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Blue Like The Atlantic

Posted on August 14, 2021 by

Slacky The Holiday Boy is once again on his monthly two-week break, so it falls to us to try to amuse you on a Saturday morning with an image of some sort. Unfortunately very little funny is happening in Scottish politics, so all we’ve got is this.

Yes, the two most popular politics websites in Scotland at the moment are one that’s been retired for three months and one whose author is currently in prison. All hail that new media, eh?

Still, today is August 14th, so excitement is imminent.

See you all later this afternoon for the start of the campaign, gang! We’re really looking forward to seeing that ringfenced £600,000 in action.

[EDIT: Lorraine Bell’s response to the arrival of the big day.]

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    732 to “Blue Like The Atlantic”

    1. Jim Bo says:

      This is indeed very amusing Stu, many thanks for the chuckle.

    2. Andy Ellis says:

      @Rev Stu

      We’re all waiting with bated breath*.

      Sadly, I suspect there’s not much any of us can reasonably do until the scales fall from the eyes of more SNP 1 & 2 types?

      *Scunnered by the transformation of the Scottish independence movement into a bin fire.

    3. Dorothy Devine says:

      Can a horse /unicorn really get in that thing?

    4. Morgatron says:

      Mike Russell preparing to greet the 100s of 1000s of Yes supporters at the chic but lamentable Indy Turdis.

    5. ForgotMath says:

      This is becoming much like Trummp’s reappointment as president – real soon now, just give us a little bit more cash in the meanwhile.

    6. Willie says:

      Save for the deceased dug put down as an inconvenience to his owner, Stu Campbell and Craig Murray top the pops by a huge margin.

      No bad for a couple old lags. Great stuff guys. The dream isn’t dying.

    7. Robert Hughes says:

      Is that the *vehicle * that will take us to Independence ? Is the * Independence Campaign * one that’s communicated only psychically amongst the faithful , requiring only unwavering belief in the Supreme Leader , nothing as common as strategy , clarity , willingness to confront the UK State ?

      As we all knew it would …..the lunacy and perversion of the indoctrination of children by Gender Ideology will explode in the faces of the SNPG and turn even more people away from the prospect of an Independent Scotland .

      Those scales you refer to Andy will have to be burned away in the explosion , such is the degree of cult irrationality Sturgeon has engendered ( ha ha ) , even then there will still be those with eyes wide shut

    8. Breeks says:

      Lucky it’s not a Campervan. It would be parked up in a full-de-sac waiting for a ferr…. oh.

    9. Muscleguy says:

      The commonality between the now deceased dug and the Popster is that both are hard core SNP fanbhoys who will not listen to reasoned, logical argument if it doesn’t accord to what they’re tinted specs see.

      You and Craig are the real deal, you report the world as it is, not how you want it to be. Unlike many in the MSM. Gone off Lesley Riddoch after her shilling for Sturgeon in the election campaign. They all seem to sell out. Craig is in the pokey for standing up for his principles.

      The state finally got their man in Al Capone style. That’s what was going on with the obtuseness of the judges and the deliberate legal blindness of the Supremes. The word came down ‘we’ve got him, lock him up’.

      Now comes word that as a Civil prisoner he is not eligible for early release or release on an electronic tag. That one was by design and could have been forgotten about too.

    10. Breeks says:

      With all the other camper vans going nowhere, I suspect it probably is a full-de-sac too, and undoubtedly lacking adequate toilet and barbecue facilities.

    11. Craig says:

      I would be embarrassed to be seen with that trailer if that was “my” campaign for independence.

      I am so fuckin fucked off with the whole lot of them, it was bad when I felt stupid for letting Labour treat me for granted, I am really hurt that Nicola and her cabal have done so as well.

      Thank goodness for the Alba party, I still have hope but it’s diminishing by the day the longer Nicola and the SNP under her leadership continue.

      Why is no-one within the SNP willing to raise their voices? I think they are just too comfortable with their wage packet to rock the boat.

    12. Pat says:

      So it’s Chris that has been pulling in all the punters all this time, man needs a raise .

    13. Breeks says:

      And by the way, Pantone 300 is the YES colour, so they can get to fk with their creeping surreptitious indoctrination of their nasty rainbow coloured ideology, a grotesque departure from the ideals of the YES community, and which is now targeting their sleaze at our four year kids.

      Long live Pantone 300. The official colour of Scottish Independence.

    14. Willie says:

      Read Kitson, Brigadier General Sir Frank Kitson and you will have the insight into the brutal, vicious and insidious tentacles of the British state. Or about Brig Gordon Kerr of the British army Force Research Unit.

      Jailing is only one of the tactics. Ultimately the state will kill… NI pesky civil rights lawyers Rosemary Nelson and Pat Finucane or in Scotland the nationalist lawyer Willie Macrae.

    15. Kevin Kennedy says:

      No surprise to see WoS and Craig Murray at the top.

      Who still reads the wee gingerbread man though ???

    16. Effigy says:

      I think Mike actually has a magician’s box there!
      He opens the door and in goes the ring fenced money
      and as he closes and reopens the box, it’s gone!

      The crowd gasp and ask each other “where can it have gone”
      before yet another temporary party accountant is appointed.

      When asked by the accountant about the money, Murrell explains
      that he would be dispelled from the Magic Circle if he talked.

      Next they handcuff and chain Craig Murray in a box and stop the act.

      On a serious note, I listened to the news yesterday when they discussed a
      plane load of Jamaican criminals were at the Airport to be deported but a series
      of human rights appeals were made at the 11th hour and they remain here subject to appeal.

      Those criminals were murderers, rapists, etc but were given right of appeal.
      Craig Murray, locked up journalist has no such right of appeal?

      SNP supported!

    17. Glenn says:

      …. Nice to see Mike Small getting smaller.

      Reap what you sow mofo…

    18. Cath says:

      If only those doubters among us, not convinced there was a secret plan, had known there was and it was an old horse box sometime in 2021, how much happier we’d have been.

    19. Mist001 says:

      Maybe it’s like the TARDIS, bigger on the inside?

    20. Colin Alexander says:

      For those that missed it:

      “Julian Assange loses court battle to stop US expanding extradition appeal” .

    21. Carole says:

      But Nicola has two big yellow buses with her face on.
      Why isn’t Mike Russell embarrassed to be in that picture?

    22. David Gray says:

      The main thing to remember about a trailer is that it requires a prime mover to take it anywhere. Is the SNP that suitable prime mover? (Should that be “Are”?)

    23. McHaggis69 says:


      I have a screenshot of her tweets back on 15h July and was just sending her a note when you go and publish this…

      At least I wasn’t the only one who noticed this. Well done Rev. I’m guessing Lorraine will have some excuse or other to continue her loyalty to carrots.

    24. Scott says:

      David Gray says:
      14 August, 2021 at 9:28 am

      Is the SNP that suitable prime mover?

      Possibly, or possibly not.

      “From the point of ignition, to the final drive, the point of the journey is not to arrive. Anything can happen.” – Prime Mover, Rush

    25. Breeks says:

      Actually, the more you look, the less Pantone 300 you see anywhere near the SNP. Even Sturgeon’s Brexit buses are yellow.

      Am I paranoid? Serious question. Because everywhere I look I see the SNP trying to erase YES, pretend it doesn’t exist, erase Alex Salmond, vilify the very concept of a List Party support Party, and now it’s come right down to purging the very colour synonymous with Scottish Independence??? Tell me I’m paranoid.

      When Scotland marches, it’s streets are filled with Pantone 300 flags and banners, the colour of Scottish Saltires. We are one, beneath our sea of Saltires. Seems the SNP find it unsightly and needs reinvention.

      All those blinkered fools at WGD and brainwashed acolytes beyond need to open their fucking eyes before the wicked witch has sucked the life force out from all of them and left them for dead. SHE IS POISON TO SCOTTISH INDEPENDENCE. Why won’t you listen? The more you take in, the more you are damaged and wrecked by the toxin.

      They are pulling the legs off Independence one by one. Snap out of your fixation. Look. Look again.

      Even as an atheist, I thank god for the “Knights Templar” in ALBA, who have at least rescued the essence of our Independence cause, and now guard it’s principles to the death.

      The test of faith for Independence supporters is NOT loyalty to Sturgeon or her SNP.

    26. willie says:

      Just yesterday I received an email from the Tosser that is Mikey Russell to tell me that they are going to have a Referendum for Recovery.

      More clap trap I suppose now that Queen Nicola has on our behalf slayed the virus, kept us in Europe, and is currently sitting quietly as the UK government remove the powers of the pretendy Parliament and put their own UK civil service into place.

      And all the while 75,000 a year flood into Scotland from England to settle.

      Ah well at least the Yes banner on the horse box that Mikey is standing by has the rainbow colours prominently displayed instead of Saltire blue.

      Absolutely bumptious ("Quizmaster" - Ed) tosser of a man. Can’t think of anything greater to say of him.

    27. Al-Stuart says:

      I love Dorothy Devine. She made me smile when she wrote about the £600,000 horse-box…

      “Can a unicorn actually get in that thing.”

      Then Dorothy put me in mind of where the £600,000 has actually gone…

      That is the calibre of argument the Scottish Clown Office WILL ACCEPT from Police Scotland once the anticipated “Operation Turdgonator Whitewash” is revealed.

      Remember folks, you found out here and now, just where that £600,000 ring fenced money was spent. At least it has the Woke colours running through it…

    28. Ruby says:

      A horse box is the perfect choice for a horse’s arse.

    29. Scott says:

      *Pedantry alert*

      Nictating Sturgeon wasn’t sworn in until 19th May.

      27th August is 100 days from then.

      But, she may have been referring to 100 days on Venus, which is approx 243 days on Earth, so she’s got until November 2087.

      [She assumed we had a certain level of intelligence, etc]

    30. David Holden says:

      Looking at the horsebox not a lot of SNP branding on show.

    31. Prasad says:

      ‘They sentenced me to twenty years of boredom
      For trying to change the system from within
      I’m coming now, I’m coming to reward them
      First we take Islay/Jura, then we take Berlin’

    32. willie says:

      Breeks I’m afraid as the above photos show Nicola Sturgeon would have us marching under a sea of rainbow LGBTIQ++ banners.

      That and the abandonment of independence is Sturgeon and her band’s true agenda. And in the spectrum of sexual peccadilloes, deviances, perversions and all that goes with that spectrum, where does the odious individual who has just recently slaughtered five innocent people in Plymouth.

      Seems he is part of the spectrum and part of a sub culture of people called ” incels ” or involuntary celibates. Typically hateful of women, incels tend to be men, but there can be ” femcels ” too.

      And so in the hallowed right to promote and support every sexual predilection under the sun, maybe Ms Sturgeon the arch proponent of this policy could confirm where exactly she sits on her policy of anything goes.

      Joanna Cherry certainly found out the hard way the hate of one of the individuals in the SNP clique when he threatened the most vile and vicious assault on her.

      Time for Sturgeon to speak up. I for one am utterly confused at where we as a society are going.

    33. Ruby says:

      No super-injunction for Gill.

    34. Republicofscotland says:

      Its very telling that, I think it was, two-luxury coaches, that were used with Sturgeon the Betrayer of Scots face on them to try and stop Brexit, as they travelled up and down Scotland. Yet when it comes Scottish independence, we the people of Scotland get a horse box covered in stickers. It speaks volumes to me as to what Sturgeon thinks of independence and Scots who desire it.

      Meanwhile Russell is yet again in the National newspaper (A full page) waffling on about former US presidents, its all very depressing.

      I’m just wondering how many horse boxes you could get for £600k.

    35. President Xiden says:

      On a brighter note, hasn’t Ms Sommerville got of to a great start? One would think her priority would be to get the examination system back up and running particularly after she has abolished the SQA but no, letting boys into the girls toilets in school are the big issue with her. Remember to continue to vote SNP at every opportunity folks.

    36. ClanDonald says:

      Unless they announce an actual confirmed date for a referendum vote to take place within the next 2 years then it’s all a kick-the-can scam aimed at keeping the membership quiet ahead of the conference. Don’t be fooled.

    37. Fran says:

      Holiday boy is good but even he can’t compete with the SNP satire on themselves

    38. Prasad says:

      willie says:
      14 August, 2021 at 9:42 am
      Just yesterday I received an email from the Tosser that is Mikey Russell

      What is his e-mail now? Last week his private e-mail stopped, his primary one stopped in May.

    39. Astonished says:

      “Aaaaargggh” as Milligan would say.

      They must be worried – before now they would just rely on us suckers saying they’ve got a secret plan. (As one of those suckers I would like to apologise for my previous idiocy. I have remedied that and joined Alba).

      How is the fundraising going ? I assume they don’t have a running total.

      shirley anne somerville will be the death of them. Some folk don’t have both oars in the water – somerville is unaware she is in a boat.

    40. stonefree says:

      Wonder how this’ll go?

      Case dropped on one and bloke in jail,surely not?

    41. Republicofscotland says:

      Orange Walk band passing by my neck of the woods in the West End of Glasgow just now, heading towards the town, bear in mind there’s an indy march kicking-off at 12pm in the West end of Glasgow, heading for the town centre, and Europe’s oldest public park, Glasgow Green.

      Next month there will be thirty-four O/O marches in Glasgow, why aren’t these marches of hate covered in the HCB.

      If they were marching and playing tunes of hatred aimed at Muslims or Chinese people or gay folk they’d soon be shut down.

      Meanwhile Sturgeon the Betrayer’s sister has been arrested and bailed, and will appear at Kilmarnock Sheriff court at a later date.

    42. Republicofscotland says:

      Sturgeon the Betrayer of Scots speaking out at the abandonment of Afghanistan, and how the world can’t turn it back on the people.

      Of course you won’t read Sturgeon saying a similar comment on those of Palestine/WestBank/GazaStrip, nor will you read Sturgeon comment sympathetically on the plight of the Chagossian folk, or those of Yemen, or Libya.

      Or the plight of women in Saudi Arabia or Bahrain or the UAE, hell Sturgeon didn’t even stick up for her own MP Joanna Cherry or Joan McAlpine when they were receiving threats, (and in Cherry’s case death threats) from her own party members.

      Of course Sturgeon is in part just parroting Westminster rhetoric on Afghanistan as has Ian (Scotland won’t stand for it) Blackford.

    43. Prasad says:

      Prasad says:
      14 August, 2021 at 10:47 at
      ‘What is his e-mail now? Last week his private e-mail stopped, his primary one stopped in May.’

      Found a trick to e-mail MSPs.
      You guess the first name they are using e.g. Mike or Michael.
      Then you put a full stop between first name and surname, followed by another full stop and then msp [at] parliament [dot] scot
      Mike Russell’s second e-mail was with a number after the MSP. But no longer works.
      Don’t know how this works with NEC members.

    44. Colin Alexander says:

      Should it no be a sheep box? Only the sheep believe Michael Russell and the SNP are not British colonial administrators.

    45. Captain Yossarian says:

      RoS – I’ve spent time in Yemen, Libya and Saudi Arabia. Sturgeon hasn’t any spent time anywhere beyond a Scottish Government desk. I have great memories of all of these countries. It’s not as bad as you think.

    46. Allium says:

      I understand that Nicola loves SAS, but I still wonder why? She doesn’t seem to have any charisma, ability, likeability, shrewdness, or anything at all that singles her out from the crowd. Surely NS must have more personable crawlers to pick from?

    47. Pixywine says:

      ” Nicola said…” Ha. Brain dead bimbo.

    48. Pixywine says:

      I like Mike Russell’s mobile Horse Thunderbox. For fucksake.

    49. kapelmeister says:

      The Mike Russell Docile Centre for Independence.

      Coming to a quiet car park near you soon.

    50. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “So it’s Chris that has been pulling in all the punters all this time, man needs a raise.”


    51. SilverDarling says:

      @Kevin Kennedy 9.02 am

      It’s a retirement home for people who live in the past glory days of the SNP. They reminisce and chat about nice stuff and ignore the reality of the SNP today.

    52. Astonished says:

      “Allium says:
      14 August, 2021 at 11:31 am
      I understand that Nicola loves SAS, but I still wonder why? She doesn’t seem to have any charisma, ability, likeability, shrewdness, or anything at all that singles her out from the crowd. Surely NS must have more personable crawlers to pick from? “.

      When you find out why – you’ll be incandescent with rage.

    53. Dorothy Devine says:

      Al-Stuart, La sir! you made me blush!

      Then I clicked on your link which reminded me of some UNI down south where the Islamic students had been squatting on the loo , thereby saving themselves from distorted colon and piles , but upsetting the powers that be who had to re-educate them in the manner approved by Armitage Shanks!

    54. Hugh Jarse says:

      Russell’s ‘tractor’ trailer.
      Filled with half a million magic beans.

      Excruciatingly embarrassing.
      What a fud.
      Is he permanently pickled?

    55. Skip_NC says:

      I gather the horse trailer is a local effort, so perhaps we shouldn’t be too hard on Mike Russell. We wouldn’t want to be accused of a pile-on, would we? Especially if the photo shoot was done for that purpose.

    56. Colin Alexander says:

      Independence lesson no.1

      No genuine independence movement would allow their political representatives to take oaths of loyalty to a UK monarch whose coronation oath is to GB and the British Empire.

      As that lesson has never been learned, the SNP, Alba, and the whole indy movement will always be pissing in the wind.

    57. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      There’s ongoing coverage of “Supporting transgender young people in schools: guidance for Scottish schools” on RT today.
      They’re going heavy on the issue of 4-year-olds keeping secrets from their parents.

    58. Robert Graham says:

      I don’t know whether to laugh or go out and chop wood it looks like rain and wet timber is a bugger to cut .

      The more I see of the SNP and their management , and that’s not much now they are maybe way too involved with their future pension and investments to bother with the MUG Public , the little people who they owe their new found wealth to , they have served their purpose so fk them all .

      A Quote often attributed to Mark Twain

      It’s easier to fool people than to get them to admit they have been fooled .

      That’s the situation with the contributors on the Rainbow Alliance or to give it it’s more commonly referred name WGD +LGBT+NBQS+Y+X-Q CHROMOSOME web site that’s all inclusive .or any nut job welcome all self identifying weirdos recognised as upstanding members of the community

      I wonder if Craig could self Identify as a Woman and join Sturgeons sister in custody or will Sturgeon be allowed to spare family blushes by having the procurator fiscals office quietly loose the evidence if Patel was involved she would be deported on Monday morning with no Appeal

      Eh anyone seen Murrell ? The man wasn’t Identified , Christ now that would be a Story FMs Sister and Husband in the Pokey Ha Ha oh please if there’s a God give us all a laugh please .

    59. Breeks says:

      Skip_NC says:
      14 August, 2021 at 12:07 pm
      I gather the horse trailer is a local effort, so perhaps we shouldn’t be too hard on Mike Russell. We wouldn’t want to be accused of a pile-on, would we? Especially if the photo shoot was done for that purpose.

      I agree to a point. This is a local initiative for Islay and Jura, and fair play to them. I expect they’re probably feeling quite hurt about their initiative being flamed.

      But the target of the anger and cynicism is not Islay and Jura for doing something, it’s the hollowed out sham of the wider SNP doing sweet FA for 7 fkg years which fuels people’s anger, not to mention a considerable lack of awareness how this initiative would be met.

      Furthermore, nerves are still a little raw from the SNP’s thoroughly disgraceful attitude towards ALBA, so if they want some sympathy for their amateurish campaign horse box, I suspect they’re perhaps not going to find a lot of it about.

    60. Confused says:

      if Cairns doesn’t get his finger out, I reckon “LukeWarmDave”, the new twitter sensation, should get the gig.

      People should appreciate how hard it is to make good jokes in this time – we have on the eve of a climate change conference, a new oil field opening up – so the tories can “steal more, faster” – as if they had been taking it easy on us, and our dear leader, is more concerned with turning 4 year olds tranny (- but what about unborn children – should the foetus not have the right to choose its gender, before birth?)

      reality >> “satire”

    61. Jim Tadgercock says:

      Please excuse my gullibility but I’m assuming the picture of Russell and the horsebox is a photoshop job. If it is genuine I have no words.

    62. Hatuey says:

      So, quietly in the background the rich are spending millions on apocalypse bunkers and buying property in areas of the world best suited to survive the unfolding climate crisis.

      The UK is listed as a good place to be but we are going to need a new navy to manage (shoot) the millions of refugees and survivors desperately trying to invade from elsewhere.

    63. Willie says:


      The email that I received from Mike Russell came from the email address of hello [at] yes [dot] scot

      Clearly a bulk email using email addresses garnered most probably from SNP data base records. In fact the message came across very much as an SNP – government message. Talking about the electoral mandate to press ahead when safe to do so, successful government vaccine roll out etc.

      Smoke, mirrors and downright lies, this tosser is part of the great deception. Hello [at] yes [dot] scot, but only if you look carefully for the email address behind the Michael Russell.

      A scam, out and out scam. Maybe wasn’t even Russell.

    64. John Main says:

      @RepublicOfScotland 11:17 am

      You forgot to mention the Uyghur genocide currently being carried out against them by China.

      I guess it just slipped your mind.

      No chance that because you are a fan of the PRC’s communist policies, you have to turn a blind eye to their wrongdoings.

      From my viewpoint, the most interesting thing about your list of bad things is that there is no practical remedy available to the ordinary Scot for any of them.

      Whereas we could all signal our disapproval of Chinese policies today and in the future by boycotting their ubiquitous manufactured goods and seeking out alternatives. Before the makers of these alternatives are permanently driven out of business.

    65. FiferJP says:

      Russell’s ‘Mobile centre for independence’ actually made me laugh when I saw it on twitter.

      Bell’s tweets are now unprotected. Incidentally, how did Bell know who to block? Thought you’d be incognito on twitter by now, or browsing without signing in.

    66. John Main says:

      @Hatuey 12:49 pm

      Sorry Hatuey, but I can’t work out from your post whether your suggestion that millions of refugees will have to be shot is serious or tongue-in-cheek.

      I don’t doubt these refugees will be moving soon. Portugal, Spain, Italy, Sicily, Greece, Turkey and Algeria are all currently experiencing extreme weather and wildfires. As people flee these places, we will see ever increasing numbers of people come here. Not directly. We will mostly see the people displaced by the other people displaced by the true refugees. Like ripples spreading out from a disturbance in a pond.

      I have absolutely no idea how Scotland will be affected by this and how we should respond. I do know that few people are considering what this will mean in any serious way.

    67. Hatuey says:

      “I gather the horse trailer is a local effort, so perhaps we shouldn’t be too hard on Mike Russell.”

      Yeah, the big fancy national version will be along in a minute…

      They always send Russell out to placate the rabble. And he serves them well, even if it makes him look and sound ridiculous.

      Russell is to the Sturgeon regime what Squealer was to the pigs in Animal Farm; a mouthpiece and propagandist. Don’t be fooled by the softly-spoken, convincing delivery — that’s why they chose him for the job.

      The best con artists and forgeries are the most convincing ones.

    68. Hatuey says:

      Well, John Main, I’m simply relaying what I read about the apocalypse elsewhere. None of it is my opinion. They are talking about a scenario where literally billions of people are scrambling for safety. That’s my understanding.

    69. Ruby says:

      It’s a shame that they got Michael Russell involved as otherwise it’s a good idea.

      A mobile office that can travel from village to village.

      ‘The Independent Centre of the Universe’

      They also have a sense of humour.

    70. Ruby says:

      Witty poster on Twitter asked re

      Can anyone confirm if an iron was involved?

    71. Ruby says:

      Robert Graham says:
      Eh anyone seen Murrell ? The man wasn’t Identified , Christ now that would be a Story FMs Sister and Husband in the Pokey Ha Ha oh please if there’s a God give us all a laugh please .


      Weird that the man is unnamed!

      Does he too have a super-injunction?

      Why don’t we call him Peter until we find out? 🙂

    72. stonefree says:

      @ Robert Graham at 12:40 pm

      “The man wasn’t Identified ”
      He is identified

    73. auld highlander says:

      “Yeah, the big fancy national version will be along in a minute…”

      Aye right, more like shanks pony.

    74. stonefree says:

      PS I have a PDF,
      and the first article was edited after i first viewed it
      The Herald did that when Gibson and Grady allegedly got touchy and feely with a SNP member

    75. Ruby says:

      The Nicola Sturgeon’s sister arrested story is really hitting the headlines.

      It’s now on the BBC, in The Independent & it’s even in ‘Wales Online”

    76. robbo says:

      John Main says:
      14 August, 2021 at 1:17 pm
      @Hatuey 12:49 pm

      I have absolutely no idea how Scotland will be affected by this and how we should respond. I do know that few people are considering what this will mean in any serious way.


      Well they won’t be coming in by rowing boat or an inflatable dingy to any part of Scotland that’s for sure. Make your own mind up on how they would do it!

    77. Robert McAllan says:

      Carole@09:28am: Jings, and heres me thinkin’that was her erse!

    78. Breeks says:

      Ruby says:
      14 August, 2021 at 2:12 pm
      The Nicola Sturgeon’s sister arrested story is really hitting the headlines.

      It’s now on the BBC, in The Independent & it’s even in ‘Wales Online

      Just imagine you were the Lord Advocate and your own COPFS were looking to press charges against the FM’s sister. Conflict of Interest at the next cabinet meeting?

      Be a helluva stink if the Crown Office decided there wasn’t a case to answer, – even if there wasn’t a case to answer.

    79. And Spouse says:

      I am embarrassed by that bus!

    80. Breeks says:

      Well, well, well….

      So many chickens coming home to roost…. Sturgeon will be firefighting on so many fronts.

    81. stonefree says:

      Hell mend her

    82. Ruby says:

      Since this thread is about funny stories for our Saturday amusement I thought I would copy & paste the following post I found on the internet. This is about the sister’s arrest being reported in The National.

