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Posted on September 15, 2023 by

The key word here is “DEMAND”.

Because we’ve heard that one before, haven’t we?

Those particular examples are from four years ago, but it always goes the same. The “demand” is actually a meekly-whispered request, Westminster says “LOL no” and the SNP scurry back to their constituency offices to count their Short money and order some new curtains, lifting their snouts from the gravy trough just long enough to chuck out some desultory “We’ll show ’em NEXT time!” bluster for the endlessly gullible.

Alert readers may have noted that David Cameron was FIVE whole Prime Ministers ago. Those blocking attempts don’t seem to be failing too badly.

But just 35 days to go, folks!

It’s not even NEW bluster.

The above drivel is from this year’s reheat, but we couldn’t blame anyone for thinking it had come from the last time:

If there’s one thing the SNP is good at, it’s drafting fantasy legislation. It’s a fun job, because unlike the regularly-terrible real legislation it pens it never has to be tested in the real world, so it can spew out any number of pages of meaningless feel-good apple-pie woowoo whose value to independence campaigners depends solely on how absorbent the paper it’s printed on is.

(The catastrophically bad and frankly flat-out evil “conversion therapy” legislation that the SNP/Green coalition had promised to enact by the end of this year is only the latest in a long line of examples, having just been indefinitely booted out to yet another of the Scottish Government’s fake can-kicking “consultations”.)

The only difference this time round is that there’s not even a half-arsed pretence at making the pantomine credible. Westminster dismissed “demands” when the SNP had 56 MPs and when it had 46 MPs. We’re now being asked to believe it will suddenly cave if the SNP gets as few as 23.

(The motion being put to the party conference is that the demands will be made if the SNP gets “the most” seats at the election, an ambiguous term that doesn’t necessarily even mean a majority. If, say, the SNP got 23 seats out of 57, Labour got 22, the Tories seven and the Lib Dems five – a result that’s pretty much in line with current polling – that would still be “the most”, and the SNP would be treating losing HALF of its current MPs as a mandate for indy negotiations. Sturgeon ditched her demands in humiliation when the SNP lost 21 seats in 2017. It’s desperate stuff.)

Earlier this month, while looking for something else, we happened to stumble across a column from the Times the last time the SNP ordered its weary supporters back up the hill, and one paragraph summed the whole thing up neatly.

Humza Yousaf isn’t even copying Nicola Sturgeon’s homework, because she never did it. He’s copying the forged excuse note from her mum she handed in instead. And if you’re one of the dwindling band of idiot SNP diehards still buying it, it’s long past time you faced up to the fact that you’re the independence movement’s problem.

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  1. Alison

    So tired of this menu, we need a different offering.
    Reheated carrots are still just carrots.
    Puréed carrots are still just carrots.
    Liquidised carrots are still just carrots.
    Juiced carrots are still just carrots.

  2. Ian Brotherhood

    Aye, taking care of ‘busy-ness’.

    In the pub game a common ‘trick’ when the boss surfaced unexpectedly was to flick some water across the forehead to give the appearance of sweat.

  3. Milady

    Somewhat tangential, but does anyone actually buy The National any more? I can’t remember the last time I saw a copy for sale in my local stores. Is their circulation even in 4 figures these days??

  4. Mike Fenwick

    A potential and very direct alternative is building,below is a post elsewhere on social media related to the Scotland United rally, it reads:

    Do you consent to the continuation of the Treaty of Union?

    Are you willing to exercise your Claim of Right as a Sovereign Scot?

    Are you willing to sign your name with your answer to that question?

    Tomorrow at the Scotland United rally, you can join all the other Sovereign Scots who have already done so, by signing their individual Declaration of a Sovereign Scot. The world is watching, and the world already knows their answer!

    I will have blank Declaration forms at the Rally – ready for your signature. I hope to meet you there.

  5. Antoine Bisset

    If we have one referendum, may we also have ten, that Westminster may kick it it down the road again.
    The only route is secession.
    As an approach to independence, asking permission from those who control us, “pretty please, let us have another vote” is never going to work. Those who control us will never let us go. A fairly obvious observation that appears not to have percolated into the political considerations of the SNP.
    It looks very much as if the SNP are working for the opposition.
    Nor is it just the SNP. When in office as First Minister was it not Jack MConnell of the Labour Party who was very forceful in insisting that Scotland needed 600,000 immigrants, ostensibly to support a Ponzi pension scheme? That many immigrants would take very little time in diluting the demographic of his country, making a vote for independence less likely?
    Even now, the ratio of Scots born to Scottish-born parents to all other inhabitants must be nearing parity?
    Time is running out.

  6. Graf Midgehunter

    Thursday 19 Oct. 2023, I’m really looking forward to that day when the whole of Scotland stands up to take the p*ss out of NS/SNP/Useless. 🙂

  7. Dave Llewellyn

    We are in Year 9 of a Kick The Ball Charlie Brown Cartoon and the only things that’s changed is Nicolas got a suntan and a beard. #GoodGrief

  8. Graf Midgehunter

    Milady says: at 10:13 am

    “Somewhat tangential, but does anyone actually buy The National any more? I can’t remember the last time I saw a copy for sale in my local stores. Is their circulation even in 4 figures these days??”
    Yes that’s about right, 4 sold and the rest given away for recycling.

  9. Stuart MacKay

    The National should sack their sales team and replace them with the SNP. Oh, wait…

    @Milady you can get the circulation figures for all newspapers here,

    The National’s latest circulation figure, is, is, wait for it, an eye-watering 3555 per issue. Only slight ahead of the West Highland Free Press at 3463.

  10. John Jones

    funny how carots were supposed to improve your eyesight,
    does seem to be doing the SNP diehards any good.

  11. Republicofscotland

    Bang on Rev, its just regurgitated SNP rhetoric to fool the indy masses.

    Speaking of indy masses, get yourselves doon to Freedom Square (aka George Sq) tomorrow for 12 Noon if you can, and listen to, and meet the real indy movements people.

    “THE annual Hope Over Fear rally is set to take place tomorrow “to bring people from all across the independence movement together” and mark nine years since the 2014 vote.

    The rallies, which have been held every year since 2014 near September 18 to mark the Scottish independence referendum vote, are organised by pro-Yes group Hope over Fear.

    This year, the theme is “Scotland United for Independence”, and speakers representing the movement will deliver speeches in George Square from 12pm – 3pm.

    Speakers include SNP, Alba, and Independent MPs and MSPs such as Ash Regan and Jim Fairlie (SNP MSPs), Kenny MacAskill and Neale Hanvey (Alba MPs) and Angus MacNeil (independent MP).

    Sean Mellon from All Under One Banner, Tommy Sheridan from Hope Over Fear, Judith Reid from the Chain of Freedom organising team, Sara Salyers from Salvo, Yvonne Ridley from Alba will all speak “representing the grassroots heart of the independence movement”.”

  12. Vivian O’Blivion

    There’s a piece in Slugger O’Toole this morning about the DUP at Stormont rippin’ the piss out of folk by drawing wages as MLAs while refusing to do their jobs.
    The subhead is; “You Don’t Have to Do Your Job – Just Win the Next Election”
    Entirely applicable to NuSNP.

  13. pipinghot

    West Highland free press, there is fuck all free about it. Not even the price.

  14. Anne

    I used to think maybe the dearth of talent in the Scottish Parliament was due to the better politicians going to the real Parliament at Westminster. I can’t even have that delusion now. Sadly, the Tories are correct that the SNP have lost the plot with this insane ‘plan’, unless the real plan is blood on the streets.

  15. akenaton

    There is a weariness about, even Mr Campbell seems to be ground down by the mill of lies, half truths and public apathy.
    I think that therein lies the answer, it is becoming impossible to inspire our people into thinking for themselves, which I believe was his primary motivation and what drives his fine views on freedom of speech. Unfortunately FOS is of little use if no one is listening and the media have most young people already in their net.
    My motivation for independence is based in a time when we all needed to contribute to society or fail, there was no place for “nae users” or “parasites”. We are better off now and need something other than self-preservation to make life meaningful.
    Pride in our Nation, not what it actually was in the past, as Scots history is full of intrigue, double dealing and outright cruelty to the common people, but what it can be in the future if we can stem the shit which assails us daily from every media portal and concentrate in proper education for our kids.

    The whole European political apparatus must be scrapped and Scotland determine its own future socially and economically.
    People like Mr Campbell are brave outliers but it is up to the Scottish people to bury real or imagined slights and look forward to the real battle yet to come, the motivation of dead minds.

  16. Johnlm

    Daring and revolutionary
    – Flynn wearing his collar up.

  17. willie

    Frankly no one believes this this Bobbing John of a First Minister.

    He and his predecessor the odious Sturgeon squandered mandate after mandate. But things are going to change because on the 5th October in Rutherglen and Hamilton the SNP charlatans are going to get a message that will be absolutely brutal.

    Such is the rampant resentment about what the party has become, independence, and indeed SNP supporters no less, are voting to get the SNP out.

    Humza and his clique will not misunderstand the message on the 5th of October!

  18. A Scot Abroad

    Mike Fenwick at 10:23,

    while I have no doubt over your commitment, you do realise that this business of signing people up is nothing more than displacement activity?

    The ancient rights are irrelevant in a modern world. The UN won’t take it seriously when you present your claims. There will be those that claim that the signatures are faked, not of eligible Scots, and that nobody has signed twice. Can you prove that each and every one is over 18, lives in Scotland and has a vote? You’d need a very strong set of controls in place on anything digital for GDPR reasons.

  19. Alf Baird

    Antoine Bisset @ 10:26 am

    “the ratio of Scots born to Scottish-born parents to all other inhabitants must be nearing parity? Time is running out.”

    Displacement of 3-4 million Scots (i.e. ‘banishment of the natives’ in colonial speak) has been a long-term process, which has recently intensified since ‘colonialism became imperiled’. Once the indigenous people are made into a minority in thair ain land its usually game over.

    The SNP has acted as an complicit independence delaying mechanism whilst the population and its identity is altered accordingly, cue the latest manufactured census.

    Demographics is a key determinant of independence:

  20. David Hannah

    No that won’t do. And the young people need to know that they are being led up the garden path by Humza Yousaf.

