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The Thin Pink Line

Posted on February 26, 2023 by

The charity LGBT Youth Scotland is currently the subject of a live police investigation over its involvement in a second major child-abuse scandal in little over a decade.

So you’d expect Police Scotland to be taking that pretty seriously, right?


Mindbogglingly, the promo video for the Association’s fundraising drive – still visible on their TikTok page – is soundtracked by the rather aptly-titled Pink single “Trustfall”.

In a normal sane country you might also reasonably expect government ministers – and in particular a former Cabinet Secretary for Justice – to be keeping their distance until such times as the organisation might be cleared of suspicion (or otherwise).

(Yousaf was of course far from the only SNP politician to support the campaign.)

One of the young men allegedly abused by LGBTYS is understandably furious.

But when he and others questioned the move, they got this:

And now the government-recognised Association has blocked EVERYONE.

We’re not sure we’ve ever seen anything more astonishing, even in the utterly debased Scotland of Nicola Sturgeon’s administration, than a group of police officers openly raising money for the suspects in a live police investigation. Any minute now we expect to see them out selling cupcakes for the SNP.

We suppose we should be glad that at least their tweets are being protected.

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0 to “The Thin Pink Line”

  1. Eddie Munster says:

    This is what happens when people with purple hair and an agenda, are hired to run social media accounts.

  2. Oneliner says:

    Now then… now then…now then

    Once again, the plods are ‘all over the place’

    Except Holyrood and the Scottish media.

  3. Patsy Millar says:

    “Alice in Wonderland’ reads like non-fiction when compared to the theatre of the absurd that Scottish politics is turning into.

  4. Bob Costello says:

    If this was happening in a banana republic it would be unbelievable, but it is Scotland today so situation normal

  5. Al-Stuart says:

    Apropos this matter.

    1). DO NOT TELEPHONE POLICE SCOTLAND. There have been occasions where the call becomes “lost.” Heaven forbid the person answering the call has tried to avoid their lawful duty by unlawfully stating “this is not a police matter.” If/when a matter progresses to complaints or HM Court, EVIDENCE IS VITAL. This is why many police authorities prefer telephone calls or worse, to send uniformed officer around to a complainants house at anti-social times;,the effect being to intimidate the complainant.


    3). Do NOT email Police Scotland. In certain circumstances, your entire email account may be subject to a police fishing trip.

    4). Report anyone “aiding and abetting” a crime, including an alleged crime to Police Scotland. You may be wise to seek legal advise? It may be worth seeking a pro bono opinion from YouTube “Black Belt Barrister.”

    5). The content and evidence in this article contains at least three infractions of statute and failure to investigate this matter by either Police Scotland or another police authority may result in the officers concerned committing an offence under general statute covered be “neglect of duty.”

  6. Den says:

    Really shocked by this, but nothing surprises me anymore about the Police and judiciary in Scotland. Especially when you have a LA in the pocket of the government , We are the best wee corrupt country in the world.

  7. Andrew scott says:

    What is scotland coming to
    I despair

  8. Mac says:

    Just saw the tweet on Murrell.

    Peter Murrell is a disgrace. Anyone with a shred of integrity would have stepped down long ago, at least temporarily.

    For him to limp on, while under a fucking police investigation for presumably defrauding people who believed they were contributing to a ring fenced fund to be used specifically for the purpose of fighting indyref2, is ridiculous. Shocking is not a big enough word.

    Instead he has tried to cover it up and keep it under wraps for as long as he could, presumably to keep control over all the other things a new CEO might uncover… He may even be destroying evidence. He should not be anywhere near that office or role at this point.

    Murrell absolutely needs to step down, now. Completely unacceptable he is charge for another second.

    Furthermore the idea that Murrell could be overseeing the effective appointment of a new FM whose Lord Advocate may or may not take a soft line approach on his possible crimes is
    even more shocking and outrageous.

    Of course Murrell will be desperate to tilt the scales for Humza. His ‘life’ (as he sees it) may well depend on it.

    (If Peter Murrell ends up doing a stretch after what he plotted for Salmond… I think I might take up religion myself, as there definitely IS a God. I hope he is shitting himself, having to take sleeping pills to get a nights kip.)

    Look at the smoking ruin the Murrell’s have left the SNP and the independence movement in… and there is surely a lot more damaging shit to come out.

  9. Ted says:

    Whoever wins this internal SNP election and whatever happens to the fate of your independence hopes, how long will it take to rectify the utter ruin which the SNP has inflicted on Scotland? The ruin is not just economic but perhaps more important, cultural. This is what happens when single issue third and fourth rate people who shouldn’t be in charge of a parish council are given devolved powers. Thank God they don’t run an independent country.

  10. PacMan says:

    I had written an entry on previous talk in defence of real progressive values and the justification for those on the left to stand with people with opposing views on certain issues.

    I know it is obvious but when dealing with the BS of politics, it does wear you down and you get the expectation that this is the way things are and there is no alternative.

    When I look at things from this perspective I have come to the conclusion that it isn’t so called fringe parties that are radical but the mainstream parties, which includes the SNP, which are. They are radical and out of step with public feeling but not in a good way.

    This ‘negative’ radicalism I am talking about is highlighted here in this article. Anybody with an ounce of common sense would take pause and suspend posting on the Police twitter feed but no, they plough ahead.

    I don’t know if it is just a simple mistake of that Police LGBTI association is outside the organisational structure of the Police, it is still symptomatic of far out of sync the structures of our society is with those of the population it is supposed to serve.

    I think though, it isn’t going to last long now though. With the cost of living crisis and the only solution offered by those in authority would be laughable if the situation wasn’t so desperate, reality is going to come crashing down on these organisations and individuals pushing not only this but their own pet agendas.

    As the saying goes, civilisation is only three meals away from chaos. While we are a long, long away from that, the perception is completely different particularly when governments are not dealing with the immediate problems people are facing but instead obsessing over headline grabbing issues that are unworkable.

    People are going to lose faith in mainstream politics and start looking for alternatives and this is where Alba can come to fore.

  11. Bob Mack says:

    “Who will guard the guards”

  12. Ottomanboi says:

    For Mr Yousaf, this may well apply:
    In Islamic law, HARAM refers to any act that is forbidden by God and is one of the five Islamic commandments (al-‘ahkam al-khamsa) that define the morality of human action.
    Acts that are HARAM are prohibited in the Qur’an, the word of God directly dictated to Muhammad according to Islamic belief. If something is considered haram, it remains prohibited no matter how good the intention or how honorable the purpose.

    Homosexual behaviour is not specifically condemned in Islamic scripture any more than it is the Judeo-Christian texts. Tradition, commentary and interpretation, oral and later textual, however does condemn it as socially inappropriate conduct associated with polytheism.
    Mr Yousaf will know all about this.
    Send for the polis? not if they do Grindr and Tindr.

  13. John H. says:

    Humza Yousaf is a hypocrite, as is revealed more and more each day. Peter Murrell should have resigned long ago over the missing donations, but of course he won’t. That would require principles. The damage Sturgeon and her allies have done to Scotland is enormous, and will take decades to repair.

  14. Mac says:

    You recall all those grooming gangs that operated in England. I have always suspected that there was/is a similar problem in Scotland and that it is/was simply covered up and not investigated properly by Police Scotland. Why would anyone think it just stopped at the border…

    But anyway, how the fuck can Police Scotland be raising money for an organization under an active investigation for long term and repeated child abuse allegations.

    I like to think there must be a lot of decent folk in the rank and file of Police Scotland but certainly the leadership is awful.

    Lastly, when you further consider their disgraceful role in the Salmond stitch-up it goes from the farcical to the deeply sinister, more like Police (State) Scotland.

  15. Geri says:

    It’s all corrupt as fk.

    I’d have thought all this nonsense wasn’t allowed in the police. An organisation within an organisation within an organisation ect *yawn* I’d have thought it’d be a conflict of interest precisely because of shit like this.

    & Definitely shouldn’t be associated while a police investigation is ongoing.

  16. jockmcx says:

    More gin please

    HaHaHahahahAHaha………….christ almighty!

  17. Liz says:

    I detest all the wokes in the SNP.
    But that Kaucab Stewart one takes the biscuit.

    Another gravy trougher.
    She was at a rally in Glasgow, rightly condemning the rape of female prisoners in Iran BUT voted for the GRR.
    That could be considered racist IMO.
    Was photographed standing in front of the ‘decapitate terfs’, sign but saw nothing.

    Her later attempt at damage limitation, both sides are as bad as each other.
    I despise these fake liars

  18. David Hannah says:

    Thank goodness I’m not a teenager today. That’s all I can say. These organisations go into schools. You should be able to trust them.

    I suspect they are run by obnoxious gay men, singing I am what I am. They probably have a great time everywhere they go. And you are paying for it.

  19. wee monkey says:


    “Ted says:
    26 February, 2023 at 11:10 am
    Whoever wins this internal SNP election and whatever happens to the fate of your independence hopes, how long will it take to rectify the utter ruin which the SNP has inflicted on Scotland? The ruin is not just economic but perhaps more important, cultural. This is what happens when single issue third and fourth rate people who shouldn’t be in charge of a parish council are given devolved powers. Thank God they don’t run an independent country.”

    What’s that you say?

    “A Dundee community fridge which has given away 250 tonnes of food in three years says without urgent help it will be forced to close.

    The project’s latest funding bid was rejected by the Scottish Government, forcing them to turn to crowd funding.”

    Folk were being turned away last week…

    2. It seemed like an easy question until we asked John Swinney for a straight answer.

    Why did Perthshire’s two SNP MSPs vote against a motion calling for the long-delayed dualling of the A9 to be treated as an urgent priority?
    The deputy first minister’s Perthshire North constituency is cut in half by the route and many residents living in southern neighbour Jim Fairlie’s patch also use the road.

    The £3 billion project will see improvements to the link from Perth to Inverness.
    But Transport Minister Jenny Gilruth, a Fife MSP, recently confirmed an SNP promise to dual major sections of the road by 2025 will now not be met.
    During a debate at Holyrood earlier this week, Inverness and Nairn MSP Fergus Ewing was the only SNP politician who ignored party enforcers to join criticism over the delay.
    Questions not addressed

    The Courier asked Mr Swinney and Mr Farilie why they voted against the motions.
    Mr Fairlie did not respond to a request for comment.
    Mr Swinney’s team initially provided a lengthy response that did not directly address any of the questions we asked.

    But in a bizarre twist, after The Courier pressed for Mr Swinney to answer the points raised, his office refused to comment and asked to “withdraw” his earlier remarks.

    No further explanation has been offered for the pair’s votes.”

    Nothing to do with the greens, then no siree..59 lives lost since 2011…

  20. gregor says:

    Police Scotland (2021): Edinburgh Division Signs Up to LGBT Charter:

    “…is determined it will be an inclusive place to work and has pledged this promise by signing up to the LGBT Youth Scotland’s LGBT Charter…

    It is hoped that by committing to the Charter, our own workforce will thrive at work, and also that our communities will have confidence in the organisation to keep them safe…”:

  21. gregor says:

    Police Scotland (2022): The National Beat (Song Version 1.8):

    “Our purpose: To improve the safety and wellbeing of people, places and communities in Scotland.

    Our focus: Keeping people safe.

    Our values: Integrity, fairness and respect.

    We act with honesty and integrity and do not compromise or abuse our position.

    We behave in a manner which does not discredit the Police Service or undermine public confidence in it, whether on or off duty.

    We report, challenge or take action against the conduct of others which has fallen below the Standards of Professional Behaviour…”:

  22. Ottomanboi says:

    To whom it may concern.
    «We just lurv the young….»
    Being in the latter category i neither seek nor need that kind of particularly creepy attention.
    I think for myself. OK?
    Choc cupcakes just do not cut it officer.

  23. David Hannah says:

    The diverse words like inclusive has lost all meaning. It just means preferential treatment. Parity of rights has been secured.

    These organisations are just ripping the piss out of people everywhere they go.

    These organisations should be disbanded. Its time to get back to putting people in jobs that can actually do them based on life experience.

  24. PacMan says:

    Bob Mack says: 26 February, 2023 at 11:15 am

    “Who will guard the guards”

    From the website that the Rev linked in article:

    The Scottish LGBTI Police Association is an independent membership-based staff support network for LGBTI police officers and staff working in Scotland and those who support us regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. The Association is the direct descendant of the Gay Police Association founded in 1990. We are, and always will remain, an independent police staff association. You can learn more about our history here.

    Our Association was set up to represent the needs and interests of LGBTI police officers and staff in Scotland. We are officially recognised as such by the Scottish Government, Scottish Police Authority, Police Scotland and UK-wide police forces including British Transport Police, Ministry of Defence Police and Civil Nuclear Constabulary as well as statutory police staff associations and trade unions.

    Those belonging to this network work for a public sector organisation that is both answerable to politicians and in turn the public, but it remains to be seen if the network is.

    I work for a large private sector company and we have similar networks and are not limited solely to sexuality. There are numerous ones ranging from for instance gender, disability, race and ethnicity. I’m sure the same is for the Police and other public sector organisation.

    From my understanding of conversations both from people involved in these networks in my company and those who are not, these networks are independent and have no interference from the company executives.

    It’s safe to assume it is the same in the public sector but the difference is that while it is acceptable to have such an organisation in private sector companies, it is acceptable to have something similar where individuals belonging to it are in positions of authority and should be held accountable for their actions?

    I’m not saying that individuals belonging to these networks will make them more likely to commit any wrong doings but there is the conflict of interest where they could less likely to deal with issues that doesn’t shed positive light on the issue their network represents as can be seen in this article.

    I know I am going to be accused of homophobia but some but it has to be remembered that there has there has been longstanding campaigns highlighting the relationship between Police and Freemasons.

    The Freemasons aren’t criminals and don’t commit crimes but the issue was the potential conflict of interest when investigating crimes individuals who is a Freemason. The issue was about accountability and that Police investigating crime impartially.

    I’m not saying that the Scottish LGBTI Police Association should be made illegal but I’m arguing that it due to the nature of the organisation it belongs to and because of it’s nature the need for higher standards it needs to aspire to, it should not be independent and should be accountable to the rules and regulations than ordinary employees of that organisation it belongs to.

  25. Mac says:

    Sexual predators and child abusers in particular instinctively seek out positions or groups that are effectively ‘police-free-zones’.

    These groups due to ‘political sensitivities’, like race or sexual orientation or social status, become effectively police-free-zones.

    In the past the priesthood was a classic example. Police-free-zone for many a decade…

    The LGB community is a modern day police-free-zone and therefore potentially a modern day host.

    Because the predators and abusers can sense that within their ranks they too can enjoy ‘protected status’ and will be allowed to commit their crimes untouched by the Police.

    This is how the grooming gangs in England operated within the normal Pakistani community. Using accusations of ‘racism’ to make themselves into a police-free-zone.

    Whenever you give a group a police free environment, the predators and abusers can immediately sense it, and they will move in and exploit it.

    So I think it is highly possible that this LGBT Youth group (clue is in the name) was being used a grooming farm, providing a steady pipeline of vulnerable young people.

    It is shocking the police are so causal about it, that they are actively raising money for them while supposedly conducting an active investigation. No wonder that poor guy / victim is livid.

  26. gregor says:

    re. Scottish LGBTI Police Association’s social media lock-down:

    LGBTI Police Scotland (2023): Purpose:

    “…In order to be effective, based on the UK-wide model of policing, it is vital for all communities to have trust and confidence in the police and feel part of that institution.

    …putting its head above the parapet…

    Advance equality and inclusion …in Scotland and within the communities we serve…”:

  27. Anne Johnston says:

    ‘What is good…and what is not good…
    Need we ask anyone to tell us these things?’

  28. Lorna Campbell says:

    People are entitled to believe what they want, live as they like, dress as they like. What they are not entitled to do is force their ideology on anyone else. The minute their ideology encroaches on others without due permission, that becomes an offence. Little wonder these ‘trans’ are getting away with ‘murder’: they have their enablers everywhere, in public office.

    Kate Forbes is going through hell right now because some object to her religious beliefs, yet she has stated that she will obey the laws of the land and will not force her beliefs on others. She cannot be subjected to discrimination in her job or in applying for another job because of her beliefs. That is one of the exceptions in the list of protected characteristics in the 2010 Equality Act.

    So sick of these ‘trans’ and the SNP and public sector ‘wokerati’ having to answer to no one. You are right, Rev: campaigning for and raising money for a group that is under investigation is like something out of a fantasy novel, but with less conviction. No pun intended.

    Kevin McKenna has written a brilliant expose of the hypocrisy at the heart of the SNP, in relation to Mhairi Black, MP, who called women who feared for their rights under the new GRR, Jeremy Hunts, in a video later leaked to the public, yet that same MP expects us all to bend the knee for ‘trans’ rights – all of which they already have. We are talking about an extension of rights here, something which no other group has or asks for, yet, here we go again, with the ‘wokerati’ in public life making exceptions for one favoured group.

    I wish there was a GE tomorrow and a SE the day after, so that we could vote them out, the ones who turn their faces every which way the wind is blowing. LGBTYS should have no place in the police. Most of the ‘trans’ lobby organisations are charities only in name and actually raise funding (and are given it out of the public purse) for political lobbying, not for charitable works. If any of them was a real charity, at least one of them would be campaigning for third spaces for ‘trans’, the end to transitioning children and young people and to leaving women in peace.