      “I reckon they probably had to report this because if they didn’t they’d be accused of being a Nicola Sturgeon Fanzine instead of a newspaper as all the others are reporting the same story

      On the upside of this though is the fact that the sheer amount of bad press the media aims at Nicola Sturgeon is proportionate to the amount the UK fears her political strength, Nicola Sturgeon has had more press and media attacks made against her in just one term of office than Alex Salmond had in his whole career, so I guess we know who they really fear”

    83. Breeks says:

      How much money has the SNP given to R(ape) Crisis Centre?

      This story could potentially be really big…

      You seeing it Rev Stu?

    84. Ruby says:

      Breeks says:
      14 August, 2021 at 3:09 pm
      Well, well, well….

      So many chickens coming home to roost…. Sturgeon will be firefighting on so many fronts.


      Will that not depend on what the MSM decide to do?
      I’m quite surprised ‘the sister’s arrest’ go so much coverage!

      “I honestly don’t know at this point if Sturgeon and her gang will ever be held properly to account for what they did to Salmond. On the one hand, lots of people, including Scotland’s entire press corps, know what really happened and so they shouldn’t be able to keep it under wraps forever. On the other hand, the very fact that they know and continue to protect her is very discouraging.

      The thing is you just can never predict what might suddenly change everything, from the collapse of McCarthyism to the fall of the Berlin Wall to Milly Dowler and the phone hacking scandal so I believe in chipping away and being ready just in case…”
      Gordon Dangerfield.

    85. Willie says:

      So Nicola Sturgeon’s sister has been arrested following a domestic incident.

      Now released on an undertaking to appear in the Kilmarnock Sheriff Court this type of thing can run in the family, be learned behaviour.

      And whilst we do not know of the circumstance of the ‘ domestic incidents’ it goes without saying that such incidents can be vicious, a and violent. And that is why so often individuals accused and or involved seek to have silence orders imposed where they can.

    86. 100%Yes says:

      Can I just remind people on here that the horse box has four wheels two on the right and two on the left and it has enough room inside for the full SNP membership, if they hadn’t spent the 600k on fixture and fittings at party HQ then we could have had a shetland pony pulling it, whatever you say about the SNP the leadership know how to take the piss out of the Yes movemnt.

    87. Breeks says:

      Well remembered Ruby… Gordon Dangerfield. That’s another chicken coming home to roost…

    88. John Walsh says:

      Long live Pantone 300. The official colour of Scottish Independence.said someone earlier.

      Maybe Nicola can’t complete her 100 day promise as she and Somerville are out hunting for pantone 300 adolescent breast bindings.

    89. sarah says:

      @ John Walsh: “pantone 300 colour breast bindings”.

      Tch, tch – rainbow coloured, you mean.

    90. Robert Graham says:

      Stonefree @ 2:00

      Oh NO he hasn’t

      Police Scotland have said a 50 year old man has also been arrested and will appear at a later date ,

      end of statement NO name given

      By the way it was a joke I wasn’t paying close attention

    91. sarah says:

      @ Robert Graham: name is on BBC report on-line – it is Steve Waite.

    92. Josef Ó Luain says:

      Those of us with heads full of pointless and inconsequential trivia will recall that nasty wee Niki once cut the hair off of poor Gill’s best Barbie doll. This may help to explain why the identity of Gill’s alleged victim hasn’t been and may never be made public.

      Why Stu and Craig are so far ahead of the wannabe bloggers is really quite obvious: sustained quality and consistency.

    93. Rogueslr says:

      Even the BBC named him.

      “A 50-year-old man, Steven Waite, was also arrested and charged over the incident.”

    94. holymacmoses says:

      A couple has been arrested and charged after an alleged domestic incident at a home in Kilwinning.
      The First Minister’s sister, Gill Sturgeon, 46, was arrested on Wednesday [August 11] in connection with an earlier incident last week on Saturday [August 7] when police previously arrested Steven Waite, aged 50, following the call out.

      Irvine times

      It’s unlikely not to be the same two people

    95. McHaggis69 says:

      Lorraine who came on to Twitter on 15th July and asserted to *many* people we would hear all about the secret plans on 14th August has unprotected her tweets again.

      She’s ‘not bothered’ about those calling her out… but bothere enough to be on a blocking spree.

      And… to top it all… those people who are calling her out for her gullibility are ‘assholes and bigots’. Work that out if you can.

      The NS cult is strong in that one. A real carrot chasers, carrot chaser.

    96. Ruby says:

      Steven Waite??

      It was much more fun when we called him ‘Peter’.

    97. Ruby says:

      Josef Ó Luain says:
      14 August, 2021 at 4:40 pm
      Those of us with heads full of pointless and inconsequential trivia will recall that nasty wee Niki once cut the hair off of poor Gill’s best Barbie doll. This may help to explain why the identity of Gill’s alleged victim hasn’t been and may never be made public.


      Are you thinking the victim of this crime has been given a buzz cut?

      Was Steve Waite hired to hold her down while Gill got revenge for the bald Barbie or is Steve Waite the local barber?

      PS One man’s ‘pointless and inconsequential trivia’ another man’s vital clues in an important investigation.

    98. Republicofscotland says:

      “You forgot to mention the Uyghur genocide currently being carried out against them by China.”

      No John I didn’t forget, for Sturgeon like the compliant little Westminster puppet that she is has already spoken out against human rights in China, as has her Westminster lackey Ian (Scotland won’t stand for it) Blackford.

      Also we have Westminster and SNP useful idiots such as Stewart McDonald, Alyn Smith and John Nicolson, all have condemned China and Russia, they are doing a foreign countries (England/USA) dirty work for them.

    99. Papko says:

      I cant see any independence campaign this decade.
      Sturgeon will kick the it in to turf till 2026, then there may be a change of Govt or a new coalition.

      In which case early 2030’s if sufficient of the “young folk who support indy are not turned into middle-aged Tories by then”.

      Which brings us up nigh on 20 years since the the first campaign (2012 till 2032)
      or a Generation.

    100. Republicofscotland says:

      Captain Yossarian @11.28am.

      17,500 civilians dead ten-million on the brink of starvation, and now the UK and the Great Satan aka the USA have troops stationed at Aden, other UK troops are stationed at an airbase, where Yemeni’s are tortured underground.

      AS for Libya it now a worn torn country, with Western backed factions fighting to keep a Western backed puppet leader in power. Human rights for locals and immigrant workers from certain countries are non-existent as is democracy, farcically a Saudi backed by the (Great Satan and the UK) has made it onto the UN Human Rights council.

    101. James Che. says:

      Mike Russell’s turdus is big enough to drive a coach and horse through the snp.

    102. Saffron Robe says:

      Did anyone answer horsebox in Stuart’s homework exercise for where the missing ring-fenced money went? If they did then I reckon they should have won, but whoever would have guessed? I suppose it makes sense though – they’ll need some kind of trailer outside their offices to remove all the horseshit that’s generated at HQ!

      As regards Nicola Sturgeon’s sister being arrested. Perhaps it was a case of mistaken identity by the police investigating the missing ring-fenced money!

    103. James Che. says:

      Josef O Luann,

      Maybe NS was confused with words and she thought it was meant to be used as a barbaric doll.

    104. Captain Yossarian says:

      RoS – Libya and Yemen are both on a downward trajectory and I’m not doubting that. I worked there 10 years ago or so and both countries were fabulous. They had their honest people and their dishonest people, just like us. The balance has shifted making both countries unsafe and unstable, but is it not shifting here too?

      As for Saudi Arabia, I was there more recently and have been there before. It’s not nearly as bad as people say it is. It’s on an upward trajectory. Many people from Scotland work over there and not many of them hate the place. They have a few folk in jail that no doubt shouldn’t be there, but so do we.

    105. twathater says:

      Was that the great Mike Russell who favoured and promoted the privatisation of Scotland’s NHS in a joint authored book but when confronted about it explainerised that the proposals had been taken out of context , that privatising of OUR NHS out of context meaning is similar to the RINGFENCED meaning of woven through , The SNP educating people on the differences context brings to lies

    106. James Che. says:

      See the daily record trying to educate those coming to Scotland on our language an getting it wrong.

    107. John Main says:

      @RepublicOfScotland at 5:16 pm

      Since when was condemning a country’s bad human rights record doing “dirty work”?

      Seems to me that your ideological prejudices blind you to simple moral truths.

      Like every thing else in the real world, the behaviour of different states populates a spectrum. None are perfectly good. Few are totally evil. China is towards the worse end of the spectrum, as evidenced by its treatment of the Uyghers, Tibetans, and the Hong Kong democrats.

      Still, you managed to write USA for once. An improvement on your habitual Great Satan, even if you reverted to form with your next post.

      Out in the real world, most people associate the term Great Satan with a very specific kind of nut job. You do the Indy cause no service by continually using such loaded language.

    108. James Che. says:


      Aye a false front, an always trying ta put his best side the the Laird.

      Perhaps the NHS is to be on “DAN’ “ list from previous thread.

      Reinstatement of the way hospitals used to be run by the Sister, (and how clean it was,)
      Doctors following their hypocratic oath.
      And actually seeing to all NhS patients in the surgery and doing home visits.
      And the nurse and midwife doing home visits as well.
      Like they used to before contracting out privately for big bucks.

      The OLD NHS was truly a step forward into the future as far as health care for all was concerned.

    109. Robert Louis says:

      Sadly the credibility of Sturgeon and the SNP was shredded the day they tried to get Salmond. it has been downhill since then.

      The fact is, we are now rebuilding the indy movement and a replacement for the now dead SNP, in the from of the ALBA party.

      I do not think their is any way back for either the SNP or Nicola Sturgeon. She seems totally unsuited for high office.

      Thankfully the indy movement is stronger than the SNP or Sturgeon. We will carry on fighting for independence, while the SNP continues it long slow slide into oblivion.

      Nicola can attend as many pride marches as she wants. Right now, I am not sure she would be welcome at an indy march – and THAT alone should tell her the game is up for her gender ideology-obsessed clique.

    110. Brian says:

      Just to say Lorraine’s heart is in the right place.

      She has as we all did at one time, put her faith in the wrong people.

    111. Republicofscotland says:

      “Since when was condemning a country’s bad human rights record doing “dirty work”?”

      Oh that’s right Sturgeon is aiming for a UN post come 2026, so Russia and China are the bad guys. they are doing Westminster’s dirty work for them, and in the process making enemies for Scotland.

      We didn’t send McDonald, Nicolson and Smith to Westminster to hold Russia and China to account we sent them there to help benefit Scots.

      I agree that China has committed atrocities in Tibet and against the Uyghers, but Hong Kong, is akin to the Malvinas, and China hasn’t invaded it yet, as Westminster did, even though the uprising in Hong Kong is sponsored by the West, of course the British murdered sailors on the Argentine ship the General Belgrano which was sailing away from the conflict.

      The Great Satan (USA) is really via its consecutive governments foreign polices at giant terrorist organisation, the Monroe Doctrine allows it to murder indiscriminately in Latin and South America, whilst saying to the outside world, don’t interfere in our business or else.

      There has been a years old agreement between China and the Great Satan, that the Great Satan would not interfere between China and Taiwan, the collapsing US economy has seen the US supply weapons to Taiwan and even sail warships through the straits of Taiwan, as close as twelve miles from China’s coast.

      Imagine if china sailed warships just twelve miles of the coast of the Great Satan’s mainland. Even the tiny wee vassal state of the UK threatened China that it was sending a carrier, what a joke.

    112. stonefree says:

      @ Robert Graham at 4:11 pm

      Oh NO he hasn’t

      Oh YES he had

      It’s a bit early for the pantomime season

    113. Jamie says:

      Well I’ll be darned, I did find this amusing.

    114. stonefree says:

      @ Willie at 3:31 pm

      The original was in the Irvine Times, the Herald version was an edit of that , and then edited again.
      It a reversal of what was printed in the Herald ( written by Hannah Rodger) and edited to be printed in the Ardrossan Herald (al part of the same group,I believe) In regard to Patrica Gibson

    115. Captain Yossarian says:

      RoS – Many will have more experience than me, but in my experience the top two major countries in the world that foreign governments want to attract to their country are the UK and USA. The bottom two are China and Russia.

      You mentioned Libya earlier; in my opinion it is likely that Libya would welcome both the UK and the USA to their country just now. They would not welcome the Chinese or the Russians.

      Many around the world remember what happened during WW2; the Libyans for example.

    116. Republicofscotland says:

      “in my opinion it is likely that Libya would welcome both the UK and the USA to their country just now”

      Captain Yossarian.

      Ya think so, Nato carried out over 8,000 bombing raids on Libya, dropping around 30,000 bombs, with an estimate of two-Libyans killed for every bomb that was dropped. Libya wasn’t perfect when Gaddafi ruled it, but now its a war torn state, and in my opinion the West likes it like that.

    117. Republicofscotland says:

      So the BBC, are fuming that Russia has expelled a British journalist from Moscow, it comes off the back of the UK expelling Russian journalists. The British journalist Sarah Rainsford is said to be disappointed at her expulsion, and the BBC’s Director General Tim Davie called the expulsion a direct assault on media freedom.

      Do these people have no shame, no sense of irony, the hypocrisy oozing from them is like a river ready to burst its banks, they expel Russian journalists but their sheer sense of exceptionalism combined with arrogance and a sense of entitlement, leads them to believe that Russia shouldn’t retaliate.

    118. Captain Yossarian says:

      The war was started by the Libyans themselves and the first bombs that were dropped were by the French bombing a line of tanks 2-miles long heading along the coastal road to Benghazi. Whilst I agree the outcome has been tragic, it was the Libyans themselves that started it and they were pleading with the west for help. I was there at the time and so I should know. What has failed has been the post conflict plan, or any post conflict plan.

    119. sarah says:

      @ Brian; “Lorraine’s heart is in the right place”.

      Just wanted to say that I am touched at your kindly comment. Life is a bit short of human kindness so it is nice to see some.

    120. Mist001 says:

      Sarkozy/Gaddafi – The auld alliance.

    121. Beaker says:

      @stonefree says:
      14 August, 2021 at 7:20 pm
      “It’s a bit early for the pantomime season”

      Ooh, I wouldn’t say that. Mike Russell has only gone and got the pantomime horsebox…

    122. Shocked says:

      A clapped out old horse box with a clapped out old right winger who the tories wouldn’t even have in the party.

      I wonder if the New SNP1 crowd will ever work out the party leadership is trolling the living shit out them?

    123. robert graham says:

      Ok brainfree

      what’s his fkn name then ?

      Ho Ho Ho

      Fkn Panto Season

      And who gives a fk who he is anyway

    124. David Hannah says:


      Have a look at the twitter account of @crossgatecentre.

      It has a screengrab of Facebook posts from Gill Sturgeon from on 21 October 2019 – rapidly deleted by her.

      She denies Alex Salmond a right to presumption of innocence – presumably taking her cue from confabs with sister Nic.

      The latter ain’t the family’s only nasty piece of work.

      It appears that the Sturgeon’s are a family of black sheeps. I also wonder how much Gill new of the failed conspiracy at the time, it gives an insight into the mind and thinking of Nicola Sturgeon.

    125. President Xiden says:

      So, in summary, vote SNP for technocracy, transhumanism and boys going into girls toilets without challenge.

    126. stonefree says:

      @ robert graham at 11:00 pm

      There is little point in me posting his name as about six poster have said the name , with is in the second paragraph, which starts “The First Minister’s sister,etc etc ….”
      I would suggest if you read the article it has the appearance of not being a domestic per se

      I short form the guy gets lifted and charged , and five or six day later the woman gets charged, the usual is both charged and it’s then sorted out . Here there is a gap.
      also the woman’s location is Irvine while the guy’s is Kilwinning.
      Just think about it

    127. says:

      It’s not easy to promote a new Scottish political website when your Twitter account gets suspended because Alba trolls sabotage your campaign to force a leadership election rather than coronation of King Alexander. Then again, I did give as good as I got in true Stu fashion.

    128. ronald anderson says:

      James Che.

      On the Hippocratic Oath I visited Hairmyres on Thurs for appointment with Hematology Consultant & a CT scan there after oony hoo before I get the scan a young nurse was to put the cannula to inject the dye into my arm but

      Amy was concerned about the swelling in my upper left arm from that point it was hilarity she called in the staff nurse as she wanted a second opinion staff wouldn’t do it either she called the doctor young doctor arrived staff told him to look at the arm swelling

      Young doctor called for senior consultant he arrived went to look at a previous ct scan from Monklands he wasn’t satisfied thats why he ordered another scan I had at this point 3 nurses 3 doctors he took me to me to another treatment room to put the cannula in I said to Amy the young nurse look at the carfuffle you’ve caused the senior said this won’t hurt I said aye it wont hurt your but ave been pricked in ever clink i’ve attended ( punch line ).

      You have signed the Hippocratic Oath to do no harm reply I don’t remember signing anything like that its been that long ago he asked the young doctor if he had signed any thing like the his reply was ah canny remember LoL but upshot is I’ve had the best of attention from clinical staff in every dept of SNHS Monklands & Hairmyres first Kemo 23 or 24 Aug in Monklands .

      Well done REV for highlighting Craig Murray’s site I’ve had to curtail Rallies/Demos for the time being but I’ll still do Yes pages & Groups I’ll post this on Groups tomorrow Take care ahbudy .

    129. Breeks says: says:
      15 August, 2021 at 1:15 am

      …..campaign to force a leadership election rather than coronation of King Alexander. Then again, I did give as good as I got in true Stu fashion.

      Only inside your own head.

      For jaggy blog, read pricks blog. You’ll save yourself some time.

    130. stonefree says:

      To go back to trouble in Kilwinning

      Two things Kilmarnock State Court and the Paper

    131. Breeks says:

      Ian Blackford there… Scotland will not be removed from COVID restrictions against it’s will.

      Can’t have Mike Russell being the centre of attention eh Ian?

    132. Breeks says:

      stonefree says:
      15 August, 2021 at 6:53 am
      To go back to trouble in Kilwinning

      Two things Kilmarnock State Court and the Paper

      Ha ha ha. A full report will be sent to the Procurator Fiscal… Won’t that be a novelty?

    133. Robert Hughes says:

      ” Ian Blackford there… Scotland will not be removed from COVID restrictions against it’s will.” Lol !

      Aye Breeks reassuring to know Eeyore Blackfraud is on the case , braying his insistence a letter will be added to a word and – Covid permitting -an entire sentence of the forthcoming draft-paper * should * be completed by the end of 2022 .

      In other news …….Kilmarnock has become a State !

      Well , given the state the Sturrell Gang have got Scotland into maybe we shouldn’t be too surprised

    134. Socrates MacSporran says:

      Off Topic

      In today’s online Guardian, Jay Rayner figuratively takes an AK45 to a restraunt named “The Polo Lounge at the Dorchester Hotel.” It’s a wonderful piece of work about ridiculously over-priced, poor food.

      In his scathing review, Jay mentions he was seated one table away from Alex Salmond. Any one like to enter a sweep as to how long it takes one of our great Scottish newspapaers to lift the review and turn it into a hat piece on Wee Eck living it up with the hoi poloidown in that there London.

      Jay’s bill, for a meal for two, was £370. This included £90 for a bottle of wine retailing at £12.75.

    135. Ruby says:

      stonefree says:
      15 August, 2021 at 12:03 am

      I would suggest if you read the article it has the appearance of not being a domestic per se

      I short form the guy gets lifted and charged , and five or six day later the woman gets charged, the usual is both charged and it’s then sorted out . Here there is a gap.
      also the woman’s location is Irvine while the guy’s is Kilwinning.
      Just think about it

      It’s intriguing!

      Was something brewing before this incident?
      Were the press following here?
      Seems strange that she’s in the papers twice in a short space of time having never been heard of before the ‘maskless on the train’ story.

    136. Ruby says:

      Socrates MacSporran says:
      15 August, 2021 at 8:38 am
      Off Topic

      In his scathing review, Jay mentions he was seated one table away from Alex Salmond. Any one like to enter a sweep as to how long it takes one of our great Scottish newspapaers to lift the review and turn it into a hat piece on Wee Eck living it up with the hoi poloidown in that there London.


      Before entering the sweep I would need to know if Alex Salmond is getting paid taxpayers money or if he was spending his own money or being invited to dinner.

      Do the Scottish press not prefer to portray him as ‘a down out hasbeen’ rather then someone ‘living it up with the hoi poloidown in that there London.’

      Any mention of who he was dining with? That would be something the Scottish press would be interested in something they could turn into a ‘sex pest’ story.

      It seems very easy to be a ‘journalist’ in Scotland. All research seems to be done in other newspapers.

    137. Andy Ellis says:

      Just wondering if any Alba members out there have had their membership cards or pack delivered yet?

      I know it’s early days yet, and maybe they’ve been swamped by the numbers joining in a relatively short period, but seem to remember the original ETA for these was July….?

    138. Breeks says:

      Ruby says:
      15 August, 2021 at 9:23 am
      stonefree says:
      15 August, 2021 at 12:03 am

      I would suggest if you read the article it has the appearance of not being a domestic…

      Don’t see it Ruby.

      If I had to speculate, and it’s pure speculation, A+B have a barney, A assaults B, A gets lifted, cautioned and sent home. It all calms down, (sobers up maybe), until B goes to solicitor, then A learns B is pressing charges, so A lodges counter charges, and B gets lifted.

      Pure speculation, but not seeing much to write home about… so far.

      But the Sturgeonite hypocrisy over Alex Salmond’s innocence might yet be a rod for their own back, and put the COPFS in a bit of a quandary too…. Payback’s a bitch and all that…

    139. Robert Hughes says:

      Andy @ 9.54 .

      Not received mine either . Not too fussed about that , just curious why such an apparently simple thing is taking this long and hoping it’s not down to a lack of organisation – or money !

    140. Andrew F says:

      Apparently “First 100 days” isn’t from getting elected but from forming government. So you can put away your party gear until 25th August.

      From “Holyrood dot com”:

      … Scottish Conservative chief whip, Stephen Kerr, added: “Nicola Sturgeon and her ministers promised to make COVID recovery their priority, but they have taken their eye off the ball once again. We know they have already put a push for a divisive indyref2 at the top of their conference agenda.

      “Championing independence once again is a dereliction of duty from the SNP Government as Scotland aims to accelerate its recovery from the pandemic.

      “No matter how they try and spin it this is another series of SNP broken promises that are letting people down all over again.”

      A spokesperson for John Swinney said: “The opposition attacks are ridiculous. We have always been clear that our plans were to be implemented 100 days from forming the new government – not from the date of the election, which would be nonsensical, given that at that time there were not even MSPs to vote in the new government to carry out its programme.” …

      The only reference to IndyRef2 in the article is the Tory attack on SNP for wanting one (even though they self-evidently do NOT). The SNP doesn’t mention it.

    141. sarah says:

      @ Socrates macsporran at 08.38: 2the polo room at the dorchester”.

      My BH asks “and do you have a pre-dinner drink downstairs in the Mars Bar?”.

      Boom boom.

    142. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @ronnie anderson (2.14) –

      Great to see you back in here.

      Hopefully we’ll get some fom of proper gathering soon.


    143. stonefree says:

      @ Breeks at 9:59 am

      @ Ruby at 9:23 am

      Read this version, it to me puts a slightly different context to it

      Apart from the Go at Salmond on the Crossgate, she went right ahead on Facebook , timewise about the time Grady got caught
      The last weeks stories in the Sun and Rascal make you wonder

    144. holymacmoses says:

      Back to the Sturgeon clan.
      It’s my instinct that there could be a bit of misdirection going on here.

    145. stonefree says:

      Oh sod it, consider who was the alleged victim ?

    146. Robert Hughes says:

      It’s indicative of NSNP’s lack of imagination/originality they chose to follow the daft Americanism * 1st 100 Days * cliche , equally so of their uselessness that this has become yet one more rod to beat them with .

      Do they have a Department of Gaffe Production ?

    147. Grouse Beater says:

      Your essential weekend reading:

      ‘Ethnicity – the Cultural Cringe’:

    148. James Che. says:

      Ronnie Anderson,

      I did not realise what you’re illness was and didn’t like asking,
      I hope you are doing well and as one ill person to an other during covid.
      I wish you good recovery an health in the future.

      In many ways trying to gain independence for our country gives me something to fight for,
      I am not so sure the youngsters following on behind us have such a determination or focus for our country, as they often become bogged down and entangled in the gender issues, climate change, and cliche groups,

      Somehow doctors not focused on or knowing about the hypocratic oath does not surprise me, as their should have been separate medical facilities for covid patients,
      Places were opened but not used,
      Meanwhile the NHS regular patients have been sidelined,
      I know of a lady that is crippled and in pain, she was supposed to have a knee op just as covid broke, now almost chair bound.
      And Westminster had held conversations on how the NHS would cope if a pandemic should arise as far back as 2016,
      But put nothing in place as a future safeguard,
      One of the many reasons for an independent Scotland, we must be able to take a different route from England in the care of our nation and people.

      Good to hear your voice here as one of the originals.

    149. Skip_NC says:

      Stonefree, I am not sure an article from the California State Times adds anything. Firstly, it is in the local news section. There is an Irvine in Southern California. On that page, the main other story is about the San Diego Chargers “football” team’s first pre-season match and other articles include a story on Los Angeles Angels losing at baseball. I believe there is a whole cottage industry where websites present themselves as real newspapers but all they do is take existing articles and change a few words (hence the reference to Kilmarnock State Court, which would be correct for something that happened in Irvine, CA if there were anywhere in California called Kilmarnock).

      Or have they managed to get a nugget from Police Scotland that tells us more than the Scottish chip papers are telling us?

    150. Ruby says:

      stonefree says:
      15 August, 2021 at 11:08 am
      @ Breeks at 9:59 am

      @ Ruby at 9:23 am

      Read this version, it to me puts a slightly different context to it


      They are all a bit stingy with their information. I want to know who called the police & why.
      Also at what time they called.

