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Willie And Me

Posted on May 18, 2017 by

If you weren’t listening to the Kaye Adams show earlier, and you probably weren’t, this was my call to Scottish Lib Dem leader Willie Rennie.

(The Kaye Adams Programme, BBC Radio Scotland, 18 May 2017)

(Alert readers may have noticed that I had to adopt a wee bit of subterfuge to get on by saying – truthfully – that I was from Bathgate, because BBC Scotland don’t tend to take my calls when I say where I am.)

As you’ll hear, Rennie had no answer to the question (even when put to him again by Adams), trying to deflect the issue onto SNP BAD instead.

His position was that the British people should have the right to another vote in case they’ve changed their mind about Brexit, even though there’s been no material change of circumstances, but that the Scottish people SHOULDN’T have the right to another vote on independence even though there HAS been a huge material change.

All I can say is that I tried.

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186 to “Willie And Me”

  1. gordoz says:

    Glad to hear the whole question set without interruption for once !

    Well done sir!

  2. Street Andrew says:

    I think you won that point fairly convincingly, Rev.

    Straight question – straight answer.Scottish Lib Dems think England should decide.

  3. gordoz says:

    Cracker of a title; lifted from VIZ ?

  4. Liz says:

    So he’s basically saying HE doesn’t agree with Scottish Independence so that’s why we shouldn’t have another referendum. Scottish voters don’t count, HIS opinion is more important!

  5. Dr Jim says:

    I was listening

    Oooh you are naughty!

  6. Simone says:

    He just refuses to see the double standard.
    “The people must have their say – not you Scotland”

  7. Robert Peffers says:

    Sheesh! I’ve been puzzling why I couldn’t identify that voice but knew I’d heard it before. Well done Rev Stu in putting Wullie on the spot.

  8. CmonIndy says:

    Bad stuff will happen to UK if poor Brexit deal = people must have another say.
    Bad stuff happens to Scotland if poor Brexit deal = suck it up with no escape route.

  9. Tony Little says:

    Initially I was astonished that Kay(e) followed up your question, but then reality struck – of course she doesn’t care about wee Willie. Had that been Kezia I’m sure her behaviour would have been different.

    I was also surprise she never interrupted you, her usual motif.

    (As a side note, I think future callers from “Bathgate” will get short shrift!)

  10. Scott Borthwick says:

    Great work exposing the vacuous Rennie. It’s a real shame they don’t use you as a panelist any more.

  11. Macart says:

    People should have a say… but only on what I decide they should.

    Laydeeez an gennamin! I give yooz… the thought processes of, the never knowingly conscious, Willeeee Rennaaaay!

    Simply mindboggling contortions from Rennie.

  12. Cuilean says:


  13. Free Scotland says:

    Ye were gubbed, Willie. Well and truly gubbed.

  14. Flower of Scotland says:

    I love a wee bit of subterfuge in a morning!

    I can’t listen to that numpty Willie Rennie, so thanks for showing him up for the fool that he is!

    Bet you don’t get back on to Kaye Adams show again. You were far too concise and clear in you argument for that show.

    Well done Stu!

  15. shiregirl says:


    I wonder if they knew later on it was you?

  16. Chas Clark says:

    Without exception the unionist politicians in Scotland are putting their own self-interest before the country’s interests.

    Rooth, Kez, Willie et al are effectively jobless in the event of independence – unless they can get sufficient financial backing to form autonomous Scottish versions of their current parties.

    This is the fear you hear in their voices when they respond to questions like this. They’re afraid for their own jobs, rather than the jobs of the ‘hard working families’ they constantly claim to care about.

    And this is why they hate the snp and the yes movement. Not because of the snp’s record in government. That is just a tool used to deflect people’s attention from the truth – which is the snp, and indeed the wider independence movement, threatens their personal livelihood.

  17. Donald MacKenzie says:

    The poor manny is meeting himself coming back. He’s contorting himself into so many positions that is must be painful.

  18. Proud Cybernat says:

    “You don’t compound the problems of BREXIT with even more problems of Independence,” says wee Willie

    So it is, according to Willie, a problem that Scots would keep their EU citizenship.

    So it is, according to Willie, a problem that Scots would keep their full access to the Single Market.

    So it is, according to Willie, a problem that Scots would keep the 80,000 jobs predicted to be lost as a result of BREXIT.

    So it is, according to Willie, a problem that Scots would be able to keep all our EU friends who presently live and work in Scotland, helping making it a better place.

    Oh, and it is, according to Willie, a problem that Scots with independence would be able to take charge of its own economy and try and return it from the utter disaster that Westminster control has made of it.

    Oh, and it would be very, very bad for Scots to have full access to their own natural resources.

    Etc, etc, etc.

    The man’s a complete buffoon.

  19. Jamur says:

    Sure is a dong.

  20. One_Scot says:

    We already knew that lying and corruption are part of the Liberal Democrats DNA. We can now add hypocrisy to that list.

  21. Tom MacGregor says:

    willie (no clue) rennie at his best

  22. Ian says:

    I listened to this live and, whilst not making the connection, I did think along the lines of ‘This is a remarkably well informed caller on Kaye Adams’ show’.

    Well played, Stu.

  23. fillofficer says:

    people like him & annie wells are enemies of the scottish people. how they can sit at holyrood & work continuously against us & take a generous salary from OUR taxes is utterly tractorous. i just dont know how we put up wi this crap. ridiculous

  24. Irma says:

    I thought that caller sounded suspiciously good! Well done but the slippery wee squirrel never answers a question…

  25. winifred mccartney says:

    Good for you! Even Kaye admitted the inconsistencies about referendums by Lib dems. And as for cannabis that is just a headline maker – it is surely a gateway drug and has been proved to cause serious mental health issues. So it is a bit laughable for WR to demand more help for those suffering mental health problems while at the same time creating them.

    But snp baaaad trumps all arguments. The hatred of the snp is palpable on the bbc by all unionist parties and most presenters (listen to the tone of voice, pitch, aggravation etc).

    The labour manifesto echos scottish policy but they would rather be red tories than do what is right for most people. For many years they have been colluding with the tories knowingly and unknowingly . I think labour have just woken up to the fact they have been used and abused by tories and are now finding out what the libdems have already found out.

  26. ronnie anderson says:

    O/T Adam Boulton ( Sky News ) reporting that the Tories are blocking access to they’re Ministers for interviews, surely no Sky News team urnae Bias against the Tories LoL.

    Stand by for some accurate reporting from the un bias Editor in Chief of Bbc news Laura Knutsberg ( thats un bias against the Tories/Labour but if its SNP bias is in overload ).

  27. Christopher Whyte says:

    I thought Kaye largely summed it up; Rennie wants another vote with the result he disagreed with, and wants to avoid another vote on the result he did agree with.

    It’s political opportunism, and that’s really it.

  28. Shug says:

    I am sitting with my jaw on the table as Kaye treated your point rather well and forced him to answer

    When the BBC masters hear this she will be getting the ears rattled

    Good you Kaye a sensible interview at last

  29. ScottishPsyche says:

    Very good point well made.

    Also, his argument says once the British people see how bad Brexit is they will want another vote, ignoring the fact that we have seen how bad a No vote is and we not only want another vote, we have a mandate for one.

    No lies were told and nearly everyone else is economical with the truth to get on that show.

  30. Anne Meikle says:

    ‘The British people’but they’re majority living in England. Therefore another EU referendum woulx leave Scotland at the mercy of voters down south, yet again. The democratic deficit can only be answered with independence.

