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The Man With No Brains

Posted on October 12, 2018 by

When indoor-hat-wearing uberYoon nutter George Galloway appeared in some of the madder corners of the gutter press this week after appearing on RT to extravagantly belittle last weekend’s indy marchers, we didn’t bother talking about it because who cares what that irrelevant old zoomer thinks, right?

But when an alert reader drew our attention to this spectacular clip of Galloway’s pre-indyref and post-indyref views on the EU we couldn’t let it go, because it so perfectly encapsulates not just what a huge buffoon George Galloway is, but the jaw-dropping, bare-faced, crass hypocrisy of so much Unionist argument.

We’re only sad he’s neither a politician nor in Scotland, or he’d be a shoo-in.

We’re going to transcribe that for the benefit of Google searches too:


“I’m confident about the outcome of [the EU] referendum, and I’ll be campaigning to remain in the European Union, as anyone with any brain cells will also be doing.”


“Nigel [Farage] and I agree on hardly anything at all. But we do agree at least on one thing – and it happens to be the most important thing not only now but in the lifetime of everyone in this hall and everyone in this country. It is the demand that Britain should be an independent, sovereign, and democratic country, and that means leaving the European Union.”

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      The Man With No Brains | speymouth

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    1. jimnarlene says:

      I saw this description of him the other day.

      ‘A £50 hat, on a 10 bob heid’

      Rather apt, I thought.

    2. One_Scot says:

      If I didn’t know any better I would think that he has senile dementia.

    3. Bob Mack says:

      Yesterday’s man still trying to be relevant today. George has Socialist leanings, especially when they pay well.

      Stick to purring on live TV George.

    4. Proud Cybernat says:

      No brains but plenty of leotards. Duplicitous bam.

    5. defo says:

      GG appears to be evermore fond of the catnip.
      Btw. Is this what the ‘gammon’ thing is all about?

    6. Normski says:

      It’s almost like he just says stuff to get his mug seen.

    7. Capella says:

      Hats off (even Galloways) to Confused for his excellent summary in the previous thread:

      In other news Georgie Galloway has now called a proposed Palestinian state – “too wee, too poor, too stupid” … and that the pals should look to the benefits of “pooling and sharing” with a more advanced and powerful union … when asked WTF was he talking about he said … shit, I MEANT SCOTLAND
      – “do gooding” – the funtimes where nothing ever makes a difference.

      – chances of a palestinian state while israel has an airforce? – less than
      (long list of very unlikely things)
      … I will start
      wile e. coyote catches the roadrunner
      The DUP say “okay then – that sounds reasonable … “

    8. HandandShrimp says:

      George has become a parody of himself.

    9. Mills says:

      It must be something to do with ‘the hat’ !

      He has only in the last few years adopted the wearing of ‘the hat’ at every opportunity . It could be hiding the fact that his brain exploded at some point due to the contradictions inherent in his position on so many things and blew off the top of his head .
      Or it could just be vanity – as the old bastard is losing his hair and cannot face up to the reality of getting old and wrinkly !

    10. Astonished says:

      Galloway’s hypocrisy is as bad as Alex McLeish’s or Corbyn’s. The BBC will be all over this duplicity ………oh no wait….

      Any minute now, Alex Mcleish will call for Scotland fans to show loyalty.

    11. Jim says:

      A talented w*#×er if ever there was one. Now in bed with the orange lodge. How does that feel, gorgeous?

    12. defo says:

      Sir, I salute your indefatigability in putting down your mother country.
      If only we were Palestinians…

    13. Dan Huil says:

      He’s a sad pathetic person, with a hat. End of.

    14. Jason Smoothpiece says:

      I think that poor man is suffering from some mental health issue.

      Even with his health he is a potential future leader of Labour’s branch office in Scotland.

