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Two leaders unalike

Posted on July 27, 2021 by

All recorded indyref polling on the standard question, from here and here.

The picture (click to enlarge) tells the story more eloquently than we could.

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223 to “Two leaders unalike”

  1. Shug says:

    4 years ago some unionist friends some with police connections told me she was compromised. I thought them daft, they did have a drink in them.
    I now believe them.

  2. Patsy Millar says:

    Yep, a picture paints a thousand words!

  3. Jason Smoothpiece says:

    Always will support independence for Scotland.

    I am however just smart enough to realise that there is no possibility of independence while the SNP retain their current leadership.

    Makes me very sad that Scottish folk can’t see the benefits of running their own country.

    Maybe in 10 years Alba will have picked things up but I don’t think I will be around to see it.

  4. Ruglonian says:

    Cheers Stu 🙂

  5. Louise Hogg says:

    Have you not put the ‘Lockdown’ line and label at March 2021 instead of March 2020, by mistake?

  6. LaingB French says:

    ye can kiss independence goodbye till sturgeon fks off tae some cushy arselicking joab in the UN or summit else. no hope no vote no belief in that heinous excuse furra wuman/man

  7. PhilM says:

    ‘Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in!’

  8. Bill Tierney says:


  9. Cath says:

    This current SNP leadership have done all they can to reduce the lead, not least collaborating with the unionists media, civil service and COPFS to stitch up Salmond in the most awful way possible. I have no idea precisely why they did that (compromised, plants from the start, bought off or – at very best – they genuinely believe their own opinions so strongly they think destroying anyone who disagrees is the way to win which, given some of their opinions, is deluded). Whichever of those it is, it will be absolutely impossible to trust this current SNP while the people involved are still there, sitting at the top of it.

    After Brexit and Johnson, Scotland should be well on the way to independence by now. We should have a strong voice internationally and be building the institutions, acting like an independent country and letting the UK try and stop us doing popular or internationalist things. Instead Sturgeon has destroyed everything good about the SNP and yes movement and done nothing but pass a veto to Johnson via a S30 and wibble on about “a referendum” endlessly rather than talking about independence, which has been more or less banned at conference and within the party.

    I’ve honestly never despised a bunch of politicians more than this lot. The Tories you expect it from: those supposedly on your own side betraying you…it’s hard to even process.

  10. Captain Yossarian says:

    If you had to draw a graph showing public support for our Scottish judiciary, it would no doubt follow exactly the same declining trend. They have become two cheeks of the same arse.

  11. Tartan Bolshie says:

    Publication of the Wee Blue Book is missing from the timeline

  12. James Horace says:

    My granddad used to work in a factory and retired aged 70. They had a party for him and he handed the factory over to his successors.

    Between the ages of 70 and 85, he was in the factory no fewer than 4 days per week. Retirement comes in many different shapes and forms.

  13. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Have you not put the ‘Lockdown’ line and label at March 2021 instead of March 2020, by mistake?”


  14. P says:

    No doubt she’s been paid well for splitting the party and creating factions within.

  15. James Che. says:

    New police academy in Scotland opened by NS is even going globalist,
    Why does a police force we pay for, of a small country like Scotland need to interfere in overseas police forces tackling gender issues,
    Surely our Scottish police force under tax payers money is better spent tackling crimes of drug and people trafficking along with holding NS and the snp to account for missing funds. And for false charges against a former first minister with civil service help,
    For attempting to shut down free speech of journalists. Etc.
    There is plenty of work to be done right here in Scotland without diluting our police force to hold multi globalist views.
    If the Scottish police force cannot handle crimes on its doorstep in obvious sight how will it manage global views.
    Will our police force become full of American and Zimbabwe style police?

  16. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Publication of the Wee Blue Book is missing from the timeline”

    Good point.

  17. John B says:

    I struggle to find words (that are publishable) to adequately sum-up my feelings about this woman who has all but destroyed the dreams of so many. Even “infamous” seems too good for her.

  18. Dan says:

    Is there an app to check if all those peaks coincide with the times The National told us there’s been a surge for Indy…

  19. Tom Halliday says:

    Good to see you are perving my tweets, brought up this exact point at the weekend when Pete Wishart bare faced lied that the polling for indy was heading to 60% before ALBA “came along” . I found it very strange that instead of providing an evidential answer to my claim of him lying, he just decided to block me instead. The most bizarre response was that no SNP member/supporter could show any numbers to support the lie, yet hundreds liked the tweet.

  20. Robert Louis says:

    Aye. Two leaders. One, Alex Salmond, actually wants independence, the other Nicola Sturgeon, doesn’t. It is that simple.

    She has hda chance after chance after chance. One golden opportunity after another, and on every occasion she has done NOTHING. A real-life toom-tabard.

    It is exceptionally convenient for England to keep an incompetent, non-threatening SNP-lite in existence. It acts as a focus for those seeking independence in Scotland. A permanently dangled (but useless) independence ‘carrot’. Nicola Sturgeon is quite happy for the SNP to go back to becoming an irrelevancy on the fringes of Scottish politics, talking about independence, but doing nothing. She and her husband will reitre soon, so why would they care?

    Next election (at which they will no doubt dangle the indyref carrot yet again) will be an SNP wipeout. It cannot happen too soon. They will not get my vote again – and nor will Robertson when he replaces her. Nobody will get my vote in the council elections, as they are all (from all parties) wastrels, pandering to woke policies and the cycling lobby – especially in Edinburgh.

  21. Alison Ross says:

    God that’s depressing to see!

  22. Robert Louis says:

    P at 134pm,

    Yes, totally agree. As Burns so correctly put it, ‘Hireling ("Tractor" - Ed)’s wages’. The filter on here, will ikely change the correct word to tractor, but everybody knows the poem anyway.

  23. Captain Yossarian says:

    @Alf Baird – What happens at Holyrood would never be allowed to happen at Westminster; the London Evening Standard would be all over them. English bloggers like Guido Fawkes don’t get spooked into closing down for a few months like they do here in Scotland. Get the picture? It’s not the UK that’s a banana republic, it is Scotland.

    I hear that the Deputy First Minister and Minister for Covid Recovery has started giving folk the weather on his Twitter page. It’s going to rain in Perth tomorrow. Is he on gardening leave or something?

  24. Taranaich says:

    What the hell happened in June 2019?

  25. Cath says:

    What the hell happened in June 2019?

    Was zonering tot too, but I guess just one rogue poll maybe?

  26. Graf Midgehunter says:

    If it hadn’t been for the little tiddler at the end of the blue line, then the fall would have been even steeper.

    The graph really does bring into contrast how leadership can drive independence forward and that the YES movement still has the ability to react positively when given the right impulses.

  27. Prasad says:

    Graph still rising after Jan 2000 speech! We are definitely not the politically clever people we think we are. She told us then quite openly that she had done sweet fuck all and had no plan aftre all her false promises (lies).
    It wasn’t until Sept 2000 when she refused to close the border that Indy support dropped. It seem that everyone but her knew the second wave was coming. Weird, that is when Independence support should have gone sky high.
    Sturgeon’s approval ratings didn’t really start falling until the Christmas opening before the start of 3rd covid wave. Everyone but her could see that was going to be a disaster.

    She couldn’t organise a piss up in a whisky vat. Fucko and co. and covid and she still couldn’t achieve anything at all (or didn’t want to).

    It will be very interesting, i would say crucial, to see whether the recent revelations will have any effect.
    Just noticed that the Cameron McNeish story was not just in The Times it was also in the Press & Journal, Herald and National. You would have to be living in cave not to have seen it.

    Could be people just can’t stand looking at that face and head nodding any longer. Amazed it took so long. I was sure the more she was on tv the more people would hate her. There again look at the other people on tv (Clare Balding, Neil Oliver)

  28. Kenny says:

    Phew.. Makes quite the initial visual impact that one.
    Good work.

    Stuff’s bubbling under now, percolating, crooks beginning to quiver, QCs putting cases together. Good stuff.

  29. Graf Midgehunter says:

    Boris said:

    “Offenders guilty of anti-social behaviour should be in “fluorescent-jacketed chain gangs””

    I agree, I know where to start:

    You can but live in hope.. 🙂

  30. wullie says:

    Does anyone think Nicla voted naw in 2014 ref

  31. holymacmoses says:

    The impact of your work is shown very clearly here Wings. I’m relieved thatit seems that you’ve designated yourself as a sleeper for the cause.
    BTW have you ever though about doing a David Wolstencroft take on the Scottish scene. Your writing is strong and I imagine your games skills ought to lend themselves to the cinematographic and presentational approach required to make a critically astute and entertaining ‘series’ on Scottish politics/law/legal which could rival the old Spooks programmes.
    I reckon you’ve got all the material and certainly all the skills

  32. David Hannah says:

    Alex Salmond is a class above Nicola Sturgeon. She will remain forever in his shaddow.

    Sturgeon is somewhere between tin pot dictator and sociopath, using the mechanisms of the state to imprison her poltical opponents.

    Let’s hope the honest officers of Police Scotland,ignore all interference from the COPFS, and bring the criminal elite around Sturgeon to justice and seal their fate.

  33. Morgatron says:

    Yip, no need to say a word. Utterly depressing.

  34. Dorothy Devine says:

    OT does anyone know how to e-mail a complaint to the BBBC / If I hear another ‘minor medals’ comment I may damage the T V.

    I want to tell their commentators there is no such thing as a ‘minor medal’ and draw their attention to the fact that when team GB wins one they crow sycophantically.

    It really irks me.

  35. Goggs says:

    I’m with Mr Smoothpiece.

  36. Nally Anders says:

    In an interview, Alex Salmond was accused of setting up Alba just to bully and otherwise detract from Nicola Stugeon’s ‘authority. In other words to bring her down.
    In reply Alex laughed and said effectively he could “destroy” her (career) at any time.
    Alex mate she keeps playing dirty, she’s trashed your reputation, for the sake of Scotland it’s time for a concentrated fight back.

  37. twathater says:

    I have said it before and I will say it again , anyone who is still a member of the SNP and is paying your subs , YOU are not a friend of independence you are complicit in working against it

    YOU can use whatever excuse you like but it is your subs and unconditional support for this crew of lunatic deviants that is GRINDING independence down into the dust , by your support you are encouraging this she/he/it to SABOTAGE SCOTLAND’S INDEPENDENCE and enforcing the continued dominance of clown shoe bozo and his circus

    The easiest way to rid ourselves of this fraudulent charlatan and her minions is to STOP financing them and STOP supporting them

    IF people STARVE them of finances and they can’t steal any more they will be forced to listen and rid themselves of her and her cabal only then can the SNP again POSSIBLY return to the party of independence

    Until and Unless supporters and members destroy this cult and its leaders the SNP is LOST and it is YOU supporters and sub payers who are to blame

  38. Mia says:

    “this woman who has all but destroyed the dreams of so many”

    Is not just “that woman”, is it? That woman on her own would not be able to do much. The disgrace here is that in 6.6 years, this political fraud has been deliberately regressing Scotland’s autonomy, undermining our popular sovereignty, haemorrhaging powers and assets and destroying women’s rights while SNP MPs and MSPs sat on their effing hands and did nothing. Nothing.

    Bar a very few exceptions, like Ms Cherry, Mr MCaskill, Mr McNeil and Chris McEleny, most couldn’t even be arsed in open their mouths in protest or to force this fraud out of the way so they could push for independence. Clearly there are no “cojones” left in the SNP.

    All what these cowards did was to sit in Westminster and Holyrood legitimising the subjugation of Scotland, legitimising Scotland’s exploitation by England, legitimising an abusive UK government and parliament and doing fck all to progress independence or protect our democracy and sovereignty.

    So by all means, let’s criticise this political fraud, but lets criticise even more the cowards who have allowed this charlatan, useful idiot of the English ruling elite, to run havoc with their party, to destroy Scotland’s democracy, to destroy Scotland’s justice system reputation, to regress our autonomy and to take the voters for fools.

    What do I want to see?

    I want to see SNP MPS and MSPs growing a backbone and pushing this fraud and her coterie out of the driving wheel for once and for all. They have one year. Either that or we should start campaigning to eject all those proven useless amoebas out of our seats to replace them with Alba ones.

    We should not be rewarding losers. We should be chucking them out.

  39. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:
    27 July, 2021 at 1:35 pm

    Rev Stu,

    Sorry for mentioning this on this thread.

    But I am unable to get access to most threads or (especially) from the links in the members comments.

    I only got in to the comments hear by a link in twitter.

    Cheers and be glad if you were back full time.

  40. wee monkey says:

    What’s Chinese for “death of a thousand cuts”?

    Prosecution of Salmond ally Mark Hirst ‘malicious’, Lord Advocate Dorothy Bain told…

    I actually DO NOT CARE one fig about his politics; ergo this whole “malicious” prosecution edict has to be eliminated and those responsible for both initiating this and it’s drive to conclusion have to be brought to justice.

  41. Ian McCubbin says:

    It shows the true fact of what and who made a case for Independence and built the ground work. The graph also shows who are undoing the good work.
    No path to an independent country until a new leadership group is in the SNP, or in fact Alba replace them.
    Cath says it exactly as it is.

  42. Heaver says:

    If the Wee Blue Book were to be delivered to every household at some future crucial crunch moment… well, it’s there in the graph.

    Is there a specific fund for it?

  43. William Habib Steele says:

    Publication of The Wee Blue Book is on the timeline in March 2014.

  44. Shocked says:


    Sorry to break this to you but the only people who have enabled Nicola Sturgeon are people like you who turned the SNP and independence campaign into a personality cult built around Nicola Sturgeon and then kept electing her when anyone with half a clue could see where she was heading, culminating in the last election where Scotland ended up getting a corrupt lying criminal as a first minister.

    Rather than blaming the English, MI5, British state, dumb saps who work for Nicola Sturgeon, it’s time you blamed who is really responsible for this current state of affairs. You and everyone else who voted for her.

  45. Dan says:

    wee monkey at 4.19pm Times link archived.

  46. Shocked says:

    Wee monkey

    At least Gordon Dangerfield appears to have come back to life on this, I had feared he had ran away from the problem when the very Scottish coup series didn’t reach a conclusion.

  47. Captain Yossarian says:

    @wee monkey – In most democracies in the world, one malicious prosecution would be seen as deeply troubling; as a sign that some in the the judiciary are bent. There would be an investigation and those responsible would face sanction. Here in Scotland, it passes as an everyday event and nothing to be too vexed about.

