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The Too Wee Club #4

Posted on August 04, 2017 by

A series inspired by a Unionist blog insisting that “On a practical level, I do not believe for one moment that Scotland could thrive alone”and which led to our thinking about some of the world’s other independent nations.


Switzerland has a problem, readers.

Those poor Swiss, eh?

The landlocked federal republic of Switzerland is roughly half the size of Scotland.

But how does it compare in other ways?

(All stats from link above unless linked separately.)

AREA: 15,940 square miles
(Scotland: 30,090 square miles)

POPULATION: 8.4 million
(Scotland: 5.4 million)

LARGEST CITY: Zurich, pop. 401,000
(Scotland: Glasgow, pop. 603,000)

GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT (nominal): $651bn
(Scotland: $245bn)

(Scotland: $45,904)

GDP PER CAPITA (PPP measure): $59,150
(UK: $42,514)

GINI INEQUALITY RATING /100 (higher = more inequality): 29.6
(UK: 32.4)

(UK: 4.5%)

(UK: 18th)

(Switzerland has no state-funded healthcare system, but health insurance is compulsory for all citizens, so nobody is left unprotected.)

AVERAGE LIFE EXPECTANCY AT BIRTH: 82.8 (table A.17, p80-84)
(UK: 80.7, Scotland 79.1)

UNIVERSITY EDUCATION: usually £650-£1000 a year
(Scotland: free. UK: £9,000 per annum)

INCOME TAX RATES (standard/higher/max): complicated and varied, but low
(Scotland: 20%/40%/45%)

(UK: 0.92)

SIGNIFICANT INDUSTRIES: financial services, manufacturing, chemicals
(Scotland: oil, whisky, renewables, fresh water, financial services, tourism)

Switzerland has been an independent state for around 167 years in its modern form, and has practiced neutrality for most of its history, avoiding invasion during both world wars, but maintains a sizeable army of 147,000 (almost the same size as the entire regular UK armed forces despite being a much smaller and landlocked country with no navy) via conscription into national service.

Though only slightly more populous than Scotland and lacking its abundant natural resources, it is one of the richest, healthiest nations on Earth, ranking at equal 2nd for quality of life on the UN Human Development Index. (The UK is placed 16th.)

Unionists believe these achievements to be completely beyond the ability of the people of Scotland. Readers can make their own judgements.


More members of the Too Wee Club coming soon. Previous entries below:

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165 to “The Too Wee Club #4”

  1. Jack Collatin

    I posted this over on WGD earlier, which seems apposite.
    WE are constantly belittled and sidelined, even by our own people.
    Well done, Stu.
    If this too long , bin it.

    It’s the August Bank Holiday weekend.
    It’s the first fortnight in August.
    England is shut for two weeks.

    Traffic gridlock on the A30 in Cornwall, Heathrow and Gatwick choking to death as hordes of perspiring holiday makers bed down in terminal waiting areas as ‘planes are delayed, cancelled, rescheduled, and Johnny Foreigner gives the English sunseekers a taste of life after April 2019 by imposing passport checks and subsequent long queues at Arrivals Desks on the continent.

    The London Dead Tree Scrolls will have a field day lambasting those bloody Europeans, which England definitely is not, European that is.

    It is at this time of year that the ‘difference’ between Scotland and England is most stark.

    As I write, just before nine on a drizzly chilly Glasgow morning, parents the length and breadth of Scotland are preparing their kids to go back to school, which is a mere fortnight away.

    By now the red ‘X’s’ on the kitchen calendar cover 2/3 of the six week summer break, and with guilty reflection, many adults sigh with relief that the end is in sight.

    The 70th Edinburgh Festival is about to get underway.

    It is no accident that this CultureFest is timed at the beginning of England’s summer fortnight At Play.

    On the other hand, summer in Scotland is rapidly drawing to a close. I’ll be donning my quilted anorak this morning to venture out for the morning rolls. The football season starts tomorrow.

    But, England, and by ‘England’ I really mean the SE of England, is just getting into the holiday spirit; well, The Lake District, or Durham, not so much.

    ‘The weather where we are’ is generally 5 to 10 degrees colder, the rain wetter, the wind chillier, the days darker, than High Summer in the arrogantly titled ‘Home Counties’.

    There will be hundreds of thousands of English, and, at least for the next eighteen months, lots of our European neighbours, visiting Scotland this month.
    Edinburgh in particular will be jammed pack.
    Happy Days.

    Hotels will be full, B&B’s churning out Full Scottish by the platesload, families in their highland Log Cabins are stirring and marvelling rather unconvincingly at the Scotch Mist and drizzle down in the glen, and throwing another log on the fire.

    For once, the money will be flowing Northwards instead of Southwards to London. Kerching!

    Now, as some may know, I have travelled a fair bit through these Isles on work and occasionally for pleasure.

    It may be an unwritten rule universally observed, but BBC Breakfast seems to be required viewing in hotel and B&B dining rooms.

    I’ve caught ‘news where you are’ in all the ‘regions’, The ‘North West’, ‘The West Midlands’, and so on.

    You get a brief flavour in 3 minutes about what’s going on in Newcastle, Torquay, Belfast. Fair enough as far as it goes, which isn’t as far as the distance between the ‘b’ and ‘n’ in the previous word.

    But at least you get an inkling of local issues.

    Back to the Edinburgh Festival.

    Like the Glasgow Commonwealth Games, BBC London/Salford has taken over presenting our Festival to the great British Public, and not for the first time. BBC Scotland eat your heart out.

    A Red Couch in Edinburgh fronted by one of the regular Salford presenters.

    A couple of English comedians plugging their shows.
    Some ‘foreign types’, juggling balls, dancing Irishly, and performing gymnastic contortions. Boy is it going to be fun.

    Then, five times within three and a quarter hours of hegemony, the ‘News where we are’ is beamed from Pacific Quay, just as breakfast is being served to the throng of visitors the length and breadth of Bonnie Scotland.

    Headline: 200 young offenders, gang members apparently, in Polmont YOI, are undergoing a programme/workshop with the police to persuade them not to go into a life of crime and drug dealing. OK.

    Headline: RBS are reporting a £900,000 profit, but will record an ultimate loss for the year. They are moving their HQ to Holland, but staff in Edinburgh don’t have to worry, and don’t mention Brexit.

    Riot Police fought Aberdeen supporters in Cyprus.

    There is concern over 500 jobs of McVittie’s in Glasgow.

    And that’s it.

    That’s the 3 minute snapshot of Scotland offered up at the breakfast tables of hard working hotels B&B’s, and Holiday Parks the length and breadth of Scotland.

    No mention of the 70th Edinburgh Festival. The Big Boys Down There are covering it.

    There are hotel lobbies and dining rooms with bright displays leaflets and brochures, special family deals, lists of attractions, places to visit, castles, museums, golf courses, and so on, to browse through after breakfast.

    BBC Scotland did its best to ruin all that this morning.

    Thank you, Donalda. Thank you BBC Pacific Quay.

    What a picture you present to visitors to contemporary Scotland.

    Why don’t you save time and staff wages from next week onwards?

    Just post a notice ‘Scotland is Shite’ on the screen for 3 minutes every half hour from Monday onwards.

    Or is it just me? Am I really that paranoid?

  2. Highland Wifie

    Loving this series. Keep ’em coming.
    Can’t help wondering what our population should have been looking at size of the two countries.

  3. Albert Herring

    @Highland Wifie

    Had Scotland been allowed to develop normally over the past 100 or so years, it would now have a population of around 12 million.

  4. ScottieDog

    There are so many to choose from.
    Maybe commonspace could publish these..

  5. call me dave

    Aye Mr Collatin and the hits just keep on coming! 🙁

    Another excellent article Stu.

  6. Peter McCulloch

    Its amazing how many of those small countries in the world are doing as independent nations.

    That Scotland could do as well, if not better as an independent nation as many of those small nations.

    should shame everyone of those who constantly put our country down at every opportunity.

    But then shame is not a feeling you can attribute to a unionist of any colour

  7. MJS Dundee

    Once we get a good number of these put together in that excellent short snappy form, can we give thought to compiling/printing a Wee Blue Book-type effort from them for distribution to kill off, once and for all, the “too wee” crap?

    Bring on the rest … .

  8. ScottieDog

    One of the things I believe is absolutely key is for someone to do an energy audit on Scotland.
    Most likely they would find that Scotland could power its economy with an excess generating a tidy sum of export revenue.

    The doubters need to understand that money is simply accounting entries. It is not constrained but energy most certainly is. The most energy rich countries however tend to be the ones that the security forces of the west turn into basket cases..

  9. Nicholas Heller

    Of course Scotland and Switzerland had roughly the same population in 1960 but while hundreds of thousands of Scots since have had little choice but to leave and take their talents elsewhere the self governing Swiss have been able to reap the rewards of the efforts and the skills of their population.

  10. One_Scot

    You read this and then think of the repressive and damaging union Scotland was forced into, and now has to live under.

    It’s enough to make a grown man weep.

  11. Cactus

    Their ‘fondues’ are well tasty and there’s a whole new world a going on as you ascend Mount Rigi. There is much life in the skies.

    Switzerland has got it good.

    SO can Scotland.

  12. Timothy Rideout

    I looked it up recently because I was wanting to find out what the ‘Scotland exports £49 billion worth to rUK each year’ actually was. So nearly £8 billion a year is actually electricity. Quite a lot of the rest is services (e.g. banking, insurance), so physical goods exports are a lot less than the headline total.

  13. Artyhetty

    Switzerland, always seemed rich, with gold and stuff, swiss bank accounts seem quite popular with some. Wonder how much the state allows the jobless to live on?

    Jack Collatin@12.29

    No you are not paranoid, if the state run media could write Scotland out of the history books, and abracadabra, make it disappear to the outside world right now, they would.

    The Scotland is s***e suits their agenda and it would be interesting to see if they wave their magic wand even more during August, just to make sure that visitors know that the country they have chosen to holiday in, is dangerous, even full of gangs, and murderers, so better stay away next time.

    200 gang members? Bloody hell, sounds like New York in the 70s and 80s! Or are we taking some prisoners from south of the border due to their prisons being full.