    15. Dr Jim says:

      Anybody presenting themselves as a politician who has to create a caricature version of themselves to garner relevance is a self publicist and not a serious commentator
      George Galloway is in the business of George Galloway and that business has no business in serious debate nor should a person such as this be taken seriously or we might as well all be listening to Kanye West or Kim Kardashian or even Donald Trump

      All people in the self promoting publicity business
      Bit like Kezia Dugdale will be shortly like a Katy Hopkins for kids

    16. Robert Peffers says:

      @One_Scot says: 12 October, 2018 at 10:47 am:

      ” … If I didn’t know any better I would think that he has senile dementia.”

      Dementia – Aye! Senile – Naw!

      Yon auld zoomer haes aye been bliddy weel demented.

    17. Thepnr says:

      It looks like any brain cells he might have had left back in 2014 have been frazzled.

      He’d stand for UKIP next if they could find him a seat.

    18. Grouse Beater says:

      My piece written about contradictory, megaphone loud Gorgeous George before he became a model for Fedora hats:

    19. fillofficer says:

      given that all the britnat ukexiteers have given conflicting statements, can we just assume that they think no one is listening any more
      maybe that is the intention
      fed crap, turn off

    20. CameronB Brodie says:

      Galloway is a man who is unable to allow his ethics to rise above his beliefs and self-regard. A political gadfly. A charlatan and ultimately a tool of the Establishment. Supports Palestine but opposes Scotland. The mans’s a total prick.

    21. Luigi says:


      I think wee George had a lot of us fooled when he first appeared on the screens. With regard to the illegal Iraq war and chemical weapons propaganda, he certainly had the right soundbites and screamed what a lot of people believed and wanted to hear. He soon let the cat out of the bag however, appearing on Big Brother, revealing his BritNat blind spot in 2014 and showing the world what a pathetic little, self-promoting charlatan of weasel words he is.

      It was all about George Galloway, ye see. It still is and it always will be. 🙂

    22. Jimmy says:

      Three cheers for “Toon Clock” Galloway!!!

    23. Mark Fletcher says:

      Gorgeous George falls into the special category of ‘Politicians I have bumped into at the top of Byres Road’ I shook his hand and informed him that he would not have my vote.

    24. Muscleguy says:

      During the IndyRef when his one man roadshow came to Dundee, his home toun he got absolute pelters from the audience. It seems most folk who went were frae Lochee and went to put him in his place.

      Apparently he got quite flustered and upset. There’s nothing like your own folk for bringing you down to earth, especially if you leave and pretend to be a big man without being able to achieve it.

      Contrast to how Brian Cox (the actor) is treated when he returns to Dundee. He is adored, because he is humble and acknowledges his start in Dundee and because he gives back and is an excellent ambassador for the city. Galloway is just an embarrassment.

      When the V&A opened the Beeb’s coverage included an interview with Brian who was here for it. Galloway was, fortunately, nowhere to be seen.

      OT/ 100k people went through the V&A in its first week! That’s almost the population of the entire city. What a vision: a Guggenheim level building and a fantastic collection showcasing Scottish design.

    25. Capella says:

      From the ridiculous to the sublime. Graham Hughes from Three Blokes in a Pub talks to Mike Galsworthy of Scientists for EU about the drastic damage to scientific research and the NHS after BREXIT.

      Oh well – who needs experts anyway, eh? When we can just ask George Galloway and his friend Nigel.

    26. Valerie says:

      The twat in a hat.

    27. galamcennalath says:

      He perpetuates only because the media make use of his absurd comic entertainment value. That is his only contribution to discourse.

    28. Socrates MacSporran says:

      At least Jim Murphy, having achieved higher office within the Labour Party than Galloway ever managed, had the decency to retire from political life, once he was found out.

      Galloway had no such self-knowledge.


      HandandShrimp @10.53am

      Nailed it in one.

    29. Grant says:

      Pity he is not a tory, would make a grand PM in a lonely England.

      .. maybe not.

    30. Ian Brotherhood says:

      I wonder if we could pinpoint the date when Galloway started wearing that hat – anyone want to bet a tenner it was the day after he’d watched some Bill Hicks stuff on Youtube?


