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Truth in numbers

Posted on October 21, 2022 by

A year and a quarter ago, we contrasted the performance of the SNP’s last two leaders in terms of building support for independence. As the First Minister crows about how much better she’s been at staying in power than a succession of UK leaders, it seems only proper to bring the stats up to date.

(Click pic to enlarge.)

There was only one Tory leader during Alex Salmond’s entire period as First Minister (David Cameron), and two Labour ones (Gordon Brown and Ed Miliband). Salmond had to fight against a fairly competent, fairly centrist Labour government and then a fairly competent, fairly centrist coalition UK government, in a reasonably economically stable UK inside the EU.

He left office between two 52% Yes polls, having hauled support up from barely 30%.

Nicola Sturgeon has faced a series of staggeringly inept hardline Tory governments who have dragged the UK and Scotland hamfistedly and catastrophically out of the EU, overseen 200,000 deaths in a grotesquely botched virus pandemic, created the worst economic crisis since World War 2 and turned the UK into a global laughing stock with three Prime Ministers and four Chancellors in the space of a few months.

She’s also been able to watch as the Labour Party, the SNP’s traditional opponents, has torn itself apart with bitter infighting, and as the Lib Dems dwindled from a serious force commanding a quarter of the popular vote into an irrelevant joke whose nadir was the brief comedy tenure of Jo Swinson as leader.

She’s led a party with financial resources at its disposal that Salmond’s SNP could never have dreamed of in a million years, resources created by his work in turning it into a mass-membership party of power.

And what’s she achieved with that incredible, once-in-a-lifetime gift of circumstances? Turned the 52% she inherited into 49%, while not taking Scotland a single step closer to a second referendum. Perhaps a little bit less gloating might be in order until such times as something’s been done to merit it.

Because all she’s done so far is prove that there’s no UK leader SO incompetent that they can’t, at a bare minimum, successfully foil Nicola Sturgeon.

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1035 to “Truth in numbers”

  1. John Main says:

    @ Hats says:31 October, 2022 at 8:20 pm

    “Now that everybody knows the truth about Nordstream, how do you think the shivering Germans will respond? As I understand it, nordstream was largely paid for by Germans”

    Ah, there’s your erroneous premises right there, Hats. You are not “everybody”.

    Usual suspects BTL excluded, “everybody” needs plausible evidence. So, for the second time, you got a wee linky-winky, Hats?

    As for your continuing belief that there is one pipeline paid for by Germans, alert readers can look at this nuanced assessment put together online by the sort of under-achievers Hats would bulldoze out of his way:

    “N?rd Stream AG is formally a Swiss company, not subject to any sanctions, and a member of the Pipeline Subsea and Repair Intervention Pool led by Norway’s Equinor, which provides its members with access to specialist equipment and crews.

    One irony of the attack is that Russti’s Gazprom potentially stands to benefit: it will no longer need to invent excuses not to supply Europe via Nord Stream 1. Now it can claim a force majeure, which will dramatically reduce the risk of compensation claims for non-delivered volumes. This logic, however, does not explain the damage caused to Nord Stream 2. On the other hand, the Nord Stream consortium companies and eventually Gazprom might even hope to collect some insurance for the damaged pipelines. Given that they already looked set to become a stranded asset, that would be far from the worst outcome for the giant company.”

    Wheels within wheels, eh Hats? It’s complicated, the real world, so it is. How much did you pay for your Diploma of Over Achievement?

  2. John Main says:

    @ Hats says:31 October, 2022 at 10:27 pm

    “Taiwan, an island … that everybody accepts is part of China”

    Oops, mask slipping there, Hats.

    Scotland … a wee country that everybody accepts is part of the UK.

    Excluding around half the Scots.

    And for the first example, excluding most of the Taiwanese.

    So what you really saying, Hats? Under-achievers don’t count?

    You are just another carpet-bagger on the Indy cause, Hats, lacking as you do, any instinct or empathy for the ideas of freedom, self-determination, or popular mandate. That’s why you so regularly post on here to exult at the thought of the defeat and destruction of those who would be free.

  3. Scott says:

    Nordstream is a company registered in Switzerland as John Main says using sophistry, because its shareholders are Gazprom [RUS] (majority) in partnership with Dutch, French & German companies.

