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Leave The Kids Alone

Posted on February 28, 2023 by

Last month Wings broke a story about a “survey” being conducted by dozens of primary schools in the Aberdeen area in which children as young as nine were being asked about their sexual orientation and “gender identity”.

After we revealed it and national press picked up the story, the survey was swiftly pulled by the city council, but it’s only one example of primary children across Scotland (and elsewhere) being indoctrinated with the concept of gender ideology.

So in our latest Panelbase poll we thought we’d ask what voters thought about it.

The results were somewhat unsurprising.

By enormous margins, voters across all parties were horrified. Just one in 11 voters thought it was appropriate for primary pupils to be asked about their sexual orientation and gender identity, with smaller numbers thinking one or the other was fine, and almost 70% opposed to both questions, including the vast majority of SNP voters.

There was the now-traditional age gap, but even among the youngest demographic opposition was overwhelming. Of the 16-34 group (some of whom are of course still at school themselves), a total of 29% thought it was okay to ask about gender identity and 24% approved of pre-pubescent children being asked whether they were gay or straight, but around twice as many disapproved of both questions.

We’d love to believe numbers like this would put a stop to such practices – recognised for decades as huge safeguarding dangers – rather than just seeing them hastily pushed underground and hiding them from parents (while being waved away by the Scottish Government as “nothing to do with us, guv”), but sadly that no longer seems to be the way Scotland works.

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0 to “Leave The Kids Alone”

  1. Eddie Munster says:

    (strangely sent to junk folder)

  2. Ian McCubbin says:

    I worked as a Guidance Principal Teacher and Support in two secondary schools.
    Even at theid ages 12 to 14 many children only thought about being children. Gender was male or female. Any and it was 0.5 % who felt some other sense of self were watched and kept safe.
    This type of survey would cause distress and confusion .
    So to see this being used in primaries is a breach of safe guarding.
    Let’s hope it is the beginning of ghd end of GRR.

  3. Vivian O’Blivion says:

    I suspect you’d receive a very different response from Green Party voters. But that’d require a much, much bigger sample size to validate.

  4. Graeme George says:

    I notice they call it a ”Health & Wellbeing Survey” there is nothing healthy about asking a 9 year their sexual orientation or gender identity it’s frankly fucking sick, for god sake why can’t they leave the kids alone and let them be kids

  5. Geoff Anderson says:

    Who is the controlling mind?
    Someone is directing this action.
    Why are so many implementing it without challenge?

  6. Lorna Campbell says:

    The Isle of Man council has just pulled sex education from its schools curriculum after a visit by a man larping as a woman who told the youngsters about different ways of having sex and about operations to ‘change gender’, and that there were in excess of fifty ‘genders’. This was during a drag queen story thing. The teachers allowed it, had even invited this man, but the older pupils went home and told their parents, who went ballistic. They were not objecting to sex education per se, but to the promotion of the ‘trans’ ideology. Leave our children alone! Leave women alone! ‘Trans’ men, stay out of men’s spaces. They are as entitled to those as women are to theirs, and children need to be left in peace to grow up without this bilge.

  7. andrew says:

    Anyone in authority asking these questions should be viewed as a potential pervert.

    It’s just not on to be adding to the confusion of adolescent years in this way, and as for prepubscents: if someone asked them their orientation in any normal context the police should be notified, and I don’t see this as any different tbh.

  8. Bob Mack says:

    Is this the Shine survey created by Univ of Glasgow and St Andrews? If so the Scottish government and NHS are part of it ,as well as Education Scotland.

    I wonder who in those dept would want to know the “sexuality” of primary / year one pupils?

    No prize for guessing who in each dept.

  9. Sean says:

    My daughters school (Falkirk area) has put out a communication just last week following some social media posts being shared in the local community.

    The school has sent parents an email with links to various websites, resources and documents that they say are only used in classrooms.

    Would like to share so others can also review the vast amount of content, materials and links.

    Lets just say that upon seeing some of the associated orgs listed for high school level i am already worried as RCS is listed.

  10. Astonished says:

    ‘Grooming’ remains a crime.

    What are police Scotland doing about this ? I demand an investigation.

    And, I expect charges to follow.

    At the very least you need, as a matter of urgency, to check the hard drives of those responsible.

  11. Livionian says:

    This needs to stop. Drag queen story telling needs to stop. Gender ideology needs to stop. Nobody sane is calling for this in Scotland’s schools and those pushing it are on the wrong side of history.

  12. stonefree says:

    oddly a year ago ago a lady raised a petition regarding behavior at Dreghorn Primary School, the local trash rags never covered it,as the council trash bin keep them up to date in all things good from the SNP.
    Dreghorn Primary Ring a bell does it ????, the Record did have the complaint listed for about 5 minutes Full compliment of Female SNP Councillors engaged keeping it quite, well they were busy in stifling Patricia Gibson groping the help
    The writer to the local paper , are at best dire ,Hell knows where NewsQuest gets them

  13. David Hannah says:

    Gender identity has nothing to do with being gay, lesbian or bisexual.

    Gender ideology is embarrassing to us all.

    Stop forcing it down our throats and asking for preferential treatment, forced pronoun use and bathrooms.

    Seriously, what a thing to aspire to. I neither identify as male or female. And the world looks at you and rolls your eyes. It couldn’t be more boring if it tried.

    Hopefully if Ash Regan takes over she can tear up John Swinney and Shirley Anne Somervilles creepy schools sex survey.

    Let John Swinney explain with his peanut butter and banana.

  14. Heaver says:

    It’s child abuse to be asking such questions.

  15. ross says:

    i remember being asked some questions in secondary school about some social issues (i think this has been the norm for years) but primary is really odd and creepy. what’s it all about?

  16. David Hannah says:

    Mhairi Black has flow job reading out stories in her constituency to the kids.

    Remember that?

    Drag queen story our brought into the classroom by the SNP.

  17. robertkknight says:

    What a crock!

  18. Breeks says:

    It feels like the proverbial creep in the dirty raincoat hanging around kiddies playgrounds and schools has now made his way inside the classroom.

    How in the name of god has this been allowed to happen?

    Furthermore, is the current “crop” of gender fluid numpties and spoiled brat loonies responsible for instigating these cringeworthy circumstances? Or are they already a lost generation of victims, damaged by a clandestine insurrection of morality which has been ongoing for some time, but has erstwhile flown under the Radar?

    Some of them seem like nice, considerate young people who’ve sadly been sold the most awful and regressive indoctrination, masquerading as something progressive and liberal.

    I feel a dread and foreboding that kids are going to be damaged by this, mutilate their bodies irreversibly, but the damage to their minds and self esteem may not be visible or apparent for years.