    31. Athanasius says:

      Very strange. If you put those two statements together, some less clever individuals might infer that George Galloway was just another political chancer, tailoring his speech to maximum personal advantage depending on circumstances, rather than the unique, special man of destiny we know him to be, completely different to anything which had appeared on the political scene before.

    32. galamcennalath says:

      Moral of their story? Beware of dodgy hats, then can mess with you head.

    33. Doug_Bryce says:

      champagne socialist.

    34. yesindyref2 says:

      Yeah, I saw that morons tab overnight but didn’t comment on it because you might get chuffed.

    35. Derick fae Yell says:

      One of the kids in the young persons hustings in 2014 observed that ‘George and his hat are definitely not ‘Better Together”

    36. Bobp says:

      Galloway. A sad old has been.

    37. Maria F says:

      This blatant hypocrisy of George Galloway claiming that “anybody with brain cells would vote remain” and then his spectacular flip-flopping has just served to convince me 100% and leave me with no doubts whatsoever that brexit is a move staged by the British establishment to protect the tax havens and of course Labour, like the tories, is just a vehicle to achieve that. Those tax havens indeed must be worth a bloody fortune to the English ruling elite and the establishment, whoever that may be to be prepared to bring down the smokescreen that keeps us believing the UK is a democracy and we are really given a choice when we vote.

      When you see it from that perspective, every single piece falls neatly into place and explains why the Police is turning a blind eye to the breaches of electoral law by Leave, why kangaroo courts allowed DUP and CRC to get away with not revealing who is behind the dark money, why even the most staunch remainer in tories and labour has now flip-flopped to become a brexit supporter, how the PM is being held to ransom by a minority of brextremist nutters in her party, the revolving door between ERG and the government, why the BBC appears to be distorting audiences and set ups to give the illusion of an overwhelming support for brexit, why they keep peddling the illusion of chequers going somewhere when it has already been rejected by the EU, how they are desperate to stop Scotland’s indyref and desperate to keep Scotland’s legitimate representatives out of the EU negotiations, how the electoral commission allowed the tories to get away with the dark money funding, how the electoral commission allowed Labour, Tories and libDems to work in cahoots to unseat the SNP in the last GE2017, how the English court passed the ball of Scotland’s sovereignty to Westminster which duly obliged the establishment by violating Scotland’s claim of right by denying Scotland a brexit veto, and then proceeded to steal 24 devolved powers from Scotland in violation of the Smith’s commission to illegitimately transfer those powers to England MPs, etc, etc, etc.

      In every referendum, every GE in this union the concept of choice is just an illusion. Smoke and mirrors. We are not given any choice, they just pretend they are.

      It is frankly outrageous in any democracy that both the party in government and the main opposition party are supporting brexit when it is so damaging judging by the brexit impact reports, when there is no consensus among the UK nations for brexit, when so much damage is going to be done to our economy and to the Good Friday Agreement, when it is risking the collapse of the UK due to Scotland’s independence and when half of England and Wales want to remain in the EU and when an overwhelming majority of labour supporters want voted to remain in the EU. And all on the back of an advisory referendum.

      This is to me the best proof that labour and tories are working together for a common goal. They are not working for the people of the UK but for somebody else. Bizarrely, it is always labour who is the first in line to fall over its sword: they did that in Scotland with indyref by standing with the tories and by Gordon Brown completely ruined his reputation of an honest and trustworthy man in Scotland by coming out of his cave to parrot the Devo max myth in collusion with the “vow”, they did that in the last GE in Scotland by encouraging tory votes and working in cahoots with the tories to unseat the SNP and they are doing it now with brexit: the majority of Labour’s members and supporters voted remain and want to remain, and yet, Labour are following and helping the tories to achieve brexit.

      My only explanation for this undemocratic behaviour is that labour is nothing but a shield to protect the tories, because I guess, that is the party the British establishment favours. I would bet my left ear that there will be sufficient labour MPs ready to fall on their sword to allow the tories to succeed in the next vote of chequers, no deal or whatever crap the tories will want to pass. Brexit, and one that protects the Tax Havens from EU regulation is the aim.

