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The poison within

Posted on November 30, 2020 by

SNP MP Joanna Cherry posted a series of tweets this morning.

She hasn’t asked us to, but they deserve some amplifying.

Cherry did indeed appeal last year to Alyn Smith to do something about the abuse being directed at her by people close to him. His response was to show her email to his repellent young boyfriend and let him gloat and jeer about it on Twitter this morning, with some extra abuse thrown in.

Smith IS sometimes willing to condemn abuse, though, as long as it’s of men. Last year, for example, he sprang swiftly to the defence of homophobic Tory MP Stephen Kerr after someone tweeted some extremely mild criticism of him.

When Nicola Sturgeon was asked directly to condemn the abuse of Cherry on Good Morning Scotland earlier today (from 2h 55m 20s) – having recently leapt to the aid of controversial transactivist SNP NEC member Rhiannon Spear over totally imaginary abuse – she initially attempted to deny any knowledge of the two-year hate campaign, then rapidly tried to make it all about herself, before eventually, grudgingly making a woolly general condemnation of all abuse.

Wings covered the defamatory and abusive letter from a group of trans activists to which Cherry was referring on Friday night. The bravely anonymous authors removed the paragraph about her and others at the weekend, with ill grace and under threat of legal action, but the letter and list of signatories remains online, although no new names have been added in almost two days as large numbers of prominent and vocal TRAs suddenly got cold feet at the thought of being added to a lawsuit.

Those who had signed the letter while it still contained the defamatory abusive passages about Joanna Cherry include numerous SNP officeholders, Yes movement figures and representatives of “civic Scotland” who are either funded by or otherwise close to the Scottish Government. Below is by no means a complete or comprehensive list, it’s just the names that really jumped out at us.

Mhairi Hunter, SNP councillor and Nicola Sturgeon’s election agent.

Patrick Harvie MSP, Scottish Green Party leader.

Alex Cole-Hamilton, Liberal Democrat MSP.

Cllr Graham Campbell, SNP NEC member and partner of Anne McLaughlin MP.

Rob McDowall, chair of Welfare Scotland

Mridul Wadhwa, male, approved SNP candidate.

“Steph/en” Paton, columnist for The National.

Vonny Laing-LeClerc, columnist for The National.

Cllr Gregor Murray, former SNP (now independent) councillor found guilty of a campaign of misogynist abuse.

Emma Cuthbertson, male former SNP (now Scottish Greens) officeholder.

Tristan Gray, Scottish Greens officeholder.

Heather Herbert, male, Scottish Labour candidate.

Janey Godley, anti-abuse comedian and prominent Yes activist.

Blair Anderson, Scottish Greens candidate.

Josh Aaron-Mennie, SNP NEC member and OFI convener.

Teddy Hope, OFI trans officer and pathological attention-seeker.

Sarah Cheung, OFI officeholder and supposed lesbian advocate.

Jeroen van Leeuwen, Scottish Greens candidate.

Iona Paton, former SNP staffer who last year made false allegations of bullying against Joanna Cherry in an attempt to have her expelled from the party and deselected as an MP.

Claire Miller, Scottish Greens councillor.

Mary Campbell, Scottish Greens councillor.

Eva Murray, Scottish Labour councillor.

Jon Molyneux, Scottish Greens councillor.

Fiona Robertson, SNP Equalities Convener.

Emma Roddick, SNP counciller and OFI officeholder.

Dylan MacAodha, SNP, YSI and OFI officeholder.

Leeze Lawrence, male, OFI member and serial misogynist abuser.

Gavin Lundy, SNP activist and former YSI convener.

Michael Gibbons, SNP activist and former SNP Students convener.

Cailyn McMahon, YSI convener.

Jordan Daly, SNP NEC candidate and founder of TIE.

Guy Ingerson, Scottish Greens candidate.

Fatima Joji, SNP staffer and chair of Aberdeen Independence Movement.

Carolynn Scrimgeour, Scottish Greens candidate.

Jeremie Fernandes, SNP NEC candidate.

We could go on, but you get the flavour. All of these people were happy to sign their names to an abusive, defamatory, intimidatory letter attacking a lesbian SNP MP (even though the vast majority of them are LGBT themselves) and demanding that all forms of opposition to transgender ideology be deemed a hate crime.

Although many are SNP members and the party constitution expressly forbids public attacks of this nature on other members, Nicola Sturgeon hasn’t condemned a single one of them, far less taken action, despite being given numerous opportunities. We call on her to do so, knowing with complete certainty that she will not.

She won’t because she leads a party, and indeed a wider Yes movement, that’s riddled with a virus far more toxic than COVID-19. Its numbers are small but its influence is great, because it is tacitly endorsed by the party leadership, and – as we see above – often openly endorsed by that leadership’s loyalists.

It’s a violent, intolerant, misogynist creed, and a time is coming soon when those still standing on the sidelines of this life-or-death struggle for the soul of the SNP and the Yes movement bleating “Oh, just wheesht for indy!” are going to have to pick a side.

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168 to “The poison within”

  1. Brotyboy says:

    Picked my side on Saturday when I voted.

  2. David Holden says:

    I see Daddy’s boy toy has locked his twitter account again. I will miss his take on life.

  3. newburghgowfer says:

    Why does she want to be in a Party full of sh*ts and 1 that’s isn’t going for a Indy vote if that is your own Party members stabbing you in the back.
    They haven’t got a cat in hells chance of getting a majority or is it the game plan to lose the majority so they don’t call a referendum?

  4. robertknight says:

    Off to join the ISP.

    You hear that Sturgeon, and your collection of bottom feeders?


  5. Molly's Mum says:

    This is an amazing and in-yer-face way to show the low-lifes who signed this letter – good on yer Rev

    As I said to my other half, normally on the last day of SNP conference, I’d be waiting in anticipation for Nicola’s speech to find out which way we’re headed

    Today I’m waiting for 4pm to find out who is on the NEC to decide whether it’s worth hanging on to my membership card – if the Alyn Smith Bonzo Bear Wokie Doo-Dah Band are there in force, I’m out

  6. Donald says:

    What a freak show.

  7. Daisy Walker says:


    It was good of them to put their names to a list so we could see them standing together, all in the one place, on a bonkers and defamatory petition.

    Lovely people. Very principled.

    Well done you, for doing this article. And standing up for Joanna Cherry.

    No doubt it will be a red flag to a bull. I think today is going to be a water shed day for the SNP depending on the NEC results.

    And since leopards do not change their spots, and it is those who count the votes who count…. I think sweeping brooms and wheels going back on buses are actions unlikely to happen.

  8. red sunset says:

    “We could go on,”

    Yes please, name and shame those who bully.

  9. Shiregirl says:

    This is so wrong. We stand with Joanna.

  10. susanXX says:

    Truly disgusting. Their idea of Scotland is not one I would want to live in. Go for the jugular Joanna!

  11. Nell G says:

    Unfortunately Joanna, like Alex is a threat to the Union so will constantly be under attack. Anyone who thinks that these attacks being driven from within the SNP have nothing to do with preserving the Union and are all to do with Trans rights needs to take a step back and do some analysis.

    It all comes back to Sturgeon, Smith and their ilk. The enemy within.

    Quite frankly I’ve had it with these bar stewards and it’s high time we went on the offensive. It looks like a new party will be the only option.

  12. newburghgowfer says:

    Robertknight I agree totally.

  13. Cringe says:

    Nicola Sturgeon was also on BBC breakfast TV this morning, just caught the end but she seemed to be repeating the same vague script about “illegal” referendums etc.

  14. Iona Paton says:

    Hi Wings.

    Thanks for the inclusion but you should know the bullying allegations were made against Cherry’s chief of staff, not Cherry herself.

    5 staff members complained but don’t let facts get in the way of your rhetoric!!!

  15. Livionian says:

    The fact that Jordon, a man (as opposed to a woman pretending to be a man) is abusing Joanna (an actual woman) and trying to lecture us on the idea that we should let men who pretend to be woman into actual woman’s safe spaces summaries this entire issue and what is so wrong with it in a nutshell.

    How badly we need a Jo Cherry in our government. How impossible the chances of that happening are.

  16. Cenchos says:

    The pseudo-wokes display the kind of exaggerated aggressiveness displayed only by those who do not believe in their own alleged cause, and who disguise that lack of belief with zealous virtue. They are worried only that their fellow-travellers might organise a knock on their door at 3.30am if they don’t keep up the act.

  17. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Thanks for the inclusion but you should know the bullying allegations were made against Cherry’s chief of staff, not Cherry herself.

    5 staff members complained but don’t let facts get in the way of your rhetoric!!!”

    From the National’s report:

    “One of the SNP’s most high-profile MPs of recent years, Joanna Cherry QC, has been cleared of allegations of bullying and condoning bullying by a member of her staff.”

    And from the Scotsman, attributed to, er, you:

    “At the weekend she was accused of bullying, with a former employee, Iona Paton, telling a Sunday newspaper she felt forced to speak out when Ms Cherry spoke of the abuse she’d received.
    “I couldn’t stay silent any more when she started saying she was the victim of online bullying when she knew she was dealing with these complaints of bullying against her and [office manager] Fraser Thompson,””

    Perhaps you were lying?

