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Mek-Quake’s Big Job

Posted on January 28, 2021 by

We’ve got to try to write an article today about developments in Scottish politics in the last 24 hours, and it feels like someone’s just asked us to empty the Atlantic Ocean into the Pacific Ocean with a teaspoon. Bear with us for a bit, okay?

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75 to “Mek-Quake’s Big Job”

  1. Desimond says:

    Damn you “interesting times”!

  2. Sarah says:

    Best of luck. Just start at the beginning…

  3. Wulls says:

    Start by googling “cognitive dissonance” ???
    Gove this morning telling us all Boris is doing a great job.
    BBC reporter telling us about “all 4 nations”
    Twitter Wokeratti loosing their shit and resigning from the SNP
    Take your pick.( actually the last one is a ray of light)
    Loads of ammo without going near the astounding Craig Murray revelations.

  4. Al Hunter says:

    Aye, rather you than me today ! Keep up the excellent work !

  5. Marie Clark says:

    Oooo, cannae wait, I bet it’s a belter. For goodness sake Rev watch your back and take care.

  6. Republicofscotland says:

    Interestingly the Atlantic ocean isn’t level, its higher on the Canadian side than it is on the European side.

    Take your time Rev, we’ll just chat among ourselves for now.

  7. Iain Hamilton says:

    Popcorn at the ready…

  8. Socrates MacSporran says:

    And Rev, remember mainstream media battalion orders for today:

    “Don’t mention Craig Murray, there’s a good chap.”

  9. Alan Mackintosh says:

    While we are waiting there is a second instalment of the Gordon Dangerfield interview with Tommy.

  10. Daisy Walker says:

    You take your time, there’s bugger all happening anyway!

    Any chance of an article on poor put upon transgenders, apparently people have been nasty to them. Or something, it’s all the news.

  11. Effijy says:

    In terms Boris and Unionists might understand,
    We were advised initially by team Boris that we
    May need to prepare a farewell to our loved ones
    as a good result would be 20,000 U.K. Covid Deaths?

    With the excess deaths that Boris and U.K. Union media
    refuse to report on, there have been 120,000 U.K. deaths
    and still mounting.

    Borisland has the worst global record in managing the Covid Crisis.

    By the end of this week, the U.K. will have had more Covid Infections than Russia,
    Who has 80,,000,000 more of a population.

    The U.K. will have the highest infection rate in Europe, the highest number of infections and
    the highest death tallies.

    Only some countries with vast populations like USA, Brazil and Mexico have higher numbers of deaths but less on a pro rata basis.

    Now hands up if you think this means Boris and Westminster have done well above.
    Not sure then add in they have damaged the economy more than anyone else.

    Now heed Bojo’s scrambled advice, do not leave your home.
    Only travel if essential unless you are Boris,his Dad or Dominic Cummings.

    Lastly, would you rather be in Germany with half the Covid Death rate, even with 15 million more
    of a population and only a couple of million vaccinations
    Or in the U.K. with 65,000 more Covid deaths and 7 million vaccinations?

    I think the extra 65,000 U.K. dead would rather be alive and waiting for the jab!

  12. Sharny Dubs says:

    Are ye sure you can do it in a day.

    It’s ok we’ll chat among ourselves.

    Anyone seen the latest episode of eastbenders?

    Naa me neither

  13. Stoker says:

    Here, Rev, seen this and thought of you. LOL!

  14. Republicofscotland says:

    Outspoken Kenny MacAskill might soon be thrown under the Margaret Ferrier bus.

  15. Astonished says:

    Has she gone yet ?
    And for all the spineless SNP MSPs out there – Galloway (that well known media whore) is going to make you defend the genderwoowoo idiocy during the May elections. Prepare to lose your seats.
    Humza useless is unrepentant. Hope he goes too.
    P.S. Where is the ring-fenced money ?

  16. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Galloway (that well known media whore) is going to make you defend the genderwoowoo idiocy during the May elections. Prepare to lose your seats.”

    He’s going to have to get his party registered first, which he still hasn’t managed.

  17. Graeme Hampton says:

    Will be Interesting to see if Nicola’s deflection video from last night makes the cut

  18. Name (required) says:

    we always knew that January was going to be a crucial / interesting month (even stu reported it ;-)). but not THIS interesting, so interesting that its going to spill over in the following month too.

