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Blue Like The Atlantic

Posted on August 14, 2021 by

Slacky The Holiday Boy is once again on his monthly two-week break, so it falls to us to try to amuse you on a Saturday morning with an image of some sort. Unfortunately very little funny is happening in Scottish politics, so all we’ve got is this.

Yes, the two most popular politics websites in Scotland at the moment are one that’s been retired for three months and one whose author is currently in prison. All hail that new media, eh?

Still, today is August 14th, so excitement is imminent.

See you all later this afternoon for the start of the campaign, gang! We’re really looking forward to seeing that ringfenced £600,000 in action.

[EDIT: Lorraine Bell’s response to the arrival of the big day.]

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732 to “Blue Like The Atlantic”

  1. Ruby says:

    Why would you need 100s of spreadsheets surely one should be enough.

    Faith would be a huge part of any route you might plan.

    Can you give an example of the sort of economic plan you would like to see?

  2. James Che. says:

    Captain yossarian.

    Talking it up for the good ole Blighty on a Scottish independence site,
    Talk about brass neck.

  3. Dan says:

    Ruby says: at 5:44 pm

    Can you give an example of the sort of economic plan you would like to see?

    Aye, I’m interested in this too. Asked Shocked to suggest what they’d come up with earlier before I headed out on mountain bike to collect sheep shit for the garden.
    Came home expecting to see some kind of stellar fiscal policy statement Scotland could implement, but there’s more goodness in the sheep shit I collected than what they have come up with…

  4. James Che. says:

    Captain yossarian.
    It would be awfully nice of you to display you’re opinion on my second last post,
    I am intrigued to find out how you intend saving the other half of Britain from a government / Parliament in London trying to claim it is sovereign because that would knock out people sovereignty down south wouldn’t it,

  5. Ron Maclean says:

    @CaptainYossarian 4:57pm

    I agree we desperately need a plan. The foundations of the plan could be based on – Paragraph 1 of Stuart Campbell’s ‘The SNP Manifesto 2021’; Robin McAlpine’s ‘how to start a new country’; Alf Baird’s ‘Determinants’; Stephen Maxwell’s six ‘Cases’; Elliot Bulmer’s ‘ A Constitution for the Common Good’; Richard Murphy’s ideas on the economy and refutation of GERS; Etc?

    Unfortunately this site is no longer suitable for the exchange of ideas on independence.

  6. Republicofscotland says:

    Professor Tom Devine wants to know why Scots are so apathetic and gutless, towards this ever increasing authoritarian union-don’t we all.

  7. Skip_NC says:

    Captain Yossarian, I have believed all my adult life that Scotland should have the right to make a complete balls up of its own economy, just like any other normal country. It is not the state of the economy that matters; it is whether you have the levers to make the changes. If any government after independence buggers up the economy, despite having all the levers, the electorate can simply vote to remove them and allow another government to take control of those levers.

    Granted, the problem we have is the media, who lied constantly. Scotland can use whatever it wants for a currency. Pine cones and sheep wool are one option. Sterling is another. A Scots Pound pegged to a basket of EFTA currencies would also work.

    We also need to disabuse No voters of the notion that their pensions will stop. They won’t. The UK has social security agreements with numerous countries, including former colonies. They can have one with Scotland too. In fact, they will need one for all the rich English retirees that could very easily hop back over the border and cast their votes in an English election after independence. Putting an agreement in place should take no longer than an afternoon. Securing the right to UK pensions based on entitlement up to independence day will be worth a basis point or two in GDP for at least a couple of decades.

  8. Republicofscotland says:

    So Afghanistan president Ashraf Ghani fled Afghanistan with four luxury vehicles, and a shit load of cash on a helicopter, I suppose we should expect that from a US/UK puppet president, who worked at the World Bank, and then became Hamid Karazi’s Finance minister, Karazi himself, a corrupt US puppet president.

    If nothing else the people of Afghanistan are better off without these two, who have fleeced the Afghan people from day one.

  9. Captain Yossarian says:

    “It is not the state of the economy that matters; it is whether you have the levers to make the changes. If any government after independence buggers up the economy, despite having all the levers, the electorate can simply vote to remove them and allow another government to take control of those levers”.

    We don’t have a government, let alone an alternative government. Take a look at what you have at Holyrood. You would be stepping into a vortex. Approximately 10-years of careless spending on daft stuff has left Scotland in a weaker position than we have have ever been in before.

    Remember the Fabiani Inquiry? – That’s 21st century Scotland. Independence requires us to do a lot better than that.

  10. Ruby says:

    ‘The current fiscal and monetary union that exists within the UK clearly works smoothly and to Scotland’s considerable advantage compared to the alternative proposed by the SNP.’

    Ronald MacDonald.

    What advantage is there for the rest of the UK England in particular?

  11. Pixywine says:

    Just read the nutjob Lorrain Bells tweet. Vaxxed up robotized programed victim of MSM propaganda. With operates like this Independence is not happening.
    Freedom is not being coerced into taking medical treatments you don’t need. Freedom is the right to say “No” to the Government without fear of punishment or some form of reprisal.

  12. Pixywine says:

    Surrounding the British in their castles might just work for us.

  13. Ruby says:

    Captain Yossarian says:
    18 August, 2021 at 6:36 pm

    We don’t have a government, let alone an alternative government. Take a look at what you have at Holyrood. You would be stepping into a vortex. Approximately 10-years of careless spending on daft stuff has left Scotland in a weaker position than we have have ever been in before.

    Remember the Fabiani Inquiry? – That’s 21st century Scotland. Independence requires us to do a lot better than that.

    You don’t think there is anyone in Scotland capable of running a successful independent country am I correct?

    Would you feel better if part of the plan was to recruit people from England Phillip Hammond for example?

  14. Ruby says:

    What has Westminster done for Scotland?

    They have borrowed a shit load on money on our behalf.
    Money that we will have to pay back + interest.

    The Unionist argument seems to be that an iScotland would not be able to borrow money and that’s why we need to remain in the Union.

    Is that true?

    It sounds a bit far fetched.

  15. chas says:


    Scotland runs at a deficit. That is without Scotland taking on board it’s share of UK borrowings should we go independent. Circa £250 billion. Who would want to lend money to Scotland on that basis? What interest rate would Scotland have to pay to attract investors? If Scotland does not take its share of UK borrowings would any investor be sure of repayment? Would the EU be interested in Scotland joining. Difficult questions that MUST be answered.
    I am NOT a Unionist!

  16. Republicofscotland says:


    Scotland has no debt for it hasn’t borrowed, in 2014 the then PM David Cameron said that if Scots vote yes to independence, that the rUK would keep and service the debt.

  17. chas says:


    David Cameron is yesterdays man. Were you not aware?
    If an independent Scotland tries to walk away from its share of UK debt what message does that send to any future investor?

  18. Willie says:

    Ah well, I see Wee Sturgeon is demanding that we take a wedge of Afghans who want to leave Afghanistan.

    Maybe these immigrants, could be put to good use replacing the EU citizens who left, or more accurately were encouraged to leave in their droves after Brexit. Strange moreover that with Sturgeon having no say in who is retained in our country and no say about the Europeans chased out of the country, that she’s now giving it the big shout to have thousands of Afghani’s relocated to Scotland.

    Certainly comes across that she has a bias fir one class of people and an affection for another class of people. So why are we not opening our doors to Syrians, Ughars, Somalians and all the other countries of the world.

    Moreover will these Afghani’s become the new Windrush generation in a few years when Bkighty decides it doesn’t like coloureds of a certain hue or folks of the wrong religion and or cast. What was done to the Windrush generation was pure racism.

    Ah Surgeon, an absolute charlatan of a politico blowing in her master’s wind.

  19. James says:

    Scotland is run by the WEF and Sturgeon is beholden to Klaus Schwab

  20. Ebok says:

    at 12:52 pm and 4:54 pm

    Seems like the needle has become lodged in the grooves. We all agree on what SNP has become, but, singling out one of Wings best contributors as the fall guy for the election result is puerile.

    To then continue by using a scattergun to attack all Wings readers who may have voted SNP 1 as being responsible is not credible. You condemn those who voted SNP 1, yet at the same time praise the architect of this strategy?

    I did not vote SNP 1, but I did not believe that it could cost them a seat because virtually every constituency seat that might have been lost by them would have been recouped because their useless, wasted, 1.1M regional votes would then have become live.

    We all had a desperately difficult decision to make in May and knew in our hearts that there was going to be no good outcome if ALBA failed. There was never the slightest doubt about who would be the largest party would be.
    But a renaissance is coming. Next month, a clear direction, renewed energy, and all systems go.

  21. Captain Yossarian says:

    @Ruby – Your Scottish exceptionalism only works if the Scots are exceptional. Many are…but none of them are at Holyrood and that is the problem.

    Would Philip Hammond be an improvement on Kate Forbes…what a daft question…of course he would.

    He would stop PFI tomorrow and ventures like Fergusons Marine, Prestwick Airport and Gupta Aluminium would never have happened.

  22. Ruby says:

    chas says:
    18 August, 2021 at 7:10 pm

    Scotland runs at a deficit. That is without Scotland taking on board it’s share of UK borrowings should we go independent. Circa £250 billion. Who would want to lend money to Scotland on that basis?


    The RUK seem happy to!

  23. Ruby says:

    Captain Yossarian says:
    18 August, 2021 at 8:10 pm
    @Ruby – Your Scottish exceptionalism only works if the Scots are exceptional. Many are…but none of them are at Holyrood and that is the problem.

    Would Philip Hammond be an improvement on Kate Forbes…what a daft question…of course he would.


    But that wasn’t the question was it?

    I asked if you didn’t think there was anyone in Scotland capable of running a successful independent country?

  24. Andy Ellis says:

    @chas 7.10 pm

    Virtually every country runs a deficit (not Norway I think….why might that be I wonder?). Scotland’s share of any debt would have to be negotiated, and would be dependant on receiving our fair share of UK assets. The Czechs and Slovaks did this fairly amicably in their velvet divorce. There would also be the matter of how much the rump UK would have to pay both to continue any short term use of Faslane and agreeing any clean up costs when the Scottish government requires the removal of WMDs.

    Bear in mind also that Ireland never repaid the share of imperial debt it had negotiated to take, in return for “agreeing” to the border delimited by the boundary commission.

    Scotland will (virtually whatever settlement it makes) emerge as an independent nation with advantages that no other newly independent state could dream of. Have any of those states collapsed? Does Slovenia or Estonia (or many others…) find it impossible to borrow money on the markets?

    The EU would be falling over itself to get Scotland onboard as soon as possible – assuming that’s what Scots want of course. Personally I’d rather stay out but the majority is probably against me.

    I’ll take you on your word that you’re not a unionist. I accept that the economic questions were not handled well in #indyref1, but the problem for unionists and Better Together is that their pretensions to economic competence have been holed below the water line by brexit. In addition Project Fear worked last time, but is unlikely to be as successful next time: the risks of staying in the union were largely ignored during #indyref1 but next time they are likely to have much more prominence.

    Difficult questions, yes…but those exist for both sides.

  25. Scott says:

    Scotland: The independent jigsaw

    Our monarch is worth a few pounds.

    The Common Travel Area isn’t going to be unworkable, all of a sudden.

    Court of Session, High Court of Justiciary, The Lord Lyon will still retain their powers. Parliament will exist as it evolves over time…the pieces are in place.


    You can remove one piece of a jigsaw and it will still be complete: The picture.

    I’ve said my piece, bit by bit.

  26. Mist001 says:

    As I’ve said previously, there are NO plans in place for an independent Scotland. If questions are asked and are deigned worthy of a reply, then the answers are made up on the hoof. Nobody has given it serious thought. It’s all ‘We’ll sort that out after independence’ which like Brigadoon, is unlikely to materialise anytime soon.

    Talking of independence, it occurred to me that the silence from Alex Salmond/Alipa Party is absolutely deafening. Where are they in all this? Where’s THEIR plan?

