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The Ship Song

Posted on May 12, 2021 by

Ten years ago this month I was in a pub called The Porter in Bath with my girlfriend and her family, buying everyone whiskies and gabbling deliriously (I’d been up for over 40 hours at that point) about the significance of what had just happened.

Alex Salmond’s SNP had just broken the Scottish electoral system, winning an absolute majority of seats in a Parliament designed expressly to stop that from ever happening. A total of 72 pro-independence MSPs had been elected, and it was already clear that an independence referendum was going to happen despite the Labour Party’s best efforts. It was impossibly exciting.

This month I sat and watched 72 ostensibly pro-indy MSPs be elected again, but this time with my heart breaking, knowing that they would achieve nothing and indeed had no real intention to even try.

And I’ve had enough of feeling that way.

I’m not going to rehash all the blindingly obvious reasons why there isn’t going to be independence referendum in the life of this Parliament, because we’ve explained them a dozen times and anyone who was ever going to listen already knows. Boris Johnson – or any other Tory leader – has absolutely no reason to allow one and nothing to fear from refusing.

Scotland has no influence over him whatsoever. The mad fantasy of him bowing to pressure from an international community that stood back and watched Spain beat up and imprison peaceful democratic campaigners doesn’t deserve the dignity of a moment’s consideration from anyone even halfway sane. We told you in May 2016 that the election result took an indyref off the table for five years and we were proved right. We’re telling you again.

The only time in history the independence movement has ever held any meaningful leverage over a UK government (Theresa May’s lame-duck minority administration of 2017-19) Nicola Sturgeon squandered it on a futile and immoral attempt to deny England and Wales the Brexit that they voted for of their own free democratic will, and then helpfully handed Johnson the election that gave him the 80-seat majority which now renders him totally invulnerable on the constitution.

So what’s coming now is five miserable years of deja vu. A Holyrood with a pro-indy majority but no will to do anything with it, just like the one we’ve had since 2016 when Sturgeon lost Salmond’s majority and became beholden to the foul, racist, misogynist paedophilia sympathisers and enablers of the Scottish Greens – a situation that it’s now possible with hindsight to see absolutely delights her.

I want no part of the lie they’re going to foist on indy supporters for the next few years. I want no responsibility for how people are going to feel as it slowly, gradually dawns on them that they’ve been conned and taken for fools in exactly the same way Tony Blair did to Labour voters 20 years ago.

Blair won three elections, but burned Labour and all its values to the ground in the process, leaving the party an unelectable, bitterly factional mess that still trails even the current monstrous, farcical atrocity of a Tory government in the opinion polls, 13 years after Blair left office to concentrate on building his colossal personal wealth.

That day is coming down the line for the New SNP, make no mistake about it. Given the ludicrously inept state of the opposition parties in Scotland it looks a while off yet. But the Tories under William Hague and Michael Howard and Iain Duncan Smith were a joke of a party that looked like it was dead and buried forever, but politics abhors a vacuum and eventually someone came along capable of reviving it.

The price that’ll be paid for Nicola Sturgeon’s betrayal of the SNP for the sake of her personal career will be years and years in the wilderness for the independence movement. The 80 years of work by her predecessors leading to the high water mark of 2011-14 have been turned to ashes and it takes a while for anything to grow back from ashes.

I’m already 53 and the men in my family rarely get much past 70. I don’t intend to waste the rest of my life waiting for that to happen, and unlike some I’m not prepared to lie to people in the meantime for the sake of a paycheque or a cosy wee country cottage or a pathetic delusion of relevance like some broken-record bloggers or media pundits who should have been pensioned off a decade ago.

Nor am I willing to destroy my health and happiness by putting myself through the fury of being lied to every day, never mind all the accompanying abuse.

I could spend the next decade documenting that alone, but a few weeks ago Paul “Wee Ginger Dug” Kavanagh did something so indescribably despicable I can barely bring myself to refer to it even obliquely. Out of sheer demented hatred of me and loyalty to Nicola Sturgeon, and based on a complete falsehood, he harassed a friend of mine so grievously and so disgustingly (he was trying to get them to help him have me put in prison) that they ended up in hospital in intensive care and very nearly lost their life – something for which he’s shown no remorse whatsoever.

I’m not willing to be a catalyst for that. I’m not willing to see other people dead because of how much somebody hates me.

(I have my friend’s permission to publish the above paragraphs.)

Kavanagh and I are both fortunate that lockdown restrictions prevented me from going to the nice new home he’s bought with Yes voters’ donations and doing something I’d have regretted. (I’ve calmed down enough not to do it now.) The repulsive, wretched piece of slime can also consider himself very lucky that to spare my friend any more trauma I didn’t call the police over what he did.

But he’s only, and by a distressingly narrow margin, the very lowest of the grotesque, grifting, self-serving sewer scum that now infests every level of the independence movement. I said a few weeks ago on Wings that in the highly unlikely event of another indyref Yes would need to start with a clean slate of new faces, so irretrievably toxic are the relationships between those who campaigned in 2014, so as one of them I’m taking my own advice and setting an example in vacating the stage.

(Can you imagine going into a second referendum with nothing to offer as persuasion to undecided voters but Pat Kane, Lesley Riddoch, Gerry Hassan and Elaine C Smith again? Christ have mercy on our accursed souls.)

To be honest, the thought of those people celebrating Wings’ demise was the only thing that nearly stopped me from walking away. But carrying on to spite them would be letting them control my life just as much as if I’d let them shut it down before now, and I won’t give them that power.

In truth this would have happened weeks ago, over Kavanagh and when two crooked and hopelessly hamstrung inquiries whitewashed Sturgeon and her government over their criminal attempt to put Alex Salmond in prison with false sexual-harassment allegations. It was only the creation of the Alba Party that offered Scotland one last-ditch chance of salvation.