  31. call me dave says:

    Ah! So it wis you…Excellent I said to my partner at the time just wait until he answers that first bit…you exposed wee willie just fine.

    I as listening in the car and caught up on my tablet there!


    Democracy LibDems style:

    Let the people decide – except when it’s Scotland: we will decide for you.

    Excellent work Stu. Very well put.

  33. Mike says:

    The Irony of UK politics. While the Tories do everything they can to lose the election Labour and the Lib Dems do everything they can to prevent the Tories losing the election.

  34. Proud Cybernat says:

    Rev – you got any middle names. I’ve a spare room here in Glasgow and a phone line.


  35. One_Scot says:

    Willie Rennie’s mentally is, ‘it does not matter how bad or damaging Brexit is to Scotland, we are going to take Scotland down with us’.

    A true mark of an obsessively selfish, self-serving man. Shameful.

    Scotland, if you can hear me, you really need to vote overwhelmingly SNP on June the 8th, or we may live to regret it.

  36. Robert Louis says:

    Well done rev, yet again asking the obvious q

  37. Suzanne says:

    Poor old Willie. Head caught in the trap and legs waving wildly. What an opportunist he is.

    Great job, Stu.

  38. Skip_NC says:

    Now that the voters of North-East Fife have seen the devastation caused by Hurricane Willie, I think they should be able to decide if they want, in their best interests, to keep him as their MSP. Next week would not be too soon.

    Of course, he’d probably argue that his problem of not being in the Scottish Parliament would be compounded by being out of the Westminster parliament as well.

    When Willie Rennie speaks, he often talks convincingly about (undefined) liberal values. When he “acts,” it is very hit or miss. I have never been able to place him anywhere on the political spectrum. He is the leader of a party (the Lib Dems being federated, I believe), spit should be quite easy to place him. What does that say about the rest of his party?

  39. Ghillie says:

    Willie should stick to playing on slides.

    You might not have received an honest and coherent answer Stu, but your question and challenge should have got listeners thinking!

  40. David Hume says:

    Great voice for radio, Rev. If you and Derek Bateman got together, I’d listen to that channel religiously.

  41. Robert Graham says:

    After the unionist side expended all their energy , used every lie out there , every scare , enlisted every government all over the world to back their case , and just managed to get over the line , they knew they just managed it , they were well and truly shocked , and because of this close call they will use every single thing they can to delay ,obstruct , frustrate another vote , every Unionist party is on board ,this above everything is their red line it must never happen again .

  42. Robert Louis says:

    Well done rev, yet again asking the obvious questions our supine ‘Scottish’ media refuse to ask.

    The position held by Wullie Rennie, is simply untenable. It is illogical, it fails to address the obvious difference in brexit view of Scotland and England, and it does little to re-assure anybody.

    I can only conclude the only reason the Labour Tory and Libdem parties oppose another independence referendum, is simply because they know they will lose. If they genuinely though their was no appetitie for independence, they would jump at the chance to have another independence referendum.

    Unionists are not content with democracy. They want to stifle the democratic choice of Scots and thwart democracy at any price, merely to preserve their own corrupt London worshipping fiefdoms.

  43. ronnie anderson says:

    Ah wee tune tae brighten up your day Rev.


  44. Skip_NC says:

    How can spellcheck bugger up something as simple as “so” and produce “spit?” The text box is far too long for my phone and it’s a pain to be constantly scrolling. I blame the SNP.

  45. Bob Mack says:

    A beautiful ambush Rev. Deftly done —–like a kipper.

  46. BJ says:

    I think all the adjectives have been used up regarding Willie Rennie. I can’t imagine if I was in his position being such an embarrassment to my family.

    He deserves all the ridicule that comes his way. He’s Scotland’s galoot.

  47. galamcennalath says:

    Well done there, Stu.

    Rennie trying incomprehensibly to defend the indefensible. Why an EURef2 and no IndyRef2?

    No one will listen to the LibDems, the only two groups anywhere in these Isles which will get a second vote will be – Indy or the Brexit deal in Scotland, and Reunification or Brexit deal in Northern Ireland. The English and Welsh won’t get a vote, simple.

    As Stu points out, there will have been no material change so why should E&W get a rerun? They are getting what they voted for. They handed a blank cheque to a bunch of ultra right hooligans. The predictable scenario followed.

    We, and the Northern Irish, are ones who have the moral right to make decisions about our future.

  48. CameornB Brodie says:

    Might the lad be suffering some form of cringing inferiority complex? A debilitating psycho-social phobia to equal membership of the human race, perhaps? 🙂

  49. starlaw says:

    Well done Stu listened to this in supermarket carpark wanted to leave the car but felt compelled to stay and listen.
    I have now formed the opinion that Wullie Rennie is a self centred money grabbing ponce. He has no interest in Scotland or its people, just a publicity seeking pocket filling Ponce.

  50. jfngw says:

    The LibDem position is now clear to anyone that had any doubt, no matter how bad Brexit is for Scotland and even if the EU stated in advance they would allow Scotland immediate access they would still oppose any independence referendum.

    Well LibDem voters you can’t have it put more clearly, the LibDem’s have no interest in what may be best for Scotland, it’s union first, last, always.

  51. dakk says:

    Wee Wullie Rennie in full obfuscation mode doing the dirty work for his London handlers to keep Scotland under London Tory rule.

    Not one for name calling ?,but he really is a very dirty dirty Wullie indeed.

    Who knew?

  52. Think Kaye Adams summed it up truthfully and well (the earth shall shake).

    Rennie doesn’t want indyref2 because the result of indyref1 was to his liking.

    He does however, want a second referendum on brexit because the result was *not* to his liking.

    Other than that, there’s no there, there. There’s no remotely credible case articulated, no exposition of imperatives. He’s not even trying.

    Melt that wide boy down you’d be left with 8 stone of brass neck and a half pint of nippy sweetie.

  53. Big Jock says:

    The master of doublethink wee Wullie Winkie!

    The people of Scotland did make the right choice. They voted to stay in the EU but Wullie doesn’t respect that or think it’s important. We don’t need another vote on Brexit as we would vote to remain again. We need a vote to decide if we want to stay in a UK that is dragging us out of the EU.

    Quite frankly he is disloyal to Scotland end of!

  54. schrodingers cat says:

    he thinks there should be an euref2, not because he thinks brexit will be bad but because the people should have the right to choose.

    he doesnt think there should be an indyref2 because independence will be bad and the people shouldn’t have the right to choose.


  55. gus1940 says:

    If only it had been untRuth with KayE this morning and Stu had got through.

  56. As others have already said well done Stuart for trying to illicit a sensible answer from Willie Rennie.

    I really wonder if Rennie really is that thick in not understanding his illogical constitutional position of holding a second EU referendum because people of the UK may have changed their mind.

    And his opposition to holding a second independence referendum because a substantial material change has happened since 2014

  57. Mike says:

    The BBC are openly and unashamedly promoting the Tory manifesto without challenge.

    I am truly sick and tired of the BBC. This continuing farce of impartial media has destroyed the UK and left us with worse to come.

  58. Muscleguy says:

    @winifred mccartney

    You are uninformed about cannabis.

    1. Heroin use has declined in US states which have legalised cannabis since the change. It has not declined in states which have not legalised cannabis. This is a matter of fact.

