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The right side of history

Posted on January 29, 2021 by

In the sometimes-heated trans debate, it’s always nice to hear from Owen Jones.

If we ever find out who it feels, we’ll let you know.

Incidentally, we’re told by a reliable source that such is the SNP’s desperate rush to placate the trans lobby, its definition of “transphobia” was to be delivered to the party’s solicitor Scott Martin by 10 o’clock last night (to be adopted by the weekend). So hey, at least we know it’ll have had a lot of careful and balanced thought put into it.

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    204 to “The right side of history”

    1. Dave McDave says:

      Personally I think that angry 12 yr old would be better served logging onto Google classroom and working on their home-schooling…..

    2. Muscleguy says:

      Boy do you need to fully get back on Twitter Rev.

    3. James Horace says:

      Sorry; this one is lost on me.

      There seems to be some other news happening today and last night Stu, away from this topic of penis confusion.

    4. Grey Gull says:

      In the old days, my English teacher would have their red pen out to deal with that.

    5. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “There seems to be some other news happening today and last night Stu”

      Does there? I just woke up, what did I miss? It better not be some tedious virus shit.

    6. Stoker says:

      Here’s another important article to be added to the mix, folks:

    7. Jim Tadgercock says:

      All this trans stuff must be designed to reduce the SNP membership,So it looks like Queen Nicla is doing her job as per the undocumented agreement.

    8. Jim says:

      Magnificently deranged!

    9. Toddy19 says:

      The SNP will be going with the definition of transphobia that Josh Mennie is pushing on Twitter, surely?
      Its oven ready.

    10. Stoker says:

      Muscleguy says on 29 January, 2021 at 8:40 am:
      “Boy do you need to fully get back on Twitter Rev.”

      Couldn’t agree more! Was just thinking about this yesterday. But then again, i thought, what? for the same c@nts to stalk him looking for every opportunity to get him ousted again?

    11. Captain Yossarian says:

      Aye – James Matthews has an interview with Kenny MacAskill.

      We need old Alex Salmond back. 6-years of the wee hairy fae Dreghorn and her mongrels have taken the country as far away from the Enlightenment as we have ever been in our history.

      What would Robert Burns make of all of this?

    12. Paul D says:

      Shocking (the grammar I mean).

    13. Giesabrek says:


      So, apparently, will be spelling. That was atrociously written, and you have to question why these trans people are so violently, angrily demanding access to (currently) female-only spaces. Would you be happy allowing someone who wrote that venom-spitting message access to places your wife, mother, young daughters are in states of undress and vulnerability?

    14. Yasmin says:

      Salmond never had a woman problem but the misguided sturgeon clearly does. She’s ruined the snp.

    15. Giesabrek says:

      Jim Tadgercock says:
      29 January, 2021 at 8:47 am
      All this trans stuff must be designed to reduce the SNP membership,So it looks like Queen Nicla is doing her job as per the undocumented agreement.

      I was thinking the same thing yesterday. When exactly did the SNP decide to pursue this GRA policy? Did it coincide with polls showing they’d get an absolute majority in the Scottish parliament? Did they the think how could they reduce their ratings in the polls to a level low enough to not have a majority but high enough to remain as the largest minority government? Hmmm….

    16. Margaret Lindsay says:

      We need you back on Twitter. Unfortunately, the shovelling wee Shite would get you banished in five seconds flat.. However I do recall seeing someone else call you an incel, I’ll have a rummage around yesterday’s stuff later and see if I can find them. It may give you a lead as to who this is from. Stay safe, Sturgeon is on a mission to crash and burn either the SNP, or independence, or both.

    17. Helen Yates says:

      At least he’s admitting that us normal people are an endangered spieces.

    18. Margaret Lindsay says:

      Snivelling wee shites* predictive text

    19. Effijy says:

      Are we letting Trans take up too much of our time?

    20. ScotsRenewables says:

      Stu, ignoring the definition of Transphobia, the infiltration of the SNP and ‘which toilet’ issues, I assume you are broadly in favour of equal rights and respect for trans people?

      In the context it was presented (ie divorced entirely from indy politics) I saw some point to Owen Jones’ article.

      Does that make me a bad person?

    21. Patsy Millar says:

      What exactly is an endangured species?

    22. David Caledonia says:

      Oh god help us, oh what a mess
      Oh god what’s happening we can only guess
      its beyond understanding as we all can see
      When I guy in a skirt comes in for a pee

    23. paul says:

      From libby brooks in the london guardian:

      At the time, the Guardian reported on how a cohort of activists, councillors and MPs similarly critical of transgender rights policy were elected to the national executive to the shock of the SNP’s leadership. A number of prominent Sturgeon supporters believe some rebels are using the row over transgender rights to undermine her authority.

      Sounds like our FM is ‘threatened’ by some very sinister people.

    24. Ottomanboi says:

      Something lost in transing from txtspeek. Nothing like a bit of infighting to tax the syntax.
      LGBTQ+ & the Great Extinction.
      Whoza cissy?

    25. Bob Mack says:

      Thix is all part and parcel of a deliberate plot to fail because they know they will never deliver Independence.

      What better excuse than to say the public turned against them

      for doing their job. I think planning has gone into how to fail than has gone into how to succeed.

      Everything has been done to alienate grouls of voters

    26. WhoRattledYourCage says:

      Once again reaffirming my own personal theory that anybody who uses the ludicrous phrase ‘right side of history’ is pretty fucking far from it, if such a thing even existed. Just like people who use the braindead slur ‘sheeple’ are always morons. 100% iron clad truisms. And if everybody in the future is trans…there won’t BE a future. Laughing here.

    27. paul says:

      @patsy millar

      What exactly is an endangured species?

      Apparently 99% of humans, the ones who have gone about reproductive duties necessary to maintain a species.

      Alas the must make way for homo superior.

    28. Morgatron says:

      Whats the letter for ginger dog fucking?

    29. Mac says:

      Most of the time people type ‘your’ instead of ‘you’re’ by mistake. It takes a special kind of thicko to actually type out ‘you’re’ when you mean ‘your’. ‘You’re’ is short for ‘you are’ Owen, the clue is sort of staring you in the face as you typed it out (you dunderheided twat).

      The spelling is also so bad it does suggest that Owen is a borderline cretin with serious anger management issues.

      Looks like he was pounding the keyboard with his fists typing that out while spraying spittle all over his screen.

      What a colossal arsehole.

    30. Captain Yossarian says:

      She’s threatened to divulge the number of vaccine doses delivered to Scotland, per week. From that data it can easily be determined how many vaccine doses the UK has available.

      At the present time of disputes between the UK/Astra-Zeneca/EU over vaccine deliveries, this will not help the situation at all.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if there wasn’t a UK Gov response to this. Fight the UK Gov when there is something worth fighting for, but the public will not be supportive of this.

    31. BLMac says:

      The SNP seems infested with strident hate fueled anti-hetero misandrists in the guise of penis-women.

      I’ve never heard anyone express hate about trans people, but this whole thing seems to be about elevating their rights above those of actual women and men.

      I agree that they should be protected from persecution and be able to live life just like the rest of us. We seem to have managed this for the rest of the LGBT community, although somewhat imperfectly so far, but it should not be at the expense of the rights of the rest of us.

      Moreover, they are a very small proportion of Scotland’s population, what could be called in statistical terms, insignificant. How many of them are there?

      There is a far bigger issue, independence.

      We are at a critical point in our history.

      It raises the question, why is so much time of the SNP being wasted when the biggest prize is there for the taking?

      I have supported the SNP because I want independence first and foremost.

      If they want my vote, then they should act like an independence party.

    32. Mia says:

      “the SNP’s desperate rush to placate the trans lobby, its definition of “transphobia” was to be delivered to the party’s solicitor Scott Martin by 10 o’clock last night”

      Do we think it is to placate the lobby or rather to have another hard stick to beat Ms Cherry with, to force her out of the party so Westminster’s new puppet can get to the driving seat and to destroy the party’s chances in May to win a majority?

      I am beginning to think this trans lobby’s modus operandi resembles an awful lot to Farage’s brexit party’s: it is a very vocal, very strong, very aggressive transient political concoction, emerged out of thin air and engineered for the sole purpose to give the electorate the impression that unless the political party it shadows moves in certain unpopular direction, the party is going to implode.

      The tories used Farage’s parties continuously as an excuse to steer us towards brexit and a hard one at that. Well, Sturgeon and co are using this lobby as an excuse to steer the SNP into very, very unpopular territory. I have no doubt that after the May election, this “trans” lobby (trans for transient) will disappear as quickly as UKIP or the Brexit party disintegrated after the EU elections. When you think about it, it actually feels that the same brains have concocted both things, the only difference is that while Farage’s parties had quite a number of followers, this trans lobby does not.

      I do not believe one word of this pretend “attempting to placate the trans lobby” that liar Sturgeon and her pretorian guard are trying to sell us.

      I think the trans lobby has been Sturgeon main political arm (and aid) to force the SNP into unpopular territory in order to lose voters and its best candidates to remove independence out of the equation.

      As Gordon Dangerfield said in the podcast, this woman is a very much hands on person. So, are we really expected to believe that she would have allowed this lobby to take away from her control of every structure of the party and dictated her policies if it was not for her own benefit or on her own command?

      Not a chance. It seems to me that this woman has been deliberately destroying the party and deliberately stopping any real pro indy person to take control of it by hiding behind this lobby. It is clear to me she is a Westminster stooge. Every single move she has made in the last 6 years points in that direction. The fact that she has had to her disposal an army of UK civil servants to do the dirty work on her behalf with regards to Salmond, is another clue.

    33. David F says:

      The really important question is how do you get to be an incel, and a terf, and a gay boy, and a cis, all at the same time…

    34. ScotsRenewables says:

      Mac, Owen Jones didn’t post that tweet. I think the rev’s throwaway comment rather whooshed over your head there.

    35. ScotsRenewables says:

      Mia, the Transphobia stick is indeed specifically to get Cherry and some others.

      It is stolen directly from the Labour publication, the Little Red Book of Antisemitism.

    36. true scott says:

      Capt Yossarian – What would Robert Burns make of all of this?
      I think he would make a blog of the sort we’re currently reading. I doubt this sorry mess would make for good poetry..

    37. Alistair says:

      Well we’ve seen this before – retrospectively change the definition of an offensive act, then use it to remove a challenger.

      I strongly suspect this new definition of transphobia will shortly be deployed against Joanna Cherry.

    38. Black Joan says:

      Is the SNP Apocalypse Now finally incoming via Sky?

    39. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “I assume you are broadly in favour of equal rights and respect for trans people?”

      Not broadly in favour. Entirely in favour. Trans people already have all the same rights everyone else does and it should stay that way. “Respect” is a wholly separate issue and cannot be attributed to entire groups of people, and trans people are no different in that regard. You get – or don’t get – respect based on what you do, not what you are.

    40. Captain Yossarian says:

      @Mia – the Uk civil-service advised her not to do it (the new laws to get Salmond), but she went ahead and did it anyway.

      The Scottish civil service have said many times that ‘they just follow the instructions of parliamentarians…ie Sturgeon.

    41. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “Do we think it is to placate the lobby or rather to have another hard stick to beat Ms Cherry with, to force her out of the party so Westminster’s new puppet can get to the driving seat and to destroy the party’s chances in May to win a majority?”

      Getting rid of Cherry is what the trans lobby wants.

    42. David F says:

      As far as I’m concerned once you strip out the cross-dressers and the fetishists and the perverts and the people who have something wrong with them, then the number of actual transwomen in Scotland might be a couple of dozen.

      And if you’re a transwoman you’re a woman in a man’s body. So you’ll feel like a woman, identify with women, sympathise with women, and empathise with their concerns. The last thing you’re likely to want to do is force your man’s body into their safe and private spaces.

      So I can only conclude that this self-obsessed rabble screeching all over the internet aren’t transwomen at all. They’re just cross-dressers and fetishists and perverts and people who have something wrong with them.

    43. Captain Yossarian says:

      @David F – I understand it is 17No.

    44. Strathy says:

      What a sad reflection of the decline in Scottish educational standards.

