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Contact with the enemy

Posted on May 07, 2021 by

We are, as always, absolutely enthralled at the prospect of discovering from James Kelly what our vile secret masterplan has been over the last 18 months.

So we, at least, will be reading, James.

Even if hardly anyone else will.

(If you’re wondering, the left bar is 2.5% the size of the right one.)

At the risk of spoilers, though: our “game” is exactly what it’s always been: to further the cause of Scottish independence by discovering and exposing the truth. After almost 10 years we still await anyone identifying a factual inaccuracy in the pages of Wings, as opposed to a difference of opinion.

It happens that our opinion is that the current leadership of the SNP – and by extension the SNP itself – represents a mortal threat to the prospects of independence – for reasons we’ve patiently, exhaustively and frankly quite repetitively detailed over the past couple of years. We’re really bored of explaining them now, but in short the only sense in which we want any Unionist constituency MSPs is in cases where that would result in an SNP constituency MSP being traded for an Alba list one who might actually fight for independence rather than for the obliteration of women’s rights and of freedom of speech.

Clearly James Kelly disagrees with that opinion, and he’s fully legitimately entitled to do that. What’s rather less legitimate is to do what he did yesterday, namely tell absolutely categorical and blatant lies about us.

That, as anyone who actually read the article in question will know, is an utter falsehood. We endorsed a Unionist vote in exactly ONE constituency, not 12. It could hardly have been clearer:

(When I pointed this out in the comments on the SGP post, I was swiftly banned.)

I’ve repeatedly made very plain that if I lived in Scotland I’d have been spoiling my first vote in almost all constituencies, not voting for Unionists, and voting SNP in a very small handful. But of course the first casualty of “open warfare” is truth.

It’s nice that James is finally admitting he’s “at war” with Wings, something he’s indignantly denied for most of the 18 months in question. It’s been a pretty asymmetrical war, though – he’s now approaching 40 articles furiously attacking Wings for something or other, and promising more, while this is the second one we’ve devoted to him, and it’s solely to correct a lie.

But anyway. These things are enormously tedious to readers – see the graph above for how it goes when you devote half of your website to them – so we’ll leave it there and simply look forward to the exciting revelation of what the grand strategy we didn’t know we had was.

(Anyone who’s ever met me contemplating the idea of my having a plan for anything further in the future than tomorrow’s breakfast will already be falling around laughing.)

It’ll at least be something to do during the bizarre, inexplicable two-day hiatus in the results of this election – caused by the apparent fact that COVID-19 means you can only count votes in daylight hours – and the further three-day delay in the judicial torment of Craig Murray, who now won’t hear what sentence he will suffer for merely hinting at the truth about the Alex Salmond trial until Tuesday morning.

(He was originally supposed to be sentenced today, after what’s already been a quite extraordinary three-month hold-up in verdict and sentencing since his hearing in January, even though all the material facts were agreed by both sides, and in which the sentencing was by a remarkable coincidence held back until the day after the election. It now won’t happen until after the election result.)

Murray’s appeal fund can be found here, and we urge readers who can spare the money to contribute to it. As far as we can tell his trial, conviction and potential imprisonment – unlike the infinite vileness of Wings – is not a subject that has ever crossed the threshold of Scot Goes Pop, despite what would seem to be an obvious interest in defending the freedoms of fellow indy bloggers from an increasingly visibly hostile and corrupt Scottish state.

But perhaps that’s because there’s not much traffic to be gained from attacking Craig, while talking about Wings has always been a surefire route to clicks for less popular sites. We only hope it’ll at least be better than the truly embarrassing last attempt (from a site which has actively celebrated Craig Murray’s conviction and has morphed into an all-out SNP mouthpiece that makes Wee Ginger Dug look like Brian Wilson).

We, in the meantime, are off to feed the swans.

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666 to “Contact with the enemy”

  1. red sunset says:

    “It’ll at least be something to do during the bizarre, inexplicable two-day hiatus in the results of this election – caused by the apparent fact that COVID-19 means you can only count votes in daylight hours”

    That’ll be because we’re too wee and too stupid then.
    Noted loads of election results from various parts of England were known this morning. Maybe circumstances are different there.

  2. Neil Mackenzie says:

    Ew! I was going to have a bit of cheese and you put in the nam ‘Brian Wilson’. I’ve gone right off it, now.

  3. Craig Macinnes says:

    I know it’s fun, but just ignore that jealous fanny Kelly. We need you Stu, Scotland needs you!

  4. Bartleby64 says:

    Deary me. Who is this unpleasant little Kelly wanker?
    I may be at the opposite end of the Independence/Unionist spectrum from you Mr. Campbell but I would like you know how very much I have appreciated your writings over the last few months. They have a clarity and honesty which is sadly lacking almost everywhere else. You have even managed to make me feel a bit better about how things will be when (most likely) independence does happen.

  5. LaingB French says:

    @jameskelly,you’ve been battling for 18 months with WOS?
    Maybe its time you read the ” Art of War “.
    You’re obviously not winning and surrender is not in your vocabulary, mmm? that’s an English thing isn’t it?
    The word SURRENDER is a French word. are you English perhaps. it would explain a lot of things.

  6. David A. says:

    If the secret plan is to take over the world again then I hope that Wings readers will at least get some kind of fiefdom or at least a field and an ox.

  7. Sharny Dubs says:

    Love the Swans Stu!

    Would just like to say whereas I voted in accordance with Alex’s suggestions that in no way suggests that I do not hold you in anything but the highest of regards. One of the marks of true democracy is the ability to tolerate different opinions.

    What I really want to say is please please do not hang up your boots on Indy, not for the shower of shits that snipe at you, apart from Alex himself you have long been a focal point and hope for a better Scotland down the road, but as Alex says it’s for the here and now, not for the hear after, so let’s hope it’s time to screw the nut.

  8. TheSNPLeftMe says:

    James doesn’t like anyone else having a theory, or interpretation of data. He seldom engages with posters except to tell them they are wrong and he is right.

  9. David A. says:

    Why can they count votes normally everywhere else but in Scotland they can only count in daylight? Do they need the hours of darkness to get the marker pens and pencil erasers in to help get the vote out for SNP?

  10. James Boatman says:

    Come on – you know that the Economy section of the WBB was factually inaccurate. You deliberately used data that was a year out of date to put forward an argument on taxation that was refuted by the up to date information. You doth protest too much as always…

  11. Athanasius says:

    Yeah, I’ve criticized the SNP on Kelly’s blog several times. Nothing slanderous or incendiary, just general opinions. For some reason, my posts have not been appearing on the site recently.
    Probably just a technical glitch.

  12. Derek Rogers says:

    Sharny Dubs @ 1:06:

    …it’s time to screw the nut.

    You’re not to speak about James Kelly like that.

  13. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    ” Come on – you know that the Economy section of the WBB was factually inaccurate. You deliberately used data that was a year out of date to put forward an argument on taxation that was refuted by the up to date information. You doth protest too much as always…”

    I don’t recall issuing a request for a fourth-rate K***n H***e to punt this shite again. Go away.

  14. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    FibDems hold Orkney up 142 votes on last time

    SNP 2nd up 807 odd

    Tories 689 up 264

    SLab lose deposit 290 and down 14 since last time!

    Fuck knows what the List will look like!

  15. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    ”Would just like to say whereas I voted in accordance with Alex’s suggestions that in no way suggests that I do not hold you in anything but the highest of regards. One of the marks of true democracy is the ability to tolerate different opinions.”

    Colour me both unsurprised and wholly unoffended at the thought that indy supporters would attach more weight to Alex Salmond’s opinion than mine. Even my own mum did 😀

  16. Dan says:

    Results as they come in posted here.

  17. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    SNP hold Aberdeen Donside despite 6.2% swing to Tories!

  18. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    Thanks @ Dan says at 1:21 pm

  19. Don says:

    “When I pointed this out in the comments on the SGP post, I was swiftly banned.”

    Well thats a sign of those who have no real argument to make but try to flap around trying to get more attention than having any actual substance. I’m sure he has other accounts by which to read this Blog anyway.

  20. Sharny Dubs says:

    Derek! screw that nut! now there’s an idea, smily thing,

    you are awful

  21. Republicofscotland says:

    In my opinion Kelly has morphed into a National newspaper/SNP mouthpiece. He’s attacking you an this site because he doesn’t want the truth to expose the SNP and Sturgeon the Betrayer for what they really are.

    Kelly is a wannabe Professor Curtis, a unionist mouthpiece that loves to spew out statistics, Kelly like Galloway really wants his OBE/MBE ennoblement.

    By the look of him, he looks like a scrapyard dug, he really needs to comb that manky mop of hair.

  22. Paul K says:

    Kelly cracks me up. He’s a dead ringer for Marine Boy.

  23. Breeks says:

    SNP hold Aberdeen Donside.

    Safe seat. 6.2% swing to Tories.

  24. FrankM says:

    @David A. 1.10pm.
    That’s why I used a pen to make my cross in the ALBA box.
    I wouldn’t put it past them to interfere with pencil crosses.
    Forward with ALBA.

  25. Republicofscotland says:

    Two Liberal party members question Humza Yousaf on the HCB, the BBC reporting it as though the two guys tried to murder him. Scotland is so f*cked under Sturgeon the Betrayer, that we can’t even question the b*stards that conjure up these vile policies, without facing consequences from the media and police.

  26. Sharny Dubs says:

    Stu remember that time you first discovered that you’re mum didnae have all the answers? lol

  27. lothianlad says:

    Without wings, we would never find out about the toxic sturgeon SNP.

    How any Indy bloggers can ignore the trials of Craig Murray is shocking. Another innocent man persecuted by the SNP Scottish establishment.

    WGD…. SGP…. hang your heads in shame!!

  28. Terry says:

    Looks like the unionists attempts to max the no are working out so far. Meantime Nicolas attempts to minimise the yes (ie hammering alba and saying waste your list votes by voting both votes snp and let a Tory in) are working out too.

    However for the de facto leader of the independence cause and the snp, nicola, thats an untenable position – shame on you and hope you get your comeuppance! Tacit support for unionist Tories? Duping your voters? Hang your head in shame!

  29. ahundredthidiot says:

    Polling Stations had pencils. I suspect ninjas were up all night switching Albas to Greens with super erasers.

    I also suspect Constituency papers left alone to see the SNP vote coming down.

    The voting process in this country is embarrassing. We need Voter ID, Transparent boxes and sealed/stapled voting slips. No gap between close and count and a full review of Postal voting

  30. MaggieC says:

    Rev Stuart ,

    Enjoy the time feeding the swans .

  31. Ruby says:

    I like this map.

  32. LeggyPeggy says:

    Snp hold Clydebank & Milngavie although it’s a new msp Marie McNair as Gil Paterson has retired .

  33. robbo says:

    SNP starting to lose vote share. Could get interesting. Nearly 5% down already overall after 4 seats.

  34. mountain shadow says:

    Early days, but looks like Unionists tactical voting depending on the constituency best able to beat the SNP.

  35. Frank Waring says:

    “We, in the meantime, are off to feed the swans.”
    So, when they all turn pink and die, James will know who’s to blame:

  36. Republicofscotland says:

    So we’ll need to wait until tomorrow to find out the results of the List seats and how well the Alba party has done.

    I hope the women hating Greens get stuffed.

  37. katherine hamilton says:

    SGP has been left behind in the blogsphere. I was a regular reader until a good while back, actually, but he wasn’t really relevant. New bloggers have come on the scene. He never really kept up with the changes in the political landscape and frankly for him to say he is ALBA First! now, or whatever, is disingenuous. He was a staunch SNP1/2 the last time I read anything by him. The maths haven’t changed just because Mr. Salmond came on the scene.

  38. ahundredthidiot says:


    I think the Greens vote will be up by around 500%


  39. alzyerpal says:

    Viewing/Reading figures work out at:
    WoS 40 – 1 SGP

    If you were Scottish football teams, Shotts Bon Accord would be wildly celebrating the fact they were no longer the holders of the ‘Worst Ever Pumping In Senior Football’ record (0 – 36 v Arbroath in 1885)

  40. Breeks says:

    Republicofscotland says:
    7 May, 2021 at 2:01 pm
    So we’ll need to wait until tomorrow to find out the results of the List seats and how well the Alba party has done.

    I don’t know. It might not turn into seats until tomorrow, but I think we’ll have an idea how ALBA has done much sooner.

    God I hope ALBA has done well.

  41. Cenchos says:

    Patrick ‘Duolingo owl’ Harvie getting his excuses in early on telly.

  42. Frank Gillougley says:

    Dive! Dive! (Am I even remotely in the right film?)

  43. Mark Boyle says:

    alzyerpal says: 7 May, 2021 at 2:05 pm

    Viewing/Reading figures work out at:
    WoS 40 – 1 SGP

    If you were Scottish football teams, Shotts Bon Accord would be wildly celebrating the fact they were no longer the holders of the ‘Worst Ever Pumping In Senior Football’ record (0 – 36 v Arbroath in 1885)

    Shotts Bon Accord are NOT Bon Accord of Aberdeen, which was the footballing wing of the Orion Cricket Club (not to be confused in turn with the Orion football club which merged with others to form Aberdeen FC)

  44. Dan says:


    #HateCrimeKlaxon for potential misgendering going on here!

  45. Weebarra’s dad says:

    SNP hold Clydebank and Milngavie with majority down from 25.7% to 14%.
    Turnout is up, but total votes are down.
    Could this be a sign that a significant number of people have spoiled their constituency vote and put an X for Alba on their list vote?
    That’s what I did. One can only hope others have too.

  46. Mr Bonobo says:

    Swinney’s back with 4000 majority.

  47. Mark Boyle says:

    Noticed that the continuing Liberal Party have been involved in an altercation with Humfy Yousless at the Glasgow count over the Hate Crime Bill and to the treatment of women in Pakistan.

    The BBC’s Aileen Clarke initially accused the two men of making fascist salutes, but notice she’s hurriedly scrubbed that tweet and replaced it with another.

    Perhaps someone pointed out that the head of the Liberals’ operations in Scotland is one Kayed Al-Haddad …

  48. Frank Gillougley says:

    Ok how’s about David Hemmings in ‘charge of the light brigade’? I know, I is pushin mah luck now, that’s two goes.

  49. mountain shadow says:

    Murdo loses again.

    Is he the biggest ever loser in Scottish political history?

  50. MAUREEN says:

    SNP HOLD Perthshire North (Mid & Fife)

    John Swinney re-elected, in the first result from a battleground constituency.

    #SP21 #BBS21

  51. Stuart says:

    Rev Stu,

    I was directed to your blog from an English blog that celebrates the “gun powder plot”. I was increasingly reading articles and btl comments which at first thought were just your staple anti-independance fare (even though I’m a Unionist).

    Then I came here and lo and behold, the owner is a passionate, honest supporter of Independance shedding light on the frankly outrageous corruption within the SNP, who certainly down in England are portrayed as Scotlands Independance party.

    I genuinely though WTF is going on here?? Having voted in elections down south since 1980 and lived around the world subsequently had never seen such searing honesty which could either be portrayed by the fuckwits that infect all societies as a “betrayal to the cause or actually affect the cause or indeed both.

    Whatever my views as opposed to yours and the majority on here I genuinely have deep respect for your having “the courage of your convictions”, a phrase that for anybody that doesn’t understand is wasted upon them.

    My brother lives in Temple Cloud, not too far from Bath, if I can buy you a pint anytime I’m down would be an honour.

    All the very best. Stuart

  52. ahundredthidiot says:

    If it all goes south we can always…..

    Build Back Better Behind Boris’ Brexit Britain

    Bonkers, But Bloody Brilliant

  53. SilverDarling says:

    Kezia ‘No Shit, Sherlock’ Dugdale putting that think tank expertise and acumen to use on the BBC. ‘Signs of tactical voting’ she says. ‘Seats may change in more than one direction. But all parties should celebrate the high turnout.’ Admits she thought there would be a low turnout because …reasons.

    Seriously, this woman gets TV time and a salary for this stuff.

    John Swinney re-elected.

  54. Dorothy Devine says:

    Enjoy the swans Stu but don’t give them Flamingo’s disease by feeding them bread.

  55. Liz says:

    Fucksake Swinney back in. People are stupid

  56. Cenchos says:

    Swinney now longest-serving Scottish parliamentarian.

    Even if he’d only been there two weeks it would still have felt like it.

  57. MAUREEN says:

    SNP HOLD Dundee City West

    Joe FitzPatrick re-elected.

    #SP21 #BBS21

  58. SilverDarling says:

    Rebecca Curran is positively giddy as she reads out results and asks yet another inane question to fill in time. Obviously storing up the incisive and probing analysis for ALBA tomorrow.

    Analysis so far – some people of Rutherglen angry at Margaret Ferrier so they might not vote SNP in a huff but they like Clare Haughey so the huffs might not be that bad.

    John Swinney interview – Perth loves me and my party’s policies and it is remarkable they have not run us out of town but that is because there is no one else to vote for except Murdo.

  59. Shauny Boy says:

    Who the hell is James Kelly?

  60. Big Jock says:

    Power cut in Dumfries….not suspicious!

  61. MAUREEN says:

    Dundee City West (North East) Constituency Vote:

    SNP ~ 19818 (61.6%, +3.8)
    Labour ~ 6899 (21.5%, -4.6)
    Conservative ~ 3327 (10.3%, +0.2)
    Lib Dem ~ 1269 (3.9%, +0.3)
    TUSC ~ 432 (1.3%, -1)
    Restore Scotland ~ 410 (1.3%, +1.3)

    #SP21 #BBS21

  62. Wee Chid says:

    ahundredthidiot says:
    7 May, 2021 at 1:49 pm

    “Polling Stations had pencils.”

    They always do, pens can run out of ink and your vote is more likely to be seen through the back of the paper by the polling place staff

    ” We need Voter ID”

    No, that would mean compulsory ID cards, something that has been resisted and no doubt, something that would have to be paid for by the applicant, which would disqualify those who could’t afford it. (They are already discriminated against by Amazon who won’t
    allow them to receive restricted items without photo ID – a bugbear with me.)

    The system, overall, is fine. I’d be more concerned about the registration process rather than than the voting and counting. Polling Places and counts are manned by ordinary members of the public – they couldn’t all be working for MI5 – I certainly wasn’t on any occasion I did election duties.

    People really should apply to their local council to work at elections to understand the whole system and how it works.

  63. Mist001 says:

    I always think it’s really funny when people ban contributors from posting on their websites. It’s the only power that they actually wield in their lives and thus makes them feel important.

    Sometimes, I can’t believe how empty and meaningless some peoples lives are that banning or blocking people from their websites is the highlight of their day/week/year.

  64. SilverDarling says:

    I like Jim Fairlie. I hope he gets in but it is doubtful as it is Roseanna cunningham and is a marginal.

  65. Big Jock says:

    After 5 seats SNP vote share 50% Tories 21%. Swinney vote up , despite him being a disaster.

  66. T.C. Nu says:

    ahundredthidiot@1:49 pm

    Polling Stations had pencils. I suspect ninjas were up all night switching Albas to Greens with super erasers.

    Aye, and I got a bit of a weird look when I responded to the offered pencil with a ‘no thanks, I’ve got a pen’ (for I am a cynical old tcnu about these things)

    What was more interesting was that the young lass in front of me also used a pen…so young, yet already so cynical about the process she felt the need to do so…there’s still some hope left then for the future.

  67. robbo says:

    He hardly had competition Big Jock. It was Murdo after all.

  68. ahundredthidiot says:

    Wee Chid

    For goodness sake….ID to vote then – a couple of letters would do it – you need ID for just about bloody everything else. As it stands it’s name and address…..jeez.

    And my pencils point was about ninjas working hard overnight with super erasers….

  69. Big Jock says:

    Correction SNP vote share 50.5% so far!

  70. Kenny says:

    I thought Kelly had learned his lesson last time he bad-mouthed you? That wee guy has a serious problem dealing with your popularity. I mean, he can’t contain himself, can he? Has he nothing else to do with his time? What a shame for that dude.

    The ‘little man’ with the big grudge. Lol

  71. Al-Stuart says:

    Oh James Squeaky Voice Kelly…

    Each week you have 25,000 page views whilst Stuart Campbell and Wings have over a million..

    James: 25,000 ……….. Stuart: 1,000,000

    Poor wee site-envy Kelly.

    James, men of your age usually go for a Ford Capri to make up for their “shortages in the pants and “size” areas.

    Your Scot Goes Pop website maybe better named…

    Scot Goes Phut.

    Sorry wee man, you are playing games way above your pay scale.

    Bye bye.

  72. Jack Murphy says:

    Re the article about Kirsty Wark on:

    Wark is presenting BBC Newsnight at 10:45pm this evening with Emily Maitlis.

    Be Prepared! She has Form.

  73. Maureen says:

    SNP HOLD Banffshire and Coast (North East)

    Karen Adam elected as MSP, succeeding Stewart Stevenson. This was a battleground to watch and as we’ll see in a second, it was TIGHT.

    #SP21 #BBS21

  74. Kiwilassie says:

    Is there a site where we can see what’s happening overseas?

  75. Maureen says:

    Banffshire & Buchan Coast (North East) Constituency Vote:

    SNP ~ 14920 (45.2%, -9.9)
    Conservative ~ 14148 (42.9%, +10.7)
    Labour ~ 2169 (6.6%, -1.7)
    Lib Dem ~ 1071 (3.2%, -1.3)
    Freedom Alliance ~ 347 (1.1%, +1.1)
    Restore Scotland ~ 331 (1%, +1)
    #SP21 #BBS21

  76. Luigi says:

    Aye, very strong unionist tactical voting seems to be occurring (basically anyone but SNP seems to be the intention). The recent intervention of ALBA, if nothing else, has saved quite few SNP necks IMO. Will they be grateful? Aye right. 🙂

  77. Lost says:

    Squeaky bum time starting after that Banff and Buchan vote. A 10% swing. Ooft.

  78. Maureen says:

    SNP HOLD Kilmarnock & Irvine Valley (South)

    Willie Coffey re-elected.

    #SP21 #BBS21

  79. Red says:

    I have no idea who James Kelly is, but he looks like the kind of oddball who owns an Atari ST

  80. SilverDarling says:

    Kelly believes polling stuff is his area of expertise and seems to resent any encroachment into that territory. Unfortunately, the National have sanctioned that by giving him a gig as their polling guru.

    It’s a shame because there was a place for everyone in Yes but then the National came along and set people against each other by validating some voices and not others. The ‘WoS is a baddy’ line needs to be tripped out every so often because if they don’t the National will dump them.

  81. Maureen says:

    Kilmarnock & Irvine Valley (South) Constituency Vote:

    SNP ~ 21418 (52.7%, -2.7)
    Labour ~ 9737 (24%, +1.1)
    Conservative ~ 8295 (20.4%, +1.2)
    Lib Dem ~ 919 (2.3%, -0.3)
    Libertarian ~ 253 (0.6%, +0.6)

    #SP21 #BBS21

  82. Ian Mac says:

    Fascinating, is it not, that these wee bloggers use Wings as a proxy for their ‘look at me’ desperation. Following the SNP line that Wings must only ever be mentioned in hating on it, they always misrepresent what is said, ignore the actual arguments and evidence for it, and try to convince their readers what a satanic deviant he is. Naturally, they never link to the site so that their readers can make up their own minds, because that would betray their feeble rewrites of content.

