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There are no ships

Posted on January 05, 2023 by

The response to our post of last night has been astonishing.

(Although we’re not sure how “new followers” is being calculated there. We actually have more than 500 extra followers since 8pm – we can only assume that it’s only counting those who right-clicked and followed from that specific tweet.)

And part of the reason is that it’s plain that almost nobody knew about the report, even though it came out three months ago (when Wings was still in retirement). We had to dig deep to find any media coverage of it at all, and what there was was cursory at best, and sometimes a lot worse.

The Herald had a fairly long piece, but it was press-release-reprint standard: lengthy quotes from the report and its authors, unchallenged by any analysis or counterpoints. The National, meanwhile, predictably gave it a breathlessly gushing reception, with quotes from “LGBT groups” who were mostly actually the same organisations who’d produced the report, alongside the SNP’s toxic “Out For Independence” affiliate.

But that was about it. We haven’t been able to locate anything else about the report anywhere else in the Scottish mainstream media. It wasn’t even mentioned in a couple of very short corner-of-page-20 stories in the Scotsman, National and the STV website about the Scottish Greens demanding the report be implemented before this year is out. Again, none of the articles contained any counterpoints or analysis.

The only remotely negative coverage was in sort-of newspaper the Scottish Daily Express, which in December reported the comments of Aidan O’Neill KC in Scottish Legal News that we told you about last night.

But what we did discover was that SLN had also published a rebuttal to O’Neill from one of the members of the group that produced the report, Dr Paul Behrens of Edinburgh University. And it was a disturbing piece of flat-out barefaced lying.

Behrens started out with some high-octane scaremongering, pretending that the report sought to outlaw things like “electric shocks” and “exorcisms”, rather than the truth that mere conversations would be criminalised.

(This echoes a blackly hilarious paragraph of lurid hyperbole in the report in which wondering whether your daughter is really a transgender boy or if she’s just a confused teenager is equated to waterboarding her, raping her and setting her on fire.)

But he then segued into straightforwardly misrepresenting the report.

That is a simply breathtaking inversion of the truth. Over and over again the report emphasises in the most explicit terms possible that intent is NOT relevant.

The passage above is very poorly worded, which caused some confusion on social media. The part about “should not be included as part of any criminal offence” means that the crime should not require intent. Merely doing something that qualifies as a “conversion practice” would be illegal whether you meant it to be so or not.

That is in itself highly unusual, as had been noted by Aidan O’Neill. All UK criminal law except for very rare “strict liability” cases requires some manner of intent, embodied in the Latin term “mens rea”:

The report does, however, repeatedly attempt to muddy the notion of what it means by “intent”. It does this by ostensibly separating the concepts of “intent to carry out conversion practices” and “intent to cause harm”.

But since the report also insists that ALL “conversion practices” are ALWAYS inherently harmful, and can NEVER be permitted or consented to under ANY circumstances, that’s nothing but obfuscation designed to give the report a figleaf to hide behind.

If there are no exceptions and no possibility of consent, then intent is de facto irrelevant – if you did it then you’re guilty of the crime, no matter what you were thinking.

And we’ve already seen that “it” could be as little as a parent questioning their child’s choice of clothing, because “gender expression” is a term that basically means anything you want it to.

(Ironically, the report does not actually define “gender”.)

It it therefore impossible not to conclude that Dr Behrens is deliberately misleading people about the contents of his group’s report. And curiously in the SLN piece he disassociates himself from the group, claiming to be writing his rebuttal as a private individual.

You’d have to ask him why. But beware of liars, readers. Be suspicious of those who produce a 57-page report and then tell you there’s nothing to see there. There is always a man behind the curtain, and you should always want to know what he’s using that curtain to hide.

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  1. SusanAHF says:

    Yes Stu it seems to be trending on twitter.

  2. Fraser+Reid says:

    I like the new print pdf bit but the rest is just simply astonishing that SG tries to make law all by themselves.

  3. Lorna Campbell says:

    Great job, sir. ‘Mens rea’, as you state, Rev, is the very foundation of criminal law. If it can be proved that there was no mens rea, intent cannot then be used to criminalise someone – for example, murder can be reduced to culpable homicide if mens rea is absent. However, we are talking about the Common Law, not statute, and this is something that is also very disturbing of late: the SNP seems to be of a mind to replace all Common Law in Scotland with statute law. Many crimes, such as expressing hate towards another person for any reason – their colour, their ethnicity, etc. can be covered very well by the Common Law Breach of the Peace. It is an ‘elastic concept’ that stretches to fit most scenarios. Admittedly, it may not cover every modern scenario, but it could, potentially, cover most. Since they have come to power, the SNP has eshewed the Common Law for statute at a rate that is quite bewildering – and all without any real top-to-toe overhaul of Scots Law, as if they were drunk on power. The MSM will touch nothing with anything like netrality if it involves ‘trans’. This is a group that has undermined all aspects of public neutrality across the board and is favoured above all other groups in society. It is only by work like this that the truth will be uncovered, and it will be left up to the bloggers in the main to do it because the MSM is owned by people little different from the magnates who finance the ‘trans’ lobby, and it is peopled, mostly, by ‘trans’ supporting journalists.

  4. John Main says:

    At long last, something to be proud of.

    Scottish journalism, but only when vested in the capable hands of Rev Stu.

    More power to your keyboard!

  5. Ian McCubbin says:

    I can’t see that anything said in mitigation of this report makes it any more credible. Poor legislation passed by a now discredited Scottish Government. IMO the only way forward is vote Alba and or ISP at any level in Scotland for councils, Holyrood and Westminster.
    Bring the all into Scottish Convention to jointly repel bad legislation like this, replace it with decent human rights legislation to protect all.
    Also to further our move towards independence by claim of right and recognition by other countries and the UN

    It’s going to take years to undo this social injustice construct which thanks to you Stu has shown its true cause.

  6. Craig Watson says:

    The authors of the report have been watching Minority Report, haven’t they? Good on ye Rev for shining a light on this ‘Expert Advisory Group’ and their thought-crime proposals, which beggar belief. never thought I’d say it but the quicker we’re rid of this SNP/Green cult the better.

  7. Ian Brotherhood says:

    If genderism versus what Orwell called ‘common decency’ is a case of irresistible force meeting immovable object, which is which?

  8. Lewis Moonie says:

    How predictable that Sturgeon and her cronies should find a group of trusties, dopes and dafties to produce a report on such an important subject.
    Let me be clear, gay conversion practice has always been objectionable; sexuality is innate and must be understood and respected.
    This however has nothing to do with attempted conversion of gay lesbian and bisexual people.
    It is entirely about the wish to circumvent legitimate concerns about social contagion and delusion, in the interest of autogynephilc males, and those with a suspicious interest in the behaviour of young people under the age of consent.
    Anyone genuinely concerned about the well-being of those with dysphoria should read the words of Aidan O’Neill and others, together with the Cass Report, in order to find a balanced view on the management of young people questioning their gender.

  9. James che says:

    As a result of these new laws that protect adults in certain catagories in Scotland we have to ask a bigger question,

    Do these laws create a increase, a risk of new and vulnerable victims,

    If these laws carries NO protection or voice for all of society, then it could be seen as bias, not equal.
    If some members of society have their voices and opinions in that society legally numbed down, for law and government to be be seen as bias against certain sections in society
    We can see that that government is not equaling all people,
    the governments equalisation purpose having failed and the people in array,
    Then we should choose a new alternative government from the one that causes more harm than good to it society.

    The bill passed with votes of politicians across parties.
    This is something Starmer has promised if his party gets in at the next election,

    Scotland was only the experimental testing ground for Britain like it was with the poll tax, or like Canada’s present euthenasia program, killing the homeless.

