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Third Rock From The Sun

Posted on February 16, 2023 by

The SNP constitution states that a leadership election should take place over a period of four and a half months. Having not had one in almost 20 years, the SNP are now to conduct one from start to finish in the space of four and a half weeks.

The voting period of two weeks (who needs two weeks to vote after three weeks of debate?) means that it’ll be over just a week too late for the party to be able to hold its “special democracy conference” to determine its independence strategy for the next couple of years, but also that the new leader will be in place just in time to file a legal challenge over the Gender Recognition Reform bill before the April deadline.

(Something the party president Mike Russell publicly called for today, in an apparent attempt to influence the outcome of the election. Indeed, he called for candidates not to go back on ANY of the outgoing leader’s policies, which rather invites the question of why they should bother electing a new leader at all.)

Isn’t that convenient, readers?

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0 to “Third Rock From The Sun”

  1. I. Despair

    No use expecting brainpower, change or a backbone among the NEC, that most Sturgeonite of all Sturgeonite cabals.

  2. David

    Mike should have stayed in his horsebox.

  3. alan scott

    ‘If it were done when ’tis done, then ’twere well / It were done quickly’

  4. Ian McCubbin

    The agenda is set to have a woke leader with the GRR challenge to UK government take presidence over the reform of constitution of SNP by Brendan MacNeil.
    He has now been sidelined by the party gradualists who want the GRR and keeping up the unionist support.
    So the race is now Robertson, Yussif et al.
    Well let’s hope this cabbal go the way of old Labour in Scotland and that it’s a rapid decline through next two elections.
    Alba and ISP rising me hopes.

  5. alan scott

    I have no spur
    To prick the sides of my intent, but only
    Vaulting ambition, which o’erleaps itself
    And falls on th’ other.

  6. Dave M

    Quelle surprise. That makes it imperative for someone like Ash Reagan to win.

  7. Run the borders

    and on the options for St Nik

    Is there the potential for a stretch at Cornton Vale fur choreyin’ that 600 thoosan quid that her man troosered. The irony! If her intended Gender stuff carries on then she might no even need a cokanbaws picture a la Jane Godley, and make do wi the real mcCoy in the shared showers from one o they “new weemin”.

    Course she might be off to get a job in Paris and meet her old mate, the Foreign Minister of France. While the wee bunny man, fag-hag husband is doing a stretch in Saughton or Barlinnie wonderin why she didnae help him. And discovering how many SNP supporters might feel.

  8. Geoff Anderson

    It’s almost as if the whole package was carefully choreographed!

  9. George Ferguson

    Stu the Greens/SNP may wish that to be true. But the reality is that GRRB is lost in space with no return. A side effect of Nicola’s instantly dropping the ball. What’s that Monty Python sketch about a dead parrot.

  10. solarflare

    More convenient than a convenience store on Convenient Street.

    The SNP think we’re all fools.

  11. David Hannah

    A horsebox and a cap in hand.

    Retired SNP president Mike Russell hasn’t got the stamina for front line politics, no wonder the SNP don’t have any money, Mike Russell’s on a gold plated pension with a direct debit to your wallet.

    Get to f*ck. Time for Craig Murray to release the files.

  12. alan scott

    Besides, this Duncan
    Hath borne his faculties so meek, hath been
    So clear in his great office, that his virtues
    Will plead like angels,

  13. handclapping

    Can the SNP afford to postpone their conference?

  14. Gregory Beekman

    Seeing who is on offer to become leader, let’s try and encourage Jackson Carlaw to switch to the SNP – they never said those who join after Sturgeon’s resignation couldn’t stand for election as leader, just couldn’t vote in it!

    Get Jackie Baillie to switch to the SNP too – would be great to see those in the hustings!

    And if they don’t win, they can switch back to their own parties afterwards!!!

  15. Cath

    So Peter Murrell will still be CEO, in total control
    And counting the votes over this 2 week period when they’ll just be in some electronic black box? Scotland and independence are truly fucked for the foreseeable future under any route that involves the SNP.

  16. Astonished

    I would worry about it all being planned and choreographed – Except Sturgeon isn’t that clever. And I don’t think she’s vain enough to think she might be resurrected in two years when its all blown over.

    If the SNP elect MacBeth or whoever and they continue with the genderwoowoo stonewall pish then the SNP are finished. It is that simple.

    The person who takes over has a whole wheen of problems, the biggest of which is money. The nuSNP are skint.

    And they may have a wheen of MSPs and MPs facing jail.

    It all depends on COPFS and Police Scotland.

    How unlike the home life of our own dear leader when she took over.

  17. Graham

    Sturgeon has gone but the cabal are still there.

  18. Geoff Anderson

    Taegan Goddard’s Political Dictionary

    Political suicide” is an unpopular action that is likely to cause significant harm to their reputation, electoral success, or power within their organization.

    These actions can include making unpopular or controversial decisions, engaging in unethical or illegal behavior, or failing to address the needs and concerns of the public.

    For example, a politician who takes a stand on a controversial issue that is opposed by a large portion of their constituents may be seen as committing political suicide, as they risk alienating a significant portion of their support base and potentially jeopardizing their chances of re-election.

    The missing £600,000 is the illegal act.
    The controversial policy is GRR
    The needs and concerns of voters. Ferries, A9, Indy, etc etc etc

    A full house at the same moment. Almost unheard of in politics.

  19. ClanDonald

    Challenging the UK Government veto of the deeply unpopular GRR bill will be another nail in the coffin of the independence movement, possibly the final nail.

    Any candidate who pledges to pursue this is either too thick to realise or gender reform was the goal all along and to hell with independence.

    Any SNP member who actually cares about independence has to vote for a candidate who’ll dump this insane crusade, it’s our only hope.

  20. David Hannah

    Mike Russell is clearly exhausted from his 11 point plan. It’s been a long road to walk and he’s turned senile. It’s all too much for the man 1 year Alex Salmond’s senior. Nicola’s tucking him in early, with a wee kiss, and while switching off his Indy lamp.

    Don’t worry grandad, there isn’t going to be a second Independence referendum. Your pension is safe.

  21. Andrew scott

    Swinney the ninney not standing

  22. Big Jock

    Stupid does what stupid does.

    The Gender bill alone lost 8% off the independence voting intentions. That they want to continue with this strategy. Tells us that independence is not a priority.

    If this comes to pass. Things are not going to improve. They may indeed get worse. This is what happens when a party is taken over by inexperienced youth members.

    As has been said before. All the clever long serving members left to join Alba nearly 2 years ago.

  23. Alastair

    Why would there need to be a special conference as the new leader of the SNP will be chosen by the SNP membership ?

    Each candidate can state how they specifically want to proceed on Independence and/or fighting the GRA ruling

    The winner has the mandate of the majority of SNP members to proceed on what they have proposed

  24. ronald


    Depends on whether or not they have payed the hire of the International conference centre ( don’t forget their supposed to be skint )

  25. Bob Mack

    It’s pretty much over isn’t it? They are shooting themselves in the foot and the head. I for one cannot see how I can vote for them ever again. Alba or abstain if no candidate.

    They are clearly not for changing course and although subject to section 35, they pig headedly refuse to defend the rights of real women instead of the counterfeit wannabees that infest the party from top to bottom.

  26. AlbaPartyTime

    Looks like GRR is their main priority then.

  27. sarah

    Swinney not standing, per The National.

    Speaking of The National, I finally gave up on them and tried to cancel my subscription today. I naively thought they would stop my access and refund the unused portion of my year’s online subscription…

    Well, I am naive, I know that now. But I will have the pleasure of being able to read their hogwash until November 2023 and post comments. Today’s comment they at first accepted and then deleted – I only said that we needed a leader untainted by the previous 8 years of inaction. Reasonable enough, I would have thought, but obviously too strong for the thought police.

  28. Tony Smith

    If Ash Regan or Kate Forbes don’t win the ballot (unlikely with what’s left of the membership), I can see the rebels and remaining MSPs/MPs with any remaining shred of decency defecting to ALBA or setting up their own party willing to work with other indy parties and prioritising indy. Without them, SNP/Greens no longer have a majority and if the SNP don’t challenge the S35 on GRA in court, they’ll lose the Greens & with dwindling membership, won’t get a majority in the next election. If they push ahead with GRR and challenge the S35, they’ll lose the country and won’t get a majority in the next election. It’s a lose/lose situation of their own making.

  29. Ian

    Well, they couldn’t have made it any clearer, even to the hard of understanding: Independence can be be postponed, but the self-inflicted clusterf*ck of GRR must be kept alive, to result in another legal setback. But one they can muster all of their synthetic outrage and posturing over. Meet the new
    SNP, same as the old SNP.
    It is of course designed to entrap the new leader in the cause which Sturgeon has shown more energy, passion and obsession over than any other. The same one the electorate are indifferent or opposed to.

