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The Vanishings

Posted on August 09, 2017 by

The Scottish media this week has started to rather resemble Argentina under General Galtieri’s military junta – everywhere you look are the ghosts of the disappeared.

We’ve already documented at length the sudden non-existence of the Herald’s madly inaccurate front-page lead story from Monday (along with the corresponding piece in the Evening Times). And today two more things joined the missing list.

First up was a deeply snide column from Kenny Farquharson in the Times, making the seemingly implausible claim that Alex Salmond had never read a book before 2015 – and, indeed, that he’d lied about doing so.

Sure enough, evidence to the contrary soon started to arrive.

And then the man himself waded in.

With predictable results.

(And before we move on, let’s just take a short moment to reflect on the mindset of supposedly experienced professional political journalists – one of them Salmond’s self-appointed “biographer” – willing and eager to actually believe that Alex Salmond had never read a book. Ponder that for a minute, and consider what it might tell you.)

Next up was BBC Scotland, in an echo of the Herald’s classic “attempts to increase tourism backfire by increasing tourism” story from exactly one year ago tomorrow.

But not for long, after those replies.

We’re well-used, of course, to the press telling lies about the Scottish Government, ourselves and Yes voters, but printing flat-out falsehoods about ScotRail, the former First Minister and the police in half a week was probably pushing its luck a little.

We’re still awaiting any responses, incidentally, from the Daily Record and the Courier about the ScotRail story – the Daily Mail published its tiny correction today.

[EDIT 8.43pm: in fact the Courier did too, on page 16.]

[EDIT 11 AUGUST: the Record’s finally showed up four days after the original story.]

But increasingly, the Scottish media’s sins are finding it out in public.

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132 to “The Vanishings”

  1. jimnarlene says:

    Desperate stuff, from the “professional” media.
    Think I’ll stick with the bloke with a blog.

  2. Betty Boop says:

    I’m glad I don’t read any of them. Keeps the BP under control. Torrance has form writing about AS with absolutely no knowledge whatsoever, hasn’t he?

  3. Croompenstein says:

    Never a bad time for this beauty…

    However, allow me just two observations. First, I hardly know David Torrance. And secondly – and much more problematically for a biographer – he doesn’t know me at all.

    Rt Hon Alex Salmond MSP

  4. Lollysmum says:

    Hold your fire till you see the whites of their eyes Indy folk- we’ve got the bu**ers on the run

  5. Auld Rock says:

    Why bother with them as we know that their papers are only read by die-hards who are so blind that they steadfastly refuse to see beyond their own noses. As for the likes of the Record this not bought for its news-worthiness as it does print news, we all know that it is bought for its religious, whoops sorry football, and racing pages. Apart from that the others can only watch as their circulations drop like the proverbial ‘lead balloon’.

    Auld Rock

  6. Dr Jim says:

    It’s like the pub conversation where the one who shouts the loudest is usually talking Bollox then everybody scarpers when they go to the toilet so they have to come up with more Bollox to somebody else

    I think I’ve nailed it, Yoon Journo’s spend their time talking to each other in pubs

  7. Muscleguy says:

    But the question is, will they bloody learn?

    If you think so I have a brand new bridge over the Forth to sell you.

    I expect the print media to keep fighting the Unionist fight right down to becoming freesheets and beyond. The Hootsmon cannot be far from that fate. The Courier seems to be OK though it may well be subsidised in some way by the rest of the DC Thomson stable. They certainly have the money for the more than lifesize cartoon characters which adorn their Kingsway printing works here in Dundee.

    We still, just about, have the Jam and the Journalism though the Jute has gone to Housing Corp housing, student digs/unions and various light industrial units. To be fair Dundee has done a good job of putting its industrial heritage to use instead of just bulldozing the lot of it.

  8. Alex Clark says:

    This is news, the shite they write is not news. That’s why the stories were pulled, they were lies or childrens fairy tails disguised as journalism.

    I can’t stand these people who lie for a living and wish they’d just give it up. The have been found out. Just stop the lying.

  9. heedtracker says:

    What a bunch of clowns, say their critics and how they go about their profession:D

  10. Colin Mackay says:

    The BBC Story about Skye was on BBC News 24 as well. You know, just to make sure folks across the UK got the message not to come.
    I’ve no idea if it was still on by the evening’s bulletins, but they certainly gave it a couple of rounds at lunch time.

  11. Auld Rock says:

    Correction – ‘The Record does NOT print any news……..’.

    Auld Rock

  12. Helpmaboab says:

    After the briefest of Summer pauses, Britain has turned its full, hostile attention back to the Scottish independence movement.

    If anyone suspected that we were no longer regarded as a threat, they should think again!

  13. Walter Hamilton says:

    I watched Oor Eck being interviewed on the Parliamentary programme the other day and he was asked about the time he interrupted the Chancellor during his budget speech, he told the interviewer he had read the standing orders of the Commons from cover to cover, is this not a book?

  14. VALERIE RETTIE says:

    School Newspapers must be bleeding the Journalists that are working in MSM these days!

  15. WellReadNed says:

    Labour gonk John Ruddy has issued a denial today concerning allegations he likes raping puppies in an underground sex dungeon/menagerie.

    “These allegations are untrue” protested Ruddy.

    A spokesman for the opposition hit out on Twitter saying it “Doesn’t mean it wasn’t true”

    Tune in tomorrow for our follow up – “Ruddy in the scuddy: Fido’s Story”

  16. wull2 says:

    Don’t give up if you are the odd one out in your group, you are in the best place to plant the seed of truth and spread the word to all your friends.

  17. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    Desperate stuff from the MSM in the dog days of Summer.

    If you pay for whores with pens to write whatever you want to fill the pages ( inky fingered and electronic) you must understand that this inevitably leads to a rush to the bottom and the eventual destruction of your business plan

    Unless, your Business Plan includes a covert mass diffusion of chemical sedatives in the municipal water supply

  18. Walter Scott says:

    This is a long term strategy by the media. The aim is to grind down the independence movement. Over years its aim is to have people question everything the snp does or doesn’t do, it’s all part of the propaganda game & it involves the Scottish and UK press, TV & every political party except Plaid Cymru

  19. X_Sticks says:

    There’s a desperation about the unionist camp that is very telling.

