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Here we (something) go

Posted on March 21, 2013 by





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119 to “Here we (something) go”

  1. mrbfaethedee says:

    Came for the brackets, was not disappointed

  2. EdinScot says:

    Thursday 18th September 2014.  Our date with destiny.  C’mon Scotland, vote YES and lets re join the rest of the World!  Yeeha!

  3. Seasick Dave says:

    Game on!

  4. Desimond says:

    Hold on…
    18 Sept….
    1 – 8 – 9 ….
    I Hate Nein….
    I Hate No……..
    YES………………classic subliminal touch there, bravo Eck!

  5. Connor says:

    Bring on the referendum! 🙂

  6. Marcia says:

    To the many people I have known over the decades who  campaigned for Independence but who are no longer with us. They would have cherished the announcement made today. We have to do it for them.

  7. mrbfaethedee says:

    On the subject of campaigning, I noticed KennyFarq(uaad) tweeted a couple of things about Better Together using Blue State Digital (who ran the campaign for the Dems in the USA)

    The first – ‘Much angst in Yes camp, I hear, after Blue State Digital, who did Obama2012, were appointed to do BetterTogether’s #indyref digital campaign’

    The second – ‘Which is all the more interesting in the light of this: …  #indyref’
    I’m a bit confused, haven’t they been engaged since last year, presumably on the assumption that Yes would base much of their campaign management/tools off of SNPs succesful ones, and the BT had better catch up.
    Just wondered if anyone knows if there was anything new here apart from a guardian article about the Republicans blaming their defeat on the Dems digital campaign (and so presumably we/Yes should be scared now)?

  8. Seasick Dave says:

    Blue State Digital are going to love working with JoLa 🙂

  9. George Brown says:

    One of my mates said that I should design a promotional poster, first attempt.
                                                                             Yes                   No
    1) Are you a fanny?                                               O                     O
    2) Should Scotland be an Independent Country?       O                     O

  10. tartanfever says:

    Expect the announcement that the WW1 commemorations will begin in Scotland immediately after the Commonwealth Games at the beginning of August. Or indeed, expect the Games themselves to be hi-jacked as we will be in the middle of campaigning.

  11. Jiggsbro says:

    You can put digital lipstick on a pig, it’s still a pig. (And I mean the Union, not Lamont. Although I do see how confusion could arise).

  12. ianbrotherhood says:

    Kin right, well said.
    Plenty of folk went to their graves never knowing what this feels like – it was never more than a daydream.
    Here’s to them all – cheers.

  13. George Brown says:

    Sorry, the alignment was perfect on my comment box, however totally f@cked on the page.

  14. Jeannie says:

    To the many people I have known over the decades who  campaigned for Independence but who are no longer with us. They would have cherished the announcement made today. We have to do it for them.
    Here’s tae them, Marcia.

  15. Luigi says:

    How about YES Scotland marketing Referendum countown clocks? It would be popular with the anoraks and also great Chirstmas gifts for unionist chums.

  16. Luigi says:

    How about a digital polished turd?

  17. Marcia says:

    The Obama campaign was suucessful in that they had the canvass data they held since the 2008 election and had paid community workers in the key areas and States that they needed to win in 2012. You can have the best computers etc but you need feet on the ground to go along with the canvass info. Which side  has the most canvass info?   

  18. Hermione says:

    letter 1 of alphabet = A
    letter 8 of alphabet = H
    I thought the use of the number 18 was generally avoided, due its use as a code by various European far right groups – association with a certain prominent politician of the 30s…

  19. macdoc says:

    Nationalists choose same day for referendum as:
    The Nazi propaganda broadcaster known as Lord Haw-Haw begins transmitting.
    Wonder if that will be he daily mail headline for tomorow. 

