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What you find under rocks

Posted on April 11, 2021 by

Not for the first time, a certain section of society in Scotland and elsewhere is today engaged in the furious insistence that words don’t mean what they actually mean.

The words above are not ambiguous. They call for the “elimination” of “all laws limiting [the] legal capacity of adolescents […] to consent to sex”. The only laws which limit the legal capacity of adolescents – people aged from 10 to 19, according to both the World Health Organisation and the United Nations – to consent to sex are age of consent laws. The clue is somewhat in the name.

If organisations don’t want those laws abolished so that 10-year-olds can have sex, then they shouldn’t sign their names to statements saying that they do.

The ILGA, the group at the centre of this weekend’s controversy over the issue, has previous form. (We highly recommend clicking the image to read the whole article.)

It subsequently expelled NAMBLA, and continues to strongly deny advocating paedophilia. But it should perhaps be noted that paedophilia refers to children, who are a category distinct from adolescents, although there’s some overlap in the definitions.

Interestingly, the Scottish Government appears to be extremely nervous of association with ILGA. When someone (we don’t know who) sent an FOI request to the Scottish Government last year about its relationship with the organisation – on what seemed to be a very innocuous issue – they got this reply:

We cannot imagine the reason for such inordinate secrecy over a simple query about how LGBTI-friendly a country ILGA might consider Scotland to be. Only the Scottish Government can answer that question, just like only Stonewall Scotland and LGBT Youth Scotland can answer why they’re signatories to a declaration calling for the abolition of the adolescent age of consent if that’s not something they believe in.

Paedophiles have a long and well-documented history of trying to infiltrate and hijack LGBT groups, and Scotland is no exception. Indeed, it has very disturbing recent history. Observing that fact does not amount to an accusation and it absolutely certainly does NOT imply any intrinsic link between homosexuality and paedophilia. Wings is not aware of any statistical predilection of homosexual people towards paedophilia compared to heterosexual people.

But anyone who reacts with outrage and evasion and deflection to a basic minimum of scrutiny and vigilance about the safeguarding of 10-year-olds (and especially if, as with ILGA and LGBT Youth Scotland, they’ve had previous and very severe problems with paedophile infiltration) is probably someone over whom there should be rather MORE scrutiny and vigilance, not less.

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218 to “What you find under rocks”

  1. Breeks says:

    Aye, caught squarely in the headlights, but consequences? There will be none. They can depend on it.

  2. Littleladylotte says:

    Well said Rev, as always

  3. susanXX says:

    You’re like a surgeon wielding the scalpel Stu. This is such a toxic area, it needs lancing and sunlight.

  4. Intractable Potsherd says:

    The issue about adolescents is bad, but don’t underestimate the inclusion of people with disabilities in the ILGA manifesto. This isn’t about people with physical disabilities; it is about people with disabilities that mean the do not have mental capacity to make informed decisions about sexual activity. Like adolescents, they are people who can easily be abused by predators.

  5. TheSNPLeftMe says:

    They scurry away from the light!

  6. M_Alc says:

    Alba should just release their manifesto as [Redacted]. Seems its de rigueur, could be a vote winner.

  7. Paul McRae says:

    Cosy Feet Pete’s latest assertion is that you’re in league with Ronald Villiers. While the old grifter may well be opportunistic, he is, at least, alerting folk to a genuinely concerning development and for that he deserves credit. Pension Pete, however, with a mind like Swiss cheese, deserves naught but opprobrium, laughter and ridicule

  8. TPee says:

    LGBT Youth Scotland are funded very generously by ScotGov. They also charge every school for the privilege of them coming into the schools to teach kids an agenda that is not currently officially endorsed by ScotGov, despite LGBTYS claiming that it was, then having to retract this inaccurate claim.

    They run the LGBT Schools ‘Charter’, charging each school THOUSANDS of pounds to be ‘certified’. Stonewall of course to the same in businesses, trade unions, local government. They teach the ‘right views’, leaving anyone uncomfortable with the ‘Transwomen are women’ frightened to speak out lest being a cursed of being a bigot or even losing their job.

    These ‘Charters’ are like a legalised protection racket, protecting organisations and making them ‘inclusive’ and protected and part of the club. Those who refuse to join or speak out against it are ostracised.

  9. Astonished says:

    Why don’t you ask our SNP candidates what they think ?

    I’d start with a certain carpetbagger on the lothian list.

    I’d also load the question : As a very strong supporter of self-identification, trans rights and the SNP youth wing do you support the ILGA ?

    Ask for a reply in 24 hours. We are all dying to know.

  10. somerled says:

    Wings is not aware of any statistical predilection of homosexual people towards paedophilia compared to heterosexual people.

    It would be interesting to know what the factual statistics are for convicted paedophiles and also boy/girl ratio of victims. It was believed that Jimmy Saville preferred girls, he also raped boys. wonder if any Academic readers know if there been any independent studies or official statistics ?

    The author of otter tale Ring of Bright Water, Gavin Maxwell who was a bisexual aristocrat was known to visit Morrocco to sodomise boys and part of their culture I believe that is about boys becoming men.

    Perhaps the reason male paedophiles (Straight or gay) sodomise boys rather than girls is because boys dont get pregnant so less risk of being caught if a girl starts to show signs of pregnancy. Also i think rape was only considered to be a penis penetrating a vagina without consent so historically maybe boys were abused so it wouldnt be thought of as rape and in their own minds less of a crime.

    I think as someone said previously Queer theory is about having sex with anyone (anything?) and no restrictions. It does seem that the real goal of LGBTQI++ is to eventually remove all labels to allow paedophilia to be normalised & not criminal.

  11. Alan Thoms says:

    I think Alex Salmond should have not kept Alba out of the constituency vote. In my opinion it was a mistake. The SNP need to be weakened in Holyrood. Perhaps there will be surprises in the election and Sturgeon may get a bloody nose. I doubt it and Scotland will limp along with this failed government. The SNP was set up for one reason only; to achieve an Independent Scotland. It has not done so.

  12. Josef Ó Luain says:

    It’ll be instructive to see who might object to your raising of this issue.

  13. John Martini says:

    “If anyone causes one of these little ones–those who believe in me–to stumble, it would be better for them to have a large millstone hung around their neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea.”

    Jesus will return with a sword. Be afraid SNPeados.

  14. ClanDonald says:

    I see Fiona Robertson over on twitter is claiming the document is simply badly worded and that a little more clarity in the language might be helpful…

    She then goes on to “clarify” what she thinks the document actually means by putting her own personal spin on how words are defined. So when the document speaks of reducing the age of consent for adolescents, she claims what they actually meant to say was removing criminalisation of two fifteen year olds who have consenting sex with each other.

    Aye really? And how the heck does she know that’s what the writers intended? Does she have a psychic route into the minds of those who wrote it?

    What a load of bollocks. If that’s what the writers intended then why wouldn’t they just say that?

    The SNP should be giving this document a wide berth, apologise for their mistake and withdraw from any association. The fact they’re defending it is abhorrent. Especially as it also argues in favour of removing all laws that make it illegal not to disclose if you have HIV or not to sexual partners as well as wanting laws removed that stop men from sexually abusing people with profound disabilities.

    There’s even a bit about legalising “exposure.” What’s that all about? A flasher’s charter?

    Dirty old men are all over twitter claiming this document is just fine, nothing to worry about.

  15. TPee says:

    The LGBT Charter

    Also worthwhile looking at their resources. The document ‘Supporting Transgender Young People -Guidance for schools In Scotland’ is worth a read and is the one which they had to withdraw stating that it was endorsed by ScotGoc- because er it wasn’t.

    Has fine advice such as saying parents should NOT be informed when male children and youths with gender identity issues are housed with females in overnight accomodation.

    And again, funded by ScotGov

  16. Graeme S says:

    Out of curiosity I wonder how long NAMBLA were members before getting the heave ho. They’d been quite high profile as a paedophile rights organisation since the late 70s so why did it take until the mid 90s for ILGA to catch on?

    I saw elsewhere comments that the problem is obviously not the organisations themselves but the problem of those with sinister intent utilising them as a shield. It’s imperative that there is absolutely no room for confusion or obfuscation. Actively seeking to exclude those who wish to reduce safeguards is imperative.

  17. Kat says:

    Infiltration and manipulation together with sacred caste status of these orgs allows them, in this instance, to hide behind the skirts of “feminism” and international treaties such as cedaw & uncrc. It also means they are not held accountable for their serious lack of due diligence and proper impact assessments. In the end all this harms the ordinary people they represent. In the end it harms us all of we don’t call it out.

  18. James Smyth says:

    This seems to be the same tactic pursued by the Paedophile Information Exchange of the 70s and early 80s. I re-read the following passage from an interesting article on the BBC website 7 years ago:

    ‘Journalist Christian Wolmar remembers their tactics. “They didn’t emphasise that this was 50-year-old men wanting to have sex with five-year-olds. They presented it as the sexual liberation of children, that children should have the right to sex,” he says It’s an ideology that seems chilling now. But PIE managed to gain support from some professional bodies and progressive groups. It received invitations from student unions, won sympathetic media coverage and found academics willing to push its message…
    One of PIE’s key tactics was to try to conflate its cause with gay rights. On at least two occasions the Campaign for Homosexual Equality conference passed motions in PIE’s favour. Most gay people were horrified by any conflation of homosexuality and a sexual interest in children, says Parris. But PIE used the idea of sexual liberation to win over more radical elements. “If there was anything with the word ‘liberation’ in the name you were automatically in favour of it if you were young and cool in the 1970s. It seemed like PIE had slipped through the net.‘

    History doesn’t repeat itself but it rhymes.

    BBC 2014 –

  19. Shocked says:

    I see the SNP 1 Nicola sturgeon fan club have kicked off the thread bemoaning a lack of consequences for this…..

    Well if you keep voting for the SNP when they spit in your face on a daily basis you can hardly blame the SNP for behaving the way they do. You can always rely on the Nicola Sturgeon fan club to try to defend the indefensible.

  20. Beaker says:

    It’s trending on Twitter. Mhairi Black has joined in. Wonder if the media are going to be interested or not.

  21. robertknight says:

    No doubt, what with the new financial year just started, our Woke-led administration will have its cheque book at the ready for the likes of Stonewall, etc. Courtesy of the Bank of You and Me.

  22. somerled says:

    Intractable Potsherd says:
    11 April, 2021 at 12:43 pm
    The issue about adolescents is bad, but don’t underestimate the inclusion of people with disabilities in the ILGA manifesto. This isn’t about people with physical disabilities; it is about people with disabilities that mean the do not have mental capacity to make informed decisions about sexual activity. Like adolescents, they are people who can easily be abused by predators.

    That is a good point. James Rennie of LGBT Youth Scotland said in an email to his boyfriend or another paedophile that he wanted sex with a Downs Syndrome child too.

    The Hollie Greig case and the Docherty family case both from Aberdeenshire I think, involved disabled children too targeted by paedophiles

  23. James says:

    somerled says:
    11 April, 2021 at 12:55 pm
    “It would be interesting to know what the factual statistics are for convicted paedophiles”

    You, particularly, probably wont like reading it, but around 80% of convicted paedophiles are heterosexual, usually married.

  24. Mia says:

    We should demand the Scottish government to stop with immediate effect any funding of ANY organisation that does not come out declaring and stating in the strongest possible terms that they oppose the reduction of age of consent.

    Until that time Stonewall or any other quango subsidised by Sturgeon’s government behind our backs stops endorsing ILGA, all the subsides should not only stop with immediate effect, but should be reclaimed back.

    We, the people of Scotland, never gave consent to this political fraud to use our taxpayers’ money to prop up dodgy organisations that appear to be seeking not only the destruction of females’ rights, but also the removal of children protection barriers against paedophiles and abusers.

    Enough is enough. This woman has to leave. She has put women and girls in danger, she is now putting our children in danger and forcing us to subsidise the rather questionable outfits pressing for that, she has handed over our powers and control of our assets to our neighbour country, she has undermined our popular sovereignty and trashed our EU citizenship rights, she has transformed the COPFS into a political weapon and derailed Scotland’s democracy and independence for the last 6 years. This has to be the absolute worse, most corrupt, dangerous and less trustworthy FM Scotland has ever had.

  25. Republicofscotland says:

    So the stakeholders (whoever they are) interests comes first, they don’t want to reveal their purpose and reasons incase the info is leaked into the public domain, but where ten year old children are concerned we need to know everything in order to protect them.

    Sturgeon needs to announce publicly that the Scottish government will no longer be funding Stonewall Scotland and LGBT Youth Scotland. Scottish taxpayers should not see their hard earned cash handed over to groups that have signed up to a charter that basically calls for a nineteen year old to have legal sexual activity with a ten year old.

    If you’re a a parent you should be worried about this.

  26. somerled says:

    James at 1:20pm

    I suppose you have a link for this, seeing as i asked for facts, not your bigoted opinion?

  27. TheSNPLeftMe says:


    Spot on – to even attempt to defend the document only proves how far down that road they have gone. The wording is plain and it is quite clear on intent.

    Any group who signed it in error should be running away from it very publicly and making an apology for signing it.

  28. David H says:

    Does anyone else find the sentence, “advocating legalising of HIV transmission by non-disclosure”. Quite sinister?

    In my opinion,

    If someone is HIV positive and wants to have condomeless sex, the person must disclose their HIV status to their sexual partner and gain consent.

    Its good to challenge the Stigma of HIV, most recently in the channel 4 show Its a Sin. People have a right to a private life. Yes there is now miracle drugs. But it is not okay to knowingly put a partner at risk of HIV.

    It is no longer a death sentence, but it is a lifelong prescription for antiretrovirol drugs.

    Exceptional circumnstances yes, sorry to say this. But there are cases of thoughtless and vindictive people out there that would knowingly put people at risk of HIV. And for that reason I think law should remain as it is.

  29. Mia says:

    “Scottish taxpayers should not see their hard earned cash handed over to groups that have signed up to a charter that basically calls for a nineteen year old to have legal sexual activity with a ten year old”

    If they are asking for the elimination of laws that limit the legal capacity of adolescents, they are at all effects exposing adolescents to be abused by 19s, 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s or 80s year olds. Let’s not reduce the scope of the problem here, please.

    Even worse, among those adolescents there are disabled ones and mentally impaired ones. Are we to understand that these sick individuals are seeking to open those extremely vulnerable children to abuse?

    The sickening Savile was reviled because he boasted about abusing disabled children in hospital claiming “he was doing them a favour”. Is this the kind of reasoning behind these sick people, that removing the laws that currently protect those children from savage and totally amoral predators like Saville are “doing them a favour”?

    If those laws had been removed at the time of Saville, some of depraved behaviour would have not been considered a crime. How the hell is that a good thing?

