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Two Scotsmen

Posted on May 19, 2016 by

Here’s (a few seconds into the clip) George, Baron Foulkes Of Cumnock.

Born in 1942 in Oswestry in Shropshire and privately educated at The Haberdashers’ Aske’s Boys’ School in Hertfordshire, George was first elected by the public in 1979, serving for 26 years. During his time as an MP he was convicted of a drunken violent assault on a policeman and fined £1,050. In 2005 he was ennobled into the House Of Lords and will make laws for UK citizens until he dies, no matter what voters say.

You’d think he’d have learned better manners by now.

Here’s another Scotsman, Alex Salmond MP, on the same day.

Born in 1954 in Linlithgow and state-educated at Linlithgow Academy, Salmond was first elected to Parliament in 1987 and has served continously as an MP, MSP or both from then until the present day, and also as First Minister of the Scottish Parliament from 2007-14. He’s never been convicted of a crime and will never be a Lord.

We’ve forgotten what our point was. Sorry, do carry on with your day.

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    1. 19 05 16 18:56

      Two Scotsmen | speymouth

    194 to “Two Scotsmen”

    1. Ruglonian says:

      Alex is a class act!

    2. One Very Able Scots Woman, and two Scots Men ;one of whom is very able , and the other…..

    3. Conan the Librarian™ says:

      Geordie must go through a whoor o a lot o concealer on that neb o his.

    4. Helena Brown says:

      I know who we should look up to and the initials are not GF.

    5. handclapping says:

      Anything with Foulkes in it is pointless. I was about to say pretty pointless but that would have been a lie.

    6. Hamish McTavish says:

      If GF was “born in Shropshire” how can he be a Scotsman?

      Or have I missed the point. He is an incomplete wank in any case.

    7. call me dave says:

      Joanna Catherine Cherry SNP MP is breathe of fresh air and has escaped my attention until a few weeks ago. (my loss)

      Heard her on various programmes recently doing a job for Scotland and not taking any prisoners. Well done her!

      Oh! that other SNP chap is pretty good too!

    8. chris kilby says:

      And Labour wonders why nae c*nt votes fer them any mair. Whit. A. Cock!

    9. velofello says:

      When do we start making the case to persuade to the No to Indy 2014 waverers?

      Foulkes is just waddling his way thro’ life contributing nothing, and gathering the tax money of the population to his pocket. When did he last visit Cumnock? When did he show the slightest interest in Cumnock and its people?

      History, – provided it isn’t solely written by the Establishment – will record Alex Salmond as a bonny fechter for Scotland. A man of integrity.

    10. chris kilby says:

      Foulken eejit.

    11. Ian Brotherhood says:

      He looks as ‘animated’ (i.e. pished) as ever. Plus ca change…

      Let’s see if he’s happy to stand for a chat, pished or not, when the Chilcott Report is published.

    12. heedtracker says:

      That is one boozer’s hooter, unless its BBC’s Red Nose day again. How time flies, hick.

    13. Jackie Bailie is also an ex English Public schoolgirl, who shares the same love of Scotland as the unnoble Lord.

      The original Scottish Labour Party promised to abolish the House of Lords, not be absorbed by it.

    14. Laverock says:

      George Foulkes is a great example of why the House of Lords should be abolished. Rude, bullying, boorish and boring, talking discredited rubbish and often drunk at our expense. And no way to get rid of him.
      Joanna Cherry did well not to kick him in the shin.
      Alex Salmond has principles. It’s a pleasure to listen to him talk.

    15. jimnarlene says:

      One an intellectual giant, and a true democrat.
      The other a fekin eejit, and a drunken rat.

    16. defo says:

      Genuine question. What has the slavering alcoholic Foul-kes ever done FOR Scotland ?
      Answers, on a very small postcard….

      Eck is right to flag this now. Justice needs to be seen to be done. Locking Bliar away for life will send out a very powerful message, to ‘friends’ and ‘enemies’ alike.

    17. Still Positive. says:

      Call me dave @ 5.31

      I am a great admirer of Joanna Cherry especially when she argues our sovereignty in HoC. When Cameron is there the look on his face when she is arguing a point is priceless – makes me think he wishes we weren’t there.

      In this clip she looks pissed-off, Foulkes just looks pissed.

    18. heedtracker says:

      I had no idea he was English, from Shropshire too. There’s an vote no or else Shropshire millionaire on rancid The Graun btl all the time too. They do quite a good upper class twit Embro impression these guys, Lord Darling’s another lying creep doing his considerably more Scotch than you stuff, I was very, very, drunk at the time.

    19. Scott Borthwick says:

      Is George Foulkes ever sober? How on earth did they pry him out of the bar?

      Fantastic from Alex Salmond. He’s really gunning for Tony Blair.

      Better not take up hillwalking, Alex.

    20. Taranaich says:

      @call me dave: Joanna Catherine Cherry SNP MP is breathe of fresh air and has escaped my attention until a few weeks ago. (my loss)

      Alistair Darling was clearly feart enough of her not to contest Edinburgh South West in the 2015 election, which she won with a mighty 8,135 majority in a 30 point swing.

      Darling, of course, preferred to be inducted into the House of Lords with his pal Gordon than be ousted by the electorate which so dutifully voted for him before.

    21. robertknight says:

      George Foulkes… need one say more?

    22. scotspine says:

      Foulkes? His legacy? Many You Tube clips of an ignorant, pointless, errr, ignorant, pointless……shees! I cant think of anything else relevant in his case.

    23. msean says:

      I think the House of Lords is a joke,if scrutiny is needed,then at least make it an all elected chamber.No exceptions for Bishops,hereditary anything at all.

      Whether you like the government or not,they are elected and no unelected chamber should halt or delay their bills.

    24. Janet says:

      Did GF not in fact bump into a pedestrian and knock them over whilst pished? An elderly lady, I think. He was on foot.

      Then whilst driving his car, observed a large pothole but didn’t phone it in. Later, another driver swerved, crashed and died.

      Or was it someone else?

    25. Robert Louis says:

      I watch Alex Salmond, when he is on point like that, and he is head and shoulders superior to ANYTHING in Westminster.

      A man of principle. The unionists should take note.

    26. Joanna Cherry became a stateswoman the day she entered Westminster.

      It was clear from the moment she stood as a candidate in Edinburgh SW that she had the stature and gravitas that was the measure of many other SNP MP’s, not least Alex Salmond.

      Her tireless performance at WM, to date, confirms her commitment to Scotland and all of her people. I will not waste time and effort comparing her to the likes of Foulkes and his ilk; it is there for all to see.

      While we weary of the incessant denigration of our elected MP’s and MSP’s by the diminished MSM and BBC, remember that through their incompetence, self-loathing and unadulterated bias they do our job for us.

      A simple but highly illuminating article , Rev.

      Doubtless more and more examples will come to the fore over the next months and years as the Yoons back themselves into their dark and stagnant little corners.

    27. gus1940 says:

      On the subject of London flat rentals by MPs which seems to be a current obsession of our wonderful Unionist MSM is it not the case that our old pal Zebedee Foulkes was in the frame during the original expenses scandal but somehow with one drunken stumble he was free.

    28. Robert Louis says:

      Who’s that auld drunk in the first clip? Is he a lord? Seriously, watch the hand movements, just like the fictional Rab C.Nesbitt.

    29. Darling of course is another,Englishman born in London it never fails to amaze me. How many English born people seem to like to live in Scotland but run it down at every opportunity along with our proud Scots

    30. JimmyJackson says:

      His nose is like that wi pokin it into Scottish affairs, him and Forsythe, tossas

    31. Balaaargh says:

      The old lush is an embarrassment to humanity never mind to Scots or Scotland. First time I’ve seen Joanna Cherry, I thought she did a very good job of not giving him a deserving slap for his condescension.

    32. Bill Steele says:

      With Foulkes’s biography, as is it given above, he must have a Scottish parent or live in Scotland in order to be a Scot. One of the things I love about Scotland is that one only has to have permanent residence in the country to be a Scot, or Scottish parentage. One’s ethnic origin does not matter, nor does country of birth and upbringing matter.

      So, does Foulkes have a Scottish parent, or does he live in Scotland?

    33. Valerie says:

      Let’s not forget that Joanna has taken a substantial drop in salary, to work for her country. We are very lucky.

      I also saw recently, that someone had worked out the years of contributions that Alex had made to charity, from his salary, and its around £400k.

      I would be hard pressed to restrain myself, as much as Joanna did there.

    34. Paula Rose says:

      I hate to think what that Labour Lord’s breath smelled like.

    35. JimmyJackson says:

      “Scott Borthwick says:
      19 May, 2016 at 5:51 pm

      Better not take up hillwalking, Alex.”

      Aye, nor stand too close to a power unit on an underground carriage…

    36. George S Gordon says:

      Pity this Lords vs Joanna setup didn’t go on longer – Joanna could have asked the Liberal Lord for an opinion on the slander against Nicola.

      Can we sue a Lord, or are they immune?

    37. HandandShrimp says:

      George’s argument of “never mind what we did when in power last, weep about what we could have done in power next if only” is disingenuous at the very best.

      He is a scamp is he not?

    38. Robert Peffers says:

      Hamish McTavish says: 19 May, 2016 at 5:30 pm:

      “If GF was “born in Shropshire” how can he be a Scotsman?

      Or have I missed the point.”

      Yes, Hamish you have indeed missed the point. His place of birth, or even the nationality of his parents, has nothing whatsoever to do with him being a Scotsman.