    When we were kids in er, NE Eng, (not exactly crime free) we were led to believe that you took your life in your hands just stepping off the train in Glasgow. Next to N.York, it was to us a very scary and dangerous place indeed.

    We need somehow to get some flyers to people in Edinburgh, with info on how to find out what’s really going on politically, ie, WoS etc, because the bbc are running the show where that is concerned. The so called BBC, as you say, are piping their own, (with a very negative portrayal of being totally dysfunctional), version of Scotland into holiday breakfast rooms all over the country. Gits.

  14. Legerwood

    Jack Collatin @ 12.29 pm

    Just to add to your wee list, on the way home from the supermarket this morning I noticed that the leaves are on the turn on some trees.

    Switzerland also has a significant tourism industry – winter skiing – and conference sector since it is has HQs for various international organisations.

  15. Alex Clark

    They even get to hold more referendums than Scotland as it seems they believe in giving the population a say in making Law. You know that democracy thing once so popular and now disappearing in the UK.

    Twelve referendums were held in Switzerland during 2014.

    Six referendums were held in Switzerland during 2015.

    Thirteen referendums were held in Switzerland during 2016.

    We get “No More Referendums” screamed at us as supposedly people in Scotland are sick of them and they are so divisive.

  16. Doug McGregor

    I hope you’re planning an extended version of Slovakia.

  17. Highland Wifie

    @Albert Herring
    Thanks for that – kind of puts it in perspective. Not such a small country.

  18. manandboy

    Even after Independence, the British Establishment – including those left behind – will continue to look on Scots with utter and complete contempt, pretty much the same way they view Australian Aborigines, African Pygmies and the tribes of the Amazonian rainforest. And many more.

    We will always be inferior and uncouth in the eyes of the English middle and upper classes, because they see themselves as the top nation on earth by virtue of their unique dna which renders them, from conception, to be effortlessly superior, and deserving of global recognition as such.

    We in Scotland however know them for what they are.

    Vote SNP if you want an independent Scotland.

  19. HandandShrimp

    Damn these small countries and their prosperity. How very dare they?

    Much better to be poor and pretend we are a military super-power. I know it puts soup in my bowl.

  20. colin alexander

    The English translation of their constitution has the title:

    “Federal Constitution of the Swiss Confederation”


    The Swiss have their own Monetary Policy with their own central bank. Their currency is the Swiss Franc.

    What did YES offer in 2014? The UK £ pound and Bank of England Monetary Policy.

    The Swiss have a 7 member ruling council as head of state.

    What did YES offer in 2014? The Queen of England SHALL BE head of state.

    The Swiss have their own agricultural policy.

    What did YES offer in 2014? EU agricultural and fisheries policies decided by the EU.


    The Swiss have real independence and are the better for it.

    The SNP offered a Mickey Mouse pretendy independence as befits masters of a Mickey Mouse pretendy parliament in subservience to WM rule.

    The reality: the SNP are a Unionist Party nowadays. A party that campaigns on a mandate to be elected as WM devolution administrators. Any sort of indyref an optional extra.

    A party that offers a pretendy independence run by the Bank of England in a Monetary Union with the other parts of the UK. Run for the benefit of England.

    A party that doesn’t stand for independence. But only offers a referendum on independence.

    Then campaigns for England to rule the Scottish economy with the English head of state ruling us.

    YES was a parody of independence without any real substance. But worth voting for, as it could have delivered Scottish Parliamentary sovereignty. Something we possibly could have without an independence campaign.

    No was an anti-independence campaign that offered nothing but a meaningless, worthless Vow by Joan McAlpine’s anti-independence Daily Rag.

  21. gus1940

    Every year no sooner than The Festive Season is out of the way our wonderful media treat us to The Sledge Dog Racing and How many takeover bids Baxters has received in the previous year.

    Now that The Edinburgh Festival has started we are treated yet again to the silly old chestnut that ‘The population of the city doubles during said festival’

    Have the geniuses who inhabit the media ever stopped to wonder just where do all these people stay while they double the population?

  22. Dr Jim

    So they can’t project sea power with big war bombs and submarines, because that’s the true measure of a nation (fact)are they even in the..Oh wait, well anything?

    They’re doomed to failure, definitely, sometime, eventually, no doubt about it, just wait and see

    Naw wait!

  23. Petra

    ‘Switzerland has a stable, prosperous and high-tech economy and enjoys great wealth, being ranked as the wealthiest country in the world per capita in multiple rankings.’

    Remember what was outlined in the McCrone Report that is that Scotland could be as rich as Switzerland?

    ‘The McCrone Report.’

    ‘The Truth About Scottish Independence: The McCrone Report Scandal.’


    They don’t seem to have a problem with Referenda in Switzerland!

    ‘Direct democracy – Voting in Switzerland – Direct democracy and federalism are hallmarks of the Swiss political system. Swiss citizens are subject to three legal jurisdictions: the municipality, canton and federal levels….

    By calling a federal referendum, a group of citizens may challenge a law passed by parliament, if they gather 50,000 signatures against the law within 100 days. If so, a national vote is scheduled where voters decide by a simple majority whether to accept or reject the law. Any 8 cantons together can also call a constitutional referendum on a federal law……

    Similarly, the federal constitutional initiative allows citizens to put a constitutional amendment to a national vote, if 100,000 voters sign the proposed amendment within 18 months. The Federal Council and the Federal Assembly can supplement the proposed amendment with a counter-proposal, and then voters must indicate a preference on the ballot in case both proposals are accepted. Constitutional amendments, whether introduced by initiative or in parliament, must be accepted by a double majority of the national popular vote and the cantonal popular votes.’


    No problem with the concept of democracy either!

    ‘Administrative divisions – Cantons of Switzerland – The Swiss Confederation consists of 20 cantons and 6 half cantons. The cantons have a permanent constitutional status and, in comparison with the situation in other countries, a high degree of independence. Under the Federal Constitution, all 26 cantons are equal in status. Each canton has its own constitution, and its own parliament, government and courts….’


    And they ain’t doing anything that we couldn’t do and don’t seem to have much in the way of natural resources.

    ‘Economy – Switzerland’s most important economic sector is manufacturing. Manufacturing consists largely of the production of specialist chemicals, health and pharmaceutical goods, scientific and precision measuring instruments and musical instruments. The largest exported goods are chemicals (34% of exported goods), machines/electronics (20.9%), and precision instruments/watches (16.9%). Exported services amount to a third of exports. The service sector – especially banking and insurance, tourism, and international organisations – is another important industry for Switzerland….’

  24. geeo

    This series and the No to Yes Journeys are great tools to use on Soft No voters. Great stuff, especially when the lies BT told in 2014 are being brutally exposed by Brexit.

    Denmark told they will have access to Scottish waters post brexit, despite fishing supposedly being devolved within the EU and by definition, should be fully devolved after brexit, a clear signal of intent by WM right there.

    Talking of a No to Yes journey….here is ‘Elizabeth’s Story’

  25. Petra

    ‘Switzerland is the Model for an Independent Republic of Scotland (out of the EU it would seem as per Steven MacMillan).’

    Worth a read anyway.

    ‘…. A republic of Scotland should foster closer ties with Norway, Switzerland and potentially Iceland to create a prosperous zone of autonomous nations who trade and cooperate with each other outside of the EU…..’

  26. Geronimo

    The general gullibility of our fellow citizens demonstrates where we are where we are. Unless this changes dramatically we will just keep getting poorer and poorer

  27. Cactus

    Once again, Switzerland is a landlocked country and shares several borders with other countries. None of these countries try to tell Switzerland how to run their own business.

    Ye see, we don’t have to be an island to be independent.

    Scotland CAN do it.

    Think BIG.

  28. Blairtawheelie

    Thanks Stu for this series. Speaks volumes. Thanks Jack Collatin for your thoughts at the top of this thread. I rarely post, but your comments encapsulate what I am feeling currently.

  29. Petra

    Why not take a trip to Switzerland and make comparisons with Scotland? Better still I’m thinking of sending Fiona Annesley a ticket.

    Easyjet will take you there (return) for £45.

  30. Terence callachan

    A very important point about Switzerland is that it holds referendums regularly throughout the year or whenever necessary and these referendums are to decide things important to the country and its people such as should they have nuclear energy should they increase taxes should they increase or reduce immigration levels etc etc how wonderful is that ?
    Okay the results are then discussed by their parliament but it too works differently from other countries .
    In Switzerland they have what is called direct democracy where any citizen can start a petition to change the constitution or a law or introduce a new law.
    In addition as aforementioned they have to hold a referendum across the country if a proposal to change a law or change the constitution is put forward.
    Voting in Switzerland is mandatory too.

  31. Petra

    Ooops sorry folks the wrong Easyjet page appeared!

    Check it out, you can get there (Geneva) and back (Edinburgh) for £45 or less.

  32. The Man in the Jar

    A small extract from the 1974 McCrone report.

    (Regarding Scotland) “The country would tend to be in chronic surplus to a quite embarrassing degree and its currency would become the hardest in Europe with the exception perhaps of the Norwegian kroner. Just as deposed monarchs and African leaders have in the past used the Swiss franc as a haven of security, as now would the Scottish pound be seen as a good hedge against inflation and devaluation and the Scottish banks could expect to find themselves inundated with speculative inflow of foreign funds.”

  33. Swiss Perspective

    Would Switzerland be Switzerland if they sent their representatives to Berlin, Paris or Rome?
    I don’t think I need to answer that question for you, but it’s exactly the situation that Scotland tolerates.

  34. Smallaxe

    Jack Collatin says: @ 12;29PM.

    “Just post a notice ‘Scotland is Shite’ on the screen for 3 minutes every half hour from Monday onwards.

    Or is it just me? Am I really that paranoid?”

    Hello, Jack, I hope you are well, my Friend but please remain seated while you read this shite about the Edinburgh Festival.

    WARNING: BBF (Big Butchers Flag)

    G.Pearson CEO @ SIU.
    “Created out of a response to a global conflict which saw nationalism bring the world to the brink of destruction the UK has helped give the festival a platform to the world.”

