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If it hit you in the eye

Posted on April 10, 2021 by

There’s something missing from this.

Can you spot it, readers?

Because while Stonewall Scotland have indignantly denied the facts revealed in this Wings story from earlier today, at no point do they actually deny being members of the ILGA, or that the ILGA signed a “Feminist Declaration” calling for the abolition of the age of consent for adolescents (people aged 10-19). In other words, any of the actual things they’re ostensibly denying.

And that’s because those things are – indisputably, empirically – completely true.

The document the ILGA, of which Stonewall Scotland is a member, signed last March makes an explicit demand that governments worldwide must ”end the criminalization and stigmatization of adolescents’ sexuality”. But what does that mean? What CAN it mean? There’s only ONE aspect of adolescent sexuality that’s currently criminalized – having sex below the age of consent (16 in the UK). Nobody’s sending the police round to stop adolescents from masturbating or watching internet porn, say.

(Just as well, or they’d never have time for anything else.)

Even then, in England and Wales those aged 13, 14 or 15 can in practice have sex with each other without expecting to be prosecuted, although any kind of sex with anyone younger than 13 is punishable by up to life imprisonment.

(In Scotland the “no under-16s” rule is more strictly enforced.)

So the only possible thing about adolescent sexuality that could currently be decriminalized in Scotland, England or Wales is the requirement for both of the participants to be at least 16, or at a minimum over 12. Or put more simply, the reduction of the age of consent.

(It offers no alternative definition of the word to the widely-agreed ones already in existence saying it starts at 10.)

And as Stonewall Scotland are (through ILGA) signatories to that declaration, then there is simply no interpretation possible other than that they’re calling for a reduction in the age of consent. If they didn’t MEAN to do that, they need to withdraw their membership of ILGA, or get ILGA to withdraw its signature from the Declaration, or immediately have the document rewritten to remove that sentence. Because that is unambiguously and unequivocally what it demands.

But notably, they haven’t done that. They’ve just angrily asserted that it doesn’t say what it says. That isn’t a denial of the material facts, it’s a denial of language and a denial of the entire concept of reality.

But then, coming from people who think men are women and lesbians can have penises, what else could you expect?

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156 to “If it hit you in the eye”

  1. Scott says:

    The number of twatters only focussing on “medical consent” is bewildering and fucking scary.

    I’ll be kind and say it’s just the narcissism in them.

  2. Heaver says:

    Is “corruption of minors” a thing that could be pursued in Scottish law?

  3. Mr B says:

    The amount of gaslighting going on about the Scottish orgs who have signed the ILGA World declaration on lowering age of consent to sex:
    -Those words don’t mean that
    -They probably didn’t read it properly
    -Other orgs have signed it too
    -It’s about medical consent

  4. Lisa says:

    These are frightening times.

  5. Claire says:

    Mr B

    The declaration is not about Medical Consent this is totally disingenuous.

    Nobody is being gaslighted . Any Organisation signed up to such a Declaration should be challenged .
    I trust that you will review the entirety of the document via the ILGA

  6. Mr B says:

    Yes sorry, we’re on the same page. I was trying to say that orgs like Stonewall Scotland are trying to gaslight anyone who reads the document. Could have worded it better.

  7. Cath says:

    I noticed some are saying the SNP would never support this, just because it would be an idiotic thing to support. It would, clearly. Yet think back to 5 years ago, if someone told you the SNP would support letting any man simply say he’s a woman to access women’s toilets, changing rooms and sports, those people would have said the same thing: ‘of course they wouldn’t support that, it would be idiotic’. Yet here we are. So many things seem to work on frog boiling these days.

  8. ClanDonald says:

    There’s no doubt about it, anyone who backs ILGA is backing an organisation that is campaigning to lower the age of consent. There are no ifs or buts.

    What’s it going to be Stonewall?

  9. Alan McHarg says:

    The funding of these organisation by the Scottish government using taxpayers money must now be questioned. This is unacceptable and certainly not an appropriate use of funds that could be better spent. The government need to explain their rational because if they were aware of all the fact their actions would be at best indefensible at worst criminal. The sex education content and those promoting it must also be investigated. Like the case of the missing £600,000 this is not going to go away.

  10. TheSNPLeftMe says:

    Orders from Stonewall HQ – Quick , the agreed spin is “medical consent” – everybody got that, then get tweeting.

  11. holymacmoses says:

    By their friends shall ye know them and by their fruits shall ye understand their purposes

  12. Ian Brotherhood says:

    #AlbaWomen is Twitter trending No.3 in Scotland.

    This issue has become *the* major issue for this election campaign.

    Time to pick a side, and I suspect most of the regulars here already know whose they’re on.

    The pressure on Alba is going to be immense and we all have to help them weather the storm.

    Not doing so simply isn’t an option – an independent Scotland won’t be worth having if these mentalists are allowed any role in the formation of public policy on *anything*.

  13. Carol says:

    ”end the criminalization and stigmatization of adolescents’ sexuality”.
    Could this be for other countries where they still have the age of consent for same-sex couples higher than the age of consent for heterosexual couples? Or was this specifically targeted at UK?

  14. Roddy Macdonald says:

    Likewise no report from the conference reported that a parliamentary candidate had stated that Stonewall Scotland were campaigning to lower the age of consent (another denial of something they weren’t accused of). The document ILGA had signed up to was reported as the “next thing” in “queer theory”.

    I’m sure a helluva lot more was discussed at the Alba Women’s Conference than this issue. For the record, plenty of lesbian and gay people (myself included) don’t agree with Stonewall’s every utterance or every document they sign up to, and no right minded person (excluding the SNP Wokerati) regards disagreeing with Stonewall as vile homophobia.

  15. Republicofscotland says:

    Sturgeon should not be funding Stonewall Scotland, the ILGA sounds as though its promoting paedophilia, and Stonewall Scotland is signed up to the ILGA’s charter.

  16. Salmond dindunuffin says:

    Hm. The way these orgs’ use language you always have to assume it is generally meant to be read in the deconstructionist sense. Meaning, it means whatever they say it means, including being able to logically contradict itself, or mean nothing at all, but whatever it means, it absolutely, always serves their political purposes at any given moment. Normally to denounce critics.

  17. Ottomanboi says:

    ILGA is UN accredited….
    speaks volumes about the corrupt «mental state» of that org.

  18. Prasad says:

    What bullshit have they come up with for this

    ”Eliminate all laws and policies that punish or criminalize same-sex intimacy, gender affirmation, abortion, HIV transmission non-disclosure and exposure,’

    See how they snuck that last bit in thinking no one would notice?
    Red Flag.

    The deliberate vague way of writing is a red flag. Isn’t this what PIE did?

  19. Prasad says:

    ‘Eliminate ALL laws and policies’
    Is this written by adults?

    As Daisy Walker pointed out
    ‘Eliminate ALL Laws and policies that punish or criminalize … abortion’
    Umm are they mad?

  20. Red Squirrel says:

    “Medical consent” is even more bizarre. Doctors already consider the maturity and understanding of a young person on a case by case basis to determine whether they are capable of informed consent. Changing the “legal medical age of consent” only makes sense if you wish children to be allowed to consent to something they currently legally cannot. Any ideas there?

  21. Steve ashton says:

    The spelling, grammar, punctuation and tone of the stonewall tweet are not the barely literate deranged screeching we have come to expect from the snp wokerati clique… This may suggest a serious nerve has been struck and one of the shadowy backdoor out-of-sight funders has now felt the need to step forward…. Good.

  22. Lost says:

    These organisations need a reason to survive. They’ve done a great job in getting current equality laws pushed through and changing mindsets. That can’t be taken away from them. But they’re now a victims of their own success.

    They need to find ways to keep going. They’ll tell you it isn’t enough, laws we have aren’t adequate, even though you can’t get more equal than equality laws. The money needs to keep flowing in. No matter who gets harmed in the process.

  23. Shug says:

    I would love to hear Alex salmond asking nicola the new first minister to clarify her position on this and such use of public money

    He would wipe the floor with her

    Alba now a no brainer

  24. John Martini says:

    Euthanasia will be high on their list I expect.

  25. MrRocknRoll says:

    What the..? I feel like I’ve just arrived in some weird parallel universe where right is wrong and wrong is good, and right! Help.

  26. Daisy Walker says:

    Red Squirrel says:
    10 April, 2021 at 10:06 pm

    “Medical consent” is even more bizarre. Doctors already consider the maturity and understanding of a young person on a case by case basis to determine whether they are capable of informed consent. Changing the “legal medical age of consent” only makes sense if you wish children to be allowed to consent to something they currently legally cannot. Any ideas there?’

