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Face trippin’

Posted on May 27, 2019 by

We thought you might enjoy watching Sarah Smith just about remembering to mention the European elections while conveying to a watching nation her amazement that the dastardly SNP still want independence, from tonight’s Reporting Scotland.

Nae luck, hen.

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    1. 27 05 19 20:56

      Face trippin’ | speymouth

    242 to “Face trippin’”

    1. Mcdenster says:

      Mind you, that lisp could do a turn.

    2. Jim K-C says:

      Aww,ye ragin’ hen, aye?

    3. Shug says:

      Full propaganda mode there

      Ha ha ha

      Bbc = fake news

    4. Greannach says:

      I wonder if she bought her expensive accent from the same place as Jo Swinson. Or Lulu.

    5. Alastair Ewen says:

      Thanks hen. Couldn’t be clearer. No appetite for another divisive referendum.

    6. Capella says:

      Can anyone confirm that Nicola Sturgeon asked all and sundry to “lend her their vote”? I missed that request. I voted SNP anyway because – surprise surprise Sarah – I want independence in Europe.

      In fact, I remember the SNP coined the phrase “Independence in Europe” decades ago.

      Perhaps Sarah is too young to remember that. She needs to work on her sincerity expression as it doesn’t quite work.

      Also, Sarah, when reading out press releases from the Tory Party, check the wording because Ruth is a bit economical with the truth.

    7. Welsh Sion says:

      *Despite* doing so well in the Euro elections, thatpeskyessenpee *still* want independence.

      Who would’ve thunk it?

    8. Richard Hunter says:

      She was doing well up until the bit of editorialising at the end.

    9. Scottish Steve says:

      She says the Brexit Party got one MEP which shows Scotland is not a unanimously pro-EU country. Well no shit, hen. Scots aren’t a hive mind. We do disagree on various things, including Brexit so they were bound to get at least one seat. Also love how the first thing she mentions about the SNP is how many of its voters are leavers.

      Must have really stuck in her craw to report the SNP’s good performance. I do so love to watch unionists squirm.

    10. jfngw says:

      I think if we analyse what Ms Smith said, it was some of the votes were borrowed, a third of those that voted SNP actually want Brexit (too stupid to understand the SNP ‘this is a vote to stay in the EU manifesto’).

      So in conclusion if you discount the borrowed votes (the imaginary ones), the one third that voted SNP but want Brexit, then Brexit support actually won in Scotland and now endorses the Leave vote, just like England.

      And just to add, the vote for the SNP was not a vote in support of independence.

      I think that sums up her take on things.

      It was a perfect reflection of the Ruth Davidson summary earlier, in fact maybe they edited the script, who knows.

    11. Proud Cybernat says:

      This week??

      Away wi’ yae! That cannae be right!

    12. Bobby says:

      My German wife really doesn’t understand why so many people on UK TV have speech impediments. Apparently they can correct them in Germany…

    13. Muscleguy says:

      Her face as she had to admit Daddy’s Labour party came in FIFTH without even mentioning that meant no MEP was an absolute picture.

      I bet that will be her face all the time when she is asked by her soon to be disestablished employer to comment on the Yes vote in IndyRef2. Is she professional enough for it?

      BTW I reckon John Smith would have made a less grudging fist of Devolution and knocked heads together over the farago of the Holyrood building. He would have been the big beast of Scottish Labour, not dinosaur Gordon.

    14. Morgatron says:

      Shes a fat tongued spinner of lies. I saw this earlier tonight as the Baroness daughter spat out that The SNPPPPP had asked the voters to lend them their votes of remainers and a lot on Pro Indy supporters and also Pro Brexit Supporters- my God, that stupid bint will be crying into her red flag tonight.

    15. Ken500 says:

      IndyRef by 2020 according to Nicola.

      Just vote SNP/SNP. Vote for Independence. Get one other to vote as well. Do the world a favour.

    16. MJSDundee says:

      Can I reiterate Capella’s question?

      Has anyone any recollection about any “lending of votes”?

      Could be mistaken, but that’s the first I’ve heard of it.

    17. Sharny Dubs says:

      Hahaha the SNP strategy, naw hen, it’s what the people want, but of course ye ken that.
      Keep reading the autocue and collect yer cheque.
      But nae for muckle longer

    18. Footsoldier says:

      Mail Online 20 May – “Farage tells SNP supporters: Lend me your votes for EU Elections.

      Nigel Farage has made a pitch to SNP voters in Scotland, saying Scottish independence while still in the EU is the ‘most dishonest political discourse I’ve ever seen anywhere in the world’.”

    19. ronnie anderson says:

      Sarah the wannabee ermine vermin

    20. Steph says:

      Are the BBC ever going to learn that their propaganda is having the opposite effect to what they’re going for? Will they ever figure it out? Will the penny drop?

    21. Diamond geezer says:

      This blog post captured the current state of play.

    22. jfngw says:

      I watched some of the BBC Scotland result coverage on Sunday night, it was a bit dire, real low budget with little coverage of actual Scottish results.

      The amusing thing was they had a seats total rotating on the screen which basically said zero for all parties all night. As these would not be declared until the final count on Monday it looks like whoever commissioned the software didn’t actually understand how the EU elections results work. More likely they just had an output from the London system but didn’t realise it would be useless in Scotland.

    23. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      MJSDundee @ 20:49,

      Yes, there was. But by U-turn Davidson. In effect.

      “Say no to Nicola.” (And never mind Brexit.)

    24. Stephen McKenzie says:

      Yes that was a bit of a give-away on how much her and the BBC did not want a good result for the SNP, all that prep work on a poor SNP result just wasted.

      Still, she did her bit for good old Blighty..

      Now just who did I lend my vote to. C’mon who’s got it?..

    25. Macart says:

      So basically… The SNP fought an EU ballot by focusing on a pro EU message and they also support independence.

      How very dare they! 😎

    26. Winifred McCartney says:

      When did ns ask people to ‘lend’ vote. Is truthless writing BBC script, BBC graphics doctor truth, presenters lie by omission and Ruthie gets usual free reign.

    27. T C POTTER says:

      On Breakfast News this morning the presenter said all parties in Scotland got 1 MEP each.

    28. Alison Whiteford says:

      I’ve seen opposition politicians coming across as more neutral than Sarah Smith. Venomous.

    29. Faltdubh says:

      What a load of rubbish, Smith is spouting!

      Unionists had a party to back if they were pro both unions, that was the Lib Dems and they got 14% Yes, it was up a fair bit. Does she really think that unionists who are pro-EU would vote SNP on Thursday?

      SNP ran a campaign on independence within the EU. SNP have actively started talking/promoting independence. You knew what you were voting for with the SNP.

      And with Scotland being its ‘region’ last night, there was no need for tactical voting as your vote counts equal throughout the county much like a vote in a referendum is.

      I’ve not seen Smith enough, but TBF, I’ve found her fairly OK in general – touch of salt required – but that was a poor segement from her.

      John Curtice -again, geniuenly found him quite far – was spouting some amount of pish as well about it not being a great night for the SNP.

      It was a terrific night for the SNP. 38%, Greens on 8% plus you have independence supporters across other parties and the voters who didn’t turn out. I know of 4 SNP voters who didn’t vote – One forgot a proxy was abroad ; second was out of town on the Thursday ; the other two were stupidly too late with their postal vote.

      The SNP won every single council constituency on the Scottish mainland. It was basically 2015 all over again, a historic and frankly, the SNP’s second best ever election IMO – winning every single area and a bawhair away from Shetland and Orkney.

    30. shiregirl says:

      There is no hiding her absolute hatred for the SNP.

      So much for impartial, unbiased journalism.

    31. Fairliered says:

      Looking forward to Sarah Smith and Glenn Campbell being in the BBC studio when the successful independence announcement is made. Their last act before we have our own broadcasting service.

    32. doug_bryce says:

      Aye – but a vote for Ruth meant no independence referendums ever again…

      this vote was about the EU.
      Labour and Tories both got trashed by Scottish voters.

    33. twathater says:

      Just posted this on your utube channel Stu

      Sarah Smith doing her usual bbc trope of the SNP done okay BBBBuuuttt something , the bbc are only peed off because their chosen liebour buddies who they have supported and married into for decades are getting gubbed , due to the fact they have BETRAYED the very people who elected them to make their lives better and who they have sold out . HELL SLAP IT INTO THE CORRUPT FECKERS

    34. One_Scot says:

      I am not aware of Nicola ever asking remain voters to lend them their vote.

      So I have asked Sarah via twitter if this is actually true or did she hear it on the BBC.

      Tumbleweed Gif.

    35. call me dave says:

      Sturgeon never asked voters to LEND the SNP their votes.

      All I can find recently is a Herald Story but even that is quite clear. Last paragraph below.

      In an open letter to voters, Ms Sturgeon said the SNP is campaigning hard to stop Brexit and working with other parties in a bid to secure a second EU referendum.

      She added: “In Scotland the best way to bring about that outcome is to vote SNP. We are by some distance the strongest pro-European party, therefore a vote for the SNP is the most effective means to ensure remain supporting MEPs are elected.”

      She added: “On the other side of the debate, those who favour an extreme Brexit – a no-deal outcome – are stepping up their efforts.

      “That means there is a real danger we will all be at the mercy of further in-fighting among hard-liners at Westminster for years to come, so if ever there was a time to make a stand for a better future it is now.”

      Indy2 coming along soon. 🙂 Sarah Smith Phffft!

    36. Robert Louis says:

      Man, I thought she was about to start greeting at the end. Unreal, utterly unreal. Rather than offering an accurate assessment of the SNP’s record breaking success, she speaks with bitterness.

      Mibbes she and her Labour party chums might need to grow up a wee bit. Typical bitter Labourite. They’ll be out of power in Scotland for fifty years or more, and still be whining about the ‘dastardly SNP’.

    37. Pentland Firth says:

      The BBC has a well earned reputation for scrupulously balanced, properly sourced, well informed, and impartial journalism. Tonight Sarah Smith has enhanced that reputation.

      Seriously, do her bosses think this twisted and bitter nonsense does anything for the failing reputation of the BBC in Scotland?

    38. MerkinScot says:

      I think Sarah is just trying tae take a len’ of us as I have no recollection of ‘please lend your vote’ being in the SNP cmpaign.

    39. Dan says:

      Her coupon isnae trippin coz of lent votes.
      She’s still just beelin over the loss of all the votes her Labour party took for granted over the decades.

      Labour in Scotland, emulating a boil on our arse. Started big bright and red and had our attention, then becomes a right pain in the ass, then the pus leaches oot, hopefully soon to be gone…

      Is it not about the time of year when Labour in Scotland have their new leader contest? I wonder who’ll replace that Ricardo Nematode chap.

      Hopefully the new one will have more zest about them for a quality parody Moodievision stylée, as admittedly I still miss The Murphy Bot 900.

      Ooh, that vid reminds me, did the great seer McTernan predict the EU result correctly?

    40. Hamish100 says:


      Finds Smith and Curtice usually fair!!!

      Compared to what ?

    41. Elmac says:

      I have just been jolted from my normal lurking position by that short “news” broadcast from Sarah Smith. In a handful of seconds she displayed total bias and contempt for Scotland. She maintained that in relation to the SNP “a large number of their natural supporters are also leave voters” – a big fat outright lie. The Brexit party gets 1 MEp which according to Sarah shows you that ” Scotland is not unanimously a pro EU country. Factually true but totally and deliberately misleading. The Brexit party achieved 15% of the vote, well short of the SNP with 38%. What she should have said is that Scotland is very predominantly a pro EU country. By her logic Screaming Lord Sutch would have prevented any poll in which he stood from being unanimous and therefore tainted. She also suggests that the surge in SNP support originated from a call for remainers in Scotland to lend them their vote. Unionists do not vote for SNP, the obvious place for those votes was Libdem and she knows it. Utter lying bollocks.

      Why are these people allowed to lie and obfuscate in positions of public influence with no accountability? Roll on independence and the day of reckoning. Your card is marked Sarah. In the long distant past I briefly met her father – an honourable man. What on earth happened to her?

    42. Iain says:

      I was a footsoldier in the campaign and followed it on the media: I don’t recall any plea for votes to be lent.