  19. Robert Christie says:

    As someone who spent an entire working lifetime in Education ( Secondary ), I am absolutely APPALLED by the way things seem to be going in Scotland with all this ” gender ” nonsense. I will NEVER accept that there are more than two genders / sexes but I do appreciate that there are those who wish to change from one into the other, a right which I believe to be inalienable.

  20. Mark Boyle says:

    Geoff Anderson says:
    28 February, 2023 at 1:24 pm

    Yet again it was me who told Guido and the Gang, yet again (at 12 to 3 yesterday), yet again they couldn’t be bothered saying thanks. Ho hum.

    At least The Scotsman had the good manners to do so, even though they have (as of yet) not used it.

  21. Republicofscotland says:

    Why are drag queens even in children’s schools? they’ve no place being in them.

    This has to stop.

    “Sex education has been halted in Isle of Man schools after a drag queen told 11-year-olds that there are 73 genders.
    When one pupil said “there’s only two”, the drag queen made the child leave the class.

    Children were also taught about oral and anal sex.”

  22. Ottomanboi says:

    Gender, outside the precise usage in linguistics, means just what the user wishes it to mean, usually something very rogue indeed.
    The copious English synonyms for rogue just about covers the field.

  23. Beauvais says:

    If this vogue of asking kids about gender and sexual orientation had been around twenty or thirty years ago then Jimmy Savile would have no doubt quietly approved of it.

  24. Ottomanboi says:

    The very same mentality that confects surveys of the sort, bowderlizes literature, text books and history in order protect people from «hurt».
    Trigger Warning «We are keeping you safe».

  25. John C says:

    What Queer Theorists have done is use sex education as a trojan horse to sneak in their views into schools. Few people really (barring religious extremists and the easily offended) have much of an issue with age-appropriate sex education, not to mention teaching kids about consent, especially in a digital context where porn is doing that job when parents and teachers don’t do their jobs properly.

    There is however a world of difference between teaching healthy relationships and sex education to teaching kids there’s ’73 genders’ and teaching very young children about anal sex, blow jobs and BDSM.

    There’s also no such thing as a ‘trans child’. Children can be straight, gay or bi though they might not have the capacity to understand this but it’s the job of parents and teachers to help them just do that. That’s fine and natural. Introducing sexualised drag queens and queer theory into young minds is for one purpose alone, which is grooming them into their cult. A sideline is of course making kids available for what is basically abuse, and sadly we’ve seen far too many examples of such abuse happening as safeguarding is broken down.

    ‘Trans children’ only exist when a child has been groomed,be it in public via a teacher or online. Anyone pushing that idea, or trying to teach children are inappropriate sex education is a risk & should be kept as far away from teaching kids as you can get. Queer ideology is about destroying barriers, which includes sexualising children and Drag Queen Story Hour or gender identity is one way this happens.

    Ask yourself why activists don’t push for fantastic positive representations of LGB people like engineers, lawyers, doctors, etc and instead push heavily sexualised caricatures of women into schools if it isn’t to groom kids as well as making the entire concept of what a women is something kids question?

  26. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Have teachers’ Unions nothing to say about this?

    Or have they too been ‘captured’?


  27. Mark Harper says:

    Something very sinister going on here, and it’s all throughout America and Europe

  28. Jane Does says:

    It used to be thought by professionals (GPs, police, teachers, therapist, social workers etc) that a Primary School child who showed a knowledge and interest is sex was being sexually abused or being groomed with a view to sexual abuse. Now the state is doing the grooming for paedophiles and other paraphiliacs. All these professionals collude with QT behind parents’ backs. Sexual perverts reading to tots in the city libraries. How have we got to this place?

  29. Ewano says:

    They are doing it in nurseries too. My 3 year old on a number of occasions came home from nursery in Aberdeen proclaiming he was a boy, not a girl, and repeating this. The conclusion I drew from this was that he was being repeatedly asked to assert his gender at nursery by the staff. The issue with this is that it plants in their heads that this is a thing to be questioned.

  30. Gregory Beekman says:

    I’ve come to the conclusion that gender is a myth, like what star sign you are.
    Neither says anything meaningful about you as an individual.
    It’s just made up nonsense, like believing in unicorns.

  31. Antoine Roqentin says:

    @Ian Brotherhood

    “Have teachers’ Unions nothing to say about this?

    Or have they too been ‘captured’?”

    It’s impossible to reach any conclusion other than: they too have been captured.

  32. Peter says:

    Kids are young goats – young humans are children!

  33. Calum says:

    I’m fairly shocked that as many as 9% think these questions are OK.

  34. lothianlad says:

    The sexualisation of children is disgusting!!
    All this on the SNPs watch! If anyone doubted the truly sick and perverted agenda of the SNP needs to see this.

    MI5 have done a number on splitting the indy movement and stalling independence through the careerist SNP!

    Time for a clear out of these perverts.

  35. Wee Chid says:

    Peter says:
    28 February, 2023 at 3:17 pm
    “Kids are young goats – young humans are children!”

    Not a Roger Waters fan then? Actually, in my neck of the woods they are weans or bairns – but, whatever, they should be left alone to be such and not force fed adult themes in classrooms.

  36. SusanAHF says:

    Ian Brotherhood, yes they have been captured. The EIS anyway if I remember correctly.
    Children really shouldn’t be exposed to this, especially the gender identity nonsense as it can have a devastating affect on them and they are so malleable at that age.

  37. James Barr Gardner says:

    The Protecting Vulnerable Groups (PVG) scheme is managed by Disclosure Scotland. It helps ensure people who are unsuitable to work with children and protected adults cannot do regulated work with these vulnerable groups.

    Teachers inviting folk into schools with no Disclosure Scotland to mix with children are leaving themselves wide open, actions have consequences.

  38. Colin Spalding says:

    Eddie Munster says:
    28 February, 2023 at 1:05 pm
    (strangely sent to junk folder)

    Yeah mine was also sent to junk???

  39. Big Jock says:

    Let the children play. Let them learn through play. Stop complicating their heads with this sinister sexualisation.

  40. ronald says:

    Mr Swinney’s step children will be exempted from these questions as they would be attending a catholic school . Swinny wouldn’t want to impose these questions on the catholic church .

  41. Ottomanboi says:

    From my research a good measure of this goes back to the 1968 generation of middle class «revolutionaries» in France and the pretentious intellectualism of the period. They were apparently against all laws restricting personal freedom in particular those regarding sexual activity which assumed the status of measure of all things «libre». Under the banner of sexual liberation, which included repeal of anti homosexual laws, was a demand for tolerance of sex with children. Daniel Cohn-Bendit, who was sometime leader of the EuroGreens, was a notable advocate of the latter.
    The degree to which these attitudes, wearing the mask of the pseudo science «sexology», are still active, particularly on the fringes of the the left and right, is highly suggestive of the malaise in the system and the survival in academia of that pretentious intellectualism that drives the Woke machine through «authentic» politics.

