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Zombies walk the Earth

Posted on June 06, 2014 by

Launched amid much fanfare over a year ago, Scottish Labour’s ironically-named “2014 Truth Team” has been a source of great merriment to Yes supporters for many months. Having apparently run out of “truth” after just a few weeks of snarky tweets, the account had been silent since last summer, so imagine our surprise when it suddenly burst back into life today.


We say “back”, but in fact the Twitter account had been wiped clean as if it had never existed. All the old followers were still there, but now there were just four tweets, all of them advertising an exciting new feature on the Scottish Labour website entitled “The Top 20 Nationalist Assertions” and promising to “set out the facts” about them – the implication being, of course, that the assertions were untrue.

Fact-checking, eh? Well, that’s the sort of thing we just can’t resist.


The Top 20 Nationalist Assertions

The people of Scotland are being asked to make one of the biggest political decisions of our lives and the Yes campaign is expecting them to do this based on Alex Salmond’s assertions and claims.

We’ll be monitoring all SNP and Yes Scotland interviews, press statements and briefing papers for the next four months. We’re kicking off the Truth Team’s work by publishing the SNP’s top 20 assertions so far and setting out the facts.

Anas Sarwar & @2014TruthTeam

“Kicking off” the thing you “launched” 14 months ago.

1. An independent Scotland would be financially better off.

The most recent available statistics show Scotland received 9.3% of UK spending to run our services (for 8.3% of the population) but generated 9.1% of UK taxes.  In 2012/13, Scotland’s finances were weaker than the UK’s as a whole by £468 per person.

Unusually for the Truth Team, this IS actually technically true, just highly misleading. In 2012/13 Scotland’s finances were abnormally poor due to a one-off shortfall in oil revenues caused by massive investment by the oil industry being offset against taxes.

In every other one of the last 30-odd years, Scotland’s finances have been in a better state than the UK’s, and all forecasts are that they will continue to be in the future – in February, the Financial Times proclaimed that “An independent Scotland could expect to start with healthier state finances than the rest of the UK”.

2. We will keep the pound (£).

You can’t leave a country and keep its currency. A currency union has been ruled out and the nationalists have no Plan B.

Ah, that’s more like it – a flat-out lie. Of course you can leave a country and keep its currency. Ireland did it for decades after becoming independent and many countries do it today, including several territories in the British Isles that aren’t actually part of the UK, like the Isle of Man and Channel Islands.


3. The Bank of England would still be our central bank and our lender of last resort.

Even if the UK agrees to guarantee an independent country’s debts, this would mean Scotland would be part of the UK’s economy with no say in the UK’s decision making, how is this better for the people of Scotland? Do we want a separate country setting our interest rates?

This is exactly what happens now anyway. Although whether Scotland would have formal representation on the Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee would in fact be a matter for negotiation, in practice it would make no difference either way. The MPC’s decisions now are dictated by what’s best for England (quite properly so, as it comprises the overwhelming majority of the UK), so Scotland has nothing to lose.

4. We will remain a member of the EU on the same terms as the UK.

Leaving the UK means Scotland would have to reapply to be in the EU. The average time it has taken to do this since 1995 is 9 years. Experts have said 2019 is the earliest accession date. A yes vote also means the end of the UK’s rebate which means being in the EU would cost every Scottish household about £900 more.

Wow, a whole barrage of untruths here.

It’s very far from certain that Scotland would have to reapply for EU membership. The most likely outcome is that there would be a renegotiation of terms to ensure that Scotland’s membership continued unbroken within the 20-month period between the referendum and Independence Day, because the alternative is unimaginable chaos for the entire EU.

Every EU citizen living in Scotland and every Scot living in Europe would lose their rights of residence overnight and have to be expelled. Every business trading in either direction between the EU and Scotland would suddenly be subject to new regulations and restrictions and tariffs.

The economic damage to the whole continent would be catastrophic. And then it’d all have to be undone to let Scotland back in. The notion is insane.

We note that the “experts” citing 2019 as the earliest possible accession date are not named. Even the academics employed by the UK government to assess the ramifications of a Yes vote have described the 20-month timetable for securing EU membership as “realistic”.

A Yes vote would have no effect whatsoever on “the UK’s rebate”, as the rest of the UK would likely be treated as a continuing state, so the terms of its membership would be unchanged. To the best of our knowledge nobody has EVER said Scottish independence would end the UK’s rebate, because it wouldn’t.

The Truth Team’s statement is an absolute lie with no basis in fact.

5. An independent Scotland would be ranked four places above the UK in the OECD list;

The SNP conveniently ignore that the paper they rely on also says that public services in the UK reduce inequality more than almost anyone else, and this impact has increased over the 2000s under Labour Governments in Westminster and Holyrood.

Um, what does that have to do with the assertion? Even if the UK was good at reducing inequality, that doesn’t mean Scotland couldn’t be even better. But in fact inequality INCREASED under the last Labour administration.


6. An independent Scotland will reduce corporation tax by 3% to create 27,000 jobs;

The reality is that this tax cut to businesses would cost Scotland £385 million in revenue. Joseph Stiglitz, Nobel Winning Economist and member of the First Minister’s Council of Economic Advisors, rejected the idea that lowering corporation tax would lead to greater investment saying:

“Some of you have been told that lowering tax rates on corporations will lead to more investment. The fact is that’s not true. It is just a gift to corporations increasing inequality in our society”.

So, um, if reducing Corporation Tax is so bad, why did Gordon Brown do it TWICE in the last Labour administration – by a total of 5p, not the SNP’s proposed 3p – and promise to reduce it even more as soon as he possibly could?

7. We will have all the same welfare benefits that we have now;

Scots are financially better off remaining part of the UK. Benefit spending per person is higher in Scotland than the rest of the UK. We spend over 20% more on disability benefits. An independent report published last year also said that if Scotland gained control over welfare benefits and pensions then it would need to raise its taxes.

Again, this “independent report” isn’t identified, so nobody can verify it. But once more, the response is curiously irrelevant to the assertion – even if it were true that Scotland spent more per person on benefits, how does that disprove the claim that “We will have all the same welfare benefits we have now”? If anything, it seems to prove that Scots would be better off.

8. Pensions would be better protected in an independent Scotland;

Scotland has proportionately more pensioners than the rest of the UK. Last year Professor David Bell estimated that the number of pensioners in Scotland is set to increase by 80% between 2010 and 2060. 

We’ve been over this. The idea that anyone knows what will happen half a century into the future is laughable. The last time Labour predicted the Scottish population (in 2001), they thought it would fall below five million. In fact it’s grown at the fastest rate ever, and is now at the highest level ever.


The demographic challenge that Scotland faces is best met as part of the UK because it has more pensioners and its population is ageing faster. A no vote safeguards our pension benefits.

And yet again, an empty assertion that being in the UK is better, unsupported by any sort of facts or reasoning. Being tied to a large country is grand if that country is in a strong economic state. If it isn’t – and the UK is knee-deep in debt and getting deeper by the day – then it’s a bit like saying you’re better placed to swim the Channel if you handcuff yourself to a grand piano.

9. We will continue to trade freely with the rest of the UK;

The CBI and supermarkets have told us that independence would push up costs for consumers. We believe them over the Party who would do and say anything to get independence.

What, the CBI that actually officially registered itself as part of the No campaign, before hilariously backtracking and somehow managing to extricate itself on a technicality, while still making it absolutely clear that it opposed independence?

We’re not aware of a single supermarket chain whose official position is that “independence would push up costs for consumers”. Once again, none are cited in support of the claim. It appears to be another lie.

The reality is that separation would cost our businesses 11 times more than their competitors in England if we do not share a currency. It would cost every company in Scotland £1,229 compared to only £109 per business in the rest of the UK. 