    43. Dr Jim says:

      The whole population of Scotland to a man woman and dug knows what voting SNP means, it’s clear unambiguous definite undeniable and undisputed except Sarah Smith and the BBC on this occasion refuse to comprehend that, yet at any other time that same Sarah Smith will tell you the exact opposite of what she just reported in respect of the SNP, respect of which she has none and hopes her self opinionated projections of her dislike for the SNP would please come true

      The BBC reporting of this election has been as we all expected a disgrace, but they’ve managed to even outdo their own regular anti SNP garbage by just dismissing Scotland’s governing and winning political party and focussing on England and their worry over how the *Many faced man’s* Labour party can come back and take votes from the party who Scots actually vote for

      If the SNP had done this badly the media would be screaming for Nicola Sturgeons resignation and filling up studios with idiots like Jim Sillars and Alex Bell and digging up *experts* and dead relatives of ex SNP sacked people to tell us how horrible and vile they are or to tell us all why the SNP must go and go now because they’ve failed failed failed

      The trouble with all the Scottish media and the BBC is they don’t seem to realise the rest of the world is watching and listening to everything that’s going on here and all that evidence is being collected by the SNP to be examined by others in support of Scottish Independence

      This week in Holyrood legislation is being put in place to govern the rules and keep secure and honest all future elections in Scotland, that’s being done for all the obvious reasons, it’s not just about the next Independence referendum, although that for most of us is the next important one, the SNP intend there can be no *mistakes* no *errors* or *accidents* with voting in Scotland in the future

      At a guess that probably definitely means the Independence proposition will win and win well

      People lending votes to the SNP never heard of such poppycock

    44. Petra says:

      I don’t remember Nicola Sturgeon asking anyone to “lend her their vote.” Smith must be getting her mixed up with Davidson and Farage. And if wrong she should make a public correction / apology.

      Face trippin her now? Let’s see what it’s like when we win IndyRef2 and she finds herself out of a job …… better still replaced by Stu. That’ll go down a treat with her pal, Kezia, lol.

    45. Smeddum says:

      I have complained directly to the BBC about this. Furious on Sunday night. Sarah Smith must imagine nobody notices the constant undertones of disparagement of the SNP. Appointed to that post by the BBC she has a duty to report impartially; they have a duty to make sure she does. Otherwise she shouldn’t be there.

    46. Marie Clark says:

      would you look at the state o’ that.Twisted greetin faced wee wummin, just cannot accept that a wheen o’ us actually want independence.

      Oh dear, how sad, never mind.

    47. Colin Alexander says:

      @ Call me Dave

      Lend me your vote is media paraphrasing. What the FM is quoted as saying is this:

      “The strongest way of sending that message is to vote SNP, whether you are for or against independence.


      This story was also carried in the Scotsman and Express.

    48. Catherine says:

      This is not true. There was no request or plea from SNP to others to ‘lend us your vote’. Rubbish.. SNP activists worked hard for every vote.. I was at a polling station on the day of the vote. No other party was represented. Many voters commented on this and thanked us for having the commitment and interest to be there, while other SNP activists were out and about, encouraging people to get out to vote. The other two main parties were just not interested or did not have the motivation or commitment to even put in an appearance at the polling station.

    49. Effijy says:

      Let me tell you ’bout a place
      Somewhere up old Scotland way
      Where BBC presenters are so gay
      their Twistin’ the truth away.

      Here they have a lot of fun
      Puttin’ SNP on the run
      Sarah scaring the old and young
      an’ Lispin’ the truth away
      BBC twistin’, Lispin’
      Everybody’s feelin’ grey
      They’re twistin’, Lispin’
      They’re lying the night away

    50. Terry callachan says:

      As if , there is no way Nicola Sturgeon said “lend me your vote “

      We don’t want or need votes lent , SNP is for Scottish independence you are either for it or not
      There is no middle ground

    51. Sarah says:

      @ColinA: That is called “stating the obvious” – in Scotland the best way to show you wanted to stay in the EU was to vote SNP. There was a danger of the Remain vote being divided and letting Brexit Party through. Nothing wrong in saying so.

    52. Dr Jim says:

      Eh Ruth Davidson was the one who made it all about Independence when she said *Let’s send Nicola Sturgeon a message of no more referendums on Independence*

      Well Scotland did send Nicola Sturgeon a message and it was a pretty clear *Yes we do*

    53. Terry callachan says:

      Surely Labour voters in Scotland will now see the light and back SNP
      I used to Vote Labour myself until Blair brown darling
      Those three changed it all
      Who can see anything of value in voting for Leonard
      Come on Labour get on the right side for Scotland’s future

    54. One_Scot says:

      Thanks Colin, so Nicola never ever said lend me your vote. The BBC telling, well I suppose it’s not the first time and it won’t be the last.

    55. galamcennalath says:

      Can you imagine how she will report a YES win in IndyRef2?

      Tears of grief? Hysteria? Spitting venom?

      Or will she and her pan loaf accent be on the train south?

    56. The Isolator says:

      Just like her Auld man…a complete fraud.

    57. Sarah Smith should maybe contact kezia Dugdale, now enscxconced in a nice little earner run by her Mammy, the Baroness, and her sister, whose Stink Tank calls fo politicians to be nice to eaxch other, or some sort of vacuous nonsense.
      It was Dugdale who pleaded with Red Tories to ‘lend’ their votes to the Blue Ruth Davidson’s |Party to beat the Nats.
      Alistair Campbell,head of Blair’s Ministry of Truth, and a mate of her Dad, voted Lib Dem, not Red Tory, as would every Unionist in Scotland, who wanted to Remain in the EU and the UK.
      BBC Scotland at its vile Doublethink Best.
      Boris will be crowned, ‘how that might change his nature’. Not.
      England will descend into civil war in the blistering hot summer forecast.
      It’s time for Scotland (which according to Jackson Carlaw on Thursday Night is just like East Anglia and is not a country or nation since England invaded)to rise up and take our land back.

    58. msean says:

      It was an election.Didn’t any other party try and get voters to vote them?Or was just the snp?

    59. msean says:

      *vote for them

    60. Scott says:

      I like this one.

      Macart says:
      27 May, 2019 at 9:02 pm
      So basically… The SNP fought an EU ballot by focusing on a pro EU message and they also support independence.

      How very dare they! ?

      And as a certain lord Foulkes said “They are doing it deliberately”

    61. mike cassidy says:

      Could we all have made a big mistake?

    62. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

      Not a very good example of “the promotion of a positive vision for representative politics” by Sarah there.

      But a great example of BritNat Labour in Scotland’s continued anger that the electorate have seen fit to discard their self entitled Party.

      Probably won’t stop her getting a job with Mummy, Sister and Kezia Dugfail at The John Smith Centre for Public Service at the University of Glasgow when her services are no longer required by an Independent Scotlands broadcast media.

      Propaganda in line with the “Defend the Union” part of the BBCs Royal Charter.

    63. Col.Blimp IV says:

      doug_bryce says:

      27 May, 2019 at 9:12 pm
      Aye – but a vote for Ruth meant no independence referendums ever again…

      Ruth also said that she … “did not see a situation where, if another referendum was to be held, her party would block it.”

    64. jfngw says:

      The EU election was irrelevant to an independence vote, there is already a mandate and Holyrood has already voted on the matter.

      This just reinforced the Remain vote in Scotland, nobody who voted for the SNP could possibly believe they are not supporting Remain.

      Ruth Davidson is now just trying to use undemocratic means to prevent any vote and keep Scotland under London control. I can only imagine the tantrum to be thrown once Scotland votes Yes, she’s going to need a bigger pencil to throw.

    65. Col.Blimp IV says:

      Will Labours Scottish Manager get the heave ho after this dismal showing?

      Who is their leader anyway?

      and how many have they had since Devolution Day?

    66. Effijy says:

      I have seen Sarah Smith enough, WTF.

      She is totally biased and excels in either burying the truth or distorting it. Its a marriage made in heaven as she is just what the Beeb ordered.

      All Scotland’s troubles seemed not far away
      Now it looks as though they’re here to stay
      (Oh hoo)
      I believe in Lisp-erday
      (I belie-ee-ee-eve, in Lisp-erday oh yeah)
      I believe in Lisp-erday
      (I believe yeah yeah)
      Oh so suddenly
      (Yeah hey hey hey)
      Im not half the truth there used to be
      (Oh no no)
      There’s SNP hanging over me

      Why she had a go
      I sure know, she’s here to slay
      (Oh no, SNP She wouldn’t say)
      I think she’s totally wrong
      Now I long for truth some day.

      Totally Lisped Off with Smith and the BBC.

    67. mike cassidy says:

      Could people be voting for the Brexit Party despite rather than because of Farage?

      (not archived so that graph can be seen)

    68. Clootie says:

      “they cannot count their vote as support for Independence”
      “they asked people to loan their votes in support of Remain”

      I think she just makes it up.

      She should just say the SNP stole our votes!

    69. Robert Kerr says:

      The BBC is where Truth goes to die…..

      Sarah Smith is one of the undertakers!

    70. dakk says:

      Yes,you were indeed correct Stuart.

      I for one did enjoy the frowning discomfiture on that particular bbc place woman’s bitter dial.

      Sarah Smith, just another closet british nationalist on the make angered at the SNP’s threat to her tax payer funded sinecure.

    71. Iain mhor says:

      Got to remember that it takes a wee while to build a career even on nepotism. So – stick in at Uni hen and we promise a cushy journo/BBC gig with a revolving door into government in when you fancy and ultimitely ermine and – “oh tae fuck, that’s no happening” “I’m stuck in this shite – but I was promised! It’s just so unfair!”

    72. Petra says:

      Around 800,000 television licenses are being cancelled each year now and I doubt it’s just down to Netflix etc. If the BBC wants to survive they’ll have to do something about the propagandists that they employ, starting with getting rid of people like Sarah Smith, Brian Taylor, Andrew Neil and so on.


      I notice Sarah Smith, et al, haven’t reported this.


      Probably haven’t reported on anything to be found on Professor John Robertson’s site.

    73. Ross says:

      Here’s a clip of Sarah Smith from last night, which I thought was bizarre journalism enough to record it. It’s quite scripted in nature. Is she reading from a prompt? It’s the same message as tonight’s video, the same emphasis on the SNP’s votes only having been lent to them, the same flustered insistence that the SNP’s victory isn’t unanimous, as if that’s even a thing.
      So here it is –

    74. Truth says:

      Ooft. The bitterness.

    75. chicmac says:

      Brian Taylor was quite fair and rational this morning but then ‘disappeared’ to be replaced by the fragrant Ms Smith.

      He reappeared later, back on song but I wonder if today has been an epiphany for him? I sense he is still struggling to reconcile professional standards with what he is being directed to do.

    76. Col.Blimp IV says:


      “nobody who voted for the SNP could possibly believe they are not supporting Remain.”

      Independence in Europe began as an SNP campaign campaign theme, replacing Independence…Nothing Less, which had not been too successful at the recent election.

      It was a rather controversial campaign, since the SNP had been hitherto fairly Euroskeptical, many even downright Eurohostile.

      But it was the New Leaders campaign and he had announced it to the press in advance and had all the literature printed…so it would have suicidal for the national council that was asked to “approve” it. To tell Alex to stick it where it might blot out the sunshine.

      So a slogan became a tactic, that became a strategy which somehow morphed into a religion which now has a cult-like hold on its more devout adherents.

      That it proved a valuable tool to convince others, that voting for Independence was not as reckless as the Unionists would have them believe, is not in doubt.

      It did cause a small schism in the SNP but there were not too many defections, most thought they would give it a bash as a tool.

      The EU seems to me, a much uglier beast now, than it was then.

      So no, I do not equate voting SNP with an endorsement of Remain.

      In order to gain more long term electoral credibility, the SNP chose to become a fully fledged political party with policies for everything, as opposed to a broad based single issue National Movement like the Yes Campaign or Brexit. Nobody has to accept ALL or ANY of them in order to vote for what it says on the front of the SNP tin.

    77. It’s amazing how a 62%-38% is not a unanimous or significant majority in Scotland, BUT 52%-48% Brexit vote is significant.

    78. You know how the UK Gov run down nationalised industries/services so that they can sell them on the cheep to their backers and pals,

      i wonder if they are running down the BBC, mainly by employing the most inept bunch of no hopers,with a view to eventually selling it off.

    79. CameronB Brodie says:

      British Labour really did think it owned Scotland and today’s reality must hurt. Good, it’s time their love-in with the BBC in Scotland came to an end. It is anti-democratic and more than a little pathetic, frankly.

      Narrative and Social Control: Critical Perspectives

    80. Petra says:

      @ Mike at 11:04pm …. “Farage.”

      Thanks for the link Mike. Interesting article highlighting that Farage doesn’t seem to be popular at all. Far from it. And when England is dragged out of the EU and Farage has produced a manifesto, I just wonder what percentage of the population will actually vote for the Brexit Party in a subsequent GE (after Brexit)? Or when their objective is achieved will they just disband?


      @ Ross at 11:41pm ….. “Sarah Smith.”

      Over and above trying to diss the SNP, I see that she’s trying to make excuses for the Labour Party catastrophe. Labour supporters also “lent” their votes to other parties too, says she. Pretty pathetic. And when I was looking at the graphs, and so on, I was just wondering who the pro-Brexit Independence supporters, like Jim Sillars, “lent” their vote to. Surely not Farage? Maybe Sarah could ask him at their next interview?

