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Fear of flying

Posted on May 17, 2014 by

We suppose we should at least commend the “Vote No Borders” campaign for a certain level of frankness. While their output is little different to the daily hysterical fearmongering of “Better Together”, at least they don’t try to pretend that it’s “positive”.

Sadly, when it comes to the relationship their assertions have with the truth, however, they’re singing very much from the same hymn sheet.

The video above is an advert VNB are apparently showing in Scottish cinemas at the moment. It describes a post-independence scenario where two rUK citizens and a Scot have their passports stolen in a bar in Rio de Janeiro, the Englishman and the Welshman go to the British Embassy for help and get home safely, but the Scot has no embassy and is left stranded.

(VNB actually mean “consulate”. The British Embassy is in Brasilia, 723 miles away.)

It would be difficult to come up with a much more openly negative scare story, unless the unfortunate Scot was then also stabbed to death and fed to wolves. The problem, of course, is that it’s absolute tommyrot.

Firstly and more trivially, Brazil is one of the world’s most populous nations – the fifth biggest on Earth, in fact, with over 200 million souls within its borders. The notion that an independent Scotland wouldn’t open an embassy there is ridiculous and insulting to both nations. But even if it didn’t, it wouldn’t matter.


We don’t think we need to expand on those strikingly unambiguous words. As EU citizens, Scots would be every bit as entitled to the exact same help from the British Consulate as the Englishman and the Welshman (as would any other EU citizen).

In fairness to VNB, that would no longer be the case if the rUK left the EU, as it may well do in 2017. In such a case, our unfortunate Scot would – in the theoretical and unlikely absence of a Scottish embassy – have to seek assistance from another European consulate. In Rio, that would restrict him to only:

Czech Republic

Of course, if all of THOSE countries ALSO left the EU, things would be a bit trickier. But since nations as small as Greenland (population 56,000), Barbados (population 285,000), Malta (population 416,000) and Guyana (population 785,000) all have embassies in Rio too, we suspect Scotland could probably manage one.

After all, in that scenario there’s going to be plenty of vacant office space.

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    216 to “Fear of flying”

    1. David says:

      Scotland has the right to roughly 10% of the UK’s assets (we helped pay for them after all). I’m sure some form of deal could be done.

    2. Chris says:

      Advertising standards?

    3. a2 says:

      Is there a prize for the first BT person that points out how perfectly valid this is as we will be chipped out of the EU?

    4. Taranaich says:

      But if rUK left the EU and the UK didn’t have an embassy in Rio, what would happen to the Englishman and the Welshman?

      Also, pity the poor Scotsman stranded in Rio. Hell on earth, I hear.

    5. msean says:

      What a waste of time and money making these ads,everyone is too busy eating giant bags of sweeties and munching popcorn when the trailers play in the cinema,because when you reach your seat there is never enough room for all the stuff you bought. 🙂

    6. david turner says:

      Will i get a rebate on my UK passport ? 🙂

    7. Taranaich says:

      (Also, I love how comments are disabled on the Youtube channel, the *one place* where you might get some actual idiot “cybernattery” due to Youtube’s nature as a cesspit of idiocy)

    8. Chris says:

      I suppose Irish citizens must use the UK embassy at present as there is no Irish embassy.

    9. heedtracker says:

      Dear People of Scotland,

      We think you’re a bunch of morons.

      Yours insincerely,

      vote nob orders,.com

    10. CalumCarr says:

      I’ve read so many scare stories and been virtually unmoved but this has shocked me; angered me beyond words. The written word is easy to laugh at but this …… !

    11. panda paws says:

      The Scottish person would also be entitled to a British passport (if born in UK or child of someone born in UK) and nothing could stop them going to the British Embassy and getting help from them anyway even in the unlikely scenario that iScotland didn’t have a presence there. Unless this bar scene is like 100 years in the future…

      But they are going for the low info voter aren’t they…

    12. David says:

      Has to be said, the link you’ve provided is perhaps the most point-blank rebuttal of British nationalist lies so far in the campaign. Well Done.

    13. theteamcaptain says:

      Every single one of VNBs Youtube videos has comments disabled. Wouldn’t want that shameful 30 seconds of nonsense blown clean out of the water with irrefutable facts that break the legs of your argument now, would we?

    14. heedtracker says:

      Plus there’s this teamGB embassy farce going on around the world. They really think Scoftland is a land of numpties. Sorry region of numpties.

    15. Alt Clut says:

      It’s reassuring to know that the new paid help on the unionist bloc is just as crassly clueless as the old gang that we have all come to know and despise.

      On a pre public meeting canvass, up Loch Long side, this morning two voters,at separate addresses, one of whom is a senior manager at the Faslne base, told me that they had been potential ‘no’ voters but were going to come to our meeting because they were being moved towards ‘YES’ by the constant, low brow negativity of the unionist scaremongering.

      They ARE defeating themselves with this crap so – keep it up VNB – lots more of the same quality please !

    16. InDEEpendant says:

      Hi Stu,

      Another load of complete lies, torn apart by your goodself.

      O/T Can this ad not removed by the advertising standards people?????

      Followed by a grovelling apology form the Vote Nob Orders for their bare faced lies!!!!

    17. Lesley-Anne says:

      “And what about the Scotsman?”

      “He’s still there.”

      “That’s no joke.”

      “I never said it was”

      Aye but the joke is on you guys cause the Scot you two twats are trying to make an issue about is having a whale of a time! Passport? What passport, who needs a passport when you’re the centre of attention and loved by everyone! Best you two palls just jet off home. The Scotsman is doing what all good Scots when abroad, having a whale of a time and worrying about tomorrow erm…NEVER, make mine a Glenfiddich pal…a DOUBLE…slainte mhath! 😛

    18. James says:

      Hey guys, tried to make my first comment in the wee hours and was awaiting moderation but this is perhaps more on topic now so will post here.
      “Hey firstly apologies for the off topic comment but wasn’t sure where else to post this. Would like to say I was initially a knee jerk no but then looking for more info a friend pointed me in the direction of this and a few other sites around a month ago and after looking into all the info provided I’m an absolute yes and I can’t believe this information isn’t widely available elsewhere or reported in the media, so thanks.

      Anyway to the point I was trying to make, not sure if anyone has noticed but when watching some YouTube videos I was surprised tonight to be confronted with a better together advert! That must have cost a bit I would think!”

      Also the advert was a video of the type you have to watch before you can actually view the video you were trying to watch in the first place (although you get the option to skip after 5 seconds) which I believe is the most expensive ad type!

    19. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “I suppose Irish citizens must use the UK embassy at present as there is no Irish embassy.”

      Probably not, because – this is the funniest bit – the UK doesn’t have an embassy in Rio either. It’s in Brasilia.

    20. Jim Thomson says:

      Advertising Standards Authority

    21. Harry says:

      Shame on those Scots actors in that clip. They must know they are lying to the nation. I hope anyone that sees this at the cinema, no matter how mild mannered, will at least boo. Bunch of feckin liars.

    22. Heather says:

      The juxtaposition of ‘frankness’ and ‘while’ meant I read it as having to ‘commend their level of wankness’. Same thing really.

    23. Mossgiel says:

      I read somewhere that John Simpson – the BBC world affairs editor has dual nationality i.e. British and Irish. When he travels guess which passport he uses? The Irish one, cause he gets a much suppport from them he he encounters any problems.

    24. steviecosmic says:

      There’s also the small matter of not needing a passport to fly from any country. It’s a matter of discretion for the captain of the airliner, but legally, you do not need a passport to exit any country on earth.

      You do however require a passport to enter one, and so it would be a small matter for the airline to contact a consulate or border control official at the port of entry.

      It’s pretty much rubbish on all accounts.

    25. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “Advertising Standards Authority”

      Come on readers, you should know this one by now. You can lie as much as you want in political ads.