      The only organizations that used to rule that place of birth was the criterion for defining a person’s nationality were the football Associations and other sporting bodies. Including the Olympics.

      It was the same reason that a couple of the best Centre Forwards ever to play football in Scotland were never capped for Scotland.

      One, Joe Baker was capped actually capped by England as he was born in England when his father was serving in the army at Aldershot.

      His brother Jerry qualified, under football rules, to play for the USA, as he was born while his dad was serving on dethatched duty in the USA. If you knew Joe you would know he was very much a Scotsman.

      As to your second claim – well that one is right on the button.

      He is an incomplete wank in any case.

    39. Ronert Peffers says:

      @defo says: 19 May, 2016 at 5:44 pm:

      “Genuine question. What has the slavering alcoholic Foul-kes ever done FOR Scotland ?

      Genuine answer, “he has stayed out of Scotland as much as he could manage”.

    40. HandandShrimp says:

      “He is a scamp is he not?”

      Could be an acronym for – Stupid C*** And Maniacal Pr**k?

    41. alexicon says:

      O/T Misreporting Scotland has already had a dig about the Scottish Government regarding the Cal Mac winning tender. Now they’re having a right go at the SG about the CAP payments to Scottish farmers and we’re not even halfway through the programme.

      It is so blatantly obvious from them now.

    42. Chic McGregor says:

      “Back in your box Zebedee” said Florence.

    43. call me dave says:

      @Robert Peffers

      Aye Joe Baker: The Italian Job: 🙂

      Also there:
      Wales: John Charles
      Scotland: Denis Law

    44. Marie Clark says:

      Good auld George. Pished again and making a clown out of himself.You have to admire Johanna Cherry, she’s ain’t afraid to get wired in. Good on her. Can the EBC no pit that drunken auld sot in a home somewhere where he cannae dae oany herm.

      On the other hand, Alex Salmond. A statesman indeed, and I agree with every word he said. Blair should be sent to prison for what he has done, to this day has shown no remorse. Shame on him.

    45. Macart says:

      Geoge Foulkes, living down to expectations. Well said Ms Cherry.

      As for Alex Salmond? The look on his face and the clear passion in his statements said it all.

      THAT is a statesman and a decent human being.

    46. muttley79 says:

      Joanna Cherry is very good indeed. One of the best SNP MPs.

    47. Gordon Brewer tried his ‘hang on a minute, just to be clear’, nonsense, which he invokes when a Pro Independence spokesperson is speaking sense, on Ms Cherry the other day.
      She is of course QC, and ably slapped this irksome man down.
      WE have a rich vein of Pro Independence politicians now Up Here, and Down There is the Red Blue and Jaundiced Tory Badlands.
      Foulkes, and his Blue Tory pal Forsyth the other night on the BBC Unionist/SNP Broadcast from Glasgow arguing for Brexit, are an affront to democracy.

      Not long now.

    48. HandandShrimp says:


      I think that captures the gist of what I said 🙂

    49. It occurs to me, since Cameron announced EVEL outside No 10 at 07.00 hrs 19/09/14, and our Scottish MPs are debarred from involvement at WM on devolved matters like Health, Education, and Law, that NS should avail herself of the considerable talents of the likes of Eilidh Whiteford, Joanna Cherry, Mhairi Black, and Tommy Shepherd on taking forward policy in these areas.
      Foulkes is a sad old idiot.

    50. jammy says:

      I knew George has a pretty severe alcohol problem but he’s gone full-on jakey now!

    51. Another Union Dividend says:

      Both Foulkes and Salmond are keen Hearts supporters.

      However at the age Foulkes was at his expensive fee paying school, Alex Salmond was travelling to games from his council house in Linlithgow on the local Hearts supporters bus. But that didn’t stop Foulkes using a semi official Hearts fan magazine to trash Alex Salmond and his commitment to Hearts.

      Also a Hearts Shareholders official told a friend that Foulkes exercised a veto on whom he would share a platform with when the group asked Hearts supporting politicians to appear on a non political football platform.

      Foulkes then engineered Ian Murray as a jonny come lately to become Chairman of the Foundation of Hearts to increase his profile before the last Westminster election and Murray resigned immediately after being re-electred as an MP.

      And he’s doing it deliberately.

    52. Anagach says:

      George Foulkes comes across as just plain rude.

    53. Betty Boop says:

      @ Janet, 5:58pm

      Did GF not in fact bump into a pedestrian and knock them over whilst pished? An elderly lady, I think. He was on foot.

      Then whilst driving his car, observed a large pothole but didn’t phone it in. Later, another driver swerved, crashed and died.

      Or was it someone else?

      I don’t know about the elderly lady, but, I believe (if I recall correctly) the second point you make involved a large pile of sand obstructing the carriageway. He didn’t report it and a driver later lost his life when he came upon it. Dumfriesshire, I think.

      Ffoulkes is still a waste of oxygen, a disgraceful fool.

    54. call me dave says:

      Scots in space…Aye right!

    55. Sinky says:

      gus1940 says: 6 pm From the archives

      A LABOUR MSP is under fire after claiming almost £ 100,000 in expenses for working part-time at the House of Lords. Lord George Foulkes ran up the Westminster bill in just two years while doubling as a list MSP for Lothians. The scale of his claim, which has not yet been made public by the Westminster authorities, was unexpectedly revealed during an investigation by the Holyrood standards watchdog.

      Although Stuart Allan, the Scottish Parliamentary Standards Commissioner, threw out a complaint about Foulkes, his inquiry revealed how much the peer had run up on top of his salary.

      Between April 2007 and March 2008, Foulkes claimed £ 38,114 in Lords allowances and £ 16,327 in travelling expense. Allan disclosed that the peer then claimed a further £32,558 in allowances and £11,429 in travel in the year to March 2009, bringing his total claims to just shy of six figures, at £98,334.
      Some of Foulkes’s claims related to “overnight subsistence” for staying in a London flat which he inherited from his late mother.
      Over the same period, Foulkes was also paid around £110,000 in wages for being an MSP, and claimed a further £7000 in expenses from Holyrood. He was also eligible to claim more than £100,000 in staff costs in Edinburgh.
      Bob Doris, the SNP MSP for Glasgow, said it was extraordinary that “Two Jobs” George – as Foulkes has been called – had gone through around £250,000 in just half a parliamentary term.
      He said: “Lord Foulkes is getting a bumper sum from two jobs. As a campaigner for an elected House of Lords and an opponent of the Holyrood system that saw him elected, Foulkes is doing well out of jobs he doesn’t want.

    56. galamcennalath says:

      in politics, it would be difficult to find greater contrast.

      While one man tries to take Scotland forward to a better future, one just wants to bury it under a London jackboot.

      One will have a prominent place in the history books. The other may be just a lost footnote.

    57. who knew W.C.Fields had a morningside accent? He used to be funny as I remember and it is sad how right wing and obnoxious people get as they become old and perpetually drunk

    58. Socrates MacSporran says:

      Robert Peffers – Gerry Baker, lovely guy, I interviewed him a few times, he had some great stories.

      He won seven caps for the USA, one fewer than Joe won with England.

      Call me dave – Scots in space: set phasers tae malky.

    59. CameronB Brodie says:

      It’s easy to take cheap shots at this low life but in all seriousness, this boil on the backside of humanity should be standing next to Blair in the Hague.

      He is a strong supporter of the Iraq war and has described Tony Blair’s conduct of the war as clearly intentioned, carried through brilliantly and resulting in much improvement for the people of the country. Commenting on Sir Christopher Meyer’s testimony to the Iraq Inquiry in 2009, he described the inquiry as “a procession of primadonnas and the usual suspects grandstanding for the TV”.[9],_Baron_Foulkes_of_Cumnock

      @ George Foulkes
      How many million, predominantly Muslim, civilians need to die before you show any remorse or humility for the grievous wrong you and your buddies have done in the world? Hanging is too good for you, seriously.

    60. Sinky says:

      FROM SUNDAY HERALD 27 April 2008-04-27

      A SENIOR Labour peer has been criticised after he claimed nearly £45,000 in overnight expenses to stay in a property he inherited from his late mother.

      George Foulkes, who is also an MSP, billed the public to stay in a London flat registered as his company’s address.

      His claims were made over a two-year period in which he bought almost £600,000 of property without a mortgage and made £400,000 on another home.
      The SNP branded Foulkes, who uncovered details of first minister Alex Salmond’s expenses, a “prize hypocrite” and urged him to explain his bill.
      Lord Foulkes, a former Labour MP, divides his time between the House of Lords and Holyrood, where he is a Lothians MSP. He was ennobled in 2005.Figures show he claimed £18,623 in “overnight subsistence” in his first year in the Lords and £26,105 in the last financial year. Peers can claim £165.50 tax-free for every night they spend in London on Lords’ business.
      The Sunday Herald can reveal Foulkes racked up nearly £45,000 in overnight costs for staying in a London flat he inherited from his late mother.
      “Netta” Foulkes bought the Lambeth property in 1980, months after her son was elected to Westminster. Property records show he acquired the flat months after her death in 1999, and took a mortgage out on it four years later.
      He went on to claw back around £45,000 in “overnight subsistence” for staying in the flat while on Lords’ duty, claims that coincided with a flurry of activity in the property market. In 2005, he sold one Edinburgh property and bought another in the capital for £305,000 , without a mortgage. He sold his home in Ayrshire for £600,000 – a deal that made him a £400,000 profit – and bought a cottage in Maybole for £280,000, again without a loan.

      His London abode also appears to be the business address for his work as a director and political consultant with Carrick Court Associates, which makes £50,000 per year.