    Please don’t read the rest, Jack, I value you as a Friend and I don’t think that your BP could take it, the wax in my ears melted and ran doon ma legs when ah tried.

    Peace and Love to You and the Family, Jack

  35. Swiss Perspective


    To launch a referendum (or an “initiative”) you have to collect 100,000 valid signatures. Typically, we vote on various national, regional and local issues about every three months. But voting is not mandatory and turn out is not always good. But rather than being sick & tired of it, getting to voice your opinion in a referendum is a right that the Swiss would never give up.

  36. Jockanese Wind Talker

    Your nae that paranoid @Jack Collatin says at 12:29 pm (unless I am too).

    But remember ‘Scotland is Shite’ is too important a message that it isnae just for the Telly.

    Thon tourists might be listening to the ‘local’ radio in the car

    Radio Shortbread is the same

    A constant morning chorus of…

    Haley: ‘Scotland is Shite, isn’t it Garry’

    Garry: ‘Yes Haley, ‘Scotland really is Shite’

    Haley: ‘Now to discuss exactly how Shite Scotland really is I have a Unionist Politician on to give us a Party Political Broadcast without interruption’

    Garry: ‘That’ll be followed by me talking over and shouting down an EssEnnPee Politician as they try to point out that Scotland isnae Shite after the news’

    The news at the top of the hour of course being a heady mix of ‘Scotland is Shite’ and ‘EssEnnPee Bad’

    Just ‘cos you’re paranoid doesnae mean their no oot tae get ye Jack


  37. Kevin

    Jack Collatin; yes, you nailed it right there, bang-on.

    The BBC in Scotland clearly hate this country, hate our fantastic potential, hate that we’d soar without the rules of the gang of thugs in the South, hate that we have an SNP government running the country effectively, hate our social media strength, hate Stuart Campbell, hate that we’re heading, inevitably, towards self-rule.

    I reckon the operation that is the BBC in Scotland is more hateful than the combined efforts of the Billionaire-owned press. We’re winning this, but if we can expose the BBC operation within the next year we’ll win sooner.

    Excellent series, Stu – the BBC will hate you for this..

  38. Hamish100

    Jack Collatin – good description of the Anglo Brit cringe factor. Makes you want to head to those areas that have more power than Scotland like the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands.
    I just worry I might bump into PR guru Davidson running through fields followed by Tom Gordon and the likes.

    Scotland we can govern ourselves, Self determination and independence is the norm.

    Nae harm to the English but look after yourselves and give the rest of the countries making up these islands off mainland Europe peace.

  39. Wullie

    hI jack
    As they say when on holiday in Scotland. [ Did you enjoy your English experience]
    Make ye puke

  40. Petra


    I truly amazes me that people who purport to support Independence are constantly running the ONLY party … the SNP … that will EVER achieve such an objective, down to the ground.

    ”The reality: the SNP are a Unionist Party nowadays.” Eh! Well I’ve heard it all now.

    Additionally they use EVERY article on this site to do just that. To achieve THEIR objective, methinks.

    No one is saying that ‘mistakes’ weren’t made in 2014, such as to adopt sterling to ensure an easier economical transition, but lessons will have been learned no doubt. As to the issue of the Monarchy who on earth would have been daft enough to alienate voters who support the Monarchy prior to a vote for Independence? That along with the EU / NATO etc in fact can be voted for (referenda) some time after actually getting our Independence / on our feet. Let’s just move on and support the SNP, get our Independence FIRST and take it from there.

    More to the point as we all seem to be in agreement that the greatest obstacle that we face in achieving Independence is a suppression of truth / facts they want to gag anyone who is attempting to enlighten the Scots, from the National newspaper to Joan McAlpine.

    The Unionist supporting Daily Record was one of the most influential newspapers in the lead up to Indyref1 …. during and after (Vow), so why would anyone with at least half a brain not jump at the chance of getting an alternative viewpoint across? And if they get the opportunity to do so get paid for it. Or should they do it for nothing?

    It would help if the individual who seems to be so keen on putting Joan McAlpine out of a job (shutting her up) would check out some of her DR articles such as ‘Richard Murphy-GERS’; ‘Why Westminster does not work for Scotland’; ‘Scots feel betrayed by Brexit lies’; If you want a Labour Government in Westminster vote SNP; ‘We need the power to engineer our own energy future’ etc, etc, etc.

    But that’s not what it’s all about is it? Targeting a newspaper here and an individual there. The short term aims leading to the long term objective. The drip, drip, drip of trying to brainwash people into shunning the SNP / shutting down all means of communicating with the Scots and if they could get their way they’d have this site closed down in a heartbeat, imo.

  41. Jack Collatin

    Smallaxe, oh builder of Gretna bridges and Clyde ships, it’s great to hear from you and know that you are still in the ring.
    ‘And it also shows us – when people share talent, ideas, humour, curiosity and fun – national identity matters very little.’
    Oh dear, oh dear.
    Then why the wee photie of Edinburgh Castle smothered in the Butcher’s apron.
    My, how they love their wee Nuremberg style rallies.

    Back in the day the ‘Armed Forces’ were kept out of sight, in their barracks in times of peace.

    Not nowadays. We are reminded on a daily basis that the Brit Army is on our doorstep, and is paraded at football matches, Athletics events, and whatever Anniversary of a battle in a war 100 years ago when Wilhelm fell out with his cuz George happens to fall due today.
    Half a million working class lads on both sides died at Passchendaele to preserve the Elite’s status quo.
    I attended the Tattoo once in my youth; many of us did not stand for God Save The Queen: frowned upon, almost came to blows.
    In my own country, no one forces me to kow-tow to anyone.
    I was going to go out for a pint tonight. Best not, lest hundreds of gang members or Aberdeen supporters attack me.
    BBC Scotland you are beyond contempt.
    Today’s Herald Britland’s Scotland Shite headline is the shortage of THOUSANDS of beds for our old folk, of which I am now proudly one.
    If the scribes hate their country so much, why don’t they feck off to England’s Green and Pleasant Foreigner free land and leave the rest of us to muddle through.
    Rant over.

  42. Proud Cybernat

    BREAKING: RBS setting up Amsterdam HQ in preparation for hard Brexit.

    Of course, this absolutely WILL be reported tonight on BBC MI5REPORTING SCOTLAND.

    Won’t it?

    Note: the ‘5’ above is not a typo.

  43. Dan Huil

    Switzerland has clocks that go cuckoo; Scotland has yoons that go cuckoo.

  44. Ian Brotherhood

    Depending on how long this series becomes, it could be an idea to devise an acronym so that they can be remembered easily and rattled-off in any debate with unionists when they start spouting their TWTPTS pish. A confidently delivered list would probably shut a lot of them up mid-sentence.

    So far, we have M, I, L, S –

    Maltesers and Ice-cream with Luxurious Swiss chocolate…’ etc.


  45. Capella

    I love Switzerland. And their flag is a BIG PLUS.

  46. Petra

    @ Smallaxe …

    I see that they’re asking people to wear tartan. Seems that their 1745 ploy hasn’t worked, lol.

    How it must stick in their craw that following using every dirty trick in the book they haven’t quite managed to subjugate / decimate the Scots.

  47. gordoz

    Hey Ian –

    Is the MILS anacronym no’ kinda close tae thon motherly wan ?? 😉

    (Oooh err – viz like)

  48. Jockanese Wind Talker

    If it is Oooh err – Viz like styli you’re after @gordoz says at 4:13 pm

    Then @The Man in the Jar says at 2:25 pm has it with:

    “….the hardest in Europe”

    fnnarr fnnarr


  49. Smallaxe

    Hello again, Jack, I was in dry dock for a while getting the barnacles scrubbed off my hull in D&GRI DEPT of the SNHS, Like yourself, I’m Clydebuilt and built to last.

    My grandfather was machine gunned twice and gassed at Ypres and was still with me until 1966, we get knocked down but we get up again, still fighting the evil twisted paedophilic bastards that have impoverished and pissed on Scotland for centuries. This absurd situation cannot be tolerated for much longer. We will have to get our country’s freedom before they finish ripping out Her heart.

    Rant (abridged) but not over!

    Hope you are well, Jack,

    Your Friend and Brother,

    Peace Always (for some)

  50. Dan Huil

    @Nana 4:27pm

    No idea. Very disappointing. Let’s hope for typical Scottish weather.

  51. Smallaxe


    I agreed with your very sensible post at 3:27pm but I don’t know what happened to my reply, sorry.

    Nana; Why? just because…it’’s.. the SNPs fault, so there!
    Do you no watch the BBC?

    Peace Always

  52. Az

    Another vibrant and successful wee nation, and probably the second best chocolate in the world. Well, that’s subjective, but I do prefer Belgian.

    These articles are great and to the point, I agree with others, a WBB equivalent compilation could be a powerfully persuasive tool.


    On another note, I see yet again a moan about the original independence offer in 2014. While I agree to an extent about the currency offer being wrong, I suspect that the scale of learning curve required to reach the 45% we got was colossal. It’s taken me until quite recently to really get my head around currency completely. I’d have trusted the offer in any case – maybe not so for others.

    But the one that is becoming TEDIOUS is the moaning about the Queen as head of state!

    For bogs sake Colin – SCOTLAND IS A KINGDOM. It is simply a fact, not an SNP choice, that upon dissolution of the Act of Union, Scotland will automatically return to the previous state – ie the status quo ante – The Kingdom of Scotland. As such the monarch is AUTOMATICALLY auld Lizzie whether you like it or not.

    She is Scotland’s monarch, the Queen of Scots. The Scottish Parliament was reopened with her and her Scottish crown. We can change this – but only once we are independent.

    Her correct address in Scotland will also return – “Her Grace, Elizabeth, Queen of Scots”.

    You can’t tie in a sudden jump to a republic in a referendum to release Scotland from union as it is a separate question, and to claim it should be so is to deny legal and constitutional reality.

    I feel you should know this, and as a regular reader of these comments, I can see why many believe you’re a troll. Your knowledge is awful sometimes, almost as if you’re faking your support for indy.

  53. gordoz

    Nana – that stinks // Crossing Opening faux pa ???

