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The plotters thicken

Posted on December 03, 2020 by

Alert readers will recall the deranged open letter released by a group of transactivists last Friday, in a nakedly transparent attempt to influence the SNP’s NEC elections that weekend which backfired on them horribly (and amusingly) when the party’s members instead kicked out three-quarters of the committee’s woke faction and replaced them with feminists, socialists and above all advocates of actually achieving independence.

But things just got rather more interesting.

The letter appears to have been chiefly the initiative of three people: Mridul Wadhwa, a man who conned his way into a job as manager of a rape crisis centre (which he still holds); David Paisley, an obscure actor so obsessed with removing women’s rights that in March he offered to send people nude pictures of himself if they sent in a pro-trans submission to the Scottish Government’s gender-reform consultation, and who is engaged in relentless attempts to have gay organisation the LGB Alliance shut down; and Teddy Hope, a disturbed young SNP activist from the Aberdeen area with a track record of making lurid and totally fictitious allegations of “transphobia” against other party members, unquestioningly amplified by people like Mhairi Black MP.

Hope and Wadhwa, along with The National columnist “Steph/en” Paton, were the first people to tweet about the letter, within minutes of each other just after 3pm on Friday afternoon. (Hope subsequently deleted his tweet about it without offering any sort of explanation, something he does a lot.)

Because the authors of the letter didn’t secure the Google Drive document properly, we also know that Hope was responsible for the vast majority of edits to it on Friday.

We also know Paisley was, let’s say, “close to” the authors of the letter because he was able to make a “representation” to them to remove a defamatory paragraph about Joanna Cherry which was miraculously deleted from the letter almost instantly.

It’s also interesting in passing to note that Mhairi Hunter had already signed the letter DESPITE it containing the defamatory allegations against her colleague, and that the missing tweet in the above screenshot (which had attacked Cherry) was from Jordon Henderson, the abusive, misogynist on-off boyfriend of SNP MP Alyn Smith.

Henderson regularly suspends his Twitter account temporarily – by our count this is at least the sixth time – when he’s been embarrassing Smith, who nevertheless continues to defend him and sulks mightily if anyone tries to hold him to account for failing to condemn Henderson’s actions.

(Smith has declined to specify which “outright lies” have supposedly been told. It was alleged that he’d passed Cherry’s email to Henderson, who then mocked it publicly, and in the tweets above Smith admits doing exactly that.)

But we haven’t got to our point yet. Since the letter was published, several supposed signatories have claimed that their names were added to it without their knowledge.

One was transactivist SNP MP Stewart McDonald:

Another – extremely belatedly several days later, having implausibly claimed not to know anything about it despite countless tweets about it including his Twitter tag on the Friday – was transactivist Lib Dem MSP Alex Cole-Hamilton:

(Who said he supported “much of its intent”, just not the defamatory bits.)

A possible third is SNP staffer and Aberdeen Independence Movement chair Fatima Joji – although her tweet is so badly worded it’s not clear that that’s what she means.

(If she’s referring to our post on the subject the previous day, nobody “submitted [her] name” to us. We identified her by searching the names of signatories to the letter. Nobody has ever contacted Wings mentioning her in connection to the letter.)

So not only was the letter defamatory, offensive, intimidatory, littered with major factual untruths and disastrously counter-productive, it now appears that the 700 signatures on it were, at a minimum, not verified in any way, and at worst were deliberately faked by the letter’s authors in a manner which could also ironically be defamatory of pro-trans voices like McDonald and Cole-Hamilton.

In addition to any police enquiries and legal steps which we hope are currently under way, it would appear that at the very least the SNP needs to conduct an investigation into the activities of Mridul Wadhwa and Teddy Hope, both of whom lived a charmed life under the previous trans-captured NEC which turned a blind eye to their sustained abuse of other members.

(And both of whom were last week elected to the executive committee of Out For Independence, the trans-fundamentalist SNP affiliate group that’s the source of a great deal of the toxic division in the party.)

Until it does, the poison in the party will continue to fester. Because hate whipped up by the pathologically inept and stupid is still hate.