    26. Marcia says:

      If they are actors they may not be Scottish.

    27. izzie says:

      sorry 1st post and o/t Better together event on website meeting at Grimsby\Millgate car park
      Arbroath supposed to be leafleting and door knocking.
      5 turned up don’t know where lady in red jacket went but others started leafleting. Trouble was many of the properties are empty obviously don’t know the town.

    28. Barry Blust says:

      lol… it’s the vision of those other numpties stuck in Rio… make a damned funny skit!!

      Someone should write a book about all the lies… or at least keep a running list… it’s getting confusing.

    29. Proud Cybernat says:

      The only thing Scotland is separating itself from is the London Leech that has been sucking the blood (and oil) from us for centuries. Scotland is separating itself from a parasite, as anyone in their right mind would do you bunch of unreconstructed losers. And with the parasite finally removed, Scotland will once again be able to rejoin the world.

    30. bookie from hell says:

      my mackies chocolate icecream would be dripping down my shirt if they showed that in cinema

    31. steviecosmic says:

      I see what you did there. 🙂

    32. BillyBigbaws says:

      It seems VoteNoBorders haven’t read the UK Government’s own analysis on British citizenship, passports, and consular help after a Yes vote:

      [b]”SCOTS can expect to remain ­British citizens if they vote for independence, the UK Government has conceded.

      In its latest analysis of the consequences of independence, focusing on borders and citizenship, it says it is likely that Scots would be able to hold dual Scottish and British nationality…

      As British citizens, Scots would keep their existing passports and continue to qualify for UK consular help abroad.”[/b]

      Very lazy lies from the No side nowadays. Their claims, like the Union itself, cannot stand up to scrutiny.

    33. TheItalianJob says:

      Scotland will have its own embassies which it can also share premises with other countries, thereby sharing costs. I work in Tunisia, where in the capital, Sweden, Norway and Iceland share a modest building as their joint embassies, whereas the British Embassy is located in an old mansion all in grounds of about 3 acres. The British embassy which Scotland already contributes must be costing a lot more than the other 3 embassies combined.

    34. HandandShrimp says:

      At the end of the day it doesn’t matter who takes up the No mantle all they ever do is sit there and think up stories about how shite, stupid and incapable Scots are. We would, if one listened to their crap, come to the conclusion that we can only breathe under direction from others.

      Everything is a disaster and negative, nothing is ever an opportunity. They are the most amazing shower of cant’s. Nothing is ever an “I can do this”.

    35. Wayne says:

      ASA complaint sent:

      Thank you for submitting your complaint to us.
      You will receive a confirmation email with your reference number within the next 3-5 working days.

    36. Brian Powell says:

      Did anyone see the Queen called for Referendum unity, whatever that means?

      Maybe it’s Vote Nob orders, sending out stuff.

      (I have a ‘feed’ that pops up such info bites, but I never click on them, as a don’t actually want this ‘feed’ but can’t seem to get rid of it.)

    37. caz-m says:

      Welcome James,

      And spread the word.

    38. M4rkyboy says:

      Don’t listen to these fuckwits,eh.Ah bagsied the Ambassador to Brazil job years ago!

    39. bookie from hell says:

      I don’t think you should complain to adevtising agency

      showing this in cinema will drive 100s to YES camp ( ; > )

    40. Ruairidh Morrison says:

      See this version on Bella:

    41. It’s as if they don’t realize Wag The Dog was a satirical comedy. #WagTheNob

    42. msean says:

      Why did they pick Rio as an example? Is it because , oh say, maybe because the people who paid for and designed the campaign are based in a place other than Scotland?

    43. caz-m says:

      Is one of the actors James McAvoy?

      Recognising top class actors is not my forte.

    44. Yesterday someone posted the notion that an Independent Scotland could use Cowrie Shells as our national Wampum.

      I don`t know about you but I wouldn`t dare antagonise native New Zealanders by trying to wrest their cowrie shell wampum from those massive paws.

      Their welcome is terrifying – and some Skots want to make them angry by plundering their wampum.
      I`m not that brave Not entirely stupid.

      The Un-knighted might shame Scots.

      The I.M.F. (Cowtie Shell and Blue Bleads Div.) will cascade scorn for over-kill on Cowries.

      Cowrie Culls will upset S.E.P.A..

      Tattooed Maoris are huge.

      Two of them carried a concert grand up a bliddy mountain.
      It was in a movie directed by Jane Campion.

      Let`s find wampum that is held by wee skinny weak peepil.

    45. James says:

      Thank you. I have been trying 🙂 although it seems with some people that even after you counter their arguments and prove that their information is false they still seem to want to stand by that closed minded viewpoint! Hopefully not all though!

    46. Mike says:

      Great, and funny article.
      The problem is many un-informed might actually beleive that dumb ad.
      They don’t care that its all lies just as long as people believe them.

    47. Alexandra-M- says:

      I posted this video on FB this morning and explained why it was a lie due to being EU citizens. A friend commented that she was at the cinema last night and was shown three VNB ads, the passport one, the fantastic one, and one about our economy being better as part of the union.

      All three ads were met with lots of laughter and swearing from the audience.

    48. Murray McCallum says:

      There is something in the unionist mindset that makes them see change result in the worst possible outcome. It must be painful planning a holiday with them.

    49. TYRAN says:

      Stack of NOB videos to dissect here

    50. Jim Thomson says:

      Aside noted Rev (2:55) but as your article stated ” A nice chap called James confirmed he couldn’t help us, as “the internet isn’t regulated” “

      I would hope that the same doesn’t apply to cinema ads. Cut me some slack please Rev – I need HOPE. 🙂

    51. The Man in the Jar says:

      Imagine that the Scot and the two rUK folk got their passports back. On the flight back to the UK the plane is hijacked by terrorists. The hijackers go around the plane collecting the passengers passports (as they do)

      The Scot hands his Scottish passport over and turns to his traveling companions who by this time are trying to hide under their seats with their UK passports and says. “Whos laughing now?”

    52. caz-m says:

      I think Blair Jenkins of the YES Campaign should arrange a debate with the leader of NOB on STV Scotland Tonight.

      It would help clear up a few questions that people are wanting answered.

      And who was the target audience for this crap, the under ten’s Saturday matinee.

    53. BuckieBraes says:

      The ad is so badly constructed I wonder how many of the cinema audience will have the foggiest idea what they are on about anyway.

      They have a curious approach, these ‘No Borders’ peeps. Are they planning to simply rehash every ‘Better Together’ scare story using bad actors?

      Also, like many throughout the No campaign, they seem to think they are being clever by spitting out the word ‘separation’ more times than you can shake a stick at. It’s not clever; nor will it be remotely effective. Still, let them continue.

    54. bookie from hell says:

      just say your mcronnie biggs

    55. Kestral says:

      I have a question

      Scotland independent and in EU

      England votes to leave

      Can English companies open an office in Scotland to access the EU free trade market.

      I was wondering about VAT and import duty between scotland and england if we end up in this situation

      Once goods are in a EU country they can be moved around the EU without further Vat

      Does anyone know of any articles that could shed some light on this?

      Also if we have both countries in EU but Scotland has less vat/import duties does this attract English business to bring goods in through Scotland?

    56. Viking Girl says:

      There’s only one reason for suggesting that a ‘scenario’ as you outline above could occur. They sincerely believe that the Scots are stupid enough to fall for it. It is an indirect form of stigmatisation.
      (See Heedtracker above.)

    57. Greannach says:

      I just don’t get this advert. There are NO embassies in Rio. Was the script written by the famous office junior with 3 A levels and a classics degree, I wonder.

    58. The Man in the Jar says:

      A friend took his nine year old to see Godzilla in 3D. All of the the vote no borders adds were played and all were heckled by the audience.

      My friends comment was that he didn’t know what was worse the VNB adverts or the movie. My friend also reports that the movie is utter crap.