      There’s this in The Times

      even less information & ‘null points’ to Jason Allardyce for being lazy re date of photo of Sheher in a wedding dress.

      If they don’t give us enough info then it’s only natural we fill in the blanks especially at a time when there is nothing else of interest in the papers.

      Could it be the first call to the police was to report an ‘attempted rape/sexual assault’

      That’s a good way to get back at a boyfriend that was stepped out of line.

      Yeah weird that the press became interested in Gill Sturgeon, was it to get at her sister?

      Is Sturgeon her name? Is she single?

    151. willie says:

      There could certainly be a ring to the theory that Ms Sturgeon called the police to report rape or attempted rape. Allegations of sexual nature can be used very much as a weapon against most very particularly men. That of course is not to say that sexual abuse doesn’t happen.

      The Salmond charges, and his acquittal of them I think brought into the light how sexual charges could be used as a weapon against people. There certainly seems to have been a conspiracy running many believe up to the First Minister.

      Like father, like son, or daughter like daughter, things can run in families. The problem of course with this Gill Sturgeon thing is that we just don’t know. The Police have drawn a veil of silence over what Sturgeon has been charged with.

      But it’s not a good look. Guilty even if subsequently proven innocent, mud sticks. But again we don’t know. However, given the First Minister’s non involvement, non knowledge of the Salmond debacle with all that was going on round about her and her closest aides, the look is not good.

      Sister like sister. Who knows.

    152. stonefree says:

      The Californian link? some idiot journalist has taken from a news feed, Irvine thinking it’s the Californian one
      Note the Kilmarnock State Court.
      and Kilwinning just confuses the whole thing( quite understandable)
      However the way it has been edited makes the timing more clear, one charged on the 7th the other on the 11th

      Re the use of the name Sturgeon, maybe be it’s a Sturgeon thing , don’t use a married name
      Inbreeding perchance?

    153. Republicofscotland says:

      So after the UK wasting £4 billion quid in Afghanistan a Saigon-esque type escape is in the process for UK personnel and those Afghanis who bought into the UK/USA bringing democracy to Afghanistan bullshit.

      The Taliban is sweeping across the country at a lighting pace, not because they are adroit at fighting, or they have superior weapons, no its because the majority of Afghanis are joining them, because they believe in what the Taliban has to offer, even if we in the West find it repulsive to a point.

      However like Hamid Karazi, the Great Satan’s (USA) current puppet president of Afghanistan Ashraf Ghani, is in a bit of a pickle as the Taliban close in on Afghanistan’s capital Kabul, will he run or will he stay to face the music, the smart money is on Ghani fleeing to Dubai.

      History has shown, that the West should leave the running of Afghanistan to the Afghanis, as the British have already in the past been chased out of the country with their tales between their legs, so was Russia, and now the Great Satan (USA) as well, though I’m surprised that the Great Satan didn’t Agent Orange on the Taliban, as they did in Vietnam.

    154. susanXX says:

      I genuinely believe sturgeon’s snp are acting like the nazis in their first few years in power. If we were independent it would be a dictatorship. I can no longer vote snap.

    155. Republicofscotland says:

      Not a peep out of Sturgeon on the indy march yesterday in Glasgow, on her Twitter feed, yet last Saturday, Sturgeon sallied around the streets of Glasgow laughing and smiling with those in her constituency.

      Sturgeon is quite happy to join Pride marches, but not indy ones, its patently obvious to me that she doesn’t give monkeys about Scottish independence.

    156. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Republicofscotland (1.56) –

      If Sturgeon turned up at an indy march now, would she even be welcome?

      That’s how far down the rabbit hole we are now.


    157. Republicofscotland says:

      The highest paid public transport boss in Scotland caught driving cloned car.

    158. James Che. says:

      There basically is only one way to by pass the dictatorship of the snp and devolved Scottish government that is displaying signs of corruption by using new unheard of laws to subdue the nation that is causing harm to the Scottish people. The Scottish economy, the family unit and the safety
      of our children,
      That is to create a Scottish sovereign people’s parliament separately.
      Leave the devolved goverment as it is, that way it nor we cannot be accused or court challenged of UDI, sued or attacked by uk government.

      We simple start running our own affairs in a more efficient way from a sovereign people’s parliament We have the right to choose our government and this is what we should do,

      Only fear of the unknown stops us, but as far as one can tell our future at the moment is full of unknowns.

    159. Republicofscotland says:

      Ian @2.05pm.


      I suppose there would still be folk that would welcome Sturgeon at a indy march, but even before the unpleasantness of the set up of Salmond, and the unpopular polices such as the GRA and HCB, Sturgeon didn’t attend indy marches, the last I recall her at an indy march was on Calton hill in Edinburgh and that was years ago.

    160. Republicofscotland says:

      Re my 1.37pm comment the media has just reported that the Western puppet president in Afghanistan Ashraf Ghani, along with his vice-president have fled the country to Tajikistan. Meanwhile Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has said that Canada will take 20,000 Afghani’s who are being evacuated.

      Canada is of course one of the Five Eyes, and imprisoned the CFO of the communications group Huawei, on dubious charges, in turn China has arrested and imprisoned Canadian citizens in China.

    161. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Republicofscotland (3.16) –

      I suppose you’re right that some would be pleased to see Sturgeon appear at a Yes rally, AUOB march or similar. WGD fans probably.

      But I doubt she’ll be appearing in front of any public crowds anytime soon. There is real ill-will towards her now. And it’s hard to see that changing. I can’t imagine anything she could do now to regain the trust she’s lost.

      What makes it all the more hurtful and infuriating is that she really doesn’t seem bothered – it’s that ‘lack of empathy’ again, the sure sign of a sociopath.

    162. Didn’t take Tom Gordon long to find the reference to Alex Salmond in the Jay Rainer restaurant article in The Observer today. However, it is not clear WHEN the encounter took place. Did he check with the Observer as to the date, because it doesn’t sound as if it happened on this occasion when the food was not good and the prices absolutely phenomenal.

    163. Pixywine says:
      This journalist displays a complete lack of perspective and what can only be described as straight faced imbecility. So a permanently damaged heart is preferable to a virus with a 99% survival rate. She’s on Bill Gates jungle juice.

    164. Mark Boyle says:

      Republicofscotland says:

      “The Taliban is sweeping across the country at a lighting pace, not because they are adroit at fighting, or they have superior weapons, no its because the majority of Afghanis are joining them, because they believe in what the Taliban has to offer, even if we in the West find it repulsive to a point.”

      I’m too angry to say what my gut feeling is to say to the above, so I’ll count to ten instead and say just this:

      The Taliban is sweeping across the country because they’re bankrolled by the Pakistan government, have been since their inception, and now the USA has decided to “let Afghanistan go” as keeping the Pakistanis sweet is important now China’s the Big Bad (even though with “friends” like the Medieval Republic of Pakistan you don’t need enemies).

      Claiming the “majority” of Afghanis are joining them is bullshit. What the Taliban did to rebuild their numbers is turn themselves into a franchise, allowing every gangster to join them – in return for their loyalty and paying lip service to Islamic doctrine and allowing the Taliban’s religious enforcers a free hand, these gangsters could run their localities as their private fiefdoms.

      It’s the same thing the Communists and fascists did to consolidate their regimes in the 1920’s and ’30s and would have done over here too had our underworld been as strong (forget the “Peaky Blinders” BBC revisionism of these evil bastards).

      When people without weapons are told by people with weapons “we’re in charge”, nobody who loves their family dares say “no”.

      I remember seeing the pictures of the atrocities the Taliban were committing at the start of the 1990s from a goth friend in Leeds. His sister was an aid worker and he was trying to draw attention to what was going on out there, and pointing out it was being ignored because the Taliban supplied so much of the western crime syndicates with their heroin and they’d plenty of friends in politics and the media making sure the stories were always spiked. It was only after Al Quida went rogue that most in the west ‘learned’ about what was going on.

      The Taliban are beyond evil, and anyone remotely happy for whatever reason – “whataboutery USA/UK”, etc. or otherwise – I can guarantee will choke on their words sooner than they think. Thirty two million people are about to fall back under the heel of a regime that regards women as little more than livestock and treats them even worse – as for gays, transgenders and anyone who isn’t THEIR concept of a Muslim, they may as well start digging their graves now.

    165. Republicofscotland says:

      Mark Boyle.

      You’re entitled to your opinion as am I, but this isn’t a surprise not by a long shot the Great Satan (USA) already signed a deal with the Taliban on February last year, this pull out is planned, and the Taliban knows it as do the people of Afghanistan

      The ones that are most upset about the UK/US exodus are the Western funded propaganda think tanks and the arms manufacturers, who’ve had twenty-years of profits from the occupation of Afghanistan.

      Of course the Taliban were the good guys in Washington when the Great Satan (USA) was funding them to fight the Russians.

      The USA and UK and its compliant co-alition forces had no business to be in Afghanistan from the beginning.

    166. twathater says:

      Ian B and ROS looking at the array of photies on the notional there are no signs of any STURGEON THE BETRAYER OUT banners or SNP THE MOST INCOMPETENT INDY PARTY EVER banners, but as they were in the Sturgeon fanzine where Nikla is the Messiah I shouldn’t be surprised

      I have said here and elsewhere , my wife and I attended most AUOB marches and loved every minute of the happy joyful camaraderie but we won’t attend any more unless it’s a demonstration March to get Sturgeon and her coterie of deviants and perverts OUT

    167. Dan says:

      When ye tan a tin o cider so fuckin quickly ye huv tae gi yersel a shake to snap out o’ the dream state.

      Westworld – Have you ever questioned the nature of your reality

      (7 secs)

    168. Breeks says:

      Flagging this up again, because in my humble opinion, this is a real big story.

      Let me quote from the article…

      ” So, to sum up, Mridul Wadhwa has spent well over a decade working in the women’s sector. In that time he’s actively pushed an agenda that allows males into what used to be female-only services, ostracising and denigrating the women who protest.

      Meanwhile, his partner was, until a few months ago, the director of a company which hoovered up the lucrative million pound contracts when these women’s services were cut off from public funding because of their female-only policies.

      Always follow the money.”

      This means millions of pounds being directed away from genuinely distressed women desperate for support, and the reasons why should have been ringing some massive alarm bells, but inexplicably didn’t. Certain individuals are orchestrating disruption to hit the funding of established support networks while certain other individuals move into the vacuum. If this is substantiated through further investigation, this is go to jail serious criminal activity.

      Join the dots people, and remember who is was providing a platform to repeat the smears against Alex Salmond AFTER he was acquitted. Why aren’t the police organising dawn raids, search warrants and arrests getting to the bottom of this because the stench of wrongdoing is overpowering?? They can spare 400 officers to trawl for evidence against Alex Salmond.

    169. Captain Yossarian says:

      RoS – The USA and UK were in Afghanistan because it was the worldwide sponsor of international terrorism.

      You’ve forgotten that, haven’t you?…..because we haven’t had any international terrorism for years now.

      There was a female teacher from Kabul on Channel 4 News on Friday night saying that she didn’t know if she would still be here (meaning, whether she would still be alive) in a weeks time.

      The Taliban are feral; they have already promised the return of amputations, killings and all the rest of it.

      Afghanistan has regressed by a century within the last few days and to equate the Taliban with the USA is nonsense.

      Feral gangs have existed through the ages and when civilization takes over, only then do we get rid of the feral gangs.

    170. Ruby says:

      Socrates MacSporran says:
      15 August, 2021 at 8:38 am
      Off Topic

      In his scathing review, Jay mentions he was seated one table away from Alex Salmond. Any one like to enter a sweep as to how long it takes one of our great Scottish newspapaers to lift the review and turn it into a hat piece on Wee Eck living it up with the hoi poloidown in that there London.


      You got it spot on either that or you gave them the idea.

    171. Republicofscotland says:

      Captain Yossarian @5.49pm.

      Oh please spare me the “Taliban atrocities trope”, the UK and the US are in bed with the likes of Saudi Arabia, a country that beheaded people in public places and stoned half buried women to death.

      I haven’t even gotten round to mentioning Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait the AUE and several other repressive regimes that the UK sucks up to, in order to sell arms to or have listening stations on their soil or forward staging posts (airbases), and in turn the UK and indeed the Great Satan (USA) turns a blind eyes to domestic terror of their subjects.

    172. Dorothy Devine says:

      Ruby , the once mighty Herald really hit rock bottom quite a few years ago – anyone daft enough to buy it is getting only the outrageous gossip and stupidity of a bunch of spineless ,lazy ‘writers’.

      Such a dreadful demise from star quality to gossip monger – Hello magazine is more honest.

    173. Republicofscotland says:

      Twathater @5.05pm.

      Re your second paragraph, yes I’ve mentioned that before demo banners at AUOB march laying it out to Sturgeon to get on with it on the indyfront.

      The happy clappy flag waving bagpipe playing AUOB marches are fine and bring indy minded folk together, but we need to in my opinion get our point across to Sturgeon that we want her to act on the indyfront.

    174. Ruby says:

      Dorothy Devine says:
      15 August, 2021 at 6:16 pm
      Ruby , the once mighty Herald really hit rock bottom quite a few years ago – anyone daft enough to buy it is getting only the outrageous gossip and stupidity of a bunch of spineless ,lazy ‘writers’.

      Such a dreadful demise from star quality to gossip monger – Hello magazine is more honest.


      Isn’t it the case that nobody needs to buy it as they are being paid by the Scottish gov.

    175. Breeks says:

      IF there has been a racket ongoing to use transgender issues as a vehicle to undermine established support mechanisms and gazzump their funding, then the number of questions raised by that alone is alarming enough.

      But given that Scotland has a Scottish Government not only abandoning Scottish Independence mandates, but essentially opening up all of Scotland’s Devolved Portfolios to this similar “trans-led” systemic disruption, then the extent of this potential racketeering is off the scale.

      Who signed what, what vetting took place, what protocols were circumvented, what NEC’s were gerrymandered, what candidate selections were influenced… If part of this is a criminal racket, then all of it is implicated, whether that’s grooming being introduced into primary schools (sshh! Don’t tell Mum), all your “guff” about men in drag getting access to primary school kids looks anywhere between recklessly naive and downright complicit.

      Get the bloody auditors into this tout suite.

      The whole rotten house of cards could be about to collapse.

    176. Ruby says:

      Breeks says:
      15 August, 2021 at 5:47 pm

      Flagging this up again, because in my humble opinion, this is a real big story.


      We should try to persuade the Rev to come out of retirement for this one.

      Alternatively he could perhaps
      publish Graham Linehan’s article on Wings.

    177. Pixywine says:
      Globalist Banks taking full advantage of a “medical emergency”

    178. Breeks says:

      Ruby says:
      15 August, 2021 at 6:32 pm

      We should try to persuade the Rev to come out of retirement for this one.

      Aye, most definitely.

      I’m also hoping Joanna Cherry has her lasers fully charged and is ready to rock and roll…

    179. twathater says:

      ROS @ 6.17PM ,ROS I don’t want her to act re the indy front , I want her OUT and criminally charged , even if she did anything on the indyfront (oh ma poor sides wae laughing) she is an incompetent arse as her time in SG has proven and her and her moronic baloons like blackford and russell would only sell us out more
      Can you picture these clowns and cretins negotiating indy they would be arguing about the curtains and what colour of dress they would wear for the photo oportunity

    180. Captain Yossarian says:

      RoS – I have spent 4-years in Saudi Arabia and so I am probably more knowledgeable than you are on: “a country that beheaded people in public places and stoned half buried women to death”.

      I get the feeling that you are set in your ways. You haven’t been to these counties, but all the rest of us that have – “don’t know what we are talking about”.

      Am I right?

    181. John Main says:

      @RepublicOfScotland 6:10 pm

      Great Satan? Are you for real?

      You seriously question why NS and the adults in the Scottish Government want nothing to do with people who think and talk like you?

    182. Breeks says:

      Even Twitter itself could be in the shite given the emerging legitimacy becoming apparent with any number of complainers and complaints which Twitter summarily and arbitrarily silenced….

      I hope Graham Lineham has got his facts right, because this is seismic if he has.

    183. Republicofscotland says:

      Captain Yossarian.

      Don’t piss in my ear and tell me its raining a couple of clicks on the computer and you can watch the beheadings and stonings, do your homework and look them up.

      One has to wonder why you are so defensive of such a brutal repressive regime, of course you say you were stationed around the ME, as some sort of contractor.

    184. Breeks says:

      John Main says:
      15 August, 2021 at 6:46 pm
      @RepublicOfScotland 6:10 pm

      Great Satan? Are you for real?

      What’s the problem John Main?

      “Great Satan” is what Muslims actually do call the USA, from way back when the Ayatollah Khomeini used the expression in a speech on November 5, 1979 during the Iranian Hostage Crisis.

    185. Republicofscotland says:

      “Great Satan? Are you for real?”

      John Main.

      100% I am, the Great Satan’s (USA) bellicose foreign policies have killed millions, usurped countless leaders, and they’ve stolen an unimaginable amount of assets from other countries, all in the name of greed.

      The Great Satan has trained umpteen Latin and South American US friendlies at its School of America’s, now at Fort Benning Georgia for it own shady purposes of supplanting Central and South American governments that had the interests of their people at heart via socialism.

      Of late it has had a hand in the destruction of Libya, Syria, and asset stripped Afghanistan, it has at least a half dozen ongoing wars in Africa under AFRICOM, passed of as terrorism, its currently trying to usurp Belarussian President Lukashenko, and it organised and participated in the Ukrainian coup via its Kiev embassy and a US sniper trained the shooter in Maidan.

    186. Confused says:

      I see the empire apologists are out trying to square the circle, that USA/UK/NATO are somehow “the good guys” because wrecking your country for 20 years, is okay, if you can rationalise it as being abuut “womens rights”. Whatever the afghan war was about – revenge for 911(?), the war on drugs(??), the war on terror(???), encircling china great-game style (?) – I don’t think womens rights comes into it.

      – most countries, if they were honest about it, would like to see USA ( and its weaselly, cowardly, sidekick, UK) engulfed by Cthulhu and dragged off to a parallel Hell dimension to suffer for their crimes –

      stop getting your “takes on the world” from chatham house, or rory stewart in the daily mail. It worries me how some folks who are “scottish nationalists” and will whine about the BBC being lying bastards will still uncritically accept its viewpoint on anywhere else in the world. They don’t just lie about us, you know, it’s a full spectrum effort.

      BUT – THE TALBAN ARE THE “BAD GUYS” – compared to what? the CIA-proxies of ISIS (beheadings, cannibalism, burning people in cages)? Or the Saudis? – our “aliies and partners”?? (- it’s like that Mitchell and Webb sketch : “are we the bad guys?”)

      My problem with the Taliban is that it’s – islam; islam is, overall, “a bad thing” and will be disastrous if allowed to establish itself in the west; France is already in trouble, England could be next; but in terms of “national liberation” – good luck to them. They could not have won if the majority of afghanistan was not behind them. I read somewhere afghanistan has 9 ethnic groups, so maybe we can celebrate it as a victory for “multiculturalism” and CIVIC NATIONALISM.

      It would be really cool if the Taliban declare Septemebr 11 as “independence day”, then burn down the US embassy for the sheer joy of it, and additionally turn the British Embassy into say, a toilet for dogs, paedo prison, or tranny asylum (or all 3!) – something appropriate to its status. Shame they never had proper anti-aircraft weapons, the rats are all escaping.

      When it settles back down again, China will be in there, doing the rebuilding; infrastructure for minerals. America has spent a trillion, lost and lost status to its enemies – it’s almost like their experts are clueless (- ambassadors are political appointees who don’t bother to learn “local languages”).

      – it would be a bigger joke if, with the Taliban back in charge, the flow of afghan heroin stops; they did it before, just went round the farmers and told them “don’t do that … seriously … ” – and they stopped. The taliban might help with Scotland’s “drugs deaths” problem – “swings and roundabouts”?

      Best thing about the taliban is this – if someone over in afghanistan TELLS YOU THEIR PRONOUNS – you can probably just shoot them (under sharia law); and if you feel kinky, with a 40mm anti aircraft gun.

      – one last thing, our dear Nikki is offering to help with what could be a sizeable amount of afghan “refugees” … if I was a taliban commander with a sense of humour, I would already have placed my own fighters among those fleeing to the west, where stupid middle aged fat women can adopt them as 14 year olds. What could possibly go wrong?

    187. Mia says:

      “The USA and UK were in Afghanistan because it was the worldwide sponsor of international terrorism”

      Was it?

      Oh dear. And that was me thinking it was all about the poppies!

      The production of opium in Afghanistan increased massively since the USA -UK invasion of 2001.'s-Bumper-Opium-Harvest.pdf

      It is reported USA invested close to 2 trillion dollars in Afghanistan with their invasion. During the 18 years of USA’s invasion of Afghanistan, this continuously increased its production of opium. And yet, we are expected to believe UsA and UK are not getting anything out of this booming multibillion opium economic industry moving swiftly right under their nostrils, no pun intended. All while they have been in control of the country government and infrastructure for 18 years and after investing ridiculous amounts of public money.

      Apparently, we are expected to believe also that it has only been the nasty Taliban who was benefiting from this bonanza of opium farming and the billions it generates, despite of USA and UK being for 18 years in full control of a puppet government and economic infrastructure there. Of course, the increase in poppy cultivation and therefore the increase in the main income source of the Taliban was totally accidental.

      Yeah, sure.

      Wasn’t the control of the enemy’s funding sources one of the first rules for an invasion to be successful?

      Where did that rule go, then? To another dimension, just like Sturgeon’s democratic credentials and her “commitment” to deliver independence sometime this millennium?

    188. Republicofscotland says:

      John Main.

      I should’ve added that the great Satan backs the Little Satan (Israel) 110% that’s why it has a free hand to bomb the Middle East indiscriminately the occupying oppressive apartheid forces of Israel have systematically usurped the Palestinian people from their rightful lands for over seventy-years, killing and imprisoning thousands of them in the process, and the Great Satan has backed them all the way.

      It was Chomsky who said that very few 20th/21st century US presidents shouldn’t be standing in the dock at the Hague for war crimes, on that I agree with Chomsky.

    189. Captain Yossarian says:

      RoS – “Of late it has had a hand in the destruction of Libya” – They had very little to do with the destruction of Libya. That was a French/UK/EU enterprise. The US were asked for assistance now and again and they provided it, but it was nothing in the scale of things. Gaddafi was a great friend of Silvio Berlusconi; they both had a similarly depraved outlook on life in general and on younger women in particular. It could have worked out well for Libya but it didn’t and I would blame Sarkozy and Cameron for that. It had nothing to do with the ‘Great Satan’.

    190. Captain Yossarian says:

      RoS – “Shaheen did not dismiss the possibility that practices such as stoning, amputations of hands and feet and public executions could be used again”. Shaheen is the Taliban spokesman….he doesn’t speak for Saudi Arabia….no matter what your ‘computer clicks’ tell you. Who’s the Great Satan now?

    191. Republicofscotland says:

      Captain Yossarian @7.58pm.

      I’m not an apologist for the Taliban, I’m pointing out Western hypocrisy.

      Your 7.48pm comment.

      Obama has the dubious title of being the only POTUS at war throughout his entire tenures, and the Nobel Institute had the audacity to present him with a Nobel Peace Prize in 2009, it almost puts Kissinger’s Nobel Peace Prize in 1973 to shame.

    192. Shocked says:

      It seems that the deranged New SNP fanatics seem to have completely lost it Antisemitism. Justifying terrorism and medieval savagery. 9/11 conspiracies. Breathtaking hypocrisy ignoring the SNP’s shameful history and support of naziism.

      Mind you when you consider some of the other nonsense they come out with it’s hardly surprising. They should do themselves and everyone else a favour and just go away.

    193. Captain Yossarian says:

      RoS – Talking about Nobel Prizes – “With every city collapsing, human bodies collapse, dreams collapse, history and future collapse, art and culture collapse, life and beauty collapse, our world collapses,” Rada Akbar wrote on Twitter. “Someone please stop this.”

      Malala Yousafzai, an activist for female education and the youngest Nobel Prize laureate, tweeted: “We watch in complete shock as Taliban takes control of Afghanistan.

      Aye – the Americans are the Great Satan…aren’t they. Malala Yousazai was the young girl the Taliban shot through the head for being a girl – you may remember that?

    194. Mark Boyle says:

      Just to remind you all that a few weeks ago comedian Nazar Mohammad was murdered by the Taliban in a video they put on the internet along with their other great comedy classics such as beating a woman with a rubber hose for her “adultery” (ie. she was raped) and their favourite party trick of beheading people who disagree with them with a breadknife in under a minute.

      Seem to remember it wasn’t so long ago people here were beside themselves with anger at the Cult of Nicola trying to silence people like Stu lampooning them just by getting them banned on social media – “SOMETHING MUST BE DONE!” was the cry.

      But cue some murderous sky fairy death cult showing its true colours and going for a more permanent method of silencing critics, and out comes the “whatabouteries” from those who will apologise for just about anyone at loggerheads with the American or British government under the immature principle of “my enemy’s enemy is useful”.

      Yeah, and look how well that’s worked out over the years. From Mr “Bulwark Against Communism” Hitler to Mr “Bulwark Against Communism” Bin Laden. Those who put “interests” and “expediency” over humanity ought to remember history shows time and again their turn comes sooner than they think.

    195. Republicofscotland says:

      Captain Yossarian @8.39pm.

      like I said I’m not an apologist for the Taliban, but you guys don’t do irony. The Great Satan has murdered thousand of women and children with its drone strikes including in Afghanistan.