    So really, who are these people seeking to protect? Because surely as hell it is not our children.

  30. Robert Graham says:

    For once maybe the parliament we elect and pay for out of our taxes will be forced through threat of dismissal , pass a law that would make it a criminal offence to hide , obscure any information gathered or generated by that department or organisation for or on behalf of the the Scottish people any document or communication from or between Scottish government departments or organisations must be made public ,

    Anything out with national security is our property

    After all we fkn pay for them therefore our property

  31. kapelmeister says:

    Nothing about this scandal and nothing about the Fergus Ewing scandal so far on the BBC news pages.

  32. TPee says:

    LGBT Youth Scotland also have a Helpline where they are advising vulnerable kids that its perfectly valid to believe you can change sex.

    Adults at least have a half a chance with this but the kids do not. This is ideological grooming in plain sight. This ideology convinces kids that their feelings of discomfort and dissociation with their bodies can be cured with puberty blockers, binders, cross sex hormones and ultimately surgery.

    Except it is not the middle aged transitioning males who get parts lopped off, it is the teenage girls who have double mascotomies. The males get new tit surgery so that they can play with them and their cocks and post it on Twitter.

    In 10 years time this will be exposed as the scandal it is. And I bet my pension that if will be the ‘Feminists’ who will be blamed, even though we have been shouting for years with noone listening.

    Please, can you listen?

  33. Republicofscotland says:

    Kapelmeister @1.34pm.

    Strathy put this link up on it in the last thread.

    It looks like Ewing conducted official government business in an improper fashion.

  34. M62 Jim says:

    Selfishly I hope the furore continues, if only to give the vile David Paisley enough rope

  35. PaulaJ says:

    I hesitate to pose the question, but:

    When the lunatics have taken over the asylum, would it make sense not to vote for them to retain control?

  36. TPee says:

    Please read this important thread, but a leading gay activist

    ‘Paedophilia and the Scottish LGBTQ+ movement. Is it any surprise that Stonewall and other groups are members of ILGA an international LGBTQ+ lobby group that’s alleged to be campaigning against an age of consent? Here’s why it’s no surprise at all’……

  37. PhilM says:

    I think we currently have the worst of all possible political worlds in Scotland.
    We have a govt that is secretive, largely unaccountable, and proactive in demonising those who ask fairly standard questions about their policies.
    We have a newspaper and broadcast media that, despite what Mandy Rhodes might think, does not ‘hold truth to power’ but appears to think that politics only take place within the walls of a parliament. Current affairs coverage is almost non-existent, so no-one is able or cares to ‘join the dots’. When WoS or Craig Murray make any kind of wider connection or display any kind of background research, the journalists shut the story down through character assassination, ‘conspiracy theory’ labels, or through basic disbelief (what possible motive could NS have etc.? Well, why not have a little think for yourself, instead of believing that the country is led by either some kind of Nelson Mandela-like figure or an ultra-competent Angela McMerkel).
    We have a political class that is utterly craven, afraid to think any original thought, hiding en masse within a political consensus that is stifling and allows mediocrity to pose as informed and competent. There is not one – NOT ONE -political maverick MSP out of 129 seat warmers. It’s hard to believe this amorphous gloop of bores are capable of scandal, yet we’ve just witnessed one of grade A thermonuclear proportions and the politicians and journalists seem content to shepherd the perpetrators out of the public’s awareness and immediately shepherd the same people back in as candidates for our new mediocre parliament. Nothing to see here. Now cast your vote and then shut up.
    Our public institutions now look like the kind of fake crap you might happily pick up at a street market because no-one can tell what’s authentic anymore.
    Those who are OK with all of this don’t seem to realise that ‘the people’ have an active role in politics as a system of governance and that they can become corrupted too. Those who cheerlead for NS and her cronies are playing a corrupt role within our politics and by complicity are causing the higher-level corruption to become ingrained. Without a few brave souls, supported by a section of Scottish society who can see the corruption close up, who have to live with it and suffer its effects, without our bloggers, we would be without any avenue of dissent to the consensus of mediocrity.
    Rant over.

  38. Daisy Walker says:

    ‘Eliminate all laws and policies that punish or criminalize – HIV transmission non-disclosure and exposure -‘

    One of the good things the schools have been trying to teach within the sex education program, is responsible, caring, sexual relationships.

    Unless there is some different way to interpret the above statement, the above appears to give license to those with a life threatening sexually transmitable disease to have unprotected sex at will, and take no legal or moral responsibility for it, and dissempower lawful authorities to pursue them and hold them to account.

    I don’t know what the current infection rates for HIV currently are, or how they differ between groups such as homosexuals, heterosexuals, intravenous drug users, etc.

    But I do know that when HIV first came on the scene, homosexuals were considered to be in a higher risk group, one reason being unprotected anal sex had a higher risk of causing bleeding/exposure to bodily fluids.

    This is NOT just a child protection issue, the inclusion of the above, makes it very much a GAY man protection issue.

    Fiona Robertson has attempted to argue that the publisher of this document is international – therefore there has been poor translation, leading to misunderstandings.

    If a person who knows they have HIV, deliberately fails to disclose this fact to a sexual partner – that is morally wrong, even if using a condom. Condoms can break.

    If a person who knows, or finds out they have HIV, fails to inform a sexual partner, having exposed them to the virus, this is morally wrong and a public health issue.

    If a person (and sadly there have been examples) knowing that they have the virus, deliberately has unprotected sex with others in an attempt to infect them. This is a clear, life endangering, criminal act at the most serious level.

    I struggle to see how that could be ‘mis-translated’.

    I do understand, that these proposals, having now been pointed out to our elected resp, should have them being equally as concerned about the dangers as the many people highlighting them.

    For our elected reps to be funding this, and failing to grasp the dangers – means they are completely unfit for office. I understand that fully.

    There’s an internet phrase ‘never f@ck with cats’. The SNP/ScotGov is away to find out from the electorate, it applies to people’s children just as much.

    I expect, I demand, that the SNP Candidates start to show some moral back bone, very, very soon. This issue would be a good place to start.

    One last thing. Twitter – how do we campaing against it?

  39. Dave Hansell says:

    “Sturgeon needs to announce publicly that the Scottish government will no longer be funding Stonewall Scotland and LGBT Youth Scotland.”

    It would seem reasonable to surmise that most taxpayers, once made aware of the activities of the minority in these groups who are kicking the the arse out of the situation (ie taking unreasonable advantage), would not just be seeking an end to funding they would reasonably be demanding the money back plus substantial compensation for the damage caused.

    And that would also be reasonable in the case of any sponsoring agencies up to and including, if and where applicable, the UN.

    Another problem is that there exists reasonable cause to anticipate the situation would be little different if Labour or the Lib Dems were running the Scottish Government as the level of infiltration into societies institutions is both wide and extremely deep. With even big tech Social Media companies censoring and deplatforming any critique:

  40. P says:

    Good work Rev and thank you
    Having worked with children and adolescents for 30 years,
    I know exactly how these chancers operate. They know the law and all the loopholes.
    I’ve heard it all, same script in every country I’ve worked in – there are no mistakes. Ever.
    And every single person defending the rights of xyz can go do one.
    I’ve worked with the vulnerable kids these chancers seek and find.
    I’ve seen the damage first hand.

  41. wullie says:

    Fergus Ewing scandal
    Prey Tell. This would interest me and may alter my voting intention.

  42. Captain Yossarian says:

    A few days ago, I think it was on Friday, I wrote to explain the story of a new school that was finished in 2015. Prior to work starting on the school, a chap stepped forward and said: ‘You’ve made a mistake here…what you are doing here is against the law and will never work… this school will sink’. The chap, who knew what he was talking about, was sacked instantly and they carried-on.

    The school was finished and opened, but he kept-on complaining non-stop and so the design was checked by the Scottish Government, ‘Scottish Building Standards’ no less, who said to him: ‘We’ve checked this and it will be OK…just you go home and shut up’.

    Anyway, it hasn’t been OK and many of the world’d top engineers have checked it too and they agree.

    I am reminded at this point of the words of Jim Sillars who said recently: ‘The toxic tentacles of the SNP have penetrated and poisoned all of Scotland’s public bodies’. Whereas I don’t see any particular need to politicize this, I think he was right. Not only does everyone at Holyrood know about this case, but the City Council knows about it and half a dozen Scottish lawyers know about it too and yet the only person who has acted to get it properly investigated was the Secretary of State for Scotland. Now, what does that tell you?

    Anyway, the ‘Institution of Civil Engineers’ has been asked to advise and they are undoubtedly the right folk to do that. Maybe the Institution of Civil Engineers has asked the Scottish Government: ‘But a whistle-blower reported this to you 7-years ago; why didn’t you just listen? …why didn’t you investigate properly then, instead of now?…do you know there are laws protecting whistle-blowers?…we tell all of our members that it is their moral and legal duty to make ‘protected disclosures’ and they will be protected wherever they are in the UK…should we now exclude ‘Scotland’ in that advice as you don’t protect them here in Scotland?

    The civil-servant who is representing the Scottish Government at the moment is, unfortunately, the same vainglorious arsehole that said 7-years ago: ‘We’ve checked this and it will be OK…just you go home and shut up’. Hence, he’s in no hurry to get it sorted-out any no-one else seems to be either, not even the teaching unions.

    I suppose the matter is: ‘How do we treat whistle-blowers in Scotland?’ Do we investigate what they say….or do we just hang them from trees? What happens when, after 7-years, they are proven to have been right all along? What if it costs many millions to sort this out? What happens to the Scottish Government, the City Council and their lawyers if it is found that folk have been needlessly exposed to risk? What happens to the whistle-blower? …or do we just cover this up until after the election? Does honesty and accountability mean anything in Scotland, or does it just get you into trouble nowadays.

    The law is different in Scotland but the protections afforded to whistle-blowers are the same. In fact, they are the same all over the democratic world…just not here in Scotland. As others have recently observed: ‘We have suddenly become a banana republic without the bananas’.

    It currently rests with a QC at the same firm of QC’s and Advocates who regularly tell the Scottish Government they have got it wrong. He has been working on the case for many weeks and it beats me what he is finding so complex about it. Whether the school is safe or not will not be decided by him and I suspect he’s just another £500/hour Scottish Government legal patsy, wasting our time.

    That reminds me, a neighbour of mine worked in the scrap-yard next to Dalreoch railway station, near the MSP from Dumbarton’s constituency office, for thirty years. As you can imagine, he wasn’t a Professor of Engineering, a QC or an Advocate or anything like that, but he was one of those ‘substance over style’ folk that Scotland used to produce all the time. We now produce ‘style over substance’ folk and we have hundreds of them. Anyway, he knew this school would never work back in 2014 and so it’s not that complex, is it.

  43. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Ruth Wishart tweeted this –

    ruth wishart
    Am not planning to retweet any of the ludicrous allegations about the age of consent currently being circulated. This is mendacious nonsense as its purveyors must know.
    7:16 am · 11 Apr 2021·Twitter for iPad

    Quite a number of tweets below that, pointing out that she’s a journalist and should be investigating what the facts are, rather than shooting the messenger.

  44. Argentocoxos says:

    The late Andre Vitchek wrote some good articles on this.
    Apologies in advance, I tried to do the archive thing but failed.

  45. kapelmeister says:

    RoS @1:39

    Aye, Fergus has a hell of a lot of explaining to do. In the past, a minister in this situation would be heading out the door. Not in Sturgeonland.

    The SG spokesperson tried to brazen it out by saying that civil servants don’t have to be at every engagement a minister attends. Well no, they bloody well do have to have someone there taking records if a minister is discussing deals involving millions of taxpayer cash.

    The senior civil servant in Scotland should be making sure these meetings have records. And who is the top civil servant in Scotland? Oh yes, it’s Ms Lesley Evans.

    And when it comes to the SG dishing out the money to these groups like Stonewall and the lot Alyn Smith was a director of, I shouldn’t think Evans would question it. Whatever Sturgeon wants, Evans goes along with.

  46. akenaton says:

    Paedophilia is extremely rare and is usually perpetrated by the mentally deranged, but even so James’s response to Somerled shows a very large over representation of homosexuals in the figures he presents? Statistically Homosexuals represent around 2% of the population.

  47. T.roz says:

    Yes, well said Rev, there was a odd outburst on Twitter last night from a certain bloke. Makes you wonder.

  48. Say no to corruption says:

    Yet we have Sturgeon mouthpieces like Janey Godley using this serious subject to tell us why we shouldn’t vote for the Alba party. Last night Godley’s fingers must have been in agony with the amount of people she blocked for having the audacity to question her response. However this is the modern SNP facist approach to criticism.

  49. boris says:

    The EU has invested in excess of 20billion Euro’s in the partnership since 1995 and there is tangible evidence of a positive outcome in the future. But the UK will play no part in it. An negative  is the loss of financial investment, to date and in the future.

  50. Victoria Morton says:

    LGBT Youth’s remit, as registered with the OSCR, covers the age range 13-25. Why then are they going into primary schools and even nurseries with their charter scheme to ensure they are LGB sexuality and Trans identity inclusive?

  51. Andy says:

    I will be campaigning against Sturgeon in the Constituency Vote.

    I will be pushing for a Sarwar Constituency Vote and ALBA for the List vote.

    I have noticed more and more are so disgusted by the SNP that they are also turning their back on them on 6th May.

    TPee among others will not be Voting SNP 1.

    Prepare for “Incoming” TPee from the usual Sturgeon fanatics, who will label you with the usual shite of being a Yoon, a 77th, or their favourite “we see you”.

    Think for yourself, don’t be a sheep.

    If the SNP were a new Party and they wrote all their evil plans into a Manifesto, would you touch them with a barge pole?

  52. David R says:

    Do the Scottish Government publish a list of organisations and amounts they pay them or is this something you’d need to send a FOI request in?

  53. wee monkey says:

    boris says:
    11 April, 2021 at 2:16 pm
    “The EU has invested in excess of 20billion Euro’s in the partnership since 1995 and there is tangible evidence of a positive outcome in the future. But the UK will play no part in it. An negative is the loss of financial investment, to date and in the future.

    I’m just a simple Jock [self condescension I know].

    Can you explain, in simple terms

    1. what this had to do with the topic


    2. what “tangible evidence of a positive outcome in the future.” are.



    easily confused.

    PS The EU as of 2013 [last figures I’ve seen] had invested 998 MILLION eu blats in Turkey for social development and womens rights.
    You ever been there? I mean really there, not some all inclusive gig…

  54. Daisy Walker says:

    akenaton says:
    11 April, 2021 at 2:05 pm

    Paedophilia is extremely rare and is usually perpetrated by the mentally deranged, but even so James’s response to Somerled shows a very large over representation of homosexuals in the figures he presents? Statistically Homosexuals represent around 2% of the population.’