    Why did Russia via Gazprom & partners go to the effort of investing in pipelines to Northern Europe if the free market economics didn’t require it? To claim force majeure at some random point in the future?

    Remember that time you didn’t think Russia had any malign influence on our lives, during which time the Jerries were happy, the Yanks not about gas flowing freely to destination at a price?

    And then “all of a sudden” you hit out with the ‘pipelines are shite, Laika is cunt, and Yuri Gagarin ate my gerbil’ patter.

    Fuck off, tubthumper and show me the money.

  4. Andy Ellis says:

    @Hatuey 10.27 pm

    I’ll bet on it, Ellis; one way or another, they’ll do it.

    Ah, so NOT in 54 days then…? Having second thoughts about your qualification as the site’s resident Cassandra now bud! Difficult to take a bet if your prediction that it’ll definitely happen at some indeterminate point in the future. Alert readers might just think you’re chewing a brick and have no idea what you’re pontificating about.

    As John Main points out, these aren’t Chinese coastal waters, they’re international waters between China and Taiwan. Most resonable people would reject the reasoning of the totalitarian Chinese leadership that there is a moral equivalence, because they have a moral compass, in much the same way that most reasonable regimes in the run up to WW2.

    The switch from a US/USSR competition to a US/China competition is one of long duration. Russia is much more of an encumbrance to Xi than it is a help, much like Mussolini’s Italy was for Hitler. China is still no match for the USA and West generally in defence and security terms, and Beijing is quite aware of that. It’s capabilities are accelerating due to China’s growing economic power, but it is never likely to be in a position to take Taiwan by force unless the US and West allow them to, which in the end will be a political not a military decision, much like the UK’s decision to allow the Chinese to absorb Hong Kong.

    Here’s another prediction; the US economy will be in free-fall by the spring, probably a lot sooner.

    Another cast iron prediction that we’ll easily be able to check next spring. Will your certainty last as long as your “55 days to Taiwan war” prediction above which lasted all of 8 or 9 hours? The punters deserve to know.

    Perhaps in the cold light of day this morning, once your hangover has cleared, you’ll row back on the prediction too? Free-falling US economy is a certainty when, exactly? Before Christmas? New Year? Easter? As the site’s resident over achiever as well as Cassandra, you should be able to tell us when we need to start stockpiling supplies and arranging our affairs for the coming storm.

    Or of course, we could just put it down to an over active imagination.

    Yeah…..that’ll be it.

  5. Andy Ellis says:

    @John Main 6.34 am

    It is passing strange isn’t it? Why would people who hold themselves out as nationalists and dyed in the wool supporters of independence for Scotland and the absolute right to self determination be so opposed to the people of Taiwan deciding to become an independent state, and to reject Chinese pretensions that it wasn’t “allowed” to do so?

    Do they think the same about Catalonia vis-a-vis Spain I wonder? Or Tibet and Xinjiang in China? It seems strange that some of the friends of Vlad insist we must accept the right of the pretendy republics in the Donbas for independence, but not the rights of subject peoples within the Russian Federation, China or indeed anywhere else.

    Why, you might almost think such people had an agenda…… 🙂

  6. Hatuey says:

    Well, Ellis, I re-stated my prediction on Taiwan and for some reason you misconstrue it as backing off — I even offered to bet on it. You don’t read very well.

    If there’s two governments in the world that stand out as hostile to Scottish independence, it’s the US and UK governments, which for some odd reason you are supporting. That’s a major contradiction for you but you’re so blinded by propaganda that you don’t see it. It’s also a contradiction for the SNP, so you’re in good company.

    Maybe if we demonstrate our obedience and maturity when it comes to their terrorism, meddling, attacks on third world peasants, illegal wars, etc., they will reward us with independence… is that the idea? Really?

    I’m trying to help you and you insist on spontaneously combusting.

  7. Hatuey says:

    Lol @ Yuri Gagarin at my gerbil.

    Quote of the day before 9.30 am, well done.

    Those that he thinks he is aligned with have been going around the world stuffing other people’s hamsters into their mouths forever basically, like hamster eating machines. Every time they talk, hamsters jump out of their mouths screaming.

    And, of course, Andy Ellis himself is hamster.

  8. Willie says:

    Hatuey @8.20

    I suspect your comments about the US economy being in a mess and ready to head down the tubes is more accurate than folk realize. And with it the UK too.