    Surgery – plastic and otherwise, contraceptives, treatment for STD, Puberty blockers (and how attractive must those drugs sound for a paedophile, with a favourite child?) things that at the moment I’m pretty sure a doctor would not, or could not legally consent to, without parental/guardian consent, and or Social Work involvement/notification.

  27. Sharny Dubs says:

    Fsake Stu you should give some warning!!

    Been working all day. just sitting down for my tea and logs on to see what happening!!

    How am I supposed to eat now!????

  28. GMac says:

    Oh I’ve had fun tonight with this one.

    The excuses being used are unbelievable from it meaning something that it doesn’t, putting thier own words into the document which are clearly not there, even distracting to a different section and trying to make me believe thats what it means.

    I’ve upset all the Anime, Cosplayers, Women with Beards and abysmally apllied makep up, pretendy feminists, handmadens even a shite actor.

  29. Louise Hogg says:

    Have they any explanation for the plain reading of the parts you quoted? Which also appear to include:

    – Sexual free for all with adults with severe learning disabilities (judged to lack the capacity to consent). Bear in mind these may be non-verbal etc. There are already bad examples of vulnerable adults being taken advantage of.

    – Unregulated abortion with no safety measures. Physical or psychological. And, obviously no questions asked.

    – Licence to spread HIV, knowingly to whoever you please.

    I’m sure there’s more in there…

  30. SilverDarling says:

    I think they are denying they want to lower the age of consent because it seems they support the complete removal of any age of consent.

  31. Prasad says:

    No ambiguity about this. This is not just medical, ‘pleasure and fundamental freedoms’ whatever those last 2 words mean.

    ‘End the criminalization and stigmatization of adolescents’ sexuality, and ensure and promote a positive approach to young people’s and adolescents’ sexuality that enables, recognizes, and respects their agency to make informed and independent decisions on matters concerning their bodily autonomy, pleasure and fundamental freedoms’

  32. Paul McRae says:

    Cosy Feet Pete’s comments are beyond the pale. He’s either a snivelling sycophant doing whatever St Nicola bids, an utter moron with no comprehension of any matter that requires an iota of thought, a creepy apologist for some truly reprehensible characters or a disturbing combination of the aforementioned. He even has the audacity to frame the situation in terms of Alba being transphobic, bragging how the SNP kicked out various individuals, which, of course, like most things Pension Pete claims, is utter rubbish. I look forward to serving as a conduit for his returning to his erstwhile occupation as an organ tickler

  33. Famous15 says:

    About bloody time all sides stated clearly what their views are in the real world with all the consequences of their views. Shouting”I am disgusted or outraged “ means nothing if you do not state clearly,your opinion.

    Stu has done it.

    Stonewall should do it. Rape Crisis Scotland should do it. The leader of the SNP should do it. Why spend taxpayer dollars on people who talk in riddles to slip one over or into you if you pardon the expression.

    Sex is normal between consenting ADULTS.

  34. Takeourblueback says:

    Remember what Stonewall are saying – Someone said they are “campaigning to lower the age of consent. That is categorically untrue”… They may believe it, but they are just not actively campaigning for it… Yet!

  35. Confused says:

    Gays are a protected species in our society, beyond any criticism.

    Paedophiles, knowing this will often fly under a false flag of convenience as “ordinary decent homosexuals” – and accusing anyone suspicious of “homophobia”.

    – the Catholic Church suffered greatly from this; they were happy to have gay priests (most normal men want a family and children, so there is always a shortage), but in fact there were many of them, paedos; the Church is basically “Boy Zone Buffet Time” for these guys.

    The issue of consent for trannyism is a major trojan horse for paedophilia; if a child can legally consent to extreme medical procedures (genital mutilation, hormone treatments) – then why not sex too?

    As for the much tortured issue of the true relation between homosexual and paedophile; if the tendency towards the latter was the same as for normals, then female children would be attacked with far higher frequency – it turns out it is roughly the same.

    “Pederast” was a good word, an accurate definition, which seems to have fallen out of favour – I wonder why?

  36. Liz g says:

    Ian Brotherhood @ 9.47
    Agreed Ian, we need to step up and start flexing our voting muscle.
    I’d argue most Scots just want a decent country to live and thrive in
    To aim to be progressive is all very well but it should have limits and no just be a target.
    We want tourists aplenty in Scotland to be sure , but to enjoy exploring our Castles no our Kids !
    So blindly sigining up to and endorsing any and all outlooks just because they seem to be the apparently aspirational so called “progressive” route just seems wreckless at best and dangerous at worst.

    What happened to democratic ?… because as far as I can see nobody is asking the people of Scotland if they agree with any of this ( it has to be said ) imported fad and so called best practice illusion.
    What happened to decent ? … Generally accepted to be respecting an enforcing by consensus individual boundaries.
    Society has to be allowed to disapprove even if they are wrong and only ever be educated out of the disapproval … otherwise it’s state coercion.

    We need to be a Country people can come to and bring their families to live and work in for our very own survival and it’s beyond dispute we need people .
    We have nae need to become some sort of anything goes swingers paradise.
    Christ …if we’re no careful and we keep on removing the frameworks of behaviours with no thought of the consequences we’ll get most of bloody British Royalty moving here permently too 🙂

    Seriously though….
    We as ordinary people have to live and survive on the principle of “buyer beware” and as most here will know to their cost even the tiniest wee notice 8 feet up a building means ye have to pay that parking ticket.
    Therefore , for our publicly funded bodies to fail to read , or in anyway misunderstand the partnerships they sign up to who’s aims it can be claimed they endorse is unacceptable .
    And being publicly funded .. yes they bloody well do answer to us.
    For our Goverments not to be double checking where our money is going is outrageous .
    Dispersing the treasure of the collective as we would wish it , is their actual fucking job and they would do well to remember that .

    So they either have to admit they messed up big time and don’t support the aims of ilga after all.
    Defend the ilga position and justify Scottish tax payers indirect support for our judgement .

    Which is it to be I wonder ?

    There is no third option to properly fix this …. there are only Decent ones…

  37. Astonished says:

    Again for the wokeratti words have completely different meanings.

    I wonder if the BBC/STV and the rest of the liars will run with this story ? I don’t really.

    Although it would be good to see the cowardly SNP MSPs having to defend this to their constituents.

    murrell and sturgeon now seem to be getting a bargain for the £3.5M bung.

    Lord Woolf has a lot to answer for. Police Scotland doing anything ? Or is this more acceptable than chalking the streets ?

    Surely they should, at the very least, have their government funding stopped ?

    And will this be the kind of thing prosecuted under Humza’s hate crime bill ? Don’t hold your breath.

  38. If the SNP get a majority they will have 5 years to pass any legislation they want,

    i shudder to think what legal abominations Humza Yousaf has in store for next session of parliament,

    it will be an offence to protect your own family from sickos and perverts,

    no woman or child will be safe in Scotland,

    Scotland will become a safe haven for all the perverted scum in the world.

  39. Daisy Walker says:

    You will perhaps not be too surprised to find that Flowjob Ms Black has tweeted this, ‘ If you are an LGBT+ person who is hurting cause of some of the shite spouted on this site, please know you are not alone and you are not the one who should be feeling any shame’

    In response to the Twitter post by Denise Findlay on Wings previous article.

    Cosy Feet’s twitter line is no better.


    So, what are the Britnats thinking about just now?

    On the one hand there’s big money involved in pushing the GRA, lets shut the women up, of which this is just a different branch. So trying to call off the attack dogs (in an effort to not publicise Alba) is not going to work.

    On the other hand – ensuring no Supermajority is their priority. Spiking the SNP vote if needs be, if they can’t stop Alba.

    I suspect they are going to spin this big time – and try to present it as Alba being ‘homophobic’ while at the same time going full censor on anyone publishing the facts.

    They appear to be ganging up on Denise Findlay big time. We will need to support her.

    And we will need to help get the good guys and gals in the SNP elected. They are going to need all the help they can get, the way things are going.

  40. WeeChid says:

    Branches of Unison have also signed this – including Unison Scotland. Any Unison members may wish to take it up with their union rep.

  41. Carol Neill says:

    This makes me weep , my little granddaughter is asleep next door and I’m terrified for her future

  42. Daisy Walker says:

    @ Confused, re ‘As for the much tortured issue of the true relation between homosexual and paedophile; if the tendency towards the latter was the same as for normals, then female children would be attacked with far higher frequency – it turns out it is roughly the same.’

    Can’t remember the name of the film about the Boston Newspaper that revealed the extent of the Catholic Church paedophile scandal. Spotlight?

    But one sentence stays in my memory – they deliberately targeted the boys, because they knew the boys feelings of shame would lock them into secrecy, stronger than with the girls.

