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The last ten seconds of life

Posted on August 21, 2021 by

Our cartoonist is still on holiday, but he’d never have beaten this for a joke anyway.

Even if it’s an old one.

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664 to “The last ten seconds of life”

  1. holymacmoses says:

    Ron Maclean says:
    25 August, 2021 at 5:24 pm
    @holymacmoses 2:57pm

    ‘I think, perhaps, MPs and MSPs are all in danger of being seduced – that’s not quite the same thing.’

    Do pushovers need seducing?

    Ha-ha. Some are push-overs but not all. Mr salmond negotiated his world effectively without selling his virtue (which is, in itself, quite an ironical statement n’est ce pas?) It’s difficult for some of them and we don’t really want to select the ‘Farages’ of this world for WM – however effective they may be in the long run.

  2. James Che. says:

    Ron Maclean.
    Excellent point,

    That would place anyone sitting in the Scottish devolved parliament whom pretend that they are flying the colours of yes independence and were voted in on that mandates in the past were lying then and lying to us now,

    When those whom are supposed to have been for us, were actually against us early on in years. Including the snp since the devolved government very beginning is staggering.

    Well one thing for sure, that is a route definitely closed to us now,
    Thanks Ron, even I missed that one.

  3. James Che. says:

    Holding on to the last thought for a while,

    It occurs to me, That should the sovereign People of Scotland decide to choose a new government.

    The opposition would suddenly be clambering over themselves to allow a quick referendum before it got out of their hands.

    They would wish to thwart any possibility of us ever gaining control or gaining independence..
    The more you see the chains, the more you see the allegiances, the more you question…

    How many of us still want to go down the route a fixed referendum I wonder?

    A Scottish sovereign people’s parliament is the choice to make,

    For we have already proved that this Scottish independence and right to self determination is undermined by Scotland people living in a present day colony and a colonial minded government,

    We are one of the last remaining colonies of the old empire.

    The title of “The Scottish Sovereign People’s Parliament” is all that needs to be said.

  4. holymacmoses says:

    Ron Maclean says:
    25 August, 2021 at 5:43 pm
    @James Che. 3:57pm

    Once MPs and MSPs are elected we have little or no influence over how they use our sovereignty.

    I think the significance of the oaths taken by Scottish, allegedly independence-seeking, parliamentarians has been overlooked. For example; how would they go about breaking up the United Kingdom without lying under oath?

    I haven’t noticed that lying under oath is a matter of great concern to the SNP party – or indeed others, who are not members

  5. Andy Ellis says:

    @twatheaded 5.59 pm

    The issue isn’t whether such problems exist, since they patently do, it’s the extent to which they are the responsibility of or attributable to immigration. Perhaps you were all asleep when UKIP were given their platform to blame all our ills on foreigners…? How did that work out again?

    The issues Dan highlights aren’t unique to Scotland. Our infrastructure isn’t poor because the money is being spent on Afghan, Syrian or Kurdish refugees. We aren’t short of housing because it’s all being given to undeserving incomers or bought by rich southerners. All of these problems are solvable by prioritising spending in areas which ensure our infrastructure is adequate, or that we build enough affordable housing.

    Of course it’s always been easy to distract the hard of thinking and the ill educated by othering those less fortunate than them, whether it’s immigrants, ethnic or religious minorities or political opponents. There’s nothing wrong with being patriotic and being proud of your country. When your patriotism consists of being anti-immigration and being easily mistaken for the sub-UKIP knuckle draggers we all saw poisoning the discourse for decades before brexit however, that’s something different.

    As long ago as 1918 H.L. Mencken observed that:

    “the whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by an endless series of hobgoblins, most of them imaginary.”

    The nativist hobgoblin is in rude health BTL here recently, but it doesn’t mean it has any real appeal, or appreciable support. According to the 2011 census 96% of Scotland’s 5.5 million people are white. 92% are White Scottish or UK in origin. 84% were white Scottish. 4% identified as Polish, Irish, Roma, Traveller/Gypsy or “white other”. 4% were Black, Asian, African or mixed race.

    You and your nativist muckers like to conjure the hobgoblin of being swamped by incomers and denied what “pure bloods” really want, but in the end it’s just a conjuring trick to frighten the credulous as Mencken rightly observed. Far easier to other those seeking to settle here and make a contribution than to admit that the real problem lies in the lack of political bollocks on the part of the 84% of “real Scots”. They could make independence happen in a matter of weeks if they had the courage of their 14th century forebears.

  6. Breeks says:

    Ron Maclean says:
    25 August, 2021 at 5:43 pm

    …. For example; how would they go about breaking up the United Kingdom without lying under oath?

    For that matter, why can they effectively abdicate Scottish Sovereignty without being impeached and their actions declared unconstitutional and thereby unlawful?

    Plus, how does breaking a UK oath measure up beside selling out Scotland’s Constitutional Sovereignty?

    Why don’t Scottish politicians take an oath of allegiance to the Popular Sovereignty of Scotland and forsaking all others?

    I’ll repeat my hobby horse observation that the Union survives only because of unwritten “conventions” which masquerade as legitimate Constitutional rights. Taking an oath you properly shouldn’t is just an example of how the Union embeds itself, rewrites the truth, and becomes an “accepted” convention when nobody speaks out to challenge it… – probably by another bogus “convention”.

  7. Old Fogey says:


    For any overseas members of Alba who may be on here, I will be hosting an initial discussion on Alba International this Saturday at 12:15 PM.

    Please log on to the Alba website to register.


  8. Hatuey says:

    Another lockdown is inevitable and the blame for that must be attributed to those that refused the vaccine. This isn’t directed at anyone in particular but I’d give special thanks to Ian and Pixie, self appointed leaders of the death cult…

    The supposedly shocking video of mass protests in Melbourne was somewhat disappointing. There was about 80 people there at most.

  9. Dan says:

    Sigh, updates my YES T shirt to:

    Strongbow soaked AUOB malcontent ill-educated transphobe natavist radical knuckle dragging pure blood hobgoblin mucker…

  10. Stuart MacKay says:

    Old Fogey

    Since the International chapter members are likely to include people living in countries other than England and Wales, perhaps you could indicate which timezone the meeting will take place in.

    Yes, it’s reasonable to assume it’s British Summer Time but it’s the little details that separate the excellent from the merely mediocre.

  11. Ian Hart says:

    Andy Ellis @ 25 August, 2021 at 10:24 am

    “There is current no such animal as a Scottish citizen.”

    Why don’t you fk right off. I have never read so much unadulterated pish.

  12. Rogueslr says:

    I see an analogy between football and politics. We all know one player who can lift a team or is the heart of a side. Maradona, Messi, Ronaldo, Bale, Neymar, Salah all dominate their national teams.

    In politics one person can dominate the agenda for good or bad. Thatcher, Salmond, Merkel, Wilson, Blair all had their visions (self interest?) and set the pace and set their countries direction. For long periods they don’t appear and the dross floats to the top.

    Salmond, in 2014, was that man. He’ll be 67 later this year, not old but if the next referendum isn’t for 4 or 5 years he’ll be in Biden/Trump age territory. If independence is to be achieved there needs to be someone, like the younger Salmond, with the vision, drive, energy and enthusiasm to argue the case to the electorate.

    Alex deserves all the respect for his passion and advancing the case for independence. His stoicism and bravery in the face of a concerted attempt to destroy him should be lauded from the rafters, but…

    He is not, in the eyes of the MSM influenced public, the top striker of old. What do Alex Salmond & Michael Jackson have in common? They’ve both been found innocent in the courts. Mud sticks. It shouldn’t, but it does.

    So, who are the visionaries that can drive independence forward? Who can recreate the excitement & hope of 2014? It ain’t gonna be The Wicked Witch as we know she’s not interested, there has to be a rising star within Alba to take over Alex’s mantle. But whom?

  13. Hatuey says:

    Rogueslr: “What do Alex Salmond & Michael Jackson have in common?”

    Fucking hell. Do you write for Viz?

  14. Andy Ellis says:

    @ Ian Hart 8.31 pm

    To be a Scottish citizen, there would have to be an independent Scottish state. Much as we may not like it as Scottish nationalists, we’re British citizens. Try declaring yourself a Scottish citizen on paperwork for entry visas when travelling abroad and see how far you get.

    If we want Scottish citizenship, we have to vote for and achieve independence. If we want to fiddle with the franchise for a referendum we can doubtless require some proof of residence (though virtually no other independence referendum has done so), but trying to impose some spurious citizenship hurdle before there is any such thing as a Scottish citizen is batshit crazy.

    This isn’t rocket science. Even nativists should be able to see it through the spittle flecks….

  15. Hatuey says:

    “1,458 Bacteria Species ‘New to Science’ Found in Our Belly Buttons”

    Makes you think, doesn’t it…

  16. Republicofscotland says:

    ” Try declaring yourself a Scottish citizen on paperwork for entry visas when travelling abroad and see how far you get.”

