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The Quiet Place

Posted on September 16, 2023 by

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  1. Joforindy says:

    That’s where Nicola and the alphabet sisters should be

  2. Astonished says:

    Great cartoon.

    Sturgeon is the only person who still approves of Humza.

    And everyone knows it.

    Can’t wait until the truth comes out.

  3. Mac says:

    For those interested. Craig Murray talking to Max Blumenthal about a wide range of subjects. Very good.

    Touches on a lot of things including the stitch-up and his own stitch-up, really interesting interview.

  4. Beauvais says:

    Nice of them to make the cell grey instead of white to please Humza.

  5. Willie says:

    Just been hearing that the disenchantment against the SNP in Rutherglen and Hamilton is absolutely huge.

    And it’s multifaceted too in that not only are independence supporters not going to vote for the SNP but that some are actually voting with the intention of getting the SNP out.

    Folks know they have been sold short by a party that has squandered mandate after mandate. They know too that against a majority in favour of remaining in Europe the SNP took us out. And they know only too well how how Humza’s SNP has totally and utterly failed to arrest economic decline and protect living standards. NHS waiting lists, unaffordable heating and lighting in a land blessed with energy, highest drug deaths in Europe, roaring food inflation whilst they focus on woke policies and their MPs trough at Westminster selling the jerseys.

    And now a by election brought about through Humza’s utterly discredited predecessor throwing the popular Margaret Ferrier to the wolves.

    Well no more. Folks know what the SNP is. They know they have been let down and now know that to change things they are going to have to send the SNP a message.

    Fool me once shame on them. Fool me twice and shame on me. Well on the 5th of October Humza and his absolutely rotten SNP are going to get a huge message.

    Our troughing colonial administrators will be left in no doubt about that!

  6. Ruby says:

    Brilliant as always!

    I’ve just posted info about the Dispatches programme on the previous thread.

    Don’t get too excited I don’t think this mystery Dispatches programme has anything to do with the SNP.

    I’m wondering if cartoonists are classed as comedians and if there is any risk of Chris being cancelled.

    The above definitely made me laugh. Yes I would say comedy is one of Chris’ many skills.

    What type of comedy is this?

    Could it be tragicomedy.

    “Tragicomedy: Tragicomedies combine comedic elements with serious subjects.”

    Tragicomedy very appropriate for all matters relating to Humza Yousaf, the SNP & the Greens.

  7. Ian McCubbin says:

    Why padded is this in case he bangs his head when not everyone agrees with his pronouncements ?!

  8. Stoker says:

    LOL! Cheers, Chris!
    A wee tonic on this dull, damp, dreek Scottish morning.

    What’s the difference between Margaret Ferrier and Rishi Sunak?

    One was hounded out of her seat after breaking Covid rules, the other went on to become UK Prime Minister after breaking Covid rules.

    Anyone still think your vote matters? The Unionist media hold all the power, always have done. Yet the SNP bend over backwards to kiss that very medias arse.

    “Murdoch executives told Sunak not to resign after partygate fine”

    Have a great day, Troops!

  9. Ruby says:

    Aw naw it’s naw snawing is it!

    It’s bloody freezin’ and I’ve just seen white flakes floatin’ past my window.

    Fingers crossed it was just a couple of white feathers floatin’ up from the Parliament’s Consummption Room.

    FFS I’ve just had an email from E-on with the ‘great news’ that my energy prices are going to drop.

    Great just when my energy consumption will go through the roof due to snaw and freezin’ conditions.

    BTY. Padded cells safe for practicing scootering.

  10. Ruby says:

    Oh soz bty should be btw.

  11. TURABDIN says:

    No way, say the child minders in the SW1A 0AA creche.
    How about some new born «terrible beauty» to kick you colonialist creeps in the vitals?
    Not the first time, eh!
    Could you hand Rutherglen back to these people?

  12. Captain Yossarian says:

    Willie – Labour will win Rutherglen and there is little doubt about that. But, from what I read yesterday anyway, it is not going to be as disastrous as you think for the SNP. The alternative is Labour, remember. Not everyone is enthusiastic about going back to them and, Nationally, the SNP still appear to hold a significant lead over Labour.

  13. Effijy says:

    When a few Scottish Unionist Monarchists control the media narrative.

    Step forward Jim White, step forward Ally McCoist. There are more of you out there but this piece focuses on you two thanks to your disgusting condemnation of your own countrymen/women.

    Colin Burnett writing in The National summed up Tuesdays 150th anniversary of the auld enemy clash perfectly by saying “This was a match between Scotland and England. Not northern uk vs southern uk.

    That’s hitting the nail on the head right there.

    The problem with Mr White and McCoist is they don’t appear to accept their nationality and prefer the uk badge but have the platform to portray Scotland as an irrelevance.

    It is common knowledge who Ally played for in Glasgow and who Jim (Why are you so good Brian Laudrup?) supports. It is also common knowledge that they are both monarchists and Unionists. As are many within the media groups.

    Looking at the recent talkSport debate, Danny Murphy defends the tartan army booing God save the king from a position of tribalistic passion and puts forward a brilliant argument to a seething Jim White.

    I believe Danny is not naive but even he couldn’t see what I and other Independence and republic seeking Scots saw, Jim White and the other goon were coming from a different angle, a disturbing political angle that could be anti Scots if they weren’t careful with their words.

    The problem for these unionists is once the broadcast goes live to pitch side, all their happy clapping uk narrative ceases and the true feelings of a nation can be heard.

    And boy was it heard!

    The 50000 Scottish nationals inside Hampden made their feelings towards the union of the crowns heard loud and clear. Not my King not my crown, not my government not my uk.


    We are here, we are always here, we have a voice and tonight you’ll fucking hear it.

    White and McCoist tried to play the disrespect card and are probably still raging at being helpless to stop the boos, whilst keeping to the football rivalry debate Danny Murphy was backing.

    This was not about hating England and I actually felt sorry for the players as they have no idea of the political landscape up here, as all their lives they have been spoon fed the right wing Fleet St Scotland bad, press! Gareth Southgate maintains it inspired his players and it probably did, but the boos were not solely for the players, they were mostly against the forced union we’re in and King Charles defending the protestant faith in a divisive and outdated pantomime. They couldn’t even blame it on Celtic supporters either!

    I have many friends in England and they all respect my view that we want neighbours not rulers and I know the majority of my proud Scottish mates don’t hate the English either.

    Nevertheless, England is as much as a foreign country to me as France, Spain and Germany! We will always be part of the British Isles but we are separate countries like they are in Scandinavia. Sadly the few unionists fronting our media on the world stage only see a union.

    Going back to the title of this little piece, what happened on Tuesday night at Hampden is what happens when a collective voice gains unison and togetherness. It’s what happens when a nations voice is suppressed. It’s what happens when a privileged few think they speak for the many. It’s what happens when the briefest opportunity to be heard is seized upon.

    Make no mistake folks, this is not about disrespecting the England football teams anthem or the team itself for that matter, it goes much deeper, those that were there on Tuesday gave the watching world a brief indication of Scotlands current feelings.

    Mr McCoist and Mr White can see what’s coming and they and their likes are terrified.

  14. Captain Yossarian says:

    “Nevertheless, England is as much as a foreign country to me as France, Spain and Germany!”

    I am a football supporter and I have been at games involving France, Germany and Italy and I have never disrespected a National Anthem. I was aware that a few others were doing it at the time, but not many and mainly because they were drunk.

    Football is a game used to bring countries together. If Nationalism is moribund, then do something about it. Don’t bring your politics into football grounds because no-one there wants to listen to it. What Tuesday night proved to me was that our politics in Scotland is regressing to a really alarming degree.

  15. Gordon says:

    Effijy : we need to start emphasizing that England is a foreign country. Far too many people have lost sight of that, hence the “British & Scottish” trope. The realisation will make “being ruled by a foreign country” apposite and could possibly change peoples’ perceptions.

  16. Gordon says:

    You’re missing the point – England is a foreign country and GSTK is not their national anthem. It’s monarchism that’s regressing to a degree – whether that degree is alarming or long overdue depends on your PoV

  17. Captain Yossarian says:

    What McCoist said was that these weren’t football supporters, they were SNP supporters and he was right.

    When you go to support a team, you go to study the game and support the team. How your centre-backs play and all the rest of it.

    Hampden has just been turned into a cauldron of hate now by a bunch of Nationalist thugs.

    Th chances of world or European football wanting to having anything to do with these folk is non-existent.

    The world moved beyond all of this at the end of the War.

    That’s my opinion and I’ve been to a few football matches in my life. So too has Mr McCoist.

  18. PhilM says:

    @Captain Yossarian
    I would normally agree with you on that. However, the contrary argument would go something like this perhaps…
    Football is our national game (it could also be argued that Scots invented modern fitba’) but external politics cannot be kept out. You would have to change the meaning of politics and forget all of history as well (beginning with the ancient Olympics). Despite having a national league and a national team, Scots cannot secure decent TV rights for our national sport. We play England very rarely these days and unlike on many similar occasions, our national team’s games are not available for everybody. Funnily enough, this one was…I wonder what changed that? No, no idea.
    Finally, it has become clearer than ever that this United Kingdom contains a power imbalance that drains people and resources away from Scotland. If Scots want to show their displeasure about our current situation, even if it is only a thousand or so blootered supporters doing it just for the hell of it, then it really isn’t worth getting too worked up about it. It does however create a brief space to allow other better arguments to be briefly heard.
    But, but…what does booing have to do with current power imbalances? Well, on the ground people will know of old relatives in freezing homes in (cold damp Scotland), people having to use food banks (our food security is not too bad), even queuing at airports to follow your national team into Europe shows up the power imbalance in a very practical way. And so on.
    As for politics regressing…I think we need a few more examples for ‘proof’ of a Scottish exception especially when politics appears to be regressing everywhere.
    Sorry to be critical but your comment came off as a little pompous…and naive, which is odd because I don’t think you are either of those things.
    You know, I often bang on about how Scots are often way too argumentative for their own good…and then I go and write a comment like that one. Actually on this one point of argumentative-ness, I think we might actually have something to learn from our milder English cousins…

  19. Robert Hughes says:

    ” Hampden has been turned into a cauldron on hate now by a bunch Nationalist thugs ” . Aw fuck off , will you ? Away n get yr nappy changed . Yr on here all time giving us yr Mr Reasonable routine whilst never failing to criticise anyone that shows a bit of passion and justified anger at the predicament Scotland finds itself in . Calling people ” Nationalist thugs ” for expressing their distaste for a dreary dirge belonging to bloodsucking ancien regime and rancid Establishment that has shat on our country for centuries just shows you for the complacent apologist for the status quo you are .

  20. willie says:

    Captain Y – your comments about disrespecting a national anthem like England’s is I’d suggest a tad misplaced.

    God Save the King is an anthem that seeks to brutally subjugate the Scots. The verse about those rebellious Scots to crush is offensive and racist.

    It is a Unionist chant, racist and vile and every bit as racist and vile as that other Unionist chant that sings about being up to one’s knees in Fenian blood – and by God the colony of NI most certainly got itself up to it’s knees in blood and slaughter.

    What would you say Captain Y if the Scots sung about being up to their knees in English blood. Would it be disrespectful to boo that?

    So should folks should sing such ditties Captain Y. Should anthems promote hate, good old hate, in the time honoured ways of of so many of the Unionist chanting songs. No wonder the Scots at Hampden booed, all 50,000 of them. At least they didn’t promote getting up to their knees in English blood or the colonial English to crush.

  21. Captain Yossarian says:

    PhilM – The subject here is football and I am not being pompous to argue that football supporters go to watch their team, whether at the ground or TV or on the radio, to study the game and not to vent their political views.

    If you want to vent your political views, then do it here for example, or the ballot box, or somewhere else. But, not at Hampden because it makes the place synonymous with unreasonable political aggression and no-one in world football can be arsed with that any longer.

    That’s the one point that Ally McCoist was making. Quite a reasonable point in my opinion. He’s covered football all over the world and the way it works best is if there is high energy from the crowd, but that energy is focussed on football. Once it becomes focussed on anything else, the whole atmosphere changes and no-one wants that.

    The crowds at Hampden are SNP supporters and they do not represent anything that’s good about Scotland or Scottish football. I found the whole spectacle embarrassing and I have been embarrassed in the past by the behaviour of supporters of my own team. But, I thought the behaviour on Tuesday night was worse than that. Absolutely needless and pointless.

  22. GM says:

    The reasonable unionist, Captain Yossarian. You and your alter egos are of limited interest but fuck yer King anyway.

  23. PacMan says:

    I was up in Glasgow on Tuesday afternoon and oblivious that the football was on. It was that oblivious that I had seen a few guys flicking about with kilts and thought it was part of the 6 nations rugby.

    I then walked past a few pubs and there were supporters singing the F the Pope and the IRA type songs.

    I never really thought about it until reading the comments on here. There needs to be a bit of context with the booing of the British national anthem at Hampden.

  24. Captain Yossarian says:

    Willie – Supporters can sing and chant what they like during a game but the protocol at Internationals is that you respect a National Anthem. The World Cups are an example of that. England plays Germany – does the crowd boo like they did on Tuesday night? SNP supporters are ruining the game for everyone. They are not really there for the football, are they?

  25. sarah says:

    That’s a very plush suite you’ve drawn, Chris. Far nicer than he deserves.

  26. Antoine Roquentin says:

    @Captain Yossarian

    “If Nationalism is moribund, then do something about it. Don’t bring your politics into football grounds because no-one there wants to listen to it”.

    Looks like you’re in a minority on that one,Captain, albeit with a handful of high-profile others, who have never made a secret of their political/constitutional preferences. Nationalism sounded very much less than “moribund” to me, although I suspect what you were really listening too was an expression of Scottish- ethnicity, rather than thought-through, party-political nationalism.

    Given that ethnic-groups all over the world, including England, will feel entitled to express their sense of ethnicity, I’m left wondering what your exception to the perfectly normal expression of Scottish ethnicity is really all about. Beyond, perhaps, an unconscious expression of the Scottish cultural-cringe.

  27. James says:

    “….I have never disrespected a National Anthem..”
    “…Hampden has just been turned into a cauldron of hate now by a bunch of Nationalist thugs..”

    You mean British Nationalist thugs I take it?

    Oh, or do you mean the Scotch should have been happy-clapping *this*…”our” “national anthem”?

    “Lord grant that Marshal Wade
    May by thy mighty aid
    Victory bring.
    May he sedition hush,
    And like a torrent rush,
    Rebellious Scots to crush.
    God save the King”

    Away and lie in your water ya Yoon.

  28. Cherrybank says:

    Independence Live is scheduled to broadcast the Scotland United for Independence from George Square starting from 12 noon.

  29. Oneliner says:

    I am not a football supporter nor am I a member of a political party. It would appear that the logical conclusion of Captain Yossarian’s argument is the abolition of Rangers and Celtic. I not qualified to comment on the desirabilty of that outcome.

    Don’t bring football into politics.
    Don’t promote opinion as fact.
    Did anyone survey the Tartan Army to find if they were members of the SNP?
    Was anyone the victim of thuggery?
    Why has the ‘British’ national anthem been hijacked by England?
    Do you want an adulterer as King?
    Are you happy that the King’s uncles (married to his father’s sisters) were SS officers?
    Are you happy that the King’s great uncle was a proven Nazi sympathiser?

    It is now common knowledge that coverage of the late Queen’s funeral was controlled by Buckingham Palace. They would appear to have less control over Hampden Park.

    If Yossarian has been to as many matches as he claims, the phrase ‘Awa’ an’ bile yer heid’ should have some resonance.

