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The silent witness

Posted on January 28, 2021 by

This site spent a lot of the indyref documenting the Scottish media’s obsession with “SNP accused” articles, in which they’d make a big deal out of any random nobody accusing the SNP of some absurdly trivial misdeed.

But today, curiously, absolutely none of them have covered this:

Which is weird, because that seems like, y’know, quite a big story.

The passage above is taken from a post yesterday on the former UK ambassador’s Craig Murray’s blog. It was posted during his trial that same day for contempt of court – something he was able to do because the trial took place remotely and he was actually in his own home at the time.

The post comprised redacted versions of two affidavits Mr Murray had lodged with the court in his defence. During the trial his counsel told the court that he was about to publish them on his website, and neither the judge, Lady Dorrian, nor the prosecuting counsel Alex Prentice QC raised any objection.

Mr Murray tweeted yesterday evening that he’d (further) redacted the original version of the post at the request of the Crown Office, so presumably the version currently visible on his blog is in compliance with their orders and does not break any laws.

So, what just happened is this: a former UK ambassador has published two statements sworn on oath (for which he therefore risks prosecution and imprisonment for perjury if they aren’t true), stating that the former First Minister of Scotland told him the current First Minister of Scotland engaged in a criminal conspiracy to imprison her predecessor on false allegations of attempted rape, and that the Scottish Government had engaged in a criminal contempt of court in an attempt to conceal evidence from a senior Scottish judge.

But apparently in Scotland that isn’t interesting news.

The blog was published at around 1.49 in the afternoon – easily early enough for the Scottish media to notice it, write it up and get it cleared by lawyers. Yet as far as we can discover, not a single one has reported it. Iain Macwhirter’s tweet above is just about the only reference to it we can find from any Scottish mainstream journalist.

That’s quite remarkable, isn’t it, readers?

Even though they’d had ample opportunity to put together a report on the First Minister being accused in sworn court testimony of a very serious crime, the print editions of the country’s newspapers instead went with a mix of pretty mundane stories on their front pages, primarily about Boris Johnson’s mildly controversial PR trip to Scotland today and other mostly insubstantial COVID-related fluff, as viewed through their own respective political prisms.

Even their online sites still, as we write this almost 24 hours later, have nothing on the allegations. But they HAVE all managed to cover something much less newsworthy that happened in the middle of the night.

Well into the evening, Nicola Sturgeon had tweeted a supposedly off-the-cuff and “unscripted” video in which – while constantly stealing glances at a script on the table to her left – she lambasted “transphobia” in apparent response to a tiny handful of members of the party’s quasi-fascist Twitler Youth wing resigning because (and we paraphrase, but only slightly) SNP MP Joanna Cherry still hadn’t been publicly burned as a witch despite their endless outpourings of abuse and defamation against her.

(For some reason Sturgeon did not also condemn that abuse.)

But Nicola Sturgeon being against “transphobia” isn’t news. Her government has been running a massive ongoing public campaign on the subject of so-called “hate crime”, with a prominent focus on “transphobia”, for the last two and a half years.

Nor is it news that half-a-dozen petulant children of no significance whatsoever have left a political party in a tantrum because they didn’t get everything their own way. Somewhere in the region of 40,000 people have left that party in the space of four years – a third of its total membership – and the Scottish media hasn’t run a single story about it.

So why would Nicola Sturgeon tweeting a video saying “transphobia is still bad like I always said it was” get blanket media coverage like some sort of notable development, whereas her being openly accused, on oath, in an actual High Court trial, on the say-so of her own predecessor, of an imprisonable crime doesn’t merit so much as a solitary column centimetre?

Charitably, part of it is fear. So ferociously determined has the Crown Office been to shut down with extreme menace any suggestion of a conspiracy against Alex Salmond that many papers are terrified of broaching the subject.

(Other people in the Scottish media, it should be noted, are salivating at the crackdown. This is former Herald hack Neil Cameron – previously seen fantasising about physical violence against us – working himself into quite a lather of excitement on Facebook last night that Wings might be next in the dock after Craig Murray.)

But there are plenty of legally safe ways to report the allegations. They’re not even the subject of any live court case. The Scottish press devoted hundreds of pages to lurid accounts of the false claims against Salmond both before and during his trial.

And Murray’s claims are – at a minimum – credible because they were made on oath, and because Alex Salmond hasn’t issued any statement denying anything Murray said, and also circumstantially because we know the Scottish Government has gone to such incredible lengths to prevent any evidence coming out, and why would it do that if it had nothing to hide?

Sturgeon’s video sparked a furious backlash on social media, as she’d have known for certain that it would, because the exact same thing happened the last time she picked a side in the toxic trans debate, several months ago.

The only reasonable, rational explanation for her doing so, knowing it would bring an angry reaction from hundreds of her own members, was as a distraction from the Murray story – one which the media has seized on gratefully.

Or at least, partial explanation. Several people have suggested to us that perhaps the video was laying the ground for some sort of action against Joanna Cherry. Sturgeon, they said, knows her days as leader are numbered as the net of the Fabiani and Hamilton inquiries draws tighter, and creating an excuse to kick Cherry out of the SNP would clear the way for someone more “suitable” to succeed Sturgeon as leader and protect what she sees as her legacy.

It’s a credible case. If Sturgeon is forced to resign before the election, then her obvious anointed heir, Angus Robertson, won’t be able to run for leader because he isn’t an MP or MSP, at which point Cherry would almost certainly be the hot favourite. And it’s not like the SNP doesn’t have a track record of trying to hamper Cherry’s career.

So make your own minds up, folks. Was Nicola Sturgeon setting out to nobble Joanna Cherry, or to distract from Craig Murray’s claims, or both, or neither? And why on Earth wouldn’t the Scottish media report such an astonishing allegation against a sitting First Minister three months before a crucial election?

It really is quite the mystery, and the Scottish Government and Crown Office appear to be trying to put anyone who investigates it in jail, so be careful what you conclude.

We do agree wholeheartedly with the First Minister on one line from her “unscripted” video, though – sometimes, silence just isn’t an option any more.

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250 to “The silent witness”

  1. kapelmeister says:

    The MSM are staring at Scotland’s Watergate and pretending they see nothing.

  2. Alice Timmons says:

    Lots of the Twitter debate recently has been about a need for a credible, pro Indy, opposition party. If Joanna Cherry is expelled, or resigns, are we watching, not just a stinking swamp of corruption, but a layer of fertilizer, necessary for germinating a seed of hope for such a new party. Can we hope that, under all the sound and fury, there are enough politicians of integrity to join together to form at least some shoots of hope for the future? Too late for 2021 election, but maybe a light on the horizon…

  3. Aulbea1 says:

    Both nobble & distract. As for Scottish media – imho – totally corrupt just as our blinky & cabal.

  4. Douglas says:

    D Notice or do the Unionists simply want to save it for later?

    I think they want to give NS just enough hope that she’ll get away with it.
    That’ll encourage her to cling on long enough to prevent a clean out before May

  5. Scott says:

    I’m curious: Can the Holyrood inquiry use Craig Murray’s sworn evidence since it’s in the public domain? Have any of the non-SNP members on the inquiry said anything about it yet?

  6. This should be all their Christmases at once and yet… silence. Fear of legal repercussions or a desire to keep someone in place who won’t ever hold a referendum… or, still too far out from the election?

    Other than that I’m b*ggered if I know. Weird behaviour from them. Didn’t they get about a week’s worth of headlines out of a non-existent death threat to some alternative comedian in the run-up to the indyref? (Alternative of course means different to the funny kind.)

  7. MaggieC says:

    Wonder if any of the above will be raised by anyone at Fmqs , Ruth going with vaccination rates with her questions . !

  8. cynicalHighlander says:

    Mums the word here

  9. There's a Stormski Coming says:

    Even today I see people slandering Alex Salmond alleging that he was ‘guilty & got off with it”.
    The fight back should start now. A judge led inquiry is needed.
    We need to lance the boil.

  10. Lenny Hartley says:

    The real question is will Murrell self ID as a wifie to share a cell with his missus in Cornton Vale?

  11. Suzanne K says:

    A tweet I read last night sums it up for me. ‘Sturgeon has just punched the little boy in the face that pointed out that the emperor has no clothes’.

  12. kapelmeister says:

    One of Scotland’s biggest ever political scandals, which if reported would give a vital boost in sales for the country’s ailing newspaper industry. Yet they are collectively passing up the chance.

  13. alzyerpal says:

    And is Neil Cameron poised to appear at ‘A Ladies Loo Near You’ in the immediate future? Who knows, though He/She/They are certainly fighting the good fight against homophobes, transphobes and Hobbitses.

  14. Astonished says:

    Obviously, as someone said on the previous thread, she’s THEIR nicola sturgeon.
    I loathe the wokeratti for their intolerance and zealotry. But not nearly as much as I loathe the Scottish media.
    Her video is her last throw of the dice. A rubicon crossed – no one can now say she isn’t part of the wokeratti. Or that the science-denying liars are not her core constituency.
    As I said on the previous thread : I think Nicola’s strategy is to get the torch-bearing protestors to protect her from the pitchfork-wielding protestors.
    Great that there are sooooo many more pitchfork wielders. I think defending women and children’s rights just became a whole lot easier.
    P.S. NEC what are you doing ? We voted you in to act, not wait until the battle is over, and rejoice with the winning side.

  15. BuggerLePanda says:

    MSM, assuming there are no interdicts etc, will be holding their fire for the May election if it is a declared plebicite for indie.

    Max damage.

  16. Charles Hodgson says:

    Sturgeon makes Thatcher look like St. Saint Francis of Assisi. (for older readers, heh)
    Quite the most evil and despicable individual ever to hold office in Scotland. And soon to be total box office poison in May’s election.
    If she lasts that long.
    (God forbid)

  17. Captain Yossarian says:

    The Scottish press have been silenced by the SPADS. They bankroll the papers to a small, but not that small, extent and so they will wait for the UK press to get the game started.

    That said, there are gagging orders of some type in place and we have been told that several times now.

    What Iain Macwhirter said of Craig Murray is spot-on: ‘He’s been dismissed as an eccentric conspiracist; many whistleblowers are’.

    Today’s FMQ’s will tell us all if Holyrood in its present form is worth saving.

    I cannot see the Lord Advocate surviving. If this gets UK and international coverage then he’s surely a goner.

  18. Astonished says:

    I also note that Mr Salmond is keeping his powder dry.
    I do hope he asks for a fundraiser to sue those responsible for his fit-up.

  19. The newspaper trade got a £3,000,000 hand out from Scot Gov,

    when i say the newspaper trade i mean the owners of the newspaper trade got £3,000,000,

    not sayin that the newspaper trade were obligated in any way to Scot Gov for getting hand out, no siree,

    journalism is an honorable trade yes it is. (stop laughing at the back).

  20. Vronsky says:

    She was going for Cherry, no doubt.

    ‘Transphobia’ is the SNP’s equivalent of Labour’s ‘antisemitism’ – a virtue-signalling way of neutralising the awkward squad who inconveniently insist on remembering what the party is supposed to be for.

    If we hypothesise that she is MI5, then it could be a disaster that they’re going to lose her, as seems inevitable now. So long time ago I wondered ‘Have they ensured the succession?’. Good news. It seems they’re not altogether confident, so Nicola’s last service is to get rid of Cherry.

  21. Maureen Mangan says:

    Does it cross anyone’s mind that all of the infighting and all of the scandal around these court proceedings are being saved up by the media either for indy ref2 or the elections in May?

  22. stuart mctavish says:

    FM Questions on the subject is most revealing.. in a stopgame thinkkeeg kind of way.

  23. David says:

    Sturgeon must be gutted she can’t do to Cherry what she did to Salmond.

  24. TruthForDummies says:

    It’s not too late for a new party. In fact a new party is our only hope.

    Firstly it take 6 weeks to register which goes to mid March and candidates / parties need to notify that they are standing at end of March. So assuming the registration goes through first time they have just enough time.


    They join ISP which is already set up. But, would their egos be OK being in a party led by Colette, rather than leading themselves … ..

    I suspect SNP won’t win a majority now which is a massive relief. NS had the women and the Salmond supporters against her and people are angry. The unionists have a sewer worth of dirt to dish. So we absolutely NEED a strong List showing or we will end up with a unionist parliament and the dream will die – for a long time

  25. EL Cruden says:

    I’ve never bought the “infiltrator” stuff, though there’s doubtless been a few over the years. From their perspective, it’d be negligent of the British state *not* to have a few eyes and ears in the requisite places. But of all the things to have happened here since 2013, the media silence on this is comfortably the most unsettling. It’s difficult to know where to go with it all. Some lines from a Scottish poem comes to mind:

    “[…] But the lie,
    The maze, the wild-wood waste of falsehood, roads
    That run and run and never reach an end,
    Embowered in error – I’d be imprisoned there
    But that my soul has birdwings to fly free.”

    We should stay the course but we should be very careful not to let others dictate to us what staying the course means. Otherwise, we really will find ourselves in a labyrinth.

  26. Suz says:

    Watching the FM’s video last night, I was reminded of Johann Lamont and the chucking of the hand grenade over her shoulder as she resigned as Scot Labour leader. If Nicola knows her days are numbered, maybe she’s making sure that what she leaves behind is a lot of rats fighting in a rainbow festooned sack?

  27. holymacmoses says:

    My money’s on the MSM being in the blocks and awaiting starters orders. It’s not like they’re just ‘quiet’ is it?