    Oh give it a rest Ellis, Scotland doesn’t control this department, nor many others that pump out your British not Scottish/Welsh or English trope.

    Try telling the people of Wales or England that they are not Welsh or English citizens they just laugh in your face.

  17. John Main says:

    Andy Ellis

    Over 800 illegals reached the UK on one day last week.

    800 people whose first contribution was to make it clear that our laws are not for them to follow.

    Maybes you could tell me how many hospital beds, school places, flats, houses, social workers, prison places, etc. a group of 800 people will need. And how many of these were actually provided by us taxpayers. And why us taxpayers should be expected to provide this each and every day as long as the traffic continues.

    I was lucky enough to be born and grow up in a typical wee Scottish town of around 8000 souls. It represented the organic growth, in terms of houses, shops, workplaces, medical facilities, infrastructure, etc. of centuries of investment and commitment over dozens of generations.

    Yet if some catastrophe was to wipe out all of its population tomorrow, it could be re-populated with illegal immigrants in just 2 weeks.

    And you tell us to just move along there, nothing to see or wonder about. Unless you are a knuckle dragger.

  18. Old Fogey says:

    Stuart MacKay

    Hi Stuart, apologies I should have indicated that it’s BST.

    Thanks for flagging this.

  19. John Main says:

    @Hatuey 25 August, 2021 at 7:43 pm

    “Another lockdown is inevitable and the blame for that must be attributed to those that refused the vaccine.”

    As a vaccine sceptic, I feel strongly that what has been missing in the debate are exemplars for the Pro-Vaccine cause. People whose example would persuade sceptics of the folly of their belief and bring them safely home into the Pro-Vaccine camp.

    So why don’t you lead from the front Hatuey, and go lock yourself down right now.

  20. Carol Neill says:

    Hatuey @7.43
    How do you work that one out
    I live alone , get my shopping delivered , always have done , only place I go is my allotment ,outside needless to say
    I volunteer at the local Foodbank , where everyone else has been double vaxxed , they don’t care I haven’t been , so how am I and others like me the cause of the spread !?!?
    Get a grip

  21. twathater says:

    @ Ian Hart 8.31pm Andy won’t just F off because he has an agenda to keep the franchise as is to enable incomers or sorry new Scots to carry on flooding into Scotland and eventually they will outnumber natives

    Andy wants the elderly well to do to sell up their expensive properties down south and buy up whole villages in Scotland to ensure the young in Scotland are forced to look outwith Scotland for housing and jobs , Andy doesn’t like blood and soil nationalists Andy wants no borders and people to be citizens of the world
    @ Dan 7.51pm I couldnae get aw that on a T shirt, I would huvtae get wan o they scrollin board thingmys , mibbe wae lights tae advertise ma badness

  22. Andy Ellis says:

    @Carol Neill 7.43 pm

    I’d guess most people are relatively sanguine about you taking risks with your own health, although there is always the argument that it would be irresponsible of you to take up scarce NHS resources during a pandemic if you were to become seriously ill by refusing vaccination.

    It seems the Delta variant killed 1189 people up to mid August. 74% were unvaccinated. Two thirds of people under 50 who died with the Delta variant were not vaccinated.

    The Delta variant viral load is 300 times higher than the earlier strains.

    But yeah, your self interest is more important than the risks to everyone else.

    Get a grip indeed.

  23. Carol Neill says:

    O fuck off im off this site for good
    Sorry Rev c you’ve lost my donations

  24. Dan says:

    New Scottish Indy Franchise… Only the vaccinated should get a vote…

  25. holymacmoses says:

    Carol Neill says:
    25 August, 2021 at 9:57 pm
    O fuck off im off this site for good
    Sorry Rev c you’ve lost my donations

    Wings put up with a great deal more than this and he was pushed – he didn’t jump. Have a bit of back-bone Ms Neill

  26. Hatuey says:

    Carol: “only place I go is my allotment ,outside needless to say… I volunteer at the local Foodbank , where everyone else has been double vaxxed , they don’t care I haven’t been…”

    The data couldn’t be clearer; those who haven’t been vaccinated are getting hammered right now and are much more likely to spread the virus. Of course, that includes kids and younger people.

    It worries me that you are working at a foodbank and are potentially going to catch and pass the virus around to foodbank users, etc. And there’s no nice way of saying that.

    Working at a foodbank as a volunteer is truly a praiseworthy thing to do. I admire you. Sincerely. And I sincerely wish you’d get vaccinated, if your health allows for it.

    And just to show I’m honest, the second dose of the vaccine knocked me for six… fever, tired, feeling like shit, etc., but only for a couple of days.

    I found the whole thing quite scary but I’d do it again in an instant because I know it works and the chances of major complications are close to zero.

  27. Dan says:

    Stick around Carol, it’s an accolade to be proud of when you get harangued by Max Headroom. 😉

    Just laugh about it and wear your “Roaster” badge with panache.

  28. bipod says:

    Someone neeeds to describe to me why if Scotland is so much more cautious than reckless England i.e. mask mandate still required, offices still closed, track and trace etc… Then why is Scotlands rate of covid “cases” proportionally so much higher than the current English rate.

    Could it be that all of the extra “cautious” restrictions don’t actually make any kind of measurable difference. Or is it with the Schools now back mass testing of pupils is producing a fake “spike” in cases.

    Lockdown fanatics need to accept that the constant ruinous attempts to “control the virus” have totally and utterly failed, it never worked once. It can’t be controlled the virus is endemic here now it will fall off soon but then it will spike again and the cycle will repeat. With the majority of the population now vaccinated we need to accept we have done the best we can do to protect people but now it is time to let people get on with their lives, no more evidence free “cautious” restrictions and no more shutting down society based on the number of available hospital beds.

  29. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Hi Carol Neill at 9:57 pm.

    You typed,
    O fuck off im off this site for good
    Sorry Rev c you’ve lost my donations

    What did Rev Stu do?

  30. The SNP got taken over by the woke uni educated virtue signalling she/her/him/horse clown shoes,

    please please please don`t let these entryists into the Alba party,

    there should be a franchise on membership to the Alba party,

    you have to have lived in Scotland for 6 out of the last 5 years,

    and no psueds or navitists of anyone covered in spittle and definitely no Norwegians.

  31. Al-Stuart says:

    Hi Brian DoonTheToon,

    Don’t worry buddy.

    The Rev has done NOTHING wrong.

    It’s just some daft old bat says she is “fucking off” and taking her cats and donations with her.

    The squirrels in her head are saying it’s all the Revs fault for not moderating the Covid subtext that has infected the narrative of every Wings thread.

    The aforesaid Nora Batty Nutkins demands her Typhoid Mary approach to wandering around UNVAXXED is of not threat to others because she is a hermit. But Batty Twatty says she works in a Foodbank. A very efficient way to spread Covid.

    Batty Nutkins, don’t let the door hit yer erse on the road oot.

    Maybe, like some of us, she should daily FaceTime with NHS family in tears because they had the dreaded but noble vocation of being the only one in an ICU cubicle at a dying persons last moments whilst this wretched disease has taken tens of thousands to their death with the cruel nightmare of going to their grave with NO family members by their bedside.

    Mark my words, the doctors, nurses and NHS workers having to be pro tem family members as they hold the hand of a person duping of Covid will bequeath a massive PTSD problem amongst the NHS staff.

    It is impossible NOT to become emotionally involved as a fellow human being dies, bereft of their family and you are their only human contact to walk then to their death.

    But hey, let them die alone and in distress just as Nutty Twatkins can wander round spreading the virus that she is so ignorant of she thinks she is guaranteed to be safe.

    Fucking Trump no vax nutters. They would be funny if this was not so tragic.

  32. Mia says:

    “Another lockdown is inevitable and the blame for that must be attributed to those that refused the vaccine”

    Absolutely not. The blame must be attributed where it belongs.

    The blame for that lands right on Sturgeon’s corrupt hands for acting like Westminster’s paramount chief instead of Scotland’s democratically elected nationalist FM.

    The blame lands on her for playing the stupid unionist game of British nationalism refusing to lock Scotland’s borders to stop the virus to continuously re-entering Scotland and becoming endemic in our communities.

    Should she had acted like a proper nationalist FM who would push the boundaries of Scotland’s autonomy outwards rather than Westminster’s paramount chief in Scotland, pulling its autonomy boundaries inwards, and we would not have had to endure 17 months of lockdowns and facing now the prospect of another.

    Should she had done that and we would not be mourning the unnecessary deaths of 8000 Scots because of the virus.

    This woman has had the power to end the union since 8th May 2015. She could have closed those borders and stop many of those 8,000 Scots dying. Yet she chose not to. She chose to use us as cannon fodder so the borders could remain open and the illusion of UK unity could be maintained.

    To attempt now to transfer the responsibility and accountability for her reckless political choices on some innocent bystander who does not wish to be injected with a jab which cannot guarantee immunity beyond 6 months and which could kill you with blood clots for just 6 months of protection, is quite frankly, beyond disgusting.