      Daniel Hale an airforce intelligence analysts came forward and blew the whistle on the nefarious US drone strikes, he was looking at ten years in prison but ended up getting forty-five months for telling the truth.

      s/" onclick="_gaq.push(['_trackEvent', 'outbound-comment', '"Tractor" - Ed)s/', '"Tractor" - Ed)s/']);" rel="nofollow">"Tractor" - Ed)s/

    196. Hugh Jarse says:

      We came, we saw, he died.
      HR Clinton on Gaddafi.
      Syria next…

    197. robertknight says:

      Bloody good trick by Mike Russell in that photo.

      Usually, you have to open the back doors before you get the dubious pleasure of viewing a horse’s arse.

      But here, he’s done it without opening opening the doors.


      Membership of the Magic Circle beckons I recon.

    198. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      C’mon guys, it’s already been pointed out that this ‘mobile hub’ was an initiative by the local community.

      I think Mike Russell’s name on it was to reflect his status as a former MSP for the area.

      Let’s play fair…

    199. Captain Yossarian says:

      Malala Yousazai was evacuated from Afghanistan to Great Ormond Street Hospital in London where her life was saved. She has gone-on to win the Nobel Peace Prize. Had she stayed in Afghanistan, she would have been dead long ago.

      Is that what you call ‘irony’?

    200. susanXX says:

      Can anyone explain to me how a child is considered competent to have a gender identity from age 4 yet can’t be considered to know right from wrong ie criminal competency until much older age 12 I think?

    201. Breeks says:

      susanXX says:
      16 August, 2021 at 4:32 am
      Can anyone explain to me how a child is considered competent to have a gender identity from age 4 yet can’t be considered to know right from wrong ie criminal competency until much older age 12 I think

      I despair Susan. It makes you sick in the pit of your stomach. Nevermind the immaturity of the kids, as many people are pointing out, the fact they are encouraged to not tell their parents comes straight from the paedophile’s handbook. Who in gods name would want to be associated with this loathsome initiative?

      I do not understand why people aren’t seizing upon the Graham Lineham article. To my mind, his revelations are dynamite, and all right thinking people must see the racket that’s been going on, and the ramifications are going to be profound and far reaching, and the collapse of this racket could be the best thing that ever happened to rid ourselves of Sturgeon and her cretins.

      But hey, let’s all talk about the Taliban.

      If you want to deal with the Taliban and Muslim fundamentalism properly and establish a lasting respectful peace, you take off the blinkers and start in Israel.

    202. Shocked says:


      Any normal person would see it your way, a new SNP fanatic would call you a bigot and accuse you of a hate crime just for asking that question.


      You don’t half slaver some nonsense, just what the hell has Israel got to do with Afghanistan that has fallen into the clutches of a bunch of non educated savages who want to model their country on a fantastical12th century Islamic caliphate that never even existed. Trying to justify the kind of stone aged savagery by blaming the Jews is pretty low even for a rampant SNP1 sturgeonite like you.

    203. Shocked says:

      I see it’s being reported that the corrupt crown office is refusing to reveal discussions with the police regarding the theft of the independence fund because “it’s not in the public interest”. It’s like North Korea.

      Republic of Scotland, Breeks, Mia and the rest of the SNP1 crowd call all take a bow.

    204. David Caledonia says:

      Who crashed Johann’s motorbike

    205. Robert Hughes says:

      Shocked @ 7.21

      If you could stop screaming ” I TOLD YOU SO ” for just one minute and actually read Breeks’ comment above yours does “…rid ourselves of Sturgeon and her cretins.” sound to you like the comment of a ” Sturgeonite ” ?

      Seems like every post you make contains the same diatribe against those whose only ” crime ” was to take a chance on salvaging something from what was going to be an inevitable SNP victory – even if no WOS readers had voted for them .

      With hindsight ( that wonderful thing ) it was an erroneous strategy by Alex Salmond to advocate SNP 1 ALBA 2 – maybe his ” fault ” was being too decent and underestimating the sheer vindictiveness and political stupidity of Sturgeon et al .

      You’re right about the fundamentalist headcases that comprise the Taliban and as another catastrophic intervention by the West ends in dismal failure and retreat god help the people of Afghanistan now , but don’t you think the global resentment of the Islam of the West is exacerbated by the latter’s kow-towing to every whim of Israel , not least it’s historic and continuing oppression of the Palestinians ?

    206. Robert Hughes says:

      ” ….the Islamic world …”

    207. Shocked says:


      Sorry to say but I had enough of their demented scribblings long ago. Whether it’s fantastical nonsense about sovereignty that have no basis is law or fact or 20:20 hindsight about sturgeon it doesn’t change the fact that people like them got us into the mess we are in because they “couldnae take a telling”.

      The were told in black and white terms what would happen if sturgeon was re-elected and all of the predictions whether it was the end of freedom of speech, jailing of political opponents, a coalition with the green lunatics, the destruction of childhood in the name of gender ideology, the continued destruction of law and justice, nicola sturgeon and her cabal escaping justice etc etc etc have all come true. To try and pretend now that you somehow oppose nicola sturgeon when you are personally responsible for this state of affairs doesn’t cut it. The worst of it is these people have the cheek to come out with this hindsight and reinventing of history on a blog hosted by someone who has retired because they had enough of beating their head against a brick wall trying to tell these people what was going to happen. Not a single one of them has held their hands up and admitted they were wrong.

      They even try to blame Alex Salmond as he told them to vote SNP1. Well Alex Salmond isn’t always right and I bet as he was gorging himself in the Dorchester the other day (as Alba continues to beg for money) it never crossed his mind that until Nicola Sturgeon is gone and in jail he is finished in politics.

      As for Afghanistan, I see you’re blaming the Jews as well. No one had an issue with Islam until the mullahs reinvented history and seized control of places like Iran and Afghanistan. Women used to walk the streets of Tehran and Kabul in the 60’s wearing mini skirts. The went to school. Now they would be beheaded in the street for that. The mullahs destroy education, stop people going to school and then fill their heads with a demented reworking of Islam that has no basis in reality. Saladin and other Islamic historical heroes who in their time embraced science and learning would turn in their graves at modern Islamic fundamentalism. This situation has nothing whatsoever to do with Israel or the Jews.

      As for the Palestinians, the Iranians and the rest could not give a damn about those people. Iran sees them as nothing but a stick to poke the Israeli bear because they lack the courage to launch a war themselves that they know they would lose. Palestine is ruled by mullahs little better than the Stone Age savages in Afghanistan where women are treated as possessions and gay people are thrown from the roof tops. The irony isn’t lost on me that those who blame the Jews and Israel never mention that people actually flee Palestine for Israel to escape oppression such as that. Israel is the only true democracy in the Middle East and that is the real reason the leaders of Iran etc fear them, they don’t want people to be feee and think for themselves for if they do the leaders know their time will come to an end. In fact Israel could also teach Scotland a thing or two about jailing corrupt politicians.

    208. Socrates MacSporran says:

      Didn’t take long. I posted on here eysterday, wondering how long it would take the Scottish papers to seize onto Jay Rayner’s throwaway line in a scathing restraunt review, that he was seated one table away from Alex Salmond.

      This morning, The Herald is using their take on this in their Facebook page. This demonstrates how far the Herald has fallen, that they should use such a non-story to try to discredit Wee Eck.


    209. Dorothy Devine says:

      Aye Socrates and as Ruby has pointed out the dear old herald is well funded by the SNP in government.

      A plug needs pulled in several areas.

    210. Robert Hughes says:


      You make good points about the complexities of Islam and I have nothing to add about those who went with Alex’s strategy – though I note you’ve taken the silly slagging of him for having a meal in a good restaurant as worthy of further condemnation .

      Just one point ….I’m not blaming ” the Jews ” . The Israeli State and ” Jews ” are not synonymous

    211. Breeks says:

      Robert Hughes says:
      16 August, 2021 at 8:07 am

      With hindsight ( that wonderful thing ) it was an erroneous strategy by Alex Salmond to advocate SNP 1 ALBA 2….

      I don’t agree Robert Hughes. Alex Salmond’s strategy was on the money and could have delivered a solidly pro-Independence Holyrood with every likelihood of Independence hot on it’s heels.

      In fact, his was the only strategy that could have done so, and if we are still bogged to the axles by the time of the next Scottish Elections, Alex Salmond’s strategy of a main Independence Party supported by a pro-Indy List Party will be the correct strategy all over again… assuming of course we don’t have Sturgeon’s lunacy to contend with.

      The people with the disastrous strategic ineptitude was Sturgeon and the SNP, who have successfully managed to deliver yet more stalemate and stagnation. Though, in fairness, it’s arguable this wasn’t a failure of strategy, but rather a strategy dedicated to the wilful undermining of the Independence Movement.

      Alex Salmond’s ALBA strategy was a brilliant cross from nowhere straight into the box with Sturgeon onside and she just had to tap it in the net, but instead she threw a tantrum and squandered victory yet again. The Winger did his job magnificently. It’s the useless prima donna masquerading as a striker who needs booted off the team.

    212. Ruby says:

      “He had briefly faced a potential challenge from former journalist and blogger Rob Brown, who said the leadership should not be a “coronation” for Mr Salmond.
      Mr Brown said “the dream of independence” would remain just that if Mr Salmond was “spearheading the cause”.
      However it is understood Mr Brown failed to secure the 50 nominations required for a valid challenge, with a source saying he “got nowhere near” the threshold.”

    213. Taliban enter Kabul and take over Government,

      and all the super powers and their billions of £$ intelligence organisations didn`t see it coming,

      what an absolute fr@cken joke,

      4 days ago the US Intelligence Agency said that Kabul could fall within 90 days,

      what an absolute fr@cken joke.

    214. Shocked says:

      @robert Hughes

      The point I’m making about Salmond is that he is not always right and while people with not very much give him their hard earned life savings he is living it up in the Dorchester at £16.50 for a bread roll and £135 for a tiny steak. If I was advising Salmond I would have told him to stay away from places like that when so many people with not very much are putting their faith in him as well as to stop messing around and finish sturgeon.

    215. Robert Hughes says:

      Breeks @ 9.37

      ” a brilliant cross…..” well , maybe , but with one fatal flaw .

      Given that Sturgeon had made it abundantly clear – both by the idiocy of Both Votes SNP and her continuing disgraceful smearing of Alex personally BEFORE the H.E – that the NSNP were not going to follow the logic of SNP 1 ALBA 2 , in fact would oppose it to the end, would it not have made more strategic sense for Alex to go after her personally , if as we suspect , he had/has enough evidence of her culpability in the plot against him , albeit he was hamstrung by the legalities involved in even mentioning what he , apparently , knows ?

      Even if he had though , I think the result – an SNP * victory * – would most likely have been the same but maybe he could have made a dent on the entirely fictitious image of Sturgeon The Divine

    216. Shocked says:

      @robert hughes

      And one other thing, I have been around enough people of the left to know that the reason many of them take issue with Israel is because they are anti semites. For some demented reason anti semitism is fashionable in some of these circles because a lot of think the world is controlled by some Jewish conspiracy headed up by the Rothschilds etc etc etc. Jeremy Corbyn is prime example, he is a blatant anti semite who has hung around with Holocaust deniers, anti semites and Islamic terrorists for years because he thought it was fashionable. Whether he really believes that nonsense or teenage political activist in him was just trying to be liked is beyond me but the fact is he is so thick he didn’t realise that mud like that sticks because it is completely unacceptable.

    217. Republicofscotland says:

      Well no surprise that Sturgeon the Betrayer of Scots, has jumped in with both feet on the Afghanistan issue, urging Johnson to take Afghani refugees.

      Sturgeon’s mouthpiece at Westminster Ian (Scotland won’t stand for it) Blackford has said we have a moral duty to the people of Afghanistan. Morality and Blackford are two words that should never be spoken in the same sentence, of course I don’t hear Blackford saying that we have a moral duty to the oppressed Palestinian people, or the oppressed Chagossian people, nor to those countless people that are oppressed in Middle East dictatorships that the UK does business with and turns a blind eye to everything else, just why are the Afghans so special that we should role out our moral duty as Blackford has said.

      Are the millions of oppressed folk around the globe not also worthy of our morality.

    218. Robert Hughes says:


      For an alleged ” Anti-Semite ” J Corbyn had the support of many Jewish people , prominent and otherwise , who voted for him and were appalled at the relentless smear campaign against him .

      I do think he was politically naive – to put it mildly – but make no mistake it was the vested interests of power and money that orchestrated the campaign against him , there’s no way he was going to be allowed to threaten those interests

    219. Mist001 says:

      Doners have been stitched up:

      “Today The Scotsman can exclusively reveal key discussions around the ongoing investigation into alleged financial irregularities within the SNP will remain secret following claims their disclosure is not in the public interest.”

    220. Ruby says:

      Mist can’t archive or doesn’t want to?

      Publication of Crown Office discussions with Police Scotland around SNP investigation ‘not in public interest’

    221. holymacmoses says:

      And one other thing, I have been around enough people of the left to know that the reason many of them take issue with Israel is because they are anti semites. For some demented reason anti semitism is fashionable in some of these circles because a lot of think the world is controlled by some Jewish conspiracy headed up by the Rothschilds etc etc etc

      Isaak Bacharach, the founder of the Rothschild empire as we know it today, realised that the best way to make money was to fund war and conflict. As far as I can see, the nation of Israel and businessmen (including Jewish and Scottish business men) seems to go along with that principal.
      Individually and artistically I think the Jewish people are the most creative, intelligent and artistic people on the planet

    222. Ruby says:

      “It would not be in the public interest to disclose prosecution service advice to Police Scotland while an investigation is ongoing.”

      The advice to continue with the investigation is good enough.

    223. sarah says:

      @ Breeks: “Alex Salmond’s strategy..” was indeed the only answer – we would be free now if the SNP leader and supporters had been honest, decent people.

      Sadly for us, they aren’t. Nor very bright either. Nor able to see that what happened to Labour and Conservative in Scotland can easily happen to SNP.

    224. Shocked says:

      @robert hughes

      I’m sorry but there is no way anyone can spin attending a wreath laying for the black September terrorists while hob nobbing with someone who had instructed a follower of theirs to hack a rabbi to death with an axe or associating with blatant anti semites like Paul Eisen or indeed defending the hounding of Jewish people out of the Labour Party or inviting Holocaust deniers to the Houses of Parliament in Holocaust Memorial Day etc etc etc, especially someone as downright stupid as Jeremy Corbyn. “I was present but not involved”, you were pictured with the wreath in her phecking hands you idiot!

    225. Mist001 says:

      @ Ruby

      No, I copied it directly from the headlines that I get by email. I don’t think I’ve ever visited The Scotsman website.

    226. James says:


      You’re not ‘shocked’ – you’re a ‘shocker’!

      I’ve never read such bollocks.

      Oh and the dogs in the street know that the Taliban is entirely a creature of the CIA, invented and bankrolled hundreds of millions of dollars by warmonger Bush (senior).

    227. Shocked says:


      Feel free to rip my points to shreds.

      And I don’t see how stating that the US funded the mujahideen, to beat the Soviet Union, a well known historical fact achieves anything. I’ll leave to you work out the differences between the mujahideen from the USSR’s Afghanistan war and the taliban of today.

      I’m detecting a hint of 9/11 conspiracy centring around Israel as well so feel free to tell us all about it.

    228. Hatuey says:

      “Visitors from Guinea are not required to quarantine after entering London.”


    229. sarah says:

      @ Shocked: Have you any evidence that it was Alex Salmond paying for that meal at the Dorchester? If so, please share it.

    230. Breastplate says:

      What is it you are calling for?
      Should we invade, er..I mean liberate them again?
      If so, how would that work?
      Should we interfere or have we interfered enough?

      It seems to me that this whole sorry story is a geopolitical mess of our own making, we weren’t interested in making life better for ordinary people, we wanted to bend these countries to our will by instilling friendly and easily bribed regimes. Now we are angry not only because our sphere of influence is shrinking but that other countries are gaining that influence.

    231. Robert Hughes says:

      When Empires fall apart . Typically excellent essay on the imminent ( re )takeover of Afghanistan by the Taliban from Chris Hedges

    232. Robert Graham says:

      Eh Question and off the current topic

      Why if this Plague is so deadly why hasn’t it stopped the Taliban from taking their country back from the most dangerous and heavily armed nation on the planet in a few days .

      The latest Afghan fiasco to join a long list of total failures instigated by small interest groups that have infiltrated and continue to control most western governments whose political parties who coincidentally have have friends of the Chosen People in prominent positions .

      Now the whole worlds media are focused on the latest mess all the troops withdrawn have nothing to entertain them so after a well earned rest their equipment will be replaced with the latest version that kills more effectively than the last piece of Tec that enables them to kill more people quicker and cheaper than the ever before , so there’s now a well armed killing machine looking for a target.

      The chosen people after a brief interlude to complete retraining and re equip with the latest Tec will get their big pals the USA on side ,they will then stage a incident mirroring the excuse that started the Vietnam fiasco this will be used as a excuse to complete what was started with Iraq that was top of the list of middle eastern countries that had to be nullified to ensure they posed no threat to the chosen people the last on the list is IRAN , give it a few weeks then all hell will break out .

    233. Captain Yossarian says:

      @Breastplate – I think the problem is that the Taliban is funded by Pakistan and Iran and their only purpose is to terrorize the local population and, from there, sow the seeds of worldwide terror. So, you’re right, it is a great failure for the west and for the values of democracy.

    234. JimuckMac says:

      SNP’s Hosie joined the YES Bikers Rally on Saturday. Why did nobody there chin the ("Tractor" - Ed)?

    235. JimuckMac says:

      Did Biden hand over Afghanistan to China?.

      From Kanekoa on TG.

      Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi held meetings with Taliban co-founder Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar in the northern Chinese city of Tianjin on July 28th.

    236. James Che. says:

      Those going on about the rest of the eastern world and the wrongs and rights of it here in Scotland need your heads looking at, that is a typical British government attitude.
      “ let have an opinion and interfere in someone else’s country”

      Your very own country is falling apart beneath your feet, and you stand and do nothing at home shame on you for letting NS and snp wreck your own country.

      People in glass houses should not be throwing stones at any other country.
      Stop the theft of you’re children in your own country,
      Stop people going to prison for true journalism,
      Stop the hate crime bill into the privacy of you’re homes.

      When you have got brave enough to take and run your own country back, then you will be grown up enough and ready to sort someone else’s country if you want to do colonialism,
      Meanwhile it’s just talking heads.

    237. Meg merrilees says:

      Breeks, Robert Hughes @ 9.37

      I think Alex’s strategy was the only possible route to any hope for Indy.

      If he had asked for ALBA 1 and 2 all those votes would have been totally lost.
      SNP1 ALBA 2 allowed any unsure SNP voters the opportunity to give their first, ‘main’, vote to the SNP and then try for the supermajority but, as Breeks pointed out, it was Nicola who stymied that one – why ?
      Because she is not serious about calling an Indy ref anytime soon.
      As a result of Nicola insisting on both votes SNP, we have lost any real Indy majority, any chance of an imminent referendum, if at all, this session and more disconcertingly, we have allowed a whole cohort of Unionists back into Holyrood.

      Thankfully, Nicola’s gamble almost came off i.e. we have only just managed to keep out a Unionist majority, but I believe that it was never her intention to try and get a majority government this term.
      Actions speak louder than words and since 2017 the SNP has only spent a little bit over £54,000 on Indpendence (from their own figures) which is approx. £13,500 per year.

      Is this the way a government should be behaving that really seeks Independence? Really?

    238. Shocked says:


      This started because I was irritated that a certain person tried to blame Jews for what is going on in Afghanistan.

      My view has always been that the taliban had to face the consequences for aiding Bin Laden and Al Qaeda stage 9/11. What I would have done is bombed them back into the Stone Age where the taliban seem to want to live, and then pretty much leave them to get on with it while containing them within Afghanistan’s borders, if they tried any more terror attacks they would get bombed into the stone age again and a few rounds of this might have registered with them. If not at least there would be a lot less of them than in 2001. Which is where things were in 2003, continuing to occupy played straight into the Taliban’s hands. I’d also have put pressure on Pakistan to stop hiding the taliban and al qaeda leadership instead of pretending they weren’t involved. Trying to occupy the country and convert people to democracy who don’t want it was always going to fail. I’d have been out of Afghanistan over 15 years ago. It seems politicians nowadays seem completely incapable of reading an understanding history.

      Oh, as an aside I would never have gone near Iraq. As much as Saddam was a shit he had nothing to do with Al Queda and was in fact fighting them himself. Tony Blair and Bush should have gone to jail. That would have meant no Isis, no Syria etc etc

    239. Breeks says:

      Meg merrilees says:
      16 August, 2021 at 12:53 pm

      Is this the way a government should be behaving that really seeks Independence? Really?

      It begs the question what Sturgeon would actually have to do before the bewitched SNP supporters saw right through her.

      But the real puzzle for me is why people have had faith in her to begin with. She hasn’t gone off the boil, because she has never been “on” the boil to begin with. What has she ever done for Indy? Plenty against, jeezo that’s a long list, but what has she done for us? Her “brilliance” has always past me by, but even now, I cannot decipher if she is just an utterly hopeless strategist, or a malicious, wilful wrecker of Scottish Independence.

      It beggars belief, but surely NOBODY can take so many wrong turns and blow so many chances, yet it doesn’t even phase her. I just see a sociopath unburdened by any conscience.

    240. James Che. says:

      Shocked .
      There are two separate divisions of Jews, one of them are Zionist, the same religious belief as David Cameron claimed to be.
      But that is not what is important here.
      Your political fight is at home to save your Scotland and the people, lead by example or
      Get your own house in order first, as the saying goes.

    241. Ottomanboi says:

      The answer to the Afghanistan situation is seemingly more international interference.
      Given that such meddling initiated the problem…
      The Gulf States, Iran, Saudi, US, Uk, Russia and all the rest of the crocodile tear jerkers should just keep out.
      Another Syria is not needed, Sturgeon, Johnson, Biden et al.
      Afghans of all ethnicities are going to have to live with Taliban, an organisation the US promoted during the Russian «occupation».

    242. Shocked says:

      @james che

      I didn’t vote SNP 1 or 2. Prior to the election i did everything I could to tell people that any vote for the SNP was an extremely stupid and dangerous thing to do. Time and again I’ve said that Nicola Sturgeon and her corrupt cabal should be in prison.

      Unfortunately there are many who still have the cheek to visit this forum who did everything they could to ensure Nicola Sturgeon stayed in power and got away with the greatest heist in scotlands history. Direct your ire towards them.

    243. Republicofscotland says:

      Did anyone see Defence secretary Ben Wallace’s crocodile tears on LBC today over the Taliban taking Kabul, and thus those that aided the occupying forces of the Great Satan (USA) and the UK, in Afghanistan are now fear for their lives.

      Mind you there’s plenty of people in Scotland who aid a foreign country to keep Scotland in its box so to speak, some are even in government in Scotland.

    244. Republicofscotland says:

      “My view has always been that the taliban had to face the consequences for aiding Bin Laden and Al Qaeda stage 9/11.”


      I’m not going to get into the 9/11 event, however the families of the dead from it have told POTUS Warhawk Joe Biden to stay away from the twentieth-commemoration meeting, because of the lies and the hiding of information surrounding the initial attack, and who was really to blame for it.

    245. Republicofscotland says:

      Isn’t it ironic, that currently the UK government is pushing through the Nationality and Borders bill, that will stop refugees and immigrants from coming to the UK unless they have permission to do so. The bill will allow border forces to use force if necessary, to turn boats around crossing the channel to the UK.

      Meanwhile urged on by Sturgeon and other politicians a COBRA meeting is currently being chaired by Johnson on what course of action the UK will take on Afghanistan, the UK military can’t stand alone in Afghanistan, they’ve already wasted £4 billion quid in the country, so the meeting of COBRA will probably revolve around evacuating pro-friendly Afghanis to the UK.

      Meanwhile the Taliban has asked UNICEF to remain in Afghanistan.

    246. Republicofscotland says:

      Robert Hughes @12.29pm.


      Thanks for the link, Chris Hedges usually has a handle on things like this, and he doesn’t disappoint here.

    247. Craig P says:

      The trouble with Afghanistan is we started a war we didn’t care about and couldn’t win. Invading Afghanistan is a hiding to nothing. The British Empire had a go: read Craig Murray’s Sikunder Burnes to see how that turned out. (Though once Britain was fully in control of India and had beaten Russia at Crimea a second attempt did prove temporarily successful.)

      The Taliban are a horror show regarding womens’ rights and personal freedoms, but that’s just casting round for excuses. It was irresponsible to start a war in the first place that was never going to be won.

    248. Shocked says:


      It was Bin Laden and Al Qaeda. The hijackers were all Saudis. The CIA completely failed to prevent the attacks despite the fact that some of the hijackers were under surveillance thanks to their total incompetence and obsession with competing with the FBI and not sharing information. The looming tower series sums up what happened very well.

    249. Shocked says:


      “Urged on by sturgeon”

      You sturgeonites just can’t help yourselves from blowing smoke of the wuuurrrlllddd leaders arse.

    250. Robert Hughes says:

      James Che .

      Having an opinion on the carnage of Western policy in the East and Middle East and trying to improve conditions in our own country and not mutually exclusive . We don’t live in a vacuum , what happens in Geopolitics impacts on everyone .

      It’s the interference you refer to that is the problem .

      The vast sums of money ( an estimated 1trillion $ ) spent by Western powers involved in that interference could be much better spent on genuinely helping the disadvantaged at home , rather than the destabilising and destruction of countries deemed * hostile * . Of course they’re fckn hostile , the West has been attacking them for centuries .

      Much as I dislike N Sturgeon , her offer to take-in refugees from Afghanistan is difficult to criticise from a humanitarian POV but will be attacked by the usual suspects .

      Like everything else she touches it will likely turn into a fiasco if – as is always the case – any such refugees are housed in the poorer areas of our cities , fuelling resentment and conflict.