  27. chas says:

    Andy Ellis 8.25

    No answers to any of the questions raised but lots of deflection. ‘The EU would be falling over itself to get Scotland on board asap’. Really? I think you will find that the EU have strict financial rules, which must be met. prior to any country being allowed to join. Does 3% mean anything to you? Scotland is miles away from that.
    The SG is incompetent in so many ways but especially financially. The best they have to manage billions of pounds annually is a wee lassie, with a history degree, who failed in her chosen profession ie Banking.
    The starting point for Independence is the removal of Sturgeon and her hangers on. I honestly do not know if Alba is the answer, neither do you, but sooner or later the electorate have to see the reality of where we stand.
    Too wee, too poor-NO. Too stupid-probably YES.

  28. J.o.e says:

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  29. Republicofscotland says:

    chas @7.24pm.

    I’m not going to get into a oh yes it does, oh no it doesn’t on debt sharing, except to say it would be up to the Scottish government of the day, as to whether to accept a percentage of UK debt, as it was in 2014.

    I personally wouldn’t, they can keep their eight-percent share of movable assets, along with their debt.

  30. Andy Ellis says:

    @chas 9.24 pm

    Strange that despite “not being a unionist” you are remarkably adept at regurgitating the Project Fear playbook whole, huh? What specific questions is it you feel haven’t been answered? You’ve simply made a number of assertions of how hard it would be: we all saw that ad nauseam between 2012-14. British nationalists and the MSM were of course adept at predicting the sky would fall in the event of a Yes vote, but oddly there was never any counterpoint about the risks of remaining in the union. Remember, we were assured that voting No was the ONLY way to stay in the EU.

    As a founder member of Alba I happen to agree with you about the SNP. I’d personally prefer to remain outside the EU, but all the indications are the overwhelming majority of Scots are still pro-EU, and plenty of senior figures in the EU have indicated the EU will do everything feasible to ensure the fastest possible entry. There is no queue, and the commitment to join the Euro can be indefinitely postponed as Sweden shows.

    And yes, of course we’ll need our own central bank and currency: that was the huge negative of the #indyref1 campaign (that and the fact we ran a one dimensional happy-clappy relentlessly positive campaign that never really laid a glove on Project Fear).

    The idea that Scotland is somehow uniquely unqualified or unable to run its own finances is for the birds. It’s not lack of smarts, it’s lack of moral and political courage.

  31. Republicofscotland says:

    ” Does 3% mean anything to you? Scotland is miles away from that.
    The SG is incompetent in so many ways but especially financially.”


    Spain (5.1%) and Portugal (4.4%) have ran a higher than 3% deficit and that was before the pandemic (2016) yet the European council nor the Commission has fined them in anyway.
    Later that year another five countries began running a higher than 3% deficit, they were Belgium, Cyprus, Finland, Lithuania and Slovenia.

    Although all EU countries are required to run budget deficits below 3% of GDP, only the 19 countries that use the euro as a currency can be fined. Post Covid pandemic, I doubt very much the EU will come down heavy on member states that are running a higher than 3% deficit.

    In anycase I’d like to see Scotland joining EFTA to have access to the single market and the UK market.

  32. Republicofscotland says:

    Scotland’s need for less than 3% deficit to join the EU, are mostly false.

  33. Shocked says:


    I see the concept of electing someone who is firstly economically competent and secondly not a lying criminal has gone straight over your little head… that’s personality cults for you I suppose.

  34. Shocked says:

    I mean I’ve got to hand it to the sturgeonites. The New SNP’s own figures show what an utter mess they are making of the economy and here they are trying to defend a corrupt incompetent who’s first finance minister was a barely literate paedophile and who’s second finance minister is a wee lassie who couldnae run a whelk stall. I bet they’ll wet themselves with excitement when the dribbling moron Yousaf gets the brief next.

    I wonder when they will work out whose really to blame for this shambles. If only the party membership concentrated on getting the best people to run the party and lead the country rather than behaving like a deranged personality cult built around a corrupt liar like Sturgeon.

  35. Shocked says:

    I’ve got to hand it to Tom Devine. Freedom of speech has been banned by his party, the party is led by a known criminal who should be in jail, the justice system is a corrupt mess and journalists are now being jailed… and his response?

    Slag off England and the people he should be trying to convince. The stupid old fool should just go away.

  36. Shocked says:

    So the Scottish economy is fast turning into a dumpster fire. What’s Queen Nicola’s plan to sort this out?

    Yes that’s right, shut down the oil and gas sector in order to keep the sexual deviants in the Green Party happy.

    I don’t want to hear another one of you New SNP1 voters even mention Norway or oil ever again. You lot voted for this. Own it, take some responsibility and then do something about it. I haven’t seen a single one of you put your hands up yet and admit you made a mistake. The only way his is going to be sorted is when Nicola Sturgeon is kicked out of office. The country had its chance to get rid of her and you lot protected her.

  37. Dan says:

    @ Shocked

    So guessing with your ranty deflections that will be a no with regard to you furnishing an answer and actually putting forward a coherent workable fiscal plan based on utilising the powers that Scotland actually has control over.

    If you can’t be arsed then please name the alternative stellar financial gurus in the Labour and Conservative parties that would have sorted out the Scottish economy.
    Pity James Kelly is away from Labour now isn’t it. He would have been the astute kinda of man to sort things out. You recall James aye, he of “how is the oil fund going to be funded” fame.

    Of course this is all bollox anyway as a specific fiscal plan would need supported by the electorate, and without the Parties actually asking and taking onboard the policies the electorate actually want, which would require a fiscal plan that covered them, we are continuing to piss in the wind as all the Parties are just winging it as they attempt to push their and their lobby groups’ interests above those of the electorate.

  38. James says:

    So. The ‘I’m not a Unionist’ crowd are now on overdrive.
    Trying to swamp the thread with bollocks maybe?
    Captain [‘close down Holyrood’] Yoonarian
    Andy Ellis, who now runs the site, is at least in the Alba party; although he seems to be of the Blairite (ToryLite) tendency.
    (Apologies, Andy; I thought you were blue, not red Tory).

  39. Captain Yossarian says:

    @James – I said that in response to the Fabiani Inquiry which proved to me that we are governed by liars, our civil-service are liars and our judiciary are bent.

    The fall-out from that led to the closure of this web-site and the Daily Mail headline ‘a banana republic without the bananas’.

    Last week, Charles Green was told: ‘here’s £6m; stay out of Scotland; you’re not welcome here’.

  40. Breeks says:

    Mike Russell coming across as depressing gullible.

    ”… that’s what annoys me sometimes about some of the rhetoric I hear. They don’t know what people are up against and we really have to get this right.”

    NO shit Sherlock. Problem is we DO know what you’re up against. It’s the feckless, timid wee lambs in the SNP who seem totally out of their death and overawed by the task they’ve been given.

    And as for “getting it right”, it would seem you have yet to begin Mr Russell. The SNP’s apparent Constitutional illiteracy and failure to defend or even respect Scottish Sovereignty is inexcusable and unpardonable.

  41. Breeks says:

    Here’s Lesley Riddoch sounding pretty gullible too…

    ” …the SNP can play its strongest card – the stratospherically high trust levels commanded by the FM compared to the minus numbers polled by Boris (Thatcher was an eco-visionary) Johnson.

    The SNP is going to fight an Independence Referendum based upon stratospheric trust in Sturgeon? I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. I don’t know what you’ve been drinking Lesley, but if that’s even remotely true, then we are so fucked before we begin.

  42. Shocked says:


    Considering all Alex salmonds economic advisors who had business experience have now turned their backs on Nicola sturgeon its a pretty good indication of the regard business has for her. Heck, some of them are even in the process of suing her.

    Every single thing she has ever said about business whether it’s the national investment bank or her failed attempts to save businesses have failed. The plan for the mcvities plant was to get the idiot David Linden to try and tell a multinational company how to run its business without even offering any form of government aid, no wonder they laughed in her face as they pulled the plug.

    There are plenty of competent business people in Scotland and none of them want anything to do with Nicola sturgeon. Her plan to shut down one of our most lucrative sectors of the economy to appease the freaks in the Green Party says it all. She had not got a clue. She can’t be trusted.

    What’s really illuminating is that my telling the truth about Nicola Sturgeon has flushed out you, James and quite a few sturgeonites. None of you can take any criticism of the cult leader. You pretend to care about Scotland but in reality it’s all about the Nicola Sturgeon personality cult for you. Anyone criticises the leader and you take it as a personal insult or an attack on the country that you have been trying to destroy yourself. The stock insults of “yoon” and “unionist” come out because it’s all you’ve got as indeed it’s all she’s got. A third rate failed and bent backstreet solicitor who couldn’t stack shelves competently and you lot handed her the keys to the kingdom when she should be locked up in jail.

    So here’s a suggestion for you, get yourselves organised for the next New SNP conference and chuck the entire party leadership out on their ears because until that bunch of liars, thieves, shysters and corrupt incompetents are out of government and we get someone competent in charge it isn’t going to get any better. Thing is it won’t happen, it’s all about Queen Nicola for you.

  43. Thomas says:

    I see shocked is still in shock.

    Boris johnson looked a lonely figure regarding his commons stance over afghanistan , yet i saw your dear leader sir keir knight of the realm starmer still missed an open goal and received yet again his daily ridicule from the press and public.

    Shocked you will need to try a wee bit better mate than spending every day telling the world wee nicky is bad.

    At this rate i think len mcluskey was right , and starmer is going to end the charred remains of labour forever. Then what will you do shocked?

  44. Andy Ellis says:

    @James 11.11 pm

    If you had me down as a Red Tory or even worse as “blue” I think we can safely discount your opinion on anything much. As for the “running the site” jibe I’m not sure it’s justified, nor would I want such an honour (liability?) 🙂

    Of course it’s not hard to sound like the voice of reason when so much of the BTL discourse has descended into moon howling nativism, anti vaxx and 9/11 conspiracy theorising and vulgar abuse by a claque of folk who would – in better times – have gotten short shrift from most of the contributors.

  45. J.o.e says:

    Just wanted to quickly say – people of Scotland have more control over the economy if they act in some kind of disciplined and organised fashion than they do on the politics.

    That will require a nationalist organisation with backbone and a true understanding of power that acts as a guide and protector of the Scots in the important areas rather than a naive gathering wishing to merely play the political game and spend their time discussing where to put their marks on paper in the next few years.

    The political scene, thanks to the media effect on public awareness, is a bit like a casino. You can strategise, play a different game, maybe even make some gains – but the house will always win.

    A successful nationalist organisation would literally wage legal war on the establishment. What I mean is take the fight to them on every front and attempt to get Scots working as an economic block where Scots reward businesses and organisations who stand for the cause – and if there are none in a particular sector the understanding would be that a large customer base is waiting.

    A legal team who is prepared to take on issues on behalf of the Scots would also be necessary.

    An upscaling of our cultural and historical propaganda especially to our kids would continue to foster the spirit necessary to continue the struggle – and an organised rejection of anything ‘woke’ (critical theory inspired).

    Most of all though such an organisation would not be sitting on the side-lines wringing its hands in the current covid lie.

  46. Effigy says:

    Unionism in the U.K. must be some kind of brain disease.
    I have been working for years on 2 die hard guys who seem
    to deflect facts like water off a ducks back.

    They don’t know each other but they could be twins.
    Both outraged at Scotland being willing to take in Afghan

    I pointed out that Westminster controls Scotland’s borders, the Army
    and foreign policy.

    Westminster said 20,000 are coming in and have no say in any of the depts above.
    We should be willing to take in innocent people who face execution for crimes such as showing your face.

    The whole situation appears to be Nicola’s fault and we shouldn’t be showing willing to take them in but somehow, a somehow I just cannot understand, it’s fine if a clown in another country who has no
    idea how combs works tells us how many refugees they are sending us.

    Logic or the mental agility of a log.

  47. Robert Hughes says:

    “…..Stratospherically high trust levels …” hahahahahahahaha

    You really have to wonder what quantity of * blue pills * supposedly astute commentators like Lesley Riddoch are on .

    Do they all live in gated communities with zero contact with * ordinary ” people , surrounded by mirrors that only reflect the perceptions of the NSNP Sisterhood and life-sized effigies of the Goddess of Duplicity herself ?

    Or , more mundanely , are people like Riddoch , Wee Ginger Poodle , Mike Small et al just happy they’ve found a wee space in the trough ?