      Labour is in my eyes nothing but a stooge of the British establishment, a tool and George Galloway has proved to me just that, loud and clear. It is frankly disgusting to see how a man like Corbyn has given up all his principles to front such a crass establishment puppet that runs and jumps to protect the interests of taxdodgers before those of the working class when called to action by the establishment.

    38. Josef Ó Luain says:

      George has spent his whole political life playing-to-the-gallery, why should we expect him to relinquish his thespian ways at this late date?

    39. call me dave says:

      Been away all week house and dog watching , only the tv and radio for company 🙁 🙁

      Nice to get home reading the interwebby WOS again although a bit less wealthy since last week I see. Ouch!

      Due to £ fighting back against the $ and the €. Only temporary I hope. Anyhoo!

      @Valerie and others


      Every day continues to be ‘whack-a-mole’ day in Scotland.

      Regrettably there are so many to choose from that would see us Scots still shackled to a failed union.

      Who up next?

    40. yesindyref2 says:

      He thinks he’s Vince Cable.

      No, me neither.

    41. Thepnr says:

      @Ian Brotherhood

      I first remember him in that hat” from Sept 2014 on the “Big Big Debate”. I think he light have progressed from nae hat to “that hat” via a bunnet.

      Spotted one from April 2013.

    42. Calum McKay says:

      Being blunt, Galloway is in the same class of “commentator” as katie hopkins!

    43. Achnababan says:

      Could oor Kez be the new George Galloway?

    44. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      The French would call him?, apart from a faux cul, an arriviste

    45. Ian Brotherhood says:

      I confess to being a Galloway fan back in the day, but I stopped listening to his TalkSport show not long ater he descibed Scotland as ‘a dying country’. I didn’t actively dislike him until he did that catastrophically ill-judged ‘Better Together’ tour with Brian Wilson.


    46. Cubby says:

      Too much booze has done for his brain cells. The guy turns up pissed at too many events for this not to be a possible reason for the crap that he spouts. Alcohol kills brain cells and Galloway likes his booze.

    47. shiregirl says:

      This is typical behaviour of the uber-zoomer.

      What I will never, ever understand is how someone voraciously campaigns for other nations to be independent, sovereign states…yet here, in his home country it’s wrong.

      He discussed we ‘could’ be independent but shouldn’t. It’s beyond me. Makes my brain hurt trying to figure out the thought processing here.

    48. Capella says:

      Actually, I think the hat is fine. It’s what’s under it that is offensive. He’s been a maverick for so long that he no longer has any contact with ground control. The program is malfunctioning. But the rogue persona maybe pays well.

    49. Richard Smith says:

      We’ll know for sure when he starts wearing sunglasses as well that he’s morphing into a Van Morrison tribute act.

    50. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @cubby –

      Galloway has claimed to be teetotal for years. Mibbe he’s the same kind of abstainer as Jim Murphy, who looked all ‘tired and emotional’ while being interviewed on the night of the Clutha Vaults helicopter tragedy. (Presumably he’d been teetotalling nearby…)

      I remember seeing a fascinating interview with an ex-con, a proper full-on Glaswegian gangland killer who explained that his life had turned around since he gave up drinking. By that he meant that he was no longer ordering triple voddies sans mixer and could happily pass an evening with ‘a couple of bottles of wine’.

      ‘Denial’ is a powerful thing right enough!

    51. Valerie says:

      @ Cubby, that could explain a lot, but he is also a mahoosive narcissist, craving attention from his betters in London.

      I often see him in same vein as Boris, but sadly for George, those weak chinned Etonians despise and look down on the likes of George.

    52. Breeks says:

      George Galloway is an Uber-Unionist who would miss the cut for team Better Together.

      He’s a bona fiddle misfit. Everybody knows team Better Together prefer bowler hats.

    53. Truth says:

      How many wives is it now? Five? Six?

      Surely there comes a point when you start to ask “is it really them, or actually me that’s got a problem?”

      But our (and sadly he is ours) George will blissfully carry on wanting a free Ireland but a chained Scotland.

