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The Great Beyond

Posted on February 16, 2023 by

So here we are, the morning after the morning before.

The thing that had to happen happened. What happens now?

Curiously, the pro-indy “new media” has been almost silent on yesterday’s bombshell. Among the SNP super-loyalist sites, Bella Caledonia offered not a word of commentary and still doesn’t as we write this, while Wee Ginger Dug has only yet another of Paul Kavanagh’s explanations of why he can’t do any blogging for his donors because he’s devoting all his energies to collecting his regular paycheque from multinational media giant Newsquest. (Where he was punting a frankly hilarious lecture about how “the need for unity within the independence campaign has never been more vital” while suggesting that anyone who’d ever criticised Sturgeon was basically a Nazi.)

The mainstream Scottish press, meanwhile, is at its gruesome absolute worst today – an avalanche of abominable awfulness, page after page after page of unimaginable drivel both in support of Nicola Sturgeon and against her, most of it turgid and missing the point in every possible way.

Because the real point isn’t her terrible record – something we assessed in detail last year – nor is it the comically absurd fantasies of a Scottish Labour resurgence. Nor even is it the mad wishful thinking that half a country is suddenly going to give up on independence and eat its cereal, just because a leader who’d failed to make an inch of progress towards it for the best part of a decade has finally gotten out of the way.

The most striking thing about Nicola Sturgeon’s departure is the suddenness of it, and the complete chaos it creates in the SNP in its wake. So let’s have a sieve through the smouldering wreckage and see what we can discern.


We cannot see any possible way this can now go ahead on the scheduled date next month. The party’s Policy Convener and Westminster leader have both already called for it to be cancelled, and it surely must be. It would be ludicrous for such a key decision to be made while the SNP is effectively leaderless.

(Tragically, this is also likely to have a knock-on effect on the “Progress To Yes” event in Aberdeen at which several dozen irrelevant nobodies planned to work on new ways of excluding actual grassroots activists from a non-existent referendum campaign.)

The conference will almost certainly have to be postponed for months while the SNP decides who will succeed Sturgeon. Depending on how long it’s delayed, that could damage the hopes of Angus McNeil’s proposal for a snap Holyrood election succeeding, because if the possible timetable for it slips into 2024 then it risks colliding with a UK general election and making a right old mess.

Indeed, as we were writing this article the SNP Westminster leader Stephen Flynn called for not only the conference but the still largely imaginary “independence push” to be “paused” for an unspecified period of time while the party got its act together.


This really is a great unknown. Nobody has a clue who might stand or how bitter and destructive the battle to take over from Sturgeon might be. Arguably her greatest failure as leader was in not preparing an obvious successor, and we really wouldn’t like to predict anything about the contest.

Angus Robertson is the bookies’ favourite by a distance, but we’re not at all convinced. We’ve been conducting various investigations in recent weeks relating to the missing fundraiser money, and while we make no accusations at this point, let’s just say that if the whereabouts of the cash is the key factor in Sturgeon’s sudden exit – and we’re certain that it is – then Robertson declaring himself a candidate might be, how should we put this, an act of extreme irresponsibility towards the party.

And polling suggests surprisingly little enthusiasm for him among voters anyway, despite his long service and relatively high profile. (We suspect his ambitious wife may, for various reasons, be more of a hindrance than a help to him in terms of popularity within the party.) But then, polling suggests no discernible enthusiasm for anyone else either, with “Don’t Know” the runaway choice and “Other” polling almost as many votes as any of the named contenders.

(We’re also rather sceptical about Kate Forbes, who completely bottled the GRR vote, suggesting she might not have the nerve for the job. For the opposite reason, we’d quite like to see Ash Regan stand, though we don’t know much else about her.)

The selectorate is another centre of mystery. Rumours have abounded of large-scale resignations from the SNP in recent months over gender reform and other issues, and nobody really knows if they’re true. (The party hotly denies them all, but has been so conspicuously evasive about its membership for years that there’s very little in the way of believable evidence either way.)

If they were, it’s entirely plausible that many of those members would wish to return and try to influence the selection of a new leader, but the party has already slammed the door on any such possibility, saying that only people with a live membership as of yesterday would be eligible to vote.

MPs and MSPs like Joanna Cherry and Ash Regan have called for that decision to be changed and for voting bans on those under suspension for spurious allegations of “transphobia” to be lifted to ensure a fair vote, but there’s been no official response.

There’s also the minor matter of Mr Murrell. The SNP CEO remains in place and will therefore oversee the election, which in light of his track record will arouse further suspicion. If there’s to be any hope of a clean start to the new era, there ought to be no perceivable suggestion that the scandalous chicanery and manipulations around the 2020 NEC elections and the 2021 candidate selections will be repeated.

There are whole rafts of separate and obvious reasons why Murrell ought to stand down immediately – the police inquiry into the missing fundraiser money, the obvious conflict of interest were the previous leader’s husband to effectively be the boss of whoever the new leader was – but the transparency and probity of the leadership election is the most pressing.


Gender reform is the toxic policy tearing the SNP apart (stay tuned to Wings over the next few days for some new polling data confirming what we already knew about that). According to some commentators – mistakenly, in our view – it’s the real reason for Sturgeon leaving the stage. But today’s Scottish Daily Mail carried a very interesting piece on the subject.

It looks very much touch and go as to whether a new leader will be in place before the deadline for lodging a court challenge. Sturgeon could initiate one while effectively caretaker, but that would look like spiteful interference and be pointless, since if her successor was from the gender-critical wing they could just drop the case straight away as a statement, whereas if they were from the transactivist wing it would make them look like a poodle or a puppet (especially if Murrell clung on as CEO).

A court case would keep the massively unpopular issue at the forefront of the news for the rest of the year, which would be quite a poisoned chalice to hand the new leader.

If Sturgeon has any genuine concern for her party, the deadline may be the most dignified way to escape the whole quagmire, by letting the bill quietly die while blaming extraordinary circumstances. Whether that would satisfy the fanatics of the Twitler Youth is doubtful, but it wouldn’t be her problem any more.


And of course, the elephant-sized Sword Of Damocles hanging over everything in the room remains Operation Branchform. Should the police arrest any senior party officers and bring charges – and we can’t see any credible way of that being avoided, since it’s a matter of black-and-white fact that the money no longer exists in the SNP’s accounts – then all bets are well and truly off. The ramifications for the party’s entire infrastructure, as well as its finances, would be utterly tumultuous.

So to tell the truth, readers, your guess is as good as ours on all of this. We wouldn’t want to make any firm assertions about what might happen this afternoon, let alone next week or next month.

What seems most likely is that we’re in for a lengthy period of wild uncertainty, exactly when the SNP most needed to be stable and focused. And that, more than polls or policies or plans, is what Nicola Sturgeon has really bequeathed her party.

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0 to “The Great Beyond”

  1. John Main says:

    We wouldn’t want to make any firm assertions about what might happen this afternoon, let alone next week or next month

    Ach, I will make one firm assertion.

    It’s a gawdawful mess.

    Thanks Nicola.

  2. KT Lorimer says:

    What about Jim Fairlie for leader?

  3. Stephen says:

    If Joanna steps forward I and thousands of others would rejoin if our vote would count? You should run a poll on that ?

  4. Mac says:

    IMHO Sturgeon is the worst leader ever of a modern western democracy. Her record alone is pitiful but attempting to stitch up your former mentor and friend to protect your position puts Sturgeon in a league of her own. Add in Craig Murray and others and the shocking nick she has left the SNP and independence movement in and it really is no contest.

  5. David Beveridge says:

    I’ve wiped mist off my car windscreen that had more depth than that “talent pool”.

    I was thinking they couldn’t possibly do any worse than L Ron Sturgeon, but looking at those names…

  6. Geoff Anderson says:

    I take it you don’t think that the “woven through the accounts” defence will work?

    I do wonder who will take the blame…the treasurer? Will he be the fall guy?

    How much latitude will the Police award the “ring fenced” claim. Is £600k of HQ furniture and wages credible as being spent on Independence?

    Will we have enough popcorn!

    I now expect Robertson to withdraw from the contest quite quickly!

  7. Ian McCubbin says:

    Again you spell out clearly what is unfolding.
    You cover the media hype and from my own recent social media interactions the loyal SNP have taken to SM to call out anyone who suggests any running on NS part form pending legal processes or other GRR backlash.
    Simply the loyal remain unseeing and believe all will be well and the cause will be rejuvenated.
    I don’t think that is realistic nor does anyone else outside SNP.

  8. Lorna Campbell says:

    Can’t argue with any of that. However, I would never write the party off completely. Not quibbling, Rev, but monetary problems for parties are notoriously difficult to make stick. Most of these politicians are teflon-coated and we all know how poisonous that turned out to be. How many times have we heard that monies are to be ring-fenced, only to discover that they have been used elsewhere. It is fairly common practice now. As I said, I might be wrong on this. We’ll see. I’m not optimistic either about the end of the GRR because these creeps are very, very persistent, and every public body, institution, service in Scotland is infested with them and their Stonewall Diversity Champions schemes. If the Greens are dumped, that would be a start, but, again, we’ll have to wait and see.

  9. Mike says:

    Bet you’re glad to be back Stu – never a dull moment right now!

  10. Gregory Beekman says:

    Scotland is a country, not one person. If Sturgeon going is worse than Sturgeon staying, then I’m going to become a Unionist (because it’s then clear Scotland can’t run itself).

  11. Jockanese+Wind+Talker says:

    Ash Regan went from 66/1 yesterday to 14/1 today at the bookies.

    Question I have though is what would the ramifications be if the SNP go bust financially?

    Would they be wound up?

    Would by-elections have to be held or would sitting MPs and MSPs become independents?

    Any one know?

  12. Michael Bruce says:

    ‘For various reasons.’ Delicately put. Chortle, chortle.

  13. Michael Bruce says:

    ‘For various reasons’. Delicately put. Chortle, chortle.

  14. Bob Mack says:

    Hard to imagine the SNP becoming insolvent, but there we go.

    Somebody may be going to jail. People on Wisharts timeline blaming Cherry for all the ills and wishing she would go to Alba. Their distress is palpable, but may well get worse as all they held sacred crumbles atound them.

    They cannot believe their sacred totems would betray them in any way.

    I used to admire Sturgeon but over time you begin to pick up the small items of information that helps you change that view. It is hard to accept.

    It is a mess, but so much of Scottish history has had similar

    We have no choice but wait to see what evolves and when

  15. Gregory Beekman says:


    It takes about 10 minutes for your post to appear.

  16. Cenchos says:

    Is Swinney going to simply let the party rotate around him again, while everyone looks at everything else but him? Exactly what levers does Swinney pull in the SNP and beyond, both now and in the past?

  17. Gavin Barrie says:

    Geoff said:

    “ I do wonder who will take the blame…the treasurer? Will he be the fall guy?”

    Nope. Wisely, we’ve had two (?) treasurers who looked at the non access to the full books and their snubbed requests for more info who refused to sign off the books and promptly resigned.
    They had the great foresight to protect themselves.

  18. Andy (not Wightman) says:

    Halfway through Nicola’s speech yesterday, the mail dropped through our letterbox. It included a summons for me to perform jury service at the High Court in Edinburgh next month. Are they anticipating a sudden uptick in cases?

  19. Ottomanboi says:

    A protracted and boring selection process similar to the English Conservative one….eeeeekk!
    Politicians need to wake up…popular they are not.
    Sturgeon may yet cast a long shadow.

  20. What Rot says:

    (If not Alex) Breeks for FM

  21. desimond says:

    Its all so sad.
    From a sold out Hydro to a sold down the river scenario.

    Its been interesting seeing how isolated Nicola became over last few months..left supporting the GRR Bill ( why was it left to her to support etc?) and now, when the Party really needs folk to step up… you cant see a well known SNP Member for love now money bar a few who arent on Saint Nicola’s side.

    Where’s MacDonald?, Where’s Stewart Hosie?…sitting in a Privy Council meeting discussing the coronation seating arrangements probably.