    Good for Gordon Dangerfield to be unafraid and to stand-up for Mark Hirst.

    But, you can see that it has become part accepted everyday life in Scotland for Sturgeon to finger someone and for the dogs of Scotland’s police and legal profession to come after them and to remove their livelihood.

    We even have Holyrood Inquiries to investigate it and they draw a blank simply because all the evidence has been redacted.

    I believe there is some sort of fight back going-on at the moment because not all of Scotland’s lawyers have lifted the SNP shilling.

  48. Astonished says:

    She must know now that she is finished.

    And, once the truth is out, so are all her anointed successors.

    Sadly not soon enough. I blame the SNP MPs and MSPs. And I will never forgive any of them.

  49. Dan says:

    @ Captain Yossa

    Seeing as RCS is mentioned in the Times article. It’s worth also pointing out that it isn’t just about who is prosecuted, but who isn’t…

  50. Morag says:

    We should be seeing a natural increase as older No voters die off and younger Yes voters come on to the electoral register. What happened to that?

  51. Tom says:

    is this a sign The Rev is itching to get back in the fray? I do hope so ..

  52. Captain Yossarian says:

    @Dan – speaking about lifting the SNP shilling; I understand that Dani Garavelli has joined the burgeoning pack of 50 or so SNP news and media-hounds. Their job is to immaculately polish the Holyrood turd. Not just the SNP turd; the whole Holyrood turd.

  53. Cath says:

    We even have Holyrood Inquiries to investigate it and they draw a blank simply because all the evidence has been redacted.

    Yes, the Scottish Parliament made itself look like an absolute joke over that. Of course, if you’re a unionist and being rid of devolution is your aim, that’s totally fine. The coordinated way the SNP, unionist opposition and unionist media has behaved over destroying Salmond, the SNP and all faith in Scottish institutions should make any remaining pro Indy SNP MSP utterly ashamed. But I’m not sure there are any of those left. Or any capable of shame.

  54. Mia says:

    “We should be seeing a natural increase as older No voters die off and younger Yes voters come on to the electoral register. What happened to that?”

    If you have a look at the census for 2011 and you compare it with the census in 2001 you will understand why there is no natural increase and why yes has not moved in 7 years and will not move.

    The neat increase in Scotland’s population from 2001 to 2011 was 233,392. Of those, only 1494 were born in Scotland. The rest were people who came from elsewhere. In other words, the native population may be increasing very slightly its support for yes, but such increase is totally drowned by the number of no’s coming from outwith Scotland.

    The people coming from elsewhere do not develop allegiance to Scotland as a nation straight away, therefore will take much, much longer for them to move from No to Yes than it would take to the native population with a strong sense of nationhood. Needless to say that people migrating from other parts of the UK or from abroad but with family members in the rUK would have vested interests in Scotland remaining in the UK.

    The political fraud is not aiding the yes cause by waiting. I think the Rev has demonstrated this several times already. She is doing the opposite.

    If the change in population from 2001 to 2011 is something to go by, and given the fact that brexit has taken place and there is even more chances now of independence motivating the powers that be to promote more migration from the RUK into Scotland, the neat gain of people from outwith Scotland has probably been even higher in the last 10 years. This means that for each year the political fraud delays indyref, she is decreasing even more the chances of yes.

    I think that figure above can be explained in part by this.

    The only way to counteract this is by demanding a franchise that respects ancestry and that uses a system of naturalisation like the Falkland islands have. The franchise used by the powers that be in the EU referendum 2016, that ensured the self determination of the natives, is a good example of the kind of franchise we need.

  55. Captain Yossarian says:

    @Cath – I’m a unionist but if the majority want independence then I am OK with that. The Fabiani Inquiry was corrupted by James Wolffe, John Swinney and Nicola Sturgeon and no-one else was involved. If it was run at Westminster, then they would never have gotten away with that. That has been explained many times now.

  56. Breeks says:

    Captain Yossarian says:
    27 July, 2021 at 5:38 pm
    @Cath – I’m a unionist but if the majority want independence then I am OK with that. The Fabiani Inquiry was corrupted by James Wolffe, John Swinney and Nicola Sturgeon and no-one else was involved. If it was run at Westminster, then they would never have gotten away with that. That has been explained many times now.

    Run at Westminster, perhaps not, but I’d take a lot of convincing that strings weren’t being pulled by Westminster, and the rot was already well set in even before the Fabiani Inquiry was set up. It should ALWAYS have been a judge led inquiry, which didn’t tolerate the amount of evasive waffle and selective memory loss of witnesses. The Fabiani Inquiry was just a useful sop that was born to be toothless.

    I understand Fabiani was once sacked by Alex Salmond, and nevermind all the other shenanigans, that alone should have been enough to create a problem for her to chair the committee.

  57. Republicofscotland says:

    ” If it was run at Westminster, then they would never have gotten away with that. That has been explained many times now.”

    Captain Yossarian.


    Johnson’s proroguing of parliament, the invoking of ancient Henry the VIII laws, and of course lying to the Queen, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

  58. Cath says:

    We should be seeing a natural increase as older No voters die off and younger Yes voters come on to the electoral register. What happened to that

    The younger generation are not just magically more pro independence: they were enthused by the independence referendum campaign between 2011 and 2014, run by Alex Salmond. Younger people born after that will have no experience of that and will go back to where previous generations were. The idea we can just wait while older people die off and new, magically born pro indy people emerge, with no need to campaign or win them over, is delusion of the highest order.

  59. Republicofscotland says:

    “Rather than blaming the English, MI5, British state, dumb saps who work for Nicola Sturgeon, it’s time you blamed who is really responsible for this current state of affairs. You and everyone else who voted for her.”

    Shocked @4.46pm.

    That’s right Shocked you voted for the unionists in Labour’s branch manager in Scotland Anas Sarwar, who would never allow an indyref, his boss the millionaire knight of the realm Sir Keir Starmer, is just as bad as him, recently he applauded the House of Commons speaker for throwing out Dawn Butler from his own party for telling the truth in the HoC.

    You also spoiled your List vote, why not just admit that like Captain Yossarian you’re a unionist.

  60. Hatuey says:

    “I’m a unionist”


  61. Captain Yossarian says:

    @RoS – What happened at the Fabiani Inquiry would shame Belarus. Old brillo-heid said: ‘Scotland is a banana republic without the bananas’……remember?

    He funded the hearing at the Court of Session with Lady Dorrian and what a waste of everyone’s time that turned out to be.

    Scotland is a great country with all the potential in the world but we must get rid of these Holyrood tools (of all parties) and let the country do again what it does best.

    We are being led by liars and I’m surprised you still haven’t worked that out. They are turning Scotland into a shit-house and it is needless.

  62. Shocked says:

    @captain Y

    Thing is a lot people don’t want to admit who is really to blame for this because ultimately the ones responsible are the people who elected Nicola Sturgeon and particularly those who did so in the full knowledge of what she has done. Therefore the elaborate conspiracy theory filled with more holes than a Swiss cheese is concocted to try and convince themselves that they (and poor Nicola) are the victims in this saga rather than the perpetrators of the crime of the destruction of law and justice in our country.

    If Nicola sturgeon has lost the election or even better lost her seat, I believe she would be currently awaiting trial. As it is she is inarguably in a stronger position than she ever was, with a full term in front of her and all her necessary corrupt allies and minions safely in position.

  63. Alf Baird says:

    Captain Yossarian @ 5:38 pm

    “I’m a unionist”

    Some Scots are not that convinced of the evidence of a UK union in any practical or political sense; rather, Scotland is subject to and exhibits the features and legacy of colonialism. I suppose ‘unionist’ sounds better than ‘colonialist’ though.

  64. Shocked says:


    That’s right, it’s people like you who are to blame.

    Anyway, you got the government you voted for, where’s that Indy ref 2?

    Oh that’s right, the same place indy ref 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021 is, in the fantasies of the mugs Nicola Sturgeon has been conning for years.

    And wait till you work out that the main reason sturgeon never tried to force a ref was because she knew she would have lost. Angus Robertson was employed to produce a series of rigged polls to convince people that a vote for Nicola meant Indy ref 2 was just over the next hill and people bought it. Now the election has been won all the talk of polls has been parked until the next election. Presume you’ll buy that BS then as well. It’s like taking candy from a baby for them.

  65. @Mia In 2019, 49,863
    births were registered in Scotland.
    Good to see you back Stu.

  66. Captain Yossarian says:

    @Alf Baird – you’re dancing on the head of a pin again. Our country, Scotland, is run by bent Holyrood parliamentarians, bent layers and bent civil-servants. Vexing on here over the meaning of a word doesn’t change that, does it?

  67. Fishy Wullie says:

    Captain Yossarian says:
    27 July, 2021 at 6:53 pm

    @Alf Baird – you’re dancing on the head of a pin again. Our country, Scotland, is run by bent colonialist parliamentarians, bent colonialist layers and bent colonialist civil-servants. Vexing on here over the meaning of a word doesn’t change that, does it?


    There fixed that for you Captain

    so you see it does change it because it makes them all your friends

  68. Republicofscotland says:

    Captain Yossarian @6.30pm.

    I’m not disagreeing with you on what happened in Scotland, I’m disagreeing with you that you said it couldn’t happen in England.

  69. Republicofscotland says:

    “Anyway, you got the government you voted for, where’s that Indy ref 2?”

    It will eventually happen under say Alba (Who you didn’t vote for) or the SNP under a new pro-indy leader.

    But never under a SLAB leader who take their orders from London.

  70. Captain Yossarian says:

    @Fishy Wullie – thanks for that although I have to say that they will all remain my dear friends, whatever they say to me.

    That aside, I reckon something must be going-on politically in Scotland just now for Stuart Campbell to get himself back in the game again.

    What do you think?

  71. 100%Yes says:

    For sure Nciola Sturgeon has spent her tenure keeping Scotland tied to this union and she’ll continue doing it. Yet there isn’t one single person in the SNP who thought to themselves I’ll challanger her and her commitment to hold a referendum. Yes you can run around and even write in WOS about plan A,B,C,D,E,F,G for Independence. The Scots are easly bought and sold for English gold and its the gold that attracts them more than the constitutional question. Quite simply to take 600k given for a referendum and spend it on furnishing is a total kick in the privates to people like myself who gave money. Not only that but the contempt she has shown by calling the Yes movement, keybord warriors. A further slap in the face for Scots, was taking a photo shoot writing for a section 30 order mimicking Margaret Thatcher. I suppose Sturgeon’s final act of contempt for me and people like you will be, to have put a firm lid on the idea of Scotland becoming Independent and only when she’s achieved this will the UK grant her a nice easy job in the UN working for the UK and for all of us to see. My friends and countrymen Sturgeon is only interested in Sturgeon and she’s been showing us this since she took over from Mr Salmond. I’m totally suprised how much control the SNP has given her and why one person in power hasn’t thought, I need to bring this unionist down. But they haven’t, she’ll bring Scotland down before these spinless MSP or MP bring her down. And can I just add do not be fooled by Mike Russell and people like him Sturgeon has her best and brightest at her side and there for a reason.

    We can head to the Scottish parliament and protest at nothing is happerning regarding a referendum and Sturgeon is sat in her office just laughing, don’t waste your energy or time the onlt way to get rid of Sturgeon and make her look like a fool is to support the Alba Party and other pro-Independence parties at next year local elections and to give the SNP a frashing, only then will the self serving who we have repersenting us think about their own persission and take notice and it has to be an MSP or MP that will have the power to remove her once and for all but don’t ever think this woman has done someone for Scotland when she has done nothing for the Scots or our country sincde she took over from Salmond.

  72. Shocked says:


    Unless salmond proves to the majority that sturgeon is a corrupt liar it won’t happen. Nothing changes until the New SNP are gone.

  73. John Main says:

    Morag – 27 July, 2021 at 5:06 pm

    “We should be seeing a natural increase as older No voters die off and younger Yes voters come on to the electoral register.”

    That b*****d Boris. Getting us all vaccinated so that the older No voters don’t die off.

    Is there nothing so low that he won’t stoop to it if it will stop Indy?

  74. Fishy Wullie says:

    @ Captain Yossarian

    Yeah I think there’s something brewing not just because of Stu but I’m sensing a fightback such as the Police fraud investigation and their apparent rift with the COPFS,Johanna Cherry taking on the Marion Millar case and the Mark Hirst malicious prosecution case, these are all positive things and although none of them in themselves impact independence directly they could be partly instrumental in bringing down Sturgeon which has to happen before independence can go anywhere

  75. Effigy says:

    Great research again Rev!
    Nicola drags us down and Boris shoved it up us!

  76. @Morag,

    young folk turn into old folk with as much regularity as old folk pass on,

    also most immigrants (not all) from Englandshire will never vote to leave England.

  77. Derek says:

    Two in a week?? Steady on…!

  78. Saffron Robe says:

    I think that what makes a good leader, in any walk of life, is how effectual they are in leading those from whom they derive their support towards the common goal. And since independence is our common goal, there has been no leader more ineffectual than Nicola Sturgeon. Of course, it is this ineffectiveness which suits the British State to a tee.

    Lenin said, “In politics there is no morality, only expediency.” There can be no morality when dealing with an entity as immoral as the British State. And there is nothing more expedient to Scotland’s future prosperity, one might even say survival, than independence. A leader who fails to act with all due expediency to bring about independence is therefore a failure in the gravest terms. Time is a luxury we do not have.

    On a brighter note, Gordon Dangerfield’s actions are very encouraging and should be commended. It would benefit us all if the wheels of justice were to start turning in the right direction again and bring the guilty to account.

    “Power remains strong when it remains in the dark. Exposed to sunlight it begins to evaporate.”

    Noam Chomsky

  79. Captain Yossarian says:

    @Fishy Wullie – It used to cost serious money to bring a malicious prosecution case. I remember being told the amount paid by the Duff and Phelps Directors and it was staggering. It worked-out for them in the end of course. I was therefore surprised to see Gordon Dangerfield represent Mark Hirst in such a case and he deserves great credit for that.

    What it means is that these Holyrood bastards and these legal bastards can no-longer threaten to remove someone’s livelihood because Sturgeon or Swinney want them gone.

    The Sturgeon and Swinney vortex which has been sucking the life out of Scotland for 6-years is slowing down.

    I think the Sunday Times might be on to something just now. They are proper investigative journalists who don’t just accept all the pap that Dani Garavelli feeds them.