    I note with considerable interest, incidentally, that you don’t dispute the allegations were false. Maybe you were just too busy typing all those exclamation marks.

  18. Muscleguy says:


    May welcomes to the party! Which region are you in?

  19. Astonished says:

    I agree we must rid ourselves of the wokeratti.

    Hopefully a move in the right direction will be done by today.

    It is simple if they stay – I go.

  20. P says:

    This rogues gallery of political hopefuls supposedly representing Scotland’s best interests gives me the shits.

  21. Fed up Member says:

    Iam glad I was a delegate, with a ranking list, a good clear out of the NEC is overdue.

  22. Jim G says:

    An excellent article in support of Ms Cherry and demonstrating clearly the fatal malaise at the heart of the SNP. Like many others I don’t believe in independence at any cost, which now is woke and trans bullying of women and anyone who disagrees with them. Free speech is anathema to them. I’ve voted SNP in all kinds of elections since 1970.This is not the leadership or the party I want too see attain independence for Scotland.

  23. willie says:

    Daddy his toy boy and the cult of Trans.

    Quite who these people represent I do not know but their attempts to impose their micro minority views on ordinary people is just absolutely repulsive.

    I’ve read some of the Trans lobby’s demands and they believe they are fighting a war. are entitled to a much free reconstructive surgery such as mastectomy, breast creation, genital removal, lipo-suction, vocal chord adjustment, vaginal creation, hormonal treatment as they desire.

    They also believe that Trans ideology should be taught to children from nursery age up.

    Well here’s democracy – get them to fuck. Let them fuck off to some other country that will fund them, allow them to spend all their focus on trans issues. For the rest of us we will try and get on with our lives, working to make a living, bringing up families, contributing to a fair and inclusive society not harried by a micro minority freak show.

    As for Alyn Smith. Doesn’t he just come across as the freeloading political lush. And with his vitriolic attacks on ordinary mainstream SNP supporters isn’t it time we got rid of people like him and his ilk.

    The SNP was once a broad church united for independence looking to create a healthy, wealthy and inclusive Scotland. Let us get that back and let us remove the bitter cancer that poisons the body politic.

    Woke begone. Let common sense, common purpose prevail.

  24. Colin Alexander says:

    I am glad I am no longer a member of the SNP.
    I won’t be voting for them either.

    I hope the Tories follow through and shut down the pretend parliament.

  25. ronnie anderson says:

    Go for the Thrapple JOANNA except no apologies Drag the Bastwards through the courts leave them nickerless & wigless

  26. Neily Boy says:

    The general public have no idea that any of thias is going on under the surface and would be appalled if they ever found out. The problem is, the media are too busy tucking into Nicola’s succulent lamb and will not give it any prominence.

  27. Kenny says:

    Any positivity from all of this drawn out and made public saga is that we now see, very clearly, the many villains and enemies of Scottish Independence. Thanks to that hateful, but ultimately dopey letter, we’re further informed of who not to trust.

    And isn’t it of no great surprise that Mrs Murrell has no intention of speaking out against her confederates in this case? Ah, but the minute she stops defending them – and the others she’s defending – that’s when they’ll turn on her, exposing her role in the Salmond crime, tearing her to shreds.


    Thank goodness we have a strong individual who’ll not put-up with the nonsense others are being subjected to. Wouldn’t Joanna Cherry make a sensational leader for Scotland?

  28. Socrates MacSporran says:

    How I long for the good old days of: Do what you like, but, never do it in front of the servants and don’t scare the horses.

    Letting all those lower-class former Labour Party people into the Party, it’s been downhill ever since.

  29. Iona Paton says:

    I’ve no reason to lie Wings, in fact speaking out against the horrendous behaviour of Fraser Thompson had a detrimental affect on me and my career. I got nothing from doing so other than peace of mind that I’d done what was right.

    But again, whatever suits your rhetoric.

  30. David says:

    Got this text GOV.SCOT
    The Scottish Government will never ask you for sensitive personal information or your banking details .
    If you receive a suspicious text message you can report it by calling Police Scotland on 101.
    I am asking please pass this on.

  31. Richard Bruce says:

    It’s really a very shocking display by so called fellow travellers in the Yes movement. That letter was the final straw for me. We have to remove this cancerous growth from the Independence movement. Well said Stuart.

  32. David Rodgers says:

    Nicola Sturgeon is the real leader of the woke faction in the SNP.

  33. A Person says:

    I think it’s very telling that the vast majority of these people emphasise their enthusiasm for trans issues over their support for independence or indeed any cause that would interest most Scottish people.

  34. Sharny Dubs says:

    What a shower! Quite shocking when you see them all together like that, what happened!? Jez.

    I feel for Johanna, to be betrayed by the very party you are supposed to get support from!

    Anything we can do to support should be done.

    Thanks Stu and Johanna. We all owe you both a debt.

  35. stonefree says:

    Ms.Cherry neither warrants or deserves this constant abuse, from the trash.
    She does an exemplary job.
    Sturgeon could stop this instantly, seriously instantly
    Of course I am possibly not alone in thinking Sturgeon is the primary in this.
    Clearly Smith appears to be the major protagonist
    Where and when are SNP MPs and MSPs, getting off their erses and getting the “Trash Telt”?
    No pissing about Telt
    The SNP need an enema,
    They need to have a good look at what kind of human beings they actually are ,if indeed they are !!!
    While the major player in this shite is the SNP,
    The Greens should be showing their culprits the door,
    as does the other Parties
    I’d start with Smith and the SYT

  36. John says:

    “Muscleguy says:
    30 November, 2020 at 1:30 pm

    May welcomes to the party! Which region are you in?”

    Great to see others joining ISP.

  37. Goggs says:

    I’m with Colin Alexander. Enough of this pish!

  38. David Rodgers says:

    In her reply Iona has completely evaded Stuart’s question. From long experience of political discourse when that happens it means they’ve lost the argument.

  39. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @ronnie anderson (1.46) –

    ‘Nickerless & Wigless’ supported ‘The Fur Coats’ at Barrowlands in 1991.

  40. Rebecca Hislop says:

    It’s absolutely appalling that this is not being called out.In fact by their silence those at the top of the party are condoning it.

  41. Josef Ó Luain says:

    I suppose it was only a matter-of-time before such perverse and unworldly elements would congeal into a joined-up, self referring scab. Infiltration of political parties is nothing new, of course, what’s new on this occasion is that the SNP’s leadership seem unable or unwilling to call the infiltrators out.

  42. Stuart MacKay says:

    Here is one account about the bullying by Fraser Thompson,

    Judge for yourself.

  43. Gav says:

    Iona Paton says:
    30 November, 2020 at 1:50 pm
    I’ve no reason to lie Wings, in fact speaking out against the horrendous behaviour of Fraser Thompson had a detrimental affect on me and my career. I got nothing from doing so other than peace of mind that I’d done what was right.

    But again, whatever suits your rhetoric.

    These can’t both be true Iona. Which one is it?

    “At the weekend she was accused of bullying, with a former employee, Iona Paton, telling a Sunday newspaper she felt forced to speak out when Ms Cherry spoke of the abuse she’d received.
    “I couldn’t stay silent any more when she started saying she was the victim of online bullying when she knew she was dealing with these complaints of bullying against her and [office manager] Fraser Thompson,””

    Iona Paton says:
    30 November, 2020 at 1:24 pm
    Hi Wings.

    Thanks for the inclusion but you should know the bullying allegations were made against Cherry’s chief of staff, not Cherry herself.

    5 staff members complained but don’t let facts get in the way of your rhetoric!!!

  44. David Ferguson says:

    Rev. Stuart Campbell says:
    30 November, 2020 at 1:29 pm

    Nice one Rev. Presumably Iona has now scuttled off back to her usual haunts, where being a stupid vindictive lying c*nt are grounds for advancement to high positions of power and influence…

  45. ronnie anderson says:

    FFS Community Wind Power Rob Fryer with a back ground framed flag of the Saltire & Union flag at a SNP conference FUCK RITE OFF

  46. dramfineday says:

    Nicola Sturgeon’s “I know nothing Guv” is a shocker but hardly surprising. She simply wants rid of Joanna while maintaining distance to reinforce her “I know nothing – I’m from Glasgow Southside” approach.

    If Joanna goes as a result of this shit show then cue much pseudo angst from Nicola whilst guffawing behind her hand – threat gone.

    Now, if as she claims she knows nothing of these incidents, I would have presumed that, as a decent human being, she would have been on the phone straight after that interview to make an appointment with Joanna to bottom this garbage while offering some words of support. Yes? Or am I being naïve – again?

    That SNP officers / officials engaged in this pile on grinds my bloody gears. If Joanna goes after this motley crew, I for one will be happy to open the wallet. Others have had had my support in the past, she can have it too.

  47. Alison says:

    Pretty sure the reason most of these people are so attracted to politics & its hinterland is because no other workplace would put up with their antics. They’d be out on their ear for bullying, harassment and/or bringing the organisation into disrepute. I chose my side about a year ago when I left the SNP, nothing I’ve seen since is making me regret my decision.