    81. Petra says:

      Ha ha ha. Good one and credit where credit’s due. All waiting patiently, no doubt Nicola Sturgeon most of all, to see what “useless nutter” is going to be crowned and handed the poisoned chalice.

    82. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      Ross @ 23:41,

      I don’t recall Sarah Smith or anyone else on the BBC in 2017 saying that Ruth Davidson made an appeal to people to “lend her their vote” in order to stop a second referendum, yet that was clearly her tack back then (Kezia even assisting!), as it (pathetically) was again now. After that result, we didn’t hear any of the BBC worthies proclaiming that it wasn’t really a vote for the Tories; au contraire, the Tories had actually “won” =cough= and Ruth was heading for the premiership or somesuch as the Great Saviour of Everything.

      It’s getting quite commonplace now to observe BBC Scotland’s mouthpieces changing the emphasis significantly according to which party the selfsame facts apply.

    83. dakk says:

      ‘i wonder if they are running down the BBC, mainly by employing the most inept bunch of no hopers,with a view to eventually selling it off.’

      Mibbee the rag an’ bone man might take it aff their hauns.

    84. Col.Blimp IV says:

      Petra says:

      “I was just wondering who the pro-Brexit Independence supporters, like Jim Sillars, “lent” their vote to”

      I suspect they have been lending their votes to the SNP for more than twenty years.

      One time Arch Scotland-Denier Tommy Sheridan probably poisoning the SSP for them and Brian Nugent’s mob never really took off.

      The Salmond cult cost the SNP a lot of members, mostly activists, who got scunered by his my way or the highway policy, or who fell foul of loaded vetting committees. Enforced Euronationalism (I died in the war to stop that kind of thing) being a particular bugbear.

    85. AuldAlliance says:

      Terrible, unprofessional journalism. To think Sarah Smith fronted Scotland 2014 in the run up to indyref1. I’ll be lodging a formal complaint about this one as it really is Fox News territory. Every sinew is stretched to imply two falsehoods.

      a) That Scotland is the same as little England, ‘and supports Brexit too, don’t you know?’.
      b) The SNP victory was nothing to do with indyref2

      Sturgeon just spent the last few weeks unashamedly promoting a second vote on Scottish independence. So much so the Tories gleefully decided to anchor their EU campaign against it.

    86. yesindyref2 says:

      “Sweet love, my oldest friend
      Have we come to the bitter end?
      No made up, no pretend
      Have we come to the bitter end? ”

      Yup, bye now! And less of the “oldest friend” thanks.

    87. Thomas Valentine says:

      That was the very definition of propaganda. Taking a real event and representing it falsely. The statement “a lot” is something she wants people to believe. it’s not true, can’t be defined or even known. it’s an invention. Inserted into a news report to change the meaning with the intent of causing the audience to create a false memory.

      She just broadcast contempt. The arrogant belief that the truth is what ever she decides to tell you.

    88. geeo says:

      Macart says:

      27 May, 2019 at 9:02 pm

      So basically… The SNP fought an EU ballot by focusing on a pro EU message and they also support independence.

      How very dare they! ?

      And I do believe they were doing it deliberately !!:-)

    89. Petra says:

      The SNP got the highest percentage of votes of any party in the UK and in fact in Western Europe. Sarah Smith seems to have forgotten to mention that.

    90. geeo says:

      This election showed up one crucial factor which the MSM will never mention.

      That is, simply put, a huge chunk of those leave/Scottish indy supporters, will indeed still vote Yes to indy as a top priority and argue their case later.

      Otherwise 30% of the SNP voters (if that figure is accurate) would have voted for The Brexit Party, to try ensure they get out the EU.

      But no, it seems party came 1st, and logically indy wuld come before leave/remain, come the next indyref.

      So there we go, indy first, everything else later seems to be the big news for the Yes cause from this election.

      Curtice actually said this (“SNP got votes from leave and remain” supporters”) yet tried to deny it in his next breath.

      They are pure beelin’.

    91. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      Col.Blimp IV @ 00:45,

      Just a pity (for you) then that AS had a great sense of where the majority of the people of Scotland were, and you and your equally-bitter pal Sillars just didn’t. It’s hard living in a democracy with a minority view, ain’t it?

      But without independence, a hell of a lot more people wouldn’t be listening to you, and promoting their interests regardless.

      Tough choices, eh…?

    92. Frank Gillougley says:

      This is Sarah Smith from entitlement & nepotism, Pravda Quay.

    93. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      geeo @ 01:13,

      I agree. I don’t think even many pro-indy supporters quite realise yet what a tremendously courageous decision Nicola & Co took here. Fine, it was SNP policy anyway, but despite a longstanding background muttering from some seeking to equivocate and triangulate, instead she put her personal reputation and the party’s chances on the line and went for a clear and principled stance on the EU. And as it happens, it paid off handsomely, but that’s easy to see with hindsight.

      Which goes to show that when someone is willing to lead by example from the front, people will follow.

      On the other hand, the Great Equivocator (and ex-Messiah) JC took his shambles of a party to a new low.

      Both reaping what they have sown.

    94. Col.Blimp IV says:

      Robert J. Sutherland

      The gamechanger for the SNP was Labours introduction of Scotlandshire Regional Council. The one Donald said was going to kill the SNP stone dead.

      Alex’s Independence in Europe had been running for nigh on ten years by then and we had 6 of the 72 MP’s.

      Holyrood provided the electorate a Scottish alternative but with a British safety net. His southern copycat Tony’s fall from grace was another big factor.

      I’m not denigrating Salmond as such, I voted for him as Convener despite Sillars’ warning of the negative impact it would have on internal democracy. I believed Alex to be the most talented politician we had and think I was proved right.

      but then again…so was Jim.

    95. yesindyref2 says:

      The media is getting worse, and if we use this properly it makes our job easier, all we have to do is keep drawing the attention of the undecideds to the media distortion, such as this from a closed article [1] in the Herald:

      Ms Sturgeon said last month she would bring forward a “framework” bill in readiness for a second independence referendum in May, admitting it would need a transfer of power from Westminster to have legal effect.

      compared to what she actually did say in Holyrood:

      We do not need a transfer of power – such as a section 30 order – to pass such a framework Bill, though we would need it to put beyond doubt or challenge our ability to apply the Bill to an independence referendum.

      Spot the very big difference!

      [1] The Herald is doing this increasingly for dodgy articles.

      There’s also this from the article, amongst other distortions:

      Ms Sturgeon’s timetable also indicates the bill is more theatrical than practical, as it implies an unrealistic six to nine-month transition to independence before the election.

      No, it doesn’t.

    96. Terry callachan says:

      To mike Cassidy your post and link at 1048pm 27th May

      Fantastic, that’s so funny , love it .Pure dead brilliant but taking on ten to one is still a mad b….rd, isn’t it ?

    97. Terry callachan says:

      To mike Cassidy your post and link of 1104pm 27th May

      Another report that highlights brexit party 32% but doesn’t even mention SNP % which is much higher

    98. Terry callachan says:

      To geeo your post at 1.13am 28th May

      Good point and a crucial one going forward
      Brexiters in Scotland who support Scottish independence choosing Scottish independence over brexit , wonderful

      All we need now are British unionists in Scotland who are also EU remainers choosing Scottish independence and a YES vote as a means to remain in the EU

    99. Effijy says:

      Who would disagree that the EU citizens in Scotland would have
      Voted SNP if Westminster hadn’t blocked their right to vote.

      This would have taken our percentage share up closer to 40%.

      Now we can see the EU quite rightly fining Westminster for corruption.

      Not to worry Scotland’s resources can pay for the fine!

    100. Macart says:

      @ geeo 1 a.m.

      Yes. Yes they were. 🙂

      Sarah Smith stating the bleedin’ obvious (still chuckling at the delivery) and really reaching for that essenpee bad angle.

    101. Terry callachan says:

      Wind and wave power Scotland leading the world
      Producing enough to supply all homes in Scotland with the energy they need

      Of course if it’s fed into the national grid we get it back via the many fuel companies in UK who often charge us in Scotland more for it per KWh than they charge those who live in the south east of England purely because of population numbers, as anyone knows if you change your supplier
      ( uswitch) it’s still the same cable that brings electricity to your house it’s simply an administrative change.
      Surely people in Scotland should be getting the cheapest rates not the dearest
      Something SNP should grasp and use

    102. winifred mccartney says:

      Sarah Smith should be ashamed of herself and so should the BBC. They might think they are impartial but we know very different. They have an agenda and it is not impartially reporting the news its finding he snp bad angle. Surely they must realise by now it is having the opposite effect. The number of people I have pointed to these reports have all admitted it is disgraceful and the bbc is wrong. The only good thing is they are doing or job for us.

    103. manandboy says:


      Chris Grey takes the UK’s political blood pressure & pulse reading, and offers a diagnoses of the true state of health of the UK, or rather, England & Wales, since the results in Scotland were not available at time of writing.

      The current political maelstrom in England should be of considerable interest to the Independence movement of course, not least because the sudden and serious ill-health of one’s abuser, has implications for a resolution of the abusive relationship.

    104. Robert Louis says:

      To save the time of anybody who might view this site, I have paraphrased the above video ‘report’ by the BBC’s Sarah Smith.

      ‘It’s not fair, it’s just not fair, those scummy SNP, didn’t deserve to win, it should have been Labour, Labour, Labour. They stole their votes. Stole them. They should not be allowed indyref2. London rule forever, God save the Queen, remember King Billy, NO surrender!’.

      I would trust Putin’s RT, before I’d believe a single word said by any of the paid liars at the propagandist, anti Scotland BBC.

    105. Breeks says:

      Never let your guard down.

      The propagandists fully exploit and revel in bad news for Scotland or the SNP, and while it’s good to see their faces tripping and revealing their contempt for Scotland over good news, even when seeing their obvious misery gives you a wee lift, never forget the one constant running throughout is that our news, good or bad, is served to us, pre-filtered by the same bitter propagandists.

      I don’t care if Sara Smith has a happy face or a sad girning face on. I don’t want a bitter old trout giving us the news, I want an objective, professional Scottish news service, and Smith’s inability to set aside her personal prejudices would simply be too amateurish for her to expect employment with it. You could virtually tar all BBC “journalists” with the same brush, (not you Isabel Fraser), and hope you have enough tar to go round. None of them would make the grade in my version of Scotland’s own News service, for their simple lack of professionalism, nevermind their actual prejudices.

      I would like to think too that while the offspring or associates of prominent politicians should not be barred from a career in journalism, for appearances sake and probity, it would NOT be the very branch of political journalism where any prejudice or undeclared interest would be such an obvious conflict. By that I mean Sara Smith, daughter of Labour Leader John Smith, should never in a million years become a presenter and indeed political editor and correspondent on domestic politics when quite obvious prejudices are so likely to be a factor which influences her output, and in Sara Smith’s case, so manifestly do.

      Away and do you political journalism in the USA or China, Sara Smith, or anywhere really where your prejudices don’t colour your objectivity and output. You’re there to report the news, not manipulate or judge it. Your job is to dig out the facts, we, the people, judge them. Alternatively get a job with small circulation rag newspaper where allowances can be made for the standards to be less rigorous, and bigotry and amateurism can be expected as a parochial norm.

    106. Ken500 says:

      Scotland is nearer the source of renewable energy. Fuel and energy should be 10% cheaper in Scotland for parity. It is colder. Scotland is also 25% in surplus. Scotland could gain £8Billion a year selling it instead of giving it away. The Oil revenues that were lost to Westminster mismanagement. A total scandal.

    107. Ken500 says:

      The BBC news dominated by the Labour mafia. Boothman (retired?) & Co. Wark & McConnell best buddies etc. More unionist corruption of the Press. BBC Westminster controlled. Leveson conclusions not introduced. Illegal hacking, surveillance and bribing public officials. Non Dom tax evader owners. Without a free or fair Press there is not democracy. Thatcher gave it over to Murdoch. The only thing SKy News gets right is the time.

      Thank goodness for the internet.

    108. Ken500 says:

      Herald – Davidson leader award. Who are they trying to kid. 5th place? Unionist worse results ever,

    109. Nana says:

      SNP Success in Na h-Eileanan an Iar

      “We’ve delivered our best ever result in a European election” says SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford, “it’s a fantastic morning for the Scottish National Party”

      European Elections: UK’s Ever More Fractured Politics

      1/ A few clips from last week’s @CommonsIntTrade Select Committee. @IanaDreyer gives a concise summary of EU trade policy over the last 5 years, and outlines some of the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

    110. Nana says:

      Former Bangladeshi army officer donated £20,000 to the Conservative party

      Gary Gibbon – Can you be deposed as leader in this party? Nigel Farage – No Gary Gibbon – There are scary words for parties like that.