  80. Fishy Wullie says:

    Wouldn’t it be the most beautiful irony if the Mark Hirst case reaped the whirlwind that brings down Sturgeon and exposes the lying alphabet women who started the whole ball rolling in the first place

  81. twathater says:

    Yossa @ 5.38pm your constant reference IF anything had happened like the Fabiani debacle, WM would have handled it better is totally delusional . I absolutely despise what Sturgeon and her cabal have done to Scotland and our people but to even hint that WM would be better for Scotland indicates the depth of your delusion

    You state you are an engineer which probably indicates that you could be quite forensic in investigating situations which require an open and questioning mind , yet you continuously spout the same deluded and disengenuous non FACTS

    You have previously thanked Stuart Campbell for the ability to use his site to expose what you consider to be an egregious failure of engineering planning , YET you insult him by failing to comprehend that this is NOT a Sturgeon or SNP supporting site but an independence for Scotland site , you further insult him by NOT accepting HIS forensic exposures of Sturgeon’s fake independence claims and don’t engage with investigating how independence for Scotland could and would be better for Scotland

    You are more interested in trolling and baiting people by your WM is better trope but as usual from a unionist no evidence is ever forthcoming , i’m sure bitter together would appreciate your Scotland canny dae it repeatedly views

  82. sog says:

    Capt Yoss – do you recall how quickly the Orkney folk raised the initial £6k, then subsequently £200k, in their action against that nice Mr Carmichael MP, pillar of The Kirk?

    Much of it came through WoS, I seem to remember.

    Do you think there may be QCs offering Pro Bono rates, for the craic? Perhaps they see the Scots Legal system looking shoddy?

  83. Mac says:

    The graph could easily be divided into two with 2014 as the pivotal date.

    Pre 2014 you had the combined forces of ‘unionism’ against independence doing every dirty trick they could to defeat the SNP.

    Post 2014 you have the combined forces against independence doing every dirty trick they can to support the SNP.

    Does anyone see the problem here?

    But some of the people who vote YES… they can see it… they know. We see it in these numbers.

    Sturgeon is wrong ‘un and the SNP are sadly now rotten.

  84. Mist001 says:

    Mrs. Murrell won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. If worst (best?) comes to worst, Mr. Murrell will be thrown under a bus and all you’ll hear from Mrs. Murrell is ‘He made me do it, cry a lot of PUBLIC tears, maybe admit her sexuality and that her marriage was one of convenience for the greater good of Scotland or something like that. In short, she’ll do everything she can to gain public sympathy and well, I see how gullible the Scottish people are, so they’ll buy the sob stories hook, line and sinker. She’ll be staying put.

    Of greater concern though, is if she DOES go. Who’s going to take over the leadership? One of these spineless wanks who have kept their mouths shut throughout everything, that’s who. I’m betting some jumped up legal aid lawyer with a basic background in law will get the job. It’ll be a he and I’ll bet whoever it is, will be gay. There was a point not so long ago that every top politician in Scotland was gay. It seems to be a prerequisite of the job.

    And of even GREATER greater concern is where’s the plan for independence? What currency is planned? How is the country going to be structured. What about a central bank? Defence? A Scottish army? To fight agianst who, exactly? Where’s all the income going to come from in a country of 5.5 million people?

    There’s absolutely zero serious thought given to what actually happens if Scotland became independent. So far, it’s all ‘Oh, we can deal with that after independence’, ‘Let’s get independence done first’, and all this.

    Now, I’m no pan-gloabl political strategist but even I know that that isn’t how you go about setting up a country.

    There are hundreds of questions that haven’t even been addressed, let alone answered and yet, people think that Scotland is magically going to become this mythical independent country, a giant amongst countries.

    I’ve been supporting independence for a long time but the more I see of this, particularly in recent years, the more I’m coming to the conclusion that Scotland as a whole, is being played. It’s just a huge, sociological experiment, nothing more, nothing less.

    A march on Bute House can’t even be organised, yet anti-vaxxers managed it during the pandemic.

    People have a choice of two words to describe Scotland now:

    Ridiculous or pathetic. Either of them, there’s very little to be proud about being Scottish nowadays.

  85. Hatuey says:

    I was wondering why a Unionist like Yossarian would be hanging around here, but it’s hard to ask that without sounding like you want him to leave or something and the truth is I don’t give a …

    The question of whether politicians in Westminster would get away with the sort of antics we are seeing in Holyrood is too bizarre to take seriously. They’ve just caused the deaths of 200 thousand of their own people.

    It would be hard to name a country that WM hasn’t caused mass death and destruction in, and now England itself is on the list.

    They don’t call it the “butcher’s apron” for nothing.

    If the principles of Nuremberg were to be applied, just about ever PM since the 16th century would be guilty of war crimes.

  86. Hatuey says:

    I wish someone would answer my question. Isn’t it the case that the police gather evidence and a procurator fiscal decides if there’s enough to press charges or not?

    If that’s true, aren’t we expecting a lot if we think a procurator fiscal who answers to the Lord Advocate (and who in turn is a member of the government) might press charges against the SNP leadership (government)?

    We’ve all seen what [redacted] are capable of.

  87. Ron Maclean says:

    @Hatuey 9:27pm

    “In the Scottish system of criminal investigation, the procurator fiscal directs the investigation and not the police. In the early stages of an investigation, the police almost always act on their own initiative; but it is their duty to report on their investigation to the procurator fiscal and to act upon his further instructions.” Lord Gill

  88. Hatuey says:

    Thanks, Ron, and that’s as I thought, if not worse.

    I think we can safely assume this investigation will soon be over and come to nothing.

  89. Gary45% says:

    Banana Republic!!
    Look no further than the current WM government.
    The worst government anywhere in history.

  90. robbo says:

    There’s more than Yossarin on here that are unionist.

    ‘Shocked’ and ‘Mist 001’ are too . There, said it.

  91. stonefree says:

    @ Fishy Wullie at 8:18 pm

    Agree, I admit I’d like to see a load of them “banged up” and given the “appropriate time relative to the offenses and damage the they caused or sought to cause “

  92. Breeks says:

    Fishy Wullie says:
    27 July, 2021 at 8:33 pm
    This is class ?

    Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Brilliant.

  93. stonefree says:

    @ Mist001 at 9:10 pm

    I disagree, in regard to the Murrells, PM has all the possible blackmail data of the questionable members, and MacCann has that access as well.
    If one looks at the to and fro-ing over the past couple of weeks,
    Beattie is surely crapping him self, he was in charge of the money (or rather he was supposed to have been since 2012
    Now he didn’t say it but others within the SNP have and not the Murrells

  94. Breeks says:

    Ron Maclean says:
    27 July, 2021 at 10:03 pm
    @Hatuey 9:27pm

    “In the Scottish system of criminal investigation, the procurator fiscal directs the investigation and not the police….

    I think you have a point, however I think you also have a wider legal fraternity that’s been made extremely unhappy at the damage done to the integrity of the whole legal profession in Scotland. The last thing they can afford is a fudged inquiry or one compromised by bias or vested interests.

    Whether that’s an innocent man nearly sent to jail on trumped up evidence and orchestrated conspiracy, or the bizarre spectacle of the Lord Advocate trying to stiffen up a flimsy and asymmetric case of Contempt by trying to make Craig Murray responsible for what people other than Craig Murray said in BTL comments, and add to that high profile cases of malicious prosecution of the Rangers directors, and Mark Hirst’s case for yet another malicious prosecution…

    … then frankly, the Crown Office and Scotland’s Legal fraternity must surely recognise the almighty damage that’s been done to the integrity of the profession.

    I would also be extremely surprised if there wasn’t a protocol to be specifically applied to address alleged wrongdoing or impropriety by senior individuals. Something along similar lines as a ships Captain being relieved of command by junior officers after endangering the ship.

    Having said that, there are protocols for Politicians in those circumstances, such as Sturgeon referring herself to James Hamilton QC, so perhaps expectations should remain limited, but somehow I think an inquiry into lawyers actions rather than politicians will be more searching and rigorous. It will literally be a judge led inquiry whether you like it or not.

  95. Davie Oga says:

    LaingB French says:
    27 July, 2021 at 1:10 pm
    ye can kiss independence goodbye till sturgeon fks off tae some cushy arselicking joab in the UN or summit else

    I think this is a myth. Just because a bent parliamentary inquiry and Parliament failed to censure or remove her, the damage is done. Who the fuck would like to share an office with a sociopath who has form for setting up her coworkers. In trying to destroy Salmond, she’s probably destroyed her own future. Then there’s the missing 600k. She’s finished. History will not be kind. 7 years. Did fuck all except set up Salmond and and treat the SNP as a cash cow for her, hubby and, bent accomplices. UN my arse.

  96. Al-Stuart says:


    It would be wise to place the photo/graphic from the top of this page on EVERY ALBA PUBLICITY item + Press Release + Election Flyer….

    Also, for those who say The ALBA Party is finished, remember how many decades the SNP sent a pathetic 8 MPs down to Westminster? Then after Alex got us so very close to 51% FOR Independence, once the mighty Scottish electorate realised we had been lied to with that VOW, we then sent down 56 SNP MPs to Westminster. The Tories (and blue Labour) shlit their Breeks.

    Remember Scottish Labour were all dominant in Scotland and came to an abrupt end.

    Please mark my words, the Sturgeon Narcissist Party will end a helluva lot quicker than Scottish Labour’s withering political demise.

    As soon as the Dreghorn Betrayer’s beardy, cadaverous undertaker of a creepy husband is taken in for police questioning along with three senior COPFS bent lawyers, the sleeping giant that is the Scottish electorate will wake up.

    All former SNP voters ain’t gonnae vote Tory, or Slab or SlitherDem.

    The choice is obvious.

    Just show the photo/chart from the top of this page to the vast swathes of disgusted ex-Sturgeon Necrotic Pustulants and the ALBA Party will be the NEW SNP.

  97. Saffron Robe says:

    Davie Oga, I tend to agree with you. No self-respecting organisation – except for those dependent on funding from her government which the UN certainly isn’t – would touch Nicola Sturgeon with a barge pole. The Murrells have burned all their bridges. The best they can hope for is an honour from Mrs Battenberg for services to the British Empire!

  98. Al-Stuart says:

    Hi Saffron Robe,

    You are spot on about Mrs Covid-TV chasing after an honour.

    I bet £5 on each saying YES to Ermine and NO to Scottish Independence…

    Baroness Sturgeon of Longshanks.


    Sir Porkine Cadaver of Sescenti and Cum Braccis In Igne.

    A couple of others will be joining them…

    Not Quite A Lady, the Torn Face Evans of Leslie.

    We best not miss of Wings Twitter fan of the decade…

    Lord Peter Autem Nasum Brunneis PishFart Apud Perth.

  99. Clavie Cheil says:

    My brother and sister in law and one of my nieces have tested positive for the Yoon Tory Death Plague as have my sister and brother in law. Make no mistake about it – the Tories and their Yoon stooges in Scotland are trying to wipe us out.

    Covid 19 is their final solution for us Yes voters or if they cant wipe us out then keep us in doors where we cant do any damage to Brit State. Prove to me otherwise – I bet you cant. Sturgeon and other Quislings continue to hide behind the Yoon Tory Death plague.

  100. Captain Yossarian says:

    @Twathater – Westminster has parliamentary privilege and Holyrood has not. Remember the Westminster expenses scandal?… you think that would happen here? Here the LA stood up at Holyrood and warned MSP’s against identifying the alphabet women or his law officers would come after them. No-one was identifying the alphabet women or had any intentions in doing so anyway. There have been many Inquiries carried-out at Westminster; I can remember Sky News and Philip Green for example and they were nothing like the Fabiani Inquiry. That was one of a kind and, worldwide, I doubt if you would see a repeat anywhere.

    I tend to vote Labour. I think even Stuart Campbell recommended voting Labour in some circumstances, didn’t he?

  101. John Main says:

    Clavie Cheil – 28 July, 2021 at 2:37 am

    “Covid 19 is their final solution for us Yes voters”

    “Prove to me otherwise – I bet you cant.”

    Well Clavie. If your family members survive Covid (and I hope they will – most people do), then it’s not much of a solution is it?

    In fact, if the best Yoon Tory Death Plague only kills less than 3% of those who catch it, predominantly the elderly, who vote No anyways (according to posters here), then the entire “plan” must be working in the opposite way to what you claim.

    Strong evidence you’re talking s***e.

  102. John Main says:

    HaHa Hatuey – 27 July, 2021 at 9:16 pm

    “They’ve just caused the deaths of 200 thousand of their own people.”

    It has certainly occurred to me that there may be a different reason for the declining graph of Indy support.

    Does it correlate in any way with this blog?

    I don’t mean this as a criticism of Rev Stu’s work. Not in any way, shape or form.

    But by allowing unmoderated comments BTL here, Rev Stu exposes visitors to this blog to a steady diet of toxic filth and ranting insanity.

    Rational people find little to attract them to the Indy cause BTL here. And much to repel them.

  103. Shocked says:


    So “unionist” means someone who thinks Nicola sturgeon should pay for her crimes and those who elected her need to take some responsibility for their total stupidity and stop blaming the English or some mythical forces of the British state?

    And of course going by the logic of you and the other New SNP apologists on here Rev Stu is himself a “unionist”. No wonder he got fed up with banging his head against a brick wall.

    None of you will ever face the truth or own what you have done to Scotland. Sturgeon should be facing trial for her crimes, instead she is safe in Bute house surrounded by her flunkies, all thanks to people like you. Well done Robbo, you are a true Scottish patriot lol!

  104. Donibristle says:

    Aye , it peaked ‘n its been dounhill ever since!

    The SNP have turned out to be exactly what you told us they were years ago with pin point accuracy.
    I’d love to see you sniping at them again.

  105. J.o.e says:

    R.E Nicola Sturgeons future

    Tony Blair is a far more internationally known criminal and liar. He got some very nice work after his stint as prime minister and became a very wealthy man.

    There are many different ways to reward a loyal pawn and it doesn’t have to be too obvious.

  106. Captain Yossarian says:

    The Fabiani Inquiry proved to me that we are governed in Scotland by liars. Nicola Sturgeon was lying, as was Leslie Evans and the Lord Advocate. When our leaders are such obvious liars, then everyone in public service in Scotland feel that they can do it too.

    Even Roddy Dunlop stepped forward a few days ago to say that James Wolffe was a man of the highest integrity. We have heard similar clap-trap in praise of John Swinney before, haven’t we.

    Was Holyrood set-up to give a platform to well paid liars? – ‘no’. Would this happens at Westminster? – ‘no’.