    59. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @HandandShrimp –

      Great to meet you at the Largs Yes shop opening.

      Another wee link in the chain…

    60. Stef Thomas says:

      A Scotsman a Welshman and an Englishman walk into a bar… what a joke!

    61. Proud Cybernat says:

      A NOB walks into a bar…

    62. Seems WOS made a small mistake there, a confusion between French Guyana (which is part of France, and so of the EU, and answers to the French Consulate) and Guyana, independent country, which may have a consulate in Rio, but is not part of the EU.

    63. Suzanne says:

      Scampered off to the ASA link and I think we might actually have a chance of making a legitimate complaint. Certainly if it’s being screened in cinemas, and apparently – this must be new – on the intertewbz.

      Can’t hurt to try, no? I get your point, Rev – there will be some hidden political get-out clause that makes them immune to having their ads kicked into the long grass, but nothing ventured etc.

      These are two sections included on their list:

      Advertisements on the Internet, including:
      banner and display ads
      paid-for (sponsored) search
      Marketing on companies’ own websites and in other space they control like social networking sites Twitter and Facebook

      Cinema commercials

      Dar Sirs ……

    64. Suzanne says:

      That should be DEAR Sirs. My glasses need a rinse.

    65. Proud Cybernat says:

      Or should that be a UKOK NOB walks into a bar?

    66. Pentland Firth says:

      It’s no wonder that Better Togther are very wary of exposing their “arguments” to scrutiny in public debate. This sort of insulting nonsense would be ripped to shreds by even a half competent Yes speaker, revealing their bare faced lies to the outrage and/or mockery of the entire audience.

    67. Dougie says:

      Perhaps its a Scot out there this summer spporting England 😉

    68. scottish_skier says:

      I can’t help but feel Vote NOB is a last ditch Tory effort to help push Yes over the line.

    69. caz-m says:


      BBC Scotland, Scottish Cup Final
      BBC England, Escape to the country.
      BBC NI, Escape to the country.
      BBC Wales, Escape to the country.

      The BBC in England think it is right that we watch their lower league football matches,

      and yet when Scotland’s FA cup is being contested, the BBC in England snub it, and put on a show about buying a house.

    70. HandandShrimp says:

      Hi Ian

      Pleasure to meet you and thanks again for bringing up the SSP leaflets

    71. Proud Cybernat says:

      VOTE UKOK?

      VOTE NOB?

      Are they takin’ the piss?

    72. MolliBlum says:

      I love these cinema ads! They are sooo cringe-worthy that I’m pretty sure they are almost guaranteed to catapult all those 16-17 year-olds (previously polled as least likely to vote Yes) firmly into the Yes camp.

    73. Appleby says:

      So does this meant they’ll go in a huff and refuse to allow Scots to have dual passports – Scotland/rUK? If not then the whole advert is beyond a joke and pointless. I really hope the people behind all the lies and fear like this are outed post-indy and publically shamed for this behaviour so they cannot worm their way into some other position of public trust afterwards.

    74. Taysideterrier says:


      Those (v)Nob jockys!

      There is also the possibility of using commonwealth citizen status to get help aswell
      Some info here check under consular assistance

      They could all share a taxi to the same place and get help, even if the Ruk left the EU!

    75. Appleby says:

      “Probably not, because – this is the funniest bit – the UK doesn’t have an embassy in Rio either. It’s in Brasilia.”

      Oh for ****’s sake. This really shows how low they’ll sink to spread their lies. I hope everyone has looooooooong memories when it comes to all this. You don’t turn back with fond eyes to the abusers or con men minutes after you escape.

    76. HandandShrimp says:

      I suppose the question is whether the NOBs are just incompetent or plain out and out liars.

      On the plus side it does provide lots of material for discussion when people raise these points and one can say “Did you know..” By the end it does leave people thinking those No side Muppets are dishonest crooks. Which is why people like Osborne are now considered so untrustworthy.

    77. Tattie-bogle says:

      Has anyone found the bloke from NI or have they just left him behind with the Scottish bloke ?

    78. galamcennalath says:

      If this were a business advert promoting a product or service then it would undoubtedly lead to a prosecution, conviction and substantial fine.

    79. Alastair Wright says:

      Amazing how a “grassroots” campaign that only started a week ago has been able to put together so many adverts clearly filmed with and by busy professionals AND also mangaged to persuade big business chains to show them for free.

    80. Sinky says:

      Another great piece from Derek Bateman on Brian Wilson / Catherine Macleod’s latest attacks on Scottish government. A Poor Show

    81. Proud Cybernat says:

      Problem is:

      “A lie told often enough becomes the truth.” – Lenin.

      I guess that’s what they’re aiming for.

    82. Tattie-bogle says:

      I was at the cinema on Thursday and got no VNOB ads if i had, i would be promptly asking for my money back as i didn,t pay to have my eyes and ears soiled before the main feature. 🙂

    83. Famous15 says:

      These adverts are variants of Too wee, too stupid,too poor.Do not complain about them as they get right up the nose of most intelligent Scots. Insulting you country like this is pushing people into the Yes camp.

    84. eezy says:

      Our Embassy would be the friendliest though….

    85. caz-m says:

      Ian Brotherhood

      I hope you enjoyed your wee day in Largs.

      Any pics or videos of the YES Shop opening in Largs today?

    86. galamcennalath says:

      “TheItalianJob says:
      I work in Tunisia, where in the capital, Sweden, Norway and Iceland share a modest building as their joint embassies, whereas the British Embassy is located in an old mansion all in grounds of about 3 acres. The British embassy which Scotland already contributes must be costing a lot more than the other 3 embassies combined.”

      A lot of UK real estate, which we part own. Should make an interesting part of the negotiations. Will we get 9% of the value as compensation? Or will one in eleven UK embassies be handed over to Scotland? Either way, that easily takes care of the set up costs since UK embassies tend to be too big – remnants of Empire.

    87. goldenayr says:


      Sorry :-]

    88. HandandShrimp says:

      Insulting you country like this is pushing people into the Yes camp.


      It does make you wonder if the Tories are doing it deliberately to encourage a Yes vote.

    89. caz-m says:

      Would this material be allowed to be shown on national television, like STV or BBC as a party political broadcast?

      If not, why is it allowed to be shown in cinemas.

    90. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      @ Tattie Bogle

      The guy from NI could go to the Irish Consulate as could we.

    91. crazycat says:

      Before everyone gets too excited about the fact that the British Embassy is in Brasilia, there is also a Consulate in Rio.

      From the embassy’s website:
      “We are the main mission in the country responsible for the bilateral relations between UK and Brazil

      We lead on four policy priorities.The British consulate general in São Paulo is mainly dedicated to one of the Foreign & Commonwealth Office’s essential services: supporting the British economy. The British consulate general in Rio de Janeiro is focused on the other two essential services: supporting British nationals abroad and supporting managed migration for Britain. The consular network across Brazil works in support of the activities of the three main British posts in Brazil.” (my emphasis)

      The ad’s ghastly, and (I hope) counter-productive, but not quite as wrong as has been suggested.

    92. galamcennalath says:

      “HandandShrimp says:
      It does make you wonder if the Tories are doing it deliberately to encourage a Yes vote.”

      I believe VNB is a serious attempt to put up a fight for the Union, it’s just totally inept and probably counterproductive. On the other hand, there must be elements of the London Tory clan who either don’t care if Scotland leaves, or even realise the benefits of making wins in rUK more likely.

      Labour in Scotland are also divided, but in a different way. I was speaking to a life long Labour activist who is now promoting Yes. He insisted his old mates in Labour are sitting out on this campaign, or are even closet Yes supporters. He says a lot are torn between old loyalties and opposition to SNP and Tories on the one hand, and doing what is best for Scotland on the other. He says more will come out Yes soon. I hope so.