  48. Shocked says:


    Aye son, I’ve flushed you out as well. It’s an old trick I learned in the law, press people’s buttons and the truth comes out.

    Keir is my “dear leader”? I was supporting Scottish independence when Nicola Sturgeon was ripping off battered women at her backstreet law firm. You see branding me a “yoon” is all you’ve got as well. Can’t take anyone insulting Queen Nicola, on a website run by a man who was telling you all for years that Nicola Sturgeon should be in jail and here you are defending her to the last claiming that you want Scotland to be independent. You don’t, you want it to be the personal fiefdom of Nicola Sturgeon.

    None of you lot even seem to care that without a decent economy and a plan independence is dead. None of you care that all Nicola Sturgeon doesn’t care about independence, all she is interested in is personal power and money. Some of you even try to claim that “poor wee Nicola” is being blackmailed and bullied by the British state. It’s laughable, you can’t even see what’s right in front of you, but then again many of you are in on it. I wonder how many of the Nicola Sturgeon fanatics we get on here are part of the 55 strong New SNP propaganda team, it’s inconceivable that the party propaganda machine would ignore the most popular Scottish politics website and spend their time trolling, playing possum and attacking anyone who questions the party. Are any of you going to put your hands up and admit you’ve been busted? Or are you just going to call me a “yoon”?

  49. Shocked says:

    @robwrt hughes

    That’s through the looking glass stuff. Sturgeon has negative approval ratings that are dropping by the day. That’s from Riddoch, the champion of the Norwegian oil and gas sector and oil funds backing someone who wants to shut the Scottish oil and gas sector down.

  50. Robert Hughes says:


    Aye , the ironies , hypocrisies and idiocies just keep multiplying

    It’s like watching a multi-clown-car pile-up

  51. Fireproofjim says:

    “Stratospherically High trust levels” in NS is actually pretty accurate regardless of what we many think of her.
    On Wings we generally think she is cowardly and corrupt.
    That is because we take an interest in the actual politics. Most people don’t and just compare her apparent honesty and openness with the clumsy clown who lies in Westminster.
    She is actually in a strong position because there is little possibility of a change in the public’s perception of her unless she clearly rejects a new referendum or is caught obviously doing something terrible leading to resignation.
    I despair.

  52. Stuart MacKay says:


    A referendum for recovery is an idea that is so fundamentally broken it’s only intention must be that it’s designed to fail and fail big.

    A referendum for independence first and foremost offers people a chance to shape their future (it even says that on the tin) whilst the referendum for recovery offers only the vision set by Our Lady of Betrayal.

    The entire campaign could be shot down in flames by simply comparing the Dear Leader to Hilary Clinton. Game, set, match and the championship to “Better with Boris”.

    Until the (leader of the) SNP embrace the harsh truth that independence for the people of Scotland is also an extinction event for the party there can never be a successful campaign with them in the driving seat.

  53. Dan says:

    Shocked says: at 6:46 am

    What’s really illuminating is that my telling the truth about Nicola Sturgeon has flushed out you, James and quite a few sturgeonites. None of you can take any criticism of the cult leader. You pretend to care about Scotland but in reality it’s all about the Nicola Sturgeon personality cult for you. Anyone criticises the leader and you take it as a personal insult or an attack on the country that you have been trying to destroy yourself. The stock insults of “yoon” and “unionist” come out because it’s all you’ve got as indeed it’s all she’s got.

    You’re using a very similar modus to Andy Ellis there Shocked, with attempting to coral individuals into groups you can then castigate. And you are also very wrong about what you think my position is.
    You’ve been commenting btl for a good while now, and it shows how unobservant and unreceptive you are to the input of those you interact with that you imagine my view is anyway near what you state it is.

    It’s noted that you have still not put forward the names of different individuals, and strategies that would improve Scotland’s economic issues.

    I still say any group in or striving for power thinking they can improve a country’s economy are on to a loser unless they actually canvassed and understand what the realistic wants of the majority of the electorate are in terms of services and provisions.
    Once that is established it would then set parameters for how the economy was managed to implement and maintain those policies and structures.

    That’s why last week I asked folk to suggest what they thought should be the basic fundamental policies and structures our society should have in place.
    Regardless of your politics, if folk could actually stop the bickering over niche divisive issues, most folk could probably agree and align on numerous matters and issues which would then create a basis from which to move forward.
    Various folk gave some input but many regulars did not.
    Aye, it is a simplistic as fuck plan, but it’s clear that as soon as folk attempt to push their high brow intellectual superiority complexes, or suggest blokes can give birth, even I know you will have lost the room at that point once things erred into the realms of smartarse sophistry and science denial.

  54. Shocked says:


    Aye trust in Queen Nicola.

    You better go get Peter a coffee.

  55. Dan says:

    @ Shocked 9.18am

    Oh, cheers for the quick confirmation that your imagined views about me are completely wrong. 😉

  56. Dorothy Devine says:

    Green ink everywhere – it’s like trying to read the Herald below the line.

    Every thing proven to be utter balderdash and piffle last time round now is being stated as fact to be disproved yet again.

  57. Willie says:

    Without a scintilla of bias, how will the Westminster Government screen Afghan emigres to ensure that we are not importing radicalised emigres.

    Afghanistan has had twenty years of civil war massively supported by the US and U.K. military. Parts of the country, and the people living there have been bombed into kingdom come and on the ground special forces have operated widely, often masquerading in disguise.

    The level of killing must, and I repeat must have had a psychological impact on millions, and given the varying shades of religious beliefs there must be many who have, to use the propagandist jargonese, been radicalised – something of which we know has brought death and misery to far too many of our citizens in vicious brutal attacks by what essentially is imported terrorism.

    Of course not all Afghanis are bad, just as not all Pakistanis or Somalians, or Irish or whoever else of a certain skin tone, or religious persuasion. But mix in a war torn country, war torn by the huge injection of Western force, and you do have a cocktail for radical bitter individuals.

    And so, like many who are not at all against immigration, because immigration can be very good, economically, socially and culturally, I do however ask the question about the UK plans to screen individuals coming from this war ravaged country now undergoing what in effect appears to be a widely supported political regime change.

    And so aside of Prime Minister Johnson, maybe he, and indeed his First Minister, who is already running off at the mouth with great gusto, will tell us how we screen for bad eggs.

    our ve

  58. Republicofscotland says:

    Breeks @6.26am.

    Reading Russell’s account on Brexit from the interview in the National, all he’s doing is whining I don’t think he is up to the task of delivering Scottish independence, he waffles on about how dirty and sneaky the Westminster government are, we know his and so should he by now.

    He laments Brexit occurring yet his party did nothing on the indyfront at a time when we could have won an indyref.

    Russell isn’t up to the task of planning and delivering an indyref, and even by some miracle he was, Sturgeon the Betrayer of Scots would never allow it to see the light of day.

    Russell knocks it on the head for by vehemently claiming the £600,00 ringfenced indyfunds aren’t missing.

  59. chas says:


    Scotland’s deficit is currently 22.4% of GDP yet the EU will still welcome Scotland with open arms? Agreed that there may be some transitional arrangements but 22.4% is a lot.

    Andy Ellis

    It is not the project fear playbook it is reality. Serious questions have to be answered and tough negotiations will have to take place. Who in the current SG do you think will answer these questions and who will act for us in the negotiations? Wee Katie, Swinney maybe, or perhaps the financial and economic colossus that is queen Nicola herself?
    A fair percentage of Scots simply believe whatever the SNP without thinking. Some of these individuals are simply incapable of grasping the problems. However, many can and these are the people who need to be convinced. Only 30% of the Scottish electorate vote SNP!
    At the end of the day it comes down to trust. Do we trust the current SG to answer the difficult questions and the setting up the the necessary institutions, financial and otherwise, in an Independent Scotland. I don’t. The evidence of the past 14 years confirms that view.
    I have said all along that the first step has to be the removal of Sturgeon and her acolytes. Without that we carry on, as before, going nowhere………………fast!

  60. Geoff Anderson says:

    I wonder just how high they can spin the GERs figures before it becomes a laughing stock even in Unionist circles?

    At the rate it has been increasing it will pass 100% in a few years ?

  61. Republicofscotland says:

    “Scotland’s deficit is currently 22.4% of GDP yet the EU will still welcome Scotland with open arms? Agreed that there may be some transitional arrangements but 22.4% is a lot.”

    Chas, you boys at Denison have real sense of humour, I’m sure Brigadier Turner is proud of you lot, and that goes for one or two others in here that stick out like a sore thumb.

    anyway on your government ludicrous GERS figures, which have been debunked for years now, which are mainly guesstimates.

    Also Professor Richard Murphy has also debunked the garbage figures for years.

    This years GERS figures, are just as nonsensical as all the other years of GERS figures, and if by chance they were true (which they are not) it they would be another nail in the coffin of this rancid union, on how badly Westminster governs.

  62. Andy Ellis says:

    @chas 10.39 pm

    As I said already I agree about the necessity to remove Sturgeon and her acolytes. It seems unlikely to me that she will be there one leading us to indy anyway, so I don’t think it’s really worth worrying about too much. Lacklustre as the current SG may be I don’t think we can simply assume that this means a future SG, or whoever is in place to negotiate the terms of independence with the British nationalists, will be totally incapable? Many other countries with few of our advantages have managed it, so I just don’t buy the sub-Rentonesque narrative that we’re shite.

    As to the supposed deficit, nobody has any idea what it is, because the current situation gives us no clue what the post indy situation will be. That will depend on the negotiated settlement, the taxes we raise, the borrowing we do and what current things we spend on that we can reduce, like our contribution to the UK defence budget. The idea that Scotland couldn’t thrive economically as an independent state, particularly given the baleful example of the UKs performance, is just a (lack of) faith position. It has no more to back it up than assurances that everything would be milk and honey post indy.

    Either path has both risks and opportunities.

  63. chas says:


    Great stuff. You provide 2 links from SNP apologists to debunk the GERS figures.
    I have no idea how accurate the GERS figures are. Neither do you. No one in the SG has prepared any projected financials for an Independent Scotland and the question has to be asked WHY? Are they incapable?
    Probably best for you to continue to believe what you are told by Nicola and her band of incompetents, as they line their pockets, whilst the educated amongst us think for themselves.
    Scotland needs to rid herself of Toryism for good but SNPism is equally as bad.

  64. Captain Yossarian says:

    I’ve seen honest politicians at work and I’ve seen the politicians we have at Holyrood at work and there is a world of difference. Dishonesty, lies and grievance are the only currency that get you anywhere at Holyrood and Scotland is disintegrating because of it.

  65. Willie says:

    Could agree more with the earlier comments about the quality standards of the Hollyrood Parliament.

    A total and utter disgrace. Peopled by weak, duplicitous, trough feeding political pygmies it is not difficult to see how people are turning away from the dead hand parish council that our pretends Parliament is.

    Not of course that the incumbents taking a feed at the trough care two hoots.

    The mighty president of the SNP towing a small horse trailer typifies where we are.

  66. Dan says:

    @ Fireproofjim

    As you mentioned you have experience with fire related matters.
    One of my mates is a Fireman. He was telling me that his station is now having to cover several other rural areas on callouts because those areas do not have enough volunteers to muster a crew.
    It made me wonder why that is and whether it is down to the changing demographics in these nice areas, because all the wrinkly old incomers buying up the housing stock has effectively displaced the younger fitter ones who could have taken on retained positions in those now short staffed stations.

  67. Republicofscotland says:

    “I have no idea how accurate the GERS figures are”


    Its alright chas we all know that, just as we know the GERS figures, are produced to show Scotland in a poor economic light.

    The absurd figures are based on Scotland as part of this howler of a union, and with 40% of Scots spending reserved to Westminster as is 70% of Scots revenue, Scotland is financially constrained in this ball and chain of a union.

    It may surprise you chas, but at present the UK’s deficit is around 14% the highest in Europe, however the difference between Scotland’s current position within this fetid union and that of Westminster’s is that, it, has all the levers of power afforded to an independent country, and is expected to manage the deficit, as an independent Scotland would having all the levers of power, indeed, this applies to all independent nation states around the world.