  20. Morag says:

    Hermione said:
    letter 1 of alphabet = A
    letter 8 of alphabet = H
    I thought the use of the number 18 was generally avoided, due its use as a code by various European far right groups – association with a certain prominent politician of the 30s…
    That has got to be the most fucking stupid Godwinning of a thread in all history.

  21. Erchie says:

    I’ll bow to your intimate knowledge of far right groups. Given that even the Labour Party like to give money to hate groups these days it seems all the Unionist Parties have their right-wing and hate group ties.
    Since we don’t dwell in your world of Hitlerian numerology and remembrance, we are oblivious to such vile associations

  22. tartanfever says:

    Hermione, that’s brilliant.Only an onionist with a penchant for far-right politics would come up with such a wheez. Thankfully, we live in blissful ignorance of such nonsense. Keep it up, please go and post that on as many websites as you can because it only reinforces the case for independence.
    You really are a special gift to us.

  23. Spout says:

    Right Folks …
    Time to get our collective finger out!

  24. Barontorc says:

    On 21 September 1745 – the Jacobite Uprising began with victory over an English army led by Johnnie Cope at the Battle of Prestonpans at 4.00 am on that Sunday morning and at a place of the Scot’s choosing. Prince Charlie had walked into Edinburgh on the previous Thursday, the 18th September.
    And now Alex Salmond is inviting No-ists to do battle again, on terms and at a time again, of our choosing – belter!
    As usual Joanne Lamentable was a disgrace! This, she thinks will win the hearts and minds of Scots ???

  25. Dcanmore says:

    Jeez Hermoine! I think that says more about you than anyone else. Disturbing!

  26. heraldnomore says:

    Ah Herr Moany, thanks for that, now be a dear and just put the date in your diary like a good little troll

  27. Richie says:

    I thought it was 88.
    HH – Heil Hitler?
    You’re a fuckwit by the way.

  28. Jeannie says:

    So the Labour Party doesn’t think today is a historic day.  That is appalling.  This is why –
    In 1706 the ordinary working people of Scotland were not entitled to vote.  The vote was restricted to people with money and property – aristocrats and wealthy business people, on the whole.  The poor were denied a say in the abolition of their parliament and the unification of their country with a large, aggressive neighbour , simply because …..they were too poor and, in the eyes of the well-off, too stupid.  Poor Scots made it clear they didn’t want this, but they got it just it the same.  Sound familiar?
    But on the 18th September 2014, the poor will at last have their say on this matter.  They’ve had to wait 300 years for it. And a great wrong can then be put right, whatever the outcome of the vote. That is to say, the poor will have a vote this time.  Social Justice and Equality.
    And if the Labour Party doesn’t think that’s historic, well….there’s just no hope for them.
    The sad thing is, though, that it is those with money and privileged positions who will fund the propoganda of the No Campaign to try to guarantee that nothing will change and the poor will stay exactly where they always were.
    So ‘ll be working for a Yes vote, not only for my own family and friends in the present day and not only for the benefit of future generations but also on behalf of the working poor of Scotland over the last 300 years, including those in my own family, whose lives consisted of few chances but maximum exposure to poverty, poor health, struggle and hardship.  It’s the least I can do.

  29. Nikostratos says:

    Well i will say as Unionist if we lose and the yes have it
    as far as i am concerned i wont question it nor criticise
    or complain and whinge.
    Ill not look over my shoulder and i will not salute the Union flag
    the saltire will be the flag i live and die under
    For me it will be finally and irrevocably be  forever over.

  30. CameronB says:

    @ Luigi @ 3.59pm
    If you have the correct digital skills, you could make anything shine like new. You could even reverse the context of events, for the state broadcaster to report.
    And now for something completely different. Here we go, here we go, here we go, Here we go, here we go, here we go………

  31. Richie says:

    I wish this guy was still here to see the day. He did a lot to keep the movement going
    I know this is bad taste but it would be nice to see the look on Donald Dewar’s face too.

  32. Marcia says:

    I preferred the 1968 transmission version.