  30. James says:

    Oh yeah, and FTK. Almost forgot!

  31. Confused says:

    Let’s keep politics out of football, sport … except when certain countries are involved, eh – wimbledon, the olympics?

    Typical anglo double standards. GSTK is not really englands anthem anyway, unless you want to say Britain = England, which puts a lie to the “not a colony” bullshit – that’s a self-own.

    The breakup of Yugoslavia properly began at a football match between Red Star Belgrade and Dynamo Zagreb – some serb policeman was beating a dynamo fan (croat) and one of the dynamo players lamped the copper …

    Arkan and his “tigers” were a gang of football hooligans who became notorious as an “irregular” military unit when the war kicked off. “irregular” units are useless at fighting but good for doing the civilian massacres after.

  32. James says:


    Excellent post, especially the “abolish Celtic and “Rangers”” line. That’s the second best thing that could ever happen in Scotland.

  33. Captain Yossarian says:

    Antoine – The Scotland England game is one of the oldest fixtures in world football. We should treat the fixture with respect and each other with respect. In recent years, it has been suffocated by a minority contingent of SNP supporters. I don’t know how many times I have to say that, but that is all I am saying.

    Of the game itself, and I didn’t watch all of it, I thought that Clarke balanced his team well enough, and he usually does that. We couldn’t get any foothold in mid-field, especially with Gilmour, and that meant that England were just passing through us too easily. Dare I say it, a few players of McCoist’s pedigree would have helped balance it up more.

    In International football, you need to be very, very good. Just like Champions League football. If the only notable performance from Scotland is the crowd booing the National Anthem, then we don’t belong any longer.

  34. Stoker says:

    Captain Yossarian says on 16 September 2023 at 10:24 am:
    “What McCoist said was that these weren’t football supporters, they were SNP supporters and he was right.”

    Bullshit! No he wasn’t right. I can guarantee they weren’t all SNP supporters, can you? Nah! Didn’t think so! Stop spouting utter wankdrizzle. As for your; “I’ve been to a few football games in my time” waffle. So what? Are you Archie MacPherson by any chance? That would explain a lot. Quite a few of us too have been to many games over the decades. And we all know England’s anthem has always been traditionally booed etc.

    When folk sing about crushing rebellious Scots do you think that’s sung in the name of “sport”? Whether that verse actually gets sung or not, the English anthem is anti-Scots and no Scot should be forced to listen to it in their own country, or forced to “respect” it. That’s as bad as expecting someone of African origin to tolerate racist comments a la Alf Garnet-style etc.

    Funny how we never hear the same level of condemnation when it’s our anthem being booed, why’s that i wonder? I will disrespect the English anti-Scots anthem every time i’m unfortunate enough to hear it and folk like you, McMoist or Jim Shite aren’t going to stop me. And i am no SNP supporter. Your attitude stinks of the 1970s attitude when folk were *made* to stand for “The Queen” at the end of an evening in certain clubs & pubs up and down the UK. And if you weren’t prepared to stand then you had to make sure you made your excuses and left the premises well in advance.

    As Effigy very correctly states above, it runs far deeper. And just for the record, i too have no beef with ordinary English folk in general because i have countless English friends & associates residing in both Scotland & England. I was mostly educated in England. I have just as many family members living in England, including all my grandsons who were born in England to English mothers and are being raised, you could say, English. And i would walk barefooted over broken glass for my grandsons. My youngest sister was born in England and has lived all her 40-odd years there. I get on far better with my English neighbour than i do with my “Scottish” neighbours. But if twats like you think i’m ever going to accept a foreign anthem that disrespects me and my country you’re even more deluded than you appear.

    So away and take a long walk off a short pier with your utterly insulting anti-Scots drivel. At least try and be balanced about it all instead of trying to slide up inside Sally & Co. And if you want to really see where they 2 are coming from, trawl through the extensive WOS archives until you find a few articles by Stuart on their favoured club and how, whether you want to admit it or not, that club is very relevant in Scottish politics and life in general. And that’s me putting it politely.

    I note how you start by passing a lie off about McMoist as fact but then end your post with stating that’s just your “opinion”. What’s it to be? Fact or opinion? In this instance it can’t be both. Your post is full of deceptive shite. Either that or you have a very conveniently selective memory because the world did not “move beyond all of this at the end of the War.” Pick any game you like that involved England going back all the way to “the war” and then tell us it’s only Hampden.

    Finally, i note it being said, up thread, that the England manager is quoted as saying it inspired or motivated his players? Really? Then i’m setting my watch for the countdown to him losing his job. If he can’t motivate his players enough for a game against his country’s longest rivalry, or the players themselves can’t self-motivate, then they really shouldn’t be involved at that level. Such a comment made by the England manager is just a polite way of saying GIRFUY, Jocko! And that, as they say, is all fair in love and war.

    If certain folk don’t want England’s anthem disrespected then England needs to change its choice of anthem. Simples! It’s called getting your own house in order. Stones and glass houses etc.

  35. Effijy says:

    A unionist I know suggests the Scotland fans were a disgrace booing.
    Apparently no other country would do that?

    I’ve never known 2 countries that played football against each other
    where 1 owns the other.

    I know of no other country that can’t watch their national football team on national TV unless they are playing the country that owns them.

    Would Ukraine fans boo the Russian anthem?
    Would Palestine boo the Israeli national anthem?

    Have a wee look at Englands fans behaviours over the last few decades and gauge their respect for foreign hosts.

  36. Stoker says:

    Captain Yossarian says on 16 September 2023 at 11:34 am:
    “SNP supporters are ruining the game for everyone.”

    What an utter load of fuckin’ drivel you nasty liar.

    DISCLAIMER: I’ve no time for anyone currently supporting the SNP but mega-lies such as this have to be called out.

    Show us your evidence to back up that pile of utter shite you wrote. Either that or withdraw your false accusation and issue an apology.

    If you knew *ANYTHING* about the Scottish game you would know that Jim Farry and various other members of the SFA have well-and-truly shafted the Scottish game (and therefore the fans/customers) over the decades, not SNP supporters.

    That one line lie from you tells me all i need to know about you and where, exactly, you are coming from. You ignorant demented lying imbecile.

  37. Stoker says:

    And here’s one final point: If McMoist said “it was SNP supporters”, which i don’t know if he did because i don’t listen to the slimy lickspittle, then it was McMoist that brought politics into football with a lie. Don’t blame the folk on here for his Unionist shit-stirring in front of his English pals.

  38. Captain Yossarian says:

    Stoker and Confused – We’re talking about a football match here and I made the point that supporters should keep quiet while the Anthems are played. Then, concentrate on the football. That is the position of FIFA and UEFA. International football matches aren’t to be used as political rallies by the SNP, or by anyone else.

    Your posts are full of aggression, from start to finish, and that’s the problem with trying to have a debate with Nationalists. It turns into a cack-handed pile-on every time. Insult after insult. It’s Tuesday night all over again. The volume is turned down but the message from the Nationalist gang is the same.

    Just watch the football. Either watch it don’t watch it but don’t turn it into one of your tiresome cabaret acts which just spoils it for everyone.

  39. James says:

    I repeat;
    “Lord grant that Marshal Wade
    May by thy mighty aid
    Victory bring.
    May he sedition hush,
    And like a torrent rush,
    Rebellious Scots to crush.
    God save the King”

    Away and lie in your water ya Yoon.

  40. Captain Yossarian says:

    Stoker – Play the ball, not the man. Jim Farry has been dead for years. This disgraceful farrago is not his fault and nor is it mine.

  41. sarah says:

    On topic: Ash Regan talking sense at Hope Over Fear – “politicians should serve the people not the other way round.”

    She says we should hold a democratic event with a democratic alliance – 50% + 1 of the vote is the mandate for declaring the people have instructed a restoration of our independence.

    She knows the people are Sovereign.

    How I wish she had won the leadership election.

  42. Charles Hodgson says:

    GSTK is the BRITISH National Anthem (revolting as it is). What gives the English the right to take it for their own. The Wurzels “I’ve Got A Brand New Combine Harvester” or The Archers Theme tune would be much more appropriate. Or The Clash “White Riot”, or Young Knives “Loughbrough Suicide”. Keep booing the hateful racist GSTK louder every time.

  43. Charles Hodgson says:

    The C4 Despatches tonight is apparently sexual allegations against Russell Brand.
    Apparently, “the usual people” don’t like the truth bombs he’s been dropping on his YouTube Channel. So, to be expected.
    Best thing he’s every done in his previously useless life. Respect.
    Some announcement from Toby Young’s Free Speech Union due at 3pm, I hear.

  44. Anton Decadent says:

    Humza Yousafs’ approval ratings are high at Time magazine the owner of which is on the Board of Trustees of the World Economic Forum.

    Re the prospect of Labour returning to power in Scotland, this example of Labours’ sleekitness was in England but whilst the article refers to a defence team consisting of Mike Mansfield one of the accused was represented by Helena Kennedy and on his acquittal became a Labour councillor, a champion of diversity and was awarded an MBE last year.

  45. Ron Clark says:

    Which God do the English want to use to save their wife murdering, adulterer King?

    Because England is now made up of many religions nowadays.

    I don’t think a Muslim God for instance, would be too keen on saving this English arsehole.

  46. John Main says:

    @Captain Yossarian

    You have one part of this right. The only thing the Scots fans could find to be proud of was shitting on a grown up sporting occasion.

    Try to take that away from them and you are going to receive pelters.

    Plenty of regulars on here are forever bemoaning the SNP’s distancing from its erstwhile grassroots support, but to any outsider looking on, the explanation is crystal clear.

    Whatever pro-Indy party grows in place of the SNP over the next few years, it will also have to ensure that most of the rank and file voting fodder are kept at arm’s length.

  47. A Scot Abroad says:

    The Scottish rugby team stands a far better chance of World Cup glory than the Scottish football team (which is pretty useless, and not really worth the bother).

    I’m supporting them. And England, Wales and Ireland. I’d hope for an England vs Scotland final, but that is unlikely.

  48. twathater says:

    I was going to respond to yossa but I concur and agree with what the rest of my regressive, rude ,horrible , nasty , child eating NATIONALISTS have written

    As someone who is a product of a mixed religious marriage but now holds no religion and who used to go to ibrox with my 2 brothers I was disgusted and revolted by the sectarian songs sung every Saturday whether celtic were there or not , THAT is what you call bringing the game into disrepute but that is condoned and ignored by the football authorities because it represents the union , so if you want to preach start addressing that

  49. Republicofscotland says:

    Some good speeches today in Freedom Square.

  50. twathater says:

    Chris another cracker and a big enough room to put the whole of the yooseless crew into , but first get rid of the comfortable padding and put razor wire round the walls in case they try to escape

  51. twathater says:

    John Moan as usual giving his upper middle class views on ordinary Scottish people with an opinion

    WHAS like us eh John but FFS not you or yossa

  52. TURABDIN says:

    A significant elephant in the room.
    Scottish party leaderships that actively promote various forms of «sterility» may take credit for some of this.
    A country of geriatrics, whose future is all in the past?

  53. John Main says:

    @Anton Decadent 1:35

    That’s an innarestin link. Thanks for posting.

    I wonder if you caught the Unherd article last week about the dividing lines demarcating inner London ethnic tensions these days?

    The groups mentioned are eerily reminiscent of the groups that caused the explosion of violence in Amin’s Uganda. Maybes history will repeat itself. I wonder which country the victims will flee to next time. Scotland?

    And of course, Sweden too is racked by its own imported tribal hatreds. And France. Seems to be happening everywhere. But greatly under reported, so you have to look.

  54. Republicofscotland says:

    From Grouse Beaters X/Nitter.

    “Colonial Masters claim 50+1 is not a mandate

    Irish liberty was won by a majority of seats, less than 50% of the vote. Lloyd George and Churchill resisted the vote and so began a military campaign of divide and rule to cause a civil war.”

  55. Republicofscotland says:

    “word has reached us that a man who came to Scotland and voted no with the Better Together crew in 2014, is the Moray SNP candidate for Westminster”

  56. John Main says:

    @TH 3:07

    It’s tribalism TH. We either evolve beyond it, or we remain divided.

    And if we’re divided, we’re ruled.

    Soz an a’ that, but it’s a simple concept to grasp.

    “Upper middle class” eh? Are you writing that cos I’m not a knuckle-dragging Neanderthal?

  57. Republicofscotland says:

    A snippet from Professor Alf Baird’s excellent conversation.

    “Suddenly discovered that the British Union was always a hoax, that the treaty was always violated, as all treaties between colonised peoples and the imperial power were always violated.

    “Whether it was native Aborigines or Indians or Scots, the treaties are always violated or even Brexit, recently, the treaty was violated almost immediately.

    “Perfidious Albion can never really be trusted when it comes to treaties. So we get to this reality, and once you discover the reality, you can’t un-discover it.

    “People have to understand their condition. And in the colonial environment, there is a condition, it is a colonial condition.

    “They have to understand that first before they understand what independence is and why it’s necessary. And independence is decolonization. And that gives you the remedy for colonialism, the only remedy, which is liberation.”

    Now Alf, in the book Civic Nationalism, it’s a very altruistic way of thinking, but you see it as a detriment to Scottish independence, don’t you?

    “Well, the oppressed native only becomes a nationalist to free himself from an oppressor. We become Scottish nationalists not because we want to impose our culture, our language, on another people like our neighbour has done.

    “What we’ve been suffering from is cultural imperialism. We’ve had a culture enforced on us, we’ve had a language enforced on us, and it’s all about exploiting us, our resources, and that’s what we’ve had.

    “We’ve had a form of British nationalism and that ideology is a very aggressive one. That’s been enforced on us. What Scottish nationalism is about, really, is about self-determination nationalism. That’s about freeing ourselves from the oppression of imperial and ultra nationalist British ideology, which is the Tory one nation, Britain.

    “So we’re about freeing ourselves from that oppression, so we’re not about imposing our nationalism on others. The question of civic nationalism only raised itself in the last decade, say, if you like.

    “Civic nationalism is really defined as people from other countries having a sense of belonging to another country. That’s all very well, but people who vote no, who come from other countries into Scotland, and a lot of them that came from, say, south of the border, as well as other countries, voted against our self determination, they voted against our liberation. So they don’t have a sense of belonging to, necessarily, to Scotland.”

    But over the generations, do people not then become part of that national character?

    “Of course, after several generations, hundreds of years, maybe, they become part of that. But people coming in the last 10-20 years, remember, culture is a very, very difficult thing to change. You’ve said yourself that our Scottish culture stays with us even though we’re not taught the language.

    “We are beginning to get the last generations of that because of media and the media changes and everything, and all the social media and societal changes. There’s fewer and fewer Scottish speakers.

    “I mean, the last census in 2011 said 1.6 million people were Scotch speakers. That’s 30% of the population. That means that two thirds of us are Anglophone.

    “What liberation means in colonial societies is a self recovery. Our language and our culture comes first soul, whereas what we have imposed on us is an illusion.As Dick Gaughan said.”

  58. Ruby says:

    Charles Hodgson says:
    16 September, 2023 at 1:25 pm

    The C4 Despatches tonight is apparently sexual allegations against Russell Brand

    I saw that Charles. I’ll definitely be watching it tonight

    This music could work with Chris’ cartoon.