    Not one, and no individual in any way associated with them (the ‘trans’ lobby) has ever done so, to my knowledge, although I could be wrong. Scotland is well down the path to a totalitarian society, and still we read utterly brainless letters in The National from people who have not a clue what lies behind this whole TQ+++++++ agenda that has captured the SNP, the Greens, the Lib Dems and Labour, and every public body from councils to the police.

  29. Anne Johnston says:

    ‘What is good…and what is not good,
    Need we ask anyone to tell us these things?’

  30. Red says:

    you’d expect Police Scotland to be taking that pretty seriously, right

    Given that our wonderful Police Scotland and Scottish Parliament maintained complete radio silence on reports about the grooming gang preying on vulnerable kids in Glasgow…. no, I didn’t expect them to take the protection of children very seriously.

    Scotland does not take child protection seriously. We take bullshit seriously instead. Wha’s like us?

  31. Ian M says:

    Interesting little insight from Nicholson in his tweet. He proudly claims that Scotland is ‘one of the most progressive countries in the world’. Really? Really?
    This is the mindset of the Nicola gang and their eager embrace of Stonewall’s approval which they crave – Stonewall charges them large amounts of money to approve and change policy, then gives them marks, as if they were still in school.
    I highly doubt most people will consider Stonewall’s faux exam marks a measure of progress. Instead they might look at equality and fairness in education, health, housing and the economy – traditional markers of what you might expect a ‘progressive’ country to achieve.
    It is clear the SNP would not welcome such scrutiny, since across the board on these measures they are found badly wanting, in many areas they have actually regressed.
    Using one social policy around the trans issue, poorly communicated and very badly designed, with no consultation only emphasises how they are the very opposite of ‘progressive’, and that this policy’s one aim is to allow them to boast of how ‘progressive’ they are. It is a house of cards which is about to come tumbling down.

  32. Sturgone says:

    Had never heard of this Purple Friday patter before, for good reason – it’s just been made up. Our homosexual First Minister and her homosexual husband have decided to go out with a bang, so have just created another (what a gay) day to have us all worship our sexual minority brethren.


    I have never been homophobic in my life, but recently it’s been sorely tempting to become so. But I am not allowing myself to be manipulated into mindless hate because of the two deeply damaged, closeted people currently at the head of the SNP.

    This too shall pass.

    I can’t and don’t get angry anymore. It’s all too ludicrous. This country is totally fucked. Round and round and round she goes, and where she stops no-one knows…

    PS: Wonder if Pink knows her song got used. Bet they didn’t even ask. But she’s a gay ‘ally’ (like during the war, don’tcha know!) so she’d probably be alright with it anyway. Trustfall indeed.

  33. Merganser says:

    Hmm. The fact that the Balamory polis are in charge of the investigation indicates how it will be dealt with.

    What’s the story?

    Wouldn’t you like to know!

  34. Wilson McBride says:

    No wonder the SNP have no time to fight for Scottish independence,,,the bastards are too busy “othering”.

    Up to their eyeballs in gay committees, Trans committees, lesbian committees, young people with sexual orientation committees, and on and in it goes.

    Thank God Sturgeon has stepped down.

    Murrel will hopefully follow shortly. The elusive Peter Murrel. Pulling strings to the very end, trying his best to squeeze Yousaf in as First Minister.

    Lets hope neither are CEO nor First Minister next month.

    But the SNP need a complete clear out from top to bottom. Let’s hope Forbes and Regan get elected and begin the whole rotten process.

  35. Republicofscotland says:

    This is utterly disgraceful, there’s already little trust in Police Scotland, from the very public cases of Sheku Bayoh and Reece Bonnar.

    We could try contacting PIRC, but I wouldn’t hold my breath on anything meaningful happening, and with the hopeless Chief Constable Iain Livingstone standing down later this year don’t expect anything to change.

  36. DGP says:

    lorna campbell @12.17.
    I think it is possible that elections and the public domain have been so degraded/corrupted that there is no point in voting. a mighty ‘non vote’ might be more effective than compliance with normal civil activities.

  37. DaveL says:

    I’m beginning to think that the word ‘progressive’ when applied to Scotland is code for noncing and raping, especially from a cunt like Nicolson.

    The institutions of this country need to be torn down, they’re riddled with beasts nonces pervs and deviants. Bring it all down.

  38. SusanAHF says:

    Am I being naive in thinking Police Scotland should not be involved with this “charity” nor should schools? OT but some idea of the direction of travel of this “progressive ” shit is going: Spain has legalized BESTIALITY as long as the poor animal does not rquire veterinary treatment as a result…That’s what the TQ+ stands for. Sickening.

  39. Anton Decadent says:

    “We will make the West so corrupt that it will stink.”-Willi Munzenberg.

    As far as I remember his role was buying up youth clubs, galleries and cinemas etc in the West to use as front operations.

    The fact that this is not restricted to Scotland or the UK mainland but across most of the West shows that we are living through a full on cultural heist.

  40. Republicofscotland says:

    Now your talking Ash Regan calls for Peter Murrell to quit, at the very least he should be suspended pending the investigation.

  41. Antoine Bisset says:

    A response to Mac

    The groomers and rapists are not sent to prison. Very little action is being taken.

    As for the police, will Livingstone’s emails and file records be carefully kept for possible future investigation?

  42. Etticus says:

    As I’ve mentioned on the pages before I have heard rumours of SNP politicians attending sex parties with young men (or boys). Supposedly the police are aware and all they have done is threaten into silence the neighbours who complained about comings and goings and noise from the property where these parties took place.

    Now it may be that these rumours are not true but as it has becomes clear the SNP and greens have been infiltrated by and sold out to groups like LGBTYouth Scotland whose members have been involved in paedophilia and sex abuse. It would now appear that the police have been infiltrated by these perverts as well.

    If the house of murrell collapses will sturgeons successor have the guts to investigate these rumours and if any crimes have been committed ensure those responsible are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law?

    Of course it may be that a police force from outside Scotland, maybe Manchester or the met, will have to brought in to ensure corruption and criminality in police Scotland is dealt with as well. I doubt any of the candidates would do this as it would mean them having to take responsibility for their part in turning Scotland into the corrupt mess it is today.

    The SNP have destroyed Scotland. I hope everyone who has voted to for these criminals is proud of themselves.

  43. Wally+Jumblatt says:

    I hope in the next election -if all these terrible placement candidates and MSPs have not been deselected- that the same mistake is not made as last time (hold your nose & vote SNP and we will sort them out later).
    The entire SNP management & executive has to be removed and everything started afresh. If they are not about to rig this leadership count, they are certainly manipulating the coverage of the candidates. They manipulated the range of candidates possible pretty easily. Surprised the failed to make it a shortlist of one (for Democracy!)

  44. Big Jock says:

    The big question. When is Craig Murray releasing those emails?

  45. Etticus says:

    Also I’ve still got a response to my question about the alleged stramash involving Sturgeon and Anne Gloag.

    If it turns out that Anne Gloag was the catalyst that got the SNP accounts forensically examined leading the police investigation into the SNP and that sturgeon tried to fit Anne Gloag up to silence her then Sturgeon could be looking at some serious jail time. It would also appear that if police scotland dragged themselves into this affair leading to the resignation of Ian Livingstone there could be a number of police officers going down for this as well.

    No idea if any of this is true but nothing would surprise me. Be interested to know what anyone with their finger on the pulse thinks.

  46. DaveL says:

    I took a look at the link to PIRC (Police Investigations & Review Commissioner) provided by Republicofscotland at 12:43 pm.. And yes, I think he/she is right, don’t hold your breath waiting for that outfit to do much.

    Progressive purple is the predominant colour and it won’t be an accident.

  47. gregor says:

    WeAreFairCop (25/02/2023): Twitter:

    “This is an Article 10 violation.

    We’ll be writing to the Chief Constable.”:

  48. Republicofscotland says:


    Get back in your box Jocks, as Labour leader and millionaire knight of the realm Sir Kier Starmer says Scots will have no more powers over energy if he becomes PM.

  49. Ron Clark says:

    And lets not forget, Sturgeon has TWO ongoing fraud investigations running.

  50. James Che says:

    Legal matters only.

    The British Constitution, the English Constitution, the Scottish Constitution.

    Panic in England over the Coronation of prince Charles.

    A letter has been sent to prince Charles via Westminster by the people regarding prince Charles Constitutional position and Westminsters position within the Constitution,

    This letter is based on the foundation of Englands Magna Carta, which converted into the English Bill of Rights, which is claiming to be the British Bill of Rights.

    The equivelent in Scotland, was the Declaration of Arbroath as a foundation converted to the Claim of Right.

    Both inScotland and England were passed in their respective parliaments prior to the fake treaty of union.

    Both in there own way,
    are the only written identifiable Constitutional rights of people over parliaments and courts and right to Jury trials, and monarchy.,

    England is Claiming that the Constitution is now British and that Scotland does not have one because it joined The new Britain.

    The Constitutional Crises facing the Coronation of prince Charles is steadily growing in England.

    Recent debate Reference to This conversation can be found on you tube,
    The conversation is between Robert Vobes, own blog) in conversation with William Keyte’s. They have held three separate conversations on this spanning roughly four weeks .

    How is Scotlands founding Constitution of the “Claim of Right” not included in with Englands ” Bill of Rights” (together) that would make the last written consolidated British Constitution via the treaty of union?

  51. Shug says:

    What’s chance if a legal challenge on the leadership race given the conflict of interest and potential for corruption

    Any thoughts

    My understanding is the NEC members would have a personal legal liability

  52. SusanAHF says:

    Police Scotland probably have their share of paedophiles so supporting LGBTYS makes sense.

  53. Chas says:

    I have been away for a few weeks in sunnier climes and missed all the recent excitement following the Supreme Leader resigning. Nevertheless very welcome news however, I wonder if we will ever learn of the real reason?

    Stu has been a busy boy penning lots of articles. I have skimmed through a few of them, not so much with the comments, but one comment did catch my attention. Che stating he/she/it was leaving the site in the huff. It sums up the shite that this individual writes that no sooner has he/she/it gone, then he/she/it is back, with the same rubbish we see time after time…..after time……after time. Just go and give us all a break and take Gregor with you!

    So the choices facing the Flock to elect a new FM for Scotland are-

    1) A Muslim who wants to continue as before
    2) A member of the ‘Wee Free’ church who is at least honest in her beliefs
    3) An individual who wants to put Independence first on the agenda and will try to draw on and unite the whole of the Yes Movement in an effort to achieve her aims.

    I should point out that I have no time for religion of any kind. To me Religion can be summed up in 3 words-Fear, Money and Power. Fear for the masses and money and power for those at the top.

    I wonder who the cult members will opt for assuming it is a fair and transparent process? I also understand that the individual votes cast for each candidate will NOT be announced. Instead it will a percentage of the total votes cast? I have to ask why? Is it simply to hide how few people will actually be afford a vote as the cult membership has declined to embarrassing numbers?

  54. Antoine Roquentin says:

    The presence of unbridled demagoguery at the highest levels of government, with its influence and toxicity detectable throughout our institutions, not least our media, all strongly indicate that Scotland has completely failed to erect the prerequisite political-superstructure required of a successful sovereign-state.

    With the scales now falling from our eyes to reveal the actuality of that which was allowed to go before, we have, I’ll argue, a once-in-a-life-time opportunity to build a politically and culturally precocious young Scotland, where our spoilers and outright enemies are already well known to us.

  55. John C says:

    A few decades ago Belgium was rocked by a paedophile scandal which destroyed public trust in government, police, social services and any safeguarding organisation. It’s a scandal which is still being felt today there.

    The Dutroux case highlighted a major problem not just in Belgium but across Europe and for a few years countries took safeguarding exceptionally seriously as they didn’t want to be involved with something like this. Then a couple of things happened in the UK. The Savile case broke showing decades of establishment cover ups and Queer Theory started making serious inroads in UK life, society and culture.

    At a time when we should have been ramping up safeguarding in the wake of the Savile scandal, people in powerful positions were drenched in Queer Theory and were doing their best to blur the lines safeguarding should enforce.

    Which leads us to this. We have an organisation which at best, should be closed down while investigation into incredibly serious offences are investigated. Instead they’re open, still pushing aside safeguarding concerns and have politicians shilling for them knowing fine well they’re accused of grooming and facilitating child rape.

    I know a couple of people who were raped by Catholic priests as kids.They were dismissed just as people like Cowie are today and the establishment closed ranks in the 80s and 90s to protect the men who committed those rapes. This situation smacks of that sort of establishment cover up as there’s no way in hell Yousaf doesn’t know of the investigation, but is prepared to support them because we’ve created a class of people who are untouchable, just like priests were back in the day.

    But things change quickly in politics, and there’s an increasing backlash to Queer Theory mainly due to it being a way which is enabling extreme paedophilia in a way like nothing we’ve seen in our lifetimes. If LGBT Youth Scotland is found guilty (and I’d lay some money on that happening, even in Scotland as it is now) then all that’ll happen is a scandal which will wrap itself around the SNP, Police Scotland and every public figure who supported them.

    And as for Murrell, he needs to go from the SNP and any new leader needs to order an investigation into what the hell he was doing.

  56. John C says:

    Also, where’s the talk of actual policy outwith of some vague rumblings about independence? Scotland is facing serious problems right now brought on by Tory cruelty and SNP incompetence so where’s the ideas to tackle Scotland’s problems?

    Why also are supposed ‘lefty progressives’ cheering on Yousaf when he’s a neoliberal who has failed in every political role he’s had? When did cheering on people like this become left wing or is it really just a case that the Trans issue is purely a smokescreen for regressive social policies and conservative fiscal policies?

  57. Ottomanboi says:

    From BBC website on Shari’a, Islamic Law.

    [What areas of law do Muslims in Britain think are mishandled by British state law?

    I think Muslims generally are shocked by the general lack of respect and discipline here, especially if they are immigrants and not born here. They are particularly shocked by lack of discipline in schools and the difficulties faced by so many teachers in getting children to behave in class and actually learn.

    They are shocked by the appalling rates of theft, drunkenness, drug addiction, sex outside marriage, abortions, rape of children and old ladies, homosexuality – especially when it is being put forward as quite normal and an acceptable alternative sexual lifestyle; homosexuals in positions of authority (from teachers to MPs).

    They are also shocked by the general lack of respect for those in authority, and older people in general. In Muslim homes, children would probably be expected not to smoke in front of parents, not to sit down or start eating before them.]

    In the spirit of the above is Mr Yousaf being honest with us?

  58. JGedd says:


    It has crossed my mind in an idle moment, that we need mass disengagement with the electoral process as presently constituted. It would have to be organized and campaigned for and would require mass participation (or non-participation). And there’s the problem.

    The political scene in this country is so rotten and corrupt and immune to change which renders the electorate largely impotent, that something radical has to be tried. Trouble is I have no idea how this could be organized. Perhaps something along the lines of what already happened in the last election where people were writing on their voting papers ‘ None of the above’. It would have to be large numbers though, not just a small cohort of the already-convinced. There would have to be huge piles of rejected ballot papers that the parties could not ignore for it to be effective

    However, this only works if many people are involved and it would have to be resolute as people might be spooked by the idea that some would be sneakily back-sliding and getting their chosen politicians in on their votes.( It is after all a secret ballot.) Rent strikes in the past did work but that involved solidarity among those directly involved and motivated.

    I haven’t thought it out of course, as I said, but something has to give in this malaise in which the political elite has captured democracy and made it work for them. It’s patently obvious that they have contempt for the ordinary voter and getting to put a cross on a voting paper every few years is hardly democracy. ( It was actually a Tory grandee, Lord Hailsham, who correctly called it, several decades ago, an elective dictatorship.)

    When Athenian democracy came into being, it was specifically to prevent the power of elites controlling the rest of society. Their form of democracy was not one we would recognise as democracy for a modern state – since you could only vote if you were a freeborn Athenian male – but they wouldn’t recognise our democracy either since the individual voter has no access to actual government and takes no part accept for the ritual of voting.

    Sorry for the ineffectual rant, but sometimes frustration at the awful state of our state needs venting. The elites, not just of this country, have appropriated the process of democracy and we are just helpless onlookers. The self-satisfied gloating at our impotence that our politicians can hardly conceal, is galling.

  59. Big Jock says:

    Shug. Absolutely. If Murrel is being investigated for financial chicanery,then how in hell can he oversee a political election.

    I hope at the end of this. Salmond will be exonerated, and can come back to play a central part in our movement. We desperately need him now.

    Some people will be doing time for this. Look what happened to Natalie McGarry for a much lesser amount.

  60. bluegrass banjo says:

    amazing how many independent countries blair mcdougall visits

    he must have guilt complex when it comes to scotland

  61. Lorna Campbell says:

    Often, when someone starts spouting ‘progress’, they mean the exact opposite. Regression is the result. We are being force-fed more and more barbarous legislation that makes little sense, while, at the same time, decent laws that protect people are being hacked down at the behest of the few. This is Queer Theory in action and it is cultural Marxism in action: let’s have freedom and rights for me but for no one else unless he/she agrees with me and bends the knee. No, just go forth and multiply, you spineless, town-hall-clocked-face public servants of cringing, virtue-signalling iniquity.

  62. Liz says:

    Interesting comment re Ann Gloag and Sturgeon.

    I know they were serious allegations being thrown around.
    Wonder if someone was hoping that mud would stick.

