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How the time flies

Posted on January 27, 2021 by

We know that many of you were quite upset by our revelation a couple of months ago that the Scottish Government has had absolutely nobody at all working on the case for independence for most of the last five years.

But readers, we wouldn’t want you to think that time had been wasted.

Because while it may not have brought us a single step closer to a second indyref, or managed to stop Brexit, or keep Boris Johnson out of Downing Street, or get any ferries built, or produce the fabled “Household Guide” to independence, or get Scottish tax and benefits agencies running, or any of a whole bunch of other stuff, the current administration HAS recorded some important achievements.

Because we’re pretty sure Scotland couldn’t have survived very much longer without an Intersectional Gender Architecture or a Gender Beacon Collaborative.

There was a lovely collage and everything.

With five more years of Nicola Sturgeon as First Minister we might still not have the right to choose our own governments and determine our own futures, but by HECK you can sleep safely in your bed knowing that we’re going to challenge the bejeesus out of some assumptions and untangle definitions of vulnerability to be aware of labels which stigmatise and disempower individuals and communities!

(The above presentation was delivered – to goodness alone knows who – last August, at your expense, right in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic, because while you can sideline all work on independence due to the virus, some things just can’t wait.)

Now, we must admit, we’re not absolutely sure how you can do that when it apparently requires a “minimum threshold” for data disaggregating “sex, age and disability”, when at the same time you’re also planning to basically abolish the entire concept of sex and replace it with self-declared gender.

Especially if you throw people out of meetings for asking questions about it.

But we’re certain that someone’s being paid a large amount of your money to write a lengthy paper about it, perhaps including crayon illustrations. Everything is fine.

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    283 to “How the time flies”

    1. Muscleguy says:

      THIS is a large part of why I not only joined the ISP but am on the National Policy Committee and am branch Treasurer (when bloody RBS finally opens one, bastards).

      The non movement on Indy and all this unscientific and ascientific claptrap.

    2. P says:

      I’m surely not the only one very interested in finding out exactly how much funding goes towards this “area”. I’m really not too sure what to call it to be honest.
      Right on, progressive and cool?
      The holy trinity of modern careerists.

    3. David Rodgers says:

      NS will be proud of this what with her rainbow Xmas tree trinkets and her defence of all the trans SNP candidates.

    4. Sharny Dubs says:

      Jez what a shower. They would have us all disappear up our own rectums.

      Or is that analphobic? Hard to know these days.

      SNP know how to prioritise don’t they?

    5. McLaurin says:

      Hey Stu, the “Gender Beacon Collaborative” link in the piece is broken.

      If it’s a link to the crayoned virtue signalling mess of an image below I’ll be fine not clicking on it – but in the interests of sourced journalism ye might want to fix it.

    6. Jim Bo says:

      I wonder how much was in the budget for hiring someone to create that collage… It looks like it was designed and made by a P7 pupil.

    7. Captain Yossarian says:

      @robertknight – Thanks for this and I hope everyone reads it. This explains everything most clearly.

      Have we reached the tipping point? My money’s on Sky News now and they will be doing Scotland a big favour.

    8. Christian Schmidt says:

      I think it is even weirder. Because this business woman *was* asking that someone should be “paid a large amount of your money to write a lengthy paper about it” – I mean that’s what an impact assessment is.

      But I guess it got refused, and she thrown out, because the wrong person asked, with the wrong concerns. If she had asked whether an impact assessment had been conducted *to show that there are no issues* with men and boys into women and girls prisons, sport, changing rooms, showers, toilets, etc, then I am sure it would have been accepted right there and then…

    9. Stuart MacKay says:

      This is an absolute outrage, where’s the protection for left-handed people? We’ve been discriminated against and burned at the stake for being agents of the Devil for millenia.

      I’m feeling rather stigmatised and disempowered right now.

      This is just the beginning. The actions by the Biden Administration will encourage the Woke Wahabbis to go on another jihad. This is not going away any time soon.

    10. kapelmeister says:

      Empowering women and girls everywhere……apart from the ones who get thrown out of meetings.

    11. Iain Conochie says:

      Stu, can you update / upload the ‘Gender Beacon Collaborative’ that is mention in the story? Thanks!

    12. Big Jock says:

      Robert – The Murray account should see Sturgeon removed from office and possibly charged with conspiracy and collusion.

      I will never vote SNP again while that horrible woman is in charge. If they think we are stupid sheep , then they need to think again.

      Absolutely disgusted!

    13. willie says:

      Rev Stu, you keep exposing the total and utter clap trap that this rotten and dis-functional kid on party of government keep belching out.

      Too distracted to do X, Y or Z because of Covid, or at least that is the excuse, but woke enough to be able enough to do the nonsense that you’ve just exposed. And meanwhile the mushrooms, and by that I mean many of the elected great and good, slumber in their wheesht for Indy all the while packing away their public pay and perks which they believe will be again handed to them in May

      This is not what I am an SNP member for. And if this is what our party is about then I want another party and we should scupper every single free loader that is graced with a public sinecure.

      We need an independence party. So lets support the decent in the SNP, ditch the scum that’s floated to the top or sunk to hide in the bottom.

      Creating Intersectional Gender Architecture , Systematically Intersectional, this is the policy of the asylum. And its catching.

      Time for new parties long overdue.

    14. kapelmeister says:

      At first glance it looked that in a surprise move they had got Father Jack to design the collage.

      Looking more closely, the very feint word “supporting” was finally seen.

    15. Captain Yossarian says:

      Craig Murray states that The Times Scottish Political Correspondent is an anti-Salmond man. I didn’t realize that. It is not a good place for him to be just now as the anti-Salmonds have already lost a few battles (so to speak).

      Better get back to your typewriter Kieran and try again much harder next time if you ever want a gig on the Washington Post.

    16. Livionian says:

      Christian aid getting involved in trying to educate people about ‘systematically intersectional’ (whatever that even means, I am sure that’s not English)? It sometimes seems like the world has turned upside down. What self-serving wankery indeed

      Fancy writing and FOI asking what the cost to the taxpayer of these ultra-woke presentations to nobody in particular is Stu? You would probably get a reply quicker than the rest of us.

    17. Astonished says:

      “James Horace says:
      27 January, 2021 at 2:06 pm
      It appears that Craig Murray has just pressed the nuclear button on Twitter ”
      I’ve just read it – explosive indeed. In my reading, I understand, they even tried to nobble the jury.
      It’ll blow your socks off.
      Glad I donated to his fundraiser.

    18. Effijy says:

      I’m sick to death of Trans people telling us they are elite and need to be the main focus of our lives.

      I’ll let you get on with your choices and good luck to you but anyone with a penis does not get to use the toilets, changing rooms or showers designated for those with vaginas.

      If you are verbally or physically assaulted I would be sorry, it shouldn’t happen. You report it to the authorities like everyone else and we hope the courts can teach the perpetrators a lesson.

      Now go away and live your life while we fight for our sovereignty, for truth, for justice and control of our future. This is what cones first. Nothing else.

      Craig Murray! I have always admired and respected you and for what you have produced on Twitter today you are indeed a national hero.

      You should be for nearly telling the truth and knowing political and legal corruption when it hits you over the head.

      I sauté you Sir and I assure you of my full support.

      Hope the Rev feels able to highlight your report on here without fear of Prosecution for telling the truth and revealing the indisputable facts surrounding your case.

    19. Boaby says:

      Stuart MacKay is that because biden overturned trumps military transgender ban , letting chicks with dicks serve again. Brings a new meaning to your oppo watching your back.

    20. Cath says:

      This is an absolute outrage, where’s the protection for left-handed people? We’ve been discriminated against and burned at the stake for being agents of the Devil for millenia. I’m feeling rather stigmatised and disempowered right now.

      As a fellow leftie I’m right there with you. I think we need a flag. And a logo. I’d suggest a raised left fist bashing down on the oppressive cis-handers who have destroyed our lives for far too long. How many left handers die in hideous accidents with scissors created for cis-handers, or kettles which are always turned the way cis-handers want? We need a world which is fair, equal and just and that means ridding ourselves of the cis-handed mafia who control the world. I want to start with orchestras, which completely exclude left handers from the vast majority of instruments.

    21. Frank Gillougley says:

      Re Craig Murray trial.

      Wow! But I only got as far as para 80ish or so.

      The thought did occur to me that all works of allegorical literature should henceforth be flushed down the loo should they be found to be in in contempt by the appointed Scottish Witchfinder Generals.

      Gone would be Mark’s reportage of the feeding of the five thousand for starters…

      Is there no end to this Government’s talents?

    22. Ross says:

      Did they get given public money? This reads like a daily mail snpbad article but without even a scintilla of data for context.

      It is all mince, don’t get me wrong, but all we have here is a christian aid powerpoint. What money have they been given and what involvement of govt is not stated.

    23. Kenny says:

      Nicola Sturgeon… the gift to Westminster.

    24. Alison Brown says:

      Stuff all the gender crap – I’ve just finished reading Craig Murray’s sworn affidavits!! OMG. What we all knew has been put in print for all to read. Time Alex came back with a vengeance.

    25. kapelmeister says:

      Effijy @3:23

      “I saute you Sir…”

      Surely he’s been grilled enough by the polis!

    26. Kevin Cargill says:

      Just finished reading Craig Murray’s affidavits in full. Monumental moment in Scottish history for politics, crown office, media and Independence movement. So probably won’t be mentioned at all by Scottish media. And due to corrupt Crown office will probably make no difference at all to inquiries. And anyone who is close to Craig please watch his back. We are so far down the rabbit hole I would not be surprised if there are “disappearances”!

    27. Big Jock says:

      I think the media and WM have been protecting Sturgeon for a couple of years now.

      For the main reason that she is no threat to the UK. That in itself is shameful. The SNP leader should always be a threat to the UK state.

      However you might find this will change now the SNP have suggested going ahead with a referendum without a Section 30. We all know that it’s a lot of waffle , and Sturgeon will never do this.

      However it will register with some gullible Tories , that she might press ahead following the May election. So now she is actually a perceived potential threat to the UK. That might be her downfall. The Salmond cover up may now be completely exposed by the MSM and WM.

      The Tories will see a leaderless SNP and a split party as an opportunity. Personally I think it will have opposite effect. I think removing a bad smell might pull the waverers back to the fold.

      I think Sturgeon will be gone by May…..I pray!

    28. John Thomson says:

      May’s election needs to be a plebiscite and we need to use it to clear current SNP leadership failure to do that will lead us further from indy and closer to all out war within the party.
      Just read Craig Murray’s latest and it is nothing short of devastating for Sturgeon, Blackford and Robertson along with a lot of others

    29. Boaby says:

      Kevin cargill. Absolutely, nothing to see here by the media, same old, same old. Only people who read Wos are enlightened, the rest just carry on with their own insular sad lockdown lives, believing the msm shoite and watching corrie and eastenders.

    30. Joemcg says:

      Hopefully the NS fan club reads that Craig Murray blog. Independence has no chance with her at the helm. Nada.

    31. holymacmoses says:

      I think lessons in definitions should begin with words like: ‘Lies’ ‘truth’ and once Sturgeon cracks that we could move on a bit. Marianne Leite is about women’s rights I think judging where she works and the fact that she works for Christian Aid. I’m quite surprised that Ruth Maguire is involved because her father is John Finnie who fought to stop the necessary ‘religious representatives ‘ on council and I think educational boards.
      So his daughter working with Christian Aid is a surprise to me.
      I think they’re replacing gender with sex as a step towards population control:-)

    32. robertknight says:

      Kevin Cargill@ 3:37

      Nicola and her band of troughers are no threat to the Union.

      Therefore all sections of the British Establishment will protect her/them as a result.

      Cue blizzard of tumbleweed from the MSM following Craig Murray’s affidavit.

    33. From the first paragraph of Intersectional Gender Architecture:

      Kimberlé Crenshaw affirms that intersectional identities such as race, class, gender, and other individual characteristics need to be considered to understand power patterns such as racism and sexism. This entails understanding that, for instance, the lived experiences of an indigenous woman living in rural Bolivia will be substantially different from those of a white woman living in urban Scotland.

      Google really needs a Sir Humphrey to English translator. I honestly don’t understand a fkin word of that or what point they’re trying to get across. Lots of nice colours though.

    34. Louiae says:

      I will not be voting SNP after reading

    35. TNS2019 says:

      Indyfroth can be useful in some respects in that it creates the impression that Scotland under this regime is progressive. We now have baby boxes and free hygiene products and an ‘enlightened’ official view on gender identity.
      The downside is that it leaves many of us scratching our heads and wondering if this is the best they can do, and worrying also that these ‘initiatives’ will come to define us.
      I would prefer to have those hospitals and ferries built, a clear economic strategy, answers to key questions on currency, a Lord Advocate who can be trusted, and a sense that justice will be done and will be seen to be done.
      It would also be quite nice to be able to drive across a bridge once in a while.
      But then who am I?

    36. Daisy Walker says:

      Has anyone asked, if there are 99 different red balloons… sorry genders, is public funding divided up equally to ‘support’ them all equally.

      And can someone name them all for me? Genuinely want to know, could be the winning answer at the next pub quiz after COVID.

      Still in shock after reading Craig’s testimony. Wow.

      Rev, can you publish it here, or do an article on it. Understand completely if legally it’s difficult.