    They know there is a referendum coming unless brexit is halted.

    They are almost out of ammunition.

    All they have left is to try their damnedest to undermine the confidence of the Yes camp and try and convince us that we are a tiny minority who can’t possibly win indyref2.

    They will do everything they can to sow dissent in the Yes camp. They will be aided and abetted by some in the Yes camp that will be bedazzled by their shiny beads and promises of celebrity.

    There will be a massive online campaign with thousands of new accounts to try and swamp the independence voice and make it appear weak.

    They are out to sap our determination and destroy our morale.

    Hold fast folks. This coming year will be a rollercoaster of a ride that will make everything that went before look like a stroll in the park.

  20. dramfineday says:

    This is so embarrassing it can possibly be true…but it is. The raging “SNP Baaaad” mime makes, apparently, rational people go absolutely mad to get the knife in.

    Nurse, the Screens. Ice bath for KF and chums.

  21. mike d says:

    Auld rock 8.30pm. I’ve never bought a record since the 19th sep 2014. But being a wee bit starved of Scottish fitba results. (I live in England).And nearly gave in one day when i saw one in a newsagents in Bournemouth. But i resisted lol.Thank god for the Internet and WOS.

  22. Hamish Kirk says:

    will continue to rely on Big Daphne down at the pub for reliable and accurate reporting on what is happening.

    the rest of you can read the papers if you want !

  23. Petra says:

    Looks as though the table is turning folks as thousands online seem to be more knowledgeable than the ‘journalists’ and are fighting back now. Bad day too when the Police have to issue ‘corrections’. Let’s hope this ‘we’ve ALL got our beady eyes on YOU’ will put the wind up them.

    And Stu a great big thank you for the time and effort you put into this site. I can’t thank you enough. The ‘Hate Stu Campbell / Wings’ barometer tells us that we’re winning and don’t have long to go now.

  24. mike d says:

    Walter Scott 8.47pm. Or sinn fein lol.

  25. Elaine S says:

    Report Daily Record and The Courier to IPSO, if they knowingly keep wrong information up they are being inaccurate and you certainly can put in a complaint under the “Accuracy” code on IPSO. It is great to see the media being shamed and more and more people no longer taking their lies, distortions and propaganda….they are all supposed to adhere to the SPJ Code of Ethics in Journalism and for many of the dishonest Scottish hacks, they threw those rules away a long time ago. We need to remind them by writing complaints of press dishonesty that it is time they picked up the rules and read over them.

  26. yesindyref2 says:

    I have travelled the universe from Clyde to Clyde, climbed every hill Ben and Beinn that I’ve climbed, traversed the highways and byways but the less said about that the better, in search of enlightment and a decent journalist, and while I thought of writing a 15 volume 530 page each volume account of my desperate search, basically I can’t be assed as Salmond wouldn’t read it anyway, so to summarise the whole thing in as short a space as possible

    journalists are dicks

  27. Meg merrilees says:

    “Skye full up- don’t go! ” …still on the BBC Scotland website.

  28. Calum McKay says:

    This down right lying and misinformation keeps and will keep on happening, the whole of the media bar one or two sources are at it and have been for years!

    What is needed is a whistleblower to come out and state to the public what is happening and what level of cooperation and coordination is in place.

    I for one would like to see the whole process laid out and explained to me and everyone else (I use yesterday’s rial story in the Herald as an example), how does a story start with labour, gain traction with a journalist, get checked for for accuracy / truth, get through an editorial board, is published and and finally withdrawn.

    This is happening every day, so it should not be too hard to document, but we nee that first whistleblower to come out and inform the public of the truth regards the news they read or watch!

  29. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    I don’t know if this is ‘off-topic’ but I picked it up from the WOS Twitter feed. it is an ‘article’ by that famous Green, Ross Greer. He says/types,

    “The fans want to see the blood! That way madness lies. That way we get to people standing under dripping Saltires outside Tunnock’s bakery calling for a boycott of caramel wafers.”

    Now, let me type…
    My ambition is for the independence of Scotland as a self-sustaining independent nation. That ambition led me, firstly, to be a “Winger’, attending the first WOS get-together in Broughty Ferry, in May 2014, organised, I believe, by Alex Clark/Thepnr.

    I then got involved with Team YES Bus, run by Bob Costello, whose workshop did the restoration of Chris Law’s “Spirit of Independence” Green Goddess and provided the “Business for Scotland” battlebus.

    After the disappointment of 18/04/14, I rejoined the SNP.

    What struck me over the summer of 2014, was that varied ‘organisations’ had come together for one purpose – to try to achieve a YES vote in the referendum. There was Yes Scotland, Team YES Bus, YES Dundee, YES Rutherglen (Hi Gillian and Hevvabeccywoss!), RIC, Labour for Independence – and all the other individual groups all over Scotland.

    These groups included “The Scottish Resistance”. They have their own style of campaigning for our independence, including flagging up the use of the butcher’s apron on Tunnock’s products for export.

    In 2013/14/15/16/17, we were/are a collection of disparate groups with the same goal in mind. therefore, it ill behooves someone whose goal is Scottish independence, to start tearing up other campaigners for shitey paper.

    Of course, it’s that ‘silly season’ time of year so, maybe, as the nights grow longer, those causing friction on our rock-solid desire for independence, will pause, rethink, then get on board with the rest of us ‘pro-indy’ punters.

    The Scottish Resistance’s style may not suit everyone on the pro-indy side of the debate – but they’re OURS!

  30. Robert Graham says:

    With the antics recently I think it says more about the intended audience , and how the media view them ,
    Thick as pigs shit , willingly supplied by shit shifters with absolutely no morals or conscience.
    A fine match . Welcome to scotland 2017 .

  31. brewsed says:

    Along with the vanishings we also get the changlings.