    One aspect I did consider if a Nicola stooge/PPE robot gets in.. could we see a rebrand?..change the name to The Scottish Independence Party, or Scottish Forward or some similar ilk ..with a nice fuschia colour scheme and a calculated move away from the so called “damning” Nationalist tag..another wee chink in reducing identity and impact of the former powerful SNP

  22. Scotsrenewables says:

    Any news / predictions on the emails?

  23. orri says:

    Money going missing and someone being able to donate a sum amounting to a sixth of it to the SNP might raise a few eyebrows. The whole folded into the accounts bit may be code for we borrowed it to pay operating expenses. After all the way it’s set up no SNP no referendum, laugh is you like. So everything they do could be classed as part of an ongoing independence campaign.

    Sounds a bit like the kind of charities that rake in millions and those running them take the majority in wages. It might help to see the books I suppose. I’m sure the police might have more success persuading Murrel to hand over a version of them where the alleged treasure could not.

  24. Peter A Bell says:

    While not disagreeing with a word of what Stu says, I prefer to think of Sturgeon’s departure as an opportunity. I am even considering rejoining the party… if they’ll have me!

    #DissolveTheUnion #ScottishUDI #NoSection30 #ProudMalcontent

  25. desimond says:

    Doffs cap to REM reference…so so very apt..

    In all this talk of time
    Talk is fine
    But I don’t want to stay around

    Why can’t we pantomime
    Just close our eyes
    And sleep sweet dreams
    Me and you with wings on our feet

    I’m pushing an elephant up the stairs
    I’m tossing out punchlines
    That were never there
    Over my shoulder a piano falls
    Crashing to the ground

    I’m breaking through
    I’m bending spoons
    I’m keeping flowers in full bloom

    I’m looking for answers
    From the great beyond

  26. Effijy says:

    The lies on U.K. media are absolutely sickening and pathetic at the same time.

    Scots are subsidised.
    Nobody wants independence then they say it’s split the country In two.

    So half of Scotland should give up on their aspirations and go with the other half.
    So if both halves change their view the country is split in two.

    Sturgeon allegations of monies being lost to Scotland.

    Thank goodness the only allegations in that category are-
    Boris £200K for wallpaper
    Boris £35K free holiday
    Boris donations from Russian he put in the Lords
    PPE Contracts for Tory Friends
    Track and Traceless £Billions wasted on Tory Harding
    Emergency Covid contracts for Tory supporters
    Mrs Sunak forgetting to pay U.K. taxes
    Rishi investing big time in vaccines
    Hancock giving contracts to Mone and pub landlord
    Graylings £150 for Brexit ships that never existed
    Etc etc etc

  27. Stuart MacKay says:

    It was a gawdawful mess yesterday as well. All that’s changed is the fig-leaf of respectability has been pulled off.

    I’m thinking along the lines of what Robin Mcalpine and Jonathon Shafi have been saying. The former saying that we need to kill with hammers the idea that there is that special someone to save us from the clutches of Darth Tory and the latter saying that the case for independence hasn’t really been made yet.

    It’s pretty obvious that saviours and political parties are a fickle bunch and either easily distracted or easily derailed. Independence will only really happen when everyone, regardless of race, colour, creed or pronouns, has a stake in an independent future. There’s no one-size-fits-all vision or philosophy that will deliver that.

    The entire SNP leadership can’t plead ignorance on the subject of the finances – they only get to choose culpability or dereliction of duty. Perhaps the party will fracture into more natural poltical groupings. That would set things back quite a bit but ultimately I think it would be a lot healthier, reliable and robust with a chance for everyone to have a voice.

  28. James Dewar says:

    This is all looking rather expensive for the SNP, and a few questions to be answered by the SNP. How much will it cost them to cancel the Special Democracy Conference and the Progress to Yes? All that rebranding of SNP paraphernalia with Nicola on it. Will they be able to afford a new conference?

  29. Stuart MacKay says:

    Gregory Beekman @1:06pm

    Thanks for that observation.

    I got an error trying to post yesterday and I think the cause of all the problems we’ve been seeing is the cache that sits in front of the blog and returns a snapshot of each web page. I bet the cache timeout is set to 10 mins which is why nobody sees anything until after that time limit expires and the cache goes and gets a new copy of a page complete with new comments.

    Rev. if you’re paying to host this, give them a bollocking. If you’re hosting the site somewhere else get your techie to check the Varnish cache settings.

  30. ScottieDog says:

    All of this leaves an opportunity for the pond life that is labour…

  31. stuart mctavish says:

    Presumably first on next Tuesdays agenda will be for the Green party to remind parliament that Holyrood requires a new FM within 28 days of the old one’s resignation, ergo it’ll only have 3 weeks left to elect a new first minister.

    Second might be extending the ministerial pact to a SNP1-Green2 recommendation in the defacto referendum that necessarily follows any failure to reach agreement on the matter.

  32. Sneckygirl says:

    Panic not, people. Everything is in hand. On the National’s leader poll today, one of the faithful has identified Emma Roddick as a suitable leader….

  33. BabsP says:

    Here’s my ideal scenario. First let me say I am no fan of Angus Robertson’s ambitious wife. If he were implicated in the financial shenanigans – or for any other reason – he might gracefully stand down from his Edinburgh seat – which just happens to be Joannah Cherry’s home seat – and she, being a woman of integrity and a genuine believer in independence, might win a by-election and gain a seat at Holyrood and become the SNP party leader.

  34. Den says:

    Plus ca change , Brand SNP is holed below the waterline. Its continued reliance on the odious pretendy greens (Harvie and Slater) to get anything done has cost it big time. As AS eluded to in his interview this week”he doesn’t know when Sturgeon got interested in GRB as it wasn’t on her radar when he was leader” Well it’s simple she has went this route because it’s what’s been negotiated to keep them onboard and get done what they needed. Nothing is going to change.

  35. Mac says:

    Personally I think the ease with which Murrell raised the 600k promising it would be used for a specific purpose an indyref2 and that it would be ring-fenced, but then just used it to pay other bills including his own salary, speaks volumes about how comfortable he was that he was untouchable. To me this is a blatant fraud, people go to jail for much less. He just thought he could get away with it.

    I think this also helps us understand how he was so comfortable engaging in a plot to stitch-up Alex Salmond. Surely engaging in a conspiracy to pervert the course of justice is a crime but there he is sending written messages seemingly attempting to do just that without a care in the world.

    Murrell is a real weak link it looks like, a walking fuck-up. If he feels really threatened he might try to bargain his way out of it. By turning queens evidence so to speak. Just depends on whether he feels he has been left holding the jail-baby. I wonder if he has had any sleepless nights, maybe they have given him a tiny insight into the horrific nature of what he and others conspired to put Alex Salmond through.

  36. orri says:

    Kate Forbes may be the only MSP at the moment capable of making even a reasonable attempt at leading. Certainly she managed, wisely, to avoid actually voting against the GRR and openly inviting the wrath of the Sturgionistas.
    I mean even they might not have had the balls to insist that someone on maternity leave break it to vote on something that would pass regardless of which way she voted. Other than as a loyalty test.
    There may be others that kept their heads down whilst seeing colleagues purged by fanatics. A bit like most do in a dictatorship. If things go really bad there may be a fair few claiming never to have supported her regime.
    I always assumed that the Leader had to be an MSP. That’s something the SNP can decide for themselves obviously. If it’s an MP there’s a few problems that come to mind. Such as the principle that it’s Holyrood that is important and MPs are simply there to annoy Westminster.

  37. Ottomanboi says:

    The «shibboleth» now is the word NATIONALIST.
    No grovelling apologias for being one.
    Out and Proud!

  38. steph says:

    What’s the procedure for removing Murrell?

  39. Lenny Hartley says:

    scots renewables Roddy on the special edition of through a Scottish Prism last night about 47 mins in, said he had access to Emails, the jist of one to Sturgeon was along the lines of shame to lose do many footsoldiers but they are obsessed with Independence and at least the Trans People will be happy.

  40. James Che says:

    Is it true the first minister of Scotlands devolved government was in that position of office because of a election by the people, not the Snp party.

    If it is.

    Then in democracy, it should be the people whom now vote for a alternate new leader as first minister for Scotland.

    But here we are

    Following UK election laws and legislation because do not have a Scottish parliament of our own since 1707.

  41. Ruby says:

    Lorna Campbell says:

    We’ll see. I’m not optimistic either about the end of the GRR because these creeps are very, very persistent, and every public body, institution, service in Scotland is infested with them and their Stonewall Diversity Champions schemes

    Agreed! As you know I see very little difference between the GRR and the GRA.

    It’s all the same stuff ‘born in the wrong body’ ‘trans women are women’ pronouns & weird language. The latest suggestion is that women should be called ‘egg producers’ I’m envisaging women having to have a ‘little lion’ tattooed on the forehead.

    In a recent interview Sam Smith referred to a fisherman as a fisherthem.

    I would believe Sam Smith has taking the p except that he doesn’t seem that bright.

  42. robertkknight says:

    Interviews under caution? Oh, the shame.

    IndyRef2 promised deadline being missed? Liar-liar pants on fire!

    Proposal to change Holyrood’s Standing Orders to allow a collapse of Parliament and force a plebiscite GE? Ermmm, awkward?

    Westminster killing off the GRRR? Embarrassing.

    The list of reasons to abandon ship are many… Pick a card, any card.

  43. SteepBrae says:

    Revd Stu writes: “The most striking thing about Nicola Sturgeon’s departure is the suddenness of it, and the complete chaos it creates…”

    And yet yesterday’s ‘news’ report from the streets of Irvine painted a much different picture: a heroine lost to the nation.

    Surely people won’t fall for this diana effect trick. Wake up, Scotland!

  44. Shug says:

    For me the killer is trying to put Salmond in jail for something you know he did not do and being daft enough not to understand the establishment are watching your every move.

    She was toast from the moment the conspiracy started

    It also highlights she was not fit for office

    Every MP and MSP that sttod by is responsible

  45. 100%Yes says:

    8 years of my life wasted for what? We all watched the FM pretending to have worked for Scotland and the cause of independence for the last 8yrs, during her speech about her biography over the last 8yrs never did she ever give a thought to say sorry to her party, woman or Scotland. We now await for the arsewypes in the NUSNP to elect another unionist.

  46. lumilumi says:

    Just when you thought Nicola Sturgeon couldn’t set the cause of independence any further back, she deliveres again.

    She’s leaving the SNP in a shambles and the independence cause in a worst position in decades. What a legacy!

    I have no high hopes for her successor. She wrecked the party branch democracy structure and stuffed the NEC with acolytes under the guise of “affiliated groups” (or whatever the language for her TRA/woke brigade was).

    The next SNP leader will no doubt be one of her cronies. Hail new leader, same as the old one.

  47. laukat says:

    I think Forbes missing the GRR vote was more of a clever political calculation than bottling it.

    With the membership and organisation of the party now geared to supporters of the GRR the next leader will not be Ash Denholm or Joanna Cherry or anyone seen to be actively working against the GRR.

    Forbes may just be savvy enough to realise that voting against the GRR would prevent her becoming FM and that the way to properly end the Gender Woo-Woo was by becoming FM.

  48. David Thomson says:

    The Dug laments, “It is very much the end of an era in Scottish politics”, while Barrheadboy gushes, “Now I have another day I will not forget, the day Nicola Sturgeon finally stood down. It was the same day I rode on the back of an elephant in Thailand.”

  49. Tommo says:

    Apparently an unseemly scuffle is developing between the SNP MPs and it’s MSPs as to whether a General Election or the Scottish assembly elections is the appropriate venue for any ‘referendum’, ‘de facto’ or otherwise, each desperately trying to avoid ‘their side’ being presented with the Order of the Golden Rivet in the event the thing bombs.

  50. matt says:

    stuart mctavish says:
    16 February, 2023 at 1:31 pm
    Presumably first on next Tuesdays agenda will be for the Green party to remind parliament that Holyrood requires a new FM within 28 days of the old one’s resignation, ergo it’ll only have 3 weeks left to elect a new first minister.

    I think in formal terms she announced her intention to resign, remaining in post until successor chosen.