    Dear akenaton – sadly paedophilia is not – extremely rare, hence the reason every medium sized Police area in Scotland has a specific department set up to deal with the reports of same.

    You say these crime types are, ‘usually perpetrated by the mentally deranged’.

    That is bollocks. It is usually perpetrated by highly functioning devious bastards. Mental illness, and passing an IQ test are not required.

    Indeed it is so – correctly – socially unacceptable, the worst offenders go to some considerable effort to become highly functioning members of society.

    And lastly, as a crime type, the offenders come from every single people group you can think of, rich, poor, working class, religious, sporty, self made business.

    There is one exception. Nearly every offender is Male. The extremely rare (around about 1 or 2%) of cases with a female perpetrator – nearly alway involve a female partner to the main (male) perpertrator, and the woman has been abused herself.

    Of course the GRA Self ID changes will soon alter that statistic.

    One thing these articles are doing, is highlighting the deeply creepy connection between the paedophiles and the Trans Nazis – pushing for the Puberty Blockers/child sterilization medications to be legal.

  55. Skip_NC says:

    So Unison thinks the offending section was written by someone whose first language is not English? I disagree. I think it was written by someone fluent in AAS (American Academic-Speak)

  56. Cenchos says:

    I’m beginning to think that a number of politicians in Scotland, from MSPs to councilors, particularly those who have contact/access to and with children, either their own or others’, should be the subject of investigations by the police and/or social services regarding some of the organisations they are promoting.

  57. Skip_NC says:

    Can someone on Twitter ask Ruth Wishart or Fiona Robertson about the HIV related provisions? I don’t believe the spin that this is about two teenagers being able to consent to sex, but that is capable of being muddied. The HIV issue must surely be clear-cut. What is their defence on that one?

    As an aside, here in NC, we have strict statutory rape laws (an active sentence of at least 25 years). However, they do not apply to 15-18 year olds. Numerous other states have similar laws.

  58. Breeks says:

    ClanDonald says:
    11 April, 2021 at 1:02 pm
    I see Fiona Robertson over on twitter is claiming the document is simply badly worded and that a little more clarity in the language might be helpful…

    Can’t decide whether people trying to excuse this and play it down are incredibly gullible, or entirely complicit. I suspect they are most likely both.

  59. unsigned says:

    Great journalism. Keep going. Thank you.

  60. Daisy Walker says:

    @ akenaton

    Please read the below article with regards the professional abilities of paedophiles, and the lengths that they will go to, in order to access children.



  61. Betsy says:

    I’m quite prepared to accept that the original document is badly worded perhaps by someone with poor English. That still doesn’t explain why no one thought to query the wording and request an amendment before signing. I suspect the truth will be that they didn’t bother reading it but after a cursory glance noted the presence of the correct buzzwords and thought it would look good to be a signatory.

  62. TPee says:

    I think it’s a cop out to blame the bloody foreigners

  63. akenaton says:

    Dear Daisy, I apologise, perhaps I was a bit unclear as I had already posted a more explanatory comment.
    I was addressing Paedophilia in the proper sense of the word, sexual crimes against pre-pubescent children and not to vastly more numerous sexual assaults against minors and young adults. these assaults are usually but not exclusively by men against youths and post pubescents.
    I am by the way totally against any reduction in the age of sexual consent as it can clearly be seen as a device to make sexual access to children easier.

  64. akenaton says:

    Betsy, I think they knew bloody well what they were signing, these are not nice people like you.
    People who advance the trans campaign and destroy the rights of very many women are capable of anything.
    They must be removed from power as quickly as possible.

  65. Alan Thoms says:

    I am a newcomer to this site ,but I think the Rev. Stu has provided enough evidence why your vote should not go to the SNP.

  66. John Duffy says:

    It is worth noting the terms of membership say this:

    ILGA requires that “All members must support the aims of ILGA.”

  67. Why is it socially acceptable,as a form of entertainment,for men to put on dresses, make up and high heels and act out every offensive stereotype of women (bitchy, catty, dumb, slutty, etc—

    but it is not socially acceptable,as a form of entertainment,for a white person to put on blackface/minstrel and act out offensive stereotypes of African Americans?

    why is one ok and not the other,

    don`t woman matter any more.

  68. sarah says:

    I wonder if, or why not, any of this GRA etc policy making is on SNP manifesto and candidate leaflets.

    Somehow I doubt it is. If it isn’t there then the voters are being deceived and lied to, yet again.

    I am getting a bit disheartened.

  69. Intractable Potsherd says:

    David H says:
    11 April, 2021 at 1:32 pm
    “Does anyone else find the sentence, “advocating legalising of HIV transmission by non-disclosure”. Quite sinister?… It is no longer a death sentence, but it is a lifelong prescription for antiretroviral drugs.”

    I hadn’t realised until you wrote this that there is a common theme behind the growing push towards puberty-blockers and “sex-change” treatment, and this about HIV. Life-long treatment means lots of money for pharmaceutical companies, who seem to behind funding a lot of these groups.

  70. Ian Mac says:

    This is a classic liberal failure. So desperate are they, like Nikla, to be seen as ‘progressive’ and liberal, which gives them that superior air of righteousness, that they scurry to agree with and support every small campaigning group without so much as a close examination of the credentials and motives.

    Social media is such a powerful tool in these tiny groups’ hands that politicians, as well as academics and other professionals, shrink from challenging them such is the level of abuse they will receive, and take the easier option of silent acquiescence. So you end up in the situation the self-righteous muppets like Wishart and Sturgeon do – supporting without question the radical trans rights brigade – a core of a few dozen people. As do many others, taught for years that liberalising laws around sexuality is a good thing – which it has been over the last thirty years.

    That leaves them wide open to the exploitation of these groups with their social media army of obsessives. And why you get useful idiots like Wishart accusing Alba of ‘transphobia’ – a useless term, other than an attempt to ride the bandwagon of woke liberalism. Nobody is suggesting that trans people shouldn’t have rights, like everybody else, or be treated with kindness and understanding, but it should not be at the expense of existing rights of other groups, principally women. That isn’t difficult to understand, and it surely the stuff of politics to navigate competing rights and encourage debate in order to determine an equitable solution.

    It shouldn’t be an issue, it should be part of the political process which gains support through dialogue and debate. But politicians are so feeble that they wilt in the face of social abuse and bullying. Hardly any of them have given it real thought and consideration, and the campaigner’s objective has long been to cow any debate, while having spectacular tantrums and conducting witch hunts of anybody foolish enough to want a considered discussion. Their aim is to shut down any discussion – the antithesis of liberalism.

    And so ‘trans rights’ has become little to do with trans people and a proxy for the culture wars beloved of the alt right and alt left. They know how weak our liberal institutions are and exploit it viciously. And so it becomes a touchstone of fake ‘progressive’ and their flag to wave to demonstrate how woke they are. What a feeble, cowardly mess, when no-one can address the issues rationally and non emotively. At least Alba have taken a non-confrontational approach and welcome debate and discussion on women’s rights. The type of thing Sturgeon pretends to support, while exploiting women and using them as her battering ram against Alex Salmond, and anybody who doesn’t buy into the stupid neoliberal party, knows as the SNP.

  71. Andy says:

    Why no ALBA representation here?

    “Scotland’s five main political party leaders will take part in a pre-election debate live on STV.

    Patrick Harvie (co-leader of the Scottish Green Party), Willie Rennie (Scottish Liberal Democrats), Douglas Ross (Scottish Conservatives), Anas Sarwar (Scottish Labour) and Nicola Sturgeon (Scottish National Party) will be pressed on the big issues on Tuesday, April 13.

    The STV Leaders’ Debate from 7.30-9pm will be followed by reaction and analysis on Scotland Tonight at 10.40pm.”

  72. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Hi Daisy walker.

    You keep chopping off the start of your “links’ so they are just text! Here’s your link –

    You only delete the “https://” for YouTube links.

  73. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Hi Daisy walker.

    Here it is archived.

    You only delete the “https://” for YouTube links.

  74. Ottomanboi says:

    The philosopher Michel Foucault was, among many things, an advocate of «pederasty». (paywall unfortunately).
    Few will have heard of him and even fewer read him but his influence on the modern western world and its preoccupation with «gender» identitarianism runs deep. He might even be called the daddy of woke.
    And it runs deep because governments indulge a myth which effectively promotes human knowledge and science as oppressive «power constructs». Therefore susceptible of revision to suit.
    Bizarrely, he supported the islamist revolution in Iran.
    But then he didn’t have to live there.
    To use non philo language, a wee bit of wanker up there in his intellectual ivory tower.

  75. Beaker says:

    @Andy says:
    11 April, 2021 at 3:33 pm
    “Why no ALBA representation here?
    “Scotland’s five main political party leaders will take part in a pre-election debate live on STV.”

    Playing Devil’s advocate, it might be because Alba do not currently have any MSPs.

  76. David says:

    There is a very worrying phrase in this article’s first image: “ensure and promote a positive approach to young people’s and adolescents’ sexuality”.
    By listing ‘young people’ as separate and distinct from ‘adolescents’ it looks like the ILGA group considers ‘young people’ to be younger than ‘adolescents’ , meaning that for the ILGA ‘young people’ are children under the age of ten.
    It appears that the ILGA, and all the organisations which sign up to its statements, plan to sexualise children aged under ten. Disgraceful.

  77. holymacmoses says:

    Hi Wings, I’ve used your ‘flo-job’ images on twitter but I’ve removed your name – hope that’s OK. It’s on my twitter line if you want to check it out.

  78. Bob W says:


    Did that prevent UKIP participation in debates at the last Holyrood elections?

  79. Astonished says:

    o/t Beaker : neither did UKIP or Farage’s dolts.

    If you want to complain use :

    I was quite brutal saying if Alba not represented then I would boycott four of their advertisers and tell them why.

    This isn’t about Alba – it’s about democracy.

  80. Stoker says:

    I would like to know if the LibLabCons & Greens have all donated to Stonewall &/or LGBT Youth over the years and if so how much etc. Wonder if Ruth Davidson has a long-standing Direct Debit set up for contributions to Stonewall?

    There can be no justification for any form of association with any organisation connected, in any way, to the ILGA group. Just how rife is this in Scottish society? It’s time the whole country & political/legal systems were fumigated.

    A detailed A5 card, about all of this, should be distributed around the seats of Sturgeon & Alyn Smith, possibly others too if they don’t come out and immediately denounce & distance themselves as far from the ILGA as humanly possible. Anything less is capitulation, acceptance and approval.

    In this day and age there is absolutely no reason why Sturgeon and her Stasi Party should not be aware of what we’re all learning on here. They employ and pay researchers don’t they? If they truly didn’t know, and i refuse to believe they didn’t, then they surely know now. What now? Actions speak louder than words.

    Oh, and just for the record, Sturgeon and her Stasi Party never miss an opportunity to smear a legally innocent man who they all conspired to falsely accuse of rape. The absolute brass neck of the filthy scumbags, when all along they’ve been supporting and promoting what i see as the RAPE of children. PURE FILTH!

  81. Andy says:

    Beaker 3.56pm

    Maybe Beaker.

    I didn’t look at it that way.

    Good point.

  82. frogesque says:


    Currently there are no MSPs. STV can’t use that as a get out for not including Alba.

  83. Lorna Campbell says:

    Thank you for shedding light on this stuff, Rev. Hopefully, you have opened up debate on it.

    I was told by one poster in The National to go away and read some woman’s book on queer theory. I had read Foucault and some of Butler and others on this subject (Philosophy) and, it seemed to me, that, if you followed the thread to the end of its length, you had to think about what absolute freedom would mean for those who do not have the capacity to consent: young children and adolescents; mentally ill; mentally incapacitated.

    That’s just for starters. Remember South Africa and the huge surge of rapes of innocent babies and toddlers to supposedly cure AIDS, so horrible and inhuman that the medical staff who dealt with the aftermath were severely traumatised?

    Then, there’s the physically incapacitated and those weaker (including women). Then, there are animals. People laugh at the old joke about the sheep and her latest beau, but I know of a real case, documented, where peacocks were stolen and violated by a grown man. They died horrible deaths, in agony.

    We should not shy away from the realities of what real words and real actions actually mean in the material world. No one is saying that trans and paedophilia are in any way connected or that gay people are more likely to be paedophiles. Those nonsenses are dreamt up by the prejudiced mind, but, if we start to deny reality and scientific reality, we are already in trouble.

    However, queer theory, a philosophy of absolute freedom without prohibitive laws (and it is the laws that queer theory seeks to overturn) can only, at its conclusion lead to paedophilia, bestiality and many other forms of sexual gratification that rest on the incapacity of the ‘other’ to be unable to consent.

    We are already at a crossroads with consent. Fairly recently, there was the English case where a man introduced a foreign object into his girlfriend’s vagina and slashed her so badly internally, that she bled to death. He had left her to bleed to death, failing to alert medical services, but received a derisory sentence because it had been presumed that she had consented to rough sex.

    We need to stop and think hard about where we are going now, without restricting people’s rights to be and do what they like, within the normal parameters of ‘do unto others as you would have them do unto you’ – rights tempered by responsibility, as in most philosophical/sociological thought. If we are not careful, we are going to lose this one, and the inevitable backlash could be horrendous.

  84. Republicofscotland says:

    This is what happens when a foreign country own all the terrestrial tv channels, STV sold out Scotland years ago, it no longer carries any Scottish content, it carries ITV’s entire content, there are no Scottish programmes, oh you can go onto the STV player if you want to view old Scottish culture such as Take the High Road, other than that Scottish culture has been replaced entirely with English culture.

    The ALBA party’s exclusion for any meaningful debate is part of that, they fear the ALBA party and in particular Alex Salmond. Here’s an example the BBC gave a podium to Nigel Farage, and he was never off the BBC’s Question TIme, yet his party UKIP didn’t have one MP, it used to be said that Farage had a safe seat on the BBC’s QT.

    WE cannot expect a fair shake for the ALBA party from the foreign owned media who are vehemently against Scottish independence, this is what happens when you allow another country to control your affairs.

  85. Stephen says:

    Evasion and deflection are Nicola Sturgeon’s middle names.

  86. Red says:

    boris says:
    11 April, 2021 at 2:16 pm
    The EU has invested in excess of 20billion Euro’s in the partnership since 1995 and there is tangible evidence of a positive outcome in the future. But the UK will play no part in it. An negative is the loss of financial investment, to date and in the future

    Interesting, I’d never heard of a “Union of the Mediterranean” before, but it sounds like a scheme for the benefit of French politicians and we’re not in the Mediterranean (unless you count the British colony of Gibraltar, which I don’t – literally just a rock with a navy base and some baboons that the English nicked in 1704).

