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David Torrance Fact Check

Posted on January 19, 2018 by

Remarkably, the notoriously unreliable and yet somehow omnipresent Scottish political commentator and reality-disputer David “Davey” Torrance was still digging last night in the wake of this story from three days ago.

Never, eh? Let’s see if that’s true, shall we?

Oh right – so he never wears a collar and tie except in his current official Herald bio pic, the current events he speaks at and advertises, when he’s meeting Nigel Farage and generally for most of the last 10 years. Glad we’ve cleared that up.

Still, at least he’s not a Tory.



Previous David Torrance Fact Checks:

1. “My favourite bit of the Donald Trump book I definitely read was the bit that didn’t actually exist, because some people on the internet had made it up.”

2. “Wings Over Scotland claimed that I got paid to appear on Russia Today.”

3. “Alex Salmond has never read a book.”

4. “Alex Salmond said a No vote would mean privatisation of NHS Scotland.”

5. “I am quitting Twitter because of vile cybernat abuse.”

6. “Dr Craig Dalzell’s research paper says he would fill an independent Scotland’s budget deficit with tax increases and spending cuts.”

7. “It was mostly poorly-educated working-class males who voted Yes, just like with Donald Trump.”

8. “Nobody in the No campaign ever said the UK was a partnership of equals.”

9. “I’ve always been agnostic about a Scottish Six.”

10. “I didn’t know who Ruth Davidson was talking about when she referred to Nicola Sturgeon at a debate I attended in person.”

11. “Wings Over Scotland was prominent in the defence of Alex Salmond’s controversial comments about Vladimir Putin.”

12. “This Better Together poster campaign doesn’t contain a morsel of negativity.”

13. “The 2013 independence rally on Calton Hill was an ostentatious display of ethnic nationalism, and Alan Bissett is an explicit ethnic nationalist.”

14. “The Scottish Conservative conference wasn’t half-empty.”

15. “Alex Salmond had a disappointing year in 2011.”

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235 to “David Torrance Fact Check”

  1. Dr Jim says:

    Tweetabix will be flouncing again

    Isn’t Twitter cruel, but accurate unfortunately for this Tory boy

    Do a graph on tie wearing from to and then the change from woolly jumper and Royal navy beard

  2. bobajock says:

    Works for me – but his pythonesque denials are a joy to behold when the light is shone on them.

    Shine on.

  3. Valerie says:

    Haha, fast off the mark with your facts again.

    Someone put the vid guy side by side with Torrance on Twitter, and the specs are exactly the same.

    He will be loving this attention.

  4. Malky says:

    Double-speak from the Doppelgaenger.

  5. Calum McKay says:

    I have come to the conclusion that Torrance does not know fact from fiction or the truth from lies.

    Do those who employ him not get that, or do they get that and employ him as they know he will take a certain line sympathetic to their point of view?

    Normally there are two sides to most aspects in politics, but I have yet to see an independence minded pundit spouting the nonsense spouted by unionist pundits.

    Perhaps Torrance could enlighten us to why this appears to be the case?

  6. CapnAndy. says:

    Was absolutely creasing myself watching the video. Clocked the resemblance straight away. As PPBs go. That was a good one.

  7. John Walsh says:

    Has he got bad teeth or something in nearly every photo he looks constipated or has a peppermint up his arse.
    “It’s my serious hipster look! Spent years perfecting in the mirror” allegedly

  8. Famous15 says:

    I’m sure he has slipped into the latest SNP party political broadcast.Very quietly mind.

  9. Cageybee says:

    It would be a surprise (but deeply funny nonetheless) if the SNP was trolling Davey Boy but then the broadcast makes me think of a classic python sketch

  10. Gruntled says:

    I read the book, but I didn’t inhale. Everyone else was wearing Jackets and ties and I kind of just went along with it.

  11. jdman says:

    Why is he pictured with Julia Somerville in that line drawing?

  12. Bob Mack says:

    Are you sure he got the title of his book right ?

    It says “The Scottish Secretaries”.

    Should it not be “The Scottish Sectarians”?

  13. louis.b.argyll says:

    Don’t let Torrance swan about thinking he ever does anything of consequence. He hides behind the establishment while he slags off progress and sews division where there is none.

  14. hackalumpoff says:

    He has a Phd! anyone ever seen or read it ? maybe it’s about telling porkies.

  15. Bob sinclair says:

    ‘Tis but a flesh wound.

  16. Cuilean says:

    I switch off whenever the tank top wearing DT appears.

    I am mildly conflicted by the said tank top, which I am overly nostalgic about. I had a most beautifully grotesque, bright blue, yellow and brown tank top, which I knit myself and wore throughout the 70s. My old dear would not let me wear it to school, much to my consternation.

    So tank tops have carved a special place in my heart and DT’s sartorial anomaly takes me back to my ‘Jackie’ reading glory days of youth. Perhaps the MSM could make a small compromise? I suggest the tank top is removed by DT and the tank top be interviewed and DT left in the Green Room to his own devices. At least then the tank top knows as much about the subjects of his biographies as its wearer and indeed may be more accurate? That would make for a more interesting interview, imo.

  17. sassenach says:

    This is cruel to all Wingers’ – I was feeling nauseous after seeing the first few of that set of “Davey’s” portraits.
    Perhaps, next time Stu, you could maybe show them as thumbnail images and save us all some anguish!

  18. Bobp says:

    No, every guy with a beard doesn’t look like a ‘ see you next Tuesday ‘.

  19. Craig Evans says:

    Just been over to the Herald l website and Tom Gordon is frothing at the moth about “A Dangerous attack on the freedom of the press”

    “THE SNP have been accused of aping Donald Trump by launching a “dangerous” attack on the freedom of the press in their latest party political broadcast.

    The broadcast, shown on TV on Thursday, appears to lampoon one of the most prominent media commentators on the SNP, the journalist and historian Dr David Torrance.

    The short film shows a character called “Davey” who sports the same glasses and beard as Dr Torrance being ridiculed and abandoned by people at a party for not admiring the SNP”.

    Since when has wee Davie used the Dr title and I didn’t know he was a historian? Fake news??

    Hilarious, they seem to be really ramping up the hate at the moment and SNP Baaaad stories.

    Something must have got them worried?

  20. Les Wilson says:

    Unfortunately, liars like Davy need to have a good memory when lying. Obv his recall is terrible. Give up your chosen career dear boy, it is not for you!

  21. Smallaxe says:

    At least he won’t go hungry. Snackbeard Mundell will have taught him how to forage.

  22. Dr Jim says:

    Tweetabix’s PHD, loads of people pass driving tests it doesn’t make them Jackie Stewart
    Nigel Farage is a blowhard and everybody knows it except him
    Donald Trump’s an idiot and he’s POTUS

    Life’s funny like that

  23. Robert Kerr says:

    Very Droll Smallaxe.

    Obviously your health has improved.

    Well done linking those two Massey Fergusons or perhaps they are John Deeres.

    They ould certainly do with a Dear John.

    The Games afoot.

  24. heedtracker says:

    Just goes to show that tory dudes like these can make a good living pushing toryboy bullshit in Scotland. Stinky olde ThE gRaUN did a huge blind date thing with him. Tory Bores do not come much more Tory boring than Mr T here.

  25. Iain says:

    How did he attain any prominence?

    Availability for broadcast and print. As with Private Eye’s archetypal Phil Space.

  26. HandandShrimp says:

    Can’t make my mind up whether David’s literary style is impressionistic, surrealistic or just Jackson Pollocks.

  27. HandandShrimp says:

    In other news I see Boris is suggesting a 22 mile channel bridge. Have UKIP heads exploded yet?

  28. Macart says:

    Laughed like a drain when watching the PPB last night. It was neatly done and yeah, still chuckling.

    Oh. Right. On topic. Who knew Mr Torrance was a bit distanced from reality?

  29. Smallaxe says:

    Robert Kerr says:
    “Very Droll Smallaxe. Obviously, your health has improved.”

    Thanks, Robert,
    Our wonderful SHS Oncologists are giving me first class treatment, it’s also easy to forget my personal health when the political health of Scotland is under threat.

  30. Giving Goose says:


    Jackson Bollocks!

  31. ClanDonald says:

    All Torrance has going for him is some very strong tory opinions. It’s amazing how far having strong tory opinions will take you in our society. You can make it into a very lucrative career.

    He doesn’t even have a flair for writing apart from an underlying tone of anger that seethes from every sentence.

  32. ClanDonald says:

    Also, my partner mentioned Torrance on twitter once, didn’t @ or re-tweet or anything and within hours was blocked by him. I can’t think of any explanation except Torrance twitter searches his own name. Lolz.

    So I have no doubt whatsoever that he’s reading this thread.

  33. ClanDonald says:

    Oh, and while I remember, someone called David Torrance stood as a tory candidate for Aberdeen about 15/20 years ago, anyone know how we might go about finding proving it’s the same guy, there must be records somewhere at the council.

    A definite link to the Tory party would be useful given his constant anti-SNP campaigning.

  34. Socrates MacSporran says:

    Whilst the good Dr Torrance is, in my humble opinion, definitely a candidate for that old Fin Calder one-liner: “He’d be nane the waur o’ a guid shoein,” in attacing him, a Tory mouthpiece, we are perhaps guilty of playing the man rather than the ball.

    Let’s ignore Torrance and fellow monkeys, and get tore intae the organ grinders – such as the guys who are turning once-great newspapers such as The Herald and The Scotsman into papers fit only to be sent straight to the foot of the budgie’s cage; and the spinmeisters and liars setting the agenda at Pacific Quay.

    They, rather than “house slaves” such as Torrance, Gordon and Bird, are the real enemy.

  35. Fishy says:

    Is it just me but I’m sure I can hear a Carly Simon song being played over the child like protestations…..?

  36. bookie from hell says:

    is DT tee total?

    his only way oot

  37. Richard MacKinnon says:

    He’s taking the piss out of you Rev and your too thick to see it.

    Torrance pings a totally irrelevent non story silly SMS that he knows you will jump on, and you jump on it, from a height.

    The more angry you get the funnier you are. We love you “Stu”.

  38. G H Graham says:

    Someone please send David “Tanktop” Torrance a torch.

    His head is so far up his own arse, he needs all the help he can get to see the light.


    Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! …..

  39. mogabee says:

    Oh please…stop making me laugh so much that I can hardly breathe.

    He is actually one of the best unconscious comedians on the Scottish journalists circuit. Just a pity we can’t go and see his stand up show. 😀

  40. Ian McGeechan says:

    He’ll probably say the tie thing was satire, and then slink off saying “shit shit shit” quietly to himself over and over.