  51. Ian says:

    It’ll be interesting and maybe critical to see how the new SNP leader treats Alba. IF the SNP & Alba both want independence as their primary objective, then isn’t their only major difference about how it is achieved – sooner or later. IF this is the central difference between them, will the post-Sturgeon SNP continue to be so anti-Alba and if so, why? But then, those are very big if’s.

  52. Gregory Beekman says:

    Is Sturgeon leaving worse than Sturgeon remaining?

    In this context, are you a LEAVER or a REMAINER ?

  53. Ruby says:

    I can’t get too excited about Nicola retiring. It’s all a bit of a damp squib.

    Now the question of why she retired so suddenly is another matter.

    I do love a good ‘whodunnit’

    Did she lie when she said her battery was well charged and her tank was full just two weeks ago?

    Was it ‘Isla Bryson’ or the ‘Russian’ phone hackers wot dun it?

    Do you believe it’s neither of those things and her battery just ran out all of a suddenly on Valentine’s Day?

    Did you experience a ‘flat battery’ on Valentine’s Day? 🙁

    The Mystery of the Valentine’s Day flat battery

  54. Doug says:

    The so-called special conference should go ahead because Robertson has already been declared as Sturgeon’s successor. The declaration was made on the day he was parachuted into his Holyrood Edinburgh Central constituency.

  55. Gregory Beekman says:

    I should clarify:

    LEAVER = glad she resigned now

    REMAINER = sad she resigned now

  56. Catherine says:

    “Arguably her greatest failure as leader was to prepare an obvious successor”.
    Do you mean “not to prepare”. Ironically, to prepare an obvious successor turned out to be Alex Salmond’s greatest failure.

  57. Neil Mackenzie says:

    Would it be so terrible for Nicola Sturgeon’s legacy to be the SNP’s insolvency?

  58. The Biler says:

    The more things change, the more they stay the same.

    Like 1700’s Scotland all over again but without the actual bloodshed (thus far).

  59. desimond says:

    The comments regards leader having to be at Holyrood actually makes me think that that is part of the problem.

    Anything focusing on Holyrood is still playing Westminsters game. The separation between SNP Scotland and SNP Westminster only plays into the Unions hands. Its divide and conquer.

    We have seen how just having a “competent” First Minister achieves heehaw for Independence, the Indy YES dial didnt move even when Nicola was at her highest approval ratings.

    I pray for a leader who will prioritise target wins within Westminster…annoy them, spoil their pomp and circumstance, make them hate us, make them wish we were gone…rather than playing PM questions Pantomime Villain down there and being their pat on the head gloried Parish Council committee up here.

  60. Ottomanboi says:

    The purpose of the SNP is NDPNDNC
    Complete the above with requisite vowels.
    Two hours max.
    Cheating = lifelong disqualification.

  61. 100Yes says:

    Lets all start joining a party who I might add has done more damage to the cause if Independence than all the unionist parties north and south of the border. Just remember folks all these MSP and MP supported Sturgeon apart from one or two. Are we just heading down the same old road but with a different leader, I hope I’m wrong for Scotland’s sake.

    I left the old SNP I’m with Alba and thats where my loyalty will stay.

  62. robertkknight says:

    “SNP should pause Independence push”


    I wasn’t aware any “Push” had begun, let alone was in a position to be “paused”.

    These idiots must think we button up the back…

  63. stuart mctavish says:

    Course if the Greens dont raise the issue of parliament sitting without a first minister on Tuesday it could mean that they’re not that fussed about indy (or the opportunity to get elected FM for a day to ignore the S35 and push the GRR through a second time)

    Either way, the logical* approach for Reagan and Cherry would be to defect Alba on Wednesday, remind parliament it now had 20 days to pick a new FM, and try to sell a SNP1-Alba2 deal for the defacto ref instead/ as well.

    *ie rather than ask for non members to be eligible for party leader

  64. Big Jock says:

    Her legacy is that she has broken the movement. Something Cameron and Boris couldn’t have achieved. And people say she isn’t a unionist??

  65. Andrew F says:

    I pointed this out at the time, but…

    Just reminding that the 107,000 (nice round figure?) was not in pounds.

    Look at the exchange rate at the time and the odd amount works out in nice round figures to $US.

    The question then would be, why? and where did those $US come from?

  66. Pipinghot says:

    Does anybody know the legal status if that is the correct description of “ringfenced”

  67. SusanAHF says:

    I don’t know how the SNP recovers from the Sturgeon/Murrell years. It is riddled with wokists and nonentities in positions of power, NEC compromised. Let that be a lesson for Alba on the dangers of malicious infiltration.
    Added to which is the infiltration of the major public bodies in Scotland, including the Law and Education. Sorry days.

  68. Wee Chid says:

    She had to find some excuse for not holding a referendum this October. Also managed to make sure there would be no plebiscite in 2024, giving Flynn strict instructions to suggest delay. Time we got rid of the lot of them and voted for real pro independence candidates.

  69. Astonished says:

    100% YES – I’m with you.

    Anyone who leaves Alba or the ISP to return to the binfire that is the nuSNP needs their heads examined.

    I hear Shirley Anne may be helping a transcult candidate or even throwing her hat into the ring. Can you imagine her leading the party ?

    I’m staying with Alba because I actually want independence.

  70. Heaver says:

    The timeline could be compressed: Soon, she might find herself compelled to resign with immediate effect.

    For some reason or other.

  71. DaveL says:

    I’ll be surprised if any prosecution comes about re the missing six hundred thousand pounds

    Consider COPFS recent prosecution of AS for attempted rape that the alleged victim (woman H?) said happened when she was’nt there at the time or place that she claimed! Then on top of that their failure to prosecute that woman and the other lying alphabetties for perjury with the added bonus of anonymity.

    Also their former chief cheese and lord advocate James Wolffe prosecuting a case when he knew the accused persons were innocent. A case that is believed to be costing the tax payer up to a hundred million pounds in awards. That man is still walking around.

    Six hundred thousand? Chicken feed! nothing to see here. Look, there’s a squirrel…with a carrot…but then again; never say never.

    PS Here’s a list of SNP MSPs who could be next in the FMs chair: lucky us.

    £600 000

  72. Allium says:

    Kate Forbes is utterly insipid. Her popularity puzzles me.

    I hope Ash does have a go, her media performances after her resignation were not just competent but bullish, so she obviously isn’t afraid of standing up for herself, plus she must be relatively clean – if they’d had anything against her they’d have used it.

    Assuming there’s going to be a Swinney 2.0 winner (or just another go for Swinney), with an enhanced profile she’d be well placed to be a rebound candidate a few months later.

  73. Big Jock says:

    Heaver ….she might take a wee holiday to Portugal!

  74. Joe says:

    When you think about how much time Natalie McGarry for missing funds Murrell must be bricking it big time.

  75. Big Jock says:

    Wee Child – And it has already been speculated that a new mandate will be required in 2026. Because the mandate wasn’t achieved under Starmers government.

    The SNP are now using unknown possibilities as a reason to delay. Usually Nicola waited for events to happen , then delayed because of them. The SNP are now actively seeking out future possibilities to delay.

  76. Marty P says:

    If There are certain to be arrests, does that mean that Sturgeon will be one of them? Hard to see how she can get away Scot free when she is the camp boss.

  77. Inverclyder says:

    Indy ba’s on the slates for 10 years which will suit some of the mental health members with and without any ba’s.

  78. Alex Stone says:

    100Yes says:
    16 February, 2023 at 2:33 pm
    …….. Just remember folks all these MSP and MP supported Sturgeon apart from one or two……

    Yes, never forget the influence of a bloated salary, obscene expense claims, and a golden pension, and the potential loss of these if questioning the cult leader, on personal morals and political principles..

  79. stuart mctavish says:

    matt @2:09pm

    Pretty sure intent is binding in Scots law – think in terms of how (an alleged) intent to rape was used against Salmond and you’ll get the gist of where I’m coming from.

    Add the corroborating evidence of the number of people in tears (and even pictures of some celebrating with union jacks) on hearing yesterdays news and there can be little doubt that her resignation was accepted in accordance with Scots law.

    As such she’ll not have nearly the same latitude as Cameron, May, Johnson, Truss etc to remain in office while BBC broadcasts the campaign for her replacement – and it’ll be a lot more than the independence seeking msps whose motives should invite closer scrutiny if they fail to (try to) appoint a new FM next week..

  80. Gregory Beekman says:

    As I’ve said before, the problem with the SNP is that they became politicians.

    There is now no way back for them – they are a party of career politicians, not one of rebellious outrage at the current system.

  81. Gregory Beekman says:

    Stuart MacKay says @1:28 pm

    Yes, hadn’t thought of the cache. I bet that’s it.

  82. Etticus says:

    Glad to see the back of sturgeon, though I would have preferred to see her leaving Bute house in handcuffs.

    It would seem to me that the disappearing £600k has a lot to do with this. The rumours of murrell and sturgeon being questioned by the polis abound and the urgent nature of the resignation makes me think something is afoot.

    All those jumping up to eulogise the first liar may have to eat humble pie when the truth is revealed.

    As for where the party goes now, well until team murrell is completely removed and that includes co conspirators like Angus Robertson the party is toxic and needs to be destroyed.

    I suspect that Robertson will be anointed as a Sturgeon continuity leader, having met him I can safely say he’s a horrible smarmy man. Dripping with arrogance. Met the wife as well, she’s just as bad.

    Oh how I’ll laugh if that pair get anointed and next thing they are being led away in cuffs for their crimes.

  83. Hector Highgarden says:

    I like the alliteration in the sentence re Angus’ wife.

  84. KT Lorimer says:

    Seems to me Sturgeon’s job was to remove all those from the party who could convince people of the merits of independence – that explains why the polls haven’t moved. I know many mainly women who would have been actively campaigning and persuading people who instead are protecting women and children from the vileness of Queer Theory.

  85. orri says:

    It’s not a new mandate that would be needed. It’s a new S30 due to one of the parties the agreement is between no longer being in a position to be held by that agreement. An S30 is an agreement between governments and not parliaments, apparently. That’s the best argument against sturgeons slavish devotion to getting one in the first place. A Westminster election or even a change in PM and it’d be void.

  86. dgp says:

    It seems likely that at some point Ms Sturgeon will be given a damehood or some other honour. Lady Dreghorn?

  87. Etticus says:

    Also meant to say that it was very noticeable that Murrell was not in attendance at the resignation speech.

    Normally the spouse is always there to lend support if for ex a PM resigns, you’d think even for the sake of optics he’d be there to keep up appearances.

    It tends me to thinking that all is not well in the Murrell household and that Mr Murrell could be in a spot of bother. There are of course the rumours that he has found himself a younger and male special friend. Certainly there are rumours of him being a regular in certain clubs in Edinburgh.

    It would not surprise me if Sturgeon throws him under the bus to save herself but then again he and his allies will have more than enough on Sturgeon to send her down for a long time as well. What a nest of rats the SNP has become. Can’t wait for them to start eating each other.

    Interesting times.

  88. Ali Clark says:

    My memory isn’t the best, what possible charges am I missing for the SNP’s office holders…

    Embezzlement / Fraud

  89. SusanAHF says:

    Robin White, gender ideologue and barrister reminds me of jabba the hutt. Boak

  90. gerry mcghee says:

    My mind goes back to the tory party leadership election after Heath. no one anticipated for a second what impact the obscure Thatcher was going to have. Let’s hope someone emerges for SNP who can be as transformative for Scotland. “Cometh the hour…”.

  91. StruanBorn says:

    What is within those emails? Is there any possibility that whatever Stewart Mcdonald & Nicola Sturgeon were conversing over email would be enough to force her resignation?.

  92. Wilson McBride says:

    Etticus 3.31pm

    “It tends me to thinking that all is not well in the Murrell household and that Mr Murrell could be in a spot of bother. There are of course the rumours that he has found himself a younger and male special friend. Certainly there are rumours of him being a regular in certain clubs in Edinburgh.”

    OK Etticus,,, I’ll say it for you,,, Peter Murrel is as bent as a two bob bit.

    It is another well known, hushed up fact.