But an unholy alliance of the SNP and the Unionist media – sweetened by a tasty £3m bribe from the former to the latter – successfully managed to smear and silence Alba and ensure it had no voice in Parliament, and most crucially no base from which to build an alternative.

The party intends to carry on, which with the deepest respect and regret I consider a futility. We learned last week that Sturgeon has simply done too effective a job of poisoning its name and in particular that of its leader. Alex Salmond has been in the form of his life in 2021 – rejuvenated and ebullient, eloquent and fearless, despite the ordeal he’s endured in the last couple of years which would have crushed a lesser man to whimpering dust – but all to no avail.

The absolute hatred with which Alba was treated by brainwashed, goldfish-memoried SNP members under Sturgeon’s direction was jaw-dropping and horrifying. Even six months ago I would never have believed a pro-indy party led by the man who took the SNP from a nutter-fringe irrelevance to the all-conquering behemoth of Scottish politics could have secured less than 10% of the list votes of SNP supporters (especially when the alternative was completely wasting those votes), but in the end it never even got close to that figure because Sturgeon has turned the SNP into a hyper-obedient Stalinist personality cult.

(On the rare occasions the membership does try to summon up some courage, as with last year’s NEC elections, Sturgeon and her husband simply steamroller it, slashing and burning their way through all the party’s procedures and rules until they get the result they want.)

No matter how much passion, energy, reason, decency and dignity Alba continue to campaign with, I don’t think they can overcome that ugly collaboration of smearing between the SNP and the Unionist media. The defining characteristic of Sturgeon’s reign as First Minister, and just about the only thing she’s done with any competence or efficiency, has been the ruthless crushing of anyone and anything she considers a threat to her personal power.

So, since I haven’t actually spelled it out yet: Wings is over. We’ve said everything there is to say and I’m not going to spend the next five years pointlessly repeating myself while Nicola Sturgeon busily turns Scotland into a vicious, spiteful, intolerant, authoritarian and misogynist country I’ll be ashamed to come from and am already afraid to live in. The tragedy is just going to have to play out and the pieces be picked up afterwards, whenever that is and whoever’s left to do it.

So unfortunately you’ll have to wait for someone else to report on Bella Caledonia’s links (via its “poetry collective”) to the British Council, an organisation identified by the Sunday Herald a few years earlier as a wing of the British security services.

(The Herald is/was the paper of David Leask and Neil Mackay, so who’d know better about the activities of the British security services, right?)

And someone else will have to take you through the Scottish Government’s disturbing new Stonewall-driven “diversity curriculum”, including its now somewhat off-message and probably transphobic suggestion that there are in fact only two sexes.

And perhaps most upsettingly of all, it looks like we’ll tragically have to go before we find out from James Kelly what our dastardly masterplan was.

Wings would have been 10 years old this November. At that point, for the sake of one last straw-clutching chance to be proved wrong (or if Police Scotland finally do their job and arrest Sturgeon and Murrell for stealing the ringfenced fundraiser money) I’ll reassess the state of play and make a finally-final decision, but in truth I can’t imagine anything will have changed, and certainly not for the better. It’s time to find something else to do with my life, and having not done a Wings fundraiser in two years I need to pay the bills too.

The Titanic was irretrievably doomed two hours before it actually slid beneath the icy waters of the Atlantic, and as far as the campaign for Scottish independence goes this Parliament is simply going to be a more drawn-out recreation of those strange, surreal moments as the lights went out and hope drowned.

In our version of the band playing on, the site will remain live and you’ll even still get weekly cartoons until that point. Comments will be open for people to chat, but the actions of trolls have already ended the approval of new commenters and that will continue (along with any comments that get caught in the filters, so watch what you say). But we’re not going to spend thousands of pounds a year keeping it online indefinitely, so use the time to archive anything you want to preserve.

There also remains the question of what should be done with the money left in the Wings Fighting Fund (still a not-insignificant sum) and we’ll address that then. In the meantime I’ll resist the temptation to stuff it all into a rucksack and bugger off to Rio forever, and hope that Britain manages to come up with a nice summer to enjoy. After the last 14 months you’d think we’d all earned one.

The last nine and a half years have been an incredible honour. Thanks for everything. Between us, readers, we scared the living daylights out of the bad guys – the true measure of anything’s worth is how much its opponents attack it, and by that metric Wings was beyond price. Like the Spartans at Thermopylae, though, our true enemies wore our own colours and we didn’t see what they were doing until it was too late.

But I’ll remain proud of what we achieved until my dying day, and of the fact that we tried our best to warn everyone about the looming iceberg when it would have been a lot easier and more lucrative to stay silent and play along with the charade like the rest of Sturgeon’s tame shills.

(The honourable exceptions remain listed in the Wings links bar. Treasure them.)

David Baddiel used to do a routine – based on real events, he told me – about how much worse it is to be beaten up by the police than by a bunch of skinheads. (The word “skinheads” gives you an idea of how long ago the routine was.) Because when you’re getting beaten up by skinheads you can always hope the police come along, but when the police are beating you up in the back of a van it’s no good hoping for a load of skinheads to appear. If 19 September 2014 was getting beaten up by skinheads, last week was getting beaten up by the police. No saviours are coming.

Sometimes the odds are so stacked against you that you simply have no chance of winning. But there’s no shame in losing if you left everything on the pitch. The shame belongs to the betrayers, who threw the game for some ministerial baubles and a few more years of nice fat pension contributions from the taxpayer.

We’re entering a long period of darkness for the Yes movement. I hope we get through it. Goodnight, readers, and may your god and your guardian angel go with you.

