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A Tale Of Two Nations

Posted on September 13, 2023 by


But hey, maybe it’s just one of those things where you only get a drop-down menu and there’s no option for “Scottish”, yeah?

Oh. Well, there you go then.

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0 to “A Tale Of Two Nations”

  1. Frank Roberts says:

    Well, that has to be the most concise piece of reporting ever.

  2. Cameron Lochiel says:

    Sure, the British state WAS involved, but not in the way you Sturgeonistas think

  3. John Burns says:

    Aye well, Wee Nicola Dizny actually ken whit she is ( apparently we canny mention whit she is ) ?

  4. bigG says:

    Fucking hell. Also, is 45 miles away the closest accountant she could find that’s willing to have anything to do with her books?

  5. pipinghot says:

    Please can I have a LMFAO.

  6. Elmac says:

    Looks like she is using an accommodation address provided by McKenzie & Company, a firm of accountants. A common practice but it always feels a bit sneaky, a bit like “I don’t want you to know where I live or operate from”. In her case there may be good reason for doing so as she has alienated many people through her (in)actions, lies and deceit. Whatever the purpose behind it I sincerely hope it is a massive failure.

  7. Iain Gray says:

    Why am I not surprised. ?

  8. Robert Hughes says:

    Nicola Sturgeon . Limited . But only in honesty , integrity and honour . Unlimited in ambition , ruthlessness and self-interest .

    Political trash . Recyclable – up to a point . Mostly – landfill fodder

  9. Stoker says:

    Aye! The Devil is in the detail right enough, eh!

  10. Shug says:

    I have no time for her but being fair perhaps she did not fill out the form. Might have been done by the firm.

    I would nit expect you needed and accountant for selling the big issue

  11. Astonished says:


    Some folk still haven’t understood what she did, maybe this will help them along.

  12. Mia says:

    If I have read correctly, in the “filing history” and the “certificate of incorporation” she appears as “Miss Nicola Sturgeon”.

    Is she no longer married?

  13. Captain Yossarian says:

    Italians had Mussolini, Germans had Hitler and Scotland had Sturgeon. Justice caught-up with them and it will inevitably catch-up with Sturgeon too. I wonder if it will catch-up with John Swinney any time soon? Hope it does. There’s no-one in Scotland more deserving of a 6-year stretch. I see his favourite lawyers have just been re-appointed to advise all Scottish Ministers. Another case of the continuity candidate winning a secret ballot. We’re all continuing on the road to hell.

  14. Captain Yossarian says:

    During Fabiani, Stuart Campbell reckoned Sturgeon was about 70% likely to have to resign. Swinney got to work with his redactor pen and saved her. This time though we have Branchform and that has already made her resign. She is very clearly not in control any longer. Stuart Campbell hasn’t made any predictions this time, but I reckon it’s even higher than 70%. It sounds like a good old slam-dunk to me. Funny how Unionists and Nationalists have no difficulty finding common ground on these pages when it comes to Sturgeon

  15. Johnny says:

    Shug @ 7:28pm:

    Possible but, at the same time, if I was filling out a form for someone (a client) I would be checking the answers with them for accuracy….

  16. Scott says:

    This made me go and check Companies House for my own entry where it says I am British too FFS! Company was set up for us by a 3rd party and the form I gave with information on all directors clearly stated Scottish! Can this be changed when we have to do our first confirmation statement?

  17. Liz says:

    I love that it states the nature of the business as being ‘Artistic Creation’. Will this include her fictional book?

  18. John Main says:

    @Shug says:13 September, 2023 at 7:28 pm

    being fair perhaps she did not fill out the form. Might have been done by the firm

    Aye, right.

    But haud oan!

    Imagine some minimum-wage flunky keying in the company formation details at the firm. Put yourself in her shoes.

    Might it not make your day to put down Sturgeon’s nationality as “British”. The sweet revenge of the former SNP-supporting powerless.

    You could always say later “Sorreee, fit am I like? Forget ma heid if it wisnae screwed oan”.

  19. Tommo says:

    The ‘limited company’ indicates ‘persons with significant control’; Miss Nicola Sturgeon. I thought she was supposed to be married. This detail recorded 7 September 2023….

  20. John Jones says:

    had this trouble with the voters roll, no way would it accept Scottish, had to compromise with Irish as the nearest they had.
    Haven’t heard back yet.

  21. George Ferguson says:

    @Captain Yossarian 7:51pm
    Until I had a conversation a couple of days ago with someone that knows what is going on. I would have agreed 100% with you. Branchform,the reality, they are all blaming one another. Given 3 weeks to destroy the evidence, we won’t say who by. The real money is on, no charges. And of course that tactic worked for them before. Shred everything, destroy evidence and deny everything. We are dealing with a psychological condition. Stus article confirms what some of us knew in 2015. But the worrying aspect is that the Scottish people bought into it for a long time. The PF has to have evidence. No charges is my prediction.

  22. Republicofscotland says:

    Like Ally McCoist revealing that he’s British during the Scotland game last night, I’m in no way surprised Sturgeon the Judas ticked the British box instead of the Scottish one, the last nine years of lies and deceit kinda gave the game away.

  23. Bob Costello says:

    “NICOLA STURGEON LIMITED” yes, very limited

  24. Sandy says:

    To be fair I have given up searching for Scottish or Scotland in those drop down listies, have never found one yet and 99.9% of the time it is a waste of energy even looking for it.

  25. Captain Yossarian says:

    RoS – Ally’s one of my favourites. He said he was Scottish and also British. He named his son Argyll and you can’;t get any more Scottish than that. He’d make a fabulous First Minister you know. Much, much better than the present dope.

    George – That’s disappointing and not what I was expecting. However, the damage has been done and she and Swinney are both gone. I look upon it as pay-back for what they both did to Salmond. In a way it’s good to know that they and the PF require sound evidence. That was somewhat lacking at Salmond’s trial, wasn’t it.

  26. Jimmy says:

    Fun game to look up SNP MPs and MSPs on companies house, all consistently British: Humza Yousaf, Pete Wishart, Chris Law, Ian Blackford, Kirsty Blackman, Drew Hendry, Hannah Bardell, Maree Todd…

  27. George Ferguson says:

    @Captain Yossarian 9:12pm
    I can assure it wasn’t what I expected either. But it was from a very credible source. I differ from you in this aspect resignations are not good enough for me. These people have to be held accountable. Me and you would be. Break the law, cover wrongdoing up, we wouldn’t get away with that. Police Scotland have to act in an equitable manner. They serve the entire population or nobody. Find the evidence.

  28. twathater says:

    We have all been there when filling out forms where national identity is asked for, most of us on here would as a matter of course immediately select Scottish and be enraged when that selection is not available, but if sturgeon the fake filled out this form I am in no way surprised that she actually selected brutish,and TBQH this is another thing our supposed Scottish politicians should be raising and DEMANDING from all parties

    This goes right to the heart of nationhood and the very fact that it is not an automatic included suggestion is just another example of the disdain and contempt Scots are treated with

  29. c mackay says:

    Nature of business – artistic creation. It will build little booths on George Square to give painting lessons to addicts and be heavily subsidised to the tune of millions.

  30. Alf Baird says:

    Captain Yossarian @ 9:12 pm

    “Ally’s one of my favourites. He said he was Scottish and also British.”

    This reflects a confused ‘dual’ identity, which is a false persona, a ‘cultural illusion’. Without colonial procedures, cultural assimilation and rule by the ‘mother country’ such identity confusion would not exist. It is why independent Indians no longer call themselves British, Algerians no longer call themselves French, or Irish as British.

    Which tells us that ‘colonialism manufactures the colonized’ (Memmi), the process makes him into something he would not otherwise be. And where his own native identity is ultimately sacrificed in favour of the colonizer’s supposedly ‘superior’ identity and culture/language. This also explains why people subject to a colonial mindset reject their own liberation.

  31. robertkknight says:

    McCoist, formerly of the Queen’s 11, says he’s British? What next? The Pope saying he’s Catholic? If it walks like a duck, etc.

    Personally speaking, the only thing “British” about me is the Driving License and the Passport. In reality just bits of paper/plastic – the sooner they can be switched for alternatives the better!

  32. Dan says:

    OT Query for IT savvy folks.
    Has anybody else experienced heavy data use whilst browsing the site in last day or so. Have used 20GB of data today having browsed only half a dozen sites. That much data usually lasts me a month…
    There were some windows updates but that only accounts for 2GB, the rest is attributed to Firefox browser with no videos or streaming.
    Just wondered if there’s anything malicious going on with the site.
    Windows Defender and Malwarebytes scans found nothing untoward.

  33. A Scot Abroad says:

    Alf Baird, at 10:00 pm

    you are over-reaching, and assuming that your perspective is correct. I’m entirely content to think of myself as both Scottish and British. I’m not a “false persona”, a concept that you’ve just invented without having thought about it. I’m not confused about my identity at all.

    You are doing your professional reputation no good at all by constantly putting out unthought nonsense.

  34. It doesn’t necessarily mean anything – if she registered the company by way of a lawyer or accountant doing that on her behalf. Sadly, having left it to my accountant to set it up, I’ve just checked and he put British. Certainly would not have been what I’d have put.

  35. George Ferguson says:

    @Dan 10:21pm
    A mere bagatelle mate. The Friday before StU reported State Actor interference I started to have problems. Documented on this blog beforehand. A six month old phone as sick as a dogs breakfast. Pressing the button four or five times to get to where I want to go. Paying over a hundred a year to MacAfee who tell me my phone is good no viruses. My phone is now a public phone. Won’t stop me speaking up when required.

  36. David Hannah says:

    I love Alex Salmond. A Great man needs to introduction.

    You may have noticed this. I certainly have in all the years.

    Salmond always puts other people first. He’s always thinking about other people.

    I think he’s a really brilliant, sincere kind and caring person. And he loves his country.

    It’s wee things like that, he doesn’t name his company after himself.

    Slainte to Alex Salmond. He is an inspiration to me.

  37. Alf Baird says:

    A Scot Abroad @ 10:39 pm

    “I’m entirely content to think of myself as both Scottish and British.”

    British citizen, and Scottish what exactly?

  38. David Hannah says:

    Alex Salmond is a hero. He’s my favourite politician. A true historian. He’s a genius. So intellegent. A role model if every sense of the word.

    There needs to be more Alex Salmond’s in the world for men to look up to.

    As far as I’m concerned during the referendum years he was the hero. I love the guy incredible what he’s achieved and, because of Alex Salmond.

    The dream will never die.