    Get all the socialist newspapers at the Scotland United for Independence, and all the University connections to say this won’t do.

    This is a pack of lies by Humza Yousaf.

  21. Neil Mackenzie

    Like it or not, the calibration for a legitimate majority of the people of Scotland is any majority of the elected MPs for all Scotland’s constituencies. They represent us by the democratic system we have. It doesn’t matter what proportion of the population elected them is. If we disqualified candidates as representatives because the number of people who actually elected them is less than half of their constituency’s population, we wouldn’t have any MPs or councillors, at all.

  22. GM

    Anne says:Trouble on the streets

    They are not pursuing Independence. The point of this article is to illustrate that. They are pursuing votes to try and get another 5 years wages and pensions etc for as many of them as they can. The people who have been running the SNP those past 8 years have as much interest in Independence, the Scottish nation and its people as do Douglas Ross and his Tories.

  23. David Hannah

    Stephen Flynn actually reminds me of Mini Me, Dr Evil’s clone son in the Austin Powers series, played by Peter Murrell. Which I suppose would make Humza Yousaf Dr Evil’s retarded son Chris. And Frau Farbissina, his girlfriend Nicola Sturgeon.

    The plan is retarded plan. The plan has been rejected many times over. Even the SNP activists marching to the Believe in Scotland, Independence Industry convention, won’t be swalling Humza’s plan.

    I wonder what Leslie Riddoch has to say on all this.

  24. Mike Fenwick

    @ A Scot Abroad 11.14

    Completely agree with your list of crucial criteria – the Declaration initiative is being built in Stages, all in preparation for a final Stage, where those criteria will be met.

    (PS: It’s not digital – that was tested over 2 years ago with The National involved – it got hacked almost immediatley – which was kinda anticipated (thus the test) – and the GDPR is already fully complied with.)

    (PPS: Lodging the forrms at the HQ of the UN – the only request made is that of safe-keeping – no more – one of the Stages now current is contact with 17 UN members – all of whom share one characteristic – all gained their independence from the UK.)

    Just suggest you keep monitoring – the initiative will have its part to play in regaining Scotland’s independence.

  25. Ruby

    I just can’t anymore!

    It’s torture!

  26. Breeks

    As a long-standing critic of the thoroughly dismal SNP, I don’t agree that a majority of seats is worthless.

    It has been worthless, Jesus H, we returned 56 out 59 seats for the SNP and absolutely NOTHING with it. But just because the SNP had neither a plan, nor a clue, on how to capitalise on such a benchmark threshold, doesn’t mean that it’s worthless.

    To quote Oliver Anthony,

    ” Wish I could just wake up
    And it not be true
    But it is
    Oh, it is..”

    56 out of 59 damn it! Yet nothing. Not a whimper. Unbelievable.

    Scotland’s MP’s are “the” voice of Scotland in Westminster, and 30 MP’s out of 59 is a first past the post majority in a UK Parliament which operates on a first past the post doctrine. Westminster respects seats, not votes.

    I reluctantly concede that it’s probably too small a coat peg to carry the weight of Independence alone, and that sooner of later, Scotland needs Independence ratified by a popular majority. Ok. If we must, we must. Sigh.

    HOWEVER, I am equally convinced that 30 seat majority in Scotland’s Westminster representation is a Scottish democratic majority which NOBODY has a legitimate Constitutional right to overrule, and as such, a remotely competent SNP should be able to engineer any number of Constitutional stand-offs and crises, that the Treaty of Union is effectively shredded, becomes unworkable with the UK largely ungovernable, and the continued existence of the UK is increasingly unsustainable. It should have happened in 2016. Opportunities do not come any bigger.

    All it would take is the Claim of Right to become a recognised, sovereign constitutional veto, which it properly is / should be anyway, and the UK Government CANNOT then govern the UK in the way it currently does. It would be forced into change, and ANY change or reset means a “new” Treaty of Union needing drawn up and agreed.

    Unless we leave the matter to another craven dunce like Sturgeon, out of that bourach should emerge Scottish Independence by constitutional default, which can then be ratified by the full Scottish Electorate.

    The Treaty of Union is NOT conditional upon a democratic mandate or majority. It is a Treaty, similar to a Contract. There are other ways it can become undone, not least citing the history of violations to the Articles of the Treaty. The Contract has been repeatedly broken, and Scotland has traditionally done nothing about it. Now, we act.

    If the majority opinion insists upon a popular majority of the people to secure Independence, then I believe they are profoundly wrong, but so be it.

    However, even without a mandate from the people, a constitutionally aggressive Scottish Government with a 30 – 29 seat majority would have a sovereign mandate to act unilaterally, and could make sure the Treaty of Union is thoroughly trashed and irremediably discredited before it’s continuation is ever put to a public vote.

    Once upon a time, a straight majority of seats was considered the benchmark for Scottish Independence. I believe it still can be, but we need someone far more constitutionally and politically astute, and competent, than any of the SNP benchwarmers so far returned.

    Scotland’s sovereignty is both extant and potent, but expecting the SNP to take command of it and steer Scotland towards Independence just fills me with dread. They are too thick, feckless, and apparently blinded by hubris.

    Accordingly, I believe it should be SALVO, and a properly codified Convention of the Estates who should be put in charge of Scotland’s Constitutional reawakening, definitely NOT the SNP, and it is for this distinction, that I recognise the reduced significance of a Westminster majority of seats.

    As a route, it could still work, but frankly I would rather trust SALVO acting outside Westminster constraints, rather than the SNP working within them.

    Never ask a question to which you don’t already know the answer. Never put Independence to a vote until you know it’s the only practicable and constitutional outcome. Give the UK Government a taste of it’s own medicine.

  27. Red

    We will get our Independence when Fatima Joji takes me on a flying bike ride in front of the Moon.

  28. James Che

    The people of Scotland are the independence movement as the fight for independence in Scotland would have died a long time ago if it were not for the people in Scotland themselves,
    political parties are the preventative measures to ensure that it does not happen under management control.

    And under that management, “political parties” will guide and manage you on how to think and suggest the actions you should take, or wether you should wait for the next election. Or perhaps the next election,

  29. John Main

    @Alf Baird says:15 September, 2023 at 11:17 am

    There are some truths in your post but I am going to take exception to this:

    ‘banishment of the natives’ in colonial speak has been a long-term process, which has recently intensified since ‘colonialism became imperiled’

    I ken a few guid Scots who have decided opportunities are better overseas, but I know of nobody who has been “banished” in living memory. That being the case, your assertion that the pace of banishment is intensifying is ludicrous.

    IMO, this constant choice of overheated, hyperbolic language by yourself and other posters does Indy more harm than good among the calmer, more rational readers Rev Stu is trying to persuade to Yes.

    Scotland, like the UK, and like most of the EU, and most of the West, is undergoing a process of demographic replacement. The causes are complex, but the prime enabler, here as elsewhere, is a refusal for us all to live within our means. As a result, our economies have to import ever-increasing numbers of foreigners to do the jobs we demand are done to keep us in the style to which we have become accustomed (and believe we are entitled to).

    I would like to see this widely-popular Ponzi scheme exposed and stopped.

    Your claim that Scots are being “banished” doesn’t help, when in actual fact our proportion of the population is simply being diluted by immigration of all types.

  30. Ruby

    Anyone know the name of a good exorcist?

    It would need to be one prepared for heads turning full circle, being sprayed with bright orange vomit and insults about his mother’s sexual activities & terfiness.

    Finger crossed Stu’s article will help some see the light ‘cos
    the carrots are definitely not doing what they’re supposed to.

  31. David Hannah

    Alaister Heather and Kelly Given are going to try and sell this to the Independence Industry…

    Stephen Flynn is orchestrating a coupe from behind the scenes.

    And Fergus Ewing is facing three lashings and expulsion from the cult.

    I wonder what Leslie Riddoch makes of all this. The Queen of spin!

  32. Keppoch69

    Yawn! As my late grandmother from the old Leith Dock used to say: they are all full of Wind and Urine.

  33. David Hannah

    And then there’s by election candidate Katy Louden saying her party should explore congestion charges, and she’d campaign with sex pest MP Patrick Grady. So she’s already lost. So that mini me’s plan for self sabotage on behalf of Dr Murrell comes to fruition. The total destruction of the SNP is coming in the next few weeks.

  34. David Hannah

    If that’s the proposal made at the conference they can forget it already.

    Even their most gullable supporters will not accept it.

    I suppose it’s all part of the SNP

    Coming undone!

  35. Lorna Campbell

    The only thing this lot have the ability to do is milk the system for another few years, even as opposition MPs/MSPs. They are neither willing nor equipped to understand what needs to be done in order to achieve independence. They are now a burden on the Scottish people that we can no longer carry.

    The item about Scotland’s population on the main Scottish new: a rise in population. Did nobody do the arithmetic? If you have a rise in population and that rise consists entirely of elderly folk, who require an ever-increasing dollop of the welfare budget, you are going to reach net zero welfare.

    The only explanation is that elderly/older people from rUK are coming to Scotland to retire. They even stated that the number of children born had dropped. Well, of course it would when many of your young people are moving elsewhere, and those with children receive little in the way of incentives to en courage a higher birth rate

    Educated women, in particular, but most women, are not going to have children if they are worse off as a result. Governments have to make raising children a priority, and that means rewarding women who have them – young women – so that they are not penalised for giving up work.

    In order to tailor social and economic policies to your own particular needs, you need to have the levers of power in your own hands. Only independence can deliver that power, and meekly asking for it is never going to cut the mustard. It has to be taken, but taken in such a way that you have international law, domestic law, constitutional law and political results all in your favour.

    To achieve that, you have to maximise your legal and political effect by building your case for independence – a case that is irrefutable and untouchable. That is what SALVO/Liberation is doing, by doing the groundwork as far as the constitutional and legal aspects are concerned.

    The political results are up to everyone in the wider independence movement, and only a united front is going to achieve the results we need – whereupon we declare our independence, having laid out all the rules beforehand, secure in the knowledge that we have covered every base, as our American cousins say. All achievable in a short time period. All that is missing is the will – which the SNP lacks.

  36. Red

    Scotland, like the UK, and like most of the EU, and most of the West, is undergoing a process of demographic replacement.