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    1. Fiona says:

      I have been thinking. Mr Campbell you have a ferocious work ethic.Once you have had a break, and assuming you do not have something all consuming to occupy you, I wonder if you would consider writing a “how to” guide. You probably cannot teach us to write as well as you do: but you have been at some pains to point out how to read,over the years. But you have other skills. For example, your archive/memory/ access to libraries allows you to find and post the evidence to back up what you say very quickly. I don’t know how to do that. I can google and in time sometimes find info: but clumsily and slowly. It would be great to learn to do that better. To learn how to cover the day’s news without it taking hours I don’t have to find information which you seem to get in minutes each morning.
      In short, would you consider writing a basic guide on how you do what you do.
      If you did,some of us might, if we work together, be able to produce some articles worth posting: you do it alone and with great skill. But it is appalling to contemplate the total absence of your challenging truths from the debate
      I am not perhaps making this case well: but would you?
      Does everyone else think this a daft idea? Or would you be up for learning if it can be taught? After all, there are journalism schools, and so far as I can see they do a rubbish job. Mr Campbell could do better for us.

    2. Annie 621 says:

      Sorry Tom, that wasn’t a question mark, I meant, well said.

    3. President Xiden says:

      It amazes me that those on here who reject the royal family and what they represent , embrace the Jacobite model of royalty which basically is they are Gods representatives on Earth. Please explain.

    4. sarah says:

      @ Fiona: that sounds a good idea if the Rev can train others to do what he does so efficiently.

    5. Dan says:

      McDuff says: at 9:52 pm

      You say the revenues from the North Sea were split proportionally which means England got 92% of a Scottish resource. Good deal for us?????. Its funny that oil is a UK resource but its the English taxpayer that subsidises us.
      Our country has been dismantled, robbed and stripped to the bone while my fellow Scots sit in their armchairs with a glazed expression and let it happen.

      Aye, I realised after posting the “proportional aspect” related roughly to our percentage of population, rather than an amount of revenue proportional to the actual oil and gas reserves located in what would be Scottish territorial waters.

      Of course, that proportion of UK population allocation is also a scam as over the 300 years of this supposedly great and equal union, The Kingdom of England has grown its population at a disproportionately faster rate compared to The Kingdom of Scotland, with all the knock on economic benefits to an area that come with it.
      This in itself plainly highlights that the Treaty of Union has been breached since its inception, because no constituent part of the UK should have an economic advantage over another.
      And the lack of political will in Westminster to address and correct this population growth disparity, proves this union ain’t all its cracked up to be for Scotland.

      Of course if England had managed to evolve its car and motorbike industries to manufacture and evolve vehicles such as the Maxi and Allergy so that they didn’t dissolve quicker than fuckin Alka seltzer tablet, they could have exported these prestige cars around the globe and raised revenues for the UK.
      But no, like all things “Great” British the car and bike companies and jobs that went with them have gone down the pan.
      The best models produced by British Leyland were the Vanden Plas models, not because of superior engineering or quality that made them any better than the lesser models, no, the VP models were best because you could at least prise off the wooden trim before the car got scrapped and get some kindling to light your fire.

    6. WeeCrabbitBas says:

      It’s been a long pleasure, a privilege and an education. Thank you for your contribution which by all accounts has made more of a difference over the last few years than all of the 56, 35, 48 or the now 45 (I think) SNP MPs combined.

      I’ve learned loads, plenty of others have too I’m sure, and I’m also certain that your efforts will be remembered, cited and discussed amongst historians of the future.


      It’s interesting those you name-check above, who all have skin in the game of commerce now, capitalising on the respective brand identities they’ve managed to create for themselves and now readily shifting product/goods and services wherever possible – “available through all good digital channels”. “Subscribe for even more exclusive member-only content, where we pontificate, gesticulate wildly in tones of righteous indignation, and generally talk utter pish for nearly a full hour. Don’t miss it folks.”

      On the one hand I get it, “we are all individuals”, plying our trade to make a living, whether through selling our labour to a company in a permanent contract of employment, or operating as the little mini-corporate enterprises, sole traders, contractors and consultants that have blossomed in the post-Thatcher neoliberal era that has come to so dominate our lives, having driven a nail through the heart of society. Fucking Blair. Living the autonomous dream for some, driving others into the ground. (I used to work with a guy who, every time he got himself into a new corner with the management, would ask himself, “What would Tony do?”)

      Maybe it also helps explain why so many have been complicit in their silence over the Alex Salmond Sanction failure. That is: they all have livelihoods and reputations to protect. Too much to lose, constrained and bound by their own status anxiety so as to be unable to speak out freely for fear of being blacklisted. But think how many voices would have spoken up, had the inquiries successfully executed their briefs in full and done the right thing.

      Think back to Enron – as a minimum Sturgeon must surely be guilty of willfull blindness (if she could have known, she should have known). But I believe when historians look back and review the shifting-in-the-seat water-sipping ants-in-pants blinky-blink-blink performance on display in various interviews, and in the all-telling “evidence” session she gave to the parliamentary committee, surely she will go down in history rather differently than the Sainthood donned upon her to date.

      I’m sure we all look forward now to seeing a more positive outcome of the judicial processes that will be pursued as a direct result of each of the inquiry’s findings, along with the emergence of additional evidence to be aired in the public domain.


      I’ve rambled, but I hope this message makes some sort of sense. It’s the last one I’ll be writing here.

      All the best for the future in whatever you decide to do.

      Not the WGD

      p.s. I too was one of the sceptics originally when the criticism of Sturgeon and Co. began to appear in your posts, however, as you’ve said, the fact that all of those hard-hitting reports backed up by source evidence remain unchallenged speaks for itself.

      Perhaps you can justifiably shout loud and proud, in a rebel yell (mixing my shoddy musical metaphors): “NYAH FEARTIES!”

    7. Al-Stuart says:


      I wouldn’t waste your time with Michael Stimson. He is a rude, obnoxious, ignorant person.

      It’s his narcissistic arrogance that grates the most.

      He did promise us he would go away. But like the proverbial “floater” jobby that comes back round the U-bend when you try to flush it away, Old Mist007 Octogenarian Blue Eyes is making more encores than Frank Sinatra.

