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A cock and ball story 74

Posted on March 07, 2023 by

It’s all about the D, readers.

If you’re talking about “transwomen”, you’re almost always talking about people with a fully intact and functional penis. More than 95% of people who identify as trans have NOT undergone any genital surgery, and that’s a fact that’s still not widely understood.

So in our most recent and double-size Panelbase poll we made it explicit that we were referring to people with a full set of man-junk, and the results speak for themselves.

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Boys Who Rape 97

Posted on March 06, 2023 by

Last month this site ran an article entitled “All The Nice Greens Love A Rapist”, and two days ago the Scottish version of the party officially confirmed it.

But just like their counterparts in England and Wales, the Scottish Greens’ fondness for turning a blind eye to rape isn’t new.

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Leave The Kids Alone 146

Posted on February 28, 2023 by

Last month Wings broke a story about a “survey” being conducted by dozens of primary schools in the Aberdeen area in which children as young as nine were being asked about their sexual orientation and “gender identity”.

After we revealed it and national press picked up the story, the survey was swiftly pulled by the city council, but it’s only one example of primary children across Scotland (and elsewhere) being indoctrinated with the concept of gender ideology.

So in our latest Panelbase poll we thought we’d ask what voters thought about it.

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Tears Of Terror 169

Posted on February 23, 2023 by

We read some harrowing tweets this week from an Edinburgh SNP activist. Sensitive readers should look away now, as the following article contains potentially triggering information about the wild and lawless streets of [checks notes] Corstorphine.

Steel yourselves, folks. Unsettling images follow.

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A change of tone 110

Posted on February 21, 2023 by

Alex Cole-Hamilton, December 2022:

“I want to thank Beth, who’s compered and did that amazing speech at the start. Beth was with us in the public gallery of the Scottish Parliament throughout all of those late night sessions before Christmas, and you know, in the really dark hours and the really dark times we’d look up and see Beth and the people beside her.

And it was for Beth and for you guys that we were doing it, we were fighting it.”

Alex Cole-Hamilton, February 2023:

We wonder when Patrick Harvie, Ross Greer and Maggie Chapman will follow suit.

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The Three Fates 145

Posted on February 20, 2023 by

So this is interesting. Last week we were about to release some results from our latest Panelbase poll when events intervened. Naturally we’d asked a few questions about gender issues, and one of them concerned the Scottish Government’s potential legal challenge to the UK government’s use of a Section 35 order to block the Gender Recognition Reform bill.

There were three options in the question, and as luck would have it the three potential new leaders of the SNP each advocates a different one.

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Third Rock From The Sun 139

Posted on February 16, 2023 by

The SNP constitution states that a leadership election should take place over a period of four and a half months. Having not had one in almost 20 years, the SNP are now to conduct one from start to finish in the space of four and a half weeks.

The voting period of two weeks (who needs two weeks to vote after three weeks of debate?) means that it’ll be over just a week too late for the party to be able to hold its “special democracy conference” to determine its independence strategy for the next couple of years, but also that the new leader will be in place just in time to file a legal challenge over the Gender Recognition Reform bill before the April deadline.

(Something the party president Mike Russell publicly called for today, in an apparent attempt to influence the outcome of the election. Indeed, he called for candidates not to go back on ANY of the outgoing leader’s policies, which rather invites the question of why they should bother electing a new leader at all.)

Isn’t that convenient, readers?

Confirmation Bias For Beginners 152

Posted on February 14, 2023 by

We’ve just had the results back from some very interesting new polling, and the first snippet is a particularly instructive one.

When challenged on questions of gender, the reflex response of politicians of most parties in the Scottish Parliament is to bang on about how overwhelmingly MSPs voted for the Gender Recognition Reform bill.

Curiously, so far no journalist has bothered to ask whether they care that according to every poll, they’re utterly failing to represent the views of their constituents on the subject – which is, after all, what they’re supposed to be there for.

So we just asked directly if people felt their MSPs were doing their jobs.

Ouch. By well over 2 to 1, respondents felt that they were being let down by the people who are supposed to speak for them. (Excluding DKs the margin is just shy of 70/30, very similar to the margin by which people in polls oppose self-ID generally.)

But it’s when you drill down into the detail that it gets a bit disturbing.

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The Normal Person’s Political Dictionary 165

Posted on February 13, 2023 by

There are terms beloved of politics activists and commonly used on social media which are a baffling mystery to the general public. We’ve spoken several times of the word “gaslighting”, which is understandably used as shorthand for quite a complex thing that’s difficult to describe concisely, but nevertheless acts as a barrier to understanding for anyone not overly political.

Today’s lesson is the term “DARVO”, and stars the Scottish Greens’ favourite rapist.

Let’s quickly see how it works.

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A Tale Of Two Men 132

Posted on February 10, 2023 by

Below are two news reports from the Scottish Sun this week:

Both of the people arrested were male-bodied individuals who identify as women. As far as we’re aware, neither of them has a Gender Recognition Certificate. They are both the same sex, biologically and legally, and both describe themselves as female.

Yet in giving statements about their respective arrests, Police Scotland called one of them a man and one of them a woman. And we’re having no luck finding out why.

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A chance to begin again 45

Posted on February 10, 2023 by

The press watchdog IPSO, which is responsible for the language used by the media with regard to transgender issues, is reviewing its policies.

We urge readers to participate in the consultation.

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Augean Stable Doors 126

Posted on February 09, 2023 by

Well, it’s hardly before time.

But isn’t that the Scottish Greens co-leader in that picture, in the bunnet, between his colleague Ross Greer and Scottish Liberal Democrats leader Alex Cole-Hamilton, all enthusiastically clapping Douglas just a few weeks ago?

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