      How about the people who make decisions on refugees house them in the areas THEY and their ilk live in , maybe a few hundred in places like Morningside , Kelvingrove in and around Bute House for a change ?

    251. Robert Hughes says:

      “……are not mutually exclusive “

    252. Captain Yossarian says:

      @Craig P – Entirely agree. I think though that the world was being flooded at the time with opium and international terrorism which all traced its roots back to Afghanistan.

      Since then, the Taliban has grown into a Billion Dollar enterprise and is well armed into the bargain.

      Someone stated earlier that if the opium and international terrorism start up again, and they probably will, then just bomb them from the air using drones. That will contain the Taliban.

    253. Robert Hughes says:

      RoS . Yes , he’s one the best writers on politics – particularly the savage American domestic and international ones – around .

    254. Nally Anders says:

      Ruth Wishart asking the same questions as the rest of us regarding grooming young kids to keep secrets from Mummy.
      And yes Breeks, why was SACRO awarded the Women’s Aid contract despite the acknowledgement they had no previous experience in that sector?

    255. robertknight says:


      “That will contain the Taliban”

      Planning on shutting down the internet?

      The only way to “contain” them is to give them what they want… a return to the stone age.

      No electricity, other than the juice running through the fence that you build around the place, whereby nobody gets in or out, and leave them to get on with it.

      If people want to turn the clock back 1000 years in a dusty, dry(ish) part of the globe, let them.

      The only reason the Great Satan was there was to have a pet regime to mind the oil and gas pipelines running from Turkmenistan, through Afghanistan and into Pakistan and onwards.

      Trouble was the Pakistani military didn’t like Uncle Sam on their front lawn and the Saudis didn’t like the thought of their biggest customer for oil exports going elsewhere. Oil, money and ideology are a heady mix and hence you have the mess in that part of the world – just look at the nationalities of the 9/11 hijackers. Clue…they weren’t Afghans.

      You can defeat a people or a race in battle, but you’ll never defeat an ideology so long as one person who subscribes to it still draws breath.

    256. James Che. says:

      I tend to disagree that we do not live in a vacuum as that is fast become our position here in Scotland as free sovereign people, our rights are becoming eroded through the snp, that will place us in a vacuum and not so far away.

      As for I didn’t vote snp 1and 2, get over it and plan a different future, stop living in the past,
      The snp told me and spouse the results of the election before the election took place, this was in an accidental meeting when both sides had been leafleting the same street
      I do not think the deliberate MSM media thought the election would fall in favour of a new Scottish political party.
      In fact they went out of their way to ensure ALba had no coverage and dished as much dirt up as they could.

      The election went as planned I have no doubts. There was not much that could be done during the politic of covid.

      Political parties come and go, and the only constant has been to ensure that the head parties retain control and Finances,

      That is the past and we must ensure change for the people have more say,
      That is where the future lies.

    257. Shocked says:


      Sturgeons offer was worthless because she knows she won’t have to deliver. It’s all about posturing for effect, seems to have worked on you.

    258. wee monkey says:

      Do like the piss take of the torys “It’s Scotland’s Oil” campaign.

      Oh how the SNP have fallen. They no longer operate in Scotlands interests. Just their own.

      Oh and before any green fud starts, China are to go ahead with massive coal power station builds whilst..

      so take your green agendas and shove them up your arse first minister.

    259. wee monkey says:

      Oh and just to put the final boot in…

      Crown Office officials claimed the information should not be released as it was not in the public interest in response to a Freedom of Information request for correspondence.

      Waiting for the denial…

    260. Robert Hughes says:


      Actually pal my 1st reaction upon reading about this was total cynicism , Sturgeon doing her usual virtue -signalling routine , looking for backslaps from her adoring fans in NSNP and MSM .

      Maybe I’m just not as gung-ho as you and other commenters here about * bombing the Taliban into the Stone Age * , like you could do such a thing without inflicting terrible collateral damage on innocent men , women and children .

      Solutions to conflict are easy from the comfort of your armchair eh ?

    261. Ottomanboi says:

      The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan replaces the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.
      Spot the link? Sadly, commentators, experts, politicians don’t.
      Maybe that «I» word is simply not halal.
      Mr Rory Stewart is one of many who will not face the glaring evidence that this is yet another war with religion and ethnicity, Afghanistan is diverse in both, at its core.
      The «fault» is equally «diverse».
      Empathise with ones brother but should he knowingly choose to bathe in a lake of crocodiles, that is his business. A piece of practical «oriental» family wisdom based on centuries of experience.

    262. Republicofscotland says:

      In the immortal words of the US warhawk Hillary Clinton, only with a twist, we came, we saw, we lost.

      Anyway, Afghanistan fell so quickly to the Taliban, because most Afghanis put up no resistance to them because they either believe in their ideology or they realised that their lives wouldn’t change that much under Taliban rule, and they didn’t need to worry about being shot at with US and UK troops standing near to them.

      Meanwhile France the USA and the UK have all expressed grave concern on Afghanistans future under the Taliban at a UNSC meeting. The Western corporate media are also parroting this trope.

    263. Republicofscotland says:

      “Waiting for the denial”

      Wee Monkey.

      Denial of what? your link already explicitly states that the conversations between our bent COPFS and Police Scotland won’t be made public.

    264. Mist001 says:

      A few weeks ago, I asked concerning the £600,000, what would people do if the SNP turned around and simply said they’d spent it and what are you going to do about it?

      Well, it looks like that day is coming pretty soon.

      So, will there be an onslaught of small claims court cases to recoup the donations?

      The SNP have ripped you off royally.

    265. Ottomanboi says:

      Republicofscotland 3:49pm
      Taliban are smart. In Doha all motherhood and apple pie, pitched at western media, at home submit or there will be «consequences». Different customs, different rules with which the people of Afghanistan are well acquainted. It’s the way things have always been done. Historically, strength matters. It is from Afghanistan that the India conquering Mughals originated.

    266. Shocked says:


      No one forced the taliban to conspire with Bin Laden in the murder of over 3,000 people in the twin towers. Sometimes the only thing people like that understand is force.

      The taliban were actually given the option of handing Bin Laden over to the US and they refused to do so, hence the invasion took place.

    267. Ruby says:

      Publication of Crown Office discussions with Police Scotland around SNP investigation ‘not in public interest’

      “It would not be in the public interest to disclose prosecution service advice to Police Scotland while an investigation is ongoing.”

      I read that earlier and wonder if we need to know anything other than:

      “The police are carrying out an investigation’

      Prosecution service advice to Police Scotland
      ‘This looks dodgy carry out an investigation’

      Has ‘Conor Matchett’ just created a click-bait story.

      ‘wee monkey’ helping Conor to generate more click-bait?

    268. Ruby says:

      Mist001 says:
      16 August, 2021 at 4:16 pm
      A few weeks ago, I asked concerning the £600,000, what would people do if the SNP turned around and simply said they’d spent it and what are you going to do about it?

      Well, it looks like that day is coming pretty soon.

      So, will there be an onslaught of small claims court cases to recoup the donations?

      The SNP have ripped you off royally.


      Did you get all that from an email you received from ‘The Scotsman’?

    269. Republicofscotland says:

      After the Great Satan’s (USA) withdrawal from Afghanistan, and an agreement with the Taliban in Feburary that it was intending to sign, the Taliban also signed an agreement with the Great Satan (USA), on the (TAPI) natural gas pipe line.

      You see the Taliban were all for sabotaging the pipe line but met US officials in Turkmenistan in February, (the same month) and agreed to protect the gas pipe line, one of the main reasons I think, the Great Satan (USA) remained in Afghanistan up until now.

      (TAPI) stands for Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India, in which the natural gas pipe line will cross. I’d imagine this pipe line is being constructed to bring natural gas to Europe, and the countries mentioned, in Europe’s case, it could be to usurp Russia’s Nordstream II pipeline that Germany wants gas from.

      Turkmenistan has the fourth largest natural gas reserves in the world, and China is their current largest buyer, but capacity is being increased to pipe elsewhere, the USA’s angle is that a US company owns a percentage of the company that pumps the gas.

    270. Ruby says:

      Nally Anders says:
      16 August, 2021 at 2:43 pm
      Ruth Wishart asking the same questions as the rest of us regarding grooming young kids to keep secrets from Mummy.
      And yes Breeks, why was SACRO awarded the Women’s Aid contract despite the acknowledgement they had no previous experience in that sector?

      Thanks for that Nally. That is a really good article.

      I read articles like this and think something’s got to give sometime soon. Someone in power will surely have to listen.

    271. Republicofscotland says:

      “It is from Afghanistan that the India conquering Mughals originated.”


      Babur, the first Mughal, and founder of the Mughal dynasties did indeed invade India from Afghanistan after capturing Kabul, however Babur was born in Uzbekistan, he came from the Barlas tribe which had Mongol origins, and he and his men adopted a kind of Turk lifestyle.

      He seems like he was an interesting chap.

    272. Pixywine says:

      Why is Sturgeon so keen to support neocon wars?

    273. Pixywine says:

      Afghanistan. Heroine Rare Earth Minerals conduit for oil pipelines A staging post on the new Silk Road. Also war’s are a great way to make Tony Blair and his cronies rich although they spend taxpayers fortunes doing it. A lot of the Afghan National Army defected to the Taliban. The Taliban troops I’ve seen on the news hold their weapons as if they have been trained by Western forces.

    274. Pixywine says:
      You all might find this interesting.

    275. Pixywine says:

      I am and have bee 100% Against the Afghan and Iraq wars. Our leaders should be arrested for their foreign policy.

    276. twathater says:

      Re Ruth Wishart’s article in the fanzine , it is a good article but Ruth has to remember that Sturgeon and her twittler youth are the ones FORCING these various abominable policies and rules on the good citizens of Scotland and their INNOCENT children , the same Sturgeon that Ruth was so effusive in her support of her

      The same Sturgeon that Ruth was encouraging people to vote for , the same Sturgeon that was insisting SNP 1 and 2 ,the same Sturgeon that was DELIBERATELY SABOTAGING our chances of a supermajority , the same Sturgeon who by her deliberate actions of continuously refusing to work or be in the same room as Alex Salmond enabled the unionists to take more seats in HR when they could have been reduced to the pitiful rump they deserve

      So Ruth I for one will hold you in much contempt for your obvious stupidity and wanton shortsightedness in supporting and promoting this charlatan and deviant when all the time her perverted policies and actions have been obvious to ANYONE with a functioning brain , so your article is MUCH TOO LITTLE MUCH TOO LATE

    277. Ruby says:

      “Ex-Rangers exec Charles Green expects criminal case against Lord Advocate over malicious prosecutions”

      “The criminal charges are going to be against the police, against the Lord Advocate, against the whole system up there. There will be criminal proceedings taken against a whole raft of people…

    278. Meg merrilees says:


      see my post above@12.53 replying to Breeks and Robert Hughes.

      The only positive we can take from the last election is that we do not have a Unionist party leading Scotland. Although we have far to many pro-Union MSP’s as a result of Sturgeon’s vendetta against Alex and a referendum this year.

      Will it be possible to win folks across to ALBA or will we manage to depose she/her and keep those folks who are pro-Indy on side?
      Maybe once Ruth Wishart and other commentators begin to see the bigger, true picture we might begin to see some change.

      Oh, look, some pigs are flying past mt window!

    279. Captain Yossarian says:

      @Ruby – We have a rotten judiciary all-right. The most rotten in Europe by a mile. It costs you a few million to prove it though and that’s the problem. I’m no fan of Charles Green but I hope he is successful and takes the whole lot of them to the bag-wash.

    280. Republicofscotland says:

      Shocked @4.19pm

      What utter garbage.

      Its well documented that Al Qaeda was created by the CIA as an intelligence asset, and Osama bin Laden was recruited in the 1980’s by National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski.

      Two weeks after the 9/11 attacks the Afghan government twice offered to hand over Osama bin Laden to face US justice, if evidence could be provided that he was involved in the attacks-Washington refused on both occasions.

    281. Benhope says:

      O/T India have just played brilliantly to beat England at Lords (The home of cricket) to take a 1-0 lead in the series after a very combative game, ie a lot of sledging (slagging off each other on the field of play).

      If it is in England it must be The Home Of : cricket, rugby, football, parliaments, etc. Their arrogance is mighty.

      Oh what happened to that foreign policy in Afghanistan!!!!

    282. Shocked says:


      I see your building up to a cracking 9/11 conspiracy. Was it the Jews? The military industrial complex? Go on, do tell.

      Shame that bin laden himself boasted about what he had done.

    283. Republicofscotland says:

      Like I said shocked, utter garbage.

    284. J.o.e says:

      ‘Was it the Jews?’

      More accurate to say Zionists

      911. Very enlightening (and not in the way you might think):

      Still getting time for a proper look into that proposed UBI scheme you linked to me.

    285. Mist001 says:

      @ Ruby


    286. Effigy says:

      Crown Office officials refused to release evidence of discussions between the Crown Office and Police Scotland around the investigation into the SNP.

      Crown Office officials claimed the information should not be released as it was not in the public interest in response to a Freedom of Information Request.

      Isn’t it interesting that it isn’t in our interest when a political party indulges in fraud.

      The SNP are as transparent as a sheet of lead on a brick wall.
      The police are a fart in the WC without anything to follow.

    287. Effigy says:

      SNP and Nicola getting a pasting and not a word from them.
      Read about SNP tax rises applied a couple of years ago have raised
      £900 million with only £175 million staying in Scotland

    288. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @J.o.e. (8.01) –

      You’ll surely get a torrent of outrage in response to that video link, from folk who have no intention of watching it and still cling to the narrative they were spoon-fed by the msm two decades ago.

      FWIW, I’ll certainly watch it. Bollyn is a brave man, and one of the few to have stuck with it for all these years. It’s understandable that many shy away from the whole thing, but if they’d had the guts to tackle it and raise questions back in the day? who knows, perhaps the current architects of the ‘pandemic’ wouldn’t have been emboldened.

      The sheer scale of the intellectual cowardice around the subject is depressing.

    289. President Xiden says:

      Who would have thunk it, we were led to believe that voting SNP would lead to an independent Scotland when what we actually got was Clownworld.

    290. Shocked says:


      Oh RoS you crazy demented hypocritical sturgeonite and conspiracy crank you.

      Anyway, I’m still waiting on your latest conspiracy theory, I could do with a good laugh.

    291. Andy Ellis says:

      Given the current situation in Afghanistan and some of the discussion above, I’m genuinely interested to hear (particularly from fellow Alba members and supporters) what people think a post indy Scotland’s stance would be on foreign policy and defence?

      I suspect Alba may come out against NATO membership (or at least a referendum on it?), but it’s likely the majority of Scots voters are probably pro NATO? Similarly I suspect the majority of Scots are still pro EU membership, but would it be a good idea, or even possible in the short to medium term?

      Would most folk see us spending a reasonable % of GDP on defence (like Denmark, Norway etc.) or less…? Should we take the Icelandic option and not have any defence forces at all, but still seek to join NATO?

      I have a sense that some of the folk posting BTL are probably a lot more “out there” politically than the general public – as is probably the case on issues like NATO membership, EU membership, republic vs. monarchy, what stance to take on issues like Palestinian rights, the response to Islamic fundamentalism, what to do about the refugee crisis etc. – but I’d be interested to figure out what “the sense of the room” was from Alba members and supporters?

    292. Mac says:

      Nicola fooled a lot of people, none more than Alex Salmond.

      I never saw this coming, who did, who predicted this when she took control in good faith when we were all still in ‘mourning’ at whatever actually happened in 2014.

      Not a shadow of doubt left for me. One of the biggest rats in Scottish history. Incredible full spectrum betrayal… Breathtaking betrayal. It was not just Salmond she totally betrayed it was all of us in the independence movement. It is off the scale.

    293. Pixywine says:

      Shocked. Bin Laden praised 911. He didn’t claim responsibility. Controlled explosions. Inside job.

    294. Mist001 says:

      As I see it, Afghanistan is an independent country and what’s going on just now is essentially tribalism, one tribe versus another.

      In an independent Scotland, there would be tribalism too, one tribe against another except it’s not called tribalism in Scotland.

      It’s called sectarianism.

      That’s the parallel that Scotland has with Afghanistan.

    295. Tannadice Boy says:

      @Andy Ellis 9:21pm
      Well you have nailed the problem. There is no consensus of what a future Scotland would like it. Salmond had a white paper. I have no idea what Sturgeon stands for but for me, GRA and HCB is no better than a Scottish Taliban. I am not a member of Alba but I voted for them at the last election. I was so disappointed in the results. Someone needs to get a vision of Scotland that the majority can get behind. Open and honest discussion is a fundamental of a thriving democracy. We are living in a secret society with the Judiciary and Police institutions supporting the ruling Government. A parallel with Afghanistan? Hyperbole I hear you say. Is it?

    296. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @J.o.e. –

      Thanks for that link.

      Have not long finished watching it.

      Very interesting. I was struck by the fact that he only mentioned WTC7, in passing, once! For many, that’s the ‘smoking gun’, but I dare say that would merit a whole 90 mins to itself.

      It’s quite sickening to hear the faux outrage over what’s now happening in Afghanistan. A fitting tribute to those now in danger would be to get educated on what happened and start the process of bringing the guilty to justice. Because if we don’t, they’ll never ever stop.

    297. Hatuey says:

      The Afghans might consider reframing their trauma.

      The assumption that war is a means to an end breaks down quite dramatically in Afghanistan. And it leads people down a sort of garden path looking for explanations that don’t exist.

      Nobody here or anywhere has satisfactorily explained the aim or purpose of the war. It’s really a trick question. Even the Pentagon couldn’t do it.

      Only when you assume war is an end in itself does it become possible to explain it.

      If you want to see what the US economy would like like without military spending and wars, dip into a book or two on The Great Depression.

      There you go, then; I got there in the end. The war in Afghanistan was a fight against The Great Depression, as were most US wars after 1929.

      Maybe they’ll grow up some day and find a more humane way to stimulate the US economy. Until they do, expect more of the same.

    298. Tannadice Boy says:

      @Hatuey 1:30pm
      An unhelpful analysis. I mean really, related to the stock market depression? There was a World War in between. Sign up to an OU history course. My thoughts are for the UK serviceman today. Their families have spoke of their lost. Why?. Lots of them were Scottish. And oor brethren and families are suffering today. It was a waste of time full stop. Our politicians failed us. And we don’t have to look too far to see where they are failing us again.

    299. Willie says:

      Tanadice Boy@2.19.
      I don’t agree with your rejection of a Hatuey’s analysis that fighting wars is a major part of the US economy.because it is.

      The industrial military complex in the US is huge.Aircraft, ships, submarines, missiles, radars, tracking systems, bombs of all shapes and sizes from nuclear to thermobaric to conventional, military tracking satellites, to tanks the list just goes on and on.

      All this weaponry is big big business and it is in too in Britain. War is good because without it the current economic military industrial model would fail. Death, millions of deaths therefore are acceptable. It’s the cost of doing business and if it’s the citizens of far away lands like Iraq, Lybia, or wherever who are having the high tech bejesus bombed out of them who cares. And in a more local focus, tragic to say, who care if a few British soldiers come back in bits. They are as events show expendable. The cost of feeding the industrial military machine.

      Truth is Tanadice boy, for the most part too many folks here don’t care. Don’t give a jot. Yes we mourn for our lost and fallen, but really who cares. Truly who cares save the families who have suffered personal loss.

      Slaughter and war is therefore economically good for business as long as we in Blighty are not being flattened like some of the countries around the world have been……….but even then, there’s rebuilding and reconstruction opportunities. Or am I missing something?

    300. Willie says:

      Yes and last year First Minister Nicola Sturgeon supported a Glasgow Arms Fair.

      And now this week she’s making statements about supporting resumed action in Afghanistan. Go on Nicola send some more Jocks in. Support British military economic interest.

    301. Shocked says:


      He did. More than once… and controlled explosions.. oh dear.. let’s just forget the fact 2 fully fueled up jet liners hit the twin towers.

    302. Captain Yossarian says:

      @Willie – I was in Libya when the war started and bombing was carried out mainly by the French and it was done because the Libyan people were appealing for it to be done. At the time, Gadaffi was killing hundreds of them every day and I could hear the gunfire from where I was living. Literally hundreds of tanks were being mobilized and sent to the coastal city of Benghazi where Gadaffi would have gone-on to kill many thousands more. He may not have stopped there. He definitely had a screw loose and so you never knew with him.

    303. J.o.e says:

      @Ian Brotherhood

      Yeah, WTC7 is massively important but I think the point of the presentation wasn’t so much a look at how the overwhelming evidence points to something other than an Islamic terror attack and was more about pointing out the powers behind it.

      The normal crowd who are happy to talk about the problems surrounding the official narrative mostly don’t point out the obvious Zionist motive and their fingerprints all over it.

    304. Shocked says:


      What’s the “obvious Zionist motive”?

      And while you’re explaining that could you also explain how the Jews got Bin Laden to take credit for the attacks and got a bunch of extremists from Saudi Arabia and UAE who trained in Afghanistan to hijack the planes for them?

      It’s seems very strange for these people to get involved and do the bidding of people they want wiped from the face of the earth and then take responsibility when it would suit their cause far more to tell everyone that the Jews did it. I’m sure you’ll explain it all perfectly.

    305. J.o.e says:

      @Captain Yossarian

      Yup. It was definitely never about him talking about getting Libya and the rest of Africa out of the current financial system.

      The powers who had killed over 500k Iraqi children by bombing water treatment and powdered milk factories, displaced millions, killed hundreds of thousands were obviously fucking tearful at the prospect that the guy they had used for extraordinary rendition was a bit mean.

      Sometimes I wonder if this blog is populated by 12 year olds.

    306. J.o.e says:


      I don’t have to. The available evidence does it quite well.

    307. Shocked says:


      What evidence? I’m waiting.

    308. Thomas says:

      @ captain yossarian.

      Ah yes captain , the good old british good guy bad guy story to justify going into inferior nations , taking out the bad guys , and imposing superior western values on the natives.

      Christ to think you actually believe that guff!

      Was this the same evil nasty gadaffi whom british leaders like tony blair and gordon brown were hugging and kissing in meetings with in desert tents and doing dirty deals with?

      Honestly the delusion of you british and the crap you come out with is unbelievable.

      The same british who moaned when russia annexed crimea , but kept strangely silent about their own annexation of 6 counties of northern ireland?

      The same holier than thou british who depopulated the chagos islands , gave it to their masters in washington , and have so far ignored a un resolution backed by the majority of the worlds countires to hand it back to the chagossians?

      The same british who told us about fighting the nazis to liberate the free people of europe while they were simultaneously fighting to keep people in the far east enslved in their empire?

      Those good guys?

      Face it captain , yet again , another country has been left fecked up by america and its poodles , while the world stands by and watches in horror.

    309. Andy Ellis says:

      It will of course come as no surprise that those prone to the unreason of anti-vaxx agitprop feel emboldened to pollute BTL comments with similarly unhinged 9/11 conspiracy theory rantings. If it weren’t so predictable it’d almost be funny. Do these moon howlers ever stop to think how it looks to ordinary indy supporters when they see folk on here calling the USA the Great Satan, or touting long discredited tin foil hattery about controlled explosions causing 9/11.

      In your own twisted way you’re no better than the a-scientific TRA zealots othering anyone who disagrees with their deranged weltanschauung, a bitter wee clique of ideological purists so far away from mainstream opinion that they make the TRA Twitler Youth look balanced.

      You’re not showing how open to argument you are, you’re showing that you’re so open minded your brains have leaked out. Being good credulous isn’t a great plan for achieving independence or for anything else. Sad to see so many in here parroting such utter bullshit.

    310. Alf Baird says:

      Thomas @ 7:40 am

      “the good old british good guy bad guy story to justify going into inferior nations , taking out the bad guys , and imposing superior western values on the natives.”

      Well said. And here’s another example of Brits ‘imposing superior values’, and its psychological impacts, closer tae hame:

    311. Captain Yossarian says:

      @Thomas – I think the discussion was about Libya, wasn’t it? I was there at the time and remember it clearly. Hundreds were being gunned down every day by Gadaffi and the decision to bomb a column of tanks on route to Benghazi was made by Cameron and Sarkozy after being asked, many many times, by the Libyans themselves who faced certain death. The bombing was an all-European affair and the Americans had little or nothing to do with it. That’s the Europe that you are so anxious to re-join?

    312. Robert Hughes says:

      WAR !! What is it good for ? Absolutely ………

      feeding the voracious lust for power and money of the Military-Industrial Complex , the psychotic , inhuman machine that has warped the American economy at the expense of the American people , spread incalculable pain and suffering to large swathes of the planet not to mention the ecological damage caused by equally incalculable quantities of munitions , chemicals , gases .

      One thing ALBA must stand for is the total rejection of Hard Power as a solution to global conflicts , immoral profiting from arms sales – including a rejection of the mealy-mouthed self-justifying excuse of ” if we don’t manufacture and sell arms someone else will “

    313. Dorothy Devine says:

      I read somewhere that there are only 22 countries in the world the British have not invaded , pillaged , murdered and generally caused grief and hatred – anyone know if this is true?

    314. Andy Ellis says:

      @Capt Yossarian

      Despite your valiant efforts I fear you’ll never convince those who oppose taking any action that sometimes doing nothing isn’t a great idea. I recall the online discussions at the time of the Libyan bombings and there were plenty who we’re intensely relaxed at the prospect of Gadaffi’s forces slaughtering thousands of their opponents: after all if Czechoslovakia was a country far away of which we knew nothing in the 1930’s it was easy enough to write off ordinary Libyans in more recent times too.