    It seems that these kind of people simply cannot compute or comprehend the fact that the leadership of the SNP has betrayed them, does not stand for what they think, and does not speak for Scotland and independence. Their cognitive dissonance is obviously damaging any semblance of thinking. They are in utter denial about what has happened, as the SNP has been hijacked and hollowed out by a neoliberal middle class set of self-appointed ‘progressive’ acolytes who simply seek power over Scots and deploy the thought police to accomplish this. Said thought police have been very successful at incorporating these blogs into their activities, without even the naive bloggers realising.

    She said it herself – she is the triumph of the imposter.

  83. Maureen says:

    SNP HOLD Glasgow Anniesland (Glasgow)

    Bill Kidd re-elected

    #SP21 #BBS21

  84. Republicofscotland says:

    “God I hope ALBA has done well.”


    A sentiment shared by us all.

  85. Maureen says:

    Glasgow Anniesland (Glasgow) Constituency Vote:

    SNP ~ 17501 (52.8%, +1)
    Labour ~ 10913 (32.9%, +2.4)
    Conservative ~ 3688 (11.1%, -2.9)
    Lib Dem ~ 1063 (3.2%, -0.6)

    #SP21 #BBS21

  86. BLMac says:

    The SNP are down on the % vote.

    I wonder how much lower it would have been if Alba supporters had not voted SNP1?

  87. Ottomanboi says:

    Banff & Buchan
    «The economy remains largely based on the traditional industries of fishing and agriculture. Banff and Buchan is eligible for European Union funding. This is due to its high dependency upon traditional economic sectors». (
    This region showed significant pro Brexit tendencies.
    The Johnson régime will see those farmers and fisherfolk get their just reward.

  88. Graf Midgehunter says:

    Kiwilassie says: at 3:06 pm

    “Is there a site where we can see what’s happening overseas?”
    There’s quite a tall tower in Auckland which could do the trick I suppose..! 🙂

    I presume (sorry) you mean about the Scot elections, try this:

  89. Cenchos says:

    BBC North Britain Coverage: Yoons over Dockland.

  90. Republicofscotland says:


    I’d say the SNP vote would’ve been a helluva lot lower if Alex Salmond hadn’t asked us to give them our constituency vote. We only gave them our first vote so that Alba could profit from the second vote, I hope the latter comes to fruition.

    I hope the women hating Greens do terribly.

  91. Garrion says:

    Ian @ 3:23

  92. ahundredthidiot says:

    Curtis has been handed the lies early – saying Aberdeen has Alba at 2% on the list.

    Here it begineth….

  93. Republicofscotland says:

    Michelle Thomson holds Falkirk East SNP vote down 4%.

  94. Republicofscotland says:

    Fire alarm going mad at Lochgilphead counting station building empty, ballot papers left on tables.

  95. Grouser says:

    I’m watching the results on Independence Live. I won’t have Wark in my living room. I object to her having a platform after her performance as prosecution, judge and jury on her openly biased piece on Alex Salmond’s trial.

    Incidentaly I got the ID of one of the alphabet women from her programme before it was hurridly pulled and edited. She should be up on contempt charges never mind Craig Murray. His treatment has been utterly disgraceful.

  96. Breeks says:

    Michelle Thomson is back as an MSP…

  97. lothianlad says:

    John Curtice is BBC/ brit state propaganda, Nothing else!

  98. Allium says:

    Very pleased for Michelle.

  99. mountain shadow says:

    ahundredthidiot says:
    7 May, 2021 at 3:40 pm
    Curtis has been handed the lies early – saying Aberdeen has Alba at 2% on the list.

    Here it begineth….


    Why would he lie about what he has been told exactly?

  100. Republicofscotland says:

    SNP gain East Lothian from Labour

  101. Skip_NC says:

    I am one of those that was fairly relaxed about counting over two days, rather than counting over an extended period starting immediately after the polls closed. It is logical that the counjt will take longer and doing so over two days, rather than a night and a day, means councils can more easily employ people who know what they are doing.

    However, it seems to me that the results are coming in very slowly. Take East Lothian, for instance. It is relatively compact and here we are at almost 4pm with no declaration. If I recall correctly a spreadsheet I saw a week or two ago, the constituency was to be counted in Haddington, so only one ballot to count. This is not a good look.

  102. Republicofscotland says:

    SNP hold Angus North and Mearns +3% swing.

  103. Skip_NC says:

    Oops. Spoke too soon! Still too long to count the votes.

    SNP gain from Labour.

  104. Frank Gillougley says:

    Frankly, these Scottish political results are as interesting as attending a school prize giving.

    Without Scotland being an independent country this is all fairly meaningless.

    C’mon Alba, put the cat among the pigeons, at least.

  105. Republicofscotland says:

    That lying b*stard John Swinney now the longest serving parliamentarian at Holyrood, after being reelected.

  106. mountain shadow says:

    We have seen Alex at the count looking at votes as they come in, one presumes these are List votes.

    I would have thought there would be signs of a break through by now, if there were indeed such a break through?

  107. Robert Graham says:

    Ah well that’s Princess Nicola doing her photo op at the count in Glasgow waving to her loyal subjects all smiling and grinning aye I fooled you fkrs again what’s not to like another term doing fk all and getting well paid for it .

    Oh where’s the fkn £600000 Grand still resting in some Off shore account eh .

    Don’t take this personally but I really hope you and the clowns that surround you Have a very very bad day I hope your sleep is troubled knowing the game is almost up you have been rumbled and your friend Evans will be subject to questions in yet another Court appearance , we know she is protected by the British State can you say the same about you and the person you share a house with your expendable princess .

    I had to laugh princess Nicola was referred to as a Lawyer on last nights Question Time aye even Philadelphia lawyers had some principals .

  108. Moira Girvan says:

    Salmond looked and sounded subdued in the clip I saw earlier. Hope I’m wrong – but it didn’t fill me with optimism. How would he know what’s going on with the regional vote if it hasn’t been counted yet?

  109. Stuart says:


    “European Funding”? Do you understand what that is? In terms that even you may understand. Its the same as Scotland sending YOUR money to Westminster and Westminster giving some of it back to you.

  110. Republicofscotland says:

    Coatbridge and Chryston goes to the SNP

    Caithness, Sutherland and Ross goes to the SNP.

  111. Skip_NC says:

    Moira Girvan, Aberdeen Donside has counted its regional votes. We got 2.1%. We could have done with a lot more, which may explain AS being subdued.

  112. Republicofscotland says:

    Glasgow South Side bastard Sturgeon holds Baaaassstard!!!!! she beats Sarwar.

  113. Mist001 says:

    If as is commonly believed, the British State interfered in the 2014 referendum to make Yes lose, then it’s not going to be difficult for them to interfere with this election.

    As I said two nights ago, frankly I’ll be surprised if Alba gain even one seat.

    Oh and whilst I’m on it, don’t forget that every one of you who voted SNP last night are responsible for what’s coming and you will have no right to come on here complaining and whining about it if you don’t like it. Everybody was made well aware.

  114. mountain shadow says:

    Skip_NC says:
    7 May, 2021 at 4:11 pm
    Moira Girvan, Aberdeen Donside has counted its regional votes. We got 2.1%. We could have done with a lot more, which may explain AS being subdued.


    That’s very disappointing.

    Looks like we’re screwed.

    Nikla winning easily again in glasgow

  115. Shug says:

    Boris can kick the I dyref2 into touch if the snp vote goes down. Well done nicola

  116. cirsium says:

    @ahundredidiot, 1.49

    We need Voter ID, Transparent boxes and sealed/stapled voting slips. No gap between close and count and a full review of Postal voting

    Agreed. We also need exit polls.

  117. Republicofscotland says:

    F*ck, Sturgeon the Betrayer being allowed to give a victory speech, quick pass the sick bucket.

  118. Republicofscotland says:

    It wasn’t even close Sturgeon the Betrayer beat Sarwar by around 9,000 votes.

  119. Liz says:

    Oh well, that’s us fucked. People are so stupid, badly informed, brainwashed.

    My conscience is clear, no vote NS, Alba on the list.
    I’m afraid, I will have to find something else to do.

    HCB, GRA reform on its way.
    Those who blindly voted NS & JS will rue the day, when their daughters, women in their lives get fucked over by TRAs.
    When their sons self ID as girls.

  120. Breastplate says:

    The Establishment have already damaged Alba’s chances of a good showing on the list with their refusal to give it any airtime. Probably more effective than jiggery pokery with the votes.

    It’s still all about 2026 in my view.

  121. A Person says:

    It’s interesting and a little alarming that SNP support is going up in Glasgow and down elsewhere- rather like what is happening in England with Labour winning in the cities and the Tories winning elsewhere. It doesn’t bode well for 2026.

    As it stands it looks like we’ll be treading water for five years.

  122. ahundredthidiot says:

    mountain shadow

    Try to pay attention – I said he was handed the lies.

  123. JGedd says:

    The trend of this is ominous. I hope I’m wrong but I’m weary of being disappointed by the Scottish electorate. They used to be called the most astute and well-informed voters. What happened?

  124. ahundredthidiot says:

    on the plus side, it was nice watching Starmer squirm (I actually thought he might start crying) – funny.

  125. panda paws says:

    “We only gave them our first vote so that Alba could profit from the second vote, I hope the latter comes to fruition.”

    It’s not looking like it. Reports saying Alba very low, huge SNP vote list which of course will come to nothing. I’m utterly scunnered.

  126. John H. (The original one) says:

    Michelle Thomson holds Falkirk East for the SNP. I just hope she can deliver on her promises. She has promised to take on INEOS over their pollution of the area over many years. Heavy fines mean nothing to INEOS,especially when you consider that the companies owner is worth £21 billion. Good luck Michelle in taking on that giant.

    I hope also that she still believes in independence, and doesn’t become part of Sturgeon’s clique.

  127. mountain shadow says:

    Starting to look like I will be able to forget about independence and politics for the next five years.

    Hopefully ALBA can build some sort of base and stand against the SNP on the constituency.

  128. Skip_NC says:

    Ahundredthidiot, how does compare with what John Curtice said?

  129. SilverDarling says:

    WRT the Donside vote, it was a big ask and it has revitalized the idea of voting. ALBA also meant NS had to talk about indy and inject a bit of pretend urgency. It is early days. ALBA aren’t starting from nothing but maybe we won’t get Alex back.

    Sickening that all the Twittler Youth and nappy nonces will take that as an endorsement when it is based on ignorance more than anything. I heard a woman on Radio Shortbread saying she was voting for the Greens because of Greta Thunberg!

  130. mountain shadow says:

    ahundredthidiot says:
    7 May, 2021 at 4:21 pm
    mountain shadow

    Try to pay attention – I said he was handed the lies.


    I have no idea what you’re talking about.

  131. panda paws says:

    Wullie Rennie holds – massive majority. Tactical voting. See the Unionist know how to do it!

  132. cirsium says:

    @MoiraGirvan, 4.08

    How would he know what’s going on with the regional vote if it hasn’t been counted yet?

    Exit polls are a key indicator that an election is legitimate and a count honest. Alex Salmond will be remembering Indyref 2014 which also had no exit polls and a huge rise in voter registration. I wonder what the postal vote return totals are.

  133. Republicofscotland says:

    North East Fife, won by Willie Rennie and the Lib/Dems, five more years of his shite, God help us, dozens more photo shoots in the offing…aaaarrrrggghhh!!!!

  134. Skip_NC says:

    I hope they don’t stop counting right now. Otherwise Willie Rennie is up first at FMQs.

  135. Mikey d says:

    JGedd, stupidity happened.

  136. Wee Chid says:

    Liz says:
    7 May, 2021 at 4:19 pm
    “Oh well, that’s us fucked. People are so stupid, badly informed, brainwashed.

    My conscience is clear, no vote NS, Alba on the list.
    I’m afraid, I will have to find something else to do.”

    Yup, me too. no point in spending another five years campaigning for independence when I’m unlikely to see it in my life time.

    I just hope Alba sticks around and starts making headway via the council elections next year.

  137. Luigi says:

    16,233 wasted SNP 2 votes in Aberdeen Donside. Wot a bunch of plonkers. Nil Pois

  138. ahundredthidiot says:

    Every Party – in all of the subscribed Countries are saying the same thing;

    Build Back Better (or bbb for short…..)

    And most people still have no idea what that means. I suspect when the next lockdown comes (my money is on Mid-Nov), perhaps folks will have some time to think about it.

  139. SilverDarling says:

    Clydebank and ALBA regional vote:

  140. SilverDarling says:

    Clydebank and Milngavie!!!

  141. Liz says:

    Christina McKelvie re elected. This is the ignorampus, who thinks men with penises are women.

    The Scottish voter is thick

  142. Stoker says:

    James Kelly tweeted: “I’m going to pick apart the game…”

    You couldn’t pick your nose. Sure sign of an inferior blog when you instantly ban a person you were lying about because they respectfully proved you wrong, Kelly.

    And can i proudly add at this stage in the war: I have *never* read a single blog of Kelly’s, *ever*, and i’ve no intentions of doing so either. I’ve seen enough of him on Twatter etc to form my opinion.

    When you read WOS for factual education why would you waste precious time on sub-standard material? Would be akin to suddenly having to watch Airdrie playing football after years of watching Brazil. LOL! 🙂

  143. the friendly sassenach says:

    liz says “The Scottish voter is thick.”

    Relative I suppose. What do you think the average IQ is in Hartlepool?

  144. Sweep says:

    @Red 3.18 pm

    Oi! I resemble that remark!

  145. Sharny Dubs says:

    Just lost all confidence in Lesley Ridoch

    Sad day.

  146. Mia says:

    I am disgusted. I have absolutely no confidence in the result of this election. None whatsoever. I have zero trust in the current, so called, democratic processes in Scotland.

    To be blunt, I simply cannot believe Sturgeon won a 61% of the vote after her open corruption and vindictiveness was exposed to all to see and after betraying women in the way she has done. I just cannot believe she won unaided.

    The same applies to Swinney and will apply to Humza. I cannot believe ALBA got a 2% or less of the vote either. I simply cannot, mathematically it does not make sense at all. Alba’s membership is higher than the libdems. You would expect therefore a percentage of the vote at the very least similar to the libdems. This 2% result is just not believable, I am afraid. It seems to me that the hand of the secret services picking up the votes has gone a bit over board this time.

    I have taken part in the counting process in elections in other countries of Europe. The ballots do not leave the polling station without being counted and signed by the members of the polling station and the party witnesses. The idea of delaying the counting for 12 hours after the ballots have been moved from the polling station does not give any confidence or trust in the process at all and it would be strongly contested in other countries. On the contrary, it opens a massive window for rigging. 12 hours is more than enough for a dozen members of the security services to go through a good number of the regional boxes and hand pick the Alba votes replacing them with something else. As the count takes 2 days, rather than a few hours and the list results will not be revealed until tomorrow and bizarrely, the counting cannot be conducted overnight, there is plenty of time. the 12 would have plenty of time to go through all boxes.

    The idea this election has been rigged is stuck firmly in my head since the result in Sturgeon’s and Swinney’s constituency and the list result with a 2% vote for Alba in Aberdeen were announced. I don’t think anything can convince me of the opposite. I have now completely lost any interest in the election as I do not longer believe the result.

    I think we can more or less predict the result: the SNP does not manage to get the majority so the queen of corruption can push indyref for another 5 years and Alba will not get more than 2 seats. None of those will be Mr Salmond to spare the queen of corruption the embarrassment of having to justify herself before a real pro indy leader.

  147. Mountain shadow says:

    Looking at the published lists so far, ALBA are not going to get any MSPs. Not even close.

    There might be hundreds of thousands who read this blog, but we have failed to get the message across.

  148. niall dickson says:

    if the useful idiot isn’t useful what does that make him?

  149. Red says:

    Sweep – I am sorry 🙁

  150. Effigy says:

    The BBC are a joke.
    As soon as SNP win a seat they jump to find
    some kind of reason why a unionist party did well.
    Ruthergen’s SNP Clare Haughy holds the seat over
    James Kelly the Labour half Whitt back door specialist.

  151. Effigy says:

    Humza Useless holds for SNP

  152. Effigy says:

    Rev, you’ll love this.

    Kezia says there looks like signs of tactical voting?
    Would that be like the tactical voting she promoted last time?

  153. John Martini says:

    Once you understand that you are dealing with a belief system akin to religion you will come to understand why facts don’t matter.

    The SNP were better at marketing ‘britain is shite and you are all scum’ than labour were.

    Sir Keir thinks calling people racists and bigots is a vote winner. Appatently it only works in scotland.

  154. Mia says:

    “Humza Useless holds for SNP”

    yeah, and guess what? like Sturgeon, despite his hate bill, with an increased majority.

    I am sorry but I just cannot believe these results. They feel completely wrong.

  155. Effigy says:

    BBC focusing on party percentages to avoid showing
    Conservative 0, Labour 0, SNP 30.

    Sad bastards!

  156. Dan says:

    Went out for a 10 mile mountain bike ride this afternoon and come back to find The Canny Scots have transitioned to being The Cannae Scots…

  157. Mikey d says:

    Well if this is how its going to pan out, what was it liz at 4.52pm said….the Scottish voter is thick. No surprise there then. Sadly an uneducated dumbed down electorate same as down in england. Gie them plenty beeb and itv soaps.

  158. Mikey d says:

    I’m only so grateful that back in my granddads day Ireland did’nt have social media, the bbc, msm propaganda shit sheets, or eastenders. Otherwise they would like Scotland today,still be one of englands last colonies.

  159. Market Force says:

    What have the Wings SNP 1 Brigade, Wee Gingerbread Man and this prick Kelly all got in common?

    They are all fannies, pricks, arseholes, dildos, numbnuts, thick Bastards who helped the Sociopathic, phycopath Surgeon back in to power.

    They will also will quicken the demise of Wings Over Scotland.

    The Rev will now have every right to hang up his keyboard and say to all of you:-

    “Fuck the whole fuckin lot of you Sturgeon supporting bastards, you lot voted for her and her Party, so you lot can fuckin have her, I’m off”.

    And I wouldn’t blame you Rev.

    They deserve every Perverted policy that is coming down the line for them.

    You are flogging a dead horse Rev with half the muppets who inhabit this website.

    All you Wings SNP 1 Brigade, the SNP is your baby,,,own it you thick Bastards.

  160. Ian Mac says:

    Nikla is shameless. True to form, she is getting her excuses in early and proclaiming that an overall majority was a ‘long, long shot’. What a liar. They spent months telling us that an overall majority was essential to send a message to Boris that we want a referendum. Now, it seems she never expected it. For god’s sake, get your story straight.

    She is probably delighted because it gives her the timeworn excuse that ‘the time isn’t right’, covid recovery blah blah blah. Independence, here we don’t come. But laws you didn’t vote for or were mentioned in the campaign? Yes, bring them on. Five years more executive pay and benefits. Five years more of not listening to anybody, least of all poor SNP suckers/members.

  161. Ottomanboi says:

    Whatever one might think of the SNP under the current leadership it is doing rather well. It is up to those who voted for the supposed independence party to remove the supposed from the frame and engage in the, as a Brit government insider stated, «bare knuckle fight», for that is what it will be.
    The MI5 mischief makers under their various sobriquets who latched onto the unpopularity of the gender identitarian tendency in order to sew fractious discontent, will be sickened by the results.

  162. Market Force says:

    Don’t forget your toothbrush Rev.

    Nice villa in the south of France.

    Compare that to the day to day grind of sitting at your laptop trying to guide the useless arseholes on here towards another Indy ref that is NEVER going to happen under a Sturgeon administration.

    Start packing Rev.

    Leave these useless Bastards with no one to blame but themselves.

  163. Jontoscot21 says:

    SilverDarling says:
    7 May, 2021 at 2:28 pm
    Kezia ‘No Shit, Sherlock’ Dugdale putting that think tank expertise and acumen to use on the BBC. ‘Signs of tactical voting’ she says. ‘Seats may change in more than one direction. But all parties should celebrate the high turnout.’ Admits she thought there would be a low turnout because …reasons.

    Seriously, this woman gets TV time and a salary


  164. Mikey d says:

    Alex, dae yerself a favour and you and your good lady retire to somewhere nice and warm, the ‘scottish’ people dont deserve someone of your stature and vision. Let them stew in their ain shite.

  165. Mia says:

    @Market Force

    I think it is time you tell Eddie Barnes that the election is over, so there is not point for him to keep you and your fellow trolls flogging a dead horse and sounding increasingly ridiculous. About time Eddie got rid of the boring and repetitive script too. I mean, no matter how many decorative new insults Eddie plans to include in it, it really is like applying red lipstick on a pig: the result is the same, and guess what, the election result will not change either. Any changes that could have happened, happened overnight when nobody was watching.

    “The Rev will now have every right to hang up his keyboard”
    And of course wouldn’t your unionist masters love it if he did!

  166. Charles Hodgson says:

    Humza Yusuf retains his seat and immediately indulges in identity politics.
    Who cares what race he is. He’s a c*nt, that’s all that matters.

  167. Dan says:

    Mikey d says: at 5:27 pm

    Well if this is how its going to pan out, what was it liz at 4.52pm said….the Scottish voter is thick. No surprise there then. Sadly an uneducated dumbed down electorate same as down in england. Gie them plenty beeb and itv soaps.

    Aye, you’re not wrong. It’s my view the much of the electorate are about one election cycle (4 years) behind the curve.
    There is an issue with this situation as just being patient and waiting for those that lag in awareness to catch up so things come good doesn’t work.
    This is because it takes so long for reality to dawn on them and begin to provoke a reaction that it gives the powers that be a massive time cushion to put in place measures to out manoeuvre or offset any developing trend that looks like a threat to challenge those who hold power.

  168. Al-Stuart says:

    Yo, Wingers, as Alex Salmond said to yon bolshy Tory woman at Westminster for which he got intae bother years ago…

    “Behave yersel.”

    This 6th May 2021 Holyrood election seismic shift ain’t over by a long shot.

    As my auld boss used to say…

    Ye cannae get a wee bit pregnant.



    The BBC and all the corrupt media who have suppressed 95% publicity off of the Alba Party will have to feature the Alba Party MSP questions and revelations at FMQ and this is televised for ALL to see.

    The truth will start to spill out into the wider domain. Wings 18,000,000 pageviews has started the ball rolling. Thanks to Alex, we now have a safe place to place our TRUE PRO INDYREF2 VOTE with Alba.

    Just now we are all trying to work out HOW MANY ALBA SNP1 votes have helped the SNP on the Constituency today and what percentage that means ALBA will pick up tomorrow on the LIST 🙂 ?