    As far as the school is concerned, this has been checked by engineering experts and we are at the end of the process. We are at the terminus. Stuart Campbell owns this website and if he thought that I was an obvious spoof then he could have blocked me long ago. Maybe he thought that I had a 10% chance of being right….maybe 20%.

    For where it looks just now, it would seem that me chances of being right are better than that. John Swinney cannot redact this time and he doesn’t have the intellectual horsepower to do anything other than lie and so what does he do?

    What this will prove is that the parents and teachers at the school have been lied to and that will put a different and more serious complexion on Holyrood, won’ it?

    When we are in a situation in Scotland where individual members of the public have to do this, then I think that that Holyrood itself is at the terminus.

  107. J.o.e says:

    ‘The Fabiani Inquiry proved to me that we are governed in Scotland by liars. Nicola Sturgeon was lying, as was Leslie Evans and the Lord Advocate. When our leaders are such obvious liars, then everyone in public service in Scotland feel that they can do it too.’

    This is partly a result of a kind of liberal exceptionalism that grew around the progressive independence movement. All any politician had to do was take the liberal progressive line on anything and they could do no wrong in the movements eyes.

    ‘We are better than those English or Unionists’ was the general attitude, ‘because we are inclusive and politically correct’.

    Shocked is correct about this part. It wasn’t just stupidity either. It was a result of the utter arrogance that comes from liberal movements that think their shit doesn’t stink.

    This is why the ‘left’ has now become the main vehicle of growing neo liberal power and the social and political upheaval that is born of it.

    The cult of the SNP and Nicola Sturgeon comes from the narrow, exceptionalist bigotry of people who think that they can do no wrong because they appear to believe in the right (woke/progressive) things, and any who might oppose their policies are merely evil bigots to be dismissed.

    This isn’t limited even to political parties and movements. Its present in our personal lives also. Who here doesn’t know some wee arsehole who is deeply emotionally invested in liberal politics and who is happy to discuss anything political until they hear something they disagree with, resulting in the group all basically understanding that there’s certain things you can’t discuss in front of their progressive wee pal who carries the authoritarian creed of hyper liberalism into your personal life and can’t handle naysayers. These little tyrants are as much an impediment to peoples speech and discussions as any written law.

    The draw of this mentality is that they seem to think that merely taking the moral high ground makes up for a lack of logic and consistency.

    Now their super tolerant political parties have enabled them to weaponise your honest opinions and realistic observations against you.

    It is all borne of this liberal exceptionalism that has taken deep root in too many and is bordering on being a kind of religion.

    1 perfect example was Donald Trump – a clearly narcissistic and unreliable individual. While Nicola and co were setting up our police state the liberal acolytes could do nothing else except dibble about the man while giving free passes to all the nasty evil bastards who actually have power over us and who we have the ability to remove from power.

    Whether it is modern feminism, LGBT (especially the ‘T’), groups pushing immigration and ‘diversity’, hard core EU fans I see a total intolerance to any balancing opinions, especially when such opinions accurately point out their constant hypocrisies.

    Just to say – this is not to support the so called main stream ‘right’ who are in their own special ways enabling the same outcomes.

  108. Robert Graham says:

    Morning all probably totally off subject .

    The supporters on the doging site ( La La Land or the rainbow alliance ) are mostly in agreement the unaccounted for £600000 Indy ref2 ring fenced fund doesn’t matter it’s all above board and it’s a Unionist smear campaign designed to besmirch Queen Nicolas good name and flawless character , fk me I could hardly type that without laughing , anyway they don’t care if it’s resting in another account ( Cayman Islands ) well that lot are perfect candidates for the sale of a London Bridge ( one careful owner ) as they are contributing to someone’s holiday home what’s another few quid eh , FFS dummies everyone, Independence aye fkn right ,.

    Lastly all the smart folk here riddle me this and it’s with reference to Goves comments when he visited Glasgow yesterday , he said those people who are refusing to be injected with this chemical that might offer some protection from the Plague are selfish , the Plague incidentally that so far has not reached even 10 % of the deaths attributed to the Flu that means the Flu that’s mysteriously disappeared and is 10 times more likely to result in death than this Plague and without the Hysterical worldwide mass panic and never before seen restrictions to liberties .

    A passport will be required as proof of a double vaccination to attend certain events and International Travel .

    A vaccine that means you can still contract this Plague.

    A vaccine that means you can still Transmit this Plague

    So what does a piece of paper or a QR code on your phone actually do ? it doesn’t stop or prevent either of the above , this little inconvenient fact is being entirely disregarded by commentators on the MSM , these contradictory statements seem to go unnoticed and are never questioned as to their total stupidity about them not making any sense .

  109. JimuckMac says:


    “Even Roddy Dunlop stepped forward a few days ago to say that James Wolffe WAS a man of the highest integrity.“

    Dunlop got that spot on.

  110. Dan says:

    With supermarket shelves getting low on stock, I suppose it’s a good thing for Great Blighty that leccy from mainland Europe isn’t delivered by lorries….

    Scroll to right to view current leccy flowing here from France, Holland, and Belgium connections.
    Alert folk may notice the new addition of a gauge for Norway, after the recent completion of that interconnection project.

  111. Ottomanboi says:

    Catholic church burned to the ground in Glasgow over night.
    The orange glow will be gladdening not a few Unionjackite hearts.

  112. J.o.e says:


    Many Churches across France have been burned over the last few years.

    Probably just a coincidence that it correlates with the spread and obnoxiousness of an alien, imported religious group

  113. Republicofscotland says:

    AUOB to hold a static indy rally this Saturday in Dundee, the event starts at 1pm in City Square outside Caird Hall.

    If you’re in Dundee and you’re going to attend, get your protest banners ready.

  114. Gary45% says:

    Robert Graham @8.35
    I’m surprised the organisers of the anti vax rallies don’t use this.
    A seatbelt won’t stop you from having an accident, and you can still die in an accident even wearing one. What a seatbelt does is reduce the risk of death or severe trauma if you do have an accident. Similarly a vaccine may not stop you getting the virus, or you may even die of the virus once vaccinated, but the risks of either, or of long term morbidity are reduced by vaccination. So just like you wear a seatbelt to make you safer in the car, get vaccinated!

    The vaccine has never been claimed to stop the virus spreading, no vaccine is 100% safe ,its a risk management tool. Anyone with any knowledge of health and safety will tell you that.
    Personally I don’t like needles etc, but I got both jabs to help me and more importantly my fellow “neighbour”.

  115. Hatuey says:

    John Main: “Rational people find little to attract them to the Indy cause BTL here. And much to repel them.”

    Rational people will find it odd that an anti-vax crackpot like you has the nerve to comment on such things.

    It’s worth repeating, though; UK Government policy has resulted in the unnecessary deaths of around 200,000 British people since March 2020.

    We can call that a matter of fact since other countries of the same size and shape didn’t suffer a death toll of that scale.

    The beaches have been more or less closed throughout.

  116. Republicofscotland says:

    “Ridiculous or pathetic. Either of them, there’s very little to be proud about being Scottish nowadays.”

    You’re correct Mist001, we are a bunch of gutless moaners, what we need is a whole lot more Sean Clerkin’s instead of happy clappy, bagpipe, flag waving marches that Sturgeon just ignores, and will continue to ignore.

    Protests outside Bute House, the Scottish Parliament and and even outside SNP/MSPs/MPs homes is the way forward, we need to be more proactive, such as producing and delivering flyers into homes which inform folk of what’s really going on and why we MUST have independence.

    If we do nothing then its more than likely not much will change, there’s a kind of apathy in Scotland on independence from its people (present company excluded) when it comes to being more radical on the indyfront, its as if we don’t want to step out of line or offend anyone, so we put up with the status quo, the radical or proactive is left to the likes of pensioner Brian Quail or Sean Clerkin, we rally are a gutless bunch.

    At least the French (yellow vests etc) have the stomach to take the fight to their government.

  117. Republicofscotland says:

    Ottomanboi @9.36am.

    The fire was at St Simon’s church in Partick Glasgow, the reason for the fire is unknown yet, the last I recall it was a church used mainly by Polish folk.

    Architecturally it wasn’t anything special though it had a a nice Rose window and it was around one-hundred and fifty years old. Still any old building is a loss to Glasgow as the city fathers over the centuries have allow many excellent old building to be demolished, or they’ve mysteriously been burned out, especially their roofs, in which most cases the fire chief advises that the building must be demolished for safety reasons.

    Shortly afterwards a new building pops up, as if it was already on the planning board.

  118. Shocked says:


    200,000 people have not died and the UK is sitting somehwere in the middle of death rates in Europe.

    And the only folks responsible for these deaths are the Chinese communist party that made a virus in a lab in wuhan and either lost control of it by way of a leak or testing on their own population that got out of hand. Yes there were mistakes in shielding care homes and hospitals but we would not be in this position if it wasn’t for China.

    Every single country had to make best with fake data coming from China and the WHO as well as deliberately faulty PPE and testing kits from China.

    The countries that got affected worst at the startup were the ones like the UK and Italy with strong transport links to China meaning we had the virus going through the population long before we even knew it was here.

  119. Republicofscotland says:

    Cold water diver Alex Cole-Hamilton has confirmed that he will stand in the leadership contest of the Lib/Dems branch office in Scotland.

    Cole-Hamilton who spoke constantly on the New Queensferry bridge crossing (To almost fetish like levels) has said he likes to cold water dive down to see the the bridges foundations, hmm…

  120. Mark Boyle says:


    In full agreement with you about the dubious nature of many a listed building mysteriously and conveniently catching fire so that it becomes subject to a compulsory demolition order for “safety reasons” and a shiny new building erected on the spot with undue haste (the Renfrewshire Council area is every bit as bad as Glasgow).

    But many of the older churches have been long overdue rewiring – the major fire hazard – and the various faiths have been very guilty of simply handing over the problem for others to deal with rather than dip into supposedly shrunken coffers to put right, either whatever some Charlie Chalks or Wetherspoons thinks it has bought for a “bargain”, or some community group has “saved” only to find it’s going to take millions of heritage grants and fundraisers to put right.

  121. stonefree says:

    @ Republicofscotland at 10:17 am

    ” even outside SNP/MSPs/MPs homes is the way forward,” might I add where they are getting a leg over

  122. Grouse Beater says:

    “Even Roddy Dunlop stepped forward a few days ago to say that ‘James Wolffe WAS a man of the highest integrity’. Dunlop got that spot on.”

    ‘They Came for Mark Hirst”:

  123. Ron Maclean says: looking for ideas on how to enhance our sovereignty in today’s ‘Boiling the Frog in Reverse!’

    ’Tis well said, but wha daur bell the cat?’

  124. crisiscult says:

    Hi all.

    I’m not on facebook much but I’ve been on the group YES2 since it started in 2014 or 2015. It has a lot of “members”. I posted the graphic there and it was removed because they claimed the information was false. There has also been an increase in admin activity to restrict criticisms of the SNP (it’s subtle because there is so much of it that I’m not sure they can police it sufficiently). Main reason for this post is just to highlight this and what a battle we have because of how SNP have infiltrated or have influence over both MSM and social media. Ok, sounds a bit tin-foil hat, but I’m hearing this from elsewhere too.

  125. wullie says:

    Before China’s Wuhan City reported a virus outbreak in the beginning of 2020, media reports from the U.S. and Europe indicated that there were at least 32 million flu cases during the flu season in the winter of 2019 in the U.S., and 18,000 people died of flu-related diseases. From December 13, 2019 to January 17, 2020, 106 regular blood donation specimens in 9 U.S. states tested positive for COVID-19 antibodies. In November 2019, an Italian woman was found to be in situ hybridization (ISH) expressive of COVID-19 in multiple locations in her skin biopsy. In November 2019, COVID-19 genetic material was detected in a sewage specimen collected in a city in Brazil. On Dec. 27, 2019, a throat swab specimen in France tested positive for COVID-19. In January 2020, a sewage specimen collected in Barcelona tested positive for COVID-19. Do you think the probe into COVID-19’s origin should be carried out globally?

  126. robertknight says:

    The all too neat splicing together of a Bat Covid strain with a Pangolin Covid strain has human fingerprints all over it. The only question is whose fingerprints.

    Meanwhile, Indy is soon to be on life-support thanks to the Dear Leader and her acolytes.

    Ideas, anyone?

  127. Republicofscotland says:

    Mark @11.04am.

    Yes Mark some old building do need rewiring and restoration, and in some cases fires break out and unfortunately the buildings need to be demolished. There are so many lower listed buildings and non listed building at threat in Glasgow never mind Scotland as a whole.

    Recently the Old College bar on the High street fell under the the bucket and prongs of the builders diggers, another loss to Glaswegians.

  128. Hatuey says:

    “The countries that got affected worst at the startup were the ones like the UK and Italy with strong transport links to China”

    Actually, the countries that got hit the worst were the ones that had sociopathic nutters as leaders, such as those who prioritised things like “keeping the beaches open”. Trump kept everything open.

    The British Government’s handling of coronavirus shocked the world and could have been framed as a compelling argument for independence. Instead we got Nicola grandstanding, pretending she was in control when she was really just following orders from downtown.

    All uncontroversial and irrefutable facts.

  129. Shocked says:


    I have read papers on the genome of covid19 that make it clear the virus is genetically manipulated with RNA insertions normally found in Ebola and HIV. Someone was doing experiments with the virus to make it more infectious (gain of function research) and the nature of the insertions are too exact to have been a random mutation.

    Whistleblowers have also come out of China stating that this research was being a carried out in this wuhan lab (corroborated by Fauchi’s email leak) with some of them even stating that the Chinese were carrying out experiments on their own people to gauge how infectious the new virus was that got out of hand.

    There would be no reason for the US, UK or any other first world powers to do such experiments as we were doing them years ago! China on the other hand were not and they have been encouraging scientists to go to China and do research that is illegal elsewhere.

    The virus has undoubtedly been active for a lot longer than the media and politicians want to let on. From what I’ve seen I d say at least July 2019 in China. One thing for sure is you cannot believe anything China or the corrupt WHO say. It could have got out of China at any point and as I said earlier it seems to be countries with strong transport links to China that got hit worst. As an aside I picked up something on the way back from the canaries in December 2019, when I went to the Dr (as I suspected pneumonia) I was told it was a respiratory virus in my upper chest that they had been seeing a lot of; the symptoms were classic covid.