      You can only pity him. Deep inside he knows the truth and it will haunt him soon enough.

    54. Willie Fleming says:

      George is going bald. George does not like what he sees in the mirror in the morning. Hence the hat.

      Ladeeez n gennellmen, I give you the nèw Jack MacLean.

      Only 5hi

    55. Tackety Beets says:

      My understanding on Dundee is limited.

      The regeneration of Dundee City Centre has been driven by a Mr Mike Galloway who IMHO deserves some praise for his efforts regarding Dundee.

      I have often wondered if they are related?

    56. Hamish100 says:

      Some of us remember his behaviours in bonny Dundee all those years ago when he hope to climb the labour greasy pole. His career pinnacle was his cat suit!!

    57. jfngw says:

      It’s like a Scotghetti western, the man with no integrity:

      A Fistful of Dollars
      For a Few Dollars More
      The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

    58. Cubby, sure? I thought I read he is teetotal.

    59. Ben Starav says:

      A flier from his 2011 Scottish Parliamentary Campaign proves beyond doubt that only is he a baldy lovechild, naw … baldy bastard ( better ) but he’s a bigoted baldy bastard.

      After hingin’ aboot Celtic Park like a bad smell he was rewarded with an indefatigable 0.35% of the regional vote. Yee ha ha ha ha cowboy.

    60. Brian Cahill says:

      A £50 pound hat, on a ten Bob heid. Loved it.

    61. Colin Mccartney says:

      And he wonders why people want to punch him in the street lol !!

    62. TheItalianJob says:

      @MariaF at 12.11pm

      Very concise and accurately summed up post on how the British Establishment is working for a Brexit to suit themselves whilst also undermining democracy in Scotland and its people.

      Unfortunately not enough of us understand or see what the Establishment is all about as I did until my eyes were opened to their manipulation of the voters during Indyref 2014.

      Let’s hope enough voters have now seen the light and how Scotland and its people are being routinely manipulated and undermined.

      If so we can cross over the line, to Independence, in the next Indyref hopefully.

    63. Luigi says:

      jfngw says:

      12 October, 2018 at 1:16 pm

      It’s like a Scotghetti western, the man with no integrity:

      Django Unhinged. 🙂

    64. Geordie says:

      It’s only when you watch those video clips and hear the words spoken that the full bowel-deep, putrid hypocrisy of this man comes alive. Yet another self-serving excuse for a Scot who is utterly in thrall to Westminster and the British. Ironically, I’m certain they can’t stand him either.

    65. TheItalianJob says:

      @Geordie at 2.11pm

      Unfortunately Geordie although Westminster and the Establishment can’t stand him they do when he spouts anything against Scottish Independence.

      Just look at the above post by Stu and the ultra Unionist Daily Express quoting his interview on RT denouncing Scottish Independence and also their right to have another Indy vote.

      Contrast the same paper and the Westminster Establishment’s outrage when it was announced Alex Salmond was going to have his political show screened by RT.

    66. Tinto Chiel says:

      Willie Fleming: “Ladeeez n gennellmen, I give you the nèw Jack MacLean.”

      Yup, another Britnat chancer and faux leftie with a colossal Scottish cringe.

      It seems so long ago that Galloway had his moment of glory before yon congressional committee, doesn’t it?

      My main grouse though is that my modest collection of fedoras have remained largely unworn ever since he started wearing that hat.

    67. Merkin Scot says:

      “Ian Brotherhood says:
      12 October, 2018 at 12:26 pm
      I confess to being a Galloway fan back in the day, but I stopped listening to his TalkSport show not long ater he descibed Scotland as ‘a dying country’. I didn’t actively dislike him until he did that catastrophically ill-judged ‘Better Together’ tour with Brian Wilson.”
      My thoughts entirely. Loved it when he tore a new arse to the Americans on their own home pitch.
      Now, he can’t even hold a hat to Jack Mclean.

    68. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      You wonder what they have got on him.