“Source: our arse, where we just pulled these numbers from.”

The UK is Scotland’s biggest trading partner; it accounts for over two thirds of all of Scotland’s exports. Sharing an economy supports and strengthens this trading relationship. Separation would put it at risk.

Another empty assertion unsupported by a shred of evidence. The UK and Scotland would continue to be trading partners whether Scotland was independent or not, just like both of them currently trade with hundreds of other nations that aren’t part of the UK. Why would anyone currently trading between the two stop?

10. We can continue to charge students from the rest of UK tuition fees.

The experts say that this would be discriminatory and therefore illegal. Removing tuition fees for rest of UK students would cost Scottish universities at least £100 million a year, who would fund this?

More un-named “experts”. The reality is that it’s a matter to be negotiated with the EU. Exceptions exist in EU law which provide for the rule not to be applied, and even in the worst-case scenario universities could simply admit students from elsewhere instead.

11. Starting up an independent Scotland would cost “about £250 million”.

John Swinney has previously told Cabinet colleagues it would cost more than £600 million to set up a separate tax system – these numbers clearly don’t add up.

Flat-out, barefaced lie. The £600m figure quoted by Swinney was the annual cost of RUNNING a tax system, not the cost of setting one up, as noted by Professor Patrick Dunleavy of the London School of Economics just a week ago.


The UK Treasury has published analysis which warns that becoming independent could cost Scotland over £1.5bn. Unsurprisingly, the SNP has refused to breakdown their estimate.

The UK Treasury’s £1.5bn figure was disowned in the Financial Times last week by the economist cited as its source, Professor Robert Young of Western Ontario University. It’s yet another lie.

12. Our oil fund will secure Scotland’s wealth for the future.

Even including our oil revenues, an independent Scotland would still be in debt. How can a country in debt save money for the future? Do the SNP propose to raise taxes or increase our debt to pay for this?

Ever met anyone with a mortage and a savings account at the same time?

13. People employed in Scotland by companies based in the rest of the UK will not be affected.

The reality is that we know a number of companies are considering relocating their headquarters if Scotland becomes independent. This would impact on jobs. The best way to safeguard Scottish jobs with companies based primarily in the rest of the UK is to vote no.

We’re not sure any company HAS actually said that, and once again we’re given no names and no evidence. But even if they did, in the corporate world “relocating your headquarters” actually just means a change of nameplate and letterheads. It makes no sense for companies to go to the incredible expense and upheaval of moving the physical location of thousands of jobs for nothing.

14. Interest rates would still be set by Bank of England so would remain the same.

Newly independent countries, with no credit history, face higher interest rates. Sharing risk across a larger economy helps to keep interest rates low.

As assertion without evidence or reasoning.

15.We will get rid of Trident and make Scotland a nuclear weapon free zone;

The reality is that removing Trident could take up to 25 years, would result in thousands of job cuts and be an astronomical cost.

This is a particularly bizarre stream of nonsense. The UK’s Trident submarines aren’t even currently scheduled to LAST another 25 years – in fact, they were built to operate until the mid-2020s, which is why the UK is currently planning to spend £100bn replacing them. A report by CND found that the warheads could be safely removed from Scotland within 24 months.


The UK Ministry of Defence stated in 2012 that only 520 jobs directly depend on Trident (and in fact most of them aren’t even located in Scotland in any meaningful sense). And the cost of moving the weapons would indeed be likely to be very hight, but it wouldn’t be Scotland’s problem, since they wouldn’t belong to Scotland.

Apart from all that, the sentence is bang on.

16. We will share an electricity and gas market with the UK.

This would have to be agreed with the rest of the UK. The SNP can’t leave the UK but pick and choose what they would like to keep as an independent country.

The UK needs Scottish renewable energy to have the remotest chance of meeting its carbon-reduction commitments. A deal is in everyone’s interests. Even the Truth Team can’t bring itself to lie about that one.

17. We will share embassies with the UK in countries where Scotland does not have one.

Why would it be in the rest of the UK’s interests to bear the costs of this? The SNP can’t leave the UK and choose what benefits of being part of the union they want to keep.

Another bizarrely petulant outburst. One would imagine that Scotland would PAY if it wanted to share UK embassies, and that it would therefore REDUCE the costs to the UK of running the facilities, not increase them.

But in any event, we’re not sure anyone ever has actually claimed that Scotland would share UK embassies. Under EU law, any member state must provide assistance to the citizens of any other member state.


Scotland could arrange to share embassies with whoever it wanted, and even if it chose not to have any at all in some countries, Scottish citizens would still be entitled to help from any EU embassy or consulate.

18. All cross-border medical services will remain, including use of rest of UK organs for organ donation.

Scotland currently benefits from a reciprocal arrangement because we are part of the UK. By wanting provision of these health services to remain the same, the SNP are highlighting one of the many benefits of being part of the UK. Separation means uncertainty because these current arrangements would have to be re-negotiated.

Another unequivocal lie. Scotland benefits from reciprocal arrangements because the Scottish NHS and the other health services of the UK set up reciprocal arrangements, NOT “because we are part of the UK”.

The health services of the four member states of the UK are already completely independent and always have been. (Well, since 1969 for NHS Wales.) There would be no need whatsoever for anything to be renegotiated – nothing would have changed.

19. We will provide childcare for every child aged 1 to school age.

We are still waiting for the SNP to deliver on the last promise they made about childcare back in 2007. The SNP is still to say how much this would cost. The reality is, even if every mother with children in this age group in Scotland used this childcare to return to work, they would still need 40,000 more mothers to pay for this policy.

Um, this seems to be a party policy issue, not a referendum one.

20. We will get the Government we choose.

A lot of people in Scotland did not vote for the SNP but are now faced with 7 years of SNP Government. Labour wants to work with those in the rest of the UK that share our values to oust the current government at the next election; not make it easier for the Conservatives to be re-elected.

A fundamental misunderstanding of the word “we”, there. In any electoral system, whether in Scotland or the UK or if the entire world united into one giant global government, some people get a government they don’t vote for.

The issue here is that the Yes movement regards Scotland as a country, and countries – not individual people – are the units of measurement of national democracy. Labour’s point, therefore, can only be that Scotland is not a country, but merely a region of one. It just lacks the courage to say it out loud.


So, there we have it. A heady concoction of indisputable falsehoods, straw men, non-sequiturs and outraged sulking. Our only explanation for some of these long-ago-debunked myths being revived and shambling back into view like something out of a 60s B-movie is that the “Truth Team” themselves are the undead, forced unwillingly from the grave by some mad resurrectionist, and simply hadn’t noticed.

If this embarrassing catalogue of drivel is what they come up with after a six-month rest, we can’t wait to read what they produce when they’re tired.

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    Look forward to Louise discussing that lot with Stuart from Bath on Monday

  3. Edward says:

    Just from STV, sitting Labour MP George Mudie who has been described as “a fantastic MP” by Labour leader Ed Miliband, said he would vote Yes if he lived in Scotland
    Now if only sitting MP’s IN Scotland would come out for Yes…………

  4. David says:

    OOOOH a Scurry of Squirrels

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    Will the “launch” of the Truth Team be announced on TV? A turbo-charged, game-changer from Untied by Labour.

    They will have to wait till Brian Taylor gets his poster delivered.

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    Have there been any freak lightning storms in the Sourh Glasgow area recently?

    “Igor! It lives! It’s alive!”

  7. Marian says:

    Yet more downright lies from Better Together aka Project Fear which is designed to batter Scotland into submitting to Westminster’s will for another 300 years.

    Nowhere will you see these lies exposed in the MSM and BBC because they are nothing more than propaganda mouthpieces of the Westminster political establishment.

    Have we Scots lost our will to fight and are we just going to roll over and accept this assault on our democratic freedom?

