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Don’t you just hate nationalism?

Posted on July 22, 2015 by

Tony Blair quoted in the Independent today:


Tony Blair leaving office in 2007:


We’re sure there’s a word for when you think your nation and your people are special and better than any other people or nation on Earth. It’ll come to us in a minute.

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    229 to “Don’t you just hate nationalism?”

    1. Stephen Bowers says:

      To be fair, he’s a bit of a bellend so whaddya expect

    2. Johnny says:

      Surely it’s only rabid BritNats who ‘walk about it’?

    3. Mealer says:

      Tony Blair is a war criminal.Why isn’t he in jail?

    4. Dave the Squirrel says:

      The last paragraph of the first picture reminds me of the numerous times Messrs Blair, Bush and cronies pointed over at the Middle East and said “They’re the problem.”

    5. muttley79 says:

      Once again British nationalism=good, Scottish nationalism=bad. It is really noteworthy that the MSM in the UK have apparently never noticed this, let along acknowledged this….

    6. Robert Shannon says:

      The word is deluded.

    7. Chic Thomson says:

      Do they “walk about it being the new politics” ?

    8. Tasmanian says:

      Blaming the UK government for problems in a region of the UK is not “blaming someone else”.

    9. Macart says:

      That Blair fella.

      What a card he is. 🙂

    10. Harry Scott says:

      “They’re the problem, over there, that’s the problem” Tony waving his club across the forest.

    11. Mealer says:

      MacArthur 12.21
      I can think of a better four lettered word beginning with “c” to describe him.

    12. david agnew says:

      It’s a nationalism that has none of the trappings of nationalism. It’s a superior form of nationalism in that it is a non-national, national identity that celebrates blandism. We are blessed by our blandness. Our other national dish is Tikka Masala because we think chicken in sauce is exotic. It’s a vicar of dibley identity.

      Don’t sweat the politics – that’s just little things. Don’t pay attention to what’s happening in Westminster. Our non-national national non-unity is more important than that. Mr Tomkins will be along shortly to condescend to you and gift with a plastic union-jack.

      Now…isn’t that better.

    13. heedtracker says:

      That last quote is that of a lunatic, an English lunatic. And we are strapped to them tighter than ever before.

    14. colin says:

      Tony Blair says …… do we really care what he says or thinks?

    15. Joemcg says:

      This brings to mind the two troglodytes filmed in George square on the 19th,eyes bulging, purple faced, screaming “nationalist scum” at the top of their voices whilst waving a union flag the size of a bed sheet. You’ve gotta laugh!

    16. JLT says:

      Why oh why are we still listening to this deluded, greedy, warmonger? Does the media still believe that Blair is about to come up with a new ideology that will make Britain ‘cool’ again, as they once thought in the late 90’s? It’s the only reason that I come to as to why the media continue to spout his drivel.

      Anyway …I’m away back to may cave to eat my ‘mammoth’ sandwiches while keeping an eye on the sabre-tooth predators known as ‘investment staff’ while learning up on my OU studies of Franz Boas and the birth of modern day anthropology.

      Oh …the irony!

    17. Donald MacKenzie says:

      Who’s Tony Blair?

    18. Luigi says:

      Me caveman! 🙂

    19. Jamie says:

      Tony Blair is a fud.

    20. Roll_On_2015 says:

      Thatcher when asked what she thought her greatest achievement was answered… The Labour Party… we knew that Tony would not let us down.

    21. Drew says:

      It’s no like the Labour Party are blaming someone else for their failure in the General Election, is it?

    22. Luigi says:

      In response to Tony Blair’s recenty comments, I would just like to say:


    23. gillie says:

      To be honest Cherie Blair looks like she has been hit on the head and dragged out of a cave.

    24. Nana Smith says:

      Blair was the one with the primitive policy

      Wed, 22/07/2015 – 12:00

      Commenting on Tony Blair’s speech and remarks about the SNP today, SNP MP Mhairi Black said:

      “Tony Blair must still be smarting from Labour losing the Scottish Parliament election to the SNP in 2007 when he was Prime Minister, and had dragged Labour so far to the right that it was barely recognisable.

      “And Tony Blair’s legacy still haunts and damages Labour today, and led them into the sorry position of not even voting against the Tories’ welfare cuts and budget bills this week – leaving the SNP as the real and effective opposition to the Tory government.

      “On any reading of his record, Tony Blair was the one with the primitive policy – dragging the country into an illegal war in Iraq, at the cost of hundreds of thousands of lives and causing massive instability to the region, the ramifications of which we continue to live with.

      “His criticism of the SNP government suggest someone badly out of touch, presumably unaware that SNP poll ratings have reached 60 per cent this month, but we take nothing for granted for the future.

      “Since coming to office in 2007, the SNP have frozen council tax, delivered free Higher Education, scrapped prescription charges, boosted apprenticeship numbers by almost 60 per cent, protected Free Personal Care, maintained the concessionary travel scheme, increased Scotland’s health budget to record levels, and protected those hardest hit by unfair Tory welfare cuts. All this has been in the face of massive Westminster cuts to Scotland’s budget.

      “And just this week the Scottish Government’s ambitious target for Accident and Emergency treatment times was met.

      “There is still more to do, and if re-elected in 2016 the SNP will build on our strong record and deliver further improvements. As First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has already outlined, by 2020 we want to deliver 30 hours of free childcare – almost doubling the current provision of 16 hours.

      “While Labour continue with their infighting and recriminations, the SNP will get on with the job of delivering for Scotland and working for progressive politics across the UK.”

    25. donald anderson says:

      Labour is reactionary imperialist British Nationalist Party.

    26. call me dave says:

      Aye the knave! (an unprincipled, crafty fellow).

      Labour… Huh! What is it good for …absolutely nothing.

      “Don’t vote for the left keep to the centre” and er…….er “I’m younger than Corbyn”, says Tony.

      I heard the radio 5 live call in this morning with many folk supporting that ‘dangerous Scottish woman’.

      England is beginning to see that their politics is not expressing what ‘hard working folk’ want…better choices!

      Will they act in time or is Scotland on it’s way leaving them to sort it out by themselves?

    27. Eliza says:


    28. galamcennalath says:

      Blair holds the normal Imperial outlook. It’s simple ….

      There two types of people in the world, British/English and the foreigners.

      British/English are the default, the norm … and all the others choose to not be British/English.

      The default cannot by definition be Nationalists – all the foreigners who have to differentiate themselves from the default do so by being Nationalists.

      Britain/England is the default Nation. It is the superior Nation. All other Nations are inferior, second class Nations.

    29. Les Wilson says:

      Well his comment on “The Greatest Nation on Earth” is not very well thought out. Another wee guy with a big ego, with a mustache said practically the same thing.

      Tony is just too clever sometimes, for his own good, thinking he has the answers to everything, the smug (very wealthy) git, got many things wrong. He also must have selective memory.

    30. Camz says:

      Lovely deflection Mr. Blair. If someone points at you and says “that’s him, he’s the one that caused all this” (New Labour, Iraq War, etc.), you can label them as nationalists, and avoid the truth.

    31. Ken500 says:

      Tony Blair is a psychopath. Tony Blair ruined the Labour Party, the world economy.A war criminal Still swanning round the world tax evading and leading a £Millionaire life style protected by public money. Blair should be in jail.

      The Scotsman (Maddox) give out the posting history of Neil Hay to Ian Murray, illegally against the Official Data Act. Ian Murray lied to win an election. Ian Murray is a liar.

    32. think again says:

      Progressive, centre left party gets advice from multi-millionaire, imperialist, unionist, war monger.

      Thing is Tone, it seems to me, you are part of the problem, not part of the solution.

      But then what do us caveman types – wife sniggers – know?

    33. Tackety Beets says:

      I have never voted Labour, however I do re-call all the rhetoric from Tony B Liar pre his election to Downing St.

      I clearly remember thinking “OK ,let us give him a chance, lets see how this panns out”

      Oooo FFS !

      I would go so far as imply that there has never been a leader who was so popular on being elected who then became so UNPOPULAR by the end of their tenure …… mmm well maybe Maggie T .

      Why does anyone even give Bliar any air !
      He hasnae a scoobie !

    34. Ken500 says:

      Tony Blair never supported self determination, civil or human rights

    35. The Moidart says:

      How would that warmongering little piece of filth know anything about Scotland?? He’s too busy engaging and employing corrupt governments over Africa and the middle east!! In between selling arms to fascist child murdering regimes and covering up all sorts of sickening activities which went on during his debacle as Prime monster!! He is below contempt. He’s is kinda right about the caveman theory. For 55% anyway.

    36. Cavemen killed to survive, How many died to make Blair rich, I’ll take the Caveman Ideology anytime. Perhaps, if we had not spent a fortune in bombing other people we could have given our children a future and looked after the weak and vunerable in our society.

    37. Joemcg says:

      While I was working a stall last year a student type came up to me and said “nationalism is a cancer” and went on to fire quotes at me from famous people one was Orwell I think, I let him rant and at the end I said “but British nationalism is ok though eh?” Just got a vacant glazed eye look back and he chuntered on and on the same path. They dinnae listen.