  30. Big Jock

    Tony. Jo Cherry has as much as said that. The cabal must be broken. I suspect if another Sturgeon puppet comes in, and it’s an obvious stitch up. I can’t see people like her and Angus McNeil staying. They would be standing on the deck of the Titanic watching their captain hammering a bigger hole in the stern.

  31. MrRocknRoll

    If one of these no users get ‘the job’ it’s going to be a very grim future for the independence cause. Like no future at all.

  32. Frank Anderson

    Still pandering to the minor minority. The fact that thousands of mbets have left, we better not allow our Trans cult to threaten to leave.
    We can put off Independence indefinitely but GRR must be defended at all costs.
    The much delayed democracy conference could have gone ahead. It could show that there is still some democracy within the SNP, they could have taken a decision on the route and timetable to be followed. The new leader would have had to implemented it. Is that taking it too far?

  33. alan scott

    ClanDonald says:
    16 February, 2023 at 10:37 pm

    Challenging the UK Government veto of the deeply unpopular GRR bill will be another nail in the coffin of the independence movement, possibly the final nail.

    This act was passed by the finest brains that Scotland could muster. SNP, Green, Labour, Lib-Dem all voted for it.

    Do you think once you are independent you’ll vote for more sensible people?

    Or will you always need the UK Government sweeping your shit?

  34. David Hannah

    Ye can stick yer GRR bill up yer bum. Clap clap clap.

  35. Bob Mack

    Tonights Committee meeting must have been fun,

    Chairman— “Now that Nicola’s gone because of the pressure from the public over GRA we must elect a new leader”

    Committe—- “It must be someone who pushes GRA”

    Chairman— ” Agreed”.

    That’s the level of intellect currently in charge!!

    You can bet your house on something else major is just about to hit the fan.

  36. Ted

    The UK Government has made it quite clear that there will be no GRRB. It’s also been made clear that the Scottish Parliament cannot take measures (such as the GRRB, which are deleterious for the UK as a whole. In this the Scottish people would seem to be in wholehearted agreement and actually sympathetic to Westminster. If the SNP choose this as their ditch to die in, then that is exactly where they will die.

  37. robertkknight

    I’m in the “no longer give a $hit what the SNP get up to” camp.

    As far as I’m concerned, they’re up there with Scottish Labour – an irrelevance.

    To steal a line from the Equaliser movie, they’re like a piece of lint, or a bottle cap; something to get remove… and I speak as a former SNP candidate, (x2).

    Amazing how far you can travel (politically) in the space of 30 years – and all thanks to one individual.

  38. tricia young

    Surprise. Nothing’s changed. Vote Alba.

  39. Big Jock

    I suppose one reason for wanting Kate Forbes. She will not want anything to do with the Gender bill.

    It depends if there are enough decent members left to elect her. Or is what’s left a bunch of yoof fanatics. Time will tell.

  40. sarah

    It is interesting watching these sacrificial pieces:

    “I give you Joanna Cherry”

    “I’ll give John Swinney”

    Next move?

  41. Elmac

    Sturgeon, Murrell and quite a few others should be looking at serious jail time for any one or all of criminal conspiracy, perjury, misappropriation of funds and lying in public office to name but a few of their more obvious misdemeanours. The failure of a complicit Police force, Judiciary and Press to act so far is a dereliction of their duty bordering on criminality and an indelible stain on the history of this country. The tragedy is that so few of our population know the facts and, if they did, the SNP would have been toast some time ago. It is more important than ever that the McDonald emails, the transcripts of the Salmond trial, the email correspondence involving the Alphabetties, the SNP accounts and so much more are put in the public domain as soon as possible so these people can be held to account. If Sturgeon is able to nominate her successor this will only delay the inevitable. The truth will come out and the SNP will die. The rot is terminal and infects all but very few of their hierarchy. The core membership, the foot soldiers, leafleters, campaigners, who have contributed so much time, effort and cash will leave en masse when the scales are lifted from their eyes leaving a bankrupt hollow shell. The exodus has already started.

    It does not take Nostradamus to see what lies ahead for the SNP. Sturgeon has deliberately put back the prospect of independence for many years but we will rise again in the shape of Alba or ISP. There will be another younger Alex Salmond waiting in the Wings to take us forward. All I have to do now is live long enough to see it. At the moment I would settle for the sight of Sturgeon, Murrell and co behind bars before I pop my clogs.

  42. John+WALSH

    The night the SNP ran out of road. History will overtake events .
    The gradualists and devolutionists . Haven’t counted on the British State closing them down.
    As someone once said. “Few people have the imagination for reality”. Goethe.

  43. Indy 2, free in 23 ohh Aye!

    Angus Robertson is the new leader. Seems like a long waste of time having stupid hustings when everyone and their granny knows Nicola’s pet is going to be leader!

  44. barelybare

    Time to end this farce. New leader should call a Holyrood GE and say it is a de facto referendum because if a majority of pro independence MSPs are elected they are going to demand independence negotiations begin. If they do not get the numbers then the SNP leader should say that’s it for a generation and the SNP is not going to push for independence but instead solely be a Scottish party within the UK. Disappointed nationalists can then go try their luck with Alba.

    Of course it is not going to happen because the SNP is no longer about independence but about maintaining power by saying one thing and doing another.

    If they were serious they could pass a bill right now to allow Holyrood electoons by simple majority. Again, it will not happen.

  45. 100%Yes

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the new leader didn’t kill indyref2 for years.

  46. Big Jock

    The solution to a problem, can never be found, if the problem is not recognised in the first place. The SNP and the Nicola Cabal have no self awareness.

    That is the problem right there. They are delusional, mad on power. Any criticism is struck down as treasonous.You cannot debate with delusional fanatics.

    I don’t think the SNP can be fixed. They are too far down the rabbit hole. Eight years of Sturgeon has made sure of that. Even once sensible people like Mike Russell. Have completely lost the plot.

    When a ship is beyond repair. It must be broken up. I think the solution will be the painfull break up of the party. Whether that’s an SNP 2 or a greater Alba , who knows.

    I just can’t see any future for the SNP in its current form.

    This is all on you Nicola. We are angry, very angry.

  47. Colin

    Mike Russell. From someone who was so liked and respected and who seemingly had his heart on independence has become a bitter disappointment and a total let down. His career is more important to him, it seems, regardless how it affects the independence movement and even his own party, which is currently not the SNP we all knew

  48. gregor


    “Knowledge that something exists, or understanding of a situation or subject at the present time based on information or experience.”

    “Public awareness of the problem will make politicians take it seriously.”

  49. Antoine Roquentin

    Unfortunately, you’re right again, Ed. Apart from for window-dressing purposes, what is the point in electing a new leader?

  50. George Ferguson

    So as a new member of Alba, who do I want as new leader of the SNP. Anybody that bins GRRB. I hope that is clear.

  51. sadscot

    ‘A Scottish Green party source said the party’s joint leaders, Patrick Harvie and Lorna Slater, would almost certainly resign from their ministerial posts if the new SNP leader either delayed or rewrote the gender recognition bill.
    “It’s a red line for the party,” he said. “There’s no compromise on this.”’
    This is from the Guardian.

  52. StruanBorn

    I think a lot of people owe you an apology Rev. You warned us all of this shit show years ago. I find it quite incredible that we’re actually in this position.

    Alex Salmonds snp was the complete opposite of this snp. They framed him to stop independence. GRR was invented by the party to stop independence the only reason I can see is to keep them all getting gravy, it’s amazing how money corrupts.

    I hope you & Craig Murray & others go after all of them. You’ve got one top tier scalp be great to see the rest in the same position.

    Thank you mate for everything.

  53. Colin Dawson

    The SNP needs the independence movement. The independence movement doesn’t need the SNP. We can cast them aside just as fast as Labour were ousted from power in Scotland. Don’t let the SNP forget this, otherwise they’ll string us along indefinitely while continuing to do nothing to advance our cause.

    The SNP has done SFA in eight and a half years to improve upon the flawed prospectus that lost the referendum in 2014. That’s an unbelievable dereliction of duty. Even if Westminster agreed to a referendum, the SNP hasn’t carried out the necessary preparations and, as a result, would almost certainly lose again.

    They’ve had their chance but they have betrayed independence supporters. It’s time for us to jump on a different bus. It’ll get us to our destination much quicker than trying to repair the SNP one.

  54. Alf Baird

    As Alex Salmond says – ‘Bring it on!’

    Actions will prove what the new leadership of the SNP/Green MSPs priority is about, an whaur thair lealtie lies. Thay hiv twa chices, i.e.:

    1. leeberation o the Scots via Salmond’s strategy, or;

    2. anither twa year nor mair takkin the Breetish shillin tae rin a colonial administration.

    A wunner whit a rael naitionalist wad dae! Are thay SNP rael naitionalists or aye a toosht o chancers? We’ll suin ken richt eneuch, tho A daur maist o us ken fine the noo – chancers aw, aye, nummer twa.

