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Locking hands

Posted on August 12, 2021 by

We had a phonecall this morning from HMP Edinburgh, asking us to briefly relapse our retirement again to put out a request on behalf of Prisoner 157095 – better known to you and us as our friend Craig Murray, the only person on the planet to now or ever have been imprisoned for the undefined and extremely selectively prosecuted pseudo-crime of “jigsaw identification”.

Craig is doing okay a week and a half into his eight-month sentence in Saughton and is being treated well by both staff and inmates, but was recently informed that he is not eligible for early release on an electronic tag (which might have seen him out by the end of next month) because he’s a civil prisoner rather than a criminal one.

Ironically, if he’d murdered, beaten or raped someone he WOULD have been eligible for early liberty under the scheme, but because he’s a frail elderly man in jail for a non-violent quasi-crime and represents no possible earthly menace to anyone, he’ll be locked up for months longer.

What Craig IS finding difficult is being locked up alone in a 12′-by-8′ cell for 22.5 hours a day with very little to do, and he would greatly appreciate if people could take a moment or two to write to him. Letters or cards can be sent by the traditional paper-and-pen method via this address:

157095 C Murray
G3/34 HM Prison Edinburgh
33 Stenhouse Road
EH11 3LN

Alternatively you can email him via the officially-sanctioned Email A Prisoner service. This costs 40p per message, but Craig can reply and video chats are even possible (although sending photo attachments is NOT allowed at HMP Edinburgh).

Please find the time to do this if you can, readers. Don’t just think about it, actually do it, even if it’s just a card. It’s only a few minutes out of your day, but it would mean a lot to a man for who that time passes much more slowly.

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216 to “Locking hands”

  1. Jason Smoothpiece says:

    It’s the least decent folk can do thanks for providing contact details.

  2. Captain Yossarian says:

    “Scots Law” as espoused by the SNP; isn’t it just wonderful. Could it could be said that Craig Murray was treated better in the various honky-tonk countries he served in as a Diplomat, than he has been treated in his home country? And for what? What exactly has been his crime?

  3. Checks notes says:

    I wish the circumstances of your return were different. Thanks for posting this, lots of people have been asking after Craig and what they can do to help

  4. Dave Llewellyn says:

    The Craig Murray Justice Committee will be holding a vigil at Saughton Prison on Sunday at 2pm. If you want to make your voice heard please join us in support not only of Craig but of freedom of speech .

  5. says:

    Delighted to hear Craig is bearing up well, Reverend. I am still fuming that no ‘pro-Indy’ politicians apart from Neale Hanvey, expressed proper outrage as he was handing himself in to the police to be taken to jail. NB – not a single word from Alex Salmond about a sentence that was described as “too severe” even by Mike Russell.

  6. Dazed & Confused says:

    Definitely will do that today.
    Thank you for passing on this news. I have been thinking about him and wondering how he was.

  7. Derek Cameron says:

    Can Craig receive other reading material eg a book delivery ?

  8. Clive Thomson says:

    We were both jailed for contempt. Craig is being treated as a civil prisoner. I was treated as a criminal prisoner. I never got a tag either. In Craig’s case, this is bloody ridiculous.

  9. Fraser says:

    Can he recieve books? After he’s read them – would they go to the prison library? Does it have one?

  10. Graf Midgehunter says:

    This also the chance for all truth loving supporters of Scottish independence to show their solidarity with C.M. and at the same time show a stinky finger up at the obviously corrupted judicial system and their cronies at the SNP.

    Bags and bags of mail will leave its mark on the prison authorities and seep up to the head honchos. It’ll give them something to think about, folk are NOT happy.

  11. sarah says:

    Many many thanks for posting this, Rev. Poor man, the injustice will be gnawing away at him. And 22.5. hours a day in a small room? That is criminal. Even in the Tower of London prisoners could walk for hours in the open air. You’d think the governor could invite him daily to his office for a chat to relieve the monotony.

    I’ve already written of course [and donated] and will do so again, and encourage others.

  12. Yona says:

    Derek Cameron. You would need to check with the prison but I believe books can only be sent in direct from Amazon to the prison. It also depends how many books a month he is permitted.

  13. Dave R says:

    Good to hear that Craig is surviving. He is such a such an example to us all for his courage in what he did. It is entirely sinister that he is in jail for it.

    I’m not sure I want to subsidise the prison service by sending emails with their system after what’s happened. However I will try an alternative. Presumably Craig has Internet access (or is that not allowed in the 1984-style fascist state we have become?)

    Craig’s treatment (and all the other things going on with vax passports etc) shows the world is sadly a terrible place. Is there hope with Alba possibly? Cannae see the SNP doing much in the near future.

  14. sarah says:

    We must flood our MSPs and MPs with protest emails. Again.

  15. Jan Cowan says:

    Thank you. I’ll post a card to Craig when I’m in town today.
    Good to know they’re treating him well. Perhaps his decency will win a few staff and inmates over to independence.

  16. David Ferguson says: says:
    12 August, 2021 at 10:55 am
    NB – not a single word from Alex Salmond about a sentence that was described as “too severe” even by Mike Russell.

    There has been considerable comment on the silence from Alex Salmond. The idea that AS simply doesn’t care appears to me to be utterly absurd. Given his total silence, a much more sesible interpretation would be that he is acting on legal advice to say aboslutely nothing, for reasons of which we are unaware.

  17. Sharny Dubs says:

    Cheers Stu.

    I’m on it.

  18. Eileen Brown says:

    Hi Stu

    I am trying to email Craig, but the website doesn’t let me add credit to my account. Do you know how to get it to work? Sorry for being dim.

  19. X_Sticks says:

    Thanks Stuart I will do this.

  20. Albarising says:

    Can you send parcels… tea, coffee, sweets, magazines? Never been in prison so I have no idea.

  21. Willie says:

    I will certainly be dropping a note to prisoner 157095.

    But let me say one thing. The jailing of Craig Murray is an absolute outrage and the police, prosecution and judiciary have been shown to be utterly corrupt.

    This is now a country without a proper rule of law. Force and abuse is what this state is about. But force, malign ugly brutal force by state actors, always wherever it is deployed, fails in the end.

    Bad actors of the state have to live within the community in which they seek to dominate. They may think they are immune from that,can do as the please, but ultimately they have to align with their community. Brutal ugly suppression only works for a while. Northern Ireland certainly showed that both in the early 20th century 1916 to 1922and again fifty years later in the 1970s through to the 1990s

    Political jailing,extra judicial killing, media lockdown were all part of it back then. Hopefully Scotland will never go down that route.

    Anyway,folks should write to Craig Murray – who is a political prisoner.

  22. Molly's Mum says:

    @EileenBrown Probably teaching you to sook the proverbial egg but did you activate your account when they sent you the email ?

    Also, £5 is the minimum amount you can credit – are you trying to credit less than this ?

    I emailed Craig last week, but I’m going to send a card too, it’s ridiculous that people who have committed violent crimes can be tagged but Craig, who has never hurt a fly, cannot

  23. Janey McDonald says:

    Done – thank you for posting contact details.

  24. Captain Yossarian says:

    “Given his total silence, a much more sensible interpretation would be that he is acting on legal advice to say absolutely nothing” That’s what I think too. However, I would have thought that if the Scottish Government and their lawyers get private citizens into a mess then they should move heaven and earth to correct that situation straight away?

    That’s what would have happened 20-years ago when lawyers and parliamentarians were distinctly separate.

    There are those that think Scots Law is something fabulous that we are all lucky to have. It is not. It used to be, but it has been changed very subtly in recent years. Those who have carried-out the changes are millionaire Scottish lawyers. It is now a putrid confection and that suits Holyrood, because Holyrood itself is a putrid confection, isn’t it.

  25. Pixywine says:

    Derek Cameron Yes he can receive books from you.

  26. Patsy Millar says:

    Thanks for doing this. Had actually got the address from Grousebeater and have now written a card and off to post it.

  27. Linda McFarlane says:

    Cheers for info Stu, Postcard on its way, letter to follow. I will write to Craig regularly.

  28. Rae Jardine says:

    I will send a card to Craig. He will not be forgotten by his many supporters.

  29. Indy P says:

    Thank-you for the update – it’s also great to hear from you again. I’ve never sent a card to a prisoner, Dr Murray will be the first.

  30. mountain shadow says:

    I can’t see how any senior SNP politician can possibly show their face at a AUOB march again.

  31. Josef Ó Luain says:

    Will do, of course, Stu.

  32. prj says:

    This may be a stupid comment but hey ho, here it goes.

    Is it possible to research previous blogs on court cases and see if jigsaw identification has taken place in the past? and apply the same parameters that were used in the Craig Murray case. If such incidences have occurred then it could question the legitimacy of his prosecution.

  33. Grouser says:

    I’ve already sent a card to him. I would suggest that if people are outraged by his treatment they also write to their MP and MSP condemning their complicity in his treatment. They have all remained silent in the face of this injustice and they are all equally guilty of putting Craig Murray in his present situation.

    I already have written to my MP and MSP and so far have had only an automatic response from my MP, nothing from my MSP – Humza Yousaf.

  34. James Che. says:

    Scots law is good, it’s the enactors of that law that have behaved abominable.
    And you do not hear any one in Scotland believe the invented reason for imprisonments or trying to invent laws to imprison other leading politicians of opposition.

    Its a matter of Who is corrupt, put in place by others that are corrupt, enabled by MSM,
    The law it self is not corrupt.
    Time to separate the two ideas

  35. Alastair Naughton says:

    I agree with David Ferguson regarding Alex Salmond. Given how close Murray was to Alex’s case, it is utterly unthinkable to suggest he wouldn’t have had legal advice on the matter. What would surprise me would be if he DID comment on it, especially during his ongoing case against the Scottish Government.

  36. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Presumably Craig has Internet access”


  37. Indy P says:

    HM Prison Edinburgh

    “ Posting in Property
    You can post in property for offenders, but the offender must have completed the pro forma prior to the items arriving. Mark the parcel for the individual’s attention. To ensure the parcel arrives safely, you can send it recorded delivery (cost incurred at the post office).

    Handing in Property

    Property for convicted and untried offenders may be handed in at the main front desk on the following days and times.

    Mon to Fri 10:00-16:00
    Tuesday 17:45-18:45
    Saturday/Sunday 12:30-14:00

    Offenders will complete the relevant form (pro forma) with the date and time property will be handed in. It is the offender’s responsibility to inform their visitors what they can hand in and when. Visitors handing in property require photographic identification and evidence of their home address, as described for visiting identification. Staff will issue a receipt for the property.”

    Website –

    Amazon Policy -“ Shipping to Prisons makes deliveries to prisons. However, we recommend that you contact the prison first to confirm that they accept deliveries and to ask about any special policies they have.

    The label on the outside of the package should only state the destination address, company name, and return address. We can’t include any special labels or instructions on the package. You can’t send gifts anonymously to inmates; the collection address appears on the order invoice.”

  38. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “I am trying to email Craig, but the website doesn’t let me add credit to my account. Do you know how to get it to work?”

    I don’t, sorry. Best to contact them directly.

  39. Nally Anders says:

    Appalling that unlike violent offenders Craig won’t be eligible to be ‘tagged’.
    Clearly being armed with a loaded pen is considered a huge threat to the Scottish population at large.
    Of course I will be writing to Craig. He needs to know we’re all rooting for him.

  40. Lindy4Indy2 says:

    Thanks for this Stu. I will definitely write him a letter.

