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Posted on August 21, 2015 by

For reasons best known to himself, and almost certainly NOT related to the recent publication of his new book, the BBC’s Nick Robinson has today chosen to reignite the issues surrounding his infamous questioning of Alex Salmond a week before last year’s independence referendum, claiming that the reaction to his presentation of the incident was reminiscent of “Putin’s Russia”.

The state broadcaster’s political correspondent then inflamed social media further by claiming on Twitter that a grassroots protest – neither instigated nor endorsed by the SNP or Yes Scotland – outside BBC Scotland’s headquarters in Glasgow a couple of days later was in fact organised by “a governing party”.

(Robinson also claimed the mob had been 4000-strong, although the BBC’s own report had put the figure at “up to 1000”. The demo was sedate and entirely peaceful – no arrests were made, nobody was hurt and no damage was caused.)


The footage showing that Robinson had lied on air about his encounter with Salmond was captured and published by this website, in a pair of videos which garnered well over 600,000 views on YouTube and one of the most-read posts in Wings history.

When we mentioned that fact earlier today, a reader asked what other posts were in the top 10. So we looked, and noticed that the biggest ones had a common theme.

We excluded “furniture” pages from the chart, like Reference, About Us and Off-Topic, as well as the Wee Blue Book download page (which had around 800,000 views by itself). Here’s what was left:

1. Enough is enough (510,000 views)

– the BBC’s distorted coverage of the 19 September Unionist riots in Glasgow.

2. And then my heart went boom (360,000 views)

– the BBC’s distorted coverage of a spontaneous Yes rally six days earlier.

3. Out in the open/Handed back on a plate (350,000 views)

– the BBC’s distorted coverage of Robinson interrogating Salmond.

In other words, the three most-viewed posts in this site’s history all concerned serious empirical breaches of the BBC’s duty of impartiality in the week of the referendum. It does look a bit like the protestors may have had a point.


The rest of the top 10 is below.

4. How Scotland will be robbed (250,000 views)

– the trap being laid by the devolution of tax powers.

5. We told you so #2 (200,000 views)

– days after the No vote, David Cameron springs that trap.

6. Us, now or never (200,000 views)

– our referendum-day address.

7. Our man on the scene (186,000 views)

– debunking the “it was a fix” myth.

8. Dear Alistair (172,000 views)

– a reader’s heartfelt open letter to the head of the No campaign.

9. We are not afraid (168,000 views)

– a brave young woman makes a heroic gesture.

10. Here comes the love (160,000 views)

– related to #4 and #5, England makes its terms clear.


EDIT 5.11pm: Robinson has now sort-of retracted his claim that the protest was the work of “a governing party”, saying he doesn’t know who organised it.


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151 to “The Top 10”

  1. jimnarlene says:

    He is naught but the “state” braodcaster’s personal troll. Let’s not feed him, nor indeed, buy his book.

  2. Smith says:

    You’re mistaken, Stu. He’s not referring to the SNP. He’s referring to Scotland’s largest political party.

  3. Lesley-Anne says:

    You just have to love wee Nicky’s *ahem* claim that he phrased his report badly don’t you? 😉

    In fact it was SO badly phrased that it was 180 degrees out of kilter from the TRUTH! Still I suppose being 180 degrees out of kilter is about as close as anyone can expect the BBC to get to telling the TRUTH … either before the indy ref last year or now. 😛

    I do have one itsy bitsy teeny weeny little question for oor Nicky though.

    Where is YOUR proof that the protest, outside the Stasi HQ in Glasgow that you refer to, was either organised or coordinated by the Scottish government? 😉

    Isn’t it funny that someone who was neither present OUTSIDE the Stasi HQ, or INSIDE the Stasi HQ, on the day in question can make such a truthful 😉 statement about the organisation and coordination of the protest though. I wonder what his next magic trick will be! 😀

  4. Lesley-Anne says:

    jimnarlene says:

    He is naught but the “state” braodcaster’s personal troll. Let’s not feed him, nor indeed, buy his book.

    I have the same attitude towards this book as I do about Broon the Loon’s book, currently selling for £3. ( it’s original price being £20 😀 )

    Like Broon’s book I’ll wait till wee Nicky’s book hit’s the cheap racks and even then I’ll refuse to buy it. I think I’d rather wait until THEY offer ME £20 to take the book … then I’ll take great pleasure in telling them where to shove it! 😀

  5. desimond says:

    BBC’s duty of impartiality

    The what and the what now?

    Wasn’t this ancient myth debunked by some BBC spokesmans reply a long time ago regards its total lack of duty regards impartiality.

    An impartial media…its never existed.

  6. Macart says:

    The only thing Mr Robinson is looking for via his trolling is a pay day.

    That top 10 fair brings back a few memories of the past year.

  7. Jimbo says:

    Nick Robinson proved himself a liar back in September, 2014 – and just so we don’t forget how big a liar he is he’s doing it all over again just to remind us.

  8. Michael McCabe says:

    These Posts and all the others is why this is the first place I come to when I go on line. Cheers. keep up the great work. Journalism at it’s best.

  9. heedtracker says:

    Putin would be delighted to have a BBC at his beck and call, like what… does:D

  10. msean says:

    Just looking for publicity for another pound shop shelf filler. Must think we are all stupid,another bbc unionist did the same at Edinburgh last year I think.

  11. Iain More says:

    I cant make up my mind if the beady eyed Robinson or the sleazy looking Peston is the worst of them.

    You couldn’t even pay me to buy the snivelling piece of dug turds book.

  12. frankieboy says:

    Not only is he a shitehawk but a heid bummer shitehawk. I wish I had a pithy comment to make at the end of this as homage to Nick, but the question is, will I or won’t I?(jaunty nod of the head and a smirk)…back to the studio.

  13. ClanDonald says:

    Robinson has been claiming that the BBC protest just before the referendum (aye, the one organised by the Scottish Government, LOL) was entirely a protest about him and his Salmond comments.

    What a super-ego. And what a total lack of understanding of the Scottish political scene.

    I kind of feel sorry for him, he’s making a fool of himself.

  14. Donald MacKenzie says:

    If you read the piece about him (Robinson) in last weekend’s Herald magazine, he talks, in the contest of losing his voice, about words being everything to him. The quote is along the lines of – If I can’t use words I am nothing.

    He then goes on to talk about his his choice of words in describing Alex Salmond’s response to his question was wrong and he regrets it


    Fascinating how someone to whom words are so important would get it so spectacularly wrong, isn’t it. Or may, just maybe, there was no mistake at the time, but he’s now back-tracking to try and tell us it was ‘an honest mistake’ guv’.

  15. SOG says:

    Just in case anyone from the BBC reads this far, that biased questioning of AS by NR, and his refusal to accept a clear answer, was the end of any trust I might have had in the BBC.

  16. jimnarlene says:

    Lesley-Anne says:

    “Like Broon’s book I’ll wait till wee Nicky’s book hit’s the cheap racks and even then I’ll refuse to buy it. I think I’d rather wait until THEY offer ME £20 to take the book … then I’ll take great pleasure in telling them where to shove it!”

    That’s my plan too. (Smiley thingy)

  17. Davy says:

    I heard Nick Robinson this morning and watched his interview with Alec S at the time. I’m pleased that he has now recognised his mistake. I think that he is also mistaken in saying that the protest was all about him. He wasn’t the worst (Step forward Eleanor Bradfield and the Bradfield/Darling NHS distortion radio show on Good Morning Scotland the day before the referendum) but was just symptomatic of the appalling coverage that the Yes campaign got from the BBC. People were looking for better balance, maybe even to balance out the distortions of the print media which was universally hostile to Yes. We didn’t get that. His “mistake” was just symptomatic of the shoddy job the BBC did, carried on through the GE and continues till today.

  18. Stoker says:

    Another undeniable informative slap on the puss for the BBC.
    The usual WOS high standards shall prevail, thank you Rev.
    A nice wee trip down memory lane.

