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The Great Grovelling

Posted on January 28, 2021 by

Approximately 40,000 people have left the SNP in the last five years – among them hundreds (at least) of women who quit because of the party’s total lack of action against its abusive, misogynist transactivist wing.

Many of them had been members for decades and wrote pained letters explaining their reasons, only to be waved away with an automated form reply. But half a dozen of the party’s most obnoxious scumbags flounce off in a huff and this happens.

Kirsten Oswald is a brainless knife-and-fork operator and always has been. But Keith Brown must go home at night and drape towels over all the mirrors so he doesn’t have to look at himself after putting his name to that.

We all know exactly how this is going to pan out. The task of “defining transphobia” will be farmed out to the Twitler Youth, and we already know how they define it because they’ve already signed a petition saying this should be part of the definition:

Shortly, merely believing that women are adult human females will be literally a dismissal offence in the SNP. Because if you believe that women are adult human females (like all sane people do) then it inescapably follows that a transwoman can never be female, because by definition ONLY males can ever be transwomen.

How could you possibly be born female and then become a transwoman? You can’t. It makes no sense, even in crazy transcult logic. How could you change from being female to female? Therefore all transwomen MUST be males, and therefore saying women are adult females is unavoidably transphobic, and transphobes get expelled.

(The SNP statement says “The protection of women’s rights is vital”, but it didn’t take very long for THAT particular mask to slip.)

It very much appears that the SNP are about to go down a road where dictionaries are offensive publications that should be banned and/or burned, and three-quarters of their own supporters will be automatically deemed vile bigots for believing in biology.

(The poll below was conducted among SNP voters only just over a year ago.)

To be honest, readers, if we were a party that had lost a third of its paying members in the course of a single parliamentary term, we doubt we’d be falling over ourselves to alienate tens of thousands more for the sake of a few vicious little crybullies.

But when you hate Joanna Cherry as much as Nicola Sturgeon does, and you know that you’re on your way out anyway, then we suppose you’d probably be happy to burn everything to the ground to try to hurt her on your way down.

We’ve said for a long time that the SNP, with a 35-point cushion in the polls, would be very happy indeed to shed some voters and come back as a minority government again rather than getting a majority – giving them the perfect excuse for five more years of non-delivery on independence, but knowing that they can still pass all their toxic woke policies that the public hates but can do nothing about unless they’re willing to vote Tory, because the Greens, Lib Dems and Labour will all back the SNP on them.

But even we’re surprised that they’re now pursuing that goal so brazenly.

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183 to “The Great Grovelling”

  1. BuggerLePanda says:

    I worry that the end game for NS will be a Viking funeral of the SNP and Scotland as a nation.

  2. MWS says:

    If you are thinking of leaving the Party, talk to us first. I wonder why that offer wasn’t made to me and other women like me when we decided to resign? The whole Party leadership is clearly batshit mental. Oswald is as bright as a blackout and no, I’m not surprised at Keith Brown. He’s the partner of Christina McKelvie, another wokey nutter. So I suspect he shares her views. Not a sane one amongst the lot of them.

  3. Muscleguy says:

    I can only assume the Arcus Foundation has promised to bail them out financially if only they can bring home the Trans bacon in some form or other.

    I can like you think of no other reason to alienate such a large proportion of the electorate during a building electoral campaign. When there are parties like the ISP. Our media/marketing people will be incorporating that into memes for social media as we speak. The last lot got a lot of people talking about how good they were.

    Throw a Zoom stone at a party meeting and you are very likely to hit an SNP ex member. In fact as one who was not I am in a distinct minority. After every party atrocity against democratic norms we get new members. Thanks for the donations guys!

    We already have an elected defector (okay he went Independent first but the point remains) the Depute (brain fart for the proper term) Mayor of Argyll council is now our man.

    It is not beyond possible as the party doubles down on the woke stuff that more sane people will come across to the party which is still in touch with demonstrable reality.

  4. Allium says:

    They are actually insane. Never seen a political meltdown like this before. How much longer can this last? Actually seems worse than the last days of the governments of Thatcher or Brown. End of Roman Empire level crazy.

  5. Lothianlad says:

    Sturgeon and her witches got so complacent. Thats what happens with people in power backed by the state. They think they are invincible.

    She didn’t reckon on a website called Wings over Scotland and a certain gentleman called craig Murray (and others) being the tackles that brought her down.

    I’m not a vicious man, but I really hope she is having a major wobble and a deep fear of what’s about to expose her.

    Her legacy in history is now written. It wont be pleasant reading.

  6. Peter S says:

    There’s a lot of criticism of people attacking woke folk in unpleasant, abusive terms, but what about asking the woke folk themselves to cease being so vile and abusive towards people who have the temerity to criticise the unpleasant intensity of their campaigning? “sauce for the goose”? More understanding and tolerance needed on BOTH sides of the argument!

  7. Bob Costello says:

    I said it a few months ago Sturgeon will institute a slash and burn policy as she leaves and it is now underway.
    This whole woke nonsense was always a part of the backup plan to not quite get a massive majority, as is the two votes for the SNP All part of Nicola,s clever plan.

  8. Dervheid says:

    I can only think that this has been in the planning by the *British State* since they shat themselves after the massive membership surge the SNP enjoyed post-indyref: how to destroy the SNP from within.

  9. Derick fae Yell says:

    BuggerLePanda says:
    28 January, 2021 at 7:09 pm
    I worry that the end game for NS will be a Viking funeral of the SNP and Scotland as a nation.

    Scotland survived approx 25 military invasions from our dear partner in ‘union’. Yes we lost Berwick.

    We survived 15 years of military occupation after the 45 (google Stennis Historical Society map).

    We survived the hideous losses of 1914-18.

    We even survived British nationalisation then closure of our vital industries.

    We’ve survived the theft of our oil resources, and ongoing theft of our renewable resources.

    We’ll survive a transient political party that’s lost its way

  10. Helen Yates says:

    When I watched that video she put out last night the first thing I thought was that this was political suicide and I agree I believe she’s prepared to destroy the party rather than see Joanna Cherry take her place. her ego is out of control.
    What worries me even more is that apparently all the supposedly decent MSPs appear to have lost their voices.

    Something has to give, I’m just not too sure that we’ll have anything to celebrate when it does.

  11. Robert Hughes says:

    There’s a definite air of the People’s Temple around the SNPG

    Will the crazed ,doom-laden messiah insist they all drink the Kool Aid ?

  12. susanXX says:

    Tolerance and understanding is NOT needed from BOTH sides. Only one side is dishing abuse and demanding the impossible. What sympathy I had for transpeople has evaporated due to this anti science, reality denying bullshit being FORCED on the people of Scotland.

  13. Heaver says:

    All this would make so much more sense if the Murrells were serious sexpests, the inner circle were the same, they’ve surrounded themselves with a praetorian guard of wannabe sexpests, most seatwarmers in Holyrood are sexpests, and the msm is just defending their own way of life of being serious sexpests somedays, drunk and incapable all other days. Accuse someone who isn’t a sexpest (that’ll be Alex Salmond, m’lud) of being a sexpest to squirrel away the public’s brainspan.

    By sexpest, I mean Saville.

  14. Hamish Kirk says:


    “MAYOR” in Scotland ??????????????

    “PROVOST” if you do not mind

  15. Republicofscotland says:

    The preferred scenario for Sturgeon bring the party down to allow it to become more woke than the ultra woke Greens, lose a ton members and votes in the process, which will knock independence on the head for years to come, and here’s the beauty of it all, you then blame the likes of Wings Over Scotland and Craig Murray and a few other REAL Scottish independence seeking bloggers, who told the truth, for losing a majority in the coming election, and a chance of Scottish independence.

  16. Mike says:

    This is a case of those who shout (kick and scream in this case) the loudest being listened to.

    Nicola has danced with the devil in trying to appease the irrational, woke brigade and has, in doing so, alienated many of her core voters.

    In fact, one may now wonder what the SNP actually stand for apart from tepid talk about independence, increasingly authoritative, silly laws, a clamp down on freedom of speech and of course corruption.

    No thanks Nicola and co. I’d rather burn my ballot paper than stick an X next to the SNP now.

  17. Liz g says:

    Then it seems the least worst option is to put the SNP **Constituency *** vote into the stratosphere regardless of what unfolds in the party between now and May ?

  18. Scott says:

    I’m honestly starting to question whether or not to give the SNP my constituency vote in the Scottish Parliament election…

    The only hope we have is if once Sturgeon and her cohort are out the door sane people like Joanna Cherry manage to take over the party. The SNP at this point are sadly our only route to secure independence in the foreseeable future so it is a necessity to reclaim the party.

    If we don’t manage to get the SNP back on track towards normality who’s number 1 aim is securing independence it really will be a generation before any of us sees it.

  19. Republicofscotland says:

    As for Keith Brown he’s the one who publicly said in the National newspaper, now is not the time, or words to that effect, when a swell had built up, and is still building, on using May’s election as a plebiscite.

  20. Bob Mack says:

    There is a point for some people where their suffering must be inflicted on everyone else to makevthem feel as they do. She is burning the boats and this is the hill she will die on at all cost.

    It is the end of this particulsr brand of the SNP because there is no one brave enough,adult enough or even interested enough to stop her.

    From this day the SNP do not feature in my view of a future Scotland. I have the power like we all do to remove them.

    Sad sad day.

  21. katherine hamilton says:

    I posted the other day about whether the wokies can make up the shortfall in funds caused by non-wokies leaving. 40000 leaving over 5 years is a lot of dosh. Being generous, say each one gave a tenner, 5 years ago. That’s £400000 at that point. A lot will have given more. (Me for example before I left). If we hadn’t left, that’s potentially £2,000,000.
    I know that’s kind of cod accountancy, but you get my drift.

    Somebody up thread called them batshit mental. Pretty much.
    Where are they getting their money?

  22. Liz says:

    I’m still a member, believe it or not cos I support Joanna Cherry, Joan Mcalpine, Chris McEleny, Angus Mac Neil, Phillipa Whiteford.

    But if they go after anyone with their TWAW and if you disagree, you’re a transphobe, I will join the ISP.

    I had no intention of voting SNP 1 unless it was a plebiscite anyway.

    We’ll see how this pans out in the next few days.