    €20Bn is a lot of money, but sunk costs are sunk:

    Twenty-five years after 1995 Barcelona Declaration, the EU failed to accomplish any of the objectives announced in the declaration. The Mediterranean did not become “a common area of peace, stability and shared prosperity”. A free Europe-Mediterranean free trade area had not become reality and initiatives to strengthen human rights or democracies had achieved nothing.

    But a lot of bureaucrats got well paid jobs with lots of lavishly catered summits over those two and a half decades of achieving nothing, and isn’t that what really matters?


    If we want to help African countries, and I hope we do, grand political schemes and foreign aid aren’t the way to do it. Just sign free trade agreements and buy their exports instead.

    Oh, and stop bombing them, deposing legitimate governments, and arming “moderate” terrorists as well plz Westminster and Paris. Kthxbai

  87. Adult Human Male (phley/phlegm) says:

    Up until today, it was still my intention to grit my teeth and vote SNP on the constituency ballot for the sake of independence. This has been the final straw, compounded by the utterly reprehensible responses we’ve seen from the likes of Mhairi Black and Pete Wishart.

    A party that cannot bring itself to condemn open apologists for paedophilia – or even acknowledge that this is what they are in the face of incontrovertible evidence – is unfit to govern. That’s it. End of discussion. All other constitutional and/or policy debates are now secondary to weakening this party’s influence at Holyrood.

    I’d rather live under a hard-right English colonial dictatorship for the rest of my life than debase myself by voting for these scum.

  88. Captain Yossarian says:

    An update on the rats: My neighbour Euan used to work in a scrap-yard and he keeps a couple of mouser cats in the house, Jake and Harry. Successful Temement Toms – just what you need.

    One is available free to a good home.

    I understand you keep your rats as some kind of pets and have given them flowery Holywood names like Daphne, Shirley and Celeste. Either Jake or Harry will restore some discipline to that honky-tonk joint of yours.

    Let me know if you are interested.

  89. Heaver says:

    “HIV. Life-long treatment means lots of money for pharmaceutical companies, who seem to behind funding a lot of these groups.”

    There it is, right there.


    Thx, Intractable Potsherd

  90. Breeks says:

    Speaking of what you find under rocks…

    Look at this piece of shit in the Unionist Herald.

    Robert McNeil pissing on Scotland’s heritage like the Unionist wanker he is. Scotland’s history is all shite. Didn’t you know? Ask any BritNat gobshite and he’ll tell you…

  91. Anton Decadent says:

    At the beginning of last year news leaked out that a grooming gang had been operating in Glasgow and were tried in a closed court with a Scottish Government imposed blanket ban on any kind of reporting on it, it took three years for news of this to leak out. When I mentioned this NS supporters told me that it was right for this to be banned from any kind of coverage whatsoever as what the people don’t know won’t hurt them.

    Re the subject above, you’ve been redpilled, prepare yourselves for all out attacks on you, attempts to ruin you both socially and professionally. The money behind these people is staggering. You are going to find people you believed to be allies turning on you because they are making coin and acquiring political clout out of ‘charities’ they’ve started.

    Re the press not touching it, WINGS, AS and Alba have enemies within the Scottish MSM, look at the easy ride the Greens are given in comparison.

  92. Iain Hamilton says:


    There is a search facility on

    I pasted your link in and got this:

  93. Republicofscotland says:

    Breeks @4.32pm.

    I’ve never bought a Herald newspaper and I never will, as you point out McNeil is a scumbag.

  94. Red says:

    Daisy Walker says:
    11 April, 2021 at 1:53 pm
    ‘Eliminate all laws and policies that punish or criminalize – HIV transmission non-disclosure and exposure -‘

    We’ve literally just spent a year under house arrest because of Covid, but they want to make it legal to knowingly infect people with an incurable and life-threatening STD.

    Because reasons?

    This is through-the-looking-glass stuff, a complete inversion of morality and logic. At this point I wouldn’t be surprised to find out the SNP and chums are secretly controlled by infernal creatures from Clive Barker’s Hellraiser dimension.

  95. Intractable Potsherd says:

    Heaver says:
    11 April, 2021 at 4:30 pm
    “HIV. Life-long treatment means lots of money for pharmaceutical companies, who seem to behind funding a lot of these groups.”

    “There it is, right there.

    “Thx, Intractable Potsherd”

    I have my moments 😉 Thank you.

  96. kapelmeister says:

    Ottomanboi @3:51

    Leaving aside the subject of Foucault’s dubious personal life it has to be said that his work, even when contentious, has to be taken seriously. As a thinker he devised no great system of thought. In fact, he himself likened his efforts to a box full of tools that other diverse philosophers could use in their work.

    His large oeuvre on subjects such as the history of the treatment of the insane, power relations, the surveillance state etc – queer theory being only a fraction of his interests – really cannot be given a casual dismissal.

  97. Ottomanboi says:

    Iain Hamilton.
    thanks for the archive link..

  98. Andy says:

    A vote for the SNP is making you more complicit and in full agreement with all these perverted SNP policies.

    Is that something you want to be associated with?

    The Salmond theory of Voting SNP 1 is pushing our boundaries of what is acceptable to it’s limits.

    It’s a big ask Alex.

    And in my own case there is not a hope in hell of me campaigning for a Sturgeon Vote.

    It will be Sarwar 1 and ALBA 2.

  99. TPee says:

    Anton Decadent
    Do you have a link for that?

  100. Republicofscotland says:

    And what does our dear FM Nicola Sturgeon think of Stonewall Scotland and LGBT Youth Scotland being signed up to the ILGA’s paedo charter..ermm absolutely nothing, Sturgeon is more concerned about what books to read on her Twitter feed.

    The SNPs enabler on very unpopular genderwoowoo policies Patrick Harvey, claims we’re all bigots on his Twitter feed.

    lets make sure come May 6th that we remove as many of the Greens MSPs as possible by giving your list vote to the ALBA party

  101. Kcor says:

    It is time Charlie Hebdo published a cartoon about this policy of ILGA.

    Prime Ministers or First Ministers of governments that fund the likes of Stonewall Scotland and LGBT Youth Scotland shown naked in cartoons having sex with 10 year olds.

  102. kapelmeister says:

    RoS @5:03

    The fact Sturgeon hasn’t rushed to defend her government’s funding of Stonewall Scotland and LGBT YS is an indication of how arrogant a nature she really has.

  103. cynicalHighlander says:

    If this is true hell mend her.

  104. twathater says:

    To all the people who constantly cite all the GOOD and worthy people within the SNP can you possibly please point them out to us people who are vehemently scunnered , pissed off , and incandescent with rage at the ongoing and increasing clusterfuck that is governing Scotland

    Throughout the whole demonisation and illegality carried out against Salmond and the lies and corruption of Sturgeon utilising the justiciary and the government as her own praetorian guard where have these so called Good and Worthy people of the SNP been hiding

    Now we have a government actively financing and promoting organisations through our taxes who are deliberately and openly calling for laws which have been designed to protect and secure the safety of some of our most vulnerable groupings to be removed and destroyed to enable the lawful abuse of these groupings by amoral deviants who pose as progressive

    I ask again WHERE are these good people , all I can see is a collection of cowards and perverts intent on saving their own position and finances irrespective of the damage being done to Scotland and it’s citizens

  105. Ottomanboi says:

    Kapelmeister 4:50
    I do not «dismiss» him any more than one might Gide’s works for his proclivities given lease also in Tunisia.
    Apparently Foucault could not bear criticism ironic in the critical philosophical milieu he inhabited.
    The prob with his worldview is that truth he perceives as a power determined construct, even scientific data is such. In effect there can be no actual truth as long as there are power forces at work. Not a view i could hold, not for me the Foucauldian world.

  106. David says:

    There’s a very worrying phrase in this article’s first image, as item 14g, namely “ensure and promote a positive approach to young people’s and adolescents’ sexuality”. ‘Adolescents’ and ‘young people’ are deliberately listed as separate groups here, according to the ILGA and their co-signatories Stonewall Scotland and LGBT Youth Scotland.
    So if the definition of ‘adolescent’ is children aged 10 to 19, ‘young people’ would seem to be children aged UNDER 10.
    This pervert’s charter just turned very nasty indeed.

  107. kapelmeister says:

    Ottomanboi @5:22

    I think his work is a bit more nuanced. He refused to be identified as a postmodernist.

  108. Olly says:

    What’s really interesting is the pricing on the LGTBQ youth charter and who are the primary beneficiaries of their awards. A cursive glance suggests we give them £250k per annum to generate “materials” to impart to various NHS, Education and other government funded bodies at £1,5k+ a pop which generates some £1.5m income. It’s a flipping Ponzi scheme

  109. crazycat says:

    @ Graeme S at 1.04

    Out of curiosity I wonder how long NAMBLA were members before getting the heave ho. They’d been quite high profile as a paedophile rights organisation since the late 70s so why did it take until the mid 90s for ILGA to catch on?

    Your question is answered here : – at least partially.

    (You could have discovered that, as I did, by clicking on the second image in the article ATL. Remember – always follow the links! 🙂 )

  110. MaggieC says:

    The funding by the Scottish Government for these groups should be stopped right now and investigations should be carried out into them . I’m sure that there’re plenty of other organisations would be pleased to receive some of this money .

    Many groups that support women fleeing from violence , groups that support homeless people , groups that support people struggling with drug addictions etc who have all seen their funding cut should receive the money that goes to stonewall and lgbt youth scotland .

  111. Anton Decadent says:


    Seems it was only the redtops and the likes of Breibart who chose to cover it so apologies for linking to this rag.

  112. Effigy says:

    You know we worry too much.

    I have every confidence in all arms of the U.K. media
    the Tories, Labour and Lib Dem’s will all pitch this close to
    the election.

    Nicola doesn’t note or remember important government meetings.

    Wasted millions going after Salmond.

    The missing £600,000.

    The Fergus Ewing meeting with the Steel Company financiers

    Mhairi Black taking Drag Queens into Primary Schools

    Men in frocks with cocks puting women and girls in serious danger.

    Pitching Indy ref 2 every year and then finding reason to kick it further away.

    Now we are spending money on vile paedo gangs and SNP officials who
    want sex with 10 year olds and Downs Syndrome youths.

    But it’s alright they are armed with ‘ We are not very good at English so we didn’t mean too’?

    And they will laugh at me for voting for them first as I know the Westminster parties are every bit as
    corrupt, but Scotland can’t rid itself of an English imposed government, but we can get well rid of
    these sick demented monsters from an independent Scottish Government.

    I don’t know how some of the good SNP officials can sit in the same room as their disgusting Youth element.

  113. Kenny says:

    What I fail to understand is all the talk about million-pound donations… when there is poverty in Scotland. There are people right now for whom a fiver would make the world of difference, especially in the FM’s own constituency.

    Why so much money for another middle-class gravy train? Surely if they are dedicated about “formulating policy” (writing laws instead of parliamentarians?), they would do it for free?

    This comes on top of the refusal to take complete control of social welfare, even when offered by Westminster. Oh, I forgot, the person responsible was too busy with gender woo-woo nonsense, of course…

  114. Wee Willie says:

    Seems to me it’s Labour 1 and Alba 2

  115. Roger Gough says:

    Farage/UKIP may have been invited to Question Time etc because they had UKIP MEPs – and lots of ’em

  116. SilverDarling says:

    @cynicalHighlander 5.19 pm


    If this is true it shows there is a concerted effort to silence Alex Salmond’s voice and discriminate against him and ALBA. If she refused then to be honest I see the others walking off too as they are just as craven and fear AS as much if not more.

    She took part in a debate with Nigel Farage yet she no platforms AS? Unbelievably hypocritical behaviour.

  117. Daisy Walker says:

    @ BrianDTT.

    Thanks Brian – am not techno savvy, so I was playing safe.

    If anyone read the article – its horrific, and it shows the levels that paedophiles will go, and the decades in which the operate and can take to get found out.

    Its not surprising that the word salad, PC phrases, American Academic Speech, impenetrable pish they used can mislead people. It is designed to do so.

    What is just not on, is people in positions of responsibility and power – with a duty to read this stuff properly – are so easily taken in.

    Not good enough by a long chalk. Its one of the reasons that if you are lucky enough to have a serving QC in your party, with a proven track record of extremely effective work – you do not sack them and replace them in the job of Justice Portfolio, with a failed drama student.

    If the SNP are not going to get our Constituency vote – and honestly I can’t blame anyone for refusing them it – then we need to face some facts.

    Alba simply has to get as many of the former SNP List votes as possible – well over 50% of it.

    And we need to face the fact that any form of Indy majority (super or minor) is likely to be lost by this choice.

    However, it is maybe going to take that to shake the remaining (decent, if spineless) SNP Constituency candidates into some form of ethical stance.

    I dare each and every one of you (and I know you read this blog) I dare you, especially if you have children, read the evidence, then publically demand some answers from Nicla and co.

    Is the SNP leadership currently pursuing Queer Theory policies, to the detriment of woman and children’s safety, are they using Tax payers money to fund it, are they preventing these policies from undergoing normal public scrutiny?

    Do they agree, that the policy highlighted above, however ‘poorly written’ represents in its current form, a legislative push towards making it lawful to have sex with a person 10 years old and over, and decriminalises an HIV person wilfully and recklessly having unprotected sex with a person.

    And at the very least, can they understand the genuine concerns the public have over these issues, and take steps to stop the abuse being dished out to those who have highlighted it – particularly with the ‘cry wolf’ allegations of homophobia.

    Some Paedophiles are same sex attracted, others opposite sex attracted – all of them a danger to children and young persons.

  118. Robert Graham says:

    I agree with a few other comments about voting SNP on the constituency it’s getting really hard , I am not sure if I can shut my eyes or hold my nose long enough,

    Do I really want to help some of these people return to holyrood and pay them to take the piss , we all know now indyref2 is not on their list in fact it’s just something they drag out when begging for our vote ,
    most of them seem to be pursuing their own thing and living a good life at our expense,

    If it wasn’t for ALBA and the harm that might be done to them by not making sure this brand of SNP gets top spot therefore enabling ALBA to maybe pick up a list seat I would vote for screaming lord scutch if that party still exists that’s how pissed off at this SNP I am.

  119. Red says:

    Kenny says:
    11 April, 2021 at 5:46 pm
    What I fail to understand is all the talk about million-pound donations… when there is poverty in Scotland. There are people right now for whom a fiver would make the world of difference, especially in the FM’s own constituency.

    It’s easier to understand if you assume they either don’t give a shit about, or are actively hostile to, normal Scottish people.

    There’s no Twitter bragging rights in it.