    Tomorrow is a page yet to be written and published.

    The untrustworthy British Establishment BBC and newspapers have ignored and/or written off ALBA, but I still believe there will be serious upsets for Nicola-where’s-our-£600k-Sturgeon

    Dame Kirsty-Butcher’s-Apron-Wark, OBE, will have that smirk shunted right off her face.

    Please mark my words, AT LEAST ONE ALBA MSP will be part of the next Holyrood Parliament and that WILL be the beginning of the end for the corrupt Sturgeonite McWokeists.

  169. A Person says:


    If it rained on the day you fancied going for a walk you would blame MI5.

    We’ve lost, Alba is going nowhere, Sturgeon will be staying in power and treading water, in 2026 this will all fall apart.

    Quit making excuses.

  170. wee monkey says:

    mountain shadow says:
    7 May, 2021 at 2:25 pm
    Quote:-Murdo loses again.

    Is he the biggest ever loser in Scottish political history?”

    I think you will find a photograph of an ex FM in the back of a limo to be “the biggest loser in Scottish political history”.

  171. Mr Bonobo says:

    It is utterly staggering that only one in twenty people who apparently want to vote for independence, would not consider Alba ahead of the SNP for the list vote.

    Government and media have done an incredible collusion job to shut Alba out of the election conversation, and focus at least half of any time that they were given to reheating old smears that were comprehensively demolished in court.

    It is astonishing to think that you walk amongst them.

  172. Stuart MacKay says:

    Anyone got an opinion on why the percentage differences compared to 2016 are so small. The number of votes in each case and for each party are not that large so I’d have expected much more variation. It’s as if nothing of any consequence happened since 2016.

  173. Ottomanboi says:

    Prof. John Curtice may need to take a rest in a darkened room.
    Nats take conservative Ayr.

  174. Market Force says:


    What are you fuckin talking about ya brainless bimbo

    Did I touch a nerve

    Why the fuck are you not going after the Wings SNP 1 Brigade?

    This is what is wrong with the arseholes on here

    They go after the messenger.

    Mia away and take a good fuck to your self.
    Do not fuckin annoy me ya stupid illiterate Bastard.

    The Rev has already said if it goes tits up then he’s for the off .

    Lets see you go after all the numbuts who voted SNP 1.

    Like your self probably.

    Rev, no wonder you’re for the off, with posts like that from this pain in the Arse Mia..

    Shower of Snowflake Bastards.

  175. sarah says:

    O/T: does anyone know anything about Siobhan Brown who won Ayr for SNP by 170 votes from Conservatives?

  176. Andy Ellis says:

    @ A Person 5.53pm

    Expecting anything dramatic was always a long shot. It’s been obvious for a while that we need the next 5 years to build an alternative to the crypto-devolusionists in the SNP. When they come up up empty over the next few years – as they inevitably will – things may start to change. Doubtless many folk in Ireland in the late 19th and early 20th centuries felt the IPP was unassailable too.

    Mia and the other raging against the machine and frothing at the mouth about vote fixing and the unreasoning “we wuz robbed!” moon howling can be safely written off for the cranks they undoubtedly are. Sadly there are too many of such folk infesting BTL here, but sounds like many of them are about to self combust.

    Still, look on the bright side: at least we won’t have to endure Mia’s apparently endless contributions. With luck she’ll go the same way as the late, unlamented Cameron Brodie. The comments section will be all the better for it.

  177. tolkein says:

    and the SNP are your government, I think you’ll be stuffed for a while. Particularly as I suspect they’ll try to rig the voting system to keep themselves in power for life. Maybe a Mammy in chief for life?
    Anyway, good luck going forward.

  178. JSC says:

    Does this mean we’re stuck with The Coven for another 5 years?

    If Angus also wins Edinburgh Central then I might emigrate to somewhere with a better functioning democracy & judiciary, like Congo

  179. Liz says:

    Angus Robertson has taken Edin Central! Now I know it’s a fucking fix.

  180. twathater says:

    Watched Kezia being interviewed earlier on the lying corrupt bbc , in the good old Glasgow parlance , “standing there with one side of her coat higher than the other she looked like a HAWKERS BUNDLE it was as if she’d buttoned up her coat wrongly and nobody wanted tae tell the poor unfortunate balloon that she looked stupid , then she opened her mouth and removed all doubt

  181. ScottieDog says:

    Why does it feel like 19th September 2014..

  182. Market Force says:

    Wings SNP 1 Brigade.

    The only thing that will be on an upward trajectory will be the number of rape cases caused by child molesters and Perverts getting free and legal access to female only spaces like their toilets and changing rooms.

    And as for indyRef2, well I think we all know how that one is going to end.

    And remember, you lot own all of this.

  183. Red says:

    If ALBA gets even one seat, I’ll be happy.

    The US Declaration of Independence ends with:

    And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor

    This wasn’t purple prose, the 56 men who signed that document would’ve been murdered by the British had they been caught. Five of them were tortured before being killed. Twelve of them had their houses burned down.

    Under our own, passive aggressive, modern form of tyranny, Alex Salmond has given his life, his fortune and his sacred honour for Scotland. He might not be in danger from the hangman, but they damn sure wanted to ruin him and make him die in prison, a broken man.

    They nearly succeeded.

    He didn’t give in.

    All of you who voted for ALBA did the right thing for Scotland. I hope ALBA keeps the faith and continues to campaign. Whatever the final outcome of this election, it’s not a final outcome. It’s just one election.

    Scotland is forever.

  184. A Person says:

    -Andy Ellis-

    Correct, it will be a long haul, although tbh I wish I’d never bothered thinking about it.

    There are a number of errors “we” have made, but we can take- not comfort exactly but weary assurance- that repeating the last five years will mean that in 2026 Robinson’s SNP will have fallen apart.

  185. Charles Hodgson says:

    Wonder what circle of hell Sturgeon will end up in?
    Probably the Ninth Circle: Treachery – a frozen wasteland occupied by history’s greatest ("Tractor" - Ed)s.
    Too good for her.
    I’d prefer she went to the lake of fire with the demons with red hot pitchforks poked up her arse eternally, personally.

  186. Alec Lomax says:

    I’ll get the popcorn !

  187. Scozzie says:

    Just saw a Philip Sim statement that the Alba party has only taken 2.2% of the list vote in 5 declared constituency areas(not the full region mind). But get this, in two of the areas it was fewer than the Family Party.
    That just doesn’t add up – has anyone even heard of the Family Party?

    As for Angus fucking Robertson I despair…

  188. Socrates MacSporran says:

    Alex Cole-Scuttle increases his vote by 13% – proof positive, the Scottish electorate is if not collectively, certainly in some constituencies – thick.

  189. MaggieC says:

    Alex Cole Hamilton back in Edinburgh Western .

  190. Charles Hodgson says:

    If she ever had sex with Peter Murrell, she’s probably suffered enough.

  191. akenaton says:

    I told you that Alex miscalculated, not just the stupidity of the average Scottish voter, but the fact that the shit thrown at him had stuck and stuck fast.
    Alex turned out to be the problem not the solution and if he is as dedicated to Independence as he says, he should have exposed everything he knows about Sturgeons cabal.
    The general public, especially the women view him as an abuser and at worst a rapist…..all shite, but that’s what they believe and the war is now about social issues and I’m sorry to say we are reaping what we have sown, stemming from the equal marriage legislation and ending in putting our children and women folk in danger……Only it is not the end, it never ends, they twist and push society through every contortion until people are so confused and subservient they become like putty in the hands of the Holyrood abusers.
    Our only hope is that the UK retains control till the Queen and her court are removed from power.

  192. Ottomanboi says:

    Read this,
    And fall about laughing!… UK tactical voting goes belly up.

  193. Market Force says:

    Right, all you who voted SNP 1.

    You will get your Supermajority, so happens now?

    Or will you give us one of those Sturgeon replies?

    “We will push for indyRef2,,,as soon as the universe is cured of Covid”.

    Thick or what?

  194. twathater says:

    Stuart ,Kelly’s anger is uncontrollable because of his jealousy as is mackays and that pillock Mike smaller , their jealousy is all encompassing because they know they can’t come close to your journalistic integrity or investigative prowess

    TBH there are MANY great indy bloggers who have found the courage to follow your example of holding sturgeon and the snp to account BUT not one of them has exposed and excoriated them to the extent you have and most of them have only done so recently which IMO indicates the reason your honest blog is valued and favoured by persons desperate for truth

  195. Market Force says:


    Are you still here?

  196. Dandee says:

    Market Force…you sound like someone else on

  197. Mia says:

    “It’s as if nothing of any consequence happened since 2016”

    Totally. And that is what makes the whole thing for me impossible to believe.

    I would expect much more losses in SNP vote, particularly in Sturgeon’s, Swinney’s and Yousaf’s seats. But then again, the SNP vote in the constituency may have just been holding on because of Alba advocating for SNP 1.

    But if that was the case, then what does not make any sense at all is the tiny percentage of vote allocated to ALBA they expect us to believe the voters have cast. Alba should be getting in the list much more than a 2%. I would expect at the very least a 10% of the SNP vote. It is less than 5% of the SNP vote in those areas. Something does not quite add up here.

    Just out of curiosity, is there a record of the actual number of SNP members that moved to Alba? Was that a 2% or less?

    How many members does ALBA have in those constituencies and how many does the SNP have? Holding a membership bigger than the libdems, I expected to see a percentage of the vote in the list similar to the libdems. 700 votes in the list in that first constituency? Sorry, I just do not believe that. I am beginning to think the vote has been rigged and it seems deliberate that the regions announced are precisely the ones where Mr Salmond is.

    If anywhere the Alba vote should be high is in the constituencies where Mr Salmond is.

    “The Alba Party meanwhile has not managed to gather more than 2.2% of the list vote in any of the five, and are behind the Family Party in two of them”

    Sorry, but this result is not believable.
    Who on earth is “the Family Party”? I didn’t even get a leaflet for such party nor even see that name in the list.

    I have seen nothing in the results so far to convince me this election has not been rigged to deliberately leave Mr Salmond out. When you think about it, is the logical step. They have failed to stop him launching a real pro indy party using the entire apparatus of the state including the COPFS. It is obvious that the next thing for them to do would be damage limitation by stealth by rigging the election. And well, thinking about it, they have given themselves 12 hours, which is plenty of time to do just that.

    Here is a thought for somebody good at websites:
    would generating a list where people who voted for Alba in the list are invited to sign in with name and constituency to check if we have been cheated during the counting of the peach ballots?

  198. John Martini says:

    Best get oot befeore you end up like murray, assange and salmond.

  199. callmedave says:

    O/T but not really.

    Craig Murray latest: Judges to give verdict on Tuesday

    Scotsman todays article archived.

  200. Pixywine says:

    I’m getting to fuck out of this nightmare country.

  201. Market Force says:

    Now we suffer for FIVE MORE YEARS, then we go through it all again.

    Only next time without the Rev

    Fuckin genius, well played all you SNP 1 Voters.

  202. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Stuart MacKay –

    Thanks for the link to


  203. Pixywine says:

    If Sturgeon has sex with Murrell she’s taking one for the boys. That at least is good.

  204. MaggieC says:

    Liz @ 6.09 pm

    “ Angus Robertson has taken Edin Central! Now I know it’s a fucking fix. “

    Where did you see that Angus Robertson has been elected as Edinburgh Central hasn’t declared yet going by the Bbc map ? .

  205. Meg merrilees says:

    Call me Dave- Roddy Dunlop QC is a hero!

  206. Market Force says:

    I can feel a Political Party cancellation coming on.

    Salmond should never have put out the “Vote SNP 1” message.

  207. Market Force says:

    I am never joining another Political Party ever again.

    Con after con.

    Enough is enough.

  208. bipod says:

    The biggest problem Alba had was that they were excluded by the broadcast media which was obviously especially important this time around. No one has been allowed to do any political canvassing while st nicola has been given an unprecedented platform by the BBC, the so called “covid briefings” which are very often not about covid at all. She was never off the tv screens.

    They didn’t make it onto any of leaders debates and whenever alex did manage to get on the tv it was rarely about their policies and more about re-running the trial. The vietnam group was wrong they didn’t need to get a conviction on anything to end his political career repeating the disproven allegations and smears regularly was enough.

    Alba may have been popular on the nationalist social media sphere but most of the frankly ignorant public didn’t even know they existed much less what they stood for. The lack of a logo on the ballot probably didn’t help either.

  209. Republicofscotland says:

    “Socrates MacSporran says:
    7 May, 2021 at 6:22 pm
    Alex Cole-Scuttle increases his vote by 13% – proof positive, the Scottish electorate is if not collectively, certainly in some constituencies – thick.”

    Sounds like unionist tactical voting to me.

    Fluffy’s boy defeats Joan McAlpine in Dumfriesshire.

  210. Republicofscotland says:

    Inverness and Nairn goes to the SNP’s Ferus Ewing, a useless b*stard if ever there was one.

  211. Stuart MacKay says:

    If there’s a flaw in all this then it’s expecting dramatic events to make a dramatic change.

    If there is election fraud going on and since the UK has that sense of “fair play” clearly it’s unconscionable that such a thing would take place – that’s the stuff of Johnny Foreigner – then it’s probably taking place with “expectation management”. It’s much more effective to get people not to vote than it is to fix the ballots and risk getting caught.

    The establishment, like the Americans, prefer stability. An upstart party like Alba is, without being overly dramatic, a Black Swan event. Much better to dampen down expectations beforehand than letting events run their course.

    (sorry about that second sentence it’s a bit of a mouthful)

  212. Gary45% says:

    Market Fart or Farce and the rest of the “greetin faces” what a bunch of sore losers. At least the Tories aren’t winning, surely that’s a good thing?
    Democracy in action.

  213. Pixywine says:

    Market Forces…. Did you know that Onanism makes a person angry and highly abusive? I think it best for you to deny yourself the dubious pleasures of self abuse that way you might become a nicer person. Try abstaining from masturbation come back here and let us all know how you get on. We’re rooting for you Bud and no that wasn’t innuendo.

  214. J.o.e says:

    No idea if this will be posted but the outcome of this election will not matter. All the major players are where they are because they basically, with cosmetic differences, are all on the same plan.

    If the Tories (for example) wanted to sink Sturgeon they would have focused on GRA and the Hate speech issue along with opposing an independence referendum. They didn’t. Because they are on the same team.

    The only option is for the people of Scotland, especially those who think of themselves as patriots, to look beyond the political system.

    People need to get firmly behind the groups of ladies who oppose this trans shite – financially and physically and simply NOT accept it. That carries risk. But this is getting real.

    People need to reject this Hate Speech garbage – not by asking Humza to forget it or modify it but by stating: if this goes through I WILL NOT RECOGNISE THIS AS LEGITIMATE AND LAWFUL. 10’s of thousands need to be protesting it.

    There is one catch though, and I said this some years ago on here: Scots probably need to come properly face to face with real totalitarianism to get them to wake up. Not the softer and more insidious economic and cultural vampirism of the British state, but the actual weaponising of laws and police against decent, law-abiding Scottish people to uphold senseless laws (anarcho tyranny).

    What’s happening in Scotland fits into a much bigger global picture, the scale of which most can’t begin to wrap their heads around – even though it is written about and spoken about by the international players on the world stage.

    The Nation State is the one means of organisation that ordinary people have of protecting themselves from the international corporate oligarchy. They want to strip the guts out of our Nations so they are no longer barriers to control. Nicola Sturgeon and her people are on that team

  215. Wee Chid says:

    Mundell back in Dumfriesshire. I’m sure Wee Nic’s closest pals will be delighted that Joan didn’t get in on the constituency. FFS that means I’m needing Harpie Harper to win in Galloway. What a f****ng situation.

  216. Ruby says:

    I’m watching Edin Central on this map.

    Edin Central is tiny light grey blob just to the right of the smaller orange blob on the mainland.

    All the darker grey constituencies won’t be announced until tomorrow (Sat)

    Any announcements re spoiled papers?

  217. A wiman says:

    Never heard of him.

    Probably won’t ever again.

  218. Daisy Walker says:

    There were no Exit Polls.

    There were no witnesses to the ballot boxes being sealed at 10pm before being sent to the counting station.

    The ballot boxes are plain plastic boxes of the type you can buy anywhere, with sit on lids.

    The lids are secured with 4 numbered plastic cable ties – of the type that you can buy in multiples (ie with 2, 3 or 4 repeats of the security numbers).

    Once the boxes are delivered to the very large counting station, they are locked within, overnight with no further internal security.

    Very simple for a government, to have staff in a room within the building, who simply go to the boxes, when everyone is away home, cut the security ties, count the number of votes cast, empty the contents and replace with duplicate ballot papers (cause Governments can duplicate the ballot printing boxes too you know).

    Once done, put the lid back on, secure with the duplicate numbered plastic cable tie, and leave the building, jobs a good un, just remember to switch the lights off before you go.

    It really is that simple, and it doesn’t involve anyone local.

  219. Republicofscotland says:

    Edinburgh Central goes to SNP Angus Robertson, of interest Bonnie Prince Bob, got just over 300 votes.

  220. Mr Bonobo says:

    Angus keener to mention love of the EU than independence.

  221. callmedave says:

    Edinburgh central SNP gain from Tories.

  222. Republicofscotland says:

    Oh f*ck the odious b*stard Robertson has been given time to waffle on about how f&cking wonderful the victory is for the SNP and the people of Scotland.

  223. Liz says:

    For those asking abt Robertson, it was on twitter.
    I know a lot of people don’t like twitter but you learn so much stuff on there

  224. Cadogan Enright says:

    Looks like Stu got it totally wrong . . .

    and disgraced himself in the process

    At least there is a good change of Alex getting in despite the blackout on the BBC

  225. Cadogan Enright says:

    Looks like Stu got it totally wrong . . .

    and disgraced himself in the process

    At least there is a good chance of Alex getting in despite the blackout on the BBC

  226. Ruby says:

    Does anyone know what all these seat being won by the SNP indicate?

    Is it that people want

    Hate Crime bill
    GRA reforms ie self-id

  227. Peter N says:

    Edinburgh Central now called. SNP win for Robertson.

    SNP Angus Robertson 16,276 39%
    Con Scott Douglas 11,544 27.7%

  228. Ruby says:

    How did the Greens do in Edin Central?

  229. Peter N says:

    Green vote for Edinburgh Central

    Green Alison Johnstone 3,921 9.4%

  230. JimuckMac says:

    How did Liz know the Edinburgh Central result before it was announced? I think we can all guess the reason why. We have been here before in 2014.

  231. James Che. says:

    Well NS said if she got a majority it sends a message to bj that Scots want a party for independence, let’s make sure it’s now, not later,

  232. Elmac says:

    Just in and catching up on the day’s news. Looks like old Abe got it wrong when he said “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time” but then again he had never been to Scotland.

    Can only hope Alba make some inroads on the list but I am beginning to fear the worst. The idiots who have voted for SNP today and the continuance of a banana republic will live to regret it. There is a long road ahead of us if we are to achieve independence. We need Alba to gain traction whatever the result of this election and, above all, we need Stuart Campbell to continue to call out the lies and corruption we now live with in our once proud nation. Keep going Stuart we need you more than ever and will support you as best we can.

  233. Dandee says:

    Market Force ..I’m a SNP 1

  234. akenaton says:

    Dear Daisy, no need to look for irregularities in the system, all you had to do was step outside this lovely echo chamber and talk to the great Scottish public, who are still fighting Bannockburn and Culloden.
    Best to forget Indy till they grow up……if they ever grow up.
    They do not understand what is happening with the media, a corrupt administration, and a crew of lunatic social activists making them dance to their tune.

    We not only live in a banana republic, but own an electorate who munch them while swinging from the trees.

  235. Elmac says:

    Cadogan Enright at 7.04pm

    “Looks like Stu got it totally wrong . . .

    and disgraced himself in the process”

    Where did that come from? How on earth can you possibly say that on the basis of what he has posted on the run up to this election. Are you related to James Kelly?

  236. Ruby says:

    Peter N says:
    7 May, 2021 at 7:13 pm
    Green vote for Edinburgh Central

    Green Alison Johnstone 3,921 9.4%


    Down 4%! 🙂

  237. Republicofscotland says:

    Edinburgh Southern goes to the Labour, their first seat.

  238. John McNab says:

    Republic of Scotland at 6:43 pm:

    “Inverness and Nairn goes to the SNP’s Fer[g]us Ewing, a useless b*stard if ever there was one.”

    It did occur to me to ask how, David Cameron’s, and others, association with Greensill is deemed to be sleazy and corrupt, but Fergus Ewing’s miraculously isn’t?

  239. John says:

    Pixal, fuck off.

  240. John McNab says:

    James Che at 7.14pm:

    “Well NS said if she got a majority it sends a message to bj that Scots want a party for independence, let’s make sure…”

    Actually, it doesn’t. It sends a message to bj (as you put it) and the world, that Scots want to follow the aspiration of Sir Oswald Mosley and be subsumed in an expansionist EU imperium.

  241. Ruby says:

    pixal says:
    7 May, 2021 at 7:06 pm
    great result for angus robertson taking ruthies seat


    Could be thanks to ruthie being such a shit constituency MSP that angus robertson won the seat!

  242. akenaton says:

    The Rev should continue, this is one of the only places left where we can all speak our minds. That is something to be cherished while we have it…..we shall not have it long.

    I intend to donate monthly hope more follow suit.

  243. Market Force says:

    Dandee,, admits to the world he voted snp
    Then you’re a deluded roaster.

    You voted for a Perverts Charter.

    Maybe that was your wish all along.

  244. John McNab says:

    Daisy Walker at 6:56 pm

    There were no Exit Polls. LIE

    There were no witnesses to the ballot boxes being sealed at 10pm before being sent to the counting station. LIE

    The ballot boxes are plain plastic boxes of the type you can buy anywhere, with sit on lids. LIE

    The lids are secured with 4 numbered plastic cable ties – of the type that you can buy in multiples (ie with 2, 3 or 4 repeats of the security numbers). LIE

    Once the boxes are delivered to the very large counting station, they are locked within, overnight with no further internal security. LIE

    Very simple for a government, to have staff in a room within the building, who simply go to the boxes, when everyone is away home, cut the security ties, count the number of votes cast, empty the contents and replace with duplicate ballot papers (cause Governments can duplicate the ballot printing boxes too you know). IDIOCY

    Once done, put the lid back on, secure with the duplicate numbered plastic cable tie, and leave the building, jobs a good un, just remember to switch the lights off before you go. IDIOCY

    It really is that simple, and it doesn’t involve anyone local. LUNATIC


  245. Market Force says:


    You will need to shut up shop.

    The stench coming from the stinkin SNP 1 Perverts who are about to over run your website will be too much

  246. Stephen says:

    I think Angus Robertson’s wife was there this time

  247. Lothianlad says:

    Daisy walker…. correct. Yhats what happened in 2014!

    There is something not quite believable about the results.

    Never thought I’d be despondent at an SNP victory. Thats the depth sturgeon has taken us!