    BTW Mhairi Hunter on twitter saying that there is NO evidence anywhere in the world that TW are a threat to women, so there you have it, they’re bonkers.

  23. Beaker says:

    What is pissing some people off is that there is an election in May, and they are taking the voters for granted.

  24. Beaker says:

    @katherine hamilton says:
    28 January, 2021 at 7:45 pm
    “Where are they getting their money?”

    Perhaps it is ring-fenced…

  25. Fungi guy says:

    Why are the supposed political journos sitting on their typing hands?

  26. laukat says:

    To me this suggest Sturgeon is confident she will still be in charge and that she will get through the Salmond affair and is now trying to clear out all dissenting voices.

    Getting the NEC to define it means Cherry and a couple of others will be put on the spot. She will either have to vote against the defintion and be villified by the woke and press or resign the NEC and be villified by the woke and press.

    Cherry needs to act fairly quickly and resign from the party making it clear that she can’t in all conciousness ignore Sturgeon’s actions towards Salmond.

  27. Allium says:

    @Liz, 7.47

    The worst of it is people like Hunter and Fiona R are considered to be stellar intellectuals within the SNP. They are formulating policy, and are untouchable stars in the party. No doubt they will have heavy input into this definition of transphobia. In fact, it has prob already been written with their guidance.

  28. Lorna Campbell says:

    Thank you, Rev, for highlighting this iniquity. It is insanity on stilts. The SNPG is now in danger of pandering to insanity and placing it on a pedestal. All they have to do is strengthen the 2010 Equality Act and protect women’s sex-based spaces, and include misogyny as a stated category in the Hate Crime Bill, plus make discussion and debate non-actionable. That a government that claims to want equal rights for women and panders to these people is being economical with the truth. I left the party partly because of this nonsense and partly because of the Salmond affair. Both were profoundly disturbing and I felt that the party had lost itself. I feel that is ever more the case now.

    These trans people keep on saying the same thing: what if this was done to gay people? Or to black people? Firstly, what is being done? Secondly, gay people and women are not claiming to be the very opposite of what they are. Black people have never stated that they are white, really, and so should have all the privileges and rights of white people. No, they want their own privileges and rights as black people. Gay people, in their quest for equality, never stated that they were actually straight gays or gay straights, or that they wanted to be female or male when they were actually the opposite sex. No, they wanted their rights as gay people to be acknowledge and legislated on.

    The whole point of equal rights is that you get the same as everyone else, not more. Other people’s rights might have to be trimmed slightly or moved a little to allow accommodation, but never before have we seen a group demanding that they get all their own rights AND another group’s as well. Yet, that is what the trans lobby wants for trans: that trans people should have their own rights (which they have already) plus all of women’s, too, because, you know, they are the real women. Natal women are a mistake of nature, some of them actually claim.

    1. the 2004 GRA was the middle ground; it was the compromise forced on natal women, and even it goes way beyond its human rights remit and was never intended to go as far as it has. The 2010 Equality Acts also protects trans rights. The 2004 GRA legislation has been superseded by the same-sex marriage legislation, yet it is the 2004 GRA that the trans lobby want extended and reformed to encompass all women’s rights. Validation? What? Why?

    The trans issue has the distinction of being the only rights group that campaigns on the back of other groups. It uses both the women group and the gay rights group to piggy-back on, while refusing to campaign AS TRANS alone. It is a complete anomaly. Why do they refuse to campaign as TRANS alone and stop piggy-backing on the successes of other vulnerable groups and to colonize their rights? That is what they are, the trans lobby and its gullible supporters: colonizers of the rights of others; fascist imperialists of the sexual spectrum. Natal women, all across the world, certainly in the West, are going to have to band together, crowdfund, and take this issue of their human rights to the UN. There is no other way now.

    This s***e has gone on long enough, and, if it is allowed to succeed, it will destroy society as we know it. Not alter it. Destroy it. The liberal West is vulnerable precisely because it is vulnerable to this kind of totalitarian undermining. If the backers of the pseudo ‘woke’/trans lobby are anything by which to judge, this has everything to do with a push-back on sexual rights across the board, including children’s, but also the vanguard for a new capitalist wave.

  29. Lothianlad says:

    Sturgeon grovelling for the woke youth vote is not a surprise. She has experience of manipulating the youth of the SNP.
    Gaining power in the Ysn in the late 1980s her cabal of shona robison, shirley anne sommerville and stuart hosie benefited from the patronage of loyalty to her.

    The same type of wokarati have no doubt been seduced with promises of power and influence which only devolution can bring.

    It’s also clear the Scottish media and establishment have closed ranks to protect her. This proves she is an asset to the british state.

    Where are the so called pro indy bloggers and journalists also who have been silent on this?

    Rev and craig, you have the entire establishment on the ropes and they are going down!!

  30. witchy says:

    The Bonfire of the Vanities perhaps? With sanity being the ultimate sin. BTW if anyone smells smoke it will be Ms Cherry being put on the bonfire for the delight of the kids…..
    This reeks of desperation to get rid of who they see as a threat. i.e. The most forthright no nonsense speakers for Independence!

  31. SophiaPangloss says:

    MWS at 7.15

    You are completely correct in your lack of surprise and your suspicions. A horse’s mouth confirmed this to me.

  32. Eileen Carson says:

    Today I emailed branch to say my decision to quit the party after Alyn Smith’s adoption was vindicated and that I would not vote SNP unless and until they got rid of the hierarchy. I stand by what I told them in September 2019, my principles are NOT for sale.

  33. Garrion says:

    Scorched earth policy. There is not a shred of Sturgeon that is remotely interested in achieving independence. Woah.

  34. Bob Mack says:

    They will need to get rid of Kate Forbes as well. She signed along with Joanna

  35. Hamish Anderson says:

    It’s almost as if the current first echelon of the SNP was mainly transgender.

  36. ahundredthidiot says:

    It’s everywhere.

    Bidens Day 1 Executive Order allows boys to compete as girls in school/college sports………and use their bogs….just by self ID.

    George Carlin once said that humanity is circling the drain.
    I couldn’t agree more, but I am glad I’m here for the final show.

  37. Astonished says:

    She’s sunk and she knows it. A good few of them are facing jail.
    I will never forgive the woke but sadly they appear too unimportant to be among those facing criminal charges.
    I am so glad the woke are leaving. Sadly if the troika of leavers had been expelled earlier we might not have lost 50,000 sane members.
    I assume this unsubtle message will be lost on the new (exactly the same as the old) NEC.

  38. Liz g says:

    Liz @7.47
    There are indeed some good people in the SNP, but I’d say that time is far too short to even attempt to sort it all out now.
    If it is indeed the “plan” or even the direction of the current SNP to bring it all down to a minority government for whatever reason …. then to stop them by allowing British control of Holyrood is unthinkable.
    To ensure they get a large enough vote in the Constituency is probably the only way to force any movement toward Indy at all…. or to at least stand still ,in other words we’ve at least not gone back to a Unionist Parliament.
    Because like it or no this is the Indy election and this is where we show that’s what we all want.

    Having said that, no one needs to be a member or a funder of the SNP to be a voter .
    I’d say a mass membership of the new ISP party and a huge second list vote for them is the way forwards.
    We need people in the Parliament nipping at the SNP heels and we need to have demonstrated that we haven’t given up on Indy.
    If we do that then we’ve also bought the SNP members the time they need to get their party sorted and take it back.
    And the time to go forwards with Indy not having all our hopes in one basket too.

    As things stand , I can’t see any other way out, and , while I know it could be argued that giving the SNP unchallenged control of Holyrood would be like giving consent to their agenda…. I think it’s gone too far now for the current SNP to be able to.
    Most of their membership is awake , or at least know all is not well now, so they just need a bit more time , and I’d rather give them the few months they need to push the genuine people to the front, than give the British years of control over us …..
    No matter what Yes must hang together somehow despite these politicians and their antics after all we are The People and they work for us….

  39. Craig P says:

    There’s a book by George Rosie, Curious Scotland (well worth a read) and in one chapter he asks why doesn’t a naturally Tory city like Edinburgh vote Conservative?

    The answer is the Conservative run council’s determination in the 1960s to bulldoze a motorway across central Edinburgh for ideological reasons, clear a swathe of the New Town and run it over the Meadows on stilts. The people of Edinburgh fought back and eventually voted the councillors out. Edinburgh hasn’t been Tory since.

    Can’t help wondering if we have a parallel situation here.

  40. Christian Schmidt says:

    For what it is worth, it really is quite normal for a political party to lose lots of members shortly after gaining even more. There will be many that signed up to the SNP after 2014 because they were so disgusted with the atrocious no-campaign, but then, after a while, when the fire was no longer burning that hot, they decided not to make the effort to renew.

    The very same happened to Labour after peak Corbyn, or to the Greens after 2015. You end up with lots more members than before the event that brought it up, but also significantly less than at the peak.

    Also, concerning transphobia definition, the ‘tacit transphobia’ rubbish will never stand up in law, for the reasons Stuart explains. And maybe I am too optimistic but I believe that, as shown by the NEC vote, the SNP membership will ensure that such rubbish won’t survive, and even if, independence is now the majority choice with or without the SNP, and that’s what will bring independence about sooner or later, and not any political tactics.

  41. AwakeNotWoke says:

    I was a member of the SNP until I let my renewal lapse this year. This is unbelievable, and perhaps an awful thing to say, but I hate Sturgeon now. She has taken something that had the potential to be a vibrant, living embodiment of Scotland’s desire to be free, and turned it into a creche for demented woke dogmatists who will happily shit all over women, telling them to smile and rub it in. I’m furious and utterly dejected. But overriding it all is a burning desire to see her fall. Hard.

  42. dakk says:

    “Approximately 40,000 people have left the SNP in the last five years – among them hundreds of women who quit because of the party’s total lack of action against its abusive, misogynist transactivist wing.”

    Big deal Stuart.

    Unless you can prove they haven’t been replaced by an even bigger hundred number of Wokeists then it’s a moot point.

    Spin in fact.

    I mean,even potus knows woke is the new black,and they don’t come much maker,paler and staler than that.

  43. Bob Mack says:

    When you draw a line in the sand from which you are not going to retreat, make sure you do it at high tide.!!

  44. Christian Schmidt says:

    PS I actually hope that one of the complains is about Joanna Cherry. Because she would surely lay out the law to the National Secretary pretty clearly, who would then have no option to actually be fair.