    38. indyracer2018 says:

      FFS Blair sounds like a 12 year old in the playground. He has seriously lost his touch. Maybe he needs some advice off McTiernan.

    39. date hammond says:

      Printing anything Blair said is pointless, he was/is a master of audience manipulation and only lost this ability when it was realised he is also a consummate liar. Most people now view him as the most dishonest and deluded Prime minister we have every had.

    40. Democracy Reborn says:

      Rule Brittannia, Verse 2, line 1:-

      “The nations not so blessed as thee”

      And don’t forgot the chorus….

      “Britons never, never, never shall be slaves!”

      (Well, unless you’re a benefit-scrounger, immigrant, or on Osborne’s ‘living wage’)

    41. Alastair Naughton says:

      Try telling all those who are the victims of the paedo ring right at the top of the British Establishment just how wonderful all this Britishness is!

    42. Stoker says:

      Listen here Tory Bliar, when we need lectures from a hypocritical warmongering poodle we’ll give you a shout. Until then, GTF, away and take a long walk off a short pier.

    43. Luigi says:

      My! The insults are coming thick and fast now. “Caveman” is a new one though – quite original!

      Does this mean they have lost the argument completely?

    44. The cavemen at the `first cavemen council`would find nothing much had changed if they were to visit Glasgow City Council.

      What `problem`did the leader of the caveman council have against `the forest`.

      Maybe he was making up an excuse to invade the forest cut down all the trees for fuel and all the living things in the forest that died would just be collateral damage.

    45. call me dave says:

      I met my old labour acquaintances in the cafe this morning and reminded them about the branch manager’s position.
      Both are not voting! Although one sees merit in Rowley.

      As for Teflon… they are not impressed.

      I asked about the big news story last night on BBC Scotland teatime (I was bluffing as I don’t watch it) on the NHS.

      “What story”? One asked raising an eyebrow.

      “Why the hospital waiting times being met” I proffered!

      “Never noticed it” he shrugged…. “Aye right” I said. 🙂

      Good old auntie! Sometimes it’s the way you don’t tell ’em.

    46. Eckle Fechan says:

      Family of Nations, surely.

      The man is appalling. Self-deluded and narcissistic to the core.

    47. Desimond says:

      Sounds like Tony with his religious traits

      Oh Im an Anglican while I am HERE in Westminster, but i do like those catholics over there…just wait till I get out of office!

    48. Big Jock says:

      So Scotland is not a nation then Tony?

      He fails basic Geography and History. There is no nation called Britain. It’s a multi national state. The US is a multi state nation. Total difference there.

      While decrying nationalism he fails to grasp that every nation in the world exist because of nationalism. Where it matters most in the world Britain is frowned upon. Our continental cousins see it as a nation of binge drinkers and violent nutters at the extreme end. At the soft end it represents stiff upper lip Englishness and a narrow snooty class driven politics.

      Scotland is not England. Unfortunately Britain and Britishness are English. While Scotland is tied to this we will never be free.

    49. One_Scot says:

      The main problem is, these ass holes can say whatever they want, they have the unionist UK media to protect them.

    50. Gordon says:

      Quite right! The movement for Scottish independence is not the same as nationalism. Anyone equating the two don’t understand what nationalism means. A lot of people pushing for Scottish independence are rejecting (British) nationalism.

    51. Freedom Lover says:

      The New Labour cult are really scraping the barrel wheeling this proven liar, war-criminal, glib self-serving egotist a platform to spout ill-informed nonsense. I’m not sure who is worse: Blair or his old grubby stained glove puppet McTiernan ( after his “they’re all morons” rant on Newsnight)- both, indeed all Blairites, are utterly toxic. Despite what the mainstream media pedal it is not Corbyn that is retrogressive but it is the right of centre ‘centrist’ in the Labour Party that are the problem. The main factor that really grates on my nerves is how arrogant, self-assured & smug the likes of Blair & McTiernan are- & no matter how wrong they’re judgement is nothing, even hard experience, shakes their fixed ideas & assumptions. It’s borderline psychotic. It’also disgraceful how much coverage a hasbeen like Blair gets on the BBC news on the same time as Corbyn makes a speech during his candidacy for the Labour leadership.

    52. Macart says:


      So can I, but Mrs M is watching my language for me. 🙂

    53. I am of the opinion that if you are a citizen of a country then that makes you a National of that Country.

      It doesn’t matter whether you describe yourself as a socialist/Labour, tory or whatever.

      As a National of a say a Country such as the UK ( I know the UK is not a Country but a union of countries, however unionists talk about the UK as being one Nation ) then that makes you a British Nationalist.

    54. Thepnr says:

      Tony Blairs legacy:

      The middle East on fire, millions of dead and the birth of IS.
      Foodbanks in every town.
      Massive rise in inequality.
      Restrictions on personal freedom and a snoopers charter.
      A Labour leadership contest with three Tory candidates.
      etc. ect.

      You get the picture. His mentor and inspiration, Thatcher would be very proud.

    55. William Beedie says:

      “The Scottish National Party has a “reactionary” ideology similar to that of a caveman, Tony Blair has argued.
      The former prime minister said the SNP was “blaming someone else” for Scotland’s problems and that Labour had to criticize the Scottish Government head-on to regain power
      “It’s the politics of the first caveman council when he pointed with his club across the forest and said ‘they’re the problem, over there, that’s the problem’.
      “It’s blaming someone else: however you dress it up, it’s a reactionary political philosophy.””

      Is this not what the Northern branch of Labour has done since the first days of a minority SNP government in Scotland, and also what Westminster has done over the years , with regards to Iraq,Afghanistan and other middle eastern nations

    56. Effijy says:

      Good Old Tony the Red Tory!
      He has been lucky that the UK has the type of people who
      have allowed him to drag us into illegal wars, killing millions, displacing millions and wasting £Billions.

      He has been lucky enough to get a whole series of wee part time jobs such as selling middle East Oil to a very thirsty China for £41,000 per week plus a 2% bonus for anything sold.

      He has been lucky enough to own a property portfolio worth £10 millions.

      He has been so clever that the world can’t trace where he pays tax, if he pays tax, as his web of international companies keep passing that obligation on to the next in line.

      He also showed our Gordon how to set up a charity in your own name, as the 10’s of thousands of established charities wouldn’t do, so that they can draw out £millions in the name of Charity Expenses.

      This socialist leader has cast aside all notion of a fair and just society as the money in his own pocket is just to lucrative to give a damn about the plebs he could once fool at will.

      He is also complicit in the Dunblane Massacre cover up. Why would he keep secret the names of those linked to this paedophile killer for 100 years, unless he and his powerful friends had something to hide?

      Thank you Tony for your better together message.
      We now see the depth of lies and deceit that you and the Tories will sink to in order to keep money flowing your way.

      Didn’t Hitler say that the Germans were the superior race?
      They were the greatest nation on earth.

      Just another crass statement from a party leader that once suggested that we are all equal and deserve equal rights.

    57. Simon says:

      “They’re the problem over there” they have WMD let’s go kill their children, that’ll show them.

    58. “The former prime minister said the SNP was “blaming someone else” for Scotland’s problems and that Labour had to criticize the Scottish Government head-on to regain power”

      So, blaming someone else is bad if the SNP do it but it’s the right thing to do when Labour do it?
      All Labour do is blame other people, they blame the SNP, the Tories, the electorate…

    59. Alastair Naughton says:

      Try telling the victims of the paedo ring right at the very top of the British establishment just how wonderful all this Britishness is!

    60. Dr Jim says:

      Britain isn’t a Nation though is it

      If it’s about being younger than Corbyn

      Nicola’s younger than Blair

      Anyway, I thought it was America that was the greatest nation on earth
      Tony used to believe that (or was that a lie)

      You could go on on all day, easier just to say

      Tony Blair’s a mind numbing ego maniacal lunatic of the highest order or (TWAT)

    61. Robert Unwin says:

      Taking Blair’s absurd argument to its logical conclusion, surely that would mean he supports a “One World Government” or similar concept in which all of humanity is united without any petty “arbitrary” or “dangerous” divisions drawn through geographical barriers or cultural differences?

      But given his 2007 statement presumably this wouldn’t include his “blessed” Britain which he explicitly praises as being superior to all other nations. So Britain would either remain in glorious isolation; or perhaps – given the innate greatness of its people – should in fact be magnanimously governing the rest of the world in its own best interests with London as World Capital City? 😉

    62. galamcennalath says:

      I never describe myself as a Nationalist, and post so several times.

      I consider myself, and anyone on the same path, as a pro-democracy activist.

      Blair, Cameron, etc etc are Nationalists. Blind raw unshakable believe in the superiority of their tribe and its right to lord it over others.

    63. Lesley-Anne says:

      Ug ug ug uga uga ug ug!

      Me happy cavewoman!

      You Tony Blair earsehole!

    64. Iain More says:

      I will donate to give psycho Bliar a club and send him off to fight ISSIS or whatever the Brit Mat media is calling them now.