    (My previous attempt to post this doesn’t seem to have worked. I have a new phone and every website I use is asking me to log in. Maybe I logged in with wrong details. Hopefully I got it right this time.)

  41. chas says:

    Scotland simply is not what it used to be but…………….is anywhere? People can write as much as they want on sites like these but sadly it won’t change anything.
    The wise and educated Scottish electorate!! voted in the present Scottish Government, who have failed in almost everything they have touched and squandered millions of pounds in the process. Will this change anytime soon?
    The only beneficiaries have been the Politicians themselves and they will do their very best to ensure that this continues. The judiciary and the police are in their back pocket as we are seeing with convictions of the likes of Mr Murray.
    Looking to the future I fear that civil unrest is the only answer. All very depressing.

  42. Ian Brotherhood says:

    I’m wrapping up an old paperback, ‘Lobey’s The Wee Boy’, (Five Lobsey Dosser Adventures by Bud Neill) and sending a postcard separately to let know Craig it’s on the way. It’ll be interesting to see if it ever gets to him.


  43. Louise Hogg says:

    Thank YOU.

  44. Captain Yossarian says:

    “People can write as much as they want on sites like these but sadly it won’t change anything”. It’s sites like these that expose it and that’s why he has been fingered by Sturgeon for early termination.

    I agree with everything else you say. In terms of the honesty of our parliamentarians – most countries stay roughly the same decade after decade. Only Scotland has suffered this vertiginous drop. We now rank alongside Poland and Hungary.

  45. P says:

    Cheers Rev

  46. Graeme Hampton says:

    I’ll get on to this tonight. Let’s hope we can all give the Prison postal service a very busy time.

    As you are no longer on Twitter could I perhaps ask here for another relapse and a piece on Shirley Somervilles guidance to schools on trans children. I appreciate you’ve retired and have a life to get on with and have already contributed more to Scottish life than most of the Scottish journalists put together but I am worried that a generation of children are going to be harmed to appease a particularly viscous lobby.

  47. John Jones says:

    Sent one with pics of some wee chicks on,some of them were named Richard, comment was that I didn’t think that there would be any in beside him.

  48. Eileen Carson says:

    What a bloody awful way to treat a civilian who has NOT been proven guilty of any crime only that he “could have”!! Well I *could have* committed any number of crimes multiple times MURDER many many times **BUT I HAVE NOT** so I’m innocent just like Craig.

    Thanks for the update, which I’ve passed onto friends and friends of friends, Craig will be inundated.

  49. Ruby says:

    Does Craig have a computer?

  50. Shocked says:

    A terrible state of affairs that shows just how corrupt Scotland has become under the new SNP.

    Unfortunately despite his being jailed on these ridiculous charges I see no evidence of Craig Murray accepting that his unquestioning support for the New SNP got him into his current predicament. The election presented the perfect opportunity to get himself in the media and tell everyone just how corrupt Nicola Sturgeon and her anointed successor Angus Robertson were and yet he endorsed them and pleaded with people to vote New SNP. When they went ahead with jailing him he didn’t even resign from the New SNP in disgust and had to be slung out on his ear. His behaviour has been inexplicable and to be honest my sympathy is waning.

    Mind you Alex Salmond did exactly the same and made an absolute shambles of the launch of Alba and it seems he still hasn’t worked out that unless Sturgeon is permanently removed from the political chessboard that he is finished in politics. He needs to stop surrounding himself with sycophants and wake the hell up.

    But what really gets my goat is the New SNP 1 crowd expressing sympathy for Craig Murray when they may as well have locked his cell door themselves. Nothing but a bunch of hypocrites.

    I have said all along that Nicola Sturgeon, Peter Murrell, Leslie Evans, Liz Lloyd, James Wolffe, John Swinney, Angus Robertson and a few others who I cannot name in this backward shithole called Scotland should be in jail. The fact that people including Craig Murray Alex Salmond and the rest even thought voting for these criminals was a good idea makes me sick to my stomach. If sturgeon had lost power I have no doubt that the crown office files would have been opened and it would be her facing a criminal trial now but as it stands I doubt she will ever have to pay for what she did. We have been completely failed by our political classes, the legal system and the media.

    I hope all those who endorsed campaigned and voted for these criminals are pleased with themselves, you are all accomplices in the theft of a once proud nation by a gang of common liars and thieves. It’s been done right under our noses and yet most people don’t even realise and some of those who do don’t even care. Some of them even have the cheek to rant about what the “bastard English” have done to Scotland, well it’s nothing compared to what these crooks have done.

  51. Ruby says:

    Perhaps all the things that might be of interest to Craig that is on the internet could be made into a pdf and copied onto a flash drive and sent to Craig.

    This article and the comments for example.

    Two questions:

    Does he have access to a computer during the 22.5 hours he spends in his cell and would he be allowed to receive a flash drive?

  52. Ruby says:

    Ruby says:
    12 August, 2021 at 1:06 pm
    Perhaps all the things that might be of interest to Craig that is on the internet could be made into a pdf and copied onto a flash drive and sent to Craig.

    This article and the comments for example.

    Ooops maybe not just read ‘Shocked’ post.

    Although some post could be edited out.

  53. Shocked says:


    Maybe he wouldn’t want to read it maybe he would. Throughout my professional career in the law I have always believed in telling people the truth because when you start telling lies because the truth is perhaps uncomfortable for someone you end up not only eroding your own integrity but you also cause harm to the person you are advising. The truth never hurt anyone because without knowing the truth you can never make the tough decisions that need to be made sometimes. I fear that Alex and Craig have not been advised by people who told them the truth, only what these people thought they wanted to hear.

  54. Ruby says:

    Clive Thomson says:
    12 August, 2021 at 11:00 am
    We were both jailed for contempt. Craig is being treated as a civil prisoner. I was treated as a criminal prisoner. I never got a tag either. In Craig’s case, this is bloody ridiculous.

    Hi Clive
    You got six month and Craig got eight months.

    Civil prisoners get longer sentences than civil prisoners?

    Hope you are doing well now Clive and you haven’t been too traumatised by the experience.

  55. Ruby says:

    Civil prisoners get longer sentences than criminal prisoners?

    Is what I meant to type!

  56. Confused says:

    – general state of the law …

    On telly the other right was a massive bit of deflection going on re: Charlie Green’s 6M payoff – it’s all a dreadful mixup and COCK-UP_NOT_A_CONSPIRACY and the “reaons” for it all are being mystified … I am sure there will be an enquiry, so don’t fret people.

    I found this little note in a folder from some years ago – 2015 – it is about IMRAN AHMAD, the former rangers director who made wolffe eat shit in public and will be receiving a massive compensation for his trouble … this “episode” will be sucked down the memory hole soon enough, but it is fascinating to read WHAT AHMAD HIMSELF SAID of the matter, for it is quite damning – (from BBC article, capitals mine)

    Former Rangers director Imran Ahmad has said he will REMAIN OVERSEAS AND NOT CO-OPERATE with an investigation into the sale of the club’s assets in 2012.

    Mr Ahmad spoke out after four other men were charged over the deal.

    He accused police of being “emotionally connected” to Rangers and described the club as “a religion built on religious bigotry”. He also said he would NOT GET A FAIR TRIAL anywhere in Scotland.

    Police Scotland, the Crown Office and Rangers all DECLINED TO COMMENT.

    A Crown Office spokesman said: “As proceedings are live for the purposes of the Contempt of Court Act 1981 it would be INAPPROPRIATE TO COMMENT.”

    A police spokeswoman also said that “it would be INAPPROPRIATE TO COMMENT” and this was “a live inquiry”.

    A spokesman for Rangers DECLINED TO COMMENT.

    Following the court appearances, Mr Ahmad emailed the BBC to say that his legal representatives had contacted the Crown Office in a bid to ascertain if he would face any charges.

    He said he was initially prepared to return to the UK from overseas, where he has been working.

    ‘Safe passage’

    Mr Ahmad said: “I was promised a letter by the Crown…by close of business 4 September 2015 which would also confirm that I WOULD NOT BE ARRESTED at UK border control or by Police Scotland and could attend court on the 29 September 2015 to answer the warrant petition which I wanted to fully cooperate with.”

    Mr Ahmad continued: “A few days ago, the Crown reneged on their promise to provide me with a SAFE PASSAGE LETTER.

    “My legal team and I have grave concerns about a defendant in this case being able to RECEIVE A FAIR TRIAL anywhere in Scotland let alone Glasgow.

    “Every social media site in Scotland has PRESUMED ALL THE DEFENDANTS TO BE GUILTY BEFORE A TRIAL HAS EVEN TAKEN PLACE or for that matter before individuals have even been indicted.”

    Mr Ahmad said that he had recently “received DEATH THREATS by phone and online”.

    He described Rangers fans as “a tribe”, adding: “What the rest of the world will never understand unless they experience it first hand is that RANGERS FOOTBALL CLUB IS A RELIGION, IN ITSELF, BUILT ON CENTURIES OF RELIGIOUS BIGOTRY.”

    The former director also accused Police Scotland of being “an establishment institution which itself is DEEPLY ROOTED AND IMMERSED IN RANGERS Football Club’s history for well over 140 years”.

    Mr Ahmad said: “I firmly believe Police Scotland have their own agenda and are DEEPLY EMOTIONALLY CONNECTED TO RANGERS FOOTBALL CLUB. In my view Police Scotland have a clear conflict of interest.”

    He added: “I have decided not to attend the Crown’s ‘invite’ warrant on the 29 September 2015 and will remain overseas until the trial is over when I will return to the UK.”

    – selective application of the law is a big problem in this country; it proves bias and therefore “Justice” is a lottery and a losing one if your face doesn’t fit or you aee “an enemy of the people”.

    This is the sort of thing one “must not talk about” – bias in the police, the judiciary, does not and cannot exist – they are all impartial, we are all impartial, its just those fucking fenian bastard sellic fans that are … and conspiracy theorists …

    – sometimes it takes an -outsider- to state the truth. The rangers directors were middle class guys, businessmen, who had the resources to fight their treatment and were never going to stand for this kind of “huckling” – but most of us do not have their resources, and we can be picked up and thrown against a wall, at any time.

    The law is rotten in this country, root and branch, top to bottom; the only folks who believe “the system works” are those who have no dealings with it; you can see their methods, and you should not trust them, or assume fair play, “your day in court” – and if there is NO JURY, just a judge, you can forget about it. Imran Ahmad did the right thing and never even allowed them to get their hands on him – and came out publicly with what they were up to.

    – I hope one day, soon, Alex Salmond, takes a trip to a foreign land, like say Iceland – and blows this whole thing wide open. But from a safe distance.

    Craig Murray’s mistake was to retain some trust in the system, but his “card was marked” a long time ago, and this is just a little payback for many irritations he has caused over the years.

  57. J.o.e says:

    ‘Civil prisoners get longer sentences than criminal prisoners?’

    Anarcho-tyranny. A few quotes from internet search:

    ‘Anarcho-tyranny is a concept, where the state is argued to be more interested in controlling citizens so that they do not oppose the managerial class (tyranny) rather than controlling real criminals (causing anarchy). Laws are argued to be enforced only selectively, depending on what is perceived to be beneficial for the ruling elite.’

    ‘…where government increasingly lets criminal and dependent elements dominate public life while directing the heavy hand of the State onto people who are basically peaceful, who are not subsidized, who earn their keep and don’t steal, murder, and grift their way through life.That heavy hand is the increasing burden of the regulations progressives love.’