  10. mike cassidy says:

    The man behind the curtain is wondering whether they can get away with another ‘it would only be an administrative change’ lie

  11. ClanDonald says:

    They had to use flat-out bare-faced lies to push the Gender Recognition Reform Bill through too. Did any of you see Karen Adam MSP on BBC news stating that the reforms wouldn’t increase the number of people who would qualify for a gender recognition certificate?

    Meanwhile she’s boasting elsewhere that 16 and 17 year olds would now be able to change sex as would those without a diagnosis of gender dysphoria (ie cross-dressers, predators, convicted rapists, sports cheats and creeps with rape fetishes who might want to perv in therapy groups). All people who previously would not qualify for a certificate but would after the bill was passed.

    They think we’re idiots.

  12. Dorothy Devine says:

    This has stopped enraging me – it just makes me want to weep for my country and the young.

    Enlightenment? The Dark Ages revisited more like.

    Evil stalking Scotland with nothing to do with the devil – all to do with the SNP, the Greens , Stonewall and the TQ and whatever else they intend adding.

  13. Karen says:

    Good (Scots) law is based on principles not lists. “Nuisance” for example covers noise, vandalism, fighting and so on. Using electric shocks is already covered by “assault”, while making someone pray is covered by “coercive control”. Politicians should be simplifying law, not creating ever more lists. If only we had a decent lawyer in charge!

  14. Anne+Johnston says:

    Sturgeon’s Sick Scotland.

  15. Cameron Lochiel says:

    I have it info from a totally reliable source that proves beyond doubt that Bill Thickcrank is a mole working for Bute House under the aegis of MI5

  16. Lesley Cameron says:

    “ The proposed law does not require harm to be done – if we wait for that to happen, any prevention would come too late.”.

    So, Behrens wants safeguards in place for LGBT+ that are denied women through the protection of single sex spaces?!?!

  17. stuart mctavish says:

    On bright side, if a person cannot consent to conversion practices being carried out against (for?) them then neither can a sex acting collectively and, accordingly, changing the words like Scots men and Scots women to mean fannies and trannies respectively must also be illegal (however convincing their argument).

  18. Anne Johnston says:

    Sturgeon’s Sick Scotland..

    some excellent comments..Lorna Campbell.

  19. crazycat says:

    How “interesting” that Behrens states that

    The proposed law does not require harm to be done – if we wait for that to happen, any prevention would come too late.

    I’m sure that one of the responses to concerns that a predatory man might assault women and girls in (for instance) a changing room is that “then he would be arrested”.

    Isn’t that also too late?

  20. James che says:

    For certain sections of a society to hindered with freedoms, such as
    free speech,
    preventing experiments on our children and women,
    New laws of constricting society from functioning without fear.

    Did this not start in germany, who wants a golden star.

  21. John Main says:

    water boarding, forced marriage, beatings, hitting, burning, ‘black magic,’ corrective rape, isolation, abduction and forced fasting

    Taking me right back to my schooldays, this is. Every monday one of us teenagers would be missing: Undergoing black magic for not tidying his bedroom, or recovering from corrective rape cos she played TOTP too loud. I was one of the lucky ones, just the regular burnings for wasting my pocket money on Airfix kits.

    I see where this is coming from now. This paragraph has just wrenched the scales from my eyes. As if the whole trans disgrace didn’t reek of shite enough as it is, there’s an extra layer of special, protective, teflon-coated shite on top.

    The people behind this have played it very smart indeed.

  22. James che says:

    For certain sections of a society to hindered with freedoms, such as
    free speech,
    preventing experiments on our children and women,
    New laws of constricting society from functioning without fear.

    Did this not start in germany, who wants a golden star?

  23. Lothianlad says:

    Well done stu.

  24. James che says:

    Time to change the whole government that has secret funding,
    It is a danger to Society.

  25. desimond says:

    Its quite incredible just why this sort of policy pursuit would be deemed a priority.

    Where did it come from?
    You would suspect its some sort of powerful lobby organisation but seems as if If all being funded by Scottish Government, how did those people get into such powerful positions?

    Of all the issues the Scottish Govt could focus on, I have no idea how this would even make it onto any priority list.

    The games a-bogey. Only a matter of time before a Tory / Labour / Lib Dem pact take over and SNP slide away…2 elections max.

  26. I’ll never forgive Sturgeon for using indy votes to deliver an authoritarian nightmare on Scotland.

    The State is passing Stonewall’s cookie-cut Bills into law
    favouring paedophiles and sex-offenders over parents, women, and children.

    The story being ignored by msm and brushed-off by political parties who think they have the highground by calling opponents bigots adds to the fear factor.

    I’m upping my monthly tithe next month in awe & appreciation of you son x

  27. James cheyne says:


    This is also a promise Keir Starmer has made to review for England and Wales if he should be elected in next elections.

    Tandum politics between britain, good cop bad cop,

  28. PhilM says:

    I hope you don’t mind if I expand on your comment a bit with some of my own comments.
    You are quite right about the applicability of the common law breach of the peace and readers may or may not know but certainly should be aware that there’s also something that’s been termed a ‘statutory breach of the peace’ i.e. Section 38 ‘Threatening or Abusive Behaviour’ of the Criminal Justice and Licensing (Scotland) Act 2010.
    The idea of a top-to-toe codification of the criminal law has been around since at least 1995 and a draft code (available online) was produced as long ago as 2003 by a working group and “published under the auspices” of the Scottish Law Commission. In the foreword to the code (relevant for the current furore) the working group state “preparing Acts on large blocks of the law is, in our view, more likely to promote legislation which is in plain understandable English than preparing a lot of separate Bills dealing with isolated topics in an uncoordinated and sometimes repetitive and overlapping way”.
    There is enough legislation already in existence to criminalise persistent harassing behaviour and can be utilised even for an instance of a single act of harassment. Unwanted conversion practices could easily shelter under the umbrella of a section 38 offence. However, the SNP have been in power for over fifteen years and are now intending to pass a bill that is unnecessary and which is the product of coalition politics and political capture. The proposed bill deals with a very, very ‘isolated topic’, it is ‘uncoordinated’, and likely to be ‘repetitive and overlapping’ with already existing legislation. The overreach here is fundamentally illiberal. The SNP and now the Greens are as Lorna says ‘drunk on power’, unable to see the consequences of their actions and apparently not caring very much either.

  29. Zander Tait says:

    So, if every male in Scotland id as female and vice versa, then Scotland would win the Wummins World Rugby/Football/Everything Cup forever and ever and if anyone complains then it’s jail time for them.

    As Robbie Burns didn’t say, “A Man’s a Wummin for aw that!”

  30. Taxi for Sturgeon says:

    I can’t believe we are in a situation where we need to UK government to bail us out of this dystopian nightmare that keeps coming. How could anyone with any degree of integrity and intelligence think this current SNP/Green coalition is working. It seems to be that Scotland is now run by American uni campus endorsers and the working classes must go along with it!

  31. R Frater says:

    So if I understand this correctly, if someone tried to persuade a gay man (XY) or woman (XX) that they were actually ‘born in the wrong body’ that would be classed as attempted conversion therapy and they could get the gaol? What is sauce for the goose etc…

  32. Frank+Gillougley says:

    I was going to say this on the previous post, but this is still the same subject. It’s about what to make of all this madness. Donkeys years ago, I used to believe the reason behind this was for the SNP to capture the yoof vote. be down wiv da kids and all that. But clearly, all these totalitarian roads lead to a basket at the bottom of a guillotine. Don’t these feckin eejits know that this is how it ends???
    So, for simple clarity, what i believe is as follows and has been often stated by others – Simply put, theres a whole lorra dosh to be made here.It is a self-perpetuating industry complete with all the sociological phenomena such as herd mentality etc.
    But to keep life simple, allegory is a very useful tool. And i refer to Dr. Seuss 1961 book of the Sneetches and other stories and in particular, the story called – Stars upon Thars. I used to read it to my kids. It’s a belter in its absolute clarity of what is going on here.