  48. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “I’ve no reason to lie Wings, in fact speaking out against the horrendous behaviour of Fraser Thompson had a detrimental affect on me and my career. I got nothing from doing so other than peace of mind that I’d done what was right.”

    Then why are you trying to pretend that Joanna Cherry wasn’t subject to allegations of bullying, when the person quoted by the newspapers directly and unambiguously saying that she was was you?

  49. Malcolm John says:

    Joanna Cherry blocked me. Makes me sad.

    Good work as always Stuart but its getting quite depressing reading your stuff the last year or two.

  50. Johnny Yen says:

    Oi, Stuart. You’re a fucking biogted scumsucking leech. Stay in Bath. You’re no longer welcome home north of the border. Transphobic snake cunt

  51. James Che. says:

    A personal story.
    Bullies and people whom intimidate others obviously should not be in any power position, as their status is a possible vehicle for abuse of power, they should be removed,
    No matter what the vehicle of power is that they use.
    As it leaves so many more thousands , more vulnerable, including children,
    I was the victim of bullying when I was young, I used to get physically hit maybe three or four times a day for not paying attention with a cane or a leather strap, I had to endure most days with the teachers face inches from mine as she screamed and ranted at me, spitting in my face, for five years,
    I had become three quarter deaf early on in life, this was someone in a position of power as she
    was the sole teacher in our small school.
    A five year old does not have the ability to cope with this violation of human rights, and I started playing truant, my parents were threatened with the law for my missing school, not one of the education authorities took me seriously.
    So I had to go back to school and endure this for many more years.
    At eleven years old I could hardly read as I didn’t know my alphabet, and I couldn’t do maths.
    This all changed as I approached twelve,
    The teacher struck me from behind hitting my ear and shoulder,
    And something within me snapped,
    I snatched the cane from her and hit her with it, again and again, shouting and screaming “ How do you like it” she fell to the floor and my sanity came back, not because she got the better of me or got the cane back,
    But due to the deafening silence of all my other class mates.
    I was expelled from primary school. Uneducated in my ABCs or basic maths.
    In Secondary school I was stood in the corner, as I could not keep up or given a price of paper to sit and draw with while the class was taught,
    I learned to read and write from a dictionary, self taught, I became quite good at art, and eventually became a cartoonist with two local papers.
    The point of this real life story,
    Never ever let verbal or physical abuse from bullies deter you from your right to free speech, your right to be a man or woman or child for all people to be equal, not just for the woke people,
    Their rights are no more above the average person on the street or in the home,
    And in my eyes, a bully is a bully, no matter what category they fit themselves into in life, they are still bullies,
    Wokery has that definition to it.


  52. Intractable Potsherd says:

    @robertknight: Welcome – we’re glad to have you! I hope you’ll find us to be the party you’re looking for.

    Anyone else want to come aboard?

  53. Vivian O'Blivion says:

    Thought I could hold my nose and vote Green for the lists. This has changed my mind. Joined the ISP this afternoon.

  54. Abalha says:

    In response to Stuart MacKay, thanks for posting that Herald article.

    Eh Ian McCann is not the lawyer it’s bloody Scott Martin, how odd.

    In that article it says;”Paton said: “I’m frustrated with the process, the fact it has taken so long and I’m not expecting anything at all to come out of it.

    “SNP HQ are aware of it; we even spoke to the SNP’s lawyer Ian McCann about it. I wrote to Nicola Sturgeon as I was so concerned, but she basically said she couldn’t do anything. She did say she would ensure the issue was handled swiftly, but clearly it hasn’t been and I was dismissed two months after I contacted her”

  55. Tannadice Boy says:

    I am viewing these events more and more through a Machiavellian lens. Any potential leader has had similar treatment albeit using different methods. Rather than give a high profile case let’s look at an innocuous example to illustrate. Keith Brown started to cut traction as a potential leader amongst Indy folk. Punted and has lost momentum since. MPs in WM where most of the talent lies, barred by procedural means. Cherry is a potential leader hence the lack of support from Sturgeon. Don’t ask me about this TERF nonsense it’s an anathema to me. Scotland is a ‘socially conservative’ country. So these developments are vote losers when the ordinary public become aware of them.

  56. Iona Paton says:

    I’m sure you know how the press work, Wings, I didn’t have control over what was printed about me.

    I’m not saying there aren’t allegations against Cherry, as far as I know there are a few but as I said I complained about FT.

  57. MorvenM says:

    When someone on Twitter reported Nicola saying, “I don’t know what she’s talking about”, my first thought was it must be misquoting or paraphrasing.

    But, no. Just brazen lying from Nicola.

    I don’t know why I’m shocked any more.

  58. orri says:

    The thing about all this is there’s at least one MP who has claimed his name was added without his knowledge and the very letter itself has been changed after having been signed.

    Neither of those two things raises the authority of that letter above the gutter it began in.

  59. Giesabrek says:

    Disgraceful abuse of Joanna Cherry and even worse ignoring of it.

    I’m also a bit uncomfortable with a lot of SNP and pro-indy folk holding her up to be the SNP and the independence movement’s great saviour against Nicola Sturgeon. Have we not been burned once before with adoration of a certain prominent figure in the SNP? Learn the lesson, don’t trust ANY of them and watch them ALL like a hawk all the time.

    The fact that Sturgeon and other senior members haven’t condemned and stamped out this abuse of Ms. Cherry tells you all you need to know about the Sturgeon National Party.

  60. Struan Born says:

    I’ve picked my side. I unsubscribed from the National last night. I also can no longer call myself an snp supporter & while the leadership is flawed I won’t be voting for them. I’ll vote yes in an independence referendum though I won’t endorse the party to my family & friends. What an absolute disgrace the party has become I’m now of the firm belief it’s gone.

  61. Hatuey says:

    lol @ “I hope the Tories follow through and shut down the pretend parliament.”

    I’m in agreement. Ironically, we’d probably have a better chance of realising independence if they did. And I’d rather we dealt with “the man” directly than a bunch of self-serving buffers in between.

    Only in Scotland could a bunch of unemployable morons go on a power trip without any actual power.

  62. Bob Mack says:

    Joanna should have sued the bloody lot of them. I would have given cash towards that.

    I think my next move after today’s results for party positions is to look at them closely . If any of the above are placed in any kind of position of influence, I will join the ISP today.

    As for Ms Cherry. She’s a fighter. I like that very much.

    Stay positive Joanna.

  63. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “When someone on Twitter reported Nicola saying, “I don’t know what she’s talking about”, my first thought was it must be misquoting or paraphrasing.

    But, no. Just brazen lying from Nicola.

    I don’t know why I’m shocked any more.”

    The really impressive bit was when she insisted that Section 30 had never been challenged in court…

  64. Daisy Walker says:

    ‘Iona Paton says:
    30 November, 2020 at 2:36 pm
    I’m sure you know how the press work, Wings, I didn’t have control over what was printed about me.

    I’m not saying there aren’t allegations against Cherry, as far as I know there are a few but as I said I complained about FT.’

    Dear Iona,

    Did you provide your information to the press in written form – if so did you keep a copy?

    Or did you record (so easy to do these days on a mobile) any interview you gave to the press – such a wise thing to do, and quite a common one, and entirely the kind of thing someone working in a Politician’s staff office would be expected to know about. If so, did you keep a copy.

    And lastly did you report this ‘mis-reporting’ of allegations to the Press Complaints Commission – given it had the potential to have you front and foremost in the firing line for legal actions and employment disciplinary actions? Obviously you’ll have a record of that complaint if made.

    Now, its a fair comment that you might not have any legal savvy about you, but the press, most certainly do, and they had already seen JC take one publisher to court… so, what are the chances that they ‘added arms and legs’ to your information to include JC, without having it covered legally, by a direct quote from a source. Perhaps when you gave them your information, they recorded it – quite standard procedures for reporters to do so. You even see them do it in the movies.

    Oh and one last thing, when providing this information/complaint (in whatever form it was) to the press, did you receive any form of payment or reward in any way? Sorry to be so suspicious, but you know, did you?

  65. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “I’m sure you know how the press work, Wings, I didn’t have control over what was printed about me.”

    Just for clarity – you’re saying they made up that quote from you?

    Reminder of what you said here:

    “Thanks for the inclusion but you should know the bullying allegations were made against Cherry’s chief of staff, not Cherry herself.

    5 staff members complained but don’t let facts get in the way of your rhetoric!!!”

    Nothing there about what YOU alleged – you came on here and said five people made allegations and they were NOT against Joanna Cherry herself. But in the paper you’re quoted as saying the allegations WERE against her as well as Thompson. Which is it?

  66. Karmanaut says:

    I feel so sorry for Joanna caught up in this bin-fire of inner-party nastiness. It is beyond disgusting that messages from a victim of abuse sent privately to Alyn Smith – someone who is supposed to be in the position of “rooting out” online trolls – have ended up being broadcast like this. He should be expelled from the party immediately and pressured to resign. And he’s not the only one. What a total and utter disgrace.

    Now waiting on the results of the NEC vote.