    Meanwhile – London Calling – How the BBC stole the Referendum

  19. galamcennalath says:

    Just another Establishment London bubble BritNat who knows his precious Union is living on borrowed time. They know they are fighting a rear guard action and just playing for time. They are perfectly aware what the inevitable outcome will be.

    His reaction is just so typical of his kind. (And being English is not what I mean, of course.)

    They absolutely hate what is unfolding, but more importantly, they just can’t understand why it is happening.

  20. Pat says:

    The post with the two videos

    Quite a few in that top ten bring a wee lump to my throat.

  21. Pat says:

    No3 has two links, caught me right out that did.

  22. Craig P says:

    Have you considered telling the truth Nick? Maybe then the people who pay a license fee for the priviledge of having you lie to them won’t be so damned irate.

  23. Husker says:

    galamcennalath says @ 21 August, 2015 at 5:10 pm

    “Just another Establishment London bubble BritNat who knows his precious career is living on borrowed time. They know they are fighting a rear guard action and just playing for time. They are perfectly aware what the inevitable outcome will be.”

    Fixed that for you.

    Once independence occurs there will be far greater political engagement and scrutiny in the rUK by the ordinary punter and shysters like him will be for the boot.

  24. Gillian_Ruglonian says:

    Nick ‘Ive got a book to sell’ Robinson and the bbc?

    Hmmm, the games up, we know your tricks and we’ve moved on, stop calling us!

  25. Fiona says:

    Maybe he will find success via the medium of radio. Certainly he pointed up his journalistic failings when he became the story.
    Sad man, but the BeeB is full of them!

  26. Thepnr says:

    Seekong the truth? Just watch the link what Pat posted!!!

  27. Training Day says:

    As Bateman says in his latest blog, Robinson was paid (handsomely) to stand outside 10 Downing Street and relay to viewers what he had just been told by the Prime Minister’s spokesperson.

    That, in the Robinson dictionary, apparently constitutes ‘journalism’.

  28. Andy-B says:

    Number two, the REAL picture of what was happening in Buchanan St, gives me a lump in my throat, I’m so proud of all, who took part.

    Number one is a embarrassment to Scotland.

  29. Thepnr says:

    This is fucking Deja Vue!

  30. aldo_macb says:

    That notorious Nick Robinson report, was, for me, the straw that broke the camel’s back. I stopped my license fee and I don’t regret that one bit. There are a multitude of other ways to get your news and entertainment on the internet. I used the money I saved to get Amazon Prime. Get my news from sites like this.

  31. heedtracker says:

    BBC is unspeakably ghastly about Scotland but lets face it, the whole of teamGB media is navel gazing rule britnatia parochialism.

    But and then Jim(The Madness of July)Naughty, BBC Scotch cringer of the millennium, says he’s quitting their R4 Today show and it was like, finally!!

    Then they go and hire this sleaze bag, who will do nothing but read out the Daily Torygraph’s horrifying toryboy buffoonery:-(

  32. Robert Louis says:

    Nick Robinson can whinge about this till the end of time, and nobody will believe him. Why? Because many like myself watched the press conference live, and then saw the utter tripe Nick Robinson came out with in his ‘report’ later that day. Others watch the videos.

    Fact is, the press conference was held for the world’s press, and Nick Robinson was effectively put back in his BBC propaganda box by Salmond, on not one, but two occasions. A bit embarrassing in front of the world’s press corp. It all became a bit whiny.

    Looked at the time, and looks to this day, like sour grapes, and a bruised ego. He really should move on, Salmond has.

  33. R-type Grunt says:

    Mr. Robinson is a liar. End of.

  34. BrianW says:

    If only there was a book where I could read what nick really thought instead of reading all these old re-hashed old stories..

    What’s that.. Nicks plugging a new book in Edinburgh.. Oh right I get it..haha

    No publicity is bad publicity eh nick.. See those books fly out the discount basket now..mwah ha ha

  35. Effijy says:

    This man has trained in George Orwell’s Double Speak from his 1984 novel. It’s you who doesn’t understand!

    If he says something with conviction and the state propaganda broadcaster goes on to endorses it, then it must be true?

    No No No. Blatant Lies and deception is their objective.

    Nick would have fitted well into the Gestapo hierarchy.

    How good would he have been cast as Herr Flick in ‘Allo Allo?

    Seriously though he is an out and out true blue tory.
    Making sure that he is on the side of the rich, sailing along on a minimum 6 figure income, and all for distorting the truth and scaremongering the ignorant masses, who he thinks don’t deserve a share of the nation’s wealth.

    There was a ("Tractor" - Ed) by the nick name of Lord Haw Haw, who made similar broadcasts to the UK, on behalf of the Germans during the war.

    I believe they hung him after the war had ended!

    Always nice to have a happy ending with truth and justice winning the day.

  36. Les Wilson says:

    In regards to Nick’s book. I have an open fire, by the time winter sets in, his book will worth be next to nought.

    So when cheap enough they would start my fire throughout the winter.
    Cheap fuel?? Bring it on.

  37. BigMac says:

    Excuse me asking about something loosely related.

    There was talk for a while about some sort of protest about the TV licence fee and how Scotland should not have to put up with Westminsters mouthpiece filling our heads with propaganda that is either anti Scottish or anti SNP.
    Is there anybody else writing to the Licence a Records Bureau with there complaint?

  38. Kevin Evans says:

    It’s interesting but is wingers really have our eye on the ball – people should go read number#2 on the list of top 10 and read the comments.

    We were even talking then about the state fixing the result, black op’s. I myself even suggested Isis would be used as a propaganda tool

    We’re all so clever.

  39. galamcennalath says:

    R-type Grunt says:
    “Mr. Robinson is a liar. End of.”

    Spot on. It says so much for the times, and the regime we live under, that a senior journalist can simply lie – make up a headline story, and then continue his career as if it is all OK!

  40. Bob Mack says:

    He is actually nothing, even though he uses words.
    Most liars are to a degree very creative. We however know the real facts,and they are not what Mr Robinson claims
    Seems to be a Unionist trait.

  41. Truth says:

    Just glad I’ve never paid the BBC tax and therefore this liar’s wages.

    Nick I didn’t believe you then, I don’t believe you now, and unless you are honest AND apologise for all your lies and your disgusting treatment of our then First Minister, I will never believe you in future.

    A disgrace to journalism is what you are and in that you can ask some solace in that you are not alone.

  42. Democracy Reborn says:

    I understand that Nick was a Young Conservative back in the day

  43. Marie Clark says:

    You would never guess wee Nick had a book to sell, would you?

    He is a lying little toad, and an irrelevant little toad at that.

    The Irish have a delightful word for the likes of him GOBSHITE.

  44. HandandShrimp says:

    The BBC are still in full on propaganda mode. They are so blatantly a tool of the establishment that it is laughable.

    Their big problem is that, with 62% of the population indicating that they will vote SNP, no one is listening to them.

  45. Kenny says:

    “It was curious how that beetle-like type proliferated in the Ministries: little dumpy men, growing stout very early in life, with short legs, swift scuttling movements, and fat inscrutable faces with very small eyes. It was the type that seemed to flourish best under the dominion of the Party”

    George Orwell, 1984

    O/T The team behind The People Versus Alistair Carmichael campaign are launching a second crowd-funding bid ahead of September’s hearing in the case against Orkney and Shetland MP.

    Extra funding is needed to ensure that the petitioners are protected financially as the case continues, with costs likely to escalate.

    The People Versus Carmichael want the General Election result in the Orkney and Shetland constituency overturned after Carmichael, who was Scottish Secretary at the time, leaked and then lied about a memo claiming that Nicola Sturgeon would like to see David Cameron returned to Downing Street. The feeling among many constituents is that they went to the polls in May without the full facts of the smear attempt being known.