    2. Cannabis does not ’cause’ mental illness. Those PRONE to some mental disorders might present slightly earlier when using cannabis but there is also evidence that such persons are more likely to seek out cannabis and use it more heavily, seeking to self medicate. Much as people with schizophrenia smoke nicotine which has been shown to have effects on their condition. Clinicians tend not to advise schizophrenics to give up, though these days they may push them into vaping, though many schizophrenics don’t have the readies for vaping.

    There was a big, long term Danish study about 5 years ago on cannabis use which showed this. The biggest to date. Other work since has only confirmed their findings.

    BTW I do not and have never indulged. I get nicely high but going for a run. That high is now thought to be largely endo-cannabinoid driven. So I don’t need to. But I am a biological scientist and I like to let the evidence drive my thinking.

    The vast majority of problems with illegal drugs comes from their being illegal. Problems of impurities (heroin is the same as medical diamorphine, the former is ‘golden brown’ from impurities, the latter a colourless liquid), dose (see regular reports of ‘extra strength’ drugs, heroin in particular killing people), the impurities in heroin erode the veins of junkies, not the morphine, what cocaine is cut with also erodes the noses of habitual users (cocaine is not physically addictive) not the cocaine. Because possession and sale of magic mushrooms is illegal you cannot test them for strength as could happen if they were legal. Similarly we could legalise cannabis but ban skunk.

  59. Auld Rock says:

    Hi Rev. Mea culpa, I didn’t recognise your voice, mind you I’ve only heard it once before back in 2014. Anyway I was trying to get on to take your question further and that was to ask, “Why is it OK for 27 other EU Members including Luxembourg (smaller than Glasgow) to decide Scotland’s future, but what is most galling is that the Devolved Government of Wallonia gets a say in our future?” As the Chump would say, ‘wrong’.

    Auld Rock

  60. Capella says:

    Excellent intervention Stu and point well made. You were not deflected by his “Oh look at that bad Nicola Sturgeon and SNP” subterfuge.
    His tone changed at the end when he realised he didn’t have a gullible idiot on the line and you weren’t going to agree that the SNP are ambivalent about the EU. He seemed to fall back on a well rehearsed mantra which will be touted round the doorsteps of NE Fife for another 3 weeks.

    Another caller raised the lies allegedly told about Michelle Thompson by Alex Cole Hamilton and his team. He was quickly cut off. Embarrassed silence.

    Let’s move on.

  61. fletch49er says:

    My summation of that call: Just over 5 mins of Willie Rennie trying to polish a turd!

  62. Rebecca Hislop says:

    Well done Stuart. Kaye Adams and Willie Rennie dodging the issue. The LibDems offer nothing except SNPbad. The BBC is a Tory mouthpiece.

  63. TD says:

    I know I am biased, but it occurs to me that the Lib Dems, the Labour party (SLAB in particular) and the Tories are all intellectually bankrupt in the positions they put forward. UKIP are intellectually bankrupt and nasty. The Greens are nice but naïve and are not going to win – they are only contesting three seats. So who to vote for?

  64. David says:

    I never listen to radio scotland, but i have listened to Wee Willie eckislike many times and each time i do he makes my heartburn worse, a Rennie that causes heartburn heh heh heh

  65. ScottieDog says:

    gosh that almost sounded like a normal constructive radio phone-in. Point was very well put.
    The only way forward for British politics is another Scottish referendum but a NO vote IMHO will see the end of or a very diminished Scottish parliament.

  66. Alan Magnus-Bennett says:

    As ever, Willie is making assumptions by continually saying, “I think that…..” He does no research into any of his Party’s policies. He was asked this morning on the news programme where his evidence was that taxing cannabis as a legal substance would rake in millions of £’s sterling. When asked where his evidence was, ‘how many cannabis users are there in the UK?’, he replied that he had no figures for that question.

  67. Roadie58 says:

    ..doe’s this count as SNP bias on the BBC?!!..

  68. Nana says:

    Well done for getting through to Call Kaye, Stuart from Bathgate. The bbc taken aback by a calm and well informed caller.

    I can hear them squealing “we didn’t know it was ‘that’ Stuart”

    As for Willie Rennie, he would crawl on his knees for an ermine coat. That is all Willie Rennie thinks about, cares not a jot for Scotland.

  69. David Wood says:

    Well Done Stuart. Willie all over the place. And to be fair to Kaye Adams, she did push the point. Willie couldn’t answer because he cannot get away from his Unionist position, with his self-righteous form of DIMocracy. Well Done Sir.

  70. Graeme Doig says:

    A contortionist and his bull shit are not easily parted but you put him on the spot nicely Stu.

  71. Free Scotland says:

    There was Watergate, there was DianaGate, and now, the latest scandal to hit BBC Scotland – BathGate.

  72. Lou Nisbet says:

    @Peter McCulloch

    ‘well done Stuart for trying to illicit a sensible answer from Willie Rennie.’

    I think you mean elicit although doubtless his answer would have been illicit.

  73. Richard Duncan says:

    How in gods name can anyone vote for this muppet .

    He’s a laughing stock trying his best to whore the Fibs into coalition or support any and all Union policies regardless of the damage to Scotland .

    And Thank you Muscleguy .. regarding cannabis ….. Some are still stuck in the past .

    I have spent 4 years struggling with illness and chronic pain from a spinal disease known as AS ( Anklosing Spondilitus)

    Nothing worked until MS and Parkinsons sufferers hinted about cannabis with a high CBD content . i bought some and within minutes my pain was almost gone . No drug the NHS uses works better .

    THC is known now to kill cancers FACT. CBD is fantastic for pain and give users a lift , less tired and depressed . And Cannabis has been tested on mental illness , and has positive effects not the bullshit the MSM lie to us about .

    The SNP voted to legalise cannabis and i cant wait . Nor can my doctors who have seen the effects on myself and many others.

    Until we can get it on script we are criminals for using something the huge med companies have hid from us for decades

    AS for gateway drug ….. really ???? Like saying a cold Shandy will set you on your way to alcoholism .

    last few items have been brilliant Rev , Dont know where we would be without you .

    Winifred Youtube has millions of pages of info on med cannabis . They believe this simple plant is the silver bullet because it acts against so many ilnesses and conditions .

    sorry for going O/T .. It gets me angry when folk know the MSM lies ALWAYS yet believe the shit about cannabis . deary me . 🙁

  74. Mike says:

    Tories now so confident and unassailable that they are no longer pretending they aint going to fuck us over badly.

    They are now openly telling us its going to be bad and get worse for the poorest and most vulnerable.

    That’s where the UK is right now and the braindead deprived working poor yoonionists in Scotland will happily vote for them because they don’t think Scotland should make its own choices.

    How fucked up is that? How do you explain that to somebody outside of the UK?

  75. Proud Cybernat says:


    Tory manifesto just published:

    #IndyRef2 should not take place “unless there is public consent for it to happen” and “until Brexit process has played out”.

    Isn’t the “public” represented by its Parliament? Didn’t its Parliament vote in favour of #scotref?

    I see a barney brewin’.