  68. Col says:

    I just wonder how much tax is paid by organisations who’s head office is in London or elsewhere down South but whose profits are generated by Scottish consumers? One can think of banks, telecoms, Sky etc etc. None of this tax will be attributed to Scotland revenue, but it is based on company profits supported by Scottish consumers.

  69. Confused says:

    answering trolling fuckwits … makes you less than them, for idiotic whack a mole is a game that never ends

    hey scexit secessionists – what will you use for the currency?
    – the queen of ENGLANDS head is on it!

    Isaac newton, a true englishman, invented gravity – we have the copyright on the inverse square law
    – how would you like floating off into space, tractors!

    GERS proves you can never “run the shop”
    – and it’s a good job we don’t let you; THINK OF THE MESS YOU WOULD MAKE
    … checkmate

    scotland does not need to do averything in the world, absolutely perfectly to be a viable nation; at least our screwups will be our own and not because we are a petri dish for the esperiments of a malicious foreign elite; our wealth is ours to dispose of as we wish, and not to be pillaged by outsiders

    – most of the “things you need to do” can be done simply by COPYING what other countries did, successfully

    In one of his academic papers, Ronald MacDonald, PROVED Brexit could NOT POSSIBLY HAPPEN using a “big data” approach; he may even have used a SPREADSHEET, and/or “deep learning AI neural LURNINB COMPUTAZ”. Next up he is to predict the Boat Race – OXFORD, EACH WAY

    – the man would be better employed “supersizing” a milk shake.

  70. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    I’ve just finished reading the essay by James Hawes at:-

    It’s a rather fine read. Thanks to whoever posted the link originally.

  71. chas says:


    Who produces the GERS figures?

  72. Fireproofjim says:

    That’s an excellent point.
    I give you another example. Diageo is the biggest producer of Scotch Whisky in the world, all of which is (surprise) produced in Scotland. Profits from this production are all taxed in London where the Diageo HQ is located and none of the tax is allocated to Scotland in GERS.
    Think of all the companies in a similar position – Asda, Morrison’s Tesco etc etc. Making Scottish profits but taxed where the HQ is located.
    Diageo used to be Scottish Distillers ltd, based in Edinburgh but moved to London in a rather shifty deal many years ago.

  73. Republicofscotland says:

    The COPFS are about to shaft Scots for another £25 million quid as law firm Duff & Phelps take them to court.

    How much more money will this bent outfit cost Scottish taxpayers I wonder.

  74. Pixywine says:
    I notice Sturgeon is trying to make emergency powers permanent with an “Enabling Act”. Should we wheesh and turn a blind eye for “Indy”?

  75. Republicofscotland says:

    chas @1.57pm.

    You mean you don’t know yet you’re shooting your mouth off about how true the figures are, that says it all really.

    GERS are compiled by Scottish government statisticians, Westminster does not think it is important that Scotland has it own economic data, so it does not measure it. It sends along half-hearted estimates instead. Scottish ministers have no hand in there production. This is why Finance Minister Kate Forbes wants to produce a proper set of figures.

    The front cover of the GERS report tells you that 25 of the 26 reports are guesstimates.

  76. Pixywine says:

    Interesting to note that during the Afghanistan debate in Westminster almost all the Tories had no mask on while sitting shoulder to shoulder whereas all the Labour SNP and Lib dems wore virtue signalling masks still trying to fool the public over their efficacy. Its clear the Government have no fear of the “pandemic”. Any guesses as to why children?

  77. chas says:


    It was a rhetorical question but you failed to realise that!

    Your understanding of matters financial and economical are similar to that of wee Katie. She wants to produce a proper set of figures but can’t! Scottish Ministers have no hand in the production of GERS figures but they are compiled by Scottish Government statisticians!
    Dearie me.

  78. Captain Yossarian says:

    Received some interesting news earlier from an old work colleague. You will remember the Miami Surf-side apartment building which collapsed 4-weeks ago resulting in the deaths of over 100 people.

    6No experts have agreed that the most likely cause was the failure of a single column in the middle of the building. The failure occurred at basement level and that caused all of the upper floors to pancake down, within seconds.

    The failure occurred because either the foundation itself failed, or the ground around it had become washed away by tidal water.

    The results are posted-up on the internet in various locations for all to see.

    I wonder how long that would take in Scotland, with the redactor pen of John Swinney, the redactor pen of James Wolffe and appearances in front of Lady Dorian at the Court of Session.

    I think in Scotland we would all be dead before this amount of information was made public. In the USA, for all its faults, it takes only 4-weeks.

  79. James Che. says:

    It is scary to think you are an alba member due to you brow beaten of your fellow Scot, you’re way or no way,
    Is that how it worked, the cringe an change in snp. Was it not because a good number of bullies decided whom was not good enough to be in the snp. Then low n behold, they are not the original snp any more.
    As to the other union clap hands let’s bring in Hammond. We may be small, we may be poor but we’re not that stupid.
    A lot of us took a gamble we wish we did not have to make in the last election. A lot of us complained about that strategy right here on wings,
    Our choice in voting here in Scotland was not between good and bad.
    It was between bad and bad.

    Here’s a fable out of the books of Scotland.

    If we did not vote for the wicked witch, we would be left with the wicked wizards down south running the ancient kingdom of Scotland.
    Many here knew the bad reputation of the warmongering wicked wizards from centuries of magic money handling that disappeared money from ancient Scotland and often reproduced it elsewhere on the magic on trees.
    With only two choices, Which evil to chose

    The people were left with the long shot that someone somehow in their kingdom may be brave enough to get rid of the wicked witch, a knight in the kingdom may come forth in shining armour,

    the waiting was hard, months change to years and the the days have passed all to quickly. The wicked witches control of the evil Darkness could be seen creeping up across the land, onto the people swallowing them up. And should any step forward and protest, “ this is not right or fair “, they were held fast by their tongues and hands and thrown into the dungeons of political darkness.
    The witch could be heard cackling with laughter when retelling her story to the green goblins. Boasting of the secret how the chair she sat upon was magic and gave her, her power.

    So loud was the cackling she did not hear. The droning mumbles of wizards from faraway,
    And under cover they discussed into the early hours how the witch must not gain any more power for she would take control of their realm too.

    So it was decided that they would wait until she had weakened her ancient kingdom, ….for then the wizards could control all, as far as the eye could see,

    They would fool her into thinking her power was almighty. Before they unleashed THEIR power,
    Then they would destroy the powerful seat that she sat upon, they could tear down the structure around her to her feet. After all the wizards had the foresight that initially instigated the building and had installed weak foundations on purpose should this day ever arise. And they had their own powerful queen that could install secret citizens into halls,
    Everything was falling into place beautifully, for she herself was doing the work for them by disposing of any knights in shining armour or contenders to the ancient Scottish throne.
    She had even locked up nearly all her people in the land for fear there would be a uprising against her.

    The day was fast approaching that they would take the power from under her.
    Meanwhile they could continue their magic hand waving, reducing the kingdoms finances to further weaken the structures,

    The peoples across the land were innocent in their naivety behind multiple smoke screens thrown at them, of the more power struggles taken place, of the conniving of the wicked witch and wizards in underground caves , both of whom seemed to be working together against the innocent people one moment and the next seemed to be opposing each other,
    it was so confusing.
    How were the people ever going to be able to make the right choice, when you only had two evils to chose from.

    It is strange how the story of the kingdom of Scotland, reads like some witches and wizards are still living to this day, repeating ancient power games that are as old as the hills and older than the first fables, fairy stories or lore.
    We have no queen to be rescued, and we have no knight in shining armour. We have confused people turning on each other while looking for a way out before the wizards destroy everything.

  80. Scott says:

    Anyone fancy a pint?

  81. @Captain Yossarian,

    are you saying this is the official verdict for why the building collapsed,

    i had heard it was because of bad drainage on basmement car park roof that allowed water to seep through the concrete and contaminate the rebar causing it to rust and expand and fracture and fail the concrete.

  82. JimuckMac says:

    The Magna Carta is a British document so applies to Scotland every bit as much as England.

    The people of Scotland also have the ‘Claim of Rights’ to rely upon.

    The brave warriors are taking back what is rightfully ours from the corporations.

    Start packing your bags Sturgeon, it’s time to leave.

  83. Dan says:

    Did She / Her Queen of Pronouns and Patron Saint of Burnt of Mandates ever actually specify which metric would be used to determine when the economic recovery from Covidz was satisfactorily back to a level whereupon the sovereign people of Scotland would be able to express their will on the question of whether Scotland should return to being a self-governing country?

    Would this acceptable economic “recovery” point be classed as when we return to being just GERS shit rather than GERS really shit?

  84. Republicofscotland says:

    chas @2.35pm.

    No chas its you that doesn’t understand, or you don’t want to, the figures are compiled by the statisticians in Scotland, but are sent along from Westminster as half-hearted guesstimates.

    Westminster won’t allow properly calculated figures on Scotland, quite simply because it needs to show Scotland’s economy in a bad light, to frighten those who haven’t already been persuaded to vote for independence, and the unionist media parrots this false propaganda.

    Isn’t it nearly time for your shift to end chas, Jeremy Fleming will be a bit disappointed in your performance today laddie.

  85. Captain Yossarian says:

    @Scot Finlayson – The official investigation hasn’t started yet but that’s what the independent experts are saying. No bloggers required. If that had happened in Scotland, the six experts would be in Saughton Jail by now for aiding ‘alphabet identification’.

  86. Pixywine says:
    If you are ignoring the obvious then you are part of the problem.

  87. sarah says:

    @ Dan at 12.02 and BDTT at 1.35: thanks for the links to the Yours for Scotland and Grouse Beater articles on the English national delusion and the way India was reported Gers-like.

    Both articles confirm and explain a great deal. Now all we do is find some politicians to take the necessary steps to get us out of the “UK”.

    So who is going to Holyrood on 31st August to make this point? Their job is to get us out of the Union. We don’t need another vote in any form. There is an indy majority of MPs and of MSPs – that is all we need.

  88. sarah says:

    LOL – Craig Murray has a letter in today’s Herald!! It is signed as “Craig Murray, HMP Edinburgh, former British Ambassador to Uzbekistan”.

    You can’t keep a good man down! 🙂

  89. sarah says:

    Re Craig’s letter, text is on the Craig Murray Justice campaign twitter. The subject is Afghanistan.

  90. chas says:


    In life it is important to know when to stop arguing with people and simply let them be wrong!
    No idea who Jeremy Fleming is and when you resort to words like ‘laddie’ it shows you in your true colours. Away and lick your Nicola poster above your bed!

  91. Willie says:

    Listening to BBC Scotland at 5.15pm and a distraught and wailing Hossa from the North of Scotland the stops are out to have the nation straining at the leash to allow absolutely unrestricted emigration to Afghanis

    The propaganda media manipulation of the BBC is in full flow. We’re not so humanitarian when we’re ombing the bejesis out of other countries.

  92. Skip_NC says:

    Anent the Florida building collapse, please bear in mind that records held by government agencies here are public records unless a specific exception applies. This can cause problems. For instance, media organizations often seek release of emergency call recordings very early on in an investigation, which can, in the public’s mind, distort what really happened. The police are not averse to releasing body cam footage if it helps their case.

    Point being that early release of information forced upon the investigating agency rarely gives a full picture and, for that reason, should be taken with a large dose of salt. There is a whole industry here of giving “expert testimony” in court on any subject you care to mention. Some people make a lucrative living out of doing that and nothing else. Some of those have ended up in prison for perjury or have been sued by by those wrongly convicted.

    Not saying the initial views are incorrect – I have no knowledge of the subject matter in this case. However, one should never discount the possibility that critical information has not yet been discovered or made public.

  93. Captain Yossarian says:

    @Skip_NC – I understand they are all from the National Institute of Standards and Technology. I’ve no idea who they are to be honest and I have never heard of them before, but the Americans have great confidence in them.

  94. Dan says:

    Apologies for the longest sentence ever in my previous post. I was typing it on my wee phone whilst sitting on the burn bank waiting for my fishing float to bob under. Preview before submitting is limited on wee screen.

    chas says: at 5:26 pm

    …and when you resort to words like ‘laddie’ it shows you in your true colours.

    Says chas, who copied Shocked in using the term “Wee Katie” to describe Kate Forbes…

  95. chas says:


    Is Katie tall?