      Frank Sinatra is still more scintillating company than Double-O Chrome-Dome and the real Old Blue Eyes has been a bit stiff and quiet for quite some time.

      As for advertising private information on blogs. That is ill-advised. Even if you are Norman-no-mates. Then again if you are Norman Bates with a grotty Motel and your virginal Ltd., company imports Alfred Hitchcock style shower curtains and exports cadavers, maybe this is the place to expose your private particulars and find “volunteers” LOL 🙂

      IF Michael attempts to reply, remember he called you, us, me and my fellow Scots: “pathetic provincial minded” from a: “Fucking pathetic joke of a cuntry” (sic). . Ruby unlike Mr Stimson, many Scots are part of a worldwide diaspora that have contributed much to the world beyond our provincial borders.


      Mist001 Mist001 Mist001 Mist001 says:
      8 May, 2021 at 6:29 pm


      Scotland’s fucked, it’s a pathetic little Northern province, populated by pathetic provincial minded people.

      Boris will clean up in Scotland like he did in Hartlepoole and as for that Murrell creature, Salmond has said today that the job’s too big for her but hey, the public gets what the public wants.

      I’ve washed my hands of Scotland now. Fucking pathetic joke of a cuntry.

    8. Christopher Quinn says:

      Be well. Take some time. Hopefully see you back because nobody does it better than you. Mainly just take care of yourself.

    9. dropthevipers says:

      Having extended an olive branch to NS (and had it shoved back in his face) I wonder if AS will now turn both barrels on the poisonous harpie? (I’m presume he must have a shedload of evidence to sink her without trace?)

    10. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Looks like the Rangers have got their celebrations well underway with a pyrotchnic display across from BBC Pacific Quay.

      Those same characters will be staggering around Glasgow all day tomorrow.

      In what other other city is a crowd of snarling drunks allowed to effectively shut down the social and commercial centre?

      It’s fucking insane.

    11. `Academics at Edinburgh University claim they are teaching in a climate of fear with some lecturers allegedly “hunted down” because of their failure to comply with the “unchallengeable orthodoxy” of gender identity theory.`

      change `gender identity theory` with `master race theory`,

      same M.O. as the Nazi party in 1930`s Germany.

    12. stonefree says:

      @ Ian Brotherhood at 9:19 pm

      Could I suggest you set up a forum I used proboards It a free platform
      I like forums as you can set access levels for privacy , it’s kind of old school now, not that ,that’s a bad thing

    13. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @WeeCrabbitBas (10.58) –

      Enjoyed that wee ‘ramble’.

      If there was ever a time for serious reflection, this is it.


    14. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @stonefree –

      Noted, thanks!

    15. J.o.e says:

      After the swearing in of the Scottish parliament I observed that it’s alright to declare the importance of your ethnic and cultural heritage…so long as you are not Scottish.

      If you think its brave coming out as homosexual or crossdresser try coming out as an advocate for the rights and well being of native Europeans.

    16. Labour 4 Indy says:

      Sturgeon has total control over the Colony of Scotlandshire.

      She has her bitches where she wants them, along with her media and justice department.

      I remember Scottish Labour tried to ignore the people of Scotland, the Sturgeon reign will end in a similar fashion.

    17. Wullie B says:

      Pixywine says:
      14 May, 2021 at 9:33 pm

      Ian Brotherhood. Gab and or any number of latforms. Good idea. More people will go to new platforms as YouTube are banning people, even for whistling Dixie in the John. Need to be quick though as Hillary Clinton wants to save us all from ” online harms” and we know what that means. The system of Government we now have is basing itself on the Chinese model. Here’s what I have to say to that… Banzai!!!


      And we all know who holds Hillary Rodham Clinton as a hero, Nicola Sturrell, am no republican nor democrat supporter, I fancy myself as someone who prefers a smaller model of government and government interference, but not as far as tea party.

      I dare say if I stayed in the States, something I am seriously contemplating, that I would probably vote for a Libertarian candidate, if I voted at all, as like this side of teh pond, most politicians are just different cheeks of teh same arse.

    18. Andy lad says:

      It looks like Rangers fans in their thousands have basically been given the green light to converge on George Square on Saturday in huge numbers!
      Especially after the demonstration of people power in Glasgow’s Southside on Thursday, which seemed to have the apparent approval of the First Minister and her Justice Secretary!
      How much longer will London hold back if massive public disorder breaks out again all over a major UK city centre later on today? Especially if it catches the attention of a worldwide tv audience!
      If the SNP government and Police Scotland continue to be seen to be helpless, and are unable to safeguard the public and maintain law and order in a UK city centre especially during the current Covid crisis in Glasgow, I think we may need to be a little more concerned about what the future may hold for our Scottish Parliament at Holyrood!

    19. Labour 4 Indy says:

      Andy lad 12.43am

      Andy, I’d gladly back the idea of Holyrood being closed down

      Anything that stops Sturgeon in her tracks has got to be a good thing

      Holyrood is nothing more than a glorified Cooncil Chamber.

    20. J.o.e says:

      @Labour 4 Indy

      Unfortunately I came to the same conclusion last year after they spent some time talking about George Floyd and the need for Scots to reflect on racism in society.

      Ive known for a long time that our political system and justice system is captured, which is why I was certain of where we’d be right now years ago, but the sheer brazen brass balls it takes to literally import a problem from the US, as if its relevant in Scotland, in order to enhance woke talking points to the Scottish people was astounding.

    21. David A. says:

      I see someone linking to “snopes” as if it was the “bible of all truth and final answer”. IIRC from what I remember finding out to my surprise was it’s run by a cat lady, a man who cheated on the cat lady and the ex-prostitute he cheated on her with. It’s not some magical scroll of facts. This very small group have their own heavy bisases and agendas. In fact I dare say the pool of people who comment regularly on WOS are both more numerous and more knowledagable than them on many matters and more experience and qualifications between them.