  76. Dr Jim says:

    The fear of referendums

    The Irish have them all the time and it doesn’t seem to bother them they just look at whatever the proposals are and off they go to the polls and vote for or against whatever propositions the politicians put forward for their consideration

    So why do particularly Scottish politicians fear referendums, well there can be only one answer, they dread losing that’s why they invented the “Threat” of a referendum as opposed to when Cameron did it he made an offer of a referendum, see the unsubtle difference there

    Unionist politicians know the next referendum is there for the losing (for them) and the winning for the SNP
    Now it doesn’t really matter whether you think Scotland would be better off or worse off that in the Unionist mind is hardly the point it’s only the tactic they use to frighten the voters

    What the Unionists fear most is Scotland having total control of it’s own democracy instead of Unionists controlling it, because as we’ve just seen in Aberdeen the SNP won the election but the Unionist parties wouldn’t accept the result of the vote (something which they’re always shouting loudly at the SNP about) so between them they cooked up a deal at council level to exclude the SNP then pretended it was against the wishes of their own party for which (I’m the leader) Kezia Dugdale pretended to suspend her councillors who later on stated they would be back in the party anyway when it all blows over

    How do we like our democracy Scotland

  77. Chitterinlicht says:

    I recognised your voice straight away from when you used to get to be on the telly.

    Very well done. Willie tied up in knots.

    I would like to hear more of you rather than via subterfuge.

    Can i sugeest Kenny from Kilwinning next time?

  78. heedtracker says:

    Underlying all that though, you can just hear generations of yoons like this idiot going, “is it good for Scotland or good for the UK?” If its the former, it goes nowhere or it gets fcuked with. You can also add exact same yoons going, “do I get a taste too?”

  79. David Mooney says:

    WTF The Dug is going full pelt at Rev Stu on FMQs right now. Aaaaargh.

  80. Fireproofjim says:

    Oh Stuart!!
    Fame at last! Named and shamed on FMQs by Kezia Dugdale.

  81. Conan the Librarian says:

    Kezia attempting to smear Stu.

  82. Robert Peffers says:

    Rev Stu just been mentioned in dispatches by Kezia in the Holyrood chamber.

  83. David Mooney says:

    Wow Witch hunt time she’s really going for it. What a moron.!!!

  84. sinky says:

    Kezia has just lost it

  85. Cactus says:

    Wings Over FMQ’s.

    Nice plug.


  86. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    In the cannabis debate it is surely more sensible to recognise the difference of the recreational use of cannabis by some by the smoking of it (which certainly can have dangerous effects on some people and particularly adolescents) and the huge range of useful medicinal properties of cannabis when used for those purpose as ointments, sprays and many other methods of ingestion.

    Nearly all our painkillers are opiates. That is not the same as supporting heroin dosing

  87. Desimond says:

    In finest Dougal and Ted fashion..Wee Wullie will still be sitting there saying “Okay, I’ll leave butjust hold on a second Kaye, let me explain it again for you…that referendum baaaad..this referendum goooood…got it?”

    The darkest bit of that recording was Rev pointing out “They didn’t care..people didn’t care and voted to give the Tory a blank cheque”

    Nothing has changed.

    Winter is Coming.

  88. call me dave says:


    Kes Dugdale has gone down an unusual route in the questioning line wonder why?

    Oh Sturgeon has just told us why.

    Poor Kes: social media is something up with which she will not put!

  89. Lanarkist says:

    Well done Recently, appearing on BBC Radio Shortbread and being discussed at FMQ”s in Hollywood in the same morning.
    Kezia trying to get Nicola to officially discredit you.
    On around 12.12pm.

  90. geeo says:

    Dugdale going after Wings over Scotland at FMQ’s…

  91. Robert Peffers says:

    Now Kezia has is mentioning Wings and Wingers as all being homophobic.

    Rev Stu is apparently suing Kezia for £20,000 for defamation but now she is saying all wingers are also homophobic.

    How about a crowd funder to sue her with a class action for defamation?

    How about asking for £20,000 per winger?

  92. Lanarkist says:

    Recently= Rev.

  93. Cactus says:

    Wings Over Willie too.

    Aweright to all the new readers as of the past 4 hours!

    We love Scotland.

  94. snode1965 says:

    Jeezo…Kez has just gone into full meltdown at First Ministers questions!
    Used her three questions to attack one Stuart Campbell of Wings fame.
    All because Stuart is taking legal action against her…haha!

  95. Robert Graham says:

    Well there you go ha ha yer 10 minuets of fame pity it was Kezia but you cant have everything , i doubt if you will get past the BBC crew on your next attempt ha ha , that was your shot and the day shift will be up before the management .

  96. Conan the Librarian says:

    Laughable. Loses control of her own councillors, dredges up a two month old story in a pathetic diversion.

  97. Bradford (Lucifer) Millar says:

    wee Wullie and the Lib Dems are nomarks they are basically a party without a back bone basically a totally irrelevant party … i would love nothing better to see them and the Red Tories demise on Indy

  98. Desimond says:

    “We need to diffuse this Aberdeen Situation”
    “Release it!”
    “We cant!”
    “We must!!”
    “But you said the BATH-BOMB was only to be used as a final resort!”
    “Kez, this is the final resort!”

  99. carjamtic says:

    The highlighting of any alleged,gross vices of peculation,sordid,selfish ambition,stupidity and tergiversation is not welcome,it seems.

    Get back in yer box Scotland and shut it.

  100. Fergus Green says:

    No such thing as bad publicity – especially when it comes free from a desperate Kezia 🙂

  101. James Barr Gardner says:

    Thanks, best laugh I’ve had this week, SUPERB !

  102. Peter Mirtitsch says:

    So wee Wullie Rennie doesn’t actually answer the answer WHY he thinks the people of the the UK should be trusted and allowed to have a say, and why people of Scotland SHOULDN’T be trusted to do so.

    He actually contradicts himself when he says that this is one of the biggest decisions for the people, and they should be allowed a say, yet doesn’t extend that to the people of Scotland.

  103. galamcennalath says:

    Why do people still vote LibDem?

    iMO every party has supporters who follow blindly and always have. It’s their chosen ‘team’ and they will stick by it regardless. It has to be said, these probably aren’t people who follow politics closely.

    I think the LibDems must be down to that ‘supporter till death’ core. And, Lab in Scotland aren’t far behind!

  104. Effijy says:

    Wonderful Rev!

    I think you are overdue a promotion to Bishop! lol

    If we have a 2nd Independence and Brexit referendum and every single Scottish Vote was for Independence and Remain, Willie and the Liberals would not accept it.
    They will TELL Scotland that they don’t recognise the Independence result, and that we must follow the English majority vote regardless and Brexit.

    That isn’t freedom nor democracy, but the Liberals don’t care!

    Wee Willie is only interested in himself and the party of Lies.
    They are happy with Carmichael’s Lies, and Malcolm Bruce backed him up in that Lies are just part of Politics.

    Not an acceptable part for me Willie.

    The Lib Dems picked up a massive donation from a crook who swindled people out of their life savings, but they wouldn’t return it.

    They wouldn’t pay their Police Scotland Bill from their annual conference.

    Their Lord Raynard was accused of being a groper by female party workers, but as he contributes hard cash-forget it.

    Carmichael wasted £1,000,000 on a public inquiry into his slanderous story regarding our duly elected First Minister.
    This was sanctioned by the Lib Dems.

    For me its easy to see why the Liberals have never had a majority for over 100 years! It looks like they are another
    100 years away from any future possibility of having one.

    I wouldn’t touch this lot with a barge pole.

  105. ScottishPsyche says:

    Is there parliamentary privilege in the Scottish parliament with regard to what is defamatory and can be said about a member of the public by an elected official?

  106. John says:

    I was listening and I was cheering you on !