    65. Clootie says:

      Blair –
      “…Excuse me while I trouser another $10M” ,
      ” …just make up some excuse. I promised George we would bomb them” ,
      “…keep the name but change the clauses that way they will keep voting for us”

      They roll out Brown in Scotland. They roll out Blair in England.
      …just how stupid are the remaining Labour voters – YOUR PARTY HAS GONE

      Blair, Brown, Murphy, McTernan, Liz Kendall, Darling, Tristam Hunt Chuka Umani etc,etc do they sound like socialists – NO – They sound and behave like Tories.

    66. bookie from hell says:

      Caveman overcame his primitive circumstances – a situation which was cast upon him – is actually proof he was intelligent… perhaps highly intelligent.

      After all, the first humans had no guidance, no books… yet from scratch they evaluated and conquered.

      To dispel one notion, to some extent cavemen could read and write. A caveman would have developed a few marks or signs which others in his clan could recognize the meaning of.

      Cavemen were also the first astronomers, the first navigators, the first mathematicians and first to discover countless other things… the rest of mankind was left only to fill in the blanks. Most all elementary discoveries therefore were made during the Stone Age.

    67. Ian Brotherhood says:

      ‘One wonders whether Blair is actually a relative of St Francis of Assisi, who boasted no worldly possessions.’

      From this:

    68. William Beedie says:

      OT but comments are open on a B Liar left is bad story with comments about SNP Caveman politics also inc

    69. call me dave says:

      Amazing find from the 7th century:
      When a PhD researcher, Alba Fedeli, looked more closely at these pages it was decided to carry out a radiocarbon dating test and the results were “startling”.

      The university’s director of special collections, Susan Worrall, said researchers had not expected “in our wildest dreams” that it would be so old.
      Rumours have it that some sentences yet to be fully interpreted suggested that

      Tony Blair was bad, but the SNP were very, very bad!

    70. Karmanaut says:

      “They’re the problem, over there, that’s the problem.”

      Which party had an anti-immigration mug?

      The irony of this would be funny, if it wasn’t so sad.

    71. Valerie says:

      Ugh! This cavewoman wears lovechild of Thatchers loathing, with great pride.

    72. HandandShrimp says:

      The magnificent double think of the unionist. Nationalism is bad, God Bless Great Britain. The stupid is of a concentrated level that it could burn through concrete.

    73. G H Graham says:

      Didn’t Tony Blair have some problems of his own with people who lived “over there”?


      I’m sure there’s more on his resume but I’m still waiting on the phone call of appreciation from the people he bombed to make them better.

    74. Robin Stevenson says:

      Very astute of Mr Blair I have to say,

      “When he pointed with his club across the forest and said “they’re the problem, over there, that’s the problem”.
      [As a herd of Velociraptors hurdled toward them]

      I’d imagine the cavemen had it spot on?

      With that analogy I take it Blair imagines that the raptors are now being portrayed as his own party members?

    75. Bob Mack says:

      That idiot Blair actually seems to believe he is some kind of Messiah.Truly,does he not realise how tarnished he is. He had the UK tag along to war with the biggest Nationalist power in the world for the sake of filling their oil barrels.
      The guy makes me sick. Now he is trying to congince his faithful to abandon socialism, as he did, by speaking against Mr Corbyn

    76. Almannysbunnet says:

      If using “NATIONALIST” as a pejorative term is all they can throw at us then they have lost the argument and they know it. They’d be well screwed if it was called the Scottish Independent Party, what would they complain about then? “Independence is the politics of the caveman”? Oops that doesn’t quite work.
      “Labour has to criticize the Scottish government head on to regain power.” FFS Tony! Slabour, with the help of the BBC, have been criticizing the Scottish government on a daily basis since they were elected and the SNP just keep getting more support from the electorate. What a mystery eh Tony. If you’re that dense then it’s you that’s showing signs of the caveman.

    77. Sinky says:

      It always astonishes me that so called liberal “thinkers” always equate nationalism with fascism and forget that there is a world of difference between civic nationalism as pursued by people who wish self government (Ghandi and Mandela) compared to State nationalism promoted by those already in power and expressed by individuals who demean other nations as Unionists are fond of doing whether it is Greece, Germany, France, Ireland, Iceland etc.

    78. heedtracker says:

      “Tony Blair: Labour will not win if it steps away from centre ground
      Former party leader and prime minister says there is no logic in party moving back to tax-and-spend policies of 1980s”

      From rancid The Graun headline. I wouldnt like to even guess where that load of imperial masters think the non nationalist teamGB centre ground actually is.

    79. Chris F says:

      David Agnew @12:24

      Spot on. That’s about the size of it.

    80. heedtracker says:

      Rancid Graun’s man with silly tash what got his UKOK arse handed to him by Leslie Riddock lately, is displeased with SNP “stunts, theatrical distractions, well any upstart and blighters in their Scotland region”

    81. Joemcg says:

      Sinky-always thought Lord Darling would end up on Panama’s most wanted list after his constant slagging and denigration of that country last year.

    82. Jimbo says:

      I don’t think anyone in Scotland really pays any attention to anything Blair has to say. He’s about as useful and as wanted as rotted piece of circumcised foreskin.

    83. arthur thomson says:

      I have stated elsewhere that my only interest in the state of Labour is how it can be exploited to the benefit of Scottish independence. Blair is a supreme example of why I take this position. He, those who were part of his regime and those who supported it are still around and still intent on imposing their notion of ‘Great Britain’. They are at the heart of the corrupt British establishment. I seek their demise not their rehabilitation.

      And this raises a key question for me. Where does Jeremy Corbyn stand on the issue of the right of the Scots to exercise free will on whether or not they wish to stay in the union?

    84. Escarii says:

      I suppose it would have been rude to REACT to Blair’s moving of the naval boundaries the night before the reformation of the Scottish Parliament. Perhaps it wold have been premature to REACT with anger regarding our role in the Illegal Iraq war. I don’t see why anyone would ever REACT to thier political party abandonning the values on which they were elected and please, ladies and gentlemen, don’t REACT like that, when Labour refuse to regulate the banking sector and all of your money goes up in smoke. REACT calmly upon hearing that thier mistakes will be shored up with your money, and of course, now is not the time to REACT badly when our austerity pays for the blunders of billionaires.

      Perhaps it’s a lack of REACTION that’s lead us to where we are today.

    85. Les Wilson says:

      Ian Brotherhood says:

      Ian that was a good find, a long read but gives an insight to Blair’s murky dealings. Excellent.

    86. pitchfork says:

      For some reason I can’t get that song out of my head:

      I’m an apeman, I’m an ape, ape man, oh I’m an ape man (do do do do doo)

    87. Colour MeTartan says:

      “Labour had to criticize the Scottish Government head-on to regain power”

      Thought abstaining on tory bills was the way to go?

      Looks like the SNP and co will be in power for decades to come with eejits like that batting for liebour

    88. Lollysmum says:

      Nana Smith -excellent post & you beat me to it 🙂

      Tony Blair-the disreputable prime minister who took us to war in 2003 against Iraq on the evidence of a sexed up dossier stating that Iraq had WMD’s. He went against the wishes of the people of UK & knowingly lied to Parliament.

      He should be in jail for his actions & does not have the right to lecture us on Scotland or SNP. He forfeited any entitlement to speak out against anyone else when he & Bush took us into an illegal war & caused the deaths of thousands of Iraqi citizens, Iraqi, US & UK soldiers who died for this man’s arrogance.

      He is one of the reasons that I no longer wish to be known as British or English & now support Scotland in its fight to be free of the UK.

      Blair-you reap what you sow-you are dead to me!!

    89. James Barr Gardner says:

      Worth a read (BBC, Viewpoint), especially the comments from people still in the mindset of Imperial Masters, they really think the resources of the world are still for them and them alone.
      At the end of May, the Oxford Union held a debate on the motion “This house believes Britain owes reparations to her former colonies”. Speakers included former Conservative MP Sir Richard Ottaway, Indian politician and writer Shashi Tharoor and British historian John Mackenzie. Shashi Tharoor’s argument in support of the motion, went viral in India, after he tweeted it out from his personal account. The argument has found favour among Indians, where the subject of colonial exploitation remains a sore topic.
      Comparisons with Scotland read across with shocking similarity, no two ways about it we are regarded by the Westminster elites as a colony to be exploited.
      Independence is now long overdue, forget any reparations, thieves don’t give back what they stole.

    90. Ben says:

      Liar, coward, murderer. Simples

    91. scottieDog says:

      Of course the state broadcaster wouldn’t televise any of Blair’s work…

    92. call me dave says:

      Mhairi Black, the SNP MP, has hit back at Tony Blair on behalf of her party following his comments about the SNP and nationalism earlier. Here’s an extract from her statement. Guardian blog.
      Tony Blair’s legacy still haunts and damages Labour today, and led them into the sorry position of not even voting against the Tories’ welfare cuts and budget bills this week – leaving the SNP as the real and effective opposition to the Tory government.

      On any reading of his record, Tony Blair was the one with the primitive policy – dragging the country into an illegal war in Iraq, at the cost of hundreds of thousands of lives and causing massive instability to the region, the ramifications of which we continue to live with.