      Just remember that when someone links to that site and says “OMG BUT SNOPES SAYS” it actually means “this cat lady, or the guy who cheats or the ex-prostitute says”. Once you strip the magical power of branding away and you realise it’s actually just another mediocre human like any of us it’s not so impressive what that site says or doesn’t say.

      So it is laughable that the people running that site are trying to fact-check someone like Dr Yeadon and many others who speak out. Why would I trust “snopes”?

      Got to wonder what the behind the scenes dealings and revenue sources are too. Way too high risk of corruption as people blindly trust a very small point of failure, especially as they have a history of being desperate for money. Another big alarm bell.

    22. Labour 4 Indy says:


      There isn’t a thing Sturgeon does now that surprises me anymore.

      I truly detest this Witch who is masquerading as our First Minister.

    23. James Che. says:

      One wonders what damage will possibly happen to those who have had the vaccines further down the line,
      I held of from having one due to having an op, and was to weak a state in recovery, since then we have learned of one vaccine being dangerous for blood clotting. Which was why I was in hospital in the first place.
      The fact this particular vaccine had not been tested over a longer period of time is worrisome.
      I had been thinking about taking the vaccine when I heard that in MSM news,
      Now we know that one vaccine is not enough and you have to have a second one,
      Since then we have been informed that with new variant covids from various countries, we will possibly need another type of vaccine to protect us, and so it goes on and on.
      Where would I be if I had taken that vaccine, I hate to think.
      I am fully recovered and back to good health now,
      But my faith in vaccinating the people without a longer periods of testing in laboratories is seriously shaken.and the fact that the taken approach of one glove fits all, is dangerous for many with a variety of established illnesses,
      Being of a cautious nature I think I will wait a while to see how the experiment goes on the larger population whom are not worried.
      Meanwhile apparently you still have to wear a mask wether your a vaccined person or not, you still have to follow safety distancing from family and friends if the government says so, wether your vaccinated or not. You still have to follow the guidelines for lockdown wether you are vaccinated or not if the government says so. That places the same does and don’t’s on those whom willingly took the vaccine without questioning the safety of it , as myself
      So it seems the vaccine is not working as a preventative or a cure for those that have had the vaccine,
      I think I will wait to see which ones are affected first, see who starts dropping down around me, and wether it was from the vaccines? or because they couldn’t get to hospital for other serious illnesses that are cancelled due to the pandemic pressure on hospitals? all of whom my heart goes out too.
      I will remain cautious for a while yet.

    24. John says:

      Regarding COVID the facts are simple; It does not kill many people.
      The Scottish death figures for 2020 show 6000 excess deaths.
      These occurred mainly in March to June, when the hospitals were shut down.

      It is disturbing that no politician appears willing to go near this subject.

    25. Ruby says:

      Mist001 says:
      14 May, 2021 at 9:52 pm
      @ Ruby

      Close, but no cigar.

      You broke the cardinal rule of the internet. Don’t believe everything you read.

      I can tell you factually and categorically that I have never lived in Clearburn Crescent, I won’t be celebrating my 59th birthday there or anywhere else and Marseille is a shit hot city. It’s exciting and vibrant and if there’s violence, I’ve never seen it. The place and France in general, puts Edinburgh/Scotland to shame.

      St Just Concepts Ltd is my import/export company.

      If you need or want information, just ask. As I said previously, I have nothing to hide.

      Oh, and I’m not here to make friends. I don’t care what peoples opinions of me are or what anybody thinks of me. I’m only interested in Scottish independence, that’s the only reason I come here.

      “If you need or want information, just ask.”

      Why do you want Scottish independence?
      Are you a Unionist pretending to support Scottish independence?
      What do you import/export?
      How many books have you written?

      You wrote
      “You broke the cardinal rule of the internet. Don’t believe everything you read.”

      Does that include what you’ve written above?

      What to believe your post or this?:

    26. JimuckMac says:

      Hi John, your Covid death figures are provisional and incorrect. There were no excess covid deaths in Scotland for the year 2020.

    27. Bartleby64 says:

      Well this is fascinating. On the one hand nobody has died of coronavirus apparently. On the other hand the PM had murdered 120,000 people according to some, and the FM had killed about 10,000. So which is it?
      PS. I do understand that this is probably not a suitable subject for Mr. Campbell’s farewell post so perhaps we should all stop going so wildly off topic?

    28. Stephen says:

      Both can’t be true and yet both sides are sure they are correct with a messianic certainty.
      The trouble is that the reality of this medical emergency has been supplanted by links to conspiracy sites, easily gobbled up by those only too willing to believe.
      The comparison and analysis of source material and the research of all the issues is something which is too rigorous for this generation of couch potatoes, attached to their computers and consuming the internet like water, to accept.

    29. J.o.e says:

      So there was some discussion about Covid. Some months ago I put together an argument to my family members explaining why I will not participate in being a victim of the ongoing crime. Its some months old but I have used official sources in this 1st draft. You will have to copy and past the web addresses

      This is the part about testing and statistics:

      My claim is that we are currently being deliberately misinformed about coronavirus in order to manipulate us into a position where we are ruled by government mandate rather than established law while simultaneously being coerced into receiving new, still experimental medical technologies that have never been used in a human population.

      Further, I also claim that this situation will be maintained indefinitely in order to steadily strip the rights, legal protections and economic independence of ordinary people while giving greater power to global corporations and international institutions.

      Currently the future, if this situation persists, is bleak. Our children will grow up in a global prison of health tyranny and economic subjugation with their right to freedom and happiness taken from them by technocrats and corporations. That will be our legacy and it is not something I can permit myself to be part of.

      I will use the United Kingdom as the basis for this section however there is similar situation in every country of the world.

      The test.