  33. Alf Baird says:

    twathater @ 9:36 pm

    “Andy doesn’t like blood and soil nationalists Andy wants no borders and people to be citizens of the world”

    Yes, that does seem to be the bottom line for Andy’s neo-liberal universalism which prioritizes all non-ethnic minority groups over ethnic Scots; by implication this downgrades ethnic Scots and their quest for an independent Scotland, the latter actually depending on ethnic Scots and their distinct ‘national consciousness’ as the main motivation for national independence, which is decolonisation and liberation from ethnic oppression.

  34. James Che. says:

    Did you note when Andy Ellis picked through his spaghetti looking for juice balls, he was selective in his choice of grouping categories where to place Scots people,
    Anywhere between nativists hobgoblins, to native muckers, to knuckle dragged.

    That boy just knows how to make Scottish friends, don’t he?

    I think Andy we are, an an ethnic group of people here in Scotland according The the Cambridge dictionary,
    And maybe becoming a minority ethnic group at that,

  35. Confused says:

    – in the recent govanhill festival the organiser gushed about it celebrating “58 different nationalities … ” – but HOW, surely they are all “scots”, er “new scots” but just as scottish as haggis, midges and being eliminated on goal difference.

    the civic nationalist fails to realise all the people for whom he would hold open the door are themselves “blood and soil” nationalists (it being the common sense default throughout the world) – but it is a different blood and a different soil; if you can’t see the potential problem, you’re an idiot. Not everyone -wants- to “be like you”, that is vanity. (Like selling liberal democracy, free markets and feminist bulllshit to afghan tribespeople.) The incomer is not a “pet”, and is uncaring about assimilation.

    Civic nationalism is not nationalism – it is ANTI-NATIONALISM and is designed as an attack against the majority of Scots. It is a subtle and devious attack.

    – the position taken in 2014 was correct for its time (tactically), but it is an out of date “fudge” which now presents as a threat to the goal of independence.

    “If there was hope, it must lie in the proles …”

  36. James Che. says:

    Gee my old computer is on overtime doubling up every word, please excuse it.

  37. Mist001 says:

    The term ‘Blood And Soil’ always strikes me as a bit Nazi-ish. Some people are indulging in a bit of ‘Master Racism’, I think.

    Not a good look for people who profess to want an independent Scotland to be a free, forward looking nation.

  38. James Che. says:


    Follow the advise and stay at home, if you are vaccinated, as it does not protect the unvaccinated cancer patients from you.

    And according to MSM and all health information vaccination does not protect other vaccinated people from you as you can still transmit the virus,

    Stay home if you are genuinely worried about transmission, continue to wash yourself down from head to toe anytime you open your door,

    We are still at stage 1, as we need three weeks to save the NHS, we have not saved the NHS yet,

    Stage 2, We have still not saved the old people yet. Their still dying.

    Stage 3. We have to save the vulnerable, oops, can’t do that cos we haven’t saved the NHS yet.

    Stage 4. We have to stop the spread of the virus, by closing down businesses, we have not managed to stop the virus spread yet, so we will have to close the economy.

    Stage 5. All and I repeat All those that can and do spread the virus must be in an open prison under lockdown. Oops that includes you Hatuey.

    Or perhaps you are one of the selfish people who do not care?

  39. Nice Smiths ref in the title of this article. 🙂

  40. Breeks says:

    Lesley Riddoch seems like a kind of “link” person, lucky enough to have the ear of both SNP believers and the great disillusioned, but that might be changing fast. I honestly thought she was a lot smarter than this.

    “ …But this First Minister has another way to boost support for independence – through visible, tangible, good governance.

    I can think of another way she could boost Independence, but I bet the National wouldn’t print it.

  41. J.o.e says:

    @James Che

    That was a great post about learning skills. Good stuff. Im now learning more building skills along with sharpening up my foraging knowledge when I get a chance. I have also had several good ideas (in my opinion) for producing high quality goods cheaply using Scottish suppliers and materials and sold into the Scottish market which I want to start on soon.

    The term ‘blood and soil’ isn’t ours. It’s the term used on us by arseholes who want us to think differently about nationalism to everyone else in the world and who, like the GRA types with sex, want nationality put down to merely a piece of government paper. Also if you want to look for master race type thinking then you could do with getting your nose into the books of a few middle Eastern religions – especially the one that describes themselves as gods chosen with everyone else being goyim made to serve them.

  42. J.o.e says:

    Just a thought –

    So we had lots of hand wringing about poverty, food banks, lack of decent housing, lack of much gainful employment and the harm being done to kids without enough opportunities.

    Then we had the lockdowns that didn’t help, indeed many people went from doing alright to being significantly worse off.

    Nothing can be done about any of those things of course. We just have to keep supporting the SNP and get away from Westminster to make it better.

    But wait – if we are now able to find housing, funds and jobs for 10’s of thousands of ‘migrants’ coming (being brought) into Scotland in a constant stream then where was the will to afford this kind of boon to the Scots?

    Just remember this.

    Politicians (or anyone) who do not point this out and are not utterly enraged by it are not Scottish nationalists of any kind. At best they are ineffectual, naive, out of touch and out of date.

    We are faced by such a colossal mountain of bullshit, betrayal, lies and hypocrisy it’s actually difficult to begin getting to grips with it. And pretty much all of our political class are in on it.

    This really is soft warfare against us.

  43. John Main says:


    It’s when Covid becomes endemic in our communities that we will start to get something like our old freedoms back.

    Covid will join the other 20 or so major viral infections that are endemic within our communities now and that we have all been living with in happy ignorance more or less for ever.

    Do you any longer remember that concept called freedom, Mia?

    It used to be a keystone belief of Scots Indy enthusiasts.

    How sad that you now look forwards to an independent Scotland as a permanently isolated open-air concentration camp. That’s what you are offering to the people of Scotland, because like it or not, Covid will be endemic everywhere in the world before too long. Even in your venerated Australia and New Zealand.

    You can’t beat nature in the long run. Only a fool believes you can.

  44. Gregor says:

    “WHO says no conclusive data yet on need for COVID-19 booster shot”

    EDCD says: “It is expected that all COVID-19 vaccinees will need to receive booster doses at regular intervals and it is possible that vaccinated individuals will have to receive repeated immunisations throughout life to provide protection against new emerging variants.”

  45. J.o.e says:

    @John Main

    Good point but i need to have someone in power explain to us how governments have been deliberately misusing PCR and using extremely dishonest methods for gathering statistics.

  46. Sensibledave says:

    Holymacmoses 5.57

    … I’m not arguing for the Union!

    I am telling you that which you should know – ie the majority of Scots repeatedly indicate that they do not want Independence.

    In order for that to change, minds need to be changed. They are not being changed. The Revs graph shows this.

    So, what’s the plan to create a majority that will vote Yes? I can’t see one.

  47. John Main says:

    @Joe @ 7:11

    Another good post.

    You are one of the few posting here who is able to apply 20:20 vision to the real world out there.

    Maybes you should share the name of your optician. Lots of commentators are needing corrective specs.

  48. Dan says:

    Dramatic improvement in Scottish Health and Wellbeing stats…

    … As Greggs suffers supply chain shortages.

  49. holymacmoses says:

    Sensibledave says:
    26 August, 2021 at 8:09 am
    Holymacmoses 5.57

    … I’m not arguing for the Union!

    You’re not arguing for anything.
    You write like a person who thinks they know better. When I was lecturing I found, very early on, that it was easy to pick out the negatives. You had to work much harder to find the positives from which genuine learning on the part of the student would be based – but that was the aim.

  50. Ottomanboi says:

    Sturgeon wants to «save» the NHS screwed up by the so called pandemic and those government initiated suppressive measures.
    Let us pray, to the new golden calf!

  51. holymacmoses says:

    I am telling you that which you should know – ie the majority of Scots repeatedly indicate that they do not want Independence.

    You’re ‘telling me’:-)

    I know that I have found 55 recorded polls since Douglas Ross was elected Leader of the Scottish Conservative party (5th August 2020) up to today

    So from August 2020 – August 2021 these 55 polls show

    DON’T KNOW 5
    NO 20
    YES 30

    They go up and down but show a reasonably consistent 54+% in favour of Independence

    MORE importantly, they show a reasonably consistent 36+% Against the Union.

    Those figures do NOT indicate that the Scottish people don’t want to be independent

  52. holymacmoses says:

    So many people trying to prove Canute wrong about the forces of nature

  53. holymacmoses says:

    So I’ve been waiting for people to tell me that my interpretation of the 55 polls is incorrect: particularly the summary I gave of the results.

  54. Socrates MacSporran says:

    When the HGV licence was introduced some 50-years ago, I failed, by two months, to get mine via “grandfather’s rights.” I had been driving an HGV, just not long enough to get my licence automatically.

    I did get it shortly afterwards, it came in very handy. One of the things I had to do, because the company I was working for paid the £1000 or so the course cost, to get me qualified, was, I had to sign an agreement to continue to work for them for two years, otherwise, I had to pay abck a portion of the course costs.