      His criticism of the SNP government suggest someone badly out of touch, presumably unaware that SNP poll ratings have reached 60 per cent this month, but we take nothing for granted for the future.

      Since coming to office in 2007, the SNP have frozen council tax, delivered free Higher Education, scrapped prescription charges, boosted apprenticeship numbers by almost 60 per cent, protected Free Personal Care, maintained the concessionary travel scheme, increased Scotland’s health budget to record levels, and protected those hardest hit by unfair Tory welfare cuts. All this has been in the face of massive Westminster cuts to Scotland’s budget.

    93. scottieDog says:

      Aye Tony Blair the charismatic leader. Hitler had charisma.

    94. yesindyref2 says:

      Blair seems to be of significance to the declining Labour party for some reason, and for opposite reasons to the ardent Nationalists. To the rest of the population (98%) I think he is but a memory of yesteryear.

    95. scottieDog says:

      Tories well on the rampage now..
      Ending the ban on bee killing pesticides..

    96. Auld Rock says:

      Thank goodness we have a PR system for the Scottish Parliament as Labour are doing everything to ensure minimum representation after 2016. No matter what we think we do need a responsible and articulate opposition otherwise we will be compared to a dictatorship by the very people that the voters reject as incompetant clowns.

      Auld Rock

    97. baronesssamedi says:

      ‘Cavemen’if he means mesolithic hunter-gatherers, were extremely intelligent, competent and well-informed about their own known world. It’s a compliment to be called a caveman, not an insult.

    98. Phronesis says:

      ‘So I say today; respect for the old, for what it still has to teach; respect for others, honour, self-discipline, obligation, the essential decency of the British character. Let us take these old values and blend them with the challenge of the new world to fashion a Britain able to take on the world, strong in new daring and old wisdom, looking to the future while guarding what is best of the past’

      Prime Minister Blair’s speech to the Women’s Institutes’ General Meeting 7th June 2000.

      Sounds like nationalism doesn’t it? but this chauvinistic praise of Britain using flattery that is so typical of persuasive discourse didn’t quite cut it and the WI booed him.

    99. msean says:

      Re nationism,when you have convinced the rest of the world,full of actual independent nations full of nationalists,to give up standing up for their own countrys’ best interests,including those in London, Washington etc,convincing them not to invade or be nasty to each other,then we’ll talk about not being civic nationalists.

      Think we will have a long wait.

    100. Alba 46 says:

      Blair is a proven liar. He speaks for no-one. He is toxic like Brown and is firm in his conviction that people still listen to him. He should be behind bars instead of living the life of luxury at the expense of wounded and broken servicemen and women who he sent to an illegal war.

      You know when he has lost the argument when he starts to criticise the SNP. Old Westminster trick to deflect the real issue under discussion by talking about something else.
      As for the politics in Scotland he and the rest of Labour tried to sell a product on the 7th May which was overwhelmingly rejected by the customer. The product didn’t sell so instead of rivising the product they have decided to keep trying to sell it in its original format. If Labour was a commercial company it would go bankrupt. They appear not to have the brains to see the way forward. Images of the DODO spring to mind.

      Chilcott enquiry grinds on. Now has cost over £10 million, and we the tax payers are no further forward and kept in the dark “the mushroom syndrome”. This is totally out of control due to the “Maxwellisation” issue. If someone has a right of reply to critisism in the report before publication they should be given a strict time limit to respond and also be named, in order that we the tax paying public knows where the log jam is occurring. Should they fail to respond within the time limit, publish and be damned. We are being treated like mugs, the establishment is happy that we pay for this miscarriage of justice but we are to thick to be told what and who is causing the delay.

    101. frogesque says:

      Since he tried to bomb Iraq back to the stone age I suppose he would know a bit about cavemen.

      And BTW, Where IS the Chilcott report?

    102. Nana smith says:

      Take that Tony.

      Jeremy Corbyn slaps down ‘silly’ Tony Blair attack saying: ‘He led us into a disastrous illegal war’

    103. gerry parker says:

      @ pitchfork.

      Plastic Man (also by the Kinks) is a better one, available on u tube.

    104. frankieboy says:

      Tony Blair tells lies.

    105. Helena Brown says:

      I am just looking round the cave for some big stone to knock a certain couple of peoples heads with, A big lump or two for Blair and another one for that geezer with the tash. Thanks Heedtracker, my blood is well and truly up after reading his bit of scandalism in the Guardian.

    106. Aldo says:

      Blair is spot on this time. It is occasionally possible for vile people to speak the truth.

    107. TheBabelFish says:

      Although it is not part of the original definition, the term ‘nationalism’ has come to be associated with right wing, racist ideologies. Also with unhealthy superiority complexes. The notion of American Exceptionalism is a case in point, as is the Blair quote from 2007.

      For this reason I am not, and have never described myself as, a nationalist. I am, however, a patriot. A patriot is someone who can love their country, warts and all, without feeling the need to insult, denigrate or feel superior to anyone else.

      Ergo Tony Blair is a British nationalist, but not a patriot.

      A patriot would OF COURSE, by definition, believe in their country’s ability, and indeed responsibility, to govern its own affairs. Most supporters of Scottish independence I’ve encountered (which is really quite a lot) are patriots, not nationalists.

    108. dave hammond says:

      He also said to Bush before Iraq ” we are willing to pay the blood price” if he was honest he would have added “in other people’s blood and as long as there’s a bob in it for me”

    109. seanair says:

      Big Jock
      Of course he went to Fettes which is hardly a pro-Scotland seat of learning. Bet he didn’t get taught any Scottish history while studying for his (English) A-levels.

    110. Rob James says:

      Ian Brotherhood @1:20

      Good article. I guess we’ll just have to call him ‘Miranda’ from now on. Why am I not surprised. As I mentioned in an earlier thread, Westminster is London’s version of the catacombs, with skeletons in every closet. It’s the reason that people like McTernan, Mandelsohn etc. remain in the public eye. They know too much, but one day they will become surplus to requirements. I’d be looking over my shoulder if I was them.

    111. ahundredthidiot says:

      I wont be listening to anything a war criminal has to say

    112. unionismisnotnormal says:

      A Million dead Iraqis would beg to differ! Butcher Bliar should be in The Hague along with Dubya Bush and co!

    113. demonprincess says:

      Well, I’d be more than a bit put out if that mass murderer had something nice to say about us. I’m pretty comfortable with being his enemy. I’ve seen his friends and they turn my stomach. I’d hate to be counted among them.

    114. Marie Clark says:

      Thanks for the link Nana. I’m beginning to like the cut of Jeremy Corbyn’s jib.

      as for the warmonger, well he really is beneath contempt.

    115. Petra says:

      I’m a UK Labour Party politician and have ”been very lucky and very blessed” because I’ve got so many influential people over a barrel (paedophiles, arms dealers etc) that no one can do anything about me being a mass murderer. Everyone who stood in my way from day one seemed to die prematurely too such as Smith, Dewar, Cooke and Kelly.

      I own property worth over 33 million pounds in the UK ALONE …… in Buckinghamshire (9 m), Bayswater (10 m), Marlebone (7 m), Stockport (4 m), Manchester (1), Bristol (500,000), Shouldon (800,000) and Regents Park (475,000).

      My wife and son also have a massive multi-million pound property portfolio in their own right and well that’s just what’s on record as is the 60 million that I have in the bank.

      I’ve managed to destroy the UK Labour Party and most of the Middle East but can still command £150,000 an hour for spouting a load of old guff. It helped of course that I hold posts such as the Middle East envoy (held), I’m an adviser to JP Morgan, Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton, Zurich International, South Korea’s Ul Energy Corporation, the Kuwait Government (on good governance), Kazakhstan Government, Sao Paulo State Government and to the consortium behind the gas line from Azerbaijan to Italy

      I also work with the United Arab Emirates investment fund Mubadala and have a (secret) contract with a Saudi oil company headed by a member of the country’s royal family. Yes I’d call that being very lucky and very blessed indeed.

    116. Andy Nimmo says:

      What is it about these people who’ve made loadsy wonga off the backs of gullible folk that give them the right to lecture other people on ethics.instead of very quietly counting their blessings.

      OT Does anyone know who JK is going to endorse as next Labour Leader.

    117. fred blogger says:

      if politicians made cars what would they be like?

    118. Nana Smith says:

      From the mirror 14:26, 17 March 2014

      Bearing that in mind, during an interview with the Telegraph, Clarissa said that she had dirt on nearly every politician in the then Labour Government.

      As a lawyer in the 1970s, Clarissa spent an awful lot of time with other lawyers and MPs – including previous Prime Ministers Tony Blair – who she claimed was nicknamed ‘Miranda’ – and Gordon Brown.

      Her ability to shock legendary – she reeled off an anecdote about Brown – that the interviewer says was ‘far too outrageous to print’ but just went to show that she was utterly fearless.

    119. Dafydd TIMOTHY says:

      Je suis caveman

    120. Aldo says:

      You mention the ‘superiority’ complex. This is definitely present in Scottish nationalism. We’ll only solve our problems if we separate from “them over there”. The fact Great Britain is geographically small and an island just serves to make the entire proposition even more ludicrous. During the election, I saw several Scottish nationalists describe the English as “less politically evolved” and “unenlightened”. This presumably because leftist bs is anathema to most of them. What is that if not a superiority complex?