    Independence is as far away as ever. She will grovel for a section 30. Ot will come with strings attached, and she will fuck up the referendum.
    Its all unfolding before our eyes.

  248. Mac says:

    Just saw a Philip Sim statement that the Alba party has only taken 2.2% of the list vote in 5 declared constituency areas(not the full region mind). But get this, in two of the areas it was fewer than the Family Party.
    That just doesn’t add up – has anyone even heard of the Family Party?
    lol. not even very subtle is it.

  249. Mikey d says:

    I’m all for free speech but the number of trolls allowed on here is TTP, but i dont suppose Stu gives a xxxx anymore.

  250. Meg merrilees says:

    Ruby I’ve just read that Curtice says having seen a handful of list vote tallies the green vote is sitting around7% which is less than they were expecting and will bring them fewer seats. Sadly he has ALBA on 2.2%

  251. Breeks says:

    Don’t be too quick to give up on ALBA.

    I don’t think ALBA went too soon, or too late. I don’t think either Alex Salmond or ALBA put a foot wrong.

    If there was a miscalculation, it was perhaps the knife in the ribs from the SNP. I knew the SNP leadership would be hostile, but I hoped the people would see the opportunity and embrace the initiative. However odious that stab in the guts seems to us, and a second knife from the BritNat media, it’s beginning to look like it was affective.

    No doubt the gradualists will all be over the moon that they can carry on pretending they want Scottish Independence without having the bottle to actually demand it. Tossers. Not much chance of their “…auld gray heads lien in clay, Wi’ Bruce and loyal Wallace!”. They’d have been stuck at home wanting somebody else to do the fighting for them, and not saying a word until they knew who the winners were.

    I was going to say it will be interesting to see how they now propose to get everybody engaged with their own plan for Independence…. Who the fk am I kidding? What plan for Independence would that be?

    It will be interesting to see how many SNP List votes have been squandered to piss away the chance of a Supermajority… but the damage is done it seems. Another opportunity wrecked by Sturgeon’s strategic “genius”.

    Sadly, Independence feels dead on its feet until Sturgeon and her useless cretins fuck off. Maybe Boris Johnson will do us all a favour and shut Holyrood early so we don’t have five more years of the vindictive useless bitch. What a total scunner for all the good Indy people. That’s the tragedy of it.

  252. Footsoldier says:

    Lothianlad @ 7.34pm “Never thought I’d be despondent at an SNP victory. That’s the depth sturgeon has taken us!”

    No,that’s the depth you have taken yourself.

  253. Republicofscotland says:

    Eastwood/ Newton Mearns goes to the dodgy carsalesman Jackson Carlaw and the Tories.

  254. Fishy Wullie says:

    And the moral of the story is never underestimate the stupidity of the Scottish electorate

  255. Davie170 says:

    Alba Direct Debit cancelled.

    Fuck the SNP.

    And Alex still hasn’t explained the thinking behind this, “Vote SNP 1” strategy.

  256. A Person says:

    Curative saying that Greens haven’t done as well on the list as predicted. Every cloud…

  257. holymacmoses says:

    I think Australia has moved from beckoning to packing the bags. I can’t stand the stupidity on this island

  258. David A. says:

    I think Alex Salmond made a big mistake trying to suck up to Nichola once more and be friendly. The bridge was beyond burned by Nichola from what we’ve seen unearthed here. He made a big mistake in judgement trusting her in the first place, as proven by the horrendous stab in the back. I can’t imagine what he said and did in the past was done with the understanding she was like what we know she’s like and capable of now. Pushing people to vote for her again just seems like he’s asking for another stab to finish the job or going along with a villain still being at the wheel of the ship.

    SNP is rotten to the core at this point as they’ve had so long to simply go along with her and all the corruption.

  259. robbo says:

    Market Force says:
    7 May, 2021 at 6:33 pm
    Now we suffer for FIVE MORE YEARS, then we go through it all again.


    If Stu does pack it in then the only blessing of that is we don’t suffer you for another 5 years.

    We just need Alba to get a couple of seats, hopefully 5-10.

    If we don’t then it’s Welcome to Mcwoke Scotland. Humza and Sturgeon will forced through HCB, and GRA within months.

    God help us as it seems we can’t help ourselves.

    If they had never brought those two bills forward or tried to jail Alex then we would all be sitting pretty happy, but not now.

    Time to get my pad in Spain I think. Prices are high here at moment to sell. Might take the profit and run.

  260. Republicofscotland says:

    Would all those panicking on the Alba vote please wait until the counts are in lets not try and second guess the outcome just yet.

  261. Mia says:

    “There were no Exit Polls. LIE”

    Is it a lie? I wouldn’t know. I saw nobody asking voters what they had just voted for and neither did my husband, who voted 2 hours before me or my neighbour, who voted in the afternoon.

    As per the boxes, they can have as many secure padlocks as you want and still will not make the ballots safe. The only thing the security services would have to do is to replace the entire box. For that, they just need the total number of voters that attended, plenty of time to prepare the boxes and do the swap and access to wherever they are kept overnight, access to the van that transport them or to the point of entry. 12 hours seem plenty of time for that kind of operation.

    Nobody was looking when I cast my votes into the boxes. I could have cast one vote and walk away from the polling station with the other and nobody would be the wiser. Then there you go, you have a mismatch in the number of ballots and what do they do? How do they know they don’t lost that ballot? As far as I could see, those in charge of the table simply put a line across my name in their list. No record if I cast both votes or just one.

    The fact the boxes are left somewhere “unopen” for 12 hours and they are transported somewhere else to be counted does not inspire any trust in the system at all.

  262. Lothianlad says:

    Footsoldier ya fuckin erse! If you want to cream yourself off a out a sturgeon victory go chat to the alphabet women, I’m sure they will agree with you.
    You’ll find them in cabinet positions by monday

  263. Socrates MacSporran says:

    Stephen @ 7.31pm

    Brilliant comment Sir; well put.

  264. Ruby says:

    Does the result in Edinburgh Central suggest that the 61% who voted NO in 2014 have now changed their mind?

    Or perhaps they believe the Union is safe in the SNP’s hands.

  265. Garavelli Princip says:

    MaggieC says:
    7 May, 2021 at 6:22 pm
    Alex Cole Hamilton back in Edinburgh Western .

    Total creep. Yes, it should be very interesting if as I hope Alex gets elected tomorrow.

    They have had so much in common! And we know who was the ‘booby prize’

  266. Meg merrilees says:

    Market Force – Salmond should never have put out the SNP1 message…..
    What rubbish!
    From the returns that ALBA seem to be getting- in the hundreds, not thousands, a comparable number of SNP1 votes for every ALBA vote cast would not have been responsible for returning any SNP MSP as in the majority of cases they are winning their constituency seats by thousands of votes.
    Let’s see how ALBA really does tmrw- main prerequisite was for the SNP to win a lot of constituency seats and have a high divider for their list tally but if ALBA hasn’t been given the votes we can’t do anything about that.
    Remember Bruce and the spider… don’t give up , try again!

  267. Socrates MacSporran says:


    You pal, ar a 90 minute patriot. Eck doesn’t need lukewarm support such as yours.

    If you didn’t know the thinking behind SNP1, then you are really thick.

  268. Lothianlad says:

    I’m not giving up o Alba, they are our only hope now of independence. A trickle will become a flood. Alba will get stronger.

  269. sarah says:

    I see it was the Labour voters who moved to Tory that kept Oliver Mundell in place. Labour vote fell by 13.8% – if it all went to SNP but it didn’t. 10% went to Mundell and 3.8% to SNP.

  270. Carol Neill says:

    Ach well. I did what I thought was right
    I can in all honestly say whatever crap they bring in ‘ I did not vote for that ‘

  271. ALANM says:

    I never normally watch the BBC but like to make an exception for the election results. It’s worth the licence fee on its own just to see Kirsty Wark and her pals squirming as more and more SNP wins get chalked up. She was so upset this afternoon about Edinburgh Central that she fucked up her interview with Angus Robertson.

    Of course I’ve got mixed feelings this time but, on reflection, I don’t think we’d have been any better off had the unionist parties done well as for the most part they’re just as woke as the SNP. Still hoping for at least six Alba seats on the list but Alex is being interviewed right now and sadly is conceding defeat.

  272. David A. says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised with the large amounts of postal votes and the increasing automation that happens with the count and the unusual circumstances of this count that certain people who already seem corrupt wouldn’t simply take the next step and put the finger on the scale…

    We’ll see how Alba does in the end though. It’s still earlyish.

  273. Dan says:

    Working from the numbers in these tweets it looks like 89 spoiled ballots in the Banffshire and Buchan Coast Constituency.

  274. Meg merrilees says:

    Agreed- I think the fascinating thing will be the high number of lost SNP votes on the list. This will expose once and for all the folly of both votes SNP. Hundreds of thousands of votes will produce no sitting MSP’s – ALBA’s reason for existing.
    We just need to keep pointing that out to people, especially if it allows upwards of 25/30 or more Unionists to vote in Holyrood.

  275. Red says:

    Socrates MacSporran – “Davie170” is Andy/Kcor/market forces/various other tedious personas who comes here to derail any meaningful discussion and scunner the readers

  276. Mikey d says:

    Republicofscotland,6.41pm. Yes no way were the southern immigrants into dumbfriesshire going to vote anything other than tory. Sign of things to come unfortunately.

  277. Davie170 says:

    Socrates MacSporran. 7.49

    I must be as thick as the Rev then, because like many others on here, the Rev and I saw what was going to happen, but then again, we are not thick as shit SNP voters, you are.

    There is the difference between our side and your side

    You have no foresight.

  278. Dan says:

    114 spoiled in Angus North and Mearns Constituency. Not sure if the numbers are higher than normal.

  279. Davie170 says:


    Fuckin grow up.

    What fuckin age are you?

    Sturgeon is about to take us into the dark ages and you come up with a post a five year old could have wrote.

    Dear fuckin God man.

  280. Dan says:

    Confused’s link to The Sun archived. (May take a few more minutes to work as archive is taking a while to save it)

  281. A Person says:

    -Carol Neill-

    Honestly Carol I think you have the right attitude, we cannot change anything now, let us accept it for the time being and see what happens, hoping that truth will out in the end. Remember that Nixon was driven out of office virtually with pitchforks less than two years after winning the largest ever landslide- which this isn’t, it may just be almost the exact same outcome as last time. And also, if Sturgeon resigns to be succeeded by Robinson, he has the appeal of a fungal toenail.

  282. K Campbell says:

    okay, let’s just pull back alittle. Emotion running high for those of us educated enough to know that queen nic is a ("Tractor" - Ed).
    Let’s think about this differently
    All those gains for the snp in the constituency mean that the list snp votes are wasted
    using the maths of dehondt, that make alba list votes even more valuable in a way, although if the rumours are correct there were not many alba votes . wtf?
    Even if Alba doesn’t even get 1 seat, what it has proven is that the establishment is very very scared.
    So, although not as good as we hoped, maybe just maybe, we can use the time to get Alba to either the UK GE or the next SP E
    We cannot and should not give up now, it is the beginning. A little acorn that will bloom with the right care and attention into the fine oak tree
    Let us also not forget, that there are a couple of court cases to come which should certainly rock the snp boat.
    And, even if the voters right now don’t know about GRA, HCB, self iD etc(because the MSM didn’t tell them), it won’t be long before they will.When their friends/family etc find themselves called out for their views/excluded from jobs/jailed for what the kids told teacher, then the MSM will report it as being seen to be “inclusive”. That will cause outrage and then, we will see an exodus of folk dropping support for the snp government.That will show itself at the next election.

    Just watch the spider for a wee while longer. Good things come to those who wait (and plan)

  283. wee monkey says:

    Stuart says:
    7 May, 2021 at 4:09 pm

    Quote:-“European Funding”? Do you understand what that is? In terms that even you may understand. Its the same as Scotland sending YOUR money to Westminster and Westminster giving you some back”

    With the added proviso that it’s spent as the EU says.
    Westminster so bad?? ( devils advocate here)

  284. Natal XX and proud says:

    Good Advice there- everyone calm down. Constituency gains will mean lost list seats- wait and see. Hald yer Heads a while.

  285. cynicalHighlander says:

    Instead of getting depressed am now looking forward to seeing that Chinese rocket debris coming through the sky glowing bright sometime this weekend.

  286. Cath says:

    I cannot believe ALBA got a 2% or less of the vote either.

    Have to admit, I have little faith in these election results either. Too much was at stake for too many people, and you could feel that in the fear of the SNP, the media etc. The blackout, the weird polls and narrative Alba would get nothing, no exit polls, the delayed count etc all raised alarm bells. But results should be up and down. You’d expect that in Salmond’s own area he’d do well – definitely well enough to get in. You’d expect spikes in some other pro indy areas too. The easy victories for Sturgeon and Robertson also seem odd when, in so many other areas, unionists are working together. In Roberton’s constituency, the unionists seem to have stepped back almost as if the tactical voting is for SNP there.

    This just feels far too much like exactly the result the establishment wanted and needed. Whether that was by design or just down to Scots being daft enough to give the establishment exactly the result they need, I guess we’ll never know. Anyway, the long touted plan of Sturgeon passing over to Robertson looks on track.

  287. Garavelli Princip says:

    Sorry, Picked the wrong creep above. My response was to

    “angus robertson won the seat!”

    Total creep. Yes, it should be very interesting if as I hope Alex gets elected tomorrow.

    They have had so much in common! And we know who was the ‘booby prize’

  288. Mia says:

    “Even if Alba doesn’t even get 1 seat, what it has proven is that the establishment is very very scared”

    If Alba does not get even 1 seat and Mr Salmond does not get back into Holyrood, what it has proven is that this election has been rigged. That is my take on it. With a membership higher than the one the libdems have and very active activists leafleting and promoting the party, I am sorry but 2% of the vote is simply not believable. Alba should have got similar levels of vote as those of libdems.

    It is as unbelievable that Salmond did not make it in as it is that Sturgeon kept a 60%+ of the vote and Robertson got in unaided after alienating the SNP members enough to make them leave the party in their droves.

    Something about this election truly stinks.

  289. Republicofscotland says:

    I suppose there’s a couple of scenarios for the Alba party, one they don’t win any seats at all, if that’s the case we can only hope that they keep going until 2026.

    Two the Alba party wins one or two seats and we have a small presence at Holyrood, but we can really influence anything.

    Three we win a half dozen seats or there about and we have a voice and we must be included in debates FMQ’s etc.

    The SNP looks like it will do very well on the constituency vote, but yet again many votes for them will be wasted on the list vote.

    If the BritNat parties vote tactically on the list vote, Alba might not get any seats at all. All we can hope for is that the Alba party out polls the Greens on the list votes, to give us a chance as the women hating Greens don’t appear to be doing that well.

    The lack of media coverage might be the rock that Alba perishes on, lets hope not.

  290. cynicalHighlander says:

    @Davie170 says:
    7 May, 2021 at 7:41 pm

    Alba Direct Debit cancelled.

    Haha as if you ever had one in the first place.

  291. Mist001 says:

    For all that the great politician that he is, Alex Salmond is now damaged goods in the eyes of the electorate and has become a liability. Forget Alba, it’s not going to happen.

    There’s no viable alternative to the SNP either now nor for the forseeable future. Scotland is now a one party state, same as North Korea.

    The SNP will probably achieve independence now, funnily enough but it won’t be the independent Scotland that anyone ever imagined.

    I’m pretty pleased that I’m out of it. Scotland is essentially a shithole filled with shit headed people as evidenced by the results.

    It looks like the demise of this website too. Who in their right mind is going to spend the next five years repeating the same stuff over and over again and expecting to change the outcome?

    Like Johann Lamont said, ‘The Scots are not genetically programmed to make political decisions.’

    And if anyone criticises this post, be aware that all you are really doing is making excuses for the failure of Scotland.

  292. K Campbell says:

    curious, both hubby and I spoiled our votes (line through all boxes, wrote none across the paper) and i also added No to HCB, not to GRA, no to Self ID, and also women won’t wheesht
    which spoiled category did that fall into??

  293. Mac says:

    I knew something was wrong for sure as soon as they started going on about ‘high turnout’.

    High turnout… lol. That is one way of putting it I suppose.

  294. Daisy Walker says:

    John McNab says:
    7 May, 2021 at 7:30 pm

    Daisy Walker at 6:56 pm

    There were no Exit Polls. LIE

    There were no witnesses to the ballot boxes being sealed at 10pm before being sent to the counting station. LIE

    The ballot boxes are plain plastic boxes of the type you can buy anywhere, with sit on lids. LIE

    The lids are secured with 4 numbered plastic cable ties – of the type that you can buy in multiples (ie with 2, 3 or 4 repeats of the security numbers). LIE

    Once the boxes are delivered to the very large counting station, they are locked within, overnight with no further internal security. LIE

    Very simple for a government, to have staff in a room within the building, who simply go to the boxes, when everyone is away home, cut the security ties, count the number of votes cast, empty the contents and replace with duplicate ballot papers (cause Governments can duplicate the ballot printing boxes too you know). IDIOCY

    Once done, put the lid back on, secure with the duplicate numbered plastic cable tie, and leave the building, jobs a good un, just remember to switch the lights off before you go. IDIOCY

    It really is that simple, and it doesn’t involve anyone local. LUNATIC


    Dear John,

    I had authority to go round the polling stations yesterday and get the numbers. I was also collecting up all the Alba posters outside the stations, and I was the last one to do so, so I can – as an eye witness – state catagorically there were no party reps in the building at after 10 pm when the officals closed the polls and put the numbered plastic cable ties on the boxes and thereafter transported them to the counting station.

    Today, I was a counting agent, and saw that the ballot boxes are black plastic with sit on lids, held together with numbered security cabel ties – that were cut open with scissors in front of us.

    Security for the building is a private company – external building security only.

    That Governments who place the order for Ballot Papers can order duplicates at the same time – is just plane common sense, and indeed would not even be considered dubious, since what if there’s a building flood and some ballots get damaged before the vote?

    The numbered security cabel ties can be purchased on the retail market – with duplicate or triplicate numbers – as a matter of course. They are not even expensive.

    I’m not too sure why you think I live under a Rock, for pointing out any and all of the above, clearly its pressed your buttons.

    The numbered zip ties would not normally be an issue if there is continuity of independent surveillance, which of course the overnight ‘lockdown’ prevented this time out.

    You’re welcome. Kind regards.

  295. Finnz says:

    The party is over, Alba will disappear as quickly as it reared its misguided head thinking it could exude any influence on whether or not there is a second independence referendum.

    Those who support the idea forget the simple fact that no matter how many MSPs or voters there are in Scotland who support independence, the control and legalities lies in the hands of Westminster.

    And they ain’t interested.

  296. Geoff Anderson says:

    See you all in 10years,If I’m still alive

  297. Ross says:

    Salmond wanted a positive campaign.

    He didn’t get it. This site was far too negative. Could have worked too

    Yes the media to blame too.

    I feel sorry for him and will vote for him again if he stands.

    Good luck Alex.

  298. Grahame Case says:


    time to get behind Alba now and get them to a position of being the dominant party of independence in Scotland

  299. Republicofscotland says:

    “For all that the great politician that he is, Alex Salmond is now damaged goods in the eyes of the electorate and has become a liability.”


    Now that is absolute bollocks, Alba and Salmond for that matter have been unfairly discriminated against by the Brit Nat media, at every turn Salmond and alba have been ignored blanked and shunned by what passes off as the Scottish media.

    A prime example of the sheer and utter bias against Alba and Salmond by the anti-Scottish independence British BBC is that a small obscure party calling for the abolition of the Welsh Senedd , was allowed onto the Welsh leaders debate and the debate was covered by the BBC.

    The British establishment is a biased and deceitful when it comes to fairness and parity, simply because they fear the Alba party because it is the only party that actually supports an independent Scotland, and the British establishment doesn’t want to let go of the cash cow that is Scotland.

  300. K Campbell says:

    archived my photo from the constituency result from the highland council as something seems a bit odd given how we voted

  301. Geoff Anderson says:

    One final comment to Mist001@8:15pm

    Fuck off!

  302. Republicofscotland says:

    This thread appears to be flooded with GCHQ, 77th Brigade lickspittles claiming to have thrown in the towel and advising us to do so as well.

    Well they can go and take a f*ck to themselves.

  303. Al-Stuart says:

    Hi Mia,

    I read the abusive troll, “Market Force’s” ironic post attacking you as an “illiterate Bastard”. He/she/it is so ill-educated and lacks such self-awareness that he/she/it writes his bile in the epitome of one who has a degree in illiteracy…
    Market Force says:
    7 May, 2021 at 5:59 pm


    What are you fuckin talking about ya brainless bimbo

    Did I touch a nerve

    Why the fuck are you not going after the Wings SNP 1 Brigade?

    This is what is wrong with the arseholes on here

    They go after the messenger.

    Mia away and take a good fuck to your self.
    Do not fuckin annoy me ya stupid illiterate Bastard.

    The Rev has already said if it goes tits up then he’s for the off .

    Lets see you go after all the numbuts who voted SNP 1.

    Like your self probably.

    Rev, no wonder you’re for the off, with posts like that from this pain in the Arse Mia..

    Shower of Snowflake Bastards.”


    What a charming and kind human being. Not.

    “Market Force, is the latest incarnation of the GANG-RAPE-TROLL. He/she/it is attempting to do irony with Dandee and use “Andy’s” illiterate three comma,,,

    Literally a Tourettes affectation,,,

    “Market Force” is the PLAGUE-TROLL who advocates GANG RAPE. “Market Force” is the NEWEST sock-puppet name he/she/it has registered. This low-life has of course been haunting the Wings Over Scotland BTL for months. His/her/its grammar, syntax and abusive messages are pretty much a copy-and-paste fingerprint.

    How can we tell? EVERYONE on Wings who votes SNP1/Alba2 is a PEDO according to Plague-Troll. Also his penchant for using three commas,,, and other fingerprints too.

    What disturbs me is this nasty piece of work ADVOCATES GANG RAPE ABUSE against someone he was Trolling. The message is duplicated below to indicate the level at which this lawless creep slithers.

    As part of a Public Service Announcement for GENUINE new contributors to Wings Over Scotland, here are the names used by the Gang Rape Troll.

    Now you have a list of this person’s other dishonest fake names, you can choose to scroll past some of the worst it has.





    Patrick Jones
    Eugene Henderson
    Stainless Steel
    Market Force

    There are a couple more SUSPECT sock-puppet accounts/names he has registered and is growing, but the BTL posts from those have not yet posted sufficient for the authorities to action. Yet. More updates each time Gang-Rape-Troll hides behind a new sock-puppet name. You can usually tell his next name as it has a meltdown and mega rant with dog’s abuse each time one of his carefully nurtured earlier fake names is exposed.


    One of his worst of many inflammatory “contributions” BTL from the odious fake ID Troller PatrickJones/Gordon/Hudson/Rock/kcoR/Andy/Labour4Indy/Stainless Steel/EugeneHenderson/StainlessSteel/MarketForce is this…


    “Patrick Jones says:(to Garrion)

    “You’re funny.