    Is this what Keir Hardie and James Maxton fought for and is this what our forefathers fought for on the beaches of Normandy?

    We have the best case ever for independence and the timing is to our advantage too and we have the grass roots support to fight the battle.

    By contrast Westminster has nothing but fearmongering and lies and no grassroots campaign to speak of.

    There is now only a 10% swing needed to win the YES vote so what are we waiting for?

    Get out there and fight for Scotland’s freedom for its now or never.

  8. handclapping says:

    The Welsh NHS dpes not fit your assertion. It only became independent with the Senedd IIRC

  9. galamcennalath says:

    Sounds like the dusted off the dodgy Iraq dossier team! Lies, damned lies and Labour.

  10. Nana Smith says:

    Well as I have previously posted slab will be out and about tomorrow and no doubt all these lies are in the leaflets.
    They are also having a phoneathon in Glasgow.

  11. handclapping says:

    p=o, wrong finger. good thing i’m not a bond trader 🙁

  12. bookie from hell says:

    call it the pinochio team

  13. rab_the_doubter says:

    Stu, that was just too easy for you. Where’s the fun in that.

  14. Xander says:

    This is why Wings is my first port of call on the blog cruise.

  15. Scott says:

    Can we vote you in as First Minister Stu? You seem to have an idea what you’re talking about more than Salmond, and I actually quite like Salmond. #voteyes

  16. rab_the_doubter says:

    The spirit of the ‘ministry of Truth’ lives and breathes in the inane unconsidered output from the ‘Truth Team’ or as I’ve decided to call them the ‘Truth Faeries’.

  17. Robet Louis says:

    As regards energy, England in particular, does not generate enough to meet its needs, and has a constant draw on electricity from Scotland, the Isle of Man and France. Given the mechanism already exists, and is currently used for energy transfer from Scottish generators to England, it would make little sense for England to switch that supply it needs from Scotland off, just because Scotland becomes independent.

    Silly nonsense from Labour on the ‘truth team’ website

  18. Willum says:

    Sounds very like the Ministry of Truth team to me brought out of the cupboard from 1984.

  19. CameronB Brodie says:

    Chuckle. Does this include furiners? 🙂

    One Nation

  20. Wee Copey says:

    The saddest thing is the die hard no voters will believe every word ????

  21. Wee Copey says:

    That was supposed to be a sad face 🙁

  22. How many times will they tell the same lies? Lies that have been debunked time and time again. Why do they hate Scotland so much? Because their masters tell them to.

  23. Andy-B says:

    Ground Hog Day, you should put debunking, on a loop,as the same scaremongering stories, seem to rise from the dead, especially when there’s a full moon. I suppose Alistair Darling could pass for Count Dracula.

  24. Drunken Hobo says:

    To be honest, these sorts of articles seem like a wasted effort. All that time & text just to prove Labour are lying. It’s what they do.

    Sadly, some people don’t give a damn how much they’re being lied to, and go along with them anyway (cf. Cara Hilton).

  25. donald anderson says:

    Like British and Intelligence Labour and Truth are oxymoron’s.

  26. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “The Welsh NHS dpes not fit your assertion. It only became independent with the Senedd IIRC”

    You don’t RC, because it was actually separated from the English one in 1969. But I’ve added a line correcting my error that it was ALWAYS independent – it’s been independent for two-thirds of its existence.

  27. Konrad the wise warrior says:

    handclapping says:
    The Welsh NHS does not fit your assertion. It only became independent with the Senedd IIRC

    Almost correct. From Wikipedia:
    “NHS Wales was originally formed as part of the public health system for England and Wales created by the National Health Service Act 1946 with powers over the NHS in Wales coming under the Secretary of State for Wales in 1969. Responsibility for NHS Wales was passed to the Welsh Government under devolution in 1999 and has since then been the responsibility of the Welsh Minister for Health and Social Services.”

    NHS Wales is semi-independent since 1969. Long enough for international protocols to be drawn up.

    O/T: Why don’t we change NHS Scotland to SHS – Scottish Health Service to stop confusion?

  28. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “To be honest, these sorts of articles seem like a wasted effort. All that time & text just to prove Labour are lying. It’s what they do.”

    We know that. But now people who DON’T know it can be directed to the information all in one place.

  29. Andy-B says:

    I gotta say the so called “Truth Team” are taking some doing over on this site. Oddly enough not a word of truth in sight,from the truth team, Scroll down to comments.

  30. heedtracker says:

    Is it any wonder teamGB is more or less bankrupt? You can’t scrap Trident nukes because it’s too expensive sounds like a classic StairHeid Rammy outburst for a start. This is what 70+ years divine right to rule Scotland by Labour Party’s done, they’ve ended up with the very average and giant egos. None can begin to cope with any challenge, which explains former Labour Chancellor of teamGB Exchequer Alistair Darling calling all Yes voters “blood and soil” nazis on Tuesday was it.

  31. Sorry its O/T but just to let all wingers know Alistair Darling is opening the ‘Better Together’ shop in Edinburgh this sunday.

    Its 1pm-2pm at 5 Cadzow place,cakes and tea provided!

    You can book as many tickets as you like,I have,from the better together eastlothian facebook page link.

    I believe there is a shop nearby that sells eggs….

  32. Taranaich says:

    The most recent available statistics show Scotland received 9.3% of UK spending to run our services (for 8.3% of the population) but generated 9.1% of UK taxes. In 2012/13, Scotland’s finances were weaker than the UK’s as a whole by £468 per person.

    Never ceases to amaze me that they go with this line of thinking: After all, doesn’t this show that the rest of the UK raised 89.7% of UK taxes to run their services (for 91.7% of the population) but generated 90.9 of UK taxes?

    Scotland: 8.3 pop 9.1 tax 9.3 spending
    RUK: 91.7 pop 90.9 tax 90.7 spending

    Difference between Scot pop/tax: +0.8
    Difference between rUK pop/tax: -0.8

    Yes, rUK received more in spending than their tax, but they also contributed less tax (percentage) than Scots.


  33. Taranaich says:

    Drat, replace second-to-last line with “Yes, rUK received LESS in spending…”

  34. Murray McCallum says:

    Leaving the independence referendum to one side, it seems to me that OneNation Labour find EVERYTHING too difficult. They don’t seem to want to change ANYTHING when it comes to the crunch.

    They simply seem to go along with most Tory financial plans and policy changes.

    Maybe they hate filling in forms or something.

  35. Andy-B says:

    Nicola Sturgeon, gave an inspiring speech in Tammany Hall (aka Glasgow City Chambers) today,no doubt wee Gordon Matheson will be furious.

  36. cynicalHighlander says:

    @Konrad the wise warrior

    NHS to SHS I think would give Westminster the chance to exclude the Barnett consequential same name ensures. IMO.

  37. crazycat says:

    I’m interested that they talk about having to reapply to the EU, and then say that this takes an average of 9 years.

    As far as I know, no group of people who were EU citizens has left and then rejoined. (And only the Greenlanders, who are geographically in North America, not Europe, have ever left altogether.) The 9 years must therefore be the average length of time required to apply from scratch; such groups of people usually have to fulfil various criteria, which Scotland by definition must already do (barring any minor details which are dealt with exclusively in other parts of the UK), since we are EU citizens now.

    So it is ludicrous to suppose it would take that long, even if it were not already ludicrous to suppose it had to be done at all.

  38. cynicalHighlander says:

    A present for A Darling opening ceremony.

  39. Roll_On_2014 says:

    Aye Stu it appears that BT have at last wheeled out their Truth Team. In this instant I think they have got it just about right.

  40. joe kane says:

    The sound you hear is Goebbels spinning in his grave. They can’t even do propaganda properly either. He’d have the lot of them sent off to a work camp for a spot of re-education.