  33. James cheyne says:

    This is not just about the Snp passing laws.
    The question is who’s laws are being imposed on Scotland?

    It is about a [UK legislated and statue devolved government] sitting in Scotland in receipt of some dodgey funding crazy think tanks,

    If this was a Scottish government We in Scotland would have created it or maintained it since 1707,

    We did not,

    The Westminster authorized Scottish government pushing these laws of Great Britain parliament as Scots law is illegal.
    And a a false flag to all Scottish people whom seem to be blinkered.

    Anything the SNP do as law has to attain Royal assent.
    The crown sits in Westminster parliament.

  34. Ian+Spruce says:

    Does he not know that anyone can read the report on Scotgov website which would clearly show up his lack of truth?

    Academic v Two Silked KC. Hmmm, I know who I would believe when it comes to the Law.

  35. Kevin+Cargill says:

    I’m almost in tears here in the knowledge that common sense journalism has returned. It’s good to know your ruffling skills are still well honed in the face of the many variations of bright plumage concealing evil intent.

  36. Stuart MacKay says:

    The list of unintended consequences (or perhaps intended but never spoken or put into writing) will be long and problematic.

    Talking about de-transitioning will be classed as conversion therapy as will mentioning anything negative about the trans “condition”. Even saying that someone should think twice will fall under this classification.

    What will really be interesting is how any legislation is applied. You can all guess there will be a one way street. Conversion therapy on persuading heterosexuals o become trans will get the green light.

    All very sad really. What could have been useful legislation to stop the centuries of abuse of homosexuals has been thoroughly hijacked and corrupted.

  37. Stuart MacKay says:

    @Rev I think this wordpress upgrade is utterly borked. I just posted a comment and it never got added. I tried again and it complained that I just posted that.

    Are we really going to need to login with wordpress accounts to be able to comment?

  38. James che says:


    First of all these are not solely Snp/green policies,
    Keir Starmer labour party, has also made a commitment to look at these policies should he be elected in next elections,
    He also refused to define what a women was during a interview.

    This is a UK policy issue,

    I suggest the Snp were told to trial it out in Scotland for a year first, similar to the the poll tax.

    The SNP sit in a British Westminster Scottish Parliament legislated by UK parliament, (part & parcel )
    Before the Scottish government can pass any laws in Scotland it has to be given Royal Assent,
    The Crown sits in Westminster parliament,

    Westminster parliament claims it is Sovereign,

    The Gender bill finally being allowed to pass as law in Scotland depends on Royal Assent.

    ie, Not Scots Law. But British law imposed into Scotland through the back door a devolved governance from Westminster.

  39. ronald says:

    Unlike the pardoned witches Sturgeon will never be pardoned

  40. James che says:

    Stuart MacKay.

    I am having the same problems with posting this morning, having to do everything two or three times,

    Sometimes it just disappears into the ether, and other times asking for confirmations of address.

    Its blo..y frustrating to say the least,
    Persistence seems to be the only remedy.

  41. Vivian O’Blivion says:

    Oh FFS, for the 1,000th time, Identity Politics is the Permanent State’s preferred instrument of Distraction, Diversion and Division.
    Do you think that in 2010, the US State Department looked at wee Patrick Harvey from a fringe, supposedly ecologists party and thought, “now there’s a future leader”?
    Yep, that’s right, Patrick Harvey was inducted into the State Department’s International Visitors Leadership Programme as early as 2010.
    If you think the spooks housed in Foggy Bottom are secret sandal wearing lentil munchers, you are greatly mistaken friends.
    Distraction, Diversion & Division.

  42. Margaret+L says:

    I’ve gone from being an almost rabid independence supporter to “I don’t want to live here anyone, in the space of five years. Sturgeon and her cronies caused that. They’ve turned my country into a basket case. And to be honest, I have no idea what any of us can do about it now. There are too many willing to vote for her party with blinkers on in the hope of that ever dwindling Nirvana that is independence. With this crew in charge…just no. I’ll never vote for independence with these muppets in charge.

  43. desimond says:

    @James che

    I’m sorry but I don’t buy it.

    I’m only interested in what the Scottish Govt are up to and the buck stops with SNP/Green coalition.

    If you’re claiming the Scottish Govt are piloting policy for Westminster, then that just sounds ludicrous. I could buy some funding from normally westminster based lobbying groups heading North but nothing else.

    The actions of Scots Govt have nothing to do with Starmer or Westminster so I’m not interested in Royal Assent stuff as lets be honest, Royal Assent is now only “a thing” after recent Gender Reform “I will step in” shit-stirring headlines from Alistair Jack.

  44. akenaton says:

    I think that conversion therapy should be available to Trans and homosexuals, but only at their own choice. Discontinuing the therapy by criminalisation is simply a way of silencing those who realise the dangers attached to both behaviours and wish to inform others about to embark on a very dangerous road..
    These dangers, medical and social are seldom spoken about as the woke society starts to bite.
    People should be free to calmly discus any subject without the spectre of “thought crime” hovering over them.

  45. Liz says:

    Same here.
    I’m only interested in the @scotgov.
    We have no control over the rest.

    I know its a Western problem for many reasons mentioned including the WEF great reset.

    Holyrood is a mess, we’ve said it for ages.
    Nutters like Maggie Chapman were not voted in by the public.
    Harvie has never won a constituency post and never will.

    We need to be able to choose who we vote for, the list must go.
    At least in the cooncil election you can put a cross beside a name, that’s why we managed to get shot of Mhairi Hunter, this needs extended to Holyrood.

    Only 2 things give me hope, Salvo and Alf Bairds comments on decolonisation

  46. sarah says:

    Everybody please sign … 2001: this is to ask the parliament to withdraw the guidance to schools which includes stating that parents should NOT be told that their child wants to be treated as the opposite sex at school. The petition asks parliament to wait for the Cass Review before drafting new guidance.

    SOS Scotland submitted the petition some months ago so it stops collecting signatures on 2nd February. Denise Findlay retweeted this petition today.

  47. PB says:

    None of this is happening by accident or stupidity, trans ideology is just one part of a larger ideology intent on preparing ‘us’ for the world to come.

    All these laws and reports etc. are simply to pretend they’ve thought about it and are doing the right thing. It’s not going away even if the entire populace were to vote against it.

    It’s taken just over 20 years since ‘gender studies’ was introduced to higher education (at least it was at the college I attended – tutors were laughing about it when it first appeared as an optional subject) and an intense push within the last 10 years to convince kids and adults they could be born in the wrong body. It now permeates all education, government and an unhealthy chunk of the so called ‘private sector’.

    Transhumanism is next, something else that will lead to more sterilisation, zombification and early demise of children and young adults.

    Stu was right yesterday when he stated:

    “At other times, you find yourself in the strange position of having to talk a subject down as much as you can, because if you simply report the facts calmly and neutrally it’ll sound so outrageous and ridiculous and deranged that everyone will think you’ve gone full-on, tinfoil-hat, pencils-up-the-nose insane.”

    Say too much people will laugh or recoil with their fingers in their ears. Say too little and people, particularly young people, will get hurt. Catch 22, a perfectly set trap.