  67. WeeCrabbitBas says:

    Let’s just HOPE we get the fuck out of the Mos Eisley Cantina alive today.

  68. Bob Mack says:

    Are any of these numbnuts still writing for the National?

    If they are my subscription is over.

  69. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Good work as always Stuart but its getting quite depressing reading your stuff the last year or two.”

    How do you think it feels having to fucking write it? This isn’t what I signed up for 🙁

  70. Linda McFarlane says:

    I’m 62 and fought for all of my rights, Equality, Maternity, Work based rights, as well as Gay rights. Joanna Cherry is fighting for me so I can keep these rights. I will fight with her, and against anyone who tries to take them away from me.

  71. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Oi, Stuart. You’re a fucking biogted scumsucking leech. Stay in Bath. You’re no longer welcome home north of the border. Transphobic snake cunt”

    “Transphobic Snake Cunt” would be a great Nick Cave track. But lovely to hear from you, person ironically named after a “god of sexual frustration”!

    PS Bit snakephobic.

  72. Mac says:

    None of these odious characters above would even be relevant were it not for Sturgeon. She is the great enabler of all of this. This crowd of misfits and malcontents is her private army of crybullies within the SNP doing all the dirty work on her behalf. They are utterly vile in the way they conduct themselves and act with no fear of punishment. They know they are protected at the top.

    Sturgeon is also the great enabler for the weaponization of the civil service against a former FM plus much, much more. The behaviour by Evans is truly wild for a civil servant. This can only have happened with Sturgeon’s strong encouragement. At every point Evans has been exposed Sturgeon has backed her.

    Everyone around NS a nasty viscous back stabbing ratbag of the highest order, truly horrible fuckers.

    Look at the people she runs to defend and those she leaves out to dry.

    How anyone can be in any doubt about Sturgeon at this point is truly amazing.

    Sturgeon is a horrible and dangerous individual (just ask AS) and we are seeing the truly appalling nature of how she operates now. It is shocking.

    I suspect this is why Sturgeon is so wooden and lacking charisma, she is just acting. And as the pressure builds the act is wearing very thin.

  73. Clapper57 says:

    Bit rich of Alyn Smith to reprimand someone on twitter for their response to Stephen Kerr the ex Tory MP and request they ” calm down”. Stephen Kerr the Tory MP who one Cameron Archibald an Alyn ‘Daddy’ Smith uber fan stated is a homophobe.

    When Jordan Henderson, who I believe is now the ex partner of Alyn Smith, was….when still Smith’s partner….abusive to Joan McAlpine earlier this year and called her a ” Top rate arse*ole” and told her to “F*ck off”… that warranted far more than a ” Calm Down” .

    Does the Hate Crime bill have a section for those exempted dependent on whose side of the argument they are on. The turn a blind eye section.

    The one rule for them and another for everybody else in relation to abuse is so glaringly and embarrassingly obvious I am surprised that there are still those who support the SNP stating it is unimportant because….independence.

    Desperately Seeking independence does not equate to just ignoring the current sh*tfest of wonky wokes that are infiltrating and polluting the party, which I was once a member of, in order to simply placate a few men driven by pure self interest and a fantasy existence, by simply stating they self ID as a woman and thus assume this gives them rights over their fellow men to access places that compromise the safety of biological women aka real women. And in doing so also think it is acceptable to abuse women….makes you wonder why do they so desperately want to be identified as a woman when they obviously have so little respect and consideration for those of us who ARE actually women by birth. In this context imitation is obviously NOT the sincerest form of flattery.

    If we, who support independence, willingly condone and accept this insane situation and ignore the verbal and sometimes physical abuse to women and the loss of our hard earned rights as women to be in women only safe spaces then we are no better than those whom we condemn as hypocrites in other political parties. Two wrongs don’t make a right. If we call out other political parties for promoting and implementing bad policies, supporting people who seek to undermine and diminish the rights of sections of society then we also need to be brave, fair and honest enough to do the same when the party we support does it too or STFU. Gaining independence to try and achieve a fairer society within Scotland for everyone should not be used as an empty slogan it should be what we strive to achieve or else why bother. That does not mean actively promoting the self serving interests of some while openly destroying, denying and diminishing the interests of others.

    I left the SNP as a member this year but somehow I think that it kinda feels more as if they left me…..a bit like Labour is it not….complacent and too confident that the votes are in the bag…..votes probably are there for next year… but like Labour…the votes are not necessarily sustainable forever if they continue down the road they way they currently going.

    Do I want to be a member of a party I cannot be critical of ?

    Do I want to support a party that stands up for those who seek to undermine my opinions and rights as a woman ?

    Do I want to vote with unquestioning obedience for a party who seeks to implement policies and bills I am against and I view as detrimental to me ?

    Who was it who moved the goalpost away from Independence ?


    Who was it who allowed this to happen ?

    If they come for Joanna Cherry then they are also coming for women like me and that means they lose my vote…simples.

  74. James Che. says:

    The Scottish nation of people can choose whom governs them anytime they like by just about any method they choose, there are no stipulations on time or method.
    It does not say we have to wait for an election, it does not say we have to wait for Brexit and it does not say we have to wait due to covid. It does not say we have to choose anyone from the devolved parliament
    We’re just waiting for the rest of Scotland to cotton on.

  75. Cindi says:

    Jeremie Fernandes is the secretary of Moray SNP. Clearly unfit for office and they should sack him before someone tells the press what he’s been up to.

  76. mogabee says:

    Johnny Yen

    Don’t appreciate that you think you speak for anyone but yourself, mate…

  77. Giesabrek says:

    When are the NEC results announced?

  78. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @James Che (2.29) –

    More power to ye.


  79. Republicofscotland says:

    I blame Sturgeon for letting this mess get out of hand, she could’ve prevented this but no, she hasn’t helped one little bit, and as a consequence the SNP party created to bring independence to Scotland is in a right old state.

    Sturgeon is afraid of Cherry, afraid that she’ll challenge her for the leadership of the party, and also that she’ll deliver independence, that’s why she had the NEC concoct the outrageous new rules to thwart her.

    Since Sturgeon has taken over from Salmond as SNP leader the party has taken a nosedive especially on the independence front, as for Daddy Bear, I’d hope come the next GE the good people of Stirling will reject that arsehole and kick him out on his ear, the same applies to Southside councillor Hunter when she next stands for reelection.

    As for Cole-Hamilton and Patrick Harvie, I hope both are booted out come next May.I certainly won’t be giving my vote (as an option) to the pathetic Greens.

  80. Bob Mack says:

    The internal had guys in the SNP are ,indeed have become ,the party of the Lotus Eaters. Induced apathy about freedoms and rights being removed by stealth, the greatest of which is Independence.

    Waken up everybody.

    They are self seeking narcissists

  81. Breastplate says:

    Why is it that the threat of violence seems to go hand in hand with men pretending that they are women, is it because they are men pretending to be women and all the testosterone that comes with it?
    “I’m Brian and I’m a woman and I will break your neck if you don’t fucking believe me”.

  82. mogabee says:

    Iona Paton

    Basically you signed a document that contained lies and defamatory statements.

    Not a good look at all.

  83. Ian says:

    Saw this flagged elsewhere – ‘The Treasurer of the SNP Colin Beattie confirmed the Party Membership paid for Alyn Smith’s payout for his defamation of the Brexit Party’.

    Haven’t see it anywhere on google.

  84. Iona Paton says:

    There were allegations against her, as the paper’s lawyers confirmed.

    I was completely naive when dealing with the press, I admit and it’s not something I’d be keen to repeat but most of what was quoted was taken from my Twitter account and I had very little control over it.

    You say I complained to try and have Joanna deselected which is untrue. Joanna was someone I greatly admired, I complained about the behaviour of her chief of staff because it was completely inappropriate and went against everything the SNP Is supposed to stand for in terms of fairness and equality.

    If that makes me ‘scum’ in your eyes, so be it.

  85. dramfineday says:

    James Che at 2.29 Thank you James, it took courage to overcome that lot AND to tell us. Fistbump.

  86. Republicofscotland says:


    Sounds like bitterness on your behalf, probably because you were dismissed by Cherry, not up to the job I take it.

  87. Sylvia says:

    Headlines in the Times today “Foreign interference undermining SNP, conference told”.

    @joannaccherry posted this reply

    @AllParty_Trans state “WE AUTHORED THE OPEN LETTER”.

    They are following 31 people on Twitter.

    This is the order they followed -The SNP was the 1st they followed, 2nd Joe Biden, 7th Kamala Harris and 13th Sarah McBride. Sarah McBride is “The incoming Delaware state senator, who is the first trans woman elected to a legislature’s upper chamber in US history”. McBride was a campaign staffer for Biden’s son and ” In 2012, McBride interned at The White House, becoming the first openly transgender woman to work there in any capacity”

    @JoeBiden – @STVNews
    @JaneyGodley @KamalaHarris @Edinburgh_CC @DavidPaisley @MhairiHunter @robmcd85 Since 8.30pm on Sat night @ScottishTrans @SarahEMcBride @valmcdermid @JolyonMaugham @tiecampaign @MonicaLennon7 @PinkSaltire @mimmymum @LGBTYS @innesmck @JNaplesCampbell @LGBTQISubUse @junodawson @ChristinaSNP @monaeltahawy @sxscotland

    Do you remember this?
    “SNP foreign affairs spokesperson MP Alyn Smith this week made the trip to Washington DC where he has been involved in a series of meetings on Brexit, Scotland, trade and Chinese tech firm Huawei”. However when I checked the Government website –

    PURPOSE OF VISIT – To participate in the donor’s Defeating DISINFORMATION workshop.