    I love it! I’m a big fan of the Cohens Leonard & Marc. 🙂

    Will you make a smoother landing
    When you break your fall from grace
    Into the arms of understanding
    Looking for one safe place

  59. Captain Yossarian says:

    twathater – (or would you rather I called you Holy Willie?) Some of the songs at Ibrox and Celtic Park are indeed shameful and many cities in the world where club football is played have similar problems. World football want it stamped-out of course but there is only so much that clubs can do and so the situation is understood very well. What I will say is that the stadiums at Celtic Park and Ibrox are known throughout world football and the impression is overwhelmingly, equally, positive for both clubs. That has been the case for decades and so it is under control. The situation at Hampden is different though and it has been turned into an unhealthy hate-fest against the English by a few thousand unruly bigots wearing kilts and Doc Martens. This has all happened in the past few years and I’ll bet the footballing authorities aren’t nearly as relaxed about it as you are.

  60. Ruby says:

    ‘The findings come from a joint investigation by The Sunday Times, The Times and Channel 4 Dispatches.’

    Trial by media!

    All very suspicious.

    Why would these anonymous women go to the media and not the police?

  61. John Main says:

    “So we’re not about imposing our nationalism on others”

    Ah hae ma doots.

    There’s one sure fire way to test the truth of a claim like that. Are any nationalists prepared to countenance a settlement that involves the break up of Scotland’s geographical area? Allowing, for example, the Borders to remain part of the rUK, and the Western and Shetland islands to become independent, or maybes returned to Norway?

    After all, both archipelagos were originally “dragged into the Common Market against their will”. Orkney and Shetland were gifts of one monarch to another. That must have left some legacy of anger and righteous constitutional affront.

    As for not having a language enforced on us. Can we assume that the threats of enforcing reading and writing in Scots, if we want employment in iScotland, have been revoked?

    It’s truly difficult to get democratic support for a policy guaranteed to put 60% of the voters out of work.

    I’ll gloss over the lack of interest in our Scottish ancestor’s crucial part in the colonisation and theft of the native aborigine’s and Indian’s lands. Shame the interviewer wasn’t more switched on at that point though. Some innarestin questions were missed.

  62. willie says:

    England’s Great British Empire has faded. It is a busted flush. No more pickaninnies to exploit and abuse.

    And so they sing about Land of Hope and Glory, Rule Britannia and God Save the King like yesterdays men in a world that increasingly recognise England as yesterdays men.

    Even the Commonwealth, put into place to try and hide and deny the decline of Empire is a busted flush as country after country leaves and gives GB the bum’s rush.

    High time the Scots chucked the English rump too. And now would be as good a time as any as the English economy and living standards tank. And the war, the great war that England supports waging in Ukraine. Well that is going to cripple Britain’s economy even more and is actively doing so as we speak.

    The late great Winnie Ewing once spoke about stopping the world because Scotland wants to get on. Well like our ex colonial cousins who are now getting on in the world, Scotland will do so to.

    Rebellious Scots to crush. Aye right English boy. All the other colonies kicked your asses out and Scotland will do so too. And you can take your Tampax king with you too.

  63. Ruby says:

    The Times and The Sunday Times gave Brand eight days within which to reply to detailed allegations, including information to enable him to recall the alleged incidents.

    Lawyers for Brand initially said that they were not in a position to provide any response to the allegations because we had posed a “large litany of questions” and had intentionally chosen to anonymise the names of the women.

    Do the Times & Sunday Times think they are the police.

    “Times asks Russell did you rape woman H.

    Russell gave them the answer via video. I didn’t rape anyone.

    BTY Who the hell is woman H. “

  64. John Main says:

    @Turabdin 3:10

    Thanks for the link.

    I was particularly pleased to read that our census cost £25 per head. The cost for England &Wales was £8 per head.

    Result GIRUY England. Our census data is 3 times better quality than yours.

    I bet too that every penny of the £140 million the Scottish census cost went into the pockets of Scots.

    Haha, I crack me up.

  65. George Ferguson says:

    Very clever cartoon Chris. Reading some of the BTL comments I am glad I have been watching sport. But before the Wales Rugby match. What happened to all the initiatives like Nil By Mouth. Its seems to me, not much progress has been made. Or has it? I live on the East Coast so genuinely don’t have a handle of on the ground Glasgow attitudes. I did watch the first half of the Rangers match. Plenty derogatory songs about the Tartan Army. I am a Scottish supporter and used to an As One approach. Leave the sectarianism at the turnstiles and enjoy the sport. Wales kicked off hoping for a good game.

  66. James Che says:

    What a beautiful sound,
    Scottish people standing up for themselves against a Colonial attitude of a oppressor.

    Scots should be offended with regards the racism displayed towards Scots in the national anthem of the monarch and country of england,
    For that is what it is,
    For no Scots man sings of crushing his own ethic race,

    Excellent responding comments from a nation of people in their own Country that still refuse to be Colonised any more.

    We have no hate for english people, only oppression from their governing body,

  67. Geoff Anderson says:

    The are going to need heavier padding!

  68. KT Lorimer says:

    It does not surprise me that working class Scots boo the anthem of the privileged class – it surprises me that the English working class sing it.

  69. TURABDIN says:

    aaaah Scotland..
    Get a grip!

  70. Captain Yossarian says:

    George – What has grown-up in recent years is the acceptance that if you support Glasgow Rangers then you cannot be a Scotsman and that is presumably because Rangers fly the Union flag. The point I made a couple of hours ago, or whenever it was, was that bigotry exists in Glasgow undoubtedly, but Glasgow supporters go to watch their team, some of the Tartan Army just go to be bigots and that’s the difference.

  71. twathater says:

    @ KT Lorimer 5.43pm the fact that the english voters constantly vote the tories (of all colours) into power and literally worship the royals says to me that they enjoy being peasants, YET their exceptionalism is off the charts

    It comes across through their media that everyone is jealous of england with their royal parasites and their corrupt and incompetent parliament
    All the union jackery and their fixation on “the war” means that they can never accept that their days of empire are gone and all that is left is a shithole run by thieves and scum
    And that is why I want tae fuck away fae their stupidity and delusion

  72. Ruby says:

    TURABDIN says:
    16 September, 2023 at 5:47 pm

    aaaah Scotland..
    Get a grip!

    What do you mean Turabdin?

    Get a grip of what? The Greens?

    There was a time when people in the Highland were reliant on peat for their heating.

    They had their own little community power supply.

    Don’t know the full details of why it was stopped.

    I’m guessing the Greens came along and said no more burning peat. You’ve got to use electricity & gas like everyone else.
    That probably put an end to the Highland lifestyle.

    No more whaling and goodness knows what else.

    No more eating seabirds & quit the Gaelic lessons.

    If you want to go fishing for herring to salt you’ll need a license and you can only catch 2 fishes per annum.
    Combine them with five loaves and will be able to eat for a year.

    Anyone heard if the £150k tin hut in Harris sold?

    I wonder if whaling had continued if there would still be whales being washed up DOA on beaches all over the world.
    Maybe if those whales hadn’t been caught they would have washed up DOA on the beach.

  73. David Hannah says:

    Yvonne Ridley’s speech at the all under one banner rally. Incredible.

    Love her.

    She spoke along the lines of unlocking the revolutionary sprit. What a woman.

    You’re dam right. She’s incredible. What a woman Yvonne Ridley best speech of the rally.

  74. Anton Decadent says:

    A hit piece on one of the BTL contributors in todays Herald.

  75. James says:


    Give it up, man. This pish you and Main are peddling is even more risible than usual.

    Away and wave your butchers aprons somewhere else.

  76. Anton Decadent says:

    @John Main

    I did not see it, I looked but could not find it, could you please post a link to it?

  77. TURABDIN says:

    Scotland needs an Alexander, a Caesar, a Jinghis Khan…
    Outside «the box», well outside the box thinking only will deliver.
    Sadly, too many Scots plainly enjoy the box.
    Have a good evening!

  78. George Ferguson says:

    @Captain Yossarian 6:24pm
    I am not sure about your analysis. I was a member of Jock Steins Scotland Travel Club. Specifically created for Scotland away matches. I had no problem about Ally McCoist or Tommy Burns putting on a Scotland shirt. I just didn’t get the animosity then at International level. I heard what I heard. And it was clear. Rangers supporters decrying Scotland fans. The tartan army has been brilliant overseas and a credit to Scotland. I understand the specific source of the animosity this time. My wife who is a highland lassie doesn’t understand any of it. Her attitude, I will send a tub of Sudocream for the knuckle draggers. I agree with you, respect all countries National Anthems. I always have. Decent Wales match. Ireland next that’s sure to get the Celtic supporters out to balance the narrative.

  79. MaryB says:

    Saw the pics of this afternoons rallys. Many and young in Edinburgh’s climate change march against oil and gas. Fewer and older on Glasgows’s Hope Over Fear. Someone’s cleverly splitting the independence movement. First re the trans issue and now by age groups. Also desperate to avoid the return of Alex S. But damaging for independence!!

  80. Effijy says:

    Funny I can’t remember Russell Brand saying he was an independence supporter.

    Will Nichola’s Alphabet women be trying their luck on Russell?

    All they need is not to have been with him, lie and have your friends tell similar tales and become untouchable.

    No Gij Was identification expressed.

  81. Dan says:

    @ MaryB

    I didn’t know there was a march in Edinburgh to *”save the planet”. Been far too busy with work and any spare time and energy I have left is spent harvesting and processing my own fruit and veg. If all these climate activists put a little more time into actually living a more ecologically sound existence then maybe they actually be making a difference.

    * I think the planet will survive regardless, it may lose humans, but seeing as they appear too fucking dense to sustain their own existence by choosing to bicker about football, imaginary gods & religion, and marching to save the planet rather than growing their own food then in the scheme of things it’s no biggy to lose them.
    C’mon the cockroaches!

  82. David Hannah says:

    Russell Brand will have told someone he wants to run for the Labour Party.

    He’s a very likeable guy. Former rock star now champagne socialist. I think he’s in to all his mindfulness and spirituality.

    I don’t think he’s a bad person he’s interesting and unique. I wish him well. Innocent until proven guilty.

    So many high profile males having their lives ruined for historical allegations coming out of nowhere.

    As I said many times on this page.

    We need a MALE ME TOO.

  83. David Hannah says:

    Mary, the Independence supporters were singing hope over fear by Gerry Cinnamon.

    It brought back all those feelings of hope. We need more of these rallies on a monthly basis.

    We can do it. Hope Over Fear!

  84. Ruby says:

    I’m getting a non stop series of alerts about Russell Brand.

    Anyone think the people in Scotland who followed the Alex Salmond trial will take a totally different view of this ‘trial by media’

    I’m wondering if the Spanish coach was a threat to someone and that is reason for the witch-hunt.

    It’s really not very hermoso!

    No idea what the Spanish for witch-hunt is but the Spanish for witch is la bruja so it might have to be hermosa but that doesn’t work as well as hermoso.

    FYI hermoso/hermosa means beautiful.

    On hang on it might be a brujo hunt. No idea what that might be in English. FIY el brujo is a male witch.
    Can you help?

    What is the masculine version of witch-hunt?

    No such thing??? Is that one of the words we woman can keep?

    It was pretty easy to learn the gender of words in Spanish all words ending in ‘a’ are feminine and all words ending in ‘o’ are masculine.

    There are a few exceptions ie la mano
    la mano = the hand

    Maybe the word started out as el mano but changed due to females being more willing to ‘dar una mano’. 🙂

    Then again maybe all the male female gender stuff might be on it’s way out.

  85. Alf Baird says:

    Anton Decadent @ 6:46 pm

    “A hit piece on one of the BTL contributors in todays Herald.”

    The inconvenient fact remains, that a people may be sold, and their procurer and his local little helpers may run their affairs, exploit their resources, and block their liberation. That is how colonialism works, irrespective of the colour of the oppressed.

    As Frantz Fanon wrote: “Colonial status is simply the organized reduction to slavery of a whole people.”

  86. David Hannah says:

    I listened to Tommy Sheridan. I take a note book with me and write things down from time to time.

    He read out some words from Jim Fairlie, SNP. We’re a nation of achievers, explorers, wealth givers, with courage. We should believe that everything is possible in by believing in ourselves.

    Introduce all those kids in Edinburgh to Independence and they’ll want to change the World. That’s what I beleive.

  87. Ruby says:

    TURABDIN says:
    16 September, 2023 at 6:53 pm

    Scotland needs an Alexander

    We did have an Alexander but witches got him. 🙂

  88. Ruby says:

    Anton Decadent says:
    16 September, 2023 at 6:46 pm

    A hit piece on one of the BTL contributors in todays Herald.

    Ha! Ha! Ha!

    A hit piece by David Leask.

    Oh Anton you are hoot!

  89. George Ferguson says:

    @Dan 7:34pm
    You are ultimately the most sustainable person on this blog. But cockroaches? Only 5 to 6 times our own tolerance to radiation. Choose the Harbrobracon parasitic wasp. 180 times the tolerance to radiation. They will change their diet from caterpillars to us or at least the remnants of us. As a Le Sportif Ireland is kicking off. You asked about my health sometime ago. I have had an MRI scan waiting on my consultant to assess my surgical options. It’s only been 5 weeks now. But I am sticking with the Scottish NHS. My wife is going spare. Promising all sorts of money for Private care. I said No after all half my family and extended family work in the SNHS.

  90. Ruby says:

    It seems the Dispatches prog is going to be all about Russell Brand.

    What a disappointment!
    Not really all that interested in Russell Brand’s sex life.

    I’ll watch it just to see what happens with his ‘alphabetties’

  91. Dan says:

    @ Ruby

    Aye, a hit piece by Leask is equivalent to being punched by a mouse.

    @ George Ferguson

    Hope all goes well for you with the assessment and any proposed treatment. Been struggling myself with what seems to be escalating symptoms so NHS Scotland are also on the case in an attempt to find out the issue. Whether it’s related to post infection tick bite and lyme disease last year, or something else has yet to be ascertained.
    Used to be super fit getting cycling king of the mountains 5 years ago but am basically fucked now. Can’t even do 40 mins moderate exercise without it wrecking me for a week. Aching body, muscle and joint weakness, fatigue, brain fog, very poor sleep, and more concerning is the cardiac issues that have been pretty much been a constant for months now. Just had a heart rate monitor on for a week and chest X ray so will see if that casts any light on matters.

    Re. Energy, was speaking to an engineer earlier who is working on the designs of the various new HVDC lines. He mentioned the HVDC transmission losses were only 3% compared to the 16% on the AC lines. #OhmsLaw
    And talking of leccy lines and connections reminds me of this post from a wile back.

  92. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Hi Ruby.

    Did you see the info I posted for you yesterday?

    This comment,

    and the one 6 minutes later.

  93. David Hannah says:

    I’ll stick it on. It’s trial by media.

    I believe in Russell Brand’s innocence. Immediately before any allegation.

    Why is that?

    Because the Alphabetties LIED. THEY LIED. and they committed PERJURY. There not believed.

    And because of the lies of the ALPHABETTIES. I don’t believe allegations of sexual violence against anyone.

    Because of the lying aphabetties adding to the public conversation.

    Woman H is a disgrace to woman all over Scotland.

  94. David Hannah says:

    Woman H should be on trial for perjury.

    Ever since the failed conspiracy. I immediately support all high profile men accused of sex crimes. Particularly those trialled by media.

    And I believe in the verdict of juries. I learned more about Scotland’s legal system than I ever did in my life.

    I want justice. And I want Woman H on trial for perjury. Never Russell Brand.

    It’s time for the Male ME too in Scotland.

  95. David Hannah says:

    Woman H. Send her to CELL BLOCK H. in Corton Vale.

    Men have had their fare share of smearing lying bitches. Time for justice. Time for the male Me TOO.