    Both countries have absolutely huge debts. Much of their wealth too is illusory. Much of their perceived economic wealth as the 2008 bank crisis showed.

    Moreover, there is another world out there. Russia, China, Iran being three particular examples, but not the only examples. They have resources, have highly developed economies, are technically and intellectually endowed, and are more than capable of being a greater power than the US and it’s accolytes. And there is no greater example of this than China whose economy and with it its military, is now set to usurp the US.

    The US and for that matter is therefore in decline and it is difficult not to see this changing. All Empires die. Britain’s did, the Romans before that and the US empire is now in decline.

    However, in huffing and puffing and in firing off economic sanctions and engaging in a hybrid war one can only but suspect that this will expose and accelerate the decline. A look at the UK economy tells us that. Just use one’s eyes and look around.

    The world is now aligning. Germany, and some of the other EU states could soon realign with Russia. It does not make sense to be at war with Russia. And many other European nations are now saying that too.

    Biden declared, very foolishly I would say that he and the US would not allow the Nord Stream gas line to operate. They would see to it that it didn’t. And now that it doesn’t that together with US sanctions is bringing Germany to its knees. And similar situations appertain in Hungary and other states.

    It therefore goes without saying that the realignment is underway. And will we, that is the Royal We, will we in Blighty, the great world power Grande Britannia prevail,

    So let us all cue a rendition of Rule Britannia, and all of us sing with all the bellicose breath we can muster. Fur coat and no knickers my old Ma used to say. National British dress – or for the US – no pants.

  9. Andy Ellis says:


    So at 10.27 pm last night it was:

    “ I’ll bet on it, Ellis; one way or another, they’ll do it.”

    Whereas earlier on you assured us it would happen before Christmas, which is now 54 days away.

    So is “one way or another” implying it won’t now happen in the next 54 days, or that it still definitely will, but you’re obfuscating by introducing that it will be “one way or another” whatever that means? Those inclined to take your bet need to know the details surely? Not that many would trust you to pay up when you lose I imagine. Doubtless you’ll turn out to be as big a welcher as yon fence sitter Gerry Hassan was on his bet with Rev Stu.

    Since you’re apparently doubling down on your prediction, what is the wager you’re offering for those inclined to take your bet? Doubtless a neutral individual could be found to oversee it if any alert reader wants to take up your offer.

    The US – like most other governments in the west and internationally, whether western aligned or otherwise – tends to favour the status quo with respect to self determination movements. Look at Catalonia, Kosovo, Timor L’Este, Northern Cyprus, South Sudan… there’s a long list. Of course lots of those countries you insist are going to bring about the New World Order have a form sheet as long as your arm for denying self determination to subject peoples, whether the Russkies, China, India, Iran or all these others folk keep assuring us will deliver a Brave New World free of the Great Satan.

    I don’t see the US or the UK “doing a Vlad” on Scotland any time soon, nor does anyone else sane, but I doubt you’d hesitate to offer odds for that happening either. Whether you’d actually pay up when you lost is another matter of course.

  10. Scott says:

    Dan says:
    1 November, 2022 at 8:57 am

    And back to Scotland…

    Craig Murray is a fool.

    How anyone can boast about the quality of the policies advocated for by the party he himself is a member of [ALBA] while deciding it shouldn’t stand candidates against the party [SNP] that has shite policies, because the vote will be split?

    “If the SNP declare an actual plebiscite election, in which a SNP majority will lead to a declaration of Independence, then Alba should not stand against them. It would complicate matters unnecessarily and confuse the electorate. In those circumstances, I would call on all Independence supporters to get behind the SNP, putting aside all differences until after Independence is achieved.” – Craig Murray, A Real Plebiscite Election, or Fight the SNP

    If the so-called WM plebiscite returned a majority of seats in favour, Parliament as a whole can lawfully say ‘now is not the time, your needs are adequately served’ ad infinitum. Especially if parties stood only on the preservation of union ticket in England, Wales & NI too. But they wouldn’t, they’d propose policies allegedly designed to make people’s lives better in those places.

    Campaigning for independence within a 6-week timescale is insanity, and shouldn’t be encouraged.

    Voting for a manifesto promise does not and cannot make it come to fruition. It’s only a wish list/menu. The fish is off tonight, come back in 5 years time.

    Holyrood plebiscite is another batch of scones entirely. It only takes into account the cohort ‘independence as sought’ will affect.

