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The Too Wee Club

Posted on July 28, 2017 by

Millionaire-funded diehard loyalist forelock-tugging faction Scotland In Union published an extraordinary blog post yesterday.

Its 606 words comprised a sort of Caledonian Cringe Greatest Hits, allegedly penned by someone called Fiona Annesley (of whom we’re told nothing else, and who has no detectable online presence), but the line that particularly caught people’s eye was this:

“On a practical level, I do not believe for one moment that Scotland could thrive alone.”

And that got us thinking about some of the world’s other independent nations.


Above is a picture of the Mediterranean island of Malta, shown at the same scale as the Scottish island of Arran. Arran is indicated below relative to the Scottish mainland.

An editorial leader in The Times in January 1959, just over five and a half years before the island gained its independence from the UK, gravely asserted that:

“Malta cannot live on its own. Its economy will always have to be married to that of another and stronger country.

The Governor has pointed out what Malta’s plight would be without British assistance: the island could pay for only one-fifths of her food and essential imports; well over a quarter of the present labour force would be out of work and the economy of the country would collapse without British Treasury subventions.

Talk of full independence for Malta is therefore hopelessly impracticable.”

Some data about Malta follows. (All stats from link above unless linked separately.)

AREA: 122 square miles
(Scotland: 30,090 square miles)

(Scotland: 5.4 million)

LARGEST CITY: Birkirkara, pop. 22,000
(Scotland: Glasgow, pop. 603,000)

(Scotland: $245bn)

(Scotland: $45,904)

(UK: $42,514)

GINI INEQUALITY RATING /100 (higher = more inequality): 28.1
(UK: 32.4)

(UK: 4.5%)

(UK: 18th)

(Scotland: free. UK: £9,000 per annum)

INCOME TAX RATES (lower/standard/higher/max): 15%/25%/35%/35%
(Scotland: 20%/20%/40%/45%)

(UK: 0.92)

(Scotland: oil, whisky, renewables, fresh water, financial services, tourism)

Malta has been a fully independent state for 53 years, and a full member of the EU for 13 years. Almost 90% of its citizens are at least bilingual, speaking both Maltese and English, and two thirds also speak Italian.

Despite a tiny population and almost no natural resources or assets, it maintains free public education at all levels and free high-quality healthcare at the point of delivery. It has its own small armed forces (proportionately about 1/6th the size of the UK’s) which guard its strategic position as the EU’s most southerly border.

Unionists believe these achievements to be completely beyond the ability of the people of Scotland. Readers can make their own judgements.


More members of the Too Wee Club coming soon.

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149 to “The Too Wee Club”

  1. call me dave says:

    Excellent stuff. That’ll be them telt. 🙂

  2. Brian Powell says:

    It comes back again and again to the incredible situation where Labour in Scotland make not the smallest, slightest objection to that. Never standing up for Scotland, but clinging,pathetic and cringing, to UK Labour.

  3. Doug Daniel says:

    “the EU’s most southerly border.”

    *cough* Réunion *cough*

  4. winifred mccartney says:

    Great piece of writing, just what we need.

    It would make a great billboard poster.

  5. sassenach says:

    Deluded doesn’t even scratch the surface, Fiona!! (her initials, FA, must tell us something, however, about the content!)

  6. galamcennalath says:

    Too wee? Nope!

    Too poor? Definitely, no!

    Too stupid? Doh …. jury is still out on that one.

    Come on NO voters, open your eyes!

  7. Croompenstein says:

    But Stu aren’t they clamouring to come back under London rule and the the broad shoulders of the UK.. 🙂

  8. Highland Wifie says:

    Words fail me!
    How can anyone with half a brain not see how successful an independent Scotland will be? Once we get the subsidy junkies at WM off our backs that is.
    Going to print this out ready for the next time I’m told we’re too wee.

  9. Auld Rock says:

    We know this is all crap but the big question is how do we get through to the ‘brain-dead’ readers of the Snail, Distress, Torygraph etc and lets not forget the EBC, to borrow an advertising line, “Never knowingly tells the truth.”

    Auld Rock

  10. sassenach says:

    Do I get a feeling that the Rev will be enjoying running this series of the “Too Wee Club”?

    They have provided an open goal, let’s fill their net.

    New Indy campaign starts here??

  11. Edward Andrews says:

    If you look at their pasted it claims to be having a positive view of Scotland in Union. By saying what she has, has Fiona Annesley not been pointing our what a bad effect the Union has had on Scotland when all she can be is a client stuck on to the great UK from whom all blessings flow.

  12. Ah but you don’t understand, the unionists obvious haven’t managed to convince some of us Scots yet.

    That we Scots are such an unique people, to any other people in the world, that we are incapable of Governing ourselves, and we need the help of benevolent Westminster to look after and care for us.

  13. galamcennalath says:

    sassenach says:

    New Indy campaign starts here??

    Well, the opposition certainly have the campaign for their Union up and running.

    It’s about time YES2 got tore in!

  14. I look forward to Rowatt, or Settle, or Torrance,or Gordon, or Torquil, or Clegg, or Brewer, or even Mac Whirter exposing this Big Fat Lie in a two page spread debunk/BBC Reporting Scotland half hour expose. Not.
    Macart muses over on WGD, if they think Scotland’s shite, why don’t they fuck of to the Green and Pleasant Land of England?
    It will get worse.

  15. Roger Mexico says:

    Fun fact. Malta voted in a referendum to join the UK:,_1956

    Admittedly back in 1956.

  16. HUGH KIRK says:

    But What about the ratio of gullibility stupid in Malta compared to Scotland? I suspect less than 52%.

  17. T.roz says:

    This is perfect, good stats, good comparison with the scare stories, and clear evidence of Scotland’s resources. My favourite bit is the highlighting of maltas armed forces being 1/6 the proportion of Uk. Exactly how it should be, not a war mongering, fear pumping, over hyped bullying set up like the uk.

  18. SandyW says:

    If the Yoonion is that great, why wasn’t the Republic of Ireland (pop: 3m) clamouring to rejoin after the crash in 2008? Is there any example of a country that gained independence looking to rejoin its colonial overlords in Westminster (or any other country for that matter)?

  19. SOG says:

    I see she has the gall to mention shipbuilding for Mod.

  20. Btw, Stu, I can see why they hate your guts. Why do you insist on facts getting in the way of a good Scotland you are shite fable?
    As to the identity of the author who is the usual Yoon Propaganda hybrid, is there a WoS follower in Inverness who can check the electoral register to establish if ‘FA’ exists?
    I’ll be accused of being an ‘utter bampot’ cyberbully sitting in my mother’s basement in my pants now.
    What a load of guff this tawdry little fairy story is.
    They are desperate, that’s for sure.
    There will be tanks in George Square before they acknowledge an Independent Scotland.
    Of that I have no doubt.

  21. Giving Goose says:

    In reply to Auld Rock;

    You ridicule it (I posted the following on the previous thread, apologies but it’s relevant)

    The Britnat position in Scotland needs to be mocked and shown up for the pile of shit that it is and for the pile of shit of an entity – the UK – that it supports and identifies with.

    Britain, the UK, the idea of the UK and it’s position in the world should be mocked and ridiculed at every opportunity. A visual joke should be used to fix the view of the UK/Britnat in people’s minds; that it is regarded as a joke, that it’s identity is forever tarnished in our minds, that Scots of a Yes persuasion have turned their back on the institution that is the UK/Britnatery and that we now regard it with the contempt that it so deserves.

    I propose that we create a cartoon character to represent Britnat, in fact give the character a name of “BritNat”.

    I suggest that we use Mr Hankey, from Southpark, as a template. A little poo, dressed in Union Jack clothing.

    BritNat the UK Poo.

    Is there a graphic guru out there that can knock this up?

    Then we associate the visual graphic everywhere the opportunity presents itself. That should help counter the propaganda.

  22. One_Scot says:

    “On a practical level, I do not believe for one moment that Scotland could thrive alone.”

    I think it is probably more the case of, “I do not want Scotland to thrive alone”, rather than believe.