  55. gregor

    Biffy Clyro (2009): Only Revolutions: Many of Horror (When We Collide):

    “…I’ll take a bruise, I know you’re worth it
    When you hit me, hit me hard
    Sitting in a wishing hole
    Hoping it stays dry
    Feet cast in solid stone
    I’ve got Gilligan’s eyes
    I still believe…”:

  56. joolz

    “he called for candidates not to go back on ANY of the outgoing leader’s policies”.

    Ridiculous. The point of a new leader is a fresh eye on things and to fix Sturgeon’s incompetence. We need a leader who will respect democracy and listen to the will of the people.

    The only candidate likely to do that is Joanna Cherry, but the NEC will do everything to prevent her being chosen and the woke mob that now dominates the party won’t vote her in anyway. If the sane people who left can’t rejoin and vote then we’ll end up with Sturgeon 2.0 and still no indy. Same old, same old.

  57. SusanAHF

    Yes, things are looking grim. Like I said on the last thread about something else, a compromised NEC, whipped MSPs and an infiltrated membership. And I’ll add, reduced membership and Murrell at the helm still. Sounds like grade A “fixing”

  58. Wilson McBride

    What would you say to Sturgeon if you had ten minutes alone with her in a locked room?

  59. Hermes

    There is a new book out written by Newsnight journalist and film maker Hannah Barnes about The Tavistock Clinic .

    Hannah Barnes: Inside the collapse of the Tavistock gender clinic.

    Some people might think the only problem is the GRR and the many problems Self I.D. will bring, of immediate safeguarding implications and the flood of deviants that will immediately abuse the system.
    The ones that are already at it and the deluded.

    The system is already broken: because there are too many loopholes in the 2004 GRA and even the Equalities Act.

    Plus too many social media platforms amplify the noise from the extreme end of GRAs and the groomers and kids themselves.

    The questions politicians should face is WHY are they ALL supporting it?

    At least in this country the wool has been pulled from the medical side of the issue. It’s start get their own house in order, but it won’t end the steady stream of mainly girls seeking to escape amongst other things the oversexualized porn sodden male gaze.

    The more trans is supported rather than for the tiny minority.
    The more kids are introduced to ideas that are introduced in schools as well as social media. Leading to the guinea pig route of experimental puberty blockers, cross sex hormones and medical multilation, although some detransitioners don’t like that last word.
    Why are politicians supporting Eurgenics a d Sterilisation for kids? For gay or high functioning autistic girls or vulnerable abused kids?

    We know why deviants want to be in womens’ spaces;
    for the twisted sense of power entitlement and affirmation they get.
    But politicians should be made to face the bathroom mirror themselves – What the actual fuck are they getting out of supporting a cult that grooms vulnerable kids,
    Whether they be same sex attracted or will grow up to be that, or who may be on thw autistic spectrum diagnosed or not (girls often go unnoticed as the descriptors for Aspbergers for example are laughably out of date… i.e lazy shit like they are male brained. The girls get asked if they like maths and chess, it’s a joke how little diagnoses these overpaid buffoons do . All children are different and environment and support or lack plays a part in how the go through their puberty.
    But the cult would have them seperated from parental care, so that some even self emdicate and get advice from teachers in some cases and in some countries without parental consent.

    The kids who are in care or vulnerable through parental break up, or bullying, or victims of abuse of some kind all navigate societal pressures, body expectations and external image pressures, peer pressures.
    Then these days told “Transitioning is the magic bullet”
    Like they are in a fucking sci fi film.
    And when they do decide to Trnas everybody (even people they have never met) will love them.

    Why is this social contagion allowed to spread and politicians label anybody who says No.
    Women are derided like the Reds of McCarthyism.

    The cult as portrayed by 20 something “Rainbow” students blue haired just being themselves embracing “Queerness*
    Yet they are all claiming to be the opposite sex without even changing anything of their looks never mind the medical myth.

    THEY the acceptable face of things the sacred that must not be questioned.
    We have obviously seen some of the unacceptable faces.
    And WHEN it acceptable to introduce Drag Queens to pre school kids to tell them Queer filtered stories.
    The UK Govt say it’s not even happening, no materials that sexualise children that introduce bidy dysmorohia and Trans ideology is supposed to be happening, but it IS.

    Yet most people know nothing about ALL the issues.
    Or the money being made by clinicians which is not insignificant even in the UK.
    The public shoukd know that there are social media corporations and drug companies heavily involved xirectly or indirectly.

    Services for medical therapies are going to be spread out but they don’t seem to be stopping.
    Maybe councelling will happen ut when has the NHS had money for that, it seems to be easier to bung children some medication and say they can become the opposite sex.
    Society is a cross roads.
    We should be examining the effects of a violent misogynistic society flooded with porn and online paedophiles.

    Meanwhile youth services are in a terrible state after austerity leaving a vacuum filled by “popular shit on social media”.
    The politicians need a wake up or they are complicit in what is basically conversion therapy and eugenics for kids.
    And when you have grown up through the mess and lack of opportunity services care women who didn’t get anything but abuse find themselves in jail scarred by their experiences and tortured by the threat of sharing spaces with rapists, paedophiles and murderers.
    That isn’t Woke or caring for minorities it is collusion with evil.
    So politicians tell me why?
    What’s in it for you?

  60. Kcor

    “Indeed, he called for candidates not to go back on ANY of the outgoing leader’s policies, which rather invites the question of why they should bother electing a new leader at all.”

    They are not electing one, they are imposing one, and one has already been selected by the outgoing one and her equally corrupt and criminal cronies, IMHO.

  61. Kcor

    To all Cherry fans, she has done ZERO for the cause of independence since becoming a Westminster MP.

  62. Kcor

    StruanBorn says:
    17 February, 2023 at 12:31 am

    “I hope you & Craig Murray & others go after all of them. You’ve got one top tier scalp be great to see the rest in the same position.”

    I second that.

  63. Hermes

    Gender ideology is seeded around the world, it may have come from arrogant academics or clinicinas trying to deal with rare cases of body dysmorphia and other mental illnesses.

    But bandwagons have been jumped and they surround us.
    It’s the self implosion option for the minds of society.
    Destroy loyalty, destroy cohension, destroy reality itself.

    Turn people against each other and replace genuine culture and cultural identity and bonds between people, famililies and political identity even civic sense of duty with ananarchic narcissism.
    Even the general culture of the moment from teens is fractured these days.
    It’s a Trojan Horse or hatred to be wheeled out against any group, community, country or cause.

  64. Ron Clark

    The only drawback the Murrells have in making sure the next First Minister runs a puppet government with them controlling things from behind, is that the whole of the Scottish/UK media is expecting such an setup, and would come down on them like a ton of bricks if it became a reality.

    They would get slaughtered from media outlet.

    It’s a high risk strategy they would be playing if they tried to run a Scottish government as if Sturgeon had never left.

  65. twathater

    @ Colin Dawson 12.44am says
    “The SNP needs the independence movement. The independence movement doesn’t need the SNP. We can cast them aside just as fast as Labour were ousted from power in Scotland. Don’t let the SNP forget this,”

    Stuart Campbell has been exposing the rank corruption and outright lies of sturgeon and her clowns for years and yet when you look around this forum and others the CULT members still cannot believe that the snp has been utterly and totally destroyed by a narcissistic pervert and her fellow perverts

    PEOPLE are still CLINGING to the belief that the great snp can be saved and resurrected, Peter Bell has a post up criticising sturgeon for her constitutional mistakes but PRAISING her for her managerial skills and oratory ability,and people are actually agreeing with him ,it is no wonder that there are so many people being FLEECED by scams

    She is a scam artist and a con merchant but a very successful one , she has fooled a NATION, and let’s be honest our DESPERATION made it easy for her, BUT her departure highlights her vile amoral nature, she was and is TOTALLY UNCONCERNED that her resignation has not only thrown her party into turmoil but has also delivered a throat punch to independence supporters ,and yet you still have commenters desperately needing to get back into the loving embrace of THE PARTY , refusing to accept that this individual and her coterie of moronic deviants don’t give a flying fuck about them,FFS are people SO deluded and stupid and so needy

    Can people NOT SEE it is only a political party that has been captured by self serving scum, it is NOT the party of independence any more , it is a comfortable salary and pension provider for the likes of Pishy pete and the other deplorables who infest it

    Scots deserve what has been done to us because we allowed ourselves to be silent, MANY of us knew or strongly suspected that sturgeon wasn’t for independence by her constant failures and mandate gathering but we allowed the brain dead bullies to divert opposition by claims of the SECRET PLANS

  66. Iain More

    Wilson McBride says:
    17 February, 2023 at 2:32 am

    What would you say to Sturgeon if you had ten minutes alone with her in a locked room?


    I would ask her when she decided to sell out Scotland. I would also ask her. What do the enemies of Scotland have on her?

  67. SusanAHF

    Twathater I agree with you. The SNP is dead.

  68. Geoff Anderson

    Why did the Crown Prosecution service hamper the Police investigation?

  69. Geoff Anderson

    Advice to a leadership candidate….