    First big mistake from FM for me. Will play into hands of Britdom.
    Huge error of judgement.

    She needs new advisers PRONTO !!

  54. Proud Cybernat

    Won’t the Queen be opening bridges, roads, railways etc when Scotland becomes independent? She is, after all, the Queen of Scots too.

    Maybe we should revisit this question after indy & after Scotland votes to become a republic?

  55. heedtracker

    POPULATION: 8.4 million
    (Scotland: 5.4 million)

    GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT (nominal): $651bn
    (Scotland: $245bn)

    are staggering stats but how do they do it?!

    Probably because they have so much money in their money supply/pockets. Imagine any region of teamGB outside the M25 ever coming close to that figure, let alone the greater English region of Scotland, under the control of our chums in the south.

    They also have an EU membership like Norway’s. The English were talking about going for Swiss style EU deal but its all been buried. Christ knows why but its how Scotland is run, another country decides.

    In effect, and on balance Switzerland is a lot like London and the south east, very very rich from banking, but without the North, Wales, NI and ofcourse scrounger region Scotland to pay for, drag you down, is how yoon culture works in this farce uk.

    They also have Roger Federer too but the Fed doesn’t have to listen to another country claim him as their own/run him down/blot him out.

  56. Az

    Hmmm Queenie opening the bridge. A little disappointed myself – but I wonder if Wingers have considered this –

    Her opening it will guarantee global coverage – coverage that might otherwise have been suppressed by the British media. EVERY time Scotland is on the global stage, it promotes Scotland as a world nation. It’s a very impressive structure, and shows us in a good light.

    So while we may feel someone better could have had the honour, the head of state (for that is what she is) is one of the most famous people on the entire planet.

    I still think if we get indy before she leaves this earth, she will be the LAST monarch of Scotland. A republic referendum would surely carry around 60/40 is my feeling?

  57. Smallaxe

    “Tighter border controls should not apply when I’m going on holiday, insists angry Brexiter”
    Be careful what you wish for!

    Peace Always

  58. Stoker

    Absolute disgusting decision by SNP to get one of them to open bridge. Opening ceremonies are all about symbolism, what message are we putting out? That we approve of unelected parasites?

    We should have been looking to get a child (or children) to open it, symbolising hope and building bridges into the future. I for one am utterly disgusted by this honking decision.

  59. frogesque

    Scotland, too wee, too poor, too stupid. Apparently no one in Scotland is clever enough to use a pair of scissors to open the new Queensferry Crossing over the Forth and we have to get Betty Windsor to do it for us.

    As per Shortbread Drive time today.

    Absolutely bloody beelin!Against all the odds this was a wholely Scottish project but no, someone has stuck their been in

  60. frogesque

    Their neeb in and gives the final job to a feckkin’ Outlander.

  61. Stoker

    @Az on 4 August, 2017 at 5:12 pm:

    (1): She is an unelected head of state, OK.
    (2): Couldn’t care less about worldwide coverage or any other form of press coverage, this whole project should be about Scotland, her people *AND* the future.

    No justification will get me to accept the unelected chief parasite taking part in *any* Scottish events in this 21st century. I’d much prefer we promoted our children and achievements.

  62. Legerwood

    Az says:
    4 August, 2017 at 5:12 pm
    “”Hmmm Queenie opening the bridge. A little disappointed myself – but I wonder if Wingers have considered this – “”

    From the comments so far, and so predictable, I don’t think they have considered that this guarantees a mention of the bridge far and wide along with kudos for the SG. Remember the publicity the opening of the Borders Railway got?

    And how galling for all those Unionist critics and carpers of the project that their glorious Queen is going to have to come along to open it.

  63. auld highlander

    Maybe old queenie will have a dose of the skitters just before the opening ceremony.

  64. Proud Cybernat

    Surely both side of the bridge need to be opened? Lizzie can open one bit as Unelected Head of State of (pre-indy) Scotland and we can have a national tombola with every kid in Scotland entered into the draw and the winner gets to open the other side of the bridge.


  65. Petra

    I don’t understand why everyone is up in arms about Queenie opening the bridge. She and her ilk have been naming ships, having hospitals named after them etc etc for decades now and as a positive, as Az points out, it will ensure global coverage that a handful of local kids wouldn’t.

    The Monarchy’s days are numbered, woe is me for England, so bear with it. Not long to go now until we’re Independent and a Republic.

    I also wonder who was involved in making the decision? Nicola Sturgeon only? I don’t think so. For example I noticed that she had NO say in the naming of the old Southern General. Maybe someone like Robert P could clarify?

  66. auld highlander

    Rename after independence.

  67. colin Alexander


    Thank you for having the courage to address my point about currency in 2014 that Monetary Union with the Bank of England running Scotland’s economy was a big mistake and not independence.

    Regarding the Queen. She is the Queen of England. The only time I hear mention of a Queen of Scots is when people talk about Mary Queen of Scots got her head chopped off.

    I get what you are saying about Scotland historically being a kingdom. However, I think we have also established that monarchs only rule Scotland by popular consent, as the people, not a monarch, is sovereign in Scotland.

    I must also explain the referendum and a YES vote does not make Scotland independent, so a YES vote does not make Scotland revert to an independent kingdom, it would still be part of the UK.

    If there had been a YES vote, the Scot Govt would have opened negotiations with the UK Govt for a transition to independence. The proposed independence would have been 18 months later.

    My position is that the YES campaign should have been about: does Scotland want to be independent? Not about a White Paper on the policies the SNP believe a semi-independent Scotland should have.

    Once that indy question was settled, the issue of head of state / EU and everything else for an independent Scotland should have been for the people to decide.

    What Scotland was 300+ years is not what Scotland should revert to, as Scotland then had a Scottish Parliament mainly for the aristocracy and was regarded as being largely rigged to do what the King wanted by use of it’s procedures.

    If I were a Unionist troll, I would be demanding an exact re-run of 2014. I would be demanding all out support for a repeat of the 2014 YES campaign’s losing strategy.

  68. frogesque

    The bridge opening will all be about Betty Windsor, not about the bridge, it’s construction or finance. Scotland will be kept low key, it will be a British bridge and a British success.

  69. galamcennalath

    That $750BILLION held by the Swiss central bank, Stu draws attention to. That is almost $100million PER PERSON. A staggering amount.

    The Wall Street Journal article is paywalled.

    This article looks similar …

    That could have been Scotland if we had grabbed Indy in the 70s/80s. We could have managed our oil and other resources like a normal country.

    Never too late!

  70. stewartb

    Jack Collatin @ 3.40pm on SiU and the Edinburgh Festival:

    Usually I find the output from Scotland in Union(SiU) just rather ‘sad’ as its supporters – including the ‘proud Scots’ that are first and foremost British Nationalists – endlessly demonstrate (unknowingly) the awful ‘cringe’.

    However, the piece by its CEO today on the Edinburgh Festival’s 70th Anniversary adds anger to my usual emotion. It contains a crude attempt at introducing ‘identity’ and ‘nationalism’ as bad and by implication, counter to and a threat to the founding principles of the Festival. Despite this, the article is full, in text and graphics, of more or less blatant references to British Nationalism.

    However, as is typical of SiU, the ‘ridiculous’ is never far away. This from the same article that decries national identity: “The crowning jewel (of the Festival) is the Tattoo, where Edinburgh Castle hosts the best of the British Armed Forces …..”

    The world’s greatest arts festival would be so diminished without the ‘crowing jewel’ of the British Armed Forces!

    As an antidote to the SiU cringe, can I suggest this from The Theatre Times (2 April 2017): “POLITICAL ORIGINS OF THE EDINBURGH INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL” ( )

    It is a short, reflective article on the historical and political context for the International Festival, then and now, with quotes from the current director Fergus Linehan. Mr Linehan, unlike the CEO of SiU, apparently does not dismiss or denigrate ‘identity’.

    “As the planning for this festival went on over the last couple of years,” Linehan says, “all of these questions came up – about Scottish identity, British identity and European identity. Once they were these abstract ideas, but now they’re things that we’ve got to make daily choices on. “I am an EU citizen living in Scotland – what’s that going to mean? These are tangible day-to-day things that are going to affect us.”


    ‘There are definite political overtones, but as Linehan says, “it’s very hard not be political at the moment.” “Just look at the origins of the festival –  it was part of the European project. It was part of the whole emergence of the need to think about Europe. Obviously, back then there had been huge migrations of people. It’s relevant.”


    Having just been reading in the SiU article about how the success of the Edinburgh Festival relies on the help we get from being in the union, I see that the Queensferry Crossing is to opened by the queen. I despair, I really do.

    I posted this here 3 February, 2017 :

    ‘O/T Great pictures of the new bridge across the Forth today. Congratulations to all involved – can’t wait to walk and drive across when it opens. I sincerely hope this wonderful achievement can be opened formally without the need for a Royal presence from our imperial rulers in London.

    How about being opened by some children – Scotland’s future – drawn from every part of our country.’

    Ignored again!

    I wonder how this happened? Did the SG, under no pressure, approach the palace; did the SG, under behind-the-scenes pressure (from?) approach the palace; or did the palace approach the SG? If either of the latter two cases pertained, was the SG simply concerned at the fallout if its unwillingness to invite or accede were to be made public?

    I do hope that the first possibility did not pertain, but then there are many, including independent nations across the world, that are content with the rule of the British monarchy. (I trust that there will not be a last minute change in the name of the bridge – remember that new Glasgow hospital?)

    However, some will be very pleased. I can just imagine the CEO of SiU instructing his assistant: “Get on immediately to the supplier of those small Union Jacks – we’re going to need as many as they can make in time for the opening of that wonder of British engineering, that demonstration of national achievement within our union, by Her Majesty.” Rubs hands gleefully!

  71. heedtracker

    Swiss dont make cars, neither will the English. Who could have forecast this, other than every single Remain vote?

    Graun gimps

    Automotive industry
    UK car industry facing an ‘utterly demoralising’ Brexit
    Leaving the EU will reverse the progress made in past decades and may wipe out small suppliers, says Britain’s motor society

    As the latest car figures show that uncertainty over Brexit is helping to drag down sales, motor manufacturers fear the industry’s revival over the past couple of decades could be put at risk by Britain’s departure from the European Union.”