      No wonder Nicola Sturgeon delayed publication of the review by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), until after the election.

    45. Effijy says:

      George Galloway announced yesterday “I really urge Scotland’s Catholics to be careful what they wish for, because the SNP has in its roots, a Tory, anti catholic mentality”?

      So as history has repeatedly shown Scotland, don’t vote Tory up here for 66 years consecutively
      and you get an English Tory government hammering you for most of that time.

      Scottish Catholics are well aware of what the Irish republic went thru with the Tory Butcher’s Apron
      Flying above their noose.

      Did you purr that one out George while Being the Cat?

      That statement should be in the Litter Tray!

    46. “Incel?” WTF is that? I’m losing track of all these new terms.

      Surely that’s a parody account? If not the author needs a serious check up from the neck up.

    47. TNS2019 says:

      Lost in the froth and the political manoeuvrings is a serious issue concerning gender dysphoria and gender ‘confusion’, especially among young people.
      I have seen one take his own life because he did not receive the treatment and support he needed, so it is a real issue.
      However, we are talking VERY small numbers and must retain some degree of proportionality. What is perhaps more worrying is any trend in terms of increasing gender ‘confusion’, why that may be happening, and whether or not there are certain influences causing young people to become less secure in their own bodies.
      As soon as you get into definitions you are likely to get bogged down in a quagmire of irreconcilable conflicts and I do not understand why a broad defintion centred on respect for each and every individual in the party should not suffice.

    48. James Wyness says:

      Times like this when I have to accept that I’m a wee bit old-fashioned.

    49. Mia says:

      “Getting rid of Cherry is what the trans lobby wants”

      Absolutely. But so does Sturgeon, and quite possibly so does the British State and their new puppet in the SNP awaiting to get in in May if not sooner if a seat becomes available.

      The question for me is to establish who is working for whom and what exactly is this trans lobby. Is it an entirely independent entity as they expect us to believe it is, or is rather a political psyops concoction designed to help Sturgeon to stop independence while giving her a shield to hide behind?

      This trans lobby represent a very small minority. Yet they have the loudest voice. That in itself is very strange.

      Considering how there is no apparent interest from any political party to highlight the disgusting and clearly misogynist comments directed against Ms Cherry and others made by this lobby, and considering how this trans lobby was given the power to close the wings account in twitter, I am inclined to believe the last option. It is remarkable to see how this trans lobby, the same as the antisemitism lobby, never seem to target tories or Faragists in Scotland.

      I wonder why that would be.

    50. Breeks says:

      These TransActivists are like the worst kind of squatters.

      Somebody at SNP HQ inadvertantly left the door unlocked, and when nobody was looking, in marched these Trans-squatters demanding to own the place, remove Scottish Independence from the agenda and replace it with their own insatiable demands and greed, like a fat cuckoo pushing Scottish Nationalism out from the nest and leaving it to wither and perish in the cold. They don’t give a fk.

      And what does the party do? Shrugs it’s shoulders and starts feeding them like it’s own and pandering to their every need. Pathetic. Best leadership we’ve ever had! What’s that? Some kind of gallows humour? Sturgeon has been an absolute catastrophe for Scotland.

      Minor confession. I don’t give a flying fk about Transactivism. But just in passing and for the record, I now have a mere fraction of the tolerance I once had for their absurd brand of self delusion, but what I absolutely do want is for these malignant parasites to fk off and gorge themselves on some other poor sap’s good cause, and allow Scotland to set about the important business of actually securing it’s Independence.

      I don’t care if they leave the building by the door, the window, or down the plug hole. I don’t care if they walk out or get flung out. It’s time to take back control of the building and start removing their ugly grafitti from the walls and their raw sewage from the bathtub.

      Footnote: (And one last minor confession, it was over 20 years ago, but I have known some of the right kind of squatters, good people whom I considered friends. So I’m actually a liberal kind of fella, live and let live for the most part. But there’s a threshold of what’s acceptible, and mitigating circumstances to be remembered too. The folks I knew hadn’t a choice. Accommodation in London was a joke. But when squatters start trashing the place, it’s gone too far. They’re the wrong kind of squatters.)

    51. paul says:

      @ dave beveridge
      “Incel?” WTF is that? I’m losing track of all these new terms.

      It’s a confused selection of invective, to be sure;
      3 quarters meaningless neologisms and one part anachronistic insult.

      Not may be the best advert for the successor species.

    52. Rikali says:

      Dave Beveridge says:
      29 January, 2021 at 10:00 am
      “Incel?” WTF is that? I’m losing track of all these new terms.


      I have no idea what is a “cisman”.

      What is the wokist meaning and pronounciation?

      Is it pronounced kissman or more likely sissman?

      Is he/she/it something from Doctor Who like cyberman, metalman?

      It seems just another neo-liberal USA marketing terms that one does not need!

    53. Bob Mack says:

      If they go this far to get rid of Ms Cherry then you can undedstand how far they went to get rid of Alex.

    54. Robert Hughes says:

      When he first appeared Owen Jones was a welcome Left/ish voice in the predominantly Lab/Con/Lib Neo-Lib consensual MSM , though his ubiquity only emphasised the paucity of other Left voices and it was kinda obvious why he was being given exposure

      Nice , inoffensive , gay , working-class , reasonably articulate .
      A Poster Boy for the financially secure , ” we want change , but not too much ” Guardian reader .

      His collusion in the despicable witch-hunt and character assassinating ” Anti-Semitism ” (orchestrated) campaign directed at Jeremy Corbyn in particular and anything remotely radical in the Labour Party in particular revealed him to be just another useful idiot , more concerned about maintaining his all-things-to-all-( nice leftish ) people image .

      The Tories are – and always have been – loathsome , but at least they are consistently so ; these New Labour , like their New SNP counterparts , types are in some respects worse .

      Obsessed with abstract notions of “Equality” whilst simultaneously indifferent or maybe merely ignorant of the implications for real – yes that’s right REAL , women , of the insatiable clamour for MORE from the Trans Victimhood Lobby and equally resistant to facing-down the Capitalist Behemoth that keeps us all at odds with each other , fighting for scraps – metaphorically and literally- while it continues to plunder and lay waste to the planet

    55. Intractable Potsherd says:

      @TNS2019 – a good (though imperfect) analogue for teenage gender confusion is anorexia nervosa. For the majority, it is transient if properly treated. Some people will go on to have it for so long it becomes part of who they are. Some people will kill themselves because they don’t think they are getting whatever they need. However, it would be a terrible policy to affirm the world view of a teenager with anorexia, just as it as a bad policy to affirm the views of a teenager with gender confusion (many of whom are either atypical in terms of gender stereotypes, or attracted to the same sex).

    56. Intractable Potsherd says:

      Quick glossary:

      “Incel” = “involuntary celibate”, often used to suggest a spotty 30 stone male nerd living in his parents’ house.

      “cis” = heterosexual

    57. Scozzie says:

      Paul @ 10.09am
      Incels means involuntary celibate meaning they can’t get a woman who wants to have sex or a relationship with them so they invariably begin to despise women. Many of the TRAs are incels. It’s quite scary how they’ve attached themselves to the trans debate and are often the most vocal on the hatefest towards women.

      This whole ‘be kind’ notion is a front for men’s rights against women. I know in the past Indy supporters were of the opinion that this is a mere sideshow but it’s not. This is a fights for women’s fundamental sex based rights and our protection as a distinct sex based classification. I urge people to learn about it. A good start is to subscribe to the glinner update who does a weekly recap on the ‘war on women’ – it’s frightening.

    58. Kat says:

      So this solicitor, Scott Martin, hope he’s up to the job of ensuring they stay the right side of the law.

      I hope it’s at least better than:

      * the legal advice ScotGov got for their complaints policy,
      * the legal advice ScotGov got for the judicial review, or
      * the legal advice SNP got for their inquiry evidence.

      Wouldn’t want them to fall fowl of a badly written policy that could be interpreted as to be targeting any individual members. 😉

    59. Giesabrek says:

      I’d still batter the wee arse off of Owen Jones. Lovely eyes.

    60. Liz says:

      Nicola S is shameless. Praising Alex S in the hope it will take some flak away from her.

      Looks like the Cons have LL in their sites.

      Kenny McA going for broke since he realises he’s in NSs bad books.

      Kirsty B is deranged. She is obsessed by trans. She has already publically broken the code of conduct at least twice but has obv not been dealt with.

      If the NEC get this shoved through, JMcA should join the ISP.

    61. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      ““cis” = heterosexual”

      No, not at all. “Cis” just means “person who knows what biology is”. People who were born men and like having sex with other men are cis.

    62. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “I’d still batter the wee arse off of Owen Jones. Lovely eyes.”

      He’ll be right chuffed 😀

    63. StuartM says:

      “it would be a terrible policy to affirm the world view of a teenager with anorexia”

      Totally agree, which is why we should ignore the rantings of Greta Thunberg.

    64. Intractable Potsherd says:

      Yes – sorry, Rev: one of my children pressed send whilst I was editing. You are quite correct.

    65. Rikali says:

      Rev. Stuart Campbell says:
      29 January, 2021 at 10:35 am
      ““cis” = heterosexual”

      No, not at all. “Cis” just means “person who knows what biology is”. People who were born men and like having sex with other men are cis.

      Thank you Rev Stuart.

      But i thought the wokists propagated the view that we all could choose our “description”,

      So as a man attracted to men, I am a “man” as I have always been.

      That’s a relief.

      So I will not be sent to gaol if i just think of myself as a boring old “man” (unless of course I land in Scotland and will be prisoned as a “transphobic” for not labelling myself as a cis/cyst?).

      I hate to say this but Scotland is becoming seriously weird!.

    66. Neil in Glasgow says:

      The sky story is now starting to show on the scrolling ticker. On the face of it, it doesn’t seem to be much more than most of us already know apart from the fact it’s an elected member who’s put his name to it (although the Vietnam thing is a new one for me). Certainly less explosive than the piece JM did about the statement being changed last week. That said, I’ve found his written pieces don’t tell you that much so hopefully any on screen bit will be a bit more revealing. The trans thing really is a non story in the wider context (as we know) so I wonder if the other broadcast outlets will keep with it or do some investigating themselves into this story today seeing as it dropped first thing. Probably not…

    67. mike cassidy says:


      Surely the biggest insult there is that they thought you were the ginger dug man

    68. Sylvia says:

      Does anyone know where the SNP solicitor, Scott Martin used to practice before SNP?

    69. Hugh Jarse says:

      Morgatron at 9:32 am

      “Whats the letter for ginger dog fucking?”

      It’s a bit too niche for our Californian overlords to allocate one of the precious few letters left available.
      Talk is for going all periodic next.
      Like Hydrogen becomes He for helium.
      Bg in that case, I suppose.

      There’s a confirmed case down South.
      Somewhere in the Bath area, a guy who identifies as Rev. Whatever that means!
      There appears to be wide outside interest, with a growing advocacy group.

      The Anti Bg lobby has been unusually quiet of late.

      A small coterie

    70. Sandra says:

      It’s funny but the only time I ever saw “the wee hairy from Dreghorn” (LOL description, @Captain Yossarian) kow-tow to anyone on Twitter it was to Owen Jones when he got on his high horse about his father’s treatment from the NHS. That was a few years ago and I was astonished at the time because I’d never seen her respond to any of the millions of adoring indy followers she has. Looking back it’s revealing who she is in thrall to.

    71. Wee Chid says:

      Rikali says:
      29 January, 2021 at 10:48 am

      “So as a man attracted to men, I am a “man” as I have always been.”

      But don’t dare refuse to date a transman ie one without the right bits – then you will definitely be in breach of trans law and go straight (no pun intended) to wokey pokey.

      Watch Kern on “You’re Kidding, Right on Youtube on the subject.

      Men need their safe spaces too.

    72. Allium says:

      In gender ideology a cis person is someone who identifies with the fantasy gender construct that is supposed to correspond with their sex at birth. Masculuine brain/feminine brain, gendered souls, etc. If you think gender identity is a pile of shite, tough. You’re cis anyway, if you aren’t trans, according to the TRAs.