    So, I was driving HGVs in the 1970s, and subscribing to the likes of Truck magazine. Even back then, the trucking industry magazines were running articles bemoaning the high age of the average truck driver and forecasting a shortage.

    Now, with Brexit, the chickens are coming home to roost. Clearly neither the government(s), Westminster or devolved, or the road haulage industry has handled recruitment and training of young drivers well. Allowing European drivers in to meet the driver shortage which has built-up over the years has caused even-greater problems.

    I worked for a large logistics group, who imported Polish drivers to fill vacancies. These guys were being paid less than we British drivers and it suited the company to do this. Now, many of them have gone home – the company has staffing problems.

    Whose fault is this, the politicians, or the civil service. Either way, yet another example of how the UK isn’t working. But – could Scotland do it better?

  55. Sensible Dave says:

    Holymacmoses 11.12

    I am not in a position to dispute the figures you have put forward. I can only point out that they are entirely different to the results posted by the Rev’ in the the thread I pointed you to.

    If you are telling me that the Rev’s graph is totally wrong, then you need to tell me/us how/why.

  56. holymacmoses says:

    Sensible Dave says:
    26 August, 2021 at 11:30 am
    Holymacmoses 11.12

    I am not in a position to dispute the figures you have put forward. I can only point out that they are entirely different to the results posted by the Rev’ in the the thread I pointed you to.

    If you are telling me that the Rev’s graph is totally wrong, then you need to tell me/us how/why.

    I don’t have to tell you anything really. AND I certainly have said nothing about Wings’ figures. I have never found Wings’ figures to be inaccurate. BUT context is important.
    As I used to say to some early students:

    ‘there is a sign on the M74 which indicates that Edinburgh is 67 miles and Glasgow is 69 miles and thus any driver is quite entitled to believe that there are 2 miles between the two cities. Without context, a map and additional information, figures can be totally truthful and yet be lying to us simultaneously. All depends on the purpose and credibility of the producer and the attitude, curiosity and credulity of the receiver’

    You can find, online, a summary of all polls since 2014 on Wiki. The figures over the past 14 months are interesting
    (you’ll need to copy and paste this – it’s not a direct link)

    My summary has (mis)interpreted them in a way which uses the ‘result’ to my advantage (if I want Independence that is). However, it is certain that there are more polls ( my figures are accurate) leaning towards yes than leaning towards no. I think it may be important to look at political events and people during the ‘yes’ periods and see what the yes were doing right – or if it was simply the Union and/or Sturgeon getting it totally wrong

  57. Pixywine says:
    I see the Biden Tyranny have gone beyond the Pale in pursuit of their political enemies. The Dumocrats are trying to persecute political dissent using the Courts as a weapon. Does that behaviour remind us of anyone?

  58. Pixywine says:

    Ottomanboiy. That NHS alter is horrific Government propaganda. Now I know we’re up the Kyber with no powder.

  59. Breeks says:

    I missed this yesterday.

    Just imagine if Alex Salmond and ALBA were in Holyrood. They’d wipe the floor with Sturgeon’s loonies.

  60. Pixywine says:

    Greg or at 8:05.Ive been warning about that scenario for a year and a half.
    Dear readers. See how the world’s Governments seek to farm us on behalf of private business interests. See how a lifetime vaccination program is planned for all of us. You would do well to watch my links. That may involve getting over long held political prejudes- as I’ve had to do- and compare the links with reality over the past 18 months. In Australia the privately owned Police have begun opening fire on protesters in Melbourn. The next stage in the escalation of State violence and Oppression is live fire. Get your heads out of your holes and take a look around you.

  61. Pixywine says:

    Lesley Riddoch is a drooling moron. A shill drawing her wages on the fly from the BBC?

  62. Pixywine says:

    Afternoon hatred conclude. Time for a brew. Good day.

  63. Pixywine says:

    Hatuey. “The data couldn’t be clearer”. That is a stone cold lie especially given that I’m seeing people with flu who have been vaxxed. At the height of the so called covid 19 “pandemic” I never came across anyone who had it.

  64. Pixywine says:

    Wow. Susan Wojiki doesn’t hang about. YouTube appear to have taken down the video I linked to. She’s banned me a couple of times but I keep bouncing back

  65. Republicofscotland says:

    Joe Biden’s Vice president Kamala Harris has called on Vietnam to join the Great Satan (USA) in challenging China in the South China sea. Harris wants to send US ships to further the interests of Vietnam, a country the great Satan smothered in Agent Orange, that has seen deformed children born in Vietnam to this day.

    Could you imagine if China sent ships to Cuba to further its interests against the Great Satan (USA) and latest round of crippling sanctions, sanctions that have been going on for decades against Cuba because its a socialist country.

  66. John Main says:

    “Bombshell” study reported on Unherd today into the differences in Covid infection severity and the differences in Covid spreading capability between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated who have previously caught Covid and thus developed natural immunity. Turns out the natural immunity is several times better than the fake injected kind.

    Those who are genuinely interested in this sort of thing should read it.

    Those who have committed full-time to the Vaccinated Good, Not Vaccinated Baaad narrative should probably just stay in their little fantasy worlds.

    Of course, the elderly and the unhealthy should get vaccinated, just as they should do for flu. It is the young and fit who, more then ever, may wish to re-assess what good it does them and what good it does society in general.

  67. Republicofscotland says:

    There’s an excellent article by Jim Sillars on Iain Lawson blog.

    How many of you knew that oil and gas licences to drill in Clyde/Ayrshire area are held by the Scottish government and not Westminster.

    “Chic Brodie, former SNP MSP, through diligent research and voluminous correspondence, has revealed the following: in 1972 BP was granted oil production licence PL262 for an area of the Clyde; that the MOD, with the UK government then in charge, blocked it to ensure the nuclear submarines had clear passage; but that in recent years the power over licensing in the Clyde passed to the Scottish government. I wonder how many MSPs know that. “

  68. Pixywine says:
    I heard recently that unvaccinated sperm is fetching up to 10,00 dollars a throw.So I may be a millionaire soon. If I was fifteen I could be a billionaire by the end of the year. Talk about a get rich quick scheme.

  69. Pixywine says:

    10 dollars hahaha

  70. Republicofscotland says:

    So its been confirmed Patrick Harvey and Lorna Slater will hold ministerial posts within the “Agreement” with the SNP.

    Along with all the benefits such as ministerial cars,( which will bring the number of cars paid for by the Scottish taxpayer up to 43), the Scottish taxpayer will need to fork out for these two, as they plot how to stop the oil and gas industries and the multitude of jobs that goes with them. Harvey in particular doesn’t want to see more new roads in Scotland, I’m sure he’d be livid if the A9 ever got up to scratch.

  71. Graf Midgehunter says:

    Pixywine says: at 1:57 pm
    “I heard recently that unvaccinated sperm is fetching up to 10,00 dollars a throw.So I may be a millionaire soon. If I was fifteen I could be a billionaire by the end of the year. Talk about a get rich quick scheme.”
    Once a wanker, always a wanker.

    With so much “Bitchite” inside you, who’d buy it? Anne Widdecombe ..??

  72. Graf Midgehunter says:

    Republicofscotland says: at 2:03 pm

    “So its been confirmed Patrick Harvey and Lorna Slater will hold ministerial posts within the “Agreement” with the SNP.”
    Instead of hiding away in the background, as ministers they’ll be right in the spotlight. Their “policies” out in the open for everyone in Scotland to see.

    How much rope will they need to hang themselves with?

  73. robbo says:

    Pixywine says:
    26 August, 2021 at 1:57 pm

    The human race has many faults but surely inflicting anything spawned from you would be a travesty. Don’t think we could survive more of the endless dribble you post on here.

  74. Pixywine says:

    Graf Midgyraker. Your not very original. I make a self deprecating joke and you the little bully boy jumps in like an Australian policeman and stick the boot in. I can see why we are not an Independent Nation because silly people like you always defer to power. Sad.

  75. James Che. says:


    It makes no difference.

    As Ron Maclean and I discussed yesterday it makes no difference who is in Holyrood flying the independence flag if they are sworn in to hold allegiance to the crown,

    This means they can never go for an independent Scotland as they would be considered a ("Tractor" - Ed) to the crown,
    Holyrood is no longer a viable option.

    The last thing I would wish for is to see AS imprisoned for such.

  76. Pixywine says:

    Robbo. You should know by now you’re not capable of taking me on. You have nothing relevant to say about politics unless it’s been scripted for you by that full on propaganda machine known as Mainstream Media.
    People with your attitude have allowed Governments to remove our freedoms over a disease with low consequences and you’re brainwashed into thinking that’s alright.
    To any readers out there once again I urge you to put aside your political biases and listen. Don’t fall into the trap of prejudicial thinking when it is vital that Humanity unites around the common cause of freeing ourselves from Fascist restrictions micro management of our lives and the Pharmaceutical industries desire to use us as coerced vaccine testbeds.