  107. Davo says:

    Nice catch Rev. I heard him on GMS earlier when he said the SG White Paper was “Repetitive, er, repetitive and boring”.

    Using the word repetitive twice is not repetitive, according to WR. Makes as much sense as his stance on indyref2.

  108. Artyhetty says:

    I am sure they knew it was Stuart and so Kaye was on her best behaviour! 🙂

    Rennie is just on repeat, (!) like his yoon pals in the liebour party and his closest and bestest pals the tories. I lost the will after a few seconds of his muttering. Mind he seemed to have been taking a few lessons in blabbing his lies with a patronising tone and his deliberate, pauses, so, he sounded, all authoritative, but, it, didn’t, work, Willie.

    ‘What you’ve got to ask yourself Stuart’, ha ha, a classic! No Willie, what you’ve go to ask yourself is er, why you are saying that Scotland should put up and shut up, and be denied a democratic vote having been lied to massively in 2014, by the likes of you, while you keep your gravy train running nicely at the expense of us all? We all know why don’t we, and so do you.


    Absolutely correct on the unionists underhand collusion re the council elections, as plain as day they have planned this, almost a coup in a way, though legal! Barstewards who will get their just desserts one day, for sure.

  109. jake says:

    If you think Wullie’s answers didn’t answer the point you are wrong and if you think Wullie’s answers were inconsistent they weren’t. Wullie and the BBC have had now had time to get the story straight and are reporting it this way:
    So that’s all fine then isn’t it, all cleared up, all revised, explained and reported now with a much better answer than the actual answer given by Wullie himself. As a public service broadcaster you see it’s their DUTY to clear up these little matters for the voting public.

  110. Wullie B says:

    Hey Stu, you gone and upset wee Kez, do you not know she has soft fluffy feelings

  111. Graf Midgehunter says:

    It’s gone quiet on the Rev’s twitter, that can only mean he’s busy writing a new thread which will probably star Scotlands famous Kezia.

    What a day..!

    Willie hounded and now Kez completely losing it at FMQs.

    WOS broadcast loud and clear, publicity on prime-time TV with no chance of removing the deed from the Parliament archives..!

    🙂 🙂

  112. Thepnr says:

    Thanks Rev, good job and gave me a wee smile. Shame that you can’t get the same exposure as Dr Scott Arthur or Duncan Hothersall for example.

    They are activists for the Union yet seem to get more than their fair share of telly and radio time than their positions merit.

    Looking forward to FMQ’s to see Kezia frothing at the mouth over WoS on parliament tv catchup. Today has started brightly, long may it continue.

  113. Edward says:

    ScottishPsyche @ 12:40 pm

    According to the Scottish Parliament :

    4.44. The Presiding Officer issued guidance on the matter of parliamentary privilege in August 1999 and the text of his announcement can be found in Business Bulletin 38/1999 . It is strongly recommended that anyone seeking information on privilege in the Scottish Parliament read this guidance in full.

    4.45. In the Scottish Parliament, any “privilege” is conferred by or under the Scotland Act 1998.

    4.46. Section 41 of the Scotland Act 1998 provides that for the purposes of the law of defamation, any statement made in “proceedings of the Parliament” (which includes proceedings in the committees) and the publication under the authority of the Parliament of any statement is absolutely privileged. This means that such statements cannot form the basis of an action of defamation. “Statement” in this context means “words, pictures, visual images, gestures or any other method of signifying meaning”. Accordingly, this protection applies to any statements made in public or private meetings of a committee and any committee reports, including written evidence published in or as an annex to a committee report.

    4.47. It is, however, important to note that the protection applies only to statements made in the proceedings of the Parliament and publications under the authority of the Parliament. The effect of this is that privilege does not attach to statements made when a member is undertaking any activities such as a fact-finding trip or a case study visit which is not a committee meeting convened under Standing Orders. It also means that any written material published on a committee’s webpage, such as written evidence, which is not published as a committee report under the authority of the Parliament, is not covered by privilege.

    4.48. It is also important to note that the protection provided by section 41 relates only to the law of defamation. It does not shield members from the operation of the law in relation to other matters, for example incitement to racial hatred.

  114. K1 says:

    Anyone procured a link for FMQ’s yet? 🙂

  115. Bob p says:

    Agree with scottie dog 11.29am. Another referendum no vote,which will more than likely be rigged again, will see the end of independence referendums and more likely holyrood.

  116. Thepnr says:

    @Richard Duncan

    Hi YESGUY, nice to see you posting again. I hope that the result of the next Independence referendum will help ease your pain

  117. Ian says:

    Back in 1974 the Liberals sought to increase their voter base by using the slogan ‘One more heave’.

    Seems that it’s no longer just a slogan.

  118. Bob p says:

    Richard Duncan 11.49.precisely why the media brainwash us against the health benefits of cannabis,which kills cancer cells . Big pharma would lose trillions.

  119. donald anderson says:

    Ah heard it oan the car wireless, but ah didnae recognise yer face. Ah thoaght it wuz a liberty that that wumman cut ye aff and tried to protect her wee Wullie Unionist pal.

  120. Anne says:

    I live in NE Fife and have already received several missives from the LD’s about the election. Today’s arrived by post in a plain white envelope, addressed to us by name, and with large letters on the cover ‘Important information about your postal vote’. (We are registered for postal votes being away for work quite often). It was only when I opened the letter that I confirmed my suspicions that it was the usual LD propaganda. It was clearly designed to be deceptive. Anyway, I will take advantage of the return envelope to note my discontent about LD hypocrisy on referenda

  121. Martin says:

    Well, he’s certainly killed any Lib Dem hope in Scotland there. Fair enough he gave an answer, but a total farce of an answer it was. Basically “We want the people to decide unless they want independence for Scotland, in which case we want their voice denied”

  122. cearc says:

    Willie doesn’t seem to get that, it isn’t Indy on top of Brexit, it is Indy instead of brexit.

    Be independent with all the existing worldwide trade deals that we have at present (status quo)or rely on Boris to try to flog whisky in a temple for us.


    Pretty smart predictive text really, it saw who you were writing about!

  123. Thepnr says:

    Wings over Scotland has everything including a good bit of humour alongside the more serious stuff. That’s why it is so hated by both the media and Unionist politicians.

    We’ll have the last laugh though, look at the state of their floundering. The’ve thrown everything they have at us Independence supporters and it’s not working. They have next to nothing left as more and more see the liars for what they are.

    The propaganda is beginning to fail and that much is obvious now. Hence the panic and frantic cry for “no more referendums”.

    When it comes time to vote they will lose, smell the fear.

  124. call me dave says:

    Public consent? Whot mean?
    Big Auntie web page news:

    A second independence referendum will not be held unless there is “public consent” for it to happen, the Conservative election manifesto has said.

    It also pledges there will be no vote on the issue “until the Brexit process has played out”.

    The manifesto has been launched by Theresa May at an event in Halifax.
    I vote YES!
    Section 30 already approved by Holyrood. Naw!

    Maybe more than 30 Scottish MPs returned will do it then! Naw!

    Back in the box Scotland.

    Seems like SNP /Labour in Fife is an item.

  125. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    Bloody Hell is this true about Kezia at FMQs!!!!

    Can’t wait to watch it when I get home.

    Maybe Ian Smart was right and she really is an SNP Plant 🙂

    No publicity is bad publicity Rev.

    How did Toodleoo the Nooo try to cover her comments??