      The claims will put further pressure on Westminster to reform its expenses system, and come after Holyrood has been dogged by revelations over MSPs claiming public money for staying in properties linked to relatives.

      Foulkes has been a staunch defender of the expenses regime at Holyrood and Westminster, despite a stream of stories about extravagant claims. He described criticisms of the Edinburgh Accommodation Allowance, which allows MSPs to charge the public for their mortgage payments, as “misguided and mischievous”.
      Foulkes said yesterday: “This is beneath contempt. I have stayed there since 1980. I still have costs in London. I claim for having a flat and overnight stays, including food, travel and taxis.
      On whether he planned to reduce his overnight costs in the future, he said: “I don’t know. Let’s hope the cost of electricity and other things is maintained at the current level.”

    61. Greannach says:

      Within his fine education and his splendid robes, Lord Foulkes shows what a Labour gentleman can truly achieve, once liberated from the shackles of contact with common plebs. A Fine Gentleman.

    62. Greannach says:

      Lord George Foulkes, Baron of Somewhere. Low-flying Jimmy.

    63. Socrates MacSporran says:


      Now, fair’s fair, George did have minor misinsterial responsibilities, both in the Scottish Office and in the Ministry of Overseas Development.

      Therefore, by definition, he was ministerial material – he was allowed to think for himself. “Low-flying Jimmies” were essentially lobby fodder, who would go into the voting lobby they were telt tae.

      I notice, Lord Foulkes of Cumnock, has never bothered to have a house in Cumnock. I saw him in the town once or twice, always during General Election campaigns.

    64. Socrates MacSporran says:

      Forgot to say Murdo Fraser has been handed the Tories’ Finance portfolio in Opposition.
      Does this mean we will see Buffalo Gal and her troops putting forward Rangers-style economics and financial structures?

    65. crazycat says:

      Although it doesn’t matter, George Foulkes does have a Scottish parent.

      He was born in Shropshire because that is where his mother was stationed during WW2. She came from Banffshire. I believe she was widowed during the war and brought him up single-handed.

      He was arrested for drunkenly grabbing hold of a passing elderly woman (or perhaps 2 women) and forcing her/them to dance with him, in the street near the Commons.

      He also lost his driving licence for at least a year in what must have been a separate drink-related incident. I hadn’t heard about the pile of sand – I suppose it could have been that.

    66. robertknight says:

      Q) What’s the difference between Rowley Birkin QC and Lord Foulkes of Cumnock?

      A) One’s a completely incomprehensible old soak; the other’s a QC.

    67. Dr Jim says:

      Joanna (Kickass) Cherry SNP Superhero

      She homes in like a guided missile and you can’t get out of the way

    68. Kenny says:

      I don’t know why people are so hard on the Labour Party getting around to abolishing or reforming the House of Lords!

      Yes, it has been on their manifesto since 1910. But that is only 106 years!

      I am sure all people will agree that 106 years, a good percentage of which they have been in power with large majorities, is no time at all in the “grand scale” of things!

      Whenever I see Joanna Cherrie on TV, I can never help myself saying:

      “There’s nae flies on you, hen!”

      [Wish ah kent whit the Edinbra equivalent wis!]

    69. Ken500 says:

      Fifty years of Labour. The Labour/Unionist who buried the McCrone Report. Lied and illegally took all the Oil revenue’s. Deliberately lied to stop Scotland from finding out and voting for Independence. Cunningham 40% rule. Left Scotland with the highest poverty in Europe and life expectancy in Glasgow lower than Gaza. They took the equivalent of £300Billion Oil fund out of Scotland.

      Blair lied to take the UK into an illegal war maiming and killing innocent people, causing the worst migration crisis in Europe since WW11. Brown bankrupted Britain. They both now work for Banks evading tax.

      They never won an election because the English voters will not vote Labour, but vote Tory. The English working class vote Tory. Ms Cherry SNP an Advocate is more than fit for them.

      Fe Fi Fo Foulkes lies again. 3rd rate rejects.

    70. Betty Boop says:

      @ crazycat

      He also lost his driving licence for at least a year in what must have been a separate drink-related incident. I hadn’t heard about the pile of sand – I suppose it could have been that.

      Reckon losing his licence must have been a different incident from the one where he neglected to do his civic duty and report the obstruction. I think he probably just got a wrap over the knuckles from the accident inquiry.

      Whatever, he is a wastrel.

    71. Tinto Chiel says:

      Frankly, I find it depressing to see the gulf between fat, drunken troughers like Foulkes and the likes of Alec Salmond and Joanna Cherry, QC. Why can’t the electorate see this?

      It’s particularly irksome to hear his comment about the SNP cosying up to the Tories when Labour hugged and cheered with them on the 19th of September 2014.

      As Blair Paterson mentioned further up thread, Darling claimed to be a Scotsman but his Wikipedia entry clearly states he was born in London. Of course, had the SNP pointed this out during Indyref1, they would probably have been called racist.

      These sleazy chancers are bad enough, but our own Ruairidh Proud-Scotbuts take the biscuit.

      All these Yoon sectarian, carping, vindictive, stupid, negative cretins make me despair sometimes. Then I remind myself that SP opposition is so devoid of ability and intelligence that they will be exposed and out-thought by the FM and her strategists week in, week out for the next five years.

      It was all so simple on 18/9/14 too: as Jim Sillars said, for those fifteen hours we had the chance to roll back three hundred odd years and take control again.

      Please, someone tell me we won’t get fooled again.

    72. Ken500 says:

      The spaceport is experimental. It does accommodate people paying sums to go up in Space. It is an attempt to develop further commercial flights. Flights which can go up to space and then down again. e.g. A flight to Australia would take one hour, a relevant short space of time. The travellers would have to stand up. There have been designs commissioned to show how the interior would look. An interior designer has already compiled layouts.

    73. andy smith says:

      George foulkes…gentleman love child…a proper bastard!

    74. frogesque says:

      The old soak, Foulkes, should reign in the drink. Time, drink and cirrhosis of the liver respect no man or woman.

      Not wishing it on him but the warning signs are there.

    75. mealer says:

      Why do they let that pished hoor Foulkes on the telly? He’s an embarrassment to England.

    76. Andrew McLean says:

      Sorry Rev, I forgot your point?
      Anyhoo something about that condescending sanctimonious arse wipe, reminds me of an old case, if you read the National you might know what I am talking about, an old madam, or to be less polite a brothel keeper, kept a house for working girls in Edinburghs new town, so upmarket was this den of iniquity that every general assembly of the Kirk, our good ministers, prim proper, and full of the wrath of God, would frequent said establiment to spread their seed. There is a parable somewhere in there.

    77. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      Weel said, Joanna Cherry! We need lots more feisty people like her to vigorously rebuff the yoon bluster and talkover that is far too often all we get in the MSM.

      It’s getting to be quite interesting though seeing how Labour just can’t help themselves from continuing to dig their own political graves, as exemplified by old f@rts like Fowkes. They are getting more and more desperate and it’s beginning to show. Deluded idiots, they seem to think that if they just persist with moaning for the next 5 years, we’ll all eventually catch up with their “advanced ideas” and vote them back into government!

      What I would quite like to see, Stu, is a poll to find out how remaining Labour voters would vote if Labour were to collapse entirely. (Not such an outrageously hypothetical situation in the medium term, given the additional legal constraints being imposed on Labour sources of finance plus the redrawing of the WM constituencies, which – all other things being equal – will very likely see them lose the next UKGE.) They surely can’t all be bitter-end Unionists like Fowkes and Bailey, can they?

      We might possibly get some hint of Labourites’ second preferences with STV in the upcoming local elections, but that’s still a fair way off…

    78. T.roz says:

      Foulkes, a typical public schoolboy, a poorly brought up prick of a man.

    79. Andrew McLean says:

      Anyway George Fucks, he reminds me of a pig in the trough, which reminds me of a comment on BBC good moaning Scotland, the presenter, or as I like to call them, state propagandist, was talking to a unbiased member of the farming community, who loves Nicola Sturgeon by the way, and came out with the classic statement that surely ranks as bullshit artist of the year award front runner, ” do you think if we BBC get ta fek, had mentioned the problems with farm subsidies the results of the election would be different”
      Oh is February before May,
      The BBC lying bastads, all.

      Gap narrows to a 1.33% swing to win independence.

    80. SNPsoosie says:

      I always think “Labour Lord” is such an oxymoron – and what better way to describe Grog Fooks, who does as as little for Ayrshire unelected as he did when he was elected (but how we’ve learned)

    81. Scott Borthwick says:

      Andrew McLean says:
      19 May, 2016 at 9:04 pm

      “…reminds me of an old case, if you read the National you might know what I am talking about, an old madam…”

      I think that would be Dora Noyce, late of 17 Danube St, Stockbridge. Here’s an interesting wee article about it all.

      It’s worth remembering that the salubrious neighbourhoods of Edinburgh were not always so. Indeed, Morningside’s famous Canny Man’s pub was, once upon a time, a go-go bar.

      All well before my time, but maybe old George remembers?

    82. heedtracker says:

      Oh is February before May,
      The BBC lying bastads, all.

      Gap narrows to a 1.33% swing to win independence.

      A huge independence problem is that women like Joanna Cherry MP are almost completely unknown in Scotland. BBC Scotland black them out completely from daily Scottish discourse, focusing entirely on the SLab crew like Dugdale and Baillie and then ofcourse the new tpry UKOK goddess that is Ruth MachThatcher.