  43. Mist001 says:

    A child can be coerced or as it’s better known, ‘groomed’ into having sex but that’s not legal consent. These people want the age of consent changed legally so that they can have sexual relations with a legally recognised child.

    These *potential* child rapists are attempting to legitimize child rape. That’s the bottom line. They’re trying to turn their fantasies into realities and they currently fantasise about raping children.

    There is NOTHING homophobic in recognising that this is wrong and saying so. If anything, this matter should be plastered on the sides of buses and stuff to get the message out to the man in the street that this is going on in Scotland.

  44. John Large says:

    Hi Stu, you may want to read 14 a. of that Beijing document too as it supports the argument even more:

    a. Eliminate all laws and policies that punish or criminalize same-sex intimacy, gender affirmation, abortion, HIV transmission non-disclosure and exposure, or that limit the exercise of bodily autonomy, including laws limiting legal
    capacity of adolescents, people with disabilities or other groups to provide —> consent to sex <—- or sexual and reproductive health services or laws authorizing non-consensual abortion, sterilization, or contraceptive use;

  45. PhilM says:

    Boston Globe…their investigative team was/is called Spotlight I think.
    Pretty good film all in all. Well worth a look.
    Of course the Globe’s investigation is now practically from a different era but you can’t help reflecting on the desperately poor state of Scottish journalism today. People like Tom Gordon, Neil Mackay and Kenny Farquharson are a national embarrassment. Many, many names could be added to this rogue’s gallery of grubby hacks.

  46. Mia says:

    “Such claims are dangerous and irresponsible”

    Are they now?

    The arrogance in attempting to take the public for fools deflecting the issue with some disingenuous verbose but without directly addressing the subject of the matter is what is dangerous and irresponsible.

    Taxpayers do not appreciate being treated like idiots by a corrupt government that appears to be abusing its position of power to funnel taxpayers’ money into dodgy outfits seemingly seeking to decrease the age of consent. Decreasing the age of consent, in practice, could lead to the legalisation of a criminal practice that is currently classified as paedophilia. In other words, protecting predators while removing the protection of our children from those predators.

    How anybody can say that a child of 10, 11, 12, 13 or 14 can give consent and how messed up a mind has to be to think that an adult having sex with a child of that age is normal and not an abhorrent abuse of the child is frankly disturbing and makes one question Sturgeon and her government’s judgement and wonder what hell of a sick agenda this corrupt woman has been using our taxpayers’ money to fund for during the last 6 fckng years.

    To support ANY organisation that seeks lowering the age of consent by the back door, without any mandate at all, is in practical effects seeking to DE penalise paedophilia exposing children to harm. This is not just dangerous and irresponsible, it is actually sickening.

    How is that protecting our children? How is that not putting the interests of paedophiles and abusers before those of our children? Sorry, but in the same way I cannot see any rational justification whatsoever in allowing males into females safe spaces and sports without destroying those safe spaces and sports, the rights of females and deliberately putting females at disadvantage and risk unnecessarily, I cannot see any justification whatsoever in lowering the age of consent exposing children to harm and abuse of adults. The age of consent is there for a reason. It is to protect children from paedophiles and from other abuses. What reducing the age of consent does is to deliberately expose our children to abuse and paedophiles.

    I see nothing in that tweet from Stonewall that convinces me they are not in support of lowering the end of consent. All I read there is the usual tool of the coward that has been caught: to pretend they are inflamed about being accused of campaigning to lower the age of consent. At no point I see them taking the opportunity to clarify things by rejecting the lowering of the age of consent point blank. They could have done this very easily:

    “We, are OPPOSED to the lowering of the end of consent”

    Words like that would stop any misunderstanding on the matter on its tracks. So why wasn’t it included on the tweet?

    There appears to be a strong current in politics seeking to pass laws without our consent to gain access to our children by the back door, exposing them to danger and abuse, and I find this profoundly disturbing.

  47. Ian Brotherhood says:

    In all the years reading this site, don’t remember an atmosphere like this. It’s sinister.

    A lot of us have met up over the years, and a few have since left permanently, and we mourn them quietly, in our own ways. We all have moments to boast about. “I met so-and-so’, and we wear them like some folk gather badges from all the places they’ve gathered and marched together.

    I can say I’ve met Craig Murray, Matt Seattle, Smallaxe, DonnaB, Ronnie Anderson, Dorothy Devine, Barrhead Boy, Kevin at Indylive, Peter Bell, and so many others.

    But meeting so many people, all with their own far-reaching networks of contacts, not once did I ever hear of any genuine fear of violence. Not once.

    If the treatment of #AlbaWomen and Denise Findlay tonight on Twitter is anything to go by, we should expect this whole thing to escalate, and eventually someone will get hurt.

    And over what?

    It is flatly unbelievable that this toty number of people, many of whom are labouring under a variety of mental problems, should have such impact in a healthy democracy.

    Who is feeding this wee army?

    What’s happening right now, in Scotland, will surely be right up there with the Suffragettes and RentStrikers as a turning point.

    But only if we get shot of these sociopaths. If the SNP doesn’t do so internally, by ceasing funding of those groups and clarifying its stance on the definition of what ‘a woman’ is, then the grassroots SNP members will have to do it. They’ll never be able to put their hands up and say “we didn’t know!”.

    Problem – how to exercise some party discipline on characters who have ‘flouncing’ down to an art form?

  48. Red says:

    Daisy – eh, I don’t think that’s true. I think they were trying to rationalise rather than explain.

    Pedo priests usually target boys because they are attracted to boys. It’s not more complicated than that. Rapists are generally driven by their sexual appetites, whatever they happen to be. It’s the voracity of the male libido connected to a sociopathic personality and access to vulnerable people that makes them dangerous.

    Btw I’m not sure about the idea of locking into secrecy being the reason it took so long for historic crimes to come to light. If the revelations of recent years have taught us anything (Jimmy Savile, Rotherham, Glasgow and all the other towns, Celtic Boys Club, etc.) it’s that it wasn’t long ago that people in positions of responsibility regularly just didn’t want to know about child abuse involving boys *or* girls. They turned a blind eye, or didn’t want to believe, or didn’t want to investigate for various reasons. There were tons of complaints from children, parents and members of the public that were simply ignored. Sometimes the complainers were punished.

    I wish I could say it’s better now, but I can’t. I hope it is, but I don’t have any faith in the police, social workers, politicians or other officials. They’ve proven themselves to be disgusting cowards, and no about of talk about “lessons learned” will erase that. Officials have been “learning lessons” all my life, they should be wise by now. Do they seem wise to you? Because they seem like snivelling liars to me.

    I also don’t believe Stonewall. Anybody who thinks it’s even arguable that children should be injected with artificial hormones that stunt their brain development and sterilise them has zero credibility on protecting young people. It’s like a cannibal promising you he definitely won’t eat your liver, because he hates liver. Not exactly comforting.

  49. Lost says:

    We’re now nearly at a stage where the SNP Government will allow a person who looks like a man, talks like a man, has male genitalia, has a beard and dresses like a man, but in their head thinks they are a woman to walk into the ladies toilet behind a young girl.

    The male relative of that girl can’t go into the toilet, but can be arrested and charged with a Hate Crime if they stop or challenge that male who thinks they’re female. That relative loses their job and income.

    The HCB is through now the GRA.

    Men are worried about woman’s right’s. Women are worried about the rights of the good men to be men in society. THEY are stifling us bit by bit, dividing us law by law.

    They’re arguing that the above scenario is reasonable, I don’t think we should be under any illusion they’ll try to make it reasonable to remove the age of consent.

  50. Lost says:


    I’m a member of Unison, thanks for that, will be taking it up with my rep.

  51. Mia says:

    “You will perhaps not be too surprised to find that Flowjob Ms Black has tweeted this”

    Well, I wasn’t. Because it is always the exact same suspects that come in support of Sturgeon whenever her corrupt arse is under fire: Black, Blackford, Blackman, Smith and Wishart. The same ones that pop up every time the SNP is hitting the wall or crumbling with corruption and shredding the democratic process. The same ones undermining Mr Salmond. The same ones criticising the Alba party. The same ones attempting to silence dissenters and females. The same ones acting like vultures to get Ms Ferrier to resign her seat. The same ones calling us cybernats to discredit us.

    I am still waiting for these self-righteous individuals to demand that SNP MP chap recently accused of sexual harassment by two people to resign his seat as fiercely as they did with Ms Ferrier. But all I hear is silence. It is always the same names, departing from their role as MPs and entering continuously the role of the seeders of division.

    Isn’t it funny that not one of them sits in Holyrood but still feel entitled to keep popping up in the front pages with an inane comment or another relative to Holyrood every bloody time?