    I am all for people being wrong or making mistakes, but people who intentionally and wilfully go out of their way to cause hardship or damage to other peoples life’s, just purely for their own gratification, really are the scum of the earth.

  23. Sinky says:

    Malta is an interesting example for the North British Labour Party.

    The Malta Labour Party campaigned for integration with the UK and lost the subsequent two elections in 1962 and 1966 and boycotted the Independence celebrations in 1964.

    The Malta Labour Party led by Don Mintoff was returned to power in 1971 and re-elected in 1976 with a clear majority.

    In Malta Mintoff is known as the saviour of Malta because he was the man that, from a country that had no money in its box, created a WELFARE state, Pensions, free school meals, minimum wage, help for disable persons by the government and done an incredible task by eradication of all poverty in Malta which no nation in the world was capable

  24. One_Scot says:

    Donald. I have archived your link, just in case you did not want to give the Daily Record the traffic.

  25. Ian McCubbin says:

    Well countered but I despair wirh our population many of whom fall for this spin. Its not helped at present by Scot Gov always on back foot decending when they out govern westminster.

  26. Helena Brown says:

    We need to have an exchange scheme for the Elderly, a bit of exposure to other countries in Europe would not go amiss.
    Too many, all they see is holiday resorts. My Mother in Law often said that if more people in Scotland saw how much money was sloshing about in the South of England they would revolt, though I sometimes wonder.

  27. Steve B says:

    Coincidentally I just came back yesterday from my first ever holiday to Malta. I was impressed with it and it’s people. Before I went, I looked into its history and it’s post-war political history is very interesting indeed.

    There are two main parties, the Nationalists (who are right of centre), and the Labour Party (left of centre).

    Whilst in the early 1950s the Nationalists wanted independence, Labour said they wanted either full integration with the UK or fairness, in that, independence. A referendum was held in 1956 which voted for full UK integration (although the opposition boycotted it).

    Even though the UK offered Malta 3 MPs in the UK Parliament, and full devoution on everything except defence,foreign affairs and taxation, negotiations subsequently failed, with one of the reasons being that the Royal Navy starting to run run down their Valetta dockyards which at the time employed thousands of people and was a mainstay of the Maltese economy.



  28. Macart says:

    Neatly done Rev. 🙂

  29. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Fun fact. Malta voted in a referendum to join the UK”

    So there’s a living-memory precedent for a part of the UK achieving independence just a few years after voting against it, then?

  30. Graemeo Rab says:

    There are plenty more small Independent Nations that can be added to that list. Many of which have Populations under 10 Million. Scotland in Union and other assorted Unionists know this. For many Unionist born of Scotland it is simply just a deep prejudice towards Scotland that stops them from admitting this. For Unionist born outside Scotland well we can only assume that there is something a little more sinister at work with themselves.

  31. Almannysbunnet says:

    If you look back to when they gained independence, the threats, too wee too poor insults, nothing much has changed. They even offered them some seats in Westminster at one point. Thank god they had the sense to vote for independence. Of course they had their own newspaper and Murdoch was only in his 30’s and didn’t quite have the influence he has now.

  32. Arabs for Independence says:

    Just before the referendum I was working in Malta and was told by several local people how the British threatened and tried to scare the Maltese into rejecting independence.

    It’s what they do – thankfully Malta never fell for it

  33. heedtracker says:

    I didn’t realise it’s so small. Just like our imperial masters, Malta also likes shooting birdlife, all of it.

    Tory nutters in the Scottish Highlands v Maltese nutters in the Med. Guess the big difference is the Scottish Highlands are kept environmentally dead, to keep them clear for blood sports shooting.

    EU doesn’t mind though.

  34. Tinto Chiel says:

    Och, Rev, using yon fact hings again. It’ll never catch on.

    Two things too wee in Yoonworld: imagination, backbone.

  35. Meg merrilees says:

    Too wee;Too poor;Too stupid – that’s England described to a ‘T’

    Land of overflowing natural resources, oil-gas-whisky-food-forestry-scenery, friendly people, Universities, research,engineering,computer games and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.
    The world needs an independent Scotland.

    Did a double take when I saw the Herald this morning – Amber Rudd wearing an orange life jacket looks for all the world as though she’s just joined the friends of the DUP.

  36. Our family have a home in the Maltese Island of Gozo. I have been going nearly every year , sometimes twice a year and for a month at a time etc since the age of 5 in 1980. I have watched Malta thrive throughout my lifetime, joining the EU in 2004, making great progress through the tourism industry. Malta has knowhere near the resources Scotland has but has thrived since gaining independence in 1962. Similarly to Scotland Malta has a close relationship with England and a shared history thanks to the fight against fascist bombardment during the Second World War. Malta celebrates this shared history while being an independent country. Malta is also a devoutly Catholic country and pictures of the Pope are often seen in public buildings alongside photographs of the Queen. This is not an issue for the Maltese and is perhaps also something learn from. My friends in Gozo celebrate the Fuest of St George every July and may family and friends join in (enthusiastically)despite being Scottish etc. Georgitahna minhat palek! Also interesting to see Maltese NHS ranked far higher than UKs. In conclusion of course Scotland would be a very successful independent country. Grazzi haffna- Brendan

  37. Ken500 says:

    How much does ‘Scotland in Union’ illegally spend on campaigns in Scotland? Where does the funding come from? Saudi Arabia? A despot monarchy Why is the money not declared as required by Law. While are the culprits not arrested and charged for breaking the Law. ‘Scotland in Union’ are crooks. Manipulating the electoral system. Wasting £Millions. Why are they not investigated and charged as a deterrent?

  38. Andrew Coulson says:

    Is Malta still officially known as ‘Malta GC’?

  39. Bill McLean says:

    I went to a Royal Navy primary school in the early 1950s in Malta. The island was still a bit of a mess post war. Didn’t return until 1991 and since then have lived there twice once for 3 years and then for 9 months. The improvement in the place since the British left and also since they joined the EU is astonishing.
    I noticed the same in Singapore – massive improvements since they got rid of the British and ran their own country! What bloody cheeky hypocrites unionists are!!!!

  40. Just one more example of the establishment brainwashing we have been made the target of over many centuries.The ruling elite have access to unlimited resources, and will use that power in any way possible to deny us our independence.
    When the second Scottish Independence Referendum date is announced, the powers of darkness will unleash their propaganda machine with vile rhetoric so fierce it will make their present efforts seem polite in comparison.
    And that’s if it stops at mere words.
    Are we strong enough to overcome what will become a war of attrition? Time will tell.

  41. galamcennalath says:

    Almannysbunnet says:

    Of course they had their own newspaper and Murdoch was only in his 30’s and didn’t quite have the influence he has now.


    Just imagine how different things would be if Scotland was served by a balanced media?

    It wouldn’t necessarily be pro-Indy. A range of views and positions, resulting in it being overall neutral. Drop the fake news and stick to reporting facts and logic based opinions.

    The resulting informed population would make rational decisions and democracy would run its course.

    Of course that is exactly what the London Establishment DON’T WANT.

  42. Alan Magnus-Bennett says:

    And just how small is the Isle of Mann which seems to do ok without Westminster’s help similarly to the Channel Islands …..albeit both are tax havens which just might be making the difference 🙂

  43. Kevin says:

    Excellent post once more, Stu.
    The facts in black and white. No wonder they hate you, fear you.

    Keep ’em coming

  44. Vronsky says:

    Malta is one of my favourite places. I holidayed there immediately after the referendum. They were celebrating 50 years of independence, we had just voted No.

    The thing about the ‘too wee, too poor, too stupid’ mantra is that the third part is, on all evidence, correct – and unfortunately that’s the bit that matters.

  45. Ken500 says:

    Scotland raises £54Billion+ in taxes. The UK raises £533Billion. In the rest of the UK £479Billion Divide £479Billion by 11 (11/12 pop) £43.5Billion. Over £10Billion less. The rest of the UK borrows and spends £100Billion more. (pro rata £10Billlion) Scotland has to make the loan repayments on money not borrowed or spent in Scotland.