    73. kapelmeister says:

      The SNP’s definition will probably amount to a transphobe being anyone who gives back as good as they get to a rude, abusive, bullying SNP transactivist.

    74. TNS2019 says:

      Intractable Potsherd

      Quite agree. Gender confusion can be transient and that can and should lead to caution re treatment in the young.

      Not quite got my head aroung transactivism rather than ‘tolerance’.

    75. alzyerpal says:

      ‘@transisthefuture’? (featured tweet)

      Apparently there is now a category known as ‘Translinguistism’, whereby dictionary definitions are translinguophobic. Translinguists are entitled to spell words in any way that they deem acceptable and anyone who dares to utter the words “spelling mistake” will be instantly ejaculated from the SNP and terrorised by Police Scotland.

    76. Wee Chid says:

      Maybe all SNP members should join twitter with their own names and test out their policy. Let’s all get suspended/thrown out and see how many members they are left with. Good luck canvasing with the “yoof” and the TRAs on the doors.

    77. Socrates MacSporran says:


      I would not go quoting the crazy, mixed-up “Gorgeous George.”

      I fear he is behind the times, still bitter, left-wing Labour, convinced the SNP are all “Tartan Tories.”

      Then you have the older Scottish Unionists, the last remnants of the thinking of the likes of my late father. The Old Man never had a ludge to call his own, he was a straight up and down Tory Hun absolutely convinced, and not averse to telling me: “Son, Home Rule means Rome Rule.”

      Clearly a clash of beliefs there.

    78. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

      Surely the adoption of a definition of transphobia or any other rule Party members will be held accountable for should be voted on by members (assuming at Conference)?

      Looks like anyone falling fouls of this change (if it is rushed through) would have grounds for a Civil case against the SNP as they aren’t following process and procedure?

      Definitely an attempt to get J Cherry so a Wokoharam candidate can take over from Sturgeon when she falls!

    79. Rikali says:

      Allium says:
      29 January, 2021 at 10:58 am
      In gender ideology a cis person is someone….


      There is now a “gender ideology”?

      But i thought wokist believe that there are as many genders as there are human individuals.

      So there are (potentially) 7 bilion gender ideologies … and we can choose anyone we like?

      Sounds like a market capitalist’s wet dream!!

    80. Margie Davidson says:

      No, no and no Stu does not need to get back to Twitter – he is doing just fine here – my first go to news in the morning.
      Stu’s numbers are rising, the SNPs are falling – says it all.
      Thank you Stu and more power to your elbow.
      As for Mennie and the offer of his interpretation of transphobia?
      The Josh Mennie who posted a photograph of himself- and others- in a ladies toilet bragging about it. Can’t wait till election time when he is standing on the SNP list for my constituency.

    81. Jacqueline McMillan says:

      Sandra 10.56
      Don’t forget her selfie with Alastair Campbell. She looked well chuffed.
      I left SNP a while back. Now looking at joining ISP esp after that disgusting video yesterday. WTF!!!!
      She deffo doesn’t want Indy. Feel worse than disgusted.
      BTW Joanna Cherry hasn’t been on twatter for a couple of days. Hope the good guys are plotting auld nic’s imminent demise!

    82. kapelmeister says:


      Sturgeon ludicrously trying to back pedal regarding Salmond. Saying in an interview that he was such a big influence on her life. Yeah, same as she has been such a big influence on his life. A trial in the high court on serious charges she knew he was innocent of. A big malign influence she’s been.

    83. Captain Yossarian says:

      @Jacqueline McMillan – I reckon she’s a borderline psychotic. That would explain everything. Trump was and Hitler too. The signs are all there and folk are beginning to find her psychotic outburst quite funny. That’s the beginning of the end. Like you, I hope and expect it is underway and the wee grunter will be gone soon.

    84. Mia says:

      “The Uk civil-service advised her not to do it”

      Did they? How do we know? I know I am being very pedantic here, but we do not know that for sure, do we? What we have is an email sent to Hynd by the UK cabinet office on the 17 November 2017 saying they were uncomfortable about something. The words were:

      “this feels very uncomfortable to be highlighting a process for complaints about Ministers and former Ministers”

      What does “this” refer to in this sentence? “This type of approach”? “the separation of the complaints against ministers from the FAW procedure that was already in place”? “creating a complete brand new procedure to sneak in the complaints against former ministers through the back door”?

      Let’s bear in mind that there was no precedent for such a procedure against former ministers anywhere in the UK and there was not even a similar procedure for civil servants to complaint about former civil servants neither in Scotland nor the UK cabinet office. They were creating this completely from scratch.

      That same email from the UK cabinet asks for more time to complete their own reviews “to check if the UK cabinet’s own procedures have kept pace with current developments/concerns” Again, do those “current concerns” refer to the harassment cases among Uk ministers or rather the need to stitch up Mr Salmond because he launched a programme on RT?

      At no point that email ask them to stop and ditch the whole thing.

      Now, in that email the UK cabinet asks them to wait for their review to be completed. I could not find the follow up from that review anywhere among the materials submitted to the inquiry and I have been purposely looking for it because the dates interest me.

      The email containing a version of the complaints procedure, and it was not the first version by the way, was sent to the UK cabinet office on the 16th November 2017. From the email sent by Hynd, it is obvious they had already spoken by phone or had previous conversations about the matter.

      By 17th November the UK cabinet office responded with the email with the “uncomfortable” bit and asking for more time. We do not know when the follow up took place, but we know that by 20th and 21st November 2017 Somers met the second complainer, and that was even before the procedure had been officially signed or released.

      By 22 November, the FM sent a letter to the Permanent Secretary asking her to proceed. Funnily enough, the letter says something down the line that “time should not be a restrain to evaluate complaints from Former Ministers”. This is of course pure rhetoric as the civil servants had already engaged on the procedure against former Ministers from the beginning, with a first draft ready by the 6th November 2017, which is more than 2 weeks before this letter was sent. Unless of course, this was effectively Sturgeon’s green light for the process to continue despite the advice received (at some point in the previous 5 days) from the UK cabinet office.

      So my conclusion is that we do not know what that review threw in, but I very much doubt the UK civil servants in Scotland’s government would proceed with this without the green light form the UK cabinet office besides Sturgeon’s. Sturgeon could have bribed one or two, but not all of them.

      “The Scottish civil service have said many times that ‘they just follow the instructions of parliamentarians…ie Sturgeon”

      They were coached to our expense for 50,000 pounds, remember?

      First, it is not “the Scottish Civil Service”. It is the UK civil service. The Scottish government is only borrowing them. This means that these people have loyalty to the UK and if somebody in the Scottish government was asking from them to do something evidently unlawful that could land those civil servants in a court of law, in jail or losing their jobs and trashing their careers, who would be the first place they would run to ask for advice and for help? The UK civil service and they would do that in confidence. Has the correspondence of all those civil servants with the UK cabinet on personal matters submitted to the inquiry? No. So the idea that the Uk civil service and the British state did not know what was going on here is totally ludicrous.

      You may find one among the hundred UK Civil Servants that would go for a bribe, but we are not talking about just one, are we? How many civil servants in Scotland were involved on this? A lot and the breaches of the civil service code of conduct on this whole story, seem huge. Far too many and too big for the main UK civil service and the British state not to know and for these civil servants to put themselves at risk in such evident manner.

      In 2015 it was revealed that Civil Servants in the UK treasury were given prizes and praise for “helping to save the union” with practices that crossed over the line or sailed far too close to political intervention, depending on the perspective you look at it from, and that would constitute direct breaches of their code. This was blessed by the high mandarins of the UK civil service.

      Well, the intervention of these civil servants in the Salmond case to me looks exactly the same thing: working “to save the union”. It seems to me these civil servants working for Sturgeon were not expecting to be thrown into a criminal trial and a parliamentary inquiry. They might have been expecting some kind of prize/ praise/imperial gong from Whitehall for their hard work and dedication “to save the union”.

    85. Captain Yossarian says:

      I meant to say one last thing….a psychiatrist always looks straight into the patient’s eyes.

    86. ClanDonald says:

      “Fuck you incel terf gay boy”

      You see this kind of homophobia a lot from the men who get a kick out of dressing in women’s frilly knickers then claim to be lesbian in order to gain access to actual lesbians.

      I’ll never understand why the LGB movement allowed these fetish men into their movement, because deep down most of them hate gay men.

    87. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @alzyerpal (11.03) –

      ‘ejaculated from the SNP’

      That’s a keeper.

      I suppose it does mean ‘fired’, in a way.


    88. Wee Chid says:

      Sick inducing email about “hope” from Sturgeon in the inbox today. She seems unperturbed by recent events.

    89. NellG says:

      This obvious and see though strategy by Sturgeon to remove Joanna Cherry could actually work in our favour. I’ve already given up hope that the SNP can be turned around and saved, at least for the next decade so this might speed up the process of forming a new party to challenge. The potential return of Alex to front line politics in line with this has the potential to wipe out the SNP at the 2026 election.

      I am under no illusions now that Sturgeon has been working for the enemy for a long time and the strategy of making the SNP unelectable is designed to kill the movement stone dead. This will not be the case as the genie is out of the bottle and I expect the movement to rally once the masses finally wake up, there are some signs of this although not quickly enough to do anything for May.

    90. kapelmeister says:

      Wee Chid @11:26

      “Sick inducing email about “hope” from Sturgeon”.

      Teddy Hope?

    91. alistair says:

      Yesterday I searched duckduckgo and bing for news articles on craigmurray, a couple of things came up, one relating to the court case in the Herald.
      Today when I search for craig under the news section absolutely nothing comes up about him whatsoever. Bizarre censorship.

    92. Captain Yossarian says:

      @Mia – It is for Holyrood to pass/amend their own laws. If Nicola Sturgeon wants to do that then Whitehall cannot stop her, they can only advise caution….which they did.

      Nicola Sturgeon appears to me to be unhinged in some way, but we voted for her and so we will need to sort that out. It is not for Whitehall to do that.

      Salmond used to get the better of all in London in ways which were entirely legal.

    93. Peter S says:

      Please, everyone, can we stop wasting huge amounts of time and effort on debating all this woke nonsense and get our eyes firmly back on the ball of campaigning for INDEPENDENCE FOR SCOTLAND – get real, folks!

    94. Nally Anders says:

      Breeks @10.07
      Very nicely argued ?

    95. Hugh Jarse says:

      Teddy Hope.
      A name, or a modus operandi?

    96. sog says:

      Cutting to the core, here –

      Cis are an endangered species, it said.

      So are those shouty nutter weirdos going to be able to breed?

    97. Ian McCubbin says:

      A side show by a minority who wish to change how we all decide our gender and those who were on NEC of SNP now deselected by democratic process, crying unfair. Get real, politics shifts and changes. When minority elites rise to control and majority rebalances that is life.

    98. Bob Mack says:

      @Peter S,

      Get real? This is the future of an independent Scotland we are talking about and what it would look like.Not pretty

    99. Wee Chid says:

      kapelmeister says:
      29 January, 2021 at 11:29 am

      Ha ha. Naw – back to her other pet subject and the great job she is doing saving us all from Covid. I was going to respond but not sure that replies are even looked at.

    100. Career: Politician says:

      What’s going on with all this stuff?

      All I know for sure is that I can’t ever vote for the SNP again, and, really sorry to say this, I will actually be voting for whoever has a chance of beating the SNP in my constituency.

      Regrettably, that means the Conservative Party.

      I just can’t ride with the SNP anymore – and I actually want to reduce their chances of holding power in the future.

    101. Suzanne K says:

      @Margie How is Mennie still a member? I thought he was ejected after being found guilty of bullying, or did he jump, I can’t remember?

    102. Livionian says:

      I used to have a small bit of time for Owen Jones back in the day because I thought Chavs was a good read, but he has lost the plot since

    103. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “Yesterday I searched duckduckgo and bing for news articles on craigmurray, a couple of things came up, one relating to the court case in the Herald.
      Today when I search for craig under the news section absolutely nothing comes up about him whatsoever. Bizarre censorship.”

