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Last on the bandwagon

Posted on February 09, 2015 by

It gets clearer with every passing day that Scottish Labour’s chief election strategy is to assume that Scottish voters are goldfish. There’s no other explanation for a piece in yesterday’s Courier on the SNP’s Jamie Hepburn’s call for the implementation of a 2009 report into which sporting events should be protected from pay-TV broadcasters.

The article concluded with some comments from Labour.

“It was reported last month that Labour will include a commitment in its general election manifesto to ensure major sporting such as the Open Championship are shown on terrestrial TV.

Scottish leader Jim Murphy told the Scotland and Sunday events like the Open and international football “shouldn’t be a minority sport for only those who can afford satellite television subscriptions”.

A party spokesman said today: “We’re happy to send the SNP Government links to all the announcements Jim Murphy and Kez Dugdale have made so that it is easier for them to adopt our policies.”

Which is, y’know, bold.

Having commissioned the report in 2008, Labour booted it into the long grass. The SNP, meanwhile, have been calling for the measures for at least the last seven years.

In itself, of course, it’s a pretty trivial matter, although sport – and in particular football – illustrates better than most things the shoddy deal Scotland gets in the Union, and from the BBC. Gary Lineker’s wardrobe budget alone for Match Of The Day would fund the entire production of Sportscene for about three years.

(In fairness, so would a good delve down the back of the average sofa.)

But it’s just one more tiny microcosm of the sheer contempt Scottish Labour has for the electorate. Even on a subject where they’re in total agreement with the SNP and could project a united front for the benefit of Scotland, they just can’t resist an attack on the Nats and an insult to the voters.

In May, Labour may well find out just how much people remember.

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149 to “Last on the bandwagon”

  1. Dcanmore says:

    Labour trying to do what they think they do best, whitewashing and rewriting their history and hope nobody notices. 2015 has become Year Zero for SLAB.

  2. uilleam_beag says:

    I see Murphy was talking to that famous national paper the “Scotland AND Sunday” … so proud of the exemplary standard of subbing these days (I know it was in the original).

  3. David says:

    three wheels on my wagon and…………..

  4. Jim Thomson says:

    I’m sure the last bit in the quoted article really should have read ” … so that it is easier for them to identify our lies about ‘our’ policies”

  5. No no no...Yes says:

    The North Britain branch of the Labour Party and its members have deep seated hatred of the SNP and are in need of psychiatric assessment. They are trying to swim against a tsunami of change in politics and this latest guff demonstrates that they cannot give a professional reply to a journalist.
    PedantWatch – second last paragraph and in the original copy says “Scotland AND Sunday”. Did they mean Scotland ON Sunday, as in newspaper?

  6. Jim Thomson says:


    Have the New Christie Minstrels changed their name? New Murphy Minstrels perchance?

  7. Desimond says:

    Labour have promised that all games shown will have 30 minutes extra time…once more Labour give you more!

  8. jimnarlene says:

    SNP bad, yadda yadda. I keep checking, every time I read a labour statement, I still can’t find buttons, a zip or Velcro on the back of my head, nor have I noticed any; on other people.

  9. r esquierdo says:

    In May, Labour may find out just how much people remember. However it is the hard of learning who do not remember or do not want to remember that I am worried about and there are hundreds of thousands of them.

  10. Calum Craig says:

    The news about the Open was pretty crap. I think the majority agree that it should be on terrestrial TV (like the Scotland games…). Bloody Labour just can’t get over that instinctive urge to do or so anything they can to spite “the Nats”.

  11. Gary says:

    Let them watch the fitba! Let them get pushed at the fitba! Let them sing all the old sectarian songs at the fitba! Put it all together and we can reignite the flame of sectarian hate and violence! That’ll keep ’em busy!

  12. Dr Jim says:

    Although the only game i’m looking forward to would be “The Liberation Game” with a few million Scottish contestants
    And the first prize is “you guessed it” Freedom

  13. proudscot says:

    Or maybe that last bit should read, “… so that the SNP can identify which of their policies the Labour Branch Office are stealing and claiming as theirs.”

  14. dennis mclaughlin says:

    Scottish Labour Accounting Unit …running on empty…it’s only February folks!????.

  15. jackie g says:

    Tweet from dipity dug!

    Enthusiastic response for @scottishlabour on the doors this afternoon..

    Enthusiastic response? would love to know what the actual response was Keisa as we know that none of Slab can tell the truth..

    Reading the response Magrit Curran got on FB when she showed a pic of the six folk who were canvasing with her on Sat i look forward to the comments..

  16. Tackety Beets says:

    For as long as I can remember ( AYE 50 odd years) it been “Scottish” when we loose and ” British” when we win . Sometimes even referred to as English.
    ” Bitter T gither” sure enough !

  17. bookie from hell says:

    Tooth Fairy to sue Jim Murphy for entering his/her place

  18. James D says:

    @David – “… flamin’ spears, burn my ears, but I’m singing a happy song!”

  19. drawdeaddave says:

    Least when it comes to serious Tory government policy like trident, austerity & fracking Labour don’t need to pinch them they can just join up with their Tory cohorts & vote them through, with a few benign amendments just to make it look good, then try to convince Scotland it never happened.. Just one thing to say to those Tory loving SLab MP’s.. If SNP don’t make you redundant EVEL will…

  20. Jamie Arriere says:

    Another belter from oor Jim :

    “For too long our cities have been held back by a lack of ambition, a lack of funding and a lack of freedom.”

    I wonder who by, Jim, I really wonder. And who believes that the final cost of any crossrail scheme would be less than £200m? Me neither.

  21. Macart says:

    Outstanding example of history according to Labour.

    A retrospective work in progress.

    They’re beginning to outdo themselves in the stupid stakes.

  22. Dan Huil says:

    The Labour party ran on hatred and negativity during the referendum. It seems the same applies for the GE.

  23. fred blogger says:

    yep, and also our history.
    but luckily we have a remembrancer, lest we forget!

  24. Rosa Alba says:

    ARE we sure that there is not a [strange] secret agenda – that Smurph and Ducksdale (even Gordon) are not decoys and that at some secret bunker deep in Coatbridge…there be socialists?

    Are we sure that there is not a deliberate smoke and mirrors strategy of now you see us, now you don’t, truth and lie and truth as lie, and lie as truth so that no one knows what to believe anymore (and what is a troll or hack) and just votes Labour because BECAUSE, it’s what we have always done?

    [I am struggling to keep tracks on what is what/who said what and when.]

    I ask these because I cannot believe one party with professional input could be so incompetent. And if they are it is a question of not wanting such inepts in charge of the pro-tem Union’s budgets, combustible oil supplies, planet, health and most of all Nukes.

    And, why has Johann Lamont reemerged tweeting tweets worthy of WFI – and only Women’s Issues?

  25. davidb says:

    What’s with skeletor and the football obsession? He writes a book about it, he goes jogging in a football shirt – or strikes a jogger-like pose for the camera at least. He reminds us of his support for diehard unionist Glasgow Celtic. He does seem to talk balls an awful lot.

  26. Geoff Huijer says:

    I wrote to the BBC as an eleven year old because the Hearts/Rangers Cup Final got no mention on the News. The English Cup Final did (Man City v Liverpool or Spurs I think).

    My English mum said “but the Scottish one will be on on ‘our’ news after this” to which I replied “but this is the NATIONAL news so it should mention our one too; it’s not the English News”.