    37. McDuff says:

      Why has Sturgeon turned her back on independence. Was she ever serious about it. And why have those close to her followed suite despite being elected for their apparent committment to Indy.
      I still don’t get it.

    38. Daisy Walker says:

      A wee thought folks. If you are able print off a few copies of Craig’s affidavit.

      Times we live in, you never know.

    39. Fireproofjim says:

      Cath @3.30
      Another outrage against lefties is that the Latin word for left handed is SINISTER.
      I blame the Catholic Church (obviously) for this wordist discrimination. I write as a right hander but I self-identify as a leftie and demand access to left handed spaces.

    40. robertknight says:


      Already there – copied and pasted into a word document. (Saves paper/ink).

    41. kapelmeister says:

      Daisy Walker @3:49

      Apparently there’s a gender option termed Neither. But that word implies there are two other options. Yet they are saying there are 98 other options. Awfy confusing.

    42. Margaret Lindsay says:

      Do you know a business woman was thrown out of that meeting for asking questions ‘re impact assessments etc? So much for inclusivity.
      Robert Knight jeez, that is explosive. I sincerely hope Mr Murray wins his case and this whole woke cabal implodes, starting with Sturgeon!

    43. Stuart MacKay says:

      Cath @3:30pm

      Amen, Sister, amen.

      Let’s gets ourselves elected to the NEC. It’s time for the New Left to arise.

      Here’s my agenda:

      1. All doors must open in a left-friendly way. I’d settle for them to be replaced by revolving doors but only if they can revolve in either direction.

      2. Left awareness training for all “righties”, in particular a national left-hands only day when people will be forced to confront the prejudice they have foisted upon us.

      3. All knobs and dials will have to rotate both anti-clockwise and clockwise so nobody gets wrist injuries (see I’m going for equality).

      4. Change the national language to Arabic so we can see what we’ve written, for once.

      I think that’s a decent start.

    44. Wendy says:

      Now we’ve seen that collage, we know where Tracey Emin’s tent went…not consumed by fire after all!

    45. Breeks says:

      robertknight says:
      27 January, 2021 at 2:40 pm


      Re. Craig Murray.

      “Light touch paper and retire”

      Tour de Force Mr Murray. Thank you for doing this.

      I’m away to read it again. Head’s kinda birlin’ a wee bit… But in a good way.

    46. Lorna Campbell says:

      It isn’t just this ridiculous Gender Architecture twaddle, but the amounts of public money that these pseudo ‘wokists’ screw out of the system – the very system that they are trying their level best to destabilize and undermine.

      No money or people to bring forward independence, but, hey, sweetie, here’s a great wodge of cash donated by that philanthropist called ‘Taxpayer’, go and buy yourself that low-cut, high-hem, split-side little red number that you’ve had your eye on, and we’ll come with just to make sure no… oh, what do you call them? … women, that’s it, something like that (yes, yes, sweetie, calm down, we all ABSOLUTELY KNOW that you are the REAL woman here, but do try to hide that budgie snatcher) try to prevent you from getting into their changing rooms to try it on.

      You have every right to be in there. More right than they have, in fact. They don’t even look like women, with their skinny jeans and big sweaters. A woman should look like a tart, and that’s why your little red number will go down a treat with the boys. What’s that? You’re a trans lesbian with a lady d**k? Okay, whatever rocks your boat. What? You were a straight guy yesterday? When that promotion was up for grabs? And you’ll be a girl again tomorrow when that ladies’ bursary comes up? Right…

      The people who believe that the SNPG is misandrist and pro woman need to go to Specsavers.

    47. Muscleguy says:

      @Stuart Mackay

      As an ambidextrous person I agree with you. My youngest is completely cross lateral, has no innate sense of right or left. When smaller we lost a reasonable amount of crockery as she would get confused over which hand was holding the dish and which the t-towel. Her place settings were random.

      From a recent conversation with her husband, he was driving: “not that left the other left”.

      She’s in bioinformatics, where it doesn’t matter. Unix mostly doesn’t care and she knows the directions in biomolecules 5′ to 3′, Amino to Carboxy terminus etc.

    48. Breeks says:

      Daisy Walker says:
      27 January, 2021 at 3:53 pm
      A wee thought folks. If you are able print off a few copies of Craig’s affidavit.

      Times we live in, you never know.

      Archived link was already up… but yeah, no harm in printing off a hard copy.

    49. For all you “lefties” demanding equality – will that include jokes like “his last girlfriend was his right hand” or do you feel you can just cherry pick?

    50. Cath says:

      2. Left awareness training for all “righties”, in particular a national left-hands only day when people will be forced to confront the prejudice they have foisted upon us.

      Oh, so much this. On left handers day (or maybe week, or month?) all cis-handed people will have to go around with their right hand tied behind their back so they can understand for themselves the oppression and difficulties *they* foist upon us, the misunderstood outsiders. On that day (week, month), they will also all be forced to write with those horrific pens that smudge ink and leave it on your hand as well. I’ll fight you for our seat on the NEC!

    51. Alison says:

      SNP Priorities.
      Independence? Nah, too busy: Covid.
      Close borders to keep population Covid secure? Too racist.
      Rainbow gender bullshit? Yep, definitely needed, the priority’s priority. Covid? What Covid?

    52. Robert graham says:

      Probably a bit o/t
      Previously I was inclined to give Nicola Sturgeon the benefit of the doubt I thought she might have been manoeuvred into the embarrassing position she now is , oh again silly me , trusting again.
      After reading Craig Murray’s kind of long and at times overly long rambling submission , again who am I to Judge I am not the one who has a target nailed to my forehead or could still face a lengthy jail term I have no idea the pressure he is under right now so I wish him well , there but for the grace of god so the saying goes.
      Does the prospect of a Sturgeon led Independent country fill you with hope for the future or Dred and horror of what could be ? .
      The carrot of Independence doesn’t look so inviting and giving this lot free reign looks like a disaster in the making even if you have selective memory loss if even half of what’s in the public domain is true she and her close acquaintances have to be either arrested or removed from public office , the American system of Impeachment is probably not available or even a equivalent it’s that serious what has happened during her term.
      I imagine at some point the English Establishment and security services have and still are actively involved in attempting to discredit and disrupt the push for independence that doesn’t absolve her Nicola Sturgeon from her position as being at the centre of the Plan to effectively jail Alex Salmond all the actions included free will , every single move had consequences and she had the option , its all yours Nicola you own it .
      I don’t want this lot near a Independent Scotland they have utterly poisoned the well and the carrot of if you want independence we are the only ones to vote for doesn’t wash anymore

    53. Daisy Walker says:

      We need some kind of identifying feature so we don’t inadvertently cause offence.

      Obviously naming the different genders all 99 of them would be appropriate.

      But perhaps we could adopt the ‘golden wonder’ method of IDing too (not walkers they are not nearly so good, and they came along after and screwed up the system using the wrong colours for the wrong flavours).

      So, dark blue, would be one type of salty gender.

      Light blue, a tad vinigar.

      Dark brown roast beefy,

      Light brown roast chicken.

      Shocking pink prawn cocktail

      Green cheese n onion.

    54. Jacqueline McMillan says:

      Literally I’m ambidextrous. Comes in handy when I’m decorating 😉

    55. Garavelli Princip says:

      “James Horace says:
      27 January, 2021 at 2:06 pm
      It appears that Craig Murray has just pressed the nuclear button on Twitter ”

      Well, that contempt charge has just backfired big time on the hapless Mr Prentice and his Lupine Lordship!

      Not just corrupt, but idiotically corrupt.

      Naturally they took no account of integrity and bravery, being utter stagers to both!

    56. Garavelli Princip says:

      Garavelli Princip says:

      “Naturally they took no account of integrity and bravery, being utter stagers to both!”

      That, of course should read

      “Naturally they took no account of integrity and bravery, being utter STRANGERS to both!”

    57. Liz says:

      Watched a prog about Burns last night on Sky Arts, NS was there amongst others commenting on Burns
      I kid you not, she talked about his womanising and how A Man’s a Man for A’ That, should really be A Person’s a Person…. to make it more inclusive.

      I attended Burns suppers with her as main guest a couple of years ago, she never used to be to like that.
      She’s now become Holy Willie.

      Craig Murray wow, give that man the freedom of Edinburgh

    58. AberdeenPict says:

      Jacqueline McMillan says:
      27 January, 2021 at 4:16 pm
      Literally I’m ambidextrous. Comes in handy when I’m decorating ?

      I’d give my right arm to be ambidextrous 🙂

    59. Graf Midgehunter says:

      O/T but one of the reasons we need to fight even harder:

      Keep hanging on GB.

    60. DaveL says:

      Hey lefties, tough titty. Here’s a left hand only glove but the bad news is it’s for right handers. If you’re a welder you’ll understand if not be outraged.

    61. Liz g says:

      Hey people , leave those lefties alone…
      I may be a righty but I count myself as an ally…

    62. Craig P says:

      Wow. Craig Murray, he be like:

      This is a smoking gun the size of a tank turret.

    63. Daisy Walker says:


      Craig Murray sought legal proceedings to have the identities of the alphabet women made public, by a court order.

      Within a week, he was being prosecuted for contempt of court. If his legal proceedings had not yet been lodged with the court, he should consider a security breach within his legal team at that time.

      Very sorry to hear about Grousebeaters ill health.

      Nothing good is ever wasted, and dreams last forever.

    64. Wee Chid says:

      I hope that these left handed people accept that they were born, biologically left handed and that no amount of transitioning to right handedness will make them natural right handers.

    65. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      I’m left-handed.

      I was probably lucky. My first primary school in the 50s was the “Demonstration School” in Dundee, attached to the Teacher Training College in Park Place.

      I found out, decades later, that the school pioneered “new” methods of teaching, hence “demonstration”.

      I have read umpteen anecdotes on the web, from people of a similar age to me, who are/were left-handed but were forced to write with their right hand, under threat of the belt.

      I’ll just add that there is one field in which I find myself ambidextrous – I can wield a golf bat badly, either left-handed or right-handed. I blame it on Kirkton High School, which only had right-handed bats.

    66. Kat says:

      Oh dear gawd…seems like every week they do something that ends with me putting my head in my hands.

      So they want to disaggregate the data on sex, age and disability for this fan-dangled new intersectional gender pish do they. Well I hope they won’t be relying on the census data for that. ScotGov seem to be determined to allow the Sex question to be answered based on Self ID. Which renders the data about as useful as a fart in a space suit. So even the wokus dei will be hard pushed to get any reliable stats out of it.

      Of course the Scottish Census is another casualty of the virus (and the gender woo woo drive), even though the other 3 UK nations seems to be able to get it done on time.

    67. Robert graham says:

      o/t again
      Meanwhile over on La La Land
      or as it’s better known Petras blog spot
      Given that there is no news on that site and most of the gatekeepers on that site access Wings while saying they definitely don’t but still strangely manage to comment and voice their derision for Stuart Campbell and people who happen to comment here , according to Nicolas fans nothing of note has happened today so I guess chanting LA La La must be working.
      Talk about blind deaf and dumb that lot take top prize without a doubt the dumbest most gullible people on the planet , I wonder if they will apply for a visitor pass when princess Nicola and her close associates get sentenced for conspiracy to pervert the course of justice and misuse of funds in a public office . the resting in my account excuse won’t wash it didn’t work for Father Ted so she’s onto plumbs ladies ,
      Go on ladies get some retaliation in we know you want to , go on ,go on ,go on as Mrs Doyle would say ah come on get yer spite out all your Bile

    68. Steve davison says:

      You have to understand that the SNP gov had a lot to deal with when they took power and a few small issues may get overlooked ,so when we all get onboard the fact that looking in your underwear does not determine your gender and if you don’t know if your vulnerable we have a wallchart for that we can move on to the small ticket items like independence.That is after we stitch up our former leader ,line our pockets for a few years ,run roughshod over the people of Scotland’s will and ruin the economy .On second thoughts we may have to stick that independence thinly on the back burner it’s not as if it was big on our manifesto

    69. holymacmoses says:

      The Tories will see a leaderless SNP and a split party as an opportunity. Personally I think it will have opposite effect. I think removing a bad smell might pull the waverers back to the fold.

      I think Sturgeon will be gone by May…..I pray!

      That’s my contention Jock . I think the Yoons may well think we’re a broken lot and tell us we can have a referendum if SNP win. IF we can get rid of NS before May – and even if we can’t – Sturgeon couldn’t refuse to let us have the referendum and the new party would keep things honest. I’m very optimistic TBH

    70. Josef Ó Luain says:

      If C.M.’s undelivered, newly published, evidence doesn’t prevent his future conviction, we’ll all have to be extremely careful in our various futures. Dangerous times, indeed.

    71. Sharny Dubs says:

      Hay Brian! Being ambidextrous is very handy!

    72. Socrates MacSporran says:

      right or left-handed.

      My late elder brother broke his right wrist just weeks before his “Qualifying” exam – he was right-handed.

      He taught himself to write left-handed, did this for the exam and was fiddled out of the Dux medal in favour of the headmaster’s daughter.

      He got into the A stream at the local Senior Secondary, and became a rocket scientist, before his early death.

      What might have happened if he had not taught himself to write left-handed for that crucial exam?

    73. it'scominyet says:

      They can make a start by untangling the definition of “ethniticy”.

    74. Breeks says:

      Brian Doonthetoon says:
      27 January, 2021 at 5:19 pm

      I found out, decades later, that the school pioneered “new” methods of teaching, hence “demonstration”.