  41. TJenny says:

    debbiethebruce – crikey, that BT shop is just up the road from me – must go and have a wee reccy tonight. Not sure if I trust myself to get too close to the BT Darling tomorrow – he scunners me so much – maybe I’ll take strength from my YES and Wings badges and remain civil. 🙂 Wouldn’t want to bring WOS into disrepute – but eggs, oh, eggs are tempting.

    Any other WOSers thinking of going along?

  42. Dr Ew says:

    This might appear O/T but please bear with me.

    In a previous thread Wingman 2020 set out categories of Scottish residents he felt would ultimately would lose us the vote – the uniformed, the headline junkies, the frightened and misguided Labour supporters plus the “politically / religiously twisted”, the dullards, the selfish and the Establishment.

    Undoubtedly all of these exist. But from my (admittedly anecdotal) experience of canvassing, stalls and meetings, as well as conversations with friends who could easily fall into one or more of the first four categories, I believe these same people really GET something deeper is happening here. As Pat Kane said, it’s become an almost existential question, and I think this is particularly true of reflexive Labour voters and those usually disaffected and disengaged from politics.

    I’ve been active for about 30 years on and off, mostly on; for Labour till 1989, then in community politics and international human rights, and since 2003 with the Scottish Greens. Something has been stirred. So much of the past decade has shaken confidence in institutions of every kind – from 9/11, Blair & Bush on Iraq & Afghanistan, the Banking Crash, MPs’ expenses, child abuse scandals in the Catholic Church and the BBC, tuition fees – and I sense people are making connections like never before.

    Maybe it’s down to saturation TV, Facebook and Youtube, but the past is present with us in ways it never was before. Yes, people forget but not quite so easily as they used to. They’re seeing a continuum here and it comes up time and again when I listen to people sounding off. Many will allow themselves to be overwhelmed by this, and cast a plague on all our houses, but with just a little nudge they will acknowledge there is something more profound happening here. It’s like Jim Sillars’ line – for that 15 hours on September 18th we will have genuine power in our hands for the first time EVER.

    People are starting to get that. Our job is to make them understand that if they step up during that 15 hours they will play their part in an historical moment. Some may baulk at the responsibility and abstain. Some will vote No because they want to go on saying – “They’re a’ the same”. But more – many more than usual – will act and act positively come 18/9.

    And that’s why turgid drivel like ‘The Truth Team’ ultimately pushes more people towards us than away. That’s why Obama’s words have one effect one day – ‘Gosh, President Obama thinks we should vote No’ – and have precisely the reverse effect the next – “Who the hell does he think he is, telling us how to vote!”. I heard those that precise change of heart in those very words only today.

    So listen up, folks – the truth is out there.

  43. seanair says:

    debbie the bruce and Tjenny
    I know it is tempting, but please no eggs, especially aimed at AD. We would never hear the end of it. Vicious Nats etc. Remember Ian Murray MP about non-existent eggs.

  44. rab_the_doubter says:

    Radio 5 Morning show, starting about 1h 20 mins in, really interesting interview with a D Day Veteran. I will make no comment other than to say listen to his final words and the reaction of the Presenters of the show.

  45. heedtracker says:

    I think they’re using Finland for their out of EU til 2019 frightener. A very NO Glasgow uni dude said it took Finland 7 years to get in to the EU so that’s why Scotland must not be allowed to run Scotland. Finland’s got same population size as Scotland, a single 200 member PR parliament, no oil though and not much green energy potential etc. Ofcourse Finland hasn’t been run by the Labour Party, so it’s worth visiting Finland to see just how successful smaller states like Scotland can be and Santa too.

  46. Brian Powell says:

    I see Lego has asked Better Together to stop using Lego images in the 1400 campaign.

  47. Jim Mitchell says:

    Rev why don’t you report them to the truth team? Oh no wait a minute.

    BTW DebbietheBruce, Mr darling should have more things on his mind, like his latest satisfaction figures, which continue to nosedive, anyway, why waste good eggs?

  48. wingman 2020 says:


    “Have we Scots lost our will to fight and are we just going to roll over and accept this assault on our democratic freedom?

    My thoughts exactly.

  49. TJenny says:

    Jim Mitchell – OK, agree no eggs, but what about a white feather? Too crass at this time of WW1 celebrations?

  50. Marcia says:

    I can agree with Dr Ew.

    Today I met quite a few fellow retirees and some current workers at a retirement function today. The usual questions oh how are you and what have you been doing in retirement? When I mentioned the referendum they all seemed to have an opinion on it and to my surprise and delight the majority are leaning to Yes. Many of them have no interest in day to day politics, but the referendum has ignited an interest.

  51. Marcia says:

    Don’t waste eggs on the No camp, give them to a food bank instead.

  52. Chris Primrose says:

    Having actually fought in Tony Blair’s little illegal excursion, I switched on “Reporting Scotland” last night, with an expectation that maybe, just maybe, Alistair Darling’s outburst against our First Minister might be mentioned.
    Instead, President Obama’s statement, as lead item, meant that I didn’t get to watch the rest of the news; I switched off the TV and joined ten others, pushing “Yes” newspapers through letter boxes (and I was so looking forward to my quiet Thursday night). Can I take it that Darling’s outburst remains unreported in the MSM?

  53. wingman 2020 says:

    @Dr Ew

    “The truth is out there.”

    Not enough people are catching it yet.

    This is a revolution. It is a fight between prosperity and austerity.

    Make no mistake, the people who defend the Union, are in the majority the people who have prospered under the current corrupt and anachronistic politics in London.

    The real fight is just beginning.

    Wait until 20% of Scottish residents are squeezed further and suddenly start to realise that they were shafted…

    Thats when the real action will begin. Whose fault? The liars and propagandists at Westminster.

    Trust me when I say we are headed for a real Independence.

  54. Nana Smith says:

    @rab the doubter

    Yes indeed freedom….

  55. wingman 2020 says:

    @Dr Ew

    And if my comment made you respond… then I am happy to see that people are thinking robustly about what is going to happen.

    So far the likely real outcome has not been adequately described.

  56. muttley79 says:

    The Truth Team are the village idiots of Scottish politics.

  57. kininvie says:

    Just another point to put the ‘lost passport’ drivel to bed for once and for all.

    We know that: a) If you are a dual national (i.e. still have a UK passport as well as a Scottish one) you have the right to UK consular services

    b) If you are an EU citizen you have the right to assistance from EU consulates.

    But what is less widely known is that if you are a Commonwealth Citizen, you can get help from the consulates of other Commonwealth countries if you are somewhere that your own country is not represented:

    In foreign (i.e. non-Commonwealth) countries, the British embassy or consulate is traditionally responsible for Commonwealth citizens whose governments are not represented in the country concerned

    Now does anyone imagine that even if we are chucked out of the EU, Scotland will be refused membership of the Commonwealth?

  58. heedtracker says:

    Thanks for BBC R5 link Rab. Bill Price, 100 year old D-Day veteran and YES voter, silenced by the BBC at Normandy. It makes you wonder what someone like Mr Price makes of Alistair Darling’ s “blood and soil” nazi slander on all Yes voters this week.

  59. Angus says:

    “A lot of people in Scotland did not vote for the SNP but are now faced with 7 years of SNP Government. Labour wants to work with those in the rest of the UK that share our values to oust the current government at the next election; not make it easier for the Conservatives to be re-elected.”

    This comes across to me as Westminster Labour arguing that by voting Independence we are depriving Westminster of what has been a reasonable extra cache of Scottish MWP’s over the years to prop up their main aim-to run Scotland from London.

    It is also almost by default an example of the argument “Voting for Independence will relegate England to a Tory haven at westminster perpetually’……….we will be encouraging England to reassemble its priorities away from a swing to the right and get rid of carbon copy political parties and nondescript bollocks from a hopeless media I would hope.