    She concurred (she hadn’t looked at it that way before) and I wrote my letter offering to be their ‘Scottish football correspondent (I was 11!).

    I got no reply. Thus it has ever been.

  27. mogabee says:

    Murphy has an awful lot of baggage. Does he think that people have forgotten his cuddles with Tories?

    He and his “crew” seem to be playing nasty games which will come back to bite them.

    I bet that many of the 1.6 million have got good memories.

  28. jimnarlene says:

    @ Jackie G
    Euthanized response, perhaps?

  29. ScottieDog says:

    Interesting article showing the role of the west in the creation of IS.
    Worth a read. I’m sure mr murphy is proud.

  30. jackie g says:

    jimnarlene says:

    Euthanized response, perhaps?

    Naw they are giving themselves enough rope..the anger has now turned to joy watching them all make complete Ars*** of themselves roll on May.

  31. Harry McAye says:

    1976 was one of the biggest FA Cup final shocks to be fair, Southampton beating Manchester United but they should still have mentioned our cup final. It’s still happening, though our cup finals get mentioned now. Saturday morning BBC Breakfast, sports guy talking to the Football Focus guy, not one mention of the Scottish Cup matches. Sky News guy mentions the games but it was Falkirk v Breck-in. Recently Dundee United were Dundee. We are an afterthought.

    I can’t bear to watch BBC News with all the items that have no relevance to Scotland whatsoever but folk up here put their brain into neutral and watch it and just accept it. I used to do it myself before I woke up.

  32. chris kilby says:

    Seriously, though. What will “Jim ‘n’ Kez” do on May 8th? What will Labour do? Even if, UK-wide, the party IS in a position to form a coalition with the SNP (and, hopefully, Plaid, the Greens and even what few LibDems remain, if any) it will probably be numb if not catatonic with shock after being wiped out in Scotland as seems increasingly likely. A Pyrrhic victory without the victory, Ed would surely have to resign for a start. Does anyone even care any more?

    # There may be trouble ahead… #

  33. Democracy Reborn says:

    Does Murphy put his Parkhead pie & bovril on the expense account?

  34. Joemcg says:

    Re-BBC news,my old man always shouted at the telly when England cricket matches were ALWAYS mentioned going back to the early 70’s to present day. Can still here is voice now,”Naebodys fuckin interested in Scotland!”

  35. Desimond says:

    @Harry McAye

    It all felt quite surreal on Friday as I headed through Glasgow airport passing loads of kilted Tartan Army rugby fans heading to France whilst TV screens showing rugby preview” news was of England Rugby fans partying in Cardiff

  36. No no no...Yes says:

    Jamie Arriere 3.33pm The archived Murphy article really annoyed me. Why does a MP who is NOT at Holyrood get first billing and a Minister IN government with a positive contribution get 2nd Billing. BBC bias, you bet!

    I decided to joint Twitter (with same name ) and I can now record my dismay in real time. And breathe…….., that’s better….

  37. Sinky says:

    Labour’s tactics not working.

    The Conservatives are ahead by three points in this week’s Ashcroft National Poll, conducted over the past weekend. The Tories are up three to 34%, with Labour unchanged on 31%, the Lib Dems up one at 9% and UKIP down one at 14%. The Greens are down three points at 6% and the SNP unchanged at 4%.

  38. george says:

    LABour – North Of Britain Branch? any takers for the name LAB-NOBB?

  39. Johnny says:

    Of course their entire ploy is to confuse people into voting for them. Other than the tactical-voting uber-unionists, it’s going to come down to how many people are hearing what they say but have long ago switched off to the ‘message’, regarding it ALL as lies.

    Let’s face it, the people who read this site may well be confused about how all over the place their policies are but it’s not going to trick any of us into voting for them. It’s other people we are worried about and, in that regard, the cause for hope is that many more people are sceptical about how truthful Westminster politicians are than would vote for, say, indy. Just depends how many STILL go and faithfully vote Labour anyway. I’d like to think those numbers are dwindling, but accept that my faith could be shattered come 8 May.

  40. HandandShrimp says:

    McTernan “Jim, I have been having a think about this name thing. Scottish Labour is a bit old hat”

    Murphy “What do you have in mind Spidey”

    McTernan *mutter I’ll swing for that bloody Moodie chap* “Jim we are Labour for all of Scotland right?”

    Murphy “Right”

    McTernan “So we are really the Scottish National Labour Party”

    Murphy “err OK”

    McTernan “and everybody knows we are Labour so we could just shorten it to Scottish National Party”

    Murphy “Spidey you are brilliant the punters will love it”

  41. HandandShrimp says:


    I think that latest Ashcroft poll seems a bit “within the margins of error”. It seems unlikely that the Tories would go up three and the Greens down three and the rest barely move.

  42. Proud Cybernat says:

    Jim Murphy–the snake-oil salesman who can’t take “No” for an answer.

  43. fred blogger says:

    i think it’s staggering lab have any support.

  44. Dr Jim says:

    Ive just had a reply from IPSO about the wording and promises of “The Vow” guess what?
    My complaint was not upheld…. SHOCKEROONY

  45. Davy says:

    Imagine what would happen with our own state broadcaster and £300 million from the lience fee to spend.

    Instead of getting the crumbs from the London bbc table, we could maybe ? put things like our culture and sport etc to the front in Scotland even increase our own light productions.

    You know what I mean, all the broadcasting benefits of a nation that controls its own broadcasting.

  46. call me dave says:

    D. Torrance touting a possible Tory & SNP coalition in the Herald, I’m sure it’s just to wind me up. 🙂

    Meanwhile Miliband’s caught the Murphy mood ‘doubling maternity payment for four weeks’ for men.

  47. bald eagle says:



  48. wee sandy says:

    Handand Shrimp @4.39
    Just had a “laugh out loud ” moment!
    Thank you !
    Very funny!
    Thing is, it could well have been discussed!

  49. It brings a whole new meaning to the MSM ‘Murphy’s Shambolic Manifesto.’

  50. Skip_NC says:

    Greetings from Raleigh, North Carolina. I may be showing my ignorance here, but isn’t broadcasting reserved to the WM parliament? If so, how can anyone offer a Scottish Parliament manifesto commitment on it without looking a complete prat?

  51. Proud Cybernat says:

    Iain Macwhirter makes a very good point over at The Herald. He writes:

    “It [the SNP] could, like Charles Stewart Parnell, the Irish home ruler in the 19th century, play havoc with Westminster by cutting deals left, right and centre; playing Tory off against Labour to its own narrow advantage. It could use its electoral leverage to secure further devolution. Remarkably, the SNP has chosen not to do so and make clear that the only party it will play politics with is Labour.

    Nicola Sturgeon has thus handed an extraordinary advantage to Ed Miliband. He knows the SNP will go into post-election negotiations with precisely zero negotiating clout. Indeed, Labour doesn’t need to form any coalition with the SNP at all because they have ruled out voting with the Conservatives. The SNP will not be king-makers in a hung parliament, they will be vassals: wholly-owned property of the Labour leadership. Nicola Sturgeon’s red lines are purely hypothetical because Ed can reject them all and say: OK, and are you going to do about it?

    I really hope the SNP have thought through the logic of their position on their voting intention at WM.

    Let’s assume, for example, Labour gains 265 seats, Tories 280 seats

    Tory = 280
    Labour = 265
    SNP = 41
    LibDems = 25
    39 Others

    Let’s assume the 19 others split 50/50 in support for Labour and Tories. Labour can safely govern as a minority Govt by doing a deal with the Libdems (265 + 25 = 290). This Labour/LibDem coalition would have 10 more seats than the Tories. The Labour/LibDem coalition can happily govern knowing that the SNP will never vote with the Tories.