    If this has anything to do with Sturgeon cabal, I doubt AG would take it lying down.
    She can afford the best lawyers.
    Maybe another reason for the sudden resignations

  63. Anton Decadent says:

    The normalisation of paedophilia goes hand in hand with the cover up of the grooming gangs such as the one which was operating at the Four Corners in Glasgow. The perpetrators are of greater value to the political classes than the victims hence the introduction of hate speech laws under the watch of Humza Yousef as Justice Minister in early 2020 just as word of the Glasgow based gang, which was made up 100% of people either seeking or granted asylum in Scotland, began to leak out into the public realm after a media cover up in collusion with the establishment and Scottish government. Look up Operation Cerrar.

    I am well aware that this is a can of worms which many in Scotland who see themselves as progressive Left do not wish to see opened.

  64. Robert Hughes says:

    @ Pacman

    ” The Freemasons aren’t criminals and don’t commit crimes but the issue was the potential conflict of interest when investigating crimes individuals who is a Freemason. The issue was about accountability and that Police investigating crime impartially. ”

    I’m convinced something of this nature is behind the seemingly untouchable status of the Sturrell Gang .

    The connective masonic tissue of the Scottish Police/Politics/Judiciary/Media is long-established , runs deep and is virtually impregnable .

    What else better explains the fact that in the most blatant display of vicious character assassination/attempted imprisonment re Alex Salmond – a case so * laughably * feeble it should never have made it past the PF’s front door – NOT A SINGLE PERSON was held accountable , the subsequent * enquiry * redacted to idiocy , and a protective wall erected around the perjuring complainants ?

    The other – perhaps not unrelated – explanation for such a disgraceful perversion of justice/legal system .. the Sturrell Gang were protected owing to their capacity to deliberately sabotage of Independence will ( if accurate ) probably never be exposed .

    Whatever the truth of all this , the article above demonstrates the degree of acquiescence by Police Scotland in the political agenda of the current SNP : albeit it is not the only public organisation in our country to be so captured , but it is one with significant power to affect the lives of * ordinary * people in our country

  65. Doug says:

    I hope Craig Murray is not keeping his email powder dry until the last week of the leadership campaign. Most votes, I think, will have been clicked in by then. Probably legal issues are the issue.

  66. Ottomanboi says:

    The secular world does a good line in fear, money and power too.
    That diabolic trinity was operating throughout the Covid «crisis» and made mincemeat of the concept of democracy whether direct or representative, and got away with it under the pretext of keeping the world «safe».
    What we need is honesty and the return of the ability to trust those in public life.
    We are also in dire need of accountability, planet wide.

  67. SusanAHF says:

    So true Ottomanboi

  68. Mia says:

    The message all current events appear to be sending is that there seems to be an alarming and disturbing high level of tolerance and blind-eye attitude among high government ranks, prosecution service and police towards paedophilia, fraud, perjury and malicious prosecutions.

    One cannot help but questioning why.

    It seems it didn’t take long for the Crown Agent to blur boundaries between executive and judicial powers and collude with the civil service into instructing a police investigation around Mr Salmond, seemingly to legitimise his political prosecution on the basis of fabricated evidence.

    Why wasn’t the same level of urgency and proactivity displayed by the crown agent towards these alleged cases of paedophilia, fraud, perjury or malicious prosecutions?

    Are we to understand from this huge discrepancy that the figure of the crown agent is only interested in bringing forward prosecution cases against politicians who represent a threat to the union turning a blind eye to every other crime?

    We all know paedophilia is a weakness which happens to be most useful for the powers that be, because it renders politicians with such perversion as perfect puppets for life.

    But paedophilia is not the only “skill” useful to the powers that be, is it? A background in fraud could be equally advantageous. One guesses that the bigger and more callous the fraud, the bigger the value of the asset

    One could also argue that acquired expertise in bringing forward malicious prosecutions to high expense to the public purse and ability to display a poker face afterwards, could be useful, say in the imaginary event where the state might need to resource to deploying malicious prosecutions to stop certain political inconveniences.

    Even the ability, experience and willingness to comete perjury might be “transferrable” skills which could come in handy for the state in certain exceptional circumstances.

    One can imagine that public exposure of the involvement of a executive member of a political party, a parliamentarian, a high ranking police officer, a member of the prosecution or judicial service in fraudulent activities would ruin somebody’s political career and family reputation.

    One can also imagine that experienced and discrete fraudsters might even be in high demand in dangerous scenarios, such as, let’s say, the the imaginary situation where there is a very inconvenient election on the horizon where the state’s puppet had to be dethroned but the next model available has not even entered the public’s radar on what is considered acceptable.

    But I suppose fraudsters, perjurers, paedophiles and those involved in malicious prosecutions are only useful for as long as they have not been publicly outsted. It is not difficult to see how in certain imaginary situations it might be convenient for the state to keep these rare, “skilled” assets in post and away from uncomfortable police investigations until their valuable skills have been fully exploited.

    After watching how efficient the COPFS and the police were in creating the case against Mr Salmond utilising so many resources, one cannot help but wondering why the hell is taking so long for the investigation into the disappearance of the £600,000 to progress.

    One cannot help but wondering if the reason for this lack of progress might even be because the usefulness for the state of those responsible in their current positions might outweight the state’s interest in preserving, for the benefit of the public, the pretence of functionality and impartiality of the COPFS, police, civil service and judiciary.

    I am sure I am not the only one who has been wondering for quite sometime how many Derek McKays, how many paedophiles, how many fraudsters, how many perjurers and how many people involved in malicious prosecutions might be hiding wihtin SNP ranks, sitting or working in our parliament, hiding inside the higher echelons of the UK civil service, police, COPFS and courts. And more importantly, how many of those are, because of their rare “skills”, actively assisting the powers that be into thwarting Scotland’s independence.

  69. JGedd says:

    SusanAHF @ 12.49pm

    Really? You’re right, that is truly sickening. In that former citadel of conservatism, Catholic Spain, that is astonishing.

    I’m beginning to see a pattern; this Western phenomenon of legalising perversions is going to attract the votes of deviants but – and don’t bite my head off – is aimed at men. If this is legal then anything is legal. The idea is common in most western countries now that what is wanted, under the guise of individual freedom, without actually stating it, is enabling men to do what they want. Of course, not every man with a pet dog or a farmyard has that desire but if you can legalise bestiality then other men will regard their own desires as being more normal by comparison.

    This is so obviously now a planned assault on the mores of society, or what we like to call Western values. This is directed deliberately to remove protections, a softening-up process to enable elites to do as they wish which is power without responsibility. They seem to have enlisted deviancy as one of the ways to gain support among those who wish to have there particular perversions/desires legalised and so enable their own predilections and lifestyles. They must think there are a lot of deviants out there.

    Many years ago, before I knew anything about transgender ideology and thought it was just allowing a small minority of individuals the freedom to live as they wished, I read an article by an American gay man who attacked it as a right wing political assault on human rights starting on the rights of women. Women’s rights were regarded as being iconic on the left, one of the first movements for equality and an important platform supporting civil rights movements which is why he said it would be emblematic to undermine it and that would only be the start. Undermining the rights and freedoms of half the human race is quite an ambition but seems to have been easily done, unfortunately with the weak complaisance of many women.

    Once that sexual bastion falls, then all else follows.

  70. Republicofscotland says:

    This just what we want to hear and read from Ash Regan, hopefully she is taking advice from Salmond and lets say Murray in the background.

    I hope if Craig Murray is involved and I can’t say that he is or isn’t, that he reminds Ash Regan of this.

    “A Scottish government, whether arising from the Scottish Parliament or from another body, needs in declaring Independence to ensure it has practical control of Scotland.

    That means that the organs of the state have to acknowledge the Scottish state. All taxes collected must go to Edinburgh, not to Westminster. The judiciary must apply Scottish laws and not Westminster ones, where they conflict, and specifically apply all new laws post the Declaration of Independence. The police must answer only to Scottish authorities. Ultimately so must the military stationed in Scotland.

    At the time Independence is declared, immediate action must be taken to ensure all civil servants, judges, police and military take an oath of loyalty to the people of Scotland and its new government, and renounce any previous loyalty to Crown and to UK political institutions. Anybody refusing must be summarily dismissed from their positions.

    We have the example of Catalonia before us. We also have the example of Egypt’s only ever democratically elected leader, President Morsi, who died horribly in jail after being overthrown by a CIA coup because he failed to take the elementary precaution of dismissing and imprisoning all the military regime’s corrupt judges. He should have learnt from Fritz Bauer.”

    Courtesy of Craig Murray.

  71. James Che says:

    Legal matters only.

    The ” bill of rights” England.
    The “claim of right” Scotland.

    Both mentioned in the treaty of the union, derive from the right of people,
    the “Claim of right” has its foundation stone in the Declaration of Arbroath,

    Unchangable by Westminster parliament regarding the separate laws of Scotland that was agreed to in the treaty of the union article. “The written Claim of right” , does not mention freedom of speech as specific to barons, Lord, ecclesiastical , universities or educational protections for members of the parliament in England. But a law made for the Scots.

    The “claim of right” was passed through the [Scottish] parliament prior to signing the treaty. It is not a English law, nor is it British law.

    Likewise with the magna Carta and the bill of right for England under in the treaty, it is English law. For England.

    That Westminster presumes it is a (Scots law ) ( The Scots made) for Englands Westminster parliament members, pushes the bounderies and legalities of presumption laws made for Scots prior to the treaty,
    But nevertheless agreed to by England as (Scots law)made prior to and included as Scots law in the treaty.

    Westminster cannot alter the meaning by interpretation of Scots law of the “Claim of right” for Scots. To mean it applies Westminster parliament members,

  72. SusanAHF says:

    Yes JGedd, it is social engineering, destroying societal norms – which are social constructs and thus ripe for destabilising – for the benefit of deviants. It makes it harder to argue for controls therefore “queering” society to the extent that most people no longer know what to think. Right is wrong, black is white. That’s what transgender ideology is too, the thin end of the wedge. Men can be women. Adults can be children and act and be permitted to act accordingly. We’ve got to stop this. Unfortunately, and I say this as a lesbian, there IS some overlap with the LGB on this.

  73. James Che says:

    Legal matters only.

    Scotland does not have a legal Scottish parliament.
    It is a Uk legislated parliament in Scotland.
    It is by law a British parliament.

    The Scottish parliament closed it doors in 1707,

  74. Etticus says:

    @robert hughes

    I agree with a lot you say but sturgeon is not a mason and hasn’t been corrupted by the British state.

    Sturgeons past is full of red flags and she should never have been allowed into politics. She was slung out the law in disgrace and here she is now controlling the crown office and police. She is corrupt, her sole aim in politics is power and money. She duped Alex Salmond and then knifed him when he was no longer needed. She has achieved what she has by ripping off every dumb sap who ever voted for her. She doesn’t care about anything other than herself. Peter murrell is also corrupt, the pair of them have surrounded themselves with a collection of crooks and liars. They bribed and threatened the rest with the help of enforcers like Swinney and Ian McCann. They rigged the polls to show support for Indy that wasn’t there to make the Indy carrot just that little bit closer. Sturgeon never cared about independence, it was just a vehicle to dupe the cult. They’ve done all of this in plain sight, the media looked the other way and the SNP cult wheeshd for Indy and voted them back in time after time and Scotland slid into the sewer. Like Jonestown on a grand scale. Get them to believe you can change sex and they will believe anything.

    Until people face up to the fact that the SNP’s corruption is a purely home grown example of absolute power being handed to the wrong people in the mistaken belief that Sturgeon would lead them to freedom, Scotland will never progress. But of course to do that would require snp voters taking accountability for allowing themselves to be duped into following a personality cult.

    Who knows where this all ends but there is now the prospect of the first minister of Scotland being questioned and charged with serious criminal offences. Scotland is institutionally corrupt thanks the the SNP cult electing people they knew were crooks. Jim Sillars is right. What a mess.

  75. Confused says:

    – good link republic, this is exactly what everyone should want to hear.

    It should be stressed if she gets flak (she will) for being so “extreme” to point out she was responding hypothetically to a situation where the UK refused to recognise the DEMOCRATIC WILL OF THE SCOTTISH PEOPLE, WHO ARE SOVEREIGN IN LAW AND TREATY …

    ITSELF AN EXTREME SITUATION demanding extreme measures, that the UK should become a PARIAH state

    (If you prick us do we not bleed? … And if you wrong us shall we not revenge?)

    EVERYONE IN THE WORLD HATES ENGLAND AND THE ENGLISH and we just have to trust “the wisdom of crowds”

    the EU is sick of them; French, Germans, Spanish for historical reasons

    Spain will never “veto” us because of Gibraltar

    Russia – !!!

    China – opium wars

    Iran – 53 coup at the behest of BP aka Anglo Persian oil

    India/Pakistan – Flashman up the khyner antics and looting

    West Indies – slavery, sugar

    Africa – blacks and boers together

    USA – 1776 is a big deal for them; they treat the UK with contempt – Hollywood likes its villains “British”

    Israel – despite being created by Britain, they despise the english, more of a general attitude

    Iceland – the cod wars

    Ireland – they have their reasons … so I am told

    They have no friends, and their only real power is a seat on the security council they should have given up long ago and only exists by virtue of 4 creaking old subs the russians can hear halfway across the atlantic

    The biggest joke on earth is how the english are completely blind to this; this delusion exists at all levels – on high, the UK diplomat sees Britain as an advanced western nation, greatly admired across the globe for historical reason, which punches above its weight on the world scene, and is a great place for education and doing business … the unfortunate events of history largely forgotten in a more just and tolerant era …

    – other countries alas, REMEMBER THEIR OWN HISTORY, and see the english as thieves, corrupt, and incapable of keeping agreements

    and at the low level, in the sangria bars, the red skinned whales of Essex think the locals “love’em”, especially when they use their language

    un beero, por favor, manuel

    Most Scots know this – we’ve all been there, having trouble in a foreign land, then the light bulb clicks on in the head


    then they embrace you and buy you beers all night

    “international recognition” should be the BALL ON THE PENALTY SPOT TO AN OPEN GOAL AND A KEEPER SLEEPING

  76. Alf Baird says:

    Mia @ 3:32 pm

    “how many of those are, because of their rare “skills”, actively assisting the powers that be into thwarting Scotland’s independence.”

    So long as the colonizer remains in charge of the ‘justice system’ his agents and the many other ‘recruits’ involved in ‘the racket’ tend to be afforded immunity from prosecution; meanwhile the native on the anti-colonial side seeking liberation ‘hardly ever seeks for justice in the colonial framework’. ‘The colonial regime owes its legitimacy to force’, subversion activity increasing whenever ‘colonialism is imperiled’ and where ‘they use the people against the people’ (Frantz Fanon).

  77. Ottomanboi says:

    JGedd. 3:34 pm

    «homo sum: humani nil a me alienum puto» from the play The Self-tormentor by the Roman playwright Publius Terentius Afer is often cited as a do as you please by some keen to be free of all moral restriction.
    In the same play there is the line «nam deteriores omnes sumus licentiae» we are all the worse for doing as we please.
    P. Terentius Afer, of Amazigh (Berber) heritage would have no shortage of material in C21.
    Indeed, one person’s freedom becomes another’s moral/ethical pandora’s box.
    In times such as these ancient wisdom has some traction.

  78. Ignoramus says:

    How to dismantle the political elite?
    Not easy.
    One way would be to take steps to stop it being a career.
    Limit the period of “ service” for a MSP to 8 years or a fixed number of elections- which elections should generally be for a fixed term.
    Anyone serving the nation would have their job preserved so that they can return to their career & be generously rewarded for their sacrifice.
    I have seen very little improvement in politicians with long service- quite the opposite.

  79. akenaton says:

    One bright note, given the response of the public to Mr Campbell’s expose SNP members may be frightened into rejection of Sturgeon’s “man” and leave the victory to Kate Forbes. Ms Regan simply does not have the gravitas or the confidence to take on the job of first minister.
    The ground is shifting under our feet people…”I feel it in my watter!” as my old buddy used to say. what is happening here in Scotland may yet envelope all of the Western world. A return to sanity which I thought I would never see, but to kill the beast, we must first own it.

  80. Big Jock says:

    Hard luck Scotland. No complaints. They took the game to France and nearly did it. Still in with a chance. ??

  81. Big Jock says:

    I am not sure the English nation appreciate that they are more hated than the Russians.

  82. Merganser says:

    “Scottish LGBTI Police Association”

    How can a a group call itself this if you are supposed to just call people men or women without reference to trans?

    In addition to police constables and women police constables, do they have trans police constables and trans women police constables?

    How many trans identifying police officers are there – are we allowed to know? What uniforms do they wear? Can they conduct intimate body searches of men and women at random without disclosing they are trans?

    If a 6′ 6″ bearded officer in a police woman’s uniform knocked on your door would you think that was ok?

  83. akenaton says:

    The original investigation into Stonewall Youth Scotland had nothing to do with “Trans”
    “To kill the beast, we have to own it”

  84. Geoff Anderson says:

    I drives me nuts how the TransCult have taken over the SNP and wrecked the Independence movement.
    However I appreciate Wings shining a light on it. I assume a six figure readership of these articles will increase the awareness of what is happening.

    Good work Stu….please keep turning those rocks over.

  85. ronald says:

    Bbc showing Chariots of Fire ( eric liddell ) who wouldn’t race on a sunday due to his christian faith

    Might they be changing their support to Kate Forbes .