  42. gregor says:

    Scottish Opera (2022): An intergalactic adventure to save Planet Earth! The Last Aliens:

    “…They’re here! They’re here!
    The signs are there – we can’t ignore
    They’re orbiting – a strange new race
    All round the Earth, from outer space
    They’re here! They’re here…

    It’s not fake news – reality…”:

  43. Tommo says:

    James Barr Gardner says:
    28 February, 2023 at 3:36 pm
    ‘The Protecting Vulnerable Groups (PVG) scheme is managed by Disclosure Scotland. It helps ensure people who are unsuitable to work with children and protected adults cannot do regulated work with these vulnerable groups.’

    Would that include local/city authorities…..?

  44. Lorna Campbell says:

    Andrew: “… if someone asked them their orientation in any normal context the police should be notified, and I don’t see this as any different tbh… ”

    That is the intention – to make two sets of offenders. One set, non-‘trans’ who will be arrested and charged, and the other set, the ‘trans’ who are protected. Eventually, the idea is for the ‘trans’ set to flout the law so much that it becomes unworkable and falls. The destruction of prohibitive (protecting) laws in society is the main plank of Queer Theory.

    Once they are all down, everyone will be ‘free’ – except, you’d need a brain transplant if you believe that the predators of all kinds, shapes and sizes wouldn’t take advantage, lick their lips and go to town. The most vulnerable (the actual most vulnerable, not the ‘trans’ larpers) which will be children, women, animals, weaker males, gays and lesbians will all be fair game.

    On a different tack, in England, the ‘trans’ activists are already making any female assembly impossible by their intimidation while the police stand around watching. In fact, they are allowing known offenders access to women’s events. The politicians do nothing either. At least in Scotland, the police have come out of Stonewall Diversity and are being more protective and doing their job well.

    These people have had all their own way for far too long, and they are dangerous. I am way past believing that people support this stuff out of compassion for the “stunning and brave” who have no compassion whatsoever for anyone else. I am way past believing that this group is in any way vulnerable when they behave the way they do. I am way past believing that we can fix this without radical measures to disinfect the whole UK or it will just pop up again.

    I don’t mean unduly restrictive measures, but the law has to be enforced for all, and the chosen few cannot be allowed to dictate to the police and the legal system, the civil service, the local authorities, the NHS, the schools, any public institution or organisation, even if it is retrospectively enforced (albeit existing at the time and should have been enforced at the time).

  45. John C says:

    Teachers inviting folk into schools with no Disclosure Scotland to mix with children are leaving themselves wide open, actions have consequences.

    This is of course, completely deliberate as many of the people being invited in for say, Drag Queen Story Hour, wouldn’t pass disclosure.

    This isn’t because the SNP/Greens have been infiltrated by MI5 or anything as tinfoil hatted as that. This is because the independence movement was seen as a way for entryists, including a large number who believe in Queer Theory, as a way to gain power quickly (Scotland is a small pool and how our devolved parliament is set up means these people can sneak in sight unseen and exert power to the point where it’s too late to do anything) and enact that power to ensure their policies take priority over everything else.

    Scotland is in a mess right now. Its economy has been ruined by Brexit, the Tories and an increasingly incompetent SNP. We have the highest drug deaths in Europe. People queue in the street for food. We cannot house everyone. We’re failing the disabled, refugees, and the most vulnerable while inequality increases. Yet the SNP/Green coalition has done nothing to help any of this instead choosing to enable rapists, groomers and the worst in society to attack or abuse women, girls and boys who are being taught on one hand by the likes of Andrew Tate that women are just things to use and throw aside. While Queer Theorists tell them women are just things with ‘bonus holes’ that you can cosplay as because for them, women are to be not trusted and used.

    We’re seeing now the first wave of kids detransitioning who were transisted in the late 2000s, early 2010s and the numbers of course cases starting to pile up here, in the US and across Europe are increasing.There’s a giant medical scandal beginning to break into the mainstream (one of the reasons activists are becoming worse is because they realse the game is up for their lies) but the worst is yet to come in a decade or so when the kids now being groomed and mutilated hit their mid to late 20s and start to rebel against what was done to them by adults who they trusted and the life as a perfectly normal gay, lesbian, bi or autistic person (which the overwhelming majority of young people being transitioned are) has been lost to them.

    My only hope is that some of these people who are pushing this onto young people end up in prison, and that those supporting them like Owen Jones are ruined to the point of destitution.

  46. Dorothy Devine says:

    This really is disgustingly sick – I know a number of teachers who say they won’t touch this with a tarry pole BUT the parents need to be made aware of what is happening because the best action is parent power , the whole disgusting mess would be out of schools in a heartbeat.

    Schools are supposed to be in loco parentis – I doubt there are many parents prepared to discuss anal/ oral sex with their children and I don’t believe they would want anyone else doing it either. They might respond to the word grooming being used on their children , surely it is time this was BIG headline news -there must be some journalists somewhere whose children will be affected by this slime.

  47. Natal XY and proud says:

    Scotland is now run by a load of perverts and Westminster forced to step in to restore decency. A Unionist’s dream scenario. How and why has this come about?. We need to know. Deep shame on the Scottish Nonce Party (SNP)

  48. Den says:

    We are in a war for the hearts and minds of our children
    The SNP/Greens government has shown to be sympathetic to and infiltrated by sexual deviants in the various lobby groups. It’s time to strike back at the ballot box, start looking at the backgrounds of the candidates and what their values are. The Greens gave zero fucks about Indy until it realised it gave them the power and access to change the laws to suit them., if it all goes the other way they will jump ship to support union parties for a seat in cabinet The Greens are a wolf in sheep’s clothing a very dangerous one that ultimately cost Sturgeon her career.

  49. John C says:

    Schools are supposed to be in loco parentis – I doubt there are many parents prepared to discuss anal/ oral sex with their children and I don’t believe they would want anyone else doing it either.

    Parents should be though, at the right age of course otherwise what’ll happen in this day and age is if they don’t, then the online world will and that means either an Andrew Tate type or a Queer Theorist will and potentially they’ll be damaged mentally or physically (or both) for life.

    Yes, it will be awkward and embarrassing but better that than ending up in the hands of extemists.

  50. John C says:

    On a different tack, in England, the ‘trans’ activists are already making any female assembly impossible by their intimidation while the police stand around watching. In fact, they are allowing known offenders access to women’s events

    I went down to Posie Parker’s event in George Square, and overall Police Scotland did an amazing job ensuring the safety and the rights of both groups. However, at least one Trans protester should have been nicked for assault and several others should have been removed from the square as they were ensuring the Trans side was becoming more and more aggressive as the day wore on. I’ve also read of several women who were harassed after the event, and the pub they all went to had staff complain about them feeling ‘unsafe’ because they were women’s rights campaigners.