  60. heedtracker says:

    Check out the Nominal gross value added. Thank you so much teamGB.

    Yours sincerely and good bye.

    and they excluded Scots oil from Scotland value too. Funny that.

  61. Harry says:

    How do we find that 5Live show? Checked iplayer and they just have an hour from this morning. Had a quick scan through it and can’t find a Scottish voice.

  62. heedtracker says:

    YES Guardian CiF sums this whole nonsense union for what it is in one sentence. And cue progressive/liberal Guardian’s Bullshit Artist of the Year, Severin Carrell to monster Alicsamin.

    06 June 2014 7:35pm

    Thanks for showing us what happens when the income from a country’s natural resources are not reinvested in that country.

  63. wingman 2020 says:


    I wish for a massive awareness happening in the populace.

  64. heedtracker says:

    @ Harry, 1 hour 18mins in the 6am Live Breakfast show

  65. Croompenstein says:

    @Harry – 1hr20 in thanks rab

  66. BuckieBraes says:

    Any undecided voter witnessing this tiresome litany of naysaying and negativity from Labour and its Tory friends needs to remember one thing:

    With a Yes vote the game changes overnight.

    It will transpire after all that ‘Project Fear’ and all its attendant scaremongering won’t – in the words of Rick Blaine in Casablanca – amount to a hill of beans. It will be a case of getting down to business to establish our independent country.

    Almost all of them on the No side must know this full well; and many will end up admitting as much, when the day comes.

  67. Paula Rose says:

    Um – hello boys, not all of us are bemoaning our fate – more aye right leaflets to deliver, catch you later.

  68. Illy says:

    “[Trident] wouldn’t be Scotland’s problem, since they wouldn’t belong to Scotland.”

    I’m going to dispute this. If Trident is still in Scottish territory on Independance Day, what makes it different to the other UK government property that the newly independant Scotland would inherit?

    There’s no problem with saying “Trident’s ours, you left it here, tough cookies” and wanting rid of it. I’d propose that that’s actually the fastest and safest way to get rid of it: Rather than having to argue with a pissed-off government at Westminster to get come get it, we claim it, and promtly and safely dispose of it.

  69. Murray McCallum says:

    Wonder if the Truth Team will give their support to the Tory’s favourite advertisers being employed by the Tory funded No campaign?

    M&C Saatchi created the New Labour new danger advertising campaign. The name Saatchi is obviously linked to thatcher and “Labour isn’t working”.

    Labour supporters what are you doing?

  70. Calgacus MacAndrews says:

    Lego ask that the images, used without their permission, be removed from the UK Government website:-

  71. Dr Ew says:

    Hey Wingman –

    I get what you’re saying, but we have a chance here – a real chance – to win such in a way that will set us up in the mos advantageous way.

    Other paths will no doubt emerge if this one is closed off, but I fear they would dark and pitted with hazards.

    And I still believe, despite the odds, we can do it – this year, this time, our way.

  72. Lanarkist says:

    Great post Dr.Ew, really positively inspiring!

  73. Albalha says:

    Did anyone watch David Torrance on Channel 4 News, on the Saatchi story, if so who was on his t shirt?

  74. Croompenstein says:

    Re Lego – who is going to do JoLa’s hair noo?

    Truth Team – great idea I think Flipper should come clean about his expenses and the truthful reason why he resigned from the Faculty of Advocates..come on Flipper you know you want to…

  75. StevieMcB says:

    UKOK loaded audience radio 4, stairheed praising them.

  76. Dr Ew says:

    And on the big debate of the day – I agree, no eggs.

    How about we just shower little bits of Lego on dear old Darling and Danny and Dougie?

  77. Edulis says:

    Have a listen to Any Questions on Radio 4 from Dundee when it is repeated tomorrow at 1.00 pm along with Any Answers.

    The Labour Party has obviously got its act together and shipped in busloads of supporters for Mags Curran. In comparison, what a disappointment after the Big Debate in Inverness today. I would definitely say that it was at least 60:40 in favour of Independence at Eden Court.

  78. HandandShrimp says:

    I am surprised Better Together have taken so long to set up a No shop. Their HQ is totally anonymous whereas Yes HQ has been open to the public from day one. BT have avoided the public for two years – now 104 days before the vote they dip their toe in the water.

  79. Marcia says:


    I think you mean the BBC have got their act together. It is coming from Angus at Monikie which is outside Dundee.

  80. Angus says:

    What’s with the wingman commenting ‘sub terrorist/revolution bollocks’ if we don’t get a Yes vote, along with the ‘secret’ coded ‘fight/violence’ push from the other one?

    If it is irony fine maybe it is Crowley’ styled mysterious ‘dark paths we will need to follow’ otherwise get it to fuck.

  81. handclapping says:

    Step back and ponder that, with the whole might of the Labour party behind them and the help of press-ganged interns on zero hours contracts for minimum wage (paid for by us through parliamentary expenses) these members, parliamentarians all, of the self-styled Truth Team cannot get it right.

    Their incompetence is exposed above by 1, one, angry Scot living in a rat infested garret in Bath, who on the very rare occasion gets it wrong acknowledges it and makes an ammendment.

    Boy when, if ever 🙂 I get my Wings badge I’ll wear it with pride in our Stu and his work.

  82. Hector says:

    OT. Channel 4 news tonight……breathless announcement that Better Together have now acquired the services of Saatchi & Saatchi! Reporter commented that their notorious “Labour isn’t working” campaign ad from 1979 election….which was considered to have swayed voters towards Thatcher will NOT be considered significant by Scots! …….. Aye Right!! Bring it on!

  83. Onwards says:

    The BBC has its own ‘truth team’ style article on the referendum posters, with various ‘experts’ giving their opinion.

    Can you trust the referendum posters.

    Generally mixed/not proven verdicts all round.
    The poverty one has a pretty strange conclusion.

    And the final verdict for “Job Prospects at risk?

    “This poster is probably right, given the uncertainty over the currency, fears over economic security, and declining revenues.”

    Beats me how Mr McCausland can predict the future of oil prices, and the success or failure of future Scottish government polices..

  84. Free Scotland says:

    Just tried to comment over at the “truth” team’s blog page. No joy. Refreshed the page several times, but they seem to be stuck at 65 comments. Ear-plugs inserted, blindfolds applied, they lumber on to new depths, like VNB, headed for oblivion.

  85. Edward says:

    I see it’s getting better and better for Better Together
    First up, turns out Lego did not give permission to the UK Government to us Lego characters to promote the governments anti independence propaganda

    Lego UK said it had not granted permission for the images to be used and that they were used without the company’s knowledge. Lego states that it is politically neutral. So the UK Government have to remove any and all Lego character pictures and hopefully apologise – awe shame

    Next up the Tory’s have now requested that Saatchi & Saatchi, Thatcher’s preferred advertisers and PR company to beef up and take on the PR work for Better Together – oh dear, so now Better Together are linked to Thatcher (that includes Labour – ha ha)

  86. Brotyboy says:

    It is coming from Angus at Monikie which is outside Dundee.

    Would that be Monikie in the county of Angus near Kellas? Next to Whitfield, which is claimed to be in Broughty Ferry by the upwardly mobile?

    I am always reminded of London NW6 being described as ‘West Hampstead’. No; it’s Kilburn.

  87. TD says:

    This drivel from Scottish Labour really makes me angry. As a naturally left-leaning voter, I am resolved that come what may, whether Scotland votes Yes (as I desperately hope) or No, I will never, ever vote Labour again. I cannot contemplate any circumstances in which I would vote for the current Labour party or their heirs and successors. I and, it would appear from current electoral trends, many others made a similar resolution in respect of the Lib-Dems after the 2010 election. Take note Labour – there will be an electoral price to pay.