      I’d never seen or heard Cherry before which BBC Scotland creeps will consider a success, a big one. Hard core yoonsters like this idiot are on the BBC box far more than all Westminster MP’s put together.

      Kevin Hague ?@kevverage 3h3 hours ago
      Kevin Hague Retweeted Adam Tomkins MSP
      I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: you don’t have to share Adam’s politics to be glad he’s an MSP

    83. Papadox says:

      Joanna Cherry is a class act sincere truthful knowledgable a thoroughly decent person.

      Baron Foulkes is a glass act along with all they other SLAB parasites Brown, Blair, Darling, Davidson, Murphy, Curran ad infinitum. We mustn’t forget the Tolly dross Rifkin, Mundell, Forsythe etc. Westminster is a circus and these clowns are the cast.

      Westminster is a cesspool that is beyond redemption not that any of the yoons would want to improve it they like it just the way it is.

      As for AS a thoroughly decent man. Unfortunately I fear that CHILCOT is going to serve up a bowl of muddy water.

    84. Croompenstein says:

      Heard this on radio shortbread drivetime, I know I know,

      Kevin Keane reporting from Peterhead on the EU debate but the WTF moment comes at the end of his report with some classic SNP Baaaad

      Starts at 40:00 through to 44:00

    85. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      heedtracker quoted Kevin Hague:

      I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: you don’t have to share Adam’s [Adam Tomkin’s] politics to be glad he’s an MSP.

      Oh, they are the Tories’ useful idiots, these Labourite yoons. They do share far too much of their “No Surrender” politics – that’s their problem. And in twittering like this, merely remind ordinary voters of the old adage, “why deal with the monkey when you can deal with the organ-grinder?”

    86. carjamtic says:

      I once had a theory,that SLab somehow transformed slowly into Red Tories,somewhere down the line,(that somehow they metamorphosed into giant insects).

      They didn’t,these clips reinforce my now strongly held view,SLab were always troughers….always Tories…..I just didn’t notice it….the way they cleverly hid it from me….in plain sight.

      Thanks again Rev.

    87. Andrew McLean says:

      You do realise it’s going to get a lot worse the closer to independence we get, a lot of unionists have sucked a lot of Westminster nobs, and they want repayed, Michelle Botox (apologies if it’s a stroke) was obviously glad to get out of Scotland and repayed for betraying her country given her death threats she received when living here or so she told Sky tv.

      Problem is as it looks like the vermin in ermine are about to be culled, so how will Westminster be paying treachery and treason to unionists nob lickers then?

    88. Thepnr says:


      “Grog Fooks” hahaha, very apt and think that might stick.

    89. heedtracker says:

      Croompenstein says:
      19 May, 2016 at 9:48 pm
      Heard this on radio shortbread drivetime, I know I know,

      Andrew Charles interviewed there that ends with BBC says confidence very much eroded in Peterhead, is Fish Merchants spokesman and was a YES vote. But that spivy hack isnt going to mention it ofcourse.

      On balance it looks like BBC Scotland radio creeps are leading their all new and exciting 5 year SNP bad attack plan, just as they led BBC Scotland’s Project Fear 2014 campaign, which was a successful as we obviously all know.

    90. John J. says:

      Oh really Stuart! Do behave, Lord FFoulkes is a pillar of the community and a Jambo (just like me) to boot. I resent your peevish attack on the noble Lord and your insistence that Mr. A. Salmond is anything but a pariah beside whom senior Tory politicians will not sit.

      Ps. Grammarians please note. Did I spell ‘insistence’ correctly, and should it have been ‘beside which’ rather than ‘beside whom’? I can’t be arsed picking up my dictionary to check.

    91. Andrew McLean says:

      Yes heedtracker,
      But they have to be careful, in time more BBC output will be devolved, and you wouldn’t like to be asking for you’re job to be safe in an independent Scotland, not when the BBC are full down south.

    92. heedtracker says:

      Oh, they are the Tories’ useful idiots, these Labourite yoons.

      One of the sneaker games these guys play with their merry band of hard core tory yoon acolytes, is pretending they are NOT tories and that they are NOT yoons.

      Its maybe just part of the UKOK media game they’re in now. BBC Scotland propaganda gimps have got hold of them and told how to look balanced and rational and NOT swivel eyed loonies, because then they’d lack credibility, its not a good look for Scotl;and 2016 type crapolla of yoonsterdom and they’ve decided we really are that gullible, well they have to. Its a BBC Scotland world and we just live and pay for it.

      Another example of this kind of I’m NOT a yoon so listen to me bullshit, is this chump

      who really worships the UK and England, is a fantastic self loathing Scotch cringer and yet still demands his followers believe he’s NOT in fact a UKOK zealot unionist.

      Its quite mad out there in yoon land:D

    93. Petra says:

      What a bl**dy waste of space. A finger pointing buffoon talking a load of old tommyrot as usual to deflect from the real issues. His covert, slanderous ‘Frenchgate’ comment about Nicola should be dealt with and maybe Joanna Cherry QC is the very person who’ll ensure that it is.

      You just have to look at the two of them standing side by side, the demeanour of both and the language used to ascertain the calibre (lack of) of the man … Lord Gaga. The decency, professionalism and intelligence of the woman …. a real Lady. Night and day.

      You just have to look at the faces of Cameron, Osborne and May when people like Joanna, Alex, Angus Robertson, Pete Wishart, Tommy Sheppard, Philippa Whitford, George Kerevan, John Nicolson, Chris Law et al (all of those other greats too many to mention on here) start talking in the Commons. You can see them positively cringing. I reckon in fear at times knowing that these people, if given a proper chance, would demolish them, their arguments and policies at every turn. Shred them. More than anything show them up for the bunch of ignorant sods that they are.

      And what can one say about Alex? SO, SO much …. but brilliant will suffice.

      @ Scott Borthwick says at 5:51 pm … ”Better not take up hillwalking, Alex.”

      Or take a walk in the woods with dubious characters.

      @ Call me dave says at 7:31 pm …. ”Scots in space…Aye right!”

      And it looks as though the spaceport will be going to Cornwall, Dave. Surprise. Suuuurpriiiise!

      Philippa Whitford …. extremely intelligent AND with a sense of humour. Two qualities the crew at Westminster seem to lack.

      ‘Live long and prosper’ MP gives Vulcan salute in parliament

    94. davidb says:

      What we need, really need, is a kind of Drudge type site. One where all the good news can be consolidated. Then that site has to be zealously promoted, at every turn, on as many websites as possible. In any fliers posted anywhere. By every means.

      We are ill served by yoon liar media. The vanguard being the “impartial” Ministry Of Truth.

    95. Robert Peffers says:

      @Andrew McLean says: 19 May, 2016 at 9:04 pm:

      “Sorry Rev, I forgot your point?”

      Anyhoo something about that condescending sanctimonious arse wipe, reminds me of an old case, if you read the National you might know what I am talking about, an old madam, or to be less polite a brothel keeper, kept a house for working girls in Edinburghs new town, so upmarket was this den of iniquity that every general assembly of the Kirk, our good ministers, prim proper, and full of the wrath of God, would frequent said establiment to spread their seed. There is a parable somewhere in there.”

      Ah! Yes, Andrew, that would by Dora Noyce. I met the, Err! lady. She used to sometimes have a wee drink in the Prince’s Lounge Bar at Edinburgh’s West End.

      Quite the refined lady in her ways. I Cannot say I was a friend or anything like that. Just that I did speak with her on occasions. I didn’t know then what her stock in trade was.

      My group of friends were from all over the city and that lounge bar was a central point to all meet up of an evening. The group was a nice lively and bright set. All outgoing and entertaining.

      It came as a surprise when a member of staff told us who the lady who often drifted into our company was. The scandal broke out in the news quite some time later.

    96. Andrew McLean says:

      David B

      Don’t you mean imperial?

    97. Tackety Beets says:

      @ CM Dave

      Many years ago I had the misfortune to be advised by solicitor to engage a QC to defend a civil action in court. Reluctantly I agreed and a pretty steep fee was agreed , in comparison to a regular solicitor and bearing in mind I’m just a regular guy who only dreams of Paying 40% Tax

      My solicitor had been directed to several newly appointed QCs who were contacted and JC accepted our challenge.
      We had several days in court and I can assure you she was incredible and had me in stitches of laughter whilst she interviewed my assailant and witnesses etc

      Her work was so good, she was so well researched and prepared, I wish it was televised as it was really good entertainment. It was an absolute pleasure to work with her and I did not grudge a penny of the fee as it became very clear she was in another class and stood out in court.

      We are very lucky indeed to attract such magnificent people who wish to represent us.

    98. Cadogan Enright says:

      GA Ponsonby in top form lately

    99. Still Positive. says:

      Petra @ 10.21

      Totally agree.

      The Tories know how smart and principled the SNP MPs are which is why they mock them and the SG so much with cheap jibes.

      Joanna Cherry, however, is universally respected by all sides being called “The Honourable Learned member”.

    100. fairliered says:

      One Scotsman. One britnat.

    101. Andrew McLean says:

      Robert why the err? Lady
      Lets play morality.
      Err, lady who ran a brothel well used by the Kirk.
      Or a Lady who when told a battleship was heading out of a conflict zone ordered the navy to sink it, killing thousands of young men?
      I bet I know who their mothers would have preferred them to be acquainted with!

    102. Robert Peffers says:

      @Andrew McLean says: 19 May, 2016 at 10:28 pm:

      ” … Don’t you mean imperial?!

      Imperial? Ach! Andrew, Yer talkin mints:

      I’ll get my coat!