    I don’t know how many people I’ve spoken to about this crap over the years only to have them tell me I’m being ridiculous while stating that ‘the government wouldn’t do that’.

    They’re all a bit quieter nowadays but I’m still not sure they can go look or think for themselves about this or any other subject that doesn’t bring them woke points or twitter likes.

    We’re going need a lot more Scots to think for themselves and not comply if we want an end to this insanity and an Independent Scotland that will actually mean something…

  48. crazycat says:

    I’ve just looked at, where there is a list of candidates’ responses prior to the last Holyrood election, ie before the report was published.

    The usual suspects are of course fully supportive, but a few of the SNP candidates have chosen “Yes with caveats”, along with the following stock reply (my bold).

    There is no place for conversion therapy in Scotland. Such practices are discriminatory and harmful to the mental health and wellbeing of LGBTI people. The UK Government made a commitment to ban conversion therapy in their LGBT Action Plan, and we fully support this, as much of what is needed to take forward an effective ban is reserved to Westminster. If the UK Government does not take forward such a ban, then we will do so within the limits of the Scottish Parliament’s powers.

    So it might be that they are on another collision course with Westminster, which had the wit to separate gay conversion from trans conversion, recognizing that trans affirmation can itself be “transing away the gay” and therefore also conversion therapy!

    (Quite how one could “convert” an intersex person, ie one suffering from a Disorder of Sexual Development, an incurable medical condition, escapes me!)

  49. Linda McFarlane says:


    Your link doesn’t work – try this one

  50. Alf Baird says:

    I note that Dr. Behrens is primarily an expert in genocide, which might explain a lot, considering there are numerous ways to destroy ‘a people’, with the imposition of extreme gender ideology laws perhaps being another.

  51. Ron Clark says:

    Where is Joanna Cherry?

    What’s her take on this?

    Or is she too busy sorting out England’s problems on one of her Westminster committees?

  52. sarah says:

    Correction to my comment above: the Safeguarding our Schools – Scotland petition to Holyrood about schools guidance is a new one – Holyrood only collects signatures for 4 weeks.

    480 signatures already – gone up by 100 in an hour.

  53. red+sunset says:

    The Offensive Behaviour Football act was a badly written law which brought much harm to the SNP eventually.
    Obviously there are a lot of very short memories at Holyrood. Not just the MSPs voting for this, but also presumably a horde of Civil Servants processing it.

    This new law is not just badly written. It also has much bad intent – intent to harm naive ‘good samaritans’ at the very least.
    In fact, the whole intent is to criminalise people who wish to discuss a difficult situation.

  54. Jan Cowan says:

    We Scots are incredibly fortunate in that we have a journalist of Stuart Campbell’s calibre. Thanks to him, Sturgeon & Co haven’t a hope.
    Look on the bright side! At least we can now legislate this lot out of existence and make sure the like can never take hold in our INDEPENDENT SCOTLAND.

  55. Eileen+Carson says:

    Having lived through the 70s, I say this all stinks of PIE interference in government. SNP and Scottish Greens have been captured by paedophiles and infected our parliament and laws.

  56. P says:

    Well done Stu, excellent reporting.
    Very easy to see why the lesser bloggers, essayists, scribes et al are envious of you.

  57. robertkknight says:

    Jesus H….

    This place (Scotland) is a f***ing nut house!

    All thanks to the poisoned dwarf and her pennywise clowns in the SG.

    SNP OUT!

  58. Antoine+Bisset says:

    It is not “gender”, it is “sex”. Nouns have gender, people have sex. For confirmation look up the Errol Flynn story…

  59. Monica+Worley says:

    On consent…the way I read this is if someone ASKS you for help figuring out if they’re trans or not, you can’t help them do so without breaking the law as consent can’t be given. Geezus….

  60. SusanAHF says:

    Only 2 SEXES, male and female, determined at conception. Human sex is binary and immutable. No one is born in the wrong body, no one can change sex. These basic biological facts should be enshrined in our constitution.

  61. Republicofscotland says:

    Now we know why the rapist/paedo enabling SNP and the Greens teamed up, many thought it was to further independence or to protect the environment, their real agenda is this and more of the same to come, more fool us for believing that they might actually want to free Scotland from this prison of a union.

    No one should vote SNP or Green after this, we must vote for the Alba party and oust these vile creatures from Holyrood and Westminster as soon as we can.

  62. Morgatron says:

    Who would believe it ? That 9 years later these arseholes would make Jim Murphy look like a safe pair of hands. I’m in despair.

  63. Merganser says:

    I tried to convert my granddaughter today into being a vegetable eater as well as a burger and chips eater. I’m waiting for a knock at the door. I expect I’ll get two years. The NWO is here for sure.

  64. Joyous Hate says:

    There is a small silver lining to this, miniscule in comparison to the harm this will do if it gets passed: it can be used by anyone.

    If everyone, by their thinking, has a gender and gender expression and say for example, a TRA is giving some ‘cis’ attendee grief at a protest… “They’re trying to convert me! I don’t want to be Trans!”

    Something even the failed solicitor in Holyrood could fall afoul of when dressing down an errant MSP or Councillor.
    Or when throwing domestic appliances at an auto-gynephile in a french maid outfit.

  65. Wee Chid says:

    What is transitioning if it is not conversion therapy?

  66. ian+foulds says:

    well done that man.

    your application to find the truth and root out the charlatans is beyond comparison.

    one of the first ‘honours’ in the new Scotland should be Bath bound, in recognition of what you have done for Scotland and the Scottish people.

  67. Confused says:

    Being a coincidence-theorist now I don’t have much time for conspiracies, but one such theory, ridiculous I know is

    – all these politicans are being blackmailed (some get bribes, some get threatened, some already are on board)

    So, as a bright eyed young politician you get sent to a “young leaders” course in Virginia, or a “fact finding” mission in Tel Aviv, and they put you up in a fancy hotel, free booze, top scran, all laid on, then –

    at 3am there is a knock at your hotel room door and outside is an underage prostitute (boy or girl) – and what you do then is up to you, invite them in, or not, but, whatever you do


    or you can believe all around the world, at the same time, hordes of democratic politicians decided that enabling paedophilia by stealth is a massive VOTE WINNER

  68. Unwokey Bloke says:

    Beginning to think this bullshit is the real reason Salmonds reputation was destroyed not because he was an a immediate threat to Sturgeons leadership of the SNP when the allegations got made against him but because had is reputation not been destroyed and he had still been in the SNP at this very moment he would be a very real threat to Sturgeons leadership.

    They’ve been planning this gender pish for a long time getting the right people into position within the SNP and other parties, trying to incorporate the UN Children’s rights charter into Scots law, The Hate Crime bill, the Gender recognition bill, conversion therapy ban.

    The conversion therapy ban being quite sinister considering parents could essentially be jailed or have their children taken off them for trying to prevent their child making a life altering decisions without considering all the consequences.

    Funnily enough those organisations that support it have the most to gain given that many of them provide the only support services regarding transitioning that would be allowed to contiue after a conversion therapy ban was in place.

  69. Robert Hughes says:

    Alf Baird says:
    5 January, 2023 at 4:10 pm

    ” I note that Dr. Behrens is primarily an expert in genocide, which might explain a lot, considering there are numerous ways to destroy ‘a people’, with the imposition of extreme gender ideology laws perhaps being another. ”

    Indeed , Alf .

    If the concept of Identity is rendered meaningless by ludicrous , irrational application – as we see is occurring , what will it mean to talk of National/Cultural identities ?

    It’s no coincidence one the first things Sturgeon did upon becoming FM was denigrate the ” National ” part of name SNP , as if it was a dirty word . Ejecting the notion of National Identity , whilst promoting the notion of infinite identities . As long as they’re rooted in the sexual/physical dimensions .