    Why is Sturgeon carrying out the misdirection?

    She looked anxiously at someone in the room at the end of the recording so it’s my money on it being set up after Mr Murray’s affidavit came out. It was a gamble – and I don’t think Ms Sturgeon likes soft sand – and it revealed a 2% support for her video, which is piss poor.

    She could be setting herself up for a nervous breakdown to avoid the inquiry and possibly get Mr Murrell off at the same time if she needed constant care and attention

    It could just be part of an attack on Ms Cherry by her little band of neonates and simply follows on from the band of ‘me toos’ who came out as an army to defend her against Mr Salmond

    It could be a deflection from people reading Mr Murray

    I was wondering if it would be possible to crowdfund to publish part of Craig’s affidavit as an advert in every newspaper – and if the UK papers wouldn’t take it, send it to Ireland and US and Australia and Germany for publication

  28. David R says:

    They could be holding the story to see how it plays out and to be sure that the election isn’t going to be delayed.

  29. Andy Ellis says:

    I see Joanna Cherry’s Twitter account has been silent for the past 24 hours. The Twitler Youth also pointed out after they called for her defenestration that National Secretary Stewart Stevenson’s Twitter account had been deleted around the same time the stooshie involving her complaint started.

    I wonder if Joanna is just scunnered wi’ everything, or keeping her powder dry too? She did say on her tweet calling out @OutForIndy that she’d been promised urgent action…..?

  30. Astonished says:

    Maureen Mangan says:
    28 January, 2021 at 12:52 pm
    Does it cross anyone’s mind that all of the infighting and all of the scandal around these court proceedings are being saved up by the media either for indy ref2 or the elections in May? ”
    Good Point. It obviously hasn’t crossed the minds of many SNP MSPs or the NEC – as they haven’t spoken out yet.

  31. Captain Yossarian says:

    @Scot Finlayson – It makes Iain Macwhirter’s contribution all the more admirable.

    This website leads the way though and gives everyone a focal point.

    Mind-you, the Scotgov didn’t give Sky News a bung and arguably they don’t need a bung.

  32. Stu Foster says:

    Now the irrelevant Rennie speaks,,,does anybody care?

  33. Ally says:

    There can only be one reason for sitting on this story. It’s too early for the MSM to “break” it. Like you say there’s plenty of time to still get a new leader in and not massively affect the HR election. However, if you break this just before purda and force a change of leadership around an election. That’s a whole different story.

  34. Socrates MacSporran says:

    Again, Ruthie – at FMQs – batters her head against a brick wall with Covid questions – ignoring the Craig Murray nuclear bomb.

    Jackie Baillie also ignores the Murray affidavit, to go on Covid, and to be fair, she made some fair points, but, by and large her questions were easily batted away.

    Willie Rennie then wades even deeper into the Covid pandemic, with, since it’s Willie, less effect.

    The Unionists are quite blatently ignoring the one area where Sturgeon is vulnerable. They are protecting her – when will the SNP waken-up and ask: Why is this?

  35. Tom says:

    what are the chances of Westminster setting up a public enquiry into the undoubted corruption at the heart of Scottish democracy? In Bojo’s position, I think I’d do that. Bojo and the Tories to the rescue, proving we can’t do it for ourselves. Jeezo ..

  36. Garrion says:

    re. Sturgeon and the dogwhistle moment. This is not a woman acting alone. She has a team. Whether it’s crisis management or PR strategy, pretty much everything she’s doing is, one way or another, playbook.

    Fascinatingly, this service (if it’s any good, which in this case I’m so so on) does not come cheap (like distressed banana republic generalissimo not cheap), so here may be an answer to where the indy fund went.

  37. Stu Foster says:


    Is the word Les Been a no no?

    If so, why?

  38. TruthForDummies says:

    Nicola’s motivation is
    1. Panic, her power base is deserting her. although definitely scripted I think her advisors told her not to do it. Her power base are going because she didn’t pass self Id, didn’t get them MSP gigs, didn’t get them internal positions and passed the sex not gender amendment. They are not loyal, she is not delivering so they are off to the Greens.

    2. The bairns are whining ‘good start, now we need action’ and she implies action at the end of her video. She really, really wants to get rid of Cherry but she has a problem:
    Stewart Stevenson is new National Secretary will not play ball and suspend Cherry, the way Angus McLeod would have. In fact if Angus McLeod was still Nat. Sec. Cherry would be gone.
    Blackford can’t really suspend the whip, and although I’ve no doubt she is trying to get Blackford to do this, it is not due process. She really needs Stevenson and he’s retiring and probably hates her.

    3. A way of keeping Greens onside for the upcoming vote of no confidence

  39. John Digsby says:

    Is part of the problem verification? How can they independently verify what Craig has written?

    I think their lawyers might baulk at signing it off unless they can at least meet the standard of finding someone else to corroborate it. It’s easy to do with their other nonsense, but as far as I am aware, Craig is the only one where all of it is in the open like this

  40. Captain Yossarian says:

    I think that instead of presenting a video supporting trans. women and men, should Nicola Sturgeon not be presenting a video supporting whistleblowers? Craig Murray for example?

    What kind of country are we living in when hardly anyone asks that question?

    What kind of country supports a bent civil-service, bent politicians and bent lawyers?

  41. Steve davison says:

    There’s more wagons circling than at a Kent lorry park full of seafood if this carries on it will be easier listing everyone wishing to live in an honest and moral Independent Scotland in person than the list of conspirators .The outcome does not look good if she wiggled out of this she will be untouchable

  42. Bob Mack says:

    Stu, I think it is all much simpler than it looks. Imagine yourself a Unionist journalist. Who would you prefer leading the SNP at this delicate time for the Union ?

    Would you prefer an angry Salmond or a very bright Cherry rather than a gradualist Sturgeon. I know shjch kne I would prefer. If I hit Sturgeon now I probably end up with one kf the others and that is a different ball game.

    They are keeping her in situ and that should raise questions among Indy supporters everywhere about Nicola.

    Socrates McSporran was a news guy. He knows how this would be like blood to a shark, yet all we have are goldfish.

    What I wonder did Cameron mean by a big case coming your way.?

    I need to collect for the fund as of now?

    The leader of the SNP has split the party from top to bottom,
    and continues to do so. Never interrupt your enemy whilst they make mistakes.

  43. Desimond says:

    “because the exact same time happened”

    Do i win a prize?

  44. PhilM says:

    A nation of gaslighters.
    This corruption has become all so depressingly normalised throughout Scotland I sometimes wish I were dead.

  45. robertknight says:

    Why would the British Establishment want to replace a “Leader” of the SNP who is no threat to the Union, with one who is?

    The previous Leader, a threat to the British Establishment if ever there were, was, if Craig Murray is to be believed and I have no reason not to, nobbled by the current one.

    The fact that the bastions of the British Establishment in Scotland, a.k.a the Mainstream Media, haven’t touched Craig Murray’s public domain, and COPFS sanctioned by nature of requested edit, affidavit speaks volumes.

    She, the Dear Leader, is not to be touched.

    She is therefore not ‘ours’, but ‘theirs’.

    Their ‘creature’, ‘asset’, ‘play-thing’, ‘stooge’, whatever you want to call her, and she will be protected and shall remain in place for as long as she is of use to ‘them’.

    If I were Alex Salmond, I’d be very careful when crossing the street during the coming fortnight.

  46. Stu Foster says:

    Sitting watching Sturgeon and her FMQs, and it is SO MIND NUMBINGLY BORING.

    Subjects such as Brexit, Salmond or dare I say it, Scottish Independence, could be getting seriously debated, but no, not a peep from the great and the good of Scottish Politics.

  47. Gaelstorm says:

    The unionist MSM are waiting for the OK from Downing St.

  48. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Sitting watching Sturgeon and her FMQs, and it is SO MIND NUMBINGLY BORING.”

    I just had to switch it off in case I needed to operate any heavy machinery later.

  49. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Stu Foster (1.21) –

    It’s Kovid Kweshtyuns!

    NS could stand there all day, every day, and no-one asking anything even vaguely covid-shaped will lay a finger on her. She’s had 11 months of practising this script. Nae danger.

  50. David Lyon says:

    Can I suggest that people simply post Craig Murray’s article as a response to any SNP-related tweet that is trying to ignore it.

    Reply to Sturgeon, Wishart and all the others. No commentary, no insults, just a link to the article for others to read.

    They can’t ignore it if it’s everywhere.

  51. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Do i win a prize?”


  52. Iain Hamilton says:

    Wow! You post one wee comment on Facebook…

  53. Effijy says:

    Boris contaminates the new Queen Elizabeth Hospital funded
    by the Scottish Government!

    Breaking all Covid guidelines he demanded he is free to spread deadly germs in Scotland

    Where is the pigeon shit the U.K. media have been placing at the hospital when you need it.

    Boris wore full protective PPE kit to ensure no one from Scotland could touch him.

    After all he has done against the NHS, its staff and Scotland,
    Why didn’t they reject his visit?

  54. Cringe says:

    Re Paragraph 41 and Robertson’s marmalade reference on Craig Murray affidavit, surely he cannot now run in Edinburgh Central? Can the branch revoke before he appears on the ballot paper? All this ties in neatly with the airport non event. As I said before my belief is that Robertson was always the appointed heir and continuity candidate. Part of the reason for stringing out the Holyrood enquiry could be to ensure he gets elected and takes over leadership.

  55. Stu Foster says:

    Wee Harvey got his bit in today about Transphobia and Sturgeon dually totally agreed with him, this will garauntee his support for the Scottish Budget this afternoon.

    The corruption within Scottish politics continues.

  56. Christian Schmidt says:

    “Angus Robertson, won’t be able to run for leader because he isn’t an MP or MSP”

    Umm, I don’t think is correct? In 2004 Mike Russell was allowed to run for leadership (and got 10% of the vote).

    I think it was made clear at the time that if the leader is not an MSP (i.e. if Russell or Salmond wins) then the Deputy Leader would become the leader of the SNP at Holyrood (all 3 deputy leadership candidates were MSPs)

    Bill Willson (Swinney’s challenger in 2003) also was neither MSP or MP. Or have they changed the rules since then?

  57. Bob Maxwell says:

    Maybe in years to come, we’ll get some new Scottish sitcoms:

    Everybody Loves Peter
    The Murrells
    Bute House 999
    Two and a Half Transwomen
    Angus In The Middle
    Nine’s Company
    Pete Show
    The Big Trans Theory
    Alyn & Jordan
    The NEC Crowd

    Feel free to add any others:-)

  58. A2 says:

    They are waiting on the Judges deliberation on Craig, If found guilty everything he has said is easily dismissed, He will be pilloried as a fantasist, if exonerated .. god knows what’ll happen.

    The whole future of the country hangs in the balance dependent on what Lady Dorrian has to say.

    NS of course has a back door to stand down for health reasons due to high stress levels caused by dealing with the virus crisis, Can we expect her to hold out for the moment it will be most damaging to indi?

  59. Liz g says:

    Well …. here’s a real conspiracy theory ( I luv em ) and I’m not pretending it’s anything else.

    We expect to hold and to win Indy Ref 2.
    The British Nationalists will try by any means possible to stop that
    IF they ( British Nationalists) were successful in stopping Indy, then they have a majority of the Scottish population looking for who to blame.
    They not only need to win , they need somewhere to direct angry Scots to.
    And that’s where the Gender nutters become the useful idiots.
    The Scots blame Trans Rights Activists for loosing Indy and probably Trans People too, while the British Nationalists encourage us to do so.
    That’s when the media trott out the old ” Scots can’t agree on anything ” stereotypes and hint that’s why we need governed from Westminster…

    It’s all a bit far fetched I know, but the thought came to my mind when I watched Nicola put the TRAs in the front line last night just to absorb the reaction over Craig Murray.
    When their own champion will throw them under a bus , then it’s only a hop skip and a jump to imagine what use the British Nationalists would make of them …. and here’s the real thing.
    If Nicola Sturgeon really cared about this group of people and sees them as particularly vulnerable, she would never risk that they’d be blamed for keeping Scotland trapped in the Union.
    They be blamed for all time , well after we’re out and , when the history of this is written .
    That’s the position Nicola Sturgeon is putting Trans People in and it’s no a pretty place tae be ….

  60. Breeks says:

    I’m not sticking up for the media, but isn’t there a protocol for not jumping the gun about an ongoing Parliamentary Inquiry? Just sayin’…

    I think they’ll be waiting for both Fabiani and Hamilton to finish their conclusions, not long now, because that might also prompt Sturgeon to resign, in order to defend herself from the criminal allegations she’s facing.

    Once Sturgeon goes, I think there will be a couple (or three) minibuses filled with people from the SNP, Civil Service, and COPFS, who suddenly find their positions untenable, but that’s maybe too much to hope for.

    This ‘community’ is hardly overburdened with personal integrity, and will just as likely fade from sight, hide in the hills and launch guerrila attacks on the SNP as it tries to recover it’s bearings in time to heal relations with it’s pro Independence roots.

    I think March will be make or break time for the SNP. It’s also close enough to May for the media to sustain the smears and anti-SNP Campaign and have an impact on the vote.

  61. Mosstrooper says:

    Has there been a more apt demonstration by Nicola Sturgeon of the saying ” Whom the gods wish to destroy they first make mad “

  62. Bob W says:


    Slight edit required:-

    because the exact same time happened the last time

    First time should be ‘thing’?