    I wish Russell Brand all the success in defending himself.

  96. Sven says:

    Started to watch Despatches, just turned it off. Reminds me too much of the Alex Salmond setup. Trial by media, Mr Salmond was just fortunate he was tried before a jury.
    Who can believe anything anymore now in this plastic world with its plastic values.

  97. George Ferguson says:

    @Dan 8:58pm
    Us auld guys are resilient. On AC versus DC. I was part of the decommissioning of Carolina Port ‘A’ Power Station, DC as a young undergraduate. DC works well in confined City distribution networks. Served Dundee well with infrequent outages. It’s the old Tesla argument AC is preferred for grid system stability reasons. And losses over a extended network. Also wind turbines for example are dirty sources of Power too much Inductive load on the network. Equally Infinite busbars don’t like DC. However if you argued that communities and households should look after their own energy requirements then you have a case. It’s got to be 15 years I argued this case. We can’t rely on a broken energy market and Institutional and foreign investors to charge us 3 times that of the average energy bill of Europeans.

  98. David Hannah says:

    I’m turning it off. I might have got a bit carried away… It’s a smear campaign against Russell Brand.

    Perjurers shouldn’t be allowed to evade justice. Woman H has evaded justice for far too long. She should be in jail. If there was any justice in the world she would have spend a long time behind bars.

    I’m not watching anymore of this channel 4 poison its upsetting me.

  99. David Hannah says:

    The beginning of the end for Channel 4, Dispatches and the Daily Mail. It is inevitable.

    Brand says: “Witnesses that directly contradict the narrative being portrayed by the media.”

    It’s the same old playbook, that they started with Julien Assange. When you tell the truth they come after you. Brand is outspoken against the elite. I believe him. I hate to see a good man’s name dragged through the dirt.

  100. A Scot Abroad says:

    Alf Baird,

    can’t you quote anyone apart from Memmi and Fanon? Neither of them particularly influential.

    If you’ve got this strange fantasy that Scotland was colonised, you’ll need something better to prove it other than the witherings of people who never wrote anything at all about Scotland. It’s just damnably lazy of you to keep trotting the same nonsense out, again and again, citing people who would very probably tell you that you’ve got it completely wrong.

  101. Confused says:

    Football is War by Other Means …

    I prefer the old football songs, like the classic

    we hate Jimmy-Hill …
    he’s a P00F
    HE’S A P000000F

    consider the view of a great Scot, a great socialist –

    Sport is ritualised combat, sporting heroes like the famous warriors of old …

    Maradona in his great game defeating England in the worldcup – the hand of God then the goal of the century – made a rousing speech about the Falklands and the argentinian boys, mostly conscripts “shot down like little birds” – the British Army to give it its due is well-trained and professional, while the argies on paper had numerical advantage, a lot of it was amateur-night.

    – it did the trick, it got his blood up and helped his team mates to do their bit; England played okay in the last 10 minutes and Lineker missed a sitter to equalise, and these were just lads themselves who never shot anyone, but they pull on the shirt.

    Would a Scotland captain give it a blood and guts ripsnorter in the dressing room about – the clearances, culloden, 55 billion barrels of oil, margaret thatcher … ? Doubt it.

    The daft thing is when you think about it – would England give up the Falkland Islands for a World Cup win??


    My uncle flew a jet in the Falklands War BTW – a skyhawk, though I didn’t think the RAF/RN operated that type; aye, uncle Pablo, a suave geezer in his cravat, lover of fast cars.

    Sport as fake war crossing over to real war and back – Croatia won the Yugoslav War (NATO helped) – and after they played Germany who were favourites in the world cup – and they roasted them, like taking the piss, humiliating them, shitting on them, winning 3-0 … victory does a lot for your self confidence, no? Same population size as us, no small nation “cringe”. Oh we could never beat the might of … beat them … we shat on them! Winning isn’t enough at times, humiliation must follow.

    An indy Scotland will offer, obviously, more bareback shagging to get the numbers up AND a football team that might actually win something. Are you in?

  102. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Great to catch up with some ‘Friends’ in the Square today.

    A wee hello to Margaret and her pals, lovely to meet you all today, and thanks for the wee copy of the Declaration, I will treasure it.


  103. Ruby says:

    That Dispatches programme just me mad.

    Are there no strong women left anymore or did Dispatches not want them on their ridiculous programme.

    Women need some decent role models.

    A strong women who would say:

    ‘He stuck his dick down my throat so I just bit it’

    If he was masturbating in the office say

    ‘Hang on pal let me go and get my magnify glass so that I can see what you’ve got in your hand.

    Or just say ‘wanker’ you’re going to go blind.

    He bloody raped me so I kicked him in the balls and went straight to the police to report him. I felt I needed to do this for my own self-respect and to protect women who might also become victims.

    How innocent do you have to be to believe when a man says he’ll call
    he will? You’ve got to be really desperate to phone his employer crying the next day because he didn’t phone as promised.

    Are there really women who believe what men say in the heat of the moment. Oh baby baby I really love you YES YES YES baby I bloody love you YES!

    He was called ‘shagger of the year’ that should give women a fairly good idea that he isn’t going to be boyfriend material and certainly not faithful.

    What were these women thinking?

    What was the 16 year old trying to say that Russell Brand is some sort of
    Svengali who hypnotized her into being his baby doll?

    What about the groupies who had sex with Brand in the toilet. Were they hypnotized too.

    I found the whole programme very insulting to women and it had nothing to do with Russell Brand’s jokes.

    If this is what women are like now it’s surely time for someone to say lets help our women out and give them some dating advice and stop letting them be victims.

    If Russell Brand is charged how are they going to find an unbiased jury after this programme. Will it have to be a juryless trial?

  104. stuart mctavish says:

    Perfect room for seasonal snake oil addicts to shoot up with the contemporary lemsip alternative – assuming they don’t get too triggered by the officials prepping for the truth & consequences commission by dropping the masks early enough that their coercion might be forgotten (as opposed to forgiven)

    O/T (‘cept maybe for the snake oil bit) : Herald editor can’t be much of a West Side Story fan – poor gentleman the US judicial system that’s desperate to fair trial Julian Assange just locked away* could be dead ringer for one or two of the Puerto Rican Sharks – enough to invert Mr Leasks entire thesis (& the bit at the end in particular)

    *20 years+ for ordering Scotland’s ex ambassador (& POTUS) to steal the election from himself no less!

  105. Ruby says:

    Brian Doonthetoon says:
    16 September, 2023 at 8:59 pm

    Hi Ruby.

    Did you see the info I posted for you yesterday?

    This comment,

    Hi Brian
    Yes I did. Very interesting info.

    I did reply to you I guess my post must have disappeared into cyberspace.

    How are you keeping?

  106. Ruby says:

    Some hot dating tips.

    If you date a drug addict please expect him/her to act strangely. He may get a glazed look across his face and his pupils could become so dilated that is eyes appear to have turned black.

    If you date a sex addict please expect him to shagalot.

    If you feel uncomfortable working for a sex/drug/addict who walks about in is underwear, masterbates in the office and shagsalot please for the love of God get another job.

    If you are 16 and you date a 30 year old sex/drug addict please be aware you may feel out of your depth. It is possible that men may talk to their mates about their conquests and if he has nude pictures of you he may show them to his mates.

    If he claims to love very deep throat please believe him. If you are not into that sort of thing don’t date him.

    If he puts his hand on your knee in the back of a car and you are uncomfortable with that boss or no boss just tell him politely ‘mate could you take your hand off my knee’.

    What the hell is wrong with women these days. Do we really have to wait for men to tell their mates not to put his hand on your knee.

    Are we all totally helpless now?

  107. Robert Louis says:

    Very, very good cartoon. A safe consumption rooms for failed ‘first ministers’. So very much needed! I am sure the Tory racist sociopath home secretary, Suella Braverman, will give permission.

    I was thinking about Rutherglen, and if I lived there, I wondered who I could vote for. I am desperate for Scotland to be free of England interfering in our country as a matter of some urgency, so you might imagine I would vote SNP. But, sadly, that party is now the home of slow and steady devolution, whilst constantly whining to London for more powers.

    Then I thought, well, what about Labour? Oh boy, where do I start? If I thought for one second that British Labour, headquartered in London, was truly socialist, and truly stood up for ordinary people, I could be tempted, but they are more right wing than Thatcher.

    Then again, with the remnants of their global socialist principles, and the fact they celebrate other countries independence, surely they would recognize the Scottish democratic right to leave the union by its own free choice. Sadly, whilst Labour espouse democratic freedom, it doesn’t seemingly apply to Scotland, just ‘other’ countries.

    If concerned about the gender ideology madness, and how it damages LGB and women”s rights and freedoms, would I vote for Labour? Nope, yet again, they have shot themselves in the foot, with their utter devotion to the gender nutters (who are a tiny, very aggressive minority, btw).

    What if I was concerned about the ULEZ stupidity in Glasgow and other Scottish cities? Nope, Labour are just as bad as the Loony greens and SNP on that one too. With zero regard for ordinary working folk, just trying to get to their jobs. Go tell a nurse coming off shift at 2am on a Saturday night, that she should just ‘catch the bus’. That’ll be the big feckin imaginary bus at 2am full of drunks, aye? Ditto for the clowns that talk about ‘wheeling, cycling and walking’ – talking about you Edinburgh clowncil.

    So who to vote for? Alba are not standing. What about the hated Tories?? Well, they would have no time for the gender pish. No time for the ULEZ rubbish, outside of central London, since no other places actually need one. I mean, seriously Edinburgh clowncil? catch yourself on, as they in N.Ireland. But then again, what about independence? Well, given none of the other parties will help us get independence (eh Humza?), would it matter??

    The libdems? what about them? Well the only time they won a very large support, was the time when they supported David Cameron’s Tories in Westminster, and abandoned every single major policy they had been elected on. Anything for a ministerial Limo and salary. So, no, the Libdems are not called the FIB dems for nothing. Happy to jump into bed with the tories at the drop of a hat.

    The greens? A joke party, with joke student politics policies. They would happily ban everything and make cycling compulsory, regardless of age and health. They are loony zealots, obsessed with ‘smashing capitalism’, by taxing the poor (ULEZ, work place levy etc…).

    So, in all likelihood, I’d have to vote Tory. They are the only political party, other than ALBA not obsessed with gender stupidity, ULEZ schemes, workplace parking levies (coming soon to Edinburgh! 650GBP per year), closing roads, and so on. But what about independence, well the Tory policy is no different to Labour, in any way, so not much difference there at all.

    The SNP have had eight golden years to go for independence, but decided the gravy train was too good, so decided not to bother, so I am not sure they would do anything if they won, anyway. Every election they promised it after 2014, and every single time, once elected, they did sweet feck all. So nobody believes them anymore. The fact they simply will not work with other indy groups and parties to secure victory, tells us all we need to know. With the SNP, it is very much, party before country every freaking time.

    So, who would I vote for in Rutherglen. I would vote ALBA, but they are not standing. The others do not deserve my vote, ever. So, I would spoil my paper, or possibly vote Tory, just to scare the sh*te out of Labour and the SNP.

    As things stand, I think most folk will just not bother voting. Labour will likely win.

  108. Mac says:

    Russel Brand now getting attacked with, gosh! how surprising, bogus charges of rape blah blah blah drone wheeze…. Just fuck off.

    We really are living under wannabe dictators (with the emphasis on dick).

    You know who needs jailed, the foul cunts who have weaponised the judicial system to target their political opponents, that is who needs jailed. Better yet sharpen up the guillotines.

    These arseholes are out of control. Disgusting.

  109. Dan says:

    Ruby says at 6:56 am

    What the hell is wrong with women these days.

    Are we all totally helpless now?

    2 Unlimited were factually incorrect when they sang – There’s No Limits.

    As Harry Enfield pointed out in this 2 min vid, you need to know your limits. 😉

    It’s a fine cool damp morning, ideal for getting a lime mortar mix on the go. Noticeable lack of hot women offering to help with this task… or the jam making come to think of it… 🙁

  110. Alf Baird says:

    stuart mctavish @ 11:58 pm

    “Perfect room for seasonal snake oil addicts”

    Or the House of Lords, even – ‘obedient servants’ Sturgeon, Wishart and pals may soon be there, according to the case made here:

    As Frantz Fanon wrote: “The tribe follows, as one man, the way marked out for it by its traditional chief. Colonialism secures for itself the services of these confidential agents by pensioning them off at a ransom price.”

  111. Geoff Anderson says:

    How did this story stay secret for so long? Do the wealthy and powerful still enjoy the protection of the Police and Courts?

  112. Dan says:

    @ Robert Louis

    Did you forget ISP are standing a candidate in Rutherglen.

  113. Geoff Anderson says:

    The Scottish Green Party tail is about to wag the SNP again!

  114. robbo says:

    Russell Brand is dodgy as fuck.

    Doing it in plain site ,just like Saville. If people don’t think he’s dodgy and would let their daughter anywhere near this creep need to give their head a shake.

  115. Dorothy Devine says:

    Ian B, I was at the rally searching for a kent face , couldn’t stay long granny duties. Sorry I missed your wee perplexed face.

    Had a short conversation with Kenny McAskill.

    Loved the Reely Jiggered band.

  116. Dorothy Devine says:

    I think I am right in saying the Metro is the Daily Mail in a different guise , therefore not the most trustworthy publication in the world. The sad thing is it’s free on buses and its poison spreads easily.

  117. robbo says:

    I’m not sure about metro/daily mail Dorothy.

    Doesn’t really matter to me. Brand acted just like Saville- same MO .Employed by top brass in media they knew was dodgy and had things written in his contract, was a recovering drug addict and known sex pest and still they let him have access to young girls.

    I’ve listened and seen him live on TV many times and he’s dodgy as fuck. He ain’t normal and a long way from a normal red blooded man who enjoys sex or flirting . He’s a creep IMHO.


  118. PacMan says:

    robbo says: 17 September, 2023 at 8:37 am

    Russell Brand is dodgy as fuck.

    Doing it in plain site ,just like Saville. If people don’t think he’s dodgy and would let their daughter anywhere near this creep need to give their head a shake.

    It didn’t need to take newspaper articles or TV shows to know that Brand was dodgy. It was plain to see from the first time he came into the public eye.

    The only reason why we are only hearing about it all now is that he has cleaned up and is very influential in political activism.

  119. Jacqueline says:

    The thing is that now it’s even more difficult to get a rape conviction, thanks in no small part to the Alphbetties, especially Ms H,and we all know who that piece of shit is. I feel for the genuine victims, who in the main do not report sexual assault. It’s a sham at best and diabolical ‘justice ‘:(

  120. TURABDIN says:

    Russell Brand as an influencer is so off scale in his «counter establishment» social and political views, both local and global, this supporter of Scottish independence just had to be thrown to the lions.
    And, as Scots are aware, sex is a handy device for doing so,«toxic masculinity» and all that.

  121. Ruby says:

    robbo says:
    17 September, 2023 at 9:12 am

    Doesn’t really matter to me. Brand acted just like Saville- same MO .Employed by top brass in media they knew was dodgy and had things written in his contract, was a recovering drug addict and known sex pest and still they let him have access to young girls.

    Who doesn’t have access to young girls?

    If you want access to young girls & watch them changing while walking about in front of them flashing your dick all you need to do here in Scotland is get yourself a dress, pink would probably be best.

    The young girls Brand has ‘access’ to had a choice. The young girls in the changing rooms do not. Their only choice is not to go swimming anymore.

    You could also offer them a lift home.