  39. PhilM says:

    Wow…I didn’t realise this site allowed you to sign up for Alf Baird notifications…
    Is it looking increasingly likely that Our Man in Norfolk is doing the night shift again for…
    James, if you’re not getting paid for this constant trolling of one contributor then you really are the crank you seem…

  40. Confused says:

    The BBC and Dana Scullivelli will exclusively reveal tomorrow that :

    Alex Salmond has connections with Andrew Tates War Room, which is a right wing plot to take over the world using prositutes and neurolinguistic programming, all created by a dodgy israeli cia mossad cult member and pickup artist

    – if only the Salmond trial had been able to source Women Z’s webchaturbate videos, it would have been a slam dunk

  41. Confused says:

    forgot the vids
    who is exploiting who, historically?
    is this feminism?
    is this truth? see lyrics

  42. A Scot Abroad says:


    it’s perfectly possible to be both a British citizen and a Scottish citizen. I’m surprised that’s a conflict to you. The concept of dual nationality is well established.

    I’m a child of the union. Born in Ayr, educated in Edinburgh, served in a Scottish regiment, and loyal to the union which through treaty, ushered in 300 years of peace, of becoming a global force, and gave something like 16 million native born Scots opportunities across the world that simply didn’t exist for them before 1707. And you never acknowledge that bit. You just moan on about Scotland being colonised. That’s arrant nonsense, and you know it.

  43. PhilM says:

    STV News reporting tonight…
    “Nicola Sturgeon sets up company to manage outside earnings”
    I saw the word ‘outside’ and it made me instantly wonder what the opposite of outside is…but d’you know…for the life of me I really can’t recall…

  44. Mark Beggan says:

    Last night I dreamt I went to Schiehallion but it turned into a nightmare. I seen the First Minister dressed like a Teddy Boy boppin to Catrina and the Waves. That’s the last time I eat eggs benedict before bedtime.

  45. Derek says:


    You don’t use your name. Why not?

    You consistently pick on one target. Why Alf?

  46. Beauvais says:

    A Scot Abroad @11:52 pm

    “Born in Ayr, educated in Edinburgh, served in a Scottish regiment….”

    Yes, I think we all know. Seeing as you tell us on an almost daily basis.

  47. Graham says:

    Humza Yousef, Nationality: ‘Prefer not to say.’

  48. Al-Stuart says:

    Good morning Nicola,

    Either yourself or one of your colleagues will be monitoring Stuart Campbell’s website. If it is one of your colleagues, please can you forward this respectful message to Nicola Sturgeon as soon as possible. Thankyou.

    Nicola I am NOT your biggest fan. But having had a career in law enforcement, I am concerned that neither Stuart gets into accidental bother, nor your own clumsiness in failing to spot this breach of DPA/GDPR now accidentally places you in harm’s way. No decent person wants that. Whatever the alleged political action/inaction/rancour of the state of Scottish politics, nobody on any political side should be placed, or place themselves in harm’s way.

    Nicola, when you registered your company, either you or your registration agent placed your HOME address into the PUBLIC DOMAIN.

    I will not state where you or your agent have done this for obvious reasons. As a lawyer and in 2014 as what appeared to be the most shrewd political operator in U.K. politics, you will know where to look. It really is a howler of a mistake!

    But PLEASE for the sake of security, especially as reports indicate security at your end has been reduced, please can you contact the Registrar at Companies House IMMEDIATELY and have the document you have filed with your HOME ADDRESS on it, redacted.

    This can be done basically here…

    Alternatively, there are other protocols, including personal safety measures where the Registrar at Companies House will remove your HOME ADDRESS.

    Nicola, I believe you have damaged Scotland. You certainly damaged our company and cost the jobs of several of our employees, BUT I WISH YOU NO ILL.

    I yearn for the days when decent debate and honourable politicians tried their best.

    As for yourself, the house that featured with the police and tent outside and during your arrest and referenced as your HOME is the very one that you of your agent have placed into the public domain.

    Before I became disabled due to injury in the line of duty whilst serving as a police officer, this is exactly the advice I would give most public figures and especially those who have been subject to the polarised views and particularly the cesspit that is Twitter.

    For the sake of all that is good and decent, PLEASE REMOVE YOUR HOME ADDRESS FROM THE PUBLIC DOMAIN.


  49. Robert Louis says:

    Aye, there you have it, the reality of Nicola Sturgeon. Patriotic? Oh yes, to britain’s colonial rule.

    I bet she was singing god save the king on Tuesday Night.

    Those drop down menu’s overall are a disgrace. All the time, I scour the list for Scotland, only to find it absent. There is only one major hotel chain in the world to my knowledge that actually acknowledges Scotland in its drop down menus, and that is the International Hotels Group (IHG), who own such things as Holiday Inn’s. When you book, you will find Scotland when you input your personal details (address etc..). It is very much to its credit, that Holiday Inn and the other IHG hotels offer the option. I don’t know why, but it has always been that way. Even Scottish companies do not offer the option, and it reflects badly on them. If an American hotel chain can do it, so can they.

    The point is, as shown by IHG (an enormous global company from the USA, it can be done, but pig-ignorant companies choose not to do it.

    As shown in the piece above ,however, Sturgeon has no excuse, as the option is available.

  50. Robert Louis says:

    David Hannah at 1132pm,

    Exactly. He made sure (as show in the image above) that Slainte media was listed as Scottish.

    Mr Salmond is indeed an inspiration. A true patriot, unlike british Sturgeon.

  51. sam says:

    Professor Robert McCorquodale 9 June 2023

    131. I have set out the main parameters of the right to self-determination in
    international law. I consider that these apply to the people of Scotland.
    132. I have indicated that the right to self-determination can be exercised by
    secession, though only in limited circumstances. Nevertheless, secession is not prohibited by international law.
    133. In my opinion, the Supreme Court was mistaken in law in its approach to the
    right to self-determination of the people of Scotland in the Scottish Referendum
    Reference case. This is for two main reasons:
    a. The Supreme Court relied on the decision by the Supreme Court of Canada in
    Reference re Secession of Québec as being directly applicable to the situation in the case before the UK Supreme Court. In so relying, the Supreme Court made the following mistakes:
    i. It did not appreciate that a referendum on secession had already occurred prior to the Canadian case, so the case did not consider whether or not a referendum could be held;
    ii. The decision was made in the context of a Canadian federal system with its particular constitutional principles applying;
    iii. The decision by the Canadian Supreme Court in Reference re Secession of Québec was made 25 years ago and there have been some developments which cast doubt on some aspects of its approach to secession.
    b. The Supreme Court relied on a submission by the UK government to an ICJ case, being the Kosovo Opinion. In so relying, the Supreme Court made the following mistakes:
    i. The particular submission by the UK government was not supported by the ICJ in its Kosovo Opinion;
    ii. It failed to take into account the reasoning or conclusions of the ICJ, in
    which it determined that unilateral declaration of independence by an entity seeking secession from a State is not prohibited by international law, including outside the colonial context; and that opposition to this declaration by the existing State does not make the declaration of independence unlawful;
    iii. The approach by the UK government set out in its submission was not actually taken by the UK government in its actions, as the UK government did recognise the secession of Kosovo from Serbia; and
    iv. The submissions by the UK government to the ICJ on the right to selfdetermination, albeit in a different context, were comprehensively rejected by the ICJ in the Chagos Opinion.

  52. Al-Stuart says:


    Hi Stuart, every comment I try to post, now gets uploaded to your website and then has the italicised advisory: “awaiting moderation”.

    Then you delete each of my posts. Even the ones that are complimentary to your forensic writing style. I know not why I am banned, but it is your website and I respect that.

    I can be fairly certain this message will NOT be posted. But in any event PLEASE DO NOT POST THIS MESSAGE ON THE PUBLIC FORUM. IT IS FOR YOUR EYES ALONE.

    This article you have featured on your website effectively DOXXES Nicola Sturgeon’s home address.

    Stuart, PLEASE DELETE THIS COMPANIES HOUSE and Nicola Sturgeon Ltd., ARTICLE IMMEDIATELY. Or at least until after the Registrar redacts the former First Minister’s HOME address from the link YOU provided.

    Then let Nicola Sturgeon’s office know that she has identified her home address on the link YOU posted. As mentioned, I am NO fan of Nicola Sturgeon. But I wish her no ill.

    Besides, I would like to witness a lawful inquiry where Nicola Sturgeon is required to give answers and NOT prevaricate as to her involvement or otherwise in the despicable treatment of Alex Salmond. The last farce of the Fabianni Inquiry was a diabolical joke and brought Scots Law into disrepute.

    If your article causes an offence at Nicola Sturgeon’s home, you will go the way of Craig Murray and Nicola will gain a ton of good publicity. Not an ideal outcome.

    Stuart, to be utterly clear, the article YOU published DOXXES Nicola Sturgeon. That places both you and her in harm’s way.

    Such action is bad for both you and her.




    Being a very smart guy, you will know what comes next: uniforms from Avon & Somerset Constabulary at your front door. Again.

    That should not happen for an innocent mistake. I do not think you realise what you have done with this Companies House and YOUR JIGSAW publication of Nicola Sturgeon’s HOME ADDRESS, but PLEASE remedy the accidental infraction of the law.


  53. 100%Yes says:

    Its the only time she told us the truth when she stated on TV she’ll always be British even when Scotland becomes Independent.

  54. Luigi says:

    Well spotted, Rev.

    The really sad thing is that many of us won’t be surprised by this. Disappointed yes, but hardly surprised.

  55. Ruby says:

    Merganser says:
    13 September, 2023 at 8:40 pm

    Ruby @ 8.13.

    Better come to terms with this latest wheeze from the SNP to attract voters to keep them in the manner to which they have become accustomed.

    No Merganser I do not come to terms with anything the SNP are saying.

    They might be trying to deny me freedom of speech but I still have the right to freedom to listen.

    My advice to everyone is to stop listening to the SNP everything they say is a huge con.

    Mark them as spam. Get them moved into your spam folder along with the Nigerian Prince and all the other con artists who want your money.
    Do not give them your bank details.
    Do you need a reminder what happened last time you gave them money. Google Branchform & Campervan.

  56. Ruby says:

    If the SNP were being honest this is the picture that should have been on the front page of their brochure

    Shame that he’s holding his arm across his mastectomy scars.

    This picture is more representative of the SNP than that beardless birthing person that they have chosen. It’s a con.

    I didn’t get past the first page. Can anyone who has read it all tell me if there are any pictures of drags reading to children or mention of the GRRB, Isla Bryson etc?