    So, what are they really, a team within a team? A special British state infiltration unit working under a script to deliberately create division in the yes movement and undermine the credibility of the SNP? Because apart from seeding division and portraying Sturgeon’s SNP as hell, I don’t recall them doing much else.

  52. Liz g says:

    Ian Brotherhood @ 12.01
    What’s happening tonight is that the Gender nutters who had thought they had shut down every place Women could meet and speak discovered that 413 + women had a meeting anyway.
    They didn’t control it or get it shut down and shockingly they found they didn’t like the conversation either.
    As soon as they tried to rubbish it Wings printed proof of what they had said.
    What we are seeing now, is their response and their fear that the Alba Women might just speak some more.
    Look at what we learned too …just because some women had a free and fair meeting.
    Can’t wait for the next one 🙂

  53. Famous15 says:

    @Ian Brotherwood.

    I agree with you but you get shallow people like Pete Wishart grabbing an issue he little understands but in his witless attempt to undermine any criticism of the SNP he mouths hatred.

    This is a narrow issue in the broad advance of a nation going forward to independence but it snags and distorts opinion.

    We need a political laxative,right now!

  54. Robert Graham says:

    A bit late or early whatever suits you

    I have to assume every poster on WGD supports and accepts the moves by these very suspect and dubious groups , funded by the SNP government ,

    fingers in the ears, hands over the mouth, eyes closed while chanting La La La won’t absolve them from their complicity ,by saying nothing they are enabling this practice to continue .

    The usual method is not only to shoot the messenger but to rubbish his character and his devious aims , Those are to make what’s going on visible to the so far in the dark public people don’t know what’s going on because most of its being done behind their back’s and out of sight

  55. Molly's Mum says:

    Sooooo where to start?

    Medical consent, children can give consent (or not) for medical treatment if the doctor believes they are Gillick Competent and understand the pros and cons of the treatment or therapy and also of refusing it. Gillick covers other life choices too, but part of it includes encouraging them to discuss the issue with their parents if possible. There are all sorts of safeguards and if the doctor/professional feels the child is not competent, they can refer back to the parents. Fraser competence is used similarly for sexual health issues and contraception etc.

    There is no absolute age limit but generally 12 years is a good marker for when a child is deemed able to understand the complex information and make an informed decision about it.

    So Stonewall appear to be talking pish about medical consent because it’s already covered by Scottish legislation and in practice

  56. Wullie B says:

    Why would @scotgov
    be enquiring to ILGA Europe Rainbow Index “where Scotland would now place if it was ranked as a separate entry?”

  57. Wullie B says:

    Damn, the usual Scot Gov PDF, every second word seemed to be redacted

  58. Dinny Vote SNP says:

    The good guys and gals of the SNP? How on earth would we know???

  59. Robert Graham says:

    Not too much o/t but close

    I listened to a lecture about How Islam was growing throughout Europe and the western world , the speaker gave an example of how it was spreading in a catholic country France , the methods and the way it worked were identical in each region and always followed the same pattern .

    The local Iman would approach the council or the Mayor and ask for permission to open or build a Mosque this in most cases would be denied , this would go on for weeks or months , in the meantime Land or a building would be purchased ,

    The next step would be open air prayers would be held on I believe it was always a Friday usually not causing any disruption these would then grow in numbers until they started to cause disruption and traffic chaos ,

    The council or mayor would be approached again this time with a solution to the problem and what’s more a building that could be used as a mosque would be readily accessible and available .

    This was all funded by Saudi Arabia and the methods and the way that it was implemented was the same, the got what they wanted and this was replicated all over France its a tried and tested way of getting your own way .

    This March of the nu jobs will follow the same pattern with a few tweaks to suit the different society it’s meant to change , it’s Pestering Pestering pestering until the majority give in just to get some fkn peace from the constant fkn Whining and moaning and tantrums , it might take months even years but this looney tune mob won’t give up unless the general public turn on them because that’s what it’s going to take these people are unbalanced and unable to comprehend what they want is not fkn on not now not ever they should never be allowed to negotiate any change in society because starting to accommodate their demands will only bring us back to where we are now , and that defending the right of society to protect children and the vulnerable .

  60. Red says:

    Wullie B says:
    11 April, 2021 at 1:27 am
    Why would @scotgov
    be enquiring to ILGA Europe Rainbow Index “where Scotland would now place if it was ranked as a separate entry?”

    Ah, yes. The coveted ILGA Europe Rainbow Index.

    The good voters of Aberdeen, Ayrshire, and Auchenshuggle speak of little else.

    Here’s a crazy idea I just thought of: what if we had a government that was on our side, for a wee change?

  61. TPee says:

    The whole point of queer politics is to obfuscate language so that nothing means anything anymore.

    The opportunists then gaslight, grind you down with bullshit, call you a bigot.

    Language is important. Do not capitulate to BS

  62. Witchy says:

    Well they managed to get #AlbaWomen suspended on twitsrus and hound @gracebrodie from pillar to post, for reporting some of the Women’s Meeting….so am sure their trolls will now be snoring their heads off delighted in doing their best to shut down women.
    It’s true what Margo McDonald said about the SNP being infiltrated….and some of their supporters are brain dead sheeple who don’t appear to want an Independent Scotland. I really do despair.

  63. Breeks says:

    How in Gods name does this warrant £1million of Scotland’s money?

    How in Gods name does the BritNat Press warrant £3 million of Scotland’s money?

    Where is the accountability? Where is the mandate?

  64. Robert Louis says:

    So, can ‘Stonewall Scotland’ and LGBTYS put out a statement making it clear they do NOT agree with ILGA??

    That will put the matter to rest immediately. So why won’t they???

    This is the consequence of groups that previously stood up for the rights of Lesbians, Gay men and bisexual people, decides to focus instead on the idiotic ‘queer theory and trans ideology’. The language changes. We are no longer lesbian gay or bisexual, but ‘queer‘. A term, incidentally, which most gay men and women find utterly, utterly offensive.

    They have literally opened their doors to every nutter and abuser – is that what is included in the ++ at the end of the alphabet soup??

  65. Sharny Dubs says:

    Wonder why the Unionist media have not highlighted this BS?

    Or are they saving it for nearer voting day?

  66. stuart mctavish says:

    Presumably consent works both ways and if some nutter tells them to stop seeing their friends, marry their cousin, or wash their filthy hands and wear a gimp masks lest the germs try to kill granny again they can tell them to go do one and the police will back them up…
    Plenty legal work for hair pinging offences too, so easy to see why it might prove popular in certain circles.

  67. Effigy says:

    Perverted deviant sexual predators it appears are soon to be called

    Freestyle alternative human rights advisors.

    Well what ever name you apply to these beasts it’s immoral, it’s criminal
    it’s no way in any degree acceptable and I suggest public money must be
    invested to hunt these people down and apply heavier punishments than
    we have ever seen before.

    Any two time offender gets castrated.
    I believe it can be done chemically but I’d rather their sex drive was put in a jar
    as warning to those of a similar mind.

  68. Sara says:

    Robert Graham says:Not too much o/t but close

    I listened to a lecture about How Islam was growing throughout Europe and the western world , the speaker gave an example of how it was spreading in a catholic country France , the methods and the way it worked were identical in each region and always followed the same pattern

    I can imagine to what you were listening.

    Obviously you have an issue with communities buying facilities for use – after all, they live there. But they should be second class citizens in your view. However, your diatribe seems only related to mosques. I guess Hindu temples are OK..synagogues…there are lot of those even though there are very few Jews according to the data…how many synagogues are there in France? Perhaps you don’t hear about synagogues because they probably get permissions without much fuss? After all, can’t refuse the “chosen people” – imagine if the “goyim” did that?!!

    Well I don’t think ppl using mosques are an issue…they are hardly going to support weird sexual perversions…look a bit closer to home ..or if you’re bright enough (which I don’t think you are) try and figure out which groups are involved…their names often give them way or do some research into their backgrounds.

    Why does Islam come under attack – I guess its because ultimately despite all your best efforts (the “clash of civilisations”) Islam will never accept the perversions that the West has developed – all in the name of “liberalism” …

  69. robbo says:

    Well it’s all triple Dutch to me this stuff.

    “I know nothing” as Manuel would say.

  70. LaingB French says:

    This is not the first time the ILGA has pushed to expand access to minors for sex. In fact, the last time such a thing had happened was in the 1990s, and the ILGA was expelled from its consultative status with a UN body for having ties to NAMBLA – the North American Man-Boy Love Association. NAMBLA is the oldest organized “pedophile rights” group in the world.

  71. kapelmeister says:

    Will BBC Scotland’s Shelley Jofre be doing an investigative programme about ILGA and Stonewall Scotland and Stonewall’s excessive funding by the SNP SG. Asking questions also about the SNP’s enthusiasm for Stonewall to be involved in policy making? Naw. She’ll no do that to her auld Dreghorn pal.