    The Murrells are in a very strange “arranged marriage”.

    Set up to further their careers and fill their bank accounts.

  93. Garrion says:

    I’m going to keep promoting the idea that, as far as a means to Scottish independence is concerned, the SNP are not and will no longer be fit for purpose.

    The upside is that we now know who should under no circumstances ever be allowed to join as a politician a political party actually committed to achieving independence – just look at and make a list of every MSP and MP who did not fight to the last the Murrells and their de-democratizing and cultification of what was, under Salmond, a healthy and very effective party.

    That might sound unfair, but this isn’t a game, and we seem to have a huge population of political careerist drones of no use to the people.

  94. Bob Mack says:


    Lady Draghorn surely?

  95. Broonie says:

    Re legal challenge against the section 35. On meeting with the Permanent Secretary regarding her resignation, the FM was told she should not make any binding decisions that would hold the next FM to them. This would mean any legal challenge which would go beyond her term. So the Daily Mail is correct. The GRR is dead in the water. She still resigned knowing that she was essentially removing any chance of GRR becoming law.

  96. Big Jock says:

    Etticis – Robertson is even more unpopular than Sturgeon.

    For a start he looks as if he is very arrogant and smug. When he opens up his mouth, all doubt is taken away. He would be a disaster as the face of a government and nation.

    Despite my reservations about Kate Forbes. For her various background religious fetishism. At least she would be presentable to non aligned Scots. That is always a good starting point in winning people over.

    It may be shallow and morally questionable. But the Real-Politic, is that human beings subconsciously warm to those they find attractive.

    We want to win independence , not put more people off it due to a leader the public can’t warm to.

  97. John C says:

    Angus Robertson is one of those people where if you shake his hand you double check he’s not had any rings you’ve been wearing or maybe a couple of fingers. Can’t trust him as far as I could throw him. If he becomes SNP leader (and I fear that may well happen thanks to the Sturgeonites) then expect independence to be dead and buried this decade at least. He won’t break up a nice arrangement for him and his wife.

    But the fact is the SNP have been purged of anything radical for some time now with the supposed ‘radical’ Mhairi Black being nothing more than someone who has found a way to put out a pretense of radicalism while at the same time propping up the mechanisms which help impose an unfair system. If it worked for Corbyn for decades, it’ll work for Black.

    A party can’t be radical if it props up a failing system, and the longer the SNP avoid independence, and the more it slips into neoliberalism (the ‘green’ freeports being the latest such example) and a market driven, hard capitalist ideology (of which the entire Trans movement is an example of) then all it’s done since replacing Labour in 2015 is become Labour, but with a few more tartan shoes. It has in effect installed its own class of middle managers upon Scotland who won’t change anything. Sure, a few things are tweaked and some excellent things remain from the Salmond era but on the whole Scotland in 2023 is in the shite. The mainly middle class, comfy types supporting Sturgeon have it fine but they’ve dumped the working class in what is a repeat of what Tony Blair did from 99 onwards.

    Scotland is in the grab of a management and political class propped up by a failed media, and a supine cultural class who see independence as a way to maintain their place. That means you’ve got opposition MSP’s, etc using the threat of indy as a way to maintain support, while Sturgeon, etc use indy as a way to gain support. Meanwhile our culture stagnates with comedians too scared to criticise the SNP, and even our own language is being gentrified as Scots becomes a jolly thing for the middle class to gleefully play with. No other small European country has a political system and culture like this.

    I recommend anyone to watch The Trap, an excellent documentary series from Adam Curtis which could well be updated to include Sturgeon.

  98. lumilumi says:

    Stuart MacKay says:
    16 February, 2023 at 1:21 pm

    I’m thinking along the lines of what Robin Mcalpine and Jonathon Shafi have been saying. The former saying that we need to kill with hammers the idea that there is that special someone to save us from the clutches of Darth Tory and the latter saying that the case for independence hasn’t really been made yet.

    Wise words. No one will be the messiah to deliver independence without the general populace wanting it – and getting off their arses to go and get it.

    Alex Salmond did a great job in getting people off their arses and going to get their independence. Ultimately it wasn’t quite enough.

    His successor has spent 8 years getting people to sit back on their arses, making Scottish indy not a people’s movement but her own, her party’s political hobby horse that can be utilised to ram through other policies.

    I have a lot of respect for Alex Salmond as a competent, cunning political operator with oodles of integrity, but he is not the saviour (for one thing, he’s pushing 70, I wouldn’t blame him for wanting to retire).

    Nobody is “the Saviour”. The independence movement needs ordinary Scots, diligent workers, accountants, engineers… Maybe a dash of artists, musicians to lift the spirit.

    Right now the SNP party hierarcy and hangers-on don’t seem to represent ordinary Scots or their independence aspirations. It’s all a bubble of self-congratulation and virtue signalling in line with US-style identity politics.

    The same is also happening in my country. I call out the cultural imperialism, I get called a right-wing nutter, a nazi, or worse, by our local young amateur social media bubble political commentators/operators.

    If you really want to frazzle their brain, ask why it’s OK for one minority (trans) to self-identify, but not for another (Sami people). The sound of cogs of cognitive dissonance grinding to a halt is a sweet sound to hear! But it only lasts a short while before their dissembling begins. Words, concepts are redefined to fit their narrative.

    You cannot argue in good faith with an opponent that redefines the long-standing, agreed meaning of words and/or concepts to suit their own agenda. Such goal-post moving renders any meaningful, constructive, consensus-seeking political debate a pointless exercise. Either you buy the ideology or you don’t. And if you don’t, you’re branded a right-wing nutter, a nazi etc. – even if you’ve voted for lefty parties all your life.

    That’s the toxicity of identity politics. In the US, it’s associated with the Democrat Party, which is about as far left as the UK Tories. Other European lefty/greeny parties have forgotten the class struggle/environmental concerns to ape US-style identity politics. The winners are not the environment or the ordinary working people.

    If the lefty parties are only concerned with identity politics and new-found minorities, ordinary workers’ rights get ignored and income inequality and education inequality only increases, and the rich laugh all the way to the bank. That is not a good thing for any country – let alone Scotland with aspirations of independence.

  99. TenV56 says:

    Something has rattled her for sure. She has batted away critique for years. Maybe she is finally divorcing Murrell? He should go too. Can the party force him out?
    In the end, she is just another politician. Ten a penny.
    Like the number 12 bus…there will be another one along shortly!
    No need to ‘pause independence push’ It is in the party manifesto. It is not owned by the FM! Besides, were there not folk working on it already? (another lie)

  100. Etticus says:

    Oh and another point, I see a number of the SNP1&2 crowd are trying to suggest that Sturgeon was an agent of the British state whose job was to stymie independence. What utter drivel and is typical of those who think all Scot’s are perfect until they are taken advantage of by some evil English person.

    Nicola Sturgeon is a narcissistic psychopath, she has not been got at by anyone, she got herself ( together with Murrell) into a position where she exerted near absolute power within Scotland. She is not being controlled by anyone. What people need to understand is that sturgeon has never cared about an anyone or anything other than herself. She recognised the SNP membership as a bunch of mugs to be exploited and judging by the fact that so many of them seem to be making excuses for her she wasn’t far wrong.

    When the history is written Sturgeon will be remembered as the worst con artist in the history of our country. Jail her.

  101. Bob Mack says:

    Mike Russell feels that the GRA having been voted on by every party at Holyrood should be carried on by the new leader in part as a dedication to Sturgeon.

    Oh dear.

  102. Sharney Dubs says:

    Run the party down, install useless people who can’t make a decision, lead the “yes” movement down a rabbit hole, divide the country
    Now what else can we do? Oh yeah resign out of the blue leaving chaos in your wake, a critical conference to decide on the Oct vote (heaven forbid we can’t allow that!!) impossible to hold, no clear leadership replacement (all part of the “useless people” ploy) and really screw up the timing of a referendum with the up and coming general election.
    Scottish independence put back how many years?
    Nice work agent S, nice work.

  103. Wullie B says:

    Etticus says:
    16 February, 2023 at 3:31 pm

    Also meant to say that it was very noticeable that Murrell was not in attendance at the resignation speech.

    Normally the spouse is always there to lend support if for ex a PM resigns, you’d think even for the sake of optics he’d be there to keep up appearances.

    It tends me to thinking that all is not well in the Murrell household and that Mr Murrell could be in a spot of bother. There are of course the rumours that he has found himself a younger and male special friend. Certainly there are rumours of him being a regular in certain clubs in Edinburgh.

    It would not surprise me if Sturgeon throws him under the bus to save herself but then again he and his allies will have more than enough on Sturgeon to send her down for a long time as well. What a nest of rats the SNP has become. Can’t wait for them to start eating each other.

    Interesting times.

    I hope it isn’t Beth!!! Heard those rumours to about a young speshull friend and a certain hotel, oh the irony of it all

  104. Ebok says:

    Sturgeon’s nauseating exit speech, with I/Me mentioned 150 times, cannot hide the fact that anyone who has even a minimum level of reason/logic/intelligence, should be able to work out that whatever polls say, SNP began going backwards not long after Alex Salmond’s resignation.

    Salmond remains the most accomplished and astute UK politician of the past two decades. He has been the goto politician for comments and analysis since before Sturgeon’s departure, almost certainly because there is no one else around able to give a coherent honest depiction of the situation.

    But IF the ‘good people’ remaining within SNP cannot come together, demand a truce and insist Salmond is brought into talks, then we will be no farther forward. It is blindingly obvious that utilising his vision and expertise is the only we can get Scotland quickly moving forward again.

    This does not require Alex to be loved, or become FM, because it is not clear if he can still cope with the physical demands of day-to-day frontline politics anyway, but his vast knowledge cannot be cast aside because of ideologues.
    As an elder statesman, Alex could make a massive contribution by giving guidance and helping to navigate many challenges.

    SNP should abandon next month ‘special’ conference: instead, there is an opportunity here for common sense to prevail and for SNP/ALBA/SALVO/YES to come together as individual entities and work out a definitive strategy in the push for independence.
    SNP ‘good people’ and rebels must drive this forward by being strong and resolute in their demands for, if not perfect unity, an understanding with the above groups, and starting with dissolving the insane collusion with Greens, whose fingerprints are all over the recent disasters of GRR, the A9, and DRS.

    The presumed rational remnants of SNP must make a stand at this critical time, even if a period of civil war ensues, and even if it brings HR to a standstill and forces an early election.

  105. Willie says:

    Leadership contest – that’ll be a real shitfest of rigged shenanigans.

    Before I left my experiences were of a party where vetting was rigged, appeals were rigged, early runners were given inside knowledge, hustings were arranged cancelled rerun under head office intervention, computer access was interfered with, email services withdrawn.

    Can’t see the leadership contest being that different in terms of probity.

  106. Geoff Anderson says:

    @DaveL 3:02pm

    When dealing with money the conviction rate is much higher because the evidence track is black and white. X amount of money came in. It is recorded and confirmed. The recipient cannot dispute that. They are now required to show where it is or where it went AND who approved any spend. Not having a record is not a defence.

    It was in your hands!

    I expect a prosecution. I don’t know who it will be…but, someone committed theft in my view.
    Running a fund raiser for a specific purpose and spending it on something else is not a careless act, it is a criminal act.

    Murrell refused to even show the figures to the NEC when they asked.

  107. Jason Smoothpiece says:

    Difficult times for the independence movement, things will settle.

    However it pains me to hear reasonable people say they may return to the SNP.

    The FM is only one of the many in leadership and elsewhere in the party who are clearly against independence and are full of distractions when it comes to having decent policy.

    Alba will grow and will not steal your money Alba is fully committed to independence come join us you will be made welcome.

  108. John H. says:

    Jason Smoothpice 4.26pm.

    I fully agree. The SNP is rotten through and through.

  109. ronald says:

    Ruby 2.16 .

    Its well known the freezing temperatures play havoc with battery life span but I doubt she’s sitting at home freezing unlike some of our poorer Scottish people / meanwhile selling off our resources worth billions for £700 million .