    I think the thing with Saville might have been a joke. But hey good to associate him with someone like Saville. The Herald did something similar with Alex Salmond and had photographs of him along side a whole load of rapists, serial killers & maybe even Saville.

    Do women really take a job which requires them to walk naked in front of anyone if their boss tells them to or worse still to commit perjury?

    What is the matter with men?

    It started with Mark MacDonald, then Alex Salmond and now Russell Brand. You could be you next robbo. Any woman could go to the police claim you sexually assaulted/raped them and remain anonymous and your name would be plastered all over the media.

    The new trend is skip the police and just go straight to the media.

  122. Ruby says:

    Stu is very quiet I hope he’s OK and just busy writing one of his audio/visual masterpieces.

  123. James Che says:

    Politically targeting those whom do not conform to elite monologues seems to be the new norm,
    And yet we have the like of the freinds of the Green Party and Snp ,
    the jimmy Savilles, members of monarchy and and all those perverted stories of politicians further afield and Councils whom ignore grooming gangs and religious atrosities and childrens homes, dodgy police sexual attacks people in high places are being protected.

    It seems that mainly “men ” who are speaking up and want changes to politics and honesty, are actually the one being targeted by the msm and elite,

    Sooner or later the men if they do not want a kangaroo court will have to demand their cases be heard by a open public court, with all members of a full jury in Scotland.

  124. Ruby says:

    Sorry about all the typos & missing words.

    I’m really well wound up and furiously taping at my keyboard thinking I’m a 100 wmp touch typist.

    I’d better have a rest before I start going on about Rape Crisis Centres where women can go and tell a man all about their experience in order that he can indulge in his sissy porn fantasies.

  125. James Che says:

    Nobody should be hung drawn and quartered by the MSM.
    Nobody should be judged without a fair and publically open trial with a proper jury,

    Other wise you’re inciting a mob or a riot.

    If after all has been openly heard and judged accordingly, they are found innocent or guilty so be it,
    Because one day it could be you accused,

    Crying someone is guilty without a fair hearing,
    Makes you a mob,
    and a agent provocator of the new kind of unfair justice system government MSM elete want to emerge for the ordinary man,
    for everyone but themselves,
    That is extremism and akin to hittlers germany.

  126. Oneliner says:

    So what’s coming down the track, now that the Russell Brand story is front and centre? I smell the necrotising Westminster Control Centre behind this.

  127. James Che says:

    The Crown prosecuters are not legal under in Scotland in Scots law,

    The crown rests in Westminster, that is how Westminster falsely claims it is Sovereign.

  128. James Che says:

    If Charlie is not Scotlands monarch then neither is the crown court system,

  129. John Main says:

    @Anton Decadent says:16 September, 2023 at 6:48 pm

    could you please post a link to it?

    I reckon that’s the one.

    The “featured” articles seem to come and go on the website, but if you click on “The Post” (second menu option on the left, below the masthead) you can scroll down the articles. When you get to the bottom, there are another 530 pages to choose from, so I reckon all articles are archived in there.

  130. James Che says:

    Sovereignty is different in Scotland, as “Lord Cooper” pointed out,

  131. Daisy Walker says:

    Re Russell Brand… timing is everything.

    Does anyone seriously believe that if he has a cupboard full of bad behaviour, that 1/ his drug addiction and high profile attention seeking lifestyle would have enabled him to keep it a secret, and 2/ that the media and establishment wouldn’t have had that information early doors.

    Which begs the question, why reveal it now. What has he been disclosing in recent times on his channel that makes now a good time to discredit him (whether justifiably or not).

    For clarity I have no idea if what he is accused of has any truth to it or not, on a personal level I find him annoying and not my cup of tea.

    If we are to learn from what was done to Alex, then I think our emphasis should be on a Fair Trial, proper disclosure of evidence, and a ban on trial by media and any attempt to prevent Brand from broadcasting his voice (subject to court rules re any case against him).

    If we cannot do that, they have us by the short and curlies – as it enables them to protect their own abusers and stitch up those they find politically inconvenient.

  132. John Main says:

    @Confused says:16 September, 2023 at 10:54 pm

    An indy Scotland will offer, obviously, more bareback shagging to get the numbers up AND a football team that might actually win something. Are you in?

    That one defo merits more publicity.

    Needs more work though. Obvs, it needs to be adopted by a serious party and made a manifesto commitment. Anybody here who can get it discussed at the highest level by Alba?

    And it needs boiled down so that it can fit on a T shirt. Get it right and the merch will fly off the shelves.

    Maybes clarify the ambiguity hovering around the question at the end. Or is that only in ma own heid?

  133. James Che says:

    Does anyone able to provide Lord Coopers quote,?

  134. TURABDIN says:

    Why it may be sensible to wear that baseball cap.
    We are all potentially criminals (or Uyghurs) now.

  135. David Hannah says:

    I don’t agree with the media allegations against Russell Brand.

    Brand says he has “Eye witnesses that contradict the narrative.”

    No charges brought. Trial by media.

    The truth is Brand suggests that NATO poked the bear. He opposes the NATO war against Russia.

    Like Donald Trump. Who spoke candidly about pulling America out of NATO. Look at him 79 charges.

    It’s the truth. Everyone that opposes that narrative is being taken out.

    He says our politicians are “wrapping themselves up in ‘progressive politics’ and then promoting a war.”

    I believe this.

    I support Russell Brand. Solidarity. STOP THE WAR.

  136. Ruby says:

    Dan says:
    17 September, 2023 at 8:11 am

    Ruby says at 6:56 am

    “What the hell is wrong with women these days.

    Are we all totally helpless now?”

    As Harry Enfield pointed out in this 2 min vid, you need to know your limits.

    A lot of men want a Stepford Wife.

    I can’t blame them I wouldn’t mind one myself.

    Darlin’ I’m feelin’ a bit peckish could you make me a nice toastie croque monsieur there’s a good girl. You’re looking very pretty in pink today darlin’

    BTW I can multi-task. I know how to let my sweetness shine through and be a she-devil all at the same time.

    Ever had your face-cloth used to clean the bath & your toothbrush used to clean the poo off the toilet bowl?

    Who would suspect that sweet & docile woman would do such a thing.
    Ever read Fay Weldon’s ‘The Life and Loves of a She-Devil’?

    What I’m not so good at is spending hours posting on the internet and keeping up with all my chores & keep-fit. My time management programme has gone to hell in a Tesco long life carrier bag!

    I need help I’m tempted to name & shame the 3 (or is it 4 now) cunts who post here so that I get put back on the naughty step.

  137. David Hannah says:

    Jimmy Saville was a paedophile. You cant compare the two.

    Brand was a Rockstar. Handsome, Hedonistic. A comedian. Reality TV star. Hedonistic in his pursuits in his pursuits of women and encouraged to do so. Women threw themselves at brand watching that documentary last night.

    In 2004 that was normal. That was enjoyable television. He was encouraged to have that public image and the women loved him.

    The guy’s now over 20 years sober, talking about politics. He’s a good man.

    He’s not been charged. This is a pathetic smear campaign.

    Unfortunately there’s perjurers like Woman H in this world that are quite willing to destroy a good mans name for political motivation.

    I think that we should change the law so that the man’s identity is anonymous in sexual allegations until charged and proven in a court of law. It’s not fair.

    Mud sticks, well why can’t the mud stick for perjurers?

    It certainly has for woman H anyway. She’s cheated justice, too many years have passed where she’s enjoyed freedom. But her conscience is guilty and she’ll be in jail every day of her life.

    Dark but I’ve no time for these people.


  138. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Dorothy Devine –

    Sorry I missed you. I didn’t even get there until 3 so you may have been and gone by that point.

    I did get to meet Sara Salyers and big Dave Llewelyn, then had a few with a couple of Wings stalwarts who you know.

    Roll on the next time!


  139. David Hannah says:

    It’s the same old pay book.

    I read a book What about men? by Caitlin Moran. Recently came out. It’s about a women’s perspective about life as a man. She concludes its harder being a man now and that pissed off all the feminists who gave it a bad review.

    She missed the point though. Even in her book, she was allowed to write that her hero Kevin Spacey was guilty,

    “And that she believed in his guilt.”

    Libellous crap. And then he was cleared of 9 charges.

    This is the problem. Men are trialled as guilty despite being innocent. Names totally destroyed. It’s not fair.

    I want to change the conversation. I hope that Russell Brand can start that change.

  140. Sven says:

    James Che @ 11.22

    I believe the comment was made in 1953 by Lord Cooper, sitting with Lords Carmont & Russell, on the appeal by John MacCormick & Ian Hamilton.
    The view expressed by The Lord President (an opinion only) was, “The principle of the unlimited sovereignty of Parliament is a distinctively English principle which has no counterpart in Scottish constitutional law”.

  141. David Hannah says:

    You don’t need to apologise for women Ruby.

    You have described what most women are like. Strong virtuous, caring, kind and intelligent.

    Women are incredible. And a good man wants to protect a loving women.

    But there are a very small section, who have extreme abandonment issues that would latch onto a man to control him. Her heart is cold. Lots of undiagnosed autism and Aspergers in women.

    I’ve met them.

  142. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Hi Ruby.

    Ca’in’ awa’. Not exerting myself.

  143. John Main says:

    @David Hannah says:17 September, 2023 at 11:31 am

    Brand is successful at what he does and therefore rich. He has left a trail of potential trouble in his wake. It is to be expected that somebody would eventually climb on the bandwagon and seek to gouge a chunk of his dosh. It is to be expected that other sharks will swarm as soon as they scent blood.

    Sometimes (probably most of the time) no “anti war” tinfoil headgear is needed to suss what’s going on.

    Anyhoo, regardless of Brand’s political leanings, I believe in the presumption of his innocence of what has been alleged so far, until proven otherwise, so we should be able to agree on that.

    Incidentally, if you are really innarested in the “taking out” of people voicing “stop The War” views, you should check out what’s going on on the other side. It’s enough to keep anybody awake at night.

  144. Republicofscotland says:


    Project Pegasus first arose via Israeli spyware, it was used to spy on corporate journalists, opposition politicians, activists, business people and others, such as the personnel of state funded NGO’s.

    Now its found its way into the retail sector to face map customers. We’re all being profiled.

  145. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Hi James Che.

    As has been quoted,
    The Lord President did give his opinion that “the principle of unlimited sovereignty of Parliament is a distinctively English principle and has no counterpart in Scottish constitutional law”. The case was thus constitutionally interesting[2] as the Lord Advocate “conceded this point by admitting that the Parliament of the United Kingdom ‘could not’ repeal or alter [certain] ‘fundamental and essential’ conditions” of the Act of Union.[3]

  146. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Hi James Che.

    You may find this of interest also.

  147. Terry says:

    Just back from Dublin from the Let Women Speak event with Posie Parker. Aka Kellie Jay Keen.

    I took my saltire and suffragette flags. Really interesting chat with some of the folk there. Especially with some mostly young working class men who had been Sinn Fein supporters. No longer though. They told me they have partners, mothers and daughters who they care about and are sick of Sinn fein backing this gender ideology. It felt like a mirror image of the NuSNP. One man said his wife wanted to come but she was too scared. I also spoke to a diplomat. In short there was all sections of society there.

    Some women spoke movingly of the mother and baby homes. And the dead babies thrown in the cesspit in Tuam. What did the trans activists do? Blare horns, shout “nazi scum off our streets” and act like lunatics.

    If the Garda hadn’t been there in numbers this mob would have gone for Posie though with some of the down to earth Dublin guys there they might have thought twice. They’d have made mincemeat of them. Some brave women spoke yesterday. They’re now worrying if they’ve got jobs to go back to. But guess what? They felt the fear and did it anyway.

    Meantime in Scotland the Women Won’t Wheesht group are doing a Let Women Speak event in Portree next Sunday. Everyone welcome. Be there if you can. Stu is right. This crap needs sorted out because it is awful and shouldn’t be happening but it’s also a block to our independence.

  148. Republicofscotland says:

    When you look into who funds UnHerd, and whoever funds it sets the agenda for it, you then realise, well you can make your own minds up.

    “UnHerd is funded by Sir Paul Marshall, a hedge fund partner of George Soros. This makes it a barely disguised part of Soros’s extensive empire of faux opposition sites and organizations.

    The Soros connection can be seen throughout its programs. In a 2021 documentary about a “lockdown for the unvaccinated” in Austria, one of the interviewees selected was Ivan Krastev, a longtime protege of Soros. The host of the program, Freddie Sayers, previously worked for Yougov, a polling institute founded by British deep state actor Nadhim Zahawi.”

  149. TURABDIN says:

    And in Scotland too no doubt as Scottish nationalism, even in its SNP milk and water variety, is perceived to be as much a security threat to the integrity of the British state as anything confected by China, Russia or Iran.

  150. John Main says:


    Does “faux opposition” differ much from opposition? In practical terms I mean.

    How about factual content? Do facts become unfacts if the person who states the facts lacks ideological purity?

    How do you answer the charge made by WGD posters that this site, and it’s BTL posters, and by extension you, are faux Indy supporters?

    Complicated, isn’t it? Best to accept that facts are chiels that winna ding.

    And tae Hell with the intentions, beliefs, opinions, or ideological purity of the writer.

    Lots of innarestin stuff on Unherd. Sometimes even about Scotland, Indy, Yousaf, etc. As the man said, it’s a great gift tae see oorsels as ithers see us.

  151. Mark Beggan says:

    A Transgender is a man who is so afraid of Women that he wants to be one to have their power.

  152. aLurker says:

    So obviously the gormless woman in blue is Deputy First Minister of Scotland Shona Robison.

    So who is the SNP Fat’n Baldie bloke?

  153. Republicofscotland says:


    The released info on the spying is a “limited hangout”, which means the info (mostly true, but much more is hidden) given to the media so as to give the media outlet in this case (Forbidden Stories) a sense credibility Forbidden Stories has deep ties with Bellingcat.

    The founder of Forbidden Stories attended several Integrity Initiative meetings.

  154. Shug says:

    Brand was a bit of a scum bag with regard to andrew Sach’ daughter, or was it grand daughter.

    Si for me the jury is out

  155. Lenny Hartley says:

    Ian B and Dorothy, was there early had to leave about twoish to get back to Arran ,
    Never met anybody I knew apart from fleeting acquaintances like Donald Anderson for the first time at a Rally/ March for at least twenty years.
    Pretty disappointed in turn out. Although enjoyed my couple of hours there and Kenny and Neils speeches were excellent.

  156. Republicofscotland says:

    Things are so bad for the Yousaf led SNP that the party has admitted paying folk ( a firm) to hand out leaflets and go door to door with them for the Rutherglen and Hamilton West by-election.

    Meanwhile BLiS bussed in folk from god knows where to do its leafleting in the area. However BLiS HQ in London will pay all expenses to helpers heading back to London or Liverpool.

  157. Stoker says:

    Geoff Anderson says on 17 September 2023 at 8:22 am:
    “How did this story stay secret for so long? Do the wealthy and powerful still enjoy the protection of the Police and Courts?”

    Anyone looking for a half-decent film to watch will not go far wrong with ‘Bombshell’ on Amazon Prime. It’s the true story about 3 women who bring down Rupert Murdoch’s FOX NEWS with sexual harassment cases. Very well acted all round. Runs for almost 2-hours but worth it. And no overbearing background music, which is a rarity these days.

  158. Confused says:

    Main, you are one queer (in the old sense, hopefully) “nationalist” if you are one; always seeing problems, the negative or bleating on about the EU, which is as a pimple to the pancreatic cancer of the UK …

    ALBA and Alex Salmond can try this –

    what a slogan.

    – but too soon?