    Nice passive voice. People keep voting against mass migration but it’s just something that mysteriously happens anyway, like LEZ zones and Hate Speech Bills.

    The causes are complex, but the prime enabler, here as elsewhere, is a refusal for us all to live within our means. As a result, our economies have to import ever-increasing numbers of foreigners to do the jobs we demand are done to keep us in the style to which we have become accustomed (and believe we are entitled to).

    Victim-blaming guff.

    Replacement migration won’t ever pay the bills because most of them will never earn enough to be net taxpayers.

    The reason we have wide open borders is because the people who own this country would rather get rid of the natives than pay them higher wages, and the asylum scam is making billions for Tory and Labour corporate donors.

  37. James Che


    “The real battle yet to come, the motivation of dead minds,”
    It is curious situation, and one not many here seem to mull over,

    If the Snp, greens and any/ all those political parties in Holyrood were to do the ” Withdrawal from Westminster” under the Scotland Act legislation from Westminster,

    Is this not the branch office of Westminster negotiating with its self ?

    Both are Westminster, by legislation, statues, bills, of the UK parliament.
    Certainly no One in Scotland Would consider that fair or be to enamoured with the prospect of getting double shafted in negotiations by the same side,

  38. Confused

    ASA – you are not an expert on the UN, world history, european history, constitution, archaeology … there is not a lot you are an expert on – every time you post you demonstrate what you are, which is an overconfident fuckwit

    – let’s see – mickey fucking mouse tufty club badge degree from a joke institution, then some military career which all involves : HAVING A LOUD VOICE (knowing that people aren’t allowed to tell you to fuck off)

    but this is the real world and normal people can tell you to fuck off, you halfwit

    I worked for a bit in the defence industry, they used to employ “MIs” aka “military idiots” to talk a lot of pish to potential customers about amazing whizz bangs and shoot-bang – since you doxxed yourself the other day, what as it happens is it you do?

    – you flog radars to arabs (and its quite a cushy number, you should be thankful for it, nothing too technical)

    my job at the time was doing the hard numbers stuff, dumbing it down to insulting levels, then spoonfeeding it to people at least 2 rungs of the ladder above the likes of you; I know more about radars, sensors, EW, military history than you do, and it’s not even my job any more.

    I used to spend a lot of time “boiling things down” for these, high ranking blusterers; “but what does it mean” and … e.g. “if you get the bad guy into this circle, he’s dead”

    – let’s boil down the UN

    it’s a nest of corruption, but it was made that way, largely deliberately sabotaged post-war once the USA realised it couldn’t totally dominate it, and it would not be a “commonwealth” as the british empire had wished; the US actually favours corrupt leaders throughout the world – they are cheap to buy. On the face of it, looking for favours there is a bit hit and miss – but there is one thing which unites most of it

    they all HATE ENGLAND

    – for they remember the colonial past (some hate the French, but that’s a side issue)

    if you can’t leverage this to build massive support for indy at the UN, then you’re “no tryin’ …” – a lot of countries would love – love it (like Kevin Keegan) – to see “england” reduced to half its size, with near total loss of its hydrocarbons, looking for a place to stick its subs, creaking at the seams, struggling to feed and house itself, half of it on a floodplain … you just have to accept that other people have a right to remember their own history and it is not “water under the bridge”, like the chinks, who we turned into smack addicts … fancy some opium Uncle Chang? Alas, a lot of people “just won’t let it go” and the empire was not some benign, humanitarian, civilising mission; that kind of crap gets shills like niall ferguson a nice job, but no one else buys it.

    Scotland has plenty friends at the UN, if it just makes an effort to talk to them. But not even trying tells us all we need to know about our “nationalist” scotgov.

  39. James Che

    The “new partnership agreement,”

    This implies that we would still be under the UK, but under, “a new treaty” or “a agreement with Westminster,
    Out of the frying pan and straight into the fire,

    Does withdrawal from the treaty of union for Holyrood mean not being a independent Scotland, simple just fake it, the people are easily fooled, they were with the last fallacious agreement,

    Complete Scottish independence Holyrood, “you are either with us or against us” as the british devolved legislated government sent to Scotland,

    I suspect the snp and Holyrood are about to attempt a new stitch up behind the scenes of Scotland under the “new proposed Constitution of Great Britain,”

  40. robertkknight

    New letterhead appearing on SNP stationery any day now…

    [royal coat of arms of the united kingdom]

    By Appointment to
    His Majesty King Charles III
    Purveyors of Quality Bovine Manure
    Scottish National Party
    Edinburgh, United Kingdom

    SNP = 1st Class Bullshit Merchants!

    Have you EVER seen a political party squirm and wriggle and creep in the opposite direction from its supposed end goal, as does the SNP?

    Charlatans, the lot of ’em

    SNP OUT!

  41. James Che

    A question I would have if this is the Snp’s and Holywoods intention towards a new Constitution,

    Is how legally binding would it be? as both Holyrood and Westminster are one and the same legal entities.

    With a extinguished Scottish parliament from the treaty of union for over the last three hundred years,

  42. John Main

    @Red says:15 September, 2023 at 12:13 pm

    Victim-blaming guff


    When was the last time any politician was prepared to tell the awkward truth to any constituency and expected to get elected afterwards?

    I am firmly of the belief that a real political demand brings about a real political movement to meet and address that demand. All else is window-shopping and people happy to stay in their comfort zones with a bit of grumbling on the side.

    A large tranche of the people of Rutherglen have voted for years for a party that does not do what it says on the tin. They are about to switch allegiance to a different party with a similar solid track record of not doing what it says on their tin.

    That’s not being victims. That’s just being eejits.

  43. John Main

    @Confused says:15 September, 2023 at 12:25 pm

    a lot of countries would love – love it (like Kevin Keegan) – to see “england” reduced to half its size, with near total loss of its hydrocarbons, looking for a place to stick its subs, creaking at the seams, struggling to feed and house itself, half of it on a floodplain

    Zat a fact?

    That’s our future is it? Stuck on this island with a country with ten times our population, all of the military, most of the crims, and nothing to lose?

    Jeezo, it’ll make the current neo-imperialist shooting match on the opposite side of Europe look like Woodstock.

    What’s your big plan? Crash programme to rebuild Hadrian’s Wall?

    Get a fucking grip. Your ranting, racist hatred doesn’t translate into rational foreign policy. But if it ever does, we Scots will be screwed.

    And these will be the Good Old Days by comparison.

  44. stuart mctavish

    “.. That’s just being eejits”

    I rather like the new plan and inclined to trust SNP members ability to clarify the wooly worded bit that the national and wings has cleverly paraphrased as’demand’/ beg

    Somewhat harder to trust them to apologise to Margaret Ferrier in time to guarantee the ISP victory that might help seal the new strategy though – so hopefully the UN will care more about our democracy than the American one it sanctioned war for (before appearing to abandon it in its hour of greatest need) and will still be able to save us from ourselves, if necessary, once it gets around to verifying the IDs on the recall petition.

  45. James

    Confused @ 12:25;

    Fecking cracker! Main started mouthfarting almost immediately.

    They don’t like the truth. And oh, don’t they just HATE the UN approach? “It’ll NEVER work…” so why are they so worried about it I wonder?

  46. Alf Baird

    John Main @ 11:52 am

    “I ken a few guid Scots who have decided opportunities are better overseas, but I know of nobody who has been “banished” in living memory.”

    Following clearances, evictions, land confiscations, transportation, Empire Resettlement Acts etc, the lack of economic opportunity in Scotland led to many more Scots departing their homeland, as most Scots know from their family histories. Today the lowest Scottish birthrate on record is another aspect. Imposing measures and creating socio-economic conditions that prevent a people from reproducing themselves is effectively another form of ‘banishment’; indeed, this also forms part of the UN definition of genocide:

    Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide

    Article II

    In the present Convention, genocide means any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such:

    Killing members of the group;
    Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;
    Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;
    Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;
    Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group

  47. wull

    I am amazed that that can still exists. It has been kicked down the road so many times, you would expect it to have been smashed to smithereens by now.

    But here it is again – same old can – same old kickers – what a state the poor thing must be in by now.

    Just looked oot the windae – it’s no’ just the can. Whit a state everything is in.

    Same sad sight frae a’ the windaes, on a’ sides o’ the hoose.

    Better draw the curtains again, an’ get back tae bed…

    Is this what wee Nicola understood when she heard Obama saying ‘Yes, we can!’

    An’, oh michty me, she has!

  48. Republicofscotland

    The foreign media in Scotland relished pointing out that one in five or one six people living in Scotland is now over sixty, as kind of Scots are too old (a new one on the too wee, too poor trope) to manage their own affairs and become independent.

    I’d imagine Scotland loses twenty to thirty thousand young folk every year, they leave looking for better prospects, and in most part they are replaced by English pensioners or English folk disillusioned with the London rat race, who come to Scotland looking to buy a property and get slightly quicker NHS treatment and they put a huge strain on our services.

    So the folk from South of the border add to the older demographics of Scots aging, we’re losing the our ain young folk, and picking up auld English folk, and its unsustainable, independence is a MUST.

    I got this spot on if not depressing reply when I asked about the census revealing the demographics of Scotland.

    “At the moment that info is scheduled for 2025 making it post the general election. I think it is likely to be delayed until 2026 taking it handily until after the next Scottish election. The census delays are outrageous.”

  49. akenaton

    The falling Scottish birth rate is contributable to the influx of older people with the money to buy homes here, and the flight of indigenous young Scots for whom the thought of child bearing or even family life is anathema.
    This culture has been carefully cultivated over the last thirty years and when combined with the “equality agenda”, is almost unstoppable.
    We must find a way of persuading our young people that nature and the continuation of the species is not a discrimination against women, but real life, not some internet inspired neverland where only conformity to the current schism like trans can make their lives meaningful

  50. Robert Louis

    What a lot of tosh this new SNP indy policy is.

    1. A vote for any pro indy party other than the SNP doesn’t count. Such a stance by the SNP is utterly untenable. If you wish to induce a constitutional change, it cannot be only via a vote for one specific pro independence party.