    111. Ahundredthidiot says:

      SS is just feart for her job, so quite happy to spout fake bbc news (lending request by NS being the lie here), but more fun times ahead when we have our Independence – all the Bobby Ewings will come crawling back with lost memories – or simply say a big boy told them to do it and then ran away.

      The complete lack of their self awareness fascinates me.

    112. Nana says:

      Brexit helps New York take top finance spot from London – survey

      Brexit: disconnect

      Yet, some people still ask why I moved to Scotland. THIS is England.

      Scottish minister spells out Brexit downsides

    113. Dr Jim says:

      Nicola Sturgeon announces Indyref will take place in the second half of next year after talks with Leo Varadker in Dublin, questioned by the BBC on the need for a section 30 order from whoever might be the Tories next Prime Minister the FM said the referendum will go ahead and no one can stand in the way of the sovereign will of the Scottish people

      The BBC in their usual way are desperately under reporting this news

    114. PaulinEd says:

      Pravda would be proud.

    115. Breeks says:

      Be interesting to see how the EU plays the suspension and contempt for democracy implicit in denying a vote to so many Europeans, and the suspension and contempt for democracy implicit in Scotland’s Brexit and exclusion from Brexit negotiations.

      Domestically, why isn’t this outrage being brought before a Constitutional Court?

    116. Golfnut says:

      @ Dr Jim.

      Excellent news, and gives the People of Scotland plenty of time to actually start exercising that Sovereignty.
      A petition demanding that the Scottish Parliament orders a Judicial review on which criminal charges apply to politicians and the media peddling lies and misinformation, by omission and misdirection prevent the people of Scotland from making an informed choice during the Constitutional process.

      A petition demanding that the the Scottish Parliament order the crown to appear before the Scottish Parliament and explain why she signed the withdrawal bill against the expressed will of the People of Scotland.

      Both of these petitions would be a timely reminder to the UK gov ministers, the civil service and the military that they are subject to Scots Constitutional law, they are funded by Scots tax and therefore as much in our service as they are to the English crown.

    117. Abulhaq says:

      Scotland, I personalize, does not want Brexit, does not want to be in thrall to Anglo-Unionist nationalism, does not want to hang around while the English political milieu grows increasingly malevolent.
      As much as I try to be positive annent our FM, all I get is a woman expertly doing keepie uppie with the independence ball before kicking it further up the road. Did she confied to Varadkar that there “might” be an referendum in the second half of next year? Getting very tired of conditional mood thinking on this core subject.

    118. Breeks says:

      From Rev’s Twitter…

      “AlynSmith on @BBCRadioScot saying independence is NOT @TheSNP highest priority! Unacceptable! …”

      Is this true? I don’t listen to BBC garbage.

      If it is true, can I get my fkn vote back?

    119. robbo says:

      I found this one floating around.Well funny.

    120. Nana says:

      oops, I posted itisintruthnotforglory link twice, should have been this excellent blogpost by Taranaich

    121. Abulhaq says:

      R4 Today prog. Someone called Douglas Alexander who lectures in some uni in the US giving it large about Scottish politics, labour, EU etc without once mentioning the SNP or recognizing the new political context. If he lectures on Scottish politics his students ought to be advised his ‘expertise’ comes with neon sign bias.
      Smith and the rest of the labour ‘aritos’ hang on by their finger nails…one snip away from oblivion.

    122. Robert Peffers says:

      O.K. Wingers- I’ve found the source of torn face’s claims of Nicola wanting lent votes. It’s from 18 May and, would you believe, from The Express:-

    123. robertknight says:

      BritNat Brainwashing Channel going for full on, Mooth Davidson playbook, no demand for IndyRef2 mode.

      If these state funded propagandists told me that today was Tuesday I’d be checking with another source for confirmation.

      From their own website:

      “The BBC is recognised by audiences in the UK and around the world as a provider of news that you can trust. Our website, like our TV and radio services, strives for journalism that is accurate, impartial, independent and fair.”

      They really should put the rider at the end stating “except for viewers and listeners in North Britain”. At least they couldn’t then be open to accusations of dishonesty, bias, and blatant Nick Robinsons.

    124. Bob Mack says:


      Yes he did say that, probably knowing it will be fruitless in any event. We are leaving in October.

      The remark was about public perception. We tried to stop it.We failed to stop it.

      Rather drives home the message that numerically we are outnumbered by the rest of the UK and we just have to lap up what England spills on the floor, unless we choose an alternative.

    125. Capella says:

      @ Breeks – I don’t think Alyn Smith actually said that although Gary Robertson was trying very hard to make him say that. I would have to listen to a replay to be certain. The interviewing was very pushy. They are going to play this “SNP betrayed and tricked voters” card from now till eternity (or independence).

    126. Jomry says:

      @Breeks 8.46

      Heard this interview. Smith responding to question from Gary Robertson about whether Brexit or Independence was main priority (false dichotomy). Implication being that SNP campaigned on “Stop Brexit but having got EU votes were now revealing their true colours and using result to go for independence. Smith indicated that immediate concern was stopping Brexit and seemed to imply that Independence was a potential means to this end should all else fail as an independent country within the EU.

      However, this did leave the impression that independent is predicated on Brexit. When asked if Stopping Brexit would take independence off the table, he prevaricated with “Let’s wait and see..l
      which I thought was extremely weak. I think that SNP politicians with access to media should be much more on the front foot and state forcefully at every opportunity that independence is the SNP goal in its own right and not simply a backstop to counter other events.

      This is especially important now that Nicola Sturgeon seems to saying that a referendum will take place within 12 to 18 months.

    127. Capella says:

      Here’s the thread. Let’s not all fall for BBC divide and rule tricks:

    128. Capella says:

      I can see the logic in this unionist line of attack. They believe there are approx 30% of SNP voters who voted LEAVE. If they can alienate those people and make them become – say – LibDems, then they can guarantee Indyref2 will be lost.

      It’s not our job to help them achieve that.

    129. Giving Goose says:

      See Jeremy Hunt’s pitch for PM.
      He thinks including representatives from Scotland & Wales on a new negotiating team to EU is a good idea.
      Caveat alert – the reps will be Tory.
      So f*** off Scotland, we don’t care for inclusion that reflects your political landscape.
      Surprised Not!

    130. galamcennalath says:

      What is news and what isn’t? Perhaps the question should be – why do somethings never make the news?

      There are 73 new MEPs. I am fairly certain one of them is subtly different from the others. I believe that 72 of them are UK citizens, who with Brexit will lose their EU citizenship. The other is Christian Allard who is a French Citizen and will remain an EU citizen after Brexit.

      Scotland has sent a message about our internationalism and pro European stance – we have elected a French citizen to represent us.

      This should be news. This is a story worth hearing about, surely?

      Maybe therein lies the reality. Perhaps it’s a story they don’t want widely publicised. They certainly are playing down the fact that Scotland is different and has behaved differently in these elections.

      Only The National mentions it … Allard says …. “We are electing somebody who is a French citizen, not a British citizen, at the time of Brexit. The people of Scotland prove it all the time – we are the type of country where it doesn’t matter where you came from. It’s a big message to Westminster, and to the European Parliament as well. We want to stay in the EU. “

    131. Marcia says:

      I’m enjoying her discomfiture. She knows that statement about lending your vote to the SNP is not true. Her body language is a give away.

    132. admiral says:

      Giving Goose says:
      28 May, 2019 at 9:36 am
      See Jeremy Hunt’s pitch for PM.
      He thinks including representatives from Scotland & Wales on a new negotiating team to EU is a good idea.
      Caveat alert – the reps will be Tory.
      So f*** off Scotland, we don’t care for inclusion that reflects your political landscape.
      Surprised Not!

      Fluffy promoted from teaboy and general dogsbody to general dogsbody and teaboy! Yee hah!

    133. Willie says:

      Sarah Smith not to put too fine a point on it is like her employers a fully paid up bag of shit.

      We can finesse all we want but she’s just a paid up bad mouth.

    134. Capella says:

      Here’s the GMS interview with Alyn Smith. Hear for yourself what he said. Starts at 2 hrs 9 mins 17 secs in:

    135. Ghillie says:

      Aye well.

      I am grinning from ear to ear!

      So proud to drive through our Capital with my dog-eared YES and SNP stickers in my car windows =)

      Am so totally chuffed with the way this all working out and our Nicola’s statements while on friendly territory 🙂

      If the usual suspects were not being total egits I would have to check I hadn’t hopped to another dimension. The panic is strong in that one.

      I am so so HAPPY 🙂

    136. Robert Peffers says:

      What I look forward to is when, post independence, the Scottish government doesn’t fund the BBC and has no TV licencing. So Scots can then view and listen into BBC broadcasts for free just as they can in The Irish Republic. It will drive the BBC even madder than they are now. Especially if the Scottish listeners phone into kate wi wan e.

    137. Bob Mack says:

      I hear that Michael Gove has offered to give UE citizens British passports ( 3 million) without any fee if he becomes PM

      This interestingly is at the request of Albert Costa MP who realises that voters from the EU in a Scottish referendum would be perhaps more inclined to keep the status quo rather than lose their British passport.

      They are working behind the scenes whilst we sleepwalk.

    138. Iain mhor says:

      Alyn Smith has his own personal agenda – he wants to keep his job – ergo the UK needs to remain in Europe. Once he’s got guaranteed financial security and his comfy chair and pipe on the go – then he can devote his attentions to Independence.
      However, with redundancy looming and personal crisis, it’s really too much to expect him to devote his intellect and attentions to a peripheral and ephemeral Independence isssue.
      His are more immediate and pressing matters – for anyone who ever ever languished under the prospect of redundancy, they are quite understandably all encompassing concerns.
      It is perhaps unfortunate, that he appears to conflate his unfortunate personal circumstance with SNP policy.
      Unless of course, the majority of the SNP policy makers are also languishing under similar threats of imminent redundancy or abolishment of security.
      Perhaps they are? I have no idea.

    139. HandandShrimp says:

      Call me sceptical but surely Gove’s offer of free citizenship with no proof of settled status to millions of EU residents here is exactly the sort of thing to get the gammon’s heads birling like the lassie from the Exorcist.

      The fall out from the EU elections are fascinating as Labour and the Tories struggle to find relevance.

    140. Abulhaq says:

      Tales from the Banana Kingdom:
      “I believe I’m the new face, with fresh new ideas, from a new and talented generation
      Kit Malthouse”
      opines the 10th contender for the hollow Tory crown.
      New, fresh, talented, Oh really?
      Talented Hunt….”and reps of the devolved administrations in Wales & Scotland”….corrected by his ‘team’ to Conservative reps from the devolved etc….over to you R2D2…click, whirrrrr
      How much more of this low farce can we endure?

    141. Clydebuilt says:

      Lending Votes

      Brian Taylor of BBC Scotland has emphasised “everybody who voted for the SNP knew they were voting for a party that supports Independence for Scotland

      He was doing it on the sofa on Sunday night and on their radio station on Monday.

      Coming apart at the seems . . . . Singing from different hymn sheets

    142. Bob Mack says:


      It also denies many many votes ( over100, 000), to the SNP and consequently YES. We have discussed how important to UK Scotland really is. A price worth paying perhaps?

    143. schrodingers cat says:


      i was looking for an episode of question time from just before indyref1 with rory stewart on the bbc website

      all of the episodes between 10/07/14 and 25/09/14 have been pulled. does anyone have a copy of them?

    144. Ken500 says:

      Who would believe the BBC? What a load of nonsense.

      Was Alyn Smith not being suggested as a candidate in Davidson’s constituency?

      The Tories are toast. They will stagger on until a GE. Brexit non Party is Polling 16% GE.

    145. mumsyhugs says:


      Just back from hospital after getting my head x-rayed. Twelve miles there; parked – plenty space; into reception; loo visit – spotless; taken 5 minutes early; x-ray taken; back to the car; 12 miles home. Time taken start to finish – 1 hour. God bless our thoroughly efficient, polite, reassuring NHS Scotland staff at Dr Gray’s in Elgin 🙂

    146. Sarah says:

      @Nana: how very dare you post all these cheerful, positive, upbeat links about how well Scotland, our voters, the SNP and the Scottish Government are doing?

      Shame on you [nudge, nudge, wink, wink]:) 🙂

    147. Dr Jim says:

      Alyn Smith has made several speeches in the European Parliament on Scotland remaining within the EU as an Independent country and one speech in particular where he said if Scotland were to be dragged out by the UK we’d be back as an Independent country which received a fairly long standing ovation by the Parliament

      Peoples personal opinions of him are their own but his commitment to Independence for Scotland is absolute and on record, otherwise the SNP wouldn’t have him in the job representing Scotland in the EU

    148. Socrates MacSporran says:

      Tomorrow, shortly after noon, Ian Blackford will rise to his feet at PMQs, here is what I want to hear him say:

      Mr Speaker, this parliament where we sit, was formed in 1707 by the Union of two kingdoms – England and Scotland. The United Kingdom is therefore a political Union.