  57. Ruby says:

    Al-Stuart says:
    14 September, 2023 at 7:41 am


    Hi Stuart, every comment I try to post, now gets uploaded to your website and then has the italicised advisory: “awaiting moderation”.

    It sounds as if you are on the naughty step being pre-moderated.

  58. Willie says:

    For me the entry about the Nature of the Business being ” Artistic Creation” says it all.

    What on earth does that mean. Making up fairy tales, telling tall tall tales,circus tricks, taking people for fools.

    Writing books with titles like Nicky Liar,or the Road to Ruin, she’s certainly got form as a Con Artist. In fact that’s it….. nature of business, Con Artist… Icon

    And you could read her books a Wee Brit at a time.

  59. Effijy says:

    Mr McCoist is making plenty liking the Britnat boot.
    He is a man without integrity as shown by his many affairs on his cheated wife.
    He sears allegiance to his beloved Rangers?
    That’s the team he took £millions from while they were on their financial knees and
    delivered nothing.

    As a young player he had a chance to join Rangers but Sunderland offered more money.

    Loyal to his own finances at all times and if we ever have a truly Scottish TV Channel that actually shows Scottish international be sure he will be a 100% Scot for whatever appearance money is going around.

    Don’t you just love it when completely failed football managers commentate and give managers with successful track records advice on what they should be doing?

  60. Ruby says:

    Ooops error in earlier post

    No Merganser I do not need to come to terms with anything the SNP are saying.

    Sorry Al-Stuart you are not on the naughty step/being pre moderated you must have just used a banned word in the posts that were moderated and deleted.

  61. John Main says:

    Al Stuart

    That address is Sturgeon’s accountancy firm and/or corporate post box address.

    It’s a legal requirement that it should be a matter of public record.

  62. Dorothy Devine says:

    Al Stuart you are there twice , bellowing out the information which I hadn’t even noticed or bothered about until then.

  63. Ruby says:

    FAO Al-Stuart

    The list of banned words that get you moderated is massive.

    For example Pu*tin is banned and that is perhaps understandable.

    However what is not be well understood is that every word that contains pu*tin is also banned. Some examples of this would be words like

    dispu*ting, compu*ting etc etc

    ski_er is also banned that would mean ever word containing ski_er is also banned ie riski_er

    Tracking down the banned word is a fun game.

  64. Alf Baird says:

    A Scot Abroad @ 11:52 pm

    “it’s perfectly possible to be both a British citizen and a Scottish citizen”

    Maybe you can inform Scots where we might be able to apply for this Scottish citizenship you talk of. I don’t see it here or on the Scottish Government’s website:

  65. David Hannah says:

    McCoist is a Rangers cheerleader. They are for the British at Ibrox. He’s trying to keep in with his kkklub’s loonatic fringe the Union Bears they are known as. That sing God Save the King every match. Ahaha… BOOO.

    O Flower of Scotland,
    When will we see
    Your likes again,
    That fought and died for,
    Your wee bit Hill and Glen,
    And stood against them,
    Proud Edward’s Army,
    And sent them homeward,
    Tae think again.

  66. sam says:

    From 2018

    “The BBC has conducted a survey of attitudes to Scottishness. Here is a summary of what it shows:

    1. Scottish identity is very strong

    The BBC has conducted a survey of attitudes to Scottishness. Here is a summary of what it shows:
    A massive 84% of people said they strongly identified themselves as Scottish, with most (61%) saying they identified “very strongly”.

    In England, 80% identified themselves strongly as English, with 54% choosing to say their identity was very strong. In Wales, just 62% identified strongly as Welsh.

    Perhaps unsurprisingly the people who identified themselves as most strongly Scottish were SNP supporters (95%) and Yes voters in the 2014 independence referendum (92%).

    Strong Scottishness was ranged across the generations and social status, with 18-24 year olds only identifying as slightly less strongly Scottish than older groups.”

  67. Mac says:

    “However what is not be well understood is that every word that contains pu*tin is also banned. Some examples of this would be words like

    dispu*ting, compu*ting etc etc”

    Hmmm I wonder if that could be solved by including a space after the word that is to be banned… e.g. “pu*tin “.

  68. desimond says:

    2 things instantly came to mind on seeing that

    One…we have a new Ruth Davidson..The Grifter Queen is dead.

    Long live The Grifter Queen!

    I honestly wouldn’t be shocked to see Nicola Inc take a seat in the Lords or some glorified Royal head-patted role. The problem of course will be when the first person dares to ask her “So, what did you actually achieve after Salmond left?” and she’s left shouting about the Day job!

    Two: I now have the earworm for Eminem – The Real Slim Shady in my head.
    Cheers Rev,

  69. Ruby says:

    Mac says:
    14 September, 2023 at 9:41 am

    “However what is not be well understood is that every word that contains pu*tin is also banned. Some examples of this would be words like

    dispu*ting, compu*ting etc etc”

    Hmmm I wonder if that could be solved by including a space after the word that is to be banned… e.g. “pu*tin “.

    I don’t think so but try it and see.
    Let us know how you get on.
    The tricky part of the game is knowing in advance which word needs to be modified.

  70. Captain Yossarian says:

    David Hannah – I seem to remember him being proud to pull-on a Scotland shirt. We are supposed be allowing one person to identify as male and female and so British and Scottish shouldn’t be such a problem?

  71. akenaton says:

    Effigy, I have worked for Mr McCoist, he has a house just a couple of miles away, I have always found him an absolute gentleman, very down to earth, no celebrity aura and a great sense of humour. He takes any jokes against the ‘Gers in good part.
    I agree with him that the booing of the English National anthem was childish and a shame on Scotland I think silence would have been much more effective if some sort of protest was required, but personally I hate to see politics or wokery brought into sport.

  72. Beauvais says:

    Sturgeon infamously once said that she wished the word National didn’t appear in her party’s name. Now she likes to self id as British instead of Scottish. So we must surmise that she’d like the SNP to be called the British Party.

  73. Oneliner says:

    Nicola Sturgeon, as a limited company, will automatically pay tax to Whitehall. If she had been a sole proprietor (non-limited), her tax would be paid to Edinburgh.

    For tax purposes, all limited companies are British. No doubt(?) there is an army of civil servants working on assessing the impact that Independence would have on this situation.

  74. Ruby says:

    I have a pal who lives in Norfolk Broads. Nice enough but a bit dim.

    He took his prescription to the pharmacy and insisted he didn’t pay because he was Scottish.

    He went to his MP to ask why he hadn’t received his polling card for the Holyrood election. Insisting that he was Scottish.

    The best one was he went knocking on a stranger’s door and telling them he was Scottish and insisted they must allow him by law to use their toilet.

    He’s quite a character my Norfolk Broads pal! 🙂

    This part from my earlier post was supposed to be in bold.

    My advice to everyone is to stop listening to the SNP everything they say is a huge con.

    Mark them as spam. Get them moved into your spam folder along with the Nigerian Prince and all the other con artists who want your money.
    Do not give them your bank details.

    Do you need a reminder what happened last time you gave them money.

    Google Branchform & Campervan.

  75. desimond says:

    One aspect of course is Nicola planning for the future here so clearly not thinking anything ugly is coming down the line, at least in her direction, regards recent investigations.

  76. John Main says:

    @Ruby says:14 September, 2023 at 9:52 am

    Some examples of this would be words like

    dispu*ting, compu*ting etc etc”


    I’m disputing what you posted.

    Based on my (limited) knowledge of computing, I don’t think that’s how things work.

    Back to the Drawing Board?

  77. Beauvais says:

    akenaton @9:57 am

    “…the booing of the English National anthem was childish and a shame on Scotland…”

    So it is deemed the English anthem and also the British anthem at the same time. Thereby strongly insinuating that England is the self-appointed master nation of the UK state.

    Also, in complete contrast to all other national anthems which pay homage to a nation and her people, this pathetic dirge simply commands deference to a monarch. A monarch indeed who refused to be crowned king of Scots and insulted us all.

    So good on the Tartan Army for making sure it wasn’t heard.

  78. Ruby says:

    an*us is a banned word.

    There are loads of words that contain an*us.

    I got caught out because I posted the name of a well know ointment for piles and also the name of a planet.


    I can’t remember the rest of the banned words at the moment.

    As long as I’m good and don’t insult anyone the word Ruby might not be included on the banned list.

    Sometimes it’s hard to be a woman

    I believe the moniker of banned posters go on the list hence sk*ier being on the BL.

    PS Anyone else got any pals a broad who do fun things because they are Scottish.

    I’m thinking a cartoon strip based on the adventure of ‘Yer Broad’s Scots’ might be fun.

    Written in Broad Scots of course.

  79. I Wonder says:

    The fucked-up Scottish census figures have FINALLY been released today. Unlike the 2000 and 2011 census figures, there are no ethnicity figures available this time round. What are the SNP trying to hide? Bet I can guess…

  80. Big Jock says:

    Those that are outraged at the Booing of the British National Anthem. Namely lickspittle toady McCoist. Have absolutely no knowledge of history. That anthem was routinely booed before devolution or the SNP. Up until 1978 it was used for the Scottish Team. The players refused to sing it and the fans booed it.

    If England actually had their own anthem that was not about a corrupt monarchy and state. Then maybe it would not be booed. McCoist is a horrible we man. British to his core.

  81. willie says:

    A rather good commentary on Yours For Scotland on why the Scottish fans were booing, and should in future be booing the English national anthem of God save the King.

    Well worth a read Wings readers –

  82. Ruby says:



    Trying to figure out why my long post that ended

    The idea that you can be Scottish & British is nonsense.

    has gone!

  83. socratesmacsporran says:

    desmond @ 9.43am

    Like you, I would not be surprised to see the name of the Right Honourable Nicola Sturgeon listed among new members of the House of Lords in a future Honours List.

    However, she might not get the title she probably craves, recently there has been a distinct lack of interest in proclaiming new Dukes and Duchesses, and the lady would surely want to be known as Nicola, Duchess of Dreghorn.

  84. Beauvais says:

    He’s Alistair McCoist MBE.

    MBE must stand for Makes Britishness Enforceable.

  85. Ruby says:

    I’ll post it bit by bit to see if I can spot the banned word.

    My experience of dual nationality is if you are living in a country you are required to choose the nationality of that country when it comes to any rules or laws.

    For example there might be different rules for foreigners maybe an easier option for something like the driving theory test for example but if you have dual nationality you would not be classed as a foreigner.

    Scotland and England have different rules & laws. If you are living in England you can’t claim you are Scottish and be exempt from any English law that might differ from a Scottish law.
    For example you could not self-id as a woman in the event of self-id becoming law in Scotland but not England.