    I am reasonably sure the text for this article has changed, or I was half asleep this morning and automatically assumed it was be a SNPbaad article. Even now the following text strikes me as being questionable: “For its part, the Scottish government’s stance was undermined by the Scottish National party’s poorer-than-expected election result in June, where it lost 21 MPs in a voter backlash largely fuelled by the SNP’s attempt to link Brexit with a second independence referendum.” I seem to remember all the parties except the SNP doing this.

    If the dead-tree-scrolls insist on publishing demonstrable untruths then they will be the cause of their own demise. There is very little, if anything, within a printed newspaper that is essential. Why would you look at the TV listings (especially if, like me, you don’t have a TV) when the real thing is on the Internet. Fitba news will be on some fitba blog or other. Same for the weather, train time changes, currency fluctuations, road reports, flight times, and so on. Local news, here anyway, is on Facebook (sunsets, lost dogs, crap on pavement, flower shows, bin time etc.).

    Which leaves the MSM for what? Possibly national reporting but if they insist on continuing to insult at least half the population that is of questionable viability.

  32. donald anderson says:

    Brian “Scotland is British” Wilson once claimed he managed to get through University without reading a book. And it showed.

  33. galamcennalath says:

    As The Rev points out, we’ve seen a lot of desperate stuff in the last few days. Is this crap the best case for their Union they can come up with? If so, these so called journalists have all but given up on trying to save it!

  34. donald anderson says:

    Brian “Scotland is British” Wilson once claimed he managed to get through University without reading a book. And it showed.

    This tells me that I have just submitted a duplicate . !

  35. yesindyref2 says:

    There again, picture some voter who decides they want to vote but know nothing about politics or political parties. So they think about it: “Well, there’s, ummmmm, the SNP, then there’s ummm, errr, the SNP, can’t think of any other parties. Sod it I’m going to vote, what’s their name again? SNP.”.

    We should be thanking the media for all their party political broadcasts on behalf of the SNP. Including that nice David Torrance, one of their biggest fans.

  36. G says:

    The quote in the first paragraph of the Farquharson article is familiar. I’m sure it’s almost word for word the same as a quote I heard about Donald Trump. Almost as if someone told him it as a practical joke.

    They are embarrassing.

  37. K1 says:

    Love it Rev, nae wunner they fucking despise you. Lol. Cause whilst it’s important that you have published these ‘vanished articles’ debacles, you’re also the chief protagonist in spreading the news about them, and it’s gotta hurt all of them to see you’re pinned tweet at the top of you twitter feed:

    ‘The UK’s top 10-ranked politics blogs. One of them draws from an audience 1/12th the size of the others. (Unalert readers: it’s us.)’

    The number 2 political blog in the entire UK. And of course the number one political and media outlet in the entire country of Scotland.

    Well done you…and…well done us 🙂

  38. K1 says:

    your not you’re…obvs 🙁

  39. yesindyref2 says:

    The more they get wind the more they unravel.

  40. yesindyref2 says:

    wound not wind, though come to think of it …

  41. mike d says:

    O/t. On my way back to England today. Stopped off at Moffat. My English wife wanted to buy me a (Scotland the brave t shirt). Says i,no a ‘Scotland ‘t shirt will do. I wouldn’t be seen dead in a scotchland the brave t shirt. Brave my f*****g arse. Do they do “Scotland the unionist ar*e lickers t shirts?

  42. Chick McGregor says:

    Ye can bring a horse tae water, but ye cannae mak it drink.
    Ye can bring the yoons tae book, but ye cannae mak them think.

  43. SOG says:

    I find it amazing that a Times journo can source an article on an unchecked student’s story, drag the paper’s rep down even lower than it is already, and not be fired.

    They must find recruiting staff, at any level of competence, too difficult to shed even this one.

  44. galamcennalath says:

    It’s not just the so called Scottish media which is ‘at it’. Here’s a recently posted headline from the Telegraph…

    “Nicola Sturgeon’s Brexit minister warns Damian Green repeal bill must be overhauled”

    …. laced with anti Scottish / anti SNP undertones.

    Why didn’t they say …

    “Scotland’s Brexit minster” or “Mike Russell”?

    Of course no Telegraph reader will have heard of Mike Russell, but they will all know who Damian Green is. Apparently Green is May’s deputy, BTW.

    And it’s all Nicola Sturgeon’s fault. They won’t admit Scotland has a duly elected government with a mandate to look after our interests.

    Then there is the “warns”. That Sturgeon woman issuing threats again. As we used to say in primary school – that’s not a threat, that’s a promise.

  45. JOML says:

    Corrections and apologies in the press are a joke. Legislation should be passed ensuring corrections and apologies are on the same page, using the same font, as the original offending article. The people who read these papers will not see the corrections.

  46. HandandShrimp says:

    I can imagine that Farquharson can cope with us thinking he is useless journalist but having his story pulled…that must smart 🙂

    He and Torrance come out this looking less like serious contributors and much, much more like weird Salmond stalkers.

  47. Conan the Librarian says:

    Chicken Licken, Henny Penny, Cocky Locky, Ducky Lucky, Drakey Lakey, Goosey Loosey, Gander Lander, Turkey Lurkey and Foxy Loxy seem to br claiming that Skye’s infrastructure is failing…

  48. heedtracker says:

    “Why it matters that Alex Salmond doesnt read book, read my column in the Times today” is actually really funny.

    Wonder why the big dope thought it matters though? Ken Farq’s also pulled that tweet.

    Kenny Farquharson?Verified account @KennyFarq Aug 2

    Kenny Farquharson Retweeted Kenny Farquharson
    Got a view on this? Why not write a letter for publication in @thetimesscot? 150 words max.

    Dear Mr Farquharson,

    You’re fired.



    What does Murdoch’s ring taste like:D

  49. jfngw says:

    Magic Mirror: What wouldst thou know, my bearded columnist?

    Columnist: Magic mirror on the wall, who is the greatest columnist of all?