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62 to “The plotters thicken”

  1. Scott says:

    I also very much hope that MPs & other members of the party who have been quite openly defaming Joanna Cherry on Twitter are investigated for their clear breach of the SNP Code of Conduct.

  2. Graeme says:

    I believe this is David Paisley calling for the trans community to get “tooled up” nice guy

  3. James Dewar says:

    I see you are getting the blame for this video

  4. Lenny Hartley says:

    Wtf is happening, i saw a report today that said there was a rise of 83% of children between 4 and 10 to between 2017/2018 a Gender Clinic. Please mr Asteroid come soon.

  5. dramfineday says:

    It’s difficult to convey a laugh in a written message but this is definitely a HoHoHoHoHo story. I think it has to be Ho rather than Ha to get the depth of “gotcha” contained in this article.

    Gaun yersel Stuart! Great stuff.

    Now how’s the SNP disciplinary panel getting on? Girding your loins I trust?

  6. Willie says:

    Mridul Madhawa should be sacked.

    Anyone who boasts about getting a job that they would not have got if the interviewing organisation knew the true circumstances of the individual is in my opinion untrustworthy.

    And for individual to then pass vetting after an apparent intervention by a senior elected politician in government to reverse a previous rejection, is even more odious. However, at the end of the day, and like a Big Daddy Alyn Smith this character got the bums rush from the ordinary members.

    Hopefully ,Madhawa and Smith will get the message and just crawl off. No body wants their politics.

  7. newburghgowfer says:

    C’mon we all know Hubby & Hubby at the Top know what’s going on and if they deny it the Party still stinks and nothing has changed. Its why next year will be another year without a Indy Ref and the end of Holyrood as only a fool will think the Tories won’t shut us down. National Debt emergency etc, pooling of resources, cost savings blah blah and nothing we can do about it!! Not as though we have a plan B. Not as though Hubby & Hubby are short of a Bob or 2, not going to affect them is it?

  8. Effijy says:

    These individual’s actions are far too pathetic for
    any political party to accept.

    Surely to God the government looks at the background
    Of the people before giving them jobs, such as in the r*pe
    Crisis centre.

    A woman who has just faced such a horrible crime at the
    hands of a man won’t feel safe in confiding in a man,
    Even if he dresses like a woman.

    And Mhairi, you first speech in Westminster was truly inspiring
    But it is not acceptable you bad mouthing Joanna.
    You cannot make false allegations against party leaders and fail to apologise.

    Sorry, but if you think that Is acceptable you must be put out of the party.

    I expect the party to nail you now and have you make up your mind which way you go.

  9. Peter S says:

    These silly people obviously either can’t see that all this campaigning for “trans rights” is distracting everyone from fighting for Scottish Independence, or they just don’t care and aren’t interested in independence at all.

  10. Bob Mack says:

    Titles back to front. It should read thick plotters.

  11. Bob Mack says:

    Does Mhairi Hunter still think all these people signed rather than Mr No Hope.

  12. Livionian says:

    We spend plenty of time rightly worrying about the vicious rise of the trans lobby, but lets take a second to think about what sort of week we have had. The SNP members kicked out a whole bunch of vile misogynists. And the UK supreme court saw sense and ruled against under 16s being allowed access to dangerous puberty blocking drugs.

    I know there is not much to be happy about, but I think this week we should be grateful that there are people who share our common sense. The trans lobby is not necessarily on an unstoppable upward trajectory.

    Dare I say it, let’s be cautiously hopeful. Keep the faith and keep fighting. The other side in this debate don’t take days off.

  13. Bob Mack says:


    I agree with you in all you say. However, as Alyn Smith states, they are going to lick their wounds and regroup.

    For the life of me I don’t understand what’s happening to our political leaders. The more bat shit crazy you are the better your influence among politicians. It’s ridiculous.

  14. Kenny says:

    I wonder if the woke will now engage the Sturgeon-Murdell option: burning the whole place down?

    Who does this remind me of? Hitler and Goebbels in the bunker? Götterdämmerung?