    I also know a few people in England who’ve went to these events and right now a few women have been assaulted, but something worse is coming if forces down there don’t get a grip on this. I hope I’m wrong but I can see a woman being killed as these protestors are being whipped up into a frenzy, especially the incels who see the Trans movement as a way they can abuse women in public and on the whole, get away with it.

  51. Dorothy Devine says:

    James C but not with a primary child – as you say at an appropriate age.

  52. President Xiden says:

    Scottish Nonce Party

  53. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Dorothy Devine (4.23)

    Perhaps it’s time that parents considered ‘going on strike’ by withdrawing their children from school?

  54. Our universities will be disgorging purple haired he/she misogynists into every nook and cranny of society,

    the `rainbow` flag will fly over every school and town hall and if you don`t salute the flag you will be dragged away by the police in rainbow colored cop cars.

  55. Vonbon says:

    I vividly being asked around the age of 9 by a boy if I was a virgin. Being educated at a RC school I had mistakenly interpreted Virgin as meaning being the highest realm of holy (Virgin Mary) so to align with my tomboy ways I didn’t hesitate to respond emphatically with a NO! That spread quickly around the playground ? But just highlights how blissfully unaware I was of the adult world. We weren’t wholly innocent and naive – some boys would sneak in a Page 3 – but it was a natural and age appropriate progression into learning about sex and what lay ahead. Child led and certainly not adult led. Yes, times have changed. Children can have access to material I wouldn’t even dare to look at but policy should focus on minimising this exposure, not bloody promote it!

  56. Mia says:

    This people in government are a disgrace. Either pervert apologists or perverts on disguise.

    I see absolutely no legitimate justification whatsoever for these perverts to wanting to know sexual orientation, sexual practices or gender of any child under 16.

    Actually, I see no legitimate justification whatsoever from any adult to ask any of these question from an under 16 without the consent of their parents and without their parents being present. I interpret this as a disgusting attempt at grooming children into sex by the back door exploiting the fact that parents are not present and teachers have been entrusted with the care of children.

    I am disgusted at the perverts and pervert apologists infesting Scotland’s government and parliament. But I have to say, what I am most disgusted about is the attitude of teachers abusing the trust of parents and acting as the maidens of these perverts, doing the dirty work for them. Shaem on them. They have been entrusted with the care of those children from their parents to teach them, not to make them more susceptible to grooming by disgusting perverts.

    Gosh, I am raging. Teachers and principals should know better than deploying this without consent from the parents. This is not education. This is grooming.

  57. Doug says:

    So much for the “continuity candidate” Yousaf. Even the betting companies are now saying it’s almost 50/50 between Yousaf and Forbes with Regan voters’ second preferences being the determining factor.

  58. ronald says:

    What are the Snp afraid off their banning journalists from the husting’s meeting’s /

    What a fucking shower of cowards .

  59. SusanAHF says:

    I think teachers must share a large part of the blame for this, for not standing up and saying “no, this is not appropriate ” and then refusing to teach it. Instead they have been supine, if not actually supporting these perverted policies. Parents need to wake up and take control of their children’s education

  60. RoyVictor says:

    Not relevant to THIS questioning, which is abhorrent – but relevant to the whole manner in which the SNP operate I read moments ago that the media are to be BANNED from the Leadership hustings! Clearly don’t want any indications of a stitch up to get out to the general public.

  61. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Ronald Anderson –

    Re ‘behind closed doors’ hustings.

    Remember ‘Russian-submarines-in-the Clyde’, traveller-hating, £60 haircut and general Scotlab throbber Brian Donohoe?

    He banned film crews from a public meeting in the Volunteer Rooms, Irvine, in the run-up to Indyref, because Tommy Sheridan was also appearing and he didn’t want his inevitable embarrassment to be recorded. All that achieved was to generate even more interest in what happened. And we all know what happened to him and his ilk in 2015.

    These hustings will receive more attention than they would’ve done if they’d actually been televised.

    Aw blimey, I can feel that deja-vu coming on again…


  62. ronald says:

    Ian Brotherhood

    We’ll only know what escapes through the air vents

    Its well rigged for Humsa .

  63. akenaton says:

    Of course it’s all about producing more little homosexuals, even the gender stuff is to bring normality into question.
    The schools public services and government are stacked with people who have one over riding aim, pushing their ideology onto pre pubescent children.
    Children are children until puberty, childhood should be fun, a time for play and guidance by people who really care about them, like their parents, not disgusting faceless ideologues….on a mission. Time they were weeded out of government and all authority over kids.

  64. John Main says:

    @Mia says:28 February, 2023 at 5:30 pm

    Referring to the age of 16 as a limit has been left behind by events.

    Yesterday, the minimum age at which anybody can marry or enter into a civil partnership in England and Wales was raised to 18.

    It’s not exactly a secret why. The justification on spells it out clearly enough.

    So, how long before Scotland follows suit?

    Which one of the front-running FM contenders will be under pressure to bring this in?

    And which one of the front-running FM contenders will be under pressure to stop this happening here?

    If there is such a demand for inappropriate marriages and civil partnerships that the practice has been made illegal for 16 and 17 YOs south of the border, how many of these ceremonies will now be transferred to here?

    There is just so much going on, in the big, wide world, that affects Scotland and us Scots, that never seems to get discussed.

  65. twathater says:

    Please people STOP using the terminology GENDER when talking about SEX , SEX is the biological expression of MALE or FEMALE , gender is a politicised expression of fuckwit and we can all see the political fuckwits who are peddling this shite Alex Cu** Hamilton anyone (we did it for you BETH)

    WE have to be aware of their BRAINWASHING and how they use it to EXCLUDE,WE reciprocate by using the CORRECT TERMINOLOGY , SEX and ONLY SEX

  66. wullie says:

    Can we get copies of these health and well being surveys. We could hand them out at religious establishments to better inform the adults as to what is going on in schools

  67. SusanAHF says:

    Akenaton, you can’t manufacture homosexuality, it’s either there or it isn’t. Gender identity nonsense IS fabricated however, finding a fertile breeding ground in children’s malleable minds. Otherwise I agree with you on the purpose of childhood

  68. gregor says:

    Elon Musk (28/02/2023): Twit:

    “You are right”:

  69. Kevin Cargill says:

    Massive red flags for those involved with compiling this survey. Their hard drives should be seized and they should be placed on a nonce watch list. There is absolutely no reason to be asking these sorts of questions of pre-puberty children. Allow them to be children. Leave them kids alone. FFS!