    93. heedtracker says:

      Project Fear’s Aberdeen outpost Press and Journal, also has a foreign vote no or else theme going on today well not foreign but alien as it’s huge headline “Scots don’t want to live in an alien country!” Can’t be bothered reading on why these bizarre characters think that at the mad old P&J. They also say “narrow-minded nationalism of UKIP and SNP condemned” but again can’t be bothered

      So Scotland is too small, poor, stupid and now alien. Whatever next.

    94. caz-m says:

      “I can’t help but feel Vote NOB is a last ditch Tory effort to help push Yes over the line”.

      You do sometimes get the feeling that the Tories aren’t even trying anymore.

      David Clegg at the Record seems more concerned about the Union than David Cameron.

    95. Cactus says:

      So do these adverts all come under a cinema classification rating, ye know.. ‘PG’ for Pathetic Garbage? Maybe it’s to add to the fear, being in the dark and all that.

      Ye know what you’ve gotta do cinema-goers.. whenever one of their adverts comes on, STAND up, turn your back to it and hear no evil. That’s how to make a peaceful demonstration and watch as others quickly follow your lead.

      The time is NOW good people, it’s TIME to be seen!

      AND NOW, time for your Feature Presentation:
      Vote X

    96. David says:

      Maybe an independent Scotland won’t issue passports and will deny its citizens the right to travel and will track down all the no voters and put them and their families into work camps. All this uncertainty really give me the willies 🙂

    97. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @caz-m –

      I didn’t take any snaps, but Clan Destiny Films filmed it, and another solo photographer was there as we did the usual group photie in front of the shop. They’ll surface in due course I suppose.

      Lovely shop in a spanking location – well worth a visit.

    98. john king says:

      The fact that any one of us could dismantle that stupid video with ease is in no small part due to rev Stu,

      Those people are starting at a point of ignorance that I was at about two years ago, they think the majority of Scots are so ill informed that they’ll swallow that rubbish,
      but that they so clearly display their disdain for the intelligence of the average Scot shows just how much they want US to stay,

      I think if we volunteered to leave Scotland and go and inhabit a desert Island they would pay our airfares its not the Scots they want to be better together with its the country we inhabit.

    99. caz-m says:

      If the Tories have given up on Scotland, maybe that is why there is the big push towards Fracking in England.

      This would counter the loss in oil revenue.

      Trident warheads could be stored elsewhere, until a submarine base was constructed.


    100. Paula Rose says:

      @ Ian Brotherhood, spanking location?!!

    101. Ann says:

      I don’t hold a passport, so really the adverts would not make any difference to me and I would think that the vast majority of Scots would be in the same.

      I also totally disagree with any political advertisements in cinemas, afterall I want to see a good movie and not a lot of tosh.

      Question – Are these just being shown in the older age group rated movies or all?


      Up Dunfermline Toon this afternoon and the YesScotland Stall was there. Seemed a lot of interest and I noticed quote a few youngsters asking questions.

    102. caz-m says:

      Ian Brotherhood

      Yeah, I will definitely be calling in the next time I am in Largs.

      That will catch a lot of day-trippers as well.

    103. Elizabeth says:

      Cinema adverts are still ‘Pearl and Dean’ for me. I can’t imagine a Vote NOB ad fitting in!

      Btw I see there is a new indy poll for ICM in tomorrow’s Scotland on Sunday. Ruth Davidson tweeted that she is “looking forward to it”.

    104. bunter says:

      Not long back from rainy Largs and managed a quick visit to the opening of the YES shop. Had the wife and kids in tow, and didn’t stay long, but seemed a good turnout and lots of photos and videos were being taken. Good to see lots of Yessers and it looks like I may have missed meeting a couple of the regulars on here! Duh!

    105. Democracy Reborn says:

      James @ 2.48pm

      A very big welcome, brother.

      Re the YouTube videos featuring the 30 seconds BT ads, I’ve downloaded 4 videos today & all the ads have featured. Thank god you can skip them after 5 seconds.

      Re the pishy passport video, of course for a single mum bringing up 2 or 3 kids in the east end of Glasgow, struggling to pay the bills & feed her family, the thought of ‘losing’ her Scottish passport in Brazil is gonna be right at the top of her concerns. WHAT WORLD DO THESE IDIOTS THINK WE INHABIT?

    106. Les Wilson says:

      Am I the only one who thinks the English geek talking looks like he is just out of the Tory school of future possibles.
      Maybe on some kind of day release project to do this as part of his training!God awful! Oh well, Back to try and learn better!

    107. caz-m says:


      The last ICM poll results on 16th April were,

      YES 39%
      NO 42%

    108. liz says:

      I’m glad folk are laughing at the NOB orders video – that means that the scare stories are now not being believed.

      On the other hand these ads must be costing a fortune – but then they’ve got all that ‘grass roots’ money to spend.

    109. Democracy Reborn says:


      If Ruth Davidson says she’s looking forward to the new ICM poll, I wonder if she’s had the heads up the Yes vote is either static or down?

    110. john king says:

      Rev Stu says
      “Come on readers, you should know this one by now. You can lie as much as you want in political ads.”

      Im not so sure Stu,
      they’re not a political organisation, they are a private company, I reckon they WILL be governed by the ASA rules

    111. scottish_skier says:

      Ho hum. Sun calls Garage a racist.

      We all knew it, but he let the mask slip when asked the difference between German (like Mrs Garage) and Romanian immigrants as neighbours.

      Hard for him to claim ‘UKIP not racist’ now.

    112. galamcennalath says:

      Just did a google search for….

      icm poll scottish independence

      … And got a VNB ad at the top of the results. Time for some Wings ads on google?

    113. jake says:

      I thought the punch line was going to be
      “What happened to the Scotsman?”
      “Nae readers, went oot of business!”

    114. You know, for being a front for a marketing company, they really ought to know their market better. They’re clearly going after the ignorant and “lowbrow” vote here. How many of them have ever actually left Europe though? :/. Heres a counter: Vote Yes and if Scotland joins the schengen area, you wont need a passport to go to Benidorm or Ibiza! Who cares if you lose it!

    115. Bob W says:

      Vote Nob Orders must be very efficient, 1 day after their launch, their adverts are passed certificate U by the bbfc.

      One day after coming into existence, they manage to shoot four adverts and get them passed by the bbfc, they really are very talented people, or a shower of shysters, who think the majority of Scottish residents, button up the back.

    116. scottish_skier says:

      The last ICM poll results on 16th April were,

      YES 39%
      NO 42%

      Just a point or so between them if you re-weight to correct for country of birth; ICM being slightly off here.

    117. Have to laugh at them disabling comments and thumbs up/down when you can still see how many previously disliked it. Their subscribers are up to a massive 50+ from 31 earlier today, certainly need to take their message to a bigger audience. Anyone know which cinema chains are not running with this ad so we know where to spend our money instead?

    118. Papadox says:


      There is NO positive case for the union, none, zero, hence the stream of lies. Its the only chance they have is to try and scare the natives with this rubbish.

      Aye vote NO if you appreciate snobs, liers, thieves and bullies who will try to scare you and your kids out of your future. Because they are bullies and thugs nasty people.

    119. scottish_skier says:

      Just a point or so between them if you re-weight to correct for country of birth; ICM being slightly off here.

      Yes 40.3% / No 41.3%

    120. JLT says:

      Jeez… are Better Together still throwing this old chestnut around. The longer this goes on, the worse their arguments are beginning to look!

      Spoke to my Father today. He was a ‘No’, but these days, he’s looking more and more like a ‘Yes’ as each month passes (believe me …hell has frozen over!) Even he’s criticised the entire UK political system, and the way, they have handled the argument for the debate. He now believes that there is a ‘Social’ Britain (where we have the same ideals, language, moral and social compass), but no longer a ‘Political’ Britain.

      If they can’t even convince an old unionist war horse like my father, then they really have no hope. All they will have left is the folk who are fervently blind to any reasonable argument, and who would vote ‘No’ …even if it meant sending the entire UK down the path of hell itself!