      I’m left handed, but right handed with a knife and fork after my granny forced me to use a knife and fork ‘properly’. Didn’t succeed with the spoon though.

      Her and my grandpa both honestly believed being left handed was going to ruin my life because I’d be treated like a dummy.

    75. Meindevon says:


      Strangely I am the same. Left handed for all things…except golf. But having played golf before taking up tennis, it turns out my tennis (double handed) backhand was better than my forehand. Can’t do single handed and I think that was golfs fault. Would add that I’ve just been around the house to bleed all the radiators…all right handed bleed nuts, ggrrr.

      Anyway whilst here, I note the complete lack of coverage of Craig Murray’s trial today. Especially in the Scottish news. Shouldn’t this be a great attack on the daily record from anti Labour papers and parties if nothing else. Ah maybe I missed it all down here in deepest darkest Devon.

    76. Mac says:

      I thought I was pretty far out on the spectrum of thinking what was done to Salmond was really bad.

      But reading the Craig Murray affidavits I am shocked at how bad it really is. I am lost for words. My head is spinning after reading through it.

      If you have not read them you need to do it. It is almost beyond belief but reading them I know it is all true.

      All of these people’s names need to be revealed, ideally legally.

      Several of them need charged and put on trial.

      Like Craig Murray I am feeling a significant amount of frustration with Alex not revealing all this after his trial.

      Given what I have just read I cannot understand that at all. He should have exposed it all, still should. Don’t leave Craig out to dry by himself.

      If they tried to put Alex in prison after reading what I just read I for one would be thinking riots. None of them would be safe to leave their house. What they have done is so outrageous, so disgusting if the public knew none of them would be able walk down the street.

    77. Beaker says:

      I’m left footed, right-handed for writing / using a mouse but semi-ambidextrous depending on what I’m doing.

      The last part of that sentence doesn’t sound right no matter what way it is written… 🙂

    78. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      I always have my fork in my left hand. Feels natural. Also the spoon. Unfortunately, I have no amusing anecdotes about spoons – runcible or otherwise.

    79. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Strangely, my computer mice are used right-handed.

    80. Jason Smoothpiece says:

      Very sad news regarding Grouse Beater.

      We can’t lose any of our people of his ability.

    81. Stuart MacKay says:

      I’m reading a disturbing number of comments about hand fluidity here. Next there will be talk of self identifying. Sorry, but we’re not entertaining that dextrous-woo-woo here. We only deal with science. There are a tiny percentage of people who are ambidextrous but in interests of redressing the injustice of centuries I’m afraid you’ll have to wait your turn.


      Apologies for this frivolity, particularly on the very sad news about Gareth. I hope you recover and soon. Of all the vile cybernats, Grouse Beater your blog was the one I enjoy reading the most (sorry Rev.).

      Still digesting what Craig had to say in his affidavits but clearly the best form of defence is attack and it looks like he unloaded a massive broadside against the SS Murrell. All we need now is a broadside against the Murrell SS and the SNP might just get refloated.

      Once again, I wish you well Gareth and soon. You don’t get to go. Not just yet.

    82. robertknight says:

      “Independence Blogger and Former Diplomat Submits Papers to Scottish Court Claiming Conspiracy to Jail Salmond”

      Said no mainstream media outlet, anywhere, ever!

      The deafening silence tells you all you need to know about the SNP Leadership and the Establishment.

      And people say I should hold my nose in May and vote SNP?

      FFS…wake up and smell the f*****g coffee!

    83. H Scott says:

      What about left-footers? You’re all limbist.

    84. paul says:

      Unapologetically right handed,
      My partner is what they used to call ‘corrit fisted’ but she had it beaten out early, her sex was never a controversial matter

    85. Strathy says:

      Craig Murray’s affidavits are documents of historic importance, however I can’t help thinking that a nice collage or two would have brightened them up a bit.

    86. A Person says:

      Point 18 of Craig Murray’s evidence is exquisite. Talk about unintended consequences!

      Sorry to read about Grouse Beater, best wishes if you are reading.

    87. Famous15 says:

      I thought “The Magic Circle” in the Scottish judicial arena literally died out in the 1980’s.

      It was as bad as Cyril Smith and Saville.

      I guess it did not.

    88. Republicofscotland says:

      This nonsense has probably cost more than the Salmond half a million payout, as the deranged in the party and government try to stealthy brainwash our kids into believing this shit is normal, it isn’t.

      Of course this demented stuff would never see the light of day without Sturgeon’s approval, it seems brainwashing your kids and giving big tattooed bearded men with ruby red lipstick in a dress access to REAL women and children’s safe spaces, is far more important than removing Scotland from this awful union that’s severely damaging Scotland and its economy.

      From what I’ve read in here and on Craig Murray’s blog, I can no longer see Sturgeon on tv without thinking I cannot stomach this woman any longer, nor can I believe a word she says.

    89. Republicofscotland says:

      Not a word not a peep from the colonial news channels in Scotland on Craig Murray’s explosive article, nothing but f*ckin tumbleweed.

    90. Bob Mack says:

      @H Scott,

      No doubt a faction of the SNP will include “Limbists ” in their proposed Bills.

    91. Captain Yossarian says:

      I understand that Alex Salmond will give his evidence to the Salmond Inquiry on 9th Feb. Nicola Sturgeon is expected to give her evidence the following week.

      Listening to Nicola Sturgeon repeating an oath I’m sure will be an excruciating experience for all.

    92. Republicofscotland says:

      Poor Grouse Beater, how many more true indy supporters will suffer, and not see indy because we have a treacherous b*stard as our FM.

      Hang in there man.

    93. Bob Mack says:

      So much to cover today.

      Craig Murray I salute you sir. Worth every penny I gave.

      Joanna Cherry welcomes Humza climb down on Hate Crime Bill re “trans”

      Grousebeater, one of the rocks in the very foundation of Indy gets bad,bad news. Thinking of you no matter how it goes Gareth.

    94. holymacmoses says:

      I think it’s totally unreasonable to expect Mr Salmond to give his evidence BEFORE Nicola Sturgeon gives hers. He’s the wronged party and should have every advantage.

    95. Marie Clark says:

      GB so sorry to hear your news, one of the good guys. Hing in there son.

    96. dakk says:

      Get well soon Grousbeater.

    97. Hatuey says:

      Goodnight Vienna, good morning Vietnam… because, as Craig Murray’s latest article makes clear, the SNP is toast and we have tough times ahead. Everything changes with this.

      We know the MSM are poised to pile on, and they’re going to use it to smash the independence movement as well as the SNP. They may even use this as an excuse to close Holyrood, and who here would object given the corruption we see?

    98. Captain Yossarian says:

      @holymacmoses – I agree with you but that’s the convention at these Inquiries.

      Mind-you, Craig Murray’s excellent article is doing the rounds just now and so she may not last until the 16th Feb.

      She may strap herself to the Holyrood ejector seat before then. You never know.

    99. Famous15 says:

      I started speculating who was being groomed for leadership if NS fell.

      Googling the many contenders shocked me as within all the small print was the revelation of more alphabet persons.

      No wonder the woke “not really serious about independence” university undergrads are going explosively crazy on Twitter and defaming Joanne Cherry QC.

      It may mean JC is the answer and why FR and RSpear tried to block her.

      Sorry about the spaghetti.

    100. James Horace says:

      I have a feeling Stu is currently tippy tapping away at the mother of all articles

    101. TruthForDummies says:

      Humza has issued a correction he has not actually climbed down. The amendment was from the Tory Liam Kerr. But there was a bit of miscommunication and it looked like it was accepted

    102. Wee Chid says:

      James Horace says:
      27 January, 2021 at 7:14 pm
      “I have a feeling Stu is currently tippy tapping away at the mother of all articles”

      He’ll be too busy reading all those emails from people apologising for doubting his message and shooting the messenger, won’t he?

    103. Roddy Macdonald says:

      A number of the Wokerati are publicising a flounce out of the Party, citing either that Joanna Cherry QC hasn’t been burned as a witch by the leadership and/or Humza Yousaf’s proposed amendments to the Hate Speech Bill whereby saying biological sex is real is specifically excluded.

      Given Craig Murray’s pressing of the nuclear button this efty, it really is a case of “Aye, OK. Don’t let the door slap your arse on the way out, the adults are talking about more important matters.”

    104. robertknight says:

      “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

      So where are all the “good men” (and women – remember those?) who supposedly exist within the ranks of the SNP?

      Where the Palace Coup?

      Where the cries for heads to roll?

      What do we hear instead?

      A deafening silence!

      What do we see?

      Nothing to see here, so move along!

      What do we smell?

      The stench of corruption and conspiracy.

      “Stronger For Scotland”?

      Fetch me a bucket someone…

    105. Annie 621 says:

      For a’that an’ a’ that,
      A man’s a wummin for a’that,
      But the man o’ intersectional mind,
      He looks an’ laughs at a’that.

    106. Republicofscotland says:

      truthfordummies @19.16pm

      Humza Yousaf, was all for juryless trials, and probably still is, currently Craig Murray is enduring a juryless trial, which I think is unfair.

    107. Lothianlad says:

      What a waste. All that time and opportunity and this is what sturgeon considers appropriate.

      Shirley anne sommerville who is in person a waste of space will I’m sure have had a job created for her in this somewhere.

      This is it people. This is the SNP now under sturgeon.

      All those people who pounded the streets campaigning for years dream of the day when the SNP could gave Bern half as powerful, and now this.

      I honestly dont think I could detest sturgeon any more tha I do now.

      If it weren’t for stu, CM, AS, MH, and so many other honest journalists, this would never come to light.

      Sturgeon has to go now.

    108. paul says:

      She may strap herself to the Holyrood ejector seat before then. You never know

      Having determinedly painted herself,and inadvertently(possibly)everyone else into a corner, she has no way out.

      She can go for broke and hold a minority government.

      Can you do me a favor?

      No problem.
      My strange husband and I want to thank you so much.

      That will be nice, but as a responsible gangster, we have to work out the vigorous.

      What do you want?

      The lot.

      That’s asking a lot?

      Don’t misunderstand or say it’s not the time. You and husband’s loot will be respected. That is my only promise.

      I can keep somthings?

      I know it’s difficult, but just vacate with things of personal value, we’ll include your husband in that list.
      Remember, resale value is hard to find.

      Taking things into a broad perspective and appreciating other stakeholders’ opinions, will I come out like that borgen woman on the tv?

      Unfortunately,there is a terrible price to pay for your service and to those you demanded help.

      and that includes:

      Other vicious incoherently violent cybernats can guess what I would like to say.

      For now, let us all look forward to a better scotland, where lawyers are equal to cleaners.

    109. holymacmoses says:

      Well Mr Wings – you’re almost there – now will you stand for parliament please?

    110. Lothianlad says:



    111. Captain Yossarian says:

      @paul – ‘where lawyers are equal to cleaners’. Agreed my friend and I have said the same for many years now. I compare them with scaffolders and bricklayers. I have known many scaffolders and bricklayers and I would trust any one of them before I would trust a Scottish lawyer.

    112. robertknight says:

      Captain Y @7:57

      “I have known many scaffolders and bricklayers and I would trust any one of them before I would trust a Scottish lawyer.”

      They’re all involved in fabricating and all prefer to be paid ready cash in brown envelopes, but you’re right, I know which ones I’d trust.

    113. Having just read Craig Murray’s Sworn Evidence on the Sturgeon Affair I have with heavy heart resigned my SNP membership.

      Here’s freedom to them that wud read
      Here’s freedom to them that wud write
      There’s nane ever fear’d that the truth should be heard
      But they whom the truth would indite !!

    114. Daisy Walker says:

      Re Craig Murray’s article, and the Inquiry.

      It’s all ove George Galloway Twitter fed, and he has acknowledged it. And highlighted the Craig has used court privilege to disclose same.

      Very well played Mr Murray, no wonder the court is agitated.

      And with regards the Inquiry, it stood out for me, when it was disclosed that the procedures stated that the investigators were not supposed to go to the Police without the knowledge and consent of the complainers.

      The evidence disclosed that they did not go to the Police, but went to the Crown Office.

      I was wondering why that was, other, than a technical means of saying, ‘well we neve reported it to the Police, not our fault if the Crown took it up.’.

      But I think it is cleverer than that. If the initial complaints did not amount to criminality, and had been reported straight to the Police. Police would, or should have then drawn a line under it… no more fishing for other complainers.

      If however, they are not in full possession of the facts, and the enquiry is being directed by the Fiscal Service (and technically, the Police are an instrument of the Prosecutors) then the fiscal service could have directed them to go on a massive fishing exercise, on the basis of 2 initial, non criminal complaints that could/should have been dealt with und3 employment /civil legislation.

      Ps sorry for the spelling mistakes, computer broke, having to use iPad.

    115. Captain Yossarian says:

      @robertknight – The last husband and wife team to run a country were Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos of the Philippines. Another pair of crooks. Imelda Marcos was a wee hag who wore stiletto heels and she had a collection of hundreds of pairs of them. They used to be paid in gold bullion.

    116. Lothianlad says:

      Grouse beater man, I’m late to the blogs this evening, but I read this are tough for you now.

      I admire you tremendously and my prayers are with you.

      Remember, the good book says, there is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed, or hidden that will not be made known.

      Scotland is a more enlightened place because of you and those like you.

