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This won’t take a minute

Posted on April 05, 2021 by

At the weekend we all beheld the bizarre sight of two supposed investigative Scottish politics journalists sneering and trying to play down what appeared to be a genuinely major story about a live police inquiry into a possible £600,000 criminal fraud involving the party of government in Scotland.

Both of them work for the same rival outlet, so the most generous interpretation that could reasonably be put on their curious behaviour is that they were simply trying to focus attention instead on that outlet’s own big Sunday splash – also ostensibly a story of political fraud, albeit on a much smaller scale.

So let’s just clear that one up now to help them out.

The piece, filed by the paper’s trans-rights correspondent Hannah Rodger, was quite coincidentally an attack on Alba Party candidate Lynne Anderson, who until very recently was the SNP’s Equalities Convener and is a gender-critical feminist regularly denounced by the party’s transactivist wing for her defence of women’s rights.

(She was elected by members last year ahead of the revolting Fiona Robertson, but was quickly sidelined by the party leadership who snuck Robertson back onto the NEC through the back door.)

Rodger has undertaken a relentless campaign of smearing Alba since the new party launched just over a week ago, and indeed went so far as to include a helpful summary of previous attacks in the article about Anderson.

The allegations about Anderson weren’t actually specified in the piece, but appear in some way to centre on her position as a staff proxy for SNP MP Steven Bonnar, who we must admit is someone that we’d never heard of before now during the 16 months he’s been drawing a Westminster salary.

The piece accuses Lynne Anderson of doing these mysterious-but-definitely-bad things without Bonnar’s knowledge. But the only problem with that is that even if she had, it’d still be Bonnar’s responsibility, not hers.

The rules of IPSA – the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority – are very clear on the use of proxies to perform MPs’ admin tasks.

Let’s zoom in on that highlighted bit to save you clicking it:

In other words, the staff member can do all the donkey work, but in the end the MP is still required to actively approve all their actions. (The only way this could be bypassed would be if the MP gave the staffer their personal login and password, which for obvious reasons is completely against the rules.)

Rodgers’ story is a nothing, because no matter what Lynne Anderson may or may not have done – and she denies any wrongdoing whatsoever – it would still be Steven Bonnar who was solely responsible and accountable for it, because it’s his job to check and sign off on anything his staff do on his behalf. The focus on Anderson and Alba instead tellingly reveals Rodgers’ and the Herald’s agenda.

So if we were them, we’d probably try to avoid drawing any extra attention to it, even if we WERE embarrassed that we’d failed to pick up on a much bigger story that was broken on Wings on Friday and subsequently covered by almost all of the main papers at the weekend, including the Sunday Mail, the Sunday Times, the Mail On Sunday, the Sunday Express and the Scotsman.

(Of which, we note in passing, only the Sunday Times credited the source.)

But that would ironically require the sort of basic journalistic ability and integrity that Hannah Rodger, Tom Gordon and David Leask appear to badly lack.

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177 to “This won’t take a minute”

  1. Muscleguy says:

    I’m not critising your article or your journalistic integrity Stu but if this stie is going to be an Alba fest because they’ve roped you in to do ‘new media’ for them then I am going to tune out until well after May 6.

    You failed to start your own party so cool it with the party political cheerleading please.

  2. Astonished says:

    “But that would ironically require the sort of basic journalistic ability and integrity that Hannah Rodger, Tom Gordon and David Leask appear to badly lack.”

    Whit dae mean by ‘appear’ ?

    Fed up with these tits feeding us pap. I stopped buying the herald 15 years ago – these paid churnalists remind me why.

  3. Mairi says:

    These false allegations against Lynne have caused a great deal of heartache to a number of Women, as well as Lynne and her family obviously. The SNP have sunk to new depths with this story.

  4. Bob W says:


    How is this article in any way an “Alba fest?” It sets out facts about an allegation made by an SNP MP against a former employee/ party member. It’s hardly “ party political cheerleading.” It might behove you to “cool your jets.”

  5. Margaret Lindsay says:

    I grow more disgusted with these so called journalists and the SNP with each passing hour. I took a day off twitter and logged on early this morning to see M Hunter’s “Who cases?” tweet. They really do hold us in contempt.

  6. Anonymoose says:

    Muscleguy says:
    5 April, 2021 at 11:30 am

    WoS has always been pro-Scotland pro-Indy without any party affiliation, if you dont like the article because it’s not pro-snp that’s not Stu’s fault is it.

    The fact that the SNP are using their £3-mil-of-public-money-bung-paid-media-lapdogs to attack a different Scottish pro-indy party rather than the unionist parties tells you all you really need to know about the SNP’s priorities.

    In case you’re struggling to figure out what those are it is to remain in majority power and continue to long-grass independence because they are too comfy at the trough and completely benign of any kind of imagination or radical policy that would bring the Scottish people independence, a policy that was core to the SNPs values up until 2015 when Nicola Sturgeon and Peter Murrel took over the party.

  7. stonefree says:

    Hannah Rodger? She’s a big time Smith and MacDonald chum is she not? Seems like only a fortnight ago , she was gushing about the pair
    Maybe the Herald/National should consider a Zero Hour contract ?

  8. chas says:


    Your ‘name’ says a lot about you however I digress. Pleased to learn that you will be tuning out until after the 6th May. I really do not think you will be missed!

  9. blackhack says:

    You really don’t need the “Credit” Stu, just live up to your drilling down into the details and not the headlines…

    Remember your motto on the site here….

    “There’s no limit to what a man can do, or where he can go, if he doesn’t mind who gets the credit.”

  10. Littleladylotte says:

    Muscleguy….not criticism but…..aye so criticism.

    Are you another who thinks wheesht for indy…lets let corruption, embezzlement, targeting public citizens with maicious policies and court actions, gender woo woo, hate crime bill, school sex Ed (which adults at snp meetings don’t feel comfortable discussing but snp thinks it’s fine for kids to learn), the failure to secure a ref after brexit, the lies, the ignoring committees requests for information unless forced, and all the rest should just be ignored, never commented on and we shouldn’t look to see about having someone reel in the snp….greens aren’t capable…theyve taken the same koolaid. No…just let it all pass, never discuss anyone who may end their hold on doing what the fk they like once they’re in power. Youre part of the problem

  11. Al-Stuart says:


    With respect, I would rather you “tuned out” until after 6th May 2021as Wings Over Scotland is the site I TRUST to bring me the news and forensic analysis about Amadans such as Tom Gordon, David Leask and the odious Hanna Gordon.

    Muscleguy, I know not what your problem is with Stuart Campbell or Wings Over Scotland, but the Alba Party is the LAST hope we have before Scotland becomes a banana republic.

    As the Big Yin, aka Rev often says to people like you Muscleguy…



  12. Andy says:

    A Court order should be sought to keep these these SNP lackies from ever going anywhere near a keyboard ever again.

    They should also be charged for impersonating a journalist.

    They tried to use the old “Squirrel Trick”.

    Where have we seen that used before?

    Oh that’s right, Sturgeon uses it on a daily basis.

  13. Ross says:

    If a candidate has done something ethically irregular, as a voter, I’d want to know about it even if the overall accountability techncially lies with a superior.

  14. Hannah Rodger goes by the Twitter handle @HRwritesnews when @HRwritessh*te would be more appropriate.

  15. Kenny says:

    Phew! – Muscleguy criticising Campbell’s journalistic integrity? Seems like many in Scotland dodging a bullet when Alba directed them away from that account’s clutches?

    Keep on doing what you’re doing Stu; cracking work, more balanced slant, excellent journalism.

  16. Andy Ellis says:


    What’s your problem exactly?

    I assume from your output that the muscle referred to in your name resides chiefly between your ears….? 🙂

  17. AnneDon says:

    The MSM in Scotland are back in their comfort zone – attacking a party led by Alex Salmond.

    Are more indy supporters going to notice who they regard as the biggest danger to their Precious Union?

    It certainly isn’t the current occupant of Bute House.

  18. Leither says:

    Approving a timesheet is not approving actions.

  19. Wee Willie says:

    To an outsider the Byzantine and labyrinth goings on in Scottish politics must be bewildering. It is starting to resemble a pantomime. It doesn’t look very grown up.

  20. Orlando Quarmby says:

    @Muscleguy at 11:30am: “You failed to start your own party so cool it with the party political cheerleading please.”

    Hey champ – you’ve failed to start your own blog. So mind the door doesn’t hit your arse on the way out of this one. Clown.

  21. JSC says:

    I know Steven Bonnar isn’t the main focus of this but if ever there was a wee ned promoted way beyond his capability, it’s him. If he hadn’t lucked into a WM constituency he would still be hanging round Viewpark while soaked in Buckie all day.