    121. Schrodingers Cat says:


      knock knock?

    122. Democracy Reborn says:

      The ads/videos may be crap & full of lies, but the fact is they are clearly going to be reaching a mass audience, including those who are ‘ill-informed’. We are going to need ‘ill-informed’ voters to win.

      At the risk of repeating what has already been said dozens of times before by others, many people’s only source of info is the MSM or mass advertising campaigns such as the VNB newspaper ads, billboards & cinema ads. It’s the drip, drip effect. I think we’re being complacent if we think that everyone will react as we do, & be able to see through the propaganda. The mass negative advertising has to be countered in some form by the Yes campaign.

    123. HandandShrimp says:

      It seems to me as if NOBs has taken over from Better Together who have done and said nothing of interest for weeks. Obviously it isn’t a grass roots campaign but it is a full blown and well funded media push. To have cinema adverts, umpteen full page newspaper adverts, big push by the BBC and others, it is clearly the Tories taking over the No campaign. Is this why Darling has disappeared?

      Full on control of No by people in London. Looks like Cameron has lost patience with his chums in Labour. There is a lot of mileage in this for us though 🙂

    124. Schiehallion! Schiehallion! says:

      Anyone tells that ‘joke’ on the Glasgow subway I hope they know they’ll get flung off and barred.

      Then where will they be?

      Vote No Boarders? It’s no joke.

    125. BuckieBraes says:

      Only yesterday I was speaking to a friend who is one of the four Daily Telegraph readers in Scotland, and whom I had down as a dyed-in-the-wool Britnat.

      He made the unsolicited comment that the ‘Better Together’ campaign is so awful he is moving towards Yes.

      Maybe, however, the convincing case as presented by ‘Vote No Borders’ will return him to the unionist fold…!

    126. scottish_skier says:

      The ads/videos may be crap & full of lies, but the fact is they are clearly going to be reaching a mass audience

      Aye, the Vote NOB facebook page is getting 23 likes/day. The wife does better with picks of her King Charles spaniel puppies.

    127. Boorach says:

      They are simply concerned for the welfare of the Tartan Army, we all know how long it can take some of them to find their way from any tournament Scotland is involved in.

      Think someone should tell them we haven’t actually qualified this time! 😉

    128. Tattie-bogle says:

      Bugger (the Panda)
      As long as he is Ok maybe he is having a pint with the Scotsman 🙂 VNOB don’t seem to give a shit about him

    129. Abaron Nomore says:

      Please don’t waste your time contacting the Advertising Standards Authority. Despite it’s official sounding name, the ASA has no actual power whatsoever over any advertising – and no interest whatsoever in political advertising. It is simply a big business organisation whose role is to harrass and try to frighten smaller businesses off from trying to compete with the big boys. It’s a total scam and very much in the same mould as VNB.

    130. Bill McLean says:

      Ann – the wife and I were up Dunfermline toon this afternoon too. We had a wee chat with out pals in YES – unfortunately we’re not “youngsters”! Nice wee gazebo eh?

    131. cynicalHighlander says:

      They should watch this instead.


    132. galamcennalath says:

      “HandandShrimp says:
      Full on control of No by people in London. Looks like Cameron has lost patience with his chums in Labour. There is a lot of mileage in this for us though ”

      I agree completely. When BT was Lamont, Darling, etc etc at least it was Scottish. VNB appears to be Scottish but of course isn’t. It’s Tory and it’s London. It will all backfire badly for the Nos if enough Non-Yes Scots see VNB for what it actually is. The problem is going to be getting that message across to people who believe the MSM and have it as there only source of info.

      Seems the battle May centre around educating non-yes folks. And VNB have hand a nice simple message, the British state are treating you like fools.

    133. caz-m says:

      Craig Murray highlights how the fortunes of Ananchi changed once they joined the NO Campaign.

      Craig Murray: “This work for the No campaign coincided with an amazing turnaround in Acanchi’s financial fortunes. In 2011 they made a loss of £197,003. In 2012 they made a profit of £103,292. The income from sales went from £25,631 in 2011 to £348,835 in 2012”.

      I thought you might like a look at this Rev.

      It’s right up your street.

    134. cynicalHighlander says:

      Wrong video sorry.


    135. mogabee says:

      S Skier

      You have pics of puppies? Awww!

    136. Onwards says:

      Is there any cinema ads for YES yet?
      Nice to hear the NO ones are getting laughed at.
      People don’t like being told they are basically useless.

      Maybe it is just me, but I haven’t seen that many YES ads in general compared to BT/NOB. The youtube ones are all over the place. I wonder if they have much more funding than they are letting on.

      The SNP now has a ‘double your donation’ fundraiser, with Brian Souter pledging up to £1million.
      Hopefully this will pay for a bit more visibility.

      I wonder if the Weir’s donations have actually held back some other donations – with the thinking that they should have enough by now..

    137. Taysideterrier says:

      Maybe the UN or euro court of human rights will have something to say about most of the stuff punted out by BT and nobs.

      Is there not something about information for under 18’s having to be factually correct?

      Not even gonna hold my breath on that one, probably take 6months to get a reply never mind any action.

      There should have been UN observers in right from the start, ever since the Edinburgh agreement was signed, this shambles with the media, papers and adverts like this are an effin joke.

    138. HandandShrimp says:

      I think there is definitely something not quite right about NOBs.

      The CV which indicated that Acanchi were working in this back in 2012 shows that this has been planned for some time. It is slick and it splashes the cash. OK the actual content is piss poor but then they are grappling with the same negativity issue that has rendered Better Together such a Jeremiah. However that aside it has all the hallmarks of a Tory election campaign.

    139. john king says:

      Onwards says
      “The SNP now has a ‘double your donation’ fundraiser, with Brian Souter pledging up to £1million.”

      like this?

    140. Paula Rose says:

      Once the concepts of the Nobs have been decried will there be the wheeling out of another grass-roots campaign – one a month?

    141. HandandShrimp says:


      I don’t think the SNP are opening their coffers until the final three months of full Electoral Commission controlled campaigning. This is to the good. Yes and all the grass roots campaigns have plugged away and not only countered No but we have slowly pulled Yes up in the face of an almost daily deluge of bullshit. The SNP machine is slick and it is well funded. Money is not the issue. The issue is strategy and timing. Short, sharp, concise rebuttals of all this nonsense in the last three weeks will do a lot of damage.

    142. David Wardrope says:

      I received a survey invitation from the Scotsman asking my views on the paper. Never bought the thing but didn’t stop me having my say,…

    143. HandandShrimp says:


      I think NOBs might be the last throw of the dice for No. We enter the formal campaign period in 4 weeks time. There will be a lot more scrutiny of funding and party political links after that point and the Electoral Commission works to Holyrood not Westminster on this one.

    144. Paula Rose says:


      What? No more astroturf! Damn.

    145. Papadox says:

      Why is a furren company acanchi, registered in a furren country employing mostly furreners bankrolled by HMG to explain to us thick Scots why we are to wee, to stupid and to poor to run our own bankrupt country.

      If I was mighty ENGERLAND I would let the poor daft stupid jocks drown in their own mess. HMG must be truly altruistic, stupid or there is something they know that they ain’t telling us. NOW WOULD THE ESTABLISHMENT DO THAT?

    146. kendomacaroonbar says:

      Was in Braehead Xscape cinema complex today to watch Godawfulzilla. There were 3 video ads from NOB which hacked me right off.

      However, I noticed that YES had a fairly large advertising poster outside the cinema with the Can'(t) advert.

      Nobody seemed to bother with the Nob ads, probably traumatised by my overly loud spontaneous outburst of “Utter Pish”

    147. caz-m says:


      I think the official campaign starts 29th May.