  96. Skip_NC says:

    Captain Yossarian, NIST is a federal agency, so they are a reputable source. However, my point about release of public records remains. Isn’t it rather early for there to be a definitive answer? A plane or rail crash will result in a preliminary report within weeks and a final report within months.

  97. twathater says:

    @ Willie 5.27pm it is the way of the future Willie there is to be no countries, no borders, no nationalities, no history, no culture ,no sexes, we have all just to become one big homogeneous blob of worker ants working to benefit the superior intelligentsia of the new world order

    The plans are already in place and moving forward with anyone being outspoken or challenging the mantra to be instantly denigrated and labelled as racist,terf,anti semitic, natzi,nativist, bigot or any other name that implies that the challenger holds views or opinions that should not be tolerated or listened too

    The movement and progress has been slow due to not having enough disciples willing to dedicate their time and energy to promoting the new world order and hive mentality but they are making efforts to embed disciples in popular blogs and discussion forums which is showing benefits

  98. Hatuey says:

    “NIST is a federal agency, so they are a reputable source…”

    You’re being sarcastic, right?

  99. Dan says:

    @ Chas

    You may class her a small, but she may Self ID as tall so best be wary of erring into hate speech territory.
    Regardless of that, you exhibit inconsistency because you failed to use a size descriptor in your post for “Swinney”. So for the record would you describe him as medium sized or muckle?

    Anyway, I’m going to take a few moments out to consider the plight poor Don is going through at this time, what with missing out on GERS Day commenting btl due to getting his ass banned.
    The poor bugger will be bouncing off the walls at not being able to endlessly repost his LSE Blog link. And that frustration will be compounded further by him not having the foresight to set up a sleeper account before Stu took his sabbatical meaning no new accounts get through moderation.
    It’s horrendous to think the pain he must be enduring when he could have been a sticky orgasmic mess…

  100. Breeks says:

    chas says:
    19 August, 2021 at 2:35 pm

    ….Scottish Ministers have no hand in the production of GERS figures but they are compiled by Scottish Government statisticians!

    Scotland is given the figures to prepare it’s budgets by the Treasury. It is not given the raw data necessary to compile the figures from first principles, it is only given the data which has been past through / manipulated by the Treasury, and without the raw data the figures produced are impossible to verify.

    Furthermore, the absence of any GERS figures for England means there is no comparison whatsoever possible on a like for like basis. We are asked to believe that Scotland and Wales between them account for over half the UK’s deficit. Why? Because the Treasury says so, but then won’t reveal it’s calculations.

    You are therefore left to speculate what the purpose of GERS actually is, ask yourself why this absence of transparency exists, then remind yourself of Ian Lang’s leaked admission that GERS was set up to discredit the case for Scottish Independence. QED.

    Lastly, even supposing by some miracle the Treasury did make all the information available to reconcile the checks and balances of UK finances completely, thereby allowing diligent and objective like for like comparison, you then have the further “imponderable” issue of comparing the Scottish economy as it exists in Union versus the Scottish economy as it would exist after Independence. So once again, what meaningful comparisons can actually be made?

    It’s the Tories who produce the GERS mechanism. The same Tories who sponsor Think Tanks and “Independent Consultants” to reiterate Tory philosophy masquerading as an “Independent” study, but when you scratch below the surface, more often than not, it’s just the same mutual support mechanism of the old boy Eton fraternity, quoting itself as expert and enthusiastically endorsing Tory strategy.

    GERS is no different. It only exists to give the Tories a script to follow, and the respect and gravitas it should deserve if done properly is instead just a corrupted, and worthless scam.

    The figures are rigged to suit the Tory / Unionist agenda. The truth is deliberately obfuscated and obscured. So do tell us chas, why do you think the Treasury is so reluctant to make all the raw data available, and equally excused producing GERS figures for England too?

    I’ll give you a hint. It has too many dirty secrets and rampant pockling that would be exposed.

  101. Breeks says:

    The GERS scam is essentially the same as Al Capone’s Accountant keeping two sets of books. One set to go before the taxman and look honest and presentable, and another set of books which tell the much fuller story but which the taxman will never see.

  102. Dan says:

    Re. Countries being quick off the mark to accept immigrants fleeing persecution in their homeland.
    It’s worth remembering that the first wave will tend to be the relatively well off who have the ability to travel and support themselves, whilst the poorer folk will not have the same means to escape, and would also be less likely to be able to support themselves in a new location if and when they finally did get a chance to travel.

  103. Republicofscotland says:

    chas @5.26pm.

    chas, with Sturgeon in mind and her machinations, a true indy supporter will always defend Scotland against the false GERS figures, no matter who the FM is, you have been bigging up the GERS figures as true, that tells me a lot about you with regards to Scottish independence.

  104. President Xiden says:

    Don’t see why everyone is worried about our economy as Nicola has a plan to create an oil fund just as soon as her zero carbon policy abandons fossil fuels and closes down our oil fields.

  105. Breeks says:

    The really annoying thing about GERS, is that I would actually really like to know the truth about the UK economy, but in full detail, and not doctored according to taste. I honestly don’t believe Scotland would have anything to worry about… other than unnecessary decades spent trapped in this dysfunctional Union.

    Scotland’s economy was always in surplus before the discovery of North Sea Oil, handsomely so according to John Jappy, so even if you choose to believe the fiction of Scotland’s debt, there’s clearly been something disastrous occurred in the last few decades under dismal UK mismanagement.

    IF Scotland’s economy has strategic weakness, or whether the UK/ England has, understanding the full economic picture is essential to identify the problem and address it. But how can you possibly trust GERS which is essentially trying to money launder UK debt? The deception is just as debilitating as the bogus narrative.

  106. chas says:


    Where have I ever stated that the GERS figures are true? It is not a case of defending Scotland per se. In doing that you are simply defending Sturgeon and her acolytes. In my mind, if we are ever to gain Independence Sturgeon and the hangers on have to go.
    I want an independent Scotland with an honest, competent Government. At present this seems a million miles away.
    Read what I actually write, not what you want to think I write.

  107. Saffron Robe says:

    I agree that the GERS figures are a complete fabrication and should be a well-kent trick by now, the same sleigh of hand having been applied to India.

    Similar fanciful accounting was used following the discovery of oil in Iran. The following commentary is from Coup 53, a feature documentary about Operation Ajax, the 1953 Anglo-American coup d’état in Iran:

    “When oil was discovered in Iran, Winston Churchill described it as “a prize from fairyland beyond our wildest dreams…” Thanks to Churchill, the First Lord of the Admiralty, he changed the British fleet from coal burning to petroleum based, and this was a life changing moment for the world because it made petroleum as important as it is today. Under the original agreement only about 16% of the oil revenue was supposed to be given to Iran, but that 16% was going to be calculated by the British, and no Iranian would be allowed to look at the books. We now know also that the amount was calculated after the oil company paid its taxes. Since the oil company was owned by the British government, when it was paying taxes it was essentially paying taxes to itself. So there was a lot of creative accounting, but in the end it was clear that nearly all the money from this tremendous resource was going into Britain and almost none was coming back to Iran.”

    Sound familiar?

    The above commentary also explains how Britain was instrumental in making oil the lifeblood of the military-industrial complex; one of the main factors leading to the ecological crisis we now find ourselves in.

  108. robertknight says:

    Is the missing £600,000 interwoven through the GERS figures, perchance?

    (Asking for a friend…)

  109. Republicofscotland says:

    chas @8.09pm.

    You said.

    “Scotland’s deficit is currently 22.4% of GDP yet the EU will still welcome Scotland with open arms? Agreed that there may be some transitional arrangements but 22.4% is a lot.”

    If that’s not agreeing that the GERS figures are true then I don’t know what is.

    Not only that but you put down two notable folk Gordon McIntyre-Kemp and Professor Richard Murphy who know far more about the false GERS figures than you, hardly a an approach from someone who supports an independent Scotland.

    “Great stuff. You provide 2 links from SNP apologists to debunk the GERS figures.”

    No chas I think I’ve summed you up to a tee.

  110. Captain Yossarian says:

    @Skip_NC – Accepted. These Americans aren’t lightweight spoofs like Dani Garavelli and Peter Murrell though. I reckon that they are either right, or very close to being right. We’ll see.

  111. Republicofscotland says:

    “NIST is a federal agency, so they are a reputable source.”

    Skip_NC @6pm.

    Don’t make me laugh, next you’ll be saying that the NSA or the CIA are a credible source.

    Oh and I find this report to be quite useful is separating the wheat from the chaff so to speak.

  112. Andy Ellis says:

    @chas 8.09 pm

    Seems like others have already rumbled your “honestly, Im pro-indy” act bud…? Something just doesn’t ring true. No pro-indy person could really look at the current political environment here and STILL be coming out with this “the economics just don’t stack up, folks!”.

    No country on earth has ever declared independence with the advantages we have, but you seem determined to be the Cassandra warning of impending doom. Of course there are no guarantees and there are risks, but why are you so convinced those attendant on indy are worse than those staying in the union? How many 2014 No voters would have made a different choice if they’d seen what happened afterwards?

    GERS, the asserted budget deficit, the EU won’t have you, your government is so bad it’s not worth the effort…it all seems a bit….well….unionist mate?

  113. Captain Yossarian says:

    RoS – and here’s me talking about the lightweight spoofs of the SNP movement and, quick as a flash, pops-up RoS. He haunts this site like a old ghost.

  114. Stoker says:

    Pixywine says on 19 August, 2021 at 2:10 pm:
    “I notice Sturgeon is trying to make emergency powers permanent with an “Enabling Act”. Should we wheesh and turn a blind eye for “Indy”?”

    Nothing in politics is permanent. No government can bind the hands of its successor.

    The six key facts about GERS:

    And just for good measure i’ll throw this one in too:

  115. Robert Hughes says:

    Chas has never been the same since Dave left , that ol GERS pianna tune sounding a bit discordant : just ain’t no pleasing you eh Dave ?

  116. Skip_NC says:

    Captain Yossarian, oh I daresay there’s a fair chance they are correct, but mistakes do happen. Time will tell. What you can be sure of is that the results will be made public and not just for the families involved. Government records here belong to the people and we are entitled to see them.

    RepublicofScotland, of course the CIA is reputable. They took rather direct action against the only US President to announce to the world “I am a jam doughnut.” They really couldn’t ignore that, could they?

  117. Robert graham says:

    The representatives from NIST so embarrassed by their beyond really and reason report into the collapse of the 3 World Trade centre buildings refused to answer questions from the Architects present at the only press conference ever held after their work of fiction was published .

    To this day all the documents and information held by United States security services have been witheld from the public Bidon has been warned no to turn up the 20 the anniversary of 9/11 unless he turns over everything to the family’s of the breaved

  118. Hatuey says:

    I listen to the Lesley Riddoch podcast so that I can keep up with what isn’t happening as far as the SNP and independence is concerned. This week’s instalment was quite odd though; there was a strong suggestion that something might actually be in the pipeline.

    Riddoch was as surprised as me to find that over half a million people had (apparently) pledged support for their “Referendum for Recovery” —

    And, word on the street suggests we can look forward to some sort of big push in September: “SNP set to put second independence referendum plan in action next month”

    As far as pish goes, though, this smells like the usual old variety, albeit in delivered in somewhat new looking bottles.

    I’ll concede that I think attaching independence to the idea of recovery is clever on a certain level — who doesn’t want recovery, right?

    Right away there’s something amiss, though, isn’t there…

    “In an email to members about the forthcoming referendum, the word Recovery appears four times – the word independence, not at all.”

    Independence by stealth isn’t going to happen. At some point someone needs to argue for it. An authentic push for independence wouldn’t be getting sneaked through in the background, cloaked in bullshit about recovery.

    Riddoch doesn’t say it but I’m guessing she knows it; Sturgeon is doing the very least she needs to do, or, to put it another way, as little as she can get away with. Experience has taught Sturgeon many times that the best way to avoid failure (and keep the all-important chauffeur-driven lifestyle) is to do nothing.

    We can confidently predict this fudged non-commitment will go nowhere. If anything remotely authentic raises its ugly head, you can count on it being bludgeoned and blended to a pulp before being poured like some sort of fertiliser over the long grass.