    Sandy Brindley in her Diplock Sex Courts will not approve. Dana Scullivelli holds a lace handkerchief to her brow, swooning …

    And this Russell Brand stuff, er … well, we don’t know do we; but being a coincidence theorist I note the BBC did a hatchet job on Andrew Tate the other night. You see it, the pattern – you piss off the powerful, you become a threat – boom ! – Assange, Salmnd, Sheridan and now Tate (because the young lads listen to him) and Brand who has maybe overstepped the mark on his youtube podcasts – maybe covid, or elite paedos, the arms industry, the eastern war.

    – it’s always sex smears. When you read some books or have a long memory, all you can remember are the fingerprints – Harold Wilson was banging his secretary Marcia Falkender who spied for rusha, and the Jeremy Thorp scandal; on the flipside they promote “deviants” knowing they have total control over them due to blackmail.

  159. Dan says:

    @ Confused

    “It’s always sex smears”…

    Eurythmics – Sex Crime 1984…

  160. 100%Yes says:

    Its gotten so bad for the SNP that the party is hiring workers on zero-hour contracts to drop leaflets in Rutherglen and Hamilton West by-election.

    Changed days from having a army of 125.000 volunteers to having to pay for a service people gave freely.

    Is Sturgeon really worth destroying the SNP and Independence?

  161. Dan says:

    100%Yes says: at 6:00 pm

    Is Sturgeon really worth destroying the SNP and Independence?

    The two are now clearly very separate things. If Sturgeon and her cabal were so astute and packed with political acumen and genuinely wanted to progress the cause of Scotland returning to self-governing status, then how has her and her mates’ antics helped the cause by going after Salmond, and also implementing no end of flawed and crap policies the majority of Scots don’t agree with, thus splitting what once was a pretty unified Indy movement.
    So either they fucked up big time because their antics produced a very different result from what was planned (highly doubtful), or it was deliberate and things have played out exactly as was planned.
    Either way they are clearly not capable of progressing the cause of Scotland returning to self-governance and we need them to get tae fuck sharpish.

  162. 100%Yes says:


    Its was deliberate, even how she still in charge pulling all the strings.

  163. Ruby says:

    @ Confused

    “It’s always sex smears”…

    What else could it be?

    If it were anything else you would need some hard evidence.

    How can you prove rape attempted rape or sexual abuse especially between a couple who have/had an on going sexual relationship?

    What is rape, attempted rape & sexual abuse I’m a bit lost.

    Anyway this is mainly a problem for men. No idea why there are so many men who don’t see that.

    It’s going to get a lot worse for you guys when misogyny becomes a hate crime.
    I doubt that will every see the light of day but you never know.

    David Hannah is correct you need a male MeToo movement.

  164. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Interesting Twitter/’X’ ‘space’ discussion on right now, about R&HW.

    Seem to be mainly unionist speakers contributors so far but the host has appealed for R&HW residents to contribute.

    Go to your Twitter main page, the link should be top-right, thereabouts.

  165. Dan says:

    @ 100%Yes

    Well seeing as it’s so difficult to state what’s been going on without getting nicked, one ponders if there might be a Scottish version of the Toynbee Tile Phenomenon playing out at some point to disseminate pertinent political information to the masses.
    NB. Obviously not in ULEZ areas natch, as they will have heavy CCTV coverage. 😉

    Back in the day before padlocks on bridges was de rigueur, lovers used to carve their initials into the bark of trees. I heard the Alphabetties’ identities had been carved into the bark of a tree which had a preservation order on it.
    Some cheeky Banksy stylée behaviour with a battery Dremmel causing no end of dilemmas!

  166. Ian Brotherhood says:

    This is where the R&HW ‘space’ can be accessed – possible to contribute via tweets, no pressure to speak.

  167. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Wings already quoted – yesterday’s article, and the tweet suggesting Givens for Glenrothes…

    Looks like a few Wingers are ‘listening’.


  168. Breeks says:

    Dan says:
    17 September, 2023 at 6:24 pm
    100%Yes says: at 6:00 pm

    “Is Sturgeon really worth destroying the SNP and Independence?”

    The two are now clearly very separate things…

    I’d agree 100% that somebody is pulling the strings, but not an inept dunce like Sturgeon.

    “Stooge” is about the only job description which fits her like a glove. Humza seems uncannily similar. What are the odds eh?

    To catch the mole, or moles plural, you’d need a forensic review of who’s name(s) keep cropping up whenever these kamikaze forays into vote-losing absurdity get suggested. The “great” source for so many bad ideas. Who is that? Name names. But don’t get your hopes up, because frankly, there’s nobody left in the SNP hierarchy with the necessary acumen to work it out and ask the right questions. Those people have all been nobbled and ostracised.

    Look at the depth or detail in anything produced by the SNP in the last decade; anything, whether it’s strategy, policy or political literature. There is no great thinking behind any of it. Nothing. It is ALL superficial and vacuous, and totally devoid of substance or commitment.

    It is not a flippant exaggeration to say it might all have been written by school kid, except a reasonably bright and motivated School kid would probably have done a much better job. But I don’t think it was written by a school kid. I think it was written by a fraud.

    If you want a crazy parallel, let me assume you’re not a Tory, but let’s say somebody has put you in charge of writing the Tory strategy and political narrative for the next Election. (Or decade in the SNP’s case). You are thus “one of us” working as “one of them”.

    Now ask yourself, how much effort, diligence and enthusiasm would you have for doing it, and would you include anything you thought might actually work and further the interests of Toryism?

    I give you the SNP’s strategy for Independence; the most persuasive case for Independence which the dark forces of Unionism could dream up and articulate.

    There’s a quote attributed to Alexander the Great; ” I am not afraid of an army of lions led by a sheep; I am afraid of an army of sheep led by a lion.”

    In 2014, we were led by such a lion.

    But in 2023, we seem to be lions led by sheep alright, but curious sheep who seem able to defy political gravity, are immune scrutiny and criticism, and will not listen to our frustrations.

    If they are answering to someone, it is neither the Independence Movement nor the Electorate. So who do they answer to?

  169. Dorothy Devine says:

    Lenny, I enjoyed those too but saw no kent faces.And yes it was a disappointing turn out , I’m sure the police enjoyed their very easy day.

  170. Robert Louis says:

    Re: Lord Cooper, MacCormick Vs. Lord Advocate, Court of Session, Edinburgh 1953.

    Here is a link below to the FULL legal text from that case, including, the following gem from Lord Cooper, the Lord President,

    QUOTE “..The principle of the unlimited sovereignty of Parliament is a distinctively English principle which has no counterpart in Scottish constitutional law. It derives its origin from Coke and Blackstone, and was widely popularised during the nineteenth century by Bagehot and Dicey, the latter having stated the doctrine in its classic form in his Law of the Constitution. Considering that the Union legislation extinguished the Parliaments of Scotland and England and replaced them by a new Parliament, I have difficulty in seeing why it should have been supposed that the new Parliament of Great Britain must inherit all the peculiar characteristics of the English Parliament but none of the Scottish Parliament, as if all that happened in 1707 was that Scottish representatives were admitted to the Parliament of England. That is not what was done.”

    Direct link

  171. John Main says:

    @Dan 7:24

    Scottish roads are hoaching with potholes.

    That should make the placing of Scottish Toynbee Tiles a lot easier. The preparation work has already been done.

    Hopefully make the messages on the tiles easier to decipher. Maybes produce variants in Gaelic, Scots & English.

  172. Captain Yossarian says:

    Robert Louis – I was watching Antiques Roadshow an hour ago and it said that Robert Burns was the most respected Scot that ever lived and I don’t think many of us would disagree with that. He lived in the late 1700’s. How come the 1707 Act of Union (or whatever it is called) never vexed him? Not in the slightest. He never bothered his shirt about it and never wrote about it once. Yet a good number of the modern Nationalist movement seem to be fixated by it?

  173. Johnlm says:

    Who wrote ‘ Such a parcel of rogues in a nation’?

  174. sarah says:

    “Such a Parcel of Rogues in a Nation”. A heartfelt piece by Robert Burns describing the disaster that was the Act of Union.

  175. Captain Yossarian says:

    Such a parcel of Rogues in a Nation refers to the Darian Scheme. So, he wrote about not never, but once. It appears in these pages twenty times every day.

  176. Captain Yossarian says:

    I just looked up Parcel of Rogues in a Nation and how many works Burns produced and it was 550No. One of that number was about the Darian Scheme. All the rest were about other things that were going-on at the time. Like we spend a few days talking about Ally McCoist then another few days talking about Russell Brand. The 1707 Act of Union though is on a perpetual repeating loop here.

  177. John Main says:

    @Captain Yossarian

    It’s innarestin to read the list of Scots who sold out Scotland in 1707, to restore with English gold the fortunes they had lost in the Darien Scheme. Every one of them landed and/or titled aristocracy.

    Compare and contrast them with the Scots who have sold out our present-day riches, renewable wind power, for example. Most of them self-id-ing as working class, although probably in fact, lower middle class. Certainly not an aristo in sight.

    Betrayal is so much more down market these days.

    Still, you have to admire democracy. Nobody voted for the 1707 tractors, but a majority of us voted for their modern equivalents.

  178. twathater says:

    Is that you admitting John Moan that you voted for the current lot of incompetent venal thieves, so all your abusive accusations and negativity is merely a distraction to divert attention away from your participation in our misery

    At least I have the satisfaction of knowing I did not contribute to our misery by voting for this scum and Humza the yooseless will never be my first minister

  179. Robert Louis says:

    Oh dear, dimwits who do not know Scottish literature, posting idiot comments about Robert Burns. He only wrote about The haggis once, did that mean he didn’t mean it? He only wrote about Tam o Shanter once, did that mean he didn’t mean it? My goodness for anybody to try to imply that somehow Robert Burns was not vexed by the union treaty of 1707 between Scotland and England of 1707, is beyond laughable. Have you never heard of ‘Scots wha hae’? I wonder what that’s about, FFS!

    As regards why the treaty of union is still spoken about so much, is simply because it is still in place, and is the only document which gives the Westminster Parliament authority over Scottish matters. Without it, Scotland is independent.

    I would have thought all of the above was pretty obvious – although those working against Scottish democracy and independence, are usually those who are the least informed about such matters. Typically, in my experience, they have swallowed English lies about the treaty, the ‘union’, Scottish culture and history. When presented with FACTS, it comes as something of a shock to them.

  180. Alf Baird says:

    John Main @ 11:26 pm

    “Nobody voted for the 1707 tractors, but a majority of us voted for their modern equivalents”

    Another rather simplistic notion, like ‘show us the money’. In following the money I would rather search for Fanon’s insights from within a society in the decolonization process, and in which:

    “The national middle class take up the old traditions of colonialism, while the unions…mobilize tens of thousands of members. The peasants confronted with this national middle class and these workers, who, after all, can eat their fill, look on, shrugging their shoulders; and they shrug their shoulders because they know very well that both sides look on them as a make-weight. The unions, the parties or the government in a kind of immoral Machiavellian fashion all make use of the peasant masses as a blind, inert tactical force: brute force as it were.”

    This “immoral Machiavellian” alliance between the national middle class, government and the unions can be seen in the Holyrood budget every year which pays for the continued support of the mostly public sector unions – from civil servants, to doctors and nurses, teachers, police, railway and ferry workers etc – all of whom have recently agreed their pay rises. And meantime the lumpen proletariat ‘shrug their shoulders’, as they head for foodbanks and struggle to pay the rent.

    What we see is that, “inside the nationalist parties, the will to break colonialism is linked with another quite different will: that of coming to a friendly agreement with it. Within these parties, the two processes will sometimes continue side by side.”

  181. Ruby says:

    I didn’t get any help with my question re rape, attempted rape & sexual assault.

    Maybe everyone is like me and don’t know what any of these words mean.

    Could this be why juryless trials are needed?

    It’s a big problem for men because they could commit rape, attempted rape & sexual assault without knowing it.

    No problem for women. Women hold all the cards. Suckers!

    If men decide as David Hannah has suggested form a ‘Real Men won’t Wheesht’ ‘Let Real Men Speak’ or whatever you might decide to call your group I will support you.

    If you start a crowd funder for a hut, tree house or campervan I will donate. I will even donate a few pizzas. No quiches as I understand you don’t eat quiche.

    PS I will still be using the male face cloth to clean the bath if I get pissed off.

  182. Mac says:

    I’m no fan of Galloway but he is bang on the money here…

    “Assange, Salmond and NOW Brand”

    Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me.

    Well now it is Fool me five, six, umpteen times…

    Just how many times will the moronic general public swallow this load of shit.

    Interestingly I see many of the doe eyed sturgeon drones who smeared Salmond endlessly (and still do) are now championing Lucy Letby… I think just because she is a female.

    All this woke poison of which ‘me too’ is very much a central plank is just a way to take out political voices like Salmond, like Assange, like Brand, like many others now. And if that does not work call them an anti-$emite… it is so obvious and it is so out of control at this point.

    Tyranny is what tyranny does and this is tyranny.

    Where are the big investigative pieces on Epstein’s client list by the same papers doing big investigations into Russell Brand…

    ‘Me too’ is just a way to subvert ‘innocent until proven guilty’ and make it ‘guilty even when proven innocent’.

    Watch the Galloway video, he explains why Brand is being taken out now. He was becoming hugely popular with a reach far beyond newspapers like the Times… and most of the mainstream media.

    As for what Galloway says about RFK Jr being denied Secret service protection during his presidential campaign by Joe B-iden… I knew about it already but Galloway articulates just how outrageous that decision was, how disgusting it is, it is astonishing.

  183. stuart mctavish says:

    Alf Baird @8:16

    Bit funny for TS to complain about ratio of private to state educated lords after supporting Humza to be his own leader so agree about potential nu/old labour style mixed messaging.

    Having slept on it, I reckon your own cheeky take merits serious consideration though since the institution, as is, can provide a ready made oversight environment and appropriate home for any post indy conventions of the estates/ separations of power.

    Better yet, if negotiated well, current members will probably be delighted to assist – even if only for a 50 year transion period aka Hong Kong – rather than risk being shut out completely (as the supreme court must be)

  184. John Main says:

    @twathater 2:35


  185. Captain Yossarian says:

    Robert Louis – That’s me been called a dimwit and an idiot. What I said was that Robert Burns was probably the greatest ever Scotsman and he hadn’t written about the 1707 Treaty of Union once. Someone came back to me and said he did write about it once and you came back and said he wrote about it twice. So, that’s twice out of 550No works by Robert Burns. He didn’t mention the 1707 Treaty of Union mind-you, but I’ll admit he came close enough. I doesn’t suggest to me that it kept him awake at night though. Do you think it keeps Stuart Campbell awake at night or Alex Salmond or Kenny MacAskill?

  186. Ruby says:

    Warning post contains swearing & adult content.

    Is rape divided up into categories like murder?

    1st degree rape – that would be when a stranger drags a women into the bushes and rapes her.

    That is what my uninformed mind considers to be rape.

    Germaine Greer talks about her rape as ‘just a fuck’

    Is that fair?

    Could one of the degrees of rape be ‘just a fuck’

    I’m thinking about a ‘rape’ that happens after a woman has had many earth moving fucks from her ‘rapist’. Would the one she considers rape be just another fuck?

    As for sexual assault it seems that could be anything a woman decides it is.

    Self-identified sexual assault?

    All this has to be sorted out if we want to see population growth.

    Soz for going off topic. Please ignore me and carry on talking about poetry if you feel that is more innarestin’.