    2. So, let’s imagine the SNP win most seats in Scotland. They are then only going to say to London, please can we have a section 30? And we all know the answer will be NO. That is it. Oh, sure they have worded it in confusing terminology, but that is exactly what it means.

    Far, far, far more effective would be pro independence votes (for any pro indy party), with only 1 pro independence candidate per constituency, as ALBA suggest. That makes it clear that it is pro indy votes, not pro SNP votes, to make the constitutional change.

    I for one will NOT vote SNP come the next election. I will vote Alba or not vote at all. They still will not work with the pro independence movement. Instead they want it all to themselves, and for that ONE reason, they will fail.

    I really had hoped perhaps Humza would really go for it, but it is just the same old sh*te, of asking for a section 30, and getting refused (again).

    The SNP know this is pointless, but it is designed to fool the gullible, and make them think independence could happen if they vote SNP. It doesn’t and it won’t.

    Jeezo, the SNP are just so freaking pathetic.

  51. akenaton

    Soz….my tiny village used to be full of kids, all happy and loved by all the mums and dads. “Aw oor weans”.
    Today there is only one child aged 16.
    It’s gey quiet these days.

  52. John Main

    @Alf Baird says:15 September, 2023 at 2:44 pm

    If you succeed in changing the meanings of everyday English words to suit your agenda, you may indeed gain some traction for your frankly bonkers claims.

    As a mark of respect, I am going to point out to you that there has to be better ways of growing Indy support than that.

    Meantime, I am starting to get some understanding of why you are so keen to enforce the Scots language on us – given the paltry interest and understanding of Scots within the Scots generally, you should be able to make anything you say mean anything you want.

    Soz an a’ that, but I think your definition of genocide deserves repetition so that alert readers can reflect on how it manifests itself on the streets and in the homes of Scotland in 2023.

    genocide means any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such:

    Killing members of the group;
    Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;
    Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;
    Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;
    Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group

  53. John Main

    @akenaton says:15 September, 2023 at 3:39 pm

    Today there is only one child aged 16.
    It’s gey quiet these days.

    Sorry to hear that.

    According to Alf, births are being prevented, live born kids are being forcibly transferred to another group, and if that doesn’t work, they are being killed.

    I’m amazed all of this happens without anybody spilling the beans, or even being a smidge peeved.

    Strong, the cringe must be in us, if any of this is true.

  54. Red

    Plenty of shagging going on in my village.

  55. Chic McGregor

    Robert Louis

    I am not a member of Alba but in my view there is something they can do which would have a doubly positive effect on the attainment of independence.

    They could make a declaration, ASAP, that they will not target the seats where an incumbent pro-indy MP who has clearly demonstrated by their personal actions and statements that they are pro-indy first and foremost.

    Conversely they will target those seats where there are grounds to doubt whether independence is the primary motivation of the incumbent or in some cases whether it is even their wish at all.

    The list would be made up by a suitably large selection committee after duly examining the available evidence and published in due course.

    This course of action would have several aims.

    First to aid removal of the wrong uns.

    Second to encourage those who are independence first but have felt constrained by the established group think from speaking out.

    Third, by boldly declaring this strategy up front and publicising it, the electorate would then know which incumbents are considered wrong uns by Alba members at least.

    Squeaky bum time for some.
    Time to speak out for others.
    Welcomed judgement from SNP voters without the time to weigh up their candidate’s record themselves.

  56. Republicofscotland

    A reminder of what the English thought about Scots just before the 2014 indyref. I doubt much has changed.

  57. Glenn

    “Carrot Surprise” anyone?

    … what’s the surprise?

    … there’s no carrots in it…


  58. Republicofscotland

    Queen Lizzie II’s supposedly off the cuff remark, just before the 2014 indyref was carefully planned and executed using Whitehall and the media, apparently auld lizzie wanted to openly speak out against Scottish independence, but Whitehall thought that might upset the natives.

    “This little snippit shines a light on the palace lie that Queen Elizabeth’s remark “I hope people will think very carefully about the future,” spoken to some strategically placed press hacks outside Crathie Kirk, was indeed a well rehearsed, deliberate last-minute intervention. This from a monarchy that boasts it never gets involved in politics.”

    “Under a cloak of secrecy, the Cabinet secretary, Sir Jeremy Heywood, and the Queen’s private secretary, Sir Christopher Geidt, held talks to work out how she might express her concerns in a suitably coded way. The result was a remark overheard after a Sunday service in Crathie Kirk, the small church that the Royals attend when staying at Balmoral.”

    To think there’s plenty of dumb House Jocks who still revere these parasites who couldn’t give a monkeys about Scots.

  59. Sven

    Akenaton @ 15.39

    If they showed any tendencies to running feral and breeding indiscriminately relax, they’ve all resettled in our adjoining schemes and the next generation are thriving.

  60. akenaton

    Hi Red, I think your post actually works with John’s shagging is not the problem while abortion is available more or less on demand and small children are being introduced to contraception by the machine. What happened to the role of Mum and Dad, who were supposed to guide children into adulthood? they have been side lined by the new orthodoxy which I think Alf was referring to.
    Until we get the family system up and running again and all the alternative lifestyles back in their boxes, we can forget Independence or even life as we knew it.

  61. Kev

    Good grief Alex Salmond got us an indyref with just 6 SNP MPs. Wm elections are utterly irrelevant, it’s under 3 yrs till the next Holyrood election, that’s what matters, a majority of pro indy MSPs and we’ll take our indy thankyou very much.

  62. Oneliner

    ‘Infinite Carrot Generator’ probably translates as ‘Carrottier’ in French. If it doesn’t, it should.

    ‘L’Entarteur’ was the name given to the custard pie operative who bagged Bill Gates amongst others and was jailed for his trouble. We have no equivalent in Scotland, although older readers may recall a certain ‘Mrs Kelly’ who was ‘hit a scud in the belly’.

    When will we see their likes again?

  63. Shug

    They destroyed the case by doing nothing with 56 mps

    They destroyed the case post brexit by trying to stop brexit rather than pushing indy

    They destroyed the case in the Supreme Court

    They destroyed the case when they could not say what a woman was.

    They destroyed the case with such poor governance

    Now they make a mockery of the case by saying they will ask for permission if they get fewer seats than they currently have.

    It is very hard to believe this level of stupidity is anything less than deliberate.

    They are simply unfit for office or to carry the indy movement.

    Without doubt they are a disgrace. It is time to end this travisty

  64. Dan

    I recall years ago floating the Fuck for Freedom manifesto to get more Scottish folk spawning offspring to improve the demographics of our nation. Generally folk enjoy getting laid or at least they used used to. Can swiping a touch screen on a smartphone really give you more joy than an orgasm? I don’t know what floats the kids’ boats these days.
    Wonder how the recent census date release ties in with this older article.

    And also Mia’s posts.

    Happened to go to town yesterday to attempt to sort out the mysteriously high data use I suffered, but observed other stuff as I walked round the toon. How does this work. Toon packed with what looks like recent Humza friendly non white immigrants, all huffing away on oldskool analogue fags. Is our struggling health service up to tackling the burden of all the inevitable health issues these news Scots will bring.

  65. Big Tam

    Wee reality check here guys. There’s no consistent majority in Scotland for independence, especially for the UDI variety or indeed for an illegal referendum.

    In a democracy that’s a constraint you have to work within. In that sense (though I never thought I’d say it) I do sympathise with Yuseless, and even with Sturgeon up to a point.

    Given the lessons of Brexit, surely a narrow win – say by 2 or 3 % – where nearly half the country is angry about the result – can’t surely be what you are seriously aiming for either? That’s no way to bring Scotland together which it most certainly would need to be if it was to make a go of things.

    I wasn’t in favour of Brexit. But I don’t doubt we might be having a better outcome had people accepted the vote and cracked on with a practical discussion about the best way to make the best of it. But it was too narrow and contentious for that. Right now the ‘pig in a poke’ tag that was attached to Brexit – no-one could define what Brexit meant – applies also to Scottish independence.

    You will never convince those who think independence is a terrible idea full stop. But you might – just might – get a consistent majority of Scots – 60% plus – by adding those who could be persuaded, but who think the mess Scotland is in right now means it would be a complete fiasco from the off. (I put myself in that category).

    This means the independence movement needs to be honest with itself – something you guys shout at the SNP (and the National) about, without acknowleding the simple reality that there is no quick fix to this, no magic wand. FFS even three years of Boris Johnson didn’t really move the dial.

    You need a nationalist party that uses the powers that it has (which are considerable) to improve the country. Something like 10 or 20 years of showing the English how it’s done (the opposite to what’s been done so far) – creativity, competence, and genuine preparation. Answers to the genuine concerns about currency, reserve bank, borders, pension liabilities, trade patterns, national security and our contribution to NATO, as well as the realistic timing of any Referendum on EU membership with a realistic take on the pros and cons of that given our land border with England.

    You are right that Scotland deserves better than the SNP. But it also deserves better than conspiracy theory nonsense about secret oil fields, the Gers figures, MI5 agents in the Scottish government, the delusional and ahistorical nonsense of Scotland having been somehow a colony, and all the rest.

    It’s high time the nationalist community grew up and was honest with itself, dropped the fixation about referendums, and began to appreciate the fact that the process of getting to an independent Scotland – getting ready for it, proving the country is ready to voters, being clear what those voters would be asked to approve – is a long term project, as well as a more a far important task than pissing and moaning and protesting and fantasising about what London’s spooks are or aren’t up to.

    Face it guys. It’s not going to happen this decade. The grown up thing to do is to start planning for how to actually make it happen – how you are going to start to transform the country and win the argument in the long term. Anything else is no more serious than Yuseless’s witterings.

  66. sarah

    It isn’t the SNP that has failed us – it is the leadership. Rev Stu has made that clear to the meanest understanding but there are huge numbers of SNP supporters who are still in the Denial stage.

    As Alex Salmond said in the Fabiani “non-Inquiry” about several bodies – I forgot them all but the civil service was one and I think either the Scottish government or the SNP was another, and possibly the justice system – it’s not the civil service etc that has failed, it is the leadership.

    We btl all, I think, recognise where the problem lies. Our politicians lack the backbone, principles and intelligence to stand up and assert the Claim of Right i.e. that the people of Scotland are the sovereign, the politicians are our servants, and England is most definitely not sovereign over Scotland.