  22. Kenny says:

    Have to say – not on hindsight – that I had my doubts about Muscleguy a while back; little, telling signs culminating in a clear lack of joy or visibility on this site during pro-indy announcements, eg, Alba. Yes, it did affect his party’s future, but he suddenly pops-up with an attack? Cheers for that – will ye no’ come back again?

    Unable to help yourself, you people stick out like sore thumbs.

  23. Hatuey says:

    muscleguy, please don’t go. Please. We love you, muscleguy…

    It’s weird that he accuses Wings of being Alba’s mouthpiece when Alba is asking people to vote SNP. Go figure. lol

    Anyway, I’m not asking anyone to vote SNP… you can be sure of that. I see the bigger picture.

  24. Patrick Roden says:

    So, let’s get this straight;

    The herald print a poor article about Alba, then Wings prints an article about the Heralds poor article about Alba.

    And the Media are trying to harm Alba!

    You couldn’t buy this amount of free publicity if you tried,

    Alex must be sitting back on his comfy chair lapping all this free publicity up.

    btw: Two more SNP ‘faces’ in the media saying they will be voting for Alba, today.

  25. Andy says:


    Let’s hope you have more luck this year in winning the prestigious “Journalist of the Year” award.

    For some reason they seem to bypass you,,,year after year.

    I think you call it ENVY.

    You are one of the UKs top investigative journalists and we really are privileged to have you leading our campaign to highlight the lies and corruption at the heart of the SNP.

  26. JSC says:

    Patrick, who are the 2 “faces”? Names please

  27. Morag says:

    This is the message now. Dare to oppose the SNP leadership, and especially if you defect to Alba, some dirt will be dug up on you and fed to the papers, and if need be dirt will be manufactured.

  28. Heaver says:

    If you want to hurt Nicola Sturgeon


    SNP 1, ALBA 2

  29. Captain Yossarian says:

    Steven Bonar is a bigot who gets away with it because he is SNP.

    The Scottish press lifted the SNP coin at around the same time as our law officers did and both are now doing great harm as a consequence.

    If they are now following the lead of the Steven Bonnars of this parish, then God help us all if this goes-on beyond May.

  30. Zander Tait says:

    Well done again Stu. Here’s my post on the Herald “newspaper” with regards to this so-called story:

    Zander Tait
    4th April 10:14 am
    User ID: 1929881

    Well done SNP. Yet another reason, as if there were any need for another reason, NOT to vote SNP on the constituency list and to vote ALBA on the regional list.

    SNP dirty tricks dept. lives on. The SNP swamp needs draining.

  31. Stuart MacKay says:

    muscleguy is ISP.

    Just to say this once more. The ISP did Independence an immense favour by standing down for this election and giving Alba a clear shot at putting the SNP back on track.

    There is some element in his concern which I share. Both Barrhead Boy and Iain Lawson are full on pro-Alba at the moment. Would be a pity if they just became party spokes-people. Though they are right to recognise that the bloggers do offer an opportunity to redress the bias of the MSM, though it will take some organisation to get to that point.

    As for the Rev., I doubt that taking a similar path is of much interest. His strength, will and always will be, in skewering anything that stands in the way of independence, no matter what it’s colour.

  32. Anna says:

    Ive never heard of Bonnar in SNP. .

    The extent of the rot is only beginning to surface. There will be a walk out soon. The pressure will blow the lid.

  33. TheSNPLeftMe says:

    Bonnar’s court case is coming up. A bit of deflection for him and the SNP.
    Patrick Grady was keeping that piece of leverage in his Whip bag of tricks (before his disgrace) but someone else at HQ decided it was time to use it on Bonnar to perform.

  34. Breastplate says:

    That was completely uncalled for, no doubt from no return in your emotional investment in the ISP.

    In my opinion, ISP’s demise was on the cards as soon as you guys made it known that you would not work with any other party.
    The emergence of the Alba party has probably done you a favour in saving you time and money.
    Accept the reality without grievance please.

  35. AWhiteLife says:

    I’m neither snp, alba nor indi (at present), but what I come here for is factual reporting none of which can be found in msm unless Stu has done the legwork for them days previously. Your comment is quite ridiculous. I’ve not seen your name on comments here before,maybe I’ve missed them previously, but I’d hazard a guess you are not a muscle guy but rather a person lacking in critical thinking employed by a rag top.

  36. holymacmoses says:

    Muscleguy says:
    5 April, 2021 at 11:30 am
    I’m not critising your article or your journalistic integrity Stu but if this stie is going to be an Alba fest because they’ve roped you in to do ‘new media’ for them then I am going to tune out until well after May 6.

    You failed to start your own party so cool it with the party political cheerleading please.

    That’s a strange post. If you don’t want to read the content of this site I’m sure that’s fine. It’s totally inappropriate to be telling people what to post on their own blogs. Mr Wings sinks and/or swims on his own opinions and frankly I doubt anyone much cares whether you’re signing out until well after May or not.

  37. Lollysmum says:

    @ muscleguy
    I’ve been reading your posts here for 7 years & this just doesn’t sound like you at all. Iirc you’re a Green but you always spoke up for rooting out corruption in the unionist parties.

    Why should you behave any differently now when it’s a pro-indy party’s tame journalists that are throwing false accusations around albeit by utterly assinine reporters?

    2 or 3 years ago,you would have been one of the first telling Wings to get to the bottom of the story without delay.

    Are you still a Green? Are you seeing your party’s votes going elsewhere? If that’s the case, then you need to stop & think about what Greens have done recently that is having the effect of turning voters away. Practically nothing except support GRA/Self ID, Hate Crime Bill, wokerati clearout of members who don’t agree with it, tail docking & thats about it.They lost my vote on the very first item in that very short list & I don’t know of a single woman who will vote green in May.

    Voters vote on what they see or feel they can trust & I’m afraid SGP dug their own hole this time by siding with snp against 51% of the Scottish electorate-women. You don’t get a bye for that behaviour, the sanction is that the votes go elsewhere.

    I have to say that your post in calling it an Alba fest was miles wide of the mark. I like to see corruption rooted out wherever it is found. Stu does that without fear or favour reporting what he finds. That’s what we’ve paid him for for all these years & I hope he continues with it. Your response was a disappointment as I always thought you were a level headed soul not given to such outbursts. Clearly I was wrong.

  38. Jack Murphy says:

    JSC asked at 12:08 pm
    ” Patrick, who are the 2 “faces”? Names please ”

    I’m guessing it’s this news today:

    Hamish Vernal Former Provost of Aberdeenshire Council and Steve Cardownie Former Deputy Provost of The City of Edinburgh are backing Alba in the elections to the Scottish Parliament.

  39. David Caledonia says:

    Journalists lol, troublemakers with nothing between their ears

  40. sog says:

    @Muscleguy –

    I’ve valued your contributions in the past, not only those critical of the gender science-deniers. I’m a supporter of ISP, Colette indicated the party continues with an eye to the future. They deserve credit now for showing the way that others have taken.

    Would you post here occasional links to the ISP’s activities please. I hope The Boss won’t mind, and ISP could use the publicity.

  41. Kiwilassie says:

    Muscleguy says:
    5 April, 2021 at 11:30 am
    I’m not critising your article or your journalistic integrity Stu but if this stie is going to be an Alba fest’

    Muscleguy If I’m not mistaken you like myself are a Scot living in New Zealand.
    We as emigrants to another country have no say in what is going on in Scotland. We gave that up when we left Scotland.
    Yes we can support the Yes movement, but we have no say in who support whom.
    We are living in an Independent country with good living standards. Don’t you want that for your Kin folk?

  42. Mac says:

    You’d have to be pretty swift to get the first comment in BTL on here. Was that comment ready and waiting to go?

  43. Colin Alexander says:

    Stuart MacKay

    I made the point on WeeGingerDug the other day. It would be disappointing if ANY blogger was perceived to be only an uncritical propaganda mouthpiece of any political party.

    (I’m no saying ANY are and am not inviting people to point fingers at anyone).

    This was in response to WGD running an SNP 1 and 2 article that rubbished Alba’s chances (based on the 3% poll and before the 6% polling for Alba).

    And before anyone jumps in to slag WeeGingerDug, in the words of Chewin the Fat: Gonnae no dae that !

    The man is ill and he’s done more for Scottish independence than many of us, so leave him be, if youse are tempted to slag him. He needs goodwill and encouragement, not more stress.

    WGD later published the London School of Economics article that stated a positive case for Scottish independence.

    Found here:

  44. Derek says:

    @Stuart MacKay says:
    5 April, 2021 at 12:15 pm

    There is some element in his concern which I share.