    Thus by refusing to give the Tories ANY support, the SNP has effectively rendered itself impotent; they have blunted the only weapon they have in WM–their vote.

    I hope the SNP have an answer to this very likely possibility.

  52. galamcennalath says:

    “Even … where they’re in total agreement with the SNP … they just can’t resist an attack”

    Which has been one of their only two policies since 2007 when the SNP knocked them off their ‘God given perch’ in Scotland. Taking the opposite stance from the SNP and the Scottish Government has become Labour’s standard approach to politics. They oppose on principle .. if such behaviour can be called principle. Whether it is, or should be, Labour policy is irrelevant.

    We see a twist in this approach recently, though. Suddenly they realise they need to adopt SNP policy, because it’s popular! They cannot be seen … ‘on principle’ … to agree with the SNP so they pretent something is a new policy they have just come up with!

    Which leads on to their only other policy, which is to habitually lie to their electorate!

  53. @ Geoff Huijer & Harry McAye

    On the dreaded topic of fitba …

    I have always felt that the way Scottish sport, fitba in particular, is treated in comparison with its English equivalent can be viewed as a microcosm within which Scotland as a whole is regarded. If Scotland registers at all on the Anglophone mindset then it is as a poor, distant, uncivilised, third-rate subjugated nation.

    The resources of our Imperial Broadcasters are, not surpringly, fully channelled to providing for the English majority, and by consequence geared to keep the ideological myths of Britannia alive and well.

    ‘ProudScotButs’ are all too often aware of this but choose to:

    a) ignore it for selfish reasons (put fingers in ears, go la-la-la-la-la)

    b) See it as a price worth paying for being part of something ‘bigger’ (variation on ‘too wee, too poor, too stupid syndrome’)

    c) aspire to be part of the Establishment, despite the handicap of actually being Scottish (cultural cringe)

    d) cling to the myths of Empire (the glorious dead, white man’s burden, Commando comics)

    All of these may be permutated with ease.

  54. Robert Louis says:

    Can somebody explain to me what Labour meant when today it announced that they would introduce a glasgow ‘crossrail’. You see, in my head, I thought that crossrail meant a rail route that crosses an entire city – like in London.

    Today that clown Murphy said he would do the same for Glasgow – except, hang on a minute, several main train lines already cross Glasgow. I can catch a Virgin train in Edinburgh, stopping at Glasgow central then on to London. Or, if feeling in the mood for it, catch a train from Edinburgh, right through the centre of Glasgow and all the way out to oban (when the service runs), or on a daily half hourly service direct from Edinburgh through Airdrie, Cumbernauld, then central Glasgow – High street, Queen Street, Charing cross, Hyndland, partick, anniesland all the way to Milngavie and beyond. I could go on and on, but the one thing which Glasgow does not lack is main rail routes which cross right through the centre of Glasgow, linking the North, West, East and South of Scotland, including all the way to London or penzance.

    London has always been very different, in that trains from the North physically stopped at Kings cross and Euston (in North London). Trains from the south would hit the buffers and be physically stopped at Waterloo and Charing Cross (South -ish London). Likewise trains from the west went to paddington (west London), and literally hit the buffers, and those from the East (ish) stopped at Liverpool St. but Glasgow has for as long as I have been on this planet, had numerous main (and commuter) rail lines which cross glasgow, North to South, East to West.

    So, what exactly would a ‘new’ Labour type ‘crossrail’ for Glasgow offer, that isn’t already available?

    Serious Question.

  55. Desimond says:

    Proud Cybernat

    At no point did the SNP say they would NOT consider voting against Labour. Its not the same as siding with the Tories regardless of how Jim and Kezia and Ian Davidson would try and dress it up.

    Nicola will do as all nice Scottish girls do “Oh We can dance son, but first you have to court me!”

  56. Jim Thomson says:

    @Proud Cybernat

    That doesn’t exactly rule out voting AGAINST labour though. Voting with the Tories implies that the Tories have proposed something and then a vote is taken.

    There’s nothing to say that they can’t vote against a Labour proposition.

  57. Dr Jim says:

    I’ve done over 100 doors in the last week
    Not one was voting Labour or Torie…some Lib Greens
    Around 80% SNP…The folk are getting it
    And that my friends is on Jo Swinsons Patch

  58. Desimond says:

    Proud Cybernat

    If Labour wanted to govern as a minoroty government, wouldnt the same logic apply to Tories who could also reduce law making to stamping out SNP menace which would get full labour and Lib dem approval?

    Either eay, if SNP have a massive surge in votes, any outcome is good, if Westminster refuse to recognise the SNP, it makes for a very good 2016 result indeed as everyone will see Westminster for what it truly is and cue a 2017/18 Referendum.

  59. manandboy says:

    Murphy’s antics are a Trojan Horse.
    Make people laugh or grimace, makes no difference,
    as long as the voter thinks that Jim is a bit of a clown.

    For clown is good, clown’s OK, we know clown,
    he’s not a threat.
    He’s harmless. Bring him in – he can’t be that bad.
    What’s that you’re sayin’ Jim?

    Trojan Horse – concealing a hidden force, to emerge while
    everyone is asleep.

    Murphy is a front man for some of the most corrupt people
    on the planet.
    Steal, kill, destroy – bread and butter to the British Ruling classes.

    Beware. Be very aware.

  60. Dr Jim says:

    @proud cybernat
    Of course if you listen to Ian McWhirter who is possibly, well maybe, i’m not sure, it could be,
    This man cannot make his mind up on anything definite, it keeps him in a job to agree with everyone,or maybe not, i think, while all the time attempting to smile as if he really does know something

  61. handclapping says:

    @Proud Cybernat
    I think the SNP ruled out coalition with the Tories. The whether or not to work with Labour is up for discussion. The voting on “English” matters is the SNP’s choice.

    The result of this is if the Tories propose some change in “English” education that will increase the Barnett pay-out the SNP could and probably would vote for it and if Labour proposed another “British” freebie for us to pay for like a World Cup in Tottenham then the SNP could and probably would vote against it unless they had tied themselves into Labour by a coalition agreement

  62. Andrew Haddow says:

    @Proud Cybernat

    “My pledge to Scotland today is this – the SNP will never put the Tories into government” is not the same thing as never voting with the tories.

  63. manandboy says:

    Proud cybernat echoing the concerns of Iain McWhirter.

    Thus by refusing to give the Tories ANY support, the SNP has effectively rendered itself impotent; they have blunted the only weapon they have in WM–their vote.

    At this point, Nicola would be well advised to keep her cards close to her chest.
    A bed job with the Tories on May 7th,
    carries the possibilty of a catastrophic backlash
    from the Scottish electorate.

    And, the Tories will do NOTHING to hurt the Union,
    so meaningful concessions are out.
    So what’s to gain. Nothing.

    The weakness in Iain McWhirter’s point is that it doesn’t take account of all the options.
    But I’m sure Nicola will.

    And there’s still 12 weeks to go.
    Chances are we might all be living in a different world
    in 12 weeks time.
    There is a lot of volatility around with Greece, The Euro, Ukraine, Oil.
    And we’ve still to have the ……

  64. Desimond says:


    Murphy is a front man for some of the most corrupt people
    on the planet.