    103. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Cadogan Enright –

      Thanks for that link.

      The Nick Eardley clip is just jaw-droppingly dire.

      How much more blatant and awful does it have to get before it’s beyond even the fiercest satire?

    104. crazycat says:

      @ Still Positive

      Joanna Cherry, however, is universally respected by all sides being called “The Honourable Learned member”.

      I certainly hope and expect that Joanna Cherry is universally respected, but all MPs who are QCs are referred to as Honourable and Learned, whether they are or not!

    105. Ally says:

      What a drunken, befuddled, ignorant auld bastard Foulkes is.

    106. Still Positive. says:

      Crazycat @ 10.47

      I wondered if it was a convention or genuine respect. Thank you for confirming the former.

      She has my total respect which she has earned. As has Alex which he has earned.

    107. Robert Peffers says:

      @Andrew McLean says: 19 May, 2016 at 10:40 pm:

      ” Robert why the err? Lady

      Oh! I never play the moral judge, Andrew.

      Matter of fact Dora was very good company and intelligent with it. As I said, our group were very outgoing.

      When we got together we attracted people into our company as there was much good natured banter and laughter.

    108. Proud Cybernat says:

      “Come on, Ms Cherry. You’re here in London Town. You’re now in the Big Smoke. For heaven’s sake enjoy yourself. Fill out your expense claims. Sit on the back benches and keep your trap shut and you’ll get along very well here. I’ve been doing it for years and it’s rather good. Done VERY well out of it. Why rock the boat, dear? The people of Scotland, you say? Pfftt!! Forget it, dear. Fill your pockets. That’s what it’s all about. Don’t you understand. The people of Scotland will only get you down. We’re MPs. We’re ABOVE them. You should learn to understand that, don’t you know?”

      “Foulke off! Those days are gone you Foulking moron!”

      Class Mr S. Just class.

    109. Ian Brotherhood says:

      When are we having another PQ demo?

      Would anyone be up for another before this year’s out?

      Prof John Robertson addressed the last one, right?

      Well, next time, why don’t we ask some of those prominent meeja people who’ve been making radical noises about BBC reform, possible referendum-related bias etc. I’m thinking Stuart Cosgrove, Eamonn O’Neill. And/or ex-BBC people like Lesley Riddoch, Derek Bateman. No harm asking!

      Who’s up for it?

    110. Fred says:

      Joanna Cherry should never have lowered herself in bandying words with this shit, he’s elected by nobody & represents nobody, & a nobody is exactly what he is.

    111. Grouse Beater says:

      Westminster is full of alcoholics. Big surprise.

      No sex please – we’re Scottish:

    112. MacRocker says:

      In regards to this Foulkes characters.

      Firstly, he is insulting the Scottish people who voted for the SNP at the last election that they were stupid and got duped into voting a certain way.

      Secondly, Labour have no intention of getting rid of the House of Lords as they use it to keep the rank and file MP’s in line, an example being Jack McConnell. There is also the fact the it keeps the likes of him on a leash as not not turn on them as has-been’s always do.

    113. Andrew McLean says:

      And thatcher? she was convivial company also, she could have a laugh, even when told a QC and member of the Scottish Conservative party was a child molester she laughed “boys will be boys” what wit!

    114. Ian Brotherhood

      I am. But it would be better in George Square – or even in london

    115. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      crazycat, true that. You can also be as genuinely learned as you like in any other profession, but in the cranky old HoC that counts for zit!

      It’s because the place has always been something of a lawyer’s club. (I don’t have a more up-to-date number, but after the 2010 GE, more than 50 MPs were qualified solicitors.)

      Which is not to say that Joanna Cherry herself is undeserving of the appellation. Au contraire!

    116. Proud Cybernat says:

      @ Ian B

      Yup. Pressure needs to be kept on PQ. But we need to get smarter at it. No point in mass turnout on a Sunday afternoon when there’s only a couple of security guards standing there wondering what the hell is going on.

      We need to be much more clever. We need to find out when BBCS are hosting live events in and around PQ or even outwith PQ. We target their LIVE EVENTS. Get ourselves and our banners right into the living rooms of Scotland (and wider afield). That’ll wind the feckers up big time.

    117. Graeme Borthwick says:

      One is Gentile the other is Jewish. Which is which?

    118. G4jeepers says:

      If you can get past the firewall at the FT there’s an interesting link to a story on farm subsidies in this comment

    119. heedtracker says:

      Graeme Borthwick says:
      19 May, 2016 at 11:20 pm
      One is Gentile the other is Jewish. Which is which?

      Why do you ask Graeme, or, why do you care Graeme and so on?

    120. Andrew McLean says:

      Hoi less of that! Us Dead Sea pedestrians don’t find that patter funny!

    121. Still Positive. says:

      Graeme Borthwick @ 11.20

      Does it matter?

      IMO it doesn’t.

    122. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Dave McEwan Hill & Proud Cybernat –

      We’ve plenty of time to discuss and plan, but I just wanted to set it rolling…looks like there’s an active buzz on the fresh O/T page, so let’s use that to knock ideas together.

      Cadogan, if you see this…you up for another wee trip? 🙂

    123. Andrew McLean says:

      That’s it everyone out of the pool!
      We have had Thatcher, murder, brothel keeping, pedos, and even Fooks, and one of our oun shites in the pool!

    124. Lochside says:

      Ian B…I’m up for it. We must mobilise the YES population again. The relentless onslaught by the BBC/media is not being challenged by the SNP….AGAIN.

      Apologists for this pathetic cheek turning strategy predicted victory in the REF. Well it didn’t…Brown the lying sociopath should have been challenged and the whole Operation Fear onslaught dealt with head on. Blair Jenkins was a patsy..I’ve said it before, I spoke to him at the outset of the campaign and he denied then there was any bias from the BBC…at that point I couldnt believe what I was hearing, and I feared the worst.

      I was oblivious of how entrenched in the BBC old boy network he was. But he was allowed to mealy mouth and blunder his way to defeat. When I and others such as yourself were urging direct action…demos etc outside the BBC…unbelievably..the moaning minnies kept repeating the mantra and tautological argument that it wouldn’t work wouldn’t work. The reason? the BBC would ignore it.

      Anyone who experienced the summer of 2014 rallies in George Square and outside the BBC will testify to the direct effect it had on the Scottish people…..for so long shy to come out on to the streets…and to use their voices (I remember the first march in Edinburgh as a silent procession of self conscious Scots) that by the time the REF was on us it had become a tidal wave of passionate belief and logical to demonstrate and show our belief in ourselves.

      So let’s get the YES movement…the broad coalition moving again. The SNP need the broader support to take on the issues that their gradualist, managerial strategy excludes…So be it..let’s get the torch lit again!

    125. Tam Jardine says:

      Ian Brotherhood

      I am up for another PQ Ian- we should never have let up on them.

      If anything the BBC have become emboldened as they reckon they can get away with destroying democracy with impunity since the referendum.

      The next WOS night out should discuss tactics.

      Protests against the BBC’s appalling bias will never step up to the next level as long as they remain online data. We need this to be visual. T-shirts. Badges. Stickers and posters in bus stops. I am well into GA Ponsonby’s campaign and I look forward to seeing his documentary have an impact, but having watched a number of Michael Moore’s documentaries I wonder if we have amongst us someone who could do a similar feature film on the BBC. Bonny Prince Bob? Frankie Boyle? One of our own maybe?

    126. North Chiel says:

      Well worth listening to Paul Mason on question time this evening
      as regards the mobilisation of the UK state propaganda apparatus ( BBC/ MSM/ treasurey/ BOE etc.,
      against the independence proposition . Can we have a video clip Rev??

    127. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Lochside & Tam Jardine –

      Just read your comments, and they gave me goosebumps.

      Long time since that’s happened, well, in relation to anything even vaguely political…


    128. Tam Jardine says:

      Proud Cybernat

      Aye- you are right. What would be ideal would be to have the inside track on this.


      My fondest memory of the indyref was watching a demo in George Square days before. There were no prominent independent supporters and I think it was very impromptu. There was no stage- there was no green room for Paul Hutcheon.

      There was a guy with a mike passing it round and ordinary people of this country were able and willing to step forward from amongst the vast crowd and say their peace. It was amazing to watch- and in fact I had never seen anything like it before or have since.

      You sum it up very well brother: “So let’s get the YES movement…the broad coalition moving again. The SNP need the broader support to take on the issues that their gradualist, managerial strategy excludes…So be it..let’s get the torch lit again!”

      I couldn’t agree more

    129. DerekM says:

      Ah its Lord piss head of the free bar peer of the Labour peoples party and contradiction to everything the party stood for,its moral backbone,its drive for workers rights and fair pay,for solidarity and and a desire to bridge the poverty gap.

      Foulkes you make me sick and lucky for you i dont have my way or you would be in stocks in the village center where the people could pelt you with coo shit.

      Ah now there is a chap and he has been busy i wonder if all the britnat hoohaa was to cover up Eck going to town,well for some reason there are people who think sendind a despicable warmonger to prison might set a bad precedent or in other words they are bricking it in case we build a new prison to keep them all in.

    130. Dr Jim says:

      The Daily Record will say tomorrow that without that paper and the tireless campaigning of the Unions the workers of Cal Mac would have woken up to a privatised ferry service courtesy of the Scottish government

      They know who their audience is eh

      I was going to say their readers but that would have been almost as big a lie as they’re telling

      Readers Ha! You can just hear them at their, well whatever they do, “Pas ri brane sel a watty reed ri pepper

    131. Morag says:

      Point of information. “Gilding the lily” is a misquote that completely trashes the meaning of the proverb.