    148. Paula Rose says:

      Sorry to bring this up again darlings, but – what will the remainder of the UK call themselves? I mean FUK does not really do it, RUK ditto… any suggestions – I think it may be their major worry.

    149. kendomacaroonbar says:


    150. Paula Rose says:

      Ah – Weani, Wales, England And Northern Ireland.

    151. Thisle_2014! says:

      Have also sent off a complaint to the ASA as this is being shown in cinemas and will await their reply.

    152. Proud Cybernat says:

      I thought this pretty much sums them up:

    153. Marcia says:

      John Jappy had been reading through Hansard to find quotes of Westminster politicians. His video about the quotes is here:

    154. Thomas Valentine says:

      I did think of asking the VNB bunch about this directly but what would be the point. They’d just make the spurious claims about the EU. Obviously they don’t want anyone commenting on their videos contradicting their claims.

      If as is likely they and the other part of the government’s campaign just flood money into this spreading unopposed lies they can get a lot of people fooled. People would rather watch the read.

      As an English writer once said,
      ” A lie can run round the World before the Truth can get it’s boots on.”

    155. Paula Rose says:

      Oh – even better Weanetia, Wales, England And Northern Ireland Isolated Again.

    156. Paula Rose says:

      Damn – sorry, should read Wales England And Northern Ireland Together Isolated Again –


    157. caz-m says:

      So, was the BBC complicite in the launch of NOB Orders along with the Tories/UK Establishment.

      Was tax payers money or License Fee money used to get this shower of cowboys up and running.

    158. Hugh Wallace says:

      Just to add to the demolition of this video, the ONLY current specifically Scottish representation in Brazil is actually in Rio at the moment , not Brasilia where the UK Embassy is located. Scottish Development International have an office there and I would imagine iScotland would probably maintain the same links.

    159. Rusty Shackleford says:

      Can’t remember where, but I read something a while back suggesting that a lot of seasoned UK travellers pick consulates/embassies belonging to the likes of Ireland as a first choice in the event of an emergency. Haven’t had to do this myself but seemingly UK embassies are often lacking when it comes to assistance in serious situations compared to other European countries.

    160. Cactus says:

      He he kendomacaroonbar ~ Re: spontaneous outburst, that’s the way to do it, nice one 🙂 All it takes is one person to focus the attention of others. I would have remarked similarly.

      Iced-creams & popcorn are available in the foyer.

    161. Wee folding bike says:

      I was in Largs today too but didn’t know about the shop.

      If you saw 20 people with folding bikes on the ferry to/from Cumbrae I was the one with the saltire Buff.

    162. call me dave says:


      Thanks for that it was Mr Jappy that I came across a few years ago who began to show me in his writings that Scotland was a more powerful country than I realised.

      Here is another contribution from him which is more eclectic and might draw a few loose ends together for those who read it.

    163. YESGUY says:

      Welcome James , Hope you enjoy these fantastic folk.I was a NO voter (yuk…. OOOr) but am alright now. A lurk here and there and brilliant comments sorted me out.I was blind but now i see.

      We have been expecting this guff and it WILL get worse. So laugh at the idiotic drivel . They want us angry surely by the standards of even poor adverts , this lot are either morons or clever Bar stewards who see the value of the “angry ntaz

      I would like to think the former but you just never know. We are up against the state here. Laughing is a great medicine and even if the viewers don’t get the “adverts” then laughing says more than all the evidence thrown back.

      Laugh . We are winning and they bloody know it.

    164. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “Seems WOS made a small mistake there, a confusion between French Guyana (which is part of France, and so of the EU, and answers to the French Consulate) and Guyana, independent country, which may have a consulate in Rio, but is not part of the EU.”

      Nor are Greenland and Barbados. That paragraph was just about small countries, not EU members.

    165. bookie from hell says:


      I saw a cinema ad last night for YES

      2 mins saying don’t let Westminster rule you,with kids for future,big country music I think.

      never saw NO BORDERS yet

    166. frazer allan whyte says:

      In the part of the world I live in there would likely be a different “joke” and an entiely different outcome.

      “Did you hear the one about the Englishman, the Welshman and the Scot taken hostage in the Middle East?”
      “No – what happened?”
      “The Englishman and the Welshman had British passports and got shot.”
      “What happened to the Scotsman?”
      “He didn’t have a British passport and was congratulated for having successfully thrown off the imperialist yoke.”
      “And then?”
      “He was asked how he did it.”

      The idea that there is a nostalgic longing for the days of empire in the parts of the world that empire subjugated is just another fetid unionist myth. I can’t vote because I don’t live in Scotland (perfectly correct so)so please please get out and/the vote and save us from the possibly lethal shame of carrying the passport of the relict opium-pushing arms-dealing Empire.

    167. Liquid Lenny says:

      Paula Rose
      It cant be anything with UK in the title as when we leave there will be no United Kingdom, Wales is a Principality and Ni is a Provence, so no Kings or Queens there, unless they get together with Norway, Sweden, Spain or Belgium or the other countries in the list attached, then they cannot have anything approaching United Kingom(s)

      What about Niew sounds a bit like no.

    168. Croompenstein says:

      I must admit I wouldn’t be too chuffed if I saw this at the pictures and would probably boo if it did come on. Grassroots my arse, British Establishment showing it’s contempt for Scots as per..

    169. Iain Gray's Subway Lament says:

      The NOB campaign is the tory response to how badly the ‘better together’ negativity is going down. It gives the tory funders of NOB distance from ‘better together’ and allows them to lie with impunity. A similar approach was taken with Boris Johnson and his mayoral camppaign as well as some aspects of No to AV. Since there is no chance whatsoever of the media exposing NOB and their lies it would likely be most productive to fight their lies with the most damning consequences of a NO vote. Let the official Yes campaign accent the positive while others use the tories as the liabilty they are and point out at every opportunity that a vote for NO is a vote for Cameron and the tories to remain in power.

      For those who think there is little consequence in letting the lies continue from NOB it’s worth pointing out that wasting time rebutting lies is time not spent on your own campaign message. No to AV was slaughtered by a deluge of complete bollocks and scaremongering. No to AV was also a very poor ‘product’ and the lib dems were toxic by then, but that campaign still did huge damage and it’s some of the same people from it that the tories are using for NOB and better together.

      I would welcome a more robust response from those who do not fear to point out he terrible consequences of a NO vote or the repulsive nature of some of those supporting NO like Cameron and Clegg and the Labour expenses troughers. Let the official Yes campaign continue as it is on the positive side while that happens.

    170. Paula Rose says:

      @ Liquid Lenny – you understand my point though, I really think this matters to those who will not be in Scotland – what will that country be called?

    171. Calgacus MacAndrews says:

      @Paula Rose says:
      what will the remainder of the UK call themselves? I mean FUK does not really do it, RUK ditto…

      I have made a couple of suggestions over on Guardian CiF in recent weeks:

      South Albion (half-serious)

      Poundland (given their apparent currency obsession)

    172. Betty Boop says:

      @James 2.48

      Welcome to the club James. You will find lots of knowledgeable folks posting here which will make you scurry off elsewhere to look at new info.

      Apart from keeping up with the goings on, this is the site a lot of us visit when we need to touch base with sanity.

      This is fast becoming a social organisation too. You can meet Wingers for real at their social gatherings, next one in the Counting House, George Sq., Glasgow on 30th May, 7.30ish. It’s great to meet people for real and exchange stories and views in a convivial atmosphere. Your expectations will be challenged too!! 🙂

    173. Paula Rose says:

      Great Britain, United Kingdom or Little Britain, Little Kingdom.

    174. Croompenstein says:

      O/T – WTF is going on with STV (Scottish Televison). We have been subjected to the f*cking English FA Cup Final for over five f*cking hours. We had a great Scottish FA cup final today get this to F8ck

    175. Paula Rose says:

      And no Opportunity Knocks!