      That’s most odd. I also get a blank from Bing under “News”, but just searching his name in the general section brings up several of his recent blog posts, the Herald trial story and another report on it from Sputnik.

    104. Mia says:

      “It is for Holyrood to pass/amend their own laws”
      Right. How did that work with the continuity bill?

      “If Nicola Sturgeon wants to do that then Whitehall cannot stop her”
      Whitehall would not have any interest in stopping her on this when she was working for the British state by stitching up its main threat. They would have stopped her if she was working to stitch up the main pro union influence in Scotland.

      “they can only advise caution….which they did”
      Do you seriously expect me to believe the UK civil service would be so crass as to advice their own civil servants to openly break the civil service code and potentially break the law unless they ensured those civil servants all sort of personal protections? That would be the fastest way to ensure Scotland’s civil servants would ditch their loyalty to the Uk and embrace independence.

      I have no doubt these civil servants continued with a process so evidently unlawful and biased (and that is without including the other ramifications mentioned in Mr Murray’s affidavit regarding orchestration of complaints) and to a huge risk for themselves because they had the security from the Uk civil service that nothing bad would happen to them. Anybody with a functioning brain cell would demand that before knowingly proceeding with something that could land them in jail.

      Find that piece of evidence that is missing (the written advice from the UK government cabinet sent AFTER the 17th November 2017 that clearly asks those civil servants to stop participating in the procedure) and then we can continue this discussion. Until then, there is no evidence that the UK civil service asked its civil servants in Scotland to stop the procedure. The only evidence we have is that they were uncomfortable about something and they needed more time to check their own procedures.

    105. Desimond says:

      I just keep wondering “Are there Trans lobbies in other parties, cause they dont seem to get much exposure if there are…not even popping up to back any Trans folk in the SNP feeling aggrieved?”

      Someone mentioned the impact of Trans folk leaving SNP…now did they join the SNP to aid the fight for Independence or did they just join to aid doesnt seem to be both if they are leaving months before an election without a care about any impact on helping Scotland leave the union.

    106. Socrates MacSporran says:

      I lost a very old friend this week, a fellow scribe. Now he has passed, I can tell this story.

      Back when Sturgeon was a student, one of her relatives was Sports Editor for a local radio station and he had her working behind the scenes on the Saturday sports programme.

      Here she proved to be a right “nippy Sweety” frequently telling-off experienced reporters, with years of experience. She was, according to my friend, absolutely full of herself, very bossy and it was – with the backing of her relative – a case of my way or the highway.

      I knew her relative was a waste of space, but, until he told me that tale, I had no clue as to the dark side of Sturgeon’s character.

      She will not go quietly.

    107. Effijy says:

      It’s off topic to a degree but just a reminder of the fruitcakes
      that live among us.

      It seems that Rangers supporters are raising money to
      Pay for a Red Arrows display team to perform above Ibrox
      if they win the league.
      The planes have the Butcher’s Apron on their tail and if you recall
      their last trip to Scotland, they cannot do Blue and White smoke tails
      to match the Saltire. It has to have red smoke too or they can’t fly?

      There is a new knuckle dragger’s petition out demanding that Scotland
      should never be allowed to hold a referendum again.

      Citizens demanding their country must remain shackled no matter what.
      How sad.

      I’m confident MI5 will assist them to the 100,000 mark to ensure it gets raised
      In Parliament. Can’t you hear Lord Snooty purring with delight as he backs their
      demands while filtering money off shore.

      He brims with confidence as the plebs are just so easy to steal from.
      Upus Ownus Rectumus.

    108. deerhill says:

      I see Gorgeous George is still playing the religeous card to stir people up.
      Has it not dawned on him that it’s no longer a potent weapon except for a small number of nuckle-draggers?

      The new weapon of political choice is now sexual othering.
      Personally, if people are consenting adults, close the bedroom door, keep the noise down to a dull roar(Copyright Terry Wogan) and no medical assistance is required afterwards, they can be five of the happiest people on earth for all I care.

      But that is not good enough for the woke brigade. Everybody in the future hase to be trans? How will that work out? Will people get time off from being trans to be hetero once in a while to have kids? If not humans will die out!

      Mind you, that would be a plus for global warming and every other species on the planet. That would secure the whale vote.

      Incel? I thought that was the stuff people put in the loft for insulation?

      Sheeple? Used by people who have never had to herd sheep without a well trained dog.

      Perhaps someone could make up a list of abreviations for those of us without spittal flecked keyboards?

    109. Andy Ellis says:

      I’m wondering what – if anything – we can read in to the fact that Joanna Cherry hasn’t posted a thing on Twitter since Wednesday 27th? I mean I can understand her wanting a bit of a rest and feeling quite scunnered, but the silence seems odd, particularly as there isn’t even anything saying she’s having a break, just radio silence….!

      I know the political atmosphere is pretty febrile at the moment, but the lack of anything new from some quarters does kinda seem like the calm before the storm.

    110. Captain Yossarian says:

      @Mia – you’re dancing on the head of a pin. Whitehall cannot prohibit Holyrood doing what it wants…it can only advise caution…which it did.

      What it shows is that Holyrood couldn’t run Scotland in a million years. If they are advised against doing something, they go right ahead and do it anyway.

      In many, many other countries throughout the world several MSP’s would already be serving prison time for this.

      No-use blaming the UK Gov. It doesn’t wash. Salmond could fight them, win and remain within the law. He was a decent guy, well respected by many Scots. It’s more Salmonds we need and less Sturgeons.

    111. Jacqueline McMillan says:

      Captain Yossarian
      Wondered what caused all that blinking!
      She’s definitely not right and I suppose the video was amusing in a way. I can’t even get back onto twatter because of this mentality. If she is still in place in May I will be spoiling my constituency paper and vote ISP on List, which I intended to do anyway. It will break my heart but I feel left with Hobsons 🙁

    112. Jacqueline McMillan says:

      Andy Ellis
      Ms Cherry normally says when she’s taking a break

    113. TruthForDummies says:

      The trans definition is to try to get rid of Joanna Cherry it is something she could not sign up to. It can’t be imposed on members without a vote of conference but can be imposed on elected reps. If it passes JC would have to resign.

      There is a #SNPLeftMe on Twitter with folk that left the SNP over women’s rights which could help the good guys this weekend.

      I’ve heard that ‘member support’ are compiling a report of everyone who cites Joanna Cherry as reason for leaving.

      ONE THIRD of the NEC is not elected by conference

    114. Nally Anders says:

      Sorry Breeks that question mark was supposed to be a smiley. Trigger happy.

    115. Mia says:

      “you’re dancing on the head of a pin”

      Well, that is interesting because that is precisely what I think you are doing here. You are desperately trying to establish that the UK civil servants working in Scotland have no contact with the UK civil service down south even when Evans is travelling down every week to see her boss, which incidentally, is down there and not up here.

      “Whitehall cannot prohibit Holyrood doing what it wants”
      Yes it can because it can prohibit its own civil servants to do Holyrood’s work. The only thing they have to do is to tell those UK civil servants: “you are on your own. If you breach the code, you are out of the civil service. If you break the law, you will be prosecuted and we will not step in to protect you”

      There, job done.

      Remember the case of the civil servant that leaked the memo from Carmichael? Do you seriously think this man would have leaked it if he did not have full protection from the civil service?

      Think again. Those civil servants are UK civil servants and the British state has not devolved the civil service to Scotland for a reason: those civil servants are the British state eyes in Holyrood.

    116. Rikali says:

      Captain Yossarian

      It’s more Salmonds we need and less Sturgeons.

      It’s a EU fishing problem!!

      I know it’s futile but it’s fewer Sturgeons you need, unless of course you think a diet will make Sturgeon satisfy your need, in which case you need less Sturgeon. 🙂

    117. Captain Yossarian says:

      @Mia – That’s not what Leslie Evans says…she says that her job is to do as instructed by Nicola Sturgeon. She reports to Whitehall, of course, but she’s not instructed by them.

      That’s the way it is, Mia.

    118. Jacqueline McMillan says:

      If there are they are keeping quiet. NS gives them a voice which is causing instability and suits her and the rest of the seat warmers very well 🙁

    119. Bob Mack says:

      I see the Sturgeonistas have piled on Craig Murray now.
      Bringing up the offences for which he was cleared and proved innocent.

      Craig as we know was disciplined by the FCO for exposing torture.

      This is what Sturgeon calls her young activists eh?.

      We are at a war footing..

    120. Bob Mack says:

      Evans is answerable only to Whitehall. Sturgeon has no power to sack her. That is how it is.

    121. Cath says:

      All this trans stuff must be designed to reduce the SNP membership,

      It’s hard to conclude anything else. At the moment the only reason I haven’t resigned mine is the feeling that’s what they want and once I start feeling that, I tend to dig in. But tbh, life’s too short.

      Anyway, if there is to be a definition of “transphobia” surely you first need a definition of “trans”. And if that is to be “someone who’s gender doesn’t match their sex” then you need a definition of gender. At which point you need a whole boatload of sexist, regressive stereotypes. So if we’re going to definitions, lets have them but let’s have all of them.

    122. Mia says:

      “That’s not what Leslie Evans says”

      ha, ha, ha, ha!!!!

      And just out of curiosity, in which one of the multiple versions of her ever changing statement did she say that? Was that in the first, the second, the third… the last? And was that before or after the £50k coaching?

      “she says that her job is to do as instructed by Nicola Sturgeon”

      Sure. Didn’t she also say that she conducted a thorough investigation and she could not find who the person that leaked the info to the newspaper was when there were only 23 people who could have done so, her included? Well, it did not take Mr Murray long to find out…

      Her job is to do as instructed by her UK civil service boss in London. If her boss tells her “you do as instructed by Nicola”, then that is what Evans will do.

      That there was a collusion between Sturgeon, the higher echelons of the SNP and the British state via the UK civil service to bring down Mr Salmond, stop independence and destroy the SNP as a credible vehicle for independence, I have absolutely no doubt.

    123. James Horace says:

      Nice to see Jeane on the daily propaganda BBC show. Is Nicola off for some winter sub in Vietnam?

    124. Hugh Jarse says:

      Red arrows over Ibrox, what a fantastic idea. This needs encouraging..

      Much can be made from Bojo’s Scottish sojourn, but the stand out was the word “Irrelevant”.
      Aka The wishes of what’s consistently now polling as the majority of us.

      He assumes to speak for the rest,like they can’t speak for themselves.
      Irrelevant, like us.

    125. Jack Murphy says:

      Yes Mia at 11:59am. Absolutely correct.

      I can remember when the Chief Civil Servant in Scotland was banned by Whitehall from attending their regular weekly meetings in London in 2014 during the Scottish Referendum Campaign.

    126. Lothianlad says:

      “That there was a collusion between Sturgeon, the higher echelons of the SNP and the British state via the UK civil service to bring down Mr Salmond, stop independence and destroy the SNP as a credible vehicle for independence, I have absolutely no doubt”.

      100% correct!

      Collusion between sturgeon and the british state is becoming irrefutable

    127. Jm says:

      Its very obvious to me these wokerati activists are Yoons trying to inflict maximum damage and division.Either NS and Co have been had hook line and sinker or they’re in on the game too.

      The Kat Cary character is thick as mince in a sort of Miss Piggy way.


    128. Captain Yossarian says:

      @Mia – she’s said that throughout.

      There are whistleblowers who work in the public interest, such as Craig Murray, and they should be supported by all of us.

      ……and there are whistleblowers who work against the public interest, such as Nicola Sturgeon and her team, and they should be put on trial.

      Scotland more or less invented law and exported much of it to the rest of the world. We proceed on the basis of law and not on heresay and opinion.

    129. Breeks says:

      I’m still waiting to see or hear any reaction from Fabiani’s Inquiry Committee to Craig Murray’s affidavits. Seems very quiet, not unlike the Press.

      Please post links if you find them folks… Checking out Murdo Fraser and Cole-Hamilton on Twitter is like drinking Unionist orange juice out a bottle without realising it’s concentrate which you’re meant to dilute first.