  86. Ruby says:

    Testing part 2

    In the event of the country you are living in goes to war with the country of your first nationality then you would have a choice to make.

    If Scotland & England went to war which side would you choose.

    If you were ‘Scottish’ in a ‘Scottish regiment’ in the British army and you were ordered to fire on your family back in Scotland what would you do?

  87. Ruby says:

    You would have to decide if you were Scottish or British.

    You can’t live in England and claim to be Scottish nor can you be in the British army and claim to be Scottish.

    If you are living in Scotland you can’t claim you are British and be exempt for any law in Scotland.

    You can’t live in Scotland and be anything other than Scottish and you can’t live in England and be Scottish.

    The idea that you can be Scottish & British is nonsense.

  88. Ian Brotherhood says:

    This appears to be the first release of 2022 Scotland census data:

  89. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Hi Pacman.

    Check out the 10 page pdf available at the site. You can then have a look on Google Maps.

  90. David Hannah says:

    Think of all the money we pay for the Royal Palace.

    Yet our home town of Glasgow we love so well can’t get the funding for the people’s palace.

    I bet you the Royals read Wings Over Scotland.

    It will be my pleasure in voting to abolish the monarchy. I hope it happens in my lifetime.

  91. David Hannah says:

    Fantastic Ian. The woke census is out. I protested in the census For Women Scotland.

    I send in the printed copy as a believer in biology. With suffragette ribbons. I hope they fell out all over Angus Robertson’s desk.

    It’s only taken a few years. I suppose writing a book about Vienna, and illegally using departmental funds to promote and buy it was more important for the destroyer of the SNP.

  92. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @David Hannah (11.45) –

    Yeah, same here.

    I want to see how many folk described their religion as ‘believer in biology’.

    What are the odds that there was some reason the answers to that question couldn’t be processed?

    Will that section be culled from the final results because of ‘vandalism’?

    If so, when should we ‘vandals’ expect to hear from the authorities?

  93. David Hannah says:

    Despite being a patron of Scottish Rugby. Princess Anne is quoted as saying:

    “My Heart is entirely English.”

    Unlike Princess Anne. Sturgeon will never be one of them. So she’s saying she identifies as British due to her personality disorder as a former now disgraced leader of the nationalists.

    What’s worse? Ally McCoist, or Ruth Davidson being made patron of Scottish Rugby… She hates Scotland.

    She lives in the house of Lords, where she “hides the silver when the Scots come around for tea.”

    Does anyone know what’s happening the petition?

  94. Red says:

    David Hannah says:
    14 September, 2023 at 12:13 pm

    Despite being a patron of Scottish Rugby. Princess Anne is quoted as saying:

    “My Heart is entirely English”

    Perhaps it is, but I think you’re confusing Princess Anne with Queen Anne, who died some years ago (in the Year of Our Lord 1714).

  95. Red says:

    David Hannah – by ra way:

    “We urge the Scottish Rugby Union to prioritise the best interests of Scottish Rugby by removing Ruth Davidson from her position as non-executive director.

    “By doing so, the SRU can demonstrate its commitment to impartiality, expertise, and inclusivity within its governance structure”

    NO TOARIES ALLOWED, for, eh, reasons of inclusivity?

    Aye, ok.

  96. Sven says:

    I guess it’ll finish up requiring a Freedom of Information Request to attempt to ascertain how many of us were ‘believers in biology’ on the Census.
    And what’s the betting that Mr Swiney will be creeping round anonymously with his special redacting pen.

  97. David Hannah says:

    I don’t think so Red. Princess Anne. The foreign princess said her heart is English. It’s not something a Scot would say. If I could say something nice about her.

    Princess Anne is probaly the best member of the Royal family that is currently alive. She has been involved in numerous charities like save the children, that is involved in many countries.

    She is involved in many numerous charities and organisations and army regiments. She is also patron of the Royal navy and Royal marines helping those part of those organisations. She loves Scotland, she’s always wearing some sort of military uniform where applicable.

    She’s quoted as saying “Scotland is such a beautiful country with such passionate people, who could fail to want to be a part of it?” .

    “My grandmother was a great influence on all of us, but I don’t think any of us needed convincing to have a love of Scotland.”

    She’s always wearing a tartan scarf when she can too and loves walking her digs in the Highlands, she never misses a Scotland rugby march if she can.

    But we all feel the same way about Scotland as her. And yet no one cares about our people’s palace.

  98. akenaton says:

    I have always supposed that anyone born in Scotland could claim to be Scottish. An English person living in Scotland would still be nominally English, seems quite simple to me, of course both would be able to identify as British if they desired to do so, but I always put my nationality as Scottish.
    Don’t really understand what all the arguments are about.

  99. stuart mctavish says:


    Suspect certain branch of occupational therapy been doing safe consumption rooms for decades but, if not (and given recent enthusiasm for wars of many descriptions – including recreational drugs), what would prevent the DEA, or UK equivalent, clamping down on such behaviour at its leisure (and extraditing the Lord’s advocate for complicity) – or is such a hitherto unlikely escalation an integral part of the plan already (too) 😉

  100. akenaton says:

    Thurs naethig in yer hert but blood.
    Feelings good and bad reside in the brain.

  101. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Just as a reminder – this was the advice given to Scots completing the census questionnaire. They called it ‘the sex question’.

    (Answering the question was obligatory but you didn’t need a GRC to answer M or F if you are ‘transgender’.)

  102. Ruby says:

    The census is going straight into my spam folder.

    I bet all us ‘Believers in Biology’ will be classed as ‘other’

    I think it’s called “Othering”

    Not cynical just a believer in biology and reality.

    How many maternity wards will be planned by the non-believers in biology?

    Will all these maternity wards be lying empty with the newly trained midwives standing about waiting for the miracle.

    Nothing left to do
    When you know that you’ve been taken
    Nothing left to do
    When you’re begging for a crumb
    Nothing left to do
    When you’ve got to go on waiting
    Waiting for the miracle to come

  103. David Hannah says:

    I take your point though. You’re not going to win Tories over by wanting eradicate them like an SNP leaflet.

    No Toaries! No Royals! Scottish not British

  104. David Hannah says:

    Ahaha othering… As a non man.

    How many English people will have moved north to Princess Anne’s territory?

    Will the census be able to reveal such information?

  105. sam says:

    It seems the EU is to widen its membership and change approach to membership.

    From “The Conversation”.

    “Von der Leyen has a long-term ambition to move away from the idea that bringing in more member states must come at a cost to the depth of integration between nations. In this year’s state of the union she drew parallels to the 2004 big boom enlargement, which brought in 10 new member states at once, including Poland and Slovenia.

    She reminded her audience that this had been called the “European Day of Welcome” and called on them to look ahead to the next set of of such days. She even insisted that the bloc cannot afford to wait for EU treaty change to become a “team” of more than 30 nations, urging her audience to think about how enlargement can be achieved without this lengthy process being fully completed…

    …Others have made moves to present the EU as a political rather than economic union in the past but have met with limited success. Von der Leyen’s words on the “call of history” to expand the EU due to geopolitical imperatives were met this time with applause rather than scepticism.

    After years of effective hiatus, enlargement policy is back on the EU’s agenda. The addition of new member states is no longer a distant dream but a salient and current aspiration.”

    Would independent Scotland still want to re-join?

    There’s polling on that.

  106. sam says:

    From a Yougov poll reeported by BBC 2018. Still relevant or not?

    “More than two-thirds (67%) of the Scottish people surveyed said they did not identify strongly as European. In England, the figure was even higher (71%) and Wales was higher still at 77%.

    Even among Scots who voted Remain in the EU referendum the majority (54%) said they did not identify strongly as European.

    SNP supporters were the most European (44%) but the majority of them (55%) did not identify with it strongly.

    Among Conservative voters just 15% said they felt strongly European.

    Younger people were most European but even the 18 to 24 age group did not strongly identifying with Europe.

    Older people and the lower social groups identified least strongly with Europe.

    The Lothians and Glasgow identified with Europe most.”

  107. Merganser says:

    Ruby @ 8.26am. I don’t think I asked you to ‘come to terms with’ the SNP’s mantra of “independence = automatic entry to the EU”.

    I was just pointing out that this is the drum they will be beating for some time to try and con people into voting for them. I know you won’t fall for such SNP ruses.

  108. sam says:

    Scots looking to the future in 2018.

    “More Scots surveyed believe that Scotland’s best years are still in the future (36%) than said it was better in the past (29%). More than a quarter (27%) said they were unsure.

    In perhaps the most marked contrast between the two countries, more people (49%) in England said the country was better in the past – with just 17% thinking the future will be better.

    The Welsh were slightly less optimistic about the future than the Scots, with 33% saying the best days were to come.

    Conservative supporters were most sure that Scotland was better in the past (47%) whereas SNP voters were markedly more confident Scotland would be better in the future (64%).

    Despite the Brexit vote, Leave supporters were less confident (29%) that Scotland would be better in the future than Remain voters (40%).

    Younger people said Scotland would be better in the future (49%) whereas older people thought it was better in the past.”

  109. Ruby says:

    Talk of the EU does my head in!

    When Scotland is no longer a colony we can have a referendum to decide if we want to apply to be in the EU or not.

    Sure the SNP are trying to sell Independence using EU membership as an enticement but as everyone on here knows the SNP are ‘Useless’ dimwits who can’t even sell their own carrots anymore.

  110. Alibi says:

    Every year I have to fill in a form and put my nationality as Scottish. Every year someone at HMRC changes it to British. I wouldn’t read anything at all into it. Although I’d love to know how Alex Salmond isn’t treated the same way…

  111. Stuart MacKay says:


    The European Union was created by a different political class and with different ideological backgrounds and motivations. The pro-American, neoliberal political climate we have today may be ill-suited to creating large aggregations of countries with increasing economic, cultural and political integration. You only have to look at Washington D.C. today to see what happens when large amounts of money and power are put in the hands of a few. At least the Americans have somewhat of a safety net with a federal system.

    The Commission have already expressed frustration with the veto wielded by members, i.e. Hungary. They are keen to get rid of it and move to a simple majority vote. That would mean that any country with little clout would have little say. It’s easy enough to ride the coat-tails of the larger countries and good relations are always good for trade but that leave a model of operation that is open to excesses. Hungary is already persona non grata because of it’s position over the conflict. Poland has similar levels of friction over it’s judicial reforms and more aggressive stances towards neighbours, with one in particular.