      And there is definitely some racism among Scottish nationalists too. Ever heard English people living in Scotland described as “settlers”? I have. We are the SAME PEOPLE. We are inter related. Most people have family and friends in England. Most people have a recent English ancestor. Settlers? Get to fck!

    121. Nana Smith says:

      Re my post at 3.50pm Clarissa being Clarissa Dickson Wright of two fat ladies fame.

    122. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Petra (3.43) –

      Hear hear. Brilliant.

    123. DerekM says:

      When we get our independence he had better not ever come to Scotland or he will be going straight to the Bar-L before we hand him over to the Hague for war crimes and crimes against humanity.

    124. bugsbunny says:


      Do you mean CUNT?


    125. Fred says:

      Could this psychotic mass-murderer be arrested if he crosses the border & sent to the Hague?

      Blair’s not a free man now anyhow, constantly looking over his shoulder, hubris & nemesis, like his alter ego Brown. Sleepless nights & backfiring cars must entail a hefty laundry bill.

    126. Joemcg says:

      Aldo-your inter related point is probably true of most other independent countries on earth of which there are over 300. Why can’t we be one of those countries?

    127. The Moidart says:

      Aldo I’m genuinely concerned about your mental health. I’m being sincere. Your posts are becoming more aggressive and ridiculous by the day. You appear to be becoming unhinged and erratic. I don’t think political forums are the ideal places for you to visit if I’m honest. Relax fella

    128. DerekM says:

      please dont feed the daily mail troll he is not even that good at it.

    129. Les Wilson says:

      fred blogger says:

      I do not know, but my guess is they would have square wheels !

    130. woosie says:

      Sometimes you wonder if your political views, an ideology arrived at over many years’ experience, is not quite perfect; then a mass murdering war criminal, and worse, one who caused countless deaths for his own personal gain ( the famous Get Blair Rich Project ), tells me that he disagrees with my heartfelt beliefs, I am a happy chappy!

      I’m sure most english people would like to be in my position today.

      Mhairi Black again impresses with her knowledge of recent political history, and I hope I’m around to see her as First Minister of a free Scotland! Mind you, it would be nice if Nicola gets it soon.

    131. Aldo says:

      I don’t particularly like Tony Blair and I don’t agree with the decision to go to war. But there is much talk of criminality and legality here. The law is absolute. It can never be a matter of opinion.

      The war in Iraq was legal.

      The reason for this is that Saddam Hussein was in breach of the 1991 ceasefire agreement. The first gulf war was UN authorised. The 2003 Iraq war can be viewed as a continuation of that war after a 12 year hiatus.

      And if that’s not enough for you, consider that the final UN resolution against Iraq promised “serious consequences” if Saddam didn’t comply. He didn’t comply and “serious consequences”, which in most peoples’ minds covers war, were forthcoming.

      You can argue it was immoral, stupid, unjust, poorly organised – but you can’t argue that it was illegal. People who do so argue from a position of pure ignorance of facts and the nature of law.

    132. Big Jock says:

      Aldo whom do you speak for I have not one single English relative. They are all Scots and Irish. I have nothing against the English but don’t share your alleged identifiable bond.

    133. Peter Campbell says:

      I’m just wondering what politician out there doesn’t wish the very best for his or her country. Although I wish the SNP were more left wing than they are, I have never heard them blame Scotland’s problems on anything other than Westminster or lack of the powers needed to REALLy tackle poverty and the sick man of Europe tag.

    134. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “The war in Iraq was legal.”

      The arbiters of international law – the ONLY arbiters – are the UN.

      The UN’s Secretary-General explicitly said the war was illegal.

      Unless you’re a superior authority on the UN to the Secretary-General – and I’m pretty sure your actual rank in the UN is Senior Executive Vice-President Of Fuck-All – then you lose. The end.

    135. Aldo says:

      To a person who wallows in pure ignorance and illogic, a logical fact based standpoint will often appear to be insane and a sign of mental illness, moidart. Argue the points with proper rebuttals, please.

    136. Luigi says:

      Aldo says:

      22 July, 2015 at 4:24 pm

      You can argue it was immoral, stupid, unjust, poorly organised – but you can’t argue that it was illegal. People who do so argue from a position of pure ignorance of facts and the nature of law.

      “From our point of view and the UN Charter point of view, it [the Iraq invasion] was illegal.”

      UN Secretary General Kofi-Annan [2004]

      Do you have any more stupid things to say, Aldo, or are you done for the day?

    137. Aldo says:

      ‘Please don’t feed the troll. He’s rubbish at it anyway – so rubbish that I somehow feel the need to respond and insult him’


      Not that it’s my intention to ‘troll’. Just bringing an alternative viewpoint and calling out some of the more boneheaded ignorance on here.

    138. yesindyref2 says:

      Anyone who is born in one country and moves to another country with the intention of settling down there is a settler, it’s the definition of the non-nationalist, non-racist, totally innocuous in itself, word “settler”.

      However, I didn’t like what I read about that guy’s book either, even though I don’t think he had any bad intent. But ut’s the way the biased media portrayed it which exaggerated the whole relatively harmless thing. You appear to have been taken in by that media, but should resist it.

    139. Aldo says:

      Well, the UN sec gen is clearly wrong. The war was authorised by pre gulf war and pre 2003 Iraq war resolutions. I don’t like it any more than you. I despise Blair. But what he did was not illegal.

      And if it was illegal, why hasn’t he been arrested? The very least that could be done is to try him in absentia, if no country will hand him over.

      But it hasn’t happened and will never happen – as there is no case to answer (unless you think carrying out the bidding of the UN is illegal).

      The extreme left have been banging this drum for 12 years and they make themselves look more and more ridiculous. Give it a rest.

    140. The Moidart says:

      No aldo. I won’t argue with you and I would strongly advise anyone else to follow suit. You know nothing about me aldo. The mental health field is something I do have a little knowledge of. I wish you all the best.

    141. TheBabelFish says:


      We are most certainly NOT the same people, and I can only thank you for graphically demonstrating that fact. If we were the same people then we’d be one nation by now. After all, it is quite a small island. But we’re not. Scotland is a nation. England is a nation. The UK is not a nation, it’s a Union, just like the EU. And even after 300 years of that Union it is undeniable that we have not become one nation or one people. We never have been, and we never will be.

    142. DerekM says:

      get your facts right Aldo i never said you wee rubbish at it i said you were not very good at it,and since i never directed it at you what made you think i was talking about you hmmm ?

      See like i said you are not very good at it as you just walked right into my troll trap muppet.

    143. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “Well, the UN sec gen is clearly wrong.”

      THIS JUST IN! Some random twat on the internet tells the UN Secretary-General he doesn’t know shit about the rules of the UN! Hold all the front pages!

    144. Aldo says:

      I repeat – Saddam was in breach of the 1991 ceasefire agreement. That alone authorises the resumption of military action.

      The law often covers things that we disagree with. None of us likes it when, say, for example, a murderer gets off on a legal technicality. And that is basically what has happened here. You can say it’s wrong, immoral etc – but not illegal.

      I just think, in the interests of accuracy if nothing else, that we ought to observe this basic fact.

    145. TheBabelFish says:


      We are most certainly NOT the same people, and I can only thank you for graphically illustrating that fact. We never have been, and we never will be. If we were, we’d be one nation by now. After all, it is a fairly small island and we’ve been sharing it for quite a while. But we’re not.

      Scotland is a nation. England is a nation. The UK is a Union, like the EU, and even after 300 years of that Union’s existence it is no closer to becoming one nation than we ever were. I don’t hate anyone, I don’t feel superior to anyone, but I know who I am. Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it.

    146. Wullie B says:

      For all that is bad with Hussain, he did keep help to balance out the middle east, the only time that the UK/US coalition would have been right to invade Iraq was in 1991 when they told the Kurds to create an uprising with their support, yet when the time came the tanks stopped at the Iraqi border

      Blair then used the WMD lie to invade Iraq, when the info was dodgy at best, and since then the problems started, Iraq got the blame for the 2001 twin towers when every one involved with that terrorist act came from out with from countries like Saudi Arabia, yet they were not invaded

    147. David says:

      Think Mr Blair has been spending too much time in The Sun

    148. Pip says:

      haha… he says pointing the finger at the SNP and saying them over there the nationalists… thats the problem. hypocrite much?

    149. Thepnr says:


      Your view on the legality of the 2003 war in Iraq appears not to have much support internationally.

      “According to a detailed legal investigation conducted by an independent commission of inquiry set up by the government of the Netherlands headed by former Netherlands Supreme Court president Willibrord Davids, the 2003 invasion violated international law. Also, the commission concluded that the notion of “regime change” as practiced by the powers that invaded Iraq had “no basis in international law.”

      “Then UK Foreign Secretary Jack Straw sent a secret letter to Prime Minister Tony Blair in April 2002 warning Blair that the case for military action against Iraq was of “dubious legality.” The letter goes on to state that “regime change per se is no justification for military action” and that “the weight of legal advice here is that a fresh [UN] mandate may well be required.”