  70. msdidi says:

    The SNP has appointed an independent firm to oversee its leadership election following criticism that Nicola Sturgeon’s husband is playing too central a role in the contest.I hope this link works

  71. Peter C says:

    twathater 6:26 pm

    “Please people STOP using the terminology GENDER when talking about SEX , SEX is the biological expression of MALE or FEMALE , gender is a politicised expression of fuckwit and we can all see the political fuckwits who are peddling this shite Alex Cu** Hamilton anyone (we did it for you BETH)

    “WE have to be aware of their BRAINWASHING and how they use it to EXCLUDE,WE reciprocate by using the CORRECT TERMINOLOGY , SEX and ONLY SEX”

    Absolutely agree with this. I was doing this in the early 1980s when I first came across this ‘gender’ being used to replace the term ‘sex’ when I was in college. I’ve been doing it ever since. Reclaim the language folks, sex is sex and there are only two of them.

  72. Tinto Chiel says:

    @Ian B 2.30:

    “Have teachers’ Unions nothing to say about this?

    Or have they too been ‘captured’?


    Since the previous head of the EIS was happy to jab even the youngest primary pupils to the max, I would expect so. Globalism and its offshoots like Woko Haram and Gates’ Vax The World agenda now has deep roots via the WEF long-term plan of its Global Leaders’ programme.

    However, since most primary teachers are female, I would doubt whether a national roll-out of these disgusting, sexualised questionnaires would be tolerated. Whatever happened to the concept of a child’s “period of latency”? Of course, their head teachers are usually not so keen to stand up to the authorities.

    In too many management structures, as most of us will know, the toadies tend to get promoted at the expense of competence.

  73. Towbar Sullivan says:

    Serious question, suppose one of the kids says they find dogs sexually attractive – even just as a joke – what’s the protocol for that?

    And if there isn’t one then this hasn’t been even half though through.

    But it it’s all wrong anyway – 9 year olds don’t have a ‘sexual orientation’. This is creeping paedophilia.

  74. SusanAHF says:

    Well said twathater, it is SEX. Sex is vital, gender irrelevant to life

  75. msdidi says:
    Ash Regan MSP, FWS Demo Scottish Parliament, 21Dec2022

  76. Joan Edington says:

    This really is getting ridiculous. What are these poor kids being taught before they actually have to fill in these forms? When I was at primary, I’m sure I wouldn’t have known what the word gender meant. I was a girl and the others were boys. Seemed OK to me.

  77. PacMan says:

    Are school children themselves fighting back against this?:

    So-called ‘TikTok protests’ have continued to rock Britain’s schools as hundreds of pupils rebelled against teachers over new rules, such as the introduction of unisex toilets.
    The social media trend appears to be spreading, with children in Southampton, Blackpool and Essex staging demonstrations in the past 24 hours that were posted on the platform.

    In Southampton, two hundred pupils staged protests at Weston Secondary School yesterday after being left ‘uncomfortable’ by new unisex toilets.

    As they chanted ‘toilet rights’, the youngsters pitched up at the lavatories to also take a stand against rules preventing them from leaving lessons for the loo.

    The children reported worries about the same-sex toilets at the academy school after their introduction in September.

  78. Jm says:

    The fix is in.The fix is always in.

  79. David Hannah says:

    Just reading the SNP banning journos from the hustings.

    Kate Forbes and Ash Regan should decline to have any secret meetings, and go on the Through a Scottish Prism show.

    I love that show its brilliant.

  80. Effijy says:

    I remember Brian Donohoe.

    I was shocked anyone of that nature could become an MP.

    He was the sole person in Ayrshire who didn’t want the debate recorded or broadcast.
    He presented himself as Labour’s Devine being and in control of all around him.

    I couldn’t understand how he managed to stop it.
    Why didn’t they tell him he can be in it or out it but it’s being broadcast.

    A thick lazy shop steward in a job workers didn’t want but in the right lodges to gain votes.
    Pity they couldn’t give him brain cells.

  81. David Hannah says:

    The hustings need to be broadcast live.

    The world needs to know what’s going on within the cult.

    Scotland needs to feel safe as well.

  82. JGedd says:

    John C @ 4.42pm

    especially the incels who see the Trans movement as a way they can abuse women in public and on the whole, get away with it

    It’s disturbing that we can see authority enabling increasingly outrageous behaviour. Every time offensive behaviour is ignored by police it sends a message to the culprits. Anyone can see on the internet the person who carried a poster with the message proclaiming ‘Decapitate Terfs’ at the infamous rally in Buchanan Street, yet there has been no arrest or charge. However, a woman ties a suffragette ribbon on a fence and is faced with the trauma of having to appear in court. As has been said before, it’s the process which is the chilling, inhibiting factor.

    There are those other than trans people who will have been encouraged by the general impression given that boundaries have been changed. There is a well of misogyny which might have been concealed before under society’s pretence of political correctness. Now when transactivists are allowed to display full-blooded hostility and hatred of women in public it emboldens those who think they perceive a general loosening of society’s previous safe-guarding of women. Now incels can imagine their guilty, secret dreams coming true, without the guilt and with the seeming tacit approval of the establishment.

    The Met police have recently been revealed to have a worrying level of misogyny and abuse among its officers culminating in the recent horrific case of murder of a young woman and soon after, another officer found guilty of being a serial rapist. There has been a culture within the police of ignoring this kind of behaviour in serving officers, a lack of oversight and proper vetting. It’s hardly surprising that this deep-seated misogyny resulted in horrifying crimes. If offending behaviour is not rooted out then deviant officers in the organization understand the message and exploit it.

    With all the major institutions having been captured by this ideology you begin to wonder just how widespread is this culture and also might that be why they were all so easily captured?
    Pornography does seem to have played a part in the ‘laddish behaviour’ of the Met police. Pornography nowadays is so easy to access and is seen as ‘just a bit of harmless fun for the lads.’ However, through the attitudes of incels, some trans idealogues and the Met police ( who are supposed to be protectors ) we can see it can become something sinister. Those personalities always at the edge of acceptable behaviour will try to push the limits ever further.

  83. Merganser says:

    msdidi @ 6.46

    Do you think that the SNP’s accounts will show that they paid £600,00. to the independent firm who monitor the election?

  84. Merganser says:

    Make that £600,000.

  85. Stoker says:

    According to the BBC in Scotland Text Service the SNP have banned all media for their upcoming leadership hustings. It is being reported that ITV, Sky & The BBC have all banded together to challenge that decision. It does not state whether that means just verbally or officially through legal channels.

    From a party and leader (Sturgeon) who hogged the limelight at every opportunity to now take a anti-media stance is not only laughable but seriously questionable. What does Murrell have to hide with this latest move? What we at WOS already know? That he’s trying to rig it in favour of Humza Yousaf? And that Yousaf is now being exposed in that media for the fraud that he is?