    That’s what I was thinking; maybe he could’ve worded it better tho’…

  45. boris says:

    Alba’s campaign will now put more scrutiny on the list vote, challenging the “SNP1+2” tactic, which is much better at protecting the SNP’s hegemonic position in the independence movement than it is at producing overall independence majorities. According to a recent Survation poll the SNP would elect no regional seats at all from a million votes on the list. In previous elections, it’s been the Greens who have benefited from vote-savvy independence supporters using their list votes wisely to elect a larger Indy cohort. Now the Greens have competition in this field, although it’s likely that the appeal of Alba’s call for a ‘supermajority’ will hit the SNP’s list vote more than the Greens, as more Indy voters become aware that an SNP list vote is likely to be a wasted one. Many Greens would also probably prove resistant to Alba’s more populist appeals.

  46. MacLam says:

    Bit dismayed to see phrases like “cool it” and “get used to it” in various threads.
    I enjoy a bit of argument, even if it gets personal, usually it can help form one’s own opinions, but effectively telling people to shut up with their opinions is infantile and aggressive.
    Most folk are actually pretty good with the level of debate on here, I think RSC sets a high bar.

  47. John Martini says:

    It is becoming clear that the whole thing is a bit of a mess. Rip it up and start again seems to be the best outcome.

  48. David says:

    Nice derailing of the comments, Muscleguy.
    You have to look at the bigger picture concerning the ISP party. They chose to step aside for ALBA, and I’m damn sure they did so because they feel a Salmond-led ALBA is much more likely to support and advance their beliefs (pro-indy, pro women’s rights, anti genderwoowoo) than the Sturgeon-led newSNP.

  49. JGedd says:

    Some people making comments regarding Muscleguy are obviously new to this site and are therefore unaware that Muscleguy has been a regular here for several years.

    Some comments are inadvertently inappropriate since he has been a stalwart for independence over the years and recently has been critical of the SNP in common with most on here, so some people seem to wrongly interpret his comment upthread as in support of the SNP.

    As far as I know, going by comments made here over the past few weeks he has been a supporter of ISP so his comment today might have something to do with that. I don’t know him at all but simply felt that some of the attacks on him, judging by his contributions over the years, are somewhat misdirected.

    I know the temperature of Scottish politics has recently been raised to fever pitch but let’s try not to be unnecessarily combative to those on our side.

  50. Daisy Walker says:

    Hamish Vernal Former Provost of Aberdeenshire Council and Steve Cardownie, Former Deputy Provost of The City of Edinburgh Council have declared today (Monday) that they are backing ALBA in the coming Elections to the Scottish Parliament on 6 May

    Can I also say about WGD – a Stroke is a major, major thing to suffer. A colleague had one at work, he looked significantly ill for a good few months before it happened.

    I greatly appreciated WGD’s works up until recently. I’m not going to rubbish his previous works, because in recent years, when he’s been seriously ill, I have come to disagree with him on certain issues.

    I wish him every recovery and best wishes.

  51. Captain Yossarian says:

    Following hot on the heels of Nicola Sturgeon’s propsal to dispense with jury trials and the not proven verdict, we have this morning heard from our vainglorious Justice Minister, Humza Yousaf; he wants to set-up a ‘Bairns’ Hoose’ to suppliment our three hundred year old legal system. No-one knows what it will do yet, but it does sound fabulous doesn’t it.

    In the meantime, our real lawyers just sit in chairs letting it all happen. What a bunch.

  52. Kiwilassie says:

    Maybe I’m wrong . You could be a Kiwi living in Scotland given the posts of others. Can you clarify?

  53. SilverDarling says:


    Like some others, I am puzzled by this post and it just doesn’t sound like you. If you are ISP and disappointed at the turn of things then that seems understandable but you just cannot tell people what to write in their own blog.

    Personally, I was impressed by ISP and would seriously consider my vote for them in the next elections. They have behaved with integrity and seem like a professional well run unit.

    However, these are times like no other and ALBA has captured the spirit of what is needed just now. When the SNP was getting pelters for nothing the Rev did not add to that but no one can ignore what the SNP has become added to that the way they have behaved towards AS.

    Anyway, I hope you will come back as I value your knowledge of biology. Tribal allegiance gets us all in different ways even if we try to resist.

  54. Benhope says:

    For anyone who missed Breeks post on the previous article, The Unpersons, please go back and read it. Even by Breeks standards it is a real stonker.

    5th April, 5.20 am.

  55. Strathy says:

    On the IPSA Compliance Officer’s website under Open Investigations it says: –

    ‘There are no complaints currently open.’

    Nothing under Closed Investigations either.

    Under ‘Making a Complaint’: –

    ‘We may open an investigation following receipt of a complaint from a member of the public about a payment ………. or if we receive a request from IPSA or an MP to investigate a payment.’

    Presumably an investigation by the Compliance Officer precedes a referral to the police.

  56. Doug says:

    SNP/Alba in the north east. SNP/SNP in the south of Scotland.

  57. Kiwilassie says:

    This was for Muscleguy.

    Kiwilassie says:
    5 April, 2021 at 1:03 pm
    Maybe I’m wrong . You could be a Kiwi living in Scotland given the posts of others. Can you clarify?

  58. Doug says:

    @Daisy Walker 1:01pm

    Well said.

  59. Captain Yossarian says:

    Now that Alex Salmond has been frozen-out of BBC/ITV debates pre-election, I understand there is an offer on the table to host a debate between Salmond and Galloway by Andrew Neil.

  60. Mark Boyle says:

    @Muscleguy – you were perfectly happy about this site when you were using it for endless plugs for the career vehicle for a shower of failed wannabe SNP troughers until they fell out with everyone, but now the site owner is concentrating emphasis on another party, suddenly it’s all no fair and you’re taking your jumper for one of the goalposts home?

    Guess what? Nobody cares.

    ISP’s relevence in the scheme of things was clear by its withdrawal from the election after all the bullshit last year about “booking advertising hoardings” – these need to be booked months in advance of use with cancellation fees on an increasing scale according to how close to the start of the campaign, esp. in an industry that has suffered greatly from the impact of “digital advertising”. No way would it have pulled out unless the “advert hoardings” story was all bluff and bluster – the hallmark of the ISP from day one.

    It’s pretty clear behind the public posturing, both the AFI and ISP lot will jockey for position for Alba endorsements if the 7th May reveals Alex has a health crop of non-SNP pro indy MSPs (at least the AFI had the honesty to tell people to back Alba, rather than the sleekit ISP wanting to make sure Alba “wins” first). I really have no time for these wee chancers – no better than those in the SNP who know the party’s rotten to the core but won’t speak out or jump ship because they aren’t wanting to risk their wee seat on the gravy train. Just all about themselves.

  61. Bob Mack says:

    ___And who else is going to give Alba a helping hand with publicity if not the bloggers?

    As far as I can see nearly every Unionist paper and other media seem intent on propping up the SNP. They have plenty of good PR already.

    I am also an ISP member and they have shown their commitment to Indy by stepping down in favour of Alba. We follow that lead

  62. JGedd says:


    For what it’s worth, as far as I recollect, Muscelguy was born here but his family emigrated to NZ where he was educated and later as an adult, he returned to Scotland with his own family. He was an energetic supporter of independence, pounding the pavements, like many here, campaigning for Scottish independence in 2014 and since.

    (A few comments impugning his intelligence are also extremely unfair since he obviously is a graduate in at least one scientific discipline.)

    Please people, don’t rush to judgement.

  63. Stuart MacKay says:

    Colin Alexander

    I have no problem with sites being partisan and maybe being a little in your face about it too. My lament about Barrhead Boy and Yours for Scotland being focussed on Alba right now is that I get to read the same story in at least two places.

    Admittedly before it was mostly SNP bashing but they had different perspectives so that gave a lot more credibility to things like “the conspiracy” since it was abundantly obvious it wasn’t just the hobbyhorse of one site.

    After so many months, indeed years of frustration I’m sure it must be a relief to talk about things happening on the Independence front. I’m just hoping they don’t end up captured like the MSM has with the SNP. As long as they stay on the same page but not the same script then I’m happy.

  64. merganser says:


    Well said ‘lotte. Your response is a good summary of the ills which have befallen the governance of Scotland. How did this happen and how can it be cured?

    Charles Dickens wrote of what he called a ‘moral infection’ in one of his books. In a chapter headed ‘The process of an epidemic’ he said this:

    ‘That it is at least as difficult to stay a moral infection as a physical one; that such a disease will spread with the malignity and rapidity of the Plague; that the contagion, when it has once made head, will spare no pursuit or condition, but will lay hold on people in the soundest health, and become developed in the most unlikely constitutions; is a fact as firmly established by experience as that we human creatures breathe an atmosphere.