    The E.U. started with laudable goals but now it’s fighting a proxy war while at the same time looking to collect more power, possibly acquiring a military to achieve it’s objectives. It’s not so much the institution but the people that run it that matter. Increasing centralisation without increasing oversight with checks and balance is a recipe for disaster. Perhaps not today or even tomorrow but sooner or later someone will come along that will test the system severely.

  112. ephemeralDeception says:

    RE: David Hannah says:
    14 September, 2023 at 12:59 pm

    How many English people will have moved north to Princess Anne’s territory?

    Will the census be able to reveal such information?

    We dont need hte Census for that each regional council has statistics breaking down demographics.

    Eg Argyll, where I am from. You only can determine population trend of:
    Scottish Born people
    Immagrants born from outside of UK
    UK Other.

    So UK other will be about 90% English nationals. For reference UK other in Argyll is now almost 25%, many of whom are retired.

    That is very large proportion of the vote with debatable interest in the separation of the colony they now reside and can vote in.

    This is very much in contract with voting right of expats in other EU countries even before Brexit.

    Not also the hypocrisy in that EU residents in UK before Brexit did not get a say and they cannot vote in UK elections only local ones. That is why we are a colony (under increasing ‘plantation’ by the coloniser ) and not a country. QED.

  113. Merganser says:

    Ruby @ 1.53 Sadly there are still loads of people still buying the SNP carrots. Not on this site of course, but the SNP has used the word independence to make many people addicted to them, so whatever they offer is just like the latest ‘fix’, and some people grab it with both hands.

    VDL of the EU is just as sleekit. Reminds me of Lewis Carroll’s poem which ends with “And welcomes little fishes in , with gently smiling jaws”.

  114. David Hannah says:

    A three line whip against Ferus Ewing. What does that mean exactly?

    3 lashing’s for the gender denier by orders of Patrick Harvie He/Him?

    I suspect the orders will have come from Opengrupenfhurer Sturgeon herself.

  115. David Hannah says:

    It is never boring in the SNP. Its like House of Cards TV series. So much backstabbing.

    It’s going to be so funny, when a sizeable amount of SNP MPs defy Humza’s 3 line whip and vote to keep Fergus Ewing.

    Who’s views are on the side of the Scottish people.

    But it they do get rid of him. He can easily join Alba. Or form his own party. With a sizeable faction bigger than the Green twats in Holyrood that no one wants.

    Humza is so stupid though. He really is fucking thick as a plant ahaha

  116. Ruby says:

    Merganser says:
    14 September, 2023 at 2:35 pm

    Ruby @ 1.53 Sadly there are still loads of people still buying the SNP carrots.

    What can we do about them?

    Maybe if they eat enough carrots they will eventually be able to see the light. 🙂

    As long as the EU doesn’t turn into the ‘Hotel California’ us little fishes will be able to swim back out if we want to.

  117. David Hannah says:

    *Humza Yousaf. Thick as a plank.* lacking a political brain cell.

    Nicola Sturgeon: The destroyer of Women’s rights.

    Say no to SNP congestion charges in Glasgow. Say NO.


  118. sam says:

    “Ruby says:
    14 September, 2023 at 1:53 pm
    Talk of the EU does my head in!”

    The polling suggests we Scots do not see ourselves as very European.

    Nor are we likely to want to join a neoliberal club. there is polling on that too.

  119. Ruby says:

    akenaton says:
    14 September, 2023 at 12:37 pm

    Thurs naethig in yer hert but blood.
    Feelings good and bad reside in the brain.

    I might be a believer in biology but I still like a bit of symbolism.

    I don’t think I would like this on my Valentine card

  120. Ruby says:

    David Hannah says:
    14 September, 2023 at 2:56 pm

    It’s going to be so funny, when a sizeable amount of SNP MPs defy Humza’s 3 line whip and vote to keep Fergus Ewing.

    That’s interesting. If he’s chucked out and joins Alba would that make him the first Alba MSP?

  121. Ruby says:

    sam says:
    14 September, 2023 at 3:00 pm

    “Ruby says:
    14 September, 2023 at 1:53 pm
    “Talk of the EU does my head in!”

    The polling suggests we Scots do not see ourselves as very European.

    Nor are we likely to want to join a neoliberal club. there is polling on that too.

    “Talk of the EU does my head in!”

    What do you mean by ‘we Scots’

    Are you counting Scots abroad and the British in Scotland?

    What do ‘we Scots’ see ourselves as?

    British, Scottish, Asian, Multi-culturalists?

  122. Bernard de Linton says:

    Just heard on Radio Shortbread,that a recent poll of Scots ,said they are more keen on immigration than before…were the victims of burglaries committed by recent arrivals to the Methill area, that ransacked houses,in Balmullo, Cupar, Monifieth,Carnoustie,Arbroath interviewed for this poll?

  123. Big Jock says:

    This is what McCoist really is. A 90 minute plastic Scot. I would take every single cap off the ("Quizmaster" - Ed).

    Ally McCoist:” What all these guys can do is put their heads back under the covers or the pillow. If they want to lift their head up and open their eyes, great. It’s them that need the reality check, nobody else.”

    He was then asked if he was singing God Save the King on the gantry by Alan Brazil. And he bluntly added: “Actually I was. Because I am British, you got a problem with that?”

    There we have it ladies and gentlemen. I hate to say it , but very typical of the Rangers mentality. Didn’t Sourness also say he wished he had been English , so he could go to more finals.

  124. Captain Yossarian says:

    George – Regarding Branchform. My guess is that even if every trace of financial data has been erased by those arrested so far, a digital trace will remain and it is for Police Scotland to track that down.

    If no charges are brought in the end, then Police Scotland will have to explain why that is the case. My hope here is that Police Scotland finally prove that they have not been got-at over the years by parliamentarians.

    Plus, and lastly, my guess is there is some form of peer review going-on. You know with another agency or Police force. I remember when Phil Gormley was in charge of Police Scotland, he was pretty keen on that and that is one of the reasons he was unpopular.

    I have a lot of respect for Police Scotland and I’m hoping they find something. They convicted Al Capone of tax evasion in the end and so the charge, or charges, can come from anywhere.

  125. Antoine Bisset says:

    The BBC have just added an article on the population of Scotland. It is now higher than ever before in history. The census was not fully completed so the Scottish government has interpolated figures. There is some demographic information but only on age groups. Nothing said about how many are natives, or incomers etc.
    But a picture paints a thousand words. (Am I allowed to say that?)

  126. Chic McGregor says:


    A key point in the case of Kosovo, probably the salient point, is that their UDI was judged not to be illegal by the ICJ because it was declared by an assembly which operated outside the existing governmental administrative framework and was therefore not subject to the established constitutional constraints of that framework.

  127. Captain Yossarian says:

    Big Jock – I’ve been to hundreds of football matches over the years and you always respect the other sides National Anthem.

  128. Antoine Bisset says:

    Dearie me. The link does not work. The BBC photo shows a row of young schoolchildren holding up number cards to show the population. The number is 5436600.
    Of the seven children, two are white.

  129. akenaton says:

    Ruby, thanks for the laugh :0) I don’t have much need for V cards these days, but if I did you would be certainly on my list xx ah’m too auld tae be feart!

  130. Republicofscotland says:

    Chick McGregor.

    With regards to UDI.

    The International Court of Justice, in a 2010 advisory opinion, declared that unilateral declarations of independence were not illegal under international law.

  131. John Main says:

    @Stuart MacKay says:14 September, 2023 at 2:24 pm

    The E.U. started with laudable goals but now it’s fighting a proxy war while at the same time looking to collect more power, possibly acquiring a military to achieve it’s objectives

    The innarestin aspect to all that is, because the EU lacks a military, it is not able to forcefully coerce any state that wants to join it.

    So logicians and rationalists can immediately see that countries join the EU because they think the benefits of membership will exceed the costs – no other reason.

    Whilst we can mostly count the benefits for iScotland, the costs depend on your view of iScotland’s wealth. If we are as wealthy as many claim, then we will have to pay large chunks of our wealth to the EU, just as the UK (and Scotland) had to do before Brexit.

    What is the EU in 2023? The “Old EU” that we all used to love or hate is no more, because of The War. The “New EU” has yet to take its new shape, as the military protection the good ol USA is willing to continue funding for Europe may be about to end, and nobody can predict just how far and for how long the Eastern Madman is going to persevere.

    It is this uncertainty about just what the “New EU” is now, and what it will end up as over the next few years, that causes me to be amazed at the unthinking enthusiasm so many Scots retain for the disappeared “Old EU”. Just another manifestation of clinging to the (not so) ancient guff.

    That this enthusiasm should persist even into the realms of our pretendy government in the wee, pretendy parliament is gob-smacking.

    As somebody once said, when the facts change, I change my mind. The facts about the EU have been changing for some time now. High time many Scots, especially those pretending to run Scotland, changed their minds in acknowledgement.

  132. Confused says:

    Shouldn’t England have used “Jerusalem” as their own national anthem?

    Sounds a lot better than GSTK.

  133. John Main says:

    @Antoine Bisset says:14 September, 2023 at 4:50 pm

    Of the seven children, two are white

    So …

    That’ll be two native Scots speakers, or two native Gaelic speakers, or one of each (maximum figures, could be 0 speakers of each language).

    That’s fine.

    Anybody still thinking we should make Scots the official language of iScotland?

  134. Republicofscotland says:

    If only this were true…Sigh, however we know the SNP will say just about anything to win seats at the next GE, and for almost a decade they’ve dangled the indy carrot in front of us, but done nothing solid to ditch the union.

    “THE SNP have set out their key independence motion ahead of the forthcoming annual party conference.

    Signed by First Minister Humza Yousaf and seconded by SNP Westminster leader Stephen Flynn, the motion – to be debated by party members next month – sets out the party’s independence strategy going into the next UK General Election.

    Just as Yousaf set out at a special conference in June this year, the motion states that negotiations for independence are to take place if the SNP win the most seats, rather than votes, in Scotland at the next General Election.

    The motion also outlines next steps, including publishing a document, “Withdrawal from Westminster – a New Partnership Agreement”, which would set out detailed terms the SNP would seek in discussions with the UK Government.

    The document would also include draft legal text on the transfer of powers from Westminster to the Scottish Parliament necessary to prepare for independence.

    The motion also puts forward that a nationwide consultation on a draft interim constitution should be conduct, which would then be the founding document of an independent Scotland.

    Finally, it suggests establishing an EU envoy position in Brussels. Taken up by a representative of the Scottish Government, they would prepare the ground for Scotland to become an independent member state of the EU.”

    Alex Salmond isn’t impressed with Yousaf’s approach.

    “Alex Salmond, who has been calling for pro-independence parties to opt for a “Scotland United” approach at the next election, was unimpressed with the proposals.