    Name of donor: Woodrow Wilson International Centre for Scholars
    Address of donor: 1300 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20004, United States

    Estimate of the probable value (or amount of any donation): Return economy flight £826; hotel accommodation for six nights (£171 per night) £1,026; total value £1,852
    Destination of visit: Washington DC, USA
    Dates of visit: 3-9 February 2020

    The same applies to Stewart McDonald.

    On the subject of DISINFORMATION, do you remember the Institute of Statecraft/Integrity Initiative, the aim was to combat and raise awareness about DISINFORMATION? It was claimed the HQ was a derelict mill near Auchtermuchty.

    When OSCR the charity regulator became involved, they re=registered at 2 Temple Place – it was formerly known as Astor House, after the wealthy AMERICAN.

    Do you remember the leaked documents?
    Integrity Initiative Weekly Report 9th to 15th July 2018. States, Neal Stewart Adviser to SNP Westminster front bench, held an event at 2 Temple Place HQ of the Institute for Statecraft.

    An interesting article here about McDonald and Elisabeth Braw a fellow at the AMERICAN Enterprise Institute “The extent of Braw’s relationship with the Integrity Initiative is unclear”

  88. Bob Mack says:

    @Johnny Yen,

    Stu is a helluva lot more welcome than you, believe me.

    Exchange visit?. Permanently.

  89. susanXX says:

    NS is totally bought into the queer theory. We need to eject the current NEC and eject the current leadership/cabinet. They are all entryists. If the SNP can’t be saved then alternatives must be found. From across the political spectrum.

  90. WhoRattledYourCage says:

    I liked the Johnny Yen ref. I mean, it’s not as good as Iggy Pop’s mention of the character in Lust For Life, but it’s not bad, and Burroughs might well have approved, in androgynous context. They need to rename the SNP The Party That Exploded. Chuckling

  91. Allium says:

    Its really hideously spiteful. I don’t know how anyone could sign that awful letter. They must be very troubled souls at the very least.

  92. Terry says:

    Hell mend them – they’re attacking Joanna and attacked Alex (like they do Wings) cos they speak up for independence.

    The Snp is banjaxed if no significant change in the NEC. They might squeak over the line in May – that’ll depend how useful a Toom Tabard administration is to the British state though. Fingers crossed power can be pulled back later today.

    If not its onwards and upwards for Holyrood and I expect lots more recruits for the ISP or AFI.

    In either scenario the second vote shouldn’t be going to st Nicola or Assisi and the political assassination party though.

    Joanna – you are a great woman and politician. Don’t let them grind you down and you have massive support out there from all backgrounds. You’re the only one Johnson and that lot fear – they laugh at the rest of them.

    It’s John Maclean’s anniversary today. There’s someone else who really did stand up for Scotland.

  93. Graf Midgehunter says:

    This is the way to do it Rev,name them, shame them and drag them into the biggest spotlight available. They hate it like the little vampires they seem to be.

    See the way Lona P just got lit up and suddenly has to try and flog the wacky woo woo script here on WOS.. 😉

    ISP with the Rev, Alex S, Cherry and more would scare the living s**t out of the SNP.

    Glad I didn’t renew my membership this year.. 🙂

    Not a fcken cent for any of them.

  94. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “You say I complained to try and have Joanna deselected which is untrue.”

    And the band played “Believe It If You Like”.

    I don’t know what happened in Joanna Cherry’s office. What I know is that you came onto my website and told demonstrable lies, so immediately I’m disinclined to trust you. And that’s aside from the fact that you signed your name to that fucking disgrace of a letter.

  95. Daisy Walker says:

    I have just had a wee look over at the Daily Records review of the SNP Conference.

    Over 200 people voted against them having a policy to pursue another Indy Ref.

    Absolutely no plan B.

    Oh, and they’ve voted overwhelmingly for Scots to have a 4 day working week. Have to say I laughed, but not for good reasons.

    In a time of crisis and worry, human behaviour is to batten down the hatches, in every way. They will vote for the leader and the party who promise to batten down the hatches – mostest.

    Even if it is not the right thing to do.

    People vote on an emotional level, not rational – however much we might not believe it. Hence Project Fear, why it was used and why it worked.

    Proposing a 4 day week, when austerity is ongoing, when Covid is hitting the economy and when Brexit is almost upon us – has its fingers so far removed from the pulse as to be on a different planet.

    And its not about a 4 day week being bad – in Canada, when austerity first came in, one of the municipalities had to save 20% of its budget. They offered the workforce – 20% job cuts, or everyone cut back their hours by 20% (i.e. a 4 day week). They put it to the vote and the hourly cut back went ahead. A year later, they did a survey. People were loving it, even thought they had less money, they had more time to cook, more time to exercise, more time to spend with the kids, and more energy due to working less hours.

    But you cannot sell this idea to people, and sound rational, when they are looking at redundancy, business collapse, economic depression, wipe out of savings, loss of job security….Covid/Brexit…

    So we have a bunch of very unstable people – with what appears to be a high proportion with severe personality disorders – deeply unelectable – being given fast track access to the high table in the SNP, coupled with Ideological ‘4 day week’ policies that are right out of student union utopia comic.

    Its the New Labour Party all over again.

    Anyway, Bingo time.

  96. Stuart MacKay says:


    Meh, Nick Cave went to hell after the The Birthday Party broke up. Give me “Release the Cybernats” any day!

  97. Brunswickian says:

    Sad to say it’s the possibility the likes of the list above might have even the remotest chance of having an influence over the future of my country that will make me vote Labour for the first time ever. I’m sorry for the many decent people in the SNP but it has, ironically, become the worst advert for independence.

  98. Bob Mack says:

    I’m so angry. I could tell you a story about how much our most precious workers are undervalued by the government, but I would be breaking a great confidence. It made me sick.

    What matters is window dressing and how the windows look from the outside. I will tell you all one day though.

  99. Brian Copland says:

    I see Emma Roddick is no longer claiming in her Twitter description to be disabled after being found out! Now claiming to be a comedian! WTF! LOL! I think she is getting mixed up with clown!

  100. Sarah says:

    @ Giesabreak at 3.10: the results will be out in “a day or so” per HQ, apparently.

  101. Daisy Walker says:

    Re Bingo –

    Sorry folks – got it wrong. Its not going to be COVID, COVID, COVID – instead we’re going to use the word


    So far, though, its been the toughest time for her over these last 9 months.

    Oh and the inequalities the PANDEMIC has thrown up are going to be CHALLENGE FOR US ALL.

    Oh and I never saw – how we would HOPE to rejoin the EU, and HOPE to WIN the power needed to do so.

    Keep watching we still have much more to come, why REFERENDUMS GOOD and PLEBISCITE ELECTIONS BAAD.

  102. Giesabrek says:

    @ Sarah at 3.44: Thanks for that. Plenty of time for them to fix the votes.

  103. Colin Alexander says:
    30 November, 2020 at 1:46 pm
    I am glad I am no longer a member of the SNP.
    I won’t be voting for them either.

    I hope the Tories follow through and shut down the pretend parliament.

    Admitting what I suspected – Colin a unionist troll

  104. Robert Graham says:

    ok what the BBC up to a uniterupted SNP political broadcast ?
    Anyone any idea of the machiavellian motives behind this because they are definatly up to no good I cant figure it out

  105. Daisy Walker says:

    @ Robert Graham

    I don’t have a TV, and I don’t quite understand your last message.

    Are you trying to suggest that Nicla’s speech is being broadcast by the BBC WITHOUT interference????

    That would indeed by a new and first time event in the history of the SNP.

    Anyway Bingo

    Think the below can go under the heading SPREADING HOPE

    ‘That means protecting our NHS. Giving young people the best start in life. Creating jobs.
    Taking action every day to improve lives.
    And, yes, winning the powers that come with independence.’

  106. Andrew says:

    I’ve picked my side.
    The Lib Dems are in the same shit. They are attacking elected members and purging members who are not ‘on-message’ about trans rights.
    Even when you ask them to condemn violent threats of rape and death aimed at the children of women’s rights activists they cannot without introducing transvictimhood to the condemnation, despite their not being any death threats or rape threats against trans people recorded this year.

  107. Daisy Walker says:

    More Bingo

    If we want to make sure the country we rebuild is the one we want it to be, with kindness, compassion, fairness, equality and enterprise at its heart…
    And not one built in the image of Boris Johnson and his band of Brexiteers.

    We must work

    to the right plan, with all the tools we need to do the job.!!!! UNITY ALERT


  108. ian foulds says:

    How quickly can our new Independence party for Constituency seats get up and running for May?