      In last week’s European Parliament elections, one of the Kingdoms in the United Kingdom – England, endorsed that Kingdom’s desire to leave the EU, by voting-in a majority of pro-leaving MEPs.

      The other Kingdom – Scotland, the one I represent in this House – voted overwhelmingly to remain within the EU.

      This Scottish preference for remaining in Europe is mirrored by a majority of the MSPs in the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh being pre-Remaining in Europe.

      The majority of the Scottish MPs in this house are also of the view that Scotland should remain in Europe.

      At the EU Parliamentary elections last Thursday, every single Scottish local authority area voted in favour of remaining in Europe.

      Given that England and Scotland are now so irrevocably divided on the matter of remaining inside or leaving the EU, will the Prime Minister now agree to the dissolution of the Union, that our two kingdoms can now go the separate pathways they have indicated they wish to follow?

      After all, if England can vote to leave one political union – the EU, what right has England to prevent Scotland remaining within that European Union if that is Scotland’s wish?”

      I doubt if the zombie PM will even try to answer these questions, but, her failure to do so will surely indicate to even the most-ardent Scottish Unionist – we are being held inside the UK against our will.

    149. Clydebuilt says:

      Its a mistake to put too much weight on Alyn Smith’s interview responses. Think he had too many celebratory sherberts the night before (and probably morning off) the interview.
      Laughing to start with, recurring dry mouth, speech not clear at times. Seemed to clear the fog up during later stages.
      Confronted with difficult questions, he would normally easily bat away.

      Brewer threw the same conundrum at Blackford on Sunday morning. ” how are you going to Stop Brexit”

    150. mr thms says:

      To put the Sarah Smith report into context.

      The PERCENTAGE of the total number of ALL the votes cast in Scotland show the SNP share increased by around 9% compared to 2014.

      However, when you compare the total number of votes cast for the SNP, it shows a huge increase of 30% compared to 2014.

      The huge increase is around 18,000 LESS than the total number of votes for the Brexit Party!

      The Brexit Party was comprehensively defeated in Scotland and therefore they have no mandate to drag Scotland out of the EU against its will.

    151. Breeks says:

      Uncomfortable but thought provoking parallel? “Some” of the SNP is treating “some” frustrated Indy supporters the same way “some” Tories treated “somel frustrated Eurosceptics about 5 or 6 years ago.

      That smug Tory policy of “we know best / whatya gonna do about it? / who else you gonna vote for?” hubris is what led directly to grassroots exasperation, to Farage, to UKIP, to Brexit, Farage again, the Brexit Party, and most recently the virtual wipeout of the Conservative Party….and all in about a 4-5 year timeframe.

      In Scotland, still at the onset stage of grassroots exasperation, the Scottish Government isn’t really listening, and making woolly promises about,…err, … em,… well, about a referendum on “something”, maybe Europe, maybe Indy, maybe happening sometime “soon”…. maybe…

      Déjà vu all over again? Or am I being too cruel?

    152. Iain mhor says:

      I do not wish to be oerceived as unduly maligning Mr Smith, who I’m sure works hard for Scotland. I’m also sure any priority policy of stopping Brexit over Independence, is borne of his and by extension, our current tribulations. He surely recognises from his own imperilment the potential devastation for the businesses and people of Scotland – Ergo if it is good for Mr Smith it must be good for the people and businesses of Scotland.
      He doesn’t need a facetious cybernat adding to his woes..

      The difficulty though, I perceive, is that often extreme adversity clouds judgement. For example: the Brexit ship has sailed, there is no reversing this. Desperation to reverse Brexit, may lead to compacts with other political factions, who are equally as deperate. Such compacts may lead to political compromises for short term gain, which may in turn adversely impact long term goals.

      My posts of course, may be interprreted as concern trolling.
      Some do have concerns that perhaps the helm is not as steady for independence as desired and question whether the course correction to ride out rough seas is warranted. I of course, am voicing such concern, somewhat facetiously. Why not? The wailing infant may be soothed by smooth words and I’m sure I shall hear them in due course.
      I just want a big cuddle.

    153. sassenach says:

      Socrates MacSporran @10-22

      I hope you have emailed your suggestion to Ian Blackford.

      I’m sure we would all love to hear him say such a thing in Westminster – they would be beelin’ !!

    154. Wattie says:

      From Brian Taylor’s blog:

      The SNP contrived to corral Remainers and blend them with existing supporters of their pitch. To be absolutely clear, Nicola Sturgeon consistently linked stopping Brexit with offering the option of independence.

      Each phrase she formed about Brexit adhered to one about indyref2. These twin elements were inseparable, although the primary focus was Brexit, given that these were European elections.

    155. Ghillie says:

      Galamcennalath @ 9.38 am

      What a brilliant observation.

      I first saw Christian Allard during the 2014 Indy march from the High Street to Calton Hill. He was standing to the side holding up a distinctive blue sign ‘OUI’ 🙂

      Fell in love with him there and then!

      Say we are yanked out the EU briefly, would Christian Allard’s European citizenship mean he could carry on sitting in the EU Parliament representing Scotland?

      He could certainly continue to be a voice for Scotland from within Europe while still being here at home in Scotland =)

      Oh fun days ahead!

      Congratulations Alyn, Christian and Aileen 🙂


    156. Doug Bryce says:

      Everyone needs to chill : the unionists are worried that EU is good reason for voters to resoundingly back the SNP (irrespective of independence).

      Very soon we are going to be at point of no return : where independence is the only way to preserve EU membership. Until then the SNP simply say the right things and appeal to soft NO voters.

    157. Robert Peffers says:

      @Jomry says: 28 May, 2019 at 9:18 am:

      ” … I think that SNP politicians with access to media should be much more on the front foot and state forcefully at every opportunity that independence is the SNP goal in its own right and not simply a backstop to counter other events.”

      Oh! For the love of God, get real!

      The SNP began as an amalgamation, in 1934, between, “The National Party of Scotland, (founded in 1928) and the Scottish Party founded in, (1932). Both parties entire raison dêtre was Independence for Scotland and, guess what?, the new SNP’s raison dêtre was independence for Scotland and it remains so today.

      That means everything the SNP does is done with the object of gaining independence for Scotland. Whether it be as a Toon Cooncillor, an MSP, an MP or a MEP. That means if elected as a Toon Cooncillor the SNP member will do their best to be as good a Toon Cooncilor as they can be with the aim of making the SNP as acceptable as possible to the Scottish public and the same goes for MSPs, MPs and MEPs.

      However, when, not if, independence is gained the SNP will work out their time wherever they are elected to serve, (except at Westminster as that parliament of the United Kingdom will cease to exist), MP will most likely return to Holyrood and form the new upper house of the Scottish Parliament.

      Then I suspect the broad church that is the current SNP will begin to drift off to the left right and centre parties in the new independent Scotland and so will the rank and file members but I expect there will remain a political party called The Scottish NATIONAL party. It is, after all the party of the Scottish Nation and not as many would wrongly have it the, NATIONALISTS”, party.

      Now, by the way, go figure out just why the leader of the SNP is the FM at Holyrood and not the MP leader at the Westminster group.

      It is thus taken as read that everything the SNP does is always directed at winning independence. In no way do the elected members settle down to be comfortable members of, “The Establishment”. If Nicola is not calling for an immediate indyref it is because there is grave doubts of winning it. Thus the blame for not calling it immediately rests with the electorate and when they are of a great enough force to win an indyref there will be an indyref.

      Never forget the raison dêtre of the SNP is independence.

    158. Capella says:

      From Stu’s twitter (it’s where I get most of my news these days!)

      Votes cast in EU election 2019 compared to 2014

      SNP votes
      2019: 594,533
      2014: 389,503
      Difference = +205,030
      53% increase on 2014

      Labour votes
      2019: 146,724
      2014: 348,219
      Difference = -199,465
      57% decrease

      Tory votes
      2019: 182,476
      2014: 231,330
      Difference = -48,854

    159. Dr Jim says:

      The indyref will be in the later half of next year, the FM announced it yesterday from Dublin

      The BBC are still trying to figure out their strategy for putting it down, that’s why at the moment they’re only reporting it on TV text until the FM shows up for questioning so the BBC can have their barrage of crap ready to throw at her today which they couldn’t yesterday because she wisnae here

      God forbid the BBC would send a correspondent to Ireland with Scottish taxpayers money to hear what the elected head of state in Scotland has to say

      It was all over the Irish news of course, they rather like Scotland’s First Minister and what she has to say

    160. “She is the eldest daughter of the former leader of the Labour Party John Smith, and of Elizabeth Smith, Baroness Smith of Gilmorehill. She has a younger sister Jane Smith. The John Smith Memorial Trust, on whose Advisory Council she sits, lists her as The Hon. Sarah Smith; her mother’s status as a Baroness allows her the right to use “the Honourable” before her forename. Smith married Simon Conway, an author, former British Army officer and co-chair of the Cluster Munition Coalition, on the island of Iona, where her father is buried, on 22 September 2007. The service was led by Rev. Douglas Alexander, father of former Scottish Labour Party leader Wendy Alexander. In 2014, she returned to live in Edinburgh.”
      You couldn’t get more Brit Nat Scotia Elitist than this woman, and her mammy and sister.
      She is ‘the honorable’, doncha know.

      This is from Smith’s wiki entry.

      The Church of Scotland Mafia.
      Brown, Magnusson, Smith, Wendy and Douglas Alexander, and, surprise, surprise, Ruth Davidson, Marr, Neill..
      I seem to recall that Smith fronted BBC Newsnicht, and Scotland 2014, the Jock sop welded on to Newsnight; it folded because no one was watching the constant late night English propaganda guff.
      Now is the time.
      Drive these freeloaders and carpetbaggers from the land.

    161. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Evening Times asking ‘Do you want a second Scottish independence referendum?’

      Currently 3,708 votes

      56% Yes
      44% No

      20 hours left to vote.

    162. Nana says:

      Morning Sarah. As a news junkie, I’m just sharing my ‘hits’ with you, some good and some bad. 🙂

      Angus Robertson says

      EU election results may give Scotland leave to remain

      That’s all for today

    163. Bobp says:

      Mumsyhugs 10.11am. Last summer I drove home to Scotland with my wife. She was complaining of bad pains,so being near ayr I stopped at their AE dept. My wife was seen and treated inside an hour (bad water infection). A story she never stops telling her friends family and neighbours down here in England. Despite some hiccups (you can only stretch the barnett formula pocket money so far) Scotland has a great SNHS and staff. Dont lose it. Vote for independence.

    164. Abulhaq says:

      @Robert Peffers
      It would indeed be the act of a fool to call a referendum were the result to be another no.
      However, relying on the political dice to fall ‘just right’ is too passive.
      We have a good strong case against the system. I fear that case is not being heared in the court of Scottish public opinion. Too many appear ignorant of the nature of entity of which they are citizens.
      This is not just ‘ordinary’ politics. The rise of British nationalism and its apotheosis in Faragism alters the discourse. Attack is considered the best form of defence. More attack, less rhetoric ought to be the new agenda for the times.

    165. Socrates – love the idea.

      I think it’s called holding their feet to the fire!

      Apparently the SNP vote in the EU election was the largest for any party on Western Europe – haven’t heard them say anything about that on the BBC – plenty about the ‘jaw dropping’ result for Scottish Labour but curiously, having heard lots from Farage, there is almost nothing from the victors in Scotland.

      Not sure I can contain my enthusiasm till Autumn 2020 but it will come to pass.
      I see the newspapers are in split mode today. Scottish newspapers accusing Nicola of deceiving the voters, the figures have been tampered with and Sturgeon is behaving very badly.

      Daily torygtraph
      England: ‘Pursuing a no deal Brexit would be suicide for the tories’
      Scotland: ‘Sturgeon attacked over ‘deceitful’ call for new independence vote next year’

      England: Battle to get brexit sorted
      Scotland: ‘Fraudulent’ SNP use EU poll boost to push for indy ref 2

      They don’t like it one bit, how dare she not cow down and accept our imperial master’s instructions like nice Ruth is doing.

      Apparently, garage has promised to take seats in Holyrood next – well that will split the tory vote and finish the S Labour vote completely, might even make Willie Rennie want to vote with the Greens and SNP to counteract his excesses.

    166. Giving Goose says:


      Iona is a place reserved for the great and the good of Scotland.