    ‘A blessing beyond appreciation would be conferred upon mankind, if the tainted, in whose weakness or wickedness these virulent disorders are bred, could be instantly seized and placed in close confinement ( not to say summarily smothered )before the poison is communicable.’

    Regrettably, the poison seems to have spread so far down from the top of the Scottish Government, and so many people have fallen to this moral infection, it will need a monumental effort of confinement to put an end to it. (For the avoidance of any doubt, I don’t think smothering should be considered as an alternative).

  65. Colin Alexander says:


    In some ways what Joanna Cherry achieved went far beyond arguments about Claim of Right 1689 and Scottish sovereignty. (The case was not a judgment regarding whether the people of Scotland are ultimately sovereign or not).

    Joanna Cherry arguably achieved what it took Civil War and the Parliamentarian Army to achieve:

    She defended parliamentary democracy against the tyranny of Boris Johnson and his Tory Govt in their attempts to usurp democratic parliamentary scrutiny.

    It was a Scottish SNP MP who saved UK democracy. Not the Parliament of unionists who boast of their Union, their British democracy and Mother of Parliaments etc.

    No. It took a real champion of democracy to save democracy: Joanna Cherry.

    Thanks Breeks for reminding us of that.

  66. Graf Midgehunter says:

    Kiwilassie says: 1:03 pm

    “Maybe I’m wrong . You could be a Kiwi living in Scotland given the posts of others. Can you clarify?”
    Sorry to but in.

    IIRC he’s scottish but the family moved to N.Z. where he grew up/studied and later returned to Scotland.

    He’s, (I think) a biologist who’s worked with MUSCLE-led (?)species, hence his monicker. His comment wasn’t the best from him but I hope that the Rev won’t be too hard on him..!

    A lot of the “Newer” names here don’t know much about the history or evolution of WOS and I’m sure some of them don’t give a toss anyway as it’s not on their marching orders.

  67. Captain Yossarian says:

    @merganser – ‘Charles Dickens’ refers to a moral infection leading to an epidemic. ‘Jim Sillars’ refers to the toxic tentacles poisoning our society. Take your pick.

  68. Graf Midgehunter says:


    Apologies to you, I missed your comment but I think we’re on the same wave-length. 🙂

  69. Alan McHarg says:

    The SNP relying on the unionist press in order to keep the YES movement divided sums up their commitment to independence. However, day by day more will see through the “Vote SNP 1&2” for what it is, a vote for the status quo and a Holyrood unwilling to push independence unless Westminster has its veto. I see on FB SNP supporters openly advocating SNP 1 and Alba 2. Those able to put Scotland before party are thinking for themselves. The times they a changin and the tide is turning.

  70. Prasad says:

    blackhack says:
    5 April, 2021 at 11:46 am
    You really don’t need the “Credit” Stu, just live up to your drilling down into the details and not the headlines…

    Great that Stu did dig down for the record but no one seriously thinks there is a story behind a headline like
    ‘Exclusive Alba candidate denies fraud against former SNP MP boss’.
    They really are pissed off is the real story.

  71. Jonathan Marshall says:

    Hi Stu… I have followed Wings for years and comment rarely. I post under my real name unlike many others. Please could I ask you to condem all abusive posts on all blogs. I’m not bothered by strong language, although I try to refrain from using it and fail often! But today I am distinctly troubled by the abuse that WGD has been receiving… I don’t doubt that others are perhaps creating trouble for their own agenda… But whatever disagreement you and he may have had, you can surely agree to disagree… I remember reading a post after 2014 where you were on the brink of calling it over… I asked you to continue as you had contributed so much. WGD is under inordinate strain due to his health and his post today suggests he is stepping away. I actually think we need him more than ever, despite all the obvious disagreements and probably you are the person best placed to ask others to tone it down. Thanks.

  72. Colin Alexander says:

    Stuart MacKay

    I get your point. But, we are in the campaigning period before an election, so I suspect normal service will be suspended (to a degree) until then.

    I don’t like blogs all saying the same thing either but, during a campaign, I can understand how they will want to focus on their favoured party etc when they think they are the best choice to further the cause of Scottish independence.

  73. Colin Alexander says:

    Jonathan Marshall

    Well said. I second that.

  74. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    Have to agree with others @muscleguy that post is out of character for you.

    Hope all is well and this is just a reflection of your disappointment with ISP standing down – I think you might have been a candidate?

    Feel free to correct me if I am wrong.

    ISP have demonstrated selfless commitment to an Independent Scotland by stepping aside this time around to give Alba a clear run.

    I think there is space for ISP as well as Alba especially at Local Government level and especially if the SNP continue to spiral downwards in self-destruction more.

  75. true scot says:

    Bonnar was also the one who got into a fight with his neighbour because he was displaying a large celtic flag. Tribal type.

  76. TheSNPLeftMe says:

    Strathy 1:10pm

    The Herald article claims the Police interviewed staff. Why would they interview staff? I suspect they didn’t because the story is garbage.

    The Transcult influence in another smear.

  77. Effigy says:

    I’d advise Salmond not to touch anything house boy Brillo Heid Neil
    is involved in nor anyone who has had more parties to support than
    this seasons Rangers players and who wants to be a cat.

    Neil’s friends have gathered £60 million to form yet another U.K.
    right wing TV Channel. The only way to stand out is for it to an
    extreme Extreme right wing channel.

    It would be Alex against Westminster, U.K. Corporations, MI5 & 6,
    every U.K. churnalist with a salary and anyone who can be bought.

    Don’t give them oxygen!

  78. TheSNPLeftMe says:

    True Scot 1:58pm

    The display was the trigger. Bonnar ran across the road to challenge a complainer. It is all on video.

  79. Prasad says:

    ‘Prasad says:
    5 April, 2021 at 1:51 pm
    no one seriously thinks there is a story behind a headline like
    ‘Exclusive Alba candidate denies fraud against former SNP MP boss’.’

    I have to take that back. Apparently Muscleguy thinks that is a headline worth defending!

  80. Andy says:

    Any Glasgow Southside Constituents reading this blog will know how corrupt Sturgeon is.

    There is only one way to defeat Sturgeon, and that is at the ballot box.

    Defeat her fair and square, so she can’t blame anyone but herself.


    Labour 1 and ALBA 2.

    A Parliament without Sturgeon will be a happy Parliament.

    The road to Independence will open up.

    Sarwar”s claim to fame can be that he helped in the process of Scotland become an independent nation.

    It’s a win win.

    You never know, he might lead the Labour for Indy Party that was around for Indyref1.

    The wicked witch has to go.

  81. Robert Graham says:

    Expect incoming from the various troublemakers who are now homeless and effectively refugees now that Paul Kavana has decided to take a rest ,

    The same people who have been discussing ways to have Wings over Scotland shut down and labelling everyone who posts on this site as being deranged and agents for the British State who Daily work to stop any indeyref2 ever taking place

    They are now offering condolences for all the abuse suffered online by the site owner who has freely dished out Snide remarks about anyone and everyone during the last few months now conveniently is taking a break because of health reasons ,

    What about Craig Murray and the other Independence supporters who have had the police all over them , what about Johanna Cherry and everyone else they have rubbished because they either show support for Alex and ALBA that’s all right then it’s ok for them to dish it out then start screening foul when people retaliate away and fk yourselves and that’s putting it politely .

    This is from the selfsame people who toss shite at anyone and everyone who supports Alex Salmond and AlBA ,The Whiter than white lot they are ,oh we don’t disparage anyone , we don’t dispute the verdict of the Jury who found the charges against Alex Salmond innocent and without merit we have the moral high ground , bunch of fkn twisted arse wipes GTF if any of you lot posts on here under strange names you ain’t welcome .

  82. Captain Yossarian says:

    Effigy – Andrew Neil is a Unionist and Alex Salmond knows that. Don’t forget that it was Andrew Neil who put his hand in his pocket to fund the Court of Session Hearing with Lady Dorian and he posted all of Alex Salmond’s statement on The Spectator’s website. We in Scotland have a lot to thank him for whether you agree with his politics or not.

    In the world of politics you have to face-up to folk a lot worse than Andrew Neil.

  83. Wee Willie says:

    What do you mean by “ extreme right wing channel” ? GB News is likely to be a little right of centre. In my political lexicon ,extreme right wing would probably be some sort of fascist media channel. What a ridiculous exaggeration. If you ever listen to Andrew Neil in an interview it’s nigh on impossible to detect where he is on the political spectrum. Therefore it would be enlightening to see how Salmond and Galloway respond to him. In fact I think both would respond very well.