  77. Pixywine says:

    Don’t allow Government ” function creep” which will lead to “climate lockdowns” at the drop of an “emergency” hat. In reality it is political expedience.

  78. Sensible Dave says:

    Holymacmoses 12.16

    “All depends on the purpose and credibility of the producer and the attitude, curiosity and credulity of the receiver’

    Well firstly, the “producer” was the Rev.

    Secondly, to interpret the graph in any other way than to identify the minority position of the nationalists – is, frankly, to be dishonest.

    As I have tried to put forward a number of times, the reason why Scotland is not an Independent country is because the majority of the Scottish electorate have not voted for it – nor have they indicated (via the rev’s graph) that they favour it at this time.

    Instead of fooling yourself into some half-arsed belief that you are part of an oppressed majority (because you are not) – perhaps you should work out how to create the majority that will naturally lead to Independence.

    BTW, the “Brexit affect”, according the Rev’s graph, has all but disappeared now.

  79. Pixywine says:
    Only one minute of your time required for this one crackheads.

  80. Republicofscotland says:

    Graf Midgehunter @2.24pm.

    I think Sturgeon’s policies on trans rights and those of Harvey of the Greens leave both of them singing from the same hymn sheet for starters.

    I’m sure they’ll be other issues that they agree on as well, however why have an “agreement” with the Greens now, why not sooner, was it just to copy what’s happening in New Zealand, or to give Sturgeon a majority in the chamber to railroad through hard to swallow policies that the public might not want,(GRA) or is there more to it, I suppose its a bit too early to tell yet.

    She’s a sly one that Sturgeon, its a pity her crafitness wasn’t put to use on pushing for an indyref, we’d be independent by now.

  81. Breeks says:

    James Che. says:
    26 August, 2021 at 2:32 pm
    Holyrood is no longer a viable option.

    I am inclined to agree… but it would be a brave (though appropriate) initiative to bypass Holyrood totally, but I would love the poetic justice if ALBA was to engineer Scottish Independence by addressing the next UK General Election as a Plebiscite Election, and having that initiative take off and really fly 2014 style, and thus leaving Sturgeon to her “Student Politics” , petty vindictiveness and Boke Agenda.

    ALBA’s “exclusion” from Holyrood might turn out to be a blessing in disguise, and Holyrood ‘s unconstitutional ineptitude over Brexit, could also be turned on it’s head, and see ALBA and Alex Salmond promoted to the driving seat in a UK Plebiscite Election where a straight majority of pro Independence MP’s is the mandate and threshold Scotland needs to end the Treaty of Union.

    Just circumvent Holyrood, don’t bother even to impeach it, just form a new Constitutionally sound Scottish Government with the pro Independence MP’s elected in the UK Election which Scotland treats as a plebiscite.

    Nicola Sturgeon who? Wasn’t she the Vichy FM or something? Went down with the ship, S. S. Devolution, sunk without a trace.

  82. Harry mcaye says:

    SNP latest accounts show 105,393 members at end of 2020 and they’re saying that has risen to around 119,000 by end of May. Do we believe them? They have had a good year financially, not shelling out over £650,000 on a normal conference and saving close to a million on campaigning. Could they be massaging the membership figures while they are flush?

    Also confirmed they spent £615,000 on an office re-fit. I wonder where they got that money from…?

  83. holymacmoses says:

    Sensible Dave says:
    26 August, 2021 at 2:44 pm
    Holymacmoses 12.16

    “All depends on the purpose and credibility of the producer and the attitude, curiosity and credulity of the receiver’

    I’m not writing about Wings – he knows fine well how much I admire his writing and his research.

    I’m writing about the figure from the past year of polls.

    Did you look at the link?

    Did you add up the number of polls?

    Did you count how many had produced a ‘yes’ vote?

    This is ONE year. Wings is writing about cumulative years.

    Are my figures correct?

    I KNOW that Wings’ figure are correct:-)

    Do the polls show that over the past year there have been 55 pols and out of those 55 polls 30 of them have given Yes the advantage.
    AND something else I have noticed about recent polls (last couple of years or so) is that ‘don’t know’ voters are more likely to go towards yes – if you can be bothered to check how I come to that conclusion.

  84. holymacmoses says:

    Harry mcaye says:
    26 August, 2021 at 3:15 pm
    SNP latest accounts show 105,393 members at end of 2020 and they’re saying that has risen to around 119,000 by end of May. Do we believe them? They have had a good year financially, not shelling out over £650,000 on a normal conference and saving close to a million on campaigning. Could they be massaging the membership figures while they are flush?

    THE president of the SNP has insisted he had “no idea” how many members the party has, despite reports of a recent exodus to Alex Salmond’s Alba Party.
    Michael Russell admitted some SNP members had quit over progress on independence and controversial policies around gender recognition and transgender rights.

    So, less than a week after saying he hadn’t a clue about the membership , the accounts are published and indicate ups and downs of membership etc. Russell is the PRESIDENT and hadn’t been invited to look at the figures? . Do the Murrells tell anyone anything unless they want it leaked to the press?

  85. Republicofscotland says:

    Pentagon reports that bomb exploded near Kabul airport, casualties in the low numbers, attackers so far unknown, Western occupying forces hinting that they’ll depart country sooner than expected.

    Prophethically the US/UK has been claiming that this attack has been coming, coincidence?

  86. James Che. says:


    There comes a point in time whereby the Scottish people have to refute the 1707 treaty of the union as being inclusive in binding the sovereignty of the Scottish people.

    For when the 1707 contract treaty was made the Scottish people were already separate from the crown.

    Nor did those Scottish sovereign people vote to join the 1707 contractual treaty,

    Nor were they asked.

    The Scottish sovereign people rebelled against the 1707 treaty contract. They did not consent.

    Does the Westminster government consider that in 1707 it bought the people of Scotland In a money exchange as stock. In a trade deal between themselves and Scottish barons?

    The present day British government and crown cannot claim that it bought the Scottish people with finances paid and expect the rest world to see them as other than people traffickers in the present day,

    To bind the Scottish people [Without their consent] to a trade deal treaty of 1707 would be considered an act of slavery in 2021.

    A number of Scottish barons whom were not elected by the people of Scotland had taken a great presumption upon themselves to sell all of Scotland, in which they had not bought originally.

    Most if not nearly all of those supposed land owners had been gifted the land in Scotland by the English governments of their time. This was a presumption of land ownership in Scotland.

    Even under the presumption of gifts of Scottish land by the English governments this did not include in their titles the sale of the Scottish indigenous people.

    There was not then, or in 1707, a particular contract made for the sale of Scottish people.
    If there was, we would need to see proof of that sales and contracts.

    Even under modern law, the sale of people was abolished, releasing, and setting free all those beholden as slaves by the British government themselves,

    So going over the laws that hold legal status today are the Scottish people still to be held in bond of slavery and ownership they did not consent too in a 1707 ?

  87. Andrew F says:

    Update from the other end of the world:

    This year in Australia about 75 people have died after COVID diagnosis.

    In the six months since they started injecting people, 476 people have died after getting injections.

    That is over 6 times the number of people having died with injections as having died with COVID.

    Meanwhile in Fiji:

    Total deaths with COVID until May 5th 2021 = 2

    In April they started mass injection campaigns including mandatory injections for certain workers.

    Death toll attributed to COVID now (it’s been rising daily) is 468

    In Fiji the death curve almost perfectly matches the injection curve.

    Even if you can completely rationalise and justify the severe lockdowns and imposition of martial law in Australia, you simply can not deny that the measures are totalitarian in nature.

  88. Ron Maclean says:

    @James Che. 2:32pm

    The parliamentarian’s oath of allegiance raises interesting questions. For example – The Alba Party’s ‘Declaration for Scotland’ includes;

    ‘To assert the sovereign right of the Scottish people acting through their Parliament to secure independence’.

    Explaining how that will be done should make for interesting speeches at the Party conference. Maybe.

    Recent events have shown that lying under oath is not a matter of great concern for too many.

    It’s not difficult to understand the lack of action on the independence front. The money paid to allegedly independence supporting MPs, MSPs and their parties explains their tolerance of hypocrisy and inaction.

    Will things ever change?

  89. robbo says:

    Charges against Nicola Sturgeon’s sister have been dropped apparently.

    There you have it. No shocks there then.

  90. wee monkey says:

    What? You mean she won’t have her day in Court to clear her name??

    That shocking and must surely impinge on her human rights or something.

  91. Dan says:

    SNP auditors make unprecedented fraud statement in party accounts

  92. Republicofscotland says:

    On a new twist on the Kabul bombing Pentagon Press secretary John Kirby has released a statement saying multiple US troops have been killed in the blast.

  93. Republicofscotland says:

    Dan @6.11pm.

    Thanks for the link.

    This is from another link on the Herald, in which its revealed for the first time since 2012 Peter Murrell’s salary, it claims he’s on just under £80,000 grand a year.