    Does it sound like this party is preparing to hold an indyref? Only if it is a referendum to declare independence from logic, reason and the electorate…

  15. Cuphook says:

    Looks like the cult believes that you can self-identify as intelligent too.

  16. Votadini Jeannie says:

    These silly people obviously can’t see that all this campaigning for “trans rights” is distracting everyone from fighting for Scottish Independence.

    It’s the sole purpose of their campaign. That, and to make the SNP unelectable, which leads to the same end.

  17. Big Jock says:

    Well Stu -Top marks to you.

    You never budged an inch over the last 5 years in your pursuit of the truth. Now that the vipers nest has been exposed by you. It’s up to the SNP to clean up it’s act.

    You have done the heavy lifting for the SNP. Once again superb investigative journalism from Wings. If only we had you leading the SNP , we might not be in the current mess we are in.

  18. Harry mcaye says:

    And yet still I see numerous tweets from Indy supporters on Twitter slagging Stu off, not realising the enormous service he’s provided here recently. The losers the other day were never going to prioritise Independence over their own pet projects. This stuff really matters, so well done Stu!

  19. Stoker says:

    Another great article, thanks Rev.

  20. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “I believe this is David Paisley calling for the trans community to get “tooled up” nice guy”

    No, that’s someone else.

  21. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “I know there is not much to be happy about, but I think this week we should be grateful that there are people who share our common sense.”

    It’s been the best week in ages. Nothing is secured yet, but I haven’t felt this optimistic in months.

  22. Ottomanboi says:

    Homophobia, Transphobia? Given that a phobia is a fear of something, is anyone actually afraid of the types in question? Is this not a case of the condition seeking victimhood by way of self justification?
    Honestly, who cares? Essentially a maelstrom in a teacup driven by a team which has conspicuously ‘lost it’. Fortunately, the rest of us haven’t.

  23. Robert Graham says:

    anyone employed by the SNP or the Scottish government should be presented with this guff and asked to explain WTF they are spending their time and OUR money on issues that have no bearing on the vast majority who finance this total shite .

  24. Hatuey says:

    Kenny: “Who does this remind me of? Hitler and Goebbels in the bunker? Götterdämmerung?”

  25. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    It would make an interesting comparison @Lenny Hartley says at 1:50 pm to know what the drop in % of Munchausen’s by proxy diagnoses (which some of the narcissistic attention seeking me, me, me parents appear to be suffering from IMHO) over the same period were.

    A sad and worrying trend (hopefully stopped thanks to recent High Court decision on the chemical castration of kids)!

  26. MaggieC says:

    Robert Graham @ 2.36 pm

    I’v posted this on a previous post , just cannot remember what one it was on ,

    Here’s how much of OUR is spent by the Scottish Government on Equality Groups ,

  27. Maggie C – so the Trans Alliance (whatever that is) has spent £600,000(!) over the last three years of taxpayers’money? What the fuck has that gone on, whose pockets has that gone into? This government are just fleecing straight people in revenge for previous historical sexual minority disregard. Totally mental.

  28. Polly says:

    Very good article. Call me a cynic but I don’t believe any one of them had their name signed by someone else, the’ll probably have at least verbally agreed with someone to be included and only Joanna’s habit for winning legal cases made them think again. They’re all bandwagon jumping morons and a lot have done similar before and most of them would get caught out in any sting asking them to speak up for trans (or the latest, most fashionable cause) with some outlandish nonsense about alien species taking over terfs and save the poor trans from them or the water goblins out to get trans people unless they use a particular bathroom. They want desperately to be seen on the ‘right side’ and have their names promoted.

    ‘It’s been the best week in ages. Nothing is secured yet, but I haven’t felt this optimistic in months.’

    Wish I could join you in that mood, though I agree it’s been the best week in ages as far as it goes and the Keira Bell judgement will have good repercussions so long as it’s not overturned on appeal. Things do seem to be gearing up to change more generally so far as self ID is concerned but I’m still not sure change will come soon enough and as for brexit and independence I’m still desponding so far. But I’m really grateful for all the good work put in by yourself and all the gender critical women and men out there, in and outwith the party. Your article here and Lesley Riddoch’s article today we’re both great to read. Thanks once again.