  63. Alf Baird says:

    TruthForDummies @ 12:53

    “It’s not too late for a new party.”

    As far as I’m aware both Solidarity and ISP intend to make May’s election a plebiscite on independence. If that is in their manifesto’s then its good enough for me.

    Craig Murray is happy to share any independence platform with Tommy Sheridan, unlike Nicola. Says it all really.

  64. Liz says:

    Well since she appears to be gunning for Kenny McAskill, I would say, it’s get Joanna time.

    The hard grafters are leaving the party, the wokes are not the types to be out doing the hard work, they are lazy spoilt brats.
    I can only assume the press hope it will go away

  65. David Caledonia says:

    Nicola Sturgeon and your cronies, your all just a big horrible ghastly nightmare, the thing is its your fecking nightmare and your never coming out of it.
    Oh what fun it is to see you squirm Miss Dilly Dolly, I have not had so much to laugh about for some time.
    I hope you and that munchkin your married to are pals of lizzie at the palace, cause she might have the pleasure of putting you both up in one of her many penal establishments, but then again, the way your acting maybe they would be better booking you a room in carstairs

  66. David Lyon says:

    Michael Gove was in the news recently saying that the SNP should be questioned on how the COVID19 funding was allocated.

    Has that money been misappropriated towards the endless legal bills of the Salmond case, just like the referendum fund?

  67. Nally Anders says:

    No if’s but’s or maybe’s, the MSM will sit on this to extract maximum devastation.
    The genie is out of the bottle now and as others have mentioned, the party is split.
    If NS had only one atom of integrity left she’d stand down but we all know she won’t.
    All that’s left will either be a VoNC which will mean the spineless gits that we elected will require to do the right thing or a massive defeat in May.
    NS -Joined the party at 16 then destroyed it. I will never forgive you.
    Looks like we need to rebuild (and we shall) from the bottom up.
    BTW. I reckon JC has played it right, the one wielding the knife never gets the crown, which is why AS is doubtful for a ‘major’s return.
    All IMHO of course.

  68. Helen Yates says:

    My take on this is as you suggest in this article, she is getting all her ducks in order just incase she doesn’t survive the enquiry, Joanna Cherry just like Salmond is a real threat to the union and she’ll do her best to try and damage Joanna’s reputation. that video last night in my opinion was political suiced for the party and makes me wonder if she is happy to destroy the party itself before rather than see the likes of Joanna take the party forward.
    She’s a real Nasty piece of work.

  69. Jacqueline McMillan says:

    Is NS a pervert or just perverted? Just asking as a woman and a life-long Indy supporter?

    What the bloody hell is going on ffs?

    Off you pop and take the rest with you.weirdos

  70. Fishy Wullie says:

    I don’t think Nicolas video last night was meant as a distraction from Craigs revelations or to nobble Joanna Cherry, I think she’s just trolling us, She’s lost it and she knows it, and shes gonna do as much damage to the YES movement as she can before she goes out of nothing more that spite.

    She is a vindictive, spiteful, nasty piece of work and the sooner she’s gone the better

  71. Captain Yossarian says:

    Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer also backed the prime minister’s Scotland trip, saying he was “with the prime minister on this one”.

    There are something like 17No trans folk in Scotland. Are even they with Nicola at the moment?

  72. James Che. says:

    I have enough knowledge to know that you wouldn’t and should trust so in the snp.

  73. Doug says:

    Why would the Scottish Media sit on a story which could hobble if not blow up the SNP attempt at historic victory in may and pave the way for independence (I joke we all know the SNP is no position to actually move forward)….

    Because if they fire the torpedoes now, then there’s every chance in the next 3 months or so a new Captain will be appointed, with the support of the membership who will actually set sail for indy and not just promise us it’s just over the horizon. Why that leader might actually get the oars out and we’d be singing sea shanties as we put in a shift, actually get moving ourselves instead of waiting for a wind and tide to change direction for us.

    If the media hang on till say late Feb or March then there won’t be enough time to right the ship bail out the water and set course before the vote and the good ship Independence will be scuppered for a good while.

    After all Europe considers Scotland to be the life raft to the sinking ship of the UK and cannot fathom why we’ve not actually tried to get away from the wake lest we be pull down with it.

    If this is going to happen anyway if hands are going to be forced and resignations are going to happen when the truth is finally made clear – or a version of it enough to sink the leadership. Then it’s a simple choice – career or party or country. If country is first resignations need to happen now, or be announced at least to allow a transition of power. If it’s party then resignations need to happen before the party is tarred with the brush before the torpedoes are fired to avoid a defeat at the ballot box. If it’s career… they we are doomed to all loose.

  74. Karen says:

    Are the media saving this to come out at the most opportune time for the yoons? If Nicola goes now, there is time to have another leader in place by May, so perhaps they will all suddenly discover this a week or so before the elections to cause the maximum damage to the cause.

  75. James Che. says:

    That should read, enough knowledge to know that you wouldn’t and Shouldn’t trust SS.

  76. Betsy says:

    I’ve always been about 95% certain there was something to the set up stories since I first began hearing rumours to that effect but the one nagging doubt I had was that I really struggled to believe Sturgeon could be so bloody stupid and vindictive.

    Yesterday Sturgeon removed that nagging doubt with her bizarre video. It was blatantly about going after Cherry. It speaks volumes about Sturgeon’s character that even as she realises she’s on the way out her priority is to make her hated rival doesn’t get to replace her. Seeing her obvious spite and barely suppressed rage confirms for me beyond any doubt that bruised after a disappointing election result she is indeed paranoid, vain, vindictive and spiteful enough to instigate and participate in a fit up of someone she sees as a threat.

    If there was even a sliver of decency left in her she’d go now and allow the party to choose a new leadership team but there isn’t so she’ll need to be dragged out kicking and screaming. No doubt she’ll remain in the background pulling wee strings to ensure one of her scummy associates gets the prize.

    I’ll be voting for a non-SNP indy party on the list come May but I’m getting to the point of considering a tactical anti-SNP vote on the first vote rather than abstaining as planned.

  77. Giesabrek says:

    Joanna Cherry is another ego liability. Kate Forbes or Philippa Whitford for next First Minister.

  78. Derek Lucas says:

    I was looking forward to the “Salmond Fingers Sturgeon” headlines…

  79. Willie says:

    Never a more accurate statement than that of the SNP being a party within a party.

    Sturgeon, her acolytes, and the morally bankrupt sleeping loyalists are in for a shock and the May election will be the turning point. Expect restructuring before then though.

    The establishment may have schemed well with the SNP coterie of control selling the jerseys but they will not derail that which is coming. We know who the dead wood are. We know who the jersey sellers are.

    That they are now laid bare we are more than capable of dealing with them.

  80. David Caledonia says:

    Lots of people seem to be well informed about the MSM, I never listen to any of them, I could not give a monkeys fart what the say about anything.
    I read a paper yesterday and it seemed to be concerned about what all the so called celebrities are up to, if i cut all that crap out of that paper I would have something like the size of a stamp to read.
    I am not a star, I am just a person that does not give a shit about most things, to busy doing my own thing I suppose to be bothered with most of it.
    Give me a good book and a cosy bed to read it in and I am as happy as a pig in the proverbial stuff

    Have a nice day

  81. Cringe says:

    Craig Murray trial was due to end today and he was expected to speak, could the Boris Johnston visit be a timed distraction?

  82. Stewart Douglas says:

    Sturgeon looks like someone who would know all there is to know about transgender so .

  83. Cath says:

    I had an email from my branch today about a letter we’re supposedly sending complaining about transphobia, trans people not feeling safe, etc, etc. My finger is hovering over a resignation email, but at the same time I can’t help feeling that is exactly their aim. As indy support rises, Sturgeon’s SNP is doing the unionist’s job for them in destroying the SNP. They went all out to viciously destroy Salmond by having him jailed. They’re trying to destroy Cherry, tried to destroy Wings. If this isn’t intended to destroy the party, then it’s certainly intended to rid it of any members who aren’t part of the clique. So of course the media are running with Sturgeon’s PR and hiding the Salmond stitch up. It’s never been so patently obvious the media and Sturgeon are hand in hand in Scotland.

  84. David Caledonia says:

    I might vote for you Willie Rennie I like a good comedy turn lol

  85. James Horace says:

    Zero movement from the Scottish/UK press.

    I am guessing they are waiting on Craig Murray’s verdict before doing anything.

    When is a verdict expected?

  86. Cath says:

    Yesterday Sturgeon removed that nagging doubt with her bizarre video.

    Yeah, I so much wanted to believe she wasn’t right at the heart of it all, that it was people around her and maybe she’d just been stupid and ended up dragged in. Her behaviour over the past few weeks has put paid to that, sadly. And frankly, once that trust is gone, I can’t trust her on anything else now, especially not independence.

  87. laukat says:

    I think there is another way of reading this.

    Sturgeon’s statement to the woke last night said Transphobia was a bad thing what it didn’t say was that she was going to take any action to deliver what the woke want.She mentioned the gender reform needed to be debated but didn’t say she would take the bill through. She said transphobia is not acceptable but didn’t say anything like transwomen are women.

    I wonder if her statement was just simply a way of trying to keep the woke onside and voting for the SNP in May whilst preparing the ground for the GRA to get kicked into the long grass.

    The lack of press coverage to Murray’s statement is to my mind further evidence of how poor the press is in Scotland and how scared they are of giving legitimacy to people like Murray and Rev Stu.

    I’m not convinced Sturgeon’s days are numbered. I think she still looks likely to survive the Salmond affair unless something more stark penetrates into the conciousness.

    I’m not sure I buy the idea that she is under the control of the UK Government due to the Salmond issue. If the Holyrood enquiry does not find she has case to answer then the she is free from both Unionist blackmail. So if she’s found no case to answer the unionists are incompetent and if she has a case to answer then we have a new SNP leader pre-election. I really don’t see how the unionists can keep her in power and still blackmail her?

    Undoubtedly Sturgeon was at least fully aware of what was done to Salmond, by who and she probably had a hand in some if not all of the organisation but right now it looks to me like she will get off with little damage.

    If she did fall then I think the SNP would go into the election with temporary leader. When Salmond resigned it took a few months for Sturgeon to be formally elected. Right now a temporary leader would have to come from the the deputy FM or deputy leader. That would probably mean John Swinney or Keith Brown. Either way the opportunity to pass on the baton to Robertson post May still exists as the new leadership election would be post May.

    I’m not sure Cherry can be leader. I think she’s extremly capable but she would need to be elected to Holyrood and you can see the woke brigade targetting her seat and doing enough to prevent election as a MSP.

    To me all hope rests on a pro-indy list party led by either Cherry or Salmond being setup in time for the May election. The SNP has grown too big as a party and it probably needs to split into different vehicles that share a desire for independence.

  88. Daisy Walker says:

    The CM Affidavit is circulating but not by the MSM.

    So it will wound but not kill.

    If a D notice is placed on it, thus preventing AS from referring to it at his evidence on oath, then except for us in the know, the wider public remains in ignorance.

    What this will likely achieve is a non majority SNP at Holyrood, with NS still in charge until COPS26, no way is she giving up that shindig, that’s her ticket to a UN job on the world stage.

    If they are out to oust JC, it’s likely, she will have to defend herself in court, which is costly in terms of time, money and energy…. so a win for the unionists.

    And she could end up with some choices to make, stay in and legally fight, leave and claim some form of unfair dismissal – also a legal fight, move voluntarily or pushed to ISP/or Independent and have to fight the legal battle and to contest a seat in May.

    The coven within the snp and their British advisers are going to look very carefully at in what way they pick on JC, and where she is likely to be when embroiled in legally defending herself.

    It probably would suite them least if she’s pushed so hard she has to leave the snp. She could then stand in Edinburgh for Holyrood, push for a PEH and ensure that ‘Booby’ doesn’t get elected.

    I’ve said it befor, but well worth printing off CMs Affidavit. well know after today’s Boris visit, if she’s playing ball, and a D notice gets served.

    I rather think AS should take a leaf out of CMs book and record an Affidavit very, very soon, and Alex, make it a video recording, as well as transcripted.

    There must be across the board option of voting for Plebiscite Indy on the list at Holyrood in May.

    And all the decent Nicla loyalists, enough! This is overwhelming corruption and she and her ilk have got to go.

    You must stand up for decent. It is the only way to save our country.

  89. Jacqueline McMillan says:

    Giesabrek 1.51

    Think you are mistaken.

    Cherry is more intelligent, diligent and above all wants Indy. Forbes needs to earn her stripes, clever but not the right person. Auld Nic has obviously lost the plot. Cherry is out in front.

  90. Al Hunter says:

    She’s as good as toast, she should have been focusing on Independence and has been led astray. I suppose the next thing to do is to keep your eye on which way her closest and dopiest start to re-position themselves regarding this in order to find out the identities of the most suitable runners and riders for the vacancy.

  91. John says:

    Give credit to WoS for they have probably been running this issue from the start when others just laughed and said it was all made up. Every time I read or listen to a podcast on this subject I just hang my head and shake. When will there be justice, if Craig Murray is jailed what are we going to do?

  92. Bob Mack says:

    Awaiting verdicts on Craig Murray, Martin Keatings and For Women Scotland. All could affect everything.

  93. Jacqueline McMillan says:

    Al Hunter

    She has not been ‘led astray’ Ashtray more like.