    It is a fact that the CoR Act 1689 is still in force [which is why Charles Windsor had to swear to uphold it]. It is a fact that it forms part of the Constitutional Settlement of the Treaty of Union. BUT our politicians meekly defer to Westminster sovereignty.

    On 19th September at 11.00 a.m. at Holyrood some of the Sovereign People are going to direct the Scottish government, and all our representatives, to uphold the law of Scotland and the Constitutional Settlement. The document, drawn up by Scottish Sovereignty Research Group, Salvo, and others, is known as the Stirling Directive [see].

    It requires the Scottish Government to inform Westminster that their assumption of sovereignty over Scotland is unlawful. And the Scottish Government must announce a referendum or an immediate plebiscitary election on the question of independence.

    This document tells the truth and puts we ordinary non-politicians back as the leaders of our country and its welfare. It really is a beacon of light, hope and sanity. It would be great if there were a sufficient crowd at Holyrood on Tuesday to make the MSPs realise that they had better start paying attention to us instead of to their bank balances.

  67. Dan

    Come to think of it, is smoking actually still allowed in Ultra Low Emission Zones.

  68. Dan

    Big Tam says: at 5:35 pm

    Wee reality check here guys. There’s no consistent majority in Scotland for independence…

    Eh, there’s also no consistent majority support from the electorate in Scotland (or the UK for that matter) to have a Conservative government but we still get one…

  69. Merganser

    Will Pete Wishart be disciplined for speaking publicly against Humza’s cunning plan? Even though he’s dressed up his criticism in a mealy-mouthed way like a cowering dog?

  70. Bob Mack

    Maybe they mean it this time. Or maybe not.

  71. twathater

    @ Chic MacGregor 4.37pm your proposal has merit and would perhaps be workable, the stumbling block appears to be that I personally cannot find any of the current snp representatives both MP’S and MSP’S that has done ANYTHING or even said anything (TRUTH) that promotes and furthers independence.
    Again in my opinion a bigger shower of COWARDS and parasites it would be hard to find

    The current infestation of these parasites are the same ones who have sat back on their comfortable arses and allowed a narcissistic deviant corrupt liar to SABOTAGE independence and the independence movement without any impact to their concience, and have WILLINGLY engaged and participated in the WORST governance of our country for the last decade

    So Chic quite honestly I would happily celebrate the removal and destruction of every one of them

  72. twathater

    And we have Big Tam the self confessed Tim and yoon returning again to tell us Scots that we are doomed doomed doomed

    OCH well we may as well go home and forget about it now that Big Tam has telt us

  73. Ruby

    I know I have been having a bit of a gripe about the French on ‘A Tale Of Two Nations’ but didn’t they do a good job of getting rid of the king, queen & ancien régime?

    Maybe it would be worth studying their tactics.

    Not too sure about storming Barlinnie but we could have stormed Saughton when Craig was locked up and storming Belmarsh would be a worthy thing to do.

    Allons enfants de la Patrie

    They eat horses don’t they, call me ‘la petite anglaise’ and accuse me of burning ‘Joan of Arc’ but they do have a bloody brilliant national anthem and I think their revolution is worth studying.

    As I said on the other thread I’m a bit worried about these accusations of ‘burning Joan of Arc’ as the Scottish police may hear about it and have me charged with a homophobic hate crime even if it was carried out in a former life.

    Don’t laugh you too could be arrested and subjected to ‘past life regression’

    Is it really that far fetched that the Scottish police might be ordered to do just that?

  74. pipinghot

    Big tam (small penis guy) you were told to fuck off.
    Please do.

  75. Republicofscotland

    What does the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas have in common with Sturgeon the Judas and Humza Yousaf, they are all ("Tractor" - Ed)s to their own people.

  76. Red

    Too many youngsters these days are… what’s the nice word for… wee fannies?

    In the 80’s we we out fighting and playing fitba until yer Maw threatened murder, and we had no problems getting girlfriends.

    Most 18-20 year old men I see these days, my 9 year old self would probably have battered. They look like overgrown toddlers and they talk like girls.

    Bring back the 80’s and Make Scotland ‘Mon Then’ Again.

  77. Captain Yossarian

    I see that YouGov in the Times is predicting a Labour win in Rutherglen, but not the SNP wipe-out that many on here are predicting. Another thing I noticed was that the gap between the popularity of the SNP and Scottish Labour has grown to 11 points in the SNP’s favour. Stuart Campbell has said often enough that there is a really deep hostility towards Labour in Scotland and here you see it in real life. They cannot even get close to Humza’s SNP. If they had elected a decent leader, either of the other two candidates would have done, then the gap may have been 15 points. Fergus Ewing would have been back, the Greens gone, the liars swept up and ejected from the positions of power and so on. That was too big a step for them to take and so the result of that is the popularity for independence is 39% and falling.

  78. Dan

    Is it considered ethical, or is it even a legal use of taxpayers’ money for a big estate owner with dozens of rented properties to temporally install a low earner in a huge property (that they could never normally afford the high rent for) so the landowner can then claim all the grants for “green” stuff?
    Also juggling low income tenants in and out of other properties they own so they can obtain more of the taxpayer funded initiatives.
    Just seems a bit off to me.

  79. Ruby

    Dan says:

    Is our struggling health service up to tackling the burden of all the inevitable health issues these news Scots will bring.

    Rickets! Autosomal recessive genetic disorders! Big rise in requests for selective abortion. Yuseless 100% in favour of this.

    India probes as no girl is born in three months in 132 villages

    Having zero girl babies isn’t going to help the population grow.

    Multi-culturalism brings many new problems as does transgenderism.

    Does anyone know if Herbert, Heather got castrated FOC on the NHS?

    Multi-culturalism also bring new crimes
    ie honour killing, female genital mutilation, forced marriage etc

    Ive just been reading about Sara Sharif. Not quite sure what happened there.

    Transgender female genital mutilation seems to be legal not sure if it’s done on the NHS or not.

    I think the Greens are on the case and eventually all treatments for ‘transgenderism’ will be available on the NHS.

  80. Jeremy


    Well, in the case of the French, if you’re referring to the French revolution of 1789, that wasn’t originally a republican revolution, it was initially about ensuring political representation for most of the public as opposed to just the nobility. The initial plans were to retain a constitutional monarchy, and Louis XVI was seemingly supportive of this in public at first, wearing revoluitionary symbols as a way of indicating his apparent sympathy. This only changed in 1792, when Louis XVI and his family attempted to flee France and take refuge in one of the bordering countries, in the hope (it was believed, at any rate) of allying with an army there, where he could later invade and try to restore the ancien regime, or something closer to it. In the event, his party was intercepted and captured while still in France, taken back to Paris, and kept as prisoners.

    As he and his wife were deemed to have betrayed the revolution and committed treason by trying to get involved with an enemy power to take action against France (btw, at this time, France was also at war, or at least conflict, with several of the European countries that bordered it, as well as undergoing internal conflicts within its own borders), this led the authorities to declare the French Republic in 1792, with the monarchy abolished, and a completely new calendar was instituted, based on the decimal system (its Year Zero start date backdated to Autumn 1791). The KIng and Queen were tried, found guilty, the parliament-equivalent – the National Convention or whatever it was called by then – voted for them both to suffer the death penalty, and both were executed in 1793.

    Napoleon later changed the French Republic to the French Empire, with himself as Emperor, in 1804, and after his defeat in 1814, the monarchy was restored, with Louis XVIII (though there was a brief interlude from 1814 – 15 when Napoleon attempted an ultimately unsuccessful comeback). The French monarchy later fell, permanently this time, during the 1848 French revolution, when the Second French Republic was formed. On that occasion, the incumbent monarch, Louis-Philippe, simply abdicated and fled the country

  81. Captain Yossarian

    Dan – In the 1980’s grants were available to renovate tenements. Edinburgh made use of them and renovated their tenements – new roofs, windows, chimney heads etc. Glasgow didn’t and said they would think of something better. Of course, they never did. Now 40 years on, Edinburgh tenements are considered high-end residential and Glasgow tenements are (many of them anyway) getting towards the end of their design life. It’s like your Volkswagen – maintain it and you will get 150,000 miles out of it no problem, don’t maintain it and you may only get half that.

    You spent time in Libya if I remember correctly? So, did I. I find the current events there tragic. I was in Derna once. Quite a rough and ready joint but the people there were happy and positive – typical Libyans. Loved their football and James Bond movies.

  82. Stuart MacKay


    > Come to think of it, is smoking actually still allowed in Ultra Low Emission Zones.

    What about methane emissions – 80 times the power of CO2!?

  83. Ruby

    Oneliner says:
    15 September, 2023 at 5:19 pm

    ‘Infinite Carrot Generator’ probably translates as ‘Carrottier’ in French. If it doesn’t, it should.

    ‘L’Entarteur’ was the name given to the custard pie operative who bagged Bill Gates amongst others and was jailed for his trouble. We have no equivalent in Scotland

    LOL 🙂

    Did we not have ‘oeufsàlacockier’ here in Scotland?
    For those not too good at French or using Google translate
    ‘oeufsàlacockier’ translates as ‘Eggs on the Dick’

  84. A Scot Abroad

    Salvo trying to assert the nonsense Claim of Right ain’t go to end up well for them. It’s meaningless guff, and is going to be ignored by the grown ups in Edinburgh, London, and the UN in New York.

    The only thing that’s going to work internationally is a properly constituted referendum, and the only way that’s going to be granted is by having respected polling showing something over 55% in favour of Indy, and the only way that’s going to be achieved is by the Indy movement putting together credible plans for the important stuff, like trade, currency, the economy and the like. And nobody at all – including Alex Salmond, who looks like one of life’s failures – is doing that. Nobody at all is trying to persuade No voters to Yes.

    Scotland is kindergarten politics. Every single MSP, from every party, is a political pygmy. The Scottish people need far better, or for devolution to be cancelled, because what we have now just isn’t working for anyone.

  85. Captain Yossarian

    Dan – one last story for tonight: I remember when I was in Derna I was treated very well by the Libyans. The other chap I was working with at the time, Bill, another Scotsman, wasn’t treated nearly as well as I was. The reason was I had an Omega watch just like James Bond. Bill had an old Seiko.