  65. Jamur says:

    Food banks but we’ll get fitbaw provided by the beloved BBC.
    This no nightmare is turning into a dream.

    Geoff Huijer ^

    Your letter is only the start of it,
    One letter and now you’re part of it
    now you’ve done it,
    Jim has fixed it for you,
    And you and you.

  66. Edward says:

    Robert Louis – As far as I can see Murphy is pushing a ‘carrot’ agenda, no doubt at the behest of McTernan

    Its about pandering, or as we say ‘sook’n’ up to the Glaswegians.

    The target audience is the Glasgow yes voters, so Labour come up with wheezes that only Labour can do
    – Free to see Football and Golf
    – Glasgow ‘Crossrail’
    – Make Glasgow a powerhouse

    Hope you get the jist

    In reality Murphy is a glove muppet , who thinks that everyone in Scotland and especially those in Glasgow are stupid enough to fall for his crap

    The ‘Crossrail’ thing is just a sop to appear big and important and is just aping what London have. But inreality its not actually a proper Crossrail and it is not actually needed. Its more akin to a Labour vanity project. Spend tax money and waste – Labour’s MO

  67. Robert Louis says:

    Excellent piece by George Kerevan in The National newspaper today on the issue of what the SNP might do in the event that they hold the balance of power.

    They are not looking at coalition (no matter how many times the BBC says it), but rather a vote by vote agreement. SNP plus English/Welsh greens and Plaid from Wales, could if we are lucky form a very, very powerful voting group in Westminster.

    I have great faith in Angus Robertson, Nicola Sturgeon, Stewart Hosie and Alex Salmond will play hard and long, to secure maximum benefit for Scotland. Labour will play ball, since they are really rather desperate for power.

    If Labour lose all the seats in Scotland, then really post election miliband and Labour in England really won’t care how many powers they have to concede to Scotland, as they will literally have nothing much left to lose.

    This is it folks, the canvassing has started. The fight round 2 has begun 🙂

  68. K1 says:

    If it’s as blatant as labour forming a minority government with libdems, rather than work with a larger contingent of SNP, then Scotland will take note. They will be seen even more clearly for how they really perceive us.

    They simply don’t get it that the SNP represents the people of Scotland, the people of Scotland are not a homogenous grouping of stalinist, nazi, communist followers of the SNP as it is being painted in the msm.

    They claimed they wanted us to stay. Some where persuaded by the the guff vow. It’s unravelling, otherwise we wouldn’t even be discussing these scenarios. If the unionist align in the face of the reality since the referendum and continue to characterise us as second class citizens and then if indeed we send down a large contingent they effectively block us. Come 2016 it will be clearer for those who refused or were blinded by fear to see what needs done.

    Scotland, constitutionally will have another opportunity to ‘go to the people’ and ask that quesion…again, in the face of such obvious and blatant manouvering on the part of the uninionist oppostition.

    They go against us…at the unions peril.

  69. K1 says:

    The sleeping giant of Glasgow’s disaffected voters was awakened and we voted Yes.

    Murphy the muppet muskateer, can dream on.

  70. chossy says:

    I’d be delighted if green and SNP formed a government for me that would be a perfect balance.

  71. Proud Cybernat says:

    Okay–points taken. Thanks people. Some further points to consider.

    I get that the SNP do not need to vote for Labour and can even vote against Labour (though probably not in a formal coalition). But if Labour and the Lib/Dems form a minority Govt. the SNP had better be careful if they vote against the minority Labour Govt because if the Tories also vote against the minority Govt this could lead to a confidence vote (1979 anyone?). Imagine then if Labour lost a confidence vote if the Tories and SNP ganged up? The SNP could possibly end up being routed in Scotland (as per 1979). Thus Labour can feel fairly sure that the SNP will not vote against them in any confidence vote–which effectively silences the SNP guns and its bargaining position with UK Labour.

  72. john king says:

    Jackie G says
    “Enthusiastic response?”

    I would imagine the “response” would be an enthusiastic Gardy loo. 🙂

  73. Gary45% says:

    So FUD tries yet another ploy to try and sway voters.
    The contracts are signed to Sky for the golf and other sports etc, so where will the money come from? they could scrap the House of Lords to pay for it, but I doubt they would do that as that is the Westminster parties pension plan.
    I thought of something a few days ago regarding the BBC failing to win sporting contracts, they must be laughing all the way to the bank, because if you want to watch any of main pay for view channels you have to have a TV licence.
    Thanks to the Referendum I NO LONGER pay the BBC their Biased Media Tax and only watch catch up TV.
    I suggest everyone stop paying for a licence, you will not miss the majority of sh*t that’s on the box anyway.

  74. manandboy says:

    I felt it my duty to convey the sad news
    that the Duke of Buccleuch
    is deeply dismayed
    at the proposals of the Scottish Gov
    on land reform in scotland.

  75. K1 says:

    As a large contingent of SNP’s would effectively have wiped Labour in Scotland Proud Cybernat, this effectively tells us that the myth of 79 had been categorically decimated, to the degree that Labour have been wiped out here.

    Therefore in light of your suggestion that the SNP would be routed if they walked through a door with the Tories, would at this point in time in our history be completely understood by the electorate in the context of clear and obvious reasoning at the time of why they were doing so.

    No Labour strongholds across Scotland to perpetrate any lie to the contrary…another generation saved the path of ours. I’m not concerned at all about the arrangements that the SNP will have to come to, to ensure Scotland’s future.

    Those days of divide and conquer by those establishment means, are signalled as over if we are already in Westminster in May.

  76. MJC says:

    Its “pinball” tactics in use by dear ol labour here. Ping a ball into the arena and watch it bounce all over the place, it would take a very good memory to remember where the ball first hit or you are specificaly looking and recording where the ball hit.

    If like huge numbers out there, are only kinda casual players then most likely they, if asked to remember where the ball hit first they would struggle big time as it all blurs into one!

    Now replace balls with policies and casual players with casual voters and the result is easy to see. Then place hundreds of policies into the fray over a few years and imagine how hard it would be to remember who,what and where!

    2 options, either we all become “pinball wizards” or politicans stop telling fucking lies! I know what one is most achievable.

  77. Dorothy Devine says:

    OT bad news from Bath ,hope all is well.
    Similar accident to George Square.

  78. galamcennalath says:

    The SNP should never put the Tories into government.

    However, the rUK electorate might make them the largest party, AND Labour might well continue to be unwilling to play ball in any way with the SNP.

    It is less about who needs SNP support and who SNP will support … Than the fact that SNP speaks for Scotland, and someone else speaks for rUK and NOT Scotland. And remember, Lab Con could back one another in the great many policies they actually share. If the SNP are frozen out and reserved legislation and budgets forced on Scotland, then we have a constitutional crisis.

    You could argue in the past that this happened with the Feeble Fifty. There is a big difference! The Feeble Fifty chose to do nothing, the SNP will certainly do something!

    Scotland needs to replace as many Unionist MPs as possible with SNP ones who will always put Scotland first.

  79. proudscot says:

    Two old sayings which chime with each other are: “You are judged by the company you keep.” and “Birds of a feather flock together.”

    Both of these sayings apply to Murphy. Look who he has chosen to associate himself with – McDougall and McTernan. Both proven purveyors of deliberately misleading propaganda, stolen SNP policies and downright lies.

    “If you fly with the crows, you’ll get shot with the crows!” – to quote yet another apt comparison, which Murphy would do well to take as a warning from a growing number of the Scottish electorate!