      Good strength be with you sir.

    117. Lothianlad says:

      Craig murray sir,

      I haven’t been read what you posted today, but from what’s on here I believe it is explosive.
      I’m away to read it now , but couldn’t do so with out saying I salute you sir!!

      Honest are the brave!

    118. Gregor says:

      A disturbed and confused public, cannot fathom the difference…

      ‘Scientology & Intersectional Gender Architecture’

    119. Has anyone asked a transgender what they think,

      not some (mostly) white middle class uni uneducated liberal with too much time on their hands looking for something to be angry about cause their lives are generally very much ok,

      Biden and she/her Harris (neither trans) have pushed woman`s rights back to the stone age, not to help trans folks but to declare to the world their liberal wokeness,

      and hardly a word from anyone.

    120. Black Joan says:

      Daisy Walker @ 8.09pm “They” had, of course, already been to the police, in the sense that they had tried to discover in advance exactly what the police needed in the way of a story that would be sufficient to “Get Salmond”. The Police rightly told them that this is not how it works.

      I think this is clear from some of the Schroedinger’s messages (WhatsApp or whatever) and has been confirmed by Police evidence to the Harassment Committee.

    121. Andy Ellis says:

      @Grouse Beater

      Gutted to hear your news Gareth. I’m so sorry we’ve never managed to get together for that drink and chinwag. Know that you have made a difference to so many people. You and your family are in my thoughts.

    122. David Holden says:

      I see the usual suspects frothing about the SNP not doing anything about the stinking mess the party is in and slagging off those who are trying to change things. I would ask them what they are doing to help get us to Indy other than bumping their gums. The only way to recover the SNP as a serious Indy party is from the inside. It may be too late but there are plenty party members doing their bit. One an old bloke called Craig Murray who is certainly pulling his weight and a few others . With the flounce of the wokes as another tranche leave because they are not getting their way things are looking up but there is a way to go. Joanna Cherry last time I looked was a party member as was Angus and Kenny and are working hard but hey ho what would they know about Indy.

    123. paul says:

      Hello cameron again:

      Gregor says:
      27 January, 2021 at 8:15 pm

      A disturbed and confused public, cannot fathom the difference…

      ‘Scientology & Intersectional Gender Architecture’

      You did even manage your link machine, maybe 77th have a covid outbreak,sharing shit stirring screens with no sense of hygiene?

    124. Effijy says:


      Craig, I can only apologise for all the idiotic posts on here
      about cocks with frocks and left handed clubs that should
      be put over some heads.

      This guy has been through hells for years and spent his life savings
      and risking his liberty and credibility to fight for justice and highlight
      the rampaging corruption throughout our government, civil service and legal system.

      He does all that for us and some of you wonder which finger to pick your nose with?

      You will be acclaimed in Scottish history for eternity.

    125. Gregor says:


      My name is Greg. Can you be more specific please…

    126. Sylvia says:

      “A message from me as @thesnp leader on transphobia”.8:06 pm · 27 Jan 2021

    127. Daisy Walker says:

      @Black Joan, aye, your right, they kept trying out hypothetical scenarios with the Police, who told them they would not play that game, and to refer the complin3s to the appropriate support groups.

      I put this over on Craig’s comments, but folk here might have thoughts on it.

      From Craig’s affidavit today, the meeting on 29/3/18 had present, Ministers, a complainer, NS and various civil servants, and Geoff Aberdein.

      No wonder no record of that meeting now exists.

      For one of the complain3s to have been there at that time, means they thought her presence there would be enough to spook AS into backing down. They thought it was a sign of strength.

      I’d put money on it that the official records of that meeting have been removed after the event, rather than forgotten to be entered into the diary.

      And since it Ministers – plural, I’d like to know who they all were thank you. Or have their diary entries been scrubbed for that date also. Bet they have.

      Likewise, at the meeting with Nicola to stitch up AS, with the Moorov allegations. Legal Advice was on tap at that meeting. Was that from Mr Wolfe perchance?

      Why is he still in a job, and at Liberty, given his presiding over malicious prosecution?

      Head in sand by all snp bigwigs over on Twitter. That’s ok for tonight, by tomorrow the good guys better get their spines on and their white hats. Enough is enough.

    128. holymacmoses says:

      Captain Yossarian
      I have known many scaffolders and bricklayers and I would trust any one of them before I would trust a Scottish lawyer.

      Lawyers are liars – they simply have no concept of truth because that would mean limiting the meaning of words and that would limit how they could use words. They remind me of ‘Bendy and the Ink Machine

    129. Daisy Walker says:

      Sylvia, that link to NS videos a belter.

      Armada, what Armada.

    130. Captain Yossarian says:

      @Daisy Walker – I wouldn’t be surprised if there weren’t more rats in the SNP Holyrood cupboard. I tend to think there are.

      Something completely unrelated to Alex Salmond, but equally offensive to public perception of the SG.

      John Swinney and Kevin Stewart have been quiet on Twitter. Maybe there’s a reason for that.

    131. JSC says:

      I see Mr Murray has had to further redact some of his evidence published earlier today on request from the Crown Office. His overall submission reinforces my belief (also many thanks to Stu for this) that Nicola’s position simply cannot continue. She has run out of road and there’s no goodwill for a 3-point turn.

      Also, that there is now substantial/solid cause for prosecution for perjury….of her, some of her sidekicks, some fellow politicians, some aspiring politicians, and even potentially a couple of their family members. Whatever Andrew Neil was promising this week, it wasn’t this, so the Murrells might be in line for another salvo soon. Can the US Spectator publish what the UK Spectator can’t?

    132. Sylvia says:

      Daisy Walker @8:46
      “belter” is an understatement!!
      Some very angry people..

    133. Tinto Chiel says:

      @Sylvia 8.39: thanks for that.

      Had to laugh at her warbling on about “injustice”, today of all days (cue hollow laugh from Craig Murray). Obviously the tiny minority of transfolk (and I am not referring to those transitioning with difficulty through the normal medical channels, one of whom I know) are more important than the people who actually care about independence.

      As I said months ago, I can’t look at her without visualising a wee scroller beneath her lectern reading, “The Union: safe in my hands.”

    134. X_Sticks says:

      Nicola finds time in her very, very busy covid schedule to

      “criticise accusations of transphobia within the SNP amid reports of young people leaving the party in “significant” numbers over the issue.”

      “She said: “This is a message from me as SNP leader on the issue of transphobia. I don’t have much time for anything other than the fight against Covid right now but on some days silence is not an option. “

    135. Bob Mack says:

      Well its nice to see Nicola issuing a wee Lorraine type special message to trans.

      Im trying to remember shen she did the same for Indy supporters recently ?

    136. People confuse The Law with Justice.

    137. true scott says:

      This caught my eye in Craig Murray’s affadavit:
      23. The meeting concluded with Alex making the observation that he blamed himself for having established far too centralised a system of power in Scottish Government and the SNP, and not taking account of how far that was open to abuse by a person of ill-will.

      ..Until this story spills over from blogs and into the media in a simplified form – I don’t see the SNP suffering a defeat in May. Viktor Orban has survived far worse than this many more times and just becomes more canny.

    138. TNS2019 says:

      Captain Yossarian

      a) Not all lawyers are ‘bad eggs’. Craig chose wisely. So did I.
      b) Swinney is a dead man walking:

      Legal action ongoing. Malicious prosecution, misfeasance in public office, and (extreme) defamation.

    139. James Horace says:

      I’m expecting Stu’s next post to be a job advert. Shite is piling up at a rapid rate in Scotland, and there could now currently be 10 posts a day from this blog.

      Stu needs some help on the typewriter!

      Very excited to see what is said about Craig Murray’s absolute bombshell.

      But also Sturgeons attempt to come after both Cherry and MacAskill. The “off the cuff” trans video tonight is an absolute abomination.

      It is the largest squirrel I have ever seen.

    140. Gregor says:

      re. perceived transphobia within SNP’s social media ‘Realm of the Woke’:

      If only Sturgeon exhibited the same openness, willingness and eagerness to firmly address the Alex Salmond travesty of Scottish justice: how many precious months and resources have been wasted, so far, in establishing (chasing) the truth…

    141. robertknight says:

      What a surprise!

      A nice wee headline-grabbing deflection from Mr Murray on the part of the FM, and a chance to shore up personal support amongst the Wokerati?

      Surely not!

    142. Republicofscotland says:

      Bob Mack @9.11pm.

      Yeah as you and others have rightly pointed out, Sturgeon can find time to speak out for the trans community, a tiny minority of folk, but she blanked all the AUOB marchers, and stood by as Manni Singh was jailed, even though the police were fine with the start time.

      Craig Murray’s latest piece points out what a cunning, lying, sleekit, backstabbing b*stard she is.

    143. WhoRattledYourCage says:

      You know, years ago I worked for the social work department for six months as a clerical officer. I am getting a really strong social worker vibe from this government. Now, nobody would argue that social workers are not doing a difficult job, and are necessary. Of course they are, in both points. However. A couple of the women there were pretty tweaked, as crazy as the people they were working with in the community, and the idea that they could have you institutionalised was pretty scary. Some of these people, in social work and outside, seem to be attracted to the job to try and impose an order on the lives of others that is lacking in their own lives, like psychologists and psychiatrists, some of whom are grade-A lunatics.

      All this sub-social-worker horseshit does not make Scotland a safer or more productive place. It does, however, provide work for people with worthless degrees in horseshit like the stuff in this post. Some of them are the Middle Class Saviour type, and as such are pretty much divorced from reality. I have worked with these women on both sides of the Atlantic; they pretty much ruined a nursing home I was working in with their sniffy, unrealistic bullshit bearing no resemblance to reality whatsoever. They got into the social sciences because it was ‘trendy’ and they thought they could impose their ‘superior’ visions of life on other people.

      For shit sure some of the total lunatics in the upper echelons of the SNP are like this, an absolute waste of skin and money. Look at the utterly worthless rubbish in the posts Stu has posted. Pure PC pish, and utterly meaningless with it. The idea of a country being run by mentally unbalanced social worker types (and I do not mean that all social workers are unbalanced, far from it, but it helps to have a few warps in your record and worldview to work in such a painful field) is dangerous, stupid, pathetic, and a waste of time and money. Still, keeps otherwise chronically unemployable middle class zoomers in a job, so I suppose it serves some purpose, maybe keeps them from doing something more damaging and dangerous elsewhere.

    144. Mist001 says:

      Scotland IS a rogue state. The UK government is going to take the position that the Scottish judicial system is incompetent and thus Scotland is incapable of running its own affairs, so they’ll implement direct rule from Westminster.

      Mrs. Murrell and every single MP, MSP and whatever else is involved are responsible.

      Like I said last week or so, the SNP should be disbanded. Not one fucker has stood up and spoken out about this. They’re an absolute shower of shits who right now, are working out which side to jump into bed with to save their own skins.

      The SNP are not to be trusted.

    145. Tony O'Neill says:

      Stu,any idea how many seats the isp would get if all the wings readers and supporters were vote for them???.

    146. Captain Yossarian says:

      @TNS2019 – ‘Swinney’ and ‘Malfeasance’…..believe it or not, I have been hearing exactly the same allegation about Mr. Swinney.

    147. Daisy Walker says:

      Re NS recent vid… ‘ young people are leaving the party in significant numbers over the issue’….

      Ummm quite a few of us middle aged people are leaving the party in drives due to mad unelectable policies, blatant corruption in high office, missaproriation of ring fenced funds, and distinct lack of any form of movement on your reason detre…. but hey. Let’s not be petty.

      Besides, your party ‘numbers’ are somewhat dubious these days.

      So how many ‘young people’ are we talking about and can you evidence 1/ the number and 2/ that they were eve paid up members.

      PS you might want to have a wee look at Craig Murray’s blog, no the evidence he’s submitted at court today… just in case your entourage is too feart take tell you.

      There may be trouble ahead,
      But while there’s superinjunctions
      And indictments and support from the press
      Let’s take the money and dance.

    148. Lothianlad says:

      Nicola Sturgeon

      Rotten to the core with selfish ambition.

      Drank from the poisoned chalice, ensuring a legacy of lies.

      It could have been so so different!!

      Scotland will be free again, despite you!

    149. Daisy Walker says:

      This bloody iPad, drives is droves, eve is even, no the evidence should read re the evidence…

      And predictive text should read if I ev3 get hands on the bam who invented it they’ll siffer.

    150. Mac says:

      The near complete silence from the SNP MPs and SNPs over the last few years is damning in light of this account from Craig Murray.

      If Craig Murray knew so much so early on the MPs must have heard the same. How many even put up a token resistance…

      I say it again, wipe the slate clean of them at the next election, select new ones under a new leader.

      Do you think you will achieve the square root of fuck all with these rat cowards anyway. Look at them!

    151. Jason Smoothpiece says:

      Nice of the FM to express regret to the trans folk leaving the SNP what about some regret to us pro independence supporters who felt we had to leave.

      Curious as to the numbers of trans folk leaving compared with pro independence types leaving.

      How many members has she managed to lose since the attack on Mr Salmond and co?

    152. Captain Yossarian says:

      @TNS2019 – I just noticed there that you met the secretive spoofs from Education Scotland. I heard they shipped all of the dunces from Aberdeen City Council to fill the posts there, but maybe I’m wrong. Their office is is Livingston somewhere.