  45. Monica Worley says:

    JoshAaronMennie on twitter:
    There is a definition of transphobia that I drafted for the party. I worked with our trans members at @OutForIndy, the Equality Network, and Scottish Trans Alliance on the definition. I sincerely hope they adopt it now and take the necessary action

  46. holymacmoses says:

    I wonder if someone who thinks they’re eecummings or hasn’t clue about upper and lower case lettering will find a little niche analysing the meaning of transphobia and I would think that it will become a pensionable sinecure if Nicola has her way

  47. Strathy says:

    Excellent article by Stephen Daisley in The Spectator –

    ‘Sturgeon is playing politics with her clumsy trans rights intervention.’

    He covers Joanna Cherry being demonised because she doesn’t go along with their every demand and the harm being done to trans people by these ‘cynical factionalists’ for their own benefit.

  48. robertknight says:

    Cant wait for the membership to bottom out at, oh, I dunno, say, 600?

    They’ll all be very happy in their exclusive little single issue lobby group led by Saint Nic.

    It’ll make George Galloway’s “Lapping Kitty Milk Party” look positively electable!

    Welcome to Wokeland folks – please have your Gender-Neutral Passports ready for inspection!

  49. Graeme Hampton says:

    Nicola Trump burning down the house

  50. holymacmoses says:

    Bob Mack says:
    28 January, 2021 at 8:25 pm
    When you draw a line in the sand from which you are not going to retreat, make sure you do it at high tide.!!

    Alternatively, go to Tahiti to fight your battles

  51. Famous15 says:

    If I said show me your third gamete , would you hold it against me?

    Does that make me a believer in science or does it make me a transphobe.

    Speaking of words,could someone define transphobe, cis, terf and whohoo?


  52. Cuphook says:

    I will always vote for independence but I’ve had it with the SNP.

    Last UK election I was out campaigning, again, for my MP; but how can I vote for an MSP who believes in gender magic and will have me in court for stating facts?

    The SNP has a leader who is in a cult which believes that people can change sex. She is trying to legislate for this belief and wants children taught in school that they may be in the wrong body. Just think what that actually means.

    In six years Sturgeon has taken a unified party and she has caused division and grief that may be irreparable.

  53. Betsy says:

    It is a good article and I do wonder how St Nicola’s new woke friends will feel about her past homophobic dog whistling. Converts are always the worst.

  54. dakk says:

    Cuphook says:
    28 January, 2021 at 8:40 pm
    I will always vote for independence but I’ve had it with the SNP.

    Huv ye aye?

  55. Al Ba says:

    FFS, 40K! No party should ever allow themselves to get into that situation and let it go – SNP needs every vote to count – more now than ever before. Just get a grip, SNP, and get #indyref2 done – then feckin’ worry about other agendas (tackle, discuss, sort, etc) …..
    May’s elections are the only good chance of showing the volume of support for #indyref2 – please NS & Co, get your act together sharpish – and let us be that strong, independent country in control of our own country – it’s people, its assets, its businesses, its tourism industries.
    The country would have a much better outlook and reduce the stresses forced on us by BoJo and the corrupt Tories.

  56. Cuphook says:

    @dakk Aye. And you’ve no idea how much it pains me to come to that decision.

    I’ve overlooked policies that I disagree with, like the abandonment of land reform, because I want independence. This, however, is something else entirely. They want to impose a belief system on the people and I cannot vote for that.

  57. I`ve yet to hear the voice of a transgender in all this,

    just the trans activist,the woke liberal and a section of misogynist homosexual men,

    someone needs to find a transgender and ask what they think,

    maybe there are no transgenders just trans activists,woke liberals and misogynist homosexual men.

    (not sayin all gay men are misogynist ( cause that would be homophobic) just a certain group)

  58. Graf Midgehunter says:

    Beaker says: 7:49 pm

    @katherine hamilton says:
    28 January, 2021 at 7:45 pm
    “Where are they getting their money?”

    Perhaps it is ring-fenced…

    Oh dear, you should know, it’s not ring-fenced – it’s woven in.

    At the drop of a hat, it’s instantly there.. 🙂

  59. Eileen Carson says:

    dakk says:28 January, 2021 at 8:25 pm
    “Approximately 40,000 people have left the SNP in the last five years – among them hundreds of women who quit because of the party’s total lack of action against its abusive, misogynist transactivist wing.”

    Big deal Stuart.

    Unless you can prove they haven’t been replaced by an even bigger hundred number of Wokeists then it’s a moot point.

    He already has proved it, by membership fees in the accounts.

  60. Dan says:

    @ Liz g at 8.17pm

    It certainly is a complex time constrained predicament now. But it needn’t have come to this.
    We’ve been banging on about the inevitability of this impending car crash on here for the best part of two years.

    Anybody with a semblance of political acumen could comprehend the negatives outweighed the positives in both the SNP and Greens attempting to push through un-mandated highly emotive and divisive policies onto a small c conservative Scottish electorate.
    The fact that nothing was done by those in positions of influence and control within the SNP to avert this situation reeks of willful neglect of ulterior motive.

    This article is titled The Great Grovelling, but it was caused by The Great Shovelling where the SNP dug themselves into this hole.

  61. Hugh Jarse says:

    Repeaing myself, but this whole sorry affair can, no should be viewed as a good thing.
    A heads up, an opportunity to assess the rot.

    We, the relatively sane, must agree that When we regain autonomy, So much still needs to be done.

    So many houses are in need of a proper clear out, and the furniture of S
    tate needs rearranging.

    It appears that the links between the dictionary definitions of Justice, Law and Fairness, are tenuous at best.

    Corruption, facilitated by self interest seems endemic across the body politic, and way beyond.

    Utilizing AI might be a good idea.

    Remember, we need to get the dog,to guard the operator’s & stop them from fiddling with it.

  62. Baxter says:

    I emailed my MSP this morning informing them that I and a numbers of others who I have spoken too in the last few days will will not be voting for the SNP until Sturgeon, Swinney and a few others are hounded from the party over what has come out regarding Alex Salmond and Craig Murray.
    A lot of people without a real interest or knowledge of politics and what has gone on under Sturgeon are slowly becoming aware of how toxic she is and are totally scunnered with the way things have been done.

  63. Wee Chid says:

    Cuphook says:
    28 January, 2021 at 8:40 pm

    2The SNP has a leader who is in a cult which believes that people can change sex. She is trying to legislate for this belief and wants children taught in school that they may be in the wrong body.”

    From what I’m hearing there is now an unusually high number of kids, girls in particular, claiming to be trans. It could, of course be a fad but I’m worried about these kids actually going through with some of the treatments offered to them.

  64. holymacmoses says:

    The whole thing lends itself to child abuse of a terrible nature and it worries me too

  65. Mac says:

    Is Nicola Sturgeon a transvestite. I mean WTF man. Why is she so completely enthralled by this tiny, tiny demographic of (mentally ill) people who are so unbelievably politically toxic to everything they touch.

    I know she used to get called by Wee Jimmy Krankie but she was actually a woman imitating a man.

    Dear Lord I am so deeply bored of this tedious trans shite.

  66. Cuphook says:

    @Wee Chid

    The number of children identifying as trans is staggering. In Sweden concern grew to such an extent that they had televised discussions on the subject and a documentary called Trans Train. There then followed a 65% reduction in trans kids. Amazing how quickly their innate trans identity can disappear.

  67. susanXX says:

    Well put Mac. They are a psychologically unbalanced minority who I think are deranged enough to be dangerous. I too am sick of all this trans shite. I want independence but not at the price of pandering to them.

  68. Republicofscotland says:

    I suppose there were many omens along the road to where we are now, I’ve lost count at the amount of time I shouted at the tv, for Sturgeon or a SNP representative, to shoot down unionist claims on the GERs figures, but to no avail, the penny should’ve dropped way back then, but like most folk I believed Sturgeon knew what she was doing, even the lack of effort to create a central bank or have a solid plan for our currency, didn’t at the time seem that worrying, for I had faith that like in Salmond’s case and his excellent White Paper on independence, Sturgeon et al had it all prepared in the wings ( no pun intended)just waiting for the right moment to deploy it.

    Brexit would be the ideal point the ground zero so to speak, that would see Sturgeon and her indy minded entourage deploy the weapons of independence, I waited and waited and made some excuses for it not being forthcoming and then like many others before me, it hit me like a sledgehammer, there would be no indyref, the point of striking whilst the iron was hot had passed us by, all I could think of was an image in my mind of Sturgeon standing in front of her big yellow Brexit bus, which also reminded me of Johnson and Farage’s red bus. From that point on its been downhill all the way for independence and the SNP.

  69. LaingB French says:

    I recently joined SNP motivated on voting for Craig Murray as president. now that all the exposé of SNP V ALEX S. has been released into the wild I’m still thinking of the big picture that most of Scotland will vote SNP for the future of achieving independence and only that. As for my membership, I think I’m more of a pain in the ass as a member to the SNP rather than just posting rhetoric on puss page. personally, i fucking hate politicians blood sucking parasitical lying cunts. however the set up we use: DEMOCRACY/LMFHO! demands these type of peoples to do this corruptible controversial hypocritical work. Joanna Cherry is in my tiny mind a very eloquent intelligent woman and would be at this point an excellent choice to replace Sturgeon. But! remember regardless of who is leader they are joining the biggest elitist warmongering profiteering mass murderers and when they join up they will be told in no uncertain terms how to act, behave and talk to the world.
    So this idea of freedom? from what may i ask? and please don’t point out the blatantly obvious ( ENGLAND: ILL PAY A LAWYER EXCESSIVE MONIES FOR THAT).
    As for the constant clips of an Australian with his half puss painted blue screaming FREEDOM! give us a break we don’t need the same old romanticism of what England did to us over the last few HUNDRED years. lets just concentrate on getting independence and see if we can get a reasonable passive safe healthy life for our kids and their kids. IS THAT MUCH TO ASK?

  70. robertknight says:

    The Esoteric Order of Saint Nicola of Politics…a.k.a…


    Just saying…

  71. Big Jock says:

    Nicola Sturgeon is deranged.

    What she did to Salmond, her obsession with gender,sex and minority loonies. It’s like she is running a student group for every weirdo in town.