  41. Peter A Bell says:

    David Torrance’s assertion that he never wears a collar and tie is interesting for more than just the fact that it is patently untrue. The lie is less intriguing than the manner and circumstances in which it was told.

    It is not the lie itself that is of any great import. It’s not as if he’s a female politician; in which case we would be expected to find huge significance in the individual’s sartorial choices. If Nicola Sturgeon wears tartan shoes this is reckoned by the meeja to tell us all we need to know about her politics and her character. Unless David Torrance turns up in a pink taffeta tutu and latex gimp-mask nobody is going to take much interest. Probably not even then.

    Torrance isn’t being interrogated about whether he is now or has ever been a wearer of collars a ties. It was not a lie told to conceal a shameful addiction to cutaways and kippers. It was a casual lie. A lie told with the easy assurance of someone confident their word will not be challenged. At least, not by anybody that matters.

    It was a lie told with thoughtless contempt for his audience, as well as a nonchalant disdain for truth. It didn’t matter that it wasn’t true. Truth was not a consideration.

    It’s not only that it’s dishonest. It’s that honesty isn’t deemed necessary. Worse! It’s that honesty is deemed redundant. Not that it is actively rejected. Just that the question of a need for honesty never really arises. Something which, particularly for someone claiming to be a journalist, should be fundamental and essential and instinctual is just not there. It is lacking. As if it has been excised. It is absent.

    A stupid lie about never wearing a collar and tie may seem trivial. And so it may be. It may tell us nothing more than that Torrance is an arrogant fool. But it may also be symptomatic of a more generalised absence of honesty in the mainstream media. And that surely matters.

  42. Capella says:

    He is inventive. A fine Scottish tradition.
    Torrance invents the past, McTernan invents the future and Davidson invents the present.

    Not quite in the John Buchan league though. All the hubris but none of the skill. But I expect he is enjoying these few moments in the limelight.

  43. Bob Mack says:

    I hear a Lib Dem has written to Of com complaining about a journalist being lampooned on the SNP ppb.

    Journalist ? This guy only has to see a picture of you to write your biography.

  44. Flower of Scotland says:

    Seemingly young folk on Twitter and Facebook love the SNP,s new Party Political Broadcast and are sharing far and wide.

    David Torrance is a joke figure in Scotland, now, and has been for a long time.

    Good piece Rev. Always on the ball is our Rev.

  45. Ken500 says:

    Tories lie. Maybe people needed to be reminded of Tory lies. To get them out to vote. Not leave it to other folk.

  46. Is Torrance wearing an MCC (Marylebone Cricket Club,)bacon & eggs tie ?

    wonder if he is a member or is this just another sign of his Walter Mitty Syndrome,

    a man to be pitied more than laughed at,

    or maybe a bit of both.

  47. Legerwood says:

    Herald on-line now leading with this story. Headline: “SNP accused of Trump-like attack on critic in broadcast”

    And some politician complaining to OFCOM.

    Net effect – lots of publicity about a PUB that the vast majority of the general public probably did not watch or even know was broadcast.

  48. Ken MacColl says:

    Prompted by a comment above I held my nose and looked, for the first time in years, this morning, at what passes for political commentary from Tom Gordon of The Herald.
    Not hard to see how and why the once magisterial influential Herald is struggling for readers when their Political Editor writes such nauseous, biased and bitter comment.

  49. Davy says:

    Whether it was intentional or not, the PPB character suites him to a tee.

    Just another anti-scot, f-him.

  50. X_Sticks says:

    Alex Cole-Hamilton on twitter:

    “I’ve laid a motion before Parliament today, criticising @theSNP for their recent broadcast appearing to lampoon @davidtorrance in a worrying, Trumpian challenge to press freedom & for falsely claiming credit for free personal care. I’ve also raised a formal complaint with @Ofcom”

    I can barely see for the tears rolling down my face or type because of jiggling about laughing – hilarious 🙂

  51. Macandroid says:

    What have the Lib Dems ever done for Scotland?


    Oh aye, right enough!

  52. Bob Mack says:

    Seems to hurt when you attack their vanity. —- all resemblance to characters living or dead is entirely coincidental.

  53. Fireproofjim says:

    For anyone looking for the SNP party political broadcast, – google “SNP party political broadcast.”

  54. yesindyref2 says:

    Good to see the Herald giving extra publicity to the SNP PPB, one of the most successful traditional “trolls” ever, getting the response I daresay they planned for.

    Anyone got a link like youtube that DOESN’T go through twitter, I get “The media could not be played” as I always do?

    Like anyone who reads all the positive publicity from the likes of the Herald, I’m now desperate to see what all the fuss is about! Nice one, SNP 🙂

  55. gerry parker says:

    Scot at 12:53.

    I thought it was an Albion Rovers tie.

  56. Abulhaq says:

    In the nonbeardy pix is he trying to look like Matt Damon in The Talented Mr Ripley? Creepy!

  57. dakk says:

    Wee Davey has always reminded me of a bearded ‘talented Mr Ripley’ from that excellent film.Both in appearance and in desperate, grasping fraudulent character.

    This latest lie just confirms that view.

    I have long been reluctant to make public this comparison lest Davey see it as a compliment.The wee ride.

  58. dakk says:


    Bingo !

  59. galamcennalath says:

    It is an excellent PPB! Amusing, engaging, and gets a solid message across.

    It seems reasonable to chose the edjit character to dress, look and sound like a Tory.

    If a well known Tory happens to look like the edjit character, what is there to be surprised about?

    I assume everyone knows that Tory activists are lectured to dress down when on the streets so as not to look just like poshos they actually are. Sometimes they forget this edict.

    On the topic of journalism in Scotland, we have some really really piss poor wordsmiths masquerading as journalists. They owe their ongoing employment simply because they punt a Unionist line.

    Thing is, an honest, consistent, fact driven journalist who genuinely believed in their Union would be due some respect. Inconsistent purveyors of fake news deserve nothing but derision and ridicule.

  60. call me dave says:

    Well that seems to have caused a Torrance of abuse on WOS! 🙂

    Fair cheered me up from new year Man flu & then Son of Man flu.
    But a wee bit better today.

    Even my 83yr old Daily Mail Nemesis in the cafe who I haven’t seen for a while commented on the SNP PPB this morning, how very dare they.

    She knew nothing of Torrance or doppelgangers. Pity!

    I give her a squint of the National sometimes but keep the X-word to polish off later. She’s a lost cause though.

  61. colin alexander says:


    When Henry McLeish, was FM of the Lib-Lab pact, Henry McLeish said they would bring in free personal care, then backtracked when Tory Blair got tore into him for encouraging better public services.

    The LibDems threatened to bring down the pact unless Labour did bring in free personal care. So, the LibDems did do ONE useful thing.

    Since then, I can’t think of anything.

    Since then, Labour have come out with their attack on the “something for nothing culture” and were suggesting means testing services such as free personal care (Johann Lamont).

    Also, it’s Labour that fully backed the Tory Govt Austerity programme which is having such a terrible impact on public services and people’s lives.

    In contrast, and to their credit, the SNP kept free personal care and from April 2019 will extend free personal care to younger people in certain circumstances, following the Frank Kopel story – web search “Franks Law” for more info.

  62. yesindyref2 says:

    @ galamcennalath says: “I assume everyone knows that Tory activists are lectured to dress down when on the streets so as not to look just like poshos they actually are.

    I think the winning point for the Tories in 2015 was David Cameron in shirt with sleeves rolled up, getting into the playdoh, and Miliband in his awkward shiny suit looking like a tailor’s dummy rejected for a job in Saville Row.

  63. Bob Mack says:

    Can you feel the ripple in the Yoon space time continuum?

    They are all at it on the Internet decrying the Ppb. I feel their pain. Enjoying it immemsely.

  64. Artyhetty says:

    What’s he like eh. It looks like reality in Torrance world is a total fantasy. Living a lie, can’t be good for anyone.

    Comedy gold comments, thanks all I really needed a laugh today. Off to watch SNP film now, I hear it’s very popular!

  65. Capella says:

    @ yesindyref2 – you can always rely on Dr Scott Arthur thinks to upload a video about the SNP – he finds the accents weird (hint – Scottish)

  66. geeo says:

    The big question is….how much was Davey boy Torrance paid to appear in the PPB…?

    What do you mean it wasn’t him ….!!

    I just watched it this morning and “that’s Torrance “was the first thing i thought of when i seen it.

    Level of Narcissism…..Ninja !!

  67. Eckle Fechan says:

    Perhaps just shoddy tweet-bait, a mindless slack remark or a cheap rouse. Whether knowingly or unknowingly, the result is the same – a bit of a waste of time proving yet again he’s a liar.

    He’d probably re-qualify the context of what he meant rather than what he said if challenged. And we’d all disagree, ad infinitum.

    He’s just an arse, not even worth wiping.

  68. CameronB Brodie says:

    A central tenet of New Labour’s “Third Way”, was the paternalistic culture of “conditionality” they introduced into UKOK social policy. Is JC proposing to reverse this if he get the chance?


    Conditional welfare arrangements require people to behave in a certain way to access welfare goods, such as cash benefits, housing or support services. These behavioural conditions tend to be enforced through penalties or ‘sanctions’ that reduce, suspend or end access to these
    goods. This paper examines the efficacy and ethicality of conditional forms of welfare. It considers existing evidence about how effective welfare conditionality is at achieving and sustaining desired forms of behavioural change; what the impacts are; how different groups fare; and to what extent welfare conditionality can be morally justified.


  69. Robert Graham says:

    And where do we see all the achievements mentioned in the SNP clip

    No feckn where

    Because the barstuards cant let people know Scotland is actually despite overwhelming obstacles its actually progressing .


    Because thats what the bbc are pushing every bloody day 24-7 doom and gloom they won’t be happy until there is a epic disaster and they can blame , you guessed it the SNP the party hats would be on and champagne flowing , if people died , yes died in order to give them some ammo , it would make their day .

  70. Graf Midgehunter says:

    Duncan H is probably seething that it wasn’t him who got the fame, jealous as feck.. 🙂

    At the same time thanking God that he’s not the mug of the year..!

    It’s only the glasses that make the difference between Weetabix and thick mince. 🙂

  71. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Yoons: ‘The character portrayed as an opinionated unionist is clearly meant to be David Torrance!’

    OFCOM: ‘Who is David Torrance?’

    Yoons: ‘He’s an opinionated unionist, but he’s one of us!’