  126. Bob Mack says:

    This in addition to Kezia meltdown at FMQ’s over Wings ,proves we are getting to them. Keep up the good work Rev.

  127. heedtracker says:

    What’s got these dorks in a tizzy today? free speech and democracy only works one yoon way clearly.

    John Ruddy?
    Replying to @KenHarvey00 @dhothersall and 3 others
    She could have said “I totally condemn him and I will tell my MPs not to follow or retweet him – will you do the same?” – but no.

    Duncan Hothersall ?? @dhothersall 2h2 hours ago

    Really disappointing from @NicolaSturgeon. There should be cross-party disgust at Wings. Instead she sounds like she’s excusing him. #FMQs

  128. Mike says:

    When the Tories win the GE in June Scotland will no longer have a Democratic peaceful path available to gain our Independence.
    That’s what the Tory manifesto commitment means.

  129. Mike says:

    Funnily enough we are still waiting for the BBC or any other media source to challenge anything in the Tory manifesto.
    All the BBC is doing is highlighting and promoting its contents.

    It took the media all of 2 minutes to launch a concerted attack on the Labour party manifesto.

    BBC is officially campaigning for the Conservative Government. That’s a State broadcaster right there.

  130. Jack Murphy says:

    TODAY. Scottish Parliament TV YouTube Page.
    Archived VIDEO may be viewed here:

  131. heedtracker says:

    Cant be any clearer from Mayhem. But we did vote NO, this is what happens when you agree to let another country yours.

    Proud Scot buts must be so proud today.

  132. Dr Jim says:

    Wings over Scotland an abusive site?

    I think not, Naay I know it’s not, comedic yes, insulting? from time to time yes, divisive? Yes, but that’s the nature of Social Media ordinary folk expressing views, we’re not politicians so aren’t constrained by the rules of Parliament

    The FM was 100% correct in her analysis of Kezias smokescreen childish attempt to deflect from her own ineptitude regarding her own circumstances

    In referring to Stuart Campbell directly Miss Dugdale has just demonstrated what we in Scotland commonly refer to as Losin the heid and in her own inimitable fashion just gave Wings over Scotland an increase in readership which will demonstrate to any new readers that us lot certainly are not a shower of abusive bambpots

  133. Finnz says:

    First Call Kaye, then FMQs.

    It’ll be the United Nations next for the Rev…

  134. Another Union Dividend says:

    Notably, BBC Scotland lunchtime TV news bulletin stated that you had “demanded” thousands of pounds from Kezia implying you are an extortionist rather than suing for defamation.

    I reckon the whole stunt was Alan Roden’s idea as he can’t traduce Neil Hay’s reputation this time round.

    Look out for Daily Mail coverage featuring Ian Murray tomorrow.

    Noticed Edinburgh Evening News giving Ian Murray a party political column to-day.

    We shall see how “neutral” they will be over the next few days if SNP’s Jim Eadie doesn’t get similar coverage.

    Remind us how many Tory councillors and would-be MPs have posted racist online comments recently not to mention a Tory supporting fishing industry leader.

  135. Robert Graham says:

    I think all this clinging to this Union whatever the consequences has been the inability of a lot of scots to recognise we are a country , we have all the requirements of a nation state .so why the disconnect , why the confusion .
    I believe it goes back to our education system it wasnt by accident we in the fifties knew more about the battle of hastings etc , than we did about our own country , this was a definite move to suppress any sense of who we were and our heritage , and it didn’t just happen ,
    This union and the ones behind it have been at it for a lot longer than any of us ,
    Every move is thought out beforehand , the outcome is not always obvious , just like a three dimensional game of chess this lot are not stupid , even if the Pawns they use appear to be . Just like this fool wullie , a useful idiot being used .

  136. Capella says:

    What a fascinating turn of events. Stu will be addressing Kezia’s comments soon – but warns everyone against repeating her comments.

    When he said this would be a boring year, I think he was lulling Unionists into a false sense of security. I don’t remember a more turbulent series of political events. Social media are obviously playing a huge part.

  137. nodrog says:

    Stuart I hope you will extract Kezia’s performance from the FMQ video and make a nice thread of it for us all to cry over. Cry laughing that is.

  138. Dan Huil says:

    A bafta for Wings!

  139. Wee Alex says:

    A second independence referendum will not be held unless there is “public consent” for it to happen, the Conservative election manifesto has said.


    What that means is –

    “Lets have a referendum to decided whether or not to have a referendum”.

    But of course they will argue, what we (the Tories) mean is you need 50% at this general election!!!!


  140. Meg merrilees says:

    Just brilliant Stu – I loved the way that K ended up asking your question for you, with knobs on!!!

    A pity you admitted to it tho… you could have had 3 weeks of fun calling up with other questions.

    Hypocrisy exposed for all to see.

    As for Kezia – I’m definitely not homophobic and I have no idea where she gets that idea from.

    Might just e-mail her and let her know in no uncertain terms!

  141. K1 says:

    Thanks Jack, knew you’d be along soon wi the link 😉

    Rev’s about tae update us all ah think, but we must not, ah repeat not repeat anything about what Dugdale has said in relation to the ‘defamation’ case she is referring too…else we could get intae trouble too.

  142. Clootie says:

    …it is Willie Rennie speaking. Why would you expect logic?

  143. K1 says:

    Snap…Capella 😉

  144. Wullie B says:

    All about a certain tweet

  145. Robert Peffers says:

    @Wullie B says: 18 May, 2017 at 1:02 pm:

    “Hey Stu, you gone and upset wee Kez, do you not know she has soft fluffy feelings.

    Perhaps you confuse soft and fluffy brains with soft and fluffy feelings, Wullie B.

  146. Robert Louis says:

    Heedtracker at 207pm,

    Their is of course no mechanism whatsoever for Theresa May to block a referendum, aside from sending in troops – and that worked well in Ireland. Blocking section 30 does not block a referendum. The brexit referendum was only ‘advisory’, and look where we are now.

    However, just think about the very idea of blocking a democratic vote in a so-called democracy. Imagine if Putin said he would do likewise in The Ukraine? It is deranged behaviour by out of control Tories.

    Seriously, it is just hubris. A classic case of Westminster asserting they have certain ‘powers’ which actually do not exist. Part of the fault lies with the media, since for the last referendum they kept referring to section 30 as ‘permission’, which it wasn’t.

  147. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    Thank you, Stu. Another good wee chip away at the nonsense. Rennie is a dolt defending an indefensible position, even Kaye could see that.

    The best he can do is weakly allege that Nicola has “gone soft” on the EU – an outright lie – whereas his own party in England, from Farron on down, have themselves noticeably softened their EU stance of late, and are now in effect only talking about a soft Brexit (though they never call it that by name). Which is what the money people like Gina Miller want, so it can be “business as usual”, for them at least.

    People like Rennie seem to have a phobia about independence – it’s more than a rational concern – and it’s driving them to ever more ludicrous idiocies. But Labour and the Tories at least manage to make their lurch to Brexit appear self-consistent, so Wee Willie is the clear frontrunner in the absurdity stakes.

    If there was a “Sale of Goods Act” that applied to politics, his party would have to rename itself the Hypocritical Anti-Democrats (HAD). Correction, the Lying Hypocritical Anti-democrats.

  148. Wullie B says:

    Robert Peffers says:
    18 May, 2017 at 2:23 pm

    @Wullie B says: 18 May, 2017 at 1:02 pm:

    “Hey Stu, you gone and upset wee Kez, do you not know she has soft fluffy feelings.