    The SNP are a political party. Let’s remember the function of that entity. It’s to govern, to lead and to represent the majority of sane people who vote SNP.

    We need to get rid of this crazy woman.

  72. Malia Mum says:

    Apparently, like Blue Peter, there’s a “Here’s one I made earlier” version by Josh Mennie & OFI

    “There is a definition of transphobia that I drafted for the party. I worked with our trans members at
    , the Equality Network, and Scottish Trans Alliance on the definition. I sincerely hope they adopt it now and take the necessary action”

    So no wider consultation. Surprise, surprise. Women will be shafted again.

  73. AYRSHIRE ROB says:

    It’s all getting a bit nuts this nonsense trans guff. The world is gonna look so dam weird to the aliens when they visit again.

    If they visited recently they’ll be saying

    “Hey thon human lot are bat shit crazy- let’s just not waste anymore time wae them. Just put them in the failed experiment category for now. Revisit in a 500 years or so.”

    Maybe Zager & Evan’s were right “In the year 2525 ” song not so crazy after all. It’s our future.

  74. Black Joan says:

    Elected members — why does no one break ranks? What are they all too scared of?

    And if, as it seems, they are all prepared to tolerate perjury, conspiracy, cover-ups,corruption, malicious prosecutions, outrageous waste of public money, and grovelling deference to total batshit gender insanity, are they not all utterly complicit?

    For evil to triumph and all that . . .

  75. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Unless you can prove they haven’t been replaced by an even bigger hundred number of Wokeists then it’s a moot point.”

    The 40,000 is net, you daft twat.

  76. WhoRattledYourCage says:

    Here’s a question: if independence was achieved, and the SNP disbanded, as it was set up to do, who would want to be in a party with these lunatics? They know what side their career and power and salary is buttered on. Stinking cynical hateful pigs, the lot of them. Destroying this country’s future because none of them have kids, and none of them gives a fuck about the future. Why should they? That would require adult thinking, caring about more than just themselves, and a renunciation of student politics madness. Fuck them one and all.

  77. TruthForDummies says:

    The NEC can’t unilaterally update the members code of conduct they need a vote of conference. They can however unilaterally update the elected members code of conduct so I’d say this is to put Joanna Cherry in an invidious position.

  78. Mac says:

    I don’t know if anyone is following the amazing ‘short squeeze’ of Gamestop stock and users of Reddit in the USA.

    A bunch of small of investors apparently cornered some vulture hedge funds in a short squeeze and took then to the cleaners. I think one hedge fund may go bust. Took $6 billion (aye billion) off them I read. It is really amazing what they did.

    One of the Reddit folk stuck in $55,000 and took out $13,000,000 over a very short time period.

    The lesson here is we are many and they are few.

    They have huge resources but if we organize even slightly and put our money where our mouth is we can take these dicks on and defeat them, badly.

  79. Gary Cochrane says:

    Hey Stu. When are you going to get around to starting a political party? I’d vote for you

  80. Mc Duff says:

    Ain`t that the truth.

  81. We need a minority gov in May election,

    if Nicola and her trans activist cabal get 5 years with an SNP majority, woman will basically become obsolete,

    for Scotland`s soul we need another pro indy party to make up a majority, (not the Greens),

    100 days till election,

    100 days to save the soul of Scotland.

  82. kapelmeister says:

    39 years ago Keith Brown was yomping over the Falklands.
    Today he’s shitting over Scotland.

  83. WhoRattledYourCage says:

    dakk says:

    ‘I mean,even potus knows woke is the new black,and they don’t come much maker,paler and staler than that.’

    Putting aside the fact that you can’t spell ‘maler,’ a word you made up yourself, and your sexist, racist, ageist nonsense, why even invoke that American hawk chimp? He’s murderous corporate scum. His token cabinet inclusions, including the first trans official, are sops, done to rile up Trump supporters, and to cause divide-and-conquer schisms and rifts in the USA population. Please don’t try to invoke caring and ‘inclusion’ in a country that has no respect for human life whatsoever, it’s a laughable, naive idea. Divide and conquer is all the failing ‘elites’ over there have to try and protect their interests and stop the poor people of that failed rogue state looking up at them to see who is REALLY to blame for their penury…

  84. AYRSHIRE ROB says:

    Aye Kapelmeister

    Auld “benny land”is a shithole. 28 years since I last flew out of that dump.We all know the reason we went there was to save Thatcherism, not the sheep.

  85. alan scott says:

    BuggerLePanda says:

    I worry that the end game for NS will be a Viking funeral of the SNP and Scotland as a nation.

    A funeral for the SNP would be lovely. It will only make Scotland a better place to live.

  86. Pixywine says:

    Nicola Sturgeons political ambitions are a threat to the SNP as a party the Independence movement and potentially the Holyrood Parliament such is the enormity of the political scandal she appears to be at the heart of.

  87. Dickiet says:

    We thought the last conference had seen the back of the wokes and the trans cabal / twitler youth but they have clearly reformed and starting their insidious infestation of the party once again.

    Sturgeon will be gone by the summer. Salmond and Cherry will rise in power and the wokes will be kicked out. Hopefully.

  88. Pixywine says:

    Transphobia policies are part of the UN agenda. Notice how determined the political class are to push policy that a majority of the public don’t want. Who does Nicola Sturgeon actually work for and is it true she is being referred to as ” the Beast of Bute House”? Genuine enquiry.

  89. wull says:

    She’s insane.

    If necessary, she’ll be able to plead insanity. And will now have plenty of undeniable evidence with which to back up the claim.

    Seriously, though, even looking at her physical appearance both on the Marr show and now in yesterday’s video, she really does look as if she is becoming unhinged.

    The deeply haunted look was also evident in the video of a couple of weeks ago, when she was backed by an enormously long and broad bookcase, or series of book shelves.

    I do not expect many to agree with me, and I am sure I will be told it doesn’t work like this. But I think we now more than ever need high profile non-SNP people to come forward as pro-independence candidates for the constituency vote, in many places throughout Scotland.

    The kind of candidates, preferably well known locally and/or nationally, who would be clearly pro-independence first and foremost, that is. And who would be well equipped, even at this late stage, to expose to the electorate in their area what the SNP now stands for. The voters need to know what we are all in for – and it isn’t independence, but GRA, Hate Crime and all the rest of it – if the SNP win.

    Although we do not seem to hear anything about it, I suppose Thomson’s ‘Action for Independence’ still exists, and I wonder if it could organise this.

    I know ‘AfI’ was originally planned as a List Vote Party only, but things have moved on a lot since then. And the plates are still moving, massively and quickly.

    Could ‘AfI’ not sponsor pro-Indy constituency candidates in those constituencies where the SNP candidate is strongly committed to all these other agenda, and soft to counterproductive to non-existent on independence? And could it not also come to an arrangement to work together with the ISP, tio maximise the pro-Independence outcome? Combining in such a way as to ensure that these two fully committed pro-Indy outfits do not hinder or undermine each other, especially in regard to the List vote?

    It should not be beyond the wit of those genuinely committed to independence to work out how to do this, even in the small amount of time available. There will be an increasing number of pro-Indy voters looking for someone to vote for in their constituencies who could not possibly, in the light of present revelations, vote for the SNP.

    I do not think that such ‘Independents for Independence’, sponsored by the ‘AfI’, should run in every constituency. Only in selected ones, based on some kind of combination of various criteria. These criteria would include places where i) the AfI have a genuinely high profile candidate, who really could win (horses for courses); ii) where the SNP candidate is definitely and demonstrably bad news for the independence cause; iii) places where the same SNP candidate can be shown up as a danger to the basic civil liberties which a future SNP administration will seek to undermine (in reference to their proven commitment to other priorities – Hate Crime, GRA, and so on); iv) where the SNP candidate can be shown to be one of those at or near the top of the Party who has clearly taken the SNP off course for independence.

    In regard to this last point (iv), those in the leadership who have driven the Party down its present disastrous road need to be publicly exposed for what they are. In other words, people like Nicola herself, Humza, Keith Brown, Christine MacKelvie and so many others need to feel the heat, and realise they have a fight on their hands.

    Others in the leadership, like Kate of the Finances, might be spared such opposition. If they are deemed not to be of that ilk, the AfI-sponsored ‘Independents for Independence’, or whatever they like to call themselves, would not run against them.

    I know the main objection, namely that there is a danger of splitting the pro-independence vote in a way that would a) let a Unionist Party candidate slip through for the constituency seat and, b) that diminishing the SNP vote on the constituency ballot might give the SNP more chance of gaining an extra member on the List vote. On the other hand, there are surely some SNP candidates who are absolutely no use to the cause of independence anyway, and whom for other reasons besides we really would like to see removed from their seats. This might be the only way to do that.

    For instance, just to mention someone not yet mentioned, if Angus Robertson really did look like becoming the new SNP leader immediately after the May election, why not put up a good well-known high profile pro-Indy candidate against him, in order to try to prevent him – one way or another – from qualifying for that position? When I say ‘one way or another’, I mean either by the alternative independence candidate defeating him outright and actually winning the seat (the best option) or, alternatively (and admittedly much less satisfactorily), by splitting AR’s vote in such a way that he does not get in. In which case, not being either an MSP or an MP, the said Mr. Robertson will not be eligible for the leadership. The SNP will have to choose someone else as their new leader instead.

    This second scenario would certainly have the considerable, and apparent disadvantage of letting a Unionist scrape through into Holyrood in what would otherwise have been an SNP seat. On the other hand, even such an unfortunate outcome might just be a price worth paying, if it sends the Sturgeonite plan homeward and forces the SNP to think again.

    It could be regarded as a gain if the loss of the seat, in whichever way, prevents the SNP from appointing as leader someone who will still carry out the Sturgeonite agenda. Someone moreover, and worst of all, who would continue to kick the independence can down the unending proverbial road of gradualism to Never-Never-Land.

    The SNP needs to be pressurised into changing itself after these last 6 disastrous Nicola-led (I almost said Nicola-bled) years. It won’t change without pressure. Real independence supporters both within the Party membership and outwith it, need to hold the leadership’s feet to the fire and bring them back into line. In other words, they need to do to the SNP what the SNP should have been doing all this time to the Westminster government.