  72. yesindyref2 says:

    Don’t want to draw direct attention to this, but somewhere I post carefully, politely and contributing (no sweary words of course), there’s an occasional over the top anti-SNP and anti-indy poster, and the slightly delayed reaction against his posting which I totally ignored, has been just brilliant, including a (current) NO voter I’ve exchanged a couple of pleasant posts with. It makes it worth the time and care. We’re winning, bit at a time, or perhaps to be precise, they’re losing it.

    Thank fuck for that!

  73. ScottieDog says:

    A preferable script for me would be someone reading the Times, Telegrpah etc and commenting on ‘SNP bad’ and using that to launch into the PPB.
    I would have targeted the papers rather than the individuals. Perhaps too bold.

  74. manandboy says:

    Among the Winds of Change, Torrance is simply a draught.

  75. yesindyref2 says:

    Jeez, that’s excellent. And nothing wrong with it, if the anti-SNP mob want to fall for the SNP rumour it’s supposed to be David Torrance, and give it massive publicity so that people who’d prefer to watch two snails having a race than watching a PPB have to watch it, who are we to argue?

    Well out-manoeuvered!

  76. Almannysbunnet says:

    Maybe when he said the the Conservative conference wasn’t half empty he meant in a different sense, like “cor guv it wasn’t half cold up here last week” 😉

  77. Orri says:

    I could swear that at some point the mouthy speccy beardy bloke starts reeling of SNP achievements that weren’t put to him by his victims showing he knows fine well he’s a Nawbag.

  78. auld highlander says:

    Ach yer all haverin, that could be just about any twerp hiding behind a stupid looking beard and a pair o daft lookin specs on his beak, all those daft beardies look the same.

    Good ppb though.

  79. Macart says:

    The Yoon response to the PPB is quite something and tells you quite a lot about them.

    They have what? 99% of the meeja in their corner. Over the past five years especially they’ve obfuscated, slandered, lied, misled, misrepresented, insinuated and inferred on a daily basis. They’ve demonised, denigrated, alienated, trolled and enraged half a nation. Done their level best so they huv. They have carte blanche to say what they like, when they like.

    Quite the monopoly.

    Yet one PPB in response and they go all huffy and outraged.

    Hmmm. Clearly not big on folk answering back. Here’s me thinking a debate means there’s more than one point of view involved. (shrugs)

  80. colin alexander says:

    I’m criticised for suggesting the SNP should have criticised the BBC (not any individual in particular). I’m told by a certain individual that that’s aggressive and would kill off indyref.

    The SNP do come out criticising the media’s bias with a portrayal of a certain political journalist, and the the general consensus seems to be the SNP are wonderful for doing this; it’s a positive thing.

    Talk about hyprocrisy.

    My opinion: good for the SNP. They should have done it years ago. They should have been getting tore into the BBC and Daily Record too, even if by satire, not cosying up to them.

  81. Bob Mack says:

    Portrayal of a certain unionist journalist ? I think that was a fellow journalist (not the Rev) who made that assumption as a joke and it just caught on. He gave it Wings so to speak.

    Sorry Colin. We cannot claim credit for that.

  82. yesindyref2 says:

    There’s that old adage “no such thing as bad publicity in show business”, and look at the attention this is getting.

    That yougov poll showed Labour losing support amongst the older, and gaining amongst the younger. Perhaps this PPB will help to reverse the young move. It’s a good laugh.

  83. Is it true that Gorilla TV has commissioned the Torrance twins to form a Tribute act, The ‘Disclaimers’?
    ‘When yooo go, could you send baaack a letter from Ofcomical?’
    Cole Hamilton No More, Oor Wullie No More, Tavish No More.

    Coca Cola Hamilton, whose party stole £29 billion from the poor, the sick, and the disabled, whose party sacked 500,000 public service workers, whose party sold off the Postal Service at £1 billion discount to their pals in the City, whose Scottish SoS lied and lied that he lied and cost the tax payer £1.4 million in a Parliamentary enquiry before he finally cracked and admitted that he was an evil wee fibber, whose party covered up serial sex abuse by one of its prominent members until he was safely in his grave, whose party increased tuition fees in England.
    There will be no complaint from us if you include this list of just a few of the ‘what have the Lib Dems done for us’in their PPB.

    What is the Scottish parliament thinking allowing Kelly, Cole Hamilton and Mrdo Fraser to gum up the works?
    What an insignificant little man this effete faux Tory is.

  84. yesindyref2 says:

    Seems to me the SNP have been studying the media.

  85. Macart says:


    I have a feeling this won’t be the last we’ve seen of this attitude applied in public. In fact, I suspect we’re going to see a lot more of it in the coming months.

  86. Street Andrew says:

    Now we can look forward to the tweet claiming that all the ties and collars were ‘photoshopped’.

  87. mike cassidy says:

    Another ‘collar and tie’ pic for the collection.

    Make your own ‘blind date’ jokes!

  88. starlaw says:

    Watched the SNP PPB and assumed the guy was just your average Geek! So if Mr Torrance wishes to spend years cultivating the Average Geek look perhaps we should celebrate his success.
    R Sole Hamilton is just jealouse cos it isnae him … needs to try harder

  89. Bob Mack says:


    Yep. Could easily have been Alan Cochrane or Massie.

  90. colin alexander says:

    At FM Q’s Nicola Sturgeon ( referring to the Scottish Tory MPs voting through Brexit legislation)said :

    “The week we found out that the Scottish Tories don’t have a backbone between them. They’re nothing more than lobby fodder”.

    Now, that’s more like it.

  91. galamcennalath says:

    OT, but hopefully an interesting indication of right wing thinking, even on a non political topic. Then again, everything is political.

    I was tempted by click bait. I usually avoid it, but was tempted. An ad for the Telegraph saying 30 places in Europe you must see. Ok, yes all first rate places to visit. I think I’ve seen one.

    Then it occurred to me … nothing on these islands. Nada. Why?

    Either this is because there is absolutely nothing to see which they consider Top 30 …. or, they don’t consider anywhere on the Atlantic Archipelago as being part of Europe!

  92. yesindyref2 says:

    Had to watch it again, it’s funny 🙂

  93. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    “He matriculated to the University of Aberdeen receiving a degree in psychology and went on to study journalism at Cardiff University’s School of Journalism.”

    No mention of a PHD or any history qualification.

  94. manandboy says:

    Even Specsavers have a guy with glasses and a beard in a promo. Everyone’s doing it.

  95. CameronB Brodie says:

    I thought he had a touch of the Torcuil Crichton about him. Perhaps the look is a facet of yoon hack habitus and cultural frame. Or am I at risk of stereotyping now? 🙂

  96. galamcennalath says:

    There’s a flaw in the plot of the SNP PPB.

    That guy wouldn’t have been given an invite to the party. 🙂

  97. gus1940 says:


    When it was announced that the new BBC Series on a medical practice would be set in one in the NE where The Ruth Party did well recently I voiced my concern that it would be a hatchet job in true BBC form.

    However with 2 episodes down I have been surprised at the quality of the programs and the fact that they portray a group of dedicated health professionals providing a wonderful caring service for their patients in the face of the cuts and shortages largely caused by the actions of our colonial oppressors.

    Those colonialist politicians and their media lackeys with PQ in the lead who relentlessly attack the SNHS should hang their heads in shame and bear in mind that all SNHS employees have votes.

    Similarly with the recent series on the work of Argyll & Bute council workers (also voters) we again had a band of dedicated caring professionals providing another service for Scotland to be proud of.

    Were these programs only broadcast in Scotland? If so it is high time the struggling citizens of South Britain should be given the opportunity to watch them.

  98. Bob Mack says:

    Nice touch of Month Python sketch “What did the Romans ever do for us” Bang on .

  99. Patrick Roden says:

    So the Lib-Dims have reported the PPB to Ofcom, because it includes a clear reference to David Torrance?

    Yet DT says ‘just because the guy wears specks and has a beard doesn’t men it’s meant to be me’

    So Alex Cole Hamilton knows DT better than DT himself?

    Who to trust…the Liar ACH or the other liar DT?

  100. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    Proud Cybernat @ 13:40,
    Capella @ 14:11,

    Thanks for the link, peeps.

    Yes, it’s a good one. I’m amazed though Dr. Scott Arthur thinks it’s a great idea from a Loyalist point of view to help give it more publicity. (Ah, the deviousness of the media Yoonitariat! =grin=)

    The man is such a miserable PPP (predictable party-pooper). A loyal Labourite who can’t take even the gentlest of leg-pulls of a Tory =gasp= media pundit nitwit. If it’s even that.

    Standards also appear to be slipping in the academic world. (SNPbaaaaad of course!!) In his comment he either can’t punctuate properly or it’s a mystery which particular individual vile Nationalist he had in mind.

  101. Dorothy Devine says:

    The least creepy of the two , in my humble but erudite opinion , is the chappie in the PPB.

    The other one is dark night scary!

  102. Jack Murphy says:

    Fireproofjim said at 1:13 pm today:

    “For anyone looking for the SNP party political broadcast, – google “SNP party political broadcast.”

    I went for a look,and found it on YouTube.

  103. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    Bob Mack @ 15:53,

    Ach, Bob, Ofcom will probably be getting a complaint of plagiarism from FibDim supporter and Scot-hater John Cleese any second now…. =grin=

  104. Cherry says:

    When I watched it (3 times) I didn’t even click to tweetabix… I thought it was a dig at Fluffy! ?

  105. winifred mccartney says:

    What some people will do for a buck – he and a few others will have to buck up their ideas – they are not even good liars – they seem to forget it is so easy to call them out. Remember Jackieb at a meeting saying the exact opposite of what she said in Holyrood. And poor Richard L who does not know the difference between reserved and devolved issues and is quite prepared to embelish/lie in Holyrood and add to a families distress to score a political point. But then he daren’t look at Wales for anything good that labour are doing in health or anything else.

  106. gus1940 says:

    I am always amazed at just how massive must Stu’s archive of ammunition must be and his ability to access relevant material from it at such short notice as illustrated by just how much he was able to dig out for us in such a short time following last night’s wonderful ppb and Dr Weetabix’s collar and tie denial.

  107. K1 says:

    To be calling a spade and spade the ‘reason’ they are so outraged is because of the ‘content’ of the PPB.

    Think about it, it explicitly lists the achievements of our government and it does it in such a clear and obvious way, that those who seek to undermine the SNP at every turn can’t dispute.

    The power of that broadcast can be measured in direct proportion to the frothing from our opponents. I saw a tweet last night from someone on Rev’s feed to the effect that this is the first ever PPB that their teenagers had ever engaged with.