    A BBC investigation into homophobia in the Alba Party. Now that’s much more the BBC’s thing.

  72. TPe says:

    Why would so many redactions be required for correspondence regarding LGBT issues? That FOI request shows that these organisations are being allowed to work in the shadows, making deals and agreements like allowing males in female prisons as ‘tests’.

    What other societal changes like this are going in the shadows with no public consultation or, God forbid, parliamentary debate?

  73. TPee says:

    Why would so many redactions be required for correspondence regarding LGBT issues? That FOI request shows that these organisations are being allowed to work in the shadows, making deals and agreements like allowing males in female prisons as ‘tests’.

    What other societal changes like this are going in the shadows with no public consultation or, God forbid, parliamentary debate?

  74. Dorothy Devine says:

    When I was at school , an incredibly long time ago , critical thinking was encouraged . We had a debating society and one had to present a reasonably persuasive argument even though you disagreed with the topic.

    We were encouraged to read newspapers – they actually existed then – and discuss local and world events.

    Now it seems that folk are encouraged to watch ‘reality ‘ TV , grotty soaps and yet another cookery programme while accepting all the drivel presented as ‘news’.

    I despair for the future , I despair that closed minds are developing and encouraged , no doubt allowed to furrow their brows, just a total acceptance of the saps served up.

    My mind is so full of doubts , frets and rage I can barely be civil.

  75. Famous15 says:

    Purple paper vote SNP.

    Peach paper vote Alba.

    Makes the only sense available. It is the only way Alba and Scotland gets a voice, Otherwise just dream on and do not say on May 10 “ Ah didnae ken, fur y’ell ken then an aw time coming”

  76. kapelmeister says:

    You know Sturgeon really has things the way she wants. Her husband is her party’s chief executive. Her pal from school is the investigations editor at BBC Scotland. The head of prosecutions also sits in her cabinet. Her senior civil servant is a close collaborator. The Scottish Greens are effectively now a loyal adjunct of the SNP.

    It’s really only those pesky Alba folk can spoil it all.

  77. Aunty Flo says:

    Sara says:
    ‘Why does Islam come under attack – I guess its because ultimately despite all your best efforts (the “clash of civilisations”) Islam will never accept the perversions that the West has developed’

    Mmmm, a couple of things spring to mind – male and female genital mutilation(a.k.a. ‘circumcision’), and child brides?

    Just sayin’.

  78. Ottomanboi says:

    ILGA and the Great Resetting World Economic Forum.
    All unelected, societally and ideologically instrumental and governments fawn before them.
    Conspiracy? wot conspiracy guv?

  79. rob says:

    Aunty Flo says:
    11 April, 2021 at 9:30 am

    Sara says:
    ‘Why does Islam come under attack – I guess its because ultimately despite all your best efforts (the “clash of civilisations”) Islam will never accept the perversions that the West has developed’

    Mmmm, a couple of things spring to mind – male and female genital mutilation(a.k.a. ‘circumcision’), and child brides?

    Just sayin’.

    Not to mention the 4 wives allowed. A religion where female rights are a secondary consideration.

  80. John says: not saying this proves WoS is correct, just others are catching up what is happening. WoS is shining a light into very dark areas of our SG and political leaders. Yet again MSM refuse to investigate, why?

  81. WeeChid says:

    Like him or loathe him, Andrew Doyle talks a lot of sense – don’t let the fact that it is a Sun interview put you off – if it does, there are other interviews with Doyle.

  82. David Caledonia says:

    Could I please ask anyone who abbreviates to stop it, its ok for the likes of SNP, but the rest is just plain laziness in the use of vocabulary.

  83. TPee says:

    It is not a ‘narrow issue’.

    Women are half the population yet we are being legally redefined to include males, bullied off social media, in fear of our jobs to speak out.

    It would be bloody nice if our own husbands, brothers and sons supported our right to undress without males present, to have a word that describes our biological reality, and not be in fear of the police at our doors if we speak out.

    Do you think that’s possible? Because I am not going to be voting for any political group that thinks the trashing of the rights of half the population is a side issue.

    Support us, won’t you?

  84. TheSNPLeftMe says:

    People have been flagging this up for some time now. People need to understand what is going on.

  85. Robert Hughes says:

    All of this thoroughly despicable advocacy ( by subterfuge and stealth ) of things once considered – rightly , totally unacceptable is reflective of the malaise that has infected the West eg puerile narcissism , where the only thing considered of importance is the wants, ” needs ” and ” rights ” of individuals , the politics of Self above every other consideration .

    That this sickness informs the core of the SNPG is beyond reasonable doubt , and must be excised by all and any means necessary .

    I’m a little surprised what we here thought would be a pre-H.E tsunami of MSM negative coverage of these issues has not – so far – occurred , though there’s still time I suppose .If it doesn’t occur we will have to wonder why not

  86. TPee says:

    Take a moment to wonder what fucking state we would be in now had The Named Person Bill passed…..

    The SNP Govt are authoritarian loons.

    They need to go and we need to find another path to Independence.

  87. kapelmeister says:

    Wonder what the staunchly Christian Kate Forbes thinks about all these links that the SG, of which she is a senior member, has to these groups.

  88. boris says:

    Whitehall mandarins, Unionist politicians and their Luddite supporters will tell you it will be a long and torturous process over many years and it must be this way because the relationship Scotland has with the rest of the UK is too complex to untangle in a shorter period. But if Czechoslovakia could be split up in six months in 1992, why should the process of establishing an independent Scotland be such a hardship?

  89. TPee says:

    ‘The Crisis of Consent’ by psychoanalyst Dr Bruce Scott

    Interesting commentary on Jordan Daly’s motivations

  90. Robert Hughes says:

    kapelmeister says:
    11 April, 2021 at 10:31 am
    ” Wonder what the staunchly Christian Kate Forbes thinks about all these links that the SG, of which she is a senior member, has to these groups. ”

    Well , she seems to have be able to keep herself apart from ” all that ” and been targeted by the zealots for doing so , though , like too many in the SNPG neither has she spoken out against any of it . Maybe those that are not part of that clique are waiting till after the H.E to express their antipathy , maybe they’re all just careerists loathe to put their heads above the parapet ?

    If the latter is the case, they would be advised to think carefully about what they value most because sooner or later this shit is going to hit the proverbial , hopefully , taking out the so-called ” Progressives ( read dangerously deluded ) in the process

  91. Ottomanboi says:

    Independent Scotland, a country that thinks for itself.
    Unionist Scotland, a country that lets others do the thinking.
    Beware international organizations bearing novel gifts and learn to detect their linguistic deception i.e. NewSpeak. Familiar words, new implied meaning. e.g. safe, health, distance, protect, care, science, community, tolerance, diversity, rights….

  92. Fishy Wullie says:

    I think the reason Sturgeon is so against Alba is because she’s shit scared of Alex Salmond, she’s awoken a tiger and if he gets into Holyrood he’ll eat her alive with stuff like this, worse still if parliamentary privilege gets devolved to Holyrood god help her and her band of merry men/women or whatever they think they are

  93. Wee Willie says:

    Scotland sliding down a very slippery slope.

  94. susanXX says:

    And re: Islam, isn’t it the case that homosexuality is punishable by death but full transition is offered as an alternative? Iranian and Pakistani ” best practice” idolised by the woke?

  95. SilverDarling says:

    @John 10.06 am

    Interesting thread.

    I had no idea that Queer Theory was so insidious. To keep challenging what is accepted as ‘normal’ seems reasonable until you understand it includes whether children need protection from making decisions that have profound and damaging consequences.

    Andy Wightman cited Queer Theory as the prevalent ideology of the Scottish Greens. Indeed he said they had been ‘captured’. This is so disturbing when you realise the Greens have the ear of Nicola Sturgeon and have probably been espousing that idealogy in their negotiations, going far beyond what was generally accepted as ‘progressive’.

  96. TheSNPLeftMe says:

    Kate Forbes is a good person. However the old saying remains true.

    ” to let evil prosper all you need do is nothing”

    This is the primary tool of the Wokerati – silence debate with aggression.

  97. Boudleaux Merkin says:

    I am reminded of that former resident of 10 Downing Street, the fragrant Mrs May ( who can forget the sight of that lithe supple body as she swayed to the music of Swedish pop combo ABBA ?). Steady lads, keep your hands on the table where we can see them.

    Anyway, after two years of insisting that “no-deal is better than a bad deal” without a flicker of shame or embarrassment she U turned. When she was questioned on this extraordinary event she simply said ” I was only talking in the abstract.”

    What a woman! Stonewall, there’s your get out of jail card.