    Perhaps you confuse soft and fluffy brains with soft and fluffy feelings, Wullie B.

    Ach dammit, maybe thats what it is, but apparently it offended Wee Dunc Hothersall as well as it meant gay folk cant be parents, apparently this is what he makes of all the whooha, think he has soft and fluffy feelings

  149. Swami Backverandah says:

    I’m with the First Minister.
    I condemn homophobic, racist, sexist bigotry.

    What was that again about Tory/Labour coalition setting the Austerity meter to turbo-charge.
    it’s happening in Dundee, you say.

    Labour councillors have shrugged their BetterTogether ‘broad shoulders’ at Kezia Dugdale’s protestations, and she’s flung what she mistook for a dead cat that’s turned round and bitten her. Ouch. That’s gotta sting.

  150. Robert Peffers says:

    @Bob p says: 18 May, 2017 at 1:19 pm:

    “Agree with scottie dog 11.29am. Another referendum no vote,which will more than likely be rigged again, will see the end of independence referendums and more likely Holyrood.”

    Nah! Bob p, nothing in this World except total genocide is going to stop Scottish independence.

    “On résiste à l’invasion des armées; on ne résiste pas à l’invasion des idées. Literal translations:”

    “One resists the invasion of armies; one does not resist the invasion of ideas.”

    As written by Victor Hugo.

  151. Robert Louis says:

    The comment, which Kezia referred to in her first question in FMQ’s is NOT homophobic. Even when this story popped up on a UK gay news website a while back, most commenters agreed it is not homophobic. I am gay, and so far as I am concerned it was not homophobic.

    If you are not able to fully comprehend subtle and rather sophisticated use of the English language, then the first instinct is to think it was homophobic, but it wasn’t. Not on any level. If it had been, I’d have been shouting at the REV too.

    And yes, before anybody jumps in, I am being careful in my choice of what I say due to what is on REV’s twitter feed right now.

  152. Proud Cybernat says:

    “Really disappointing from @NicolaSturgeon. There should be cross-party disgust at Wings. Instead she sounds like she’s excusing him.”

    “him”? Does Kez think WoS is written by ONE person only?

    Wings Contributors:

  153. Capella says:

    @ K1 – yes. It is likely that Unionists will be scrutinising this blog today hoping to garner evidence of homophobia. Let’s disappoint them as usual. 🙂

  154. Dr Jim says:

    Theresa May says no referendum until public consent

    How do you get public consent then? A youguv poll? are we running the country by polls now because if we are we don’t need a government at all then

    Would it be a referendum about having a referendum, a sort of Willie Rennie referendum, or does Theresa May mean English public consent

    Anyway she’s talking mince and the United Nations charter says so, or is she going to defy that as well, if so she’s as mental as Dugdale

    And we know where Dugdale’s about to end up

  155. Jack Murphy says:

    Here is the direct Archived link to Scottish Parliament TV.
    Chamber. TODAY. First Minister’s Questions:

  156. Wullie B says:

    Robert Louis can you follow the link I am posting as Dunc Hotherstal is decrying it as homophobic

  157. Meg merrilees says:

    Thanks for the you tube link to FMQ’s.

    Nicola is brilliant week in , week out – pity none of the others match up to her standards and ethics.

    Notice tRuthless didn’t dare go near the constitution today!

  158. Desimond says:

    Some good news in Tory Manifesto!

    Using the “United Kingdom’s muscle” to promote Scottish exports around the world

    So does that mean they will only charge Scots Industry 99% of current fees for using an Embassy for Trade Functions then?

  159. schrodingers cat says:

    re thetory manifesto on indyref2,

    this election will change nothing, we willstill have a mandate for indyref2 on june the 9th

    support for yes and the snp is about 47%

    the uk is about to hit the brexit buffers, look into the future, 6-12 months, and ask yourself if you can see anything but troubled waters ahead for the uk? i cant.

    nicola just needs to bide her time and at a moment of her chosing, ie when support for yes is consistently 50%+, she dissolves holyrood and we have an independence election. sorted

    if the tories can use elections as a judge for support for independence………so can we

  160. Bill McLean says:

    Conservative manifesto: “The Scottish referendum cannot take place until Brexit process is played out” – that’s it then!
    We hold a referendum once “Brexit is played out” – no matter the result we are told to get stuffed – this is the British we are dealing with remember! Who do we appeal to for help? The EU will have no influence any more and UK is a founder member of the UN Security Council. So let’s just sit and discuss the niceties with each other and reflect on how democratic and polite we are and we have the best NHS etc. Get’s us absolutely nowhere. Why will nobody tell me why we can’t just walk away from the Treaty of Union? And how long do you think it will take the dictatorship to close Holyrood?

  161. Robert Louis says:

    Wullie B,

    I think Dunc talks nonsense, and does not speak on behalf of gay people. Most people I know agree it was not homophobic. I have no time for homophobia on any level, as people will have seen on here previously. The comment was not homophobic.

    Making silly tenuous and contrived arguments to try to make the comment homophobic, does not help gay rights one little bit. Let’s just consider, in Indonesia, just yesterday, two gay men were sentenced to public floggings of 85 lashes (it is done using a thick wooden truncheon, and leaves people with long term physical injuries and debilitation) each (which is truly barbaric), just for being gay. That is what gay people are angry about, not some silly contrived nonsense about a tweet, which never was homophobic in the first place.

    And I say that as a gay person who grew up when it was still illegal in Scotland.

  162. schrodingers cat says:

    Swami Backverandah says:
    she’s flung what she mistook for a dead cat that’s turned round and bitten her.


    sh1t happens swami 🙂

  163. gordoz says:

    Hey – wait a minute…

    Somethin’ tells me ol’ Clown Shoes McDugdoh! has just unknowingly funded Phantom Power films et al, to the sum of £10,000 ?

    (Or a Saddam Hussein style palatial bathroom upgrade at Castle Wingsentstien / Bath) dependent on whether you read MSM or not.

  164. heedtracker says:

    Jack Murphy says:
    18 May, 2017 at 2:06 pm
    TODAY. Scottish Parliament TV YouTube Page.

    Thank’s for the link. So Aberdeen City Council collapses into SLabour chaos, SLab leader makes an even bigger mess of it all.

    SLab leader Dugdale goes after a politics blog next day in Holyrood FMQ’s.

    What a bunch.

  165. Meg merrilees says:

    Love the fact that Sandra White is wearing a ‘Keffiyeh’ scarf in Holyrood today when the Israeli representative (ambassador?) is on an official visit.

  166. CameronB Brodie says:

    So the thrust of the Tory manifesto is to reject the principle of universal human rights. Rather an odd strategy but I suppose anything might fly when you’re pimped by the state broadcaster. One might even be able to gain public agreement to leave the world’s largest trading block without previously sourcing alternative trade deals.

    Heidegger thought English Christian Bolsheviks the greatest single threat to human dignity. I wonder what he thought of the BBC?

    Marxist Trots and British nationalist both rely on meta-ethical moral relativism as their core moral guide. They are simultaneously shameless and blameless.

  167. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    schrodingers cat @ 14:48,

    Yes, you would think that whatever the result in June will be, the Tories never-ever-endum Mk.2 will deliver exactly the same answer as the Mk.1 just past: YOU LOST! (And by a country mile.)