    It went right to the heart of what the SNP are about. The future, their future and it was set precisely to get that message out to that age demograph and to shove the outdated tribal pish back to where it belongs in the past.

    Is it any wonder they are outraged? It took one PPB to set them on fire…as Macart points out against all their armoury, against all their constant negativity, against their entire ethos…one broadcast from the SNP that actually humorously tears apart their whole schtick about how awful the SNP are and from the mouths of babes…eh?

    They can’t stand losing, they have lost the vast majority of Scotland already and fight for the crumbs of those demographs who are ignorant and/or unwilling to see what lies ahead if we stay in this union especially post Brexit.

  108. Luigi says:

    Ridicule – that’s the best way to treat the greetin-faced yoons and their media chums. Every time they come out with SNP Bad BS, mock them bit time – show the world what plonkers they are. Shout it from the streets to make sure everyone hears about it.

    Whatever you think of Donald Trump – he is currently engaged in all-out war with the US media and he is playing them like a fiddle. There is a lot of deliberate baiting going on over there, and the media are swallowing it like there was no tomorrow. Alex Salmond could and has been effective at this. Nicola seems a bit too nice sometimes, but she is a outstanding politician, so hey ho. Let someone else be the bad guy for the YES campaign. We need a loud nasty person who will ruffle feathers and get right in their greetin faces 🙂

  109. Tinto Chiel says:

    Scot Finlayson says:
    “Is Torrance wearing an MCC (Marylebone Cricket Club,)bacon & eggs tie ?”

    Finksae, Scott: the garish rhubarb and custard job beloved of True Blue Tories.

    He is also modelling a Glescae Yooni silkie beside Milk Snatcher, I think. That should please Mad Adam Tomkins.

    How crazy to say things which can be easily shown to be false by The Rev.

    Great to hear the batshit Yoon frothings about Freedom of Speech too.


  110. David Innes says:

    Re the ‘Doctor’ title ascribed to DT: I never quite managed a PhD, but I did get an A+ on my blood donor card

  111. carjamtic says:

    Oh my,whit a pair
    Fighting ower the creepie chair.

  112. yesindyref2 says:

    From the human angle, something politicians have to be careful about, Torrance seems to be taking it in good humour, he’s getting publicity where otherwise he wouldn’t, and it distracts from his Trump gorilla channel blunder, which could have been a career stopper. I wouldn’t say the SNP are being unkind putting him in the PPB, quite the opposite.

  113. heedtracker says:

    Torrance is just more tory hipster nonsense. There’s one just like him right here right now, even his bike’s hipster nonsense. Takes all sorts but hipsters have one thing in common, other than cloning each other, they never admit to being hipster.

    Its clearly a pretty good riff on this, although if you were a yoonster looking to do it just like this, you’d have Cleese as a Scots vile sep

    Monty Python: What have the romans ever done for us?

    Bit of history. the Jews do also have one thing in common with the Scots, we both survived the Roman Empire. Can the Scots defeat the Romans and the yoons, like Torrance here:D

  114. Robert Louis says:

    Seriously, what a master stroke of a party political broadcast for the SNP Scottish Government, for sooooo upsetting the rabid racist and homophobic unionists of Ruth Davidsons Tories. It has been soo entertaining, the last 24 hours.

    And now, in what can only be a parody of the real world (please tell me it is), the real ‘joker in the pack’ ‘Alex Cole Hamilton’ gets involved in the most absurd way possible – a motion before parliament!! And to make matters worse, it’s snowing and it’s ALL the nasty SNP’s fault.

    Meanwhile, the broadcast video goes viral.

    Labour’s James Kelly was very funny earlier this week, but with all this, I may laugh all weekend, possibly even all year.

  115. Robert Graham says:

    Luigi – Yep rip the piss oot them

    Davidson goes Ape Shit when laughed at

    It’s hard to counter when someone is in a laughing fit , all SNP MSPs should be armed with a personal wrap sheet of all unionist MSPs , dont answer a question just hit them with their own bit of ridicule , make it personal .

    Any rebuke by a tory , just say well we are following Mayhems example , she does it every wednesday to tory delight .

  116. dakk says:

    Having just watched the ppb,and there is no case to answer re an attack on David Lennoxtown or whatever he’s called.

    The character looks like any bog standard fashion victim hipster who currently infest the western world.

    Ppb Davey has more of the hooked bill of a Massie and the thin lips and baldy eyes of a Mundell.

    Case dismissed.Or maybe 2 new cases winging their way from the rattled Yoon cult.

  117. Proud Cybernat says:

    LIVE from Pravda Quay
    with Union Jackie Kim Ono

  118. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    K1 @ 16:20:

    The power of that broadcast can be measured in direct proportion to the frothing from our opponents.


    yesindyref2 @ 16:27,

    In any decent journalistic environment, his little fiction masquerading as direct experience might indeed be a career-stopper, but not among the Yoonitariat and its paymasters. They are not exactly too interested in “truth for truth’s sake”, are they? A mis-step would only be fatal for a career if it backfired spectacularly against their interests.

    What’s good about this video is that, as well as getting over the necessary message about the SNP’s achievements, it shines a light in a very humourous way on the persistent negativity and denigration of Scotland among the BritNats and their tame media. That impression will linger, I think.

    I’ve said several times that there is a definite place for satire in the indy campaign. It registers with people, whereas a more serious approach would just be tuned-out. So, well done and carry on SNP!

    Next time they should maybe do a spoof on Labour’s witless finance spokesperson. That should be a blast! (And no exaggeration of the truth even necessary!)

  119. Clootie says:

    …interesting view that if you are a unionist journalist then you are “respected”

    I tend to favour ability for that measure!

  120. Legerwood says:

    If I remember correctly the SNP did a party political broadcast on a similar theme, what have the SNP ever done for me, in the run up to the 2011 election. Great idea and let people know what they had done.

    I think the action then was set in a PUB with two old dodgers of the Still Game variety.

    This time they have updated it to appeal to the younger set by basing it, albeit loosely, on an IKEA advert where the action was set in a kitchen during a party. It certainly seems to have worked. Well done to those involved.

  121. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    Robert Louis @ 16:34:

    Labour’s James Kelly was very funny earlier this week…


  122. galamcennalath says:

    Boris Johnson wittering about a Channel Bridge.

    If they don’t need a bridge now, they certainly won’t need it after the hard Brexit he wants.

  123. gerry parker says:

    Robert Graham at 4:37.
    Maybe they’ll have a davidson lookalike in the next one?

  124. Croompenstein says:

    Email from Nicola

    Dear Croomp,

    It’s not been a great week for opposition parties.

    At Westminster, the Scottish Tories were exposed for being no more than lobby fodder.

    Rather than stand up for Scotland, the 13 Tory MPs trooped through the lobby to support a massive Holyrood power grab.

    And they did so knowing the impact that would have. A new analysis this week detailed the dangers of an extreme, job-destroying Brexit. You can get a summary of the findings here.

    Meanwhile at Holyrood, Labour MSPs voted with the Tories against the Scottish Budget.

    So rather than support our plans to invest £400 million more in Scotland’s NHS and £120 million extra to go direct to schools, Labour MSPs voted with the Tories to put all that at risk.

    It’s just like old times, Labour and the Tories cosying-up together.

    Good news though is that our budget plans are winning favour with the public. A new poll showed that the majority of Scots back our plan to make taxes fairer.

    And our brilliant new film has gone down a storm. Take a look by clicking on the image above and see for yourself the progress we’ve delivered for Scotland.

    If this week is anything to go by, it’s going to be another exciting year in Scottish politics.

    Until next time, take care in the winter weather.

    Nicola Sturgeon
    SNP Leader

  125. wull2 says:

    Dear David Innes,
    I got a got a A- on my blood doner card, does that mean that I have to look up to you and down to B+ people.

    Do I know my place.
    YES in a independent Scotland.

  126. heraldnomore says:

    That Wings beanie hat has been essential this snowy week, and right toastie it keeps yer lugs. How about snow shoes next time Stu? Ok a snow shovel then. Or a beard and glasses mask, ‘specially for those of us who already sport said facial elegance, but can’t carry it off like you know who…

  127. yesindyref2 says:

    Problem is he was inventing copy completely, and provably lying in it – and more to the point perhaps, he got caught.

  128. yesindyref2 says:

    I saw a comment elsewhere that the younger generation wouldn’t get the Life of Brian thing, and it made me realise that it’s even extra clever because it appeals to the older gen for that, while also appealing to the younger.

    Hey I know what I mean, even if that doesn’t make sense!

  129. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    yesindyref2 @ 17:36,

    Yup. And if he can lie over the littlest of things like these, what is he willing to do over large matters?

    But we know that the Yoonitariat live within an altered-reality field where such is the norm and there’s no public critique of any infelicities on the Union side.

    I guess it makes them careless, though, and people are increasingly noticing the slips. (“Dr” Torrance? Diploma courtesy of the University of Izal, I presume?)

  130. galamcennalath says:

    Aye, but important question – are we the Scottish People’s Front, or the People’s Front of Scotland?

  131. winifred mccartney says:

    I must say I did not twig to the likeness of D Torrance in the PPB. Go down any street in any town at the moment and you will see people exactly like the person portrayed – however if the shoe fits.

  132. Bob Mack says:


    How about People’s Friendly Insurrection or PFI for short.
    A lot of Unionists support that anyway.

  133. Gary45% says:

    The Weetabix is surely a contender for BBBC Teuchter MD going by his “honesty”.
    na, mair like FUD.

  134. Tinto Chiel says:

    “I must say I did not twig to the likeness of D Torrance in the PPB.”

    Me neither, Winifred. He’s simply not creepy enough. The over-reaction of the Yoons, though, shows how sensitive the Pare Wee Sowills are.

    PBB Guy is just your average smug Yoon ignoramus you meet down the pub/at a party/in the bus or train queue, etc. who knows the square root of FA beyond Daily Heil/Express rantings but wants to tell everyone about it.

    In my experience they simply can’t cope with quiet, sustained counter-argument. Pre-2014, I would avoid causing a scene in such social situations. I’m afraid now my mantra is: let them away with nothing, challenge everything and put the skids on their weird wee world. They really can’t cope with it.

  135. Petra says:


    Stuart Campbell is the UK’s number one investigative journalist.

    Nicola Surgeon is a first class International leader.

    David Torrance is an out and out liar.

    Lib-dem Alex Cole-Hamilton is needing his head examined, along with Labour’s James Kelly.