  88. Brotyboy says:

    Did anyone watch David Torrance on Channel 4 News, on the Saatchi story, if so who was on his t shirt?

    I’d imagine it was his all time hero; himself.

    Once again, at the 5 Million Questions on Tuesday I came away with the distinct impression that he sees himself as a Paxmanesque figure, cutting right to the heart of the matter with one insightful question.

    I, on the other hand, think his intellect matches his physical presence; small, slight, but with perfect hair.

  89. K1 says:

    Brotyboy I thought Whitfield was a scheme in Dundee itself, didn’t know there was a Whitfield outside Dundee?

  90. Brotyboy says:

    @ K1

    Sorry; Fisherman’s, (quick chat with Wee Johnny), tapas, bottle of Aglianico Del Vulture; making no sense.

    Whitfield is in Dundee, but some pretentious twats from there and Kellas insist on sticking Broughty Ferry into their addresses.

  91. jake says:

    “You can’t leave a country and keep its currency. A currency union has been ruled out and the nationalists have no Plan B.”

    Aden-The Federation of South Arabia
    Hong Kong
    New Zealand
    Trinidad and Tobago
    The Republic of South Africa

    all the above used the GBP or a currency linked to it in the last 75 years.

  92. bunter says:

    Talking of Labour, I think I have a suspicion as to what provoked Darlings Kim il Jung outburst the other day. My theory is that he had a preview of his personal ratings and also found out that a book was published pointing the finger at him as at fault for a 50bn potential loss on RBS. Nice timing with him being confirmed as still leader of NO and live debates surely on the way.

    What must be galling though, is that after GQ and the monstering of Salmond in the Daily Rancid pre EU elections, by cool turd cretin, Salmond’s ratings actually went up a notch by 1%.

    Darling is gubbed and no one believes a word he says.

    Highlight of the week for me!

  93. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Labour hitting the streets tomorrow then? This will be very interesting – sort of like that day the RSPB do, where everyone takes a note of what birds they see in their garden.

  94. K1 says:

    lol…ah that makes sense now…though slightly perplexed how Whitfield could ever be confused wi Broughty Ferry.

  95. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Nana Smith –

    Has Labour committed to any estimates re numbers it expects tomorrow? And are there any confirmed venues/gathering points?

    If we can find out these things then we can document the reality – perhaps they’ll think twice before claiming that 275,000 volunteers collectively chapped every door in Scotland. If we get a few images then it could even rival their now famous ‘Scotfail’ railway-station campaign.

    I’ll keep an eye out for them tomorrow, but Labour activists in Ayrshire are a very great rarity, and appear to prefer conducting their ‘activities’ indoors.

  96. Andrew Coulson says:

    ‘Every EU citizen living in Scotland and every Scot living in Europe would lose their rights of residence overnight and have to be expelled.’…. Wouldn’t Scots (who, after all, will remain UK citizens) retain their rights as EU citizens to travel and live in Europe?

  97. Andrew Coulson says:

    …. and, for that matter, wouldn’t the generous open-hearted Scots allow their European cousins to remain anyway?

  98. Clootie says:

    If it goes the way of Labourhame the only visitors will be YES campaigners

    Labour lie – they manage to convince themselves of the lie and for many years people accepted their version of reality. However this is far worse than the election lies. They are working with the Tories to keep Westminster

    The people who live in Scotland deserve much better than Labour’s vision of minor tweaks to the Tory cuts.

    Post independence I hope we see a return to a strong Labour Party with policies based on it’s founding principles.

    40 years ago If you had described New Labour I would have said that’s the Tory Party!

  99. bunter says:

    Sturgeon on twitter earlier asking The Herald to change the headline in an article which suggested that Lego attacked the SNP, as well as the UK Gov.

    Has now changed, sorry I don’t know how to link.

  100. Murray McCallum says:

    What is the longer term subliminal thought entering into peoples political conscience by this # being used by SLAB on twitter


    Have they thought this through? Maybe Saatchi can give them some advice.

  101. Colin Morrison says:

    Baffling, could they not have illustrated with Lego or something to make it simple for us.

  102. MajorBloodnok says:

    @Andrew Coulson

    And perhaps the generous open-hearted Scotland will continue to allow other EU nations to fish our waters? After all, by what right do we as puir ignorant Scotch even expect to be noticed, let alone given recognition and rights as a European nation in return? FFS man.

  103. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    The plan has worked.
    The promotion of UKIP was planned to deflect a move by many to voting Labour.

    This succeeded well and now we will see the big guns turned on UKIP to allow the Tory vote to climb again while we get “good news” about the UK economy on the BBC.

    Labour will be forced to move further right and there is little point in the UK Labour Party anymore

  104. MorvenM says:


    Generation Yes now have a Paypal button if you’d like to make a contribution to their appeal fund.

  105. HandandShrimp says:

    What a bizarre week, what with the NOBs getting pulled up for lying about the way the respective Health services work, Darling going off piste with Godwin type quotes, UK Government/Better Together (who knows any more) insulting our intelligence and offering us mushy peas only to get a clip around the ear from Lego and now they employ the much loved by Mrs T (less so by Nigella) Satchi to do their PR…

    What are they smoking?

  106. msean says:

    Just the thing to win a referendum,get Thatchers ad men to help. This should waken up any real Labour people surely,working with the guys who helped keep Labour in 18 years of opposition.

  107. @handandshrimp

    I did wonder why they are opening a shop less than four months into the vote,whats taken them so long?

    Wonder how long it’ll stay open?I will be popping in to take a look next week,hubby is taking tea & cakes with Darling On Sunday.

    I was joking about the eggs of course,used to be a pretty common way of greeting politicians.
    These days you get arrested for assult if you do it,roll on sept.18th!

  108. Ian Brotherhood says:

    This Lego stuff is just so, dunno, nae wurds, nae wurds…

    Have reached me own personal ‘waffer-theen-meent’ moment, can’t take much more…

  109. Nana Smith says:

    @Ian Brotherhood

    If you pm me I will send you the email I received

  110. I get the impression there is a confident mood on the site tonight. but I have the feeling the NO camp are not yet done with their deviousness and fabricating. My wife and I follow WoS every day and are impressed by the reasonable and well constructed views of each contributor . But one thing bothers us, and that is we are preaching to the converted to a certain extent. By that I mean the tremendous work done by the REV and others should be brought to the attention of the no/undecided voters so that they can see the how far they are being duped

  111. bunter says:

    Twitter saying Populous poll tomoz say YES 46% excl DK. Given the way DK break, surely parity now.

    Barack Obama, your boys are taking a hell of a beating!

    Time for another Glass LOL

  112. ronnie anderson says:

    Remember Lads N Lasses WINGS in Strathclyde Park tommorow

    we’re hopeing to see some of You’s there.

  113. bookie from hell says:

    link cant find poll


  114. MajorBloodnok says:

    And if anyone is in the Meadows, Edinburgh, tomorrow (and Sunday) the Meadows Festival is on and I’ll be manning the YES stall on Saturday morning. Come and say hello and you may even get a free balloon. Yay, “eveything is awsome” (to quote the Lego Movie).

  115. bookie from hell says:

    big thx

  116. taysideterrier says:

    Another to add to No 17. Its also entirely plausible that arrangements can be negotiated to use Commonwealth assets to provide mutual aid and consular assistance.

    There are a number of agreements between commonwealth countries to aid each other (like helping to obtain a temporary passport or travel documents) and there is no reason why a similar situation cannot be agreed between Scotland and the FCO.

    As long as we choose to remain in the Commonwealth of course.