    Scotland loses £20Billion to the Union. £4Billion in loan repayments on money not borrowed or spent in Scotland. £4Billion? In the Oil & Gas sector. Westminster mismanagement. Too high taxes losing thousands of jobs in Scotland. Tax evasion £3Billion? Whisky companies using Scottish resources etc evade tax on massive profits. Squint Trident £1Billion providing jobs in Barrow. Instead of ferries, supply boats and turbines being produced on the Clyde because of Faslane. £1Billion lost because of Minimum pricing going round the houses after being passed in the Scottish Parliament over four years ago. Lost EU Renewable grants because of Westminster indecision. £Billions. = £16Billion++. Scotland can’t borrow £6Billion? To invest in the Scottish economy. = £20Billion++

    Scotland gets back £28Billion? in Block Grant, some capital payment ? £15Billion in (UK) Gov pension/benefits. £3Billion in Defence (contribution). = £50Billion. Less £4Billion – loan repayment on money not borrowed or spent in Scotland.

    Westminster total mismanagement of Scottish economy holding Scotland back. Now Brexit. Destroying the Scottish economy. To line the unionist Parties and their cronies pockets.

  46. Ottomanboi says:

    This whole unionist too small ‘argument’ is a great yawn. Tell the Icelanders or the Irish that the status quo ante is preferrable and you’d be considered an idiot. Unionism is intellectually sterile. Only fear and the lack of collective self-confidence keep it going. Viewed objectively, we’re just an English colony. There is no pride in that ‘Scotland in Union’.

  47. Ken500 says:

    Illegal wars, financial fraud and tax evasion. Now Brexit. Costing £Trns Westminster Unionists destroying the world economy. To line their and their cronies pockets. Sanctioning and starving the vulnerable. Causing the worst migration crisis in Europe since 11WW. Killing and maiming millions. They are despicable. Liars and charlatans. Most of them should be in jail.

  48. Scott says:

    If what she says is true why do we have this.

    Smelter owner plans hundreds of new Fort jobs
    Hundreds of new jobs could be created through plans to redevelop a huge area of land beside Fort William’s aluminum smelter.
    Why do we not see this on BBC and this has never been on MSM as far as I know.

  49. Helpmaboab says:

    That “Scotland In Union” essay is a thing to behold!

    Confused and inarticulate. Dwelling in the past. Obsessed with militarism. Swinging wildly between maudlin self-pity and aggressive bombast. Claiming to have Scotland’s interests in mind while insisting that we’re too pathetic for self-government. All the while ignoring that our supposed disasterous state is due to three centuries of BRITISH economic policy…

    We should be grateful for the assembled Loyalists, racists, Tories and Ruperts of SIU. They’re a remarkably effective mechanism for wasting unionist campaign money.

  50. Ken500 says:

    Guerney and the Channel Islands do well. Full employment. Tourism, financial services, fishing, farming etc. Migrant workers etc.

    Westminster unionists do everything they can to hold Scotland back. They line their pockets with public money. They are despicable, They secretly and illegally took £Billions in resources out of Scotland to fund London S/E and waste £Trns on illegal wars, financial fraud and tax evasion. A £300Billion Oil fund. They are still doing it. Liars, crooks and charlatans. Most of them should be in jail. They hide their crimes under the Official Secrets Act. Threats and ‘D’ notices etc. Control the ‘Press’.

  51. manandboy says:

    Seemingly, current Unionist strategy is to DEMORALISE Independence supporters.

    While ‘Scotland in Union’ offers us another Tokyo Rose piece ( by a Tory spin doctor, the occasion serves us well by giving Stu an excellent opportunity to strip the BritNat propaganda naked, well done Stu, but also by reminding all of us that the Unionists are engaged in an all out propaganda war against Scotland, in which it appears they have recently begun to apply the tactic known as carpet bombing. The core purpose of carpet bombing is to demoralise the enemy population so as to make them stop supporting the enemy leadership.

    Scotland in general, and Independence supporters in particular, are currently suffering the psychological effects of Unionist political ‘carpet bombing’, also known as ‘saturation bombing’.

    The term refers to the military tactic used during WW2 and Vietnam, whereby huge volumes of bombs were dropped on enemy territory indiscriminately. No attempt was made to hit only military targets, because the target was the whole population in an attempt to completely demoralise them. To be on the ground under such an onslaught from above must have been terrifying, and for many, ended in death or serious injury. The people must have felt like giving up, and giving in.

    When applied to politics, the tactic can be seen to have been used by the Unionist parties, working together, in recent elections. Mass postal delivery of Unionist leaflets and wall-to-wall television and press promotion of the Unionist parties, have combined to make gains in the Parliaments and Councils, inflicting damage to the SNP and leaving many Yes voters in a state of shock. Disappointment, dissatisfaction and frustration, aimed at the SNP, track the psychological impact.

    Our response to this must surely be to understand the tactic and NOT to cooperate with it through giving in, and giving up on the cause of Independence or the SNP.

    As the Brexit effect becomes clearer and becomes more widely understood, it will be obvious that staying in the EU will be necessary for Scotland’s well being in the short to medium term. Yes to the EU through Scottish Independence will become obvious to many No voters.

    We must be patient. The tide will turn.

  52. heedtracker says:

    The really weird creepy thing about Scotland in Union twerps? they squat in the exact same relentless UKOK tory dominated BBC Scotland led vote Naw Thanks or else swamp, as the rest of us, but then thought… nah it’s all still just not UKOK vote tory enough out there.

    Meanwhile, cannon fodder from their greater England region of Scotland is not what its cooked up to be,

  53. Fixitfox says:

    Additionally, Scotland’s subjugation by Westminster restricts our MEP representation in Europe to 6. Same as Malta with <10% of our population. An Independent Scotland in Europe would punch well above its weight.

  54. Dr Jim says:

    Yeah but, but, Scotland just cannae coz at the end of the day if you’re not Inglind you can’t survive, I mean nobody can and it’s stupid to say so because eh, well, everybody else is foreign aren’t they, they’re not Eh British eh Inglish eh, us the Imperial better people

    I mean look what’s happened to every other country that’s gone Independent they’ve all, Oh, eh bad example but, eh India India, oh no eh well look you’re just not getting Independence right because

    This is the well thought out plan and evidence presented to every country who has left the UK and oddly enough the British have been found to have been lying on every single occasion (shock surprise)

    But they’re not lying now honest! no honest! why will you Jocks not just shut up and do as you’re told by your betters ya shower of hateful little Scroats

    Whoops! blew it there with that last bit eh

  55. ronnie anderson says:


    Will Teresa shake the money Tree now that 60 Tower Blocks have been found to have the same Cladding as Grenfell Tower . Salford council asking for funding from Central Gov, lets see how long these People have to wait living in terror before Teresa authorises funding Tick Tock .

  56. Ken500 says:

    Thatcher handed the Press over to the right wing. Times etc to Murdoch. It was illegal. She denied it but it is documented in Gov papers released under the 30 year rule recently. Official Secrets Act.

    Harold Evans ex editor wrote an article about it. Secret meetings at Chequers. The Gov is supposed to ensure a free and balanced Press. Westminster does not by threats and ‘D’ notices from tge Westminster Press Office. Maintains a MSM for support. Murdoch could own 60% of the Press if acquisitions go ahead. SKy News take over. Non Dom tax evading foreign owners. In most countries owners must be resident. Murdoch had to take US citizenship to own business interest. Supposed to be administrated under US Law. Under US business Law it is an offence to bribe a public official, anywhere in the world. Murdoch allegedly bribed public officials and got away with it.

  57. You have to wonder why there are not many more people challenging the unionists when they spout this tripe that Scotland can’t economically afford to be independent.

    Why do they never ask the unionists to explain why if Scotland is such a basket case, then how this union considered to be good for us and our country?

    Particularly when our Nordic neighbour across the North Sea Norway has prospered and its people have a better standard of living.

    The blame can’t just be laid at the door of the unionist media propaganda, for the indolence of those people who don’t appeared to be bothered to do any research and find out why after the discovery of oil their country is in such a mess under Westminster.

    Then they deserve all they get and can’t blame anyone
    else but themselves, unfortunately its the rest of us
    who suffer.