      That does not include the late John Smith, nor should his daughter have been able to use Iona for her marriage when her “spiritual” home is London. Westminster Abbey would have been more appropriate for such Anti Scottish Entitled Labour would-be-royalty.

    167. Very interesting Reith lecture – though at times difficult to retain focus on – from an ex judge Jonathan Sumption on BBC R4 this morning talking about Parliamentary democracy and how it serves or does;t serve the people.

      Got very interesting about 15 minutes in when he started to talk about referendums and how a vote of 52% of the people for something and 48% of the people against something could not be interpreted as ‘the people have spoken and we go with the 52%’

      This judge sat on the panel for the Gina Miller case and had quite a lot to say about the good and the bad side of courts, the rule of law, democracy etc.

      He also said that basically the Supreme Court is no different form the Law Lords who used to sit on and rule on certain cases the only obvious difference being that they now sit in a building across the road from their previous location. He wasn’t asked but I’m pretty sure that from what he said, it has no legitimacy in Scotland.

      It’s worth listening through – if you can access the BBC – as he talks about the only reason the rule of law works is because we allow that to be the case. We give it legitimacy by living according to the decisions made and these are not always good decisions. For once a more balanced, less unhinged view on things and if Theresa may was listening she should have hung her head in shame at the way she has treated Scotland.

      Refreshing to hear some intelligent discourse

    168. mumsyhugs

      hope you will have good results from your hospital trip.

      I have to go to Edinburgh Royal infirmary every 6 months for check-ups.

      Journey there, about 50 minutes, can always park, clean, friendly hospital staff, efficient department, get weighed, blood pressure, short wait for appointment, out, blood tests taken – everyone polite and friendly, cup of tea, home. 1.5 hours door to door every time like clockwork.
      At last visit in April was told that I was due a bone scan this year, appointment notified for June 24th.

      I have NO complaints about our Scottish NHS and having lived for many years in England I look on in horror at why has happened there in the last 5 years. We are incredibly lucky.

    169. Capella says:

      @ me 10.21 Tories lost 21% of their vote in EU elections apologies the last line got left out.

      @ Nana – that’s an excellent article by Angus Robertson. Galvanise Edinburgh into aspiring to be Best European Capital Ever.

      Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the BBC would feature Nicola Sturgeon, winner of the EU elections as often as they showcase Nigel Farage winner in the region of England and Wales.

    170. robertknight says:

      Funny how you need to go to the foreign press for any sensible, BritNat propaganda-free reporting on the FM doing the ‘dsy job’ and some.

    171. robertknight says:

      Oopsy… Fat fingers…’day job’ of course.

    172. Robert Louis says:

      Socrates at 1022am,

      I too would want to see him say that. Indeed I would prefer him to point out the same realities every week. Until Westminster is sick of hearing it.

      However, Looking at what is being said by Alyn Smith (who has near single-handedly managed to trash his own political reputation) this morning (as per Rev’s twitter), I do not think it will happen. Indeed, no other political party has ever at the EU elections been handed such a thumping mandate, but the SNP will not do anything with it. It will, like their previous electoral successes be left to wither.

      Sadly, I am more convinced than ever, given their reluctance to use the EU result for indy, that their are a few at the top of the SNP simply using the refusal of Westminster to give a section 30 agreement as an excuse. It lets them off the hook – ‘oh, we can’t have a referendum because…..’

      WE all know a section 30 is not needed, and here’s the thing, the SNP have hardly made much of an effort about it, have they? A letter now and then..If they REALLY wanted one, they would be talking about nothing but a section 30 in every single interview and at every single PMQ’s, but they don’t. They just don’t. Any political strategist worth his salt knows that the way to do this, is to call the referendum first, then invite Westminster to reach agreement. NOT the other way around, effectively begging for permission.

      Sadly, I think the SNP will take their time over the necessary legislation – I mean why is it only being done now??? Dragging their feet, very, very slowly.

      Getting michty fed up with this dithering by the SNP. And it really is quite epic dithering.

      They in the SNP have their current jobs for one goal, independence, everything else is incidental, and if England (as now seems certain) wants to throw itself off a cliff, let’s not hang around still tied to them when they do it.

      But the SNP don’t want to hear this, they’ve got England to rescue first.

    173. dakk says:

      Seen old Tony Blair caked with orange foundation on Adam Bolton this morning on a friend’s tv.

      He seems to think there is no chance any new Tory PM will take UK out of EU on no deal without a second referendum.

      He might be right,but then he thought Saddam had WMD,or so he implored.

      The worthless opinions of a war criminal no less.

    174. robertknight says:

      Robert Louis

      Read the Irish Times articles I linked to earlier. They might improve your mood, except towards the press in this country possibly.

    175. Robert Peffers says:

      @Capella says: 28 May, 2019 at 9:30 am:

      ” … It’s not our job to help them achieve that.”

      Very, very true, Capella, but that won’t stop blogs such as wings being immediately inundated with people claiming to be indy supporters casting doubts upon the SNP leadership, MEPs, MSPs and ever Toon Cooncilllors. If you doubt that just read through Wings on almost any thread and it is all utter bunkum.

      As I’ve just posted upthread the SNP was formed in 1934 with the sole purpose of gaining Scottish independence and that aim has not changed in 85 years. It doesn’t matter if the SNP just stands on the touchline shouting at the ruling UK parties, it doesn’t matter if they take seats in local councils, at Westminster, Brussels or Holyrood.

      Whatever and wherever they engage in political activity their aim in doing so is not to become part of the UK Establishment – the aim is to end the UK Establishment.

      The point is that if they get involved in the UK establishment, at any level, it would be entirely useless if they then showed only an aim to destroy whatever level of the Establishment they got involved in. Just how long do people think they would exist either in whatever level they had gained seats in if they demonstrated they were only there to destroy it?

      They must therefore not only show they are competent at the job but are better at it than the, (cough!), established Establishment parties. The point, though, is now as it always has been to gain independence for the Kingdom of Scotland to be just a normal state like most of the rest of the World’s countries or states.

      In the longer term either doing a bad job, or being overly aggressive politically, will only serve to alienate those we need to recruit to the cause of independence and you do not get willing recruits by kicking them in the gonads.

      Furthermore there is absolutely nothing whatsoever wrong with asking people to lend their vote to achieve a particular result. This is something that the Establishment party hacks just do not understand. After all their aim is to rule the establishment instead of some other establishment party and that makes borrowing another Establishment’s members is, well, “Not Cricket”.

      The SNP is not in politics to just compete against the other Establishment parties to see which of them gets their, “Buggin’s Turn”, as the Establishment’s rulers, the SNP is there to eliminate, “The Establishment”.

      In other words the SNP ate in politics to play a quite different game and we play by the different rules of the game we are playing.

    176. Col says:

      Yeah it’s funny the anti Scottish press run such headlines today after Sarah Smith basically says the same though in just a slightly softer tone but just as snide. If anyone is still paying her wages through the BBC tax please stop.

    177. Republicofscotland says:

      Go Nicola stick it to them, keep the momentum going. Oh to see Smith’s face on independence, I’d imagine it will be similar to a bulldog chewin a wasp.

    178. jfngw says:

      For those spouting bullshit in the media and other parties desperate to negate the highest poll of any party in any country in the EU elections here is the highlighted points from the SNP EU manifesto.

      We’ll keep working with others across the UK to stop Brexit.
      We’re backing a People’s Vote that will give the option to remain.
      We’ll offer people a choice of a future for Scotland as an independent, European nation.
      We’ll support revoking Article 50 if a no-deal Brexit is the only alternative.

      The choice of independence is clearly stated in the manifesto, maybe not as often as it was mentioned in the Tory one but the Tories decided to use the EU election as a vote for no indyref, they lost.

    179. robbo says:

      dakk says:
      28 May, 2019 at 11:51 am

      Personally i thought he talked a bit of sense and probably the most coherent bit of logic to this whole brexit debacle if you ask me.We’re 3 years on with no end in site unless we get indyref2 on the table. He’s probably the only one if he were still in Hoc to sort this mess IMHO. What he said today is westmonsters only route to a safer brexit.

    180. geeo says:

      Socrates MacSporran@10.52am

      If Ian Blackford came out with that, and there is a good chance he will say something along those lines, treeza will ignorantly as usual, try bat him away with a very short retort about ‘2014 ya lost’.

      It is how she responds to every non tory question.

      As for unionists in Scotland, the diehards will simply laugh and say “haha, treeza got him telt”

      Frankly, if the rest have not twigged treeza/WM ignore Scotland by now, they are not watching it.

      PMQ’s is designed to put the public off politics, that way there are less ‘mug punters’ holding then to account and scrutinizing their behaviour.

      My wife hates politics, it is an utter disconnect, but even she made comment about how Holyrood is much more respectfully managed than WM at PMQ’s/FMQ’s.

      Doesnt sound much, but that is ground breaking comment from her !

      I immediately said to her, “where would you prefer to make decisions which affect your childrens future”? (Involving the kids always makes her respond)

      “Obviously in Holyrood, they listen more” was her response.

      Now she knows why i make sure she votes. She may not care the other days, but she votes SNP and Yes when it really matters, polling day.

      I was gobsmacked when she phoned from work to ask me if i had voted in the (EU) election yet, and if I had, would I take a walk to the polling station with her after work.

      Especially when ‘after work’ on a Thursday is around 8.30 after an 11 hour day. !!

      She now WANTS to vote on stuff, now she fully gets how it will affect the children’s futures, rather than being ‘nagged and dragged’ there.

      I spend most time trying to get through to mothers about indy for Scotland, as it is easy to present 2 futures for their children.

      “YOU may not care about politics, and frankly, I do not blame you when you look at PMQ’s on a Wednesday, but try think from the view of your children growing up into adulthood, and ask, what kind of future do you want THEM to have” ?

      Works pretty well for me as it plants the seeds in their mind.

    181. Clapper57 says:

      I watched this last night and was amazed that she did NOT mention Ruth D’s Tory campaign was 100% on sending a message to Nicola on no more referendums…it was like a total omission…funnily enough had the results been reversed I am sure she would have highlighted in her report that, this result as per Ruth’s Tory EU election campaign material, sent a clear message to Nicola and the SNP on having another Indy Ref.

      On watching her report I did wonder if she had a bad day as she seemed somewhat subdued….to not mention Ruth D’s Tory battle lines that were drawn in the campaign by Ruth D’s Tory party was either shockingly remiss or as we all suspect a deliberate biased omission as per….from the BBC.

      I am sure voters will have noticed that the election material they received from Ruth D’s Tory party in Scotland fell on it’s arse and will know who has been sent a message….but as usual they, the Tories in Scotland, are not listening and the BBC choose to ignore …..I suppose when one’s party is controlled by an HQ in another country one finds oneself fighting with one’s hand tied behind one’s back….on the plus side with Ruth clearly a member of the dark Brexit side it exposes to the voters that she is blatantly ignoring the fact that the country she is elected in, Scotland, is a majority remain one….we await her No Deal conversion with no surprise or shock.

    182. Capella says:

      @ Robert Peffers – Hi Robert. I’m well aware of the various doom laden comments from some commenteers designed, no doubt, to sap morale and persuade us all to give up.
      Nae chance!

      After such a successful poll as the EU elections, Nicola Sturgeon and Co are talking up Scotland’s right to self determination and I’m feeling very positive about the future. We have approx one year till Indyref2 (maybe less) so I’ll keep on supporting the one party dedicated to achieving independence in Europe.

    183. geeo says:

      Robert Louis@11.43am

      Oh look, a pretendy SNP/INDY supporter on full British Nationalist ‘concern troll’/’SNP USELESS’ mode.

      Triggered every time the SNP have a brilliant election result.

      The Butthurt is powerful on this one ..!!

    184. Petra says:

      Here we go again like a crowd of weans in a playground all in a huddle churning over what someone in our gang has said: how we’ve construed it. Why don’t we start getting positive, focus on the positive, and more than anything keep our eye on the ball? And who needs Westminster divide and rule when you can find it right here on Wings. Additionally extremely disappointed with Stu’s tweet. I hope this isn’t going to be the norm between now and IndyRef2.

    185. jfngw says:

      The MSM narrative: Brexit Party take 40% of the UK seats (45% in England), a massive success. The SNP take 50% of the seats in Scotland, an abject failure.

      They are pushing the line that the SNP is only successful if they achieve more than 50% of the vote, but any other party is legitimate if they are over 30%. It’s how they are going to run the anti referendum message until we have the vote. It’s the drip, drip technique of propaganda, have daily negative stories, the SNHS is prime here, and continually mention the SNP support levels.

    186. Robert Peffers says:

      @Bob Mack says: 28 May, 2019 at 9:54 am:

      ” … They are working behind the scenes whilst we sleepwalk.”