    It’ll be interesting to see how they signal to the British Establishment and MSM that this is just a PR stunt, for domestic SNP-member consumption only. That’s something the SNP absolutely needs to get right.

  119. Captain Yossarian says:

    @Robert graham – passenger planes full of aviation fuel crashed into the twin towers. The fire that engulfed the buildings was so hot that it melted and burned the aluminium of the aircraft. The impact removed the fire protection from the structural steel and the heat of the fires melted the steel and the towers collapsed. Exactly the same thing happened in Piper Alpha.

  120. Hatuey says:

    “Exactly the same thing happened in Piper Alpha.”

    Piper Alpha wasn’t hit by a plane. Neither was building 7.

    Unlike Piper Alpha which had an infinite supply of fuel and gas feeding the flames, the fires in the Twin Towers had a very limited supply — most of which burned up instantaneously on impact.

    As NIST conceded, building 7’s collapse was the first example anywhere in all history of a steel framed building coming down as a result of heat generated in a very normal office fire. (Let me know if you want the exact quote)

    I don’t know what happened on 9-11. Nobody here does either. It’s likely that none of us will ever know. The official story has some huge problems though, that much is clear.

  121. Breeks says:

    Hatuey says:
    20 August, 2021 at 12:03 am

    And, word on the street suggests we can look forward to some sort of big push in September: “SNP set to put second independence referendum plan in action next month”…

    It’s all bullshit.

    By Sturgeon’s own rhetoric she needs a definitive breakthrough on the Section 30 issue, which will require a court case not all that dissimilar from Martin Keatings, only this time with the SNP pushing it rather than frustrating it. There is no court case happening, nor is there any perceptible shift in the SNP’s unconstructive disposition.

    The Holyrood Legislation needed to hold a Referendum isn’t in place. There is no Referendum Bill to hold a Referendum without a Section 30 Agreement.

    I have zero faith in Sturgeon’s strategy, acumen, diligence or sincerity, but even if I park that lack of faith and give Sturgeon the benefit of the doubt, she not even doing anything to progress or legitimise her own plans.

    In short, actions speak louder than words, and for all the words you hear, there is no action on the ground.

    And half a million people signing up to a Referendum for Recovery? Did they aye? Who are they? When and where was the petition? That’s strange given the RfR rhetoric seems a recent change of reference, but paradoxically, for a new change of emphasis, it’s flat and stale already. Where was my chance to sign up? Nobody ever mentioned a Referendum for Recovery to me, and I kinda think I’d have heard about it.

    We don’t need a referendum couched in any terms of “recovery” or transgender bollocks. What the fk is so complicated about a straight up referendum on Independence? Stop pissing about and get it on with it.

    The only material change to anything is a hardening in my own cynicism. I don’t trust Sturgeon an inch, and she is now the last person I want to see steering the bus for Scottish Independence. She would lose it.

    The only thing worse than Sturgeon doing nothing might actually turn out to be Sturgeon doing something. I just ache to see her resign and make way for someone more competent and capable with a modicum of integrity.

  122. Robert Hughes says:

    ” I don’t know what happened on 9-11. Nobody here does either. It’s likely that none of us will ever know. The official story has some huge problems though, that much is clear.”

    That is exactly my position Hatuey .

    ” The only thing worse than Sturgeon doing nothing might actually turn out to be Sturgeon doing something. I just ache to see her resign and make way for someone more competent and capable with a modicum of integrity. ”

    That too is exactly my position Breeks .Nothing more to add . Well said gentlemen ,

  123. Stuart MacKay says:

    The figure of half a million signatures for the referendum for recovery comes from which is, if I recall correctly, the petition for a new referendum launched two years or so ago. So it’s simply inept repackaging of what was already out there.

  124. Dan says:

    It looks like the new interconnect from Norway to England is flowing leccy into the GB Grid now.
    Scroll to right to see gauges.
    Gauges showing flow from France, Holland and Belgium are pinned to the max at the moment too…

  125. David Caledonia says:

    The blah needs to do the blah so the blah will be able to see what the blah is actually doing to the blah,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    Blah bla bla, heedly dum dee dee

  126. Breastplate says:

    I wouldn’t be too sure about a change of tack coming from a change of leadership.

    I’m pretty sure the the set up within the SNP will usher in a new leadership that will be endorsed by the current top tier of the party and will be Sturgeon friendly to a fault.

  127. David Caledonia says:

    ………………….. .

  128. Breeks says:

    Give us this day, our daily bullshit….

    ” Climate is expected to be a key area of the partnership, coming ahead of the COP26 summit in Glasgow later this year.

    Is it really? Not transgender bollocks, GRA and Hate Crime, not ostracising ALBA, and not self-vindication for Sturgeon having quashed the prospects of a dominant pro-Independence Holyrood majority through coalition with ALBA?

    To quote the Die Hard movie National, “Why don’t you wake up and smell what you’re shovelling?”

  129. robertknight says:

    The SNP has been lost to the Wokerati and folk, especially at grass roots, need to wake up to that fact.

    Apart from JC and those who went to ALBA, not a single dissenting voice re. Salmond, GRA, Hate Speech, Murray, feet dragging on IndyRef2, missing £600k, etc. etc. etc.

    The only thing that remains unchanged in the SNP from 2014 is the party name – the rest is nigh unrecognisable. Just as Blair did to Labour, Sturgeon has done to the SNP. All we need do is insert the word “New” and there you have it.

    So much in common between Blair and Sturgeon when you think about it. First word that comes to my mind when considering the two is “jail”. I wonder why that is…

  130. Willie says:

    As the U.K. cranks into life this Friday morning reports are coming in that there has been a major collapse in the online banking system across the UK.

    One can only wonder to what extent, how long, and more importantly, what underlies this systemic banking collapse.

    Britain at its best again, just like the empty supermarket shelves, the faltering industries starved of materials like cement for concrete, reinforcement steel and all manner of other products.

    Ah a post Brexit Britain, mighty and proud on the World stage – and just a pity about the crumbling social and economic backyard.

  131. Ruby says:

    Former UK Government minister says PM can no longer tell Scots to ‘shut your pie hole’ over constitution

  132. Mist001 says:

    “there has been a major collapse in the online banking system across the UK”

    They were all down in France two days ago, so I’m wondering if there’s some kind of DOS or cyberattack going on. Would the banks even admit to paying ransomware?

  133. Ruby says:

    No chicken in Nandos!

    Is it due to Brexit, Covid or Avian Flu’

    Staff shortages?

    That can’t be down to Avian Flu.

    Does shortage of chicken also mean shortage of eggs? 🙂

    I do like my Quiche Lorraine!

    I can live without chicken but it would be terrible if there was a short of chips!

  134. Ruby says:

    In the ‘shut your piehole’ article Lord Duncan says

    ‘The former MEP revealed it was Ruth Davidson, former Scottish Conservatives leader and now Baroness, who asked him to take on the role in 2017– despite there being 13 Scottish Tory MPs in Westminster who could have done the job.
    He explained: “The Scottish Conservative Party went from one MP to 13. But again, none of them became under secretary of state for Scotland. “That was me, the unelected one’

    “Baroness Sausage’ didn’t have much faith in the unlucky thirteen.

  135. Elizabeth Hagan says:

    Maybe there should be a wee touch of Green now in their postings. Heaven Help Scotland.

  136. chas says:

    RoS & Andy Ellis

    Why don’t you both just come out and admit it.

    The SNP led by Queen Nicola are doing a fantastic job and things will get even better when the loons in the Green Party are on board. Go on…………..I know you can do it!

    If you are too blind and gullible to see what the problem is how on earth can you solve it? Posting umpteen times on here, every day, is not going to crack it. Good luck-I’m off to the golf course!

  137. Pixywine says:

    Stoker. When Governments introduce draconian legislation it is NEVER repealed. Look at Belmarsh and the secret terror courts brought in under Tony Blair. Still with us. In fact I believe there is a journalist being tortured by false imprisonment in Belmarsh. Governments never repael legislation and you know it. Stop making excuses for Fascism.

  138. Jack Murphy says:

    AH, Ruby you beat me to it!

  139. Robert G says:

    Ruby says:
    20 August, 2021 at 10:06 am
    “No chicken in Nandos!

    Is it due to Brexit, Covid or Avian Flu’”

    I listened to City University London professor of food policy Tim Lang being interviewed yesterday on Radio 4. Despite the best attempts by the BBC host to claim otherwise, professor Lang made it very clear to the listener that the increasing problems of food supply shortages in the UK were very much wholly down to Brexit and certainly not Covid related. I suspect he will not be invited back on the BBC for the foreseeable future.

  140. wee monkey says:

    “City University London” ??? lolol.

    HOWEVER the FACT is you will find that the move by HMRC to capture small and single person businesses under IR35 rules is why you are short of 30,000 ex-self employed HGV drivers.
    No drivers, food doesn’t get distributed.

  141. David Caledonia says:

    Never mind the quality, feel the width

  142. Shocked says:


    Aye the New SNP propaganda office isn’t very good at playing possum sometimes.

    I expect a great many of those who claim to oppose Scotland being lumbered with a lying criminal as a First Minister who has destroyed our legal and justice systems will miraculously forgive all her crimes and swing in behind her when she makes a half hearted attempt at a referendum as a final throw of the dice to try and save her own skin. Indeed, the GERS dumpster fire has already led to a few of them showing their true colours as they desperately try to blame others for the utter disaster that is sturgeons handling of the economy.

    Sturgeon herself said years ago that GERS deniers were conspiracy cranks so it’s quite telling that the Nicola Sturgeon fan club is now trying to defend Nicola Sturgeon by denying GERS. Seems the New SNP’s own figures are only to be accepted when the picture they paint suits the narrative. Those of us with a business background know that they tell the truth, the economy is in the shitter (to put it mildly) because we have been lumbered by a bunch of incompetents due to the SNP turning into the New SNP Nicola Sturgeon personality cult. One idiot after another has been made finance minister and none of them could (in the words of the great Margot MacDonald) “count past 10 without taking their shoes and socks off”. Every single thing they touch turns to shit and it is pretty clear to me and many others that countless millions have either disappeared or been siphoned off into personal bank accounts of friends of the New SNP.

    Frankly anyone daft enough to sign up to the New SNP’s vision of an independent Scotland is asking for Scotland to become a corrupt banana republic run by imbeciles who’s only concern is enriching themselves and holding onto power. No doubt this will enrage the Nicola Surgeon fan club, fact it I’m just saying the same as Alex Salmond, Jim Sillars, Robin McAlpine and anyone else with half a brain. There is no way I want Scotland to become a bankrupt open prison which is what it would be if the New SNP got its way.

    Oh and as a final point, I see the New SNP have now done a deal with the Greens. Oh my! What a time to be alive! I remember warning people on here that if they voted New SNP this was going to happen and being attacked for it. Well folks you got what you wanted. A coalition of chaos between a bunch of lying criminals on the one hand and sexual deviants and freaks on the other. What an effing disaster.

  143. David Caledonia says:

    No food, omg whit ir wee gonna dae

    Go tae the shops and buy sum grub that’s whit am gonna dae

  144. David Caledonia says:

    ALBA is an SNP free zone

  145. Breeks says:

    Would you believe it?

    The SNP’s oversized NEC is being pruned, but positions being lost aren’t the Transcreeps appointing themselves, they are positions elected by the membership.

    I mean seriously… How fucking blind to you need to be to still not see the writing on the wall.

    Sturgeon could defect and take up Ruth Davidson’s job leading the Tories and you’d still get numpties giving her a ringing endorsement.

    The SNP is BROKEN. This party is no more! It has ceased to be! ‘E’s expired and gone to meet ‘is maker! ‘E’s a stiff! Bereft of life, ‘e rests in peace!

  146. susanXX says:

    I agree with you Willie re Afghani immigration. Indeed I would go further and say all Muslim immigration into Scotland is problematic. Quite simply it is an alien culture, anti western and not to be trusted.

  147. Republicofscotland says:

    Breeks @1.48pm.

    Yes Breeks it looks like Sturgeon the Betrayer of Scots and her clique are further consolidating their powers within the party.