    Etc. People are mad though. Nissan’s transformed the whole of Wearside, let alone Sunderland but Leave with UKIP nutters they went.

    One car maker job creates 7 more.

    There are no car makers in Scotland. After independence and as returning EU member state though…

  72. Ian Brotherhood

    @gordoz (4.13) –

    I haven’t the faintest idea what you’re referring to.

    (‘Must I lie somehow?’)


  73. Marie Clark

    Nana @ 4.27, Jeez oh, auld Lizzie to open the new bridge. Disappointed, but not really surprised sigh.

    Smallaxe @ 5.13, Ha ha, that numpty never thought about it did he. He seems to think it’ll be one way traffic, stop Johnny furriner comin in. Not a fine upstanding person like himself going oot. Eejit. I sometimes think that you should have to have some sort of IQ test afore your allowed tae vote.

    Be careful what you wish for right enough.

    Great to see you back and on good form

    Love and peace my friend.

  74. galamcennalath

    Petra says:

    The Monarchy’s days are numbered, woe is me for England, so bear with it. Not long to go now until we’re Independent and a Republic.


    Firstly a majority for Indy will come about because folks want away from this Union and UK which is rapidly going down the tubes. In 2014 a future within the Union didn’t look nearly so bad for many.

    Secondly, the Unionists will fight dirty in IndyRef2. It’s all they have left.

    Anything shared will be tarnished in that atmosphere.

    Once we have won Indy, we will no doubt settle down to an amicable relationship with our neighbours. HOWEVER, we will want to make a break with as many things as possible as the two nation embark on their separate ways. IScotland continuing to look towards Europe and rUK a satellite of the US adopting US neo lib style policies.

    The Monarchy cannot survive that rift. A shared symbolic head of state just cannot last. It makes no sense.

  75. Stoker

    @Legerwood on 4 August, 2017 at 5:29 pm

    Check my comment directly before yours you ignoramus.

    It’s a honking decision by some twat nat hiding under a desk.

  76. Scot Finlayson

    Nothing against Lizzy opening our bridge,

    our political independence will not effect the Union of the Crowns,

    whether we have a referendum on continuing with a monarchy will be up to whichever party gets elected in a politically independent Scotland,

    I just hope that the sun shines so that the world can see what an amazing and beautiful country Scotland is and what she is capable of without Westminster interference,

    and keep the military away,no flypasts spouting red,white and blue out their arse.

  77. Bill Hume

    So HM will open the new Forth crossing……….why are we upset by this?
    Regardless of any republican tendancies (and I count myself as a republican), let us not forget that even after independence, Elizabeth (the first) will still be Queen of Scotland.

    Now that does not worry me, I’d be quite content to keep an hereditary monarch……provided she is cheap (sorry, I’m Scottish and thus genetically tight fisted) and her role is purely symbolic. I see some mileage in having her reside in Buck Hoose and being summond up to open the occasional bridge and an independent Scottish parliament as required. Hell, she can still come to Scotland for her holidays if she wants.

    Let’s face it…she’d be good for the tourism industry and provided she flies Easyjet, we could cover the cost.

    We would, of course, not be paying for her weans and grandweans and all the other minor royalty…..that’s down to here as she has muckle siller (as they say).

    The point of this (most unusual for me) posting is this.

    AFTER independence we can decide what we want….not before and let’s not piss off more potential yes voters by shouting republican from the rooftops.

  78. Dan Huil

    The new bridge will be covered in Butcher’s Aprons. I feel sick already.

  79. Flower of Scotland

    Good one from the SNP!

    ALL the other parties, Labour, Tory, LibDem, Greens will have to pretend that’s it’s a fabulous bridge built in Scotland without funding from England!

    Ha,ha! Press coverage too for our Bonnie Country! I’m having such a good Friday.

    After Independence we can have a referendum about the Royal Family.

  80. Alex Clark


    That $750 billion is less than $100,000/head of population, guess you must have used the old UK definition of billion.

    Re the Queen opening the Queensferry Crossing, fully understand the disappointment but there are two things worth considering.

    1. The Queen has opened all 3 of the UK’s longest suspension bridges built in her lifetime. The Humber, Forth and Severn bridges are all included in the top 50 in the world and were opened by QEII as head of state of the UK.

    2. If QEII wasn’t invited to open the bridge you can bet the MSM and especially BBC and the Yoons would have had a field day with “how the SNP have snubbed the Queen” etc. ect. There would have been a feeding frenzy possibly lasting weeks.

    I’d much rather she hadn’t been invited to open the bridge but that’s a purely personal opinion and I can clearly see the potential for damage to the cause of Independence by the hysteria such a decision would have met with.

    So, not inviting her may have caused more harm than good if considering how “spiteful” that SNP decision would have been made out to be. Might just have to swallow it I’m afraid for now. It’s Independence we need then absolutely we will make our own choices in everything we do.

    We need to choose our battles carefully as from where I’m sitting the MSM still do have the power to damage both the SNP and the Yes movement. Let’s pick the battles we know we can win until at least we become stronger at getting the message out.

  81. Robert Graham

    A Perfect time to remind all unionist politicians and their media , of the vehement opposition that the Scottish government faced from the very start , vanity project etc the list probably goes on into the hysterical twilight zone .

    No doubt these two faced lying ba/strds will be pushing for recognition of something they rubbished , they will have the bloody brass neck to elbow their way to the front , if i had a say any invitation would go in the nearest dustbin along with them.

    I hope we see the biggest bloody Saltire on the planet displayed .

  82. Brian Powell

    I think the youngest child who applied to walk across should open the bridge, the royals are the dead past.

  83. Legerwood

    Stoker says:
    4 August, 2017 at 6:11 pm
    @Legerwood on 4 August, 2017 at 5:29 pm

    “”Check my comment directly before yours you ignoramus.

    It’s a honking decision by some twat nat hiding under a desk.””

    Your comment had not appeared before I posted mine.

    Even if it had been I would have ignored it. Your opinion on any matter is not of the slightest interest to me.

  84. Robert Graham

    anyone know who first designed the butterfly saltire used during 2014 ?, seems some tory b/tch has claimed it for herself and added the no thanks pish , is there anything they wont steal ? ,
    Rhetorical .

  85. Shinty

    Alex Clark – I agree, time to worry about the Royals after indy
    ‘now is not the time’

    I say this as a republican.

  86. Capella

    The Queen is the Head of State – even in Scotland. So until that situation is changed, after independence if a majority want it, then it’s right she should open The Bridge. As long as Nicola and Alex and co. are there too with lots of Saltires fluttering merrily in the breeze, what’s wrong with that?

    A souvenir photo will be issued and kids can get model bridges for Christmas.

  87. Jack Collatin

    Why does it not surprise me?
    Auld Lizzie’s being wheeled out to open the renamed Queen Elizabeth Bridge.
    There will be a Red Arrows fly past streaming red white and blue across the leaden skies, just like at the Commonwealth Games, just to remind the colonists below who’s really in charge Up Here.
    It certainly isn’t the citizens of Scotland.
    The Iron Heel Oligarchy at its most menacing.
    Presumably th HMRN will send a flotilla to pass under the bridge as Auld Lizzie snips the ribbon, and the NE Yoons will be out in force waving their butcher’s aprons, and a military band will strike up ‘God Save the Queen’, followed by the B side, ‘Rule Britannia’?
    These isles are littered with buildings, hospitals schools, bridges, and the like, named after royalty.
    The analogy I drew before was with the tyrants in Africa , South America,and the Middle East; Hussein, Gaddafi, Amin, Papa Doc.
    Cover every available space and building with Big Brother Portraits, name buildings and railway stations after the ruler, and the proles are left in no doubt who is really in charge, despite the sham of General elections.

    Somebody somewhere decided to name our new hospital in Glasgow after an English queen, yet no one has owned up to it.
    Somebody invited this frail old woman to come North to cut a ribbon.

    Or was Holyrood ordered to stand back and let the English Establishment ‘own’ the success of our new bridge?

    If a rename is mooted, how about The People’s Bridge.

    Murdo the Queen’s Eleven Fraser and Professor WATP Two Jobs Tomkins will be wearing their Rangers’ tops, and Davidson will be in dress uniform no doubt.
    Shades of the Grand Duchy of Fenwick.

  88. Alex Clark

    In the Wings poll from Panelbase in January 2015 this question was asked:

    Broadly speaking, do you agree or disagree with each of the following? …Britain should keep the monarchy?

    Scotland overall:
    Agree 65%
    Disagree 25%
    Don’t Know 10%

    SNP voters were also more in favour too.
    Agree 56%
    Disagree 37%
    Don’t Know 7%

    Even those that supported Yes in the 2014 referendum were in favour.
    Agree 51%
    Disagree 37%
    Don’t Know 13%

    That’s why for now at least we should choose to take part in battles we can win. The goal is Independence not getting rid of the Monarchy. Like everything else we need to put to the side for now and keep our eyes on the prize.

  89. Bill Dale

    @Bill Hume – just one point, the Queen is not Queen of Scotland, she is Queen of Scots. She is of course Queen of England, but in Scotland the people are sovereign and the monarch is permitted to reign as long as the people allow it.

    For more detail I suggest that you have a look at any of the many posts by Robert Peffers.

    BTW, totally agree that independence comes first. Without independence we remain an exploited colony.

  90. heedtracker

    Royals are loathed, in the majority, in Scotland and England. So if there is no choice but let them take centre stage, at every public event that they think might make them look good, but actually doesn’t…

    BBC gimps command us to worship royals, doesn’t make it fact.

  91. Rock

    Switzerland’s democracy is the only true democracy in the world.

    The UK’s “democracy” is completely fake.

    Truth Always.