    Under Alba’s plan, which has not been endorsed by Yousaf, each constituency would stand just one pro-independence candidate.

    In a statement, Salmond said: “It seems from the leadership motion that they have decided on a ‘go-it-alone approach’ which will achieve nothing, instead of a Scotland United for Independence strategy.

    “No one seriously believes that proposing a majority of seats as an independence mandate is at all credible. Given that Westminster have been allowed over repeated elections to dismiss a majority of SNP seats as a mandate for a mere referendum, why on earth would they concede it as a mandate for negotiating independence itself?

    “And the leadership motion is tellingly and devastatingly silent on what democratic mechanisms should be used to bend Westminster to the will of the people.”

    Salmond claimed that Flynn and Yousaf want to talk about independence “to protect them” from the impatient party grassroots, or because it’s a “realisable and urgent goal”.

    He added: “If the latter, then they are required to propose a real strategy or lose all credibility.””

  135. akenaton says:

    Thanks Captain, that’s what I think Politics sectarianism….on both sides should be kept out of sport.
    Sport is supposed to bring people/nations together in simple competition it can be very powerful, but destructive when politics or sectarianism get a grip
    No sign of hatred or sectarianism from Mr McCoist on the several times we have conversed and he has retained his Scots accent although he travels widely among the media contingent…for whom he has very little time. He is a true Scot in nature, friendly and unassuming.

    Some in the SNP could learn from him, especially those who believe violent action can be excused.

  136. Southernbystander says:

    For those interested, the scotlandcensus website says demography and migration, and ethnic group, national identity, language and religion stats from the census won’t be published until summer 2024

  137. Republicofscotland says:

    Here its pointed out that the England fans booed Scotland’s national anthem during a England v Scotland match at Wembley back in 2021, and that a certain Mr McCoist said nothing about it.

    And closer to home for McCoist.

    “I also found it odd that he felt no need to rightfully point out that English supporters booed the minute silence for a true Scottish footballing legend, former manager Craig Brown. As it happens, a man who managed Super Ally at a Euro 96. No, he did not object to that chorus of boos.”

  138. John Main says:

    @Republicofscotland says:14 September, 2023 at 5:11 pm

    negotiations for independence are to take place if the SNP win the most seats, rather than votes, in Scotland at the next General Election


    59 seats up for grabs.

    Here’s a wee link dated 28th August:

    SNP predicted to get 28 seats. Close but no cigar (but treble gravies for those who don’t get culled).

    All together now:

    Five More Years

  139. Captain Yossarian says:

    Akenaton – I was saying earlier that he would make a fabulous First Minister. Something of the Alex Salmond about him. Independence is in stasis and so we would be as well being led for now by a credible Scotsman who has walked the walk and can talk the talk. I have never met him but I know people that know him and they say as you do about him.

  140. Big Tam says:

    Writing as a Tim (and a Yoon) let me come to McCoist’s defence here. I very much consider myself Scottish AND British (and European for that matter). The only actual nationality there in legal terms is British, but the rest – the Scots and the European – make for a pretty strong and solid identity. What’s wrong with all three? Absolutely nothing in my view.

    I don’t know McCoist’s own family background but my father (who sadly died last year) was a regular in the RAF, both grandfathers were in the Highland Light Infantry, one who served in India before the first world war, wounded at Loos … various uncles served in the second world war on ships and in the Far East. For king and country. What a dishonour their descendents paid them.

    The fact is, British nationality has served us pretty well. I happen to be a student of 17th century history. At the end of the 17th century, in the run up to the Act of Union in 1707, England’s estimated GDP was 35 times that of Scotland, its population less than five times bigger … so (in broad terms) England was seven times wealthier. Seven times. By 1900, Scotland had caught up to draw level with England, a remarkable achievement in taking advantage of the Act of Union in just 200 years.

    Thanks to Scots blood and sweat yes but it’s hardly England’s suppression of a people is it? My heritage is Irish (ultimately – I’m fifth generation, when exactly do I get to be properly Scots?) and to be fair it is a different story there. What pisses me off though is when people draw parallels between the two in order to justify a barrowload of chippy anti-English rubbish. Scotland is not Ireland, not even remotely. There is no colonial oppression here, indeed Scots were in the vanguard of Empire and that’s a fact of history.

    As for the disgraceful booing at the game, well that’s hardly the work of a self-assured, confident people ready to take on the mantle of nationhood is it? Rather it’s the act of a hate-filled bunch of short-trousered adolescents. Sadly when it comes to football there’s a shed load of that on both sides.

  141. Captain Yossarian says:

    RoS – I’ve sat through the National Anthems of Germany, France and Italy (at least) and the stadiums weren’t silent, but they were respectful.

    What we had on Tuesday night wasn’t acceptable and we sounded like savages.

  142. twathater says:

    OMG we’ve now got another proud brit/scot preaching to us how well off we are under the english yoke, and yes just like the ArSA we should be down on our knees pleading with our english massas to forgive our despicable colonising ways

    Is it a part of being in the brutish armed forces that encourages this self deprecation and this obvious desire to be engerlish

  143. Alf Baird says:

    Big Tam @ 5:41 pm

    “Writing as a Tim (and a Yoon) let me come to McCoist’s defence here. I very much consider myself Scottish AND British (and European for that matter). The only actual nationality there in legal terms is British”

    Until recently Scots used to enjoy European citizenship, which was a ‘legal identity’. Until we were deprived of it by voters in England. Much as ‘No’ voters in Scotland denied us Scots a ‘legal’ and internationally recognised Scottish citizenship.

    Not much to be proud of, is it? All you are left with is your British citizenship and yet you could have had all three – Brit, Scot and EU citizenships! Why did you reject two of the citizenships for the identities you consider yourself to be? Why do you elevate Britishness above all others?

  144. Ron Clark says:

    Nicola Sturgeon ltd.

    Otherwise known as the SNP.

  145. David Hannah says:

    I hope he joins Alba would be amazing. He’d get one up on Humza Yousaf immediately.

    In susprised more MSPs aren’t scurrying to desert the sinking ship and putting distance between themselves and the SNP.

    Will all the corruption about to be exposed.

  146. David Hannah says:

    I hope Fergus Ewing joins Alba*. If he’s to be kicked out. He’s got a backbone that puppet on strings Humza Yousaf has never had.

  147. Merganser says:

    John Main @ 5.04.

    I think the key point is that the SNP don’t really care about rejoining the EU, they are just using this as a tactic to try and shore up their vote and number of seats for those who have become accustomed to a nice life on the gravy train.

    What you suggest would require honesty on the part of the SNP, and more interest by ordinary people. Judging by past history, neither is likely to happen.The SNP will dangle the Euro-carrot and the un-informed will trot after it. Same old, same as…

  148. Republicofscotland says:

    Captain Yossarian.

    I refer you to this.

  149. Anton Decadent says:

    Re the link to Humza Yusaf being named as one of Time magazines one hundred future leaders I posted yesterday and which was ignored by all bar John Main. It was published by the Herald which is owned by someone from the same ethnic group as the man who owns Time. The man who owns Time is also on the board of trustees of the WEF. Ghislaine Maxwell is also still listed as a WEF Champion Of Technology.

    Here’s something from todays Herald.

  150. George Ferguson says:

    @Captain Yossarian 3:40pm
    I have some respect for Police Scotland. I preferred local regional police forces. They were more accountable to their communities. But that decision won’t be overturned. Just like being a referee, policing is a job I wouldn’t want. So hats off to them that do. Branchform is stalling. We underestimate the capabilities of the SNP to divert, and shield the truth. Going back to the original complaint. What happened to the 600k? You would think that was an easy question. My source says 50/50 enough evidence will be revealed. Unlikely a prosecution decision will be made by Christmas. At least the Police are sweating them.

  151. James says:

    Yossarian; So…the Scottish crowd ‘sounded like savages’ for booing this- the ‘British’ ‘national anthem’?

    “Lord grant that Marshal Wade
    May by thy mighty aid
    Victory bring.
    May he sedition hush,
    And like a torrent rush,
    Rebellious Scots to crush.
    God save the King”

    Away and bile yer fcucking heid, man!

  152. sam says:


    “What do you mean by ‘we Scots’”

    Here’s one answer.

    YouGov poll 2018

    “When asked to comment on a list of factors that might make people Scottish, the most popular (89%) was being born in Scotland.

    Having two Scottish parents (72%) and growing up in Scotland (71%) were both thought to be strong indicators of being Scottish.

    However, most people thought living in Scotland, even for more than 10 years (35%), did not make someone Scottish.

    Younger people (55%) were more willing to accept someone who had been in Scotland for more than a decade as Scottish, as were Glaswegians (50%).”

    As a Mcc with antecedents in the Highlands but not born in Scotland am I Scottish?

    I have lived here for some 45 years, support and campaign for Scottish independence.

  153. Republicofscotland says:

    Main @5.28pm.

    It wouldn’t matter if the SNP won 59 MPs seats at the next GE, Yousaf would use that win to ask Westminster for an S30 and when they said now which we know they will Yousaf would back down.

    The current SNP won’t lead us out of this prison of a union, its party jam packed with deceitful liars, grifters and careerists, and that’s why they must be voted out of office along with the degenerate Greens.

  154. pipinghot says:

    Big Tam?
    Big dickhead- fuck off.

  155. James Che says:

    I have a issue with james Jones calling me out as a lier on wings over Scotland, not sure I know how to report it or if my old technical equipment is up to playing ball,
    Besides the fact that it was publically said here, so I would also wish to announce it openly to the same public that read, that wild accusation.
    The issue/ incident referred to weather Boris Johnston had said wether he had was stated publically on tv that the Scottish referendum had been interfered with in 2014:

    I have re-read many of the statements weather or not the Scottish referendum was claimed to be interfered with,
    This is also attached to the claims on Brexit.

    The following is a list of not only the UK government making this claim but in the wider world.

    The Uk, on the 21st July 2020.

    www France 24,

    The Guardian,

    The daily Telegraph.

    The BBC,

    The National.

    The Washington post,

    NBC news .

    Mainly all MSM. True.

    But that does not deflect from the fact it not only was said,

    But is at presently being investigated by the ECHR, after the supreme Court told Scotland nothing to see here,

    Now although we can understand why the UK government issued the Statement about regards russia,

    And the UKclaiming interference with Brexit and the Scottish Referendum 2014,

    It does not distract from the fact it was the truth when I recalled BJ mumbling about interference in the 2014 Referendum or that it still is an on going as a investigation.