    NS isn’t stupid she knows exactly what she’s doing.

  94. Lothianlad says:

    We really should be very grateful that brave individuals like stu, CM, MH and others are prepared to.put their necks on the line and publish the truth.

    We should remember that it would be all to easy for them to simply join the inner circle, and stay silent while crime goes unchecked.

    People of dignity do the right thing despite the difficulties it could bring them.

    Unlike the wokarati, careerist anti independence MPs ( aye that’s you midlothian MP) sacrificing freedom and truth for a generous government pension is nevervthevtight thing.

    Thank you stu for your great work.
    You give the careerists no where to hide.

  95. Lothianlad says:

    Sturgeon is damaged goods. She is hanging on because her handlers want AR to take charge, and maximise damage to the indy cause close to May.

    We need to get her out now so we can get independence back on track before the HRE. In may.

    First place to look at the local levels, is the careerist wokearati grip on the branches and constituencies.

    Clear them out and retake the movement.

  96. Stu Foster says:

    Ian Brotherhood 1.24pm

    FMQs have become a single issue council debating chamber (apart from the odd Transphobia interjection and wee Jeannie not getting her bin emptied in Arbroath).

    And as to my thinking behind the Transphobia video last night from Sturgeon.

    I think it was another sneaky wee move by Sturgeon to get the Green’s support for the Scottish Budget this afternoon.

    Nothing more, nothing less.

    Just another example of Sturgeon using every single one of us whenever she sees fit.

    And after today’s Budget Sturgeon will no longer need the support of the Greens and they will be summarily dumped.

  97. Jacqueline McMillan says:

    Jacqueline McMillan says:
    28 January, 2021 at 2:14 pm

    Sheridan and Dangerfield part 2

    A ‘vetting issue’ ‘sitting on that’

  98. TruthForDummies says:

    On SNP rules as to who can run for leader or deputy leader – any member can as long as they get the required nominations. I keep saying this but no one ever listens

  99. SilverDarling says:

    Nicola Sturgeon cannot see how to achieve independence she claims to want within the constraints she adheres to. Hence ‘no one can’.

    Imagine if Alex Salmond had not resigned and had stayed put. That wave of buyers’ regret would have been his to use, not squander on vanity projects like NS. Using all his acumen and guile we might be negotiating independence by now.

    Even if the Sturgeonites had come after him the landscape might not be as corrupt and easy to manipulate. However he realises the scenario he left allowed this corruption to fester as it relied on people being decent.

  100. Colin McKay says:

    Can’t we get a petition up on Facebook and/or anywhere else to get rid of Sturgeon. If we get enough signatures, hopefully a few of the non Sturgeon camp MSPs in the SNP can start the ball rolling to oust the bloody fool before she totally destroys the party. If anyone has a better idea I’m all ears.

  101. John Park says:

    Part 2 of Solicitor advocate Gordon Dangerfields analysis of the farcical inquiry.

    This week, along with guest Gordon Dangerfield, Tommy asks the big question: Why did the Scottish Government conspire against the ex-First Minister? A key piece of evidence from Alex Salmond’s trial could reveal just why the Government weaponised the sexual misconduct allegations and could bring an end to Nicola Sturgeon’s time as Scotland’s Leader

  102. Republicofscotland says:

    I’m of the opinion that the media in Scotland knows what’s going on, but its reluctant to publish. I feel that Scotland has its own internal version of the Great Game, whereby the media owned and highly supportive of the union will do very little to damage it.

    Oh they might call out Sturgeon on occasion, but I feel instinctively they know where Sturgeon stands on Scottish independence, and that she has no intentions of achieving it, if she did, the dirt they hold on her including what Craig Murray has published would be headline news in the media.

    Also and this is recently, but it more than likely goes way back, the union loving press had virtually unfettered access to the Alex Salmond’s fit up, I feel the COPFS and Lord Advocate have an understanding with the media in Scotland, an understanding that neither will tread on each others toes where independence is concerned, and as Alex Salmond still has considerable clout within the indy movement, his fit up by the current FM must go unregistered.

    I’m of the mind that Sturgeon is now an establishment figure to be protected by the media, but also to be slightly held to account by them to give the appearance that she’s still anti-union for our (those who seek to dissolve this union) benefit.

  103. robertknight says:


    Thanks for the link…

    20:52 well spent!

  104. Alf Baird says:

    Lothianlad @ 2:12 pm

    “We really should be very grateful that brave individuals like stu, CM, MH and others are prepared to.put their necks on the line”

    We are of course very grateful, but should not forget those who have actually crossed that line and in turn lost their liberty due to the ‘arms’ of the British state, in fighting Scotland’s cause, such as Tommy Sheridan (numerous times) and more recently Manny Singh, as Craig himself noted.

  105. Lorna Campbell says:

    If there is one thing all politicians are extremely good at, it is in creating distractions and diversions. The trans issue is being held up as a distraction from everything that is going on with Craig Murray and Alex Salmond.

    Also, it is incredibly difficult for anyone, particularly those who class themselves as free thinkers and liberals, to have legitimate objections to discrimination or any kind. However, here’s the rub: the 2004 GRA was the middle ground; it was the only possible compromise; and even it went way beyond its human rights remit.

    So, let’s get something straight: trans people have ALL the same rights as you and I already. What they want now – or the trans lobby wants, on behalf of all those cross-dressers, fetishists and drag queens who just know they are real women, and not that perversion, that mistake of Nature that passes for womanhood, natal women – is that women’s rights should be handed to them on a plate, along with the right to tell adolescent and young children that they are in the wrong body when they might simply be gay. No a scrap of scientific evidence supports this s***e, yet young girls and young boys are mutilating themselves in homage to its cult-like faith.

    Nicola Sturgeon is intending to reintroduce the GRA Reform Bill/Hate Crime Bill after May if she is returned with a majority, or, if she falls before then – and fall she is going to – she intends to ensure that her legacy in destroying women’s and children’s futures will continue unabated under her chosen successor. This coterie have been responsible for the foot-dragging and deliberate obfuscation around independence, for the past five to six years. Apart from her evident unscrupulousness in doing so, her cold-blooded support of something that will cripple her sisters and Scottish children is unfathomable.

    Oh, and the Tories have voted against a second referendum. Well, of course they have. Now, the parliament and many people will shriek: we must have a referendum! Even if they didn’t actually want one before. Of course they will. That takes the heat off a plebiscitary election that is well within the SNPG’s powers right NOW, and would, with one cross in the right place, take us out of the Union. With a PRE referendum of any kind, however, you can spin it out for years and years, or you can sabotage it, or you can make sure that, by the time the Scots get one, you have instilled enough fear and/or colonial mindset to ensure a second loss for YES(the last being the 2014 version). As I said: ALL politicians are very adept at distraction and diversionary tactics to take the heat off them.

  106. Argus says:

    BBC report on FMQs (13:37) quotes NS as stating

    “But I recognise abusive men will exploit trans rights to abuse women.”

    That’s the first time I’ve heard that – looking for wriggle room to backtrack ion single sex spaces?

  107. Jm says:

    Big mistake from NS.
    The wokerati are transient part-timers in a 2 year window until the swedgers wear off and they get a PR job in the media and the house in Bearsden.
    Short-termist strategies abound in desperate times.

  108. Republicofscotland says:

    As for Craig Murray’s Crown office approved wording on the fit up of Alex Salmond, could the COPFS be mulling over the info and are about to take some form action? and that’s why the press are holding off.

    Very unlikely I think, for the Lord Advocate, who’s part of Sturgeon’s cabinet and gives the Scottish government legal advice, but he’s also sworn to uphold the law in Scotland without fear or favour, has put himself in a compromising position.

    To uphold the law, which is his main priority would see him going after the FM, an FM he’s advised shall we say rather poorly, not only would he be putting the noose around the FM’s neck and several of her clique, he’d also be putting it around his own neck, and possibly a few other within the COPFS, if he were to do the right thing and uphold justice and investigate and collect the evidence.

    The result of such an honest investigation, could bring down the Scottish government for we at present don’t actually know how deep this runs. The other unionist parties at Holyrood aren’t in a position to govern Scotland, and they know it, so a sudden collapse of the status quo would also leave them in turmoil, that, and the other points, is in my opinion why nothing will become of Craig Murray’s revelations.

  109. John H. says:

    If the sainted one is innocent, then why didn’t she challenge Craig Murray’s assertions head on last night, instead of deflecting as she did ?

  110. Jacqueline McMillan says:

    Robertknight 2.44

    you’re ‘weclom’ 🙂

  111. Jacqueline McMillan says:

    fuck off nicla

    We’ll see. We have stamina and truth behind us and we will win out regardless of your ????? weirdness, homophobia, shatenfreud !!
    LIES even!

  112. WhoRattledYourCage says:

    Ah hud a wee slap oot at oor deranged (that transphobia vid wis jist completely mental) FM’s PC, get-the-weans-tae-clype obsession a while back. Gonnae write suhhin else soon aboot this hail Alex Salmond conspiracy debacle, or it least certain folks’ reactions tae it.

  113. Livionian says:

    Trumpian tactics. When there is accusations of corruption coming your way, say some controversial stuff on social policy that distracts everyone (compare this to trump’s transgender military ban when he was getting corruption accusations). These people are smarter than we give them credit for, this one had been ready to go whenever necessary. And she will try these tactics many times over on the coming weeks

  114. Republicofscotland says:

    As for Sturgeon’s rather strange and untimely script led anti-transphobia video, was it as the Rev suggested a head turning exercise to make us look away from the excellent post by Craig Murray, or was it released at that specific time for another reason.

    Was the message some sort of clarion call to the trans community to muster their forces, for something, or as again the Rev suggests against someone? One thing is for sure the media really ran with it, which in my book shows explicitly that the media is more pro-Sturgeon than anti-Sturgeon, now compare that to Alex Salmond’s treatment by them, who actually led Scotland to an indyref.

  115. Craig P says:

    My assumption is that the press is tongue-tied through fear of legal action from the Scottish Government. It’s not like they don’t already know what Murray has bravely (and largely, if not fully) now revealed.

    But give it a week… and if the story still doesn’t break mainstream, then that really will be extraordinary.

  116. crisiscult says:

    At the risk of sounding like a Wings cultist here (what shall we do Massster?), what is your view, Rev, on membership of the SNP, specifically:

    1. chances of there being a leadership contest relatively soon
    2. decent members who won’t vote woke?

    Reason for question – I didn’t know till a recent blog post by you that all members can vote in leadership contest, and also because a lot of folk on social media saying they’re leaving the party (and I don’t mean the wokes, I mean the hardcore nats who are fed up with the woke agenda/corruption etc).

  117. Kat says:

    Definitely going after Cherry, and the video was a call to action for her wee wokus dei pals to go after her & others. There has been complete radio silence from oor Nikla about the online abuse her own parliamentarians (Cherry, McAlpine to name just two) get from the likes of those spitting their dummy out and supposedly quitting the party.

    Nikla is clearly feart & under pressure with the inquiries so this looks like her doubling down whilst standing on the edge of the abyss.

    Someone upthread mentioned Cherry can’t take over the leaders mantel if Nikla falls, surely if DRoss man can be tory leader while in Westminster nothing to stop Cherry.

  118. Garavelli Princip says:

    Lothianlad says:
    28 January, 2021 at 2:16 pm
    ‘Sturgeon is damaged goods. She is hanging on because her handlers want AR to take charge, and maximise damage to the indy cause close to May.’

    That is blatant Marmaladeophobia. Hate speech against Marmalade – or any other jam or preserve for that matter – will NOT BE TOLERATED in Woke Scotlandshire.

    Do I make myself clear?

  119. James Che. says:

    I will always remember when I was made homeless by my local council, i eventually turned to a snp hierarchy member for help, this snp (Ahem) gentleman obfuscated the issue beyond recognition for my self. His barely investigated, skimmed over details , passed it on to others to deal with, implied I had misunderstood, never responded to letters for long periods, And more or less sat down with the corrupt councillors, would not do such a thing while they had a shortage of housing stock,
    This snp gentleman sat in Holyrude, he had no qualms, that one of his constituents Had had a home, was up to date with rent, council tax and all bills related to a household, was holding down two jobs at the same time, and within 24 hours had become homeless due to council malpractice, he was more concerned about his re- election at the time, this is the standard and quality of our snps, I was left homeless for six years and could not afford a solicitor.
    he had close ties and cosey meetings with The same said councillors.
    He lived local enough for me to observe his behaviour, very Cosey with local tories and labour,
    There’s more than one serpent in the garden with the tories, we have labour ones here too, and they all go under the umbrella of snp and pal around in the same circles
    Wether they are in the snp to create problems for the yes movement or are just hanging in there for a protected lush pension is neither here nor there, they are doing great harm to the Scottish people,
    And having suffered homelessness through no fault of my own for six years.made me realise more than ever that the laws and legal profession in Scotland are not working for the good of the Scottish people, the people of Scotland are suffering unbelievable from bad policies and laws,
    When one man can be framed with false sex charges, and another can deliberately be made homeless to tally the council books, the corruption becomes obvious.
    Although AS’s has been very much in the public domain, there are thousands like myself falling prey to this corruption, being deliberately managed to go under the radar.

    We are better than this, we need a better Scotland than this, we need independence so we can clear the decks of scum and make a better country of Scotland for the people in Scotland.