    The legal case is being brought under the Representation of the People Act 1983. It is being pursued by four Orkney constituents against their MP, who is the only remaining Lib Dem MP in Scotland. Carmichael is defending the case, resulting in a hearing going ahead in Edinburgh on September 7 and 8. It will initially focus on points of law that can only be determined by the judges of the Election Court.

    A spokesman for The People Versus Carmichael said: “We are overwhelmed by the support and goodwill out there, and all the petitioners remain resilient despite the huge financial risks that they are ultimately and personally exposed to.

    “This is ground breaking legal action, and the petitioners have a significant legal team working on this, including a QC, junior counsel and solicitors, and this has been going on since May 22. I’m sure folk will understand that costs for this sort of representation are not cheap. However, we are very impressed with the skill and dedication of those working on our behalf.

    “The nature of this action is that not all costs can be predicted and as it has not been done before and as the case develops potential cost liabilities have to be kept under review. Legal debate became a sensible step prior to trial, but the realistic costs for our side are increasing to take the action to court in September. However, we can assure everyone that we are doing all we can, as are the legal team, to keep costs down. We also have no idea what the opposition are spending.

    “We wish to be transparent, and all unused funds will go to Scottish food bank charities. We intend to take this all the way and obviously hope for a positive outcome, but there are no guarantees and we may have to return for more financial help later whichever way the action goes.”

  46. Stoker says:

    Truth wrote:
    “Just glad I’ve never paid the BBC tax and therefore this liar’s wages”

    It’s one of 2 languages the establishment understands.
    Hit them where it hurts, in the pocket.

  47. brewsed says:

    Ah! Yes, that reminds me of why I climbed on the roof, took down the arial and cancelled by TV licence. And I don’t think I have missed much… Just checking…. No, nothing to see, move along. The money saved has been spent on Netflix and occassional DVD.

  48. Lesley-Anne says:

    TJust glad I’ve never paid the BBC tax and therefore this liar’s wages.

    What is this BBC tax thingy that everyone keeps talking about Truth?

    I’m only the village idiot so I don’t understand these high filluting thingys. 😀

  49. carjamtic says:

    Scotland has both individually and collectively the best bullshit detectors in the world,this guy had obviously not done his homework,thought he would just turn up and business as usual.

    Liars are NOT welcome in this country

    Not Then…Not Now…Not Ever

    We watch with interest to another Liar coming soon to court,(bullshit detectors are on 24/7).

  50. Marco McGinty says:

    Nick Robinson’s career in journalism, is mostly based on him giving his view, the BBC’s view, or the state’s view (yes, I know, they’re all the same) on certain aspects of national or worldwide politics, or questioning politicians in a provocative manner, especially if those politicians don’t follow the ideology of state propaganda.

    However, the tables were turned on this state-sponsored propagandist last year, when Alex Salmond visited Largs on the eve of the referendum. Some Yes supporters had confronted him, and rightly questioned him about his blatant lies from just a few days before.

    A sharp cameraman, I can’t remember if he was freelance or working for STV, had noticed Robinson being questioned by members of the crowd, and decided to start filming the episode, until Robinson realised what was happening, and he then refused to speak until the cameraman stopped filming.

    So there you have it. A senior BBC political journalist that has made a name for himself by standing in front of a camera to peddle the lies and propaganda of the state, ran scared when he didn’t have any control of the situation.

    And that says it all about his credentials as a fair and impartial reporter, and the BBC in general. Rancid to the core.

  51. MJack says:

    Got a book to sell? Need some publicity? Think it will help if he pokes the nest to get a response and then complain about nasty nationalists which the msm will lap up?

  52. Grouse Beater says:

    Earning the Right to State Personal Opinion

    In the past a BBC reporter was under strict orders never to allow his or her private view, especially political partisanship, to interfere with the narrative or questioning that is their duty to convey to listeners and readers.

    There were a few notable exceptions, journalists of long experience and eminence in their field, writers only given that freedom within very narrow guidelines – that is, broadcasting time to make personal observations about their trade, and the people they meet on it.

    Invariably, those moments were discernible one from the other, not confused with their normal journalism. On those occasions they were engaged as raconteurs and writers.

    I refer to the great James Cameron, Ludovic Kennedy, both Scots, and the lofty (in height and occasional pomposity) Alistair Cooke, and his regular ‘Letter From America.’

    Nick Robinson has yet to earn that distinction!

  53. ailsa craig says:

    Listened to Liar Robinson this morning being interviewed by Stephen Jardine in increasing disbelief as he never once questioned the endless lies. Nor was there any chance of contacting the programme by listeners to give their point of view. As a fellow Ayrshire person, I was ashamed of Stephen; I did not think he could ever sink as low as to let this blatant liar just keep repeating the rubbish he had spouted in the Herald magazine on Saturday. Never had any respect for the Robinson slug, but so disappointed in SJ.

  54. CameronB Brodie says:

    Re. Mr. Robinson’s lies in the run-up to and following the indyref vote. As his employer continues their relationship, would I be correct in assuming the BBC endorses his conduct?

    Re. Mr. Robinson. Strings pulled by MI5, or just an old school metropolitan wanker with imperialist tendencies and a dislike for democracy?

  55. Foonurt says:

    Fuck um. Poke it wae a stick.

  56. heedtracker says:

    I refer to the great James Cameron, Ludovic Kennedy, both Scots, and the lofty (in height and occasional pomposity) Alistair Cooke, and his regular ‘Letter From America.’

    All establishment, GB. Cooke was a hideous racist for starters. Ever hear his thing on black athletes have a huge advantage and he aimed that at the Williams sisters?

    If they were around now, they’d be savaging Scottish democracy just like the UKOK BBC goonshow we have now. And the BBC are not just hardcore UKOK liars and propagandists, they terrorise voters in Scotland, day in day out and all of it climaxed in the run up to 18th Sept.

    Its a disgusting outfit and one day Scotland will be well rid of them.

  57. Tinto Chiel says:

    Let’s just let Mr Robinson dig an even bigger hole for himself. He simply tells lies and is not even very good at it. We should thank him really because, for so many of us, his shameful performance finally convinced us the BBC was completely corrupt.

    Another wonderful BBC dividend is having to suffer those two Kings of The Cringe, Messrs. Naughtie and Mair. The latter, with his smug sneering and I’m-hard-well-hard style of questioning, always going after the wrong target, really gets on my nazzums. After a short period of shouting, I have to turn the radio off or it simply wouldn’t survive.

    For some reason 77 Brigade came into my mind when I thought back to the Samond incident. Anyone got any idea what’s happened to our three musketeers (or is it only one?), Aldo, Yoga and Captain Sensible? Are they or on holiday or has the office got the painters in?

    I miss them, in a weird way.

  58. ahundredthidiot says:

    The BBC are pathological liars.

    From building 7, thru MH17, to the Indy ref.

    Now it’s Corbyns turn.

    Fair England’s own worst enemy has come to town.

  59. katie says:

    Haha!! Wee Nick the pr1ck!!

  60. Papadox says:

    Nick Robinson’s lying propaganda and abuse of Alex Salmond and the people of Scotland, paid for by the Establishment Broadcasting Corporation with money taken from the people under false pretences. For the defence of the rancid UK elite.

  61. heedtracker says:

    C4 news there now giving full airing for Tory boy PM Cameron project fearing Corbyn voters. Vote JC? its now a national security risk.

    Hope JC voters are enjoying being projectfear terrorised exact same ukok way Scotland is.

  62. One_Scot says:

    I’ve stood in things on the pavement that I have more respect for than this man.

  63. Tartan Tory says:

    Unfortunately, this story today has (rightly or wrongly), made me re-live the events of last September. 🙁

    I clicked each of the Top 10 stories, but was most drawn to #6, which I’ve read through again and again, with all the comments too.