  19. kapelmeister says:

    Sturgeon has now given the BBC the chance to create the impression that lots of people are leaving the SNP because it is a hotbed of transphobia. When we know it’s a case of a load of single issue obsessives walking out on a non-transphobic party because there was a refusal to accept their bullying tactics. But thanks to Queen Nic, the BBC have their narrative.

    Sturgeon just has no feel for the genuine indy movement.

  20. Bob Mack says:

    Many SNPs silent. A few supportive of Nicola. Craig Murray doesn’t even exist apparently. Broadcast hell for Nicola last night alienating thousands Ill bet.

    I like the tank. Reminds me of a Sherman. The soldiers used to nickame them Ronsons because of their propensity to burst into flames when hit. A bit like Nicola.

  21. Republicofscotland says:

    There is one media outlet that has mentioned Craig Murray’s accounts.

  22. Socrates MacSporran says:

    Republic of Scotland

    When referencing Margaret Ferrier, I would suggest: Thrown under the train” would be a more-apt turn of phrase.

  23. Daisy Walker says:

    From the latest Tommy Sherridon /Gordon Dangerfield podcast part 2.

    All Scot Gov witness statements, documents and redactions submitted to the enquiry are the responsibility of Leslie Evans!!!!!

    Conflicts of interest don’t come any bigger, inquiries don’t get any more toothless than this one.

    I realise there are concerns about Scotland’s prison population size in comparison to its population. I’d like to see it get bigger in the near future.

    Gordon also draws attention to the disclosure of one of the complaints to snp staffer McCann in November 2017. And his response, ‘we’ll sit on this in case it’s every needed to be deployed’. This reeks of conspiracy to blackmail Alex in the future, and shows a reckless hypocrisy (if the complaint was believed genuine) with regards woman’s safety from harassment in the workplace.

    November 2017, but Nicla only knew March/April 2018, aye right.

    Sorry if the above is repetition folks, but the info has been so disjointed, even now piecing it together, pieces of the jigsaw get clear and it’s just breathtaking.

  24. 100%Yes says:

    I’m eagerly awaiting Martin case.

  25. Sarah says:

    @ Socrates MacSporran: indeed.

    Bearing in mind your profession, was it you who masterminded the most brilliant sports headline ever – “Supercaleygoballisticcelticareatrocious”? Still making people laugh after all these years!

  26. Kat says:

    Reckon you’ve got enough for half a dozen articles. To keep the impatient masses from banging on your door you might wanna consider the educational method of small digestible chunks…multiple articles instead of one big one.

    In the meantime we can always keep ourselves amused reading the responses to Nikla’s dead cat video or humza’s bin fire bill.

  27. Daisy Walker says:

    Rev. Stuart Campbell says:
    28 January, 2021 at 10:20 am
    “Galloway (that well known media whore) is going to make you defend the genderwoowoo idiocy during the May elections. Prepare to lose your seats.”

    He’s going to have to get his party registered first, which he still hasn’t managed.

    With respect I disagree, he is highly competent at communication and has full access to video making expertise and the tech savvy to spread it. He doesn’t need a party, or to get elected in order to spread the gra nonsense far and wide and pin it to the snp as unelectable.

    He’s also an egotist, I suspect the party thing is just to help fund rise. This single issue insanity will likely be enough to give him a high profile bandwagon, which just might be enough to get him elected.

  28. katherine hamilton says:

    When you’ve finished your deliberations, Rev, please don’t “show you’re working”, as the maths teachers used to say.
    I don’t think I’ve enough brain cells left to make sense of any of it!

  29. iain mhor says:

    Forgiven all.
    I’m just in little sobs of delight at the article name and ‘toon – ahh Starlord, my heart!

    Every time I’ve read variations of ‘her nemesis’ online recently, I’ve automatically intoned “Be Pure, Be Good, Behave’ – and lo, appears Mek-Quake and tears of nostalgia flow.

    Thank you.

  30. Davy Smith says:

    That Nicola diatribe looked to me like a semi-deranged rant from the bunker.