    69. North chiel says:

      Great post “MariaF@1211” . Couldn’t agree more with your analysis . The Britnat establishment have 2 governments. The 1st team ( the Tories) .The 2nd eleven ( Labour) .As you say the Tories are the preferred choice. However, whenever, the “ country” requires a change of “ medicine” , the establishment propaganda wing can “ engineer “this through the usual media “ outlets” . If they require Corbyn 2nd eleven , it can be arranged. ( its noticeable that he has now been “ cleansed” over the anti Semitic furore with the acceptance over the International definition etc.). Thus he might now be acceptable to the “ financial interests” at the heart of the “ British” establishment if required.
      The “ precious precious union” is of course what matters primarily to the Britnats and of course JC has undertaken to “ toe the establishment line on Scottish independence”. The Tories really don’t give a “ toss” as regards Brexit, as you say ( so be it if the plebs are poorer , they will just have to grovel to Reece-Mogg and cohorts for stale bread , just like the “ good old days”). Labour could be required if Scottish Independence looks likely over their Brexit deal. However, ( despite our FM’s “qualified” backing of a people’s vote), a 2nd EU vote is really the establishment “ backstop” against Scottish Independence. ( Only to be used as “ nuclear option” as the Tory party would be fatally split.). Our wonderfully astute FM is up against dangerous and vindictive opponents and she is so right to “hold all her cards “to play late and at the appropriate and most opportune moment.Hopefully and just maybe she has “ one or two up her sleeve” . She’ll need them all.

    70. Michael Peddie says:

      I’ve been studying Galloway and I think I’ve got him sussed.

      Hat off = I’m Pro EU!

      Hat on = I’m Anti EU!

    71. Confused says:

      “sound and fury, signifying nothing”

      I have sometimes thought GG was “controlled opposition” from way back – a plant from his student days.

      It’s easy to be brazen and outspoken “fighting the man” when you -know- “the man” has got your back.

      Think of Alex Jones – he made a very good living until recently taking on the “deep state” … “the illuminati” …”the globalists” – but when you watch him for a bit you see its all about
      – chemtrails
      – vaccines
      – water fluoridation (and he even sells water filters FFS)
      … he is a blizzard of feints and bobs, but lands nothing at all. Claims “the chinese” are behind everything. Ho hum. This is world-class punch-pulling.

      When you are fighting the system, the first thing they do is try to stop you making a living – getting gigs as newspaper columnist or talk radio host – it doesn’t happen. If GG was genuine he would realise that our independence will be the greatest blow against the empire since the loss of india – instead he acts like a teenage boy whose mother asks to look at his browser history.

      Easy, soft jobs are a signifier of people “in the club” – check out rory stewarts CV to see what I mean.

      I am glad to see the Wingers have got GGs number. But the depressing thing is – I, like most I suppose – was at least partially taken in by the GG schtick for some years, esp. his appearance at the US congress. It can take a while, and they can do damage before they are rumbled. These days I reserve my loyalty for those who inspire genuine hatred … Nikki, Lexo and the REV – I also have a soft spot for Tommy Sheridan – who inflicted Thatcherism’s first defeat from outside parliamentary politics, and for which he will never be forgiven.

      Thanks capella for the appreciation.

      – and well spotted those who remembered “the urban voltaire”.

      DMH suggests they “have something on him” – and that is a classic technique, but I think GG is just a venal narcissist – he took the coin before they showed him the polaroids.

    72. Frank Gillougley says:

      Watching him in the 2nd clip after the 2014 referendum, he just comes across as one of those drunk bores in a pub, who if he managed to bend your earhole, you’d be dying of cringe.

    73. stu mac says:

      @HandandShrimp says:
      12 October, 2018 at 10:53 am
      George has become a parody of him

      A parody of a parody?

    74. ALANM says:

      George is always keen to point out to anyone who’s willing to listen that if the docker in Liverpool gets shafted by the Tories at Westminster then the docker in Glasgow should too. That keeps everything fair and above board in his book.

    75. HandandShrimp says:

      I am not particularly surprised by George being pro-Leave. I think his pro-EU stance in 2014 was just bare faced lies because he knew that EU nationals and a number of Scots would be much more likely to vote Yes if he pushed Farage’s line.