    Howz your wife, she still got that birth mark at the top of her thighs?

    Me an the mates used to spend many a night around that area.

    It was a Bastard if you were Last though.

    Send her our love.” .


    On what planet can that abuse by the Patrick Jones the lonely Troll with AT LEAST TEN fake SOCK PUPPET accounts be acceptable as “debate”?

  304. Meg merrilees says:

    At this point in time ALBA has sitting MP’s and sitting councillors so there is a bridgehead to build on.

    And we haven’t seen the figures for Fife which was really doing well for ALBA

  305. Davie170 says:


    You are proving to be a bigger Wanker than I First took you for.

    Are you the same Arse hole who posts under the Red avatar?

    Same childish pish.

    As I said to your other half, fuckin grow up.

    I honestly can’t believe some of the posts coming in.

    I have said nothing that the Rev hasn’t posted, YET, not one of your posts is directed at the Rev.

    I wonder why?

    Is it because not one of you have a pair of balls between you?

    Either direct your posts at the Rev, or better still, give the childish pish a rest.

  306. Alfred says:

    Republicofscotland – Make no doubt that the instruction to the media to ignore Alba did not originate in England it was a lot closer to home – look and see who was blackening his name on a daily basis

  307. Meg merrilees says:

    Dumbarton about to announce.

  308. Cath says:

    For all that the great politician that he is, Alex Salmond is now damaged goods in the eyes of the electorate and has become a liability.”

    Aye, because the SNP made sure of that. They knew he was the danger in that he actually fights for independence so stitched him up and won’t let it go, even though he fought them through judicial review then through their even more spiteful prosecutions. But it wouldn’t have mattered who led Alba – they were smearing ISP candidates based on Tweets before Alba was announced. Had Joanna Cherry led Alba, she would have taken all the smears and abuse. It was noting do to with Salmond: this is entirely down to the SNP and their desperation not to allow any pro-indy party list party which would add to the pro-indy MSP totals and reduce the unionist one. Why they behave like that, we can only make our own judgements. I made mine long before this election campaign but this campaign has certainly proved it for me.

  309. Sweep says:

    @Red 5.13 pm

    No probs, mate!

    (besides, mine was an Atari XL – and it was my big brother’s, honest) 😉

  310. Meg merrilees says:

    Jacquie baillie hold

  311. Meg merrilees says:

    Jacquie Baillie holds Dumbarton

  312. Davie170 says:

    The under fives have taken over the website.

    No wonder the Rev is talking about throwing in the towel.

    The Phycopath Sturgeon is about to turn Scotland into a dictatorship and the infants are posting irrelevant nonsense.

    Rev, if this is the standard of debate for the future, then I’d lock up tonight and throw the fuckin key away.

    These pricks don’t deserve a blog.

    This mob are still at the colouring in stage.

  313. Daisy Walker says:

    I’m looking forward to the final result – so I can congratulate all the SNP ‘both votes’ crowd for every single unionist they’ve elected.

    They are going to Own this ‘victory’… in its entirety.

    Also, at the polling station, for a party that was winning (and that became obvious pretty early on) nothing in the way of euphoria, joy, happiness.

    I’m curious about voter turn out also.

    Perth was dire in the morning, slow in the afternoon, and very busy in the affluent areas in the evening.

    But that translated into 58% in the affluent areas, and 50% in the schemes (highest figures), whereas in the other schemes it was around the 43% mark.

    Official turn out figures for Consituency vote Perthshire North today was given as 69.9%

    In 2016 nationally the turn out waas 56%.

    Guess those high numbers of postal votes paid off big time.

  314. Papko says:

    Ruby at 7.47
    “Does the result in Edinburgh Central suggest that the 61% who voted NO in 2014 have now changed their mind?

    Or perhaps they believe the Union is safe in the SNP’s hands.”


  315. Andy Ellis says:

    @Finnz 8.21pm

    Utter bullshit. If Alba fails to reach escape velocity then it’s a pity but hardly the end of the world. I have my doubts it will disappear, as there’s an obvious appetite for an alternative to the SNP.

    Control ultimately lies with the Scottish people, not the British nationalists. The legalities of the Scotland Act or S30 Orders won’t stop independence when the majority of Scots ultimately decide it is the right option and the right time.

    Westminster’s lack of interest is immaterial in the end. It won’t stop independence when Scots decide to take it anymore than it stopped other peoples taking their self-determination.

  316. Papko says:

    Jackie Baillie holds Dumbarton for Labour
    Labour’s Jackie Baillie has held what was Scotland’s most marginal seat.

    Ms Baillie increased her majority from 109 to 1,483.

    The SNP came second and the Tories a distant third.

  317. laukat says:

    That’ll be the SNP chances of a majority gone. Another 5 years of woke nonsense coming.

    I hope ALBA continue they are our only hope but we’re now looking at 2026 before anything has the possibilty of changing.

    I won’t be voting SNP at the UK GE in 2024 and I hope there is a campaign by the Indy Movement to not vote in the UK GE to deligitamise the UK elections. I would happily see 50 tories get returned on turnouts of 30 to 40% than see another SNP ‘radical’ go to Westminster

  318. The Isolator says:

    Oh and to all the unionistas crawling over this thread.Away and throw shite at yersels.That is all.

    Soar Alba!

  319. Mountain shadow says:

    Well. That is me done.

    See you all in 5 years.

    Be good.

  320. Al-Stuart says:

    K. Campbell,


    All you need is just ONE person in the Skye, Lochaber and Badenoch CONSTITUENCY who did what I did in Dundee (spoiled their ballot rather than vote SNP1) and that is Highland Council return form is actionable and EVERY ONE of the ballots subject to official analysis.

    If that person or persons is/are willing to SWEAR ON OATH IN COURT THAT THEY SPOILED THEIR CONSTITUENCY BALLOT in Skye, Lochaber and Badenoch, that means the Electoral Commission AND Police Scotland should be called in for obvious reasons…

    For the sake of good form, and in case this becomes sub-judice, PLEASE don’t put yourself at risk by making random comments.

    After listening to Alex Salmond’s depressing concession speech on the BBC tonight, there is something very rotten in the State of Scotland-Now-Twinned-With-Denmark.

  321. Red says:

    K Campbell says: We cannot and should not give up now, it is the beginning.

    Agree. But giving up isn’t even an option, because it implies the baddies will leave you alone somehow.

    But they’ll never leave you alone.

    They’ll never stop coming after women, and children, and your rights, and any individual who draws the ire of the regime. They’ve promised us that. I fully expect non-woke Christians – if there are any left in the Scottish churches – will be next. Some people won’t be sad about that, until it’s their turn.

    There’s no part of your lives that the beady eyed mini-tyrants think they don’t have a right to interfere with. None. What you may say, what you may eat and drink, what sort of vehicle you may be permitted to own, whether you’re allowed to fly on holiday, it’s all up for grabs.

    Big Mammy, and more importantly the broken sociocultural forces that give rise to Big Mammy, can’t stop. Like a shark that has to keep moving, else it dies. Wokeywoo is a competitive sport, a Red Queen’s race. Yesterday’s bold progressive is today’s reactionary bigot. And you don’t want to be a bigot under a regime that increasingly frames opinions as crimes.

    So there’s no giving up. We must be like Commander Peter Quincy Taggart. Never give up, never surrender.

    Because we live here.

  322. unsigned says:

    Have any list seats been declared yet?

    If not, isn’t the result so far consistent with “SNP1, ALBA2”?

    And what indicators show how the list results will look?

  323. Mikey d says:

    Market force and Davie 170 seem to have difficulty spelling the word psychopath. Is that their nom de plume.

  324. Famous15 says:

    Calling the electorate shitheads is not good!

    It is not easy to cheat in elections.

    Those who spoil their ballot papers provide amusement for party monitors.

    No one party “owns” the YES movement.

    Providing answers to those who have doubts about indy is still a thing.

    Independence is normal.

  325. Davie170 says:

    Not one Wings SNP 1 voter has explained what happens after Sturgeon gets this Supermajority.

    Is it because you haven’t got a fuckin clue?

    Will I’ll tell you what is going to happen next?

    Sturgeon will carry on where she left off, not listening to a single person.

    She will plough on regardless of opinion, her closest ally will be the creepy perv Harvie.

    And regards our referendum, well you can all whistle Dixie for that.

    Scotland will never get an Indy ref until well past 2030.

    Well done chaps, you sure did sort out us “Don’t vote SNP” upstarts.

  326. Clavie Cheil says:

    It looks like the Yoon Quizzers have stopped an SNP majority and SNP voters have handed seats to those same Yoon Quizzers on the Lists.

    Looks like the Greens are failing to advance as well because of their man and woman hating Transgenderism, feminazism and arse banditry.

    Indy is over for another 5 years and probably forever now unless something surprising happens. Sturgeon is a ("Tractor" - Ed).

  327. willie says:

    So Jackie Baillie holds Dumbarton with a hugely increased majority and it still remains to be seen whether the SNP can achieve that elusive majority of one.

    And in the bin, around one million SNP regional votes that will probably return zero seats.

    And so, a stunning victory for the SNP with them achieving / not achieving a simple majority whilst 1.000,000 votes for them languish in the waste bin.

    All hail Sturgeon the grand strategist.

  328. Grahame Case says:

    This from my Facebook memories of 7th of MAY 2010 seems rather Apt for this hellscape I’m slowly witnessing unfurl.

    “Waking up to the harsh reality that voters in Scotland are eejits.”

  329. Dan says:

    unsigned says: at 8:44 pm

    Have any list “seats been declared yet?

    No, because all the constituency seats in each region have to be known for any divisors that kick in to determine the allocation of List seats.
    I read a week back that every region will still be counting some of its constituency seats tomorrow.

  330. Pixywine says:

    A few radges on here awfy keen for Stu Campbell to close the site down. To those radges fuck off back up your bitch Queens sphincter.

  331. Stephen says:

    Lest the Murrells get too comfortable perhaps the next step should be a legal challenge into the missing £600,000.

  332. Davie170 says:

    Mikey d

    Awe naw, another five year old psychopath has joined the free for all.

    Are they all Sturgeon’s off spring?

    Oh, forgot, she doesn’t like..

    Is this going to go on all night boys?

    I mean, have you absolutely nothing else to talk about.

    Did nothing else happen in the world today.

    No wonder the Rev says he is jacking it in.

    Can’t blame you Rev.

    There are some on here turning your website into something resembling the Teletubbies website.

  333. K Campbell says:

    @Al Stuart 8:44pm
    I will swear under oath more than happily to tell the truth which I stated above.

    Please could you explain for me however what you mean here
    “For the sake of good form, and in case this becomes sub-judice, PLEASE don’t put yourself at risk by making random comments.”

    Many thanks

  334. Dan says:

    Labour MP quits Labour front bench, saying it’s now the party of “woke social media warriors” and “obsessed with identity and division.”

  335. cynicalHighlander says:


    Oops must off hit a nerve

  336. Freya says:

    Edinburgh Central is no longer Tory! just reading that the SNP has won there.

  337. Fishy Wullie says:

    Let’s all hope Alba don’t give up no matter what happens, they’re our only hope.

    There are good people in the party, I would argue the best Scotland has but they were up against enormous odds, media blackout, endless disgusting smearing by Sturgeon & Covid restrictions making on the ground canvassing almost impossible, there was no more they could have done.

    Many like Neale Hanvey & Kenny McKaskill have put their political careers on the line for us we must stand by them and support them we owe it to them

  338. wee monkey says:

    Davie170 says:
    7 May, 2021 at 8:56 pm
    Mikey d

    “Did nothing else happen in the world today.”

    Well, it’s being reported that Chernobyl has started to re-ignite deep under the sarcophagus and the neutron count is rising…election. really?

  339. Fireproofjim says:

    Unsigned asks “ are the results so far consistent with SNP1 ALBA “?
    They would be but Alec has already said he does not think they have reached the threshold for seats. ALBA would need at least 4% to pick up any seats, but the initial checks on the List votes make it look like 2.5%, although that can’t be confirmed until the Constituency count is complete tomorrow.
    There’s no conspiracy.Just not enough time to get the message across. Pity.

  340. K Campbell says:

    also @Al Stuart at 8:44pm, do I make a complaint myself? As I say, i will swear under oath that I spoiled my ballot in Skye, Lochaber and Badenoch

  341. Ottomanboi says:

    With «tactical Unionism» the gloves are off and the knuckles bared. .
    Now all we need is a team of well trained, no quarter, bruisers.

  342. 100%Yes says:

    Alba Party, We invite you to sign the Declaration for Scotland. Etch your name in history as we begin negotiating Scotland’s independence.

  343. Red says:

    Dan – Khalid Mahmood says:

    A London-based bourgeoisie, with the support of brigades of woke social media warriors, has effectively captured the party. They mean well, of course, but their politics – obsessed with identity, division and even tech utopianism – have more in common with those of Californian high society than the kind of people who voted in Hartlepool yesterday.

    He’s almost 100% correct.

    Almost, except for the bit about them meaning well. They don’t mean well, they hate you. Most of woke politics is about ritual humiliation of the designated other.

    Replace “London” with “Edinburgh” and “Hartlepool” with “anywhere in Scotland that isn’t Edinburgh or the Merchant City” and the same thing is true.

  344. Skip_NC says:

    Dan @ 9:03, Khalid Mahmood used to be my MP many moons ago. I see he’s still talking about doing stuff.

    What is a Senior Fellow anyway? Is that code for “failed politician”?

  345. Skip_NC says:

    K Campbell, I suppose they might have counted it as a vote for more than one candidate, especially if you scored out each candidate with a separate line.

    Al Stuart makes a very important point. If you decide to pursue this, it becomes a legal matter and you should say nothing in public, without legal advice, lest you prejudice any court proceeding.

  346. Mia says:

    “We’ve lost, Alba is going nowhere”
    You may feel you lost. I most certainly do not. I feel I have been robbed. When I feel the entire state apparatus, including all the other political parties and the propaganda mouthpieces in the form of ALL the newspapers and broadcasters, have done the untold to stop just one man to go back to Holyrood, I know I backed the right horse. Actually no. I know I have backed THE ONLY horse. The rest are all donkeys.

    “Sturgeon will be staying in power”
    Sturgeon will be KEPT in power. It is not the same thing, you see.

    “treading water”
    rather putting a lid on the incriminating evidence that should have resurfaced during the inquiry, you mean.

    “in 2026 this will all fall apart”
    Remember that there is a GE in 2024. We do not need to wait until 2026 for “all to fall apart”. If this woman does not deliver in two years, I am not sure all the rigging in the world is going to be enough to stop the tide.

    “Quit making excuses”
    You have not demonstrated this election has not been rigged. I invite you to do so. You do not convince someone by self appointing yourself as some kind as commander and dictating orders. You convince others with credible arguments. Well, where are yours?

    It appears you simply expect me to obey you as if you had any right to demand from me anything. You don’t and I am not in the business of taking orders. So how about you quit making excuses and deliver the irrefutable proof this election has not been rigged to deliberately stop Mr Salmond entering Holyrood and accelerate independence?

    When you are good and ready to provide the irrefutable proof that demonstrates beyond any reasonable doubt Mr Salmond, with his popularity only attracted less than 5% of the SNP vote, and a corrupt to the core Sturgeon, after alienating half of the electorate and a huge section of the membership of her own party with her toxic policies, arrogance and total contempt for yes supporters, is still in 61% of the vote, then I will “quit making excuses”.

    Now, what is the total membership of Alba?
    How many SNP members have moved to Alba?
    How many SNP members have left the SNP since Sturgeon joined in?
    How many SNP members in her constituency moved to ALba and how many cancelled their membership?
    How can it be explained that having higher membership that the libdems and more presence than the SNP during the campaigning they got so few votes?
    How can it be explain that less than 10% of SNP voters actually backed Mr Salmond?

    A website where Alba voters can go and register themselves to see if we have been robbed of the election could be a starting point.
    An anonymous survey in random constituencies to determine how accurate those counts are would be another.

    Exit polls have a very important role in democracy: they help voters to accept the result as honest. They help them to trust the system as democratic, rather than a farce. If you refuse to conduct exit polls you are opening the door for the suspicion that you don’t want an exit poll because you want to leave the door open to have an opportunity to rig the result. Leaving the ballot boxes uncounted for 12 hours and taking TWO DAYS to count less than 3 million votes is just completely taking the door of trust in the system off its hinges.

    So far I have only seen things that make me feel this election was rigged. I invite you to prove me wrong.

  347. K Campbell says:

    @Skip_NC says:
    7 May, 2021 at 9:30 pm
    K Campbell, I suppose they might have counted it as a vote for more than one candidate, especially if you scored out each candidate with a separate line.

    Al Stuart makes a very important point. If you decide to pursue this, it becomes a legal matter and you should say nothing in public, without legal advice, lest you prejudice any court proceeding.”

    Thankyou, a single line was used (in both cases)

    Civic duty to report then I would say?
    @RevStu, any advice? please feel free to e-mail me

  348. Skip_NC says:

    Do I have my math right that the SNP cannot now win on the constituencies alone? Thirty-eight seats won and twenty-six (I think) to go equals sixty-four.

  349. kapelmeister says:

    Sturgeon has compounded her many crimes with her behaviour during this election campaign. She will continue to sell Scotland down the river. The battle continues.

  350. Big Jock says:

    Yes SNP cant win constituency. They got 59 last time 4 list , total 64. Now they have 62 seats and need 3 list.

  351. Big Jock says:

    62 possible seats I should say.

  352. Meg merrilees says:

    For so long as one hundred of us remain alive…..

  353. Big Jock says:

    The depressing thing is. Nothing has changed. The election was a waste of time and looking like no Alba seats.

    Voters are so dumb in this country. Another big con has taken place.

  354. Skip_NC says:

    K Campbell, they certainly need to explain themselves. hopefully someone with good, recent knowledge of how things work can give you practical advice. As with many things legal in nature, it depends on using the right words to convey your message.

    As an aside, here in NC in the 2016 election, I wrote in Green for president and noted a few days later that my precinct still showed zero votes for Green. So I wrote to the Board of Elections and a couple of days later the local TV station did a piece on how the write-in votes were counted and tabulated. I suppose I wasn’t the only one who queried this.

  355. Robert Graham says:

    What are you lot moaning about the List seats haven’t been arraigned yet because the constituency seats haven’t been completed yet , the count starts again tomorrow , so what’s with we lost shite fgs get a fkn grip it ain’t over yet , and the plump lady hasn’t sang yet .

  356. Meg merrilees says:

    If this BBC link is up to date, there are 25 constituency seats yet to declare.
    SNP won;t win them all.
    She is currently on 39 seats and even if she did win all 25 she would only be on 64 seats then. Reckon at least three of them should go to Conservatives.

    SNP def need three/four list seats to get a majority.

  357. Big Jock says:

    Robert bear in mind SNP votes on list are worth 1/10 th of the yoons in some areas. It looks like another minority SNP government. Salmond has admitted there probably won’t be a single Alba seat.

    Its really not looking like anything has changed.

  358. Stuart says:

    Oh Mia, you really have no self awareness or awareness of any sort. I appreciate you don’t care what I or any others think of your “tantrums”, when you invariably lose again , again and again.

    The one thing however that seems not to permeate your “bubble” is reality, dont think you really understand “if at first you don’t succeed try, try and try again” Sad really, as you obviously have a passion for your cause.

    Ultimately people who appear as you do are “the different cheeks of the same arse” as the SNP and the loonies down south or indeed any where in the world, in other words you actually don’t believe in Democracy unless it delivers the outcome you desire in simple terms. Always someone to blame, excuses and conspiracy theories and at the end of the day that “you know better”, than the “ignorant amongst us”, which unfortunately is the majority. Genuinely hope this “condition” doesn’t affect your personal life.

    Get yourself out into the wonderful Scottish countryside you are blessed with and please with all due respect give yer head a wobble, promise you’ll feel better for it .

  359. Career Politician says:

    The standout emotion I will have towards politics in Scotland on the other side of this election is visceral hatred of the SNP.

  360. Freya says:

    I am starting to feel second-hand embarrassment reading some of the comments on this thread, so much negativity and people insulting one another!

    I wonder how many of those with that attitude here on Wings are actually doing something productive in the goal towards independence in their normal lives -away from their computer screens – like attending events via Zoom and being critical aloud about the GRA, writing to MSPs, volunteering on grassroots groups etc.

    As it stands (BBC News showing now 39 seats for the SNP with results for 81 parliamentary seats still to be announced today and tomorrow) there’s still a good chance that the SNP will reach the necessary 65 seats at which point Nicola will have no excuses left not to start proceedings to force an indyref2 and negotiations with Westminster.

    And I was reading yesterday on another forum – and I am quoting directly from that post – the need to obtain ‘permission’ doesn’t hold up. It’s not been tested in UK law but is untrue in International Law. The founding principles of the UN are that all countries and peoples have the right to self-determination and that this does not have to be with the permission of the state they break from. The UK was a founder member and adopted these principles and they form part of the International Laws which UK has adopted.

    So stop the name-calling among yourselves and save all that energy for what is coming ahead. The cause will need articulate people with a fair grasp of international law, stamina, resilience and willing to put in the hard work to convince those who are still undecided whether to vote in favour of independence or not.

  361. Career Politician says:

    Anyone who starts an online comment with .

    “Oh Mia,”

    Is instantly noted as a patronising scrote.

  362. Stuart MacKay says:

    Republicofscotland @8:14pm

    Even with no seats this time around there’s probably enough financial backing to keep the party going. I’m sure there’ll be a by-election or two before too long. The SNP has been hollowed out so they are in a rather precarious position. No support on the ground means that opportunity awaits.

    The one things that’s shone through with this campaign is the “spirit of ’14”. People are looking for hope, energy and determination. The SNP in their hubris and arrogance isn’t offering anything close. The best they have to offer is the zeal of the likes of Kirsty Blackman in her quest to eliminate women. That’s hardly a winning ticket.

    One foot in the door, that’s all that’s needed to get the ball rolling.

  363. Stuart says:

    Red, as always you get it, unfortunately on here your a voice in the wilderness but for the sake of Scotland keep on keeping on.

  364. Stuart says:

    Career Politician, your moniker amplifies your ignorance… well done

  365. Career Politician says:

    Freya – Sturgeon has already said the election was not about independence and she has no plans to bring forwa
    rd a referendum.

    It’s over for at least another 15-20 year political business cycle.

  366. A Person says:


    I am not obliged to prove to you that the election has not been rigged, what is this, QAnon? Alex Salmond and his supporters at the polling stations would know if it had been, do you seriously think they would just keep schtum about that? Do you regard every election that does not go your way as being rigged? There is no point reaching for the comfort blanket of “it was fraud!”. Maybe if there were a few votes in it, but pummelled like this? What do you think the real outcome of the election was then, if not this?

    You say that Alex is popular, the polling evidence and a quick discussion with any member of the general public would tell you otherwise, you and I might know that he is innocent and admire him, your average punter has been fed story after story about his bad behaviour, yes, it’s unfair but politics is a brutal walk of life.