  58. Derek Rogers says:

    We have to remember that the task is not to gobshite these people, but to change their minds. How are we going to do that? Think too of what’s at stake for them – at least 10percent of their economy, 30percent of their landmass, and a lifetime of comfortable certainties. If we don’t get to them with dialogue, there *will* be tanks in George Square.

  59. Capella says:

    It looks as if we are uniquely stupid after all.

    But then how is it that Scots are credited with inventing the modern world. Can a uniquely stupid nation produce so many scientists, engineers, doctors, philosophers and entrepreneurs?

    Could there be some other explanation?

    I hope this is the first of a series. Then we might be able to work out, right here on WoS, why it is that Scots appears to be so stupid.

    As for SiU, some light needs to be shone into their financial backers. If our population is being manipulated by shills for Saudi Arabia there will be one almighty backlash.

  60. heedtracker says:

    Capella says:
    28 July, 2017 at 11:25 am
    It looks as if we are uniquely stupid after all.

    But then how is it that Scots are credited with inventing the modern world. Can a uniquely stupid nation produce so many scientists, engineers, doctors, philosophers and entrepreneurs?

    Could there be some other explanation?

    One of the worst things about the shithead union? listening to Scots who’ve emigrated to Canada, USA, Australia, come back home to visit and tell of how fast Scotland declined from the 60’s on and how glad they are they left.

    Scotland’s pretty great, if you’re loaded.

  61. Petra says:

    We should list the number of ‘small’ countries, their imports / exports etc, that seem to be managing to exist without being ruled over by Westminster: In fact seem to be more successful than the UK on a number of counts. We should also consider the fact that GDP isn’t the only measure of success.

    ‘Better measuring a country: GDP is not the best way to quantify national success.’

    Following on from that take a look at the Social Progress Index site. The UK doesn’t figure in the top ten countries at all. Eight out of the top ten are ‘small’ countries.

    Check out country by country keeping in mind that Scotland will be contributing to pushing up (enhancing) UK stats.

    Finland with the same population as Scotland, as ONE example, makes for a great comparator to the UK (Scotland). Top of the ‘happiness’ league, administers universalistic social policy, has brilliant educational standards / attainment levels and so on helped by the fact, imo, that children don’t start school until they are six / seven and that they implement an educational diversification system for pupils aged 14 who won’t gain any / many academic qualifications. They set off on a different path such as learning a trade which makes sense to me (better for pupils, teachers and the economy) and could be introduced in this country. However I also wonder if this ‘diversification’ also skews the PISA scores?

    More than anything Finland unlike Scotland is a net energy IMPORTER. Note too that it builds the biggest liners in the world. Why not Scotland? Well we know the answer to that one.

  62. David Howdle says:

    Iceland? The Faroes?

  63. Peter A Bell says:

    From a piece I wrote for Indyref2 this morning which fits rather nicely with this article. I was comparing forecasts of the dire consequences of Brexit to the output of Better Together/Project Fear.

    Basically, the British state’s anti-independence propaganda asked us to suppose that all of Scotland’s wealth and resources would simply vanish overnight. A small army of economic soothsayers was mobilised to provide a barrage of figures and tables and graphs which scientifically proved that Scotland would be affected by independence in a way that no nation ever had been in all of recorded history.

    This data overkill was necessary because the premise itself was so inherently unbelievable. People couldn’t be allowed the opportunity to stop and think rationally about what was being claimed. They had to be diverted using all the sensationalising powers of the mainstream media. If sensible, probing questions were being asked about the assertion that Scotland would be ejected and excluded from the EU, some ‘expert’ would appear with a report describing in lurid terms how Scotland’s deficit would instantly soar to the level the US defence budget.

  64. Desiree says:

    Malta does not pay any Council Tax either.

  65. Geronimo says:

    During the 2014 Referendum I was using this sort of message but Project Fear was looming….I have worked in Malta and know the locality the Rev is right.
    My continuing message to “No” voters is take the cotton wool out of your ears and open up your minds

  66. colin alexander says:

    Excellent work, Stu.

    I feel it’s stuff like this that can promote the cause of Scottish independence more than the stories proving how SLab and the Tories tell fibs.

    In this article you give a lot of facts about Scotland / Malta / UK, so it’s not just about certain individuals telling untruths, but good statistical comparisons to prove the case that Scotland is big enough and wealthy enough to be independent.

    Too wee, too poor has been shown to be lies.

    The only one left is: are we too stupid? I don’t believe we are too stupid.

    We are subjected to a torrent of mis-information from trusted sources, such as the BBC and Daily Record and other newspapers. People are prevented from knowing the facts. Instead they are fed lies.

    Knowledge is power. That’s why knowledge is deliberately withheld from us.

    As that knowledge would give us the confidence – the power – to say YES to independence.

  67. David says:

    Talks of missing out on a vote in 1979 because she wasn’t living in Scotland at the time; suggests she was actually old enough to vote at the time?

  68. Abulhaq says:

    Never heard of Scotland in Union until this piece. Is Davidson an associate? If Brexit turns bitter, as seems likely, the pressure to keep Ukania together will grow. Britannia hates to lose face and her agents will try every dirty trick to prevent the disintegration of her realm. Infiltration and subversion of the National Movement and the national psyche is the brief. They know a Scotland divided will never be free. The Brits have had centuries of hands on experience of the tactic. This is war.

  69. mike d says:

    9.55am Donald Anderson. At least this should serve as a warning to any young lads contemplating joining the British army. What part of “they don’t give a f**k about you “don’t you understand. You are merely disposable cannon fodder.

  70. Petra says:

    I wonder if Malta is the best example to use? Seems it’s a bit of a tax haven.

    Meanwhile ‘wee’ Malta was running the show earlier this year when Presidency of the Council of the European Union was held by Joseph Muscat.

  71. ronnie anderson says:


    I hope every Winger Shares your link on every social media platform , if this is Better Together in the Union it stinks to high heaven . Mibee Mr Glegg will do a follow up story to help Callum Brown & get this decision reversed .

    You dont see those things on MOD recruitment posters , i wonder why .

  72. Lenny Hartley says:

    Petra, I’m sorry I don’t understand? What is the issue with a country setting its own tax rates?

  73. Petra says:

    @ Heedtracker says at 11:09 am …. ”Meanwhile, cannon fodder from their greater England region of Scotland is not what its cooked up to be.”

    Thanks for posting that Daily Rag article Heedtracker. I’m SO angry and normally never swear but this is an absolute f…ing disgrace.

    Let’s hope that the penny is dropping now for some of the readers that have been brainwashed by the Unionist MSM (and those Scots employed by the Military). On the other hand will they read that we don’t have the specialists in Scotland capable of catering for such a patient and still see us as being to wee, poor and stupid?

    Meanwhile email the BBC (?) and STV and ask if they are going to report this on the news tonight. We should also contact Colonel MacDaftie and ask her what she’s going to do about this? Better still Nicola Sturgeon should send her a tweet (get it all over the Internet) until such times she can put it to her at FMQ’s.

    PS. I wonder what the MSM would have to say if we decided not to treat the MANY English pensioners, etc, who have flooded into Scotland no doubt contributing to the rise in home care / NHS costs? If we refused to treat them maybe we would have enough money to set up our own ‘specialist’ units. The whole situation, from top to bottom, just makes me sick and thank God I’m sure, POSITIVE, that we’ll be out of this hellhole by March 2019.

  74. galamcennalath says:

    Capella says:

    As for SiU, some light needs to be shone into their financial backers. If our population is being manipulated by shills for Saudi Arabia there will be one almighty backlash.

    That may well be worthy of investigation specifically, however in general terms such a suggestion brings back to memory something I’ve felt for a long time.

    I have wondered if Scottish Independence will come about because of a sudden and unexpected swing in opinion. Something will happen, be said, be exposed, whatever … and it will cause fence sitters to see Indy is the way out of this mess. As you word it, “an almighty backlash”.

    Everything is currently balanced on a knife edge, something literally out of the blue could change everything.

    Unionists and BritNats, in their various manifestations, ‘play with fire’ and ‘sail close to the wind’. Their approach is inherently unstable and they invite that as yet unidentified catalyst which will deliver Indy.