      Well, Bob Mack, while YOU are sleep walking you seem to have missed the news that Holyrood will, in the next few days, be debating, voting and passing an Indyref Bill and then presenting it to Her Majesty for the Royal Signature.

      At which point a full blown constitutional crisis will hit the Westminster Establishment right in the kisser while it is up to its ears in working with a Prime ministerial change problem, and a BR UKExit crisis.

      Maybe you don’t realise what that Royal Signature thing is all about but it is at that point the Westminster Establishment is presented with a problem. Does The UK Government allow it to be signed and thus become law or does it object, prevent Her Majesty signing it, and have it appealed in the Supreme Court?

      A Supreme Court that has already acknowledged The Scottish Claim of Right, (a.k.a.) The People of Scotland being Legally Sovereign. Which means if the Supreme Court were to attempt to stop it the SG appeals it to the International Courts that are almost certain to uphold The Scottish People’s Legal Sovereignty and the excrement hits the ventilation equipment.

      Whatever makes you think the SG is just sleep walking?

    187. jfngw says:

      Forgot to add if the SNP do achieve over 50% then the agenda will be to go with the headlines: Is Scotland A One Party State. They like to have all avenues of attack available.

    188. Robert Peffers says:

      @Iain mhor says: 28 May, 2019 at 10:00 am:

      ” … Alyn Smith has his own personal agenda – he wants to keep his job – ergo the UK needs to remain in Europe. Once he’s got guaranteed financial security and his comfy chair and pipe on the go – then he can devote his attentions to Independence.”

      What total pish!

    189. sassenach says:

      Petra @ 12.30pm

      Absolutely correct, we are our own worst enemy sometimes!
      I certainly hope the Rev’s tweet is not a sign of what his views are – there have been subtle changes towards the SNP since the KD case, imho.

    190. robbo says:

      sassenach says:
      28 May, 2019 at 12:39 pm
      Petra @ 12.30pm

      ??? tweet

    191. cassandra says:

      “Very, very true, Capella, but that won’t stop blogs such as wings being immediately inundated with people claiming to be indy supporters casting doubts upon the SNP leadership, MEPs, MSPs and ever Toon Cooncilllors. If you doubt that just read through Wings on almost any thread and it is all utter bunkum.”

      Unlike the sycophantic bunkum posted here every day by posters like you Mr Propaganda Peffers?

      ‘Claiming to be Indy supporters’ – How DARE you! Because someone is not on their knees genuflecting to the party machine, you think you can know how credible their support for Indy is. Over 1.5 million people voted for Indy, the SNP has currently about 120 000 members, does that not tell you something?

      Your patronizing, know it all approach towards anyone who does not believe the SNP strategy is perfect is so tedious and puts people off joining the SNP. I KNOW this because I have directed people here who ask ‘Are most of them like that in the SNP’?

      The SNP is a political party not a religious movement.

      Alyn Smith MEP was on R4 this am promoting himself and keeping the UK in the EU over everything else. Whether he is in a job after his clams over the Brexit Party who are consulting their legal team, is another matter. Yet again the SNP have used an electoral victory to buy themselves more time. More time to do what? The legal framework that could have been over 2 years ago?

      I am a member and have been for many years but I have no difficulty in engaging with criticism of the SNP anywhere. People appreciate that much more than blindly deflecting questions with smokescreens about founding principles or history lectures.

      What are you so afraid of? You strike me as someone who has always known ‘their place’ in the world and who is very afraid and angry at anyone who questions the structure, hierarchy or fragility of human decision making.

      I guess years working for Her Majesty ‘sucking up’ to the British State does that to you. Deep State Peffers might be a better moniker.

    192. Capella says:

      @ Petra – Stu retweeted a “Freescot” tweet before actually listening to the broadcast for himself – not his usual mv.

      “Freescot” appears to be a new arrival, possibly from Australia (address roorooyes). He had 3 followers when I looked earlier but now has 1,136.

    193. Capella says:

      @ cassandra – you’re not really a great example of the “respect agenda” yourself. RP is also entitled to his views.

      I recommend you scroll past any posters whose views annoy you. That’s what I normally do though I’m making an exception ATM.

    194. geeo says:

      Breeks says:

      28 May, 2019 at 8:46 am

      From Rev’s Twitter…

      “AlynSmith on @BBCRadioScot saying independence is NOT @TheSNP highest priority! Unacceptable! …”

      Is this true? I don’t listen to BBC garbage.

      If it is true, can I get my fkn vote back?

      Hmm…so you “dont listen to BBC garbage”, yet seem almost desperate to believe said garbage.

      After all these years, you still think the BBC are reporting SNP comments unadulterated by state propaganda levels of spin, designed to split the biggest threat to their gravy train ?

      When I read that, my 1st thought was “aye right, that will be misquoted/invented BBC Propaganda pish”

      Upon examination, that view was quickly confirmed.

      How telling that you went straight to “essenpee bad” as a default.

      We get it, you want indy but hate the SNP.

      However, by constantly attacking anything SNP, especially on the say so of a BBC report, you are drifting into britnat splitter tactics/ground.

      I said before 29th March deadline, that you were looking forward to shouting “i told you so” about your perception of ‘ESSENPEE USELESS’ in the run up to that date.

      Like the Chicken Licken story, the sky didn’t fall in on 29th March.

      Now we have an indyref bill starting its progress, which bypasses a Section 30 right up until WM has to choose between

      A. Challenging the Bill in UKSC before Royal Assent. This opens a legal and constitutional shitstorm that the WM gov cannot win due to the text of the treaty of union itself.

      B. Do not challenge it, in which case it gains RA and becomes legitimate in Scots Law.

      And THAT means there is no need for a S.30.

      If WM refuse to accept the result of a plebiscite of legally sovereign Scots under Scots Law, then they have clearly breached the treaty of union entirely. (Subjugation of Scots Law, especially a Scots Law bill with RA, is about as fatal a breach of the Treaty of Union as is possible).

      But hey, feel free to focus on your hatred of the SNP though.

    195. geeo says:

      Oh look, ‘cassandra’ is back!

      Must have popped in to congratulate the SNP on a brilliant campaign in yet another winning election and congratulate the candidates on keeping Scotland’s light on in the EU.

      Or maybe not huh ?

    196. Cubby says:

      The British controlled media in Scotland say that the SNP are obsessed with independence.

      The British political parties in Scotland say the SNP are obsessed with independence.

      People post on Wings that the SNP are not obsessed with independence and they are not happy with them dragging their feet about indyref2.

      The SNP delivered indyref1. I repeat the SNP delivered indyref1 They are in the process of delivering indyref 2 next year ( only 6 years after indyref1) and taking steps to try and prevent any pockling of the result. Any other group or party delivered on anything re Scottish independence in the past 312 years of this horrendous union – NO – so my suggestion to all you people with concerns is – get a grip and try and see the bigger picture.

      Stop letting the British controlled media and the Britnat concern trolls on Wings wind you up. Always remember the British controlled media lie and so do the phoney independence supporters on Wings. It is, after all, their job to be paid liars.

    197. Dr Jim says:


      You’ve noticed and you’re not the only one, there are quite a lot of people doing very nicely out of Scotland’s politics, for or against but when Scotland becomes Independent what do they turn to, so for some it’s more expedient to keep the pot boiling rather than getting round to actually drinking the tea, so they invent complaints about the biscuits that might be served

      I hope I didn’t infuse that with too much cryptic reference

    198. Cubby says:

      Cassandra I think you are now more of an ordinary Daisy than a divine Dahlia

    199. yesindyref2 says:

      @Iain mhor
      As a previously outspoken critic of Alyn Smith because of retweeting that SH link thereby apparently endorsing the SH headline about “War on cybernats”, I didn’t hear the interview but it doesn’t really matter.

      He is the official / unofficial Mr EU of the SNP and the ScotGov, the diplomat and anbassador and consul to the EU via the Parliament, and very well liked and respected there. Undoubtedly with a lot of contacts, not just amongst the Greens.

      From that point of view he would be right to appear to put the EU membership first, and even if there’s not much chance of the UK staying in the EU, that’s what he would be expected to work for by the European Parliament, and that’s what he must do. If I was him, I would appear to put the EU before Independence if neccessary, because that would be my duty for Scotland, and I would do my duty.

      But there’s no doubt in my mind he’s very pro-Independence, Independence for Scotland in the EU. And our greatest ambassador to the EU.

      *cuddle* 🙂

    200. Colin Alexander says:

      I thought it’s obvious the SNP have been prioritising Brexit over indy and will continue to do so.

      That Indy has been way down the list of SNP priorities for the last five years is fairly obvious too.

      So, though I’m no fan of Alyn Smith following his attack on cybernats and bloggers, in this case, he seems to be simply stating an unpalatable truth, so should not be singled out for that.

      It remains to be seen whether the planned Indyref legislation is just being done with the SNP looking forward to the Holyrood elections and with no expectation that an indyref will be held.

      At least the attempt to legislate for one can be considered a step forward, even though it is two or three years late and possibly too late.

      Time will tell.

      If another Indyref is blocked, a plebiscite election on Scotland’s independence is a must.

    201. HandandShrimp says:

      From what I understand the current work on referendum legislation is to do with mechanics. Protecting the votes, counting the votes etc.,

      After some of the activity regarding the 2014 and 2016 referendums these are a set of ducks that need to be in a neat row before we bring forward a second vote.

    202. Cactus says:

      He he he Sarah Smith, check the nick of ye Sarah Smith ha ha ha

      Aye yer face is pure trippin’ ye yah wee crawlin’ beastie…

      Here’s a band from Glasgow for ye, we Powertrippin’!

      We are Takin’ Hold of Scotland again

    203. Petra says:

      Yeah we’re on the same wavelength, Dr Jim.

    204. yesindyref2 says:

      @Robert Louis “Sadly, I think the SNP will take their time over the necessary legislation – I mean why is it only being done now??? Dragging their feet, very, very slowly.

      Indeed, last night I quoted from Tom Gordon of the Herald

      (Gordon) “Ms Sturgeon’s timetable also indicates the bill is more theatrical than practical, as it implies an unrealistic six to nine-month transition to independence before the election

      Excellent stuff, exactly what the Unionists want to hear. Indy ref 2 ain’t going to happen this side of 2021, the SNP ain’t going to get the neccessary S30 order, now is not the time and never will be it’s a generation and it isn;t yet, and then the SNP are kicked out of Government. Alas, alack and alarry, hehehehe say the Unionists. Bless 🙂

      except for one teeny weeny miniscule little thing. “Emergency Bill”. Like what happend to the EU Continuity Bill when it went through Holyrood like a dose of salts in just 4 weeks. And note what Sturgeon actually DID say abot the S30 rather than what the Unionists want so desperately to believe.

    205. yesindyref2 says:

      I thought

      As my wife would say, “Thought made a fool of you”!

    206. Robert Peffers says:

      @Abulhaq says: 28 May, 2019 at 11:13 am:

      ” … It would indeed be the act of a fool to call a referendum were the result to be another no.
      However, relying on the political dice to fall ‘just right’ is too passive.”

      That’ll be in your honest opinion of course?

      ” … We have a good strong case against the system. I fear that case is not being heared in the court of Scottish public opinion. Too many appear ignorant of the nature of entity of which they are citizens.”

      No doubt that is true but as a 71 year independence activist who, many years ago, was a regular weekend visitor behind the scenes of the then new Glasgow BBC Studios. I learned, first hand, how the BBC worked and thought.

      That way of working and thinking has only become more entrenched through the years and also became how the rest of the Scottish media now acts and thinks. Like horses to water – you can take them but cannot make them drink. What is more, you never will while the UK remains intact.

      They sure as hell will not change now. Which is why it has become the job of the rank & file activists to take on the roll of educators for there is no other way open to us now. However, those 71 years of SNP supporting have taught many lessons and the greatest of these is that you get few people ready to listen if the teacher is too aggressive in their approach.

      Furthermore you do not win arguments by aggressive tactics. You do so by more listening and less shouting. Logic and truth can win anyone over if you can just get them to listen and you don’t get that by full on attack.

      ” … This is not just ‘ordinary’ politics. The rise of British nationalism and its apotheosis in Faragism alters the discourse. Attack is considered the best form of defence.”

      Sorry to tell you this, Abulhaq, but that is a pure fallacy. The only time it is true is when the attack is a complete surprise attack and that is especially true when the attacking force is very much weaker, or at least much outnumbered by the force being attacked.

      It never has been ordinary politics, for the very simple reason that ordinary politics is parties within the Westminster Establishment engaged in the exercise of struggling to see which member of the Westminster Establishment is next for taking their, “Buggin’s Turn”, in power and the SNP are not members of the Westminster Establishment so are not, by Establishment rules, entitled to a, “Buggin’s Turn”. We are outsiders and we don’t really even want to be insiders in the first place.