      Better Together lying for the UK

    76. Robert Louis says:

      Dave McEwan hill at 305pm,

      Quote “You wonder what they have got on him.”

      That Comment sums up George Galloway in a nutshell. An English establishment stooge if ever I saw one. I have no time for him, and his ilk.

      Their are quite a few in Scotland. Easy to spot – they typically have no real function, but spout pro establishment tosh of the very highest order whenever push comes to shove. The kind that try to split the indy movement, yet claim to speak ‘for the people’. They often get sweeteners for their efforts – things like ‘book deals’ and easy interviews via the state controlled BBC. Suddenly they become ‘panellists’.

      You know, the ‘academic’ who has a university position, yet nobody really knows why, yet always get interviewed in TV to spout utter illogical nonsense against independence, or the singer/writer/artist, who suddenly becomes successful, and coincidentally starts actively attacking independence etc..

      I have some sympathy for some of them, since I guess they are being blackmailed.

      They are all placemen, controlled either through bribery or blackmail by the ‘UK’ security services. It is how they operate.

      It is how the English establishment works. How they ‘control’ Scotland – and like all intelligence services, get ‘informants’ in other countries around the world.

    77. Robert Louis says:

      Confused at 419pm,

      I like your phrase ‘he took the coin before being shown the polaroids’. Sums much of it up.

    78. Ken500 says:

      He is just a bastard. Plain and simple. No wonder he hides down south. Or in the Portugal. What a charlatan.

      These reneges from the 1980’s. Fraser Nelson and Gallowoway know nothIng about Scotland these days. They don’t even live here and decribe a Scotland of years ago. When Thatcher illegally and secretly taking resources and wasting them in London S/E.Keepimg it secret under the Official Secrets Act.

      Dimbleby should have been retired long ago. He is so out of touch. Poor research. Planted guestions and questioners The audience are ignorance and ill informed. Some like like if some one tried to tell them they would not listen. Stuck in their intransigence of haughty right. Some really angry they can’t see what is all around them giving progressive and effective Gov held back by a an totally, incompetent intransigent Westminster unionist Gov.

      QT is a totally. bias programme. Westminster controlled, Dimbleby thinks he knows Scotland sailing around the islands on his yacht.An extremely sheltered observation.. 80 year multimillionaire troughing on public momey. Totally out of date. People in public service should retire at the Official retirement rate. What’s good for the goose USC good for the gander. Equality

      The Tory keeping the corrupt ACC admin in place ruining the City. Tory/Labour/LibDem illegal collusion. Wasting public money like there is no tomorrow rscking. up debt . A Tory getting a lecturer pension, an old age pension, a Council salary and remuneration from Holyrood. Refusing to give up the council position to keep the cretins in power. Ruining the City. £1.2Billion in debt. The SNP representatives ask what people want they want Then they try and deliver successfully.

      People sometimes forget how violent the Thatcher era ended up. The Poll tax. Brexit is another Poll tax but a miiion times worse. It looks like May to go the same way. Death and destruction. Ending up in the Falklands illegal war. To try and gain failing support from the people. Argentina has just as much rights to the Falklands under International Law. They could get supplies from Argentina. Instead of some being ship in for miles by the Navy. All at massive expense.

      In the Falklands 3,000 people breeding sheep, They would be better giving them a £Million each and settle them in Wales. If they agree or get some agreement to protect them in the event they want to stay. No one wants to live there in an bleak island in the middle of a universe of hardship and discomfit. If there was any other choice.

      They could settle in Scotland with a settlement. It is reported the Fair Isles now has 24 hrs energy supply. That is brilliant. They used to rely on oil generators which were not reliable. They could cut out. They used to put the lights off at ten pm. They even had candles.. They installed a wind turbine and used the generators through the night if needed. . Some of the scenery in Scotland is similar to the Falklands. but there is a ‘right to roam’. They would love it in a village in the Highlands, Feel right at home. With a bit more comfort and affluence.