  33. Yesitis says:

    Ah Herr Moany 🙂

  34. Castle Rock says:

    “To the many people I have known over the decades who campaigned for Independence but who are no longer with us. They would have cherished the announcement made today. We have to do it for them”

    Well said Marcia, lets also do it for our children and our children’s children

  35. CameronB says:

    @ Nikostratos
    “it will be finally and irrevocably be  forever over.”
    And at last we (Scotland), might have a future. 🙂
    Vote Yes in 2014.

  36. Iain says:

    Since you’ve given up any pretence of wanting a serious debate on politics, Scotland or independence I’ll return the favour.
    What a knobend.

  37. G. Campbell says:

    In a first for any political campaign, three hundred thousand Scots will be receiving a video text message from Better Together tomorrow that invites them to take part in a mobile opinion poll.

    The text contains a video message from Tom Masters, 19, one of Better Together’s growing movement of Youth Reps. Again, this is the first time such ‘rich media’ technology has been used by a political campaign in the United Kingdom or anywhere in the world.

    This is the first in a series of innovations that are being rolled out by Better Together in the coming weeks.

  38. Richie says:

    Nice! Thanks!
    My favourite line was always “we can still rise now and be a nation again”
    I’m not sure if it’s sunk in yet that the day is coming 🙂

  39. tartanfever says:

    Gotta say, thats pretty impressive (if it actually happens !). However, with a year and a half until the referendum, it’s way too early to be deploying these tactics. 
    Of course the question is, how did they get all these phone numbers ? Are they existing unionist voters that have signed up and given their details, in which case anything less than a 100% ‘No’ vote will be rightly ridiculed.
    Or are they phone numbers received from an data gathering agency and if so, did the people who receive the text sign up to have their information used in this manner ?

  40. John H says:

    Perhaps we should call her/him Herr mione.

  41. Scott says:

    If you take each letter of Hermione as a number and add 1 and 8 to each letter and then reproduce the numbers as a word you come up with wanker.

  42. mrbfaethedee says:

    I had understood that one of the key components in BSD’s campaign for the Dems was that they managed to greatly increase donations, and that they did so by facilitating participation in campaigning by voters. I believe they did it largely using the main website as a gateway, and they were (simply?) the first in making sure the site used media and online social media to facilitate people’s better interconnection between the different aspects of their online ‘lives’.
    It’s a complex business though and the above is just one strand, I’ve no doubt you’re correct in the importance of canvas data – I’m sure it’s fundamental to many different strategies and activities.
    That was partly the point of my post – I remember hearing that the SNP’s use of canvassing info and building up good tools around it had helped their campaigning in recent elections, and I saw BSD’s engagement by BT as a catch-up strategy
    I was more curious as to why kenny farq was commenting on it – I dont think anybody would be stupid enough to try and lift strategies from the U.S. elections and dump them into a Scottish referendum. They have a European operation too, the MD id a former Lib Dem Director of research. I’m not fearful, just curious about the tweets – thought I might have missed something. Probably just kenny farq trying to make something seem significant.
    ‘Which side has the most canvas info?’ – I have no idea, i’m no wonk (not even a wonkabe!).
    btw – I couldn’t agree more with your reminder of those who worked for this, but won’t be around for it

  43. Mosstrooper says:

    Noo, let me see…Hmmmm!
    18 9 2014    mair Hmmmm!
    Oh I get it
    A HIB AD. And here wis me thinkin’ Alex wis a Herts supporter
    Thanks Herr moany. Yir a divot.

  44. The Man in the Jar says:

    Yes indeed the same Jacobite army that had the same message engraved into the blades of their dirks and broadswords.
    “Prosperity for Scotland and No Union!”

  45. Albert Herring says:

    As a matter of fact, the Scottish electorate of 1707 which did exist (and yes, they were landowners and suchlike) were not consulted, as they would have voted against union.