  80. Give Murphy a break!

    He’s only trying to ensure there will be plenty sport on terrestrial TV for him to watch in his retirement ( circa May 8th ).

    Whoops – forgot we already paid for him to have SKY through his expenses.

  81. Dan Huil says:

    The SNP doesn’t have to vote on any Westminster confidence vote. All it has to do is abstain.

    If the government of the day loses the vote of no-confidence another election will probably follow. If as a result Westminster parties wish to hold a series of elections so be it.

    If the government of the day wins the vote it will continue to hobble along for a time until the next vote of no-confidence. The public and the City in England will not like the instability. All the SNP has to do is bide its time. Sooner or later Westminster has to offer the SNP and Scotland something big to end the instability.

  82. K1 says:

    I can’t get access to the herlad’s articles, could someone tell me what the article actually says…about Outlander being screened in the UK?

  83. Dan Huil says:

    @ Dr Jim. Your comment about Mr Macwhirter is correct. He blows hot and cold. Always has done.

  84. wee folding bike says:

    @Robert Louis,

    Crossrail is a plan to link up lines on the north and south so you don’t need to walk from Central to Queen St. It uses some bits of line left over from St Enoch station. If you’re going west into Glasgow on the North Clyde line you can see a branch of the track curve off to the south just west of Bellgrove. It’s behind Gallowgate Morrisons if you want to have a look on a map. At King St a branch ran into St Enoch and another crossed the river. The bridge is still there and the line runs behind the Citz.

  85. David says:

    To Robert Louis at 5:23pm, asking about Crossrail.

    As I understand it, Crossrail is more about linking up Glasgow Central with Glasgow Queen Street, using existing (freight-only) track that crosses the Clyde near the High Court. This is between Victoria Bridge and Albert Bridge, hmm groovy names.

    The main purpose is to enable trains from the West coast, eg Gourock, Ayr, Stranraer, to travel non-stop to the East coast, eg Edinburgh.

    Right now, if you get a train from Ayr to Glasgow Central, you then need to walk/take a bus/take a taxi to Glasgow Queen Street in order to continue you rail journey to Edinburgh.

    (There are ‘some’ direct trains from Central to Edinburgh but they are not fast trains.)

  86. David says:

    What he said!

  87. Paula Rose says:

    @ Harry McAye 3:56

    BRECHIN, dear, Brechin.

    and btw a crossrail is a very angry bird.

  88. frogesque says:

    Now, we all know the Open coverage is done deal and neither JC Murphy nor the SNP have a have a hedgehog under a road roller’s chance of changing anything.

    That given, can we now see SLAB campaigning for a fully independent Scottish Broadcasting Company with neither commercial nor political ties that will promote Scotland’s interest including sport?

  89. Betty Boop says:

    I read, with something less than interest, the musings from Labour’s Team Scotland and wonder how in such a highly educated country we have politicians with so little ambition. I mean, all we have to worry about is whether or not we can watch the footie and the golf on telly. Patronising or what?

    @ manandboy, 6:38pm

    I felt it my duty to convey the sad news
    that the Duke of Buccleuch
    is deeply dismayed
    at the proposals of the Scottish Gov
    on land reform in scotland.

    As I watched the clip describing the Duke’s pain, so eloquently put in his southern tones, I too felt dismayed – dismayed that we still tolerate such superior attitudes. Obviously, the peasants are incapable of managing more than their backyards.

  90. john king says:

    Proudscot says
    “If you fly with the crows, you’ll get shot with the crows!” – to quote yet another apt comparison, which Murphy would do well to take as a warning from a growing number of the Scottish electorate!”

    What do you mean?
    you couldn’t get a more toxic association than one with Jim Murphy,
    Mcternan and McDougall are but choirboys in comparison to the disgusting creature that Murphy is

    Prizes will (not) be awarded for identifying Mcternan. 🙂

  91. Patrick Roden says:

    dear oh dear oh dear,

    Several posters have wondered if Jim Murphy had claimed those Irn Bru cans on his expenses account, but to be honest it was more tongue in cheek as no one would be so contemptuous of the tax payer…


    Jim Murphy has indeed been claiming his Irn Bru on his expenses account!

    I didn’t think it was possible, but the Labour Party has went even further down in my estimation now!!!

    Read this and weep.

  92. Paula Rose says:

    re Murphy’s £1.30 claim for Irn Bru – how much does it cost to process such expense claims?

  93. crazycat says:

    Since the passing of the Fixed Term Parliaments Act, the consequences of losing a vote of confidence have changed.

    In the past, the Government could call an election, and maybe would feel/be obliged to do so once it had lost the confidence of the Commons, at any point in the electoral cycle. Now, there is a 14 day period in which another grouping can be formed which would have the confidence of the House. That would probably be led by the leader of the opposition, but I suppose in theory that if a minor supporter of the government withdrew that support, but another party was prepared to take its place, the Prime Minister could remain in office.

    If after 14 days, no-one can form such a group, there would be another election. I think I have understood that correctly.

  94. john king says:

    Betty Boop says
    “Obviously, the peasants are incapable of managing more than their backyards.”

    You haven’t seen my backyard!

    Im glad the Chookie gave us warning of his visit, at least we had a chance to tidy up a bit,………

    But we couldn’t be arsed

  95. Luigi says:

    All this talk about how a big SNP presence could work with Labour at WM is academic. Surely the big point is that, if the Red Tories lose enough of their Scottish strongholds in May, then they no longer have legitimacy in Scotland. Even if they side with the blue tories to try and thwart the SNP for a while. The Labour party is the one last bastion of unionism in Scotland. When it goes, the union is well and truly finished. It’s over.

  96. Jim says:

    O/T. Is this the beginning of the end of days, U.S may supply weapons to Ukraine but if they do then Russia will retaliate without a doubt. US needs to steer the fuck clear or risk starting a nuclear war.

  97. Luigi says:

    Paula Rose says:
    9 February, 2015 at 7:58 pm

    re Murphy’s £1.30 claim for Irn Bru – how much does it cost to process such expense claims?

    Probably about 30 quid – of your money!

  98. Effijy says:

    In cognizance of all the Fud Smurphy and Labour Crap below:

    – Double paternity leave
    – Free to see Football and Golf
    – Glasgow ‘Crossrail’
    – Make Glasgow a powerhouse

    Can we just remind our selves that Fud and the Tories hand in hand have voted for an additional £3 Billon of austerity cuts for Scotland.

    Do you see this trade off as representing value for your money?

    – The current paternity leave is generally not taken by new fathers as the payout is so low they can’t afford it.
    Now Fud is going to not let them afford it for twice as long!

    – Free Football and Golf: Why didn’t we get to see as many of the
    Scotland internationals as the English get see of their team while Labour was in government?
    If the PGA want to put their professional’s tournament up to the highest bidder, there isn’t a damn thing Fud could do about it. With his austerity cuts on the horizon there is no hope in hell of out bidding Sky.

    – Glasgow Crossrail: If he got into power, you might find that
    this means the Station at Glasgow Cross gets its hand rails refurbished.

    – Make Glasgow a power house- The City would have the power to
    do what it likes, with Westminster’s permission, to use the money they no longer have, due to his austerity cuts.

  99. Tam Jardine says:

    Channel 4 news contained a regurgitation of the Mhari Black hatchet job. They must be very scared to try and take Mhari down so early in the campaign… Hugh Henry getting all concerned about condoning violence. Members of the public being asked if 20 was too young to be an MP…

    Of course there was no similar questions raised of the sitting MP Douglas Alexander who was part of the government who took us into Iraq leading to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of folk. But Mhari is young with too broad an accent and a sense of humour so she is obviously unsuitable to be an MP.