  98. John Main says:

    Aunty Flo, Sara & Robert Graham

    I am not so sure your comments are O/T. It was in the run-up to the 2010 UK general election that I first noticed a mainstream political party with a manifesto policy that clearly was not aimed at indigenous voters. (If you are interested, it was Cameron’s Tories, so much for the popular fiction that they are conservatives).

    Since then, I tend to look at each idea arising in the political sphere with the question “Which group is this intended to benefit?” The mis-guided mantra of multi-culturalism inevitably results in societal changes that are going to be acceptable to some groups and unacceptable to others. The politicians seek to bring these in “under the radar” to avoid alienating their traditional, unthinking, core supporters. The wide-spread introduction of Halal meat preparation practice is a classic example of this hiding in plain sight.

    Will a radical reduction in the age of consent benefit any particular group that already has no real taboo against these activities? That is the question open-minded people need to ask themselves.

  99. Astonished says:

    Why all the deflection / Whatabootery regarding Christianity and Islam ?

    We have a tiny group of very powerful science-denying, self-absorbed narcissists. That they are all atheists is neither here nor there. ( They appear to be entirely of the ‘I am an atheist – therefore I am much smarter than you ‘ variety).

    They have infected the SNP to such an extent that the party is dying. This isn’t all the fault of nicola sturgeon and the cowardly SNP MSPs.

    For this idiocy to succeed people must NEVER be informed of it’s actions or consequences i.e “Man gives birth – how marvellous !” when it was a women all along.

    Blame our utterly shit newspapers and tv stations.

    The good news is you can’t keep lies hidden for ever . The Reckoning is coming and I would hate to be one of the woke’s handmaidens or tame reporters.

  100. Astonished says:

    I have just read galloway’s tweet – If I was standing as an SNP candidate I would be very worried.

  101. ScotsRenewables says:

    David Caledonia says:
    11 April, 2021 at 10:15 am
    Could I please ask anyone who abbreviates to stop it, its ok for the likes of SNP, but the rest is just plain laziness in the use of…

    OMG, WTAF are you on about?

    IMO TLTWNOH is the grammar police :-}

  102. Robert Hughes says:

    Astonished says:
    11 April, 2021 at 11:02 am
    ” I have just read galloway’s tweet – If I was standing as an SNP candidate I would be very worried. ”

    I’m not on Twitter could you post a link to it ?

  103. James Che. says:

    Someone further up suggested appropriate wording to be in Scots law and legislation.
    Any sexual corruption of a minor being (16 years of age and below ) would be deemed a crime with enforcement of life imprisonments. Including sexual multination by or for the purpose of religion or medical.
    Children are young humans
    Not sex toys for abusers.
    All life is sacred and the right to be born, to grow, to have a childhood unmolested, and become a young adult in a safe environment from sexual manipulation and predators should be automatic in Scots law.
    As should be the right of the elderly in the prime of their lifes to chose wether they want be separated out from the rest of society and locked up in isolation away from their families and friends,
    Under the pandemic they were treated abominably. not allowed out of doors or into the fresh air, not allowed to take in a scenic walk for mental stimulation or exercise.
    Two abuse in our Scottish society at each end of the age scale.
    Human rights has to become a major issue in Scotland, a rule of law where no ones rights become cancelled to favour another’s.

  104. Patsy Millar says:

    I was doing fine until TLTWNOH. What the hell is that or should I say WTHIT?

  105. Ottomanboi says:

    Everything is ok, provided no personal stamp of approval is required, there is no compulsion, there is discretion and public areas are kept tidy.
    Civilization has much to commend it.
    Nihil humanum mihi alienum est..
    but just don’t push it.

  106. ScotsRenewables says:


    The Last Thing We Need On Here

  107. Daisy Walker says:

    The following article (Unionist) is very useful and worth a read.


  108. TheSNPLeftMe says:


    Link doesn’t seem to be working

  109. Republicofscotland says:

    I’m no fan of SLAB or Sarwar, but would it not make sense to vote for him in Sturgeons constituency. What I mean is there any scenario where independence doesn’t move that little bit closer if Sturgeon is out the equation, I think not.

    Also I refuse to believe that Sturgeon isn’t a enthusiastic backer of the genderwoowoo policies, she’s funding Stonewall who are signed up to this vile charter using Scottish taxpayers cash. Sturgeon also sanctioned the HCB, which could see someone sent to prison for up to seven years if they’re overheard in their own house about not being to enthusiastic about men wandering about the streets dressed as women.

    Then there’s the GRA and self-Id, the SNP are not now the party of 2014, the ALBA party are now the party of women’s rights and Scottish independence.

  110. kapelmeister says:

    The Record now with another SNP story of a minister meeting top business people and not keeping a record of the event. This time it’s Fergus Ewing.

  111. kapelmeister says:

    Nicola Sturgeon, the best recruiting sergeant that home schooling has ever had.

  112. James Che. says:

    Abuse is a major issue in society and our governments are systematically encouraging this to happen by passing laws and legislation in the wrong direction.
    The abuse of women, the abuse of children and the abuse of the elderly come top of the list,
    but there are men and disabled people whom are also abused.
    We must change politics and the politicians so we have the freedom to speak, the freedom to excercise, the freedom to live life from beginning to end to the full.
    The right to justice and open jury courts, life imprisonments for drug pushers. And be known as a peaceful country that is humane,
    Is it a dream for a better country with human rights as a top priority in our new country? I don’t think so.
    Let’s us be the first to make the changes, let our country be an example to other countries, to lead the way,
    It can be done by passing laws with balance and justice.

  113. Ian Mac says:

    Fergus Ewing is just another trougher who has ridden on the coat tails of the SNP for personal enrichment. He does not represent the Highlands or the once agreed policies of the SNP on land reform. He does, however, represent the interest of the big landowners.

    Just another illustration of how Nikla and friends have rewritten the SNP as the Scottish Neoliberal Party.

  114. Willie says:


    You are indeed correct when you say the SNP are dying. Yes Sturgeon and the media will attempt to do down Alba. Why she wants to do down another Independence Party who will add massively to deliver an independence super majority is absolute insanity. But it is a mark of what the SNP now are, what they have become.

    That together with their resistance to independence, focus on trans issues, focus on supporting groups who seek to reduce the age of consent to twelve years old are further marks of why they are now dying.

    They may for the purpose of administration be for the moment popular, but that popularity is skin deep, and unless the departure from their purported values is reversed, their future electoral popularity will be terminal.

    But ALBA can check that. What is wrong with the SNP is that a bad crowd have taken control. Remove that and the SNP will breath fresh air again. And so, moving forward Alba 2 is absolutely our key

  115. Republicofscotland says:

    Kapelmeister @11.32am.

    Has there even been a bigger waster than Fergus Ewing, I see him in my neck of the woods in Glasgow coming out of Sainsburys laden with booze.

    His boozy ruddy complexion sticks out a mile in the masked up crowd.

  116. Willie says:

    And on another note I read that following fireworks being set off outside Celtic Park during its minutes silence for Prince Phillip that Police Scotland now have an investigation team up and running to investigate what they describe as ‘ the misuse of fireworks ‘

    Looks very much like the Political Police are loosed again like the private blackshirt gang they have become.

    Police Scotland a by word for corruption and bias.

  117. Alf Baird says:

    As a colony of course Scotland is plundered, but it is also a laboratory, its people continually messed with by dubious imported ideas on this and that an a’thing fae supposed superior ‘bricht mynds’, i.e. ideas and theories emanating from the metropolitan core of the ‘mother country’.

    A colonial people are always subject to such mystifications, the aim being to bewilder a people (Fanon; Memmi). A colonised people are easily mystified.

    We are taught to believe even oor ain braw Scots langage is ‘invalid’ and hence inferior, which in turn diminishes our culture, our identity, our self-belief, and even the verra norie (notion) o a Scottis naition itsel.

    A colonial people always end up doing things the way the oppressor wants them to, which always restricts and limits their development. That is why national independence is liberation, allowing for a people to develop properly and naiturally, no longer being messed with by another dominating people/culture.

  118. Kenny says:

    Isn’t asking for SNP 1 immoral?

    Would it not be better to tell them, for the health of Scotland:

    “You have been weighed on the scales and found wanting”. We think five years of opposition will do you good. Come back in 2026 with a manifesto for independence (and nothing else). We will examine it and vote accordingly.

    Whatever happened to electoral scrutinity and accountability, which is the bedrock of democracy? Are we not acting like sheep ourselves if we do not choose the best representatives for Scotland?

    There are a plethora of other parties, including pro-indy and not the Greens, standing in constituencies? Why does it have to be SNP, Labour, Tories? In any case, would voting Tory matter on the constituency? They would at least defend women. “They would not give us independence and would sell off our assets!” Really? And what have the SNP be doing under Nicola Sturgeon?