  46. The Man in the Jar says:

    Thank you for your words Niko. They fill me with pride and hope.
    If I am not pushing it a bit. Welcome to the enlightenment!

  47. Jimbo says:

    Can you hear it, Johann? The sound of Labour’s Westminster gravy train grinding to a halt? Ermine cloaks being repackaged and restored?

  48. Erchie says:

    Fair words!
    If it goes Yes, I think you’ll do your bit to make sure it works. 

  49. Marcia says:

    From reading the post about BT video’s going out by email tomorrow well I have received a video message from Nicola Sturgeon in my email box.

  50. rabb says:

    I’m pretty sure I saw a documentary a while back where Obama’s campaign success was not attributed to social media but down to feet on the street.

    There was an army of people leafleting, canvassing and even driving pensioners to polling stations on the day etc.

    I’m not convinced Bitter Together have that kind of public backing to be honest.

    The local bitter together street stall near me was made up entirely of about 3 or 4 unionist councillors (including a Lib Dem MP).

    The Yes street stall though was manned by about 9 or 10 local non political members of the public.

    We have some “modern” techniques up our sleeves too though 😉

  51. Cath says:

    “Which side has the most canvas info?’ – I have no idea, i’m no wonk”
    The SNP will have decent canvas info. Better Together have the British state. I’m not entirely sure which is better for winning a referendum. The British state will have a hell of a lot of information from various sources, if they’re sharing it with BT.

  52. Cath says:

    Though that said, if they are sharing it with BT it’s probably breaking data protection laws.

  53. CameronB says:

    If the British state is sharing info and resources with BT, should they not also be doing so with Yes? Are these not the things international observers would be keeping an eye on? We have the date now, so what is stopping the invitation from going out?

  54. Cath says:

    Also, Kenny Farq appears to have somewhat missed the point about digital campiagns. And, given BTs rather cack handed Streisand effect after trying to censor a video the other night, I wouldn’t be surprised if they had too.
    “the conservative movement had been left standing by Obama for America, the president’s highly sophisticated digital network of campaigners and volunteers that was unleashed in 2012.
    “Democrats had the clear edge on new media and the ground game,” the report says, “in terms of both reach and effectiveness.” It notes that the Obama campaign knocked on twice as many doors as Romney’s, and managed to convert that personal contact into actual votes with far greater frequency.”
    Technology is useful for connecting people, disseminating information and spreading ideas. But the No campaign don’t need to disseminate information – they have the entire mainstream media to do it for them. The media is way more one sided than the US one was, but Romney did think with Fox and some media control they’d win – that didn’t work.

    The best networking technology in the world is useless if you don’t have campaigners on the ground to connect. The IT is only the mechanism.

  55. dundee bloke says:

    Seasick Dave says:
    21 March, 2013 at 3:48 pm

    Blue State Digital are going to love working with JoLa 
    And Ian Smart !!               lucky white heather eh

  56. Alan MacD says:

    Can anybody link me to a video of the whole announcement and the following questions? 
    Canni get it out here in the old USSR!

  57. Braco says:

    and you will be equally, finally and irrevocably welcomed!

    Our future’s are tied together no matter the outcome, but hopefully on September 19th we can join together and try and make  a reality of the dreams, I know we share, for a fairer and more democratic future. Without this constitutional ‘them and us’ crap getting in the way.

    If it’s a NO vote though, all you can expect from me I am afraid is just much, much more of the same moaning, agitating, scratching and scraping away at the door until the job’s been done. Sorry Min 

    Seems the only way for a real way forward here is a YES vote in 2014!

    Thanks Nikostratos for confirming my judgment and showing such good grace and honour on such an important day for us all.  A very, very rare commodity among your fellow travelers, but then again how many are Western’s men/women?   

  58. Rix says:

    QR code worth sending to people.

  59. roboscot says:

    The No campaign will have Labour’s expertise in postal votes.