    176. mr thms says:


      “A guide to Norway’s ever-changing capital city

      Norway’s capital is officially the fastest-growing city in Europe, and the burgeoning population is reflected in the city’s bold makeover: both business and pleasure have funky new bases.

      The ambitious waterfront ‘opera district’ has transformed Oslo’s previously low-rise skyline with an eye-catching corridor of towers, collectively known as the Barcode, which are nearing completion.

      They’ve proven controversial though, and certainly divide opinion in the fashionable new city-centre hang-outs, which have more of a retro theme. One thing all of these exciting projects do share: a colourful quirkiness.”

    177. crisiscult says:

      @Rusty Shackleford

      Don’t know if it’s possible to find news coverage of Britain’s evacuation of citizens from Lebanon in 2006 but Sky news were having a field day saying how awful their organisation was, and found no shortage of Brits to want to go on camera to slag Britain off. An English guy I know left with the Irish about 3 days before Britain started taking anyone out. I’m not here to slag off the British Embassy in how it deals with these situations but after talking to a couple of NO’s today, I’m getting angry about the misinformation people are being fed, because a lot of people believe it. Stuck in foreign countries because we’re a two bit tin pot republic or something. Hopefully audiences will get angry at this insult.

    178. Harry says:

      Godzilla, utter crap? If only there could have been some sort of clue in the title.

    179. JLT says:


      It was a great Scottish Cup Final too. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Well done to St. Johnstone.

      Then I watched the Barcelona v Atletico Madrid game. That was pretty tense, but well done to Atletico. Champions of Spain.

      Caught extra time of the FA Cup. Seems to have been quite a game.

      But yes …a bit surprised to the FA Cup on STV. Can’t remember if it had been on ITV (or rather STV) in the past couple of years. If not …surprise, surprise…

      Still …a great day for footie!

    180. Croompenstein says:

      I remember going to Turkey in the 90’s and they wanted £10 just to get through passport control. Since the flight was from Glasgow most of us Scots had Scottish banknotes but the Turks wouldn’t take them, it was a nightmare having to find English banknotes. They were accepting Lira but really wanted English or US Dollar.

      Turns out it was something to do with Thatcher and the Tories who decided to levy a fee on non EU nationals of £10 just to enter the country, correct me if I’m wrong folks.

    181. Tam Jardine says:

      The good old UK passport… her majesty’s SOS requests and requires Johnny Foreigner etc etc.

      The one ocassion I had call to contact the British Consulate in Stavanger was when I got stuck out there when that volcano erupted. The foreign office did the sum total of Fuck all to help through their consul and through the embassy in Oslo.

      Since the Newcastle Stavanger ferry route closed, with the skies closed we were effectively stranded DESPITE our wonderful foreign office and network of embassies.

      The Scottish Government performed admirably, and sent a ferry across to Bergen to rescue stranded citizens. This was roundly condemned by the hostile Scottish press as a waste of money. For my wife and I it was too late in that we found out through Forth Fm(!) after we had paid through the nose for passage on a merchant navy training vessel manned by 16 year olds along with all the north Sea tigers.

      My wife was 6 months pregnant at the time – the consul’s helpful suggestion involved travelling home via Denmark. Think of the wives of American pioneers, he said, travelling on wagons thousands of miles while pregnant…

      I’d rather have the Scottish Government helping me out any day.

      And if the gloves are off, while we’re on the subject, ditching the UK passport may well make us less of a target. Didn’t do the residents of the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel much good as I recall. The crimes of TB and his gang will live long in the memory and it is fair to say we will be safer travelling as Scottish passport holders.

    182. Croompenstein says:

      @JLT – Was a good day for footy but seriously over five hours on STV for the FA cup final? The Perth Saints defo deserved victory, Atletico should have won it before tonight but weel done and Arsenal broke the Hull hearts

    183. scottish_skier says:

      Post Scottish indy, a Scotsman, an Englishman and an Welshman are abducted by militants in Iraq.

      Militants ask for passports.

      Which one would you want to be carrying?

    184. Calgacus MacAndrews says:

      O/T – I was out chapping doors in Edinburgh for YES yesterday.

      Of the people that had were not still undecided, the YES:NO ratio was 5:4.

      The NO people were generally all ‘hard’ NOs, with apparent fixed minds, and no desire for any discussion.

      Bizarrely, the ‘hardest’ one of all finished with “if I vote, I’m definitely voting NO”.

      The people who said they would vote YES if the vote was now were generally up for a discussion, and were happy to take information (i.e. Aye Right leaflets).

      At least one, if not two, of the YES-inclined ladies I spoke to yesterday will potentially now be more active in converting family and friends, and may even become activists.

      I would encourage everyone who is not already getting out there with leafleting and canvassing to work with their local YES group (or groups) and do so if they can.

      The door chapping may seem scary at first, but it isn’t.

      You can do it your own way, and you can’t do it wrong.

      The undecideds are very grateful to be have the opportunity to talk to real people who can answer questions and give reasons why they are going to vote YES.

    185. kendomacaroonbar says:


      Breaking Bad actor Brian Cranston was in it…I went to see it for no other reason, and against my usually better judgement.

      Although, he had the decency to exit stage left quarter way through.

    186. gerry parker says:

      @Calgacus MacAndrews,


      That’ll do nicely.


    187. Croompenstein says:

      @Calgucus – Well done with the door chapping as it is quite a daunting prospect for some folk. Every little helps so badges and stickers are also a good way of spreading the word. Just wish there were more people willing to make it more visible.

    188. Tam Jardine says:

      Calgacus MacAndrews

      Good work – am looking forward to getting the new paper out there next week.

      One question – what’s the number one argument you fall back on when trying to talk someone round? There are some many it can be a bit of a head-wreck boiling out down

    189. Free at 63! says:

      Was at the Yes Clydebank stall today and most people were Yes and hated Labour. The really old (apologies if you fall into this category!) were the most intransigent. One old gent railed about the Africans in Argyle Street after I had reassured him his pension would be safer in iScotland.

      Seems the less politically aware are falling into the trap of believing immigration is a problem in Scotland. One lady who is voting Yes said she was voting UKIP next week.

      I enjoyed being part of the Yes campaign but was shocked by the racist comments by our mainly elderly citizens. I do hope this is not endemic.

    190. geeo says:

      I agree with the earlier comments about this guff getting out to a mass audience.

      The obvious mistake by these basket cases seems to be they have forgotten that the official campaign has not began and Yes has a world of hurt to deliver to the No campaign.

      Timing is everything, Yes has pretty much nailed the campaign thus far, there is no reason to think they will suddenly mess it up now.

    191. Taysideterrier says:

      Ref what the ruk will be called,
      Agree they cant claim to be any kind of “kingdom” so no “UK” although strictly speaking if we retain the shared monarch, it could still be used when referring to that?

      Pretty sure theres something in International law , but dont quote me, they cant be called Britain or Great Britain as they cant use a name that looks superior to us. Scotland being located within the boundary of the Island of Britain.

      It would be like Scotland renaming to be called Europe

    192. geeo says:

      scottish_skier says:

      17 May, 2014 at 8:38 pm

      “Post Scottish indy, a Scotsman, an Englishman and an Welshman are abducted by militants in Iraq.

      Militants ask for passports.

      Which one would you want to be carrying”?

      The taliban one ?

    193. cirsium says:

      “A lie told often enough becomes the truth.” – Lenin.

      I guess that’s what they’re aiming for”

      proud Cybernat, would you not say that we are in the following situation

      “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.” (attributed to Josef Goebbels)

      Thanks to the internet and the work of WoS, NNS, Bella, Wee Ginger Dug and Derek Bateman, these lies are nailed and the truth circulates. When I saw this propaganda ad, my gut feeling was that the NO campaign was a goner.

    194. Calgacus MacAndrews says:

      @Tam Jardine says:
      Calgacus MacAndrews
      One question – what’s the number one argument you fall back on when trying to talk someone round?