    ‘Anarcho-tyranny is how hordes of gay pride activists marching shoulder to shoulder can defy social distancing guidelines with gushing approbation from radical left-wing medical “experts,” while anti-lockdown and anti-mask mandate protesters are deemed public health menaces who now face snitch hotlines, fines, house arrest or jail time.’

  58. Republicofscotland says:

    Good to see Craig is doing okay, not so good that he’s to do the full sentence.

  59. Hatuey says:

    Pity Pixy and Ian couldn’t send him some of those anti-vax videos. They’ve certainly kept me laughing and helped me get through the last few months.

    I’d write to Craig but I’ve forgotten how to be nice to people. Some of you may have noticed.

    Maybe someone could paste all the comments from here into an email. Have they imposed some unnatural limit on the size of those 40p emails?

    The thing about Craig Murray is he’s one of those upper class toffs types. I admire him immensely, but, being from the swamp, I worry that I’d irritate him with my peasant principles and values, or the lack of them.

    I had an exchange last week with just such a toff. He mistook me for a climate change denier, which I’m not. There’s a subtle difference between someone that denies climate change and someone that doesn’t care, I told him.

    (They’ve been ignoring us for years as we tried to build better and fairer societies and now, all of a sudden, not only do our opinions matter but we are somehow responsible for the system they imposed on us…)

    Craig likes golf, maybe I should stick to that.

  60. Grouse Beater says:

    Wrote a few days ago. Letter on my website.

  61. sarah says:

    Megrahi was released on health grounds by Justice Minister’s decision.

    Surely Craig’s lawyers will be applying to the Justice Minister now? Do you know, Rev?

    I’m sure the fact that the Justice Minister in this case is Humza Yousaf whereas it was Kenny MacAskill for Megrahi would not affect the outcome?

  62. Mist001 says:

    As I’ve said previously, Craig Murray comes across to me online as a very arrogant man but whatever my opinion of him is, he certainly doesn’t deserve the treatment that he’d going through at the moment, so of course I’ll send him a letter, if it makes his days a bit easier.

    I hope I can make it interesting, but it will be done.

  63. Robert Graham says:

    The Madness continues

    Enjoying yer holiday Princess Nicola ?

    Because a intervention by you personally could see Craig released this afternoon , all roads lead back to you and failed efforts to Jail one man the cost and the time and effort wasted just shows how bloody vindictive you and your cosy inner circle have been ,the collateral damage was the only person brave enough to let people know that there was another side to the criminal trial (failed) other than the Daily he did this, he did that, he shouldn’t be allowed near anyone again and that was just the complimentary comments by the MSM who had Alex Salmond proven guilty the same night the Daily Record splashed the headlines .

  64. Skip_NC says:

    Prj, you don’t need to research blogs. In the Spectator case, Lady Dorrian’s suggested amendment to her order, combined with the redaction the Spectator was required to make, reveals one of the complainers.

    Did the Crown ever assert that the “Yes Minister” homage might lead to jigsaw identification? If so, isn’t that like pointing a great big neon sign in the direction of that post?

  65. Graf Midgehunter says:

    Re. AS

    “Given his total silence, a much more sensible interpretation would be that he is acting on legal advice to say absolutely nothing”
    or maybe: “Never interrupt the enemy when they’re making a mistake.”

    Give them some rope and let them hang themselves…

  66. Josh R says:

    A week or 2 alone in a cell at the beginning of his caging sounds familiar, a punitive ‘breaking’ effort.
    But that was in an old CatB prison (like the one in “Porridge”). After that he may be in a shared cell, if that is an option wherever he is.
    Letters and cards are a god send, especially if you’re not used to being banged up like a beast. A day without a letter from the ‘out’ is a real downer. A big handful of letters and cards will buoy the spirit for a full 24hrs, easily.
    Noise protests are like spiritual ambrosia for the soul and raises spirits across the block, breaks the monotony for all inside and generates a good bit of friendly banter.

  67. Captain Yossarian says:

    @Confused – That long rant of a post appears to be entirely predicated upon whether you are a Rangers supporter, in which case you are a tribal bigot, and if you’re not a Rangers supporter then you are OK.

    Is Frank Mulholland a Rangers supporter then?

    Are there no supporters of any other football clubs within the ranks of Police Scotland?…within the ranks of the COPFS?…I’ll tell you where you will struggle to find any Rangers supporters and that is at Holyrood.

    We currently have a delinquent legal profession and that is the simple problem. James Wolffe says Frank Mulholland is great and Roddy Dunlop says that James Wolffe is great. Neither of them are great. They are merchants of flim-flam.

    Law is there to protect the public…remember that old-fashioned concept?

    As you say, Charles Greene and Co put up £1m and proved that our legal profession is rotten to the core. It didn’t prove that all Rangers supporters are tribal bigots and I suspect you have just added that bit on, haven’t you?

  68. Josh R says:


    “Did the Crown ever assert that the “Yes Minister” homage might lead to jigsaw identification?”

    I think that article wasn’t ordered to be taken down so was not deemed to be part of the joke of “jigsaw identification”, which surprised me as that seemed to be the only article that could possibly have been ‘suggestive’. I read everything he wrote and had no idea who any of the lying toerags were.

  69. James Che. says:

    It is unprecedented that corruption ends at the highest upper echelons of government and sooo surprising to us all.


    How else do politicians stay in power.

    We only need to look south of the border to see politicians playing around with the good Friday agreement to obtain Britain’s Brexit.

    Or watch the care and attention that was needed to ensure that the acts of the treaty of the union were not broken to arrive at Brexit.

    We see and hear on MSM how the highest in Parliament do deals that favour their friends and relatives in big money making contracts,

    We have grown accustomed to our tax payers money dissapearing into the ether.

    It was inevitable that this corruption would spread from down south into a Westminster given devolved government to Scotland,

    As it was in 1707,
    When like minded greedy people come together for financial gain they would sell a country for profit.

    Journalists and past politicians are in prison or attempts to imprison them due to getting in the way of ££££ signs,

    Scotland itself was illegally sold to England by a few men that did not own it,

    Why are we so surprised at corruption on both sides of the border by all means available to gain financial rewards for the upper echelons after 300 years,

    What surprises most of us is how patient we the Scots are when under duress, and why it has taking us so long to realise that a sovereign nation of people within their own country accept the illegal sale of 300 years ago.

    In modern days and for some time now since the laws have changed, it is illegal to bind people up with a sale, it is recognised as slavery, and most slaves in the western world were released long ago.

    Where would Craig Murray be right now if Scotland and its people had recognised that the sale of their country had been illegal,
    and yet those false impressions of Scotland being imprisoned themselves to the treaty of the union are abolished and dismantled when we realise with our sovereignty comes the right to choose a new government.
    How slow we are to realise that we do not need to have our journalists and politicians incarcerated by a system that displays corruption we have the authority to change it.
    WE Do not lift a finger, due to fear of using those legal rights available to us.
    Craig is in prison and our previous FM has been fighting to avoid false incarceration due to our fear.
    We are as much to blame as lord advocates and snp for false imprisonments of our fellow as anybody else for not taken up sovereignty of the Scots.

  70. Robert Graham says:

    On a lighter note and totally unrelated item

    A Texas resident a Diabetic and suffered from a Heart condition , Patricio Elizondo 76 who died as result of contracting the virus ,

    Later a medical spokesman is reported as saying his condition could have been much worse if he hadn’t been double vaccinated and it’s reported his Daughter Yvonne Rodriguez agreed with these comments I feel being doubly vaccinated really helped .

    I will leave that with you and yes there are people who will take this in without Question , strange days indeed , they control the Horizontal they control the Vertical , the outer limits was not fiction it was a documentary about things to come ,

    I give up , maybe it’s a stupid pill that’s been added to the drinking water supply , who knows .

  71. Confused says:

    Captain – I think you miss the point; the case of the rangers saga is illustrative of the general rot. Most of that post was from the BBC quoted from Ahmad.

    Imran Ahmad did the right thing

    – he never assumed he would get fair treatment
    – did not allow them physical access
    – said publicly, in very plain terms, what was going on, to which they had “no comment”

    and in the end, they write him a fat cheque and try to forget it ever happened. There are lessons for us all.

  72. crazycat says:

    @ sarah at 1.42

    The current Justice Minister is Keith Brown; after the election, Humza (who was Justice Minister when Craig was on trial) was “promoted” to Health, so that he could work his inimitable magic on that department too.

  73. Republicofscotland says:

    So Sturgeon has finally written to Boris Johnson on her concerns over the Cambo oilfield, after there has been much publicity over it. Of course Sturgeon is a no lose situation here, she can rail all she wants about the Cambo field safe in the knowledge that its not a devolved matter, but the publicity and sympathy for her on doing so, will only bolster her support.

    However Sturgeon cannot escape from her farcical position on Climate Change, and the need to make changes sooner than later, especially with her ministers ministerial cars, now numbering forty-one, up from twenty-five, not only that they now cost the Scottish taxpayer a whopping £1.3 million pounds a year.

  74. sarah says:

    @ crazycat: thanks for correcting me – so Keith Brown is Justice Minister. That makes me feel so much more confident that justice will prevail… 🙂

  75. Captain Yossarian says:

    @Confused – If you’ve got £1m, then you can beat them. It’s not that difficult, but the £1m is the problem. Hence, more of this will go-on, several times each and every year. A malicious prosecution should be treated by all in Scotland as a scandal…but it doesn’t get treated as a scandal, does it.

    If you don’t have £1m then you are at risk of being stitched-up by the judiciary and jailed. That is what Holyrood has brought us to and that’s probably one of the reasons the bloggers are giving-up. The country is fast turning into a political and legal shit-house.

  76. greeneyedcat says:

    Posted three small books, and a notebook, yesterday – fingers crossed Craig receives and likes them.

  77. Daisy Walker says:

    With regards Alex staying quiet.

    It is not like him at all, so I suspect it is on legal advice – quite possibly Craig’s and his own.

    Q, if he did comment publically in support of Craig – what would the press make of it? A mountain I’d suggest.

    Ruby – I think it highly likely that Craig will NOT be given access to a Pen Drive if sent. Likelyhood is it will end up confiscated.

    Please remember certain items, like mobile phones, SIM Cards and SD Cards, etc are prohibited within the prison and therefore if it falls into that bracket it could get you into trouble if you sent it.

    The problem with a Pen Drive is it could introduce a virus into the prison computer system, and the sheer amount of info that can be scanned on it cannot be vetted as it would take too long.

    (this might seem draconian to us with regards CM, but for the other prisoners, it stems an otherwise extensive amount of porn being sent in, including child porn to the paedophiles, so there is a legitimate reason behind it.)

    I’m not sure if he will be entitled to computer access, if so it will not include unlimited web access. Probably only e-mail access and reply only.

    Anyway, I’m away to write to him. Least I can do under the circumstances.

  78. Daisy Walker says:

    Further to my last, I’m wondering if – as a low risk prisoner – Craig cannot be transfered to Castle Huntly. This would allow him day release at the weekends, in addition to outdoor exercise.

    Is this something that is also prohibited due to the civil nature of his ‘offence’. If so, it highlights the doublestandards once again.

    Tory mininsters who lied under oath ended up in the low security prisons. Why not Craig?

  79. oneliner says:

    It is reassuring to hear that Craig is bearing up in the face of manufactured adversity. Thank you for supplying his address details

    Slightly O/T but one of my best (state) schoolmates set out to be a lawyer. He rose through the ranks to attain a significant position in the COPFS. He also wrote regularly for legal journals. One of the most decent, honest and loyal individuals you could ever wish to meet. He died of lung cancer aged 50. Had he been spared, he would now be retired. I often wonder what he would have made of the fall of the Scottish legal system.