  94. Breeks says:

    James Che. says:
    26 August, 2021 at 3:58 pm

    There comes a point in time whereby the Scottish people have to refute the 1707 treaty of the union as being inclusive in binding the sovereignty of the Scottish people…

    Back when Joanna Cherry was winning her court case, (I can’t remember if it was Article 50 or the Prorogation), but I quipped that Joanna Cherry needing to be fighting and winning the Constitutional Court Case Scotland should have fought and won back in 1707.

  95. Ian Brotherhood says:

    I have asked if anyone else has sources which confirm that the following is genuine, but no response yet.

  96. Ian Brotherhood says:

    ‘The Queensland government is pushing ahead with its own regional dedicated COVID-19 quarantine facility.’


    Seems genuine – a hotel called ‘Wellcamp’ which will have 1,000 beds by the the end of April next year.

  97. Pixywine says:
    The latest from Kabul Airport. A security nightmare. I hopy it doesn’t get out of hand.

  98. willie says:

    75,000 a year coming to Scotland every year from elsewhere in the UK. Predominately English that’s around three quarters of a million folk over ten years into a country of just over five million.

    Go to Skye or any of the Scottish islands, go to the Helensburgh area, go to the Rosyth area and you see it here it. Indeed where I stay the neighbour down the road, an English member of the Royal Navy, displays from his garage a huge Union Jack.

    He’s Brit and he’s telling you he is, in his Brit country. And as an individual he’s aggressive to. 750,000 of his ilk in ten years, and more coming.

    The Plantation of Scotland is well underway. These boys are Brit and they don’t mind telling you. In fact our local man in conversation didn’t mind saying that they ( the British military ?) would shoot like dogs any Jocks who tried to force independence.

    Like dogs, like dogs, the sentiment is crystal clear.

  99. James Che. says:

    Ron Maclean.

    Like many people I have a soft and homely attitude and try to think of other people aside from myself. Among many things I like history and like studying bits of law, and many other interests,


    You have my attention, I Do like critical and analytical thinking and the other day you renewed my interest in this,

    It goes without saying, that nearly every politician holds a position of smoke screens and shadows.
    They say they think of their constituents, but seldom consult them, turn a deaf ear to suggestions and basically follow there own believes to financial Benifits and straight into their to their pockets. You seldom see a poor politician after being in politics for a few years.

    The politician that actually genuinely puts the people first would become world famous and infamous all in same day.

    Further on the subject discussed I cannot see how the two opposing positions on oath can be compatible.
    Even Alba’s statement stance re – directs sovereignty of the people into the devolved government, which is not actually a true Scottish government, but one under the crown. And union.

    Surely first we would have to chose a new government, a new name for our government,
    to continue to act on our behalf [ in ] the devolved Scottish government in of itself would be a lie.
    Those that have been in the Scottish Parliament had already accepted the status quo surely

  100. James Che. says:


    I think that would be murder according law.

    And threatening behaviour with intent to harm.

    As we are not at war with them and do not intend to be.

  101. Dan says:

    Some “fash” related fuckwittery.

    Meanwhile, in other Fash News…

    For non twitter account holder folk that may have missed BDtt’s IT tip for accessing tweets without getting stuck in pop up box hell:
    Clicking the middle mouse button / scroll wheel on a tweet you want to view does indeed seem to open the tweet in a new tab, whereupon the pop up box can be closed leaving the tweet thread viewable.

  102. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Jeezie peeps!

    Hasn’t BTL here become SO negative in the past few weeks?

    If it wirnae for the fact that I’m still working part-time, where I am exposed to a modicum of positivity, day to day, I think I’d be thinking of exiting this planet, back to my home.

    Free Scotland! Carpe Diem!

  103. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Pixywine (9.22) –

    Excellent link, thanks.

    Of course, as ‘death-cult leaders’, we would be interested in such stuff, but no doubt, Hatuey will ‘undertake’ to debunk it all, from his own wee space station.


  104. stonefree says:

    Re the Greens, the deal is not done and dusted yet,
    there is a vote on Saturday all members
    “EGM on Co-operation Agreement – Saturday 28th August

    On Saturday the Scottish Greens will be holding and Extraordinary General Meeting to vote on whether or not to accept the co-operation agreement negotiated with the Scottish Government. ”
    Two choices Yes or No,
    Have the members the bottle to tell Patty to stuff it?
    I would think not, If they did Patty would have a hissy
    and Sturgeon would blame them
    The other thing if it went for Harvie , would the real members (those who believe in Green principals) leave?
    It’s kind of hypothetical

  105. holymacmoses says:

    Dan says:
    26 August, 2021 at 9:18 pm
    New article up today.

    We could enjoy ourselves by trying to come up with the best way to make the Government realise what a ludicrous policy this is. There must be something lots of people can self-identify for all at once.

  106. McDuff says:

    It is without doubt a serious threat to independence. Its like i`m in England in Scotland. The problem is that half of Scots are fast asleep or simply don`t care if their country disappears.

  107. Robert Graham says:


    So many brave honest people risking their careers and lifestyles by attempting to warn people about the serious effects and personal danger of allowing themselves to injected with this chemical

    The whole media are complicit in the biggest deception that’s ever been seen in our lifetime I am glad reporters and news organisations are now being specifically targeted , the ausies are getting clever Government officials home addresses are being posted police through numbers on their uniforms are also a target this small number can’t be protected and they now know it .

    The coming winter is the cover that’s going to be used to justify an other lockup with numbers being reported that will be beyond belief the hysterical responses we have seen will be off the scale , the ones who are pushing this Chemical have all the information all the numbers and are making sure they manipulate them to suit whatever they want and also hide what’s embarrassing.

    Why don’t you hear anything on the MSM When listening to the radio or watching TV it’s like it’s a done deal a settled issue not worthy of further comment , but there hasn’t been any discussion all you get is oh that’s old hat we have covered that extensively really I must have missed that in depth discussion that bit is fkn missing and that’s how they get away with talking total shite .

  108. Tannadice Boy says:

    @Brian Doonthetoon 10:19pm
    The labour party were taken over by insurgents, the so called Momentum, and they ended up unelectable. And the SNP have gone the same way. I am sure the Alba leadership are alert to the new entrant syndrome. I was horrified by the number of votes Alba got versus the membership numbers. I voted for Alba but I am not a member.

  109. Tannadice Boy says:

    Anyhoo 3 Scots Black Watch and 2 Para (Full of Scots) have their arses hanging oot the windae. The US voted for a senile imbecile commander in chief. And our brothers are in trouble.

  110. Hatuey says:

    “There is no motive in the world worth surrendering reality for, and this is for a simple reason, one that Orwell and his protagonist Winston Smith understood all too well…”
    Gordon Dangerfield

    It’s been a while, but I’m pretty sure Winston capitulated in the end and said his tormentor was holding up 5 fingers when in reality he was only holding up 4… (something like that)

    The thing about surrendering reality is that we can’t; reality doesn’t care what we surrender or think. That’s the real point.

    Even if we all sincerely believed men could become women, they cannot. That’s the reality of the situation. Nothing we think or don’t think can alter that reality.

    Or can it?

    In an experiment quite recently, physicists succeed in proving that particles (matter) could be in two places at the same time.

    To be clear, that had been suggested in the 1930s. It defies reason and, if I remember correctly, they got past this by agreeing that the particles would only be in two places at once until you measured or checked, and at that point they resolved to being in one place at a time.

    Would we accept a man could become a woman if it involved a brain transplant? After several beers, possibly…

  111. David Caledonia says:

    I know what the news is, I keep up to date with what’s going on

    Wings over Scotland

    A sight for discussing the news any any other pointless topic that some plonker comes up with, it really is a drag of a place now

  112. David Caledonia says:


  113. Thomas says:

    Davie caledonia has spoken.

  114. Effigy says:

    Biden is going to hunt down those responsible for killing
    the American soldiers at Kabul Airport?

    He has hours left to run away, he hasn’t got all of those he wants out on a plane
    and the suicide vest got the person responsible so how can he.

    How do you prove who encouraged the bomber to meet with 12 virgins on the other side?

    I’m sure our comedians must be itching to know why they don’t ask for more details on the deal.

    What age are these virgins?
    How ugly are they?
    Are some or all male when you ain’t wired that way?
    Do you have 12 women asking when you are going to paint that ceiling?
    Do you need to work 24/7 to feed them?
    Is that 12 birthday and anniversary gift to remember and buy?

    Maybe better to stay here!

  115. Sensible Dave says:

    Holymacmoses 3.15

    If I follow you correctly, you appear to be arguing that there hasn’t been a majority in favour of independence (during the period covered by the Rev’s graph) – until the last year.

    So since the AS debacle, the election, the court cases, GRA, the coalition with the Greens, etc – you believe the popularity of Independence has increased.

    I’m afraid you truly are deluded.