  86. Dorothy Devine

    OT but am I wrong in thinking that an incredible fuss is being made of THAT KISS, which looked like an enthusiastic peck and little else, yet our national news (ITV) seems intent on pushing it as an event worthy of comment and pearl clutching.

    I would like to think that the footballer in question was more than capable of delivering a swift knee to the knackers or a swipe on the cheek and that would be the end of the saga which is , at least to me , beginning to look ridiculous and in turn making women look ridiculous.

    OK maybe it is just me.

  87. Republicofscotland

    “Well, in the case of the French, if you’re referring to the French revolution of 1789, that wasn’t originally a republican revolution, it was initially about ensuring political representation for most of the public as opposed to just the nobility.”


    It succeeded when others failed in the past, critically because the bourgeois middle classes rose up as well.

  88. akenaton

    Red “Heh, McCafferty! Yer tea’s oot!! :o)

  89. Captain Yossarian

    ASA – I’m just getting ready for bed and I noticed this: “Scotland is kindergarten politics. Every single MSP, from every party, is a political pygmy. The Scottish people need far better, or for devolution to be cancelled, because what we have now just isn’t working for anyone”.

    Rather than “kindergarten” I tend just to use “nursery school” – same thing of course. A slam-dunk, sir. Well done.

  90. Republicofscotland

    If the US authorities get their way and Julian Assange is extradited to the US, where he would stand trial (kangaroo style) in Alexandria (Virginia), his friend and associate Craig Murray will be banned from entering the public court house to witness the proceedings.

    An excerpt.

    So I found the federal court and I went to enter, as any member of the public is entitled to do,” Murray said, according to a video recording of his remarks. “They asked me for my ID, as they ask everybody, I believe, and I handed in my passport.

    “And they made a phone call and somebody came down and he had a badge on that said, ‘U.S. Marshals,’” Murray went on. “And he said, ‘Sorry sir, but you cannot enter the courtroom.’”

    “And I said, ‘Is it not a public courtroom? Is there not a public right of access?’”

    “And he said, ‘Yes sir, but you are not the public.’

    “And I said, ‘But there are trials. And trials, by law, are open to the public, generally.’

    “He said, ‘Yes sir, I’m sorry but you can’t come in, Ambassador Murray.’”

    “And that was really interesting,” Murray said, “because nowhere in my passport does it give my title and nor had I mentioned it. So how did they know who I am?”

    “The level of surveillance,” Murray said. “I don’t know if that is facial recognition technology. I don’t know what it is that brought that up. I don’t know whether they had a memo sitting on their desk in the courtroom saying, ‘If Craig Murray ever comes, don’t let him in.’”

  91. Ruby

    Jeremy says:

    The French monarchy later fell, permanently this time, during the 1848 French revolution, when the Second French Republic was formed. On that occasion, the incumbent monarch, Louis-Philippe, simply abdicated and fled the country

    Cheers Jeremy

    It sounds like it’s the 1848 French revolution that we should be looking at.

    Any info on what sort of psychological impact the French revolution had/has on the French?

    Do you think we could sell independence by saying our revolution will have such a huge psychological impact on us that we will be overrun with top class highly confident professional footballers & rugby players?

    iScotland wins the world cup for the 20th time in a row.
    Investigation will be done to see if there ‘must be something in the water.’

    I think it’s a better selling point than saying ‘no more Tories’

    What do you think?

  92. Jeremy


    Quite so. Even several nobles joined the cause, albeit quite possibly more out of expediency than conviction.

  93. John Main

    @Big Tam 5:35

    That’s two sane, rational posts in a row.

    The moon howlers don’t like it, but don’t let them put you off.

    This place needs all the sane rationality it can get.

    Quite a few will disagree with me on this, but I suspect many more will be on my side: if iScotland won’t allow the expression of opinions many, even most, don’t agree with, then iScotland ain’t worth having.

  94. John Main

    @Dorothy Devine 7:55

    It’s not just you.

    You’re not wrong.

  95. sarah

    I am surprised not to hear from the best btl commenters on the Stirling Directive event on the 19th. Mind you the All Blacks game is on, not to mention Ayr v Partick. 🙂

    And Dorothy Devine: you are not alone.

  96. Dan

    @ Stuart Mackay

    Methane emissions you say! This harks back to my post a month or so back pointing out that immi/emigration and multiculturalism is damaging the planet. All these fancy curry hooses and the importation (using fossil fuel transportation) of exotic spices and pulses to create meals that are jist too much for the indigenous Scots’ digestive systems to handle, and thus cause excessive flatulation.

    Are vapes Euro 6 emission compliant for huffing in da ULEZ hood. I’d prefer to smell Castrol R fumes from a retro internal combustion engine rather than some candy floss melon strawberry fruit vapour concoction exhaled from some brain melt nicotene junky’s lungs if that’s ok. It’s not like passive smoking risks aren’t known about. Just ask Roy Castle…

    It’s all very selective this planet saving pish isn’t it. You can lob as many disposable vapes into the gutter as you like and all the lithium from their batteries eventually seeps out as the colourful little road art exhibits get crushed under ULEZ compliant vehicle tyres, and then the lithium makes its way into the water course. Ooh, forgot to add as an additional causation factor to the pending Eel Flu pandemic post I warned about.

    I called for a vape deposit scheme ages ago as foresaw all this coming years back. It would actually be a very simple thing to do. But no, Circularity Scotland bosses on the big bucks ignore that and come out with DRS pish costing the taxpayers millions.
    FFS, I’m producing policy initiatives for free.

  97. Republicofscotland

    This could lead to a rekindling of the unrest in NI.

    “The Controversial Northern Ireland Legacy Bill, which effectively blocks further investigations into atrocities committed during the “Troubles,” a prolonged civil conflict that killed thousands of people between the late 1960s and 1998, has been approved by Parliament”

    The bill is not expected to acquire any amendments as it passes through the HoL, its expected to receive royal assent in the near future.

    “Everyone, no matter who was affected, whether they were affected by IRA violence, or a military violence by the state itself.

    Everyone has a right to justice, some kind of justice, and the very least investigate whatever had happened to their loved ones.

    I mean, and that’s just that’s just the basics, Article Two of the European Convention on Human Rights (Right to Life).
    Under the new legislation, if anyone accused of murder gives information to a so called Truth recovery body, they’ll escape prosecution.

    This is seen by many as an attempt by the British government to hide the truth.

    There were hundreds of IRA volunteers who made the deal during the conflict, but if we look at in stark contrast to what the soldiers or the paramilitary RUC, not one ever served a full sentence for the killing of civilians during the conflict.

    In fact, a number of British soldiers were let out early and given medals whilst they went back into the British army.

    So there’s a stark contrast between both this is really about immunity for British soldiers.”

  98. Ruby

    Dorothy Devine says:
    15 September, 2023 at 7:55 pm

    OT but am I wrong in thinking that an incredible fuss is being made of THAT KISS, which looked like an enthusiastic peck and little else, yet our national news (ITV) seems intent on pushing it as an event worthy of comment and pearl clutching.

    The problem with it is it will make our young men afraid to kiss. I know you don’t get pregnant just by kissing but there’s got to be some kissing first.

    Same applies to flirting! There’s got to be some interaction before the kissing and the baby making.

    Our young men are probably afraid to send a text,ask a girl out, give a flirty tweak of the girls hair or God forbid hold her hand.

    It’s no wonder our young men have started to order their undies from Agent Provocateur.

    Agreed about women looking ridiculous. I’ve though that since first seeing the name Rosa Zamboni aka woman Z that was even before the ‘Alphabetties’ came on the scene.

    Has all this come about because we had a first minister who was a closet lesbian?

  99. Red

    akenaton says:
    15 September, 2023 at 7:58 pm
    Red “Heh, McCafferty! Yer tea’s oot!! :o)


    John Main says:
    15 September, 2023 at 8:16 pm
    @Big Tam 5:35

    That’s two sane, rational posts in a row.

    The moon howlers don’t like it, but don’t let them put you off.

    This place needs all the sane rationality it can get

    No, that’s boring. We should get a kerry oot and a box of Tunnocks tea cakes and go doon the park.

    But it’s pishing oot.

    It’s shite being Scottish, sometimes.

  100. Brian Doonthetoon

    Hi Ruby.

    RE: Joan of Arc.

    Absorb the pertinent info at the link below, then you’ll be able to teach your French pals some of their own history.

  101. Shug

    The level of treachery in the current snp is beyond belief

  102. Brian Doonthetoon

    Hi Ruby.

    And the legacy of “Hey Tuttie Tatie”…

  103. crazycat

    @ Dorothy Devine

    Others beat me to it – but you are certainly not alone. How must women who are really being assaulted or banned from public life (Iran, Afghanistan, etc) feel when (over-)enthusiastic congratulations provoke this sort of response? I don’t think “feminism has gone too far”, but I can see that this sort of idiocy encourages such a belief.

  104. Mike Fenwick

    @ A Scot Abroad 7.46 … I suspect it may just be you that may (stress may) be interested, the Declaration of a Sovereign Scot initiative is stand apart from Salvo, although obviously both know of each other’s existence, and it can and has caused confusion, thus this response.

    I agreed with you earlier, I do so again over some of the serious and grown up plans that are needed, but would also include the questions such as thos related to the State Pension, and the impact of the Internal Market Act. I don’t post on Wings that often, but am covering such items in other posts elsewhere, both in practical (and strategic) terms.

    You comment ” It’s meaningless guff, and is going to be ignored by the grown ups in Edinburgh, London, and the UN in New York.”

    Again on balance I agree (not sure about Edinburgh tho’) – I mentioned current contact with 17 UN Members, all of whom gained their independence from the UK.

    One is the USA – would they come on board? My opinion is not very likely, not least over their and NATO’s recent reaction to the UN moves on banning nuclear weapons. How an independent Scotland decides over whether to show support for that UN move – v – joining NATO, or not, is a most certainly a place for grown up thoughts.

    However, one of the other 17 UN Members with whom contact has been made is Ireland. Maybe they won’t ignore efforts on the part of Scotland to regain its independence. Might I suggest they may be keenly interested. Que Sera.