      Initially there were no test and statistics were gathered from the best guesses of health workers. Then a test method was decided upon

      The test we have used to gather the majority of the data on cases and deaths is the PCR (Polymerase chain reaction) test.

      From Wikipedia:
      ‘Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) is a method widely used to rapidly make millions to billions of copies of a specific DNA sample, allowing scientists to take a very small sample of DNA and amplify it to a large enough amount to study in detail. PCR was invented in 1983 by the American biochemist Kary Mullis at Cetus Corporation.’

      Here is Kary Mullis, the inventor of the test, explaining how the results of a PCR test can be misinterpreted during a separate discussion of the HIV virus:

      ‘I don’t think you can misuse PCR. It’s the interpretation of it. With PCR if you do it well you can find almost anything in anybody. If you can amplify one single molecule up to something you can really measure, which PCR can do, then there are very few molecules that you don’t have at least one single one of them in your body. So that could be one misuse of it, to claim that its meaningful’

      ‘It tells you something about nature and what’s there. It allows you to take a very miniscule amount of anything and then make it measurable in order to talk about it at meetings.’

      ‘It’s a process that’s used to make a whole lot of something out of something’

      ‘It doesn’t tell you if you are sick or if the thing you ended up with was going to hurt you’

      From this document: Understanding cycle threshold (Ct) in SARS-CoV-2 RT-PCR:

      ‘Cycle threshold (Ct) is a semi-quantitative value that can broadly categorise the concentration of viral genetic material in a patient sample following testing by RT PCR as low, medium or high – that is, it tells us approximately how much viral genetic material is in the sample.
      A low Ct indicates a high concentration of viral genetic material, which is typically associated with high risk of infectivity.
      A high Ct indicates a low concentration of viral genetic material which is typically associated with a lower risk of infectivity. In the context of an upper respiratory tract sample a high Ct may also represent scenarios where a higher risk of infection remains – for example, early infection, inadequately collected or degraded sample.
      A single Ct value in the absence of clinical context cannot be relied upon for decision making about a person’s infectivity.’

      In short the PCR test has a cycle threshold. Each cycle amplifies the desired genetic material. By altering the number of cycles you can then choose how much of the genetic material you want to find.

      This means the higher the cycle threshold the more Covid-19 you will find. This is because the PCR ‘test’ is a research tool and not a test.

      So what is the Ct level used to discover positive Covid-19 cases? Here is the UK governments response:

      ‘You asked: Please can you provide the entire data set of all positive cases and deaths with the Cycle Threshold added. This is the number of times the sample is amplified before it gives a positive result.’
      ‘Due to Statistical Disclosure Control, we would not be able to publish the full data set of threshold cycles for each positive case, as this would constitute personal data. Section 39 of the Statistics and Registration Service Act 2007 (SRSA) renders it an offence to disclose information held by the Statistics Board for statistical purposes that would identify an individual.’

      In other words, we don’t want to tell you the Ct value we use to establish a positive Covid-19 case.

      Death statistics:

      Originally anybody who died any time after having a positive PCR test was added to the death statistics.

      Now anybody who died within 28 days of a positive PCR test is added to the daily statistics

      Also there is a weekly statistic where the threshold is a death within 60 days of a positive PCR test.

      Note that a person does not have to die of Covid-19 symptoms. A person who died in a car crash but who had previously tested positive for Covid is added.

      To summarise both the results of the PCR test and the method of compiling death statistics are fraudulent and will serve only to give massively inflated numbers within the statistics.

      Given that the ‘vaccines’ are being rolled out on emergency use only, due to these statistics, I think its highly relevant

    30. J.o.e says:

      Not bothered if the above gets deleted for whatever reason but it was already written by myself and thought id share given how the conversation has gone

    31. JimuckMac says:

      Apologise Mr Campbell for going off top but this is a crime needing exposed involving our FM and all other world leaders.

      On the 19th March 2020, the four nations of the U.K. removed Covid 19 from its pandemic register because of it’s ‘low mortality’ rate and four days before they put you in your first lockdown.

      This is a crime in a scale unimaginable to many.

      There never was a pandemic.

    32. John says:

      Hi Jimuckmac,
      I tend to agree there were very few (if any) Covid deaths in 2020.
      I just quoted the figures to show how they match the months that the hospitals were closed and the sick sent back into the care homes and elsewhere.
      I wonder where the flu went?
      Agreed, this is a subject with important political implications.

    33. Ken MacIntyre says:

      Sorry to see the end of Wings, consistently the most interesting Scottish politics blog. Here are inspiring words from Robert Burns.

    34. Bartleby64 says:

      JimuckMac, did you actually read your own link? It was not ‘removed from the UK pandemic list’, it was removed by WHO from their list of HIDs and moved to the the list of PHEICs. Because it is a PHEIC but not an HID. The UK government followed WHO’s criteria, unsurprisingly.

    35. Grendel says:

      I used to run a few forums on free platforms. For me, they were in some ways superior to other formats as you could easily go back and find posts. In other ways they were’t as friendly, especially when it came to posting images. But for a basic starter which allows you to replicate some of what you have here, you can try this.
      Very basic, but does the job.

    36. stonefree says:

      @ Grendel at 1:42 pm

      Yes, I was in admin on a few forums, and one in particular I promised myself I would always support the site, Till I became the last man standing, that’s when i started a free forum.
      Generally the guy that owned the forum which got hacked a couple of times.It was a consumer/money forum.
      Sadly he just left, I think he just became sick of it, Trying to help people and getting hacked !!!
      Three of us wanted to buy the forum,
      Logged on one day and it was gone
      Sad really,

    37. Ebok says:

      Ken MacIntyre says:
      15 May, 2021 at 10:41 am

      It’s as if this Burns had written this (from your link) last week: –

      ‘Those Despots long have trode us down,
      And Judges are their engines:
      Such wretched minions of a Crown
      Demand the people’s vengeance!
      To-day ’tis theirs. To-morrow we
      Shall don the Cap of Libertie!’