  86. Alf Baird says:

    Big Jock @5:27 pm

    “Hard luck Scotland.”

    Big difference readily noticeable between ‘national’ games at Hampden and Murrayfield is the far greater propensity for Scots waving saltires at the former, but not the latter (hardly any in fact). What is it wi the Scots middle clesses?

    Yes? –

    No? –

    Curious that certain social groups appear unwilling to want to lift oor ain national flag at national events.

  87. Stoker says:

    And here’s more on the ineptitude of Police Scotland. They’ve done fuck all regarding the rioting Hun scum in Glasgow City centre (twice within a couple of weeks or so). Then their top man Livingstone gets a knighthood.

    Today, 6-hours before the Scottish League Cup Final, a pre-arranged battle took place in Glasgow City centre between large groups of *Rangers & Celtic fans. If the BBC can report that it was pre-arranged, what were Police Scotland’s intelligence unit doing? Taking part? What a shit-show of a police force. And for that i don’t blame the frontline officers. Every bit of blame sits with the inept desk-jockeys commanding the force. Livingstone should lead by example and hand his knighthood back. We want a Scotland that abhors failure not rewards it.

    And as a side to that game today:

    Liquidated Doppelgangers 1 The Other Mob 2
    Perhaps the overrated sack of shit being paid way over the top by *Rangers should keep his gob shut in future. Showing disrespect to your opponents tends to get your words rammed down your throat, arsehole. Stating *Rangers are better than Celtic and referring to Celtic as the other mob. Will someone please show dipstick Sakala the league table? Then ask the c@nt if he scored in todays game? Good players let their skills do the talking, shite ones play to the fanbase. Sakala who? He will be kissing their badge soon. LOL!

    Rugby: Unlucky, Scotland! Yous went for it but just came up short. Still massively improved compared to recent years. Heads held high, Ireland next on 12th March then Italy on 18th. C’mon lads, we can do it. Will be interesting to see how this squad responds to the French defeat. C’MON SCOTLAND!

  88. Republicofscotland says:

    Y’know Ash Regan’s campaign launch speech is a real breath of fresh air considering we’ve been breathing Sturgeon’s poisonous fumes for the last eight years.

    For those who missed it here it is again.

    There’s a gap between the link because I’m not sure this site allows YT videos. /watch?v=mLfigiVZfbo

  89. Doug says:

    Poll figures on independence seem unmoved by all the hoohaa, which is something I suppose. Might get a boost if Forbes or Regan wins.

  90. Kenny says:

    Etticus says:
    26 February, 2023 at 1:04 pm

    ‘If the house of murrell collapses will sturgeons successor have the guts to investigate these rumours and if any crimes have been committed ensure those responsible are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law?’..

    It won’t collapse, and the corruption that was initiated by sturgeon and murrell will continue under Yousaf – that’s why he’ll be put in place. Bodies buried etc.

  91. Alex Stone says:

    I wonder if Murrell’s busy shopping online for an industrial sized tub of vaseline for his impending stretch.

  92. Republicofscotland says:

    “Curious that certain social groups appear unwilling to want to lift oor ain national flag at national events.”


    I can still recall with utter disdain, the House Jocks yelling and screaming when our fire brigade put Saltires on the front of our fire engines.

    The modern day municipal fire service was founded in Edinburgh by Scot James Braidwood in 1824, he was the first master of the engine.

    Interestingly about Braidwood he gave evidence at the infamous Burke and Hare trial.

  93. Dorothy Devine says:

    Akhenaten, I felt the ground move under my feet at the last march prior to 2014 referendum – I was sure Scotland was on her way so ‘feeling it in your watter’ is not the most accurate measurement.

  94. Viscount Ennui says:

    There does need to be a purge and a tacit acceptance that poor governance has occurred. The SNP still appears to be the most credible vehicle for achieving independence BUT it requires a fundamental re-set and the articulation of a clear AND COHERENT vision for the nation we aspire to.
    This will not appeal to the less talented MSPs who currently hold senior positions in government, but it will appeal to the membership.
    Most critical of all is to rid the party of any association with the Murrells.

  95. Ron Clark says:

    Republic of Scotland 3.45pn

    The National got told to get it’s arse in gear, and it now actually recognises that there are THREE players in the race for the SNP leadership.

    Good to see Ash Regan explaining in the simplest and strongest terms the route to Scottish independence.

    Lets hope her PR team are making sure her name is not forgotten in all the other papers and media outlets.

    Ash Regan, she could become as popular as Alex Salmond if the Gods are shining on her.

    Go for it Ash!!!

  96. Ron Clark says:

    James Che

    Has made more comebacks than Frank Sinatra.

    He/She got as far as the front gate and,…it was just too much, he/she just had to turn around and come back.

    The pull of the old place was just too strong.

    Welcome back James Che from your far flung travels.

    Lets hope the journey you have been on enlightened you and opened up your mind to a whole world of new ideas.

  97. Big Jock says:

    What I have noticed at Murrayfield is a very polite version of Scottishness. It’s a funny sport. Because in the Borders Rugby us a working class game. Yet in Edinburgh, Glasgow or Stirling. It’s definitely a middle class game.

    I tend to focus very much on the rugby and ignore some of the middle class bores that follow the national team. Peter Wright is great on the radio commentary. Just an ordinary guy who drives trucks. The Hastings and Soles of this world were all very much middle class unionists. But the soul of Scottish rugby is in the Borders.

    As for Sevco. It was never possible for them to win today. They are the only Premier side not to get a penalty against them. But get a penalty awarded almost every game. Even Var couldn’t help them today. Their fans are just a bunch of entitled relics.

  98. Ottomanboi says:

    Why it’s wise to wear a hoodie in public.

    At last that covid mask is actually useful for something.

  99. Charles Findlay says:

    James Braidwood didn’t stop after he started the Edinburgh Fire Brigade. He soon found himself in London, founding the Brigade there. Killed at The Great Fire of Tooley Street, his memory is highly respected in the present day LFB, and there was a shrine to him, with his axe, helmet and epaulettes in the Fire Brigade museum at Southwark Training Centre, where as recruits, we were taken to pay our respects. A truly inspirational man. I even named my cat after him.

  100. Ron Clark says:

    Big Jock

    Rangers supporters are stuck in a seventies time warp.

    They still live their lives in a time when the first thing they want to know about a person is whether they are a Catholic or a Protestant.

    What school you went to.

    Are you a supporter of King Charlie or the Pope.

    Want to retain strong links with Northern Ireland.

    UDA, UVF.

    Retain strong links with their brothers in England.

    Retain the Union.

    Stamp all over the Saltire.

    Supporters of Scottish Independence are their sworn enemy.

    Fly their beloved Union Jack whenever possible.

    As I said, the bastards are stuck in a 1970s time warp.

    So anything that helps keep the Butcher’s Apron in the bottom drawer is a good thing.

    Fuck King Charlie and all who fall at his feet.

  101. Lorna Campbell says:

    SusanAHF/JGedd: the whole point of Queer Theory is freedom to do precisely as you please, usually sexually, and, more or less, all academic proponents of QT have been paedophiles. Cultural Marxism is the overthrowing of all societal norms, and heteronormativity is in its sights, with much else. Both require the subjugation of the female of the species, although you are right, JGedd, it is often females who espouse this utter c**p, as if, at the end of the day, they count for anything.

    Bestiality is one ‘delight’ on the smorgasbord, and no dog could possibly not require a vet’s help if it is attacked by a grown male. Many of these ‘trans’ ‘women’ own dogs, and two that I have read about recently, in England, were up on charges of raping and intending to rape, an animal. But, hey, this never happens, folks. All good, clean fun. Yes, JGedd, you are right: all this is aimed at men – all men, I’m afraid, who are being encouraged subtly and not-so-subtly to abandon women and children and concentrate on SEX of every imaginable kind, and much that is unimaginable to most people.

    What they intend is that there should be two sets of men carrying on these practices in public – one set, not ‘trans’, will be arrested (at least thus far) and the other set will be given carte blanche because…”stunning and brave… ” They will campaign for the end of these prohibitive laws that protect us all from deviants in public. This is how they will undermine society.

    People in the street think you are as daft as a coot when you say these things, but it is the truth about this movement. We are constantly told that these poor victims are put upon by brutish TERFS, but the truth is the exact opposite. It is hard-to-stomach stuff, but, if you want to understand what is happening, you need to read it and listen to it. We must protect our children and youth from this vile movement. Some ‘trans’ will not wish to intrude on female spaces, etc. and/or do not agree with child transitioning, but, at the end of the day, they are still paraphiliacs/fetishists, and driven by sexual perversions. There is no way round that. If we want an independent Scotland, this stuff must be pushed back on, hard, and stamped down on, hard, and eradicated where it pops up. It is, in essence, the hard left opening the door to the far right, and, together, ushering in a totalitarian state. But, hey, what do I know?

  102. Tommo says:

    ‘Voter empowerment mechanism’; something new; it’s definitely NOT a de-facto referendum but only counts when/if independence wins.

  103. PacMan says:

    Interesting article about a Oli London who was ‘transracial’ and has now de-transitioned back to a man. He is critical of GRR:

    And despite being one of the most high profile trans people in recent memory, Oli has a perhaps surprising answer to a question that has flummoxed both Sir Kier Starmer and the SNP’s Nicola Sturgeon: What is a woman?

    He said: ‘A women is someone that’s born a women – you cannot change biology.
    ‘When I had all that surgery, I felt like a women, and looked like a women, but I wasn’t, I was Trans.
    ‘Know that if you want to live in the body of the opposite sex you need to respect women.’

    He’s also particularly critical of the Scottish government’s gender recognition reform bill – a piece of legislation that reduced the minimum age a person can apply for a Gender Recognition Certificate from eighteen to sixteen, and removed the need for a medical diagnosis and evidence of having lived for two years in their acquired gender.

    This according to Oli, spells trouble.

    He said: ‘The thing with self Id is that so many young people like to explore who they are
    ‘What they had in place in Scotland before the new bill was fine, now they’ve removed the safety of women’s spaces as anyone can just say they’re a women.
    ‘It’s harmful to let everyone skip all the checks and balances that protect everyone.’

  104. akenaton says:

    As an atheist, I have no religious axe to grind and I don’t condemn people who feel the need for a God, but as a very young boy I learned a hard lesson regarding sectarianism, which I now view as the blight of Scotland.
    My Uncle used to take me to all the big football matches in Glasgow as I was a big fan of Rangers flying Outside Right Alex Scott. We were travelling out to Mount Florida on one of the old steam Football Specials when we found ourselves in a compartment full of a mixture of Celtic and Rangers supporters slightly the worse of drink. an argument ensued followed by a bit of shoving, cursing and threatening which got rather ugly.
    At the height of the commotion an old tall man of about sixty rose to his feet and addressed the warring parties explaining that he was an atheist and all their fighting and swearing was unproductive and that they should be concentrating on the condition of the working people.
    There was a moment of silence then absolute fury as the two groups of supporters set about the old man knocked him to the floor and kicked him senseless.
    That vision has never left me and often causes me to question the innate goodness of “the People”

    My uncle later explained that the old man had removed their “raison detre”, all they had was this hatred for one another’s religion and when it was questioned they felt insecure and were unable to resist the temptation to lash out and restore their credibility. I subsequently realised that this phenomenon exists in many walks of life.

  105. Big Jock says:

    The one thing I keep getting told is that 40% of Sevco fans want independence. Well they are hellava quiet and invisible. And suffering from cognitive dissonance.

    I simply couldn’t support any team with their ethos. It goes against everything I believe.

  106. Vivian O’Blivion says:

    ?Senator Bernie Sanders says on Sophy Ridge on Sunday that Scots should be free to vote for independence.
    Sen. Sanders will be well aware that the British Security Services sent wee Simon Bracey-Lane into spy on his Primary campaign against Hilary Clinton. Bracey-Lane was employed by the Institute for Statecraft, a laughably deniable cut-out operation funded by the SIS and the British military.

  107. Anton Decadent says:

    Whilst I am happy with todays result I have family who are fans of The Rangers and who voted Yes in 2014 but who since sensed that they were not held in high esteem by many in the movement, I can’t imagine what would give them that idea.

  108. shug says:

    I would like Ash to respond to “but London will continue to say no” with –

    On the 11 Nov we remember all the people in our history that sacrificed their lives to protect democracy. Are you telling me their sacrifice was in vain. Think about that next tie you wear a poppy.

    Are you telling me Westminster in not a democracy.

    Are you telling me London fights for the right of Ukrainians to self determination but not Scotland.

  109. Peter S says:

    Let’s not forget that LGBT Youth Scotland is heavily financed by the Scottish Government…

  110. Alan A says:

    A lot of Scots voted No not because they were especially “unionist” as they were labelled but because they thought too many in the SNP were just plain shifty. Might have voted SNP but never really convinced that they could trust them with such a big undertaking. So now that suspicion has been proved +++ best bet for independence is to take out if SNP hands altogether as many have said.. in reality might need to wait for the next cycle to come back round…

  111. President Xiden says:

    @BigJock. You seem to have developed a strong hatred of a football club you claim is only a few years old. It’s almost as if it’s part of a rivalry going back over a hundred years. Could you explain this phenomenon?

  112. PacMan says:

    I see Yousaf is moaning that the leadership debate is about GRR and single sex marriage.

    The SNP has made so much capital out of such so-called progressive politics that is come to overtake their raison d’être of independence.

    It does seem amusing, in a grim way, that he is so worked up about it defining his leadership bid.

    The SNP and in turn, Yousaf himself has enjoyed so much success by pushing such social policies to hide both they lack of depth on policies that matter to ordinary people and to hide their neo-liberal economic policies. It has helped them in the good times and now it has come back and bit them now that the wheels have come off this disastrous strategy.

    As the saying goes, The chickens have come home to roost.

  113. Dan says:

    OT There’s a wee bit of Northern Lights action going on.
    Denizens of Auld Reekie may want to quickly check it out for free before Underbelly start charging 15 quid for a ticket to look at the sky.

  114. Big Jock says:

    Anton. Sevco are disliked by every other team in Scotland. Their motto being” Everybody hates us we don’t care”.

    For any normal person that would force them to address their moral compass. For someone with sociopathic tendencies, they instead double down on the bad behaviour.

    I used to work with a guy. Who thought it appropriate to wear a Red Hand Of Ulster t shirt on a Saturday in the office. He was often seen with an England strip at Hampden. I had to pretend I hadn’t seen him, as I was so disgusted with his anti Scottish behaviour.

    I think they represent the self loathing Scot. The lickspittle subservient boot lickers. I saw an Asian Sevco fan singing he would rather be a Paki than a Taig. I mean honestly where do you even begin with that!

  115. Big Jock says:

    Shug. I heard that ignoramus on Radio Shortbread asking Ash about the London veto. He really should have been asking why the SNP would allow any veto.

    Independence is an international declaration. Effectively Unilateral on behalf of the people. I genuinely believe people like Guisler actually think a country has to ask permission for independence! He really is that stupid.

    Using that logic , no country could ever leave another country. As domestic law could hold it in perpetue. The problem is that Sturgeon has allowed the veto narrative to become a thing. It should have been addressed several elections ago.

    Ash intends to do this. Indeed it will be the only way to proceed.

  116. Big Jock says:

    President- It only takes one season to dislike Sevco!

  117. Heaver says:

    Ash Regan got a reasonably sympathetic slot on radio shortbread news at ten there. What’s going on?

  118. Lorna Campbell, so true!

    Every time, I hear the word “progressive”, I think “one step forward and two steps back”.

    I am surprised that the word has nor fallen into complete obscurity by now, with the likes of “social progress”, “more equal”, “less equal”, “equality, diversity and inclusion” and many more. Often completely illogical and mathematically incorrect!

    To say nothing of: “bigot”, “homophobe”, “transphobe”, “TERF” and “dinosaur”!

  119. Shug says:

    What’s with MPs supporting Humza. Have they not seen him in fmq. He makes Douglas Ross look good.

    Not even his own mosque would vote for him.

    This is beyond a joke.

    The MPs and msps disserve to lose their seats they really do

  120. President Xiden says:

    Such hatred in only one season? Man, you need to chill.

  121. The LGBT Scotland has already been involved in a previous sex/paedophile scandal. Their ex chairman James Rennie in 2009, was convicted of child sex offences in including the rape of a 3 month old baby. He was sentenced to 13 years. One of his fellow directors and friends at LGBT Scotland during this time, was Martin Hendry.

    Despite the close association with one of the worst child sexual offenders in Scottish history, Martin Hendry, was appointed by the SFA in 2017 to head a review of child sexual abuse in Scottish Football. The report was widely believed to be an absolute whitewash that betrayed the interests of the victims and provided protection to the perpetrators.

    THE SNP/Greens have been heavily involved in opposing all attempts to establish an inquiry into child sexual abuse in Scottish Football. Sturgeon excluded Scottish football organisations from the Scottish Child Sexual abuse enquiry 2015. Many of the csa victims in Scottish football have asked Sturgeon and co for help and assistance. They have received no response whatsoever or and have been blocked on twitter by Sturgeon/Yousaf etc. This despite inoffensive tweets requesting help. How callous and heartless can a human beings be?