  92. Dave McEwan Hill

    Somebody was talking about online radio. It’s dead easy. I am sitting a the moment at an online radio station in Dunoon. If you are online or have a smart phone you can listen ton me anywhere in the world on ARGYLL INDEPENDENT RADIO. You can tune in from anywhere.To put this together cost uas us about £400 per annum in licenses plus broadband charges,a couple of mikes a computer and a mixing desk. Get tom it. Contact me here if you want any detail

  93. starlaw

    Don’t want Queen opening the bridge, its got damn all to do with her or her ilk.
    But I suppose we wouldn’t hear the last of it if we didn’t.
    Could have been worse, she could have sent one of her dysfunctional family, so be thankful for small mercies.
    Wonder who did put her name forward …. it wisnae me

  94. Dr Jim

    I’ll be blunt, the Queen’s nearly deid so who gives a monkeys
    If everybody who turns up brings a Saltire with them on a stick and waves it like hell that’ll be a lot of Saltires and likely way too many for BBC Inglind to avoid showing on their government channels

    So let’s turn up and turn the sky Saltire blue and white and make the statement visible and clear

    “This is Scotland” Who knows maybe we could make it oor chant, I think they’ll get the message

  95. stewartb

    Bill Hume @6.17pm

    You mentioned an ‘interest’ in a ‘cheap’ monarchy! You and others might be interested in these challenges to recent BBC output on the public finances of the monarchy .

    And on ‘symbolism’ only, without labouring this here, now, see for example: .

  96. Sarah

    I don’t want to see ANY Union flags at the Queensferry bridge opening – Scotland paid for it and it was the SNP’s project.

    Does anyone know who is in charge of the opening so we can write and tell them “No Union Jacks”?

  97. Petra

    @ Jack Collatin at 6:51pm ……. “Somebody somewhere decided to name our new hospital in Glasgow after an English Queen, yet no one has owned up to it.”

    Jack, the Executive Board of GCC NHS (around 12? people) chose the name costing about £100,000 of NHS money. A Mr Andrew Robertson seemed to be calling the shots (not Nicola Sturgeon / the SG) and explained at the time why he had excluded the public. I’m on my IPad so can’t add links, however I remember that his ‘reason’ was pathetic. Another wee Unionist dictator.

    I don’t really give a damn about Queenie doing the honours. Following us getting our Independence and a vote for a republic we can rename the over 100 hospitals etc, if that’s what the majority want.

    Meanwhile we’re being (further) colonised at some rate with MANY agencies in Scotland being controlled by individuals from south of the border and that includes our Universities. In other words the Unionist network is akin to a spider’s web right across Scotland which tells us that we’ve got bigger fish to fry and should focus, as Stu is doing, on providing data relating to the key issues that really concern the Scots. As per Alex’s post (6:54pm) the Monarchy doesn’t seem to fit that bill.

  98. galamcennalath

    Alex Clark says:


    That $750 billion is less than $100,000/head of population, guess you must have used the old UK definition of billion.

    Aye. That makes more real world sense!

    Re monarchy. I have no doubt Liz Windsor will be Head of State for iScotland. However, probably not for long. Perhaps her lifetime.

  99. Hamish100


    watch the flags, they will be the red white and blue of the butchers apron. You and Scotland will be shown their place.

    The flag is a power symbol more now than ever.
    Maybe we need A LOCAL BYE LAW -Saltires only. The queen can bring her own.

  100. Fred

    Mebbes Lizzie’s grandson could open the bridge, that would set the cat among the pigeons! 🙂 Imagine Charlie’s phyzog at that news.

  101. Jack Collatin

    Stewartb @5.52 pm
    Couldn’t agree more.
    They think that they can just march Northwards and hold any old jamboree they like.
    There are of course plenty of belted earls, Lords Lieutenants, and JK Rowlings Up Here only too willing to accommodate their Imperial Demonstrations.
    We are an occupied country in all but name.
    Self Determination can’t come soon enough.

  102. yesindyref2

    OT – if getting crap from unionists about a Scottish Central Bank needing Denmark levels of foreign reserves just to run our own currency:

    for instance:

    Denmark has conducted a fixed-exchange-rate policy since the early 1980s, initially against the D-mark and then against the euro. This policy has provided a solid anchor for low and stable inflation expectations in Denmark. The formal framework for the fixed-exchange-rate policy is the European Exchange Rate Mechanism, ERM 2.

    See also of course Rev’s article, umm, wherever it is.

  103. auld highlander

    Hey Dave Hill, am listening tae ye right now on line on


    Keep going with the good work.

  104. sinky

    Petra at 7.48

    This is outrageous and wingers should be writing to papers and calling phone ins at every opportunity to expose the duplicity of the Unionist establishment that still runs Scotland.

    Meanwhile with no sense of how others outside the London bubble see them BBC says they don’t want to see the Proms politicised as they ban EU flags while ignoring the numerous Union Jacks / Rule Britannia etc

  105. Alex Clark

    It’s not that surprising that the Queen is still supported by the great majority in Scotland. The propaganda from the state has been going on, in the case of the Royal Family for a lot longer than that against Independence.

    The exact same thing happens the world over, massive pictures of dictators as you leave their airport and drive down the main motorway to the capital city.

    When your in the capital you will come across great statues of the supreme leaders towering over you and the people. All of it, to keep you in your place in the belief that the ruler is omnipotent.

    Not everybody falls for this of course and that’s from where opposition grows but that takes time. For now in Scotland to take on an hostile media with general support so high for the monarchy would have been a grave error I think by the SNP.

    The democratic deficit in Scotland and Brexit is where I believe all our energies should be focused, we are totally in the right when we stand on that ground and I would think this is where Independence supporters and the SNP can make the most gain over the next couple of years. That and keep attacking both Red and Blue Tories miserable records in government.

    That’s the aim, to show more of Scotland that self government can do so much better than that they have become used too from the old guard.

  106. heedtracker

    Fred says:
    4 August, 2017 at 7:55 pm
    Mebbes Lizzie’s grandson could open the bridge, that would set the cat among the pigeons! ? Imagine Charlie’s phyzog at that news.

    He’s even more dangerous to Scottish democracy. Picture King Charles III, and his Queen Camilla, queen of farts, as she’s known, for obvious reasons.

  107. Socrates MacSporran

    Jack Collatin @ 6.51pm

    “Grand Duchy of Fenwick”; don’t think so Jack. Not least as the village where the co-operative movement really began, about 100-years before Lancashire copied the idea, and as a traditionally radical left village – Fenwick is one of the least-likely places in Scotland to even consider a Grand Duchy.

  108. wull2

    Dave you now have a new listener.


  109. heedtracker

    Ouch. Havent watched their grot for a whilee but this looks true to form. Bad yoon news is no news for Pacific Quay gimps.

  110. Petra

    @ Dave McEwan Hill at 7:22pm .. …. “ARGYLE INDEPENDENT RADIO.”

    FANTASTIC Dave and well done.

    Don’t forget to get a wee reminder in of the McCrone Report, Stolen Seas, Murphy’s GERS, the Too Wee countries, Gove’s fishy lies, education and NHS facts, Trumps TTIP, the farming farce and so on before your next tea break, lol.


    @ stewartb at 7:33pm …… ‘Monarchy.’

    Thanks for the links Stewart and it’s great to see the BBC getting a boot on the backside for telling lies. How they must hate the Internet. How they must hate the fact that more and more people now know that they are the Establishment’s propaganda machine.

  111. call me dave

    Argyll independent radio.

    Dave Clark 5 : Thanks Dave. Got it.

    Do you have discussions etc .

  112. Alex Clark


    Maybe shouldn’t have done this Dave, your bandwidth will end up overloaded. Great last three tunes 🙂

    I’ll bookmark this, plays my tunes.

  113. Fireproofjim

    There are far more important things to worry about than who opens the Bridge.
    Good luck to her. I hope the sun shines and there are a million saltires waving. The SG should issue them to all and sundry. After all the Scottish taxpayer paid for the bridge. It was nothing to do with the Union. I recall derisive comments from opposition parties that it was “Alex Salmond’s vanity project”. Now they will all be there trying to get interviewed by anybody to tell them that it is six months late and SNP bad.
    Don’t waste time and lose votes by attacking the monarchy. The majority of Yes voters want to keep it and for now that is all that matters on that front.

  114. Tubal

    I wondered how long it would be before Switzerland came up! First time post for me. I am a Scot who has been living in Switzerland for the last four years. I have recently accepted a job back in Scotland and while my wife and I are excited to be returning to our homeland, I will miss Switzerland.

    When I talk to my Swiss friends about the similarities between Scotland and Switzerland they are baffled by the ‘United Kingdom’ situation – the feeling of independence is so strong here. I was here during the referendum in 2014 so I couldn’t vote but every day my colleagues and friends were asking me about independence and ‘do you think it will happen?’. For them, even the idea of being in the EU is pretty unthinkable.

    They have a very diverse strong economy even without many natural resources. They recognised early on that the needed to use they skills on processing raw materials imported from other nations. This resulted in companies like Nestlé becoming a food giant in coffee/chocolate. Importing metals for precision engineering of luxury goods such as watches (Rolex, Omega etc) and jewellery has also made the Swiss a fortune.

    The final sector I will mention is science as this is the one in which I am employed. Switzerland has built an extremely strong industry based around science and technology. This is centred in Basel with pharmaceutical companies like Novartis and Roche have their global headquarters. The combinations of these companies along with the strong reputation of the Swiss universities creates a strong Swiss science brand. This is the part of the Swiss economy that Scotland should be aspiring to replicate and I believe it is well placed to do so. The potential for science in Scotland, especially in Biotechnology, has only just scratched the surface of what can be achieved. Scottish universities have been performing some of the finest research around for years. However, it is the private sector where the expansion has been slow. I know the government is keen to invest in this area but maybe sending a delegation to Switzerland could teach them a thing or two.

    I look forward to returning to Scotland later in the year but I hope to bring a little bit of Swiss thinking with me. Oh, and what do all those companies I mentioned above have in common? The are all Swiss OWNED and must remain so by law.

  115. Big Phil

    Argyll independent radio, loving it Dave.

    Alex Clark I’m chuffed you didnt go buddy, A level head on your shoulders.Your comments are brilliant.

  116. Valerie

    Oh, great news about Lizzie.

    Some doddering old pensioner, from a neighbouring country to remind us of us our place. How progressive and modern.