    The whole thing smacks of class snobbery. What happened to ‘real Scots read the record’?

    Mhari will make a great MP – her speech at the rally reminded me of Elaine C Smith – she had zero to apologise for from what I could tell.

    A wee complaint to C4 is required.

  100. Harry McAye says:

    Paula Rose – Yes, I know it’s Brechin, the Sky guy pronounced it Breck-in.

  101. Dan Huil says:

    @ Luigi 8:17 pm. Excellent post and points made.

  102. Author_al says:

    With the extra come from more members, the SNP need to start a targeted leafleting campaign NOW. Scour this site and pull out the many golden nuggets of truth…and use it to slice and dice Labour Lies. At the moment, SLAB is all BLAB BLAB BLAB…and creating sly ear worms that stick in undecided voters heads. I have nudged my MSP SNP politician to start getting the good news out fast. No reply.

  103. heedtracker says:

    Be fantastic to get BBC devo back to Scotland with decent Scottish sport coverage for starters. Plus Scots athletes like Andy Murray playing for Scotland abroad, that never even gets a BBC teamGB mention until the semi’s.

  104. Paula Rose says:

    Luigi – that’s what I thought.

  105. heedtracker says:

    O/T. Is this the beginning of the end of days, U.S may supply weapons to Ukraine but if they do then Russia will retaliate without a doubt. US needs to steer the fuck clear or risk starting a nuclear war

    and the two biggest nuke targets in the UK are, London and Faslane. Thanks again proud Scot buts.

  106. Dr Ew says:

    I left the Labour Party shortly before the dawn of the Blair era because of the already clear shift to the right. Like many the very calculated cultivation of a cult around the personality of Blair, where his ascension to the leadership was quickly followed by wave after wave of policy announcements, often repackaged or just slightly tweaked or sometimes just directly stolen from other parties, but each linked to him personally and presented as bold, radical and above all “new”. It all created the impression of busy, energetic renewal in a compliant some might say obsequious media. Most of it was flim-flam, of course, and quickly forgotten or never followed through in the plethora of new initiatives that ensued, but some were and often caused more chaos and confusion as policy wonks and civil servants tried to adapt snappy soundbite to fit complex realities.

    This continued well into his Premiership where issues emerging from focus groups threw up areas of concern – drugs, street drinking, failing schools – but not then given to serious people for serious consideration of pratical responses or policy development, but headlined in a news release as “Blair to lead War on… Drugs / Street Drinking / Failing Schools (delete as applicable)” The practice petered out once he became mired in a real war that would have actually required genuine planning and focused execution rather than made-up dossiers and lots of platitudes about “doing the right thing”.

    I need hardly add that Blairite acolyte and true believer Jim Murphy is pursuing the same cynical, shallow showering of “policy” announcements to a similarly compliant, obsequious media in the sure and certain knowledge no difficult questions will be asked and nobody will demanded to see a fully sourced and costed policy document. Also utilising precisely the same steal and rebrand others’ popular policies (“triangulation” being the term coined for this Clintonesque technique) with no intention of seriously pursuing any of these things. It isn’t just oor Jim, of course, but a malaise of modern 24/7 politics across the world, but it has to be said he learned at the feet of the master; even Clinton acknowledged Blair refined his tactics to a new level of sophistication.

    For me the big question all this poses is this: Have the energised and politicised Scottish electorate – “the most engaged in the world” according to a Mr A. Salmond of Banff – now wised up to this snake-oil slimestream? Two different conversations overheard today, one in a cafe and another at a railway station, gave directly conflicting evidence. Shallow as it may seem, I did catch one incalculable but quite possibly very significant factor in our favour from one 30-something woman chatting to her friend.
    “Well, he’s trying to change them, but I’m not sure about Jim Murphy. He gives me the creeps.”

    No matter how faithful the apprentice to his master’s path, it seems Jim Murphy’s ugly mush simply cannot generate the friendly, photogenic truwtworthiness that came so effortlessly to Blair. Thank goodness for small mercies.

  107. handclapping says:

    Isn’t the Beeb grand; shows you paedophiles but not the football, tells you Labour is great and now listens in to your conversation. And still fools pay £145 each year for having this poured over them. Shades of being gunged by Mr Blobby


    With the Guardian publishing details of massive tax evasion and avoidance facilitated by HSBC’s Swiss arm, Caring is revealed to have turned up to a Geneva branch (with a bodyguard in tow) to withdraw the equivalent of £2.25 million — in cash and without telling them where it was going. He insists it’s all above board.

    This incident reportedly occurred in September 2005, some nine months before he extended the Labour Party a loan of some £2 million — and which Electoral Commission records show is still outstanding, currently accruing interest of 6.5%.

  109. Luigi says:

    maybe we should consider crowd-funding someone to stand against Murphy, dressed in a giant Irn bru can. He/she could run on a single issue:

    The Party against MPs claiming expenses on soft drinks consumed during canvassing.

  110. snode1965 says:

    Just seen on channel 4 news that the president of the GMB union Peter Pinckney is to run for the Green Party in Redcar. He sites the fact that Labour are now a ” reddish Conservative party”, that has betrayed the Unions.The Labour party spokesman replied, “A vote for the Green Party is a vote for David Cameron”….

  111. K1 says:

    Thanks Cynical Highlander, but that link although it takes me to the page, when I click on the first episode, a screen appears with instructions to set up a free account, requiring email address and setting of password. Once entered redirects to a new page asking for name, post code and credit/debit card details.

    I’m not one to give out that information to any old site…so I won’t be using it.

  112. A.N.Surgent says:

    RE Ukraine- mccain said that it was in part america`s fault that Kiev are using illegal clusterbombs because america hadn`t given them weapons that could be used instead. Fkwit.

    In the event of the war that america wants with Russia the battlefield will be Europe, far away from the good old us of a. Seems like some of our European leaders have cottoned on to this, hence France and Germany(not the uk) going to Moscow to find a solution.

  113. Jet Jockey says:

    Another 1000 leaflets distributed to Douglas Alexanders constituents, informing them of the Macrone Report and the stolen 6000 square miles of the North Sea , C’mon Douglas explain how and why it was kept secret , and why was the border moved in the North Sea please explain clearly and who did it. Thank You Douglas.

  114. Fred says:

    Just because Murphy has jumped on the Glasgow Crossrail proposal it doesn’t make it a bad idea. The present set-up is disjointed and missing this link.
    It has however been on the cards for yonks, I don’t recall this project being previously on Murphy’s wishlist, he’s not a Glasgow MP.

  115. K1

    No when you click on an episode No don’t try that video but just above is a direct link to the one you wish to watch no signing in required.

    Watch it here : Outlander Season 1 Episode 1
    repeat for each episode.

  116. Sinky says:

    GMB still sponsors numerous Labour MPs including several in Scotland.

  117. Lollysmum says:

    @ K1

    I’ve watched all 8 episodes on that site. Ignore the invite-scroll down to the list of episodes & click on name of first one. When it’s loaded just click on play arrow in the middle of the screen shot. There will be one advert then it goes on to play the episode.

    There is no need to register at all. I haven’t & Outlander is well worth watching.

  118. ronnie anderson says:

    @ Jet Jockey Any chance of you posting a copy of the leaflet in O/T.