    The eyes betrayed much…

  31. iain mhor says:

    No wait ‘Be Vigilant” ach my auld memory *sob

  32. Grey Gull says:

    Daisy @ 10.51

    Just finished listening to the podcast too. It does all sound a bit like “Borgen”. Just a pity it’s reality and not fiction and the independence movement has been f*cked by Nicola and her pals. Hopefully only in the short term.

  33. christine says:

    Look forward to the next instalment. Bravo to Craig Murray, a true Scottish stalwart in our midst, whose pen is indeed mightier than the sword, cutting through the obfuscation, bullshit and lies, just like Stuart does.

    Nicola Sturgeon’s wee woke tweet video was cringingly embarrassing. She has been abandoned by her “ special people “ and personal friends in her fantasy woke world. Why doesn’t this over represented minority set up their own ( Chicks With Dicks? ) party?

    Meanwhile, as more and more shit is hitting the fan at SNP Mission Control, it is blindingly obvious to me that the SNP needs to be removed from power. They are corrupt to their stinking core and have caused untold harm and suffering and have no intention of fighting for Independence.

    The New School closure, as highlighted by TNS2019, speaks volumes about John Swinney’s ignorance, arrogance and utter lack of professional integrity. Panmure House in Edinburgh suffered a similar fate. A social education centre of over 30 years experience, with an outstanding record of providing a therapeutic and holistic environment for some of the most deprived, marginalised, traumatised and vulnerable young people. Closed by service development pen-pushers who controlled public sector professionals through shallow business- model regulation and inspection. John Swinney is also responsible for the seeping poison of woke shite in our schools.

    The “ national “ part of the SNP has morphed into the type of nationalist sentiment or jingoism which is accompanied by an extreme intolerance of dissent from within through acts of intimidation and abuse of power. They airbrushed Alex Salmond out of their history and then systematically conspired to destroy him.

    Think on this SNP. We carry our history with us. I hope the good people of Scotland use the power of their votes to remove you comprehensively. You can no longer be trusted.

  34. Daisy Walker says:

    Is it not about time Nicla got a wee dose of the COVID, All the other ‘leaders’ do, when things start coming home to roost.

    The timing of Boris Scotland / Nicla visit seems very preciant… almost as if he’s here to remind her of some promises she needs to keep….

    And it’s not like there’s been anything in the news lately that might worry her.

    Someone asked when the media dam might finally break, given all the sabre rattling the likes of Sky, and AN have been doing recently.

    So how will it play out. Will she be allowed to look strong with him like the last time, or will he do all the talking at the press conference.

    My guess is, after the meeting, provided she reassures him she’s got it all in hand, that she will be allowed to score some points to keep us Indy supporters convinced of her abilities.

    And then who knows, media deluge or D notice?

  35. Republicofscotland says:

    The ink isn’t even dry yet on the very poor Brexit deal, and already deadly pesticides that are banned in the EU are now being used in the UK, sanctioned by George Eustice Environment secretary.

  36. Captain Yossarian says:

    Christine – I must admit to not knowing the details of the schools you mention. But John Swinney is responsible for foisting Scottish Futures Trust and Hub upon us. Their work is top secret.

    It is PFI by the back door. Are all of their schools correctly designed and correctly built. Many professionals would say ‘no, they are not’ but if they came out and said that then they would never work in Scotland again.

    Someone mentioned the EIS union – they’re John Swinney’s lackeys. They lifted the SNP coin years ago.

  37. Willie Hogg says:

    Last night the National had her condemning transphobia, today “ Nicola Sturgeon has criticised accusations of transphobia within the SNP” . A revision and slight change of target.

  38. JB says:

    The Times did mention it, without giving any specifics:

    “The Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service confirmed it was aware of a further blog relating to the case that Mr Murray published yesterday.”

  39. Alice Timmons says:

    For crying out loud. I’m recovering from a heart attack. I can’t take either the anger or the repeated shocks. Though God knows some of it really is no surprise any more….

  40. Strathy says:

    ‘Silence is not an option’ – N. Sturgeon, 27 January 2021.

    Unless, of course, you are seeking to expose the truth about her government’s actions.

    Then, she will have her Senior Law Officer make it your only option.

  41. Iain Hamilton says:

    Christine, with respect there are no chicks with dicks, just men with tits.