    To a Louse
    O wad some Pow’r the giftie gie us
    To see oursels as ithers see us!

    Sometimes I crack myself up! 🙂

  187. Ruby says:

    Mac says:
    18 September, 2023 at 8:37 am

    I’m no fan of Galloway but he is bang on the money here…

    “Assange, Salmond and NOW Brand”

    Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me.


    I’m wondering if the law has been designed not for women in mind but more to trap dissenters?

  188. John Main says:

    Alf Baird

    Sometimes simplistic notions can be very powerful. Just saying.

    I agree with the idea that there is now a huge and entrenched block of citizens whose comfortable sinecures depend on not rocking the boat. Because many of them have their sticky hands on the purse strings, they can legislate themselves pay rises to compensate for the mess their policies make.

    Some politicians are calling this the Blob, or even the Swamp.

    It’s worse in Scotland because we have more citizens clamped to the public teat – from memory, around a third of all jobs. In England & Wales, around a quarter.

    My only solution is to grow new grass roots political parties, represented wholly by people who don’t come from these groups. It’s a sad fact though that any attempt to do so would be assaulted on all sides by critics claiming that their favourite special-interest group was not represented, and thus some “ism” would be asserted. Just imagine trying to grow a popular political movement in Scotland that refused to engage with the Public Sector unions.

    Over in Europe, plenty of countries have grown new political parties in recent years, and a number of these “fringe” movements are now close to or already in power. So we have plenty of evidence that this can be done. Sometimes quite quickly.

  189. desimond says:

    Been seeing mad off-topic posts on Wings for so many years now and Ive always managed to just scroll by…until today.

    Anyone who thinks this Cartoon is the right place to start pinging their conspiracy theories on Rape…please go take a good look at yourselves.

  190. Breeks says:

    Captain Yossarian says:
    17 September, 2023 at 10:09 pm
    Such a parcel of Rogues in a Nation refers to the Darian Scheme…

    No it doesn’t.

    ” Fareweel to a’ our Scottish fame,
    Fareweel our ancient glory,
    Fareweel ev’n to the Scottish name,
    Sae fam’d in martial story…”

    The poem is unequivocally about the Treaty of Union, and the corrupt pieces of shit who betrayed our Nation for money to make it happen, or “hireling tr-ai-to-r’s wages”, as Burns aptly described it.

    The tre-aso-n is in taking the money to betray Scotland. It doesn’t matter how it’s dressed up or excused.

    The Darien Scheme is irrelevant mitigation at it’s kindest best, that is, if tre-ach-ery can ever be mitigated.

    Mitigated? I’d have marched the bastards to the gallows, and forfeited their lands and estates to the nation, just like what happened to the Jacobites who backed Auld Scotland and Charles Stewart.

    Scotland is traditionally far too tolerant of it’s betrayers. You’d think we’d have learned by now.

  191. Ruby says:

    desimond says:
    18 September, 2023 at 9:35 am

    Been seeing mad off-topic posts on Wings for so many years now and Ive always managed to just scroll by…until today.

    Anyone who thinks this Cartoon is the right place to start pinging their conspiracy theories on Rape…please go take a good look at yourselves.

    Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da

    You got a borrow in the marketplace selling carrots Desmond?

  192. Ruby says:

    desimond says:
    18 September, 2023 at 9:35 am

    Been seeing mad off-topic posts on Wings for so many years now and Ive always managed to just scroll by…until today.

    I don’t agree Desmond. The maddest off-topic posts on Wings were the ‘sinking school’ posts.

  193. Ruby says:

    What about Scott Ritter?

  194. John Main says:


    The landed aristocracy who sold out Scotland in 1707 did so because the Darien Scheme had bankrupted them.

    We can speculate forever if they would have needed the money if Darien had never happened. Maybes they would have still wanted to double their original fortunes, but I hae ma doots.

    Kinda chicken and egg I suppose. I don’t think events happen in isolation, so I choose to believe the consensus view – Darien precipitated The Union.

  195. Breeks says:

    In a letter dated August 26, 1787, Burns wrote: “This morning I knelt at the tomb of Sir John the Graham, the gallant friend of the immortal Wallace; and two hours ago I said a fervent prayer for old Caledonia over the hole in a blue whinstone, where Robert de Bruce fixed his royal standard on the banks of Bannockburn.”

    On April 10, 1790, Burns wrote: “I have long said to my self, what are the advantages Scotland reaps from this so called Union, that can counterbalance the annihilation of her independence and her very name?”

    Hardly the words of a Unionist, written a mere five years after the repeal of 1746 Dress Act which held the penalty of the first offence for wearing a kilt was six months’ imprisonment, or a second offence transportation to the colonies for seven years.

    With persecution of the Highlanders ongoing, and the Highland Clearances ongoing, do you really think Robert Burns could afford to be an outspoken Independentist in occupied Scotland amidst it’s ongoing subjugation and anglicisation? Maybe Andy Murray can explain it to you.

    Or if you’re still swithering, there’s a 1790 song by Burns, The White Cockade.

    ” I’ll sell my rock, my reel, my tow,
    My gude gray mare and hawkit cow;
    To buy mysel a tartan plaid,
    To follow the boy wi the White Cockade.

    I take it you do know what the White Cockade, the Jacobite Rose, actually stood for?

    Personally, I think the repeal of the 1746 Dress Act in 1782 is perhaps a sign that the bitterest colonial attitudes towards Auld Scotland were softening, and wordsmiths like Burns could be more radical in what they could write.

  196. Sven says:

    Desimond @ 09.35

    Just a general (off topic) personal thought, Desimond. I’ve always enjoyed the wide latitude of subjects and discussion WoS permits us. And, like yourself, there are folk and subjects I just skim by.
    Not a great challenge, really.

  197. Captain Yossarian says:

    Ruby I put up the sinking school posts. The point of these posts was that this wouldn’t have happened pre-Holyrood when the civil-service worked properly and things just got done.

    So, the collapsing school is analogous to the collapsing government. It’s been in the press a few times now.

    Maybe it is collapsing? Is it more relevant to more people than Russell Brand or 1707?

  198. John Main says:

    I would be careful of lumping Brand with Assange and Salmond.

    The latter two are serious people with serious ideas. Brand is a lightweight eejit.

    Quite frankly, if our ruling elites really do believe the likes of Brand present them with a serious threat, then they must be orders of magnitude weaker than anybody realises.

  199. John Main says:

    Naw, the maddest off topic posts were about running cars on water.

  200. Bortwhiskels says:

    David Hannah, 17 September, 2023 at 11:40 am said
    “I think that we should change the law so that the man’s identity is anonymous in sexual allegations until charged and proven in a court of law. It’s not fair.”

    Ruby 18 September, 2023 at 9:12 am said
    “I’m wondering if the law has been designed not for women in mind but more to trap dissenters?”

    Having spent a day last week reading the memorandum of The Victims, Witnesses, and Justice Reform (Scotland) Bill and a further evening writing a response to it, there is no mention of any kind of anonymity for the accused and it proposes an automatic lifetime (and mentions the possibility of beyond even that) anonymity for complainers. Much of it reads to me as a mechanism to make sure the next time the Scottish government tries to stitch someone up on sex charges they go to jail no question asked.

  201. Ruby says:

    Misogynistic hate crime? Another law designed to trap more dissenters?

    Charged with hate crime against the female first minister of Scotland? Treason aka Misogynistic hate crime

    No hate crime for misandry?

    Misogynistic hate crime principally designed to protect the right sort of female politicians.

    Rape without trial does it for the wrong sort of male politician.

  202. Ruby says:

    Captain Yossarian says:
    18 September, 2023 at 10:23 am

    Ruby I put up the sinking school posts.

    Oh yeah! I thought the poster was called Cameron Brodie.

  203. Breastplate says:

    Come now Breeks,
    Burns was obviously well on board with the Union and the riches it would bring Scotland as his poems show, just as Wallace’s last words were “Show us the fucking money?”
    Both awful Unionists,really.

  204. Captain Yossarian says:

    Ruby – It’s being decided upon this week. It may have been done already.

    It’s a lesson for all that the last thing you do in engineering is introduce a number of over-promoted, vapid, middle-aged women.

    I know that you’re not vapid, or middle-aged, or over-promoted. Ruby’s the expert.

    Jesus wept.

  205. sam says:

    “Ruby I put up the sinking school posts.”

    Oh yeah?

    In 2013 the UK government was alerted by a senior civil servant that some 300 to 400 schools in England needed replaced because of RAAC.

    In 2018 in a primary school in England part os a roof collapsed. the need to replace schools had become critical.

    The response from UK government was that money would be available for 100 schools to be replaced.

    In 2021, Sunak, the Chancellor cut the funding to enable 50 schools to be replaced.

  206. Dan says:

    Captain Yossarian says: at 11:17 am

    It’s a lesson for all that the last thing you do in engineering is introduce a number of over-promoted, vapid, middle-aged women.

    Could you please clarify if the issue with these women was in the planning and design stage, or just in the aftermath once the potential issues with the groundwork foundations were identified?

    It’s just that to me that whole school project design was a comprised piece of shit putting form over function. A proper engineer regardless of their sex might not have even entertained building a school in that design style in the first place. Especially when it was funded through taxpayers’ cash and would be a build and maintenance nightmare due to the arty farty design aspects it incorporated.
    Smaller scale but so similar to the Scottish Parliament build in many ways…

  207. Captain Yossarian says:

    Sam – This is my last post for the day. RAAC concrete exists in Scottish schools too. Similarly, “Grenfell” cladding exists all over the UK. The sinking school, as I said to Ruby half an hour ago, is uniquely Scottish. It will be determined this week and that is done by experts. It’s either sinking or it’s not sinking? Usually, things like that are determined within a couple of weeks or months. At Holyrood, it takes 9-years. Is this more important than Russell Brand? No – In Ruby’s world it’s not.

  208. Xaracen says:

    John Main said;

    “Darien precipitated The Union.”

    Darien did not precipitate the Union, it merely provided the English establishment with another convenient lever to manipulate the Scots. It already had several other levers, English troops along the border, an English fleet laying off the Firth of Forth, the ‘equivalent’ which was essentially a bribe to those of the influential Scots parliamentarians who’d lost a fortune on Darien, and the offer of access for Scotland’s merchants to England’s colonies for trading purposes.

    What did precipitate the Union was the very real prospect of imminent war with England, courtesy of the English parliament setting a deadline for Scotland to agree to negotiate the Union, with an explicit threat of war if it failed to meet that deadline.

    England had several key reasons for wanting the Union. One was over the succession to the two crowns of Scotland and England, as the English establishment had their own successor in mind and didn’t want the Scots choosing someone else, as they were fully entitled to do. On top of that, England was in serious debt because of the wars it had been fighting all over Europe, so its second key motivation for the Union was getting Scottish taxes to help England pay its debts.

    At the time, Scots didn’t pay anything like as much in taxes compared to the English, so to boost that income to England, the Treaty ladled on many more taxes on the Scots than they were used to. The English establishment was therefore clearly aware that Scotland had not been bankrupted by Darien, or this policy would have been pointless madness!

    The one-off ‘equivalent’ from England was also ‘supposed’ to help the Scots pay their new taxes. Yeah, right. It was a small price to pay for the endless income it could expect from Scots taxation.

    Scotland had no national debt, but England’s was crippling it.

    Another key reason England wanted the Union was to minimise the risk of Scotland becoming a back door for foreign invaders looking to carry England’s wars into England itself, as that had been a long-standing concern.

  209. Captain Yossarian says:

    Dan – This is definitely my last post. It was a construction mistake. Identify the mistake and fix it. Claim “Professional Indemnity Insurance” which covers an honest mistake made by a professional, and it’s finished. Mistakes in engineering happen all over the world and this is how you fix them.

    This is like Watergate in a way. The original crime (for want of a better word) was relatively minor. It’s the cover-up that been so damaging and of course because it’s been covered-up, insurance will no longer pay and so either the City Council and/or Scotgov will end-up paying. Hence, it’s all hands to the pumps at the moment.

    As I understand it, the original decision to ignore the whistle-blower was made by a woman at the Council. Since then, other women at the Council and other women at Holyrood have leapt to her defence. I have worked in engineering for decades and I have never actually worked with a woman. My guess is that sometimes women aren’t wired for engineering. Women at six-inch centres at the moment.

    It’s like putting petrol into a diesel car. It won’t work no matter who you are and it’s the same for this building. It just contains a flaw which is impossible to fix, impossible even to inspect and which is causing it to deform. The investigation is pretty well advanced now and the cover-up cannot continue. The women have had a lesson in engineering.

  210. David Hannah says:

    Kevin Spacey, Pascal Mendy and Nathan Greenwood.

    Innocent men. Not guilty. Not rapists. And Russell Brand is also. An Innocent man.

    Jess Phillips. Have a listen to times Radio phone in. Times radio are upset that so many of us are saying the allegations are complete lies.

    They are giving him the alphabetty treatment. Next the Scottish Government puppet entity and ran by trans male. Miridul Whadawa will be coming out and saying that “His behaviour has triggered him. If only he’d been a better man!”

    Seeing Johnny Depp restore his reputation against Amber Heard. Who went to extreme lengths to to ruin his life and failed.

    And then there’s the girl in Birmingham that took a hammer to her own eyes, to pretend she was a victim of sex trafficking by innocent Muslim men. Unbelievable!

    We’ve seen it all.

    And now the 79 charges against Donald trump. Who are they kidding?

    E Jean Carroll. She says she likes rape. She finds rape sexy… She claims he raped her in a dressing changing room in bloomingdales. Listen to that court case. It suck bollocks.

  211. David Hannah says:

    Women: Adult Human Females. If only Nicola Sturgeon’s behaviour was more becoming, then Isla Bryson, double rapist wouldn’t have been sent to the female jail.

    If I hear her coming out against Russell Brand or the SNP. I’m going to have to remind her of this.

    Nicola. The destroyer of women’s rights.

  212. David Hannah says:

    And the way she destroyed David Goodwillies life. Getting her demented pal Val McDermid to play out her own sick and deparaved fantasy novel with Raith Rovers.

    And then Jordan Linden… SNP sex pest. Drove Clyde football club from their home in Cumbernauld and cancelled David Goodwillie’s future. Never charged in a criminal court.

    But Nicola’s allowed to keep reminding you of his behaviour. He must apologise so that implies guilt so he can be charged in a criminal court.

    We must oppose the juryless trials. Let’s call it what it is.

    The the alphabettie act. To protect Woman H and the rest of the cabal that have escaped justice for too long.

    Time for Male Me Too!

  213. TURABDIN says:

    People may bend their backs beneath a system, that does not mean compliance, simply the need to survive to maybe fight another day when an opportunity may present itself, and to take such an advantage heads need still to be on shoulders.
    The Union eventually did bring «peace» to Scotland. That is the way of imperial systems, the sword followed by the equivalent of a nice chat over a cup of tea and cupcakes.
    Now, isn’t that so much better than all that nasty sword stuff, mother Britannia said softly.

  214. Anton Decadent says:

    With regard to anonymity for people either accused of or making accusations of rape, the men who were convicted of prostituting and/or having sex with underage girls in the Operation Cerrar case in Glasgow were all granted lifelong anonymity. Every single one of them were either an asylum seeker or someone who has been granted asylum.

  215. Dan says:

    Regardless of my views that the style and layout of the school is an overly and needlessly complex and therefore costly design for reasons already stated, plus I’ll throw in its compromised ability to retrofit later in the building’s life due to original building structure constraints. It wasn’t really a construction mistake unless the build erred from the the original as planned engineering construction that would have been passed as okay and suitable for the specific ground it was to be built on.
    But it sounds like proper ground surveys of the site which should have been completed prior to the formation of the structural engineering design plans for the building being drawn up and passed, failed to identify this supposed issue with groundwater aquifers.