      The invasion of Iraq was neither in self-defense against armed attack nor sanctioned by UN Security Council resolution authorizing the use of force by member states and thus constituted the crime of war of aggression, according to the International Commission of Jurists (ICJ) in Geneva.[60][61] A “war waged without a clear mandate from the United Nations Security Council would constitute a flagrant violation of the prohibition of the use of force”. We note with “deep dismay that a small number of states are poised to launch an outright illegal invasion of Iraq, which amounts to a war of aggression”.

      Try, try, try and try again.

    150. Davy says:

      All those New labour followers “the Blairites and Brownites”, must be pissing themselves that a proper leftwing canidate is leading the contest for being leader of their party.

      As for Blair, to us in Scotland he is just a pile on the earse of life. I hope Corbyn kicks the shite out of his opponents, at least he will vote for the poor and disadvantaged, unlike the useless bunch of rats he is competeing against.

    151. EphemeralDeception says:

      Caveman? No Blair. Cyber Caveman, if you please!

    152. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “I repeat – Saddam was in breach of the 1991 ceasefire agreement. That alone authorises the resumption of military action.”

      I repeat – you don’t get to lecture the fucking Secretary-General of the UN on what the UN thinks. He decides. You don’t. If you’re in court and the judge says you’re guilty and you don’t agree with him, don’t make any dinner plans for that evening because you’re going to fucking jail whether you like it or not.

    153. Paula Rose says:

      Aldo is so far out on the edge of zoomerism – can we have a normal one please rather than this parody, back to Tony Blair, meso and Neolithic people had trading links across continents – narrow minded nationalism was not part of their mind-set. Such attitudes seem to develop alongside monotheism.

    154. margo allan says:

      Blair ? bad bad man , don’t know how he manages to sleep at night .Caveman politics ? He has left tens of thousands of families still living in caves with his politics.

    155. Silverytay says:

      On the subject of Blair , has Malaysia not indicted him for war crimes .
      I know they held some form of enquiry into his conduct over the Iraq war .

    156. If the SNP are cavemen then Labour are dinosaurs.

      The simple question to then ask is: which of these two groups are still walking around and which are only found in the fossil record?

    157. tony gaughan says:

      Yes and Tony Bliar has the reactionary ideology of a WAR CRIMINAL burn in hell with your beloved old hag Thatcher .

    158. yesindyref2 says:

      “The war in Iraq was legal.

      The reason for this is that Saddam Hussein was in breach of the 1991 ceasefire agreement.”

      This is the argument the UK Government put in its paper on its justification for going to war in Iraq despite the UN having failed to pass a new Resolution at the request of the UK and USA Governments.

      However, it is not absolute and there is no such thing as the word “absolute” in International Law, because there is no International Court nor Justice System recognised by the whole world, the 196 or so Independent countries, therefore there is nop absolute International Law.

      Generally speaking it’s the victors who set up War Crimes Tribunals and try war criminals, so it’s a “case” of the winners determining the law and rights. Small l for “law” because, indeed, it’s not absolute.

    159. Truth says:

      Tony Blair you have neither earned nor deserve my respect.

      Consequently anything you say will be treated with disdain.

    160. Taranaich says:

      Anyone who’s met me in person will know I will happily, nay joyously, accept being described as a caveman. Especially if we’re talking 1 Million Years B.C./When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth complete with anachronistic stop-motion dinosaurs and nubile savages.

    161. Taranaich says:

      @Mad Jock McMad: The simple question to then ask is: which of these two groups are still walking around and which are only found in the fossil record?

      Well if you want to get technical, modern birds are considered to be dinosaurs, while no other human species except Homo sapiens sapiens is extant.

      I’ll see myself out.

    162. Graeme says:


      Do yourself a favour and give it up we already know your a fucking idiot you don’t have to keep posting to prove it time and time again

      we get it honestly we do

    163. Ukp42 says:

      Just remember, ‘It’s not a lie, if you believe it’

    164. Grouse Beater says:

      When you really listen to Blair you realise he is congenitally shallow.

    165. Aldo says:

      I’m really feeling the love here – lol!

      The Rev compares the UN Sec Gen to the judge in a court when he in reality is no such thing. A more accurate analogy might be chief of police but, then, that title would more accurately go to the big five powers that have underpinned the UN since 1945 (the UK, the USA, France, Russia and China). He’s more like…….a clerk. The clerk of court!

      Even if Tony Blair were ever brought to trial – and it will NEVER happen – he would still need to be proved guilty. The failure of Saddam Hussein to tow the line down the years multiple times, the breach of the 1991 terms of ceasefire and the final UN resolution promising “serious consequences” – BUT NOT BEING ANY MORE SPECIFIC THAN THAT – guarantees that Blair would be found not guilty.

      On the issue of Scotland being a country. It quite clearly isn’t. It doesn’t have its own head of state / government, armed forces, currency. Most major decisions reside with London. If you got into trouble abroad, you would go to the British embassy – not the Scottish embassy – the British embassy (or for those who wish to be pedantic, “UK” embassy). Some people want Scotland to be a country. I understand that. But it cannot realistically, at the moment, be called a country. It is a region of the UK, as is England, Wales etc.

      To the guy who continually calls me mental yet insists I know nothing about him – what’s the psychiatric expression for a lack of joined up thinking? :0)

    166. bugsbunny says:


      Your politics stink, but on the positive side I do love the taste of your German sausage. You beat Lidl’s hands down.


    167. galamcennalath says:

      Paula Rose says:
      “… narrow minded nationalism was not part of their mind-set. Such attitudes seem to develop alongside monotheism”

      Never thought of it like that. You are probably right.

      Perhaps racism too.

    168. Husker says:

      I was going to come on here and have a rant but I thought my bother. When thinking about it, you can only marvel at how much this individual believes his intellectual shallowness.

      He talks about the SNP living in the past and supporters of Corbyn wanting to take Labour back to the eighties yet he wants Labour to continue living in 1997.

      The world has changed a lot since then. The aftermath banking crisis has left the majority worse off, the world economy is still being driven by debt and will fall over the edge again once interest rates rise, we’ve had a referendum that has made the large part of the Scottish population politically aware and this will spread throughout the UK with the SNP making the decision in participating in UK politics as well as the likes of Mhairi Black inspiring young people throughout the UK to speak up for themselves.

      Do he honestly think that when the Tories do crash the economy, Labour is going to play some silly songs, jaw-jaw with a couple of z-celebrities and think we are going to vote for them in droves?

    169. Aldo says:

      I do love feeding my sausage to people, lol.

      I particularly enjoyed it on the 18th of September ;0)

    170. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi Aldo.

      I have no idea how you, physically, manage to emit the p!$h from your mouth, to your fingers, to my screen but you must enjoy the taste across your palate?

      It’s the only logical reason – you like the taste of p!$h!

    171. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      I note that several folk have surrendered to the enemy and somehow now believe that “nationalist” is a bad word.
      It is not. It merely describes someone with a deep affection and loyalty to a particular nation.
      The word means nothing else.

      I am a nationalist. A Scottish nationalist.

    172. Aldo says:

      Mhairi Black inspiring the young folks? Dear God, I hope not…

      The economy crashes itself – it doesn’t need a political party to do it. Every ten to fifteen years, you can expect a recession. It’s called the business cycle and is completely natural.

      The question is – do you want a government that will prepare for it, establish a nest egg and get the economy and public services back on track quickly afterwards – or a government that will borrow/spend, borrow/spend and scream “OH F*CK!!!!” when the inevitable downturn materialises?

    173. michael nelson says:

      This one beats the manchurian candidate for a conspiricy theory. Blair and his NEW Labour instigators were actually a terrorist splinter cell of the Conservative party. Given 10 years to destroy the Labour party as a viable party and train up new members to perpetuate the plan. It’s the only theory that fits !

    174. bugsbunny says:


      If your definition of a country is a nation that is independent then you are correct about Scotland. At least just now.

      You really put the CUNT into CUNTry. England being the greatest CUNTry in the world.


    175. The Moidart says:

      Waldo /tit… I wouldn’t know. But I have left you with a wee diagnosis of your current mental state in another post. I think you will find you fit the criteria splendidly.

    176. Aldo says:

      If I like the taste of peeyash Brian, it’s only because I acquired it during the lengthy Yes Sociali…, sorry, Yes Scotland campaign! :0)

    177. The Moidart says:

      Ps.. I think you will find i expressed concerns about your mental state once. You have since then accused me of calling you insane and continually call you mental… When I have done neither…. Tut tut waldo. The facts are getting fuzzy and the facade is slipping. Ever see Aguirre the wrath of God Aldo?? Or read American psycho?? Just curious…..

    178. Socrates MacSporran says:

      I have a friend, the only thing we have in common is a love of rugby. He is an unrepentant No-voting, Conservative-voting, old-school Britnat. He is a member of the R&A and very much an Establishment figure.

      He was educated at Fettes, before a lengthy career in the City of London, prior to returning to Scotland to take-over the family firm from his old man.