    Unionist politicians, with their Media lackey’s, are absolutely raging that the SNP have actually managed to find a way to circumvent their Scottish news blackout.

    Well done to Nicola and the SNP.

  136. Legerwood says:

    yesindyref2 says:
    19 January, 2018 at 5:41 pm
    I saw a comment elsewhere that the younger generation wouldn’t get the Life of Brian thing, and it made me realise that it’s even extra clever because it appeals to the older gen for that, while also appealing to the younger.

    Hey I know what I mean, even if that doesn’t make sense!

    Made sense on the second reading. The Life of Brian connection completely passed me by. Never watched Monty Python or any spin offs. Could not abide it

    The BBC, however, did a documentary series with a very similar title about what the Romans had done for us or something similar so thought it came from that. But mostly I just remembered the previous time the SNP had used it in a PPB to good effect.

  137. galamcennalath says:

    Tinto Chiel says:

    they simply can’t cope with quiet, sustained counter-argument

    It’s my experience they really don’t have much of an argument at all.

    First, you inevitably get the nostalgia. World Wars etc.. Easily countered by saying it’s the future, not the past we should be discussing.

    Simple questions usually flummex them.

    What significant improvements do you expect the UK to deliver over the next five years?

    What would like to see your children/grandchildren benefit from in the Union which you didn’t have?

    Name anything the UK can deliver which iScotland couldn’t?

    They don’t like imagining the future because generally, they want the past to continue.

  138. Andy-B says:

    Torrance is just a annoying little unionist gadfly, who’s a mediocre author too boot.

    He seek out attention by posting controversial comments. We really should ignore him.

  139. One_Scot says:

    To be honest, I think the most disturbing thing I’ve learnt today is that there is two of them. 🙂

  140. Juan says:

    Tweetabix is a cereal liar. It’s a Tory thing.
    Tories lie all the time, about everything.

  141. Joemcg says:

    He’s passed me on his bicycle a few times in Edinburgh. Always fighting the urge to boot the bearded twat into the road. FUCKO!!

  142. heedtracker says:

    The BBC, however, did a documentary series with a very similar title about what the Romans had done for us or something similar so thought it came from that.”

    What they Romans did for us, is create the nation state of Scotland, at Hadrian’s Wall.

    When you see that massive and completely airbrushed away fact of UKOK history, on the Scottish Broadcasting Corp telly, presented by a mincing Sir Neil Oliver of National Trustshire, you’ll know Scotland has regained nation statehood, if you didn’t know already that is, which you probably will have:D

  143. Glamaig says:

    galamcennalath says:
    19 January, 2018 at 6:49 pm

    ‘It’s my experience they really don’t have much of an argument at all.’

    GERS is their lifeline

    followed by ‘4 times the trade’

    and generally, ‘you’ll be bankrupt’

    And they generally want you to single-handedly write the economic policy and detailed budget of an independent Scotland for the first 10 years.

    apart from that, nothing, just anger.

  144. Andy-B says:

    Jackie Bird looking to interview Alex Cole-Hamilton, presumably over “Torrancegate.”

    Jackie Bird adds I do my best for queen and country.

    We’re sure you do Jackie.

  145. yesindyref2 says:

    Please don’t mention Neil Oliver I’m about to have my tea!

  146. Fred says:

    Tonight’s STV news had a piece on the search for Lord Lovat of the 45’s skeleton, “the last person beheaded in Britain” was the claim. Who researches this stuff. In Scotland the Radical Insurrection saw the leaders (martyrs) Wilson, Baird & Hardie executed by hanging & beheading& that was in 1820.

  147. JaMur says:

    David Torrance makes my blood boil.

    Total wank.

    Complete fud

    A wee ride.

    Etc etc…….

  148. Glamaig says:

    19 January, 2018 at 7:19 pm

    I think it’s a parody account

  149. CameronB Brodie says:

    “They don’t like imagining the future because generally, they want the past to continue.”

    Workfare- a blast from the past? Contemporary work conditionality for the unemployed in historical perspective


    During 2011 the UK Government introduced the Mandatory Work Activity scheme which requires JSA claimants to work in order to continue receiving benefit. Workfare has been viewed as a radical departure in the evolution of British labour market policy. However, an historical review of workfare in inter-war Britain reveals that the most recent proposals merely resuscitate a heritage of compelling the long-term unemployed to work for their benefit. Both then and now workfare has flourished in times of economic crisis and particularly where Governments have pursued economic theories which exalt the market. Historical analysis reveals important continuities and changes in the nature of contemporary workfare.

    Key words: Workfare; Unemployment; Labour Camps

  150. One_Scot says:

    Lol, it doesn’t matter, she will still be gagging to do him.

  151. Meg merrilees says:


    I heard about Boris’s ‘Bridge to far -France’ on the radio this a.m.

    These people are really tuppence short of the proverbial shilling:

    Do we have to spell it out…

    You have voted for us LEAVE the EU why would you want a bridge now to connect us to the people and places you are trying to LEAVE???”

    Who’s going mad – them or us?

  152. Tinto Chiel says:

    “They want the past to continue.”

    Oh, yes, galamcennalath but only a certain vision of the past: WW2, WW1, The Empire, pointless stuff like Scott of The Antarctic, Gordon of Khartoum, then Wellington, Nelson, Clive of India und so weiter, carefully air-brushing out the huge number of Scottish Dead to achieve the greatest land-grab in World History and to hold onto it, while massive emigration and a programme of relentless Anglicisation almost destroyed the very idea of Scotland.

    After independence, we need Scottish historians to write a New Scottish History for use in our schools which puts Scotland at the heart of it all.

    It’s a huge task but vital.

  153. Andy-B says:


    Aw, what a pity, some good comments on it, oh well.

    I suppose with the recent ridiculous behaviour of Hamilton, regarding the SNP PPB, it wouldn’t look out of place on the real thing.

    Thanks anyway.

  154. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    galamcennalath @ 18:49,

    The irony is that Brexitannia offers nothing but madcap change, and change into a country of a very different nature than the one they imagine they are preserving and clinging on to.

  155. heedtracker says:

    I think it’s a parody account”

    Looks real.

    Alex Cole-Hamilton MSP
    I’ve laid a motion before Parliament today, criticising @theSNP for their recent broadcast appearing to lampoon @davidtorrance in a worrying, Trumpian challenge to press freedom & for falsely claiming credit for free personal care. I’ve also raised a formal complaint with @Ofcom

    C4 teatime news right the now, giving us tory viewers a very nice vote Orange Hitler thing. Orange Hitler is very popular with the teamGB tory media right enough.

    Worth a look at C4 news tonight, on Orange Hitler, as C4 camera’s using same tricks beeb scotland gimps do to make very thin tory, red and blue, conference crowds look vast and pulsating. Its all rather creepy in teamGB tory media these days.

    “Orange Hitler makes us safer, including Britain by the way.” Thank you very much honks nice C4 news lady.

  156. yesindyref2 says:

    It’s JackiebHurd is the parody account I think.

  157. Glamaig says:

    Radio Shortbread phone in this morning on Trump giving the usual 10% far right nutters 50% of the airtime, for balance.

    Presenter name-checked Ruth Davidson as an example of another powerful, charismatic leader who enjoyed a great election success, by, err, losing.

  158. Robert Peffers says:

    In an idle moment I read David Torrance’s biography data contained on his publisher’s site.

    My browser first stated, “This site is dangerous”, and it may mean someone is redirecting you to steal your personal data or bank account details.

    Then, while trying a different browser, it stated that, “This site has been closed down”.

    Just what is it this guy is trying to hide?

  159. heedtracker says:

    Radio Shortbread phone in this morning on Trump giving the usual 10% far right nutters 50% of the airtime, for balance.

    We should be concerned why the whole of teamGB media, led by the BBC in particular, are boosting up Orange Hitler across their UKOK zone.

    Its clearly to keep the tory US/UK Teresa/Trump closest allies crap not totally insane but its also because Orange Hitler will be a giant vote NO player in the oncoming indyref2 Project Fear 2 rage and hysterics.

    Worst about the C4 thing tonight? FBI are getting closer and closer to charging Orange Hitler with treason, Farage also in the frame. Yet nothing from C4 news tories, despite Farage having a routine beeb gimp talking head slot.

  160. Legerwood says:

    heedtracker says:
    19 January, 2018 at 7:12pm

    Yes I did.

  161. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Hi Legerwood at 6:49 pm.

    You typed,
    “The Life of Brian connection completely passed me by. Never watched Monty Python or any spin offs. Could not abide it”

    Here you are – 2 minutes of cultural education.

  162. colin alexander says:


    I would argue the Romans did not create the nation state of Scotland.

    It seems they did encourage closer cooperation between pictish tribes to resist Roman conquest, as it’s fair to assume, without cooperation, individual tribes would have been unable to make life so difficult for the invading Romans.

    I would argue, 400 to 500 years later it was increasing pressure from the Norsemen, that led to cooperation between rival kingdoms within what is now Scotland.

    A shared Christian faith – encouraged by the Church – also encouraged former enemies to put aside their rivalries to defend themselves against the pagan Norsemen who were a threat to all the Christian Kingdoms of the British Isles.

    Later, the threat of the Anglo-Saxon King of Wessex, Aethelstan or Athelstan around the mid 900s encouraged cooperation between the King of Alba and the King of Strathclyde with Viking support, as Athelstan sought fealty or subservience from the other kingdoms in the British Isles.

    Chronicles of the time suggest it led to a huge battle in which Aethelstan’s forces appear to have won a bloody victory ( The Battle of Brunarburh).
    Some argue it was a pyrric victory, as whilst Aethelstane continued to rule much of what is now England, other kingdoms such as Stratchlyde and Alba also continued.

    It could be argued that prior to the wars of Scottish independence, the first time Scotland could be recognised as close to what it is now was during the 950’s – 960’s with expansion into the Lothian area, which was prior this, part of the Kingdom of Northumbria ( which had been a kingdom of the Angles).

    Many argue it was the Treaty of York in 1237 that established a border between Scotland and England.

    However, much of the West and North remained under control of Gael-Norse. It was not until 1266 that the Western Isles were no longer ruled by the King of Norway.

    There later followed the Scottish wars of independence led by William Wallace and Andrew Moray on behalf of John Balliol, the deposed King of Scotland to free Scotland from the rule of Edward 1 of England. Followed by Bruce against Edward II.

    However, the Lords of the Isles ( whose base was on Islay) were a rival to the Kings of Scotland until the lands and title were seized by King James III in 1493.