    Would that be AFI?

    All SNP wanting Independence and not an obnoxious agenda could transfer allegiance and encourage others not SNP but wanting Independence

    It certainly is coming to dump SNP or bin those with alternative agendas.

    Nicola and her little friends need to realise this is a step too far.

    At the stage SNP only get my vote if Joanna leads and the detritus is in the bin.

    My list vote is certainly ISP

  109. Robert Graham says:

    Christ I am sitting waiting on a commercial break she’s been talking so long , I had to check yep its the BBC , something aint right.
    Ruthless will be having kittens ha ha I could add some expletive laced humour but that would probably upset some fkr

  110. holymacmoses says:

    Rev. Stuart Campbell says:
    30 November, 2020 at 2:54 pm
    “Good work as always Stuart but its getting quite depressing reading your stuff the last year or two.”

    How do you think it feels having to fucking write it? This isn’t what I signed up for ?

    This aspect of your work worries me more than anything else Wings. You take so much flack and work so hard, towards the right sort of attitudes; and time and again you are reminded that you’re ‘foul-mouthed’ , bad-tempered’, ‘miserable’, when frankly, I don’t understand how the hell you can continue. It’s been a constant ‘god-knows-how-many-hours-a-day’ for you over the past 12 years and you do so much of the work on your own that it MUST be soul-destroying at times.
    When we get independence, let it be known that we shall have gained it on the back the hard work of many people, BUT I, for one, would say, that the movement owes a large percentage of its current success to the endless hours of research and fine writing that you continue to produce on a daily basis. AND I will never stop thanking you for it.

  111. Strathy says:

    As mentioned by MorvenM above, the part of Sturgeon’s interview on Good Morning Scotland about Joanna Cherry.

    Interviewer quotes Joanna Cherry – ‘It’s two years since I first spoke up at the Human Rights Commitee to defend women’s rights and free speech. I have faced a campaign of intimidation and abuse. Today as it continues I am calling on Nicola Sturgeon to call it out.’

    Sturgeon’s reply – ‘I don’t know what she is talking about.’ at 02:55:23

    The interviewer asks her to acknowledge the abuse that Joanna Cherry has received but she does not do so (contrary to the article in The National).

  112. CameronB Brodie says:

    It’s a pretty solid tell that your party is in trouble, when the senior management reject international human right law, and place themselves in political opposition with the World Health Organisation.

  113. Robert Graham says:

    Daisey you aint taking this seriously are you ? HA HA haven’t heard that tune for ages ha ha

  114. Wee Chid says:

    How come that Leeze character is still in the SNP when he/she/it has made overtly racist comments publicly on twitter yet others have been condemned because of perceived antisemitism? How did the SNP manage to become a party with so many bloody weirdos in it. FFS I know it’s meant to be a broad church and we are all meant to be tolerant etc, etc, – but come on. After reading stuff like this from Graham Lineham I’m become less tolerant as time goes on.

  115. Robert Graham says:

    oops sorry I gave you a “E” Daisy sorry about that

  116. Tannadice Boy says:

    That sounded very much like a valedictory speech to me.

    @Daisy Walker
    I got Toe-Rays in a few times. My biscuit is a Jammy Dodger

  117. Grouser says:

    I emailed a message of support to Ms Cherry this morning after reading that the FM said she didn’t know about the abusive messages to Ms Cherry. Maybe the readers of this blog could also send a message of support to her?

    The FM was quick enough to name Rhiannon Spear as a person deserving support against abusive communications. I hope that she does not appear in the list of people elected to the NEC because I do not believe that her first loyalty is to the cause of Independence to put the situation mildly.

    I am waiting for the results of the internal elections to the SNP after which I will probably resign from the SNP, the Joanna Cherry abuse and the FM dismissing it being the last straw.

  118. Daisy Walker says:

    Not to worry Robert Graham,

    I can now tick off another on the Nicla’s Big Conference Speech Bingo Card

    For the only time in living memory the BBC will broadcast it and report it in good faith without ‘technical issues’.

    Ha, knew it.

    PS folks, in the interests of fairness. I have already eaten my choccie biccie. Sorry, no will power.

    Anyway, can’t shout HOUSE yet. Tis still ongong.

    Anyone else got Matt McGuinn’s Bingo Bella in their head.

  119. Daisy Walker says:

    Tannadice Boy – Jammy Dodgers are a damned fine choice of biccie. Quality.

  120. robertknight says:

    “Here comes Johnny Yen again, with the liquor and drugs…”

    Too much of one and not enough of the other methinks!

    Sturgeon and Co’s vision of a Wokeist Scotland…

  121. CameronB Brodie says:

    re. international human rights law.

    “International human rights law requires States to address harmful gender stereotypes and wrongful gender stereotyping.

    Two international human rights treaties contain express obligations concerning harmful stereotypes and wrongful stereotyping, namely the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) and the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD)….”

  122. Daisy Walker says:

    An Aide memoir – at my age it helps to have a prompt at the Bingo

    Just re posting this here, might make the speech a bit more palatable.


    (Players should tick off the subjects as they appear in Niclas Big Conference Speech (2021 version).

    ‘LET ME BE CLEAR” – with regards Scotland Democratic Deficit. Valid stats can be used and trust is created by presenting uncontested facts with the audience. A sense of mutual injustice against Scotland is shared.

    IN THESE UNPRESIDENTED TIMES / COVID – CHALLENGES WE ALL FACE – TOGETHER – allows for statesman like presentation, Leadership in times of crisis, Empathy in times of fear.

    GOOD NEWS – LOOK AT THE POLLS, LOOK AT THE POLLS – allows for her to say current lack of action is working, a steady as she goes policy, don’t scare the horses.

    UNITY – all voices of concern are BETRAYING INDY.


    COVID – justifies all lack of action on Indy


    I TRULY BELIEVE / WE’VE NEVER BEEN CLOSER / SOMEWHERE OVER THE RAINBOW – a smorgasbord assortment, plants seeds of hope, without the bother of an actionable plan ( and saves them having to look down the back of the sofa for a half million pounds thats Interwoven). Ensures that pursuing Indy is all about Faith and actual deeds and actions are not needed.


    GOLD STANDARD / S30 / NO WAY LONDON CAN KEEP SAYING NO, NO WAY THE REST OF THE WORLD WILL PUT UP WITH THAT OUTRAGE – keeps the audience happy as it reflects the audiences’ values back to the audience – has absolutely no effect on the powers that be in London, or the rest of the world.

    HOPE/ BELIEVE – SHOULD BE HELD / WOULD LIKE IT TO BE HELD – FIRST PART OF NEXT PARLIAMENT – REFERENDUM – a hint of action to placate the practical who are concerned, but no date set and the words, ‘hope’ and ‘should’ used widely as a get out clause. No set action – such as announcing campaign banners/posters, a roll out program of billboards – none, nout, nil.

    BUILD A COUNTRY THAT’S FAIR TO EVERYONE – head off all criticism of GRA/Hate Crime Bill by waxing lyrical about genuine Equality issues.



    IRRESPONSIBLE / SELFISH TO CAMPAIGN NOW – COVID COVID COVID – number one excused for doing nothing about Brexit and Indy.



    THE DREAM SHALL NEVER DIE – she might actually have the brass neck to use this.



    So there we have it. Have I missed anything?

    Oh, I know, unlike previous SNP Conference speeches by the leader – where the BBC always had ‘technical’ issues during recording, and ‘scheduling’ issues during reporting… I hearby predict, Nicla will give a barnstorming ‘hold, hold, hold’ type speech with just enough ‘somewhere over the rainbow’ in it and that the BBC will broadcast it – in full, and up front, Prime Time. Bet you another Choccie biscuit on it.

    We’re almost there folks. By my reckoning about 1/2 way through….

  123. Bob Mack says:

    @Daisy Walker,

    Yes ,just about sums it up. Promises of jam tomorrow for Tannadice Boy to spread on his Jammie Dodgers.

    The mantra of hold hold however is obsolete. The English cavalry galloped over us some time ago brandishing terror weapons such as Brexit and the Internal Market Bill.

  124. A Person says:


    All left-leaning parties have become infected with this insanity, so voting Labour will do you no favours. I think I will write “Men Can’t Become Women” on my first vote and vote for ISP on my second.

  125. Wee Chid says:

    Grouser says:
    30 November, 2020 at 4:14 pm
    “I am waiting for the results of the internal elections to the SNP after which I will probably resign from the SNP, the Joanna Cherry abuse and the FM dismissing it being the last straw.”

    Me too. I only rejoined to vote in the NEC elections.

  126. CameronB Brodie says:

    I appreciate the current SNP appear to have as big a problem with respecting Treaty law as Westminster, but here’s a look at “Women’s rights under international human rights treaties: Issues of r4pe, domestic slavery, abortion, and domestic violence”. Perhaps folk might begin to appreciate that support for the introduction of genderwoowoo into Scots law, helps support British nationalism.