      He despises Blair with a vengeance and assures me: “Yes, we have a lengthy record of producing wee shites at Fettes, but, none of the other, many shites we have produced, has ever been as bad as Blair.

      When even your old contemporaries from school think you are a shite, in spite of all you have done in public life, then you have to be a real, steaming pile of poo.

    179. Aldo says:

      I thought you weren’t going to engage with me, Moidart, due to your concerns?

      What is my ‘diagnosis’ anyway? I’m intrigued!

      England is the greatest CUNTry in the world (from another poster). Well well – showing our true colours, are we? (Moidart, I think we need another diagnosis from you).

      Why is England a CUNTry then? Because it occasionally votes in conservative governments? Have you even seen the American conservatives – or the Australian conservatives? Our tories are pinko liberals in comparison.

    180. Public Opinion says:

      Of what relevance does Tony Blair’s rant on ‘nationalism’ have on anything to do with the SNP or life in modern Scotland? Here’s yet another charlatan who’s (quite deliberately) confused the term Scottish NATIONAL Party with Scottish NATIONALIST Party.

      There’s a world of difference between the two, especially when you add the prefix ‘civic’ infront of the word ‘nationalism’.

      We all know the poisonous rhetoric that flows from the mouths of New Labour politicians, anything opposing their brand of casino politics is either some form of nazi nationalism or some other shape of Robert Mugabe rule…

      but really, trying to link any of these slurs to the SNP is beyond pathetic, it’s actually an insult to the intelligence of the electorate in Scotland who have been voting SNP for years now. But really, who listens to them anymore? Very few going by what the general public say and going by how they (we) vote.

      We don’t look at or point at any other country and blame them for our ills. If anything we blame ourselves for not maintaining or hanging onto the basic powers of government required to allow us to manage ourselves with the same measure of control as any other country.

      That we have to ‘ask permission’ from a government nobody in Scotland voted for isn’t much of a selling point for his brand of ‘democracy’.

    181. Thepnr says:


      The question is – do you want a government that will prepare for it, establish a nest egg

      Hmmm, £1.5 Trillion debt could hardly be described as a nest egg? I guess I have misread what you meant, care to explain?

    182. bugsbunny says:


      About you feeding your sausage to people, is their a sex preference, or indeed an age limit to that?

      I need to know as I’m an avid reader of Exaro, and I need to ask a few questions. Where you Paymaster General between 1985 and 1987, Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster 1987/88, Health Secretary 1988 to 1990, Education Secretary 1990 to 1992, Home Secretary 1992/93, Chancellor from 1993 to 1997. Shadow Chancellor from May to June 1997, Shadow Business Secretary 2009/10, Lord Chancellor 2010/12, and Minister without Portfolio 2012/14?

      Or are you another kinky tory with a sausage fetish?

      Maybe, like the Tortoise, you got there before the HARE?


    183. Al-Stuart says:

      So Tony Blair, war criminal and liar has decided that…

      The 49.6% of Scots that voted SNP on 7th May 2015 are cavemen

      So Blair is not just a corrupt ex-politician skewered by the psychological flawed Gordon Brown and booted out of the PM job, but a sexist idiot too.

      Tony, my advice to you, is to read the excellent, article by Stuart Campbell…

      Tony, unlike your lies about WMD and the blood on your hands from so many deaths caused by your self-delusional deception, the FACTS in the aforementioned article are true. If you had any decency left in your soul, you would go and read Stuart’s work. Then perhaps make comments that don’t continually pi$$ of ex-lifelong-Labour voters like me. By the way, I am unlikely ever to vote for your blood-stained career politician party ever again. I am a confirmed SNP caveman. Jings, you are not just a fool, but a dangerous one at that.

    184. Husker says:

      Aldo says @ 22 July, 2015 at 8:27 pm

      The point I’m making is Labour’s strategy is to sit on the sidelines and wait until the Tories crash the economy by doing nothing to cushion the economic cycles you talk about so that the electorate will have no choice but to vote for them. I never mentioned anything about the effect economics has on our society and how governments should deal with it.

      You aren’t very good at this, are you?

    185. Paula Rose says:


      The economy crashes itself – it doesn’t need a political party to do it. Every ten to fifteen years, you can expect a recession. It’s called the business cycle and is completely natural.


    186. aitchbee says:

      The most baffling part of his speech was where he described the Labour campaign in this year’s election as ‘old-fashioned enough to be from Star Trek’

      Given that all the Star Treks were set in the future I can’t begin to imagine what this means, and it makes my head hurt to think about it 😉

    187. bugsbunny says:


      Aldo’s idea of a nest egg, is that of the cuckoo. Throw out your offspring and replace it with an imposter. A few generations later, hay hoe, no more Scotland.

      Aldo’s a destructive cuckoo, destroying your children’s future with his vision of “Utopia”.

      God help us all.


    188. Tinto Chiel says:

      To all the Esteemed Wingers who have tried to employ logic in their arguments with Aldo/Waldo/Yoda and, for all I know, Insensate Dave: he’s not worth it.

      Absinthe, anyone? Puts us on an equal footing at least.

    189. The Moidart says:

      Aldo.. Again why allow the facts to get in the way of a good yarn? I said argue.. Not engage. Remember to take your clozapine.. I find you an intriguing little fellow. I liken us to Joseph Carey merrick and Frederick Treves….

    190. The Moidart says:

      Tinto Chiel… You may not have noticed that I attempted to furnish the kid with the narcotics anonymous number last night.. Again aldo.. It’s 0300 999 1212…

    191. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “I do love feeding my sausage to people, lol.

      I particularly enjoyed it on the 18th of September ;0)”

      Welcome to the pre-moderation list. Trolling is tedious.

    192. Paula Rose says:

      Silly Aldo can someone call the carer? Just so silly –

      The economy crashes itself – it doesn’t need a political party to do it. Every ten to fifteen years, you can expect a recession. It’s called the business cycle and is completely natural.

      btw Rock still sobber xx

    193. Al-Stuart says:

      Stuart, I think I’m putting you up for a Pulitzer Prize for this….

      Plus Tony Blair is being nominated for his own True Blair Legacy Award

      Semper in excretia sumus solim profundum variat

      Stuart, as for your response to the ramblings of poor Aldo?

      Just love it chief.

      Rev. Stuart Campbell says: 22 July, 2015 at 5:57 pm

      “I repeat – Saddam was in breach of the 1991 ceasefire agreement. That alone authorises the resumption of military action.”

      “I repeat – you don’t get to lecture the fucking Secretary-General of the UN on what the UN thinks. He decides. You don’t. If you’re in court and the judge says you’re guilty and you don’t agree with him, don’t make any dinner plans for that evening because you’re going to fucking jail whether you like it or not.”

    194. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Very short, and little-viewed (445 views) YT piece which is worth watching if for no other reason than to see the expression on Gordon Brown’s face (approx 40 secs) when TB delivers his macho rallying call in the fateful HOC debate.

      Also worth considering the physical state of Blair at either end of the snippet – do you personally know anyone (i.e. who wasn’t terminally ill) who has aged so dramatically in the space of a decade?:

    195. yesindyref2 says:

      Wow, it becomes more incorrect as it goes along.

      Canada’s head of state is QE2, which means Canada is not a country? Go to a UK embassy abroad – don’t you know you can go to an EU embassy, so does that mean the UK is not a country, just a region of the EU?


    196. The Moidart says:

      Ian brotherhood.. I noticed that too. He really looks terrible. As did the epitome of charm Prints Philip last week. There must be a shortage of young to Transylvanian youth to suck the blood out of….

    197. Aldo says:

      Canada has the vast majority of the attributes of a country. Scotland clearly doesn’t. No government (the devolved assembly in Edinburgh is not a government), no armed forces, no ability to issue its own currency, borrow or set interest rates. No representation abroad.

      We’re a glorified region. Okay, we’ve got a flag – so does Daesh. Is that a country? We have a football team. Dundee has two – is that a country?

      Since 1603 our independent status waned. It was extinguished in 1707. We are not a country in any meaningful sense of the word. If we want to become a country – a proper one – we need to disentangle ourselves economically from the other 59 million people living in the United Kingdom (a proper country).

    198. Sarah says:

      Ethnocentric is the word you are looking for I believe. To be honest, I have come across very few members of the human population who are truly “enlightened” enough to think outside this little box! :o)

    199. Tamson says:

      “It’s the politics of the first caveman council, when the caveman came out from a council where there were difficult decisions and pointed with his club across the forest and said, ‘They’re the problem, over there, that’s the problem’. It’s blaming someone else.”

      Actually, the politics of the first caveman council was:

      “See that tribe over there? Beside the river full of fish and the orchard, and the woods of good burning wood and full of deer to hunt? We have bigger clubs and spears: let’s kill them and take over that bit.”

      Blair knows all about that kind of caveman council.

    200. Effijy says:

      No more Aldo please!

      There is a new tablet for the on-set of dementia, go get some.

    201. notallusenglishareeejits says:

      Interviewee/Hack: “So Mrs Thatcher, what has been your greatest ever achievement?”