      I see quite a bit of reaction to Kenny MacAskill’s article, but there was a lot more dynamite in Craig Murray’s revelations but strangely, a lot less bang.

      Truth be known, I get the impression Craig Murray is much deeper into the Contempt of Court Minefield. He knows what he’s doing, but the Dumbledorks in the Scottish Press find it tremendously risky trying to follow in Craig Murray’s footsteps. Probably down to the size 37 clown shoes they’re wearing.

      I wonder if this is the quiet before the storm…

    130. MaggieC says:

      From Mark Hirst on twitter ,

      It’s the link to the video interview with Kenny McAskill on Sky News and it’s just been repeated on Sky news five minutes ago , This is not going away now .

      Also I see that it Jeane Freeman doing the daily covid briefing just now , Is Nicola Sturgeon in hiding today . It’s not like her to miss being in front of the camera .

    131. Scozzie says:

      Mia @ 11.19am
      Having worked in the civil service for over a decade if the UK civil service had not given a definitive line to take for Leslie Evans (i.e. ‘we feel uncomfortable with this’ is definitely not a green light to proceed); I can only assume that the Scottish arm (under the direction of the FM) had decided to take matters in their own hands for the sake of expediency to get AS.

      It seems to me they could not wait for the UK Civil Service to give a ‘line to take’ when they said they’d take their own internal review – the civil service can be like an oil tanker doing a 3 point turn unless expediency matters only to the WM gov.

      I think we can presume that the UK Civil Service therefore did not sanction the reworking of the procedure to include former ministers otherwise I’m sure the FM / Leslie Evans would shout that from the rooftops.

      It leaves us with the most probable likelihood that NS and her inner circle conspired (without UK civil service sanction) to develop an unprecedented policy to go after an ex-minister, ex MSP, ex party member in a sexual harassment conspiracy.

    132. kapelmeister says:

      Red Arrows o’er Ibrox? A fleeting delight surely, given the speed these things go at.

      Meanwhile, arrows over Bute House. All saying that here reside a couple o’ rogues.

    133. Christian Schmidt says:

      They may try but they won’t be able to get rid of Joanna Cherry with that. Even if the stupid definition is adopted, it won’t wash.

      Parties can get rid of members for policy reasons, and for legal reasons. They can’t say this is a legal definition of transphobia therefore if you don’t agree you’re out, because despite all the posturing it just isn’t. And the idea that Joanna Cherry won’t be able to stop that is preposterous.

      The alternative is to say that these views of what transphobia is , is party policy (and it is quite legitimate for parties to chuck people out that don’t follow the agreed policy, even if the agreed policy is rubbish). But then the SNP needs to show that it is properly agreed policy, which they can’t because it isn’t…

    134. Iain More says:

      Uhmm what in the fuck is CIS? Is it some kind of TV series?

    135. J says:

      Telling that they use “gay” as an insult.

      Nothing but pure homophobia (and probable projection) from the TRA crowd, as usual.

    136. Lorna Campbell says:

      Scozzie: no, it is not a sideshow; you are right. The sheer force of this stuff is overtaking the West faster than the pandemic could ever do. It is a direct assault on Western liberal values (with its long-term aim to infiltrate more repressive regimes, too, across the world). It is bankrolled quite a bit by gullible governments (American and here, for starters) and by shadowy big businessmen from the Big Tech, Big Pharma, Big Medicine and Big Business models. In itself, it appears to be just a group of individuals led by Stonewall and the other trans groups under the Stonewall umbrella, and campaigning for equal rights.

      The handful of genuinely body dysphoric people were given equal rights under human rights and extended to the 2004 GRA (in the absence of same sex marriage legislation), which, in itself, was an incursion into female spaces and rights, but they actually want the 2010 Equality Act to be pushed aside and for the GRA to be extended, giving them far more rights than any other single group. That is unheard of in the human rights sphere. The European Human Rights Commission (on human rights from the UN) decided that the 2004 GRA would make trans rights the same as everyone else’s, but no one foresaw that the trans lobby would politicize this to the extent that it has, and has been angled to do by the huge injections of cash from governments and private individuals allied to corporate America. Same sex marriage legislation has actually made the 2004 GRA obsolete, but the trans lobby still want it extended. Why?

      You are very, very right, that the trans issue is a far greater threat than anyone might suppose. It is not a side issue, all you lot who don’t see how it is destroying the SNP and independence. Behind the smokescreen of the trans issue and the pseudo ‘woke’ is the undermining of our society – all Western society, for starters – to soften us up for whatever predatory capitalist wheeze is coming down the tracks (from America, where else?) to meet us. It is being used to cut away the liberal struts of Western society. Its totalitarian nature should alert us to that. It is not just a means to allow women-hating men to ruin women’s rights. It is the way that women’s rights – and crucially, children’s and young people’s, of both sexes – can be pushed back to allow for the huge new wave of change that is coming.

      Anyone who cares about their female relatives and wants to know what so many of these men, who claim to be women, are really like could do worse than go on to Mumsnet and read the testimony of ‘Trans Widows’. The whole panoply of cruelty, mental and physical, and sadism towards women and children is there for anyone to read. It is shocking, and it is happening behind closed doors, where these narcissists and psychopaths, because that is what many actually are, are allowed a free rein. These are not the handful of genuinely dysphoric people that the legislation was intended to help and who needed equality and discrimination against them eliminated, and thy are being used by others to infiltrate all aspects of Western society.

    137. Hugh Jarse says:

      For the Document deniers lurking who are struggling to get the motivation involved in the conspiracy, unless you’re the type who lust for power, a narcissist, the wee guy bullied at school who joins the Polis, you’ll struggle to get it.
      They’re not like you.
      Your projecting.
      Nobody genuine wants this awful situation we’ve found ourselves in to have occurred.

      Power for its own sake, becomes addictive, and corruptive.

    138. Mia says:

      “and there are whistleblowers who work against the public interest, such as Nicola Sturgeon and her team”

      Sorry, but in what way Nicola Sturgeon and “her team” can be considered “whistle-blowers”? Putting Mr Murray in the same category as those liars and power abusers is frankly an insult to the huge integrity and moral compass demonstrated by Mr Murray by releasing publicly those affidavits to high risk to himself.

      If what is emerging is true, some of those complainants lied under oath in a criminal court, others were bamboozled and dragged into a case on false pretences to be used as cannon fodder and individuals actively attempted to pervert the course of justice. These people might have broken the law and they did not do that to bring a problem to the attention of the public, which is what a whistle-blower does. They did so to fabricate a problem that did not exist there in the first place.

      Fabricating a problem is what Sturgeon was doing when smearing Mr Salmond in interviews, what organisations subsidised by the Scottish government and mainstream media were doing when backing the accusers after the criminal trial had ruled in favour of Mr Salmond to discredit the verdict, and is exactly what Sturgeon and others are doing right now with all this transphobia crap so they can get rid of Ms Cherry.

      “Scotland more or less invented law”

      Yes, and the British state is desperate to destroy it so England can absorb Scotland (and particularly its assets) on to itself even more. Individuals like Sturgeon, the Lord Advocate, the corrupt mandarins of the SNP (I would not be surprise if some of them are British state assets), some of those accusers and those civil servants are actively helping to destroy the reputation of our law and prosecution service and in doing so, doing the dirty work for the British state.

      “We proceed on the basis of law and not on heresay and opinion”

      Well, for the last 3 years neither the Scottish Government nor the Uk civil servants in Scotland nor the higher echelons of the SNP, nor the lord Advocate or the Prosecution Service or the police appear to have proceeded on the basis of the law. The absolutely ridiculous scale of the police investigation against Mr Salmond, to enormous cost to the taxpayer was conducted, seemingly on heresay, the same as the initiation of the complaints procedure against former ministers. I am still waiting to find among all the evidence submitted to the inquiry the irrefutable proof NR and JMac sought from Ms A to ascertain her complain was truthful and she was not simply using the opportunity to bring down Mr Salmond because she had some kind of grudge over him, before inviting her for a meeting on the 5th November 2017 and allow her to participate in the redaction of the procedure.

      “they should be put on trial”
      They should be dragged to a criminal court and prosecuted. The fact they have not done so yet tells you Scotland’s law is under serious attack.

    139. shug says:

      wee willie rennie the virologist and distribution logistic expert and educationalist specialist in the TV venting forth.

      Talking absolute rubbish unchallenged

      Still no word on the BBC about Craig Murray

      Nicola and Murrell must realise the unionists already have their chats – they are waiting for the best time to deliver them

      The best they can do is resign and go now.

      The wheel has come off the bogie

    140. Cath says:

      I’m honestly just gobsmacked we’ve arrived here – and it’s not just the SNP, it’s a chilling clamp down on freedom of speech everywhere, across all parties, the public sector, the police etc – on something so idiotically daft. I have gender dysphoria, so I know it exists (it’s lifelong and nothing like the TRAs and allies say it is). I know some people need to transition to deal with it and I have huge sympathy and support for those people. It goes without saying I also love people who are “gender non conforming” – non conformists are the only people worth knowing, to be frank. Conformists are utter dullards. And weirdly this lobby are the biggest load of conformists going.

      But this…I was going to say “debate” but that would dignify it with a maturity and ability to talk to each other it not only doesn’t have but is designed to destroy, so this…what the fuck even is it? This *thing* is about denying people’s ability to talk about their own sex, or to say that sex is even a real thing that matters. Simply, it’s about being able to criminalise, harass and victimise people for stating black and white truths. Or in other words, criminalise harass and victimise anyone those with the power wish. Those doing that should understand two things: one, no one will ever trust them ever again; and two, just because you’re on the side dishing it out today doesn’t mean you won’t fall victim to it yourself tomorrow.

    141. Hugh Jarse says:

      Aunties R4 news lets slip
      “…delayed results for the new vaccine..”

      Handily released, just as the Vax war’s are kicking off.

    142. Breeks says:

      kapelmeister says:
      29 January, 2021 at 12:38 pm
      Red Arrows o’er Ibrox? A fleeting delight surely, given the speed these things go at.

      Meanwhile, arrows over Bute House….

      Sure they aren’t Huey Helicopters?

    143. robbo says:

      The RED ARROWS will not be flying over ibrox in any way shape or form. That’s for the birds, they doo a lot of pooing.

    144. shug says:

      For those dealing with real unionists remember to tell them that the British troops serving in N Ireland have to complete import/export documents when the cross the Irish sea. So much for their precious union!

      They need EU approval to travel to part of the UK

    145. kapelmeister says:

      Breeks @1:06

      Could be Breeks. Or, given the scale of corruption, Huey Long helicopters.

    146. Big Jock says:

      Sturgeon has released a copy of her new strategy from now until May ” Look a squirrel”.

    147. Tony M says:

      These trans-extremists look set if not stopped to set back decades, both Independence and gay-rights.

      One word is enough to put ultimate Blairite lick-spittle Owen ‘Bomber’ Jones’s gas at a peep: Libya.

      Link is demolition of Jones (and the humanitarian ‘left’ – by left we mean not economic redistributive, levelling left but the careerist identity politics obsessed, hate-filled wrecking-ball sort). by Johnathan Cook.

    148. Captain Yossarian says:

      @Mia – Often whistleblowers are portrayed as eccentric and looking for a conspiracy theory which just doesn’t exist. Iain MacWhirter explained this the other day and I would agree with him. Craig Murray was dismissed as an eccentric, wasn’t he. But, he has had the chance to explain himself and he has done so lucidly and no-one on these pages would dispute a word of it.

      Whistleblowers like Sturgeon and her team, use their positions of trust to plant seeds of doubt in people’s minds. She’s still doing it of course referring to the alphabet women as ‘victims’. These people would have us believe they are whistleblowers too, but they are far from it. As I said before, they all require jail time and if that’s what befell those involved in the Westminster expenses scandal then it should befall Sturgeon and her team too.

      The point about law is that it should be completely stand alone. It should have no connection or responsibility to Government. In Scotland, that is not the case. James Wolffe is now a figure of fun and no Scottish lawyer of any merit wants to take-on work for the Scottish Government because they know they will be working with crooks and amateurs.