    Magic Mirror: Famed is thy intercourse. But hold, a more noteworthy writer I see. Rags cannot hide his independent soul. Alas, he is more popular than thee.

    Columnist: Alas for him! Reveal his name.

    Magic Mirror: Wings of a bird. Hair black as ebony. Skin white as snow.

    Columnist: Campbell!

  50. McDuff says:

    Rev, you are worth your weight in gold. When we get independence you should get a medal for exposing Unionist lies and for giving your many readers the feeling that through you we are fighting back.
    Thank you.

  51. K1 says:

    Farquharson just blamed:

    ‘Kenny Farquharson @KennyFarq
    Student paper that interviewed Alex Salmond has now withdrawn the quote, so we’ve removed my column from online. Apologies to @Alex Salmond’

    Absolutely cretinous, is he seriously saying that his entire article was centred around ‘a quote’ from a ‘student paper’, did his brain not for a second think ‘wait, that’s impossible’ as Alex Salmond is clearly an educated and well read man with an MA in Economics and Medieval History, who literally quotes Burns and all manner of historical information without the need for notes, he’s a veritable walking encyclopaedia on Scottish history. It simply beggars believe that this so called journalist even considered writing the total pish that he did on the back of a ‘misquote’.

    Ah mean Farquharson could have just looked up Alex’s wiki page and found this sentence:

    ‘Salmond’s main interests outside of work and politics are golf, horse racing, football, and reading…’

    Would that have not been ‘the’ simplest piece of research instead of a ‘student paper’?

    This isn’t journalism, this is a guy wi an axe tae grind.

  52. heedtracker says:

    Wtf, this is a good UKOK story. Better watch out when/if you use Scottish place names in your country. You no longer own it. At guess, the NTS is stuffed with yoons.

  53. Phronesis says:

    A Canadian study detailing the failure of the Canadian news print media to create a deliberative space for citizens during a referendum. Clear parallels with the unfortunate state of the MSM in Scotland (excluding the National)on Indy related issues;

    ‘The results tend to confirm previous negative assessments of media’s deliberative performance in referendum contexts…print media failed to create an effective deliberative space where citizens could gain a critical appreciation of the choices they faced…the media failed on all the key themes… crucial to an effective deliberative process, specifically inclusion and balance, a willingness to deal with and answers questions of fact, honesty in presenting one’s own position, and a desire to engage in a dialogue…All this suggests that (the ) newspapers were not really sincere in their claim they would create an environment where all sides on the referendum issue could be deliberated over’

  54. Alex Clark says:

    @Conan the Librarian

    Some might be pissed off with this long post and apologies all but I’m doing it anyway, Chicken Licken is a story that must be told. Long post and you can skip right past right now LOL.

    The Story of Chicken Licken
    Once upon a time there was a little chick called Chicken Licken who lived on a farmyard in the countryside.

    One day, Chicken Licken went to the woods. He stopped by an oak tree. Suddenly a tiny acorn dropped from the tree – wheeeeeeeeee! And hit Chicken Licken on the head – BONK!

    Unfortunately, Chicken Licken didn’t see the acorn. He looked up the clear blue sky. “Oh, no!” he said “The sky is falling, I must tell the king.”
    So he ran and he ran and he ran until he got to the farmyard where he met Henny Penny.

    “What’s the hurry?” clucked Henny Penny.
    “The sky is falling and I’m off to tell the king” cried Chicken Licken
    “I’d better come too” clucked Henny Penny
    So Chicken Licken and Henny Penny scurried off to find the king.
    “What’s the hurry?” crowed Cocky Locky.
    “The sky is falling and I’m off to tell the king” cried Chicken Licken
    “I’d better come too” crowed Cocky Locky

    So Chicken Licken, Henny Penny and Cocky Locky scurried off to find the king.
    “What’s the hurry?” quacked Ducky Lucky and Drakey Lakey
    “The sky is falling and I’m off to tell the king” cried Chicken Licken
    “I’d better come too” quacked Ducky Lucky and Drakey Lakey
    So Chicken Licken, Henny Penny, Cocky Locky, Ducky Lucky and Drakey Lakey scurried off to find the king.

    “What’s the hurry?” honked Goosey Loosey
    “The sky is falling and I’m off to tell the king” cried Chicken Licken
    “I’d better come too” honked Goosey Loosey
    So Chicken Licken, Henny Penny, Cocky Locky , Ducky Lucky, Drakey Lakey and Goosey Loosey scurried off to find the king.

    “What’s the hurry?” gobbled Turkey Lurkey
    “The sky is falling and I’m off to tell the king” cried Chicken Licken
    “I’d better come too” gobbled Turkey Lurkey
    So Chicken Licken, Henny Penny, Cocky Locky , Ducky Lucky, Drakey Lakey, Goosey Loosey and Turkey Lurky scurried off to find the king.

    “What’s the hurry?” snapped Foxy Loxy.
    “The sky is falling and I’m off to tell the king” cried Chicken Licken
    “Follow me, my feathery friends, I can help you find the king” smiled Foxy Loxy.

    So, Chicken Licken, Henny Penny, Cocky Locky, Ducky Lucky, Draky Lakey, Goosey Loosey and Turkey Lurky followed Foxy Loxy deeper into the forest.
    Foxy Loxy was just getting ready to gobble up the feathery friends when suddenly a tiny acorn dropped from the tree – wheeeeeeeeee! And hit Foxy Loxy on the head – BONK!

    Luckily, Foxy Loxy didn’t see the acorn. He looked up the clear blue sky. “Oh, no!” he said “The sky is falling, I must tell the king.”
    Foxy Loxy ran off and was never seen again. Everyone looked at Chicken Licken.
    “Are you sure the sky fell on your head” they said.
    “Well, maybe it was an acorn” said Chicken Licken!
    And they chased him all the way home to the farmyard.

    That wee fairy tale we learned as children is exactly what the British state are saying will happen to an Independent Scotland. I doubt very much that the sky will fall in on our heads.

    The moral of the story is don’t trust the Fox.

  55. shug says:

    I do hope the police authorities take issue with BBC lies as should the others.