      What a dreadful shower of arseholes, the lot of them. Carved out of wood to look like and think like John Swinney. They’ve got dirty hands too at the moment and some of them will be removed alongside the tool Swinney.

    153. holymacmoses says:

      Nicola Sturgeon simply uses factions to rid her of any perceived threats. The ‘me too’ lot were used to rid her of Mr Salmond and the ‘Woke’ brigade are being used to rid her of Joanna Cherry. She is preversely very wicked . A friend of ours has NEVER been able to stand her and has always said that she was capable of terrible deeds and I just laughed and certainly didn’t believe him. Now I know he was and is right in his assessment.

    154. Harry mcaye says:

      What good do these MPs do anyway? I mean, I’ve never even heard Chris Law or Angela Crawley even speak in parliament. They are anonymous but Crawley has been elected three times in a row. Shades of the old Labour adage about monkeys and rosettes.

      Sturgeon tonight has sunk even further into the cesspit. No defence of Joanna Cherry when she’s had to suffer some vile abuse but some of the young wokie team gets petted lips and it’s video message time. Just go now! Preferably to prison with your lying husband.

    155. wull says:

      Just a word to say a very big thank you to Craig Murray. Both your affidavit and your decision to publish it are courageous, honest and admirable. We have never met, and if we ever did I expect we would find plenty of things on which we disagree. This is a perfectly normal thing among reasonable, adult human beings. But I want to affirm without the slightest hesitation that you have done the truth enormous service today, at no small personal cost, and it is the truth that will set us free.

      There can be no freedom without truth. And the truth shines through in every paragraph and every sentence of your affidavit, which is also so very clear, and well written. I cannot see how any fair-minded person could deny such truth, and can only imagine that the court verdict will go fully in your favour. It undoubtedly should, and I hope and pray that it will.

      Thank you once more, from the bottom of my heart.

    156. Lothianlad says:

      Given that there is almost always at least one good apple in a rotten barrel, it would be unfair to tarnish all SNP MPs and MSPs with the same brush.

      Would it therefore be un fair to list all the fucking slimey, gravy train travelling, principle abandoning, cowardly bastard SNP politicians so we can separate the wanks from the good guys??

      Constituencies will do.

      Could be a long list of wanks!

      I’ll kick the ball off –

      MIDLOTHIAN politicians – WANKS!!

    157. TNS2019 says:

      Please do not ignore the failure of the opposition to hold the current government to account.
      I have no faith in any of them.
      Sturgeon and co have got away with this because they are allowed to be unaccountable.
      That must be a big concern for the future.

    158. robertknight says:


      “Over the course of the day I’ve heard reports of young people in significant numbers leaving the SNP.“

      That’ll be the one’s who don’t care about some old white guy who used to run the country and who was damn near sent to jail thanks to a conspiracy on the part of the supposed great and the good at the highest echelons of the Scottish Govt. and justiciary. No need to worry about those older party members and former members disgusted and dismayed at the behaviour of all those involved.

      No…just worry about the Transvestites and their young Woke supporters who want their fantasy worlds to legally encroach upon safe spaces for women and girls – you know, the humans without male genitalia.

      Yeah – let’s all line up and vote for Nicola!

    159. stonefree says:

      @ holymacmoses at 3:45 pm

      Don’t know why you’re surprised at MaGuire, she is a true Sturgeonite , she is the one who resigned from NAC ( she didn’t have to from about 18 months)to give Robin Sturgeon the seat, in doing so the SNP lost the leadership of the NAC, and then R.Sturgeon failed , on the first try(by-election) and repeated it again at council elections

    160. Lothianlad says:

      Wull 10.00pm

      100% agree.

      Thank you Craig Murray,

      And STU

    161. Elmac says:

      So many on here calling for Sturgeon to step down. That is the least of what should happen. This woman, her husband and their mates in the civil service, COPFS and the police should be on the receiving end of some jail time and be banned from holding similar positions in the future. If she continues to refuse to resign, and enough in her own party can’t muster the spine to eject her, then the Scottish Parliament should call a VONC and force her out. This is Scotland’s shame. How can we hope to be accepted internationally as an independent nation when we are governed by criminal liars. The world is watching.

      The SNP are dead if they do not act now to rid themselves of this evil coven. The dam is breaking and will be in full flood by May and the scandal will decimate the SNP vote. Their only chance is to ditch these people now and leave them to their fate in the hope they can salvage something from the wreckage before the HR election. Like so many other former SNP members I will never vote for the SNP again until that happens and in many ways I would prefer to bite the bullet and see a fresh start with a new party such as ISP. We can then be sure that the infestation in our politics has been eradicated.

      Sturgeon has cost us dearly. Independence has been put back many years, perhaps even BJ’s generation, directly because of her. The continued exploitation and suffocation of our country affects every man, woman and child in our nation. Yet there remain honest, decent, people who earnestly desire independence and still think she is the best hope of achieving that. There are none so blind etc. and I have run out of patience. You can only excuse stupidity for so long.

    162. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @WRYC (9.40) –

      Hear hear!

      None of us have *all* the words required to express, record, convey…

      It just isn’t possible.

      And yet, just one click away…


      I won’t go there…

      Hopefully no-one else does.

    163. James Horace says:

      Ok then.

      Bets on the Sturgeon resignation date?

    164. Daisy Walker says:

      Folks, here is another worry, George Galloway Twitter account is alive with this, all retweeting like mad.

      Meanwhile all the snp big wigs, nothing, other than NSs trite wee video.

      But more worryingly, YES bloggers and reporters, Lesley Riddoch, Ruth Wishart, they’ve been tweeting today, but nothing on this, very much nothing to see hear, move along now.

      This is not going away, nor should it. Do your jobs.

    165. Beaker says:

      @Daisy Walker says:
      27 January, 2021 at 9:49 pm
      “This bloody iPad, drives is droves, eve is even, no the evidence should read re the evidence…”

      Tell it that if it doesn’t behave then the Wicked Witch of Bute House will take it away… 🙂

    166. susanXX says:

      These wokeists all have to go. There are 2 sexes. Sex is determined at conception and observed at birth. It is not possible to change sex. No one is born in the wrong body.

    167. JSC says:

      Rosa Zambonini playing wokery-bullshit-bingo on twitter tonight (more so than usual) and isn’t happy one of her mates has quit the SNP over “transphobia” (because that’s ALL that matters at the mo). Question…would the likes of Rosa & Rhiannon have any kind of profile in the party if Nicola was deposed? R&R need the SNP more than the SNP need them. I can’t help feeling that a party split is the only way forward (short/medium term pain for longer term gain) or just let the wokesters all go and join the Greens or Lib Dems

    168. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “Stu,any idea how many seats the isp would get if all the wings readers and supporters were vote for them???.”

      If every Wings reader voted for the ISP, hypothetically, I reckon they’d get around a dozen seats. Assuming a roughly even geographic split.

    169. Daisy Walker says:

      Bets on NS esignation date… not soon enough.

    170. rob says:

      Sturgeon on twitter more or less begging the trans not to leave the SNP

    171. Garrion says:

      re. Craig Murrays affidavit, which I am inclined to regard as the truth.
      Stating the obvious, but worth saying out loud, that it’s clear that the Murrells are completely ok with a scorched earth, mutually assured destruction approach to the independence political landscape.

      If they can’t get what they want, nobody will.

      I think that if I were any kind of honest contender within what the SNP has become I would be considering either a move to an ISP that isn’t full of squirrels, taking my credibility with me, or work quietly on a grassroots uprising, and a hard and merciless one.

      I’m sure that will be neither simple nor easy.

      Another thought that might be worth being clear about here – the general assumption that the SNP in power is inseperable from the objective of independence is not true, nor has it ever been. I’m NOT saying don’t vote SNP, unfortunately we have no choice at the moment, in my opinion.

      The SNP, under Salmond set out to demonstrate that a political party with the objective of Scottish Independence could also run the country effectively and, frankly, better than the shower of arseholes that ScotLab became.

      This was achieved, but unfortunately led to the unanticipated side issue of the SNP then being the employer of choice for every politician in Scotland who wanted a position in Scotland – regardless of capability or any particular interest in achieving independence (looking at you Pete and Daddy Bear). The sad truth is that without excellent and committed leadership it has become Scottish Labour. The tune is a little different, as are the carrots, but the nature is the same.

      I don’t actually know how one deals with this issue. Thoughts?

    172. holymacmoses says:

      stonefree says:
      27 January, 2021 at 10:08 pm
      @ holymacmoses at 3:45 pm

      Don’t know why you’re surprised at MaGuire, she is a true Sturgeonite ,

      Thanks for the heads up – I should read more.

    173. A Person says:

      In this pandemic year I have spent a lot of the time that I would normally have spent socialising or going places reading about this can of worms, both here and elsewhere, to the extent that my wife bawls at me to “give it a rest about Nicola fucking Sturgeon”.

      So I feel I have read enough to draw a conclusion or two about her personality.

      To my mind, Sturgeon is highly insecure and desperately craves acceptance and approval. It’s why she avoids rocking the boat so as to get fawning write-ups in the liberal press. It’s why she went after Alex Salmond, because deep down she **knows** he built the Yes movement and she would be nowhere without his efforts. It’s why she appears to have decided to go after him in the week that her approval ratings fell below those of Ruth Davidson, because she **needs** the validation of those approval ratings (compare to Salmond calling a referendum at 27% or, yes, someone like Thatcher who fell to catastrophic lows rather than “U-Turn”). It’s why she surrounds herself with yes-men and sycophants rather than do what successful leaders have done throughout history, which is engage with strong characters. It’s why she hates Joanna Cherry, who is a successful lawyer, unlike Sturgeon who is well known to have been crap at her job in that profession. (Now, as it happens, I studied law and was almost unbelievably bad at it. Rather than get hung up on it I realised it wasn’t for me, changed my path and have never looked back. That’s what a self-confident person would do). We have all heard the speculation over Sturgeon’s marriage and her real orientation- I don’t know the truth of that, am genuinely sorry for her if she felt she had to be “in the closet”, but maybe that explains her animus towards an “out” gay woman like Joanna? Anyway…

      (Incidentally, with such a personality she resembles nobody more than her erstwhile enemy, another insecure narcissist, Boris Johnson)

      The woke faction of the SNP tend to be urban, fashionable, educated and media-savvy. The un-woke, not so much. They are exactly the sort of people whose approval someone so insecure needs. So although I cannot bear to watch her message to “young trans people”, I imagine that her appeal is actually not cynical, but genuinely heartfelt. She is like the nerdy, uncool teenager, desperate beyond words to be invited to the cool kids’ party.

    174. Skip_NC says:

      NS resignation date? I suppose that depends on the time zone one is in. It’s almost 28th January in Scotland as I type this, but it’s barely tea-time here in North Carolina.

    175. robertknight says:

      Daisy Walker @10:18

      We’re definitely through the looking-glass when the Yoons like Galloway switch places with the supposed good-guys like Riddoch and Wishart.

      A real WTF moment!

      JSC @10:21

      Just leave the “Wokesters” in the SNP and form a new party. The ‘brand’ has become toxic as far as I and many others are concerned.

    176. JSC says:

      Also, it’s flown under the radar slightly, but I was scratching my head a bit when I saw Blackford mentioned by Craig earlier too (he is still mentioned, not redacted). The London aspect has had a lot less focus than Edinburgh, but was AS so much of a threat to the cosy careerists that Holyrood & Westminster were keeping options open with a pincer movement?

    177. James Horace says:

      Stu, any idea why zero media outlets have mentioned Craig Murrays trial in any way?

      And what is stopping reporters or Sturgeon’s political opponents from RT’ing Murrays article today?

      Nowt from Murdo and the usual suspects from the committee. Even Agent P is silent. Musson, Neil, Gordon and the usual mob too. Only Galloway and Effie so far from the yoons.

      Why is this, and what will change this state of affairs?

    178. Alan Mackintosh says:

      Can I suggest a safety warning… do not open this link to a tweet whilst you have any hot drinks or food in your mouth… Purely to save you having to clean your keyboards, you understand…

    179. katherine hamilton says:

      The world today is an ill-divided place, money wise, between young folks and the rest. I hope the disaffected youth leaving can make up the shortfall in income lost from the disaffected oldies leaving because of the issues outlined in Craig Murray’s affidavits.
      Money no more. No more hundreds from me.

      Sturgeon’s a fuckin’ idiot.

    180. Kangaroo says:

      And for those NOT watching what’s happening across the pond.

      Congress got arrested for treason.

      Not a very good video, difficult to see whats going on. Bug fireworks display at end signifying everything went off without a hitch.

      Go you good thing.

    181. robertknight says:


      No food or drink involved, but may face hurts like hell from laughing.


      The more I think about it, the more it looks like Sturgeon is weaponising the youth wing to repel any attempts to remove her which may come from elsewhere within the party, particularly from the direction of J Cherry – who the Wokerati and Twitler Youth despise.

      She’ll see the party split along the lines of age and gender recognition rather than face the long walk into oblivion.

      Salmond created a monster – one that appears to be supported and protected by the British Establishment.

    182. Gregor says:

      Sturgeon’s social media proclamation is actually a devious trigger signal for her automated woke-bot cyber faction, activating a barrage of public-seeking (>>> transphobia!; misogyny!; anti-semitism!; bigotry!; wokephobia!; misSturgeony!, etc…) projectiles.