  42. Captain Yossarian says:

    Andrew Neill is ‘watching developments with interest’.

  43. John Digsby says:


    We went through this BTL the other day. It’s a derogation that is also being used in France, Austria and Poland. The UK has not changed these rules relative to the EU.

  44. Skip_NC says:

    What’s the weather like in Bath? I ask because here in North Carolina, the local schools are having a snow day. That’s right. School is virtual but, because we have a couple of inches of snow, the local school district has declared a snow day. Students are not required to be in school because snow days are a time-honored tradition apparently.

    Stu, if you really put your mind to it, you could find a reason for not sitting in front of your computer today. I am sure Wake County Bored of Education would give you permission.

  45. Stoops says:

    “Battered in a hundred campaigns, he was an eternal warrior… doomed by his programming to fight forever!” 2000 AD prog 392.

  46. Famous15 says:

    It is good to see that Helen Glover is going to compete in the Olympics in Tokyo.

    I think she will do well in the coxless pairs.

    Why write this? Well we should have a look at other people and their dreams.

  47. Captain Yossarian says:

    Jacob Rees-Mogg has branded Nicola Sturgeon “Moanalot” after she criticised the Prime Minister’s trip to Scotland today.

    Revealing the Boris Johnson will travel to Livingstone as part of his visit, the Leader of the Commons told MPs: “I used to think Moanalot was a fictional character but it turns out it is actually the First Minister of Scotland.”

    The Prime Minister was “doing his job”, he added.

    “Moanalot will have something to moan about in early February when Mr Salmond gives evidence to a committee in the inquiry in Scottish Parliament, and we will find out what is going on up north, to the disadvantage of the Scottish people, led by a hopeless administration.”

  48. Steve Davison says:

    The dark clerks who run Westminster have released Panto villain big bad Boris on his way up to lets us know that UK gov are here to save the day. This can only mean that either
    The timing is off on dishing the dirt on Nicola and the rest of the junta and he is coming for deflection purposes al l boo Boris from a safe distance
    He will buffoon his way through an interview or two then drops a little titbit just to let those in the know realises whets coming
    Or it’s actually true that the SNP leadership is in the pocket of the UK and he is here to give them a drum to bang
    The bbc whilst covering this had no mention of the upcoming scandal and Scottish labour waffle not the time for indie equal pay made nothing of the opportunity .Sorry Craig who ,Alex Salmond corruption at the highest level we at the bbc don’t know anything

  49. holymacmoses says:

    I think a good lunch and wait until the kettle boils for afternoon tea. There’s no point in having to make too many rewrites. Take care and eat properly.

  50. Willie says:

    Kappalmeister @10.39.
    Nicola Sturgeon hasn’t given the BC the opportunity to say that people are leaving the SNP in droves. Rather it is the case that Nicola Sturgeon has caused people to leave the SNP in their droves.

  51. INDEPENDENT says:

    Steve Davison you just put my thoughts exactly.
    Nicola on the ropes and looking like she won’t last the round.

    Then a huge BLOND SQUIRREL is thrown in the ring. Just enough to delay the KO allowing a wounded Nicola to limp on to a points defeat in May.

  52. Willie says:

    Police Scotland should lift the bastard Johnson for culpable and reckless when he travels to

    Either that or we should all just fuck the travel restrictions and travel where we want, when we want.

    But seriously, will Police Scotland’ do anything. Of course they fucking won’t. It’s only the donkey populace Police Scotland interest themselves in.

  53. Effijy says:

    Margaret Ferrier

    Did the 3 Tory MSPs who broke the lockdown by going hill walking resign?
    Did Cummings resign after his lockdown journey of fantasy resign?
    Did Tory Minister Jenrick resign after travelling to a second home?
    Did Boris resign after shaking all hands in a Covid ward?
    Did Grayling resign after spending millions on ships that never existed?
    Did Gove resign when he got his daughter Covid tested while Doctors couldn’t?

    She made a stupid mistake in part with Covid headaches.
    Much better than the eye test crap we were supposed to believe.

    You won’t get a single woman in her 60’s with a hard working track record cutting off
    her only possible income with 6-7 years to a miserly state pension.