  75. McDuff says:

    Brilliant stuff.

    AGAIN i say it is vital that pieces like this by WOS get out into the public domain which destroys Unionist lies and propaganda and shows that Scotland can be a wealthy fair and vibrant country.
    As it stands the people of Scotland will never learn the truth about their countries potential and thus hamper a vote for independence. Something needs to be done now!
    Mass leafleting, billboards etc. ???

  76. Jim Arnott says:

    Interesting follow-up on Scottish veterans shameful refusal of treatment at veterans hospital in Birmingham. Looked up BBC website Scotland and the story was posted about 2 hours ago. It is now the only story that I cannot seem to access on the BBC website. Anyone else finding the same?

  77. joannie says:

    Good post. The notion that Scotland is too small to be independent is incredibly stupid. Its so stupid its almost dangerous because its one of those arguments people could over look by assuming that nobody in their right mind would fall for it.

  78. heedtracker says:

    Petra, ronnie anderson, its not just this poor soul though.

    “I could wind up dead because they just don’t have the knowledge or the facilities up here.”

    Laura added: “We were told the English will no longer foot the bill for Callum’s health care. Not just Callum’s – but any other veterans not living in England.

    “So, basically, they are happy to have him go to war for them but they are not prepared to give them the best care after that.

    “Many lads would not be here today without the specialists based down there. You fight for your country but your country will do nothing for you in return.”

    Not just Callum’s – but any other veterans not living in England

  79. galamcennalath says:

    Petra says:

    I’m sure, POSITIVE, that we’ll be out of this hellhole by March 2019.

    What a wonderful thought! My optimism isn’t far behind.

    There has been waffle in the media over the last week about a ‘business as usual’ transitional period of 2-4 years post Brexit. One faction trying to hide the reality, I believe. Because the reality of the Brexit talks is that the divorce bill and Ireland’s status doesn’t seem to have been discussed, and the UK’s ideas of citizenship rights fall far short. Bu99er all progress!

    Those three areas need to be sorted out first….

    The divorce bill will be too high.

    The simple solution of making the Irish Sea the border with the EU will be opposed by the DUP.

    The EU will insist on the ECJ being the highest court for its citizens in the UK, and the Tories specifically want away from the ECJ.

    … I think the chances of a ‘managed Brexit’ look as low as ever. Scotland’s insurance policy of IndyRef2 looks likely to be invoked.

    I too am optimistic about Scotland getting “out of this hellhole”. By March 2019? We could well have voted YES by then. 🙂

  80. Jim Arnott says:

    Apologies, article not directly related to Scottish veterans treatment refusal at Birmingham specialist centre. Got the article on my laptop but not my tablet. Article on BBC website seems to be about lack of funding for Scottish veterans by Scottish Government. Again apologies for confusion.

  81. Valerie says:

    Look forward to more of the too wee club.

    The article by the Yoonion site is cringingly depressing.

    Craig Smith on Twitter described it perfectly.

    It’s like the VHS tape in The Ring – it will suck the life out of you.


  82. Robert Peffers says:

    Does not that wee independent country hold the current presidency of the EU? Aye! It does – as someone else posted already posted – “Reunion”:-

  83. Andy-B says:

    I believe the unionists know fine well that a independent Scotland would thrive and prosper. The Britnats on the otherhand fear what the effect of a indyScot would be on the rUK.

    I believe England would be a far less prosperous country without Scotland shackled to it. Unionist really are afraid of Scottish progress.

    That’s why the media et al, has to constantly put down Scotland at every turn.

    Shorty Brexit will seriously hurt Scotland’s economy and its people, to the benefit of Westminster, as they take back EU powers, and renegade on promises to keep paying EU grants, once we’ve been dragged out of the EU.

    It’s patently obvious that if Malta can be a successful small independent nation, then so can Scotland.

    The links are dire warnings of what will befall Scotland, if it remains in this unfair union.

  84. Petra says:

    @ Lenny Hartley says at 12:09 pm …. ”Petra, I’m sorry I don’t understand? What is the issue with a country setting its own tax rates?’

    Well I’m not a financial / tax expert Lenny, FAR from it, but I’ve read a number of articles that state that Malta’s a tax haven. This may open it up to debate and clarify, as we don’t want to be hit by (the Unionists) using it as an example (comparator) for Scotland if that is the case. Meanwhile I hope you’re right, Lenny.


    @ Heedtracker (11.09am). I just checked with my husband re. the Daily Rag article to see if there was a day old DR kicking about at work. He said no but the article is in the Mirror today. Great stuff!

    I wonder how long it will take for the hospital to retract their decision, as I can imagine that Westminster / the Military will be raging at the thought of losing their 25% plus of cannon fodder.

  85. Bradford Millar says:

    if Scotland is to wee as they claim, then what does that make Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg … when Scotland is larger than all 3 countries combined and more than 10 times the natural resources

  86. Brad Millar says:

    if Scotland is to wee as they claim, then what does that make Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg … when Scotland is larger than all 3 countries combined and more than 10 times the natural resources

  87. heedtracker says:

    I wonder how long it will take for the hospital to retract their decision, as I can imagine that Westminster / the Military will be raging at the thought of losing their 25% plus of cannon fodder.”

    Its very hard to read about his injuries Petra, thank god his lovely girlfriend’s stuck with him though.

    Its at the bottom, as usual, of that DR story. Beeb Scotland gimps will be spinning this SNP bad, if they run it.

    This is privatised UK health care. There’s no other way to look at it all, other than BBC style vote No spin.

    “The trust who run the hospital said: “University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust have arranged two more follow-up appointments to determine the effectiveness of Mr Brown’s latest cycle of treatment.

    “If he needs further treatment within the trust, we would need to seek pre-approved funding from NHS Scotland.”

  88. Petra says:

    @ galamcennalath says at 12:40 pm … ”I too am optimistic about Scotland getting “out of this hellhole”. By March 2019? We could well have voted YES by then. ?”

    Yeah just to clarify galamcennalath voted YES by March 2019 and of course a year or so later before we start throwing the shackles away followed by tossing (firing, lol) Trident back at them. OOOOOHHHH, I can’t wait!


    Heedtracker …. ”Not just Callum’s – but any other veterans not living in England.”

    Absolutely bl**dy horrendous and hell mend them, as it WILL do. This is just another BIG nail in their coffin. Roll on ‘funeral’ day.

  89. Foonurt says:

    Ah sicht tae mak ye wunnurr, whaur wae kid huv Scoattlin.
    Insteed ah baein bawkit, amung Lunin’s mingin oaxturrs.

    Mair ah thurr mindins needit, tae caw, awe thae naw wans heids.

    Whaw urr, thae Audit Scoattlin erses? Aye gurnin, aboot sumhin. Ex-forces mental-health, shid bae fundit fae yurr Lunun defence erses. Radio Scoattlin gaun ettit thurr moarnin, tae coupit oan oor Scottish [SNP] Government’s lap.

  90. Muscleguy says:

    Having grown up in New Zealand, popn 4million, land area just bigger than the whole British Isles. Distance to nearest trading partner: 3 hours flying time and that is just Australia. The rest of the world we trade with is a fucking long way away.

    There is a concept in NZ some may be familiar with from Split Enz, the tyranny of distance. This hasn’t stopped the Shaky Isles from making a decent go of it.

    Note that includes TWO recent large earthquakes and a couple of volcanic eruptions which impacted flights.

    Christchurch is getting there and the spectacular highway and rail line along the Kaikoura coast along the base of maritime alps and where sperm whales dive for giant and colossal squid is scheduled to reopen for Christmas (summer in the southern hemisphere).

    It has handled all this all on its lonesome, though some tourists are being employed in the reconstruction. All this construction work boosts the economy.

    Meanwhile a major route to the East Coast of the North Island along a river gorge is shut and unlikely to reopen. Massive slips still moving. A new route is being decided on.

    Scotland is not only much more tectonically stable, it has oil to earn foreign money and increasingly a strong sustainable energy surplus we can monetise too, via that interlink to Norway. We don’t just have John Bull as the only possible market. Which means post Independence EW(NI) will have to pay market rates as they won’t be our only market. We could run a cable to Eire as well if we wanted. I’m sure the EU would help as they are with the Norway one.