      I was far less optimistic when I wrote this simplistic observation.


      We sing ‘Oh Flower of Scotland’
      We sing with yearning and emotion
      We sing ‘Loch Lomond’ and ‘Hearts of Olden Glory’
      We sing with loving empathy and devotion

      But this delusion of bygone times
      Nostalgic though they may be
      Ignore historic hardship
      And pain and suffering and adversity

      Sure, our forefathers fought and died
      For that wee bit hill and glen
      Glens owned by landed gentry
      And governed by powerful men

      And when they put their lives
      Along that perilous front line
      They didn’t pause to ask
      Are our enemies in front, or behind?

      It’s been endemic for a thousand years
      A people sold down the river
      And like time passing through a revolving door
      We wait, and we wait, for a system that can deliver

      Peasants, crofters, masons and cobblers
      Miners, fishermen, spinners and weavers
      It is they who built our beloved land
      It is they who are the great achievers

      But now we’re ruled by neo-liberals
      Snowflakes, me too, diva’s, and deceivers
      I am now indigenous scum
      When once I was a true believer

    38. Pixywine says:

      To all who have an enquiring mind. Thank you. There is hope for us.

    39. Lost says:

      Catching up, but gutted it’s came to this. You’ve done more than enough for Scottish Independence. Maybe your job was to get us on the road and to this point rather than over the line?

      Sturgeon can’t last much longer, or her mob. They’ll destroy themselves from the inside, floating No/Yes voters will finally have enough when they realise what she’s doing.

      Be proud of the work you’ve done. You will be missed.

    40. Linda McFarlane says:

      Dear Stu,

      Thank you for all you have done. You have educated me on Independence. I question everything now. Where’s your evidence I ask of everyone.

      I still don’t have the words to say what I think or feel about what has happened to you or your friend. Please accept my best wishes and let her know that this total stranger wishes her, and you, only good things.

      I’ll always wear my Wings beanie and badges with pride. If you do decide to rise up again, I, and I’m very sure many others, will be right behind you.

      Much happiness to you – you deserve it.

    41. Ros Curwood says:

      Well you made me laugh and opened my eyes and I miss you a lot every morning.

    42. Angus F Macleod says:

      Gone but definitely not forgotten. We’ll see you back – thanks for all you done

    43. stonefree says:

      What to do?
      I have made a couple of comment earlier.
      I had after the result of 6/5/2021 and the follow up by this site.
      I thought to hell with this for a game of soldiers
      and then a light came on, Alex Salmond spoke of Alba and the council elections.
      And there we go.
      Alba is ,I think ,one option, the other is the cost me £120 the last time and that was done inside a very tight time framework (a bit less than Alba had)
      So sod it ,that’s what I’m going to do.
      At the moment, in regards to Sturgeon?
      I don’t see any SNP MP/MSPs or Councilors moving, I’d like to be wrong but I doubt it.
      Ian Lawson spoke of Blackford’s inaction regarding Gibson P……and there is always the in action over Gibson K
      She’s just going to tread water.
      The only way forwards is for AS against Evans and that lot get exposed, in court…… alone hope would be a MP uses Parliamentary privilege within Westminster,They would have to make sure beforehand that they would be covered.
      One could turn up at meetings and correct any statement that are made falsely
      Do please watch what you post and say

    44. Southernbystander says:

      What a sad legacy for this site that the comments on the very last post get overrun by Covid denying conspiracy theory nutcases. What can happen to people’s brains is frightening and in this case it fuels those who claim that Campbell was followed by unhinged fools. When it comes to these posters, this claim is completely true and when you think how much the Rev was so careful to always back up what said with sound evidence from reliable sources, refusing to go public if he wasn’t sure and saying so when he had doubts, and that this was such a strength of his journalism, it is doubly sad.

      Goodbye Mr Campbell, it is bold to call it a day but right (for now) since there is only so much flogging a dead horse that one can take. And that is what it has now come to – you did more than literally anyone to expose some unpalatable home truths but most people don’t want to hear them as it undermines their faith, a faith this is becoming increasingly blind, intolerant and dogmatic. At the same time the hints are it has also become personally dangerous to you and those around you.

      I hope you come back in some guise. I am sure you will in fact.

    45. Don says:

      @John 15 May, 2021 at 10:38 am

      “I tend to agree there were very few (if any) Covid deaths in 2020.
      I just quoted the figures to show how they match the months that the hospitals were closed and the sick sent back into the care homes and elsewhere.
      I wonder where the flu went?
      Agreed, this is a subject with important political implications.”

      Are you mad ? The ONS and Registers of Scotland are parts Government and you think they and 200 countries across the whole World are all lying to you ? For why purpose ? Only qulaified GP’s in the UK fill out and sign Death Certificates and don’t falsify them.
      “I wonder where the flu went?” This has hardly been a normal year , all across the UK people over 50 were offered Free Flu Jabs most people took that offer up as they didn’t want to end up with Flu and Covid at the same time On top on Millions of people having extra Flu Jabs people are social distancing, waering masks and hand sanatising at entry to shops all things which are not normally done in other normal years on top of record numbers of people working from Home instead of in crowded offices …so can you work out for yourself where Flu went now ? Jeez.

    46. Don says:

      Dan 14 May, 2021 at 10:57 pm
      McDuff says: at 9:52 pm

      “You say the revenues from the North Sea were split proportionally which means England got 92% of a Scottish resource. Good deal for us?????. Its funny that oil is a UK resource but its the English taxpayer that subsidises us.
      Our country has been dismantled, robbed and stripped to the bone while my fellow Scots sit in their armchairs with a glazed expression and let it happen.”

      Aye, I realised after posting the “proportional aspect” related roughly to our percentage of population, rather than an amount of revenue proportional to the actual oil and gas reserves located in what would be Scottish territorial waters.