    ” it is NEC members ELECTED by the branches and delegates that are to be cut, not those appointed by the various Woke Groups and affiliates.”

    With the Greens now sealing the “collaboration” deal with the SNP, both parties hierarchy being in my opinion ultra woke, the next five years looks to be one of pushing the (LBGTIQ+ ad finitum) agenda to the fore, at the expense of the majority of the Scottish population.

    As someone else has already pointed out Gordon Dangerfield has pointed out the Fabiani Whitewash aka the Report of the Committee on the Scottish Government Handling of Harassment Complaints”.

    Any decent person seeking not justice and independence but a fair and just Scottish society, should not vote SNP again, we’ve been duped, lied to, and threatened with the police, some of our most informative indy bloggers have been arrested for no apparent reason, others imprisoned for telling the truth under the tenure of Sturgeon the Betrayer of Scots.

  148. Socrates MacSporran says:

    Breeks @ 1.48pm

    Another great post Old Boy. Trouble isn’t the dead parrot SNP, it’s the live parrots still supporting such a failed party.

    Approximately 50% of the Scottish electorate have still to wake-up to what London is doing to them. Add the considerable percentage of the other 50% who still believe in Sturgeon and her clique and we have still got a very-long fight on our hands before we get Independence.

  149. Ebok says:

    @Ruby 11.45am

    The sheer frustration expressed in my recent comment on the failure of ALBA to make a breakthrough questioned the strategy of Alex Salmond and his hastily assembled team.

    After reading the Gordon Dangerfield piece on the Fabiani farce I noted his answer to a question post-article, the second paragraph of which sheds a light on a human trauma that few are exposed to. Mae culpa.

    ‘… The straight answer is that an action for damages for misfeasance in a public office against Evans — and possibly others — would in my opinion be even better than a judicial inquiry as a means of requiring disclosure of all that has been hidden, of subjecting all of the relevant witnesses to proper and thorough examination and cross-examination by skilled questioners and so on.
    My reticence is simply over how much more of this we, the Scottish public, can place onto the shoulders of one man, who has already been through so much. Not the least of this is the financial cost he has already borne and the huge financial cost of pursuing such action, not to mention the risk of financial ruin if it is lost. Remember, this is against opponents who are prepared to spend limitless amounts of public money to try to win, as witness the Rangers cases, and to continue spending it even long after they’ve lost, safe in the (apparently justified) belief that the Scottish people will keep electing them anyway.
    One thing I suppose that ordinary people could do is what they did at the outset of the judicial review case and that is make it clear that they’ll pay, on Alex’s behalf, whatever sums are needed to get justice. He hasn’t asked for that, though, and I don’t know if he ever would at this point.’

  150. Meg merrilees says:

    Latest report from the BBC re the Greens and SNP deal:

    The deal will take the Greens into government for the first time anywhere in the UK.

    It includes a commitment to hold a referendum on Scottish independence after the Covid pandemic has passed and within the next five years. ( MY EMBOLDENING)

    First Minister Nicola Sturgeon is giving details at a briefing alongside the two Scottish Green co-leaders

    The agreement will see two Green MSPs appointed as junior ministers in Ms Sturgeon’s government.

    So that’s it then folks – no referendum before 2026.

  151. Ruby says:

    Posting the link to the Lord Duncan article earlier reminded me of this

    ‘My brother died of ovarian cancer’: Why Deputy Lords Speaker Ian Duncan is campaigning for trans health’

    That is very sad!

    If people self-id how can anyone know they need special trans-health treatment ie smear tests & mammograms?

    Gender dysphoria seems like a very serious issue which I don’t believe can be solved simply by self-id.

    Would it not be better if instead of claiming ‘transwomen/men are women/men’ to say ‘transwomen are transwomen’ (same for transmen).

    Do trans people have a problem being called trans?

  152. Pixywine says:
    Green Agenda is unworkable. Only crazy idealogues believe in it.

  153. Ruby says:


    The BTL comments & answers from Gordon Dangerfield are excellent.

    The following comment sums up what I feel.

    ‘Like most I am attempting to hold on to a slither of hope for Scotland’s future and I keep telling myself that if one of them crack the whole shit will come crashing down on Sturgeon. And her husband of course.’

    Basically my feeling is that ‘something’s gotta give’ it’s kinda weird that things are so quiet. Calm before the storm perhaps?

  154. Republicofscotland says:


    On the purge of the SNP’s NEC of no woke, but elected members.

    I just watched Sturgeon on Sky news there, where she said, their “Agreement” with the Greens would now go to the SNP’s NEC for scrutiny and ratification, could this be why the purge of non woke/elected members of the NEC has, or is about to occur to prevent them scrutinising it.

  155. Gordon Hastie says:

    I wrote to Craig Murray (thanks Stu). He says he’s doing OK but they’re not passing gifts such as books and magazines on to him because they may contain drugs. FFS etc…
    I’ve sent an email to HMP politely asking them to reverse this rule, and it may help if others follow suit if they haven’t written already.

  156. Pixywine says:
    Young Irish footballer dies of brain bleed three days after his second “vaccine”

  157. Pixywine says:

    Prison authorities are bullshiting when they say they can’t accept books for prisoners because of drug risk. It will be well known to prison staff that he is not a drug user. The Reception Screws are probably Unionist assholes.
    To Jim McDermot formally Prison officer in Shotts go fuck your mother youvanimal

  158. JimuckMac says:

    Afghanistan is a distraction. The American election vote audits are now in the Senate.

  159. Ruby says:

    ‘Officials say the measures are necessary to keep would-be smugglers from dousing paper in drugs—like suboxone or liquid meth—and mailing it to people inside prison, the illicit substances obscured by paint or the thickness of a greeting card.’

  160. J.o.e says:

    ‘Afghanistan is a distraction. The American election vote audits are now in the Senate.’

    I couldn’t disagree more

  161. Ruby says:

    “The latest smuggling method is spraying post with drugs, particularly psychoactive substances such as spice. The drug dissolves into the paper and is then smoked as a joint.

    Last year, prison governors introduced a policy of only providing inmates with photocopies of original letters as a precautionary measure, after it was revealed books and letters were being soaked with LSD-like hallucinogens.”

  162. Ruby says:

    This is a few years old so things might have changed.

    “Now the Prison Service has issued an amendment to the 2013 regulations, saying that books are to be excluded from the ban on sending items into jails.

    A prisoner’s friends or relatives can now order books from Blackwell’s, Foyles, Waterstones or WH Smith, who will send the books directly to prisons.

    These retailers had to meet “set criteria” to be approved, the National Offender Management Service said. Friends and relatives will only be allowed to send books or hand them in themselves in “exceptional circumstances”.

  163. Mist001 says:

    Funny that Browns is a favourite haunt of the Greens. Makes me see red. I wonder if there’ll be any celebrations in here tonight? Phones at the ready!

  164. holymacmoses says:

    Well the Greens are going to hold on to power as long as they can – given they’ve never had it before. They’ve pulled a fast one by making it ‘unofficial’ and thus still getting cash for being in opposition. Such a set of crooks are running this country and the other one too.
    I really despise the people who voted for Boris Johnson; the people who voted to leave the EU; the people who DIDN’T vote for Mr Salmond. AND MOST OF ALL the MURRELLS

  165. Robert Graham says:

    A off Topic comment.

    That’s three times in the last few days I have spoken to people who have accepted the Covid Jab and every one of them are blissfully unaware that there are demonstrations and riots taking place all over the world because people are not taking what they are being offered by the trusted governments and medical institutions .

    Mass deception and propaganda have removed any common sense from people they seem to be in some dream land believing anything they are told, a clip showing people being prevented from entering a supermarket in Paris without a proof of vaccine status is shortly going to be the norm on a high st near you.

    Countless clips of people having adverse reactions are being posted but totally ignored by the media because it doesn’t follow the accepted government and big pharma line the very first day these Chemical shots were being given there were 40 reported serious side effects and that information has suddenly disappeared just like the flu as if by magic just gone .

  166. Ottomanboi says:

    Find it impossible to feel any sympathy for the persons involved in this.
    If the ScotGov or BritGov universe revolves around this irrationality they deserve «extinction».

  167. Ian Brotherhood says:

    If we’ve paid for stuff to be delivered to Craig Murray then he should receive it – if not now, then when he is freed. Surely?

  168. Ruby says:

    Robert Graham says:

    Mass deception and propaganda have removed any common sense from people they seem to be in some dream land believing anything they are told

    Weird that they don’t believe what you are telling them!!!

    Any thoughts on why they don’t?

  169. Pixywine says:

    Ruby. You don’t believe what’s happening because you’re a Government shill. It is depressing to watch so many “Nationalists” falling for MSM lies. You know its bullshit. What you also know is that no one has the guts to actually fight for what they claim to believe in on this country that’s why you focus on politics that are going nowhere.
    Tell me What do you honestly think of the Australian Government building concentration camps for unvaccinated people? Would you prefer to use euphemisms like quarantine facility?

  170. Mist001 says:

    I got my vaccine done on Tuesday. It was the Johnson and Johnson one which is only one injection and is recommended by the French government. It means now that I can act as a functioning member of society.

    I’m not an anti-Vaxxer, but I am pro-choice and in France and very likely to a place near you soon, it isn’t really a choice. As I said before, if you want to be a functioning part of society in France now, you HAVE to have the vaccine.

    Anyway, no side effects or horror stories to report. An hour later, I’d forgotten I’d had it.

    I haven’t forgotten that fascism has arrived though as the Green/SNP coalition will soon demonstrate to you.

  171. Pixywine says:

    New Zealand has only a 20% take up rate for vaccination. Australia has only an 18% take up so basically our Kiwi friends are being subjected to collective punishment. Can anyone here tell if that’s legal or not? Bet you don’t know the answer.

  172. Pixywine says:

    Ruby. You’ve never been in prison so you don’t know what you’re talking about. And to save you from asking I spent many years in prison because I was a bad guy a long time ago.

  173. Ruby says:

    Pixywine says:
    20 August, 2021 at 5:52 pm
    Ruby. You’ve never been in prison so you don’t know what you’re talking about.


    I’ve never been to Australia or New Zealand either so quite asking dopey question about these countries.

  174. Ruby says:

    Mist001 says:
    20 August, 2021 at 5:42 pm

    I haven’t forgotten that fascism has arrived though as the Green/SNP coalition will soon demonstrate to you.


    Why have you chosen to remain in a fascist country?
    Why did you cave in so easily to fascism?

  175. Mist001 says:

    I choose to live here because of my family. If you live in Scotland, why do you choose to live there because all I ever hear is about how shitty it’s becoming. Surely it’s time to get out, is it not?

    You thought the SNP was bad, you ain’t seen nothing yet. A Green/SNP coalition is a fucking nightmare and will run rampant across Scotland.

    I didn’t cave in to Fascism. It’s a realisation that just hits you one day. On the other hand, you can clearly see the warning signs happening in other countries. YOU have no excuse not to do anything about it before it takes serious hold. Even Mrs. Murrell told you about it earlier this week.

    So, you know what’s coming.

    So, what are you doing to prevent fascism rising in Scotland?

  176. Hatuey says:

    Mist: “I got my vaccine done on Tuesday.”

    You should be grateful. You’ve dramatically reduced your chances of catching covid, dramatically improved your chances of surviving if you do catch it, and dramatically reduced the chances of you passing it to friends, family, and others who may otherwise have caught it from you and died.

  177. Pixywine says:
    When politicians insult us by calling us ” selfish” they are defaming us.

  178. Pixywine says:

    Ruby. You’re clueless about Australia. You don’t want to answer the question. You’re an SNP Troll.

  179. Pixywine says:

    Hatuey. Everyone who is getting “covid” has bee vaccinated and you know it you cunt.

  180. Pixywine says:

    Ottamanboy. I remember that scum sucker Duncan was virulently anti Scottish Independence in 2014.

  181. Ruby says:

    Mist001 says:

    So, what are you doing to prevent fascism rising in Scotland?


    You already sound like the gestapo.

    Difficult to take steps to prevent something that hasn’t happened. Something that at the moment is only in your imagination.

    If you were in Scotland what steps would you take?

  182. J.o.e says:


    1 question: did you even show up to any 1 of the protests the French held?