  70. Martin

    I don’t claim to be as good at predictions as the rev (he’s pretty much predicted Scottish politics for the past 5 or 6 years with no missteps). However here goes my interpretation of events.

    Sturgeon saw the writing on the wall for the GRRB and realised the public hated it. The money issues also concerned her. So she steps down, citing pressures of the job. Suddenly the narrative has shifted to what a good leader/servant/whatever she was. Swinney and Co rule themselves out of the leadership contest. A “fresh face gives the snp a fresh start” narrative comes when whatever useless twitter youth approved nomark takes over. Then quietly challenges the S35 whilst only Wings and a few reputable (but not left wing or woke enough to make it into the “Pro indy” papers that SNP voters have been conditioned to read) journalists make comment. Things continue as if Sturgeon was in charge, but under the illusion of change.

    I’m afraid the only hope is a police investigation finding quite a significant number of our sitting MSPs are guilty of embezzlement and a root and branch clear out.

    I don’t hold my breath on that (The Murrells will be the primary focus-and, in fairness to the fuzz, that makes sense).

    The SNP has successfully been destroyed. Agent Sturgeon can now be discarded.

    We would need a large defection to Alba to see them achieve much I’m afraid. And even at that, how do we prevent similar infiltration by people with ulterior motives?

    I’m 37 this year. When I was 27 I fully believed I’d see an independent Scotland within the next couple of years. Now I doubt I’ll see it in my lifetime.

  71. Robert Louis

    The reason for the rush will be this. Peter Murrell, the husband of Nicola Sturgeon, needs to stay on to make sure her replacement is who she wants. He will want to leave his post, but cannot do so until the replacement has been ‘chosen’.

    All the ‘front runners’ (as described by the English telly news), are absolute failures. Ash Regan would get my vote, I think, but even then, I do not know just how committed to indy she is. THAT is the point though, if the SNP wish to recover, they need a leader who is resolute in pursuing independence, before anything else. It really is very urgent for Scotland to be rid of England’s jackboot.

    Of course the two people who SHOULD get the job, Alex Salmond or Joanna Cherry were sidelined by the SNP gender woo-woo cabal a long time ago.

    Looks like my vote will be ALBA, unless some kind of shock change within the SNP happens – and that is NOT likely until Peter Murrell departs.

    The indy cause does not change however. Despite some absolute media tosh suggesting this will kill independence, the truth is, that like most folk, of course I still want independence. Why would any sane person want to remain under undemocratic and unwanted English colonial rule? Why would any sane person want to have England steal our assets, resources, oil, gas, energy and money, whilst calling us scroungers on a daily basis?

    My goal is independence, and I’ll vote for whoever is willing to really push Scotland free of English colonial rule from London. So, ALBA party it is.

  72. Luigi

    Poooh! Something stinky going on here. The stench is already overpowering. A bit of a fix being arranged, methinks. If it looks like the brown stuff, if it smells like the brown stuff, then it probably is. All I can say at this stage is “Thank goodness for Alba”. Somewhere to go.

  73. Dubh

    NuSNP is dead.

    My theory on why someone insisted that any new Leadeer should continue to support the GRA bill is that the SNP get money from Stonewall/Big Pharma and to drop the bill would strangle that much needed income.

    Unless you are IN the cabal – I honestly cannot see anyone actually wanting to be FM.

    I predict someone entering the frey that might give us hope of a modicum of sanity…I dunno, like Ash Regan for instance – only to see her soundly beaten in favour of a dicksplash like Humza or Robertson.

    Why is the postponed ‘speshul’ conference centre not being hired for an ‘All Party’ Yes conference instead? Imagine a WoS run conference. We could show the nuSNP how it’s really done, since they’ve clearly forgotten.

  74. President Xiden

    By Monday morning the dear leader will have “no recollection” that she resigned.

  75. sydthesnake

    Sturgeon has planned her resignation timing perfectly, she knows the pool to select a replacement leader from is very shallow at best and any dumpling taking over from her will make her look as though she was competent, but we can all see through this BS, let us not forget she gave the VOW arsehole (and this had a major effect on the 2014 vote)a job in the SNP, was this planned to de-rail Scotland???

  76. Scozzie

    It’s a curious thing. When most leaders leave, their power goes with it. Yet here we have a former FM, but her husband still conveniently in place to oversee the selection of the next leader.

    It’s a certainty the new appointee will be someone from the clique, enabling some behind the curtain puppeteering from she/her. And she probably needs that to save her skin (and her husband).

    There can’t be any (or many) SNP members left to vote for an outlier candidate. So we’ll have same shite, different bucket.

    She really is screwing up any chance of independence even from the backbenches. Best we can hope for is some police charges that puts all the key figures needing to resign in shame.

    If they can weasel their way through (and it wouldn’t surprise me), we’ll have sturgeon-lite still pushing GRA, and dodging any meaningful push for independence. Plus they’re skint!

    Glad she’s gone, but may as well put RainbowGreen Patrick Harvie in the hot seat for all the new ‘placeman’ (or woman, or individual or rapist) will do to gain independence.

  77. Alan Austin

    Looking at the potential replacements for Sturgeon as FM I would forecast a dip in SNP fortunes and independence drifting off into the future. Sturgeon and the SNP have failed at everything in the past 8 years in government and this is why at least 50% +1 of Scots will never support independence. As a person who voted against devolution due to the fact all politicians are parasites so why pay for 2 parliaments when they are both equally as poor.

  78. Den

    They do not get it do they , the electorate now see the entire executive team of the SNP as conflicted and a conduit to finishing the work of Sturgeon and Murrell. There are no politically redeeming features for any of these candidates, they are deluded
    O wad some Power the giftie gie us
    To see oursels as ithers see us!
    It wad frae mony a blunder free us,
    An’ foolish notion:

  79. Antoine Bisset

    It has been long apparent that “independence” was a slogan, and idea, that people would support and vote for. They would vote for SNP politicians in the hope and trust that they would work to deliver independence. It would be a real bonus and foretaste of a promising future if those politicians could also effectively manage the country along the route to independence.
    Expensive failure followed incompetent fiasco, time after time.
    The key point for me was 2015 when the pudding was proven. The number of MSPs and MPs supporting independence, (added together) was just over 2/3 of the total. A vote to secede would have been enough. The numbers would have made it “legal” and would have complied with UN guidelines.
    Of course, Westminster would have got very uppity. There would have been some turmoil.
    Velvet Divorce? Unlikely.
    It did not happen. The SNP shirked it. They were cowardly. Or, they were too keen on their salary and perks, too reliant on the Westminster comfort blanket that had been wrapped around the country for so long.
    The rare, unique, opportunity was lost.
    The slogan is still used, the meaning has changed. Now it just means salary and perks for MSPs.

  80. RevengeServedCold

    I’ve read all the comments above, and it seems that most of the folk here, are, biblical style, wailing and gnashing their teeth, and renting their clothes, in anger and frustration.

    I actually find that amusing, as someone who voted No and will probably continue in that frame of mind in the medium term.

    And yet I am not against Scotland being an independent nation – I’ve just never trusted the SNP. Not now, not in 2014, not even in the olden days of ‘Scotland’s Oil’.

    Independence HAS TO be bigger than the SNP.

    Now if there was a First Minister, who was putting Scotland First, but by representing the whole of the country, and not forever playing ‘neverendum’ and ‘colonial’ politics, that person would win the trust of the majority – and at the right moment, when Westminster was in one of its convulsive states of disarray, independence would attract a majority vote.

    To me, Salmond and Sturgeon were both anti-English bigots, whatever they said in public. Given that so many Scots have relatives and friends in England, or indeed live and work there, then that posture has to be rooted out.

    The other big No No for me is the assumption that embracing the EU made any sense. EU treaties and laws are much greater, and ever increasing, in their control of client states. We would be even more of an EU colony with no independence whatsoever. We’d be left with a flag and a football team!

    I’m not expecting 99% of the folk here to agree with me, but you might want to see a different point of view on where independence might lie.

  81. Luigi

    After the seismic shifts in 2014, the Labour Party in Scotland were well and truly stuffed. The British establishment desperately needed another puppet party to replace “Scottish” Labour, give the impression of fighting for change but with not much really happening. It took eight long years, but they chipped away relentlessly and now they have the SNP exactly where they want it – full of careerists, dimwits and woke fanatics, clearly incapable of mounting an effective challenge to WM. The Murrells proved to be the perfect vehicle for bringing about this change. Job done. The only hope for now is the police investigation, but I ain’t holding my breath. It clearly benefits the establishment to keep Mr Murrell in place for another few months at least, so not much is likely to happen soon. I probably won’t see independence now, but I will stay in the fight for future generations. We owe it to them (and all those that went before us). Thank goodness for Alba.

  82. Mac

    Horsebox Russell can go fuck himself.

    We are talking about the people who literally erased Alex Salmond from the SNP’s history page in an act that would have made Joe Stalin blush.