    The required change within the SNP will never happen, and will not move in the direction it ought to go, unless someone applies pressure – real pressure – to it at the points where it hurts. Otherwise the complacent, coddled-up procrastinators who have taken over its reins and emptied it of its spirit will just keep marching along to their deadly slow-motion and self-feathered tunes, inspiring no one and leading Scotland nowhere other than off the cliff to oblivion.

    The SNP is already split. Is it not urgent to pile on the pressure so that the split becomes absolutely real and open, and unbridgeable? Moreover, in such a way that the good guys are clearly distinguished from those who are actually thwarting independence.

    Those who have replaced independence as the Party’s priority and main purpose with other quasi-insane, half-hidden and generally unacceptable agenda need to be outed. Unless significant pressure is applied, it just won’t happen.

    The 2021 Holyrood election still remains a great opportunity to advance the independence cause, wresting that cause from those who would thwart it, and pushing everything quickly in the right direction. We need to work together, shedding all the fakes and overcoming every hindrance.

  90. Pixywine says:

    Mac the hedgefunds are already calling for regulation which means the spirit of irony is alive and well floating strongly on the markets.

  91. Colin Alexander says:

    I’m no interested in what’s happening to the SNP. I won’t be voting for them.

    All these SNP politicians that won’t speak out, can go to blazes. I will remember your cowardly silence when you want my vote.

    I’d only vote for a party that wants independence: not a party that wants power for a ruling clique on the basis of “carrot on a stick”, “jam the morra” promises of an indyref.

    The SNP run an Indyref campaign? , The SNP couldnae even rig a conspiracy properly.

    Colonial administrator muppets.

  92. Willie says:

    The more I read today, the more I detect the corrupt Police Scotland.

    These bastards actually aided and abetted Boris Johnson and his circus to come to Scotland to deliver a political circus for and on behalf of the Tory Party.

    Being absolutely clear they authorised and supported this wholly non essential media circus. Unapologetically they have declared that it was Johnstons right to travel with his entourage.

    At a stroke Police Scotland has said fuck you, because it is us that do the fucking. Our job is to allow high Tories to do as they please whilst we will fuck you, the little people.

    Sorry for the language, but it doesn’t get much more brutal than what has happened today. Police Scotland no longer police by consent.They are bent, corrupt, and no different from the apartheid South African police force. Stitch you up, lie, chest, perjure, they are not on the publics side. There can be no trust.

    As for the health message. There is no health message. And you can tell plod on the street that the next time he starts to come heavy wanting to stop your car, break in your door, give you a fixed fine, as an impartial upholder of the law.

    These bastards, and I use that word in the light of how Police Scotland are operating, only operate with the consent of the people. Like the politicians in fact.

  93. stonefree says:

    @ katherine hamilton at 7:45 pm

    I think you’re correct, although I would estimate the figure is higher .I used the figure that were post on here in the accounts that were available.
    The mention of Smith and his troups, How much did the members pay for his big mouth in legal fees, It should be in a set of accounts after he lost? but there is no data , and the members don’t seem to care.
    Smith I supposed used the Carmichael excuse.”I’m not a wealthy man” He’s on about 5 times his wokey followers are on,
    I notice on the accounts a former MP gave £50K to the party( I stand to be corrected on that)
    There are no big donors they have gone,
    The SNP have no Union backing.
    I wonder if they did pay canvassers ? If so where did the money come from?

    Could the SNP have sever financial problem?

  94. Saffron Robe says:

    These people seem incapable of thinking about anyone but themselves. Everything is seen through a prism of “me, me, me” and they are not capable of rational, objective thought. I don’t think they can even conceive of putting their country before themselves. In fact I think they are willing to destroy everything and anyone that gets in their way. Nicola Sturgeon has sucked the lifeblood from the SNP and will do the same to Scotland if she is not stopped. A parasite doesn’t stop feeding until there’s nothing left to feed on.

  95. Elmac says:

    I loved Dusty Springfield. Not so sure about the blinking tribute act.

  96. Sheepshagger says:

    Why does the often parodied Downfall scene, the one with Hitler giving it laldy to all and sundry, spring to mind?
    Mind you I don’t have Nicola in my minds eye.
    Rather an Himmler lookalike with Mugabe’s taste in expensive shirts springs to mind.
    A narcissist who has never stood for election yet has remained at the top of the Scottish political scene for years has fouled the public water.

  97. SilverDarling says:

    This is truly frightening how a party has been captured by such an immature destructive ideology.

    People who were nowhere to be seen when their contemporaries were on the frontline of homophobic discrimination have co opted the so called trans ‘struggle’ out of what? Guilt, shame, regret? They have a desperate need to be seen on what they misguidedly think is the right side of history. Blackford, for instance, hasn’t a clue what he s actually supporting but is going along with the party line.

    Brown and Oswald in their efforts to placate the monstrous children may as well have said ‘what do want us to say?’ They demonstrably do not seem to understand the implications for the rights of women and young adults.

    However they have got it wrong again because they have created a rights issue that did not actually exist and they are throwing good women (and men) under the bus in a rush to signal their virtue.

    What a miserable pathetic hill to die on.

  98. alba says:

    “someone needs to find a transgender and ask what they think”

    ME – “Id heard that the transgender debate was being led by the woke crowd; middle class white folk outa uni who think its cool to go with every hip or politically correct fad…that anyone who said “you sure about this?” gets hit with a barrage of being racist nazi”

    S/HE – “Or gets literally hit. If you’ve seen groups like Anti-fa, they’re genuinely terrorist organisations that go under the radar simply because their government doesn’t have the guts to persecute them. They’ll go around witch hunting people, to death if they can. But I’m sure, if Trump is any indication, that the people stirring the pot from above absolutely love that side of things too. The more people that get ‘woke’ and the more people that get angry for it, the more they can divide, conquer and enjoy the ad revenue.”

    “LGTBQ+ movement is what I would call, in Max Stirner’s terms, a “Spook”. A nasty little concoction to control your brain. Sure there’s genuine gems in there. But people are wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too polarizing and don’t give a shit about anything other than emotional truth, which is easily manipulated. funny, i spend so long looking at american politics i actually.. didn’t notice the parallels in the SNP at all. thats kinda sad really. maybe it is too late.”

    Bottom line? I know one transgender who wasnt aware of what was happening in ‘her’ own country. Not only far from happy but genuinely concerned about this.

  99. Stu Foster says:

    We will soon see how many women support Sturgeon after they see “Jessica” walk into the female gym changing rooms and she drops her drawers and a big Perra Bawz falls out of them.

    “All done in the best possible taste” of course.

  100. stonefree says:

    The Legend of Nicola Sturgeon and Rise to Power

    According to the myth, the young politician desperately longed for fame and fortune.
    At the stroke of midnight, she walked down to the windswept crossroads at the junction of Highways B730 and B7081 in Dreghorn,Ayrshire.
    Reciting an ancient incantation, she called upon the Devil to make his deal.

    Pity she didn’t ask for Independence

  101. Kat says:

    All I can say if their cunning plan is to repeat the same playbook tactic to get rid of Cherry, the way they tried to take Salmond down, they better have the best legal expert in the land take a look at that new transphobia policy before they implement it.

    Cherry is no mere student of law (unlike Spears) she’s earned her stripes in the big leagues so if anyone is gonna know if it’s legal it will be her. She’ll see their traps before they do and with her on the NEC they won’t be able, hopefully, to pull a fast one on her.

    Just can’t believe they haven’t learned their lesson from the Salmond fiasco and are now doubling down on their lunacy. Their egos are out of control and the power has gone to their heads. The chances of this all going so wrong and the SNP ending up in court over this are high indeed.

  102. holymacmoses says:

    One of my family is transgender and is extremely happy, he has started his own business and is being very successful. What is interesting is that he looks ten years younger now he is male. I don’t ask him anything I only take what he offers to tell me but all seems very calm and his business is tied to the LGBTetc movement but not in Scotland

  103. alba says:

    Since posting earlier, Ive just finished reading Stephen Daisley. This i totally agree with:

    “Nothing has harmed the interests of trans people as grievously as their cause becoming a pet issue for political posturers and cynical factionalists. They have been reduced to a talking point, a box on a message grid, an easy retweet. If trans rights are human rights, isn’t it time they were treated like human beings?”

  104. Donda says:

    Nicola’s video was a whistle for her attack dogs. Calling them to heel as this is the pack she is relying on to dox and traduce anyone who stands up for Alex Salmond.

    Your opinion will be discounted as that of a boomer, or oldie, or white and straight male. Or a transphobe or terf. Your Twitter feed will be scoured for evidence of non compliance to the orthodoxy of their cult. They will attempt to rip you to pieces and have the leadership behind them.

    She is destroying the SNP in an effort to save herself. She can’t win though. She is up against the Truth and the London press are sniffing blood.

  105. holymacmoses says:

    The neonates aren’t bright enough so Ms Sturgeon is on to a loser if she thinks they’re going to stop criticism of her. If you ask them a question they get most irate and even the brighter ones have little mastery of debate. I suspect her little army are the ‘losers’ who don’t have the courage to be what they are because what they are is in fact very average and they want, more than anything, to be special.

  106. Willie says:

    I see that Sky News are reporting that in England and Wales the Police have issued over 42,000 fixed penalty fine.

    What a racket. The new bus lane / parking / speeding / traffic infringement wheeze, And here in Scotland we’re now not far behind. Police Scotland on your backs.

    Time we said no.


  107. Jontoscots20 says:

    The Greens ran a PPC tonight with a trans woke poet who said they wanted to live in a Scotland where trans lives and Black Lives Matter. Note the order there. People with some identity issues who can’t just get on with being who they are, trump those having their lives threatened by racist police. So the SNP is being out committed on the woke front and Brown obviously feels that the youth they meet are representative. What a shame Tories like my Mother in Law are voting SNP for Sturgeons credit grab and blame spread on Covid but utterly confused by this new Turn towards transmentalism.

  108. Livionian says:

    Our party system and democracy would probably benefit from a centre-right pro independence party

  109. Desimond says:

    As squirrels go, this one is “Pretty, pretty good!” to quote Larry David

  110. Hugh Jarse says:

    WhoRattledYourCage says:at 9:43
    “Fuck them one and all.”


    It’s going to be one of the few realistic career opportunities for the puir wee souls, when their baw is burst.
    Even harder for those who aren’t already, deep throating part time.

    The games up, we’re just going through the motions now it seems.

    When it comes to making the case, remember Project Fear.
    They won!