  119. Democracy Reborn says:

    @Dr Ew

    You articulate many of my own feelings about ‘Scottish’ Labour.

    As far as Murphy is concerned, on any objective view he comes across on TV as a presentational train-wreck. Aesthetically unappealing, slippery, repeated & transparent refusals to give straight answers to direct questions, with that under-pitched monotone voice. Our unionist print media were fond of pointing out wee Eck’s ‘smart alec’ persona and his alleged ‘difficulties’ with female voters. What’s the prospect of them highlighting Sunny Jim’s deficiencies? Or to put it another way, would you buy a used car (or Irn Bru crate) from the guy?

  120. crazycat says:

    @ Sinky

    The union leader who is standing as a Green candidate is from the RMT, not the GMB. The RMT removed their political fund from Labour for a while when Bob Crow was in charge.

    It’s heartening that their current president has done this – if it were the GMB it would be even better (Murphy is a GMB member I think).

  121. Another Union Dividend says:

    cynicalHighlander says: @8.49

    And what about last week’s little reported comments from Margaret Hodge, the chairman of the Commons Public Accounts Committee and a senior Labour MP, who said the secondment of PwC staff to work in the offices of opposition frontbenchers was inappropriate.

    Labour was last night urged to stop taking unpaid help from an accountancy giant accused by MPs of promoting tax avoidance schemes on an industrial scale.


  122. @Another Union Dividend

    Or in 2006 Darling gave a £25 billion bung to HBoS before the banking crisis hit the headlines 2007/8 which allegedley started in America, cough cough.

  123. Betty Boop says:

    @ Author_al, 8:37pm

    I have nudged my MSP SNP politician to start getting the good news out fast.

    I am concerned that folk are paying attention to opinion polls, but, far less to getting out their and conversing with voters. Groups which worked hard on street work during the indyref campaign should be doing the same now and taking apart Labour’s pick and mix “policies” along with the new “powers” proposed by the watered down Smith Commission. We need to have those conversations.

  124. bookie from hell says:

    Jim Murphy

    Congratulations to @davieclegg of the @Daily_Record on his Press Awards nomination. Well deserved.
    9:30pm – 9 Feb 15

    David Clegg

    @jimmurphymp @Daily_Record thank you!
    9:36pm – 9 Feb 15

  125. Wuffing Dug says:

    Bbc English region city pish just showing on the shit box. Please discuss am intrigued 🙂

  126. Wuffing Dug says:

    What the fuck have I just heard kids singing to Nicola sturgeon on the ebc ten thirty lickspittle broadcast?

  127. @Another Union Dividend

    That article

    It just confirms that there is no democracy in the Uk when all 3 unionist parties are all in it together funded by the same establishment cronies.

  128. Big Jock says:

    I know Wuffing Same ferkin Vera Lynne…An English WW2 anthem. What propaganda are they teaching kids.Not only that was the school run by the bloody Labour party..did they sing the most unionist song they could find. So much for teaching kids Scottish history and song.

  129. Sinky says:

    cynicalHighlander says:
    9 February, 2015 at 10:42 pm
    @Another Union Dividend

    That article

    Private Eye on 23 January revealed that Edinburgh South MP Ian Murray received £45,000 worth of office support from tax avoiders PwC.

  130. ronnie anderson says:

    @ Wuffing Dug. Calm doon ( whoosa whoosa ) they didna go the full hog & hiv ah background sound of Spitfires , they,re teachers ah Tory lol.

  131. Jim says:

    and the two biggest nuke targets in the UK are, London and Faslane. Thanks again proud Scot buts.

    In the event of the war that america wants with Russia the battlefield will be Europe, far away from the good old us of a. Seems like some of our European leaders have cottoned on to this, hence France and Germany(not the uk) going to Moscow to find a solution.

    If this kicks off then we are truly fucked as Heedtracker says, Faslane is one of the first targets.
    Again, Russia, no matter what they tell you; is capable and probably willing, to retaliate to any interference from the U.S.

  132. Lochside says:

    Wuffing Dog and Big Jock: couldnae believe my ears that those kids were singing old Vera Lynn pish!…Why not go the whole Britprop road and get the weans to sing ‘there will always be an England’?

    Meanwhile watched Scotland 15 or whatever, with twisted coupon Blessed John Smith’s daughter having a wee joke with that esteemed political pundit Siobhain ‘Snidey’ Sinott. They obviously think Morph’s £1.30 irn bru expense a giggle…pity they didn’t mention the other million quid he’s screwed out of the public! That’s a real rib-breaker!

    ‘Year zero’ right enough for Pol Pot Murphy and his Piss Pot programme of cross rail, free fitba etc. He really is the most cynical and nasty piece of shite to crawl out of Labour’s arsehole.

    Another four months of Doublethink from the Ministry of Truth to look forward to.

  133. terry says:

    As a female I like a bit of footie. But I have long wondered why the powers that be seem to like it too. And why it is heavily promoted and supported in working class areas – glasgow and the north of england in particular. Classic Freud – sublimation. Satidfying an impulse ie aggression in a socially acceptable way – ie sport. Think about it. If those young working class males in the inner cities turned their attention to politcs and away from football – well, that’s a revolution. The beautiful game? The beautiful distraction….

  134. K1 says:

    Aye terry precisely this.

    CH and lollysmum thanks for response re outlander…will give it a go 🙂

  135. Michael McCabe says:

    @ cynicalHighlander 8:40pm Thanks for the link to Outlander. Working alright for me. Cheers.

  136. john king says:

    Cynicalhighlander @8.40

    They want credit card details!

  137. john king says:

    sorry CH, didnt read your replies before posting. 🙁 my bad.

  138. Jim says:

    Terry says:
    If those young working class males in the inner cities turned their attention to politcs and away from football – well, that’s a revolution. The beautiful game? The beautiful distraction….
    As Frankie Boyle says, “Look at the shiney shiney!”

  139. bald eagle says:


    So, what exactly would a ‘new’ Labour type ‘crossrail’ for Glasgow offer, that isn’t already available?

    Serious Question.

    robert what the smurph means is he will put zebra crossings across all the rails

    there you go crossrail

  140. Robert Peffers says:

    @jimnarlene says:9 February, 2015 at 3:08 pm:

    ” … I still can’t find buttons, a zip or Velcro on the back of my head, nor have I noticed any; on other people.”

    So, Jimnarlene, you don’t know any Labour party members or elected Labour people then?

  141. Robert Peffers says:

    @Tackety Beets says: 9 February, 2015 at 3:26 pm:

    ” … it been “Scottish” when we loose and ” British” when we win . Sometimes even referred to as English …

    As many will know I’ve been harping on about that a very long time but few seem to realise just how invidious this establishment propaganda really is. In fact I think it may be the most sustained and longest Establishment effort to take ownership of Scots & Scotland ever undertaken by them. Their success can be measured by the depressingly large numbers of Scots who unwittingly propagate the propaganda for the Establishment.

    For example this very morning we have the perfect example that proves the point. Media headlines proclaim, “Cameron calls for employers to give, “British” workers a pay rise. Now how many of you did not even notice that Cameron, perhaps the worst offender of this propaganda tactic, has no power to influence all Britain but continually claims to be the British Prime Minister when he is no such thing. In fact there is no such thing as a Prime Minister of Britain.