  116. And spouse says:

    Don’t know if it been mentioned but does anyone else think there is a very clear relationship between two votes SNP and this agreement with the Greens? I initially thought two votes SNP ultimately led to the need (later down the line) for the agreement. But now I think two votes SNP was to put the pieces in place to make this agreement necessary. Boy was I naive!
    There are so many other pieces in place now that have allowed the activists to steal my Independence party. Now we see this tiny minority on Twitter saying they won’t walk with AUOB because ALBA will be there. It’s upsetting that there is a group of folks who have all their personal needs which need to be ratified by me but none of them show any responsibility. They are slowing independence movement for personal gain.

  117. And spouse says:

    Slowly destroying the independence movement for personal gain.

  118. chas says:

    I see that charges against Mrs Murrell’s sister have been dropped. It may be that the lady is entirely innocent or that any ‘evidence’ cannot be substantiated. We will never know.
    I just wonder if the immortal words ‘Di ye ken wha ma sister is’ were uttered?

  119. wee monkey says:

    Ian Brotherhood says:
    26 August, 2021 at 7:35 pm
    Quote :_‘The Queensland government is pushing ahead with its own regional dedicated COVID-19 quarantine facility.’


    Seems genuine – a hotel called ‘Wellcamp’ which will have 1,000 beds by the the end of April next year.

    It’ll be fine just needs a “Health through Work” sign over the gate……….what the fuck is going on.

  120. crazycat says:

    @ And spouse at 8.53

    Hasn’t Jacinda Ardern formed a coalition with the NZ Greens, despite having won an overall majority?

    I’m sure I remember Sturgeon saying, during the election campaign, that she would consider doing likewise. Being a minority administration merely makes the arrangement easier to justify.

    I’m also sure that she knew perfectly well what the likely consequence of both votes SNP would be. An excuse for her pre-existing plan (so she does have some plans!) would be far more appealing than having to justify her inaction every week at FMQs.

    I agree with your second paragraph too.

  121. Pixywine says:

    Can’t confirm but just read that Charlie Watts has died.

  122. mountain shadow says:

    Pixywine says:
    27 August, 2021 at 10:12 am
    Can’t confirm but just read that Charlie Watts has died.

    Have you been on the drink for three days?

  123. stonefree says:

    @ chas at 9:33 am

    You’ll note that there is no mention of the man , Were his charges dropped, bear in mind he was charged first.

    If the charges are still in place that raises questions

  124. Ottomanboi says:

    Too wee, too poor, too corrupt…who ru kidding u North Brits?

  125. holymacmoses says:

    Sensible Dave says:
    27 August, 2021 at 8:53 am
    Holymacmoses 3.15

    If I follow you correctly, you appear to be arguing that there hasn’t been a majority in favour of independence (during the period covered by the Rev’s graph) – until the last year.

    So since the AS debacle, the election, the court cases, GRA, the coalition with the Greens, etc – you believe the popularity of Independence has increased.

    I’m afraid you truly are deluded.

    I am simply asking you to look at the polls for the last year.
    I am NOT looking at any poll BEFORE August 2020
    August 2020 – August 2021 is the period I am focusing on.
    I have not mentioned the graph or the extended research of Wings.
    The coalition with the Greens hasn’t taken place yet as far as I’m aware.
    I don’t know what you mean by the Alex Salmond debacle.
    Mr Salmond defeated those disgraceful accusations BEFORE the period I am asking you to look at. But the enquiry was during the time I am looking at.

    I repeat I am saying NOTHING about Wing’s graphs. I am simply asking you to look at the return of polls since August 2020

    DO you have ANY opinion on WHY Scotland should have a period between:

    6th August 2020 and 30th April 2021

    when 33 polls were administered:
    25 were YES
    08 were NO

    This was at the time of the inquiry. Is there a connection?
    Were people hopeful of an honest and open enquiry?

    Since the election in May there has been a consistent NO vote.
    Is that to do with Independence or Nicola Sturgeon ?

    Do you think?

  126. Dan says:

    Ottomanboi’s Telegraph link archived.

    Was thinking about this archive thing the other day.
    It would be good if we could push for all genuine Indy Politicians only to use archived links to media articles published by newspapers that oppose Scotland returning to self governing status.
    If a supposed “Indy Politician” isn’t disciplined enough or can’t be arsed taking a stand and making the effort to restrict funding those Pro-Union sources, then it doesn’t say much for their Pro-Indy credentials.

    #BoycottDivestSanction #BDS

  127. Breeks says:

    chas says:
    27 August, 2021 at 9:33 am
    I see that charges against Mrs Murrell’s sister have been dropped. It may be that the lady is entirely innocent or that any ‘evidence’ cannot be substantiated. We will never know.
    I just wonder if the immortal words ‘Di ye ken wha ma sister is’ were uttered?

    I speculated at the time that happening on a Saturday night, this was likely a drunken barney, with person A assaulting person B, and person B deciding to press charges. With two hungover faces like thunder not speaking to each other all Sunday, Person A decides on a tit for tat basis that they’ll bring countercharges against person B. Thus both parties get arrested and charged. After a week to cool and say sorry, both Persons A and B realise what a pair of arseholes they’ve been, run up several hundred pounds of lawyers bills, and both resolve to drop the respective charges against each other, and probably lie to each other that they’ll never get drunk again, or maybe never see Person “C” again, or maybe stop nagging.

    It’s just a typical “domestic” in my opinion, nothing to see, sad for them, but pretty much a waste of time for everybody else affected by it.

    I mean, it’s not as if anything serious happened such as Person A flicking Person’s B’s curls that would require a trial by jury at the High Court.

  128. Breeks says:

    …. And Persons D, E, F, G, H, and I all conspiring to tell porkies about it.

  129. Breeks says:


    Arch Tories stance towards IndyRef2 more liberal than SNP’s Nicola Sturgeon and her Trans Taliban.

  130. Dan says:

    Talking of drink…

    Another hint that there are supply chain issues hitting Scotland’s shops…
    The driver that has for years lobbed their empty Isla Negra Chardonnay wine bottles out onto my local road verges now looks to be struggling to consistently source that product.
    This week’s roadside litter pick has identified that the dirty wino fucker is now having to procure Chardonnay produced by the likes of Hardys, Eagle’s Pass, and Limetree.

  131. Breeks says:

    Breeks says:
    27 August, 2021 at 11:21 am

    Arch Tories stance towards IndyRef2 more liberal than SNP’s Nicola Sturgeon and her Trans Taliban.

    Actually, thinking about it… I wonder if the Tories have heard on the grapevine that the next UK General Election might turn into a Plebiscite Election on Scottish Independence if ALBA gets it’s way, and suddenly presenting Sturgeon’s Vichy Government with a secret shortcut to an IndyRef, all of a sudden seems a terrific idea.

  132. Ottomanboi says:

    DAN 11:02
    Couldn’t locate archive for this but get ur point. Access to banned in Australia, China, Finland and Russia.
    Will do deep search in future.

  133. @Breeks
    I love the phrase Taliban Trans…. I laughed until I (almost) cried. That’s what we need to call them – has a real sound bite ring to it! Nicola and her Taliban Trans – and Lorna whatits with her 36 votes that get her a seat in the scotgov cabinet. They really can’t fall much lower, now can they?

  134. James Che. says:

    There are questions going around in circles in my head,

    Why does the government down south fear losing Scotland?

    If it feels Scotland to be a financial burden that cannot look after itself.

    Why does the government down feel it would be a threat in any way if Scotland went independent?

    Scotland is to small a country in population to start any invasions with a population the size of England’s nowadays.

    Financial Power wise would Scotland not be starting from scratch.

    Whereas England has had the banks and ability to print money for eons.

    Why does the government fear such move towards independence from such a small populated country at all.

    Does it have anything to do with self esteem?

    Does it have anything to do resources, that maybe Scotland has that England does not?

    If the government considers Scotland to wee, too poor, and to stupid, why would the government down want to keep it dragging down the rest of Britain.

    Could their be a larger value in Scotland’s minerals, or water supply, that the country of England could not survive without?

    Could the shoe actually be on the other foot. a case that the goverment down south is more reliant on Scotland, than Scotland is with England.

    And to add to these questions.

    Why does Wales show persistence in wanting independence from the government down south for a number of years now.

    Why is Ireland talking about reunification and becoming independence of Ireland.

    If Three counties out of four that make up Britain want to go their separate ways. Will the government down south be so desperate as to cause war,

    So I come back full circle.

    Is holding on to three countries that want to become individual countries more a case with the government down south feeling a bad case of self esteem.

    Is there something missing from the equation that we do not see?

    What is the reason for Englands government that it displays such an exaggerated fear of losing the country of Scotland, it becomes belligerent, and becomes like a stickler back fish?

  135. James Che. says:


    Correct me if I am in error,
    But was it not yesterday that I mentioned the more Scottish people show signs of taking control for themselves about going independent, that being out of the hands of uk government through using “the claim of right”, and Scottish sovereignty.
    The uk government would arrange a referendum for Scotland.
    Or did I just dream that.