    But suddenly we should preserve the worst leader in the history of the SNP’s legacy.

    Personally I shit on her legacy and want to see it scoured from the face of the earth.

  83. Antoine Bisset

    As regards the immediate future, what rational person would wish to be elected leader of the SNP? If the predicted scenarios come to pass and the conference does take place while the former leader is being interviewed by the police, perhaps, it would be a truly poisoned chalice.
    Moreover, the SNP could break up into factions. Anyone with any sense would stay clear of the whole charivari until next year at least.

  84. Breeks

    SusanAHF says:
    17 February, 2023 at 5:23 am
    Twathater I agree with you. The SNP is dead.

    I am actually quite stunned that so many people are wilfully blind about Sturgeon’s treachery, Sturgeon’s incompetence, and Sturgeon’s pernicious demolition of everything that the SNP had spent decades building.

    ALL that remains, literally all, is a hardcore stoic resolve amongst the people to secure Independence, but even that feels like an act of theft every time you hear one of Sturgeon’s shills claiming the credit for it. Every fibre of my being is telling me Sturgeon didn’t build this edifice, but instead, for eight years, Sturgeon has been a parasite living off this edifice, who introduced toxicity and disease into it’s system.

    The claim she’s responsible for building it is simply delusional. She hasn’t done anything except flounder and fail.

    These people believe in fairies and the more rationally you encourage them to grow up and stop believing in fairies, they more irrational they become.

    Far more important than choosing a new leader for the SNP is to somehow deprogram these individuals and bring their souls back to reality, but the Sturgeon religion has really done a number on them, and despite all the evidence of failure, they won’t hear a bad word said against her.

    For a long time, I’ve believed there were Establishment forces “steering” all this nonsense, and you will never convince me these Establishment forces weren’t literally crawling all over the Salmond Conspiracy, but I’m beginning to realise this delusional affliction is something beyond that.

    It’s a throwaway line we hear all the time, but I truly believe there are “cult” mechanisms at work here.

    Traditionally, the study of cults has identified vulnerabilities amongst people of low self esteem, seduced by the illusion of a surrogate family, the grip on power maintained through encouraging an “us versus them” mentality, a group of people who are susceptible to mind control, and people who are in a cult but who will absolutely deny it to themselves. Tell me those words don’t describe Sturgeon’s NuSNP.

    Without trying to be nasty about this, this isn’t just loyalty, I think we are seeing psychological symptoms here, not loyalty but loyalty gone wrong in people, and I’m not sure a change of leadership is going to change this overnight.

    It’s confusing, very confusing, but while there are elements of vindictiveness and malice, I don’t think this cult mentality has been purposefully engineered. I think the intention started out to engineer party loyalty, YES camaraderie, but something went wrong.

    It might even be the case that it was Alex Salmond’s vibrant and intoxicating YES Campaign which actually started the ball rolling, and while YES was a very positive and uplifting campaign, when it came under new management, it was steered in the wrong direction, lost all momentum, and worse, the outrageous denunciation of Alex Salmond would be catastrophic.

    Ask yourself these questions…

    Does Sturgeon have the personality to start a cult? Sorry, I just don’t see it. There’s no… mojo. There’s no competence. There’s no actual leadership. Nicola Sturgeon is actually pretty harmless. The Establishment has never needed to take her seriously.

    Does Alex Salmond? Well, not the “cult” intention, absolutely not, but he certainly can press the right buttons to fire peoples’ emotions. Strategically, I don’t remember Salmond fumbling the ball once, and his leadership came straight from the heart. To the UK Establishment, Alex Salmond was the polar opposite of harmless; and extremely potent threat which had to be dealt with and taken down.

    To use a line from the Top Gun film, in creating the “elite” YES Movement, maybe Alex Salmond wrote the cheque which Nicola Sturgeon couldn’t cash…

    Alex Salmond built an all conquering YES movement, but handed it to a successor who had no idea what it was. Sturgeon’s fatal decision was turning the movement on it’s creator, and it tore the team apart.

    To fix this, we need to understand what “this” is.

  85. Doug

    SNP, party before country.Well, the party’s over and they will be made to cry.

  86. Graeme George


    I enjoy reading your posts you seem to say exactly what I think word for word but obviously better than i can and once again I agree 100% with your last post,
    I’ve read a lot on here since Sturgeons resignation of folk talking about rejoining the SNP including Peter Bell (who sadly still believes the SNP can be saved),
    In my opinion the SNP are way beyond redemption and have been for some time, they’re a criminally corrupt organisation with no interest in independence or serving the interests of those who elect them, The rot has set so deep in that party I can’t see anyone in the wings no matter how well meaning who can turn it around.
    The SNP doesn’t need a new leader it need a decent burial

  87. Natal XY and proud

    Well all this proves to me that it is the actual party (and not just the individual) who is in the clutches of unionist infiltration. I never thought that the SNP could be salvaged and this confirms it. Move to Alba and hope the same doesn’t happen there!

  88. panda paws

    “Ash Regan would get my vote, I think, but even then, I do not know just how committed to indy she is.”

    She campaigned for Yes in 2014, and was on the national committee of Women for Independence. Whether it’s her no 1 priority I couldn’t say.

    However others have stated that they’ve found no indication of Kate Forbes campaigning for indy. And her sleekit abstaining in the vote for GRRB has put me off her. If Tory Megan Gallagher can interrupt her mat leave to vote against so could Forbes. Plus I think she’s too young.

    However either of them over a GRRB acolyte please though neither have declared. Out of running are Swinney and Cherry. Though Cherry used female pronouns when discussing the new leader…

  89. Mac

    I can see someone in the ‘wings’ Graeme.

    I am not entirely joking either. I watched the Salmond interview with SC on RT (very interesting interview if you have not seen it) and at the time I recall thinking that SC could easily fit into that world and thrive (if he wanted to of course).

    So my dream team would be a Salmond, Campbell and Murray coalition of the SNP damned! If you offered me that right now I’d bite your hand off.

    In the real world the likely choices are a wasteland. The general public will not have a clue who most of these people are.

    Because Sturgeon used to hog the media limelight and strictly control what people under her did. (I am sure this has been documented on here and/or Craig Murray’s site.) Again making sure none would ever rise in prominence enough to ever challenge her.

    It is funny how her supporters never seemed to notice this until she flounced out the door leaving them standing in a talent-desert with just the odd tumbleweed blowing past an abandoned overturned horsebox…

  90. Johnny

    panda paws @ 9:02am:

    Yes, I have seen some saying Forbes made a “clever political calculation” to avoid taking sides.

    My view is that we have had enough of “clever political calculations” from elected representatives, and that we need politicians brave enough to say what they actually *think* on any given issue (and if they don’t think anything, they need to find some convictions from somewhere).

  91. Beauvais

    Since Holyrood is almost a quarter of a century old I would say that the rot set in with the SNP some time ago. Too many people chasing salaries and sinecures. Then the party’s Westminster success from 2015 made things worse. People like that are not the sort to fervently pursue independence.

  92. Mac

    Well I guess now we know what it looks like.

    What the state of the SNP and the independence movement will look like if you check your morals and principles at the door, to support an obvious betrayer and charlatan, who sells you endless bags of ‘magic’ indybeans for nine years like a rube, while repeating to yourself over and over the mantra,’wheeesht for indy, wheeesht for indy…”.

    Well look around… It looks like this.

    Some people are going to be waking up a bit here but a lot of people won’t ever wake up to it.

    Just as they never woke up to the Salmond stitch-up, long after it was revealed, and obvious to anyone who looked. (For me personally that is the bit I can’t forgive and forget.)

    The SNP looks like a sinking ship. I am very glad I booked my berth on the good ship ALBA as soon as she launched.

    I don’t care how good or bad ALBA is right now, the important thing is that it exists.

  93. Scozzie

    Johnny @9:34am
    I agree there is nothing about Kate Forbes that makes me think she has the political acumen to deliver independence. I agree that using her maternity leave as a cover to not vote against the most important legislation to affect women in at least a century shows her to be without conviction or courage. Two things required to get us over the line to independence. i would not want to see her as SNP leader.
    Frankly, there is no-one in SNP that will deliver independence. People tout JC but I think she’d just get bogged down in legal arguments. It needs a maverick and there is none!

    Let’s hope those who are independence minded will look to Alba, but I think there is too much bad blood from the Nikophants….sadly.

  94. Alf Baird

    Johnny @ 9:34 am

    “we need politicians brave enough”

    Courage of the leaders is a critical factor in any liberation movement. The immediate choice for the NuSNP, as Alex Salmond has explained, is either to:

    a. dissolve Holyrood and bring about an indyref-election in October, or;

    b. to continue as before, loyally managing the Scottish colonial administration on behalf of UK offshore equity funds PLC.

    We’ll soon ken whit the NuSNP leadership priority is.

  95. Ruby

    Wilson McBride says:
    17 February, 2023 at 2:32 am

    What would you say to Sturgeon if you had ten minutes alone with her in a locked room?