  120. Mark Boyle says:

    @Breeks says: 11 April, 2021 at 4:32 pm

    “Robert McNeil pissing on Scotland’s heritage like the Unionist wanker he is.”

    No surprise there, talented unshaven cnt kept on at the Rangers Fanrag for supporting the correct team and being involved in the funny handshake mafia of the mediocre – same as that other old creep Leadbetter.

  121. shug says:

    Starting to sound like Nicola is the biggest asset the unionists have!!

    If there is no Indyref 2 by Christmas compromise confirmed.

    Anyone know what they have on her to turn her.

  122. Beaker says:

    @frogesque says:
    11 April, 2021 at 4:12 pm
    “Currently there are no MSPs. STV can’t use that as a get out for not including Alba.”

    I’m not saying I agree with them. But is AS is included, then GG could legitimately say he should be included as well. And then the independent candidates could argue that they should also be included. No doubt Tommy Sheridan would want in as well.

    It would make bloody interesting viewing at least 🙂

  123. Carol Neill says:

    I’m really sorry but I can’t hold my nose and vote snp1 this is all disgraceful , I’ll be spoiling my first vote
    I see first hand the poverty in Scotland and cannot accept the amount of money being handed to these freak groups
    That’s all I’ll shut up now

  124. Cath says:

    The thing with Queer Theory is it entirely removes the need for anyone to even be LGB – that’s kind of the whole point of it. Any predadory man can simply claim to be a woman, hence a lesbian, to gain access to girls as well as women. Back at school, we had a dodgy PE teacher who creeped out all the girls. Despite many complaints, nothing could be done about him as there was no proof he’d actually done anything dodgy. About 20 years after I left school he was prosecuted for sex crimes against girls.

    That was bad enough, but at least then we could name the problem: the male PE teacher is coming into the girls’ changing room and perving on us. Nothing could be done but we could state it. Today (or at least if self ID comes in) men like that would simply have to self ID as female and the girls would have no ability to even name the threat. It would be transphobic and bigoted to not accept him as female, or as a lesbian if he says so. If anyone still thinks that sounds nuts, google Alex Drummond, who goes in to schools to speak as “a lesbian”. “Queer” is a term which anyone can apply to themselves with no need to be gay at all, no need to be genuinely transsexual, no need for anything at all apart from gaslighting.

  125. Lollysmum says:

    More folks with no fear of scrutiny by police scotland or COPFS. This NewSNP is turning out to be folk you would never want to or be able to trust a word they say. The same goes for the leadership of the current SNP government which is funding these organisations Stonewall Scotland & LGBT Youth Scotland. Makes you wonder if they have a clue what they are doing

  126. Meg merrilees says:

    cynical highlander @ 5.17

    NS refusing to share a platform with AS –

    Curious though – does it seem that STV might be considering asking AS on the discussion? Are the polls showing something that we haven’t seen yet?

    STV should go ahead and just leave an empty seat. High time they called her bluff. Of course, who ever pays the piper calls the tune!

    Wasn’t it done before with David Cameron (?I think).

    We live in a democracy not autocratic Sturgeonland.

  127. Clavie Cheil says:

    I am going to upset somebody but I dont care. If the SNP SG can afford to pay 1 million Brit Pesos to a group of kiddy fiddling shirt lifters and trannies to lobby to reduce the age of consent to 10 years old then they can afford surely to scrap extortionate parking charges at Forestry Commission car parks or indeed give folk living in the direst of poverty a few extra Pounds in their pocket.

    The Scottish jails could be filling up quite soon but it wont be with kiddy fiddling shirt lifters that is for sure.

  128. Liz says:

    Talking about safegauarding children.
    Remember the pile on when Flo Job was exposed as not only being allowed to read to 5/6 year olds but also posting a class photo on his adult FB page without parental consent.

    Not a single apology was issued from the SG but all those who complained were classed as homophobic. Like we were supposed to know FJ was gay.
    I think Swinney, after a week and only after a parent put it out that she knew nothing about it, her son being one of the photos displayed, mumbled that it should not have happened.
    Damn right.

    The river city bloke told us on twitter that he was allowed to talk to primary kids in schools.
    I asked him if he had a Disclosure Scotland cert, he told me he didn’t need one.

    Since when have adults been allowed to speak to other peoples children with no safeguards in place?

  129. Meg merrilees says:

    Beaker @ 6.07

    I think Alex’s argument is that ALBA has more members that the Lib Dems – which GG cannot claim.

  130. Wullie B says:

    Beaker says:
    11 April, 2021 at 6:07 pm

    @frogesque says:
    11 April, 2021 at 4:12 pm
    “Currently there are no MSPs. STV can’t use that as a get out for not including Alba.”

    I’m not saying I agree with them. But is AS is included, then GG could legitimately say he should be included as well. And then the independent candidates could argue that they should also be included. No doubt Tommy Sheridan would want in as well.

    It would make bloody interesting viewing at least ?

    If they used something like leaders of a political party with a membership of a certain size, mind you Prince Bob would be good to stir things up as well

  131. AKA-Kieran says:

    Less and less votes from the Snp for you guys the way you slag the SNP, .suicide.

  132. David R says:

    TPee says:
    11 April, 2021 at 2:45 pm

    Thanks for the links, appreciated.

  133. ScotsRenewables says:

    AKA-Kieran says:
    11 April, 2021 at 6:40 pm
    Less and less votes from the Snp for you guys the way you slag the SNP, .suicide.

    I think you will find it is the other way round. The rabid anti-ALBA rhetoric, the ongoing smear campaign against AS is threatening to lose the SNP a bunch of ALBA members’ constituency votes.

  134. boris says:

    One of the canniest bits of WOKE linguistic manipulation has been appropriation of the term “WOKE” itself. To not be WOKE is to be asleep: unconscious or ignorant of what is really going on. Either one is Woke or one is not aware of reality. Or, as in the words of a WOKE student “if you are not WOKE, it must be because you are uneducated or hateful — or both. Such is the WOKE reality.

  135. Republicofscotland says:

    Kapelmeister @5.03pm.

    I believe you are correct, Sturgeon doesn’t care one little bit what we think, she’s only interested in her own agenda.

  136. David R says:

    Continually surprised how people think that attacking a group, be it men or Alba supporters will somehow make members of that group give them their support.

  137. Republicofscotland says:

    Boris @6.46pm.


    I can remember twenty years ago when woke meant (online) that you were aware of the machinations of your government and other governments around the globe, as well as the nefarious activities of big business.

  138. Stephen says:

    Did a Woke student really say that?
    If so it is an indictment on the current Scottish education system.
    It used to be that the goal of university was the development of a critical mind.
    No more it seems.
    What we have now is a production line of automatons frightened to express themselves or express an original thought.

  139. Dave Hansell says:

    “Less and less votes from the Snp for you guys the way you slag the SNP, suicide.”

    Calling out abuse of power, piss poor policy and unacceptable behaviour and attitudes is known as democracy and holding people to account. It is in fact the abuse of power etc which represents the suicide. Attempting to portray this as ‘slagging off the SNP’ deliberately deflects the reality and is reminder of an old quote that observes “No one is entitled to their opinion, they are entitled to their informed opinion. No one is entitled to be ignorant.”

    Anyone applying rational risk assessment would be staying as far away from those who fall into this category as possible.

  140. Republicofscotland says:

    The ALBA party defends Denise Lynch’s statement on the subject above and the previous article, as that BritNat shitrag the misnamed Scotsman “newspaper” gives Stonewall Scotland and the Greens Patrick Harvey a free run to do down ALBA and Denise Lynch.

    Don’t ever buy the Scotsman newspaper its an enemy of the truth and Scotland.

  141. Mikey d says:

    Liz 6.19pm ‘since when have adults been allowed to speak to other peoples children with no safeguards in place?’

    Well these pond life certainly wont be going into muslim schools and speaking to anyone’s children anytime soon.

  142. James Che. says:

    It won’t look good for those whom try to deflect, excuse, or redact and Cover up, society and locals in general will suspect them of suspicious behaviour towards children.
    All eyes will be directed on them, and quite rightly so. If they have nothing to hide they have nothing to worry about when it comes to being scrutinised.
    You should be more curious about some members of the higher echelons of police, and councils as well as politicians,
    I suspect the AS story is peanuts compared to what is lying behind the closed doors of other leaders
    Been some dodgy stuff hinted at over the years in Aberdeenshire and Angus and Moray Some of these would be retired or posted elsewhere now, but it was broadly spoken about amongst the locals when I was growing up, and children were pre warned where to avoid.
    A lot of this is to do with initiations and cults which go under the radar in Scotland, but assuredly is real.
    Strange things happen that are unaccounted for,
    My father found a ditch full of dead and skinned dogs while he was working in the 1990s and reported it to the police, they took notes of it but seemed unconcerned,it never advanced any further,
    Someone laughingly suggested That Chinese eat dogs, that did not persuade my father as all the meat was still on the dogs, they were skinned and left discarded in the country ditch.

  143. Cenchos says:

    ‘In an interview with the Guardian, Scotland’s first minister said: “If people in Scotland vote for a party saying, ‘when the time is right, there should be an independence referendum’, you cannot stand in the way of that – and I don’t think that is what will happen.” ‘

    When the time is right. Aye, right.

  144. Breeks says:

    When you think about the £500k missing from the IndyRef fund, £1 million given to this “group” is backing equal to two independence Referendum campaigns. Can’t get my head around that.

    What is the ‘product’ of that £1million funding? What ‘good’ does it generate?

    I know the contempt many small business are treated with, trying to secure some help (in the £ hundreds) just get their businesses of the ground, which makes me curious how these organisations manage to land these hefty £1 million windfalls.

    Is there a business plan submitted? Is there a submission of how the money will be spent? Is there any scrutiny or audit of commitments made being honoured?

    Or is it just money for nothing if your face fits, no questions asked, and deflection and evasiveness for any ‘upstart’ asking awkward questions? We know the SNP and Leslie Evans are good at that caper.

    I really do understand the necessity of SNP1 and ALBA2. You know, I get it, but jeezo. Even supposing we got a supermajority, inside that supermajority, we’d be in cahoots with a pretty bitter bunch of douchebags and crooks, and no doubt a certain “rollover” of their despicably shady goings on. Never mind securing a degree of influence, do you really want to be associated with any of this sleaze and broken degeneracy?

    I don’t recall YES 2014 being saddled with anything negative or controversial. Sure, several issues I wasn’t keen on, but nothing which gave me any thoughts or reservations about voting YES. But this SNP under Sturgeon is dire, through-the-looking glass stuff. I don’t trust them, I don’t like them, I really struggle to listen to their hypocrisy, and we increasingly feel like deeply uncomfortable bedfellows.

    No problem voting ALBA2, but SNP1 feels like a bigger and bigger ask. And the open hatred coming from people who are meant to want Independence is sickening. There seems to be very little vestige of YES camaraderie alive and well in the SNP.

    You hope it’s just the head that’s rotten, and the good folks beneath are just biding their time, but what are they waiting for? I truly wonder whether there is anything left in the SNP that’s worth having.

    If the SNP’s MP’s and MSP’s, as they stand, right now, tried to join ALBA en masse, I genuinely wonder what % would pass the vetting threshold. Off the top of my own head, if I was vetting them, I’m thinking single figure %

    We could have been having a plebiscite election in less than a month, but here we are, vexed and perturbed that the SNP is apparently handing out huge cheques to organisations saying crazy stuff which makes your skin crawl.

    How can you trust a political party which doesn’t look at any of this, and runs away in the opposite direction at 100mph?

    What, 4 weeks to the Election and they’ve given £1 million to lobbyists advocating underage sex with children? It’s too farcical and near the knuckle even to be a rejected script from Yes Minister.

  145. Craig P says:


    Been thinking about the 2005 general election.

    Anyone paying attention knew Tony Blair had gone to war on false pretences, but collectively we voted Labour anyway.

    I’m thinking Holyrood 2021 will be the same kind of deal.

  146. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Hi Daisy Walker at 5:57 pm.

    You typed,
    “If the SNP are not going to get our Constituency vote – and honestly I can’t blame anyone for refusing them it – then we need to face some facts.
    Alba simply has to get as many of the former SNP List votes as possible – well over 50% of it.”

    I’m gonna paste a comment here, that I posted in the last couple of days, in case you missed it.

    Brian Doonthetoon says:
    9 April, 2021 at 8:38 pm

    And I’ll stick this in here, for those wondering about ? constituency and ALBA Region.

    Hi StuartM says at 3:35.

    You typed,
    “SNP sitting with a projected 70 seats and Greens with 12.”
    The worst possible outcome would be for the SNP to be returned with an absolute majority or a majority with Green support and have Sturgeon remain in control for the next 5 years. A far better result would be for the Greens to be wiped out and the SNP needing Alba to govern.

    Time for some tactical voting. In the constituencies of the worst offenders vote for the candidate most likely to defeat them, whether that other candidate be Tory, Labour or LibDem. My hit list – Sturgeon, Swinney, Robertson, Humza for starters. Feel free to add more.

    If we can decapitate the Sturgeon cabal that’s a bonus. Even if some of them sneak back on the List, if they can’t hold their own seat their credibility is shot.
    The other priority is to eliminate the Greens. The SNP may be off limits for now but the Greens are fair game. Alex should launch an all-out assault on them for their hypocrisy on independence and their woke agenda.”

    I would add Shirley-Anne Somerville to your list.

    I did mention, a couple of days ago,
    “I read that there are some who are uncomfortable with ‘SNP 1 / Alba 2’, in case that gives the SNP a majority, without needing support from any other party.”

    I would also point out that just because the SNP doesn’t win all the constituencies in a region, doesn’t mean they will achieve a “list” seat.

    In NE Scotland, in the 2016 Holyrood election, the SNP won 9 out of the 10 constituencies. They got NO list seats.

    In Mid Scotland & Fife, the SNP won 8 out of 9 constituencies. They got NO list seats.

    In Lothian, the SNP won 6 out of 9 constituencies. They got NO list seats.

    In West Scotland, the SNP won 8 out of 10 constituencies. They got NO list seats.

    Therefore, there is no guarantee that if NS is defeated by Sarwar, she will get in on the list.

    Thus, we have to spread the word to be clever with our constituency votes.

    In Perthshire North, the primary opponent of Swinney is Murdo Fraser. OK, I know, but this next session will probably be his last so it might be nice to send him into retirement with ONE election victory to be chuffed about. What it needs there is enough SNP and Labour voters to vote for Fraser to get Swinney out. SNP majority in the 2016 election was only 3,336.

    In Glasgow Southside, it really needs enough disaffected SNP voters and Tory voters to switch to Labour. The combined Labour and Tory vote in 2016 was 8,794. NS had 15,287. So, I guess around 3,300+ SNP voters have to vote Labour to try get her out.