    “Most contemporary constitutions prohibit discrimination based on gender. Yet, as feminist legal scholars have shown, even a constitutional principle of nondiscrimination is not sufficient by itself to ensure women’s de facto equality.1 These scholars advocate applying a gendered perspective to constitutional law so as to adapt it to the specific situation of women.2

    In recent years, universal and regional human rights bodies have begun to employ this approach in connection with human rights treaties, interpreting them in light of the special threats posed to women’s human rights. Such interpretations lend themselves to transposition into national constitutional law (in some if not all cases) and, in legal systems that have formally incorporated public international law, such transpositions may even be obligatory.”

  127. Daisy Walker says:

    Not getting anymore updates fro DR re NS speech.

    Am sad, cannot now complete my Bingo card. Just as well I ate my choccie biscuit anyway…

    I will just have to imagine.

    I leave you with the words to Matt McGuinn (Scotland’s real bard – Burns wiz overrated)

    I’ll be down to collect you for the bingo, Bella,
    Rendezvous in the Gallowgate,
    Mind, Bella, don’t be late
    We’ve got to be there before the crowd starts queuing.
    Remember when we get there, Bella,
    We’re gonnie be trying for the big snowball,
    But whether it’s win or lose,
    We’ll have a damn good feed of the booze,
    Tomorrow night at the South Side Bingo Ball.

    You and I were nearly winning last time, Bella,
    If it hadn’t been for Maggie McGill,
    Wouldn’t yon one make you ill?
    Seven hundred and twenty two smackers.
    Hasn’t spoken to a neighbour since then
    After tapping them for seventeen years
    Ah but, mind you, there’s one thing nice,
    Lightning never strikes the same place twice,
    So we will have a chance at the South Side Bingo Ball.

    We’ll be catching the bus to the bingo, Bella,
    We will alight at the Gorbals Cross,
    Pie and peas with tomato sauce,
    Till we can lay our hands on that snowball.
    Then we’ll be heading for the taxi, Bella,
    To the Rogano wi’ yer hawf croon tip,
    And when they ask us what we want,
    We’ll say pour us oot yer creme du mint
    Tomorrow night at the South Side Bingo Ball.

  128. shiregirl says:

    Holy toot.

    They are crawling out the woodwork today.

    Wonder what is making them uneasy…

  129. Stuart MacKay says:

    Wee Chid

    Thanks for the link – good to know Glinner is alive and kicking.

    However I started reading that and I was struck by the thought that I was actually in a terrible nightmare.

    I with you on trying to make sense of it. I don’t think it’s intolerance rather than I’m losing my grip on what qualified as reality.

  130. Desimond says:

    £500 gift declared for those lovely Caring Workers…cynical old me thinks “Thats handy for taking any headlines away from NEC news…or tomorrows Inquiry outcome..”

  131. Desimond says:

    A £500 gift declared for those lovely Caring Workers…cynical old me thinks “Thats handy for taking any headlines away from NEC news…or tomorrows Inquiry outcome..”

  132. WTF’s all the “she/her, he/him” stuff about?

    And “BwiththeT”???

    Has some new species evolved on the planet, developing its own way of communicating?

  133. Iain More says:

    They give me the creeps.

  134. Stuart MacKay says:

    Dave Beveridge gives good run down of the LGB Alliance and why it broke away from Stonewall. They realised that “being with the T” as in LGBT was ultimately going to lead to their destruction as you can’t be gay if you can self-identify.

  135. MaggieC says:

    Fingers crossed that the Snp get a new honest and decent Conduct Committee elected , hopefully we’ll know this afternoon and their very first job should be to suspend the membership of any of the above people who are party members .

  136. Sarah says:

    @ Giesabrek: I now hear that SNP election results will be out “later this evening”.

  137. Lorna Campbell says:

    I am so tired of all of this stuff. The lads on Aye Right Radio, I think it was, had heard that at least some of the pseudo ‘wokerati’ were to jump ship to the Greens. As they did with the SNP, they will colonize that party and all the green issues will be dumped, along with the distraction from their real agenda, independence. Don’t say you haven’t been warned, Patrick Harvey. We’ll see whether he allows them to abuse and bully people. I suspect he won’t be able to stop them once they get their feet under the table. They are like an infection, a pandemic that is the polar opposite of Covid-19 in that old people are immune through repeated contact with bulls**t and other forms of industrial-scale manure, while the young are susceptible because they haven’t come up against the worst excesses of reeking s***e and the stream of consciousness called p**h, and are, therefore, still open to infection. I don’t tend to use swear words and rude language too often, but, sometimes, as with this nonsense, it is merited and the most apt form of expression in the circumstances.

  138. Robert Louis says:

    I was astonished as a gay man, when I first heard of what the then partner (now ex) of Alyn Smith, MP was posting on social media. It was vile. I just cannot fathom how this indoctrination of some folk has happened, whereby they openly ABUSE a woman who is fighting for equality and the rights of women.

    As for Alyn Smith, he really has gone from hero to zero. A proverbial wast of space. His ex should have NO PLACE in any political party, never mind the SNP.

    I recall our fight for gay rights (and that btw means gay Lesbian and bisexual). That was what we stood for. Now I see silly, narcissistic wee boys (and their ‘daddy’) on social media, who have a distorted worldview and don’t know the REAL history of the fight for gay rights, spending every living minute abusing older gay and lesbian folk – THE KIND OF FOLK WHO ACTUALLY FOUGHT FOR THE RIGHTS WHICH THEY NOW ENJOY. I mean for heavens sake, Joanna Cherry is an actual lesbian, in case some of these narcissistic wee ‘trans’ kn*bs hadn’t noticed.

    It makes me sick, all of it. And Nicola Sturgeon does NOTHING. Silence is consent.

  139. Daisy Walker says:

    So, I managed to find St Nicla’s speech on you tube. Amazing how quick it went up… it usually takes a few hours.

    Cynical me.

    If I did not know better. If I did not know that her Government has put a Quango of proven Tory Bam Pots in prime carving up position of Scottish Water – ready to sell it off.

    If I didn’t know that there was not one person of decent/yes type, or even socialist type convictions put into the Directorships of the New Scottish Investment Bank which reads like a whose who of NeoConservative Bam Pots united.

    If I didn’t know…. to look for the date, not the hint of a Referendum, but an actual date, given the scheduled dismantling of Holyrood.

    Well hats off to her – that was one Oscar winning performance.

    Just one more Mandate folks, just one more push.

    All the eggs in the Never, Never, Referendum basket while they destroy Holyrood, and the economy.

  140. SilverDarling says:

    If NS could truly show some leadership by being seen and heard to acknowledge and deal with the abuse Joanna Cherry and others have had to put up with she would repair some of the the damage she is doing to the SNP.

    She is complicit in her silence and lack of action. It reeks of insecurity and anxiety about her own role and what she perceives as competition.

    This has to stop and the sooner this hideous mob move to the Greens where they belong the better. Pandering to this group of damaged toxic individuals who use Trans rights to further their own ambition is the road to nowhere.

  141. Robert Louis says:

    And, to top it all, Nicola Sturgeon has today kicked independence into the long grass, yet again. Sometime in the first half of the next parliament – that means late 2022 or 2023. Their is quite literally no point in voting for them next year. It is clear they have zero intention of actually pursuing independence.

    I will vote ISP on the second vote, since it is clear we need to start building a new political party that will actually try to get us independence.

    And I used to be an SNP party member.

    It is all so utterly, utterly depressing. Come back Mr Salmond, Scotland really, really needs you.

  142. Masslass says:

    Thank you Stuart for all your hard work. Appreciated very much. Keep sane and safe. You are the best.

  143. Lenny Hartley says:

    Well i have done my duty and voted in the NEC elections, now to write my resignation letter to the SNP , I was thinking of joining Plaid Cymru but as Rhiannon Spear has joined them will give it a miss.
    Will wait to see what happens over the next few months before deciding on party going forward.

  144. Daisy Walker says:

    Well I’m going to declare the Bingo a win. HOOS.

    So all is not lost folks – I got a chocolate biscuit and Tannadice Boy got a Jammy Dodger.

    Thanks Nicla. Luv You.

    Somewhere Over The Rainbow
    Way Up High
    There’s a Referendum date
    On the Branch of Pie In Sky

  145. robertknight says:

    Robert Louis @ 5:24

    Couldn’t agree more.

  146. twathater says:

    @ Strathy thanks for that link to Sturgeon’s interview , what with the loooooonnnniiiieesss running rampant and Sturgeon carrying on with the sect30 jam ramorra pish we are well and truly fucked

    Joanna you are obviously a very strong person but unfortunately you have to face reality , you either go mental fighting against these fuckwits which are ganging up on you with the collusion of the woke bee queen or you resign your place in the SNP , carry on as an independent representing your constituents OR you FIGHT BACK and take the FIGHT to THEM, join the ISP as head honcho launch a claim through crowdfunding in the ICJ based on the TREATY of Union breaches and stick it to the Queen bee , Karma can be refreshing

  147. Bell Border Reiver says:

    Well Done for calling this out, Rev! You only have to look at what this kind of Purity Spiral has and still is doing to the Labour Party

  148. twathater says:

    AND just to say I completely echo and endorse holymacmoses sentiments up thread about Stuart Campbell , YOU are keeping us sane and THE DREAM alive and you better NOT go anywhere or we will hunt you down and force feed you sweeties

    And as for jonny yen feel free to fcuk of to the land of woke and don’t bother coming back

  149. Dumb Unicorn says:

    I stumbled on this article from 2007 and it makes for some interesting reading. It’s worth reading all the way through – depressingly things really haven’t changed that much.