    I can let you into a secret. You won’t get independence with the SNP anyway. Stop thinking of them as a “pro-indy party”. Voting for them is just like voting for Labour in the past 50 years “to protect us from the Tories”. Wake up!

  119. Willie says:

    Yep, another SNP minister exposed for secret unrecorded business lunches relating to multi hundred million pound business deals.

    Yep, that’s the SNP. Up to their ears in undisclosed deals. They have become New Labour but on steroids.

  120. kapelmeister says:

    RoS @11:48

    Well spotted RoS! Mind you, if Sturgeon was my boss then I’d be buying plenty o’ booze an’ all.

  121. Patsy Millar says:

    Many thanks. It’s like trying to remember the codes for letters B for Bravo and all the others which I can’t bring to mind when reading out a reference on the phone!

  122. Republicofscotland says:

    Reading over a few recent Craig Murray article where Angus Robertson, Stewart McDonald and Alyn Smith class indy supports as Russian bots, and that a SNP MSP friend of Craig’s informed him that no SNP MSP is allowed to come out and speak in favour of the Palestinian people.

    Y’know, we’ve read so much shit about the SNP since the Rev revealed that Sturgeon betrayed us, and it still keeps coming, that I really don’t think I can give them my constituency vote.

  123. Wee Chid says:

    Astonished says:
    11 April, 2021 at 10:59 am
    “Why all the deflection / Whatabootery regarding Christianity and Islam ?/2

    I’m an atheist – I believe in the science of biology. I can’t understand why so many atheists seem to be falling for this non scientific cult.

    I used to regularly watch The Atheist Experience on Youtube but have been sickened by their pushing of this nonsense and giving the likes of Katie Montgomery a platform to spout crap.

    I now tune into Karen Davies who is also an atheist but has the common sense and the guts to fight for women, children and the gay community – who are also being erased by this ideology.

    I find all religion abhorrent – including the cancel culture, bullying transcult.

  124. A. Bruce says:

    Log into Iain Lawson’s blog “Hang Your Head In Shame” On Tuesday there’s an STV all party debate WITHOUT the Alba Party which has been barred. ‘ Anniefraethehills’ posted their email address It’s a good idea if we bombard the bastards with emails to register our disgust at this undemocratic censorship.

    Seemingly on Wednesday Alec Salmond is hosting an International Press Conference with 120 international journalists booked in to attend. Not that anyone will read about it in the Unionist MSM.

  125. Ron Maclean says:

    ‘Holyrood’ Mandy in good form ‘The mendacity of hope’.

  126. Effigy says:

    Please don’t tell me plod Scotland has put together a team
    to investigate fireworks being set off outside Celtic Park?

    I’m not Irish, a Celtic fan nor a Catholic but there is no law against
    people being against Royals.

    If you don’t think it’s right for people to take billions from government funds
    while strolling around in gold carriages with a head full of diamonds that that’s
    your prerogative.

    Some of these kids might have read the facts about Royalty and Westminster murdered and
    abused their Irish ancestors and have no respect for any of them.

    The glorious Brits proclaim how virtuous they are with freedom of speech and expression.
    In reality it only applies if you agree with their corrupt social order.

    They don’t want to be silent for 1 minute so they have the right not to be.

    Fireworks and flares abound day and night when another team won their league.

    Plod Scotland, can you explain the difference between these actions where one you enjoy the
    spectical and the other you hunt down the participant with a view to prosecuting them?

  127. TPee says:

    I will not be voting SNP. I will vote Tory for constituency as marginal seat, and Alba for list.

    I have never voted Tory in my life, but at this time in history, the Tories are less of a threat to my rights and that of my mum, daughters, sisters than the SNP are.

    I will not vote for my own political erasure. I will not vote to self exclude from public life because there are no longer places for women only where women are vulnerable or need privacy.

    Not a Turkey, Not Christmas

  128. Pyjamarama says:

    Does ‘exposure’ in this context as cited by John Large refer to HIV or more alarmingly, online exposure such as the creation and sharing of images? My understanding is that children can be held criminally liable for making or sharing pictures, albeit IANAL.

  129. Wee Chid says:

    Daisy Walker says:
    10 April, 2021 at 11:24 pm

    “And we will need to help get the good guys and gals in the SNP elected. They are going to need all the help they can get, the way things are going.”

    The “good guys” who couldn’t even bring themselves to vote against the Hate Crime Bill? How could we trust them to vote against the GRA or the lowering of the age of consent?

  130. holymacmoses says:

    Fishy Wullie says:
    11 April, 2021 at 11:35 am
    test link to Daisys article

    Thanks to Daisy and Wullie for this article.
    Barnes is a good writer and no mean analyst. He’s also much more subtle than many. The jibes are woven into the script as ‘facts’ rather than editorial opinion.

    ‘Game’ the system irritates me in so far as WM ‘fixed’ it from the beginning and tried to convince the Scottish people that the system was much fairer than Westminster’s and that made us better people. In fact the system was designed to ensure that the Unionists, in one guise or another, always maintained ultimate control – until Mr Salmond broke the golden rule by getting a majority of one in 2011.
    It never crossed WM minds that two parties committed to independence could co-exist side by side in Scotland. And yet, the formation of a second Independence party was inevitable once the country settled into being run by the SNP. The people and politicians of Scotland were always going to start looking at a Holyrood strategy and policy and realise that it wasn’t what they meant at all. Sturgeon’s misbehaviour has indeed hastened that day rather than set it back

    True to form, Mr Salmond has decided to roll the dice and find out. There is impeccable and calculated method in his latest move. We’re now set to find out whether he remains as good a judge of Scotland’s mood as he once was.”

    Let’s see if Scotland can throw a winning combination

  131. Andy J says:

    Graham Linehan has been highlighting this sort of dangerous behaviour where it overlaps with the trans world. It’s murky beyond belief and often hard to read. There seem to be people ut there with agenda’s that if implemented could cause a lot of harm to kids.

  132. mrbfaethedee says:

    Regarding a definition of the age range of adolescence –

    If the intent of the document is global, then surely the WHO definition (10 – 19 )is correct?

    But for the claim that the Uk would read it in the context the UK’s definition, then –
    There’s a (2018) document in the Lancet which proposes expanding it from 10-19 to 10-24. The clear implication being that it is understood that 10-19 is the currently held ‘definition’ in the UK.

    Associated beeb artice –

    That it is clearly the commonly understood definition in the UK would seem to be supported by other documents published by the UK govt –

    from which (the first page no less) –
    “There are now as many young people in the second decade of life (10–19 years) in the UK as children in the first (0–9 years); adolescents from 10 to 19 years make up 12% of the population.”

    and (same page)
    “All-cause mortality among adolescents (10–19 years) is now higher than for other periods of childhood except the newborn period. Injuries are the main cause of adolescent mortality.”

    A simple search of “uk definition adolescence age” got the above.
    I’d think the likes of Doleman (16-19) could manage that (but he *really* doesn’t like Stu does he?)

  133. Republicofscotland says:

    Effigy @12.12pm.


    God help anyone who gets caught writing a negative chalking about Phil the Greek, Sturgeons best buddie the Lord Advocate will lock them up and throw away the key.

    The SNP and the Crown Office are now just one big nest of vipers.

  134. TPee says:

    Where were all the ‘Good Guys’ in the SNP when the vote on rape victims being allowed to specify the sex and NOT gender of their medical examiner following their rape or sexual assault?

    SNP only caved when it was clear they would be defeated.

    There were, a few ‘Good Guys’ but nowhere near enough. Who would be fools to trust them or to vote for them?

    They are not to be trusted and they are not Good Guys.

  135. John Martini says:

    If ye flee wi the craws ye get shot wi the craws..

    Dinnae be surprised if they remove yer baws

  136. Wee Chid says:

    mrbfaethedee says:
    11 April, 2021 at 12:20 pm
    Thanks for that. Had the comment made to me on twitter that “nobody was proposing to allow sex with 10 year olds”. I was going by the WHO definition. The UK link will be useful.

  137. Willie says:

    @Republic of Scotland.
    Police Scotland have now, got a team working on tracking down the criminals whoet off fireworks outside Celtic Park during Philips minute of silence.

    Misue of Fireworks they claim. Political hit squad I say.

  138. McDuff says:

    He who controls the media controls the people.
    If this had been aired by the media the people would have reacted with outrage and the establishment would have had to act.
    But they haven’t.

  139. oneliner says:


    Robertson, McDonald and Smith – the three establishment stooges.

    Have you tried emailing your SNP MP or prospective MSP to ask them their views on Palestine and if there is an embargo on such expression?

    That might a better time to tell us of your (un)informed opinion.