    The result should be thrown in their faces afterwards too – no more of this outrageous Tory spinathon “we gained a seat or two so we won, really, we did” bollocks in the media.

  168. heraldnomore says:

    What an utter waste of parliamentary time and the opportunity to ‘hold the government to account’; three questions we give her and she does that!

    And she does it on the one day I go and do something else over Thursday lunchtime. So thanks for the quick posting of the footage.

    Meanwhile it’s not just Aberdeen councillors, it’s happening in SLC too, with at least one Slab councillor jumping ship to be independent before she is pushed, presumably to vote with the tories and to try to deny an SNP administration. Step forward Margaret Cooper.

    The FM called it correctly, a smokescreen. Have her Stuey, take her all the way.

  169. schrodingers cat says:

    Robert J. Sutherland

    agreed, this is exactly what the tories will say on june the 9th, however, they make a mistake tying their arguments to election results, since any future election in scotland will trump june the 8th result.

    treeza said “no the now” but nicola never asked for indyref2 the now, why would she? 47% support for snp and yes will win us a honkingly big majority of the seats in a GE but wont win indyref2. nicola is asking for indyref2 once the result of brexit is known.

    we start from a position of 47%, at a time when the fall out from brexit and tory policies are about to render the uk the weakest it has ever been, i believe support for yes is now directly linked to these issues. i see no good news for the unionists in the next 12 months, even the bbc cant hide 1mn job loses in the car industry on page 9.

    so let the tories trumpet their threadbare gains from labour on june the 9th, let them use the result of the ge to argue against independence. but at a moment of our choosing, ie when support for YES is consistently 50%+, which i believe it will be, very soon, they either grant the section 30 for indyref2 or we will hold an indyholyrood election. they cant stop us doing that and what will they then say if the snp get 55% of the vote on a manifesto stating that 50%+ will precipitate a democratic declaration of scottish independence?

  170. manandboy says:

    Well done, Stu, a really smooth performance versus LibDem Willie. But then you’re in a completely different league from the likes of Willie Rennie. Credit too for using ‘Bathgate’, you certainly fooled them. Well done!

  171. admiral says:

    Desimond says:

    18 May, 2017 at 2:46 pm

    Some good news in Tory Manifesto!

    Using the “United Kingdom’s muscle” to promote Scottish exports around the world

    Ahem, shouldn’t they be doing that already, considering us Scottish taxpayers finance them to do it through our taxes?

  172. dakk says:

    When Dirty Wullie eventually makes it to the H o L he will be in his natural habitat alongside hundreds of other pish stained British Nationalist paracites.

    Probably destined for this since he was named as a babe in arms.

  173. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    schrodingers cat,

    Yes, I agree. The Tories are desperately hoping that their “rally to the flag” act, together with absurd megaphone claims to have “won” in Scotland, will take the steam out of the campaign for indy. It doesn’t seem to be working, though.

    Rallying Loyalist nutters that they had in their pockets anyway was actually a mis-step, since sensible people are positively repelled by these bigots.

    Once the diversionary UKGE is out of the way, there’s not only the delayed EU negotiations, there’s also the Great Repeal Bill. When people see what’s in that Unionist monster, there will be hell to pay.

    It’s hard to have to endure all this “wading through treacle”. But I do believe we are getting there.

    (I like the new addition to the Phantom Power’s “No to Yes” video series, BTW. This is a very inspiring initiative, and can reach people that at least initially we here can’t.)

  174. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    Is the Tory position that we should have a referendum to establish whether we can have a referendum?

    This is infantile idiocy.

  175. Albaman says:

    Don’t normally listen to “Call Kay”, she over talks, and talks, so when I heard Wullie was on, I kept the ipad on Radio Scotland, whiles doing my daily chores, you’ve got a distinctive voice Stew, and the Bathgate did not throw me, I genuinely thought, you were up for a few days.
    As others have pointed out, you were not deflected by Wullie, and I bet towards the end he was wishing he was behind the wheel of the Kelty to Cowdenbeath bus !, later, still using my Ipad ,
    (See I’m high tech !), I tuned into F.M.Q.s, and when Kezia turn came !!!!!,
    It’s been some day for you Stew.

  176. W. Habib Steele says:

    I’m amazed that Stu was allowed to ask his question uninterrupted. If it had been any other BBC host, he would not have been alloowed to finish putting his question.

    An excellent example of telling the truth and nothing but the truth, but not the whole truth. An ethical subterfuge.

  177. Gui Acier says:

    I’m amazed that Stu was allowed to ask his question uninterrupted. If it had been any other BBC host, he would not have been alloowed to finish putting his question.

    An excellent example of telling the truth and nothing but the truth, but not the whole truth. An ethical subterfuge.

  178. Ealasaid says:

    Am I the only person who wonders if Nicola Sturgeon spoke to anyone else in the United Nations when she visited there earlier this year? Could she have checked about suitable mandates or other issues relating to a second Independence referendum?

    She had a good trip to the USA and looked very happy and relaxed when she returned.

  179. louis.b.argyll says:

    Free Scotland says: There was Watergate, there was DianaGate, and now, the latest scandal to hit BBC Scotland – BathGate.

    I’ll get your coat for you..
    Fine work by the Rev. Nice to hear your voice Stu, you should look into a.. Oh wait, it’s ‘punditry’ that’s the problem, the endless opinion and fact avoidance.

  180. Brian MacLeod says:

    Rennie’s position is clear.

    He supports democracy for the Brits. They have the right to express a change of mind on the EU referendum.

    He opposes democracy for the Scots. They have no right to another referendum.

    “Scottish” LibDems, doing a great job of protecting England’s interests in Scotland.

  181. Ian McCubbin says:

    Well done Stewart you have exposed Lib Dems and Willie Rennie with their differential policy on Brexit. A second referendum on Europe is fine in a UK. But not a second referendum on independence for Scotland.
    Only the UK in whole is where Lib Dems let the people decide. They aren’t a democrat party, only a straight unionist party.
    Well done for exposing hypocrisy.

  182. Galen Milne says:

    WR was consistent in his opposition to Brexit and so-called Scottish independence. People were handed as many copies of that 600+ page tome/SNP manifesto called Scotlands Future paid by the tax payers that “spelt out the nationalists vision of an Independent Scotland and Scots rejected it. The side of a RED bus proclaiming extra monies available for NHS was what people believed they were voting for but that RED bus is long now parked up a blind alley never to be seen again – so for that reason alone then everyone needs a chance to reconsider the outcome again. If the outcome is a hard Brexit or if no agreement is reached then even you deserve a second chance as Article 50 allows for it, its written in. Indeed you might love it after all said and done. Once the impact of Brexit is recognised as fact rather than pure speculation than and only then can you take a side swipe at WR.

  183. louis.b.argyll says:

    You can hear the bleeding-obvious contradiction rattling around inside his head..then..(a Pause) ‘NO’.

    If you trap a Lib Dem inside their own unhelpful existence, they speak with a flat hatred clearly despising the process of democracy.

    Amateur Tories the lot of them.

  184. Les Wilson says:

    Rennie is another one to go, after Indy, he is attempting to keep his job.Indeed all Yoon politicians in Scotland will be holding the same view, However he and the others are willing to let Scotland suffer for it, tough luck wee man,tough luck Yoons, you will be out on your erse!

    Kudos Stu.

  185. Les Wilson says:

    Anyone with a link to Indycar Gordon Ross latest video.
    Facebook or youtube both out of date.

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