    I never cease to be amazed at the extent and amateurish approach they take to lying

    Could this possibly be in house rebellion to being asked to skew the news – you make it so shoddy it is rubbished with ease

    More power to your elbow Stu – hope you have a good war chest for the Indyref 2

  56. K1 says:

    The moral of the story is surely: Do your own research, cause you can’t trust a fucking word that anyone says in the mainstream media when it comes to reporting anything about Scotland and the democratically elected government that the people of Scotland voted for?

    Look out for acorns…be careful out there folks 🙂

  57. Ian Brotherhood says:

    I’d like to see one – just one – Scottish journalist volunteer to go head-to-head with AS in ‘serious’, scientifically-monitored general knowledge and/or intelligence tests.

    (Oh aye, and a wee ‘unexpected’ lie-detector test an aw, just as an ‘extra’ for the DVD)

    No doubt there are some scriveners who could give Eck a run for his money, but they’re too smart to do so publicly. The likes of Torrance and KF, with their embarrassing bluster and braggadocio, wouldn’t even be in the running.


  58. geeo says:

    While in an ideal world, retractions would be similair in size/exposure to the original false claim, never going to happen.

    However, us Yessers can take even their tiny retractions and share/wave in faces of unionists who try to keep quoting the media pish.

    “That Daily Mail/Etc story was a load of pish, look, they even admitted it themselves”

    X hunners of thousands on social media sites/face to face conversations.

  59. Capella says:

    The Scottish media this week has started to rather resemble Argentina under General Galtieri’s military junta

    This week!
    I’ve felt for years that we are like occupied Belgium. We get to listen to radio Berlin and read the daily propaganda sheets telling us how much better off we are under the Reich. And how hopeless we would be running our own affairs.

    The concerts are very good. The Thought for the Day, the Book at Bedtime, the Sunday drama – all very engaging. None of it has any relevance to us.

    But the news and current affairs! Oh dear! They are all about our neighbour. The TV soaps are set in Greater Britannia. Nowhere is our own experience validated. Worse than that – the media expend a huge effort in denigrating anything that could possibly be construed as representing us.

    Is this not a crime against humanity? Where is Cameron B Brodie when we need him?

    Come to think of it – where is Cameron B Brodie?

  60. Bradford Millar says:

    spin and lies that is all the unionist media have …. they are desperate to stop another Indyref …. the UK government are playing into our hands with their brexit shambles … i smell their fear Indyref2 bring it on

  61. Sooz says:



  62. jfngw says:

    Self appointed biographer believes his subject has never read a book. Likelihood of this biography having any credibility, make up your own mind.

    Then tries to shrug it off with an acerbic ‘comedy’ tweet. He’s no Frankie Boyle is all you need to know.

    Time for the annual Wings media awards to be introduced:
    Best Fake News Item
    Quickest story pulled from site
    Ultra Yoon award
    and many more..

  63. WellReadNed says:

    John Ruddy is not a puppy rapist.These are unfounded allegations on the internet and we must not start a whispering campaign about it.

    That would be wrong and immoral.

  64. Linds says:

    Sorry, but I’m gonnae curse a lot.
    These fuckers hate you because you show them up for what they are, charlatans. They are click whores who know their demographic only too well. The cunts wouldn’t know how to stand up a story if their life depended on it, because they don’t have to.
    They have a conveyor belt of “people”, who, no matter how many references you link to confirm said fact, (Non negotiable) will always have more to try and debunk it.
    Don’t ever stop, Obi Wan, you’re our only hope!
    But for fuck sake keep on keepin on.
    PS Cunts! L

  65. Ian Brotherhood says:

    As any fan of James Brown and crafty word-work will understand, Stuart Campbell does not ‘leave the homework undone’.

    These characters have been floodlit, their unmentionables exposed in truly ‘orrible detail.


  66. heedtracker says:

    Another UKOK twit in action. Every other nation in the world would be joyously celebrating tourists coming to their country but in Scotland, here’s the Graun gimps pissing all over it.

    Its actually quite tragic, that Scotland’s plagued by UKOK hacks like this.

  67. Alex Clark says:


    Nobody is speaking about John Ruddy other than you. Lost a screw?

    WellReadNed says:
    9 August, 2017 at 8:38 pm
    Labour gonk John Ruddy has issued a denial today concerning allegations he likes raping puppies in an underground sex dungeon/menagerie.

    “These allegations are untrue” protested Ruddy.

    A spokesman for the opposition hit out on Twitter saying it “Doesn’t mean it wasn’t true”

    Tune in tomorrow for our follow up – “Ruddy in the scuddy: Fido’s Story”

    WellReadNed says:
    9 August, 2017 at 11:31 pm
    John Ruddy is not a puppy rapist.These are unfounded allegations on the internet and we must not start a whispering campaign about it.

    That would be wrong and immoral.

  68. Still Positive says:

    Where is everybody? Last post at 12.14.

  69. Betty Boop says:

    @ Briandoonthetoon, 9:26pm, 9/8/17

    In 2013/14/15/16/17, we were/are a collection of disparate groups with the same goal in mind. therefore, it ill behooves someone whose goal is Scottish independence, to start tearing up other campaigners for shitey paper.

    Spot on, Brian. We need to challenge the opinions of Ross Greer and his ilk. For a fair few weeks now, the Yes movement has been taking a bashing from several who supposedly support indy, but, seem to be doing their best to denigrate others whose opinions/actions don’t fit their agenda. Rather than accept that this is a broad church, they carp from the sidelines at folk who have spent years on the streets helping to grow support for Yes. they are no better, probably worse, than the unionist hacks who constantly attack Yes supporters. I think we all know which commentators are worth a read.

    That first Wings get together in Brotty. Could you ever have imagined such a disparate bunch brought together in common cause and friendship? Folk from a’ airts and we still get together. I still have, on the car dash, the paper flower Ronnie gave me that night (still wrapped and with the sweets inside!).

    It was a microcosm of the Yes movement, something which changed lives. That is what the opposition and other detractors don’t really get. The Yes movement is disparate, but, we can cope with it and enjoy it.