      In terms of speaking to general genuinely undecided people what I say is:-

      The Independence Referendum in September is not about Party politics, it’s not about the SNP or Labour or any of the other Parties.

      It’s about the People of Scotland taking charge of their own future.

      In 1707, when Scotland went into The Union of the Parliaments, there wasn’t true democracy in Scotland.

      So this year, for one day only on September 18th, the People of Scotland, for the first time in our history, will be truly sovereign, and truly in control of our own destiny.

      If we vote YES on that day, we will make that sovereignty, that control of our own destiny, last beyond that single day. We will make it last forever.

      In an independent Scotland we can then use that control that we will have over our own affairs to build a more equal and a more prosperous country for ourselves and for our children.

    195. Paula Rose says:

      @ Calgacus MacAndrews – yes get out there and engage, many of us wingers are a bit shy, don’t be – many potential Yes voters need support, we are the link.

    196. Calgacus MacAndrews says:

      Croompenstein says:
      @Calgacus – Every little helps so badges and stickers are also a good way of spreading the word. Just wish there were more people willing to make it more visible.

      I think badges are great.

      On the door-chapping I have offered YES badges to people who have said that are for YES, and they have been gratefully accepted.

      I switched a couple of weeks ago from always wearing a nice little YES lapel badge to now always wearing a more in-your-face big YES badge (37mm diameter) on my lapel.

      Now people approaching in the street clock it from 10 yards way, and know exactly what it says before we pass, so I get the chance to judge reactions.

      I am not seeing anyone reacting negatively or with surprise, and this tells me that it is now ‘game on’ as regards everyone now thinking about the IndyRef.

      I would commend everyone to wear a YES badge all the time from now on, as we need to project to the maximum this sort of visibility and normalisation of the YES Campaign.

      You can get YES badges at the YES Scotland Shop:-

      Or if you go to any of the local YES events they usually have some on the stall to give away:-

      Check these guys out too for badges :-

    197. Paula Rose says:

      I have Yes badges on my strappy sandals – certain people do take note.

    198. Tam Jardine says:

      Calgacus MacAndrews

      You nailed it. My version is more negative and confrontational I think! And less effective – I have read so much on this but ocassionally something brings a tear to the eye. I’ll borrow some of that if you don’t mind.

      Somebody said in a post last weekend that the way to win was to be unremittingly positive and I take the bairns out when I can and muck about with them having a laugh, all the time wearing my big blue Yes badge and a broad grin… like something from a billboard but with bad teeth! Saying Yes is the normal choice for families I suppose.

      Have a guid weekend, and thank you.

    199. Ronnie says:

      @ Calgacus McAndrews,

      37mm? I wear the 75 mm version on the stall, at events and increasingly walking to and from those. I call it my “Crocodile Dundee” badge. (Call that a badge? THIS is a badge!) Today on the Yes Aberdeen stall, they were going like warm rowies. It has its advantages – Mrs Ronnie won’t accompany me whilst I’m wearing it.

      @Paula Rose and Kendomacaroonbar,

      I think ‘EWNI’ (pronounced ‘UNI’) is sensible, which is why ‘E’ probably wouldn’t agree to it.

    200. Cath says:

      To be fair to VNB, if anyone from those FOREIGN EU nations turned up at a British embassy they’d probably be treated as the second class citizen FOREIGNERS they are, regardless of what the Euro bureaucrats say they’re supposed to do. That’s good old Blighty for you. And that’s what they want to scare Scots into thinking we’ll be to them – BLOODY, GODDAMN FOREIGNERS.

      It’s an ironically racist campaign.

    201. Paula Rose says:

      I’m getting so excited about living in a modern european democracy!!!

    202. Calgacus MacAndrews says:

      @Ronnie says:
      @ Calgacus McAndrews,
      37mm? I wear the 75 mm version on the stall

      “Some badges are longer than others.”

      (c) Mel Gibson

    203. Macsenex says:

      As it was Paisley Buddies who introduced the Brazilians to football when J&P coats opened thread mills there I don’t think Scots have anything to worry about. South America is full of monuments to Scots who helped their countries’ independence and development.

    204. Lesley-Anne says:

      Sorry if this has already been posted.

      (thanks Munguin 😉 )

    205. JohnDM says:

      Just a little off topic, but relevant all the same – All adverts for BT on websites are Pay Per Click – Please make sure you click on all of them after 30th May, it may only be a few pence, but the more you click, the more they pay and reduce their budget for this activity. If we have a concerted effort, we could rid these Web adverts a lot sooner than 18th Sept. Remember this will then be coming out of the £150k pot.

      By the same argument, don’t click on Vote Yes banners or even WOS ones as it does cost these guys.


    206. JohnDM says:

      #£1.5M pot… Oops

    207. James123 says:

      @JohnDM says
      Just a little off topic, but relevant all the same – All adverts for BT on websites are Pay Per Click – Please make sure you click on all of them after 30th May, it may only be a few pence, but the more you click, the more they pay and reduce their budget for this activity.

      Actually that won’t work, ad serving companies such as Google can tell if a click is valid or not and it also prevents any malicious activity.

    208. JohnDM says:


      They would be valid clicks though 😉

    209. Mark Sykes says:

      After seeing the advert I’m afraid I feel the need to apologise for being English, seriously the unionist drivel is embarrassing. I don’t suppose you have any plans to annexe Yorkshire?

    210. MolliBlum says:

      Oh good grief – who on earth is this aimed at??? Even my 16yo (well-travelled like so many in that age group these days) knows that in the (unlikely) absence of your “own” consular service somewhere, you can walk into any other EU consulate to ask for help if things go pear-shaped while abroad. Would love to see the audience reactions to these ads… must support my local cinema soon! 🙂

    211. X_Sticks says:

      Ronnie says:
      “37mm? I wear the 75 mm version on the stall, at events and increasingly walking to and from those.”

      Glad to hear you’re getting out there Ronnie.

      I was on the YesMobile yesterday at Dunecht. Good reception for the Yes campaign.

      Quite a few English folk came by (and helping on the bus) and all supporting Yes.

      Conservative finger in the wind I’d say 55% Yes 35% No and 10% still undecided. Things are going well on the ground in Aberdeenshire in spite of the local Piss & Junk out and out NO propaganda publication.

      Even Aberdeen city (tough nut) is moving steadily to Yes.

      I’m not getting too disheartened by the polls. They are a propaganda tool and are being used as such by the establishment.

      More worrying is their moves to portray us as English/British hating in an attempt to divide our nation and stir up trouble. They should be ashamed of this tactic, but they won’t be. I expect this to get worse as we continues to move steadily to Yes.

    212. uilleam_beag says:

      No joke.

      I’ve been in China the last few days so couldn’t see the Youtube until now … Shings, it’s WAY worse than I even imagined.

      What planet do these fowk live on?

    213. desimond says:

      “So a Scotsman and Englishman and a Welshman walk into a bar in Rio…”

      Is this a joke?

      VNB and their “Nation Branding experts” appear to be utter amateurs when it comes to storylines!

    214. Elliot Bulmer says:

      Now, if only we had rich backers who could turn this brilliant rebuttal into an advert that runs in cinemas, we could win this thing hands down. We have all the arguments and the facts, but they have the reach.

    215. orri says:

      As said earlier, why were they in Brasil? Also given the lack of establishing before they get in to the action you’re left with a reason for voting yes. Hell even if we assumed some Scottish fans of the more unionist persuasion go to Brasil this year to cheer on their team does this mean they’ll be on to plums if something goes wrong?

      But checkout the truth of where they’re registered at the end of that pile of pish (or PoP) it’s the real legal registered address for No Borders Campaign and not the one they try to palm you of with. They’re english. The actors might be from Scotland but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s a London based company trying to pretend it’s something else. Seems there are some rules they have to follow after all.

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