  110. christy m says:

    Without having any sympathy for the egotistical charlatan that was our F.M, it is beyond doubt that the British state’s Department of Dirty Tricks has been hard at work behind the scenes opening doors and providing the smoke that’s been blown up her arse all this time.

  111. Luigi says:

    Folks, even if the Murrells and some of their SNP colleagues are found guilty of financial irregularities or whatever, their loyal fans will insist (against all evidence) that they were framed by the British establishment (and stabbed in the back by (real) independence supporters). Ye know, those same deluded Nicola fans that continue to slag off and accuse Alex Salmond despite him being cleared by a jury in court. Such is the strength of the Nicola cult. We are not near the end of this, merely the beginning of the end. The early, early stages of denial (it will get worse before it gets better). Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of characters. My heart bleeds.

  112. wullie says:

    I do not see how Alex Salmond could go back into the SNP, how could he work with the very people who tried to stitch him up, how could he possibly trust anybody in the present SNP.

    Not one of the present incumbents did anything to help him in his moment of dire need they were happy to see him jailed for life.

    Alex in the SNP NAW. I am of the opinion that the SNP is beyond saving, to many self servers in my opinion none of these people should ever be allowed near public office ever again.

    Naw, I don’t have an answer. I do think what ever others say we are missing a trick with the Scottish constitution, its sitting there on the books.

  113. Ignoramus says:

    Let’s deal with what the Police are likely to have established what they see as potentially criminal & and the evidence to allow prospects of conviction.
    As far as we know they are acting after complaints from SNP members that donations were either -a) obtained honestly and thereafter criminally misapplied; or

    b)fraudulently obtained ie there never was any intention to “ ring fence” the funds or
    Indyref 2
    And incidentally I think there is a plausible Civil cause for any contributor to seek the return of the donation on the basis of a fraudulent inducement or misrepresentation.

    The money has obviously gone but has it been criminally misapplied?
    What if Murrell under caution just concedes “it’s gone and it’s all been spent on running the party -ok maybe pretty inefficiently and extravagantly but I can show you where the vast majority went ….oh and the First Minister and the auditors and the various finance committees of the Party were all ok with it- I even had to help them out- you’ve no idea how expensive the whole gravy train is”
    Ah, but that’s not Indyref2 is it?
    “Oh but it is”Mr Murrell replies”If the SNP ceased to exist there would no Indyref2-you can’t put the cart before the horse”
    The above scenario would not get three lines from the cops and the COPFS wouldn’t touch it.
    The second scenario ie no intention of holding Indyref2 is a non starter given the standard and burden of proof required.
    So they will have to find a money trail and I don’t think that will be easy but on the other hand something has spooked NS so she is worried about something.
    You can’t make money disappear and such a huge unexplained spend limits the possibilities.
    One scenario which may explain the unexplained disappearance and the considerable sum would be a hush payment accompanied by a NDA
    Let’s just say that there has been a NDA payment- again is that a criminal act? I would expect that it could be argued that it was necessary to preserve the party.
    Will the cops seek to look behind the veil of an NDA if it does not appear to be an Epstein/ Prince Andrew situation- but how will they know if they don’t look?.
    I wonder when they will start going through all the legal bills just to see who got paid for what and when.
    They make seek to invoke legal privilege but again there is a way past that for ordinary contributors outwith the criminal process.
    A criminal charge is not a certainty here .
    I have to say it’s concerning on many levels that the police investigation didn’t start earlier.
    She didn’t resign for the reasons given.

  114. Helen Yates says:

    The real reason for her sudden departure makes no difference to the final outcome, I expect she knew the game was up but she’s timed her departure perfectly, she’s ensured that the October de-facto referendum can no longer happen, her husband will ensure that only they’re preferred choice for replacing her will succeed, support for the party will continue to fall and independence has likely been shelved for at least a decade.

    All in all I’d assume it’s safe to say she did her job well and Scotland will pay a heavy price for her success and of course our refusal to see what was right in front of us for 8 long years.

  115. Del G says:

    I’m surprised (but delighted) to not see Alyn Smith’s name on the list.

  116. Karen says:

    Defo MI5 as the news broke on Private Eye publishing day, a well known phenomenon.

  117. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Kate Forbes may be the only MSP at the moment capable of making even a reasonable attempt at leading. Certainly she managed, wisely, to avoid actually voting against the GRR and openly inviting the wrath of the Sturgionistas.
    I mean even they might not have had the balls to insist that someone on maternity leave break it to vote on something that would pass regardless of which way she voted. Other than as a loyalty test.”

    The amendment about sex offenders would have passed if she’d voted.

  118. Patsy Millar says:

    ‘Stephen Flynn called for not only the conference but the still largely imaginary “independence push” to be “paused” for an unspecified period’. Given that the prime reason for the SNP’s existence is fighting for independence, how dare they put it on hold.

  119. Gregory Beekman says:


    …when’s the predicted John Swinney resignation happening?

  120. Daisy Walker says:

    Speaking to some loyal SNPers (but not wokies). They feel the time is right for her to go, to break the stalemate, and get Indy moving again.

    So it has shaken things up, in a good way.

    Now the SNP management will be looking to kill any and all momentum towards Indy… which would be a lot easier, if there was no other Indy party for folk to vote for.

    Alba needs to keep working diligently towards Indy, being as visible as possible.

    Salvo needs to keep doing what it is doing (Scotland’s Constitutional heritage, on the world stage, is bigger than all the parties), and it provides inspiration and a mutual stomping ground for all Yessers from all parties.

    The wokies need to be encouraged to self identify into their own party and stop hi jacking other people’s reason d ‘etre.

    And everyone needs to find out who replaced Leslie Evans at Holyrood. No way MI5 left that position vacant given how much resources Scotland provides.

    Oh, and lastly, while there is no leader, no policy for Indy, likely followed by leadership internal warfare, accompanied by Police enquiries, followed by boring John Swinney for a boring leadership – expect a General Election. After all, why wouldn’t they.

  121. KT Lorimer says:

    If the sex offender amendment had passed the bill might of squeaked through and then where would we be?

  122. Polscot says:

    A tune’s been earworming me for the past day, I just have to share so forgive me if anyone also gets this Lesley Gore classic on repeat:

    Nobody knows where Murrell has gone, but pickle bee left the same time,
    Has he been larping as a woman,
    When he’s supposed to be mine?
    It’s my Party and I’ll cry if I want to,
    Cry if I want to, cry if I want to,
    You would cry too if it happened to you.

  123. Livionian says:

    I’m thinking Ash Regan might be a least worst idea for leader. Government experience and had the balls to call sturgeon out of the GRA

  124. Gregory Beekman says:

    I still can’t see what the SNP are going to do different. Westminster has all the power and we’re trapped until they relent.

    Using an election as a referendum is perfectly legal but Westminster and all the opposition won’t recognise it. So we’d have to campaign on “a vote for us is a vote for trying to get international recognition for your vote” which doesn’t sound like much of a selling point and for that reason, it’s not going to amount to anything.

    Sturgeon did nothing on independence because there’s nothing she can do. People on here won’t want to here that but that’s the reality, and her successor will inherit the same crappy situation.

    Even with Alex Salmond back as First Minister, he could huff and puff all he wanted, order the SNP MPs to cause as much disruption in the House of Commons as he wanted, but it wouldn’t make any difference.

    Let’s be blunt: Westminster holds all the power and they’re not going to give it away because a few Scottish chancers throw tantrums.

    It’s uncomfortable reading, but Sturgeon did nothing because there was nothing she could do – and her successor will quickly find that out.

  125. Mac says:

    There are no viable candidates who are likely to get the job. That is exactly the way Nicola liked it.

    Cherry would be my choice but they rigged it so she can’t be leader as an MP I understand.

    I am more than happy backing ALBA and Alex Salmond. It is like the SNP of old and I don’t care how long it takes. The SNP were a non entity for most of its history up until suddenly it wasn’t and that all happened under the leadership of Alex Salmond.

    Salmond is doing a political Kevin Costner here in Field of Dreams… Build it and they will come.

    And they will. The moment people realize they don’t want to vote SNP anymore but don’t want to vote for a unionist party again either ALBA will be there for them.

    ALBA will seem hopeless until suddenly it isn’t

    It is hard to overstate how important the removal of Sturgeon was.

  126. Chic Murrays's Chiropodist says:

    orri says:
    16 February, 2023 at 1:42 pm
    Kate Forbes may be the only MSP at the moment capable of making even a reasonable attempt at leading.

    Ms Forbes deserves a long hard look. What (if any) is her campaigning record pre-2014? Is she another like Kirsten Oswald that suddenly appeared from nowhere?
    Forbes may very well be the Brits sleeper candidate here. Don’t trust and definately verify.

    Anyway, the last thing Scotland needs is one of the twisted theocrat Wee Frees – like the Taliban but with worse cuisine and less tolerance. And I have many many Wee Frees in my family all of whom I love dearly personally but some were STILL voting Lib Dem cos Jo Grimmond was a good guy.

  127. Kenneth+Harper says:

    My guess is that the tie up with the Greens is the biggest problem facing the SNP as they will resist abandoning GRR, reaffirming the A9 dualing (although to be fair not doing 10-15 miles of the really expensive bits does make sense) and the big one the recycling mess. Any new SNP leader has to make it clear that its a UK wide scheme or no scheme, as the current plan may see the SNP reduced to no MP’s. It affects food indeed anything in plastic, glass or metal containers. So a 4 pack of beans could have an 80p charge and until or if suppliers introduce new bar codes no refund. PS Slater has not tried the equipment or told retailers what to buy to make the scheme work mess doesn’t begin to cover it. A minority government should be attractive to the SNP.

  128. Skip_NC says:

    Just a bit OT.

    So I work in the same building as a lawyer (one of the 5%). Former North Carolina state government employee, got to a senior position, Order of the Long Leaf Pine, the full works. He stopped by my office and said that some “Scottish official” had resigned and who is she? When I explained as best I could, he looked rather bemused and could not see why on earth that would be news in North Carolina. That tells me two things.

    First, Nicola Sturgeon is not as important as she thinks she is.

    Second, we have much work to do internationally. If the SNP elects an independence supporter as leader, there is a lot of work to be done beyond the coastal elites here in the USA.

  129. Lenny Hartley says:

    Ignoramus The original complaint Inbelieve came from a non snp member, the same onecwho poked the Chief Constable recently. The SNP tried that excuse before the Police got involved so the Polis know about it and they still believe there is a possibility of criminal intent.
    The Rev has previously pointed of that the late Colin Weir was due a £500,000 loan paid back around the time the monies got woven into the accounts.
    The Rev is on the case to find out about other “Donations” its not difficult to work out what and when.

  130. Republicofscotland says:

    Murrell is still in office Sturgeon will haunt the back benches for a bit to make sure the person she puts into Bute House continues her failed and warped agenda, and lets not forget the SNP MSPs who voted for the unamended GRRB which allows paedos and rapists into women and children’s safe spaces.

    No it doesn’t matter which SNP MSP becomes the new FM, the SNP are a busted flush of a party and we must not vote for them again.

    Keep to the game plan Vote Alba, Join Alba.

    Meanwhile the Britnat media in Scotland (all the media) are fawning over Sturgeon, and at the same time claiming that independence is now all but dead, when the reality is that support to dissolve this fetid union has held firm at roughly around 47%.

    The SNP are finished as an indy party, the election of Swinney, Robertson or Forbes changes nothing.

  131. Patrick Roden says:

    Not posted for a few years because I had given up completely on Scottish politics/SNP, (though I’m still a member of Alba).

    Thinking about Sturgeon’s sudden resignation I am reminded of the other similar ‘sudden’ resignation of the ‘gender woo woo’ leader of New Zealand!
    There’s also a definite whiff of a backlash against gender politics in the United States gathering pace right now.

    Have powerful pharma/business interests decided to withdraw background support for gender-bender-friendly leaders, and this has removed barriers to scrutiny both political and criminal?

    As for Mr. Murrel. He probably feels he needs to stay in post, to make sure no one ‘digs up the bodies, so I can’t help feeling that he will need to be removed kicking and screaming.