  84. Jonathan Marshall says:

    Sorry Andy wouldn’t vote Labour if you paid me… They are the most corrupt of all and Sarwar he’s a champagne socialist if there ever was one.

  85. Andy says:

    Effigy. 2.03pm

    I presume you would be happy for Salmond to appear on BBC Scotland would you?

    The same BBC Scotland who helped destroy our chances of becoming an independent nation in 2014.

    Don’t you see the fault in your argument?

    You are telling us,,

    Andrew Neil,,, Bad
    Glen Campbell,,, good.

  86. Jonathan Marshall says:

    I respectfully agree to disagree with you comment about WGD Robert… Having read everything posted by Wings and WGD over they past couple of years he may have disagreed with Stu over quite important issues, but in no way were his comments snide. He just stated it as he saw it… Much like Stu and that is why I read both.

  87. Doug says:

    @ Captain Yossarian says 1:42pm

    “Tick your pick”.

    Yes. Argh! I mean no! No, I mean… Ach! Bang the gong why don’t ye.

  88. Captain Yossarian says:

    @Andy – When Glenn Campbell interviewed one of the alphabet women, Andrew Neil asked him to provide him with the ‘provenance’ of the interview….ie, who asked for the interview, who set it up, who were the middle-men involved etc. I don’t believe he received a response.

  89. maureen says:

    “The Route To Independence”

  90. Thomas says:

    @ Andy 2.09pm

    Stope it Andy am greeting here.

    Anas Sarwar and labour for indy?

    I havent laughed so hard since Jo Swinson declared she was prime minister in waiting.

    SNP 1 ALBA 2.

  91. Andy says:

    Jonathan Marshall. 2.17

    FFS. You are another who misses the point altogether.

    We are using Sarwar because he is the ONLY one standing who can defeat Sturgeon.

    Sarwar will get back into Holyrood through the list vote even if he loses the Constituency Vote.

    So it doesn’t matter to him.

    All we are doing is using him as a vehicle to rid the Scottish Parliament of the Evil Sturgeon.

    AND,,,we will still get our Supermajority.

    That is why it is a win win situation.

    Glasgow Southside,,,

    Vote, Sarwar 1 and ALBA 2.

    You know it makes sense.

  92. Effigy says:

    Alba has been a breath of fresh air in the stink of U.K. politics.

    The Crowd Funder they put up for only £50,000, only half of that
    paid out to Boris for an hour visiting the JCB HQ, only has 420
    contributors and only £15,555 paid in.

    The Irish gave life and liberty to be free and independent but too many Scots
    hoping inaction can change their lives and their future.

  93. Andy says:

    Thomas. 2.26

    It was an off the cuff, tongue in cheek joke.

    Dear fuckin God!!!

    Some beauties oan the Day.

  94. Andy says:

    Captain Yossarian 2.23

    Spot on.

  95. Fionan says:

    Muscleguy was standing as a candidate for ISP – hence his strangely aggressive comment here strongly suggests sour grapes. He has been ‘cheated’ of a potential seat on the gravy train by Alba. It isn’t the first time he has shown a damaging level of arrogance on this site.

  96. Jonathan Marshall says:

    Sorry Andy… Best way to secure a Win for Scotland is every Independance voter voting SNP 1 and Alba 2. Then all the Blue Tories and especially Red Tories and the Yellow Fence sitters will lose their seats..

  97. Pete Roberts says:

    I don’t think Salmond should go anywhere near Neils offer of a debate with Galloway. It looks like an attempt to present Salmond as being on a par with Galloway, they are simply not on the same planet in terms of political credibility. It is a not very subtle attempt to downgrade Salmond in the public eye.

  98. Doug says:

    @Effigy 2:28pm

    Didn’t know Alba was crowdfunding. Just contributed. Alba having teething problems early doors to get out maximum publicity? Probably just ignorance on my part.

    Hopefully AS and Alba will provide some Irish grit, in the best non-violent way possible of course.

  99. Liz says:

    I hope WGD gets back to full health but he just ditched a grenade into the indy network with his, I’m leaving because of abuse.

    Disagreement is not abuse.

    He could just have said I’m stepping back for health reasons and left it there.
    Personally I think he’s probably realised SNP X 2, is not the way to get max yes.

  100. EdinScot says:

    the ISP did a selfless act in asking its members to decide what was best for them to do. They took a democratic decision and decided to stand down for Holyrood 21. They were disappointed with the outcome as a lot of time and effort has went into it for them. Understandable.

    The Council Elections in 2022 arent so far away and the ISP will be able to stand many candidates for election. Their time will come. I for one think our democracy will be the better and stronger for it as the indy landscape is changing with ISP, AFI and the Alba party all standing. Its all to the good for Scotland so something good will come out from this omni shambles. I live in hope.

    Hope that helps a little muscleguy.

  101. Doug says:

    @Liz 2:53pm

    You could well be right. WGD is clever enough to know the logic behind SNP/Alba.

  102. Liz says @ 2:53 pm
    I hope WGD gets back to full health but he just ditched a grenade into the indy network with his, I’m leaving because of abuse.

    Disagreement is not abuse.

    Well if what he’s saying in his latest post is even half true then that’s WAY beyond disagreement. Nobody deserves to have that kind of crap flung at them.

    There’s always the possibility that it’s being done by folk masquerading as Yes supporters, but then you could say that about anything objectionable that appears on any site (and folk frequently do!).

  103. WeeChid says:

    Liz says:
    5 April, 2021 at 2:53 pm

    “Personally I think he’s probably realised SNP X 2, is not the way to get max yes.”

    Agreed and realises that his own blog commentators have become so toxic towards any other option that he can’t state so because of the abuse they would give him. they certainly like to dish it out to others with whom they disagree.

  104. Mark Boyle says:

    @Liz says: 5 April, 2021 at 2:53 pm

    “I hope WGD gets back to full health but he just ditched a grenade into the indy network with his, I’m leaving because of abuse.”

    I saw his whole “Every day is a constant battle with fatigue and exhaustion.” merits only one response – yer maw’s got baws, son.

    Aye, he’s that cream crackered, he managed to wheech oot over 3300 words in three posts in five days – that’s more than most of the Herald’s “Cut and Paste off Twitter” hacks manage in a month!

    My guess is the penny’s dropped he’s stuck his shirt on the wrong horses and rather than man up when the time comes in May the way Stu would, he’s running off now to save face like a wee waen in the huff.

  105. Breastplate says:

    I agree Liz,
    I do not wish Paul any ill health or ill will.
    Having said that, there is a world of difference between personal abuse and rigorous debate, there is no need for the former and every need for the latter, inevitably, there will be a mix.

    Paul can’t write a blog and expect to receive no criticism, the same way Stuart can’t, however if it’s taking a toll on you, then your health comes first.
    The quick solution is to get out of the kitchen.

    Johnathan Marshall,
    Paul is well capable of snide remarks and has taken plenty of side swipes at Wings’ author and people btl.

  106. Intractable Potsherd says:

    I’m with @Muscleguy* here. I do not understand the support for a party that hasn’t made clear it’s policies in any one area. Whilst I have a huge amount if respect for Alex Salmond, I do not support Alba just because he is in it. There seems to be too much blind hero-worship going of the type commenters here have been criticising supporters of Sturgeon for. Alex has been quite equivocal about his party’s plans to achieve independence, seemingly tying it to the “let’s ask Westminster for permission” stance so beloved of the Sturgeon – not something I can support. A little bit more critical analysis would be good – something Peter Bell is doing better than anyone else at the moment.

    *I know Muscleguy from online from other message boards, and our shared membership of the ISP. He is a scientist with higher degrees in muscle biology. He was born in Scotland and grew up in New Zealand. He has been back in Scotland for many years and lives and works in Tayside.

  107. SilverDarling says:

    I didn’t realise WGD had stopped blogging. I hope his health recovers. He certainly doesn’t need personal abuse for his lifestyle or in relation to his personal circumstances.

    His blog was always a comfortable place with little controversy before the mass migration of Wings haters. In moving they undoubtedly took their hate with them. With no outlet now we see some of them back. Before they left Wings BTL became a horrible place where any SNP dissent was shouted down by people who wanted their own blog but didn’t have the nouse or the following.

    I hope the Rev is on the lookout for those al too familiar voices.

  108. Mac says:

    Agree with Liz.

    Bit of a cowards way out I think. This is just a convenient excuse.

    He was writing articles bad mouthing SC as recently as the 24th March (I know, it is the only time I visited his site to see what it was.)

    Whatever WGD might say I don’t think this site gives a shit nearly as much about him as he does about this place.

    He knows he is wrong and this is the way out. As I say I think it a bit of a chickenshit move.