    In Glasgow Pollock, Humza Y won with 15,316 votes. Labour and Conservatives together got 11,487. So, around 1,915+ SNP voters would have to vote Labour, along with as many Tories as possible, to get HY out.

    Dunfermline… Shirley-Anne Somerville won with 14,257, taking the seat from Labour. The combined Labour and Tory vote was 15,496. There were also 3,156 Lib-Dem votes. So if enough Labour, Tory, Lib-Dem and SNP voters plumped for Labour, SAS would be out.

    Lastly, Edinburgh Central, where Mr Dempsie is standing for the SNP. Ruth Davison/Susan Calman (anyone seen them in the same room, at the same time?) won the seat for the Tories with 10,399. SNP attracted 9,789. Labour’s figure was 7,546. Greens got 4,644. Lib-Dems, 1,672.
    So the total vote against the SNP was 24,261. If just the Labour, Green and Lib-Dems – 13,862 – voted for Bonnie Prince Bob, both the Tory and Mr Dempsie would be cancelled. What’s not to like?

    If these SNP candidates were defeated, it would make it less likely that the SNP would have an overall majority.
    Then it’s “GAME ON!”.
    BTW: my source for all the numbers was:-

  147. James Che. says:

    We really do need to become an independent country, with proper laws and a justice system that means something, fair and open trials to all, , a jury selected from the public, and a punishment system that would scare the heeby jeebies out of true criminals.
    I am loath to vote for snp 1, but I can see it scares the monkeys out of unionist that are sure to lose their place in the Scottish Parliament,
    Why would anyone bother to vote labour, tories or Lib Dem’s as a dodgy solution, this has all been happening on their watch too. Their parties have been in Holyrude as long as snp, they certainly have had their share of these people south of the border too.
    I wish AS had gone for constituents places as well, I believe he would have won no problem.

  148. JGedd says:

    Relevant to Lorna Campbell’s comment.

    This link concerns legislation voted for in the Westminster Parliament. The bill was brought forward as a response to a campaign mounted by a group called We Can’t Consent To This who were appalled at several cases of women who had died and whose killers had used the defence of ‘consensual rough sex.’

    The awful thing was that juries tended to accept this defence and the sentence was often reduced to manslaughter. Since in these cases the women were, of course, dead then they were unable to deny consent and the plea of their killers was accepted.

    This legislation was intended to remove that defence. No longer could violent men pretend that the violence was consensual even if the victim had died from it. It beggars belief that juries would be sympathetic to this defence especially since in one high profile case, mentioned by Lorna Campbell, the woman had bled to death from horrendous internal damage due to the insertion of a foreign object, as well as a broken eye socket. ( Seriously, how far have we come that people on a jury could think that what went on was ‘playful’?)

    Partly, of course, society is ‘softened up’ by the ready access to porn but also to mainstream media like the book and film, ’50 Shades of Crap’. This legislation is intended to protect women from violent men but also to protect them from themselves. No longer can inexperienced and naive young women be coerced into ‘ let’s try something new in the bedroom’ because this legislation removes their consent.

    Yet, there is a movement to permit anything? It is unconscionable to accept that. As Lorna says, the vulnerable have to be protected from those who would exploit them for their own selfish and dangerous ends. There can be no freedom without responsibility.

    (Hope this archived link works. It’s the first time I’ve tried it.)

  149. AKA-Kieran says:

    Great idea here, Alba don’t vote for the snp and the snp don’t give alba their list vote, simples.

  150. WeeChid says:

    AKA-Kieran says:
    11 April, 2021 at 6:40 pm
    “Less and less votes from the Snp for you guys the way you slag the SNP, .suicide.”

    Ask yourself this – If it were Tories pursuing these policies would you be staying silent?
    Why should we expect the SNP to be immune to criticism? Should we not hold all parties to the same standards?

  151. Big Jock says:

    Right now the worse thing we can do , is give the SNP an absolute majority.

    I was in the SNP1, Alba 2 camp. However things haven’t improved with the SNPs behaviour. Indeed they have become worse. I will be spoiling vote 1 and Alba 2.

    We are dealing with an out of control leader, creating a dangerous society based on her gender obsessed ideology. Its turning into a sexual fetish club.

    I cannot assist them with their program. The most sinister part of this. Is how easily they can carry out these changes under the radar of public perception.

    The German people didn’t vote for facism. It happened over years in the 30s. Drip by drip, and extreme policies disguised as liberalism. Crept into German society. Then they woke up one day to totalitarianism, and it was then too late.

    I believe Nicola Sturgeon is truly dangerous. She has the same insecurities and intolerance as certain other individuals from history.

  152. AKA-Kieran says:

    Wee Child…….I want INDEPENDENCE, fuck the politics.

  153. Mia says:

    It is in human nature that most mothers are very protective of their children and would do what they can to stop their children being exposed to harm.

    It is evident that for a couple of years now, women have been relentlessly subjected to vicious attacks in social media by an incredibly dodgy group of organised political lobbyists, very well funded and supported by big organisations like twitter that rush to block whoever dares to challenge their crap. This lobby is clearly attempting to force against our will some unscientific nonsense that negates the concept of woman using some form of psyops and very, very aggressive techniques that demand a visceral response rather than a logic one. The worrying thing is that not only social media outlets appear to support the gagging of women, but also elements of the Scottish government and some SNP MPs.

    These aggressive, organised political lobbyists demand an immediate visceral response because the minute you challenge intelligently the monumental crp they are attempting to peddle and they are expecting you to swallow without questioning, the whole thing falls flat on its arse.

    The problem is that if fulfilled, the demands of those organised political lobbyists will put women and girls at risk, will destroy their safety spaces and will disguise the fact that most rapes are committed by men. In other words, they are deliberately targeting women and they do so openly.

    What is the best way to prevent a group of irate people fighting back against something that you desperately want?

    By distracting them giving them something else to fight against. The oldest trick in the book of politics.

    So, here are the one million pound questions:

    What if the relentless attacks women have been experienced by this organised political lobbyists, protected by many powerful organisations, which we know are supported by big money, is just an engineered political distraction to keep women busy fighting against “something else” and to take the eye of their children?

    Follow the money?

    Weren’t women who stopped the odd group of males hiding behind genuine LGBT organisations and using them as a shield to promote the legalisation of paedophilia last century? Weren’t lesbians who exposed and stopped those individuals? Didn’t lesbians have to fight these males more than once because they kept entering via the back door?

    Now, what is the recurrent theme in the organised group of political lobbyists every time they are challenged? They immediately insult you by calling you homophobe or transphobe: they are attempting to generate a visceral response. There is a pattern here. They are attacking all women, including lesbians, accusing them of homophobes or transphobes. This is utterly ridiculous and does not stand the minimum amount of scrutiny. These lobbyists are even calling transphobes to trans who are speaking up against puberty blockers. For what we have witnessed, these lobbyists are particularly attacking the very high profile ones, highly educated and well connected and spoken lesbians like Ms Joanna Cherry. They are deliberately creating chaos and confusion to stop you focussing in what is happening behind the scenes.

    So, what is the likelihood that those same males who in the past used LGBT groups as shields to campaign for normalising paedophilia and that were stopped by lesbians are now attempting the same again, hiding behind the organised political gender lobbyists and that is the reason why they are being so vicious against women, particularly lesbians?

    What is the likelihood that these males have indirectly hijacked our governments and organisations in an attempt to neutralise women before they have a chance to stop them again reaching their goal of gaining access to our children?

    What is the likelihood that the objective of this organised political lobby has always been to gain access to children for whoever sick individuals are hiding behind it, who were blocked in the past by lesbians, and the attack on women rights has only been a way to attempt to get women to look the other way and let their guard down with regards to children?

    Was the attempt to pass the GRA by Sturgeon’s government was part of that sick game?

    Was the hate bill designed as a gag for women so we could not fight back when these predators came after our children? In other words, has the SNP and the other parliamentary parties that supported it ambushed Scottish mothers with this bill?

    At this point there are an awful lot of questions that Sturgeon and the SNP must answer, but so must ALL the other candidates of the other parties. How many of the candidates fighting for a seat in Holyrood are endorsing those organisations that are aiming to reduce the age of consent exposing our children to predators and other abusers? How many of the candidates fighting for a seat in Holyrood thought it was acceptable to gag women so depraved men may gain access to children without even once considering the rights of those children?

    Since when the rights of males came before those of females?
    Since when the rights of males, lobbyists, politicians or pharmaceutical companies came before those of children?

    Who is our paliament working for? Who is behind these lobbyists? Who is behind Stonewall and LGBT YOuth? Who is behind Sturgeon, Smith, Black, Blackman and Wishart? For whose benefit are women being distracted in a separate fight and are being gagged with this hate bill?

    Is Scotland being used as the testing ground for something sinister?

    Why has our taxpayers’ money been given to organisations that endorse entities campaigning for the lowering of age of consent potentially exposing children to paedophiles by decriminalising paedophilia? Are we expected to believe all that expensive army of civil servants working in the Scottish government and advisors are so fckng useless that they did not do a background check on these dodgy organisations before they transferred taxpayers’ money into the bank accounts of those organisations?

    When exactly did the Scottish people gave consent for any of this?

    I think it is about time Sturgeon explains herself for the reckless actions she has done for the last 6 years potentially exposing women and children to risk, all while pretending to be a feminist.

  154. Liz g says:

    This seems all a bit “A Few Good Men”
    If the age of consent is already 16 years……
    And the document is to be read as only speaking of 16 years and above
    Then….. WHY the need for a proposal at all ???

  155. Kevin Cargill says:

    I’ve seen it all now! I just saw a tweet from Rhiannon gibbering on about how we’ve all misunderstood the article and Alba should suspend the candidate concerned for smearing the SNP. She finishes by saying “but I won’t hold my breath”. To which I replied “Please hold your breath” genuinely meaning shut up for a while and Twitter have suspended me for encouraging suicide and self harm. So in jocularly asking someone to shut up who is defending the proposal that in some circumstances sex with 10 year olds I’d ok I get suspended and that evil bastard gets to continue peddling, legitimising, enabling and encouraging those who don’t need much encouragement to believe paedophilia is ok. I am fucking raging!

  156. Ian Brotherhood says:

    A lot of guys are tweeting that they support #AlbaWomen.

    If you feel so inclined, please do likewise. That hashtag was trending last night, no reason why it can’t be up there again.

    (Ditto Facebook etc)

  157. TPee says:

    Is it Independence at any cost?

    Are Women’s rights, children’s rights, freedomm of speech, the right to hold elected representatives and bodies to account all reasonable sacrifices to be had?

    I dont think so. I cant vote for people who call me terf, bigot, ‘Jeremy Hunts’ for speaking about attacks on existing laws. If I accept this, where would I ever draw the line?

  158. AKA-Kieran says:

    After independence there will be a Scottish GE within months, then vote for whomever,

  159. Andy says:

    As I said earlier, the Salmond strategy is asking too much for any right thinking Scot to vote SNP.

    Because you then become complicit in all this crazy perverted world that Sturgeon and Murrell inhabit.

    Glasgow Southside.

    Sarwar 1 and ALBA 2.

    You get the feeling Sturgeon is losing the support of those who were going to try to force themselves to vote for her Party, and that was only because Mr Salmond suggested it.

    But she is pushing all the wrong buttons and is losing support by the hour.

    Let’s hope she doesn’t even make it past the 6th May.

    A national day of rejoicing will be called for if we can defeat her at the Polls.

  160. Liz g says:

    Ian Brotherhood @ 8.13
    Thank you Ian .
    Com oan guys this is yer Mothers , Wife’s ,Sisters ,Daughters and yer Grannies here.
    Let us know you have our back …

  161. David H says:

    These Queer activists in Scotland, deserve to be called out. Thank god the Alba Party is able to give women a voice. Women should never be afraid to speak up.

    Sturgeon refused to condemn the threats made to Joanna Cherry. She virtue signalled the sacking. The Alba Party will hold her to account.

    Wings Over Scotland. Well done for calling out their bullshit. The fightback is on.

  162. Geoff Anderson says:

    Amazing in hindsight just how ruthless Sturgeon was in silencing women.

  163. AYRSHIRE ROB says:

    Am waiting for the day when Pete Wishart and Black, Blackford,Smith,and the rest of thon strange wans change their profile pictures on twitter and facebook to some weird avatar picture like the rest of the weirdos who perpetuate this fantasy world that they seem to have inhabited and created for themselves.

    They need to realise that they’re supposed to be human beings and not some stupid cartoon character. Fucking amazes me these people get elected to represent the people in parliaments.

    When are the SNP going to tell the electorate in their manifesto what wonderful fantasy hell they have in store for us over the next 5 years. I shudder to think, but my gut tells me I already know.

    No wonder on half the population vote.

    Alba target the people that don’t normally vote, let them know what these freaks have in store for us. Am sure the people don’t want to live inside a cartoon world.

  164. rob says:

    Anton Decadent says:
    11 April, 2021 at 5:36 pm


    Seems it was only the redtops and the likes of Breibart who chose to cover it so apologies for linking to this rag.

    Wonder if the main reason of keeping it secret was because Sturgeon invited them all into Scotland

  165. Mark Boyle says:

    @Republicofscotland says: 11 April, 2021 at 7:14 pm

    “The ALBA party defends Denise Lynch’s statement on the subject above and the previous article, as that BritNat shitrag the misnamed Scotsman “newspaper” gives Stonewall Scotland and the Greens Patrick Harvey a free run to do down ALBA and Denise Lynch.

    Don’t ever buy the Scotsman newspaper its an enemy of the truth and Scotland.

    With respect, The Scotsman’s just about the only newspaper up here allowing the Alba Party to give across any part of its side to the story – you’ll wait forever before the Rangers Herald or any of the rest do.

    Nothing to stop you writing to them and taking them to task over the article, explain the reality of the situation. Unlike The Rangers Rag, they do allow people to disagree with their columnists and hacks.

  166. `The Trans-Industrial Complex`,

    worth a read to understand the new religion of self id,

  167. Alf Baird says:

    Mia @ 8.03

    “Is Scotland being used as the testing ground for something sinister?”

    Being a colony – i.e. controlled by another country – Scotland is plundered and culturally divided, but it is also a laboratory, its people continually messed with through dubious imported ideas and institutions on this and that an a’thing fae supposed superior ‘bricht mynds’, i.e. ideas and theories emanating from the metropolitan core of the ‘mother country’.

    Stonewall and other private interest groups including trade unions are British organisations pushing their own agendas from the metropolitan core. Our colonial superiors and external interest groups have messed about with Scotland’s education since the ‘Scotch Education Department’ was established in London in 1872, at which time the British state took control of education from Scotland’s churches.