    Nothing! I would put my earbuds in and listen to some music then just stare at her. Should she attempt to speak to me I would do the ‘can’t hear you gesture I’ve got my earbuds in’.

    If it were compulsory to ask her something I would ask

    ‘What is a woman?’

  96. Mia

    It is clear what is happening here. The first manchurian prototype, aka Sturgeon, reached the “best before date” and needs to be upgraded.

    A change in the PR product portrayed as “leader” only gives the illusion of change, no actual change.

    Real change can only be effected if the structure supporting the “leader” is removed too. This means giving the entire executive, starting by the CEO and governing structure together with the NEC, their p45s. Otherwise is not a real change in leadership. It is simply a recycling process. A whitewash.

    You can embellish and polish an old, defective car as much as you like, but unless you change the engine and replace its control pannel, it will remain the exact same old, malfunctioning car. Same with Sturgeon’s SNP. Unless all those structures which helped Sturgeon control the party (or actually controlled it on Sturgeon’s behalf) are changed, it remains the exact same useless, devolutionist labour copy cat Sturgeon created.

    There are quite a few names among the “candidates” to leadership. As expected since the very moment he was parachuted to the MSP seat after the NEC forced Ms Cherry out, Robertson is in that list.

    As I do not see Mr Angus Brendan McNeil or Ms Cherry among that list of “candidates”, and those are the only two people in the SNP I would trust today repositioning the party as a pro-independnece vehicle instead of the labour spare wheel it is today, I can only conclude all that myriad of “candidates” bar one are nothing but paper candidates.

    The larger the number of paper candidates the bigger the amount of smoke required to fabricate the illusion this is an actual democratic election rather than the coronation of the next British state manchurian candidate as SNP “leader”.

    This manchurian candidate is expected to follow instructions when demanded and with no questions asked; is expected to parrot the same crap, fabricate the same obstacles, dangle the same carrots and follow the exact same toxic agenda initiated by Sturgeon which is designed to frustrate independence; is expected to aid Labour on its quest for its “revival” in Scotland by subtly making the SNP unelectable and is expected to help labour to force on us more useless devolution to “substitute” for our right to self determination.

    And let’s not forget the two most important mandatory attributes of the carefully selected favourite non-paper candidate:

    1. enough skeletons in the closet to tow the line of the powers that be and so they can be removed on demand and without notice

    2. sufficient motivation to continue to hide, shred and “redact” anything related to the Alex Salmond case, the corrupt civil servants, the corrupt COPFS and judges and the perjurers acting as useful idiots.

    I think all this is nothing but a distraction. Unless somebody of the caliber of Ms Cherry or Mr Angus Brendan McNeil is in control of the party and flushes out the current toxic executive and NEC, this party is labour, not the SNP.

    I have been wondering for quite a while how many of those, allegedly, 100,000+ SNP membership fees are being paid by the powers that be to keep the illusion the SNP is still a functional party rather than a shell pretending to be one.

    I also wonder what is easier to manipulate:

    a. the results of an online vote which leaves no tangible records, can easily disguise the number of voters and could be doctored remotely on demand and in real time by a hired programmer (for example by embeding an instruction in the programme which increases the number of votes registered for candidate A every time candidate B receives a new vote), or

    b. the results of an actual, old fashion ballot vote with a code number that can be identified and recalled as evidence, cast at the local branch so an actual person has to check the person is in the list and has an SNP card, and counted “in situ” with several witnesses in attendance and that can be recounted if required.

    What is the likelihood this coronation will be done be in a way that no tangible, reviewable evidence of the votes or real number of actual voters is left so recounting will not be possible?

  97. Ottomanboi

    The only human right that matters to Scotland is the right to get the strangulating British hobgoblin off its back.
    A declining, in every sense, Europe may be going gender fluid, no reason to follow the creepy groomers into the wilderness of theyness.

  98. Ananurhing

    Absolutely delighted to see Wings back up and running at full throttle. Stu Campbell, you were missed.
    Breeks@ 5.23am. Agree with every word you say there. You were missed too.
    Re new leader. The only feelings I have are it cannot be anyone from Sturgeon’s old guard. Angus Robertson? Absolutely not.
    What’s needed now more than a safe pair of hands, is a clean pair of hands. On that basis alone I’m interested in Ash Regan although I don’t yet know much about her.
    The SNP are going to have to go some to win back people like me who have supported the cause all our lives.
    Precluding us from having any say in who the next leader is, is not a good start.

  99. desimond

    Meet the new boss, just like the old boss!

    Theyre done. A non entity will step in, remember The Swinney Years…and Holyrood will become a forgotten place. You will be lucky toi see it even mentioned let alone covered.

    I cant see any Holyrood “rebels” declaring for ALBA or going Independent. They are all career Politicians now and self preservation is a genetic priority.

    Sadly I cant see ALBA making any headway. Folk just cant see passed the Salmond Trial ( job done Establishment).

    Amazingly I would suggest that theres even an opportunity for a Scottish Lib Dems who went pro “Indy choice” to capitalise at thos window of IndyVote opportunity but no chance given their current leader.

  100. Cuilean

    The SNP is so blatantly corrupt and they just don’t care who knows it, any more. Pride comes before a fall.

    Self-evidently now, their clarion call and No 1 priority is destroying women, children, lesbian and homosexual rights.

    Independence is not even their No 2 priority. It’s just been kicked into the long grass, yet again.

    All show & no substance sums up Sturgeon. Yesterday she posed so long at the windae of Bute House pretending to wave to the adoring crowds of which there were none. She stayed there, like the absolute muppet she is, with a frozen waving hand and a frozen smile which did not quite reach her eyes, making sure the lighting was just right and her face was at the right angle and her clothes were just tyhe right match etc. etc. A wee ‘glamour’ using the Scots word in its true sense, i.e. a pretence, false, deception. Canny Scxots and those who pay attention know her for the nasty, ruthless, grapsing, corrupt, mendacious, coward she actually is. Doubtless the picture she posed so long & hard for yesterday at Bute House to look ‘just right’ will adorn her autobiography and she’ll be hoping for lucrative after dinner talks on the circuit of ex-charlatans. She’ll be away abroad just as soon as she is able. No doubt with her ‘loving and supportive’ husband unless Police Scotland actually do their job for once. Oh and what about those cached emails? Relishing the prospect of reading those. May the real Nicola Sturgeon step forward.

  101. Republicofscotland

    Like I’ve been saying its not just Sturgeon and Murrell that are toxic within the SNP its most of the MSPs and most of the MPs, we should all know by now that Scottish independence isn’t on the cards with the SNP whilst this lot are in office.

    The SNP would never send their precious unamended GRRB to the UKSC to decide the outcome, yet that’s exactly what happened with the Holyrood competency bill to hold an indyref, it was sent to the UKSC so that the UKSC could decide that Scotland can never leave this union without England’s say so.

    Stick to the game plan, Vote Alba, Join Alba, get the SNP out of office.

  102. Liz

    My opinion, for what its worth, no one will replace Sturgeon in the minds of the cult.
    So nuSNP is holed below the water line.
    They may sink slowly but sink they will.

    Going by Stewart McDs email leak, Roddy MacLeod said the GRR was used to get rid of the stauch indy supporters.

    So they need to keep the illusion going for a bit longer.

    I’m just glad I will no longer see, refused to listen, for a while, Sturgeon lying face all over the media

  103. Lorna Campbell

    Michael Russell is making all the right noises, probably to keep the Greens onside while the new leader is chosen and enthroned. Independence booted down the road yet again. Why do I have this feeling of deja vu? Oh, yes, Labour. Michael Russell is a sell-out like so many of them.

    I really do not think they will persevere with the GRRB, unless we take the pressure off, but they will regroup to do it all again. When you look this ideology in the eye you can see the glint of madness. No, they won’t give up. Social media is awash just now with comments about how all our European neighbours have introduced self-ID and nothing, literally, nothing has changed. Everything in the garden is rosy. Are we, in the UK as a whole, more inclined to sex crime? Doubt it. It’s just that we are not so adept at covering it up as our European neighbours. A mountain of sexual crimes by the most vulnerable and marginalised on the planet exists, and from every country, particularly Canada and America.

    The truth of the matter is that ‘trans’ are not any less likely to commit sex crimes although, as with the general population of men, it is a minority that carry these out, at least the major sex crimes. Where the ‘trans’ differ is in the fetish range of crimes, in which they indulge themselves, and it is the laws around these, where you have a sanctified goup of men being let off the hook because… TWAW… and a second group being arrested and charged with the self-same sex crimes, that the ‘trans’ lobby wants to bring down. The propaganda machine is out in force on social media to try and pull the wool over our eyes.

  104. Lenny Hartley

    Liz, roddy did not say that.
    He said that McDonalds email said that its a shame foot soldiers are leaving, but there all obsessed with Indy) and at leasrt the trans community will be happy.
    Completely different to what you have made up.

  105. robertkknight

    What tickles me is likening the SNP to the RMS Titanic.