  109. Stephen Welsh (XY) says:

    A wee trip down memory lane when the SNP were happy to include Alex Salmond in their marketing material when asking for the £593,501 (quoted from Peter Murrell) via

  110. Republicofscotland says:

    Intractable Potsherd @3.13

    Its not blind hero worshipping, Alex Salmond has a proven track record when it comes to holding an indyref, no one else has.

  111. AYRSHIRE ROB says:

    Mark Boyle 3.08 pm

    Aye . He’s been dain plenty of slagging the past few month’s. Never really seen much from Stuart Campbell in return.

    Me thinks it was the the Southside pluggers wot did it.

    Andy & Kcor

    Sarwar’s brigade.

  112. Saffron Robe says:

    Yes, it was nice to see the Sunday Times give credit where credit’s due for your hard work Stuart.

    The Herald and The National have not been worth the paper they’re printed on for quite some time now.

    Apart from the missing ring-fenced money, has anyone made a tally of how much of the public’s money the SNP have squandered either through their incompetence, such as the two Ferguson Marine ferries, or through failed and malicious prosecutions pursued against legal advice? The amount of public money wasted must run into millions upon millions of pounds.

  113. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Hi Jonathan Marshall at 2:36 pm.

    You typed,
    “Sorry Andy… Best way to secure a Win for Scotland is every Independance voter voting SNP 1 and Alba 2. Then all the Blue Tories and especially Red Tories and the Yellow Fence sitters will lose their seats..”

    I think you’ll find that in certain regions, Mid Scotland & Fife for example, the Tory vote is strong enough to guarantee that even if Murdo Fraser doesn’t unseat John Swinney in Perthshire North, he’ll still get in as #1 on the Tory list, even if 100% of the SNP regional vote transferred to Alba.

  114. boris says:

    Many celebs register their “charities” in Delaware because their annual filings are kept confidential and there is little or no oversight. So if saving the planet requires travel via private jet, luxury accommodations, staff of well-paid flunkies and so on, no-one’s the wiser.

  115. Republicofscotland says:


    What’s wrong with cheering on a party that actually wants independence, the SNP receives plenty of publicity from the MSM, ALBA doesn’t so we need folk like the Rev to make up for that.

  116. Republicofscotland says:

    The shit rag Herald is attacking the ALBA party and specifically Alex Salmond, because in Salmond we have an actual party leader who wants to see an independent Scotland, and he will do his best to achieve that goal.

  117. Stuart MacKay says:

    WGD was always on the optimistic side of making the case for independence. The aim being “you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar”.

    Once the conspiracy came to light. All the Sturgeon supporters flew out of here in a rage and ended up in the Dug House. Add the fact that he already had one foot on the pro-Nicola side because of his connections with The National and events pulled the blog further in the SNP right or wrong direction.

    I think he was done a grave disservice by the people who used to hang out here – all their names will be familiar. If you rely on a blog for some part of your income then have a bunch of malcontents move into the basement then you’re in a bit of a bind. He should have had a night of the long knives and got rid of the more vocal ones. That would have let him reset the reasons for the blog’s existence and kept his mainstream audience and income. However external events took a toll and so here we are.

    It would be a pity if he stopped as I still think he has a role to play. However he needs time off to get back on his feet.

  118. ALANM says:

    Next thing you know, Sturgeon and her pet poodle will be complaining bitterly and very publicly about “the return of the cybernats” (coming soon to a cinema near you).

  119. Breastplate says:

    Intractable Potsherd,
    Alex Salmond has already stated alternatives to Boris saying “no” in an interview posted below the line last week.
    His view of a S30 was a starting point not a be all and end all that Nicola stated it was.

    So I think you are uninformed, misinformed or disinformed, take your pick.

  120. Hatuey says:

    About 6 to 8 weeks ago, someone on here asked why nobody was rushing to support or join the ISP. I responded by saying we were waiting — waiting and hoping for a new option to emerge.

    Nobody involved with the ISP could have been surprised by the appearance of such an option.

    If I (a crank on the Internet) was expecting it, I assume most people with a passing interest in this stuff were expecting it. It looks like the hierarchy of the SNP were the only people genuinely taken by surprise by Alba.

    It’s hard to believe the ISP didn’t have a contingency plan for this. I don’t believe it.

  121. Robert Dickson says:

    WGD has just become another Indy narcissist who think it’s all about him and we should all care about his feelz.

    I care about independence and that’s it….’personalities’ can do one.

  122. Jack Murphy says:

    In his Blog Craig Murray takes a long hard look at the current SNP:

    The Strange Convulsion in Scottish Politics.

    Well worth a read.
    5-6 minutes.

  123. Intractable Potsherd says:

    5 April, 2021 at 3:19 pm

    Okay – if Alba had set up without Alex, would you have supported it?

    5 April, 2021 at 3:30 pm

    I don’t consider myself to be any of those things. My opinion is that anything that starts with s30 is the wrong answer.

  124. Vestas says:

    Re WGD amateur dramatics hour :

    Fuck him. His BTL blog has been an anti-wings/if you’re not with us you’re scum hatefest for a year or more now & I lost count of the number of SNP sockpuppets it hosts.

    He MAKES A LIVING from facilitating these comments and now he “withdraws from social media” due to abuse.

    Sounds like the same old Jackanory that unionists spouted during indyref1 when they were losing the argument.

    I note he’s still soliciting donations to “keep this blog running”. Also still pumping out “SNP Good, others bad” for The National as well so clearly not that ill.

    Pot, kettle, black – ever hear the phrase Mr Kavanagh?

  125. Breastplate says:

    Intractable Potsherd,

    “I don’t consider myself to be any of those things. My opinion is that anything that starts with s30 is the wrong answer.”

    I take it you didn’t vote in 2014 then?

  126. Robert Wilson says:

    Brian Doonthetoon 3.23

    I agree in Mid Scotland & Fife Murdo Fraser will get in regardless. Nevertheless I’d still like 100% of SNP voters to go ALBA2 so we get Eva Comrie (at least) in. She is a character likely to shake Holyrood out of it’s cumfy lethargy. A distinct asset looking down the line.

  127. Lenny Hartley says:

    Muscleguy what the feck has it to do with you what the Rev writes or supports? You come across as sn arrogant twat. Dont slam the door on the way out.
    Oh i forget you have tuned out, good.

  128. Skip_NC says:

    Boris, there are legitimate reasons to have a Delaware Corporation. Indeed, if I specialized in advising online businesses with activity in numerous US states and countries, I would recommend a Delaware Corporation to such businesses. Having a Delaware Corporation (or any US-based charity) allows US donors to get a tax deduction that, for the most part, is not available for donations to charities registered abroad.

    The reason that there are so many corporations registered at one address is because:

    (a) Delaware law is helpful to multi-state and multi-national corporations.

    (b) Delaware law, in common with almost every state in the USA, requires an agent resident in Delaware. The agent can be either an individual or a corporation. There are just a handful of big players, who offer company registration and compliance services. In and of itself, there is nothing shady about this. it is a normal part of operating in the USA. These agents provide a real, valuable service. Having a Delaware Registered Agent also ensures that the corporation cannot avoid being sued in Delaware.

    It should be noted that most states have rules about charitable solicitation. For instance, any charity, from wherever in the world, which solicits donations from inside North Carolina, must register separately with NC’s Secretary of State and file annual reports. Although they are not published online, they are available on request.

    Of course, this does not alter the fact that Gordon Brown gets an obscene amount of money for prowling and scowling on stages the world over. His income is still subject to UK taxation, though.

  129. Intractable Potsherd says:

    Breastplate says:
    5 April, 2021 at 3:43 pm
    Intractable Potsherd,

    I take it you didn’t vote in 2014 then?

    I did – I proudly voted “YES”. However, this isn’t 2014. Strategy changes with time.

  130. Cooper says:

    Steven bonnar… The one who fought over a Celtic flagm… Yes that’s one I will trust. Ha.

  131. Breastplate says:

    Intractable Potsherd,
    So if Westminster agrees to a Section 30, you and ISP will campaign against it?

  132. Mac says:

    Was just watching Paul Kavanagh give a speech to an indy rally on 2/11/19 to get a better feel.

    Funnily enough he talks very clearly about how important it is to elect as many pro-independence M/SPs as possible to send the clearest message as possible to Boris regarding indyref2… at the time he was of course talking about only SNP M/SPs.

    So PK MUST know fine well now that the best and easiest way to achieve this is the second pro-independence party on the list… but he can accept it… and so has done a runner without paying his bill.

    I don’t know the man but I will tell you why I think PK has bolted for the hills.

    He like a lot of people in the SNP is suffering a debilitating and sickening case of cognitive dissonance.