    Independence is about ending continual external interference in a country’s affairs.

  168. Mia says:

    “Is it Independence at any cost?”

    I very much suspect that we are seeing Scotland being used as the testing ground of the UK for queer theory nonsense precisely because the majority of the electorate in Scotland wants independence. The minute Mr Salmond announced his seeking of a supermajority you knew what was going to happen: damage limitation from the British state on industrial scale.

    And what is the most obvious damage limitation? To stop that supermajority. How can they do that? a) by reducing as much as possible Mr Salmond access to debates, b) by discrediting Alba’s strategy, for example by having Sturgeon saying she will not cooperate with Alba, c) by relentlessly attempting to tarnish Alba’s candidates and if all that fails, the absolute last resort: d) by letting all the sht that has been festering under Sturgeon’s corrupt stewardship of Scotland’s government and the SNP for the last 6 years.

    Now that we have learnt what these organisations Sturgeon’s government has been subsidising behind our back are endorsing, and how aggressive organised political lobbyists hiding behind trans rights have influenced this government policy passing bills without the electorate’s consent, one is beginning to wonder how many Derek McKays might be hidden behind the SNP rosette. One also wonders if the release to the public of those compromising text messages to the 16 year old right before he was due to deliver the budget was some kind of major warning shot for Sturgeon. So, who else might be used as another warning shot in the next parliament, perhaps to encourage the SNP to reduce the age of consent?

    I think it is imperative we know which SNP, Greens, labour, libdem and Tory candidates support the gagging of women and the decreasing of the age of consent. We need to know what kind of candidates we are voting for and if they are going to use the seats to pass sinister policies that may expose our children to risk of being abused.

  169. PacMan says:

    rob says: 11 April, 2021 at 8:52 pm

    Anton Decadent says:
    11 April, 2021 at 5:36 pm


    Seems it was only the redtops and the likes of Breibart who chose to cover it so apologies for linking to this rag.

    Wonder if the main reason of keeping it secret was because Sturgeon invited them all into Scotland

    There was news items a couple of years ago about the Swedish Police deliberately covering up sex crimes committed by newly introduced asylum seekers. This was dismissed as Far-right conspiracy theories.

    Those that do the same with the incident mentioned in the article and with this mentioned by the Rev will be smeared as Far-right as well.

    You can see how this will be framed. The question is how does it get countered?

  170. McDuff says:

    The thing is that if a member of the SG was properly interrogated on television regarding their support for these groups and their aims they would be unable to defend their positions. The tragedy is they will never be put in that situation.

  171. PacMan says:

    Scot Finlayson says: 11 April, 2021 at 8:53 pm

    `The Trans-Industrial Complex`,

    worth a read to understand the new religion of self id,

    I had only skimmed through this article but it does seem likely as it reeks of the arrogance that Progressive Liberalism has become.

    The question that I see is can they truly subvert a very large, multi-national and diverse socially conservative religion like Islam to suit their agenda?

  172. PacMan says:

    In regards to ILGA, this is being easily fixed by all parties admitting that there is an issue with the wording of that statement and it is rewritten so that it is clear and unambiguous in an way.

  173. PacMan says:

    Kevin Cargill says:11 April, 2021 at 8:12 pm

    I’ve seen it all now! I just saw a tweet from Rhiannon gibbering on about how we’ve all misunderstood the article and Alba should suspend the candidate concerned for smearing the SNP.

    The statement has simply be rewritten to ensure it can be in no way misunderstood by anybody or used as smears against anyone or any organisation.

  174. Republicofscotland says:

    Scot Finlayson @8.53pm.

    Thanks for the link Scot, so the end goal of the gender/transsexual fluidity thingy, is to destroy the family unit.

  175. Iain More says:

    This is obscene. I don’t think I need to say anymore.

  176. akenaton says:

    The article as presented by the owner of this site seems perfectly clear to me. It is deliberately written in a vague style in an attempt too hide its real purpose.

  177. akenaton says:

    Apologies, I see that you were referring to a different article, not the original.

  178. David Hannah says:

    More demented smears and innuendo from Nicola Sturgeon…

    She still can’t give it a rest. I suppose we’re in an election campaign. 3 elections. 2 draft bills. A referendum. An EU election. A concrete rejection by Theresa May to Section 30. No plan. Nothing. Now she can read Boris mind. Shes deluded.

    Brexit – delivered during a pandemic
    USA – Election delivered during Pandemic.

    Plan – Beg Boris Johnson for permission sometime after 2023 when it’s safe to ask the same number of people who are voting in May 6. Nicola Sturgeon says its not safe to hold a referendum any sooner.

    She bangs on about Alex Salmond saying she’ll refuse to work with a man who wants Independence…. Once again about his workplace culture… James Hamilton report says she has toxic workplace culture where names of compainers are passed to Alex Salmond’s team. A toxic workplace culture when someone close to her leaks false allegations to the Daily Record. A toxic workplace culture where women felt abandoned. A toxic workplace culture where civil servants run up a bill of 600K and get away with it. A toxic workplace culture that threatens the reputation of our countries institutions. A toxic workplace culture with a missing 600k ring fenced Scottish Independence fund. And a toxic workplace culture where its okay to abuse feminists who believe women are female. Next time she mentions workplace culture, I think Scotland should remind her of hers.

    Sarwar and Salmond will wipe the floor of her.

    Get Donating to Alex Salmond. He’s our only hope.

  179. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Heard a rumour that Rev is planning a follow-up to this post called “What you find under frocks’.

    Could be another eye-opener!

  180. Robert Hughes says:

    ” The question that I see is can they truly subvert a very large, multi-national and diverse socially conservative religion like Islam to suit their agenda? ”

    I think the answer to that is ” no ” .

    For all it’s repressive ( by Western standards ) practices and beliefs Islam still puts great importance on the family unit and has a more cohesive worldview than ( contemporary ) Christianity – the faith that supposedly still informs Western Societies , making it less vulnerable to subversion by the new evangelical missionaries ( some things never change ) of Planet Gender .

    Excellent article btw , for which , thanks Scott Finlayson

  181. unsigned says:

    PacMan says:
    11 April, 2021 at 9:25 pm

    In regards to ILGA, this is being easily fixed by all parties admitting that there is an issue with the wording of that statement and it is rewritten so that it is clear and unambiguous in an[y] way.
    What wording do you suggest?

  182. jack murphy says:

    Just testing.

  183. WeeChid says:

    AKA-Kieran says:
    11 April, 2021 at 7:55 pm
    “Wee Child…….I want INDEPENDENCE, fuck the politics.”

    Well, for a start, you aren’t going to get it with the current crop of SNP – that’s obvious and, maybe when you’ve grown up a bit and learned a thing or two you will realise how important it is not to sacrifice certain principles to achieve a goal – especially if it means giving up human rights.

    You want independence – at any cost? So where would you draw the line?

    Legalised paedophilia is a line most decent people aren’t willing to cross.

  184. Jason Smoothpiece says:

    Sensitive subject this needs some thought applied we have to accept that some men wish to have sex with children.

    Before rushing to judgement and knee jerk responses I have to say I have given the subject some thought.

    Cut the tackle off and throw the creepy scumbags in jail for a long time.

    Anyone supporting this stuff should be jailed for a long time.

    If we don’t protect the kids what’s the point of anything.

    Problem solved, you are welcome.

  185. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Just posted this on Facebook, at the “YES Dundee Hub”.
    Brian Doon
    In the 2016 CONSTITUENCY vote, the SNP won 9 out of 10 seats. The 10th was a Tory gain from the SNP in Aberdeenshire West.

    In the REGIONAL vote, the SNP had 44.7% (137,086) of the votes, which resulted in NO SNP MSPs for the region.
    The Tories had 28% (85,848) of the votes, resulting in 4 regional MSPs.
    Labour had 12.6% (38,791), resulting in 2 MSPs.
    Lib-Dems had 6% (18,444), resulting in 1 MSP.
    Greens got 4.9% (15,123), resulting in NO MSPs.

    There’s no doubt that Joe and Shona will be re-elected in their constituencies. But what about those 137,086 wasted SNP votes in the NE Scotland region?

    Do you still vote SNP for the constituencies and the region, knowing full well that your regional vote for the SNP will do sweet FA, or do you vote for Alba in the regional vote, to get AS, Heather McLean, Dot Jessiman and Brian Topping, one of the SNP’s longest serving councillors, elected as PRO-INDY MSPs?

    If 4 Alba MSPs are elected, that’s 4 fewer unionist MSPs. Doesn’t do any harm to the SNP numbers at all.
    Do yooz advocating “SNP 1+2” not understand?

    I admit, in 2015, prior to the GE, I was overcome with the “cult of Nicola’. I designed a badge – the design of which the SNP pinched for the 2016 Holyrood election. I didn’t mind – we WERE all on the same side. Or so I thought.
    Like many others in the SNP, I have become worried about the direction the party is taking and have left for pastures new.

    The Pro-Indy movement is NOT the SNP. it is wider than that. It is us, the grassroots, who went on the marches (unlike Nicola), stuck leaflets through doors, talked to people, hung flags over bridges, organised street stalls, had motor cavalcades through Fife, for example. We were still active while the SNP slept.

    Alba is the spanner that, just, may be able to screw the SNP to refocus on the primary clause of their constitution:-
    2. The aims of the Party shall be:
    (a) Independence for Scotland; that is the restoration of Scottish national sovereignty by restoration of full powers to the Scottish Parliament, so that its authority is limited only by the sovereign power of the Scottish People to bind it with a written constitution and by such agreements as it may freely enter into with other nations or states or international organisations for the purpose of furthering international cooperation, world peace and the protection of the environment.”
    I never knew that one of the aims of the party was to financially support groups that wanted to reduce the age of consent, or allow men, masquerading as ‘women’, to share changing rooms with female children, or stifle complaint about these matters.
    The SNP, as an institution, has lost the plot, under the current management.

    The badge, from 2015. I’m kinda embarrassed now.

  186. Balaaargh says:

    The spite, bitterness and utter vile being spouted online about this is disgusting. If you don’t agree with groupthink then you’re a transphobe, or you’re a homophobe. Not to mention comparing Rev Stu to QAnon! FFS, get a grip!

    No. The problem with this document is exactly the same as the problem with the SNP’s flagship social projects of the last 10 years – they are bad. They are written badly. Their message is conveyed poorly. They are dreamed up by people who have no concept of how laws are meant to work and they fall apart at the first challenge. But rather than addressing those faults the SG, the SNP, the Greens, and all the wokerati twittering like fannies double-down on their mistake. There is no agreeing or discussing with them.

    I’ve had an update this evening from Martin Keatings. He mentions an article in the National which is stating/implying that Westminster is making moves to change the rules of the game like they did with the Legal Continuity Bill 2018.

    Well fucking done to the SNP for letting this happen. And well fucking done to Scotland for bottling it and leaving us chained to this sinking piece of shit island.

  187. WeeChid says:

    Kevin Cargill says:
    11 April, 2021 at 8:12 pm
    That’s par for the course on the bird app. Helen Staniland was banned for life for asking:-

    “Do you believe that male-sexed people should have the right to undress and shower in a communal changing room with women and girls?”

    Yet the wokerati bullies can threaten all sorts of horrible actions and nothing is done. I believe Reddit is even worse.

    The online community and the arts appear to have been totally captured by this ideology with people being bullied, threatened and cancelled for not following the credo. It’s like some sort of medieval religious cult with witch hunts and metaphorical burning of gender critical feminists.

    Men too, who support the women’s position are suffering with Graham Linehan having lost income and had his marriage break up because of the strain.

    I f*****g hate them because they are forcing me to agree with people on the traditional right and people like JK Rowling who pissed me off with her anti independence stance. They can’t cancel her though – she’s too wealthy and too well known.

  188. Terry says:

    Keep it going folks! Almost £38k now for Alba fundraiser. Let’s reach £50k!

  189. Famous15 says:

    Wee Child

    Are you now or have you ever been?

    What comes into my head these days. What am I like?

  190. kapelmeister says:

    Sturgeon playing the part of the ersatz nationalist leader to perfection. Doubtless delighting her colonial keepers in London with her latest talk of an indyref being inevitable if the SNP win a majority and folks don’t support Alba.

    The union carries on as long as she resides at Bute House, that is for sure. She’s a paper tigress when dealing with Westminster, but she’s one dangerous bastard to real pro-indy Scots who don’t side with her.

  191. Claire says:

    New trans activism is a movement that cannot bear scrutiny .
    Trans women are Women
    Trans rights are Human Rights
    Trans people are who they say they are. These mantras do nothing to engage with and address the serious concerns that exist about replacing Sex with Gender.

    Any critical voice is transphobic . This is a cynical ploy of the new trans activism and it must be resisted.

    Stonewall now has a spin off trans child and youth organisation. Scottish civil service is pandering to Stonewalls trans ideology .
    The extent of influence this organisation has on the Scottish Govt .is alarming , it is has captured widespread policy .

  192. Tommo says:

    Well thank you Balaaargh from a part of this ‘sinking piece of shit island’
    I started watching this blog because I have close ties with Scotland and the Moderator is incisive and extremely informative
    However the hatred expressed by you and others towards the other peoples of this island who have never done Scotland any harm-and indeed wished it well and pay handsomely in taxes to its sustenance-convinces me that I am better off out of this madhouse
    Wales isn’t sinking and neither is it a piece of shit and I resent your comments deeply-
    We are poorer than Scotland overall but at least we have a rational devolved parliament, though no doubt it could be much better
    Suit yourself what you F-ing well vote for
    Yours affectionately…..

  193. Famous15 says:

    Trans activism has nothing to do with gender dysphoria or any of the confusing issues experienced by children growing through the confusions of puberty but every thing to do with power. They could not give a flying fuck about young people and the pains of growing up.

    Some have even more sinister agendas.

    The Alba Party debate on zoom was almost 100% healthy. I applaud the women involved.

    I thought some of the knee jerk reaction from SNP figures was simply defensive but some like Spear and Robertson was vicious defence of their fanatasism.

    SNP1 Alba2

  194. kapelmeister says:

    Just for the day tomorrow Sturgeon is going to be the Condolence Queen instead of the Covid Queen.

  195. Red says:

    WeeChid says:

    The online community and the arts appear to have been totally captured by this ideology with people being bullied, threatened and cancelled for not following the credo. It’s like some sort of medieval religious cult with witch hunts and metaphorical burning of gender critical feminists.

    In some ways, it’s worse.

    The main purpose of heresy trials, inquisitions, etc. was to get the accused to recant or repent. You always had the easy way out of retracting your statement or confessing your sins, get a slap on the wrist, and sent on your merries. This is because medieval man, while he sincerely believed heresy was a serious crime requiring punishment, also sincerely believed in forgiveness.