  132. Alan Of Neilston says:

    Hi . All the MS media speculating on The successor to Nicola . Forget Robertson , Swinney , Kate Forbes and God forbid Humza a total waste of space
    I would suggest we should propose Ash Denholm who had the guts to vote against GR . Bill.
    Let’s give her a boost.

  133. ronald says:

    Gregory Beekman 5.53 .

    RUBBISH westminster are not sovereign the Scottish people are ( do U remember Charlie signing the Claim of Right ) explain that .

  134. Republicofscotland says:

    “I still can’t see what the SNP are going to do different. Westminster has all the power and we’re trapped until they relent.”


    You obviously haven’t been paying attention, if Sturgeon hadn’t been such a John Monteith we’d be out of this rancid ball and chain union by now, Westminster has no say in the matter.

    Dissolving the union is for Scots and Scots alone to decide.

  135. John C says:

    Livionian says:
    16 February, 2023 at 5:47 pm

    I’m thinking Ash Regan might be a least worst idea for leader. Government experience and had the balls to call sturgeon out of the GRA

    The Sturgeonites would make sure she never gets the job. They want someone like Angus Robertson, or worse, Alyn Smith, or someone who is a continuity candidate so basically a Sturgeon loyalist. There’s already many a Sturgeonite on social media demanding that if it’s a ‘bigot’ they’ll walk from the party.

    They want the SNP to essentially become Labour in the 2000s which has a certain irony about it.

  136. Doug says:

    @Skip_NC 6:16pm

    Sometimes I ask myself why the Scottish diaspora in the USA is so timid in support of Scottish independence when compared to the independence-supporting Irish diaspora of a hundred years ago. Then I compare the Irish pro independence politicians and freedom fighters of yesteryear with our gutless lot and realize the Scottish diaspora has every right to ignore us; indeed if they did think about us at all they’d have every right to be ashamed of us.

  137. Wilson McBride says:

    Have a look at the comments in the National, Wee Ginger Dug, The Herald, and it will give you an Idea of who the SNP members are going to vote for.

    They will be more than happy with a Nicola Sturgeon Mk2.

    So people like Robertson, Swinney, Smith, Black would be their preferred choice.

    The way people on Wings and other anti Sturgeon sites think is like night and day to the way pro Sturgeon SNP members think.

    And more importantly, they are the ones who are holding all the cards at the moment.

    And the way they spit out the word “Albist” will give you a good idea about how far apart the two sides of the Indy movement are.

    A divide created intentionally by Sturgeon and Murrel.

  138. Wilson McBride says:

    Sturgeon could have resigned as First Minister and collapsed her government, creating the scenario for a Plebiscite Holyrood election,,,as so simply explained by Wings Over Scotland.

    Why did she not do that yesterday?

  139. Skip_NC says:

    Doug, a lot of it has to do with tartan-and-shortbread nationalism.

    Read at your own risk:

  140. John C says:

    Have powerful pharma/business interests decided to withdraw background support for gender-bender-friendly leaders, and this has removed barriers to scrutiny both political and criminal?

    No. What’s happening is the entire tactic of ‘no debate’ is falling apart thanks to countries mainly in Europe pushing back against the entire concept of Trans especially affirmation. The sheer weight of detransitioners, impending and ongoing lawsuits, books, medical evidence and whistleblowers not to mention the pictures of males competing with women or being put in women’s prisons have helped shift the debate. There’s a reason why Trans activists have lept on Brianna Ghey’s murder like a drowning man grabbing a liferaft. It helps boost the idea that Trans youth are extra-vulnerable to violence so they can use this to basically scare kids that they must have life changing medical treatments or they’ll be murdered in the street.

    We’re seeing the effects now of the first kids who transitioned in the 2000s and early 2010s, and that relatively small amount compared to now are detransitioning in (a check of social media, especially Reddit shows this) droves, or are least, showing major regret.

    The Tavistock is closed and hopefully the Sandyford follows after they suspended new admissions. There’s been a huge scandal at the Sandyford but the Scottish media being what they are haven’t followed up how they’ve funnelled vulnerable children down a path where they’re going to live a dreadful life because of a new, semi religious, idealology. I’ve seen what the Sandyford have done first hand and my wish is that people there end up in prison for a long, long time.

  141. One_Scot says:

    Oh man, it feels like the old days. Great to have you back Captian!

    Lol, not that you were ever gone, obvs.

  142. Denise says:

    I’m not sure why everyone is missing the obvious regarding the ring fenced cash.
    It’s been embezzled and spent on wine, rent boys and song

  143. Mac says:

    Jim Fairlie Jnr might be dark horse good shout.

    I had some interactions with JF Snr and I was impressed with him. Very smart, left the SNP because he disagreed with the EU taking Scotland’s sovereignty long before anyone really dreamed of BREXIT. Real old school SNP / independence movement. I suspect his son will be a smart guy also.

  144. Breeks says:

    What I find insufferable is yet more hurry up and wait…

    “Oh! Woe is us! We cannae possibly have a party convention without a leader! Oh delay! Pause! Hold everything!”…. Don’t let the plane take off!

    Finding any excuse to do nothing is the SNP’s modus operandi.

    Scottish Governance was crippled while she was there, now it’s crippled because she’s gone… It’s pathetic.

  145. Doug says:

    @Skip_NC 6:58pm

    Thanks [I think] Skip. Maybe I’ll read it tomorrow on an empty stomach.

  146. Pauli says:

    Ruby says:
    16 February, 2023 at 2:16 pm
    I can’t get too excited about Nicola retiring. It’s all a bit of a damp squib.
    Now the question of why she retired so suddenly is another matter.
    I do love a good ‘whodunnit’
    Did she lie when she said her battery was well charged and her tank was full just two weeks ago?
    Was it ‘Isla Bryson’ or the ‘Russian’ phone hackers wot dun it?
    Do you believe it’s neither of those things and her battery just ran out all of a suddenly on Valentine’s Day?
    Did you experience a ‘flat battery’ on Valentine’s Day? ?
    The Mystery of the Valentine’s Day flat battery”

    Nicola isn’t in any way retiring, I have no idea where you made that up from ?

  147. Dan says:

    @ Mac at 7:08 pm

    In your view does this help or hinder his credibility…

  148. George Ferguson says:

    I thought Lorna Slaters interview tonight was informative. The partnership agreement is between the Scottish Greens and the SNP Scot Gov so the departure of the FM makes no material difference. Central to the agreement between the two parties is GRRB. It’s a red line for the Greens. I think GRRB is already in the bin legally, morally and emotionally. A judicial review of the S35 in the time scale and also the required political capital by a new leader just won’t happen. The Green / Scot Gov partnership in difficulty.

  149. Effijy says:

    This story on the missing Indy fund I can’t see going anywhere.

    They will simply say it was needed to keep their offices afloat and if it had to close there
    could never be an Indy ref.

    Murrell must have a good sun of money invested in various schemes.

    We believe he has been on a 6 figure salary for years and Nicola on £150K.
    Don’t know what they would clear from quarter of a million per annum but after 8 years it
    must be a pretty penny.

    Nicola will get the very nice ex first minister pension.

    Do you remember Labour first minister McLiesh forgot to mention money he was making from renting out his office so resigned with a whopping Great index pension for pocketing cash he had no entitlement to?

  150. Big Jock says:

    Can anyone join the dots. A broken window, an iron and a bed.

  151. Doug says:

    @Big Jock 7:30pm

    My marriage?

  152. Mac says:

    Yeah ok Dan, that is not good. Like I was just saying I am happy with ALBA. lol.

    Just burn the SNP down and be done with it. What a wasteland Sturgeon is leaving behind.

  153. Alf Baird says:

    Gregory Beekman @ 5:53 pm

    “Let’s be blunt: Westminster holds all the power and they’re not going to give it away because a few Scottish chancers throw tantrums.”

    Your comment reminds me of this from Frantz Fanon:
    “The settler’s work is to make even dreams of liberty impossible for the native.”

    Fortunately for us, like many other ex-colonies: “There comes a day when the colonized throws off his shackles” (Albert Memmi).

  154. Republicofscotland says:

    I know the new FM will effectively be a Sturgeon puppet, and nothing much will change for now, but shouldn’t we be screaming right now for a de facto vote on independence at Holyrood now that Sturgeon has/will soon resign.

    Lets call the SNP/Greens bluff once and for all and see if they collapse Holyrood once Sturgeon stands down, this is a great opportunity to do that.

    Alex Salmond thinks so.

  155. Lenny hartley says:

    Mac 5.59
    There is nothing to stop Cherry standing for Convenor , any member can, whether MsP, Mp or what ever, they need 200 members and 20 branches to back them.

  156. Mac says:

    If I raised 600k for my child’s life saving operation and then spent the money on household expenses claiming it was part of saving my child I don’t think it would wash.

    You specifically raised money for one purpose, promised to ring fence for that purpose, and then just spent it on run of the mill shite.

    That has got to be a fraud. If it isn’t what is?

  157. PacMan says:

    I had an internet free day yesterday so only know about it when I was in a local shop and saw the newspaper headlines. I nearly couldn’t stop myself from laughing like the drains in glee.

    Whatever you think of Sturgeon, she is very skilled at cultivating and maintaining a media image that appeals to a certain part of the Scottish voting public that kept the SNP in office.

    I don’t doubt that the successor of the SNP will be able to dangle another referendum carrot in front at the next election but how long will they be able to continue to do that without Sturgeons skill or for the cynical, quiet support from the establishment?

  158. Dan says:

    @ Breeks at 7:14 pm

    Aye it’s like they are constantly swimming in sticky quicksand gravy… Permanently in slow motion reacting to events rather than stepping up and seizing the moment and taking the lead.
    FFS, how hard can it be for a few astute politicians to put their heads together and come up with a basic strategy highlighting to the masses the rather urgent need to return to full self-governing status so we can begin to address and improve matters over the seemingly perpetual clusterfuck of endless crises in this current setup.

    This isn’t rocket science, just study and observe what other more successfully run countries do in terms of policies and regulation, and then put forward a prospectus that emulates improved ways of doing things over the clearly fucked up shit state we currently have to endure and live in.

    New leader wise, Ash Regan and Joanna Cherry in either leader or deputy leader positions as they come across as reasonable and eloquent, and not total roasters with multi coloured hair and arsey attitudes that will scare the small c conservative majority of Scots away from supporting them.
    Plus both have at least shown grit and determination to step up when it matters and actually stand up for what they believe their electorate actually need and want, unlike far too many others that just kept their head’s down because they shat it and didn’t have the strength of character to question or go against the leadership’s pish policies and incompetence.

  159. Steve says:

    So. She got bored tickling the can down the road, she has now blootered it over the factory wall, protected by big dobermans. In my youth, she would have been told in no uncertain terms to go and get it back!

  160. handclapping says:

    Surely the conference should go ahead. It gives the “contenders” a chance to strut their stuff and the PBI to articulate what they want from their leader.

    They need to up their game; 50%+1 gives you Trump and an 80 seat Tory majority in the HoC. The people we need to impress, the Danes, the French, the Ghanaians are not going to support independence unless the Scots do. We need to be polling 67%

    Sturgeon has shewn that having a leader who is FM leads to flatlining support. They probably need to have Leader and FM separated. Afterall having leader and PM in the British style gets you Dave Theresa, Boris, Liz and Rishi; its a broken model why follow it?

  161. What Rot says:

    (If not Alex) Ebok and Breeks for FMs

  162. Maureen says:

    SNP president Mike Russell warns it would be “foolish” to ditch Nicola Sturgeon’s trans policies

  163. gregor says:


    “Unwise, stupid, or not showing good judgment.”

    “That was a rather foolish thing to do.”

    “Some people are too stupid to realize what’s bad for them.”

  164. ben madigan says:

    @ Ebok who said at 4.19 pm:
    “SNP/ALBA/SALVO/YES to come together as individual entities and work out a definitive strategy in the push for independence.
    SNP ‘good people’ and rebels must drive this forward”

    I wouldn’t leave any initiative in the hands of whatever “good people” or rely on any “rebels” there are/might be in the SNP.