  117. Paula Rose says:

    Ian Brotherhood honey – darling you are so yummy, heres some xxxxxxxxxxxx

  118. Neil MacKenzie says:

    They haven’t deleted the comments on their FB page

  119. Lesley-Anne says:

    Sorry if this has already been posted. I think this is an excellent wee video addressed, sort of, to a certain Mr Darling. 😉

  120. Brian Powell says:

    An American commentator has pointed out that the Nope poster and nobama hashtag, which Together campaign is using, has long been used by the Tea Party and the Birther movements.

  121. Brian Powell says:

    An American commentator has pointed out that the Nope poster and nobama hashtag, which Together campaign is using, has long been used by the Tea Party and the Birther movements

  122. bookie from hell says:

    whats the story WikiLeaks

    Obama,number 10,sweden

  123. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Nana Smith –

    Brilliant, thanks.

    They’re doing a street-stall in Saltcoats at 10 a.m., and another (with Brian Donohue *) in Irvine at 11 a.m.

    Might take a wee toddle along there…


  124. Lesley-Anne says:

    Can I suggest you toddle along incognito Ian. I’d hate to think that if you bimbled up in full blown cybernat mode things might turn a wee bit athletic as they all run for their lives! 😛

  125. Nana Smith says:

    @Ian Brotherhood

    Not going near them as I feel I may burst a blood vessel.
    However should they chap my door……

  126. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Sorry, I got the ’embarrassing MP’s name wrong.

    It’s ‘Donohoe’.

    Here’s where I found the correct spelling:

  127. Dr Ew says:

    Wonder what the Labour TRUTH TEAM ((c) Marvel Comics, 1972) will make of the news that the International Criminal Court (ICC) has been asked to invstigate two of Blair’s former ministers – Geoff Hoon and East Kilbride’s very own Adam Ingram – for their role in covering up abuse of Iraqi prisoners.

    I have been on the receiving end of personal slanders and public attacks from Adam Ingram and his bone-headed replacement and former minder ‘Thick’ Mick McCann, so please forgive a little Schadenfreude at this news. My sin was to draw attention to the established fact that Mr Ingram was the director of an arms-dealing company owned by the Gadaffi regime in Libya, and had also taken up a lucrative directorship with a company owned by a corporation to whom he had signed off a £1.5 billion defence contract – all while serving as East Kilbride’s MP.

    Anyway, I’m sure the TRUTH TEAM ((c) Marvel Comics, 1972) will fearlessly root out the facts on behalf of the Scottish people, while also demanding the Blair-Bush correspondence be released to Chilcot and the public. Not.

  128. Jamesk says:

    MajorBloodnok Think you need to get the Aye stall to Ayrshire aka Ayr and killie going by a few folk being interviewed in this stv program.Still folk saying they dont have enough info they clearly have not heard a this site and others .

    Labour mob have a bloody cheek spouting this rubbish no mention of the bank-bail outs wae Gordon Broon[Corrupt Londoom Politicians] at the helm.
    Skip it onto 12.35

  129. Adrian B says:

    Same old bull**** recycled yet again:

    “The Nationalists are asking us to take an enormous risk. They are asking Scots to risk the pound, their pensions and investment in public services. It is a risk that we don’t have to take.

    “We can have the best of both worlds – a stronger Scottish Parliament, backed up by the strength, security and stability of being part of the larger UK.

    “It’s because we are committed to Scotland that we will vote No.”

  130. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Lesley-Anne –

    I intend to wear my kilt, and conceal my face by walking on my hands…they won’t see me coming. Well, I won’t see anything, and hopefully they’ll have been frightened off by the time I get back on my feet.

  131. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Dr Ew –

    Aha! The bold Adam Ingram.

    Rose Gentle told me, years ago, about the count in the election where she stood against him. (Forget the year, probably 2007)

    Big Adam entered the hall with his minders. When he saw Rose he called out ‘Look! There’s Saddam’s little helper!

    Aye. Adam Ingram. A class act.

  132. DJ says:

    How do I get that wee yes emblem on my facebook page?

  133. Dr Ew says:

    True story, Ian. His biggest minder was the present EK incumbent ‘Thick’ Mick McCann. It took place at the 2005 count and I witnessed it.

    Ironically enough he had refused to attend a single hustings throughout the campaign, mainly because Rose was there and he could not have taken the moral flaying he would have received from just being in the same room as her quiet dignity.

    The other reason was he didn’t need to because he was a big-shot Labour monkey with an unassailable majority. Moreover by that time he’d already decided this would be his last term; his final years were all about finalising his nice cushy sinecures and feather-nested directorships.

    I’d dearly love to see the ICC nail him for the war criminal he is but they won’t because that trail would inevitably lead to Blair, and the UK-US axis will protect him at all costs.

  134. Molly says:

    Albalha, pretty sure it was a young Francis Sinatra on DT s T shirt. Afraid when I realised it was David Torrance speaking, I quickly turned it over

  135. Truth says:

    Shame it’s going to be heavy rain tomorrow at Yes in the park, but at least all those “Labour” activists will get a right soaking as well.

  136. Has anyone been watching the Private Finance Initiative (PFI) engineered by Brown and Darling that has allowed only FOUR companies to Profit to the tune of £300 million by “Flipping” the contracts.

    Whether the Hospital is open and staffed or not, the taxpayer pays the fees and costs. Zero losers in these deals.

    The contractors shift our money to offshore tax havens because HMRC Allows this to happen.

    The Labour party chair of the Public Accounts Committee who voted for this diabolical mess – now bleats and sheds crocodile tears after the inevitable became Reality.

    Ludicrously, these are the same Labour politicians who are trying to Lecture Scots on the monetary and economic future of an Independent Scotland.

    Only four years ago, they were kicked out of Govt. leaving a UK National Debt at £1.46 Trillion.

    Hedge Funds across the planet are scrabbling to buy these PFI Contracts because they are guaranteed annual Profits for the next 20 years at our expense.

    How many “Flips” does it take before losses are generated.?

    Ask Brown if you can trace him.
    Ask Darling who has also disappeared since he claimed half of Scots were Nazis.

    Mibbeland. Balls. Sarwar. Lamont.Darling. The ghost that is Gordon Brown haunts westminster, but only on a part-time, zero hours contract.

    The Muppets are back in their ridiculed and ruinous rationale to wreck Scotland.

  137. The Rough Bounds says:

    I have just read that comment from Ian Brotherhood about Adam Ingram and Rose Gentle. 12.30 am.

    My God! I would so dearly love to get my hands round that bastard Ingram’s throat. I wouldn’t stop until his eyes popped out of his skull.

  138. bunter says:

    STV trying to bury the 46% figure and only appears near the end of article where Swinney mentions it.

  139. Dave McEwan Hill says:


    The Tories will lead the next UK government

  140. bunter says:

    Whats the chance that in the lead up to the indyref, the polling will be fiddled to make it look like Labour will win the 2015 gen election.

  141. ScotsRenewables says:

    My God! I would so dearly love to get my hands round that bastard Ingram’s throat. I wouldn’t stop until his eyes popped out of his skull.

    Rough Bounds, this is the sort if ill- considered remark that will be screenshotted by a trawling UKOK and portrayed as the cybernats issuing death threats!

    If I was Stu I would pull your post immediately. Please think before posting nonsense like this.

  142. James123 says:

    John Reid “The Nationalists are asking us to take an enormous risk.”

    So allowing the people of Scotland to run their own affairs via a democratically elected government is a massive risk but allowing an unelected right wing Tory government from another country to run our affairs is perfectly fine. Committed to Scotland my arse, committed to the Union 100% no matter the consequences.

  143. Grouse Beater says:

    John Reid: “The Nationalists are asking us to take an enormous risk.”

    Reid is another thick neck bouncer sent to guard the door. He’s not the man you’d employ as a babysitter.

    Reid is a political thug.

    Call a spade what it is, a bloody shovel, and move on.