    Many of the victims of CSA in Scottish football and their supporters believe that the SNP refusal to assist the poor victims of child sexual abuse in Scottish football is due to the fact that this could result in a possible loss of political support amongst their base. The latter include many who allegedly support the SNP and a certain Scottish football team. The latter has by far the most perpetrators, convictions, sentences, and victims of child sexual abuse in Scottish/British Football or indeed in world sport.
    This includes 7 ex employees/associates convicted of CSA, involving 60 child sexual offences, committed by employee’s of the club or its boys club.

    The role of the SNP in protecting their rotten self interest at the expense of justice and the well being of still suffering victims/survivors is both totally unsurprising and also totally nauseating.

  122. twathater says:

    WHY are these UNOFFICIAL organisations being allowed to identify as part of the OFFICIAL organisation ,AFAIK this is just a recent phenomenon , previously ANY official organisation would NOT allow or permit this faux identifying of being a partner organisation on the offchance that any criminality or disreputable behaviour would reflect badly on the official organisation , especially when the faux organisation was NOT under the direct control or subject to the same restrictions as the official organisation

    It appears we have had a massive increase in organisations purporting to be aligned or umbrellad under the Scottish government since mrs murrell became FM, most of whom are either partly or fully financed by the Scottish government from the tax paying public finances, and which the said tax paying public have NO SAY in whether these organisations should be granted financial support

  123. Ron Clark says:

    President Xiden 11:24 pm

    Your reply to Big Jock earlier on regarding Glasgow rangers fans.

    “Such hatred in only one season? Man, you need to chill.”

    IMO, Rangers supporters and their associated lodges are nothing more than the Scottish arm of the English Defence League.

    Racist, bigoted arseholes.

    They hate their fellow Scots who fight for Scottish independence.

    They hate their National flag.

    They hate Catholics, Muslims, Hindus, Blacks, Asians, Southern Irish, Scots Nationalists.

    They are a disgusting shower of reprobates and should be shunned at all costs.

    There is no place for them in a modern multi racial Scottish society.

  124. Robert Louis says:

    Getting really sick of the overt hatred of gay folk getting peddled by some people on this site. I see folk trying to cross label their concerns about the gender self ID law into a generalised hatred of gay people. Gay is not’trans’, no matter what the loonies at stonewall tell folk.

    Sometimes laws need checked and reformed, but some folk in the indy movement are letting their inherent hatred of gay people rise to the surface, using the gender debate as their flimsy excuse.

    Of course, part of the blamwe lies firmly and squarely at the feet of Homophobe -in-chief, Kate Forbes. Her words, as a public leader, are not meaningless. To some, they give succour to their own inherent (and quite irrational) hatred of gay folk.

    People say, oh, but those are Kate’s ‘personal’ views, and she is entitled to them, and she would never let them shape how she behaves in public office, or if she were First Minister. But we know that is simply NOT correct. Why? Because Kate Forbes herself, openly stated that because of her religious views, she would have opposed equality for gay people, if she had been an MSP. In other words, she would have denied rights, purely and simply because her imagined ‘magical deity’, told her to.

    Whilst I have no enthusiasm for some of what were previously gay rights organisations, but who now obsess over ‘trans’, like above, we need to be careful we do not start a witch hunt. Just because an organisation may have had a bad actor of some kind, does not mean the organisation overall is evil. Let’s not tar all these people with that brush, because it simply is not true. Some folk working for those organisations above ARE genuine GOOD people.

    I get the point being made above by REV Stu, but am genuinely saddened at the way it was written. Pretty foolish in my book.

    Do we really want to try to drag Scotland into the bad old days, where homosexuality was decriminalised in England in 1969, but not in backwards bigotted Scotland until 1981??? To Brian Souter thumping a table, in true neanderthal style, saying ‘we didnae vote fur it so wur no huvvin it’ THAT is EXACTLY how feckin stupid and backwards Scotland used to be socially. Really? Is that what you are trying to do?

    Is that what independence would mean???? That is how it looks right now, in 2023.

    Jeez folk, disagree with the badly shaped gender law if you like – I do, but let’s stop the homophobic socially regressive nonsense. It makes Scotland look bad, really, really bad. Folk doing it just do not appeal to voters, no matter how strongly you personally believe your hateful rhetoric.

  125. President Xiden says:

    Ron Clark. That my friend is the best example of stereotyping an entire group of people that I have seen for quite sometime. Well done Sir.

  126. PacMan says:

    @ Robert Louis

    Gaslighting, are we?

  127. PacMan says:

    @ Robert Louis

    Gaslighting, are we?

  128. SusanAHF says:

    Robert Louis, I do not see much homophobia on here. Differences of opinion, yes, hatred no. You can not expect everyone to cheer lead our life choices, only to tolerate them as required by equality law. Everyone has the right to their opinions and I as a lesbian accept that. Student politics have no place in a mature country.

  129. Achnababan says:

    Telegraph has a story that details how the BBC disinvited a Gay group from participating in a TV debate because they would not support the witch hunt against Kate Forbes.

    Instead they invited some headbanger who wanted her burned at the stake!

    Apparently this was better suited the BBC campaign narrative that would have us believe it must be Useless.

    The support for Useless amongst the English media leaves me troubled… but not surprised.

  130. Grendel says:

    Why have you used a picture of Alex Baldwin instead of John Nicolson?

  131. Bob Mack says:

    @Robert Louis,

    You said it yourself. Gay is NOT trans. Sadly that is how most groups like Stonewall pitch them together under an umbrella heading and folk just associate them in their mind.

  132. socratesmacsporran says:

    We were always told that, under Wee Eck, the SNP ran a collegiate management system in the Cabinet. Certainly, at Westminster, collective responsibility is, or was, expected.

    Tha Cabinet decides collectively what the line was: you either toed the party line, or you resigned.

    Surely that is Kate Forbes’ Get Out of Jail card. She can espouse her personal views on gay marriage or whatever, but tell her inquisitors: “These are my views, however, if my Cabinet and party colleagues decide otherwise, while I will fight my corner, I will go with the party line.”

    Or is such common sense not allowed in today’s politics. One of the reasons for the design of the Holyrood chamber was to get away from the adverserial style of Westminster politics. It seems, London will not allow us to be different – it is their way or the highway.

  133. Mac says:

    I have yet to see Ash Regan speak since announcing her candidacy. Anyone got any links to her interview on the BBC or to any other ‘fresh’ interviews?

    I have not googled her yet again today but it is noticeable how little I could find each time I have in the past.

    Yet amusingly every online poll I have seen (pre-tampering) has her comfortably beating Humza Twoface into third spot… (One in the Daily Record the other day had Kate Forbes running away with it at 60+%.)

  134. robertkknight says:

    Sat in a Tesco cafe having a coffee and, just for sh*ts’n’giggles, I have a copy of Nicla’s fanzine.

    Squirrel of the day, as in “oh, look…”, is the McCrone Report. In other words, sleeping gas for “soft No’s”. The lengths these supposedly professional journos will go to in order to fill column inches never ceases to amaze me – the bottom of the barrel must be near transparent by now!

    Two hilarious sections however…

    The buy an extra copy and pass it on malarkey on page 7. Oh, how we laughed. (This one’s going straight in the bin when the latté runs dry).

    The other, a puff piece, or huff piece, by Steph Paton, bemoaning the supposed passing of Max-Woke under Sturgeon’s calamitous tenure.

    In the absence of any chance of Indy within the next decade or two, I’m finding there’s nothing more entertaining than watching Sturgeon’s rancid SNP in self destruct mode.

    Death throws are seldom pleasant to witness, but in this case, pass the popcorn someone.

    PS Before someone quotes my previous assertion that I’d never buy another copy of Nicla’s fanzine, in the absence of rain, grey skies and midgies, it’s the only clue that I’m actually sat in a busy Tesco cafe in Argyll & Bute, because it sounds like I’m sat in Avon & Somerset. I keep expecting to see Rev Stu walk in! Has everyone started flying south during the winter months?

  135. socratesmacsporran says:

    I was told by a serving Police Scotland officer this week, a lot of the members of the LGBTI Association in that boyd only joined to get the rainbow lanyard for their identity tag – much cooler than the standard blue one.

  136. Ruby says:

    Robert Louis says:
    27 February, 2023 at 7:06 am

    Getting really sick of the overt hatred of gay folk getting peddled by some people on this site.

    I’m getting really sick of the overt hatred of women getting peddled by LGBT folk.

    Homophobia is definitely on the rise but then there is a reason for that.

    You haven’t explained why you are attacking Kate Forbes and not all the main religions.

    Is it easier for the LGBT bullies just to attack women?

  137. Mac says:

    The Nycophants are only feeling what many of us felt on August 24th 2018. So not one neutrino of sympathy from me in their wailing grief. This is their harvest. They are reaping what they sowed.

    Personally that was the day I knew in my bones that the chance of Independence was fucked (at least for the foreseeable future).

    Because I knew then that there was something very wrong with Nicola Sturgeon and the people she had surrounded herself with in the SNPG. I had been able to suspend belief and hope it was all mistake up to that day…

    It still amazes me that the SNPG wanted to give a press conference on August 23rd which was blocked by Salmond’s lawyers and the courts. Yet Sturgeon’s Chief of Staff Liz Lloyd (allegedly) leaked the story to the Daily Record the DAY AFTER! and to this day Police Scotland are utterly baffled as to who illegally leaked the story to the Daily Record, paper of the The Vow. Gosh who could it have been.

    How many of us thought when Nicola took over the leadership, with 56 seats out 59 and a hydro full of adoring fans gifted to her, that nine years later we would be watching the SNP go down like the Hindenburg, while smiling.

    That is the Sturgeon legacy right there in a nutshell.

  138. Ruby says:

    Robert Louis says:

    People say, oh, but those are Kate’s ‘personal’ views, and she is entitled to them, and she would never let them shape how she behaves in public office, or if she were First Minister. But we know that is simply NOT correct. Why? Because Kate Forbes herself, openly stated that because of her religious views, she would have opposed equality for gay people, if she had been an MSP. In other words, she would have denied rights, purely and simply because her imagined ‘magical deity’, told her to.

    They are not just Kate’s ‘personal’ views they are also the views of a large number of her constituents.

    Surely if she is in parliament to represent her constituents she should be voting in accordance with their views.

    Same applies to Humza Yousaf. If he is presenting himself as a Muslim and seeking to gain the Muslim vote he should be voting in accordance with his constituents wishes.

    The problem with the SNP is they don’t care about their constituents they get your vote get your money and then they decide what it is the constituents want.

    PS How can two men getting married be equal to a man and a woman getting married?

    Heterosexual is not gay. 🙂

  139. Dan says:

    robertkknight says: at 9:31 am

    I have a copy of Nicla’s fanzine.

    Squirrel of the day, as in “oh, look…”, is the McCrone Report. In other words, sleeping gas for “soft No’s”. The lengths these supposedly professional journos will go to in order to fill column inches never ceases to amaze me – the bottom of the barrel must be near transparent by now!

    Should I assume the Notional made no comparison between Scotland’s lack of benefit over decades from our oil / gas under London Rule, and the recent ScotWind “auction” by the Administration of Devloved Powers which effectively amounts to a very similar situation with big corporates profiteering to excess rather than Scots folks benefiting from Scotland’s resources.

    Interestingly I heard SNP had approached YES groups to assist handing out this edition. Interesting in that there has been little if any official SNP will to work with YES groups in the past under the Sturells’ reign.
    It also hints at a lack of their own activists if they require outside help now.
    Plus that would also mean non-party affiliated YES group members will no doubt end up being confronted on doorsteps and taking flack or defend all the recent crap the SNP have created.
    So it’s a big “get tae…” from me with helping the SNP out now I’m afraid, parachute in some of your amazing rainbow warriors with heehaw local knowledge of communities seeing as your Party effectively pushed out a great deal of decent local members and activists.

  140. Big Jock says:

    President – Were any part of Ron’s comments about Sevco untrue?

    You see it is aimed at the institution , the feeder groups and the ethos. Sure you can point to examples of decent Sevco fans, I know some. However they are the minority. The institution of the club is pretty ugly , you must admit.

  141. Mac says:

    The attempted stitch-up of Alex Salmond will forever define Sturgeon’s horrendous and tainted reign.

    But of course what a lot of people out there don’t appreciate is that there were two attempted stitch-ups of Alex Salmond by Sturgeon and both were foiled by the courts.

    The 1st attempted stitch-up was when Sturgeon, Leslie Evans, and other little helpers ‘kangaroo-courted the SNP’s internal disciplinary procedures to stitch-up Salmond with false allegation of sexual misconduct.

    The highest civil court in Scotland essentially overturned that SNP internal kangaroo court process because it was an obvious stitch-up. They put it more politely but that is essentially what they said. The SNPG collapsed their own case just to avoid that ruling.

    This was the 1st attempted stitch-up and it clearly shows the intent, the malice, the willingness to break the rules and the law, the unfairness, the plotters.

    The 1st attempted stitch was really bad and it should have cost everyone involved their jobs, but instead it was medals and promotions all round.

    The second attempted stitch-up however was infinitely worse. This time instead of Scotland’s most senior judges saying it you have the jury saying it loud and clear through their verdicts. They also clearly knew it was a stitch-up. They saw the real ‘character’ of some of these accusers / plotters on the stand.

    It was one thing to ‘kangaroo court’ the SNP’s internal court but it is another thing entirely to kangaroo court the entire judicial system of Scotland, yet that is exactly what Team Sturgeon did, with the eager assistance of the Lord Advocate and the leadership of Police Scotland (and of course the vermin collectively known as the Scottish mainstream media).

    People should go to jail for the persecution of Alex Salmond. The truth of it all needs to come out.

    The fact that all of this was done to a former FM right in front of our eyes really does show how powerless we are in Scotland. We were down to bloggers man… and yet somehow we won. It is an amazing story really.

  142. John H. says:

    The squabbling continues here. I suppose it’s to be expected while we wait for the phoney war to play itself out. We all know that something big is about to break. We do know that the chief constable called on Nicola Sturgeon two days before she resigned.

    We can only speculate for the time being. Did he warn her that the net was closing in and that he intended to resign? Did he advise her to do the same? If so, that must mean that he is involved somehow in the Murrell’s mess too. As I said, we can only speculate for the time being. Hopefully the truth will be revealed soon, whatever it is.

  143. Towbar Sullivan says:

    How does the leadership election work? Has the SNP posted the details of how the leadership election/vote works anywhere?

  144. Robert Hughes says:

    @ Ruby

    ” Surely if she is in parliament to represent her constituents she should be voting in accordance with their views. ”

    Christ ! What a wild n crazy idea . Sounds to me you’re suggesting that antiquated n so very unProg concept of Representative Democracy .

    Na , Ruby , this is the Post Everything of Value Age , where Desperately Seeking Victimhood micro-demographics & their * brave n stunning * assortment of fetishes , kinks , psychological hang-ups , neuroses n protean identities are sanctified and elevated way , way beyond the mundane concerns of the hoi polloi , as the latter struggle with trivialities like providing food , shelter , warmth and a standard of living beyond mere precarious existence . And expect these basic needs to be the uppermost priorities of the people they elect into positions of power

  145. James says:

    “….Of course it may be that a police force from outside Scotland, maybe Manchester or the met, will have to brought in to ensure corruption and criminality in police Scotland is dealt with as well….”

    ROTFLMFAO…Manchester or the MET!? hilarious!

  146. Mac says:

    Looking back, at the time I really didn’t appreciate the courage of Craig Murray.

    The importance of his parody piece cannot be underestimated. He essentially revealed the plot, the stitch-up, and that those involved were all members of Sturgeon’s inner circle, including her husband and all round great guy, Peter Murrell.

    I recall Craig Murray said at the time in the parody piece that he had been feeling ill and that made him realise if something had happened to him then the all things that Alex Salmond had revealed to him might die with him. So he needed to get it out.

    Well I was thinking about that recently and I realized that if Alex Salmond had confided in me what was really going on, and I was a renowned activist and whistle blower, then, for as long as I was the sole person who knew, my life might well be in danger.

    That was a very dangerous position to be in for Craig Murray. I wonder if that is what he was really meaning in the parody piece… It must have been a huge burden knowing what he did at the time. Craig Murray could easily have ended up like Dr David Kelly for example.

    Anyway Alex Salmond will forever owe Craig Murray a debt that can never be repaid. But we all CM a debt. And all the other bloggers who got the truth out there. I think it really did matter.

    If they had succeeded in the Salmond stitch-ups we would be living in a very different Scotland right now.

  147. Garavelli Princip says:

    Robert Louis
    27 February, 2023 at 7:06 am
    “Getting really sick of the overt hatred of gay folk getting peddled by some people on this site. I see folk trying to cross label their concerns about the gender self ID law into a generalised hatred of gay people. Gay is not’trans’, no matter what the loonies at stonewall tell folk”.

    Thin end of the wedge, Robert. Some of us thought Stonewall would not stop at ‘Gay’ Lib – and so it has transpired. It is a bureaucracy – and these are self-perpetuating. Once Gaydom got what it wanted, the TRANS cult was an obvious next step.

    But actually – we don’t “hate” gays. We are just tired of them whinging.

    Gay people are entitled to the same rights and priveldges as normal people – but no more.

    Here is a thought experiment. Suppose everyone was gay, what would happen to the human race?

    It would die out of course – because at its very fundamental sex in biological systems is about reproduction. And gayness precludes that. That is why, of necessity it is a minority interest.