      During such a public emergency, it is strongly advised to avoid all social media interactions with these extremely volatile, ultra-hyper-sensitised woke-bots (for your own personal safety, mental health, & for public well-being).

    183. tricia young says:

      Sylvia, thanks for the link – honestly think Sturgeon is in meltdown mode. She knows the games up the pole.
      Well done to Craig, you’re a brave man and I know you will win. Donated. Popcorn bought and clearing the diary to watch the show!

    184. James Barr Gardner says:

      When idols are found to have feet of clay, the pain of disenchantment can be profound.

    185. Mac says:

      I don’t even know why folk are having these chit chatty posts.

      Go read the affidavit where Murray retells his conversations with Alex Salmond (i.e. in person!) and what Salmond said to him.

      That is just a tiny, tiny piece of the bombshell of information in Craig Murray’s affidavit. I am still struggling to digest it.

      This is a Craig Murray whistle bower moment. He knows how to do it and he has balls of steel.

    186. Leslie Ross says:

      Tony O’Neill,

      In 2016 The Greens polled approx 150,000 regional votes (6.6% share) and got 6 seats.

      As a rule of thumb, 5.5% in any region should win one seat, 11%+ two seats.

      Target for 5.5% is approx 15,000 votes minimum in a single region.

    187. SilverDarling says:

      Oh dear it is all hitting the fan now.

      Well done, Craig Murray, no going back now. I wonder if a certain Yoon editor is in the spare room tonight?

      On a more serious note was there ever such a fraud perpetrated on the public as ‘transphobia’? What a shocking and serious misjudgement that video was to fend off the revelations of today. Nicola has lost her ability to read the room and is relying on a dwindling, if loud, mob to support her. Of course once her power is lost they will desert her as she is only needed in order for them to achieve their agenda.

    188. mike cassidy says:

      Nicola Sturgeon’s

      “No Gonnie Dae That”


    189. Big Jock says:

      If Sturgeon had any sense of decency. She would have resigned before the Salmond trial.

      I mean decency to the cause! Alas it’s the Nicola Sturgeon show, its all about her ego. She is not going quietly. She wants to damage our movement first.

      She is going though. She can’t survive this.

    190. WhoRattledYourCage says:

      A Person – yep. Absolutely correct. She is a woman who grew up shy and bookish, and desperately wants to be the trendy aunt to all the weird kids and freaks she clearly identifies with. She cannot understand or deal with mainstream Scotland at all – she doesn’t even like normal, straight people. Her colours have been very clearly shown, especially by doing things like pleading with a tiny amount of people – as we saw her do on Twitter tonight – to not leave the party.

      She would rather alienate huge swathes of mainstream support than lose the ostensible trendsetter PC support of a tiny amount of people. She is insecure and pathological to the bone, a sad excuse for a ‘leader,’ and her attack on Alex Salmond has shown just how low and vicious she will go to protect her ego and sexual minority flock, whom she clearly feels a need to pander to above everybody else. And we all know why.

    191. SilverDarling says:

      “Out, damned spot! out, I say!–One: two: why,
      then, ’tis time to do’t.–Hell is murky!–Fie, my
      lord, fie! a soldier, and afeard? What need we
      fear who knows it, when none can call our power to
      account?–Yet who would have thought the old man
      to have had so much blood in him.”

      -Lady REDACTED

    192. Socrates MacSporran says:

      A few oposters wondering at the Unionist media ignoring the Craig Murray nuclear bomb. I am not surprised.

      What Craig has revealed could/should be the beginning of the end for Sturgeon, but, if she is removed now, the SNP} could get a new leader in and established and get over the embarrassment Sturgeon and Co have caused them, in time for their maschinations against Alex Salmond to not become an issue in the Holyrddo Election.

      But, if the enemies of naitonalism leave things to fester until the election campaign begins – then really go after Sturgeon – the fall-out just might be the difference between an SNP majority and an SNP minority government – and could enable them to continue to stall on Indyref2.

      It’s all about timing and, when the Unionists decide the time is right, a real shit storm will fall on Sturgeon and her coven.

    193. Tannadice Boy says:

      Are we lucky to live in a country with a free press? At present it would appear to be mainstream press freedom not to cover news stories that are in public interest Seriously is their a D-Notice out on this travesty? Independent Bloggers are just so far ahead of our mainstream media it’s embarrassing. The biggest political story in my lifetime and not a peep.

    194. stonefree says:

      Might I suggest Seppuku as Sturgeon and Murrell’s exit plan, the problem lies that they lack one of the essential ingredients……….Honour

    195. X_Sticks says:

      Me’n’the missus were discussing Nic’s vid. Why? Just why?

      Deflection from Craig’s revelations? If so then it’s just completely backfired on her as there are dozens and dozens of replys about the Salmond stitch up.

      Also backfired because of the utter lack of action or words about the misogyny leveled at Joanna and Joan.

      All because a few disillusioned wokerati have decided to quit? Dozens if not hundreds have/are leaving the party due to the Salmond stitch up scandal and lack of movement towards indy, but not a word.

      It is very strange, almost like some mental aberration. Is she having a nervous break down due to the stress? The whole Salmond thing must really be weighing on her along with the ever growing critisism of her ‘leadership’. And she’s made the covid crisis ito a rod for her own back, there’s nothing been stopping her delegating to the health secretary or others. But she wouldn’t be in the limelight though.

      Whetever, it looks like her(and hubby’s and others) days are numbered. Problem is she may cause us all to lose the main prize.

      She’s certainly going to blow her historical legacy.

    196. kapelmeister says:

      Craig Murray’s affidavit really brings it all into focus. He has made a gargantuan effort on behalf of the Scottish people. As has Rev Stu.

    197. Liz says:

      That video is the final straw for me.
      She is the same as Trump

      I also agree with the post earlier saying that Holyrood is run like one big social work dept.

      The next few days will tell us how this will end. The MSM cannot ignore this forever and NS can say goodbye to any UN job after this.
      Who would trust her not to stab anyone in the back

    198. kapelmeister says:

      Note that for that video message Sturgeon was looking down into her camera. That says it all. She thinks she’s some political giant who knows better than us. Totally deluded.

    199. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @X-sticks (11.26) –

      You have to wonder how many people have watched that ‘message’ now and don’t really have any idea what she’s on about.

      Being honest, how many people were aware of this distressing ‘exodus’ before seeing that rubbish?

    200. kapelmeister says:

      “Just fantastic” tweets Cosyfeet about his leader’s video message. Obsequious bastard.

    201. Big Jock says:

      The media are owned by the Tories. They will have a strategy worked out. Nicola will be thrown under a bus when they decide.

      However, the media can’t stop twitter or bloggers exposing the hollow queen.

      They will not have the power to stop us.

    202. Bob Mack says:

      Death by a thousand cuts. Alienate Wings.Alienate AUOB. Alienate for Women Scotland. Alienate bloggers who are influential. Alienate Salmond supporters.

      Protect trans.

      This was a PR disaster of the highest magnitude. It could not have been any worse.

      Do not try and tell me this is the person to lead us into an election and referendum. She is just hitting out now at everybody who supported her at one time.

    203. A Person says:

      -Who Rattled Your Cage-

      I was also a shy and bookish child, so what happened was, that I adapted to the world as it is while still liking books and my own company, rather than, you know, threatening to destroy people who are uncomfortable with men who make it their life’s work to get inside girls’ changing rooms. Must just be me though.

      Agree with your comparison of Holyrood to a social work department, or perhaps a “trendy” church youth group.

    204. Bob Mack says:

      @Ian Brotherhood,

      Over 600,000 views. Not good for Nivola from what Ive seen so far.

    205. Big Jock says:

      My dad joined the SNP in the 50s. He is too old for social media. I am kind of glad. Because if he knew what the party had become, he would be bamboozled.

      Indeed even I can’t work out how a party of independence. Has now turned into a gender obsessed niche party for weirdos and low rent dictators.

    206. A Person says:

      -Bob Mack-

      I’m asking this in good faith: in what way was it a PR disaster? It further alienated folk like us and confirms what we fear. But how much cut-through does it have with either most Yessers or the average punter? Do you have any reason to think it has? I’m not looking to trip you up, I’m hoping you can tell me it has!

    207. ScotsRenewables says:

      What a fucking car crash that video is. It seems to have pissed off the transwokes because it doesn’t go far enough while totally alienating everyone else because – well, there is quite a lot of other shit going on.

    208. Daisy Walker says:

      A message for the First Minister.

      We cannot support a First Minister, and Cabinet, who are in charge of the Government Minister/Lord Advocate admitting to presiding over a malicious prosecution that is going to cost the tax payer over £20,000,000 and he remains in post without mention.

      We cannot support a First Minister who signed off on a Policy, which as a qualified lawyer she was trained to know, was tainted by apparent bias and unlawful, and cost the tax payer in excess of £500,000, and who went on to extend the contract of the Civil Servant most apparently responsible with. £20,000 a year pay rise (allegedly).

      We cannot support a Leader of the SNP who presides over a fund raiser specifically advertised as ‘ring fenced’ and then delays the publishing of accounts, which when finally produced appear to show the money gone, and the official explanation of ‘woven through’ given. That is criminal appropriation.

      We cannot believe that an Independence supporter would conspire to pervert the course of justice to besmirch and incarcerate Alex Salmond on false charges – but the evidence leads us to this point.

      We cannot support a ‘leader’ with such double standards, who fails to stand up for female MPs who are slandered and physically threatened, but who jumps on the bandwagon of hurt feelings for those she favours.

      We cannot support a leader who preached transparency for the Inquiry into Ministerial misconduct (that’s you by the way), and has pulled every dodge in the book to scupper it right from the off.

      We cannot support a leader, who’s husband is called (again) to give evidence, strongly suspected of lying under oath, and thinks it’s all right, just to not bother going.

      We cannot support a leader of the SNP, who with a clearly expressed manifesto policy and election wins at every stage since 2014 – has meekly and mildly allowed Scotland to be taken out of the EU against her democratically expressed wishes.

      The nicest possible thing anyone can say of you just now is that you are grossly incompetent.

      Scotland deserves, and has so much better, particularly now at her time of most urgent need.

      You must go. Now really is the time.

    209. Sheepshagger says:

      A wee bit Trumpian.
      Trying to raise a Wokus pokus twitter storm to deflect attention away from Craig Murray.
      Reeks of desperation.

    210. A Person says:

      Okay, over 600k views, that’s quite something for Scotland!

    211. And spouse says:

      Remember when she goes, we need everybody to get a friend to sign back up. It’s not an SNP thing, it’s an independence thing.

    212. Hugh Jarse says:

      Here’s wishing cosyfeet a long, leprous retirement Ian, in the same vein as i welcomed force feeding Ian Brady.

    213. robertknight says:

      A Person

      She’s playing to her gallery – which does not include anyone on here or any member of the public who is not already some form of political animal.

      It was a rallying cry for her core personal Woke support to close ranks around their Dear Leader. Her shock-troops will see off any internal critics with threats of nobbling via those constituency associations which have an active, vocal and social-media savvy youth element.

      Plus, as Nic’s fanzine The National was quick to comply, it’ll grab headlines and deflect from any Craig Murray related piece – not that I’ve seen ANY dealing with his affidavit, and Google only turns up two online news outlets which picked up on the PA piece on his case today.

    214. Daisy Walker says:

      Dear Ireland,

      You know more than any other country what we are up against, and the deviousness deployed against us, and by the use of our own.

      The main stream media in the UK will not break this story.

      Please, get it published, make it international, make it so even the biased BBC have to chew wasps and spit out bits of it.

      And we’ll see you on the other side of freedom.

    215. Bob Mack says:

      @A Person,

      Nicola sought to reassure a certain group completely oblivious that anybody else would or could see it other than as she intended. She was wrong. Instead she highlighted her determination to “mother” a certain group at the expense of others. I have listed them above.

      This has now been viewed an incredible number of times mainly as far as I can see with negative feedback.

      Its something we all recognised in our own mothers when we were in a group playing and other kids picked on you. She might have liked the kids,but she loved you, and couldn’t hide that bias.

    216. Gregor says:

      Sturgeon knows fine well what she is doing (she is cornered and trapped): The social media video is a desperate diversion tactic from the unraveling big topical Scottish issue (Salmond). Sturgeon has deliberately stoked this plastic (transphobia) issue as an attack and defense weapon to be exploited as justification for Sturgeon’s/SNP’s inevitable, snowballing clusterfu**.

      It’s utterly deprived and sickening…

    217. Alf Baird says:

      Is she gone yet?
      Is Alex back yet?
      Is May’s election a plebiscite on independence?
      Craig Murray for Scotland’s Foreign Minister (or President)
      Let’s get independence done!

    218. A Person says:

      -Robert Knight-

      But I’m wondering whether this will antagonise more people than it impresses, and whether it is such a transparent attempt to deflect attention from a range of criticisms that it will backfire?

      The average voter might not know much about the Salmond trial, but I would have thought a significant number of the SNP rank and file will have?

      I’m not sure though!

    219. A Person says:

      -Bob Mack-

      Glad to hear people have called her out on it. Here’s hoping pennies are dropping.

    220. holymacmoses says:

      I wondered if she might be wanting to avoid the Salmond inquiry by having a nervous breakdown

    221. Alf Baird says:


      Your right, its not a serious book, and not even a book on Scottish independence.

      Not like this one:

    222. Big Jock says:

      The Murrells are bricking it. We have them now!