  91. heedtracker says:

    If you have time, read how Japan’s got a plan.

    Keep in mind the great and historic UKOK The Vow shyste on all Scots, 2014. All of which flipped from vote NO for Devo Max to, well fuck all really.

    Although they did give UKOK leading spiv Flipper Darling, a very juicy seat on the Morgan Stanley board. Its the rightful reward for all SLabour socialist workers of the UK zone.

    You can see why England’s pumping so much money into its high speed rail too. Scotland will provide funding and GREEN electricity ofcourse.

    Its what you colonise other countries for.

  92. Sinky says:

    Regarding Scotland in Union and the shady organisations like the
    Constitutional Research Council, it is essential that during the next Referendum campaign only those people registered to vote in the Indy Ref are allowing to fund the campaign and all political parties and donating or campaigning organisations must show separate income with details of every donor over £499 plus detailed expenditure accounts for the Indy campaign.

    That still won’t prevent free campaigning from Unionist press and BBC but every little helps.

    The Yoon mentality is summed up by Bitter Together Brian Wilson who in Hootsman to-day still manages to turn a tribute to the late Lord McLuskey into an attack on the SNP and Scottish Parliament.

  93. stewartb says:

    Its great that this kind of cringeworthy (and plainly wrong) output from Scotland in Union is exposed. And it is good that it is exposed in particular to ‘ridicule’ – a powerful weapon if information can be widely disseminated.

    It brings to mind another example of the ‘ridiculous’. Some here may remember this with ‘feeling’.

    On 13th September 2014, The Telegraph published the following headline: “Scotland heading for a ‘Great Depression’ after a Yes vote: Deutsche Bank warns a vote for independence would be a historic mistake ….”.

    Then, on the 9th February 2015, The Telegraph published the following headline: “The European regions that could be better off going it alone: Scotland, Flanders and Catalonia are among the European regions that could be better off going it alone, says Deutsche Bank”.

    So within the space of c.4 months the same newspaper reported the views of the same bank on the very same issue viz. the economy of Scotland as an independent country, and presented totally contradictory conclusions. One can but wonder why these things came out in the order they did!


    There is a substantial body of research which points to the success of small countries. Whilst I do not regard the large banks as the best arbiters of what is ‘successful’ (see above), for those that wish evidence from more than just Malta, see this report from Credit Suisse in 2015 entitled “The success of small countries and markets”. ( )

  94. ronnie anderson says:

    Many Thanks to Bill Glen for the addition to the DR piece. I wonder if Coronel Ruthie will be intervening.

  95. johnj says:

    Her letter only shows the extent of the brainwashing she’s been subject to.

  96. heedtracker says:

    Scotland in Union will enjoy this for example:D

    Who is JP Morgan? Well if you haven’t heard the name before then what you need to know is that JP are a global financial services firm with assets of $2.6 trillion, operate in more than 60 countries, have over 240,000 employees and have an annual profit that would dwarf the GDP of many a medium sized country. In the financial world, when JP Morgan make a prediction, they are normally right and the financial world listens.

    Malcolm Barr, an economist at JP Morgan, said that there will be “pressure to hold a new referendum on Scottish independence” as the UK seeks a deal with the EU following its vote to leave the European project.

    “Our base case is that Scotland will vote for independence and institute a new currency at that point [2019],” Barr said in a note to clients on Wednesday.”

    Great Scots name that, Barr.

  97. Frank says:

    Malta also has severe difficulties with water supplies, not a problem in Scotland. We can export it, they have to desalinate the sea water to get it.

  98. Not Convinced says:

    Alas your average über-yoon BritNat probably wouldn’t accept Malta as a counter-argument to this. You see Malta is in the EU, so clearly run by Brussels and therefore no longer a sovereign country! They’d also likely believe that the EU was funding Malta …

  99. Terry says:

    PLEASE PLEASE google “The joy of stats. 200 countries. Hans rosling”

    It takes you to a 4 minute YouTube clip of a programme that was aired on bbc4 again this week. It shows decisively how wealth and health took a massive leap forward for some countries after the Second World War. Hand rosling said this was down to former colonies gaining their freedom.

    It’s undeniable that self determination boosts the life chances and wealth of citizens of independent nations. Unionists really can’t argue with this hard evidence from the world leader in his field.

  100. Petra says:

    @ heedtracker says at 1:00 pm …. ”This is privatised UK health care. There’s no other way to look at it all, other than BBC style vote No spin.

    “The trust who run the hospital said: “University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust have arranged two more follow-up appointments to determine the effectiveness of Mr Brown’s latest cycle of treatment. “If he needs further treatment within the trust, we would need to seek pre-approved funding from NHS Scotland.”

    Well is this the way it’s going to be in the UK now, especially since Westminster abolished the NHS / Social Care in England in 2012 with the main aim of 100% privatisation? So far around 10% of services have been privatised south of the border and we can take it that when Trump moves in to Number 10 that figure will escalate rapidly and dramatically.

    If this is the case our Government will have to start asking for pre-approved funding for the thousands of people from rUK who are receiving treatment here. Treatments such as hip and knee replacements, cataract removal and so on that are mostly privatised in England. There’s over a million English people living in Scotland now with around 800,000 Scots living south of the border. Taking into account that Scotland constitutes around 10% (rounding up to simplify) of the UK population then this would equate to EIGHT MILLION Scots living in England. That gives us some idea of the challenges facing our NHS, especially as it would seem to be the case that many are heading here because our NHS is superior in EVERY way and in the main services are not privatised. Additionally this applies to the disabled, rape victims, the homeless, the vulnerable in general who are scunnered (frightened and insecure) with living in England. Whatever the case we can’t keep this up.

    I was reading too that Scotland with 9% of the population has accepted 25% of Syrian refugees arriving in the UK, but before anyone jumps on me for being ‘nasty’ towards people being resettled in / moving to Scotland whether they be English or Syrian (whom I have a great deal of sympathy for) that’s not my point at all. I’m just sick and tired of us being robbed blind, having little to no control over powers such as immigration when they want to toss decent, hard working people out of Scotland, demeaned at every turn (too wee, poor and stupid) and generally being treated like mugs.

    Rant over, lol.

  101. orri says:

    So let’s see if I’ve got this right,,

    Extra funding will be going to the specialist centre in England set up to deal with major injuries received whilst on duty. The whole pooling and sharing thing.

    Now a cynical part of me thinks that there’s several political angles to this.

    First the local trust might be looking for extra funding and there’s no MoD funding for it. Seems off that there isn’t but there you go.

    Second, this might be an opportunity for Mighty Mouth to come to the rescue and thus make political capital of it.

    Third, there’ll be great play on the idea that an independent Scotland would have neither the facilities or expertise to adequately take care of it’s war wounded. Too wee dunt ja know.

  102. Dave Thornton says:

    Great read most informative

  103. ScottieDog says:

    Didn’t even read the piece.
    What disturbs the UK establishment is that iScotland could heat and power itself and export the excess. In order to unlock our resources we need our own free floating currency. That’s it really.

    IEngland according to those in dog food sales would walk away from Scottish imports. So basically the lights would go off and of course they would be fracking under Betty’s house or irradiating the south coast

  104. Petra says:

    @ Terry at 1:56 pm …. ”PLEASE PLEASE google “The joy of stats. 200 countries. Hans rosling”

    Thanks for that. This one Terry?

    Hans Rosling’s 200 Countries, 200 Years, 4 Minutes – The Joy of Stats – BBC Four

  105. HandandShrimp says:

    What Scotland in Union and their writers demonstrate is the paucity of their imagination, knowledge and, perhaps most damning, their spirit. I could never bow the knee they way they can.

  106. Petra says:

    @ stewartb says at 1:13 pm …. ”There is a substantial body of research which points to the success of small countries. Whilst I do not regard the large banks as the best arbiters of what is ‘successful’ (see above), for those that wish evidence from more than just Malta, see this report from Credit Suisse in 2015 entitled “The success of small countries and markets”.

    Another one for my little archive Stewart. Great stuff.