  120. Big Jock says:

    The only thing you can say is” What the feck is going on”.

    From top to bottom. The SG, legal system, media. The whole damn barrel is rotten.

    At some point the whole system is going to implode from the fumes of it’s own rotten carcass.

  121. As someone says, last nights rant by Nicola could have been from pressure by Harvie and the misogynists at the Green Party,

    i`m sure the trans activists would have been in touch with Harvie,

    and SNP need Harvie to put Budget through.

  122. Willie says:

    Picking up on CrisusCults comment. For those committed nationalists leaving the SNP please consider remaining. You can do more from the inside than from the outside and you only need to pay the very minim membership fee to remain.

    But being an independence supporter first and foremost, why not consider becoming a supporter of the ISP., as opposed to a member. That way you can remain to challenge the SNP internally whilst supporting the ISP externally at the same time.

  123. robertknight says:

    RepublicofScotland @3:03

    It would be nice to think that Craig’s revelations have left one or two at the COPFS with maps of Africa appearing under the armpits of their crisp, blue shirts.

    I’m sure some of the shenanigans undertaken by Sturgeon’s inner circle were news to them also.

    Although I can’t quite imagine the head of that organisation giving it the Lee Harvey Oswald “I’m just a patsy” routine. Though it would be hilarious if he tried.

  124. Mac says:

    Lenny Hartley says:
    28 January, 2021 at 12:41 pm
    The real question is will Murrell self ID as a wifie to share a cell with his missus in Cornton Vale?

    I’d prefer Nicola self ID’d as a man and she and Murrell were given the cell they planned for Alex Salmond.

  125. Bob says:

    The media have, I would think, more than enough ammunition to severely disrupt the May elections and as timing is everything in politics could put that very democratic event in jeopardy if released close to voting day. I worry there is a possibility of Holyrood being suspended while corruption is investigated and a Stormont style suspension of government imposed.

  126. Frank anderson says:

    I am beginning to wonder if the SG actually facilitated BoJo’s visit? His visit was certain to be big news and ‘take up the time’ of SNP activists criticising him on social media.
    I like that Lady Dorian asked why the Crown Office had waited till after the Salmond ‘trial’ to prosecute Craig on something that could influence the ‘trial’.

  127. Yasmin says:

    My god, what a nasty creature cameron is..unable to do a decent job himself jealousy is eating away at him.
    Cleary to distract from Murray Salmond affair. Sturgeon is looking desperate. Don’t think cherry is much of a character to lead independence. We need Salmond back!

  128. Breeks says:

    Kat says:
    28 January, 2021 at 3:16 pm

    Definitely going after Cherry, and the video was a call to action…

    Maybe… But the more I think about it, I think the wee 2 minute ‘unscripted’ waffle was just calculated to push the Craig Murray stuff off the agenda…

    Not very sophisticated, and pretty cynical, but not as cynical as trying to send a completely innocent person to a jail branded as a sex offender.

  129. crisiscult says:

    Thanks Willie. Seems sound enough advice.

  130. birnie says:

    MSM will keep quiet until Alex’s evidence before the inquiry. This “evidence” will then be pilloried as the paranoid ravings of a bitter and demented has-been politician. Craig Murray’s evidence will, by association, be ridiculed. Fabiani and Hamilton inquiries will be inconclusive. Nicola safe, job done. Bye-bye independence.

  131. birnie says:

    I’m sure that’s the plan, anyway

  132. Craig P says:

    The other place other than MSM to watch for reactions to Murray’s revelations is other pro-indy sites.

    This is about to be the biggest story in Scottish politics since at least the unexpected 2011 SNP majority that led to the indyref. This is Watergate / Zinoviev letter / Parnell affair / Christine Keeler level stuff.

    We’re looking at replacing not just the most senior politician in the country, but the heads of the civil service and the crown office.

    Sturgeon’s place in history is surely guaranteed.

  133. Stuart MacKay says: made a strong statement on behalf of the women fighting on the front lines against covid,

    Yes, Nicola and your woke narcissists, it really is all and only, about you.

  134. Mac says:

    At Craig Murray trial I think they said there were over three hundred people watching using webex or whatever it is for journalists. Plus there was an unknown number of other people listening in through the dial in number.

    That is a lot of eyes on you.

    Hopefully that keeps the trial fair for Craig.

  135. Frazerio says:

    1) For the first time I see in Sturgeon this taking a physical toll. The eyes actually looking black & withdrawn. Might just be the lighting tho in her unscripted video.

    2) The Murray trial while ostensibly about him revealing names or whatever, is effectively now about 2 things. Firstly, Sturgeon orchestrating a criminal conspiracy to invent sexual assault allegations against Alec Salmond & all that entailed and then the criminal conspiracy to cover that up (Scottish Watergate? Its about time we invented a -gate for this). Secondly, in a bid to ‘get’ Murray, this wee case also has massive implications for freedom of speech. To make Mr Murray guilty, the Crown have to change the way the internet works. Making ‘publishers’ responsible for all ‘ btl comments’. Effectively making anything said on Twitter, Twitters own opinion. An impossible task for a wee Scottish court case designed to be part of a cover up of Scottish government criminality. To get Craig Murray, they have to push a herd of elephants through a letterbox. The case is nonsensical. But the conspiritors seem to have lost all sense of, well sense.
    3) I am quite optimistic in all this. Near the end of Shawshank there is a line I think shall soon apply to Mr Salmond. “Andy Dufresne, the man who crawled through 500 yards of shit and came out clean the other end.” We know what happened to the Warden and the Guard!!! Mr Salmond has stood up to the most insurmountable odds and has emerged clean. Emerged innocent. Emerged with dignity intact. It might be that this whole sorry episode shall see him re-emerge stronger, more driven and more formiddable than ever before. Precisely the opposite of what they intended. If you are reading Mr Salmond, I’m with you, I’m alongside you, I’ll vote for you and I’ll be with you the day we all lead Scotland to its rightful and inevitable date with destiny. Stay strong. We’re nearly through the shit.

  136. Republicofscotland says:

    “I’d prefer Nicola self ID’d as a man and she and Murrell were given the cell they planned for Alex Salmond.”

    Its not outwith the bounds of possibility, that Sturgeon and Murrell’s marriage, is a marriage of convenience. it would certainly explain why Sturgeon is very pro the trans community.

    It would also be in my opinion common knowledge within the corridors of power if this were to be the case, and could be used against the pair in a sensationalist fashion if need be.

  137. Effijy says:

    Greedy Mogg on about Nicola and Salmond

    Obviously as Westminster will have had a heavy hand in all of this they
    know what’s coming. It’s of their manufacture of course.

  138. Republicofscotland says:


    I’m sorry but this is the extent of the delusional over on another well know blog.

    “Craig Murray is out to damage the SNP. In the run up to an election where Independence is up for grabs.

    A wee chip from him , a wee chip from wings over nuthin. Maybe they can save the Union between them.”

  139. Astonished says:

    Might I suggest “MIDDENGATE”

  140. Effijy says:

    There is a picture of Bojo stepping off a massive Aircraft in Scotland
    where the wind is blowing his hair back.

    He has less hair than trump.
    His tied thatch of dead straw sits like that to cover
    his bald head.

    He is weaving on a jet plain! Go look.

  141. Mac says:

    The silence in the mainstream media reminds me of that Sherlock Holmes story where he deduced that the person who stole a race horse must have been well known to the dog guarding it as the dog “never barked in the night”.

    “Gregory (Scotland Yard detective): “Is there any other point to which you would wish to draw my attention?”

    Holmes: “To the curious incident of the dog in the night-time.”

    Gregory: “The dog did nothing in the night-time.”

    Holmes: “That was the curious incident.””

    Well the media here are certainly not barking. Very curious indeed.

  142. Effijy says:

    Isn’t Bojo hoping to return here to discredit those not respecting climate change
    and those selfish privileged people who use massive military aircraft to shift their
    Contaminated lazy arses to hinder an NHS lab.

    The Stay home protect the NHS slogan just got trashed too.

  143. Jim F. McIntosh says:

    It was a bit worrying that Moggie made a comment about Sturgeon being on her way out after Salmond makes his evidence at the inquiry known. Could this be their plan to step in before the May election to take over the running of Scotland as they did in Ireland and claim rightly that the Holyrood assembly is corrupt and not serving the people of Scotland.

  144. Hatuey says:

    The debate about guilt and innocence is over.

    For unionists in the media and politicians, the only question that remains revolves around timing – go now or wait? There’s arguments for both, good ones too.

    Option 1) wait until we are nearer the election and use this to do as much damage as possible to the SNP’s chances in the election.

    Option 2) go now and go nuclear. Milk it for everything to destroy Sturgeon, the SNP, the argument for independence and indy movement, and possibly close down Holyrood.

    With option 2, they would need to go nuclear and maximise damage otherwise they run the risk of the SNP recovering before the election with a new leadership. The implications of going now are serious and if it happens you can assume and expect the worst. Boris’s unscheduled visit to Scotland today indicates to me that they are poised to press the button imminently.

    It’s worth saying that this debate about timing is all very normal, run of the mill, predictable and rational politics; it would be odd if the unionists in the media and politics were not thinking strategically about the timing.

  145. Willie says:

    The sworn affidavits by Craig Murray should be copied to all members of the SNP and the content should be up for discussion in event branch in the land.

    Let’s flush out what needs to be flushed out.

    And yes, why is Boris Johnson today not being prosecuted by Police Scotland for breaking lockdown law and undertaking unnecessary illegal travel. Nicola Sturgeon was remarkably restrained in her comments about her visit.

    Not so about her political enemy Margaret Ferrier now ex SNP MP now charged with reckless and culpable conduct for travelling home from London to Glasgow.

    And not so for the thousands who have now been given fines by Police Scotland for moving out of their local authority area.

    This is an outrageous message to be sending out and reinforces the corrupt hand of Police Scotland and their political masters.

  146. Keith says:

    Funny how no press pick up on it – yet JR Mogg did, somewhat publically.

  147. Mia says:

    “Was Nicola Sturgeon setting out to nobble Joanna Cherry, or to distract from Craig Murray’s claims, or both, or neither?”

    In my opinion to nobble Joanna. It is now extremely urgent for both teams to stop her taking control of the SNP before the May election. When I say teams I mean the British state and their operating unit in Scotland with Sturgeon and Murrell in control of both Sgov and SNP and a nice collection of civil servants and party apparatchiks loyal to the British state as their minions.

    If Mr Murray announced during the court case he was going to publish his affidavits, then it is natural to think that the Lord Advocate (and her) knew this bombshell news were coming, hence no time for STurgeon to waste attacking Mr Murray so she went directly for Joanna’s jugular.

    “And why on Earth wouldn’t the Scottish media report such an astonishing allegation against a sitting First Minister three months before a crucial election?”

    Could it possibly be because Sturgeon and her protegee are both in the pocket of the British state and the apparatus of the British state does not want this protegee tarnished before the election to avoid thwarting their chances at getting control of the SNP?

    Based on pure speculation and a very active imagination on my part:

    What if Sturgeon is a stooge of the British state (willingly or unwillingly for example due to blackmail/some kind of inconvenient evidence or the promise of an advancement of her career)?

    What if the next “asset” lined up by the elements of the British state infiltrating the SNP to take over from Sturgeon has already been sufficiently compromised by directly or indirectly, willingly or not involving them enough in this conspiracy against Mr Salmond to ensure they will be obediently toeing the British state line for the next 5 years for fear of some of that unsavoury evidence emerging or worse, the risk of prosecution?

    But what if this new “asset” cannot take over the leadership of the party until they get elected to a seat in the May election?

    Now, wouldn’t that explain very nicely this colluding silence from the unionist press all over the UK, the deliberate removal of the parliamentary inquiry dentures, the blatant refusal of Swinney to abide by parliamentary votes and yet not facing a no confidence vote, the fact the lord advocate has not yet been sacked or prosecuted for the admission of malicious prosecution against Rangers and is still allowed to continue applying the breaks to the damning evidence, stopping the inquiry and the public see the evidence that proves Mr Salmond prosecution was also malicious, that no civil servant has been sacked yet for their role in the rogue complaints procedure, the vicious prosecution of pro-indy bloggers and the fact that Sturgeon’s government has got away with throwing millions into this without a serious peep from the opposition apart from some lip service?

    What if the opposition parties, Sturgeon’s SNP, the COPFS, Civil Servants, Murrell and SNP subordinates, those controlling Parliament and the British state are all working together in collusion to stoop independence by keeping Sturgeon in control of the SNP until their next puppet is in a position to take over?

    Now, isn’t it a frightening prospect to think that if all these forces have been able to make a total mockery of our parliament, our government structures, our political parties, our democracy, our justice system, the civil service, the crown prosecution service, the police, the mainstream press, etc because they want a particular result, they might not stop until they destroy everything in their way to ensure their compromised puppet gets in?

    Didn’t Sturgeon said for at least two times already that it might be the case that the May election has to be totally based on postal votes?
    Didn’t we see dodgy things happening to the postal votes in 2014? What if they were to happen again to ensure the puppet gets in?

    Now here is another frightening prospect:

    What if the vicious and continuous attempts to chuck Ms Ferrier out of the seat were because these individuals knew already then they could not stall the release of evidence all the way to May so they needed an urgent seat for the British state new puppet to get in by the back door and quickly?

    What if their attempts to chuck Ms Cherry and Ms Macaskill now are in part to make a seat available before May?