    223. Daisy Walker says:

      Nicely said Alf Baird.

      Over on GG the hats Twitter, they’re asking why the MSM are not reporting it… biggest scandal in Scotland…. wee scones, haven’t quite joined up all the dots yet, but hey, they’re doing better than our own.

      Anyway tempted to have a wee look btl on wgd. But I will refrain and go to bed.

      Wee song to see you off.

      Row, row, row the boat
      Gently down the steam
      Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily
      Life is but a dream.

    224. MorvenM says:

      Just after (yet another) vicious attack on Joanna Cherry from the TRAs and reading Craig Murray’s stunning affidavits, what do I see coming up on my Twitter timeline?

      A lecture from Nicola on transphobia!

      I’ve written to tell her what a disgrace she is.

      Absolutely beelin’.

    225. robertknight says:

      A Person

      The vast majority of visitors to Twitter political pages are already dyed in their particular shade of political wool.

      There were accusations of deflection on a few posts, as in my case, and some even linked Craig’s Twitter post linked to his website – so hopefully that may lead to others becoming so informed. Other posts were heaping praise upon her.

      But TBH I doubt anyone visiting Sturgeon’s page will be changing their opinion of her on the basis of what they read or hear – the only thing she and Salmond have in common, apart from party leader/FM job titles, is that they’re both ‘Marmite’ where public opinion is concerned.

      The only site where I guarantee 100% that opinions have changed with regard to Sturgeon is WoS. I know this, because mine has changed as a result of Stu’s work exposing the leadership for what and who they are.

    226. holymacmoses says:

      Daisy your posts often really cheer me up! Thanks a lot

    227. Beaker says:

      @Daisy Walker says:
      28 January, 2021 at 12:19 am
      “Wee song to see you off.”

      Here’s another:

      The wheels on the bus go round and round,
      Round and round, round and round.
      The wheels on the bus go round and round,
      Until someone blows the fuckers off.

      I’ll get me coat…

    228. A Person says:

      -Robert Knight-

      Aye, you’re probably right. But 600k people is over a tenth of the population of Scotland. If even a fraction think twice we could be onto something.

      Also, while most people who are “into politics” have strong views, they might change their minds about **politicians**.

    229. Hatuey says:

      Twitter is buzzing with talk of Craig Murray tonight. It’s like watching fireflies at night over some dark lake — little pulsations of despair that glow for a moment and disappear, each representing the broken heart of an ordinary person who dared to dream that Scotland could be free.

      Things are about to get historical.

    230. Astonished says:

      I think we are seeing her death throes. Good. Sooner she is gone the better.

      Another parting shot is aimed at Kenny MacAskill :

    231. Saffron Robe says:

      A drowning woman clutching at straws.

    232. Daisy Walker says:

      Holymacmoses – very glad and your very welcome.

      Been delving into 80’s music, my god, the hair.

      But then again wow, with some of the tracks.

      Eurythmics- Annie’s world class in every way.

      Then there was Tracy Chapman, ‘if not now, then when’? Exactly..

    233. Kenny says:

      Astonished @ 12.41.

      I’ve long ago blocked Sturgeon on Twitter, avoid her face as someone I detest with all my power within. However, being pro-MacAskill, I clicked your link, from curiosity. Apart from her bile, the only thing I took from it was that she looks like shit – all her fucking badness coming out in her.

      I hope she rots in a dark prison.

    234. twathater says:

      @ Sylvia 8.29pm Sylvia thanks for that link to Sturgeons twatter message , the replies from her wokeist twittler youth are something to behold
      There is something seriously wrong with her, sitting there espousing her unrelenting support of these bams whilst ignoring and BAITING real women who consist of at least 50% of the electorate and that doesn’t include us male supporters

      IMO it is a determined attempt to undermine the support for independence as she is aware that the apologists and sycophants will vote for a carrot with a SNP badge and even although she won’t win enough votes for a majority she will win enough to keep her place at the trough , again IMO there are TOO many SNP and NS supporters and not enough INDEPENDENCE supporters

    235. StuartM says:

      IMHO Sturgeon’s support of the Wokerati has nothing to do with a personal belief in what they espouse and everything to do with her need to create a support base that doesn’t care about independence.

      Sturgeon must be aware that her strategy of endlessly promising Independence but never delivering is alienating more and more ordinary Party members and eventually the Party will revolt and depose her unless she can stuff the Party offices with allies whose primary focus is elsewhere. Hence the promotion of the woke agenda, attempts to stack the NEC and nobble MSP candidates who aren’t Sturgeonites.

    236. Breeks says:

      Saffron Robe says:
      28 January, 2021 at 1:03 am
      A drowning woman clutching at straws.

      It reminds me of a vain and paranoid Caesar, summoning their Pretorian Guard to defend them from the angry mob.

      I have to confess, their fear and resentment of Joanna Cherry mystifies me, but I do wonder whether Sturgeon has plans to do an “Alex Salmond” job on Joanna. Seems she plans to do a “Margaret Ferrier” on Kenny MacAskill…

      Ian Blackford not reading the room very well either…

      What a real shit on the lawn these vainglorious tossers have presented for the Independence movement. Parcel o’ rogues? Shower of Bastards, and Scotland betrayed by another bunch of grasping, venal, talentless, incompetents.

      I hope Craig Murray’s affidavit utterly destroys them, and sees a host of them jailed. We have Alex Salmond’s corroboration yet to come too…

      And Independence? I don’t know where we stand. If it can be salvaged from this shitshow, then the people who can salvage it need to be making their moves… Scottish Independence needs a clean banner beneath which the forces for good can coalesce.

      I wonder too whether Holyrood Elections are on the path, or off it, and we need some constructive lateral thinking married to a Constitutional initiative based around Scottish Sovereignty.

    237. Effijy says:

      If Craig’s Twitter revelations had to have additional redactions within hours
      of being posted, it seems that Craig is being constantly monitored.

      Craig is innocent until such times he is proved guilty.
      Who is constantly monitoring Craig’s activity?

      Is it the Advocate’s team, Scot Gov, SNP, Civil Service, MI5 or the 77th Brigade
      or possibly all of them?

      Who has decided without trial Craig is guilty of anything?

      How much does round the clock surveillance cost per annum?

      I know who pays, the tax payer, truth, justice, transparency and independence.

    238. Stuart MacKay says:

      Sturgeon is on a Progressive Crusade and used her position to bring in a whole host of measures that she felt was right. Independence is not on that list and never will be given her disdain for the ‘N’ in SNP. She also wants to complete the job which is why she surrounds herself with sycophants who adore her and half-wits who won’t challenge her.

      Unfortunately the troops who rallied to her cause are utterly out of their depth which is why we have half-baked ideas like the Hate Crime Bill and ham-fisted attempts to silence her critics with political show trials. It’s also the source for a raft of failures and an utter lack of leadership ability. The fingerprints of incompetence are everywhere to see. It’s like we all woke up in Mugabe’s Zimbabwe.

      Sorry, but a Scotland that’s a wee bit less shite than England is simply not good enough.

      The desire for Independence is safe enough. The government is simply not competent to suppress that, however the current path is blocked and deliberately so since that would get in the way of the Crusade.

      Only a complete cleansing of government is going to clear this up. Probably everybody in the SNP at branch manager and above needs to reassess their priorities or needs purged. Thankfully the government has been keen to separate itself from the members so there’s probably enough material and talent to rebuild it – though given the problems with identity and purpose, the question is whether we want to. Certainly it cannot continue as a party aspiring to government. A party with a single focus on independence seems to be the best course of action. It’s focus directed at a plebiscite election and it’s bye-bye to the union. We can deal with the aspirations to govern after that.

      It’s a mess and it’s been at least six years in the making. It will probably take twice as long to clean up.

    239. Lothianlad says:

      Coulnt believe that that SNP midlothian MP has a bill going through HoC about cronyism.

      Oh the fucking g irony.

      It was cronyism of and from him that got him selected before and after he lost a 10,000 majority.

      Trying his damndest to get his cronies selected for the midlothian council elections , among other things, he now has tabled a bill in Hoc.

      This us a careerist, wokarati, sturgeon loyalist who NEVER mentions ,far less cares about independence.

      Typical sturgeon loyalist who knows devolution gives him a comfortable lifestyle.

      Another careerist politician who sailed on an SNP ticket, and boarded the gravy train at Scotlands expence.

      Him and james dornan are cut from the same cloth.

      Their true motives have been outed.

    240. Lothianlad says:

      The description fro. Mark hirst about Hames dornanin Is the most accurate one I’ve read today.

      Dornan is a ("Tractor" - Ed) indeed.

    241. Robert Hughes says:

      That NS broadcast from the bowels of RIGHT ON TV struck me as nothing more than an audition for a gig in the New Elite Order , a – slightly desperate- indicator she’s fully onboard with all the requisite Identity gibberish , waving an auto-da-fe menacingly at anyone ( in particular potential rivals ) who dares to defy the new religion of Puritanical Progressiveness .

      Fully onboard also with unquestioning adherence to the prevailing voodoo-Science Sars CoV2 dogma – the founding predicate of which is the wholly unreliable PCR Testing regime even WHO are trying to distance themselves from now ( won’t get fooled again ? Aye right ) – and enthusiastic imposer of Economy and Society destroying ( look around your neighbourhoods ) Lockdowns and Restrictions .

      Hard to read if she’s so detached from reality she’s simply unaware of her possible impending nemesis or if she believes herself safe from any consequence for her central role in the conspiracy to destroy Alex Salmond , and , in this respect , her confidence may prove well-founded , certainly if she emerges unscathed , or minimally scathed , from this horror-show it will only be because she’s being protected by ” powerful forces “

    242. robertknight says:

      BritNat MSM circling the wagons around their precious Bute House ‘Asset’ – not a single one of them has touched Craig Murray’s affidavit.

      Evidence, if it were needed, that ‘Oor Nic’ is actually ‘Their Nic’.

    243. TNS2019 says:

      If Swinney goes, as surely he must, then Sturgeon will lose her grip on power within the SNP.
      What is so dispiriting is the apparent lack of talent elsewhere. Or could it be that decent folk are being kept at arms lengths from ScotGov?
      There needs to be a complete clear-out at the top.
      The SNP is now so strongly associated with corruption and misefeasance that it needs to re-brand and re-set with a coherent vision for the future.
      We apologise for hi-jacking this excellent site (it will be the last time we do it), but this is what is going to bring Swinney down.
      Writs to be served within the next few weeks. When it hits Court of Session, the game for Swinney will be lost:

    244. Captain Yossarian says:

      @TNS2019 – And have the Teaching Unions, specifically the EIS, offered any support?

      I have always reckoned the EIS are far too close to John Swinney.

      I suspect the EIS have been bought and paid for, in the same way our once brave investigative journalists have.

      Anyway, it will be wonderful to see the back of Swinney. He is every bit on a par with Sturgeon. I wish you good luck.

    245. Lothianlad says:

      Lol. Yes predictive text and my poor eye sight let me down.

      So to be clear…. james dornan is as mark Hirst states, A Traitor

    246. Effijy says:

      If I or my party or public body read claims the I/we had taken actions that
      we immoral, illegal or unjust, I would answer back outing forward any flaws
      in the allegations made.

      Has anyone from anywhere tried to say Craig has not reported factually?

      That silence across the board is condemning the guilty.

      We don’t really need confirmation regarding the right wing Westminster controlled
      biased and corrupt U.K. media but the fact that Craig’s report blowing apart so many
      devious government bodies hasn’t made a Whimper shows Scotland is devoid of
      all balanced and fair reporting.

    247. TNS2019 says:

      Captain Yossarian
      I think that you are right about the EIS etc. They have stated that it is “all too political” for them to be involved. Remember that the school was in Swinney’s constituency and just 15 minutes from his office.
      But it should not be “political” at all. That is the point.
      What we do have is 100% support from former parents and pupils and some very powerful recorded interviews. In fact 50. A documentary film is currently in production and should be released later in the year.
      This is a flavour of what is to come and relates to the final week when the school was being run by the Care Inspectorate/Education Scotland and PKC:

    248. Muscleguy says:

      Being ambidextrous meant as Keeper goal kicks on the right of the box I used my right leg, on the left I used my left leg. I had no preference for diving either. I tended to puch the ball right handed is the only thing.

    249. James Horace says:

      Chris Musson is at it this morning, lol.

    250. Captain Yossarian says:

      TNS2019 – What’s politics got to do with it?

      The problem with the EIS, and it comes from the top of that organization, is that they are far too close to Swinney and the SNP.

      The SNP pay teachers a small amount more per month than any other UK teacher gets. It may be that simple. You can buy the EIS.

      I don’t know why that is, but they are getting themselves onto the wrong side of the law time and time again and it’s always the same excuse.

      Politics has nothing to do with it. It is just the EIS excuse for inaction.

    251. MaggieC says:

      Kirsten Oswald on Radio Scotland just now defending Nicola Sturgeon’s videoclip last night , basically saying there’s no place for transphobia in the Snp .

      I don’t remember Nicola Sturgeon and any of them showing their support for Joan McAlpine and Joanna Cherry when they’ve faced the most vile abuse from many within the party .
      Remember it’s Fmqs today at 12.30 pm today , could be interesting ?? .

    252. scunner says:

      Beeb propaganda amplified this morning in advance of Bojo’s ill-advised visit.