    Much better for ALBA/SALVO/YES/ISP/AUOB and similar organisations to come together and announce “We are moving forward on Independence- together. Join us if you share this objective”

    The SNP and its new Leader will fall in behind the initiative – or it will not.

    Either way, the field of action will be cleared

  165. StruanBorn says:

    At this point Stewart Mcdonald’s emails that Craig Murray has in his possession are the only saving grace the snp have to completely clear the party. If the emails contain nothing of particular interest then in my opinion we can forget independence for the next ten years at least.

    Never have i seen such a shower’o shyte in potential party leaders.

  166. sarah says:

    @ Dan at 7.26: so Jim Fairlie is another name to drop in the waste
    bin. Oh well.

    How’s your cold? MOH and self have been laid low for 5 days but feeling on the mend now. We have never had a cold like it before in all our years.

  167. ronald says:

    Maureen 8.27

    He’s shovelling shit oota his horsebox .

  168. Thomas Box says:

    She looks super happy …
    Heres a prediction – neither Sturgeon nor Murrell will be prosecuted .

  169. Mac says:

    Well Lenny if that works I’d probably try it as from what I am seeing here the SNP have no credible candidates to replace Sturgeon other than Cherry.

    Which is of course exactly how she wanted it. A very large part of salting the fields of independence was subverting the selection process and making sure only the weakest, least talented candidates were selected.

    And we can sure see it now. There is no one there.

    Salmond gifted Sturgeon 56 seats out of 59. A packed hydro of adoring fans…

    Look at what in return she has gifted us.

  170. Iain More says:

    To Quote

    “The selectorate is another centre of mystery. Rumours have abounded of large-scale resignations from the SNP in recent months over gender reform and other issues, and nobody really knows if they’re true. (The party hotly denies them all, but has been so conspicuously evasive about its membership for years that there’s very little in the way of believable evidence either way.)”


    I joined Alba at its birth. I took a lot of shit from fellow Indy Supporters because of it. They have now apologised for the stance they took at the time. I know of no one that criticised me at the time who is still a member of the SNP. I had been a member of the SNP for 40 plus years through thick and thin. I suspect they have lost thousands of once lifelong members like myself.

    Oh and this in my opinion is the poorest choice of leadership candidates the SNP has ever had unless somebody who actually believes in Scots Indy steps forward and who is also willing to stand up to the poisonous abuse of MI6 Wokists etc in the Party and expel them.

  171. Maureen says:

    Joanna Cherry has something to say to Mike Russell:
    What would be foolish would be not to revisit the bill in the light of proven concerns about the policy of self-identification. I’ll be making some constructive proposals about how we might do that in my

  172. gregor says:


    “Having or showing the ability to make good judgments, based on a deep understanding and experience of life.”

    “I think you made a wise choice.”

    “She’s incredibly smart and a great writer.”

    “People are getting wise to the tricks politicians use in campaign advertisements.”

  173. Alf Baird says:

    Republicofscotland @ 7:46 pm

    “Lets call the SNP/Greens bluff once and for all and see if they collapse Holyrood once Sturgeon stands down, this is a great opportunity to do that. Alex Salmond thinks so.”

    Indeed, as Alex says: ‘Bring it on!’

    This will prove what the SNP/Green MSPs priority is, i.e.:

    1. liberation of the Scots, or;
    2. a couple more years running a colonial administration.

    A wunner whit a rael naitionalist wad dae?

  174. lumilumi says:

    Ebok says:
    16 February, 2023 at 4:19 pm

    Salmond remains the most accomplished and astute UK politician of the past two decades

    I’d say three, bordering on four decades.

    I first became aware of the Scottish independence cause and Alex Salmond in the very early 1990s when I visited Scotland for the first time.

    Immediately felt at home. Scotland wasn’t England. The English were friendly but snooty, the Scots genuinely friendly and warmly welcoming. Maybe a Scandinavian/Nordic guestright, guestfeasting kind of thing.

  175. StruanBorn says:

    Maureen 9:14

    The entire GRR policy of the snp can now be seen as the wedge to drive independence support down. It’s quite clear the snp don’t want independence, their just not willing to say it & their going to use this legislation to break the indy back regardless of who is in charge it’s over for an absolute generation.

    Regardless of what Joanna says she’s got no chance in a party of cultists.

  176. Lorna Campbell says:

    Hi Ruby: yes, I agree. I think the only way we are going to get shot of this dangerous nonsense, both for kids and for women, is to call out the sexual aspects of it because that is what it is all about. Just read about the ‘trans identified male who raped a three-month-old baby girl, who had to have reconstructive surgery, killed a toddler boy, plus other violent crimes, and he has been housed – wait for it… – in a mother and baby correctional centre with minimum security. This is in Tranada, home of none other than ‘trans’ supporting MSP, Lorna Slater. One of the women complained complained that he was watching her and her baby and he attacked her. She was placed in solitary! Not him, the poor wee, marginalised stunning and brave ‘trans’, a member of the most marginalised and put upon group i the history of the planet.

    Lia Thomas, the swimmer cheat now has a girlfriend who is a ‘trans’ identified male like himself, so two men in a relationship. They used to call that gay. Not that it is any of my business who he is having a relationship with, but they are calling themselves lesbians.

    These porn-sick and misogynistic men are not confused or ‘born in the wrong body’, they are larping men who know exactly what they are doing. If I hear one other person talk about ‘genuine trans’, I will have to be restrained physically. They are all sex-driven. All of them. The mutilated women and children are the smokescreen for this vile cohort of porn-addled larpers. The politicians and others who support this utterly dangerous bilge need to be deselected. This is taking woman- and children-hating to a whole new level. Yes, YOU, Michael Russell, you poseur, and all your cabal of virtue-signalling pseuds. You are beyond despicable. Why haven’t you given the same energy to independence?

  177. laukat says:

    @revstu – you tweeted before Sturgeon resigned asking if Keith Brown ever wanted to become leader because you thought both Sturgeon and Swinney were going to resign.

    Is it possible the info you got was actually that Keith is being lined by the Murrells up as FM with a younger deputy so the Murrells can continue control the leadership? Say Keith with Mairi McAllan?

    Think the Murrells are smart enough to know Robertson isn’t an option and can’t be trusted. Humza is a joke. Swinney is unlikely to want to stand or win a contest. Brown is kind of the beige man and the Murrells know his Mrs will continue to order Keith to their bidding.

  178. sarah says:

    Michelle Thompson, anyone?

    She must be quite tough to have come back after the way she was treated by SNP over her solicitor’s business practices. And she was a GRR rebel.

    I don’t know how fiery she is about independence.

  179. sadscot says:

    Slater was on the news tonight insisting the GRR bill will go forward.

  180. Ian says:

    What I am seeing here is a group of people here who want separation in order to isolate a particular political tradition they call “Scottish”, only to spend all their time here slagging off ALL of Scotland’s preponderant political forces (SNP, Greens, Labour, LibDems and Tories)? You slag off Scottish politics the way you slag off British politics. Just what the hell are people here attempting to “bottle”? Has it not dawned on you yet, that this is all British North-West Coast metropolitan politics (Glasgow Liverpool etc) wrapped in medieval revenge porn and delivered in the form of incoherent fake narratives of unconditional fake grievance? “The voooow! The voooow!”

  181. George Ferguson says:

    @Alf Baird 9:26pm
    A thin landing strip for real Scottish Independence supporters. I refer you to my previous comment. The Greens priority is GRRB and they will collapse the Scot Gov partnership. The SNP leader can’t waste political capital on a lost cause. The GRRB is already in the bin. Let’s see what happens. Perhaps an early Holyrood Election. After all the next SNP leader needs a mandate. You can’t complain about Rishi and not go for a Holyrood Election.

  182. Geoff Anderson says:

    Ian @ 9:49

    Did that make sense before you posted it?

  183. Geoff Anderson says:

    Laudatory @ 9:41pm

    Sturgeon doesn’t need to control Keith! He has a full on TransCult household brainwashing him daily.

  184. sarah says:

    @ Geoff Anderson at 9.54: 🙂 🙂

  185. ronald says:

    Ian 9.49 .

    Since your english would you mind writing that comment in your native language

  186. gregor says:

    PorkPie (2013) (Scottish Ska Function Band): One Step Beyond:

    “…This is the heavy heavy monster sound
    The nuttiest sound around
    So if you’ve come in off the street
    And you’re beginning to feel the heat
    Well, listen buster
    You better start to move your feet
    To the rockinest, rock-steady beat
    Of madness
    One step beyond…”:

  187. craig murray says:

    Sarah at 9.42pm. Michelle Thomson is the obvious choice of First Minister for anyone who wants Independence to be the absolute priority. Also extremely well placed to heal the rift in the movement.

  188. gregor says:

    Elon Musk (16/02/2023): Twitter:

    “ChatGPT to the mainstream media”:

  189. George Ferguson says:

    @Craig Murray 11:18pm
    My favourite island of the Outer Hebrides was Barra followed closely by Harris hope you are enjoying your holiday. Michelle Thompson was thrown under a bus by Nicola, Dubious marital website contacts. Dubious property exchanges. Can we get someone that is clean and not tainted?.

  190. Dan says:

    @ Sarah

    Head cold unfortunately still in full effect. 🙁 Lucky if I had two hours sleep last night, and then a full day of physical work today. Can’t see me getting much sleep tonight either as snout is totes congested along with sore throat and lugs. Hope it doesn’t drag on much longer like yours did.
    My motorbike tank is brimmed full so ready for a breenge over to the west coast to dig in posts as and when I feel better and a weather window coincide.

    All this talk of and struggle to produce a new SNP Party leader, but what about a potential reshuffle of ministers? Are there even enough fit ferrets left in the sack capable of working together after all the internecine carnage.
    Who actually has decent experience and knowledge to be credible individuals in charge of their specified remit?
    We’ve previously seen the likes of Humza Yousaf and Shirley-Anne Somerville put in ministerial positions in areas they have little if any experience, and inevitably produced somewhat piss poor results.
    How can any new leader be expected to perform well if they don’t have the depth of suitably skilled personnel required to be on top of their respective briefs.

  191. sadscot says:

    ‘A Scottish Green party source said the party’s joint leaders, Patrick Harvie and Lorna Slater, would almost certainly resign from their ministerial posts if the new SNP leader either delayed or rewrote the gender recognition bill.
    “It’s a red line for the party,” he said. “There’s no compromise on this.”’
    Well, let’s see how this all goes.

  192. George Ferguson says:

    @Dan 12:09pm
    I hope you get well soon. Humza Yousaf has caused hundreds of unnecessary death’s. He got the chance to put in place a remedial plan. An absolute joke of a plan. Every medic avoided Humza in the corridors. They formed their own solutions. Speaking from the front line. If he gets the leadership it’s thousands and not hundreds of lives lost.

  193. gregor says:


  194. gregor says:


    “A person who enthusiastically supports, defends, or fights for a person, belief, right, or principle.”

    “He has championed constitutional reform for many years.”

    “A champion of free speech.”

    “He championed protection of the wilderness.”

  195. Dan says:

    @ George Ferguson.

    I was reading this linked to article earlier but don’t recall much previous discussion relating to the following extract:
    Couple this fiasco with the findings of Audit Scotland in March this* year, who could not conclude where five billion pounds of Covid-19 funding (donated from those tyrants down in Westminster) was spent and the whole integrity of the SNP seems up for question.

    * I suspect the article has been edited and updated so “this year” actually now means “last year”.
    5 billion seems like a very large number to be unaccounted for!

  196. Alex says:

    Wilson McBride says:
    16 February, 2023 at 6:55 pm
    Sturgeon could have resigned as First Minister and collapsed her government, creating the scenario for a Plebiscite Holyrood election,,,as so simply explained by Wings Over Scotland.

    Why did she not do that yesterday?

    Simple, the vote would result in them losing MSPs, and not reaching the target % needed for this to work. So they are in a worse position, less MSPs and more beholden to the Greens to prop them up (if they had enough MSPs that is).
    Killing this proposal completely (which wasn’t approved by the special conference) and leaves them with no ideas. Well except for asking for another mandate. Cause mandates = pensions!