    Where we go from here I don’t know, the only politician that seemed willing to tell the truth about covid was ironically Donald Trump, the rest seem very reluctant to call out China for what they have done. A mixture of conflicting globalist interests and cowardice I suspect. It would seem to me that China effectively declared war on the rest of the world if this was an accident and they’ve hushed it up, if it was deliberate then this the most lethal attack by a world power on other countries in human history. I can’t see anyone actually declaring war on China in retaliation but it seems to me that action must be taken such as cutting China off from the world economy until they depose the Chinese communist party. It may even be that this was just China testing the water and the big one is still to come, even more reason to deal with the situation properly.

  130. Hatuey says:

    Wullie, there’s evidence that suggests it was booting around in the summer of 2019;

    If you dig into that story, you’ll see it’s suggested that US troops who attended the military games in Wuhan were the ones that brought it over.

    There’s other weird things that happened around that time involving biological research labs in the US mysteriously going on alert and temporarily closing down, people being evacuated from their homes, roads closed, etc.

  131. Shocked says:


    All you have to do is go worldometers and you’d realise that what your claiming is frankly bollocks.

    And if you want to mention trump, he tried to shut down travel from China and he got shouted down and called racist for it. In fact the WHO opposed travel bans for months, they may still do.

    And as for La sturgeon, she was sending infected people into care homes even when they knew they were covid positive. The heartless little bastard should be facing corporate homicide charges for that.

  132. Shocked says:


    You actually believe the Chinese? Ffs lol!

  133. Scott says:

    Re O/T SARS-CoV-2

    It has always struck me as odd that Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, USA is the keeper of the worldwide COVID-19 statistics.

    JHU has a campus in China, the country the virus is alleged to have emerged from.

    It also has a campus in Italy, the European country that was hit hardest initially.

    Now, what if…

  134. James Che. says:

    As far as I can tell from recent history, newspapers, MSM, court cases, covid, civil servants advocates and redactions, Alex Salmond case, the unionists have generally been backing NS and the crazy snp,

    In MSM they were condemning, lying and presuming guilt before a trial was held, none of which were held to account, only the Scottish supporters of independence.
    The manufactured stories, with the backing of trolls makes Scots law very bad.
    And will be the last excuse used by good ole Westminster to dismantle Scotland as separate country from England,
    The new shout from the trolls and unionist is down with the snp and NS. And I think the present lot should be outed.
    I am certainly no fan of NS or the spineless snp, but another thought occurred to me.

    Under our very eyes, the people in the snp, labour, Tories and greens have one common goal. That is slowly being implemented, the erosion of our false government, Of our real and separate Scots laws with it and our sovereignty as Scottish people.
    This, the degrading and dismantling of the snp is without doubt deliberate from All the involved parties mentioned above,
    The snp under Alex Salmond and going back nearly seventy years has been a constant thorn and worry to unionists over all these years, it has been the main vehicle for independence of Scotland from the view point of Westminster,

    We have seen that throwing a spanner( NS, And draconian laws) in the works leaves the YES movement with no leader and no direction. And under covid politically no gatherings for independence,

    We are not organised, by placing our eggs and reliance all in one baskets (snp) we have failed years of struggle of the older generations, our generation and the more naive future generations to follow.
    We are often at logger heads, admittedly due to trolls instigating trouble between us, but that is what they are on payrolls to do. We’re just a tad innocent and susceptible to the dirty tricks of the opposition. We have seen that are on here over the last year or so especially. Each has their subject of antagonism. Including Baad snp,

    With my wish that Nicola sturgeon and false SNPs will soon be gone, it follows that We would have to hold another election,
    Alba would certainly stand a chance second time round, but we must put forward multiple Scotland independence parties.
    This would be far more difficult for the opposition to aim at, but also bring many points of Scottish veiws together. To discuss were Scotland goes after independence.

    We also need more Scottish blog sites putting factual information out there, STU is good, in fact excellent as a journalist. But the pressure on Stu of being a sole blog target is high, as high as only one political Scottish party.
    This movement needs to spread its wings if it is ever going to be successful in our life time.

  135. Dorothy Devine says:

    Anybody read this?
    The Queen’s lawyers secretly lobbied Scottish ministers to change a draft law to exempt her private land from a major initiative to cut carbon emissions, documents reveal.

    The exemption means the Queen, one of the largest landowners in Scotland, is the only person in the country not required to facilitate the construction of pipelines to heat buildings using renewable energy.

    Her lawyers secured the dispensation from Scotland’s government five months ago by exploiting an obscure parliamentary procedure known as Queen’s consent, which gives the monarch advance sight of legislation.

    The arcane parliamentary mechanism has been borrowed from Westminster, where it has existed as a custom since the 1700s.

    Why was this allowed?

  136. Haud says:

    Dorothy, yes I read it. Astounding and there was a time it’d be a call to arms on here. Now it thrives as an antivaxxer outlet for conspiracy fruitcakes.

    Sad days. Why are people not angry, I mean really angry?

  137. Ian says:

    The SNP site likes to blow it’s horn about ‘it’s’ list of achievements, but if they were shown on a similar chart, it’d be clear that the main ones were done pre-Sturgeon (prescriptions, tuition, NHS parking).

  138. Ian says:

    Forgot to add re SNP ‘achievements’ that while Sturgeon’s SNP has made sure to remove any mention of Alex Salmond from the SNP’s history, it’s not shy about bragging about the achievements that were gained under his leadership as if it was Sturgeon’s SNP that did the heavy lifting.

  139. Republicofscotland says:

    As Scotland the only country to discover oil and gas and then become poorer.” AN SNP activist, a medical student and a retiree are to challenge the legality of UK Government subsidies for oil and gas in a landmark court case.”

    “The High Court has ruled the three can take Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng to court along with the state-owned Oil and Gas Authority.”

  140. King over Spotland Twitter account suspended.

  141. Republicofscotland says:

    The colonial French just don’t want to let go of Mali, and have drone bombed a wedding claiming it was a terrorist group. A UN report confirmed French actions.

    Mali a West African landlocked country, is rich in oil and precious minerals, as well as being the the African continents third largest producer of gold. The French want to control Mali because France has interests in some of its neighbouring countries such as Algeria, The Ivory Coast and Mauritania.

    So like the Great Satan (USA) does in its violent foreign policies fictitious terrorists need to be created to keep it in the country.

  142. Effigy says:

    Bojo the Lying Clown has spoken to LBC Radio
    claiming that the U.K. pro rata has the highest
    proportion of population vaccinated in the world?

    I’m sorry to hear that Germany, Israel and Spain have
    all left the plant because they were all ahead yesterday?

    Lying Bastard never gets called out by the media.

    He forgot he has managed the highest death rate in Europe?

    He should have canned laughter behind him when he talks.

    Boris was asked by an interviewer what his favourite lie was.
    He said he never lied.
    The Interviewer said “ That’s my favourite for you too’

  143. James Che. says:

    Proving my point for those on here to be highlighted as people deliberately trying to cause divisions in the Scottish people.

  144. Breastplate says:

    There’s a film on Netflix, ‘the siege of jadotville’ all about colonialism, corporate greed, political manoeuvring, regime change, UN forces being hung out to dry, the secretary-general’s plane being shot down and it just happens to be true.

    Yes, if you live in a country with sought after resources like Mali, then you’re in trouble.

  145. twathater says:

    @ yossa 6.05am did you even read my comment , I repeat I despise everything Sturgeon and her cabal have done to Scotland and Scots , but equally I despise unionists who REFUSE to face reality , I gave you credit for being educated then you go and prove me wrong by spouting WM is the bestest

    Forget about your personal enmity with the various corrupt and lying arseholes you are presently dealing with from the SG , which BTW I admire you for in attempting to protect a school and it’s pupils

    But we are not talking about individual arseholes running a country (badly) which there are PLENTY examples of

    We are talking about having the vision of what our country and people can become if independent and governed by the RIGHT people

    Your repeated belief and posting that only WM can govern Scotland properly is an insult to yourself and to every other Scots person , it is extremely sad that you hold such a pitiful vision of yourself and your fellow Scots that you feel the need to wrap yourself in a lie that is proven every day and has been proven daily for the last 320 odd years

    As a self proclaimed unionist why would unionist politicians in the SP some of whom are actually elected stand idly by and let Sturgeon ransack our democracy by the constant lies and ongoing corruption,your answer would PROBABLY be to show her up for the lies and corruption, but her actions don’t just affect indy supporters they affect everyone so by doing nothing they are complicit in Scotland’s suffering they also are supposed to protect YOU their voter, and your great saviour the great liebour member for Clydebank what did she do to EXPOSE and rectify the school problem,nothing,nada,zilch

  146. Breastplate says:

    James Che,
    Yes, agreed. A lazy fucking smear from a lazy fucking halfwit.

  147. Breeks says:

    Haud says:
    28 July, 2021 at 3:26 pm
    Dorothy, yes I read it. Astounding and there was a time it’d be a call to arms on here. Now it thrives as an antivaxxer outlet for conspiracy fruitcakes.

    Sad days. Why are people not angry, I mean really angry?

    Some people are.

    But in the greater scheme of things, the queen screwing a few more ounces of privilege out of Scotland is nothing new, and the SNP’s apparent acquiescence and complicity with the exploitation is pale by comparison with their greater sins too.

    I’m not only angry, I’m disgusted, but what is there to do? Write a letter to Pete Wishart? There’s only so much disgust a cup can hold before it spills over and can’t hold any more.

    The SNP seems on full self destruct trajectory as it is.

    Now is the time build ALBA and make doubly sure she’s watertight and storm proof. Scotland is going to need a worthy vessel to endure what’s coming our way.

  148. Daisy Walker says:

    Kings over Spotland twitter account suspended.

    Wonder what new truth he pointed out.

    Update from Glinner – Someone in England has reported the London Uni that gave a sudent credit for producing work, that asked ‘how will you feel when I hold a knife to your neck’, etc.

    They’ve reported them to the Home Office under the Terrorism laws, specifically ‘Prevent’.

    I’ve mentioned it before, but the extreme Self ID, bullying/violence, when they go to the extremes of hunting down their place of work and getting them sacked… amounts to terrorism.

    And in addition, someone in Scotland has highlighted to the Education Board that when filling in the form they are told to fill in their ‘gender’ which has no legal definition and undermines existing laws protecting sex.

    This means it’s inaccurate data information gathering, under the Data Protection Act. And that’s criminal law.

    Nice ones.

  149. Dorothy Devine says:

    Haud , I was thinking much the same thing but breeks is correct – not much we can do about it.

    God , I am fed up with covid discussions.

  150. James Che. says:


    In Scotland The queen won’t go green,
    Boris Johnston wants people to be in yellow.
    Rushi sunak wants everyone in the red.
    Bankers want everyone to be grey.
    NS wants the colours of the rainbow.
    We want Scotland to turn Blue an white.

  151. Captain Yossarian says:

    @twathater – I vote Labour occasionally. I have voted SNP occasionally too. I actually believe that a balanced Holyrood comprising a good contingent of all parties would work best. I am therefore not a political animal and I am not obsessed by either Unionism or Nationalism. I described myself as a Unionist because I last voted Labour.

    What I will say is that for Nationalism to succeed, then you have to persuade your fellow Scots that Holyrood is better for them than Westminster. It should be better shouldn’t it and there is no reason why it can’t be better but the lack of honesty and accountability for me has never been more obvious. It’s as if they are not even trying. The rules there are loosely applied and so everyone does as much as they can, or as little as they can within the rules. No-one resigns and no-one is criticized.

    In my opinion, Scotland has all it needs to succeed, except an honest Government.

  152. Breeks says:

    James Che. says:
    28 July, 2021 at 2:46 pm

    …We have seen that throwing a spanner( NS, And draconian laws) in the works leaves the YES movement with no leader and no direction. And under covid politically no gatherings for independence.

    In former times, Westminster’s encroachment over Scotland’s Constitutional Rights has by and large been resisted and challenged.
    Devolution changed all that, because the colonial Scotland Act was actually wholly unconstitutional, but it was accepted by the people who saw it as step forward, not backwards, and thus an instrument of colonial encroachment became legitimised and embedded in Scotland’s flesh. That instrument is Holyrood, and Holyrood’s fealty to Westminster. But Holyrood’s Constitutional status has always been dubious, that is to anybody who cared to look.

    Westminster gave it time for the dust to settle, then slowly and surreptitiously turned the screw, encroaching a little more here, a wee bit there, and testing the boundaries of what they would get away with, a Supreme Court here, a Section 30 veto there, while always in the background, indoctrination of the people to believe their Constitutional Rights and Sovereignty were extinguished.

    Alex Salmond gave them kittens when he came to power, although while I don’t like to criticise the great statesman that he is, I think even the great Alex Salmond played a very weak and anaemic constitutional game in 2014. But I don’t know that for sure.

    Section 30 of the Scotland Act was embraced by Alex Salmond as a means of holding the Referendum, and it could be argued that acquiescence legitimised Section 30 usurping sovereignty from the Scottish people and handing Westminster a veto over Scottish Democracy. Was that a gamble by Salmond that there would never need to be another referendum? Bold, but maybe. But given Alex Salmond’s strategic foresight, I’m pretty sure Alex Salmond knew what he was doing and had Scotland’s means of escape already planned, amongst a host of other contingencies.

    Alex Salmond is a bit of a gambler, but he also hedges his bets pretty carefully too.

    The biggest axe I have to grind with Sturgeon isn’t her dishonesty, her constant prevarication and cowardice, her embarrassing transgender absurdities and appalling lack of judgement, and nor it the despicable stitch up of Alex Salmond. The Capital Offence of Nicola Sturgeon is the squandering and undermining of Scotland’s Constitutional strength and integrity. That should be the first charge, and by no means the last, to appear upon her impeachment.

    In recent years, especially since Devolution, Westminster’s encroachment has been provoking less and constitutional kick-back, and both Westminster and Unionists have been greatly emboldened in what they think they can get away with, and As their resolve has stiffened, sadly Scotland’s stiffness has dissolved.

    But as I keep saying, sovereignty is a binary and absolute condition; a legal state of definitive existence. It is my redeeming belief, (and I pray I’m right), that all the colonial encroachment in the world can be swept aside at a stroke by the lawful legitimacy of sovereign status, which Scotland has in the bag. Though far too few of us actually know it.

  153. Daisy Walker says:

    Someone above asked what happened in June 2019 to cause a spike. Below is the timeline.
    Suspect the AUOB / Glasgow turn out in May, along with building Brexit pressure might have been the momentum. Also Terrible May calls a December GE in June.

    xxx As always no ‘clarifying any Alphabet names folks, for obvious reasons’.xxxx

    January 2019
    AS Airbrushed out of SNP Website. NS has ordered top SNP politicians not to appear on his RT Show. AS puts pressure on her on his show, to call a second IR.