    The purpose of woke witch trials is to destroy you, ban you from the internet, take away your livelihood, stop you from being able to hold down a job, a mortgage, or run a business, take your kids away, and ultimately jail you using legal instruments like the Hate Bill. You can try grovelling apologies, but they don’t believe in forgiveness. Any apology is taken as an admission of guilt. Sincerity plays no part in this process.

    Also, medieval theology was fixed. Any educated person would have a good idea of what was and wasn’t heresy. The divinity of Christ or the ten commandments weren’t suddenly going to get flipped 180 degrees when fashions changed.

    There’s no such stability with Woke. You can be caught out at any minute as the script changes. If not for anything you say now, then for something you Tweeted 12 years ago. Supporting civil partnerships in 2004 made you progressive. By 2014 it made you a homophobic bigot, unfit for polite society. Nobody gave a shit about men who want to be girlies in 2015. Five years later, if you weren’t noisily signalling your support for everything trans you were basically Hitler. No normal person was interested in defacing statues or censoring ancient episodes of Fawlty Towers or accusing everybody of “white supremacy” in 2019. A few months later…

    As a social phenomenon, ID politics seems to be equal parts narcissistic and sociopathic. It’s a crab bucket containing the worst of humanity, and it’s seething with hate. Hatred for you, hatred for each other, hatred for anybody who seems happy or well-adjusted. Constantly clambering and clawing each other as they seek to one-up their supposed friends and be the first to uncover new heresies to denounce.

    The solutions are obvious, but not necessarily easy.

    Don’t be afraid.

    Tell the truth.

    Practice empathy.

    And be of good cheer.

    Because truth defeats lies, courage beats cowardice, empathy is the glue that binds sane people together, and hearty laughter is like scorching sunlight to these vampires.

  196. Claire says:

    For Famous

    I took part in the ALBA Women’s Conference .. It was without doubt a platform for Women
    Legitimately discussing concerns on a range of issues including GRA Hate Crime .
    I look forward to the next .

  197. BLMac says:

    Maybe we simply should redefine genders into two main categories: penisperson and vaginaperson

    and allow those to have subcategories.

  198. susanXX says:

    I want nothing to do with Queer Theory and it goes without saying that I want nothing to do with parties that espouse it. ” transwomen” = trans identifying males = men. Sex is dimorphic and immutable. Non binary does not exist.

  199. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Red (11.20) –

    I just tweeted quote from the end of your post, along with link to here.


  200. Thistle's Bristles says:

    Ruthless the Truthless
    Wis quickly offendit
    To back those who press
    To see kids undefendit.

    Nae doot she’ll backtrack,
    As mair scry wha’s tae blame;
    Noo gies Wisharts’n’journos
    An even worse name.

  201. Balaaargh says:

    Well thank you Tommo,

    You have completely missed the point at the end of my post about how it is the system that keeps us in chains and that yet again, the system is changing the rules whilst we fight amongst ourselves. Spare me the straw man about how I am spreading the usual guff about hatred towards to other peoples in GB because those words are not there. For the record, I have lived and worked in all parts of the UK throughout my adult life and have no intention of apologising or retracting what I said.

    I hate to break it to you but Wales is sinking, just like Scotland is sinking. It might not be at the same rate as England but that doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. Dragged down by the corrupt money-grubbing shysters voted in by the M4 corridor.

    The Westminster establishment over the last 40 years has asset stripped everything it can get its hands on. Decades of under-investment followed by austerity have caused inhuman levels of poverty and suffering. Right wing ideologies have taken control whilst opposition groups wail amongst themselves for niche votes, shouting down everyone who disagrees.

    I’ll vote for who I damn well please.

  202. Mungo Armstrong says:

    Thread….. this is looking alarmingly like the scale of the peadophiles priest outrage in Ireland

  203. Mia says:

    “Well fucking done to the SNP for letting this happen”

    For “letting” this happen or for “making” this happen?

    Sturgeon has done everything in her hand for the last 6 years to derail indyref and stop independence. What are the odds this was another calculated move, just like handing a veto to Westminster was, or leaving the borders open for over a year to allow the virus to continuously enter Scotland so she could keep us locked down was or letting the withdrawal bill pass without lifting a fcking finger while for first time ever Westminster puts in UK law the sovereignty of the UK parliament, which until then was nothing more than English convention?

    The woman is a political fraud, not an incompetent. Her incompetence is a myth, just like her interest in independence or her “feminism”. I think it is about time we see her last 6 years as leader of the SNP for what they have been:


  204. Robert Graham says:

    Just read a latest poll about the opinion of other people in the rest of Britain towards a independent Scotland while it was around two thirds in 2014 that wanted Scots to stay in the UK now in 2021it’s less than a third the other just over two thirds couldn’t give a fk and expect us to piss off and leave

    That’s another excuse Princess Nicola can’t hide behind so what’s the fkn problem .

    Back to the money anyone know if the cops have been told to quietly drop it ?

  205. Stuart says:

    Just to pick up on what David H said above, that in his opinion, for someone who is HIV+ who wants to have condomless sex, there should be a legal duty to disclose. The truth is this is a complex area of law, which ILGA’s poor quality writing does a disservice to.

    It’s important that to understand the modern medical context which is that, when someone is HIV+ and on medication, the level of the virus is so low that it cannot be transmitted sexually, even without use of a condom. This is what doctors call “Undetectable = Untransmittable”, and it is a health message endorsed by the WHO and the United Nations – see my links below.

    The COPFS issued guidance on this issue in 2012. They said that exposure should not be prosecuted if a “necessary precaution” was taken. This obviously includes use of a condom, but now ALSO probably includes being on medication and undetectable, given that it cannot be transmitted. I say “probably”, as the 2012 guidance suggests this with with a bit of equivocation. But since 2012 the medical evidence has firmed up significantly – and therefore the COPFS would, in my opinion, probably say this now unequivocally.



  206. Louise Hogg says:

    It’s going to be tough to vote SNP 1. I know we have to keep the SNP from sneaking list seats via residual vote share not pre-represented up by constituency seats. But to actively VOTE for reps who are NOT vocally calling out the party’s complicity , on so MANY things?

    I’ll focus on promoting Alba. And I’d agree, Alba need to begin seeing the Greens as fair game.

    On the above issue, challenging ALL the parties to divulge & distance themselves from connections to Stonewall might be a productive approach? To keep the ‘positive campaign’ strategy, you do this by actively trumpeting ‘Alba has NO links to…WILL not fund groups who…’.

    This prompts voters to ask THEIR parties: ‘Who DOES? Do YOU?’

    Then it’s NOT ‘separatist in-fighting’, AND may help safeguard our children regardless of election result.

    Ironically it could even boost Alba’s attractiveness to ‘not really political’ types? By alerting voters to where ID politics is leading in their habitual party.

  207. Robert Hughes says:

    ” The woman is a political fraud, not an incompetent. Her incompetence is a myth, just like her interest in independence or her “feminism”. I think it is about time we see her last 6 years as leader of the SNP for what they have been:

    betrayal ”

    Yes Mia – there is no other ( or more accurate ) perception . Well said , again .

  208. wull says:

    Well said, Red @ 11.20 pm yesterday. A society which doesn’t know sin, or people who have no sense of their own failures, will never know – and never practise – forgiveness, in any manner or form whatsoever. Having no genuine knowledge of themselves, they will always accuse others – and always condemn them, with no hint of mercy and without the slightest qualm. Their condemnation will lead to the kind of punishment that is intended to eliminate them completely, once and for all, and eradicate them from all human memory.

    This is what was supposed to happen to Alex Salmond, as a consequence of what amounted to his witch-trial. The SNP had already eradicated his name from the history of their Party on the assumption of presumed guilt before the verdict was even out. The fact that they thought they could actually eradicate his name from (their) history tells you all you need to know about them.

    Those who treat history like this also treat real, living people in the same way. Following their whim of the moment. They are eradicators not just of history, but of people.

    Whatever you may think of the Inquisition – and whether or not you are careful enough to check out what actually happened in different places and at different times of it, because it was by no means exactly the same thing everywhere or throughout its history – you can’t say that the Inquisitors ever attempted to eradicate the record of the existence of those effected. To the contrary, the reason why we know so much about it (I should say ‘them’, because there were different inquisitions, and they were quite different from each other – and not all equally ferocious, the ‘Roman’one for instance being a lot more lenient than the ‘Spanish’ one), is precisely because a) there was an established order of legal process and b) the records were meticulously kept.

    What the SNP internally tried to do to the memory of Alex Salmond was of a different order altogether. It was both far clumsier, and with far less concern for the requirements of either due legal process or natural justice. Indeed, the same absence of respect for natural justice and due legal process was in evidence in that instance just as much as it has been in recent activities of the SNP government in Scotland, and its legal officers etc.

    No matter what weasel words are used to wriggle out of it, malicious prosecutions are just that – malicious! That is, the word means what it says. Not, of course, for those who prefer to live in the make-believe Alice-in-Wonderland world which they have invented for themselves – that is, for their own benefit and profit – as the Scottish Executive or SNP Government has done over the past 6 or 7 years. There, in their fairy-land, words mean whatever they want them to mean. And, as tools which follow their command, they use them when and as they like, in such a way that they can even take on multiple different meanings, depending on whatever suits their mood or need of the moment.

    Vote ALBA to get back into the real world. Vote ALBA in order to return to the Rule of Law. Vote ALBA to uphold natural justice.

    These three things are, together, the sine qua non for authentic independence. Independence without them would be slavery, not freedom. What we want is freedom. Vote ALBA to get it.

  209. Daisy Walker says:

    I appreciate that an organisation that operates internationally can pool knowledge (and mistakes) and has more clout…

    But, if they are to receive tax payers money in funding (why?) then there are some hurdles I think they need to overcome first.

    It is being argued that the above paragraphs have been misunderstood, as an example of bad translating, from a generic (presumably) international policy statement.

    That argument is unconvincing – the statement about HIV is inexcusable in any language, and the ‘false flag’ waving of homophobic – demonstrably shown to be an intimidating diverstionary tactic.

    Never the less, if an organisation wants to lobby our Government at the highest level of influence ( and take our money to do so).

    They must demonstrate that the problem they are attempting to overcome – actually exists in this country, and that the laws need changed.

    They must demonstrate a competent understanding of the laws in this country as they stand at present, and highlight any shortcomings.

    And they must demonstrate – why is it that they actually need our money, and what do they intend to do with it.

    Seciton 17 of the above document states the following:

    17. fully decriminalize sex work, including sex workers, their clients and third parties…

    And this is a problem, partly because in certain areas of Scotland – Sex work is not actively criminalised.

    Edinburgh consulted extensively with the local community. The one thing the community stated they absolutely did not want, were red light districts with women soliciting in the streets, which has the knock on effect of making the streets unsafe for other woman/people, due to the kerb crawler clients it attacts. Its also proven more dangerous for the prostitutes.

    For this reason the Massage Parlours became a thing.

    And lets be very honest here about the term ‘third parties’ – that means PIMPS.

    But here is another, not well known fact, in Scots law. Prostitution is not in and of itself illegal.

    Soliciting is, operating a brothel is. But a person renting out their body in the privacy of their own accomodation.

    Not Illegal.

    So our Government is giving large amount of tax payers money to an organisation, that wants to remove a problem from Scottish life, when to a very large extent that problem does not exist, because the laws as written, and as operated, have already dealt with the matter.

    And one thing the pushers of this ‘liberal, anything goes’ lobby group always fail to mention when the talk of ‘sex workers’.

    Many of the sex workers canvassed, stated, while they welcome improvements to the safety of their working environments, and a reduction in stigma – it is not a Career they would recommend, and one that they would prefer not to have gotten into.

    This business of pretending prostitution is a worthy career choice is deeply dishonest.

    I was at the High Court in Perth when a Dundee man stood charged with 7 counts of indecent assault on Prostitutes.

    A somewhat cynical older male colleague remarked ‘Hmmph waste of time, theft of a shag’.

    But I saw 7 heroin addicted Prostitutes from Dundee stand up and give their evidence. They were up front and forthright about their addictions and their reasons for selling their bodies. They had consented to straight sex, and during the act, the accused had forced himself on them and sodomised them against their will.

    When the defence agent, a male with a distinctive mutton chop facial hair, fore and aft hat, a liking for sectarian songs and football – tried to decry them for their ‘profession’ – they stood up to him, told him to Fuck off and shove his Effen pipe up his effen arse, before they walked out of the court room.

    It was a beautiful moment. They were the most downtrodden in life, and they weren’t taking any shite from him.

    The Jury found the accused Guilty. A Jury made up of men and women.

    More than anything, the people of this country are practical and decent.

    Be good to have a Government that met those standards. And be good if they stopped giving our money away to international lobby groups with their own dangerous agenda and a proven track record of knowing fuck all about this countries problems and its laws.

  210. winifred mccartney says:

    Thank you Daisy Walker for your post – sums up the whole problem for women who find themselves in dire straights and resorting to activities that men will pay for. This is a straight forward result of poverty and often addiction – would it not be much better to give our of work or poorly paid workers all the money that is poured into some of these organisations for the rights of a very very few and mostly being used by smart evil people for their own ends. It is not possible for a family to live on a minimum wage or even living wage and until something is done about employers who pay poverty wages – women will be forced to work as prostitutes.

  211. wull says:

    Thank you, Daisy, at 10.24, for that informative post. Very well said, in every respect.

    And that mutton-chopper – whoever he is – fully deserved to get chopped by these ladies in that way. In fact, he no doubt deserved a lot more, and a lot worse than that…

    You are dead right about how good it would be to have a competent government that understands both Scots Law and the problems and needs of Scotland. Only like that can the government help to bring the law and reality into line with each other. Instead of the present lot of jumped-up, self-important nobodies who, as you well say, spend their time running after fancy international lobby groups who know nothing about Scotland and its people, and care still less.

    Time to elect, as far as we can, some decent public servants. And be done with these vanity-filled self-servers who seek only to use us for their own delinquent, dangerous and half-baked ends. Be gone with them – let them return to the vapour from which they conjured themselves up, in order to plague our public life with their various forms of pestilence.

  212. Stuart Rodger says:

    On the subject of HIV, it’s very important people understand a medical advance which is that, when HIV+ people are adhering well to medication, they cannot pass the virus on sexually. This is what doctors call “Undetectable = Untransmittable”. This is a health message endorsed by the WHO and UN. Being on medication, therefore, counts as a necessary precaution – something the COPFS has acknowledged. The truth is this is a complex area of law, which ILGA’s poor quality of writing does a disservice to.

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