    As for 2024, get real, we used to joke that half of Scotland would vote for a packet of Richmond Superkings if it had a red rosette on it, sadly all you now need to do is substitute “yellow” for “red”, Sturgeon could go on an Orange Walk singing Rule Britannia and about 40% of the electorate would still be convinced she supported indy. I seriously expect to see a couple of SNP members being appointed to the House of Lords in the next few years.

    I suggest you and others who prefer to live in a fool’s paradise of “it was all a conspiracy” come to terms with the fact that most of our fellow countrymen don’t know very much at all about how this country operates and have blindly and tribally voted for “Nicola” because she talks nicely on telly.

    I am also disheartened by the vote but I will take the defeat like a man.

  367. Career Politician says:

    Stuart, you’re a patronising internet nobody. Well done.

  368. cynicalHighlander says:

    Thebest to date ALBA list 3.5%

  369. stonefree says:

    @ Liz at 4:19 pm

    I agree,
    One can but hope HCB, GRA reform and other toxic Sturgeon ideas , seriously bit the lot of them savagely and often

  370. Mia says:

    “What are you fuckin talking about ya brainless bimbo”
    If I was a brainless bimbo I would not be able to talk, never mind telling you about it, don’t you think?

    “Did I touch a nerve”
    Well, if I am brainless how can I know if you touched anything?

    “Why the fuck are you not going after the Wings SNP 1 Brigade?”
    Why should I? I am concerned about those who may have rigged the ballots to stop Mr Salmond getting into Holyrood. Those are not “the SNP1 brigade”.

    “This is what is wrong with the arseholes on here. They go after the messenger”
    Is that what Eddie feels he is, a messenger? A messenger of what exactly?

    “away and take a good fuck to your self”
    Don’t feel like it at the moment, but thanks for the invite.

    “Do not fuckin annoy me ya stupid illiterate Bastard”
    Illiterate? What do you mean? Wasn’t I brainless a moment ago?

    “The Rev has already said if it goes tits up then he’s for the off”
    Well, from where I am standing there is many interpretations for your perspective of “tits up”. When the state has exposed itself by throwing its entire apparatus to stop just one man gaining a seat in the parliament of Scotland, you cannot say that the operation went “tits up”. It went tits forward an awful long way.

    “Lets see you go after all the numbuts who voted SNP 1”
    You better sit, because you could be waiting a long time. You see, differently to you, I am not bitter on the least that Sarwar lost the constituency seat and expose me as a rubbish spin doctor.

    “Like your self probably”
    Like myself what? Sorry, it must be the lack of brain.

    “Rev, no wonder you’re for the off, with posts like that from this pain in the Arse Mia..”
    That even without a brain I can be such a pain in the arse for trolls like you is a certainly an accomplishment.

    “Shower of Snowflake Bastards”
    For the sake of clarity, how about you define “snowflake” and “bastards” with your own colourful words?

    are you trying to close down the Rev’s blog before he actually decides what to do?

  371. Stuart says:

    Famou 15,

    Absofuckinlutely….. I know we disagree on most things but by god I wish you could convince some others of reality

  372. Tannadice Boy says:

    A bad day at Blackrock. I hope my hundred on no overall SNP gets done. No where to hide then SNP.

  373. John Martini says:

    Do you think she is terminal?

  374. Cenchos says:

    Angus Robertson has beaten off Bonnie Prince Bob.

    No real surprise there.

  375. Big Jock says:

    Cynical 4% is the point you start picking up seats. So maybe Alba just might. Salmond looked very downbeat at the count. I think the postal votes did it for Alba. A lot of them were in before Alba campaigned.

  376. robertknight says:

    Hope I don’t live to regret my SNP 1 ALBA 2.

    To be honest, I already do, but I live in hope that the Rainbow Alliance of SNP/Scottish Greens pick up 63 seats and ALBA pick up 2.

    It’d then be time to start turning the screw…

  377. Elmac says:

    Totally exasperated. The lies and corruption of the SNP may have been studiously avoided on BBC et al but have been paraded on alternative media for all to see. Conclusion has to be the average Scot is stupid, or not internet savvy, or both. I fear for my country. As for the BBC and the MSM we know what you are about and democracy has no part of it.

    We now have potentially 5 more years of the most vile, corrupt, lying administration you could imagine. There will be not a whimper in the media when our democratic right of free speech is removed, when those of a different viewpoint such as this blog are shut down under threat of prosecution, when what we say in the safety of our own home can be construed as a crime, when children below the age of reasonable consent can be given sex changing drugs, when anyone can self ID as a member of any sex with obvious repercussions for the safety of women. Welcome to Scotland 2021 – a country whose government pays lip service to independence with no intention of pursuing it, who purloins £600,000 of ring fenced donations for its own purposes, and corrupts the Civil Service, the Crown Office Procurator Fiscal Service, the Police, the courts, the Judiciary and above all the media to ensure that they cannot be challenged and that the truth can never be heard.

    At the end of that 5 years do you really think our devolved parliament will still exist?

  378. Onwards says:

    Alba may not get seats this time but they succeeded in forcing the Greens to be much more pro-indy than their previous wishy washy stance.

    Their manifesto clearly states:

    “The Scottish Greens will campaign and vote for a referendum within the next Parliamentary term”

    If there is a large pro-indy majority of SNP+Greens, there is no dispute that is what people voted for.

    Whether Sturgeon has the drive and ability to deliver indyref2 is another matter. But there is no hiding place if she doesn’t.

  379. Lost says:


    A smile and laugh raised on the end of a very crap and stressful day.

  380. kapelmeister says:

    All the jubilant SNP candidates posting their thank you messages and staying how hard they’re going to work for their constituents…blah blah blah. We’ve heard all this shit before.

  381. wull says:

    The following is from the BBC website. Where the dots are, I have cut out BBC’s introduction, comments and explanations.

    I seem to remember a day when journalists used to give you a verbatim report of what politicians actually said. But how long ago was that? Or is my memory playing tricks on me, and I am just inventing it.

    In those days, journalists left you free to make your own judgement about what politicians said, without trying to lead you through it as if you were a child or a half-wit. They did not even use reported speech, since that can be a good way to make something that was said mean something different from what the speaker intended.

    Anyway, in case anyone missed it, here’s what the BBC said AS said this Friday evening:


    Mr Salmond told the BBC that his party would put up a “substantial show” when full results were declared on Saturday.

    But what he had seen so far meant he did not think the party would end up with MSPs at Holyrood.


    He told BBC Scotland on Friday evening that it was good that Alba were “registering as a political party in terms of vote share”.

    “That’s all to the good,” he said, “but whether we will make it tomorrow, I don’t think so on the results we’ve seen – but we will put up a good substantial show.”


    He added: “I think probably we will take out of this election the arguments we have been putting forward will be proven to be correct. Firstly, that independence should be front and centre of election campaigns if we want to persuade people to vote for it.

    “And, secondly, it looks like, though it is not certain, that the SNP will be poised on an overall majority but there won’t be the backing in terms of the enthusiasm for getting on with the independence referendum.

    “Crucially, it seems perhaps a million, perhaps even more than a million, SNP votes on the regional list are going to elect perhaps one, perhaps two MSPs on that section of the ballot paper across Scotland. What a waste.”

  382. Shocked says:

    Great night for the SNP1 fanatics. Looks like we’re getting their perfect scenario, New SNP / Green coalition with Alba frozen out.

  383. Davie170 says:

    The drink is kicking in.

    The drunken replies are flowing.

    Listen children, will you at least try to act like a grown up, even though we know you lot aren’t.

    Are we at the “Revvvvv, he said a sweary word” stage yet?

    I know there are a few powderpuffs who just live nothing more than sending off a grassin email to the Rev.

    It’s ok folks, the Rev will be pulling the plug on the whole sad lot of you soon enough.

  384. Robert Louis says:

    So, Angus is safely elected into a seat whjere he didn’t actually live. And it looks like, in its short timeframe, ALBA couldn’t do much.

    Independence via the ballot box is now dead. Sturgeon has zero intention of pursuing it. I just feel sorry for all thos dedicated indy supporters who actually believed the SNP 1 and 2 scam. They will find out tomorrow, just hopw wicked the SNP leaderships deception has been to them.

    The SNP are quite happy with things as they are, doing nothing.

    Independence is now out of sight, unless we take to the streets – and I can’t see that happening.

    Very sad, indeed. Poor Scotland, for London’s gold, baubles and knighthoods, it is bought and sold. Only time will tell us what Nicola’s reward will be.

    She has destroyed the SNP from within, and still some folk believe she wants independence. I have news for them, Nicola Sturgeon wants Scottish independence as much as Alexander Boris De Pfeffle Johnson does. You are being deceived on a very grand scale.

  385. David Hannah says:

    I’ve not felt this deflated since 2014.

    I know it’s over. This will be a hard one to pick up from. We’re looking at 5 more years under a Union Flag.

    I hope Alba continues to exert influence as a pressure group, mobilising the grassroots for a shot in 2026.

    The Alba candidates have done Scotland proud.

  386. Stainless Steel says:


    Fuckin dry yer eyes.

    Geez fuckin peace.

    If you can’t take it, then don’t give it out.

    No cunt is Interested in what you say.

    Let’s get back on track folks.

  387. Big Jock says:

    Let’s see what tomorrow brings. We just have to live with the hand we are dealt sometimes.

  388. Davie170 says:

    Here here Stainless.

  389. kapelmeister says:

    Seeing the pictures of Sturgeon swaggering about at the count in Glasgow was revolting. It’s unsettling to think how much a single selfish individual can wreak havoc on a country.

  390. Mia says:

    “I am not obliged to prove to you that the election has not been rigged”

    If you demand from me to believe it has not been rigged, then yes, the onus is on you to prove it has not been rigged.

    “Alex Salmond and his supporters at the polling stations would know if it had been”

    How? Were they present when the boxes were sealed? Were they sleeping with the ballot boxes and locked so nobody could get in and swap the boxes? Did they travel with the boxes until they reached their counting place? Were they present when each and every box was handed to the counters?
    Where they present at all times at the counting tables? I saw a lot of tables and very people actually watching the counting.

    “Do you regard every election that does not go your way as being rigged?”
    Nope. Just the ones that are obvious, like this one is to me.

    “There is no point reaching for the comfort blanket of “it was fraud!”
    It is not a comfort blanket. It is a discomfort blanket. It would be much easier to accept that the result is true and forget about it. But I can’t. That picture in the National this morning deliberately leaving Mr Salmond out even before the counting started did start it all.

    “What do you think the real outcome of the election was then, if not this?”

    I am convinced the SNP should have seen a more significant fall in the vote. Why? because speaking to colleagues and friends, the SNPism is wearing out and fast. Secondly because they have been many years in power. Third because of the horrible corruption that was uncovered recently. Fourth because of the exodus of SNP members. Fifth because of their toxic policies.

    I cannot believe either that a healthy percentage of SNP voters did not vote for Alba. Mr Salmond is not Kezia Dugdale or Sarwar. He is much better and more convincing orator than Sturgeon and frankly is a much better politician. In a matter of weeks he prepared a manifesto that run rings around the crap produced by the SNP. When he launched his party there was a massive exodus from the SNP to his party. In a matter of weeks his party overcame the libdems. He had 2 MPs and several counsellors. He had the MSM and the broadcasts desperately blacking his party out. Some of the most senior conveners of the SNP and other figures also moved across. If even just one Alba MSP made it, it would be Mr Salmond. If he does not, it is clear as day the state has interfered to deliberately stop it. Why? Because he threatened to call for immediate negotiations for independence

    “You say that Alex is popular, the polling evidence and a quick discussion with any member of the general public would tell you otherwise”

    I am not sure what “public” you talk to. The one I talk to does not have the same opinion.

    “As for 2024, get real”
    I am real. The question is are you?

    “sadly all you now need to do is substitute “yellow” for “red”, Sturgeon could go on an Orange Walk singing Rule Britannia and about 40% of the electorate would still be convinced she supported indy”

    Well, it is not the impression I got from speaking to colleagues.

    “I suggest you and others who prefer to live in a fool’s paradise…”

    Thank you. But I only welcome suggestions and advice when I invite them or ask for them first. It was not the case, so you can keep your advice to yourself. I am not interested. Where I choose to live or not is my business.

    “I am also disheartened by the vote but I will take the defeat like a man”

    Well, like a woman, I refuse to be taken for a fool by those who are so desperate to stop Scotland’s independence that will even go to the lengths of exposing Scotland’s democracy for the empty word and the farce it has always been.

  391. Stephen says:

    Big Jock
    There are s number of other possibilities in poker……

  392. sarah says:

    @ Robert Louis “take to the streets”

    This is something we can do. The AUOB marches can become a pressure group targeting Bute House and Holyrood. No more cheerful and undemanding gatherings – make them very serious and very demanding.

    The SNP “government” have had it easy. There has been no criticism from the Yes movement so they have swanned along and kept control of if and when the people’s voice will be heard. The FM has been the only person to decide if we will be asked the indy question and no-one has challenged her.

    Well, now is the time to start criticising. Let’s see how she takes 100,000 plus yelling for a vote on independence.

  393. Lynn says:

    Think perhaps managing expectations on what Alba could achieve as a very new party might have been sensible . Following Alex’s guidance on SNP 1 was always a gamble.
    Very early days for them anyway so get back into the fight if that’s what you believe in . Seems to me independence needs another party and voice if that’s your choice ! It’s only in its infancy as a party after all !

    For me I am out the game and going to enjoy life ! Too much fighting and turning on each other for me and a whiff of misogynistic tendencies from some bitter contributors.
    One thing for sure , I came to find out more about Scottish politics and to be fair I went into this election much more informed . Maybe too much !
    Good night , stay safe !

  394. Freya says:

    This is from Professor Sir John Curtice who is commenting on the BBC Live reporting:

    ”There is still a path for the SNP to get an overall majority, although that is increasingly narrow.

    Ms Sturgeon is now looking to be in a weaker position with her party. This means she might want to push for a referendum sooner.

    Meanwhile, a more emboldened Boris Johnson might feel as if he can decline a request for a fresh independence referendum.

    Scotland is pretty much divided down the middle on the merits of independence. Boris Johnson, if he approved a referendum, could potentially lose the argument”.

    What do you all make of his take on the issue?

  395. Mia says:

    “Fuckin dry yer eyes”
    My eyes are dry and have been dried all day.

    “Geez fuckin peace”
    I cannot get peace when within the first few hours in the counting I am already convinced the election has been rigged.

    “If you can’t take it, then don’t give it out”
    If I can’t take what and give what?

    “No cunt is Interested in what you say”
    Excellent news!. I am not seeking cunts as an audience.

    “Let’s get back on track folks”
    We are on track and have always been. What has happened is that the powers that be may have deliberately taken away from the tracks our engine to stop us moving forward. They have been given two whole nights to do it.

  396. sarah says:

    @ Lynn: As you say, we must enjoy life while we can!

    And the outlook isn’t entirely hopeless – Alba has 2 MPs and some Councillors. It may be that some MSPs will break away even if there is no other Alba MSP elected, just as the MPs did.

  397. Freya says:

    Career Politician says:
    7 May, 2021 at 10:03 pm
    Freya – Sturgeon has already said the election was not about independence and she has no plans to bring forward a referendum.

    It’s over for at least another 15-20 year political business cycle.

    Nicola actually stated yesterday on The National cover ”If you want me to deliver independence, then get out and vote SNP”.

    Given that this sounds like a promise or at least a commitment to trying to achieve that goal, those who have lent votes to SNP can hold her to account if she does not show any action and a clear scheduled pathway as soon as final results for these parliamentary elections are released.

  398. Big Jock says:

    Aberdeen West is declared tomorrow. Narrow Tory majority. So SNP need to take that to get a majority I would think.

  399. Franky says:

    So what was plan B again?

  400. Stephen says:

    Big Jock
    We are at the mercy of the unionists getting their tactical voting right.
    A pity we couldn’t coordinate in the same way.

  401. Big Jock says:

    Yep if only Nicola had worked with Alba!

  402. Karen says:


    Have a holiday, remember when they tell you – you have to pack up and go now.

    You don’t.


  403. Daisy Walker says:

    If you assume that the reason for the 2 x daytime count, when normally it is all done in one night, is in order to 1/2 the staff to allow for social distancing, thereby taking x2 as long to do…. then why have the staff not worked a double shift today and got it done.

    I mean that would have been a 9 – 5 = 8hrs, and then a 5 – 0100 hrs (not that late).

    Could it be that DeHonte is such a bugger, that ‘fine tuning’ the result, is better done over 2 nights and once the results of the first day’s count are known. We shall never know.

    Anyway – well done the SNP – I look forward to you delivering on Indy as a priority, and to reminding you about all the unionists you have elected today with your second vote.

  404. Mikey d says:

    Mia, why do you even bother responding to the pond life.

  405. Stuart says:

    Career Politician,

    At least I acknowledge I’m a nobody on the Internet, unlike a clown like you that doesn’t realise (a) the harm you do to the cause you support and (b) REALITY…

    Pleased to note as per you never addressed any of the points I made, just “shouted”, there really is “those so blind they cannot see” and I’m in no way religious.

    Was going to have some fun on here tonight with my new game “Losers Bingo”, but credit to you and your ilk you’ve surpassed anything I could imagine so fair does champ, you must be proud? Won’t change the factmyour a loser though.

    “Never defeated always cheated” lol your not a supporter of “the club like no other” are you?

    Don’t suppose people like you have ever considered that maybe, just maybe, just a wee bit, maybe your out of step with what the vast majority think and their not enemies, thick as feck, racists etc? Off course not you are “the keepers of all knowledge and the righteous ”

    Clearly you enjoy being a looser, and will never reconsider what might make you a winner, so I’m bored to tears with people like you as I am with the loony left in England who you resemble so much.

    “Rigged elections, Security Services (M15,its always M15, Since your messiah joined RT) MSM , thick voters etc etc. If you changed the record for just a moment and considered that people may have a different opinion to you and the solution is to “persuade ” other people short of violence, you maybe just maybe join the real world and just maybe realise your dreams

  406. ScotsRenewables says:

    Market Force,

    Go fuck yourself with a sharpened hedgehog, you stinking Unionist piece of cancerous shit.

  407. Mac2 says:

    Sorry Stu but I’m bowing out. It’s been a fun ride, but sadly you are fighting a loosing battle and whilst I respect those willing to stand up for what they believe in, my generation are cowards and we will bow easily. I’m off.

  408. Franky says:

    Scotland is like an airliner flying over the Atlantic ocean and has just ran out of fuel.

    And like Scotland, there are no parachutes onboard.

    And like Scotland, all those onboard are fucked.

    And like Scotland, We are well and truly doomed.

  409. Mikey d says:

    Ah well the good news for my other half and myself, is we have just completed our purchase on our spanish town house in callosa d’en sarria alicante province, no 90 day brexit shite rule with our Irish passports. So adieu and farewell to unionist caledonia, i shall sit sipping my sangria reading online about all the foodbanks, job losses, and shite you have to deal with under tory westminster when the colonial administration in holyrood is abolished. Scotland, whae’s like ye’s. No other sane people thats for sure, PMFL.

  410. Franky says:


    Nobody could blame you if you announce on Saturday night that you’re calling it a day.

    You tried to shine a light on the dark side of Sturgeon, but the Teflon crook seems to be bullet proof.

    Good luck with what ever you decide to do after Wings.

    It’s got to be better than putting up with this shit day after day after day.

  411. Footsoldier says:

    Some on here have such a restrictive vocabulary, they keep using the same verb.

  412. Franky says:

    The Party’s Over, as the song goes.

    It’s time to call it a day…

  413. Robert Graham says:

    It’s always nice to see people enjoying themselves the Ladies on WGD are having a ball ,ALBA is dead finished and will disappear without trace.

    Eh wee problem ladies not one Regional position has been assigned the count continues tomorrow you dumb fks

    Just in case you roasters haven’t noticed ALBA did not contest any constituencies so unless you lot have access to information no one else on the planet has , just keep a grip on your hatred and bile until it’s over and it ain’t done yet yah dumb fkrs

  414. President Xiden says:

    Can I report a hate crime today where a woman shouted abuse at another , calling her a Fascist in the street when in fact though said woman be many things, she is not a Fascist ( by any definition of the ideaology) therefore such abuse can only be inferred as hate speech and thus is deserving of prosecution?

  415. Robert Graham says:

    Is there something in the fkn water or booze tonight ? What’s with this shite encouraging Stu to shut up shop.
    Eh Who are you people working for ?

  416. L.U.T.B says:

    Dearie me!
    Based on the garment tearing and gnashing of teeth above, anybody would think there had been some sort of Unionist landslide. There hasn’t. Nicla is not a Unionist: She is just a rather shite ineffectual Nationalist just as she is shite & ineffectual at everything else, other than keeping control of her party (marrying the CEO was a smart move) and persuading quite a lot of the population to vote for her. She simply exudes faux-competence and far too many people fall for it.
    Onywye, it’s nae ower yet. The muckle quine disnae sing unto i morn’s nicht! Hud yer greetin unto then!

  417. Liz says:

    My take on today? The vast majority of Scottish Voters pay little attention to anything to do with politics. Many believe NS has done a good job with Covid (regardless of whether she actually has or not) and trust her to see us through the pandemic.
    Most of them have absolutely NO idea how the list vote works, just that it’s a vote for the party of their choice.
    Alex miscalculated the amount of mud that’s stuck, and micalculated that the SNP would WANT a supermajority, not that they would actively work AGAINST another indy party. Lack of exposure in the debates played a big part – the BBC and other channels did their bit there.
    Too many people think we need to recover economically from the pandemic before we can consider another referendum. They have absolutely NO sense of the urgency, and I know many who are politically aware who think like that.
    I voted according to my conscience – a spoiled ballot on the constituency (Women won’t Wheesht) and Alba on the list.
    I know both Alba and ISP plan to continue – there are council elections next year. Time will tell whether we still have time on our side or if it will all be too late. At the moment I am less than hopeful of seeing independence in my lifetime.

  418. Mikey d says:

    Scotsrenewables,11.14pm . in spades to that poisonous piece of shit, dont know why they are given a propaganda platform on this site, because we would all be shut down with our opinions on a unionist forum.

  419. Ayeright says:

    If you support Independence then you need to get behind the Independence majority that is elected to the Scottish Parliament despite the party they represent. It really is that simple.

  420. Meg merrilees says:

    Robert Knight @10-19
    You wrote:
    I hope I don’t regret my SNP1 ALBA2 vote.

    I presume you don’t regret voting ALBA 2 and that it is the SNP 1 bit that worries you- well unless the SNP won in your constituency by one vote then spoiling your ballot would not have altered the result so don’t fret.

  421. L.U.T.B says:

    As for Stu continuing, this Lurking Unionist Tory Bastard hopes he does. Whatever happens power needs to have truth spoken to it whatever the opinions of the speaker.