    Stu has been right about a great many things in the past few years. One paragraph in particular has been haunting me for eleven months now:

    “They have not been this weak in three centuries, and they will never be this weak again in our lifetimes. For let there be no mistake: they will not allow this unexpected, unforeseen peril, this democracy no longer de-fanged but suddenly red in tooth and claw, to threaten them twice.”

  64. Timto Chiel says:

    Salmond not Samond, of course. The BBC gets me like that.


  65. Clootie says:

    Robinson makes Nicholas Witchall look like a journalist.

  66. john king says:

    Somebody wrote this on the Amazon page on Robinsons book
    “Nick Robinsons book is a pack of lies from beginning to end and soon to be found in all good charity shops…
    in the bargain bin!”

    beats me who wrote it. 😉

  67. The Moidart says:

    No more than you would expect from a former member of the Oxford university conservative association really. He’s just a puppet for his old chums from uni. He, like the organisation who employ him. Like the labour party. Like the Tories and Lib Dems are tainted goods. Finished in Scotland for ever. Our eyes are open and more and more are seeing the truth every day. I think he should have some involvement with top gear. By the standard of his alleged journalism I’d say “top gear” is something he is more than familiar with. Son of Sewell…

  68. Grouse Beater says:

    Where would we be without political grandees to show us the way?

    LABOUR grandee Tam Dalyell has said he does not believe there will be another independence referendum for at least another ten years, predicting “good sense will prevail” within the SNP hierarchy.

    Dalyell, a long-time opponent of a Scottish Parliament, said Labour had made a fatal mistake by promising more powers for Holyrood, adding, the devolution process had set many Scots “travelling on a road on which they never intended.”

    Aye, that’ll be right.

  69. The Moidart says:

    P.S…My apologies for a post on the previous thread. I didn’t realise what anti BBC rally he referred to until later. Slap me with a salmon next time.

  70. caledonia says:

    PAT @ 5.13 who poster the two videos with nick getting his come comeuppance from AS

    Does anyone know what happened re that investigation the FM was on about

  71. galamcennalath says:

    Kenny says:

    “The team behind The People Versus Alistair Carmichael campaign are launching a second crowd-funding bid ahead of September’s hearing”

    The thing to bear in mind is the four petitioners have put EVERYTHING they have on the line for this. That should be a sobering thought. The rest of us need to give them all the financial backing they need!

    If that absolute scumbag they have as an MP would do the decent thing and resign, then the money goes to food banks. As things stand, it looks like the money will be swallowed by the legal industry.

    As I say, the petitioners need to know they have a lot of people standing behind them. I have just contributed again.

  72. Iain More says:

    CameronB Brodie says:
    21 August, 2015 at 6:58 pm

    Re. Mr. Robinson. Strings pulled by MI5, or just an old school metropolitan wanker with imperialist tendencies and a dislike for democracy?

    Cant he be all those things Cameron? I just sort of assume that they all are.

  73. Grouse Beater says:

    Heedtracker: they’d be savaging Scottish democracy

    I met both in my youth, spent good hours with them. Learned a lot about how to turn reporting into great polemic. (Learned most from aged Gore Vidal.) Kennedy was a keen separatist, but did not make it public. I think Kennedy would have been happiest to conduct all his work from his Scottish home. Not sure about Cameron. He was proud to be Scots. He never identified with the English establishment but saw himself as a man of the world … and so he was. Alas, he spent too much time nursing a wine glass in pubs.

    Nick Robinson – astonishing how the job of making one-minute-to-camera reports turns a man to think he’s a national treasure.

  74. Stoker says:

    @ John King (7.29pm).

    Well done, Sir, eh, i mean, well done that person, whoever it was.
    The truth will out!

  75. Dr Jim says:

    When you consider how much the BBC hate Rangers Football Club and love reporting anything detrimental to that organisation

    They hate Scotland MORE and that’s a terrible thing isn’t it when all these Union Flag waving Nutters charged and attacked Independence Supporters, women children old folk it should have been wall to wall condemnation and prime time coverage

    Instead it was reported as Rival Independence Groups Clashed, except it wasn’t was it and The Scotland that counts knows it

    All in the name of their so called Union so they could keep their precious Orange Lodge Bigotry or their desire to play football in England alive by still being United with a country that robs them, in their “Mind?” that’s OK though it’s better than being a Tim

    The BBCs, Nick Robinson is just a Twit of a little liar he knows it, he knows we know it, he knows everybody knows it and it’s an embarrassment to him but instead of just fessing up, in which case he might, might sell a couple of books to Unionists he continues to compound his stupidity by doing a Jim Murphy (Keep shouting it long enough till they believe you)

    Afraid the wee man’s a Liar and that’s it, can’t say it any more clearly, he’s definitely a Liar and the more he says he’s not confirms it more ( He’s a Liar )

  76. CameronB Brodie says:

    Iain More
    You are, of course, correct. Silly me. These vital organs of the state have a close working relationship. A bit like the rectum and the sphincter. 😉

    Revealed: how the BBC used MI5 to vet thousands of staff

  77. Albaman says:

    Do you mean to tell me that Carmichael could possibly get off, because “the people” could not raise enough money!, if that were so, the implications of that does not bear thinking of.

  78. frogesque says:

    Crowdfunder: The people vs. Carmichael

    The organisers still need help. Costs are likely to escalate rapidly and they need protection from possible penury.

    Send the message that they and all of Scotland will not be browbeaten into submission.

  79. Grouse Beater says:

    “He spent too much time nursing a wine glass in pubs.”

    Oops! Whisky glass!

  80. Ananurhing says:

    Nick Robinson or someone has been laundering his Wiki page.

  81. john king says:

    Clootie says
    “Robinson makes Nicholas Witchell look like a journalist.”

    Nicholas Witchell’s a journalist?
    next you’ll be telling us Torcuil Chrichton’s a social commentator?

  82. David McDowell says:

    Nick Robinson reported on the national news that “Salmond refused to answer the question”.
    Robinson deliberately chose this ambiguous phrase to leave himself the get-out that he “only meant Salmond evaded the question” when he knew most people would assume Salmond had ignored the question entirely.
    We are expected to believe a man like Robinson, who has spent years reporting delicate political situations where every word used has the potential to provoke calls of foul play from one side or the other, didn’t know he was using an ambiguous phrase when he used it.
    When the BBC investigated themselves on this Robinson did, indeed, trot out the “I only meant he evaded the question” excuse, as if he isn’t smart enough to realise what he was doing, and as if we aren’t smart enough to know what he was doing.
    The truth is Robinson deliberately used this ambiguous phrase to mislead the public.
    He appears to have done so out of sheer spite, since Salmond had just exposed him as a Unionist propagandist in front of the world’s media, and the people who protested outside the BBC HQ in Glasgow were fully justified in pointing out his mendacity.
    To make claims now about being “bullied” just adds insult to injury. The whole matter is an insult to our intelligence.

  83. CameronB Brodie says:

    Iain More
    You are absolutely correct Iain, silly me. These vital state organs have enjoyed a close working relationship for a very long time. Somehow, I doubt it has ended.

    Revealed: how the BBC used MI5 to vet thousands of staff

  84. Lesley-Anne says:

    Clootie says:

    Robinson makes Nicholas Witchall look like a journalist.

    Oh come on now Clootie … not even oor wee Nicky could make that happen. The man is a right Royal earsewipe and the the other is Witchell! 😀

  85. frogesque says:

    Albaman says:
    21 August, 2015 at 8:05 pm
    Do you mean to tell me that Carmichael could possibly get off, because “the people” could not raise enough money!, if that were so, the implications of that does not bear thinking of.

    Yes it could happen but no it won’t!

    On pension here so can’t give a lot but I’ll drop a few bawbies in when I can. More important I can type on messageboards, websites and FB to help keep the momentum going.

    4,000+ folk have donated £70k so far, let’s double those figures!

  86. Joemcg says:

    Dr Jim-why WAS that shocking violence on George square so distorted and misreported? In my view THE most shocking incident by the MSM of the whole campaign.