  70. Dr Jim says:

    Some people can read all the great works of the world and learn nothing
    Some people can read the ingredients of a chewing gum wrapper and unfold the secrets of the Universe

    Lex Luthor: Superman 1

  71. Macart says:

    Met Mr Salmond a couple of times (once at a a book signing), and can confirm the man can read. 😀 LOL

    I think I mentioned both shark jumping and farce on an earlier thread concerning our media. This is what constitutes and qualifies as yer akchul Q.E.D. moment.

    The state of the meeja. Piss poor quality, shortage of talent, large elements lacking professionalism, biased, compromised, overly invested in specific societal and political narratives. Yet they are by far and away the orthodoxy, the status quo, the accepted norm.

    Helluva state of affairs right enough.

    Kinda why normal folk might need a media monitor, yes?

  72. Johnny Farrell says:

    Just a wee highlight that made me hoot and spray my Auchentoshan all over the screen and keyboard. THIS:

    fields of ulster @samboardman99
    Replying to @AlexSalmond
    Remember that white paper u represented to the people of Scotland. …ie the book of fiction. The one that all of us Scots rejected.

    Lol. calls himself Fields of Ulster and then. ” all of us Scots” in the tweet. Irony not done here. I think I caught him red-handed!

  73. cearc says:

    Betty Boop,

    Snap! Still got my rose on the dash, from the first Counting House gathering. Ate the sweeties on the long drive home.

    What an amazing and diverse bunch of people we have met at Wing’s does whom we would have been unlikely to have ever met otherwise and all with a common cause.

    A spat-in-a-latte by a few marginal people who think that they are really, really important has no effect on the greater grass roots movement.

  74. Nana says:

    MP decides not to sign WASPI pledge

    First gas at southern North Sea satellite brings UK energy security for next 20 years

    Brexit, Data Protection and the Myth of ‘Taking Back Control’

  75. Smallaxe says:

    Nana; Good Morning, the sun is burning its way through the morning mist, looks like another lovely day here.Thank you for Your links. Kettle’s on. 🙂

  76. Betty Boop says:

    @ cearc

    A spat-in-a-latte by a few marginal people…

    Love that!

    Ha ha, re our Brotty flowers. Is yours still blue? Mine is bleached white.

  77. Bob Mack says:

    Seems too proposterous to even consider does it not ?

    Orson Welles did a radio broadcast claiming Martians were invading the world and thousands believed him, some even committing suicide. Too proposterous to believe ? No such thing. Two idiot journalists did for a start.

  78. Cactus says:

    SO the lead article on the BBC Scotland webpage says:
    “Homeless numbers predicted to soar” because of BRUKEXIT.

    Or to paint an alternative scenario:
    “Homeless numbers predicted to soar, unless Scotland says Yes!”

    Which would you choose?

    Help yer ain folk.

  79. gus1940 says:

    What a coincidence that in the week when England starts to take its holidays we get the Horrendous Plague of Midges story followed by this Skye is Full nonsense.

    The aim of course is to damage Scotland’s Tourist Industry with the Skye Story leading to people coming to the conclusion that the rest of Scotland has the same alleged problems.

    Anything with the intent to damage Scotland is the agenda of The BBC and msm.

  80. gus1940 says:

    We all know that papers print tiny retractions usually hidden away on the inside pages.

    How about legislation making it the law that when printing a retraction it must appear on the front page and be the only thing to appear on the front page.

    That would certainly make whoever was responsible for the original lies popular with the paper’s owners and bean counters.

  81. Robert Louis says:

    David Torrance ACTUALLY believed Alex Salmond had never read a book until 2015 ??? Seriously, is Torrance dense? Hahahahahahahahaha.

    WTF is wrong with these people? It is like they have become deranged, in their desire to run more ‘SNP BAAAAD’ stories.

    I so wish I had a ticket to Mr Salmond’s Fringe show. These unionista clowns just keep on giving.

    Oh, but then I remember, these unionista clowns are allegedly ‘serious journalists’.

    What a bunch of absolute diddies.

  82. Golfnut says:

    @ Nana
    ‘re your last link from Canary.

    Just recently the SG were getting pelters for Driver only operations on rail journeys. I had no idea this was down to the DFT and Network rail( UK gov ).

  83. cearc says:

    Betty Boop,

    Aye and mine, it has morphed to ‘…. little white rose of Scotland. That smells…’ (Don’t think the sharp and sweet applies!)

  84. Golfnut says:

    I see Bloomberg predicting difficulty ‘re food supply. UK produces only 60% of its requirements.

    We need to make sure we get the message out to people in Scotland that we are self sufficient in essentials (surplus ), otherwise it will be another of those UK broad shoulder scenarios, when actually its the other way round, in just about everything.

  85. Robert Louis says:

    Tomorrow’s ‘The Times’ headline: ‘Alex Salmond ate my hamster’. by Kenny Farquharson.

    Anybody remember how The Times used to be called ‘the thunderer’, with actual REAL intelligent journalists, who weren’t simply copying and pasting articles from student newspapers?

  86. Les Wilson says:

    On BBCs this morning we have that sage of education Ian Gray telling us how the SNP should be fixing our education system.
    A few min from the SNP and about 7-10 min from Gray.

    The intelligent man who asked where the money for an oil fund would come from !. Just relentless anti SNP rhetoric, this has to stop, as said before we need an army of social media warriors to counter all this.

    Nothing else would be close to making a bit of a difference. Expose and belittle them constantly and make sure our peoples and others across the world know just what the BBC actually is. A propaganda platform for what is fast becoming a Nazi state.

  87. Macart says:

    Mornin’ Nana

    I see the talks went well with HMG. 🙂

  88. heraldnomore says:

    Now that’s my sort of study – what I would give to spend an hour or two in that room at The Mill.

    As to our friends in the press – it would be better for all if words simply failed them. For they fail us, daily.

  89. wull2 says:

    Independence first, then you can support any party you want.