      Of course, that proportion of UK population allocation is also a scam as over the 300 years of this supposedly great and equal union, The Kingdom of England has grown its population at a disproportionately faster rate compared to The Kingdom of Scotland, with all the knock on economic benefits to an area that come with it.
      This in itself plainly highlights that the Treaty of Union has been breached since its inception, because no constituent part of the UK should have an economic advantage over another.
      And the lack of political will in Westminster to address and correct this population growth disparity, proves this union ain’t all its cracked up to be for Scotland.

      Of course if England had managed to evolve its car and motorbike industries to manufacture and evolve vehicles such as the Maxi and Allergy so that they didn’t dissolve quicker than fuckin Alka seltzer tablet, they could have exported these prestige cars around the globe and raised revenues for the UK.
      But no, like all things “Great” British the car and bike companies and jobs that went with them have gone down the pan.
      The best models produced by British Leyland were the Vanden Plas models, not because of superior engineering or quality that made them any better than the lesser models, no, the VP models were best because you could at least prise off the wooden trim before the car got scrapped and get some kindling to light your fire.”

      Scotland gets 100% Full GEOGRAPHIC share of Oil Revenues, are people really so clueless on what they own SNP Scot Gov publishes for them to read ? Or is it the understanding of it is too difficult ?

    47. JimuckMac says:

      Dear southerbystander, I believe Mr Campbell would fully approve of our intervention on this thread exposing a massive crime involving 200 world leaders. If you had paid any attention whatsoever you would have seen above the evidence provided to back up my claims that the U.K. removed Covid 19 from the U.K. pandemic register (HCID) on the 19th March 2020 because of it’s ‘low mortality’ rate, and this was done 4 days before they locked you down for the first time.

      There never was a pandemic.

    48. Southernbystander says:

      Well JimuckMac if Mr Campbell really would approve then I would be seriously disappointed in his judgment and like the other deniers, seriously question his sanity. However, all the evidence so far suggests very strongly to me that he would not: how anyone can believe in a conspiracy involving 200 world leaders beggars belief.

      (And note your claim about the register was easily shown to be bogus upthread).

      I’m not sure what it is about humanity but no matter what is obvious, proven beyond all doubt etc there will always be those who for some reason believe it is all made up / a hoax, a conspiracy, you name it, but anything other than the obvious truth. It is an act of faith, like a religious belief perhaps, or a belief in evil spirits, that almost thrives on being irrational and going against the grain for the sake of it. How odd that we have the biggest and most developed brains of all living creatures, yet they can become oddly rewired by bad influences and wilful ignorance, to the extent that our thought processes stop working properly. It is almost a physiological problem.

    49. John says:

      @Don 16th May

      I am happy to agree that the Scottish death figures are accurate.
      Where we maybe don’t agree would be on the cause of death.
      At the start there was no test and diagnosis was by symptoms which were the same as flus and colds which the ONS encouraged doctors to record as COViD.
      Coroner and post-Mortimer services have largely been abandoned.
      The PCR test, which is now used, was forbidden to be used for diagnosis by its inventor ( Kary Mullins).
      Why they are doing this?
      I suspect it maybe related to the Sept. 2019 Repo Market crash in the US.
      The World has been printing currency non-stop since.

    50. John says:

      Aaargh! Predictive texting.
      * Kary Mullis and post-mortem
      Remember, politicians aren’t the sharpest bunch.
      They just ‘follow the science’ as modelled by The London School of Economics and others.

    51. Sheepshagger says:

      Covid 19 does have a very low mortality rate hence the redesignation and as we all know it is its transmission rate that created the danger of overloading the health services.
      No big conspiracy just lots of get rich quick strokes pulled.

    52. JimuckMac says:

      His sheepshagger. You do know Bojo has stated there have been 120,000 Covid 19 deaths in England, and Sturgeon has spouted there have been 10,000 in Scotland. What I seem to be getting from your post is that those deaths have not occurred.

      It would be great if you would clarify if my thinking’s in regard to your post are correct.

    53. Alwi says:

      Stu, before you really go, could you please go through the comments of this last (for a while) post and delete everything that is not to do with your post. Get these nutters to f*ck! Slash and burn!

    54. JimuckMac says:

      Also. I hope you are not encouraging censoring the truth.

    55. JimuckMac says:

      Alwi. I do hope you are not encouraging censoring of the truth.

    56. Steve davison says:

      Is there anywhere to go to get at least a fraction of the info that this site used to supply. Looked in a couple of times since Stu announced his retirement sadly without his moderation and new articles the self medicating have taken over .Upsetting to see the site so badly used

    57. Dan says:

      @ Steve davison

      BTL poster Stuart Mackay has put together the following site which links to various sources and articles.

      You don’t need to have an account on twitter to look at the feeds of folk that have a lot of stuff of interest as it develops.
      Here’s a coupe to check out should you wish.

      Gareth Wardell

      Denise Findlay

    58. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Got to keep this page contemporary. Hence this non-substantial comment.

      Come back Stuey, Stuey come back!

    59. Patsy Millar says:

      Echoing Brian a thousand times. Please Stu!

    60. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      This idea, that someone put forward, of WOS becoming a general politics blog with a concentration on Scotland, and a nod in the direction of independence, I think, could work.

      Onnyhoo, it’s up to Rev Stu.

    61. I have now read this post for the first time, having of course heard the news of your departure and witnessed the pile ons. WoS has been the best source of facts and the most entertaining repository of deconstructed lies and delusions and I will always remember the power of the Wee Blue Book to change minds and offer information that was unavailable or being suppressed in 2014. Thank you for the enormous amount of work involved and much peace in the future – whatever it becomes.

      We are entering dangerous times indeed.

    62. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi Duncan Spence.

      That’s a decent blog you’ve got there.

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