  59. heedtracker says:

    @ Craig P, if they can change polls online to suit Westminster they can do it on the 18th Sept. How closely are postal votes monitored by our independent Electoral Commission, that’s run by a ex BBC bloke who’s already had not so secret talks with the very very vote no CBI, also funded by who knows?

  60. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    The suppression of the Saltire at TITP is explosive and should be given the widest possible distribution

  61. Nana Smith says:


    Well I certainly don’t want the electoral commission in charge of the referendum vote. They are a front for Westminster as has been clearly shown by their actions regarding the cbi and bbc.

    No trust in these people, no not a smidgen

  62. Gillie says:

    Bad move from T In The Park if they have banned Saltires just to please the BBC. Also Strathallan is a shit place to hold T2015.

    I suspect that T2015 could well be a flop.

  63. heedtracker says:

    @ Nana Smith, I know. I have a postal vote so I thought I’d send it back by recorded delivery but then who handles it on its way to the ballot box? The more stages in the process, the more opportunity for ukok zealot fraud. A lot of these dudes are my country right or wrong socio-paths, just look at Iraq and Afghanistan.

    The web is a spooks paradise with an endless chain of entry points and so is the royal mail.

  64. Truth says:

    The other day the BBC had a TITP story. They had a couple of photos of the main stage crowd. I was struck by the absence of any flags of any kind.

    Having been to something like 15 TITP festivals though none for a few years I always recall there being literally hundreds of flags around the main stage.

    When I zoomed the photo in, I could see the low resolution and concluded they had removed the flags. It was possible to see one or two saltires that they probably missed though.

  65. heedtracker says:

    Speaking of ukok socio-paths, check out my Slovene girlfriend from Glasgow university on a lovely you’re all fascists and want a Scots dictatorship if you vote yes, morning.

    Adam, modern psychiatry works wonders these days.

  66. gordoz says:

    O/T (Sorry Rev but people asked about this the last time)

    **** Info for YES groups ****

    Excellent hand held Saltires flags(sky blue) at Poundland Stores now 10 x £1. (Will go fast)

    (Great for leaflet handout sessions or fetes etc).

  67. SquareHaggis says:

    No Scottish Open coverage on terrestial tv.
    No Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony.
    Saltire fiasco at TITP.

    If Scotland wasn’t extinguished in 1707 then they’re doing a good job of it in 2014.

  68. gordoz says:

    Heard BBC Naughtie this moprning, interview FT Editor over his interview in Liverpool with FM later today.

    After that discussion,Subjetcs; currency, currency currency , blah, blah, blah, what are the chances of this being reported as a success for Mr Salmond ?

    Anyone else think FM is being set up, this will be spun and spun; just watch ?

  69. gordoz says:

    Catherine McLeod = British Nationalist (no more; no less)
    NB: Not very talented journo working for the Herald (Say no more).

  70. galamcennalath says:

    Novo virus at the Games. Hmmm, I smell shite.

  71. crazycat says:

    @ gordoz

    Sorry, I wouldn’t give a penny to Poundland after all the workfare scandals.

  72. YESGUY says:


    Nice to get such a positive response from an English blogger who looked at the facts and had a very sympathetic view on independence.

    Thanks for the link – magic

    Most i have spoken to don’t get it but are honest enough to wish us luck. I think that will be the typical response after a YES vote.

  73. Duggie says:

    A lot of rather rabid tin hat conspiracy theories being expressed on here today – Saltires apparently ‘banned’ by T in the Park, the BBC apparently photoshopping and removing them from any photos of T, the Scottish Open not being shown on terrestrial TV in order to ‘do down’ Scotland, the Electoral Commission being a ‘front’ for Westminster.

    The unionists regularly accuse us independence supporters of indulging in nonsensical conspiracy theories in order to try to overshadow any valid points and real grievances we may have, please don’t give them any more ammunition.

  74. heedtracker says:

    @ Duggie, wtf are you on.

    The unionists regularly accuse us independence supporters of indulging in nonsensical conspiracy theories in order to try to overshadow any valid points and real grievances we may have, please don’t give them any more ammunition. Blah blah bleh

    Unionists are perfectly entitled to accuse anyone of anything and everything and they do but can you argue with the Snowden of the Graun, ofcourse you will, he’s a conspiracy theorist too, good old Duggie.

  75. YESGUY says:


    “Rabid” comments – a wee bit over the top .

    Are you reading the same page as i am ?

    Quite ordinary comments and if we “chat” about them why the fuss?

    Unionists don’t need any encouragement Duggie , it comes with being blind and stuck in a loop. They don’t need ammo they’re SO FULL OF IT , their supply is infinite.

  76. heedtracker says:

    So Duggie Snowden says, from safe haven Moscow

    “During the interview, Snowden was taken aback on learning about the speed at which the British government is moving on new legislation and described it as “a significant change”. He questioned why it was doing so now, more than a year after his initial revelations about the scale of government surveillance in the US, the UK and elsewhere around the world, a year in which the government had been largely silent.”


    “Snowden said: “So what’s extraordinary about this law being passed in the UK is that it very closely mirrors the Protect America Act 2007 that was passed in the United States at the request of the National Security Agency, after the warrantless wire-tapping programme, which was unlawful and unconstitutional, was revealed.”

    So that’s just a taster of what Snowden can see from Moscow but clearly these surveillance powers for teamGB spooks are going to create havoc in the EU and European Council with ConDem’s now doing the rounds grooming teamGB to leave the EU completely as ConDem UKOK is breaking EU law. And yes I know it’s all rabid paranoia and the UKOK BetterTogetherist don’t care what happens in Westminster as long as they run still run Scotland 19th Sept 2014. Huzzah

  77. braco says:

    Sorry O/T but does anyone know how to get the Aye right business cards and leaflets? I am working in the Largs shop now pretty much full time and we are just about out of them and I have no idea where to order more. They are flying out the door, especially the business cards. Could anybody point me in the direction of where to order up some please?

  78. Alex Taylor says:


    The Aye Right business cards you have are likely to be from me. I’ve distributed some 12 thousand of them (many between the two Counting House nights).

    I’ve only a few hundred left but you’re welcome to them. And I can give you details of where to order more up.

    Since this is the end of a thread, if anyone knows braco, can they let him know I’m leaving my email details in Off Topic.


  79. Effijy says:

    Just heard the news that Cameron will pay bonus of £1200
    to the lowest paid who struggle to make ends meet on a daily basis
    if they can SAVE money regularly over 48 months???

    How about a free glass of champagne for those using Food Banks
    who can present a First Class Flight Ticket to the Falklands?

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