    TRANS even more so, since i also involves severe mental illness. It is the mental illness that should be treated – not pandered to.

    Now in a civilised society, minorities have to be tolerated and looked after. But their minority obsessions cannot and MUST not drive the direction of the society.

    Tolerated – not celebrated, not indulged, not direct what normal people can and cannot do.

    So perhaps a period of silence is indicated – and we can all quitely and in dignity, get on with our fucking lives!

  148. Etticus says:


    Considering it would appear that the fit up of Alex Salmond and the rest of the endemic corruption in the SNP would have been impossible had it not been for assistance from the corrupt crown office and police Scotland I’d like to know what your suggestion is? Unfortunately we do not have an equivalent of the FBI in the UK so the only possibility is an outside police force.

    Mind you I expect you are another of the New SNP cult who takes any attacks against Nicola Sturgeon as a personal insult. People like you are to blame for where Scotland is today. Wheesht for Indy, it’ll be fine.

  149. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Here is a thought experiment. Suppose everyone was gay, what would happen to the human race?

    It would die out of course – because at its very fundamental sex in biological systems is about reproduction. And gayness precludes that. That is why, of necessity it is a minority interest.”

    Being gay is not an “interest” ffs.

  150. SusanAHF says:

    Strong meat Garavelli Princip but at base true.

  151. Ebok says:

    Towbar Sullivan says:
    27 February, 2023 at 11:04 am
    ‘Has the SNP posted the details of how the leadership election/vote works anywhere?’

    Not that I’m aware of Towbar.
    But as both WM FPTP and HR D’Hondt has been imposed on the Scottish electorate, while council STV is the preferred system when Scotland has a say, it seems reasonable to assume SNP voting rules, which appear to include STV, will be similar to council elections and will include the following information when the winner is declared: –

    Number eligible to vote
    Actual number of votes cast
    Number of votes for each candidate
    Percentage of votes for each candidate
    Allocation of votes from each polling booth

    Then, if no candidate achieves the required quota at stage 1: –

    Detail of transfers at each stage of elimination
    Transfer report
    Preference summary report
    Declaration of result

    … what they won’t do is decide to skip all that boring stuff and already have decided what the result should be and have it prepared, printed, and ready for publication…

  152. Southernbystander says:

    But their minority obsessions cannot and MUST not drive the direction of the society.

    Tolerated – not celebrated, not indulged, not direct what normal people can and cannot do.

    Being gay is not an obsession and it should be accepted not simply ‘tolerated’. Gay people are no less ‘normal’ than heterosexuals and can be as directive as is appropriate. But I would ask in what way do gay people drive the direction of society and even if in certain limited areas they do, so what?

  153. Anton Decadent says:

    My earlier post re Operation Cerrar was, understandably, shunned, it is something people prefer to just not talk about particularly in the leafy suburbs of recreational socialism.

    If this happened when numbers in Scotland are still low compared to England will it just go away if we ignore it or will it get worse? Well over half of the paedophiles identified are still resident in Scotland but in this brave new Scotland complaining about this is somehow deemed a greater crime than their organised paedophilia.

  154. James says:

    lolz,another day in the fucked up shitshow my country has become.

  155. SusanAHF says:

    Southernbystander by definition us homosexuals are not “normal” statistically. We should NOT be influencing society as a “community” any more than people of religious faith, or people of a particular colour. We should influence society as equal individuals. The SNP has got itself into the mess it is in partly because of identity politics; Out for Indy, Asians for Indy etc. Dump all that and concentrate on Scots for Indy and maybe things will improve

  156. Dan says:

    In the scheme of things, all this chit chat on whether folk prefer it up the front or back hole seems a bit of a distraction when we are all, regardless of our personal desires being totally fucked by London Rule and big Corporates.

  157. Ruby says:

    Southernbystander says:
    27 February, 2023 at 12:47 pm

    Being gay is not an obsession and it should be accepted not simply ‘tolerated’. Gay people are no less ‘normal’ than heterosexuals and can be as directive as is appropriate. But I would ask in what way do gay people drive the direction of society and even if in certain limited areas they do, so what?

    So what?

    It means rapists in women’s prison, eradication of womens rights, crazy pronouns & language and all the rest of the gender madness supported by LGBT.

  158. Garavelli Princip says:

    “Being gay is not an “interest” ffs.”

    Indeed so. Wrong word.

    Being gay is a reality in a minority of individuals – it is not a life-style choice. Apologies.

    “Gay people are no less ‘normal’ than heterosexuals”.

    Not in biological terms, I’m afraid.

    “because at its very fundamental sex in biological systems is about reproduction”.

    So, objectively speaking, in terms of the biology, homosexuality is disordered.

    And in terms of the definition of the word “normal” “to a standard; usual, typical, or expected”. or in statistical terms (numerically speaking) it is not the norm. it is not ‘normal’.

    It just isn’t.

    That doesn’t mean that we should oppress, or disrespect or discriminate against gay people, it is just a gentle request for respect for the meaning of words, and the underlying realities behind this words.

  159. Jane Doe says:

    As a Tory Party activist for 40 years it has been my understanding that police officers must not be politically active, so they can be seen to be impartial in their duties. So some party members I know joined and started campaigning only after the retired. A student Tory activist I know resigned from the party when he joined the police force and has not been active since. The LGBTQ+++ movement whilst not being a political party as such certainly campaigns on politically contentious issues. As a GC feminist can I therefore feel confident that police officers say manning a Feminist rally with trans protesters will treat the feminist attendees fairly? Or treat allegations made by trans people against feminists impartially? The interview of Possie Parker at Troubridge police station last week on allegations of Homophobia suggest not.

  160. McDuff says:

    There is a serious problem with the police in Scotland and it comes from the top. I just hope that if we ever get a government with some morals and justice these people will be held accountable for their actions.

  161. bluegrass banjo says:

    superstores are rationing veg to 3 items per veg

    that means i have to handback 2

  162. SusanAHF says:

    Being “trans” probably IS just an obsession though and best denied. How DARE anyone suggest I’m a bigot for not wanting a relationship with a man who thinks he is a woman. Just go away and disappear up your own arsehole

  163. James says:


    Wrong again, dunce.

  164. Doug says:

    @Dan 1:03pm

    Exactly. Well said.

  165. SusanAHF says:

    We need to go back to regional police forces, attuned to local community circumstances.

  166. Republicofscotland says:

    Charles Findlay.

    Thanks for that we bit of info, I know there’s a statue of him in Edinburgh, Parliamentary road I think.

  167. Dan says:

    @ bluegrass banjo

    Ach FFS, on top of all the other identity politics pish now we’re going to have to endure the inevitable rise of a #VeganLivesMatter movement due to lack of vegetable oppression… You’re literally starving us…
    Top tip for pontificating wokeys, get down from your soapbox and grow your own fucking veg, and eat seasonally, it’s tastier, better for you and the environment, takes profits away from big corporates.
    And that helpful advice comes from a meat* eater.
    * Locally sourced healthy wild venison, wood pigeon, rabbit, and even on the odd occasion, the odd grey squirrel. 😉

  168. Shug says:

    The moment the Vietnam group was formed Nicola was doomed

    She was doomed because she thought it was a secret, not realising her what’s app group was visible to the security services and thereby she could 0subject to blackmail.

    It was also doomed because the evidence would be seen in court

    It was doomed because the team members will cease to be members of the team as soon as they realise they could end up in jail and can only avoid jail it the are the first to reveal all.

    Nicola will need to head to a far of place to avoid jail, unless what she did was “cooperation” and even then they are known to be ungrateful for assistance. Ask any Afghan interpreter

    Don’t get me started on the 600k

  169. Republicofscotland says:

    Ash Regan apologises for the failure of her party to fully dual the A9, and promises to get the job done if elected.

    “I have visited many of the northern communities this weekend and the feelings of anger and betrayal are real and heartfelt. This is a project that needs serious attention and a new way of thinking.

    “One of things that struck me while I listened is that many of the people I met have better knowledge and input than those working at the heart of government on this issue. The economics of the project gives it importance as a national priority.”

  170. Southernbystander says:

    Ruby, you are talking about trans people and their push for a complete re-think about what it means to be a man or woman which has implications for everyone, not gay people which is a sexual orientation that really does not affect anyone else much. I know there is the acronym but surely we are capable of differentiating? What I mean is if the campaign for gay rights and acceptance over the years has orientated society differently with regards to how we view someone being gay i.e. as not a negative thing, what is wrong with that?

  171. Ottomanboi says:

    Homosexual tendency has been around far longer than «organized religion».
    One might have expected that the practitioners would have wised up in the minority role.
    The exceptionalism that accompanies the discourse suggests not. In many «third world» societies no one cares that much about who does what to whom provided you do not make a risible spectacle of yourself while you’re so engaged.
    The West might learn something here. It is Western especially American attitudes to sex that have projected a sex taxonomy onto societies where nothing of sort existed before. The concept of «gay» as part of that taxonomy, with its prides, flags and fake jollity has not helped.
    Discretion and circumspection in personal tastes sex is generally a good thing for all. A measure of maturity and urbanity helps too.

  172. Scott says:

    Bit disappointed that no big story has ‘broken’ today given all the rumour mongering. It is reminiscent of that Dublin-based blogger whose name escapes me (Jegget?). He kept teasing some big thing that was about to happen…and never did. What ever happened to that guy?

  173. KT Lorimer says:

    Jason McCann (Jeggit) has faded into obscurity he has joined the cult of gender woo woo.

  174. craig murray says:

    The “big thing” Jeggit was foretelling was Alba.

  175. Scotsrenewables says:

    Humza timetable for indy:

    2024: Kickstart the campaign
    2029: Rev up the campaign
    2035: Fire up the campaign
    2041: Revive the campaign
    2045: Ramp up the campaign
    2049: Would definitely have been a referendum but a war/pandemic/blizzard intervened
    2050: Roadshow to listen to ideas for the long path ahead

  176. Tom says:

    “He (Jeggit) kept teasing some big thing that was about to happen…and never did.”

    It did actually. His ‘tease’ was about the formation of a new indy party, in other words ALBA.

    He appears in phases; all over the place for a while, then away for a while, and then back again.

  177. Ruby says:

    Southernbystander says:
    27 February, 2023 at 1:54 pm

    Ruby, you are talking about trans people and their push for a complete re-think about what it means to be a man or woman which has implications for everyone, not gay people which is a sexual orientation that really does not affect anyone else much. I know there is the acronym but surely we are capable of differentiating? What I mean is if the campaign for gay rights and acceptance over the years has orientated society differently with regards to how we view someone being gay i.e. as not a negative thing, what is wrong with that?

    No I am not talking about trans people.

    Your question was:

    I would ask in what way do gay people drive the direction of society and even if in certain limited areas they do, so what?

    Gay people especial gay men drive the direction of society by being highly supportive of Gender recognition.
    These actions do affect other people.

  178. Etticus says:


    Don’t worry your little head about the truth… “Nicola will provide”

    As for shug… so Nicola is innocent as she was blackmailed by the security services… get a grip of yersel.

  179. akenaton says:

    Well I agree with Garavelli Princip, the biggest difference in the two lifestyles, hetero and Homo is the huge difference in health statistics, caused in the main by extreme promiscuity amongst the male homosexual community and that promiscuity is chiefly caused by lack of a family system.
    Of course homosexuals should have rights, the same as everyone else….but please don’t try to make out that they and their way of life is the same as heterosexuals trying to bring up a family.
    They choose their way of life in most cases

  180. Dan says:

    Re. Jeggit.
    I generally liked what he had to say as he had studied and also experience in matters that are related to Scotland’s struggle.
    I was always a bit miffed about his reaction to Alba attracting the gender critical folk.
    The SNP were clearly going off track with their focus and implementing unwanted policies and thus created the vacuum which Alba filled.
    So for Jason to then seemingly get so bothered about a new pro-Indy Party that had policy that captured the many voters the SNP had disenfranchised appeared rather odd to me.
    There would be no point of a new pro-Indy Party if it exactly mirrored the SNP in terms of policy.
    I’m just surprised someone who should be very up the curve on divide and rule tactics couldn’t or wouldn’t see what the gender stuff being rolled out across Western society was all about.

  181. Shug says:

    That is not what I said
    She left herself wide open as she no sense of strategy what so ever.

    Her arrogance in thinking she could throw shit and there would be no response is astonishing.

    She left evidence of a conspiracy and Alex used it very effectively. Do you think Westminster would smile and say “well that’s ok”

    Read what I said

  182. Andouilette says:

    I truly hope I am misunderstanding both Ruby’s and Akenaton’s posts. If not, words fail me completely.

  183. Towbar Sullivan says:

    Thanks for that, but what I’m really looking for is details of the leadership election process from the SNP.

    Surely they have/must publish how the leader is to be elected but I can’t see where they have provided this info. I don’t know if that’s down to incompetence or if there are more devices reasons, but it’s a striking omission.

  184. Merganser says:

    @ Towbar

    Nicola to Peter: “What percentage of the vote do you think Humza will get?”

    Peter to Nicola: “What percentage do you want him to get?”

  185. Ebok says:

    Towbar, apologies for cynicism of earlier reply, though don’t expect any transparency.

    From what has been suggested on Wings, Murrell has sole control over proceedings, voting will be electronically, Murrell determines who receives the votes, he will announce the result in percentage terms, there will be no scrutiny, and candidates will have no access to the procedure or number of votes cast.

    In ‘The Great Beyond’ Rev Stu post of 16 Feb: –

    ‘There’s also the minor matter of Mr Murrell. The SNP CEO remains in place and will therefore oversee the election, which in light of his track record will arouse further suspicion. If there’s to be any hope of a clean start to the new era, there ought to be no perceivable suggestion that the scandalous chicanery and manipulations around the 2020 NEC elections and the 2021 candidate selections will be repeated.
    There are whole rafts of separate and obvious reasons why Murrell ought to stand down immediately – the police inquiry into the missing fundraiser money, the obvious conflict of interest were the previous leader’s husband to effectively be the boss of whoever the new leader was – but the transparency and probity of the leadership election is the most pressing.’

  186. Towbar Sullivan says:

    Wait – so we are in the middle of a leadership election and we don’t know what the system for electing the leader is?
    And the SNP hasn’t published this info?

    This is a fecking joke – even by SNP standards.

  187. Towbar Sullivan says:

    Anyway they are using the Alternative Vote – mystery solved.

  188. SusanAHF says:

    Let’s face it, the TQ+ have shat in the pot of tolerance and unfortunately the LGB will be caught in the backlash. As a GC lesbian I’m not welcome at Pride (not that I’d want to go, it’s turned into a commercialized perversion-fest) and I’m also not welcome in my local gay group for the same reason. We must stop the indoctrination of children or else the fallout will be immense

  189. Ruby says:

    Andouilette says:
    27 February, 2023 at 5:44 pm

    I truly hope I am misunderstanding both Ruby’s and Akenaton’s posts. If not, words fail me completely.


  190. Southernbystander says:

    Ruby – you implied that because some gay people support self ID and the rest, they are some kind of special problem. But what about all the heterosexuals that support it? They are just as much driving ‘the direction of society by being highly supportive of Gender recognition’ and given their much greater numbers in society, presumably much more so.

    And there are plenty of gay people who are against it just as there are heterosexuals. If you are saying it is disproportionately supported by homosexuals, what’s your evidence? I mean we don’t have such evidence do we?

  191. Andouilette says:

    Ruby; “Gay people especial gay men drive the direction of society by being highly supportive of Gender recognition” Your words. It reads as if you think gay people, particularly men are all responsible for the ghastly trans debacle.
    Which gay men? All of them? Why? It is of no advantage to most of them whatsoever and a goodly number seem to feel that (for instance) Stonewall has been taken from them by the trans lobby.

  192. Scotsrenewables says:

    Andouilette says:
    27 February, 2023 at 5:44 pm
    I truly hope I am misunderstanding both Ruby’s and Akenaton’s posts. If not, words fail me completely.

    Plot lost?

  193. willie says:


    Absolutely bang on when you say TQ+ have shat in the pot of tolerance. And so have the SNP too.

    Ordinary folks, ordinary families are struggling to pay their heating bills, are struggling to pay their mortgages, are struggling to pay the ever inflating prices whilst all around public service and the NHS fail.

    And the focus of these SNP politicians is that of proud to be gay, Purple Friday, Pink Tuesday, glad to be trans, gender recognition of whatever hue and perversion, etc etc.

    Quite frankly these fuckers are not on the public payroll, or should I say the gravy train, to make sexual issues their priority. The fuckers were not elected for that.

    Time they were gone. And they will be gone. Make no mistake about that.

  194. Effijy says:

    The news is all N Ireland Protocol.

    I heard a member of the Belfast public on the radio explaining who things are booming over there as they are still in the worlds biggest trading market and in the Brits pocket.

    The Unionists are dumb enough to have their standard of living cut just to keep waving their wee flag and bear the right to be superior to the Catholics they stole the land from.

    A £Billion here-Ash for Cash, A £Billion their bribe for letting Brexit float a while.

    So if anyone anywhere wants to start up a company in the U.K.
    who is going to come to Scotland when they can go over there and trade in 2 camps when Scotland is in the one corrupt market controlled by England who don’t wish us well.

    I always heard we were equal partners in an agreement who no country or region could have a competitive trading advantage other another.

    Wouldn’t it be nice to have a Scottish party who would create the biggest stink when we are being ripped of and abused.