  60. Marcia says:

    Not a peep about the referendum on the BBC 6 O’clock News headlines from London. Jackie Bird doing an ‘extended’  RS from BBC Labour after the ‘main’ 6 O’clock News.  .

  61. Braco says:

    Alan MacD,
    Try here. 
    They usually have it up by about 20:00 Hrs’sh. Don’t know of anywhere else on Youtube quicker but this is a special ocasion so who knows!

  62. douglas clark says:


    That is about the most balanced response from a unionist I have seen today.

    I have looked at that sentence whit I wrote ^ again.

    No, it is true. Well said that man.

    Bloody hell.

    Strange Days.


  63. Bill C says:

    @Marcia – “To the many people I have known over the decades who  campaigned for Independence but who are no longer with us. They would have cherished the announcement made today. We have to do it for them.”
    A beautiful sentiment.

  64. westie7 says:

    the 1968 version is the one I go back to when the likes of Chick Young starts moaning about Flower of Scotland on Off the Ball or Your Call. 

  65. Bill C says:

    @Morag –  Hermione said:
    letter 1 of alphabet = A
    letter 8 of alphabet = H
    I thought the use of the number 18 was generally avoided, due its use as a code by various European far right groups – association with a certain prominent politician of the 30s…
    “That has got to be the most fucking stupid Godwinning of a thread in all history.”
    Morag, I know we don’t always agree, but may I say AMEN to that.

  66. Ian says:

    @Marcia.  I never thought I would live to see the day that we would be given the chance to make the wrong of 1707 right.  Those who came before us and made it possible deserve our gratitude and our prayers. Thanks for reminding us.  

  67. Braco says:

    Alan MacD,
    It’s up now!

    Down a voddy for me!

  68. Baheid says:

    We need a clock for the countdown Rev

  69. douglas clark says:

    Thank you for expressing something I doubt I understood properly.
    Even getting to the point where the question is put is a moment few of them would have seen as a realistic prospect.
    And they have it now. All their struggle was worthwhile. We won the right to ask a question.


    It is down to us to make sure their dreams become reality.
    Vote YES.

  70. tartanfever says:

    Going O/T for a second. In tonight’s BBC National News, George Osbourne in an interview was defending this new ‘mortgage deposit’ scheme that he announced in the budget. One of the reasons he claimed was to help families that are considering having another child being able to afford a bigger house.
    But if you live in social housing you can’t add to your family because that spare bedroom is going to be taxed or you’ll be kicked out. 

  71. Alan MacD says:

    Cheers lads, large voddy tanned for yourselfs!

  72. Seasick Dave says:

    I am going to have two drams of Old Pulteney tonight; one to the Referendum and one to Nikostratos for giving me hope!

  73. Braco says:

    Alan MacD,
    I am only halfway through it myself and I already really needed that stiff drink!
    Cheers min!

  74. Hermione says:

    So sorry, who did the “Godwinning”?
    Desimond says:
    21 March, 2013 at 3:21 pm
    Hold on…
    18 Sept….
    1 – 8 – 9 ….
    I Hate Nein….
    I Hate No……..
    YES………………classic subliminal touch there, bravo Eck!
    Personally I’m just happy I now have a date for the end of Salmond’s career.

  75. Megsmaw says:

    Loved Margot’s interview today after the announcement. She took naebody’s pish. I wish there were more of her type.

  76. Megsmaw says:

    Hermione your bridge is missing you. And I think you’ll find that you were the one to Godwin the thread by mentioning Hitler first. Desimond was only using German words, he never even mentioned Hitler.

  77. Mikey Thorburn says:

    Hi, sorry to bother you, but I was hoping you could help me with something. I am trying to write an essay for school about why independence is the right thing for Scotland. It is a persuasive piece and I need 4 key points to back up my opinion. The one I am working on just now is the skewed representation of Scottish MP’s in the sense that we can be outvoted on any proposal solely by MP’s in London due to the number. I am using Poll Tax and the new Bedroom Tax as my examples but I need solid articles to quote facts and figures from…..PLEASE HELP you would be doing me a massive favour

  78. Jiggsbro says:

    So sorry, who did the “Godwinning”?
    So you think all Germans are Nazis? I never took you for a racist.*

  79. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “So sorry, who did the “Godwinning”?”