  107. Foonurt says:

    Heedtracker – weiy tae gang, Baurr nane

  108. Graf Midgehunter says:

    London and the SIU/Yoonionists don’t give a toss whether Scotland is the size of Malta or the Benelux Countries or 1/2 the size of Germany.

    Their “love” of Scotland is the wealth and potential wealth in the country and the surrounding seas. If Scotland was mostly bare with molten lava and nothing else below the surface, we wouldn’t have been “integrated” into the glorious Empire but kept at arm’s length for eternity.

    Scotland is barely an inch away with an abundence of various treasures. Without the wealth of Scotland and her seas, England/London could not possibly use (plunder I’d say) the revenue to prop up the simplistic facade of a great nation.

    Without Scotland, England is f…….. so for them it’s all or nothing.

  109. Petra says:

    ‘Osborne and Cameron confirm Scotland better off outside the UK.’

  110. Proud Cybernat says:

    “And that’s if it stops at mere words.”

    I think that might be what is needed to knock many of the soft NOs into the reality of how much this so-called ‘Union’ (hostile takeover?) is actually debilitating and thwarting Scotland from being the successful wee nation we really can be. Perhaps they need to see the steel fist revealed from under the BritNat Establishment’s velvet glove before the penny finally drops for them – that Scotland, despite being a signatory nation to the Act of Union, most certainly is not treated as anything near to an equal partner within the Union.

    “Don’t leave the UK, LEAD the UK,” Cameron pleaded. Aye well – we can all now see how that turned out, can’t we.

    It is this bloody awful ‘Union’ and the never-ending brainwashing of ‘Britishness’ into people’s heads that is holding Scotland back, preventing us from being a truly cracking wee country to live and work in.

    FFS soft NOs – open your eyes tae see what the BritNat Establishment is trying to do to you. Rose-tinted British nostalgia of the “We a’ fought in the th’gither” doesn’t change after Indy and it certainly won’t put the dinner on the table.

    Continuing with the UK because it is ‘all you know’ will, after BREXIT, be the biggest mistake of your life, a vote of self-harm that won’t only harm you but also your children and grandchildren.

  111. Clapper57 says:

    Scotland in Union….the Jokers outfit in collaboration with The Penguin, Poison Ivy, Catwoman and the motley crew that support them….you pick the individuals who match up to the above….spoilt for choice me thinks…Lol….I await condemnation from Common Space for me puerile joke.



    The Common Space Vendetta

    Not much ‘common’ about them hence their collective distaste with the people who contribute on WOS….we are a tad too ‘common’ for the likes of them and they want ‘space’ between us and them so that they can pursue the intellectual and civilised path to independence……ignoring, of course, the rabid unionist masses who currently monopolise and abuse the many platforms from which they can spread their UKOK lies while demonising the SNP.

    The game is up indeed if one takes the side of a politician who publicly condemns independence and who in this instance chose a cheap way to defame an individual by deliberately misinterpreting what was clearly a joke MINUS any homophobic inference….and using a totally inappropriate platform to score a cheap and personal dig against WOS and the SNP …in defence of a BT colleague.

    That the Pro Indy anti Wings brigade have declared their loyalty to a politician who supports the maintaining of the Union over independence says more about their own loyalty to independence and also their own bias against WOS….call a spade a spade….this to them is an opportunity to vent their intense dislike for WOS and all who contribute on it….we are , to them , somewhat moronic minions who should relinquish control to the educated ones whose message will be conveyed using reason and tact while being awfully careful not to insult anyone of course….while ultimately allowing the debate to be controlled by those in support of the union.

    There is room on social media for all voices and if any individual or organisation seeks to suppress any voice then they themselves are definitely part of the problem they themselves seek to address. If one does not watch one’s ‘P’s’ and ‘Q’s’ and is unable to intellectualise when making a point then that does NOT mean one should feel inhibited to contribute in the form of a posting on a blog to either vent one’s anger, frustration or simply argue one’s point……must we be constantly dictated to and monitored by the self appointed elite of the yes movement ?

    This is not the first…and will not be the last….time the polite brigade have looked down on us mere ‘ordinary’ people who DARE to voice our opinion ….which to them is uninformed, unwanted, unhelpful and fanatical….but they will have to learn to suck it up and live and let live…..the yes movement does not belong to them only… coin a phrase…tis for the many not just the (privileged) few.

  112. Andrew Parrott says:

    Actually the Armed Forces of Malta are some 60% larger than those of the UK proportionate to population size.

    Malta has 1,700 active duty military personnel for a national population of 445k. 1 person in about 260 is in the armed forces

    UK has 153.8k active duty military personnel for a UK population of 65.6m. 1 person in about 425 is in the armed forces.

  113. ScottishPsyche says:

    @ Clapper57

    The idea that they have so much hatred for a voice with the supposed same aim is beyond me. It is the superiority and supposed lofty morality that they assume that gets me. As if we have no notion of ‘their’ struggle or exclusion. That we are all wasters who use intemperate language that taints them all. Then look at their inverted snobbery and wallowing in Loki type mawkish autobiography.

    I am sick of them trying to deny a voice to the many people who found their Independence campaign insipid, bland and ultimately a failure.

  114. Clapper57 says:

    ScottishPsyche says:
    28 July, 2017 at 3:10 pm
    @ Clapper57

    Extremely well said and articulated ScottishPsyche .

    “We’re a’ Jock Tamson’s bairns” are we no…..though there are some who CHOOSE to conveniently forget….or willingly CHOOSE not to acknowledge.

    The COMMON man CAN have an opinion ? What’s the world coming to……. though some COMMON men and women feel there is only SPACE for their opinion ….do they not….Jeezo we have Yoons to the left and Common spacers to the right……it’s a piggin miracle there is any YES movement at all !!!!!!….Lo..Bloody…L.

    Have a good day.

  115. Proud Cybernat says:

    Who’s Common Space?


  116. Albert Herring says:

    “That still won’t prevent free campaigning from Unionist press and BBC but every little helps.”

    The BBC will be registering as a “No” campaigning organisation with the Electoral Commission, surely?

  117. David P says:

    Following on from an earlier post, Malta voted for independence (1964), eight years after voting to remain in the UK (1956).,_1964

  118. Mrs Grimble says:

    Yes, I found that Companies House page as well. It’s probably her maiden name, which would explain the lack of internet presence. But really, why go after her anyway? Her article shows no signs of having any knowledge or understanding of the issues she’s talking about. She’s probably somebody’s girlfriend or aunty invited to write something to fill space, because the Yoons haven’t got anybody of a better calibre to write for them.

  119. Dan Huil says:

    SIU: Cowardly tractors.

  120. Sunniva says:

    If we’re not too wee or too poor for independence then we must be too stupid.

    That’s that settled then!

    As we voted No in 2014, with a fair wind, Malta was celebrating 50 years of independence. We must be bonkers.

  121. Terry says:


    Thanks! That’s the brill clip.

  122. Martin says:

    I worked in Malta (Mater Dei hospital) and have been back loads. Some observations:

    1. Malta is absolutely great.
    2. There is poverty in Malta, just as elsewhere.
    3. There is prosperity in Malta, just as elsewhere.
    4. The thing Maltese people complained about harming them most was changing currency to the Euro. This is no longer an issue for them only a few years later.
    5. People worried about any loss of “British identity” in Scotland (whatever that is) should visit Malta. It is more stereotypically British than the UK.
    6. People in Malta are very happy on the whole
    7. Malta has a good relationship with the UK.

    And crucially

    8. Malta does not wish to rejoin the UK.

  123. Liz g says:

    Mrs Grimble @ 3.55
    Identifying her is not “going after her” in any sinister sense,Mrs Grimble.
    It’s just that sometimes the people who are writing this stuff turn out to be a wee bit more than …how should I put it….”an ordinary mum”,now everyone is entitled to an opinion, ofcourse they are!
    But when that opinion is offered it should be able to be examined and sometimes that means trying to work out who is saying this stuff.
    Espically when she has her facts so demonstrably wrong,but could potentially have them enter the public discourse unchallenged.