    What a ridiculous anti-democratic stance to take. But then again, true democracy has *never* existed within the SNP under the dictatorship of Sturgeon & Murrell. Shame on every one of them in the SNP for tolerating this. Shame on you all.

  86. Gregory Beekman says:

    How can a pre-pubescent child know what sex they like?

    Does the council really expect those who’ve never had any kind of sexual arousal to have a sexual-arousal preference?

    What brains do these people have? I’d like to see the Council meeting minutes where they discussed and agreed to that.

  87. John Main says:

    Meantime, elsewhere on Planet Earth:

    Truly beats me why I am the only poster who seems to think this is worth linking!

  88. Doug says:

    @David Hannah 7:15pm

    Excellent idea.

  89. Stoker says:

    Doug says on 28 February 2023 at 5:33 pm:
    “So much for the “continuity candidate” Yousaf. Even the betting companies are now saying it’s almost 50/50 between Yousaf and Forbes with Regan voters’ second preferences being the determining factor.”

    And there you have it, folks. The reason Murrell has now banned all media from the upcoming SNP leadership hustings. What a bunch of corrupt spineless freaks the SNP have become under the dictatorship of Queen Selfie and Petunia Murrell.

  90. Bob Mack says:

    I saw that a teacher was facing action for misgendering a pupil. If it was anything like the school I attended we would have created mayhem by using every one of the gender titles available to us with related pronouns to boot.

    I don’t envy teachers

  91. Tartanpigsy says:

    John Main, I’d literally just seen it, mind boggling

  92. Republicofscotland says:

    The fix is in and its an absolute shocker.

    “Now Stephen Norris has captured regional list MSP Emma Harper breaking party rules by emailing the South of Scotland membership on the SNP email system, urging them to vote for Humza Yousaf.

    This plainly contravenes the election rules”

  93. Beauvais says:

    The SNP’s decision to have closed door hustings in relatively small venues means that not only will the Scottish public be in the dark about what transpired at these events, but the majority of SNP members – you know, the people actually choosing the next FM – will not be able to properly assess the candidates answers and speeches.

    As Stoker said above, that has to be so that Yousaf’s inferiority is not as widely exhibited as it would have been.

  94. Big Jock says:

    Republic. Its blatant electioneering , its against all political party rules. This surely can’t be allowed to stand. Do the electoral commission have a say on these matters. We are talking about the future First Minister, not an ordinary leader.

  95. Confused says:

    conspricistorialist theorisers need to SHTF about Murrell rigging; fact is, the election software being used


    they only have one license for (due to cashflow issues) and it is physically locked to Murrell’s laptop which he bought second hand from the Democrat party, Biden’s lad.

  96. Republicofscotland says:

    Big Jock.

    Yes its utterly disgraceful our entire country’s future is at stake here.

  97. David Hannah says:

    Just read Craig Murray’s blog post about Emma Harper emailing the membership.

    We know the Murrell’s are gaming the system for Yousaf. He’s using all of the Party’s official PR fonts.

    Did anyone else catch Yousaf saying,

    “When I become First Minister, *If.”

    Aye right. Not if we have anything to do with it Humza.

  98. Tartanpigsy says:

    Can someone put up a list of when and where for these hustings.
    The whole process is rapidly descending into farce.
    I’m getting vibes of Marcos and Ceaucescu watching this unfold

  99. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Anyone else remember an old song called ‘Four Wheels On My Wagon’?

  100. Beauvais says:

    Harper the Sharper.

  101. Confused says:

    “cheating” is such a loaded, pejorative term, why not just say “motivated”

    rumour is Humza will walk it due to 98000 postal votes turning up at 3am, a late surge from the silent majority

    Peter Murrell has never owned a colour printer, this is a vicious rumour punted by ALBA supporters on social media

    results will be posted on tiktok, Murrell doing a little dance in his bedroom

    elections across the west are degenerating into a shell game or a sick homage to Blue Peter – here’s one/some (votes) we made earlier …

  102. Scotsrenewables says:

    Tartanpigsy says:
    28 February, 2023 at 9:18 pm
    Can someone put up a list of when and where for these hustings.
    The whole process is rapidly descending into farce.
    I’m getting vibes of Marcos and Ceaucescu watching this unfold

    All hustings are fully booked with no tickets available, and the party machine that booked them tipped off their own people to grab the seats.

    The candidates will only be able to speak to 3,500 members in total through these hustings, out of a membership claimed to be over 100,000.

    It is deliberately designed to tie the candidates up and minimise their exposure.

    There will be cameras outside the venues, so I suggest people turn up outside to show massive support for Ash Regan (or Kate Forbes if she floats your boat)

    The first of the nine planned hustings is scheduled to take place at Cumbernauld Theatre on Wednesday.

  103. shug says:

    Do I smell a legal challenge

    D I see the NEC members facing legal costs for letting this nonsense run.

    How many of them believe they have a personal liability.

    I do hope so.

    They are not very bright are they!

  104. SteepBrae says:

    Ian Brotherhood at 9.24pm

    “Anyone else remember an old song called ‘Four Wheels On My Wagon’?”

    Yes, Ian – along the lines of ‘Ten Green Bottles’…

    Question is, does it just keep rolling along or will it all come crashing down?

  105. McDuff says:

    On Sky today Ash Regan wasn`t named as such but given the title “the third contender” while Yousaf and Forbes were properly identified. There is no doubt that the MSM are involved in helping the sturgeon decide who will be the new FM and the money is on Yousaf.
    What a loathsome country Scotland has become.

  106. President Xiden says:

    Humza Yousaf, Alyn Smith, Stewart McDonald, et al…..are we meant to take these absurd people serious?

  107. ronald says:

    John Main 8.32

    Get over yoursel what makes U think your the only person to share that link .

  108. Big Jock says:

    There was mass riots in Edinburgh in 1707, when they signed the act of Union. If Humza walks out as the new FM. The people will not accept it either.

    The Murrels will be running down the Cowgate being chased by an angry mob.

  109. Anton Decadent says:

    Children are brought up to trust women and are now being told that male wrong ‘uns being brought into their places of education in drag are women.

    This is not a new phenomenon, this is uncomfortable for some people because it is a poisonous can of worms but if you look into the Hungarian Soviet Republic followed by the Weimar Republic the normalisation of the sexualisation of children was present and in at least the latter of the two the trans lobby was also present. There is a recurring theme in all of this which includes the destruction of the family.

  110. David Hannah says:

    I’ve just found this tweet from Humza Yousaf. He wants Jihadi bride Shamina Begum back in the UK.

    I don’t support British foreign policy.

    But that lassie is a terrorist. We don’t need her living in Bute House with him.

  111. Anton Decadent says:

    ps, remember that Humzas Hate Speech laws encouraged children to report their family members to the authorities for wrongthink. Cultlike brainwashing is the only logical explanation.