    You’re aware that there’s a difference between “German” and “Nazi”, right?

  80. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    Attention “Rix”: I’m not just going to approve a generic-looking link to a QR code from someone with 0 posts, and nor do I have time to find some device with which I can check it. Have another go if you’re real.

  81. Hermione says:

    Actually I never mentioned the former German “National” “Socialist” party.

  82. Kendomacaroonbar says:

    The QR Code from Rix is a text code for 18/09/2014

  83. JLT says:

    If this is your level of argument (your nonsense about the number 18), then seriously, please leave this site. Seriously!
    If you want to talk utter garbage, then go and join the various forums on the Scotsman.
    I cannot believe that you raised that as an argument… 
    Rev, this is what we don’t want; a descent to the level of the Scotsman forums. Seriously mate, if we are going to get nonsense like that from people, then they should be removed and barred. We want people to come here to debate, or come up with ideas – not turn it into a 3 ring circus with references to utter drivel.

  84. muttley79 says:


    letter 1 of alphabet = A
    letter 8 of alphabet = H
    I thought the use of the number 18 was generally avoided, due its use as a code by various European far right groups – association with a certain prominent politician of the 30s…
    Actually I never mentioned the former German “National” “Socialist” party.
    What exactly are you trying to achieve?

  85. CameronB says:

    @ HerMoany
    Are you like this in real life? Do you hang around parties and happy events, just in the hope you can spoil peoples’ enjoyment? If so, then that is very, very sad. If not, why bother us?

  86. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Actually I never mentioned the former German “National” “Socialist” party.”

    Thin, thin ice now.

  87. Braco says:

    Do I look bovvered? (winky)

  88. CameronB says:

    I would imagine you have had worse on your nose, but I just think it is very sad that this appears to be the only hope that HerMoany has.

  89. Holebender says:

    I believe Kenny Farq’s tweet today about BSD was his attempt at “look, a squirrel!”
    Herr Moany, give it a rest. What was your concern about the letters AH and a politician from the 1930s? The dogs in the street started barking Godwin as soon as you posted.

  90. orkers says:

    I feel that Independence can actually happen.
    The smell of Unionist fear is in the air.
    Isn’t life grand?

  91. douglas clark says:

    I’d assume, I know, I know, that not even the Better Together campaign would be so stupid as to send oor Hermione to this forum.
    On the basis of the first two letters of her name, He, we have the second element of the periodic table. It tended not to be captured by the Earth’s gravity and only traces of it are left.
    The Earth is becoming devoid of Helium much as Scotland is becoming devoid of Hermione’s.
    Just sayin’

  92. Braco says:

    We really are the BOGEYMAN!/BOGEYWOMAN!

    It’s great isn’t it.

  93. muttley79 says:

    Hermione epitomes the raging Unionist display we saw at FMQs, and their comments after the referendum date was revealed by Salmond.  United by right-wing politics, a hatred of the SNP and Salmond, they really are a negative, bitter posse of apocalyptic despair.    

  94. douglas clark says:

    Hermione is a candidate for the Labour Party Front Bench at Holyrood.
    Nuff said.

  95. Nairn says:

    To be honest, the most annoying thing about Hermione is not the Nazi slander, which is just tedious nonsense used by people who just want to fling turds from the sidelines, it’s the overuse of quotation marks, as if he / she not only wishes to dispute the positions we discuss, but the very terms themselves, as if s/he would even deny us the language we use.
    And do you know who did that, historically?