  80. Bill Boyd says:

    Contacted the prison, and you can send paperback books, but not hardback, apparently.

  81. Stuart Campbell says:

    In the subject line of your email to Craig please put…..Free The Jigsaw One!

  82. Stuart Campbell says:

    Wouldn’t it be extremely embarrassing for Sturgeon and Dorrian if we could get foreign journalists, even Chinese and Russian, to cover any vigils at Staughton to show the worlds most oppressed citizens how backward and oppressive the Scottish Justice System has become under Sturgeon.

  83. crazycat says:

    @ sarah at 2.39

    Me too – he’s justice and veterans minister, so while the latter is important, I’d have thought the former needed someone devoting all his/her time to the job.

  84. James Che. says:

    Of course if any one of us is serious on Scotland’s position of going more green and think we should.

    1) Remember to give up your mobile phone and never renew it,

    2) Sell your car or scrap it into land waste. And separate the fuel and oils first.
    Do not buy a new model as the plastic and fibre glass bodies are quarried from the earth.
    And the new electric batteries are a environmental risk in landfill afterwards as China already has dangerous lithium lakes.
    Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and Micheal Bloomberg are to carry out mineral research in Greenland for minerals from the earth that can be used for electric vehicles. (( not green behind the scenes)

    3) Take you’re shoes, trainers and boots and put them to the rubbish tip as these are mostly made out of plastic. Do not buy new ones made of leather as cows create methane gases.

    4) close down all airports as planes damage the ozone layers and drop chemicals from the sky,

    5) stop spraying our food crops, as it is killing the insects and bees in micro environments. Learn to accept beasties in your food,

    6) stop using dishwashers and washing machines products as the pollutants travel down our rivers and into the sea.

    7) stop using chemicals like shampoo and soap, hairspray. aftershave, creams.

    Do not travel on buses as they use a lot more rubber tyres and fuel than other vehicle.

    8) do not except false green energy from wind turbines or solar panels until you have researched where the materials come from to build them, and how they will be exposed of at the end of there lifetime or what poor country.

    9) do not build houses or extensions as these deplete forests abroad and out of your sight on a massive scale,

    10. Insist that palm oil in all your food is stopped as palm trees are being planted by removing natural forests and shooting animal species such as orangatangs and their babies.

    11) everyone pick up the rubbish around you wether it is yours or not, stop walking past it, be active instead of complaining.

    Ask your council to dispose of the local rubbish in a more green way instead of burying it to contaminate soil.

    12) dispose of your television, computers, mobile phones and broadbands to prevent microwave contamination and unnecessary satellite debris in space.

    13) remove all the clothing you are wearing that are made from synthetic fibres until you learn more about how the process is bad for the environment,

    14) Plant a tree every week to catch up with deforestation.

    15) Lift the concrete path slabs and gravel in you’re garden and replace it with “real” grass. For birds and insects.

    16) stop transporting food across the world and grow your own.

    17) shop once a month, to save on pollution from vehicles.

    If we are going to go green, let’s do it.
    Let’s not pick and choose just the bits we individually want to commit to so we can keep our lifestyles.
    Going green means going green all the way.
    Let us be genuine about our contribution to our carbon footprint, it’s down to us, we are the consumers.
    If you believe in the British governments green new deal let us hold there feet to the fire and stop our politicians from making bombs, and destroying other countries natural flora, fauna and wildlife by invading and bombing.
    Stop our Scottish government from harbouring dangerous nuclear weapons, otherwise they are false in their claim of being and going green,

    If anyone opts out of some or any of these green solving solutions,
    They are false prophets casting doom and gloom solely for the purpose for share profits, financial gain, or preferential lifestyle,
    Could you imagine Nicola sturgeon or Patrick Harvey giving up their way of life to live in a genuine green lifestyle, no holiday flights, no mobile phone, no cars or taxies, no trains or buses. No plastic bottled water, No shoes and no nuclear power in Scotland.

  85. Ruby says:

    Daisy Walker says:

    Ruby – I think it highly likely that Craig will NOT be given access to a Pen Drive if sent. Likelyhood is it will end up confiscated.


    Thanks for info Daisy. I’ll ditch the pen drive idea.

    I’m now thinking along the lines of a book on Yoga (paperback) however I don’t know Craig and I have no idea if he already practices yoga. He may know all about the
    Downward-Facing Dog, the Cat-Camel, standing on his head & the Savasana (Savasana that’s my favourite)

    Are you allowed to do yoga in prison?

  86. holymacmoses says:

    Has anyone looked at the Wikipedia entries for 2018/2019/2020.
    I think they sorely need edited and updated to include relevant and important information

    2019 in Scotland – Wikipedia

    I would happily update but would like to get folks opinion first

  87. Still cannae believe this has happened,

    i`m sure Judge Leeona June Dorrian and QC Alex Prentice are enjoying their freedom,

    a couple of absolute scoundrels,

    would like to think they will share Craig`s fate in the future,

    but being part of the establishment i doubt it.

  88. ben madigan says:

    in reply to Bill Boyd who says:

    “Contacted the prison, and you can send paperback books, but not hardback, apparently.”
    Content is also important. No “Escape from Colditz” type books!

    One other point – it’s important to be in letter-writing/card-sending mode for the long haul.

    If you send off a missive this week, resolve to send another next week and every week until Craig is out

  89. robertknight says:

    In the post!

  90. James Che. says:

    How embarrassing it would be for NS, the snp the lord advocate,
    It would also be embarrassing for down south too. As they refused an appeal for CM.

  91. stuart mctavish says:

    Who informed him he was a civil (as opposed to a criminal) prisoner.

    Sounds like the sort of moral harassment/ dark humour people in uniform are occasionally guilty of – but if it was somebody who should know better it could be more evidence of state sponsored malicious behaviour of the type Assange has been persecuted for for a while now.

    ie sorry sir, we know we have no authority to keep you in protective custody under the law of the land, but because your predicament was brought under a political agreement we are not holding you under our own laws per se, but under shipping law, or such as can be implied both within and without the paperwork depending on the prevailing wind and weight of the envelopes.. and no,of course we don’t care if people accused of stealing elections might also be involved in your particular persecution and distress, they who waive the rules fill the envelopes dopey but in your case they also provide the gavel and pay the salary – so best advice, over and above avoiding trouble whilst praying for some sort of sanity armed with a cavalry returning to the outside world, might be to make good friends, sort out the warden’s tax returns acquire a giant sized Sturgeon-Johnson-Witty poster and consider escaping through the walls with a spoon etc.

  92. Republicofscotland says:

    Stuart @6.12pm.


    I had to look it up myself.

    “You are a civil prisoner if you have been sent to prison for:

    Not paying child maintenance money
    Not paying fines or debts
    Not paying money you agreed to pay for someone on bail if they did not attend court
    Not doing what the court has told you to do
    Defaulting on a confiscation order”,on%20bail%20if%20they%20did%20not%20attend%20court

  93. Captain Yossarian says:

    @RoS – Folk think Scots Law is some ancient all-knowing text, akin to the Bible. It’s nothing of the kind. It gets changed every couple of years by the goofballs of Holyrood and their pet millionaire law-firm partners to ensure the public always get shafted and they always get paid.

    Lawyers and Holyrood parliamentarians represent the worst of Scotland and Craig, Alex Salmond and all the rest of us know that by now.

  94. christine says:

    Many thanks for this Stuart.
    WTF is “ jigsaw identification”? I get it now. There’s no puzzle to this ( excuse the pun ). It is whatever Lady Dorrian says it is. How did she judge that 8 months imprisonment was fair and proportionate and consistent, as per sentencing guidelines? I get it now. It’s whatever she says it is.

    I couldn’t work out the names of the complainants in Craig’s blog. I couldn’t have cared less, TBH. What mattered to me was the clear and vivid account he gave of the main players/ conspirators in the events leading up to the judicial review and criminal trial. This was a damning indictment of their manipulation, abuse of power and abject failure to administer fairness and due process in the complaints procedure. It was and still is blindingly obvious they conspired to destroy Alex Salmond.

    Lady Dorrian believed that Craig’s “ intent “ was one of ill-will. The opposite is true. Craig’s intentions were to inform, educate and tell the truth, all done with goodwill and courage.

    Scotland’s criminal justice system is shambolic, shameful, corrupt and a national disgrace. The proportion of people in prison in Scotland is among the highest in Europe and significantly higher than elsewhere in the UK. Just like our drug death statistics. The cost to the taxpayer of one year of imprisonment per prisoner is £35,000. The thing is, the serious and urgent reforms needed are far too complex and difficult, requiring levels of skill and intellect and courage and compassion, largely absent from our elected representatives. Just like everything else they never do and never will.

    Will happily send a card to Craig. A prisoner has to complete a pro-forma request for a specific book and details of sender. Otherwise the book will end up in his property, with no access until release.

  95. stuart mctavish says:

    @Republic of Scotland

    Thanks, although I’d imagine that the item

    “Not doing what the court has told you to do”

    is incomplete and should have something like “pursuant to a civil procedure” appended to it

  96. James Che. says:

    saffron robe.
    Al Stuart

    One for all views.

    Perspective on.

    CM. AS. Covid rules, NS, Climate change, BLm, bojo , war and peace. Snp Young against old. Banning laughter and comedians, personal freedom of speech against MSM freedom to speak
    Search YouTube for

    This is where we are.

  97. John Main says:

    @Hatuey – 12 August, 2021 at 1:35 pm

    Exactly as you say, best thing for CM is something that will have him laughing until his ribs ache.

    Send him some of your recent posts. Most guaranteed to raise at least a smile.

    Include a few from your “Covid is deadly” series. Segue into the “The unvaccinated must be treated like second-class citizens” meme. End on a high by including your epic “There are no such things as race or species”.

  98. stuart mctavish says:

    @Republic of Scotland (again)
    Just looked at the site and catch 22 is that being a civil prisoner appears to be either a concession or dressed as one.

    Couldn’t find the sadistic part about relative disadvantage in respect of early release though – so presume they don’t tell you that part until you’ve signed up to the contract irrespective of its validity, prejudice or unlawful terms.. appalling.

  99. Hi many thanks for the info, most certainly will do. Would you or your extended circle of people in the know have the contact details for Julian Assange, so that we can do likewise

  100. Tinto Chiel says:

    If I could just amplify James Che’s comment @7.22 by adding a link to the “Mass Psychosis” clip who missed it the other day:

    Disturbing but beautifully done…

  101. Annie 621 says:

    Thank you Rev Stu X

    ..I tremble for my country..

  102. Tinto Chiel says:

    Rather…”by adding a link to the “Mass Psychosis” clip FOR THOSE who missed it….”


    Yadda yadda yadda.

  103. Merganser says:

    Have baked a cake with a file in it but couldn’t fit it in an envelope so a letter will have to do for now.

  104. John Cleary says:

    @Republicofscotland says:
    12 August, 2021 at 6:34 pm

    RoS, that is very interesting.
    So Craig is in prison for

    “Not doing what the court has told you to do”

    The court told Craig that he should have obeyed Alex Prentice QC when the latter instructed him to remove entries on his website.

    Craig in turn replied:

    There is an extremely important point here. I have always instantly complied with any order of a court to remove material. What I have not done is comply with instructions from the Crown or Procurator Fiscal to remove material. Because it is over 330 years since the Crown had the right of censorship in Scotland without the intervention of a judge.