  112. Robert Hughes says:

    Could the SNP be any worse , more farcical , deluded , utterly ridiculous than it is now ?

    What we’re witnessing is the ” chronicle of a death foretold ”

    The death of a once honourable Party . Foretold by WOS , principally and anyone with a knowledge of cults understands – they always end badly . Always . The Sturgeon Cult will be no exception .

    They think the bubble they inhabit is impermeable , insulated from public awareness and rational examination . That bubble will pop at the next election . If not before .

    They’re on the dark side of the moon and we don’t need their edukashun

  113. Big Jock says:

    Robert. The Gender bill was the hill Sturgeon decided to die on. She wants to take the whole SNP and the movement with her. It seems the Murrells are following a scorched earth policy.

  114. Confused says:

    don’t get ianb’s musical ref … but here’s a good’un


    peter and nikki
    alyn and pals
    the stirling posse

    probably a lot of transphobic microaggressions in those lyrics though

  115. Big Jock says:

    It was lucky that Iron didn’t hit anyone on Princes Street.

  116. Scotsrenewables says:

    Hustings dates and locations

    March 1, 7-9pm – Central Scotland: Cumbernauld Theatre at Lanternhouse
    March 3, 6.30-8.30 – Mid Scotland and Fife: Rothes Hall, Glenrothes
    March 4, 1-3pm – Highlands and Islands: Eden Court, Inverness
    March 5, 1-3pm – Online
    March 6, 7-9pm – South Scotland: Easterbrook Hall, Dumfries
    March 8, 7-9pm – West Scotland: Johnstone Town Hall
    March 10, 6.30-8.30pm – Lothians: Corn Exchange, Edinburgh
    March 11, 1-3pm – Glasgow: University of Strathclyde
    March 12, 1-3pm – North East: Tivoli Theatre Company, Aberdeen

  117. msdidi says:

    No I don’t. I think that £600,000 is long gone. We might find out where to some day. I got my contribution back when I asked for it after leaving the party in early 2021. It will be interesting to learn who this “independent firm” are and where the money is coming from to pay them though!

  118. PhilM says:

    @Anton Decadent
    The Hungarian Soviet Republic lasted 133 days and had control over a quarter of Hungary’s territory. You can’t get up to very much in four and a half months. Liz Truss is the exception that proves the rule…
    With regard to the Weimar Republic, I literally have no idea what you’re talking about. References would be good but I doubt you have any reputable ones…
    Considering both of the examples you cited were followed by family-friendly govts or, to put it in the correct terminology, right-wing dictatorships, it would seem that the point you’re making is a surreptitious one.
    Paris 68 was all about a student revolt against outdated institutions followed by a month-long ‘general strike’ by sympathetic workers. Going on about French intellectuals or cultural Marxism is a kind of populist right-wing fashion at the moment. People forget that France, like most European countries, tends to be ruled by right-wing governments and for every Foucault, Lacan or Derrida, you have right-wing intellectuals and political movements.
    All of this stuff is in books published by mainstream academic publishers or you could just continue to watch YouTube videos.

  119. Ron Clark says:

    Going by the numbers, it looks like they are keeping event numbers down to about 300 members for each event.

    Not what you would call democratic, considering the importance of these events.

    And the only venues for the Glasgow area are Glasgow University and Johnstone Town Hall.

    Well done Scottishrenewables for providing all the details above.

  120. Geri says:

    It’s indoctrination.

    Children are like sponges soaking up & being moulded by these deviants & having thier head bent about pronouns & genders.

    FFS, weans need taught life skills – read, write, count, cook, socialise & communicate – not this irrelevant shite!

    I asked why parents don’t just withdraw thier child from that lesson as a protest but apparently it’s sprinkled throughout.

    I’ve no idea why the trans fascists aren’t stopped.
    They seem a law unto themselves & they’re getting away with it with the help of the law. Soon they’ll be burning every book, erecting the hangman’s noose & having trans yoof, eunuch & Incel wing, grass us in to thier handlers..

    They haven’t started on the conversion therapy yet. *Groans* at the next wave of fkd up ideas parents & sane ppl are forbidden from discussing.

    The media has really dropped the ball reporting on this. Big pharma bucks feathering thier nest to shut it..

  121. Beauvais says:

    Sturgeon’s time as SNP leader started with a glitzy rally and an enthusiastic audience of 12 000 at the Glasgow Hydro. Now her years in office finish with a closed doors event at Johnstone Town Hall to try and get her idiot chosen successor elected.

    Yon Coldplay song about “when I ruled the world” does seem appropriate.

  122. Lorne says:

    I remember not so long ago parents being forbidden from taking photos of their own children at school plays and nativity.

    When you ask is the sexualisation of children going on in schools the UK Govt vehemently denies this.

    Where was your survey done you don’t say where it was ??

    The trans ideology brought into schools by governments not the dopes who scream abuse at women in the streets, do so against the knowledge and wishes of parents.

    I wouldn’t feel comfortable asking a child what time it is these days. Yet ideology is being forced upon them when they have no notions of sexuality as very young children and as adolescents do not need to be manipulated to think like the cult.
    The origins of no boundaries may well have started in France but the agenda is being pushed by wealthy billionaires who are AGPs and they have own have links to global IT companies, such as the one paid billions by the NHS for a failed IT system so years ago that had to be abandoned.
    Of course a very well know pressure group who have seats on every organisation are well connected to these totalitarian groomers.

  123. robertkknight says:

    So now the media CAN attend hustings.

    Sum up the whole sorry mess that is Sturgeon’s rancid SNP – Farcical.

  124. David Hannah says:

    That’s great news. The media can attend.

    Aparently the wokies have been tipped off to get tickets. None of them will care a jot about Independence, as gender is the new global identity, so I suspect they’ll be up to their usual tricks.

  125. David Hannah says:

    I wonder if ‘safe space’ actually means an opportunity to abuse Kate Forbes and get away with it. I really hope it doesn’t come to that.

    The 1 camera allowed might only be pointing at the podium.

  126. Dickie Tea says:

    Quite clear that perverts have infiltrated organisations and are thriving off this.

    History has taught us that these people operate in plain sight. the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy described the SEP field:

    An S.E.P. can run almost indefinitely on a torch or a 9 volt battery, and is able to do so because it utilises a person’s natural tendency to ignore things they don’t easily accept, like, for example, aliens at a cricket match.

    Any object around which an S.E.P. is applied will cease to be noticed, because any problems one may have understanding it (and therefore accepting its existence) become Somebody Else’s Problem. An object becomes not so much invisible as unnoticed.

  127. Bob Mack says:

    @Phil M,

    The weimar Republic is exemplified in the film Cabaret. The moral decline eventually leads to fascism as portrayed. Many historians make this direct connection, because people grew tired of a lawless society, allowing Hitler to rake the moral high ground.