  87. ahundredthidiot says:

    Hiy Nick?!

    You’re claimed ya bass!

  88. Robert Peffers says:

    Nick Robinson?
    Who he?
    Oh! Wait a mo!
    Wasn’t there once a nonentity BBC junior news reader of that name?
    Whatever happened to him?
    Wasn’t he relegated to reading the news on the radio?

    Is this one, that the Rev Stu’s on about today, related to yon naff Robinson guy who used to be a naff junior news reader some time ago?

  89. Petra says:

    Nearly a year on and Nick Robinson is dredging up an old story and embellishing it with even more of his lies and ‘Putinistic’ innuendo.

    ”I don’t think my offence was sufficient to justify 4,000 people marching on the BBC’s headquarters.” 4000 people?!

    ”Young men and women who are new to journalism have, like they do in Putin’s Russia, to fight their way through crowds of protesters, frightened as to how they do their jobs.” What journalists Nick?! Strange that no one mentioned this at the time.

    ”The great danger is that people only read and hear and watch … people they already agree with because you choose who to follow.” No Nick we don’t agree with or follow you but decided to watch the videos that highlighted that you are a most manipulative liar and should have been sacked.

    ”And what I saw happen in the lead-up to the Scottish referendum was that the vortex of anger about my reporting on that one occasion was all connected with social media.” No it wasn’t Nick nor had it anything to do with ‘’a particular phrase that you used’’ it was to do with you doctoring video footage.

    ‘’We should not live with journalists that are intimidated, or bullied or fearful in any way’’. No that’s right Nick but equally we should not have to live with journalists who intimidate, bully or generate fear.

    Is he doing this now in an attempt to sell his book which wont go down well in Scotland anyway? Whatever the case he’s just lost the BBC a few hundred more, at least, license holders. Well done Nick!

    The reason for hundreds of individuals descending on PQ concerned the EDITING of footage of communicative exchange between Alex Salmond and Mr Robinson himself, which was then aired by the BBC. Nick knew that then, knows this now as do his BBC bosses. Newspapers like the Guardian and Daily Record do too but have chosen once AGAIN to use biased reporting.

    I made a point of watching BBC News that night. They reported that ‘thousands of protesting SNP supporters had targetted the BBC at PQ because they were unhappy about the news being ”TOO BRITISH’’: creating even greater divisions between north and south. No mention of Nick (or a colleague) editing and attempting to falsify data at all. No mention of him trying to discredit Alex Salmond. Great example of Nick and the BBC in full propaganda mode. You’d think he would drop this before he does even more damage to the BBC and puts himself in the position of slandering hundreds of Scots who were there on the day.

  90. Macart says:


    Jings fella! 😀

  91. thedogphilosopher says:

    Robinson is just a small cog within the Brit oldboy network. His usual job is to be seen lobbing ‘tough questions’ towards ‘high level’ Brit politicians, so as to help bolster the illusion of democracy. But as we now know for sure, democracy in GB is dead in the water.

    Otherwise, as ever, establishment guys like NR view Scotland as an irrelevance. Unless of course there’s a war needing fought or some natural resource to be drained and squandered.

    Thing is, he’s not used to being held to account by an informed and savvy public who use the internet to get to the truth of things. Bottom line is – they still don’t get it. Only once we’ve achieved independence will there be an inkling of respect from the Brit establishment.

  92. Conan_the_Librarian says:

    I’ve just had an argument with my best mate, who lives in London.

    He, obviously, had never seen the deleted answer.

    I drunk at his expense all afternoon after he made a somewhat rash bet.


  93. handclapping says:

    No @cairnstoon tomorrow; will it be worth getting up? 🙁

  94. Tam Jardine says:

    Nick trots out that we’ll worn line- the BBC doesn’t always get it right. This is one of they strawman arguments. Nobody has suggested the BBC ‘got it wrong’. What they believe, vast swathes of the people of Scotland believe is you were an organ of the Westminster political ruling class and were effective in opposing the Yes campaign at every turn.

    Even the term ‘belief’ is wrong. We are dealing with incontrovertible facts here. Anyone who can watch Nick Robinson’s petulant, aggressive, hysterical and embarrassing display at the international press conference and say ‘that Nick Robinson is a fair and impartial journalist’ is either lying, weak minded or a close friend or family member.

    Anyone who watches Alex Salmond in his finest hour, completely wipe the floor with Robinson, turning him inside out, wringing him out in front of the international press core then witnesses the spiteful hatchet job by Robinson in his edited piece and still insists that Nick Robinson is a fair and impartial journalist needs to have a long hard fucking word with themselves.

    It was good Stephen did that interview – had it been me I’d be in the jail by now!

    Still my indyref highlight- I remember playing the footage of Alex gently pulverising Robinson at my work and we just laughed our heeds off.

  95. Andy B says:

    5:10 Edit…

    “Don’t know who organised protest”

    On 11 Jan 2015, at 21:48, “Andy B*****” wrote:

    BBC Protests – Glasgow

    > Dear Mr Robinson
    > Having read your interview in The Scottish Sun on Sunday’s today, I got the distinct impression that you consider the SNP to have orchestrated and indeed funded anti-BBC demonstrations during the referendum campaign.
    > Allow me to draw your attention to the actual group responsible…
    > Campaign for Balanced Broadcasting in Scotland
    > Furthermore, if, as you infer, the SNP were actively funding such activities, I can only request that you provide me with a contact, (I am not an SNP member), who might reimburse me for the cost of my own poster, shown here being held up between the yellow (SNP) umbrella and the small yellow lion rampant flag. (Speakers at this particular ‘ Illuminate the Debate’ demo’ which I attended in May 2013 included, amonst others, the non-SNP but NUJ Paul Holleran – perhaps you might speak to him for confirmation).
    > If you’re interested, my poster showed “BBC” rendered as “Blatantly Biased Coverage”. My opinion remains unaltered…
    > Sincerely
    > A B*****

    Mr Robinson replied…

    On 11/01/2015 – 21:54

    Re:BBC Protests – Glasgow

    I did not say I thought the SNP funded it. I said I thought it was professionally produced and expensive.

    I’m sorry you think the BBC is biased. We certainly don’t get everything right – as I conceded today re my choice of phrase – but bias and liar implies that we deliberately set out to distort. That’s not true of me or anyone else I know at the BBC

    The email I sent to Mr Robinson in January included the link to the facebook page of the Campaign for Balanced Broadcasting in Scotland.

  96. Robert Peffers says:

    @David McDowell says: 21 August, 2015 at 8:16 pm:

    ” … The whole matter is an insult to our intelligence.”

    Nah! David, my intelligence is not, in any way, insulted.

    Robinson’s intentional and deliberate lies were actually no more than a clear exposure of Robinson’s utter lack of any real intelligence and an exposure of his child like spitefulness.

    Thing is that real children usually grow out of such idiocy. In Robinson’s case he is far too old to now outgrow his spiteful and deliberate lying. Note how the numptie is unable to, even now, let it rest and, (perhaps), blow over.

    The guy is far too full of his own piss and importance to even admit to himself that he was nothing more than a brainless Establishment mouthpiece being paid to propagate the lies he is told to blurt out before the cameras. The Establishment have now demoted him to radio work and he knows that his, so called promotion, is factually a demotion.

  97. Graeme Doig says:

    Not content to be slapped down twice by Eck and made to look the arse he is in front of all his ‘pals’ and on the international stage, there seems no end to his stupidity.

    Sometimes Nick, it’s better to keep your patronising month shut long enough for memories to fade of what an establishment stooge and egotist you are. Oh right, you cannae help yourself because you’re an establishment stooge and egotist.

  98. G H Graham says:

    The BBC is the London based Establishment’s preferred broadcaster of pervasive jingoistic British propaganda.