  29. John D says:

    It has been a good week.
    NEC elections were pleasing.
    The Tory county hall had the Saltire flying across the road on Monday.
    The trans cult unstable fell down and still doesn’t know which way is up. Those who have tried these last years to exploit a very vulnerable very small proportion of the population for their own twisted purposes can keep spinning. Just they won’t force everyone else to too.

  30. indyfan says:

    Livionian says:
    3 December, 2020 at 2:11 pm
    ” And the UK supreme court saw sense and ruled against under 16s being allowed access to dangerous puberty blocking drugs.”

    Sadly this ruling apparently does not apply in Scotland.

  31. Frost says:

    It can’t just be as simple as McDonald & Cole-Hamilton randomly having their names added without permission. There must have been some contact between the pair of them and Hope/Madhwa before the letter was published. Likely they verbally gave their backing to the letter but technically didn’t sign it. We deserve answers from them about how their names ended up there. They’re being very coy about it.

  32. Astonished says:

    I think folk have had their eyes opened to the wokeratti and their idiotically devious ways.

    Can’t wait to see them start throwing each other under a bus.

    The First Ministers silence on this issue speaks volumes.

  33. Patrick Roden says:

    Willie says:
    “Anyone who boasts about getting a job that they would not have got if the interviewing organisation knew the true circumstances of the individual is in my opinion untrustworthy.”

    There’s more to it than that.

    How can anyone who will be working with vulnerable adults get past the police ‘Disclosure’ vetting procedures?

    Or have we reached a level of corruption within the SNP, that they are able to push through job applications of ‘preferred candidates’ who will be working with vulnerable people, without the proper police check-ups being completed?

    Because if this proves to be the case, or if there has simply been a failure in the police vetting procedures, there must be an immediate public inquiry into what has lead to these failures, with heads rolling for those shown to lack the required competentence.

  34. James says:

    What has any of this bollocks got to do with independence?
    Can’t they go and join Labour instead?

  35. Iain More says:

    It is simple if individuals in the SNP arent pro Indy first second and last then boot them out of the Party.

  36. Surely to blazes “the trans-fundamentalist SNP affiliate group” can’t have enough folk to need a committee?

    How many folk out there actually believe in this nonsense?

  37. red sunset says:

    There’s a crowdfunder on the go, by a Clive Thomson, seems it’s related to Alex Salmond court case.
    I’ve been told it’s a scam – I really have no knowledge of this.
    Does anyone know anything about this ?

  38. Breeks says:


    This time around, when the UK Government wilfully decides to break International Law, can we be prepared, well briefed, and ready to pick our moment when best walk out of Westminster and declare that Scotland will NOT be party to it?

  39. Morgatron says:

    Stu, your on fire my friend. Another corking post . These people are really very very angry , twisted and bitter. Hey, that sounds like a beer. Great stuff Rev.

  40. Andrew Morton says:

    Vilely accurate as usual.

  41. SOG says:

    Will you please let us know if Joanna C needs a crowd fund.

    And wouldn’t it be fun if it might support the likes of Alex C-H in any claim that their names were fraudulently added?

  42. Ronald Fraser says:

    Breeks 4.23pm

    What a way to end the year and give us another lift to add to the recent NEC results.

    All SNP MPs up sticks and tell Westminster they will not be party to breaking International law.

  43. Peter S says:

    If you wish to campaign for trans rights and reform of the GRA that’s your right, but for goodness’ sake go away and do it from outside the SNP, not inside. You are creating dangerous division within the party and distracting other members’ attention, time and energy from what the SNP is really in business for – securing independence for Scotland. If you’re more interested in trans rights, etc. than you are in independence, the SNP is not the place for you.

  44. A Person says:

    -Dave Beveridge-

    The trouble is that you would have to be a fanatic to believe in it at all, and therefore those that do believe in it are drawn to positions of influence and power. They then create self-reinforcing structures and attitudes.

    These militants infest the senior management of public-sector and voluntary organisations.