    He knows (somewhere inside) that voting ALBA2 is correct, that it is a genius plan. He knows, we all know, and he is not stupid. But he has invested so much into attacking wings etc he just can bear to recognize it and admit it, even to himself, especially to himself.

    So instead he believes two completely contradictory things at the same time. That causes problems inside your head and pushes you to find solutions. His is to quit and run away from it. A not uncommon solution.

    He is in a cognitive dissonance hell right now. And chickening out and running away seems like the best option to him.

  133. merganser says:

    Capain Yossarian @ 142pm Take your pick..
    And Doug @2.23 Yes/ No interlude

    I thought I was the only one left who remembered Michael Miles gameshow. My answer to the Capt. is: Box No. 7 for the mystery prize on the basis it contains £600,000.00 in used £20.00 notes.

    So we have a moral epidemic started by the person who is in charge of dealing with the physical pandemic. Is that ironic?

    If Nicola Sturgeon is the virus, Alex. Salmond could just be the vaccine. Then the moral and the physical could be cured at the cost of a few clots.

  134. Cenchos says:

    Gordon Brown is just a sort of bigoted man.

  135. robbo says:


    Some of the auld wans are the best. Some light entertainment for today.

    I arise !

    Apart from the first 10 secs.

  136. Intractable Potsherd says:

    Breastplate says:
    5 April, 2021 at 3:53 pm
    Intractable Potsherd,
    So if Westminster agrees to a Section 30, you and ISP will campaign against it

    I thought we were talking about reality, bit fantasy.

  137. Intractable Potsherd says:

    Breastplate says:
    5 April, 2021 at 3:53 pm
    Intractable Potsherd,
    So if Westminster agrees to a Section 30, you and ISP will campaign against it

    I thought we were talking about reality, not fantasy.

  138. rob says:

    So poor WGD can’t take the abuse and needs a rest. My Arse!. I think he’s got wind that his Saint Nic is not as white as he has been painting and he is now diving for cover before the shit hits the fan.

  139. Captain Yossarian says:

    merganser – we have dunderheeds like Steven Bonar and we have those blessed with a paranormal IQ – you may be one of the latter. All we can argue over really are the exact number of clots.

  140. wee monkey says:

    AnneDon says:
    5 April, 2021 at 11:53 am

    “The MSM in Scotland are back in their comfort zone – attacking a party led by Alex Salmond.

    Are more indy supporters going to notice who they regard as the biggest danger to their Precious Union?

    It certainly isn’t the current occupant of Bute House.

    What a load of crap. You missed our Brit State, Union Establishment and MI5—-into the corner with you.
    This is wholly Nat on Nat and paper rag chasing the last dregs out of that £600k indy fund.

    You know YOUR MONEY.

  141. Republicofscotland says:

    “Okay – if Alba had set up without Alex, would you have supported it?”

    Intractable Potsherd.

    AS an independence minded party, yes probably, because a List vote for the SNP is a wasted vote and the Greens are utterly embedded in destroying women’s rights in favour of the small trans community.

    But Alex Salmond is the leader of the ALBA party a man who has led use to an indyref, he has form on it, he left Sturgeon on 45% and all she needed was a 6% swing and Brexit gave her that but she betrayed us all to try and save England from itself.

    I loathe Sturgeon and her vile clique, but I will give the SNP my constituency vote and ALBA my List vote as Salmond has asked for I believe he has Scotland’s interests at heart.

  142. wee monkey says:

    Republicofscotland says:
    5 April, 2021 at 4:12 pm
    “Okay – if Alba had set up without Alex, would you have supported it?”

    Intractable Potsherd.

    AS an independence minded party, yes probably, because a List vote for the SNP is a wasted vote and the Greens are utterly embedded in destroying women’s rights in favour of the small trans community.

    But Alex Salmond is the leader of the ALBA party a man who has led use to an indyref, he has form on it, he left Sturgeon on 45% and all she needed was a 6% swing and Brexit gave her that but she betrayed us all to try and save England from itself.

    I loathe Sturgeon and her vile clique, but I will give the SNP my constituency vote and ALBA my List vote as Salmond has asked for I believe he has Scotland’s interests at heart.

    Won’t it be really funny when the truth dawns on you come 7th May. Around 2pm.

  143. Breastplate says:

    Intractable Potsherd,
    I’m sorry if the hypothetical question makes you uncomfortable but hypothetical questions allow us an insight into one’s thoughts.

  144. Breastplate says:

    I should add pertinent hypothetical questions as a correction.

  145. Mac says:

    I would say to Paul Kavanagh if he reads this site, by all means take a break if that is what you need to do.

    But before you go you need to get on your website and tell your readers that they need to vote SNP1 / ALBA2. Otherwise you will just be remembered for bottling it.

    It is not about you Paul or wings or any person. It is about doing what we all set out to achieve and putting the petty politics and personal grievances on both sides away and for once, as a nation, seizing the day, taking this potentially once in a lifetime chance.

    You don’t like us and we are not so keen on you. Ok, so what. Let’s get the job done anyway.

    Do the right thing.

  146. Republicofscotland says:

    “Won’t it be really funny when the truth dawns on you come 7th May. Around 2pm.”


    What truth is it you speak of?

  147. James Che. says:

    Although I should be depressed about the SNP members slinging mud at alba, I am not.
    And although I should be depressed about the awful mud slinging by so called journalists, I am not.
    Standing back and observing I realise this is doing us a big big favour,
    1) It advertises the new Alba party for free,
    2) It defines for all of us who was lurking in the SNP.
    3) We have a clearer picture of the names and obstacles that had prevented us moving forward since 2014,
    4) The so called journalists that are trying Soooo hard to prevent an overwhelming majority for independence in the Scottish parliament, only encourage us to dig in and try harder. Due to us all being aware of their purpose in trying.
    5) It has highlighted what we need to change within the Scottish government and law concerning the lord advocates position.
    6). We realise that having only one Scottish independence party has been detrimental to the wellbeing of the people, while shinnanigans, and corruption have been hiding in cupboards.
    7) It has highlighted civil servants and agent provocateurs within the Scottish goverment.
    8) It explains to us all why the actual people in Scotland should become more involved in their own country. scourge our country of pocket liners and career politicians.
    9) it becomes very obvious that there are those leading Scottish politics willing to lie, cheat and claw their way into abusing the votes of the electorate.
    10). It makes us realise that those that are mudslinging are not wanting us to gain independence for the people, and are seeking to contaminate the way we vote. We see you.

  148. Captain Yossarian says:

    As I understand it, the proposed TV debate between Alex Salmond and George Galloway, hosted by Andrew Neil, has been accepted by Galloway and Neil. We’re just waiting on Alex Salmond to decide.

    My view is that Salmond did an excellent job at the Fabiani Inquiry and eclipsed Sturgeon. He’d find Galloway harder to out-maneouvre, but the viewers would see two real heavyweights in action.

    Alex Salmond has nothing to lose and everything to gain. Who wants to listen to Sarah Smith when you can listen to Andrew Neil?

  149. gullaneno4 says:

    As someone who flits between Wings and WGD I find some of the recent posts on here very offensive.
    For goodness sake the guy is recovering from a stroke and he is getting bile directed his way by fellow independence supporters.

    I love the generalisation that the folk who visit his site are all ‘Wings Haters’ seriouusly…. come on.

  150. Patrick Roden says:


    Hamish Vernal and Steve Cardownie, mate.

    Both ex Lord Provosts, of Aberdeen and Edinburgh, respectively.

  151. Breastplate says:

    Calling some of the recent posts regarding WGD very offensive is a complete overreaction, unless of course I’ve missed them.
    Which posts were you specifically talking about?

  152. Stoker says:

    Pete Roberts says on 5 April, 2021 at 2:41 pm:
    “I don’t think Salmond should go anywhere near Neils offer of a debate with Galloway. It looks like an attempt to present Salmond as being on a par with Galloway, they are simply not on the same planet in terms of political credibility.”

    Agree completely, even though Galloway & Co will scream he’s running scared etc. The “debate”, if it goes ahead, would also see constant interruptions to anything and everything Salmond had to say.

    Orlando Quarmby says on 5 April, 2021 at 11:56 am @Muscleguy at 11:30am:

    “Hey champ – you’ve failed to start your own blog. So mind the door doesn’t hit your arse on the way out of this one. Clown.”

    AWhiteLife says: on 5 April, 2021 at 12:26 pm @muscleguy:
    “I’m neither snp, alba nor indi (at present),….”

    May i ask why? I’m referring to the “indi” part. What is it that appears to be holding you back from making the commitment? Is there any articles, on specific topics, i could get you that may help advance your decision-making? Would be only too happy to help if i could.