  124. sassenach says:

    Ah, but are we not forgetting the real reason that Malta can survive as an independent country – I believe their tidal power output is massive!!!

  125. ian murray says:

    The title should be “Don’t be a yes but”

  126. Albert Herring says:

    Scotland: Too stupid.

    England: Too wee, too poor.

  127. Proud Cybernat says:

    Ah, Common Space.

    Had a look. Seems to me they’re an indy-minded group where, unlike Wingers who call a “spade” a “spade”, Spacers will call it a gardening implement.

  128. Rock says:

    The whole world knows that loud-mouthed “sovereign” Scots have no backbone.

    Why else would Scotland still be a colony of England after 310 years and barely have a majority in favour of independence, if at all?

    Malta is independent because the people of Malta were ready to sacrifice everything to be free from colonial rule.

    The same applies to all other colonies.

    Anyone bringing in Australia and Canada, they are nothing more than an extension of the British State.

    Spineless Scots think they will get independence from the British Establishment by meekly following Westminster rules.

    Truth Always.

  129. ScottishPsyche says:

    I think if anyone was in any doubt as to the motivation behind that article on CS, just read Angela Haggerty’s gleeful tweets about increased traffic and stimulating debate.

    Oh, and they are trying to raise money for a new ‘reporter’…

  130. AAD says:

    I wonder if this website has noticed the good news from the Whisky industry with Diego announcing bumper profits AND healthy exports to India and the USA?

    I wonder if these exports are credited to the Scottish or the UK export figures?

    Of course Scotland is too poor to survive along.

  131. Tinto Chiel says:

    Quite agree, ScottishPsyche, although you also have to factor in the endless, tiresome, pouting narcissism and pseudo-intellectualism of the Scottish Left, always too cool to be “nationalist” (and always infiltrated by establishment spooks).

  132. Andrew Morton says:

    Actually, Malta’s economy isn’t just tourism, it has a significant ship repair and servicing industry as a quick tour round Valletta harbour will confirm.

  133. Petra says:

    Malta is independent because the populace wasn’t being brainwashed by UK MSM day in and day out for over 300 years. Just as a high percentage of Catalonians support Independence due to having broadcasting ‘devolved.’

    IF, repeat IF, you truly want Scotland to be Independent why not try posting something ‘educational’ and constructive for a change instead of constantly boring everyone with a barrage of abuse directed towards the Scots in general and individuals on this site, in particular those that ARE ‘educators.’

    Just wondering if you’re Scottish at all?

  134. Valerie says:


    They won’t get a red cent, or retweet from me.

    I’m quite disgusted by their behaviour, and I really like Michael Gray. The talented Robert Somynne left recently to pursue his major interest in foreign policy.

    As Rev pointed out, he went in to bat unequivocally for Haggerty when she was sacked from one of the Sundays, and she wept about the misogyny at the paper.

    Very poor show from her when a fellow journalist decides to defend his reputation. I posted on another thread about the tens of arseholes on his TL telling him what he should be doing.

    Where do people get the nerve? This is an issue about his professionalism etc., and as we know, it’s not his first rodeo, so he knows what he’s doing.

    Even if you disagree with that, it’s only decent manners to keep your mouth shut. But, that’s the problem, no one can keep their nasty opinions to themselves, and where Wings is concerned, I see renewed efforts on Twitter.

  135. ScottishPsyche says:


    I think as the Rev has said they are a media site trying to sustain themselves. They have supported a few areas that have concerned me recently:

    Firstly, the idea that there should be no anonymity on the internet. It smacks of Roden’s door stopping and then, what next? Doxing them to get the story and shut down criticism?

    The constant attempts to portray themselves as reasonable – presumably to get those slots rehashing newspaper headlines on a Sunday morning or a wee slot on Scotland Tonight – and saying effectively nothing. Also the way they seem to hitch their wagon to the flavour of the moment. Independence in 2014 and now Corbyn, what is it next year?

    Haggerty’s Sunday Herald column consists entirely of what she read on Twitter the previous week. It is really sad that a site promoting itself as new media has resorted to the tactics of the old media and is now trying to create the news.

  136. Robert Kerr says:


    Tidal Power!

    Very Droll!

  137. velofello says:

    “The Too Wee Club”, brilliant title. The economic case that Scotland will prosper is so patently obvious, I despair of devious/naive/too lazy to study/smug/clueless persons who state and believe such nonsense that Scotland is weak economically.

    I read through Ms Annesley’s article and the bit that really annoyed me was…. “we fought wars together”. Like a game of tennis together, or killing people together? every possibility that Ms Annesley doesn’t exist, just as Ruthie’s ‘scholarly” article in Unheard, is written by A N Other.

    Am I correct that the UK has fought one war in defence of itself – WW11, and all others wars, of colonial aggression?

  138. Craig P says:

    There was a great quote from an American loyalist in the American war of independence scoffing that it was impossible for the colonies to prosper, they couldn’t afford the amount of money that Britain generously spent on ports and garrisons. They seem to have done alright though. Will have to look the quite out.

  139. Liz g says:

    It does make ye wonder though!

    Whit are our actual Indy negotiations gonnay be like.

    I mean take Trident for one….and put it in Dr Craig’s scenario.
    Imagine that Theresa’s still no talking tae Nicola.
    Son of Fluffy is on the wrong side of the Table.

    Ruthie needn’t be a problem right enough we can give her a new role as Ambassador to N.Ireland.
    Reducing the potential for backstabbing to a minimum!

    Keeping Kezzia out of the bloody road??? Well minister of protection for freedom of speech on social media….will be something that she would have experience of mibbi…..but then again mibbi no!
    She might be too busy anyway, in her 2nd job….the wan she took because of an unexpected bill.

    Sooo we have Fluffy and ????? to try to negotiate with the team from Scotland,a Scotland that is either still under the EU terms and conditions,or is intending to be!
    And the clock to Scotland’s Independence Day ticking.
    Oh my giddy aunt!!!
    We badly need a broadcaster …if for no other reason than to be Broadcasting all of that live.

  140. Ghillie says:

    Oh dear, that is a very thin piece of writing by Fiona Annesley.

    And pretty much the opposite of reality throughout.

    F Annesley seems to have come to live in Scotland in her retirement. Which is lovely.

    But running down the Country where she has chosen to settle for her sunset years is not lovely. It’s down right rude and arrogant.

    The impression I get is that for her, and others in SIU, is that it would suit their sensibilities ( and wallets too no doubt ) for Scotland to remain a colony of the great British empire.

    The entire SIU website seems very thin and lacking in any obvious vivacity around credible arguments in favour of Scotland remaining ‘ in union ‘.

    So what are they really up to ?

  141. Fred says:

    “Fannesley!” says it all really!

  142. Carl Jenkins says:

    Excellent article on several levels. I’ve been arguing for what I call ‘Comparative’ articles like this for years.

    A couple of other explosive articles would be comparing ‘Arabia’ 80 years ago before Oil, through the 40 years the UK and USA controlled the new Oil and Gas fields into the present era after that 40 year period when the Arab countries gained control of their OIL and GAS.

    Equally explosive would be comparing London in the early 70s before Oil landed in the UK in 1975 – i.e. through the period of the 3 day week, loss of electric power in London and the south east, rubbish building up all over the city and today, London completely transformed.

    For our own amusement we could list all the major steps London has taken on the back of Scottish Oil and Gas revenues everything from their share of the Channel Tunnel, high speed rails and trains and not one but TWO stations refurbished to the highest standards to accommodate Euro passengers.

    All the way to Crossrail and now about to tackle Crossrail 2 on the back of our so called dwindling Oil.

    My ill health prevents me from tackling this project myself, but it looks like Stu has future articles planned. Well done sir.

  143. Bean an Tighe says:

    My other half and I had a pleasant wee trip to Malta last year, sightseeing rather than sunbathing (ginger). We were struck by the fact that there was major on going restoration works to their magnificent historical buildings and fortresses, on Gozo as well. There were notices to the effect that these works were part funded by the EU.

    In Scotland so many castles etc are in ruins, and it’s considered ‘romantic’. Ruins give a sense of defeat and a notion of Scotland that is firmly in a past tense.

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