    With the ship holed below the waterline, listing and taking on water, the incompetent Captain Sturgeon announces her intention to abandon ship, tells her loyal crew and adoring passengers how splendid it has been these past few years, then makes for a lifeboat.

    Thereafter the band strikes up and the crew talk of appointing a new Captain, while the passengers move off, like sheep, in the direction of the lounge bar to gossip, speculate and dry their tears, not realising that in a very short time they’ll be floundering about in those frigid waters, not waving, but drowning.

    Realising that it’s too late to save the ship, fights break out amongst the crew for those few remaining seats in the clearly insufficient number of lifeboats, as the SNP slips beneath the waves of political scandal, financial impropriety and voter apathy.

    Captain Sturgeon meanwhile gets picked up by the SS British Establishment and is lauded for a job well done, her regular guest slot on ITV’s Loose Women in-the-bag.

  106. sarah

    ANY member of the SNP can stand for leader.

    Surely NOW is the moment to have non-parliamentarian member[s] applying?

    They will be untainted by the cowardice/hostilities/ineptness amongst the MP/MSPs.

    There will be members with much greater abilities and much better policies and far more desire for independence.

    Tim Rideout for example – if back from suspension yet.

    AND it would be wise to have a clutch of applicants to make it much harder for the process to be controlled by HQ.

  107. gregor


  108. Daisy Walker

    So, John Swinney has not resigned and has ruled himself out (at this stage) of the leadership contest. Hmm.

    Meanwhile the really important question is, ‘who took over Lesley Evans’ role as the Britnats top secret agent within Scottish Government? No way those duties got left in limbo.

    When we know that, a lot of what and who comes after will be much clearer.

  109. Liz

    Apologies if I got that wrong, will have another listen

  110. Effijy

    Did you here the old codger on QT declare that Scotland is in an internationally recognised agreement with England so they can’t become independent?
    Nobody laughed or corrected that?
    Horrible show with horrible people.
    Hislop too, anti independence ahead in the latest poll but what about the previous 4 polls.

    He went on to say Brexit was decisive and a disaster so we don’t want another referendum?
    Yes Ian we do as you stole Indy ref 1 with the lie No was the only way Scots could stay in the EU.

    Why would this nation accept that we cannot get what we want and voted for and we must stay with the people who have created a whole series of disasters for us.

    He is a renowned Whit but I didn’t realise he was only a Half Whit.

  111. Garavelli Princip

    “Minister What? Oh too right. I was just thinking, Permanent Secretary, you know I am starting to get the hang of this. What about old Marmalade? He is very keen to get back into parliament and sees himself as a potential successor.

    Perm Sec Marmalade? Well I suppose if we start adding in gay allegations, it does give a slightly more exotic tinge for the tabloids.

    Minister I was thinking more of his wife, Permanent Secretary. If the old Marmalade family want a nice safe seat in the capital, let them do something to earn it.”

    The debts are being called in. The fix is in. Murrell will organise it.

    Unless something happens to make Marmalade toast, it will be ‘all change’ and nothing will change!

  112. Big Jock

    Robert – It’s worse than that. The crew are actively making the hole bigger , so it goes down quicker.

  113. gregor

    For Women Scotland (17/02/2023): Twitter: Replying to @WingsScotland:

    “I asked an AI bot to write a poem in the style of McGonagall on the ferry disaster and one on the prison policy.

    I am especially pleased with the second one!”:

  114. sarah

    Further to my comment at 11.30 calling for a non-parliamentarian to stand as Leader, another benefit would be that they would have the time to devote to the independence issue e.g. organising a Constitutional Convention>

    Presumably they would also have the humility to recognise the need to call in others to assist the work so it wouldn’t be a clique running things.

  115. SusanAHF

    Lorna Campbell, evidence from the E&W Census shows that “trans” commit sex crimes at a much higher rate than normal men.

  116. Oneliner

    I agree with most of Breeks’ analysis above. But he does seem to be blinkered when it comes to Alex Salmond.

    True, he is head and shoulders above Nicola Sturgid. However, I do recall him ‘fumbling’ in a debate with Alastair Darling, where he got caught up in some extra-terrestrial nonsense. More fundamentally, he got caught good and proper by Dave boy Cameron who would never have agreed to a referendum format which he (Dave boy) thought to be detrimental to the union. Would that Alex had been less impulsive.

    His impulsiveness/ego also led him into the clutches of Russia Today (I know he tried to find other channels) which is anything but a good look in today’s political climate and leaves him wide open to adverse criticism.

    Thankfully, now we see that Salvo and Scottish Liberation are putting in the groundwork which should have been done in 2014

  117. Eric

    Odds are against Ash Regan with the ruling people rejoining will be ineligible to vote.

    Ash is my MSP who got elected in 2015 on a leaflet which included “No Fracking”. A month in she followed the party line where everyone abstained.

    But hats off to the lady, she bravely stood up to oppose the Gender Reform legislation.

    I’d hope the new leader would allow their MSPs to represent their constituents and also think from themselves.

  118. sadscot

    @ Mac 9.17
    Murray doesn’t do coalitions with anyone.
    He’s a loose cannon who is only interested in furthering his own position.
    In recent times he’s claimed to be SNP, then Alba, then both at the same time. He attacked Alba for its position on the GRR bill. He also offered to stand as a candidate for Alba and then took the huff when his offer was politely declined.
    He’s currently playing games with emails he’s allegedly been “given access to” and the games have now gone on for an entire week. I’d leave Murray where he is personally to do his own thing.

  119. sarah

    To those who criticise Craig Murray.

    Spend 4 months in a cell 8 x 12 feet, some of that including a toilet space, a filthy toilet with the seat removed.

    On a politically-dictated charge.

    Denied any special treatment for being a civil as opposed to a criminal prisoner.

    A prison where the Rules book that should be available to prisoners was not so available so no proper appeal or complaint could be made.

    Your medical gadget removed despite Covid being prevalent and your health making you vulnerable.

  120. Maureen

    Scottish independence referendum plan ‘dead in the water’
    SNP chiefs ditch policy day after Sturgeon resigns

  121. gregor

    RT News (UK STATE CENSORED): About:

    “…RT creates news with an edge for viewers who want to Question More. RT covers stories overlooked by the mainstream media, provides alternative perspectives on current affairs…”:

  122. gregor

    re. WORLD NEWS/15 Feb 2023 (R(redacted)a to call U.N. Security Council meeting over Nord Stream):

    BBC News: SEARCH:

    “R(redacted)a U.N. Security Council Nord Stream”:


  123. Joe McSoap

    ALBA & ISP are Red Pill Indy, we need new Indy voices that can connect with the public, remember them?

  124. Joe McSoap

    Alex’s mediocre deputy has left behind a party of dull, talentless apparatchiks of whom we should expect sweet nothing, nothing at all. In 8 years under her leadership support for independence gained not one iota. The SNP will only deliver more of the same.

  125. Wee Chid

    robertkknight says:
    17 February, 2023 at 11:13 am

    “Captain Sturgeon meanwhile gets picked up by the SS British Establishment and is lauded for a job well done, her regular guest slot on ITV’s Loose Women in-the-bag.”

    Or a red leather seat beside her pal Ruth the Mooth.

  126. Joe McSoap

    We need to forget it for a few years anyway, until we can put together an offer the public will vote for

  127. McHaggis69

    I note two polls now showing Labour in Scotland within touching distance of the SNP.

    Thanks Nicola.
    Great job.

  128. sadscot

    @Sarah 12.19
    All those things may be true but I believe Murray is best left to work on his own.

  129. gregor

    Elon Musk (17/02/2023): Twitter:

    “What we need is TruthGPT”:

  130. stuart mctavish


    Was Craig not on remand / convicted pending appeal for Holyrood ‘21 and maybe not allowed to stand in any event ?

    Guessing if anyone knows the vietnam group contact details he will though (and has good support among members after his tilt at Mike Russel’s post), so fun twist, membership qualificaitons permitting, might be if he were able to get the band back together to ensure there’s at least one anonymous woman in the playoff – and sit back whilst the Scottish political commentariat tortures itself as to whether is worth 8 month jail to spill the beans.

  131. Dan

    I do like that Kenny MacAskill often puts some focus and thought into the energy related issues in Scotland as in this article from yesterday.

    I do wonder how his perspective and knowledge on matters relating to energy production and usage are reached. Is it just down to his own studies, does he have advisors.
    We can’t be experts in every field and I often see things stated by individuals similar to what is in the linked article. IE. that we just need to insulate old houses and install better heating systems.
    But how has this conclusion been reached. Properly retrofitting insulation into traditional older existing housing stock is very time consuming and expensive to do.