    This is just like Mark Hirst. There is no underlying crime.

    This Dorrian creature CANNOT send a man to jail simply because he calls out the pompous PrenticeQC.

    Where’s the law Dorrian?

  105. sarah says:

    What about emailing Keith Brown, “Justice” Minister, suggesting he let Craig Murray out on health grounds?

  106. Pixywine says:

    Yoga. Jesus fucking Christ. Fuck me backwards.

  107. Scott says:

    James Che. says:
    12 August, 2021 at 7:22 pm

    Ask the question again in Off-Topic

  108. Ruby says:

    Pixywine says:
    12 August, 2021 at 9:51 pm
    Yoga. Jesus fucking Christ. Fuck me backwards.


    This isn’t a fuckin’ dating site where you can advertise for kinky sex. In the event of someone coming forward to fullfil your strange request you’d better hope that they’ve been practising yoga otherwise you might have to just make do with missionary!

    PS The expression is ‘fuck me sideways’

  109. Annie 621 says:

    Meditation..but that’s a given!

  110. Mist001 says:

    I wrote a letter to Craig Murray tonight and I’ll send it tomorrow. I’m NOT telling you this to make out how great I am for doing so or anything. I’m posting this because I actually found it quite difficult.

    On the one hand, you don’t want to depress the guy by going on about his current predicament but on the other hand, you don’t want to be frivolous and ignore the situation.

    Thirdly, you know that the authorities are going to be reading it, so you don’t want to bang on about how nasty the state is, how unfair it all is, in case you end up bringing shit to your own doorstep!

    So, I found it quite difficult to strike a balance and at the same time, hopefully keep him entertained for a couple of minutes!

  111. Mist001 says:

    @ Ruby

    “This isn’t a fuckin’ dating site where you can advertise for kinky sex.”

    So, you’re saying there’s a downside to Wings?

  112. ronald anderson says:

    Daisy Walker

    Don’t forget Craig has family in Edinburgh I don’t think he would put the added burden on them to travel to Castle Huntly .

  113. Al-Stuart says:

    Am stuck between sending Craig a morale-boosting missive, or leaving him in Bhuddist style peace and quiet.

    Outside HMP Saughton is the charred apocalyptical ruins of a Terminator style movie set that used to look like Scotland’s democracy.

    Police, education, health, transport: EVERY devolved power has been tarnished.

    * The senior police ranks are at best, wilfully neglectful. At worst downright corrupt.

    * Education is a mess. Inflated exam grades by the cowardly exam markers and their political tvvat of a minister have given all students an A Grade pass. Thereby devaluing the education system and destroying confidence in the education grading value.

    * Health is being served by exhausted, underpaid, undervalued doctors and nurses. The best we can do is give them the Clap on a Thursday night instead of a wage rise. Whilst the presenter of CovidTV crows of success. Daytime TV broadcaster, Nicola Schofield-Sturgeon sends more Scots to the mortuary than the worst mass murder Britain has ever seen.

    * Social Care: That weird Woke-captured, lazy Somerville erse killed off a few cripples when she was in charge of disability and decided NOT to accept powers from Westminster.

    As for IndyBlogs. That daft tvvat Jaggy has gone into reverse gear about slagging off Alex Salmond.

    Jaggy now admits he was after his version of crack cocaine? For Jaggy that is free publicity. Narcissistic crunt.

    Without any irony and indicating sub-par IQ, Jaggy still rants about Alex and the Alba Party FAILING at the last election. Alba did NOT fail, it was muddredd at birth by a bent Scottish unionist media led by a fake First Minister (Old Nicola has admitted to suffering “imposter” and “over-promotion” syndromes).

    Then Jaggy complains that Callum Baird, editor of The National ignored Jaggy’s emails demanding he get free publicity after Jaggy slagged off The National.

    Let me explain this to the Amadan Jaggy in simple terms…

    The Alba Party FAILED to make progress at the last election because of a CORRUPT MSM MEDIA BLACKOUT. Simple as that.

    Whereas Jaggy FAILED at being a word whoore (sic to avoid site word-changer robot). Jaggy FAILED because he was an arsehole to Callum Baird. In fact a self-serving media hack that craves attention, even bad attention. He should rename his Cludgie website: It’s all about Jaggy Blog. At least that would be honest and pass ASA rules.

    The Alba Party WILL make progress because I guarantee the old adage applies to Nicola The Betrayer Sturgeon…


    The Scottish electorate are too busy sorting their lives out and coping with Covid and economic meltdown just now. But when they get riled, for example at Scottish Labour taking them for granted, Gordon Brown and countless SLAB Labour leaders got their jotters.

    Soon enough Nicola Turdgeon’s toxic SNP will be found out. When that happens, the SNP will be given the bum’s rush and all these greasy career SNP politicians with their brown noses up creepy Mrs Murrell’s Khyber Pass will be joining the Jim Murphy UB40 club or George Galloways Cat Licking Party.

    Slowly but surely the Alba Party will grow to be a viable alternative to form a government in Scotland. Alex Salmond will lead it.

    If in doubt of what a REAL statesman looks like compared to the Blinky Fibber Dreghorn Dirker, then go to Youtube and watch Alex Salmond giving evidence to the Linda FabiWhitewash Inquiry.

    On the whole, I think I’ll write to Craig with some nice non-political news. Anyone know the name of Craig’s favourite TV soap?

    For his own mental health, FFS don’t write to Craig with the truth about the Scottish Banana Republic and Deghorn’s Arnold Shwartzenegger tribute act in drag from Totty Rocks dress shop turning our country into a Woke scorched earth desert.

    The poor man will want to STAY in prison. At least he gets food and accommodation and is free from the utter poison dripping from that unaturally thin-lipped turbo-blinker reptile squatting in Bute House.

  114. Hatuey says:

    I see Nicola’s at it again, bowing to Westminster at all costs… That’s the funny thing about bullies and tyrants, they know who to bow to. I guess we can assume her commitment to save the world is as authentic as her commitment to independence and everything else.

    I’ve met a few people recently who voted Yes in 2014 and they’re saying they’d vote No if there was another referendum, all on the basis that they can’t stand Sturgeon. After today, we can assume there will be thousands more.

    It’s like a disease spreading through the indy movement; the highly transmissible Nicolavirus. There’s no cure or vaccine for this one; when you catch it, you’ll never look at her the same again.

  115. President Xiden says:

    The good news is that the true agenda of those who now control the SNP has been revealed this morning. You have all been duped.

  116. Shocked says:

    Just a wee shout out to the New SNP 1 crowd.

    I see that Nicola Sturgeon is not content with stealing our nations offices of governance, law and justice and is now going to steal our children.

    Sturgeon has conspired with the freaks, weirdos, sexual deviants and cranks in the Green Party to declare that children as young as 4 can self declare their gender and their parents are not to be consulted. You were all warned this was coming and you all gave this your endorsement by voting for this shower. Well done you idiots.

    Oh and one more thing, Sturgeon is also plotting the destruction of the Scottish oil and gas sector in order to keep the freaks in the Green Party onside. This from the woman who only a couple of years ago regularly waxed lyrical about the new oil bonanza that was going to find our new country. Thousands of jobs and billions in resources are going to be cast aside just to keep her new best friends onside. Again everyone knew this was coming. From now on no New SNP voter has any right to moan or complain about “Scotland’s oil” or what they claim England has done to Scotland. You lot are the worst thing that’s ever happened to Scotland. You vote for a personality cult leader and known criminal because you don’t have the mental capacity to heed the warnings. This is what brainwashing does to people. Pats on the back all round.

  117. Ian Brotherhood says:

    “I’ve met a few people recently who voted Yes in 2014 and they’re saying they’d vote No if there was another referendum, all on the basis that they can’t stand Sturgeon.”

    Did ye, aye?

  118. Shocked says:

    @ian brotherhood

    It’s time you rampant sturgeonites were treated with the contempt you deserve. Accomplices in the greatest heist in scotlands history. The theft of justice, law, freedom of speech and now the rights of parents to do what’s best for for their children because the gender radical freaks in the New SNP and green SNP who control the state know better. People like you are the true enemies of Scotland.

  119. Captain Yossarian says:

    @Dan – Thanks for that. This is the key sentence for me: Lloyd is “promoting a climate that doesn’t encourage people to be supported or speak out”.

    Sounds to me as if we have a criminal government. An expensive fandango where each covers the back of the other. Ever watched ‘The Godfather’?

  120. Papko says:

    “The masses have never thirsted after truth. They turn aside from evidence that is not to their taste, preferring to deify error, if error seduce them. Whoever can supply them with illusions is easily their master; whoever attempts to destroy their illusions is always their victim.

    Gustav Le Bon.

    Could have been written for the YES movement.

  121. Captain Yossarian says:

    @Dan – I’ve just read this again and it strikes me that the then Lord Advocate James Wolffe was essential, along with Swinney, in covering this up. Given that James Wolffe was recently lauded as the most honest man alive by Roddy Dunlop, who is the present Dean of the Faculty of Advocates, what does that tell you about the dishonesty which festers in open view within our legal profession? If James Wolffe is a liar does it follow that Roddy Dunlop is a liar too?

    Anyone that remains in the pay of Sturgeon, and that includes James Hamilton, remains loyal to her. That’s the way it works. It just shows you what a spineless shower of tubes govern us. When we were all promised they would be honest, they all turn out to be liars. What an edifice to hubris that has turned out to be.

    Gordon Dangerfield has done more work on this in his spare time that all of Scotland’s publicly paid, public bodies managed in half a year. The tragedy is, the Holyrood fandango continues.

  122. Robert J S Christie says:

    Fully behind this excellent suggestion. I have been a member of SNP for more than 60 years and I am utterly appalled at what the present leadership has done and continues to do.

  123. sarah says:

    @ Robert J S Christie: which suggestion? There have been a few including writing to Keith Brown to release Craig on health grounds.

    Or that any SNP member, say your good self, apply in due course to stand for leader at the November conference.

  124. Hatuey says:

    Far from rehabilitated, he’ll probably come out of prison with a whole new subset of nefarious skills and ideas. I’ve seen this sort of thing happen before.

    Before you know it he’ll be going around in a stolen Corsa playing really loud techno music, his aspirations and principles replaced by sovereign rings and full tracksuits.

    As I understand it, these are the things that matter on “the street”.

    What a waste. A man that once stepped from limousine to embassy, reduced to swaggering as a common “hard man” might from bookmakers to licensed grocers.

    I dread to think how his skills in the art of communication and diplomacy might be impacted. Ought we to expect his every sentence to end with “mate” or “mucker”?

    It’s too much to bear.

  125. Republicofscotland says:

    (SIM) Scottish Independence Movement are holding a indy march tomorrow in Glasgow it will march to Glasgow Green, everyone is welcome.

    Marchers are asked to be at Kelvin Way in Glasgow’s West End in plenty of time for the march kicking-off at 12 noon.

  126. Ruby says:

    The Gordon Dangerfield article is one very powerful mind-boggling read.

    “I honestly don’t know at this point if Sturgeon and her gang will ever be held properly to account for what they did to Salmond. On the one hand, lots of people, including Scotland’s entire press corps, know what really happened and so they shouldn’t be able to keep it under wraps forever. On the other hand, the very fact that they know and continue to protect her is very discouraging.