    Will be good if she reminds us to think very carefully, again.

  117. Capella

    @ Hamish100 but the Swiss flag really s a big plus!

  118. mike d

    Peter Mculloch 12.51 pm.aye Peter,yoons don’t do shame.

  119. Calum McKay

    What I don’t understand is how do the Swiss manage their own money with out first giving it off to another country who take a wee bit and then give it back to them?

    They must be ignorant, racist or just plain stupid not to give their hard earned wages to someone else so that another country (mother England) can then allocate funds back to them! Switzerland this is called pooling and sharing you fools!

    The absolute absurdity of using your county’s earnings to allocate service to your own population directly according to need with out using an external country will never gain support in normal countries!

    Thank goodness Scotland knows best and is not influenced by rouge countries like Switzerland, Norway, New Zealand and Canada, etc, and their untested and undemocratic bizzare notions!

    What’s more these these Swiss nutters don”t have an unelected head of state, poor people, vast inequality, nuclear weapons and a soiled reputation amongst its neighbours.

    And Scots have the bbc, an organisation we trust and admire, Switzerland, you are such losers!

  120. Capella

    I’m really looking forward to the “too poor” series but rather dreading the “too stupid” one.

  121. stewartb

    Re-Switzerland and its 26 cantons, with populations ranging from c. 1.5m, the largest, to 1,600, the smallest and their high degree of autonomy within the Swiss state, does make me think again about the limits to (radical) local democracy/government reform in Scotland.

    Really good to learn about how other small countries conduct their affairs and what they achieve. This openness to learning is another, important facet of the positive, internationalism that the bits of the Yes movement I know wish an independent Scotland to exemplify.

  122. caz m

    Ronnie Anderson

    Hope you have something organised for the Opening ceremony. LOL

  123. Alex Clark


    I’m looking forward to both the “too poor” and “too stupid” because the exact opposite is true. Just as it is for “too wee”.

    Scotland is a very wealthy country whose income just happens to be controlled by it’s neighbour. We’ve been robbed and are still being robbed of that which is rightfully Scotland’s.

    Scotland has more that “punched above it’s weight” in the field of scientific discoveries of worldwide importance and has a good share of Nobel prizes plus 5 of the top 200 Universities in the world.

    As for inventions of benefit to mankind? Then maybe it’s possible that Scotland has produced more per head of population than any other country. I believe it to be so (I am bias).

    All these myths can be debunked then when the next referendum comes around we have a BIG book of the not too wee, too poor or too stupid variety.

    We set the record straight once and for all.

  124. Phronesis

    Mauritius- a wee island- has an economy that is doing quite well since gaining independence, according to Joseph Stiglitz.

    ‘Mauritius, a small island nation off the east coast of Africa, is neither particularly rich nor on its way to budgetary ruin. Nonetheless, it has spent the last decades successfully building a diverse economy, a democratic political system and a strong social safety net…
    87% of Mauritians own their own homes – without fuelling a housing bubble…

    Mauritius’s GDP has grown faster than 5% annually for almost 30 years. Surely, this must be some “trick”. Mauritius must be rich in diamonds, oil, or some other valuable commodity. But Mauritius has no exploitable natural resources. Indeed, so dismal were its prospects as it approached independence from Britain, which came in 1968, that the Nobel prize-winning economist James Meade wrote in 1961: “It is going to be a great achievement if [the country] can find productive employment for its population without a serious reduction in the existing standard of living … [The] outlook for peaceful development is weak.”…

    Mauritians have chosen a path that leads to higher levels of social cohesion, welfare and economic growth – and to a lower level of inequality… Mauritius has decided that most military spending is a waste… (and has) a strong commitment to democratic institutions and co-operation between workers, government, and employers – The Mauritius Miracle dates to independence’

  125. K1

    We should twin with Mauritius, just to get up unionists noses.

  126. ben madigan

    I’m coming very late to this but did want to support whoever wrote “how they do love their nuremburg-type rallies ” and
    Jack Collatin who wrote “Half a million working class lads on both sides died at Passchendaele to preserve the Elite’s status quo”.

    The UK’s whole battle celebrations of WWI and WWII has gone way beyond normal.

    No other country in Europe celebrates loong ago battles the way the UK does.

    No other country welcomes Foreign Heads of State with a show of military prowess – pardon – “pagentry”

    It’s as if the UK has nothing to offer anyone but memories of battles that are best laid to rest and a threatening welcome to foreign visitors

  127. Capella

    @ Alex Clark – I agree. Scotland is a wealthy nation with tremendous resources, human and natural. But how to explain 54% voting to be ruled by a venal and malicious elite based in Westminster?

    By “stupid” I mean mesmerised by propaganda, sophisticated, pernicious, 24/7, 310 years of manipulation. It takes a huge effort of will to cast off the cringe. Getting rid of the colonial mindset is a problem we have to solve now.

  128. Alex Clark


    I think I got what you meant but that’s me just trying to put a positive slant on things as usual.

    Seriously though, many in Scotland are ignorant because they have been starved of knowledge, certainly not stupid. Just lacking in real and true information.

    Unfortunately I don’t have a solution for that, just we each do what we can to try and improve things. So we keep supporting Independent media such as the National, and all the online stuff. Talking to those we know, that’s pretty much where we are at the minute though I suspect it will get better.

    That’s why I continually support here on Wings to stop buying Newspapers and stop paying the TV License. Once you do you soon go elsewhere if you want to find out stuff that is really going on.

  129. Grouse Beater

    Gosh, the weekend already.

    A Scottish heroine:
    Tesla’s latest leccy:

  130. Az

    Ooh hoo hoo!! Well it’s marvellous to be controversial!!!

    Guys, I am a “republican”, but it is the case that QE is the head of state!

    Thanks to those who agreed with me – I consider myself pragmtic, and it may be Legerwood who made my favourite point. You see it as I do!

    Yeah sure we could get “whoever” to open it, but the kudos is important, very important.

    Scotland, that awesome country that everyone around the world has fresh in their minds, because they remember that queen opening an impressive and phenomenal structure.

    I get the dislike of queenie 100%, I dn’t like her either… but I don’t believe in cutting my nose off to spite my face.

    The news around the world will now show this – another Scottish icon is born!

    When we get indy we can literally do what we want with the royals – sack or keep – and I don’t care, frankly. Austrlia is halfway to removing her, Candada is not in the slightest.

    Who gives a F, it’s all about Scotland and promotion of the Scottish brand.

    @Stoker – yes, I understand, and indeed agree with you to an extent, but auld queenie ensures a media spotlight that otherwise wuld have been missing… We’ll hve to agree to disgree this time. Yet I am no more royalist than you!

  131. Petra

    @ ben madigan says at 11:08 pm …. ”The UK’s whole battle celebrations of WWI and WWII has gone way beyond normal. No other country in Europe celebrates long ago battles the way the UK does. No other country welcomes Foreign Heads of State with a show of military prowess – pardon – “pagentry” It’s as if the UK has nothing to offer anyone but memories of battles that are best laid to rest and a threatening welcome to foreign visitors.”

    Ben the poor people of England are suffering from a TOTAL loss of identity. The Empire is gone now (FAR less dough coming in through exploitation) and Queenie is on her way out. And when she goes, in the VERY near future I suspect, the Monarchy is over and out. How the mighty fall. And of course history informs us of how Empires are extinguished eventually.

    Queen Victoria ruled over a Union of Kingdoms, countries and added to her Empire. Queen Elizabeth has ruled over the decimation of the Empire and ‘may’ see an end to this Union, if she lives long enough.

    Years ago when I studied sociology it was pointed out that the English people had nothing left to hold onto other than their football team. How sad is that?

    The implications of Brexit and the clear signs that Westminster is totally inept and imploding has thrown so many people out of kilter to the point that the Establishment is left with nothing more than to regurgitate the old Diana, WW1 and WW2 stories to ‘glue us together’ (better together) and even those tall tales, such as Diana’s, are now backfiring on them.

    The reality is that Westminster (more recently) sent our boys (and girls) to fight in illegal wars, ill prepared and unsupported. Worst still when they returned home no one gave a damn about what they had gone through and where they would go from there (as has been the case over the last 300 years).

    Veterans top the homeless list and charities, not the Westminster Government, are scrabbling around trying to raise money for them and then we are told that the privatised ENHS won’t even help our ‘legless’ Scottish soldiers unless Nicola Sturgeon / the SG stumps up. No mention of England ‘stumping up’ for the thousands of people fleeing here from England to take advantage of our NHS / Home Care services. Add to that Westminster is cutting Veteran’s pensions and housing benefit.

    Then we are faced with the strangest issue of all and that is that the Scots who constituted at LEAST 25% of cannon fodder to the UK Military at all times, over centuries, are being totally ignored now. Our soldiers the bravest of the brave: Renowned for being so the World over. One just wonders who has been advising Fallon etc? A bit of a dilemma for them now? ‘Glue versus the fear of Independence’?

    Whatever the case the Union is finished.

  132. Dr Jim

    Leading up to the 2014 referendum all BBC STV SKY news outlets bombarded us with the threats of banks upping sticks and leaving for Inglind and they did it on a 24 hour a day basis
    They even had Alistair Darling scream it at us, Osborne, Cameron the whole lot of them, and it would all spell the demise of Scotland

    Yet here we are in 2017 and we have companies leaving left right and centre for Europe, Ireland or anywhere else out of the UK
    Now the latest one which I’m sure you’ll all remember when they were leaving it was the end of mankind as we knew it and that was RBS who are leaving now for Amsterdam with an immediate loss of the first 150 jobs and more likely to follow and they clearly stated it’s because of Brexit Brexit and more Brexit

    But what do our honest and true unbiased media report RBS made a profit Woo Woo how good is that and not a dickie bird about the upping sticks bit or the doom stuff or the jobs loss, it’s like it’s not even happening

    Once again we see the duplicitous nature of the UK and its media, the slightest ripple on a pond foretells the total demise of Scotland and all who sail in her, but if the same thing happens to the ruling classes of Inglind the silencing of the truth is positively deafening especially in Jockland where the lower forms of life live, except us lower forms of life can read write and interweb better than the rest of these Islands of Britain put together and we know they’re all bloody liars

    The thing is I believe Inglind is too stupid to know we know, so it’s about time we stopped allowing them to believe this shit and do what Ireland does and collectively say bugger off we’re not co-operating no matter what you say, away and whistle for your Brexit we’re going to do something else, live with it

    Scotlands SNP politicians now need to go to Brussels ignore the Tory clowns and slap Scotlands case hard down on the table and point out there and then if we don’t get what we want there will be a referendum whether anybody likes it or not and it’ll be on Scotlands rigged terms this time and it will be immediate, time for a bit of backbone, I’m sure we can lose a few thousand NO votes behind some wheely bins and not investigate just like they did

    Lets see how Inglind likes the disruption we can cause for a change

    Rant Over!