      Bojo expected to extol the benefits of the Union in relation to the Covid crisis, where an indy Scotland would be a failed state if not for UKGov generosity.

      Sturgeon’s ill-advised comments on young activists leaving the party due to transphobia. Break out the wee violins for the poor wee snowflakes. How about a wee referendum on this non-issue to gauge real level of public support. Switzerland manages wee refs on all manner of topics.

      And finally, New article on the Beeb website “Will there be a Scottish Independence Referendum” – they’ve only gone and added a 2000-comment HYS (closed), where every comment is from December 2019 and pure Yoon froth every single one.

    253. Andy Ellis says:

      After Sturgeon’s two minute kamikaze video last night, any lingering doubts that folk had about her can be safely laid to rest. Either you support her agenda and the regressive misogyny which underlies it, or you don’t. Hopefully recent events will make more people choose, and lead to a show down which decides the future of the SNP and whether it can be trusted.

      I’m pretty convinced now that the answer is no, and that it isn’t worth saving. They aren’t going to discipline, still less eject, the TRA extremists. If they don’t, anyone stating in the party is condoning their outlook. Sturgeon and her allies will not be content until it becomes a thought crime not to accept that “TWAW”, and go down the same path as the Scottish Greens and Plaid Cymru saying those who won’t support their deeply ascientific and regressive ideology aren’t welcome.

      Enough and more than enough of this idiocy. These people aren’t our allies just because they share a belief in the goal of independence. They are dangerous ideological extremists. Anyone staying in such a party or voting for them if they don’t get rid of this poison is complicit.

    254. Effijy says:

      Absolutely fuming at ITV news in Scotland.
      They are justifying Bojo the Clown’s needless
      visit to a corner of Scotland where the public can’t
      tell him what they think if him and his party.

      We benefit from money sent from Westminster!
      Yes that because they take all of Scotland’s revenue.
      That because we haven’t been allowed to borrow for 300 years.
      That’s actually debt they are sending to Scotland with some of their own.

      Next they say how great it is for the British army helping with vaccinations?
      Now isn’t that Scottish Soldiers in Scottish Regiments paid for by Scottish Tax payers???

      If the Duke of Argyll and Prince Albert of Monaco can form an Army I feel confident
      that England’s North Colony could manage our own independent Army.

      I’ll be so glad when Westminster’s fake news and house boys and girls are cleared out
      the day after Independence.

      Perhaps writing fiction novels might be their next form of employment.

    255. Captain Yossarian says:

      TNS2019 – Talking about the political side of the EIS; I recall a teaching conference held about three years ago in Helsinki, Finland. In attendance was John Swinney and the Head of the EIS in Scotland. Both sitting round the table drinking whisky. That’s what I call political, but it shouldn’t be, should it.

    256. David Holden says:

      I suspect a lot of media outlets not going with the Craig Murray story is self preservation as they wait to see if he gets in hot water over his evidence and the threat from the invisible woman. At least the Booby prize will be happy to see his name redacted in the later version.

    257. robertknight says:

      scunner @8:55

      What do you expect from HYS courtesy of the BritNat Brainwashing Channel?

      Had a quick look a couple of days ago for the sake of being bored, and surprise surprise, another ‘Scotland is just shit-fest’ underway.

      I felt the need to congratulate Scotland in Union and the 77th Bde who were obviously working hard.

      A couple of hours pass by and…

      “Dear BBC Visitor,

      Thank you for contributing to the BBC web site.

      Unfortunately we’ve had to remove the content below because it contravened one of our House Rules.”

      I take it the House Rule concerned was the one stating don’t be critical of the paid help!

      “Nation shall speak truth…”!

      The BBC wouldn’t know “truth” from a cold slice of pizza.

    258. TNS2019 says:

      Captain Yossarian

      I think that a fundamental problem at present is that the major agencies and institutions are too centralised and all too closely linked.
      Cronyism is rife and suppresses genuine scrutiny.
      Look at the Education Covid Recovery Group and you get a flavour.
      Swinney is the one pulling the strings and what we have is governance by control – including control of the media. It is not a recipe for progression and nation-building.
      Unless we get a change at the top, the SNP is dead for me.
      We need an independence movement that has vision, coherence, credibility and….above all, leadership. I am beginning to like Cherry, but don’t know enough about her.
      I know enough about Swinney and Sturgeon to form a view!

    259. Captain Yossarian says:

      TNS2019 – The EIS is paid for by their membership to look after the interests of teachers and pupils all over the country.

      If they are failing to do that, then they are failing.

      Control of the Scottish media is now absolute and Craig Murray’s support is not coming from the Scottish media. In fact, the Scottish media did all they could to damage Salmond.

      The SNP have tentacles everywhere and it is high time they were decapitated.

    260. Daisy Walker says:

      Had a quick look on the Twitter sphere this morning…

      There cannot be a D notice served, as the info is still being widely re tweeted, and is still available on site.

      Indeed, a google search under CM Affidavit, takes you straight to it, most unusual for google and an Indy supporting site.

      The unionists are re tweeting this like mad, including David Davis for heavens sake.

      I’m wondering if the press silence is due to an interdict, and them not wanting to be the first paper to challenge it, but once the dam breaks, whoosh. In addition to their support for NS, after all the longer she stays in power, the less time for a replacement before Mays election.

      I’m hoping the pro Indy bloggers, are keeping quiet at present in order to wait for The verdict for Craig, hopefully today.

      But quite possibly not. I suspect that the establishment thought they had nobbled CM, by blocking his access to evidence, and then not calling him to the witness stand.

      By submitting the sworn affidavit into evidence, and using his legal privilege as an accused to do so, Craig has legally (it appears at this time) by passed any injunctions there may or may not be in place, and by passed all the unnecessary redactions imposed at the Holyrood Inquiry.

      And that, quite possibly has knock on consequences for ASs evidence at same. If the court cannot find some way of chastising Craig for what he disclosed under oath, then the possibility exists that it clarifies the position for Alex, to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, with the exception of disclosing the alphabet females identities.

      The longer it takes the court to preside on Craig’s trial, the more likely it is that there is some basis to this educated guess on my part.

      One way or another, the cat is out the bag, and this is not going away, unionist smell blood and for once they are right to do so.

    261. Daisy Walker says:

      One last thing, until I think of another….

      There is a way to make a positive out of this.

      Remember the Walter Scott quote about the wifie in Edinburgh at the time of the first big sell out, saying Politicians should never be too far away from you that you can’t hit them with rocks.

      We cannot fix Westminster corruption, but if we fix our own corruption, we make a powerful argument for Indy.

    262. robertknight says:


      “One way or another, the cat is out the bag, and this is not going away, unionist smell blood and for once they are right to do so.”

      The proof of that hypothesis will be FMQs.

      If CM’s affidavit doesn’t get a mention, then we’ll know the reason why, and all those claiming there is some pseudo-legal and legitimate reason that this isn’t splashed all over the front pages can dispense with their delusions.

    263. James Horace says:

      Thanks for the update Daisy.

      When do you expect the dam to burst? When will the media start going tonto with all this?

    264. Captain Yossarian says:

      @Daisy – I always assumed that there was some form of gagging order in place. George Galloway said as much on Tuesday.

      As you say, once they all decide to run a story, gagging orders will not mean a thing.

      The last time I can remember this happening was at the Westminster expenses scandal. The dam broke and within a day it was being printed in every newspaper from The Times to The Courier.

    265. ScottieDog says:

      “ I’m hoping the pro Indy bloggers, are keeping quiet at present in order to wait for The verdict for Craig, hopefully today.”
      That soon???

    266. robertknight says:


      If, and she is the First Minister after all, NS considers BawJaws’ visit to North Britain “non essential”, is it safe to assume that Police Scotland will take appropriate action upon his arrival and issue the appropriate penalty for breaching Covid regulations?

    267. holymacmoses says:

      We need an independence movement that has vision, coherence, credibility and….above all, leadership. I am beginning to like Cherry, but don’t know enough about her.

      As Alex Salmond found out to his cost, you don’t know anyone as a leader until they become one. However my instincts are that Ms Cherry has enough ‘self-confidence’ to be able to ask the best brains to challenge her thinking and set her right – much like I understand to have been the case with Mr Salmond. I also understand that Ms Sturgeon thrives on ‘self-belief’ and I’ve long considered any sort of religion, either external or internal, a dodgy rock to stand on

    268. James Horace says:

      I can’t help but notice there hasn’t been a blog post from Stu since Craig Murray pressed the nuclear button….

      I would put my hoose on Stu having typed up a goodie, and it being ready to go. This may be the biggest and most important Wings post he has ever made.

      I think it’s no surprise that Boris is in Scotland right now, and it would also be no surprise if the story broke with the press today. There is a huge opportunity for him to make political capital on this. All that is required is a wee signal from him to the MSM.

      I can just see him now, on a podium at some factory somewhere in Perthshire, pretending the news is new to him, and stronglyvdenouncing Sturgeon and her cabal with a big smirk on his face.

      Am I close Stu?

    269. Daisy Walker says:

      @James Horace, re when will the dam burst.

      For the media, none of them want to be the ones who have to pay the lawyers for the first disclosure, but if another paper does it first, they are free to follow on mass…. so your guess is as good as mine, but I suspect we really need the help of the press from another country to lay it all out.

      I have not been able to find a definitive answer to the question of parliamentary privilege operating in Holyrood?

      The Rev made reference to it existing when Kezia lied about him in Holyrood, so he could only pursue her slander via her other outlet.

      Today, will be extremely important in Holyrood, with or without parliamentary privilege, all the decent msps, from every party, need to tackle this.

      I expect the Baroness to concentrate of transgender bullying, NS to wax lyrical on same, snp members to pretend they’re not there and keep quiet, and everyone else to run the clock down on pish. But I’m prone to cynicism.

    270. Alan Mackintosh says:

      James Horace, how very prescient of you…

    271. James Horace says:

      I am the all seeing eye

    272. Captain Yossarian says:

      ‘Daisy – what if, say, 4No papers all print a story on the same day?

    273. Gregor says:

      As usual, BBC has its priorities straight:

      Nicola Sturgeon says transphobia in SNP ‘not acceptable’:

    274. Daisy Walker says:

      @ CAptqin, re them all publishing on the same day…

      That would require collusion, but also, someone would have had to obtain the legal advice re the consequences and paid the lawyer, they have shareholders to answer to if sued.

      Also, they’re in no hurray, it’s all simmering away nicely, and the longer it takes, the less time for the snp to get a new leader before May.

      If only we could have seen this coming…. oh, wait.

    275. Captain Yossarian says:

      @Daisy – I watched ‘All the President’s Men’ the other week. The Washington Post printed a small carefully worded article and were promptly threatened that if it went any further the US Gov would close down the ‘paper.

      They printed another article, then another, then another and finally 30 or 40 of the US Gov went to prison.

      It sets Alex up nicely for his appearance in front of the sweetie-wives of Holyrood on 8th, doesn’t it. What’s he going to say and what are they going to do?

    276. stonefree says:

      Swinney? I doubt he’ll go of his own volition, he’s managed to be within the core of the SNP since his before and after his failure as leader and the move to the right to me it seems obvious that his dislike towards AS fuels his liking of NS, and it’s reciprocated in Sturgeon’s backing him

      Sturgeon/Murrell I doubt that they will go of their own accord The best that people can hope for is that the Police/PF charge them over the Salmond case or Murray case (and others)
      I wonder if at that point, the people who seem to have been victims of their actions Launch (private)legal action against ALL involved
      I think this is going to carry on for years

      PS the looking down in the clip was a trick originally by by Mussolini,(so I was told)to make him look taller and superior, prior to that he stood on a balcony

    277. TNS2019 says:

      The difficulty faced by Craig Murray, the Rangers administrators, and myself is that our arguments imply that very serious corruption has taken place and that those in power have acted unlawfully.
      The first response is often, “This is just a conspiracy theory” and the sentiment is that people would just not behave in that way.
      But remember the Lord Denning ruling in one of the appeals made by the Birmingham Six:
      n 1980, during an appeal by the Birmingham Six (who were later acquitted), Denning judged that the men should be stopped from challenging legal decisions. He listed several reasons for not allowing their appeal:

      “Just consider the course of events if their action were to proceed to trial … If the six men failed it would mean that much time and money and worry would have been expended by many people to no good purpose. If they won, it would mean that the police were guilty of perjury; that they were guilty of violence and threats; that the confessions were involuntary and improperly admitted in evidence; and that the convictions were erroneous. … That was such an appalling vista that every sensible person would say, “It cannot be right that these actions should go any further.”

      They were, of course, innocent.
      Denning was hampered by a belief system that would not entertain the idea that the police could be corrupt.

      What Craig has done is to state very clearly that the current government is fundamentally corrupt (and I am keen to separate government from the SNP as a whole).

      Once we grasp that, then anything is possible.

      At present, Scotland is ‘unsafe’ as a nation state.

      Someone needs to act quite quickly.

    278. sharon says:

      I’m going to my next meeting or appointment with my hair down, high heels, make up and sweet feminine perfume and I will claim to be male. With a straight face.

    279. Christian Schmidt says:

      “If every Wings reader voted for the ISP, hypothetically, I reckon they’d get around a dozen seats. Assuming a roughly even geographic split.”

      Lol. One of the consequences of Wings being essential reading on Scottish politics is surely that it is read by many people who do not agree with it…

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