    The thing is you just can never predict what might suddenly change everything, from the collapse of McCarthyism to the fall of the Berlin Wall to Milly Dowler and the phone hacking scandal so I believe in chipping away and being ready just in case…”. Gordon Dangerfield

  127. Republicofscotland says:

    The post to replace that vile creature Leslie Evans has been advertised, Evans will remain in the post until March next year when Sturgeon will decide who her new replacement will be, the post carries a salary of around £180,000 pounds per year with a cushy thirty-seven hour working week.

    The roll involves overseeing seven-thousand staff, and one-hundred and twenty-five agencies. The successful candidate will also be liaising with Civil Servants at Westminster.

    Good riddance to Evans, she won’t be missed by many.

  128. Pixywine says:

    Sturgeon has no power to destroy the Oil Industry as its run from London.

  129. Pixywine says:

    Ruby. You don’t know much about Yoga do you?

  130. Republicofscotland says:

    New “guidance” has been published by the Scottish government for children in school on transgender and transgender children.

    The new document which is extensive contains best practices for teachers to help and support children who wants to transgender and how to support them. The document states that roughly 200 school children each year need support on transgender matters at school.

    The “guidance is non-statutory.

    One wonder why school children who are vulnerable to ideas, should be allowed to seek such advise and information from teachers, on this matter at that stage of their lives, when they could quite easily regret going down that road at a later date when they are a bit older, and better prepared to decide.

    I’ve no idea what children minds are being flooded with in school in Scotland these days, however I personally think this is unappropriate

  131. Republicofscotland says:

    UK Chancellor Rishi Sunak, has refused to rule out that he’ll not challenge for the leadership of the Tory party. There’s been claims of infighting at Downing street between Sunak and Johnson, and its also claimed that Johnson will demote Sunak, possibly to Health secretary.

    Later when asked by the media if he (Sunak) sought the top position within the party, Sunak backtracked, recent polls have shown Sunak is more popular among tory members than Johnson is.

  132. Ruby says:

    Pixywine says:
    13 August, 2021 at 11:53 am
    Ruby. You don’t know much about Yoga do you?


    Although I do know ‘Shavasana pose’ and I am brilliant at that.

    Might I suggest you get yourself into the ‘Shavasana pose’ and give us all a rest. OM!

    What about yourself?
    Practitioner of ‘Tantric Yoga’? I’m guessing not & that you just resort to the tried & tested method of achieving ‘la petite mort’ even at the risk of going blind?


  133. James Che. says:

    Tinto cheil.

    Pleased to hear you checked it out,
    I don’t think very many have so far, The hand and glove fit so well nowadays it is indeed scary.

    And I think there are on this site a few, like yourself that are not under mass psychosis, when you see people’s behaviour, their intolerance, and divisions, and inability to cope with reality. Chosen to read what fits their thought patterns to stay safe in a bubble, and ignoring the bigger picture of how those that rule play us, breakdown and brainwash individual thoughts to set a society into one mass group against the other,

    On the surface at first glance it can be missed

    But when observing the yes movement, the snp against Alex Salmond, we can realise the purpose of deliberate divisions being made to confuse and weaken the yes side,
    It’s ingenious, but dark,
    We can see the results in everything else around us, for example in climate change fear is instilled first by regular onslaught of propaganda of the natural disasters in the world played over and over again,
    But information on climate change has a sell by date, it only starts “after” the Industrial Age,
    Not one in MSM outlet speaks or mentions the disaster of 1709 weather across most of Europe, or the weather disaster after the plague of London.
    Not the ones in medieval times that caused famine of people, cattle, sheep, dogs, that died in their thousands.
    That would bring a balanced history of these climate disasters throughout centuries. prior to the way we live now,
    For it would be impossible to point the finger, for it would be impossible to blame us, to blame this generation or the last one, to hold us to an present ideology, to control us, or tax us..

    For a present day balance we need only to ask ourselves has the governments fear of approaching weather disasters immediately caused them to stop all nuclear activity,
    Or has it stopped them sending high fossil fuel rockets into space.
    Has it stopped them exploding bombs in other parts of the world,
    Has it stopped them over fishing the sea.

    Mass psychosis, = mass hypocrisy = mass hypnosis.

    This is all heavy reading and certainly true,
    For most of the masses are quite happy to be told what fits their thought bubble, not realising that short term saving of their brain endangers their bodies, their freedom, their families their homes and all of society and countries.

  134. John Johnstone says:

    SNP have lost their council seat in the Dalry & West Kilbride bye-election (North Ayrshire Council) held yesterday. Local tory butcher won the seat with over 53% of the vote in the first round, tory vote up by 31%. Full result details on the council web site.

  135. Ruby says:

    Ruby says:
    13 August, 2021 at 11:38 am
    The Gordon Dangerfield article is one very powerful mind-boggling read.

    “I honestly don’t know at this point if Sturgeon and her gang will ever be held properly to account for what they did to Salmond. On the one hand, lots of people, including Scotland’s entire press corps, know what really happened and so they shouldn’t be able to keep it under wraps forever. On the other hand, the very fact that they know and continue to protect her is very discouraging.

    The thing is you just can never predict what might suddenly change everything, from the collapse of McCarthyism to the fall of the Berlin Wall to Milly Dowler and the phone hacking scandal so I believe in chipping away and being ready just in case…”. Gordon Dangerfield. (my bold)

    I post the above and get a response from PixyWanker stating I know nothing about yoga.

    It’s a strange old site!

  136. Has anyone read the latest btl post on Craig Murray’s Blog? It details from FOI info the conditions in the prison which do not make for happy reading. There are so many “mice” that the prisoners are obliged to barricade the bottom of the cell doors in order to try and keep them out!!! This won’t be much good for Mr Murray’s health problems. The prisoners are asking for the re-introduction of cats to trt to keep down the mice population.
    There are a lot of Covid 19 cases so quite a few prisoners are being released in order to stop the spread of the virus.
    There is more but go check out for yourselves.
    I am even more fearful for his future health prospects than I was before. Is this Lasy Dorrian’s agenda- just kill him off quietly in prison? Then no one is to blame but himself?
    I am sickened by what Scotland has become.

  137. Breeks says:

    Pixywine says:
    13 August, 2021 at 11:50 am
    Sturgeon has no power to destroy the Oil Industry as its run from London.

    Sturgeon is stoking up a “utility” crisis for Scotland to function as a new distraction to avoid discussing Scottish Independence, because as COVID wanes, she needs some other crutch to keep Independence off the political agenda.

    Gordon Dangerfield’s commentary is yet another indictment of the appalling Scottish Government’s nauseating dishonesty, but where does that put Scotland on the map of precedence?

    Are we going through a phase that all Colonial “possessions” went through which confirmed that Colonial Institutions could not be trusted? Are we Indian lawyers perplexed by the whim of our “Governor General”? Or are we 1930’s Germany, staring in disbelief at the systematic disassembly of our culture and hijacking of our cause?

    Or, considering gender deviants are positioning themselves to get inside the heads of four year old children, is our disbelief and incredulity more in keeping with the decades of stupefied denial surrounding Jimmy Saville?

    As more and more pieces fall into place, I wonder if I’ll be going to jail for completing the jigsaw identification of Sturgeon’s treache(rous) and systematic undermining of Scottish Independence. Nobody, I repeat NOBODY is that incompetent. Funny how the picture on the box looks nothing like the finished jigsaw.

    I’m not on Twitter, which permits me the dubious “privilege” of not being blocked by Wishart and able to read his Tweets. What a disgrace of a man he is. A real worm. Apparently ALBA exists for the sole purpose of hating the SNP. Vainglorious twat.

    Hate to break it to you Pete, ALBA is doing no such thing. The real reason ALBA is ugly to your eye is because it’s a reflection of what the SNP should have been doing these past 7 years instead of snorting in it’s trough and doing NOTHING, literally, sweet, fuck, all, to secure the safety and Independence of Scotland.

    Wishart seems insanely jealous of the high regard a growing number of people have for ALBA , and his “measured” response is to smear these people, some of whom have been SNP members for over 60 years, as anti-Independence. That’s rich coming from the wannabe Speaker of Westminster.

  138. sarah says:

    More help needed for Craig: Nadira has written a report on her first visit to see Craig [see Craig Murray Justice campaign twitter].

    He is made to wear a tracksuit when seeing his wife and children “in case he escapes” as civilian clothes would make it easier for him to avoid detection….

    This is deliberate humiliation. He is allowed to wear civilian clothes in his cell. He is a civil prisoner. It is appalling that he is subject to such pettiness.

    Letters to the governor, David Abernethy, might help Craig’s morale at least. He is obliged to answer all correspondence, apparently.

  139. Shocked says:


    Sounds like an avid sturgeonite trying to absolve themselves of blame.

  140. Dorothy Devine says:

    Has anyone in Scotland’s mainstream media ,anyone at all, written or spoken in support of Craig?

    Journalists should remember Pastor Niemoller – it may be their turn next.

  141. Tinto Chiel says:

    @James Che.: yes, what you say rings many bells with me also.

    I notice the COP26 minister has been jetting all round the world in the past month, trailing plenty of ecological trouble in his wake. Of course responsible climate-change behaviour, like taxes, is for the little people like us.

  142. Shocked says:

    @dorothy Devine

    No they haven’t.

    The people to blame for this are the New SNP cult who have spent the past decade or so attacking anyone in the media who dares to question the New SNP and it’s leadership. Years of bullying, harassment, online abuse and blatant trolling has battered the Scottish media to such an extent that many no longer want to put their head above the parapet and take on the New SNP. They simply don’t get paid enough to take the abuse.

    Of course the New SNP placemen and 55 strong propaganda office also have to take their share of the blame but at the end of they day are only doing their job. The real villains of the piece are the demented members of the New SNP sturgeonite cult who elected these criminals and created a climate of fear in the media to such an extent that the crimes of the party leadership don’t even go reported let alone punished.

    Plenty folks on these threads can now take a bow. Well done people.

  143. mike cassidy says:

    The Cambo Oil Field has just come out as transgender and non-binary

    Nicola Sturgeon expresses admiration for Cambo’s bravery

    And says the field can start spurting oil anytime he/she/it/fae/ze …..wants

  144. Captain Yossarian says:

    “and 55 strong propaganda office”. I noticed on the news the other day that the boss of Fergusons Marine is paid £2,500/day. This makes him just about the highest paid boss of any shipyard anywhere in the world. Do Fergusons employ 50 folk?….maybe.

    This shows you that the priority of ALL at Holyrood is spin. Anything industrial is dirty and needlessly complex and they will pay any amount of money for someone to take it off their hands. The whole of Holyrood know next to nothing about anything and it is at times like these it shows.

  145. Mist001 says:

    @ Sarah

    “He is made to wear a tracksuit when seeing his wife and children “in case he escapes”

    I know someone who was on remand in Saughton and they were given the choice of wearing their own clothes, or prison issue garments. The advice is to always wear prison issue because your own clothes will get filthy and there are no facilities for washing them.

    A prison issue tracksuit is probably for the best.

  146. Mist001 says:

    Since smoking was banned in prisons, it seems that chocolate has replaced tobacco as the currency of choice for lags.

    Does anyone think it would be beneficial to Craig Murray if we sent him bars of chocolate? I can’t see any prisoners or wardens having any grudge against him so he wouldn’t need to buy anyone off but at the same time, it wouldn’t do any harm to have a stash, just in case.

  147. robertknight says:

    @Mike Cassidy

    “The Cambo Oil Field has just come out as transgender and non-binary

    Nicola Sturgeon expresses admiration for Cambo’s bravery”


    Cambo will have to wait until he/she/it/they are four years old. Honestly… how does anyone under the age of 4 know anything about gender? Duh!