    Thus, its mission is simple …

    1. Maintain political support in Westminster so that it can continue to use the TV Licensing funding mechanism to
    harass people for money

    2. Achieve widespread adoption of “Groupthink” inside its own organisation as well as among its readers, viewers & listeners so that they make faulty decisions that lead to a deterioration of “mental efficiency, reality testing & moral judgment” (Ref: Janis, Irving L. (1972). Victims of Groupthink. New York: Houghton Mifflin.)

    This Groupthink has eight distinct features & consequences.

    1. Illusion of invulnerability – Creates excessive optimism that encourages taking extreme risks.

    2. Collective rationalization – Members discount warnings and do not reconsider their assumptions.

    3. Belief in inherent morality – Members believe in the rightness of their cause and therefore ignore the ethical or moral consequences of their decisions.

    4. Stereotyped views of out-groups – Negative views of “enemy” make effective responses to conflict seem unnecessary.

    5. Direct pressure on dissenters – Members are under pressure not to express arguments against any of the group’s views.

    6. Self-censorship – Doubts and deviations from the perceived group consensus are not expressed.

    7. Illusion of unanimity – The majority view and judgments are assumed to be unanimous.

    8. Self-appointed ‘mindguards’ – Members protect the group and the leader from information that is problematic or contradictory to the group’s cohesiveness, view, and/or decisions.

    Group pressures lead to carelessness & irrational thinking since groups experiencing groupthink fail to consider all alternatives & seek to maintain unanimity.

    It should be no surprise then that anyone who questions the performance or legitimacy of the BBC is “othered”.

    And that chronic criminal behaviour within the BBC is brushed under the carpet to maintain the illusion of a satisfactory status quo.

    Nick Robinson is simply adhering to groupthink standards & when this behaviour is combined with his narcissistic personality, he is vulnerable to a completely delusional belief in himself & that of the BBC’s supposed integrity, balance & fairness.

    The only recommendation I can offer to counter this institutional corruption is to stop funding the BBC & withdraw from watching, reading or listening to any of its content. Most of it is puerile rubbish anyway.

  99. seanair says:

    Re more crowd funding, why is this gaffe by Carmichael taking so long to be settled?
    Is it a plan to make the complainants give up for the want of money?
    I may have missed this but who is paying for Carmichael’s lawyers–the Liberal Party?

  100. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Re: the violence and cybernattery displayed at the BBC demos.

    I think this is the pic that displays that, in all its horror.

  101. frogesque says:

    @ Brian doonthetoun

    Not so sure about that pic, those pandas look pretty mean to me

  102. Dr Jim says:


    I’m afraid it’s not just the BBC who behave in this way although they are the worst offenders
    STV have their moments with deliberate misreporting or omissions of facts they have an excuse however inasmuch as they are a commercial channel

    The BBC however carry the brunt of the blame for this as they claim to be a tax payer publicly funded organisation thereby being neutral, but they’re not are they

    The BBC are a commercial organisation otherwise we wouldn’t have channels like Dave, Gold, and what’s going on with Channel 4
    The BBC might argue that they give us “Free Stuff” like Radio or BBC 3 but that’s just plain crap
    If you think about it if they thought Jeremy Clarkson was that bad why didn’t they sack him years ago
    Because he made them millions, Top Gear was sold to around 180 countries, with that and the Advertising revenue from product placement and the other channels income the BBC doesn’t need tax payers money it’s all just Gravy for free

    Gary Lineker’s fee for 1 year is more than the BBC put into the whole of Scottish Football
    I can only think Gary must be a bigger country than Scotland

    No, I’m afraid the BBC are the Labour Party’s propaganda wing SS and Gestapo rolled into one, otherwise why doesn’t the Tory Party care whether they survive or not, it’s only for the money with the Tories, For Labour without the BBC would struggle to survive

  103. Lesley-Anne says:

    seanair says:

    Re more crowd funding, why is this gaffe by Carmichael taking so long to be settled?
    Is it a plan to make the complainants give up for the want of money?
    I may have missed this but who is paying for Carmichael’s lawyers–the Liberal Party?

    Don’t be silly Seanair … it will be the tax payer of course.

    You really are a silly Billy. 😀

  104. ronnie anderson says:

    @ BrianDTT wee Sam stepped in tae arrest they Rioters,an it wiz a fair Cop.

  105. sandycraig says:

    ” insult to our intelligence ”

    Not of mine. I may be no Einstein but I know a lying prick when I see one. Does not matter what he does with the rest of his life, most Scots will remember him as an annoying lying wee toad.

  106. Graeme Doig says:


    Help! Trying to donate to Alistair Carmichael’s political funeral fund. I’m not on Facebook and my normal email account does not seem to work.

    What’s a technophobe to do?

  107. dakk says:

    More truth,accuracy and elucidation has been achieved in these posts than Rick Knobinson managed in his whole tele-broadcasting career.

    Glad I won’t see his face now he has been put out to grass in his new sinecure on the wireless.

    The shallow wee liar should be ashamed of himself.

  108. heedtracker says:

    Nic Robinson like rancid Graun leftie frauds probably not following up their SNP smear of the week

    But Guido did

    “Following the revelation that an email address belonging to SNP MP Michelle Thomson was used by somebody to sign up to adultery website Ashley Madison, Guido asked a highly trained data monkey – Jeremy Bullock from Centrix Software – to take a forensic look at all the available information related to the account. Here’s what he found…

    1. The email address is flagged as invalid
    2. The account was last updated on 30/04/2015 19:06:57
    3. The postcode given was EH12 7AF
    4. Date of Birth 01/01/1978
    5. Her nickname was stated as ‘michsnp’ rather than the usual prosaic variety
    6. The sign up ip address was
    7. There is no data in the am_am.member table. This records preferences, looking for, etc etc and is the definitive record for signup
    8. There are no credit card transactions recorded for her
    From the data it seems evident that someone other than Michelle Thomson signed up for the account. Definitely a prank…”

    Just a guess but the Graun creep show probably wont go back on their smear.

  109. Proud Cybernat says:

    They just don’t effing get it, do they? Someone really needs to burst the big bubble this clown Robinson floats around in. This BBC asswipe needs to really SEE and UNDERSTAND what is REALLY going on. But this eejit thinks he is so clued in, so effing right in his opinions that his like will NEVER EVER see beyond their own effing self-importance. Fuckwit of the first order!

  110. john j says:

    I re-arranged my morning to listen to this pish thinking that it would be live and expecting to hear some listener interaction (which is what this programme is usually about).
    Instead there was a pre-recorded interview/pr puff, full of lies, excuses and self serving deceit.

    Robinson even had the gall to suggest that followers of social media (like WOS) only read a self selected and one sided view of the situation, AS IF READERS OF THE UK PRESS DIDN’T, FFS.

  111. Tam Jardine says:


    Excuse my ignorance but if they have the IP address is it difficult to trace the laptop or whatever?

  112. Grouse Beater says:

    Repost, but relevant to topic.
    If people remain sceptical over issue of BBC’s resistance to Scotland’s interests they need only read paragraph ‘BBC Scotland Education Department’:

  113. BJ says:

    “Phrased his report badly”

    A real fancy way of saying, I’m a lying creep!!

  114. Grouse Beater says:

    Kirsty Wark on Newsnight now interviewing her old buddy Union Jack McConnell about obscenity that is Labour’s witch-hunt. He must be biting his nails – not.

  115. Tam Jardine says:

    Grouse Beater

    Another impartial BBC journalist. Did she no go on holiday with Jack?

  116. heedtracker says:

    Tam Jardine says:
    21 August, 2015 at 10:28 pm

    Try it Tam. Its a dead link. Nick name “michsnp” or have a look on google earth with the postcode, a building site in Embro?

  117. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Hi Ronnie.

    There’s also this one, which led to a Labour candidate in Angus getting her jotters.

  118. call me dave says:

    Looks like Nick has been a wee devil!

    Never took to him, he always wanted to be the showman, glad I wandered over to live-streaming for the tennis.