  140. Daisy Walker says:

    @ Wee Chid re ‘
    Wee Chid says:
    11 April, 2021 at 12:14 pm

    Daisy Walker says:
    10 April, 2021 at 11:24 pm

    “And we will need to help get the good guys and gals in the SNP elected. They are going to need all the help they can get, the way things are going.”

    The “good guys” who couldn’t even bring themselves to vote against the Hate Crime Bill? How could we trust them to vote against the GRA or the lowering of the age of consent?’

    You’re right Wee Chid, I can’t argue with you, and replacing the SNP with a minority Alba Party in Holyrood might be the best we can achieve.

    So where does that leave us if we don’t vote SNP1?

    To me, it looks like Nicla’s playing a blinder at self scuppering the SNP vote. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that anticipated SNP Constituency clean sweep, is not going to happen.

    Which means – if we are to get a really good representative of Alba MSP’s – we need a huge proportion of the 2016 SNP List votes to migrate to Alba.

    If the SNP do manage to take the bulk of the Constituency votes – then Alba starts making inroads at around the 12 – 15% mark of those votes.

    Once Alba is established, and in Holyrood, Nicla’s gatekeeping, ‘my way or the highway’ grip on her own MSP’s and MP’s is significantly weakened. They can decant to Alba.

    If Alba do not look like capturing the bulk of those List votes, and if the SNP bugger up their chances of winning nearly all the Constituency votes, then on the list Alba and the SNP will be splitting the Indy vote.

    If Alba look set to get nearly all those former SNP List votes – then its game on, for tactical voting on the Constituency vote – to get rid of certain select SNP candidates. But if we do it to all of them, we risk losing any kind of Indy majority, never mind a supermajority.

    So many moving parts on DeHondt – this opportunity will not come our way again.

    On a personal level, deeply, deeply dissappointed in Phillipa Whitford – advocating both votes SNP, and completely silent on the child abuse that is Puberty Blockers / sterilising of children, noticably abscent at the sacking of Joanna Cherry. I had hoped she might become FM one day.

    It is not easy.

  141. John Martini says:

    “If anyone causes one of these little ones–those who believe in me–to stumble, it would be better for them to have a large millstone hung around their neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea.”

    The Satanic Nonce Party have rejected Him.

  142. Astonished says:

    For Robert Hughes : I don’t do twitter either but I read them on my computer – don’t ask me how.

    Here is what baldy galloway said :

    we need an emergency statement. Wings has alleged you have lavishly funded an organisation which is part of an Alliance campaigning to reduce the Age of Consent to 10. It doesn’t get more serious than that. Many are angry with you. Explain yourselves. “

  143. Republicofscotland says:

    Oneliner @12.34pm.

    I trust Craig Murray info on the matter.

  144. Republicofscotland says:

    Willie @12.31pm.

    It shows us clearly where the Chief Constable of Scotland’s and the COPFS political allegiances lie.

  145. Frank anderson says:

    Future of Queer Theory:

    As a whole, queer theorists disagree about many things, but the one thing they do not disagree on is that if queer theory is to be understood as a way to test the established and stable categories of identity, then it should not be defined too early (or at all) because of the possibility of it becoming too limited.

  146. Robert Hughes says:

    Thanks Astonished .

    I realised you don’t have be on Twitter to access posts there so I just googled it . Thanks for taking the time to reply with the link anyway .

    Maybe this a partial answer to my post earlier re the – so far – lack of the expected deluge of negative press on the subject .

    It feels ” awkward ” to be supportive of such a clearly opportunistic chancer like GG but on this issue I agree with him and hope he is able to bring this to the attention of the wider public

  147. Frank anderson says:

    Key Concept:

    One of the key concepts in queer theory is the idea of “heteronormativity,” which pertains to “the institutions, structures of understanding, and practical orientations that make heterosexuality seem not only coherent—that is, organized as a sexuality—butalso privileged” (Berlant). Heteronormativity is a worldview that promotes heterosexuality as the normal and/or preferred sexual orientation, and is reinforced in society through the institutions of marriage, taxes, employment, and adoption rights, among many others. Heteronormativity is a form of power and control that applies pressure to both straight and gay individuals, through institutional arrangements and accepted social norms.

  148. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Hi oneliner.

    A quote from Republicofscotland’s Craig Murray link:-

    “On the annual UN International Day of Solidarity With Palestine I noted on Twitter that, while many Labour and even Liberal MPs had tweeted to support, no SNP MP or MSP had.
    I was contacted by a well-known SNP MSP who informed me that they had been instructed not to speak out on Palestine – something which the SNP has in fact noticeably stopped doing.

    Stewart MacDonald’s own full time research assistant had the most rabidly pro-Israel Twitter history I have ever seen, with numerous tweets or retweets specifically praising the Israeli Defence Force but virtually none mentioning Scottish Independence.
    I have been struck recently by how many of the fierce online Twitter proponents of Nicola Sturgeon include Israeli symbols in their Twitter profile. Again this is a real break with the traditional pro-Palestinian stance of Scottish nationalists.”

  149. Strathy says:

    The Record article on George Galloway’s Twitter mentioned earlier.

  150. Lorna Campbell says:

    Some politicians hate to spend money on sensible and worthwhile things, such as trans spaces because the middle classes loathe taxes, so you create a diversion by promoting a mindset that appeals to middle-class liberalism and their pampered, university-educated youth, at the same time.

    Some politicians, along with many others are terrified of offending certain groups who have the ‘talking stick’ at any given point in history, so allow these groups to make a fetish out of perceived victimhood. The trans lobby has surpassed most on that score, and also manages to get away with sickening aggression and gaslighting in case someone might actually come up with a truth that they can’t deny by throwing themselves down on the floor and acting dead like that little animal off the David Attenborough programme.

    Researchers no longer research adequately for politicians, in the depth that is required to avoid embarrassments, so they get caught out over and over again, and appear stupid and blinkered. How could they have not seen that coming, you think? Well, it’s easy when you don’t bother to listen to anything or actually consult or research. They don’t think past the next 4 or 5-year term.

    Some politicians are no no longer willing to be informed in ways that actually reflect the wider population’s views, but prefer to pretend that other views do not exist – as with the Hate Crime legislation and GRA Reform. Just get your cronies on government-funded organisations to pretend to be impartial and give you all the ‘facts’. Call it ‘consultation’ for good measure.

    Short-termism is the curse of both politicians and the political system, on the one hand, and the tax system and tax payers, on the other. Push women and trans women into one space to save cash: great for the validation of trans women, but a disaster for women. Hey ho, on we go – till catastrophe puts an end to your march, but not before you have accrued a nice pension and a promise of a top-paying job with some global corporation or another. Meanwhile, society is sinking behind you. Never mind, eh? Somebody else can sort it out.

  151. SA Jackson says:

    A charter for child abuse, oh dear, jail time for these people. Thank god for Alba, the ISP and wings for waking up to this insidious shight.

  152. mrbfaethedee says:

    @Wee Chid
    You’re welcome. Hope it helps – lots of people out there seem intent on focusing on their assumptions rather than the words written!

    The originating organisation could clarfiy this very quickly you’d have thought.

  153. AWhiteLife says:

    The world is run by paedos & sexual deviants. Females with no children, men with many to multiple mother’s. Most of them have been caught or set up for bribery with members of the same sex and or children. Lowering the age of consent was always their plan. Scotland is a cesspool of filth and has been for decades. Anyone who doesn’t play by the rules or threatens to expose the demons are quickly dispatched or framed. Willie McRae, Robin cook, our judiciary is full of perverts who should be castrated. A FM living a lie, why?, Ruth Davidson , Dugdale both lesbians living their lives openly, why did sturgeon marry a male who imo I keep expecting to see on the front page of every newspaper & not for his ‘accounting’. It doesn’t take much research at all to join the dots with the nonces’. Aside from the two gents named above who imo were murdered for what they were going to expose, we have Gordon brown> Gerry McCann>Celtic boys club>Lawrence Haggart>Thomas Hamilton> dunblane massacre & Queen Victoria School> Nicholas fairbairn>George Robertson> the speculative society> Hollie Greig…… Elish angiolini> Alex Salmond. That’s just for starters. Paedophiles promote the left/right, racist/nazi divides, whilst we are busy arguing about that sh1T, they are ushering in their paedo paradise. On matters like this we all need to work together, we also have to support normal thinking gay/lesbians who only want to go about their daily business and live their best life just like the rest of us. The only way to beat this with the freaks at stonewall etc is to beat them at their own game – do what leftard nappy wearers do. Don’t give them a minutes peace, report everything on social media, hashtag the fvck out of them, petition, phone, email, pester your mps, councils, schools. Force someone to admit or prove they do not want age of consent lowered.

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