    Also with regard to these new heating systems being installed, have they actually thought that through. I know the current great new thing being pushed is heatpumps, as solar was before, but why is the onus always being put on the home owner to cough up for the installation and ongoing maintenance. Heatpump fans can be noisy and ruin the peaceful tranquility of an area as they hum and resonate away during operation.
    Aye, not every area has mains gas, because it is just not viable to run the gas pipework infrastructure to every rural or remote area, but nearly all properties do generally at least have a mains electricity supply connection.
    And as Scotland has an ever increasing abundance of electric power generated by renewables then why not just push the concept that every house can be heated in an environmentally sound way through its existing grid connection, instead of pressurising a much more limited amount of individual households into spending money installing the likes of heatpumps, which generally involve subsidies to make fitment cost viable.
    We already know what areas and properties aren’t on the mains gas grid, and the leccy companies already have an Alternative Fuel Payment scheme in place which bungs a subsidy towards the energy costs of heating these off gas grid properties.

    For practical reasons and economies of scale, utilities like power generation and supply should be done in a simple and efficient manner designed and controlled by engineers that fully understand the systems, rather than a haphazard approach where folk think they need to fit this or that bit of equipment based on little if any relevant understanding of what they are doing.

    And to finish, even though some areas aren’t directly connected to the mains gas infrastructure, they sort of are in an indirect fashion, because during the ever decreasing times Scotland isn’t generating enough leccy to power itself as more windfarms come online, gas from our geographic area is being burnt in CCGT combined cycle gas turbine power stations (all but one down south) to create electricity.

    It’s windy today so only 12% of GB Grid power is being produced by burning gas in CCGT systems, but when it isn’t windy that figure can rise to over 40%.

    And here is the live data for what’s happening in our energy sector.

  132. Mia

    “I note two polls now showing Labour in Scotland within touching distance of the SNP”

    Wasn’t the “revival” of labour in Scotland to reduce our number of anti-union MPs, always the main strategy behind Sturgeon’s divisive performance?

    It is well known that a majority of pro-union MPs was enough in 1707 to force Scotland into this union against its will. Therefore a majority of anti-union MPs is now sufficient to end that union. This might or might not be accepted as the best democratic route, but the UK being a parliamentary democracy means it is enough to reconvene Scotland’s old parliament and terminate the union.

    There appears to be a cross-party rush to save the union by completely trashing the idea of a GE plebiscite election.

    For the last 8 years, the political fraud in control of the SNP neutered our anti-union majorities with the fake claim that the only acceptable route to independence was a flawed referendum requiring permission from the Uk gov, and also with the claim that a vote for the SNP was not a vote for independence.

    But the laughing at these claims reached critical mass among the voters and this political fraud could no longer contain the demands for the referendum. At that point, with the help of the useless lord advocate, she deliberately trashed the referendum route by inviting an England court and England judges, of dubious legitimacy over Scotland under the Treaty of union, to shit all over our democratidc rights by stopping a bill even entering our own fucking parliament.

    At this point it was crystal clear this political fraud never had any intention of progressing Scotland’s independence. Sadly, the inaction of SNP MPs who indulged this fraud at every turn, no matter how damaging for Scotland, pointed to the painful fact that they had no intention themselves to progress Scotland’s independence either.

    The combination of the political fraud’s determination to never progress independence with her cowardice in publicly admitting as much for fear of voters moving to Alba, led her to a cul de sac with a plebiscite GE hanging around her neck.

    The only exit route for her SNP from this cul de sack was with her resignation. And that is what this coward did. Every move this fraud has made in the last 8 years has been to deliberately stop independence. Every single one. This resignation is no exception.

    Resigning will relieve the fraud from having to deliver the plebiscite, but not a party elected on a mandate to deliver a referendum, “no ifs, no buts”. This threat continues today because it is the expectation of the SNP membership and voters that a referendum/plebiscite will be delivered if a referendum is not delivered in 2023.

    This plebiscite must be one that either the powers that be think yes can win, or at least, can deliver a majority of anti-union MPs with the multiplied hazard that this time round they would be explicitly elected on a mandate to terminate the union. In other words, the wheels of the vehicle of independence which Sturgeon removed almost 9 years ago, would be right back on. If this was not the case, we would not see the desperate attempts to discredit that plebiscite GE. They would be cheerleading us to it.

    So how to stop the threat?

    By pumping industrial scale propaganda, validated by sending the plants within the SNP, the usual suspects we are all so sick and tired of hearing bleating deflective nonsense everytime Sturgeon needs to pull away from independence, to discredit the idea and to present it as Sturgeon’s own brain fart rather than a strategy agreed by the party as a whole.

    I would not be surprised on the least if, as the days go on, Sturgeon’s dirt will conveniently start to emerge so it can be used to discredit the idea even further.

    But it does not wash anymore. The SNP under this fraud and the British state have insulted our intelligence so, so many times now that it is becoming far too difficult to control the irresistible urge of playing the game of anticipating and predicting at every point what their most likely move to thwart the progression of independence will be. Stopping that Plebiscite GE is the obvious one. But Stureon has already been applying some safety measures to ensure this for quite some time:

    1. Thanks to her obsession with GRR and the flawed legislation she forced through, she has actively divided the yes vote by making the party unelectable in the eyes of a large proportion of the electorate

    2. She has also ensured the next leader will be a gradualist with alergy to independence. This has been done through several approaches:

    a. by forcing the exit of pragmatists from the party through continuous and deliberate procrastinating and repressive thought control

    b. by removing power from the membership to effect challenge of the leadership

    c. by sending to Westminster the best pragmatic candidates who could send a leadership bid and blocking them out of Holyrood.

    d. by fabricating new rules which leave the talent in Westminter out of the leadership context

    e. by filling the party’s seats in HOlyrood with vacuous careerists and useless charlatans who only do as they are told,

    f. by ensuring gradualists with other pet projects hold control of the governing and election structures of the party at the time of the leadership election.

    The exodus from the SNP caused by Sturgeon’s calculated procrastination, her pursuit of the GRR crap, the dodgy dealings with the NEC and the threats that more time is going to be wasted on the GRR challenging the Section 35, has created the perfect scenario for such a gradualist, labour-like puppet, more preocuppied with the pet project of the day than independence, to be parachuted to the post of “leader”.

    But we can only unilaterally implement a yes result from a Holyrood plebiscitary election if we have an anti-union majority of MPs at Westminster.

    At the moment, we might still have that majority, despite Sturgeon’s huge efforts to undemine the talent of the Westminster team by filling our seats with embarrassing careerists and vacuous charlatans.

    But if a gradualist leader is leading the party and the party has become unelectable for a large sector of the electorate, we may no longer have that majority after the next GE

    I am convinced to the last fiber of my being that this is precisely what these bastards are attempting now: to bring the number of our anti-union MPs below half.

    It is becoming disgustingly obvious that the main objective all across Scotland’s main political parties with no exceptions has been to protect what come may that treaty of union in a way that if Scotland has to become independent, it could only be by seceeding as a region of the Kingdom of England., ie, in a way that “permission” from Westminster is required.

    Now that the useless Sturgeon, helped by the equally useless lord advocate, have rendered the referendum route unviable, it will be most interesting to see what the next SNP “leader” peddles as manifesto for the next GE.

    Will they go full labour and completely ditch independence this time round, will they fabricate a new carrot to mislead us with, or will they finally grow a backbone, take the gloves off, stop wasting our time and campaign on a mandate to terminate the union?

    After Sturgeon’s workings, the latter is the only acceptable and credible option to continue pretending the SNP is a party of independnece. Anything else would mean, in practice, to be campaigning as labour under a different flag.

  133. Maureen

    Completely o/t. If you’re needing a laugh today…

  134. gregor


    “To smile while making sounds with your voice that show you think something is funny or you are happy.”

    “They laughed at her jokes.”

    “She’s so funny – she really makes me laugh.”

    “She was chuckling as she read the letter.”

    “The girls were giggling at the back of the classroom.”

    “Stop snickering at that rude joke and get back to your classwork.”

    “Please don’t laugh – I’m being serious.”

  135. sadscot

    @ Stuart McTavish 1.36
    I’m not sure what the reasons were.
    I’m not sure of much when it comes to Craig Murray, to be honest. He’s on Twitter today listening one of Sturgeon’s achievements as creating a “storm of hatred towards transpeople.” (I think he said something similar about Alba in the past.)

  136. gregor

    The Scrotum Poles (2015): Revelation: Helicopter Honeymoon:

    “I’m going down to the beach tonight
    Go and saw my friends
    Gonna take my records down
    Hope the night never ends…”:

  137. Steve

    So much for the party’s constitution then. Might be easier for the nec to tell everybody who Pete & Nic favour (the one who is going to win, obviously). That way, members can avoid becoming hateful bigots, transphobes, homophobic racists by accidentally putting their “X” in the wrong box!

  138. gregor

    BBC (17/02/2023): Hugh Jackman: Inevitable that Australia will become a republic:

    “Actor Hugh Jackman has said he believes it is “inevitable” that Australia will become a republic in the future.

    Speaking on Sunday with Laura Kuenssberg, Jackman said a break with the UK’s Royal Family would be “a natural part of evolution”…”:

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