  148. holymacmoses says:

    Captain Yossarian says:
    13 August, 2021 at 1:54 pm
    “and 55 strong propaganda office”. I noticed on the news the other day that the boss of Fergusons Marine is paid £2,500/day. This makes him just about the highest paid boss of any shipyard anywhere in the world. Do Fergusons employ 50 folk?….maybe.

    My friend has just worked that figure out at a smidgeon over £630,000 for the year – so we figure there might be a bit of virement going on and he’s been elected to pay back some of the money owed to the people by the side door

  149. Robert Graham says:

    The overwhelming support from the arse wipes who inhabit La La Land AKA Rainbow alliance for Craig and his personal predicament is Heart warming ,

    This political imprisonment of a Independence supporter whose persecution is all down to and initiated by our very own Princess Sturgeon who could murder their grannies before their eyes and these chumps would still support her .

    To every single one of these people who still support this liar Sturgeon let me ask you what exactly have you gained voting for her ? Exactly what has changed ? is a date for Indyref2 chalked on your notice board you will All be 6 feet under before this liability gets off her Arse and actually does something , you can take that to the bank that is guaranteed .

  150. sarah says:

    Nadira Murray’s report makes it clear that Craig does not want to wear a tracksuit. It is a further piece of mental pressure put on him and may break him. This is psychological torture.

    How many readers of this site have written to Craig, an MP, an MSP, the Justice minister, a newspaper? Tens of thousands of emails/letters must make a difference, surely.

  151. Republicofscotland says:

    Dan @ 8.50am.

    Thanks for the link Dan.

    I find this paragraph very telling.

    “Apart from anything else, they would both surely have assumed, as any rational person would assume, that the First Minister’s Chief of Staff would not be getting involved in such a momentous and sensitive investigation unless both she and her boss were fully aware of what they were asking of Allison and Mackinnon, and the full context in which they were asking it.”

    How they managed to get away with what they did, is quite remarkable, of course they had the full support of the COPFS and SNP committee members.

  152. Dan says:

    OT Soz for occasionally reposting these power links.

    It hasn’t felt that breezy outside over past couple of days yet yesterday Scotland was exporting a baw hair under 5GW of leccy to England. Today it’s currently 4.5GW.
    Scotland’s population being approximately 10 times smaller than England’s will currently be using around 2.5GW of the current 25GW GB Grid demand. So we are generating enough for ourselves, and still managing to export around double that amount to England.

    But that isn’t enough to keep England up and running as they are also importing around 10% of GB Grid power from mainland Europe. (scroll to right to view interconnect gauges)

  153. Republicofscotland says:

    The unions jackbooted foot soldiers will be out in force in Scotland on the 18th of September, as thirty-four Orange Order parades are due to take place.

  154. Hatuey says:

    Dangerfield’s last words in that most recent article are as much as anyone needs to read or know:

    “… Nicola Sturgeon knew about, wanted, and directed, the campaign to get Alex Salmond, and that she did so from the very start.”

    Even if she done everything else right, got us a referendum, stopped the drug addicts dying, stopped corrupting our children and fixed the eduction system, etc., her role and responsibility with regards to the attack on Salmond renders her irretrievably and eternally doomed.

    The silence on this is all based on fear, bribery, and serving as a very useful and compromised idiot to the British State. At a time when we should have been pressing for independence with all the emphasis on Brexit and the ridiculous Boris, Sturgeon sold us all down the river and went after Salmond.

    But Scotland and Scottish politics can never heal until it has faced the disturbing truth of all this and justice is served on those involved. And that’s why I’d rather talk about covid than independence.

    Nobody is going anywhere until this is sorted out.

  155. Nally Anders says:

    Marion Millar’s case has been deferred again. Rescheduled to the 30th August.
    Shades of Craig Murray at play.


  156. ScotsRenewables says:

    Shocked says:
    13 August, 2021 at 7:29 am
    Sturgeon has conspired with the freaks, weirdos, sexual deviants and cranks in the Green Party to declare that children as young as 4 can self declare their gender and their parents are not to be consulted.


    I don’t suppose you have any evidence for this claim do you?

    Thought not.

    I dislike what Sturgeon is doing as much as the next ex-SNP-member / ALBA member, but we need to keep fact and fiction separate, something you often seem to have trouble doing.

  157. Hatuey says:

    Dan, that’s interesting to see the numbers laid out like that. Well in.

    Roughly speaking, England is is drawing about 10% of its electricity needs from Scotland?

    Fleeced as usual.

  158. Mist001 says:

    @ sarah

    So, it’s only his superiority complex at work, he doesn’t want to be seen as other prisoners?

    Unless he wants to end up looking like a tramp, then a prison issue tracksuit makes complete sense.

  159. Sara@3.06
    I have written twice to my MP Stephen Flynn (Aberdeen South) and received the usual automatic reply on both occasions stating that he can only deal with matters that concern the constituency, the implication being (but not overtly stated) that anything that mentions Mr Murray cannot be considered. I have explained that I have the right as a constituency resident to be concerned about the violation of human rights of another citizen and this is causing me genuine anguish.
    This is what Scotland has come to.
    I also wrote to Mr Blackford and he replied rather belligerently in half an hour, but did not reply to my reasoned explanation which I sent immediately in response to his 10 word message.
    I shall go on sending these messages but I am afraid that they will continue to be ignored. That is what our duly elected MPs think of us plebs – they devour our taxpayers’ money as of right and ignore their parliamentary duty of care.

  160. Breastplate says:

    Well done for posting this again Dan,
    It needs pointed out that the argument if Scotland was independent, England wouldn’t buy anything from us and would rather sit in the dark is a load of pish. They need what we have and it’s not just the leccy.

  161. sarah says:

    @ Margaret: Ian Blackford is my MP and I didn’t get any response to my last in which I ended saying I wouldn’t vote or support SNP again until its internal democracy was improved, and the independence of police, judiciary etc from political interference was restored.

    As you say we won’t get a miraculous conversion but the accumulation of criticism from previously supportive constituents might make some difference. If we say nothing then they can say “oh we thought everyone was happy with us”.

  162. twathater says:

    @ Margaret Ele 4.26pm Margaret I wrote 36 emails to SNP MSP’S regarding the GRA and HCB and only recd 2 confirmation responses no other interaction or response , I also sent a further 34 emails to members of the other political parties and the only responses I recd was from J Baillie and 2 tory MSP’S

    These midgets,morons and deviants are what passes for political representation , half of them probably can’t even tie their own shoelaces and the other half probably need the written instructions close to hand , but by christ they know how to fill in their expense forms

    I have been going on for ages at great length about needing a PROPER recall law where we the WAGE PAYERS for these morons can hold them to account ,I find their contempt for citizens beyond despicable , that is why I am FULLY SUPPORTIVE of a second citizens chamber consisting of ordinary people holding these self serving fraudsters to account

  163. Dan says:

    @ Breastplate

    England lacking power will be Nirvana… for the rest of the world… With the lights out, it’s less dangerous… 😉

  164. Dan says:

    It’s amazing what 600k of Ringfenced Indy Fund dosh can buy these days!

  165. Republicofscotland says:

    Dan @5.54pm.


    That’s utterly embarrassing a horse box, as Russell’s centre for independence, they really are taking the piss.

  166. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Hi ScotsRenewables at 3:54 pm.

    You quoted,
    “Shocked says:
    13 August, 2021 at 7:29 am
    Sturgeon has conspired with the freaks, weirdos, sexual deviants and cranks in the Green Party to declare that children as young as 4 can self declare their gender and their parents are not to be consulted.”

    You suggested,
    “I don’t suppose you have any evidence for this claim do you?

    Thought not.”

    The evidence exists, despite your doubt.

    Here’s the first footnote from the Scots Government’s document “Supporting transgender young people in schools: guidance for Scottish schools“, linked to below…


    1. We use ‘young people’ throughout this guidance to mean children or young people who are of school age and ‘young person’ to mean a child or young person who is of school age.”

    And here’s a quote from the “Support for transgender young people” section in the document:-

    “A transgender young person may not have told their family about their gender identity. Inadvertent disclosure could cause needless stress for the young person or could put them at risk and breach legal requirements. Therefore, it is best to not share information with parents or carers without considering and respecting the young person’s views and rights”

    Supporting transgender young people in schools: guidance for Scottish schools

    Maybe you should read it.

  167. Scott says:

    Dan says:
    13 August, 2021 at 5:54 pm

    It’s amazing what 600k of Ringfenced Indy Fund dosh can buy these days!

    A horse-box, how apt.

    SNP have been making a horse’s arse of all sorts of stuff, never mind the campaign for an independent Scotland.

  168. Dan says:

    @ Ros

    Those with a keen eye will also notice on the rear section they are using some of the excellent info-graphics produced by Colin Dunn aka Indy Poster Boy / @Zarkwan, who is now taking a break due to lack of action on the Indy front…

  169. Breeks says:

    Dan says:
    13 August, 2021 at 5:54 pm
    It’s amazing what 600k of Ringfenced Indy Fund dosh can buy these days!

    What an absolute joke. That’s surely got to be a spoof no?

  170. Pixywine says:
    For Wild West History this is quality stuff.

  171. Shocked says:


    Try reading the news and when by our doing that make sure you don’t come back here again with your sturgeonite bullshit.

  172. Breeks says:

    Jeezo, it’s real. Though in all fairness, it seems to be local to Jura and Islay, and not “the” Mobile Centre for Scottish Independence.

    But I feel a weird calling to check and make sure…

  173. Dan says:

    @ Breeks

    It’s not a spoof, but maybe best not to be too harsh as it doesn’t look like an HQ driven initiative, just an effort made by a local group trying to do something to campaign and promote the positive case for Scotland returning to being a self governing country.

  174. Natal XX and proud says:

    Whoever mucks it out will have a hell of a job!!

  175. Hatuey says:

    Horse boxes are probably more spacious and suitable than city folk think. I know someone that converted one into a restaurant. Another guy from Auchterarder famously turned one into a cinema with seating for over 28 people.

    Hope that helps.

  176. Tannadice Boy says:

    @Brian Doonthetoon 6:16pm
    That’s an excellent post Brian. It’s an unequal debate. The facts always help though.

  177. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Thanks, Tannadice boy. I thought the dismissal of what Shocked had posted was a tad out-of-hand. Showed ignorance of the facts – and, as we all know, Facts are chiels that winna ding!

  178. Tannadice Boy says:

    @Brian Doonthetoon 7:52pm
    I wish you well the site needs contributors that can research the facts. I was babysitting my granddaughter today. The thought of this philosophy being imposed on children of her age is abhorrent to me. Anyhoo being an engineer I am struggling with the words to write to Craig. Tomorrow I am working on a construction project at an another member of family and their premises. Sunday is free. I must find the words then. I will try my very best. Craig deserves it.

  179. crazycat says:

    @ Hatuey at 7.26

    Horse boxes are probably more spacious and suitable than city folk think…guy from Auchterarder famously turned one into a cinema with seating for over 28 people.

    Not that particular horsebox, though. Have a look at it:

  180. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Hi Tannadice Boy.

    I think I first met him and had a blether at a rally in 2015 in City Square. He’s been a regular visitor at the Wings Stall at various rallies since then.

    Last time I met him was at the march in Glasgow in January 2020. Pouring rain and he was suffering. Blethered on the march for around 10 minutes, then he had to speed up to get to the apre-march press conference.