      20-years ago in Jack McConnell’s day, this was acceptable because Holyrood was just learning and the hope was that it would improve. It is not acceptable any longer and people need to be removed from the Scottish Government and from the Crown Office.

    149. Think he meant ENDANGLED.

    150. Hamish Anderson says:

      Did I miss Owen Jones’ article on how gays must be protected against evil murderers like the one who killed three gay guys in Reading?

    151. Mia says:

      “It leaves us with the most probable likelihood that NS and her inner circle conspired (without UK civil service sanction) to develop an unprecedented policy to go after an ex-minister, ex MSP, ex party member in a sexual harassment conspiracy”

      Even at risk of being pedantic, I would need to see the evidence that the Uk civil service explicitly expressed their discomfort and they specifically advised their UK civil servants up here against proceeding to believe that. Without seeing that evidence, I do not think we can conclude one way or another. They may not show it because that would weaken Sturgeon’s case. But they may not show it because that would immediately show collusion with Westminster and that would boost independence, which is what they are attempting to quash with all this.

      These are UK civil servants working in Holyrood and some of them at very senior level. It would have been obvious to them that the procedure was unlawful, particularly the idea of inviting complainants to help with the procedure before they could use it to complain. And let’s not even get into what is in Mr Murray’s affidavit of civil servants helping to orchestrate the complaints. These are very serious instances of what seemingly is law breaking and breach of ministerial code. This could potentially tarnish their reputation and careers forever. I cannot visualize any scenario where UK civil servants would proceed to break the law, knowingly, at a risk to themselves because the Scottish FM would ask them to unless they had the blessing from their bosses down south.

      The only thing I can conclude from that lack of evidence is therefore that the Uk cabinet did not asked them to stop. They asked them to proceed.

    152. Bob Mack says:


      People have been discussing it for countless years. Freud came up with the term “penis envy” to describe girls who were unhappy with their lot in life, not forgetting of course boys in those days were especially more privileged.

      It was basic theory but much has sprung from it since.

      I have worked with those undergoing gender reassignment. It is especially harrowing to listen to their stories. Often filled with abuse and violence.

      What I see today is men who want the best of both worlds.They want the physiology of a man coupled with the desire to express a female sexuality, or what they believe to be a female sexuality.

    153. Stu Foster says:

      Huge jarce. 12.58pm

      “Power for its own sake, becomes addictive, and corruptive.”

      And Sturgeon is addicted to power.

      Like a heroin addict, she needs her daily fix.

    154. Quinie frae Angus says:

      @Lorna Campbell at 12.56 pm

      Not for the first time you’ve really impressed me with your ability to encapsulate and distill what is really going on with this whole trans thing, and what’s behind it.

      It’s absolutely terrifying, and huge; it keeps me awake at night. And the thought that Nicola Sturgeon has bought fully into it all, endangering not only the entire Indy project, but also the health and future of all of us, makes me feel quite sick.

      I’d absolutely *love* you to do a full article on this, complete with links to sources, which could be posted here by the Rev.

      Your BTL comments are always so informative and spot on. But a proper article put up there on the main page – which we know is read so avidly by so many – would help enormously.

      There are still vast numbers of the unsuspecting public out there who still think “this trans thing” is a side show and a nonsense. People need to see – and understand – the bigger picture.

    155. Garrion says:

      This bullshit is also an excellent way to deflect discussion from a plebiscite election also. Discredit and rieve the party, conflate indy with whatever the fuck this is in the public mind, and also ensure that no smart capable and adult woman can become leader. What’s not to like?

    156. Al-Stuart says:

      On the 19th September 2014 the day after Scottish IndyRef1 the UK Establishment evacuated its political bowels. 45% YES to 55% NO was far too close for comfort.

      On 8th May 2015, that magnificent day after the U.K. General Election when the SNP received 1,454,436 votes, 50.0% of the Scottish vote and 56 out of the 59 Scottish seats contested in the election, the U.K. Establishment had already taken a treble dose of Imodium and still evacuated its bowels. Again.

      At that time, the highest levels of the UK Establishment took the decision to NEVER risk the Union again.

      Within that process a very clever group of people met. Credit where it is due, they deserve the highest U.K. honours. OBEs and knighthoods. Why?

      Because their instructions were to find a way to fuck up the SNP for a generation.

      The Establishment activated at least half of their security “assets” within the SNP structure and did exactly what their brief called for…

      To fuck up the SNP for a generation..

      Stuart, your article here on Wings today plus the torment of your having to report this shit for two years and the intercenine war on Wings BTL with Sturgeonites being given their P45s from Wings BYL has won a slice of the war in preserving the Union.

      The sheer brilliance of inserting these trans hormone raged student politicos doped up on trans medication has poisoned the well.

      In a twist that Shakespeare would be proud of, the State maneuvered Nicola Sturgeon into killing off the political life of her friend, mentor and the man who trusted her, the best First Minister Scotland has ever had, Alex Salmond. I used to think Sturgeon was the best thing since pan bread. Now I cannot look at the short ersed panda eyed duplicitous witch. Pure poisonous septic puss fae Dreghorn.

      That Establisjment in London and Cheltenham have done their job exceedingly well. Respect where it is due. If we all take a step back and look at the state of the SNP, I put the question: Could the SNP be any more fucked?

      The State has done their job well. To fuck up the SNP.

      So we are now left with the denouement. How will this chapter end?

      Will Craig Murray go to jail? Will Scotland become the first first-world country to have Orwellian 1984 truth-speak laws governed by a puppet regime in Holyrood run by London?

      Will Wings website be taken down and outlawed in Scotland?

      Might we end up with tartan being banned and the sound of the bagpipes silenced in the way of Gerry Adams during the Irish troubles across the North Channel?

      I think we are in for some truly historic moments.

      Alex Salmond needs to come back and Joanna Cherry with Kenny MacAskill and Craig Murray need to step up to lead us to Independence.

      Otherwise my Winger friends, we can all go home now. We can recognise Boris is our Prime Minister for 10 years and Priti Patel as OUR Scottish PM for 10 years after that. With maybe 5 years of Kier Manekin Starmer as a brief Prime Minister in the middle of a charming Red/Blue Tory shit sandwich governing Scotchland from Westminster. With the help of £1,290,000 Westminster short-money/bung for the Vichy Scotch Government each year.

      We can then all fuck off and prepare for IndyRef2 around May 2055.

    157. Captain Yossarian says:

      @Mia – ‘The only thing I can conclude from that lack of evidence is therefore that the Uk cabinet did not asked them to stop. They asked them to proceed’.

      This is not the case and it has been explained half a dozen times now. Even Leslie Evans says that she takes her orders from NS, no-one else.

    158. true scot says:

      Socrates MacSporran – this clip shows the dark side of Sturgeon – and the measured public face that hides it. Of course it’s a moment for celebration – but this looks vindictive:
      Rare to get a completely honest glimpse of a politician.

    159. Lenny Hartley says:

      Shug, Craig Murray himself said on Twitter that neither he or the MSM could comment on his Court Case as its still live.

    160. Republicofscotland says:

      In an article in the National newspaper today Sturgeon vows (we know all about vows eh) to take on and quash transphobia within the SNP, that vow made Greens leader Patrick Harvey moist, and he’s committed to holding her to account to carry it out, no doubt the over arching goal is to purge Holyrood of anyone who has an opinion that’s not trans friendly.

      Well then, the needs of the few certainly outweigh the needs of the many in this case. As Johnson doubles down on devolution in the UK, Sturgeon’s top priority after Covid is to purge her party of anyone who isn’t totally in agreement with her on trans issues.

    161. Garavelli Princip says:

      Giesabrek says:
      29 January, 2021 at 8:55 am

      Not just illiterate Giesabrek – but utterly devoid of logic and scientific validity.

      There is currently no possibility of male-male or female-female unions (so-called CIS Unions) resulting in offspring. Humans just don’t do parthenogenesis.

      It is theoretically possible to create germ cell lines (ova or sperm) from somatic (body)cells – and indeed such manipulations have been done in vitro.

      But is neither routinely possible nor desirable for human reproduction.

      The MOST STERILE UNIONS ON THE PLANET – in terms of reproduction are CIS unions – hence the use of turkey-basters AI or in-vivo fertilisation to allow these folks to have kids.

      Biological females have the better chance of achieving this; big hairy blocks wearing dresses have much fewer possibilities; those who take female hormones have no chance.

      The reality is TRANS are a biological dead-end. The CIS statement could not be more wrong.

      It’s just a matter of biology.

    162. Big Jock says:

      Remember folks, if this all falls to pieces and our movement is mortally wounded. The Sturgeonites will look to blame Salmond and us.

      The truth is. This whole sorry mess was created by Sturgeon. She has taken the SNP down a dark path. Salmond is the innocent victim of her plot. Without the plot , there would be no trial and no public inquiry.

      Everything is Sturgeon’s fault and that includes her complete failure as a tactician on independence.

    163. Republicofscotland says:


      In an interesting article in the press today, which showed that malice from the COPFS has so far cost the Scottish taxpayer a whopping £25 million pounds, the Tory we love to hate (we hate them all I’d imagine) Adam Tomkins has broached the subject to the LOrd Advocate and to the Justice secretary of just how much more taxpayer money will need to be paid out due to COPFS malice, in an astonishing admission from the COPFS its understood that an action currently underway, could see the Crown Office have to pay out another £25 million quid of taxpayers money.

    164. Bob Mack says:

      Andrea Leadsom did an article in the Civil Service Quarterly, which clearly states though all Civil Servants work in different areas ,even abroad or in the devolved areas they are directly answerable only to the Minister of State for their area or to Parliament (Westminster).

      Evans is answerable to Alistair Jack and any Westminster Committee on Scottish affairs only.

    165. jomry says:

      Breeks 12.28

      Craid Murray tweeted last night that MSM and other silence about the content of his affidavit is understandable since it is an evidence statement in a trial which has not yet reached a decision.

    166. Frank Gillougley says:

      The Right Side of History –

      Definitely sounds like a chapter from one of the Asimov Foundation books as Hari Seldon battles with the Trans Cultists on the planet, Getmeouttahere.

      Mad. Mad. Mad. Mad. Mad.

    167. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Republicofscotland (1.30) –

      ‘…that vow made Greens leader Patrick Harvey moist.’

      That is, by quite a distance, the most disgusting comment I’ve ever read, here or anywhere else.


    168. Scozzie says:

      Mia @ 1.17pm
      Of course WM did not ask them to stop in explicit terms (as we only have the written text that says they’re uncomfortable with it) but that does not translate as a green light either. And in government language it errs more on ‘this a very bad idea’ rather than ‘do as you please’. Sometimes you need to ‘read between the lines’ in government speak.

      I’m no supporter of the WM gov, but I think you need to look objectively that this may not be a WM set up but a wholly SG/ SNP set up.

      Don’t get me wrong, am sure the WM gov is happy to sit back and enjoy eating their popcorn in this whole sorry mess. But I don’t think it’s been orchestrated by WM. I think the conspiracy lies directly at the door of NS and her inner circle, co-opted by the COPFS and Police Scotland.

    169. avocado devil says:

      Iain More says:
      29 January, 2021 at 12:42 pm
      Uhmm what in the fuck is CIS? Is it some kind of TV series?

      It’s a kind of Kebab:

    170. Andy Ellis says:

      @Christian Schmidt 12.39pm

      I think you under-estimate the woke Wahhabi tendency in the SNP. If they aren’t faced down – and soon – there appears to be a real risk that they will have the “Accept the truth of the statement TWAW or leave”. That is in effect the position in both the Scottish Greens and Liberal Democrats: anyone who refuses to conform is subject to disciplinary measures and possible expulsion. Read Andy Whitehead’s interview with Mandy Rhodes about his decision to leave the Greens: this is explicitly what the TRA’s in the SNP want.

      Look at the evidence: the cry bullies in @OutForIndy are calling for a public enquiry about transphobia inside the SNP bypassing the SNP, and for the adoption and enforcement of an official definition of transphobia.