      “To paint the lily, to gild refined gold.”

    132. Ghillie says:

      What an unpleasant character that George Foulks is.

    133. DerekM says:


      come on you bairns 🙂

      Just a thought guys but might it not be a good idea to use the SNP indy party as well a massive saltire with “up yours BBC i voted SNP” and Freedom and a picture of the WBB on the back.

      Could it be done as for the BBC well lets see them show that on their brainwashing Scotland.

    134. heedtracker says:

      Pretty good up yours SNP there from Ligger Neil there winding up his late late BBC Politics show, ménage à trois are fun or or other, dont have them maybe.

      Ligger has on David Icke debating conspiracy theories, they don’t exist says Ligger’s regulars, New Labour Iraq invasion isn’t a conspiracy, just a foreign policy mistake and the BBC are not leading Scottish media five year campaign to get rid of the SNP, that kicked off May 6 2016, like what no democracy has ever seen before.

      Dont have nightmares WoSers. Its merely a cluster fudge of toryboys that just go away with it 2014, just.

    135. Returnofthemac says:

      I am in Spain at the moment still following wings. GF whita fckin twat. End of.

    136. Iain More says:

      I wouldn’t recommend AS go for a drive in any woods. The Brit Nat Press and Media might be reporting soon after that he was depressed.

    137. Dunroamin says:

      And to think this auld boozer was Ms Dugdale’s mentor.

    138. Petra says:

      Time for us all to get real. We can blether on as much as we like on here but we really need to get out there and ‘advertise’ as much truthful data as is possible, especially when the time is right.

      The time was right today. We knew there was going to be a demonstration in relation to Calmac. Why weren’t WE there? Why did WE not wave banners supporting the ‘Calmac’ SNP situation, better still include waving banners getting out any number of truths across? Yeah I know the meeja may have ignored us but let’s don’t just give up on making every opportunity … an opportunity. Who knows where it will take us?

      When we were totally enraged, at the end of our line, we converged on Pacific Quay. Well I’m enraged every day with that lot. Why are we not out there every day? If not once a month or so highlighting their bl**dy omissions and more so their bl**dy lies? List their lies on a daily basis. Splatter them all across banners. Let’s get co-ordinated and tell the TRUTH.

      Why are we not standing outside the Daily Record office waving banners to combat their lies? The VOW etc. The VOW has been delivered. Well NOoooo it’s not. Scotland has the most powerfully devolved Parliament in the World. Eh. NO WAY Clegg, Chrichton, Mundell and Murray! List all of the ‘powers’ that we DON’T have and portray them on banners.

      Getting back to my opening line. Time to get real. ABSOLUTELY no violence, no bad behaviour and no swearing. Just a mass of VERY decent QUIET people, SCOTS, ‘advertising’ what’s actually going on in Scotland. They, the UK corrupt media, may ignore us, but let’s get onto youtube etc. Let’s get our message out to a MASSIVE WORLD beyond our shores. Beyond bl**dy Westminster.

      Scupper the corrupt Unionist media here in Scotland and the UK for once and for all. And eh name and shame them ALL too. Especially the conniving Scotttish bast*rds (I’ll cut out bad language when I’m publicly protesting). Let the World know that we have some Scottish rat bags living amongst us: And MANY English people holding positions of power in Scotland now, such as Tomkins. Yeah let’s now expose Rabbie Burn’s CURRENT parcel of rogues in a Nation. If he, and others, could do it then under the most hellish of conditions surely we can do it now.

      It worked for Ireland with the US supporting and funding them. Let’s target Scottish ex-pats and livid (anti-Westminster) ancestors from all around the World.

      Let’s get moving. Get the ‘movement’ into gear and that includes ALL supporters of Scottish Independence not just SNP supporters.

    139. Dorothy Devine says:

      Ian Brotherhood , YES demo at BBBC PQ – definitely up for that.

      If it fell into the Clyde with all the usual sneering , denigrating ,manipulating buggers on board I would be Tom Lehrering round the funeral pyre.

    140. Sandra says:

      Foulkes drunk as a Lord, as usual.
      But on the plus side, he must be a great recruiting sergeant for the SNP. You can almost hear their switchboard lighting up whenever BBC Jockland wheel him out.

    141. Ken500 says:

      Don’t worry too much about a one man and his dog protest or whatever. Just the Unionists making a fool of themselves. A joke. Swallowing poo is helpful? Holyrood is full of 2nd class’s rejects who have been voted out time and time again. A large dollop of nonsense. Trying to disrupt and destroy the Parliament and make people’s lives harder. The Tory psychos and others at Westminster are eating each other. Vulnerable People are being sanctioned and starved to death. Cameron calls them ‘psycho’. Major called them ‘bastards’. They should know ‘psycho bastards’.

      The Tories are (deliberately) destroyed the economy. They have destroyed the Oil & Gas sector (with no alternative) causing thousands to lose their jobs and Oil & Gas is being imported putting up the balance of payment deficit and the debt. The Tory/Unionist have deliberately caused unemployment in Scotland with their psycho policies, everyone a reject.

      Westminster are still taking the equivalent of £10Billion out of Scotland which could be better spent. Trident/illegal war budget, no tax ‘on loss leading drink’, they tried to stop minimum pricing. The SNP Scottish Gov should introduce it now. £4Billion lost on the Oil sector which Westminster psychos deliberately destroyed. £4Billion on repayments of debts Scotland didn’t borrow or spend, £3Billion? on tax evasion. = £10Billion+ Enough to relieve poverty in Scotland, create jobs and have a more prosperous, equal society. Without Westminster’s Psychos interference.

      Scotland raised £54Billion with Oil and £54Billion without Oil. The same.

      The Westminster psycho are planning to spend £60Billion on Hinkley Point nuclear power station by the sea. It will take 10+ years. A total waste of public money and a disaster waiting to happen. They have not supported CCS, coal production ( plentiful all over the UK) stopped investment in renewables, banned onshore wind turbines and are fracking Gas. Reneged on their promises.

      The Westminster psychos are planning to spend £70Billion (double it). On HS2 with no market case. A total waste of time and money. It will make journey’s throughout Britain longer and more expensive. Put more traffic on the congested roads in the south and more expensive flights in the north. It would cost £Billions less investing in the present rail network.

      The Tory ‘psycho bastards’ have not protected the NHS. The deficit £75Billion (+£20Billion black hole) = £95Billion. Down £15Billion over 5 years. The debt is increasing. They have cut taxes (especially for the wealthy) and are starving the vulnerable to death. The Westminster ‘psycho bastards’ have caused the worse migration crisis since WW11 and poverty and misery all over Europe.

    142. Ken500 says:

      Tomkins is a part-time reject. Totally milking the system. While the vulnerable are being sanctioned and starved to death. The Tory ‘Pycho bastards’. White, wealthy, middle class, male cabinet. Not very diversify. The Tories do not care. People don’t realise how nearly Scotland got Davidson for FM supported by Dugdale and the 2nd rate rejects. The stuff of nightmares and the (non)Greens. With lying, coarse Cameron at Westminster. Every policy a U turn.

      Cameron said, ‘when the Scottish Gov come down to Westminster to ask permission to get a panda for Edinburgh Zoo from China’. The sneering, alcoholic insulted the Chinese and accused other’s of corrupt government. The tax evader. He bases himself on Churchill, an alcoholic. A Statesman he is not. Just a troughing pig’s head. Diverting public money for him and his associates.

      BBC controlled by Westminster costs £3.7Billion. One hour a night worth watching. Totally biased News controlled by Westminster gov. They are spending £1/2Million salaries on presenter’s doing 1 hour a day. Or a three month contract for 1 show a week. Trying to keep it secret. Cameron ex fraud banker friend appointed Head.

    143. Haggishunter says:

      When a Brit nat on FB is screaming SNP adultery, I point out the SNP has a whole dept of M15 watching and digging for a weak willed soul, but what about the crimes of the Lords, Royals and LabServativeDem MPs which have included crimes as serious as Rape, child rape and even murder, they still go on about adultery of SNP bad, looking at their profiles they all represent a West of Central football club that has many decent fans but unfortunately a large minority of knuckle dragging eejjitts that love their queen and can’t string a sentence without abuse and crap spelling

    144. Ken500 says:

      That ‘psycho bastard’ Osbourne is off to Japan. Maybe the unintelligent low life will see the damage and mess the nuclear distant caused to the economy. £Billions. Hinkley nuclear plans. A dust set waiting to happen.

      The bullet train needed because there are 100million in Japan one if the most density populated country in the world. The UK – 62Million half empty. Does not need HS2, A expensive waste of time and money which will rail journey’s through Britain longer and more expensive. Wasting taxpayers money.

      Osbourne the trougher, misusing public money for his greedy associates. Starving the vulnerable to death. Some ‘psychos’ never learn.

    145. skozra says:

      Ken500 said: “One hour a night worth watching.”

      What hour is that?
      I’m glad I don’t watch any of it.

    146. Ken500 says:

      @ the damage and mess the nuclear disaster caused the economy. Still not cleaned up yet. Cost £Billions.

      Pre Dic text,

    147. Almannysbunnet says:

      Anyone who has watched Joanne Cherry at Westminster will be in no doubt that we have a diamond of an MP. In the early days she was regularly interrupted by Bill flapping coat Cash and Jacob Reese-Mogg. After being left slack jawed and getting their arses handed back to them on a plate they have learned to shut up and listen when Joanne talks.