    79. Rock says:

      I beg to differ with you.

      The likes of Galloway, Dugdale and Johnson have plenty of brains.

      Their populist outbursts are meant for the “plebs” most of whom are too lazy and self centred to engage their brains.

    80. CyberMidgie says:

      We’re going to transcribe that for the benefit of Google searches too:

      Also for the benefit of your deafblind readers.

      Thank you 🙂

    81. Simon Curran says:

      That’s a u-turn that puts St Paul’s Damascus Road conversion in the shape. Mind you,he’s not the only one…Theresa, Ruth…

    82. Happy to be Independent says:

      GW is supporting the union as he is worried what the state will put in his tea he doesn’t fancy ending up like Willie Macrae John Smith Robin Cook type of dodgy departures

    83. Andy-B says:

      I admire Galloway’s stance on Palestine, but he belives every other small nation (that isnt already) should have its independence bar the one he originated from, and that makes him a bot of a hypocrite

    84. Q. says:

      Some democratic referendums George is happy with. Others? Meh! Next he’ll be calling for NATO to bomb us so that we vote the right way.

    85. Terence callachan says:

      When George Galloway liv d in Dundee he was a fool , a fool with political power in Dundee council but people got wise to him and he moved on .
      He is clever no doubt about that but he lacks common sense and that is very noticeable if you ever meet him.
      His politics will never amount to anything more than where he is now and that infuriates him so what we see is this continuous attention seeking behaviour.

    86. cynicalHighlander says:

      Ah the man that talks so much pishh that he never needs to go to the bathroom.

    87. Cactus says:

      Click, you have been exposed, flip-flop George Galloway, politician, ahem.

      Keep an aye on this one, he could be a soon contender for moron.

      Now is the time to frack the fack out of England, apparently.

      What have you done to yourselves England.

      A very good Scottish morning to y’all.

    88. ian stewart says:

      What defines Galloway is not his hat or his contradictory politics but his unrelenting quest for money. This man will do almost anything to top up his bulging bank balance.From duping the people of Bradford West to pretending to be a cat.Beirut-based Al-Mayadeen TV (£3,000 per 90-minute programme) – £96,000
      Russia Today TV (£1,600 per two-hour programme) – £62,400
      Lecture tour in Australia (£2,700 per two-hour lecture) – £5,400
      Appearances at the Edinburgh Fringe (£450 for each) – £900. Whilst working for War on Want he’s spent over £20,000 living a life of luxury. And of course his “just say Naw tour which made him £30,000.

    89. Welsh Sion says:

      And he had the gall to front a political outfit called ‘Respect’, which then morphed (after a lot of in-fighting and ego-massaging) to ‘Respect Renewal’ and subsequently ‘Respect (George Galloway)’. Whatever became of them?

      One thing is certain – Galloway does not merit any ‘respect’ from any Wingers.

    90. Gary says:

      OMG! George Galloway has LIED to us! Not exactly shock/horror BUT it IS nice to have the taped evidence of it put side by side for the world to see that he (along with others) conspired to say these things (ie the lies about Scotland/UK) to ensure Scotland voted NO.

      It’s bad enough that politicians feel free to tell lies to get themselves votes (a la Alistair Carmichael)but when they so in a referendum they aren’t simply gaining power for a relatively short period of time they are lying to influence what happens to an entire country for a generation.

      George Galloway, the hat might hide yir baldy heid, but it’ll no hide yir lies!

    91. Nick Vass says:

      On reading your transcript. Does he say he supports the right of the British electorate to choose even thought he had previously said that he thought it was madness to leave the EU. If so I agree with him this was one real chance for the people to make a choice, real democracy if you like.
      If you think that people should not have this right why bother electing politicians just have lists that the leaders of each party chooses from, the numbers for each party being chosen at random. Create a new elite. Oh! Scotland already has started down this route with our list MSP’s

    92. Ian McCubbin says:

      Man is an eegit, that plain and simple.
      Happy Christmas Eve Stu and all readers and contributors.
      My comfort this Christmas is that we have a few days peace.

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