    Those of our people just about fortunate enough, to be just about able to enjoy their regular jaunts to the Sun and slopes, maybe getting on a bit, one of them has a long term health condition…
    And no EHIC.
    Fucked over on insurance, they won’t be getting away so often.

    Lads jaunt for rugger or Tartan army?
    Count me out guys. (Me!)

    Lost weekend in Amsterdam?
    A hazy memory only now. (Me!)

    Senga’s no going on the Hen night in Selonica, and Billy’s throwing a sickie when the boys are playing away in Bruges. (Not me!)

    Project Fear won!

    Less with the Mr nice guy this time.
    Play to win.

    The blockage is just about to go.

  111. Jim F. McIntosh says:

    Is it still possible/timewise to have a independent candidate stand in the up coming election in the constituency vote and his only policy would be for a indy vote as soon as possible. I would very happily donate to this persons funds if he were to stand against the SNP candidate and i am sure others would do the same in their own constituencies. Would give true indy supporters someone to vote for.

  112. Alf Baird says:

    In the matter of Scottish independence the identity that really matters is Scottish identity, obviously.

  113. Graham says:

    It’s pretty clear that the problem is intolerance of trans women in general, and not disagreement over a technical semantic point. If you’re going out of your way to imply that trans women are illegitimate, that’s the problem, and hiding behind a technicality if not actually saying it doesn’t make it any more acceptable.

    No one goes around reciting the dictionary definition of the word woman out loud for any other reason other than to deny trans women their identity, socially if not wholly physically, as women. That behaviour is obviously malicious.

    If you are anti-trans then so be it, but at least admit it, instead of feigning being the victim. Chutzpah.

  114. MorvenM says:

    This is a plot to expel Joanna Cherry from the SNP. It’s the only realistic explanation of Nicola’s insane behaviour of the last few days.

    They’re going to come up with a definition of transphobia, like the one mentioned above. Anyone who asserts that a transwoman can never become a female (a simple biological fact) will be guilty of “transphobia” and in breach of the elected members’ code of conduct.

    The previous NEC voted to deselect Joanna Cherry, a sitting MP, only to discover they were in breach of the party’s constitution. This plan, though. might actually work.

    Nicola’s determined that JC should not succeed her as leader and is equally determined not to have her around as a rival if she, Nicola, can brazen her way through the enquiries and survive a VONC. I think she’s still quite confident she can do that.

    It’s exactly the same ruthlessness and spite she’s shown to her other great rival – her old boss. This time, though, she’s shown her hand by coming out with her “transphobia” speech at the very time JC is appealing for disciplinary action against TRA members making defamatory remarks about her.

    No hiding behind covert identities for Nicola this time. She’s sure she can win.

  115. Suzanne K says:

    @Scott Finlayson there are many transsexuals, two I know well, who are against everything the gender identity mob stand for. Seven Hex is from Glasgow and has been outspoken on this issue to the point of being banned from twitter. Debbie Hayton from England writes extensively pro GC articles in the MSM, Rose of Dawn, Fionne Orlander and Kristina Harrison are all supporters of women’s rights too and have been horrendously abused. Transsexual is not the same as transgender. This latest ideology does not support TS people and they call them ‘truscum’ amongst other vile names. So yes, transsexual people have and are speaking out, but rather like women their voices are ignored by our political class.

  116. Elmac says:

    Re Graham @ 11.44

    I am totally scunnered with all this trans crap. As far as I am concerned everybody who lives in Scotland is entitled to vote and to equal respect. There are enough laws out there already to protect minorities. Our problem is not catering for minorities but realising the aspirations of the majority. Despite the continual lies of the Unionists most Scots accept that life as an independent country would be much better than what we have at present.

  117. A Person says:


    Then she is a fool.

    Just remember what happened to Jo Swindon in 2019. She was asked on television what a woman was and refused to answer. She looked like a total lunatic and went down in flames. Imagine someone doing that to NS in May.

    If she believes that she is too popular for that to happen, she has fallen for her own hype. When that happens, leaders start to fail. I remember Matthew Parris saying that Thatcher was actually quite modest and cautious, and started to lose support once she got it into her head that she actually was “the Iron Lady”.

  118. Neil Wilkinson says:

    @ Graham 11.44 pm

    What exactly do trans women want to be able to do , that they can’t do now ??

  119. WhoRattledYourCage says:

    Interesting article by Fintan O’Toole, who is an excellent writer and thinker. I would be curious to hear his interview with the FM, if I could stomach listening to it. In it according to the National (aka Scotland’s troll paper, printing all the Tory insults fit to burst a Scottish person’s heart and blood vessels), she said this:

    “Nobody can take away the contribution – massive contribution – that Alex Salmond made to the growth and the current strength of the SNP and the independence movement.

    “Whatever has happened over the past couple of years and whatever happens in the future, the changed relationship between him and I, nobody can take away the massive influence he was on my life.”

    That woman has got a brass neck, and a bloody cheek! The ‘massive influence’ on her life? What about the massive negative influence she has been on his?! Talk about fake concern and giving credit where credit’s due, then swiftly taking it back by saying:

    “But often in life things that you don’t anticipate and don’t relish and wouldn’t have ever wanted to happen happen and you have to deal with those and you have to live with them.”

    I mean, that is a really weaselly politician’s sentence, but what is basically doing is still spitting on her mentor through veiled references to her failed attempt to destroy him. You can only imagine how foolish Alex Salmond must feel now, having mentored this woman for years, taking her right to the top with him, only for her to spit in his face in the vile way she has. Especially as it has negatively affected the thing he most cared about, independence for Scotland. Ms. Sturgeon is going down in Scottish history as one of Scotland’s biggest turncoats. Well done to her.

  120. Hugh Jarse says:

    Another positive thing about this calamatous ‘Threat to Independence ‘ to be sold to the peeps.

    To yer mark.

    ‘Aye, it’s a real mess, but consider this. How did we get here? NS didn’t have supernatural powers.’
    ‘Will staying with Bojo & co. change things for the better? Will corruption & inequality decline, do you honestly believe you matter to them? “Irrelevant ”
    They don’t need your vote, not even where it matters. London.’

    ‘Fresh start…lifeboat….blah blah blah..Clean the Slate/State…’

    Follow up with the usual smorgasbord of the positives for indy, step aside and let them simmer gently…

    How to turn a negative into a positive.

  121. Martyman says:

    Much as I am frustrated as hell by all this, I am puzzled by all the claims above, that “the SNP will no longer have my vote”.

    I mean, who the hell else is there to vote for, on the constituency vote?

    (Disclaimer: I don’t really have a problem in that regard, as my MP/MSP candidates are Joanna Cherry/Catriona Macdonald.)

  122. Beaker says:

    I’ve come to the conclusion that certain elements of the SNP have decided to throw a metaphorical hand grenade at their opponents, but have only succeeded in throwing the pin.

  123. Molly's Mum says:

    I left the SNP today following Nicola’s Two Minute Hate of Women video last night

    I’d been hanging on and hanging on, coming to the conclusion that I would wait for the findings of the Harrassment of Alex Salmond enquiry and then decide but that video was the last straw

    And today I felt so liberated – because I realised I can still vote for Indy, and I don’t fund their manic ideas any more

    Can’t believe they are so blasé about all of us leaving in droves but pretty-pleasing the foul mouthed aggressive minority to come back into the fold though. Hell mend them

  124. Hatuey says:

    Martyman: “I am puzzled by all the claims above, that “the SNP will no longer have my vote”…. I mean, who the hell else is there to vote for, on the constituency vote?”

    I agree, you are puzzled. But I think I see where you’re going wrong.

    Have you considered the idea that many people won’t vote at all?

  125. Hatuey says:

    Neil Wilkinson says: “What exactly do trans women want to be able to do , that they can’t do now ??”


  126. holymacmoses says:

    Graham says:
    28 January, 2021 at 11:44 pm
    It’s pretty clear that the problem is intolerance of trans women in general, and not disagreement over a technical semantic point. If you’re going out of your way to imply that trans women are illegitimate, that’s the problem, and hiding behind a technicality if not actually saying it doesn’t make it any more acceptable.

    No one goes around reciting the dictionary definition of the word woman out loud for any other reason other than to deny trans women their identity, socially if not wholly physically, as women. That behaviour is obviously malicious.

    Being socially accepted as a woman is not the same as being sexually accepted as a woman. Society will readily accept the former but many people are quite suspicious of the latter. I think that some women question the motives of a transwoman. AND perhaps the sexual drive, which is generally different for men than women, is the problematic factor. It’s possible that many women fear that transwomen have the same sexual drive as they would have if they were socially a male and therefore they find it difficult to be in private and confined places with them. I doubt many people would worry about the issue in the theatre, parks, shops etc etc – it is intimate or enclosed surroundings which cause concerns.

    Gender IS a social matter: man and woman is a sexual matter. Language is metaphor and if we mix up the basic meanings of biological classification we may well be headed down a slippery and undesirable slope as far as medicine is concerned.

    By all means accept that, socially, people should define themselves as they wish but there are limitations to that definition and those limitations concern sex which is a factor which needs to be taken account of in today’s world.

    If, in the future, the world changes enough to reduce people to some sort of automaton and the reproductive process to some sort of incubator , then I dare say toilets, prisons and male and female sporting events won’t be a problem.

  127. Terry says:

    Un fucking believable.

    Read this –

    Sturgeon Sucking up to salmond now? I swear she’s a psychopathic nutter.

  128. James Horace says:

    Terry, I can guarantee you that’s not the most interesting news story to be published in the last two hours….

  129. Stu Foster says:

    You are not going to win any election by trying to take the views of a small minority group as being more important than the majority group who are your footsoldiers and major fundraisers.

    Why alienate the majority within your Party?

    Sturgeon has took her Tomboy traits to whole new levels.

    She has formed an inner circle that is unrecognisable to the ordinary man/woman in the street.

    Which I think will be her down fall.

    Power crazy Sturgeon will be her own worst enemy.

  130. Beaker says:

    @James Horace says:
    29 January, 2021 at 12:57 am
    “Terry, I can guarantee you that’s not the most interesting news story to be published in the last two hours….”

    Wouldn’t be anything to do with a Scot Govt email to a certain football club?

    And I’m not defending them btw.