      What is great is that she is not alone. Jeremy Hunt had the temerity to challenge Philippa Whitford on a medical issue and was left with the look of a man who had just had iced water squirted up his backside. Combined with his pink cheeks it was a site to behold.
      The braying and jeering has subsided decidedly when our MP’s stand up to talk. No wonder they need the BBC to keep the propaganda going!

    148. Andrew McLean says:

      I want you all to ask yourselves, thousands of years from tree dwelling primate to Homo sapiens, the thinking ape, and this the world we have created?

    149. John Edgar says:

      Foulkes’ buffoonery. It is the reverse of the Scottish cringe; it is Labour cringe. Ugh! Foulkes is the embodiment of all that is reprehensible of the English HoL and the rump of Labour in Scotland. I am surprised Labour have not removed the whip from him.
      I suppose one just has to wait until they no longer turn up. A diminishing band of Lordies. Ugh!!
      It is ironic to think there are more Labour HoL members from Scotland at Westminster than Labour MPs! Same for the Tories and LibDens. But the yoons do not see the irony. Do they ever cringe at themselves?

    150. Jet Jockey says:

      Anyone know why the Scottish agricultural subsidy payment system was separated from the UK system . And any info on the IT company that got the contract, I have heard that many of the skilled employees were laid off and replaced by less skilled and lower paid “foreign” workers,any truth in that, I am extremely suspicious about the whole thing , did the “Establishment” have anything to do with this? anyone care to comment.

    151. Ken500 says:

      Worth watching for some or those inclined. ‘Night Manager’, ‘Marcia’, ‘Undercover’, ‘Shetland’ Can look on the Internet – for the plot. Some folk don’t know what is going on. Some wildlife – Scottish. Historical. Italy, Spain, Middle East. Genuine war footage. The presenter’s are paid totally over the odds for a jolly. Effectively a nice Wee holiday. Westminster Channel. To watch the ‘psychos bastards’ to keep them in line.

    152. Ken500 says:

      Johanna Cherry telling ’em. The look on Bill Cash’s vacant coupon was priceless. He didn’t know what had hit him. Still laugh about it. Like Andy smashing Djokovic.

    153. Andrew McLean says:

      Jet Jockey says:8:44 am

      Anyone know why the Scottish agricultural subsidy payment system was separated from the UK system looks like its devolved asp er any other part of the UK

      EU reg, competitive tendering, been on the receiving end and its shit.

      Finally I am I am extremely suspicious about you and seriously not in the mood!

    154. If there is one man who personifies the decline and fall of the Labour Party in Scotland it is Lord George Foulkes.

      This nonentity originally made his name, older readers will remember, as one of “Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse”, who were going to run riot if the Tories won in 1983, and demand all kinds of powers for Scotland. John Maxton, John Home Robertson and somebody else whose name escapes me.

      Well, of course, the Apocalypse came and went, and none was there seen of any Horsemen whatsoever.

      He stoted about for years, with his handsome face and beguiling demeanour, representing nothing and nobody but himself, and spouting the most unintelligent, and ultimately bitterly counter -productive, bile against the SNP, all the time enjoying the high life in London. His conviction for assault would have ended the career of any teacher, lawyer, or doctor, but not George.

      Ennobled, he got on a list and became an MSP for goodness sake, where his main contribution was to be on the receiving end of doing after doing from Salmond at FMQ’s.

      And here is , still, spouting bile despite the fact that the Party he has devoted his life to ( oh, I know) is a smouldering ruin bereft of votes, support, intellectual content, heart, or soul. And yet he, and his like, Brian Wilson ,for example, cushioned by their sumptuous pensions and sinecures, glide off into obscurity unrepentantly smug and arrogant.

      In a sense, sad.

    155. Andrew Brophy at 9.05

      And of course he trained Kezia

    156. Robert Peffers says:

      @Andrew McLean says: 19 May, 2016 at 11:07 pm

      ” … And thatcher? she was convivial company also, she could have a laugh, even when told a QC and member of the Scottish Conservative party was a child molester she laughed “boys will be boys” what wit!”

      I think you miss my point, Andrew. Which point was that the woman’s chosen occupation was not apparent to anyone at that time. We thus we had no knowledge of it.

      We were not thus, in any way, attempting to judge her, or anyone else for that matter, but accepting everyone at face value.

      Which puts your point about Thatcher into quite a different context. She would have been already well known and her potential influence thus a known factor.

      No doubt if we had known Ms Noyce’s profession we would have treated her as we would have treated Thatcher.

    157. Andrew McLean says:

      Robert Peffers 9:11

      See you do, do morality, for myself I can see no difference in how I would treat either, thought as I will probably end up where they are, there is no point making enemy’s now.

    158. Chic McGregor says:

      Surely the salient point here (and there is one if you look) is that Lord Foulkes tried to pass off, as a given truth, something which all the actors involved have stated was untrue, something that even Carmichael has admitted was untrue.

      What does that say about his judgement?

    159. G4jeepers says:

      Does Prof Tomkins think he’s presidential material?

    160. Hugh Barclay says:

      One is a proud Scot and the other is just a plain auld Scot.

      Question, If they were Irish which one would be a Plastic Paddy?

    161. robin says:

      I remember doing a university philosophy course assignment several years ago saying the same thing that Blair was a war criminal and should be taken to the Hague with my wife saying I would be marked down for saying what I felt was true. I passed the assignment but did get marked down but I refused to ‘go quietly’ when peoples lives were being thrown away by this murderer.

    162. Robert Peffers says:

      @Andrew McLean says: 20 May, 2016 at 9:2

      “See you do, do morality”


      No one would be judging either woman. We would only be rather more careful how we treated them.

      A bit like a YES canvasser would respond on the doorstep when confronted by respectively a declared unionist or a declared independence supporter.

      I do not assume a unionist is supporting the union because they are anti-Scottish nor that they are anti-Scotland.

      Rather that they sincerely believe Scotland being in the union is the best option, Both for Scotland and for the that particular unionist supporting person.

      I do not treat them as, “The Enemy”. I treat them as misinformed in their belief. I don’t want to judge them. I want to prove to them their beliefs are wrong.

      There is a big difference in holding a genuine belief that unionism is best and deliberately, and knowingly, setting out to subjugate Scotland and the people of Scotland.

      Read the posts on wings and you will find there are those who judge all unionists as ("Tractor" - Ed)s. Most are not but are just the gullible victims of a lifetime of deliberate unionist propaganda.

    163. Hugh Barclay says:

      Old plastic George there gave me a giggle during the indyref, I photo shopped the BT campaign but, changed a few words and added a couple, all in the same font then tweeted it.
      Old pie eyed George didn’t notice the changes and re-tweeted the photo, lolz.

      If there is one thing the indyref has highlighted (thanks partly to Rev Stu) it’s the shear incompetence of the arseholes who have been running Scotland for decades & having their assess covered by a bent, propaganda pumping MSM who wouldn’t know what real journalism is if it slapped them in the coupon.

    164. Free Scotland says:

      Foulkes is the living embodiment of “intellectual deficit.”

    165. AhuraMazda says:

      Jeffers, not only is there no contradiction between those two unionist positions you refer to, but they sit comfortably alongside one another so that many unionists probably think the Union is both better for us and are quite happy with subjugation it entails for Scotland.

      That sort of stance is as common in the history of international relations as it is in the history of domestic abuse.

      Anyway, who cares what they think? I don’t see many of them crossing over. I’d actually argue that it’s easier for us if their Unionism is obnoxious, it plays into our hands.

      Studies suggest our population can be divided into 3 categories and they are roughly of equal size: us, Unionists, and those caught in the middle. We don’t need to convince Unionists — and it rarely happens anyway — we just need to talk to the ones in the middle.

    166. Grouse Beater says:

      Here’s another two Scotsmen, sadly both balloons adrift from their moorings:

    167. Andrew Mclean says:

      Robert Peffers 10:05 “I do not treat them as, “The Enemy”. I treat them as misinformed in their belief. I don’t want to judge them. I want to prove to them their beliefs are wrong.”

      On that subject, and moving on, I notice that comments are disabled on the Record, probably because they have twisted the facts about Cal Mac to such an extent they lie broken in a thousand pieces on the floor of their print room.

      and yet thousands of Scots will wake up this morning and read the front pages of the red tops and actual believe the shit printed.

      That’s how you destroy a county, read the record and believe it to be the truth, so you create a society as written by George Orwell in 1984.

      The daily record and the Labor party saved the Cal Mac ferry, I hope someone takes the EU to the side and explains that Some Scots are feckless idiots best avoided.

    168. Grouse Beater says:

      Nothing to see here. Move on.

      I met George Foulkes once. He was drunk and obnoxious.

    169. ronnie anderson says:

      Xpats lose case to vote in EU referendem, one law for US another law for UK.

      We need a petition to change the voting system in Scotland,this decission has set a president.

    170. heedtracker says:

      Great UKOK stuff in rancid Graun for coffee time. Voters piling back to Blighty for a referendum? for shame.

      “Police are investigating a complaint from the Vote Leave campaign that a Ryanair ad offering cheap flights to expats who want to vote to remain in the European Union breaches bribery laws.

      The Ryanair “Brexit special” says overseas voters can “fly home to vote ‘remain’” from €19.99 on the day of the referendum, 23 June, or the day before, 22 June.

      Vote Leave campaign director Dominic Cummings described the offer as “corrupt” and alleged it broke referendum rules and section 1 of the Bribery Act 2010.”