  183. Ruby says:

    Pixywine says:
    20 August, 2021 at 7:31 pm
    Ruby. You’re clueless about Australia. You don’t want to answer the question. You’re an SNP Troll.


    Correct I am clueless about Australian!

    Why does that make me an SNP troll?

  184. John McNab says:

    I see we’re getting a government we didn’t vote for…

  185. Mist001 says:

    Ruby, do you talk shite, or what? Remember, they are laughing AT you, NOT with you.

  186. Hatuey says:

    “Everyone who is getting “covid” has bee vaccinated and you know it you cunt.”

    That’s correct. I wouldn’t even object to the “cunt” part.

  187. Ruby says:

    John McNab says:
    20 August, 2021 at 7:51 pm
    I see we’re getting a government we didn’t vote for…


    Being part of the Union we are well used to that.

  188. Mist001 says:

    J.O.E, I simply don’t have time to take part in protests which always take place on a Saturday and I mean that quite literally. My weekends are very busy and I barely get a minute to myself until about 9pm. My day is very full.

    So no, I haven’t been to any protests.

  189. Ruby says:

    Mist001 says:
    20 August, 2021 at 7:54 pm
    Ruby, do you talk shite, or what? Remember, they are laughing AT you, NOT with you.


    Who are they? Are they the voices you hear at night when you’re alone in your room?

  190. J.o.e says:


    Ok. Too busy.

    So what is it you have done instead of join a protest?

  191. Mist001 says:

    Raise awareness of what’s happening. It seems to be working, since you’re asking me questions. It means I’ve caught your attention.

  192. Mist001 says:

    Ok, for clarity Ruby, I, PERSONALLY am laughing at you. I tried to give you the benefit of the doubt until you wrote the following in reply to me:

    “You already sound like the gestapo.

    Difficult to take steps to prevent something that hasn’t happened. Something that at the moment is only in your imagination.

    If you were in Scotland what steps would you take?”

    Which was a ridiculous thing to type and is why I’m laughing at you, although I’m sure I’m not alone in that so ‘they’ was probably the correct term.

  193. J.o.e says:


    Im going to be honest here – you have done virtually nothing to fight this ‘fascism’ you are talking about.

    That is not terrible in and of itself.

    But you are on here talking about how you have had to submit to ‘fascism’ and how it will happen to all of us.

    Your ‘fight’ has involved some sporadic raising of awareness while your French fellows have been raising the roof (clearly they are able to put the fight for the future higher up on their Saturday to-do list than yourself, perhaps they water the geraniums later on in the afternoon?).

    In short I find you a pathetic and miserable creature and if you want to do 1 thing in your fight against ‘fascism’ it would be to hold your silence on your own feeble outlook and eagerness to capitulate.


  194. Ruby says:

    What’s the point in raising awareness of the possible rise of fascism when your solution is to roll over and collaborate?

    If you don’t your life will be very difficult!

  195. Mist001 says:

    I dunno Joe, I think you’re believing too much of what you read in the papers. Yes, there are protests but the numbers aren’t what they tell you they are. I was in the city centre during last weeks protest and there was no more than 500 people taking part, if that. The thing passed us in five minutes.

    On the other hand, the Gay Pride parade which you didn’t hear about was absolutely massive.

    So, there’s much more support in Marseille for Gay Pride than there is for anti-Vaxxers.

    Anyway, I think next time, you should maybe think before posting to me because I have not mentioned the word ‘fight’ at any point, anywhere on this site, so it’s just a guess, but I’m guessing that you like to make things up. That being the case, then like Ruby, I can’t take you seriously.

  196. Carol Neill says:

    @J.o.e , I stopped posting here long ago but that made me laff

  197. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Have just seen a few tweets saying that Reiner Fuellmich has been arrested, in Berlin, during a live broadcast.

  198. Ruby says:

    Mist001 says:
    Anyway, I think next time, you should maybe think before posting to me because I have not mentioned the word ‘fight’ at any point,


    Why not? Why wouldn’t you want to fight fascism?

    Is fascism on your list of things you don’t take seriously?

  199. J.o.e says:


    The numbers are perhaps a reflection of everybody having more important things to do.

    You don’t have to be a hero, mist, but seriously – you are talking about this being ‘fascism’ and gone and taken a medical treatment you didn’t want to take but felt forced to take by the government yet you didn’t once put protesting this higher on your to-do list?

    I find that totally perplexing.

  200. David Caledonia says:

    Its raining men…………….. Sung by The Weather Girls 1982

    Its been reworked for the woke generation it seems its not raining men any longer, its raining them, whoever the feck them are, make up your own mind about that, Trans singer Mila Jam has a new version out, she/he or whatever should be called a Mila Shite, maybe even a royal mila shite.
    They say its to raise awareness of non binary identities. and the songs writer Paul Shaffer has given it his blessing.
    I don’t think Mick and Keith will be changing the title of Honky Tonk Woman to Honky Tonk Them anytime soon

    What do you think Honky Tonk lol

  201. David Caledonia says:

    How many times have we heard that old chestnut, I don’t have the time, I’m awfully busy
    Well the cemeteries are full of people who where awfully busy in their short lives, busy fecking dying in two world wars for all you busy people to have the freedom to not be to busy to make a difference to whats going on today

    To busy my ARSE !

  202. J.o.e says:

    Just 1 more point. Its a small one but for accuracy I would like to say that it appears to me that the protests have all been buried by the media but gay pride lauded as usual.

  203. David Caledonia says:

    The gers won wan nothin last night, is that a good or a bad thing for scotland, lets go to our man in London for an in depth report on this

    Hello Boris, what have you got to report

    Boris, feck all, go away and don’t annoy me, do you people not realise that I am on holiday, feck the gers lol

  204. President Xiden says:

    The Greens are in power . Clownworld is now complete.

  205. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Further to my 8.43, seems it was some kind of ‘simulation’, and Fuellmich & colleagues are fine.

  206. President Xiden says:

    Glad to see Nicola is carrying on a proud tradition and giving us a Government we didn’t vote for .

  207. Hatuey says:

    As predicted just last night, they’ve kicked indyref2 right into the long grass until 2026.

    We should assume that means they’ll activate it again when they want us to vote SNP in the next Holyrood elections.

    Sturgeon is so compromised now that she couldn’t push for indyref2 even if she wanted to.

    On the Salmond scandal, the missing ring-fenced funds, the handling of Covid, and of course gender issues, the BBC could destroy her at any time with a few short minutes of honest coverage in the main evening news. If they did that, the whole MSM would pile on too. She’d be gone in a matter of days.

    But the BBC won’t do that because from a British State perspective (i.e. the national interest), they really couldn’t hope for a more compliant, compromised, and controllable political leadership in Scotland at this very precarious time.

    Salmond offered us the hope of early days and a better nation. Sturgeon delivered the dog days and a country that couldn’t be more dejected and broken.

    It seems there’s no limit to the crap Scottish people will take.

  208. stonefree says:

    The Green Agenda

  209. Every pervert,paedophile and misogynist will be heading to Scotland,

    She/Her and the Green Goblin are going to give them the keys to all vulnerable citizens safe spaces,

    just as the UK establishment gave Sir James Wilson Vincent Savile OBE KCSG the keys to Broadmoor

    and if you try and stop them you will be prosecuted by our very corrupt judiciary through Humza Yousaf`s Hate Crime Bill,

    and our indolent and shiftles MSM will turn a blind eye cause they are getting millions from Scot Gov.

  210. Tannadice Boy says:

    I don’t know what to make of the SNP Green sort of coalition. Which one thinks they will benefit? Nicola won’t face a no confidence vote. The Greens will influence policy but they have to deal with membership dissent. And of course the SNP won’t put it to their membership. If ever you needed evidence of SNP member impotence it’s here on a plate. Still we have a pledge of IndyRef2 in 2024. 10 years later and I think it will be a worse result. No volunteers will endorse GRA or HCB. I will then be part of the 39% and not the 45%. Still it will lead to the demise of Sturgeon. And not a moment to soon.

  211. President Xiden says:

    Nicola’s oil fund v the Green agenda, nope nothing to see here.

  212. stonefree says:

    @ Tannadice Boy at 10:32 pm
    Harvey and others get into the high chairs, get the publicity puff out the chest and act as they have great importance.
    Sturgeon get another dog to blame for the crap, a general whipping boy , someone who’ll acquiesce to the great one’s request. and a turd stuck on the soles of her shoes
    She’ll complain that she taken on board all the hippy green stuff, taken not a jot in, backed up with glowing …..Hurry up you say………..OK same rhetorical shit different day

  213. Tannadice Boy says:

    @Stonefree 11:19pm
    The documented history of coalitions is the junior partner goes unto electoral oblivion. That’s why I don’t understand it. But it’s also a miscalculation by the SNP. GRA and HCB are not defenable on the street. I can’t see too many people on a street stand plugging this philosophy. They will get torned apart.

  214. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Hi Tannadice Boy.

    Did you catch “Tannadice ’87” on BBC Scotland (Ch9) the other night?
    It was quite good – and you got to see Jim McLean smiling.

  215. Tannadice Boy says:

    @Brian Doonthetoon 12:04 pm
    I am not big on statues. Will United ever win the league with 14 men again? I doubt it. I remember Jim Mclean fined the players for a lack of entertainment. They won 5 nothing. I was at the game. United played poorly. They won 5 nothing because the opposition were worse. Equally I went to Dens in the sixties with my Uncle Willy. You had some great players then.

  216. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Craig Brown was my gym teacher at Macalpine Primary School. Also the football coach. I have a pic of the the 1963-4 squad. Some of us (not me!) went on to professional footie careers.

  217. Tannadice Boy says:

    @Brian Doonthetoon 1:32am
    I can’t trump that. That’s a great story except through my children. My boy was assessed for professional football aged 15. The assessor said second division football. In the car driving back home he said I think I would rather be a Doctor. He has never played football since but is possibly a rising star in Scottish Medicine.

  218. Pixywine says:
    If this man is correct then I’m damned sorry for those about to pass.

  219. David Caledonia says:

    ALBA is the future……..

    snp/greens the past…….

    They are scuttling the good ship Independence
    but we have built a new ship and there’s nothing
    they can do about it

  220. David Caledonia says:

    Who votes for the greens, in the past I understood why, now I just don’t get it, who votes for the greens, and who can now honestly vote for the snp after this farce

    A show of utter contempt for people that voted for them
    unprincipled mendacious mendicants

  221. David Caledonia says:

    I dont usually look at this kind of stuff, but this is the funniest thing I have seen in ages

    Some guy stands up and says everyone that has taken the vaccine for covid will die in 6 months to 5 years

    A lot of people have not died because they protected themselves from the virus with a vaccine

    Why do stupid people keep posting stuff like this as if its true, the hall this so called doctor got up to speak in was practically empty, he said he has written 25 books, well I for one have never heard of him, so his 25 books could not have made any impact anywhere

  222. David Caledonia says:

    And if this so called doctor wants a bet with me, i will lay down a quarter of a million quid that I don’t die because I have had the vaccine

    Lets say 5 years from now the bet gets paid one way or the other
    I don’t think he will take my bet

  223. J.o.e says:

    @David Caledonia

    His statement about Dr Robert Malone is correct. Dr Robert Malone invented the MRNA technology and has been raising awareness of the dangers and calling for a halt to vaccine roll out.

  224. John McNab says:

    Ruby says:
    20 August, 2021 at 7:56 pm
    John McNab says:
    20 August, 2021 at 7:51 pm
    I see we’re getting a government we didn’t vote for…


    Being part of the Union we are well used to that.

    And that, Ruby, is exactly the standard type of abject, craven, supine response we’re all too accustomed to from the Scots secessionist tendency. It might be garbage, but as long as it’s got a tartan ribbon on it, at least it’s our garbage. It’s quite appropriate that the SNP chose yellow for their party’s colour.

    Oh Ruby, you shouldn’t have taken your love to town…

  225. JimuckMac says:

    Liz Lloyd leaked the Salmond information to David Clegg of the Daily Record.

    Jail time for Lloyd.

  226. highseastim says:

    Of course you fail to mention that this site is now polluted by yoons!!

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