  136. Fred says:

    willie says;
    ‘ Like dogs, like dogs, the sentiment is crystal clear.’

    I can’t believe you actually tried to add pathos to that rant of yours. I can just hear that line being delivered on stage at the end of a monologue by some ham Shakespearean actor. Think- a Scottish Kenneth Williams!

    As for Helensburgh and Rosyth – of course you are going to hear accents from all over Britain due the Navy having a large presence in both towns. Jeez!

    Honestly Willie, looking for problems that barely exist isn’t healthy. ‘Bit like COVID I suppose.

  137. willie says:

    Shooting people like dogs in the street. It’s not the type of thing you want to hear from a British military man.

    All the sentiment of a Sharpesville or a Bloody Sunday. Slaughter obviously comes easy to some our military. Don’t know how you’d react if someone told you they’d shoot you like a dog Fred. Or even if someone threatened to come and give you the beating of your absolute life.

    But this IS the sentiment from some of our predominately English military dispatched to Scotland. This is the way that it is in their mind.

    And yes Fred, you observant noting that round Helensburgh and Rosyth their are accents from all round Britain die to the Navy having large bases nearby.

    Lets hope it’s not you who gets shot like a dog Fred and you can continue with your Shakespearean reading.

  138. willie says:

    And one last thing Fred @ 11.45

    At least you acknowledge that there is a problem albeit your belief that it “barely exists”

    And that we have to take it will be all right then Mr Sharpseville SA.

  139. James Che. says:

    So alister jack decides what is above fifty,
    Can the man not count?
    That would be 51 next that would make it above 50% of the population. Doh.

  140. James Che. says:

    Carrot just ahead boys. But never in reach.

  141. Breeks says:

    James Che. says:
    27 August, 2021 at 11:33 am

    …Why does the government fear such move towards independence from such a small populated country at all.

    Does it have anything to do with self esteem?

    I was about to link you to an Article in the New European called “The problem with the English…” but the page doesn’t exist anymore, and can’t find an archive either.

    I was written by an English Professor, (Oxford?), and when into how the English struggle with the concept of being a team player, and it was really a very good and insightful article. The front picture was an army snatch squad in Northern Ireland… Anybody remember? Or better still have a copy?

    This is the bookmark I kept, but it’s a dead end now. Such a shame because it was really good.

  142. Sensible Dave says:

    Breeks 12.53

    You wrote “went into how the English struggle with the concept of being a team player, and it was really a very good and insightful article”.

    Really Breeks? Is this how desperate you have become? You spend your time looking for confirmation bias?

    Listen sunshine, England comprises over 50 million people of all shapes, sizes, colours, races, creeds and personality types. The notion that you will find some perceived negative trait that exists predominantly among us – that doesn’t also apply to most other nationalities is just bull crap.

    I guess we could make a game of it? I could write stuff about the problem of the SCottish? What to start with? Their love of financial subsidy from English tax payers? Junkies? Piss Heads? Sectarianism? Corrupt FM, Government, Police and Judiciary?

    Let me know if you would like me to start.

  143. holymacmoses says:

    Perhaps one problem, for people who consider themselves purely English, is that they simply can’t see themselves as others see them. I suppose that’s a quandary for other members of the population too . Lots of people who wish others to believe that an individual is something he or she is not or indeed believes they have qualities which it is apparent he or she do not actually possess. It’s called self-delusion isn’t it ‘Sensible Dave’.

  144. McDuff says:

    Dear dear what a tantrum Breeks has obviously hit a raw nerve.
    Yes England has a pop of 50 million and don’t we know it , just switch on the tv nothing Welsh or Scottish, 9 million non English people totally ignored, it’s England all the way. Only English newspapers reviewed. Only England suffered the blitz only England fought in the war. Take a look at war films and doumentaries its all about England. It’s the English royal family , even the Queens sister decribed her as the queen of England.
    England is not a team player it has to be no 1 , victorious and glorious worshipped and admired by the world.
    And as far as Scotland being subsidised by England why would Westminster give ungrateful moaning jocks billions of pounds at the expense of the English NHS education infrastructure…. why??
    At the end of the day old man you represent everything that makes us crave independence.

  145. crazycat says:

    @ Breeks at 12.53

    Not sure if this is the article you’re referring to – it was in Prospect rather than the New European – but it’s worth reading anyway:

  146. J.o.e says:

    ‘A sight for discussing the news any any other pointless topic that some plonker comes up with, it really is a drag of a place now’

    If you, or the other complainers, can’t come up with a topic that gets more discussion then its not the fault of said ‘plonkers’.

    What do you want? Another few years of discussing who to vote for or that the SNP really is in fact corrupt?

    Go on. Nobody you are complaining about cares if you write continuously about shit we figured out ages ago – what we are concerned about is the problems emerging, not the ones that jumped up and bit you on your ignorant, uninformed, unaware and complacent arse.

    Years ago now, on this site, I declared that Scotland will become a communist style totalitarian state unless people wake up and pay attention. I gave my reasons and examples.

    The yawns, and groans and rolling of eyes was quite something.

    Others are giving you warning now and all you can do is yawn, groan and roll your eyes.

    What a thick wee fuck.

  147. Pixywine says:

    Mountain shadow. Watts is dead. Three day benders are good for you.

  148. Al-Stuart says:

    In the words of the wonderful Sigourney Weaver that can aptly apply to anti-vaxxer conspiracy promoter and bringer of avoidable death…

    “Andrew F., is pissing on us and hasn’t the decency to call it rain.”

    Given a traditional hallmark of Wings Over Scotland, is to reference ALL SOURCE material so readers can reference the veracity of information posted, it would be reasonable to ask Anti-vaxxer-Andy, the Typhoid Mary of WoS, to provide some evidence proving his very dubious Trumpian assertions that vast numbers are dying of the vaccination compared to almost zero deaths from Covid.

    If it were true that the vaccination is killing ten times the amount of people than the number of those actually dying of Covid, then how is it possible to mind control so many doctors to forge 131,000 UK death certificates writing: “cause of death Covid”

    Am not sure if site owner Stuart Campbell is reading BTL too often, but just for some interest and Pythonesque enjoyment, is it possible to change the WoS WordPress site setting to SUBSTITUTE the words..

    “vaccination” with “constipation”


    “covid” to be substituted with a random phrase such as “Independence”.

    That should extinguish a lot of the anti-vaxxer pish polluting each thread.

    To really mix things up and cause some entertainment to those of us SICK and anti-vaxxers, maybe set the site HTML WordPress word substitute protocol so that…

    “77th Brigade”


    “Hedgehog enema”.

    As for the “Andy-of-Death”, fountain-of-pish, here is the source to his original comment (get the idea Andy: quote your source material)…

    Some days when I pop by to read WoS BTL, I wonder whether the cell next to Craig Murray is available? I know Craig has a self-deprecating sense of humour and might just get the gallows humour in his plight being an almost Nirvana type of relief from having to read the inane inexorable torrent of internet drivel from so many idiot Amadans who buy a device connecting them to the internet where they can the pollute the world with with their verbal urine and literal excrement.

  149. Hatuey says:

    Al-Stuart, well said. But you’re late to the party… where ya been?

  150. J.o.e says:


    When I was talking about how PCR is being misused by our governments I constantly linked to the source material from the WHO and PHE and compared them to government policy.

    All sourced.

    That’s just one example.

    If we are going to talk about a rain of pish its your own comment. Im sorry you are having such a hard time with this.

    ‘then how is it possible to mind control so many doctors to forge 131,000 UK death certificates writing: “cause of death Covid’

    By making it official policy to use PCR asymptomatically (against the official advice of public health bodies see above) and to record every death with 28 days of said test to be of covid. Again – government policy.

  151. Hatuey says:

    If PCR testing is being misused in regards to Covid-19, then it’s been misused in regards to everything else too, going back decades.

    The technology has come along way since its inventor, almost 40 years ago, said it could be misused as a diagnostic tool.

    I didn’t see anyone protesting before when it was being used to identify pathogens and infections, criminals, fossil remains, parents, genetic disorders, etc.

  152. J.o.e says:


    I didn’t mention the inventor just now. I specifically mentioned the WHO and PHE who pretty much echo what Kary Mullis said.

  153. J.o.e says:

    Wait. You know what. I don’t care.

    Anybody who needs coaxing to go online and find these official statements, or can’t just click a fucking link deserves whatever is coming at them anyway.

    You may have them Hatuey.

  154. Hatuey says:

    Thanks for letting me “have” them, Joe.

    You seem to have a dim view of those who read these comments. Funny that, I assume most of them are smart, and probably smarter than me.

    Actually, I kinda think the really smart people don’t comment at all.


  155. Soda says:

    I’ve no idea whether you are right or wrong Hatuey, or whether or not i agree with you mainly because you are coming over really loudly as a fucking annoying twat and i cant in all honesty read one fucking word that you are saying.

    Offence meant.

  156. John Mcgregor says:

    Would anybody on this page welcome a referendum on devolution ???

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