    I have No faith in the SNP and the likes of Alyn Smith after all their avoidance of reality or the nonsense and wokery.

    However am not sure James Jones is correct in his using you’re platform for out right calling people, “a liar” with out justification for a second time on Wings, without evidence to the contraire compared to the on going investigation on 2014 at present in the ECHR.

    Any word how the SNP are doing with that In The ECHR, or is it another red herring/ carrot on a string,

    Jame Jones,

    That is twice you have called me a lier,

  156. James Che says:


    Incident being reported was .

    James jones 12 september 2023, at 10:34 pm,

    Regards his open accusation that I was lying,

    As noted prior, my comment does have merit and is not a lie.

  157. Stuart MacKay says:

    John Main @5:04pm

    The worrying aspects of the direction the EU is heading in are going to be out of sight, out of mind for quite some time. There are the public things like fining Google and Facebook for privacy breaches and telling the Polish Government it can control the judiciary. The really important stuff like laws to mandate internet surveillance and the growing belligerance with China are hidden from view. It’s this background stuff that is really troublesome. It’s one thing to stabilize the ship and stand up for Europeans, it’s quite another to be building a power structure that in the wrong hands would be very difficult to overthrow peaceably. The people in charge simply don’t have the foresight or the wisdom of the founders.

  158. Ian Smith says:

    Absolutely the SNP cares about rejoining the EU.

    It is a Mecca for activist would be politicians. The best salaries, the best pension, the best tax treatment, the best expenses, the best perks, the best holidays, the least responsibility and the least hard work.

    Plus the same for a coterie of spads and civil servants. Not quite the same on the same scale but much more numerous and check out the perdiems and the expenses.

  159. Chic McGregor says:

    Yes, of course, that is true UDI is not covered by International Law.
    However, the point I was making was that, perhaps by good fortune rather than judgement or maybe not, IF they had done so within the agreed administrative framework then it may well, no, definitely would, have been declared illegal on that basis.

    Governments which have agreed to work within constitutional boundaries cannot break them. Assemblies of representatives of the people who are accepted as such but who operate outside the agreed framework can declare UDI because they are not bound by those established framework agreements.

    Long cut’n paste

    The Court then considered whether the declaration of independence was in accordance with Security Council resolution 1244 of 10 June 1999. It concluded that the object and purpose of that resolution was to establish “a temporary, exceptional legal régime which . . . superseded the Serbian legal order . . . on an interim basis”. It then examined the identity of the authors of the declaration of independence. An analysis of the content and form of the declaration, and of the context in which it was made, led the Court to conclude that its authors were not the Provisional Institutions of Self-Government, but rather “persons who acted together in their capacity as representatives of the people of Kosovo outside the framework of the interim administration”. The Court concluded that the declaration of independence did not violate resolution 1244 for two reasons. First, it emphasized the fact that the two instruments “operate on a different level” : resolution 1244 was silent on the final status of Kosovo, whereas the declaration of independence was an attempt to finally determine that status. Second, it noted that resolution 1244 imposed only very limited obligations on non-State actors, none of which entailed any prohibition of a declaration of independence. Finally, in view of its conclusion that the declaration of independence did not emanate from the Provisional Institutions of Self-Government of Kosovo, the Court held that its authors were not bound by the Constitutional Framework established under resolution 1244, and thus that the declaration of independence did not violate that framework.

  160. robertkknight says:

    “Big Tam”?

    LOL! Is that the best the oiks in the 77th can dream up? They’ll be copying Ma Broon’s dialogues next to pass themselves off as communicating in authentic Jockanese.

    In this post-Brexit world, I’ve noticed that there’s an opportunity to set up a company to supply adult sized nappies and other assorted deviant accessories here in Scotland. (All the big suppliers appear to be based in Germany/EU and items mailed here are subject to import duties – so I’m told).

    I could even set up a company using my own name… “Robert Knight Limited”, with an accountant’s office somewhere to use as an address. Hey, if it’s good enough for “Ann Summers”, why not me?

    I just hope nobody else has had the same idea and registered themselves as a limited company.

    Oh, no, wait…

  161. Politically Homeless says:

    Whatever level of social prestige you need to reach to find yourself making a limited company named after yourself, I hope I never reach it.

    Starmer, Sturgeon and Sunak: all comically as inauthentic as one another. But Scotland is the only part of the UK where significant numbers of people still actually believe in such robo-politicians. Mugs.

  162. Big Jock says:

    Those who claim that we shouldn’t bring sectarianism into football. Why the actual feck was a former Scotland player singing GSTK at a Scotland home game?Mr McCoist has outed himself as at best a pretendy part time Scot. At worst a lickspitle, bootlicking toady.

    Unfortunately his Rangers background finds a natural ali with all things British.

    He rounded on his own supporters. About 80% of which were booing GSTK for political reasons. Reasons that arsewipe McCoist could never understand. Because ultimately he is a subservient ignoramus without even basic knowledge of Scottish history, current affairs or politics.

    An unthinking mouthpiece for the English media. Look at me I’m Ally the daft wee Jock. Everyone love me please.

  163. John Main says:

    @Ian Smith says:14 September, 2023 at 7:51 pm

    You forgot the best restaurants.

    There are something like 50 Michelin Star restaurants in Belgium, including 5 with the 2-star award in Brussels.

    Scotland has 12 Michelin Star restaurants. Edinburgh’s portion of that total is 3 Michelin single-star restaurants. The only 2-star award went to Gleneagles.

    It’s hardly surprising the SNP can’t wait to get up and off to Brussels.

  164. Bernard de Linton says:

    Big Jock is annoyed at the daft wee Jock.Us medium Jocks should unite.

  165. Dan says:

    OT Kenmore

    Pic of work adjacent to Taymouth castle. (Significant groundwork has been carried out all over the site and not just around the castle).

    Drone footage of castle (2min 30 secs long) from 4 years ago. Stop vid at 33 seconds to compare and see the number of trees back then. Must have been all those beavers…

  166. Dan says:

    OT Kenmore

    Strava heatmap of Kenmore and Taymouth Estate highlights past walking, running, and cycling activity in the area. Will access to the area reduce or increase with the new development.

  167. Ruby says:

    Sam @

    The only thing that makes someone officially Scottish while we are in the Union is if someone is resident in Scotland.

    Being officially Scottish in Scotland means very little outside Scotland.

    You initially said

    ‘The polling suggests we Scots do not see ourselves as very European.’

    I don’t know what relevance that has especially if the term ‘we Scots’ isn’t defined.

    Now if the polling had said ‘Scottish voters’ do not see themselves as European that would have been a different matter.

    If that had been the case I would want to know what ‘Scottish voters’ see themselves as.

    Do they see themselves as Asian, African, American, Australasia?

    Never mind what these daft polls say. What do you think Sam?
    Do you feel European?

  168. moixx says:

    Re the WoS ‘Contact’ page.

    This was really useful for privately drawing Stu’s attention to something that seemed amiss, worrying etc (and might be fairly important/urgent) – but it hasn’t worked for ages (and the problem is out of his control). Now it just says anyone wanting to contact Stu privately should do so via DMs on Twitter.

    But not everyone’s on Twitter, and wouldn’t want to be just for the few times they might be concerned about something on here.

    Clearly Stu doesn’t read all the BTL posts (wouldn’t expect him to) so just putting whatever it is in a BTL comment won’t necessarily do the trick (including this one, which probably won’t even be seen by him).

    So this is just a general comment in the hope that it’s seen – it would be great if another means of private contact was available, just in case it’s needed.

  169. Shug says:

    So now the plan is number of seats and not votes. They can tell the labour party a thing or two about flipflopping

    What’s the plan when westminster says FO

    What does Salmond think

  170. Captain Yossarian says:

    George – The public are a lot less naïve than they were during the Fabiani Inquiry and if there is insufficient evidence to bring prosecutions then that will be that. I won’t be blaming the Police for that, but most of us will agree that parliamentarians were not elected to the Scottish Parliament to play games with the public and with the Police and to make money disappear. So, it’s a lose-lose for Sturgeon and Swinney. A bit disappointing if that’s the way it turns out, but they are gone for good and won’t be back. I have experience of dealing with them and the way they work is to all pile on top of you like a delinquent gang. It’s not like any government I’ve experienced before. The Police will have worked this all out ages ago.

  171. Shug says:

    It looks like the snp fucked up the supreme court now they are planning to do the same using a uk election.

    I suppose they could withdraw from westminster and call a convention but if they get goosed at Rutherglen will they bottle it

  172. George Ferguson says:

    @Captain Yossarian 10:47 pm
    I think the Police and Civil Seevice are politicised already. A long way back from here to restore the integrity of our Public Institutions. The Police had one job. Gather evidence to prosecute wrong doing. Blind to the perpetrators they should have an even hand. It is simply not good enough to say we don’t have the evidence. I expected better from them. It’s not the Murrells reputation that is at risk but that of Police Scotland. Find the evidence or be tarred with the same brush.

  173. Ron Clark says:

    Ally McCoist is nothing but a dirty stinkin lowlife Unionist bastard.

    As is Sourness.

    Fuck the two of them.

  174. Ron Clark says:

    “Sourness” was not a typo,,,the guy fuckin hates Scots and everything we stand for.

  175. socratesmacsporran says:

    Ron Clark

    Well said sir, “Sourness” did more to neuter Scottish football than anyone else. He can never be forgiven for importing expensive foreign mercenaries and all but abandoning native talent.

    To their eternal shame, ever other club followed his lead and our game has never recovered. He is the worst sort of “Proud Scot But.”

  176. President Xiden says:

    Any truth in the rumour that her business will specialise on advising clients how to avoid being held accountable by claiming that they can’t remember?

  177. Robert Hughes says:

    I wouldn’t waste any energy on the likes of McCoist ; he’s just an example of the – only – kind of Scot that is acceptable to the English MSM .. * inoffensive * , pro-Union , compliant with anything a UK Gov does ( bet he took 3 vaccines n 3 boosters ) whose Scottishness is as superficial as their allegiance to their team/club/background & country ; an In-House Jock-in-a-box .

    We remember how Billy Connolly only became a media-darling and ” box-office draw ” after his rough edges were smoothed off , he started hanging-out with members of the Windsor Royally-fucked-up family , being derogatory about the SNP and started theatrically declaring every banal thing
    ” exTRORdinary ” . Teeth removed , losing the capacity to bite

    The latest example of this process is Frankie Boyle . Notable how as his acceptance into the mainstream has increased , his actual funniness has diminished : exactly like Connolly . Now he’s a ” valued Trans Ally ” and doing his bit to elevate * Identity * over talent eg Suzy McCabe , about as funny as brain cancer , but wears the correct label , so , ” come away in and take yr place at the capacious * Gender * trough .