    I mean, if they manage to chuck Ms Cherry, that would be two birds shot with the same bullet: the much needed seat to access the leadership and the main contender out of the way.

    I am beginning to think that our vote in May may count for very little, unless we open our eyes, because those votes may have already been casted “on our behalf”. Didn’t somebody say once “It’s not the people who vote but those who count the votes, that count.”

    Did I get anywhere close, Rev?

  148. Bob Mack says:

    @Republic of Scotland,

    Yes I know. One poster on there actually said that Paul was so very different from” other bloggers”, meaning Wings of course, because Paul only served Independence and not for lining his own pockets.

    I reminded her that Paul had started a fund to buy his new house after his stroke, to which I contributed.

    It was of course censored.

  149. Frazerio says:

    Sorry, 1 more thing. If anyone reading this is a journalist, went to Uni, is employed by any newspaper, please feel free to come on and put forward a defence of the virtual media blackout. Please. You dont even need to do the digging to report this, Wings & Craig Murray are doing all the legwork. Why the deafening silence? Where is your self respect? How do you justify letting Scotland rot? Where is your conscience? Please explain.

  150. Stu Foster says:

    Frazerio says: 3:40 pm

    “For the first time I see in Sturgeon this taking a physical toll. The eyes actually looking black & withdrawn. Might just be the lighting tho in her unscripted video.”

    I agree, she is deteriorating fast.

    Hell mend the bastard.

    God hates a liar and this is payback time by the Big Yin.

    Her eyes are sinking fast into the back of her head.

    On the Marr show, Sturgeon looked like an old Madame out of a Texas Whorehouse.

    Lying is a high risk game, and Sturgeon looks to be losing big time.

  151. NellG says:

    Mia@ 4.05pm

    That works for me and I’ve suspected as much for a long time. There is much more to this than a personal vendetta. I also see Nicola’s trans attack dogs were trying to smear Joanna with antisemitism. Straight out of the New Labour playbook. Obviously the same dark forces at work. They seem to be ramping things up in the last few days.

  152. Wee Chid says:

    Frank anderson says:
    28 January, 2021 at 3:26 pm
    “I am beginning to wonder if the SG actually facilitated BoJo’s visit?!”

    I was thinking much the same but along the lines that it seems to persuade the population that the “Tories are really worried about Sturgeon’s plan for Indyref 2” and try and get us to believe the pish too – i.e. that she really means it this time.Aye.

  153. Effijy says:

    Where is Nicola’s response to the name calling from Lord Snooty?

    Where is her condemnation of Boris not saving the NHS by staying home?

    Why isn’t she commenting on Craig’s compelling evidence that her
    Government, Civil Service, Legal System, COPFS and Police are corrupt?

    Why isn’t she shooting down the false benefits of Bojo’s Union?

    I’ve seen more fight and conviction in a Nursery Playground.

  154. Daredevil says:

    Neil Cameron claims a wee bird said a big case is coming your way.
    Any idea what he’s on about or is he just talking his usual shite?

  155. Effijy says:

    Latest U.K. Tory Covid Stats 28,680 new cases and another 1,239 Dead.

    With the U.K. retirement age having increase by 7 years for many
    because of the fact that we were supposed to be living longer,
    Can that be reduced again because you are now killing us off?

  156. This is all getting quite scary in a kafka-esque way!

  157. Mia says:

    “They seem to be ramping things up in the last few days”

    It seems to me that they have to. They were counting on the parliamentary inquiry being diluted down all the way to May, but with the amount of information in the public domain, these 3 months until May have now become absolutely critical unless they force Sturgeon to remain in post or the puppet gets a seat by the back door. Let’s watch for somebody in Holyrood suddenly resigning their seat (Derek Mckay?) and then Sturgeon announcing they are delaying the election because of another spike in Covid.

    They need to stop a plebiscite what come may. If they manage a smooth transition from Sturgeon to the puppet and the SNP does not plummet on the polls in the next few weeks, that the plebiscite is stopped is a given. But if Sturgeon is ejected before May and the puppet does not have a seat, somebody else may get in removing the breaks from the plebiscite. The British state will not allow this to happen.

    The thing is they cannot wound the SNP too much and they cannot expose the puppet before they take control of the party, because if they do voters will not vote the puppet in an there goes the control of the party down the pan. Even if the SNP loses the majority in Holyrood, they still have 48 SNP MPs that are the ones who can pull the lever of the union at any point. In other words, they need the SNP wounded and compliant in Holyrood and that compliant puppet in control of the SNP to stop the MPs pulling the lever.

  158. Jacob Rees Mogg pulled no punches. Sturgeon is dragging Scotland’s reputation through the mud.

    “”Moan-a-lot Mrs Sturgeon will have something to moan about in early February, when Mr Salmond gives evidence to a committee of inquiry in the Scottish Parliament, and we find out all that is going on up North, to the disadvantage of the Scottish people, led by a hopeless administration”

  159. TOMMY SHERIDAN says:

    Further informed legal comment from Solicitor Advocate Gordon Dangerfield that based on even the limited evidence available there is clear grounds to state that Alex Salmond was indeed the victim of a devious and criminal conspiracy to first destroy his reputation and then have him imprisoned. Such a grave injustice must be called out by those of us determined to fight for an independent Scotland because the cause is bigger than any one party or individual and the new Scotland we want to build is based on integrity, justice and the rule of law not corruption and nasty nepotism. Please listen to and share Part 2 of my discussion with Gordon

  160. David F says:

    It’s late where I am and I haven’t read all the comments so sorry if this is a repeat.

    If I was Bojo I wouldn’t waste this h-bomb on the election. I’d tell the MSM to keep their traps shut, let Sturgeon win the election, grant the S30 request, tell the MSM to open their traps now, make absolute mincemeat of Sturgeon and the SNP during the campaign, and put an end to Indy for ever.

    I hope Bojo’s not as canny as me.

  161. Iain More says:

    Why wasn’t Boris and his Yoon circus arrested?

  162. holymacmoses says:

    The most important thing is for Scotland to call out its own villains and not wait for the likes of Rees-Mogg to gloat over our problems

  163. Hugh Jarse says:

    Are Polis Scotland duty bound to investigate a crime, if there’s credibility in the accusation?

    No COPFS involvement required.

    The victim doesn’t have to bring the accusation, i think.

    It would be a good way for Livingston to distance himself from the conspiracy.

  164. Mia says:

    “Jacob Rees Mogg pulled no punches. Sturgeon is dragging Scotland’s reputation through the mud”

    Yeah, sure, and as all up here in Scotland were born yesterday and are zipped at the back, it would have never occurred to us that Sturgeon and Murrell, not exactly the sharpest tools in the box, would have only been able to get away with all these machinations, involving UK civil servants, SNP employees, COPFS and the police in what looks like a conspiracy to pervert the course of justice, if they had a very strong helping hand from somewhere near London that, at the very least, was deliberately looking the other way.

  165. robertknight says:

    Tommy S @4:51

    Already listened – great piece! Thank you.

    Recommend everyone spend a worthwhile 20 minutes listening.

  166. Republicofscotland says:

    Iain @4.53pm.

    Johnson’s illegal Covid rule breaking trip, was reported to Police Scotland by a number of concerned citizens in Scotland, however don’t expect any action from our colonial police force. The Chief Constable in Scotland will have been told to stand his officers down from higher up the chain of command.

  167. Muscleguy says:

    I saw on Twitter that the Belfast Telegraph ran a story on the Craig Murray affidavits. As for your questions Rev. I think both. Why kill one bird with a stone when it can be used to kill two.

    Good luck going after Joanna Cherry *QC* First Minister. Even if she were to instruct council they would likely tbe her junior in the court. I certainly would not like to be cross examined by Ms Cherry acting for the opposition and neither should anyone else treat that lightly.

    Sturgeon has made a sworn enemy of the most able politician of his generation. Now she seems set to make one of perhaps the most able person in her party.

    Protect her legacy? More likely poison it for all the historians to conclude she was a paranoid psychopath.

  168. Republicofscotland says:

    Incidentally Iain @4.53pm.

    One BritNat Red Top newspaper which shall remain unnamed, said that Johnson’s personal 100K taxpayer funded photographer, was with him on his illegal jaunt North of the border today to takes pictures of his visit.

  169. Dan says:

    @ Jim F. McIntosh & Mia

    Either way it can and will no doubt be used to justify UK Gov’s future tinkerings.

  170. cirsium says:

    @Frank, 3.26
    I like that Lady Dorian asked why the Crown Office had waited till after the Salmond ‘trial’ to prosecute Craig on something that could influence the ‘trial’.

    Very good question. Look at this timeline for the answer (see paragraphs 111 and 112 of his affidavit) ?
    31 March – Craig Murray approaches his solicitor about petitioning the court to lift the anonymity of the claimants due to their abuse of this anonymity
    15 April – he receives a draft from his QC
    23 April – he is charged with contempt.

    I also came across a comment on lawfare from Alfred de Zayas, the retired UN rapporteur “Lawfare means the instrumentalization of the administration of justice for purely political ends.  It destroys the rule of law from within. “

  171. Effijy says:

    If only we could guess what the last Glaswegian was going to tell Boris
    if he visited his estate. Lol

  172. Davie Oga says:

    One thing that has become very clear through this tawdry affair is that there are many people in the unionist establishment that must really, really despise That Alicsammin.


  173. Elmac says:

    Where do the Law Society stand on this? Are they happy with the behaviour of Wolffe and his minions? Has anyone made a complaint to them? His abuse of his position does the legal fraternity in Scotland no favours. At the very least the Law Society should have a quiet word in his ear. In a just society he would be in the dock on a number of charges.

  174. ScottieDog says:

    “ One thing that has become very clear through this tawdry affair is that there are many people in the unionist establishment that must really, really despise That Alicsammin.”

    He’s still a massive threat to the union.

  175. Effijy says:

    Would Police Scotland have to answer a freedom of information request
    as to why they didn’t stop, fine and dispatch this dangerous blond haired
    traveller who broke all the Covid rules?

    Surely an honest Scottish Police Commander doesn’t take orders
    from another country?
    The Scottish Tax payer employs them all up here.

  176. A Person says:

    Some really thought-provoking comments on here.

    I particularly liked the comparison of the media’s silence to Sherlock Holmes’ “curious incident of the dog in the night”. The only one with the nerve to have so much as mentioned it is Iain Macwhirter. Really shows the true colours of so many.

    But what freaks me out more is Rees-Mogg’s comments. It’s easy to ridicule such a ludicrous figure, but that is the same WGD mentality which things that hashtags and filters mean that we’re bound to become independent. When push comes to shove on things like this, the British state doesn’t fuck about, and those comments are deeply ominous. Put it this way, it’s exactly what I would do if I was a British minister. We can’t say we weren’t warned.

  177. holymacmoses says:

    Yeah, sure, and as all up here in Scotland were born yesterday and are zipped at the back, it would have never occurred to us that Sturgeon and Murrell, not exactly the sharpest tools in the box, would have only been able to get away with all these machinations, involving UK civil servants, SNP employees, COPFS and the police in what looks like a conspiracy to pervert the course of justice, if they had a very strong helping hand from somewhere near London that, at the very least, was deliberately looking the other way.

    We can’t have it all ways They got autonomy and that’s what they did with it – are you saying that we need the Inglish to sort out the folk up here? As I recall the Yoons advised the coven that it wasn’t a good idea and they were ignored.

  178. kapelmeister says:

    Rees-Mogg is annoyed at Sturgeon dragging Scotland through the mud. He’s reserved that bit of fun for himself.

  179. colin findlay says:

    Oh,what a tangled web we weave…..

  180. ScottieDog says:

    BJ’s visit was about power. (We can come and shit in your nest anytime we please)

  181. robertknight says:

    Scottiedog @5:18

    Sorry, but using “interesting’ and “Pete Wishart” in the same sentence should be an automatic life ban from Wings BTL.

  182. A Person says:


    Usual shit from that cunt.

    “Here’s an important document where a man alleges high-level corruption”
    “Haw haw haw Craig Murray”
    “Craig Murray is actually quite an accomplished guy, and he makes some serious points”
    “Why’s it preposterous?”
    “Haw haw haw outrageous!”
    “You’re not actually saying…”

    In the words of somebody who lived near Pete’s constituency: “a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing”.

  183. rob says:

    Why is the msm doing nothing about the Craig Murray revelations ?

    Quite simple…. they got badly burned when they falsely and vindictively attacked Alex prior to his court case and verdict…. they dare not do the same with Craig , so they are awaiting the verdict from the judge.

  184. The Tory/establishment managed to curb Corbyn Labour with anti semitic slurs and it worked now they are trying the same pish with SNP and transphobia.

  185. steelewires says:

    I think there is a problem with the suffixes “phobia” and “phobic”. They immediately shut down and philosophic, theological, and scientific discussion on the topic, be it trans, homo, Islamic, religious, or whatever. I have been acquainted with a number of people how have identified as transgender, male to female. In talking with them I have become aware of the mental and emotional suffering they have endured. Their pain distresses me. At the same time I am aware of people who have difficulty with the term “transgender” not because they have a phobia but because they have a problem with using the term “gender”, which until the 1960s was applied to nouns and pronouns, to people. “Nouns and pronouns have gender, people have sex”.