  153. Effigy says:

    Gordon Brown a thoroughly nasty piece of work hiding under a socialist blanket.

    Who do you think gave the so called charity £3 Million?
    Could it be from those who got those extraordinarily generous
    PPI contracts giving us £50 Billion worth of schools and hospitals
    for a payback cost of over £300 Billion.

    Many sold on the contracts recognising the deal could soon be called a Steal.

    These buildings were to be free of Clerks of Works so shortcuts could be made.
    Incredibly brick walls were built without cavity wall ties?
    The reason new school walls fell down endangering school kids.

    In the way of Labour leaders, Brown took £10K per week from the charity for expenses.
    He could take a few thousand more more parliamentary expenses.

    In a season Brown can make £500,000 in the US for speaking at diners.

    With an increasing need and demand for Foodbanks in his constituency he managed to ignore
    their pleas for a donation.

    Brown always had a reputation as a short tempered bully not to be questioned by anyone.
    He was revealed as such when he left his microphone on after speaking to pensioner Gillian Duffy.

    Brown, the man who sold the U.K. gold reserve before the price tripled.
    The man who killed of Final Salary pensions.
    The man who was in charge of monitoring the U.K. banks while they crashed the economy with
    Casino Banking.

    He stood barefaced before the nation knowingly lying about No Pensions I an independent Scotland
    No NHS, No Transplant waiting list or Blood Transfusion Service.

    Every word a lie from a greedy, bullying, immoral, tax avoiding monster of a man!

  154. Ruby says:

    George Galloway + Andrew Neil v Alex Salmond?

    Two against one is a bit unfair.

  155. TheItalianJob says:

    @Effigy at 5.11pm

    Spot on reference Gordon Brown. Terrible man and what he has done for Scotland. Nothing.

    Wouldn’t trust him to polish my shoes. He would probably have them and sell them off.

  156. James Che. says:

    Ruby, agreed,

  157. Don says:

    Captain Yossarian 5 April, 2021 at 4:03 pm

    “merganser – we have dunderheeds like Steven Bonar and we have those blessed with a paranormal IQ – you may be one of the latter. All we can argue over really are the exact number of clots.”

    In the Covididiot era there are no shortage of clots.

  158. SilverDarling says:

    @Gullane4 4.52 pm
    His blog was always a comfortable place with little controversy before the mass migration of Wings haters.

    I made the comment above. It does not say all the folk who visit his blog are wings haters, far from it. It points out the most vocal critics who previously frequented this BTL commentary migrated and took their hate over there. I think those folk have a lot to do with his current stress.

    So who exactly are you accusing – unless you are generalizing and making sweeping statements about all the comments re WGD here?

    I think you see what you want to see.

  159. Doug says:

    AS would be very unwise to participate in Neil’s wee propaganda show. Neil would definitely concentrate on doing down AS

  160. twathater says:

    @ muscleguy , like others I am taken aback by your comment as you have always been supportive and positive of SC’s output.

    Actually IMO the post isn’t about ALBA it is about the determination of these hacks to DAMAGE independence support irrespective of the veracity or truth of ANY of their claims, if you notice it is another diversion from the missing £600,000 similar to the diversion they tried to create by denigrating and demeaning a person who was rightfully reporting to the police what he considered to be a case of fraud or embezzlement carried out against him and others

    It didn’t matter that the man was quite entitled to demand that the police investigate his accusations of possible illegality against him and others by a political organisation these intrepid investigative reporters who are SUPPOSED to hold power to account decided to debase their profession by ignoring a story that may prevent the financial abuse and fraud of their readership and instead concentrate on ridiculing and smearing the individual attempting to expose the alleged fraud

  161. twathater says:

    @ gullane04 4.52pm as usual Gullane that thinks the sun shines oot niclas arse and she is the greatest, visits with his wee snide remarks and misquotes

  162. PaulaJ says:

    Have to say I agree with Wee Willie: Andrew Neil is the only TV interviewer that I currently watch, since he’s happy to give a hard time to anyone (left or right) who tries to spout BS. Neil seems to live and breathe politics, and is always able to rebut, using facts and figures, any ‘sleights of hand’ that politicians attempt to use.
    Given that Salmond and Galloway are both gifted speakers, I’d be sure to watch any resultant programme with them, whether or not it’s in a debate format.

  163. Peter N says:

    I think people are being unfair to Muscleguy. He has posted here for a long time and I always enjoy reading his comments.

    The comment that he makes at the top of this blog seems to be a bit out of character for him. However, it has been clear that he is in the ISP and their well-intentioned (and I think correct) withdrawal from the May election might just be getting to him a bit, particularly so if he is emotionally involved with the ISP. So I think people should be a bit more understanding of Muscleguy. I’ll miss his comments for whatever time he spends away from this blog.

    P.S. I recently read the ISP Manifesto that they intended going into the May election with and thought it very good. Sufficiently so for me to think that I would happily vote for that kind of a manifesto in a newly independent Scotland — so I’m hoping the ISP doesn’t just go away. Stick around guys and gals, you show promise. We’ll all get a bit better vision of the lay of the land post-May.

  164. Republicofscotland says:

    PaulaJ @7.04pm.

    Neil or Brillo as he’s better know is completely anti-Scottish independence, I watched him for years on the Politics Show deride SNP politicians.

    In one programme where an English Tory called Neil Scottish, Neil quickly retorted but I’ve lived in England for over 25 years, as if he (Neil) was some sort of Samuel Johnson to our (meaning Scots) James Boswell.

    Neil’s an enemy of Scotland, his new news channels modus operandi, or one of them, is to do down Scottish independence.

  165. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Approving a timesheet is not approving actions.”

    The rules are the same for everything, dopey.

  166. Kcor says:

    “Of which, we note in passing, only the Sunday Times credited the source.”

    Not to forget that the Police refused to confirm the complaint to you but confirmed it to everyone who had stolen your story.

    Unbelievable dishonesty.

  167. stonefree says:

    Galloway? I remenmber when he was “a good turn” He hasn’t been that for at least 8 years, he’s become his own joke.
    And the hat? I see a point to baseball cap, beanie or the like
    Both AS and AN can handle him, But why?

  168. Dulwich says:

    FFS wake up everybody.

    Chase down the £600K. First up, get the SNP hierarchy to declare or confirm it actually was raised. If so; where the fuck is it. If it’s been spent where did it go & more importantly who sanctioned its dispersal.

    If they don’t give a straightforward answer to a simple question then start getting constituency members of the party to challenge their sitting MSP & their Westminster MP (where the SNP won) why a simple question isn’t being comprehensively answered.

    I can’t quite comprehend why there’s been a failure to bottom out this obviously worrying matter before now. Money, or in this instance, the potential lack of it, is much the best way to get some traction with the SNPhierarchy.

  169. gullaneno4 says:

    Neil, Galloway and Salmond, what a trio of yesterday’s men.
    It would be worth watching for the laughs and to find out which one has the biggest bruised ego.

  170. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    gullaneno4 – Please, just admit that you’re a rampant pessimist.

  171. StuartM says:

    Brian Doonthetoon says:
    5 April, 2021 at 10:54 pm
    “gullaneno4 – Please, just admit that you’re a rampant pessimist.”

    No, he’s a troll.

  172. Conan the Librarian says:

    To quote Groundskeeper Willie; “Damned Scots, they ruined Scotland.”
    The British Intelligence Services’ favourite rule is “Divide and Conquer.”
    Works every time…

  173. David A. says:

    Is this kind of like putting out a headline saying “[A person] denies being a paedo” and a nice photo of them next to the headline so you subconciously associate that phrase with the picture or the political party?

    I guess you can make someone look really bad with a headline that actually doesn’t say anything bad about them. I’m sure they’ve got plenty tricks up their sleeves. Maybe have a page full of stories all about various murderers and rapists you can cobble together and then have have a photo of someone the powers that be want to smear like our host “innocently” there on the same page connected to some entirely unrelated story about him getting a bag of chips and not accusing him of anything. But the page has “evil evil evil” around him to taint him.

  174. Boxer Logic says:

    The Scottish media are laughably bad. There is blind panic in the ranks of the Murdoch poodles

    Kenny Farquharson praising George Galloway as being in tune with the average Scottish voter – ignoring his car crash interview on The Nine. Ian Martin of the Times vontributes

  175. David Caledonia says:

    I would be very surprised if Alex Salmond took up the offer by Mr Neil, he and galloway are two scottish born unionists living and working in england.
    Neither of them resides in scotland, they do not have a vote in any scottish elections. be like a christian debating religion with an atheist.

    Utterly pointless, and serves no useful purpose

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