    Craig has other principles too, but doesn’t like to talk about them in case Paypal loses commission. If he ‘needs’ donations to run a blog, then he isn’t working in a professional capacity. He isn’t a journalist. He’s someone who wants to look important. Flying to Turkey to appear involved in ‘peace talks’ was proper moonhowling behaviour. He is a Walter Mitty character, however well intended he appears. Why hasn’t his pal Julian tried accessing justice in Scotland? If his wife & kids moved here, they could petition nobile officium of CoS to have him extradited to the custody of Scots law for appeal purposes. They haven’t though. Posters, placards and holding hands for the cameras is the sum of the collective effort when a real and obvious solution/route to remedy exists. One that has been shared with both Stella & Craig, but no response at all was forthcoming. Nada. Zilch, Nowt. Fuck all. Hee-haw.

    ‘He went to prison so he could bring the truth’ shouldn’t really help his ‘upcoming’ sham appeal to Europe, imho. He’s not appealing a criminal conviction, only a civil action he consented to adhere to by submitting himself to prison before exhausting all domestic appeal routes. As I’ve said before, he hopes [IMHO] to bring into the public domain stuff from HMA v Salmond whether he is cleared or not.

    He wrongly asserted in absolute terms that HMA, Dorothy Bain, had conspired with her husband and delayed one of his hearings, following it up later with a correction that it might have been Dominic Raab as cause, who was in Edinburgh that day on official business.

    Whether shooting from the hip or the lip, accuracy still matters.

    My verdict on CM’s skillset and need for a sub-editor is unanimous.

  11. Hatuey says:

    Willie, the US economy was expected to be overtaken by China in a matter of 3 or 4 years anyway. The Sino-Russo strategic partnership, which is at the heart of BRICS, tilts the scales today, not in the future. It’s all over bar the shouting.

    The US stint at the top lasted what, 75 years?

    They have a lot in common with the Spanish who found themselves on top in the 16th century as a result of plundering silver from South America. What did the Spanish invest their money in? Silver suits of armour and crap like that — one of them even made a silver suit of armour for his horse. Spanish museums are full of examples of their stupidity.

    At the time, of course, silver suits of armour were no doubt considered shrewd strategic investments, much like like aircraft carriers and nuclear missiles were for us until recently.

    Some day we will pay a dollar or two to go into American museums and laugh at their stupidity too. If I can get through the crowds of rich Chinese tourists, I’ll maybe go myself, but only if they have a couple of ICBMs in glass cases to laugh at.

    The world is moving on.

  12. Hatuey says:

    Ellis, I don’t have time to squabble… I’m not backing down though. Taiwan will be in Chinese hands by Christmas and there’s nothing you or anyone can do about it. I don’t see how they can do it in a non-military way, if they could I’m sure they would, but one way or another the matter will be resolved.

    I’ll bet you £50 on that. More if you like. We can sort out the mechanics of paying later. I’d prefer you gave to a charity of my choice but we can discuss that.

  13. Andy Ellis says:

    I’ll bet you £50 on that. More if you like. We can sort out the mechanics of paying later. I’d prefer you gave to a charity of my choice but we can discuss that.

    Pffftt…. I wouldn’t trust you further than I could throw you. If I was a betting man I’d happily accept a bottle of single malt when you are proven wrong, but rubbing your nose in it on 26th December when your latest prognostication proves illusory will be payment enough.

  14. Scott says:

    Hatuey says:
    1 November, 2022 at 10:22 am

    Ellis, I don’t have time to squabble… I’m not backing down though. Taiwan will be in Chinese hands by Christmas and there’s nothing you or anyone can do about it. I don’t see how they can do it in a non-military way, if they could I’m sure they would, but one way or another the matter will be resolved.

    I’ll bet you £50 on that. More if you like. We can sort out the mechanics of paying later. I’d prefer you gave to a charity of my choice but we can discuss that.

    You do have time to squabble.

    You squabbled with yourself, after setting the limit at £50. And on how the reclaiming motion will be effected.

    ‘Taiwan’ is already China – it’s central to the dispute. Each claims supremacy over the other, this isn’t a one way thing. The islanders seem happy to plod on in symbolic hope of uniting the mainland with them. The mainland don’t seem keen on the Yanks breenging through disputed territorial waters in their floating phalluses.