    As above, I am not on Wings often, so I may leave you with my earlier suggestion – keep monitoring, there is more to follow which I genuinely believe may (stress may again) interest you.

  105. Derek

    “David Hannah says:
    15 September, 2023 at 12:03 pm

    Stephen Flynn is orchestrating a coupe from behind the scenes.”

    Is it a little deuce coupe?

  106. A Scot Abroad

    Mike Fenwick,

    I’ll salute your generosity of reply, and acknowledge your arguments as having clearly had the application of thought and understanding of nuance.

    Please don’t take this the wrong way, because we’re on opposite opinions of the fundamental question of Indy, and I’d hope that your side won’t prevail. But that doesn’t mean that I can’t respect the dedication and hard work that you are putting in.

  107. sarah

    @ Mike Fenwick at 9.42: I am looking forward to your next step that you mention btl on Yours for Scotland. You are putting a huge amount of effort into the project and I’m sure all Yessers wish the project well. We need to get out from the Union and I for one don’t mind which route succeeds so long as someone does!

  108. Alf Baird

    John Main @ 4:06 pm

    “Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group”

    Thais is primarily the colonial mindset, which is the ‘manufactured’ psychological condition of an oppressed people.

    “Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group”

    Which includes a lack of affordable housing; lack of well-paid jobs; anti-family education policies; adverse judicial policy against young males = lowest Scottish birthrate on record.

    Unless you have other valid explanations for the ongoing ‘colonial mindset’ and ‘lowest birthrate on record’ phenomena?

  109. John Main


    It genuinely flummoxes me that while any Scottish child will enjoy totally free primary, secondary and university education, free school meals, free health care, etc that you can believe, or at least claim to believe, that we are oppressed by anti-family education policies.

    What’s the adverse judicial policies against young males – are they being unreasonably expected to obey the laws of the land?

  110. fruitella the hun


    A number of the communists i’ve known, not all, were a bit prone to the old braggadocio. Ring any bells, shagger.

  111. Effijy

    Light the damp fuse wire with a spent match, step well away and wait for fireworks.

    They are the Catherine Wheel Party spinning around in the same place over and over until
    people want the rockets to go off.

    The gunpowder clot.

  112. Ruby

    Channel 4 will air a special investigation on their Dispatches programme on Saturday evening.

    The 90-minute documentary will air at 9pm on the channel – but no information has been released about its content.

    Intriguing! What could it be about?
    I’m wondering if it has anything to do with the SNP.

    Maybe not this time! Although it might feature Janey Godley and Susie McCabe.

    “Channel 4 presenter Krishnan Guru-Murthy sparked debate on social media over the potential focus of the investigation after cryptically tweeting a screenshot of the programme with the caption: “Something’s up.”

    Someone posted the following:
    Documentary that’ll cancel more

    Dispatches has been working on an undercover
    (well more ‘covert’) expose documentary that is going to get an obscene amount of high profile comedians cancelled. Like, beloved comedians from late 80s, 90s, 00s. Including some who have already been cancelled while the doc has been worked on (footage collection started around 2020).
    It contains proof of a variety of comedians/ comedic actors both male and female being racist, sexist, homophobic, using drugs, sleeping with prostitutes, money laundering through movies and cheating on their spouses.

    Konstantin Kisin tweeted:

    “A bunch of male feminist comedians are about to be revealed as acting in ways that are somewhat inconsistent with their endless and rather tiresome virtue signalling and I’m here for it.”

    Me too as well Konstantin.

  113. Alf Baird

    John Main @ 11:51 pm

    There are clearly a number of factors resulting in Scotland’s historically low birth rate. As you disagree with all those proposed, perhaps you could provide the answer?

  114. Ruby

    Alf Baird says:
    16 September, 2023 at 8:26 am

    John Main @ 11:51 pm

    There are clearly a number of factors resulting in Scotland’s historically low birth rate. As you disagree with all those proposed, perhaps you could provide the answer?

    Innarestin but Soz Alf YCBS!

  115. Stoker

    Ruby says on 16 September 2023 at 8:44 am:

    “Innarestin but Soz Alf YCBS!”

    LOL! You’re like a dog with a bone, a bone of contention. 🙂


  116. Stoker

    I’ve just been reminded, on seeing that ‘NATIONAL’ page, just how much i detest that slimey wee Unionist lickspittle ‘Sally McMoist’. And how i find the sight of him every bit as blood-curdling as seeing Ruth Davidson or Nicola Sturgeon.

    I never watched Scotland’s game against England but any time i tuned-in to see what was going on i was reminded also of just how much i feel embarrassed every time i hear him speak. He is the poster-boy for the ‘Proud Scot But’ fraternity. He epitomises that species.

  117. Ruby

    Mac says:
    16 September, 2023 at 7:47 am

    For those interested. Craig Murray talking to Max Blumenthal about a wide range of subjects. Very good.

    Touches on a lot of things including the stitch-up and his own stitch-up, really interesting interview.

    Mac posted this on Chris’ thread but I’ve decided to re-post it here along with a link to Russell Brands latest video.

    Why you might ask. It’s because I think Craig Murray and Russell Brand may things in common.

    I haven’t listen to the Craig Murray interview all the way throught yet.
    The sound is quite bad which put me off a bit.

  118. Ruby

    PS I should have added that I think I already know about most the things that have happened to Craig Murray hence reluctance to persevere with video.

  119. Chic McGregor

    Ruby 8.0pm

    How about this.

    Yugoslavia only qualified for 3 out of the 7 World Cup finals between 1966 and 1990.

    Since the break up Serbia has qualified for 3 out of the 4 (or 5 ot of the 7 if you include when the played with Montenegro players).

    Croatia (smaller population than Scotland) has qualifed for 6 out of the 7 World Cups been a semifinalist twice and been a finalist once.

    I don’t remember ever fearing Yugoslavia. Different matter for its constituent parts.

  120. Ruby

    The new thread has gone way off topic already it’s gone a bit ‘holier than thou’ about anthem boos & keeping politics out of fitba.

    I don’t have a problem with men behaving ‘badly’ at football in fact I found both of the following incidents very entertaining.
    Much more so than the actual football ‘which I don’t pretend to understand at all’

    National anthems for the most part merit a boo or two except ‘La Marseillaise’ which I think is BDB.

    I don’t have a problem with men celebrating a win and giving a lassie a kiss.

    If I remember correctly getting a kiss can be quite nice especially if you fancy the guy.

    If you don’t fancy him, well you just give him the brush off as gently as you can. No need to go to the police.

    I would like to ask all these lesbians who don’t like getting a kiss from a bloke to cool it. Most of us heteros quite like it.
    And also we heteros are looking for men to be more spontaneous.

    How in the name of the wee man are we going to increase the population if we ban men from kissing?

    Are we going to have to import more turkey basters?

    More importantly where are we going to find the *cervixes for the turkey basting?

    HoHumza wants selective abortions and I’m pretty sure that won’t mean selectively aborting babies born in a male body.

    I’m wondering if selective abortion might be transphobic?

    Tell me has anyone ever heard a woman say

    ‘My Vagina’ is such a strange and wonderful thing to say! 🙂

    *cervixes That doesn’t sound right. Anyone know the plural of cervix.

    Testing: My vagina!
    Naw it just feels a bit stupid and not at all wonderful

    I’m ending this post with a bit of music.
    Sing it Sam!

  121. Confused

    There are certain people who post on wings – an awful lot – but it is not honest debate or fair enquiry, it is game-playing and shit-stirring; anyone who doesn’t follow the soap opera of it might take these characters at face value.

    One of the annoying aspects of the BTL is how – certain persons – go on about things and “nothing has been done” … except, we have had the discussion countless times, e.g.

    the EU – most wingers are EFTA fans

    currency – use the pound for the minimum period possible then a scots pound/merk/groat as soon as possible; if you need help to setup your central bank and issue a new currency, people will help you, lots of people, they will fly in on the gulfstreams, will be here in hours …

    economic potential – we are massively resource rich

    “the numbers/the money” – figures from the IMF indicate what size our economy should be, directly refuting GERS

    and situations like this make most of us think the dissemblers are not arguing in good faith …

    NATO – an indy Scotland will have to be in it; it’s a price you have to pay – you can use it as leverage, but some clubs the trouble starts when you try to leave; our seabed is covered with SOSUS microphones and they need to plug the cable in somewhere

    – having the US on your side, or neutral at the UN is very powerful; what do they want? They don’t care about England – their national religion is celebrating how they beat them!

    – tell them “our new country will need new weapons … do you know anyone who could sell us such things ?” – and Lockheed and Boeing salesman arrive with their brochures; Lockheed is already in Scotland, owns a lot of companies BTW.

    – you might even tell them – “US oil companies contracts will be honoured, same terms as before … everyone else is to be renegotiated … “; so, as far as the yanks are concerned – its business as usual and more money. What is not to like? The UK “deterrent” is an irrelevance to NATO anyway.

    Wheeling and dealing/realpolitik – these are the games you play if you are serious about winning. This is what “grown ups” do in the world; it is grubby at times, but that is how it is.

    The great spinoff about indy Scotland being in NATO is – England can’t pull any funny business; remember Suez? NATO countries can’t attack each other, nor would “Kitson”-shenanigans be tolerated – pseudo gangs, rioting loyalist mobs? Same goes for trying to create economic chaos – stopping food trucks at the border, or not handing over welfare and pension data.

    Getting the americans to back us could have happened – remember that half scottish golf nut who owns hotels here, what was his name?

    – but obviously we must miss out on our own self determination as it would be too much to meet a man who used a rude word for a vagina.

    Our politicians make no attempt to create the necessary external alliances required to negate UK power – which shows how serious they are.

    I am not suggesting here Scotland becomes a US client state rather than a colony of England (though as a US state we would have far more autonomy and control over our own resources) – but small countries, by skilled diplomacy can use surrounding major powers to cancel each other out, and to carve an independent path. Scotland should maintain good relations with the US, the EU, even England (after a cooling off period – the divorce is bound to be nasty), and not get too carried away with anti-China/RUS sentiment. It’s done alright for the Swiss, though their neutrality is a robust kind – they are armed to the teeth, have bunkers everywhere and the whole place is wired to blow, any invader would have terrible trouble holding onto the place.