    During this month or the next NS manages to recollect she had that meeting with Aberdein on 29th March 2018. Does nothing to update the official record of same, at this time. This is also a breach of Ministerial rules and regs.

    8th January 2019
    AS wins Court of Judiciary process
    – procedure deemed unfair and tainted by apparent bias. AS is awarded the absolute maximum compensation that the court can designate – something which almost never happens.

    The Times calls for Leslie Evans to be sacked. An estimate of over £400,000 of tax payer’s money wasted.

    15th January 2019 About 1 week after his CofJ victory
    AS is arrested on multiple charges of sexual assault,
    including attempt rape. Over 20 Police officers allocated to investigate him, to come up with a prosecution case that can best be described as flimsy in the extreme

    Mr Murrell sent Whatsapp messages to a group calling themselves Vietnam Group in January 2019, the same month a separate complaint was made about the former SNP leader to the Metropolitan Police, which the London force later dropped.

    In the messages, Mr Murrell said it was a “good time to be pressurising” police and that the “more fronts he is having to firefight on the better for all complainers”.

    Mr Murrell said he regretted the wording of the messages, saying they were “open to misinterpretation” and were a sign of how upset he was at the time. He said his intention was to direct those with questions to the police or Crown Office.

    20/1/19 Leslie Evans contract of employment extended by NS (possibly with 20,000 £ pay rise)

    FEBRUARY 2019 – nothing resembling a plan from the SNP re Brexit, Mandates on the shelf going mouldy.

    MARCH 2019 Police Scotland disclose to AS that Complainer A (criminal trial) has made a formal complaint against him. This is the first time he becomes aware of this, particularly shocking from his point of view since she was privy to the complaints of complaints A1 and B1 and part of that civil investigation team.

    March 2019 Another Brexit Deadline comes and goes, no real progress, transition extended.

    13th March 2019 Iain Blackford – ‘Scotland will not be taken out of the EU against her will’ speech at WM

    23/3/19 Kezia Dugdale v WOS defamation trial – marked lack of support from leaders of the SNP for WOS.

    23 March 2019 – 1 Million People march in London against Brexit. NS attends as a speaker and is photographed in friendly hug with Alastair Campbell – former SPAD to Tony Blair.

    April 2019

    24th April 2019 NS puts before Holyrood legislation for HR to hold referendums without permission from WM. This will be legally challenged by WM if it ever gets put into action.

    May 2019

    6th May AUOB march in Glasgow 100,000 NS does not attend – as usual.

    Late May 2019 Theresa May calls a GE for December

    June 2019 GE talk

    14th June 2019 – New Civil Service Hub at Edinburgh – Queen Elizabeth House, officially opens. To house 3000 civil servant staff. Widely thought to be preparation to take over duties from Holyrood, once power grab and Brexit are complete.
    To put this in perspective 2 years from announcement of 20 year lease, to building being ready for move in. All with public money at a time of Austerity!!!

    July 2019

    4th July 2019
    – Mhairi Black posts video of herself referring to all who have reservations about GRA Self ID as ‘Jeremy Hunts’.
    – It is around about this time she is seen in HOC’s putting her hand in her pocket and then taking her hand out rubbing her finger round her gums. Concerns were raised that this is classic Cocaine misuse behaviour – she laughed this off dismissively and stated she was finishing off a piece of Kit Kat.

    30th July 2019 NEC attempts to de-select Joanna Cherry as MP.

    August 2019

    Westminster Brexit Coup Prorogued unlawfully

    Polling shows Support for IndyRef2 growing

    Sept 2019

    WM unlawfully prorogued – as found by court after action by MP Joanna Cherry

    SNP policy now officially ‘Stop Brexit’ Full support for Peoples Vote on a second Brexit Vote

    20th September 2019 The Times reports on allegations NS is failing to keep proper records of her Government business, specifically referring to June 2019. The concern is she is using her SNP email account instead of her First Minister e-mail system and also failing to keep proper records of decisions due to heavy reliance on post it notes.

    October 2019

    SNP at WM prevent a Vote of No Confidence in Boris.
    Tories High in polls (UK)

    16th Oct 2019 – NS to DEMAND powers for Holyrood to hold Referendums. Pretty much empty rhetoric to play to the home crowd. Presumably she’ll thqeem and thqeeum and thqeem if Boris says no.

    SNP policy is now openly calling for second Brexit ‘peoples vote’ on Brexit.

    Electoral Commission demand 9 months’ notice for any further Indy Ref… Indy Ref 2 now pencilled in for second half of 2020. ‘Trust in Nicola’ becomes the theme.

    November 2019 Only Game in Town part 2 is shown on WoS. Leslie Evans is named within for questionable actions.

    The Times reports NS handwritten notes have not been kept and have been destroyed, NS avoids using her Scot Gov e-mail system, Conservatives report her to Public Records Scotland Act 2011 for possible breach.

    December 2019

    Wings over Scotland Twitter account suspended weeks, just weeks, before AS trial is due to go ahead, following complaints from woke members of SNP. And just in time for the GE.

    GE Neale Harvey and Denise Findlay suspended from SNP over dubious, if not spurious complaints, and with little regard for proper procedures for carrying out same.

    SNP withdraws all funding for Neale’s GE campaign and instructs SNP supporters not to assist him. He gets elected anyway.

    Motive thought to have been for having signed the Woman’s Pledge, and complaints thought to have been instigated by Woke element within SNP

  154. Pixywine says:

    Dorothy Devine. I hope you ever get fed up with the covid inspired two tier brave new world your Prime Minister has been ordered to institute. I hope you never get bored with having to declare your “health status” at every check point and entryway. I hope you don’t mind being vaxxed like an animal everytime the Pharmaceutical Industry wishes to test a new product. I hope you’re OK with Government blackmailing its population into taking gene therapy experimental drugs. I hope you’re OK with Matt Hancocks sisters company harvesting DNA samples from covid testing for profit. There’s a reason the prob is stirred like a teaspoon.. To get as much DNA sample as possible. It’s big business these days.
    Independence seems such a parochial concern these days.

  155. If you need a crazy story about a Scotsman worrking ad a carer in America, a whore, and a disabled guy in a wheelchair to uplift you…don’t read this one. 🙂

  156. Mia says:

    @ Daisy Walker

    Please note that since August 2018 Mr Salmond was no longer a member of the SNP. This means that Murrell as CEO of the SNP had absolutely no business whatsoever sending those messages or pressurising the police. Mr Salmond was a private citizen and no longer part of Murrell’s party. Such behaviour appears to suggest Mr Murrell was stepping out of the boundaries of his role as just the CEO of a political party and acting as something else.

    So what job title was he holding when he sent those messages?

    I am frankly aghast as to why Fabiani’s farce did not really push Murrell and asked him exactly what business he had in sticking his nose in a criminal investigation when Mr Salmond was no longer part of his political party, he was no longer his responsibility and the matter was already in the hands of the police.

    Actually, I am astonished that the police didn’t ask him that either.

    The COPFS, the SGov, the Lord Advocate, elements of the SNP, the crown agent and Fabiani’s Farce may have succeeded in suppressing those whatsapp messages from reaching the public, but they are yet to explain in a convincing and credible manner what hat was Murrell wearing when sending those messages and when “pressurising the police” to get Mr Salmond to fight in many fronts.

    Because, besides the COPFS and MI5, who else can “tweak” a criminal investigation to accelerate it and to increase the chances of an innocent man being sent to prison?

    The CEO of a nationalist party that does not even appear to know where he put the accounting books and does not seem to know the meaning of the word “ringfenced”?

    Yeah, sure.

  157. Saffron Robe says:

    I was very sad to hear about the fire which destroyed St Simon’s Church in Partick. I attended the funeral of a good friend there once and it was a lovely wee chapel, very quiet and peaceful. The tragic loss of yet another historic building in the city.

    Unfortunately, however, with global warming the planet is becoming a tinderbox and we can only expect more such fires to occur, particularly in underused buildings where there is little or no money for proper maintenance and upkeep.

    Shocked, I think there is a lot of truth in what you say about the origins of Covid-19. My own theory is that coronavirus was being tested on bats at the virology institute in Wuhan which then found their way into the food chain. I am not suggesting it was done deliberately. Perhaps someone, rather than incinerate the bats, decided to make a few extra Yuan by selling them on to the wet (meat) market. The WHO then believed the Chinese authorities when they told them that the virus could not be transferred from animals to humans, and those few days of delay allowed the virus to spread rapidly beyond China’s borders. Ever since then I have taken the WHO’s credibility with a pinch of salt. They have tried to cover up the enormity of their initial mistake much in the same way that governments around the world have tried to cover up their botched initial response and the care home scandal.

    And whatever the threat posed by Covid-19, it pales in comparison to the threat posed by climate change. There will be no point in surviving Covid-19 if we no longer have a habitable planet to live on. And one thing is abundantly clear, if we rely on the same rulers to deal with climate change that we have relied on to deal with the pandemic, then we have no chance of survival at all. The ruling elite need to be disempowered immediately, the use of fossil fuels, particularly oil, phased out as a matter of urgency, and the global economy demonetarised for us to have any chance of survival. Unlimited growth based on finite resources, as we are witnessing all around us, can only end in collapse.

    All these world leaders are going to parade around at COP26 as if they are champions of the environment, when the truth is, they are the exact opposite. They are all wedded to oil – the lifeblood of the industrial-military complex. Everything that Boris Johnson does, for instance, is the antithesis of sound ecological judgement. What they say, and what the reality is, are two entirely different things.

  158. Scott says:

    Saffron Robe says:
    28 July, 2021 at 7:53 pm

    And whatever the threat posed by Covid-19, it pales in comparison to the threat posed by climate change. There will be no point in surviving Covid-19 if we no longer have a habitable planet to live on.

    “Climate change/Global warming” imho is caused by us getting closer to the sun, not so-called “greenhouse gases”.
    The lack of urgency displayed by Governments world-wide suggests that the greenhouse gas angle doesn’t ring true…the simplest way to reduce C02 in the atmosphere is to plant trees and other plants that consume it…hemp being particularly fond of carbon dioxide and good for the soil.

    Mind you, if we are getting closer to the sun (eternal fire anyone?), it would only cause mayhem among the population if announced as fact.

  159. Paul McRae says:

    I see the Kings Over Spotland Twatter account has been suspended, as absolute truth is not tolerated. Only approved truth is permitted

  160. John from Fife says:

    Regarding climate change the Elephant in the room concerning the cause is the Earth’s population which was 3 billion in 1950 and is now 7.8 billion and estimated to be 9 billion by 2050 if the planet survives.
    So in all probability the measures being forced on us apart from making us a lot poorer are pointless

  161. Dorothy Devine says:

    Saffron Robe , that is my experience of St Simon’s too. I always loved that wee building.

    God , I am still fed up with covid discussions.

  162. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Who’s all coming to Dundee on Saturday?

  163. Lochside says:

    Daisy Walker says@ 6.09

    Daisy thank you for your timeline demonstrating the horrific degradation of our democracy and destruction of our movement by Sturgeon the British ‘sleeper’.

    However, immediately your post is derailed by one of the Britnat trolls designated to destroy the Nationalist narrative. The Rev may be back temporarily,,,good, but unless these trolls are dissuaded, you and ‘Mia’ would both be better off posting on some other site where serious nationalist pro Alba contributors will give your contributions the respect they deserve e.g.’ Yours for Scotland’.

  164. Tannadice Boy says:

    @Brian Doonthetoon 9:49pm
    Not me I spent 20 years getting oot o Dundee. My Brothers are close on my heels. I have to give 40k for one of them to get out. Dundee is an exemplary of SNP failure. I have never been a fan of flag waving. Y all are walking up the wrong dreel.

  165. Al-Stuart says:

    What is the point of Mist001?

    He opines a baseless factless rant.

    He cannot vote in Scotland.

    He is a rank homophobe (@9.10am on this thread).

    Mist is ever ready to write his racist bile and trash the WHOLE of Scotland as a “pathetic” country.

    Generalisations like that are nothing better than Les Dawson in that old lady drag act he used to perform, lampooning feckless ignorant gossips who prattle baseless drivel over garden fence,

    Mist001, “Scotland” is not pathetic. If you were learned in any way, you would have watched a great statesman, the best First Minister Scotland has ever had, articulate the precise problems that Scotland has…

    It boils down to Sturgeon and her Woke-infested coterie currently squatting in Bute House.

    I believe that Sturgeon’s SNP will disappear like snow aff a dyke, just like Scottish Labour did.

    Mist001, you needent worry that your anti-gay bile will come true and “a gay man will become First Minister.” It matters not one jot whether our First Minister is gay. Yes it DOES MATTER if they are Woke-captured.

    But as per usual, Mist001 writes pish and has cranked it up to his overt anti-gay and racist urine he piddles on his page.

    Away and bile yer chrome domed head ya twat.

    What is likely to happen is this…

    The Alba Party will break through.

    Despite the news blackout that your British State deployed when they tried to kill off Alba during May’s Holyrood election.

    The Alba Party will become the Genesis where Scotland is reborn.

    We have great people in Scotland but are outnumbered by idiots such as Mist. He who thinks his megaphone from France matters.

    But even with such appalling odds of 50 million Englanders and 6 million Scots we still have enough talent to run our own country.

    It is people like Mist and the rancid 77th crew that keep fuucking up our chance to become Independent.

    That is one of the good things that shall happen in the sad event that Stuart Campbell decides to close down this site forever from November onwards. PishFarts like Mist will be gone forever too.

    Every cloud has a silver lining.

  166. stonefree says:

    @ Mia at 7:40 pm

    You are correct Murrell should have been clear of any involvement and input into Salmond, If that is taken further the Data Control Officer (S.Martin?) should have been doing his prescribed and designated job.

    Folk can expand on to that thought if they like.
    For example is Murrell the kind of person who like to rummage in folk’s grubbiness ?

  167. Hatuey says:

    Captain Yossarian: “What I will say is that for Nationalism to succeed, then you have to persuade your fellow Scots…”

    It’s democracy we want, not nationalism, so kindly fuck off with your condescending unionist bullshit.

    And take that sinking school with you… I’m sick fucking hearing about it.

  168. Captain Yossarian says:

    @Hatuey – Democracy is just what I have explained. Persuade your fellow Scots. That’s democracy, Hatuey. It’s being going-on for centuries.