  90. Ghillie says:

    Robert Louis @ 8.08 am

    Don’t you mean ‘ What a bunch of absolute bibbees’ ? 🙂

  91. Paul says:

    It’s an absolute joke, thing is unless you follow WOS on Twitter or read this blog then most folk from the ‘other side’ don’t realise just how biased and full of it the Scottish media are at the moment.

  92. Famous15 says:

    I belatedly get it. The student journo was literally correct but perhaps he did not realise the whole point of a person being invited to a book festival is to read your OWN book.Out loud.

    Grown up journalists are usually sophisticated enough to realise this.

    The real disgrace is the jaw dropping frothing at the mouth attack on Alex Salmond. The book “Small animal Disorders” would call it hydrophobia sometimes known as SNPbhaaaaaad.

  93. Les Wilson says:

    Macart says:

    hi, do you have a link?

  94. Highland Wifie says:

    Given that there was a really important news story yesterday involving SG discussions with WM over Brexit one would assume this merited some political analysis and interviews.
    What do we get instead? Don’t come to Skye.

  95. Macart says:

    Here you go Les (courtesy of Nana)

    It’s also lead story in the National.

  96. Nana says:


    It’s an eye opener the information we can find in other blogs. Just as well as we certainly won’t find it in the Scottish media [other than Wings]


    No tongue in cheek emoji? Would love to have been a fly on the wall during that meeting.

    A few more links

    Number of pupils anticipating university place at eight-year low

    Smallaxe sent me this one earlier

  97. johnj says:

    I’m still (for the moment) a subscriber to the Herald but my first action is always to scan for SNP bad articles, I’m rarely disappointed.

    The point though is to know your enemy. The Sunday Herald has quietly been altering its stance recently with a growing number of stories attempting to undermine the Scottish government and promote the opposition.

    Their subscriptions are declining for a reason, anyone with half a brain can see the pattern within the MSM.

    Keep up the good work Stu.

  98. Macart says:


    I sure John and Mike were entirely professional in their appraisal of HMGs generous offer (cough). Y’know, after the laughing had finished and the ‘but seriously’ bit was out of the way.

  99. ScottieDog says:

    Good article criticising the BBC coverage of the financial crisis…
    Our media are a big part of the reason we are facing another crisis…

  100. I for one haven’t read any of Kenny Farquharson or David Torrance’s books and have no intention of ever doing so..

    It should be law that any newspaper which publishes inaccurate stories or down right lies, are made to give the corrections or an apology the same prominence as the orginal story was given.
    instead of hiding away in small print at the foot on an inside page as they currently do.

  101. ScottieDog says:

    “We need to make sure we get the message out to people in Scotland that we are self sufficient in essentials (surplus )”

    Indeed. We need to educate people that it is resources that are finite not money. Money is simply electronics accounting entries. What limits an economy is its access to energy, food and water.
    This is why WM are terrified of Scottish independence.

  102. heedtracker says:

    BBC Scotland gimps annoy the cops now.

    Wonder what happens when any of these gimps go anywhere near a Scottish hospital, staffed with the laziest, stupidest, incompetent morons, we’re endlessly told by the whole of UKOK hackdom, in Scotland.

  103. Robert Peffers says:

    The Rev Stu began his article with the statement,“The Scottish media this week has started to rather resemble Argentina under General Galtieri’s military junta – everywhere you look are the ghosts of the disappeared.”

    Might I opine that it would be more accurate to have said that, “Argentina under General Galtieri’s military junta rather resembled”, the mighty Westminster Governments, “British Empire”?

    Mind you the claim that the British invented concentration camps is pure hogwash.

    There are many historic examples of Britain, and many other nations, setting up concentration camps long before the claimed, “Invention of, “The Concentration Camps”, by the British Empire during the Boer Wars.

    One prime example of such camps was the confinement of the native Americans in, “Reservations”, and the genocide that policy also incorporated in the pre-USA and later American colonies.

    Not to mention similar genocide and concentration of native populations throughout the entire history of the British Empire as we see with the treatment of the native, Aboriginal peoples, (with a capital, “A”), in Australia and the Maori aboriginal population in New Zealand.

    In fact this genocide and confinement was common practice, and not just by the British, the only truth is that the British coined the name, “Concentration Camp”, but most certainly did not invent the concept or the practice.

    Most of the much early concentration camps, no matter if begun with the best of intentions, soon became exploitation of the natives by the occupying nations to provide slave labour to enrich the white invaders/settlers by, in many instances, forced labour that worked the native prisoners to death or to death by starvation. Indeed the slave trade was a prime example of such practices as was the deportation of native Britons to the British Empire Colonies.

    Perhaps the longest running Westminster Establishment Concentration Camp in history is the entire Kingdom of Scotland that the are still exploiting for England/London’s gain since at least 1707.

  104. heedtracker says:

    “POLICE Scotland has criticised the BBC after the broadcaster warned tourists off visiting Skye.

    The corporation claimed the island’s annual Highland games had left the tourist hotspot ram-packed, and that police were telling visitors without accommodation to stay away.

    But yesterday the force said the Beeb had gone too far, and that they were only asking those contemplating a trip over the sea to Skye to use some common sense.In an article online, the BBC had written: “Skye is bursting at the seams. So much so that Police Scotland has advised visitors to stay away from the island unless they have a reservation.”

    Police Scotland said they would never issue advice like this.
    Sergeant Bruce Crawford said:”

    Probably just itchy gimp trigger, because in Pacific Quay, everything Scotland is just shite, except Colonel Ruth and her merry band of tory bawbags.

    What an odd way to make a living, as a beeb Scotland tory gimp.

  105. orri says:

    The Alex Salmond thing reminds me of an old Billy Connolly joke about finishing a book where the punchline is the confusion between reading and writing. Obviously Farquharson didn’t remember or wasn’t aware of it.

  106. TheWasp says:

    Highland Wifie @ 9.18

    Andrew Kerr reported the Mike Russell/ Damian Greene meeting last night on 5 live. It was basically Mike Russell says this is a Westminster power grab and Damian Greene says he is completely wrong, and that was it.