    Saying this is to not be unempathetic to people who who have psychological and emotional difficulties with their sexual identity. Its to raise the question of whether the transfer of grammatical terms to human beings has been helpful to such people and to society. It’s to make no judgements about the desire of individuals to change their sexual identity. Rather it’s to raise the question of how helpful the notion of transgender is to individuals and society.

    To explore such questions is not because of a phobia, but a genuine desire for philosophic, theological, and scientific clarification of the matter. Using the terms “phobia” and “phobic” is not helpful.

  186. TNS2019 says:

    We are throwing this in as supportive evidence for the assertion that the corruption that led to the Salmond case is widespread and is effectively the modus operandi for government and it’s agencies.
    Yes, we have a campaign of our own, but that is not the point. What happened to a small charity-run special school in Swinney’s own constituency offers a window into ScotGov as a whole.
    What happened to our school community and the vicious personal attack on our managers was simply unforgiveable, but they are fighting back and in a big way.
    We do not see Swinney surviving this, principally because, unlike Murray/Whitehouse/Hirst etc, the real victims were vulnerable young people.
    Please delete Rev Campbell if this is of no interest to your visitors or contravenes regs.

  187. dramfineday says:

    Muscleguy at 5.06

    I recall that Alex Salmond gave Joanna C an absolutely first class introduction when she first stood as an MP.

    So Alex gets one shotgun barrel and surprise, surprise, Joanna gets the other. Funny that.

    Incidentally JC is my MP and I’ve been very happy with her performance, more than I can say for numerous others.

  188. Hugh Jarse says:

    Aunties PM show now.
    Yesterday’s man, wee Dougie Alexander calls for a delay in May.
    Threatening Catalonia outcome to advisory referendum.
    Claims to be a Scot!
    Sooks up to socialist leader Sir Keir.

  189. Mist001 says:

    To the best of my current knowledge, not one single SNP MP/MSP/whatever, INCLUDING Joanna Cherry have said anything about Craig Murrays post yesterday.

    You would think that Joanna Cherry would say something, but she hasn’t.

    Why not?

    I have nothing against the woman but I don’t think she’s quite the Golden Girl that she’s being made out to be here.

  190. dakk says:

    “ One thing that has become very clear through this tawdry affair is that there are many people in the unionist establishment that must really, really despise That Alicsammin.”

    On the contrary I’m afraid.

    The glee with which Rees Mogg was today using Alicsammin’s name as a threat to the Scottish government/Parliament and Nicola Sturgeon says the complete opposite.

    Popcorn and beer all round for the brits courtesy of the Salmond/Sturgeon Punch and Judy show.

  191. Captain Yossarian says:

    @Mist001 – I don’t always agree with you but on this I do, 100%.

  192. ScottieDog says:

    “ Sorry, but using “interesting’ and “Pete Wishart” in the same sentence should be an automatic life ban from Wings BTL.”
    LOL I should have injected more sarcasm in there!

  193. Bob Mack says:


    Cherrys twitter has been inactive since yesterday. Probably deliberate.

  194. Sylvia says:

    Mist001 5:48 pm
    I feel lack of comments by MP/MSPs re’ Craig Murray’s affidavit, is a case of “keeping your powder dry” until a verdict is reached.

  195. holymacmoses says:


    You would think that Joanna Cherry would say something, but she hasn’t.

    Why not?

    I have nothing against the woman but I don’t think she’s quite the Golden Girl that she’s being made out to be here.

    Tweet in haste, repent at leisure. She may be thinking. She may be speaking to people and have to wait in line. She may be waiting for two or three people to be able to get together for a conference . My guess she’s seeking advice from people on how to handle things.

  196. Confused says:

    Boris Johnson’s trip “north” baffles me; it’s like a modern day version of the king’s touch, that old idea if the monarch touched you it would cure you of the pox, carbuncles and warts.

    I dunno, maybe if you ever see Boris IN THE FLESH you are “cured of nationalism” – overcome with such awe at his presence, charisma, intellect and sheer godlike status, you intrinsically tug the forelock, muttering “aye, gaffer” and “we are not worthy” and feel nothing but warm gratitude for the firm but fair, wise “pimp hand” of the ANGLO SAXON, by God, who created this entire world, and gave the railways to the hottentot, a continent to mad puritans and opium to the grateful chinaman; who along the way, also invented the curry and the potato, alas, the irish and indian were too stupid to feed themselves with such bounteous gifts from pleasant albion …

    – are we not speaking in his tongue?? (- but that’s another story, in itself)

  197. Sarah says:

    It has been pointed out that Joanna Cherry’s twitter has no entries since yesterday. I expect the party has told everyone involved to keep off twitter, whether victim or aggressor.

  198. shug says:

    I think if Nicola is removed now the May election will be lost (ie no majority).

    If she remains we will have a good chance.

    If Mr. Salmond can hold his peace for the moment, and if the SNP produce a manifesto a plebiscitary paragraph to outflank Boris we could have a result.

    The evidence of criminality can be dealt with later.

    Much will depend on the alphabet women maintaining their cool as they must be thinking of turning queens evidence before the evidence is leaked and criminal proceeding start and there is only one get out of jail card available.

    Having said that it would be so funny if the alphabet women turn early and dob Nicola in the brown stuff – oh the karma!!

  199. Tannadice Boy says:

    Nobble Joanna Cherry or divert from Craig Murray is the question. I would say nobble Joanna Cherry first and foremost. Look at Nicola’s track record at throwing people under a bus. Natalie MacGarry, Michelle Thompson, Mark Macdonald, Derek MacKay, Margaret Ferrier. Please feel free to add. And the irony is the one person that should have thrown Nicola under a bus but didn’t, was Alex Salmond when he was FM.

  200. pipinghot says:

    “If Mr. Salmond can hold his peace for the moment”
    What do you mean? wheesht or indy or lie to the enquiry under oath.
    FFS you people.

  201. stuart mctavish says:

    Livionian @3.14
    I’ll see your version of Trumpian and raise it 798 sworn affidavits as a possible explanation why msm is reluctant to draw attention to the issue.

    Lets hope for Craig’s sake that the Scottish judiciary proves less corruptible than the US supreme court appears to have been. 🙂

  202. A Person says:


    I disagree. If she hangs on they’ll use this scandal crucify her, tarnish the SNP brand, divide the Yes movement (although arguably that would be beneficial to the voting system), frighten the soft No vote and use it as an excuse to curb Holyrood.

    The idea that she is some sort of beloved figure is questionable. Indy support has not increased as much as support for the union has fallen. Even that is only in the past two years, in her first four years in office support barely increased. This is probably more to do with Johnson than Sturgeon. Many, especially working-class men, a key part of the SNP vote, are not keen on her.

    If she goes now there is a chance of a fresh start.

  203. Hamerdoon says:

    Was Derek MacKay thrown under a bus?

  204. Muscleguy says:

    Also if Ms Cherry is to be kicked out of the SNP or forced to leave then the stricture against her standing for Holyrood would be removed at a stroke. She can stand on the List.

    if the idea is to keep her out of Holyrood then expelling her from the party will pretty much ensure she gains a seat n it.

  205. A Person says:

    Furthermore I’m not sure why Alex would want to “hold his peace” just so that a woman who tried to put him in prison for the rest of his life (at a time when a killer disease is running rampant in prisons, especially dangerous to men in their sixties with diabetes) can try her damndest to prevent his life’s work

  206. holymacmoses says:

    shug says:
    28 January, 2021 at 6:04 pm
    I think if Nicola is removed now the May election will be lost (ie no majority).

    If she remains we will have a good chance.

    Mr Salmond has an inquiry to go to and he is bound to tell the truth.

    I do not understand people who think that the whole of independence rests on the shoulders of Nicola Sturgeon who can be given very little credit for the rise in the desire for independence given that Boris and the Yoons have been handing out all sorts of goodies. It was quite a joke in 2014 when Alex Salmond took the fight for independence from 27% in 2010 to 47% in 2014 and yet people still thought that we might get it in spite of Mr Salmond.
    Most Scottish people don’t want to be British any longer – it has little or nothing to do with who leads the party out of the wildernes. People know we can run ourselves these days and they’ve seen how WM runs the UK these days

  207. Patrick Roden says:

    What if it’s not herself that Nicola is trying to distract attention from but the fact that Craig’s affidavit identified several high ranking officials.

    If they can show that they did not do the things he claimed (by releasing relevant documentation) they will by able to raise legal actions of defamation against his very serious allegations.

    Political leaders do not raise these actions because it does not look good in the public eye, but civil servants and government officials have every right to do so.

    Will they take action? it means they will need to let the courts see all documentation so let’s just say that by naming them Craig has painted them into a very very tight corner, in which them taking no action is a very definite action.

    He is clearly aware of this and is very sure of his evidence and sources, and Nicola knows this, so as the politicians’ handbook of dirty tricks would state, ‘ when you are cornered throw a dead cat on the table’.

    Well, Nicola, we were shocked for a brief moment when we saw the dead cat but Craig Murray has brought a live elephant into the room, and I know what one I need to pay most attention to!

    Just go you treacherous little shit!

  208. dakk says:

    “You would think that Joanna Cherry would say something, but she hasn’t.

    Why not?

    I have nothing against the woman but I don’t think she’s quite the Golden Girl that she’s being made out to be here.”

    An early start by one of the more obvious Wings concern trolls in attacking the next potential driver of the only vehicle which could lead Scotland to independence.

  209. Jason Smoothpiece says:

    With all the allegations which are being thrown around accusing folk of serious crime I have to say I am shocked that Police Scotland has not set up a major enquiry into the alleged going on anent the conspiracy to have Mr Salmond jailed.

    False allegation of a crime which is a common law charge would appear appropriate.

    The crime of False allegation is made more serious due to the status of those involved often called an aggravation ie First Minister senior civil servants people in positions of trust.

    The victim need not report the crime as in this case Police Scotland who have to be well aware of what’s going on have a duty to investigate simple as that.

    The Police can’t ignore what’s going on because it’s inconvenient or they have been asked not by someone.

    Failure to investigate this situation is simply a neglect of duty by effectively the Chief Constable.

  210. Graham says:

    Sounds like Sturgeon is guilty re: Salmond and I don’t doubt the dubiousness of the video. I don’t know much about Joanna but yeah for sure I’d give her a go at FM.

    I’ll bet that just like Nicola, she also condemns “transphobia” (or trans-bigotry if you will). I expect she believes in the rights of others and does not partake in abusive behaviour and insulting language, even when she opposes a policy from a point of principle. She understands that there is a difference between hesitancy in adjusting society’s protocols to respect an individual’s rights at the potential detriment of others, and denying those very rights exist at all. She recognises trans people as legitimate people deserving human rights. She puts forth valid reasoning in a respectful manner. I assume. I hope.

    The insulting language, name calling, and crude misrepresentation prevalent in Wings articles and comments should not be mistaken for ‘the Joanna approach’ to gender identity politics. Being sour and nasty about people on account of an aspect of their identity is disgraceful in any circumstance.

    I expect there is conflation in both sides of the issue; pro-trans-rights/twitler-wokerati vs pro-women’s-rights/transphobic. Only the former in each case is a legitimate point of view. Casting the former as synonymous with the latter is foul play. It’s not necessarily transphobic to have reasoned opinion on policy, nor necessarily woke to recognise the rights of others. But it definitely is in simple words, wrong, to be nasty about it and stir up hatred.

  211. robertknight says:


    Another wheesht for Indy.

    Jog on eh…

  212. Mac says:

    kapelmeister says:
    28 January, 2021 at 12:30 pm
    The MSM are staring at Scotland’s Watergate and pretending they see nothing.

    Was thinking about that kapelmeister and I quickly came to the conclusion that Watergate is probably 1/100th as bad as this.

    ooOOOooh breaking in and spying… how shocking. Compared to the Sturgeon Affair Watergate is kindergarten level shit.

    We are definitely going to need a bigger analogy.

  213. shug says:

    Be absolutely clear from what I have read she should be in jail sharing facilities with her spaghetti friends.

    Perverting the course of justice, using the crow office and the police to pursue personal vendettas. All worthy of a good hinging!

    I want to see a rout that allows us to enter the May elections at 50% + and a campaign taking it further

  214. Iain Lawson says:

    Given that the long term grafters and the folk who funded the SNP for decades are leaving in their droves I think the SNP should be very worried about who is going to be the activists in May. I also look forward to hearing the outcome of the Woke Financial appeal. Somehow I don’t think it will amount to much. It’s all so sad but the current leadership are responsible so unless they are removed nothing much is going to change.

    By the way before the great leader decides her rules over trans issues perhaps an open debate and vote on what that those rules should be would be a good idea. I don’t think Nicola would like the outcome, indeed she might resign.

  215. Mia says:

    shug says:
    28 January, 2021 at 6:04 pm
    “I think if Nicola is removed now the May election will be lost (ie no majority)”

    Well, I think if Nicola or her protegee are in control of the SNP by the time we approach May election, voting for the SNP will be like voting for a unionist party.

    The SNP under any of those two Westminster puppets might win a majority of seats but that will not win us anything, in fact it will lose us the opportunity for independence in the near future.

    This conspiracy against Mr Salmond was always about who controls the SNP as an anti-union weapon, if would be the pro indy Salmondites like Ms Cherry and Macaskill or the British state.

    Sturgeon, her protegee, Blackford and I dare say all those jumping on the divisive genderwoowoo bandwagon like Black, Smith or Blackman are willingly or unwillingly, the hands of the British state.