  195. Ruby says:

    Southernbystander says:
    27 February, 2023 at 8:02 pm

    Ruby – you implied that because some gay people support self ID and the rest, they are some kind of special problem. But what about all the heterosexuals that support it? They are just as much driving ‘the direction of society by being highly supportive of Gender recognition’ and given their much greater numbers in society, presumably much more so.

    And there are plenty of gay people who are against it just as there are heterosexuals. If you are saying it is disproportionately supported by homosexuals, what’s your evidence?

    You didn’t ask about heterosexuals.

    Your question was about gay people.

    My evidence is

    1. The organisation called LGBT
    2. Many high profile gay men making their views known.

    You got any evidence that there are plenty gay people against it?

  196. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Stonewall had aims. They achieved those aims, so had to have other aims to keep their funding coming.
    Hence the “Trans” agenda.

  197. Doug says:

    Early hours but it seems Sinn Fein and the Republic of Ireland are pleased with the new deal. Hopefully the Assembly will reopen. Sinn Fein, unlike Sturgeon’s SNP, won’t forget the primary reason why people vote for them.

  198. SusanAHF says:

    I’m against it Ruby

  199. Southernbystander says:

    Ruby I have the same sort of evidence you cite – prominent gay men speaking out against gender ideology mainly because it potentially erases the whole concept of homosexuality. Graham Linehan has lots of examples on and linked to his site (e.g. Dennis Noel Kavanagh) and I know some people personally too. And who do you think set up LGB alliance? Lesbians and gays!

    But we really have no idea through such anecdotal evidence how it breaks down.

  200. Stoker says:

    The spoils for being a lying skanky sack of shit:

    “Former Edinburgh MSP Ruth Davidson claimed almost £25,000 in expenses in one year”

    “Despite making no speeches and asking zero questions in June 2022, the Lord was still able to claim £3,296 for her four attendances.”

    The sooner Scotland dumps The House of Parasites the better.

  201. Wee Chid says:

    akenaton says:
    27 February, 2023 at 5:28 pm
    “Well I agree with Garavelli Princip, the biggest difference in the two lifestyles, hetero and Homo is the huge difference in health statistics, caused in the main by extreme promiscuity amongst the male homosexual community and that promiscuity is chiefly caused by lack of a family system.”

    That’s a very twee 1950s ideal of society. If there was so little promiscuity among the heterosexual community, why are there so many divorces?

    As for homosexuality not being the “norm”. Statistically, no, it isn’t but it is natural occurence, unlike trans – which does not occur naturally in mammals.

  202. Ruby says:

    SusanAHF says:
    27 February, 2023 at 9:26 pm

    I’m against it Ruby

    I new that. 🙂

  203. Effijy says:

    The news is all N Ireland Protocol.

    I heard a member of the Belfast public on the radio explaining who things are booming over there as they are still in the worlds biggest trading market and in the Brits pocket.

    The Unionists are dumb enough to have their standard of living cut just to keep waving their wee flag and bear the right to be superior to the Catholics they stole the land from.

    A £Billion here-Ash for Cash, A £Billion their bribe for letting Brexit float a while!

    So if anyone anywhere wants to start up a company in the U.K.
    who is going to come to Scotland when they can go over there and trade in 2 camps when Scotland is in the one corrupt market controlled by England who don’t wish us well.

    I always heard we were equal partners in an agreement who no country or region could have a competitive trading advantage other another.

    Wouldn’t it be nice to have a Scottish party who would create the biggest stink when we are being ripped of and abused.

  204. Ruby says:


    knew not new!

  205. Big Jock says:

    Effigy. I sense March will be a turning point for Scotland. Nicola was a fly on the windscreen.

    Scotland went AWOL for 8 years. But we are coming back. I reckon 2026 will be our year. It was necessary to get Nicola out of our system, in order to shape the country we actually want.

    We allowed a small minority to take over our entire movement and country. Led by the most powerful person in Scotland. They only exist because of her. The Cabal is over, it dies with the Murrells.

    Humza is not winning this,despite the Murrells. There will be a clear out of the zombies sitting in Holyrood.

  206. Anton Decadent says:

    @Big Jock

    From my own experience Glasgow is absolutely hoaching with the supporters of this within academia, the Arts, the media, social housing, social services, law and the charity sector in particular organisations which use the title of educational charity. I have encountered these people in senior positions in every single one of these and they are connected to each other.

    They are indeed a small minority but an extremely powerful one and just wishing them away will not work.

  207. Big Jock says:

    Anton. Remember their true power only exists when they have one of their own at the top. I reckon Forbes will win this. She will not accommodate these people. Wider Scotland will back her on that.

    I would prefer Ash, but it’s the members who decide

  208. DJ says:

    Effijy @ 11:02 pm

    Great comment and one with which I agree wholeheartedly!!

  209. twathater says:

    OMG is it amnesia , dementia or alzheimers most commenters on wings are suffering from

    Whilst yeese are all busy discussing the integrity and honesty of Forbes and Regan and promoting their ability or otherwise to be FM and exposing the rank lies and immeasurable incompetence of Useless, may I take this moment to bring yeese back to earth by reminding you all that Forbes , Regan and Useless were all members of the Sturgeon Nonce Party with senior ministerial positions which made them part of the ROTTEN CLIQUE

    Whilst Regan took a stand against the reviled GRR and resigned her ministerial position belatedly (hurrah,hurrah) where was the OUTRAGE and resignations when the VICHY DEVIANT SG was FORCIBLY introducing perverted questionnaires into our childrens schools , questions asking our kids if they had ever indulged in anal or oral sex, where was the OUTRAGE and resignations when DRAG QUEEN readings by dubious characters was promoted and introduced by an MP into childrens PRIMARY schools

    Forbes and Regan both have children YET they stood by and remained SILENT whilst the head pervert and deviant introduced and promoted these abhorrent policies

    IMO none of them have the integrity , honesty or bravery to lead Scotland to independence when they couldn’t even CHALLENGE or CONFRONT a deviant that was FORCING her deviant policies on to THEIR CHILDREN as well as ours

    If ANY of the 3 had ANY INTEGRITY ,HONESTY or BRAVERY they would EXPOSE Sturgeon for the BETRAYAL she has wrought on Scotland and Scots
    We have commented many times that the snp is FULL of craven cowards not one of them proved us wrong

    Are we so desperate for independence that we will WORSHIP another false god

  210. SusanAHF says:

    Humza Yousaf pledging free nursery places for all 1-2 year olds…so they can start indoctrinating your children even earlier.

  211. Achnababan says:

    Looks like the BBC have accepted that Useless wont win! Now giving Forbes the President in Waiting treatment. Come on Regan!!

  212. Mungo Armstrong says:

    Could Humza be a decoy for Forbes? I’ve heard nothing from Forbes about independence. What’s her plan ? When asked about her views on Murrell she wasn’t very critical at all. Is Forbes in fact the chosen one?

  213. Big Jock says:

    No hero worshipping here. Just accepting the inevitable. The SNP will decide the immediate successor to Sturgeon. Anyone but Humza!

    Forbes at least has a moral compass. It’s a start!

  214. Etticus says:


    Couldn’t put it better myself.

    All of them have been part of the corrupt Sturgeon/Murrell cabal. All of them will be privy to the secrets and lies that have dragged Scotland into the sewer these last few years and I doubt any of them would do anything to reveal and root out just how corrupt Scotland has become because it would involve them having to share the blame. They are all irredeemably tainted.

    The problems go even deeper because there is not a single SNP politician that has the ability or fresh ideas required to be FM. The SNP is finished.

    I have no doubt all of these 3 candidates will achieve the end of the SNP, even the darling of these threads, Ash Regan, is doomed. She’s revealed her role as an Alba insider too early, that won’t go down well with the remaining SNP membership and even if she got past them (and the likely rigging of the vote by Murrell) her plan to declare independence with as little as the backing of just over 25% of the electorate (50% of a 50% turnout) is going to go down like a cup of cold sick outside the already converted. It’s not a credible plan, even salmond knows this. It’s just a vehicle to get support among the Indy movement.

  215. Alan Mackintosh says:

    There is an interesting fairy tale been penned by yon yoon Effie Deans, which has ABSOLUTLEY nothing to do with Scotland. It does make for some very interesting reading between the lines nonetheless…

  216. Ian Murray says:

    It seems that all those MPs who are supporting Humza are the same ones who did nothing when Mr Murrell refused to turn the books over to the newly appointed accountant.
    Why was there not a peep out of them ?
    What justification was given for Murrell’s action at the time ?

  217. Stuart MacKay says:

    twathater @2:34am

    Life under any regime always requires a degree of self-preservation. Does that make them complicit? Perhaps. Even if you give them the benefit of the doubt there is still the issue that they could have considered other career options, i.e. quit government, but decided to stay. So I guess principles only extend as far as the pay cheque. What will be telling is the state of the SNP after a few months. If the woke aren’t sqweaming and sqweaming or quitting in temper tantrums then you’ll know it will be business as usual.

  218. Big Jock says:

    Etticus 50% turnout??

  219. Geoff Anderson says:

    Humza has a problem…..!

  220. Doug says:

    “In the midst of chaos is also opportunity”

    So far so good.

    [Over in media land unionists suddenly getting upset. Very strange.]

  221. Gordon Gekko says:

    ” Kate Forbes is going through hell right now because some object to her religious beliefs, yet she has stated that she will obey the laws of the land and will not force her beliefs on others. ”

    Yes she will

    She’ll force her right wing, neoliberal, Globalist economic belief on others.

    The deficit myth, the national debt myth, the biggest myth of them all, the tax payer money myth.

    She’s a Trojan horse for the EU. Visited Brussels more times than she visits her family.

  222. Etticus says:

    @ big jock

    The turnout of the Holyrood election in 2003 was less than 50% and in 2007, 2011 and 2016 it wasn’t far over 50%, that’s where I get my 25% figure from. It’s just not feasible and if Regan won the election with 50.1% on a turnout that size and tried to ram independence through I expect carnage would ensue and maybe even civil unrest.

    It’s fantasy stuff that’s come about because she won’t admit that since 2014 absolutely nothing has been done to promote the case of independence (by a party she is part of) beyond rigging polls thanks to Angus Robertson and other crooks to try and drive public opinion. I know of SNP Yes activists posing as former Labour voters for polling companies and what do you think the SNP’s army of spin Dr’s do? Sturgeon has more of them than even President Biden. This explains why the SNP results are always poorer than polls suggest. We’ve seen recent council elections with 10% swings away from the SNP yet the polls don’t show this. Also as the national unwittingly exposed the SNP use bot farms to rig any online polls conducted and on the national I found out yesterday that their print readership is now a little over 3,000. It’s all smoke and mirrors.

    Also the financial numbers just don’t stack up, Salmond always knew that but at least he had a plan to try and fill the financial black hole independence would cause. He actually tried to run the country properly. On the contrary sturgeon did nothing because she preferred to milk the cult and didn’t want to have to flee the country if independence happened when her lies about what it actually meant were exposed. Make no mistake if Scotland became independent tomorrow it would a financial disaster area as well as being the most corrupt country in the European continent this side of Belarus or Russia.

  223. Big Jock says:

    Turnout was 63%. You can’t just make stuff up to suit an argument! We don’t know what the turnout would be in 2026 if people go in knowing it’s actually about independence.

    Plus very simply. If the Union is so important , but you don’t vote. You can’t complain if the winners carry out the will of those that vote.

    What economics don’t stack up. We are in the middle of a Tory economic crisis. Created by Brexit and mismanagement. Scotland actually needs out of this union if it is to survive.

  224. Ruby says:

    Geoff Anderson says:
    28 February, 2023 at 8:04 am

    Humza has a problem…..!


    But how may Yousaf tell that Bryson is not “a genuine trans woman”? He can’t, even if he pretends he can. His government insists that people should be able to identify as they wish and no further questions should be asked.

  225. Bob Mack says:


    There is no good without bad. No ying without yang.

    Folk are hoping that the chosen candidate fulfills a promise to work with all those who support Indy.

    That excludes Humza, but includes Forbes and Regan.

    I admire none ,but could work with two.

  226. Dan says:

    Etticus says: at 8:44 am

    The turnout of the Holyrood election in 2003 was less than 50% and in 2007, 2011 and 2016 it wasn’t far over 50%, that’s where I get my 25% figure from. It’s just not feasible and if Regan won the election with 50.1% on a turnout that size and tried to ram independence through I expect carnage would ensue and maybe even civil unrest.

    Maybes aye, maybes no. You need to factor in that over the course of this shitey Union, us Scots have become a rather compliant bunch and are capable of putting up with an awful lot of undemocratic events which don’t motivate us enough to get off our arses to protest.
    Such as not having a fully empowered government that we actually voted for since almost the middle of the last century, and more recently being dragged out of the EU against oor will, etc. None of these motivated us into civil unrest.

    Scotland returning to self-governance isn’t happening tomorrow. The current leadership race should at least shake things up and may create possibilities for beginning to implement policies that better serves Scots.
    Also, when making comments talking of economic disaster and carnage about in relation to Scotland, do remember that the Union isn’t exactly performing that well under London Rule.

  227. DJ says:

    Etticus @ 8:44 am

    Well, we had all better give up then and get back in our box. Scotland is obviously not capable of gaining independence. Thanks for your great insight. So glad you’re here to save us all.

  228. Mac says:

    It is funny seeing all this drama unfold over the next SNP leader.

    I like Kate Forbes and I think I like Ash Regan (I am not sure though as I have never seen her).

    But it will take both of them time to rebuild-up public trust in the SNP and themselves as leader and and it is not a given they will succeed.

    Forbes / Regan will likely face what Corbyn faced. Tonnes of backstabbing MP/MSPs trying to undermine her every move.

    No disrespect to any of them but whoever wins (Forbes) they are going to appear to the public like lightweights at first and will have to grow into the job, all of which takes time and establishing a track record of success (or at least of not failure).

    And the while I am watching this drama there is of course the giant elephant sitting quietly in the room that no one is mentioning, Alex Salmond of course.

    There you have a proven and trusted statesman, a true statesman in every sense. Anyone who watched him at the inquiry will have been reminded of his class and quality (especially versus the hissing and spitting of Sturgeon).

    I just keep thinking to myself why not just switch to ALBA and get a top class ready made leader that was perceived as such a threat they tied to take him down and failed, twice.

    And this is where the real purpose of the stitch-up comes in, it was to smear him. The media to their eternal shame only reported the prosecution case and did so in gaudy detail, painting Salmond in the worst possible light endlessly.

    Then as Craig Murray I think reported they all closed their notebooks when the defence made their case. Their excuse of course was ‘to avoid the risk of jigsaw identification’… utter pish.

    This completely one sided reporting ensured that even if Salmond was cleared by the jury he would still be seen as guilty by the uninformed general public.

    So I get very frustrated with people who know Salmond was stitched-up but tacitly accept that he is ‘damaged goods’ and so write him off. That is exactly what they aimed to achieve. You are making that aim a reality by accepting it.

    I don’t accept it.

    I wonder how many people will realize it, that it is right there in front of their faces and all they have to do for independence is press the big Salmond button.

    Looking at the present and future turmoil of the SNP, I think Salmond and ALBA will become increasingly attractive. It will appear as if nothing is happening and then it will change quickly and ALBA will have a breakthrough.

    Once ALBA establish a beachhead of a few MSPs and Salmond gets back in the parliament, he will murder them, and it will snowball.

  229. Etticus says:

    @big jock

    Last election it was… even then that’s only 32% of the electorate. A recipe for disaster.

    The way it normally goes you have to vote for the motion, even in something like a golf club.

    As for the UK economy being a disaster… well that disaster has allowed sturgeon to run the biggest deficit in Europe. Brexit hasnt affected most people and unemployment and inflation is lower in the UK than most of Europe. After indy there would be no one to pick up the tab. Anyone serious about independence would have to make Scotland run at a surplus before any additional UK money is accounted for. Salmond knew that, sturgeon was too darn stupid to understand that and it seems quite a few are like her.

  230. Doug says:

    We can always rely on knuckle-dragging British nationalists to go off the rails and screw things up; the important thing is to recognise it and take advantage of it for the benefit of Scotland.

  231. Breastplate says:

    Surely you can agree that 50% + 1 of 100% is, perhaps not theoretically impossible but in actuality simply can’t be done.
    How do we measure the votes that people have failed to cast? How do we split them?
    Should we attempt to measure the votes that people fail to use? How would this work?

    If we won’t or can’t measure the intentions of the non casting of votes, how should we proceed with any election or referendum?

    Has democracy ceased to be democracy because some people have chosen not to express a preference with a vote?
    Has democracy ceased to be a democracy because a lot of people have chosen not to express a preference with a vote?
    If the answer is different for those 2 questions, can we explain why it’s different?

    I believe in a democracy and civilised society that there should be an obligation to vote (including spoiling the paper) so that our individual opinion is weighed and measured, therefore allowing our representatives to do the job they were elected to do properly.

    Unfortunately that doesn’t exist and we have to make do with the system which is designed to give politicians too much wriggle room to ignore the Will of the People.

    The system that we have is far from ideal but how can we proceed democratically if we discount the votes of the people who have actually voted?
    We devalue the votes cast by giving value to those votes that have not been cast.

    If we do decide to give value to unused votes, perhaps, for example, we could share that value 50% between each side in a binary question. Would this be fair?