    – getting out of NATO some way down the line is still possible, if you want. But now at the start.

    Note that one “side effect” of the persistent dissemblers posting daily about the same thing – it “resets” the discussion, it’s groundhog day, round we go again, and never going forward.

  122. Confused

    There are 2 things which seem to me that hit the birthrate

    – feminist propaganda about careers, demonisation of having kids, and the idea that “girls just wanna have fun” and can do so until they are in their mid 40s, and can have them then, when they are “ready to settle down” and find some perfect “soul mate”; this is all bad in all sorts of ways. Young women produce healthy babies and more of them. But this is a western problem not specific to Scotland.

    – the specific problem and the bigger one is the rigged housing market which we have to endure, which gets into issues of the economy, cartels, restriction of supply, local corruption – this keeps housing costs high and thus favours, banks, housebuilders and landowners. It is a horrible racket and needs serious land reform to solve.

    Good news and bad news; it’s quite easy to solve this – in the first case you bribe the young women to have their kids early, and in the right numbers, with high levels of welfare support, plus the incentive of educational/business grants in their 30s when they can get back out there, become fighter pilots, brain surgeons and all that.

    In the second case you need to do serious land reform and revision of planning laws, setup your own building societies and housebuilders – think George Bailey, not Mr Potter – then it is quite easy.

    The bad new is : you can do NOTHING about this in the UK, or under any federal or devolved system – they will never let you touch the land ownership problem, or mess with the banks.

  123. Confused

    There was one notorious poster here, he was on it all the time and all he ever said was – no matter the plan, the approach, the method … “the international community won’t like it” – on autorepeat.

    Now we are getting the same vibe off the newly persistent; it looks like we have all been here before, no?

  124. Ruby

    Chic McGregor says:
    16 September, 2023 at 10:37 am

    Ruby 8.0pm

    How about this.

    Yugoslavia only qualified for 3 out of the 7 World Cup finals between 1966 and 1990.

    Time to ditch the ridiculous ‘no more Tories’ sales pitch and promote ‘Independence = Many more world cups’?

    I think it would work a treat we might even be able to get the ‘Red, White, Blue & Orange Rangers’ on board.

    Don’t athletes need a lot of confidence? What kind of confidence can you have if you play for a country that you don’t believe even is a country.

    Cringers don’t make good athletes.

    A bit of music to end this post:

    Cringers can only do ‘dad dancing’

    Time to learn the ‘Seann Triubhas’ & the ‘Sword Dance’

    Learning Highland dancing would be just the thing for our footballers to learn. These highland dances require a lot of very trick footwork especially the ‘Sword Dance’

    No more dad dancing lets see you do the ‘Sword Dance’ then you can come back and sing ‘Yes Sir I can boogie’

  125. A Scot Abroad


    Scotland doesn’t have many resources that anyone else wants, because they can replicate them locally, and self-sufficiency is now the main driver for western nations.

    How smart would it be to launch a drive for independence based on exporting resources. It was a pretty fucking dumb idea by Salmond in 2014, seriously fucking dumb now, and even dumber 20 years into the future when the world is decarbonising.

    The only future export of note from an iScotland would be intelligent people. And they won’t be paying taxes to Edinburgh.

  126. sarah

    @ Confused: hear, hear, on all you say.

    We need ordinary sovereign scots deciding what’s what. We cannot possibly be as devious, lazy, feeble and incompetent as the people currently in power.

    Somebody btl on Yours for Scotland yesterday said they had explained Salvo and direct democracy to 4 people in the local hospital cafeteria and said 4 people all thought it is a wonderful system. Ordinary folk aren’t daft. When they are given the information they understand straightaway the difference between the current system and the way it was, and should be.

  127. James Che

    Brother on his way to hospital at moment to see his wife and the birth of his third child,

    some families still having children, there is hope yet.

  128. Ruby

    A Scot Abroad says:
    16 September, 2023 at 12:38 pm


    Scotland doesn’t have many resources that anyone else wants,

    Sometimes it’s hard to be a woman who is required to be good.

    I think it’s OK to say cunt on here as long as don’t call someone a cunt. That would be personal abuse & result in a long stay in pre-moderation aka on the naughty step.

    I’ll test it out by saying

    ‘My vagina is a cunt’. 🙂

    It was kinda wonderful to say I even made myself laugh! 🙂

    Surely I can’t be back on the naughty step for that. It’s a biologic fact.

  129. John Main

    @Confused 11:58

    Good post.

    At some point, even the Indy Bitter Enders are going to have to acknowledge they will never get Indy by just waving their saltires more vigorously, or just hating the English more viscerally.

    So it’s great to see some realpolitik breaking through.

    Might I suggest a next step? Get onboard with the Alba recognition that the route to Indy lies in making and proving the economic case to a majority of the Scottish voters.

    You ken it maks sense!

  130. John Main

    @Alf Baird 8:26

    Turns out there’s an innarestin but easily predictable twist to Scotland’s birth rate.

    Approx 4.5% of Scots self id as being in an ethnic minority.

    Approx 12% of births in Scotland are to parents where both are immigrants to the UK.

    These figures are difficult to refine, probably out of date, etc. But they hint at a conclusion more aligned with my view than yours. There is nothing inherently hostile to starting a family in Scotland, in fact, newcomers to the country can’t believe their luck at all the luvverly money and support they stand to trouser, courtesy of the Scottish taxpayer, over the 25 years it will take from gestation to graduation.

    Let me save you the bother of claiming that white, indigenous Scots are colonially oppressed into childlessness – they arguably still enjoy more advantages than any immigrant struggling with a new culture, language, hostile neighbours, etc.

    Bottom line though, one group is breeding well, the other less so.

    I wonder if the breeding group’s secret of success is wide-spread disengagement from the Scottish political scene?

  131. Ruby

    James Che says:
    16 September, 2023 at 12:50 pm

    Brother on his way to hospital at moment to see his wife and the birth of his third child,

    some families still having children, there is hope yet.

    Do you expect these three children to remain in Scotland when they are adults or will the go to Croydon where the UK Gov believe that’s the place to invest the our £s rather than wasting them in Strathclyde?

    If they were adults at the moment what would you advise?

    Stay here or go to Croydon.

  132. James Che

    They just moved back to Scotland,
    Needing a few more scots to assess the world where they are and return back home.

    I was from big family, seven of us remain and all had children and grandchildren in Scotland,

  133. James Che

    Why not stay in Scotland? Every where else is just as c..p if not worse with all the wild fires, floods, wokery and multi faceted globalism,
    Might as well stay where you are nowadays in amongst your family and friends,

  134. Ruby

    James Che says:
    16 September, 2023 at 3:40 pm

    They just moved back to Scotland,
    Needing a few more scots to assess the world where they are and return back home.

    You avoided my question James. But hey not to worry it happens often here.

    Have a good week-end.

  135. A Scot Abroad

    Sarah, at 12:44,

    there isn’t any agreement that defines a “sovereign Scot”. There’s no agreement that any Scots have sovereignty over Scotland. And there’s certainly no way that Scots should be deciding anything outside of an election or a referendum.

  136. John Main

    Rarely to never mentioned on here.

    Many, maybes even a majority, of Sovereign Scots don’t support Indy.

    Beware the law of unintended consequences. By all means empower us Sovereign Scots to have our say.

    But don’t presume you can take what we will say for granted.

    This Sovereign Scot won’t be supporting any idiocy that makes me and Scotland a worse place to live. That’s not hostility to Indy per se. It’s hostility to eejits, value signalling, anti-realistic cant, totalitarianism and poverty.

    So, for the moment, it’s hostility to the SNP.

  137. akenaton

    “But don’t presume you can take what we will say for granted.

    This Sovereign Scot won’t be supporting any idiocy that makes me and Scotland a worse place to live. That’s not hostility to Indy per se. It’s hostility to eejits, value signalling, anti-realistic cant, totalitarianism and poverty.”

    Very well said John, but will the penny drop BTL? Personally, I always think about what sort of government my vote may felicitate, as with the case of the Sturgeon administration when I resigned from the party within one year of her tenure, as it was becoming obvious (to me) that she was a wrong ‘un.

  138. Confused

    Main posting again from the Bumper John Main Book of Often Demolished Pish

    – it’s like reruns on the freeview channels

    except Get Carter and Fistful of Dollars were good films

  139. John Main

    Often demolished?

    Only in yer heid!

  140. Mr Pye

    The main driver behind people having fewer children is wealth. Everywhere. Also, 65 year-olds are past it, and we do not have a culture of regarding children as economic assets to the family. Alf Baird is a loonie: We pay anyone £24 a week to have a child and an additional £15.90 per kid per week after the first one.

  141. Duncan Strachan

    It’s been patently obvious for years that snp is controlled by those that would destroy it from within or behind. Since sturgeon every devious and maligned policy has been designed to bugger our government and depress and debilitated our country.
    I am utterly appalled at the craven complicity of Scots engaged with the english in this enterprise. The Irish look at us and shake their heads. Little wonder NI is still in a mess likely due to the Scots imported there to defend the indefensible. The Scots seem to be a cowed race willing to grovel for a few blighted potatoes falling from the british table. I’m afraid I’m nearly done with my own people. That incudes members of my own family.

  142. Duncan Strachan

    Confused says
    Note that one “side effect” of the persistent dissemblers posting daily about the same thing – it “resets” the discussion, it’s groundhog day, round we go again, and never going forwar.

    You said it. And we fall for it every time. And then there’s the actual post which is the truth.

  143. Eric

    50% and above of the votes would have credibility. Less than 50% wouldn’t.

    Only the blinkered cannot see that.

  144. Wally Jumblatt

    -I was just reminded that Scotland was desperate to jon re-join the EU (‘cos of all them export trade opportunities of course)
    so I was just looking to see where I could find that our exemplary education system had a laser focus in teaching foreign languages -perhaps like French, German, Spanish, Italian and Dutch for starters. Maybe even Russian and Mandarin if we want to join the wider world.

    Couldn’t find any sign of it, mind you I couldn’t see any sign of a focus on reading, writing or rithmetic either ………..

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