  422. Betsy says:

    What a disappointing result and what a long come down it’s been since 2014.

    In a sense it doesn’t matter. There was never going to be a result that would have brought independence forward. There is simply no reason for any UK government to consent to a second indyref. Whining about how undemocratic that is won’t change a thing. Most people in England are entirely indifferent and the tiny minority who care enough to comment are happy to see the whiny Sweaties getting put back in their box.

    What a good showing from Alba might have done is force the SNP to come clean and admit they’ve no plan at all beyond acting like the Scottish Labour in it’s heyday. With that out the way, it might have brought an effective independence movement into being.

    Still none of that happened. We have five more years of watching people you used to respect rimming Nicola Sturgeon and telling you their pronouns like they’re even worth talking about.

    It’s shite being Scottish…

  423. Franky says:

    So how many Alba seats are we looking at here?

    There were quotes on here of over 25 seats for Alba, and they were going to tell that Nikla Sturgeon that indyRef2 better be delivered next year, or else!!!

    Are we still looking at 25?


  424. Franky says:

    Ayeright 11.41

    There are no Parties in Holyrood who supports Independence.

    So we seem to have a problem right away.

  425. David Holden says:

    Almost a feeling of dread when there is a high comment count on here these days as it usually means there be trolls abroad. Not got time to rake through them all but for gods sake a party that was chucked together in a few weeks from scratch has failed to make a breakthrough is hardly a surprise if a bit of a downer. If Alba is a serious party it will lick its wounds for a couple of days then get on with contesting the council elections if not then we have been sold a dud. Looking at the people involved I would bet on it getting on with the job of fighting for Indy. The SNP is Donald Ducked as it stands so we either get on with developing an alternative or put on a frock and vote Green. I will avoid the frock but the night is young.

  426. Dan says:

    Re. spoiled ballots
    There defo seems to be a discrepancy in how spoiled ballots are classed when comparing the pic in this tweet with the one K Campbell liked to earlier.

  427. holymacmoses says:

    according to a poll taken today 75% of people hadn’t heard of ALBA

  428. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Civil disobedience is the only way now.

    This place has never ever encouraged such behaviour, and has, at most, observed it with interest.

    Any ‘action’ taken over the past decade was not instigated by Wings, so there’s no reason why the demise of this place should affect further actions.

    I know, I know…we all have busy lives etc, but no-one else is going to do it for us.

    It’s entirely possible to profess ‘Peace & Love, Always!’, as our late friend Smallaxe did constantly, whilst using creativity and humour to throw an almighty spanner in State machinations.

  429. Skip_NC says:

    You know, in many constituencies, we are scrapping it out with the Lib Dems for fifth place on the list vote. If the S,NP pursues independence in the next five years, Alba will have done its job and we owe our thanks to those who stood for election and those who campaigned with them. If the S,NP does not do its job, Alba will be around to take them on in the local elections next year and at Holyrood in five years time.

    Independence is not dead. It’s just taking a breather.

  430. Al-Stuart says:

    Hi K. Campbell,

    A BIG thanks for replying with your post and reply…


    Exhibit A:

    K.Campbell, I posted a warning about future sub justice risk (and other potential libel) as this allegation may refer to an entirely innocent mistake where the returning officer MISSED your SPOILED CONSTITUENCY VOTE BALLOT DOCUMENT.

    The Returning Officer is liable to a £5,000 fine on conviction…

    Page 14, section 3.19.

    There are other statutes that carry a CUSTODIAL SENTENCE if a Returning Officer is found guilty. Hence we need to be EXTREMELY careful what is discussed in the public domain.

    So this is obviously a VERY sensitive matter. The Returning Officer may likely be entirely innocent of any infractions,

    Hopefully this answers your question?

    I struggle to believe that with 1,800,000 Wings pageviews plus all the other blogs and infrastructure of the Alba Party that there were ZERO spolied (SNP1) Constituency returns in any of Scotland’s Constituencies.


    A polite letter to the Electoral Commission along the following lines…


    Dear Electoral Commissioner,

    Concerns About The Constituency Declaration: 7 May 2021
    Holyrood Election: Skye, Lochaber & Badenoch

    I refer to the Official Return as per the above, archived here…

    Exhibit A:

    Out of principle, I spoiled my Constituency Ballot. Yet the Official Return fails in terms of clear English to lucidly account for my ballot in the account of that Return.

    As counterfoil and my ballot paper both have an identical “discreet” reference number and can be audit trailed from me and my house, to my actual marked and completed ballot in the custodianship of the Returning Officer, I request the following under Subject Access Regulations and related statute:-

    1). Please can you provide me with a clear explanation as to exactly where on this Official Return form, my completed (and SPOILED) ballot in the Constituency vote is accounted for?

    2). Please can you provide me with holographed copies (as original) of my ballot paper and the Official Return along with all related intermediate documentation (appropriately redacted to avoid refusal to issue)?

    3). Under Freedom of Information legislation, please can you provide a copy (appropriately redacted) of the meta data indicating how many complaints/concerns the Electoral Commission has received between 1st January 2020 and 8th May 2021 in connection with all Scottish matters within the aegis of the Electoral Commission? By meta data, I mean a one sentence summary describing the general nature of each complaint/concern.

    For example, this missive might me classified as “Concern Relating To Official Returns”.

    I thank you for your help and look forward to your reply.

    Yours faithfully,

    K. Campbell


  431. Ayeright says:


    “There are no Parties in Holyrood who supports Independence.”

    Why are the Unionists so scared then of the SNP and a majority for Independence? I think you’re having a laugh LOL

  432. Skip_NC says:

    Dan, that’s not the biggest issue. The number of votes cast for each candidate does not add up to the total valid votes (as noted by someone on that Twitter thread).

  433. Meg merrilees says:

    Is it a coincidence that a lot of negative comments tonight are coming from people who are not regular posters on this site?
    You can’t put us off that easily!

    To quote the man himself, “ the dream will never die”.

    We just have to pick ourselves up and keep going. Independence is our destiny and we will get there

  434. oneliner says:

    Some more lighthearted points to consider for those considering throwing in the towel:

    Alex Salmond vs Leslie Evans – still to come to court.

    Police Scotland still ‘investigating’ the leak to the Daily Rec (a very complicated case with lots of suspects – they may need even more manpower than the ‘Alex Salmond’ squad).

    Someone’s bound to blow the gaff on those ‘court injunctions’.

    Now that Angus Robertson’s back in the limelight there will be more opportunity to rip the piss.

    Kirsty Wark’s always going to front Newsnight wearing home furnishing fabric.

    ….so lots to keep us occupied. And especially for the Good Rev. – Bath’s always lovely in the summer.

    Nighty night.

  435. Franky says:

    Aye Right 11.56

    I can assure you, NO Unionist Party is scared of the SNP.

    All friends together.

    Holyrood us just one big Unionist love in.

  436. Franky says:

    Meg merrilees

    It was actually the Rev himself who said just a few days ago that barring a miracle, he will probably call it a day after the election.

    So I think you better take it up with him.

  437. Dan says:

    @ Skip_NC

    Haha, I was only looking at the spoiled vote listings but you are absolutely correct to point out that tweet. There is a discrepancy of 10 votes.

  438. Big Jock says:

    Majority may still be on. The SNP have won the regional vote in Shetland with 34.5% of the vote, ahead of the Liberal Democrats who were reduced to 26.5%.

  439. Franky says:

    This “once in a generation” quote is starting to become a reality.

  440. Papko says:

    “Al Stuart ”

    “I struggle to believe that with 1,800,000 Wings pageviews plus all the other blogs and infrastructure of the Alba Party that there were ZERO spolied (SNP1) Constituency returns in any of Scotland’s Constituencies.”

    Exactly that’s what I say.

    I thought this website was influential? -and it is very good.
    But with 1.8 million views you would think 10% or so would be swayed to vote Alba, or at least have heard about it to vote for it ?
    Indeed all the Indy websites have been promoting SNP 1 and Alba 2 for weeks, so how many activists and supporters are there in fact?

  441. Big Jock says:

    Franky. So true! 7 years and counting. A generation is probably 15 years plus. By the time Sturgeon makes a move…..Then the Tories will say once in a lifetime. 70 odd years!

  442. Gary45% says:

    Elections over Stu, if your continuing the site? get back to ripping the Yoon parties apart, the Yoon trolls will soon give up, and you might get get some of the “auld heids back”.
    If not, call it a day, “ye tried yur best”.
    How many on here spoiled their first vote? and how many yoons got in? hang your heads in shame.
    Eck told you what to do.

  443. robbo says:

    Fucking hell. Thousands and thousands of list votes wasted again.

    Kirkcaldy (Mid & Fife) List Vote:

    SNP ~ 15733 (44.5%, -3.3)
    Labour ~ 8145 (23.1%, -2)
    Conservative ~ 6137 (17.4%, +1.6)
    Green ~ 2488 (7%, +2.3)
    Lib Dem ~ 1027 (2.9%, -0.3)
    Alba ~ 689 (2%, +2)
    AFU ~ 406 (1.1%, +1.1)
    Others ~ 703 (2%, -1.4)

    Cowdenbeath (Mid & Fife) List Vote:

    SNP ~ 15088 (44%, +0.3)
    Labour ~ 8308 (24.3%, -5.3)
    Con ~ 5881 (17.2%, +1.7)
    Green ~ 2212 (6.5%, +2)
    Lib Dem ~ 1229 (3.6%, -0.1)
    Alba ~ 723 (2.1%, +2.1)
    AFU ~ 223 (0.7%, +0.7)
    Others ~ 588 (1.7%, -1.4)

    Shetland (H&I) List Vote:

    SNP ~ 4108 (34.7%, +8.2)
    Lib Dem ~ 3157 (26.7%, -9)
    Conservative ~ 1865 (15.8%, +4.9)
    Green ~ 1154 (9.8%, +3.1)
    Labour ~ 1003 (8.5%, -0.6)
    Alba ~ 104 (0.9%, +0.9)
    AFU ~ 60 (0.5%, +0.5)
    Others ~ 374 (3.2%, -8)

    Never again will I ever vote SNP under this mob leadership. Spain doesn’t do SNP thank fuck. SNP have totally shattered the supermajority . Selfish selfish bastards.

  444. Skip_NC says:

    Big Jock, that has opened my eyes. SNP vote held up well between constituency and list, but it looks like the Lib Dems hold that seat by courtesy of the Conservative & Unionist Party and the Greens.

    A clear reminder that an educated voter only ever lends a politician their vote.

  445. Al-Stuart says:

    Hi Mia,

    It’s been a downbeat day. Very much like the awful gut-wrenching feeling we all had on 19th September 2014 after the dreadful IndyRef1 result.

    I’ll never forget the infamous photo of Alec Salmond in the back of his FM ministerial car. He looked utterly exhausted. Then he got a few hours kip, and gave his wonderful Bonnie Dundee speech.

    In the next few months Bonnie Dundee Salmond will regroup, ingather his energies and revitalize the whole Alba Party. We ain’t giving up.

    After the bad 18th September 2014 day, awesome things started happening for YES. The same phenomenon will happen again – very soon in 2021.

    No matter what happens tomorrow, even if Alba get only 2% and no MSPs from the 6th May 2021, we WILL have a repeat of 19th September 2014.

    For example, at least TWO SNP MSPs now know they have a credible political home if Nicola The Woman Hater continues with her deviant Trans Gender laws which ARE ULTRA VIRES and competent to be STRUCK DOWN.

    Alba IS STILL rising.

    Alex looked knackered today. He and a small band of wonderful people have created a new political party in just a few weeks. One which will replace the DYING SNP cadaver which the mortician Sturgeon is stuffing with sawdust or embalming fluid.

    The SNP Political Party is dead.

    It’s replacement Alba has been born and is still very young. But with Alba, the rebirth of YES has begun.

    Meanwhile Mia, I want to thank you. In amongst all the Troll Turds ? that have splattered BTL with their amateur 77th wannabe crap, it is BRILLIANT to complete the evening with your marvelous take-down of one of these Amadans.

    Mia, tonight my friend, you win the BEST BTL post of the day….

    Thankyou kindly.


  446. Derek says:

    Trolls’re busy the night.

    To be fair to NS, she did at least (metaphorically) tell Jayda Frantsen to get tae. Deposit lost; insert DKs single title here…

  447. James Barr Gardner says:

    NS still cannot say the word INDEPENDENCE !!!!!!!!!!!

  448. MrRocknRoll says:

    What in the name of jumped up monkey fuckery is going on here? The majority of ‘comments’ on here are a disgrace to the Scottish mindset. A once proud nation reduced to, “Oh woe is me”, “The vote was rigged”, “The media blackout against Alba party…”

    What the hell were you expecting? As soon as She had the backing of her Scottish(!) media friends, who were given a prince(ss)ly sum to HELP them survive(!), plus the help of the uk STATE media, well, it was going to be a greater, much greater mountain for Alba to climb. A parcel o rogues does not even cover it!

    But I’ll say this. I ‘sketched’ a sad face in snp box constituency vote. I smiled and believed and felt proud when I put my X next ALBA. I want 9 list votes for ALBA. I know, thing’s looking right now don’t look too good. Whatever happens when results come in. I will always and forever vote for what I believe in.

    A free Scotland. My Love!

  449. Franky says:

    When It comes to women I really fuckin detest, then Sturgeon is up there with Thatcher.

    I remember being angry at the IRA for getting the timing of the Brighton bombing all wrong. Thatcher survived it.

    And I am still angry at the IRA to this day.

    Well Sturgeon is up there in that very special category of the most hated women in the world.

  450. Red says:

    Freya – Nicola actually stated yesterday on The National cover ”If you want me to deliver independence, then get out and vote SNP”.

    Given that this sounds like a promise or at least a commitment to trying to achieve that goal, those who have lent votes to SNP can hold her to account if she does not show any action and a clear scheduled pathway as soon as final results for these parliamentary elections are released.

    No chance of that, Freya. Voters have no leverage now. They’ve paid the cowboy builders up front. The SNP will do what it wants until the next election, and laugh at you and call you a bigot if you object. The opposition is completely worthless. Anas Sarwar in particular turned out to be as full of wind and pish as his predecessors. If he was a Japanese guy he’d commit sudoku in shame, and hopefully take Davey 170 / Andy /kcor / whatever he’s calling himself this minute with him.

    The only opposition member who’s come out of this election with any credit is… Willie Rennie. Help ma boab. Willie was the only one consistently talking about real shit instead of pish (the shockingly poor state of mental health care in the NHS), and BTFO’ed his constituency challengers. There’s a kind of Chauncey Gardner-like lack of guile to the guy. Mibbe he’ll take a stroll on the Firth of Forth for an encore.

    The only thing that might hold the SNP to something resembling account is ALBA. There’s no other game in town, and not just from an independence POV. The rest of them are in the same cool kids club as the SNP, they just play fight over a hypothetical referendum they all know isn’t going to happen. The Tories pretend to believe in civil liberties right up till it’s time to do something about civil liberties, then they reliably shite it or betray their own voters. It’s not as if their bosses in London are doing anything to defend people’s rights.

    The only party that’s offering a sensible alternative for sophisticated gentlemen with above average personal hygiene such as myself is ALBA. I’m going long on ALBA.

    Other random thoughts:

    Manny Singh did great work with AUOB, and look at how he was treated. Not sure if he thought he was holding the SNP to account or simply helping them get what they say they want. He should know now what he’s up against. But I’m not sure how many pennies have dropped yet.

    Doing the exact same thing again and expecting a different outcome doesn’t seem like a great plan to me. Popular marches are only worth a damn when TPTB already agree with you, or you can parlay them into changing TPTB. Otherwise you just get ignored or yellow vested. All the positive energy generated by AUOB 1.0 was spaffed in this election – hope that doesn’t happen again.

    Craig Murray did great work informing the public about facts the MSM and Scottish Government would rather you didn’t know, and look at how he is still being treated. Everybody involved in the Scottish justice system should be ashamed to prosecute people like Craig or Manny. But they have no shame.

    A long, long time ago the SNP used to be a bear pit. “What do we want? Independence. When do we want it? Now!”. I wonder what happened to those people? Some of them, people I used to drink and smoke and argue and laugh with, who were the least woke people imaginable back in the day, and happily told jokes that would have Humza’s Hate Police battering down their doors, are now MSP’s or MP’s. I wonder if they’ve changed, or if they were always sleekit and I’m just a naive idiot for not being interested in hooring myself out for a cushy sinecure.

    I used to wonder about the parcel of rogues, and how the old Scottish Parliament could be so craven. I don’t anymore.

  451. Ayeright says:


    You need help with your anger problem. Reach out for support for your own good. Looks to me like you could do with some therapy.

    Best of luck.

  452. Franky says:

    Aye Right

    Nothing wrong with me.

    Do you know how many deaths Thatcher caused by suicides alone?

    Thatcher was pure evil.

    And Sturgeon is up there with Thatcher.

    Two very wicked evil witches.

  453. Ayeright says:


    Is that right?

    Now I know you should seek help LOL

  454. Franky says:

    Aye Right

    Where are we going with this, all the way to the bottom of the page?

    It seems your opinion is sound and mines isn’t worth a shit.

    Very Sturgeon like if I may say so.

    She also thinks like you.

  455. Stuart says:

    At least in no small part the Scottish electorate are as bad as the English electorate in denying “your truths”, thats progress for some of you judging from the above.

    You never know you might get the hang of this “democracy “thing though personally I doubt it.

    My prediction for the next few months- the more rabid will turn on the Rev for challenging their cognitive dissonance, will read into whatever he chooses to do to confirm their biases and be the total freaks that have caused the present impasse.

    Envy is a horrible thing but if you don’t realise why the “hated right wing fascist tories” have won and are continuing to win in a piece of turf you share with them, then like the Labour Party there is no hope for you or your movement.

    I won’t stand aside to no man or woman in despising Sturgeon for her criminality, corruption and damage to Scotland, but you who took AS’s advice only have yourselves to blame (not M15, sorry Mia) just stand up and be counted and have the courage of your convictions as the Rev does and stop with your mental gymnastics of having to follow your latest “Messiah” as you did with the previous one. Fuck sake I appreciate it hurts but yet again “the emperor has no clothes” in this context and in my view has badly let you down, unlike the owner of this blog who has been unfailingly honest, whatever the cost.

    I don’t believe a word of the lies, accusations and innuendo aimed at AS, but that doesn’t make him by default “the greatest living Scotsman, an outstanding International Statesman, blah blah blah”. He is human and infallible and to alot of people made a grave error in his SNP1 lesson from upon high. Whichever way you look at it he caused majorly moral conundrums for a lot of people.

    Ultimately politics is a “tough” game (as it should be when you’re dealing with peoples dreams and aspirations), so on a scorecard what has he really achieved? Much as I like the guy and feel more than sorry for his treatment by the SNP, MSM etc, he got a referendum in 2014, lost by nearly 10%, appointed Sturgeon and then went through hell and continues to do so because of his “choice” of Sturgeon.

    You obviously won’t like facts as you cast your nets of conspiracies but “the truth” always trump “your truth” unless you run your life by social media and in particular twitter.

    Did you ever get taught at school to “learn your lessons from defeat”, or are you of the generation where everyone else is to blame?

  456. Franky says:

    Stuart. 1.28am

    Excellent post

    “AyeRight” will be on your case in just a moment to question your sanity.

    In Sturgeon’s world every one is insane except for her and her flock.

  457. Craig Murray says:

    Cheer up everyone. Half or more the Scottish population want Independence. Nicola may or may not succeed in corralling all that energy in a blind alley for a while, but the energy still exists. The utter collapse of Labour in England is ultimately probably more important as helping Indy than anything Nicola can do in her pretendy toy parliament.

    Let’s keep working. The position is far better than seemed possible a decade below. If Stuart does need a holiday, I have no doubt he will be back refreshed.

    Believe you me, there will be tougher days than this before we get Independence. But we will overcome them.

  458. mr thms says:

    robbo @ 12:16 am

    “Fucking hell. Thousands and thousands of list votes wasted again.”

    In the Constituency vote count the SNP said they received the most votes by any party since the creation of the Scottish Parliament and it is possible they could break the record for the highest number of List votes by any party. Receiving 43 or 44% of the List vote could net them seats. Also, Conservative and Labour voters voted tactically for the Constituency Seats vote, but how they use their List vote could also let in the SNP.

  459. Pixywine says:

    Sturgeons got a cheek to call anybody a Fascist.

  460. Franky says:

    “Sturgeon the Detested”.

  461. PhilM says:

    Everybody…FFS…be more like Craig!

  462. Onlooker says:

    Pursuant to recent conversations on this site, this sounds like a pretty interesting book. Cos something is DEFINITELY going on round the world with this trans madness. Might join a few dots.

  463. Pixywine says:

    Naomi Wolf interview on James Delingpoles YouTube channel. I think you should all watch it before YouTube takes it down. Very sobering stuff I’m afraid.

  464. Cuilean says:

    Craig Murray, ‘Believe you me, there will be tougher days than this before we get Independence. But we will overcome them.’

    Woke tae aw the wee burdies’ sangs, listening in the half-derk, the pressing weight of the last day settles.

    I voted SNP 1 and Alba 2. My quiet despair at all the lost SNP 2 votes and the tactical voting by the UK parties in Scotland lies heavy. According to BBC’s worthies, only the former, unimplemented tactic would have been, ‘gaming the system’.

    In 5 years time, there will have been no Indyref2. Nicola Sturgeon will be 56 and probably eyeing, gratefully, retirement from politics. For some reason, the lost tribes of Moses worshipping a golden calf in the wilderness comes to mind.

    The light outside is clearer now. I cheer masel up by thinking how much worse I would be feeling if I had not been given the huge privilege to be one of the first to vote for Alba.

    Time to: get up, pit the kettle oan, fill the bird feeders, walk the dugs, cut the grass before the predicted rain, face the day.

    Thank you, Mr Salmond.

  465. Davie Oga says:

    Yesterday was not a good day for the union.

  466. Shaza says:

    A generation is generally counted as 30 years.

  467. Shocked says:

    So how’s that plan of voting New SNP (with nose held) and then big Eck holding sturgeon’s feet to the fire worked out?

    Exactly as I said it would and got attacked and called a yoon for saying it. Eck’s strategy was, as I’ve said before and again got called a yoon for sating it, a shambles. Too late to the party when he had time to get the groundwork in and didn’t, he imagined he was more popular than he is, probably spends too much time surrounding himself with sycophants, and didn’t understand that you cannot on the one hand promote the New SNP and fight against them on the other. He should have gone for the jugular because make no mistake most of the sheep vote New SNP because in their warped tiny minds Nicola Sturgeon is the messiah and until you tell those people she is a corrupt lying piece of trash who should be in jail they will not change their minds. Eck had the evidence to prove it and he kept it hidden, big mistake, probably the biggest mistake he has ever made after anointing Nicola sturgeon his successor when he knew she was a liar and completely unfit for politics.