    It’s not just in Scotland. A sense of National identity is anathema to the Globalist mindset ( and one of the remaining bulwarks against the encroaching total dominance of that mindset ) , and a concerted effort is being made to erode it as an important part of our psychic make-up , how we understand ourselves and our environments . Unless it can be manipulated to further some ulterior geopolitical agenda , of course

  70. Kcor says:

    Another brilliant exposure of the total evil of the Sturgeon dictatorship.

    The question is, are the plebs completely powerless to confront this evil?

    I have these ideas to publicise this evil to the masses.

    Each WOS article should be published in two versions – one without readers’ comments, and one with readers’ comments.

    Readers can then forward the articles without comments to all their friends and contacts – by any social media means possible.

    Each article to should have a powerful headline clearly identifying the issue.

  71. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    In other news…

    Channel 4 privatisation plans formally abandoned

  72. Geoff Anderson says:

    What worries me is that we are on a slippery slope with no end to the madness in sight.

  73. shiregirl says:

    Scotsrenewables says:
    5 January, 2023 at 7:15 pm
    I see the church is preparing to fight this

    While the Very Rev Dr Susan Brown sat on the “the group”?

    Was she representing the Church at these meetings or was this her personal opinion?

  74. Shug says:

    So is Nicola active in the trans community????

  75. Shug says:

    So is Nicola active in the trans community??

    Is this what is behind this madness

  76. sarah says:

    @ Linda McFarlane: thank you!

  77. George Ferguson says:

    @Shiregirl 9:09pm
    We have yet to ascertain any view from Very Reverend Dr Susan Brown. And furthermore any official view from the Church of Scotland. The Christian Institute are the ones gearing up for legal action which is not the same organisation. I recognise these same players from No2NP campaign. They are family people. We need the patience of Wingers to get to the core of the C of S view. It is a distributed power organisation and from what I learned tonight members are oblivious to the unintended consequences of this so called expert group.

  78. Breeks says:

    Liz says:
    5 January, 2023 at 3:22 pm

    We need to be able to choose who we vote for, the list must go.
    At least in the cooncil election you can put a cross beside a name, that’s why we managed to get shot of Mhairi Hunter, this needs extended to Holyrood.

    Only 2 things give me hope, Salvo and Alf Bairds comments on decolonisation..

    In my opinion, it’s Holyrood itself which needs to go; not just Westminster. The Institution is irredeemably tainted in my opinion.

    The “rules” for Holyrood were rigged, and designed to be unconstitutional from the outset. It has proved to be the Trojan Horse for Westminster’s colonial encroachment, which many predicted it would be.

    There is no route to exit Westminster’s colonial realm of white Parliamentary “Sovereignty” using Westminster’s white parliamentary rule book, which will never compromise Westminster’s self proclaimed ascendancy.

    Scotland needs to chuck out all the “white” protocols, institutions and mechanisms, and rediscover the “red” protocols, institutions and mechanisms of Auld Scotland, where the sovereign people of Scotland are in ultimate control.

    What do red protocols, institutions and mechanisms look like? Well, citing the Scottish Constitution and Claim of Right style sovereignty of the people to convene a 2023 Convention of Estates is a decent beginning… That is what SALVO is proposing and it MUST be supported.

    Holyrood under Sturgeon’s corrupt leadership has chosen to turn it’s back on Scotland’s constitution and instead embrace the invasive white sovereignty of Westminster which has no constitutional jurisdiction in Scotland outside the minds of ill-informed Unionists and Devolutionists. So that means “Vichy” Holyrood can go down with the decrepit Union and it will never be missed.

    We can then resurrect a TRUE Scottish Parliament with a constitutionally legitimate Scottish Civil Service, which embraces the sovereignty of the people, minus the disingenuous, systemic, colonial interference from London and their Scottish collaborators.

    The sovereignty of the people is Scotland’s Constitutional bedrock. If it needs to be, and the situation requires it, EVERYTHING else can be ripped up and started afresh from first principles.

    If we’re smart enough, we can also use this Constitutional resurrection to distance ourselves from all this Transgender Lunacy, and let the madness of Sturgeon and her pervert’s charter sink beneath the waves like Scotland’s “other” Folly, the Vichy Scotland’s Holyrood Assembly.

    Don’t let these creepoids infest a Convention of Estates the way they infiltrated Holyrood.

  79. JGedd says:

    I noticed some time ago that the trans lobby were deliberately obfuscating and confusing what people had formerly recognised as ‘conversion therapy.’ Conversion therapy had always referred to what went on in some fundamentalist religious communities, particularly in the bible belt of the United States. It resulted in abhorrent practices supposedly to ‘convert’ gay people to the ‘right’ way.

    However, this so-called therapy was directed at gay people and was a denial of the natural sexual orientation of gays from a community whose religious beliefs firmly held that being attracted to your own sex was simply abnormal behaviour.

    Recently there was the controversy over treatment at the Tavistock Clinic where the recognised treatment of ‘listening and waiting’ with young people, in other words, counselling, was being attacked vociferously as ‘conversion therapy’ by trans activists.

    Counselling had already established that young people, particularly sub-teens, might be troubled about their sexuality but that this confusion was often due to psychological problems or/and autism. The treatment was to help them come to terms with what was a difficult adjustment. But the trans activists’ ideology insisted that they were born in the wrong gender, a belief with no standing scientifically. Clinicians with concerns about this new ideological approach which insisted that those young people’s beliefs should simply be affirmed, were forced out.

    Eventually following the Cass Reports’s recommendations, the Tavistock Clinic was closed down citing safeguarding concerns. England had quietly chosen to listen to clinicians and not zealots.

    Unfortunately, Scotland has allowed itself to be captured by the ideology and it appears that this Commission set up by the SG has dutifully endorsed the twisted idea of what conversion theory is, hijacked from the gay experience in the United States. From being a discredited practice of religious zealots, it was now to be applied to clinicians trained in dealing with young people with psychological issues.

    What is tiresome is that gays have accepted this appropriation of the experience of gays in religious communities being applied to an entirely different situation which is, in fact, often about young sub-teens’ confusion concerning their sexuality.

    This might previously have been resolved by accepting that they might be gay but according to gender theory it is resolved by accepting they are in the wrong gender. As has been pointed out this would appear to say that you are not actually gay and the solution is changing sex to align with your sexual orientation.

    You might think that most gays might now be realising that these people are not real allies but are denying homosexuality exists just like the religious fundamentalists. Before, you might be subjected to humiliating practices, even abuse, in those intolerant communities but now, a young person who might be gay can ‘choose’ to become the gender that aligns with their sexual orientation often meaning invasive medical procedures. How is that not conversion therapy?

    However, clinicians with these views were greeted with a hostile environment which did not accept their ‘listening and waiting’ solution which was It resulted inthen attacked vociferously as ‘conversion therapy’. Gradually they were forced out and Mermaids and fellow travellers seemed to have won.

  80. George Ferguson says:

    I think I should explain the Church of Scotland as a distributed power organisation. Local Parishes have a Kirk Session made up of elders and the Minister as the leader of the Session. In addition a local Parish has a Congregational Board made up of members and adherents. They have a voice too. The Session sends a couple of elders to the Presbytery. And they make decisions as well. Once a year the local Parish appoints members to the General Assembly. The Moderator is appointed for a year. Indeed Very Reverend Dr Susan Brown was an ex Moderator of the Church of Scotland. You can see decisions are made through a convoluted process and not made in 5 minutes. Have patience because the moral ground is equally as important as the legal ground.