      Unless the SNP rank and file take action, the Twitler Youth and affiliate groups will draft the policy and their useful idiots in the party hierarchy will clap like performing seals begging for a fish and duly accept it. Those guilty of wrong think like Cherry will then be expelled or forced out by constant disciplinary measures and complaints from the guardians of the true path.

    171. Mac says:

      Apart from being outright bonkers I find all this trans bollocks so mind bendingly boring.

      As soon as anyone starts that trans gender patter my eyes have glazed over in an instant and their whinny voice fades to dim unintelligible noises in my head.

      I mean fuck sake they are probably the most boring and stupid people on the planet right now. I feel like listening to them is actually lowering my IQ.

      It is like listening to a mad man ranting. It is pointless trying to find any reason in it nor them.

      Plus they are generally all arseholes of the highest order.

    172. Hugh Jarse says:

      Stu Foster says: at 1:21 pm

      Huge jarce. 12.58pm

      “Power for its own sake, becomes addictive, and corruptive.”

      “And Sturgeon is addicted to power.

      Like a heroin addict, she needs her daily fix.”

      I assume that we’ve all know someone who changed, quite rapidly sometimes, and not for the best.
      Power extracts a price.

    173. Lothianlad says:

      As mentioned before, there is I believe, collusion between the SNP hierarchy and the brit secret service.

      Given how the brit secret service operate, and that their priority is defence of the realm, I suspect we are where we are because of events like this….

      Nicola sturgeon, a young, passionate, determined, articulate, and power hungry teenager, became noticed through her passion to the SNP leadership in the late 80s.

      When Alex Salmond became leader, he ob iously encouraged young activists to carry the torch for independence and mentored sturgeon as best he could.

      At the same time, she brit secret service, already well established and working in the SNP, saw her potential rise and assessed, as they always do, whether she could be turned.

      The brit secret service will have a file on every SNP MP and whether they a re a threat or an asset. Skelitons in cupboards will be well known to them and coercion will also be their plan.

      Back to sturgeon. Driven by absolute determination to get power, this was facilitated by AS and possibly MI5.

      Few, including AS would have known of their involvement. Possibly not even NS would have known she was being played at this stage.

      Then, knowing NS could be an asset to them, they helped facilitate her rise through the ranks of the SNP so she could be used by them if the SNP ever came to power.

      Because of AS the SNP did indeed get into power and became a real threat to the very existence of the british state itself. That alone would justify in their eyes, the brit secret service getting involved.

      As often, the brit secret service use several tools to exploit assets for their own ends.
      Coercion, threats, corruption, patronage, false security and many more ways are used by them. They dont just bump enemies or opponents off any more, they cause division and discredit opponents. It’s more effective for them.

      So having identified that sturgeon through her vulnerability and greed for power can be turned they set to work on her.

      They facilitate a high profile for her, give her media access, limited power etc

      Why? Doesnt the brit secret service not want to control the head of its biggest threat??

      Alex salmond couldn’t be turned, sturgeon could.

      The brit secret service are not all spooks, it’s not all exploding pens and nuclear brief cases.

      Infiltration and influence are their best weapons.
      We’ve all been in wonder at Darren brown types who can manipulate people, less aggressive and far more subtle techniques are often used on political opponents.

      Sturgeon agrees to do their bidding when the time is right because it made clear that she can have a comfortable lifestyle or consequences.

      They will have her trapped in some way, some, sexual deviance, financial irregularities,, corrupt allegations etc. Or worse.

      The asset is then bought and completely owned by the brit state.

      If this all sounds fanciful or people want to call me a loopy conspiracy theorist, fine, but, consider this….
      The british secret service was able to infiltrate the highest ranks of the IRA.

      They caused a bloody war between the INLA and The IRA and engaged in psychological warfare for years in ireland.

      Coercion and influence of NS by high ranking civil servants, special advisors etc get the results they want.

      We all know the Scottish government is emershed in the establishment. Protected by the legal establishment, crown office, media, police etc..

      Is it still to hard to think that they have no hand in this.? Yes its sturgeon. Yes she could influence others.

      Who benefits from AS being sent to jail? . The brit establishment.

      Who has most to loose if this is all exposed?? Nicola sturgeon of course, but, the very union itself!

      Someone posted on another thread earlier that Nicola sturgeon made a pact with the devil to get power. The devil has several disguises.

      The brits are calling her in to repay the debt. The party had to end sometime.

      I just hope it’s not the SNP.

      Truth will always be revealed.

    174. Mist001 says:

      So, is that it then? The Craig Murray revelations are now yesterdays news and instead, all this guff about a bunch of trannies is more important?

      No wonder the main media outlets didn’t see the need to publish anything, it now appears to have been a storm in a teacup if gender benders are all it takes to shift the story from the front page!

      Maybe the Rev’s being played by Mrs. Murrell?

    175. Balaaargh says:

      Hiding via a virtual pc hosted in France. I would suggest blocking the entire OVH range, Rev. That’ll cost them money if they want to keep using that tactic for their verbal diarrhoea.

    176. Ebok says:

      Isn’t it time to address a fundamental problem that is completely ignored – Party politics?
      In a political sense, like many, I ain’t got no home anymore. No political party represents me.
      The rise of Farage, Trump, Corbyn, far right, extreme left, SNP, occurred because of a complete breakdown in trust between the public and politicians. So, I don’t blame the messengers, whatever verdict they gave on lying, cheating, sleazy, dishonourable scumbags. And before anyone becomes outraged about lumping SNP in with that lot, that’s how we will be seen by outsiders.
      You don’t get vetted before joining a party, it would hardly be possible, so there’s no telling what kind of people are climbing the ladder. 1.25M SNP voters, 100K members, but how many attend local meetings? 4? 6? That’s where it all begins. It’s far too easy for a committed group to infiltrate. Most people have neither the time, nor inclination to familiarise themselves with the humdrum and detail of the political process. They trust their elected representatives without, for most, having a clue who they are, other than their ‘party’. By the time they realise what’s happened, they’ve been betrayed and taken for a ride. “It’s the system, stupid”.

      If it wasn’t for the fight being waged by ethical, principled bloggers here and elsewhere, I would completely switch off from this whole sordid mishmash of vested interests, lobbyists, and corruption.

      However, I won’t vote for a ‘party’ ever again. I’m bewildered why 128 Nero’s are sitting doing nothing as this fiasco unfolds. Any politician still hooked to her wagon in May is no friend of Scotland.
      Maybe I’ll be lucky enough to have the opportunity to vote for an independent who has principles, priorities, and life experience. We need more Andy Wightman’s (as an example, not a personal endorsement). We need to know what they stand for. Let these passionate woke and trans and others tell me what they believe pre-election, and not which party they’ve joined/infiltrated. Then I can make an informed choice.

      ‘They make a desert and call it peace’? How about ‘They make a political party and call it democracy’?
      I’m with the guys who knew who the enemy was.

    177. Republicofscotland says:

      Ian Brotherhood @ 1.40pm

      “ejaculated from the SNP’

      That’s a keeper”

      That’s by far the most disgusting reply to a comment by far, that’s ever occurred in the history of the universe and the multi- verses if they exist.

    178. Robert Hughes says:

      In broad agreement with your thesis Lothianlad . Just two points .

      I) It’s not known with 100% certainty if M15 infiltrated the IRA , neither is it necessary that they did . All they had to do was convince them they had been infiltrated , sow the seeds of paranoia , distrust and lets those seeds do their destructive work

      2) The truth is not always known . ” known unknowns ” .

    179. Confused says:

      “seizing control of the dictionary” is a right clever move and when allied with HCB provides a pincer attack

      – anything said by anyone they don’t like can become “transphobia” which triggers the HCB which I am sure will be pursued with zeal and aggression, just like burglaries and ordinary (no-hate) assaults

      the jewish lobby first did this with their rewrite of “antisemitism”; anyone who even mentions them in any context can be attacked, e.g.

      “israel murders people”

      – well it does, whether its bombs from aircraft, or their mossad putting plastic into folks mobiles, dressing up as arabs and planting bombs … it’s a fact.

      But, this is anti-semitic because – other countries murder people too, so – you are unfairly singly out israel (amazing bit of whataboutery) which makes you anti-semitic, since israel styles itself “the jewish state”.

      These are the people who invented “pilpul” so there is no escape.

      Others have pulled this trick too – feminists, upset at there not being enough “proper r4pes” just expanded the definition (which has led to a lot of bother …) so that yes means no, any and all acts require explicit consent, any intoxication invalidates consent and even down the line, after the event, the woman can withdraw her consent – this used to be called “having regrets” and “learning lessons”.

      The first transphobic trials will be interesting; you might think the accused merely has to turn up with a biology text and start stating scientific facts – expect this line of defence to be forbidden and attempting to mount it, taken as an aggravation of the original crime.

      The assault on language (word mangling, postmodernism, sophistry) is an assault on thought itself, which makes truth impossible and lies become a cover for great crimes.

      If you think the trannies are dangerous, just wait till the “MAPs” get organised – it’s their turn next, the next wave of “sexual liberation”

      MAP = Minor-Attracted Person

    180. Mia says:

      “This is not the case”

      Show me the evidence that proves it. Then, and only then, I will believe it.

      “it has been explained half a dozen times now”

      No. You have not explained anything. You have been trying to convince me without showing me any evidence to the effect that the UK civil service HQ did not know about the attempt to stitch up Alex Salmond and that they did not give a green light to the UK civil servants in the Scottish government to proceed.

      Either you show me that evidence or I will believe until the sun dims out that unless those senior civil servants had some kind of guarantee of security and protection from their employer (the UK civil service), they would have never ever put themselves or their families at risk of forever destroying their careers, their livelihood and reputation, prosecution and even jail when the only thing they had to do was to say: we are bound by the civil service code and it does not allow us to do that” It is a matter of common sense: how much they have to win versus how much they had to lose.

      “Even Leslie Evans says that she takes her orders from NS, no-one else”

      And what does that tell you?
      To me it says that Evans is trying very hard to conceal any participation of Whitehall on this affair by placing the focus on Sturgeon and the SNP. Any hint that Whitehall had its hand on this and would boost independence over the roof, which is precisely what they are trying to avoid at all costs.

      Just remember these people were coached and that Sturgeon has not worked to progress independence for the last 6 years. On the contrary, everything she has done, including this affair, appears to have helped to thwart the progress of independence. It therefore suits all the parties involved in this new attempt to thwart independence to put the blame squarely on her and the SNP in order to discredit the SNP as a reliable pro-indy party.

      I do not believe a word that comes out from either Evans’ or Sturgeon’s mouth. Your desperate attempts to make me take your word at face value are not going to change that. In fact, they are making me trust their word even less now.

    181. Scozzie says:

      Lothainlad @ 2.01PM
      I’m curious to know why you think this has to be a WM / MI5 set up? Why do you think it couldn’t be wholly conspired by NS and her inner circle / SG /SNP?

      Who has most to lose?

      WM – No matter who the leader is WM can still deploy a Cambridge Analitica propaganda campaign (I know they don’t exist any more but am sure there is a Mark 2 type version to influence the indyref vote).
      NS – her leadership and legacy is at stake if AS has a political come back.

      Hmmmm….I wonder who feels most at risk in that scenario????

    182. Lothianlad says:

      Yes it is fact that MI5 MI6 infiltrsted the ira. Stake knife was a codename used by a member of their buying squad. The squad that tortured and executed suspected informers.

      It’s been written about in several books and he gave sworn testimony to evade being exposed to the ira in return for witness protection.

      Look at the facts.
      Read a boon called 50 dead men walking, that also gives some in sight.

    183. Lothianlad says:

      Notting squad, not bullying squad in ladt text meant. They put a bullet through the brains of those who were suspected informants

    184. Captain Yossarian says:

      @Mia – I don’t believe a word that comes out of Sturgeon or Evans’s mouth either and upon that we agree.

      However, this was not some plot hatched by MI5 or MI6. It was hatched by Sturgeon and Craig Murray, Robin McAlpine, Kenny MacAskill and Alex Salmond have said that.

      They haven’t claimed it was by the UK Gov because it probably wasn’t and there is no evidence to suggest it was.