    The Nazis. 😉

  96. heraldnomore says:

    Given all that he/she stuff I’m beginning to think that it might be Herr Moany the Hermaphrodite.
    But tonight I just don’t care.  I’ve listened to Lamont, ungracious as always, and heard Kelly and the masterbaker, but only one thing will I remember, and that is confirmation of the date that we finally get the chance to decide whether or not we want to take our destiny into our own hands.
    So  I’ll raise another large Talisker, and smile.

  97. Jeannie says:

    @Mikey Thorburn
    Hi Mikey.  Nice to hear from you.  Have you checked the Yes Scotland website or the SNP website?  You probably have.  But yes, there is first of all a democratic deficit in the sense that Scotland, due to its smaller population, has relatively few MPs compared with, say, England.  Hence, we have a Tory-Lib Dem Government but only one Tory and a handful of Lib Dem MPs elected in Scotland. 
    There is a second problem related to demographics, as I see it.  A UK chancellor is likely to channel resources towards the parts of the UK with the largest populations.  Hence, London gets a lot of investment.  However, that means that more sparsely-populated areas are starved of investment and gradually fall into decline.  The other problem with this strategy is that the economy in the part of the country which enjoys the most investment periodically overheats, fuelling inflation and government strategies to reduce inflation are applied throughout the whole of the country equally, further disadvantaging areas of low investment.
    There is also the problem of Scottish representation within the European Union where, in the past, Scotland’s needs were inadequately represented. Fishing rights, for example, were used as a bargaining chip.  European structural funds were also traded in exchange for the UK rebate, which then went straight to London to be disbursed according to Westminster’s wishes, rather than coming directly to Scotland.
    You could check on the website for the Scottish government for facts and figures.  You could check the press releases for, for example, GERS figures to support any economic argument you might want to make.  You might also want to e-mail a lady called Liz Lloyd in the First Minister’s private office to see if she can point you in the direction in terms of your research or even e-mail your MSP or perhaps Nicola Sturgeon.
    I’ve only mentioned a couple of reasons.  Maybe other Wings readers will have a few hints of their own.  Good luck with the essay.

  98. DMW42 says:

    Just back from the world’s capital; have a lump in my throat and a tear in my eye. I’ve waited 34 years to correct the injustice of the past, and I’m raising a glass to all friends and colleagues who are no longer with us but who would have been so chuffed.
    @Hairy Minge
    It never fails to amaze me that you’re so willing to come on this site, without shame, and make an absolute fucking arse of yourself. Your mother must be so proud…

  99. Tamson says:

    The international context of the choice of date is interesting. Catalonia’s National Day is 11th September, and they have committed to holding their independence referendum in 2014. I would imagine they would want to hold it fairly close to, if not actually ON, the national day.
    Would Scotland be going to the polls in order to join the Catalans, or to do better than them? Would we be watching Madrid’s tanks roll into Barcelona (again) on our news bulletins?

  100. Hermione says:

    Apparently some websites have “commenting standards” which prohibit personal abuse aimed at other commenters.

  101. Baheid says:

    Herpes-one, click your wee heels and head of then

  102. scottish_skier says:

    Hermione: Apparently some websites have “commenting standards” which prohibit personal abuse aimed at other commenters.

    Yes, some sites have that. As far as I understand it, this is just one guy’s blog and he does not charge to read nor have advertising etc. He seems quite fair though and if you feel you are being unfairly treated, drop him a message about it. 

    Here’s the contact page:

    (I’m presuming you haven’t done that yet)

  103. orkers says:

    Have a look at this.
    My flabber has never been so gasted.
    Simple reporting with no discernible bias.

  104. Hermione says:

    Oh, my skin is thicker than that.
    However, my little whimsical thought about “18 = AH” was set off by the original commenter, “Desimond”, who was saying “bravo” to “Eck” for sending a “subliminal touch” of “hate”.
    And everyone went into stone-the-heretic mode in my direction.
    Not one syllable of disapproval of the claim of a “subliminal touch” of “hate”.
    Why not?