  131. James Horace says:

    Beaker – No

  132. Elmac says:

    Just posted on WGD to effect that we all want independence and commented on the lack of response (other than a few negatives) to Craig Murrays affidavit. I also provided links to Gordon Dangerfield’s blog and an article by Alistair Bonnington, former law professor at Glasgow Uni. I politely requested that they read the material. I also pointed out that I had followed the WGD blog for many years and had contributed to his recent fund raiser. My post went into moderation and subsequently disappeared.

    Much as I have the greatest respect for Paul Kavanagh and what he writes his blog appears to have been taken over by blinkered extremists who will not tolerate any deviation from the official line. Regretfully I will not be venturing back to his blog nor contributing to any future fund raisers.

  133. Paul the Seaman says:

    Not been on this site for months and I’m sorry but it seems have turned into a cult of personality. Whatever the rev says all the eager flock are just lapping it up. Think about what you are all saying. Someone even said that minorities get too much attention and the government should only cater for the majority. Jesus christ that is backward talk and certainly not the outward welcoming country that I am proud to call Scotland. If you think men are going to change their sex just to pervert in a public toilet come on for feck sake really? Every western European country will do this at some point. Scotland is just leading the way. And really I don’t think Nicola or the SNP are heading for any type of huge disaster that people on here are making out. From what I can see it’s the same 50 or so people with the exact same views/hatred of Sturgeon/SNP. I think we will cope somehow. Also to say that Sturgeon or the SNP doesn’t want independence is frankly laughable. Seems like most of the people on here now are the tin foil hat brigade. Shit the earth is flat…….

  134. Hatuey says:

    Horace: “I can guarantee you that’s not the most interesting news story to be published in the last two hours….”

    So what is?

  135. Sylvia says:

    ““We are revoking Joan McAlpine’s invitation to speak at our event on 5 February because we do not believe her views on transgender rights align with our views on equality,” Teach the Future tweeted on 27 January. “This invitation was made due to a vetting and communication error by us and our partner (Sustainability Partnerships).”

  136. Lynne says:

    I wonder if this breaking story is what Horace has spotted? It’s certainly interesting…

  137. StuartM says:

    @ Miles Briggs

    The Prime Minister’s perfectly ILlegitimate and UNwelcome visit to Scotland

    There, fixed that for you.

  138. Lynne says:

    Sorry, that should have said ‘James Horace’ – picked up the wrong name from Hatuey’s comment.

  139. susanXX says:

    Graham, transwomen are not women, they are trans identifying MEN. As such the have no right to access women’s sports, women’s prisons and other women’s sex segregated spaces. You can’t compel thought, they are men.

  140. Willie says:

    There’s more to come out, and of course who, and what caused Surgeon and Murrell to turn the way that they have, is a big question.

    Sturgeon now says she is woke, is supportive of transgender issues. So what is she saying. Why is she saying it now in the middle of a pandemic and political crisis, Is this the coded language that maybe she was turned because of some form of sexual activity. Or could husband Peter have some sexual deviance that could have been cause for her or him to have been turned. Or was he set up, just like Salmond was set up but in Murrell’s case through his own folly.

    Special branch handlers, the dark state, knew all about Jimmy Saville, and like him, knew about all his powerful connections at the very heart of government. Suck knowledge is power and he was after all a fried of prime minister Margaret Thatcher. And what power you have when you have knowledge of ruinous behaviours.

    A decade or so before that detailed knowledge existed of the sordid Lord Boothby of the shitting on the glass table parties fame was well known to special branch. Again knowledge is power and that again is the power of influence and control .And like Saville et al was he protected by the security services and no doubt used by them All very much the Westminster way, at home, in Ireland, in India, it is the way the UK works, so why not here.

    So who really set Salmond up. Who really had the interest in stopping the man who nearly gained Scotland independence. Who had the power to assist the hapless Nicola Surgeon turn on her mentor, on her cause. Who had the power to pursue political journalists supportive of independence.

    I suspect we have not heard the last of the exposures. This is deep, very deep.

    The real war for independence is underway and this may be the opportunity to win. We shall need to wait and see.

  141. BuggerLePanda says: “I worry that the end game for NS will be a Viking funeral of the SNP and Scotland as a nation“.

    Yes. I think that is well put. The SNP is probably irredeemably corrupt within any opportune ‘window’ to save our country. It disposition a reflection of her psychopathy.

  142. Lothianlad says:


    Yes excellent post.
    I’ve been saying for ages, the enemies of Scottish independence are hard at work inside the SNP SG.

    This is not new agent pravocateurs savaged the SNP in the 1970 after north sea oil became an issue that increases indy support.

    Get a copy of a book called britains secret war if you can. Written I the 1980s, several well known SNP figures involved.

    Of course sturgeon in controlled. She is owned by the brit secret service.

    They helped facilitate her rise to the top and she is now repaying the debt.

  143. Stu Foster says:

    Willie 4.46am

    Brilliant Post.

    And a wee add on to that was the Lord Boothby guy who shat on Glass tables while wee boys lay underneath watching,,,his rent boys were provided by Ronnie Kray of the Kray twins fame.

    Which meant MI5 infiltrated even the nastiest of people and let them run with their fetishes, just so they could have total control over them through bribery.

    For infiltrated,,,read the Murrells.

    A fixed, arranged marriage if ever I saw one.

    All for the love of Power and Money.

    He would rather wake up lying beside Sturgeon’s brother and she would rather wake up lying beside her husband’s Sister.

    If you know what I mean???

    This is probably the secret info they have on our darling leaders.

  144. Martin says:

    It’s actually a fairly decent idea to define transphoboa (if only to define what it isn’t). Obviously that’s not the motivation here but for fun, here’s my definition.

    “Treating someone with less tolerance and understanding solely on the basis that they are transgender.”

    I do not believe this is rife in 21st century Scotland. I have robust debate with trans people/their allies. As I do with anti vaxxer etc. I don’t deny them their existence or think of them as lesser people.

    Sadly the actual definition will mean that I can discuss my differing view on whether vaccines are there to control us, but will be arrested if I suggest it is important for us doctor types to know the actual biological sex of our patients (because, y’know women don’t get prostate cancer and men don’t need smears)….

  145. Fishy Wullie says:

    If we are to accept the woke view that transwomen are real women then I am a transphobe and I am not ashamed to say it

    None of us should it’s time we all stopped bowing to name calling and stand up for what we believe in regardless of what names they throw at us.

    In my view a transwoman is a man with a sexual dysfunction or fetish call it what you like, they have a right to be treated fairly and respectfully in society but they don’t have a right to tell us how to think or have a right to their own facts.

  146. solarflare says:

    Sky News speaking to Kenny MacAskill – saw the interview this morning, and they were talking about the conspiracy.

    First serious mention of it in the mainstream media I’ve seen since the Craig Murray affidavit.

  147. James Horace says:

    Thats 2 new biggies today then!

    Big one from MacAskill, then a very interesting separate dead-cattish one too.

  148. robertknight says:

    Stu Foster @6:25.


    The creature Boothby features heavily in “Britain’s Secret War – Tartan Terrorism and the Anglo American State”

    An interesting read – if you can get hold of it.

  149. Captain Yossarian says:

    @robertknight – Sky News have sources inside Scotgov too.

    I was hoping that today was the day.

  150. Lulu Bells says:

    I don’t know what percentage of the Scottish population is Trans, and I don’t care. I actually could not care less about anyone’s personal preferences in life unless it affects me. Live and let live. However, the SNP are making this about me, as what they are doing is making other people’s life choices affect me. They are taking what I expect is a small part of the population and pissing the rest off to make that small part happy. I think I might join the ISP.

  151. A Person says:

    OT too, but what made Boothby’s power even weirder was that, as well as his attraction to children and male gangsters, he also had an affair with Harold Macmillan’s wife for decades and fathered the youngest Macmillan daughter. Apparently this is why Macmillan was so reluctant to get involved with the Profumo affair, he had a complex about anything sexual.

    Another person who had an affair with a Kray twin was Princess Margaret and that family- especially the Mountbatten side- is a whole different ball game.

    Certainly goes on in Scotland, as examples like the Fettes ring in the 80s- hushed up at the time- show. I think dark things are hinted at in a few Rebus novels, and we have all heard gossip down the years about the cosy proximity (sometimes literal) of politicians, judges, lawyers and police- Saul Goodman would be ashamed!

  152. A Person says:

    The Sky News story is a really promising development. To have an MP on one of the major news networks accusing his own party of corruption is quite difficult to avoid.

    Today’s papers are all **really** going for Sturgeon implicitly (Kate Forbes seeming to be presented in a positive light though). I think they are about to throw the kitchen sink at her. The tone of the Telegraph and Express headlines was quite alarming in their undercurrent of “shut Holyrood”.

  153. Big Jock says:

    Remember it’s ” Transgender men”. Not “Transgender women”. By definition and biology , they are males and will always be males.

    They may have long hair and max factor, but they are still basically men in drag. A transgender woman would be a woman without a penis dressed as a man.

    This conflation of sex is what is causing the problem. I think Sturgeon is a man hater, that is what lies at the heart of this. She hates heterosexual males.

    We have reached a point where being a man is now seen as a threat.

    What a crazy screwed up lady man she is.

  154. Tannadice Boy says:

    @James Horace 7:29am
    See what you mean. Kenny McAskill showing no fear again. Good Morning Vietnam springs to mind. The WhatsApp group name, that’s got too be true giving the ridiculous nature of how it was named.

  155. solarflare says:

    Lulu Bells says:
    29 January, 2021 at 8:08 am
    “I don’t know what percentage of the Scottish population is Trans, and I don’t care. I actually could not care less about anyone’s personal preferences in life unless it affects me. Live and let live. ”

    I think similar. I couldn’t really care either way to an extent.

    But what is unforgiveable is that the SNP is no longer predominantly and primarily focused on independence. If they’re not serious about it then don’t stand on the basis of it and win your votes for your trans positions instead.

    Independence is probably now at best 5th or 6th in the list of their priorities.

    They have been in government too long and their gradualism plan to make everyone Yes has had the countereffect of making them more gradually something else.

    The only good thing on the horizon is all this conspiracy stuff is going to blow it all up one way or another – either there will be a massive clear out or it will become clear they are beyond saving and a new indy vehicle will be needed.