    Furthermore, it was the marriage of James III to Margaret of Denmark that led to Orkney and Shetland being given to the Kingdom of Scotland as a temporary wedding dowry. These were annexed to the Kingdom in 1472.

    Thus, it is almost 1000 years after the Romans left the areas they called Caledonia and Britannia before it could be argued Scotland’s borders and Kingdom was firmly established comparable to the modern era.

  163. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Yer Da gives Friday night history lectures…


  164. Clootie says:

    @colin Alexander

    …history not your strong point then!

  165. colin alexander says:

    I would regard it to be unacceptable for the Scottish Parliament to give a Legislative Consent Motion or LCM to the Brexit Bill.

    I voted Remain. I am one of the sovereign people of Scotland. Scotland voted Remain ( in the EU). To say Scotland voted NO so that’s consent for WM rule, is mince. The EU-ref was later. It breached the NO campaign’s promise of continued EU membership. It is a MAJOR constitutional change.

    The people of Scotland have never been consulted on whether they approve of leaving the EU following the UK-wide vote. That is remiss of the Scottish Govt.

    As it has never been established whether Scotland’s sovereign people now give consent for Scotland to leave the EU, the Scottish Govt and Scottish Parliament have no mandate to give an LCM.

    The Scottish Govt and Scottish Parliament are not in themselves sovereign. They are creations of Tony Blair to be subservient administrators of Westminster devolution. Westminster Parliament claims sovereignty over all the UK.

    Any claim of sovereignty the Scottish Parliament could make is based on the Claim of Right Act of 1689 which has never been repealed. It established the people are sovereign, so only IF the Scottish Govt act by a mandate given by the sovereign people, can they claim any sovereignty to act.

    There is no clear mandate to authorise Brexit by means of an LCM. Until they establish a mandate, for the Scottish Govt or Scottish Parliament to act without that authority would be an unlawful action that usurps the sovereignty of the people of Scotland.

  166. t42 says:

    Plot twist: Robert is Colins father.

  167. ronnie anderson says:

    Ah didnae know there wiz ah vacancy in the history dept Rev wiz that advertised .

  168. heedtracker says:

    colin alexander says:
    19 January, 2018 at 9:19 pm

    I would argue the Romans did not create the nation state of Scotland.

    Yes but Colin A, lovey, I am an archaeologist and I only go by what evidence and sources we have today.

    Clearly there was no Scotland 2000 years ago but also clearly the Celts of what know as Scotland were able to defeat and send packing the might of the Roman Empire.

    And these Celts did this over and over. We know that Hadrian’s Wall was actually abandoned or vacated, as the Romans invaded and pushed north trying to colonise the southern half of Scotland, where they built the Antonine Wall. But they very rapidly evacuated, well not rapidly, say between 20 to 50 years max, retreating permanently to and behind Hadrians Wall.

    As we all know, there’s a whole mountain of UKOK bullshit waffled about Scotland and Scots, but there always has been.

    Celtic Scotland did not write much down, no Celts did, so there is no classical or Hellenistic style written Celt Scotland histories. All we have today like this is what medieval monastic scholars made up, about Celtic Scotland, usually in England.

    The biggest pile of UKOK history pants going, is the mad idea that the Scots are actually Irish, who invaded southern Scotland and took over. This is nonsense if only because there’s no record, historic or archaeology of any Scots tribe ever having existed in Ireland, let alone any in Scotland. And all the tribes or kingdoms of Ireland are extremely well documented too.

    Scotland today is covered in the most incredible indigenous archeology, the whole nation is covered with how we Scots once lived, yet its mostly all buried under a giant union jack and ofcourse its a history of the UK that stops dead at Newcastle.

    We all understand why this blackout of Scotland’s origin exists today. England is Britain, Rome conquered England, therefore Rome conquered Britain and that’s it. This is how our history books are written, this is how its taught at schools and even English academia stoops to conquer us.

    Don’t let them.

    The nation of Scotland began the day the first stone of Hadrian’s Wall was laid, 2000 years ago. The Scots are still here, what ever happened to the Romans.

    Also, I’m not an archeologist:D

  169. Ian Brotherhood says:

    I don’t have any strong feelings about what these folk are doing, and I don’t know anything about anyone involved, but if they don’t get minimum viewing figures for x-number of consecutive nights, nae funding.

    One way to help is to open the link in a new window, click a channel, then mute it and let it play while you get back to whatever you were doing. No need to watch it. From what I’ve seen of it, worthy enough, but rather dry fare for a Friday night.

    No harm done though – if you click and let it run, they’ll register another viewer. Who knows? It could turn out to be a useful tool down the line.—scots-govt-channel.html

  170. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Methinks, perchance, there is a ‘colin alexander’ and a ‘Colin Alexander’ commenting on WOS.

    Would the real Colon Alexandre please make her/himself known…

  171. manandboy says:


    “While this goes on, talks are being held, very quietly, in Europe, which will define Britain’s future for a generation. There have been few, if any, news reports about it in the British press. There have been few, if any, broadcast segments on it. It’s as if Brexit is on pause. But it is not on pause. It is simply happening without us.”

  172. Scottish Steve says:

    That last picture is pure class. Nicola packs the Hydro to the rafters but wee Ruthie cant even fill a room that looks smaller than some of my uni lecture halls.

    Quite a revival in Scottish Conservatism eh?

  173. ronnie anderson says:

    That Colon A need’s irrigation

  174. Dr Jim says:

    More people need to wear labels, people used to be like coffee, milk or nae milk, now everybody is identifying as something I don’t understand but expecting me to respect the new things people are identifying as, and if I don’t get it I get called a name I never heard of and I have to go and look it up to find out if I was insulted by the word I never heard of that the identifyee called me

    See the folk who are identifying as stuff could you consider for a moment how the rest of us might find it difficult to keep up with all this new identifying

  175. Thepnr says:


    “Plot twist: Robert is Colins father.”

    Close, but it’d be more correct to say that Colin is the bastard son of Robert.

  176. Glamaig says:

    Ian Brotherhood says:
    19 January, 2018 at 10:06 pm—scots-govt-channel.html

    Some of the scenery footage etc is stunning.
    I think they should aim to get Scotland restored to its true size on their weather map though 🙂

  177. Hamish100 says:

    Personally DT and PPB Actor don’t look alike. Just to prove the point they should both shave their beards off.

    Lib dem punter is just an idiot.

  178. Thepnr says:


    This I think is probably the best video Ian Brotherhood ever posted. It’s from November 2013 and he has a role in it!

    I thought he dealt with it very well almost a natural lol and if you want to see what street canvassing is like in reality then you MUST watch this all the way through.

    It is those that believe enough and will put the time and effort in that will get us past the winning post in first place.

    Give it a watch, then consider your role and what you can do.

  179. Brian Powell says:

    Mandy Rhodes pointed out there was a Tesco advert where people thought one character was supposed to be Torrance.

    D Torrance was at the SNP Conference on a panel speaking to a room packed with SNP delegates. No Issue.

  180. Rock says:

    colin alexander,

    “I am one of the sovereign people of Scotland.”

    “Sovereign” my foot.

    After 310 years as a colony of England, only utter “numpties” like yourself and Robert Peffers would pretend that Scotland and Scots are “sovereign”.

  181. Clootie says:

    @t42 9:45pm


  182. Ian Brotherhood says:

    ‘And so it came to pass that the bacon-rolls did clash, ’twas a Friday and the snow lay on the ground…’

  183. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    Brian Powell at 10.41

    Was that not David Torrance, SNP MSP for Kirkcaldy?

  184. wee bud says:

    Just turned on Sky’s paper preview.. Susie Boniface says” the people are allowed to change their minds” when talking about Europe.. ” but we don’t want Scotland to have another vote or neverendem…”
    We should be very grateful I think she gave her blessing to indyref 1… Don’t you just love British Nationalists lording over us..

  185. Capella says:

    @ Ian Brotherhood – thx for the link. Just watched 3 minutes of superb photography of our beautiful country. Recommend everyone has a look and delves in to the clips.—welcome-to-scotland.html

  186. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Capella –

    I don’t think I’ve seen the bit you’re referring to there, so cheers for the heads-up!


  187. Thepnr says:


    The film following yours “History of Glasgow” is even better. Whoever has done this has put in a hell of a lot of work and they deserve our support.

    They need 2500 visits a day to make it viable to start with, bookmark this site, plenty worth watching and let’s see it grow.

    We can do that, don’t let it bloom and wilt. Support it just by visiting in once a day. It will get even better and we need all the help we can get.

    Get in there wie the head down!

  188. Thepnr says:

    Watch this and tell me it’s not pure Class. It is!—welcome-to-scotland.html

    If the link doesn’t come up correctly then what your looking for is “War and religion on the Tweed”.

    Much better than anything Neil Oliver and the BBC could come up with on Scotland’s history 🙂

  189. Capella says:

    @ Ian Brotherhood @ Thepnr – I know. Watched the Glasgow clip. Was half way through the item on St Cuthbert (patron saint of supermarkets) when I realised the time. Will return to the site tomorrow for more fascinating clips.
    Excellent production values – it’s no amateur outfit.

  190. yesindyref2 says:

    Ohmigud I dozed off after my tea as is my wont these days and it’s either a hallucinogenic stuffed mushroom I had or a nightmare about neil oliver come to life. Very tasty though, the mushrooms that is.

  191. colin alexander says:


    Being sovereign and exercising that sovereignty are two closely related but different issues.

    In hindsight, the Edinburgh Agreement, that avoided the issue of Scotland’s sovereign right to decide it’s constitutional future without permission from WM.

    A process that accepted an S30, without establishing whether that S30 was ever legally / constitutionally needed for Scottish constitutional decisions ( bearing in mind the Claim of Right that Scotland’s people are sovereign).

    That is a mistake that has never been corrected. There has been further opportunities to do so between 2014 and today. Those opportunities have never been taken up.

  192. Lenny Hartley says:

    The PPB story has gone international, wont listen to any uk radio stations if I can help it, so listen to Manx Radio, on their daily roundup of what the newspaper headlines say for the doming day they picked up on a couple of SNP bad stories from the Hootsmon , torrance and Broadband.

  193. Petra says:

    Just catching up with reading the National.

    Gary Smith, Head of News at BBC Scotland, wrote into the National on Thursday complaining about Wee Ginger Dug’s article which had featured the day before. To be honest it was a load of old gobbledegook (Smith’s comments), but the point of my post is to highlight that this isn’t the first time that someone from BBC Scotland has written into the National to ‘combat’ complaints and it looks as though they buy a copy of the newspaper every day to scruntinise the contents.