  81. Wilson McBride says:

    Can you imagine what the impact on her public persona would be if the Scottish media actually started hounding her on these issues?

    Why no in-depth investigations from the likes of BBC Scotland or STV news?

    Why are the likes of the Scotsman or Daily Mail not all over this and other career ending stories

    Why is it left to ONE MAN,,,the Rev Stu,,,to uncover these senseless policies?

    There can be only one reason,,,and it is that they don’t want to replace Sturgeon,,, their Union is safe in her dirty stinkin hands.

  82. Scotsrenewables says:

    JGedd, a post so clear I have pinched some of it. Thanks.

  83. orri says:

    Lets see if I understand this,

    It’s been theorised that some forms of paedophilia are the result of childhood trauma continuing a cycle.

    It’s also claimed that paedophilia, under the term MAP, is a sexual orientation.

    Does it follow that any treatment for it entered into, voluntary or not, would be illegal?

  84. shiregirl says:

    George Ferguson says:
    5 January, 2023 at 10:33 pm
    @Shiregirl 9:09pm

    Thanks George. It’s a mess and agree clarity and comment is needed along with patience to better understand what has happened here.
    I am unsure as to how the group was put together – were they approached by the Scottish Gov?

  85. Wilson McBride says:

    Pervert Pat Harvie’s DNA is all over these sexual predators wish lists.

    From the school survey wanting children’s details about their anal sex history,,, right through to what the Rev uncovered above.

    Nine years in the planning,,,this is coming to its end game,,,one way or another.

  86. Ruby says:

    JGedd says:

    However, clinicians with these views were greeted with a hostile environment which did not accept their ‘listening and waiting’ solution which was It resulted inthen attacked vociferously as ‘conversion therapy’. Gradually they were forced out and Mermaids and fellow travellers seemed to have won.

    Very interesting post JGedd.

    With self-id and no need for a medical diagnosis all clinicians have been forced out.

    Menopause HRT medicine offered in Scotland without prescription for first time

    This is curious when you think of the length of time women have been taking HRT it’s suddenly available without a prescription.

    Maybe this is designed to save the trans people the humiliation of going to the doctor for a prescription.

  87. paul says:

    May I recommend:

    Wisdom Defending Youth from the Arrows of Love, 1810

    or my desolate favourate

    George Frederic Watts,The Minotaur, 1885

  88. Ruby says:

    orri says:
    5 January, 2023 at 11:25 pm

    Lets see if I understand this,

    It’s been theorised that some forms of paedophilia are the result of childhood trauma continuing a cycle.

    It’s also claimed that paedophilia, under the term MAP, is a sexual orientation.

    Does it follow that any treatment for it entered into, voluntary or not, would be illegal?

    It’s very strange that they want to normalise paedophilia. Someone on Twitter suggested this might be because of the possibility of the names of all the pedos who visited Epstein’s island being released.

    If Prince Andrew is anything to go by there will be no shortage of money to fund a campaign to make paedophilia acceptable.

  89. paul says:

    May I recommend:

    Wisdom Defending Youth from the Arrows of Love, 1810

    which will be in clear breach of the nu, jurist free mandates

    or my desolate favourite:

    George Frederic Watts,The Minotaur, 1885

    Like very human who has supported independence,they feel bruised,but only at this moment.

    Reminds me of an old DEVO song:

    [Outro, repeatedly]
    Freedom of choice
    Is what you got
    Freedom from choice
    Is what you want

  90. Bob Costello says:

    Stuart, don’t you fancy writing a sequel to George Orwell’s 1984? It could be called “2023 Nicola Sturgeon eddition”

  91. Roger says:

    What this absolute steaming heap of shite means is that if somebody were to go to a doctor or therapist and say “I feel like a man but I know that I’m biologically and actually a woman. Can you help me come to terms with this and learn to accept my biological sex?’, the doctor/therapist could only say, “Sorry, but the law says YOU CANNOT CONSENT – even if you’re 21, 31, 41 or 70 years old – to treatment to help you”. This is the reality, A 15 can consent to become trans, but an adult who recognises an incongruence between their physical and ‘felt’ sex is forbidden fro seeking professional help to reconcile their ‘felt’ sex with their actual, biological, sex.
    How does this impact detransitioners and people like Sinead?


  92. Robert Louis says:

    jgedd at 1102pm,

    You state in your informative, detailed comment, that gays have accepted the change of what ‘conversion therapy’ means. Can I just re-assure you, that they do not. The self entitled ‘community groups’, who previously supported gay rights, but now are obsessed with gender nonsense, are NOT ELECTED. Most gay folk do not share their opinions, but have no voice. That is the reality.

    When I see, as a gay man myself, people from Stonewall or the scottish equality network mouthing off about ‘queerness’, and ‘trans’ I am angry. They simply no longer represent gay people. Too many folk somehow assume that ALL gay people are on board with this gender pish, but it simply is not so. Not at all.

    Many, many, many folk, both male and female in the gay world are furious about what is being done. Hence we have groups like the LGB alliance.

  93. Dorothy Devine says:

    Robert Louis , I was just about to point to your contributions on the subject to JGedd. Glad you beat me to it.

    The church has child protection officers – where are their voices which should be LOUD in condemnation.

  94. Mac says:

    Gay men and women are being totally used as a ‘bridgehead’ for the paedophiles to normalize their depravity into society.

    It is no coincidence the LGB acronym has been systematically added and added to with ever increasingly insane add-on’s… Because the end game is to quietly, when everyone is completely dazed by the never ending perversions, add on a “P” at the end for Paedophile.

    But of course they know that term would still be too jarring, would wake too many people up. So now they are transitioning the word Paedophile to Minor Attracted Person. It is now soo obvious where they are heading with all of this. It is fucking disgusting they way they are obsessed with constantly getting to other people children.

    So I would say to gay men and women imagine the ‘P’ not way at the end but at the start.

    Paedos, Lesbians, Gays, Bi’s, Trans. PLGBT.

    Comfortable with that are you? Paedos to the front of you trannies to the rear.

    You are being used to legitimize paedophiles and if it is not obvious by now then more and more people will start to assume you agree with it.

    The paedophile have attached themselves to the gay community’s coattails and want to use you as way to legitimize them abusing kids. Wake the fuck up.

  95. Karen says:

    I know a gentle, slightly odd elected official who was approached by 2 people very high up in the SNP to come out as gay. He refused as he wasn’t gay. Attempted conversion?

  96. Ruby says:

    Robert Louis says:

    Too many folk somehow assume that ALL gay people are on board with this gender pish, but it simply is not so. Not at all.

    The somehow is because gay people are being lumped together with trans people. LGBTQ is what most people hear and see. Also high profile gay men are very pro trans ie Patrick Harvie & John Nicholson etc

    You’ve got Mr Menno on your side and me.
    Women are being lumped together with a whole variety of different perverts & fetishists and gay people likewise.

    I do understand how you feel and you have my support.

  97. Luigi says:

    I am concerned that the Scottish legislation has been set up to test the waters before it goes UK-wide. The Labour party may well be on board with this – we will find out if/when they get back into No 10. There does seem to be an aggressive woke agenda asserting itself in the western world these days (some of the SNP key players seem to have become caught up in it).

    Test the waters in Jockland? Similar to the Poll Tax. Mind you, with the Poll Tax, the brow-beaten scots were easily dealt with and the Thatcher government were confident they could get away with it in England – how wrong they were. All hell broke loose and Thatcher was finished. The English are far less willing to tolerate unpopular legislation. In contrast to the brow-beaten scots, the englanders have been pumped up and encouraged to assert themselves. If you think the protests in Scotland will eventually grow, just wait until this type of legislation hits England. Boom!