    The Tories could have given her one of their fake PPE contracts worth millions
    if they wanted rid of her but it was friends only in that trough.

    Let’s pretend Margaret should be treated like all those others who are loaded.

  54. kapelmeister says:

    Willie @11:52

    Well of course Willie. Two different groups of leavers.

  55. Astonished says:

    Daisy Walker @10.57am – I agree regarding galloway. He will be given a big platform by Scotland’s ever-reliable tv and newspaper media.
    I think Nicola’s strategy is to get the torch-bearing protestors to protect her from the pitchfork-wielding protestors.
    Great that there are sooooo many more pitchfork wielders. I think defending women and children’s rights just became a whole lot easier.
    P.S. NEC what are you doing ? We voted you in to act, not wait until the battle is over, and rejoice with the winning side.

  56. Breeks says:

    Question on my mind is, if NOT to derail Scottish Independence and squander it’s momentum, then why was any of this garbage under Sturgeon’s lead considered necessary? There’s no point or pattern to it which doesn’t undermine the cause. That very intent is pretty much the only way to make sense of it.

    I don’t know what power the Scottish people have to demand a Judge led inquiry into this corruption, especially given that the COPFS and Lord Advocate would seem to be fuelling allegations of conspiracy by their own ‘asymmetric’ behaviour and double standards.

    I think however we have one ace up our sleeve, and that is Alex Salmond himself, if or when he lodges criminal proceedings against the conspirators and their co-ordinators, and we see how their conspiracy and collusion stands up to more exacting scrutiny which they cannot wriggle out of.

    BUT!!…Given the roll of COPFS and the Lord Advocate, isn’t there a case to be made outside Scottish or UK jurisdiction, and some kind of International ‘Judge led Inquiry’, given that the Scottish judicial process might fairly be considered as compromised? Wouldn’t that provide Scotland with the necessary kindling to set a small fire which might then develop into the full blown conflagration of a Constitutional Test Case in an International Court?

  57. Daisy Walker says:

    Iain macwhirter has tweeted CM Affidavit and pointed out that it is in the public domain.

    Well done Iain.

  58. Cenchos says:

    In my opinion, Sturgeon’s personal insecurities have been growing by the years, and are rooted in papered-over personal issues, real or feared, which she externally manifests in her pro-trans homophobia, and her inability to abide would-be opponents (in her mind they might bring this up, and even, horror of horrors, the reasons behind it). And of course, this compromises her politically, especially vis-à-vis Westminster.

    Secrets and lies are corrosive, doubly so the ones we try to make ourselves believe. Or unbelieve.

  59. Captain Yossarian says:

    @Breeks – a judge led inquiry, such as Grenfell, a judge is incisive and gets to the detail straight away. Baillie and Fabiani take months.

  60. DaveL says:

    A lot of people have been saying a judge led enquiry is needed and it is reiterated again by Gordon Dangerfield in his Tommy Talks interview. But I have a question.

    Who decides a judge led enquiry is needed and is able to initiate it?

    Please don’t tell me the Lord Advo…

  61. kapelmeister says:

    Johnson visited the QE University Hospital in Glasgow. A non-essential hospital visit only made to try and prop up the colonial regime. Despicable.

  62. Eileen Carson says:

    It’s well worth checking out #CraigMurrayAffadavits [sic] on twitter. The comments show folks know what is going on re Saint Nic’s genderwoo fan video deflection last night.

  63. Willie says:

    It will take external international intervention to establish the extent of corruption within Scotland.

    The so called pillars of a state that deliver fairness and justice are broken in Scotland. Maybe alone the judiciary will stand good, but the Lord Advocate, the Crown Office Procurator Fiscal Service, and Police Scotland have all been shown to be rotten and corrupt well prepared to pervert the course of justice.

    And on the political front the First Minister, her ministers and her civil servants have been shown to be complicit.

    Scotland needs an international judge led enquiry. The country is in chaos.

  64. Frank Gillougley says:

    Just to say, the second part of the Gordon Dangerfield interview with Tommy Sheridan is again, well worth a listen to for highlighting what brazenly corrupt and illegal tactics took place under the FMs direction in the lead up to and during the AS criminal trial.