    Following his ‘letter’, I reckoned that we (I) should use the National letter page to complain about the BBC on a regular basis. Regular meaning daily as they treat the Scots like pinball wizards every day of the week, month in and year out.

    Anyway low and behold others have grasped the thistle already and have started outlining their complaints about the BBC from their reporting (TOTAL lack of) of the Scottish Tories voting against supporting SNP attempts to protect Scotland from the Westminster power grab to the ‘obscurity’ of Smith’s comments (Winnifred McCartney – oor Winifred?) to BBC Sarah Smith’s 100,000 A&E scare the life out of the Scots ‘report’.

    Let’s all buy the National / subscribe to it, get on there and do likewise. Use it to highlight what’s going on with the biased Media, such as the BBC and STV, in Scotland. Do it because it’s clear that they don’t like it one bit.

    Dearie, dearie me the National now a thorn in their flesh because they no longer have 100% control over Scottish newspapers? Just wait until we get our Independence and have total control over broadcasting. The BBC won’t know what’s hit them, then.

  194. geeo says:

    Coco and his pal/alter-ego, Rock, are really ramping up their desperation these days.

    It must be horrible watching independence becoming more inevitable by the day, especially when you are such a pair of unionist pricks.

  195. Thepnr says:

    So I gets my jammies on, sticks the tinfoil hat back over the head before turning in for the night. Always better to be prepared.

    Starts watching Truly Scottish TV again to finish “War and religion on the Tweed” and the tinfoil hat started vibrating.

    It made me question myself as to where the money has come from to make these films, don’t get me wrong what I have watched has been good.

    I’ll continue to watch but always with the tinfoil hat on, can’t be too careful these days. Know what I mean.

  196. Petra says:

    Just as Neil Oliver has been made President of the National Trust for Scotland existing employees now face being made redundant. What’s going on there? Planning on filling the posts with even more Unionist lackey’s? Regular Scots getting the boot?

    And, eh, does anyone have any idea what Oliver is going to get paid?


    ”Up to 79 people could lose their jobs at the National Trust for Scotland (NTS) as the conservation charity carries out a major restructuring.

    With the charity intending to recruit for 63 new roles there will be a total of 16 positions lost at NTS, but trade union Prospect has vowed to fight the changes.

    The union stated: “Initial information from the Trust indicates that property managers may be removed from the organisation’s structure and replaced with visitor service managers.

    “There are concerns about any changes that would lead to staff doing the same job, day to day, at a lower grade.”

    The charity caused controversy when staunch Unionist Neil Oliver was recently appointed as its president despite remarks about SNP Government figures that have angered Yes campaigners.

    NTS said it is moving to a new management structure in its regions, which will see day-to-day leadership and administration concentrated in the hands of operational managers and business support teams, with staff based at properties concentrating on delivering improved visitor experiences and interpretation.

    “However, this will also mean that up to 79 existing posts will be put ‘at risk’ of redundancy under the proposed changes. Those affected will be encouraged to apply for the new roles.”

    The proposal to introduce the changes now, in advance of the main visitor season in 2018, is to “complement the arrival of major new projects”, according to NTS.

    These include The Playful Garden at Brodie Castle in Moray, the Big Box project to cover and protect The Hill House in Helensburgh and a transformed Brodick Castle on Arran.

    NTS chief operating officer Patrick Duffy said: “Each of the general managers is deciding on the best ways to invest the new resources being allocated and to determine how to improve the visitor experience and heritage stories.

    “The proposed changes mean reducing the level of administrative activities undertaken at properties thereby focussing the teams at them much more on visitor services, quality and delivering conservation work more effectively.

    “If we are to offer visitor experiences that meet today’s and tomorrow’s expectations, we need to have the right combination of skills in the teams running properties. In short, we have to make changes.

    “We are proposing to create circa 63 new and adapted roles. However, this does mean that we will have to phase out around 79 of the old roles.

    “This does put some staff at risk of redundancy but we hope that as many as possible of those affected can apply for the new roles.”

    The proposals are now subject to 30 days of consultation between staff, union representatives and stakeholders.

    Prospect negotiations officer Ian Perth said: “At the beginning of these changes in 2016, [NTS CEO] Simon Skinner clearly outlined that the trust had no intention to cut numbers at properties, and this gave comfort to our members and their families. This announcement risks eroding the trust staff can have in the pronouncements of senior management.

    “For many, the NTS is far more than just an organisation – its properties are often woven into the fabric of rural communities, so any staff reductions in front-line properties could be devastating for local economies.”

  197. Col says:

    The first thing the yes campaign should do is call out the BBC for its previous misdeeds and give it an ultimatum. Either it “starts” behaving in an unbiased fashion or they will call on the people of Scotland to stop paying their unfair tax. Make the license fee the new poll tax in Scotland. Show it up for what it is. A completely unfair tax on our people. I’d even go so far as to demand an apology for the poor service Scotland has had to endure for years.

  198. Dr Jim says:

    Just read that the BBC don’t own the equipment they use and it belongs to Siemens, and who owns Siemens

    Funny old world if true

  199. Petra says:

    Remember when Scots were replaced by SHEEP during the clearances? Now it’s TREES.

    And a great big thanks from me for people like Andy Wightman and Lesley Riddoch for keeping on top of this critical issue, LAND REFORM, for the Scots.

    And in case you can’t see it all ….. a big snippet.

    “Forestry is just one benign Scottish Government policy that’s indirectly encouraging a decline in the numbers of farmers and an amalgamation of farms leading to a concentration of land management. Renewable energy projects on top of agricultural subsidies have led to a proliferation of anaerobic digesters on farms which has diverted vast areas of land out of agricultural production into growing crops for energy, which in turn puts up the price of land to buy or rent and makes animal feedstuffs scarce.

    Of course, the aim of having more forest cover in Scotland is a laudable one. But since Scotland’s feudal and concentrated land ownership pattern has still not changed, progressive policies like renewable energy and now forestry allow landowners to trouser millions, thus financing and reinforcing Scotland’s concentrated patterns of wealth, land and forest ownership.

    Of course, the aim of having more forest cover in Scotland is a laudable one. But since Scotland’s feudal and concentrated land ownership pattern has still not changed, progressive policies like renewable energy and now forestry allow landowners to trouser millions, thus financing and reinforcing Scotland’s concentrated patterns of wealth, land and forest ownership.

    In fact, Scotland currently has the smallest number of forestry owners in northern Europe. Once again, it’s research by veteran land reform campaigner and Greens MSP Andy Wightman that’s exposed the scale of the problem. In 2012, almost a third of land in Norway was forested, with 171,000 owners. By contrast, only 18 per cent of land in Scotland was forested and research suggests one-third is owned by Scottish Ministers and managed by the Forestry Commission and 91 per cent of the rest is owned either by landed estates or by investment owners of which half are absentee owners and a third live outside Scotland.

    The big contrast with other European countries is the insignificant proportion owned in Scotland by individual resident owners, farmers, co-operatives and municipalities.

    Wightman concludes that Scotland has the most concentrated pattern of private forest ownership and the lowest proportion of the population involved in owning forests in Europe…..”

  200. Cactus says:

    Mornin’ galamcennalath, well said…

    “Name anything the UK can deliver which iScotland couldn’t?

    They don’t like imagining the future because generally, they want the past to continue.”

    Cairnstoon comin’ up tres soon.
    Hmm, how do you draw a great whiteout.. white ink 🙂

    To Eighteen!

  201. Petra says:

    And this one is for the totally ignorant and extremely illiterate Scots out there, not withstanding heads of NATO, MI5/6, the Military, the Government, Civil Service and key members of the EU and the UN etc, etc, etc.

    How many foreign languages can Ben Bradley speak in comparison to MANY Scots? Looks as though he doesn’t even have a most basic command of the English language.

    ”DISGRACED Tory MP Ben Bradley once wrote that he doesn’t think Scots should be trusted with “big jobs like saying foreign words”.


    And finally (for tonight or rather this morning) a brilliant story, imo, of a young Scot who is going places …. Hollywood. One who seemingly does have a command of the English language. Someone who comes from some obscure place in Scotland called Peebles. A wee hick town, no doubt, as per some from south of the border.

    And hey I just love the sound of ‘Bombmaker’ …. memories from the past?

    Bombmaker is about a ”Scottish teenager called Lizzie, who lives in a post-apocalyptic, independent Scotland, where the English Government has put up a border wall to keep out Scots and the Welsh. In that story, any Scot found in England is branded with a tattoo and then executed without trial.”

    ***NOTE that neither the BBC nor STV have reported on this as far as I know. I wonder why? Put JKR’s nose out of joint?

    Posting it in full in case it’s blocked in any way.


    ‘PEEBLES teacher Claire McFall is off to Hollywood after one of the movie industry’s biggest producers bought the rights to her book for young adults.

    It comes after the 35-year-old part-time English teacher’s book, Ferryman, telling the story of a young girl killed when a train to Aberdeen crashes, sold more than a million copies in China.

    The trilogy of novels could be set for worldwide recognition after the film and graphic novel rights were picked up by Legendary Entertainment, the producers responsible for some of the biggest movies of the last decade, including the most recent King Kong and Godzilla films, and all of Christopher Nolan’s early work, including his Batman films and Interstellar.

    The book is a retelling of the ancient Greek myth of Charon, the ferryman of Hades, who transports souls to the Underworld.

    In China, Ferryman has been one of country’s top 10 bestselling books since June 2015, joined by its sequel, Trespassers, published last year.

    That success in the Far East, which has been compared to Beatlemania, has spurred Legendary to propose two versions of the film, with one in English and the other in Chinese.

    McFall was at Peebles high school when she took a call from her agent detailing the company’s offer.

    “I did a bit of dancing round the classroom,” she told a UK newspaper.

    Published in the UK in 2013, Ferryman won that year’s Scottish children’s book award for the 12-16 category and was shortlisted for various prizes, including the Carnegie medal.

    While casting is yet to begin, McFall has some thoughts on it. “When I was writing them, I had people in my head, although tragically it was me in the girl part. Who doesn’t want to be the hero of their own story? Tristan was circa-Leonardo DiCaprio.”

    McFall described the film deal as “mind-blowing”.

    “When Ferryman was released in China, I was simply excited to see my story translated into another language; it’s meteoric rise in the Chinese fiction charts has left me speechless – and delighted.”

    She added: “Now, thanks to Legendary, we begin a new chapter. Seeing Ferryman alive on the screen is something I could never have envisaged back when I was typing out those first few words, and I cannot wait to see what the future holds.”