  169. Hatuey says:

    The quote is there for everyone to see — you used the word “nationalism”.

    Calling people here who want independence “nationalists” is an insult. There are some who might see nationalism as a means to an end, I’m not one of them.

    As for the assumption that we need to persuade British nationalists like you — and yes, you are a nationalist if you are a British unionist — that’s crap too.

    You don’t need a PhD in dialectics to appreciate that it’s your Union that is being threatened, your status quo, your ideological position.

    Independence is the anti-thesis to your Unionist thesis. And the only thing holding your Union together is a bunch of hired shills, lies, and brute force.

    You’re the one that needs to persuade me. And you can’t. There’s millions of us. You’ve tried and you can’t persuade us. The argument is lost and that’s why you need propaganda and shills.

    The British Union has brought nothing but misery to the world. Anyone that celebrates or supports it is either ignorant of the misery it has caused or a delusional liar.

    So go ahead, Union man, persuade me.

  170. John Main says:

    HaHa Hatuey – 28 July, 2021 at 10:11 am

    “anti-vax crackpot like you”

    HaHa Hatuey resorting to lies now.

    Keep it up HaHa Hatuey. Support for Scots Indy surges with every comment you post.

  171. Breeks says:

    I don’t want misappropriate their pain or the gross inhumanity and injustice suffered upon them, but I expect it must have taken an awful lot for a single slave working on a Plantation to believe their circumstances would ever change and they would enjoy a life of freedom and dignity, and that they would live to see the wickedness of the ruling elite overthrown.

    I think in some ways, that’s where many folks in Scotland now stand. It’s the tipping point of belief. How do we go about seeing the change and having the faith to get there? The people want to be led, they want to be shown the way, to see the “A-B-C” of doing it. But instead, we are stationary and seized solid because the “leadership” is a absolutely dysfunctional, uninterested, and can’t even oil the gears… (not the gears of our machine anyway).

    How long must we suffer these imbeciles “allegedly” leading us, but wasting time and squandering heartbreaking opportunity before the heads drop and people stop dreaming and revert backwards to making the best of their suffering and joyless life in purgatory?

    Isn’t it significant that a drop in the polls is seen as a fall in support for Indy, but never a rise in support for Unionism? There aren’t two wolves to feed here. Only the one. The Indy Wolf with thrive if it’s fed, or starve if it isn’t. There is no Union wolf.

  172. Captain Yossarian says:

    The man who has persuaded more Scots to be Nationalists than perhaps anyone else is Stuart Campbell and he is not doing that any more because not enough people are listening and maybe he feels threatened by our Nationalist government at Holyrood. Who knows. It is our loss anyway.

    Who have you replaced him with?…… Mike Russell.

    That’s the problem, Hatuey. The SNP should listen to the odd dissenting voice; every now and then; to folk that challenge them. Instead, you are just turning people off. Thousands of people.

    I vote Labour every now and again but I am not a dyed in the wool Unionist by any stretch of the imagination and if the majority want independence then I would be OK with that. My vote isn’t important and isn’t going to change anything; it is the votes of the additional hundreds of thousands you need.

    Look at what Labour has achieved in Manchester where they are in charge and look at what the SNP has achieved in Glasgow where they are in charge. There’s no comparison, is there.

    I’ve worked overseas and there is no difference in the way Scots and British folk are perceived.

  173. John Main says:

    Shocked – 28 July, 2021 at 1:33 pm

    Best summary of the likely origins of Covid I have seen BTL anywhere.

    I would just add that I wonder if the mutations we see are all random. As Covid is now established world-wide, would it be so difficult for a malign actor to release a new lab-built variant?

    There is only one country/economy/political system that is thriving under Covid. It is not in their interest to allow the rest of us to get it fully under control.

    Perhaps like you, I am astonished at just how little curiosity there seems to be in the origin of the biggest shock to hit the world since WW2. I think that deep down, people want desperately to believe that Covid was a natural event. The truth is too painful and difficult to accept.

    Must go. Amazon is at the door with some cheap tat from the PRC.

  174. Alf Baird says:

    Breeks @ 7:54 am

    “we are stationary and seized solid because the “leadership” is a absolutely dysfunctional, uninterested, and can’t even oil the gears… (not the gears of our machine anyway).”

    Yes, and I believe in postcolonial literature this is called the ‘petrification’ stage, a condition which overcomes the dominant national party elite during the decolonization process. They are like rabbits in the headlights as two juggernauts head towards them – from one side the colonial power (which the elite have reached an ‘accommodation’ with), and the other the wrath of the natives seeking answers (and action) to the lengthy delay of their national liberation.

  175. Breeks says:

    Brian Doonthetoon says:
    28 July, 2021 at 9:49 pm
    Who’s all coming to Dundee on Saturday?

    I would like to but I can’t. Some things in a state of flux here which isn’t helping. Stuff I’ve got to do.

    Saffron Robe says:
    28 July, 2021 at 7:53 pm

    The tragic loss of yet another historic building in the city…

    Sadly, the tragic advice I would have to give any budding stonemason or carpenter, is don’t come to Scotland with it’s thousands of marvellous stone properties in such desperate need of repair.
    Instead, pursue your wonderful career in a Country which conscientiously repairs them.

  176. Hatuey says:

    Yossarian, I’m not arguing from an SNP perspective. I’m not in the SNP and have no affiliation with them.

    As I’ve said, I’m not a nationalist. You’re a nationalist, a British nationalist. I want to destroy the thing you think is a nation which to my mind makes me an anti-nationalist.

    I’d be surprised if Stuart Campbell would be comfortable with your description of him as a nationalist super-spreader but I make no assumptions.

    I’ve worked overseas too and I think there’s a big difference in the way British nationalists are perceived as compared to typically more humble and courteous Scots. That’s a generalisation, of course, but you started the generalising…

    You seem confused. On one hand talking about “our” loss, on the other calling people “nationalists”, all whilst claiming to be a unionist. Indeed, as I said, I’m confused by a unionist who hangs around a pro-independence forum.

    Have you thought this through?

  177. Captain Yossarian says:

    @Hatuey – You somehow see me as a British Nationalist and I am not that. Stuart Campbell I think would be comfortable with my description of him and he recommended folk vote for alternative parties, rather than SNP 1 and 2, just a few months ago.

  178. Stuart MacKay says:


    > You’re the one that needs to persuade me. And you can’t.

    They only need to preserve the status quo, nothing more. That’s a strength since it’s easier to dampen enthusiasm by sowing uncertainty over the new compared to the known (better the devil…).

    It’s also why, as Breeks says, there is only the indy wolf and not a union wolf. The message is simple “the thing that you want is becoming less popular, so you should stop wanting it”. If there was a case for the union then you’d be able to compare and contrast and that change in perspective would change the dynamics of the question entirely.

    Preserving the status quo is an extremely perilous state to be in. The case is undefinable and already as good as it gets. If it can be picked apart, one thread at a time, then the entire fabric can catastrophically fail. That’s why Sturgeon the Betrayer has to hold the Yes movement, and the likes of AUOB, down. If they let it get out of control then the whole union could unravel very quickly if people start acquiring unbridled enthusiasm.

    Covid 19 is probably the great test. If people really understood the mess the that was created by incompetence on all fronts they’d really be agitating for change. However by getting people to accept the will of government and waiting for it to act, then the the spark of “why do we have to accept this” can be snuffed out before it sets fire to everything. (OK so that was a little melodramatic but the SNP is as part of the status quo as the tories are).

  179. Hatuey says:

    Stuart, I disagree with most of that and recommend you, breeks, and others, find comfort in a longer term view.

    Scottish independence is the ascendant force. It’s really only been around for about 10 years and look how the whole establishment is dancing to its tune.

    The fact is it takes a whole bunch of unending lies, every day, by one of the most effective propaganda machines in the world (the BBC) to suppress Scottish independence.

    It isn’t going to go away. The second they take one of their fingers out of the Scottish dam, the UK will be swept away and they know it.

    As I said, dialectics. These things take time but you always get where you’re going.

  180. Hatuey says:

    Yossarian, you’re right, I am accusing you of being a British nationalist. Actually, it’s even worse than that; I regard British nationalism as one of the most vile forms of nationalism, one that is typically expressed and reinforced with fists, boots, and racism.

    Maybe you think it’s possible to be a Labour voting British Unionist in Scotland without being a nationalist. That I believe is how you describe yourself. But that’s worse again. It’s at least no different.

    The impact of British Unionism on Scotland has been highly destructive and violent. Consider me the voice of the millions of Scots whose lives were and are spent writhing in poverty and hopelessness as a consequence of people like you and your British Unionism.

    You can’t be a good soldier in a bad war, my friend, however much you might want to delude yourself about that.

  181. J.o.e says:

    RE: Covid origins

    Its very easy to blame another nation as hostile and to be the originator of this ‘pandemic’.

    Perhaps there is truth to it.

    One thing I do know is that if I were sitting anywhere in government in most western countries is id prefer this narrative to the obvious question of why we are using PCR contrary to the advice of the WHO and other public health agencies.

    They are clear – PCR test results without symptoms or other factors is not to be relied upon. Yet this is exactly what all our governments have been doing.

    The real war is the economic war being waged by the corporate class on us as people and as nations. The shutting down of our economies (while most big business chains stay unaffected) has resulted in an even bigger transfer of wealth than the subprime mortgage situation, which itself was a deliberate transfer of wealth.

    China may or may not be in the pockets of such people. I do not know.

    One thing I do know is that it isnt Chinese who occupy 8 out of 10 senior government roles in Bidens whitehouse. Its not the Chinese who run the Federal Reserve or the CDC. Its not the Chinese who made up the bulk of neocons that gave us the destruction of the Middle East. The ADL, SPLC and other powerful lobby groups aren’t Chinese. It is not against old Chinese architecture that every Western leader has been forced to pretend to pray against. Its not against the Chinese you are forbidden (now by law) to speak unfortunate truths. Its not the Chinese flag the majority of US politicians fly as proudly as their own, sometimes even more proudly. The US government isnt filled with dual nationality US/Chinese. It wasn’t Chinese intelligence officials that were caught on camera and then later arrested because the were dancing and high fiving in front of the World trade center as it came down. Its not chiefly Chinese NGO’s who are facilitating mass migration into Europe.

    Just saying. There is a group/country that does fit the above however.

  182. J.o.e says:


    Spare us your bullshit.

    ‘Consider me the voice of the millions of Scots whose lives were and are spent writhing in poverty and hopelessness as a consequence of people like you and your British Unionism’

    Honestly. lol. This from the guy who wants to seal people inside their homes, refuse votes and essential services to because they are unconvinced by an unconvincing covid/vaccine narrative.

    Gonnae stick to what you are paid to do – enforce the contradictory government line on covid – and not pretend to be some fucking bleeding heart for the Scots?

    What an arsehole.

  183. Stuart MacKay says:


    I had a “follow-up” thought after my post and I think Sturgeon probably believes independence is inevitable which is why she is confident to park it while she attends to her own agenda. Ditto for the rest of the leadership. That such complacency exists is rather disturbing if it proved to be true.

    I’m not sure whether independence is an ascendant force. Maybe or maybe not. The aspiration is certainly on the rise. It might just depend on how badly we want it. Perhaps Scots have not yet suffered enough?

  184. J.o.e says:

    ‘I’m confused by a unionist who hangs around a pro-independence forum.’

    Just as I am confused by a self described anti-nationalist and global government advocate hanging around a nationalist forum

  185. Gary45% says:

    Yossa@8.08+ many other dull, boring posts.
    Are you the guy who’s known as Jackanory?

  186. Hatuey says:

    “I’ll be all around in the dark. I’ll be everywhere. Wherever you can look — wherever there’s a fight so hungry people can eat, I’ll be there. Wherever there’s a cop beatin’ up a guy, I’ll be there. I’ll be in the way guys yell when they’re mad. I’ll be in the way kids laugh when they’re hungry and they know supper’s ready, and when the people are eatin’ the stuff they raise and livin’ in the houses they build, I’ll be there, too…”

    Wherever there’s an anti-vax crackpot trying to talk someone into playing games with their life, I’ll be there too…

  187. Hatuey says:

    Stuart: “Scots have not yet suffered enough?”

    Probably some truth in that. Some have done quite well too. And some can’t see how they’ve been hard done by and suffer from a sort of Stockholm Syndrome. A lot of money is being spent on keeping Scottish people in the dark. Etcetera, etcetera.

    At some point the dust will settle on the infighting, and we will all get back to the logic of the argument.

    You mention coronavirus which could and should have been a huge boon to the argument for independence, but just about everything could and should be — from drug deaths to poverty, Brexit, and foreign policy.

    Independence is more of a no-brainer today than it ever was. It’s a juggernaut of an argument and its wheels will start turning again soon enough. Well, as soon as we find someone that can actually drive the thing, eh…

  188. Hatuey says:

    Joe, nation states are man-made things. That doesn’t mean it’s contradictory to want one, any more than it’s contradictory to want a house that was made by men.

    Continuing with the metaphor, yes, I believe in International law and cooperation, just as a man who lives in a house would want protection from burglars and people who might trash the neighbourhood.

    No contradictions here, kiddo.

  189. Ottomanboi says:

    Big Sister knows best.
    Dontcha just lurv ScotGov. Keeping us all nice and safe.
    Medicalize! Medicalize! screamed the SturgeBots.
    God bless the NHS.

  190. Republicofscotland says:

    So the queen of England lobbied the Holyrood parliament to make sure her lands were exempt from carbon emissions in Scotland in the Scottish governments Heat Networks bill.

    Ironically the bill needs the queens consent before the Scottish colony can pass it.

  191. Ottomanboi says:

    Covid is not a killer per se. Deaths may arise from poor health and underlying medical conditions often undiagnosed under the current system.
    You stay indoors, wear the muzzle, get vaxxed etc if that pleases you, however do not dictate public behaviour to others who may well value fundamental democratic freedoms and personal integrity more than you seem to.

  192. J.o.e says:



    I will hand it to you – when it comes to ‘bullshit baffles brains’ you are not bad at using it when you need to stop the untangling of your own obvious contradictions.

    That last explanation of why you advocate global government, are anti-nationalist but are hanging around a nationalist forum talking about nationalism is pure comedy.

    Im not sure yet if you are actually so fucked up as to believe all the things you say equally in parallel or if you are playing at being deliberately confusing to make it easier to mask the fact that you are without a shred of honesty or consistency.