  128. Ivor says:

    You’re overlooking something important here.

    The survey deliberately merges children and adults – it is surveying “children and young people”.

    Anyone 19+ is an adult.

    The question to ask is why children and adults were being surveyed together.

    I would suggest it is because that enables adult questions to be asked of children.

    We are seeing here a strategy, and should pay attention.

  129. Shug says:

    TBH I am not in favour of the press having access to the hustings. They are no friends of the movement and they are guaranteed to rubbish the candidates whatever they say.

    No way Murrell should be near it. The whole thing stinks be it the on line election, the counting and the record keeping. The face HQ certainly seem to support some more than others and that is unacceptable

  130. Gregory Beekman says:

    It all just stinks of selfish amateurishness.

    Is this really the same organisation that almost led us to victory in 2014?

  131. fruitella the hun says:

    Phil M 1/3/23 12:58

    “Going on about French intellectuals or cultural Marxism is a kind of populist right-wing fashion at the moment”

    That would be because it is such an orchard of low hanging bollocks. Of course they thwap them. Harnessing the obvious intellectual inadequacy of the communist front line to attempt classifying critics as “right-wing” because they happen to engage in the same sport is not intellectually honest. I speak as a non-academic so maybe I’m wrong about that, maybe there is no distinction between political gamesmanship and academic rigour these days. You can educate me me.

    Knowledge is captured in books, of course, but in many other places as well. Lot of nonsense got published in books.

    (electricty went off while I was doing this – apologies if this is a double post)

  132. Tommo says:

    Even in the catalogue of disgrace unearthed by the Learned Editor concerning this appalling ‘party’ this is up with the foremost.
    Noticeable are the addressees of the second e-mail referred to which include ‘political education officers’; do such titles exist ? Commissars might be a better title, if so. Eat your heart out Stalin-and STILL the author of the article says he will not leave the SNP…

  133. Lenny hartley says:

    Lorne, The arev normally uses Panelbase for Polls and i took part in a Panelbase Polls which had identical questions.
    Panelbase is a proper accredited polling company.

  134. Lenny hartley says:

    Lorne, The Rev normally uses Panelbase for Polls and i took part in a Panelbase Polls which had identical questions.
    Panelbase is a proper accredited polling company.

  135. Dorothy Devine says:

    No Gregory it isn’t – the efficient , enthusiastic and sane have been replaced by the cowardly , ineffective bunch of chancers who’ve sold their souls.

  136. laukat says:

    I might be wrong but I suspect Sunak’s NI deal with the EU will start to change the Tory fortunes in the polls. Partly because its been spun in a positive manner but probably more because it ends Johnson’s comeback and dilutes the hold of the ERG faction on the Tories. If Sunak is seen to have ‘fixed’ the energy crisis by not invoking the cap then it will lead to more Tory votes returning as they get over the embarrassment factor Johnson left them with.

    The polls for the next GE were a bit misleading at the moment it showing massive leads for Labour whilst showing the Reform party on an unrealistic amount of about 8%.

    To my minds Labour can only go down from this position and from Scotland’s perspective the possibility exists that whoever wins the GE will win without a majority or with a small fragile one.

    If only we had a leader who could take advantage of that situation.

  137. Tommo says:

    Tartanpigsy says:
    28 February, 2023 at 8:50 pm
    John Main, I’d literally just seen it, mind boggling
    Even in the catalogue of disgrace unearthed by the Learned Editor concerning this ‘party’ this is up with the foremost.
    Noticeable are the addressees of the second e-mail referred to which include ‘political education officers’; do such titles exist ? Commissars might be a better title, if so. Eat your heart out Stalin-and STILL the author of the article says he will not leave the SNP ….

  138. Doug says:

    Forbes’ odds shortening. The bookies see Forbes and Yousaf as more or less joint favourites. I’d say at the moment Regan supporters are favourite to decide the election with their second preferences.

  139. fruitella the hun says:

    Not all communists are onside with the trans project. Here is a very clear explanation from one of why. It’s lengthy, as their analysis always is.

  140. Bob Mack says:

    On WGD, the (Scottish Skier), who I believe is the former Schrodingers cat on this site has come up with this beauty.

    He thinks the hustings is only SNP members business because it is only for a new leader and not a new FM, so we should bar the press. No doubt he will support the party voting against 2 of the three involved

    That is the level of intellect we try to make allies of.

    I despair

  141. Anton Decadent says:

    @PhilM, the Hungarian Soviet Republic lasted 133 days because they went after the nations children via compulsory Soviet/Marxist education, the breakdown of the family unit etc, murdered anyone who even thought about standing up to them then did a runner to Vienna with the countries gold reserve and art collection.

    Here’s a quote from Josef Cserny, the leader of The Lenin Boys, the paramilitary group which carried out the murders of anyone who questioned forced collectivisation etc. “The proletarian dictatorship is in danger! The counter-revolution is raging in Budapest, and the fact that it did not triumph is to the credit of my men. These last three days showed that every counter-revolution must be waded through with bloody hands and drowned in blood. To be or not to be, that’s the question now! Let us not hesitate, let us take the reins hard”.

    Re the Weimar Republic, do a search for support of trans in it.

    Re me not having any reputable references, funnily enough when I do a search for the teaching policies under the Hungarian Soviet Republic the words which come up in the top results are things like “heroic”, it is almost as if the results are deliberately slanted in its favour, a coincidence, no doubt.

    Re “surreptitious”, should noticing patterns of behaviour/people be illegal?

  142. crazycat says:

    @ Bob Mack at 12.11

    Don’t know if you’ll see this now there’s a new thread, but Schrodinger’s Cat is very definitely NOT the same person as Scottish Skier, who called himself that when he posted here, too.

  143. John Jones says:

    I’ve been handing out leaflets outside schools ( printed by myself) for over 2 years regarding this, the reaction from parents was disbelief, especially when they had watched the 2 Youtube videos witch were made by concerned people exposing Swinney & other other MSPs.
    V=Ud6Ry42pROI & chWzHg6x2Yk

  144. Matt Quinn says:

    @John Jones – John, if you must post links to video, at least do so in a form that the average gadgie will know how to access… i.e. in full URL form.

    One of your videos is no longer available – while the other one seems to be nearly two hours of audio-visually-illiterate ‘potato-vision’ webcam licking… watchable only by the obsessive!

    If there’s cogent point made here,it’s lost! Because that’s not how to use the medium – any more that trying to publish a 2000 page novel written on the back of old envelopes in crayon, in Klingon would be.

    I hope the leaflets were a little more competent… For if there’s one thing guaranteed to get the legitimate washed away with a tide of nonsense, it’s communicating in exactly the same way as unhinged conspiracy theorists do!

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