  144. Calgacus MacAndrews says:

    @Grouse Beater says:
    John Reid: “The Nationalists are asking us to take an enormous risk.”

    John Reid knows all about risk.
    John send our troops into Helmand saying that he hoped that not a shot would be fired.

  145. Les Wilson says:

    O/T we should all make a wee peek at this inspirational video

  146. Dan Huil says:

    Please give John Reid his full unionist title: Baron Reid of Cardowan. He did/does a lot of Westminster’s dirty work to achieve such noble heights. A true Labour working-class hero of whom we can all be proud.

  147. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Dr Ew –

    Thanks for confirming that account – I never doubted what Rose said, but I don’t remember ever seeing it in print anywhere.

    Reid, as Grousebeater points out, is cut from the same cloth – if Ingram is ever taken to The Hague then Reid should be right there with him. Well-dressed neds, the pair of them.

  148. Croompenstein says:

    @ScotsRenewables – Agree with that, the faerie took stick for this sort of thing. He pulled me up for using ‘foul’ language but at least I never threatened anyone.

  149. Nana Smith says:

    Bateman broadcasting right now!

  150. bookie from hell says:

    same birthday as me

    I’m blessed

  151. bookie from hell says:

    fb same

  152. gordoz says:

    @Dan Huil :

    “Please give John Reid his full unionist title: Baron Reid of Cardowan. He did/does a lot of Westminster’s dirty work to achieve such noble heights. A true Labour working-class hero of whom we can all be proud.”

    Oh man I know I keep banging on about it but how good would it be if REV (or another) could post a full Roll Call of our much respected Scottish ‘Political Peers’.

    What a ‘stinking list’ that would be and a ‘REAL BOON’ to be able to produce on the doorsteps, to remind voters of Scotland that the LAB/CON/LIB No Vote Coalition all benefit from the ‘Pig swilling’ system and yet the much maligned SNP do not. (Fair enough Duggie ?)

    Would love to discuss that aspect with the ‘I hate that Alick Sammin’ brigade and have the printed facts at hand.

    Just exactly who deserves the hate more ??

  153. Helena Brown says:

    With you there Gordoz, we could always ask who the SNP Lords are when we are at it.

  154. David Wardrope says:

    Lego says Yes!….or at least says no to No

  155. James123 says:

    Derek, at least make the website address a clickable link on your blog!!!

  156. Helena Brown says:

    I may have picked it up the wrong way but is John Reid that well known Thug in Ermine saying we should vote No to risk Scotland?
    Now that would be the truth.

  157. John Gibson says:

    @ Molly and Albalha

    Yes, a young Frank Sinatra. That piqued my curiosity too.

    Usual delusional guff from Torrance – I’m developing an intense dislike for the man.

  158. Roll_On_2014 says:

    Marcia: 11:04 pm

    bookie from hell

    Aye Marcia regarding the Populus Poll you have a roll call on the SCOT goes POP! web thingy.

    Thanks to Marcia on the previous thread for pointing out that the SNP’s Twitter feed is reporting that a new Populus poll in the morning will show the following figures once Don’t Knows are excluded.

  159. TheItalianJob says:

    @ Les Wilson

    What an inspirational speech from that young lady Miriam Brett. Very emotional and made me feel proud of being Scottish and the future young Scots and what they can achieve.

  160. Nana Smith says:


    Sorry I posted the link to Derek’s blog wrongly.Not Derek! I forgot to put in the http

  161. Helena Brown says:

    Heedtracker, was in Helsinki last year, cannot remember seeing their high streets shut like ours. Great big Market in the City as well and only wished I had enough time and baggage allowance to buy all I would have liked. Oh to live in a proper country like that, and we even got a mention how they could not live without their Scottish Ice Breakers.

  162. heedtracker says:

    “Oh to live in a proper country like that” We will Helena.

  163. Cod says:

    I’m somewhat confused to see the Truth Team Twitter is not inundated with the responses listed in the OP here, or at least links to the OP here, with urging for those who want to know actual facts to visit the OP here.

    Are the TT Twitter team deleting those replies and comments on Twitter? Although, I noticed there don’t appear to be any replies at all to them.

  164. Morag Graham Kerr says:

    I don’t think you can delete someone else’s tweet. Maybe you can remove it from your timeline so nobody looking at your timeline is aware of it.

  165. James123 says:

    @Nana Smith

    I meant the link on Derek’s blog to his broadcasting website.

  166. Cod says:

    Well, that’s stranger then, because according to there are no replies to any of these posts. Which I find very surprising!

  167. Mosstrooper says:

    Can anyone tell what benefit there is in dividing the DK’s equally between YES and NO in poll results. Surly the findings relative to those presently committed to either of the two camps is what counts. Are there figures for how the DK’s will split? Perhaps someone more versed in the more arcane aspects of psephology could explain the reasoning.

  168. Krackerman says:

    United with labour were out handing out leaflets in Alloa today – oddly enough they turned up in the high street, set up a small stall, tried to hand out leaflets. Took a few photos then were gone, all in under 10mins….

    Are they as I suspect now on a bus to the next town for a 10min stint then the next? All so they can claim they’ve had hundreds of loyal supporters pounding the streets for the union?

    All photo’s taken from behind to hide the faces no doubt or else we’d know it’s the same 6 pensioners each time!!

  169. cynicalHighlander says:

    Anyone no what the story is here?

  170. David Wardrope says:

    I was going to take a wee trip to strath clyde park today but didn’t register for a ticket, does someone know if I will be able to attend?

  171. David Wardrope says:

    I meant strathclyde…

  172. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Krackerman –

    They were in Saltcoats too – Katy Clark gave me a leaflet, which I will forever treasure.

    Right beside them was the Yes stall – very busy, good atmosphere. (Big shout to Tam Brotherston – a pleasure to meet you mister.)

    Oh, BTW, it turns out ‘The Scottish Labour Party’ has a Freepost address:

    The Scottish Labour Party
    Freepost GW4863
    290 Bath St
    G2 4RE

  173. Krackerman says:

    A free post address you say Ian… so if someone were to send them any old trash in and envelope they have to pay for it’s delivery….??

    Well Well.. 🙂

  174. cynicalHighlander says:


    Thanks for that no doubt our state outside broadcast unit will cover it for the news as the livestream seems to of been delayed for some reason.

  175. cynicalHighlander says:

    Correction livestream working now.

  176. Muscleguy says:

    And there are people here in Broughty Ferry who insist on using Barnhill instead as apparently it is a more salubrious address even than mere Broughty Ferry. Of course there are some who consider themselves hard core old Ferry who would consider me putting BF on my address instead of Forthill to be presumptuous. Don’t get me started on ‘West Ferry’ either. As an incomer it is all rather amusing.

  177. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Krackerman –

    What an appalling suggestion. I am shocked and disgusted.

    Having said that, it only takes a single piece of pasta (the chunky stuff, not spaghetti or lasagne sheets) to transform a ‘letter’ into a ‘small parcel’.

  178. Brotyboy says:


    Wonder how the Sandy Holers list their addresses?

  179. Benefits will remain the same (4) ?

    28 billion is being cut from support for disabled people’s support by Westminster.

    Labour’s mendacity is breathtaking.

    They are RED TORIES and deserve to be completely wound up and dissolved for their perfidy.


  180. Chris Silver says:

    Thanks Rev, the only thing you have really highlighted is the bereft of talent within the Labour Party in Scotland. Don’t know how long it took to debunk their claims but I only noticed the “Truth Team” yesterday on twitter. The other issue is having Anas Sarwar in charge of the “Truth Team” next you’ll be telling us some totally discredited ex-chancellor will be leading the BT campaign… Oh hold on ……. Are they this rubbish or do they view the electorate in such low regard that they can say anything ?

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