    It might seem simple to dismiss democracy because there was an interpretation that not enough people voted but this might be considered itself, to be undemocratic.

    Atticus, there are a lot of questions to be answered regarding your stance, can they be answered satisfactorily?

  232. Mac says:

    Think of three possible Scotlands.

    The first Scotland is where there was no attempted stitch-up of Alex Salmond. In that version of Scotland I am almost certain, given events since 2014, that Alex Salmond would have returned as leader, and we would be independent by now or on the cusp of achieving it. I have zero doubt about that and I am sure neither did the UK establishment, hence the stitch-ups.

    The second version of Scotland is where they had succeeded in the stitch-up. Alex Salmond is now languishing in prison as a sex offender. Sturgeon is doing a series of in-depth interviews with Kirsty Wark telling everyone what a monster he was. The entire memory and spirit of 2014 is forever tarnished. And the greatest threat to the union completely destroyed as a threat.

    The third version of Scotland is reality, we are living in the the strange twilight version of Scotland where Salmond ‘won’, but they won too.

    Salmond was cleared of all charges yet is still seen as guilty by ‘joe public’ due to the very deliberate one-sided reporting which smeared his reputation in the most disgusting way.

    Our future version of Scotland, the one we should be living in, was deliberately de-railed by the stitch-up. That is why we cannot let them be successful in smearing Salmond out of the game.

    It is not just about righting a huge wrong, and justice for Alex Salmond, it is about regaining our rightful destiny.

  233. DJ says:

    Mac, I completely agree with you. Alex Salmond is the greatest political leader Scotland has ever had. He, and Alba, have my vote.

    If SNP members choose Ash, then at least the independence pot – if she’s true to her word – keeps simmering at the very least, and perhaps even comes to the boil! You can only but hope…

  234. FionaN says:

    Gordon Gecko, I agree wholeheartedly. Forbes is a staunch and zealous neoliberal-see tax haven freeports and renewables auctions for a start. And her many warnings of ‘essential’ongoing hardship to ‘balance the books’. She will happily kill many of us off with her pursuit of ongoing tory austerity policies combined with tory enabling of energy company avarice -has she forgotten, in her devoutness, that avarice is one of the seven deadly sins?

    She has also stated several times that she doesnt see independence as a priority and it can be put off for decades while we all ‘persuade soft nos’ to get a majority vote for indy. I do believe I have heard an snp VIP say that before on plenty of occasions, usually just after yet another mandate for indyref2 has been won. Yousaf isn’t the only continuity candidate, GRR notwithstanding. Her sudden msm popularity isnt an accident.

  235. President Xiden says:

    @Ian Murray

    “What justification was given for Murrell’s action at the time ?“

    The money was just resting in his account.

  236. Republicofscotland says:

    Saw Ash Regan give an interview last night on STV, she ran rings around the mediocre news reporter John Mackay, the highlight was when she said that on Murrell counting the votes of the leadership contest, that it would be like Boris Johnson’s partner Carrie, counting the votes for Johnson’s replacement, Mackay was gobsmacked and quickly moved on to another probing question.

    Regan is the only candidate that will deliver independence, and that’s why Murrell will make sure she doesn’t win, that and stop the unfolding of what Sturgeon and Murrell have been up to since she (Sturgeon) became FM.

  237. jockmcx says:

    How Alex Salmond is responsible for the first world war and just about everything else bad since!
    According to somebody.

    The Dark Legacy Of The Great War | Long Shadow Complete Series | Timeline

    Alex appears near the end of this 2 and a half hour documentary!
    Very much worth everybody’s watch!

  238. Dorothy Devine says:

    ” I have devoted myself to the cause of the people.It is a good cause. It shall ultimately prevail.It shall finally triumph’

    The words of Thomas Muir in the dock in 1793.

    The Liberty Tree should have been read by everyone interested in Scotland’s independence and very especially by those who held seats in the SNP – the supposed party of independence.

  239. Big Jock says:

    Eticus – Stop lying

    All 129 seats to the Scottish Parliament
    65 seats needed for a majority
    Turnout Constituency – 63.5% Increase7.7pp
    Regional – 63.5% Increase7.7pp,a%20Holyrood%20election%20to%20date

    Lets deal in facts. If you know a vote for the SNP is a vote for independence. They win 51% , then that’s democracy. Suck it up.

  240. Etticus says:


    That’s fair enough but it doesn’t change that trying to split a country in two that has existed for longer than the USA, Germany, Italy etc etc on the basis of the opinion of 25-30% of the electorate would be a disaster.

    I’m not saying we would have a civil war but of course Ireland tends to suggest we might but I would not be surprised that for ex the parliament ended up getting burnt down in the ensuing riots. It’s a well known fact that police scotland put in a huge order for riot equipment before the last Indy ref, I suspect their bosses in the SNP Scot gov of the day had concerns about what might happen if there was a yes vote.

    You can also bet that in the ensuing carnage of maybe multiple elections after the regan SNP gov collapses when reality hits that the result would be reversed very quickly and then we are even further back than now. In fact the cause could be dead forever.

  241. Chas says:

    There appears to be some misconceptions on here that Politicians, from whatever Political Party are, or should be, honest and transparent. Yet I cannot think of one, over the years, who would fall into this category.

    Some are more, or less honest, than others but the main reason any one enters ‘politics’ is for self advancement, money and power. Forget about all the fanciful notions of ‘trying to help others’. Look at the current crop of SNP MSP’s and MP’s if you have any doubts. The Tories appear worse. Labour look slightly better but only because they have not held power for years. That may change following the next General Election. Whisper it-‘they all lie to suit their own agendas’.

    Don’t expect too much from any Politician and you won’t be disappointed.

  242. Mac says:

    Just saw some clips of the STV interview.

    Ash Regan is excellent. My new favourite candidate.

  243. Big Jock says:

    Republic- I saw that. It would help if journalist had at least a basic grasp of international law , and the UN charter on human rights.

    They constantly ask ‘ But what if WM says no’. It has nothing to do with WM. It’s about Scotland declaring independence to the world. Everything starts with that moment. We are not seeking WM approval. We are telling the world we are moving to independence.

    What has happened up to now is contained under domestic law. Domestic law is irrelevant to international law when it comes to countries declaring UDI. Another country cannot hold a nation like a prisoner.

  244. A2 says:

    To be fair, it’s unlikely that the fact that an investigation had been opened would be shared with the LGBTI police association. It’s not like everybody in the police knows everything the police are doing everywhere.

  245. Big Jock says:

    Eticus- Britain or the UK is not a country. Scotland is the country the UK is the state. Scotland has existed for over 1000 years before and still after the union in 1707. You are referring to the more recent political union.

    We know that this was carried out with deception , bribes and against the wishes of 95% of Scots. We didn’t get a vote at the time. The land was sold by the unelected lords. In those days you could sell an entire country for a bribe.

    There is nothing glorious or great about this union. A union which has benefited only England. We don’t want to break up a country, we want to liberate a country trapped in a corrupt state.

  246. Beauvais says:

    Add up the influences on Kate Forbes in her formative years. Brought up in the fundamentalist Free Church, educated at India’s most expensive fee paying school, a degree at Cambridge University, and working at Barclays bank.

    While I’m in no way vilifying any of the above organisations, or vilifying Ms Forbes, it has to be said that there was a time, pre-devolution, when someone with such a cumulative background would hardly have been welcomed in the SNP as a candidate for leader.

    Someone with such a background would be looked on askance as a would be leader of Alba.

  247. Ian the P says:

    Well well well. Who’d have guessed.

  248. Anton Decadent says:

    @SusanAHF “Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.” —Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

    Over in Eire the Greens also have ministerial positions filled by people who appear to hate the Irish population and who are friends with paedophile apologists, it is almost like a pattern playing out, centrally planned and being implemented across the West.

  249. FionaN says:

    I thought Ash Regan on STV was unfortunately quite wooden in her delivery and as Wishart said, quite woolly. I doubt if she would have survived a tough interview. She also sounds a bit like she has backtracked on her previous determined enthusiasm to go for independence. She is probably the best of the three but the bar has been set very low indeed.

    I don’t think any one of them will be good for Scotland or good for independence. I do feel quite disappointed in Regan as she had previously sounded as though she was up for the struggle now, determined and enthusiastic, not 50 years into the future but here and now. At least she still seems to believe in bringing the yes movement together again, but I suspect she is a bit naive about the resistance she will encounter, especially from the seniors in the parties which have clearly been compromised and so thoroughly infiltrated and who still seek division to weaken the yes movement and to keep Statesman Salmond at bay.

  250. Beauvais says:

    The thing that has been overlooked about Ash Regan is that she didn’t even become a nationalist until the age of 37. This happened during the indyref campaign when she first took an interest via her job in marketing. It’s difficult to square that with the idea of someone who would have the boldness and the strategic skills and awareness to lead Scots to independence.

    Regan and Forbes are dubious liberators. While Yousaf would simply finish the job of wrecking Scotland that Sturgeon started.

    Alba is free of all this awful baggage that the SNP has accumulated.

  251. David Hannah says:

    I agree with you Mac. There’s nothing I’d love more than to right the wrong about Salmond and regain our rightful destiny.

    For as long as big Eck is alive my hope for Independence is alive.

    This Ash Regan is working with his team So I trust this Ash Regan. Its as simple as that.

  252. Etticus says:

    @big jock

    I think you need to check your history. The Scotland we have today did not exist for 1000 years before the UK was created. The south east of Scotland was in the kingdom of Northumbria for over 300 years before Scotland was created and Moray wasn’t in Scotland until the 13th century. The vast majority of the Scottish population are of Anglo Saxon stock (english) with Scots (or north Northumbrian) which is a dialect of old angle, being their language. They are not Gaels or descended from the Irish (Scot’s) and they settled in “Scotland” before the Irish (Scotti) crossed the sea to invade and slaughter and oppress the Gaels, Picts and Anglo Saxons.

    To claim the UK is not a country doesn’t help anyone because everyone knows it is.

    If you want to pretend that a minority of people trying to force an uncooperative majority into something they don’t want is going to turn out fine I can show you numerous examples in history when that has not been the case.

    Until there is a settled majority of all voters in favour of independence the game is a bogey and the fact is that has never been the case and thanks to Sturgeon and her dismissive and ignorant attitude towards answering the big questions people have had since before 2014 we are a long way from where we need to be. People need honesty and facts about what the pros and cons would be, lying and bluster as per what Sturgeon has been doing just won’t cut it any more.

  253. Beauvais says:

    Regan, Forbes and Yousaf.

    Salmond, Hanvey and MacAskill.

    Which trio would you say is the more talented, astute and committed to independence?

    And please forgive the latter three for untrendily being caucasian hetero blokes. They really can’t be blamed for it.

  254. Chicmac says:

    I had the opposite experience.

    A Kate Forbes advocate with the proviso that I had not seen Ash Regan under questioning, I am now 50:50 based on her STV performance.

    She did reiterate ‘every election’ is a potential plebiscite no need to have a single one off plebiscit election.

    Her’, “I don’t have a crystal ball and neither do you.” retort was well aimed and doubling up received.

  255. James Che says:

    Legal matters only.

    Labour interpretation of the Scots “Claim of right”

    Martin Whitfield, labour, East Lothian, 4th July, 2018.

    Rough Quote,

    “The concept of the Claim of Right Act 1689, which referred then to the right of appeal to the Monarch against perceived judicial injustices , the 1689 Act gave access to the parliament of Scotland, where the Monarch in parliament Sat,
    The Act of Union1707 led to the Abolition of the Scottish Parliament and the Right was transferred to the to the House of Lords, Which is now , of course the United kingdom Supreme Court, “

  256. James Che says:

    Martin Whitfeild’s on the 4th July 2018 statement confirms the 1707 Scottish parliament was abolished from the treaty of union in 1707.

  257. James Che says:

    Uk parliament site, 2022/ 2023 confirms Martin Whitfeilds statement,


    “The Parliament of Scotland extinguished itself by agreeing to the treaty of Union 1707.”

  258. Breeks says:

    Beauvais says:
    28 February, 2023 at 12:45 pm
    Regan, Forbes and Yousaf.

    Salmond, Hanvey and MacAskill.

    Which trio would you say is the more talented, astute and committed to independence?

    Your asking the wrong question Beauvais, if you don’t mind me saying.

    Far, far, batter for Scottish Independence would be a Holyrood delegation of MSP’s assembling together with a Westminster delegation of Scottish MP’s and representing the “Parliaments” of Scotland as a political component of a SALVO inspired Convention of the Estates driving forward a Constitutional defence of the Claim of Right and taking it to the UN for recognition.

    It’s not who they are that matters anymore. It’s what they do.

    Of the three SNP Leadership contenders, only Regan is making the right noises as far as I can see.

    I’m not even sure ability matters that much. Situational awareness seems the more pressing commodity, and that it would seem, is in shortest supply.

    Personally, I now wince at the mention of a referendum. Get the Union suffering a Constitutional crisis by any and all possible means, and trust our damaged democracy with a ratification Plebiscite once the Independence result is irreversible.

  259. Beauvais says:

    Breeks @1:26pm

    What you propose is an excellent stratagem. It’s just that I find it hard to impossible to trust any senior SNP figure to do anything on indy other than talk a good game. Some of them don’t even do that.

  260. Republicofscotland says:

    Big Jock.

    That’s right its up to us not Westminster, and that’s the way is should be.

  261. Anne C says:

    Did Nicolson really tweet a picture of himself that is apparently captioned ‘found guilty historically of crimes’?

  262. gregor says:

    NationalScot (28/02/2023): Twit: re. Humza’s unifying nature and vision:


  263. gregor says:


    “A description, either true or imagined, of a connected series of events.”

    “It’s an age-old story of love and betrayal.”

    “The story is about theft, fraud and deceit on an incredible scale.”

    “We don’t know the full details of the story yet.”

  264. Big Jock says:

    If Scotland declared her independence they may get sovereign statehood, if their host states agree. If not, though, they could choose to declare their independence, and to exist as an unrecognised state indefinitely.

    Obviously we don’t want to be unrecognised. But legally we can do this in the face of Westminster intransigence. The difference between Scotland and other new nations. We are actually registered as a country at the UN, The Scots are a recognised nationality and we have clearly defined borders.

    In some cases often quoted , like Kosova. Their border was not clearly defined and Kosova was not registered as a country at the UN. There were also several claims to it’s territory. Scotland’s territory is only part of the UK while it is in the union. England would not have a claim on any of our territory, as we would simply be leaving the UK not dividing up one country. Very much like the former Soviet states, who simply reverted to their original independent status.

  265. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Did Nicolson really tweet a picture of himself that is apparently captioned ‘found guilty historically of crimes’?”

    It was a video. I may have chosen the moment to screenshot it at with a degree of mischief.

  266. gregor says:

    Nicola Sturgeon (28/02/2023): Twit:

    “No one should grudge NI its ‘unbelievably special position’ – peace is precious. But it underlines the unbelievably compromised position has been left in…”:

  267. gregor says:


    “A strong feeling of anger and dislike for a person who you feel has treated you badly, especially one that lasts for a long time.”

    “She grudged every hour she spent helping him.”

    “He grudges the unnecessary fences and hedges that are put up on smaller holdings.”

  268. gregor says:

    World Economic Forum: People:

    Nicola Sturgeon:

    Rishi Sunak:

    World Economic Forum: Organizations:

    UK Government:

  269. John Main says:

    @Beauvais says:28 February, 2023 at 11:35 am

    Brought up in the fundamentalist Free Church …

    … would hardly have been welcomed in the SNP as a candidate for leader

    Mostly these days I just read here to see which comment of the day drops my jaw on the keyboard.

    Congrats Beauvais, you da man. Or woman. Or watever.

    Could be you are right, though, and it is me that is wrong. Too bad.

    I survived primary, secondary and tertiary education, and the rest of my adult life, in Scottish towns and cities where Free Church Christians were everywhere.

    Unseen, unrecognised, unremarkable, mostly harmless, private people.

    And not once, not ever, did I have to worry about Free Church Christians blowing me up, or knifing me for lack of “respect”.

    To me, that’s a big deal, and my attitude on that is not for changing.

  270. gregor says:

    Scottish Patriotic Song (2022): I See the Great Mountains (Chi mi na morbheanna):

    “…I see without delay the land of my birth
    I am welcomed in the language I cherish
    I will receive there hospitality, and love when I reach it
    That I’d trade not for tons of gold

    I see there woods, and I see there thickets
    I see there the fair and most fertile of meadows…”:

  271. gregor says:

    David Henry (28/02/2023): Twitter:

    “Wow Stewart McDonald the MP who has been linked to CIA training? The same #SNP MP who had his email hacked recently? I suspect he is not a #independence supporter.”:

  272. gregor says:


    “To get into someone else’s computer system without permission in order to find out information or do something illegal.”

    “A programmer had managed to hack into some top-secret government data.”

    “He claimed they had spied on him and tried to hack his computer.”

  273. Corrado Mella says:

    The level of hubris that these narcissistic sociopaths have is astonishing but not uncommon, and will be their downfall.

    As every immature child, they believe to be immortal and don’t perceive risk like a developed adult, so engage in dangerous activities believing they’d always get away with it.

    Narcissistic sociopathy amplifies this phenomenon with the belief that they’re above the law, superior, better, and that they will never be taken to task.

    Let them show their hand. It’ll be easier to know who we cannot rely upon in a just, fair and mature independent Scotland.

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