    Nice pic at the BBC demo. Can someone put names to the faces it would be good to see that.

    Murray wins! 4-6 6-1 6-4 Now in semi final.

  119. Daisy Walker says:

    I cancelled my licence fee just after the European Elections after trying to watch it on the BBC and finding myself throwing things at the set because of the way they’d tilted the map to make Scotland look smaller and kept pulling the camera away, every time it came to the Scottish results. The smirk on Dimbleby’s face was the last straw.

    There were 4 or 5 gatherings to protest BBC bias at Pacific Quay. The first had a few hundred people – totally not reported by the Beeb.

    The second had about 1000 – I was there, FIRST time ever I’ve gone to a rally! Totally loved the Pandas. Took the dug – a large blond lurcher – had spray painted both her sides with YES – look said one mother to her child, as they passed, that dog’s managed to grow its hair into a yes sign:)

    Cause that’s what you do at edgy, potentially violent protest isn’t it? You take your kids and pets.

    Beeb, grudgingly reported a turn out of a few hundred.

    Tried to get to the one planned on the day of the CWG’s Marathon – the diversions were too much for the GPS.

    Went to the last one, just before the vote – I estimated at least 3000. All peaceful, definitely a Carnival atmosphere. Although at one point we noticed 3 guys on the upper floor within, rubber necking us, up went the song, ‘cherrie oh, cheerio oh, cheerio oh, cheerio oh, cheerio oh, cheerio oh’ some of us even waved at them… Oh the intimidation.

    But what a huge thank you we owe Nick Robertson – such blatant, bare face lying and editing, wow, just wow. For those who were not convinced about the bias, this totally convinced them.

    I just wish, the Beeb was not exempt from Freedom of Info requests, how many cancellations were submitted the week of NR’s broadcast, for how many was that the final straw. Poor auld Aunti – £150 million down on subs, about what it profits each year from Scotland – go figure.

    Anyways Nick, sorry to hear about the cancer/voice problems – glad that your employer is taking good care of you with a – Radio Program.

    What is it they say, if your going to play dirty, ‘don’t get caught’ and if your going to do the big boys work for them, make sure your renumeration is worked out beforehand, in blood, and you know where the bodies are buried, just in case.

    Won’t be buying your book any time soon, am way to donate to the Carmichael case, and the Mars Bar/Foodbank fund. Cheerie the noo:)

  120. heedtracker says:

    Grouse Beater says:
    21 August, 2015 at 10:42 pm
    Kirsty Wark on Newsnight now interviewing her old buddy Union Jack

    and simultaneously trolling UK women’s fashion design.

  121. galamcennalath says:

    heedtracker says:


    ISP: Virgin Media

    City: Edinburgh

  122. Clootie says:

    “Many journalists now are no more than channelers and echoers of what George Orwell called the ‘official truth’. They simply cipher and transmit lies. It really grieves me that so many of my fellow journalists can be so manipulated that they become really what the French describe as ‘functionaires’, functionaries, not journalists. Many journalists become very defensive when you suggest to them that they are anything but impartial and objective. The problem with those words ‘impartiality’ and ‘objectivity’ is that they have lost their dictionary meaning. They’ve been taken over… [they] now mean the establishment point of view… Journalists don’t sit down and think, ‘I’m now going to speak for the establishment.’ Of course not. But they internalise a whole set of assumptions, and one of the most potent assumptions is that the world should be seen in terms of its usefulness to the West, not humanity.”
    ? John Pilger

  123. caledonia says:

    So what happened to nick re the thing that salmond says was very serious was there an investigation

  124. robertknight says: shows as Watford, Borehamwood or Leckford, depending upon the site you use for IP searching. It appears to be allocated to Virgin Media.

  125. heedtracker says:

    galamcennalath says:
    21 August, 2015 at 11:07 pm
    heedtracker says:


    ISP: Virgin Media

    City: Edinburgh

    Where do you get Edinburgh in Watford galamcennalath?

    IP Lookup Result for

    IP Address:
    Host of this IP:
    Organization: Virgin Media
    ISP: Virgin Media

  126. Toby says:

    On ‘ The Last Leg’ Ch4 tonight, guess who was the only person named as being denounced on the Ashley Madison debacle. Others alluded to but only Michelle Thomson SNP MP named. Strange or what?

  127. 7. Our man on the scene (186,000 views)

    – debunking the “it was a fix” myth.

    It was never debunked and it was never a myth,it was a topic that was never debated enough because a couple of your readers (Morag and Douglas) took over the discussion and abused anyone with a polemic different from them.

    There were nearly 200,000 more postal votes in the Ref than the GE in Scotland,why?

  128. uno mas says:

    A wee song to cheer up Michelle Thomson!

  129. Frank says:

    Very sad, when you look back. The status Quo will not give up and will continue to secure it’s position. The battle is much bigger than imagined….”the king is dead, long live the king”. There is a reason for that.

  130. call me dave says:

    “The time has come,” the Walrus said,
    “To talk of many things:
    Of shoes–and ships–and sealing-wax–
    Of cabbages–and kings–
    And why the sea is boiling hot–
    And whether pigs have wings.”

    Oh… and a UK referendum on trident! 🙂
    Alex Rowley, who became party number two last weekend, also revealed that he is putting his political career on the line at next year’s Holyrood election by pledging to quit his new job if he is not re-elected in his Cowdenbeath constituency.

  131. Tackety Beets says:

    GEE ZOOO !

    In certain areas of Scotland Nick Robinson would be described as ” a wee nyaff ”

    I would describe him like wise followed by ever effin expletive I could muster !
    He still has no idea. Those were Yessers protesting about him ? Full of his own importance.

    Sorry Stuart , a watched the parade of Yessers , a few hunner as per RS eh 4K described by Pants on fire.It was great to see them all with such +ve faces of hope.
    Couldna click any other links as its heartbreakin ! Thon mornin & the helish disapointed voice of my youngest of 11 haunts me,it jist winnae be beeried.

    By christ , it was good to watch AS dealing with NR …..that brought me to type.

    What a wonderful place this “Wings” World is , thank F@@k

    Despite all the setbacks you all ping back with punchlines mixed with the serious.

    Sing along “Yo ho ho its MAGIC ! “

  132. willie says:

    The best that can be said I’d that Nick Robinson is a man with a mouth full of excrement.

    Bias and bile at public expense is his stock and trade.

    Jeepers he’s even now saying that BBC journos were intimidated by a hostile 4,000 strong mob when his ministry of excrement previously declared that there had been less than 1,000 people demonstrating at Pacific Quay.

    Yes the smell of shoite just oozes out of this establishment mouthpiece

  133. Davy says:

    Nick Robinson nae worth the steam off my shite.

  134. john king says:

    Petra says
    “You’d think he would drop this before he does even more damage to the BBC and puts himself in the position of slandering hundreds of Scots who were there on the day.”

    You’d think he would drop this before he does even more damage to the BBC and puts himself in the position of slandering THOUSANDS of Scots who were there on the day.

    fixed that for you Petra. 🙂
    Conan The Librarian say
    “I’ve just had an argument with my best mate, who lives in London.

    He, obviously, had never seen the deleted answer.

    I drunk at his expense all afternoon after he made a somewhat rash bet.”

    Oh that was mean,
    taking candy from a baby! 🙂
    Your friend did realize he was dealing with one of the biggest cybernat villans of all time Moriarty?
    Tam Jardine says
    “Anyone who watches Alex Salmond in his finest hour, completely wipe the floor with Robinson, turning him inside out, wringing him out in front of the international press core then witnesses the spiteful hatchet job by Robinson in his edited piece and still insists that Nick Robinson is a fair and impartial journalist needs to have a long hard fucking word with themselves.”

    I…I…I got nothing to add to that, it just needed repeating. 🙂
    “Still my indyref highlight- I remember playing the footage of Alex gently pulverising Robinson at my work and we just laughed our heeds off.”