  197. Kcor says:

    “What seems most likely is that we’re in for a lengthy period of wild uncertainty, exactly when the SNP most needed to be stable and focused. And that, more than polls or policies or plans, is what Nicola Sturgeon has really bequeathed her party.”

    Mission accomplished as far as her handlers are concerned.

    “If Sturgeon has any genuine concern for her party”

    She has none at all.

  198. Iain More says:

    Ian at 9 49.

    You reek of yoonery and make about as much sense as those Quizzers in Scotland from Yoon Party’s.

  199. gregor says:

    Aamer Anwar#BlackLivesMatter (15/02/2023): Twitter:

    “The @NicolaSturgeon I’ll never forget is the big hearted First Minister who during a function in 2018 asked me where my kids were-I said they couldn’t gate crash & were too scruffy after a day out- She asked me to go get them & here’s my girls showing the FM how 2do a RolyPoly”:

  200. gregor says:

    Black Lives Matter (2023): BLM’s 7 Demands:

    “1. Convict and ban Trump from future political office…

    2. Expel Republican members of Congress who attempted to overturn the election and incited a white supremacist attack…

    3. Launch a full investigation into the ties between white supremacy and the Capitol Police, law enforcement, and the military…

    4. Permanently ban Trump from all digital media platforms…

    5. Defund the police…

    6. Don’t let the coup be used as an excuse to crack down on our movement…

    7. Pass the BREATHE Act…”:

  201. gregor says:

    Black Lives Matter:

    “A political movement (= a group trying to create change) that protests about violence against Black people and emphasizes that Black people’s lives are of equal importance to other lives.”

    “The athletes knelt to show their support for Black Lives Matter.”

    “Black Lives Matter was founded in 2013 in response to the acquittal of Trayvon Martin’s killer.”

    “Members of Black Lives Matter spoke in support of a Medicare For All bill, saying that Black people are most affected by health care inequalities.”

    “Candidates were asked for their opinion on Black Lives Matter.”

    “Black Lives Matter protests took place in many cities.”

    “Black Lives Matter activists rejected the findings of the report.”:

  202. gregor says:

    Emerald Robinson (16/02/2023): Twitter:

    “If your pastor has a rainbow flag flying at your church, remove him from the pulpit.

    If your pastor thinks BLM is a civil rights movement, remove him from the pulpit.

    If your pastor took money to push the vaccines, remove him from the pulpit.”:

  203. gregor says:

    Scottish Government (2021): Coalition for Racial Equality and Rights – anti-racist policy making: review:

    “Findings of a research programme into Scottish race equality strategies since 2000. The Coalition for Racial Equality and Rights (CRER) was commissioned to support the implementation of this review…


    In the wake of 2020, with disparities laid bare by Covid -9’s disproportionate impact on people and the Black Lives Matter movement, a rare point of interest convergence on anti-racism has arrived within Scottish Government.

    As racism in itself is a structural problem, the question for policy makers is how to build the systems and structures to sustain this momentum…”:

  204. gregor says:

    World Economic Forum (2020): Agenda: Systemic Racism:

    Black Lives Matter – where are we now and what can you do?

    “California is currently leading the discussion on slavery reparations… Since June, however, support for the Black Lives Matter movement has declined. But Black lives still matter…

    In September 2020, California Governor Gavin Newsom, a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader alumnus, announced a special task force…”:

  205. gregor says:

    World Economic Forum (2021): Press: Here’s How Tomorrow’s Leaders Will Improve the World:

    “The World Economic Forum today unveils the world’s most promising 112 Young Global Leaders under the age of 40… The Forum of Young Global Leaders was founded in 2005 by Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum…

    Today, there are 1,400 members and alumni from more than 120 countries. Notable members include prime ministers Jacinda Ardern…

    Meet the 2021 YGL Class: Academia and Research:

    Devi Sridhar, University Lecturer in Global Health Politics, University of Oxford, United Kingdom…”:

  206. gregor says:

    DailyExpress (2022): Nicola Sturgeon Covid adviser Devi Sridhar reveals FM wanted to be her first personal training client:

    “One of Nicola Sturgeon’s key Covid-19 taskforce advisers has revealed how she became her personal trainer at the same time as the Covid crisis engulfed the nation in 2020.

    Professor Devi Sridhar, of Edinburgh University, shared the bizarre revelations about her extra-curricular relationship with the First Minster in her tell-all book about her time at the coalface of the crisis…”:

  207. gregor says:

    DerryJournal (2020): Devi Sridhar tells Stormont committee anti-lockdown lobby are responsible for stricter lockdowns:

    “The people who are most anti-lockdown have been frustrating to listen to because those are the people pushing us into lockdown because the anti-lockdowners are reducing compliance…

    So the irony is the people who are most against restrictions are causing us to go into these restriction cycles and those of us who are articulating public health principles, good compliance, voluntary behavioural change…”:

    Devi Sridhar (30/01/2023): Twit:

    “My approach to exercise is something is better than nothing. 10 mins walk is better than nothing. A 20 min cycle is better than nothing. It may not seem much but just get moving in whatever way works in your life…”:

  208. Andrew Sinclair says:

    A serious question, for any SNP members reading your site. (I am an SNP member and will be asking this question at a Branch Meeting we fortuitously had arranged fro this afternoon).

    How can we get a NOTA option onto the leadership ballot papers? (None Of The Above)

    If we are forced into a position having the choose the least worst candidate (as seems very likely) thats not good. Nor is simply abstaining from voting because there’s no candidate who is acceptable. So we need a mechanism where every members vote is actually counted. Hence my appeal for a NOTA option on the ballot. If NOTA gains the most votes then the election must be re-run and none of those who stood are permitted to stand again.

    Is it possible,for many branches to make this request of the SNP secretariat?

    Even if it comes to nothing, if many branches do this it will be firing a warning shot across ‘the management’ that we, the members, are not simply going to accept their chosen candidates.

    Could this work? Anyone else willing to help make it happen?

  209. gregor says:

    Amazon (2023): Books: Professor Devi Sridhar: Preventable: How a Pandemic Changed the World & How to Stop the Next One:


    “Professor Devi Sridhar has risen to prominence for her vital roles in communicating science to the public and speaking truth to power… Sridhar exposes the varied realities of those affected…

    Sridhar vibrantly conveys the twists and turns of a plot that saw: deadlier variants emerge (contrary to the predictions of social media… Combining science, politics, ethics and economics, this definitive book dissects the global structures that determine our fate…”:


    ‘Excellent . . . Fair, clear and compelling’ NICOLA STURGEON:

  210. gregor says:

    World Economic Forum: People:

    Nicola Sturgeon (loser): …office of the First Minister of Scotland, Ltd (Scotland failure):

    Amazon: Headquarters USA:

  211. Andy Garrett says:

    What film is the snippet at the Top of the page ,from?

  212. gregor says:

    For Women Scotland (17/02/2023): Twitter: Replying to @WingsScotland:

    “I asked an AI bot to write a poem in the style of McGonagall on the ferry disaster and one on the prison policy.

    I am especially pleased with the second one!”:

  213. gregor says:


    “To make it possible for something to be used well, when previously it may not have been used enough.”

    “We must unlock the potential of all our people, not just some of our people.”

    “The company’s mission is to unlock the value of images and videos produced everyday across the web and social media.”

    “You need to find specific artefacts to unlock almost all of the game’s functions.”

    “To make the imagination more active, producing interesting ideas and images.”

    “One of poetry’s functions is to unlock the imagination.”

  214. gregor says:

    Emma’s Imagination (2011): Stand Still: This Day:

    “…Cartwheel leaves pass my feet
    Tickling the ground as they go
    Cardigan on my shoulders
    Takin’ in the colors of the park
    I’ve got the feeling of that first stretch
    In the morning going on and on and on
    Got my halo swinging on my finger
    Throw Frisbee with the sun

    This day is mine this day is mine…”:

  215. gregor says:

    BBC (17/02/2023): Nicola Sturgeon resignation is opportunity for Labour – Sarwar:

    “Nicola Sturgeon resigning as first minister is an “opportunity” for Scottish Labour…

    Mr Sarwar suggested Ms Sturgeon’s replacement will not be as “formidable” as a politician:

    “I’ve always been of the belief that it’s not enough for any political party just to tell people why their opponents deserve to lose.”

    He added: “I’ve always been of the belief that it’s not enough for any political party just to tell people… It’s on the Labour Party to persuade people why we deserve to win…

    I’m focused on winning people’s trust…””:

  216. gregor says:


    “To say something to someone, often giving them information or instructions.”

    “I can’t tell you how grateful I am for your help (= I am extremely grateful).”

    “To say something/things that are not true.”

    “To tell (you) the truth, I didn’t understand a word of what he was saying.”

  217. gregor says:


    “To have earned or to be given something because of the way you have behaved or the qualities you have.”

    “After all that hard work, you deserve a holiday.”

    “I hope they get the punishment they deserve.”

  218. Confounder says:

    I don’t think I’ll bother paying my taxes this year — I’ll just weave the money through my various bank accounts.

  219. gregor says:


    “Used as the subject of a verb to refer to a group including the speaker and at least one other person.”

    “Used as the subject of a verb to refer to all people, especially when considered as a group.”

    “The way we waste this planet’s resources is criminal.”

    “Used by a queen or king when speaking officially to mean “I”.”

    “We use I and me to refer to the speaker or writer. I is the subject form and me is the object form: … “

  220. gregor says:

    Elon Musk (17/02/2023): Twitter:

    “What we need is TruthGPT”:

  221. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “What film is the snippet at the Top of the page ,from?”

    Shallow Grave.

  222. gregor says:

    RobinMcAlpine (17/02/2023): Stop Murrell’s corruption NOW:

    “The election for a new leader of the SNP is being rigged in front of your eyes as a small cabal overturn the party’s constitution. It must be stopped with urgency.

    I had thought that the corruption of the Sturgeon age was over. I was sorely wrong…

    There must be a rebellion or I very seriously fear for the future of the SNP.”:

  223. gregor says:

    Extremely American (17/02/2023): Fall of Nicola Sturgeon – Former Scottish First Minister & Disgraceful Woke Tyrant:

    “…The proximate cause of Nicola Sturgeon’s resignation was her mishandling of the Isla Bryson debacle… Taking one step back, it seems like a case of ‘Get woke, go broke’, since something like this was bound to happen…

    Taking another step back, I like to think Sturgeon is going for the same reason Jacinda Ardern went – because she realised no leader can hope to get re-elected after embracing the disastrous zero-Covid policy. It’s clear now that Scotland’s draconian non-pharmaceutical interventions designed to stop the spread of COVID-19 were a catastrophic failure, imposing a massive cost without any benefits. And those costs continue to accumulate, with drug and alcohol addiction soaring, educational attainment plummeting, hospitals bursting at the seams, and the economy in the doldrums…”:

  224. gregor says:

    Pete Wishart (17/02/2023): Twit:

    “Like all pieces supportive of trans people I will have to limit who can reply. Unfortunate, but necessary.”:

  225. gregor says:


    “The greatest amount, number, or level of something that is either possible or allowed.”

    “Is there a limit on the amount of money you can claim?”

    “There’s a limit to the number of times I can stop what I’m doing just so I can help him!”

  226. gregor says:

    @SNP/Pete Wishart’s Social Media Rules (2023): Who can reply?

    “People @PeteWishart follows or mentioned can reply”

  227. gregor says:


    “The action of preventing part or the whole of a book, film, work of art, document, or other kind of communication from being seen or made available to the public, because it is considered to be offensive or harmful, or because it contains information that someone wishes to keep secret, often for political reasons.”

    “A system in which an authority limits the ideas that people are allowed to express and prevents books, films, works of art, documents, or other kinds of communication from being seen or made available to the public, because they include or support certain ideas.”

    “Civil libertarians say that the ruling amounts to censorship.”

    “There has always been movie censorship since the first films were created to be seen by the masses.”

  228. gregor says:


    “To answer.”

    “To react to an action by someone else.”

    “Since they refuse to reply, I think we’ve won the argument by default.”

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