    T’was ever thus .

  178. John Main says:

    @socratesmacsporran says:15 September, 2023 at 5:56 am

    all but abandoning native talent

    Soz, an a’ that, but it’s a cast iron rule of life that you can’t keep real talent down – it will rise to the top every time.

    Talent shines through.

    But if the talent’s not there, you’re stuffed. It’s not something that can be faked.

  179. John Main says:

    @Robert Hughes says:15 September, 2023 at 7:16 am

    bet he took 3 vaccines n 3 boosters

    Wow, the bar for acceptance as a true Scot just gets higher and higher.

    It doesn’t matter how often Rev Stu emphasises that the route to Indy is to make Indy desirable to an ever-widening constituency of Scots voters. In no time, posters BTL are back imposing their lunatic ideological purity tests again.

    Reminds me of a certain group that were popular coming up 100 years ago in Europe. To get in you had to have all the ideological indoctrination, and the physical was so strict, you were rejected if you had so much as a single filled tooth.

    As the history books record, that one did not end well.

  180. Captain Yossarian says:

    George – Phil Gormley thought as you do that policing and politics should be completely separate and they got rid of him and replaced him with Ian Livingstone.

    Susan Deacon of the Labour Party had some regulatory role at the time and I remember her accepting that politicians should have some role but that it should be limited. They got rid of her too.

    So, this is where all the years of political interference in policing have taken us and we are in a position now where no-one trusts the politicians and no-one trusts the police.

    At least they are all starting to be replaced now and you and a lot of other members of the public are alert to what has been going-on and are not just accepting it.

  181. Captain Yossarian says:

    Last post for the day and then I’m signing off – I notice the latest YouGov poll for the Times puts the SNP 11 points ahead of Labour. I’m really surprised at that. Not enough to prevent a Labour win in Rutherglen though. Support for independence is down to 39% and predicted to start dropping further. So, what that tells me is that electing the continuity candidate is starting to pay off for the SNP and that the SNP and independence are still firmly locked together in the minds of the voting public. It tells me also that Scotland really doesn’t want to go back to Labour and I can understand the reason for that. What is means is the the SNP would remain the biggest party at Holyrood but by a small margin over Labour and the biggest at Westminster, by quite a big margin. Labour would go from one seat at Westminster to eleven, or something like that.

  182. Terry says:

    Dublin’s Let Women Speak rally tomorrow could be a game changer. Dr Em who writes for Wings occasionally will be there. As of course will be Kellie-Jay Keen who will be leading it. She really is astonishingly brave. However it will be the voices of ordinary Irish women that will resonate. Fingers crossed they will get to speak because the trans rights activists are going to try and stop women from speaking. Politicians including Sinn Fein unbelievably are backing them.

    Police will be there and will be conducting bag searches. We have been advised on safe routes to get to the rally. Some of us Scottish women will be going. So will Graham Linehan. The TRA lot are losing their shit over his book doing so well.

    Id again like to thank you Stu for highlighting this issue so long ago. We have a lot to be thankful to you for. It’s heartfelt. Keep on doing what you’re doing. Orwell would be proud of you.

  183. Ruby says:

    Anton Decadent says:
    14 September, 2023 at 6:56 pm

    Re the link to Humza Yusaf being named as one of Time magazines one hundred future leaders I posted yesterday and which was ignored by all bar John Main.

    I took a look at your article and quickly decided it was spam.
    John Main on the other hand loves anything about Useless.

    I think John Main will also like your article about immigration.

    Got any articles about the EU or ‘showing us the money’

  184. Shug says:

    Listening to Humza’s big on the news.

    Oh dear car crash ahead.

    Same plan that I heard at my last branch meeting over a year ago.

    We ask westminster again.

    When the SNP lose seats westminster will be entitled to say:

    No majority of votes
    Fewer seats than before
    Jog on
    We have telt you before jog on and you obeyed.
    So get in line jock

    This is not a plan it is a suicide note

  185. akenaton says:

    When we start categorising and demonising people for their democratically held political views, we have seriously lost the plot.
    In this forum I detect several strongly held opinions and I am happy to convers or discuss with any of them.
    What we need to remember, is that all shades of political thinking should be included if we wish to construct a viable and beneficial society.
    We should of course know our enemies, those who manipulate folks who in reality don’t understand what is being done to them and in many ways, suspend reality.
    That way leads to “armed struggle” and the absolute horrors which it entailed.

  186. Ruby says:

    John Main says:
    15 September, 2023 at 7:44 am

    @Robert Hughes says:15 September, 2023 at 7:16 am

    bet he took 3 vaccines n 3 boosters

    Wow, the bar for acceptance as a true Scot just gets higher and higher.

    It doesn’t matter how often Rev Stu emphasises that the route to Indy is to make Indy desirable to an ever-widening constituency of Scots voters. In no time, posters BTL are back imposing their lunatic ideological purity tests again.

    Is this comedy John.

    Soz! but I’m having a hard time with the ‘new comedy’

    Bring back Father Ted I need a good laugh

  187. stuart mctavish says:

    Robert Hughes @ 3 VAX & 3 boosters

    If so it implies he was still sharp enough to be outing the charlatans writing the contemporary english dictionary – and prolly considered a danger to the unions’ (spit) definition of fully vaccinated as early as Christmas 2021 regardless!

  188. Ruby says:

    Terry says:
    15 September, 2023 at 9:05 am

    Dublin’s Let Women Speak rally tomorrow could be a game changer.

    Sad to say there’s not really a lot of interest in that sort of thing BLT here.

    I wanted to post a link to that great photo of the Irish women with the red hat and her sign that says

    ‘Yer ma is nat yer da’

    I can’t find it at the moment.

  189. akenaton says:

    Don’t Know what “Soz” means, could someone please let me know?

  190. Red says:

    the trans rights activists are going to try and stop women from speaking. Politicians including Sinn Fein unbelievably are backing them.

    Come Out, Ye Black and Trans
    Come out and identify as a man
    Show your wife how you got surgery
    In Thailand

  191. Ruby says:

    Terry says:
    15 September, 2023 at 9:05 am

    Dublin’s Let Women Speak rally tomorrow could be a game changer.

    Will Shauna the Hairdresser be there?

    Definitely one to watch.

  192. Ruby says:

    akenaton says:
    15 September, 2023 at 9:33 am

    Don’t Know what “Soz” means, could someone please let me know?

    ‘Silly Old Zausage’ you need to keep up with the latest lingo.

    Do you know what the word ‘woman’ means? 🙂

    PS is my post the first time you’ve seen ‘soz’ used?

  193. John Main says:

    @akenaton says:15 September, 2023 at 9:33 am

    “Soz” is just slang for sorry. Usually used tongue in cheek.

    At least, that’s how I use it.

  194. Ruby says:

    akenaton says:
    15 September, 2023 at 9:14 am

    When we start categorising and demonising people for their democratically held political views

    Soz Alex but I can’t see how you can conduct a poll if you don’t categorise people by their political views.

    I’m with Rob Shorthouse in that spending time with people who hold strongly held political views is a waste of time.

    More so if the person doesn’t have a vote in Scotland.

    Any views on ‘women’ being demonised and referred to as terfs and all the rest?

    Soz! I know I know I keep going on about women I seem to have turned into a one trick pony.

    Sometimes it’s hard to be a woman

    PS I’ve been a woman all my life. I’m trying to think of a term for us lifers in order to distinguish us from the 6 month ‘woman’ Any suggestions?

    Please don’t say cis.

  195. Ruby says:

    Is using “Soz” all part of the new comedy.

    I’m just not getting this new comedy Soz.

    The Maestro says it’s Mozart
    But it sounds like bubble gum

    The dictionary definition of soz is:

    Nonsensical internet slang term for “sorry”, used by illiterate morons who for some reason substitute a “z” for “rry”, the latter of which would take an entire quarter of a second to type out.

    What about innarestin?

    Do posters use that ‘tongue in cheek’ to let us know the ‘innarestin article’ they’ve posted a link should be avoided ‘cos it just ain’t innarestin.

    Well Alex was my post the first time you’ve seen ‘soz’ used here?

    Was I using it ‘tongue in cheek’ bloody right I was I was using it with my tongue in both cheeks. It was my attempt at comedy you know the old fashioned comedy. The old fashioned comedy like wot you used to see on telly & in comedy clubs.

    Bring back Father Ted.

    Je suis Father Ted.

    Maybe that should be ‘Le Pere Ted’ or maybe I’m ‘La Mere Ted’.

    FI! WK! WGAF?

    I might need to get out the my old Assimil book just for fun.

    One phrase I do remember from that book is

    My sister is not a boy.

    That is not a joke. As anyone who used Assimil to learn French back in the good old days can confirm.

    Can’t remember if they used the phrase

    ma mère n’est pas mon père?

    Anyone remember?

    I don’t think they would get away with that sort of thing now and I expect all these old Assimil books have been taken off the library shelves and put in the incinerator.

    OMG Soz 4 U WYD R U RDY 2 LRN?


  196. Chic McGregor says:


    ‘Le plume de ma tante’. Probably needs to be ‘le plume du frère de mes parents’ or something, not sure if there is female form for sibling in French.

  197. Ruby says:

    Chic McGregor says:
    15 September, 2023 at 12:21 pm


    ‘Le plume de ma tante’. Probably needs to be ‘le plume du frère de mes parents’ or something, not sure if there is female form for sibling in French.

    Quite a lot of misgendering going on there Chic. Le Plume wants you to use she/her et ta tante wants ils/les.

    Many forms of female in French ie
    elle/elle, il lui,ils/les

    I dont think there’s a word for sibling in french.. It’s either frere or soeur.

    It used to be straight forward because Assimil taught us

    ‘Ma soeur n’est pas mon frere’

    but all these books have been burned so who knows.

    Since Brexit there’s been no need to worry about French and after all they eat horses don’t they and on top of that Sam tells us ‘we Scots’ don’t feel European.

    However ‘we Scots’ are still eating the french fries, using the french letters and getting down and dirty with soixante neuf & french kissing.

    I’ve been told Nicola likes a bit of ‘french kissing’ and ‘crime passionnel’. Oh là là !

    So no I think we are still feeling pretty European.

    PS The worst thing about these grenouilles/crapauds is that they call me ‘la petite anglais’ and accuse me of burning Joan of Arc.

    It’s a bit worry ‘cos if the police hear about me burning ‘Jeanne d Arc’ even if it was in a former life I could get arrested for a transphobic hate crime.

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