    The LGB community in the US ended up losing out on legislation which would have protected many more people from discrimination at work for more than a decade (it is still not fully implemented) because they felt compelled to bolt on gender identity to their cause. It seems that many in the LGB community did this reluctantly but felt unable to challenge it for fear of being branded as a ‘bigot’, the very thing they fought against.

    The phrase which really stood out to me was this:

    “A lot of gays have been scratching their heads for 10 years trying to figure out what they have in common with transsexuals, or at the very least why transgendered people qualify as our siblings rather than our cousins.”

    The author is clearly sympathetic to transgender people and sees similarities with the prejudices which LGB people have historically faced, but that doesn’t mean they are one and the same cause.

    The cause of Scottish Independence is in serious danger of wandering down the same path and losing fantastic champions of independence like Joanna Cherry on the way.

  150. Anne says:

    Thanks for your work on this horror show. It’s all so utterly depressing. I resigned my membership some time ago and not sure I can even vote for this shower in May so will not be able to vote at all unless there’s another independence party standing in my constituency. There are decent people left in the party – possibly the majority – but sadly, the only way to bring about any kind of purge is to vote with my feet as the current leadership is unfit to govern. The conference (complete with populist give-aways) was a total farce.

  151. CameronB Brodie says:

    All legal systems must relate to a foundational moral theory, if they hope to be universal in outlook and application. This is to be denied to Scots at all cost, as respecting the Natural law challenges Westminster’s claim to legal authority.

    Placing Westminster between Scots and international law, simply isn’t compatible with either the Common law or supporting Scotland’s democracy. But that is exactly what both ‘our’ parliaments appear intent on doing.

  152. lumilumi says:

    I’m very angry about this campaign against Joanna Cherry and the dismal state of the central SNP leadership and their inaction over this.

    However, what angered me the most in this post was seeing one of these despicable signatories using an image of our beloved national treasure, author and artist Tove Jansson as his, sorry, their, Twitter banner picture. (the one with the older woman swimming with a garland of flowers in her hair.)

    Tove Jansson was the creator of the Moomin characters, the Moomin world. The original children’s books from 1945 to 1970, have a lot of even scary adventure, lots of smaller adventures, lots of weird and amusing and interesting characters. Lots of satire, gentle criticism of more conventional middle-class values (though the Moomins are definitely quite upper middle class), lots of happy anarchy and tolerance, and quite philosophical, when you read them as an adult. Much preferrable to the Narnia books, which are quite stodgy when you read them as an adult.

    Either Teddy Hope (selfconfessed “pretty guardian of trans justice and marxism”) has not read the Moomin books or has totally misunderstood their message. Or maybe he doesn’t even know who the woman in the picture is.

    Tove Jansson’s partner was the graphic artist Tuulikki Pietilä (a woman), said to have been the inspirtion for the Moomin world character Too-ticky. Tove and Tuulikki, two lesbians and artists, certainly weren’t gender-conforming women back in the day. That didn’t make either of them “trans” or “men”, as apparently some of present-day gender ideologues would want to see them.

    Anyway, the SNP leadership in general and Nicola Sturgeon in particular allowing this boil to fester is doing no favours to the party. It might not affect people’s desire for independence but it might affect their willingness to vote for that one particular party if there’s an alternative.

    Holding voters captive, essentially blackmailing them, is not a good look. See: Labour in Scotland, surprisingly swift collapse of it.

  153. ronnie anderson says:

    Dave Beverage Me no speak Wok-ism but apparently it goes like this he-him / she-her its all in the spaces between but more than likely its the spaces between the ears of the he-him / she-her Wok-ists , ah wished ah could speak Gibbon noo thats funky .

  154. Sweep says:

    I recall when Alyn Smith was questioned on social media by Yessers about his partner’s misogynistic abuse, his line of defence was always that he was not responsible for any other person’s behaviour (followed by a lightning-swift block). At no time did he ever dispute that the person was his partner… until the press ran a story about the partner stepping down from his candidacy nomination following allegations about the abuse and questioned Smith about it. Suddenly became “my ex-partner”, and since then the “ex” has always been emphasised.
    However, given that the relationship is still close enough for the MP to share private messages, I wonder if, rather than splitting up, they got married and simply use new descriptors?

  155. Beaker says:

    Surely some of the abuse being posted is bordering on criminal behaviour? If you told someone to “shut the fuck up” in public (never mind adding ‘terf’) you can be arrested for a public order offence.

  156. Colin Alexander says:

    James Caithness

    I am not a Unionist troll.

    I want a real parliament that represents and serves the sovereign people of Scotland as part of an independent sovereign Scottish state.

  157. Al-Stuart says:

    Crikey Stuart, this thread sure lifted a damp, smelly rock with all manner of Jordanny Mantague types slithering out.

    Stu. Like you, I am snakephobic. Your dry wit mentioning that gave me a smile in an otherwise wretched foul cesspit of trans activist excrement.

    This 0.1% of the population are burning through any and all of the goodwill they once had.

    Their self-obsessed antics will cost Scotland her/his/he/she/its Independence.

    Begrudgingly, many of us have to hand it to Colonel Atkins at the 77th Brigade. When he was tasked to fuckk up the SNP, by letting this man-hating, lesbian-loathing hormone-crazy roid-raging bunch of fuckwits infiltrate the SNP, that was a red letter day for the Union.

    Atkins will be promoted at least three ranks in as many years off of the back of this world class Bourach.

    A sad day for Scotland and a bad day for genuine trans people who just want to live their lives in peace. This self-appointed bunch of Amadans in the POX-INFECTED-SNP-DESTRUCTION-LIST at the head of this thread are causing more transphobia than any other source in the world.

    GIRFUY Alyn Smith and your toyboy fan club. Yon slithery erse posting your photo and the caption: “he is a dreamboat” epitomised the whole putrid mess.

    Time to rebuild with…


    Get that pox-infested rotten bunch of man-hating psychos the fuck away from any levers of power.

  158. Alex Stone says:

    I’m surprised anyone’s surprised at the disaster/Apocalyptic failure that is a Sturgeon/Murrell led SNP leadership.

    On a lighter note..

    My, what lovely weather we’re having.

  159. Simpson says:

    Thanks for this article. I’m sure I am not alone in being shocked by what has been going on. Whoever wrote the letter and those that signed it are in need of urgent psychiatric help. It worries me so many are anywhere near any position of power in Scotland. The letter is so crazy I’d almost think this is a deliberate Unionist plot to derail the SNP and the Independence movement. The fact that Joanna Cherry is being so badly treated by her party is horrific. The SNP has been infiltrated at the highest level.

  160. John Scott says:

    Tell you what , Twitter this evening is showing me hordes of hidden Wokists amongst people I had followed and who have followed me .

    What is their big problem with Ms Cherry ?

    I wonder…..

  161. Robert says:

    The alleged defamation of Joanna Cherry is not even the most concerning part of the open letter. You really should read the whole of the proposed “definition” of transphobia that is linked to at the end. According to these woke authoritarians, “transphobia” includes any deviation whatsoever from the most extreme form of trans ideology. If this bonkers document were adopted by the political parties in Scotland, mere discussion of trans ideology would become a hate crime.

  162. Derek says:

    I’m unconvinced – barring the Birthday Party’s output – of the existence of a great Nick Cave song.

    Big Jesus Trashcan is splendidly hatstand.

    I usually think of (generally) random 3-word sequences as Fall albums…

  163. Gerard McGhee says:

    Could only get so far though this labrynth of wretchedness. but still know who I trust in the whole affair. unlikely I know but hopes of Alex, Joanna, Wings and ISP, forming a holy alliance for Scotland and clearing out the putrification. May a man not dream?

  164. McDuff says:

    Well that is eight of us who will be voting ISP if they are standing in our constituency, the SNP have had it. And i know a lot more people who are thinking the same.
    I can`t believe what has happened to this once proud party. It makes me sick.

  165. philip adie says:

    Snakes are beautiful creatures.

  166. Alison Ross says:

    Thank you for calling this out Stu! Can’t believe Nicola actually said she didn’t know what Joanna was talking about. That still had the power to shock me! At least there’s good news from the NEC elections. It has somewhat restored my faith that there has been a clear out. Bye bye Mr Smith!

  167. F J Lynch says:

    Is no one in politics/civic Scotland/media, NOT LGBTQI+ or whatever nonsense set of letters they’re up to these days?

    Certainly never seen them sullying their hands with the actual canvassing, leafleting, fund raisers, that us same old duffers have done year after year; trudging the streets on cold, dark, winters nights, actually arguing for independence or even manning the polling stations on election day.

  168. ian foulds says:

    FJ Lynch,

    Well said.

    I believe an element are absorbed in to this pantomime; others might be considered as being suitable for a friendly but secure facility.

    Women need our support.

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