    171. Marcia says:

      Some Labourites and their newspapers supporters do have short memories. The internet doesn’t. Jackie Baillie might recall this from 2004….

    172. heedtracker says:

      Graun’s blue tory in residence very angry at Celebs for Remain in the EU this morn. Why did none of imperial masters mind same Celebs telling Scotland to stay with us England land, from Rowling to Geldof, is my teamGB mystery of the day, so far.

      Its sarcasm what won it Graun

      “Who can possibly argue with 250 luvvies crying, “Remain!”? How can anyone reply when these gods cite everyone from “the Bard to Bowie” in their cause? They carry into battle Richard III, Sherlock Holmes, Elizabeth Bennet, the Red Queen, the Olympics, Love Actually, a dozen Hamlets and even the dear old Queen. They are actors, novelists, writers, directors, celebrities, names, all names, big names (who got left off?). The EU may be facing the darkest crisis in its existence, but never has it received such a dazzling testimonial.”

    173. Marcia says:

      2005 even 🙂

    174. bugsbunny says:

      “There once was a young Shropshire Lad”,
      “Who got votes from the likes of my Dad”;
      “When out on the Piss”,
      “Gave a cop a Glasgow Kiss”,
      “Now he only shouts SNP BAD”.


    175. bugsbunny says:

      Ronnie Anderson,



    176. Flower of Scotland says:

      I’m up for another PQ demo. Was at two. Would be great to do more, and then get them onto YouTube.

    177. Conan the Librarian™ says:

      @ Ronnie

      You mean it’s been Trumped?

    178. galamcennalath says:

      Apologies in advance to anyone who was privately educated and has ended up a normal well adjusted individual!

      I have come across a good number of men who were educated at private single gender boarding schools. All that I have known share traits. Their education has left them not quite like the rest of us. An unfortunate mix of over confidence with a lack of self awareness. They seem to have issues and hangups when engaging with other people. Basically, they seem to be on the sociopath spectrum!

      I understand that historically this was by design. The intention being to produce individuals with the ‘skills’ to run an Empire.

      Alec Salmond had a normal education at Linlithgow Academy! Foulkes, well ….

    179. Papadox says:

      Just Waite till CHILCOT is published. We will see exactly how rancid and despicable the Establishment is in protecting its sordid state. The EBC & MSM will be well primed and start spreading the rumours and lies to soften up the lieges prior to the big day. Then the hapless CHILCOT will be wheeled out to read his conclusions. Can’t prove anything no evidence although things could have been done better. Blair was only doing his best under very difficult and fast moving situation. He believed that the end of the world was imminent. He believed we should all be greatful for him saving the world.
      CHILCOT will disappear into the darkness to enjoy his rewards and appreciate he did his duty as a civil servant to the crown. Sick sick sick.
      Tony Blair will have been rehabilitated in the eyes of the state EBC & MSM, though believe he will be kept out of sight, let the plebs forget.

    180. cirsium says:

      @Marcia, 10.57am

      Nice one

    181. G H Graham says:

      It should be a condition of employment that George “Lanliq” Foulkes checks his blood alcohol content BEFORE speaking.

      Having said that, in what condition would the companies be, who make Eldorado, Four Crowns, Vat 69, Blue Nun & Buckfast, without drunk activists like Foulke’s propping up their industry?

    182. Chic McGregor says:

      OT Trump only needs 76 delegates to secure the nomination out of 402 remaining. Yikes! ‘Trumpton, Trumpton, so good they named it twice’ doesn’t scan well.

    183. Socrates McSporran says:

      A wee, and lengthy – for which apologies – history lesson for you.

      Back in the 1960s, the MP for South Ayrshire was Keir Hardie’s son-in-law, Emrys Hughes. Emrys was: “A left-wing Welsh firebrand”, who was proud to claim: “I am the only MP with a certificate to prove I am sane enough to sit here”.

      He was a marvellous constituency MP and the miners of Cumnock and Doon Valley and the fishermen of Girvan voted him in repeatedly to the extent his majority was weighed rather than counted.

      He died and was succeeded by Jim Sillars, who was the rising star of Scottish Labour and within weeks of taking his seat, Sillars was being touted as: “A future Secretary of State for Scotland”.

      For Sillars, it began to go wrong after one election in (memory fails me slightly) 1971 I think. He held his seat, Sam Purdie, a miner from Muirkirk who had left Labour to join the SNP, after the declaration on th steps of Ayr Sheriff Court, made a speech in which he pointed out: “Scotland has voted one way (Labour), England another and we now have a Tory government for which we did not vote”.

      Legend has it, this got Sillars thinking, so he left the Labour Party to form the Scottish Labour Party, with Alex Neil as Party Secretary. We need not concern ourselves here with alleged left-wing infiltration, the collapse of the SLP and Messrs Sillars’ and Neil’s progression to the SNP.

      Sillars’ desertion of Labour, plus his time being taken up with the travails of the SLP, and the break-up of his first marriage, saw him lose the suport of the NUM in Ayrshire. He also became much less successful and energetic as he had been previously as a constituency MP.

      The Labour Party nominated George Foulkes to stand against Sillars at the next General Election and, in the run-up, the Cumnock Chronicle’s letters page was a “must read” as the two debated their differeing views.

      Come the GE, Foulkes took the seat back for Labour with a greatly reduced majority. Sillars did have a strong personal following, but, the miners could not entirely vore against Labour – Foulkes went to WEstminster as a: “Coming man”.

      I always found George and his formidable wife Liz a very good constituency double act, however, it might be fair to say, George, in spite of increasing his majority regularly, failed when given the chance of promotion to junior ministerial rank – he became back bench “lobby fodder” and sunk to the level of being a “Low-flying Jimmy”, before standing down from Westminster and going to Holyrood.

      The younger George Foulkes had a chance of being a Labour big-hitter, but, he never took it. He then, I think, stayed around too-long on the back-benches and his once-promising career has stagnated until today, as an unelected Lord, he is a joke.

      George Foulkes is perhaps one of he best examples I can give of the need for elected members’ time in parliament, either at Westminster of Holyrood, to be time-limited.

    184. ronnie anderson says:

      @ Conan the Librian Trump,ted 1st word in ma Fuckabulary lol.

    185. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Ronnie A –

      Talking of Trumpton, here’s the new Radiohead single, ‘Burn The Witch’ –

    186. Is Lord Lair Carmichael of Portsmouth George Foulkes love child? He has his father’s nose.

    187. Surely where you are born denotes your nationality you can’t just pick and choose what nationality you want to be darling and foukes are English end of

    188. robertknight says:

      Blair Paterson says:
      20 May, 2016 at 4:29 pm

      Surely where you are born denotes your nationality you can’t just pick and choose what nationality you want to be darling and foukes are English end of.

      On the contrary…

      My Passport says “British”, however that piece of paper is the only thing about me which is. (Discounting the geographic label; having been born on the island of Great Britain).

      Nationality can change. My Scotland-born cousins now have Australian passports/citizenship and regard themselves as Australian; having lived there since their pre-school years they have more affinity with Oz than Scotland.

      I was born in the UK of GB & NI, however I hold no affinity to that state or its predominantly Anglo-centric culture, values, traditions and institutions.

      In the event that I retire to a far-flung corner of the globe and decide to spend the rest of my days there, who’s to say I won’t trade in my Brit’ Passport and assume the nationality of the other citizens who live there.

      Nationality, unlike citizenship, isn’t determined by a piece of paper, be that a Passport or Birth Certificate, but can be determined by the affinity and loyalty, or lack there of, shown on the part of an individual towards a particular nation/people.

    189. Ian Brotherhood says:

      The Chilcott Report is due to be released on July 6th, right?

      Anyone fancy a bet that Foulkes will be ‘on holiday’ when it appears?

      He was up to his neck in the whole propaganda push for war, and Scotland was his ‘area of operation’. Foulkes, along with Eric Joyce and Jim Wylie (Terrorism ‘expert’, Aberdeen Uni) were in and out of BBC’s Queen Margaret Drive like a fiddler’s elbow, most notably on Lesley Riddoch’s afternoon show, frightening the bejayzuz out of a’body about ‘Saddam’ and his WMD.

      Perhaps Georgie-boy thought his drunken buffoonery would help distract us, make us forget his role in one of the gravest war crimes ever committed?

      Well, nae luck Foulkes. It hasn’t.

    190. chossy says:

      Man that guy is a goon , he even lifts his left arm instinctively as though bringing a glas up to his mouth. hic.

    191. The Rough Bounds says:

      George Foulkes is put up by the Labour Party to speak for them precisely because he IS a dickhead. We shake our heads and laugh at the babbling clown. He is a comical buffoon, but what happens is that we all get fired up at him and his bad manners etc. instead of concentrating on the real enemy: his Labour Party.

      He is a foil, (vt. to frustrate. n. A blunt sword with a button on the point) and it suits Labour and the other Unionists just fine that he comes across as a grunting ape. It all becomes personalised then, and we make comments about his nose and his drinking habits, but what happens is that the bigger issues are ignored or passed over. Labour itself is let off the hook.

      The BBC knows this full well, and enjoys playing the joker in the pack time and time again.

    192. Richardinho says:

      I wonder why the Labour party has been all but destroyed in Scotland. I can’t quite tell!

    193. Davosa says:

      Yes as one of your previous posters stated Foulks is a fat wee wanker of the highest order.

    194. Weechid says:

      George Foulkes – living proof that a private education does not lead to “top people” – just top arseholes. Me, with my comprehensive education, would have ended up slapping the little shite for being so bloody rude.

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