  45. Balaaargh says:

    Hang on a sec, who are the “Allparty Group” making the other edits?

  46. winifred mccartney says:

    How is it that you have to be checked out before you can accompany children on a school trip but a transwoman can be in charge of centre with vulnerable women. Where were the police checks etc and if the nature of sexuality was not declared should he not be be sacked.

  47. Helen Yates says:

    By god you’re good Rev, haven’t felt this confident in 6 yrs that Scotland might yet regain her independence.

  48. MaggieC says:

    Balaaargh @ 5.34 pm ,

    Here’s a link to the Allparty groups twitter account ,

  49. Lorna Campbell says:

    Great piece, Rev. Thank God for people like you. Am very angry today. How dare Richard Walker and others deem women who are opposed to this stuff ‘extremist’. So sick of these apologists for monstrous, vicious barstewards.

  50. CameronB Brodie says:

    In my limited professional experience, you can’t beat a bit of medical sociology to combat those who would deny natal women a legally defensible identity. So here’s a look at “Embodiment and ethics: constructing medicine’s two bodies”, which kind of points to the dangers inherent in fiddling with things you don’t understand. In this case, democracy and the rule-of-law.

    “The first ‘modern’ presentation of medical ethics is generally acknowledged to be Percival’s text of 1803. The main theme of this influential pamphlet was the way in which medical practitioners should relate to one another. Two centuries later, clinical practice has very different moral underpinnings: bioethics, which first emerged in the middle of the 20th century, is not concerned with how doctors should interact with each other but with the responsibilities of medical practitioners to their patients.

    The shift from an ethics based on the relationship between practitioners to one based on the relationship with their patients is viewed as a major advance brought about by a more enlightened society engaging with the consequences of new technologies. But rather than addressing the changing picture of medical ethics in its own terms (which over the last few decades has been from the perspective of bioethics) I examine the history of medical ethics in its close relationship to the form and nature of the medical profession. Further, in a parallel thread I describe contemporary developments in public health and explore the similarities and connections between the two.”

  51. Nally Anders says:

    Thanks Rev, yet another beezer of a post.
    I read somewhere that Lib Democrats were awarded £100k by a translobby group to push the pro trans issue.
    Do the SNP similarly get rewarded to push this crap.
    Anyone know?

  52. mike cassidy says:

    Why would Paisley be so against womens’ rights?

    If this is his mum’s obituary

    You would expect him to be shouting for them from the top of Ben Nevis

  53. beachthistle says:

    Seems Mhairi H did a bit more than ‘sign’ it…?

  54. Jim Tadgercock says:

    The plot thickens you usually have to pay for this quality of entertainment.

  55. Balaaargh says:

    Thanks MaggieC.

  56. Dan says:

    @ Nally Anders

    Not sure about SNP receiving donations from anyone or organisation relating to that area, but presume if there were then anything significant would be visible through a search.
    LibDems certainly had donors with an interest in that field.
    This from last year in case you missed it at the time.

  57. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “I see you are getting the blame for this video”

    Yeah, I’m so vile I’ve actually become a black woman, or something.

  58. McDuff says:

    It`s still hard to believe that this tiny minority managed to get to the heart of the party and promote its own mad agenda. They have in fact now done more damage to their cause that they can possibly imagine.
    Again Sturgeon gone missing on this issue.

  59. Polly says:

    Mike Cassidy says

    ‘Why would Paisley be so against womens’ rights?

    If this is his mum’s obituary
    You would expect him to be shouting for them from the top of Ben Nevis’

    Perhaps the article you link to might contain a clue and the quote ‘To see his family life exposed like this was traumatic and harrowing’. Maybe he bears more than a grudge against her for that or other things. Some abused children are known not to empathise with mothers who allowed their own abuse to continue. But given the personality we see on Twitter, with the abuse and arrogance he displays and including the ‘send out nude pics’ offer exchange, he’s a childish, crude and crappy individual.

  60. MI5 infiltrating political parties.

    they wouldn’t be interested in infiltrating tories, slab, greens etc would they because they pose no threat to the brits

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