    One of the good guys…

  181. Dan says:

    Here’s a novel idea for a Friday nicht for everyone to rally around instead of bickering.
    Seeing as everything is pretty much fucked based on a quick assessment ranging across aspects such as the state of the roads, an apparent divergence from the dictionary definition of words, endemic corruption, shitey compromised democratic processes, politicians’ apparent myopic focus and distraction on their own obscure niche interests and projects whilst the country embraces entropy-max, oh, and sinking schools 😉 , etc, etc

    I suspect 8 out of 10 Cats Scots could actually agree and unify to support existing in a sensibly run society with decent infrastructure, if they weren’t constantly arguing with each other over the emotive subjects they are exposed to by those that wish to divide us. We’ve more in common than what divides us.

    So with that in mind, would the learned denizens of this parish submit their input listing what basic fundamental requirements our society actually needs to function.
    I’m prepared to volunteer my services free of charge and form a list to submit to our “government” to mandate and remind the fuckers of what they should actually be aspiring to and working on providing and maintaining for the citizens they are meant to represent and serve.
    We can also work towards an agreed plan on the necessary fiscal mechanisms we implement to facilitate what the sovereign citizens of Scotland decide we want.

    Before we start, can I remind folk that we are talking about the basics here, so no “Free Ben & Jerry’s double chocolate chip cookie fudge dough ice cream for all” suggestions at this preliminary stage please.
    I acknowledge this is no small back of a fag packet task, but I’m not getting into creating volumes of books containing complex wordy sophistry the punters won’t have the time or inclination to read either. So a compromise between the two has been made and I have sourced an empty Weetabix box and a marker pen to use as a robust long lasting parchment statement that I will incorporate nominated and seconded suggestions onto.

    So fire away, you’re either part of the solution, or part of the precipitate…

  182. Mac says:

    This is no doubt a stupid question but if I put that address for Craig in prison above as the delivery address on a few amazon purchased books for would they get delivered or knocked back? I send books all the time to folk but not sure they would accept it at the prison.

    No internet. Tossers.

  183. Mac says:

    Oh and suddenly we learn he is a civil prisoner and not eligible for early release…


    Blah blah blah make it up as we go along…

    Contempt? I think they need a new charge, like ‘revulsion’.

  184. Captain Yossarian says:

    @Dan – I’ll give you a run-down on the sinking school tomorrow. We’re nearly at the end now, thanks to the bloggers.

  185. Tannadice Boy says:

    @Brian Doonthetoon 8:53pm
    I was going in the opposite direction in 2015 because I left SNP then. I had a premonition of what was to come. I don’t know if I have met Craig. You know what these gatherings are like. Organised chaos. I am pretty sure I have met you. The SNP are dream thieves. They hijacked the movement for their own ends. There is no structural mechanism within the party to change things. My auld Ma is turning in her grave.

  186. President Xiden says:

    On the plus side, oor Nicola’s drive to transhumanism is taking shape.

  187. sarah says:

    @ Dan: a list of things that Holyrood should be concentrating on?

    1. Public transport in order to help people with no cars AND reduce the damage to the environment by millions of cars. In my area, Lochbroom W Ross, there are only 2 buses a day and they are only between Ullapool and Inverness, 60 miles away. They are for the benefit of ferry passengers so not many spaces for locals.

    2. Housing – laws are needed to give priority to locals and keep prices down.

    3. 3 mile limit should be reintroduced immediately to protect nursery grounds for fish.

    That is for starters.

  188. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Proposals for an independent Scotland?

    By the end of the first parliamentary term, the OAP is raised to the EU average.

  189. sarah says:

    @ Tannadice Boy: what to write to Craig? A picture postcard would be the easiest option. He could stick them up on the wall to brighten it a bit.

    I wrote him a letter today and started by saying that I was writing on the understanding that he was happy to receive any communication no matter how uninspired it was! Then I reported which MP/MSPs I have emailed on his behalf and after that moved on to tell him about some of my ancestors who worked in India in 18th century – I thought he might be slightly interested as he wrote a book about Sikunder Burnes. Anyway something is better than nothing! I hope. 🙂

  190. Mist001 says:

    @ sarah

    Exactly. My letter was crap too but like you say, something is better than nothing.

  191. sarah says:

    @ twathater at 5.26: writing 30+ emails to MSPs etc is heroic. Thank you for trying.

    You are right – MSP/MPs must be accountable. Perhaps this could be added to Dan’s list of what we need to make our society better. I certainly think career politicians are the main problem. If no-one was allowed to hold a seat for more than one term it would make it much harder for lobbyists to gain influence.

  192. sarah says:

    @ Dan: for your list. Universal Basic Income. That would immediately change everything – everyone treated the same, everyone secure. Bliss!

  193. Dan says:

    I suppose it’s a start when the Quality Polis manage to capture a Sturgeon…

  194. Politics is upside down just now,

    Murdo Fraser on twitter ,

    `Concerns being raised with me today by constituents about the new
    schools guidance on transgender pupils. Lots to unpick, but the use of the ridiculous & unscientific term ‘sex assigned at birth’ shows how complete has been the policy capture by the lunatic fringe`

    why have so many politicians in Scotland willing to accept this abomination,

    129 MSPs and the only one to stand up for children against the abomination that is the transcult is Mordo Fraser,

    128 abject craven cowards.

  195. J.o.e says:

    ‘listing what basic fundamental requirements our society actually needs to function’

    1 – an informed, aware and critically thinking population
    2 – a proper sense of ourselves as Scots
    3 – a total rejection of the system of debt
    4 – an understanding that bringing back economic power to local communities is more powerful than voting or even a paper ‘independence’
    5 – a total rejection of critical theory inspired social influences from sex to race
    6 – an appreciation of more traditional values of hard work, honesty, charity, community spirit, strength of character and a sense of justice
    7 – (possibly most important) a state that supports the family unit
    8 – a system of justice that rigorously protects the innocent and law-abiding as a number 1 priority

    You can have all the fancy trams, windmills, hydroelectrics, clean streets and other fancy pants technologies but if people continue to act like brain damaged consumer drones it won’t matter (or worse – blue haired screeching neurotic ‘rebels’ who unwittingly champion every establishment cause).

    Some of these can be broken into quite a few sub sections but this will do I think

    Everything starts from taking the right perspective and approach imo.

  196. J.o.e says:

    ‘128 abject craven cowards.’

    128 tools who know which side their bread is buttered.

    Its not that we have a political party who has betrayed us. Our entire political class now act as the customer relations department for international finance and their various methods of controlling us.

  197. J.o.e says:

    Im sorry, but universal basic income is for politicians who want your vote/donations or people who have no idea how basic economics work.

    More money means nothing without an increased supply of necessary goods for that money to buy.

    That comes through increased supply which is only done through increased production.

    All you will get with UBI is a population dependent on government and an ever increasing need to raise the UBI to keep up with inflation.

    So far UBI has been attempted on small areas and never continued for long. It is simply unsustainable.

  198. sarah says:

    @ j.o.e.: “economic power back to local communities”.

    Agreed. I look around my area – in the 1930’s and 40’s the land was under plough, producing crops including oats, dairy, wool. Now it is only sheep and small veg gardens. It could be under orchards and vegetables on a larger scale, and some dairy – we wouldn’t need to bring in so much food and could export produce to other parts of Scotland.

    Connected with local economic power is the desperate need to have local councils – the way they do in France, each commune has its mairie. Geographically in the west of Highlands it is a 45 minute drive to get round to the next sea loch with its settlements so we need very much smaller administrative units.

  199. J.o.e says:


    Yup. Economic independence is real independence. Real national strength comes from robust communities who are able to sustain themselves and have high social capital.

    Political independence means nothing without it

    Trouble is – you run up against the opposite interests in big business when thinking like that

  200. Nally Anders says:

    FWS have issued a correction.
    Marion’s case is due 31st August.
    Doubtless more ‘shopping’ trips are forecast.

  201. Dan says:

    @ J.o.e

    Would your views on UBI be the same even if it was a bit part within a completely different overall system of raising revenue, such as the AGR concept that Graeme McCormick has developed?

  202. J.o.e says:

    Totally O/T but an interesting irony:

    In the US and the CDC and DHS have discussed making quarantine camps/areas for the unvaccinated.

    The irony comes from the wikipedia early life/personal life entries of the directors of those agencies.

  203. J.o.e says:


    I’ll have to get back to you. Too fuzzy headed to give this an answer it justifies tonight!

  204. Hatuey says:

    I’ve been double vaccinated.

    I think when anyone makes a comment about covid, the vaccines, or any related issue, they should start with a declaration and let us know their vaccine status.

    That’s all for now.

  205. twathater says:

    Dan Mandatory voting with fines being levied for failure unless a verifiable excuse be produced , eg working away or illness

    Directorships or company CEO’s banned from holding ANY office for 10 years if declared insolvent or bankrupt

    Any charity organisation appealing for funds the Senior executives cannot have more than a 60k salary

    Mandatory prison term of minimum 5 years for anyone involved in hit and run

    Car thieves involved in car chases minimum prison term of 2 years and damages have to be paid for if stolen car or police vehicles damaged

  206. Clavie Cheil says:

    Craig is a heterosexual which means he has virtually zero chance of getting any kind of justice in Sturgeons Yoon Tranny paradise.


    Hatuey says:
    14 August, 2021 at 1:05 am

    I’ve been double vaccinated.

    I think when anyone makes a comment about covid, the vaccines, or any related issue, they should start with a declaration and let us know their vaccine status.

    That’s all for now.


    I have been double vaccinated as well. I think it is just the right thing to do whatever we think about the veracity or effectiveness of any vaccines.

  207. Jim Arnott says:

    Letter of support sent today with a wee bit of humour in it. I think humour is one of the best medicines there is.

  208. sarah says:

    @ Jim Arnott “humour is the best medicine”. Agreed.

  209. Jamie says:

    He won’t have internet access in his cell because he is serving a sentence less than a year. He will get a set amount of time each day to write emails onto a piece of paper which will then be read and typed by a prison officer who sends replies on his behalf and who reads and types up the emails he is to receive so he can read them in paper format. I do not believe prisoners get access to a computer unless they are doing a computer course.

  210. Jamie says:

    You will need to double check those details you have provided as I just tried three times to send an email but it kept clearing it and saying type in details. I noticed others have managed to do it.

    I am trying to use email a prisoner service with details provided, did anyone type in anything different? What browser did you use? I tried firefox and chrome. I will try again tomorrow, hopefully someone can let me know by then the best way to send email to HMP Edinburgh.

  211. Jamie says:

    Just read all the comments, it seems it has improved a lot since all the nutters got banned, good stuff.

    Regarding Alba party, people need to temper their expectations a little. I think of it like when the SNP first started, it starts small and people build it gradually bigger and better and more professional.

    Alba is like an art work being moulded and sculpted for when the new SNP are no longer popular for whatever reason, Alba will be there offering people a pro Scotland alternative. The time will come, but before that time lots of work is needed to get that party ready and I think it is progressing excellently.

    Alba has 6000+ members which I think makes it the 4th biggest political party in the UK and 2nd biggest in Scotland.

    People make successful parties. If the people keep diligently supporting Alba, it will continue to get bigger and better and that appears to be happening so well done everyone.

    Hopefully I can get my supportive message to Craig fired off tomorrow offering him some irn bru or other treats to pass the wee hours away. Heartening to hear he is keeping well. Well done to everyone who has messaged him so far.

  212. BLMac says:

    For those who think Scotland has (or had) a wonderful legal system, may I as a Highlander remind them of the Clearances…

    “The Poor had no Lawyers” is worth a read.

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