    Squabbles over, must dash. I’ve got an envelope to deliver in Edinburgh.

  15. James Che says:

    Rev Stu.

    I Think am in the wrong site.

    I thought this site was an advocate for Scottish independence,

    I did not realise it was a site to be hijacked on a daily basis for ramping up talk for WW3 by those with MOD contracts.

  16. Andy Ellis says:

    I did not realise it was a site to be hijacked on a daily basis for ramping up talk for WW3 by those with MOD contracts.

    It’s telling that all these self appointed and invariably clueless gatekeepers never realise that most folk didn’t realise it was a site to be hijacked for the endless discussion of their hobby horse idées fixe either?

    You carpet bomb this site with your amateur hour Treaty of Union analysis and convoluted barely comprehensible discussions of the minutiae of 300 year old treaties and expect us all to engage with it, even though it has zero legal, constitutional, academic or political back up.

    Why should your input be treated any differently from that of others? You may not be interested in the current war, or it’s impact on our own situation, but you assume it’s more important or more worthy of discussion than others.

  17. Republicofscotland says:

    Sturgeon the betrayer bedding in with her new PM, both have corporate interests at heart, neither wants to see an independent Scotland.

    “Constructive call with @RishiSunak
    tonight. I expressed hope that we will build a UK/Scot gov relationship based on mutual respect – inc for mandates”

  18. Republicofscotland says:

    Makes perfect sense to me to ditch this vile union, alas we have a nasty Judas squatting in Bute House right now, even the horrible Tories know when to vote a leader out of office.

    Here in Scotland we had a few MSPs rebelling on the GRR, which has hardly set the heather on fire, no doubt they’ll settle back into the taxpayers trough, along with the other gutless and spineless SNP MSPs and MPs.

    Some though has Scotland’s interests at heart.

    “Windfall tax on the North Sea has brought in an extra £8Billion in tax.

    With independence this taxation would be Scotland’s. Added to no spend on trident, HS2, and rejecting 3% gdp spent on wars etc, an independent Scotland would very quickly now move to a lower deficit than rUK”

  19. Republicofscotland says:

    Superb article from Craig Murray, no indyref required just a plebiscite vote, a win, and we can kiss this fetid union goodbye forever.

  20. Dan says:

    Tea break browse and muchos lols at Foghorn Leghorn accusing others of carpet bombing and gatekeeping the site. Self awareness fail there, but does he ever stop to question the nature of his reality. #Westworld
    One ponders why such an “expert” with so much to say in all matters hasn’t been head hunted and offered a position in some highfalutin global organisation to sort out all the world’s ills.

    Anyways, it’s back to another day of floor sanding for me, which is no doubt about the intellectual height and level FL deems I’m worthy of, but it begs the question why would an individual hang out and spend quite so much of their time on here arguing with no marks.

  21. Dan says:

    @ RoS

    And a follow up to that Craig Murray article now.

  22. James Che says:


    Thanks for the Scottish topics support.

    Regardless of Andy not acknowledging that the treaty of the union is the most important topic as it is what prevents Scotland at the moment from being a independent country.

    There are a few on here that act in the same manner as a Cancel culture tag team on all Scottish commenters,
    Believing they have to re- educate the us all into their way of thinking,
    There is nothing more worthy of pointing out this is a very Colonial attitude toward native Scots.

  23. James Che says:


    Ally R. Made a excellent comment in response to Craigs post,

    That in Scotland there are three unionist parties in Scotland, but only one indy party,
    Which may I add I was wondering who the one indy party in Scotland were?

    There is ample space for Alba. it is not filling a gap left in Scottish politics, it will be the only main or largest party for indy in Scotland.

  24. Ebok says:

    Dear SSRG, Salvo, Alba, AUOB, Barrhead Boy, Rev Stu, Gordon Dangerfield, Robin McAlpine, Craig Murray, ISP, Tommy Sheridan, Iain Lawson, and all other groups and individuals yearning for Scottish Independence,

    Please help me.
    I’m drowning in a sea of information, some damning, some legalistic, and some elucidations, all outlining the justifications and benefits for Scotland becoming an independent nation once again.