    McFall’s other books include Bombmaker, about a Scottish teenager called Lizzie, who lives in a post-apocalyptic, independent Scotland, where the English Government has put up a border wall to keep out Scots and the Welsh. In that story, any Scot found in England is branded with a tattoo and then executed without trial.’

  202. Petra says:

    Oh NO, NO bed for me yet! I’ve just come across another great article in the National newspaper. Heard about it from the BBC or STV? Forget it.


    ‘Drive to fund memorial for ‘voice of Glasgow’ Matt McGinn.’

    C’mom folks donate a tanner or a pound. Let’s start commemorating our AIN folks. If WE don’t WHO will?

    They only need £1000. Let’s get it over the mark.

    ‘Drive to fund memorial for ‘voice of Glasgow’ Matt McGinn.’


    A couple of his songs. Check out the rest on youtube. Brilliant.

    Matt McGinn – Ballad of John MacLean

    Matt McGinn – Troubled Waters In My Soul

  203. yesindyref2 says:

    Go to bed you lot Jings, you’re as bad as I am.

    @Lenny Hartley
    Just googled – snp party political broadcast torrance – and Post had it earlier Scotsman didn’t but does now, it’s on thetimes, reddit, newsnow, express, spectator, heh heh, phenomenal publicity for a PPB.

  204. yesindyref2 says:

    Stephen Daisley in the spectator about the PPB party people:

    They are Scottish but improbably so, smiling excessively and expressing enthusiasm for life.

    This guy is so out of touch with the younger generation (I’m lucky I get to go out drinking with son and join up with his pals sometimes) he needs to get his zimmer out and get out more, rather than hunching over his spit dripping keyboard.

  205. Petra says:

    @ yesindyref2 says at 3:09 am ….”Stephen Daisley in the spectator about the PPB party people: “They are Scottish but improbably so, smiling excessively and expressing enthusiasm for life.”

    He doesn’t get it does he? Scots smiling excessively and expressing enthusiasm for life, because they know that FREEDOM is well and truly on its way. He on the other hand has nothing positive to look forward to at all. Sad sack.

    Definitely off to bed now. After I check out some other sites, lol!

  206. cearc says:


    In fairness when he turns up at a party people probably don’t smile excessively and express enthusiasm for life.

  207. Michael McCabe says:

    What is all the uproar about David Torrance? Has Someone who does not know him wrote a Biography about him or Something.

  208. cearc says:

    brilliant, Michael.

  209. yesindyref2 says:

    Here’s a beautiful building in Paris, I wonder how much it costs to maintain that every year, staff, redecorating costs, repairs and maintenance, the electricity bill, and all those canapes? How much would it sell for, £69 million do you think?

    Official residence of the British Ambassador, with the UK spending a grand total of about £800 billion.

    Meanwhile the NHSGGC need to close the children’s ward at RAH Paisley to save – £69 million.

    We’re Better Together with the broad shoulders of the UK.

  210. yesindyref2 says:

    Annual embassy / consulate costs.

    UK Cost £2billion, Scotland’s 1/12th share £167 million for 5.3 million people.

    Ireland cost £70 million for 4.8 million people. For Scotland’s population ratio that is £78 million, a saving of £89 million a year plus the SDI already keeps 40 offices in 20 locations, so that’s even more savings incorporating the two.

    Should we keep one guy in an ex-palace in Paris, or with Independence save the RAH children’s ward with a whole load of millions to spare?

  211. yesindyref2 says:

    Oh yeah, sorry for the two different figures, after the £800 million one for the UK from a quick google in the first posting, I found this:

  212. Dek says:

    The OBFA repeal has taken another step forward led by the embarrassing James Kelly . I grew up in the west of Scotland at a time when changing ends at half time and carry outs on the terracing was the norm . Exciting and terrifying for a teenager but a war zone to be avoided by parents and children . We have thankfully moved a long way from those days . Violence on what was the terracing is almost a thing of the past. It’s only relic is the tolerance of disgraceful sectarian chanting which some elements of the media still seem to see as acceptable.
    Responsible organisations and fans of all colours have no problem with OBFA which is at least an attempt to target behavior which has no place in civilised society
    Repeal of this well intended legislation which could be amended to address genuine concerns ( see Peat Worrier moment for example ) should be resisted.

  213. Ken500 says:

    Westminster mis rule costs Scotland £20Billion a year. EU membership gains Scotland £10Billion in Grants, investment and shared Defence costs. Scotland would be £30Billion better off Independent in the EU. Westminster unionist Illegal wars, financial fraud and tax evasion costs £Billions. £Trns in debt. Brexit will cost UK £100Billion a year. Scotland £10Billion. In lost Grants (renewables), investment trade and shared Defence costs. Clinging on to the bankrupt rest of the UK will cost Scotland dear. Instead of moving forward with innovation, growth and development in the EU.

  214. Dek says:

    Peat Worrier ” comment “….

  215. Ken500 says:

    If OBFA is repealed. There will be a backlash against these actions. The unelected 3rd rate rejects will pay at the ballot box. No wonder the terraces are empty. Perverts and criminals scamming the punters. A disgrace. What a waste,

    Get Labour out of the way. A straight fight with the Tories which the SNP will win. Independence in the EU. Coming soon.

  216. Highland Wifie says:

    @Petra 2.28am
    Thank you for the story about author Claire McFall. I’m ashamed to say I’d never heard of her.
    I’m sure we’ll be hearing a lot more in the near future but so sad Scottish success stories aren’t more widely reported.

  217. Smallaxe says:


    Everything you need to know about the Brexit endgame in five minutes;

    A new Brexit legal challenge could give MPs the power to stop Britain leaving the single market;

    Can an Article 50 notice of withdrawal from the EU be unilaterally revoked?;

    A Conservative minister has been caught using ‘fake news’ to ‘wilfully deceive’ parliament [TWEETS]; (Who’d a Thunk it?)

  218. Smallaxe says:


    Time for a fresh entente cordiale says Andrew Adonis;

    Why did Boris suggest the idea of the #BorisBridge? To distract from the terrible Brexit news for The City from the summit with Emmanuel Macron says @mrjamesob.;

    The constitutional implications of a second EU referendum;

    Jolyon Maugham asks “should the public subsidise immensely wealthy referendum donors?”;

  219. Smallaxe says:


    Farming Matters: Parcel of Rogues;

    66.6% of Scots support an income tax rise which 70% won’t pay, says Shropshire Star;

    Starting to get ready,(Nope, that’s it. We’ve most definitely had enough.;

    The cornerstones of the UK economy are crumbling one by one;

  220. Smallaxe says:



    Le Maire rejects Boris Johnson’s plan for Channel bridge;

    Retailers suffer as UK consumer spending falls sharply;

    Ken Clarke: ‘I am very glad I am here. It’s the maddest situation I have seen in my entire political career’;

  221. Smallaxe says:



    Watchdog orders DWP to publish secret reports on Atos and Capita PIP failings;

    “If the UK thought last year was tough, you better batten down the hatches, this year will be much, much more difficult” @MaireadMcGMEP tells @Jo_Coburn “Not something I want to say, but sometimes you have got to speak the truth.”;

    Homeless ‘threatened with jail’ during Prince Harry, Meghan Markle’s Wales visit;

    That’s all, Wingers. Have a great weekend.

  222. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    Petra at 2.58

    We use to get Matt McGinn out to the Burnbank Burgh Hall. Hugely entertaining and he always sang with pint in his hand. Didn’t get much of a second half from him. His “Ballad of John Maclean” is coming into its own.

  223. ScottieDog says:

    I saw the recent poll about most Scots favouring tax rises. I’m one of them and I will also be paying more tax. I would caution about continuing that however. Surely we want to tax ‘unearned’ income?- that profit made by wealthy folk coming here and pumping house prices for example,
    , or sitting on a parcel of land with no productive intent. The housing bubble was a disaster and should be recognised as such.

    The uk is all about unearned income, funded and actively encouraged by a Tory government who have much self-interest in getting banks to pump up asset and house prices.
    We need to send out the message that we as a nation discourage this behaviour and will tax it and use the proceeds to benefit the young – the very people who are being robbed by the UK.

  224. Smallaxe says:

    Late link, well worth reading,

    Scotland’s Place in Europe: People, Jobs and Investment – A Timely Analysis;

  225. Wullie B says:

    I thought it was a mix of Duncan H, DT, Sev Carroll, and Alan Massie, they spin the same shite as Davey boy every week

  226. Stevie says:

    I’m Dave Torrance, yes I’m the real Dave Torrance
    All you other Dave Torrance’s are just imitating
    So won’t the real Dave Torrance, please stand up,
    Please stand up,
    Please stand up
    ‘Cause I’m Dave Torrance, yes I’m the real Dave Torrance
    All you other Dave Torrance’s are just imitating
    So won’t the real Dave Torrance, please stand up,
    Please stand up,
    Please stand up

  227. Rock says:

    colin alexander,


    Being sovereign and exercising that sovereignty are two closely related but different issues.”

    You can’t exercise pretendy “sovereignty” which never existed and was not worth the paper it was written on.

    The likes of you and Robert Peffers can scream and shout about your pretendy “sovereignty” but the bitter truth is that Scotland remains a colony of England after 310 years.

    Scotland, the only “sovereign” colony the world has ever seen, or will ever see.

  228. Thomas valentine says:

    He’s so vain he probably thinks this post is about him,
    He’s so vain he probably thinks this post is about him,
    Doesn’t he, doesn’t he, doesn’t he.

  229. Alan Laird says:

    Slightly O/T. I heard on Radio 4 this morning that trust in Social Media has fallen to just 25%, according to a survey put out by the MSM (no irony there, then?)
    Now if any of us were asked if we trusted news from Social Media we’d probably say no, because we’d all check elsewhere for corroboration. Its what we’ve learned to do – taught by our mighty distrust of the MSM.
    As with all these surveys – you get the answer you want by asking the question in the right way.

    And anyway – while I didn’t recognise Torrance in the SNP PPB. I did think the actor played the quintisential yoonbutt very well. So Torrance to a ‘T’, then. Well done that mummer.

  230. Alastair Naughton says:

    “Nobody in the No campaign ever said the UK was a partnership of equals.”

    We all know David Torrance is lair to the core, but in one this instance, he spoke the truth, in contrast to the Better Together activists who spent the entire campaign lying through their teeth about how “valued” we were as an “equal partner”. Wake up Scotland and see how the London establishment holds this country in complete contempt! Independence now! We need to get the independence campaign moving again!

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