      Doubtless the recent debacle in Afghanistan will embolden other psychopathology regimes around the world over coming years, just as the shadow of Vietnam did in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. It’s easy to write situations off as quagmires and unsolvable of course rather than come up with coherent policies to stop crises happening or to try and ameliorate them when they occur. Far easier to stand on the sideline wringing our hands and watching horror stories take place abroad and make a decision they have to sort it out for themselves.

      Every so often people’s consciences will be pricked by another Rwanda, Kurdistan, Srebrenica, Syria or Myanmar but in the meantime they’ll justify letting such horrors happen to themselves somehow, whether because it’s the Americans fault, or global capitalism or the military industrial complex. Far easier to sit on your hands scoring sophomoric political points than actually doing anything after all, huh?

      I’m not sure which I find more dispiriting frankly, the obvious lack of empathy on display or the vision of a future independent Scotland which is so narrow, inward looking and presents itself to the outside world as “I’m alright Jack”.

    315. Ottomanboi says:

      Republicofscotland @5.03
      Having spent a year and a half of my babyhood in Uzbekistan I ought to have known that. Thanks for the lesson.
      Is there a contemporary Babur to sort out this mess?
      Afghanistan needs a tiger not a sheep.
      So does Scotland for that matter.

    316. Robert Hughes says:

      ” Lack of empathy ”

      Where’s the empathy for the millions of killed , injured and displaced by Western interventions ?

      Everything is simple for you eh Andy ?

      What are you doing that those you accuse of * scoring sophomoric points ” are not ?

    317. Breeks says:

      Says it all really, but still there will be cowards too complacent and afraid to contemplate the scale of this betrayal, principally the House Jocks in Nicola’s plantation mansion.

      In a perverse way, ALBA has given the SNP their “bogeyman”. They now have a whipping boy who’ll be expected to carry the can and shoulder the blame for the SNP’s growing failure. Everything will be ALBA’s fault, because the SNP has it’s 1.7% bet noire.

      It’s all so pedestrian and predictable, and what else could you expect from Sturgeon’s SNP?

      Another contentious issue amongst the House Jocks is whether Kenny MacAskill and Neale Hanvey should have resigned their seats when they defected to ALBA because they were elected on an SNP ticket. They might have had a point, if the SNP hadn’t been elected on a Scottish Independence ticket while ignoring enough IndyRef Mandates to paper the ceiling.

      Old Mridul Wadhwa was in the headlines, and curiously, no mention of Graham Linehan’s revelations about Wadhwa’s partner…

      Let me quote Mr Linehan again…

      ” That’s right, Arun Gopinath.

      So, to sum up, Mridul Wadhwa has spent well over a decade working in the women’s sector. In that time he’s actively pushed an agenda that allows males into what used to be female-only services, ostracising and denigrating the women who protest.

      Meanwhile, his partner was, until a few months ago, the director of a company which hoovered up the lucrative million pound contracts when these women’s services were cut off from public funding because of their female-only policies.

      The transgender fox who lied to get his job hasn’t only been given a key to the hen house, it would seem he’s been colluding with the Big Bad Wolf at the same time.

      This REEKS of eye watering impropriety, corruption of the highest order and a repugnant racket targeting women in times of great distress and turmoil who desperately need help. This is a monster of unknown magnitude but it MUST be brought out into the light.

      I hope you’re watching these events unfolding Joanna Cherry… Same for you Rev Stu. It could mark the turning of the tide.

    318. J.o.e says:

      Propaganda. An example of how it is done. 2m video:

    319. Captain Yossarian says:

      @Andy Ellis – Thanks, I notice that you’re often the voice of reason on here. It is just as well you are around or it would turn into a right rabble.

      One interesting story regarding Libya: It was a fabulous place and I lived about a 20-minute walk from Green Square in Tripoli. Week after week Green Square was a relaxed place, full of women and kids. Less than a week later, Gadaffi’s troops were hanging folk from lamp-posts there and throwing folk out of helicopters.

      I left at the last minute on an RAF Hercules. So, things can deteriorate very, very quickly in the these counties.

    320. Dan says:

      @ J.o.e at 9.43am

      I’m sure you will remember this “episode”. It doesn’t need much manipulation to steer a narrative.

      PS. I clocked your comment up-thread re. UBI in AGR context on previous thread, no rush as busy myself but will check back as interested to read some discussion on the matter.

    321. Andy Ellis says:

      @Robert Hughes 9.02pm

      Oh I have lots of empathy for those adversely impacted by failed western policies, but whataboutery doesn’t help answer the question about whether there are any circumstances under which people think it might be “the right thing” to intervene? If folk honestly believe there are no circumstances where any country (or organisation like the UN) should intervene, then fair enough. It’s a point of view, but not one that I think most people would empathise with.

      Given that the UN has neither the political will or the resources to intervene to stop situations like Rwanda or Bosnia or [insert crisis of the day] what would you suggest? Are we to advocate a foreign policy carried out on the purist grounds that we’ll only interact with other democracies? Or do we somehow prioritise foreign countries by their relative development and performance on indices of democratic values, open government and human rights performance?

      Deciding to intervene is never easy, but then we have to live with the consequences of not intervening too don’t we? Would things in the Balkans be better or worse if the West or NATO or the EU had intervened to stop the Serbs earlier than we did? How about Rwanda, or Myanmar?

      I wonder where Afghanistan and the region would be now if no intervention had happened? The bourach made of Iraq and Afghanistan will doubtless cast a long shadow, but whether taking a stance that no intervention is ever justified or plausible might not result in outcomes that we want.

      I understand the frustration of people looking at Afghanistan and thinking we’d have been better off just handing every Afghan $200K than throwing $1 trillion at the country, but isn’t it a bit of a cop out to look back with 20 years hindsight and say this was inevitable?

      Leaving other countries to their fates is one option of course: you can make a case that we should let Russia keep the Crimea, let the Belarusian regime do what it likes, leave dictators everywhere in place no matter what they do (whether it’s in Syria, Saudi Arabia, China or anywhere else), but let’s not pretend that we’ll end up safer or more virtuous for having done so. Perhaps we were just lucky that (former Yugoslavia left aside) the break up of the USSR and the democratisation of Central and Eastern Europe didn’t lead to WW3, but looking at other global hot spots it’s hard not to think that we should be aiming to do more for ordinary folk who want to enjoy the benefits we take for granted than just telling them they’re on their own, irrespective of whether they’re Afghans, Uighurs, Honk Kongers, Belarusians, Saudis, Iranians or anyone else.

    322. James says:

      So. Andy Ellis, you’re representing the pro-war, Tory wing of the Alba Party? That’s right isn’t it? Or am I reading it wrongly?

    323. David Caledonia says:

      Words of Robert Burns on the back of his fathers headstone 1784

      O.YE, whose cheek the tear of pity stains
      Draw near with pious reverence and attend
      Here lies the loving husband’s dear remains
      The tender father, and the generous friend
      The pitying heart that felt for human woe
      The dauntless heart that fear’d no human pride
      The friend of man, to vice alone a foe
      For even his failings lean’d to virtues side

      Beautiful words from a
      loving son to his father

    324. Robert Hughes says:

      Andy , I’m not saying the West should never intervene in foreign conflicts , Rwanda is a case where the atrocities being carried-out morally justified intervention , but that is really an exception that proves the rule , more often than not the interventions are for more base reasons .

      I just think we should be more circumspect about military interventions/intrusions into other sovereign nations’ affairs

    325. Andy Ellis says:

      @Capt Yossarian 10.02 am

      Ach, it’s a sair fecht right enough, but somebody ought to do it. Since the announcement that WoS may be wound down BTL has become an …..interesting…? place. I’m not sure I thought it would descend to the depths it has, or that they would be so deep, but as you correctly observe things can change very rapidly.

      I suspect many wiser heads are just a bit scunnered by the current situation in Scotland and heart sick that there’s unlikely to be much progress for the next few years. Sadly it leaves the floor open for assorted anti vaxxers, nativists and 9/11 conspiracy theorists to bump their gums and pretend they are relevant to more than a tiny fraction of the movement, still less the general public.

      O tempora, o mores as a wise man once said! 😉

    326. David Caledonia says:

      Just about every fecking time he gives us a bloody history lesson, I have written shorter books than his comments, the vanity of the man knows no bounds

    327. David Caledonia says:

      My mate was in Aden with the argyll’s in the sixties, I have seen the photies of what we did to certain individuals, it was not nice, but it came down to them or us

      And its always better that its them, cause the world needs
      less of them, and more of us

    328. Republicofscotland says:

      “Deciding to intervene is never easy, but then we have to live with the consequences of not intervening too don’t we?”

      Andy Ellis.

      At best this statement is naive, at its worst deceitful.

      Intervention is almost never based on humanitarian needs, USAID is a well known front for the CIA, and most of the aid (which is in cash) goes to the power of the day in any particular country. Very little of the cash actually goes on food and other basic necessities.

      Even drugs supplied by US big pharma included in USAID, are not the cheaper derivatives that you might expect them to be to save money, no US big pharma always demands that the most expensive drugs are include in USAID to maximise profits.

      In most cases aid is only supplied, if something can be gotten in return, such as compliant government, staging posts or airbases, or listening stations in a particular country.

    329. David Caledonia says:

      read shorter books not written, must be getting old lol

    330. David Caledonia says:

      you want responsible government agencies to be nice to the locals and feed clothe and keep them healthy for no return

      Ha ha ha, welcome to the real world

    331. Republicofscotland says:

      This is an explosive article by Iain Lawson.

      The SNP government and Westminster have come to an “Agreement”

    332. Andy Ellis says:

      @James 10.03 pm

      Very badly wrong, yes. Of course we don’t know what Alba’s platform or policies will be yet, but from what I saw of the minutes of my local branch the online meeting (according to the minutes) split about 60/40 against NATO membership. Of course that doesn’t mean the party as a whole will follow suit.

      Reading what I wrote and caricaturing it as pro-war and Tory doesn’t really get us very far does it? I suspect I’m probably aligned with the majority of Scots voters on many policies, and not on others. Most individuals in any party will find the same surely! I’d probably support NATO membership but wouldn’t die in a ditch about it. I don’t think any reasonable person equates supporting NATO membership – or indeed seeing the need for intervention is some circumstances – as being indicative of being a Tory. I imagine it’ll be news to all those social democrats and socialists in NATO countries who see no contradiction in membership?

      Of course I’m sure there will be some who would happily see Alba as a niche party of the left taking up where RISE and SSP left off, but I’m not sure how much support they’d get from the general population. Indeed we don’t really even know what direction the membership (which could be > 7000 by conference I hear) will take the party.

      Of course, if we need pithy but wrong analysis we’ll know we can rely on you James.

    333. Andy Ellis says:

      @Robert Hughes 10.14 am

      Then we are in violent agreement.

      I think intervening in Rwanda was a bit of a no brainer and yet it didn’t happen. Similarly I remember watching events unfold in Bosnia in the 90’s and being incredulous that many people were quite content to let it unfold as it did.

      Other situations are harder to judge of course, but doubtless there will always be those who are content to label any intervention illegitimate whatever the cost. Letting the perfect be the enemy of the good has a tendency to result in outcomes like Srebrenica of course.

    334. stonefree says:

      @ Ruby at 5:11 pm

      Painter and decorator or so I’m told

    335. Republicofscotland says:

      Ottomanboi @8.53pm.

      You’re more than welcome, however I’m sure you know more than me on this subject, hailing from the region.

    336. Mist001 says:

      I’m thinking that maybe Afghanistan has played the USA for fools BIG time. All that equipment, all these resources and maybe Afghanistan people supported the Taliban all along and that’s why they didn’t fight!

      They got training and equipment for free!

    337. stuart mctavish says:

      @Andy Ellis

      Don’t give all the Afghans the money, just the women.
      Throw in passports and a heavily discounted dial up revenge and repatriate service and sit back as the economy evolves at warp speed.

    338. Republicofscotland says:

      Its interesting to note that Scottish Green members are getting a vote on the so called agreement between the SNP and the Greens, that will see two Green MSP’s gain ministerial posts, and bring Scottish government ministerial cars up to forty-three, at a cost of £1.3 million to the Scottish taxpayer.

      Yet the SNP membership had no vote on the so called agreement.

    339. Andy Ellis says:

      @RoS 10.24 am

      I’m not sure why you think my point is deceitful just because you appear to disagree with it. What about it is so wrong in your view?

      You can of course make the point that intervention is only ever justified for humanitarian reasons and that those are rarely the reasons for doing so, but where would that leave us with respect to recent crises?

      Presumably you’d accept that preventing the Rwandan genocide would have been a humanitarian act? How about acting to stop the Bosnian War? 100,000 died there and > 2 million were displaced in a conflict which could have been averted in a matter of a few days. How about the First Gulf War…? Should we just have left the Kuwaitis to their fate?

      Not all crises are the same of course: it would have been a lot easier for the international or even regional powers to stop the Burmese junta killing and expelling the Rohingya than for example stopping the Chinese from oppressing the Uighurs. I’m not sure that taking a dim view of the USA’s motives or the military industrial complex gives us some moral or political get out of jail free card to just let things happen and disclaim intervention in virtually any circumstances.

      I understand and support calls for us to be more honest about the West’s the double standards involved in supporting some regimes and attacking others on the “they may be bastards, but their our bastards” principle but I’m not sure it should be used as a rationale for a policy of splendid isolation?

    340. sarah says:

      O/T Rev: re letters to poor Craig Murray, do you know if the letters get to him unopened?

      I have been careful in what I write – not criticising the legal system or talking about individuals – but if the letters are private then it would allow a more authentic communication.

    341. Andy Ellis says:

      @Stuart Mactavish 11.24 am

      I hear ya….probably a better plan! You can only weep for the women in Afghanistan in particular who face living under the Taliban after having been promised so much and having at least a taste of some freedom over the past few decades. Sadly the Taliban and Islamo-fascism never went away: unlike Germany and Japan post WW2 or South Korea after the Korean War we didn’t have unconditional surrender and an overwhelming presence to build a new state, just half measures and failed implementation.

    342. stonefree says:

      @ sarah at 11:39 am

      Yes ,it would be wise to be cautious , My personal opinion is to be careful on all formats and don’t say something that’ll bite you

    343. Jack Murphy says:

      Republicofscotland posted at 10:34am:
      “This is an explosive article by Iain Lawson.

      The SNP government and Westminster have come to an “Agreement”

      Thanks a lot for that link to Ian Lawson, where in conclusion he says:

      ….”I have never been more concerned, or uncertain of where our fight for Independence is taking us. This is a very dangerous time where basic freedoms, that until now I always thought safe in Scotland, are being directly challenged and overwritten.

      I only hope Scots wake up to it soon, before we s
      sleepwalk into a real disaster.”

    344. James Che. says:

      There are a few on here sounding more like like Mr Galloway with their politics.
      Funny because he doesn’t want to talk about the rights of his own country being free of oppressors either,
      I fact he is against Scotland talking about independence too. A man that never links kettle and black pot scenarios.

      At least talking and discussing ole blighties foreign policy keeps our heads else wear while our feet are sinking in quick sand.

    345. Geoff Anderson says:

      A £600k horse box. Why did I ever doubt the SNP commitment to Independence………?

      Indy hopes ended, Craig Murray in jail, Nicola and her clique lied to destroy Alex Salmond, ring fenced money stolen, the Hate crime bill, self ID at four years old, etc,etc,.

    346. Socrates MacSporran says:

      James Che

      Funny thing about Scottish “Socialists”, whether in or out of the Labour Party – they’re in-favour of Independence for every country except Scotland.

      Lord Reid of Celtic Park – knows every Irish Republican song going, great on Irish unification and all things Rebel. Against Scottish independence.

      Gorgeous George – massive supporter of the right to independence of Palestine, and every other Islamic nation – No to Scottish Independence.

      Anas Sarwar – Celebrates Pakistani independence from Raj-era India. No to Scottish Independence.

      There seems to be a pattern here. Need we be surprised?

    347. robbo says:

      Acht don’t worry folks I’m sure there’s a asteroid strike coming our way soon to put us all out of our misery. Just hope it will fecking hurry up.

      Then you all don’t need to worry about being self confessed diplomats and sorting out all the worlds problems.

      We need a reset and fecking soon.

    348. Ottomanboi says:

      Socrates MacSporran @ 12:59
      The pattern is «never bite the hand that feeds».
      Jam for us today, jam for the rest of you tomorrow.

    349. Republicofscotland says:

      Andy Ellis @11.22am.

      Most disasters, in the world today are manufactured through war, and religious intolerance, in other words man made, some for a specific purpose, brought on by war of another means sanctions.

      I do agree that natural disasters, and man made ones for that matter do require humanitarian aid, and its the right and proper thing to do regardless of which country benefits from it, but I’m under no illusions as what aid actually means, to the hungry and homeless it means life, to the powers of the country it means wealth.

    350. Republicofscotland says:

      “example stopping the Chinese from oppressing the Uighurs”

      Andy Ellis.

      Andy I’d like to address Western claim if I could, and see if it holds water.

      First off I do agree that the Chinese have put Uyghur’s into re-education camps, called concentration camps by the West. from what I’ve read of late those Uyghurs were radicalised, and under the command of their right wing leader Adrian Zenz, who claims he is on God’s mission against China. Zenz and his radical Uyghur group is sponsored by the (NED) The National endowment for Democracy, an off-shoot of the CIA.

      You see Xinjiang, is China’s most Westerly province, and its also the starting point for China’s (BRI) Belt and Road Initiative, which has even more chance of succeeding now that the USA and the UK have fled Afghanistan, for there is a thin sliver of land that borders Afghanistan with China, and a trade route is under construction in the narrow valley as I type this, and unsurprisingly the valley lies in the Xinjiang province of China.

      The largest population in Xinjiang is that of the Sufi Muslim Uyghurs, so I suspect that the West, was hoping that by promoting the genocide of the Uyghurs in China that it might lead to Xinjiang becoming an independent state, and throw a serious spanner into China’s (BRI).

      However the Uyghur population in Xinjiang has actually grown since 1949, and employment has risen as well, and more hospitals and health care facilities have also be built. Of late the USA has funded the Turkistan Islamic Party, to carry out attacks in the region.

      It does appear to me that the demonisation of China via the Uyghurs was planned and promoted by the Western corporate media, with the goal of stopping china’s (BRI) through creating an Uyghur state in Xinjiang.

    351. Republicofscotland says:

      Jack Murphy @12.20pm.

      You’re welcome Jack, everyone should read it, I think Iain has got it spot on.

    352. Old Fogey says:


      I have just received a very nice letter from Craig Murray thanking me for writing to him. In it he says that he is coping pretty well mentally with the situation, but he is a bit concerned that he hasn’t seen a doctor yet. He says his heart symptoms seen normal.

      I will definitely write again to let him know that I, and many others, are thinking about him.

    353. Breeks says:

      Robert Hughes says:
      17 August, 2021 at 10:14 am

      “Andy , I’m not saying the West should never intervene in foreign conflicts …. I just think we should be more circumspect about military interventions/intrusions into other sovereign nations’ affairs”…

      Put yourself in the mind of a wee Iraqi boy growing up in a world where there are 45 UN Security Council Resolutions against Israel, which Israel simply ignores with total impunity and treats with utter contempt as it literally crushes the lives of Palestinians, while the same Western Forces who turn a blind eye to Israeli’s bestial and illegal expansion, bombed the absolute shit out of Iraq and Afghanistan based upon trumped up evidence which contrived to legitimise their aggressive punitive assault upon innocent people without even one UN Resolution.

      Now put yourself in the mind of that wee boy’s father, trying to keep his wee boy safe and growing up to be a good person, maybe a doctor, and preventing him growing up playing with AK47’s and being seduced and recruited by the Muslim fundamentalists.

      If the West wants to strut around as global policemen, it takes a whole lot more than having the biggest aircraft carriers, the highest tech assassination drones, and total air superiority. It takes an important wee thing called integrity, and integrity means applying International Law and UN Resolutions with something approaching even-handedness.

      Give the Arabs, Muslims, Chinese, the Taliban, the Chagos Islanders, whatevers,… give them some reason to trust the United Nations as an organisation with some backbone and integrity, and not just a false cloak of respectability for ruthless and yes, murderous Western Colonialism which can barely contain it’s insatiable greed.

      Instead, that wee Iraqi boy grew up in a World that made Tony Blair the War Criminal a Middle Eastern Peace envoy FFS. Talk about taking the piss. So aye, I’d be willing to bet the wee fella probably now runs with the Taliban with a massive chip on his shoulder, filled to bursting with a lifetime of indoctrination, and a black rage burning in him that can never be quenched. We did that to him. Us. Not some screaming mullah – us.

      I’ll say it again. If you want to see meaningful peace in the Middle East, you’re going to have to start the process in Israel and the 45 UN Resolutions which need to be enforced for simply reason of evenhanded integrity, so that the next generation of wee boys who grow up in Iraq, and in Israel too by the way, grow up in a world where equity and justice are absolute and incorruptible conditions, and where force of arms requires ultra-extraordinary circumstances to NOT be an illegal war crime by default.

      But be warned, you won’t be starting from ground zero. You’ll need to reverse decades of betrayal and malicious persecution, and somehow find forgiveness for the staggering death toll and injury, before you’ll find yourself at ground zero and finally able to move forward.

    354. Andy Ellis says:

      @RoS 2.06 pm

      I’d suggest you appear to have a – to be charitable – rosy tinted view of the situation in Xinjiang. Indeed your take on it reads suspiciously like a Chinese embassy briefing. Uighurs are entitled to self determination just like any other people. Of course they have little to no chance of being able to exercise such rights in current circumstances.

      Caricaturing the events there as part of some western inspired plot to destabilise the benevolent rule of Beijing struggling against the right wing hordes of Adrian Zenz is a whole new level of delusional. Sometimes the real explanations are the simplest ones: Chinese policy in Xinjiang shows us the true face of a deeply regressive, anti democratic regime which won’t hesitate to crush any opposition. The tragedy for the Uighurs is that nobody has the stomach to do anything concrete to defend them.

    355. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Breeks (2.13) –

      Hear hear.


    356. Republicofscotland says:

      Breeks @2.13pm.

      Well said Breeks.

      The (ICC) International Criminal Court, has tried on several occasions to take Israeli personnel to court, and the Great Satan (USA) has threatened members of the court including judges with sanctions, Trump, when POTUS went as far as to say that sanctions would be imposed on (ICC) family members if the (ICC) looked into its allies activities in Israel.

      As far as I’m aware the Great Satan (USA) didn’t sign the Rome Statute, and does not recognise the powers of the (ICC). I’m pretty sure the Great Satan (USA) has stated that it has the right to invade the (ICC) if it arrests and convicts Americans of war crimes, and it will also invade if allied members are convicted of the crimes as well.

    357. Republicofscotland says:

      Andy Ellis @2.26pm.

      There’s nothing rosy about it, infact I’m not alone in this.

      “Reports from first-hand delegations to Xinjiang, from countries and organizations including Egypt, Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, Indonesia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Thailand, Malaysia, the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation, and even the World Bank, have testified that neither genocide nor slavery accurately describes the reality of Xinjiang. At two separate convenings of the UN Human Rights Council in 2019 and 2020, letters condemning Chinese conduct in Xinjiang were outvoted, 22-50 and 27-46—essentially the U.S. and its allies vs. non-aligned countries.”

      Like I said Andy, naive, or deceitful, the former seems to apply here.

    358. Andy Ellis says:

      @RoS 2.41 pm

      I doubt that many people will be convinced of the democratic, progressive and pro human rights credentials and bona fides of the list of countries you detail above. Arguing the toss with someone who unselfconsciously uses the term Great Satan to describe the USA is probably a pointless exercise.

      For all the faults of western governments and policies your take on things reminds me of those who used to make excuses for the communist regimes pre the fall of the Berlin Wall and the collapse of the USSR (or indeed in earlier times support the Soviets crushing the Hungarian uprising in 1956 or the Prague Spring in 1968): “Never mind the gulags, the oppression, the mass deportations look at the way they’ve managed to promote equality amongst their citizens!” 🙂

    359. Republicofscotland says:

      Andy Ellis.

      Oh we’re not arguing as toss as you say, I’m merely providing you with information, other than that of Western propaganda, you haven’t in any way countered it, nor digested it, but instead you’ve decided to focus on my Great Satan name for the USA.

      You’re way out of your depth here Andy, and I think you know it.

    360. Geoff Anderson says:

      @ Republicofscotland 2.06pm

      Excellent post!

      It helps balance the Western CIA driven propaganda which dominates our news.

    361. Scott says:

      Breeks says:
      17 August, 2021 at 2:13 pm



      You don’t see comments like that on the Wee Ginger Ghost.

    362. Andy Ellis says:

      @RoS 3.40 pm

      Don’t make me laugh. Your analysis, such as it is, is graphene thin. What is perhaps worse is that you earnestly believe that your agitprop actually passes for analysis or that it has any traction outside a small cabal of people. The general public doesn’t look at these issues and sympathise with your “Great Satan” rhetoric, or the woo woo about the Chinese having a point about those pesky Uighurs.

      You just look like another one of the cranks who have taken up residence on here to whip themselves into a lather about vaccines, restricting the franchise for future indyrefs, and the Zionists being in control of everything. It’s not a great look, but luckily it enjoys negligible public support, so there is that….

    363. Dan says:

      Andy Ellis says: at 4:07 pm

      It’s not a great look, but luckily it enjoys negligible public support, so there is that….

      I’m not sure taking the side of public support is a particularly solid position to embrace. After all, you’ll recall 1.1 million of the public were informed and “smart” enough to give their 2nd votes to SNP, that’s hardly an emphatic confirmation that the public have a clue about anything…

    364. Andy Ellis says:

      @Dan 4.24 pm

      While it may be true that people can be prevailed upon to vote for weird things printed on the side of buses, it remains the case surely that by pitching Alba or any opposition to the SNP cultists at the level of people who have the look and feel of extremist cranks that make RISE and SSP look mainstream, we may as well give up on any prospect of independence in out lifetimes.