    Like you, I see and feel is the oppression of Scottish citizens as I watch, helplessly, as Scotland’s resources are stolen from the nation.
    I despair as rapidly increasing numbers are sucked into poverty and denied the health and education provision that they are so richly entitled to. I despise those who turn a blind eye to the suffering of the weak and elderly and discard them on the scrapheap of society.
    I abhor those in power who use and abuse their position to disrespect our laws, justice, and freedom of information and speech. I am aghast at how politicians control the media, misrepresent the truth, and disrespect the wishes of those who elected them. I deplore the scandal of energy prices.

    But, most of all I am bewildered.
    I, and my brothers in Independence read stirring words, hear passionate speeches, demands for a clear route out of this cesspit that takes us on the road to independence. But, without a hand on the levers of power, all this fine talk and no action can never deliver what we crave.

    As team UK plunges into the abyss, there has never been a more advantageous or essential moment to seize the initiative and extricate Scotland from this wretched union.
    So, please, please, please, can you all get together, cast aside any differences you may harbour, become one, and focus solely on independence.

    There are one hundred thousand ex SNP members, and perhaps as many as two million voters who have been turned off and are politically homeless. You, the politicians, and writers, need to reach out to these disillusioned citizens and give them a place they can call home. Make them, and me, hanker for each weekend so that we can connect once again on the streets, demanding our elected representatives deliver on their – our – mandate.

    No easy task, I know. To do so requires leadership, unity, vision, inspiration, resources, and a clear plan of action. but it is no more challenging than that of leading a country from WM shackles to freedom and prosperity on the dawn of independence.
    We have the people, we have the talent, we have the vision, but we no longer have unity or a plan of action.

  25. Scott says:

    “Where I disagree most strongly with James is his notion that Alba would be “humiliated” in an election. I have stood twice as an independent, anti-war candidate in parliamentary by-elections. I gained 5% of the vote in Blackburn and 2.7% of the vote in Norwich North – the top end of the Alba range.

    I was not in the least humiliated. I had the chance to express my beliefs, against all the might of the big party machines, and thousands of people listened to what I said and cared enough to go out and vote for me. Honest presentation of your beliefs, as a choice for the electorate, is never humiliating.” – Craig Murray

    Let’s analyse that pile of fluffery, shall we?

    Norwich North By-Election 2009 result

    5th Green Party – Rupert Read 3350 votes, 9,7%

    6th Put an Honest Man into Parliament – Craig Murray 953 votes, 2.8% of 34377

    7th BNP – Fred West 941 votes, 2.7%

    Blackburn General Election – 2005

    4th BNP – Nicholas Holt 2263 votes, 5,4%

    5th Independent – Craig Murray 2082 votes, 5% of 41805

    6th UKIP – Dorothy Baxter 954 votes, 2.3%

    Thousands of people did vote for him, but thousands more didn’t and is a more accurate reflection of reality.

    But, it doesn’t matter, it’s the taking part that counts, not the winning.

    And to compose a new blog post in response to one offering a different view says a lot about Craig’s fragile ego, as evidenced further with his version of ‘e’ve got a castle’

    For context, ALBA averages 44913 votes in parliamentary elections which by any measure is more than 3035/2. Losing 54% in absolute numbers between elections isn’t a win either, regardless of constituency.

    Craig Murray isn’t a political strategist. He’s a reactionary with a paypal account. False profits and all that…

    If Paypal Paul can be called out for grifting, so can Craig Murray with the ubiquitous…

    “Forgive me for pointing out that my ability to provide this coverage is entirely dependent on your kind voluntary subscriptions which keep this blog going. This post is free for anybody to reproduce or republish, including in translation. You are still very welcome to read without subscribing.

    Unlike our adversaries including the Integrity Initiative, the 77th Brigade, Bellingcat, the Atlantic Council and hundreds of other warmongering propaganda operations, this blog has no source of state, corporate or institutional finance whatsoever. It runs entirely on voluntary subscriptions from its readers – many of whom do not necessarily agree with the [sic] every article, but welcome the alternative voice, insider information and debate.

    Subscriptions to keep this blog going are gratefully received.”

    Hyperbolic, unevidenced, presumptive, unapologetic pish, y’ask me.

    He can’t market his own goods properly, so why trust his interpretation of the words and deeds of others as slavishly as some appear to?

    ‘He looks & sounds like a nice man’ is the Tory way…know your audience.