    It’s just astonishing …

    to think that this is for real and still all the players and the government have the sheer audacity to look a camera straight in the eye! Unbelievable. They must just sublimely and arrogantly operate on the basis that the public are goldfish.

    one little line sticks in my mind from a scandi-noir series on the telly (all the sins).

    ”If you want to start a vendetta, then you had better dig two graves.”

    (Metaphorically speaking of course) – and I can’t even look at an image of that woman now without resorting to extremely crude language.

    But will they fall? Nah. Can’t see it. Too many vested interests. All corrupt to the core. We shall see.

    There really is a huge civic indebtedness to Stuart Campbell and Craig Murray and many others for their work in exposing all of this.

  65. Daisy Walker says:

    Break re AS taking court action Ned their being an argument for it to be heard outside the uk..

    At the time of the potential offence, ie with holding from court essential documents required as evidence by warrant.

    At the time that happened, the UK was still. Member of the EU.

    If you consider Lord Advocates record for presiding over malicious prosecutions, and his position as a Government Minister, and let’s not mention recent disclosures with regards deliberate attempts to frame an innocent man and the ‘on tap’ legal advice they had when conniving same (and somehow I doubt if that was a job they left to a more junior lawyer) – then one would like to think they should be able to by pass the Scottish courts and go straight to EU, but I’m fairly sure one of the rules is that you have to give the Scottish courts the chance to do it right before you can appeal to ECJ.

    The question would have to be, who would oversee the enquiry? COPFS? Wolfe is their boss, while at the same time serving the Government accused. And who would prosecute? Again COPFS?

  66. Boaby says:

    Willie 11.57am. Re travelling where we like, i know someone who has magnetic (similiar to L plates) plumber 24hr strips down both sides of his van, wears his overalls to get where he’s going, parks up and then changes to go meet his lady friend 18 miles away. Stays for a couple of nights then comes home. ‘ that you away checking your friends plumbing again sammy i say to him.

  67. Alf Baird says:

    Famous15 @ 11:43

    “coxless pairs”

    Watch yer langage in Nicola’s new scotia!

    Seriously, do people actually watch rowing?

  68. Hatuey says:

    Boris’s visit doesn’t bode well for the SNP, that’s for sure.

    I won’t be surprised if someone decides to take advantage of Parliamentary privilege in the Commons and goes guns blazing on this in the next few days… that sort of scenario would serve a few political purposes.

    Assuming she gets any sleep, I can’t imagine what it must be like to wake up as FM to all this. When advisors are telling you damage limitation would involve resignation and a bunch of lawyers, you must know you’ve really fucked up…

    “Surely it can’t be that bad – who’s on our side, what have we got going for us?!”

    “Coronavirus and 4 transgender activists, thats about it…”


  69. Eileen Carson says:

    @Daisy Walker 12:30 I suspect a private citizen, or group of, could request the Council of Europe [NOT ECHR] to look into this.

  70. Famous15 says:

    If you buggers do not agree with me I will accuse you of transphobia and if that does not work I will call you antisemitic.

    And i’ll thceem and thceem. We are dealing with political adolescents and some are over 50!

    The problem is that faction are not serious about independence and so we all lose out. I look back and curse my own pleasant nature for not stopping them in their tracks. The only thing I would say it is over a year since I left the SNP but I should have stayed and stopped them.

  71. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “There is one media outlet that has mentioned Craig Murray’s accounts.”

    That’s a report about the trial, not the affidavits.

  72. Clwyd Griffiths says:

    “it feels like someone’s just asked us to empty the Atlantic Ocean into the Pacific Ocean with a teaspoon.” That metaphor made me laugh out loud! Rev Stu has a way with words better than most journos.

  73. Derek says:

    A.B.C. Warriors. How apt…

  74. Josef Ó Luain says:

    The place has been blighted for years by cronyism and casual corruption, but that’s bound to happen in a political satellite, whose establishment must look outside for their orders and who are left alone to get on with the implementation of those orders. It is a system open to abuse, which has been systematically and lucratively abused for years. No one need be surprised.

    What’s new is: for the first time in its rotten, cosy existence, the establishment is being challenged from the outside, by people far smarter and much more sophisticated than those likely to be found behind its crumbling walls.

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