    The only option was no votes New SNP as the sheep wouldn’t be aware of what’s going on. Thanks to all the idiots who re-elected Sturgeon it looks to me she is going to get away with it… that is unless Eck wakes from his fantasy and realises his chance to wax lyrical and set the political weather in parliament has passed and the only way he is going to end Sturgeon is to metaphorically “blow the bloody doors off” and get the evidence out there.

    As for Craig Murray, you come on here and say the majority support independence, they don’t. They don’t because sturgeon has spent 7 years promoting herself and not promoting and making a case for independence. I cannot for the life of me understand why you campaigned for the New SNP after what they did to you, you had a chance to stop that odious piece of shit Robertson being elected and you ran away from it to support a rough sleeping dribbling idiot called bonnie Prince Bob who got 363 votes. Yes 363. I said the serious people of Edinburgh central would never vote for a complete idiot like that and got attacked for it, we’ll look at you lot now.

    Wake the hell up people or we will be here in 10 years time.

    As for the Rev, you tried your best pal. Your forensic reporting of the corruption in Scottish politics these past few months has been first class. I imagine you are completely scunnered and probably a bit angry (like me). At least you can tell yourself that if these people don’t want to heed your warnings then they aren’t worth saving. I’m not sure what else you could have done. Hopefully you keep plugging away.

  468. Mac says:

    Well we will see what today brings but judging by Salmond’s comments I am guessing not much.

    So I now find myself in a situation in Scotland where as before a large chunk of the electorate vote for parties I cannot relate to at all. But now I have to add the Sturgeon SNP to that and so I am faced with a country that almost universally votes for parties that I utterly despise. (If you believe the results of course which given some of them I am not sure I even do anymore.)

    Remind me again – given these circumstances – why should I give a fuck about Scotland being independent.

    Post-2014 at least you could point to 45% of the electorate but here I can’t point to anything redeemable.

    I am not a NO voter and never will be but I am very close to the point where I am not a YES voter either and it is because of an overwhelming indifference that is overcoming me like fast incoming tide.

    I am seriously starting to not give a fuck, a deep, deep in my bones not give a fuck.

    The best of Scotland leaves, generation after generation for 300 years. What is left is distilled shite bag and happy clapper with Generation Woke being the killer blow.

    Sometimes a people deserves its fate. What remains of the Scots in Scotland might just be a prime example of it.

  469. Frank Gillougley says:

    It’s a totally desolate feeling, just as it was 7 years ago. And today will be the final electoral funeral of a dream for this generation, gloated over by idiots.

  470. Mia says:

    “The only option was no votes New SNP”

    Please explain to me how that is the only option.
    I am very sceptical of this election. In fact, I do not believe the results. I do not trust the system at all and I am convinced we have been cheated because the powers that be could not possibly afford Mr Salmond getting back into Holyrood. Neither him nor Joanna Cherry.

    So after failing miserably to stop him during almost 4 years, at a considerable expense for the taxpayer and at the cost of completely destroying the reputation of the COPFS and the justice system in Scotland, what is in the grand scheme of things hiring a dozen guys to go through the boxes in the 2 nights available because somebody, clearly not a scientist nor someone concerned by the trust of the electorate in the system, decried that counting could not take place because of COVID.

    So please explain to me how not voting SNP in the constituency would affect the result in the event that a chunk of the votes for Alba has been removed from the boxes.

    The only way that less people not voting SNP1 would affect the result is that it would allow even more unionists in the constituency. And how is that going to benefit the yes movement?

    Just to avoid confusion, I DID NOT vote SNP 1 and I DID vote ALBA on the list.

  471. Effigy says:

    Alba just a few weeks old and with the night of the U.K. media,
    Westminster and the SNP attacking it they have become the 6th
    Largest Party in Scotland and it will continue to grow.

    It’s membership here may well be greater than the Greens and Lib Dem’s.

    We have the greatest Scottish politician of my lifetime leading it so can
    only prosper through time.

    Our Day Will Come !

  472. Mia says:

    “but you who took AS’s advice only have yourselves to blame”

    I did not take Mr Salmond’s advice and yet I am asking you to prove that those who did have themselves to blame and why.

    If you have a team from the secret services wiping the ALBA votes in the regional boxes in those 2×12 hours windows of opportunity, please tell me how exactly not following Mr Salmond’s advice could have changed the result.

    I am all ears.

  473. gullaneno4 says:

    Independence supporters on here calling other Independence supporters idiots because they do not agree with their particular form of Independence.
    Nothing ever changes in Scotland.
    As a nation I do not think we are capable of any type of collective bargaining to gain political advantage.
    My way or the highway.
    All very sad.

  474. Al-Stuart says:

    My dear friend Craig,

    At 1.45am, you posted a kind message to cheer folk up at a time when I know more than most, you have other things on your mind. Yet your concern is not about self, but of others.

    In my life and especially during employment in the emergency services, I have had the privilege of witnessing some awesome people in extraordinary circumstances conduct themselves in what can safely be described as heroic. Saving and protecting the lives of others. Some without concern for their own safety, others in the full knowledge they may not get out alive nor ever see their family or loved ones again.

    Only one friend in all those years had to make the ultimate sacrifice. His family and friends think about him every day. We think about the lives he saved whilst giving of his own.

    Fortunately, very few folk have to pay that price. But we all are faced with some bills in life. Not the ones you can pay by Visa debit. No these are matters of principle and conscience. The costs are far more expensive. You pay with slices of your soul.

    Many fail these tests. A few, such as my friend who gave his life are heroic. Few are the real deal. People whom you hold in high regard with full respect.

    Craig, you are cut from that cloth. Of the the same decent humanity.

    This may seem an unusual thing to write, but David Bowie gave up a knighthood, as did professor Stephen Hawking, Albert Finney, Danny Boyle, H.G.Wells, W.H.Auden, Rudyard Kipling and one of my favourites, TE Lawrence, otherwise known as Lawrence of Arabia all declined medals, honours, dignities and orders of chivalry.

    Craig, sometimes art imitates life. Occasionally life imitates art.

    The penultimate scene in what may fairly be described as the autobiographical eponymous film Lawrence of Arabia, Prince Faisal, Alex Guinness says to Lawrence…

    “What I owe you is beyond evaluation.”

    Craig, when you politely declined an OBE and diplomatically said no thank you to the Loyal Victorian Order, that was a mark of a person with true integrity and principles of the highest order.

    My friend, I have made many cups of tea for incarcerated people at the midnight hour and daft o’clock in the morning whilst spending a few minutes, and on one remarkable and memorable occasion two hours with persons in custody. All of whom, as their custodian, I owed a duty of care. The gentleman who I still call a friend so many years later was a man of principle. It was a child custody case and he really should not have been in my custody. Indeed I took the decision to change careers a few months after that.

    Last Sunday night, over thirteen million of us just watched Dr Jed Mercurio’s 6th series of the acclaimed: Line of Duty. For a GP his grasp of police procedure always amazes me. Not least, but my profession was to study at degree level, those very police procedures. You do not take away a person’s liberty lightly. No decent police officer does. Which is why Line of Duty resonates so profoundly.

    In life, there are some repugnant characters. Ironically there are good and honourable people in jail and (mercifully few) rogues in uniform. So shocking it is to actually see a lawbreaker in a police uniform that it drags in 13 million viewers to a semi-fictional drama.

    We are lucky every now and then to meet great people. Amazing philosophers. Courageous individuals. Selfless souls. Decency in the purest form.

    You Craig, are one such person.

    I know what it is to be faced with custodial sanction. A lot of it is in the mind from threadbare black and white movies of Alcatraz or possibly Ronnie Barker’s portrayal of Norman Stanley Fletcher.

    Having been in and around so many prison cells and understand exactly what it is to be locked inside one of them, it is most often just part of the rich tapestry of life. They are just rooms. Ones that could do with Kirsty Allsop or Kevin McCloud renovating them, but just a room.

    Craig, within hours before you might possibly become an honoured guest of HM Queen Elizabeth, you are on this BTL forum cheering up many of us. That is a testimony of decency in my book.

    I hope for the sake of the reputation of the Crown Office and Scottish Justice system that it will do what it does when it is at its best and recognise the demerits of this case with a resultant NON-custodial result. That is purely my opinion. But by important precedent, policing is by consent, and if the Scottish justice system has been politically gerrymandered, then those with honour and the skillset to remedy matters, especially learned minds, must step forward to seek the restoration of good repute to the Scottish judicial system. Thus far it has not been the finest hour in Scots Law.

    When an innocent, former First Minister is obliged, on his Oath, to counsel the Parliamentary officers of the Fabiani Committee that the triumvirate of our legal, political and civil service supystems are in peril, then this matters. A lot.

    If it helps, I would offer a few simple words of support if it does go the other way and you are a guest of Her Majesty Craig.

    In such circumstances you will be an incredibly rare person. A soul who has declined honours, degrees and titles because you have strong principles.

    Even rarer, and in the ranks of Alex Salmond and Julian Assange: that you have been prepared to risk your liberty for those very high standards and principles.

    That my friend, is a far greater badge of honour and commander of respect than even the knighthood the poor chap you mentioned whilst you served as an Amabassador and to whom the honour was not bestowed. That bauble beguiled work colleague appeared to lose the knighthood he craved and indtead, receive the loan of a nice car with CD number plates on it for a while.

    Some people crave shiney medals and high rank when they should not be let near these things. Others decline and in so doing the they accede to a much higher dignity.

    Craig, in a few days, the honour of Nobless Oblige awarded by acclamation of many, many of your fellow Scots will rest, metaphorically, upon your shoulders.

    For those who seek some form of physical measure of this, they need only look at how many people join with your fundraising lifeboat. Each person who helps raise what are eye wateringly large amounts of money to pay legal fees, show respect to your sacrifice.

    Craig, I hope that HM Court dispense fair and equitable justice in your case. Not because I worry about you. No, you will be safe and you will come through whatever is sent your way and be all the stronger and more respected.

    No Craig, I worry about the venerable Establishment of the Scottish Legal system. These pillars of society I once held in such high regard are at risk. Dry rot and structural cracks have already appeared. Alex Salmond was incredibly accurate in making clear that the very institutions of Scotland are at risk by being brought into disrepute by small, venal and craven personalities. All of whom have been over-promoted and will be gone as a footnote in history but shall have left behind them so much damage in their wake.

    Take care Craig. Many, many people are watching your nightmare reach this stage.

    Kirsty Wark and that Dani Garavelli will, sadly, require to be held to the same legal standard as you have been subjected to. Precedent this week will be noted. An inquiry by chief constable Iain Livingstone under sanction of neglect will likely require commencement. A negligence action is likely to cause his knighthood medal to go into the smelter and turned into tin cans to house beans rather than adorn his shoulders from medal ribbon which Napoleon said men craved and would give him their lives for. Sadly medals and honours in the U.K., ain’t what they used to be.

    I know a man who cannot be bought or sold for medals of silver and gold.

    I know another man who craves to be “sir”, a title so bold.

    He’s from Tulliallan, but has already besmirched the institution within his care to a point where he may be unable to redeem it, or recover his own reputation. It takes more than a bit of scrambled egg on your hat and a ton of silver braid on your epaulettes to validate an honour.

    At some point, very soon, those such as Nicola Sturgeon, Humza Yousaf, David Wolffe, Linda Evans and Iain Livingstone are going to be required to answer for their alleged sins and atone.

    Whereas the jailing of a principled individual on a matter that appears to have a cousin in this Bourach “tainted by political bias” has ramifications a thousand times worse than a few nights free bed and breakfast at Her Majesty’s pleasure.

    If I need to put the kettle on and share a cup of tea with some midnight chats, you have my telephone number Craig. I would be happy to visit. Some of the greatest human beings in my life on this planet have been from an introduction where their principles were of such solid and sincerely held belief, they were prepared to give up their liberty. That is true and sincere honour.

    Craig, it will be alright.

    Kindest wishes. Many of us will be with you in mind and spirit as moral support when you go back to that court room dock in a few days.


    Craig Murray says:
    8 May, 2021 at 1:45 am

    Cheer up everyone. Half or more the Scottish population want Independence. Nicola may or may not succeed in corralling all that energy in a blind alley for a while, but the energy still exists. The utter collapse of Labour in England is ultimately probably more important as helping Indy than anything Nicola can do in her pretendy toy parliament.

  475. Shocked says:


    Alba were never going to break through, I’ve said this all along. Too late to the a party and a seriously flawed strategy of support yet run against the New SNP at the same time and Eck allowing Sturgeon to throw shit at him while throwing nothing back. Eck tried to convince himself he and Sturgeon could be friends again, his desperate need to be liked meant he couldn’t see the truth. Sturgeon never was nor will be his friend, she used him the whole time and then tried to destroy him when he became a threat. Further Eck’s strategy that relied on this contingency and that set of events that would then lead to this position was nonsense, far too complicated for the man in the street who doesn’t spend hours a day on a website like this to grasp. It needed to be simple and too the point, NICOLA STURGEON IS A CORRUPT LIAR DO NOT VOTE FOR HER IN ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.

    No votes New SNP was the answer because as (some hard truth coming now) long as the New SNP are in charge there will never be a another referendum and even if there was it would be lost as there is not enough support. 7 years that should have been spent building support has been spent creating a cult of personality around Nicola Sturgeon. The New SNP have 47% of the constituency vote and of that prob 10-20% of those voters do not support independence, something that Sturgeon admitted pre vote, don’t forget she made a big appeal to no voters. The New SNP vote will be lower in the list. That is not a majority. A huge chunk of New SNP support is the cult of Nicola Sturgeon, women between 16-45 likely won it for her because they think she actually cares about people. For Christ sake!

    No votes New SNP was mainly about wrenching power from the hands of the Sturgeonite cabal and dragging them before the courts to pay for their crimes. Now that it appears Sturgeon will remain in power that seems unlikely and Scotland will continue on its journey to become the most corrupt and dangerous country in Europe. Freedom of speech is dying. Political opponents will be jailed.Once the leadership was gone then the New SNP could have been torn down and the old SNP could have been rebuilt. Looks like we will have to wait another 5 years to achieve that. Well done folks. None of you could see the wood for the trees.

  476. Stuart MacKay says:

    Bloody Hell! That nattering nabobs of negativism are out in force this morning. What’s the matter? Didn’t sleep well with the thought of the chance of spreading your malcontentedness all over the place.

    Just how badly do you want independence? Clearly not badly enough. It’s the same story every time. A single miraculous event is expected to deliver us from evil. Well, that’s not how it works.

    What’s needed is energy and determination, my dear quitters. Energy and determination.

  477. PaulaJ says:

    It looks as if Mr Kelly, with all the time he has spare once he’s counted his few visitors, is going to devote himself to a forensic examination of the strategy that Rev Stu didn’t know he’d evolved.
    People do have odd hobbies.

  478. Al-Stuart says:

    P.S. Craig,

    Here is the video clip for reference…

    “What I owe you, is beyond evaluation.”

  479. Frank Gillougley says:

    Gullane04 7.39

    Fraid you’ve got the wrong end of the stick there, mate. The idiots I was referring to are the panellists, the commentators, the pundits and the salmond-haters.

    No independence supporter would gloat over Alba’s lack of success.

  480. Scozzie says:

    I think SNP voters need educated in the list voting system. I hope it was down to ignorance that so many fell for the both votes SNP. If it was deliberate knowing that it would let in unionists at the expense of Alba then held mend them.

    Although I’m absolutely scunnered at the results, we still have two sitting MPs at WM. So Alba exists as a party.


    Keep your Alba membership going. Who knows what the next couple of year’s will bring. But one thing’s for sure SNP must no longer be allowed to have a monopoly on the independence movement. Don’t give up at the first hurdle – She / Her would just love that to happen.

    As an aside I lived for a spell in Vietnam in the early 2000s. An old professor spoke to me about the Vietnam war he said they had fought 100 years of war for independence through the Chinese, French, USA occupations.

    Man… the Vietnamese have perseverance in spades. I mention this because this weekend is a set back but not the end.

  481. Big Jock says:

    Scozzie. Did half the Vietnamese want to be ruled from another country though!

  482. Mac says:

    If Stuart Campbell walks away I am sure whatever he turns his hand to he will be a success. A very driven, very smart man who gets things done while others stand around flapping their gums. Whether these fulminating Sturgeonite wanks realize it or not they need folk like him infinitely more than he needs them.

    I always had major doubts about the result in 2014.

    Seeing the extreme lengths gone to destroy Salmond and hollow out the Pre 2014 SNP into the sorry state it now is I am now pretty much sure we won.

    If it was a comfortable NO as we were led to believe why would you have to go these extreme lengths after the fact. It does not add up and has never added up.

    It does not really help though does it.

    We either have ‘best’-case a case of democracy denied or worst-case an electorate who are borderline morons who never ever learn any lesson whatsoever and are destined to repeating the same mistakes over and over again ad nauseum. Or most likely worst-worst-case, both are true.

    I have watched people who I know really lived through the 2014 referendum (it was something that really mattered to them at the time) and they witnessed the shocking and graphic one-sided bias and blatant lying of every single Scottish and UK media outlet (to the point where every man and his dog could see it).

    I thought then… ‘well we may have lost but people will now be forever awake to the true nature of the BBC / media.’

    Well talk about being wrong… Fast forward just three years and the EXACT same people were swallowing every lurid story about Alex Salmond. I really could not believe it.

    They were so quick to turn their backs… no innocent until proven guilty. Hell, no innocent after proven not guilty neither!

    They are rigging everything in every direction you look. You’d be crazy to think the votes alone are somehow ‘sacred’ to them. (It is laughable really.)

    Suddenly all of this feels like a huge waste of time. So I could not blame the Rev if he felt the same. Personally I hope not but given my own feelings at this point I would fully understand it.

  483. ahundredthidiot says:

    If voting mattered they wouldn’t let us do it.

    Other than ninjas working overnight with super-erasers I have no proof that the List vote was rigged – but that will remain my belief.

    The real problem for the positive Indy supporters is that a substantial amount of Indy supporters are now finished with it all.

    I expect Rev will fold the Site.

  484. Robert Hughes says:

    I haven’t yet scrolled back through all the comments but those of Scozzie ( maybe another Public Enemy album title is also apposite ie Fight The Power ) and Stuart Mackay echo my feelings this morning .

    Another disappointment for those of us utterly disenchanted with New SNP , dismayed at the lack of political nous from the Both Votes SNP brigade and even a degree of suspicion ( impossible to verify ) at this perfect result for the can-kickers n long grass lovers , for sure : do we give-up ? Do we fuck , the struggle continues .

  485. Daisy Walker says:

    Yesterday I couldn’t find the words as to who the SNP party officials reminded me of in the hour of their ‘victory’.

    Woke up today and have it.

    Their body language, demeanour, pursed lips and spiteful manner are exactly the same as the No Voters on 19/9/14.

    They can own that too.

  486. Scozzie says:

    Big Jock @ 8am
    Well south Vietnam didn’t want to be ruled by the communist north during the USA occupation so you could say it was a country divided. Not like that now it’s a very unified and proud country.

  487. Lynn says:

    From an outsiders point of view Alba may grow best if it avoids personality politics and stays focused on policies and credible representation. It needs to creat something different to SNP and brand itself by being authentic.
    Kenny is authentic . He should be the upfront leader .

  488. PaulaJ says:

    “Naomi Wolf interview on James Delingpoles YouTube channel.”

    Didn’t make it past a couple of minutes. He comes over like a rather wet 14-year-old fanboy. Is he supposed to be incisive or something?

  489. Frank Gillougley says:

    Daisy Walker 8.12

    Yes, I think I noticed them too and thought, oh dear. A group of about six or eight suited and tied middle-aged party officials wearing the yellow lanyards standing there with their chests puffed out.

    They looked like polis, building control inspectors, or council officials. Welcome to the New Scotland I thought. Yoah, you’re welcome to it.

  490. Mia says:

    “Other than ninjas working overnight with super-erasers I have no proof that the List vote was rigged – but that will remain my belief”

    That remains my belief too. No need for ninja super erasers, mind. You just need the boxes to be left unattended for an hour or so and a bunch of pre-prepared ones that you can swap for the original ones . The pre-election polls would be very useful to pre-prepare the boxes.

    Alternatively you can take a more sophisticate approach which is bringing pre-marked ballots, target a few key boxes in each region and swap the Alba ballots for the pre marked ones. But that takes longer and is more risky.

    -They have had 2×12 hours to do the swap, that is plenty of time.
    -There has not been official exit poll – therefore there is nothing to compare the result to.
    -You cannot mark the ballot in a way that is identifiable – so even if a recount is called up, you cannot possibly know how many original votes for a particular party were there. That is what a serious exit poll would have done. We were denied that.

    The only way to prove we have been cheated is by creating something like an unofficial registry of alba voters per region and then compare those numbers with the ones they are feeding us.

  491. Wee Chid says:

    Kind of expecting today’s toon to be a parody of the two Ronnies showing Chris and Stu – “and it’s goodnight from him, goodnight”

    It will make me incredibly sad because of the hard work and sheer determination of the Rev to bring the truth to light.

    All the best to you both, whatever you decide and thanks for everything you have done.

  492. Daisy Walker says:

    From now on – ALL Indy parties should provide a mobile number by which voters can contact them to state they have just voted.

    Since some Indy parties are more Indy than others – an independent body should do the same.

    Indy Exit Poll – Text— … you get the picture.

    From now on, I will be taking a photo of my ballot paper – particularly the serial number and if/in what way I spoiled the paper, or voted.

    For this to work, everyone needs to know to do it, and that means educating folk now.

    The Ballot Box is our means of achieving Indy. It’s also the bottleneck. Improving / Ensuring Security around our votes serves voters from all parties.

    I have 2 locks on my front door, 1 would probably be enough, but it came with 2, and 2 is better, it doesn’t make me a conspiracy theorist.

  493. Big Jock says:

    It’s a hell of a mess isn’t it.

    Boris has already said no again last night. So if the SNP have the gumption they will start legal proceedings right away. However Boris will just change the law during the live case.

    Imagine being outsmarted by the thickest PM since 1707. That’s how weak Sturgeon is.

  494. Big Jock says:

    Daisy are you allowed to take photos in the polling booth?

  495. kapelmeister says:

    At least there won’t be a mad rush of personally ambitious types into the ranks of Alba.

    Seriously though, forget the result, Alba has the potential alright. Onwards and upwards.

  496. Daisy Walker says:

    Big Jock says:
    8 May, 2021 at 8:46 am

    Daisy are you allowed to take photos in the polling booth?

    No, it’s forbidden, which is why I said I would be doing it with my vote. What other people do is their business.

    O/T – we keep playing by the rules, and the rule makers have rigged the game and can and will change the rules at any time they want.

    I’m in no way advocating acts of violence or destruction. We do however, need to re-evaluate how we win at the ballot box, if we assume from the outset that it is being run in a fair manner – and it turns out that is not the case.

    The impact of negative or complete lack of TV coverage on Indyref1, and this election – are HUGE. And also a more blatant example of corruption – election corruption – would be hard to find.

    In-built to the next election needs to be ballot security.

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