    Couple that with the little glimpses of a brutal and authoritarian mind we get from time to time and I honestly pity anybody personally close to you

  193. Republicofscotland says:

    65% of Scottish ambulances now carry the life saving drug Naloxone, and some Police Scotland officers now carry it to it helps reverse the effects of a drugs overdose.

    Angela Constance, Scotland’s minister for drugs policy, appears chuffed to bits with the new stance on fighting drugs overdoses and drugs related deaths.

    However, would it not be better if those actually taking the drugs coud be monitored in drug consumption rooms as they do in Europe, where many lives have been save due to staff administering the life saving Naloxone there and then.

    Once again the Scottish government are pussyfooting around this area, in which drug matters are a reserved policy, and the sheer unwillingness of Scottish ministers and Sturgeon to actually do the right thing to save the lives of young Scots and defy Westminster by opening drug consumption rooms, which will save lives and free up ambulances and police staff to attend other incidents, is breathtaking.

    Westminster has no problems with encroaching on devolved matters, yet Sturgeon just can’t bring herself to impinge upon the reserved drug laws to save the lives of young Scots.

  194. J.o.e says:

    What about we hang drug traffickers and drug dealers. Including the banks who launder their money, the civil servants and police who enable them and the intelligence services who make it possible.

    I know of 7 (at least) lads I knew from school now dead from drugs.

    Its not a crimewave. Its a war on the poor/working class.

  195. Grouser says:

    To Daisy Walker and Mia:

    Thanks to both of you for the timeline. So much happened at that time which was and is frankly unbelievable in a democratic country.

    Put this together with the saga of the undemocratic behaviour of the NEC and the SNP leadership clique and it is to the credit of the hard core activists in Scotland who support Independence that we still have a functioning YES movement. No credit to the SNP for setting up an Independence Unit. Until recently that was what the whole SNP was about.

  196. Daisy Walker says:

    @ Lochside – thanks for the comment Lochside. I think most people here have seen my timeline before, but sometimes it helps to have it all laid out in order.

    I think I might have another look at it and try and polish it up a bit so that someone might consider publishing it.

    Perhaps it might help the penny drop with some Indy supporters who haven’t yet seen the light. I’m not overly hopeful.

    If it wasn’t complicated enough, I think it needs the GRWoke agenda/timeline added into it. And on that subject is anyone else wondering how much they’re getting rewarded for services rendered and public services and laws ruined.

  197. Breeks says:

    Stuart MacKay says:
    29 July, 2021 at 9:52 am

    ….I’m not sure whether independence is an ascendant force. Maybe or maybe not. The aspiration is certainly on the rise. It might just depend on how badly we want it. Perhaps Scots have not yet suffered enough?

    I don’t look at it as Independence on the rise. Independence is just the datum of normality. It isn’t the rise of Independence we need, it’s the long, long, overdue rejection and expulsion of “British” Colonial encroachment.

    I hope and pray we are seeing the Union fail through the decades of it’s insatiable greed and bloated state of corpulence, and all we’re waiting for is the last “wafeer theen meent” for Mr John Bull Creosote, and the Union is bust.

    Let the nightmare be over, and the “normality” of Scotland’s Nation status simply reassert itself.

  198. sarah says:

    31st August 1.00 p.m. PROTEST at Holyrood “Dissolve the Union” – see facebook White Rose Rising.

    I have been saying for some time that the only way to shift the SNP leadership is to make life uncomfortable – they aren’t used to public criticism. Make it seem that pursuing independence is the more pleasant option.

    The protest above is a start – get several hundred people there to greet the returning MSPs with the demand to dissolve the Union. For those who can’t attend, email your MSPs at the same time with the same message.

  199. Merganser says:

    Is there any difference between the ‘Kusama pumpkin’ case and the SNP ring fenced fundraiser case?

  200. chas says:

    With everyday that passes support for Independence dwindles. This is despite the ‘media’ refusing to hold the SNP to account for their multiple failures in almost every thing they touch.
    No free thinking Scot trusts the Supreme Leader or her useless acolytes. Unless ALBA gets it’s act together VERY soon we are faced with more of the same from the SNP with Independence well over the horizon.
    To my mind Salmond has to go for the jugular in showing the people of Scotland what Sturgeon and her incompetents really are like but I sadly doubt this will happen.
    Until Sturgeon goes Independence is dead.

  201. Breeks says:

    Alf Baird says:
    29 July, 2021 at 8:34 am

    Yes, and I believe in postcolonial literature this is called the ‘petrification’ stage,…..

    You’re right Alf. I actually was paying attention and did take in that petrification stage in your talk with Barrheadboy, and here I am describing the very thing from first hand principles.

  202. Breeks says:

    Merganser says:
    29 July, 2021 at 12:36 pm
    Is there any difference between the ‘Kusama pumpkin’ case and the SNP ring fenced fundraiser case?

    Straight away spotted one difference Merganser, – the dealer pleaded guilty.

    I’d be willing to bet big bucks that Sturgeon pleads amnesia then redacts the evidence.

  203. Pixywine says:

    I saw a tabloid headline the other day in which Sturgeon is castigating the public who exercise their right to choose regarding vaccine. She tells us we are a threat to public health and as such she seeks to turn the vaccinated public against the unvaccinated. Why does it sound like I’m talking of animals? She attempts emotional blackmail-like a typical spouse abuser- and resorts to threat of more lockdowns blaming the free minded for forcing her decision.
    In actuality Tory ministers as well as the British Government own shares in the “vaccine” RNA technology that’s being pumped into the innocent. The Governments are well aware of the shocking levels of deaths and injuries attributable to the experiment.
    I am flabbergasted by the blithe acceptance of each draconian law from these Fascist puppets who call themselves Governments.
    If you cannot see the dirty money behind the highly lucrative “pandemic” then it’s because you refuse to see.
    I can only hope some readers will look into these words and see how they stack against the Governments fear narrative which rises and falls as required. Can any of you good readers think yourselves into the mind of a dictator? All of this makes sense in the light of a Globalist takeover of democracy liberty and freedom. It makes absolutely no sense from a public health perspective unless we’re living on the set of a “Carry on” movie.

  204. Pixywine says:

    Sturgeon also wants to censor anyone who questions her masters voice-the banks- that includes eminent scientists and doctors who happen to disagree with overbearing Government and GAVI idiots like Dev Srihdar.

  205. James Che. says:

    I apologise for not responding yesterday, got caught up sorting things in the loft.
    Regards our constitution, I do not necessarily think ours is f..ked up,
    If the treaty of the union is to be believed or adhered to as a reality by the unionist

    First there are subjects wrote into the 1707 treaty that are supposed to be unalterable, such as Scots law, Private Rights , Sovereignty of the Scots people and Trade.
    These are subjects that make up part of our Scottish constitution. But these articles are also the very same fabric that made GB and its constitution. Without this treaty GB does not exist either.

    For any of these, treaty of the union articles to be altered even through the creation of the devolved government of Scotland within GB, not only has a weakening effect on Scotland’s constitution but also Great Britain constitution. Which in the main is not wrote down as anything tangible. Except for the treaty of the union,

    Slapping new laws from Westminster through the years over these articles of the union does not enhance, or strengthen Westminster’s position,
    Altering the 1707 treaty weakens the treaty of the unions from Scotland’s point of view.
    It can be strongly argued that with the introduction of Evel that David Cameron bought in in 2014, broke the treaty of the union, although they are trying to remedy that mistake now, it does not alter the reality that since 2014 Evel broke the treaty of the union,

    The internal market bill also alters the treaty of the union as far as fair trade articles that was promised in the treaty of the union.

    As did Brexit, with the right to choose who governs us,
    And alteration of the crown and inheritors of the crown being male or female along with the elimination of a stipulation for religion religious marriages of all royalty immediate, by David Cameron in 2011.

    Now if anything under the new laws of Covid, if it alters the sovereign body of a Scots people by enforcement of Westminster’s health laws or coercion and blackmail comes into being in Scotland, the treaty once again is threatened, under sovereignty of the Scots and private laws.
    I listened to Micheal Goves interview this week, and perhaps a rerun of that interview should be listened to again by some people here, as he let slip that these Covid laws can not be enforced on and in all parts of Britain. What part of Britain do you suppose he means? (Interesting slip of the tongue on his part)
    If Scots are sovereign and recognised as being so.

    The point is, that both Scotland and England’s constitutions are separate by the treaty on the union,
    However, they are also intertwined through that treaty of the union, and to undo either one of them has an effect on how strong the treaty is today.

    At this point of time here in Scotland we can claim that Westminster has and still is interfering with that 1707 treaty of the union beyond its original agreement and recognition. With the crown advocate being head of Scots law is an intrusion to Scots law retaining separation of and under the 1707 treaty.

    Westminster cannot hold its position on saying that it has not broke the treaty of the union on separate Scots law in Scotland,
    Nor can it retain its position on enforcing mandatory passports lockdowns and vaccinations on Scots whom by admission of (Westminster themselves ) retain their sovereignty.
    Westminsters Devolution to Scotland and the Barnett formula also break the treaty of the union in many ways.

    At what point do we challenge them for breaking the treaty of the union,
    At what point do we say we are sovereign and the treaty of the union never took our sovereignty away, rather that it reinforced our sovereignty by recognition of Scots law, the right to choose who governs us, private laws. Etc.

    The test will come if the Westminster’s devolved Scottish government in Scotland try’s to enforce passports and vaccines on sovereign Scottish people.
    A challenge can be made to employers who follow this Westminster ideology on Scots,
    And has been made.
    And they backed down.
    The company was registered in England, but has many branches in Scotland as care homes, and thought of Scotland as being under the same laws as England.
    I helped a care worker here in Scotland who was threatened with losing her employment if they did not take the vaccine, challenge them through the sovereignty issue, and private law,
    The manager said she would have to talk to her boss to see if it was true,
    She got back to the care worker two days later and apologised, and said she would advise the care worker to get vaccinated but could not enforce it (yet )in Scotland.

    It is up to us to challenge any intrusion, or coercion on our sovereignty.
    This is not a covid health issue,
    anyone can have the vaccine if they Consent to it.
    This Politically is a sovereignty issue in Scotland, and wether Nicola sturgeon has the right to act in “I am almighty god” dictatorship manner enforcing sovereign Scots to follow Westminster laws,
    I doubt it judging by the back down of the English registered care home response two weeks ago.
    Our sovereignty is in our hands,

  206. Pixywine says:

    GAVI of course are a private conglomerate with a vested financial interest in sticking needles in people’s arms. Our Government are making enemies of their own people in the vested interests of private enterprise The merging of the corporate State with the fully owned media and the order takers in the Army /police security services. You’ll see evidence to back up what I’m saying sooner than you think.

  207. sarah says:

    If you want to do something for independence see my comment at 12.34.

  208. Hatuey says:

    I wish people would stop over-stating the idea that support for independence is dwindling. It’s dwindling because nobody in a position of influence is arguing for it — that explains why support rose before the referendum, why it has dwindled since, and why we should all want Sturgeon to go immediately.

  209. sarah says:

    @ Hatuey: dwindling support for independence is the reason we need to pressurise publicly the MSPs – hence protest at Holyrood when the MSPs return on 31st August and/or email your MSP that day.

    See White Rose Rising facebook post about “Dissolve the Union” gathering at Holyrood at 1 p.m. on 31st August.

  210. kapelmeister says:

    An appalling graph. Though the level of support for Yes makes no difference as long as Sturgeon remains. She has amply demonstrated that she has neither the appetite to pursue independence or the strategic know-how to make it happen.

  211. Sensible Dave says:

    Breeks 12.28

    You wrote “I don’t look at it as Independence on the rise. Independence is just the datum of normality. It isn’t the rise of Independence we need, it’s the long, long, overdue rejection and expulsion of “British” Colonial encroachment”.

    … and its comments like that mate, that demonstrate why no progress is being made.

    Based upon the indyref and the polls graphed by the Rev, the majority of the people of Scotland don’t feel like you do. So, coming on here preaching to the converted that somehow Scotland’s good people are helpless souls squirming under a British jackboot, yearning for freedom from the colonial masters and held down by the forces of the state – is just bull crap.

    Your problem sir, as I may have mentioned in the past, is that whatever you are selling – the majority are not buying it.

    So, you need to improve the “product” and the “pitch” – rather than just angrily shouting at folk that your product is better – even though the majority of folk have already heard your pitch and, for whatever reason, seem happier to stick with their existing service provider. (my metaphors are getting more and more stretched).

  212. Dorothy Devine says:

    ‘ Pregnant people’ FFS what kind of lunacy are we expected to accept.

  213. Saffron Robe says:

    James Che @ 1:09 pm.

    Very good comment James. I think you are on to something!

  214. Republicofscotland says:

    this exactly why Scotland on independence must become a republic, with an elected figure and not a royal as head of state, royalty is an affront to society.

    THE Queen has had advanced access to at least 67 Holyrood parliamentary bills, according to a Guardian investigation.
    The practice, known as crown consent, is a custom inherited from Westminster and deals with legislation considered to affect the monarch’s public powers, private property or personal interests.
    The move, which has been condemned as anti-democratic, has been used repeatedly by the Queen in recent decades to secretly lobby for changes to proposed UK legislation before it is passed by parliament.
    The extent of the procedure in Scotland has until now been unknown to the public.
    Research has found 67 examples of Scottish laws being vetted by the Queen. They include bills dealing with property taxation, protections from tenants, planning lawsand a 2018 bill that prevents forestry inspectors from entering crown land, including Balmoral, without the Queen’s consent.

  215. robertknight says:

    If HMQ, or Chuck, or Wills, or whoever, wants to be Head of State of an Independent Scotland, let them stand for election to the position of such, along with anyone else who’s up for it.

    If we, the citizens, think they’re the best qualified we might still elect them. If not, then perhaps another career might suit their skillset – whatever that is.

  216. Ron Maclean says:

    @James Che.

    For the time being Westminster is sovereign.

    As for Scots Law – that gave us Lady Dorrian, James Wolffe, malicious prosecutions, jigsaw identification and the Salmond and Murray trials. It also accepted Nicola Sturgeon as a practising solicitor.

    I agree there’s a need for challenges. From where?

  217. Breeks says:

    Hope they’re taking all the Union Jacks off it. Bit of a choking hazard I’d have thought.

  218. Sweep says:

    What occurred between March and June 2019 to cause that massive slump?

  219. highseastim says:

    When are people going to realise that Salmond is yesterday’s man!!

  220. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    For highseastim…

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