  156. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Stu Foster (10.58) –

    Perra Bawz played Barrowlands in 1988.

  157. Wee Chid says:

    It would appear that Blackman wants to do a “Salmond” on all of us and use a retrospective definition of transphobia to get us all.

  158. Sylvia says:

    “There is a special meeting arranged of the NEC on the 10th February where the NEC will determine the latest Woke attempts to take over the Party”.

  159. Effijy says:

    Trans in mental medication.

    How on earth can these people think our first priority
    in these times would be to let cocks in frocks pee wherever they like.

    Can they ask themselves if anyone puts thing like Covid Killing them or
    their family, unemployment, kids lack of education, paying bills on reduced income,
    Independence for their country, being free of Tory corruption, being unable to travel,
    Corrupt governments, Courts and Police, not being in the EU, the crashed economy.

    Now can you prioritise the aggressive minority needs of Trans ahead of all this?

    I’m an old guy and I think I’ve seen two men dressed as women in the street in all my life.
    Good luck to you but these are two many men who would abuse access to the private areas
    provided for my Mum, Wife and Daughter.

    It isn’t happening and SNP or any other party will be unelectable if they try to enforce it.

  160. Breeks says:

    Terry says:
    29 January, 2021 at 12:53 am
    Un fucking believable.

    Read this –

    Sturgeon Sucking up to salmond now? I swear she’s a psychopathic nutter.

    Wow. Must have taken a whole tin of Brasso to polish that brass neck. Maybe had to swallow some to give a wee bit polish from the inside too.

    I’m curious again though why she can’t answer any questions which are subject to the Inquiry. I’ll be kind and concede there are some issues which may be confidential, but as far as I’m aware there is no prohibition on speaking quite freely about most everything else.

    I wonder if it’s transference, subconsciously adopting the secrecy, non disclosure and widespread redactions her and Evans have been throwing over everybody else.

    I said it a long time ago, I find it truly incredible that the people implicated in this misconduct and incompetence are the ones who are sitting in command of which evidence the Inquiry is permitted to see. That’s like the murderer himself being left in charge of the murder weapon and all the wee baggies of forensic evidence necessary for his trial.

  161. Breeks says:

    Tannadice Boy says:
    29 January, 2021 at 8:19 am
    @James Horace 7:29am
    See what you mean. Kenny McAskill showing no fear again. Good Morning Vietnam springs to mind. The WhatsApp group name, that’s got too be true giving the ridiculous nature of how it was named.

    I wonder if Gordon Dangerfield already knew that, given his comments speaking with Tommy Sheridan about the combative language used by the Conspirators… I’m sure ‘Vietnam’ would give him a wry giggle if he didn’t know…

    Gives me a wry giggle when you consider Nixon was fighting the Vietnam War during Watergate. History can be so wicked with it’s irony eh?

  162. Mia says:

    “It’s certainly interesting…”

    Yes, it very much looks like the British state is already circling the wagons to protect this particular civil servant. It seems they are offering her an alternative, less damaging, fire exit door out of the picture. They also appear to be trying to distract from all the other instances, far more serious, when she might have breached the code of conduct by focusing now on this silly text.

    I am sure very soon we will also see fire exit doors being offered to the other civil servants involved on Mr Salmond’s case.

    This stinks at damage limitation.

  163. true scott says:

    I do believe that gender disphoria is a real but rare condition. I don’t believe in the global epidemic that we are now witnessing – and my own view is that, in the future, there will be class actions from people who felt encouraged to block puberty to become the sex they – at that time, for whatever reason – felt they were meant to be. What pre-pubescent child has a concept of adulthood and long term consequences? Or more importantly – an understanding of the desire to have children? There is already a vocal minority in the trans community who regret transitioning – sadness and depression having crept back into their lives in spite of gender reassignment but no easy road back. For those who transition in adulthood – from the outside, it often appears to be about adopting the trappings of the desired gender – but our biological realities as beings of one sex or another shape a lot of the journey of life theat we are on. Each sex has it’s cycles and seasons – and crucially a very different balance of oestogen and testoreone. Those affect thought patterns and the kinds of choices and actions we take. However debate on this topic is likely to remain difficult in spite of the slight softening this week in the hate crime bill – and in fact I beleive the above view would still be illegal. Regardless of legality I hope I have expressed my point of view respectfully – we need less name calling and more open mindedness to the points of view of others in Scotland.

  164. Mia says:

    “I’m curious again though why she can’t answer any questions which are subject to the Inquiry”

    Perhaps the Rev already gave us the answer to that question in previous articles:

    damage limitation – she has told so many lies already that has now become incredibly difficult for her to keep track of all of them. She does not want to say anything for what she can be questioned afterwards.

    Let’s be prepared for her intervention in the inquiry to be an extremely highly rehearsed and staged exercise. I wouldn’t be surprised if she is given the questions before taking part in it.

    The whole thing stinks.

  165. Cath says:

    Amidst all the hellish kafkaesque nonsense, there’s something hilarious about the SNP having a group called “Out for Indy” who claim to speak for the LBGTQI++ community, but who’s sole purpose appears to be viciously attacking lesbians.

  166. David Caledonia says:

    I pay a fiver a year and I get some raffle tickets and the odd letter about sweet FA
    Not bad fur less than a shillin a week, but they still have nae chance o gettin ma vote
    In fact if somebody would be good enough tae start a wine pairty a wood vote fur them cause aw this piffle wid drive anybuddy tae drink

  167. David Caledonia says:

    In saying that, a don’t need an excuse lol

  168. rob says:

    Martyman says:
    29 January, 2021 at 12:20 am

    Much as I am frustrated as hell by all this, I am puzzled by all the claims above, that “the SNP will no longer have my vote”.

    As much as I desire Independence, I won’t vote for indy at all costs. This Govt is out of control and I do not want to live in a country run by politicians that manipulate the police and COPFS to charge, harass and jail their political opponents. Further , I have daughters and grand daughters, I have a duty to protect them, how could I possibly vote for a party, that intends to allow men with dicks and dresses into their changing rooms, showers etc. No one in my extended family will vote SNP. ISP will be getting our second vote.

  169. David Caledonia says:

    I have never ever wanted to go on anything like twitter, but what did make my mind up was reading about that twit Stephen Fry being on it, he reminds me of the words of hitlers architect when asked the question
    What advice would you give to any young man trying to make his way in life
    His answer, work on your charisma, what he meant was appear to be intelligent, even use big fancy words that nobody ever uses, that makes you seem charismatic, and to be quite honest the guy new what he was on about
    A lot of his former workmates got a date with Mr PP, and he got 20 years from the americans and the british, and good old russia wanted to hang the conman, yes charisma Mr Speer you where a genius as a conman, you where not unlikable, but not to hang you was a travesty of justice

  170. Patsy Millar says:

    @truescoott Well put.

  171. Wee Chid says:

    Has anyone kept a record of all the vile, misogynistic, racist tweets that this creature has made? Why are they still in the SNP or is anti semitism the only perceived racism that insn’t tolerated?

  172. robertknight says:

    Rob @9:34


    I too, unlike some, have elected not to become ‘Deaf, Dumb & Blind for Indy’.

    For years I despaired at Labour voters who, when our on the stump, would tell me they’d be voting Labour because their family had always voted Labour – despite not being able to name a single Labour policy they were actually voting for.

    I’ve no intention of being the SNP equivalent and blindly voting for a party, several of whose policies I don’t agree with and whose senior politicians are either lying, corrupt and conniving b******s or, through their continued silence, are guilty by association.

    So, unless a tectonic shift happens between now and May…

    Spoil 1
    ISP 2

    Indy can wait – I’ve come to the conclusion that I prefer not to live in Sturgeon’s vision of Scotland any more.

  173. Wee Chid says:

    Cath says:
    29 January, 2021 at 9:30 am
    !Amidst all the hellish kafkaesque nonsense, there’s something hilarious about the SNP having a group called “Out for Indy” who claim to speak for the LBGTQI++ community, but who’s sole purpose appears to be viciously attacking lesbians.!

    I thought it stood for “Out get anyone who doesn’t agree with us”

  174. Wee Chid says:

    true scott says:
    29 January, 2021 at 8:57 am
    “I do believe that gender disphoria is a real but rare condition.” I agree (although very many people have body dysmorphia to some extent) – but, apparently less rare and looking for some sort of affirmation is autogynephillia.

  175. BLMac says:

    In the 1890s the State of Indiana try to pass a law stating that the value of Pi was 3.2 because that was a more convenient number to use that the unwieldy actual value.

    The GRA reminds me of that.

    No law can change what is reality and beyond human control.

  176. stonefree says:

    @ Mia at 9:11 am

    “I’m curious again though why she can’t answer any questions which are subject to the Inquiry”

    You have more or less answered that yourself

    “damage limitation – she has told so many lies already that has now become incredibly difficult for her to keep track of all of them.”
    But to a point, and not only damage limitation.
    If you are present at a certain point you see what you see it’s set in your mind and from your perspective.
    If you lie then it’s something that you have invented, and if questioned , You can’t readily answer every question or indeed think of all possible replies to all questions that might be put to you,and the answer could simply contradict previous answers

    While JB has been a surprise ,she’s not going hard enough

    Personally I would have preferred a court, and Sturgeon in the dock full time
    She (NS) may well have a law degree,but she’s not the brightest

  177. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “If you think men are going to change their sex just to pervert in a public toilet come on for feck sake really?”

    Dear fuckwit,

    Here is a partial list of things men have pretended to be in order to assault women and children:

    Compared to those, merely saying you’re a woman is an extremely low bar.

    Now piss off, you stupid cunt.

  178. stonefree says:

    @ Wee Chid at 9:46 am

    If you go down the tweet, they say they’re are still
    a member in 27/01/21 plus there is a posting can’t remember where the person has had their posting lock for all to see

  179. Wee Chid says:

    Paul the Seaman says:
    29 January, 2021 at 2:05 am
    ” If you think men are going to change their sex just to pervert in a public toilet come on for feck sake really? ”

    So are you comfortable with them self IDing as a woman in order to try to get a lighter sentence for a criminal charge or to gain access to female prisons?

    Or are you quite happy at the offences some of them are committing?

  180. Wee Chid says:

    robertknight says:
    29 January, 2021 at 12:20 pm

    I wonder if he was sent to a female prison. Can’t seem to find out.

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