      General Pinochet and Jimmy Saville’s best mate: “New Labour and Tony Blair”.

      Quick query, does anyone know if Mark ‘gonna start a coup in Africa’ Thatcher is still around?

    202. Paula Rose says:

      Why doesn’t the Rock deal with Aldo?

    203. Paula Rose says:

      Come on Rock doll – lay into Aldo.

    204. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Paula Rose –

      Rock dealing with Aldo would just result in an old croak. 🙁

    205. DerekM says:

      nice one Rev, i know you like to give us freedom to say what we like,but that troll and there is no other word for him was on a troll frenzy.

      Watched on RT earlier Ken livingston putting the boot into Blair and backing Jeremy so that will be him buggered,he even had the cheek to call himself a socialist after bumming up his term as London Mayor,they had on some kipper as well but i have no idea who he was but he didnt half talk some pish.

      Aye Labour are busy sticking the knives in each others backs you know the ones the tories gave them to play with,idiots.

    206. John Moss says:

      If nationalism is bad then what is the United Kingdom…a non-nation?

      Exactly what is a non-nation?

      And what makes a non-nation and it s people better than those of a nation?

      Simple question. Deserves an answer.

    207. CameronB Brodie says:


      “The doctrine of pre-emptive strikes ‘is a doctrine without limits, without accountability to the UN or international law, without any dependence on a collective judgment of responsible governments and, what is worse, without any convincing demonstration of practical necessity’. It repudiates the core idea of the UN Charter that prohibits the use of force except for self-defense or pursuant to a decision of the Security Council.”

    208. CameronB Brodie says:

      Apparently racism is a 16th century European invention which gave new life to Aristotle’s definition of natural slaves (i.e. foreigners and labourers), in order to justify the colonisation of the Americas.

    209. CameronB Brodie says:

      You’re not very good at this, are you?

      The question is – do you want a government that will prepare for it, establish a nest egg and get the economy and public services back on track quickly afterwards – or a government that will borrow/spend, borrow/spend and scream “OH F*CK!!!!” when the inevitable downturn materialises?

      Not heard of the McCrone Report? How do you think Scotland’s society would be doing today, if both Labour and Tory governments hadn’t kept the truth about the North Sea a secret from Scots? Do you think the Union would be in existence today if this deceit had not been conspired to?

      The elephant in the room being the lack of influence Scotland has in Westminster and the subsequent lack of self-ditermination. Sounds a bit like slavery to me. No?

    210. Marco McGinty says:

      “And if it was illegal, why hasn’t he been arrested?”

      Perhaps it has escaped your attention, but Jimmy Savile was never arrested for any of his crimes. So, do you think he should be found innocent on all counts, or are you advocating paedophilia as a legitimate pastime?

    211. CameronB Brodie says:

      Sorry, I can’t resist. 🙂


      “The world’s first industrialized economy—the United Kingdom—suffered banking panics in 1825, 1847, 1866 and 1890. The fact that the financial system—and the economy—appeared to experience a crisis about every 20–25 years suggested to observers that there was some regular force at work in “modern” economies that led to a cycle of booms and busts. But what was this force? Speculation ranged from the sunspot cycles to climate and weather to the behavior of various economic actors. Karl Marx and Joseph Shumpeter (strange bedfellows indeed) both told stories in which capitalist “overproduction” or “overinvestment” led to periodic crises. While these were not necessarily bound by a time schedule, both viewed cycles—regular up and down behavior—as a natural feature of economic behavior.

      As economists turned to statistical techniques, however, they discovered that the “cycles” that appeared in the data were likely illusions. It is not difficult to generate data that looks cyclical but is purely random. Figure 2 shows the graph of a random “process”? that could easily pass for a typical business cycle measure. Statistical tests cannot distinguish standard data series such as GDP and employment from data series generated by these random “processes.

      As a result of this discovery, economists have mostly rejected the idea that business “cycles” represent some inherent, regular (in a time or structural sense) feature of the economy.? Instead, modern business cycle economists view the economy as experiencing random “shocks.” Some shocks (technological improvements, booms in neighboring countries, better functioning financial markets) are positive, and some (financial market failure, problems abroad, wars, poor policy choices) are negative. Economic behavior translates these shocks into what appear to be regular patterns in the data. But it’s all really random. A typical popular modern macroeconomics textbook doesn’t even mention the term “business cycle,” preferring the term “economic fluctuations.”? – Dr. Daniel Bachman, senior manager, U.S. macroeconomics, Deloitte Services LP.

    212. Rock says:

      Paula Rose,

      “Silly Aldo can someone call the carer? Just so silly –

      btw Rock still sobber xx”

      Paula Rose,

      “Why doesn’t the Rock deal with Aldo?”

      Paula Rose,

      “Come on Rock doll – lay into Aldo.”

      Ian Brotherhood,

      “@Paula Rose –

      Rock dealing with Aldo would just result in an old croak.”

      Did your Green-Socialist Sycophant coalition fail to defeat Aldo in debate?

      Unlike Paula Rose, it is not my aim to lower the quality of debate.

      Paula “no children to save the planet” Rose, how many pets have you had instead? Didn’t answer on the previous thread.

      Ken500 is absolutely right about Green hypocrites and Ian Brotherhood if socialists are as naive as you are, no wonder they have not been able to replace Labour as the party of the disadvantaged.

    213. Flying Scotsman says:

      If only he knew that he was/is the fucking ptoblem.
      Im surprised they heard what he said,what with his head so far up his own arse.

    214. As I said in my last post I am of the opinion that everyone is a Nationalist, as people are defined by the country they were born in and the culture they came from.

      How many people who will be “British Citizens” are of say third or fourth generation migrants to the UK, are still identified and seen as being of say Pakistani, Indian, West Indian origins?

      That’s what I mean by Nationalism, of course that doesn’t mean they don’t have different political views which would members of the Socialists, Labour, tory, SNP or whatever.

      That’s why in my opinion Blair is talking cobblers about nationalism, While he may describe himself as new Labour, but he is still a British Nationalist!

    215. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Rock (2.40) –

      FFS, a simple anagram shouldn’t be read as evidence of a sycophantic conspiracy – taking it as some personal slight is daft.

      And as for ‘naivety’ – do you really believe Aldo is here to have a ‘debate’ with anyone?!

      LOLZ 🙂

    216. Ken says:

      Blairs advice to Labour…when tories win you dont turn to the left if you want elected. So they emulated the Tories.
      Sounds plausible but SNP did not emulate Labour and they won.
      By his own advice Labour in Scotland should emulate the SNP.

    217. louis.b.argyll says:

      Yes, we are all nationalists.

      A measure of progress is ability to define cultural and economic values.

      Without a nation we are unmanageable.

    218. James says:

      War criminal living a life of luxury forever? Modern justice for you.

    219. cirsium says:

      @CameronB Brodie, 2.31am

      thanks for a very interesting link.

    220. Paula Rose says:


    221. Gary says:

      This is the man who was Middle Eastern Peace Envoy, the one where the people and leaders from across the region actually couldn’t decide whether to laugh or cry. This is the man who thought he deserved his ‘Man of the Year’ prize despite everyone else falling about laughing. This is the man whose donations to Labour parliamentary hopefuls were shunned lest they be tainted with his dishonesty, power hungriness, lap-doggedness and money grabbiness. He used to be the Golden Boy but now everything he touches turns to poison. There have been calls in parliament for his impeachment and only USA refusing to release information about his discussions with Bush and our own government delaying an inquiry are keeping him away from The Hague on war-crimes charges. But hey, keep talking…

    222. Bob says:

      60% of Scotland are now SNP supporters. When Tony Blair recently likened them to the first cavemen, 60% of Scotland sat bolt upright and re-examined themselves.

      “Oh aye” they said, “but that was when we used to be Tony Blair supporters”.

      “Now run along ya rancid wee warmongering cunt”.

    223. Paula Rose says:

      Looking forward to meeting Rock on Saturday xx

    224. James Dow says:

      Tony Blair’s legacy, a devolved Scottish parliament.
      And his comment.
      “There that should put a stop to independence”
      And the fact that it did not is burning him up as inevitably it will him that will be seen to be the one who provided the mechanism for independence.

    225. Grouse Beater says:

      Hi Dippydave

      Why are you farting around on this site and not using your time to get rid of food banks in your home town of Hull? Don’t you like your city or care for its people?

      More and more people in hull are turning to food banks to stay alive. The Trussell Trust, which runs a food bank in King Edward Street, city centre, has helped more than 10,000 people in Hull in just over three years, a service is one of many now continuing to spring up around the city.

      “The food banks are really important,” Mr Haldenby, 33, said. “If it was not for those who run them, I do not think I would be alive.”

      Mr Haldenby was using the food bank at St Mary’s Church in Lowgate, which became Hull’s newest food bank [one of 12] when it opened on Tuesday, January 13.

    226. Fred says:

      Paula, I think you’ve deffo got the hots for Rock. 🙂

    227. ronnie anderson says:

      Now Broom the Loon has moved to pastures new, the next cheerleader for BT ,Moothpiece in the next Scottish Referendem Tony Blair.

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