  98. Mac says:

    Gay people themselves are already being abused, never mind what will happen if they get access to our children.

    You get these big fat hairy blokes, with zero intent to surgically transform themselves, identifying as a woman… (fine I say, your choice mate.)

    But then they say, I am also a lesbian and a woman, but with a cock and big pair of swinging balls… (okay I say, I think you are obviously ‘at it’ but carry on, your life.)

    But then they start targeting genuine female lesbians and saying, if you don’t have sex with me you are a transphobe and a bigot and it is therefore fine if I punch your fucking face in…. (and there you have it I say, we know the predator tree by the rapey fruit it bears.)

    Do you not see that these are just male predators using any devious trick they can to abuse their female victims. And they actually expect their lesbian victims to have regular heterosexual sex with them… it almost a joke if was not so vile. Again indistinguishable from evil.

    And all this predator enabling madness which is all abusers’ wet dreams, is endorsed and funded by the SNPG, who we voted in to win independence.

  99. Ruby says:

    Luigi says:

    The English are far less willing to tolerate unpopular legislation. In contrast to the brow-beaten scots, the englanders have been pumped up and encouraged to assert themselves.

    Or maybe the UK Gov are more concerned about the English electorate being unhappy because it’s their votes that matter.

    Maybe Scots are brow-beaten because they know this.

  100. Breeks says:

    Suggestion for the next poll Rev Stu:

    Which is the more mind numbingly insufferable assault on the senses?

    The rise of Transgender militant insanity, or the Life and Times of a whiny English Prince.

    ….Asking for entire Scottish Independence movement.

    (Personally, I’d rather extract my own teeth than listen to either).

  101. Ruby says:

    Mac says:

    Do you not see that these are just male predators using any devious trick they can to abuse their female victims

    Not all ‘transwomen’ are lesbians some are ‘heterosexual transwomen’

    Would they find themselves victims of gay male predators?
    Is that what ‘heterosexual transwomen’ want.

  102. Orri says:

    The point of “Minor Attracted Person” is that at a stretch it’s something most men might be accused of being. Depending on jurisdiction it can include getting turned on, however slightly, by pictures of Sam Fox’s breasts from when she was just old enough for newspapers to use that as a selling point.

    The wedge issue is the same as with Prince Andrew especially as in Scotland the victims wouldn’t have been minors. The offence was trafficking and grooming and whether his ego was big enough to blind him to their lack of consent.

    However lumping being sexualy attraction to obviously post pubescent young adults with an attraction to obviously pre pubescents is a similar tactic to the forced teaming of LGB with T and Q.

    It’s the final frontier, for the moment.

    It’s also one that children traumatized by it who grow into adulthood seeking to normalise, reframe if you want, that trauma. Even going as far as writing books about it.

  103. Republicofscotland says:

    The head of the English clergy had this to say.

    “The Archbishop of Canterbury has rejected calls to scrap the CofE’s Mermaids-linked transgender guidance, which affirms children as young as five as ‘transgender’ and brands those who disagree ‘transphobic’.”

  104. Republicofscotland says:

    Rapes (most unpunished) of women and children in English and Welsh hospitals skyrocketing, I’d image the same will happen if its not already happening in Scotland due the unamended GRRB.

  105. Mac says:

    The example above is not limited to trans-women-Lesbians (or as I like to call them, real-straight-men) preying on vulnerable real-lesbians, it also applies to trans-straight-women (or real-gay-men) preying on vulnerable real-straight-men.

    This gender label shit is exhausting.

    I.e. if you as a straight male refuse to have sex with a Trans-straight-woman, even one that has had no surgeries, on the grounds that she is a he, then you are also considered a transphobe, a bigot and fair game for a face punching…

    Honestly I laughed when I first read about that, but then I thought what will our kids believe or our kids’ kids believe after generations of indoctrination with this nonsense.

    Again it is pure Orwell. What greater submission than being coerced and forced to sleep with someone you find repellant, the wrong sex!, in order to prostrate yourself before their insane ideology.

    I wonder how many highly ‘woke’ young people, desperate to conform, have already been peer-pressured and brow-beaten into unwanted sexual encounters using these sort of coercive methods.

    The next step is your kid will be ‘MAP-phobic’ for not wanting to be abused.

  106. akenaton says:

    Legislation affirming LGB as a norm(Gay Marriage etc) was the thin end of the wedge that we now see totally dividing society.
    It pains me to hear the squeals of denial, but LGB supported T to the hilt until it became obvious that mainstream public opinion would not condone what was being proposed regarding women’s rights a child safety.
    LGB are firmly embedded in all our public services and hugely over represented in both the Scottish administration and the UK Govt.
    If Family life is to be preserved in a workable form, we must be allowed to fully examine these alternative lifestyles(because that is what they are) and work out what legislation is beneficial to the whole of society and what is not.

    Silencing the people is never a good idea and now the mainstream media dictate how we run our society….we are all being stealthily cancelled.

  107. Graeme+Hampton says:

    Excellent analysis as usual Stu. Bonus points for avoiding a Chris Rea joke. 😉

  108. SusanAHF says:

    Well done Stu, it looks like the return of your blog and twitter has really upped the ante on gender ideology

  109. Ian says:

    Scottish nationalism is now a unique sandwich comprised of the following zeitgeist layers.

    – the invidious rust belt prattle of the 1980s.
    – separatist prattle and Braveheart revenge porn revisionism of the 1990s (from Wallace the Stone of Destiny blah blah blah)
    – Occupy\Referendum era prattle of 2014 (in 2010 everyone talks like the uniquely evil Tories had been in power forever, “the vow was a lie” etc etc)
    – intersectional gender and race woo of the post 2014 era, decanted into our society by American universities.

    Scotland is not made for home rule. It is a category error. Scotland is a more old fashioned concept than that. Stop trying to shoehorn the concept of the nation state onto Scotland. Britain is an 18th century composite monarchy. And before 1707 Scotland was a failed state. Trying to force Scotland into some other paradigm is an act of self-derangement, and we see it in our politics.

    First step to sanity: Broaden your minds, scrap Holyrood and smile.

  110. robbo says:

    So not even 1%. Not even 0.5% and we have to suffer this intolerable nonsense from Sturgeon & co.

    Fucking unbelievable

  111. Bob Mack says:

    I have many times spoken to young people who felt they were in the wrong body. More often than not it transpired they did not fit created ideals of what a boy or girl should be.

    Often they were ruthlessly bullied and made to feel inferior in their predetermined gender, and often felt they would be happier and less tortured by their peers if they somehow became a member of the opposite sex.

    It was nonsense of course, but that is how they saw it.

    To allow young people to make these decisions with these backgrounds is a serious, indeed grievous error.

  112. paul says:

    Here’s what all the fuss is about, from the war paper:

    0.5% (0.44% of population estimate for england and wales)of respondents

    From the family resources survey 20/21(which covers uk):

    Disabled 22%

    Receiving state support 52%

  113. Allison Brown says:

    Why has all this transgender stuff happened? Is it a deliberate diversion from Independence?

  114. James che says:

    I suppose there are those of us here that will never want a fully independent scotland. Those that appear to be quite happy to have the regime change within Scotland at the level of simply political party. The SNP.
    happy to continue with the status quo, regards whom governs them, and with which country governs them, but to stay with what they know,

    For others they want more than changing the wallpaper, they want a entirely new roof over our heads,
    to protect us from all wayward politicians, and laws that are no longer passed directly from Scotland to protect our Society in Scotland, where bought politicians do not change their agendas or gender for personal gains,
    Where politicians in Scotland are not acting like untouchable dictators, but are at boot level, where they can and should be banned from politics should they cause physical and mental harm to children, women and men alike.
    I am in that category I suppose, where we realise that the devolved government is not Scotlands government, and we are not, and never will be a independent Scotland, as long as we are happy to accepts the governance, legislation and statues from another country.