    Its amazing what (in the right hands) you can do with a meat tenderizing hammer Tam eh?
    Brian Doonthetoon says
    “Re: the violence and cybernattery displayed at the BBC demos.

    I think this is the pic that displays that, in all its horror.

    Ive got some more for people who are not too squeamish
    warning, dont look at these if you are of a nervous disposition!

    This picture shows the martial nature of the gathering, note the drums,
    behind you will see the mechanised division, cunningly disguised as pushchairs,
    there are no depths 🙁

    this picture shows one of the ringleaders who in spite of her small stature and age (9 and 3/4) she is a ruthless character called Jodie

    This handsome character is as yet unnamed by the authorities but his debonair looks cuts a swashbuckling… sorry got carried away there
    and just to make the guys at GCHQ crane their necks all the pictures are at a 90 degree angle (dammit) 🙁

    “Kirsty Wark on Newsnight now interviewing her old buddy Union Jack

    and simultaneously trolling UK women’s fashion design.”

    Women multitasking huh!

  135. Tinto Chiel says:

    Have just awoken to those dreadful picture from BDTT and john king of the violent cybernats who intimidated the heroic BBC staff.

    These people are evil and that Jodie one, can see it in her eyes…

    What worries me is that some of them could still be walking about.

  136. Macart says:

    @John King

    Aye that WPC surrounded by pandas looks fair intimidated. 😀

    What Mr Robinson tends to forget in this digital age is that folk tend to have their own hard evidence ready to hand these days. Vids and stills from cameras, phones, tablets and such. He’s a self publicist and has simply painted himself into a corner as a somewhat petulant fibber. The capper from our POV is that he’s also taking the beebs own record of events of that day into the same hole he’s digging for himself.

    Win, win John. 🙂

  137. Kevie Helmet says:

    Brian Doonthetoon says

    and just to make the guys at GCHQ crane their necks all the pictures are at a 90 degree angle (dammit) 🙁

    if anyone wans to view the pics in their correct orientation click zoom then “view raw image” (bottom left of image

  138. Robert Kerr says:

    BBC are really really crap.

    I watched a documentary on BBC4 re Sellafield nuclear plant. The video quality was very good but I felt really sorry for Prof Jim Al-Kalilli who’s script was so dumbed down to make it an embarrassment.

    First of all there was the idea of a chain reaction making a bomb. But later it made Plutonium. No explanation at all there of the difference.

    Then there was the infamous reactor fire. No mention of the Wigner energy stored in the graphite crystal structure and being rapidly released. Fair enough but not mentioning that the reactor core was graphite which is carbon and can combust was really dumbing down to abysmal.

    BBC sucks in all departments.

  139. Grouse Beater says:

    “I felt really sorry for Prof Jim Al-Kalilli who’s script was so dumbed down to make it an embarrassment.”

    It’s a wonder BBC didn’t front the programme with a half-baked celebrity, or one of two million to choose from stand-up comedians.

  140. heedtracker says:

    Robinson attacks protestors over BBC ‘bias’

    Nick Robinson has compared protests against his coverage of the Scottish independence referendum to something out of Vlad Putin’s Russia.

    The outgoing BBC political editor hit out at “intimidation and bullying” of journalists during an appearance at thr Edinburgh International Book Festival to promote his latest book.

    Blah blah bleh, poor wee Nick, horrid bullying intimidators

    “Alex Salmond was using me as a symbol of wicked, metropolitan, Westminster classes, sent from England, sent from London, in order to tell the Scots what they ought to do. As it happens I feel for it. I shouldn’t have had a row with him, which I did and I chose a particular phrase we might explore badly in terms of reporting and that is genuinely a sense of regret.

    But as a serious thought I don’t think my offence was sufficient to justify 4000 people marching on the BBC’s headquarters, so that young men and women who are new to journalism, like they do in Putin’s Russia, to fight their way through crowds of protestors, frightened as to how they do their jobs.”

    That’s Word for word, hard core Toryboy Press and journal in Aberdeen report on Robinson today and his struggle for truth and justice against and or with the vile sepratists.

    Usual sneaky creepy P&J stuff but it’s even wrong about this astonishing liar “outgoing” from the BBC, unless taking over from Jim Naughty, BBC Scotch cringer of, well even more than Eddie Mair, on their Today R4 show is actually “outgoing.”

    History is written by the winners but Scottish history isn’t over yet dear Tory boys.

  141. gendjinn says:

    The BBC lies – it *always* has. Now you know what we put up with during the Troubles.

  142. Rock says:

    Pravda GB is Scotland’s enemy number one.

    We can never become independent as long as it exists.

  143. Croompenstein says:

    @Scot Finlayson @12.29 –

    There were nearly 200,000 more postal votes in the Ref than the GE in Scotland,why?

    No one seems to be able to answer that Scot or the lower turnouts in Glasgow and Dundee or the absence of exit polls or the contents of the secret opinion poll that sparked the sermon on the pound. All we get is silent majority blah blah..

  144. yesindyref2 says:

    Nick Robinson knows he did wrong, knows he lied, knows he continued to lie, and can’t accept it, even while admitting it. It therefore has to be someone else’s fault, he was bullied after the event, even though that doesn’t affect his actions before and during. He feels he is the aggrieved party, even though he was the one offending, it is he who feels offended.

    In short, Nick Robinson has lost the plot, big time. In fact, he’s losing his marbles and soon won’t have any left to play with.

    We’re going to need more marbles.

  145. yesindyref2 says:

    Good work Rev. During the Ref campaign my main theme I guess with NO or undecided was to try to get them not to trust the media, but to try to get the truth themselves. The way I put it was that they should believe NOTHING, whether pro or anti-Indy, on the basis there was very little pro-Indy articles around in the MSM anyway.

    What I found was that people were very prepared not to believe printed media, but raised an eyebrow over the very idea that the BBC – THE BBC – (sorry to shout) could be biased.

    Well, it’s happening bit by bit, but basically it needs to be done completely before the next Ref. The BBC needs to be laid out bare and its bones plucked like a rancid years old well off chicken, for all to see.

    We’re going to need more sterilising fluid.

  146. Tam McGarvey says:

    I hear poor old Nick and his establishment journo colleagues are adopting the victim mentality after being bullied by protestors and cybernats. Bullying? Nick, you should try a dose of austerity – being bullied by the state. That is: no decent jobs because industries have been shipped overseas where the even poorer people are even easier to bully, having your benefits stopped through trumped up sanctions by bullying jobcentre staff who themselves have been bullied by their bosses, and if your lucky having to take the lowest paid most meaningless jobs under more bullying bosses, having to rely on food banks to feed your kids, being told by the bullying state that having a spare room is taxable- the list goes on.

    And all this at a time when the vulgar rich, who bully our elected officials, get richer and more vulgar. And no, most of us don’t aspire to be like the vulgar rich, in most part ordinary people want to share prosperity, live a modest and low impact lifestle and view vulgar greed as an acute human failure that our politicians historically fail to address.

    Back to the original question. You asked Mr. Salmond – “why should a Scottish voter trust you, a politician, more than men who handle billions of pounds of profits?” Mainly Nick, because men who handle billions of pounds of profits are usually bankers, those guys who bully their staff and our elected officials, Bankers- the biggest crooks on earth who are imbued with all the personal hallmarks of the bullying gangster. At least we can vote Mr Salmond out of office if he’s a crook. Maybe we should use our remote controls to vote you off the telly as you are obviously yet another lying establishment lackey.

    Man up Nick, and start telling the truth.

  147. Dan Huil says:

    Robinson knows he can continue to peddle these lies because the bbc and unionist establishment will always back him up. He is a disgrace.

  148. robertknight says:

    If his attention was drawn to the existence of the Campaign for Balanced Broadcasting in Scotland back in January of this year, how can Robinson still claim that he remains unaware of who organised the protests?

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