  26. DJ says:

    And what’s your claim to fame Scott? Please remind me…

  27. Hatuey says:

    Scott, Craig Murray’s time on this earth has been made much more unpleasant by his commitment to principle — he essentially gave up his job in the foreign office on principle, he just spent several months in prison because of his principles, and I believe the reason he isn’t in mainstream politics is because he has principles.

    The record shows that Craig Murray will fall out with anyone rather than compromise on his principles. You might not agree with his views and that’s your choice, plenty don’t, but surely we can all agree that he’s a pretty good example of a guy that at least tries to act conscientiously.

    The suggestion that he’s some sort of money-grubbing grifter is possibly one of the stupidest things you have ever said on here.

  28. Scott says:

    DJ says:
    1 November, 2022 at 3:18 pm

    And what’s your claim to fame Scott? Please remind me…

    Yeah, that’s my point – performers claiming authority due to past deeds/status. Well done for noticing.

  29. Scott says:

    Hatuey says:
    1 November, 2022 at 3:30 pm

    1. Scott, Craig Murray’s time on this earth has been made much more unpleasant by his commitment to principle …he just spent several months in prison because of his principles

    2. You might not agree with his views and that’s your choice, plenty don’t, but surely we can all agree that he’s a pretty good example of a guy that at least tries to act conscientiously.

    3. The suggestion that he’s some sort of money-grubbing grifter is possibly one of the stupidest things you have ever said on here.

    1. Nice flowery language there to soften the scene…but he chose to accept the terms imposed in a civil action against him, before exhausting domestic appeal. He isn’t a criminal as a result of ‘conviction’. It’s only a civil matter. There is no remedy available now that he has served his sentence. A pyrrhic victory is all he’ll be able to claim, and for what reason? Pride/ego/fame/crusade whatever. He isn’t appealing for Scotland’s benefit. HMA v Salmond isn’t his gig or mine or yours. He might know things we don’t but sharing them won’t be allowed in open court if he wasn’t allowed to in original civil case in Scotland. He’s got a hard-on for the Lord Advocate for some reason – the UKSC submission was entirely balanced as required in Scots law, but to him it was an obvious Yoon conspiracy doomed to failure etc.

    2. I don’t, and folk who try to act conscientiously are shite. They supported NKOTB at Palnackie Treacle Factory in ’91.

    3. Is it, aye? Send me £5 and I’ll be able to finish this bit off…

  30. Republicofscotland says:

    Dan @ 1.32pm.

    Thanks Dan I’m just about to read it.

  31. Dan says:

    Picked up from Grousebeater’s twitter.

    Ash Regan explains her position and reasons re. last week’s vote on GRR.

    (1.5 min vid clip)

  32. Scott says:

    This is a real quote from Joe Biden

    “It’s time for oil companies to stop the war profiteering, meet their responsibilities to this country, and give the American people a break at the pump.”

    It’ll be cheap bullets n rifles n’at from the war profiteering NRA supporting corporations next.

    What someone in Yankland wants is for the oil price to crash and nothing else. Cui bono? Petrodollar either way, innit. They can’t cover their nut as is, printing more cash, even virtually, to meet demand for oil payments is unsustainable at current levels of saturation and concomitant squeezing of Fort Knox nuts by long-term speculators.

    Which is nice.

  33. John Main says:

    @Scott 6:36

    Maybes you should look at oil production figures.

    Taking 2021 figures, the world’s biggest producer is USA, with Russia & Saudi Arabia as runners up.

    In at number 4 is Canada.

    If you look at natural gas production, the USA is once again in number 1 slot, with Canada at number 4.

    If you look at proven reserves, the situation is not so rosy for the USA, with around 11 years left at that level of oil production. However, the situation is much better for gas.

    To me, this suggests that predictions that the USA is going to run out of money for oil & gas imports are absurd. The USA is a net exporter of both, probably for at least the next decade.

    If the USA can cut deals with Canada, which currently exports a lot of oil to China, and will no doubt happily change that if needed, the USA will certainly have enough of both oil and gas to comfortably see us all dead of old age.

  34. Scott says:

    John Main says:
    1 November, 2022 at 8:20 pm

    @Scott 6:36

    Maybes you should look at oil production figures.

    Why? Oil supply isn’t the issue, supply of liquid cash is.

    If there’s not enough dollars to cover their own nut, and oil is traded internationally at dollar rate, and the price rises, where does the fucking money come from to enable exchange if the value of the dollar drops? Out of your arse?

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