  216. Elmac says:

    Had a look on WGD. Most btl comments studiously avoiding the big story of the week/year/decade. The ones that do acknowledge it are still in total denial. Unfortunately they represent a substantial portion of the Yes vote. What does it take for people to open their eyes? I must remember not to antagonise them by calling them stupid, but by God it’s hard.

  217. Alf Baird says:

    Helen Yates @ 1:46

    “Joanna Cherry…is a real threat to the union”

    I must be missing something. Is there anything in JCs frequent National pieces that suggests any real ‘threat to the union’? Aside from a few good speeches in the HoC and a couple of bizarre court cases confirming the sovereignty of Westminster, where is the ‘threat to the union’.

  218. Alf Baird says:

    Giesabrek @ 1:51

    “Kate Forbes or Philippa Whitford for next First Minister.”

    I would be interested to learn what either of the above have written or said that makes you think they would do anything different from the current FM?

  219. Mist001 says:

    @ dakk

    The only reason people think Joanna Cherry is all that and a bag of chips is because she managed to prevent prorogation of Westminster parliament.

    She was anonymous and had done nothing significant before that and has been anonymous and has done nothing significant since then.

    Peoples admiration of Joanna Cherry is based on that one, single matter of prorogation and nothing else because there IS nothing else.

    That way of thinking is exactly why Mrs. Murrell got to the position that she holds now, and look how that’s turning out.

  220. Bob Mack says:

    @Alf Baird,

    Give her the power to make decisions then you will find out.

    I guarantee she would not be hanging abkut the way Nicola is.

  221. holymacmoses says:

    Alf Baird says:
    28 January, 2021 at 7:00 pm
    Giesabrek @ 1:51

    “Kate Forbes or Philippa Whitford for next First Minister.”

    I would be astonished if Dr Whitford wanted anything to do with power at that level – I don’t think it’s her bag

  222. holymacmoses says:

    I wonder if Sturgeon’s strategy is to keep her power but not get enough votes to force a referendum

  223. Willie says:

    This afternoon I wrote to Police Scotland vie their online reporting facility to complain about the Boris Johnson, security staff, support staff, aides, media assistants and press making a non essential visit to premises in Govan Road, Glasgow today. ( eg the labs at the QE hospital )

    At 17.37 pm I received this response :-

    “ Good Afternoon,

    Thank you for your e-mail.

    Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s visit to Scotland is a working visit in his official capacity as Prime Minister and we are policing the event appropriately. Exceptions within the Coronavirus regulations include travelling for work, and we will not be taking any further action.”


    Service Advisor “

    This response is incorrect. The current regulations outlaw non essential travel, and there are clear directions on who should travel, to where and who should work or not.

    This Prime Ministerial photo opportunity publicity show could have been undertaken from a studio in London. Instead the Prime Minister and a his team travelled from London to Glasgow, involving security and safety sweeps ahead and around the visit together with the media scrum that Followed it.

    The Police Scotland response therefore shows that they are either partisan and biased or no upholders of the law. And a bitter pill for all those who have been stopped and fined by Police Scotland across Scotland over recent weeks.

  224. A Person says:

    I don’t know much about Joanna Cherry, but she is a fighter for women’s rights at a time when to be one is a sure-fire way to get hounded out of public life, especially if you are on the left. That in itself speaks to her character and integrity.

    She has some media profile, which is more than can be said for a lot of SNP politicians.

    And she’s the bete noire of the devious crook who currently runs Scottish politics. Judge someone by their enemies and all that…

    I’m prepared to be disappointed (you should ALWAYS expect to be disappointed by politicians), but those are three points in her favour.

  225. laukat says:

    I think the reason for Sturgeon’s statement last night became clear and its related to this

    The SNP NEC are now going to create a defintion of Transphobia that will then allow complaints to be investigated by the National Secretary.

    Is essence you make an issue public, create a process to attract complaint then use it to remove people from your party and politics. Sound Familiar?

  226. Sarah says:

    @ Alf Baird: neither KF or Dr PW would conspire to fabricate criminal charges.

  227. Terry says:

    Party Political broadcast for Scottish Lib Dems was astounding.

    Willie Rennie mentioned the opposition. He actually said, “Boris Johnson and Alex Salmond.” I had to go on the internet and watch it again. And that IS what he said. No mention of Nicola Sturgeon and yet she Leads the SNP. What does wee willie rennie know? After all, Alex ain’t even in the SNP and is a private citizen…. or…. something’s up.

    So unless he’s turned into mystic meg it looks like its a taxi for Nicola.

    Oh, and how pathetic wearing a poppy in January – but I guess he’s trying to hoover up some Brit Nat votes.

  228. Mac says:

    We are now into the start of the (soon to be) mass cognitive dissonance phase.

    The Sturgeon Affair is so vast, so grotesque it will repel belief in most people. The level of betrayal and malfeasance is off the scale… it really is.

    But that said even a cursory review of the events is overwhelming. Like Jupiter’s gravitational maw you can escape the enormous body of truth staring you in the face and pulling you closer at an ever increasing speed…

    All these people now have two ‘truths’ living in their head. In short, Nicola is a good guy. Nicola is a wank.

    Only one truth will prevail, the truth, but there are going to be some ugly scenes and melt-downs along the way.

    I am rather looking forward to it.

  229. Elmac says:

    Would be interesting to know how many were in his entourage and whether all of them had Covid tests before their trip.

    The fact is the legislation relates only to essential travel in a work context that has to mean necessary travel for the performance of the duties required. In BJ’s case that is unmitigated nonsense. He has committed an offence and he, and his group, should be subjected to the same rule of law as the rest of us. I expect our police force to apply the same sanctions, fines and warnings as you or I would receive for the same behaviour. DO IT NOW!

  230. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Hi Muscleguy at 6:18 pm.

    You typed,
    “Also if Ms Cherry is to be kicked out of the SNP or forced to leave then the stricture against her standing for Holyrood would be removed at a stroke. She can stand on the List.”

    If she was no longer under the SNP Westminster whip, she could retain her MP seat as an ‘independent’.
    Therefore, she would be free to put herself forward as an ‘independent’, against A. Robertson in Edinburgh Central for the Holyrood constituency seat.
    And, if she also put herself up for the regional vote…

    If she is elected, either constituency or region, then she resigns her Westminster seat, forcing a by-election.


  231. Elmac says:

    Re my post 7.19

    Would it be OK if they travelled north for a group eye test?

  232. Mia says:

    “They got autonomy and that’s what they did with it”

    This isn’t just a question of “autonomy”. They got “autonomy” because the British State gave them that “autonomy” to use UK civil servants as their minions. By that I mean that if what is in Mr Murray’s affidavit is true, UK senior civil servants are in this up to their armpits. That is UK civil servants controlled by London. If I read correctly, there was suggestion that one of them might have leaked the story to a newspaper and very senior civil servants were involved in the orchestration of false accusations and actively breaking the law.

    There is no way you could possibly sell such actions as anything other than being politically motivated and therefore a flagrant breach of the civil service code, besides of the law. There is a precedent of some civil servants from the treasury to be working during 2014 “to save the union”. Well, I see this as the exact same scenario.

    There is no doubt in my mind that high command in the UK gov knew what was going here from day one and those UK civil servants were confident they would be protected from prosecution and exposure by their UK civil service employer. If that was not the case, there is no way the Lord Advocate would have ever got away with the Rangers thing without bringing down Sturgeon’s government, never mind retain his post only to stop the present evidence on this conspiracy case to reach the right places or individuals that lied under oath being prosecuted for perjury.

    “– are you saying that we need the Inglish to sort out the folk up here?”

    No, I am saying that some of those who control the Inglish government have their hand in this too and that is the reason why this mess was not stopped sooner, why the inquiry has no teeth, why the opposition parties are not issuing a VONC on Sturgeon’s government and why the COPFS is behaving like this and get away with it.

    “As I recall the Yoons advised the coven that it wasn’t a good idea and they were ignored”

    It was not “the yoons”. It was UK cabinet office. The fact they received the draft of the procedure on the 16th November when this draft was already in quite advance state, tells you they knew what the civil servants up here were up to and were trying to do. And also the idea that Evans would not be telling her boss in London what was happening here is fanciful.

    Since when a simple Scottish nationalist, CEO of a political party in Scotland has the Metropolitan Police on speed dial?

  233. Stoker says:

    Unless there’s a plebiscite in May, and there isn’t going to be one for as long as Sturgeon & Russell are there, you will be voting for 5 years of Woke agenda ten times worse than has previously taken place. Be aware of what your money (vote) is buying you come May. Buyer beware!

    Also, i noticed further up thread @ 2:03 pm laukat saying:

    “Sturgeon’s statement to the woke last night said Transphobia was a bad thing what it didn’t say was that she was going to take any action to deliver what the woke want.”

    Oh yes she did, and she made her intentions *very* and somewhat worryingly clear when she stated that she would do “everything” within her power to bring them (those that were supposedly leaving the SNP) “back home” etc.

    That to me can only mean one of two things or, more likely, both. That she’s going to try & go after Cherry & get rid of her &/or she’s going to further prioritise pushing through Woke issues over & ahead of anything to do with indy.

    All of this reinforces my stated belief above that, unless a plebiscite is arranged for May2021, a vote for the SNP is a vote for another 5 years of Sturgeon & Co’s Wokey-Cokey Party. We will have been had again and it’ll be far too late to do anything about it. Five more years down the drain into the sewer.

    You pays your money you takes your choice. Buyer beware!

  234. Shug says:

    I wonder who proposed the conspiricy in the first place

  235. Shug says:

    There can be little doubt westminster is moving there position hence the worry and visit

  236. A Person says:


    It’s been the British way since the days of Pitt the Elder. No Spanish-style jackboots, but instead death by a thousand cuts. Undermine, sow doubt, play both sides, turn your opponents against one another, pander to their weaknesses. Pay them off, give them lucrative contracts and no-show jobs on quangos and loyal companies. Bring them into the convivial world of the upper classes, maybe even the fantasy land of Windsor and Balmoral (how many Knights of the Thistle entered Parliament as radicals?). A bitter enemy can suddenly become venerated aam an old trouper (Mandela, McGuinness, Mugabe, Nehru). Much safer than outright brutality, but that can be deployed if need be.

    I suspect they’ve planted someone- **I can’t imagine who**- near NS and manipulated her serious personality flaws, nearly sending AS to jail, trying to get rid of Cherry, going after Craig Murray, etc.

  237. cynicalHighlander says:

    @ Shug says:
    28 January, 2021 at 7:39 pm

    I wonder who proposed the conspiricy in the first place

    Brenda is a sheep did.

  238. Kenny J says:

    ” Bob Mack says:
    28 January, 2021 at 4:06 pm

    @Republic of Scotland,

    Yes I know. One poster on there actually said that Paul was so very different from” other bloggers”, meaning Wings of course, because Paul only served Independence and not for lining his own pockets.

    I reminded her that Paul had started a fund to buy his new house after his stroke, to which I contributed.”

    Cast your minds back to when he was still in Spain, after the crash and could not sell his house,or was it a flat ?
    He asked for help there as well, and got it.
    Then organised a campaign to get him a start at the National.

  239. Mia says:

    “I suspect they’ve planted someone”

    I do too, but I think they planted more than one. I happen to think the SNP is riddled with them. Add to that quite a few opportunists and careerists and you got a recipe for disaster.

    With regards to the Scottish government, I think they did not need to plant anyone. There is already a whole army of UK civil servants ready to ignore the civil service code of conduct to “save the union”.

  240. Ken MacIntyre says:

    Trying to imprison an innocent man and ruin his life and then cover it up with the collusion of law enforcers and the media for petty political ends is as grubby and bad as it gets.

  241. North chiel says:

    Re “ Mia’s “ posts this evening , methinks this is very close indeed to what has been going on . Looks extremely likely to me that our FM is severely compromised and is “ under direct control” of possibly UK security services ( (or elements (JRM & associates? ) of these security services within the Westminster government. It also appears to me that the Britnat party leaders in Scotland are in “ know” and consequently they are “ going easy “ on NS . “ Boris” ( the Junta front man ) also has his “ handlers” at Westminster ( very probably the same security service operatives at the heart of the Britnat establishment ). He has to “ hold the line” and play the game until he is told otherwise .
    As Mia states the “ Whitehall civil service” embedded within Holyrood are the “ fifth column” and their loyalty is to “ the British state” and without question these individuals are at the centre of these events and have been reporting back to Whitehall mandarins for months , if not years.
    It could well be that “ blackmail” is an additional factor ??

  242. North chiel says:

    Britnat journalist chief “ operative “ in Scotland Clegg on Sky news review tonight .

  243. Annie 621 says:

    “When the Truth is replaced by silence,
    the silence is a lie.”


  244. Ian McCubbin says:

    I watch and wait, keep giving us the news Stu.
    It is writing on the wall.
    I notice London Kunsberg giving more balance to SNP and Independence while undermining Boris.
    Does she know more, of the revolution inside the SNP and a likely change of leadership with vigour brought to Independence campaign?
    No one is touching Craig Murrays assertions. I have faith all will come out.

  245. North chiel says:

    “ Dyed in the wool Britnat” David Clegg on Sky news paper “ review” tonight defending NICOLA “ to the hilt” can only mean one thing ?

  246. CheeseNchive says:

    That’s what a £3000000 bung to the Scottish rags, buys you.

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