  133. Chick McGregor

    The proposal that Scotland is ‘too’ wee is beyond ridiculous. Scotland isn’t even ‘wee’.

    In terms of population it ranks about 117th out of 233 nations. (UN data)

    In terms of area it would rank about 115th.

    In terms of GDP it would rank 45th

    In terms of GDP per capita it would rank abut 23rd

    Courtesy of Google Map, compare Scotland to an area which features far more frequently in international news:

  134. Cactus

    In keeping with the latest topic:

  135. Cactus

    Yeah, Switzerland with ‘Austerity MAX’ doesn’t look right, does it?

    If you’re going to attend the bridge opening ceremony, be sure to take your brolly should the need arise. Sunshine or rainy weather, go hand in hand together.

    btw, did you hear Radio Cringe earlier yesterday, reporting live from the Belladrum Festival.. and did you also hear the presenters mocking oor Nessie?

    The BBC reporters referred to oor Nessie as… “that nonsense”.

    That’s a cringe too far.

  136. Reluctant Nationalist


  137. Cactus

    Here’s a better tune:

    Never Going Back Again
    (avec 5,828,651 sultana views)

    Have a bonnie Saturday Scotland, could be a busy day!

    Art is imminent…

  138. Sandy

    I don’t mind Mrs Winsor. She’s been around a long time & generally keeps her political opinions to herself, maybe because she gets a non-index linked increase annually. I’ve never met or seen her in the flesh, her never having been introduced to me, not that it would put me nor down. It’s the Greek one that kind of grates. That nincompoop gets away with murder. How does he get past the Race Relations Board without being prosecuted. I believe the courts, especially the English courts, are inundated with cases related to racial discrimination. In light of his being Greek, under Brexit, will he come under the threat of deportation? Will he be given a special visa?

    However, the thing that worries me is that, on her demise, who takes over. Charlie? Don’t think he’s king material. It seems Gordonston appears to personified that but Kellogs has, up until they decided to end the practice, kept him in a supply of medals. I reckon that to forgo future embarrassment, he should pass on the title of King of England to either his son or step-son. As Scotland’s sovereign is her citizens, this should make the ultimate goal of an independent republic that much closer.

    In the meantime, let’s concentrate on getting our country free from being a colony before it’s completely stripped of it’s assets that can be stripped then deal with future matters as & when.

  139. Catherine

    Petra. In most normal countries a hospital would honour an eminent person from the world of medicine e.g. why not the Alexander Fleming Teaching Hospital,for example? The buses have this name on the front of them and even our chosen wording on my dad’s obituary was “corrected”. Maybe they think with constant bombardment we will lose our sense of rational judgement.

  140. Dorothy Devine

    I hope the saltire umbrella manufacturers are in full swing regarding the bridge opening – a host of lovely brollies !

    Cactus , it is a brilliant idea of yours!

  141. Dorothy Devine

    And how about a helicopter saltire butterfly drop to go with them?

  142. Dorothy Devine

    I have just read in the unreliable media that there was an earthquake in the Moidart area , felt across the west coast of Scotland – hope everyone and everything is OK.

    Can anyone confirm this seismic activity?

  143. Capella

    @ Alex Clark – starved of knowledge, yes, but also saturated by misinformation. Thanks to WoS that problem is being sorted. A series of Wee Books would be good too, and Phantom Power videos. Another fundraiser coming up?

    BTW the BBC website has an article on how countries become independent. Some useful info and examples though one country is conspicuously absent from the discussion. Guess!

  144. Smallaxe

    Marie Clark says:
    4 August, 2017 at 6:01 pm

    Thank you, Marie, I only noticed your post to me this morning, sorry.

    Peace Always

  145. Smallaxe

    Nana; Good Morning, nice day here. Thank You, for Your Links.
    Kettle’s on! Peace Always

  146. Nana


    Good morning, it’s a nice day here as well.

    One more link for you.

  147. Glamaig

    End of thread seems a good place for this:

    Mindboggling when you see all the Brexit consequences in one place!

  148. Ian McCubbin

    Interesting view by Colin Alexander. I do think he has a loint. SNP now too comfortable delivering WM type government for themsleves without the hard job of raising a balance of payments ooening aa federal bank and taking in all taxes.
    They passed a motion in March to set up a national investment bank as first step. Nothing has happened.
    So where now I think it is Yes movement to gain independendce we need SNP as they are biggest constitutional route to alllow the step.
    If they are as Clin says unionists in clock then we are sunk.
    I hope not.

  149. Stoker

    @Legerwood 4 August, 2017 at 6:35 pm

    “Your comment had not appeared before I posted mine.Even if it had been I would have ignored it. Your opinion on any matter is not of the slightest interest to me.”

    Yeah, had a feeling you’d invent some sort of bull like that. And as far as the 2nd-part of your response goes – then why did you even bother responding? That’s not my definition of ignoring something? If any comments were “predictable” it was yours. Twat!

  150. John H.

    Petra says at 2.18am.

    “Years ago when I studied sociology it was pointed out that the English people had nothing left to hold onto other than their football team. How sad is that?”

    What you say is true Petra. I’ve noticed that when England win at sport, the other team is never just beaten. They are always “destroyed”,”slaughtered” or “massacred”. There is obviously something deep and psychologically disturbing going on there.

    For that and many other reasons, the sooner we are independent the better.

  151. Peter McCulloch

    @mike d says:
    4 August, 2017 at 10:02 pm

    Yes there are many things the unionists don’t do, such as admitting when they are wrong or being able to tell the truth.

    I see a couple of posters suggest that the SNP are now too comfortable delivering WM type government for themselves.

    I may have criticisms of SNP HQ and the Scottish Government in not taking the gloves and not being assertive enough in taking on the unionists.

    But the idea that the Scottish Government is being comfortable delivering WM type government for themselves, simply isn’t one of them.

    Nicola Sturgeon and her ministers have to ensure they do what they can to protect our public services and the vulnerable from the Westminster Tory austerity cuts.

    I would like to see is the Scottish Government being more assertive in informing the people of Scotland,that there will come a time as a result of Westminster’s cuts, when the dam is breached and the Scottish Government will be unable to protect services to the level people want and expect.

    And when unionists make demands that the Scottish Government use the powers it has, it should be made clear what the unionists want to do is make Scotland the highest taxed part of the UK.

    And even levying higher taxes won’t improve far less protect our public services from the depredations of continued Westminster cuts, and that’s even before
    Brexit has a full impact on the UK economy.

  152. Foonurt

    Hoo braw.

    Sae murdurr-rates, thit git mae.

  153. gus1940

    Re the commemoration of 3rd.Battle of Ypres I was pleased to see a representation from The German Government.

    Would it not have been a gesture of decency if somebody from The UK side had laid a wreathe at the Langemarck German Cemetery nearby?

  154. Jack Murphy

    Glamaid said at 9:11am this morning:
    “End of thread seems a good place for this:

    Mindboggling when you see all the Brexit consequences in one place! ”

    It sure is. Thanks for the link to a Blog I haven’t seen before.

    …………………’BREXIT RECORD’……………………
    Here’s some of their headlines,well worth a Bookmark:

    > EU nurse applications down 96%

    > NHS set to lose 2,000 GPs if their status isn’t protected

    > Insurers including QBE, RSA and Standard Life are gearing up to leave London

    > 70% of tech workers are considering leaving the UK

    > UK inflation at its highest level since June 2013. Now at 2.9%.

    > Restaurant trade faces a jobs deficit that isn’t likely to be filled by UK citizens

    > Universities including Manchester, Edinburgh and Cambridge all experiencing ‘brain drain’

    > UK economy now at bottom of growth league

  155. mike d

    Gus1940. The uk/Westminster gov don’t do decency.

  156. mike d

    Peter Mculloch 12.45pm. Agree,I think the SG should be saying eventually,we are sorry but there is nothing much else we can do with the budget allocated to therefore services are going to suffer. And unless you want to be taxed higher than the rest of the UK. Vote for an independent Scotland.

  157. Petra

    @ Catherine says at 7:06 am … ”Petra. In most normal countries a hospital would honour an eminent person from the world of medicine e.g. why not the Alexander Fleming Teaching Hospital,for example? The buses have this name on the front of them and even our chosen wording on my dad’s obituary was “corrected”. Maybe they think with constant bombardment we will lose our sense of rational judgement.”

    I totally agree with you Catherine. Our hospitals should be named after eminent SCOTTISH people from the world of medicine, our Universities after our brilliant educationalists / philosophers, our bridges after our great bridge builders, streets after ordinary people who served the public and so on. One day we’ll get the chance to make change.


    @ John H. says at 11:57 am …. ”What you say is true Petra. I’ve noticed that when England win at sport, the other team is never just beaten. They are always “destroyed”,”slaughtered” or “massacred”. There is obviously something deep and psychologically disturbing going on there. For that and many other reasons, the sooner we are independent the better.”

    It’s a sad state of affairs John. As England disintegrates as a world power the populace hang onto the only thing that holds them together. Football! What a come down and as you say (win / lose) it IS deep and psychologically disturbing. All on record.

  158. Cactus

    Check out iSwitz!

    Regarding ra indy’s list…

    Was gonna put Rock after Robert Peffers.

    But ah didnae want tae start a riot William Wallace.

    He he he, cool as fuck 🙂

    Too wee?!

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