      The idea that identifying with folk calling the USA – for all its faults – the Great Satan will be a vote winner and increase our support, is strictly for the birds.

    365. Dan says:

      @ Andy Ellis at 4.29pm

      Ach, that’s an awfy glass half empty view to take though Andy. The glass half full view would be that these crazy cranks and cultists at least believe in biological sex.
      Class me as a radical fringe roaster if you want, but I reckon I’m on pretty solid ground with conventional scienz on my side compared to those that think blokes can give birth.

    366. Republicofscotland says:

      “actually passes for analysis or that it has any traction outside a small cabal of people.”

      Andy Ellis @4.07pm.

      I’ve never read anywhere, the UN Human Rights Council or all those other countries including the World Bank, described as a small cabal of people before.

      As for Zionist and Vaccines, I think I made two comments on vaccines, non were anti-vaxxers related, and none on Zionists, like I said Andy you’re way out of your depth.

    367. Republicofscotland says:

      Geoff Anderson @3.48pm.

      Thank you Geoff, I’m not trying to put China across as some sort of utopia, it isn’t, not by a long shot, however, as you already know, Western reporting on activities in China aren’t always what they are made out to be.

    368. Ruby says:

      The new party will debate a motion demanding “female only spaces”, single sex sports and the right for women to refuse intimate services from males, including counselling.
      The motion says the debate over women’s rights has caused “controversy and pain” and women should be able to air all policies affect them “without being abused and silenced”.

      Sounds good!

      Will Suzanne McLaughlin comment or has she learned her lesson from the replies she received to the following post on Twitter:

      “Suzanne McLaughlin
      · Aug 16
      Been off social media for personal reasons.

      Caught up with @ruth_wishart horrific transphobia

      It is awful watching a woman you once admired be radicalised into hate in real time.

      Equality is for everyone”

    369. sarah says:

      @ Old Fogey at 2.12: “just received a very nice letter from Craig Murray thanking me..”

      My goodness, I never imagined that Craig would reply to our letters. How amazing. What a nice man he is.

    370. Old Fogey says:

      sarah says:

      “My goodness, I never imagined that Craig would reply to our letters. How amazing. What a nice man he is.”

      I agree Sarah, and to receive what was a very detailed reply covering all the points which I raised in my letter, shows how conscientious he is.

    371. sarah says:

      @ Old Fogey: your letter sounds rather more worthy of a reply than mine! When I wrote to Craig I was being very careful not to raise any “controversial” matters so there wasn’t anything for him to reply to.

      Do you know if his letters are opened? I suspect they probably are in case we have enclosed any drugs.

    372. Dan says:


      Hmm, previously I reckon I could’ve out run and out danced these fuckers, but the times they are a changing…

      Boston Dynamics Robots (1 min)

    373. sarah says:

      @ Dan: those robots are seriously scary. I will have nightmares tonight!

    374. John Main says:

      @RepublicOfScotland 3:40 pm

      Is that you being economical with the truth Republic?

      Great Satan is not “your” name for the USA, is it?

      It’s because some of us here know who first coined that term that we think you’re such a daft eedjit. At best.

      And also why we suspect your self-professed support for the Indy cause is a con. At worst.

      Indy is damaged by your enthusiastic identification with the extremely nasty people who use the kind of language you like so much. Rational Scots run a mile from your kind of insanity and bigotry.

    375. Old Fogey says:

      sarah says:

      “Do you know if his letters are opened?”

      I suspect that they are. Since I live overseas I used the Email a Prisoner service, which was really easy to use.

    376. Nally Anders says:

      Extract from Herald article re. SNP proposals to extend Covid powers.
      FFS.This is what a dictatorship looks like. Something is going terrifyingly wrong.

      “TEMPORARY powers to close schools, introduce lockdowns and require face coverings could be made permanent in the event of future pandemics under proposals tabled by SNP ministers.

      The Scottish Government has put forward a host of temporary powers it would like to either make permanent or extend – covering schools and education provision, justice and court procedures and digitising statutory processes.

      But opponents have warned the SNP is heading down “a dangerous route” by proposing handing ministers permanent powers “on a whim”.

      Under the plans, launched in a public consultation, powers set to expire in March 2022 including “prohibiting or limiting numbers at gatherings, introducing lockdown measures, and requiring that face coverings are worn” could be permanently available to ministers”.

    377. Nally Anders says:

      Sorry folks unable to archive article.

    378. James Che. says:

      Socrates macsporren.
      Yer right there.
      It amazing how many times this site for gaining Scottish independence get hijacked to talk about any and every other subject except how about to gain independence if not through the snp.

      And yet Scotland is coming under a barrage of misinformation, dishing dirt and false accusations on our politicians, journalists and our free speech. Plus perverted attacks on our children and their education.
      And we are here trying to work out what’s best solutions are, for another country that has been ruined by interference of ole Blighty.

      Let us have some clarification, the only thing that ole blighty has not done to Scotland yet is bomb it.
      However the physical attack is just as painful when it destroys our families, leaves nuclear weapons on our doorstep, steals past oil revenues and is now progressing to stealing the very liquid that keeps every one alive, ‘water’.
      You can kill a country and its people in many ways, and we watch it happening.

      Two things that should not be under privatisation or big cooperatives or have to be paid for to sustain life,
      are water and air.
      Climate change meetings are going to change who has access to both,
      Bj plan for future climate change is hydrogen Britain
      .most of us here know that England does not have sufficient water supply to do that,
      Water will be the “new”oil.

    379. shug says:

      If wee Nicola does not call indy ref 2 by the end of the year how do we get rid of her

    380. Pixywine says:

      More defamation from the great Andy at 8:06.Away and get your shots and join the rest of the herd.

    381. Shocked says:

      Gotta laugh at breeks talking about integrity. How did voting New SNP turn out for you?

    382. Pixywine says:

      Shocked. Yes two fuelled up airliners hit the buildings and controlled explosions brought them down just like the apartment building in Muami recently.

    383. Alba party should concentrate on getting independence or at least forcing a new referendum,

      the more policies they have the more divisive they will become,


      keep it simple stupid.

    384. Pixywine says:


    385. Bruce Hosie says:

      All hail that new media, eh?

      Can I just say that the bloggers who are out there are doing their best. Most are not trained journalists, have zero money, and are not asking people for any, do their blogging in their own time mostly after they have worked a full day. I appreciate their efforts to try and keep some sort of holding to account happening.

    386. Cudneycareless says:

      Nally Anders says:
      17 August, 2021 at 6:26 pm
      Extract from Herald article re. SNP proposals to extend Covid powers.

      Received a message from a frien in Aukland , NZ
      1 case this afternoon level 4 lockdown 11:59pm

      That’s 7 days house arrest

      Nicola’s got a long way to go to beat Jacinda

    387. James Che. says:

      Ballyhoos anders.

      That should keep the ‘ yes’ for at bay for a few years more.

    388. Mark Boyle says:

      Ottomanboi says: (17 August, 2021 at 1:13 pm)

      “Jam for us today, jam for the rest of you tomorrow.”

      Except on Glasgow’s Kingston Bridge, where it is jam today, tomorrow, et in perpetuum.

    389. James Che. says:

      Nally anders.

      Sorry for the apparent name change, why on earth did you end up with what auto correct replaced I do. Not know.

    390. Ruby says:

      Emailing Craig easier than snail mail?
      Easier for Craig to reply?

      It’s certainly cheaper! Email 40p First class stamp 85p

      If Craig wrote an email/article would Stu be able to publish it?

    391. Republicofscotland says:

      John Main @6.15pm.


      The Great Satan, (USA) will do everything in its considerable power to stop Scotland becoming an independent nation, of course you might approve of this, you certainly sound like an Atlanticist if nothing else.

      I recall in 2014 British PM David Cameron, pushing a note into the then US POTUS Barack Obama’s hand, at a press conference, where Obama proceeded to say that he hoped Scots vote no and remain in the union-several days earlier, Obama said at a press conference, that Ireland had become a successful independent nation.

      The Great Satan’s bellicose foreign policy actions are at the centre of much of what ails the world today.

    392. Ruby says:

      Scot Finlayson says:
      17 August, 2021 at 6:39 pm
      Alba party should concentrate on getting independence or at least forcing a new referendum,

      the more policies they have the more divisive they will become,


      keep it simple stupid.


      Do they not also have to attract voters?

    393. James Che. says:


      You do what we are legally allowed to do.
      We the people choose a new method of politics, politicians and a new governance.

    394. Andy Ellis says:

      @Dan 4.29 pm

      Maybe so. After the past few years I suppose I see more sense in being realistic rather than optimistic? The heady days of 2014 seem both a long time ago and increasingly a world away from the current political landscape.

      I agree that *some* of the moon howlers do at least have the saving grace of being on the right side side of the TRA debate, but while being thankful for that small mercy it’s hard to take them seriously when they’re fully paid up members of the anti-vaxx or nativist fan clubs.

      Doubtless they might think the same about me being (apparently?) a Tory warmonger who inexplicably is a founder Alba member who shares their stance on TRA?

      As my Yorkshire in laws are wont to say: there’s nowt as queers as folk.

    395. Andy Ellis says:

      @RoS 4.46 pm

      Oh do try to be less literal FFS. The point being made is that the views being espoused, and the worldview you promote, are are representative of very small minority of voters here.

      That’s fine if all you are bothered about is being the RISE and/or SSP of the future and enjoy similar levels of support, but if you actually want to be part of a movement that enjoys significant support and makes any impact in moving Scottish independence, touting the “USA = the Great Satan” schtick is vanishingly unlikely to translate into electoral success.

      You insisting I’m somehow out of my depth when you can’t articulate a credible response could be seen as ironic if it weren’t for you fairly obvious lack of self awareness.

      I doubt many actual Scots would welcome the kind of republic you and those who agree with you would institute.

    396. Andy Ellis says:

      @pixywine 6.31 pm

      Last time I checked truth and honest opinion are pretty good defences against defamation claims…..

    397. Robert Hughes says:

      Dan @ 6.02

      If those * guys * continue evolving at the rate they currently are will they reach an omega point where they start * identifying * as human , accusing anyone whom disputes their insistence on being addressed by the pronoun He/She/Him/Her as Homosapiphobia ?

    398. Andy Ellis says:

      @Ruby 6.58 pm

      That would seem sensible: in the short to medium term we probably need to be aiming for enough* support to be able to hold the balance of power in an election that will matter, so it will have to be Holyrood?

      (*not sure how that’s going to be defined, but realistically enough % to deliver enough MSPs to deprive the SNP or SNP & Greens of an absolute majority.)

    399. @Ruby,

      I think their selling point is two fold, first is Independence and the second is that they are not the corrupted SNP,

      their manifesto should be two sentences long,

      We want and will fight for an independent Scotland.
      We will not be corrupted by middle class woke virtue signallers like the SNP.

      any thing else is just distraction.

      KISS 🙂

    400. Mist001 says:

      I think part of the problem for Alba is the name. You see it written down and it clearly says ‘Alba’, then as soon as one of them open their mouths, it becomes ‘Alipa’ and it sounds ridiculous. It may be correct but it sounds stupid. It’s like they have a stutter, ‘The Alipa-party’.

      Unless they’re into hip hop or something, it’s just not a name that flows easily from the lips.

    401. Andy Ellis says:

      @Scot Finlayson 7.56 pm

      I have my doubts a 2 line manifesto will garner the support we’ll probably need? You may think policies are a distraction but voters will probably disagree. We might not agree with the whole programme of any party, but pitching Alba as a one issue “special purpose vehicle” won’t cut it for me, or I suspect many others.

      The SNP ended up morphing into a surrogate broad tent movement that was supposed to allow *any* pro-indy Scot, irrespective of their personal political outlook, to shelter under its all enfolding canvas.

      Remind us how that’s worked out again…?

    402. Republicofscotland says:

      “The point being made is that the views being espoused, and the worldview you promote, are are representative of very small minority of voters here.”

      Andy Ellis.

      And you know this how?

      The USA is not an ally of Scotland, Scotland is a forward attack base of the Great Satan’s, just like many other countries are, we host their nukes to take a first strike against us.

      ” touting the “USA = the Great Satan” schtick is vanishingly unlikely to translate into electoral success.”

      Electoral success don’t make me laugh Andy, electoral success in Scotland for independence is over until 2026, and possibly longer, the Rev knows it (why do you think he’s retired) and so do many others, but not you by the sounds of it, I hardly think what I call the most modern evil empire matters much to anyone, except you Shocked and John Main, which tells me a lot.

    403. Shocked says:


      Look up fuel air explosives. Now imagine one that weighs over 150t, travelling at over 500mph and containing 39,000 litres of fuel. That’s a Big Bang that will cause a big fire.

      It would be a miracle if the building didn’t come down.

    404. Mist001 says:

      @ Shocked

      No engines were found amongst the debris. Each plane had an engine on each wing. Where did the engines go?

    405. Rogueslr says:

      Who we missing tonight? Reports that 30 people have ‘seized Edinburgh Castle citing article 61 of the Magna Carta.

      “We have had enough. The people of Scotland have had enough and today we claim our power back.”

      Problem is the Magna Carta never applied in Scotland and article 61, no even law in Englabd, relates to right 25 barons had to seize castles.

      Anyone seen Pixywine lately?

    406. Scott says:

      Shocked says:
      17 August, 2021 at 8:47 pm

      It would be a miracle if the building didn’t come down.

      They came down. All 3 of them. Nice and neatly. One of them fell right next to that passport.

    407. Republicofscotland says:

      “It would be a miracle if the building didn’t come down”

      Hallelujah, miracles do happen.

      Is it any wonder the families of loved ones killed in 9/11 have told POTUS Joe Biden to stay away from next months commemoration, unless he allows the truth on what really happened to be revealed.

    408. Shocked says:


      So everyone imagined seeing the plane hit the tower live on TV?

    409. robertknight says:


      Don’t know why people get so hung up on pronunciation.

      If I speak Gaelic (not much granted) I’d pronounce my country’s name as Ah-lu-pah. (Not IPA but the characters don’t appear here).

      If I’m speaking in English then the Gaelic name for my country I pronounce as Albah.

      After all, if I tell my neighbour I’m off to the capital of France for a long weekend I’d call it Paris, I wouldn’t say Paree. However, if speaking French, then I certainly would.

      I don’t know of anyone who has a problem in respect of Paris so why get hung up on Alba?

    410. Mist001 says:

      @ robertknight

      One thing I’ve learned is that if I think of something, loads of other people have thought the same thing and probably long before me too, so if I think ‘Alipa Party’ sounds faintly ridiculous, then it’s a fair bet that many others do too and that damages any credibility that the members or participants may have.

      The problem for the Alipa Party/Alex Salmond is that they’re stuck with the name now. It’s going to look amatuerish and carpet baggerish if they change the name or form another party.

    411. Andy Ellis says:

      @RoS 8.40 pm

      The majority of Scots support NATO membership (I know it doesn’t sit well with a lot on the left, but there’s a reason the SNP changed policy….) even if they don’t want WMD’s on Scottish soil. Most Scots appear to be happy with the prospect of membership of a multilateral alliance, but doubtless they might be persuaded about an alternative if it was persuasive enough…?

      We could propose neutrality like Eire, with a small defence spend, or Swedish style neutrality with a larger defence spend, or decide to forgo armed forces altogether like Iceland and still be in NATO.

      Similarly, while many of us may pine for a republic, polls indicate the majority of Scots prefer the monarchy: Lord knows why, but there you are. Facts are chiels that winnae ding etc.

      It’s interesting though that you seem so determined to advance a platform which is unlikely to attract much support. I’m not saying that it’s necessary to slavishly follow the majorities or public support regardless of principle, but laying out a platform with limited public appeal seems to be a….brave choice.

      I’m under no illusions that there’s any likelihood of any electoral progress let alone breakthrough before the next Holyrood election, so not sure where you got that idea from? I’ve been saying exactly that since it was obvious Alba weren’t going to reach escape velocity and hold the balance of power – which was always a pretty long shot. It only goes to show your level of comprehension.

    412. Pixywine says:

      Alba a, alaba, alibaba.

    413. Robert Graham says:


      Oh well that’s it problem solved the official version is the truth and chumps like you believe it .

      Only problem being that 500 Architects disagreed , with the vers that was meant to fool everyone the Architect that built the building initially said it’s simply not possible , this building was designed for this very event my building did not fail ( his words ) since changed because eh he suddenly changed his mind ? Aye fkn right .

      WHERE DID THE BUILDING GO ? Where did thousands of tons of Steel and concrete Steel girders 5 feet wide just disappeared ? because the basement levels were untouched photographs taken days after the collapse showed delivery trucks untouched and undamaged

      Who ever managed to pull this deception off has Tec we can’t begin to imagine , This building was dissolving before people’s eyes literally falling apart , and the whole thousands of tons fell without any resistance from the untouched structure below it’s as there was nothing t to stop it falling.

      This was carried out for a purpose and that was to destroy every country that posed a threat to the chosen people ,every single country surrounding them was attacked the only one left is Iran and that’s next , where do you think all these US troops leaving Afghanistan are headed and what are they going to be doing to occupy themselves , we are going to find out very shortly .

    414. JimuckMac says:

      Article 61 of the Magna Carta certainly does apply in Scotland. Hopefully it will be Hollyrood next.

    415. Andy Ellis says:

      @ robertknight 9.08 pm

      Surely the fact that the name Alba, and particularly the Gaelic pronunciation, trigger assorted yoons, britnats and people who shout at bilingual signs is reason enough to keep it? 🙂

    416. Robert Hughes says:

      ” They came down. All 3 of them. Nice and neatly. One of them fell right next to that passport. ” Lol Scott

      The thing about the incredible indestructible passport is the sheer ludicrousness of the idea , I mean how could anyone believe a few pieces of paper could be found pretty much intact after an inferno and amidst 1000s of tons of material ?

      But it’s so ridiculous would * plotters * really use it as * evidence * ? Why after going to such lengths to perpetrate the biggest ever terrorist attack on the USA mainland would they feel they had to add this little farcical detail ?

      Not to say they didn’t , who knows ? Like so much surrounding the official narrative of that horrific event – I’ve yet to read a credible explanation why Building 7 collapsed ( out of sympathy for it’s two , not that close , neighbours ? ) – it just doesn’t make sense , from any perspective

    417. Shocked says:

      So Robert, the planes didn’t hit the buildings? Everyone who saw it imagined it?

    418. Tinto Chiel says:

      @ Mist001: it’s just the svarabhakti vowel in “Alba” and therefore no big deal, unless you wish to make it so, as robertknight explained. Even skinheads insert one in “Engerland”, allegedly, and they are rarely deep musers on linguistics.

      I feel I’m detecting the whiff of classic Rentonian “It’s Gove being Scottish!”

      How’s the weather in France btw?

    419. Andy Ellis says:

      @ JimuckMac 9.28 pm


      “There are 63 clauses in Magna Carta. For the main part, the clauses do not deal with legal principles but instead relate to the regulation of feudal customs and the operation of the justice system. There are clauses on the granting of taxes, towns and trade, the extent and regulation of the royal forest, debt, the Church and the restoration of peace.

      Only four of the 63 clauses in Magna Carta are still valid today – 1 (part), 13, 39 and 40. Of enduring importance to people appealing to the charter over the last 800 years are the famous clauses 39 and 40:

      “No free man shall be seized, imprisoned, dispossessed, outlawed, exiled or ruined in any way, nor in any way proceeded against, except by the lawful judgement of his peers and the law of the land.

      “To no one will we sell, to no one will we deny or delay right or justice.”

      These clauses remain law today, and provided the basis for important principles in English law developed in the fourteenth through to the seventeenth century, and which were exported to America and other English-speaking countries. Their phrasing, ‘to no one’ and ‘no free man’ gave these provisions a universal quality that is still applicable today in a way that many of the clauses relating specifically to feudal custom are not.”

    420. Mist001 says:

      @ Tinto Chiel

      The weather down here in Marseille is roasting BTW, you’d love it.

      The name ‘Alba’ doesn’t even have a ‘P’ in it yet when it’s pronounced, it does sound like a ‘P’, so your analogy with English skinheads and ‘Engerlund’ is misplaced.

    421. Republicofscotland says:

      “It’s interesting though that you seem so determined to advance a platform which is unlikely to attract much support.”

      Andy Ellis I fail to see the point of your 9.15pm comment, I’m not advancing any platforms I made it abundantly clear further up this thread (Yesterday) that I’m pointing out Western hypocrisy, people can take from my comments what they will.

      I’ve been pointing out the machinations of the Great Satan (USA) over Afghanistan and China, and on other matters such as their nuke in Scotland, if Scots by chance do get another vote, on Nato membership and they vote to remain in Nato, of which it is now just a bully its remit long since gone, then that’s up to them.

      On the monarchy, again if Scots are stupid enough to want to keep this ruritanian affront to society then so be it.

    422. Andy Ellis says:

      @ Robert

      Why resort to conspiracy theories when it’s already been investigated and explained…?

      Or is the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) a CIA front…?

      “World Trade Center 7 Report Puts 9/11 Conspiracy Theory to Rest”

    423. @Andy Ellis,

      `The SNP ended up morphing into a surrogate broad tent movement that was supposed to allow *any* pro-indy Scot, irrespective of their personal political outlook, to shelter under its all enfolding canvas.

      Remind us how that’s worked out again…?`

      what happened was it became distracted by other policies,

      your answer in fact undepins my 2 line manifesto,

      thank you,

      Keep It Simple Stupid 🙂

    424. Republicofscotland says:

      Andy Ellis 9.52pm.

      “NIST reportedly created models of the WTC, used to conclude that the buildings were destroyed by fire, not explosives. However, it refuses to release much information about them, citing “national security”.[3] What little information they did release has been termed “perturbing and inexplicable”.”

      Looks like your sarcasm has backfired.

    425. Tinto Chiel says:

      @Mist001 9.45: lucky you down there, what with the weather and all, but not so good for the purity of your French, I would imagine (if you have any).

      “The name ‘Alba’ doesn’t even have a ‘P’ in it yet when it’s pronounced, it does sound like a ‘P’, so your analogy with English skinheads and ‘Engerlund’ is misplaced.”

      Hardly, I was talking about an intrusive vowel, not how Gaels pronounce some of their consonants 😉 .

      Enjoy your Pernod, although I usually prefer a nicely-frapped Byrrh.

    426. Robert Hughes says:

      Andy @ 9.52

      You have no idea the amount of arguing AGAINST 9/11 * Conspiracy Theories * I’ve done with friends and others. To the point where I just stopped thinking about it , put it away as a waste of mental energy : that’s still my position .

      But …..what about that damn indestructible passport , has NIST explained that ?

    427. Republicofscotland says:

      Andy Ellis appears to have gone very quiet…surely a first.

    428. Shocked says:


      You keep slavering about a passport. What passport ?

    429. wee monkey says:

      The Scottish government wants some emergency Covid-19 powers to become permanent, including the ability to impose lockdowns and close schools.

      Most pandemic powers are due to expire in March 2022, but ministers are consulting on making some permanent.

      This could include changes which make it harder for tenants to be evicted and the power to release prisoners early.

      Deputy First Minister John Swinney said some changes made due to Covid-19 had a “demonstrable benefit to the people”.

      However, the Conservatives said the move showed Scottish ministers were “unwilling to give up their control over people’s lives”.

      MSPs agree to extend Covid-19 powers into 2022
      Read the consultation documents in full
      MSPs signed off a raft of emergency powers for the Scottish government at the outset of the pandemic, and have agreed to extend them on several occasions since. They could yet agree to extend them for another six months from March 2022.

      However, ministers are looking at whether new legislation should be passed to make some of the changes permanent.

      Many of the proposals are aimed at future Covid-19 outbreaks – or the spread of any other infectious virus which poses a serious risk to public health.

      The government’s consultation says this would mean “ministers can respond effectively and rapidly to any future threats to public health in Scotland”.

      But just you keep believing in indy ref 2 MORONS.

    430. Tinto Chiel says:

      @RoS: surely the main objection to official explanations of 9/11 is that both towers were designed to withstand collision by fuel-laden jets and the temperatures generated could not in any case have melted the metal skeleton of the buildings.

      Seems like something like Thermite would have to have been involved, perhaps.

    431. Dan says:

      New theory: It was the same construction company that built the Twin Towers in New York and the sinking primary school in Aberdeen…

    432. Mark Boyle says:

      Mist001 says: 17 August, 2021 at 8:55 pm

      “No engines were found amongst the debris. Each plane had an engine on each wing. Where did the engines go?”

      They were found several blocks down from Ground Zero, same as happens in any other aircraft explosion, you ringpiece!

      There’s your proof. Feeling stupid yet?

    433. JimuckMac says:

      Article 61 of the Magna Carta certainly does apply in Scotland.

      I never search with Google.

    434. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      “Great Satan”.

      Becoming bored reading that reference.

      What has it got to do with our struggle for independence?

    435. Fireproofjim says:

      As a retired fire protection engineer for the oil industry let me try to put the ignorant conspiracy theorists on 9/11 right. They won’t listen. of course. because the tinfoil hats prevent reason reaching their brains.
      The skyscrapers involved were built with a steel skeleton. At a temperature above 800 degrees Celsius steel beams lose much of their strength and can bend under their own weight. The aircraft were full of fuel and a huge fire broke out at about two thirds of the height of the buildings. This weakened the steel structure so that it could not support the many thousands of tons of concrete and steel of the upper floors, which then collapsed crushing the rest of the building below the fire.
      I’ve witnessed dozens of fire tests on such steel structures. It is simple structural engineering.
      No need for explosives. Anyway Osama bin Laden boasted of the atrocity and thousands of people saw the aircraft flown into the buildings.
      Anyone who believes differently is a fool.