  105. Boorach says:

    PleasePlease, please, please will each and everyone of us stop replying/commenting on anything hermione posts.
    Each and every time someone acknowledges it’s presence is feeding it with the oxygen it needs to survive.
    Today we have received fantastic news and it’s our duty to all those who have gone before and for the generations to come to concentrate on the task in hand and not be diverted by some poor friendless soul who’s only joy in life is being on the outside looking in.

  106. Tamson says:

    Don’t feed the troll, people: Mrs Ron Weasley’s a bit of a regular over at Guardian CiF too, it seems.

  107. deewal says:

    Go download some more porn. Jerk.

  108. Macart says:

    Work to do.
    Let’s git er done.

  109. Albalha says:

    Having just bought tickets for the game tonight via the sales line maybe in an independent Scotland we can have a Scottish based sales centre selling tickets for the Scottish FA?? What is that about, doubt any of the people answering, based somewhere in England, have ever been to Scotland never mind Hampden.

  110. Davie Park says:

    On the day of my 50th birthday! I suddenly feel an onerous responsibility.
    Born 18th Sept 1964 – reborn 18th Sept 2014.

  111. Weedeochandorris says:

    Mmmmmmm. September 18.  On this day in 1793, George Washington lays the cornerstone to the United States Capitol building, the home of the legislative branch of American government.

  112. Colin Dunn says:

    As my own wee way of celebrating the announcement, I’ve launched my new site to assist the Yes campaign. I hope Stu doesn’t mind me making a wee plug here?
    Downloadable A3 and A4 posters for you all to use and distrubute. More to come. Enjoy, and spread the word.

  113. Braco says:

    Colin Dunn,
    Nice work. Thanks so much for the resource.

    Can I make one observation though, on your ‘Too Wee, too Poor, etc….’ poster showing country wealth, the break graphic between the upper and lower half of the league table, to my eyes, overpowers the information in the table.

    It seems to actually reinforce the ‘break up Britain’ and ‘separate’ Scotland schtick from the Better No campaign.

    Everyone’s a critic! I know and I’m sorry, because this stuff is exactly what we need and I really appreciate you producing it.

    YES! on 18/09/14

  114. CameronB says:

    @ Colin Dunn
    Good effort there. well done.
    I hope you do not think me terribly rude, if I were to suggest some, hopefully, constructive criticism. The heavy darks you are using in the background, might produce variable results from desktop printers and could be quite expensive in terms of ink. We need these all over the place, so should try to reduce their cost of reproduction as much as possible. Less is more, kind off.
    Shall I get my coat?
    Vote Yes on September 18th

  115. Colin Dunn says:

    >> “Can I make one observation though, on your ‘Too Wee, too Poor, etc….’ poster showing country wealth, the break graphic between the upper and lower half of the league table, to my eyes, overpowers the information in the table.”
    Thanks for the feedback. Yes, I’ve already had another person say the same. OK, I’ll look for a better way to do that and upload the revised version when ready.
    >> Everyone’s a critic!
    No that’s fine. Any tips and comments gratefully received. I want to make these as effective as possible.
    “The heavy darks you are using in the background, might produce variable results from desktop printers and could be quite expensive in terms of ink. ”
    Yes, I’d thought of that and considered it when doing the designs (I’m mostly a Green voter so these things worry me ;). However, I found when doing variations on the designs that the paler tones just didn’t carry the same impact, so opted for the darker colours which (I know) use more toner.
    Hopefully I’ll be able to come up with some other less resource-heavy designs as well. Lot’s more designs to follow, I hope 😉

  116. CameronB says:

    @ Colin Dunn
    All the best :). If you are “brave” enough (most designers I’ve know have had at least a little bit of ego under their creativity), you could upload drafts for comment.
    Everyone wants to be boss, I know. This time Braco, its me. 🙂

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