      Blame Sturgeon for all of this. That’s what everyone else is doing.

    185. mike cassidy says:

      MI6 and The IRA

      Unmasking Stakeknife: the most notorious double agent in British history

      And the irony of Michael Bettaney being unmasked as a Soviet spy

      That happened because

      One of theirs – Gordievsky – was one of ours

    186. Mia says:

      “Of course WM did not ask them to stop in explicit terms (as we only have the written text that says they’re uncomfortable with it) but that does not translate as a green light either”

      No. That email on its own does not translate as a green light but it does not translate as a red light either. They say they are uncomfortable with something. With what, we do not know in specific terms without the context of the previous conversation that led to that email exchange. The key word in that email is “this”. What does it refer to specifically?

      It is the very fact that all those civil servants, some of them very senior and with a lot to lose, did not stop and gladly continued with an evidently unlawful procedure, and according to Mr Murray’s affidavit some of them might have even involved themselves in the unlawful orchestrating of complaints, that tell you they had that green light. These people would not put themselves at risk of losing their careers or end up in jail for nothing. Bear in mind these were civil servants not SNP members.

      I may believe that one of them could have been bribed by Sturgeon and co. I will not in a million years believe all of them would.

      “Sometimes you need to ‘read between the lines’ ”

      And that is exactly what I am doing here. If you don’t have the main evidence, you have to look elsewhere. Elsewhere tells me those civil servants would not risk jail for the Sgov, never mind the SNP, Sturgeon or Murrell.

      “I’m no supporter of the WM gov, but I think you need to look objectively that this may not be a WM set up but a wholly SG/ SNP set up”

      I would be prepared to believe that if the UK civil servants were not so involved and from so early on.

      “But I don’t think it’s been orchestrated by WM. I think the conspiracy lies directly at the door of NS and her inner circle, co-opted by the COPFS and Police Scotland”

      We will have to agree to disagree. All over this sorry affair one thing that has become incredibly obvious to me is the ginormous amount of elephant size clues left behind by Sturgeon and this team of civil servants and co-conspirators to present the SNP and SGov as totally corrupt and incompetent. The obvious defiance of Swinney to abide by the 2 parliamentary votes to release the evidence and the position of the Lord Advocate are another massive clues. The leak to the newspaper, another. There was never any attempt at all and in the way this affair was conducted to present the Sgov as competent or honest. Even the continuous insistence of Evans and other civil servants in their submissions to the inquiry that “as civil servants they act on behalf of ministers” is another clue, particularly when it was civil servants who redacted and “tested” the document.

      The open and crass way the NEC has been manipulated to leave SNP members out of the discussions and to block Cherry and others, the missing ring fenced money and the embracing of this trans crap to the detriment of females, is the work of either a complete spineless amateur or one that is deliberately attempting to present the SNP and the government as corrupt. Sturgeon has been in politics since 16 and is a very much hands on, highly educated woman that has shown excellent ability prior to become FM. I therefore believe the second one is the only possible option.

      Who has the biggest interest in presenting the SNP and the SnP SGov as incompetent and corrupt?

      It stands to the obvious that it is a British state desperate to survive by stopping Scotland’s independence, a British state that is about to neuter Holyrood to pounce on Scotland’s assets and a British state that is desperate to get rid of an inconvenient separate legal system that may help Scotland to exit the uK at any point.

      When it took a matter of minutes for Mr Salmond’s legal team to look at the procedure and conclude it was unlawful and biased, it is quite obvious that either Sturgeon, a lawyer herself, and co wanted it to be deliberately presented that way to discredit the SNP or they did not care because they knew their backs were protected. The only way Sturgeon’s back could be protected is if she was in the same team as the opposition parties.

      Whenever the party of the establishment (the tories) in England is in trouble in the polls for something nasty they did, along comes out of thin air some accusation of antisemitism, corruption or sexual abuse or another similar crap affecting the Labour party to “balance out” the progress of Labour in the polls thanks to tories’ cock ups.

      I see the exact same thing happening here, the only difference is that the main party opposing the British establishment is no labour but the SNP.
      Along comes the biggest cock up of the tories in Scotland in 300 years of union history, brexit that is driving the pro indy support hugely upwards. So what is the obvious thing for the british state to do? What it always does, to balance out the “other” party: in this case the SNP by presenting it as corrupt.

      Same modus operandi, same aim: to infiltrate the opposition in order to retain control.

      All the clues point at this being a British state job and Sturgeon and Murrell having been their assets for at least 5 years.

    187. Clwyd Griffiths says:

      When are you coming back on twitter Rev?

    188. holymacmoses says:

      Capt Yossarian
      Blame Sturgeon for all of this. That’s what everyone else is doing.

      And in doing so, begin to recognise what a feeble-minded person she is (or has become). For a long time I have thought that this was an exercise in bullying and Sturgeon hadn’t the common sense to realise that she was dealing with a man who wouldn’t be bullied. I remember (and I’ve written this before and still can’t find where and when it was published) Sturgeon being asked soon after Mr Salmond had handed over the reins, that ‘Alex would never do anything to hurt me’. It was a telling statement and one she relied on without realising that Alex would do his best not to BUT in the final analysis he was always going to don his own oxygen mask and take deep breaths.
      The weaker people are, the more they keep the power to themselves and make sure that they create ‘coteries’ of staff all of whom are suspicious of each other and, (vitally), prepared to believe the worst of each other. That way you strengthen each faction but create a jigsaw of power with no-one except her little cabal having sight of the whole picture.
      Alex putting up a fight and winning has thrown everything into chaos and the lies are coming out into the open. One of the factions she created will break and then it’ll be a fight for the lifeboats.

    189. holymacmoses says:

      Whoever is destined to benefit most out of the demise of SNP, I put the blame squarely on Nicola Sturgeon. She had a choice and it was a simple choice and she chose to destroy the reputation of her mentor.
      BUT I refuse to believe that the Scottish people will let this opportunity for Independence slip by – it will take circa 100 days of sheer hard work but it can be done.

    190. Captain Yossarian says:

      @holymacmoses – I agree with everything you say. The pillars of nationalism are still standing – Salmond, McAlpine, Murray and even folk like MacWhirter.

      All are men, I might add. I wonder if any of them would have any time for all of that trans skitter we have been talking about for the past two days?

      You cannot build a country on top of the shifting sands created by Sturgeon and her team.

      I have the greatest admiration not only for Salmond but also for Craig Murray. I said earlier that whistleblowers are treated as cranks and conspiracy theorists and that is what happened to him. You expect him to be surrounded by Asda bags full of documents, wouldn’t you.

      Far from it, he has expressed himself clearly and unambiguously. They come across almost as figures from the Enlightenment surrounded on all sides by Sturgeon’s dross. We need a right good clean-out now right down to and including the alphabet women.

    191. stonefree says:

      @ Lothianlad at 2:01 pm

      The pact?
      I borrowed the story and myth of the blues guitarist Robert Johnson it just seems appropriate

    192. holymacmoses says:

      Captain Yossarian says:
      29 January, 2021 at 4:08 pm
      @holymacmoses – I agree with everything you say. The pillars of nationalism are still standing – Salmond, McAlpine, Murray and even folk like MacWhirter.

      I so agree EXCEPT, TBH, I put Mr Wings (I do know his name:-)) as top of the list in many many ways. In 2014 it was his hard work with the books that really gave ‘yessers’ that extra ‘tool’ to ‘sell’ independence to people who really had never believed it to be possible.

      Since then Stuart has put up with so much dross and worked relentlessly to sort out the chaff and nurture the grain. I doubt independence would be in anything like the fit state it is in without his skills in research, his ability to write clearly and effectively and above all his unbelievable patience and loyalty to the task in hand and the people involved.
      I’m hoping Ms Cherry comes out well and Kate Forbes ‘seems’ to be OK . Dr Whitford will be a good back seat driver, I doubt for one moment that she would want a real top post (maybe in health) but I understand her to be a patient and meticulous surgeon who loved her job.

      I would love Mr Salmond to return in some capacity but want him to take care of both himself and his family – this must have been a terribly stressful time for them and often the danger period is when the stress is released. Craig is relentless and I think Dangerfield is a real asset. There are many, many other really good people whose skills have remained untapped during the Sturgeon times. We have a great opportunity and as Sun Tzu said
      ‘Opportunities multiply as they as siezed’

      MY biggest regret (and I know I won’t be popular for saying this) is Alyn Smith who I believe to be one of the best speakers in Scotland but who has hitched his horse to a cartload of rubbish. The new Scotland could have done with someone of his oratory skills as a front man. Ah well!.

      BTW I did one of my theses on Catch22 🙂

    193. holymacmoses says:

      ‘Opportunities multiply as they are seized’

    194. Margie Davidson says:

      Susanne K
      Does this answer your question? – check out The Honourable Yona in today’s twitter.

      They have been beavering away sleekitly behind everybody’s back whilst Nicola told us all we had to concentrate on Covid. Josh Mennie was working with STA/Equality Network to produce THEIR opinion on what is Transphobia. Somerville gave them access to Legal Services.

    195. Gordon Keane says:

      Some dude has just been on Radio Scotland’s evening news program on the wireless.
      Oh Dear, Oh dear!
      Transphobia in SNP could be soon like the antisemitism problem with Labourm he bitterly girned.
      Look, nobody is waging a war on those who change their gender, etc, but what is unacceptable, is those who want everybody and everybody to just write down on a bit of paper they have changed, without having actually changed.
      That some quite deliberately make something out the criticism that was never there, is suspicious.
      These folks are quite intent on doing as much damage to SNP and the Independence cause as they possibly can.

    196. Captain Yossarian says:

      @holymacmoses – yes, my favorite, apart from Captain Yossarian, was Milo Minderbinder who bombed his own squadron for the cost of the operation plus 6%. Also, Doc Daneeka whose most valued possession was his cash register. There is a lesson for us all there and you can see the comparisons can’t you with Sturgeon and her crew.

      I agree re this site and Dangerfield.

    197. WhoRattledYourCage says:

      Woke, cis, etc, is all blabbedyblahhoopla. Tragic how Yank middle class convulsive sociological madness has been adopted by young Scottish brats from and on social media (I really should call these youngsters American, they talk and think like no Scottish person I ever met in my life), spewing made-up Yankeedoodledandy words, and forcing sane people to use this dogshit to debate with/laugh at.

      Amazing how a small cabal of mentally unbalanced people on Twitter can basically affect a linguistic and ideological sea change in a population, just by playing at being from a different country whose utterly worthless popular culture they obsess over, cos it’s jammed in our face 24/7 365. It’s also fucking disgusting.

    198. Aquarius says:

      @David F at 9.40

      “The really important question is how do you get to be an incel, and a terf, and a gay boy, and a cis, all at the same time…”

      I keep having to look up those terrible acronyms.

      If TERF is trans-exclusionary radical feminist, the male must be a TERM, a trans-exclusionary radical masculinist, so it would be possible to be a gay boy incel cis and TERM all at the same time

      @deerhill at 11.48

      I, too am often stopped short by all those abbrevieations including the one which is BTL (or is it TBL), as it just makes me think of bacon rolls for some reason.

      Sorry for the tardy response to the above, but not long finished work

    199. Jacqueline McMillan says:

      Who Rattled Your Cage
      I agree with everything you write here. I find it all negatively affecting my blood pressure. I try to switch off many times. It’s effing MAD!!!!

    200. Jacqueline, that’s what gets me. You see them quoting Michelle Obama on Twitter, all sniffy and self-righteous. They have this starry-eyed middle class vision of America through a couple of visits to the beach in Florida, or watching films and telly, but they know nothing aboot how bestial, violent and insane the real country can be when you live in it. I stuck a story up on my blog the other night aboot how my building in Chicago turned onto a crack hoose. If they knew more aboot how nihilistic the real country is, they might think twice.

    201. Jacqueline McMillan says:

      Thanks for directing me to your blog. Your story is scary and a half. Will spend more time re-reading tomorrow. You write well. Until I saw the photos of the passage I was imagining a very dark, awful smelly place, which it was. Cheers

    202. David Ferguson says:

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