      Which is why they shout us down, ignore us and mock us at Westminster. The whole truth is that when the Union is under threat the Westminster Establishment has always stood Shoulder to shoulder against their common foe and we are the common foe.

      Tell me, Abulhaq, what is the very first thing that happens when war is either declared by the UK or upon the UK? I’ll tell you as it will save time – The Privy Council, (a cross party organ), advises the monarch who calls, “A wartime Prime Minister”, to her presence and commands that chosen one to form Her/His Majesty’s cross-party War Cabinet as the Wartime government.

      The Westminster Establishment is a sham, or should that be scam), They are all different parties but all part of, “The Establishment”, that is except for Sein Fein, Plaid Cymru & the SNP. Within the Establishment they have rule that do not apply to non-Establishment parties. So no one in the Establishment will lift a finger to educate the public and the outsiders are on their own. Note that it is only with the rise of social media that the SNP began to make real headway.

      Anyway, here’s a thing, there comes a time when there are enough rank & file outsiders there to get the message out to the remaining uneducated public, a sort of tipping point, and headway can then begin to be made. That point has actually been passed but now there is a different problem.

      Too many rank & File have become over eager to go on the attack and without doubt are actually turning potential converts to independence against independence by aggressive attitudes. I don’t get about much any more but I still get the occasional convert. Usually more by listening than by talking.

      Want to know what I’m listening for, Abulhaq?

      I’m listening for an irrefutable point the would be convert has got wrong and that I can prove they have it wrong? Got one around a week ago. A lady who was claiming that the Scots were subsidy junkies, (mind you she did so in more polite terms). I knew then I had at least got her caught out. So I asked her how she figured that out. She replied that the Scots get more per head of funding than everyone else.

      The explanation of why the did was a revelation for her. Devolution involves taking a function away from the Westminster Ministry that had previously done that devolved function and giving it to the devolved administration. How though can the devolved administration fund the function without fund raising powers? The cannot so they must take funds from the Westminster Ministry and devolve them with the function.

      However, as each devolved administration has different devolved functions they end up with different per capita funding and factually N.I. has more devolved functions and thus more per capita funding. Scotland comes next and Wales is least.

      Then comes the killer punch – The question of how much does England get as England is still funded directly by the Westminster Ministries. Then the second question – What is the English per capita funding? It took a few days but I’m getting bombarded by her questions every day just now. I do believe I have a convert to independence. Eyes are being opened.

      So what do you think would have been the result if I’d aggressively attempted to just defend Scotland by attacking England?, (She is not English by the way but is married to an Englishman).

      The whole point is that we are never going to get a fair and even handed broadcaster or fair newspapers the way things stand but we now have the feet on the ground but some of those feet can be doing much more harm than good.

      For example over the last couple of days we have Wingers attacking Alyn Smyth and the FM and most of the attackers have no clues about the new indyref bill going through Holyrood and what it means in practice.

      Now I’m not privy to what the SNP leadership are doing but I’ve been saying, here on Wings, for a long time that perhaps such ways of getting independence existed and might be the answer and here they are being put into practice by the SNP leadership.

      Now I don’t for an instant think they have been listening to me. I just sussed out different ways it might be done legally without need for armed insurrection and it seems very doable to me.

    207. orri says:

      Time for a campaign to change the “unofficial” Scottish National Anthem to this,

      Scots Wha Hae
      Scots, wha hae wi’ Wallace bled,
      Scots, wham Bruce has aften led;
      Welcome to your gory bed,
      Or to victory!

      Now’s the day, and now’s the hour;
      See the front o’ battle lour;
      See approach proud Edward’s power—
      Chains and slavery!

      Only quoted the first two verses ’cause the next would trigger this sites filtering regarding knaves.
      Starts well mentioning two of those instrumental in the build up to independence. Then has the obvious put down to any repeat of the bullshit about “Now’s not the time”. Which the 700th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Arbroath would most certainly be. Even better if it was held on April 6th but you can’t have everything.

      They tried their best to shit all over the celebrations of Bannockburn. They’re trying their best to make us forget we’re sovereign and the implications of the DoA. Let’s remind them.

    208. Jack Murphy says:

      Alyn Smith MEP is a committed European, internationalist and a strong supporter of an independent Scotland.

      For those who haven’t already seen them here are a couple of YouTube uploads of Alyn speaking in the European parliament.

      2016. Standing ovation in the European parliament:

      2019. “Leave a Light on”:

    209. Stephen McKenzie says:

      Robert Peffers says: 28 May, 2019 at 2:37 pm
      @Abulhaq says: 28 May, 2019 at 11:13 am:

      Very good and excellent post Robert

    210. Robert Peffers says:

      @Meg merrilees says: 28 May, 2019 at 11:15 am:

      ” … Not sure I can contain my enthusiasm till Autumn 2020 but it will come to pass.”

      Now I very well could be very wrong but I get the impression that after the indyref bill gets to the Royal Assent stage there could be a very rapid and sudden cave in by Westminster and who knows where that leaves Scotland in relation to her standing with the EU. We could even find ourselves never being out od the EU if the EU accepts the United Kingdom was a two partner kingdom with two equally sovereign partner kingdoms and one wants out while the other wants to stay in.

      If they ruled that the UK was the member state composed of two partners or that the member state had to be thrown out as one unit would make all the difference. Anyhow the old lie that there is a queue to join the EU has long been proven to be mince and they could throw the UK out with one stroke of the pen and Scotland into the EU as being totally compliant with the next stroke of the pen.

      The other point is the media has been quite quiet about the Indyref bill and even quieter of what it could mean. I expect it will suddenly become the major story.

    211. stu mac says:

      robertknight says:
      28 May, 2019 at 9:05 am

      BritNat Brainwashing Channel going for full on, Mooth Davidson playbook, no demand for IndyRef2 mode.

      They really should put the rider at the end stating “except for viewers and listeners in North Britain”. At least they couldn’t then be open to accusations of dishonesty,

      Afraid you’re showing your own bias. The BBC regularly lies to people all over the UK. Think Libya and Syria for instance and the over abundance of coverage of extreme right wing chancers as well (think Question time for inst.)

    212. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi orri at 2:48 pm.

      You typed,
      “Time for a campaign to change the “unofficial” Scottish National Anthem to this,”

      Have a look at the link below, to a comment I posted on 25th May.

      Have a listen to THAT version of the ORIGINAL tune, that Burns modified for “Scots Wha Hae”.

    213. yesindyref2 says:

      I get the impression” Me too.

    214. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi orri.

      Here’s the info I posted on my Facebook page on 16th May, to follow on from my comment up above at 3.13pm.

      “There is an ancient Scottish song called “Hey Tuttie Tatie”, which, according to legend/history, was sung/played by the Scots, prior to the Battle of Bannockburn.

      History has it that it was also sung/played by the French monarch’s Scots Guard (Garde Écossaise), as they helped Joan of Arc take Orleans in 1429.
      From a web site (I’ll provide links in a following comment):

      “The Relief of Orléans
      Joan was led into the besieged city of Orléans on April 28th, 1429, to the celebratory skirl of the Scottish pipes. The tune played for her was “Hey Tuttie Taiti”. The same tune that had marched Robert the Bruce into battle at Bannockburn a century before. The same tune that Robert Burns would set to his poem “Scots Wha Hae” centuries later.”

      This tune was adopted by the French as “Marche des soldats de Robert Bruce” (March of the soldiers of Robert Bruce) and is well known in Europe – played all over the place. Just try a search on Youtube.

      It shows how Scotland has been a European nation for centuries, with one of the oldest alliances – Scotland and France “The Auld Alliance” – dating from 1295.

      Onnyhoo, if you don’t find your eyes tending to over-lubricate when the pipes start up, you’re not as Scottish as you thought. (If you know the words, you can sing “Scots Wha Hae” along with the band.)”

      And the following comment with info:-

      “Actually, if you watch the video above and let it continue onto the following videos, you’ll get umpteen versions of the tune.
      Here are the links for further info…

    215. JMD says:

      Ian Brotherhood 11.08

      Not much use if you’re not on Twitter and so can’t vote.

    216. JMD says:

      Do you have a link to the actual Evening Times page?

    217. mumsyhugs says:

      So Neil Findlay is packing it in???

    218. Foonurt says:

      Aye, heard thurr bawbag oan Radio Union.

      Ah huv nae faith, wae hurr.

    219. robertknight says:

      Stu Mac

      You may have a point.

      All the reasons you list account for my only having news Apps from Reuters, A P News, Al Jazeera, R T News, teleSUR, RTE News Now, The National and Sky News to try to get more than one angle on events.

      If I want to hear Unionist SNP-Bad propaganda, I can sample any of the BBC’s North British output anytime.

    220. Bibbit says:

      ‘Slabs, Greens, Liberal Democrats, lend me your votes’! Said Nicola Sturgeon never.

      Sarah is becoming so unhinged, she’s just making it up as she goes along.

      What will they all do, on Independence Day?

    221. Gary says:

      Biased? But how could she possibly be biased? I mean, just because her late father was the leader of The Labour Party and she now comments on Scottish politics what would make you think she could POSSIBLY have any pro Labour bias???

    222. orri says:

      Last post went AWOl.

      First link when I searched for Marche des Soldats was this one,

      Looking for Hey Tutti Taiti! got this song

      Which got me thinking as to what the title actually means.
      toute , all , entire , complete
      tette , nipple , teat

      It’s a drinking song or a boast of how much you’ve drunk before a battle. Kind of a boast that you’ve drunk everything and are still standing and ready for a fight.

      The origin, I’m making up on the hoof, is that Scot’s had a reputation for being able to handle their drink and would drink anything. Not a great reputation these days to be honest.

      Would make sense when talking about a wee nip of whisky. Also might refer to wine skins or a scottish variant.

    223. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi orri.

      Interesting stuff! Your first Youtube link,
      was only uploaded on 17th May so I hadn’t seen it before. It got me Googling…

      “The Hubert commando is one of the seven commandos of the French Navy, considered as the most prestigious of them and as the most selective and complete unit of special forces of the whole French Army.
      Made up of combat swimmers, the Hubert commando specializes in underwater action and in maritime counter-terrorism actions.
      Two of them were killed in the night of 9 to 10 May while releasing hostages in Burkina Faso.”

      Which explains that the video is of a ceremony on 14th May, to honour the two commandos who died. It has under the video,

      Cédric de Pierrepont, Commando Hubert, 17/07/1986 – 10/05/2019.
      Alain Bertoncello, Commando Hubert, 1991 – 10/05/2019.”

      Onto your Hey Tutti Taiti video,

      It has underneath the video,

      “”Hey Tutti Taiti!”,.. or, “everyone toot on your horn”.. refers to the fact that it was expected at that time that every soldier bring a noise-maker of some sort to a battle to intimidate the enemy. At Bannockburn this drinking song/march was chosen as a tune to scare the crap out of, or severely dis-orient, Edward Long-shanks and his army. (The words used here are probably not what they sang.) It worked!..uniting the successful rebel attack.”

      Interesting where links on WOS take you…

    224. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Commando Hubert’s badge looks a tad familiar…

      It’s the only one of the 7 with Wings!

    225. Mark Russell says:

      Oor Sarah’s going to need a lot of botox or type 1 in the near future. Lots of interesting facial contortions again tonight. You’d think she was interviewing the de’il tonight…

    226. orri says:

      Didn’t click the bit underneath. Was looking for a believable bad French to Scots translation a la misheard lyrics.

      Given the british commando’s were formed by Scots, as were the SAS etc and the majority are scots even till today. Given the wiki reference the French Commando was also formed in Scotland. Makes it more obvious why they’d adopt that tune.

    227. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi orri.

      I found the version played at the ceremony a tad ‘ropey’ – the piper(s?) kept jumping octaves, up and down. Compare with the pristine performance of,

    228. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi again orri.

      RE Hey Tuttie Taiti.

      I recall reading, somewhere, two or three years ago, when I was researching, that the title was assumed to emulate the sound of wind/brass ‘instruments’. I suppose “tootle flute” would work – but I can’t remember where “tootle flute” comes from!

    229. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi again again orri.

      Just found a video with two versions of ‘Soldats’ at the same event. No bagpipes but they’re rather good with piles of woodwind and brass – and no octave jumping!

    230. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi again again again orri.

      I just Googled “tootle flute”. I was only six at the time. What a memory!

    231. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      Brian Doonthetoon @ 20:02,

      Jeez, I think I’ve still got mine stowed away in some tin in the loft somewhere. (The flute thingy, not the comic. It was green on one side and white on the other, if I remember right.)

      Am I obscenely rich now? =laugh=

    232. iainmore says:

      Parrot sick as Obiwan. I never get tired of her looking as if she is aboot tae greet.

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