    Even when building a small extension on a house, building control regulations ensure the proposed foundations for the build are appropriate for the specific ground type as there are differing ground standards. Therefore the foundation specifications can vary in size and strength so they are suitable and able to cope with the structural loads the proposed building structure will exert into the ground.

    My understanding is that as project manager for the build, once foundation construction was underway, you noticed and had concerns that the ground the school was being built on had previously unidentified characteristics that should have necessitated a stop to the work and reassessment of site in case structural design alterations to the build were required.
    No rush for response, I’m heading out now myself.

  216. akenaton says:

    Lightweight concrete was used for a reason, to lower the cost of the loadbearing beams and trusses in these “modern” spaces. They can hardly be described as buildings.
    After sixty years in the trade I am amazed to see perfectly good pre war schools and houses being demolished to be replaced by what Tom Paxton used to refer to as Ticky-Tacky.
    It is supposed to be about interior space, but we of a certain age got our space not in our classrooms but on the playing field, the dance hall or the youth club.
    Good building can still be erected but it means human beings and skills learned, the old men who taught me had a real pride in what they were constructing and in most cases that pride and application was transferred to the next generation through apprenticeship. Our young folks have swallowed the media “Kool aid” they don’t want to get their hands dirty and no longer posses the concentration to learn anything which is not available through a mobile phone.

    It appears to me that lack of sovereignty is not the problem facing us, rather media inspired stupidity and weakness.

  217. akenaton says:

    Breeks says.

    “Scotland has always been too tolerant of its betrayers”

    Just been reading up about the dreadful massacres which occurred in my own county of Argyll between Campbells and Lamonts, much worse than the Glencoe massacre signed off and partially conducted by Scots.
    Additionally the Chief of Clan Maclachlan killed at Culloden while fighting for “The White Cockade” and having had his lands forfeited, were returned to his successors in short order by the Marquis of Argyll the biggest Scottish betrayer of all.

    History tells us that there is often a thin line between betrayers and betrayed.

  218. Breeks says:

    Xaracen says:
    18 September, 2023 at 12:06 pm
    John Main said;

    “Darien precipitated The Union.”

    Darien did not precipitate the Union, it merely provided the English establishment with another convenient lever to manipulate the Scots…

    It was much worse than that… It was the English Establishment, from the King down, and notably the East India Company who orchestrated the failure of Darien scheme by forcing and coercing investors to withdraw, blacklisting trade, and any ship who tried to help and support the colony.

    A ship from the colony even sailed to the Jamaican city of Port Royal for desperate assistance, but it was refused on the orders of the English government, who “feared antagonising the Spanish”.

    The most bizarre inconsistency about the English roll in the failure of Darien was that “somehow” Scotland was coerced into a Union with the one nation who had done it’s level best to destroy Scotland’s interests.

    It is further disgusting that Unionists now portray the malign interference undermining the Darien Scheme was somehow a frailty on the part of Scotland, where a “noble and benevolent” England came to the rescue. That’s akin to Count Dracula rushing forward to be your blood donor.

    I’m sure that makes this the fourth or the fifth time this Darien Scheme disinformation has been debunked here on Wings, but here we go again, the same old crap is rehashed again and again and again.

  219. John Main says:

    @Breastplate says:18 September, 2023 at 11:01 am

    Wallace’s last words were “Show us the fucking money?”

    Cool, I see I am in illustrious company.

    But I’ll set my gas at a low peep. Wallace’s unquiet shade has been waiting 718 years for an answer.

    Only fair I should be prepared to wait a wee bittie too.

  220. Captain Yossarian says:

    Dan – A Soil Investigation Report is done and it identifies the specific ground conditions before any design work is started. It identified artesian layers, which you and I might refer to as running sand. It’s the same thing.

    It said that the ground was strong enough, but only just and only if kept dry. If the ground was allowed to get wet, the strength would drop by more than 50%, making it unsuitable. It said: “Don’t dig deeply into the ground whatever you do and make sure the ground is kept dry”.

    The design engineer said to me: “There’s no use piling this building because the piles will go through the artesian layers and block them, you’ll end up with water all over the place and the piles will sink”.

    I agreed with him on that.

    What he then said was: “I want you to treat the ground like a spring which is holding up the weight of the building. Don’t dig deeply into the ground anywhere or you will block the artesian layers, flood the site and the spring will start to collapse, bringing the building down with it”.

    I agreed with him on that as well.

    What happened was the Contractor dug 5m into the ground, straight across the site, looking for contamination. It must have taken him a couple of days to do that. He filled it back in again with clay which blocked all of the artesian layers. He did this while I was on holiday and when I returned the land was ‘boiling’ which means that water was upwelling from the subsurface layers. It is sometimes called “heave”.

    Should they have stopped at this point to get the design checked? I think they should have and that was the bone of contention.

    That’s the problem, Dan.

    Other than that, it’s a well built school. It just, as I said, contains a crucial flaw that is presently causing the land to sink but ergo, because the foundations are shallow, it will cause the building to sink too. Maybe it is happening and they just haven’t noticed it?

    If you recall, it was reviewed by 40No experts from the American Society of Civil Engineers who said exactly as I am saying now. It’s an exceptionally rare problem and I’ve never heard of it happening to a major public building before. So, maybe it’s unique, certainly in the UK.

    The only way engineering works is if you communicate. Don’t sack whistle-blowers. Listen to them because they are usually right. Personally speaking, I have yet to come across anyone who complained about something and was wrong. Sometimes they exaggerate, or they think something is more dangerous than it is but I have yet to come across anyone who makes a very specific concern known, as I did, and gets it entirely wrong.

    What do you think? You and I agree on some things and disagree on others, it’s probably about 50/50?, but my expectation is that you will agree with me on this?

    It was in the Sunday Mail a fortnight ago. Not the on-line version and so I cannot direct you to it. I haven’t even seen it myself, but I was told by the journalist that it appeared on page 11.

  221. John Main says:

    @Breeks says:18 September, 2023 at 1:57 pm

    It is further disgusting that Unionists now portray the malign interference undermining the Darien Scheme was somehow a frailty on the part of Scotland


    So all of this time, the “parcel of rogues” were who, exactly?

    I thought they were the villains of the piece. Now you’re making them out to be victims.

    Did Rabbie get it wrong? Or have we been mis-id-ing the rogues he was referring to?

  222. Xaracen says:

    Breeks said;

    “It was much worse than that… It was the English Establishment, from the King down, and notably the East India Company who orchestrated the failure of Darien scheme by forcing and coercing investors to withdraw, blacklisting trade, and any ship who tried to help and support the colony.”

    I was aware that Darien was deliberately sabotaged by the English establishment. I should have mentioned it, thanks for reminding me of it.

    I was focussing on refuting the ‘precipitation’ angle, since it wasn’t the key factor, which was the English parliament’s ultimatum.

  223. Stuart MacKay says:

    John Main,

    The wrapping on the “parcel of rogues” is still intact. If you sell out your country for financial gain then you should expect to pay a price. I wonder what the value of the reparations from the families involved should be?

  224. Breastplate says:

    John Main,
    I knew you would appreciate a wee shout out and I know you have a sense of humour because I’ve read pretty much everything you’ve written here but the idea you have to wait longer for answers to your questions is more than a bit disingenuous.

    All your questions that don’t need a crystal ball have been answered on numerous occasions and the use of logic will answer others but as I have said before, people will believe what is comfortable for them to believe.

    The very idea that your neighbouring country will put your country’s needs and wants before theirs is really quite delusional on quite a grand scale.
    But alas, people really are strange creatures.

  225. Chic McGregor says:


    Pete Seeger was the first to have a hit with the song but it was written by Malvina Reynolds (nee Milder).

  226. Ruby says:

    FAO The Real Men won’t wheesht Organisation

    Have you noticed that Nicola Sturgeon is cover by the misogynistic hate crime legislation.
    NB Helena Kennedy stated that she was delighted on work closely with NS on the MHC legislation.
    All while not knowing what a woman is.

    HoHumza covered by the race crime & anti muslim hate crime

    Green Patrick by homophobic hate crime.

    Herbert, Heather covered by gender reassignment,transphobic HC & FFS by misogynistic hate crime & maybe others.

    I have read that Herbert, Heather has a Holey Willie but don’t know about HH being a Holy Willie so may or may not be cover by the anti-muslim hate crime malarky. Nor do I know HH’s sexual preferences might be a lesbian and covered by homophobic HC.

    I know Herbert,Heather isn’t a politician but might be very soon.
    You know Herbert, Heather don’t you famous for claiming that saying ‘My vagina’ is wonderful.

    This is the important bit:

    You white,white,white agnostic straight pizza eaters are covered by nowt not even it would seem by the law of perjury.

    Good luck building yer tree hoose or hut. I reckon Dan is the man for that joab.

    Sorry aboot ma scots. The old hated Gaelic wis ma mithers tongue and I was brought up in teuchter land.
    (NB Nae schemes in teuchter land.)

    Nae worries I fuckin’ love learning new lingos.

    Am I correct in thinking that fuckin’ is a Scot’s adverb, pronoun, adjective, conjunction or maybe all of these things including your actual doing word aka a verb?

  227. James Che says:

    Succession to the Crown of England, France and Ireland,

    After the ” supposed” union of kingdoms the parliament of England extended the Englands parliament Act of settlement 1700 and acts of security—to Scotland.

    This was the parliament of England Act.


    Whereas by the happy union of England and Scotland, it is neccessary to make divers alterations in relation to an Act passed in England in the fort reign of her majesty, when God long preserve , intitled, an Act for better security of her majesties person and government and the to the Crown of England, in the protestant line,
    And to Extend the provision of the said Act throughout the whole kingdom.

    This information I found in trancribed in a EU article,
    What is interesting about this quote, is that the Crown succession in the Act of Settlement 1700 is to England, France and Ireland,

    Under the Westminster parliament it extended the English law of Crown to (Scotland, that was not included and was not part of the 1700 act of succession) to make it a seem like it had joined kingdoms,

    It is wise to note that Scotland did not have a king as ruling a kingdom under the monarch in Scotland during that time period, and the members of the Scottish 1707 parliament of the Three Estates were not “royalty or monarchs” of Scotland to join the two kingdoms of Scotland to England.

  228. Ruby says:

    Captain Yossarian says:
    18 September, 2023 at 11:17 am

    Ruby – It’s being decided upon this week. It may have been done already.

    It’s a lesson for all that the last thing you do in engineering is introduce a number of over-promoted, vapid, middle-aged women.

    I know that you’re not vapid, or middle-aged, or over-promoted. Ruby’s the expert.

    Jesus wept.

    Jesus, Joseph & Mary wept!

    Sometimes it’s hard to be a woman trying to keep herself off the naughty step

    Old Captian Yossarian of the sinking schools fame will be going on my SQP list. Although I suspect I’ll get a message saying “this is a duplicate entry Old Captian Yossarian is already on the SQP list.

    SQP = Scroll quickly past.

  229. James Che says:

    The old Scottish parliament were not monarchs Of Scotland nor had no authority To bargain away the kingdom of Scotland.

    Queen Anne was not officially queen of Scotland,, only queen of England, France and Ireland under the Act of settlement 1700 -1707.

    No one denies the monarch is monarch of England, France or Ireland here in Scotland.

    No one denies that the protestant line of religion to the succession to the throne/Crown of England, France and Ireland under the Act of Settlement of the English parliament of Westminster Acts of securities and the Country of England is thus.

    But we do deny that “with no monarch” residing in Scotland at the time of union the 1707 Scottish parliament had the (authority to act as monarch of the kingdom known as Scotland”

    Unlike England The old Scottish parliament ,in Scotland had no laws, Statutes or passed legislation on, “The Demise of the Crown” as The parliament of England has,

    It is clear that a presumption of “authority” had been made by the parliament of England that “Scots law on demise of the crown” in the parliament of Scotland was the same as Englands parliament.

    The old Scottish parliament held no such “passed law” to transfer the authority of a absent monarch and the kingdom to the parliament,

    The demise of the Crown is distinctly a English law.

  230. Ruby says:

    The only bit of history I’m interesting in at the moment is the French Revolution.

    I think we independence supporters need to study how they managed to overthrown the monarchy, get rid of the ancien regime and write a bloody fantastic national anthem.

    “Allons, enfants de la Patrie”

    If you study my earlier posts re the French Revolution you will see that I’ve tied it up with selling Independence as a way to ensure Liberated Scotland wins fuckin’ loads of World Cups.

    Surely this will be a better selling point than the ‘getting rid of the Tories’ crapola.

    It wont just be the national team that will improve dramatically so will Aberdeen FC, Celtic, Hibs, Hearts, & even Rangers eventually

    (Sorry if I missed your favourite team I’m no expert on fitba teams but hey I do know a thing or two about sinking schools and that voters in Scotland care more about football than they do about Tories)

    Am I right or a meringue?

  231. Ruby says:

    CUT! CUT! CUT!

    There’s a new article.

  232. James Che says:

    England presumed to extend its parliamentary westminster Acts to Scotland.

    Meaning that, if This proceeded under the supposed union parliament , it was not a union of two kingdoms until after the parliament of Westminsters Great Britain extended the “English law” of the act of settlement to Scotland.

    By this time period the 1707 Scottish parliament was extinguished according to Westminster and was no longer liable to up-hold any of the Articles of the treaty,

    The monarch of Scotland did not join the treaty of union, as he was absent,

    The old parliament of Scotland had no authority as the country and kingdom of Scotland under the ” English law of Demise of the Crown” in Scotland,

    This leaves the union of two separate kingdoms not joined in union,
    England has presumed that it got the kingdom of Scotland under English laws.

  233. akenaton says:

    Thanks Chris I thought Pete Seeger wrote the song.
    Tom Paxton was pretty popular over here and sang it a lot on British TV

  234. Dan says:

    @ Cpt Yossa

    Aye, I’m well aware site surveys need to be done prior to producing a suitable building design & engineering plan before construction work progresses.
    And if a deep ground cut survey was required to be completed to check for site contamination, then why weren’t the implications of carrying out that specific survey element considered and factored into the overall ground survey equation, especially when other elements of the site’s ground survey identified the potential issues with the site.
    Seems like things were being looked at in isolation and not what the resultant sum of their respective parts would produce.

    I agree that you were right to at least try to bring the issue to light and stop the job until an updated assessment on how to proceed had been carried out.
    “Stop The Job” is a system we had in place when working offshore for instances when something outwith planned procedures arose.

  235. Alf Baird says:

    James Che @ 4:18 pm

    “England has presumed that it got the kingdom of Scotland under English laws.”

    Perhaps helped to some extent by the Scottish establishment who appear to have gone along with the hoax, ‘Scots law’ becoming more and more obscured; and now under serious institutional threat, a native law system being incompatible with an increasingly ‘muscular’ colonialism.

    Application of English laws is also what did for Wales’ sovereignty.

  236. James Che says:

    Still interesting to find out we may not have a monarchy .an no excuse for not discovering whats in records other than ignorance.

  237. Cactus says:

    It’s possible this room doubles-up as a place for Humza Yousaf to bounce off the walls (in the gelatinous cube) and also as a secret store which hid the ring-fenced Referendum Appeal Fund in their ‘Safe’.

    Yes, they consumed all of the six-figured sum of the Scottish peoples money for sure and certain members of the SNP were furnished with the combinational code to access it for their own personal extravagances.

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