    436. Dan says:

      Is any non twitter account holder unable to see tweet threads now because every time you load a twitter page it puts up a message box asking you to log in or sign up.
      Wonder if they have implemented this in an attempt to restrict access due to push back against the shite policies the platform seem so keen on pushing.

    437. David Caledonia says:

      Doctor Pimple Popper, popped a pimple and pipped a pimple to
      become chief pimple popper of the pimple race

    438. crazycat says:

      @ Dan at 11.16

      If you copy and paste the address of the top tweet into a new tab, it will sometimes let you see all or part of the thread (you may have to repeat the exercise part-way down the thread).

      It’s certainly no longer possible for me to click on “show this thread”, or even on a retweet, and get full access.

    439. Dan says:

      Cheers crazycat. But I’m just getting the same pop up message box every time I open any twitter link in new tab or old, making it all but impossible to peruse the site now, well that’s without me opening an account but really don’t want to do that…

      Regardless of the state of the building’s structural integrity, was there ever a proper explanation for this 3 min clip where the BBC report the collapse of WTC 7 before it actually fell?

    440. crazycat says:

      @ Dan at 11.45

      The new Twitter is indeed very irritating! I don’t want an account either. I have no idea why I can partially see it but you can’t. I’m using a laptop – would that make a difference?

    441. sarah says:

      @ Dan: same here with twitter. I will not open an account so must put up with the nuisance.

    442. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi Dan.

      I keep 9 Twitter pages in tabs in Firefox. I refresh them a couple of times a day. I’ve just done my Angus McNeil one.

      I got the pop-up box but there’s an X in its upper left corner. I clicked on the X and it was gone and I was able to read the page.

    443. Confused says:

      You know, being a member of NATO will likely be a necessity for an independent Scotland; the reasons should be obvious, practical politics and realpolitik – one of the real world “suck it up” compromises you need to make at times, the cost of playing with the adults.

      – but at the same time, you don’t have to be some crazy cheerleader for every piece of atlanticist mad dog neocon foreign policy warmongering; it’s war war war, all the fucking time – there is no war they are not in favour of, it’s like they are dripping blood from their fangs (cannibals with prader-willi syndrome?) – and on top of it all, the wall to wall, lying bullshit about it (- gawd I luv that oxbridge sophistry), and the vicious arrogance that the west has the right to go anywhere it likes and impose its values there.

      E.g female education; you know what you are doing, don’t you? – you are TELLING PEOPLE HOW TO RAISE THEIR CHILDREN – that would cause a vicious rammy at the school gates of any primary school in middle england, never mind the back of beyond. If abdul and his family of goatherders wants aisha to herd goats and marry in time another goatherder – what will he think of some fat lesbian from the american peace corp dishing out the “having it all” bullshit peddled by rich new york broads?! (- and don’t dare mention Only Fans or chaturbate)

      God help the galaxy if we develop warp drive; will we be here in 2094, discussing the necessity of humanitarian intervention of the 799th Highland Space Marines to Proxima Centauri in order to convince the 18 tentacled telepathic natives about the benefits of fiat currency, fractional reserve banking and light touch regulation (- and we will let wall st look after your natural resources, for safekeeping …) – Orla Guerins great grandkid will be on the holographic hyperweb saying with a straight face how we need to end the threat of terrorism, over there, to stop it getting over here … “how can we counter the threat of militant space alien extremism?”

      One depressing possibility about the current withdrawal is simply to free up the troops to START A NEW WAR, SOMEWHERE ELSE.

      The WAR NERD tries to answer what it was all about –

      the folks who mentioned RWANDA; you know nothing about it and everything you think is wrong – don’t feel bad, I was fooled too, we all have been

      – it’s a long one, but you should read the second last paragraph, at least.

    444. David says:

      Oh for fucks sake – Magna Carta arseholes *and* 9/11 conspiracy nutters.
      The comments have reached rock bottom Rev, they’re now of less use to the indy cause than Nicola Sturgeon is.

    445. Breeks says:

      robertknight says:
      17 August, 2021 at 9:08 pm

      ….I don’t know of anyone who has a problem in respect of Paris so why get hung up on Alba?

      I don’t get it either.

      Just imagine what a barnstorming cultural and archaeological revelation it would be, to rediscover the ancient language of the Picts and properly decipher the meaning of the z-rod and half moon iconography, and open a window to understand the process of vitrifying fortress walls.

      In Gaelic, we don’t have rediscover anything nor fill in any gaps. It’s all still there. We have a living, breathing, cultural diversity that is rich beyond measure, right here in modern Scotland, and all we have to do is look after it and cherish it.

      Why in God’s name that angers some people, especially Scots, is beyond me. Are these people also triggered by the sight of someone in a kilt? Or a black house? Do they take a wee dram just to spit it out?

      It doesn’t matter to me whether the Gaelic was or wasn’t spoken throughout Scotland, and I would be more than happy for Scots everywhere to be taught it in schools and become fluent in Gaelic. The only problem with that being which Gaelic the people should learn.

      I’m not a Gael, but I understand Gaelic speakers would instantly know amongst themselves whether a speaker came from Barra, or Lewis, or Lochaber, or wherever, simply through idiosyncrasies and accents in their Gaelic. It strikes me these subtleties in the language are all at risk from introducing and standardised form of Gaelic to the masses.

      I think if you really want Gaelic to survive, the answer is more complicated than just the language itself, it must be to make Gaelic communities properly thrive, prosper and sustain themselves so their children don’t have leave their community to advance a career, and their communities aren’t swamped with incomers who dilute the subtleties of a delicate culture that is “on the edge”. And I mean all incomers, predominantly English, but not just English.

      Immigration is fine, but special care needs taken wherever communities cannot absorb a large influx of “alien” influence. Truth be told, I fear it’s probably too late and too far gone already. The Knoydart Peninsular was already known as Little Nottingham decades ago, with indigenous Scots in a tiny minority and frequently priced out of property.

      There was resistance to the damage of rural communities through incomers and holiday homes, much like we hear from parts of Cornwall or Devon, but unlike Cornwall or Devon, those who spoke out about Scotland’s vulnerable communities where roundly vilified as racists and bigots to silence their perfectly sound and appropriate objections.

    446. Dan says:

      Happy GERS Day!

      The Notional:

      SCOTLAND’S notional fiscal deficit is expected to increase to 21% of total economic output in the year to April 2021, according to one of the country’s leading economic experts.

      Last year the annual Government Expenditure and Revenue Scotland (Gers) report put the notional deficit at 8.6%.

    447. Stuart MacKay says:

      Here’s a detailed description of the fireproof cladding that was applied to the steel beams and why it failed,

      I used the archive link as the article comes from those infamous pro-Wahhabi, anti-Zionist, tin-foil hat conspirators at “Fire Engineering”.

      Even if you’re not fortunate in life to be an engineer it’s well written and an interesting read.

    448. Pixywine says:

      David. “Indy cause”? Stop fooling yourself. You don’t have an ” Indy cause” Mad fantasist.

    449. Ruby says:

      ‘Edinburgh Castle: Protesters claim to ‘seize’ historic site citing article 61 of Magna Carta’

    450. Pixywine says:

      Scottish Hillforts were vitrified when a bloody big planet sized comet flew byheated up our atmosphere to several thousand degrees melted rock like glass and vaparized anyone caught out in the open. If you look closely you will see that the structures are vitrified at the top of the building where melting is most obvious while the foundations are less damaged. The damage pattern indicates an airial source for the heat. In Egypt some of the ancient buildings have been lightly vitrified on their surfaces the same in South America. Only a Comet can do that.

    451. Pixywine says:

      Magna Carta is effectively useless to little people like us much like “sovereignty” it seems.

    452. Pixywine says:

      Dave. The Pixies stole all the wine.

    453. Pixywine says:

      Confused. One of the biggest problems with NATO is that they are NOT adults. Look at that bitch Stoltenburg an absolute bitch ass of a man.

    454. Ruby says:

      Pixywine says:
      18 August, 2021 at 9:13 am
      Magna Carta is effectively useless to little people like us much like “sovereignty” it seems.


      Nothing is of any use to little people like yourself if you just sit on your erse doing nothing.

      I like the sound of this protest. Good to see people doing something.

    455. Pixywine says:

      Ruby. Stop harassing and insulting me wench. Whatever is going on in Edinburgh Castle is bound to cost a bloody fortune for that tourist hell hole. If anyone wants in for free I’m your man. You’ll have to climb though.

    456. Ruby says:

      robertknight says:
      17 August, 2021 at 9:08 pm

      ….I don’t know of anyone who has a problem in respect of Paris so why get hung up on Alba?


      There are people who just hate, hate, hate

      It’s very strange!

    457. Breeks says:

      Magna Carta is thoroughly English. It has nothing, flat zero, to do with Scotland.

    458. Pixywine says:

      Australian Government is opening concentration camps for the “unvaccinated”. Are all the frightened little lockdown queen’s happy with that? Can’t wait till it happens here?
      I fear wherever you get Kz camps you also get Death Camps. Some midwit can rationalise that away I’m sure.

    459. Dorothy Devine says:

      Magna Carts 1215 – Scotland was a sovereign country at that time .

      Though I am sure Scotland has an equivalent , the Magna Carta is wholly English as are Henry VIII laws – though I do believe someone at Westminster thought to impose them, possibly that anachronism Jacob Rees-Mogg.

    460. Ruby says:

      Pixywine says:
      18 August, 2021 at 9:47 am
      Ruby. Stop harassing and insulting me wench. Whatever is going on in Edinburgh Castle is bound to cost a bloody fortune for that tourist hell hole. If anyone wants in for free I’m your man. You’ll have to climb though.

      Awww diddums! Dish it but can’t take it?

      I think you’d be better waiting for ‘Doors Open Day’ and take a taxi to the castle.

      Getting off the couch & doing the climb might be too much of a shock to your system.

      PS I’ve been in the castle 100s of times no wish to go again. What I would like to know is what’s going on at night in the castle carpark. Do you know?

      PPS Camera Obscura have some interesting mirrors on their wall (no charge to view)
      Do you fancy looking like a 6′ size zero super model?

    461. Ruby says:

      Do we have the equivalent in Scotland?

      Only three of the 63 clauses in the Magna Carta are still in law

      “3. Clauses 39 & 40: The right to trial by jury

      “No free man shall be seized or imprisoned, or stripped of his rights or possessions, or outlawed or exiled, or deprived of his standing in any other way, nor will we proceed with force against him, or send others to do so, except by the lawful judgement of his equals or by the law of the land.

      “To no one will we sell, to no one deny or delay right or justice. No free man shall be seized or imprisoned, or stripped of his rights or possessions, or outlawed or exiled . nor will we proceed with force against him . except by the lawful judgement of his equals or by the law of the land. “”

    462. Ottomanboi says:

      Breeks @ 07:50
      As you may be aware the Gaelic that is currently taught is the Norse influenced insular dialect of the Outer Hebrides. In the mainland dialects, which were recorded before going extinct during the 19th and early 20th century, there is for example no pre-aspiration, a norse characteristic shared with Icelandic, and an extensive lexical stock which the Twickenham born Edward Dwelly put into his comprehensive dictionary.
      There is no reason for learners to be taught to sound like Hebrideans, or to use a given vocabulary when there are other options. Some exercise of imagination is needed here.
      Gaelic is work in progress. Until it is taken seriously by all concerned as an alternative to the non native English language that «mi-run mór nan Gall» wee Scotlander attitude will endure.
      The revival of Scots, based on the language and its dialects prior to the onset of anglicisation, is a even more complex matter for what passes for modern Scots is effectively Scottish English, not the same article.
      As contemporary Scottish nationalism is indifferent to the native cultures initiatives cannot be expected from the current stock of «nat» politicians.
      The Greeks, Norwegians, Finns, Czechs and Israelis all battled with language planning and revival issues, there is inspiration beyond the kailyard.
      My ancestral “native» language is Syriac, given the ethno-political context a tough one for any language revivalist.

    463. chas says:

      Increased GERS deficit. Soaring drink deaths. Education standards dropping like a stone. The shame of drugs. Judiciary in a shambles. Billions wasted left right and centre by incompetence. Yet millions in Scotland believe Independence, with the same clowns in charge, is the answer! Meanwhile the Supreme Leader and her acolytes in deep discussion with the loons in the Green Party to continue as before.
      Scotland the Brave! Wha’s like us?

    464. Breeks says:

      Ha ha ha! What did I say a fortnight ago? COVID + GERS = double whammy for Scotland.

      Are we surprised? Are we fk.

      Now cue all the Unionist bullshitters and trolls trying to hit Scotland over the head with rolled up GERS statistics.

    465. Republicofscotland says:

      Sturgeon the Betrayer of Scots, is considering making temporary Covid powers permanent which would allow her party with backing of the Greens, to lockdown Scotland when she wants. its all being done under the guise of public health safety.

      We’ve already seen how Sturgeon abuses her governments powers when she needs to, to give her government the permanent ability to shutdown whatever, whenever, under the guise of public health safety is in my opinion a step too far.

    466. Republicofscotland says:

      Under the guidance of that wretch of a man Humza Yousaf, waiting times at A&E in Scotland are at there highest in six-years, even though the number of folk attending has dropped. Of course it goes without saying that the usual SNP trope will be rolled out that Scotland’s A&E services are the best performing A&E services in the UK-all very comforting.

    467. chas says:


      Maybe what we need in Scotland is someone like your good self to present us with figures that are more accurate?
      Surely that is not beyond you, especially with your superior intellect and financial acumen!

    468. Breeks says:

      Sure thing Chas… just provide me with the raw data.

    469. Republicofscotland says:

      Tonight’s the night as Rod Stewart once said, Mike Russell the head of the Scottish independence task force, sounds good eh? who are they kidding, will sitdown with National newspaper editor Callum Baird.

      Also appearing is David Pratt, Lesley Riddoch and Kevin McKenna, who has an excellent article in the paper today, on the machinations of the Great Satan (USA) and its obedient minion the UK.

      Anyway your welcome to join in and ask Russell questions, however don’t expect a straight answer, it will be streamed on Facebook, Youtube and Twitter, its interactive, and begins at 7.30pm.

      Good Luck.

    470. Alastair Bryan says:

      Everything that stu has said is coming to fruition. I think the SNP leadership have been infiltratrated and turned by the British state.The SNP have to get Sturgeon out and Murrell and replace the top team.I personal think it’s to late for that. We must all unite behind Alba the only hope for independence. Why do you think the Media and the SNP top team hate Alba so much. They are an authentic independence party who genuinely want independence. I am sick also of real Patriots being targeted by the leadership of the SNP. They use the law as a political weapon yet think we are all to stupid to see it.

    471. Republicofscotland says:

      Alastair @11.20am


      I posted this link to Iain Lawson’s article yesterday, I think Iain hit the nail on the head with it.

    472. Ebok says:

      I haven’t seen any earlier comments to this effect, but my ALBA founder member card and pack has arrived.

    473. Breeks says:

      Alastair Bryan says:
      18 August, 2021 at 11:20 am
      Everything that stu has said is coming to fruition. I think the SNP leadership have been infiltratrated and turned by the British state…

      Can you imagine how long Mary Lou MacDonald would remain leader of Sinn Féin if people harboured doubts about her integrity they way such a huge contingent of YES supporters have serious doubts and are close to despair over Sturgeon’s conduct and lack of integrity now spanning a seven year period of sheer stagnation???

      It’s the people of the YES community who are the frogs sitting in the pan of boiling water. The SNP’s “gradualism” is nothing to do with Indy, it’s the incremental raising of the water temperature.

      I very much fear that ALBA is now the only dog we have in the race. If there was hope for the SNP, I think it would have surfaced long before now.

      The good news if there is any, is that the 1.4% ALBA vote amongst a “cold” electorate where a steady half want Scottish Independence is an incongruous situation that is almost certainly bound to change dramatically.

    474. Stuart MacKay says:

      This will change your perspective on liberating Scotland from England (whatever that might be) forever,

      If there were ever a need for an example of why history is a window on today then this article it it.

    475. Robert Hughes says:

      Breeks …..

      Chas will be away consulting his oracle the ” Scottish ” Daily Express or maybe getting out his abacus to * prove * the indisputable evidence of Scotland’s penury as displayed in the Dead Sea GERS papyrus .

      Any minute now he’ll provide you with the raw data you requested , just be patient amigo but don’t y’know hold your breath

    476. Meg merrilees says:


      Thanks for the link to the essay – a fascinating analysis.

      In the section titled Restoring the Old Ways he asks:
      Why didn’t the Conservatives become English nationalists then?
      And I was struck by the answer,

      They couldn’t because this elite were first and foremost imperialists: citizens of everywhere and hence nowhere, as we might now say.

      Almost the exact words that Theresa May uttered in 2016 to great derision “If you believe you are a citizen of the world, you are a citizen of nowhere.”

      Who would have thought that she understood her party politics so profoundly, only one snag – there are none so blind as those who cannot see!

    477. Ottomanboi says:

      Stuart MacKay @11:57
      The problem is that Unionism is largely a Scottish invention. The English establishment is a relative newcomer to the concept, being top dog in the neighbourhood it had no need of it.
      Unionism with its quasi religious sense of Britishness was designed to paper over the hole left by the loss of political sovereignty and ethno-cultural integrity and absorption into the Anglosphere. The imperial visit of George IV to Edinburgh in 1822, lavishly choreographed by Walter Scott, set the mood.
      North Britons was the logical answer and so were born all those stern and wild, romantic, Celtic twilight Scotch myths still beloved by many: a tartan psychological comfort blanket.


    478. Shocked says:


      The only ones hitting Scotland over the head with GERS are the New SNP. The party you elected in the full knowledge that they are run by a 2 bit failed backstreet solicitor who also happens to be completely incompetent, ignorant of business, a serial liar, a fraud and a common criminal, who handed the running of the economy over to a silly wee lassie who couldnae run a whelk stall. Listing to wee Kate trying to spin her way out of this one is downright embarrassing and she even claims to be a Christian. She should be kicked out her church for being such a bloody liar.

      When people like you keep electing incompetents who have no idea how to run a small business let alone a country just how on earth do you expect the majority to be convinced that independence is the answer?

      They won’t be. Take a bow.

    479. Republicofscotland says:

      The levels of consent being manufactured by the UK corporate media to do something with regards to Afghanistan are staggering, not since the illegal war on Iraq, have I seen such levels of British propaganda to take some form of action, whether it be to admit Afghani refugees into the UK, or to do something within Afghanistan.

    480. Robert Hughes says:

      ‘kin hell Shocky McShocked Face , WOS very own tourettes – syndrome sufferer


    481. Dan says:

      Aye aye Shocked. Castigate her all you like. But why don’t step up and tells us how you’d do better with the limited powers Scotland has.

      Not that I can see the tweet thread because twitter is shitter than ever…

      As GERS is published today, a reminder that 72% of revenue is reserved and 40% of spending is reserved to the UK Gov. The Scot Gov, on the other hand, must balance its resource budget to the penny every year as we can’t borrow for day to day spending.

    482. Ron Maclean says:

      From a btl comment on this site about a year ago.

      ‘I suppose we should be grateful to Nicola Sturgeon for recognising that the Scotland she presides over is not ready for independence. The apparatus of government required to run the country honestly and effectively is not in place even although she’s had more than five years to instal it. It’s time she admitted that she’s taken us as far as she should in the wrong direction and got out of the way. Surely there is someone of integrity in the SNP with the fortitude to stop the rot and help her on her way.’

    483. Ron Maclean says:

      I would like to offer a way out of an independence supporter’s predicament but I can’t. Voting for a non-independence party doesn’t make sense to me. I don’t see a credible leader with the steel to take us to independence among the parties allegedly seeking independence.

    484. David Caledonia says:

      Spend most of my time on youtube or messenger if I am online at all
      This place has become a joke, now and again independence gets a mention in between the history lessons and whatever other boring topic is being argued about by the big lassies on here


    485. Grouse Beater says:

      The enlightened view of an Englishman to the breakup of the Union.

      ‘The English Delusion’:

    486. JimuckMac says:

      Stop Googling, it is compromised, it only lets you see what it doesn’t fear and hides away what it does.

      The historical experts many of whom paid by the BBC (and media) reporting the laws from the Magna Carta no longer apply. And while some of the 37 Laws have been repealed and replaced, Article 61 cannot be. It was set as a treaty for the people, can only be undone by the people.

      They fear Article 61, and rightly so.

    487. Thomas says:

      @ grouse beater

      What a fantastic article. Thanks for sharing that link , very interesting reading.

    488. Shocked says:

      Gotta laugh at the sturgeonites defending the personality cult leader.

      At least Alex Salmond tried to show a better way and paid attention to such minor details as the economy. Sturgeon? She couldnae care less, mind she disnae understand anyway. Why should she when she knows the New SNP personality cult mugs will vote for her no matter what. People like Rev Stu; myself and god knows how many others told them what was coming but they lent better, Queen Nicola told them she and her cast of imbeciles she calls a cabinet would sort it out.

      Doesn’t surprise me that not a single one of them has had the courage, naw even the self respect to hold their hands up and take responsibility for what they have done. None of them understand that if you vote for a corrupt incompetent that you get corrupt incompetence. The washing of the hands and blaming of the English by the cult leadership says it all. Just you stay down there on yer knees folks. We’ll make an arse if it and justice keep blaming the English. Welcome to the New SNP Scotland you all voted for. Well done.

    489. James Che. says:

      Knowing there is a big difference between the sovereignty for people in England’s Magna Carta and Scotland’s Declaration of Arbroath. Is important in its legal position.
      That only some of the Magna Carta articles may have any weight behind them in (emphasis) England. at some point may help people in England should the government show signs of becoming like a dictatorship and steal sovereignty of the English people for a entity such as parliamentary.
      Which after Brexit seems to be heading down that road,

      Meanwhile as for reality of history shows, the sovereign Scots were never captured into the treaty of the union, they were not consulted.
      Now this apparently has no bearing in a English Nationalist mind.

      However sovereignty was HANDED over to the people of Scotland by the the king of Scotland himself, and witnessed by the pope and barons.
      The papacy signed and rescinded, thereafter by addressing the king of Scotland by his royal title.
      making it an international Declaration treaty.(prior to the treaty of the union in 1707.)

      Now many historians whom favour the 1707 union try to dispute that it was not meant to read as contractual popular sovereignty of the people at all, and would have it rather that it implied that it was for the barons and landed gentry of Scotland, and that may have been their intention,

      However when signed it does not read anywhere that this was for the titled, the landed gentry or barons. An error perhaps on the Scottish landed gentries part indeed, does not deflect from the actual written terms whereby it states,
      The independence of Scotland was the prerogative of the Scottish people, [ie. not limited to barons or titled landed gentry.
      This is Declaration of Arbroath

      And to view history a little further back, Edward 11 of England signed the Treaty Edinburgh-of Northampton in 1328, recognising The kingdom of Scotland as fully independent Scotland .
      And recognising that the border between Scotland and England was as that under the reign of Alexander111 whom reigned ( 1249 – 1286).
      Which was witnessed by emmissories from France, and one of the copies was written in french.

      With regards to treaties and Declarations that were made international and are recognised internationally,
      England seems to hold no value for them to

      There are three ways to amendment of treaties.
      (1) A formal amendment requires State parties of the Treaty to go through the ratification process all over again.
      The re- negotiation of a Treaty provisions can be long and protracted, and often some parties to the original will not become parties to the amended treaty.
      When determining the legal obligations of States, one party to the original treaty and one party to the Amended treaty,the States will only be bound by the terms they both agreed upon.
      (2) Treaties can also be amended informally by the treaty executive council when when the changes are only procedural,
      technical change is customary international law can also amend a treaty, where state behaviour envinces a new interpretation of the legal obligations under the treaty.

      At this point it would be advisable for those interested in legal positions of states and treaties to further reading under the heading TREATY , Wikipedia, as there is far to much research information for me to copy here on wings.
      Under this heading you will find and be able to click onto bilateral treaties, which are concluded by two states or entities,
      Such as Scotland and England, which Robert Pheffers informed us of. And a good read.

    490. Captain Yossarian says:

      Ron Maclean – Ron, I remember Alex Salmond getting close in 2014. What stopped him in the end was the lack of a credible economic plan. Therefore, I would have expected Sturgeon to have concentrated very hard on that in the intervening years, but she hasn’t.

      In my opinion, the best Chancellor of the Exchequer we’ve had in recent times was Philip Hammond. He was an old Captain of industry and he balanced the books by having multiple spreadsheets running at the same time. He knew everything that was going-on. He stopped PFI years ago whilst in Scotland it is still running.

      Does anyone think that Kate Forbes keeps multiple spreadsheets running at the same time? Was she a Captain of industry?

      So, I agree with you in as much as we need a credible leader, but we also need a plan. A detailed worked-out plan that can be put in front of voters. Until we have that, independence is moribund.

    491. Ruby says:

      It’s a full on Unionist campaign over at The Herald.

      They’ve even got old Ronald MacDonald back on the scene. ‘Good boy Jack’ wittering on about Covid & basically saying Scotland is useless.

      Some civil servant claiming ‘SNP would likely lose court battle over Indyref2’

    492. Ruby says:

      Herald articles archived incase you want to keep track of the Unionists campaign to save the union.

    493. Ruby says:

      It looks like Captain Yossarian has joined the Unionists in their campaign to ‘save the union’

      What kind of economic plan are these unionists looking for?

      The difference between Unionists & independence supporters is one of faith.

      Independence supporters have faith in the people of Scotland to run a successful independent country unionist do not.

      It’s very sad!

    494. Captain Yossarian says:

      @Ruby – Philip Hammond had spreadsheets, hundreds of them, and you have faith. That’s the problem.

      We’ve been proceeding on faith for too long now and the economy is wrecked because of it.

      If there’ a route out of this (other than faith) then let us all hear it.

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