    Cameron also makes claims that he is in charge of The British Government, British Economy, British Armed Forces, British Foreign Policy and The British Uncle Tom Cobleigh and all. He also speaks of The country, or his country, when he means the United Kingdom, (A kingdom composed of four countries). After anyone realises this whole tactic is English Establishment Propaganda they can only then realise just how invidious this propaganda is.

    Just remembers this – The Kingdom of England first began, (around 410AD), after the Romans left South Britain and the Anglo-Saxons were invited to come to South Britain. These Anglo-Saxons soon established themselves as the, “Anglish”, Establishment but only in the south.

    So that is one thousand, six hundred and five years the, “Anglish”, have been striving to not only take over all of Britain but the entire World ever since. At the height of the, “British Empire”, they came damned close to doing so.

    The constant abuse of the precise terms English, United Kingdom, Britain, British, British Empire, Great Britain and even the British Isles has always been a propaganda weapon in the South Britain Anglo-Saxon armoury to become the actual rulers of the entire British Archipelago.

    They want us to believe we are all one big happy, “British Family. Yet the great big thorn in their side has always been the Celtic fringes of those, ” British” Isles. Laughable neither the Anglo-Saxons nor the Celts are actually genetically either Celtic or Anglo-Saxon.

    Genetics proves less than 5% of the indigenous peoples of Britain carry Anglo-Saxon genes and the Celts even less so with Celtic genes. The Truth being that the Anglo-Saxons generally were a ruling elite, an aristocracy, that mainly has not interbred with the aboriginal Britons and the Celts were celibate Holy men who gave the native Britons Celtic culture but not their genes. Just as the Anglo-Saxon culture was adopted by the southern Britons. BTW: We, (both Northern and Southern Britons), never did obtain Roman Genes. This whole boorach is cultural and not genetic. Scotland has never been conquered – until now.

    Strange, (or is it), how historic myth has endured while truth is ignored. It is really just English Establishment propaganda, (aided and abetted by the Unionists ("Tractor" - Ed)s from Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and to lesser degrees the English West Country.

    It matters nought that these last believe themselves to be, “British”, for all evidence clearly proves there is no such thing as a unified state, country or kingdom of Britain.

    Truth is there are four United Kingdom Countries and four non-UK countries, (or states), in the British Isles and thus Britain is a geographic area not a unified state. Even as early as the Romans first recorded the history of the British Isles they have been recognized as distinct countries. Yet even here the Establishment has been busy with propaganda.

    Her, if you want the truth, are the facts and no one forces you to carry on reading : –

    The first written reference to The British Isles was by a Greek explorer, “Pytheas of Massalia”, so, in spite of Establishment’s propaganda, came NOT from the Romans. Some claim the name, “Albion”, (derived from the Greek language for, “White”), assumes the, “White Cliffs of Dover”, and thus only England. This is utter tosh, early Greek records show maps with large white, (unmapped), areas of Britain, Scandinavia, Iceland and Greenland that also bear that description.
    Later Greeks use variants of the term such as Prettanik?, “The Britannic Island]”, and, “Nesoi Brettaniai”, = “Britannic islands”. Note the original Common Brittonic form had initial P- not B- (which would give **Brydain) and -t- not -tt- (else **Prythain). So the truth is the Greeks first then the Romans derived the name of the British Isles from the language of the inhabitants of the islans of Britain. The Romans, though, did record that the Islands were individual countries. So we get Caledonia for Scotland, Cambria for Wales, Hibernia for Ireland. There really was no single name for pre-Anglo Saxon England for that part of Roman Britain had not yet become a unified country.
    “Angle Land “,is form post Roman occupation so, (From around 293 AD), Roman Britannia was divided by the Romans into separate provinces – “Maxima Caesariensis”, the present-day S.E. England. “Valentia”, roughly present-day northern England and northern Wales, created in 369 AD. “Britannia Prima”, modern Wales and the West Country of England. “Britannia Secunda”, modern northern England and “Flavia Caesariensis”M, the modern Midlands of England.

    Iniit wonderful what you can learn on WoS?

  142. Robert Peffers says:

    @Proud Cybernat says: 9 February, 2015 at 5:14 pm
    erald. He writes:

    “Nicola Sturgeon has thus handed an extraordinary advantage to Ed Miliband. He knows the SNP will go into post-election negotiations with precisely zero negotiating clout.

    Eh! Just when did Nicola say she would go into coalition with anyone?

    I must have nodded off when she did. To the best of my knowledge the situation is that she stated that the SNP would not even consider going into coalition with the Tory Party under any circumstance but that was all. I understood the plan was to consider each and every matter that affects Scotland on an item by item basis – ergo no formal coalition with anyone.

    The obvious aim being that, if the Unionist parties were close enough in the final set-up, then no matter who proposed what the end result, on any matter that affects Scotland, would be whatever the SNP and their allies chose it to be.

    Seems like a very good, and well diagnosed, strategy to me.
    Remember in parliament bills can be proposed by opposition parties. They if they get debated depends only on being seconded, debated and voted upon. The first obvious result could well be an SNP+their allies proposing a bill that benefits Scotland. The Unionist parties close ranks and block it even being debated. How do you imagine that would go down with the Scottish electorate?

    It then boils down to the Union vs Independence with the Unionist parties unable to oppose each other for doing so allows the other Unionist lots bill to pass. Conversely the SNP could prevent Bills getting passed by any unionist party unless the Unionists cozied up to each other and doing that is signing their Unionist Party death warrants.

  143. Robert Peffers says:

    @Patrick Roden says: 9 February, 2015 at 7:35 pm:

    “Several posters have wondered if Jim Murphy had claimed those Irn Bru cans on his expenses account, but to be honest it was more tongue in cheek as no one would be so contemptuous of the tax payer…”

    Well! Actually, Patrick, I’m almost certain that an alert reader of WoS posted that information here a while back. Perhaps Guido reads WoS and passes of information.


    Jim Murphy has indeed been claiming his Irn Bru on his expenses account!

    I didn’t think it was possible, but the Labour Party has went even further down in my estimation now!!!

    Read this and weep.

  144. Robert Peffers says:

    @crazycat says: 9 February, 2015 at 8:02 pm:

    ” … If after 14 days, no-one can form such a group, there would be another election. I think I have understood that correctly.”

    Matter of fact, crazycat, the constitution, (which is actually written down … (just not all written in the same place or at the same time), does not actually recognise political parties. Parliament accepts that we vote for a representative to represent us. This is why an MP can jump ship from the party she/he was in and either join another or remain as an independent.

    He/she is not required to resign and be re-elected to that other party as he/she still represents the constituency voters that voted for him/her.

    There have also been times when a group from more than one existing party have broken away and formed a new Party. For example : –

    The Social Democratic Party (SDP), founded, (26 March 1981), by, “The Gang of Four”, all senior Labour Party ‘moderates’, – (Roy Jenkins, David Owen, Bill Rodgers and Shirley Williams). Owen and Rodgers were sitting Labour Members, Jenkins had left Parliament in 1977 to become President of the European Commission and Williams lost her seat in the 1979 general election.
    Their main objections to the Labour Party was Labour’s conversion to unilateral nuclear disarmament and their withdrawal from the European Economic Community. They also claimed Labour had become too left-wing. They also claimed Labour had been infiltrated by Trotskyist factions.
    Then the SDP formed an electoral alliance with the Liberals as, “The SDP–Liberal Alliance”. Eventually merging with the Liberal Party in 1988 to form the present, “Liberal Democrats”, initially called the, “Social and Liberal Democrats”, but with a faction leaving to form a continued SDP Party under leader David Owen.

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