  107. DavidP says:

    This is progress…

    Forcing the MSM to take error-filled articles down and to continually print retractions will be noticed by Union-leaning readers.

    Let’s all keep at it: calling out the lies, correcting the statistics and telling as many as we can about the “actualité”.

  108. Brian says:

    I love the fact that WoS continues to call out the lies and the distortions of the truth that continually appear in the MSM.
    I have found, unfortunately, that the people i Know who regularly buy the Mail or The Express or The Times are happy to believe the lies, simply because they reinforce their prejudices. To change their mind now is like saying “my whole life I’ve been wrong”. Few have the courage to make that confession.

  109. jfngw says:

    The BBC headlined the Russell/Greene meeting as about the repatriation of powers to Holyrood. We all know it is the exact opposite and the control of powers currently devolved being repatriated to WM. The devolved parliaments will then be given powers that are more restrictive than currently, similar to the current tax powers.

    The BBC always puts the positive emphasis on the UK, or unionist, side, maybe they have been genetically programmed for this.

    Shortly after the Tory/DUP deal the BBC decide to send their peak time mag to NI for a week to make sure we all aware of how it is part of the UK, they obviously decided on August rather than July.

  110. jfngw says:

    Rumour has it that Kermit the Frog has been for a waxing and requested a back, sack and crack to remove some unsightly growth.

  111. galamcennalath says:

    @Nana & @Smallaxe

    A very interesting read.

    The most fascinating suggestion was there could be a coup against Trump because he does NOT want a war with Russia!

  112. gus1940 says:

    When and why did jam-packed become ram-packed?

  113. Valerie says:

    Talking of insulting everyone’s intelligence.

    The Torygraph is so desperate to rubbish Brexit talks, they are claiming and have a headline, that the British negotiators were refused water by their Brussels hosts.

    I shit you not!

    The EU, who are trying to protect EU citizens in this country, refused some thirsty numpties water.

    When you read down, it says ‘may’.

    I literally can’t believe it’s not a spoof, or are 10 year olds, their target audience now?

  114. Andy-B says:

    Shoddy journalism and poor lies, seems to be the mainstay of the unionist press, with regards to Scotland. Even more so if the SNP are involved.

  115. Nana says:

    @galamcennalath the following paragraph is worth noting,

    Honest reporting is no longer welcome in much of the media. Windbags, known as pundits, dominate: editors are infotainment or party line managers. Where there was once sub-editing, there is the liberation of axe-grinding clichés. Those journalists who do not comply are defenestrated.


    New article on Gers any minute now

  116. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    Apologies if this has already been posted:

    O/T from Revs Twitter

    Indy Scotland ‘deficit black hole’ solved in one fell swoop.

    £15 Billion returned to Scotland via oil in the last 2 years (well below the radar).

  117. Valerie says:

    @ Mac art


    Unionists everywhere donning bibs, to mop up the frenzied frothing and foaming.

    Rev having a good week! Despite some real filth being thrown at him.

  118. Macart says:

    The very next thread. 🙂

  119. Robert Peffers says:

    Listened to Simon Pia on Radio Jockland this A.M. That guy can talk even more bullshit than he writes. Now they are on about what sounds like, “dry Kleen”, “Dry Clean” or, “Dryclean”, readers in our Scottish schools. Seems this is a common practice in USA Education. I have hearing difficulties so can’t quite make out what they are saying but it sounds very like some form of, “Brain Wash Readers”, to me.

    Just why would it be a good idea to have anyone, including our teachers of English, reading books to our Scottish children? Is not the whole concept of teaching English Literature, (which even in the USA includes books and poetry written in Lallans and Doric Scots), to read and make their own interpretation of such as novels and other works of fiction, biography and so on?

    Mind you I was otherwise busy and came back in so didn’t get to hear what the hell they were talking about or any explanation of what it was.

  120. Les Wilson says:

    Macart says:/ nana

    Thanks for links re yesterday’s meeting, no surprises there!
    I also checked out the Oil stats as in th Rev’s blog, I hope he puts an article together covering that.It will really send some Yoons batty!

  121. gordoz says:

    As long as the papers keep hiring the same old hacks with obvious bias for status quo / union, then a large number
    Of folks will not buy such obvious rags.

    It really is that simple when u see the names its a turn off.
    Suppose the titles dont help either.
    Dont know anyone ( personally ) of note or moral value that enjoys DM; always a major flaw in character. Tory / passive racist / bigot etc.
    Express in same category

  122. lawrenceab says:

    When we are an independent country – it will come – we shall have a need to honour people who have done our country proud in various ways. Like “Légion d’Honneur” in France and the divers Grand Orders, etc., in many countries.

    One Honour we shall surely create to bestow on truth tellers who stand steadfastly for what is right in face of attacks, belittlement, repression (because these will always occur to greater or lesser degree, human nature does not change) will be the Order of the Wings of Scotland. And I sincerely hope to be present at the ceremony honouring the first recipient.

  123. Andy-B says:


    I notice the Daily Mirror, leads with the English NHS hasn’t hit its target in two years.

    Imagine the field day the Scottish press et al, would have with that sorry statistic.

  124. Terry says:

    Radio 4 at 17.40 continued the line – police say don’t come to skye

    Eddie Mair. I’m surprised at you!

  125. jean miller says:

    thank you for all the work you do in exposing this kind of stuff and keeping us informed

  126. Alba Jock says:


    Media, Scotland is doomed! LIES Keep diggin’

    Scotland has the worst of all the nations NHS! Lies Keep diggin’

    Alex Salmond cannae’ read! LIES Keep diggin’

    Their bairns’ are thick! Lies keep diggin’

    Really you would think they could at least try to be positive? Nae chance! Keep up the LIES and the hole just gets deeper until they are out of mind and sight!

  127. Chick McGregor says:

    Keep diggin’

    Is it any wonder that Dundee, home of computer gaming and D.C. Thomson came up with the classic computer game ‘Lemmings’?

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