    This is what we do when we stay with the Status qou of holyrood pretend Scottish parliament.
    We pretend we want Scotlands independence.

  115. Ruby says:

    You can understand why someone with a foot fetish would want to work in a shoe shop and someone with urophilia would want access to women’s toilets.

    Anyone know what sort of fetish a man who masquerades as a woman and gets a job in a rape crisis centre might have?

  116. Ruby says:

    Mridul Wadhwa, SACRO and the £1.4 million contract
    Shocking new developments in the Edinburgh Rape Crisis Scandal

  117. Alf Baird says:

    James che @ 12:34 pm

    “where we realise that the devolved government is not Scotlands government, and we are not, and never will be a independent Scotland, as long as we are happy to accepts the governance, legislation and statues from another country.”

    Aye, a situation today in which only the colonizer’s values are sovereign, our lands and resources plundered and our culture obliterated at the oppressors leisure, where us Scots are effectively ‘oot the gemme’; or where we are liberated by reclaiming our sovereignty an haud tae oor ain vailyes.

  118. Orri says:

    Not sure I’d assume all those saying their gender and sex don’t align are trans. Although it would be convenient for band wagon jumpers to have it that way.

    If someone who is gender critical and varies from the stereotypes laid down to them then they could answer yes to that. A classic example being tomboys.

  119. JGedd says:

    Robert Louis @ 7.17am

    I fully acknowledge what you say regarding gay people who don’t accept the trans ideology and recognise the negative effects on gay people wrought by this ideology. I am also aware of your many insightful comments on the subject over the years.

    You have been very clear about the dangers caused by a vocal minority with a different agenda which impacts on vulnerable members of society including gay people. Lesbian women of course have faced coercive pressure from the trans community to accept transwomen (who are actually male heterosexuals) as sexual partners which is entirely at odds with their sexual orientation.

    The situation of lesbians encapsulates the sheer insolence of the trans ideology in overturning the facts of life re puberty and the setting of sexual orientation. Like the religious fundamentalists they preach that sexual orientation just like ‘gender’ is a matter of choice, whereas as anyone knows who’s gone through puberty (all of us), it is simply set as part of the biological process which turns us physically into adults and therefore, sexual beings. This was the argument of gays during their long struggle for gay rights and recognised by anyone sane and not blinded by bigotry. Eventually our society acknowledged the rights of gay people but only after a long, painful fight for justice over many generations.

    The trans idealogues have simply appropriated that struggle for gay rights and subverted it to their own agenda. There are gay people who still for some reason support their movement, though, perhaps from an understandable belief that it is a similar struggle to their own. There are also unthinking heterosexuals who support the madness for reasons that are known only to them and defy all common sense.(Some of them for nefarious reasons which they know only to well but don’t wish us to know.)

    You represent those who have seen through the trans movement. Unlike the gays’ struggle which was long and fraught with much heartbreak before at last breaking through society’s prejudice, the trans movement rose seemingly without trace and had captured the upper echelons and institutions of our society before many of us noticed. I have never heard of any grassroots movement for civil rights which was able to achieve such top-down power before.

    I apologise for my previous post which didn’t get on to any of this and inadvertently gave a skewed version of what I actually think, by omission. It was the problem of posting late at night and therefore hurriedly. (You might also have noticed in my haste that my post of 11.02pm included a last paragraph that I thought I had edited out yet it appeared there on the site to my embarrassment, complete with word mash in the middle.)

    Again I am sorry that my comment gave the wrong impression. I will not attempt a lengthy post so late at night again when sloppy editing or lack of time can convey the wrong intention! Lesson learned.

  120. d.n.+wade says:

    What is really disquieting about this proposed legislation is the Humpty-Dumptyisation of the law. It was Humpty who said a word means what I say it means. This is a spreading plague, which is most obvious in the existing definition of “hate crime”. The feelings or fantasies of the complainant are the sole criterion of what is “hate”. There is no objective measure. The result is simply that there can be no certainty as to what the law is; plus it allows any malicious person to prosecute anyone at any time without any reference to any measure of normal or polite behaviour. The judge no doubt will be the Red Queen.
    These must be stopped.

  121. ian foulds says:

    Thanks for reading through that BS.

    Have these people only got their ‘qualifications’ in gobbledegook?

  122. Mac says:

    How many of you remember Quentin Crisp, one of the earliest gay celebrities.

    I can recall him talking about being gay in a TV interview long time ago where he said something very candid.

    He said (and I paraphrase from old memory) that given the choice he would choose to be not born gay.

    His reasoning was as follows…

    He pointed out that as a gay man (or woman) you are limited to finding your life partners from a tiny, tiny percentage of the population versus heterosexuals.

    That your sexual organs are fundamentally opposed to each other, for pleasure, and for the designed outcome of sex.

    And that therefore you cannot have kids nor raise a family in any real heterosexual sense.

    So he said that given the choice, he would choose to be born straight.

    We should not persecute people for what they are but nor should we put them a pedestal.

  123. Bill Craig says:

    Sorry to be coming to this a bit late. I’ve spent the past fortnight struggling with a heavy cold, but thinking that we might now get back to the fight for independence (while waiting for the UK govt response to the stupid GRR law from the SNPG).

    First, thanks for this thread, Rev Stu, and for all that you do. Yes, a “Scottish Peoples Medal” should go to Bath when the time comes.

    So, someone has been telling big fibs in Scottish Legal News? That’s one for all the lawyers out there, maybe older lawyers with less to lose. I assume the editor of SLN has been informed. A shitstorm is called for. Meantime, we could do with lots of information about that so-called “expert group”.

    Before I left the SNP, and before the transgender cult had raised its ugly head to current levels, I became aware of a strange authoritarian streak in the party and had taken to referring to certain people as “witchfinders”. Very recently, in a discussion about recent “trans” developments, I suggested the Cultural Revolution in China, from 1966 to 1976, as an example of social contagion/mass hysteria. However, this country has its own historic example in the state-imposed murder of people accused of witchcraft. It’s sobering to realise that lasted about 200 years, and interesting to note a report of a Great Scottish Witch Hunt in 1597. How long before trans-activists start an annual hunt for transphobes?

    We may think of evil happening in other parts of the world, not here, but this country had its own religious persecutions and murders. Civilisation is only skin-deep, and now we’ve reached our own version of “wrong-think” and (from that committee) words which must not be spoken. Maybe that all follows from cowardly or deranged politicians being unable to say what a woman is.

    What upsets me as much as the transgender nonsense itself is the people who have some political awareness but insist there’s no problem. I can understand people who are struggling to survive financially tending to ignore this issue, but pretending there’s no inherent problem in transgenderism is wilfull blindness and stupidity.

    I see some folk suggesting it’s a deliberate diversion from the independence campaign, but it’s really a worldwide problem. Look at Canada, New Zealand, Ireland, for example. It would have happened here anyway, but was an opportunity for bandwagon-jumpers like our current First Minister.

    The most damaging failure has been in the mainstream media (apart from a few outspoken individuals who risk being “cancelled”), but we know the MSM only tell us what their controllers want us to hear. Add that to the widespread capture of organisations by the pronoun-police, and we have a problem.

    I don’t feel optimistic, and I don’t know how we break through to a place where serious analysis and public discussion takes place. Maybe I should be glad of the internet, even though it has been a vehicle for the spread of the evil cult.

  124. Joe McSoap says:

    Folk need to understand this is Kier’s Law

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